{BnG Season 3} Chapter Three Part 1 : “You’re Joking…Right?”

Chapter Three | Pt. 1 “You’re Joking…Right?”

-POV’s : Keegan Jarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Keegan)

Today, my mom’s are sitting with the Demon family, and the President of the School Board. I decided to join, because I knew Raina was going to be there. I didn’t need her muscling her way through the meeting. Plus Zoey had asked if I could come, so of course I’m here. Its great being needed by my little sister. My family is anything but conventional isn’t it? but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking of family, another reason I decided to come is because Mama K (Kaitlyn) is sooo soft spoken. I don’t know if she’ll be firm in her stance when dealing with this ridiculous family. Mama J (Joy) is a Judge, she’ll be fine… but I’m sure she doesn’t mind the backup. Poor Zoey didn’t want to be here at all. I feel like part of her just doesn’t want to bother with this, like she’d rather just have people talking shit about her… and nobody to deal with the consequences… She doesn’t like a big fuss being made about her. In this situation she has no choice, someone is going to get what’s coming for them… and that someone is Genevieve (Jenn) Baycock.

Marlene – Kaitlyn, you seem like a sensible woman. Is all of this really necessary? We couldn’t just have a brunch, and discuss this horrible mistake? My daughter Jenn, had nothing to do with those pictures getting out there. I’m sure if we put our heads together, we could figure out who the real culprit is. *smiles*

Wow she’s good at manipulating people isn’t she? Frankie told me how much of a bitch she is… she isn’t fooling anyone.

Kaitlyn – This is obviously, something I wish never happened. I don’t like this, all this tension.

Marlene – I agree darlin’

Joy – Jenn…..

Jenn – Yes Mrs. Riggs?

Joy – ….. Why did you do this to my daughter?

Jenn – Do what? I had nothing to do with those pictures ma’am.

Joy – Then who did?

Jenn – I have no idea, but Zoey didn’t deserve that. I’ll do whatever I can to help find the person responsible ma’am. *smiles*

Joy – Mmm hmm… I see. You know what I do for a living Jenn?

Jenn – No, ma’am.

Joy – I’m a judge, I see guilty people everyday….

Jenn – Oh….

Joy – So even if you aren’t solely to blame, I know you had something to do with it….

Jenn – Well I-

Raina – Don’t respond to the bullying Jenn.

Keegan – That’s a cute word Raina, considering that’s all your sister does on social media.

Raina – Get the fuck out of here officer dumbass, everyone’s a cunt on social media.

Keegan – Fuck you Raina, you’re a bartender, and a part-time mechanic. You, ain’t shit… at least I make a difference, all you do is serve drinks.

Raina – Whatever you say bro, considering you’re history….

Keegan – What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Raina – We did our homework too, Mona Washington’s birthday is a couple of days away isn’t it?

Keegan – You’re not gonna get far with that. I’ve made my peace with the whole tragedy with my ex girlfriend. So if you’re trying to get a rise out of me-

Raina – Oh no, that’s not my intentions at all. My point is that nobody’s perfect, we all have done bad things.

Keegan – Yeah and your fucking sister did something horrible.

Raina – Zoey, is there anybody else besides my sister- whom you strongly dislike- that you can point the finger at? there must be someone who-

Keegan – No! don’t try and put this on someone else Raina! your family is the worst I swear, all the divorces your mom has had… and of course SHE walks away with all the money…. you guys are filthy rich, and think you can do no wrong.

Raina – Are you mad at our finances or something?

Keegan – If that’s what you got from that then….

Why does Frankie date her? she’s such a bitch…

Robert – I think at the end of the day we need to get down to what’s important. You guys say Jenn is guilty, and her, and her family says it wasn’t her. Do you have proof Officer Bennett?

Marlene – He doesn’t.

Raina – Just some quotes from social media of teenage girls being teenage girls…

Kaitlyn – This is all so frustrating.

Joy – There’s proof of bullying, but the proof was paid off…. and went bye bye.

Marlene – What on earth are you talking about?

Keegan – We had three kids from Zoey, and Jenn’s school… they were ready to come forward with proof of the bullying… they decided last minute to not return our phone calls…

Zoey – …….

Joy – They also seem really happy with their new items… they all seemed to get new gifts the same day according to social media.

Raina – Perhaps Santa was in town.

Zoey – *rolls eyes*

Jenn – *smiles*

Keegan – Cut the shit!

Robert – Guys we can’t get anywhere if we’re fighting…

Voice – We have something to add to the situation.

What the fuck?

Jessica – Good morning everyone.

Raina – Oh look mom… you’re old friend from New York…

Marlene – …..Ha.

Zoey – Well guess Jenn’s going down now…

Raina – Don’t be too sure sweetie.

Keegan – What’s going on?

Fucking wild card situation… what exactly are they here to say? who are they siding with? and apparently Jessica knew Marlene a while ago? What the fuck?

Keegan – *whispers* Zoey? is he here to help?

Zoey – He doesn’t even like Jenn, and he’s seen her bullying me first hand… so I think so.

Keegan – Ah okay.

Wonders if she remembers me from when I saved her from that beach rapist…

Keegan – Hello, Ms Nash.

Jessica – Hello, Keegan. Or should I call you officer Bennett now? I’m glad you put those skills to good use. Still thankful for your quick actions on the beach that day.

Keegan – *smiles*

Tom – You look so much like Issac, and Kait.

Keegan – *laughs*

Kaitlyn – Hello Tom.

Tom – Hey there Kait.

Joy – Lookin’ good Tommy, all fit and trim.

Tom – *laughs* I’m trying.

Marlene – What is this? a social visit?

Raina – Right?

Jessica – Oh fuck off Marlene…. you did shit in New York too… the book I could write about you….

Marlene – Oh wow, what trash you are with THAT language…

Jessica – Oh sweetie, I know all of your dirt… the coke, and pills at Le Bain…

Marlene – Cute, but at least I wasn’t soo drunk that four guys were going to gangbang me… you remember that right? when I left you at the Metropolitan Room?

Jessica – There was no gangbang taking place that night, or any other- and LEZ-be honest… you’re still upset that I wouldn’t let you touch me that night at the Four Seasons.

Raina – What the fuck?

Marlene – I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Kaitlyn – Oh my…

Joy – Girl… they dykin?

Tom – Enough of that babe… we’re here for a reason..

Keegan – Right.

Jessica – My apologies to the room, that was classless. Marlene if you want to see me, we can take it outside.

Marlene – Oh wow, now you’re threatening physical violence?

Jessica – That’s not what I’m saying, if you have something ELSE you want to say, we can do it one on one.

On one hand I’m loving all of this- spilled tea, as the gays would say… but on the other hand I’m still waiting for this information they claim to have.

Keegan – Okay, not trying to be rude here, because this has been entertaining… but what is it that you want to share?

Tom – Go on Symon…

Jessica – Its okay…. tell them.

Symon – …..The pictures came from my phone….. I’m sorry Zoey.

Joy – Oh hell no.

Keegan – You’re joking…..right?

Symon – No….

Zoey – What- why would you do that Symon?

Jenn – What are you doing?

Symon – Just shut up Jenn…

Jenn – *shaking her head confused* ….What the heck are you doing?

Symon – Shut it.

Raina – Well there ya have it, it was him. Okay we can leave.

Robert – Are you saying it was you Symon?

Symon – I’m saying the pics came from my phone, so Jenn can go free.

Robert – Okay, well we’re going to investigate this further….

Marlene – Well you’ve raised a good one there Jessica. Like mother like son I guess?

Jessica – I won’t even respond to that…

Marlene – Well Raina, Jenn… lets go. We have lunch at the country club waiting for us.

Raina – Shane coming?

Marlene – Your brother apparently has other things to do than to eat with family.

Jenn – The chick with the baby…. he’s always talking about her… pathetic.

Tom – Can we go now Jess? I have to get back to work, and plus I don’t want you to hit Marlene..

Jessica – We can go.

Symon – Lets get out of here…

Jessica – Proud of you… you did the right thing.

Tom – That’s being a man, taking responsibility…

Symon – ….*looks at Jenn* Sure.

Jenn – *looks at Symon*…..

Keegan – Something seems so off….

Zoey – Keegan….. why would Symon do that to me?

Keegan – Because teenage boys are assholes Zoey…. you don’t deserve this…

Zoey – Wait till I tell Curtis…

Joy – Keegan honey?

Keegan – Yeah mom?

Joy – Something’s off…

Keegan – Yep.

Kaitlyn – Who wants frozen yogurt? after all of this tension I can think of nothing better.

Zoey – I think I just want to lay down in my room mom…

Kaitlyn – Aww sweet pea… I don’t like that you’re sad….

Joy – Is there anything we can do to-

Zoey – I’ll be okay, I just want to sleep for now.

Keegan – I gotta get to work, but if there’s ANYTHING you guys need just call. I love you Zo-Zo.

Zoey – I love you too big brother.

Kaitlyn & Joy – *looks at each other and smiles proudly*

I hate seeing Zoey upset… and honestly she’s been crushing on Symon for the longest time. She must really be hurting right now. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but like Mama J said… something is off. The way Jenn and Symon kept glancing at each other.. she was confused by his actions today, and he almost wanted her to shut up, and not say anything. I’m gonna figure this shit out… nobody get’s away with hurting Zoey. Oh and did I hear that right earlier? did Jessica Nash Goddard accuse Marlene “Black Widow” “Can’t Keep A Husband” Baycock of trying to do lesbian shit with her? what was THAT about? perhaps Marlene has more in common with her daughter Raina after all… they both “totes love cunt” (Ashley said this about Jessica’s Daughter Nikol) – my new favorite line… Frankie told me about that one. Anyway I gotta go.. see ya later.

(POV Jarrah)

Amina – And why not Jarrah? what’s wrong with him? I know you’re into black guys because well… you did have a baby by Orion… so?

Jarrah – Honestly I’m just not attracted to him. He looks like a turtle to me… plus he abused Rihanna.

Amina – Okay but we’re talking about his looks not his…. colorful past.

Jarrah – No, I am not into Chris Brown…. I can’t unsee him beating up Rihanna.

What you’re witnessing is a rare occurrence here at The LC Agency….. we almost never have downtime. So what do we decide to do? gossip, and ask each other who we find attractive. Girls will be girls I guess… which is a saying you never really hear. Its always boys will be boys… I wonder why that is.

Lola – How did we even get on the topic of Chris Brown?

Jarrah – We were talking about people we’re ashamed to be attracted to… and I said John Krasinski…

Don’t judge me… I’m one of the few people who are still upset about Chris Evans beating him out of the Captain America role…

Lola – The guy from the office?

Jarrah – Yes…

Amina – Isn’t he married to-

Jarrah – Emily Blunt? yes….

Emily Blunt who was in one of my favorite movies of all time… The Devil Wears Prada.

Lola – You guys know who I think is sexy?…. its so embarrassing.

Jarrah – Who?

Amina – Well you usually have good taste… your boyfriend is cute as hell.

Lola – *sigh* Okay…. I’m attracted to….. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Oh Lola bunny no…. 

Amina – Girl yuck!

Jarrah – He’s so ugly….. like….. why?

Lola – I don’t know… I find him hot…

Amina – That’s so sad *laughing*

Lola – Oh please… he’s hotter than Chris Brown… right Jarrah?

Amina – I know he whopped a bitches ass but there is NO WAY IN HELL Benedict Cumberbatch is hotter than Breezy…

Jarrah – They’re both gross… next subject.

Lola – How’s Kaori doing?

Amina – Oh yeah… I can’t believe that happened.. crazy ass people.

Well she did get attacked by a hockey mask wearing rapist and chased down the street while he yelled really rapey, and horrible things at her… so… 

Jarrah – She’s fine considering the circumstances. Her cousin Aries moved in with her- which worked out well for him, because he wanted to move out of his parents place.

I only know that about Aries because Trey told me. Its amazing how Trey can fuck these guys, and or date them- and keep the friendship. Me? well I don’t talk to Dylan, Collin moved away and we barely talk… and Orion and I don’t really agree on everything. I could learn a lesson from Trey on how to communicate and be friendly with your “exes”

Amina – Well at least she’s gonna feel safe now. Aries is a big dude…

That he is… I swear its like fine print in the gay contract of life…. must hit the gym, must have abs.

Lola – They didn’t catch the guy right?

Jarrah – No, sadly they did not…

Lola – Well I hope everything will be okay… even though she shaded me on her instagram.

Amina – What did she say?

Lola – She said… and I quote “Thank god Lola was working late, though she told me not to call Frankie, and my parents right away. How fucking dumb can you be, Frankie could have became a sex slave… or murdered… but anyway thanks Lola, you did open the door and call the cops, so you did something right girl”

Amina – The shade….

Lola – Right?

Hate or Love Kaori… she’s hilarious. She speaks her mind… all the time.

Jarrah – *laughing* She was still shaken up when she wrote that… and she told me she apologized to you…

Lola – She did… flowers, and a walmart gift card for 25 dollars…..

Amina – *disgusted and appalled* Walmart?!

Jarrah – *laughing*…..She’s the best isn’t she?

Lola – I’ll just use it to get some snacks… or buy some movies from the 5 bucks basket….

Amina – *laughing*

Lola – So anyway…. What’s going on with the two guy situation?

Amina – Yeah, ever since Lola promoted me to agent, I’ve been too busy to get the tea. Last thing I remember is that Shane was fine, but Owen…. he had a baby and wife right?

Lola – No, no no… it wasn’t his kid…. I think?

Jarrah – Not his baby, but might as well be. He’s been on pause, I haven’t hungout with him… I’m not mad that he had a family. I’m mad that he left it out of every conversation… also I feel like- *phone buzzes* Excuse me for a moment…

Jarrah – Hey there.

Shane – How’s my favorite girl?

Real smooth Shane…. but I can’t complain. I love it when he says shit like that to me. No wonder Trey calls us Fifty Shades of Shane. Lets get one thing straight though, I am not as stupid as the girl in the book, and movie. I know how to play it cool.

Jarrah – Oh I’m sure you have many favorite girls.

Shane – Why would you say that?

Jarrah – I’m just fucking with you.

Kaori’s impact I swear. She has me cursing like a sailor…

Shane – Oh bad girl… talking like that at work.

Jarrah – Well, ya know I don’t care…

Shane – That’s sexy…

Can I be frank with you guys? I’m super horny all the time. Owen, even though I’m angry with him- is a really good looking guy with an amazing body underneath all of those brokeback mountain clothes. His instagram is a thirst trap if I’ve ever seen one. All of those shirtless pictures. And Shane… his body is super defined and so… masculine. Half of the time I’m not paying attention to either of their words… just imagining them bending me over a desk or bed… I need to get laid- but I’m not ready to choose one yet. I’m not a… floozy for lack of better words. I’m not doing sex with both of them. 

Jarrah – *girly/flirty laugh*

Shane – You look beautiful by the way.

Jarrah – Thank you, I really couldn’t decide what would set this ensemble off more.. an up-do with a messy bun with bangs… or a snatched ponytail….. so I opted for neither… and did a dramatic over the shoulder. Which works because its not too- sorry… what do you care about fashion?

Shane – It would surprise you.

No, it wouldn’t… you’re Mr. GQ.

Jarrah – So what’s up?

Shane – Nothing much… I umm.. I wanted to check in on you…

Jarrah – That’s sweet of you….

Shane – I try to be.

Jarrah – You look cute too by the way..

Shane – Thank you.

Jarrah – No rehearsals today? or lunch with the family?

I feel bad. I have yet to go watch Shane rehearse for GloCity’s version of a broadway play-musical.. whatever it is. I have so much on my plate, and plus… to quote Frankie? his mother aka Marlene Baycock, is a cunt.

Shane – Its funny you should ask me that. I actually flaked on my family today. They did that school board meeting, and I didn’t want to be part of the bullshit.. during or after. I’m sure they’re eating and talking shit about people. Again, from what I know about Frankie…. I don’t understand what she see’s in Raina…. to each their own though.

Jarrah – Keegan texted me an update about it… so… yeah… drama.

And “tea” too… Jessica Nash hinted at Marlene wanting to chow on her lady box back in the day… and something about gangbangs. Them old ladies, is nasty….

Shane – Enough about that… at the risk of sounding smug, and sarcastic…. how is everything with the other dude…

Jarrah – Owen….

Shane – Yes… him.

Jarrah – Umm… I’m not talking to him right now…

Shane – Needed time to figure out how you feel?

Jarrah – That, and other things….

Shane – Anything I can do to help?

Umm.. yeah come over.. cook me dinner. Rub my feet… and then fuck me. I mean I’m a hardworking mother… can someone just fuck me already? Sorry about- actually no, I don’t apologize for being vulgar… screw it. There is only SO much a vibrator can do.

Shane – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Huh?

Shane – I asked if there was anything I could do to help.

Jarrah – Oh… umm……no …..Not really.

Shane – You seem upset about it… I assume that means you cared for Owen a great deal. I think its-

Jarrah – I care about you a lot too… Its not a competition..

Shane – It isn’t? I mean technically it is…

Jarrah – Yeah, sure sorta… but the way I see it is… I’m getting to know two guys.

Shane – Well… one, because the other- Owen, isn’t really all that forthcoming about his dirt.

Jarrah – Shane….

Shane – Sorry, that was petty…. you are so worth it though. You bring that out of me because I want you to be mine.

Jarrah – Its… I get it.

Shane – I hope so… because I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I’m not trying to sell you anything here. I am who I am.

Jarrah – And I can appreciate that.

It would be pretty easy to just say… welp Owen messed up big time. Shane’s the winner!… but that’s not me. I don’t just jump into situations without really understanding everything. Eventually Owen and I will talk in more detail about everything… just not today… because I’m still mad. We had a magical date, and then BAM… wifey showed up. That sucked.

Lola – So how is everything? are you feeling overwhelmed with the new responsibilities?

Amina – No, I just… I’m happy I got Taro, instead of Chace, he’s such a….

Lola – Oh I know…. but the little shithead is actually getting lots of gigs….

Amina – I know right?

Lola – Enough about work though…. we barely get this downtime… what’s going on with you?

Amina – Umm…

Lola – Tell me about your sister- Brother.

Amina – Ka$h is fine… we’re still not… hanging out a lot. Its still weird I guess, She was always butch… I just thought she was a…. ya know… stud-type lesbian. I didn’t realize it was a gender thing. She’s happy being Him now… and I’m adjusting.

Lola – Does he hint at wanting to hangout with you more?

Amina – Not really. Ever since our cousin- Trey invited him to that party, he’s been BFF’s with Lenny, Chace, and his boyfriend Cayden.

Lola – Oh, well I mean… that’s good right? he found a group of guys to hangout with?

Amina – I guess so.

Lola – How’s the boyfriend?

Amina – Vik is great… sexy, smart… treats me well… big dick. Everything is good girl.

Lola – Oh my!

Amina – How are things with you?

Lola – My mom just retired from Siren Ad Agency- she actually worked with Kaori…

Amina – Oh nice… but wait…. they giving out pensions at Siren Ad Agency?

Lola – Oh yeah, she’s good… its just that she has all this extra time on her hands, so…. she wants to know what I’m doing…. all the time.

Amina – That’s cute, but I can see how annoying that can be too.

Lola – My dad is doing his thing in C-City… and umm… yeah, Oh and my meetings have been going well.

Amina – Meetings?

Lola – I had an eating disorder so…

Amina – Oh okay, well good for you for staying healthy.

Lola – One day at a time.

Amina – So what about that fine ass cop boyfriend?

Lola – Jayson and I are well… he’s such a good guy… we both work a lot though… but… when we’re together its magic…

Amina – He got good dick?

Lola – Amina!

Amina – *laughing*

Lola – Its quite…. good. *smiles*

Amina – Yasss getting dicked down!

Lola – You are a riot Amina.

Amina – I hope its not too much.

Lola – Not at all, I’m glad you’re here.

Amina – Thanks by the way… for believing in me enough to promote me.

Lola – You’ve earned it to be honest. Plus Jarrah said you were amazing.

Amina – She’s so loyal…

Lola – She really is.


Shane – How’s the little one?

Jarrah – He’s good… I miss him though.

Shane – Where is he?

Jarrah – With his daddy.

Shane – Ah, okay.

Jarrah – I keep watching little videos of him that I took on my phone. I know mom’s say this all the time… but my baby is so fucking adorable.

Shane – He is… I saw a couple of pictures, and videos on your Instagram. He’s just as cute as his mom.

Jarrah – Aww…

I’m selfish when it comes to Joshua… I’m his mom… I’m attached. I hate sharing him with Orion, but I know its the right thing to do. He’s his father afterall. Plus it gives me time to still be me. I feel bad for all of those women who have babies and then they just become chubby, un-cool chicks. That was my nightmare… I refused to get a bob with bangs, and wear mom pants and floral print blouses. Who do I look like? barefoot contessa from the food network? because that’s who I just described. Oh my god… that’s what I’m going to call it.. “The Barefoot Contessa” When women become mom’s and become chubby and uncool!

Shane – So you getting along with his dad better these days?

Jarrah – Yeah… ish. Its not like I want to have issues. I just feel like- let me call you back I’m getting another call.

Shane – Ditching me for Owen eh?

Jarrah – No, its JK’s Daycare..

Shane – Oh okay, well just call me later.

Jarrah – Okay, thanks for checking in on me.

Shane – No problem. Later babes.

Jarrah – Bye *smiles/ends skype call*

Oh Shane… you sexy fucker you… I really wish I could hangout with you tonight but I can’t…. is it cheating if a guy goes down on me? that’s not sex right?- Oh crap let me answer this call.

Jarrah – *answers phone* Hello?

Daycare (female voice) – Is this Jarrah Folland? mother of Joshua Knight?

Jarrah – Yes it is. Is everything okay?

Daycare – Well we were actually going to ask you that.

Jarrah – Why?

Daycare – Joshua didn’t come in today? I don’t know if you, or his father-

Jarrah – His father actually had him last night, so it was his job to bring him in.

Daycare – I tried calling him, but he didn’t pick up the phone…

Jarrah – I’m sure there’s a good explanation for this. Perhaps Orion wanted to take a day off work and kept JK with him instead of bringing him in.

Daycare – That could be it.

Jarrah – Let me call you back. I’m going to call him.

Daycare – Okay, thank you.

Jarrah – No, thank you for calling, and letting me know whats going on.

Daycare – No problem Ms. Folland.

Jarrah – Alright, I’ll call Orion and see what’s going on. Bye.

Daycare – Goodbye.

Jarrah – *Ends Call* …..Fuck!

Jarrah – Why the fuck is he not answering his phone…..

Lola – Is everything okay?

Amina – What’s going on?

Jarrah – Orion didn’t take Joshua to daycare, and they can’t get in contact with him.

Amina – I’m sure its nothing.

Lola – Yeah, probably just wanted some father and son time.

Jarrah – Which would be fine… just let me know what the hell is going on.

Lola – Still no answer?

Jarrah – No.

Amina – You wanna drive over there? I can cover your clients until-

Jarrah – Thanks, I should-

Orion – *on phone* Hello there baby mama.

Jarrah – Hello?!

Orion – Yeah?- wait.. you sound pissed. Is everything okay?

Jarrah – Why aren’t you answering your phone?

Orion – Umm……….. I just……….did?

Jarrah – Before….

Orion – Headphone on… I’m painting in my project room.

Jarrah – Is JK with you in there?

Orion – Umm, no? Maliha took him to daycare.

Jarrah – Actually she didn’t… They just called me asking where he’s at… so where the fuck is our son Orion?

Orion – Maybe Maliha took him to work with her?

Jarrah – Is that a question? are you seriously telling me you don’t know where our kid is?

Orion – He has to be with Maliha… there’s nowhere else he can be. Let me conference her in…

Jarrah – This is fucking ridiculous! I will END her if something happened to my son.

Orion – Calm down Jarrah…

Maliha’s Phone : ………..Hi this is Mali, can’t get to the phone right now because… well reasons.. leave a message or just text me. Ciao Bella!

Orion – I’ll keep trying..

Jarrah – I’m really pissed off Orion!

Orion – Don’t think so negatively…

Jarrah – You can’t even get in contact with her… what if they’re together and hurt?!

Orion – Don’t say that!

Jarrah – Your fucking girlfriend took our kid without permission!

Orion – I’m gonna go to her job. I’ll call you back.

Jarrah – Ugh! *ends call*

Amina – ……

Lola – …..

Jarrah – I’m freaking the fuck out right now.. where is my kid!

Amina – Hey, doesn’t Maliha work with Kaori?

Lola – Yeah… call Kaori.

Jarrah – Okay…

Kaori’s Phone : Hey, its Kay…. I’m busy… leave a message.

Jarrah – Fuck!…..*clears throat* Hey Kaori… its Jarrah, call me back as soon as you get this, bye. *ends call*

Amina – I’m sure everything is alright…

Lola – Yeah, don’t panic. Don’t work yourself up.

Jarrah – I hear you guys, but I’m still worried about my son… what the fuck is Orion thinking, letting Maliha take JK out?

No time to talk, I’m about to raise hell in GloCity. My son better not be hurt… I have… to go.

(POV Keegan) [Flashback 2 hours ago]

Don’t adjust your TV set folks… its just Officer Bennett kicking ass with the GCPD to take down a freak stealing money from a closed bank. Oh yeah… I wanted action, and I got it. It was such a rush. I mean it was dangerous too considering he had hostages. We got them out and we got to him just in time. He was seriously about to make out with some serious dough. Not on our watch though.

I live off of the adrenaline I got from it. It was so exciting, and invigorating- “Invigorating” who am I Frankie? that’s a big word Keegan *laughing* Seriously though, the only thing I would have changed is Officer Douche- aka Diego being there with us. Should have been Milk… Oh well, I’m sure she’ll get her chance for some action on the field. Oh and by the way the guy we caught, was the same psycho who attacked Kaori… so double win!

[Present Time]

After we got back, we were called into Jayson’s office. Hopefully he’d tell us how much we kicked ass today…. because we did. I’m pumped!

Jayson – Andre- excuse me, Officer Moore told me that you guys did a great job today catching the perp. We ran his prints, and turns out this guy has been evading the cops for a while now. His name is Jeremy Rollins- or at least that’s one of his names. He does identity theft, and bank robberies among other things. According to a buddy of mine at the CCPD (C-City Police Department) He also went by the name of Cole Richmond. Hiding in plain sight, posing as a nurse at the hospital running a pharmaceutical scam. Stealing, and selling… the guy is bad news… with too many aliases to count.

Travis – *country accent* Well it sure feels good to put that creep away.

Diego – Wow, how the fuck did he not get caught in C-City?

Sara – I’m pretty sure he did dude… hence why he came to GloCity looking for a score. He got desperate… which meant he got messy.

Keegan – People are fucking nuts.

Jayson – This is also a personal win for you Bennett, he attacked your friend Kaori the other night. Turns out he found out she was worth some money because of who her father is.

This is why I became a cop… to protect those close to me… and of course the people of GloCity. Feel good to be validated. This asshole attacked Kaori, and now he’s going down.

Keegan – Well he’s no longer a threat to my friends, or anyone else now.

Travis – You know someone famous Keegan? who’s her father?

Keegan – He’s a pretty legit photographer, with his own line of cameras.

Diego – Its cool that he can’t rape Keegan’s friend or whatever… but lets celebrate the fact that we caught someone so wanted! does this mean we’re like getting a promotion or something?

Sara – Oh for fuck-sakes…

Jayson – No, you’re not… you didn’t do anything that you weren’t supposed to do. You’re a cop for the GCPD, you did your job. Stop looking for a trophy Gonzalez… I don’t get paid enough to sit here and listen to you cry about wanting a handout. Money is tight for lots of people… lord knows I could use more of it. I don’t do this job for the money. I do it because I want the people of GloCity to feel safe.

Diego – *rolls eyes* But we could all use a lil’ more money right sir? *smirks*

Jayson – Diego….. shut up.

Sara – *laughs*….

Jayson – While I have you four, let me give you some notes okay? The vets, and I have gone over some of you rookies evaluations- and while I won’t go into details about that, let me tell you what you can work on, and what you’re doing good with.

This should be good… I’m just waiting for Diego to be put in his place.

Jayson – Sara Pete…. Pro’s… you’re very good with children. They seem to trust you, knowing that- we know which calls are perfect for you. Con’s…. you’re not aggressive enough with men. They intimidate you it seems? you’re the law… you’re a cop. You hold the authority. So work on building up your confidence.

Sara – Yes sir.

Jayson – Keegan Bennett, overall you’re good. Also your pro’s and con’s are actually the same thing.

Keegan – I don’t understand?

Jayson – You’re really good with women, but sometimes you’re too good with women.

He’s getting the wrong idea about me…

Keegan – I’m not flirting with them, I just-

Jayson – If its unintentional, then umm, you know now… but to be honest, the women cling to you, and you sorta seem to… embrace it?

Keegan – I just figured they liked a man in uniform, and if I can make them feel comfortable enough to get information-

Jayson – Don’t argue with me, it comes across…. it just makes people look at you a certain way. Its obvious you’re a good looking guy, but just keep it in check. Use it when its necessary, but don’t over do the flirting okay? Also now that we’ve had this back and forth I just thought of another con for you. Your quest for perfection. Stop it.

Ugh fuck… why is he being so hard on me…

Keegan – Yes sir…. and sorry for being combative… that was disrespectful, and will not happen again.

Jayson – Good…. moving on. Officer Boone..

Travis – Yes, sir?

Jayson – Pro’s… you fly through paperwork, you’re thorough, and pay attention to detail. Con…. you ask too many questions. You have a book for most of the answers you’re looking for. By stopping others and asking these basic questions, you’re stopping them from getting other important work done. Study up, or at least wait until you see someone not busy…

Travis – Okay… I got it.

Jayson – Officer Gonzales… simply put… you’re smug, and cocky. You’re still in high school it seems with the way you treat your peers. Cut that shit out now… got it?

Diego – ……yeah…..

Jayson – On top of that you’re slow…

Diego – Excuse me? like as in retarded?

Travis – That is not a word I think you should use.

Sara – Its offensive.

Keegan – *shakes head*

Jayson – No, Slow as in you are late with paperwork. You phone it in with your reports and that can’t happen.

Diego – I mean damn, do I do anything good?

Jayson – You have a natural leadership about you. People look to you for answers. If you can fix everything else you’d be okay.

Diego – ….Okay…. fine… I’ll work on my many cons…

Jayson – …… Bennett, Pete… you’re dismissed. Boone, Gonzalez… stay put.

Travis – Am I in trouble?

Diego – What did I do now?

Jayson – No, you’re not in trouble. I need you, and Diego to do something for me.

Sara – Well alrighty then…

Keegan – Yep…

Well that went from awesome to sucky pretty fast. He seriously killed my vibe…. but I guess maybe he’s just… I don’t know actually. He seems sorta frustrated with life so either he’s legit making an effort to help me better myself- or he’s taking things out on me.

Wonder how much Officer Moore heard…

Andre – Good job out there today Bennett.

Keegan – Thanks Officer Moore. I’m learning a lot from you.

Andre – Well after hearing that meeting, I still have to teach you a few more things.

Keegan – Oh… you heard Detective Carter rip into me….

Andre – Jayson likes you, he’s just doing his job… molding you to one day be teaching rookies how shit works.

Keegan – I still felt like an idiot…

Andre – You’re a rook…. it happens. Also He’s going through some financial issues lately…. He’s kind of stressed. As you know we don’t make that much money. He didn’t even tell me that. I overheard him on the phone talking about it. So that stays between us…

Keegan – Of course… everyone has something their dealing with. I understand.

Still… if it is that… why take it out on me. Not like I’m making it rain hundreds in his face and screaming “You Mad or Nah?!” like seriously…


Milk – What’s up wonder woman.

Sara – Nothing much… just feeling bad ass and what-not….

Milk – That’s cool.

Sara – You okay? it looks like you’ve been crying…

Milk – I’m fine…

Sara – Is everything okay with you and you’re boyfriend?

Milk – Darell, and I are cool.. its job related.

Sara – What’s going on babe?

Milk – You know the Brown’s family? we’ve had calls of domestic abuse for the past month right?

Sara – Yeah… they are such dicks…. I mean she hits the husband, he hits her… its a mess.

Milk – Right… and well.. I was called, me and Chet went to check things out. The mom hit the dad with the hot iron. Bloody, burnt skin… Her face is all bruised. Looked like they just went to war. Meanwhile the little boy is in the corner clutching his puppy…. crying. He looked at me and said “Make it stop” I almost broke down. I had to step outside.

Sara – Aww… I’m- do you want a hug or-

Milk – I’m okay now. I cried when I got back here…. I feel so embarrassed that the emotion took over…

Kitty – Don’t be embarrassed girl. On my first day, a man blew his head off. Blood, guts and everything in my fucking face. I didn’t eat for a week. Couldn’t sleep- cried… the whole nine okay? you’re fine, its okay to have a moment to yourself. I think it would be weird if you were numb to it.

Milk – Thank’s, Kitrina.

Kitty – No problem.

Sara – Changing the subject… what’s on the menu tonight? You cooking?

Kitty – What’s going on tonight?

Sara – Milk, and her boyfriend Darell are having a double dinner date with Keegan, and his girlfriend Priscilla.

Kitty – Darell? oh you datin’ a brotha, Officer Chambers? Yasss

Milk – Yeah he’s … black *laughs* which is so weird to say out loud. I’ve dated Black, Indian, Asian… Hispanic- actually thinking about it… I don’t date many white guys.

Kitty – So you be cookin that good food for him?

Milk – No, I can’t cook… thank god my bestfriend Priscilla can… She’s making spaghetti tonight.

Sara – What are your plans tonight Kitty?

Kitty – Oh girl, I’m meeting up with a young Tenderoni

Sara – Umm… a “Tenda-What”

Milk – I have no idea what that word means…

Kitty – Y’all ain’t never heard of a tenderoni? its like a PYT… a pretty young thang.. young and sexy… basically a fine ass nigg-….. dude. *clears throat*

Milk – Oooooh okay.

Sara – Is this Tenderoni meeting you at your place?

Kitty – Oh no, this fool lives in CCity. We meeting up for dinner in Bridgeport, and then to a hotel for a nightcap and room service….. and DICK… I’m getting DICK TONIGHT.

Milk – *laughing* Oh my god.

Sara – Well sounds fun.

Milk – What are you doing Sara?

Sara – Just hanging out with my friend Rhys, we’re gonna umm.. finish binge-watching Jessica Jones on netflix.

Kitty – Cute date night!

Sara – She’s…. straight.

Milk – Please….

Kitty – Well straight until proven gay… y’all gone kitty click or what?

Sara – Ummm… next subject *laughing*

Andre – Did you just hear that?- What the hell is kitty clicking? did I hear that correctly?

Keegan – I’m pretty sure she’s talking about scissoring or something?

Andre – What?

Keegan – Like banging…. vaginas?……… together?

Andre – Lesbians do that?

Are we really at work talking about various ways lesbians get it on?

Keegan – Have you never seen lesbian porn before?

Andre – I have but I’ve only seen them using things on each other… and like… licking- why are we talking about this?

Keegan – Because you stopped talking, and started eavesdropping…

Something I’m noticing he’s good at. I like Officer Moore but I should probably be careful what I say around him… Already I’ve learned what’s bother Jayson, how he heard my meeting word for word, and seen how easy he eavesdropped on Milk, Sara, and Kitrina’s conversation.

Andre – Right, my bad. Anyway…. okay so… just to let you know, I agree with Jayson. You sometimes do come off like you’re trying to be perfect.

Keegan – I didn’t know I was doing that….

Andre – Well… you do now.

Keegan – Its not like super bad though right? I don’t look like a kiss ass or anything do I?

Andre – No, but I can see how someone could get annoyed at it? You know guys like Diego look for shit to hate others for…

Keegan – Noted…. I’ll work on it.

Andre – Look I don’t investigate other cops unless I’m ordered to… but I’m going to assume that you have a past- we all do. You don’t have to be a perfect cop, to atone for past sins. You’ve already taken action, and became a police officer to help people. That’s good enough. Don’t ever let the past hold you back from being great in the present and future. You hear me Bennett?

Keegan – Yes Sir… I just… I don’t want to come off that way… I feel like shit.

Andre – I get it… but it all boils down to this; you got some criticism today. Learn from it, and move on you know? You’re having dinner with your lady, and some friends. Enjoy the night, don’t let this shit linger.

Keegan – You’re right, you’re right.

Andre – You’re doing WAY better than me when I was a rook… so chin up.

Keegan – Thanks for the advice.

Andre – All day.

Eavesdropping, and Gossiping aside. Officer Moore is a really good guy, and he looks out for me. I’m glad he’s here and looking out for me. He’s right, I did good today and I shouldn’t let the criticism get to me- 1 because it was constructive criticism… I think, and 2. I’m a rookie, I don’t know everything. I’m still learning, and I need to be patient. Its amazing how Andre (officer moore) kinda hit the nail on the head when he told me that I was trying to be perfect, to atone for my past… I think subconsciously that’s exactly what I was trying to do. I am not perfect, and today proved that… and I have to learn to be okay with who I am… past present and future.

(POV Jarrah)

So, umm… the day came and went, and my son is still not in my arms. Maliha tweeted today, and the location showed up…. she’s in Pylea…. this was 3 hours ago btw. I am beyond pissed off. I don’t think anything bad has happened to my son, because of her tweet… it said “cheering myself up with great company” So clearly she has JK with her. I’m just pissed that she thought all of this was okay.

Jarrah – How do you tweet but not check in with people? like… what the hell?

Kaori – Where are you?

Jarrah – Orion’s….

Frankie – This is really fucking ridiculous Jarrah, If I were you…. I’d probably slap the shit out of her…

Kaori – You know its bad when Frankie says something like that.

Jarrah – So you said she wasn’t at work today right?

Kaori – Nope, last time I saw her was yesterday. She went into her mom’s office, ran out pissed… so I texted her, and she said she took a half day. I don’t believe her, something is up… because she didn’t come in today, and Sasha (Kaori’s boss/Maliha’s mom) didn’t seem to care…

Frankie – To me… that sounds like she and her mom got into it…

Jarrah – That mixed with the stupid ass tweet, I agree….. god… this is why…. I swear, I didn’t want her watching my son…

Kaori – Understandable…

Frankie – She’s being so irresponsible, and stupid….

Jarrah – Where are you guys?

Kaori – I’m dragging Frankie along with me to the comic shop.

Jarrah – Why? gift for Zoey?

Kaori – Yeah, I want to see what kind of spider-gwen merch they have- but that’s besides the point.. we’re checking on you right now.

Frankie – Is there anything we can do?

Jarrah – Not really, but thanks for asking. I’m sorry guys, I know we were supposed to get dinner-

Frankie – You shut it right now Jarrah. Don’t you dare apologize. We can get dinner anytime…

Jarrah – I’m so mad… angry…. scared…

Orion – ……..

Jarrah – I’m gonna go.

Kaori – Okay, just call us back if you need us.

Frankie – Keegan texted me by the way… he pulled in a favor from that Jayson Carter dude who said he knows you. They’re out looking for JK right now. Jeep is also out with his fraternity spreading the word.

Jarrah – I know they called me a second ago… ugh… im upset, but I’m gonna try, and keep calm… anyway I’ll call you guys If I need to.

Kaori – Okay.

Frankie – Stay positive babe.

Jarrah – Thanks guys. *ends call*

Forever happy that I have those girls in my corner.

Orion – You know what I think?

Jarrah – Who gives a SHIT what YOU think right now?!

Orion – Why are you yelling at me?

Jarrah – Orion, he’s your son! You just go paint, and leave him alone with Maliha? do you do that often?

Orion – No! I don’t! I got inspired, so I went down to paint…

Jarrah – Your girlfriend is a stupid bitch, why would she do this? why would she even think this is okay?!

Orion – I don’t know… there is something going on that she’s not telling me.

Jarrah – I don’t care, there is no justification.

Orion – Why don’t you just finally say it…

Jarrah – Say what?

Orion – That you hate me… that you hate me for falling for Maliha… You talk so much shit about her for it… but you hold back on me.. why? because I’m JK’s dad?

Jarrah – Fuck you Orion, because honestly you’re just as fucked up as she is. You came to my sorority party, you met her WHILE she was dating my ex Dylan… so its fucking weird, and awkward.

Orion – Then say it, because all of this passive aggressive bullshit that you bring with you EVERY TIME you come here is getting REAL FUCKING TIRED!

Jarrah – What’s tired is your girlfriend dating my exes… you included.

Orion – I’m sick of the pettiness… so fucking what. She dated two guys who happens to be JARRAH FOLLAND’s exes….. GET OVER IT, and get under someone new… isn’t that what you’re trying to do right now anyway?

Jarrah – Excuse me?

Orion – You’re playing a game with those two guys and you shouldn’t. That’s why karma bit you… Owen having some Hispanic wife, and kid…. secrets come out! You can’t date two guys, someone will get hurt.

Jarrah – ……You don’t know what I’m doing, or why. Unlike YOU I don’t just introduce JK to the next romantic interest!

Orion – Maliha’s more than that to me!

Jarrah – Congratulations!

Orion – Admit how much you hate me… so we can both just stop pretending we’re friends…. because we’re clearly NOT

Jarrah – Know this…. if we didn’t have a son together… I would hate you, and never talk to you again.

Orion – ……

Jarrah – …….

Ugh its not even true, but he’s making me mad right now. My ex, who’s dating my ex sorority sister, who dated my ex boyfriend before that is trying to pass judgement on what I’m doing with Owen, and Shane. How dare him…

Orion – …….What are we doing Jarrah?

Jarrah – ………I don’t know….. we have a son together, who’s missing and we’re standing here yelling at each other like stupid people. Its not about us-

Orion – I need to know something…

Jarrah – …..What?

Orion – Do you hate me, because you’re still in love with me?

That’s arrogant, and bold of him…. but I guess I could see why he’d be curious about that. FYI, I am NOT in love with Orion anymore. That “ship” sailed a long time ago. The best I can do is be the best co-parent I can with him.

Jarrah – No…. no to both things. I don’t hate you, and I didn’t mean what I said about… never talking to you. I’m sorry I’m just…

Orion – I don’t hate you, and I’m glad you answered no to both of those things… because I need to be honest with you about something…

Jarrah – What is it?

God… please don’t be in love with me still, that would be awkward for ALL parties involved.

Orion – I’m really…. really in love with Maliha… and its… different from when I was with you- please don’t take offense to that.

Jarrah – It does sting a little bit, but…. I guess that’s honesty for you…

Orion – Its a different kind of love. I obviously loved you… and I still do but because you’re the mother of my son- and a wonderful woman. With Maliha I just… we get each other- its soulmate type love… she’s not what I would have ever wanted but… it happened…. fate made it happen. It hurts so much when you yell at her, and make me feel like shit for dating her because I believe in fate…

Jarrah – …..Well I do too.

Orion – If fate made me meet you, and Lola that day at the airport… for all of the past shit to happen for me to be with Maliha… then… it was worth it. You don’t know her like I do. You don’t know her insecurities and goals in life… She’s a full person… just like you. I sometimes feel like you, and your friends- the six of you… you guys act like you’re the only ones going through journeys… oblivious to everyone else…

Jarrah – … We don’t act, nor feel that way… we’re just connected the six of us. We’ve been friends for a long time, and have maintained friendship through all of the growing up, life and tribulations. Don’t mistake our love for each other as selfishness.

Its kind of annoying when outsiders think shit like that. The six of us have been through a lot, and we are a tight unit. Its not like we don’t recognize everyone else stuff. Lola, Collin, Elena… plenty of others I’ve put first and helped out. Same goes for Keegan, Jeep, Trey, Frankie, and Kaori. They all have people in their lives who they have been there for.

Orion – All I’m saying is… it hurts when you look at me like you hate me, and it hurts to see Maliha feeling a certain way after you say things to her. She’s human like everyone else, no matter how confident she comes off.

Jarrah – Look I get what you’re saying but this is the wrong time to have this conversation. Our son could be hurt… we can talk about this another day… is that okay?

Orion – Yeah, and you’re right… lets just make sure JK is-

Maliha – Hello, hello, hello!

Acting like nothing is wrong… is she serious?

Ali – Hey, Orion.

Orion – Hi.

Why is her brother here?

Maliha – Oh hey Jarrah, what are-

Jarrah – What the fuck is wrong with you?

Maliha – What?- Jarrah just calm down… I-

Ali – It can all be explained… my sister was feel-

Jarrah – I honestly don’t care how she was feeling. I want to know why she thought it would be okay to kidnap my son, and take him god knows where!

Maliha – I didn’t kidnap JK, he was left in my care, while his daddy was painting.

Jarrah – And you what? decided to go off to Europe with him?

Maliha – Wait, am I seriously getting chewed out for having a day with JK? we went shopping, and to the zoo… why is that so bad?

Jarrah – Are you dense?

Ali – Jarrah-

Jarrah – Shut up Ali.

Maliha – Don’t tell my brother to shut up!

Jarrah – I’ll say whatever I want.

Orion – Here, hand me my son.

Maliha – *gives JK to Orion*

Orion – You should have called….

Maliha – ….Sorry.

Jarrah – You didn’t take him to daycare, you didn’t call and ask me if you could take him shopping or to the zoo, and you didn’t even alert Orion to tell him your plans. On top of that when we tried to get in contact with you, you ignore us. You show up here acting oblivious like nothing was done wrong. You are out of your fucking mind- that or you lack self-awareness.

Ali – I thought they knew you had him? thought we were just explaining why you needed this day to-

Maliha – It doesn’t even matter… I’m over this. I’m gonna make some tea.

Jarrah – So that’s it? Orion and I spend all day worried if you, and our son is dead or not… and you don’t explain yourself because you’re over it and want tea?

Maliha – Yep… just like that.

Jarrah – You know what…. I’m a mother now… I can’t be doing this… you talk to your fucking girlfriend Orion. I’m done…

Maliha – Be done then! Get out!… you’re so annoying anyway…. god Dylan was right about you. Shady, and selfish… dumped him so you could go fuck French men!

Jarrah – You are such a bitch. I should slap the shit out of you… I really should… but instead I’m gonna walk away… one day when YOU have kids of your own… you’ll understand this day.. Oh and for the record I didn’t go to France to fuck FRENCH MEN. I actually came back, went to LA, met ORION… so I guess I went to LA to FUCK black men now? you are a sad, pathetic- uninformed cunt.

Maliha – Jarrah Folland ladies and gentleman! Miss I’m SOOOOOOOOOO perfect that my pussy is made for two- Count em’- TWO men! Miss I had a baby, and I work sooo hard and I love fashion SOOOO much! I fall off and bounce right back! I’m SOOOO fucking amazing! *clapping* Wooo go Jarrah! Bitch please okay? you barely see your kid, and he LOVED spending time with me at the zoo. Meanwhile you ship him off at his grandparents or here while you talk about how soft the silk is for the Spring collection. FUCK YOU, YOU MARY SUE BITCH!!

Jarrah – *slowly inhales…… then exhales* Oh, Maliha…….

Jarrah – *slaps Maliha*

Ali – What the fuck!

Orion – Jarrah!

Jarrah – Fuck me? you want to try and say fuck me? Maliha, you are the most spoiled, silver-spoon having bitch I have ever met in my life. You completely bullshitted your way through college and SOMEHOW graduated. You had like no direction, and what happened? mommy decided to throw you a bone and hire your dumbass. From what I’m hearing you can’t even do THAT right, but then again being a child of nepotism you probably have job security no matter how much you SUCK at life.

Maliha – …..

Jarrah – The audacity of you to even try and come for me. I am in no way a mary sue- and the fact that you would even say that suggest what is obvious in this situation. You don’t fucking know me… at all. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve broken promises- pacts… I’ve done stuff. Oh and you’re DAMN right that when I fall I bounce back up, because that’s how it SHOULD be. You don’t know anything about my friendship with Lola, or how and why the LC Agency even exist. You are a foul mouth bitch, who THINKS she knows everything about everybody! All that money, and you still lack sophistication and class.

Orion – Jarrah…

Jarrah – And to stand there……….. and judge me as a parent…. for working hard so that JK has a future, and never has to worry about money? You’re lucky your head didn’t go flying through a window. I am a great mom, None of the guys I CASUALLY hangout with have even met my son. I take care of my son, and I put him first every day. To even suggest that I’m a negligent mother, is to suggest that I am a piece of shit, which I could never be.

Maliha – …..

Jarrah – You cannot ever come for me because I-am-not-that-girl. I work hard for everything I have, why? because I am a strong woman who knows herself, unlike your insecure Kim Kardashian wannabe ass. What really pisses me of is that you stand here in a $1000 dress trying to judge me for everything I have- which I’ve worked HARD for. While not clocking yourself for doing NOTHING and having so much. I’m sick of talking to you, so long story short? Go fuck yourself.

Maliha – ………*starts to cry*

Jarrah – Here comes the crocodile tears. I’m not doing this…. *grabs JK from Orion*

Orion – ….

Maliha – *crying hysterically*

Orion – Baby…. its okay….

Maliha – *crying* I can’t-

Ali – Tell them!

Orion – Tell us what?

Maliha – *crying*

Ali – Just tell-

Maliha – I’m can’t do this right now!

Jarrah – …..Whatever, I’m not consoling her after everything she said to me. I have to go… you can deal with that.

Yes, I snapped on her, and I honestly don’t care. She needed to hear it, she’s always such a bitch to people, and everything she said to me was uncalled for. How do you try and drag someone’s parental skills? you don’t have fucking kids, so don’t you dare judge me- or any other mother. Then to be passive aggressive and say you’re over it, and refuse to talk about something that YOU did?

Ugh seriously… I don’t like ripping into people like that, but truth be told… I don’t give a damn about Maliha. Whatever issues she has going on is fine, we all have shit going wrong in our lives, but attacking me, kidnapping my kid… then being a bitch? nope… I’m not standing for it. I’m not sympathizing with her either, you can if you want to. Oh and if you think I’m being a mean bitch then… well… yeah, good luck with that, because nothing is changing from my perspective.

(POV Keegan) [At Milk & Priscilla’s House]

[Top Pic]

One moment….

Keegan – So crisis adverted eh?

Kaori (*on phone*) – Yeah, she has JK, and she’s at home… She said she and Orion got into it… and then she got into it with Maliha…

Keegan – They better not have ganged up on her…

Kaori – Nah, it happened with Orion, and then Maliha…. separate arguments.

Keegan – Oh okay… long as it wasn’t a two on one type of situation.

Kaori – Look at you being all protective.

Keegan – You, Jarrah, Frankie, you guys are the girls… you damn right I’ll protect you.

Kaori – *laughs*


Darell – New boyfriend texting you?

Myra – Umm, no, its my sister.

Darell – Hey I heard a rumor about her…

Myra – Hmm?

Darell – Is she a lesbian now?

Myra – Umm…

Curtis – Auntie Rhys, is gay now?

Myra – Just rumors….

Darell – So that’s not the case?

Myra – No…. at least I don’t think so…

Milk – The rumor is that its with the chick I work with-

Myra – Sara Pete?

Darell – Oh right I forget she’s a cop too.

Myra – Sara and Rhys do hangout a lot but… I don’t know.

Curtis – They took me to get ice cream before. They’re really close.

Darell – What about you son, you got a lil’ girlfriend?

Milk – Your friend Zoey?

Curtis – I am not talking about that sorta thing… yuck.

Milk – *laughing*

Darell – Well you can talk to me about anything….

Curtis – ….. Okay.

Myra – Well anyway you guys have a fun dinner. Thanks for picking him up from piano lessons.

Milk – Its no problem at all.

Myra – Say bye to your daddy, and his girlfriend.

Curtis – Bye dad, bye Milk.

Myra – See ya later Keegan!

Keegan – Bye guys!

Curtis – What did auntie Rhys want when she texted you?

Myra – She wants us to go to the grocery store before we come home.

Curtis – Are we?

Myra – I guess…

[Bottom Pic]

Kaori – Who was that?

Keegan – Myra Kelley.

Kaori – Ah okay.

Keegan – I’m at Milk, and Priscilla’s for-

Kaori – The dinner, yeah I remember. God I’m jealous…

Keegan – Why?

Kaori – Because I’m so hungry, and all we have is leftover Chinese.

Keegan – I thought you and Frankie were going out to dinner?

Kaori – We were, but then Frankie got called to work… so… yeah. Guess Aries and I will eat Chinese…. AGAIN.

Keegan – So umm… I’m not supposed to say anything until tomorrow…. but… you know the guy who attacked you?

Kaori – Yeah… I can’t forget him saying he wanted to rape me… fucking psycho.

Keegan – We caught him.

Kaori – You did?!

Keegan – Yeah, and he’s like… a big criminal, so… he won’t be getting out anytime soon… you’re safe.

Kaori – Oh my god that makes me so happy.

Priscilla – …………..

Kaori – I feel…. so happy about that.

Keegan – Good…. its what I want for my friends and family.

Kaori – Fuck it, I’m gonna make Aries take me out for dinner.

Keegan – Why not Ian?

Kaori – You know what?…. good idea.

Keegan – I usually have those.

Kaori – Well anyway… thanks Keegan.

Keegan – No, problem Kaori.

Priscilla – ….


Milk – You are such a good dad… its cute.

Darell – Oh you think the daddy thing is hot?

Milk – I do.

Darell – Well you can call me daddy later…

Milk – Oh…. I plan on it… some of that big black di-

Priscilla – Dinner’s ready.

Darell – What we eating?

Priscilla – Spaghetti, and I made a bread pudding for dessert. Keegan hang up with whoever, its time to eat babe.

Keegan – Alright.

Kaori (on phone) –  Well I’ll talk to you later. Have fun.

Keegan – You too, tell Ian I said wassup…

Kaori – You two are so gay…

Keegan – *laughs* bye.

Kaori – Bye

[Call ends]

I didn’t get a chance to really catch up with you guys because I was on the phone. Things went from bad to good- which is a good thing. I’m happy Jarrah’s son is with her and safe. Can’t believe Maliha would do what she did. Hopefully this doesn’t create any problems for Orion and Jarrah… I’d hate for her to feel like she didn’t want JK around Maliha, so that meant Orion suffered. I don’t think she’s that vindictive though. Its not my business, so I’ll just continue to be a friend, and support her in any way she needs.

Moving on to the present moment in time. Here I am… doing… “couples” dinner. Its something about doing a double date, with a home cooked meal that makes you feel like a grown up- I mean yeah I’m an adult sure… but there are things that you see in movies, tv shows that just- you get what I’m trying to say- I hope. Wow when did I become so bad at explaining things?

Darell – Damn Cilla, this pasta is hella good. Did you make your own sauce?

Priscilla – Yeah I made it earlier.

Milk – Show off…. did you make the pasta too?!

Priscilla – Actually I did…. *sticks tongue out*

Keegan – When did you find the time to do all of this?

Priscilla – I didn’t work today?

Keegan – You had the day off?

Priscilla – Yeah.

Keegan – Why didn’t you tell me? I could have taken you to lunch or something.

Priscilla – Its okay, I was out- grocery shopping.

Keegan – I see.

Priscilla – So how’s everyone doing? lets chat- lets do the grown up thing.

Milk – *putting on fancy accent* Well Darling! we may as well.

Keegan – How’s work Darell?

Darell – Its alright, I showed off two houses today… and I think I might have a buyer. Real estate isn’t that hard to be honest. I’m a people person, and I know how to turn on the charm, and be astute when need be.

Milk – Oh baby tell them about Barbara…

Priscilla – Who?

Darell – Oh, this fat ass chick at my office. She smells so bad… like onions, and mustard… and then fish… She has a different odor each day. Then when she walks the whole office shakes. Now I know y’all thinking I’m fucked up… but this woman is evil. I once saw her spit in someone’s food. She talks shit about other people in the office too. She’s annoying as hell… and she asked me out. I told her no, and that I had a girlfriend. Her reply to that was “Oh you’d hit this if you were single, black mean love thick white girls”…..

Keegan – *laughing* Okay…. I have a question…. about that…

Darell – I already know what you’re about to ask.

Keegan – How?

Darell – Because I ask it all the time. “Why black dudes love dating fatass white chicks”

Keegan – How did you- *laughing hysterically* how did you know I was gonna bring that up?!

If someone would have told me that I’d be friends with Darell Sampson a few years ago… I’d probably laugh in their face. I never saw this happening, but I legit like dude. He’s cool, and much like myself… he’s learned from all of his past mistakes. He’s a much better person now than he was before. Which goes with how I feel about bad people in general. I feel like 20% of people are nonredeemable. The other 70- 80? god I’m bad at math. Lets go with 80. The other 80 I think has the ability to become better, and have redemption. I don’t think all bad people are always going to be bad.

Priscilla – *laughing* Oh my god…. its kinda true though. Some black guys when they date white women… its usually the… rounder ones…

Milk – *laughing* Well don’t look at me, I’m half Mexican…

Darell – So umm, what about you Cilla? your class ready for the competition?

Priscilla – Yes, and no. My star dancer hurt her ankle, so…. I’m worried… but I try and tell them its not about the win. Its about the unity, and going out there and having fun. That’s not to say that I don’t feel like slapping a few stage-moms who ALWAYS want to sit in practice… with their starbucks, and shades…

Keegan – The stories she tells me when she gets off work… she once had a mom accuse her of playing favorites.

Priscilla – She was about to get slapped, but I counted to 10, and remained calm.

Darell – Crazy…. So what about the two officers at the table?

Milk – Umm, it was a rather uneventful day.

I see what she’s doing. She rather not bring up the domestic abuse situation. Keeping things light. I don’t blame her. Don’t wanna be Debbie downer at the couple’s dinner.

Priscilla – *smiles*

Keegan – Well you guys remember that guy who attacked Kaori?

Priscilla – How could we forget?

Darell – Hockey Face Rapist.

Milk – Keegan, and some others caught him today trying to rob a closed bank.

Keegan – Dude is crazy too. He has multiple identities, and has run so many scams… Its a good thing he’s off the streets.

Darell – Aww my hero!

Keegan – Shut up *laughing*

Darell – I’m sure Kaori’s happy you did her that solid.

Priscilla – I mean… it was just a good thing in general. Now he can’t hurt anybody….

Milk – Yeah….

Keegan – Yep.

Priscilla – How is she doing though?

Keegan – Huh?

Priscilla – That was her that you were on the phone with right?

Keegan – She’s fine, we were talking about the situation with Maliha, and Hockey Face… I don’t need to go into it… you guys know everything now.

Darell – Yeah… I keep thinking about Jarrah…. I mean my son is older, but I’d still clip a bitch if they kidnapped him.

Milk – Not trying to defend Maliha, but I don’t think her intention was to kidnap the baby… I do think she was completely wrong for what she did though.

Priscilla – I would have been pissed….she seems so into herself to be honest…

I don’t know what to think, Maybe she’s going through some shit…. but still… what she did today was wrong, period.

Keegan – I went on a date with her once…

Darell – You did?!

Keegan – Yeah, at GCU, and dude…. she was just…. bragging about running up a 100k tab… then she went into the funniest tangent I have ever heard. I never forgot it. I remember it word for word. She said Girls get so jealous of me and my life… like.. you want the keys to my Porsche?  Here’s the keys! like.. that’s why I don’t tell bitches about my life. Truth be told I run GloCity. I shut it down wherever I go.

Priscilla – Ugh… see… ridiculous.

Milk – That’s fucking hilarious.

Darell – Sounds just like her….

Keegan – To be fair though… I think we were all different back then. We’re not who we were, we’ve grown up a lot.

Priscilla – You’re right, she could have changed since then. Maybe she was nervous being on a date with you, and was trying to show off.

Milk – I think that’s what it is.

Darell – Yeah. *takes another bite of the food* Y’all know how we were talking about stereotypes earlier?

Milk – About the white girls and black guy thing?

Darell – Yeah.

Priscilla – What about it?

Darell – Well… you my dear Cilla… you’ve broken one for me tonight.

Priscilla – How so?

Darell – Your food is seasoned!

Milk & Keegan – *laughing hysterically*

Priscilla – Thank you? *laughing*

He sorta has a point about the seasoning thing… Mama K doesn’t really season meat that well, meanwhile Mama J does it just right.

Darell – I done had white people food… and they do a PINCH of salt, and pepper… then use ketchup like its sriracha or some shit. ketchup ain’t spicy!

Milk – Speaking of good food. How did you like “The Honey Bar” ? I still can’t get a table at that place. What did you do? flash them some tit?

Darell – Oh yeah, Milk said you went to Bridgeport and tried it Wednesday night, how was it? I hear their steak is bomb.

Keegan – Wait Wednesday? You said you were working all night… I was gonna cook for you and stuff…..

Priscilla – *coughing* umm… *gives Milk the evil eye*

What the fuck? did she lie about being one place, when she was at another?

Darell – *looks at milk knowingly*

Milk – Oops…..

Darell – ……….

Milk – …….

Keegan – Whats going on?

Priscilla – ……I, umm..

Keegan – Why did you lie to me?

Priscilla – I- Lets not make a big deal out of-

Keegan – You lied….

Priscilla – Keegan… don’t- like please just stop. Its not-

Keegan – Did you just not wanna hangout with me or something?

Priscilla – No! I- its not even…

Milk – Were you with your MOM or something?

Keegan – Stop it Milk… you’re trying to help your friend have a legit excuse. I admire your loyalty…. but don’t….

Milk – …..

Darell – Awkward….. should we step outside?

Priscilla – I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be back…

Milk – I do to…

Darell – Of course….

Keegan – ……. We aren’t done talking about this….

Priscilla – Dude… I have to pee okay?

Keegan – Wow…..

[In Hallway] (Keegan & Darell can’t hear them)

Milk – What the fuck Priscilla…

Priscilla – What?

Milk – The next time you fucking lie to your boyfriend, at least give me the heads up.

Priscilla – …….

Milk – I like Keegan, I can’t be lying to him… you’re my bestfriend but shit… the dude has grown on me.

Priscilla – Ugh… I don’t want to talk about-

Milk – Oh no, you’re gonna tell me everything in the bathroom…

Priscilla – But it would be awkward for you since you work with him everyday….

Milk – ……What the fuck are you mixed up in?


Keegan – …………

Darell – …………………

Keegan – *scratches head* …..

Darell – ….. You alright?

Keegan – …… I’ve never been insecure when its come to relationships, but with the string of bad luck I’ve had…. I always think I’ve done something wrong.

Darell – You think you pushing her away?

Keegan – That’s the thing, I don’t- The only thing I could think is that I smother her?

Darell – How? you both work all the time.

Keegan – That’s why, I’m always asking her to sleep at my place, maybe she’s tired of me and needs space?

Darell – I don’t think that’s it… because that restaurant she went to… its hard to get in. Ain’t no way she went by herself. Unless she really was with her mom- and or dad.

Keegan – …..Or Gina…. I know next to nothing about this Gina woman…

Darell – Who the fuck is Gina?

Keegan – Her gym friend? they’ve been hanging out a lot?

Darell – I’m gonna be dead ass honest with you bruh…. I ain’t never heard of no Gina. Milk tells me everything, and she’s never once mentioned a gym friend or some woman named Gina. You work with Milk, you never brought it up to her?

Keegan – No, because I didn’t want to look like the paranoid, nosy boyfriend….

Darell – Ah, that’s true…

Keegan – Something doesn’t make sense here…

Darell – I know I’m like the last person who should be giving advice considering I once cheated on Portia, and fucked Rubi…. before she was fat- BUT I think you should play it cool when they come back in here.

Keegan – What do you mean?

Darell – Just be cool, have a good dinner, good conversation… then chew her ass out back at the crib.

Keegan – I guess, you’re right, I shouldn’t be having this conversation with her in front of you guys.

Darell – Milk probably feels in the middle…. *laughing*

Keegan – Yeah…. but umm, you’re right about changing the vibe of the dinner. Lets talk about something else.

Darell – Okay…. do you think my son is gay?

Keegan – What?- Curtis?

Darell – Yeah, he’s always with Zoey, and he says they always go to your place. So I’d imagine you’d…. catch a gay vibe?

Keegan – Umm…. I mean…

Darell – I’m not offended, you can say it.

Keegan – He does seem feminine? But the thing about that is… its sorta in right now for boys his age to blur the lines? Who knows when he gets to high school he can become hyper masculine.

Darell – That’s true… I wonder if he likes Zoey…

Keegan – *laughing*

Darell – How is she doing?

Keegan – Dude… let me tell you about that… I had a meeting with the president of the school board this morning…. shit got crazy… So first Marlene Baycock came in smelling of expensive perfume, and cigarettes… and she *trails off*

I sat there telling Darell everything about the meeting, trying to take his advice, and change the vibe of the room. I admit though, it was still fucking with me. Why the fuck would Priscilla say she was working all night, but then be off at a really popular- hard to get into restaurant? She lied to me, and blew me off. On top of that I’m confused about her “friend” Gina from the gym. Milk tells Darell everything, and he doubts Gina exist. If Milk doesn’t know who this Gina person is then… either A : She’s not real, and Priscilla made her up… which… wouldn’t make any sense. Or B : Priscilla is keeping Gina from Milk, because she’s afraid she’d judge her for cheating on me? Either one of those things would be completely fucked up. I’m stressed out now… but since Priscilla is going back to my place with me… I’ll handle it then.

(POV Jarrah)

I’ve…. cooled off a bit, and had time to reflect on what transpired today. I still stand firm in what I did to Maliha…. however, part of me wonders if I could have done it another way. Saying that- if I’m honest, is a bit crazy to me. I don’t know what else I could have done to set her straight. I know I shouldn’t have slapped her, but she brought my parenting skills into it, and my family. Still, no justification here, I shouldn’t have hit her. I feel bad for making the girl cry. Whatever it is that she’s going through, clearly JK helped her feel better by going to the zoo with her. I would have been fine with it, had she just told me in advance… but what’s done is done I guess.

With JK down for the night, my brother Micah and his girlfriend Olivia decided to come over and check on me. Which resulted in Coffee, and gossip… and catching up of course. I’m thankful for my family on days like this… my friends too. Everyone sticks together, and protects one another. Its a great feeling knowing someone always has your back.

Olivia – Still thinking about it?

Jarrah – Huh?

Olivia – What happened with JK, and his father’s girlfriend.

Jarrah – Oh, yeah…. I feel bad.

Micah – Are you kidding me? she kidnapped my nephew… you don’t have anything to feel bad about.

Jarrah – I slapped her….

Micah – Still….

Jarrah – She obviously going through something, and I don’t want to add to it.

Olivia – Well, Jarrah…. she should have thought about that before she did what she did. My grandma Amy used to say… Don’t write a check that your ass can’t cash. That would always annoy my mother *laughing* All joking aside… while you regret hitting her, I don’t think you did anything wrong.

Jarrah – Well thank you, you guys are making me feel a little better. Enough about me though, how are you guys doing? did you want more coffee?

Micah – I think I’ve had enough to get me through the night shift.

Olivia – Same… granted you’re working at the hospital, and I’m grading papers.

Jarrah – Do you enjoy being a teacher?

Olivia – Yes, its rewarding as cliche as that sounds…. I think Its exciting also because I genuinely enjoy seeing kids learn new things, and become so curious about different topics.

Jarrah – That’s adorable… Micah put a baby in this one quick before she dumps you *laughs*

Olivia – *laughs*

Micah – Don’t tempt me now *winks at Olivia*

Jarrah – You guys are so cute together.

Micah – Well thank you.

They really are. Its so nice to see Micah with someone who seems just as introverted as he is. He works hard at the hospital, he should have something to look forward to when work is done.

Olivia – So…. are you seeing anybody? I asked Micah but he told me I should ask you for myself.

Jarrah – I’m……………………. dating around… just having fun- not having sex or anything though.

Micah – Gross! blah blah blah- don’t need to hear my baby sister say sex.

Olivia – You’re an uncle to her baby…. she’s a woman who has sex.

Micah – Gross!

Jarrah – You’re so stupid Micah….

Micah – Hey how’s Jonah doing?

Olivia – Oh yeah… poor guy

Micah – Karin’s dad died, and they were close… and from what I saw on social media…. he got dumped?

Jarrah – Just Jeep, doing what Jeep normally does…

Micah – Which is?

Jarrah – Date crazy girls, who aren’t good enough for him… they send him on wild goose chases and its not right.

Seriously…. He dates Christine, who was on the run from her crazy dad… and he gets beat up in his own dorm room by the psycho. Now this… and don’t even get me started on Paula- you guys don’t know about her, but in high school Jeep dated a goth girl named Paula in junior year… and she was a cutter, she was psycho as hell… we had to get him away from her. She tried to make a suicide pact with him!

Olivia – Pardon my question, but why do you guys call your cousin “Jeep”

Micah – Umm…

Jarrah – Its a bad nickname from a inside joke… but he actually asked us to stop calling him that. I told him I’d respect his wishes, but lets be real… its a bit unrealistic to just stop calling him that all together. Sometimes I slip up…

Which I’m working on…. I only call him Jeep so much because of the nostalgia back at simpler times. Sure the nickname came from a gross adolescent moment of teenage horniness and ejaculation- but… for us… when we call him Jeep, its like a reminder of our friendship… the 6 of us hanging out, being young and dumb. I can understand why he hates it though, especially since he’s matured, and grown up…

Olivia – He seems like such a sweet soul, and those are usually the ones who get walked all over.

Jarrah – I know… I just wish he’d find the one already…

I thought it was Christine, but… well clearly that’s not the case.

Jarrah – I’m gonna wash these cups…. *gets up and goes to sink*

Jarrah – *heavy sigh*

Olivia – Jarrah are you okay?

Jarrah – I’m….just…… sad.

Micah – Because of Jonah? or because of what happened today?

Jarrah – I’m sad because Owen disappointed me, I’m sad that I’m not in love with Orion, and we couldn’t be a unit for our son. I’m sad that I hit Maliha today, and made her cry. I’m sad that Jonah constantly gets treated like shit by girls… I’m just annoyed at the fact that Orion said my friends and I come off like we only care about our group, and our issues. I’m just…. not in a good mood. I need some good news I need something to make me smile and- I need some wine, and my sex & the city DVD’s

Everything just sucks…. well not everything. I don’t want to be dramatic. I’m thankful for all the good things I have in my life, its just…. well today has been a sucky day.

Olivia – *looks at Micah*

Micah – *looks at Olivia and nods yes*

Olivia – …..So… JK’s going to have a cousin in 9 months…..

Jarrah – Wait, what?

Micah – We’re pregnant! surprise!- smile?

Jarrah – *smiles* Oh my god! are you guys serious? you’re expecting?

Olivia – Yep… I am- we are.

Micah – Does that count as good news?

Jarrah – Of course! oh my goodness, congratulations! I’m going to be an aunt!

Olivia – Its too early to tell what I’m having but… we already decided that if its a girl, we’re naming her Amy, and if its a boy then we’ll name him Micah Jr.

Micah – I always wanted a jr.

Jarrah – I’m so happy for you guys- a few questions though… does this mean I have another wedding to go to, and who else knows?

Olivia – You know, Micah and I talked about this… should we decide to get married… we would like it if our child was a part of the wedding… the pictures… It would be cute.

Micah – Yep, and as far as who knows…. you’re the first person.

Oh my god I’m so happy for them. This is the kind of news I like. I’m already a mom, and now I’ll be an aunt! mom and dad are going to be so happy. They always worried Micah would never get over Andi, but he has… and he’s really in a good place. He seems so happy with Olivia.

Jarrah – Aww I am so flattered that you guys would tell me first.

Olivia – I’m just happy you like me. Micah said you’re very protective of him when it comes to the girls he dates.

Jarrah – He’s had some not so good choices in the past

Andi… and I feel mean for saying that because I love Frankie, but her sister was not good for my brother.

Jarrah – But you?…. you’re a keeper!

Olivia – Aww, you’re sweet. I’m actually going to C-City tomorrow to hangout with my sister…. I’m going to tell her, hopefully she’s supportive, and not all “I always thought I’d be first to have kids since you work all the time”

Twin sister in fact… she’s so different though, all punk rock, and edgy. Apparently she’s back in CCity because her failing music career or something. No shade of course… sometimes it just doesn’t work out.


Micah – Expecting someone?

Jarrah – No…

Please don’t be fuckery, please don’t be fuckery…

[Top Pic]

Jarrah – What the hell is he doing here? and with her-

Micah – Mind if we go upstairs and check on my nephew?

Olivia – Oooh can we? he’s so cute!

Jarrah – Sure, go ahead. Get that practice in *smiles*

Micah – *Whispers to Olivia* That’s Owen… and the wife….

Olivia – Oh goodness, I wonder what they want….

I have super-hearing, so I heard what Micah, and Olivia just said. I’m right there with them though. What the hell do they want? When I told Owen we could talk sooner or later I didn’t mean this soon, and with his wife too. Good thing I’m calm, I really don’t want to have to argue with this woman. I hope she’s respectful, and isn’t the loud abrasive type…. and where the hell is her daughter?

[Bottom Pic]

Jarrah – …..Hi?

Owen – ……Hey Jarrah *nervous smile*

Ana Lucia – Good Evening…. 

Jarrah – …..Hello.

Owen – I-

Ana Lucia – I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.

No, you just interrupted our magical date, and screamed to the world that you were his wife.

Jarrah – No, we haven’t…

Ana Lucia – I’m Owen’s wife, Ana Lucia

Wow, really? *mimicking Ana Lucia* “I’m Owen’s Wife” Girl just stop it….

Jarrah – And I’m Owen’s friend... Jarrah…. Jarrah Folland.

Ana Lucia – Any relation to Burn Body Blast by Josh Folland?

Oh now that’s funny….

Jarrah – He’s my father.

Ana Lucia – Oooh that is my new favorite workout video series!

Jarrah – *smiles* Thank you for the support. My father works hard on those videos.

Ana Lucia – Its my pleasure. *looks at Owen* Ella es muy bonita

Jarrah – *chuckles* I umm… I speak some spanish, Thank you… you’re beautiful as well.

Owen – So umm… I wanted to give you space, until you decided you wanted to talk to me, but Ana Lucia insisted on speaking to you tonight.

Jarrah – Okay…

Clearly she runs the show…

Ana Lucia – Is your baby okay?

Jarrah – Excuse me?

Ana Lucia – Owen kept looking at social media, and calling someone named Keeton to make sure your baby was okay.

Keeton…. *laughing*

Owen – He’s okay right?

Jarrah – He’s safe and sound in his crib upstairs, thanks for asking. My brother, and his girlfriend are actually up there with him.

Owen – Oh shit, I’m sorry… we’re interrupting something

Ana Lucia – I’m sorry, we go?

Jarrah – No, no… its fine. So umm.. what’s…… up?

Owen – Go ahead Ana…. you said you wanted to talk to her.

Ana Lucia – …. Owen, and I are married.

Well… no shit Ana Lucia.

Jarrah – Okay….

Ana Lucia – But he and I did not work. I would not grant him his wish for divorce… so he left. He left to find his father Scott- Who I hope is good man because he’s babysitting my daughter right now.

Owen – He’s good with kids.

Ana Lucia – He left, I was angry, and I couldn’t find him. My daughter is not Owens, I don’t know if you know that.

Jarrah – He told me….

Ana Lucia – I come here illegally… homeless, broke… pregnant. I beg for help because… I had nobody. I was rape, and scared. Owen and his mom helped me… Owen married me and I could have good life for my daughter. We fell in love, but then out of love. I felt like he hated me…. like I was a mistake.

Owen – No, no…. that’s not what it was. We just… we weren’t clicking anymore, and I also had my mind set on finding my father… I wanted to still be your friend, your family… but we kept fighting, and-

Ana Lucia – I’m sorry for everything.

Owen – So am I.

Well now I feel like shit. She was here illegally, no friends or family. Pregnant from a rape…. and Owen helped her out. Wow….

Ana Lucia – I got angry…. I felt like Owen abandon us… so I look for him…

Owen – ….If I would have just answered my phone….

Ana Lucia – We fight, I understand why you don’t.

Owen – But still….

Ana Lucia – I am sorry for ruining date night for you Jarrah.

Jarrah – Its okay… that’s not even worth talking about now.

Ana Lucia – After a while, I let it go. Then I get call from private investigator two weeks ago.

Owen – Wait what?

Jarrah – Aren’t you supposed to contact, and hire them?

Owen – Yeah, not the other way around?

Ana Lucia – I don’t know how, but he knew I was looking for Owen Roberts. He told me he could find him for me. I ask how much, and he tell me its no charge. I say okay.

Jarrah – That’s….. odd.

Owen – It is…

Ana Lucia – After I sleep with private investigator

Whoa….. girl…. what the fuck?

Owen – You slept with him?

Ana Lucia – He was sad, and it was a cold night in motel room. We have sex, and stay warm. It cheered him up.

Owen – …………….Umm, okay?

Jarrah – Anyway… umm.. go on with story.

Ana Lucia – After we sex, he said he like me. So we sex again, and again. Then he asked me if I was single or if the guy who hire his would have him killed for sleeping with me. I tell him, I don’t know what he’s talking about. He tells me that Shane Bigcock, has a lot of money, and hired him to help me.

Owen – What!

Jarrah – Oh my god….

Ana Lucia – You guys know Shane Bigcock?

Jarrah – BAY-cock…. Shane Baycock…

Ana Lucia – You know him?

Owen – We do….

Ana Lucia – How do you know him?

Owen – ……Its complicated.

Jarrah – …..What the fuck is he doing?…..

Ana Lucia – I say something bad?

Jarrah – No, you’re fine….. I…. I need to talk to Shane….

Owen – I’m going to kill him-

Jarrah – No! you act like nothing happened. Let me handle it.

Ana Lucia – Is he with mob?

Jarrah – No, no- nothing like that…. he’s just-

Owen – Being a shady motherfucker… why is he digging into my personal life?!

Jarrah – I’m going to find out…

Are you fucking kidding me? like… You’re joking…..right? First I deal with the amber alert of my kidnapped son, then I get into a fight with Orion, then another fight with Maliha. It got physical, she starts crying. I feel like shit… I get good news from Micah, and Olivia… and then Owen and Elusive wife show’s up at my doorstep…. and just when I think it couldn’t get any more strange… or fucked up… I find out not only that the girl was raped, but that Shane is doing shady shit, and digging into Owens life. I’m so fucking angry right now. Why is Shane playing dirty! That is not sexy! why is he doing this?!

(POV Keegan)

So… Dinner went fine when the girls came back. Darell had a great idea to play a board game, and it worked. We played, laughed and had fun. It took our minds off of the tension that we left at the table. Priscilla seemed almost relieved that I was laughing and having a good time… but umm, as much as I enjoyed dinner, and the games and laughter that followed… it was time for the real. Priscilla baby? you got some explaining to do.

Priscilla – God your bed is so comfortable… you can afford that good type of mattress

Keegan – Yeah…. so umm… lets umm… get this over with?

Priscilla – Is that your way of asking me to suck your dick so you can go to sleep?

Keegan – Oh god no, I’m talking about the talk.

Priscilla – What talk baby?

Keegan – Come on Cilla…. don’t do that…

Priscilla – You told me you wanted me to spend the night. I thought we’d have sex, watch some movies and fall asleep.

Keegan – Why the fuck would you think that?

Priscilla – You let it go! we had dessert! we had fun. We played games…. it was over with.

Keegan – I did that because I didn’t want to talk about it in front of our friends!

Priscilla – I’m not doing this *smiles* I’m just gonna go sleep on the couch-

Keegan – You are making me so fucking mad right now!

Priscilla – You’re making a big deal out of nothing!

Keegan – Are you serious right now?!

Priscilla – I can’t… *walks out of room*

No no no, she’s not just gonna walk away from this. I need answers

Keegan – Priscilla, get your ass back here!

Priscilla – Stop yelling at me!

Keegan – Stop making me!

Priscilla – Your volume has NOTHING to do with me. Control your own actions!

Keegan – Why are you doing this? why are you sabotaging our relationship?! I’ve done everything right! I’ve been so good to you, and you’re pushing me away.

Priscilla – Keegan…. its not even that big of a deal!

Keegan – It is to me! there are two people in this relationship. You can’t just stand there and brush things off!

Priscilla – Yes I can…. If I don’t want to talk about something I shouldn’t have to.

Keegan – Normally I’d agree with you- but not in this case. You’re the one who got caught lying.

Priscilla – I didn’t get caught! I didn’t do anything!

Keegan – So you’re gonna make me out to be a crazy person…. is that REALLY what you wanna do?

Priscilla – ……….What do you want from me?

Keegan – I hate when girls fucking ask that- that is so fucking annoying. What type of fucking movie are you living in with that stupid fucking dialogue?! What do I want from you?! What do I want from YOU?! I want you to FUCKING EXPLAIN YOURSELF TO ME!

Priscilla – Oh my god stop it with the F-Bombs!

Keegan – You know what?…. I’m done… I’m fucking DONE!

Priscilla – Calm down! okay… fuck…. shit- alright… let me just…

Keegan – …..I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me. I’ve had shitty relationships… I’m not doing it Priscilla. You are supposed to be no-nonsense, and all in. I said I was all in, and I thought you were too. I will fucking be done with you right now… I’m not staying in a one sided-fucked up relationship. So either you explain yourself or get out.

Priscilla – …………….Are you still in love with Kaori?

Keegan – I love her sure, but I’m not in love with her anymore. Why are you asking me this?!

Priscilla – Just let me talk!

Keegan – …….Fine….

Priscilla – …..I get paranoid when it comes to her. You have such good chemistry with her, and I feel like anyday now you’ll realize you want her.

Keegan – That’s your insecurity. It has nothing to do with me.

Priscilla – But… in the past-

Keegan – If you bring up Jules…..

Priscilla – Just saying… it makes me scared.

Keegan – That’s not going to happen- and lets not make this about her. Why did you lie to me about being at work, who were you with at that restaurant, and who is Gina… does she even fucking exist?

Priscilla – ….

Keegan – An answer would be nice.

Priscilla – …. I-

Keegan – Was I smothering you? I know Zoey and Curtis are always here. I know I always ask you to sleep here… Its only because I work so much, and love spending time with you. We could go out, we can do whatever you want… but you have to say something. Have some input. As far as Zoey and Curtis go… I can easily tell them to-

Priscilla – Its that…. I felt smothered.

Keegan – Is that really what it is?

Priscilla – ….Yes.

Keegan – Well why didn’t you say something?

Priscilla – I’m sorry…. I didn’t realize how much you….

Keegan – Loved you? because I do.

Priscilla – *smiles* I love you too…

Keegan – Just talk to me, we can avoid the bullshit, and drama if we have open communication.

Priscilla – I know…

Keegan – So… who did you ditch me for? because that restaurant is really hard to get into-

Priscilla – I went alone- my mother pulled a favor with the chef, and got me a table in the corner… I just needed some me time. I’m working hard teaching those kids dance, and then I’m here with you, but also not really because of everything that happened with Zo-Zo… To be honest sometimes I feel like you’re so focused on being this cop- this protector of everything and everyone… that you forget to just be Keegan the person… Its overwhelming.

Keegan – I didn’t realize that…. I’m sorry…

Priscilla – Its fine, I’m distracted at times too, and I should have just been honest….

Keegan – Priscilla….. are you being 100% honest with me right now?

Priscilla – Yes…. ……. …….

Keegan – …..Who’s Gina exactly?

Priscilla – I told you… she’s my gym friend.

Keegan – Why can’t I meet her?

Priscilla – Do you not trust me?

Keegan – Don’t make this a trust thing… just answer my question.

Priscilla – She- umm… She-

Keegan – She doesn’t exist!

Priscilla – No!…. she’s………..real. She just…. umm. She’s like in love with me, and hates you.

Keegan – How can she hate me? she doesn’t even know me!

Priscilla – I’ve tried to arrange a meeting between you guys but she doesn’t want to…

Keegan – I call bullshit.

Priscilla – Why?

Keegan – Because the day I had my talk with Kaori, you brushed your friendship with Gina aside. You made it sound like she was just some random bitch you hangout with at the gym. Now you’re saying you tried getting us to meet? that she’s in love with you? how can she be in love with you Priscilla? is she psycho and obsessive? or have you been spending SO much time with her, and saying things to her that made her think something between you was a possibility?

Priscilla – *sigh* I- no… I just-

Keegan – The door.

Priscilla – Why do you want me to leave? I just told you-

Keegan – No, someone’s here…

Priscilla – …..Are we okay?

Keegan – I don’t know Priscilla…. are we?

Priscilla – I think so?…. you told me you love me….. I said it back… doesn’t that count for something?

Keegan – I’m gonna see what he wants, then we can talk more okay? just don’t fall asleep.

Priscilla – …Okay.

She better not fall asleep either. God that was a fucking annoying conversation to have. Its like pulling teeth. I’m going to be honest here… and I don’t know if its because I’ve been trained as a cop to see through lies…. but I feel like what she just did was mix some truth with some lies… so it all sounds legit. There is something she’s not telling me, and when it comes to this Gina person- IF SHE EXIST…. something isn’t right. I intend on finding out.

Priscilla – *walks away*

Keegan – *walks towards door*

What the fuck does Travis want? its 2am why is he even here?

Travis (country accent incase you forgot) – I’m sorry for just showing up like this.

Keegan – Its fine…

I mean its not really, its like 2am….

Travis – Did I interrupt you and your lady?

Keegan – We’re sorta fighting right now, but…. its cool. We’ll figure it out.

Travis – Oh… alright….

Keegan – …..So what’s wrong?

Travis – Oh… umm… well shoot…. I feel kinda silly… and nervous….

Keegan – Why?

Travis – …….

Keegan – Dude… come on…. tell me why you’re here.

Travis – Keegan, why did you become a police officer?

You’re at my house at 2am, asking me shit like this? really? *sigh*

Keegan – To protect my friends, and family… and the people of Glocity.

Travis – I became a police officer because I believe in the law. I believe in a better world…. I’m very…. umm optimistic I think is the right word.

Keegan – Okay….

Travis – Its very scary when you feel like you can’t trust those around you.

Keegan – I agree… but what exactly is going on?

Travis – Well I went home, tried to sleep, but I just could not. I felt sick to my stomach… and I had to do something. I wasn’t even sure if coming to you was the right thing to do.

Keegan – Why?

Travis – Because you’re so close with Detective Carter….

Keegan – What does Jayson have to do with anything?

Travis – Keegan, I can trust you right?

Keegan – Yes, you can…. I’m not a corrupt cop if that’s what you’re thinking….

Travis – I just don’t want to end up dead in a river somewhere by telling the wrong people the wrong intel…

Keegan – Okay, now I’m worried. What’s going on?

Travis – Okay…. so… you remember how Detective Carter sent you and Officer Pete out, but made Officer Gonzales, and I stay behind?

Keegan – Yeah, he said he needed your help with something.

Travis – That guy we busted today…. at the bank…

Keegan – Right? what about him?

Travis – Remember all that money that was just out?

Keegan – Yes?

Travis – Detective Carter, Officer Gonzales, and myself… we loaded it onto trucks….

Keegan – Okay?

Travis – But then… Detective Carter, and Officer Gonzales were talking and whispering. Then they told me I could leave.

Keegan – Why would they do that?

Travis – I have no idea Keegan…. but it only got strange from there.

Keegan – How so?

Travis – I went back to the station, and did some paperwork. About an hour later, Officer Gonzales, and Detective Carter came in looking like they had been in a car wreck. They told us, and Captain Watts that they were ambushed, and the money was gone…

Keegan – What the fuck?

Travis – They were looking hurt, and I swore Officer Gonzales was limping on one leg… then all of a sudden switched to the other leg. Also Detective Carter was staring at me. Almost giving me the evil eye.

Keegan – What are you saying Travis?…. because if you’re insinuating what I think you are-

Travis – I’m saying I think Officer Gonzales, and Detective Carter stole that money… used me to help load the car, told me to leave… and committed a crime.

Keegan – …..Why come to me with this? why not go straight to Captain Watts?

Travis – Because I’m scared Keegan. I don’t know who to trust, and you’ve got good instincts…. maybe we can figure this out… the two of us. Then with enough evidence, we can take it to Captain Watts.

Keegan – ………..*sigh*…. Do you want a cup of coffee or something?

Travis – That would be nice… I’m just…. my nerves are all over the place.

Keegan – It’ll be okay… lets sit down….. we can go over it again, I want every detail… don’t leave out anything.

I had to open my big mouth huh? I just wanted some action, and some real cop drama…. and now I fucking have it. I’m really trying to understand why Jayson would do this. Diego, sure… but Jayson?- oh shit… then again Officer Moore did say that he was having money problems, and was on the phone cursing about it. Maybe he has a drug problem? no…. ooh a gambling problem? and he needs money to pay off a debt or his life could be in danger? There has to be some explanation for this. Poor Travis moved here and he’s literally shaking in his boots. I don’t think he’s cut out for this sort of thing. I don’t even know if I am…. Crooked Detective turns rookie cop crooked? I’m already dealing with so much with friends, and family.. Priscilla… list goes on. Now I have this land at my front door?… Literally? Its too much.

~End Of Chapter Three Pt 1 | Chapter Three Pt 2 is Next~



  1. Oooooo so we’ve got crooked cops! Kudos to Travis for coming forward. He’s so cute. I may be biased though because of his country accent :p. Also I do not believe anything that Priscilla says!! I think she got caught in a lie and just used what Keegan said so she would seem innocent -_-. She’s shady!! He needs to demand the truth from her or else kick her to the curb! On a positive note, I’m glad the psycho got caught :D. Kaori is safe!

    So apparently none of the Baycocks can be trusted! First Jenn and now Shane. Ugh! I really couldn’t stand how they all seemed to disregard zoey’s feelings :(. What a bunch of jerks!! Anyway back to Shane, perhaps Jarrah should dump him before she falls in love. (Yes that is my new philosophy; when people start being shady; dump them! LOL). Oh and I must comment on the kidnapping. I don’t feel sorry for Maliha at all. You can’t just take somebody’s child all over the place without permission!! And then to act like it was no big deal was even worse. She deserved to get yelled at no matter what it is she’s going through! I do wonder what her issue is though…

    1. lol I can just imagine Travis voice when I write him… like a deeper voiced, thicker accent Matthew McConaughey. Reading what you said about Priscilla, I wonder how you’re going to feel about the next one after this (chapter three pt 2) LOL yeah… Kay is safe! the psycho is put away… she’s still lowkey annoyed with Lola though… lmao…

      I agree with the philosophy of distance before getting your heart broke lol… and yeah.. the Baycock family is… well they’re spoiled in a sense. They usually always get their way in life.

      Mahlia (side note lmao I always change the spelling. Mahlia, Maliha… It happens on accident) she has her issue, and that will be addressed later, but she deserved everything that she got. She was rude, and unapologetic.

      Thanks as always for reading/commenting. The next one is….. well you’ll see!

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