{BnG Season 3} Chapter Five Part 1 : “The Final Act”

Chapter Five | Pt. 1 “The Final Act”

-POV’s :  Jarrah & Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Frankie’s place]

So… we’re at Frankie’s because this is where Jonah was. Of course we wanted to see how he was doing since the attack on my aunt Tru. She’s currently in the hospital, in a medically induced coma. She was banged up really bad thanks to the attacker. He was caught, and everyone is safe thank god. Jonah, and I have always been close, and not because we’re cousins. He was my bestfriend growing up, we’re more like brother and sister to be honest- but I digress. We’re all here checking on him- and I’m wondering if I’m the only one who’s wondering why Jonah slept here…

Jarrah – Are you leaving already?

Keegan – In a few.

Frankie – ….

Keegan – You okay Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah.

Jarrah – What are you doing, exactly?

Frankie – One paragraph away from editing this manuscript. Then Torrance can get off my ass. Plus I’m really tired, and honestly I’m just so over… like… everything.

Keegan – … Does Raina know that you know?

Jarrah – You’re much prettier than that Ashley girl…

Frankie – She doesn’t know, and thanks Jarrah…

Keegan – You know we’re here for you-

Jarrah – All of us.

Frankie – Thanks guys, but I really don’t feel like talking about it.

I feel bad for her. She went home early from the reception to have an adult conversation with Raina. I was there when they first met, Raina came off so mature, and wise. I guess age really isn’t nothing but a number because Raina’s clearly immature, and childish. Cheating is wrong, no matter what. And you just know Raina will feel validated for cheating since Frankie was ending things…. the fucking bitch.

While some of us had our own adventures at the wedding, and reception. My cousin [Jonah] and Trey had theirs here. You obviously know what happened, but the rest of us were filled in later. Jonah’s drama with Christine, then what happened to aunt Tru [Jonah’s mom] Then we have Trey who-…. he’s my bestfriend, and I love him but oh my god… he stays in drama! I’m so upset because I thought Dominic was the one- he still very well could be, but things are not looking good. Ian’s gay?… bi? did gay porn- and now that’s… out there? And then on top of that, he gets the whole “hey, can you take care of your nephew for a few years” told from his brother, and sister-in-law. With everything going on in everyone’s life, all I can do is just be there for them.

Frankie – Guys, I’m tired. I’m gonna take a nap before work. Lock up before you leave.

Trey – Okay, try and get some rest. You work hard.

Keegan – Alright.

Kaori – If you need anything, let us know.

Jonah – …. Thanks for last night… and the hospital… and… everything else.

Frankie – … Sure thing, Jonah. *walks away*

Okay 1. What happened last night? and 2. Is it just me or did she seem dismissive? Maybe she’s just tired.

Keegan – You slept here last night?

Jonah – …. yeah.

Keegan – Uh-huh…

Jonah – What?

Kaori – *laughing* Stop…

Keegan – ….Its weird right?

Kaori – Its their business…

Keegan – …true.

Jonah – She was with me at the hospital, and she stayed. She got tired, so we came back here, and I-

Kaori – You don’t have to go into detail Jeep- Jonah.

Keegan – *laughing*

Jonah – ….So this is happening? Keeori?

Keegan – Don’t you dare give us a ship name.

Kaori – Ew!

Jonah – *smiles* bout fucking time.

*cell rings*

Jarrah – Oh god.

Trey – Is it work?

Jarrah – Actually I don’t know who this is… let me be professional.

Trey – You’re leaving already?

Keegan – I have to take the kids to school.

Trey – The kids?- Oh Zoey and Curtis?

Keegan – Yeah.

Kaori – I’ll be back though, I’m just gonna walk him to his car.

Keegan – *smiles*

Jonah – Thanks for dropping by.

Keegan – If you need me, call me.

Jonah – Okay.

Keegan – Later Jarrah

Jarrah – *waves*

Woman On Phone : Hi, is this Jarrah Folland?

Jarrah – Yes it is, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

Woman On Phone : Hi, this is Jamie Simmons, I work for-

Jarrah – Retro Essentials?

Woman On Phone : Yes.

Jarrah – Is everything going okay with the shoot?

Woman On Phone : That’s why I’m calling.

Jonah – So what are you gonna do about the whole nephew thing?

Trey – I don’t know, yet.

Jonah – I don’t think you’d be a bad person if you said no. You have your life to live.

Trey – True.

Jonah – But I also don’t think saying yes is bad either. Jarrah makes it work, and you love little Renly- hell I love him. That kid is cute as hell, maybe he can help me find a girlfriend *laughs*

Trey – You don’t need any help, you’re hot. You know this.

Jonah – That’s nice of you dude…

Trey – You have a lot going for yourself.

Jonah – …. I don’t know…

Trey – Also… your mother will be perfectly fine.

Jonah – …*shrugs* Life is random… I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Trey – So you slept here…

Jonah – …. I don’t want to talk about last night.

Trey – Why does Frankie seem so mad? is it about whatever happened last night? or about Raina?

Jonah – I don’t know- and nothing happened last night.

Trey – …Mmm hmm.

Jonah – You talked to Ian yet?

Trey – No, and fuck him.

Jonah – You don’t seem to have a bruise…

Trey – Its called makeup.

Jarrah – So… what exactly happened?

Woman On Phone : Well Chace, is perfect…. lookswise. He’s exactly what we wanted for the shoot.

Jarrah – Wanted? as in past tense? You don’t want him anymore?

Woman On Phone : There was an altercation at the studio.

Jarrah – I’m going to need more details.

Woman On Phone : Chace’s friend? boyfriend? was here. They got into a big fight- a shouting match. It was completely unprofessional. I respect Lola Collin’s and the LC Agency. I am disappointed that one of your models-

Jarrah – First off, let me apologize for his lack of professionalism. Secondly, he is not usually like this

Yes he is.

Woman On Phone : He wasted valuable time. As you know… time is money, and-

Jarrah – Okay, well consider this on the house. You don’t have to pay him- for the shoot. He will do it for free, and he will also work free for anything else you want to put him in.

Woman On Phone : Hmm… well… I do have a friend who needs a model for this herpes cream ad… I thought Chace looked… perfect for it. Would you be willing to have him-

Jarrah – Consider it booked. Send over the necessary paper work, and we’re golden. I will also have a long talk with him.

Woman On Phone : Thank you for handling this like a professional Ms. Folland. You have a wonderful day.

Jarrah – No, problem. *ends call* *heavy sigh*

Trey – Everything okay?

Jonah – Yeah, you look pissed.

Jarrah – Trey… your friend is ridiculous.

Trey – What did Chace do?

Jarrah – He almost cost us a very important relationship in the business. Now he’s going to deal with the consequences.

Trey – Uh oh…

Jonah – And those are?

Jarrah – Herpes!

(POV Keegan) [Location: Myra’s]

After leaving Frankie’s I went home, changed into my uniform, went down the street, picked up Zoey, and now where here. I decided I wanted to take the kids to school today. I remember Zoey always telling me she liked when I took her, though… maybe that’s changed now that she’s a teenager.

Myra Kelley – Look at you looking all cute in your uniform.

Keegan – Oh stop *laughs*

Myra Kelley – How’s everything?

Keegan – Umm… well… I broke up with Priscilla…

Myra Kelley – Shit, girl, you okay?

Keegan – *laughing* I’m fine…. I’m actually with Kaori now…

Myra Kelley – Well duh… probably seen her in her dress and realized she was the one huh?

Keegan – It seems like weird timing, but… it makes sense when you know the details…

Myra Kelley – I’m sure Priscilla will find someone, she’s gorgeous-

Keegan – She has someone already.

Myra Kelley – What?

Keegan – I’ll tell you later… when we’re not around the kids.

Zoey – ….

Myra Kelley – Gotcha.

Zoey – Can I go check on Curtis?

Myra Kelley – Yeah go ahead sweetie. He’s mad at me, so… maybe you can help him hurry up and get dressed without him giving you attitude.

Keegan – What’s wrong with him? Typical teenage boy shit?

Myra Kelley – Apparently he doesn’t like his clothes… whatever that means. He got mad because I told him he couldn’t paint his nails black for school. Look I know my son is different, I just don’t want people to hurt him, or make him feel bad because of that. I want to protect him.

Keegan – I understand.

I assume Curtis is gay, but I won’t say anything. Maybe Myra will deal with it as it happens, and when I say “deal with it” I mean be there for her son with acceptance. Everybody has so much shit going on. I mean honestly, I have the pressure to measure up in this new relationship. I have my parents I worry about, Zoey, and even now at work with this whole Diego situation. Last thing I need to worry about is a dirty cop. All of that plus the shit with Ian, Trey, Jonah, and his parents.

Keegan – So how are you?

Myra Kelley – Well I’m good… the boyfriend is spoiling me so… I can’t complain.

Keegan – That’s good, I can’t wait to meet him.

Myra Kelley – Funny you should say that, you actually already know him.

Keegan – I do?!

Rhys – Hey Zo-Zo.

Zoey – Hi Rhys.

Rhys – You gonna cheer him up?

Zoey – I’ll try.

Rhys – He’s lucky to have friends like you.

Zoey – I’m lucky to have him too.

Myra Kelley – Why are you home?

Rhys – Well dear sister, I actually had a day off. Shocker… I know- Oh we have a guest besides Zo-Zo.

Keegan – …

Rhys – …Keegan.

Keegan – …Rhys.

Myra Kelley – You guys are so weird- but whatever, anyway yeah Keegan you know my boyfriend.

Rhys – He does?

Myra Kelley – They were at the wedding together, Ja’Von Davis? he’s a writer-

Keegan – Oh yeah! he was a groomsman. He’s a really nice guy. I didn’t know you two were an item.

Myra Kelley – Yep.

Rhys – He really is a good guy.

Myra Kelley – I didn’t think I could find someone so accepting of my life… raising a teenage boy… my ex boyfriend dying in GloCity’s biggest tragedy… but Ja’Von is the most mature, understanding man I’ve ever known. I’m blessed.

Keegan – You deserve it… and I’m sure Miguel is smiling down, happy that you’re happy.

Rhys – I agree.

Myra Kelley – I’m gonna go check on the kids. Try not to kill each other, you weirdos.

Yay, I’m left alone with miss “I’m doing you a favor” by talking to you. I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but I really don’t care for condescending, and or cocky people.

Rhys – … and then there were two.

Keegan – …She can count!

Rhys – K’………… SO! How’s Zoey? I heard about everything.

Keegan – Well she’s a teenager, so I can tell she’s withholding information.

Rhys – “withholding information” you sound like a cop.

Keegan – Me?… a cop? no way!

Rhys – ….

Keegan – …. Speaking of information though, has Curtis said anything that may help the situation? You’re his aunt, so its different talking to you as oppose to his mom…

Rhys – He has confided in me about things, but nothing about the Zoey situation.

Keegan – Okay… well thanks for-

Rhys – Nothing?

Keegan – Sure, so how’s work? cure cancer yet?

Rhys – No… we’re actually doing a lot of stuff with the Zika virus currently.

Keegan – If I was an Olympic athlete there would have been no way I was going.

Rhys – Well actually its come back that nobody has contracted the virus, so… the more you know. If anything the athletes should be more concerned with catching STD’s… the amount of sex that goes on during the Olympics is quite disgusting.

Keegan – Sex… how yucky…

Rhys – …. Yeah, gross.

Keegan – So, umm… things good with umm… yeah I don’t know what to talk about here.

Rhys – Why not? you don’t like talking to me or something? what’s wrong?

Keegan – Don’t make me out to be a crazy person.

Rhys – I’m serious though, what is it exactly?

Keegan – What’s what?

Rhys – The reason we’re dicks to each other?

At least she acknowledges that its both of us, and not just me.

Keegan – …. I mean honestly… I feel like you’re kind of full of yourself.

Rhys – I feel like you’re sarcastic.

Keegan – Rhys… I tried to date you. Then it didn’t work, and you acted like you were doing me a favor by even talking to me. It was a bit much, and lowkey annoying.

Rhys – I think you’re annoyed because you’re used to getting any girl you wanted.

Keegan – Did I really want you though? I mean lets keep it real here… It was always Kaori.

Rhys – ….True.

Keegan – … I’m sorry if I’m standoff-ish, or a dick. I don’t consider myself cocky, and I can’t stand when others act that way.

Rhys – Look, you’re not wrong, I kinda did blow you off. I did act like I did you a favor- but really I was doing my sister a favor… she was pushing for us to happen because she’s obsessed with you. She has a crush on you I swear.

Keegan – In a way I was doing her a favor too. The plan was just to help you get out of your funk.

Rhys – And I did, we kissed and … yeah. Its not like you’re not an attractive man- you’re the cutest guy to ever have kissed these lips. So… again… I’m sorry. I just wasn’t in a place for it to happen. I’m really happy now with… whatever it is that I’m doing- plus we weren’t even really that compatible when you think about it.

“I’m really happy now with… whatever it is that I’m doing” How vague, maybe she is a lesbian now. And she’s right, we were not compatible, I just didn’t appreciate her acting like she was gods gift. That shit was annoying as fuck.

Keegan – I am not into you like that, at all. However I think you’re a smart, and beautiful person. I would love to be friends with you. We’re obviously gonna see a lot of each other considering your nephew, and my sister’s relationship.

Rhys – I’d like that a lot officer Bennett.

Keegan – So we’re good?

Rhys – Golden- and speaking of being good, how’s Frankie doing? she told me about Raina… but she couldn’t talk long. She had company…

Keegan – She doesn’t really let us know when she’s hurting, but being her friend for so long… you just know.

Rhys – I love her, and she deserves so much happiness.

Keegan – She really does…

Rhys – I’m gonna go check on Myra, and the kids. They need to get out here, they’re gonna be late.

Keegan – Alright.

Rhys – Nice catching up!

Keegan – *laughs* For sure

I’m so hungry, these kids better hurry up, the drive thru at McDonald’s is about to be a fucking nightmare! I want my coffee, and oatmeal!

(POV Jarrah) [Location : LC Agency]

So I got to work, and called Chace in. I had to gather him, because we here at the LC Agency will not deal with his type of attitude for too long. We cannot ruin business relationships because he wants to be unprofessional. With that being said… I feel bad for him, he told me what happened and while super unprofessional… I guess I can understand why what happened, happened.

To make a long story short. Chace’s boyfriend Cayden had came down to support Chace on his shoot. Strike one, because you shouldn’t be having people lounging around with you while working… especially if you’re a new model- moving on. Somehow Chace looked through Cayden’s phone and saw that he had been texting Dominic’s bestfriend Ruben. This caused them to get into a fight- a screaming match if you will- and things went to hell from there. Chace told me he’s worked on his attitude, and he wants to be professional and successful, but he lost his cool at the thought of Cayden cheating with that fat fuck- his words not mine. Cayden of course swears nothing was happening between Ruben and him, but broke up with Chace because of his attitude and jealousy. The End.

Jarrah – So are we good?

Chace – Yes, and I promise nothing like that will happen again. I will work on repairing that relationship with the photographer when I see her again tomorrow.

Jarrah – Good, now have a seat over there. I’ll be with you in a second. I have to take care of a few things before we go over your schedule for the next week.

Chace – Alright… and sorry.

Jarrah – *nods yes* just be better next time.

Chace – I will.

Lola – You think its true?

Amina – It does look like you’re getting thick.

Lola – For the first time ever… I think I have an ass.

Amina – *laughs*

Amina – So is he gonna start acting like he has sense?

Lola – I was going to drop him, he has you to thank that he still has a place here.

Jarrah – Its… completely unprofessional what happened- I’m not making excuses for him… but… and it kills me to say this. I don’t think he’s as bad as he appears. I think he learned his lesson. Some personal shit went down, but he’ll be okay.

Lola – Good.

Jarrah – Less you have to worry about boss lady.

Lola – You handled it like a boss yourself. I’m glad you agreed that he’d do it for free, and also another shoot.

Amina – Yeah, that was smart Jarrah.

Jarrah – I did what I thought was right.

Lola – So how’s your cousin doing? is his mom going to be okay?

Amina – Poor Jonah…

Jarrah – He’s… being his normal self- which I worry about. Its like… when will the shoe drop? when will he breakdown? or like… or say something crazy. We’re all here for him, and I hope he’ll just vent about it- or cry already. Him acting like everything is fine is putting me on edge.

Lola – I would imagine so.

Amina – Yeah…

Jarrah – … How are you guys doing?

Amina – Umm… I’m okay… I’m single now.

Lola – Oh no! what happened?

Jarrah – Why did you and Vik break up?

Amina – Ya know… we were talking about life, and the shit we wanted for our future… and it didn’t line up… at all. We were both set in our goals, and it really made no sense to stay together just to ultimately fall apart. There was no malice, we handled it like adults.. so… yeah. Its fine… I’m actually going out with someone on saturday.

Lola – Oh wow you move quick!

Jarrah – *gasps and laughs* Lola!

Lola – Oh! sorry! I didn’t mean that in a slut-shaming way!

Amina – Its fine girl!

Jarrah – Who’s the new guy?

Amina – Umm… okay… so…. about that…

Lola – Is it a girl?

Amina – I only eat the sausage, so no.

Jarrah – Then?

Amina – ….okay, so I know its totally unprofessional… but… Taro.

Lola – Our model Taro?

Jarrah – Bisexual Taro?

Amina – Yes…

Jarrah – I’d date a bi guy- part of me feel like I already did but I won’t put him on blast…

Amina – Sexuality is whatever to me. I mean why should I care that he’s bi? its not like ever man I’ve dated has fucked every woman they’ve seen walking down the street. So why would I be worried about Taro seeing a man and being like “Oooh I’m craving dick today”

Lola – Or butt… assuming he’s a top.

Jarrah – He’s a top…

Amina – How-

Jarrah – He dated this guy Cayden that my cousin- Jonah works with. So… yeah I know things.

Lola – You’re perfectly fine dating Taro by the way… just as long as you’re not giving him special treatment. Don’t try giving him the good gigs… et cetera.

Amina – Gotcha.

Jarrah – So what about you Lola? how’s Jayson?

Lola – Well… So… I’m engaged…

Amina – WHAT?!

Jarrah – OH MY GOD CONGRATS! How did he propose!?

Lola – At his parents house over the weekend… I… I’m so happy. I love Jayson so much.

Amina – That’s amazing Lola. Congratulations!

Lola – Thanks guys *smiles*

So Amina and Taro… why not, he’s cute as hell. Sucks that things with her and Vik didn’t workout though. In the end I guess its better that they found that out now. I think this will probably be good for the both of them. As for miss Lola… wow my friendship with her has come so far. We met when I worked for Victoria. We bonded overseas in France. We came back as close friends, she had her eating disorder, that brought us closer too. She’s been so healthy, and about business, and she found love. She and Jayson are so cute together, and I’m so happy for them. Lola proves that even with all the crap that life throws your way… you can come out on top, and you can have it all. With that being said… I really need to figure out my own love life.

Oakley – *British Accent* Are we early? its kinda empty…

Liberty Rose – *Britsh Accent* Pretty sure they just opened.

Chace – Look what the cat dragged in…

Liberty Rose – Oh hi Chace… I didn’t expect to see you here…

Chace – Didn’t my brother [Chad/Hammer] tell you I was represented here?

Liberty Rose – He may have.

Chace – Mmm hmm… okay girl, don’t try and act like you didn’t know!

Oakley – Babes, what is this one going on about? Is he bent?

Liberty Rose – Totally… very much so. A bit of a wobbler.

Oakley & Liberty Rose – *giggling*

Chace – What does that even mean? here bent mean’s like angry, bothered…

Oakley – That’s not what it means back home, love.

Chace – …. Okay.

Oakley – Chace is it?

Chace – Yep, and you are?

Liberty Rose – This is my bestfriend, and model… Oakley Toure.

Chace – Nice to meet you…

Oakley – Charmed *nods*

Chace – So what was your question?

Oakley – After we finish up here, I was wondering if you could recommend a spot to maybe nosh-up, darling?

Chace – Nosh-Up?… is that like… putting something up your nose? coke?

Liberty Rose – Oh god, Chace! sod off! we would never!

Oakley – Umm how do you say it here babe?

Liberty Rose – Umm… hmm.. Nosh-up… umm.. oh! food! like a big meal- feast like.

Chace – Like a buffet? lots of food?

Oakley – Yes!

Chace – I know a few places. I’ll see you guys when you leave and give you a heads up.

Oakley – Perfect! thanks, love.

Chace – No problem, *looks at Liberty* Is my brother here with you Liberty?

Liberty Rose – No, he’s in L.A. with Mila…

Chace – With all of those beautiful celebrities.

Liberty Rose – Crikey!… are you off your trolley? I’m not too worried about Chad sticking his hampton where it doesn’t belong. He know’s better.

Chace – My brother’s a ladies man though *laughs*

Liberty Rose – All piss and wind. He talks a big game, but he’s a one woman man.

Oakley – Chace, you’re a little bit of a twat… I like you *laughs*

Chace – *laughs*

Liberty Rose – Well cherrio. We must do business with the Americans.

Oakley – Shall we get on with it?

Liberty Rose – We shall!

Chace – Later!

Oakley – Hiya!

Liberty Rose – Are we early?

Lola – Liberty Rose Sinclair, and Oakley Toure… Just gorgeous! lemme get a look!

Amina – *smiles* 

Jarrah – You’re not early at all.

Wow they’re gorgeous. This is Hammer’s girlfriend? she’s stunning! and British!

Lola – You are gorgeous.

Oakley – Oh thanks, so are you!

Lola – So you and Liberty excited to start our journey?

Oakley – I’m ready to rip the runway, love.

Lola – I’m so happy to have you both. This is going to be a good year.

Amina – So are you missing home?

Oakley – Not at all, I’ve traveled since I was 13. I always make time to go back home though.

Liberty Rose – Its so nice to meet you Jarrah, Chad has told me a lot about you.

Jarrah – Oh god, one can only imagine…

Liberty Rose – He said you were in a sorority, and you were always serious about your fashion career. He said you were a go-getter, never taking no for an answer.

Jarrah – Oh wow, that was nice of him.

Liberty Rose – I’m so glad we’ll be working together.

Jarrah – Me too! You and Oakley will be booked so quick!

Liberty Rose – Oh god! You’re off your trolley! but I admire your optimism!

Jarrah – Trust me! both of your looks are in right now

Liberty Rose – So why aren’t you modeling? you’re beautiful!

Jarrah – Oh my god, that’s so sweet- but I couldn’t model to save my life *laughs*

Liberty Rose – Oh that’s rubbish! I’m sure you’d slay the runway!

Jarrah – I saw you talking to Chace, do you guys get along? because if not I can try and keep your schedules sep-

Liberty Rose – Chace is fine, I’m still getting to know him to be honest.

Jarrah – I think deep down, he’s a sweetheart.

Liberty – If things continue to progress with Chad… I’ll have to see more and more of him, so.. horses for courses! God I could really use some grub. I’m beyond famished.

Jarrah – Contracts were faxed over. We just need a few more things signed, and then you can go.

Liberty – Perfect!

I’m gonna get these girls ready to go, because I still have Chace waiting for me. I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Keegan) [Location : Moms Home] {4Hours Later}

I came over to visit mom after my first shift, and my dad was here which is great. I can catch up with both of them at the same time! and I get to see this cute little fucker too. I miss him, but It was the right call giving him to Zoey. I think he helped her transition into things nicely. I have such an unorthodox family *laughs* Oh well, I love it though.

Kaitlyn – Hercules (The dog) is usually so lazy, he likes to lay on Zoey’s bed and do nothing all day- yet Keegan comes over and all of a sudden he’s energetic as heck!

Issac – Still not using profanity Kaitlyn?… some things never change.

Kaitlyn – Well Joy, and I try not to use bad words because of Zoey. We want her to keep her innocence… though… with everything that has happened to her at school, that’s probably out the window.

Issac – She seems like a strong girl though, I think she’ll be okay… minus today.

Keegan – What happened today? I dropped her, and Curtis off at school, she seemed fine.

Kaitlyn – an hour ago she came home.

Keegan – She skipped school?

Kaitlyn – Somehow she was able to just walk out. She said she wasn’t feeling good, and people were laughing at her. So I told her from now on to call me or Joy- or you. Then we can come get her.

Keegan – Where is she now?

Kaitlyn – In her room.

What the fuck? I hope she’s okay.

Keegan – I’m gonna go talk to her

Issac – Before you do that, lets catch up.

Kaitlyn – Yeah Zoey’s not going anywhere. We don’t see you that often now that you’re a cop.

Issac – You’re so busy… We miss you.

Keegan – Aww… well… okay. Lets catch up mommy, and daddy *laughs*

Its kinda true, everyone has been neglected because of my job. Its important to me though, and its to help protect them, and everyone else in this city.

Keegan – So how are you guys doing?- Mom, how’s work?

Kaitlyn – I just got a new client. Mila Anderson? Do you know her?

The bitchy, networker at the wedding reception. God she was annoying. Thank god she’s not Hammer’s girlfriend like I assumed.

Keegan – Umm, I think she’s like a talent scout- or like manager or something. I met her at the wedding. She works with my old fraternity brother Hammer.

Kaitlyn – Well yeah… I’m helping her with her money. She keeps me busy. Your mother, isn’t too happy about that-

Issac – Joy works long hours, so how can she be mad? *laughs*

Kaitlyn – She thinks we don’t spend enough time together as a family. She wants me to stop working because she makes more than enough to support us. I personally enjoy working so… I don’t know.

Keegan – You don’t think it would be nice to just garden, and be a stay at home wife?

Kaitlyn – If I did that, I would get fat. Plus I feel like when people retire they get all sorts of health issues! I’m not trying to have Alzheimers! I want to be around when you have kids.

Keegan – Ha! that’s a long way from now.

Issac – You never know…

Keegan – Oh, trust me… I know.

Issac – *laughs*

Kids are the last thing on my mind right now, so they better get that thought out of their heads. Also if I’m being honest, if that day does come, I only want one. One kid, that’s it. None of that big family stuff.

Keegan – So dad…

Issac – Yes son.

Keegan – What’s up with you?

Issac – Well I went and got a colonic with Josh this morning- it was pretty funny. Josh kept telling the lady that he’s never had anything up his butt before.

Gross- and I’m still not convinced that he and my dad didn’t fool around when they were younger. I know Josh is like straight or whatever but my dad told me he had a crush on him since high school, and Josh always seemed like a people pleaser… *laughs*

Kaitlyn – Josh is still that charismatic, adorable boy from school… some things never change.

Issac – He is!

Keegan – *laughs*

Issac – What else did I do-

Keegan – No, I mean how are you… because… Scott, and-

Issac – Scott and I are working on being friends. Are you keeping in contact with Owen?

Keegan – I talked to Owen earlier, and Scott texts me all the time to make sure I’m doing alright.

Issac – I apologize…

Keegan – Why are you apologizing?

Issac – Because I failed.

Kaitlyn – Nonsense! cut that out Issac!

Keegan – Mom’s right, stop it… you didn’t fail anything.

Issac – Well I made you accept Scott, and even his son Owen, and now look what happened. You connected with both of them- step father, and step brother… only for us to split. That wasn’t right.

Keegan – If the relationship wasn’t working then, it wasn’t working. Its okay, Owen and I will stay friends. Scott and I will stay cool too.

Issac – …

Kaitlyn – You’re a wonderful father Issac.

Issac – I could have been better in the past.

My past with my parents wasn’t this smooth. The disconnect was real. They didn’t understand me, and I didn’t understand myself to be honest. Then with what happened with Mona, and then the drugs… I was a fucking mess… but look at me now. I turned it all around. Thank you friends, family, and therapy.

Keegan – Screw the past, I’m here… I’m healthy… I’m doing a job that I love… and I have you two- and Mama J too.

Kaitlyn – Remember that night at the cabin Issac?

Issac – Which?

Kaitlyn – When we decided to do this- we decided to have him.

Issac – Yes… it took some convincing.

Kaitlyn – I was so scared… and when it didn’t work out the first few times I was ready to give up… but finally… we were blessed with him. Look at him now… a grown man, giving us advice, being there for us. Life is so magical sometimes.

Issac – You’re right… Our little miracle.

Keegan – …. I’m not so little anymore *laughs*

Issac – Grown man… its weird, I still look at you and remember you being a little kid. You LOVED playing football with Riley.

Kaitlyn – Aww… and cooking with Joy.

Keegan – Question…

Issac – Okay?

Keegan – This is weird, but…. you guys didn’t actually… have sex did you?

Kaitlyn & Issac – *laughs*

Keegan – Oh my god… you did?!

Kaitlyn – Because I don’t want to spend too much time on this subject… yes… we did, but only because the first few times didn’t work… the whole insemination thing… it resulted in miscarriages. Issac was like lets just try it the natural way. It was very weird for both of us. Your father is a big man.

Keegan – Ew gross!

Why did I even ask!

Kaitlyn – Oh! no! not like that! I just mean… him being on top of me..

Keegan – Dad you’re gay, though!

Issac – Oh shit, am I?- of course I’m gay. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it with a woman… I’m just- You know what? Next subject! *laughing*

Keegan – Gross….

Kaitlyn – Riley thinks its funny too.

Keegan – Speaking of… him..

Issac – Yeah?

Keegan – You and Riley gonna give it a go?

Kaitlyn – …. *smiles*

Issac – I- … Riley, and I- *laughs* We’re just friends… *smiles & laughs*

Kaitlyn – Whenever you talk about Riley, you get this glow.

Issac – That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard *laughs* Riley doesn’t make me glow *laughs*

For Frankie’s sake, I hope if Dad, and Riley do give it a go that there is NO marriage. She’s already related to Dominic because of her mom… she doesn’t need even MORE family. Though she and I have always had a bond. I don’t know. Poor thing… can’t believe she-hulk cheater on her with a prostitute.

Keegan – I’m gonna go check on Zoey. I’ll be back.

Kaitlyn – You want something to eat? Joy made some-

Keegan – I can eat.

Kaitlyn – Okay, I’ll whip up something. Issac you staying?

Issac – Yeah, sure. What are you making?

Kaitlyn – No idea, come help me pick.

Issac – *laughs*… You know what I was just thinking about?

Kaitlyn – Hmm?

Issac – When we were talking about Riley… how we were young, and how… you were in a funk… with Quinn, and I was dealing with downlow Riley, and Gavin and his abusive shit with Max. Just how everyone was so different… Now we’re old… we’ve matured. I saw Quinn, and Vanessa at the store the other night. They have Aries, and they’re happy. Its just funny…

Kaitlyn – Our time has come and gone, daddy. Its about the kids now- well soon it’ll be about their kids.

Issac – We’re old! lets just time travel back to your place in bridgeport, and cuddle up on the couch and watch Glee like we used to. Did Rachel ever become a star? I never saw the last season.

Kaitlyn – She did, and they actually- You know what?

Issac – Hmm?

Kaitlyn – We should watch the last season together.

Issac – Okay!

Cute… another reminder that our parents had rich lives before we were born. Sometimes I wonder what they were like. I think about my dad and think about people saying he was like… shy about the gay thing. Or how Tom was this evil fat bastard. Riley was a closeted bully, Jordan was a womanizing, always in trouble with the law type… and Vince… a playboy who didn’t care about women’s feelings. That’s just so odd to think about. Anyway, time to check on Zoey.

Why is she reading with the lights off… emo much? reminds me of Jeep back in high school. I’d come over and he’d be reading his comics in the dark. Then he’d tutor my dumbass. I’d convince him to take breaks and smoke weed. He’s get so high and start asking me questions about pussy. So funny…*laughs*

Keegan – Hey big head… why you in the dark? that’s bad for your eyes.

Zoey – …

Keegan – …. Zoey… Hi.

Zoey – Are you here to lecture me about leaving school, and how dangerous it is? Mom got me mace… so if anybody tried to-

Keegan – It is dangerous, but I’m here to check on you… because you’re my little sister… and I love you.

Zoey – …

Keegan – Talk to me…

Zoey – What do you want me to say?

Keegan – We used to be close, you’d tell me everything… is this just normal teenage “I’m rebelling” stuff, or do you not like me anymore? *smiles*

Zoey – I’m sorry…

Keegan – Why’d you come home?

Zoey – Because I hate everyone at that school.

Keegan – Fuck them.

Zoey – Easy for you to say. I saw pictures of you in high school. You probably never had to deal with anything bad.

Mona says hello…

Keegan – I had some bad stuff happen in high school, and one day I will tell you about it… when you’re a little older.

Zoey – I find that hard to believe. You’re like the most put together person I know besides Moms.

Keegan – If you told that to any of my friends, or moms… they would laugh. I just recently got my shit- stuff together…

Zoey – Well good… because now you and Kaori are together, and that makes me happy. I love her, she’s so pretty, and nice. I hope I’m that pretty when I’m older.

Keegan – *smiles* You will be.

Zoey – Yeah… I fucking doubt that- sorry.

Keegan – Its okay… just don’t let moms hear you using that language.

Zoey – …Right.

Keegan – What were you reading?

Zoey – Curtis’s mom [Myra Kelley] took us to Barns & Nobles. She wanted to get some book written by one of the Kardashians. I bought a book about Sociology. Its called “Think Like A Freak” which is what I was reading.

She’s so smart. She could be anything when she’s older.

Keegan – Zoey what do you want to be when you grow up?

Zoey – I don’t know anymore. I used to know, but now I don’t. I’m finding things I once cared about to be disappointing now. Like feminism for example… I- actually nevermind because I will end up talking about it for hours. Lets just say I despise modern feminism, because its not what it should be about… People my age have forgotten what the point is, and are celebrating facebook gender icons. ITS SO STUPID!

Keegan – … *laughs* You have time to figure out what, and who you want to be. Plus with all the family, and family friends you have… I’m sure inspiration will strike. Just don’t be a cop.

Zoey – I don’t trust the police so…

Keegan – Right…

That sucks to hear, but with everything going on in the world, I get her viewpoint.

Zoey – Its hard to when you watch the news and see them high fiving each other and murdering people of color… Curtis means a lot to me, and what if we were walking somewhere and a cop killed him? I worry about that.

Keegan – I understand… and yeah… its the world we live in- but… just know that its not all cops… there are some good ones who want to serve and protect people no matter their gender, sexuality, ethnicity… you know?

Zoey – I know, but I still don’t like cops. I should feel safe when I see them, instead I get scared… that’s messed up. This world is messed up.

Keegan – You’re a very smart girl Zoey.

Zoey – I don’t know if I’m smart, or if I’m just well informed. It takes no time to read and or listen to what’s going on in the world. Though… even that is filtered. The media tries to control us with fear… Ebola, Zika… there’s so much bad stuff going on. Meanwhile! instead of protecting us against school shootings, they’re more concerned with their right to bare arms.

Keegan – Right…

She’s smart… she’s smarter than a lot of people I know.

Zoey – *looking at phone annoyed*

Keegan – Is that Curtis?

Zoey – No.

Keegan – Ah…

Well she answered that fast. She doesn’t really have any other friends so what the hell.

Zoey – *rolling eyes* stupid, stupid…

Keegan – Zoey… is there more to the story than you guys are telling us?

Zoey – What?

Keegan – The Symon thing… something is off, and I was told that Symon, Jenn, and Peter where together discussing it, and it sounded sketchy.

Zoey – I don’t- *looks at phone* ….

Keegan – What?

Zoey – Nothing…

Keegan – You can tell me.

Zoey – Its nothing!

Keegan – Is someone harassing you?

Zoey – Can we just drop it!?

Keegan – *takes Zoey’s phone*

Zoey – Keegan!

Keegan – *reads text* : “Zoey… talk to me. Meet me at our special place or something. You’re breaking my heart by ignoring me. We need to talk, this is so complicated… I need you.” – Symon

Zoey – Give me back my phone!

Keegan – What the fuck Zoey… are you and Symon having sex or something?

Zoey – No! ew- why even ask that!

Keegan – What does he mean by secret place? what’s going on with you and him?

Zoey – Keegan, just let it go!

Lemme handle this the right way.

Keegan – …*inhales, exhales* … I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy. You want me to drop it?

Zoey – Please?

Keegan – Okay. Consider it dropped.

Zoey – Really?

Keegan – Yes.

Zoey – You’re not gonna tell moms about this?

Keegan – About what? *smiles*

Zoey – Okay…

Keegan – I’m gonna go talk with my dad some more. Mom is making food, so make sure you eat.

Zoey – Okay… and thanks…

Keegan – No problem, zo. *smiles*

I lied, I’m not dropping it. I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I will find out. Why is Symon’s heart breaking over Zoey not talking to him? As far as I knew, Zoey and Symon were nothing to each other. She had a crush on him- but now it seems like… they’re running around together? I said I was dropping it so that she wouldn’t freak out, but I’ve had enough of this shit. I’m not gonna stand by and let him fuck with my sister’s mind like that. I’m going to pay Symon a visit.

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Bridgeport | Owen’s Office]

So… work died down for now, and I was able to take care of some personal stuff. I came to Bridgeport to get food, but somehow I ended up here… at Owen’s office. I haven’t seen him since before the wedding. He’s still as cute as ever. Oh and surprise… Tom’s here. I know what you’re thinking… “Jarrah are you here to break up with Owen?” The answer is… yes. His life is complicated, and so is mine. I need someone simple… and Owen is not that. Its going to be very awkward, but I figure its a respectable thing to do right? look someone in the eye, and be honest. Kaori told me I should have sent him a text, I couldn’t! I had to be a big girl… and do my adult thing.

Tom – So, did Spencer call you?

Owen – Who?

Tom – Spencer Simmons? she’s a friend of Jessica’s. She needed-

Owen – Oh shit, she called me but I wasn’t in office.

Tom – Get back to her as soon as you can. She and her boyfriend are looking for the right caterer for the-

Owen – I’ll call right now. Jarrah give me a minute okay?

Jarrah – Take your time.

Tom – Well hello beautiful!

Jarrah – Hi Tom!

Tom – God you look so much like your parents. I’m seeing Josh, and Michelle everywhere!

Jarrah – *laughs*

Tom – How are you?

Jarrah – I’m good, you?

Tom – Overworked, and I have some stuff going on with my son.

Oh.. yes… the Symon drama. Keegan filled us in on that.

Jarrah – Teenagers, will be teenagers. I’m sure it’ll work itself out.

Tom – Be prepared… teenagers are not easy to deal with.

Jarrah – Oh god! I can’t imagine, my little baby as a teenager!

Tom – How is he doing?

Jarrah – He’s good! He’s with my mom right now. She insisted she take him for the day.

Tom – That’s great. You know… Josh praises you all the time. He’s so proud of the woman you are.

Jarrah – Aww… I love my dad, that’s really sweet to hear.

Tom – He says you’re his inspiration when things get tough, to stand tall and rebuild. You’ve rebuild quite a lot he says.

Jarrah – Yeah, some times weren’t easy… but finally… life makes sense.

Tom – Been there. I was a mess at your age. I’m pretty disgusted at the person I used to be, I’m so… blessed to have found god, and my wife.

Jarrah – You and Jessica are such a great couple. I’m happy for you both.

Tom – We were such an unlikely couple… but clearly god had plans to bring us together.

Jarrah – *smiles* We all end up where we’re supposed to be sooner or later.

Tom – I’m a firm believer in that- well let me get going. I have a business meeting in Pylea. Nice talkin’ to ya Jarrah.

Jarrah – Nice seeing you too Tom.

Owen – *talking on the phone* Yes Ms Simmons… I know the perfect company for that. Give me until the end of the day, and I will send over all the information, including a discount… yes because he owes me. You’re a friend of Tom, and Jessica’s so its no big deal. Yes, pleasures all mine. Okay, alright. No, thank YOU. Okay have a great day. Bye. *hangs up phone*

He’s kinda cute in business mode…

Owen – Sorry about that…

Jarrah – Its okay, you didn’t know I was coming by.

Owen – How’s your cousin?

Jarrah – Jonah will be okay… I hope.

Owen – I’m sure with you, and his friends he’ll be fine.

Jarrah – …So I get to see you in action.

Owen – Yeah, I’m a busy man today… How was the wedding?

Jarrah – It was beautiful… and the reception was… fun.

Owen – That’s cool… Glad you had a good time.

Jarrah – What did you do?

Owen – My dad and I went out for dinner. I went home had some beer, and watched some random stuff on netflix…

Jarrah – Anything good?

Owen – …Umm… well… it was an anime?

Jarrah – I’ve watched anime before, Owen.

Owen – Oh really?

Jarrah – Death Note…

Owen – Nice.

Jarrah – Yep…

Owen – So we gonna get this over with or what?

Jarrah – What?

Owen – You’re here to break things off with me right?

Jarrah – …. I just think we-

Owen – Don’t worry about my ego, I’ve already had to compete with another guy as if I was on some bad reality show. So just give it to me straight.

Jarrah – …There’s a lot going on in the world, in my life. I’ve realized that I’m-

Owen – And Ana Lucia has nothing to do with this?

Jarrah – Oh no… it does. You’re married, and a stepdad to her child. You kept something that big from me-

Owen – When I-

Jarrah – I’m not mad. I get it, and its further proof that we just aren’t ready.

Owen – So what you’re saying is… not now but maybe later?

Jarrah – I’m saying-

Owen – Because yes you’re beautiful, but I don’t think I can wait around for you.

Jarrah – I’m saying that life has a plan for everyone, and if we’re meant to be Owen… it’ll happen.

Owen – … Okay. *walking towards desk*

Jarrah – … O-

Owen – Thank you for your honesty.

Jarrah – …

Owen – Let me just say it was a pleasure, and any guy will be lucky to have you. Tell Shane congrats… he was the better man.

Jarrah – … Owen you’re not a bad guy.

Owen – I don’t think I am.

Jarrah – I’m sorry.

Owen – For what? you gotta do what you gotta do, for yourself. At the end of the day, its not about just you. You have a son to consider.

Jarrah – Right…. Owen can we still be-

Owen – Jarrah, this is going to sound incredibly immature, but please don’t ask me if we can still be friends. Not right now, you just broke up with me. Okay?

Jarrah – You’re right- its selfish of me to even- I just want you to know that-

Owen – I’m really busy right now, and have a long day ahead of me. I’m not trying to be mean or rude.

Jarrah – Alright, I’m sorry.

Owen – Its fine, can you tell my assistant to come in here on your way out?

Jarrah – Oh- umm, yeah sure… no problem.

Owen – Thanks, and umm… have a good day.

Jarrah – You too Owen.

I feel bad- Owen’s not a bad guy at all. He actually handled that very maturely too. I feel like such a bitch too, because I showed up unannounced, and he’s clearly very busy, and then I dump him. Oddly enough he knew I was here to end things too. Part of me doesn’t feel too bad though because, why is it that when a woman does what’s right for herself she’s automatically a bitch?- not that he said that… its just a feeling that society puts on you as a woman when standing your ground. He did say something that was true though, I have to do what’s right for myself, and my son. *sigh* Still… that didn’t feel good.

(POV Keegan) [Location : Tom & Jessica’s]

I got to Tom, and Jess’s house so I could talk to Symon. From outside I heard Tom’s daughter Tye arguing with her girlfriend  Ivy. I tried not to listen but… well.. okay I’m nosy sometimes. Though to be fair, I could hear this shit outside the door.

Tye – Are you fucking kidding me?!

Ivy – Nothing even happened. He’s a guy that I was friends with at GCU- why is this such a big deal?!

Tye – I can’t believe you!

Keegan – *rings the doorbell*


Keegan – Hey Tye, is-

Ivy – I’m gonna go now.

Tye – You’re not going anywhere Ivy until you tell me what the hell you were thinking!

Ivy – I was already in a relationship with someone who was a monster- and thankfully she- He… changed.

Tye – I know you didn’t just compare me to Kalia. She-

Ivy – HE goes by the name Kash now… be more respectful to his transition. You’re so ridiculous about my bisexuality. Sorry Tye- I’m not a gold star lesbian- I’m not a LESBIAN PERIOD. I’m a proud bisexual woman and you need to get over it.

Keegan – I-

Tye – You are a piece of work, I caught you texting that guy-

Ivy – He’s a friend.

Keegan – IS SYMON HERE?!

Tye – In his room!

Keegan – Thanks…

Ivy – I’m not dealing with this, you’re so immature.

Tye – And you’re a liar! I saw the text messages Ivy!

Yikes… Let me get out of here… Hmm… I am curious as to who she was texting though- nah… stop it Keegan… nosy ass, you came here to talk to Symon… so lets go do that.

Keegan – Sy-

Symon – I didn’t do shit.

Keegan – Whoa… calm down.

Symon – … Why are you in my room?

Keegan – I just came by to talk…

*Downstairs door slams*

Symon – Guess Ivy left…

Keegan – ….

Symon – I assume you heard all of that right? I mean you had to considering you walked up stairs to arrest me.

Keegan – I’m not here to arrest you.

Symon – Then why the fuck are you here?

Wow the mouth on this little punk.

Keegan – Okay first off… chill with the attitude.

Symon – Or what?

Be chill Keegan… be chill.

Keegan – … Or nothing Symon, I’m just here to talk to you. I’m not here to arrest you, or yell at you.

Symon – …

Keegan – … Can we talk?

Symon – …

Keegan – Symon…

Symon – You’re already here… so… whatever. Fine…

Keegan – How are you doing?

Symon – Well I’m currently not allowed at school… which you know…

Keegan – Because of the pictures.

Symon – Right.

Keegan – Tom, and Jess upset with you?

Symon – They’re really disappointed. They won’t really yell at me though.

Keegan – Why do you think that is?

Symon – Because I’m adopted… they handle me with care, like I’m a glass vase from china or something. I kinda wish they would just yell at me like normal parents.

Keegan – I can understand that-

Symon – Ha! what would your perfect ass know anything about being anything but a model teenager.

Its killing me that people think I’m this perfect guy. I’m sure you’re laughing too considering you knew me at my worst

Keegan – I could tell you so much about myself… I didn’t become who I am now over night. I was a mess for a long time. My parents were scared every night that a cop was gonna knock on the door and say I was arrested or worse. Trust me kid… I’m far from perfect.

Symon – …

Keegan – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Symon – Really?… are you really asking me that?

Keegan – I’m just curious… because it took me a while to know.

Symon – I want to be a musician… I can play guitar, I can write music… I can sing. So that’s what I want to do.

Keegan – Don’t lose that. Don’t lose that over stupid decisions in life. I know some people… I can help with that… if you’re serious.

Symon – Fuck yeah! I mean… yeah… I am serious… would you really help me?

Keegan – If you keep things honest with me… and you do good in school. Have an education to fall back on.

Symon – You sound like Tye…

Keegan – Don’t you have another sister?

Symon – Yeah.

Keegan – Jessica’s daughter right?

Symon – She’s older than Tye, and her name is Nikol… anything else Officer KeeKee?

Keegan – Did I strike a nerve or something?

Symon – About what? Nikol?

Keegan – Yeah… does she not visit you or-

Symon – She’s a whore.

Keegan – Symon… that’s not nice.

Symon – No, she’s legit a whore… like… she sells her pussy to men.

Keegan – You do know I’m a cop right?

Symon – You should arrest her… she’s making mom all upset because dad found her crying in Bridgeport. She was on one of her pussy for money dates. I guess it went bad or something… So she’s a real life prostitute or escort or whatever.

Keegan – Out of respect for Tom, and Jess… I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear any of that.

Symon – *shrugs* Everything was fine, but my parents are stressed out because of her…

Keegan – I’m sorry you feel the tension with everything going on.

Symon – Everything is changing. She was the fun sister, and now she’s a loser who sells her body for money. Tye, and Ivy are on the rocks and I love Ivy. She’s the only one who doesn’t treat me like I’m adopted- oh and Frankie… she’s perfect. Mom is upset and trying to hide it… because I guess me and Nikol are both fuck ups. Dad is stressed that mom is stressed…

Keegan – Do you talk to your friends about this stuff?

Symon – … Not really.

Keegan – Too immature?

Symon – Its not that. My bestfriend Peter’s mom died in a car accident, so he’s dealing with that in his way. I don’t want to complain about anything when he lost his mom.

Keegan – Your issues are important too. Maybe open up a dialogue. Maybe it’ll make your friendship go deeper if you’re both there for each other. Have you talked to him about his mom?

Symon – I don’t bring it up. I wouldn’t know what to do if he cried… Peter doesn’t cry. He’s just a dick, that’s his shtick. Maybe I should talk about stuff with him… maybe.

Keegan – … So Symon do you know why I’m here?

Symon – Its about Zoey I assume.

Keegan – I need to know the truth.

Symon – …

Keegan – You’ve already confessed, and you’re suspended… you may as well-

Symon – It all started because Jenn and I were in detention… alone. She tried to touch me- kiss me. I turned her down, and she being a Baycock- she didn’t understand why. So one day Peter and I were chilling at his place, and she came over and caught us…

Keegan – ….Oh…. umm-

Symon – Ew! no dude! we’re not gay! she caught us jerking off to porn. Have you never done that with your friends?

Keegan – …I think every guy sorta has…

Jonah and I did it all the time, we tried to get Trey to do it too but he was so shy. We were just watching porn and jerking off to the tits, Trey was having NONE of it… of course that all makes sense now.

Symon – She snapped a picture of us! and she told me that I was gay and that’s why I didn’t want her. I told her she’s wrong, I like girls just fine… So she got really mad at me and went fucking crazy. She basically threatened to tell everyone that Peter and I were gay and show the picture if I didn’t tell her why I didn’t want to mess around with her.

Keegan – Mess around? you guys are kids!… what does that even-

Symon – Like makeout… and touch… areas… not sex… I don’t think.

Keegan – So what happened?

Symon – … The truth is that Zoey and I… we’re… friends. Secret friends, and we had a place we’d meet up at by the lake after school… sometimes during school- shit I shouldn’t have told you that.

Keegan – I’ll ignore the fact that you’re cutting school with my little sister…

Symon – Zoey is special, and I like her. She said she didn’t want to become hated by the girls at school because I was popular so she didn’t want people knowing we were… whatever we were. Her friend- the gay one.. he found out. They got into a fight about it because he likes me or something.

Keegan – She told me that she had a crush on you, and nothing more.

Symon – It was more… anyway long story short I told Jenn that I liked Zoey. Days later she convinced Peter’s dumbass to steal my phone… which he did. She used my phone to snap pictures of Zoey. Peter told me he did it because Jenn gave him a blowjob but I don’t believe him. I forgave him though…

Keegan – Why did you take the blame? did she threaten to show those pics of you and Peter?

Symon – Actually no. I did it because It was all my fault. I told Jenn about Zoey, when Zoey didn’t want anyone to know. I should have just been like fuck you Jenn! I jerkoff with my bestfriend, so what! but I was worried about gay rumors… and I told her everything. I knew she was gonna make Zoey’s life hell… I knew it was my fault so Zoey should just hate me.

Keegan – … Her lawyers would have taken care of it, and you would have been in the clear.

Symon – I wouldn’t… because Peter told me he told his dad the truth and his dad was going to contact the school but he begged him not to.

Keegan – … Zoey is hurt that you-

Symon – I know… Its stupid now that I think about it…

Keegan – Zoey knows everything?

Symon – I told her this morning when you dropped her off at school. I took her to an empty classroom and she ran out- she left school.

Keegan – Ah… well that makes sense now.

Symon – …

Keegan – You like my sister? like… do you really like her?

Symon – Yes sir.

Keegan – … We can fix this…

Symon – What’s done is done, I’m suspended-

Keegan – No, we can fix you and Zoey…

Symon – If I’m being honest… I don’t know if I want that right now.

Keegan – But your messages to her says differently- yeah I saw them…

Symon – I know but I was thinking about it. When you asked me what I want for my future. I do want to do music, but I guess you’re right- I also want to do good in school too. I think I just want Zoey to like me and not hate me. I don’t want her to be upset with me. I just want Peter, and Zoey as my friends. I want Zoey to stop being picked on.

Keegan – Then you need to tell her this.

Symon – She already made her mind up- she doesn’t want to kiss me anymore, and she doesn’t want to be my friend-

Nikol – Symon- oh… you have… a cop…. in your room?

Yikes… this must be Nikol- Have I met her before? I swear I feel like I have- but then again I meet so many people its easy to mix things up.

Symon – What are you doing here?

Nikol – I wanted to have a talk with you… about… things.

Symon – I already told him you’re an escort and you made mom and dad upset.

Nikol – ….

Keegan – Again… I’m pretending like I don’t know any of that…

Nikol – … This is awkward.

Symon – No… what’s awkward is that on weekends when I was suppose to visit.. you told me you had something come up. Car trouble, your place being fumigated, that you had friends with emergencies. When the WHOLE TIME… you lied to me! You were working as an escort selling it to men! and probably women too. Which is again! confusing. Didn’t you just come out as lesbian? you’re not bi anymore!? why are you even here? don’t you have money to make?

Nikol – I don’t do it anymore- and I- there are things that happened- that led me on that path… It-

Symon – Mom is mom, Tye is the strict sister. You were my fun, and honest sister. You lied to me… and now things at home aren’t okay because mom is crying because she raised someone who would sell her body!

Nikol – You don’t think you being caught up in your little scandal is hurting mom, and Tom?

Symon – Oh sure blame me! the adopted teenager. You’re like 40, and acting stupid.

Nikol – I’m not fucking 40 Symon. Stop being a dick, and just talk to me!

Symon – Everything is changing… You’re a whore, Tye and Ivy are clearly about to breakup, mom isn’t jolly and optimistic anymore, dad is worried sick about mom… I’m suspended, Zoey hates me… Fuck everything!

Nikol – …

Keegan – … I’m going to excuse myself.

Nikol – No, I should just go… he’s right, I’m a fuck up-

Keegan – No. You should stay and talk to your fucking brother.

Nikol – …

Keegan – You guys have no idea how he really feels about shit, and from one fuck up to another… it helps to talk to people, and not to keep secrets… Be the adult and talk to him.

Nikol – …

Keegan – I don’t mean to be rude… Its just… I’ve heard things about you.

Nikol – Oh I’m fucking sure you have.

Keegan – I was a fuck up. I get it, but you can turn shit around. You can start today.

Nikol – …Okay. Okay… Symon… can we please talk?

Symon – Why?

Nikol – Because I love you. You don’t get it… I was a alien in this family before you came and joined us. You’re the only one I really vibe with. I know how pathetic that sounds because of how much older I am but- I just… you’re more than my brother, you’re my buddy… my partner in crime. So can I please just take you out to get something to eat? and we can talk. Please?

Symon – …

Keegan – ….Come on…

Symon – … I’m not ready yet… but… I’ll hear you out… when I am. Is that okay?

Nikol – …*looks at Keegan*

Keegan – *nods yes*

Nikol – Its a start…

Symon – Okay… cool.

Keegan – See ya later Symon.

Symon – Bye Keegan.

Nikol – Bye.

Keegan – *waves bye*

Nikol – … so….

Symon – …

Nikol – How’s…. music?

Symon – I wrote a new song the other day.

Nikol – Oh did you! that’s cool! you’re really talented, and so young… you’re going to be amazing when you really start focusing on music.

Symon – Keegan says he know’s people and can help me-

Nikol – Who?

Symon – The cop-

Nikol – That cop… that’s Keegan?

Symon – Yeah.

Nikol – I see…

Symon – You know him?

Nikol – I’ve heard things from Vira, and Morgan Hill…

Symon – He’s cool.

Nikol – He’s goodlooking.

Symon – You’re gay.

Nikol – I am, but he’s still a good looking man. Can’t imagine him fucking Morgan’s uptight ass though.

Symon – He fucked someone named Morgan in the ass?

Keegan – Oh… my god. Guys… I can still hear you.

Nikol – Sorry… its just that… I live in the same area at Vira, and Morgan… and I know you had a past with Morgan so its weird finally seeing what you actually look like.

Keegan – I swore we’ve seen each other before but… yeah. Morgan’s cool- anyway I gotta go. Be good Symon, and nice meeting you Nikol.

Symone – Later.

Nikol – Bye!

Awkward… Also I’m not gonna say much about Nikol because she’s… I don’t know, she’s clearly not all there- and I’m not gonna stand here and be a hypocrite either and call her out on her flaws. We all know how fucked up I was. Crazy how she was ready to just jet at the first sign of resistance from Symon. Maybe she’s just the type to run period. Oh well… hopefully they fix their relationship. Symon needs people to talk to, he doesn’t need to end up being another fucked up teenage boy.

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Restaurant in GloCity]

After going back to work, and sitting down thinking about my conversation with Owen, I realized something. I realized that I didn’t want to be with anybody right now. I didn’t want to be with Shane either. Shane had not proven himself to be the most mature man, and I don’t judge him for that because it was an unorthodox situation to be put in [dating a woman who’s dating another man]

At the same time I told them both that I was just dating and having fun. I gave them a choice to walk away. The problem is, its not fun anymore, and I’m over it. I just want to focus on creating a future for my son, and I. I’m going to worry about the important things, and if somehow in the future I end up with Owen or Shane, then so be it. With that being said… I told Shane I wanted to talk and he invited me here- I didn’t know his friends would also be here- though Taro is a familiar face since he’s represented by the LC Agency.

McKenzie [blonde] – So Lena this is my new friend Becca.

Lena [grey sweater] – Oh! where did you meet this one?

McKenzie – In Bridgeport- what’s with the tude’?

Lena – You’ve brought new people in before and its never worked out, honey…

McKenzie – Becca’s cool.

Lena – Hi, Lena Sparks. Nice to meet you.

Rebecca – Becca Williams, aspiring actress, and mother of one. Nice to meet you too.

McKenzie – We met while waiting to get our headshots done.

Rebecca – Oh yes, I needed new ones.

McKenzie – Mine were outdated as well.

Lena – Nice! so where do you live, Becca?

Rebecca – CCity.

McKenzie – A few people we know live there now.

Lena – That Vanille woman being one of them.

McKenzie – Yuck.

Rebecca – Oh I know her… she’s… well she’s Vanilla…

McKenzie – So plain..

Lena – Accurate!

Rebecca – I feel like I’ve been over this way a lot lately. I was just here for my cousin’s [Cayden] comedy show.

Lena – Cayden Blake?

Rebecca – You know him?

McKenzie – We do…


Taro – Boss lady!

Jarrah – Hi, Taro!

Taro – I didn’t know you were joining us. You’re part of the gang now, I guess you and Shane are getting serious!..

Jarrah – *laughs* I actually didn’t know all of his friends would be here, when he asked me to meet him.

Lena – So have you done anything that I may have seen?

Rebecca – I did a indie movie, and it was terrible. I shined though, best actress in it!

Lena – What was it called?

Rebecca – I rather you not watch that travesty! I am looking to the future! I’m reborn, I’m ready to SLAY!

Lena – You better work bitch! So what does your boyfriend think of you acting?

Rebecca – Oh I have a suitor, but he’s on ice, while I’m working on my comeback!

Lena – And you’re a mother! what a wonder woman you are, Becca!

Rebecca – I does it all!


Jarrah – Is Shane here?

Taro – Not yet.

Jarrah – Ah okay…

Taro – … How’s everything?

Jarrah – It could be better, but one day at a time.

Taro – How’s…. Amina?

Jarrah – She’s fine… and I know by the way… she told Lola and I…

Taro – Is she in trouble?

Jarrah – No, Lola’s fine with it… just as long as it doesn’t affect the work. No special treatment-

Taro – Of course.

McKenzie – Janet, is it?

Taro – Come on McKenzie…

Jarrah – Its Jarrah…

McKenzie – What a weird name…

This bitch won’t get a rise out of me.

Jarrah – Ya know… I get that a lot.

McKenzie – … You look… exotic. Are you Mexican or something?

Jarrah – No, I’m actually White, and Filipino.

McKenzie – Guess Shane’s going through an exotic phase.

Jarrah – Who know’s *smiles*

Taro – *laughing*

Jarrah – By the way you and your girlfriend Lena are so cute together.

McKenzie – Excuse me?

Jarrah – Lena and-

McKenzie – We’re not gay!

Jarrah – Oh! I’m sorry! I thought I remembered hearing you were into women- I just assumed-


Jarrah – My apologies. *smiles*

McKenzie – You’re a cunt.

Taro – McKenzie!

McKenzie – Shut up Taro! she is! she’s a cunt!

Jarrah – I am so sorry you feel that way McKenzie.

McKenzie – And I’m so sorry that I’ve been fucking Shane this whole time.

I wouldn’t be surprised. She seems so thirsty… she probably drinks from his tap.

Taro – Ignore her, Jarrah.

Jarrah – I don’t give a shit about McKenzie if I’m being honest. The mean girl thing is tired.

McKenzie – Taro you’re my friend, how dare you take your boss’s side!

Taro – You’re being a bitch.

Jarrah – Her natural state.

McKenzie – Girl, please. I will slap-

Shane – Hey everyone.

McKenzie – Shane!- hey babe!

Shane – … You causing trouble?

McKenzie – Never! *winks*

Shane – What’s up Taro?

Taro – Nothing, just waiting for you!

Shane – Jarrah.

Jarrah – Hey.

Shane – Excuse us for a moment will you?

McKenzie – Hurry back *smiles*

He really needs to check his friend, but then again… its fine, I won’t be around much longer.

Shane – Sorry I’m late.

Jarrah – Its okay- umm… why didn’t you tell me your friends would be here?

Shane – I didn’t know that would be a problem, princess.

Jarrah – Its not- its just- I-

Shane – Actually… I did it on purpose.

Jarrah – Why?

Shane – Well Jarrah, I didn’t want to cause a scene… so I figured if they were here, you’d remain classy.

Jarrah – I’m always classy… so what are you talking about?

Shane – Its come to my attention that I’ve been a bit out of character with you.

Jarrah – What do you mean?

Shane – Well I’m Shane Baycock… I don’t compete for a woman’s affection. I get it… and this thing… between you and I? well I gave it a go because you’re cute. The thing is Jarrah… I’m not living in a shitty reality tv show. I don’t need to wait for you to hand me a rose, and pick me. I pick me, plenty of women… pick me.

Jarrah – I see.

Shane – Owen doesn’t hold a candle stick to me. That backwater country bumpkin, has no fashion sense either- not to mention his whole indiscretion with his spicy latina, and her baby.

Jarrah – Yeah… that you hired a PI to look into.

Shane – And you reacted very harshly. You didn’t take me as your date to your cousin’s wedding. As if that was suppose to hurt me.

Jarrah – It wasn’t about you, which clearly… you’ve never heard in your life.

Hostess – Oooh chile… yass get him girl.

Shane – Jarrah I’m done with this- with you.

Jarrah – Fine by me, I actually wanted to meet up so I could break things off.

Shane – You don’t deserve a guy like me to save you from yourself. Tell Owen that I forfeit.

Jarrah – I don’t need saving, baby. Also Owen isn’t in the running either.

Shane – So 1+2= 0? Ha.

Jarrah – You, and your family… you’re full of yourselves.

Shane – Now that’s just nasty, I was going to get you tickets to my opening night performance-

Jarrah – I’m good, I’ve seen better acting by The Kardashians. But by all means… do break a leg… or two.

Shane – Yeah… okay, well can you leave now? it would be kinda awkward, and desperate to linger around my friends.

Jarrah – Taro’s too good for you guys… but I have a feeling he’ll see that soon.

Shane – I wish you nothing but the best Jarrah, you and that baby of yours.

Jarrah – Thanks, so much Shane!

Taro – What you did back there was rude McKenzie. We’ve had our issues in the past, but I don’t know if I want to be friends with someone that fucked up. Why are you so mean?!

McKenzie – Oh calm your tits Taro, you’re only mad because she’s your boss-

Taro – No, she’s actually a hardworking nice girl.

McKenzie – Well then you date her.

Taro – You’re such a bitch.

McKenzie – And?

Taro – All of this because you’re still hung up on Shane, knowing damn well he only fucks you, and wants nothing more.

McKenzie – Oh we have more than that… don’t be jealous. I see the way YOU look at Shane.

Taro – Go walk into traffic McKenzie…

McKenzie – You first sweetie!


Shane – *laughs*

Jarrah – Whats so funny, Shane?

Shane – Its probably a good thing I never slept with you.

Jarrah – …. Wow.

Shane – I just mean… I would hate to have an accident, and you end up with baby #2. I don’t know how you do it… being a young mother. Kudos to you!

Jarrah – That was slut-shaming, and honestly… I don’t know why you turned into an asshole. Maybe you saw pictures from the wedding, and you didn’t like that, maybe your pride was hurt. Your ego got bruised-

Shane – My pride is never hurt, and as far as your wedding photos I assume you’re talking about you and that red head? Please… I look better than him on my worst day. I get out of my bed looking ready to hit the runway. Shane Baycock is jealous of no man. So keep your redhead.

Jarrah – I don’t want anybody right now, Owen included- but I will say this… Owen’s a standup guy, and he’s better than you, you’re not even on his level in terms of maturity, and humbleness.

Shane – Lies, but… have a nice life.

Jarrah – You have a great life too Shane. I hope we never cross paths again.

So I guess scratch what I said earlier. There is no way I’d give Shane a chance in the future. Not after seeing how much of an asshole he can be. I get that he felt like he wasn’t into the whole dating someone while dating someone else thing, but come on… don’t be a dick. I obviously can’t predict the future but if by some how I end up with this douchebag I’m going to be disgusted with myself. Enough of that, I’m gonna get back to work, pick up JK from my mom’s and go home and relax. I’m exhausted physically and mentally.

(POV Keegan) [Location: His place]

Kaori – Trey, if this taste gross, I’m gonna find you and murder you.

Trey *on phone* – Its fine, its just garlic mac n cheese…

Kaori – Ugh…

Trey – I have never seen you so nervous… you’ve known Keegan all of your life… relax.

Kaori – I just want him to see me as a woman… that I’m not that stupid girl anymore…

Trey – He’s not that stupid boy anymore… so I think you guys are in the perfect place to finally do this.

Kaori – Do you like my haircut?

Trey – Its cute as shit.

Kaori – Thanks… I lowkey hate it. I wish I never cut it.

Trey – Wigs, and extensions are your friend, if you really hate it.

Kaori – I’m not the sexy blonde bombshell anymore…

Trey – You look cute!

Kaori – I don’t think Keegan noticed it… he didn’t say anything about it- do you think he hates it?

Trey – Oh my god, this is fucking adorable! Kaori… you’re who he’s wanted for so long, chill girl!

Kaori – Fine… *laughs* remember when we hated each other?

Trey – *laughs* I still hate you.

Kaori – Excuse me!?

Trey – Joking!… Listen… you’ve come a long way. You’re smart, driven, and beautiful. You care about people too. You’re a great girl- well woman. You’re a wonderful woman. We’re all lucky to have you as a friend. I love you now!

Kaori – Aww Trey!… I love you too!- Oh speaking of friends! did you remember to take Frankie lunch?

Trey – Well I tried… and I got her the lobster mac n cheese like you said.

Kaori – Well what’s the problem?

Trey – She didn’t go into work. I went there and Torrance said she came in for an hour and left to go spend time with her mom. So…

Kaori – So you ate it, huh?

Trey – I gotta go, girl! bye!

Kaori – Bye, bitch!


That’s cute… She’s nervous… 

Keegan – *coughs* Anyone here?!

Kaori – Hey! in the kitchen!

Keegan – Everything okay?

Kaori – Oh yeah, was just texting Frankie…

Keegan – She’ll be okay, especially with friends like you looking out for her.

Kaori – She’s got all of us, Jonah has us too. Our poor friends… going through shit-

Keegan – We’ll help them get through it. We always do.

Kaori – True.

Keegan – So… it smells good in here. Please tell me that’s mac n cheese because I’ve been craving mac n cheese for a week.

Kaori – Actually it is…

Keegan – You look cute…

Kaori – …. *smiles*

Keegan – I didn’t want to make it about anything other than Jonah this morning… but I really do wanna say that I love your haircut, you look amazing. Like a brand new you… it works. Still sexy too.

Kaori – Really?

Keegan – Yeah.

Kaori – Well thank you… I didn’t know how I felt about it- but there’s always extensions and wigs.

Keegan – For sure…. so….

Kaori – Yes?

Keegan – You cooked for me…

Kaori – I did… I figure since our schedules are insane, that instead of sitting and waiting for food… then rushing.

Keegan – Good call… Hey… what’s going on with Frankie and Jeep?

Kaori – Jonah…

Keegan – Right…

Kaori – I don’t know, she’s not telling me anything.

Keegan – He’s not telling me anything either. You think we’re just being nosy? I mean they are close… maybe nothing happened.

Kaori – Maybe, considering the Raina thing is fresh.

Keegan – Does she ever…. say anything about him?

Kaori – Not…. really….

Keegan – I guess its none of our business.

Kaori – Right… yeah… you’re right.

Keegan – So… we finally got some time together.

Kaori – I know… It was so much simpler when we just had class at GCU- well I still do but- yeah… we’re both so busy with our jobs now.

Keegan – Lets eat.

Kaori – Okay *smiles*

Keegan – Oh and by the way, I- *cell rings* Why is Jayson calling me?…

Kaori – Maybe its important.

Keegan – He can wait-

Kaori – Its your boss… answer it.

Keegan – I’m here with you-

Kaori – … Keegan.

Keegan – *sigh* fine.

Keegan – Hey Jay-

Jayson – [on phone] Keegan where are you?

Keegan – I’m at home, about to have lunch with Kaori… my girlfriend. *winks at Kaori*

Kaori – *smiles*

Jayson – Well I can’t find Diego… so I need you to come back-

Keegan – Okay, I’ll be back in an hour after-

Jayson – I hate to do this to you, because trust me I understand how demanding this job is… but I need you back.. like.. now.

Fuck my life

Keegan – … I haven’t ate-

Jayson – Tell you what… I’ll grab you a cheese steak. Deal?

Keegan – ….Yeah.

Jayson – Thank you… this won’t be forgotten.

Keegan – Sure thing…

Jayson – Alright, see you soon. *hangs up*

Kaori – Is everything okay?

Keegan – No. I have to go back to work.

Kaori – Right now!?

Keegan – Yeah…

Kaori – ….

Keegan – This fucking sucks. I really wanted to eat with you…

Kaori – I wanted to have alone time with you too…

Keegan – ….. Fuck.

Kaori – We have careers… this was going to happen sooner or later.

Keegan – Yeah but its my career right now that’s-

Kaori – Hold on.

Keegan – The universe is playing with us… because… wow.

Kaori – *laughs*

Keegan – Who is it?

Kaori – Kyle’s texting me from the office.

Kay’ I need your help, when are you coming back?” – Kyle

“Um, What’s wrong?” – Kaori

“Well I forgot about the Prescott meeting, and I’m fucked. I need you to help me out here. They’ll be here in 2 hours” – Kyle

“30 minutes… you owe me.” – Kaori

“Thx, I’ll buy you food” – Kyle

Kaori – I gotta go back into work.

Keegan – Ha…

This is such bullshit- but at least its not just me. Its both of us… we gotta figure this out.

Kaori – I know… *sigh* Is this what its going to be? botched dinners, and meet ups?

Keegan – Hey, don’t get discouraged. We’re gonna make this work okay?

Kaori – Promise?

Keegan – I promise you.

Kaori – Okay…

Keegan – You gonna stay and eat?

Kaori – Yes, I’ll lock up. Don’t worry.

Keegan – Alright.

Kaori – … Love you…

Keegan – Love you too, baby.

Kaori – *coughing* Oh… my god.

Keegan – What?

Kaori – Well its a good thing you’re not eating this.

Keegan – Why?

Kaori – Well I somehow added sugar instead of salt…

Keegan – *laughing*

Kaori – Worst cook… ever.

Keegan – All it takes is practice- Though all I eat is chicken breasts.

Kaori – Lean, and cut… yes daddy.

Keegan – I’m all about that healthy shit *laughs*

Kaori – Thank goodness Kyle’s buying me food. I’m going to throw this out and clean up the dishes. Call me later?

Keegan – Yeah, I’ll call you when I get off.

Kaori – I’ll be in bed, but it’ll be good to hear your voice before I sleep.

Keegan – Its a date.

Kaori – Alright, get out of here before your boss starts bitching. You would think he’d be so happy since he’s engaged to Lola. Maybe she’s not putting it down- Lola looks like she can’t fuck huh?

Keegan – *laughing* Oh my god….

Kaori – You know its true… *laughing*

Keegan – Yeah…. she does seem… stiff.

Kaori – *laughing* Bye Keegan.

Keegan – Later, Kaori *winks*

Well there you have it kids. That was a epic fail, and I’m bummed out. It was so much easier when we were just dumb, and figuring it out. Of course then… neither of us were in the right head space to be committing to each other. Now we’re here, together… but we’re responsible adults with careers- and she still had GCU. This is frustrating, if we can’t make time for each other how does this work?

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Home]

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s Collin’ I’m skyping with. The girl? his new girlfriend. This is as much as a surprise to me as it is to you.

Jarrah – Hey!

Collin – Surprise!

Erika – *smiles*

Jarrah – Oh my god, how are you doing Collin!?

Collin – I’m good!- Oh! this is my girlfriend Erika.

Erika – Hello!

Jarrah – Hi!

Erika – I’m finally meeting “THE Jarrah”

Jarrah – *laughs* You’re gorgeous!

Erika – You’re absolutely beautiful!

Jarrah – Oh my god, thank you-

Erika – No! you really are.

Collin – How’s everything!? how’s the baby?

Erika – Yeah I’ve seen pictures, he’s so cute!

Jarrah – *smiles* He’s good. He’s upstairs sleeping. As for everything else… its…

Well I could go into detail about everything that is currently falling apart for my friends and I, but…

Jarrah – Life is good. Just keeping busy.

Collin – Erika and I will be moving to GloCity once I graduate.

Erika – Collin says GloCity is amazing. I’m looking forward to it.

Jarrah – I do love my city *laughs* It would be cool to hangout once you guys get here!

Erika – I would love that!

Collin – So we-

*doorbell rings*

Jarrah – I’m not expecting company…

Collin – Right on cue- I was about to say I just wanted to say hi, and check in. We’re on our way out to a friend’s birthday dinner. Our uber just arrived.

Erika – We’re gonna be drinking so no driving!

Jarrah – You guys have fun!

Collin – Okay talk to you soon!

Erika – Nice meeting you!

Jarrah – You too Erika. Talk to you guys soon!

It was great catching up with Collin, and meeting his girlfriend. Now to see who is ringing my doorbell at this time of night.

Jarrah – …..

Maliha – ….

The last time I saw her, she and I were in a big fight. Why is she here?

Jarrah – Maliha… its late… is-

Maliha – Hi- I’m sorry… I just… I didn’t know where else to go.

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Maliha – No, and I started walking and ended up here…

Jarrah – Okay… well… come in?

Maliha – Thanks.

Maliha – …. The bread looks great… I just can’t eat anything right now.

Jarrah – You’ve been a bit of a mystery to Kaori and I…

Maliha – Oh I’m sure…

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Maliha – …

Jarrah – I’m really sorry about coming down on you so hard- I was just scared that something had happened to my son- you were so smug, and unapologetic about it… I-

Maliha – I deserved it.

Jarrah – … I’m still sorry, I don’t like hurting people.

Maliha – … I don’t know why I feel so comfortable telling you this, but here goes…

Jarrah – …

Maliha – …. I found out something is wrong with me. I talked to my mom, and she… she was in one of her drunken, numb modes. So she reacted really bad. I basically quit working for her, and refused to come into work.

Jarrah – ….

Maliha – I found out that I cannot have kids, ever.

Oh my god.

Jarrah – …Maliha… I’m-

Maliha – I selfishly needed to cheer myself up so I took JK, and had a day with him. I really love that little boy even though he’s not my child. I was sad that I would never be able to have something like that. Instead of talking to you about it, I just took him. I didn’t mean to do that- and I completely get why you were worried, and mad. I was just so angry at how perfect you were. In my mind I’m thinking… and here’s another thing that she has over you.

Jarrah –  Maliha… I’m not better than you. Nobody is above or below anyone. Not because of looks, money, or the ability to have kids. There is no reason to ever feel like I of all people… am better than you. I’m so sorry that you’re feeling this way… What does Orion think-

Maliha – Well you’re the only person who knows besides my mother- who really couldn’t give a shit.

Jarrah – I’m sure she cares-

Maliha – She’s always been selfish. She’s fucking clinically depressed, and she self-medicates to “deal with it” My mother is a fucking mess.

Jarrah – … Regardless if she is… she can be a mess, and still love her daughter.

Maliha – I’ll let you know when that happens.

Jarrah – So… Orion?

Maliha – I haven’t told him yet, and I’m scared.

Jarrah – Why are you scared?

Maliha – Because I don’t know how he will feel, what he will say. Who wants to be with someone who can’t- …. I think I’ve shared enough. Thanks for listening, I’m gonna go.

Jarrah – Wait.

Maliha – ….

Jarrah – I know Orion… he won’t care.

Maliha – But… He’s talked about having another kid in the future.

Jarrah – Plenty of ways for that to happen. You’re not the only woman going through this, there are options.

Maliha – I know you’re right, but I’m hurting. I feel less than a woman.

Jarrah – You’re not…

Maliha – I really am sorry for doing what I did. I love little Joshua so much… I hope you’ll let him still be in my life.

Jarrah – It takes a village. You’re with Orion, Orion loves you. JK loves you too. So I have no problem with anything you just said.

Maliha – Really? even after I took him-

Jarrah – We’re fine. It happened, and we’ve talked about it and moved on.

Maliha – … Thank you for just being the opposite of what I thought you were. I let hate, and jealousy paint an inaccurate picture of you. I was wrong for that, and I apologize.

Jarrah – Water under the bridge. Besides… we’re sorority sisters, then now, and forever. Come here. *hugs Maliha*

Maliha – Again… thanks so much for this talk. I needed it more than you know.

Jarrah – Anytime Maliha. You can call me or stop by anytime you need.

Maliha – *smiles* Goodnight.

Jarrah – Nite’

Maliha left, and I couldn’t help but think about my little baby upstairs. I went up and he was awake, so I got him to sleep again. I watched him for what felt like hours. Reality set in that sometimes we take things for granted in life. Things that some people can’t have. Its not even just the Joshua thing, I think about my life since we’ve first started this journey and wow… To think about how far I’ve come.

The men who’ve been in and out of my life- romantic or platonic. The career- job hoping. The friends past and present. The situations I’ve been put in. The people who have hurt me- and the people I’ve hurt. I’ve been through quite a bit, and here I thought of my group of friends I was the easy going one. In a way, I guess I should have seen this life coming… Everything has always been dramatic for me.

Whatever the case, through all of the happiness, and bullshit- even the whole Shane, and Owen thing. I’m 100% happy I’ve been through all of the experiences in my life, and I wouldn’t change shit. Not a thing. I think I’m happy… and if I’m bullshitting myself then maybe I’ll get there. Either way, I’m going to continue doing what I do best. Helping people, and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

(POV Keegan) [Location: GCP Station]

On my way back inside, Nick stopped me. He was clearly in need of a talk because he came to my job. I’m not oblivious to the situation that I’m part of. I know why he’s here, but my thing is… do I even want to deal with this shit right now? Though I feel like if I don’t talk to him now, then he’s just going to make an even bigger deal out of it. Not that its not a big deal- he was seeing my then-girlfriend behind my back but- You know what? lets just get this shit over with.

Nick – So?

Keegan – What?

Nick – Is it a bad time? I was in the area and figured-

Keegan – We can talk.

Nick – … Okay.

Keegan – …

Nick – Should I go first?

Keegan – …I- I mean I don’t really have much to-

Nick – You don’t want to punch me? or yell at me?

Keegan – No… do you think that’s what I want to do?

Nick – …I would if I were you.

Keegan – I’m… good. So what’s up? I feel like you need to do this, so go ahead.

Nick – Alright, so… let me just say, I’m sorry. I apologize.

Keegan – …Thank, you.

Nick – I never fathomed the thought of falling in love with someone who was taken. That’s not who I am, I would never do something like that. I wanted so badly for the feelings to go away, but they didn’t.

Keegan – …

Nick – What I was doing- how I was feeling? I knew it was wrong… because you were with her. I just couldn’t help it, I woke up thinking about her, I went to sleep thinking about her. I looked forward to text messages from her… I sometimes couldn’t wait until she woke up just so I could text her hi. My feelings for her grew everyday, and I tried hard to stop.

Keegan – I understand.

Nick – I’m sorry, and I didn’t mean to disrespect you- or the relationship.

Keegan – Nick…

Nick – Yeah?

Keegan – I’m not as mad as I should be.

Nick – Why is that?

Keegan – Because I’m… happy… with…

Nick – ….Kaori?

Keegan – Yes.

Nick – …That… makes, a lot of sense.

Keegan – It does, doesn’t it?

Nick – I’m-

Keegan – Its still a fucked up thing to hear… at a wedding… that your girlfriend was mentally cheating on you with another guy- that guy being someone you’re actually cool with. I mean shit, Nick- I know we’re not best friends but you were like Trey’s boyfriend at one point. I thought we bonded after Miguel died and-

Nick – No, you’re right! I’m an asshole.

Keegan – Let me finish… with all that being said. When you find the one you click with… its hard to ignore. I’m fine if you are. You don’t have to apologize anymore…

Nick – Why are you making this so easy for me?

Keegan – Cause, why should I be mad when I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been? For me to be upset about Priscilla would mean that I’m upset that I’m not with her- and that would be false. Like I said it was fucked up to be thinking something was up, and then it was confirmed to be true. However… thank you for… not acting on things until she and I were officially done.

Nick – How can I make sure we’re fine?

Keegan – Honestly Nick, I’ve lived a pretty interesting life. I don’t need any enemies or negativity. So the only thing I ask is that you let me go shower and take my ass home *laughs*

Nick – Okay, well… thanks for the talk… have a good night!

Keegan – You too! oh and tell Priscilla she has a box of shit to come pick up- That came off more mean that it was supposed to. I just haven’t been able to get a hold of her.

Nick – She’s at her parents… her dad is sick..

Keegan – See, I didn’t even know that…

Nick – Oh- no it happened this morning… so…

Keegan – Gotcha. Well nevermind, I’ll have Milk give her, her stuff. Anyway I’m tired, so… later?

Nick – Have a good night.

Keegan – You too, Nicky.

Finally got inside, and I can shower. I know you’re thinking Keegan shower at home- well no, because I’m moist- gross- what I mean to say is I’m sweaty, I wanna shower now. *incoming text*  Oh shit I have a few messages I’ve ignored. If someone ask me to do something for them I’m saying no. Daddy’s tired- Ha! that’s a funny thought. Me as a dad… I don’t even want kids to be honest- and I know earlier I said I’d only want one, but that was so my mom, and dad wouldn’t flip out. Wow… I wonder if that would be a deal-breaker for Kaori.

“Hey, babe. I cleaned up the kitchen and made sure to lock up your place. Facetime me b4 bed daddy. 😘 – Kay (Kaori)

“I love you, and sorry for being a brat. By the way mom (Joy) is mad because I had the last of the soymilk” – Zo-Zo (Zoey)

“KeeKee honey, can you get me some soy milk on your way home? you got your key right?” –  Mama J (Joy)

“We’re going to see Rogue One no matter what. Fuck your job! you better take that day off or something! Star Wars > Job” – Jonah Bear (Jeep)

“I Love you too KeeKee, but I will fucking kill you if you ask me if I’m okay one more time. I’m good. – NYT Bestseller (Frankie)

I will reply to those once I take a shower. And fuck… see I hate living down the street from my moms. I’m always making last minute store runs on the way home. I’m not uber… I should start charging them. Of course I won’t… I love them. Anyway shower time and then I can get out of here!

Well so much for the shower… what the fuck is Diego looking at?… shady ass. Travis and I are about to expose him for taking part in taking that money. I’m not shocked at all that he’s a crooked cop. He’s such the cliche… however… plot twist! he’s gay, and the reason he’s been such a dick to me is because he WANTS me!- Just kidding- though I mean, that did happen once in high school. This dude fucking kissed me, and I was like wtf bro! L-O-L that after all this time, you’re still learning stuff about my past. Have I ever told you guys about the time I was a prostitute?- JOKING! That’s Jessica’s daughter, not me!- Oh my god Keegan, that was rude… *laughs*

Diego – Keegan.

Keegan – ….

Diego – We need to talk.

Keegan – In the shower? while I’m naked?

Diego – *looks at Keegan’s dick*

Keegan – See something you like, bro?

Diego – Wouldn’t surprise me if you were a fag.

Keegan – You’re the one looking at my dick!

Diego – Just seeing how I measure up.

Keegan – You’ve been doing that since police academy…

Diego – I haven’t been looking at your dick since-

Keegan – No, dumbass. Competing against me, seeing how we “measure up” against each other.

Diego – I can lift more.

Keegan – I’m faster, and smarter.

Diego – You’re not, and one of these days, I’m going to prove just how much better I am than you.

Keegan – Let me know the time and place, because I will beat you in whatever.

Diego – In your wet dreams.

Keegan – What the fuck do you want Diego? Because I’m trying to shower and get out of here. Don’t you want to go home to Jules or whomever you’re fucking these days?

Diego – Jules and I are perfectly fine. That’s my baby, we’re good. Don’t worry about us fag.

Keegan – Oh trust me, I’m not.

Diego – Word on the street is that your bitch left you for another nigga.

Keegan – So you’re using the N word now?

Diego – Shut up, stop trying to be politically correct. I’m far from racist, and the word means dude.

Keegan – Is that what it means?

Diego – Get over it, you’re not black.

Keegan – Wow…

Diego – Why are you acting like me using the word Nigga is a bad thing? your white ass probably said it all the time. Jules told me about how you were a wigger in high school. Hip Hop Keegan… what a fucking joke. She told me a few other things too but I’m feeling generous so I won’t go there.

If she told him about Mona, I’m fucking done with her- actually… I’m already done with her. Fuck it.

Keegan – Enough with the bullshit… what do you want from me?

Diego – … You’re right, we can spar anytime. This is serious.

Keegan – Is everything okay?

Diego – Whoa, you almost sound like you care.

Keegan – Its not like I hate you… well… I kinda do but-

Diego – Leave the emotional shit to the women and queers.

Keegan – Aren’t you a pocket full of sunshine.

Diego – ….

Keegan – ….

Diego – So… you remember when that money was stolen? from the bank robbery? That we confiscated?

Keegan – Yep.

The money that Travis thinks you and Jayson stole…

Diego – … well… I think I have proof of something…

Keegan – Hmm?

Diego – This is going to sound weird, but I don’t think Travis Boone, is Travis Boone. And I think he stole that money. I’m working on proof, but I need your help because you’re you. I’m me, meaning nobody would believe me, but if you and I could work together to expose a dirty cop then… that would be… great.

Keegan – ….

Diego – Say something.

Keegan – …

Fuck, Keegan just say something!

Keegan – I’ll umm… I’ll help.

Oh my god… so Travis tells me Diego and Jayson did it, and now Diego is telling me Travis did it. I’m officially confused. What the fuck is going on here? I don’t know what to say right now. I have a bunch going on with myself, and my friends. My superior [Jayson] could be shady, but now my peers [Travis & Diego] could be as well. Everyone is a fucking suspect, and I don’t know who to trust- No… that’s wrong. I know one person I can trust, one person I’ve always trusted to get through the bullshit. Me. I’m going to get to the bottom of this, and I have to be smart about it. So many cooks in the kitchen… but who’s the chef?

~End Of Chapter Five Pt 1 | Chapter Five Pt 2 is Next~


{BnG Season 3} Chapter Four – Presents – Alana & Sebastian : A Wedding Special Part Two

[Chapter Four Pt 2]

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

No POV. Instead, Narrated by Me! ItzBee

Welcome Back! Its time for Part Two aka the conclusion of the wedding special. Frankie, Kaori, Keegan, Jarrah all on Mango Island. Jonah, and Trey back in GloCity… Fun, and Drama everywhere. Get ready for a special you won’t forget… hope you enjoy!


[Before you read this update hold CTRL and press F5 so the page can do a cache refresh of the page. Photobucket has been wonky so sometimes the pictures don’t load all the way. If you encounter a unloaded picture just hold CTRL and press F5, and it should fix it. Thanks! and enjoy]

[Location : Mango Island | Reception Hall]

[Press Play or Use your imagination. Music Is Optional.]

Reception time ladies and gentleman… Wonder what tonight will bring… enough talking right? lets eavesdrop!

Sebastian – Can you believe we did it- like, its done… you’re a Darwin now…

Alana – You’re stuck with me until death does us part baby!

Sebastian – Wouldn’t have it any other way! ain’t that right Charlotte?

Charlotte – *dancing on lap*

Frankie – Is Alana serious with this old ass song?

Jarrah – I don’t know why, but I imagine this being her jam.

Frankie – It has to be, Kaori said she made the playlist.

Jarrah – *laughing* So was this wedding everything you thought it would be?

Frankie – It was very Alana- which is a good thing. The ceremony was beautiful, and I didn’t know Alana had it in her to write such good vows. They really came from the heart… you can tell. And you’re cousin [Sebastian] is always amazing with his writing. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room when he finished his.

Jarrah – I agree with everything you said. So umm… have I been a good date? I’m no Raina… but I am me afterall…. Remember when Kaori used to hate me and call me a “Pact breaking ho”? *laughing* God we’ve come so far…

Frankie – Oh my god *laughing* I’m just happy we can laugh about it all now. I don’t see Keegan like that at all anymore.

Jarrah – Neither do I.

How times have changed. The girls all love and respect each other. Its great to see considering the vibe they had when we first met them.

Frankie – As for you being a good date… yes.

Jarrah – I remember I was with you when you first met Raina.

Frankie – You were…. though I can’t remember where-

Jarrah – At the store, getting stuff for the bonfire in Miguel’s honor.

Frankie – Oh right…. but umm… yeah… Spoiler alert… I’m ending things with Raina when I get home.

Jarrah – Really?

Frankie – Its weighing on me… Ever since I got with her, my creative energy has eluded me. Not only that but I don’t love her. She’s sweet, and caring, and even though we had a fight and got over it. She deserves to be with someone who’s going to be passionate… I’m not that person at least not with her. I’m so stupid too… I told her I loved her back- and I thought I did. I’m not used to this… this uncertainty.. I’m the girl who has it all figured out… usually.

Jarrah – Well Frankie, you know what you want- and what you don’t for that matter. I say do what feels right.

Frankie – I am.

Jarrah – Good.


Benji – Not even the gays could throw a shindig like this.

Aries – I think you’re right.

Benji – Your family is awesome babe.

Aries – They are aren’t they?

Benji – And to think…. you weren’t always this close with them.

Aries – I know, which is crazy. The old me would be sitting at home, not included and thinking of ways to not come out as gay.

Benji – And look at you now!

Aries – *smiles* I love you Benny.

Benji – I love you too baby.


Jarrah – I wish my cousin was here.

Frankie – Being specific I assume you mean Jeep- Jonah…

Jarrah – Yeah.

Frankie – It would be cute to see him all dressed up.

Jarrah – Trey too.

Frankie – All 6 of us could have been together.

Jarrah – Missed opportunity.

Frankie – I hope they’re having fun together back home.

Jarrah – Me too.

[Top Pic]

Frankie – So we talked about Raina…. What’s going on with you and the two guys?

Jarrah – I don’t know where I’m at with that.

Frankie – As in you don’t want either one of them anymore?

Jarrah – I’m testing out what it feels like to not have either, and so far I feel fine.

Frankie – Self love comes first, so I get that.

Jarrah – Both of them were dishonest. Shane set Owen up, and exposed the whole situation with his wife, and Owen kept that from me in the first place. Both were just… annoying to deal with. By the way did I mention that Owen’s wife has been going on dates with Keegan’s cop friend Travis?

Frankie – No… you didn’t. She certainly doesn’t seem hung up on Owen.

Jarrah – I really don’t want to think of either of them tonight.

Ciliian – *smiles at Frankie*

Frankie – *smiles back*

Jarrah – I just need an distraction.

Frankie – You do eh?

Jarrah – Oh god… what?

Frankie – Cillian!

Cillian – *Looks at Frankie*

Frankie – Hangout with her tonight… she could use a pick me up.

Cillian – *Nods yes and smiles*

Frankie – There ya go… a distraction.

Jarrah – Gee thanks!…. I hate you.

Frankie – No you don’t *laughs*

[Bottom Pic]

Aries – Hey Ja’Von?

Ja’Von – Yeah?

Aries – How do you know Sebastian?

Ja’Von – We met at a writers camp when we were younger.

Benji – Aww that’s cute, and you guys remained tight?

Ja’Von – Yep.

Cillian – Much better than how Sebastian and I met.

Aries – How did you guys meet?

Benji – You guys hooked up or something during high school?

Ja’Von – *laughing*

Aries – Benji!

Cillian – Yep… totally did.

Aries – For real?!

Cillian – No! I’m straight! *laughing* We met 10th grade Bridgeport Private School.

Benji – All boy school?

Aries – Benji!

Benji – What?!

Cillian – Actually it was a all boys school. Lots of gay stuff happening behind closed doors- but Sebastian and I weren’t in on that stuff. We actually had two different groups of friends. One day- for whatever reason we ended up fighting. I didn’t know him before the fight but you know… with guys it doesn’t take much to start fighting with each other. Especially being young. Long story short we got sent to the principal’s office, and as punishment we had to clean gym equipment everyday after school for a month.

Ja’Von – Naturally you guys got to know each other-

Cillian – Right, and we ended up having lots in common. So… we became bestfriends. Hence me being his bestman.

Aries – That’s awesome.

Ja’Von – Enemies to bestfriends. That’s pretty cool.

Benji – You’re so mysterious Cillian, I’d like to know more about you.

Cillian – I bet you would *winks playfully*

Benji – That’s it Aries, I’m leaving you for Cillian!

Everyone – *laughing*

Cillian – Excuse me gentleman. I’ll be back later.

Benji sure is thirsty, though I don’t blame him. Cillian is nice to look at isn’t he?

Upstairs, Kaori was chatting it up with her sister Vira, and boyfriend Aaron.

Kaori – You were crying?! you’re such a girl….

Aaron – Hey! those vows were great! I’m sensitive! Are you telling me you didn’t cry?

Kaori – Maybe a little.

Aaron – Yeah right!

Vira – I’m pretty sure everyone was crying *laughing*

Kaori – Aww Andi’s behind you guys with Chris.

Aaron – You, and Andi cool?

Kaori – Yep, she’s my bestfriend’s sister.

Vira – She and Chris are perfect together. I know that sounds odd coming from me considering he and I dated but… things just work out the way they’re supposed to.

Aaron – So many people I know are just maturing and growing… we’re all adults…. its crazy.

Vira – Well… not everyone. Your friend Woof-Dog-Nikol is still stupid as hell. She’s like an angsty 40 year old.

Aaron – Vira…

Kaori – She’s 40?

Vira – Looks like it.

Aaron – She’s not 40. She’s the same age as you and Morgan…

Kaori – Lets not talk about her… its obviously not a good topic.

Yeah… considering Frankie told you her dirty little secret… the whole escort thing. Don’t need that getting out, especially since Vira, and Aaron live in the same city as she does [ccity]

Vira – Right!- so Kay… I LOVE this dress.

Kaori – I love yours.

Vira – Did you pick this out?

Kaori – Actually, no… my mom decided to have it special made for me. She shipped it from Pylea.

Vira – Its so pretty.

Kaori – So is yours.

Vira – Morgan designed it. Its a Hillside Original. I designed her dress too!

Kaori – That’s cute… bestfriends designing each other’s outfits.

Aaron – I’m wearing Hillside too.

Kaori – Naturally!


In the background, Chris and Andi had a moment to themselves to talk about the wedding, and…. other stuff.

Chris – Is that  Frankie’s bestfriend over there with Aaron, and Vira?

Andi – Yeah, that’s Kaori…

Chris – Ah, I remember meeting her back when Vira and I were dating. She was nice, but seemed like she had a more blunt side to her.

Andi – Well she’s looking like a princess today. She’s cool as hell though. She’s matured quite a bit.

Chris – That’s cool. Glad Vira has her sister, and brother. She finally got that dad she always wanted.

Andi – Yeah, that’s pretty cool….

Chris – ….. So have you talked to Frankie?

Andi – Yeah, of course?

Chris – You plan on hanging out with her at this reception?

Andi – Umm.. not really? I love my lil sister, but we see each other all the time. We both agreed not to be all up in each other’s personal space today *laughs*…. but… she did tell me y’all talked… she said she’d let you tell me the details.

Chris – Right…. so… I’m sorry.

Andi – Chris we said we weren’t going to get into this shit here…

Chris – Well I don’t care, so just stop being a boss for a minute and let me steer the ship…

Andi – …..Fine.

Chris – I love you more than anything- like… sitting there watching Alana, and Sebastian share their vows I kept thinking about you. How I would not want to be with anyone else… ever. A lot of people go through life trying to find the one, and I got lucky. It didn’t take me long.

Andi – ….

Chris – I fucked up, I was selfish. Its because when I got fired-

Andi – I’m not completely incognizant-

Chris – Oooh big word.

Andi – Blame my sister. When I be face timing her, she be book editing, so I pick up all of these big words.- Like that one for instance is a synonym for oblivious.

Chris – Ah!

Andi – But umm.. yeah I know why you did what you did. Its not about that. I just wanted you to say sorry, and really mean it- knowing what you did. Not just at face value- but at the core of the situation.

Chris – And I do. I’m really sorry for putting all of the responsibility, and pressure on you.

Andi – ….

Chris – You believe me right?

Andi – Of course… and I love yo ass too… not like I want anybody else. You seen them nigga’s in CCity- ain’t NOBODY trying to fuck with any of them.

Chris – Andi you know I hate when you use the N word… I know you’re part black but-

Andi – Fine, fine… maybe you’re right, I should stop using that word so much.

Chris – Frankie agree’s with me.

Andi – Oh so y’all BFF’s now?

Chris – She’s the best. She’s family now.

Andi – I don’t see no ring on this finger!

Chris – *laughs*

Andi – Well I feel better now… I’m glad you told me how you felt. I’m still feeling raw about not passing my test.

Chris – And about fighting with  Bambi?

Andi – Umm, no- and let me tell you why… you know damn well that Gina is a escort with Nikol… but I can’t just up and tell Bambi “Girl the reason I don’t want you fucking with Gina is because she sells pussy” Nikol trust me with the secret of her being an escort because I’m her nurse.

Chris – Knowing everyone’s secrets must weigh on you.

Andi – Yep… and then I was so unprofessional, and told-

Chris – I know, I know… but you have to forgive yourself and just hope that she keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t go looking for Nikol.

Andi – I’m lowkey sick of Nikol’s shit. As long as I’ve known her she’s always been in some bullshit… like when will she grow the fuck up?

Chris – Good question…

Andi – Yet the good in me… is like damn bitch you need a confidant then fine… tell me about your ho-business as I check you for STD’s. I legit cannot believe this is her evolution… a damn ho. Like what if your little whore house gets raided? then what? will the police come asking me questions because I knew? she doesn’t think… because she puts other people in the middle of her shit.

Chris – Maybe things will change for her… You may not like how she lives her life, but maybe knowing you can make her see the light? Like… just being a better person by association.

Andi – I don’t know… guess we’ll see. I don’t hate her, I just want her to fix herself… fix it Jesus!

In case you forgot… Andi, and Nikol have a long history, but we’re not about to get into that. Its crazy how Nikol has found her way into Frankie’s life right? because of that Ashley chick- not to mention she’s Jessica Nash’s daughter. Full circle, because Nikol was once roommates with Aaron. Vira, as you know… cannot stand Nikol.

[Top Pic]

Aaron – So what are we gonna do about you and this party? We need to find you a guy-

Kaori – Ugh, No.

Vira – Lets kick Priscilla out, and that way you can have Keegan to yourself.

Kaori – Oh my god *laughing* Stop… You’re the worst…

Vira – ……

Kaori – I was joking Vira, you’re not the worst… don’t take it so seriously-

Vira – Oh no I’m fine- I was just going to say there’s an attractive guy behind you.

Aaron – He looks like he know’s you.

Hammer – Surprise….

Kaori – ….

Aaron – Come on Vira, lets give them some space.

Vira – You’re not going to introduce us to your friend dear sister?

Aaron – You are so nosy.

Kaori – Vira, this is Chad, but people from GCU call him Hammer. Hammer this is my sister Vira. Long story.

Vira – Its so nice to meet you. Now that Kaori has said your name I remember stories about you-

Aaron & Kaori – Vira!

Hammer – Oh like what?

Vira – Paisley Adams for one, she actually lives in CCity now and-

Aaron – It was nice meeting you dude. I must now take my motormouth girlfriend elsewhere.

Kaori – Thank you Aaron!

Vira – Bye guys! see you on the dance floor.


Downstairs Vira and Aaron’s friends and family from CCity talked at the table.

Morgan – Where’s your sister Vanille?

Vanille – I have no idea where she is, she’s your bestfriend. You know she’s probably running around being social with everyone.

Wesley – This is such a different vibe than our Wedding and Reception babe.

Vanille – Right?

Wesley – But I loved ours… our outdoor wedding was special in its own right.

Morgan – I would love something like this.

Vanille – Hint hint Carter.

Carter – I’m taking notes *laughs*

[Bottom Pic]

Hammer – Is that Frankie making out with an Asian dude on the couch?

Kaori – No, that’s her older sister Andi, and her boyfriend Chris.

Hammer – Right, right- wow… her and her sister look alike.

Kaori – They do.

Hammer – So… shocked to see me?

Kaori – No, Jarrah told me she saw you walking around… and I saw you sitting in the audience.

Hammer – You looked very pretty in your bridesmaid dress- but this is MUCH better.

Kaori – Thanks, you look nice as well.

Hammer – Thank you… my date picked it out.

Kaori – Date?

Hammer – Yeah, she’s in the ladies room.

Kaori – Good. I’m glad you found someone.

Hammer – Umm… heh…. its not exactly what you think.

Kaori – Vague, and mysterious for no reason….

Hammer – I guess so… but umm, yeah. I just wanted to say hi…

Kaori – I have something I wanted to say to you as well.

Hammer – Uh oh, what did I do?

Kaori – Byron told me about you and him talking shit about me…

Hammer – I don’t know what he said or how he relied our conversation to you, but we weren’t talking shit.

Kaori – ….It felt like a personal attack. Like I purposely hurt you guys- when-

Hammer – No, no. You didn’t hurt Byron. He left… fuck him for that. As far as I go… yeah I was hurt…

Kaori – What exactly was the basis of the conversation that was had?

She wants answers, and she wants them now. Slay a bit Kaori.

Hammer – I saw him in Bridgeport, and I didn’t recognize him at all. He looks so different… but moving on. We started talking and I decided to tell him that what he did was wrong. Leaving without having a face to face with you was beyond pussy… right?

Kaori – Yeah.

Hammer – So he explained himself blah blah… told me about Bum Falk-

Kaori – Balm Fisk.

Hammer – Yeah her, he gave me like… websites to listen to their music… pretty good- somewhat pretentious.. a little on-

Kaori – Hammer…. get on with it.

Hammer – Right, right! so… I asked if you were with Keegan…

Kaori – …. I’m not.

Hammer – Which is what he said. He told me you were with another guy. We both laughed and said that it wouldn’t last.

Kaori – Why would you guys say that?

Hammer – Did it last Kaori?

Kaori – It never even got started because of reasons.

Hammer – Reasons aka Keegan?

Kaori – No! its other stuff that I can’t comment on because its personal to him.

Hammer – Byron might be bitter and have his issues with you, and Keegan. Me? I love Keegan, I get it… I get why you’re in love with him.

Kaori – Correction, WAS.

Hammer – …..Sure, but He’s great. He’s legit charismatic and I love his energy. I understand why you didn’t pick me. I’m sorry for not believing you with the Paisley stuff, and I let her play me like a fool.

Kaori – Well she’s in CCity now living it up with my family’s money.

Hammer – Everyone knows she lied about that shit with your dad… and she flat out told me she did.

Kaori – It didn’t matter in the end, the damage was done, and he couldn’t afford to have a scandal. He could however afford to just pay the bitch off.

Hammer – She sucks for doing that.

Kaori – She wanted my life… now she has it.

Hammer – Enough about her. You’re killing it from what I hear. You’re beautiful, and smart. You have great friends and family. Let that shit go, and live in the now.

Kaori – ….

Hammer – I’m sorry if it seemed like I was talking shit about you. I just know that you and Keegan are destined to be together- or at least try it out.

Kaori – That ship has sailed.

Hammer – I don’t think so…

Kaori – Its annoying having everyone tell me that I should be with him.

Hammer – Isn’t that a sign? Why are you so annoyed with the truth. You know deep down that you and him-

Kaori – No, its an annoyance and here’s why. Imagine all of your friends telling you Hammer that you should be with me. That no matter what its going to happen and all of your girlfriends don’t mean shit. We’ve had our closure and people insist on bringing it up and throwing it in your face. How would that make you feel?

Hammer – …I see your point.

Kaori – Keegan and I have been through it… things have happened… and we’ve sat down, had a salad and talked about it all. We’re better off as friends.

Hammer – ….I’m sorry. You’re right, I can see why that would be annoying.

Kaori – Thank you.

Hammer – I just…. You were the girl of my dreams, and though I will always have love for you… you’re not who I’m suppose to be with at the finish line. I want you to be happy…. like I am with my girlfriend.

Kaori – That’s very sweet, I mean that. I pushed you away and did stupid immature shit with you. You were always a stand up guy, and I will forever thank you for that.

Hammer – Good. So we cool?

Kaori – We’re A1.

Hammer – Awesome.

Kaori – So when do I get to meet this girlfriend of yours?

??? – Girlfriend?

Mila – Did you tell her I was your girlfriend Chad?

Hammer – No.

Kaori – And you are?

Mila – I’m Mila Anderson. I’m his agent. I came with him as a last minute plus one.

Hammer – Mila this is Kaori, an old friend from College.

Kaori – It hasn’t been that long Hammer… *laughing*

Mila – Hammer? Oh nooooo didn’t he tell you? He’s going by his real name now. Chad Hamilton.

Kaori – Your last name is Hamilton?

Hammer – Did you really think my name was Chad Hamm?

Kaori – Why the hell did people call you that? I thought that’s where Hammer came from-

Hammer – I was kinda chunky as a kid… then puberty hit and.. I lost weight and got attention from women- girls.

Kaori – …..I can totally see that.

Mila – Chad why did you mention your girlfriend? Is Liberty Rose here?

Hammer – She’s not.

Kaori – So your girlfriend’s name is Liberty Rose?

Mila – Liberty Rose Sinclair. I represent her as well.

Well that’s certainly a snobby sounding name… wonder when we’ll meet her.

Kaori – Hammer why do you need an agent?

Hammer – I’m going to be a sports analyst on TV. Hopefully I’ll become a full blown tv personality.

Kaori – No more football? what happened to the NFL dream?

Hammer – Hurt my knee, that’s not gonna happen anymore, but this is better… It’ll do…. especially since I did build a name for myself with College Football.

Mila – Speaking of which… I heard back from BPTV, and its down between you, and two other guys… my sources tell me you’re in the lead though.

Hammer – Great.

Kaori – Well congrats, I know you’ll get it.

Hammer – Thanks.

Kaori – Hopefully you’re around GloCity, and I can meet Liberty Rose Sinclair.

Hammer – We get very busy, but I’d love that.

Kaori – Me too… I’m glad you’re happy.

Mila – Chad lets go, there are some important people here. Lets network. Also I had no idea that my other client is here.

Hammer – Who?

Mila – Vanille Santiago. I’m glad too, maybe she’ll get off her ass and actually release an album. My fiancé Brock Wellington is a huge fan of hers.

Hammer – I’ll see you around Kay’

Kaori – You too. Have a good night!

Mila – Nice meeting you Kimono.

Kaori – You too Megan. *forced smile*

Looks like they’ve finally gotten their closure. Glad to see that has happened. The chapter of Chad-Hammer Hamilton has officially been closed.

Elsewhere Frankie and Keegan were chatting it up.

Frankie – I’m like oh my god did she just pass gas?

Keegan – Wait wait! *laughing* start from the beginning!

Frankie – Okay so I go in the ladies room and Calista’s in there and I swear to you… we’re both washing our hands and this bitch farts so loud. Like you would think there was a machine gun going off in there. She looks at me and says “I’ve been holding that fucker in all day” I just looked at her… and she looked back and me and asked if I had any perfume in my purse. I told her yeah. So she asked me to spray it in the air.

Keegan – Machine Gun Calista…. *laughing*

Frankie – *laughing* I’ve never had anybody pass gas like that in front of me. Keegan… I was grossed out.

Keegan – Well aside from that, are you having fun?

Frankie – I am… got a lot on my mind though… home stuff.

Keegan – Well stop worrying. You look beautiful. All three of you. I saw Jarrah walking upstairs a minute ago with Cillian. And Kaori looks cute in her pink.

Frankie – Well thanks Keegan, you look handsome yourself.

Keegan – Got my blonde hair back. Yay or Nay?

Frankie – Yay, I’m a big supporter of blonde KeeKee. I saw those instagram pics of you and Jonah getting your hair colored.

Keegan – *laughs* I miss Jonah…. and Trey.

Frankie – Me too. Wish they were here.

Priscilla – Oh my god, there you are!

Keegan – What’s wrong?

Priscilla – I just came out of the ladies room and it smells like perfume and poop… I am….disgusted. Someone needs to alert the bride that the bathroom smells like shit before she goes in there and dies.

Frankie – I was just telling him about that.

Priscilla – I didn’t even get to pee I was coughing the whole time! whoever sprayed that perfume was really trying to kill the demon that crawled out of someone ass.

Frankie – *laughing* oh my god Priscilla!

Keegan – I’m glad you two made up.

Priscilla – I am too- but wait a minute, rewind. Do you know who destroyed the ladies room?

Frankie – It was-

Keegan – Calista.

Priscilla – The bridesmaid with the huge tits?

Keegan – That would be her.

Frankie – Yep, and what makes this story all the more gross is that Kaori told me that Calista doesn’t wear panties.

Keegan – So she’s letting fumes out of her ass with no filter?!

Priscilla – *laughing*

Frankie – I’ve never been more grossed out in my life…

Priscilla – Ridiculous. So umm… Keegan…

Keegan – Yes baby?

Priscilla – Can I steal you away for a moment?

Keegan – Yeah, Frankie doesn’t mind.

Frankie – I don’t. I’m going upstairs to find my sister. Its all good.

Priscilla – Cool… *looks at Frankie nervously*

Frankie – *Nods knowingly* See you guys later.

Keegan – Later Frankie!

Frankie – There’s another ladies room upstairs by the way… its by the photobooths.

Priscilla – Thank you! I really have to go!

Frankie – No problem. You guys have a good night.

Priscilla – Bye *smiles*

Frankie – *Walks away*

Keegan – Shall we?

Priscilla – We shall.

[Top Pic]

Frankie walked off to find her sister, but instead found The Shady Bunch.

Frankie – ….

Torrance – And she clearly thinks she’s all that. She’s not even that cute.

Calista – She kept looking at me like I was shit on the floor.

Ryder – Don’t even trip off Vanille, she got a big ass head and she ugly. Her husband Wesley is short as fuck too, with woman hips. I’m glad I’m not with her.

Calista – She clearly still wants you babe.

Kira – Don’t worry about her. You’re way prettier.

Calista – Thanks hun!

Torrance – How was the bachelorette party Calista?

Calista – It was cool, I had to drink a lot though. I love Alana, but she’s not the party girl she used to be. Kaori was a little bitch that think’s she’s cuter than she is. That old friend Andi? girl bye, what hood did she crawl out of? The Morgan Hill bitch was stiffer than a dick when I walk past a man. Vira… she talks entirely too much, and she’s annoying as fuck.

Ryder – Andi’s kind of a bitch. When I lived in CCity, she never said hi to me. Vira’s just like her sister Vanille. They think they’re the shit. She ugly too, tall lizard bitch.

Torrance – Andi’s little sister Frankie is the worst. She think’s she’s this smart writer… please, you’re an editor bitch… assistant editor!

Kira – Was the bachelor party fun Ryder?

Ryder – It was alright, they was some square ass niggas though. I had to show them a good time. Ja’Von was acting like he ain’t never seen tits before at the strip club. He lame as fuck and kept checking in with his girlfriend. Sebastian, was trying not to do anything bad… like dude get over it… have some fun- stiff ass. Ivo-

Torrance – My ex, before I became gay.

Calista – You’re not bi?

Torrance – I’m gay now.

Ryder – ….. K, but umm.. yeah the Ivo dude, he was one of those types that think’s he’s the intelligent one of the group. Then Aries… he’s like my brother, minus the beer gut; Gay as fuck but tries to act butch. The red head… I forget his name-

Calista – Cillian.

Ryder – Yeah him… He was cheap. Like dude why are you not spending money? broke ass nigga… Oh and the fat one… his fat fucking ass kept talking about he was thirsty, and every 5 minutes he kept asking when are we gonna eat. Like damn dude… do you really need to eat? fat fuckin’ ass… is your blood sugar low?!

Micah’s not even fat. Looks like Vanille was right about Ryder… he is the worst.

Kira – There’s some bitch in a gold dress that stepped on my foot. I was about to punch her in the face.

Oooh wonder if its Jarrah or her mother Michelle, since they’re both wearing gold.

Ryder – This shit is mad bogus. We the only cool ones here… This shit is lame, but lets enjoy the drinks… and speaking of drinks… I added a lil something extra to that bland ass punch.

Frankie – *walks by*

Torrance – Oh HEY Frankie… guys doesn’t she look so beautiful?! GUYS?!

Ryder – Huh? *see’s Frankie* Oh yeah she’s slaying us all!

Calista – *looks at Ryder like he’s stupid* What’s up Frankie?

Kira – ….

Frankie – Just on my way upstairs…. You guys have a good night, excuse me. *walks past them*

[Bottom Pic]

Ryder – How much do y’all think she heard?

Calista – I don’t think she heard anything.

Kira – You can never be too sure.

Torrance – Well if she heard the shit we were talking, then oh well. She think’s she’s all that anyway.

Calista – Just like her sister…

Kira – We should probably go elsewhere before someone else hears us.

Ryder – Yeah, lets go.

Frankie – …. *laughs* Wow….

On her way to the stairs, Frankie ran into someone from her past. Sebastian’s mother Scarlett. You guys do remember when we first met Frankie, she was single, and her last relationship was that of an older guy… aka Sebastian… again, if you don’t remember that then you haven’t been paying attention.

Frankie – You look lost.

Scarlett – Frankie!

Frankie – Hello Mrs. Darwin.

Scarlett – Its been so long since I’ve seen your pretty face.

Frankie – How are you?

Scarlett – I’m trying to find the ladies room. Alana told me there was one hidden downstairs… I didn’t want to use the one upstairs because there has been chatter about it smelling bad.

Frankie – I’ve been in there… stay far away.

Scarlett – Mind if we sit and catch up?

Frankie – Not at all, we can chat for a bit. Andi’s not going anywhere.

Scarlett – Right. Your sister’s a bridesmaid.

Frankie – Which is so… unlike her. Andi’s a scrubs, and hospital kind of woman…

Scarlett – Well she looked pretty- You look amazing.

Frankie – Thank you.

Scarlett – You’ve grown into such a mature young lady.

Frankie – *blushes* You look beautiful yourself Mrs. Darwin.

Scarlett – Call me Scarlett.

Frankie – Okay *smiles*

Scarlett – You know…. I love my daughter in-law Alana, but I remember once upon a time thinking my son would marry you. He was so smitten with his little college girl. I remember meeting you, and being impressed. I had feared he was bringing home a air-head sorority girl… but you were the complete opposite. The age gap between you and my son didn’t matter because of your maturity.

Frankie – Sebastian and I weren’t meant to be in the end. Look at everything that has come from this… You have your granddaughter, a new daughter in-law… I think he and Alana were fated to meet.

Scarlett – You’re right. I still think you’re one badass chick.

Frankie – Aww… well thanks.

Scarlett – You have a boyfriend?

Frankie – Eh- umm… I’m… Umm-

Scarlett – Are you not dating anyone?

Frankie – I am, just not a…. guy.

Scarlett – I don’t under- Oh, Oh!… you’re a lesbian?

Frankie – No… I’m…

Scarlett – Bisexual.

Frankie – Yes, ma’am.

Scarlett – Oh okay. Well is she nice?

Frankie – Yeah, but…

Scarlett – What?

Frankie – I’m breaking up with her when I get home. I actually can’t stop thinking about it. Its giving me anxiety. I want to talk to her now, but… yeah.

Scarlett – Do what makes you happy dear, if she’s the one… then some time apart won’t hurt anything.

Frankie – She’s not.

Scarlett – How’s the writing?

Frankie – Its…. well.. I can be honest with you- don’t tell Sebastian… I don’t need him e-mailing me 10-steps to cure writers block…

Scarlett – *smiles* Why are you blocked?

Frankie – I don’t know- though I did have a breakthrough the other night.

Scarlett – It didn’t last?

Frankie – No.

Scarlett – Well can you repeat what led to said breakthrough?

Frankie – I didn’t do anything differently. I worked, talked to friends, and family… I did lay to rest an issue with Jonah…

Scarlett – Folland?

Frankie – Yeah- oh duh… he’s family.

Scarlett – You and him talked out your problems? and you were able to get some writing done?

Frankie – Shockingly yes…

Scarlett – He’s your muse.

Frankie – What?- no… it was just me probably feeling better about our misunderstanding and channeling that into writing. He just had a different energy than everyone else.

Scarlett – Different than your girlfriend?

Frankie – Very… its like the opposite. With her I have no creativity in me to write. Which is weird-

Scarlett – Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah?

Scarlett – Nevermind… *smiles knowingly* you’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Frankie – Yeah I just have to focus, and I’ll be okay. One day at a time.

Scarlett – Not what I meant- but again.. you’ll figure it out. *smiles* How’s work? the non-writing stuff. The editing.

Frankie – Boring, and not at all what I had hoped for.

Scarlett – Take a second and think about things. You have the ability to fix it and make it right.

Frankie – ….Yeah… true.

Scarlett – Do you mind helping me find this ladies room? this place is a damn maze.

Frankie – No problem. Lets go.

While Frankie helped Scarlett find the secret ladies room downstairs. Upstairs her older sister Andi was having a heart to heart with Jarrah.

Andi – Jarrah Folland.

Jarrah – Hey.

Andi – How are you? How’s the baby?

Jarrah – Umm… I’m okay, and Joshua’s perfect. Cutest thing ever… What about you?

Andi – Better now.

After talking things out with her boyfriend, I’m sure she does feel a lot better.

Jarrah – Frankie did mention you were feeling kind of down. Good to hear you feel better.

Andi – Yeah.. so speaking of siblings… I felt like a talk between us was long overdue.

Jarrah – You did?

Andi – Yeah, and since Chris is downstairs getting punch… I figured we could chat real quick.

Jarrah – Okay.

Andi – So your brother recently came and visited me in CCity.

Jarrah – Oh wow.

Andi – Yeah it was a complete surprise- anyway. I realized that you and I have always seemed… off. I have assumptions as to why that is, but I’m just wondering what your reasoning is for it.

Jarrah – ….Obviously you hurt my brother… so I kinda hated you for a bit.

Andi – Right.

Jarrah – That’s the obvious reason, the other reason that you may not be aware of is because I was jealous of you.

Andi – Why? I’m way older-

Jarrah – Because you took my brother. See when we were younger, Micah adored you and Frankie. You guys were her acting parents in a way. He was always with you and taking care of you guys. I was jealous. Like why couldn’t my brother be around me that much. It was all about his stupid girlfriend Andi!- I of course understand why now. I get it… especially knowing things about you guy’s upbringing.

Andi – Micah was a loyal boyfriend, who helped me out with my kid sister. With that being said, I can totally see why that would have annoyed you. For the longest time I was like: what is this bitch’s problem with me? am I gonna have to put hands on this girl- but I lightweight knew some of it was about Micah and I’s breakup. I didn’t know the other stuff though.

Jarrah – I wish you would have been close to me, like he was close to Frankie.

Andi – Well its not too late Jarrah. I am a nurse… and dammit I WILL be a doctor one day. You have a baby, and I’m only a phonecall away if you have any questions.

Jarrah – I get paranoid about little things.

Andi – That’s completely normal.

Jarrah – Is it normal to just want to scream sometimes?

Andi – Yes, you’re under a lot of stress. However if you do plan on screaming, just make sure its away from the baby. They pick up on things. Also I know you probably hear this a lot from TV commercials and what not but its super important right now in Joshua’s life to talk to him, sing to him, and stimulate his little brain. You want a Harvard slash Yale college graduate? You better start stimulating his brain! *laughs*

Jarrah – Thanks Andi… for the advice, and for coming to talk to me. I’ve always felt this stupid tension between us, and I wanted it to be over.

Andi – Well why didn’t you just come talk to me?

Jarrah – Because you’re you… do you know how intimidating you look?! You look like you’d-

Andi – What? like I’d square up with a bitch on sight?

Jarrah – Yes!

[Top Pic]

[Press Play or Use your imagination. Music Is Optional.]

Cillian – *smiling & playing piano*

Andi – Well give me a hug bitch.

Jarrah – *hugs Andi* Look at us… we’re friends now.

Andi – Micah would be happy about that.

Jarrah – Have you met his girlfriend?

Andi – Olivia? yeah, she’s sweet. So much different than her twin sister Misty though…

Jarrah – Is Misty a bitch?

Andi – No, no… Misty’s just punk… edgy… though lately she’s been in her feelings about her breakup with this sleazy ass dude named Ryder Larter. He’s actually here at the wedding. Devil in Red.

Jarrah – Why’d they break up?

Andi – From what I understand, he cheated on her with Calista… Mess.

Jarrah – Oh wow…

Andi – Yup- but umm.. that ain’t none of my business. Misty’s my friend… I think- haven’t exactly talked to her since she’s come back to CCity, but she’s cool people.

Jarrah – Maybe you should give her a call? maybe she could use your help.

Andi – Maybe, but she does have other friends too. We’ll see…. and speaking of help… whatchu helpin’ yaself to with Mr. Cillian here?

Jarrah – Just getting my mind off home stuff.

Andi – Okay, slay a bit.

Jarrah – I didn’t know you played Piano…

Cillian – I didn’t know you were a mom…

Andi – Good job Cillian. With your talented ass. First I find out that you’re-

Cillian – Shhh! Jarrah and I are playing a game where we don’t know specific things about each other…

Andi – Oooh I see… well let me hush. You two have fun. Keep on slaying with that classical piano. The only person I know back home who loves that shit is my boss Lydia Towers.

Cillian – … I know her.

Andi – Oh you do?

Cillian – I know her whole family unfortounately.

Andi – Exactly… well how you know her? y’all used to date?

Cillian – *nods yes* long, boring story…

[Bottom Pic]

Jarrah – Probably something I shouldn’t hear anyway.

Cillian – Right, stranger *winks*

Andi – I’m not shocked because… well she’s a l-

Chris – There you are.

Andi – Oh you was lookin’ for moi? *poses like a model*

Chris – *laughs*

Andi – You couldn’t find me?

Chris – Nope.

Andi – Aww baby did you Miss me?

Chris – Of course.

Andi – Chris this is Jarrah- Micah’s sister that I was telling you about.

Chris – Nice to put a face to the name.

Jarrah – Nice to meet you.

Andi – And this is Cillian, Sebastian’s bestfriend and bestman. He used to date Lydia…

Chris – Nice to meet you, Cillian.

Cillian – You too man.

Chris – *looks at Andi* Lydia Towers? your boss at the hospital?

Andi – Mmm hmm… can you believe that shit?

Chris – NO

Andi – Right? Anyway y’all have fun! bye! Come on Christopher… lets go dance- and what happened to the punch?

Chris – Refilling the thing… someone spiked it…

Andi – Probably Ryder stupid ass.

*Andi and Chris walks away*

Chris – What were you going to say about Lydia?

Andi – Oh… that she was a l-

Chris – Lesbian?

Andi – No, I was going to say she was a lot to deal with personality wise because she’s “Upper Echelon” You think she gay?

Chris – No- but I heard someone say it before *laughing*

Cillian – So…. you have a son.

Jarrah – You play piano, and have an ex girlfriend named Lydia Towers.

Cillian – Yep.

Jarrah – She sounds fancy.

Cillian – She was- I don’t know much about her life these days though.

Jarrah – I feel like I want to ask you so much…

Cillian – Same- but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of this? you said just hanging out to clear your mind about whatever’s going on back in GloCity.

Jarrah – Right…

Cillian – I have an idea.

Jarrah – Okay?

Cillian – Lets make this less personable.

Jarrah – How so?

Cillian – Fake names.

Jarrah – What?

Cillian – Hi Jarrah… my name is…. umm… Eric… Eric….Grandwell!

Jarrah – Okay…. fine… Nice to meet you Eric Grandwell. I’m… Rachel Duncan…

Cillian – Pretty name. What do you do Rachel?

Jarrah – Well I have my own fortune 500 company of course. I also give to charity… I’m very big on charity.

Cillian – I see….

Jarrah – And what is it that you do… Mr… Grandwell.

Cillian – I’m… an artist?

Jarrah – Slumming it?

Cillian – Why yes… my art buddies call me E-Grand… I love painting people… strangers.

Jarrah – *laughs* This is fun… and who knows… we could actually mix some truth in without the other one knowing.

Cillian – I could really be an artist for all you know.

Jarrah – Well I obviously don’t own a fortune 500 company *laughs*

Cillian – Would you like to dance Rachel?

Jarrah – Without music?

Cillian – Well… in the art world… we believe our surroundings are our acoustics.

Jarrah – As weird as it sound’s Eric… sure. I’d love to dance.

Cillian – So…. Rachel…  what’s got you down?

Jarrah – Hmm…. well… I’m getting divorced by not only my… husband, but my business partner.

Cillian – Ouch…

Jarrah – Yes… I’m rather…. hurt.

Cillian – How can I help you feel better?

Jarrah – Well Eric… how many weddings have you been to?

Cillian – 2… why do you ask?

Jarrah – Well, My ex…. girlfriend and I-

Cillian – Oooh bisexual? naughty Rachel!

Jarrah – It was in college… she was OBSESSED WITH ME! wanted to get matching tattoos… I was never serious about it. Just a learning experience if you will.

Cillian – Heartbreaker.

Jarrah – Moving on, my dear Eric… I have a plan.

Cillian – Do tell.

Jarrah – Wedding bucket list.

Cillian – Oh? what a lovely idea Rachel

Jarrah – Thank you Eric!

Cillian – What’s on this list?

Jarrah – … We’re going to write one silly… and number one…. we have to spike the punch and not get caught.

Cillian – I know just where they keep the extra liquor. Follow me Mrs Duncan!

Jarrah – After you Mr. Grandwell!

[Location : GloCity | Club MN8]

Back in GloCity, it was time for Cayden to put on his comedy show. He had lots of people show up to support, including his cousin Rebecca from CCity, and his boyfriend Chace. In attendance were….


Row 1: Dominic, Trey, Jonah, Rebecca, Chace, Ka$h, Lenny

Row 2: Ruben, Nick, Portia, Rubi, Adam, Amina

Row 3 : Hope, Fockky, Javier, Jules, Calvin

Looks like we got here late. Lets listen in on the remainder of his set!


Cayden – So like I said earlier, I’m originally from Bridgeport- which is great.

Crowd : *clapping* Wooo!

Cayden – I recently went to visit my cousin Rebecca in the next town over aka CCity. She recently had a daughter named London- give it up for that…

Crowd : *Clapping*

Cayden – I’m an uncle… or a Guncle if you will- that’s gay uncle for all of you straight folks out there- Anyway, so!… I walked through the door and baby London was still alive which is a surprise.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Rebecca’s great, but boy is she clumsy!

Rebecca – *laughing*

Cayden – So I got in there, and I gave London the cutest little shirt. It had a rainbow on it… it said precious, and my cousin [Rebecca] looked so pissed about it. I couldn’t figure out why! and I thought about it. Either she was really upset because of the rainbow- I was pushing the secret gay agenda that the rednecks have warned about… shhh!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Or…. that I was insinuating that London would grow up and be a big fat black girl who can’t read and shoplifts fried chicken.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – She’s half black so…. YA NEVER KNOW!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – But yeah… little London is great. Such a great name right? Typical black woman shit though. My poor cousin- and I do mean poor- you should see her apartment! Hashtag rent controlled area!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Its always the semi- broke ones with the big dreams of traveling the world that names their kid something like London. London, Paris, list goes on. Why do you think people don’t name their kids shit like Detroit, or Oakland.- or Brooklyn- oh wait…  those bedstuy natives with the raspy voices, and cigarette stains do name their kids brooklyn! God… those butch straight new york women scare me. You’d think they had the biggest dicks with the way they be talking!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – “Whutz good mah nigga wontchu get up in dis pussy- pop sum real shit mah dude, bust like ten nuts blat blat blat, iz you good or what fam?” Like bitch you talkin’ about sex or shooting up a club?! ol’ ratchet asses….

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – But yeah guys, my beautiful cousin Rebecca… she’s great… And so is her gang of friends and neighbors at her apartment complex. Its basically Sesame Street over there. Every time I visit I’m so amazed at all of the characters. I mean you have Cookie Monster- this fat guy who clearly can’t stop eating. He’s roommates with Oscar the grouch- a punch rock garbage woman. Then you have big bird- Hay Vira!- I love her… and you even have a Elmo… the ginger in apartment 7B. As for my cousin Rebecca goes, she’s clearly Count von Count… I mean the fashion trends… the accent… the need to standout and be fierce. I swear… I get my life when I visit Sesame Street aka The Lotus Apartment Complex HONEY!

Crowd : *laughs*

Cayden – You know…. Its good to be here tonight… on the stage. I love being on stage… I did a lot of drama, and musical theater in high school… my nickname was… *saying in an upbeat happy way* Faaaaaaget [faggot]. *pretends to flip hair*

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – If you’re laughing, you’re perpetuating a hate crime by the way you sickos!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Speaking of sickos… its 2016… and my boyfriend and I still get weird looks when we walk down the street together. Obviously we’re gay so that COULD be the reason… but I’m also pretty sure its the whole interracial thing. Which isn’t a problem for us at all….. unless we’re trying to take a selfie at night…

Crowd : *Laughing*

Cayden – You see him just fine, but you gotta “Where’s Waldo” my black ass! Got people thinking he’s crazy. He go showing pictures “This is me and my boyfriend Cayden” and people are looking at him…. and a fucking shadow!

Crowd : *Laughing*

Cayden – There are things that are so different about dating a white guy… for example. We’re allowed to be seen outside together!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – I know, I know… that’s mean… not all black guys are downlow and in the closet… I’m such a cunt- but real talk… Black gays, and white gays are like night and day sometimes. Most black gays I know are size queens…. and most white gays I know are on grindr ordering food. Have you seen those profiles? “I Like Vanilla, and Spice, No Chocolate, or Rice” Bitch… you trying to fucked or order food from room service?

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – I know some of y’all in here right now on grindr with a profile like that! don’t deny it ladies!…. Dating in the gay community is a mess. The shaming, and hateful comments within the community is just ridiculous. This is why so many gay men date straight men. ………….. …………. I’ll let you think about that for a minute!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – So um… raise your hand if you’re in a cult.

Crowd : ……

Cayden – Mmm’kay… nobody hmm? okay well raise your hand if you’re a Beyonce fan…

*70% of the crowd raises hand*

Cayden – Then I hate to break it to you, but yo ass is in a cult. Beyonce fans scare me! They will hack, stalk, and murder your ass if you say one bad thing about their queen Bey.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Changing the subject a little bit… Clap if you plan on voting in this presidential election…

*100% of the crowd raises hand*

Cayden – I’m scared shitless of Donald Trump… and he’s trying to do everything he can to get in the white house. Trying to get the Hispanic vote after shit taking them for months. This fool ate a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo, and posted a picture of it with the caption “I Love Mexicans”. Can you believe that shit?… You know he’s trying to get all the Obama voters too… telling them that Orange is the new black.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Orange because of his horrible tan. What’s up with his skin? has he become what he hates? Is he ethnic now?!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden : All jokes aside, This comedy thing isn’t my day job… I actually work in plumbing…oh excuse me I mean’t I work in retail. Easy to mix up the two considering I usually walk into work and it smells like a toilet bowl full of nasty ass SHIT!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – SOMEONE in there- I won’t say no names- Hi Calvin- is clearly having civil war in their mouth. Their breath is captain america, and the toothbrush is ironman. They just won’t co-exist!

Crowd : *laughing*

Calvin – *looks pissed*

Cayden – There are no winners honey! everybody loses when someone in the room has bad breath! Why does it smell like you’ve been chewing on dried shit-jerky, sweetheart!? what’s wrong? brush your teeth! you’re running away all the customers! I’m so getting fired!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Smelling like a bottom’s asshole who doesn’t douche!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – I’m Cayden Blake! thank you all for coming- and don’t forget your rainbow precious shirts on the way out. My cousin Rebecca will be handing them out! Goodnight! Muah!

Crowd : *Woo-ing and Clapping*

Once Cayden’s show was over, everyone was spreading out and conversing amongst themselves.

[Top Pic]

Amina – That was hilarious.

Ka$h – It was wasn’t it?

Amina – How do you know Cayden?

Ka$h – I met him at our cousin’s party.

Amina – Oh right, I forgot Trey invites you to things now- sorry, that sounded shady. I’m happy he’s bonding with you.

Ka$h – I’m happy I’m bonding with you too. Glad you came sis.

Amina – You thought I was going to say no?

Ka$h – Honestly? I assumed you’d be with Vik, and use that as an excuse not to hang.

Amina – Originally Vik was going to come with me… but that’s….

Ka$h – Are you guys fighting?

Amina – I think we want different things in life… so I don’t know if it’ll last.

Ka$h – Well what about the guy at school?

Amina – We’re friends.

Ka$h – Yeah but he likes you…

Amina – I know… but he know’s I have a boyfriend.

Ka$h – I’m…. happy right now.

Amina – So am I. I’m glad I get to spend time with you. I lost a sister, but gained a brother. I love you Ka$h.

Ka$h – I love you too Amina *smiles*


Ruben – So we good Chace?

Chace – Yeah… I mean sometimes it takes fist fighting with someone for the mutual respect to come through. We’re good dude.

Ruben – I enjoyed your boyfriend’s show. He’s awesome.

Chace – He alright *laughs*

Dominic – He’s amazing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

Chace – Yeah he’s great…. you got a great guy too you know…

Dominic – …

Chace – You gonna forgive him? You know I love him, and hate seeing him hurt. He’s like a sad puppy I swear.

Dominic – He told you we were fighting?

Chace – Not in detail no, but Its obvious.

Ruben – Well I fought with him this morning… so…

Chace – Have some drinks and let it go…

Dominic – What is this? the twilight zone? since when did you become the voice of reason.

Ruben – Yeah aren’t you usually the one arguing and fighting at events?

Chace – I’m a working model now, I’m trying to change!


Nick – *smiles at Trey awkwardly*

Trey – *blushes* … what? something on my face?

Nick – No, you just… look nice.

Trey – Thanks… so do you.

Hope – Hi, I’m Hope.

Portia – Portia Davenport, nice to meet you Hope.

Trey – Right you guys haven’t met before.

Nick – Two of my sorta exes right next to me.

Portia – You and Trey?

Nick – Trey and I were sorta together, and I dated Hope for a while.

Portia – And you’re all just so chill about it.

Hope – Who wants drama. There’s no beef here, just love.

Nick – That’r right!

Portia – That’s awesome.

Nick – You look amazing by the way Portia.

Portia – Thank you, I feel brand new.

Nick – You graduating this year?

Portia – Yes! thank god… cannot wait to be done with GCU.

Nick – Life after college is interesting, but stressful.

Hope – Not for a local celebrity I bet…

Nick – Oh stop….

Trey – *laughing*

[Bottom Pic]

Rubi – *dancing and singing* Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda! I got broads in Atlanta. Twisting dope, lean and the Fanta. Credit cards and the scammers. Hitting off licks in the bando. Black X6, Phantom. White X6, panda. Pockets swole, Danny. Selling bar, candy *getting out of breath* Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda!

Javier – I love that song Rubi.

Rubi – *twerks*

Adam – Rubi tells me you guys were enemies once?

Fockky – We were… but things change.

Rubi – Yeah we used to throw bows Adam… like sluggin’ each other left n’ right. It was crazy.

Fockky & Javier – ….. *looks at each other and laughs*

Rubi – So y’all back together eh?

Javier – Sometimes time apart is just what you need.

Fockky – Yep.

Rubi – Real cute, real cute! Me and Adam here can’t get enough of each other. We fuck all the time.

Adam – Rubi!

Rubi – We do! that big ol’ jewish sausage!

Adam – Rubi I’ve asked you to behave in public.

Rubi – Stop being so stiff god….

Javier – …..

Fockky – …..

Trouble in paradise?


Lenny – Oh my god girl you were amazeballs!

Cayden – Aww thank you Len’

Jonah – Yeah dude, I couldn’t stop laughing. Especially when you first started and was talking about Hilary Clinton and her Kwanzaa moment.

Cayden – Thanks JoFo. Becky Did you enjoy the show?

Rebecca – I did, it was great. You’re the true star of our family. I’m so proud of you, and all of your accomplishments. You inspire me everyday.

Cayden – I was bummed that Vira, and Vanille couldn’t be here

Remember, Cayden knows Vanille back from MagikCity. He also know’s Vira because she’s Rebecca’s roommate in CCity.

Rebecca – Well they’re having a blast at that Mango Island Wedding. My other friend Andi is there too.

Jonah – You know Andi?

Rebecca – Yeah. She’s amazing. So smart, and sweet… with a little bit of edge.

Jonah – She’s my friend’s sister.

Rebecca – Oh you’re one of Frankie’s friends?

Jonah – You know Frankie?

Rebecca – I don’t, but Andi talks about how proud she is of her all the time.

Jonah – That’s cute.

Rebecca – Yeah, it is.

Jonah – My cousin, and friends are at that same Mango Island Wedding by the way.

Rebecca – Oh wow!-

Rubi – *laughing obnoxiously* Then she just opens her legs and BAM her hairy snatch!

Jonah – …. You’ll have to excuse Rubi.

Rebecca – I know her…

Jonah – You do?

Rebecca – I… well its complicated-

Cayden – No its not. You were drunk, and you fucked her brother Ryder at y’all apartment complex a few years ago. He had a girlfriend at the time, and Rubi walked in on y’all.

Rebecca – Cayden!

Cayden – We’ve all made mistakes Becca…

Jonah – No judgement. And wow you know Rubi… small world.

Why does it seem like this Ryder guy fucks and cheats on so many women? he’s not even cute… yuck!

Lenny – That’s the saying! I swear GloCity, and CCity are merging!

Cayden – Magik City too! ever since the natural disaster that took place there, everyone has moved either here [GloCity] Bridgeport, or CCity.

Jonah – You met Chace?

Rebecca – I have….

Jonah – You like him?

Rebecca- *whispers* No, Cayden can do better.

Jonah – *laughs*

Lenny – Whatchu laughing at over there Jonah?

Jonah – Just a joke Rebecca made.

Rebecca – *laughs*

Lenny – You look hot tonight!

Jonah – Thank you Lenny, you always give me the best compliments.

Rebecca – Are you gay?

Jonah – Who me? no.

Lenny – I wish. I’d be his powerbottom ANY DAY! he’s like my number one crush!

Jonah – *laughs*

Cayden – Oh my god Lenny… the thirst is real girl!

Nick – So then you have to like film it again but at a different angle. So while people at home are getting one workout… we- the people filming it, are doing it over and over.

Hope – This is probably why you’re in such good shape.

Nick – Thanks for noticing.

Trey – Yeah Nick is a regular Captain America.

Portia – Nick you’re gorgeous, but I’m not really into big muscles to be honest.

Trey – I can see that.

Nick – You dating anyone?

Hope – Not currently no. Are you?

Nick – *looks at Trey* Nope…

Portia – Thanks for inviting me by the way. I know we were friends before, and I sorta ghosted on you… but… you never forgot about me. I appreciate that.

Trey – Portia, you’re my friend forever, deal with it *laughs*

Nick – How’d you know about tonight?

Hope – He and Jonah were at CakeCup and I saw them. He invited me.

Nick – You actually do work at CakeCup? I thought you managed or-

Hope – I wanted to come in early and make sure shit was together. These high school kids I hired  sure know how to make a mess of things.

Nick – Ah gotcha.

Portia – Oh god I love CakeCup. Do you guys still have the nutella filled ones?

Hope – We do! those sellout quick!

Ian – Trey!

Portia – Uh Oh… he looks mad.

Nick – Oooh the drama… who is this clown?

Hope – …no clue but he seems pissed.

Ruben – Should we help?

Dominic – Help what? Trey’s a big boy, let them talk this out like adults.

Chace – Oh… because Ian, totally looks like he wants to talk.

Dominic – Don’t worry guys, he’d be an idiot to touch Trey in front of all of his friends.

Ruben – Are you sure?

Dominic – Yes, and why do you care? I thought you hated him?

Ruben – I do, but I’m not about to let your boyfriend get his ass beat.

Dominic – Let them talk, they should have been talked to be honest.


Trey – Ian, what are you doing here?

Ian – Who do you think you are?

Trey – Are you drunk?

Ian – Answer my question!

Trey – What do you want?

Ian – I needed to talk to you.

Trey – How did you even know where I was?

Ian – Instagram! now answer my question… who do you think you are?

Trey – Ian if you want to talk like an adult then please.. go right ahead but yelling isn’t going to get you far with me.

Ian – Why would you- Why would you do what you did? why not come talk to me? I was easy to find. I could have explained myself, I could have opened up to you. You could have been a friend and gave me a chance to make you understand. Why would you ruin a friendship between Kaori and I? I needed you guy’s friendship and now you all look at me like-

Trey – I’m sorry! I thought I was doing the right thing in telling her. I was being a good friend to her.

Ian – You may have been a good friend to her, but you were not being a good person. It wasn’t your business to tell!

Trey – Stop yelling at me!

Ian – I really thought you were different.

Trey – You don’t even know me.

Ian – Yes I do… you’re an asshole.

Trey – 2nd time I’ve been called that today.

Ian – Clearly its the truth. You hide behind this introverted personality, when really.. you’re an asshole. I’ve looked at your social media, you have so many issues, yet you want to come after me? really? You’re a selfish, shitty person- no wonder your dad hates you according to your facebook rants.

Trey – And you’re fucking gay! So deal with it!

Ian – You just fucking outed me… AGAIN! I’m not even-

Trey – Fuck you! I don’t care. You come here and talk shit to me at my friend’s event, and try and analyze me? meanwhile you’re fucking on film to get by? go suck Rhino’s cock, and leave me alone! you know nothing about my family! or my personal life! Nobody cares about your woeful story!

[Top Pic]

Ian – My sister dying isn’t a woeful story you fucking asshole! *punches Trey*

Portia – Was that fucking necessary douche?!

Rubi – Damn…. Trey got knocked the fuck out… Adam sure picked a bad time to go take a dump.

Fockky – Show some concern, isn’t Trey your friend?

Rubi – I mean…

Fockky – You’re a fucking bitch, nothing has changed!

Rubi – Oh fuck off slug!

Fockky – Fatass bitch up in here smelling like dry salami!…

Rubi – Bitch- with yo tall ass head!

Cayden – Oh shit!

Rebecca- Does this normally happen with your friends?

Cayden – I haven’t known them THAT long…

Javier – Someone go help him.

Jonah – Fuck…. *runs after Ian*

[Bottom Pic]

Ruben – That’s fucked up.

Chace – Next time I see that blonde bitch, I’m fucking him up on sight!

Nick – Trey… are you okay?

Hope – Oh my god…

Portia – That was so ridiculous.

Trey – ……

Dominic – You’re shaking, are you okay? I didn’t think he was going to hit-


Dominic – What?- no, I-

Trey – You’re my boyfriend! you’re supposed to protect me, and have my back! you’re just happy to be right once again. You only care about being right!

Dominic – Trey, I’m sorry… I didn’t think he would do that-

Trey – Just leave me alone! don’t touch me!

Jonah – I’ll be back Trey. Hey! Hey! Ian!

Ian – *walks away*

Jonah – *Chases after him*

Why am I not shocked that Trey got knocked out?… this just hasn’t been his month has it? Is this the end of Trey and Dominic as we know it?

[Location : Mango Island | Reception Hall]

Back on Mango Island, Pricilla finally found another ladies room. Too bad she was taking forever. Poor Keegan was just standing around, that is until the bride herself paid him a visit.

Alana – Hey handsome. What are you doing up here alone?

Keegan – Waiting for my girlfriend to come out of the ladies room.

Alana – I see.

Keegan – You look very pretty Alana.

Alana – Oh you like? I decided to slut it up at the reception.

Keegan – *laughs*

Alana – You’re looking hot. I’m so glad you’re blonde again babe!

Keegan – I figured it was my look before, why not bring it back for the event of the century?

Alana – Good thinking.


Vira – Okay… so… this isn’t working.

Morgan – I know. They are not getting along.

Vira – Because Carter is kind of pretentious.

Morgan – You take that back!

Vira – Morgan… he is. The Lawyer jokes are getting old.

Morgan – Well Aaron’s a bit immature….

Vira – Its not his fault you decided to date an older man…

Morgan – Oh my god Vira you’re upsetting me.

Vira – I’m sorry… I’m sorry- look… we shouldn’t be fighting because our boyfriend aren’t getting along.

Morgan – Well your sister did say this would happen.

Vira – Which sister? Alana, Vanille, or Kaori… you gotta be specific these days… all of this new family…

Morgan – Vanille.

Vira – She told you that our men wouldn’t get along?

Morgan – She said they’re too different, and wouldn’t really like each other for more than 10 minutes.

Vira – So she’s a singer, and psychic…

Morgan – Apparently.

Vira – Hey look there’s your wild sex partner from back in the day…

Morgan – Shut up before they hear you….

Vira – I will never forget when you told me he ate your ass for the first time.

Morgan – I didn’t know what to do Vira, he turned me over and just…

Vira – Licked?… and then anal followed right?

Morgan – Vira Santiago Andrews McDonald…. are you drunk?

Vira – Too many last names… and I’m not drunk. I’m slightly buzzed.

Morgan – Vira…. have you ever… done that?

Vira – Aaron does it all the time…

Morgan – You like that?!

Vira – Don’t say it with so much judgement! *laughing*

Morgan – I hope Aaron and Carter aren’t fighting in the mens room…

Vira – Relax… loosen up. Lets get some of that punch.

Morgan – Oh no Vira… I saw the bohemian chic queen pour something in it.

Vira – Who?

Morgan – Jarrah sweetie… my ex- co-worker?

Vira – Oh right… I forgot you worked with her at V-Glam back in the day. Did you even say hi?

Morgan – Yes I did. We’re fine, no drama. But anyway, yeah…. I saw her along with Cillian spike the punch.

Vira – No wonder I’m buzzed. Lets have some more! Woo!

Morgan – Random memory! remember when you colored your hair green and you looked like an asian joker clown because you wanted to push Aaron away?! *laughing*

Vira – *laughing hysterically* Oh how stupid!


Alana – Well looks like my new step-sister Vira is enjoying herself.

Keegan – So… I was wondering something…

Alana – What?

Keegan – Why did you invite me?

Alana – *laughs* Oh baby… why do you think I invited you?

Keegan – I don’t know.

Alana – Look I know you’re with Patty, or whatever her name is-

Keegan – Priscilla…

Alana – Oh right- well.. I know you’re with her, but…

Keegan – But what?

Alana – I don’t know… I figured I’d invite you, and the ambiance, and love, and whatever-the-fuck, would hit you.

Keegan – Huh?

Alana – So good looking, but so slow… I wanted you to see Kaori at this wedding, and reception. I wanted you to really see her.

Keegan – I see her all the time.

Alana – But do you really see her?

Keegan – I don’t under-

Alana – God you two are annoying. Wake up already! You can’t tell me you don’t love the girl.

Keegan – Alana please…

Alana – Please what?

Keegan – I came to support your marriage… please be respectful to my relationship.

Alana – …I’m sorry. I just really love Kaori, and if she won’t admit the truth, then I have to. You and her have to be together… You just-

Priscilla – I’m back!

Keegan – Oh hey babe.

Priscilla – Long Line to the ladies room.

Alana – Oh hi! cute dress girl!

Priscilla – Thanks, yours as well! loving the whole boob-window thing you got going on.

Alana – I’m a bride, but I’m a sexy bride you know?- sorry I’ve had so much to drink!

Keegan – Its your wedding, party it up!

Alana – What took so long with the ladies room? are people pooping in there again?

Keegan – Isn’t that what its for?

Alana – ….Yeah but dropping atomic shit bombs? No.

Priscilla – The line was just super long.

Alana – I see. WELL! I’m going to go back downstairs. You guys have fun. And Keegan?….You just think about what I said…

Keegan – …. thanks for the invitation Alana. You have a great night.

Alana – You too baby! Bye Patty-

Priscilla – Its Priscilla! *smiles and waves*

Alana – Bye guys! *struts away*

Priscilla – Time to talk… but we need privacy.

Keegan – Lets go outside.

Priscilla – Perfect.

Keegan – *sigh of relief* This air feels good.

Priscilla – It really does.

Keegan – Beautiful night.

Priscilla – Hey what was Alana talking about when she said “Think about what I said”

Keegan – Uh- umm.. getting married?

Priscilla – ………..Oh.

Keegan – ……You almost jumped into the water at the thought…

Priscilla – Sorry…. hey did she say why she invited you?

Keegan – ….Yeah- she just- just because I’m close with the girls, and she said she just wanted to see me all dressed up.

Priscilla – ……….I….See-

Keegan – So you and Frankie eh?

Priscilla – What about us?

Keegan – Does it feel good to be done with the beef?

Priscilla – Yeah, some weight is lifted.

Keegan – But not all?

Priscilla – No….

Well get to it Priscilla.. we’re all wondering what the tea is.

Keegan – Priscilla are you in love with Frankie?

Priscilla – What?- no! why would you think that?

Keegan – Well you don’t really give me any other choice. Everything is super vague with you lately…

Priscilla – God….

Keegan – So are we gonna do this now? here?

Priscilla – I know its shitty timing but I just feel like I need to get this out…

Keegan – And by this you mean…

Priscilla – Everything.

Keegan – …..Great…

Priscilla – I love you Keegan… I really do.

Keegan – But you’re not in love with me huh?

Priscilla – Its not as cliche’ as it sounds… you have to let me explain.

Keegan – …. Go ahead.

Priscilla – …. I met someone.

Keegan – That Gina woman that you’re always at the gym with…

Priscilla – Yes and no-

Keegan – How can it be both yes, and no?!

Priscilla – I’m trying to explain.

Keegan – …Fine.

Priscilla – You have to promise not to hate me…

Keegan – I can’t promise that…

Priscilla – Please… because I didn’t want to hurt you.

Keegan – Priscilla you can’t dictate how I’m gonna feel about things… just say it… I’m tired of waiting- aren’t you tired of holding it in?

Priscilla – Fine!…. for the past…. 4 months…

Keegan – ……wow… that long…

Priscilla – Just listen… Gina is real, but she’s not Gina… and she’s not a she.

Keegan – …..

Priscilla – Something I should clarify is that I have not touched, kissed, or had sex with this person. We fell in love, and even he knew it was wrong. He even decided to stop coming to the gym so that we had nothing to feel guilty about… until last week… he came and he told me all he could think about was me, and I honestly felt the same. I haven’t known anyone like him, and if you believe in soulmates… I think he’s mine.

Keegan – …..

Priscilla – ….Nick….

Keegan – What?

Priscilla – Nick Hicks…. Trey’s friend….

Keegan – …..

Priscilla – We met at the gym, and we fell in love there… he’s why I go so often… to see him, to be in his company… he makes me laugh, he makes me feel amazing- and that’s not to say that you don’t… he just does it in a different way. I love you, but I’m in love with him- and please don’t hate him. He respected you, he tried to end it- he tried to stay away. He feels awful about it- he almost told Trey about us out of guilt, but stopped himself.

Keegan – Nick…. is Gina….

Priscilla – Can you say something?…. do you hate me?

Keegan – ………………………… We……….. need to break up.

Priscilla – …. I know.

Keegan – ….I’m a little mad at Nick… but I’m not gonna go fight him if that’s what you’re worried about. Heh, I really… I shouldn’t even be surprised… my luck with women is just…

Priscilla – Go be with the one for you…

Keegan – … We just broke up, I’m not thinking about-

Priscilla – Doesn’t matter… Go.

Keegan – What are you gonna do huh?

Priscilla – I’m going to get on the first flight, and get home.

Keegan – To be with Nick?

Priscilla – To be with my bestfriend. I could use her right about now. That took a lot out of me to say. I hate myself so much right now for hurting you.

Keegan – Its not your fault you found someone better than me.

Priscilla – He’s not better, he’s just different, and he’s just… for me. I can feel it- and She’s for you. So go… you have plenty of time to deal with me- hate me or-

Keegan – I don’t hate you…

Priscilla – …That’s generous…

Keegan – No i’m not giving you generosity Priscilla. That’s just truth…

Priscilla – *sigh*

Keegan – You should get out of here…

Priscilla – We can talk when you get back to GloCity.

Keegan – Yeah… no.

Priscilla – …..

Keegan – Believe me when I say this. I’m not trying to be mean, but we don’t have anything to talk about. Thank you for being my… friend?… but you lied to me, and you kept this from me. Even after I told you I was trying to be the best man I could be in a relationship after my last one crumbled. I don’t hate you, and I wish you and Nick well on your journey to be soulamtes- but we have nothing else to talk about. Goodbye Priscilla Kane.

Priscilla – *Looks upset* …. Goodbye Keegan Bennett.

Holy shit did that just happen? Nick?! Nick is Gina from the Gym?… wow Nick.. can’t believe you’re BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR!- a lil beyonce reference there. Google it if that joke didn’t land! All jokes aside, I can’t believe that…

[Location : GloCity | Club MN8]

While I collect my thoughts, we’re back in GloCity, and the fallout from “BitchWentDown-Gate” was in full affect.

Jonah – Dude…

Ian – Are you here to hit me?

Jonah – No! don’t you think we’ve had enough of that shit?! what the fuck were you thinking?

Ian – I feel like shit! I shouldn’t have hit him- I have to go apologize-

Jonah – No! you can’t go back in there! 80% of the people in there want to probably beat your ass.

Ian – I regretted it as soon as I did it. I’m not a violent person- that’s not me!

Jonah – We all make mistakes, I’m not going to judge you for this- was it wrong? fuck yeah! but all things considered, I could see how your emotions could take over…

Ian – I have to go back in there- I have to make it right!

Jonah – Not tonight you don’t.

Ian – Why are you even out here? you hate me.

Jonah – I don’t hate you.

Ian – I thought you did because Keegan and I are-

Jonah – No. I don’t hate you, I’m not jealous.

Ian – I want to die.

Jonah – Stop it.

Ian – No, I want to die. I want to kill myself and be with my sister…. tonight.

Jonah – Holy shit. Listen Ian… when the time is right, you’re going to apologize to Trey, but that’s not tonight… and please promise me you’re not going to hurt yourself when you leave.

Ian – …

Jonah – Please.

Ian – I fucked up hitting him, I shouldn’t have done that- I am not this person!

Jonah – I know… stop it, stop hating yourself.

Ian – I’ve hated myself ever since my sister died. It wasn’t my fault but I should have been watching her- and my parents… they hated me.. they refused to talk to me. I had to emancipate myself for some kind of sanity… do you know what that feels like? your parents hating you for something that was beyond your control? They blame me for my sister- *crying* They threw me out like trash.

Jonah – ….I know…

Ian – Then the porn thing… I get exposed before coming to terms with telling Kaori myself- I… I need to get out of here. I have to leave.

Jonah – Just promise me-

Ian – I have to leave…. I have to leave- I gotta leave, I have to go.

Jonah – Things will be okay Ian, Trey probably doesn’t even hate you… I-

Ian – … *walks away*

Nick – Hey

Jonah – He left…

Nick – ….Ah.

Jonah – He smelled like booze, but clearly he was on something else as well. I know that look…

Yeah because Keegan had that look years ago. Hopefully Ian can get himself together like Keegan did…

Nick – You’re saying he was high on something?

Jonah – I’m pretty sure- Hey you didn’t come out here to fight him did you?

Nick – Umm.. no?

Jonah – Just checking… considering…

Nick – I wouldn’t solve violence with more violence…

Jonah – Ah… but its Trey… so…

Nick – I’d do that even if it wasn’t Trey… I don’t get what you’re getting at.

Jonah – … Look… I know… about… your secret.

Nick – You do?….

Jonah – Its obvious… I know about you loving h-

Nick – I feel really shitty about it-

Jonah – I get why…. you don’t want to break up an existing relationship.

Nick – Not sure how this relates to Trey, and I don’t know how you found out, but I’m almost relieved. It was so stressful, and Priscilla… she’s feeling so guilty-

Jonah – Wait what?

Nick – About everything.

Jonah – Wait!

Nick – No, it feels good letting it out finally… She’s suppose to tell Keegan about us tonight-


Nick – …..

Jonah – You and Priscilla?! You’re her gym friend?!

Nick – … Wait a second- you said you knew?

Jonah – I thought you were in love with Trey!

Nick – Why the fuck would you think that?!

Jonah – He told me!

Nick – I’m not in love with him! is he out of his mind?!

Jonah – Are you?! are you fucking crazy? messing around with Priscilla?! Keegan will murder you!

Nick – We haven’t- We haven’t crossed any lines until last week… I kissed her and she was so mad at me- I was mad at me!

Jonah – What the fuck?!

Nick – ….I’m so sorry… I thought you knew? I feel like shit, Keegan’s a great dude- but I fell in love with her and-

Jonah – Stop….

Nick – I know he’s your bestfriend and-

Jonah – Stop….

Nick – I don’t know why the hell Trey told you that I was in love with him.

Jonah – The day you went over there to talk to him. He thought you were about to-

Nick – Oh shit… now it makes sense. I’ve been around a lot- and acting weird around him. Its because I’m close with him, and he’s close with Keegan. It was awkward for me. I wanted to tell him-

Jonah – Too many truth bombs… He found out things about that guy that punched him and look what happened. You did the right thing in not telling him.

Nick – But now you know…

Jonah – And I wish I didn’t.

Nick – Well Keegan’s finding out tonight. Look… I’m not a bad person. I do feel horrible, but have you ever met someone who lit up your entire world? someone that was with someone else and you loved them no matter what? all you wanted was them… for you? because you knew deep down its what made sense in the grand scheme of things?

Jonah – ……

Nick – Looking at your face, I can tell you have…

Jonah – This is fucked up Nick…

Nick – Keegan’s going to punch me huh?

Jonah – I don’t know what he’s going to do… but you guys are going to cross paths…

Nick – …. shit….

Jonah – Shit is right…

Rubi – …..*smiles and waves* *singing* Panda Panda Panda Panda!

Jonah – Oh great, Rubi’s being nosy.

Nick – She can’t hear from in there, its super noisy.

Jonah – She needs to go sit her fatass down somewhere… this is not the time for her poking around in people’s business.

Nick – ….I get it, you’re loyalties lie with Keegan… you hate me.

Jonah – … Its just awkward…

Nick – I’m gonna go back inside and check on Trey…

Jonah – …K.

Nick – ….And I know this is… not right…. but…

Jonah – Yeah, yeah… I’m not going to tell him anything about Priscilla… too much has been said already.

Nick – Thank you.

Jonah – …. You should probably make it obvious that you’re not into him though. He think’s Dominic’s going to dump him, so….

Nick – ….Alright.

Jonah – ….

Nick – Okay… I’m gonna get back inside.

Jonah – Yup… I’ll be in, in a second…

Nick – *nods and walks away*

Jonah – Fuck my life.

[Location : Mango Island | Reception Hall]

[Press Play or Use your imagination. Music Is Optional.]

Back on the island. It was performance time. Vanille took the stage and everyone else took to the dance floor… well not everyone. Some were elsewhere, like Aaron who had too much punch. He was knocked out in the corner. Vira didn’t care, she was happy he was enjoying himself, and thought he was adorable sleeping. Keegan also wasn’t in the dancing mood. Obviously we know why, poor thing… and now Jonah knew too.

Two others who were missing were bestman Cillian, and Jarrah. Also known as Eric and Rachel.

Cillian – ….Well… we’ve done everything on the list, and we’re down to the last one…

Jarrah – Right… hooking up in the closet at the reception *laughs*

Cillian – Is kissing okay?…

Jarrah – Its fine. I don’t want to cross the other line.

Cillian – Me neither.

Jarrah – You’re a cool guy…. Eric.

Cillian – So are you Rachel…

Jarrah – I’m a cool guy? *laughs*

Cillian – You know what I mean.

Jarrah – Too much punch?

Cillian – A little, but I’m confused… its been refilled a couple of times. We only spiked it that one time.

Jarrah – Maybe someone else is doing it….

Cillian – I have a secret to tell you…

Jarrah – Okay.

Cillian – Don’t tell the bride… but you’re the hottest girl here.

Jarrah – …..Aww aren’t you sweet.

Cillian – Being serious for a second, Jarrah…

Jarrah – No more codenames?

Cillian – Our night is about over… and I just want to say… I have a past… and things with women haven’t been easy. Tonight was the first time I’ve had fun in a long time. I usually work hard, and keep to myself. So thank you for a magical night.

Jarrah – No problem Cillian, you’ve help distract me from a few things. My mind is fog free now, I can see things so clearly now. You’ve made this night special for me as well.

Cillian – *smiles*

Jarrah – *smiles* After this kiss we go our separate ways.

Cillian – We go back to our lives as we know them. You’ll just be a nice memory. The beautiful girl at the wedding.

Jarrah – The handsome bestman.

Cillian – Lets cross off the final thing on the list Rachel Duncan.

Jarrah – Go for it Eric Grandwell.

Cillian – *kisses Jarrah*

Vanille – *continues singing*

Wesley – Yeah! work it out baby! that’s my wife singing *dances*

Kyle – That’s your wife? she’s amazing!

Wesley – She sure the fuck is!


Aries – I love you Benji, thanks for coming with me.

Benji – I love you too

Aries – I’m having an amazing time with you. I can’t imagine myself with nobody else!

Benji – We are so going skinny dipping in the ocean after this.

Aries – Fuck yeah! I love being naked!


Carter – Babe… you’re so sexy when you loosen up… look at you..

Morgan – I don’t know why I’m feeling so loose.

Carter – I do… I spiked the punch.

Who hasn’t at this point?

Morgan – I want to be mad, but I just feel so damn good!

Carter – Good enough to break the hotel room sex rule?

Morgan – You know I feel like a cheap escort doing that… but maybe… you are looking rather delicious tonight!


Sebastian – ….

Alana – What’s wrong babe?

Sebastian – I’m just really happy.

Alana – Aww… me too.

Sebastian – I can’t wait for the honeymoon. I have so many surprises. Also your mother agreed to keep Charlotte… its going to be just us baby…

Alana – Oh you spoil me!


Kaori – Where’s Jarrah?

Frankie – She’s somewhere with Cillian.

Kaori – Still?

Frankie – Yep, I played cupid. Just for the night though. They’re just having fun. Are you having fun?

Kaori – I am!

Frankie – Good… I needed to make sure before I left.

Kaori – You’re leaving? *makes sad face*

Frankie – I’m not focused on having fun, I need to talk to Raina… like now.

Kaori – I can understand that…. can’t believe you’re really breaking up with her. I’m straight- but she’s hot.

Frankie – She is… but… I gotta make myself happy. Do me a favor…

Kaori – Anything, sexy lady BFF.

Frankie – Make sure Keegan’s okay.

Kaori – Why wouldn’t he be?

Frankie – Just check on him later okay?

Kaori – Alright.

Frankie – I gotta go.

Kaori – Its late, how are you getting back to GloCity?

Frankie – Your sister took care of that. Alana saw me sulking, and told her dad I needed to get home fast. So he’s letting me use his jet, can you believe that?

Kaori – You know my family does it big- ew… sounded like Rubi Larter for a second there.

Frankie – This wedding and reception are clear indicators of doing it big.

Kaori – Safe travels.

Frankie – Love you! tell Jarrah, and Keegan I said bye.

Kaori – Will do, and Love you too.

Aww… bye bye Frankie.

Keegan – ….

Vince – ….. Keegan?

Keegan – I’m not drinking.

Vince – You can sit at a bar and not drink. I didn’t think you were having anything…

Keegan – ….Yeah.

Vince – Did you have any punch? because-

Keegan – No, I smelled it… I knew…

Vince – Just… making sure. Not to monitor you, but to be protective…. you’re Issac’s son… I just-

Keegan – I get it…. thanks for looking out for me….

Vince – Why aren’t you dancing? got two left feet?

Keegan – Nah, I was dancing earlier…

Vince – Where did your date go?

Keegan – Home to her boyfriend.

Vince – What?

Keegan – …I wasn’t her soulmate and she told me she had to be with him. Its odd, I’m more mad that she lied. I’m not even mad that she’s with someone else.

Vince – I’m not sorry to hear that.

Keegan – Excuse me?

Vince – She’s right to want to be with her soulmate, and you should be with yours.

Keegan – …What are you saying?

Vince – You and my daughter have loved each other since you first met. Remember her 14th birthday party? You remember what I caught you doing in my bathroom?

Keegan – Oh god… please don’t-

Vince – If I recall it correctly… you were in the mirror saying “Kaori, you are the prettiest girl in the world, and I like you. Do you want to maybe see a movie with me?” You were pretty embarrassed when I caught you.

Keegan – …Nobody knows about that except you.

Vince – You never told her, and you went on to meet other girls, and have relationships.

Keegan – You made it clear that I wasn’t right for your daughter early on.

Vince – I was both right and wrong. You weren’t right for her at that age, at that maturity level. You’ve both grown so much over the years. You remind me of myself. I made mistakes growing up. We are both better men having grown from our mistakes. While you and my daughter have grown up, and have become quite different than the kids you used to be, one thing remains the same. You guys are in love with each other.

Keegan – … I-

Vince – You are so much like your dad. Issac was so stubborn about the truth. He didn’t want to come out of the closet, if it had been up to him, he never would have had his first kiss. So I grabbed him and kissed him.

Keegan – You did?

Vince – Yep, and me and the guys later on forced him to expand his horizon. He was the straight-gay guy… he needed to get out there and just live his life. We had to push him, and he was happy. Now I’m pushing you, so get up out of that fucking chair, and go get the girl.

Keegan – …but I just- Priscilla-

Vince – Oh to hell with her! She’s going to get her man, while you sit here crying about a bitch that doesn’t give two fucks about you. Do you hear me?

Keegan – I do.

Vince – Go be with my daughter already. I’m sick of y’alls excuses. Do I need to do everything myself? *laughs* don’t be that stupid 14 year old… go tell her how you feel, how you’ve always felt.

Keegan – *laughs*… What if she’s over it?

Vince – She’s not.

Keegan – So you want me with her? Really? *smiles and laughs*

Vince – Go before I change my mind… *smiles*

Keegan – We really have been fooling ourselves… avoiding the inevitable.

Vince – You guys haven’t fool anybody but yourselves… we all knew the truth.

Keegan – Its crazy when you think about-

Vince – If you don’t get your ass outside and kiss my daughter I will choke you.

Keegan – I’m going *smiles*

Vince – Finally!

Keegan – Umm where is-

Vince – Outside.

Keegan – Thanks…

[Stop Music if still playing]

Kaori – Oh my god did you fuck him in there?

Jarrah – Oh god no! what type of slut-antics would that be?

Kaori – Don’t let Vira hear you say that… “a woman has a right to be just as sexually promiscuous as a man”

Jarrah – That sounds exactly like the stuff you were saying freshman year- well freshman year for you.. sophomore for me.

Kaori – Time has flown by.

Jarrah – I feel good. This was a good wedding- good reception.

Kaori – Are you going to miss Cillian?

Jarrah – No… I never met him. I only knew “Eric : The Bestman” Besides I have enough to deal with back at home.

Kaori – Right… Owen and Shane.

Keegan – Hey!

Jarrah – KeeKee!

Keegan – Hey hot mama!

Jarrah – Oh stop…

Keegan – You look like you’ve had a good time…

Jarrah – Don’t pretend like Frankie didn’t tell you *laughs*

Keegan – She told me all about Cillian.

Jarrah – It was fun… but the fairytale is over. I have a job, and baby to get back home to after this is all said and done. Back to life! back to reality.

Kaori – *laughs*

Keegan – *looks at her and smiles*

Jarrah – *feels a vibe*…… I’m…… going to go inside… I owe my dad a dance.

Kaori – Why are you leaving?

Jarrah – *smiles and looks at Keegan* Feels right. Later guys!

Keegan – Bye.

Kaori – Bye weirdo *laughs*

*Jarrah leaves*

[Press Play or Use your imagination. Music Is Optional.]

Keegan – …Hey.

Kaori – …Hi?

Keegan – Hiya-Sorry… I don’t know why I said that-

Kaori – Ya know… I didn’t realize how much I missed blonde KeeKee until now.

Keegan – Oh yeah?… well he’s back…

Kaori – Where’s Priscilla?

Keegan – She had to leave.

Kaori – Oh? is everything okay?

Keegan – I guess that will depends on how this goes.

Kaori – ….How what goes?

Keegan – You ask a lot of questions you know that?

Kaori – Can’t help it *smiles* I’m just being me… love it or hate it.

Keegan – I love it.

Kaori – ….*looks away and smiles*

Keegan – Priscilla and I are done…

Kaori – What happened?

Keegan – She told me everything…

Kaori – About why she’s been so weird?

Keegan – Yeah… and I’ll tell you about it… later, but I don’t want to talk about her.

Kaori – …What do you want to talk about.

Keegan – Kaori why have we been lying to ourselves?

Kaori – …What do you mean?

Keegan – Please don’t do that.

Kaori – ….We’re friends.

Keegan – We are, but we’re so much more than that and we always have been.

Kaori – …

Keegan – I can’t make anything work- even when I try. Neither can you… We said that the universe didn’t want us together, but I think the universe was trying to give us the right moment.

Kaori – …

Keegan – *grabs her hands* This is our moment.

Kaori – But didn’t-

Keegan – You didn’t answer my question… why have we been lying to our-

Kaori – Because… I’m scared that people would be right, and everything leading up to this didn’t matter… That I was stupid.

Keegan – For me….I was worried I’d hurt you. Especially after the Jules thing. I realized something… we’re hurting each other by denying the obvious truth here.

Kaori – Which is?

Keegan – Simply put… I was made for you, and you were made for me.

Kaori – ….*smiles*

Keegan – I’ve had this speech in my head for so long. What would it really be like to tell you that I’m in love with you, and I want to be with you… but nothing I say can really ever truly describe my love for you. Its ironic that you’re standing here looking like a princess, and I’m anything but a prince- but I’m here presenting myself to you.. open and honestly. I love you, and I want to be with you. I always have and I lied. I don’t want to be your fucking friend. I want to be your friend, boyfriend, confidant, etcetera. I want to be your everything.

Kaori – ….*smiles* ….

Keegan – Can you say something?

Kaori – …. you’re wrong.

Keegan – About?

Kaori – You are a prince… you’ve always been my prince… I just had to kiss a bunch of frogs till I got to you.

Keegan – So you’re saying yes? *smiles*

Kaori – Yes… Keegan Bennett, I’m saying yes. I lied too, I love you… I tried everything to get over you… but it doesn’t work, and everyone called me out on it. I hate them… I love you… I want to be with you.

Keegan – *smiles*

Kaori – Is this too soon though?… with Ian, and Priscilla-

Keegan – No, no, no… aren’t you tired of waiting?

Kaori – *Nods yes and smiles*

Keegan – Besides, I’m pretty sure your dad will kick my ass if we don’t end up together.

Kaori – What?

Keegan – I’ll tell you about it later… just… be with me here in this moment.

Kaori – I’m yours…

*Keegan & Kaori Kiss*

Keegan – Oh one more thing princess

Kaori – Yes prince charming?

Keegan – Kaori, you are the prettiest girl in the world, and I like you- scratch that… I love you. Do you want to maybe see a movie with me? *smiles*

Kaori – What are we? 15?

Keegan – 14…

Kaori – I don’t get it- but it was cute… yes… I’d love to go on a date with my boyfriend…

Keegan – Oh boyfriend huh? look at you all sure of it… okay.

Kaori – *laughing* shut up… you know you want me as your girlfriend.

Keegan – ….I do… *kisses Kaori*

Kaori – Yep…. best night of my life.

Keegan – *laughing* 

Kaori – So what now? I mean-

Keegan – Sweetheart?

Kaori – I know.. too many questions. I should just shut up and-

Keegan – Kiss me.

Kaori – That I can do.

Keegan – Come to daddy…

Kaori – Stop *laughs* that’s gonna get you in trouble.

Keegan – Isn’t that what you like? bad boys?

Kaori – You’re not a bad boy anymore…. but guess what?

Keegan – Hmm?

Kaori – I still love you… and nothing will change that. You’re mine now… so-

Keegan – You know what? on second thought I think I’m in love with Myra Kelley… *laughing* yeah she’s so hot-

Kaori – *laughing* Stop!…

Keegan – Remember when you’d be “in the neighborhood” and come by just to watch me wash my car, or fix it? You were so into me…

Kaori – Oh god embarrassing.. I was so sprung…

Keegan – You still are… can’t get enough of daddy Keegan huh baby? *winks playfully*

Kaori – *laughing hysterically* Oh god! shut up and kiss me.

Keegan – To quote a beautiful princess on a far away island?… “That I can do” *Kisses Kaori*

Well well well… it finally happened. We all knew it would, but that’s besides the point. They finally realized it, and I’m beyond happy about it. I wonder what the rest of the group will think when they find out. With Kaori and Keegan so happy… would that annoy the other’s who seem to be so…. unhappy? also… not to be cynical but will this last? no no no- I won’t ruin this moment. I totally ship #Keeori… and if you don’t, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

[Stop Music if still playing]

[Location : GloCity | Tyler & America’s Home]

After the Comedy Club drama, Trey didn’t want to go home with Dominic… which worked out well because his big brother Tyler, and his sister in-law America had invited him over. Why? well… apparently it was urgent. Jonah, not knowing what to do with himself decided to tag along. From Christine, Seeing Karin, The punch heard around the world, and finally Nick’s confession… he was over the this day.

Tyler – Okay sorry about that. Work never stops.

Trey – …..

America – Are you gonna tell us why you seem upset?

Trey – No…

Tyler – Jonah?

Jonah – …Its better if he tells you… I don’t want to be in the middle.

America – Is it serious?

Trey – I should be asking you guys that…

Tyler – ….Jonah would you mind keeping an eye on Renly while we talk to Trey in the kitchen?

Jonah – No, problem- hey why did you guys name him Renly?

America – Our favorite Game Of Thrones Character… So we named him Renly Jordan Robinson.

Jonah – Oh cool! have you guys seen the new episode?

Tyler – Not another word young Jonah! we have not watched it yet!

America – We are serious about spoilers in this house.

Jonah – Gotcha. Well we’re good here. You guys can go talk.

Tyler – Yell if you need anything.

Jonah – Alright.

[Top Pic]

Jonah – *tickles Renly*

Renly – *giggling*

Jonah – Renly… you are the cutest kid ever- don’t tell JK (Jarrah’s son) that I said that!

Renly – *baby gibberish*

Jonah – *playful gasp* I do not tell that to all the babies!

Renly – *baby gibberish*

Jonah – You sure are adorable, but why the hel- heck would your parents name you after Renly Baratheon? 1. He sleeps with his wife’s brother. 2. He barely lives, he died 5 episodes into season two… death by vagina smoke monster- damn… Game of Thrones is weird.

Excuse you Jonah? spoilers much?- though if you’re not watching Game Of Thrones by now… what’s the point.

[Bottom Pic]

America – ….We love you Trey… tell us what’s going on.

Tyler – Yeah… who hurt my baby brother.

Trey – I sorta deserved it- sorta… I didn’t deserve to get punched though… and in front of my friends.

America – Did nobody help you?

Trey – ….The guy walked off-

Tyler – Why would anyone hit you?

America – You’re the sweetest thing.

Trey – I found out some information, and I did with it what I thought was right…

America – Well are you alright? did you need ice?

Trey – I iced it at the club.

Tyler – … How are things with Dominic? you know I really like him for you. Originally I thought he had too much of a past for you… but I think he’s matured you a bit.

America – I really like him too.

Trey – Everyone loves Dominic.

Tyler – What? you don’t?

Trey – I do, he’s my boyfriend… I’m just- enough about me guys. I’m perfectly fine, I’ll be okay. How are you? how’s work?

America – Things for me are going great. I’ve gotten so much support from the city with my project.

Tyler – Same for me…. and this segways into other things we’ll get into.

They work for the same environmental protection agency in case you guys were wondering.

Trey – Well glad things are well.

America – And what about you?

Trey – Well…. my boss is [gay] great. I [feel bad for] love his family. I really [hope the drama doesn’t get me fired] love working for them. *forced smile*

Tyler – Are you sure you’re okay? you seem so… over everything.

America – I agree…

Tyler – Almost makes me not want to bring up why we asked you here.

Trey – I’m good, I just… things in my personal life could be better- but all that aside… I’m here for you guys. What’s going on? do you need me to babysit my nephew?

Tyler & America – *looks at each other*

Jonah – Let me put you down Renly, My phone is buzzing. *sets Renly Down*

Jonah – Hello?

Oliver *on phone* – Hey, how are you doing?

Jonah – Dad this is random..

Oliver – Is it?

Jonah – Yes?

Oliver – I guess I just wanted to see how you were… considering most of your friends are at your cousin Sebastian’s wedding.

Jonah – I made my peace with that, I’m not upset that I didn’t go.

Oliver – I never want you to feel left out- and I know its not cool- and kind of lame… but I just want to protect you…

Jonah – Thanks dad. What are you up to?

Oliver – Your mother and I are supposed to be at the movie theatre but she realized she forgot her phone so we drove all the way back. I’m in the car, and she’s walking in the house now to get it so we can be on our way.


Trey – So… are you guys going to tell me something bad or something?

America – I wouldn’t say its bad.

Tyler – ….Its not bad, its just…

Trey – Oh my god… guys… c’mon tell me already.

Tyler – Its more of a question than a statement.

America – ….yeah.

Trey – Okay I’m all ears.

Tyler – I’m so nervous to-

America – He’s here… we may as well just go on with it.

Trey – ….

Tyler – …. America and I have been offered something very special. To go and save a rainforest… to save an area far from here. With climate change and endangered-

Trey – Are you guys asking me to keep Renly for a week or something? because that’s fine-

America – …..Longer…

Trey – …. a month?

Tyler – …..Longer….

Trey – A YEAR?

America – ….Two.

Trey – ….

Tyler – I know its a lot… and you can say no. We would ask mom, and dad-

America – But with what’s going on with your dad… she has enough to deal with. We can still ask assuming you say no but… We love and trust you… and if anything were to happen to us, we’d want Renly with you. We would be sending money too, don’t worry about that.

Tyler – And Merica’s folks… They-

America – My father is far too busy, never home. My mother is in Riverview with her boyfriend, and only here for work.

Tyler – We realized the lifestyle that we’ve chosen for ourselves, but Renly didn’t have a choice, and he can’t go with us for multuple reasons.

America – We went over this for a week… if we should ask… this is hard for us being his mom and dad… but we need to do this.

Tyler – Its a lot to ask someone, but you’re not just someone. You’re family.

America – We will understand if you say no.

Tyler – What do you say little brother?


Oliver *on phone* – Why is she taking so long?

Jonah – Mom always loses thing-

Oliver – Oh my god, Jonah- someone’s in the house with your mother. I saw them in the upstairs window. I’m going in- call 911 now! *hangs up*

Jonah – Dad?! Hello?! HELLO?!

With what’s going on in Trey’s personal life, could he actually take on the responsibility of being the caretaker of his nephew Renly? how would that work considering his living situation? Sure Ruben is moving out, but would Dominic even be okay with this? are him and Dominic even a thing anymore? how would bringing Renly in, while fighting with his boyfriend even make sense? At the same time its his brother, and sister in-law. He loves his nephew and would do anything for him. This is a lot to ask.

With everything that has happened to Jonah in the past few months- including today. This is the last straw, what the fuck is going on in GloCity? why are there so many criminals? who is in his parents house, and whats happened to his mother? what will happen to his father who’s confronting the intruder? Jonah not only called 911, but he drove over there himself.

[Location : Mango Island | Hotel Room]

So hard to even focus on Mango Island, when so much is going on back in GloCity. With that being said, the festivities were over, and Kaori was hanging out in her hotel room with her sister Vira, and friend Jarrah. Kaori was on a high- having no idea of what’s taking place back home in GloCity.

[Top Pic]

Vira – So…. what happened next?

Kaori – We walked on the beach, sat in the sand… looked at the stars and listened to the ocean. We talked about so much stuff.

Jarrah – I’m so happy for you guys.

Vira – Me too. Its about damn time.

Kaori – None of that “I told you so” shit though…

Vira & Jarrah – *laughing*

Jarrah – Isn’t it all worth it in the end?

Vira – Can I plan the wedding?

Kaori – You guys….

Vira – Did you have a good time tonight Jarrah? I heard you were with Cillian the whole night…

Jarrah – It was fun. You?- where’s your boyfriend?

Kaori – Yeah, where is Aaron?

Vira – Wesley, Carter, and Chris carried him to our room. He’s sleeping- and by the way do NOT let me fall asleep in here. He’d be so upset that I didn’t sleep in the room with him. He’s a big baby… he has a fear of hotel rooms. This is what happens when you watch too many horror movies about haunted hotels.

Jarrah – What does he think, Lady Gaga is going to come in and turn him into a vampire?

Kaori – Don’t you DARE bring up that horrendous season of American Horror Story. I hope she’s not back next season… horrible actress.

Vira – She won a Golden Globe for it…

Kaori – So… Halle Berry won and Oscar, and she did Catwoman after. They only gave Gaga that award because- well actually I don’t know why, and I don’t care *laughs* I’m just happy.

Vira – I’m happy you’re happy.

Jarrah – You think Frankie’s okay?

Vira – My baby… I hate that she left early.

Kaori – She’s a tough chick… she’ll be alright.

Vira – So… you have Keegan, Frankie’s breaking up with Raina, and- well what are you doing Jarrah?

Jarrah – Umm… getting some sleep. I’m tired as hell.

Vira – Fair enough.

Jarrah – Truth be told, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just going to go back to GloCity, work my ass off, be a good mom… and take it from there. We’ll see what happens with the guys.

Vira – That’s a good outlook.

Kaori – *smiles* I still smell like Keegan’s cologne… I love the way he smells.

Vira – *looks at Jarrah and shakes her head*

Jarrah – *playfully rolls eyes* Get a room already!

Kaori – I have one! you two whores are in it! *laughing*

[Bottom Pic]

After more conversation about the wedding and reception, Jarrah fell asleep… and so did Vira. Kaori knew she had to wake Vira, but figured a little nap couldn’t hurt before she made her go back to her own room. Obviously Kaori couldn’t sleep. It had finally happen. After all of the ups and downs, she’s taken, he’s taken… it finally was perfect. It was if the universe had already written this night and was just waiting for her to get to the ending. As excited, and happy as she was… she did wonder what happens now. She sure hope the fantasy wasn’t better than the reality. She also wondered if right in this moment… what was Keegan doing? she was thinking about him, was he thinking of her?

[Location : Mango Island | Outside Hotel]

[Top Pic]

Outside of the hotel, Keegan most certainly was thinking about Kaori. He was on a natural high, and felt light as a feather. He felt as if he could walk on air, that’s how over the moon he was. He of course had some of the same thoughts she did as well. They were finally together, so what now? Keegan laughed, and realized he sounded like Trey. Worrying about things when he shouldn’t. He was soon joined by Kaori’s brother Ivo…

Ivo – I guess I’m not the only one who couldn’t sleep.

Keegan – Yeah… and it feels nice out here.

Ivo – Mango Island is a magical place according to my dad.

Keegan – Your dad seems to have lots of wisdom to pass around.

Ivo – Some wisdom… some snore-inducing boring stories…. but that’s my dad for ya.

Keegan – Vince is a good dad.

Ivo – He is… and so is your dad… Issac’s awesome.

Keegan – He can be.

[Bottom Pic]

Ivo – So….

Keegan – Hmm?

Ivo – …..You and my little sister huh?

Keegan – *smiles*….yeah.

Ivo – What took so long?

Keegan – I- we just-

Ivo – You know what? I don’t care- because it doesn’t matter right? we’re here now…

Keegan – You’re right *smiles*

Ivo – So you’re happy right?

Keegan – I am…

Ivo – Then why do you look worried?

Keegan – …..

Ivo – I know we’ve never really…. been….

Keegan – Close?

Ivo – Right…. but…. you’re with Kay’ now… so I’m going to be around… watching.

Keegan – I promise I will be the best boyfriend. I love her so much, I always have. I won’t do anything to mess that up.

Ivo – *smiles* You, and Aaron… you’re both with my sisters… I even had a one on one with Sebastian at the bachelor party about Alana. She may not be my sister by blood, but she is by marriage, and I protect her. Being the only boy, I have to protect her, Kaori, and Vira. Its just what I do…

Keegan – I feel the same way about my little sister Zoey.

Ivo – I’m glad Kaori has you. You’re it… you’re the person that will make her the most happy.

Keegan – She makes me the most happy…

Ivo – …Then stop worrying…

Keegan – I just don’t want to mess it up.

Ivo – She’s been in love with your ass since forever… there is nothing you can do to run her away.

Keegan – I… you’re probably right- but I don’t want to do anything to run her away- I don’t-

Ivo – Keegan just… calm your tits alright?…. you love my sister?

Keegan – Yes.

Ivo – She loves you. That’s all that matters. Take it one day at a time… just because you guys have been friends for so many years, doesn’t mean rush into living together. Lemme give you a little advice. You know how I had my older woman phase, and dated Jessica Nash?

Keegan – Yeah.

Ivo – She told me something important. She said… “Take your time… woman like romance, and women like feeling like they matter” So do this… take her on dates, go through the little honeymoon period. Make it no different than any other relationship… and make the sex count- ew… can’t believe I just said that- but yeah… just take your time.

Keegan – Thank you Ivo…

Ivo – No… thank you for making my sister happy…. and just remember, if you hurt her?…. I will kill you *smiles*

Keegan – *laughs*

Ivo – And no sneaking into her hotel room…

Keegan – ….Yes sir *laughs*

They stayed out a bit longer, talking about the event, the dancing, the gossiping. They even touched on Ivo, and his girlfriend Taylor. Ivo was the happiest he’s been in a long time and he knew Taylor was the one, and it was great to see his sister feel the same way with Keegan. After a while, it got cold… and they returned to their hotel room. It was finally time to end this long day. It was time to say goodnight…. and so they did.

That concludes the Wedding Special.

~* Oh wait…. It doesn’t *~

After Credit Scene? Oh My!?

[Location : GloCity | Raina’s | 3:25am]

Guess Frankie made it to GloCity before sunrise.

Frankie – *sigh* Hope she’s awake….

Not surprising at all that she wanted to talk to Raina. Makes sense too considering she’s a bartender who’s a night owl. Hopefully this goes well, and Raina doesn’t flip a bitch and start cursing her out. The last thing we need is Frankie fist fighting Raina, because if Andi hears about that… Raina’s dead. So again, lets hope she handles this like a mature adult… seeing as she is older than Frankie.

Frankie – *gasp* Oh my god…

Raina…. hooking up with Ashley?…. but doesn’t Ashley have a boyfriend? That guy that works for Trey’s dad… Mario. What in the hell is going on?

Frankie – *crying* Why am I so stupid?

I guess Shane was right about his sister afterall… Poor Frankie… and Raina didn’t even know she was there… what’s going to happen next?

~*That Concludes Chapter Four/Wedding Special. Chapter Five Pt 1 is Next*~

{BnG Season 3} Chapter Four – Presents – Alana & Sebastian : A Wedding Special Part One

[Chapter Four Pt 1]

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

No POV. Instead, Narrated by Me! ItzBee

Welcome to Part One of the Wedding Special. Both Part’s One & Two will feature all 6 of the Main BoysNGirls. Part One will take Place during the day, at the wedding, and in GloCity [For Jonah & Trey]. Part Two will be at night at the reception, and ALSO GloCity [For Jonah & Trey]. I hope you enjoy!


[Before you read this update hold CTRL and press F5 so the page can do a cache refresh of the page. Photobucket has been wonky so sometimes the pictures don’t load all the way. If you encounter a unloaded picture just hold CTRL and press F5, and it should fix it. Thanks! and enjoy]

[Location : Mango Island]

The big day was finally here, everyone was looking their best, because today was the extravagant wedding of Alana Grace, and her beau; Sebastian Darwin. It was a time of fashion, and celebration… would you expect anything less from GloCity’s finest? Guests were arriving, and finding time to socialize before the ceremony started. As for the Bride herself? well she, her bridesmaids, and a few others were inside the house getting ready…. lets have a look around, shall we?

Looks like the Groom, and his groomsmen were in deep conversation.

Sebastian – Why the hell am I so nervous?

Cillian – You got this man. You’re marrying the love of your life.

Micah – Yeah, nothing’s going to change except her last name. Everything will remain the same.

Ivo – The day is good, everyone is looking great- the weather is perfect. This is all going as planned.

Ja’Von – Yeah, stop worrying… This day is perfect.

Aries – You and Alana should not work on paper… but you do. You guys are oddly enough… perfect for one another. So chin up… lets celebrate!

Ivo – Not too much celebration… I still have a headache from the bachelor party…

Micah – Hey…. what happened there… stays there *laughing*

Sebastian – You guys are the best groomsmen I could ask for. Thanks for being here today.

Ryder – …………..


Meanwhile in the background… some C-City residents were chatting among themselves.

Aaron – Vira’s inside with Kaori, and Alana- and the others. I’m just chillin’ out here with you guys.

Carter – Yeah, Morgan’s in there too.

Aaron – I have to pee like crazy.

Wesley – Well go inside.

Aaron – I will in a minute.

Carter – Are you nervous Vanille?

Vanille – About what?

Carter – Singing at the reception.

Vanille – Not at all.

Wesley – My wife was born to perform. She’s good.

Aaron – Aren’t you guys adorable.

Wesley – You and Vira talk about marriage?

Aaron – Its come up randomly.

Vanille – This is surreal… Vira went from having no ties to her father… and now she’s a bridesmaid for her step sister, and hanging out with her half-sister weekly. Its crazy how life works out.

That’s true Vanille, I mean your mother Leslie met Vince on Mango Island- which happens to be exactly where you are now at a wedding. Leslie and Vince had Vira- we all know the story. So here you are, with people you know from your hometown of CCity- like Morgan Hill- and you’re also here with people you don’t know. Vira’s introduction to her father’s [Vince] family has in a way bridged two cities. Also can I just say how great it is to see that Vanille is happy, and married? I guess her winning that Miss Magik City Pageant was the start of goodness for her.

Wesley – What the fuck is Ryder doing?

Vanille – Who cares?

Carter – *laughing*

Aaron – Is it odd that he’s here?

Carter – Oh right, Morgan said he’s your ex boyfriend.

Aaron – And almost baby daddy…

Wesley – ….

Vanille – Ryder is so… lets just say he’s a non-factor. Beside’s I’m married to the most amazing man…

Wesley – Aww thanks baby.

Aaron – He’s with that super plastic chick right? Clisto Lockheart?

Carter – Calista Lockhe’ad.

Vanille – I can’t at her name.

Wesley – Why is Ryder eavesdropping on their conversation?

Vanille – He’s always been thirsty…

Carter – ….I don’t know the guy, but his reputation in CCity really paints a picture- plus what he did to you Vanille.

Vanille – Its all in the past… hope all is well for him. I’ve moved on, and have no room for hate. My sister’s [Vira] right though, Ryder has this ability to convince people that he’s this good guy, that he’s misunderstood. When in fact him, and his brother Rodney are both pieces of shit. They’re horrible people. Vira’s 100% right when she says that to be honest. Ryder has probably convinced all of those groomsmen that he’s chill…. they’ll see the truth sooner or later.

Incase you didn’t know… Vanille and Ryder dated in high school. She got pregnant, lost the baby, and he abandoned her. That’s like… one of the many messed up things this guy has done. Oh and fun fact… he’s Rubi’s brother.

Ryder – Hey motorboater!

Sebastian – ….

Aries – Dude, we just said what happened at the bachelor party stays there.

Ryder – Oh stop acting like we all cheated on our girlfriends… all we did was have fun with strippers. Our girlfriends are good.

Aries – Girlfriends? dude I’m gay.

Ryder – Didn’t act like it when that stripper had her ass in your face bruh!

Aries – I was trying to have a good time douche….

Cillian – We really don’t need you talking about the bachelor party… today of all days. We had our fun, today is about celebrating love.

Ivo – Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ryder – My bad, my bad. You’re right…

Sebastian – So what’s going on Ryan?

Ryder – Ryder….

Sebastian – Right! Ryder, sorry. So many names…

Ryder – Can I talk to you for a minute? Alone?

Sebastian – Umm… sure? Excuse me for a minute guys….

The groomsmen gave Sebastian and Ryder space to talk. They looked on, and conversed with each other.

Ryder – First off I just want to say, thanks for the invite.

Sebastian – No problem, your girlfriend is one of Alana’s bridesmaids so… it was only right.

Ryder – Fiancé.

Sebastian – Oh right, congratulations on that.

Ryder – Yeah man, had to put a ring on it.

Sebastian – Well that’s good. That mean’s Calista’s the one.

Ryder – I had a few, but they never made me feel like Calista does.

Sebastian – *smiles* That’s how I feel about Alana.

Ryder – I’ve made some mistakes in the past, and I’ve stumbled on the way to greatness… but I’m here now. My current job… I did not see that as a career for myself but it sorta just fell on my lap… and its paying off. The two kids I signed- Byron, and Balm Fisk… they’re amazing. I can’t wait for the world to hear their music.

Sebastian – I know Byron, he’s a good kid- well man.

Ryder – You know my sister right?

Sebastian – Umm…

Ryder – Rubi… Rubi Larter? she lowkey fat… big personality?

Sebastian – Ooh… her, yeah I know who she is. I remember some of the students from my days helping out the professors. Thinking about it, I don’t know how I managed to be a TA, and work full time at The Mothership- and put out my book.

Ryder – Well you did, making us all look like slackers *laughs* – but um… the reason I came over is basically to say thanks for having me at the bachelor party. Its odd, growing up I didn’t have many male friends- hell a couple of years ago I didn’t either. It was nice to feel included.

Sebastian – You’re a twin though right?

Ryder – Having an identical twin is not all its cracked up to be. My brother Rodney and I… our relationship is the most hot and cold, bipolar, dumb shit you’d can imagine. We are not friends…

Sebastian – That sucks.

Ryder – I don’t dwell on it. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for a fun night.

Sebastian – No problem Ryder, and hey… we’ll hang again. We have each other’s information… you’re a cool dude.

Ryder – Cool… cool. Thanks.


Cillian – Who is he exactly?

Ivo – Calista’s boyfriend.

Cillian – And who’s Calista?

Aries – One of Alana’s oldest friends.

Micah – How old is she?

Ja’Von – *laughing*

Ivo – Dude…

Micah – What?

Aries – Oldest friends… as in from the past… *laughing*

Micah – Oh!

Ivo – I mean… she does look old too.

Ja’Von I thought she was his cougar or something.

Cillian – Guys, stop… *laughing* She could be a good person.

Aries – She’s not… she’s annoying.

Ja’Von – Just like her boyfriend… honestly why is he wearing that red suit?

Micah – Devil in red?

Aries – I don’t know him, but I do find him a bit over the top.

Ivo – He was acting like he was the best man at the bachelor party…

Cillian – You know what though? it didn’t bother me that much… he’s clearly a party boy… so in the end it helped when it came to the clubs and stuff.

Ja’Von – Not really my scene, but I tried to let loose… I have a girlfriend so I tried to behave. Speaking of people back at GloCity, I didn’t realize all of my co-workers would be here.

Ivo – Besides knowing me, who else do you know?- Oh wait… right.. Haus Of Opulence. So you know Frankie, Torrance, and Benji.

Ja’Von – Right.

Micah – Is it weird for you Ivo?

Ivo – Why because Torrance is here? no… not at all. I’m very happy with Taylor. Torrance is the last thing on my mind.

Aries – She’s gay now… and she cut all of her dreadlocks off and went blond.

Ja’Von – Very Amber Rose…

Cillian – Who’s Amber Rose?

Aries – Someone who’s 15 minutes of fame has sadly extended.

Micah – So Andi’s here Ivo.

Ivo – Yeah I talked to her earlier. Her boyfriend is really cool.

Micah – I was in CCity last week, so I got to see their place. It was pretty nice. Glad she’s happy.

Ivo – Same.

Cillian – All of these names! I don’t know who she is.

Aries – Its better that way… she boned both Ivo and Micah.

Ivo – Dude! she didn’t actually do me… and its way complicated than that.

Ja’Von – Read all about it in his book Cillian.

Cillian – *laughs*

By now you should know all about the Andi [Frankie’s sister] Ivo [Kaori’s brother] and Micah [Jarrah’s brother] situation. If not then you obviously haven’t been paying attention. The past is the past and all three of them have forgiven each other for the messy situation. They’re all happily in new relationships too- not to mention that Micah and his girlfriend Olivia are expecting. Moving on… lets check in on the bride.

Alana, and company were inside getting ready. Alana was really happy that her father Raymond [Victoria’s Ex Husband] was able to walk her down the isle today.

Morgan – Is it just me or does this bridesmaid dress leave little to the imagination?

Calista – Its sexy, and its making our tits look amazing.

Morgan – Calista, show some class.

Calista – Look I don’t know you very well, but you seem real stiff.

Morgan – I let loose sometimes.

Calista – You have amazing tits by the way. Who did them? where did you get them done?

Morgan – What?

Calista – Who did your boobjob?

Morgan – God!

Calista – Just answer the question.

Morgan – I did, I said God. God did my boobs… as in… they’re natural?

Calista – Well congrats on the titties girl.

Morgan – Calista, we are no longer at the bachelorette party. Are you drunk?

Calista – Maybe so!

Morgan – You and Ryder are perfect for each other…

Calista – You know my fiance?

Morgan – Yes.


Raymond – You look beautiful sweetie.

Alana – Thanks daddy…. wait till you see me in my dress though. Its amazing… and sheer-

Raymond – Oh you’re trying to give the boys and girls a show?

Alana – You know it!

Raymond – My fierce daughter…

Alana – Almost as fierce as you.

Raymond – Oh stop… I’m just trying to feel comfortable. Xander gave me a pep talk on the jet.

Alana – Why did you need one?

Raymond – Well I feel fat. Last month I was planning on working out, but I hurt my knee so I couldn’t really-

Alana – Daddy… stop. You look handsome.

Raymond – Yeah but you know your mother… she’s rude… and by the way, why is she wearing a grandma-wedding dress? she does know this day is about you right?

Alana – ….*laughs* You know mom… she has to standout. Its okay though, she looks pretty. Both of you look very nice.

Raymond – I don’t feel like I do, but thanks.

Scarlett – I agree with you’re daughter Raymond. You look very nice today- and also you and your boyfriend look very nice together.

Raymond – Well thank you Mrs. Darwin.

Alana – Are you comfortable Mrs. Darwin?

Scarlett – I am honey, I’m just a bit sad- sad and happy.

Alana – Why?

Scarlett – I am beyond happy that you and my son are getting married. It warms my heart that you two gave me my grandaughter Charlotte.

Raymond – I agree, I love my grandchild.

Scarlett – I’m just a little sad that my husband is no long with us. He would have loved to see this beautiful day.

Alana – Aww, well… I’m sure Nathan is looking down and smiling. He’s with us in spirit.

Scarlett – You’re right.

Raymond – You look beautiful by the way. You serving us a little thigh. Slay a bit!

Alana – Yass

Scarlett – Oh my, well I just wanted to be pretty.

Alana – You are Mrs. Darwin.

Scarlett – Call me mom.

Alana – *smiles*

Xander – Honey?- Raymond?

Raymond – Yes dear?

Xander – The office called. I need you for a moment outside.

Raymond – I told them no business, I’m with my daughter.

Xander – I know babe, but this is the Okinawa case.

Raymond – *sigh*

Alana – Its okay daddy. Go handle business.

Raymond – I’ll be back in a bit.

Alana – No problem.

Xander – Hi Lana!

Alana – Hey babe! when are we going dancing in Miami again?

Xander – Pick the time and place girl!

As Alana, Raymond, and Xander spoke briefly… Victoria had her thoughts on her ex husband.

Vince – Raymond’s a good dad. I’m not at all upset that I’m not walking Alana down the isle. I’ll have my turn.

Victoria – Yeah, Kaori, and Vira will have you of course… but umm… speaking of my ex husband…

Vince – Oh lord…

Victoria – Vincent…. we both hit the gym. We knew this wedding was coming… and you’re telling me that Raymond’s fatass couldn’t go run on the treadmill? He’s walking her down the isle looking like that!

Vince – He looks fine.

Victoria – No, he looks wide, and puffy.

Vince – Nobody’s going to be looking at him anyway. All eyes on the bride remember?

Victoria – I suppose you’re right. I’m sorry…. my ex husband brings out the worse in me. For years he claimed to be happily married to me, only to secretly be having sex with other men at his office. You know till this day he has never apologized?

Vince – I did not know that.

Victoria – And that new boyfriend of his.. Xander. He works in his office, so you know he drills him during lunchtime.

Vince – *laughing* did you just say drilled?

Victoria – As in fucks Vincent… you know-

Vince – I know what it means… *laughing* I’m just surprised you used that term.


While Vince and Victoria spoke about her ex husband. 3 of the 5 bridesmaids were all in their heads.

Vira was so happy. Today she was a bridesmaid with her half sister Kaori. She was important in a wedding for her stepsister Alana. Her other sister Vanille was also in attendance. Alana had the idea for Vanille to sing, and Vira was so proud of that. For her this was a family affair with all sides of her family. The only people missing were Kokoro, and her mother Leslie. Kokoro was obviously off filming her television show, which was ironically filiming a wedding special for its main characters. Her, and Vanille’s mother Leslie, was by her girlfriend’s side who was in the hospital due to a skiing incident.

Vira – Come here Charlotte [Off screen] come to auntie Vira!

Andi, was enjoying everything- though she had made it known that she hated her bridesmaid dress. It was “Napkin Couture” as she put it. For Andi it was a beautiful day, and she was here with people like her old friend Alana, her boyfriend Chris, and her sister Frankie. All of those things considered, she couldn’t help but be in her head about what was going on in her personal life.

She and her boyfriend were fighting over his inconsiderateness- yes that’s a word… I was shocked too- anyway… Andi and her boyfriend Chris were fighting because he was being inconsiderate about a lot of things. Not only that, but she had also had a fight with her bestfriend in C-City…. and then the cherry on top… she failed her test to become a doctor and would have to wait 6 long months to take it again. She felt like a failure, and she didn’t feel like herself. The show must go on though, she knew she had to smile, and be social with the strangers, and the people from her past that were all in attendance today.

Kaori was another person in her head. It was bittersweet being at this wedding. She was happy to be with friends and family. Seeing the true love that blossomed between Sebastian, and her stepsister Alana- made her realize her own lack of serious relationship. She thought about the men in her past, and present. Ian, Keegan, Byron, Hammer. All of these guys, and nothing. She started to feel like maybe something was wrong with her- but much like Andi, she snapped out of it. Today was about Alana and Sebastian, not her, and her feelings.

Alana, had cleared the room. She only wanted to talk to her mother, and two step-sisters. Of course Victoria used this as a moment to cut into her ex-husband Raymond.

Alana – Mother, stop it.

Victoria – I’m just saying, Raymond comes here all out of shape with his office thot Xander and-

Alana – Mom he hurt his knee, he couldn’t workout.

Victoria – But he could eat though.

Alana – ……….

Victoria – Fine… fine…

Alana – Not another word about my dad okay?

Victoria – Fine honey, its your special day…

Alana – *smiles* So umm… I wanted the three of you here because I had something to say to the each of you.

Kaori – Oh god… what did we do?

Vira – *laughs*

Alana – Oh its nothing bad. Lets start with Vira. Vira, I haven’t known you as long as Kaori, but I adore you. I am beyond thankful that you found us, and we found you. You are such a wonderful addition to the family, and I’m happy to gain another sister. So thank you for being here, being a bridesmaid, and being part of the family. Oh and your boyfriend Aaron is gorgeous. Hold onto that one.

Vira – Aww, thank you Alana. I’m just happy Kaori decided to play detective. I can’t imagine my life without you all. As for Aaron… I don’t plan on ever letting him go again.

Kaori – Speaking of, where is he exactly?

Vira – Probably outside with my sister [Vanille] and the rest of the guests from CCity. Shockingly there are a lot… weird how that happened. By the way, I want to say thanks again for being so nice to Morgan at the bachelorette party. I know you’re not a fan of hers-

Kaori – I’m fine with Morgan, besides… she is your bestfriend after all. It was a night of fun. Last thing I wanted was to be a bitch.

Alana – Perfect segway… Kaori… I wasn’t always the nicest big sister to you… but we grew close. I’m really happy about that, and I’m happy I was able to see you grow from a bratty little girl into a mature responsible adult. You juggle so much, and you do it with class, grace, and poise. I even learn from you. I love you, and I’m glad you’re my sister. As far as men go? you’ll find him. Right now you just do you, and be the badass successful bitch that you’re meant to be.

Kaori – *smiles* I love you too Alana. And we have come far. Ivo and I couldn’t stand you at first… but now we love you *laughs*

Alana – By the way, when you joked and said I should make Andi a bridesmaid I thought how funny that would be. I asked, she said yes… which shocked me. Though we aren’t the friends we were in high school… we’re starting to rekindle the friendship and I really love her again. So thanks for that.

Kaori – No problem. She’s awesome.

Charlotte – Awf-sum!

Alana – That’s right baby! ugh… how fucking cute is my kid?

Kaori – *laughs*

Vira – You and Sebastian make cute babies. Too bad you guys only want one!

Alana – You’re damn right- ooh perfect segway again… So mother?

Victoria – Yes?

Alana – I’m your only kid… and we had our issues…

Victoria – Oh yes…. yes we did.

Alana – I don’t want to take up too much more time because I need to get ready… but I love you very much, and thanks for being patient with me. Though I was terrible to you… I did take things you said into consideration. I’ve learned from you… thank you for being a good mother even when I was a horrible daughter.

Victoria – I love you too Alana, and you’ve made me very proud. Also you gave me Charlotte… who is just the best little grand baby ever!

Alana – Okay enough of that mushy stuff. I gotta get ready… god I’m so nervous. You know Sebastian’s a writer so his vows are going to make mine look like crap.

Victoria – Just make sure you’re speaking from the heart. Don’t try and be on his level… just tell your truth.

Alana – You’re right mother…

Victoria – Aren’t I always?

Vira – *laughs* Victoria, can you take Charlotte? Kaori and I need to go find Morgan, Andi, and Calista so we can all freshen up.

Kaori – Right.

Victoria – Okay, no problem.

Alana – Do me a favor Kaori, make sure Valeria checks the flower rods please. I don’t want to walk and have them fall on me.

Kaori – Alright…. that’s if I can find her. She’s been running around making sure everything is perfect.

Alana – *smiles* I’ll see you guys soon. Love you.

Victoria/Kaori/Vira – We love you too.

Alana closed the door and re-wrote her vows. She decided to take her mother’s advice and just speak from the heart. Kaori, and Vira joined the other bridesmaids to make sure they were perfect. The big moment was almost here…

[Location : GloCity]

While 4 of the 6 BoysNGirls were off at the destination wedding on Mango Island- 2 of them [Trey & Jonah] were back in GloCity. Trey’s morning wasn’t as beautiful as he had hoped it would be. He couldn’t read Dominic. He felt like Dominic was still upset with him, but wouldn’t dare bring it up- out of fear that it would start the fight all over again.

Dominic – ….

Trey – ….. Did you sleep okay?

Dominic – Yeah, I did.

Trey – ….

Dominic – Did you?

Trey – Not really.

Dominic – Was it the mattress?

Trey – No… just anxiety…

Dominic – I see.

Trey – ….

Dominic – I’m gonna go shower, and get ready for work.

Trey – Are we- umm…

Dominic – What?

Trey – Are we still going to Cayden’s show tonight?

Dominic – Yeah, why wouldn’t we Trey?

Trey – I don’t know I just-

Dominic – We told Chace that we’d be there…

Trey – …Right.

Dominic – I need to shower. I’m already late, because I forgot to turn the alarm back on my phone… so if there isn’t anything else that you-

Trey – No, no… we’re fine.

Dominic – Okay.

Trey wasn’t sure if it was his own paranoia, or if Dominic was being mean. On one hand Dominic needed to get to work and was already late. On the other, Trey knew that he and Dominic were in the middle of a big fight. He decided not to push the issue anymore, and let Dominic shower.

After making the bed, and reflecting on things. Trey let it go, and went upstairs for some tea. Who did he see? Ruben who was fully dressed. Meaning he did not sleep there last night. Wonder where he was at.

Trey – *smiles at Ruben*

Ruben – *nods what’s up*

Trey – Tea time.

Ruben – *laughs at Trey while on cell* No I’m not laughing at you… no my roommate just- Are you serious? no look I told you… but you need to understand it. I said I was going to see a comedy show tonight so no I can’t do that. His name is Cayden… yes he’s cute but what does that matter? He has a boyfriend… Look we’re both adults, so you need to let it be. Oh don’t do that…. don’t guilt trip me. I said no… of course I have a heart! I was just with you… stop making me feel like an asshole. I completely understand your situations I- hello? He really hung up on me?

Trey – ….

Ruben – …..People can be such babies.

Trey – …..I bet.

In Trey’s mind, Ruben was totally arguing with Varrick on the phone. Trey had made them agree to stop seeing each other but come on…. the heart wants what it wants. Trey was starting to get annoyed at the idea of them creeping around behind his back.

Ruben – What type of tea is that?

Trey – Jasmine Chai…

Ruben – Mind if I have some?

Trey – Sorry, only made enough for one.

Ruben – Ah…

Trey – I can make you some…

Ruben – Its fine. I’m tired. Gonna change and nap.

Trey – Where were you last night?

Ruben – I was in Pylea.

Trey – Were you really?

Ruben – I was with my parents.

Trey – ….It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve got caught lying about your whereabouts… 

Ruben – Excuse me?

Trey – Sometimes you say you’re at work, but I know you’re not because… well my friend’s girlfriend own’s the place…

Ruben – Are you stalking me?

Trey – No, but I-

Ruben – Just ask me what you want to ask me. Stop being a pussy.

Trey – Fine… You were with Varrick last night, and that was just him you were arguing with on the phone.

Ruben – …..Really?

Trey – I told you guys to stop it.

Ruben – And we should listen to you why? Let me explain something to you, I’m very grateful that during my time of need that my ex boyfriend, and current bestfriend let me stay here. Even if it meant I had to be a third wheel to his lover…. but what I will not deal with is being policed. I’m a grown ass man, you can’t fucking tell me who to see.

Trey – Do you or Varrick even care about Valeria, or the twins? or are you guys just barebacking on couches across america without a care? This situation is messy, and it needs to stop so nobody gets hurt. He’s my boss, you’re my boyfriend’s bestfriend-

Ruben – FYI, Varrick and I aren’t messing around anymore. He’s too clingy for my taste and all he talks about is the beetles. A old a band that I don’t like…

Trey – I don’t know if I believe you because-

Ruben – Well tough fucking luck. Get over it, I’m not explaining myself to you Trey. Who do you even think you are anyway? you can’t even keep Dominic happy. You run around outing men to your friends because you feel like it. Don’t preach to me about the rights and wrongs of humanity.

Trey – I’m the guy that’s putting a roof over your head you ungrateful asshole. *sips tea*

Ruben – Gee thanks, you’ve been sooo amazing to me Trey, I would have been HOMELESS had it not been for you… my lord and savior! Go fuck yourself because I give Dominic money every time I get paid.

Trey – Good, you should. You eat everything, you run water, and leave lights on… Good for you for actually doing your part. I’m sick of people just talking to me any type of way… I’m going to sit here, sip this tea, and remain unbothered by your bad decisions.

Ruben – No, you’re bothered… You’re probably praying that Dominic doesn’t dump you’re introverted rude ass. I’m gonna say this one more time… my life, my business. Stay out of it.

Trey – *sips tea* Bye Ruben. See you tonight at the show.

Ruben – Don’t talk to me when we get there… actually scratch that. Tell Dominic I’m moving out.

Trey – ….*sips tea* Okay.

Ruben – You’re an asshole.

Trey – No you are. You fucked my boss in his ass BAREBACK on my couch. I asked you for the sake of his wife, and my job to stop. My job actually means a lot to me and it could open doors. Instead you thought about your dick and not your friend… I thought we were friends but clearly you don’t give a damn. You just wanna plow through my gay married boss. So no, I am not an asshole. You should be a good enough person to know that what you and Varrick are doing is wrong.

Ruben – Varrick is a grown man, if he wants to do whatever that’s on him. I’m not married, I’m single. I could do what I want. You can’t tell two grown people not to talk to each other, that’s not how it works. I officially do not like you. I don’t like my bestfriend’s boyfriend… I can’t. No wonder you’re friends with Chace… I get it now… you’re no better than him.

Trey – Whatever, I’m not going to argue about this anymore. Do whatever you want, ruin a marriage…

Ruben – No you go ruin a guy’s life by outing him while also ruining your own relationship. You’re good at ruining and sabotaging things, not me. And by the way, I was actually on the phone with my dad you nosy bitch. A dad that I actually have a relationship with…. unlike some people in this room. Now sip on THAT tea. *leaves room*

Trey – *sips tea* …Some BFF you got there Dominic…

Trey didn’t feel bad at all about the fight he just had with Ruben. As far as he was concerned he deserved it. He had already asked nicely that things simmered between his roommate and boss, but clearly they ignored his request. Trey had already known about the penis picture on Varrick’s phone, and now this disappearing act overnight. Things added up… and one thing was for sure. Even if Ruben wasn’t with Varrick last night or on the phone just now… they were clearly still messing around, and it was all around disrespectful to both Trey, and Varrick’s poor wife Valeria.

Trey – I hope you’re awake…

*Trey text Jonah*

“Hey…. are you awake? I’m already having the morning from hell. I don’t work today and I really don’t want to be in this loft by myself until we go out tonight. Do you want to get lunch maybe? I’ll pay. Text me back…. oh and P.S. Ruben’s a dick.” – Trey

[Location : Mango Island]

Back at the wedding, Frankie bonded with her sister’s boyfriend.

Chris – So this is fancy right?

Frankie – Sure is.

Chris – Would you ever want something like this for yourself?

Frankie – No, I wouldn’t want anything remotely close to this. Its very pretty don’t get me wrong, but… I’m not the look at me type.

Chris – I get it.

Frankie – Now my sister on the other hand…

Chris – Yeah I could see Andi wanting a big wedding.

Frankie – How are things? I know you guys are fighting…

Chris – Umm… they’re as good as they can be. We’re not 100% out of the woods, but we agreed to put it all on the back burner for today.

Frankie – What exactly happened? I know she also had a fight with Bambi [her bestfriend back in CCity] I know she’s also upset about the test.

Chris – Its a couple of things.

Frankie – Andi’s smart, and I know she can pass that test and become a doctor. I don’t know what went wrong. My dad and I had to return the cake we got her… we had just assumed she’d pass it.

Chris – I will be honest. I think her failing was a bit my fault. She already has a demanding job as a nurse right? but my younger sister living with us, Andi took on the pressure of being a mom to a teenage girl with issues. Then work, then the drama with Paisley- which I inadvertently added onto by making her my agent. I was never home… Andi had no time to really study, or sleep for that matter.

Frankie – Chris….

Chris – I know…

Frankie – I like you… but I have to ask. Why were you being so selfish?

Chris – You’re right, I was… and I was inconsiderate too. I think its because last year Andi and I worked together at the hospital and it was great. Then I got blamed for something I didn’t do. I got fired from the hospital, and I got kind of depressed. So when the modeling thing happened, I just soaked it all up. I felt worthy, I felt good for a change.

Frankie – ….Right, so it wasn’t intentional. It was just-

Chris – It was me being oblivious to what was going on. Andi is an amazing person, she’s strong, and smart… however I shouldn’t have put everything on her.

Frankie – Then tell her that.

Chris – I will…

Frankie – How’s the modeling going by the way?

Chris – Well Morgan, and Vira really have the Hillside brand down. I think its going well.

Frankie – Is that weird? working with Vira since she’s you’re ex?

Chris – Not at all. The funny thing is, since working with her I ask myself what the hell did I see in her- that could just be because she’s very different than she was in japan but yeah…

Frankie – There’s oddly a lot of you CCity people here.

Chris – Well you know its a small world.

Frankie – Right…

Chris – I umm… ran into Micah, and Ivo earlier… Andi’s…. exes?

Frankie – She never dated Ivo, they just… well she-

Chris – I know the story, which is odd since you and Ivo sorta-

Frankie – Ancient history.

Chris – Anyway they were really nice to me… Everyone is really nice here.

Frankie – I would hope so! who wants drama at a wedding.


Taylor – So its strange right?

Kira – What is?

Taylor – That we’re still in the same social circles. I mean we used to live in Pylea… I saw you and Ashley go through it so many times.

Kira – Same with you and Natasha…

Taylor – Yep.

Kira – Natasha’s cool…

Taylor – She was… but I don’t miss that friendship. Lets move on shall we? You look amazing in that pantsuit.

Kira – Thanks. I got it from a vintage shop in Bridgeport. You look stunning as usual.

Taylor – Obviously this is a V-Glam original…

Kira – I don’t know much about fashion, but its nice. V-Glam has style.

Taylor – Actually… this is all hush hush right now, but this dress is actually part of the V-Glam : Taylor Carter Collection. I designed it myself. Cute right?!

Kira – Very! My girlfriend would look great in it to be honest.

Taylor – I saw her… Torrance right?

Kira – Yeah.

Taylor – Yeah, she dated Ivo before I did…

Kira – Right, when she had dreadlocks.

Taylor – She’s pretty… love the whole Amber Rose thing she has going on. Very chic.

Kira – And your boyfriend Ivo is quite the looker…

Taylor – ….

Kira – Yeah It felt weird when it came out of my mouth. I’m such a lesbian

Both – *laughing*


Chris – So… You brought your friend Jarrah as your date right?

Frankie – Yeah… though I have no idea where she’s run off to- Oh wait… there she is. She’s talking to her brother’s girlfriend. [off screen]

Chris – Why no Raina?

Frankie – I don’t know… I mean perhaps it was too soon for being a wedding plus one?

Chris – Was it?

Frankie – ….. I guess?…

Chris – I think that you’re-

Priscilla – Hi…. sorry to interrupt…

Chris – Its quite alright.

Frankie – Hello Priscilla.

Priscilla – …I was wondering if we could talk…

Frankie – Actually I’m bu-

Chris – Go ahead. I’m going to go network. I’ll be back.

Frankie – Okay…

Chris – *Walks away*

Priscilla – He’s cute, new boyfriend?

Frankie – No, he’s my sister’s boyfriend… I’m just being a good little sister and keeping him company.

Priscilla – Oh, where’s your sister?

Frankie – Andi’s inside… she’s a bridesmaid.

Priscilla – Oh cool….

Frankie – ….

Priscilla – You look beautiful.

Frankie – Thank you, you look great.

Priscilla – Where’s Raina?

Frankie – I didn’t bring her. Jarrah’s my date.

Priscilla – Ah… that’s cool…

Frankie – …Where’s Keegan?

Priscilla – Do you know Aaron?

Frankie – Yes, Vira’s boyfriend from CCity.

Priscilla – They went inside to find the restroom.

Frankie – I see…

Priscilla – Yeah, so I was just sitting there by myself because I don’t really know that many people here.

Frankie – Right.

Priscilla – So umm… I wanted to apologize for what happened that day at your girlfriend’s bar.

Frankie – I got out of character that day-

Priscilla – No, stop. I made you get out of character because I was being a bitch. That day had nothing to do with you, it was all me. I’m going through something right now, and I took it out on you because in a way I did have unfinished business with you. I was hurt and upset that you picked Raina, it made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of anything. I knew deep down that wasn’t your intention to hurt me because we talked about how it was casual.

Frankie – Right.

Priscilla – Had I actually said something, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. I could have stepped up and spoke to you woman to woman- but that’s all in the past, and I’m sorry for that day in the bathroom. It was ridiculous, and that is not how I conduct myself in public. My mother would be so ashamed of me.

Frankie – Water under the bridge…

Priscilla – Also… You don’t have to worry about Keegan. I’m going to talk to him later at the reception, and lay everything out on the table. I know its bad timing but I’m hoping he will hear me out and understand everything I have to say. I don’t want to hurt him, I just want him to know the truth.

Frankie – About your “gym friend” Gina?

Priscilla – ………. about all of that…..

Frankie – Well I’m glad you are getting all of the negative stuff out. You’re a good person, so I know you’ll be okay. I don’t hate you, and I’m over our fight if you are.

Priscilla – I am.

Frankie – Good.

Benji – Aww Frankie’s hugging it out with her enemy.

Torrance – How cute.

Benji – Speaking of cute… now sis… I gotta be honest here…

Torrance – What? is it too much?

Benji – No, its just right. I see you at work all the time with the cultural appropriation dreadlocks and tired fashion trends… but this makeover you got… its slaying me.

Torrance – Well you know… I realized I’m a lesbian now, so I wanted my look to express how good I felt. Blonde, and edgy, and sexy.

Benji – Are you though?

Torrance – Am I what?

Benji – Gay…

Torrance – I’m gay now, yes.

Benji – But you dated men, wouldn’t you be more bi?

Torrance – I haven’t dated a man since Ivo… and even that….

Benji – I see…

Torrance – So yes sweetheart, I’m gay now.

Benji – Well join the club!

Torrance – Maybe Kira, and I can double date with you and your boyfriend Aries?

Benji – Yeah, sure! we can figure it out.


Priscilla – Can we hug? that way I know its real? *laughs*

Frankie – Sure *laughs*

Priscilla – Also let Kaori know we’re fine now… so she can stop looking like she wants to cut me every time she see’s me.

Frankie – Will do *laughs* and wow you really are in good shape. Keegan told me that you’re always at the gym.

Is that shade Frankie? because we know that Gina woman is always there too…

Priscilla – Aww thanks. I’m just trying to catch up with you. You’re body is always on point!

Frankie – Aww stop!

Meanwhile, inside the mansion… it looks like Keegan, and Vira’s boyfriend Aaron had found the restroom.

Aaron – You know what’s weird Keegan?

Keegan – What?

Aaron – I feel like I’ve known you forever.

Keegan – Likewise bro.

Aaron – You remind me of my bestfriend back at home… down to the blonde hair and everything. He’s a stand up guy.

Keegan – I was brunette a week ago, but I brought my blonde out of retirement. Oh and trust me… I wasn’t always this put together…

Aaron – I know.

Keegan – What?

Aaron – Morgan?…

Keegan – Oh duh… you’re Vira’s boyfriend, so of course you know about Morgan… since that’s her bestfriend.

Aaron – Look… I don’t judge you for any of your past. I was fucked up back in the day. I sold drugs, and did a lot of bad shit. Shit that made Vira’s parents want to keep her far far away from me.

Keegan – Well here’s to turning shit around.

Aaron – Exactly. Who needs drugs?

Keegan – Not us.

Aaron – *nods yes*

Keegan – Vira pushed for me to get to know you, she said we’d hit it off.

Aaron – She wasn’t wrong.

Keegan – No, she wasn’t.

Aaron – Why aren’t you with Kaori? She’s hot.

Keegan – We’re just friends, she’s in a situation with a guy, and I’m in a relationship with Priscilla.

Aaron – Oh right- my bad. Prsicilla’s hot too, so… at least you have good taste.

Keegan – Whatchu sayin’? you don’t think I’d date a big girl or something?

Aaron – I don’t think you’d date below yourself… you know what you look like.

Keegan – *laughing* Who knows… there’s this girl back in GloCity that has a crush on me. Maybe I’ll just marry her.

Aaron – Is she ugly or something?

Keegan – Myra’s not ugly… she’s just… different. She’s a sweet girl.

Aaron – I see, but I bet she’s not as hot as Priscilla or Kaori *laughing*

Keegan – No… no she’s not *laughing*

Aaron – We should get back outside.

Keegan – Yeah, I left my date just sitting by herself. Hopefully she walked around and talked to people.

Aaron – Well you’re lucky that your girlfriend is out there with you. Mine is a bridesmaid and upstairs with the bride.

Keegan – I’m pretty sure you could go up there…

Aaron – Hmm… you know what, I’m going to. I miss her face…

Keegan – Clingy!

Aaron – Oh shut up, I just happen to love my girl. It took us too long to get back to each other… but the journey was was worth it.

Keegan – Preach brotha Aaron!

Aaron – Oh don’t give me the credit. Its something I saw in a movie.

Keegan – I steal shit from movies all the time. People be like “Damn… Keegan, that’s some deep shit” and I’m thinking to myself… thanks netflix.

Aaron – *laughing*

Keegan – At the end of the day, everyone just wants to look smart.

Aaron – True.

Keegan – Hey… you met Vince yet?

Aaron – Who?

Keegan – Kaori’s- Vira’s dad.

Aaron – No not yet… I’ve kept my distance. Vira wants to introduce us herself.

Keegan – Good luck.

Aaron – Thanks.

Aaron – See ya later bro.

Keegan – I’ll catch up with you later. Tell everyone I said hi.

Aaron – I’ll give Kaori a big kiss for you!

Keegan – I’m going to murder you!

Aaron – Nooo! corrupt cop! *laughing*

Keegan – *laughing* I really shouldn’t laugh.

Aaron – I aim to please!

??? – Keegan Bennett….

Keegan – Uh- yeah?- what the hell?

Hammer – Surprise!

Keegan – What’s up…

Hammer – Not much… just here to see my buddy Sebastian get married.

Keegan – ….

Hammer – Remember he was a TA that one year? well we were pretty cool with each other so he invited me.

Keegan – I see.

Hammer – So who’s the guy in the blue?

Keegan – A friend.

Hammer – That’s cool… so I hear it all worked out… you’re a cop now. GloCity’s finest.

Keegan – Why did you think it was okay to tell Kaori that I was in love with her?

Hammer – …. Right….

Keegan – I never got the chance to ask you why you put your nose in my business.

Hammer – … Look I was wrong for that, but let me explain why I did it.

Keegan – How the hell did you even find out?

Hammer – I overheard you and your friend talking about it. Being completely honest, being in that frathouse I felt like all of those guys were my brothers, but you… you’re the first guy in there I felt like… you felt like my bestfriend. Which is why I told you about my abuse and all of that.

Keegan – I really liked you too dude. I felt betrayed when she told me that she found out from you though.

Hammer – I ran into her at GreenLand, and she was so upset because Byron pussied out and left without saying goodbye. So I thought… maybe if she knew the truth… that she could finally be happy. I loved that girl, but I knew I wasn’t her endgame. So I just thought you were. I didn’t realize that you were with Jules.

Keegan – That had just started.

Hammer – You’re not with Kaori now, Byron told me. So who are you with?

Keegan – Priscilla. Priscilla Kane.

Hammer – I see.

Keegan – Are you seeing anyone?

Hammer – Yeah… I am… but I don’t want to go into detail about that right now *laughs* I’m just really happy I got the chance to talk to you.

Keegan – Well… Now that you’ve explained yourself… I get it.

Hammer – I’m really sorry for telling her… technically that should have been your choice to do so.

Keegan – Water under the bridge. We’ve had our… situation and everything is fine now. Friends it is.

Hammer – For now…

Keegan – How are you?

Hammer – Oh I’m good. I was just in Bridgeport making a couple of deals with my manager.

Keegan – Cool…

Hammer – And you?

Keegan – I’m great. I found my calling that’s for sure. I really enjoy being a cop.

Hammer – Good.

Keegan – Well I’m happy for you, you seem happy.

Hammer – Thank you.

Keegan – Does Kaori know you’re here?

Hammer – She does not… and please don’t tell her. I plan on speaking to her later.

Keegan – Pretty sure someone else will probably have informed her of your presence dude…

Hammer – Yeah… you’re probably right.

Keegan – Well we should hangout sometime…

Hammer – I’d love that… My therapist said that I should hang onto our friendship.

Keegan – You see a therapist?

Hammer – Yeah… because of you. 1. Because telling you about my abuse, and how my views of women affecting my dating habits. 2. Because you told me you saw one, and its worth it.

Keegan – Hammer, if you want my friendship… you got it.

Hammer – I don’t want to step on Jeep’s toes.

Keegan – He goes by Jonah now. He’s not the same kid you remember… its a good thing though. He’s come into his own.

Hammer – Is all of your friends here?

Keegan – All?

Hammer – Well the 6 of you…

Keegan – Everyone except Trey, and Jonah.

Hammer – But isn’t Jonah related to Sebastian?

Keegan – Long story.

Hammer – Ah okay, well I’m going to go outside and socialize. I’ll see you around.

Keegan – Alright. Hit me up when we get back to GloCity.

Hammer – Sounds like a plan. *smiles*

Good friends are hard to find, and if Chad/Hammer felt like Keegan was someone he could trust, and should keep in his life… well then I say go for it. Thinking about it, both Keegan and Hammer were Alphas… but they didn’t bump heads at all. They got along really well.

[Location : GloCity]

Speaking of Keegan’s friends. His bestfriend Jonah had just got up. Time for cereal, and some text messages from Trey.

*Reading Text*

“Hey…. are you awake? I’m already having the morning from hell. I don’t work today and I really don’t want to be in this loft by myself until we go out tonight. Do you want to get lunch maybe? I’ll pay. Text me back…. oh and P.S. Ruben’s a dick.” – Trey


“Sorry, just got your text… I was still sleeping. I’m going to have some coffee and then shower, and get dressed. I’ll meet you at your place in about an hour. We can grab some food, and you can tell me why your morning sucked, and why Ruben’s a dick” – Jonah


“Sounds perfect. I’m home alone, and cleaning the loft anyway. Call when you’re on your way.” – Trey


“Alright, see you in a bit” – Jonah

Christine – Jonah!

Jonah – Umm… Christine?

Christine – Hi!

She’s obviously drunk… not shocking considering what today is…

Jonah – You smell like a fratboy after being hazed…

Christine – So what I had a few drinks who cares!

Jonah – Why- and how are you here?

Christine – Remember when you let me crash in your dorm room?

Jonah – Yeah and your dad found me and beat my ass? that feels like a lifetime ago..

Christine – You were so sweet… and protective of me… and sweet… and protective.

Jonah – That doesn’t answer my questions-

Christine – I still have my visitors pass that you got for me…

Jonah – Okay… so why are you here? does your boyfriend know you’re here? and drunk?

Christine – Vlad is at work… whatever…

Jonah – Why are you here Christine? I have shit to do…

Christine – Do you know what today is Jonah?

Jonah – No….

Christine – Oh wow…

Jonah – Is it someone’s birthday or- Oh…. its-

Christine – Raven Monique Davis! Happy birthday wherever you are!- oh wait you’re locked up behind bars for killing someone. Damn you Raven!

Jonah – ….Is that why you’re drunk?

Christine – I found some of her old lipstick… this is her’s… her lipstick… green… green was her favorite color.

Jonah – …..

Christine – …I miss her…

Jonah – I know you do.

Christine – ….I drank too much…

Jonah – Obviously… can I get you some water?

Christine – How about some cock instead? I see morning wood! you always had morning wood when I slept in your dormroom! come here… let me make you feel good, make us feel good… *tries to kiss Jonah*

Jonah – Christine! stop!…

Christine – You’re clearly hard… just let me suck-

Jonah – Christine, what the fuck! stop it…

Christine – Come on… *grabs his crotch*

Jonah – STOP! okay… this is getting rapey! I fucking said no! You have a fucking boyfriend- stop it!

Christine – You’re no fun!

Jonah – Why am I even entertaining you right now huh? last time we saw each other you were a complete bitch… AT MY PLACE OF WORK! You and your stupid ass boyfriend were rude.

Christine – And I’m sorry for that!

Jonah – ….

Christine – It was all my fault.

Jonah – What?

Christine – Oh you know its fucking true. It was my fault why we broke up. I made a mess of things.

Jonah – ….

Christine – And you tried- you fucking tried! you tried to be patient for me… but it was about Raven 24/7 and I completely ignored you.

Jonah – …You did…

Christine – I was bitter, and angry for doing that to you. So of course instead of admitting the truth, I completely ambush you at your job with Vlad…

Jonah – Which was fucked up.

Christine – That’s me… a fucked up person. I’d love to blame it on my childhood, and say this is what happens when you witness your father shoving your mother down a flight of stairs… but that would be wrong. I’m just… I love hard, and Raven… she’s my bestfriend.

Jonah – I know she is.

Christine – I mean… what if Keegan accidentally killed someone?

Little does she know… he did. #RIPMona Drinking and driving is a no-no. Keegan went through so much regret and self-loathing. Even though those days are behind him, I doubt that he’d ever fully forgive himself. Everyday he has to wonder what Mona would be like had she still been alive.

Jonah – I’d be there for him in anyway that I could. I’d hope that he didn’t become self-destructive. I’d try and keep the positivity flowing so that he didn’t go down a dark path.

Christine – Well good thing he’d never drink and drive… I don’t know why Raven would be so foolish.

She was clearly too drunk to remember, but I’m fairly certain that Jules has probably told her all about the Mona situation. Maybe… or maybe not. Who knows.

Jonah – Accidents happen, and yeah she shouldn’t have been drinking but… we can’t time travel… what’s done is done.

Christine – What’s wrong with me? I go get drunk in her name? when drinking is what caused the accident in the first place…

Jonah – Do you want some coffee?

Christine – No, I should go. I embarrassed myself enough.

Jonah – No, you should stay and have coffee.

Christine – ….

Jonah – I’m not taking no for an answer.

Christine – …Fine.

Jonah – Still like it black I see.

Christine – What?

Jonah – The coffee.

Christine – I thought you were talking about your hair.

Jonah – Oh…

Christine – I do though… I like it darker… its more you. The blonde was cute but… this look reminds me of when I first met you.

Jonah – Feels like such a long time ago.

Christine – It does, because you just….

Jonah – I what?

Christine – You feel brand new. You seem so confident, and mature, and adult.

Jonah – I do?

Christine – You’ve become this man… and its crazy to me.

Jonah – Well thanks I guess.

Christine – Did your dick get bigger too?

Jonah – Christine…

Christine – Not that it was ever small… I- nevermind. I’m sorry I tried to like… rape you. I’m sure your girlfriend-

Jonah – I’m single. Karin, and I aren’t a thing anymore. Long story.

Christine – I’m sorry.

Jonah – I’m not- but umm… what’s going on? Are you and Vlad having problems?

Christine – No… yes… but its not him.

Jonah – …..

Christine – You have to promise to keep this to yourself.

Jonah – Okay…

Christine – You can’t tell anybody.

Jonah – Fine.

Christine – Last night I was at Vlad’s place. I spent the nigh because well 1. Vik was out with Amina, and 2. Valeria was on Mango Island for that wedding.

Jonah – Okay…

Christine – So Vlad was sleep, and I went to get some water. I saw Vik come in. He was super pissed about something. I looked at him and he said hi, went to sleep blah blah blah. So I go back upstairs… and I see Trey’s friend Ruben… arguing with Varrick. Varrick was trying to kiss him and get him to stay the night. Ruben had just come from his parents house or some shit, and just wanted to sleep. Varrick wanted other things.

Jonah – I see…

Christine – Ruben told him no. And Varrick asked if it was because of Trey. Ruben said “Trey doesn’t have anything to do with it. You’re married and its wrong” so Varrick was like well can we just have one more night together… and Ruben said fine, but its done after this. So he stayed!

Jonah – Oh my god…

Christine – … So yeah, I’ve been trying hard not to tell Vlad about his gay dad-

Jonah – Okay… so I already know about this. Trey told me.

Christine – Oh?

Jonah – Yeah, and I’m sorry but I’m gonna tell him about this too. I’ll make sure it doesn’t go beyond that though. He’s my friend, and I feel like he should know.

Christine – Its fine… but only him.

Jonah – …Yeah.

Christine – I gotta get going. I promised Ethan, and Jules I’d meet them for lunch.

Jonah – Okay.

Christine – Thanks for this.

Jonah – Its all good.

Christine – I’ll see you around… and thanks for not…. fucking me.

Jonah – *laughs* You’re welcome.

Christine finished her coffee and left. Jonah sat there for a minute thinking about how the old him would have handled the situation. In that moment he realized how much he’s really grown as a person.

[Location : Mango Island]

Back on Mango Island, the guest were still socializing before the ceremony started. Look who managed to find each other in a sea of strangers… B2M alum’s Vince, Josh, and Michelle. Obviously Vince is married to Victoria who’s the mother of the Bride. That’s why he was here. The Folland connection is a little bit confusing though so allow me to explain.

Michelle is married to Josh, who’s father Ben had a brother named Nathan- which is Josh and Oliver’s uncle. Nathan had a son… aka Sebastian. So Sebastian is actually Josh, and Oliver’s much younger cousin. Which makes him the cousin of Micah, Jarrah, and Jonah. There… do ya get it? family is confusing right? Whatever the case… that’s how it all works.

You know what’s funny? the fact that Vince is at this wedding considering Vince once had an affair with Nathan’s then girlfriend Mia Owens… aka Josh’s ex girlfriend Sasha’s mother. The past is funny.

Vince – This is something isn’t it?

Josh – What do you mean?

Vince – Just us here… at Nathan’s son’s wedding.

Michelle – Vince… are you drunk? that’s what family does. Nathan was Josh’s uncle, Sebastian’s his cousin.

Vince – I’m not drunk Michelle… I’m just…

Michelle – What? what’s wrong?

Josh – Oh my god, are you about to cry?

Vince – No… I just… *sigh* Do you guys ever think about the old beach house that we lived in?

Josh – I do.

Vince – Look at us now.

Josh – …..Yeah…. I get it now…

Michelle – You guys have come a long way.

Josh – You too babe.

Michelle – *smiles*

Vince – I wish Issac, and Jordan were here.

Josh – They’d have no reason to be here- but it would be fun. Tommy too, can’t forget Tommy.

Vince – We need a guy’s night, no women- No offense Michelle.

Michelle – None taken. You guys should get together more often.

Josh – Well we were fine, until Jordan’s accident.

Michelle – Gabrielle said he’s determined to walk again… so lets just put positive vibes out into the universe.

Vince – He’s stubborn enough to get it done.

Josh – True.

[Top Pic]

Michelle – Can you believe our kids are so old now?

Vince – Yeah its weird to think about isn’t it?

Josh – I was just talking to Issac about this. His son- Keegan… a cop. That’s crazy right?

Vince – Not really… I mean its cool. Think about our kids, and their careers.

Josh – True.

Vince – Hey wheres Oliver and Tru?

Josh – Umm… Well… Ollie and Tru…. they were not invited.

Michelle – ….

Vince – Wait, why?

Josh – I don’t know, but its not for me to be upset about. Ollie, and Tru didn’t seem bothered by it so why should I?

Vince – That’s true.

Michelle – So Vince…

Vince – Yes miss Michelle?

Josh – Folland… Mrs. Folland.

Michelle – *laughing* Get it right Vincent…

Vince – Excuse me! Mrs Folland!

Michelle – How does it feel to have all of your kids in one place?

Vince – It makes me feel old.

Josh – Right, because the other one is here too.

Vince – Vira.

Michelle – How’s that been?

Vince – Beyond perfect.


Jarrah – I can’t even tell you’re pregnant in that dress Olivia.

Olivia – Thanks Jarrah.

Micah – She’s beautiful.

Olivia – Aww babe.

Micah – So why didn’t you bring Shane?

Olivia – Or Owen?

Jarrah – Didn’t feel right… which makes me wonder things.

Micah – Well its always best to take things slow.

Olivia – Says the guy who’s having a baby.

Jarrah – *laughing* Well I’m fine. I plan on having a fun night with my date Frankie.

Micah – Do you miss JK?

Jarrah – I do but he’s in good hands with his father.

Micah – Yeah, Orion’s a good dad.


Aaron – …..

Vira – Oh my god, are you nervous?

Aaron – Fuck yeah…

Vira – Why? my dad is cool.

Aaron – Before you didn’t have a dad, so I never had to worry about this.

Vira – Well no turning back now baby… you gotta meet him.

[Bottom Pic]

Vince – ….Hello sweetheart.

Vira – Hey dad.

Aaron – …. Hi… sir…

Vince – Who do we have here?

Vira – Dad…. this is my….. boyfriend… Aaron… Oswell.

Vince – Aaron Oswell….

Aaron – Its a pleasure to meet you sir….

Vince – I see….

Vira – Aaron’s working in television and film.

Aaron – I’m just an assistant.

Vira – Yeah but if you’re not around… stuff doesn’t get done babe.

Aaron – Yeah… true.

Vince – So Aaron… my daughter tells me that you two played a game of hide and seek… and now you’re finally found. What took so long?

Aaron – Oh… umm… well to be honest sir… the timing just wasn’t right…. I had do to some growing…. and I did.

Vira – We both did.

Vince – Oh my daughters….

Vira – Oh god… what?

Vince – Well its hilarious to me…. Aaron is Keegan 2.0…

Vira – They don’t even look alike…

Aaron – Keegan’s a good guy.

Vince – He is…

Aaron – Look sir… I’m not perfect, but I love your daughter. I love her so much that even if you didn’t want her to be with me- I’d fight for her, I’d prove you wrong. I don’t want to ever let her go because we spent way too much time apart, and I feel complete when I’m with her.

Vince – *smiles* Do you hear that Vira?

Vira – I do…*smiles at Aaron*

Vince – Aaron…

Aaron – Yes sir?

Vince – …..I’m happy if my daughter is happy.

Aaron – Really?

Vince – Yes… so you better continue to make her happy… and no babies yet…

Aaron – We better start using condoms then!

Vira – Aaron!

Aaron – Oh shit- sorry!

Vince – I was your age once… I get it… but treat my daughter right… if you don’t…. well lets just say I have friends in the Cartel…

Vira – …..

Aaron – He’s joking right babe?

Vira – Umm… I don’t know…

Vince – I’m joking *laughing*

Vira – *laughs*

Aaron – *laughing*

Vince – But I have ways of finding people.

Vira – Love you dad.

Vince – I love you too Vira.

Aaron – So we’re good Mr McDonald?

Vince – We’re great… also Vira tells me you’ve taken up golfing?

Aaron – My boss golfs… and so yeah I’ve sorta gotten into it.

Vince – Well maybe we can go golfing?

Aaron – I would love that.

Vince – Good.

Vira – Awesome!


Brie – That’s cute.

Kyle – Hmm?

Brie – Vira and her dad.

Kyle – Ah, yeah.

Brie – Hey Kyle?

Kyle – Yeah?

Brie – I think I want to start planning for kids.

Kyle – You do?

Brie – Yeah… I do. I love you so much and-

Kyle – You don’t want to be married first?

Brie – Would you be against Eloping? Mia [From MagikCity] and her husband are moving to GloCity. We could invite them, and a few others to an after party. Nothing too big.

Kyle – Wait Mia’s married?

Brie – She met Danny at a anime convention a year ago… remember?

Kyle – Oh right… the asian guy.

Brie – They’re married and moving to GloCity.

Kyle – She still looks the same?

Brie – If that’s your way of asking if she’s still chubby and wearing cat sweaters…. the answer is… sorta. I love her though, she’s confident in who she is.

Kyle – I was just wondering if she changed herself for her husband or if she stayed true to herself.

Brie – You never answered the question. Eloping good or bad?

Kyle – Its fine with me if its fine with you.

Brie – Speaking of married. I saw Vii here- well she goes by Vanille now.

Kyle – Who?

Brie – Remember she lived in MagikCity? she’s the musician who won the Miss Magik City Pageant.

Kyle – Oh that’s cool.

Brie – Yeah she’s happily married now.


Michelle – So handsome… and beautiful. Look at my children…

Jarrah – Aww mom stop it. You’re slaying us all.

Micah – You look amazing mom.

Michelle – Thank you!

Josh – You’re comfortable?

Olivia – Oh my god Mr. Folland yes… I’m not a fragile vase… I’m okay. Its sweet that you care this much about me and the baby.

Josh – Well you’re family now!


Vince – Sweetie?

Vira – Yes?

Vince – Make sure your sister doesn’t drink too much tonight. I know she’s dateless and all of this has to be getting to her. Everyone with someone… she probably feels a certain too. You have Aaron, your brother Ivo… he has Taylor, Alana has Sebastian…

Aaron – Ivo gave me the third degree… he all but said he’d beat me up if I hurt Vira.

Vince – Good *laughs*

Aaron – I’ll help make sure Kaori doesn’t feel down. Vira and I to the rescue!

Vince – Well thank you Aaron.

Vira – I did good right?

Vince – Eh…. he’s alright *laughing*

Vira – Dad!

Vince – I’m kidding… Aaron seems like a nice guy… but I’ll make my assessment after we go golfing and I have him to myself without you coaching him.

Vira – Be nice to him please!

Vince – I will, I will.

A few feet away, we catch Frankie, with Andi’s boyfriend Chris, chatting it up with Vira’s sister Vanille, and her husband Wesley. Frankie didn’t know too much about Vira’s sister but she figured she had to be nice if she got an invite. Chris of course knew both Vanille and Wesley since he lives in CCity… along with Andi.

Wesley – Whoa… I thought you were Andi for a minute there.

Frankie – Really?

Wesley – Yeah you look so much like her. You’re both beautiful women.

Frankie – Thank you, that’s very sweet of you.

Vanille – Don’t give him anymore compliments, he’ll be telling everyone back home that he was the smoothest guy at the wedding *laughs*

Frankie – *laughs*

Wesley – I think beautiful women should be complimented- and with that being said… baby… you look phenomenal… and I don’t use the word phenomenal often… that’s how good you look.

Vanille – Aww babe.

Chris – How many women do you let out of tickets for being beautiful Wes?

Wesley – …..More than I’d like to admit. A cop’s job is never done.

Frankie – You’re a cop?

Wesley – Yes Ma’am. CCity’s very own.

Frankie – That’s awesome. My friend Keegan’s a cop for GloCity.

Wesley – Nice!

Vanille – So Frankie, Vira says you’re an amazing writer.

Frankie – I- Umm-

Chris – She is… she’s just modest. Andi show’s me all of her stuff. She’s the next big thing.

Frankie – Oh my god, I am not even…

Vanille – Its okay to be confident in your work. Own it girl! Vira says you’re like… perfect

Frankie – No, she’s perfect.

Wesley – Chris didn’t think so-

Vanille – Babe!

Chris – …..

Frankie – ….

Wesley – Too soon to joke about you and Vira?

Chris – Honestly no… I feel like everything happens for a reason, and look at us both now. She has Aaron and I have Andi. Couldn’t have worked out any better than it did.

Frankie – You’re singing at the reception right?

Vanille – Yep!

Chris – Nervous?

Vanille – No…

Frankie – I’d be terrified if it were me.

Vanille – I used to be, until one day in high school at this talent show. My then bestfriend Nikol told me… “Don’t be nervous… just imagine every time you perform you’re performing at the Grammy’s and you just won album of the year. Own it!- that or smoke some weed first.”

Frankie – That’s good advice

Vanille – Yeah, I do both… a little weed never hurt anybody.

Wesley – Nope.

Chris – Hippies!

Frankie – I know Nikol.

Vanille – You do? well yeah you would… she’s Andi’s ex friend…

Chris – She’s ex friends with a lot of people it seems.

Frankie – I actually know her because I work for Jessica. We met at one of her dinners.

Vanille – Oh nice!… Nikol’s a…. she’s a…………………… nice girl. She’ll be alright if she just… fix thing.

Wesley – …..

Chris – …

Vanille – So! where’s your date? you’re too hot to be here alone!

Frankie – You sound like Vira now.

Wesley – Vanille… I think your sister wants to date Frankie.

Vanille – Vira clearly has a girl crush.

Chris – *laughs*

Vanille – But yeah- where’s your date sweetie?

Frankie – I umm.. I’m here with my friend… she’s cousins with the groom [Sebastian]

Vanille – You have a girlfriend right?

Wesley – You’re gay?

Chris – She’s bi.

Frankie – *laughs* I’m bi- and yeah I have a girlfriend. Didn’t think it was the right time for a plus one scenario you know? Its like… in this moment do I think I should ask her to come to a wedding with me?…. no.

Wesley – Don’t want to rush things.

Vanille – True.

Chris – Frankie’s very smart.

Frankie – Oh my god stop it Chris…

Chris – Look, Andi’s bae… and you’re bae’s sister… so… I’m gonna tell everyone how amazing you are…. just like bae.

Wesley – Dude if you say bae one more time…

Vanille – Your love for Andi is beautiful Chris.

Chris – I’m lucky she’s in my life.

Frankie – Aww. You should tell her that.

Chris – I should- Hey Frankie, isn’t that your friend Keegan?

Frankie – Umm yeah, it is. Looks like he’s going to talk to Morgan.

Priest – You ready?

Sebastian – As ready as I’ll ever be. All of these people are here to see Alana and I get married. I never in a million years saw this coming.

Priest – Well god had a plan for you. You two have a beautiful daughter, and look around. All of these guests here… because they believe in true love. The love of Sebastian and Alana.

Sebastian – You’re right… yeah… hell yea- sorry- Heck yeah..

Priest – Today is a glorious day in our father’s name. Amen!

Sebastian – Amen.


Carter – So I said… “Why do lawyers wear neckties?” and he said he didn’t know. And so I said “To keep the foreskin from crawling up their chins” The whole room was in tears from laughing!

Morgan – I don’t get it.

Carter – Because Lawyers are dicks… foreskin… penis?

Morgan – Oh ew Carter- class it up honey, we’re at a wedding- and the priest is right behind us.

Carter – Aww you’re no fun. That joke made a killing at the convention.

Morgan – I just want people to see us in a certain classy light babe.

Carter – Look at you… all sexy when you’re trying to be classy. You look like a sexy napkin in that dress!

Morgan – Oh my god, Andi said these dresses look like napkins and I agree. Vira loves the dress, and Calista seem’s to love that she doesn’t wear panties underneath.

Carter – Yuck…

Morgan – She’s perfect for Ryder…

Keegan – Hey!

Morgan – Oh my god! Keegan! hi!

Keegan – Hi! you guys look great.

Morgan – You look good yourself! handsome as ever- like that’s ever going to stop!

Keegan – Aww, thanks. Well you’re just as beautiful as I remember.

Carter – So you’re Keegan. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Keegan – All good things I hope.

Morgan – Keegan this is my boyfriend, soon to be fiance, soon to be husband…. Carter Pine.

Keegan – What an introduction. Nice to meet you Carter.

Carter – Nice to meet you too Keegan. I don’t know if its because I’m older, but how did you keep up with all of Morgan’s energy?

Keegan – Is that appropriate? I mean to ask about sex-

Carter – No, I meant her always talking and-

Keegan – Oh shit- My bad…. that was awkward.

Carter – Maybe to someone insecure. I know you guys dated… and when people date they have sex. I’m okay with it- with the friendship and or past. We all have a past. Hell I became a lawyer because I got into trouble as a teenager. We wouldn’t be who we are if it wasn’t for our past indiscretions.

Keegan – Its funny that you should say that. I do have a past… and I’ve channeled it all into my job now.

Carter – What do you do?

Keegan – I’m a cop.

Carter – So we’re both in the law career… that’s amazing. I can picture you in a cop uniform… sorta… you’re a bit on the pretty side. Surprised you’re not a model-

Morgan – His dad is… or was.

Carter – So good looks run in the family.

Keegan – I guess.

Morgan – So where’s Priscilla? I met her earlier. She’s a sweet girl… super shy though.

Keegan – I think she’s freshening up in the ladies room.

Morgan – Can you believe we’re at the same wedding?

Keegan – I can’t- but then again I can. I was just telling my co-worker that I feel like GloCity, and CCity are so connected these days.

Carter – Its true.

Morgan – Oh crap Its almost time guys.

Keegan – For what? The ceremony?

Morgan – Yes! can you guys do me a favor and get everyone to their seats? I’m going to go gather the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and Alana’s dad.

Carter – We can do that. Come on Keegan, lets go.

Keegan – After you my good sir.

Carter – Don’t mind if I do!

Morgan – Ew, get a room already! *laughing*

[Location : GloCity]

Back in GloCity, Trey was finally rescued by Jonah. They decided to hit up Trey’s old stomping grounds… He missed his days working at CakeCup, but he knew his career was just getting started. Trey and Jonah had showed up right when it opened… and shockingly… it was Hope Valentine who was opening up the shop today. You guys remember her right? Villain turned hero? She was Jarrah’s enemy with the whole Dylan thing… the she started dating Nick- which is how she got the job here at CakeCup. Well anyway… A lot had changed in Hope’s life, and she couldn’t wait to tell Trey all about it.

Hope – Trey Robinson.

Trey – Hope Valentine.

Hope – I can’t believe you’re here. I haven’t seen you in forever. Did you find a better cupcake shop?

Trey – One doesn’t exist.

Hope – How are you?

He could be truthful and read her a novel’s worth of the drama that he was currently experiencing… but instead he said:

Trey – I’m doing good! I work for this wealthy family… cooking- no maid stuff! I’m their personal chef!

Hope – That’s amazing.

Trey – And you?

Hope – Well I’m the manager of this place, and I’m doing night school for nursing.

Trey – Look at you grinding.

Hope – That’s the thing… I don’t actually have to anymore. I do it because well… its all I know.

Trey – Why did you say you didn’t have to grind anymore?

Hope – You remember my grandma that Nick used to help me take care of back when he and I were dating?

Trey – Yeah.

Hope – She passed away.

Trey – I’m sorry for your loss.

Hope – Thank you… she was a sweet woman. Always looking out for me. Turns out she left money for me… so… while I’m not rich, I could go a year or two without working and be okay.

Trey – Well good for you. You want more for yourself. That’s awesome.

Hope – Oh god its so amazing seeing you. You look so good! so handsome!

Trey – Aww thanks. You look pretty!

Hope – How is everyone? I see Jonah over there. You know I’m cool with Christine, Ethan, Jules, and the gang… so…

Trey – Right.

Hope – I’m sorry about what Raven did…

Trey – Thanks.

Hope – How’s your dad doing?

Trey – Better everyday.

Hope – Good… It sucks… all of it. And I don’t want to villainize her either you know?

Trey – Mmm hmm..

Hope – Its her birthday and she’s in prison… but… she made bad choices, and people got… hurt.

Trey – And died.

Hope – Right…. happy birthday Raven…

Trey – ………

Hope – …..

Trey – Umm-

Hope – So.. Jonah looks buff.

Trey – He does doesn’t he.

Hope – He looks so much older. Very cute.

Trey – I’ll tell him you said so-

Hope – No, don’t… I’m not looking for a relationship right now. I just want to work, and have some fun.

Trey – I get you.

Hope – How’s Jarrah? you’re still friends with her I assume? She with Dylan?

Trey – She’s actually not with Dylan- she’s single… and out to mingle. She’s good though. She had a baby… a boy… Joshua. He’s adorable.

Hope – Oh wow she has a kid now? that’s awesome… who’s the dad?

Trey – Not Dylan… or Collin… Its her ex boyfriend Orion.

Hope – I see.

Trey – Do you talk to Nick?

Hope – Umm…

Trey – You don’t?

Hope – We’re not purposely avoiding each other. We’re both just so busy… he’s Mr. Fitness model thanks to Jarrah’s dad… and like I said… I’m grinding, and I have my own set of friends. Though tonight I’m all on my own. The one night I’m free and everyone else is busy. Guess I’ll watch something on netflix.

Trey – Why don’t you come to MN8 tonight?

Hope – Umm… sure?

Trey – You know Chace?

Hope – No.

Trey – Well my friend Chace’s boyfriend Cayden is doing a comedy gig tonight. Everyone is going. You should come.

Hope – I guess I could see Jarrah and catch up…

Trey – She’s on Mango Island for a wedding, but you can see…… Nick?

Hope – Nick’s gonna be there?

Trey – Yeah.

Hope – …..

Trey – Come on… for me?

Hope – Well you did hire me when no one else would… fine. I’ll be there *smiles*

Trey – Awesome!

Hope – Are you bringing a date?

Trey – My boyfriend. Dominic.

Hope – Nice!

Trey – I guess I’ll see you tonight then!

Hope – Right, but…..

Trey – Hmm?

Hope – Well honey… you did come in here to eat right?

Trey – Oh right! duh! Two chicken clubs, and a red velvet cupcake please.

Hope – Coming right up! and its on the house. I won’t take no for an answer!

Jonah – She seems good.

Trey – She is… she’s not the Hope Valentine we remember.

Jonah – Well we’ve all changed a bit right?

Trey – Yeah…

Jonah – Thanks for this… feel like we’re pre-gaming before the club tonight. You invited her right?

Trey – Yeah I did. She was nervous of saying yes because of Nick… but she agreed to come.

Jonah – Cool… because yesterday at work Cayden was nervous that nobody would come. The more people there, the better.

Trey – She seems sad about Raven…

Jonah – That would be the second person sad about that today.

Trey – Right… so before she told you about Ruben and my boss. She was drunk… and showed up at the frathouse.

Jonah – Yeah

Trey – Then?

Jonah – She tried to rape me.

Trey – What?

Jonah – She grabbed my cock, and tried to fuck me in the kitchen.

Trey – Oh my…

Jonah – After we argued, and she calmed down. She apologized about our whole relationship.

Trey – She did? but she gave you shit at NerdFix.

Jonah – Right?… but no, she actually said it was all her fault.

Trey – How do you feel about that?

Jonah – I don’t actually. I mean you’d think I’d feel validated, but I don’t. I feel like she’s hurting and nothing can help her except time travel. Go back in time and make sure Raven never did what she did.

Trey – Isn’t it crazy to think about all of those moments in our lives though. I mean you met Raven, and Christine at a skate park with Aries… who was pretending to be straight-

Jonah – While totally catfishing you on the internet as “KingOfNowhere”

Trey – God… that whole ordeal was dramatic.

Jonah – Look at Aries now though… he’s the coolest gay guy I know- no offense.

Trey – None taken… and he wasn’t catfishing me… a catfish would have been if we had met and it was somebody like… Rubi!

Jonah – You know… *laughing* She would totally catfish somebody… I could see that.

Trey – She’ll be there tonight with her Jewish bae Adam.

Jonah – She’s gonna run that poor guy away.

Trey – Well at least I’m in good company… i’ll run Dominic away.

Jonah – Speaking of personal shit… you never commented on what I told you about Ruben and Varrick.

Trey – They’re nasty… but at least Ruben broke it off.

Jonah – Do you feel bad arguing with him this morning?

Trey – No because he was being an ungrateful fucktard and on top of that he lied. He wasn’t with his parents in Pylea last night, he was plowing my boss…

Jonah – True.

Trey – Dominic and I let him live with us, and he wants to fuck my boss and be a dick? I’m so over his fatass.

Jonah – *laughing*

Trey – Sorry not sorry.

Jonah – Lets walk this food off.

Trey – Okay. Lets get out of here.

On the way out of CakeCup, Jonah, and Trey walked passed Karin, and Pearl. No words were exchanged between any of them. Awkward…

Pearl – They just walked right past us…

Karin – Shh… they’re still behind us.

Pearl – Right.

Karin – Are my eyes deceiving me or did he have dark hair now?

Pearl – Oh right, you don’t follow him on IG anymore. He and his bestfriend got their hair colored the other day.

Karin – I see.

Pearl – Do you miss him?

Karin – …Is it wrong to say I don’t know?

Pearl – Wrong? no. Weird? yes.

Karin – I just need to be single right now… to just… deal with everything.

Pearl – Yeah but babe… you did him wrong.

Karin – I know… and when the time is right I’ll talk to him.

Pearl – Do you think you could get back with him?

Karin – I don’t know… time will tell.

Pearl – I’ll change the subject then… So I think I’m bisexual.

Karin – Well duh… I have yet to meet a pair of tits that you didn’t like.

Pearl – Oh my god really? I’m that obvious?

Karin – I’m just observant… because I’m your bestfriend.

Pearl – …. Its not weird right?

Karin – No, we can still share the same bed… its whatever. You’re bi, not a lesbian predator.

Pearl – I saw this really hot guy at the gym… blonde… perfect.

Karin – You’re describing like 25% of the GloCity population.

Pearl – True. So what’s going on with your book?

Karin – Frankie and I are almost finished editing it. That Ashley girl is getting in the way though.

Pearl – What Ashley girl?

Karin – Frankie’s writing some whore-memoir about her…

Pearl – I see.

Karin – Truth be told… I think Frankie hates her job.

Pearl – She doesn’t like writing anymore?

Karin – No, she hates editing. I think she wants to just feel free to writer her own shit… and she should… she should quit editing… but I wonder if her boss would be mad about that.

Pearl – Fuck her if she is… you gotta do what you gotta do- and wait… when did you start liking Frankie?

Karin – When I realized I wanted to be just like her.

Trey – Was that weird for you?

Jonah – No.

Trey – Do you miss her?

Jonah – I don’t know…

Trey – Can you see yourself getting back-

Jonah – I don’t really know to be honest. Time will tell I guess, but if I went there with her again… things would have to change. She’d have to grow up, and handle her emotions like an adult.

Trey – While I agree with you… she is younger than us, and think about how our journey’s have gone… maturing takes time.

Jonah – True… damn.

Trey – What?

Jonah – I could use a nap before tonight… and I won’t be able to sleep at the Frat-

Trey – Nobody’s home so you can just nap at my place.

Jonah – You sure?

Trey – Its not a problem. You’re my friend dumbass.

Jonah – *laughs*

Trey – Loving the hair by the way. It feels like you.

Jonah – Christine said the same thing.

Trey – You and Christine are weird. I know she’s with Vladimir- but… would you ever-

Jonah – I don’t know if Christine and I are destined to be together. I mean maybe… who knows.

Trey – ….Nick is in love with me.

Jonah – What?

Trey – Yeah, he was about to tell me, but saw that Dominic and I were fighting.

Jonah – Holy shit.

Trey – In some ways it makes sense though… He’s been around so much, and he flirts a lot.

Jonah – How do you feel about that? You did fuck him..

Trey – He fucked me a long time ago in the dorms… I don’t know how I feel about it though.

Jonah – Well do you have any feelings towards him?

Trey – Nick is perfect… big tall, muscular, great personality. I don’t know- I feel like since Dominic and I are doomed that I should keep Nick close…

Jonah – ….

Trey – Does that sound wrong?

Jonah – Just sounds like you’re preparing for the worst. I get it.

Trey – We have to have fun tonight. We have to let loose and support Cayden.

Jonah – His cousin Rebecca is coming.

Trey – What is she like?

Jonah – He said she’s cool. I haven’t met her. She has a baby and needs to socialize and have fun. He figured this would be perfect timing for her to get out and go with the flow.

Trey – Portia’s coming.

Jonah – Oh good.

Trey – She’s going through a bit of a metamorphosis.

Jonah – I’ve noticed.

Trey – Hey… do you feel weird not going to the wedding?

Jonah – No.

Trey – I like all of us together, but obviously I had no reason to be there. Kaori suggested I cook food for the reception but Alana shot that down, and said “Do I look like I want amateur hour at my reception” Whatever the case… I am glad we get to hangout.

Jonah – I’m glad we’re hanging out too- and I don’t feel weird about going because truth be told Sebastian and my dad don’t really socialize.

Trey – Well the huge age difference…

Jonah – Not only that… they just never did. Sebastian’s always been closer to Jarrah’s side of the family.

Trey – So Frankie and Sebastian having a thing in the past has nothing to do with you not going?

Jonah – No, because that would be stupid as fuck seeing as Sebastian is marrying Alana.

Trey – Just checking…

Jonah – Random question…

Trey – Okay?

Jonah – Did you ever have a crush on Keegan? all of the girls-

Trey – So because I’m gay that mean’s I must have had a crush on Keegan?

Jonah – Sorry… that was rude-

Trey – Of course I had a crush on Keegan. I have a secret and you can’t tell anybody…

Jonah – Okay.

Trey – You know how I dated your cousin in high school?

Jonah – Yeah?

Trey – Well one day we were in her room, and I joked and said maybe I’m bi… and she asked if I ever did anything with a girl. I said no. So she let me touch her boobs and kiss her and like… yuck.

Jonah – Ew I do not need to hear about my cousin’s tits…

Trey – Jarrah has tits! deal with it!

Jonah – Gross.

Trey – Anyway… the whole time we did that stuff I just pretended it was Keegan- YOU CANT TELL ANYBODY!

Jonah – Oh my god! *laughing* That’s fucking hilarious.

Trey – Needless to say after that we both laughed and were GLAD we didn’t attempt to have sex. She was a trooper helping me figure things out.

Jonah – ….That’s funny. Umm… You know what?

Trey – Hmm?

Jonah – I do have one regret about the wedding.

Trey – What is that?

Jonah – The reception… you know the reception is going to be awesome.

Trey – Oh god you’re right!

Jonah – Thank god for social media… we can see all the clothes and food and stuff.

Trey – Well Jarrah’s obsessed with instagram… so I’m sure she’ll be posting a lot. Chin up though. While they’re having fun… we’re also going to have a magical night. This will be one for the memory books. We should do something crazy after the show like a strip club or skinny dipping in a lake

Jonah – Fuck yeah!

Trey – …They’d never see that coming.

Jonah – No… no they won’t.

Trey – Ready to go take that nap?

Jonah – I am…

Trey – Uber to my place?

Jonah – Nah we can walk.

Trey – I wonder what’s going on at the wedding right now?

Jonah – They should be walking down the isle by now…

[Location : Mango Island]

The moment was here… The groomsmen found their bridesmaids and got into formation. It was time for Alana and Sebastian to say their “I Do’s”

[Press Play]

[Stop the music if needed]

Priest – We’re all here today to celebrate the relationship of Alana Grace and Sebastian Darwin. To be witnesses and supporters of the commitment they share with one another. Together we’re a group of the most important people in their lives and they’ve brought us here to publicly recognize that we’ve all played some special part in the love they share today.

Marriage gives permanence and structure to a couple’s love. It’s a way to tell one another that no matter how much you snore or how much you spent while out at the shopping mall, we’re still in this together. It’s more permanent than the weird tattoo that Sebastian got on his arm in his early twenties and has more staying power than Alana’s cute Louboutin heels that she’s had since they first met. Marriage is telling the person you love that you’re not going anywhere and that’s a powerful commitment for two people to make to one another.

The road that has brought Alana and Sebastian here today hasn’t been easy. It’s been filled with challenges that they weren’t necessarily prepared for. But together they’ve taken each one on and have used those experiences to strengthen, not weaken their love.

Priest – Alana and Sebastian, the vows that you are about to make are a way to share your love and commitment to each other in your own words. Sometimes poems, verses and quotes just don’t get the point across the way you need them to and the best option is just to do it yourself. These vows are your way of openly declaring your promise to one another as well as to all of those who are here in attendance today. And with that being said… Ladies first.

Alana – Sebastian… You changed every part of me for the better. I could not, and would not be the persona that I am today had I not had you in my life. You are strong, smart, sexy… you are passionate, caring… you are so many things that I never knew I needed. Together we brought our beautiful daughter into this world. She was a blessing, and that was enough for me. Then you got down on one knee and asked me to marry you. Today makes me the happiest woman on earth and I will love you until my last breath. I’m thankful to have found you, and I’m never letting you go.

Guest – Awww

Priest – Sebastian.

Sebastian – You are my lover and my teacher, You are my model and my accomplice, And you are my true counterpart. I will love you, hold you and honor you, I will respect you, encourage you and cherish you, In health and sickness, Through sorrow and success, For all the days of my life.

You have been my best friend, playmate, confidant and my greatest challenge. But most importantly, you are the love of my life and you make me happier than I could ever imagine and more loved than I ever thought possible…. You have made me a better person, as our love for one another is reflected in the way I live my life. So I am truly blessed to be a part of your life, which as of today becomes our life together. I am happy to have made a beautiful daughter with you. I love you, and I always will. Our love is forever eternal, and will live on, forever.

Guest – Aww

Priest – Alana – do you take Sebastian to be your husband; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?

Alana – *smiles* I do.

Priest – Sebastian – do you take Alana to be your wife; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?

Sebastian – *holding back tears* I do.

Priest – By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. Sebastian you may kiss your bride.

Sebastian & Alana – *Kiss*

Minister: It’s my great honor and privilege to be the first to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Darwin!

Guest – *clapping*

That’s a wrap for the beautiful wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin. Stay tuned for the reception… its going to be exciting because everyone will be drinking and letting loose. Not to mention what’s about to take place in GloCity for Jonah, and Trey. You haven’t seen nothing yet! To be continued!


~*End Of Part One, Part Two [Reception|Comedy Club] is Next*~

{BnG Season 3} Chapter Three Part 3 : “You’re Joking…Right?”

Chapter Three | Pt. 3 “You’re Joking…Right?”

-POV’s : Jeep Jonah & Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |


[Before you read this update hold CTRL and press F5 so the page can do a cache refresh of the page. Photobucket has been wonky so sometimes the pictures don’t load all the way. If you encounter a unloaded picture just hold CTRL and press F5, and it should fix it. Thanks! and enjoy]

(POV Jonah)

So I’ve realized that the entire time of us knowing one another, that you have never been home with me. This is your first time seeing me going home, to see my parents. That’s not to say that I didn’t visit them before today, its just that you’re never around when I do… but I guess there’s a first time for everything right? so here we are. Side-note; I’m sure you’re wondering about my thoughts on a few things… Like my interaction with Frankie, and Karin yesterday, and the whole situation with Trey, Dominic, and Barry Mapole- I mean Ian.

First thing’s first… Karin… I’m aware that she’s hurting, but she’s being a bitch. I’m kinda over that whole shtick. Until she can be an adult and talk to me, she’s on her own. Fuck her for purposely trying to hurt me by using my insecurities against me. Now when it comes to Frankie, I was brutally honest. I also was a bit unfair. Here’s why… She told me straight up that she needed me more as a friend than a boyfriend. I should have respected her enough to accept that and move on- and I did.. I did move on… with Karin. In hindsight I realize I moved on but did not accept being rejected. So I blew up at her, and told her stuff I was suppose to let go of… the Sebastian shit, it just makes me look like a whiny little bitch.

That’s not to dismiss my very valid feelings, but I shouldn’t be throwing a fit because the girl doesn’t feel the same way. I’m still in love with Frankie Mancini, I’m never not gonna be. I have no idea if she feels anything romantic for me, because she’s never said. With that being said, I’m not holding my breath, and I’m gonna try and get happy with myself before I even worry about women. I need to start putting myself first, maybe I should pull a Julia Roberts and do a eat pray love type of trip.

Now about Ian-

Tru – Honey?

Jonah – Huh?

Tru – Did you hear what I asked you?

Jonah – No, sorry mom…

Tru – I asked you, what are you going to do about Karin.

Jonah – I’m, giving her space. I don’t want to date her, I’m just trying to be a supportive friend. She’s being a b- a bit immature, which… I guess makes sense.

Tru – Because she’s young, and doesn’t know how to express her emotions?

Jonah – Right.

Tru – Its funny….

Jonah – What is?

Tru – I initially thought you started dating her because she was… well nevermind…

Jonah – What?

Tru – …Well….

Jonah – Just say it mom…

Tru – She’s similar to Frankie…. who you’ve had a big crush on since… forever.

Jonah – That’s-… I didn’t- they’re nothing alike.

Tru – …..You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to your mom..

Jonah – …..How are you mom?

Tru – ….I guess that means we’re moving on, okay.

Jonah – School is fine, you know about Karin, my friends are good-ish… so yes.. moving on. How are you?

Tru – Well… I’m good. Your aunt Skye and I went to get dinner last night. We ran into an old friend of mine… Kris Harris.

Jonah – You say that like I know who he is?

Tru – Well he held you when you were a baby.

Jonah – Some man held me… yet you two aren’t friends anymore?

Tru – Time changes people…. he was pretty cool back in the day. He even dated your bestfriend’s [Keegan] dad.

Jonah – Issac got around it seems… first Frankie’s dad, then Aries dad [Gavin] and now your old friend Kris…

Tru – Oh my god!

Jonah – What?

Tru – You go to school with his niece, and nephew.

Jonah – Who?

Tru – His sister had twins… umm Bianca, and Bryce.

Jonah – I know them… Bryce is a friend of mine actually… so weird.

Tru – By the way, what you said isn’t true…

Jonah – What?

Tru – Issac didn’t get around, in fact it took him a while to even put himself out there. I think after Jordan’s brother-

Jonah – Wait… Issac fucked Trey’s uncle AJ?!

Tru – Language, and yeah they were together…

Jonah – So… Riley, Gavin, Kris, and AJ….

Tru – Yes, but not in that order-

Jonah – I’m surprised he didn’t do Ivy’s dad Max!

Tru – He didn’t, but Max, and Gavin were together…

Jonah – Wow…

Dude…. Issac was a man-whore. Its funny Issac seemed super irresistible back in the day, and so is Keegan. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree at all.

Tru – Look, your father and I… and all of your friend’s parents all had lives before you guys were born. I did more than watch HGTV, and garden. I sorta dated Jordan, and I even had a girlfriend when I was a teenager-

Jonah – You hooked up with Trey’s dad?!

Tru – Oh I’ve said too much…

Jonah – And you- a girl? are you bisexual or something? does dad know?!

Tru – Your dad can’t say anything considering his dorm-room romp- Oh crap there I go again…

Jonah – Umm… are you saying…. dad…. hooked up with another dude in college? You’re Joking…Right?

Tru – I’m saying we all had lives, and did different things.

Jonah – Are my parents bisexuals?!

Tru – …. lets not worry about labels Jonah… we’re happily married…

Jonah – ……….

Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t…

Tru – Where the hell is your father….

Jonah – ….. I don’t know. He asked me to come by, and he’s not even here.

Oliver – Who’s not here?

Tru – Oh there you are honey.

Oliver – I picked up the tea, and crackers you wanted from the store.

Tru – Aww, thanks babe.

Oliver – You done eating Jonah?

Jonah – Sure.

Oliver – Okay lets go talk.

Tru – You guys have fun. I’m gonna go watch Scandal.. Team Fitz! Woot Woot!

Oliver – I think Olivia should try being alone for once.

Tru – I’m all about a woman standing on her own, I just think she and Fitz are endgame!

Oliver – Fitz is a pussy… Olivia deserves better.

Tru – Oh and Jake is any better?

Oliver – Jake is a murdering asshole…

Tru – Okay so then tell me this… If Fitz-

Jonah – Parents… I love you… but there are only SO many hours in the day, and I gotta get to work…

Shit-mouth boss of mine might flip a bitch if I’m late. God I wish he’d brush his fucking teeth. There is no reason that his mouth should smell like a horses ass.

Oliver – He’s right…

Tru – Fine, go have your father son talk, but this isn’t over Ollie!

Oliver – Don’t watch How To Get Away With Murder, without me.

Jonah – Oh god….

Oliver – Lets talk outside in the backyard.

Jonah – ………K.

Lets get this shit over with. I’m pretty sure we’re going to bump heads. He always says I have no respect for him, but that works two ways. I’m an adult too, and just because you’re my parent- it doesn’t mean you’re always right, and I’m always wrong.

Oliver – You’re looking tan.

Jonah – What?

Oliver – Last time I saw you, you were pale…

Jonah – Why do you always do that?

Oliver – Do what?

Jonah – Critique the way I look.

Oliver – I’m not being malicious, I’m just saying you look good today-

Jonah – As opposed to looking like shit normally?

Oliver – Why are you so combative with me lately? You were never this way… it all started after you buffed up, and joined that frat.

Jonah – Oh… I don’t know, could it be because nothing I ever do is good enough.

Oliver – So we’re going right into it then?

Jonah – …..

Oliver – Its not… that I don’t think… that you don’t have what it takes to be some big movie guy. I just want you to be happy, and not struggling. The whole struggling artist thing is cute until you can’t pay your bills. I’m just saying have a backup plan.

Jonah – That annoys me…

Oliver – Why?

Jonah – I never doubted myself, but you’ve given me a complex. I sometimes worry that I can’t do it, that I suck… thanks to you dad.

Oliver – …..

Jonah – Ya know, Rubi’s dad gives his full support, and she actually really does suck at it.

Oliver – They can afford that luxury… her dad has Hollywood connections, his daughter will be fine. I’m trying to be realistic, and help you have a backup plan.

Jonah – Oh, its nice of you to change your wording… before you called it a silly dream, and said I was wasting your money on unrealistic goals.

Oliver – ….Can we just sit and talk please?

Jonah – I kinda want to leave.

Oliver – Please son?….

Ugh, he makes me so angry, and then want to play the father card… the whole guilt trip shit really gets on my nerves.

Jonah – ……

Oliver – I’ll take you to Chuck E Cheese!….

Jonah – ……

Oliver – You used to love Chuck E Cheese… you and your cousin [Jarrah] would run around playing games, getting tickets and tokens for the toys… you guys were bestfriends.

Jonah – We’re still close. We’re both just busy… she has a baby n’ shit…

Oliver – Do you want kids?

Jonah – Sure… but not now.

Oliver – Good answer.

Jonah – You must think I’m a idiot… did you think I was gonna say “oh yeah dad, I want kids right now!”

Oliver – No…. I just…. *sigh* this isn’t going as well as I wanted… Why is this so hard….

Because our communication skills suck.

Jonah – …..Lets just sit.

Oliver – *smiles* …. okay.

Oliver – …. Its really nice out today isn’t it?

Jonah – …….Yeah.

Oliver – Are you eating good enough?

Jonah – I’m good, I can afford food remember? you pressured me into getting a job… so I have one. I work at that computer shop.

Oliver – ……I just want the best for you.

Jonah – You…. you’re such a hypocrite…

Oliver – What hypocrisy have I displayed?

Jonah – Umm.. you went by the name Blaze, and smoked tons of weed in college. You didn’t have it all figured out.

Oliver – First of all, where did you hear that?

Jonah – Doesn’t matter. Its true right?

Oliver – …..It is. Which is why I want you to not go through what I did. I’m smart as hell, but I still had a hard time figuring things out.

Jonah – Your sexuality too.

Oliver – What the hell are you talking about?

Jonah – Both you and mom are bisexual apparently!

Oliver – What?!

Jonah – Mom said she had girlfriends when she was in high school, and that you fucked- or got fucked by some guy when you were in college!

Oliver – I never had sex with that guy. The only thing that happened was that we were both high, and he went down on me- and I can’t believe she told you that.

Jonah – This is seriously gross.

Oliver – Why? people have sex-

Jonah – Because you guys are my parents. I don’t need to hear these things.

Oliver – Oh get over it… its not like we were doing orgies. I have some friends who are married and attend weekend orgies to spice things up- I won’t say any names though.

Jonah – …..

Oliver – I was a misfit in college, I enjoyed weed. Your mother and I still smoke weed on the weekends… We’re not the stiff parents you think we are.

Jonah – Evidently not.

Oliver – We got way off base here…

Jonah – Yeah… we did. What did you want to talk about? what was the point of calling me here?

Oliver – Well your mother enjoys your company… and so do I. I wish we could do more things together. We have such a disconnect. I only know about whats bothering you if I read social media. I want you to come to me for advice… I want to be your dad, and your bestfriend.

Jonah – ….I feel like an asshole… but at the same time… you… you hurt my feelings. You cause me anxiety, you make me doubt myself-

Oliver – Not my intentions though.

Jonah – Regardless, its how you make me feel. How am I to brush that aside, and go to baseball games with you?

Oliver – Neither one of us like baseball…

Jonah – You know what I mean.

Oliver – I simply asked you here for two things. To tell you about an opportunity that was presented for you, and also to tell you that I’m proud of you, and I love you.

Jonah – What opportunity?

Oliver – ….A friend of mine at GloCity News is looking for new cameramen.

Jonah – …….

Oliver – I figure you can do that, and work your way up… while also doing your side film projects. If something amazing happens on the film side then good…. but this would be a good-

Jonah – Back up.. yeah I know.

Oliver – Do you think you’-

Jonah – I gotta get going.

I don’t want to argue anymore, and I feel like if he keep talking job opportunities, its gonna piss me off.

Oliver – Jonah?

Jonah – Yeah?

Oliver – I really do want us to be closer. I’m sorry for making you feel how you feel. Like I said… I do love you, you’re my son, my only child… I’m sorry for not doing things right.

Jonah – …

Oliver – Its funny, because my father- your grandpa Ben, he and I- well… We did not really have that relationship. I was basically an alien to him “always out back wit da tela-scope” We were not close, and I regret that. When you came into this world, I didn’t want that for us. I wanted us to be bestfriends.

Jonah – …. What about uncle Josh?

Oliver – We’ve always been close… best brother I could ask for.

Jonah – No, I mean were him and grandpa Ben close?

Oliver – They weren’t close, but they had a better relationship that I did. They got a lot closer towards Grandpa Ben’s final years.

Jonah – I don’t hate you, or anything. I’m just mad at you.

Oliver – Well I’ll take that, over you hating me.

Jonah – …You’re my dad, of course I… love you or whatever. I’m just mad.

Oliver – Okay… well hopefully you can not be mad at me… someday.

Jonah – I’m working on it.

Oliver – Not to be pushy, but how do you feel about the cameraman position?

Jonah – Can I think about it?

Oliver – You have time. It wouldn’t start until the summer… They’re working on cleaning house right now.

Jonah – Cool…

Oliver – Okay, well good visit.

Jonah – Yeah…

Oliver – Have a good day at work!

Jonah – You too.

Oliver – I should probably go watch tv with your mother.

Jonah – ….and smoke some weed…

Oliver – We have brownies….

Jonah – My parents are sexual deviants who enjoy marijuana… That’s hilarious.

Oliver – We kick ass.

Jonah – *laughs* I’ll see you later dad.

My dad makes me mad, and he’s given me a complex where I doubt myself… still…. he’s my dad and considering he had a shitty relationship with his father, maybe I should try and forgive him. I don’t want to be mad at him. I remember the fun times. He used to understand me, back in the days where he’d come home from work, and play pokemon cards with me. I obviously don’t want to play pokemon cards with my dad these days… but I’d appreciate if he understood me, and liked me for me. I mean is it my fault though? I have changed a bit, but have I changed so much as to where he doesn’t even recognize his own son? at the core I’m still a film loving nerd. *sigh*

(POV Kaori)

Ian gives great blowjobs… that’s all I keep thinking about as I sit here at lunch with my family. As of right now the people who know about Ian are, Trey, Jonah, Frankie, and myself. I told Vira too because well, she’s my sister- and she has no connection to this town and its drama. Jarrah, doesn’t know yet because she’s busy, and I asked that nobody tell Keegan yet because of his friendship with Ian. I’ll tell both Jarrah, and Keegan when I feel its right.

As far as what I’m gonna do with the information I got at Trey’s place last night? I’m sitting on it- which is something that Ian doesn’t do often in porn. Took a good 15 videos before I saw him actually being penetrated. I must have spent the night in my bed watching 30 + videos of him. No… not on a random porn site either. I had to subscribe to the studio that makes the videos. There he was in all of his glory- all 8 inches… Its surreal.

What’s even more surreal is the restraint I’m showing when it comes to this. The old me would have outed him, yelled at him… instead I’m just going to sit on it, and wait. I’m going to see him tonight, and I’m going to give him a chance to tell me himself. Oh and just to clear up any confusion that Trey, Jonah, or anybody else may have caused- Ian and I have not had sex since high school. The most we’ve done since he’s been back is hand stuff, but even then… he was showing restraint. We stopped before anybody came… Now I know why, he’s gay. He doesn’t want me, he wants Keegan.

Kokoro – Kaori, honey?

Kaori – Yeah?

Kokoro – Are you alright?

Kaori – Yeah, sorry.. just thinking about school… I have a paper due tomorrow that I’m only half way done with.

Kokoro – I’m so proud of you… juggling work, and school.

Kaori – *smiles*

So this lunch was very much an impromptu social gathering- look at me sounding like Frankie… though knowing her, and her bag of big words she’d probably say some shit like “The assemblage, of our congregation was brought on simply by fortuitous happenstance” She is such a nerd… how the hell did she get blessed with such a big brain, and all of the beauty that she has? My girl crush grows on my bestfriend everyday, is that weird?

Its always so weird seeing my mother, and father together. They are both happily married to other people now, but I’d be lying if I said I’d hate it if they ever found their way back together. With that being said, I’m happy that they’re happy with Victoria, and George. The way this lunch came together was basically Vira, and I were planning on eating here. Vira was texting with dad and told him the plan. He came down, and mom walked in randomly for a quick bite before she had to head back to Pylea for the taping of her show- yes… its still on.

Vince – Everything good at the place?

Kaori – Yeah, its good. I’m happy Aries lives with me. I feel safe.

Vira – He’s so big! I got there earlier, and he was doing yoga in the living room… I’m like oh my god, you must lift weights everyday!

Kokoro – Isn’t that in now? Now men have an unrealistic body goal. Join our club!

Vira – Oh my god, right? being a woman, I just feel so bad watching tv, and film. The magazines are the worst too, because of all of the photoshop.

Kaori – Says the fashion designer…

Vira – You brat…

Kaori – I’m just saying, you clearly have a good outlook on things, but in the industry you’re in-

Vira – Actually I’m doing something about it… or at least I plan on it.

Vince – Well, tell us your idea sweetheart.

Vira – Fine dad, since you twisted my arm! *laughing*

Kokoro – *laughing*

Kaori – He totally twisted your arm *laughs*

I’ve had my dad all my life, she just met him a year ago… its so cute how they’ve bonded really fast. You’d think I’d be jealous, since I’m a princess and all- but nope. There is more than enough of dad to go around.

Vira – So basically my roommate is plus size. She had a baby and didn’t drop the weight right away. I noticed she’s been having a hard time picking out clothes to wear. So I started sketching stuff with her in mind. I want to take my idea to Morgan- my bestfriend, and business partner. I want to do a plus size line. She’s so high fashion, but I don’t see Hillside going that way. A cute boutique or a few… with our clothes- I’m rambling, but basically I want to do some plus size stuff.

Kokoro – That is a fabulous idea Vira.

Vince – There are a lot of women who probably need more options.

Kaori – Morgan’s…. well I’ll be nice and say that I HOPE she hears you out… because she’s….

Vira – Kaori doesn’t like her…

Vince – Why?

Kokoro – Yeah, what happened?

Kaori – A while ago she and Keegan-

Vince – Oh! say no more-

Kokoro – …..

Vira – *laughing*

Kaori – What’s so funny? and Dad why did you say “Oh! say no more” What is that supposed to mean?

Vince – Well princess, we’ve all known for a long time that you… well you have these intense feelings for Issac’s son and-

Kaori – No, stop.

Kokoro – Don’t get upset honey, your dad is-

Kaori – I’m not upset, I’m just- look… I’m aware of my emotionally painful past with Keegan, but just so you guys know… that’s over. We talked one on one, as adults. We’re friends, and that’s all its ever gonna be. We’re okay with that. So when you say stuff like that it makes me feel young, stupid, and immature.

Vince – I’m sorry princess, and you’re right. You handled it like an adult, that’s good. I shouldn’t joke about it.

Kaori – Its fine daddy, I just wanted to throw that out there.

Vira – So, happy belated birthday Mrs- well what do I call you now? you’re married to George and I don’t know his last name.

Kaori – Its Kokoro Young now- however… you can just call me Koko, you’re family.

Vira – *smiles* well Happy belated birthday Koko- oh crap I forgot your gift in Kaori’s car-

Kaori – I’ll go get it.

Vira – I can go with you-

Kaori – Its okay, its just in the parking lot.

Vince – You sure you don’t want anyone to-

Kaori – I understand what you guys are doing, but sooner or later I have to get my life back. I can’t be afraid to walk alone.

Kokoro – My strong daughter…

Kaori – I’ll be back *gets up and walks away*

Yes there are plenty of psychos out there, but I can’t be boxing myself in just because I got attacked by a hockey mask wearing freak. Its cool that they’re so protective over me, but I gotta do things on my own too.

Kokoro – So Vira, are you dating?

Vira – I have a boyfriend-

Vince – What?

Kokoro – Oh here we go…

Vince – I haven’t met this boyfriend…

Vira – *laughing* Don’t worry dad, he’s a good guy. I’ve known him since I was a teenager. We’ve both matured, and the timing is finally right for us.

Vince – Well I want to meet him.

Vira – That can be arranged- but don’t scare him!

Kokoro – Good luck with that. Kaori would have boys around the house and he’d give them a full interview. One time he gave Keegan a full speech… he told him “Your father was smooth with men, and I bet you’re smooth with the ladies, but Kaori is my little girl!” It was ridiculous.

Vira – Oh wow *laughing*

Vince – I’m protective with my girls…

Vira – And our brother?

Vince – Well Ivo… he…. no not really- and I understand the double standard but, its hard to control boys…

Kokoro – Oh Vincent, we can ask her since Kaori isn’t here.

Vince – Right!

Vira – Uh-oh…

Vince – Who’s the Ian guy that’s on Kaori’s instagram?

Kokoro – Are they dating?

Vira – Umm… well from what I know, Ian is a high school friend. They reconnected. They are not dating…

Vince – You sure?

Vira – Yeah, that’s what Frankie told me.

Kokoro – Oh I just love Frankie-

Vira – Oh my god how hot is she? and smart too. I think I have a girl crush!

Vince – Did you need anything honey? any money or-

Vira – No, I’m okay. Thanks for asking.

Kokoro – Well if you do ever need anything, you can ask. I know I’m not with Vincent anymore, but you can still consider me family.

Vira – Aww… well that’s sweet of you guys. I know work is good for you Koko, but what about you dad?

Vince – Things are better than ever, we had that issue with Paisley Adams, but finances are finally starting to get back on track. So work is good.

Vira – She’s a publicist slash manager or whatever.

Kokoro – She has her own PR firm?

Vira – Yep, in CCity… I see her all the time. We’re not friends though, not after the things she’s done to Dad, and Kay’.

Vince – You know what?… what she did was wrong, but at least she took the money, and is trying to make something of herself. The best I can hope for is that she herself will become successful enough so that she doesn’t have to resort to shit like she pulled with me- and that her future kids will be taken care of and not do anything dumb like she did.

Kokoro – That’s a positive way to look at someone who fucked you over Vincent.

Vince – Everyone makes mistakes.

Vira – That’s true- though I know someone named Nikol who makes lots of mistakes… and she’s a pretty bad person… Its weird though. As much as I dislike her, I almost feel bad for her. She fucked my boyfriend when we had broken up- and there are other things she’s done to my sister… still… I feel bad for her- only because she seems to lack self-awareness, and maturity.

Kokoro – Well there is only so much time you can give someone to mature.

Vince – Yeah, then you just let them hang themselves.

Vira – Oh I’m sure she will… if anybody would find themselves in a crap situation its her.

Kokoro – Where are her parents?

Vince – Does she have friends?

Vira – She keeps friends until they get sick of her- she has about 2 friends. As for her parents, her father died last year… and she’s actually reconnecting with her mom from what I’ve heard. You might know her mom- she’s Jessica Nash?

Kokoro – The writer, I have her books.

Vince – I know here from a long time ago. She’s your mother’s [Leslie] friend. I met her a long time ago on vacation. Me and my friends called her “Red” because of the hair, and her attitude problems *laughing* God that trip was fun- one of many… we went to a cabin one year..

Kokoro – Where I found out I was pregnant with your bother Ivo.

Vince – The guys and I had lots of fun over the years.

Vira – You’re still friends with all of them?

Vince – Yeah, Josh, Issac, and Jordan… we’re all still very close- Tommy [Tom] too. Then you toss in Riley and we have this strong brotherhood.

Vira – My mom isn’t as close with Jamie, Spencer, and Jessica anymore… but I think after they went to Jessica’s wedding that they’re working on it… its so weird that you and mom met on an island… Its romantic- yet she’s a lesbian, and you’re straight. She has never told me about that trip where you guys met… You should…

Vince – Okay… why not? It all started when Jessica’s now husband Tom burned down our house, we needed a vacation… so we booked this nice place on Mango Island… turns out so did your mom and her friends… So we’re all arguing and sitting outside while we decide who gets the place… ultimately Issac, and Jamie decided we could all stay together… so then- *fades off*

I swear I heard them say Paisley’s name while I was walking away… That bitch, I can’t believe her life is so good right now, I wonder when it’ll all come crashing down for her. I still very much would like to knock her teeth out. I have never let a bitch get the best of me, and she will forever be the one who got away with it. That stings, and I hate losing. Oh well… hope she’s happy, and not fucking anyone over these days.

Isn’t that… that’s Jessica’s son… oh… and that bitch Raina’s sister Jenn. I love Frankie, she’s my bestfriend… but she can do better. Yes Raina is gorgeous, and driven… but something about her just doesn’t sit right with me.

Jenn – What the fuck were you thinking?

Symon – I did what I thought made sense.

Jenn – You fail to understand who my mother is. It would have blew over.

Peter – I think Symon’s gone soft…

Jenn – Oh did you Symon? should we start calling you Flaccid?

Oh hell naw… nasty ass little kids- though I guess at that age my friends and I were no better…

Symon – Fuck both of you, don’t forget who saved the day, it was me.

Peter – You didn’t save shit bro, there’s still an investigation.

Symon – What?

Jenn – Yeah… they’re still looking into it- which is why I said what I said. If you would have just let ME and my FAMILY take care of it- it would have been fine.

Peter – I bumped into Curtis and his mom yesterday.

Jenn – You did?

Peter – Him, and his mom were at the grocery store, and I was there with my dad-

Jenn – Well obviously, your mom is dead.

Symon – Jenn!

Jenn – What?! its true! she was killed in that car accident!

Peter – I fucking know my mom is dead, you cunt bitch.

Jenn – Oh fuck off Peter.

Symon – Shut the fuck up already… both of you…

Peter – No, I have a story to tell. I saw Curtis in the produce section. He was buying some spinich and kale smoothie, faggot ass…

Symon – What’s gay about kale, and spinich? my sister makes me drink that…

Jenn – Curtis is the gayest kid at our school… I wonder if he gets off on looking at you guys… he’s always looking at you Symon.

Symon – He’s-

Peter – He checks me out too, like so much. He’s always looking at me. He’s such a fag.

Symon – Dude stop it with the F word… my sister’s are gay.

Jenn – So is mine…

Peter – Yeah but its different. They’re women, they’re lesbians… not faggots like Curtis.

Symon – Just stop…

Jenn – Sometimes I swear you’re one of those….

Symon – Who me?

Jenn – No, Peter.

Peter – One of what?

Jenn – Those homophobic guys who will probably end up gay after high school.

Peter – You think I’m gay? come over my house, my dad is at work. I’ll show you how gay I am when I shove my cock up your ass-

Symon – Dude!

Jenn – Why the ass though?

Peter – What does it matter?!

Kaori – ………..

Symon – Guys shut up….

Peter – Don’t tell me to shut up, I’ll knock you out-

Symon – You won’t, and I’m saying shut up because that woman behind you guys… I know her. She’s Frankie’s friend… so shut the fuck up.

Jenn – *changing the subject* So that’s when Tiffany told me that she went down on Richie. I think she is such a slore.

Peter – Oh yeah! big slore!

Symon – You guys umm… do your homework?

Peter – Are you being serious? no, I’m not doing it until sunday…

Jenn – Why ruin the weekend?

Peter – Well anytime you get weekend homework its ruined…

Symon – …True… lets um, lets get out of here.

Jenn – Good idea.

Bad ass teenagers… I need to call Keegan and tell him about this.

I went to the car, and got Vira’s gift for my mom. Then I headed to the ladies room to call Keegan to talk to him about what I heard, plus a few more things.

Keegan – Hi.

Kaori – Hey.

Keegan – What’s up?

Kaori – You’re not busy are you?

Keegan – No, just at the market on main street. I ran out of things I use for my morning smoothies.

Kaori – Oh, okay good.

Keegan – What’s going on?- and why do I hear an echo everytime you speak? you taking a dump or something?

Kaori – Oh my god Keegan, no- ew. Women don’t poop okay?

Keegan – Yeah, yeah…

Kaori – I am in the ladies room though.

Keegan – Okay?

Kaori – I’m having lunch with my parents, and sister.

Keegan – Ah yes, the elusive Vira.

Kaori – What?

Keegan – Its just funny considering she and I have never actually talked. She’s your sister, and she’s Morgan’s bestfriend…

Kaori – Ew, you still talk to Morgan Hill?

Keegan – I do, we talk probably once a week. When she and I did things, I was in a messed up place, but I don’t want her to take all the blame for… a shitty situation.

Kaori – She did sorta enable you…

Keegan – She did, and she’s apologized for it. She was going through her own shit too, ya know? By rebelling against everything that was expected of her, she got herself in trouble- fired from V-Glam, and so on.

Kaori – Well now she’s good… she has Hillside Fashions with my sister, and from what I hear she has a steady relationship. So she bounced back.

Keegan – And everyone should be given time to do that.

Kaori – You’re right…

Keegan – She vents to me sometimes, mainly because she says she doesn’t want to look weak, or like she’s complaining- or she bit off more than she could chew with the whole Hillside thing. She knows I don’t judge people- so it is what it is.

Kaori – Right…. umm-

Keegan – So… Frankie told me about Priscilla…

Kaori – I- I feel like considering our past that I shouldn’t make any comments about your relationship.

Keegan – I want you to though…

Kaori – …Well I don’t know Keegan, considering you caught her in that lie… something isn’t right. That plus how she attacked Frankie.

Keegan – Are you saying that you think she’s still hung up on her?

Kaori – Its a strong possibility, but I can’t say for sure. She’s disconnected from you- she has this pent up frustration with Frankie… I… I don’t know…

Keegan – Hmm…

Kaori – I’m sorry that you keep- It just sucks that you can’t find her… find the right girl…

Keegan – Maybe its my punishment for what happened with Mona…

Kaori – No, stop it! and don’t talk like that- today of all days, don’t let negativity win.

Keegan – Right…

Today would be- well… it is Mona’s birthday…

Keegan – Yeah….But um… enough about that. What’s up? what’s going on?

Kaori – Well I wanted to talk to you about two things…

Keegan – Good or bad?

Kaori – The first one, can be looked at as both? I guess it would depends on if you’re a glass half full or glass half empty type of guy…

Keegan – Well I’m more of an optimist opposed to an pessimist, so-

Kaori – Glass half full- alright so we’ll look at it as good news.

Keegan – Lay it on me baby.

Kaori – Okay so… I had to step outside because I had to get something out of the car for Vira. On my way out… I saw Jessica’s son Symon, with his friend who’s name I don’t know, and that little cunt Jenn.

Keegan – Interesting.

Kaori – They were talking about the whole picture scandal, and from what I heard it sounds like Jenn was mad because Symon saved her? she said something on the lines of “If you would have stayed quiet, it would have been over” because she’s a “Baycock”

Keegan – …..*sigh* I see

Kaori – The friend went on to gay bash Zoey’s friend Curtis, and Symon sorta stood up for him. So I’m confused… I think there is way more to the story, and I figured you could get to the bottom of it.

Keegan – Thanks… Zoey sure is lucky to have us watching out for her eh?

Kaori – She’s important to me.

Keegan – I know… she can always count on you to be truthful with her and-

Kaori – Speaking of truth… the other thing… its bad.

Keegan – Okay?

Kaori – Last night… I umm.. I got a call from Trey.

Keegan – Is he okay? Dominic better not have hurt him or-

Kaori – No no… its not about Dominic- its about- Okay so you know how Trey went to the porn set with the guy he works for, and Dom’?

Keegan – Yeah…

Kaori – Well after watching a scene, Trey went to pee. On his way he passed by the studio-head arguing with one of the talents Barry Mapole

Keegan – Clever name..

Kaori – Barry Mapole is Ian Alexander…

Keegan – I’m sorry what?

Kaori – Your new bestie does gay porn…

Keegan – No…

Kaori – He does.

Keegan – He told me he helped people, and did in-home care or some shit.

Kaori – Yeah, helps gay men get off, by them being in-home watching him ejaculate in another man’s asshole.

Keegan – Oh my god…

Kaori – ….Yeah.

Keegan – Does he have porn online?

Kaori – Yes…

Keegan – What the hell… have you talked to him? does anyone else know besides Trey and I?

Kaori – At this point, everyone knew except you, and Jarrah.

Keegan – How did Jeep- Jonah find out?

Kaori – Because he helped Trey find the porn- its a long story…

Keegan – I’m hanging out with him later, so I’ll get the details then.

Kaori – Yeah, do that… I’m gonna talk to Ian later tonight- after work…

Keegan – Good luck with that- and try not to come off too… hard.

Kaori – Got it…

Keegan – Okay, well thanks for calling me.

Kaori – Anytime.

Keegan – Tell everyone I said hi. Talk to you later.

Kaori – Okay bye.

That went well- minus the Priscilla stuff. I feel like its wrong for me to talk to him about his relationship- seeing as I’m partly to blame for him and Jules breaking up- granted that she became a huge bitch- obsessed with feminism… still  do acknowledge my part in things. Never again will I ever be a homewrecker. I don’t need to focus on men- with this Ian shit Its become more apparent that I need to just focus on me. All that preaching I did to Frankie, and Vira about finding a date for the wedding and now I’m going solo. Its just not gonna workout between Ian and I. Anyway I’ve kept my family waiting long enough. I’m going to go order some food and relax before work. Later bitches.

(POV Jonah)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved storytelling. Movies were so amazing to me, the idea of being able to be whoever you wanted, and transition reality to a fantasy. It amazed me what some scripts did with actors. Taking some I hated and turning me around on them. Not to mention the fact that movies were able to make me feel things I didn’t want to feel, things that I never knew I could feel.

I know this is what I want to do with my life. I may never become as popular are people like Martin Scorsese, Guillermo del Toro, or David O. Russell, but as long as I’m doing what makes me happy, I should be good right?- and also not struggling to pay my bills. You know what would be amazing? Frankie writing some insanely good book that became a new york times best-seller and I turn it into a movie. The funny thing is she and I are both writers… but people seem to think I just point and shoot with my camera. Totally ignoring the fact that I spent nights writing everything. I admit Frankie’s a much better writer than I am, but she’s Frankie so I can’t be jealous.

Side bar, you’re probably wondering where the hell I am. I’m in the movie room on campus. I’m editing the film Rubi, and I did with Bingbing. It turned out okay, but honestly I don’t like some of the plot changes. Rubi insisted on a twin twist, and I had to oblige her because its a 50/50 partnership. Frankie would probably be real easy to work with if we every collaborated- actually we did collaborate. She helped me out last minute that one time in that black and white film with Aries. Why do I keep putting her on a pedestal? I’m never going to find a woman and be happy if I’m always thinking of her. Anyway enough of that, I should pay attention to what I’m doing.

Jonah – *singing* And I get high with my baby, I just left the mall, I’m getting fly with my baby, yeah, And I can ride with my baby, I be in the kitchen cooking pies with my baby, yeah– Dammit Rubi, got that stupid song stuck in my head.

??? – I really hate that song…

Jonah – What the fuck? somebody’s in here?!

??? – Yep…

Jonah – I didn’t know anyone was in here. When did you come in?

Portia – About 30 minutes ago…. I didn’t see you on the floor when I laid down.

Jonah – I was in the zone…

Portia – What are you doing?

Jonah – Editing a film.

Portia – Why were you singing Trap Queen?

Jonah – Rubi won’t stop singing it.

Portia – She’s aware, that song is old right?

Jonah – Do you think that ever stops her?

Portia – … She’s such an imbecile.

Jonah – ……

Portia – …..

Jonah – I can leave if you rather be alone?

Portia – No, its okay.

Jonah – Why aren’t you napping at the sorority house?

Portia – I don’t want to be around those bitches right now.

Jonah – Say what now?

Portia – Oh… right… I said the B word. Excuse me.

Jonah – Are you okay? you’re totally not yourself right now…

Portia – Should I eat a snicker’s?

Jonah – What?

Portia – Stupid joke…

Jonah – Oh I get it now… those “here have a snickers, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” commercials…

Portia – ……Why are you friends with Rubi? she’s not a good person.

Jonah – I- umm… she’s not entirely a bad person neither…

Portia – She’s arrogant, she gay bullied Trey, she fucked Darell behind my back. She tried to bully Fockky, and you… she talks down to everyone… she’s just… a moronic child.

Jonah – She also was there for Aries… when she found out he was gay, she didn’t out him. She was by his side, and stopped him from jumping off the roof. She’s also really nice to Trey, and myself.

Portia – She dropped Bingbing like a bad habit…

Jonah – She did…

Portia – Don’t make excuses for her, she’s a spoiled fat girl who thinks the world revolves around her… and knowing her luck she’ll be queen bee one day. God I hate life.

I don’t know why I’m friends with Rubi. I sometimes ask myself why I continue to hangout with her- but honestly she’s not as bad as she once was. I feel like she’s insecure, and she just wants to fit in… she just goes about it in the wrong way- that’s not to say that Portia’s entirely wrong… Rubi has been a nightmare here at GCU. I think Adam is turning her into a better person though… minus the whole dropping Bingbing thing.

Jonah – Portia…. what’s going on?

Portia – Its nothing…

Jonah – I’m all ears… you can talk to me. What’s bothering-

Portia – You know how many people have come up to me and said “I’m sorry for your loss, Miguel was a good guy” ….. I’m not Myra Kelley. We don’t all look alike. We’re both black sure, but… I’m my own person- or so I thought.

Jonah – I can see why that would annoy you…

Portia – So I went and cut my hair, and changed its color…

Jonah – It- It looks good on you.

Portia – I still won’t be noticed… I’m the dumb church girl…

Jonah – No, you’re more than that.

Portia – Oh please, don’t act like you know anything about me other than Darell cheating on me with Rubi Larter…

Jonah – ….

Portia – Not that you should, its not like I’ve put myself out there socially.

Jonah – I admit, you and I aren’t friends… I only know a few things about you…

Portia – Sorry for being a bitch.

Jonah – Why are you talking like that?

Portia – Its about time isn’t it? tired of talking like some well mannered church girl. I’m more than that. Perhaps if I had paid attention to Darell as much as I did the bible he wouldn’t have strayed. I’m completely over him by the way.

Jonah – Did Rubi ever apologize?

Portia – She has in the past, but a month ago she invited me to lunch in Bridgeport. She gave me a speech about how she loves her boyfriend Adam, and how she would hate for someone to have sex with him behind her back. So she said sorry and-

Jonah – Sounds to me like you dismissed it.

Portia – ….I think Rubi’s a bad person… maybe she’s a product of her upbringing, I know I am. My mother ran my father’s life- and mine. My father left my mother for another man, and then she latched onto me… trying to turn me into a mini her. We got into a huge fight last week, and I’m glad we did. She said I was losing my way- I told her if anything I was finding it.

Jonah – I had a big fight with my dad this morning… so I get it.

Portia – Does he want you to be someone you’re not?

Jonah – Exactly… but-

Portia – He just wants better for you… right? that’s what they tell us, so that we don’t get upset at them for not supporting us following our own paths in life.

Jonah – Heh….

Portia – Do you think I’m pretty? on a scale from 1 to 10… what am I?

Jonah – ….Umm..

Portia – Be honest.

Jonah – Before…. you weren’t- I’d say a 4…. but now… you look like you’re coming into your own, and it shows. I’d say a 7…

Portia – …..

Jonah – I’m the last person to ask… I’m by no means attractive.

Portia – You are… sorta… in a Andy Samberg type of way?

Jonah – Thanks I think?

I like Andy Samberg, he’s a funny actor n’ all but… damn… to compare me to him? What if I told her she looked like Viola Davis… would she like that? rude…

Portia – You know if this were a movie, this would be the defining moment where boy meets girl… but this isn’t a movie, and I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I’m still a-

Jonah – Virgin?

Portia – No, and its none of your business who I lost it to…

Jonah – Someone on campus?

Portia – Yes… and while he and I will never be an item, I’m fine with it being him that took me there… right place right time I guess. No regrets. I’m sure Darell would be mad to know I finally did it. All he ever got was handjobs and… yeah.

Jonah – ….Okay….

Portia – Fine, it was Bryce Harris… your ex friend.

Jonah – We’re still friends. We just don’t hangout as often as before…

Portia – I see…

Jonah – Its hard juggling everything, and everyone. I don’t even hangout with my bestfriend as much as I’d like.

Though tonight I’ll see him.

Portia – What’s going on with you and the rude girlfriend?

Jonah – She’s not my girlfriend anymore…

Portia – Oh what happened?

Jonah – Her father died, and she became a bitch.

Portia – She’s probably not processing-

Jonah – Fuck that, she’s an adult. If you care about someone you don’t treat them like shit when they’re trying to be there for you. So we’re not doing that. Moving on…

Portia – Well looks like I’m not the only one who’s changed…

Jonah – For the better right?

Portia – I’ll drink to that… I had my first shot last night. I stole Amina’s liquor- not sure what it was… it was clear and taste like lime. I took a shot alone… It wasn’t bad- but not something I’d wanna do all the time I guess.

Jonah – Speaking of drinks… how come you don’t hangout with Trey anymore?

Portia – He’s busy, and so am I… though if I’m being honest, I have been blowing him off. He invites me to dinner and stuff, but I’m just… I don’t want to be a debbie downer while hanging with him.

Jonah – I get that……. so……

Portia – What?

Jonah – Are you like an atheist now?

Portia – No, I still believe in god, I just… I’m not a psycho about it anymore. I’m more self-aware now, and sometimes that doesn’t feel so good. I almost want back my ignorance…

Jonah – In the future… If you ever wanna talk… we can.

Portia – What?

Jonah – I’m just saying, if it becomes too much… we can talk.

Portia – ….Okay, but I guess I should call Trey first…

Jonah – I think he could use you right now…

Portia – Is he okay?

Jonah – Umm… he’s… he can just use a friend, a friend not directly connected to the current situation.

Portia – I see…

Jonah – …

I’m aware of the fight he had with Dominic over the Barry Mapole situation… Poor dude probably had a panic attack thinking Dominic was going to dump him and move out. I really wonder how Kaori’s taking the whole thing…

[Top Pic]

Pearl – Oh- am I interrupting something?

Portia – No, I was actually just leaving.

Pearl – Back to the sorority house?

Portia – ….Yep.

Pearl – Hey, umm… I know its a touchy subject but I’m really sorry about what happened to your boyfriend… its been a year since-

Jonah – You’re talking to the wrong person. This is Portia Davenport, not Myra Kelley…

Pearl – Oh shit. I’m so sorry- I-

Portia – Get us mixed up because we’re both black girls?

Pearl – No!

Portia – I’m so bland that you can’t tell me apart from Myra?

Pearl – Not even, I just don’t- look… my bad.

Portia – I’m gonna go now.

Pearl – …

Jonah – Take care Portia…

Portia – You too…

What an odd conversation I had with Portia. Hopefully she gets a handle on things. Can’t have too many people spiraling out of control. She’s supposed to be one of the sane ones.

[Bottom Pic]

Pearl – What’s going on?

Jonah – What do you mean?

Pearl – I like you, you’re a really good guy. Karin’s my bestfriend, and you guys were perfect together… so what the fuck is going on?

Jonah – You should ask your bestie.

Pearl – She’s not talking to me.

Jonah – Oh… well join the club- but the difference between you and I is that I’m over it.

Pearl – ….

Pearl – So, what? you’ve moved on with that girl?

Jonah – Portia.

Pearl – You’re with her now?

Jonah – I’m not into Portia, and we’re not together.

Pearl – Then why aren’t you fighting for Karin.

Jonah – Because I don’t want to be with someone like that. The old me would be begging her to take me back, and getting my feelings hurt. I’m not that guy anymore, plus I realized a lot this week.

Pearl – Like what?

Jonah – I’m no longer going to chase after girls who don’t want me. I’m also gonna start putting myself first. I’m re-energized when it comes to my goals in life, and I’m far removed from the guy I used to be.

Pearl – You were so good for her…. for me too…

Jonah – How am I good for you Pearl?

Pearl – I… can I share something really personal with you?

Jonah – Okay…

Pearl – I have a huge issue with trusting men, and since Karin started dating you, I’ve gotten more comfortable with the idea of being able to trust men in the future.

Jonah – Umm… what exactly happened?

Pearl – I was…..

Jonah – …..Oh……

Pearl – By someone in my family… I was 14 when it happened…

Jonah – I’m sorry.

Pearl – What are you apologizing for? you didn’t do it.

Jonah – I know, but… I’m sorry that happened to you.

Pearl – I could go the Jules route and hate every man, and assume every man is evil, but instead I just sorta closed myself off when it comes to trusting them.

Jonah – I can understand why.

Pearl – Since knowing you, I’ve seen what a good guy is. You’re an amazing guy, you’re smart, handsome, caring, selfless… If Karin hadn’t gone after you, I would have.

Jonah – ….*smiles* That’s sweet of you to say.

Pearl – You’re a good man to have in my life. I really like you, and I love you as a friend. I feel like I can trust you with everything. You are the reason why I feel like one day I can trust men again.

Jonah – That’s…. wow… I’m flattered that you feel that way. I’m glad I’m something of a positive influence in that way- however… you’re not wrong with keeping your guard up. Some men are absolutely terrible.

Pearl – Some women are terrible too, it works both ways. I won’t play the blame game, and mark the male species as this horrible group of humans…

Jonah – Considering your past… nobody would hold it against you if you did.

Pearl – Are you really done with Karin?

Jonah – I am.

Pearl – Jonah…

Jonah – I am as far as anything romantic goes. If she needs me as a friend, she knows my number.

Pearl – She’s not talking to me because I told her to let you in.

Jonah – Why am I not shocked to hear that.

Pearl – She’s my bestfriend, so I know we’ll be fine in a week but still… she’s making a mistake.

Jonah – You live and you learn. I’ve been through so much on this campus…

Pearl – I hate to bring this up… but what about your promise to her dad?

Jonah – The way I see it is, I’m honoring it. I’m completely there for her as a friend if she wants me. The whole boyfriend thing? that’s the last thing she needs right now. She clearly doesn’t want me around, so I’m not going to push it… plus… I’m just sick of the same song and dance.

Pearl – She’s never done this to you before.

Jonah – No, but I’ve had this pattern with women before, and I’m done with it. Its nothing personal towards her, I just need to check myself- and I have.

Pearl – You always talk about this loser you used to be. I cannot imagine it… at all.

Jonah – That’s for the best.

Pearl – Well… I did my part. As her bestfriend, I tried to fix things. I have to respect your wishes.

Jonah – Thank you.

Pearl – Now comes the sucky part…

Jonah – Hmm?… oh…. you’re not gonna be my friend anymore…

Pearl – I have to stay loyal, I’m her-

Jonah – Bestfriend- no I get it.

Pearl – Is there anything you want her to know? one thing that I can tell her?

Jonah – Just tell her that I care about her and her feelings, and if she ever needs me as a friend she has my number.

Pearl – Okay…

Jonah – *sigh* I gotta go… meeting my bestfriend at the cemetery.

Pearl – Dead parents?

Jonah – Uh, no. His ex girlfriend from high school. He visits her grave every year… so…

Pearl – Oh, okay. Well… I guess goodbye?

Jonah – For now… things workout eventually…

Pearl – I hope you’re right.

I knew sooner or later Pearl would talk to me about Karin. I’m in no way shocked that she’s getting iced out by her bestie for being Team Jonah. Aside from that, I- I had no idea Pearl went through abuse. She says I helped her want to trust men again, and that’s flattering. I’ve never been a good influence on anything or anybody as far as I know. So good to know my mother did raise me right when it comes to respecting women, and treating them right. Sucks that she and I can’t continue our friendship but she’s making the right choice being loyal to Karin. I guess we’ll see what happens in the near future with that. I’m gonna get out of here. Keegan’s picking me up. I’m going with him to the cemetery, but you know that already. Later.

(POV Kaori)

Another day, another attempt at getting through it without crying. I know I look like I have it all under control but this shit is hard. You may wonder why you never see me at school- its not because I’m not there- if that was the case I would have just quit. The real reason is because like I said previously. I take my ass to class, and get shit done. Its so anti-social of me but I’m so ready to be done. I guess I tell myself that the harder I work- the faster I’ll graduate. So unrealistic.

Kyle – You’re still working?

Kaori – I’m returning e-mails for Sasha. She’s out today… migraines.

Brie – So you’re doing your job… AND hers?

Kaori – Sorta, just a few things.

Kyle – Why isn’t Maliha here?

Kaori – She’s out sick too.

Kyle – That’s so weird for both Mother and Daughter to call in sick.

Kaori – Right, but its none of my business. I just want to get shit done, and go home.

Brie – I hear that.

Kaori – How are things work-wise for you? My dad said you’re a great worker.

Brie – I’m tired. I was in CCity earlier with your sister Vira. Then to GloCity at 1 to work for Lola, and your friend Jarrah at the LC Agency. Then at 4 I came back here to Bridgeport to finish up a few things for your dad at his office.

Kaori – I thought I had it rough…

Brie – Oh you do, I couldn’t imagine college, and this job… I mean I’m tired as hell.. my feet hurt.

Kyle – I’ll rub those feet for you when we get home.

Kaori – Oh my god, are you one of those foot-fetish dudes?

Kyle – Oh hell no.

Brie – He’s just being a good boyfriend.

Kaori – I go home, and throw my feet up and Aries looks at me like I just took a shit on the floor- he’s grossed out by feet.

Brie – *laughing* Oh by the way, what time should I arrive for the bachelorette party?

Kaori – I will text you as soon as I know- I just have to call Calista when I get home.

Brie – Okay cool.

Kyle – Yeah you girls do it up because us guys are gonna take Sebastian on the night of his life.

Kaori – Strippers?

Kyle – …No comment. Ryder has all of these connections apparently… he promises a wild night.

Brie – Behave!

Kyle – Oh I will- hey Kay’ umm your date, Ian? is he going to join the guys for the bachelor-

Kaori – You know what? he’s actually really busy lately. He won’t be able to even come to the wedding with me.

Kyle – Oh that sucks…

Brie – Is he okay?

Kaori – Personal- family stuff… long story.

Kyle – Gonna find another date?

Brie – Kyle…

Kaori – Haven’t thought about it yet, so much to do- so little time.

Kyle – You’ll have fun regardless.

Kaori – Here’s hoping.

Brie – Well, we should get going. We have to get to the store because someone forgot to go grocery shopping yesterday.

Kyle – My bad…

Brie – Then I have to cook…

Kyle – Nope, its my night.

Brie – Oh thank god.

Kaori – *laughs* you guys have a good night. I’ll call you later Brie.

Brie – Try not to work too hard.

Kyle – Later, Kay’- Oh and good job on the Duncan project today.

Kaori – Thanks! see you guys later.

Brie – Bye!

Oh my god listen to this… some e-mail from someone named Shannon Butler

Hey Sasha, before I talk business, I just wanted to know how you’re doing… especially with the news about your daughter. I know in these stressful times that we want to just lock ourselves away but you are a strong woman. Remember that. If you need anything just ask. I know we’ve been doing business for a while now but we’ve been friends longer. You’re family.” 

I don’t think I was supposed to see that, but its marked as a business e-mail… I’m going to just mark as un-read, and let Sasha know that I saw that it was social in the first line, and closed it. Now I’m really wondering what’s going on with Maliha. I know she was a complete bitch to Jarrah, but I hope she’s not like… dying or anything.

Byron – Knock knock…

Great…. what the hell does he want? with how I’m feeling about Ian- men in general, I don’t think this is a good time for a heart to heart…

Kaori – Oh, hi.

Byron – Is-

Kaori – Sasha’s not in.

Byron – I actually stopped by to talk to you. Is it a good time to talk?

Kaori – Umm… sure.

Byron – How are you?

I currently hate life.

Kaori – …I’m… fine. *smiles*

Byron – You’re not, but you don’t have to tell me what’s bothering you… its-

Kaori – Not like we’re friends right?

Byron – Why would you say that?

Are you serious with that question? *mimicking Byron* “why would you say that?” You’re Joking…Right? you know why…

Kaori – …. Wheres your girlfriend Boom-Fucks or whatever?

Byron – Balm Fisk…

Kaori – Yeah… her.

Byron – Well I finished my makeover earlier than she did, so she’s getting her hair done, and- do you even care about the details?

Kaori – No…

Byron – So why’d you ask where she was?

Kaori – I don’t know…

Byron – So do you like my makeover?

Yes, you look cute… you always did look cute though.

Kaori – Its a lot better than how you looked at the club.

Byron – Really?

Kaori – You looked like a leather daddy who fucks people until they use their safe-word.

Byron – …I guess the London look isn’t all the rage here.

Kaori – ….

Byron – You look amazing by the way.

Kaori – I know.

Byron – *smiles* Some things never change.

Kaori – They don’t- and they do.

Byron – How’s the boyfriend?

Kaori – What boyfriend? I don’t have time to see anybody- especially since men like to lie- you included.

Byron – That jab aside- you told me you had a boyfriend at the club.

Oh shit…

Kaori – Oh… umm well-

Byron – Why lie about that? don’t talk about how men are liars when you’re one yourself.

Kaori – You know what? I lied because my feelings were fucking hurt, plus you and Bowl Fund were parading around your perfect personal AND working relationship. So I didn’t want to look stupid. There! I lied! It was a stupid thing to do.

Byron – Well that was adult of you to admit it…

Kaori – …He says in a condescending tone…

Byron – No seriously. I can tell that you’ve changed a lot… you seem so much more mature than when we parted ways.

Kaori – I guess when a guy you took a chance on ups and leaves you for finding himself, you kinda have no choice but to grow the fuck up and put yourself first.

Byron – I deserve that…

Kaori – And so much more… a fucking video Byron? did you really think that was a good way to say goodbye?

Byron – I was scared that I’d see you, and not want to say goodbye. That I wouldn’t leave. It was a terrible thing to do, and I’m sorry.

Kaori – Its fine. I’m where I am, and you’re where you are in life.

Byron – But you seem angry.

Kaori – You didn’t tell me you were back, or that you had a girlfriend- or was even in a duo-band or whatever. And also! You write fucked up songs about me… its fucking rude. Is that why you’re here? to write your next flop song about how Kaori’s a shit person!?

Byron – No, I’m here to apologize about how things went. How I left you, and didn’t say bye in person- how I was a coward and left you a video instead of giving you closure to our relationship. How I all but told you that you were my muse-

Kaori – That night was the worst night of my life. First I had to deal with Ryder Later’s greasy ugly- fuck-boy ass… then I run into you and Book Foot. Then the muse bullshit- then I forgot to pay my electric bill so I sit in the dark on my laptop listening to the songs you wrote about me. It hurt- and then I was attacked in my apartment by some fucking freak! I barely made it out alive-

Byron – Wait what?

Kaori – Its fine, I’m okay. They caught the guy- but still.

Byron – ….Wow…

Kaori – ….

Byron – I’m sorry.

Kaori – ….

Byron – I’m really sorry.

Kaori – It broke my heart when you left… and what you did- You are such a douche for that…

Byron – Okay, I said I was sorry- but lets be honest here! you’re not that innocent. The entire time you were with me… even though you may have loved me. You still loved him more.

Kaori – Why are we even talking about Keegan? what does he-

Byron – He’s the reason you’ll never be happy- why you’ll never end up in a good relationship. You’ll never be over him, don’t fool yourself.

Kaori – Don’t speak like you know anything about Keegan and I.

I’m so sick of this Keegan shit. First my dad, and now this asshole.

Byron – I ran into Hammer this morning…

Kaori – Hammer’s in L.A.!

Byron – Not as of this morning. I talked to him, and we obviously have you in common. So we talked about it.

Kaori – Excuse me?

Byron – He asked if you were with Keegan finally. I told him no, that you had some other boyfriend- which I now know is a lie. We both sorta said it without saying it- that it wouldn’t last.

Kaori – Fucking assholes-

Byron – Why? because its the truth. It was part of the reason I knew I could leave and you’d be fine. You loved me, but you were in love with him.

Kaori – Hammer and I had issues- didn’t help when Paisley got involved. I also wasn’t ready for a relationship with him then. You and I- well you know our issues because you document them on record with Bug Flint.

Byron – You know what? stop it, stop talking shit about my girlfriend. I’m with her- I love her. Get over that. She did nothing to you, and you’re being a bitch making fun of her name!- Look…………… I didn’t come here to fight with you!

Kaori – No, you came here to tell me that you and Hammer are bestfriends again like in the frathouse!

Byron – I didn’t tell you that you hurt you. I told you that so you can see how guys from your past always feel like 2nd best when it comes to Keegan Bennett.

Kaori – I’m done talking.

Byron – Stop being a child, and just talk to me.

Kaori – Byron, you’ve hurt me… I have every right to not want to talk to you.

Byron – I’m sorry!

Kaori – That’s fine- and maybe I’ll believe that one day, but I’m hurt. We were so much more than… than bullshit. There were deep conversations, it wasn’t sex- it was real. We were together during our transitions into who we were meant to be. You sit there and sing about me being some insecure girl with a slutty past on your songs-

Byron – That isn’t what I said.

Kaori – That’s pretty much what you said. You just… you don’t understand how upset that made me-

Byron – Is it because you still-

Kaori – I am in no way, still in love with you.

Byron – …

Kaori – We’re working together for the promo of your band… I’ll remain civil. We can keep it professional.

Byron – I guess It was stupid to think that I could fix this.

Kaori – Your optimism is one of the things I always loved about you, but…. sometimes exes just can’t be friends. This isn’t like in the movies.

Byron – …Yeah…

Kaori – Hey, maybe that’ll make a good line in a song- and I don’t mean that sarcastically either.

Byron – Maybe one day we can be okay.

Kaori – In time…

Byron – Yeah… I really hope so. Regardless of what you think of me, I really did love you. You will always mean a lot to me.

Kaori – *nods yes*…. I’m sorry for talking bad about…….. Balm…. Fisk. You two seem happy, and Its rude of me.

Byron – Thank you…

Kaori – I gotta go to my bosses office, and take care of something, and then get home. You know the way out?

Byron – Yeah, I do.

Kaori – Okay, well…. I guess… goodnight?

Byron – Heh…. yeah. Goodnight Kaori…

Kaori – Bye.

Byron – …..Bye.

I almost lost it back there. I think I did much better than I thought I would. Its really annoying to come here to apologize only to tell me about how much of a shitty girlfriend I was. Then to bring up Hammer- who… lets get one thing understood right now about Chad aka Hammer. We fucked around a lot. He got in his feelings and wanted more. I didn’t- because I was hung up on Keegan, and I thought- okay… don’t do that- don’t fuck with Hammer because he clearly loves you. So I didn’t. Fast forward to that fucking SNAKE Paisley Horseface Adams- and BAM chaos.

I was immature- I saw her with him, and I hated it. I thought ugh fine, I can’t let her win. I know he wants me so I’ll get him back by telling him to dump her and date me- that obviously backfired because he told me to leave- along with the lies Paisley told him about me jerking off men at The Lucky Dragon- lying bitch. So my feelings were hurt- he picked and believed Paisley over me.

Hammer and I have had a confusing relationship, its always been confusing. He’s hot, he’s smart, he has a lot going on for him- but I was and never will be the girl for him. He’s still bitter about it so he wants to have a circle-jerk with Byron about me and my “obsession” with Keegan. That’s what they make it out to be, an obsession. Its really pissing me off. Keegan and I had our adult conversation and we are fine. I even tried to move on with Ian- and turns out this dude likes other dudes- or whatever. I don’t know- but the gay porn thing is a no for me.

Will Byron and I ever be friends? Who’s to say. I’m not against it, but right now I’m all business, and no personal- social shit. He will just have to deal with that until I’m ready to be friends with him. I hope he writes a GOOD song out of this little visit. I’m sure Buck Firm will be sooo happy. *heavy sigh* I’m sick of talking. Let me go get this file, and get the fuck home…. which is SURE to be a shit show. Ian’s coming over…

(POV Jonah)

After my day, I want to get shitfaced… but… I shouldn’t do that right now- Wow Keegan’s bathroom is clean. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about that, he’s never been the messy type. By the way- I should mention that if I wanted to, I could drink. Alcohol has never been Keegan’s issue. He could drink and be fine- but he chooses not to. Pills and other drugs are- were his poison. Not sure if you knew any of that but yeah.

Moving on, Keegan and I went to visit Mona’s gravesite, and it was… weird. Mona was always nice to me, she was such a good girl with a little bit of edge. All year long you sorta just don’t think about her not being alive. Its days like today where you realize someone that should be here and thriving is dead and gone. Its messed up, and regardless of what Keegan says I know he still hates himself for her death. Poor guy has been through so much- but the one thing I admire about him, is that he always takes responsibility for the things he’s done… anyway I should join him.

Keegan – I put your jacket in my room.

Jonah – Okay.

Keegan – The pizza came while you were masturbating in the bathroom *laughs*

Jonah – Very funny

Keegan – You were in there for so long.

Jonah – I had to…. do number two… stop clocking my toilet time *laughs*

Keegan – Next time… put the window shade down…

Jonah – Oh my god, I forgot your bathroom door has those windows. Who puts windows on a bathroom door?!

Keegan – It was like that when I moved in. I usually put the shade down. Don’t worry, I walked past to put your jacket up, and saw the shade was up. I didn’t see you or anything.

Jonah – Oh I’ve been caught in worse situations so its whatever.

Keegan – *laughing* Right.

Jonah – I see you got comfortable.

Keegan – Yeah, I’m tired bro… I wanted to take those clothes off as soon as I got in.

Jonah – So are we gonna let the pizza chill before eating?

Keegan – You know it!

We love room temperature pizza, is that weird?

Keegan – Do you want a beer or something? Priscilla left like three of them in the fridge.

Jonah – Nah, I’m good.

Keegan – You know its fine right? you can drink-

Jonah – I know, I just want to chill… not be buzzed or anything. Hey where is Priscilla anyway?

Keegan – At her parents house.

Jonah – Legit?

Keegan – I don’t know- but I honestly don’t care to obsess about her whereabouts either. If she fucks up, and I catch her in another lie… then I’m dumping her ass.

Jonah – Yeah.

Keegan – How’s school, and work?

Jonah – Fine, boring… you?

Keegan – Umm… something major happened but its best that I don’t talk about it…

Jonah – Vague and mysterious…

Keegan – I’ll go more into detail when I know I can… It involves money, and crooked- the less details the better right now- Hey, do you have Street Fighter 5?

Jonah – Yep.

Keegan – Want to play? I picked it up yesterday for PS4.

Jonah – Oh dude… you’re about to get destroyed…

Keegan – Doubt it… My Ken is amazing, you’re about to get wrecked.

Jonah – What are you gonna do? spam hadoukens?

Keegan – Oh, I’m not about that flowchart life… I got combos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

[10 minutes later…]

Keegan – You cheating ass bitch!

Jonah – What’s that? your Ken is amazing eh? you got combo’s huh? looks like R.Mika is shutting him down!

Told you I was gonna kick his ass.

Keegan – You would play with her, you’re such a perv *laughing*

Jonah – She got dem cakes though…

Keegan – She’s stacked with tits and ass, but she manly lookin’ as hell. She sounds like a 10 year old boy too!

Jonah – Don’t talk about my wifey like that! Rainbow Mika is sexy!

Keegan – So you like buff women huh?

Jonah – Shut up! and speaking of wives… have you and Ian consummated your marriage yet? Pretty sure he wants to bareback that ass Keegan…

Keegan – That’s not funny…

Jonah – I thought Kaori was joking when she was saying he was in love with you-

Keegan – She was joking, and then she found out he….

Jonah – Fucks men for money?

Keegan – Yeah…

Jonah – Do you think he likes you?

Keegan – I don’t know?…. also lets keep and open mind here. Maybe he’s not even gay.

Jonah – Oh… umm…. I don’t know… those videos… he seemed really into it.

Keegan – Its his job, and have you never heard of gay for pay?

Jonah – Yeah but in my opinion… it doesn’t matter how good the money is… either you enjoy it or you don’t. I think at least those guys are bisexual…

Keegan – So where do we stand on Ian? Straight? Bisexual? or Gay?

Jonah – Gay, and in denial.

Keegan – I’m gonna say straight, and lost.

Jonah – Always the optimist.

Keegan – Blame my therapist.

Jonah – You still see her?

Keegan – Yep, same one- oh by the way Kaori and Ian haven’t fucked.

Jonah – She told you that?

Keegan – Yes, but not because I asked.

Jonah – Wow…

That’s so typical of them… keeping tabs on each other.

Keegan – What?

Jonah – Nothing…

Keegan – She and I are fine. We’re friends now, no drama-

Jonah – You guys  have always had a weird relationship.

Keegan – How so?

Jonah – From day one… she’s loved you. Do you think that will just stop after one “adult” conversation?

Keegan – …Uh- I mean it could?

Jonah – I could be wrong, maybe you both have moved on, and you’re just still dealing with sins of the past but-

Keegan – You can’t really talk though.

Jonah – What?

Keegan – You’ve been in love with Frankie forever… You even dated a Frankie Jr…. aka Karin.

Jonah – ….That’s not-

Keegan – Come on… she’s mixed like Frankie, she’s smart like Frankie, she has edge like Frankie, she’s a writer like Frankie… Frankie had red hair, she had orange.. the only difference is maturity level…

Jonah – Frankie and I- we’re just… she’s- Look, she and I are fine okay?

Keegan – So fine that you’ll always hate your cousins for dating her. That’s why you’re not going to the wedding right? you hate Sebastian?

No, I don’t… god…

Jonah – I don’t hate him… I just don’t want to go to his stupid wedding… I’m hanging out with Trey… so its good. I still don’t get how you scored an invite…

Keegan – Me neither, but I’m going.

Jonah – Taking Priscilla still?

Keegan – Yep- I’m tired of playing. Lets find something on netflix.

Jonah – Alright…. I was tired of winning anyway.

Keegan – Just wait until I practice some more…

Keegan – Alright… lets see what we can watch.

Is he serious? House of Cards?

Jonah – You- wait… Keegan….?

Keegan – What?

Jonah – You watch House of Cards?

Keegan – Yeah?

Jonah – That seems so…. weird? I thought you’d find it boring.

Keegan – What? it doesn’t sound like I’d enjoy a show about a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district- who, after being passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power? That doesn’t sound like a Keegan Bennett type of show?

Jonah – No… You’re a Bojack Horseman type of guy… Always Sunny in Philidelphia, How I met your mother- Not a House of Cards type…

Keegan – What can I say?…I love the show.

Jonah – Not to insult your intelligence, but what made you watch it?

Keegan – I was just curious… and I thought I’d spend my time watching a political drama…

Jonah – ……….

Keegan – …………

Jonah – ………………

Keegan – Okay fine! Frankie forced me to watch it…

Jonah – I knew it!

Keegan – *laughing* It was so boring, but then I started to like it.

Jonah – Seems like a Frankie Mancini type of show…

Keegan – Does it….

Jonah – I know my girl…

Oops… didn’t mean to say that.

Keegan – Can I ask you something?

Jonah – Sure?

Keegan – How come… you hated Sebastian, but not me?

Jonah – What do you mean?

Keegan – Frankie and I had a weird thing… I had a weird thing with all the girls… well Jarrah doesn’t matter since she’s your cousin.

Jonah – Honestly I don’t feel like you messed with the girls heads. My cousin, Frankie, and Kaori all were into you. You were the alpha male of our group. They all wanted you. I wasn’t blind to it, and I understood it.

Keegan – ….

Jonah – I could never hate you. Its not your fault that your father is a model, and has model good looks.

Keegan – Oh you sayin’ my mom is ugly?! *laughing*

Jonah – No! Kait is-

Keegan – I’m fuckin’ with you.

Jonah – Simply put though, I could never hate you- or be jealous. Girls like hot guys and you’re clearly one of the hot ones.

Keegan – I see.

Jonah – I don’t know dude, its hard to even put into words…

Keegan – Do you love her?

Jonah – Frankie?

Keegan – Yeah…

I hate talking about this, about her.

Jonah – What do you think?

Keegan – I think…. I think its obvious…

Jonah – I’m done chasing after women are are unavailable though…

Keegan – We’re both so…. unlucky when it comes to women.

Jonah – Right?

Keegan – By the way, what’s up with you and Trey lately?

Jonah – I don’t know, we’ve been pretty close… which is nice.

Keegan – It is nice, you two haven’t always been the tightest.

Jonah – Sex joke… Trey’s not tight because he does anal.

Keegan – Don’t let him hear you say that… he can be such a prude… I feel bad for him though. I was texting all morning with him, about Dominic being mad at him.

Jonah – We all have our issues- but I’ll never understand how he turned out to be the type of gay guy that he is- especially since his uncle AJ is so-

Keegan – “Fabulous”

Jonah – Exactly.

Keegan – I agree, but I love Trey.

Jonah – ….So do I, he’s my new BFF

Keegan – Oh you trying to replace me?

Jonah – Never, you’re my bestfriend for life.

Keegan – *smiles* So… in the car you told me about Portia… you gonna tap that?

Jonah – Hell no, I am not into her- and I’m not trying to deal with her Post-adolescent-idealistic phase.

Keegan – I can’t imagine it… it sounded like a completely different person the way you described her.

Jonah – Do you still talk to Rhys, and Myra Kelley?

Keegan – Myra yes, Rhys no.

Jonah – Why not?

Keegan – She’s Frankie’s friend now- and also Rhys was kind of annoying. She swore I was obsessed with her. I was doing you, and your sister a favor… It wasn’t like I was trying to marry her, and knock her up. Myra’s cool though, we talk often.

Jonah – Myra totally has a crush on you.

Keegan – I know, she told me.

Jonah – Most girls seem to.

Keegan – Oh stop… I am just a mere-mortal man.

Jonah – A god to these chicks.

Keegan – You know, you’re not as bad looking as you think you are Jonah…

Jonah – Thanks…. and look at you getting comfortable with not calling me Jeep.

Keegan – I try, sometimes its hard not to though.

Jonah – You know what’s funny?

Keegan – Hmm?

Jonah – What you said earlier is so true… our history with women… its so… messed up.

Keegan – Yeah…

Jonah – I was thinking about Christine, and Spirit, and I’m just like… what the fuck…

Keegan – Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Spirit was a lesbian these days.

Jonah – Oh my god, I always got lesbian from her too.

Keegan – Question…

Jonah – Answer…. maybe.

Keegan – If Christine came to her senses, and wanted you back… would you give that a go?

Jonah – I don’t know.

Keegan – I sorta always thought she was “The Girl” for you…

Jonah – Seemed that way, but then Raven…

Keegan – Right.

Jonah – Hey any advice about the stuff with my dad?

Keegan – Random- are you thinking about him or something?

Jonah – I guess I’m thinking about how you’re my bestfriend, and how he wants a close relationship… my dad wants to be my bestfriend and… I don’t know…

Keegan – My dad and I had our issues, but I’ve learned… when they say “I just want the best for you” they usually really mean it. They just sometimes don’t know how to go about things… just give him a chance.

Jonah – Alright… I will.

Keegan – Good…. aaaaaand… Pizza should be at the right temperature now.

Jonah – Lets eat!

Jonah – Mmm, I don’t know what it is about semi-cold pizza but its so fucking good.

Keegan – I know right? The only other person I know besides you, that likes cold pizza was Mona.

Jonah – I think I remember you telling me that.

Keegan – …..Thanks by the way…

Jonah – For?

Keegan – Going with me to the cemetery… I know it was on short notice and all…

Jonah – Its fine.

Keegan – Amir [Mona’s older brother] was supposed to meet me there but he had work stuff last minute.

Jonah – Do you keep in contact with him?

Keegan – You know what? no I don’t… not anymore. Before, we had decided that we were each other’s connection to Mona’s spirit. Me being her boyfriend, and bestfriend before she died… and him being her brother… but along the way we sorta just lost contact. Then he calls me up to go to the cemetery… only to flake because of work.

Jonah – What’s his deal anyway?…

Keegan – What do you mean?

Jonah – Well one day I was lurking instagram. I was on Frankies-

Keegan – Of course-

Jonah – Then I went to Kaori’s, then her sister Vira, then I kept clicking names. I got to his, and… well… what I’m asking is… Is he gay?

Keegan – I think so? I’m not sure… I honestly don’t care to ask… none of my business. He has his life in CCity, and I have mine here. They don’t cross paths until its Mona’s birthday or the anniversary of her death…

Jonah – Well… from now on, I’ll go with you every year. That way you don’t have to worry about him flaking.

Keegan – He didn’t do it on purpose or whatever, but I guess it does kinda suck that I didn’t get to see him. He does remind me of Mona a bit.

Jonah – Well from now on I’m going with you.. its locked in place.

Keegan – Really?

Jonah – Yeah.

Keegan – Well thanks.

Jonah – No problem. ……Umm… Ke-… nevermind…

Keegan – What?- you can ask me anything dude.

Jonah – Do you mind if… if I come around here more often? I miss you, and… I sometimes get sick of the guy’s at the frathouse.

Keegan – *smiles* …. You can come around anytime you like.

Jonah – I can?

Keegan – Yeah… I know I’ve been busy, but you’re my bestfriend- scratch that… you’re my brother. That’s never changing.

Jonah – Good to know.

Keegan – You’re stuck with me Jonah-Bear.

Jonah – *laughing*

It was so nice to spend time with Keegan- he really is the best bestfriend I could ask for- god I sound like a girl- no Jonah you sound like a guy who’s in touch with his emotions… nothing to be ashamed of. Our lives are so different- yet there are many parallels. I really missed nights like this, it takes me back to our sleepovers in high school. Playing video games all night, and looking at girls pictures. I hope we can have more nights like this in the future. Anyway I’m gonna finish this Pizza, watch House of Cards- I guess. And then head back to campus. I’m for sure gonna have a drink when I get there. Today has been a long ass day.

(POV Kaori)

Got home from work with many things on my mind. The sins of our past they say… its ever so apparent right now that my past just won’t go away. I have an ex boyfriend who all but slut shames me in his songs, a- friend… who… well it got complicated with, and a current who’s gay and does porn… I’m so over everything, and the night isn’t even over. Ian still has to come over, and I plan on getting answers tonight. Thank god I have Aries, I still can’t believe he went from the cousin I couldn’t be around to being my confidant… my rock. So happy we’re closer now.

Kaori – …

Aries – …

Kaori – Well say something.

Aries – Umm… well you- You ended the conversation well.

Kaori – You think I was a bitch?

Aries – No, Byron is the douche… I mean he has his very valid feelings on things- but that doesn’t mean his actions are okay.

Kaori – … If I could do that conversation over again, I would.

Aries – Nobody’s perfect.

Kaori – …Yeah.

Aries – So what about that E-mail?

Kaori – I don’t know- I feel bad for reading it.

Aries – You said she marked it as a business e-mail…

Kaori – Right, but it had all of that personal shit in it.

Aries – What do you think happened with Maliha?

Kaori – I don’t know, but whatever it is, its enough to make both her, and her mom not come in for work.

Aries – Right.

Kaori – By the way don’t tell-

Aries – You can trust me, I won’t tell anybody.

Kaori – ……

Aries – …..

Kaori – You were right by the way.

Aries – About?

Kaori – That stupid flamingo lamp you brought with you… it does make this area look nicer.

Aries – Took some convincing but you finally let me hang ol’ Thelma up. Now she’s glowing up the place…. the glow up is real!

Kaori – Where did you buy that thing anyway?

Aries – From a thrift store in BP. Benji, loves shopping at thrift stores.

Kaori – That’s cool.

Aries – ….. You always get weird when I talk about Benji…

Kaori – I don’t have an issue with your boyfriend.

Aries – Then why the weirdness?

Kaori – I don’t know, I guess…. I always thought you and Trey were kind of perfect for one another.

And that’s no shade to Benji, and Dominic… they’re both great guys

Aries – You were weirded out by he and I when you found out.

Kaori – Yeah but then the idea grew on me. I feel like if you had stayed with him, you guys could have learned together… made each other the best you could-

Aries – Learned what exactly?

Kaori – How to be fully functional gays.

Aries – I’m perfectly fine- he’s the one with the… issues.

Kaori – Do you ever think about him in that way?

Aries – Not as much as before I met Benji. Sometimes I do wonder what our relationship would be like if we were still together. Think about it though, he sorta went from 0 to 60 with Dominic. They live together… they turned into an old married couple who drinks wine, and watch netflix on Friday nights. You know what Benji and I do on Friday’s?

Kaori – Ew.

Aries – Not that!- well that too, but we go bar hopping. We go dancing… we go out to eat at shitty diners and then spend the night naked in bed with drinks writing yelp reviews for fun. We’re still young, and Trey…. well he acts like a old ass grandpa. All he know’s is work work work work work- and I’m not talking about that new Rihanna song.

Kaori – *laughing* So about him, and Dominic’s fight over the Ian thing…

Aries – I get both sides- I do agree with Dominic that he should have contacted Ian, and made Ian tell you… but… to each their own.

Kaori – So if I found out that Benji did piss porn, you wouldn’t want me to tell you? you’d want me to go to him?

Aries – Yes… but everyone is different when it comes to shit like that. Loyalties or whatever… right and wrong-

Kaori – How was sex with Trey? I’m so curious about that…

Aries – Sex with Trey was amazing… he’s not a prude in the bedroom if that’s what you thought…

Kaori – I see… yeah I wouldn’t have imagined that. He seems like the type to suck dick with condoms on…

Aries – Well he had no problem blowing me rubber free.

Kaori – Ew, next subject-

Aries – Are you excited about the bachelorette party?

Yes and no, its a good way to forget my troubles for a night, but who wants to deal with Calista… ugh.

[Top Pic]

Kaori – Yeah, we’re gonna have some fun. I just got finished talking to Brie about the plans so- yeah. Its gonna be so weird having Andi there.

Aries – Andy who?

Kaori – Andi… with an I… the woman?

Aries – Oh! Frankie’s sister.

Kaori – Yeah… I mean she’s cool as hell now that she has a boyfriend so maybe she’ll get turnt up.

Aries – Did I tell you that Alana invited me?

Kaori – Oh my god… she did not!

Aries – She did! I’m like… just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I want to go to your bachelorette party!

Kaori – I can’t…

Aries – Me and Benji are going with the guys… we want to see some tits, and strippers- plus that ugly dude Ryder is paying for everything-

Kaori – No he’s not. Sebastian’s bestfriend is chipping in. You met him right? The red head-

Aries – No- oh wait yes! the doctor! Ca-… dammit it starts with a C-

Kaori – Cillian..

Aries – I’ll just call him hot Ginger…

Kaori – Sebastian has a hot best-man for his wedding- and wait, when did you meet him?

Aries – Two days ago. I was helping Alana with wedding related shit, and he walked in with Sebastian… my jaw dropped. Tall, red head… Irish… doctor… PERFECTION.

Kaori – Yeah.. he’s pretty fucking hot in a luck of the Irish type of way.

Aries – He single?

Kaori – Yes, but you’re not- you thot…

Aries – Is he bringing a date to the wedding?

Kaori – No…. umm… yeah, no…. that’s a negative.

Aries – Well if he doesn’t have a date, and you don’t have a date… then why not-

Kaori – I didn’t think about that, but yeah…

Aries – How is he single? he’s sexy!

Kaori – ….

Aries – Why do I feel like I asked a bad question?

Kaori – You didn’t but you should know before hanging with him at the bachelor party that his girlfriend was the devil. She fucked him over… so don’t bring her up

Aries – Well what happened?

Kaori – Its really shitty… he had been dating her for a while. She slept over his place, and he left her there while he was at work. So he came back home for lunch, and she was having sex with his neighbor. He does not trust women at all now because of her…

Aries – Oh my god, how long were they fucking?

Kaori – I don’t know, Sebastian didn’t give all the details, but yeah… that happened.

Aries – Where does he live?

Kaori – Pylea…

Aries – Wow… so he dumped her after that?

Kaori – Well turns out she had been fucking a couple of his friends, not just the neighbor… so… to say that Cillian has trust issues, would be an understatement.

Aries – Poor guy.

Kaori – Imagine having to cut friends, and a girlfriend out of your life because they all betrayed you. No wonder he stopped dating…

Aries – Why didn’t he date after her? plenty of fish in the sea-

Kaori – Oh he did, he ended up in a relationship with this chick named Lydia Towers-

Aries – Don’t tell me she cheated on him too!?

Kaori – No, but her family was stuck-up, and didn’t like him. It drove a wedge in between them and… yeah. Guess she picked family over him. Plus Sebastian says she gave off lesbian vibes… so… whatevs!

Aries – How long ago was that relationship? was that the most recent.

Kaori – That was a year… two years ago?… not sure… but I mean clearly he has trouble trusting people. Who would want to date people you can’t trust.

Enough about Cillian, you guys will most likely meet him at the wedding…

Aries – Speaking of trusting people…. looks like Ian is here…

Kaori – Dammit…

Aries – Remember… go easy on him. Don’t be a bitch.

Kaori – Okay…. *gets up to answer door*

You can do this Kaori.

[Bottom Pic]

Ian – Hey guys

Kaori – Hi, come on in.

Aries – Hi Ian *smiles*

Ian – Hey buff dude.

Aries – Glad you noticed, I’ve been really working on my arms lately.

Ian – Its paying off, making me look lanky in comparison.

Aries – *laughs* Oh please, you’re an adonis…

Could he flirt with him anymore? damn… Aries you real thot-thot-thot-licious

Ian – You’re the best Aries.

Aries – I know… anyway… I’m going to go call my boyfriend, and give you two some privacy. Later!

Ian – Nice seeing ya.

Aries – You too.

Kaori – You look nice.

Ian – So do you…

Kaori – Lets talk on the balcony… you cool with that?

Ian – Lead the way…

Ian – Its so nice out…

Kaori – It is.

Ian – Warm, but breezy… and the sound of the beach… you can just get lost in it… all your troubles just go away for a second.

Kaori – Yeah.

Ian – You ever just come out here to think?

Kaori – All the time.

Ian – How was your day?

Kaori – It was alright… I did have a visit from my ex at work- which I’ll probably have to get used to seeing as we represent his band…

Ian – Hostile visit?

Kaori – Sorta… but it ended as well as it could’ve. How……….about……… you! How was your day, Ian?

Ian – Umm… it was fine… Kaori. Why are we being all formal?

Kaori – What did you do today?

Ian – Umm… I did some gym time, I looked for work… not sure why- financially I’m okay for now but- yeah… I also… umm… went on social media and lurked Roger, and Donna’s pages…

Kaori – Who?

Ian – …. My parents.

Kaori – Oh…. right.

Ian – I don’t know why I do it… every month or so… I’ll go to their pages, and do a control F and type in my name to see if I’m ever mentioned…. and I’m not. Guess they were telling the truth when they said they lost both children that day…

Kaori – I’m sorry…

Ian – Fuck them.

Kaori – ….

Ian – So umm… what did you call me over for tonight? I know its not protection when you have that terminator of a cousin living with you now. Remind me to get his workout regimen.

Kaori – I needed to talk to you.

Ian – Aww, no netflix and chill?

Kaori – No… and speaking of which what exactly are we doing- I mean what were we doing?

Ian – You’re using past tense? why? are you sick of me?

Kaori – What is this between us?

Ian – I…. well I’m kinda glad you brought this up…

Kaori – You have something you want to get off your chest?

Ian – I do…. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this for the last two weeks…

Oh my god, finally. Do the right thing Ian, no more lies.

Kaori – Okay….

Ian – You’ve probably been wondering why I’m so…

Kaori – Closed off?

Ian – Restrained…

Kaori – …

Ian – I definitely inhibit myself when it comes to a lot of things…

Kaori – Women being one of them?

Ian – No- well… god how do I say this…

Kaori – By just being honest…

Ian – I’m just gonna say it… I can’t go to the wedding with you… its too…. it sends the wrong message.

Kaori – What?….Why?

Not that it matters, I already decided I’m going alone.

Ian – I hold back when you touch me, and its because…

Kaori – You’re gay-

Ian – I don’t like you in that way…

Kaori – What?

Ian – Wait… why do you think I’m gay?

Kaori – Back up… you don’t like me?

Ian – You sound surprised which is kind of arrogant of you…

Is he fucking serious right now?!

Kaori – We made out, we touched… things… and you don’t like me? you’re always here at night!

Ian – You always call me over at night! then you beg me to stay…

Kaori – Because you seem lonely Ian! Lost and lonely!

Ian – I think you’re the one who’s lonely… have you ever thought about that? Its obvious that I was going through something, and I told you- I told Frankie that all I really wanted was friends right now.

Kaori – You didn’t say that when touching and kissing me- You sent so many mixed signals!

Ian – You always started it- you always put your legs on me- hands- you were the one initiating everything, and not listening to me when I said I wanted to be friends. You were doing everything in your power to convince yourself that you’ve moved on from Keegan… and I was apparently the answer… so much so that you invited me to be your date at your step-sister’s wedding. Its awkward as hell.

Kaori – ….Why are you throwing the Keegan shit in my face? I never once complained- or talked about him to you-

Ian – You say his name in your sleep…. every time I sleep over. You don’t listen… I’ve told you what I wanted, and you didn’t care.

Kaori – Then speak up- say it louder… don’t kiss me, and get hard, and touch me back. I don’t want to do things with someone who doesn’t want to do them with me- what the fuck Ian? I’m not some sexual predator!

Wow the nerve of him. He’s flipping it on me like I was dependent on him, and his company. That I was the lonely one- that I used him and I’m some sexual deviant… He was the one all mopey and alone! now I’m the sexual predator that begged him to stay over?!

Ian – I didn’t say you were- I- look… I’m not good at hurting people. I’ll do anything within reason to oblige people I care about.

Kaori – You care about me?…. no… you don’t… you’re full of shit, because if you cared you wouldn’t lie about things.

Ian – I spent time with you… so you could feel safe, and wanted… and not lonely.

Kaori – You were the one who was lonely-

Ian – YES! yes I was! Yes I am! okay!…. I’m fucking lonely. It was mutually beneficial for me to hangout with you because I hated being alone- I’ve fucking been alone my entire life… I genuinely love your company Kaori- is that wrong?

Kaori – ….

Ian – Why did you call me gay? am I gay because I don’t want to be with you in that way? because I-

Kaori – You’re gay because you have sex with men for money.

Ian – Are you calling me a prostitute?

Kaori – I’m calling you what you are… a gay porn actor…

Ian – …

Kaori – …. You’re not gonna deny it?….

Ian – …..*heavy emotional sigh* I- ….where did-

Kaori – Trey saw you… talking to Rhinoceros  or whatever his name was. He was visiting the set with his boyfriend because his friend works there. Went to the bathroom and heard your entire conversation. You’re a pornstar Ian?

Ian – Why would Trey tell-

Kaori – Why didn’t you!? that’s the real fucking question. You come here, you hangout, eat my food, drink my liquor… open up about your family. I thought I was important to you! why the fuck would you continue lying to me about who you really are? I fucking hate liars Ian… and I’m sorry, but if I’m making out, and doing things sexually with someone, I should know their doing gay porn!

Ian – …Fine…

Kaori – Say it… be fucking honest…

Ian – ….Fine, I’m an adult film star- was… I’m not anymore…

Kaori – You’re gay, and you lead me to believe that you liked-

Ian – First of all, who said I was gay?!

Kaori – Oh don’t give me that gay for pay bullshit- all of my gay friends say its a lie…

Ian – …. You’re gay-shaming me?

Kaori – Fine! are you bi?!

Ian – I- I thought you were different….

Kaori – The same could be said for you. I sat there and told you about my past with men, and their lying- secrets. How shit like that is unacceptable to me. You smiled, nodding saying you hate liars too!… and turns out you’re the biggest one of them all. You couldn’t even be straight with me- you can’t even be straight with yourself. I am so mad at you… You are a fucking liar! and then to tell me that I’m weird- and using you to get over Keegan? really? I opened up to you… I- *voice breaking* I’m so sick of guys… sick of it.. you fucking suck for putting me in this situation. Just admit that you’re fucking gay- and go live your life! this is so stressful, Fuck!

Ian –  You know what?… since I’m stressing you out- since I’m such a fucking burden on you and your life. You don’t have to worry about me ever again!.. you’re a judgmental bitch and this is why I don’t open up to people. You’ve been silver spoon fed all your life, you have NO idea what life has been like for me. My parents hate me, and pretend I don’t existed all because my sister died… I had no money or family and had to do what I had to do. Fuck you for your judgement… What the fuck would YOU know about struggling! *crying* I don’t trust easy… I don’t open up… and this is why… judgement.

Kaori – Ian…

Ian – No! *walks away*

[Top Pic]

Kaori – Wait!

Ian – No! I’m done!

Kaori – I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-

Ian – You took all of your shit out on me- all of your issues with men- you took it out on me. I get it… you hate me because I’m some filthy nasty pornstar! I get it! just throw me away like my parents did. Its fine Kaori! nobody has ever loved me anyway- only time people love me is when I make them feel good… because I look like this… that’s the only reason people love me… You will never hear from me ever again. I thought I could be loved by you and your group of friends… that I found a new family to replace the one I never had, but now everyone knows something so personal about me- so embarrassing- … fuck you… and fuck Trey… tell him to stay clear of me.

Kaori – Ian I’m sorry! I felt betrayed by you- the lying-

Ian – Go fuck yourself Kaori.

Kaori – Ian, I’m stupid! I fucked up! I don’t always say the right thing. I am so sorry. You hurt my feelings… lets just sit down and talk-

Ian – Just like my parents, you can pretend I never existed. Have a nice life… and tell Keegan, and Frankie that I’m sorry I won’t be around anymore… they genuinely seemed like they wanted to accept me into their lives… I’m gonna miss them…

Kaori – Where are you going to go! just stop- stop talking, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to shame you- I understand-

Ian – You don’t…. and you never will…

Kaori – Give me a chance to explain myself-

Ian – Like you gave me a chance to explain myself to you?

Kaori – ………

Ian – Goodbye, Kaori… *leaves*

[Bottom Pic]

Kaori – ….*heavy sigh* ….shit.

Aries – …..Are you okay?

Kaori – How much of that did you-

Aries – Everything… it was pretty loud…

Kaori – I fucked up.

Aries – …You did…

Kaori – I know… and now he thinks I’m some judgmental homophobic piece of shit…

Aries – What happened?…. I thought it was going to go smoothly… was it the Keegan thing?

Kaori – Can we just… get out of here? I don’t want to be home…

Aries – Sure… let me grab our coats. Lets go get a drink…

Kaori – I want to die…

Aries – We can fix this… we gotta let him cool off..

Kaori – He could be gone by then…

Fuck… I fucking hate myself. I know I’m spoiled- I know everything about myself. I also know I work hard with school, and work. I know my life, and I know I’m very fortunate to have the things I have- to have the friends and family I have. I understand why he felt he had nowhere else to turn when it came to money and family- why he felt that porn was going to give him those things. I was so ready to be supportive and talk about it- and then he accuses me of being needy, and using him… then he doesn’t admit to the porn- I just lost it… my own ego made me a bitch. He’s the last person I should have lashed out at… especially with how fragile he is as a person… how am I going to fix this? when will I even have the fucking time? School, work, bachelorette party, wedding- I…. fuck me, I completely fucked up. I feel like a piece of shit. 

(POV Jonah)

So Keegan was right, House of Cards went from boring to pretty damn interesting. I’ve officially added it to my netflix list. All in all I had a great time hanging out with him. We talked about a lot of things that mattered, and goofed around too. Its funny how I live in a house with a bunch of guys, but none of them can compare to my bestfriend. Anyway… After I finally left from Keegan’s place, I came home and the guys and I ended up playing a drinking game- so just so ya know… I’m a bit buzzed… or drunk… I don’t know…

Mike – I’m so fucked up right now.

Javier – I think I had half the drinks you did Mike, and I’m feeling super buzzed.

Jonah – I’m a lightweight so I know what you guys mean.

Mike – So where were you?

Jonah – Out with-

Mike – Moved on already? who are you smashing?

Javier – Wait what?

Jonah – No no, I’m not- I wasn’t smashing anyone. I was hanging with my friend Keegan.

Mike – Cool, cool…

Javier – Umm.. did I tell you I’m talking to Fockky again?

Jonah – No…

Javier – I think we’re gonna give it another go.

Jonah – Good for you guys. Fockky’s chill…

Mike – I had sex with two lesbians last night…

Jonah – You did?

Mike – Yeah… Tiff, and Luna…

Javier – Super feminists decided to use you for your dick?

Mike – That’s exactly what they did.

Fred – Dammit move out of the way lady!

Garrett – Oh wow…

Frankie – Sorry, I didn’t notice you were playing a game.

Fred – *looks up to see Frankie* Oh… its umm.. quite alright… wow you’re hot.

Frankie – ……Thanks.

Fred – I think I just soiled my boxers by looking at you.

Frankie – ……. Jonah!

Javier – What’s Frankie doing here?

Mike – Damn… she’s sexy.

Jonah – Hey… what are you doing here?

Frankie – I wanted to talk to you.

Jonah – Lets go in my room, its too busy out here.

Javier – …..

Mike – Take it to the room guys!

I know why she’s here… she wants to talk about all of the shit I said at her job. Great. I really wish I hadn’t opened my big mouth. Now we have to talk about it.

Frankie – Your room is nice.

Jonah – Thanks.

Frankie – I know what the guys are thinking….

Jonah – Don’t mind them.

Frankie – Oh its fine…

Jonah – Fair warning… I’m drunk.

Frankie – I saw the bottles downstairs… Its cool.

Jonah – So… what’s up?

Frankie – Nothing much, I umm…

Jonah – …..

Frankie – Sorry, umm… I wanted to come by and talk to you because I didn’t like how our conversation ended at my job.

Jonah – Its fine, I’m over it.

Frankie – Be that as it may… I’m not.

Jonah – ….Okay.

Frankie – I’m sorry that it appeared that I was taking Karin’s side of things. I’m Team Jonah everyday all day. I want you to know that.

Jonah – ….

Frankie – You do know that right?

Jonah – …Yeah.

Frankie – This is where I’m at with Karin. I think she’s talented, and she reminds me of myself its weird-

Jonah – ….

Frankie – I want her to channel everything she’s feeling- and not feeling about her father’s passing. I want her to be great. She’s not… she’s not as evil as I thought she was. I get it now, I understand her as a person now. That doesn’t mean that I’m on her side though.

Jonah – Good.

Frankie – She’s being a bitch, and trying to hurt you. She wants to push you away for whatever reason.

Jonah – I know.

Frankie – … You don’t deserve that.

People always tell you what you don’t deserve… but never help you get what it is that you do deserve. I’ve always found that so annoying.

Jonah – What is it that women want Frankie?

Frankie – I don’t know, we’re all different…

Jonah – You guys say… Oh we want a gentleman… but then you want someone who’s a man… who takes control.

Frankie – ….Human’s are confusing, and complex… we-

Jonah – I mean should I just grab women and-

Jonah – Take control like this?…. is this what women want? an aggressive guy?

Frankie – … I don’t know…

Jonah – Why am I so stupid? why do I let women fuck with my head. What’s wrong with me?!

Frankie – Nothing.

Jonah – Something must be wrong with me… tell me what’s wrong with me…

Frankie – Jeep…. nothing is wrong with you.

Jonah – …

Frankie – Sorry… I didn’t mean to call you Jeep-

Jonah – Its only ever okay when you say it…

Frankie – ….

Jonah – Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?

Frankie – No

Jonah – Fuck it, I’m drunk just tell me, I won’t get mad.

Frankie – No, because there is nothing wrong with you… You’re smart, you’re good looking…

Jonah – I’m not good looking… I look better sure but-

Frankie – You’re handsome to me. You’re special to me, you… You just need to-

Jonah – Its not a coincidence that I dated Karin…

Frankie – What do you mean?

Fuck, why did I blurt that out…

Jonah – ….Frankie… you’re one of the smartest people I know… come on… think about it.

Frankie – I don’t get- …………. Oh.

Jonah – ……

Frankie – … I-

Jonah – *gets up*

Jonah – I shouldn’t have said that.

Frankie – No, you’re being honest…

Jonah – That gets people in trouble…

Frankie – I’m aware… Trey, and Kaori are both feeling the pain of honesty right now.

Jonah – Oh… she talked to Ian?

Frankie – It didn’t go well- but I’m not here to talk about that.

Jonah – Right.

Frankie – I just… I feel like the biggest bitch in the world.

Jonah – You could never be.

Frankie – The stuff you said at my job-

Jonah – Can we just forget about that?

Frankie – No.

Jonah – Fuck…

Frankie – I didn’t maliciously date Sebastian over you. I didn’t purposely reject you.

Jonah – I get it- you didn’t see me that way-

Frankie – Its not that I didn’t see you that way- I was… *sigh* I guess I was scared that I maybe did see you that way.

Jonah – Why would that scare you?

Frankie – Because you’re my friend, and In this group… when lines get crossed… people fight- people hate each other. I’d never want that for us.

Jonah – ….I see.

Frankie – I’m very careful with my heart.. I don’t love easily- I- …..umm… wow.

Jonah – What?

Frankie – Oh my god….

Jonah – Frankie?

Frankie – … In this moment I just realized something.

Jonah – What is it?

Frankie – I’m not in love with Raina.

Jonah – ….You’re not? but I thought you guys told each other those 3 little words…

Frankie – I like her…. a lot. I enjoy our relationship- but I’m not in love with her… god… what’s wrong with me? I finally get in a good relationship, and I’m… Trey-ing it.

“Trey-ing” I’m so stealing that…

Jonah – You’re not sabotaging anything yet…

Frankie – … I could love her… I mean I do love her- I’m just not in love with her… I could be though… given enough time. She’s sweet, sexy… smart… she’s- ….

Jonah – …

Frankie – Sorry, I shouldn’t-

Jonah – Its cool… She’s your girlfriend. You’ll figure it out.

Frankie – Maybe.

Jonah – …

Frankie – How was bestie time with Keegan?

Glad she changed the subject

Jonah – It was really good actually.

Frankie – Good.

Jonah – We talked about you, and the others…

Frankie – My spider sense is tingling…

Jonah – *smile* comic book reference…

Frankie – *smiles* yup.

Jonah – He asked me why I hate Sebastian, but not him…

Frankie – Right… because he and I sorta… had a weird thing at one point.

Jonah – Mmm hmm…

Frankie – That must have pissed you off…

Jonah – Annoyed me yes…

Frankie – I’m sorry.

Jonah – Its okay…

Frankie – Its not. Nobody should make you feel less than.

Jonah – I’m not chasing after you anymore… its okay.

Frankie – …What if I wanted-

Jonah – Wanted what?

Frankie – …Nothing…

Jonah – No, say it.

Frankie – What if I wanted a clean slate?

Jonah – …You don’t have to worry about that with me. You know how forgiving I am.

Frankie – Right…

Jonah – …..

Frankie – …..

Jonah – Speaking of clean slates. I got into a fight with my dad this morning.

Frankie – Uh oh…

Jonah – Cliff notes version… he wants the best of me and unintentionally hurt my feelings. I can’t get over it… so I’m being mean. Its hurting him, and all he wants is for us to be bestfriends because he didn’t have that with his dad.

Frankie – …Life is short… give him a chance. I’ve given Mira a chance, and it turned out better than good. Your dad knows you’re talented… he knows how great you are. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you to have backup plans and stuff… so stop being a dick to daddy… be nice Jeepy…

Jonah – Its weird how you make that name… not…. sound so bad.

Frankie – I’ve always thought it was unorthodox. That’s what I liked about it… its a name that makes no sense… that has a story behind it… an embarrassing story, but one that bonds six teenagers in their youth. Its like the glue for us…

Jonah – That’s gross considering we’re talking about me ejaculating all over the place in Kaori’s Jeep…

Frankie – Yeah but…the nickname Jeep is our childhood… its memories… its. When I hear it, I think about less complicated times. Jeep makes me think of high school.. and fun, and the six of us.

Jonah – What does Jonah make you think?

Frankie – Cute jewish boy…

Jonah – ….hmm

Frankie – Well… Man… because I don’t see you as a boy these days. I see a man…

Jonah – Good…

Frankie – *Looks at his shirtless body* God, its getting late…

Did she just check me out, or am I imagining things?

Jonah – Do you wanna stay and watch a movie with me?

Frankie – ….I don’t think I should…

Jonah – Why not?

Frankie – … You’re drunk… and I’m…

Jonah – Right… you’re with Raina… she probably wouldn’t like you being here with me.. watching a movie alone.

Frankie – Yeah.

Jonah – It was just a movie though.

Frankie – When is a movie just a movie and not something else?

Jonah – ….Yeah.

Frankie – Okay I’m gonna go. *walks towards the door*

Jonah – Wait… *hugs Frankie*

Frankie – What’s this for?

Jonah – Thank you…

Frankie – For what?

Jonah – Coming to see me.

Frankie – Not a problem.

Jonah – You’re special to me too you know…

Frankie – *smiles* I know.

Jonah – You’re… amazing, and a good friend.

Frankie – You don’t hate me?

Jonah – Never…

Frankie – ….

Jonah – I should get my sweaty body off of your nice clothes..

Frankie – Its fine. I’m just gonna go home and take em’ off anyway.

Jonah – Spankbank material.

Frankie – Oh god, shut up…

Jonah – I shouldn’t have joked about that.

Frankie – Its fine.

Jonah – …Is it?

Frankie – Friends right?

Jonah – …Yeah.. Forever.

Frankie – Pinky swear?

Jonah – Pinky swear.

Frankie – Okay I should get going. Drink some water, and get some rest. Okay?

Jonah – I will, and Frankie?…. I love you.

Frankie – …. I love you too Jeepy…

Jonah – Let me walk you out.

Frankie – Alright…

Frankie – Okay, bye.

Jonah – Bye… Call me to let me know you got in safely..

Frankie – I will- I’m going to go upstairs to talk with Kay… she’s not feeling too well.

Jonah – Look at you… always there for someone in need.

Frankie – I don’t know any other way.

Jonah – Goodnight.

Frankie – Nite’

Javier – Dude….

Jonah – What?

Javier – Are you like… in love with her?

Jonah – Huh?

Mike – Yeah, I’m with Javi… I’ve never seen you look at a girl like that before… not even Karin.

Jonah – That’s because there’s only one Frankie Mancini in this world…

And I’m in love with her- but don’t panic. I have learned from my past. I may be in love with her, but Its different this time. I will not be chasing after her- or any other girl. This time I’m going to work on myself, my craft, my career… and if she realizes she loves me back… then so be it. I’ve learned a few things today, and I’m the most self-aware I have ever been when its come to the people in my life, and their feelings. I’m also aware of the difference in what I think, and what I say out loud. I’m evolving, and it feels good. Jonah 2.0 is happening. Time to re-hydrate, and take care of myself… in more ways than one….-oh ew that sounded like a masturbation joke- dammit… and here I was trying to sound all smart. Until later… bye now! 


~End Of Chapter Three | Chapter FOUR aka The 2 Part BnG : Wedding Special is Next~

(Chapter Five will follow the 2 part special)

{BnG Season 3} Chapter Three Part 2 : “You’re Joking…Right?”

Chapter Three | Pt. 2 “You’re Joking…Right?”

-POV’s : Trey & Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

Attention :

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(POV Trey)

You ever open your eyes, get out of bed, stretch… and just feel like you know its going to be a good day? That’s exactly how I felt this morning. I woke up, Dom was already awake and eating breakfast upstairs. I joined him, and we talked while drinking our morning smoothies. He seemed excited about our little trip today, but before all of that he had to work. He’s so serious about helping people and being a therapist… its so cute. Anyway he’s at work, and obviously so am I. Its lunch time and the Meade family is all here.

Vik – So how’s the wedding planning coming along for that bossy chick?

Valeria *slight russian accent* – Alana, is her name- and its going really well. The wedding is a few week away. She and her family are sooo excited.

I wasn’t invited, yet somehow Keegan scored an invite. Its fine though, I didn’t really want to go anyway. Jonah was invited- seeing as he’s related to the groom [Sebastian] but he declined to go… None of my business though- heh, that rhymed.

Vik – So proud of you mama

I used to think it was so weird that Vik, and Vlad called their mom “Mama” considering they were my age, but I read online that its a russian thing. Valeria seems so sweet, and so far she’s been really picking up on my cooking tips- though with the whole wedding planning business… she doesn’t have much time for lessons. Initially I assumed lessons would help her marriage… Varrick coming home to a home-cooked meal… but of course we both know the only meal he seems to like these days is sausage… sausage by Ruben. Still can’t believe that happened.

Trey – Salmon will be ready in just a second.

Valeria – Be a dear and go tell my husband and son.

Trey – Where are they?

Vik – Upstairs I think. Vlad in his room, and dad in his office.

Trey – Okay sure, no problem.

Valeria – Thank you sweetheart.

Trey – *smiles*

[Top Pic]

Vlad – Why shouldn’t I tell mom!

Varrick – Keep your voice down please!

Vlad – Why is that on your phone? are you gay now?!

Varrick – Vladimir I’m begging you, please stop talking so loud.

Vlad – Explain it then…

Varrick – Someone sent me that as a joke…

Vlad – What the fuck?

Varrick – Its like memes and stuff, someone thought it would be funny to put a penis in the text chat- I’m not gay or anything, there is no need to tell your mother.

Vlad – ….I don’t know if I believe you….

Varrick – Why?

Vlad – I have my reasons….

Varrick – This is all a big misunderstanding, I swear its not what you think.

Vlad – You wouldn’t lie to me?

Varrick – I wouldn’t lie to you my son.

Vlad – …..

Trey – Umm…

Vlad – What do you want?

Wow what did I do to deserve that attitude… I’m not the one you caught with a penis in his phone… also now that I think about it… that better not have been Ruben’s dick pic that Varrick was looking at…. They promised me they were done, and would stay away from each other… Thank god Ruben’s working all day at the bar [Raina’s] otherwise I’d be worried they were messing around again…. still a possibility though.

Varrick – Vlad…

Vlad – Don’t “Vlad” me..

Varrick – How can we help you Trey?

Trey – Mrs. Meade wanted me to come tell you guys that lunch is ready.

Varrick – Oh goody, I’m famished… *leaves to go downstairs*

Trey – …..

Vlad – ….

Trey – Well come down when you’re ready….

Vlad – Trey, wait….

Trey – Yes?

Vlad – Can I talk to you real quick?

Trey – Sure….

Oh my god please don’t bring me into the gay drama…

Vlad – I’m sorry for snapping at you.

Trey – Its okay… well its not- but… water off a duck’s back.

Vlad – …..I don’t want you to think that just because I don’t get along with your friend Jonah, that I have issues with you. I don’t..

Trey – I didn’t think you did, if I’m being honest. I just assumed that you and I haven’t really talked much compared to how much I talk to your brother- not that I’m saying that because you guys are twins you should have the same personality… I just- Sorry… I’m rambling….

Vlad – …. Is my dad gay?

Trey – Excuse me?

Vlad – I know you heard our argument when you walked up the stairs. I also know how obsessed my dad seems with you. He’s so obsessed with you that he’s trying to figure out if you’ll come on our yearly family vacation to japan…

Trey – Your father is married to you- and Vik’s mother. I’m pretty sure he’s straight.

Vlad – In 2016, a gay man can’t pretend to be straight and blend in with a wife and kids? you’re not answering the question.

Trey – I did, I think he’s straight.

Vlad – What about the dick on the phone? which was too light to be yours… so I know it wasn’t you.

Trey – I- Your dad explained it as a prank, and you told him you believe-

Vlad – He’s lying, because after I found the pic on his phone I-

Trey – Why were you even going through his phone though?

Vlad – We have the same phone, I thought it was mine.


Vlad – Anyway, after I realized it wasn’t my phone…. I admit… I snooped, then found the picture of a dick… from some guy named Ruben, do you know him?

Oh my fucking goodness…. lie Trey, lie….

Trey – …. No, I don’t know a Ruben…

Shit, what if he finds out that I do? its fairly easy to do so… what if he runs into Dominic, and Ruben at the store or gym? what if Christine tells him?- Oh my fucking goodness SOCIAL MEDIA! Trey you dumb fuck fix it!

Vlad – Are you sur-

Trey – Wait! duh! Ruben! yeah I know a Ruben! *nervous chuckle* blonde moment…

Vlad – Well I’d show you the pic to see if its your friend but all it is, is a cock, and balls… and my dad deleted the picture…

So he claims…

Trey – Ruben pranks people all the time. My boyfriend and I have received dick pics from him plenty of times…

Because that totally makes sense… god I should really stop talking. I’m just making it worse.

Vlad – But why would he be pranking my dad?

Trey – I think they go to the same gym…

Good save Trey!

Vlad – That could make sense…. hmm… you know what?

Trey – Hmm?

Vlad – I’m going to hack his computer, and see if there’s gay porn…

Trey – Umm…

Vlad – I know… an invasion of privacy…

Trey – Just trust your dad… and if there is something he ever wants to tell you… let him…

Vlad – Yeah…. maybe you’re right… maybe he’s just bi-curious or something…

Oh he’s way past curious… he’s been penetrated… bareback.

Vlad – So umm… how’s your dad doing?

Trey – He’s okay… thanks for asking.

Vlad – Raven’s pretty fucked up about what happened to him, and that Miguel Reyes dude..

Trey – …..Right.

Vlad – Your friend Jonah, he-

Trey – You should go eat before its all gone *smiles*

Vlad – ….Yeah…. I probably should… are you and I good though?

Trey – Yeah we’re fine Vlad *smiles*

Vlad – Cool.

Well that went better than it could have… get your shit together Varrick, your son easily found out about your…. extra activities. As if it couldn’t get anymore awkward, he goes and brings up Raven, my father, and Miguel- oh and Jonah too. Like okay, she’s sad about what she did… but who cares. This is going to sound harsh but at least she’s alive and able to walk. Miguel is dead, and my dad is stuck in a wheelchair… all because she wanted to drink before riding a motorcycle… I would never say this in front of Jonah out of respect but…. fuck Raven for her stupidity, and recklessness.

Vik – What were you two up there doing?

Trey – Nothing.

Vlad – Just talking…

Vik – You two are caught, cheating on your significant others with each other! how scandalous! *laughing*

Vlad – Oh shut up, you’re the one who works in gay porn.

Vik – I don’t do the porn, dick-breath. I’m 100% straight, I like lady parts only.

Vlad – Yeah, and so do I, ass-face

Aren’t they charming. I never had that sort of back and forth with my brother Tyler. Maybe because he’s older than me… I don’t know.

Vik – So what are you doing today?

Vlad – Work, and then going over Christine’s….

Vik – Gonna plow the turtle?

Vlad – What?

Vik – She looks like a turtle…

Vlad – And Amina looks better? she’s not that cute… looking like a cross between grumpy cat, and a pug dog.

Vik – Better than a retarded turtle, and hey don’t talk about my girlfriend- and TREY’S COUSIN like that! *laughing*

Vlad – Amina’s your cousin?

Trey – Yeah.

Vlad – My bad.

Trey – Its fine… she does sorta look like a cat.

Vlad – What are you doing after lunch Vik?

Vik – Taking Trey, and his boyfriend with me to work.

Vlad – That’s right, you’re shooting a porn with your boyfriend today!

Trey – I am not!

Vik – I bet you’ll get offers though.

Trey – I hope not..

Vlad – I’m gonna go eat. Have fun with the porn you two.

Vik – Yeah yeah…

Trey – Bye Vlad.

Vlad – Bye.

Vik – *looks to make sure Vlad left* Okay we’re alone..

Trey – What is it? is everything okay?

Vik – What were you and Vlad talking about upstairs?

Trey – Nothing, he just wanted a umm.. a guy mans perspective.

Vik – Bullshit… on what?

Trey – Per….. perfume! for Christine…

Vik – Oh please, like she’s that type of girl. She probably just puts vaseline everywhere and walks out the house smelling like cigarettes and hairspray.


Trey – I’m serious…

Vik – You’re lying…. just tell me….

Trey – Its nothing, really…

Vik – Are you sure?

Trey – Yes

Vik – You promise?

Trey – Yes.

Vik – Okay good…

Trey – You seem relieved?

Vik – I am, for a second I thought Vlad found out that dad was gay… that would have been a nightmare

Trey – What the fuck?

Vik – Oh come on…. you knew he was gay… right? its obvious.

Trey – I know, but how did YOU know?

Vik – He finds any excuse to come by my job to bring me lunch… he’s there to see the naked men, and gay porn… lets be real.

Trey – …..

Vik – Plus other things, like his obsession with Vin Diesel… I’m 99.9% sure he’s gay…

Trey – …..

Vik – And something tells me that something happened between you two?

Trey – No, nothing like that…. he just… yeah. Its obvious.

Vik – He hasn’t tried anything with you right?

Trey – No.

Vik – Good.

Trey – Why does it not seem to bother you?

Vik – My mom, and brother don’t know about him… I’m the only one. Also I think… well it is what it is I guess? I’m sorta looking at it from his perspective? he’s here with us, he loves us… but for whatever reason he feels like he can’t be himself- actually lets just talk about this on the way to the porn studio.

Trey – Okay…

Vik – Dominic’s meeting us there right?

Trey – Yeah I forward him the directions that you sent me last night.

Vik – Cool… *laughing*

Trey – What’s so funny?

Vik – If I’m being honest… I just… this is hilarious to me. I can’t even imagine you fucking, you seem so…

Trey – I’m not a prude if that’s what you’re thinking. I’ve gotten it on quite a lot.

Vik – Oh so you throw it around?

Trey – No!, before Dominic, I had plenty of sex…

Vik – Well excuse me whore… *laughs*

Trey – Whatever *laughing* Food is getting cold.

Vik – Alright lets go eat before we go.

Trey – Sounds like a plan.

Holy shit! Vik know’s his dad is gay…. and of course his dad would drop in on him at work… he likes seeing all of those naked men. Wow this family has its issues- but then again what family doesn’t? Oh and FYI its annoying when people think I’m a prude. Yes I had some dumb opinions on the porn thing- but lets not act like I didn’t give it up to Nick in his dormroom, and spend 4 of 7 days fucking Aries at his parents house. I’m not a slut- but I’m no prude either. Anyway enough about that, I’m gonna go eat. I need to fuel myself so that I can have energy for this pornshoot- that sounds wrong, as if I’m filming a porn…. but you know what I mean.

(POV Frankie)

Frankie – Give me just a second Karin.

Karin – Its fine, talk to your family..

Frankie – Hey Andi, Hi dad.

Andi – Hey itty-bitty.

Riley – I made your sister get you on the phone… she needs to tell you what happened.

Andi – Dad…

Riley – Tell your sister what you did Andi…

Frankie – Oh god… wait, why are you in GloCity?

Andi – I’m off work today, so I came to see dad…. and we’re eating at your favorite place on earth.

Riley – GreenLand!

Frankie – Shut up….

Andi – These salads are overrated. The way you be eating here, I had assumed they were bomb.

Frankie – They are bomb!

Riley – We’re getting off subject. Andi tell Frankie what happen in CCity.

Frankie – Yeah… what happened?

Andi – Okay… so. You know how my man is modeling for Hillside?

Frankie – Yes.

I’m not sure how much you know about my sister’s boyfriend considering Kaori’s sister Vira used to date him. He used to work with Andi- that’s how they met, at the hospital. Due to some shady new management he was let go. So now he’s modeling for this up and coming fashion brand called Hillside.

Andi – Okay so, he was looking for representation, and he ended up getting a manager. Now lets back up a bit, remember you and Mama-Mira came through my city for lunch? y’all told me about her ass being married, and us having those step siblings? Donald, and Parsley?

Riley – *laughing*

Frankie – Dominic, and Paisley…

Andi – Right, Dominic, and Parsley

Frankie – Why do you keep calling her Parsley?

Andi – Because clearly the bitch is a herb lover. Meaning she had to be high coming at me out the side of her neck the way she did.

Frankie – I’m so confused.

She is seriously the worst storyteller ever…

Andi – Okay, lemme get the order right.

Riley – Oh lord here we go…

Andi – So like I was sitting at the restaurant with Honaka and-

Frankie – Wait! how did you even-

Riley – Let me tell the story, because Andi… you’re the worst.

Andi – Oh you trying to shade me dad?

Frankie – Dad, you tell it…

Andi – *laughing* Fine.. go on dad

Riley – You, and Mira went to see her, told her about Christian, and his kids. Then Chris found new management for his modeling career. Met up with Andi, and Honoka

Honoka is Chris teenage sister from Japan who lives with him, and Andi

Riley – They met up for a celebration dinner… Andi then met Paisley… put two and two together and realized she’s her new step sibling-

Andi – And I remembered all the shit you told me about that cunt. About the shit she did to ya BFF Kaori… So this bitch starts mouthing off about how her dad married some slut, and a few other choice words… not realizing that I’m the ho’s daughter! So I told her to watch ha-self… but bitch puffed up her chest… so I had to drag her ass… right in the restaurant…

Riley – Bitch went down….

Frankie – ……Oh my god Andi… *laughing* Mira hasn’t brought this up so I guess Parsley- Paisley didn’t tell her dad about it?

Andi – I don’t know- nor do I care…. If she says something else slick, I’m gonna pop her in the mouth…. real talk.

Riley – *laughing*

Frankie – Well this has been informative….

The fact that Paisley is somebody’s manager is ridiculous, and hilarious. Wait till I tell Kay’

Frankie – Are you going to be here all day?

Andi – Sadly no… I will not get a chance to physically hangout with you little sister- but we’ll have to link up again soon.

Frankie – We will.

Andi – Anyway you clearly at work, and someone is in ya office because I see you keep looking above the screen. So HI to whomever is there.

Karin – Hi!

Frankie – She says hi.

Riley – Get back to work sweetheart… talk to you soon! bye!

Andi – Yeah lets go get some real food, dad. You can tell me the tea about you and Issac….

Riley – There is seriously nothing to tell…. stop being nosy.

Andi – Whatever- by the way did you see Frankie’s outfit? what type of revealing ass shit she wearing at work? titties all out n’ shit-

Frankie – Andi I can still hear you….

Andi – Oh shit- my bad girl!

Riley – Oh I forgot to hit end call.

Frankie – Yes… you did.

Andi – Well you lookin’ cute girl!

Frankie – Goodbye Andi! *laughing*

My sister is so…. ridiculous. I love her… and while violence isn’t the best thing… I’m so happy she snatched up Paisley… bitch was probably so shook too. We all know Paisley is all bark and no bite.

Frankie – I’m so sorry about that, it was unprofessional..

Karin – Its fine…. your family seems fun.

Frankie – At times.

Karin – Your sister is so… gangsta.

Frankie – She’s also smart as hell. She’s a nurse by the way, soon to be Ob/Gyn

Karin – Oh wow… well I was going to say you guys are nothing alike, but clearly you’re both ambitious.

Frankie – We are… We don’t know how else to be.

Karin – She seems like she’d be ready to scrap in the streets- and according to Jonah… you’re pretty feisty too… which I find hard to believe.

Frankie – When I feel disrespected… everything my father taught me about putting someone in their place comes out. I can get really petty, and bitchy if I need to.

Karin – Noted.

Frankie – I try not to…. its really all about controlling your emotions, and not letting them control you.

Karin – I hear that… *lowers head & sighs*

Frankie – How are you?

Karin – Good.

Frankie – My condolences about your father.

Karin – ….

Frankie – I know we’re not… friends…. but if you ever want to talk-

Karin – Noted, can we talk about something else?

Obviously she doesn’t want to talk about leaving Jonah high and dry either… guess we can talk about her manuscript.

Frankie – So I read your chapter 8, and I-

Karin – This is so not what you want to do huh?

Frankie – Excuse me?

Karin – How did you get stuck editing, and helping me, and others with their novels…. when you’re so talented? You should be releasing your own…

Frankie – ….First off,………..thank you for the compliment. Secondly, I honestly…. I thought it was a smart career choice when the offer was made.

Karin – And now?

Frankie – Realistically speaking, its still a smart career choice, and by editing, and helping others… I learn a lot about my own writing.

Karin – So when do you become a novelist yourself?

Frankie – ….Soon I hope.

If I can get over the writers block.

Karin – Are you writing anything I can read?

Frankie – Not really…

I can’t get my main novel together, so I’m bullshitting around with this thriller to keep my writing skills fresh… its not worth anything. Is it sad that I’m a bit jealous of Karin, and some of the others here at Haus of Opulence? I have never dealt with writers block… why now?!

Karin – ….Why am I being so nice?

Frankie – Is that hard for you?

Karin – No… yes… I don’t know.

Frankie – ….Karin…..

Karin – Frankie?

Frankie – You’re talented, and…. I really enjoyed chapter 8…. I did make a few notes in the middle that we can go over.

Karin – Sure….

Frankie – By the way, are you going to Jess’s dinner tonight?

Karin – I got the invite, but I’m not going… too stuffy for my taste.

Frankie – I’m going, but only because she’d give me a guilt trip if I didn’t.

Karin – Gotta make Ms. Nash happy…

Frankie – I suppose….

There’s things about Karin that remind me of myself, especially after finding out that she grew up without a mother… She has a hard exterior too… maybe because she never learned how to be soft? she’s been this tough girl all her life it seems…

Frankie – So!…about chapter 8, I thought the set up for the bridge jumping scene was well executed, but lacked umm… sorta a visual of her whereabouts- You used the word “murky” I think we should replace that word because a word as such belong moreso in a… fantasy type book… lets stick to more realisitc words to describe-

Karin – What would be better than murky?

Frankie – Use gloomy instead.

Karin – Isn’t murky a synonym for gloomy?

Frankie – No, but murky is described as being dark and gloomy.. but the problem with that is that a murky place, setting? is also usually described as kind of wet? like misty? unless it was your intention to describe the setting as a dark and wet place then murky can stay.

Karin – No, actually… that’s gross. I’d say the air was dry, so lets go with gloomy.

Frankie – Okay, I’ll make a note of that. So lets talk about her feelings about-

??? – Hi

Frankie – Umm…. what are you doing here?

Jonah – I’m-

Karin – Stalking me!

Jonah – I’m not stalking you, I just-

Karin – Why are you following me?! why can’t you just leave me alone?!

Jonah – I’ll leave you alone when you give me a reason for acting the way you’ve been acting!

Frankie – Jeep, I-


Frankie – Jonah… this is not the time nor the place for this… this is my place of work. You need to leave.

Karin – Make him leave Frankie… I don’t want to deal with this right now.

Jonah – When the fuck are you gonna deal with it?! I stood up for you when all my friends hated you! I was there for you. I deserve some sort of answer!


Jonah – I’ve been nothing but nice to you… and for you to do this to me… its fucked up!

Frankie – Karin, take a seat. Jonah follow me outside.

Jonah – I’m done… I’m really fucking done Karin.. after this moment right here? I’m done.. do not fucking call me.

Karin – ……

Frankie – Frankie – Jonah-

Jonah – I’m going!

This is so fucking awkward to deal with…

Jonah – ……..

Frankie – So, that was really unprofessional… You could get me in trouble…

Jonah – I’m sorry… but at the same time I’m not.

Frankie – Jonah, I’m not unsympathetic to your situation. I just feel like you are so much better than that. I also feel like I-

Jonah – Like you want to take her side?

Frankie – What?- no. Not even-

Jonah – Do you even know what my intentions are exactly?

Frankie – No, I don’t.

Jonah – Exactly. I’m not here to win her back. I’m done with her, I came here for answers because its one of the only times I know exactly where to find her.

Frankie – Okay, I can understand that but-

Jonah – You’re my friend Frankie, not hers… you guys don’t even like each other.

Frankie – I’m starting to understand her- but listen. You mistake MY intentions here. I’ve thought about it, and I’ve talked with her… She’s going through something. She has friends, but she’s alone in this world Jonah. Both her mom and dad are dead… she’s still in college, and neither of her parents are alive. She’s feeling it, and she’s lashing out at people. As far as how she feels about you? that’s a mystery to me- but I don’t think you should hate her- nor do I think you should be with her- but that’s my opinion..

Jonah – Well If I’m being honest I don’t think you should be with Raina…

Frankie – ….

Jonah – She’s not good enough for you. That’s my opinion.

Frankie – I’m not your enemy here…

Jonah – Yeah, well you’re certainly not acting like my friend..

Frankie – Yes I am, I’m being protective. I’m also keeping it real with you, and not telling you what you want to hear.

Jonah – Well from where I’m standing, it sounds like you’re taking her side, and thinking that I’m the old dumbass Jeep from years ago. The “Jeep” that was a great friend to you- but not good enough to be with…

Frankie – *sigh*

Jonah – I mean, admit it…. that’s why you didn’t give me a chance… I was “Jeep, the idiot, the loser”

Frankie – That’s not why… I told you it was because I needed you more as a friend, regardless of if I did feel something or not…

Jonah – You know what still sucks about all of that? You took my virginity, and I thought I had a shot with you after that… I was such a dumbass teenager thinking that you’d be with me after that night. Then you turn around, and well… treat me like “Jeep” Then to make matters worse, you date my cousin Sebastian. I was so angry at him, and at you. Every time I’d be around Jarrah, or Kaori… or Trey… they’d talk about you and Sebastian… “Frankie’s older boyfriend”

Frankie – I didn’t know you felt that way about the Sebastian thing… and honestly… you had a crush on Kaori-

Jonah – I convinced myself she was more of a fit years later because she loved horror movies. She was hot and loved horror. I was delusional, and knew you’d never give me a chance- I was so stupid last year too. I was there for you in your time of need, as a friend. Then somehow my old feelings came back for you… only to be turned down, and dismissed again….but that’s besides the point, I think you-

Frankie – I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings- that I keep hurting your feelings, I love you Jonah. I don’t ever want you to feel less than you are. Truth be told if-

Jonah – I don’t need your pity, and I’m done chasing after girls who don’t want me, you included. So I’m gonna go. Let you do your job, and comfort your new friend Karin-

Frankie – Jonah, its not like that… I just-

Jonah – Have a good day Frankie *walks away*

Frankie – *sigh* Fuck…

That was not what I wanted to happen. He has no idea that I was trying to save him from himself. I want to chase after him, and make him understand where I’m coming from, but I just don’t have the time to do that right now. I’m swamped with work, and I have so much to do after I finish with Karin. I’m gonna have to just go talk to him when I get a chance. I don’t want him to think I’m blowing him off, and I’m #TeamKarin because I’m not.

I knew he still felt some type of way about me not giving him a chance last year before Kaori and I made up- but I had no idea he felt that way about the Sebastian thing. Now it makes sense as to why Jarrah’s cool with Sebastian, but he isn’t. I always found it odd that they were cousins but Jonah didn’t really acknowledge him. When he lays it all out like that- it makes me feel like such an asshole. Its not like I was some virginity snatcher. I cherished that moment… its… its complicated… Does he still like me?

[Cell Buzzes]

I can’t take anymore bullshit today… who’s texting me now?

Babe, your friend Ashley is at my bar, is she cool? she said she was bored waiting at home while her boyfriend Mario worked at Trey’s dad’s house, and that she was supposed to meet up with you here in 30 minutes, so she came early. I can’t babysit her, but is it cool if I serve her drinks? or will that interfere with the work you guys are doing later? – [Rai]

Okay… that’s annoying. I don’t need Ashley in my personal life. Sure her boyfriend works for Trey’s dad, and that makes her bored, but damn bitch… find a hobby.

Its fine… Its a bar, and you gotta make money, besides… maybe her being a little more drunk might make for more compelling stories about her past ho life. Just don’t get her shit-faced. I’ll be there as soon as I wrap up with Karin here. – [Frankie]

I should probably try and finish up with Karin quickly… Ashley seems like the type to drink a lot- that’s not me judging either. She just seems like the sloppy type. Last thing I want is her getting into a fight with Raina if she refuses to serve her more drinks. Ugh I feel bad about the Jonah stuff… its gonna eat at me all day, I just know it. Fuck this day already… I’ll see you guys later

(POV Trey)

Oh my god…. We’ve seen 2 porn’s filmed, and now we’re watching a 3rd one. I’ve never seen so much dick, balls, and assholes in my life… not even in my high school locker room… and there were plenty of dicks there! I know you guys think I’m crazy for this whole idea, but… I don’t know, I just wanted to experience something new with my boyfriend. Call me crazy, but I’m glad I did it.

Rhino – Okay, now rub it against his ballsack!

Amed – Dick, to the left.

Dick Phillips – What?

Amed – No not your actual dick. I meant you… move to the left so I can see Spanky’s facial expression.

Rhino – More dirty talk!

Dick Phillips – You like that big fat hard cock pushing against you?

Spanky Starr – Oh yeah daddy… I feel it, its SO big…I can’t wait for you to ram it in my hole! I want you to cum in me!

Dick Phillips – That’s why they call me Dick Fill Ups!

Rhino – I’m gonna need this to be a rough fuck. This video series is called “Rough Dogs Bone Vol. 15” I’m gonna need you to destroy Spanky with your cock! do you hear me Dick?!

Dick Phillips – I hear ya boss!

Spanky Starr – Im ready for that cock!

Rhino – I’m sure you got this Amed… you’re my favorite director! get those under shots! lots of taint and balls!

Amed – Gotcha!


Oh my god…. I’m in disbelief that I’m here watching this…

Vik – So… is this everything you imagined it would be?

Trey – Umm… its been… wow….

Dominic – I’m a fairly logical person, so I knew a lot went into it behind the scenes. Its still unbelievable to actually be here seeing it happen.

Trey – Yeah.

Vik – I see this shit everyday…. it gets old. Some guys lose hard-ons… some can’t cum… its pretty funny.

Dominic – *laughing* Don’t ruin porn for me

Trey – ….I wonder what Ruben would think about all of this.

Dominic – With his personality, I’m sure he’d love it. Too bad he’s working at the bar all day.

Vik – Are you guys enjoying yourselves? I just want to make sure you’re having a good time?

Dominic – Hell yeah, its been an experience… that’s for sure.

Trey – Its… its something else… very interesting.

Vik – What a weird response to watching people fuck, Trey….

Trey – Well its… its interesting.. I mean, I’m entertained yeah… but its still fascinating.

Leo (Pink Shirt) – Mr. Rhino, your 3 o’clock is waiting…

Rhino – Thanks Leo, Viktor, make sure everything stays on point while I’m gone… there’s plenty of lube on the table if they need it!

Vik – I’m on it boss.

Rhino – I know I can count on you. *leaves room*

Vik – What’s up Leo

Leo – Hey sexy… let me fluff you!

Vik – You know I’m straight, and I have a girlfriend… but I’m flattered!

Leo – You know I have to try once a day!

Vik – Its a compliment- oh! Leo these are my… friends?- yeah my friends Trey, and his boyfriend Dominic- Leo is our Fluffer.

Dominic – Nice to meet you Leo.

Trey – Hello *awkward smile*

Leo – Hey boys!…. so you’re not performers?

Trey – No

Leo – I was shocked for a minute… I thought Rhino decided to start doing ethnic videos…. you know all he does is white cocks, and assholes…

Vik – Right.

Leo – So what… you bring guest to watch live porn now?

Vik – Why not… they were interested.

Leo – That’s cool.

Vik – So I heard you say Rhino’s meeting was happening now… shall we get the earplugs?

Leo – He’s going to rip Barry a new asshole… clean up on isle one!

Ew…. that’s probably how Rhino auditions bottoms… he has sex with them… gross!.. Poor Barry!

Trey – So are you liking this?

Dominic – Its pretty fun, and interesting to see.

Trey – Good… so it wasn’t a total fail?

Dominic – No, though…..

Trey – What?

Dominic – I’d like it if you loosened up a bit…. you’re a little… tight, and stiff.

Trey – Maybe I should get some of that lube then!

Dominic – *laughing* see! there ya go! a sex joke!

Trey – Hey what’s a fluffer? Vik said Leo’s a fluffer…

Dominic – Imagine being in a porn… but not being turned on… so they have some guy-or girl.. come tickle your balls, or jerk you off.. or blow you a little bit…

Trey – Oh my god, imagine all the dick’s he’s had to touch.

Dominic – Yeah… i mean he’s basically employed to stay on sets, and make sure the actors are aroused…


Leo – So how much did you show them today?

Vik – Three different shoots…

Leo – Are they a kinky couple?

Vik – I doubt it… Trey’s a bit… stiff

Leo – Well considering we’re watching Dick Phillips & Spanky Starr-

Vik – No that’s not what I mean… he’s a bit prude-ish.. and his boyfriend isn’t… so I think they’re trying to balance things out.

Leo – Going to a porn shoot is a bit extreme… but to each their own.

Vik – How was your day so far Leo?

Leo – Ugh! I’m so tired… I’ve massaged about 4 pairs of balls today… jerked off 5 cocks. Sucked 3, and fingered 1 asshole… I’m exhausted honey!

Vik – A day in the life of a Fluffer!


Dominic – Can I ask you a question babe?

Trey – Sure.

Dominic – Is any of this turning you on?

Trey – Umm….

Dominic – You can tell me.

Trey – A little…

Dominic – Yeah me too, I don’t have a full on erection, but its like a half-chub…

Trey – Same….

Dominic – We are so fucking when we get home.

Trey – I was hoping you’d say that *smiles*

Dominic – Thanks for putting this together. I know it couldn’t have been easy…

Trey – I was wrong to make such a fuss about the porn thing. I overreacted, and I thought this would be a nice surprise… get me out of my comfort zone.

Dominic – As weird as it is… it was sweet that you’d do it.

Trey – Its an experience… an experience that we shared… together *smiles*

Dominic – I love you.

Trey – I love you too.

Dammit I have to pee…

Dominic – What’s wrong?

Trey – Huh?

Dominic – You’re making your pee face.

Trey – I don’t have a pee face!

Dominic – You gotta pee huh?

Trey – No!………..

Dominic – …….

Trey – …..Yes! dammit!… shit…. do I really make a face when I have to pee?

Dominic – ….. the face you’re making now.

Leo – If you have to piss, its right down the hall…

Trey – Thanks….

Dominic – Have a happy pee…. and come back so I can tell you about my lunchtime visit with Mira…

Trey – Aww you spending time with your new step-mother…

Dominic – Its not all that weird since Frankie and I are friends, but to be honest… this is not gonna last… I know my dad.

Trey – You never know, Mira might be the one.

Dominic – For her sake? I hope it works out…

Trey – Me too, and now I gotta go pee! I’ll be right back…

Dominic – Okay.

If I’m being honest, when I first heard that Frankie, and Dominic were now step siblings I scratched my head. His dad hadn’t been dating Frankie’s mom for that long… but I decided to stop passing judgement because Dominic and I moved in together pretty quick. Different couples move at different paces. Dominic says he knows his dad, and that it won’t last, but I hope he’s wrong. I’m worried about what will happen to Mira’s self-esteem if the marriage goes sour. She’s worked hard to be a better woman, a better mom… I’d hate for Frankie to see Mira go down a downward spiral again.

[4 minutes later]

Finally found the bathroom! I got lost. Leo said down the hall but there were like 4 different hallways with multiple doors. I have to pee so bad- and speaking of peeing Dominic said I had a pee face… how embarrassing. Stuff like that makes me wonder why the hell Dominic is even with my weird ass. I shouldn’t question it though, I should just be happy. Oh my god the bathroom doors are see-through! are you kidding me?! please god don’t let there be a gloryhole in there… fingers crossed that I don’t get penetrated while trying to pee… who know’s what type of pornstars are lurking in there…

Rhino – Are you serious? You come here and disrespect me, Barry?!

Uh oh… I guess Rhino didn’t get to plow this Barry guy for his audition. Hopefully he doesn’t ask me to do porn…

Barry – Oh fuck off Rhino! you’re the one who disrespected me!

Let me just run quietly over to the restroom before they spot me. I don’t want to get on Rhino’s bad side

Oh….. My….. GOD Ian?! Ian is this Barry guy? oh shit… Ian wants to do porn? is he broke or something?! What the hell is going on!

Rhino – Barry, you’re such a disloyal piece of SHIT!

Ian – My name is Ian!

Rhino – You can dye your hair blonde all you want… even without being brunette, and the beard- You’ll always be Barry Mapoll!

Ian – You’re like a fucking aggressive pimp! I told you I didn’t want to do this anymore! I came here out of respect for you. I thought we’d talk, and you’d let me walk! instead I come in, and you’re ready for me to pull my cock out and fuck someone! I’m not doing it Rhino! I told you I was done! Then you call me while I’m at lunch last week and threaten me… you’re out of line!

Rhino – All of the money we brought in together! I helped you while you were in L.A…. I helped you make the move to Bridgeport- and then back home to GloCity! You’re not working and living off the porn money you made because of me! Don’t you turn your back on me! You still have 2 videos left in your contract! you WILL be fucking someone!

Ian – No I won’t… fuck you. I’m done, you told me I could be done… now because sales are down you NEED me back. NO! and fuck you. I’m not being your whore anymore.

Rhino – Newsflash Ian, You’re a whore! and I’m coming after you full throttle!

Ian – Sue me! I don’t give a fuck! I’m done doing porn! It was never something I wanted to do for long!

Rhino – You were a mess when I found you! Your parents hated you because of your dead sister! I took you in! you slept on my couch! I made you a star with money in your pocket! is this how you repay me?

Ian – I don’t owe you anything! I gave you so many years… you got paid very well! you can’t gilt trip me into fucking on camera anymore! I’m done! leave me alone!

Rhino – Why? why are you all of a sudden trying to live the straight life

Ian – I’m going straight because I want to. I don’t owe you an explanation…

Rhino – I was like a father to you!

Ian – Were you? because you took advantage of a broken kid, and pimped him out to do porn…. how is that being a father? I was your prize pig at the fair… I wasn’t a son to you.

Rhino – Oh cry me a river! you enjoyed fucking all of the assholes I put in front of your cock!

Ian – You’re just…. wow… just stop it!

Rhino – Did you meet someone? is that it? are you trying to go straight, and get married and shit?

Ian – Actually no… that’s not it at all… but again I don’t owe you shit!

Rhino – We’ll see about that, I’m gonna make your life a living hell…

Ian – Bring it fatass!

Rhino – I can find out about the people you care about…

Ian – Rhino… let me say this…. if you, or any of your goons go digging into my personal life- or harm anyone I’m fond of? I will fucking kill you. I don’t have anything to lose… so think twice before fucking with me you fat piece of shit!

Rhino – Get the fuck out of my building!

Ian – I’m already gone! and don’t plan on ever coming back!

What did I just hear…. oh god I wish I could un-hear it! Ian Alexander is a pornstar? holy shit… no wonder every time people would ask him about what he did for a living he’d dodge the question! That Rhino guy totally took advantage of him because of his situation with his parents. I can’t believe I just heard all of that. Rhino wants to come after Ian and his friends, and Ian will kill Rhino… this is crazy. Does Kaori know about this? isn’t she into Ian? I have to tell Dominic!

(POV Frankie)

I finished with Karin, and got here as soon as I could. When I walked in, Ashley was on her fourth shot of Ciroc. She’s already vulgar, and blunt sober, I can only imagine what comes out of her mouth when she’s inebriated.

Raina – So we good baby?

Frankie – Yes.

Raina – We agree on it right?

Frankie – Yeah, lets just leave it all in the past.

Raina – So happy my sister’s off the hook for that whole nude picture scandal… not to rub it in your face, I’m still sorry for how I reacted that morning.

Frankie – Its fine. Remember I told you, if I was wrong… I’d apologize.

Raina – And you did… which I appreciate.

Let me say this… do I think her sister is innocent? No, I actually think there’s way more to the story. Jessica’s son admitting that the pictures came from his phone seemed like a rescue attempt on his part to save Jenn… I don’t think everything is how it seems, and I still think Raina’s sister, Jenn had something to do with it. Now… as the story has unfolded so far… Jenn is off the hook, and all the heat is on Jessica’s son Symon. So… as of right now Raina thinks Jenn is innocent, and I’m over arguing about it so I just apologized for pointing the guilty finger at the girl…. for now.

Raina – Gimme a kiss.

Frankie – *Kisses Raina*

Ashley – Ugh! get a room already!

Frankie – *laughing*

Raina – I’ll be back. I gotta go in the back and do some inventory… mind watching the bar for me?

Frankie – Where’s Ruben?

Raina – Ruben’s off today

Frankie – Oh okay…

Raina – You shouldn’t have to serve any drinks, I just opened… nobody’s here except you two.

Ashley – Some girls went in the bathroom, while you two were making out…

Raina – Well if they want anything give it to them, if you need me come get me from the back room.

Frankie – Okay.

Raina – Alright… oh and it was nice meeting you Ashley.

Ashley – You too Rai.

I love Raina… and I know you guys may think she’s the worst… but she’s not all bad. You guys just don’t know her like I do. She’s cool as hell, she’s attentive… she’s just a good girlfriend minus a few things give or take. Nobody’s perfect right? I have my flaws, and I’m sure you have yours.

Frankie – So… how was your day Ashley?

Ashley – Oh it was good…. well no, it was boring as hell. I’ve gotten off 4 times today, out of boredom.

Frankie – Umm…

Ashley – Like finger banged…

Frankie – I know what “gotten off” means…

Ashley – How many times a day do you do it?

Frankie – That’s not…. I’m not gonna talk about that.

Ashley – Don’t be so stiff girl!

Frankie – Trust me… I’m not.

Ashley – I bet you and Rai have amazing sex. I can just tell by looking at you two.

Frankie – Ashley…

Ashley – I know I know… personal life stays personal. I’m the only one here doing a tell all.

Frankie – Speaking of which…*Presses record on tape recorder* Tell me about the first gig…

Ashley – Oh… easy. So as I’ve told you, Maddie let me live with her while I got my shit together so I could start slangin’ pussy for her.

Frankie – ….Oh, how generous of her…

Madeline the Madam…. more like pimp, and manipulator.

Ashley – Don’t get it twisted though… as much as Madeline was a shark in the water… ultimately I decided to sell pussy by the pound. Nobody made me do anything… that’s not to say she didn’t have a way with words. If you didn’t want to fuck a certain client, or work a certain party, she’d make it about being a family… see all of her Roses were “Part of a sisterhood”

Frankie – Which makes sense because if you girls came to her with nothing, and she gave you everything… you’d be scared to lose that family.

Ashley – Exactly! So anyway… she come knocking on my door talking about Ashley… you’re my sweetest gift. You are a diamond… a rose. And I’m like… okay. And she talks about how its time for me to join the family. So she brings in this tall ass ugly black chick named Godyss… aka Gina- who I had heard rumors about. She used to do parties for Madeline.

Frankie – When you say parties… what do-

Ashley – Maddie would get invited on yachts and shit… all about networking, and making sure her client list in her little black book was filled. So she’d take a few girls and have them suck, and fuck the various business men. Lost at sea…. drinking semen. That’s what these ho’s would be doing. Godyss was one of the girls gargling jizz on the weekends. Maddie pimped her out real good. Nikol’s probably doing that now…

I still can’t believe Nikol is a escort, and Jessica has no idea. Could you imagine being a mom, and finding out your daughter sells her body for money?

Ashley – So anyway, Godyss the jizz guzzler came in, and was like “Hey sex kitten… we working a double tonight?” and Maddie stood there smiling from ear to ear… as if I was graduating college or some shit.

Frankie – At this point you were clean right?

Ashley – Oh yeah, Maddie cleaned me up real good. She loves taking in a druggy, and cleaning them up so they can present their pussy to the world.

Frankie – Go on…

Ashley – So at this point they both started talking about the importance of being a rose, in the family. I fell for it. This is when Maddie says… “You need a name my darling… my star, my diamond” So I said I didn’t know what to choose.

Frankie – I bet she did…

Ashley – She said one of her favorite aunts name was Ophelia… and that I was important to her… I needed that name, it spoke to her. Which is such bullshit. Then Godyss jizz breath was like “oooh make it sexy… make it Ophelia Cox…” and that’s how I got the name.

Frankie – After the naming what happened?

Ashley – Next thing I know I was in a fancy hotel. I was sucking some man’s cock while Godyss ate his ass and tickled his taint. It was fast and easy money. Godyss taught me that if you hate sucking a certain dick… just finger his prostate to get him to cum fast. Worked like a charm… busted a fat nut all over my titties… job well done.

Frankie – How did you feel going into that?

Ashley – I had so many glasses of wine… I was relaxed the entire time. After it was over I felt sick… then a bitch saw that paycheck and  was hooked. I bought my first pair of red bottoms, and strutted my stuff around like I was queen bee. Which I soon became… Godyss didn’t like that- speaking of which I need a whole chapter dedicated to my rivalry with her… she was a hatin’ ass bitch and tried to sabotage me once by putting something in my drink… the cunt!

Frankie – Works for me.

Ashley – Can’t believe I’m gonna have a reunion with a ho tonight.

Frankie – You are?

Ashley – Jessica Nash called me and asked if I was still working with you. I said yes, so she invited me to the dinner party tonight. Her daughter Nikol will be there so… time to catch up… she’s probably gonna want to eat my pussy considering how good I look these days… but no thanks.

Frankie – Are you bringing Mario?

Ashley – He’s going to be working for your friend’s dad remember?

Right…. her boyfriend is Jordan’s nurse- in home care person…

Ashley – Are you bringing Rai?

Is it wrong that its irritating to hear her call her Rai? you don’t know her Ashley…. you should be calling her Raina…

Frankie – I’m not, I’m bringing my friend Rhys. She hasn’t had a night off in a while, and I figured she’d be good company.

Ashley – Oh okay.

Frankie – I’m gonna use the ladies room, be right back.

Ashley – Take ya time sexy…

She’s seriously a character isn’t she? I’m bestfriends with Kaori… so vulgarity doesn’t bother me, but I feel like I need a cigarette after hearing about Ashley’s ho-stories. Speaking of which, oh my god…. she’s going to see Jessica’s daughter Nikol… who’s currently a ho-escort for Madeline… I’m gonna have to make sure she doesn’t cause any drama… Can’t help but feel like she’s my responsibility at this party. Anyway let me go use the restroom already…

Surprise surprise… didn’t expect this.

Frankie – Oh- Hey… I didn’t know you were in here.

Priscilla – …..Hi.

Milk – I’m gonna go sit down.

Priscilla – Meet you at the table.

Milk – Hey Frankie.

Frankie – Hi *smiles*

Priscilla – …….

Frankie – ……

Priscilla – So…..

Frankie – Yeah?

Priscilla – ……..

I guess I should address the elephant in the room. Me and Priscilla do not talk. Ever since I started dating Raina she’s had this hatred for me, but I honestly felt it was so childish, and petty. I figured since she was the one with the issue, I’d let her address it. She never did…. so here we are, and she’s clearly still mad.

Frankie – I feel like you want to get something off your chest.

Priscilla – I mean, yeah…. I do.

Frankie – Well then say what you need to say.

Priscilla – You don’t have to be a bitch.

Frankie – That’s funny…. but go on… what do you need to say to me? because you have this weird ass issue with me.

Priscilla – Its not just my issue.

Frankie – Umm, yes it is. You’re weird around me… YOU stopped being MY friend… so sweetie… its YOUR issue.

Priscilla – Oh so now you’re being condescending with the whole “sweetie” thing.

Frankie – Priscilla, I don’t have all day.

Priscilla – I just…. I feel like you’re so fake, and phony… its irritating.

Frankie – You’re joking right?…. I’m fake? and phony?…. okay girl… get it out… cause you clearly been holding this in for a while….. like a whole year or whatever.

Priscilla – This is exactly what I’m talking about… you acting above everything… you’re just fake…. and such a bitch…

She’s starting to piss me off. Why are you so worried about me, when you’re with Keegan?

Frankie – Okay so, you’ve called me a bitch twice… so one more time and its gonna be a problem.

Priscilla – That’s fine… but just know that if you touch me, I’m knocking the glasses off your face.

Frankie – Are we fighting? because you wanna threaten to knock my glasses off? like girl goodbye. You’re not scaring anybody. Seriously what the FUCK is your problem Priscilla?! hmm? use your words…. we’re not kids… SPEAK like an ADULT… because let me explain something to you, I’m not a psychic… I’m not about to read your mind….

Priscilla – You just flat out played me, you ignored me… you used me. We had a thing, and you fucked me… and then met Raina, and picked her. Then you try and act like you’re little miss perfect, and you did nothing wrong. I cannot stand fake people like that.

Frankie – Okay… so since we’re going there… lets keep it real here!

Priscilla – Lower your voice-

Frankie – Do you want to fight? because I’m feelin’ some type of way. Don’t tell me to lower my fucking voice Priscilla, we’ve already established that neither one of us are children. So if your plan is to stand here and be petty, then we can just fight and get it over with.

Priscilla – Oh look the novelist is gangsta!

Frankie – You know what?

Priscilla – What?! huh? what?! apologize for being a horrible fucking person!

Frankie – Fuck you Priscilla, because you knew it was a casual thing between us. I wasn’t fucking dating you, and you knew that. Now if you want to stand here and be in your feelings about some shit that happened a year ago then have at it. I’m onto new shit-

Priscilla – Oh you mean Raina? your girlfriend with the empty bar?

Frankie – Its empty because- *inhale/exhale’s slowly to calm herself* It doesn’t matter why its empty, you’re here aren’t you?

Priscilla – I came here because I knew you’d be here. I needed to tell you about yourself. You made me feel like second best- like I was shit, and you need to know it.

Frankie – *laughing* You’re such a comedian…

Priscilla – Excuse me? fuck you Frankie!

Frankie – Fuck me?! no… fuck you! because you wanna stand here and cry about some old ass shit from a year ago that’s not even relevant to the present day. Why the fuck are you even mad when you’re dating my friend? You shouldn’t be this fucking pressed when you’ve moved on and you’re with Keegan.

Priscilla – Its really none of your business what goes on in my relationship with Keegan. All of you girls swear the dude still belongs to you. Newsflash, he didn’t date any of you.

Frankie – He makes it my business when he calls me asking for my advice about some bullshit you’ve pulled. I swear to god if you hurt him-

Priscilla – What? you’ll hit me? please, you and that home wrecking bitch Kaori won’t do a thing to me, and as far as Jarrah goes… she has mommy duties to attend to. You and your friends can kiss my fucking ass. Getting involved in Keegan and I’s business. It has nothing to fucking do with you… and also I’m STILL waiting for my apology. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like you did anything wrong. I said my feelings were hurt, so you should apologize.

Frankie – No. *laughing*…. I’m not apologizing to you, are you fucking crazy? You seriously have me so fucked up Priscilla. Yes, I write novels, and I’m a literary nerd… but do not get it twisted for one second. My dad did not raise no weak ass bitch… so continue crying, and sulking in corners over last years bullshit. I’m not apologizing for having sex with you and dating someone else when we agreed that it was all casual. Good fucking day… get out of my face with that bullshit.

Priscilla – Horrible excuse for a human… I knew you were the type to never admit when you’re wrong… I’m done… I’m never speaking to you again… you are seriously the devil who doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings but you’re own.

Frankie – That’s fine… are you done? because I need to use the restroom… and I have things to do.

Priscilla – I hope Raina cheats on you… I hope she fucks you over.

Frankie – It wouldn’t change anything if she did… I still wouldn’t choose you. Also just and FYI, what you did just now? that is not how you go about getting closure. I MAYBE would have taken your feelings into consideration if you weren’t being such a bitter betty… but nope… not now. So you can just stay in your feelings, cause you’re not getting an apology.

Priscilla – Fuck you.

Frankie – Cool, thanks… bye. Get it together Priscilla… I feel like this right here has nothing to do with what happened between us, and everything to do with whatever’s going on with Keegan. Whatever you’re doing behind his back… that’s why you’re trying to fight with me, to get out whatever frustrations you have about being a sketchy ass girlfriend. Like I said before, don’t hurt my friend, because he’s been through too much, especially with women… I’ll seriously kick somebody’s ass for hurting him again-

Priscilla – That’s fine, you can bring Kaori too… I’ll bring Milk.

Frankie – Cool, I’ll bring the cookies!

Priscilla – Oh that was cute.

Frankie – You’re so petty, and mad… and angry. Get your life honey….

Priscilla – Same to you… karma is a bitch…. so enjoy.

Frankie – *laughing* Bye Priscilla, I’m not feeding into this crap…

Priscilla – ….*rolls eyes*

This bitch has seriously lost her mind. She wants to hate me for something so stupid. We both fucking agreed that sex between us was casual, and if anybody caught feelings we’d have a conversation. She never did, allowing me to believe that she was mature enough to separate sex from emotions. Also just so you know, we had stopped hooking up. Probably a month after our last hookup I had a conversation with her about Raina, and she was fine with it. I got with Raina and she hated me almost immediately… so fuck her, and this dumbass fight. Causing me to get out of character… If she feels like I hurt her feelings why couldn’t she just fucking say that when it happened? why harbor feelings and let it get to this level? I’m not apologizing to that petty bitch… This is why I don’t do lesbian relationships. Always drama…

[5 Minutes later]

So after I used the ladies room, I washed my hands and had some time to reflect on my argument with Priscilla. I’m really angry that I allowed her to make me go there. I never claimed to be proper, and perfect. I can get really loud, and bitchy if I need to… but I almost always instantly regret it. She pissed me off, and made me want to fight… I guess I am like my sister after all. I don’t regret putting Priscilla in her place, but I guess I regret how I did it- what the hell is Kaori, and Aries doing here?

Frankie – …..Hi?

Aries – Hey beautiful.

Frankie – Aww… aren’t you sweet… and wow look at your arms dude…. gym rat much?

He got sexy as fuck… like damn.

Aries – I’m all about healthy living.

Kaori – Were you taking a dump or something?

Frankie – Oh my god Kaori, no. I was washing my hands and thinking about the fact that I almost slapped Priscilla up and down that bathroom.

Aries – Say what?

Kaori – Ooooh, so that’s why she gave me a fake ass hi, when I walked in… and her bug eyed friend was lookin’ like a praying mantis ready to jump.

Frankie – Oh yeah…. let me tell you what happened…


Milk – ….. So I’m guessing you didn’t go about it in a calm manner….

Priscilla – What do you think? It annoyed me how she stood there smiling talking about hi… she knew we had issues and she never contacted me to talk about it.

Milk – Maybe she didn’t have an issue with you, and thought it was your issue to bring up?

Priscilla – While that may be true… you would think that if someone isn’t talking to you…. that you’d figure out why.

Milk – I’m your friend, and I’m just gonna be honest. As soon as you had the issue you should have talked to her… now you look like the crazy person bringing it up now.

Priscilla – I’m over it.

Milk – Talk to her once things cool down….

Priscilla – No.

Milk – Fine… what about Keegan? I like him a lot…. 

Priscilla – …..I do too…

Milk – After you called me after that fight, and told me the truth about everything… I just…. what are you gonna do babe? you have to tell him the truth…

Priscilla – I know….

Milk – You know I’m your bestfriend, and I have your back regardless.

Priscilla – Good because Frankie, and Kaori might jump me if I hurt Keegan…

Milk – Well…. I can’t be in street fights… I might get my badge taken from me.

Priscilla – Just wear a ski-mask *laughing*

Milk – I can’t imagine they would put hands on you… I think they’re just being protective. Keegan has told us both about his past… they just don’t want him to spiral.

Priscilla – Gee… that’s a lot of pressure…

Milk – It shouldn’t be if you truly love the dude…

Priscilla – I do love him, he’s such a good guy…

Milk – Then ask yourself… “Why am I doing this to him?”

Priscilla – I do… which is why I can’t sleep at night….

Milk – That’s because you’re not a terrible person… even though you’re not being truthful with Keegan…

Priscilla – I think my guilty conscious is what made me be passive aggressive with Frankie… and oh my god she was not backing down. I thought she was a nerd… I didn’t expect for her to get all bad girls club on me.

Milk – Well you know as well as I do, not to underestimate your opponent.

Priscilla – I do now.

Milk – So when are you gonna talk to Keegan and tell him the truth?

Priscilla – Can we talk about something else?

Milk – No… you’re going with him to a fucking wedding… you need to talk to him.

Priscilla – I can’t…. not yet… its hard… like this fucking chair…

Milk – Why are we still here?

Priscilla – I don’t know, we should jet… I’m hungry.

Milk – Dinner’s on me.


So I ran it down to Kaori and she was not happy about what happened….

Frankie – So yeah…. I almost got into a brawl with her in there…

Aries – Wow…

Kaori – So if she has a fucking problem, then why the FUCK is she still here?

Frankie – Kaori!….

Kaori – I’m serious… I should go punch her…

Aries – Nooo you shouldn’t.

Kaori – She called me a home-wrecker- which was one time. Its not like that’s my M.O. everyday. Then the comment she made about Keegan… bitch… seriously… who does she think she is?

Frankie – Right?

Aries – She must have really made you mad Frankie… I don’t think you’ve put hands on someone since you fought Kalia before she turned into Kash…

Frankie – I actually feel bad-

Kaori – Don’t…. seriously fuck her stupid ass…

Frankie – So I shouldn’t take her outside to talk?

Aries – No

Kaori – Nope… she was aggressive and rude… let her come to you…

Frankie – Alright…. so umm what are you guys doing here?

Aries – Oh we came to see the ho.

Frankie – What?

Aries – Kaori told me about the ho you’re writing about… we wanted to see her in the flesh…

Kaori – I knew you were here with her because of your instagram… and I wanted to see this ho, that has me saying “totes loves cunt” all the time…

Frankie – I dunno where she went-

Aries – Oh she went to use her phone outside… her boyfriend was calling.

Kaori – Yeah, we introduced ourselves as Frankie’s friends

Frankie – You nosy bitches *laughs*

Kaori – By the way… I totally want to smack Priscilla in the mouth right now….

Frankie – Don’t…. its not worth it.

Aries – Listen to your BFF Kaori….

Kaori – Fine… So umm Frankie, you going to dinner with us tonight?

Frankie – No, I can’t remember? I gotta go to that dinner at Jessica’s house…

Kaori – Oh right…

Aries – You’re going with Raina?

Frankie – No, I’m taking Rhys.

Kaori – Is she gay?

Frankie – No, and wouldn’t Aries know more than I would?

Kaori – Why?

Aries – Benji…. my boyfriend?

Kaori – Okay?

Frankie – Benji is Candice brother… who’s bff with Rhys…

Kaori – Well you’re friends with Rhys, and Benji works as Jessica’s assistant… so you’d know too. Has she tried to eat your box yet or nah?

Aries – *laughing*

Frankie – Lets get a drink…

Kaori – Fine…. free though right? since you’re fucking the owner?

Frankie – Yes honey….. free.

Aries – I love free.

Kaori – Yass me too!

I remember a time when Kaori and Aries weren’t the closest cousins. Now they live together, its so cute. Time changes people, and I guess me of all people should understand that considering my mother, and other people in my life who have changed for the better. As far as that Priscilla shit goes, I’m over talking about it. If SHE wants to have a grown woman conversation then we can…. however I’m not about to be arguing with her. With that being said I’ll see you guys at the party. Bye now!

(POV Trey)

You guys know me by now… so naturally you know I’ve been freaking the hell out ever since I left the porn studio. The reason why is because I found out so much stuff. I pulled both Vik, and Dominic to the side, told Dominic about what I saw, and then Vik told us more about Ian’s time with the studio. I am mortified! and I know you’re thinking I’m being SO dramatic but holy shit… Kaori’s maybe-boyfriend does porn… GAY PORN.

Jonah – Hey, your door was unlocked… you shouldn’t do that…

Trey – I forgot to lock it, I’m all out of sorts.

Jonah – Yeah, what’s going on? I got your S.O.S. text… did you have a fight with Dominic?

Trey – No, actually the whole porn thing was really fun.

Jonah – So then what’s going on? and while I’m glad you feel like I can be a shoulder to cry on… why call me and not my cousin?

Trey – I have my reasons for not calling Jarrah, or the others. I need your help.

Jonah – Okay…. well what happened?

Trey – You need to sit down…

Jonah – If you tell me that you and Dom’ somehow signed a porn contract, and filmed a video series I will laugh my ass off.

Trey – No…. but what I have to tell you is not good.

Jonah – Okay… lets sit on the couch?

Trey – Ew no, something bad happened there…

Jonah – Like what?

Trey – I’ll tell you later… Lets sit by the computer… for reasons….

Jonah – Trey… you’re weird.

Trey – Just come sit down!

Jonah – So enough beating around the bush… tell me what’s going on.

Trey – Okay so you know I was at the porn studio right?

Jonah – Right, right.

Trey – Well everything was fine… and then I had to pee. So I left Dominic, and Viktor, to go find the bathroom-

Jonah – Oh my god…. were you…. ASS-sulted?

Trey – Very funny Jonah…..

Jonah – I thought so *laughs*

Trey – ANYWAY….I was walking and I overheard the guy in charge arguing with someone about them doing porn, and still having two more shoots on their contract. They were going at it!

Jonah – I see….

Trey – So I get closer to them and Jonah…… the guy…. the pornstar he was arguing with… was Ian….

Jonah – Wait….

Trey – Yes! Ian Alexander!

Jonah – Wait! isn’t Kaori fucking him?!

Trey – I don’t know- I think she is!

Jonah – Wait is he a bottom?!

Trey – From what Vik told me… he’s bottomed twice, but mostly Tops… he’s a power-top!

Jonah – He’s gay? That makes sooo much sense, he’s like obsessed with Keegan!

Trey – Oh my god!

Jonah – What did Dominic say about this? and where is he now?

Trey – He’s in Bridgeport with his dad. They went to have a sitdown with Paisley… and umm he told me to leave it alone, and to stay out of it…

Jonah – Yet…. I’m here…. and you’re telling me.

Trey – I need to tell Kaori right?

Jonah – Umm…

Trey – If you were having sex with someone, and I knew they did porn…. you’d wanna know right?

Jonah – Fuck yeah.

Trey – Then I need your help.

Jonah – Okay?

Trey – Help me find proof….

Jonah – Umm… dude….. you want me to search for gay porn?

Trey – Yes! I’m freaking out, I can’t do this alone… when I found out everything I was in disbelief, its like what the hell universe! You’re joking right?…

Jonah – You’re asking a bit much…

Trey – Please!

Jonah – Fine, but you owe me.

Trey – Anything you want. Now help me…

[10 minutes later]

Jonah – …..Ya know…. it would help if you could remember his porn name….

Trey – I know, I know… I just can’t remember it…. is nothing popping up for Ian Alexander?

Jonah – Yeah, but none of them are him…

Trey – I know he apparently had black hair, and lots of facial hair… are you sure its not him?

Jonah – Positive…

Trey – Dammit…

Jonah – Whoa….

Trey – You found him?!

Jonah – No, but what the fuck is he doing to that guys asshole?

Trey – Chewing it?

Jonah – Does Dominic chew your asshole Trey?

Trey – Oh my god, no!

Jonah – Holy shit is that dude taking two cocks? with one hole?! how is it possible for a guy to do double penetration?!

Trey – I wouldn’t know.

Jonah – Does the asshole stretch back to normal size? or are you just ruined after anal?

Trey – My ass is fine Jonah….

Jonah – Do you and Dominic do all of this stuff? like rimming?

Trey – ……

Jonah – Hey do you think its gay if a guy likes his girlfriend to rim and finger him?

Trey – Gay? no… I mean… our G spot is located in our butts so-

Jonah – Can’t believe I’m doing this…

Trey – Sorry… but thanks for the help…

Jonah – Its fine, its just funny…

Trey – What is?

Jonah – This is the first time I’ve looked at porn and been completely flaccid, which is-

Trey – That shouldn’t be a surprise…. unless you’re like bi curious or something?

Jonah – I’m not, but I’ve read studies that men react to sex differently than women, and that even if a straight guy watches gay porn, the act of penetration could still possibly turn them on… even if they’re 100% straight.

Trey – Well congratulations Jonah, you’re straight!

Jonah – Why didn’t you ask the others for help?

Trey – Being completely honest, you were my first choice. I didn’t want to ask Jarrah, because she’s busy, and a mom. Keegan, and Kaori are too close to Ian…. and Frankie is busy at some dinner- She really needs to stop posting all of her business on social media… makes it easy for someone to stalk her.

Jonah – I don’t want to talk about her, she pissed me off today.

Trey – ….Well if you ever do want to talk about it, we can.

Jonah – Thanks….

Trey – ……. This is a fail… I wish I remembered his fucking porn name…

Jonah – I dunno dude… doesn’t look like we’re finding his porn tonight…. and damn… dude got the shaft after his sister’s incident, then emancipated himself. Then was broke, and alone… and did porn for some sleazy fat dude… talk about hitting rock bottom. I mean he goes from being popular and a hot guys in high school… to well still being a hot guy but now burying his pole in asses… MALE ASSES!

Trey – That’s it! That’s his name!

Jonah – What?

Trey – Barry Mapoll!

Jonah – That’s fucking brilliant.

Trey – Yeah I bet that fatass dude came up with it!

Jonah – Well with a name like that… Ian must be like-

Trey – Like a powertop.

Jonah – What exactly are the qualifications for being a power top? can straight guys be power tops? is it all about the power in the thrust?

Trey – Shush! less talking, and more searching.

Jonah – Okay… lets see what CUMS up after searching Barry Mapoll…. by the way, as far as anyone is concerned… you did this by yourself. I did not spent an hour watching gay porn with you.

Trey – Yeah, yeah… just press the search button already… my ass is getting numb from sitting here…

Jonah – I bet Barry Mapoll makes all the guys asses numb…

Trey – …..

Jonah – Hey you think he wanted to BARRY his POLE in Keegan?

Trey – Jonah!

Jonah – *laughing* Sorry, pressing search now….

Trey – …….Well?

Jonah – Well since his name is a sex pun… Im getting lots of random amateur shit…

Trey – Dammit….

Jonah – Wait…. is this him?

Trey – I can’t tell from that picture…

Jonah – Should I press play?

Trey – Yes! it could be him… it says Barry Mapoll drills Ben Dover…

Jonah – “Ben Dover” …. that’s not subtle at all. Okay lets play it….

Trey – Oh my god its him!

Jonah – Wow he looks so different!….


Video :

Barry Mapoll : So…. how did this sink get clogged?

Ben Dover : Oh my wife cooked dinner, and it was horrible… I tried to put it down the garbage disposal… and I guess it got stuck.

Barry Mapoll : I see….

Ben Dover : The romance is gone… she tried to cook for me… honestly I think I’m just… not attracted to her anymore.

Barry Mapoll : That’s too bad… but truth be told… you’re a good looking guy… you can find another woman…… or man…

Ben Dover : What are you getting at!

Barry Mapoll : Maybe… just maybe… you’re into trying-


Jonah – Ugh, story lines…. lets fast forward this shit… I always hate the story lines… so cheesy.

Trey – Stop… press play…

Jonah – Alright


Video :

Barry Mapoll : Ah yeah.. swallow that cock… taste better than your wife’s cooking huh?!

Ben Dover : Yes sir!

Barry Mapoll : You want it in your as-


Jonah – AND THAT’S ENOUGH…. that’s about all I can take of that. and wow he has a huge cock… talk about making a guy feel insecure about his own package…

Trey – ……..Stop it, I’ve seen your package a couple of times, its not that small…

Jonah – Oh right… that douchebag Austin Matthews, Spirits ex boyfriend put my shit all over the internet. And here I forgot all about my nude picture scandal… I really wish I could take back that pose- hey what do you mean by seeing my package a couple of times?

Trey – Lenny has the picture on his phone.

Jonah – Lenny Schwartz? your gay friend?

Trey – He would be so crushed that you don’t remember him. He has the biggest crush on you.

Jonah – Ooooh Lenny! the one who gave me his old laptop after mine was “stolen” aka give away by Kingston to Austin to expose me.

Trey – Lenny is always on that College Hotties website, and your picture is on there.

Jonah – Oh yeah? so the gays think I’m hot?

Trey – Ugh, stop it… this is not about the gays beating off to you….

Jonah – Fair enough, its just nice to be appreciated.

Trey – ……..

Jonah – ……….

Trey – *sigh* shit

Jonah – Are you okay? like… are you good?

Trey – …..I was hoping we didn’t find any proof… because without proof I wouldn’t have to tell Kaori…

Jonah – …. Well…

Trey – I’m so stressed out about this Jonah…

Jonah – …………

Trey – Are you listening to me?

Jonah – Yeah, I’m just checking that College Hotties site real quick…

Trey – Why?

Jonah – See the comments about my pic?

Trey – Umm.. most of them think you’re a stud, there was this one comment about how you looked like Nosferatu…

Jonah – I’m offended…. but at the same time I’m kind of impressed that you know who Nosferatu is….

Trey – I didn’t… I googled it when I read it.

Jonah – The pic isn’t that bad- Oh nevermind… yeah… okay… that pose… that light…. my arms… I totally see the Nosferatu resemblance now. God that’s embarrassing, I was so skinny then. I look so much better these days-

Trey – Dominic said to stay out of it… but at the same time… he doesn’t understand. The six of us have been friends forever. We have each others backs. I have a loyalty to you guys, and like you said… you’d want to know… why shouldn’t I tell Kaori the truth? because clearly Ian isn’t….

Jonah – Yeah…. I mean… I’m not gonna tell you what to do. Its up to you, but honestly… I’d want to know…

Trey – Fuck…

What am I gonna do huh? because what if Kaori really likes Ian? She’s spent so much time being in love with Keegan, and what if Ian is the guy that finally makes her realize there are more fish in the sea? If I tell her what I know, and it makes her hate him… then I’m like the Reverse-Cupid. At the same time what if she finds out later, and finds out that I knew? then I’m not loyal, and not a true friend.

I know what you’re probably thinking… Kaori and I didn’t get along that well, but we’re great these days. We even have lunch sometimes. She even helped me and Dominic find this place! So what type of friend would I be if I don’t tell her the truth. In a perfect life I’d tell her and she’d respond with “Thanks Trey, but he told me already” but of course that is NOT how its gonna go down… You guys would want to know right? if someone you were into, letting sleep over, possibly having sex with- was a gay pornstar? you’d want a friend to tell you right? RIGHT?!

(POV Frankie) [Location : Jessica Nash’s House]

[Top Pic]

So here I am… at this dinner party. When Jessica invited me, I didn’t think she’d have this many people here. The funny thing is that I didn’t even ask what the occasion was- not that Jessica Nash-Goddard needs a reason to throw a fabulous dinner party. There are some people here I recognize, and lots that I don’t. Thank god I brought Rhys with me.

Rhys – This is a cute house. Are you close with your boss?

Frankie – We have a unique history that bonds us, so yeah… I’d say we’re pretty close.

Rhys – Unique history?…. as in you guys….

Frankie – God no…. and speaking of that… Rhys… are you and Sara-

Rhys – I know what you’re going to ask, and I’m just gonna tell you its complicated, and I’m not ready to talk about “that” yet.

Frankie – Noted.

Peter – This party is gay as hell…

Symon – Yeah… wanna go play some Xbox in my room?

Peter – We could… but I’m sorta enjoying all of this adult lady snatch.

Symon – Keep your eyes off my Frankie!

Rhys – Did you hear that?

Frankie – *laughs*


Taylor – Its such a surprise to see you here….

Ashley – I know right? especially considering my ex is in here.

Taylor – Who?

Ashley – Kira?

Taylor – Kira’s here?

Ashley – Yeah… over there with your ex bestfriend Natasha…

Taylor – That’s really funny how we all ended up in the same room…

Ashley – Small world. So you look nice! what do you do these days? still into fashion?

Taylor – Yeah I work at V-Glam…

Ashley – Fancy…

Taylor – You look nice as well.

Ashley – Thank you.

Taylor – You bring a date?

Ashley – My boyfriend is working, but you can see his pics on my instagram. What about you?

Taylor – My boyfriend is right over there *points to Ivo*

Ashley – Cute!


Benji – I’m really not a gym rat though… my boyfriend Aries on the other hand…

Ivo – You think I need to work out more? *flexes muscles*

Benji – No you’re a hottie Ivo… stop it.

Ivo – Thanks…. so real talk, when are you gonna start editing at Haus Of Opulence? I know you have the talent…

Benji – Good question… Ask your boss

Ivo – You should just talk to her about it.

Benji – You know how Jessica is…


Sasha – Oh how I needed this party. So much drama with work, and with my daughter. Woo girls night! gimme a drink!

Kira – I wish… there’s men in here… and more in the kitchen.

Natasha – I know you’re a lesbian, but must you be such a man hater?

Kira – I don’t hate men…

Natasha – Did you know your ex is behind you?

Kira – Yes…. and I’m ignoring her slut ass…. Ashley’s a user, and always has been. Look at what she’s wearing.

Natasha – Well you ignore her, and I’ll ignore Taylor… we are no longer friends. Which is awkward for Olivia since we’re both still cool with her.

Sasha – So Kira, tell us about your new girlfriend…

Natasha – Yeah… you turned her out right? she was straight at first?


Ryder – Thank you for having us tonight Ms. Nash.

Jessica – Oh stop it Ryder, I grew up with your mother… you can call me Jessica…

Ryder – *smiles*

Jessica – How’s your twin brother Rodney?

Ryder – Fat, and miserable.

Jessica – That’s too bad, how’s Rubi?

Ryder – My sister is….. well she’s a character. She seems happy though with her boyfriend. They live together.

Jessica – Do you and Calista live together?

Calista – We do, we just found the most amazing place in Bridgeport.

Jessica – Is that a ring on your finger?

Calista – Yes… he asked…. and I said yes.

Jessica – Well congratulations you two! Look at you Ryder… you’ve come a long way. You have a great career, and a stunning fiance.

Ryder – What can I say? I’m blessed.

Calista – Do you have kids Ms. Goddard?

Jessica – Yes I do, I have Tye, who’s my stepdaughter, Symon who we adopted, and my daughter Nikol who’s visiting from CCity is somewhere around here.

Ryder – Woofy’s here?

Jessica – Be nice Ryder…

Ryder – Sorry, its just that everyone calls her woofy in CCity…

Calista – Why?

Ryder – Long story…


Frankie – I’ll be right back, are you okay here?

Rhys – I’m good.

Symon – We’ll keep her company!

Peter – Yeah we will!

Frankie – Be nice to my friend you two!

Symon – You got it babe!

Frankie – *laughing* You’re adorable Symon!

Let me follow Ashley… I saw her walking…

[Bottom Pic]

There she is-

Ivo – Frankie! hey

Frankie – Oh hi!


Ivo – Frankie this is my girlfriend Taylor. Taylor is is Frankie, my sister’s bestfriend.

Taylor – Nice to meet you, I’ve heard many good things about you.

Frankie – Aww nice to meet you too.

Benji – I was just telling Taylor here, that you’re the perfect woman, and if I weren’t gay I’d be all over you. You’re smart, and gorgeous!

Taylor – You really are.

Frankie – Thank you for the compliment Benji… you’re always so sweet.

Ivo – How are you? you bring a date?

Frankie – I brought my friend Rhys, my girlfriend is working.

Ivo – Ah… that’s cool.

Frankie – Excuse me for a moment.. Gotta find the ladies room.

Taylor – Make sure to come back and chat.

Frankie – We’ll grab a drink as soon as I get a chance.

Benji – Me too!

Taylor – Benji too!

Frankie – Perfect!

Now off to follow Ashley… can’t have her bringing the ho-games to the party.

Shit… where did she go? ooh what’s going on over here? looks like they’re interrogating Jessica’s daughter.

Tye – Frankie, hun! come join!


Frankie – Hi guys…

Ivy – Hey Frankie.

Torrance – Mancini….

Frankie – ……..Baldwin.

Tye – I’m sensing some tension here…

Torrance – Office stuff.

Frankie – All in her head… not going there tonight.

Tye – Moving on… Frankie – You know Jessica’s daughter right? This is Nikol…

Frankie – Hi, nice to meet you.

Nikol – We’ve actually met before.

Frankie – We have?

Nikol – Twice.

Torrance – Wow…

Frankie – I think I ran into you once at Haus of Opulence when you were visiting your mom.

Nikol – We didn’t get to speak. It was a quick hello, because you had like 10 manuscripts, and a cup of coffee running to your office, plus a really short skirt.

Torrance – ………


Frankie – Well I love showing my legs I guess… and yeah, not much social time at Haus of Opulence. Your mom works me hard.

Nikol – I don’t doubt it….

Frankie – When was the 2nd time we met?

Nikol – Its technically the first time.

Frankie – I don’t follow.

Ivy – Remember we went to that lesbian club? I got into a fight with the girl Kalia was cheating on me with?

Tye – That asian girl.

Frankie – Oh right!

Nikol – My then bestfriend and I were there, we were even in the-

Frankie – Bathroom! right!!! now I remember-

Torrance – So I’m gay now.

Tye – …

Ivy – ….

Nikol – …..

Frankie – What?

Torrance – I’m dating Kira Watts. Her father is the Captain of the GloCity Police Department, and she works at The Mothership. She’s a brilliant writer.

Tye – Well… that’s great.

Ivy – Is it awkward since your ex is in here?

Frankie – Right… Ivo.

Torrance – Not awkward at all. I met his new girlfriend, and she’s lovely. Its fine… I’m gay now

Nikol – We just announcing sexuality up in here?

Torrance – Why not.

Nikol – ………………Okay.

Frankie – Have you always been gay? I know you dated Ivo-

Torrance – Well… I like women now… so deal with it.

Frankie – Yeah… I couldn’t care less, its just a surprise to me.

Torrance – So yeah I’m gay now, just like Nikol.

Nikol – Excuse me? first of all I’m bi… not gay.

Torrance – Sure…

Ivy – Frankie, and I are bi also… we get the whole… bi doesn’t exist thing.

Frankie – Yeah… the “ooh can you girls makeout, its so hot” thing…

Torrance – Men are morons…

Weren’t you sucking dick last year Miss Dreadlocks?

Tye – So Nikol, did you bring a date?

Nikol – Nope.

Ivy – Love happens when it happens.

Nikol – No time for that… step sis.

Tye – Aww.

Nikol – I’m just… yeah… the dating thing?… not right now. Life is too complicated.

Torrance – ……K.

Nikol – YEP! *rolls eyes at Torrance*

Tye – So Nikol tells me she used to be bestfriends with your sister Andi, Frankie.

Frankie – They did, I didn’t get to know much about any of that though… it was before my sister, and I reconnected. Which is funny since-

Ashley – Oh hello…….Nikol.

Nikol – Ophelia- I mean Ashley?!…. what are you doing here?-

Ashley – A word outside?

Tye – …..Ooooh…

Ivy – …..

Torrance – Ex girlfriends?

Ashley – Mind your business.

Torrance – Bitch!

Nikol – Excuse me ladies…

And here we go…. time to follow them.

Let me stay here…. if they start punching each other I’ll intervene.

Nikol – What the fuck are you doing here Ophelia?

Ashley – My name is Ashley… I don’t ho anymore sweetheart.

Nikol – Your outfit says differently.

Ashley – Oh speaking of outfits… what is this get up you have on? this hippie costume. You trying to act normal for mommy and her friends?

Nikol – Ashley I swear to god if you embarrass me in front of my mother I will fucking drown you in the pool.

Ashley – Don’t make threats honey…

Nikol – What do you want?

Ashley – I’m just trying to catch up with an ex co-worker. Maddie working that pussy real good these days?

Nikol – Stop it.

Ashley – What?… you’re still selling it for Madeline right? you still a rose?

Nikol – Shut up.

Ashley – Don’t get upset with me because I was smart enough to get out of the ho business, and you’re still in it.

Nikol – You need to stop it right now before someone hears you.

Ashley – ….Your mother seems really nice by the way.

Nikol – How is it even possible that a drugged up bitch like you is even here right now? Madeline told me you were strung out living under a bridge somewhere.

Ashley – Oh she would… but that’s not the case. I’m in the process of writing a book- well having my new friend Frankie “Legs for days” Mancini write my life story… I’m gonna make so much money.

Nikol – You can’t do that….

Ashley – I can, and I will. Besides… I’m changing the names of course… you’re safe Destiny Monroe… what a stupid fucking name.

Nikol – Oh like Ophelia Cox is any better?

Ashley – Doesn’t matter…

Nikol – You need to leave…

Ashley – Am I too much for you baby?

Nikol – ……

Ashley – Bet you wanna lick the peach, but sorry… you can’t.

Nikol – Begone troll…

Ashley – Madeline lied to you… I’m doing really well.

Nikol – I don’t care to be honest. I really don’t give a shit about you Ashley… you are a nasty bitch, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I cannot stand you.

Ashley – You did when you were licking my ass.

Nikol – Oh fuck off, it was a job

Ashley – A job that you loved… admit it… you loved eating my ass… you are such a ass muncher.. a booty bandit if I do say so myself!

Nikol – So because you’re out of the “Game” you think you’re better than me?

Ashley – I’ve always been better than you dog face, and speaking of getting out of the game… you should know that Madeline is a cunt, and will bully you. I stopped ho-ing and cut ties with the bitch. A few weeks later at my NEW address I’d get knocks on my door every week, open the door and nothing but a broken rose would be on the ground. So good luck getting out of the game!

Nikol – She wouldn’t do that, nothing you say is trustworthy!

Ashley – You’re a dumbass bitch… didn’t you drop out of college twice? its no wonder you turned to coke, and started opening up your post office for priority mail packages.

Nikol – I’m two seconds from beating your ass right here.

Ashley – Do it bitch, and watch me tell everyone you’re an escort that pops her pussy for a madam. I will put your shit out there because I couldn’t give 2 shits about you ho.

Nikol – …. *gets ready to punch Ashley*

Frankie – Hey guys!…

Ashley – Hey baby-cakes!

Frankie – Someone was asking where Ashley went… you should probably go inside…

Ashley – Oh okay… well it was nice talking to you Nikol.

Nikol – LOVED catching up with you GIRL!

Ashley – You too GIRL!

Nikol – Okay bye GIRL!

Ashley – Later! oh, and pick those saggin ass titties off the ground GIRL!

Nikol – After you tuck your hanging pussy back in your panties GIRL!

Ashley – Okay! good talk GIRL! *walks away*

Nikol – Fucking cunt…

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl did you hear how many times they said Girl, all passive aggressive? *laughing*

Now its just me, and the escort- that’s mean… bad Frankie!

Frankie – Sorry about that-

Nikol – You have no idea what you just did…

Frankie – I have a clue…

Nikol – You seriously just saved her from getting her ass eat- Beat… I meant to say beat.

Frankie – I know…


Nikol – ….So-

Frankie – I’m not gonna stand here and act fake… I know…. things.

Nikol – Ashley, is a bitch… and she will fuck you over. Watch your back.

Frankie – I’m learning that I should keep my guard up around her.

Nikol – ….Can you promise me something?

Frankie – Hmm?

Nikol – Just make sure the names and stuff are changed…

Frankie – Way ahead of you. I’m not trying to send anyone to jail.

Nikol – Yeah, let me worry about that…

Frankie – Huh?

Nikol – Nothing… anyway… umm… what’s with that Torrance bitch?

Frankie – I don’t know, she’s always been a bitch.

Nikol – That whole “I’m gay now” bullshit… does she want a participation ribbon or something? you eat clam now, good for you, you smelly bitch.

Frankie – Right? and oh my god I thought I was the only one who smelled something.

Nikol – Its because she doesn’t wear deodorant or antiperspirant.

Frankie – She doesn’t?

Nikol – Jessica- I mean my mom told me that Torrance read that it causes cancer or some shit, so now she rubs those fragrant crystals on her pits…

Frankie – That’s so nasty… at least rub some scented lotion all over your body if you’re gonna be deodorant-less.

Nikol – Mmm hmm……So umm… you must think a bunch of shit about me huh?

Frankie – Why because you’re an escort?

Nikol – That’s more complicated than you know, but umm… yeah that- and my history with Andi, and the drama with my mother…

Frankie – I tend not to judge people based on others experiences with them. I try to judge people for myself, once I get to know them.

Nikol – Its so embarrassing that I’m older than you, and you seem to have your shit together in ways I couldn’t even imagine for myself.

Frankie – Age doesn’t have anything to do with it… so don’t beat yourself up about it.

Nikol – That’s true… and wow you just sounded like your sister…

Frankie – You and Andi are good these days?

I know the answer, but I’m curious about it from her perspective.

Nikol – We’ll never be bestfriends like we were in college, but honestly… I feel like I can trust her. I may not have lunch with her everyday, and we may not be bestfriends… but I know at the end of the day that if I needed a couch to sleep on, she’d have my back. Andi is a great person, and she’s really e-manced herself into CCity well.

I’m pretty sure she meant Immersed… but I’m not about to correct her…

Frankie – Yeah… I remember she was anti social there, but she seems to really love CCity now… good for her.

Nikol – Got her a boyfriend and everything… slay a bit miss Andi.

Frankie – Yep! go sis!

Nikol – I’ve lost friends along the way… and part of me wants to be delusional and blame them, but some of it was my fault. I think I really regret not having Andi as a bestfriend anymore, but we’re on good terms so that makes me happy. My other ex bestfriend Vanille

You know Kaori’s sister Vira? Vanille is her other sister…

Nikol – My other ex bestfriend Vanille, she’s moved on with life… and she’s trying to have babies, and she’s married. Its… not a good feeling. Especially since I wasn’t invited to the wedding… but I digress. Mistakes were made along the way, and I sometimes suck as a functioning adult… I’m trying to be better now… maybe its too late.

Frankie – Its never too late.

Nikol – ….My mother really likes you, and now I understand why.

Frankie – …Your mom is sweet…

Nikol – She told me about how you guys met, and how you cursed her out, and it impressed her.

Frankie – Which is odd… but look where it got me.

Nikol – She talks about you a lot…

Frankie – That’s really sweet.

Nikol – My little brother Symon also loves you- so does Tye, and Ivy… you’re popular Miss Frankie.

Frankie – Stop it… I don’t take compliments well, I get all awkward and introverted…

Nikol – Oh I love compliments, I can’t get enough of them to be honest.

Frankie – I love your skirt.

Nikol – Thanks. I love your top.

Frankie – Thanks.

Nikol – I don’t know much about fashion.

Frankie – I don’t either, but honestly fashion blogs are a life saver for putting together outfits.

Nikol – Noted, I’ll try that out.

Frankie – So, did it feel like an interrogation in there?

Nikol – It felt weird… like I’m making my debut or something. Mom has this dinner party, and I’m meeting everyone. Considering our sorted past

Sordid…. she meant sordid…

Nikol – I just feel like… its nice that we’re getting along now. She took me on a fucking spa day, and we ate kale and spinach salads. It was weird… is that what a mother, daughter relationship is supposed to be like?

Frankie – I wouldn’t know, considering my mother hasn’t always been around.

Nikol – Oh right… Mira… how is she?

Frankie – Better than ever actually… she’s being a good mom. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Nikol – That’s cool… and how’s your dad?

Frankie – He’s good, I think he’s dating his ex, but I’m not sure… That’s neither here-nor-there though…

Nikol – Its chilly out here…

Frankie – Yeah I’m cold.

Nikol – If I had a jacket I’d offer it to you.

Umm… what type of come on?

Nikol – That sounded like a flirty thing- it wasn’t. That’s my attempt at humor.

Frankie – *laughs* I gotcha.

Nikol – Before we go in… I just want to say thank you.

Frankie – For what?

Nikol – Making sure Ashley behaved, keeping the peace, talking to me like a human being, and most of all… not judging me from things you’ve heard.

Frankie – You’re welcome Nikol.

Nikol – By the way… your sister knows about the escort thing.

Frankie – She does?

I can’t remember if she told me or not. Andi talks so fast, and so rapidly… its possible that she’s told me about Nikol before, and I just didn’t remember.

Nikol – She’s my nurse, I tell her everything. So she knows it all… I can trust her, and clearly I can trust you too.

Frankie – *smiles* So since you gave me the heads up on Ashley… let me pay it back. Paisley Adams…. do not ever trust that bitch. She is the devil, and will use anybody to get what she wants. She’s manipulative, and a great liar. Pay close attention to her.

Nikol – I will keep that in mind.

Frankie – Alright… now lets get back inside… I promised a guy that I had sex with that I’d have a drink with his current girlfriend.

Nikol – Wow.

Frankie – I know… how twisted.

Nikol – I have sex for money… I can’t judge.

Frankie – Today has been ridiculous… I almost got into a bathroom brawl with this girl I hooked up with in college.

Nikol – You should tell me about that… was she hot?

Frankie – She’s gorgeous, but a total bitch now… and she’s dating my friend, and probably cheating on him.

Nikol – Wow… D-A-R-M-A- Drama!!!

Ooooh…. she forgot an R… she spelled Darma, instead of Drama… but you know what? I’m gonna keep it cute, and not even correct her.

Frankie – Drama seems to follow my sister and I… but we’re used to it. We’re tough girls who can handle whatevers thrown in our way.

Nikol – That’s awesome, you and Andi are awesome.

Frankie – And you’re not? you can be anything you want Nikol, including Awesome.

Nikol – Well… that’s not a word anybody in CCity would ever use to describe me. There I’m Woofy, Woof-dog, and lately Vira Santiago has been calling me Mystique-

Frankie – Like the shape-shifting X-man? why would Vira call you that?

Nikol – Oh right, you know her because her sister Kaori is your bestfriend right? I saw pictures of y’all on your instagram- Oh now I sound like a stalker…

Frankie – Yeah I know Vira, and no you don’t sound like a stalker… that’s what instagram is for… looking at pictures.

Nikol – Vira calls me that because I apparently change personalities on the regular or some shit. I know you probably like Vira, but I hate the tall bitch.

Frankie – *laughing*

Nikol – I do!

Frankie – Tell me about it over Korean barbecue.

Nikol – Oh god I’m hungry… lets eat.

Frankie – I’m way ahead of you.

So lets see… I bond with Karin, Jeep- Jonah barges in. We have words, he thinks I don’t have his back, and brings up our… past. He hates me now. I get to the bar, and get into a screaming match with Priscilla, and then I get here and well… you saw everything that happened. This is one of those days that would usually inspire me to go home, open my laptop and write… but nope… still have writers block. I won’t dwell on that because I refuse to be a broken record. Tonight wasn’t all bad, Nikol is… well she’s interesting I guess. Like I said before, I’m not gonna judge her based off what I know. She seems okay. Am I saying we’re gonna do lunch in Bridgeport every week? no, but when I see her around Haus Of Opulence, I’ll be sure to catch up, and see how she’s doing. Anyway… time to eat. I’m so hungry, and so over the “As Nikol would put it” : D-A-R-M-A- Drama!!! Anyway! until next time… You guys have a good night.*Muah* 

(POV Trey)

Jonah left, and with him left my sanity. I sat there staring at the computer screen, Barry Mapoll penis looking back at me, and I decided I had to tell Kaori… So I called her. I feel like I’m doing the right thing, but I know Dominic is gonna chew me out for it. He just doesn’t understand…

Trey – One hour? okay.

Kaori (on phone) – Are you sure you’re okay?

Trey – Yeah, I just need to talk to you.

Kaori – Alright… well I’ll be there once I’m done with dinner. Do you mind if I bring Aries?

Trey – Its personal…

Kaori – Okay, I’ll come alone. See you in an hour.

Trey – Bye Kay’ *ends call*

Dominic – Why is Kaori coming over here?

Trey – Holy shit you scared me! weren’t you in Bridgeport? when did you get in?

Dominic – I came in 15 minutes ago, and changed clothes. I’m going to the gym. I thought you weren’t home, until I heard a voice in here…

Trey – ….Umm

Dominic – You did it didn’t you?

Trey – Did what?

Dominic – You did exactly what I told you not to do!

Trey – She had to know!

Dominic – This isn’t any of your business Trey!

Trey – I got proof before I called her, me and Jonah found videos-

Dominic – Are you kidding me?! you told someone else?! Why the hell would you do that?!

Trey – I needed help.

Dominic – That’s one more person who didn’t need to know Ian’s personal business. Why would you even do that?!

Trey – You don’t understand, Kaori is my friend-

Dominic – She’s nice, but again… how is this your business?

Trey – She’s my friend, and the guy I think she’s sleeping with has a huge secret

Dominic – Its not your fucking secret to tell!

Trey – Why are you so mad? isn’t your loyalty supposed to be with me?

Dominic – Its the principal… you sat there and heard about his past, you know about his life… you know how tragic things were for him. So him turning to porn, makes sense. You’re judging him!

Trey – No I’m not!

Dominic – Yes you are…

Trey – …..

Dominic – You have no right…. none! You need to learn how to mind your own business. I knew you were gonna open your mouth!

Trey – Its the right thing to do… Kaori should know…

Dominic – I never said she shouldn’t know… It just should be Ian who tells her… not you.

Trey – …..I’m being shamed for being a loyal friend…. wow…

Dominic – Considering what Ian has been through… I would think you would have let him talk to Kaori on his own.

Trey – What if he never did?

Dominic – Then that would be on his conscious… This is the thing, if you really felt so broken up about his porn career… then why not go to him, and tell him to tell Kaori, so you wouldn’t have to be in the middle?

Trey – Because my loyalty is with my friend Dominic! I’m sick of you yelling at me! I’m not doing anything wrong. You’re using your stupid therapy sympathy to shame me, and make me feel like a terrible person for protecting my friends heart! that’s not fair!

Dominic – You’re so delusional sometimes I swear.

Trey – And you’re a cold know it all who thinks he’s better than everyone because he can READ THEM because he studied sociology! Newsflash, you’re not perfect! You got married to a guy when you were how young?! stop judging me!

Dominic – Did that feel good to you?

Trey – ……No.

Dominic – Have fun ruining someone’s life Trey.

Dammit, why did I do that, why did I yell at him and use his past against him like that? That is not me, that’s not how I do things…

Trey – Wait!

Dominic – Oh look, Nick’s here… gonna tell him too?

Trey – Dominic wait! I didn’t mean to yell at you!

Dominic – Its fine, its your life…

Nick – Umm… I can come back later?

Dominic – No, its fine, I’m going to the gym.

Nick – …..

Trey – Are you really gonna just leave right now?

Dominic – Trey, you’ve done enough talking for one night. We had a great day and you just had to ruin it didn’t you? but that’s your whole M.O. right? self-sabotaging everything.

Trey – Lets just talk!

Dominic – No, I’m going to the gym. Have fun with him Nick.

Nick – …….

Trey – I’m so upset right now!

Nick – …..What happened?

Trey – I can’t tell you…

Nick – You can’t? or you don’t want to?

Trey – Its so complicated…

Nick – Are you guys gonna be okay?

Trey – I don’t know…

Nick – …

Trey – Are you okay? I didn’t know you were dropping by.

Nick – I came over because I couldn’t focus, and needed to talk to you… I needed to get something off my chest…

Trey – What is it?

Nick – I’m feeling things. Things I shouldn’t-

Trey – What’s going on?

Nick – ….I Love- I’d love to talk about me, but you’re clearly going through something…

Was he about to tell me he loves me? I can’t even go there right now… I’m just gonna ignore that.

Trey – …..I’m failing to see what I did wrong…

Nick – What happen? you can tell me.

Trey – I can’t…

Nick – Is there a way to tell me what happened without telling me?

Trey – ….*sigh* I could try…

Nick – Okay…

Trey – I found out something, about someone, that could affect someone I’m close with. Dominic says its not my place to tell them, but I think out of loyalty it is, and I’d want someone to tell me. So that’s why we’re fighting because I agreed to keep it to myself but I didn’t. I told Jonah, and now I’m gonna tell the person affected…

Nick – …..

Trey – Oh so now you think I’m a piece of shit too?!

Nick – No, I get it.

Trey – I felt so attacked by my boyfriend!

Nick – Dominic didn’t meant it…

Trey – He did, and he makes me feel so stupid. He makes me feel like I’m the worst person in the world. He makes me feel like I’m not smart enough… not gay enough. I hate it!

Nick – Why are you with someone who makes you feel less than amazing?

Trey – Because I love him, and I wonder if he’s right.

Nick – …Do you want to go get coffee or something? take your mind off things?

Trey – I have an hour to kill before I have to tell a friend something bad… so instead of coffee, can we just go get a drink?

Nick – What bar do you want to go to?

Trey – I don’t know because I’m not social enough! I don’t have sex enough! I don’t watch porn enough! I’m just not enough!

Nick – Stop it… I’m sure if you told Dominic how you feel, you guys can work it out…

Trey – Do you want us to work it out?

Nick – What is that supposed to mean?

Trey – Nothing, forget I said that…

Nick – Lets get that drink, so you can feel better.

I’ve ruined my relationship trying to be a good friend to Kaori. I still don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, but Dominic feels like I am. Here I thought, I did good today, that I was being a great boyfriend, and expanding my horizon… and then this happens. Dominic is going to dump me, and then what? I can’t lose him, I love him. I can’t even imagine not being with him. If he leaves me then I’ll also have to move because I couldn’t afford this place alone. I ruined everything, and he’s going to dump me. 


~End Of Chapter Three Pt 2 | Conclusion (Pt 3) of Chapter Three is Next~

{BnG Season 3} Chapter Three Part 1 : “You’re Joking…Right?”

Chapter Three | Pt. 1 “You’re Joking…Right?”

-POV’s : Keegan Jarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Keegan)

Today, my mom’s are sitting with the Demon family, and the President of the School Board. I decided to join, because I knew Raina was going to be there. I didn’t need her muscling her way through the meeting. Plus Zoey had asked if I could come, so of course I’m here. Its great being needed by my little sister. My family is anything but conventional isn’t it? but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking of family, another reason I decided to come is because Mama K (Kaitlyn) is sooo soft spoken. I don’t know if she’ll be firm in her stance when dealing with this ridiculous family. Mama J (Joy) is a Judge, she’ll be fine… but I’m sure she doesn’t mind the backup. Poor Zoey didn’t want to be here at all. I feel like part of her just doesn’t want to bother with this, like she’d rather just have people talking shit about her… and nobody to deal with the consequences… She doesn’t like a big fuss being made about her. In this situation she has no choice, someone is going to get what’s coming for them… and that someone is Genevieve (Jenn) Baycock.

Marlene – Kaitlyn, you seem like a sensible woman. Is all of this really necessary? We couldn’t just have a brunch, and discuss this horrible mistake? My daughter Jenn, had nothing to do with those pictures getting out there. I’m sure if we put our heads together, we could figure out who the real culprit is. *smiles*

Wow she’s good at manipulating people isn’t she? Frankie told me how much of a bitch she is… she isn’t fooling anyone.

Kaitlyn – This is obviously, something I wish never happened. I don’t like this, all this tension.

Marlene – I agree darlin’

Joy – Jenn…..

Jenn – Yes Mrs. Riggs?

Joy – ….. Why did you do this to my daughter?

Jenn – Do what? I had nothing to do with those pictures ma’am.

Joy – Then who did?

Jenn – I have no idea, but Zoey didn’t deserve that. I’ll do whatever I can to help find the person responsible ma’am. *smiles*

Joy – Mmm hmm… I see. You know what I do for a living Jenn?

Jenn – No, ma’am.

Joy – I’m a judge, I see guilty people everyday….

Jenn – Oh….

Joy – So even if you aren’t solely to blame, I know you had something to do with it….

Jenn – Well I-

Raina – Don’t respond to the bullying Jenn.

Keegan – That’s a cute word Raina, considering that’s all your sister does on social media.

Raina – Get the fuck out of here officer dumbass, everyone’s a cunt on social media.

Keegan – Fuck you Raina, you’re a bartender, and a part-time mechanic. You, ain’t shit… at least I make a difference, all you do is serve drinks.

Raina – Whatever you say bro, considering you’re history….

Keegan – What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Raina – We did our homework too, Mona Washington’s birthday is a couple of days away isn’t it?

Keegan – You’re not gonna get far with that. I’ve made my peace with the whole tragedy with my ex girlfriend. So if you’re trying to get a rise out of me-

Raina – Oh no, that’s not my intentions at all. My point is that nobody’s perfect, we all have done bad things.

Keegan – Yeah and your fucking sister did something horrible.

Raina – Zoey, is there anybody else besides my sister- whom you strongly dislike- that you can point the finger at? there must be someone who-

Keegan – No! don’t try and put this on someone else Raina! your family is the worst I swear, all the divorces your mom has had… and of course SHE walks away with all the money…. you guys are filthy rich, and think you can do no wrong.

Raina – Are you mad at our finances or something?

Keegan – If that’s what you got from that then….

Why does Frankie date her? she’s such a bitch…

Robert – I think at the end of the day we need to get down to what’s important. You guys say Jenn is guilty, and her, and her family says it wasn’t her. Do you have proof Officer Bennett?

Marlene – He doesn’t.

Raina – Just some quotes from social media of teenage girls being teenage girls…

Kaitlyn – This is all so frustrating.

Joy – There’s proof of bullying, but the proof was paid off…. and went bye bye.

Marlene – What on earth are you talking about?

Keegan – We had three kids from Zoey, and Jenn’s school… they were ready to come forward with proof of the bullying… they decided last minute to not return our phone calls…

Zoey – …….

Joy – They also seem really happy with their new items… they all seemed to get new gifts the same day according to social media.

Raina – Perhaps Santa was in town.

Zoey – *rolls eyes*

Jenn – *smiles*

Keegan – Cut the shit!

Robert – Guys we can’t get anywhere if we’re fighting…

Voice – We have something to add to the situation.

What the fuck?

Jessica – Good morning everyone.

Raina – Oh look mom… you’re old friend from New York…

Marlene – …..Ha.

Zoey – Well guess Jenn’s going down now…

Raina – Don’t be too sure sweetie.

Keegan – What’s going on?

Fucking wild card situation… what exactly are they here to say? who are they siding with? and apparently Jessica knew Marlene a while ago? What the fuck?

Keegan – *whispers* Zoey? is he here to help?

Zoey – He doesn’t even like Jenn, and he’s seen her bullying me first hand… so I think so.

Keegan – Ah okay.

Wonders if she remembers me from when I saved her from that beach rapist…

Keegan – Hello, Ms Nash.

Jessica – Hello, Keegan. Or should I call you officer Bennett now? I’m glad you put those skills to good use. Still thankful for your quick actions on the beach that day.

Keegan – *smiles*

Tom – You look so much like Issac, and Kait.

Keegan – *laughs*

Kaitlyn – Hello Tom.

Tom – Hey there Kait.

Joy – Lookin’ good Tommy, all fit and trim.

Tom – *laughs* I’m trying.

Marlene – What is this? a social visit?

Raina – Right?

Jessica – Oh fuck off Marlene…. you did shit in New York too… the book I could write about you….

Marlene – Oh wow, what trash you are with THAT language…

Jessica – Oh sweetie, I know all of your dirt… the coke, and pills at Le Bain…

Marlene – Cute, but at least I wasn’t soo drunk that four guys were going to gangbang me… you remember that right? when I left you at the Metropolitan Room?

Jessica – There was no gangbang taking place that night, or any other- and LEZ-be honest… you’re still upset that I wouldn’t let you touch me that night at the Four Seasons.

Raina – What the fuck?

Marlene – I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Kaitlyn – Oh my…

Joy – Girl… they dykin?

Tom – Enough of that babe… we’re here for a reason..

Keegan – Right.

Jessica – My apologies to the room, that was classless. Marlene if you want to see me, we can take it outside.

Marlene – Oh wow, now you’re threatening physical violence?

Jessica – That’s not what I’m saying, if you have something ELSE you want to say, we can do it one on one.

On one hand I’m loving all of this- spilled tea, as the gays would say… but on the other hand I’m still waiting for this information they claim to have.

Keegan – Okay, not trying to be rude here, because this has been entertaining… but what is it that you want to share?

Tom – Go on Symon…

Jessica – Its okay…. tell them.

Symon – …..The pictures came from my phone….. I’m sorry Zoey.

Joy – Oh hell no.

Keegan – You’re joking…..right?

Symon – No….

Zoey – What- why would you do that Symon?

Jenn – What are you doing?

Symon – Just shut up Jenn…

Jenn – *shaking her head confused* ….What the heck are you doing?

Symon – Shut it.

Raina – Well there ya have it, it was him. Okay we can leave.

Robert – Are you saying it was you Symon?

Symon – I’m saying the pics came from my phone, so Jenn can go free.

Robert – Okay, well we’re going to investigate this further….

Marlene – Well you’ve raised a good one there Jessica. Like mother like son I guess?

Jessica – I won’t even respond to that…

Marlene – Well Raina, Jenn… lets go. We have lunch at the country club waiting for us.

Raina – Shane coming?

Marlene – Your brother apparently has other things to do than to eat with family.

Jenn – The chick with the baby…. he’s always talking about her… pathetic.

Tom – Can we go now Jess? I have to get back to work, and plus I don’t want you to hit Marlene..

Jessica – We can go.

Symon – Lets get out of here…

Jessica – Proud of you… you did the right thing.

Tom – That’s being a man, taking responsibility…

Symon – ….*looks at Jenn* Sure.

Jenn – *looks at Symon*…..

Keegan – Something seems so off….

Zoey – Keegan….. why would Symon do that to me?

Keegan – Because teenage boys are assholes Zoey…. you don’t deserve this…

Zoey – Wait till I tell Curtis…

Joy – Keegan honey?

Keegan – Yeah mom?

Joy – Something’s off…

Keegan – Yep.

Kaitlyn – Who wants frozen yogurt? after all of this tension I can think of nothing better.

Zoey – I think I just want to lay down in my room mom…

Kaitlyn – Aww sweet pea… I don’t like that you’re sad….

Joy – Is there anything we can do to-

Zoey – I’ll be okay, I just want to sleep for now.

Keegan – I gotta get to work, but if there’s ANYTHING you guys need just call. I love you Zo-Zo.

Zoey – I love you too big brother.

Kaitlyn & Joy – *looks at each other and smiles proudly*

I hate seeing Zoey upset… and honestly she’s been crushing on Symon for the longest time. She must really be hurting right now. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but like Mama J said… something is off. The way Jenn and Symon kept glancing at each other.. she was confused by his actions today, and he almost wanted her to shut up, and not say anything. I’m gonna figure this shit out… nobody get’s away with hurting Zoey. Oh and did I hear that right earlier? did Jessica Nash Goddard accuse Marlene “Black Widow” “Can’t Keep A Husband” Baycock of trying to do lesbian shit with her? what was THAT about? perhaps Marlene has more in common with her daughter Raina after all… they both “totes love cunt” (Ashley said this about Jessica’s Daughter Nikol) – my new favorite line… Frankie told me about that one. Anyway I gotta go.. see ya later.

(POV Jarrah)

Amina – And why not Jarrah? what’s wrong with him? I know you’re into black guys because well… you did have a baby by Orion… so?

Jarrah – Honestly I’m just not attracted to him. He looks like a turtle to me… plus he abused Rihanna.

Amina – Okay but we’re talking about his looks not his…. colorful past.

Jarrah – No, I am not into Chris Brown…. I can’t unsee him beating up Rihanna.

What you’re witnessing is a rare occurrence here at The LC Agency….. we almost never have downtime. So what do we decide to do? gossip, and ask each other who we find attractive. Girls will be girls I guess… which is a saying you never really hear. Its always boys will be boys… I wonder why that is.

Lola – How did we even get on the topic of Chris Brown?

Jarrah – We were talking about people we’re ashamed to be attracted to… and I said John Krasinski…

Don’t judge me… I’m one of the few people who are still upset about Chris Evans beating him out of the Captain America role…

Lola – The guy from the office?

Jarrah – Yes…

Amina – Isn’t he married to-

Jarrah – Emily Blunt? yes….

Emily Blunt who was in one of my favorite movies of all time… The Devil Wears Prada.

Lola – You guys know who I think is sexy?…. its so embarrassing.

Jarrah – Who?

Amina – Well you usually have good taste… your boyfriend is cute as hell.

Lola – *sigh* Okay…. I’m attracted to….. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Oh Lola bunny no…. 

Amina – Girl yuck!

Jarrah – He’s so ugly….. like….. why?

Lola – I don’t know… I find him hot…

Amina – That’s so sad *laughing*

Lola – Oh please… he’s hotter than Chris Brown… right Jarrah?

Amina – I know he whopped a bitches ass but there is NO WAY IN HELL Benedict Cumberbatch is hotter than Breezy…

Jarrah – They’re both gross… next subject.

Lola – How’s Kaori doing?

Amina – Oh yeah… I can’t believe that happened.. crazy ass people.

Well she did get attacked by a hockey mask wearing rapist and chased down the street while he yelled really rapey, and horrible things at her… so… 

Jarrah – She’s fine considering the circumstances. Her cousin Aries moved in with her- which worked out well for him, because he wanted to move out of his parents place.

I only know that about Aries because Trey told me. Its amazing how Trey can fuck these guys, and or date them- and keep the friendship. Me? well I don’t talk to Dylan, Collin moved away and we barely talk… and Orion and I don’t really agree on everything. I could learn a lesson from Trey on how to communicate and be friendly with your “exes”

Amina – Well at least she’s gonna feel safe now. Aries is a big dude…

That he is… I swear its like fine print in the gay contract of life…. must hit the gym, must have abs.

Lola – They didn’t catch the guy right?

Jarrah – No, sadly they did not…

Lola – Well I hope everything will be okay… even though she shaded me on her instagram.

Amina – What did she say?

Lola – She said… and I quote “Thank god Lola was working late, though she told me not to call Frankie, and my parents right away. How fucking dumb can you be, Frankie could have became a sex slave… or murdered… but anyway thanks Lola, you did open the door and call the cops, so you did something right girl”

Amina – The shade….

Lola – Right?

Hate or Love Kaori… she’s hilarious. She speaks her mind… all the time.

Jarrah – *laughing* She was still shaken up when she wrote that… and she told me she apologized to you…

Lola – She did… flowers, and a walmart gift card for 25 dollars…..

Amina – *disgusted and appalled* Walmart?!

Jarrah – *laughing*…..She’s the best isn’t she?

Lola – I’ll just use it to get some snacks… or buy some movies from the 5 bucks basket….

Amina – *laughing*

Lola – So anyway…. What’s going on with the two guy situation?

Amina – Yeah, ever since Lola promoted me to agent, I’ve been too busy to get the tea. Last thing I remember is that Shane was fine, but Owen…. he had a baby and wife right?

Lola – No, no no… it wasn’t his kid…. I think?

Jarrah – Not his baby, but might as well be. He’s been on pause, I haven’t hungout with him… I’m not mad that he had a family. I’m mad that he left it out of every conversation… also I feel like- *phone buzzes* Excuse me for a moment…

Jarrah – Hey there.

Shane – How’s my favorite girl?

Real smooth Shane…. but I can’t complain. I love it when he says shit like that to me. No wonder Trey calls us Fifty Shades of Shane. Lets get one thing straight though, I am not as stupid as the girl in the book, and movie. I know how to play it cool.

Jarrah – Oh I’m sure you have many favorite girls.

Shane – Why would you say that?

Jarrah – I’m just fucking with you.

Kaori’s impact I swear. She has me cursing like a sailor…

Shane – Oh bad girl… talking like that at work.

Jarrah – Well, ya know I don’t care…

Shane – That’s sexy…

Can I be frank with you guys? I’m super horny all the time. Owen, even though I’m angry with him- is a really good looking guy with an amazing body underneath all of those brokeback mountain clothes. His instagram is a thirst trap if I’ve ever seen one. All of those shirtless pictures. And Shane… his body is super defined and so… masculine. Half of the time I’m not paying attention to either of their words… just imagining them bending me over a desk or bed… I need to get laid- but I’m not ready to choose one yet. I’m not a… floozy for lack of better words. I’m not doing sex with both of them. 

Jarrah – *girly/flirty laugh*

Shane – You look beautiful by the way.

Jarrah – Thank you, I really couldn’t decide what would set this ensemble off more.. an up-do with a messy bun with bangs… or a snatched ponytail….. so I opted for neither… and did a dramatic over the shoulder. Which works because its not too- sorry… what do you care about fashion?

Shane – It would surprise you.

No, it wouldn’t… you’re Mr. GQ.

Jarrah – So what’s up?

Shane – Nothing much… I umm.. I wanted to check in on you…

Jarrah – That’s sweet of you….

Shane – I try to be.

Jarrah – You look cute too by the way..

Shane – Thank you.

Jarrah – No rehearsals today? or lunch with the family?

I feel bad. I have yet to go watch Shane rehearse for GloCity’s version of a broadway play-musical.. whatever it is. I have so much on my plate, and plus… to quote Frankie? his mother aka Marlene Baycock, is a cunt.

Shane – Its funny you should ask me that. I actually flaked on my family today. They did that school board meeting, and I didn’t want to be part of the bullshit.. during or after. I’m sure they’re eating and talking shit about people. Again, from what I know about Frankie…. I don’t understand what she see’s in Raina…. to each their own though.

Jarrah – Keegan texted me an update about it… so… yeah… drama.

And “tea” too… Jessica Nash hinted at Marlene wanting to chow on her lady box back in the day… and something about gangbangs. Them old ladies, is nasty….

Shane – Enough about that… at the risk of sounding smug, and sarcastic…. how is everything with the other dude…

Jarrah – Owen….

Shane – Yes… him.

Jarrah – Umm… I’m not talking to him right now…

Shane – Needed time to figure out how you feel?

Jarrah – That, and other things….

Shane – Anything I can do to help?

Umm.. yeah come over.. cook me dinner. Rub my feet… and then fuck me. I mean I’m a hardworking mother… can someone just fuck me already? Sorry about- actually no, I don’t apologize for being vulgar… screw it. There is only SO much a vibrator can do.

Shane – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Huh?

Shane – I asked if there was anything I could do to help.

Jarrah – Oh… umm……no …..Not really.

Shane – You seem upset about it… I assume that means you cared for Owen a great deal. I think its-

Jarrah – I care about you a lot too… Its not a competition..

Shane – It isn’t? I mean technically it is…

Jarrah – Yeah, sure sorta… but the way I see it is… I’m getting to know two guys.

Shane – Well… one, because the other- Owen, isn’t really all that forthcoming about his dirt.

Jarrah – Shane….

Shane – Sorry, that was petty…. you are so worth it though. You bring that out of me because I want you to be mine.

Jarrah – Its… I get it.

Shane – I hope so… because I say what I mean, and mean what I say. I’m not trying to sell you anything here. I am who I am.

Jarrah – And I can appreciate that.

It would be pretty easy to just say… welp Owen messed up big time. Shane’s the winner!… but that’s not me. I don’t just jump into situations without really understanding everything. Eventually Owen and I will talk in more detail about everything… just not today… because I’m still mad. We had a magical date, and then BAM… wifey showed up. That sucked.

Lola – So how is everything? are you feeling overwhelmed with the new responsibilities?

Amina – No, I just… I’m happy I got Taro, instead of Chace, he’s such a….

Lola – Oh I know…. but the little shithead is actually getting lots of gigs….

Amina – I know right?

Lola – Enough about work though…. we barely get this downtime… what’s going on with you?

Amina – Umm…

Lola – Tell me about your sister- Brother.

Amina – Ka$h is fine… we’re still not… hanging out a lot. Its still weird I guess, She was always butch… I just thought she was a…. ya know… stud-type lesbian. I didn’t realize it was a gender thing. She’s happy being Him now… and I’m adjusting.

Lola – Does he hint at wanting to hangout with you more?

Amina – Not really. Ever since our cousin- Trey invited him to that party, he’s been BFF’s with Lenny, Chace, and his boyfriend Cayden.

Lola – Oh, well I mean… that’s good right? he found a group of guys to hangout with?

Amina – I guess so.

Lola – How’s the boyfriend?

Amina – Vik is great… sexy, smart… treats me well… big dick. Everything is good girl.

Lola – Oh my!

Amina – How are things with you?

Lola – My mom just retired from Siren Ad Agency- she actually worked with Kaori…

Amina – Oh nice… but wait…. they giving out pensions at Siren Ad Agency?

Lola – Oh yeah, she’s good… its just that she has all this extra time on her hands, so…. she wants to know what I’m doing…. all the time.

Amina – That’s cute, but I can see how annoying that can be too.

Lola – My dad is doing his thing in C-City… and umm… yeah, Oh and my meetings have been going well.

Amina – Meetings?

Lola – I had an eating disorder so…

Amina – Oh okay, well good for you for staying healthy.

Lola – One day at a time.

Amina – So what about that fine ass cop boyfriend?

Lola – Jayson and I are well… he’s such a good guy… we both work a lot though… but… when we’re together its magic…

Amina – He got good dick?

Lola – Amina!

Amina – *laughing*

Lola – Its quite…. good. *smiles*

Amina – Yasss getting dicked down!

Lola – You are a riot Amina.

Amina – I hope its not too much.

Lola – Not at all, I’m glad you’re here.

Amina – Thanks by the way… for believing in me enough to promote me.

Lola – You’ve earned it to be honest. Plus Jarrah said you were amazing.

Amina – She’s so loyal…

Lola – She really is.


Shane – How’s the little one?

Jarrah – He’s good… I miss him though.

Shane – Where is he?

Jarrah – With his daddy.

Shane – Ah, okay.

Jarrah – I keep watching little videos of him that I took on my phone. I know mom’s say this all the time… but my baby is so fucking adorable.

Shane – He is… I saw a couple of pictures, and videos on your Instagram. He’s just as cute as his mom.

Jarrah – Aww…

I’m selfish when it comes to Joshua… I’m his mom… I’m attached. I hate sharing him with Orion, but I know its the right thing to do. He’s his father afterall. Plus it gives me time to still be me. I feel bad for all of those women who have babies and then they just become chubby, un-cool chicks. That was my nightmare… I refused to get a bob with bangs, and wear mom pants and floral print blouses. Who do I look like? barefoot contessa from the food network? because that’s who I just described. Oh my god… that’s what I’m going to call it.. “The Barefoot Contessa” When women become mom’s and become chubby and uncool!

Shane – So you getting along with his dad better these days?

Jarrah – Yeah… ish. Its not like I want to have issues. I just feel like- let me call you back I’m getting another call.

Shane – Ditching me for Owen eh?

Jarrah – No, its JK’s Daycare..

Shane – Oh okay, well just call me later.

Jarrah – Okay, thanks for checking in on me.

Shane – No problem. Later babes.

Jarrah – Bye *smiles/ends skype call*

Oh Shane… you sexy fucker you… I really wish I could hangout with you tonight but I can’t…. is it cheating if a guy goes down on me? that’s not sex right?- Oh crap let me answer this call.

Jarrah – *answers phone* Hello?

Daycare (female voice) – Is this Jarrah Folland? mother of Joshua Knight?

Jarrah – Yes it is. Is everything okay?

Daycare – Well we were actually going to ask you that.

Jarrah – Why?

Daycare – Joshua didn’t come in today? I don’t know if you, or his father-

Jarrah – His father actually had him last night, so it was his job to bring him in.

Daycare – I tried calling him, but he didn’t pick up the phone…

Jarrah – I’m sure there’s a good explanation for this. Perhaps Orion wanted to take a day off work and kept JK with him instead of bringing him in.

Daycare – That could be it.

Jarrah – Let me call you back. I’m going to call him.

Daycare – Okay, thank you.

Jarrah – No, thank you for calling, and letting me know whats going on.

Daycare – No problem Ms. Folland.

Jarrah – Alright, I’ll call Orion and see what’s going on. Bye.

Daycare – Goodbye.

Jarrah – *Ends Call* …..Fuck!

Jarrah – Why the fuck is he not answering his phone…..

Lola – Is everything okay?

Amina – What’s going on?

Jarrah – Orion didn’t take Joshua to daycare, and they can’t get in contact with him.

Amina – I’m sure its nothing.

Lola – Yeah, probably just wanted some father and son time.

Jarrah – Which would be fine… just let me know what the hell is going on.

Lola – Still no answer?

Jarrah – No.

Amina – You wanna drive over there? I can cover your clients until-

Jarrah – Thanks, I should-

Orion – *on phone* Hello there baby mama.

Jarrah – Hello?!

Orion – Yeah?- wait.. you sound pissed. Is everything okay?

Jarrah – Why aren’t you answering your phone?

Orion – Umm……….. I just……….did?

Jarrah – Before….

Orion – Headphone on… I’m painting in my project room.

Jarrah – Is JK with you in there?

Orion – Umm, no? Maliha took him to daycare.

Jarrah – Actually she didn’t… They just called me asking where he’s at… so where the fuck is our son Orion?

Orion – Maybe Maliha took him to work with her?

Jarrah – Is that a question? are you seriously telling me you don’t know where our kid is?

Orion – He has to be with Maliha… there’s nowhere else he can be. Let me conference her in…

Jarrah – This is fucking ridiculous! I will END her if something happened to my son.

Orion – Calm down Jarrah…

Maliha’s Phone : ………..Hi this is Mali, can’t get to the phone right now because… well reasons.. leave a message or just text me. Ciao Bella!

Orion – I’ll keep trying..

Jarrah – I’m really pissed off Orion!

Orion – Don’t think so negatively…

Jarrah – You can’t even get in contact with her… what if they’re together and hurt?!

Orion – Don’t say that!

Jarrah – Your fucking girlfriend took our kid without permission!

Orion – I’m gonna go to her job. I’ll call you back.

Jarrah – Ugh! *ends call*

Amina – ……

Lola – …..

Jarrah – I’m freaking the fuck out right now.. where is my kid!

Amina – Hey, doesn’t Maliha work with Kaori?

Lola – Yeah… call Kaori.

Jarrah – Okay…

Kaori’s Phone : Hey, its Kay…. I’m busy… leave a message.

Jarrah – Fuck!…..*clears throat* Hey Kaori… its Jarrah, call me back as soon as you get this, bye. *ends call*

Amina – I’m sure everything is alright…

Lola – Yeah, don’t panic. Don’t work yourself up.

Jarrah – I hear you guys, but I’m still worried about my son… what the fuck is Orion thinking, letting Maliha take JK out?

No time to talk, I’m about to raise hell in GloCity. My son better not be hurt… I have… to go.

(POV Keegan) [Flashback 2 hours ago]

Don’t adjust your TV set folks… its just Officer Bennett kicking ass with the GCPD to take down a freak stealing money from a closed bank. Oh yeah… I wanted action, and I got it. It was such a rush. I mean it was dangerous too considering he had hostages. We got them out and we got to him just in time. He was seriously about to make out with some serious dough. Not on our watch though.

I live off of the adrenaline I got from it. It was so exciting, and invigorating- “Invigorating” who am I Frankie? that’s a big word Keegan *laughing* Seriously though, the only thing I would have changed is Officer Douche- aka Diego being there with us. Should have been Milk… Oh well, I’m sure she’ll get her chance for some action on the field. Oh and by the way the guy we caught, was the same psycho who attacked Kaori… so double win!

[Present Time]

After we got back, we were called into Jayson’s office. Hopefully he’d tell us how much we kicked ass today…. because we did. I’m pumped!

Jayson – Andre- excuse me, Officer Moore told me that you guys did a great job today catching the perp. We ran his prints, and turns out this guy has been evading the cops for a while now. His name is Jeremy Rollins- or at least that’s one of his names. He does identity theft, and bank robberies among other things. According to a buddy of mine at the CCPD (C-City Police Department) He also went by the name of Cole Richmond. Hiding in plain sight, posing as a nurse at the hospital running a pharmaceutical scam. Stealing, and selling… the guy is bad news… with too many aliases to count.

Travis – *country accent* Well it sure feels good to put that creep away.

Diego – Wow, how the fuck did he not get caught in C-City?

Sara – I’m pretty sure he did dude… hence why he came to GloCity looking for a score. He got desperate… which meant he got messy.

Keegan – People are fucking nuts.

Jayson – This is also a personal win for you Bennett, he attacked your friend Kaori the other night. Turns out he found out she was worth some money because of who her father is.

This is why I became a cop… to protect those close to me… and of course the people of GloCity. Feel good to be validated. This asshole attacked Kaori, and now he’s going down.

Keegan – Well he’s no longer a threat to my friends, or anyone else now.

Travis – You know someone famous Keegan? who’s her father?

Keegan – He’s a pretty legit photographer, with his own line of cameras.

Diego – Its cool that he can’t rape Keegan’s friend or whatever… but lets celebrate the fact that we caught someone so wanted! does this mean we’re like getting a promotion or something?

Sara – Oh for fuck-sakes…

Jayson – No, you’re not… you didn’t do anything that you weren’t supposed to do. You’re a cop for the GCPD, you did your job. Stop looking for a trophy Gonzalez… I don’t get paid enough to sit here and listen to you cry about wanting a handout. Money is tight for lots of people… lord knows I could use more of it. I don’t do this job for the money. I do it because I want the people of GloCity to feel safe.

Diego – *rolls eyes* But we could all use a lil’ more money right sir? *smirks*

Jayson – Diego….. shut up.

Sara – *laughs*….

Jayson – While I have you four, let me give you some notes okay? The vets, and I have gone over some of you rookies evaluations- and while I won’t go into details about that, let me tell you what you can work on, and what you’re doing good with.

This should be good… I’m just waiting for Diego to be put in his place.

Jayson – Sara Pete…. Pro’s… you’re very good with children. They seem to trust you, knowing that- we know which calls are perfect for you. Con’s…. you’re not aggressive enough with men. They intimidate you it seems? you’re the law… you’re a cop. You hold the authority. So work on building up your confidence.

Sara – Yes sir.

Jayson – Keegan Bennett, overall you’re good. Also your pro’s and con’s are actually the same thing.

Keegan – I don’t understand?

Jayson – You’re really good with women, but sometimes you’re too good with women.

He’s getting the wrong idea about me…

Keegan – I’m not flirting with them, I just-

Jayson – If its unintentional, then umm, you know now… but to be honest, the women cling to you, and you sorta seem to… embrace it?

Keegan – I just figured they liked a man in uniform, and if I can make them feel comfortable enough to get information-

Jayson – Don’t argue with me, it comes across…. it just makes people look at you a certain way. Its obvious you’re a good looking guy, but just keep it in check. Use it when its necessary, but don’t over do the flirting okay? Also now that we’ve had this back and forth I just thought of another con for you. Your quest for perfection. Stop it.

Ugh fuck… why is he being so hard on me…

Keegan – Yes sir…. and sorry for being combative… that was disrespectful, and will not happen again.

Jayson – Good…. moving on. Officer Boone..

Travis – Yes, sir?

Jayson – Pro’s… you fly through paperwork, you’re thorough, and pay attention to detail. Con…. you ask too many questions. You have a book for most of the answers you’re looking for. By stopping others and asking these basic questions, you’re stopping them from getting other important work done. Study up, or at least wait until you see someone not busy…

Travis – Okay… I got it.

Jayson – Officer Gonzales… simply put… you’re smug, and cocky. You’re still in high school it seems with the way you treat your peers. Cut that shit out now… got it?

Diego – ……yeah…..

Jayson – On top of that you’re slow…

Diego – Excuse me? like as in retarded?

Travis – That is not a word I think you should use.

Sara – Its offensive.

Keegan – *shakes head*

Jayson – No, Slow as in you are late with paperwork. You phone it in with your reports and that can’t happen.

Diego – I mean damn, do I do anything good?

Jayson – You have a natural leadership about you. People look to you for answers. If you can fix everything else you’d be okay.

Diego – ….Okay…. fine… I’ll work on my many cons…

Jayson – …… Bennett, Pete… you’re dismissed. Boone, Gonzalez… stay put.

Travis – Am I in trouble?

Diego – What did I do now?

Jayson – No, you’re not in trouble. I need you, and Diego to do something for me.

Sara – Well alrighty then…

Keegan – Yep…

Well that went from awesome to sucky pretty fast. He seriously killed my vibe…. but I guess maybe he’s just… I don’t know actually. He seems sorta frustrated with life so either he’s legit making an effort to help me better myself- or he’s taking things out on me.

Wonder how much Officer Moore heard…

Andre – Good job out there today Bennett.

Keegan – Thanks Officer Moore. I’m learning a lot from you.

Andre – Well after hearing that meeting, I still have to teach you a few more things.

Keegan – Oh… you heard Detective Carter rip into me….

Andre – Jayson likes you, he’s just doing his job… molding you to one day be teaching rookies how shit works.

Keegan – I still felt like an idiot…

Andre – You’re a rook…. it happens. Also He’s going through some financial issues lately…. He’s kind of stressed. As you know we don’t make that much money. He didn’t even tell me that. I overheard him on the phone talking about it. So that stays between us…

Keegan – Of course… everyone has something their dealing with. I understand.

Still… if it is that… why take it out on me. Not like I’m making it rain hundreds in his face and screaming “You Mad or Nah?!” like seriously…


Milk – What’s up wonder woman.

Sara – Nothing much… just feeling bad ass and what-not….

Milk – That’s cool.

Sara – You okay? it looks like you’ve been crying…

Milk – I’m fine…

Sara – Is everything okay with you and you’re boyfriend?

Milk – Darell, and I are cool.. its job related.

Sara – What’s going on babe?

Milk – You know the Brown’s family? we’ve had calls of domestic abuse for the past month right?

Sara – Yeah… they are such dicks…. I mean she hits the husband, he hits her… its a mess.

Milk – Right… and well.. I was called, me and Chet went to check things out. The mom hit the dad with the hot iron. Bloody, burnt skin… Her face is all bruised. Looked like they just went to war. Meanwhile the little boy is in the corner clutching his puppy…. crying. He looked at me and said “Make it stop” I almost broke down. I had to step outside.

Sara – Aww… I’m- do you want a hug or-

Milk – I’m okay now. I cried when I got back here…. I feel so embarrassed that the emotion took over…

Kitty – Don’t be embarrassed girl. On my first day, a man blew his head off. Blood, guts and everything in my fucking face. I didn’t eat for a week. Couldn’t sleep- cried… the whole nine okay? you’re fine, its okay to have a moment to yourself. I think it would be weird if you were numb to it.

Milk – Thank’s, Kitrina.

Kitty – No problem.

Sara – Changing the subject… what’s on the menu tonight? You cooking?

Kitty – What’s going on tonight?

Sara – Milk, and her boyfriend Darell are having a double dinner date with Keegan, and his girlfriend Priscilla.

Kitty – Darell? oh you datin’ a brotha, Officer Chambers? Yasss

Milk – Yeah he’s … black *laughs* which is so weird to say out loud. I’ve dated Black, Indian, Asian… Hispanic- actually thinking about it… I don’t date many white guys.

Kitty – So you be cookin that good food for him?

Milk – No, I can’t cook… thank god my bestfriend Priscilla can… She’s making spaghetti tonight.

Sara – What are your plans tonight Kitty?

Kitty – Oh girl, I’m meeting up with a young Tenderoni

Sara – Umm… a “Tenda-What”

Milk – I have no idea what that word means…

Kitty – Y’all ain’t never heard of a tenderoni? its like a PYT… a pretty young thang.. young and sexy… basically a fine ass nigg-….. dude. *clears throat*

Milk – Oooooh okay.

Sara – Is this Tenderoni meeting you at your place?

Kitty – Oh no, this fool lives in CCity. We meeting up for dinner in Bridgeport, and then to a hotel for a nightcap and room service….. and DICK… I’m getting DICK TONIGHT.

Milk – *laughing* Oh my god.

Sara – Well sounds fun.

Milk – What are you doing Sara?

Sara – Just hanging out with my friend Rhys, we’re gonna umm.. finish binge-watching Jessica Jones on netflix.

Kitty – Cute date night!

Sara – She’s…. straight.

Milk – Please….

Kitty – Well straight until proven gay… y’all gone kitty click or what?

Sara – Ummm… next subject *laughing*

Andre – Did you just hear that?- What the hell is kitty clicking? did I hear that correctly?

Keegan – I’m pretty sure she’s talking about scissoring or something?

Andre – What?

Keegan – Like banging…. vaginas?……… together?

Andre – Lesbians do that?

Are we really at work talking about various ways lesbians get it on?

Keegan – Have you never seen lesbian porn before?

Andre – I have but I’ve only seen them using things on each other… and like… licking- why are we talking about this?

Keegan – Because you stopped talking, and started eavesdropping…

Something I’m noticing he’s good at. I like Officer Moore but I should probably be careful what I say around him… Already I’ve learned what’s bother Jayson, how he heard my meeting word for word, and seen how easy he eavesdropped on Milk, Sara, and Kitrina’s conversation.

Andre – Right, my bad. Anyway…. okay so… just to let you know, I agree with Jayson. You sometimes do come off like you’re trying to be perfect.

Keegan – I didn’t know I was doing that….

Andre – Well… you do now.

Keegan – Its not like super bad though right? I don’t look like a kiss ass or anything do I?

Andre – No, but I can see how someone could get annoyed at it? You know guys like Diego look for shit to hate others for…

Keegan – Noted…. I’ll work on it.

Andre – Look I don’t investigate other cops unless I’m ordered to… but I’m going to assume that you have a past- we all do. You don’t have to be a perfect cop, to atone for past sins. You’ve already taken action, and became a police officer to help people. That’s good enough. Don’t ever let the past hold you back from being great in the present and future. You hear me Bennett?

Keegan – Yes Sir… I just… I don’t want to come off that way… I feel like shit.

Andre – I get it… but it all boils down to this; you got some criticism today. Learn from it, and move on you know? You’re having dinner with your lady, and some friends. Enjoy the night, don’t let this shit linger.

Keegan – You’re right, you’re right.

Andre – You’re doing WAY better than me when I was a rook… so chin up.

Keegan – Thanks for the advice.

Andre – All day.

Eavesdropping, and Gossiping aside. Officer Moore is a really good guy, and he looks out for me. I’m glad he’s here and looking out for me. He’s right, I did good today and I shouldn’t let the criticism get to me- 1 because it was constructive criticism… I think, and 2. I’m a rookie, I don’t know everything. I’m still learning, and I need to be patient. Its amazing how Andre (officer moore) kinda hit the nail on the head when he told me that I was trying to be perfect, to atone for my past… I think subconsciously that’s exactly what I was trying to do. I am not perfect, and today proved that… and I have to learn to be okay with who I am… past present and future.

(POV Jarrah)

So, umm… the day came and went, and my son is still not in my arms. Maliha tweeted today, and the location showed up…. she’s in Pylea…. this was 3 hours ago btw. I am beyond pissed off. I don’t think anything bad has happened to my son, because of her tweet… it said “cheering myself up with great company” So clearly she has JK with her. I’m just pissed that she thought all of this was okay.

Jarrah – How do you tweet but not check in with people? like… what the hell?

Kaori – Where are you?

Jarrah – Orion’s….

Frankie – This is really fucking ridiculous Jarrah, If I were you…. I’d probably slap the shit out of her…

Kaori – You know its bad when Frankie says something like that.

Jarrah – So you said she wasn’t at work today right?

Kaori – Nope, last time I saw her was yesterday. She went into her mom’s office, ran out pissed… so I texted her, and she said she took a half day. I don’t believe her, something is up… because she didn’t come in today, and Sasha (Kaori’s boss/Maliha’s mom) didn’t seem to care…

Frankie – To me… that sounds like she and her mom got into it…

Jarrah – That mixed with the stupid ass tweet, I agree….. god… this is why…. I swear, I didn’t want her watching my son…

Kaori – Understandable…

Frankie – She’s being so irresponsible, and stupid….

Jarrah – Where are you guys?

Kaori – I’m dragging Frankie along with me to the comic shop.

Jarrah – Why? gift for Zoey?

Kaori – Yeah, I want to see what kind of spider-gwen merch they have- but that’s besides the point.. we’re checking on you right now.

Frankie – Is there anything we can do?

Jarrah – Not really, but thanks for asking. I’m sorry guys, I know we were supposed to get dinner-

Frankie – You shut it right now Jarrah. Don’t you dare apologize. We can get dinner anytime…

Jarrah – I’m so mad… angry…. scared…

Orion – ……..

Jarrah – I’m gonna go.

Kaori – Okay, just call us back if you need us.

Frankie – Keegan texted me by the way… he pulled in a favor from that Jayson Carter dude who said he knows you. They’re out looking for JK right now. Jeep is also out with his fraternity spreading the word.

Jarrah – I know they called me a second ago… ugh… im upset, but I’m gonna try, and keep calm… anyway I’ll call you guys If I need to.

Kaori – Okay.

Frankie – Stay positive babe.

Jarrah – Thanks guys. *ends call*

Forever happy that I have those girls in my corner.

Orion – You know what I think?

Jarrah – Who gives a SHIT what YOU think right now?!

Orion – Why are you yelling at me?

Jarrah – Orion, he’s your son! You just go paint, and leave him alone with Maliha? do you do that often?

Orion – No! I don’t! I got inspired, so I went down to paint…

Jarrah – Your girlfriend is a stupid bitch, why would she do this? why would she even think this is okay?!

Orion – I don’t know… there is something going on that she’s not telling me.

Jarrah – I don’t care, there is no justification.

Orion – Why don’t you just finally say it…

Jarrah – Say what?

Orion – That you hate me… that you hate me for falling for Maliha… You talk so much shit about her for it… but you hold back on me.. why? because I’m JK’s dad?

Jarrah – Fuck you Orion, because honestly you’re just as fucked up as she is. You came to my sorority party, you met her WHILE she was dating my ex Dylan… so its fucking weird, and awkward.

Orion – Then say it, because all of this passive aggressive bullshit that you bring with you EVERY TIME you come here is getting REAL FUCKING TIRED!

Jarrah – What’s tired is your girlfriend dating my exes… you included.

Orion – I’m sick of the pettiness… so fucking what. She dated two guys who happens to be JARRAH FOLLAND’s exes….. GET OVER IT, and get under someone new… isn’t that what you’re trying to do right now anyway?

Jarrah – Excuse me?

Orion – You’re playing a game with those two guys and you shouldn’t. That’s why karma bit you… Owen having some Hispanic wife, and kid…. secrets come out! You can’t date two guys, someone will get hurt.

Jarrah – ……You don’t know what I’m doing, or why. Unlike YOU I don’t just introduce JK to the next romantic interest!

Orion – Maliha’s more than that to me!

Jarrah – Congratulations!

Orion – Admit how much you hate me… so we can both just stop pretending we’re friends…. because we’re clearly NOT

Jarrah – Know this…. if we didn’t have a son together… I would hate you, and never talk to you again.

Orion – ……

Jarrah – …….

Ugh its not even true, but he’s making me mad right now. My ex, who’s dating my ex sorority sister, who dated my ex boyfriend before that is trying to pass judgement on what I’m doing with Owen, and Shane. How dare him…

Orion – …….What are we doing Jarrah?

Jarrah – ………I don’t know….. we have a son together, who’s missing and we’re standing here yelling at each other like stupid people. Its not about us-

Orion – I need to know something…

Jarrah – …..What?

Orion – Do you hate me, because you’re still in love with me?

That’s arrogant, and bold of him…. but I guess I could see why he’d be curious about that. FYI, I am NOT in love with Orion anymore. That “ship” sailed a long time ago. The best I can do is be the best co-parent I can with him.

Jarrah – No…. no to both things. I don’t hate you, and I didn’t mean what I said about… never talking to you. I’m sorry I’m just…

Orion – I don’t hate you, and I’m glad you answered no to both of those things… because I need to be honest with you about something…

Jarrah – What is it?

God… please don’t be in love with me still, that would be awkward for ALL parties involved.

Orion – I’m really…. really in love with Maliha… and its… different from when I was with you- please don’t take offense to that.

Jarrah – It does sting a little bit, but…. I guess that’s honesty for you…

Orion – Its a different kind of love. I obviously loved you… and I still do but because you’re the mother of my son- and a wonderful woman. With Maliha I just… we get each other- its soulmate type love… she’s not what I would have ever wanted but… it happened…. fate made it happen. It hurts so much when you yell at her, and make me feel like shit for dating her because I believe in fate…

Jarrah – …..Well I do too.

Orion – If fate made me meet you, and Lola that day at the airport… for all of the past shit to happen for me to be with Maliha… then… it was worth it. You don’t know her like I do. You don’t know her insecurities and goals in life… She’s a full person… just like you. I sometimes feel like you, and your friends- the six of you… you guys act like you’re the only ones going through journeys… oblivious to everyone else…

Jarrah – … We don’t act, nor feel that way… we’re just connected the six of us. We’ve been friends for a long time, and have maintained friendship through all of the growing up, life and tribulations. Don’t mistake our love for each other as selfishness.

Its kind of annoying when outsiders think shit like that. The six of us have been through a lot, and we are a tight unit. Its not like we don’t recognize everyone else stuff. Lola, Collin, Elena… plenty of others I’ve put first and helped out. Same goes for Keegan, Jeep, Trey, Frankie, and Kaori. They all have people in their lives who they have been there for.

Orion – All I’m saying is… it hurts when you look at me like you hate me, and it hurts to see Maliha feeling a certain way after you say things to her. She’s human like everyone else, no matter how confident she comes off.

Jarrah – Look I get what you’re saying but this is the wrong time to have this conversation. Our son could be hurt… we can talk about this another day… is that okay?

Orion – Yeah, and you’re right… lets just make sure JK is-

Maliha – Hello, hello, hello!

Acting like nothing is wrong… is she serious?

Ali – Hey, Orion.

Orion – Hi.

Why is her brother here?

Maliha – Oh hey Jarrah, what are-

Jarrah – What the fuck is wrong with you?

Maliha – What?- Jarrah just calm down… I-

Ali – It can all be explained… my sister was feel-

Jarrah – I honestly don’t care how she was feeling. I want to know why she thought it would be okay to kidnap my son, and take him god knows where!

Maliha – I didn’t kidnap JK, he was left in my care, while his daddy was painting.

Jarrah – And you what? decided to go off to Europe with him?

Maliha – Wait, am I seriously getting chewed out for having a day with JK? we went shopping, and to the zoo… why is that so bad?

Jarrah – Are you dense?

Ali – Jarrah-

Jarrah – Shut up Ali.

Maliha – Don’t tell my brother to shut up!

Jarrah – I’ll say whatever I want.

Orion – Here, hand me my son.

Maliha – *gives JK to Orion*

Orion – You should have called….

Maliha – ….Sorry.

Jarrah – You didn’t take him to daycare, you didn’t call and ask me if you could take him shopping or to the zoo, and you didn’t even alert Orion to tell him your plans. On top of that when we tried to get in contact with you, you ignore us. You show up here acting oblivious like nothing was done wrong. You are out of your fucking mind- that or you lack self-awareness.

Ali – I thought they knew you had him? thought we were just explaining why you needed this day to-

Maliha – It doesn’t even matter… I’m over this. I’m gonna make some tea.

Jarrah – So that’s it? Orion and I spend all day worried if you, and our son is dead or not… and you don’t explain yourself because you’re over it and want tea?

Maliha – Yep… just like that.

Jarrah – You know what…. I’m a mother now… I can’t be doing this… you talk to your fucking girlfriend Orion. I’m done…

Maliha – Be done then! Get out!… you’re so annoying anyway…. god Dylan was right about you. Shady, and selfish… dumped him so you could go fuck French men!

Jarrah – You are such a bitch. I should slap the shit out of you… I really should… but instead I’m gonna walk away… one day when YOU have kids of your own… you’ll understand this day.. Oh and for the record I didn’t go to France to fuck FRENCH MEN. I actually came back, went to LA, met ORION… so I guess I went to LA to FUCK black men now? you are a sad, pathetic- uninformed cunt.

Maliha – Jarrah Folland ladies and gentleman! Miss I’m SOOOOOOOOOO perfect that my pussy is made for two- Count em’- TWO men! Miss I had a baby, and I work sooo hard and I love fashion SOOOO much! I fall off and bounce right back! I’m SOOOO fucking amazing! *clapping* Wooo go Jarrah! Bitch please okay? you barely see your kid, and he LOVED spending time with me at the zoo. Meanwhile you ship him off at his grandparents or here while you talk about how soft the silk is for the Spring collection. FUCK YOU, YOU MARY SUE BITCH!!

Jarrah – *slowly inhales…… then exhales* Oh, Maliha…….

Jarrah – *slaps Maliha*

Ali – What the fuck!

Orion – Jarrah!

Jarrah – Fuck me? you want to try and say fuck me? Maliha, you are the most spoiled, silver-spoon having bitch I have ever met in my life. You completely bullshitted your way through college and SOMEHOW graduated. You had like no direction, and what happened? mommy decided to throw you a bone and hire your dumbass. From what I’m hearing you can’t even do THAT right, but then again being a child of nepotism you probably have job security no matter how much you SUCK at life.

Maliha – …..

Jarrah – The audacity of you to even try and come for me. I am in no way a mary sue- and the fact that you would even say that suggest what is obvious in this situation. You don’t fucking know me… at all. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve broken promises- pacts… I’ve done stuff. Oh and you’re DAMN right that when I fall I bounce back up, because that’s how it SHOULD be. You don’t know anything about my friendship with Lola, or how and why the LC Agency even exist. You are a foul mouth bitch, who THINKS she knows everything about everybody! All that money, and you still lack sophistication and class.

Orion – Jarrah…

Jarrah – And to stand there……….. and judge me as a parent…. for working hard so that JK has a future, and never has to worry about money? You’re lucky your head didn’t go flying through a window. I am a great mom, None of the guys I CASUALLY hangout with have even met my son. I take care of my son, and I put him first every day. To even suggest that I’m a negligent mother, is to suggest that I am a piece of shit, which I could never be.

Maliha – …..

Jarrah – You cannot ever come for me because I-am-not-that-girl. I work hard for everything I have, why? because I am a strong woman who knows herself, unlike your insecure Kim Kardashian wannabe ass. What really pisses me of is that you stand here in a $1000 dress trying to judge me for everything I have- which I’ve worked HARD for. While not clocking yourself for doing NOTHING and having so much. I’m sick of talking to you, so long story short? Go fuck yourself.

Maliha – ………*starts to cry*

Jarrah – Here comes the crocodile tears. I’m not doing this…. *grabs JK from Orion*

Orion – ….

Maliha – *crying hysterically*

Orion – Baby…. its okay….

Maliha – *crying* I can’t-

Ali – Tell them!

Orion – Tell us what?

Maliha – *crying*

Ali – Just tell-

Maliha – I’m can’t do this right now!

Jarrah – …..Whatever, I’m not consoling her after everything she said to me. I have to go… you can deal with that.

Yes, I snapped on her, and I honestly don’t care. She needed to hear it, she’s always such a bitch to people, and everything she said to me was uncalled for. How do you try and drag someone’s parental skills? you don’t have fucking kids, so don’t you dare judge me- or any other mother. Then to be passive aggressive and say you’re over it, and refuse to talk about something that YOU did?

Ugh seriously… I don’t like ripping into people like that, but truth be told… I don’t give a damn about Maliha. Whatever issues she has going on is fine, we all have shit going wrong in our lives, but attacking me, kidnapping my kid… then being a bitch? nope… I’m not standing for it. I’m not sympathizing with her either, you can if you want to. Oh and if you think I’m being a mean bitch then… well… yeah, good luck with that, because nothing is changing from my perspective.

(POV Keegan) [At Milk & Priscilla’s House]

[Top Pic]

One moment….

Keegan – So crisis adverted eh?

Kaori (*on phone*) – Yeah, she has JK, and she’s at home… She said she and Orion got into it… and then she got into it with Maliha…

Keegan – They better not have ganged up on her…

Kaori – Nah, it happened with Orion, and then Maliha…. separate arguments.

Keegan – Oh okay… long as it wasn’t a two on one type of situation.

Kaori – Look at you being all protective.

Keegan – You, Jarrah, Frankie, you guys are the girls… you damn right I’ll protect you.

Kaori – *laughs*


Darell – New boyfriend texting you?

Myra – Umm, no, its my sister.

Darell – Hey I heard a rumor about her…

Myra – Hmm?

Darell – Is she a lesbian now?

Myra – Umm…

Curtis – Auntie Rhys, is gay now?

Myra – Just rumors….

Darell – So that’s not the case?

Myra – No…. at least I don’t think so…

Milk – The rumor is that its with the chick I work with-

Myra – Sara Pete?

Darell – Oh right I forget she’s a cop too.

Myra – Sara and Rhys do hangout a lot but… I don’t know.

Curtis – They took me to get ice cream before. They’re really close.

Darell – What about you son, you got a lil’ girlfriend?

Milk – Your friend Zoey?

Curtis – I am not talking about that sorta thing… yuck.

Milk – *laughing*

Darell – Well you can talk to me about anything….

Curtis – ….. Okay.

Myra – Well anyway you guys have a fun dinner. Thanks for picking him up from piano lessons.

Milk – Its no problem at all.

Myra – Say bye to your daddy, and his girlfriend.

Curtis – Bye dad, bye Milk.

Myra – See ya later Keegan!

Keegan – Bye guys!

Curtis – What did auntie Rhys want when she texted you?

Myra – She wants us to go to the grocery store before we come home.

Curtis – Are we?

Myra – I guess…

[Bottom Pic]

Kaori – Who was that?

Keegan – Myra Kelley.

Kaori – Ah okay.

Keegan – I’m at Milk, and Priscilla’s for-

Kaori – The dinner, yeah I remember. God I’m jealous…

Keegan – Why?

Kaori – Because I’m so hungry, and all we have is leftover Chinese.

Keegan – I thought you and Frankie were going out to dinner?

Kaori – We were, but then Frankie got called to work… so… yeah. Guess Aries and I will eat Chinese…. AGAIN.

Keegan – So umm… I’m not supposed to say anything until tomorrow…. but… you know the guy who attacked you?

Kaori – Yeah… I can’t forget him saying he wanted to rape me… fucking psycho.

Keegan – We caught him.

Kaori – You did?!

Keegan – Yeah, and he’s like… a big criminal, so… he won’t be getting out anytime soon… you’re safe.

Kaori – Oh my god that makes me so happy.

Priscilla – …………..

Kaori – I feel…. so happy about that.

Keegan – Good…. its what I want for my friends and family.

Kaori – Fuck it, I’m gonna make Aries take me out for dinner.

Keegan – Why not Ian?

Kaori – You know what?…. good idea.

Keegan – I usually have those.

Kaori – Well anyway… thanks Keegan.

Keegan – No, problem Kaori.

Priscilla – ….


Milk – You are such a good dad… its cute.

Darell – Oh you think the daddy thing is hot?

Milk – I do.

Darell – Well you can call me daddy later…

Milk – Oh…. I plan on it… some of that big black di-

Priscilla – Dinner’s ready.

Darell – What we eating?

Priscilla – Spaghetti, and I made a bread pudding for dessert. Keegan hang up with whoever, its time to eat babe.

Keegan – Alright.

Kaori (on phone) –  Well I’ll talk to you later. Have fun.

Keegan – You too, tell Ian I said wassup…

Kaori – You two are so gay…

Keegan – *laughs* bye.

Kaori – Bye

[Call ends]

I didn’t get a chance to really catch up with you guys because I was on the phone. Things went from bad to good- which is a good thing. I’m happy Jarrah’s son is with her and safe. Can’t believe Maliha would do what she did. Hopefully this doesn’t create any problems for Orion and Jarrah… I’d hate for her to feel like she didn’t want JK around Maliha, so that meant Orion suffered. I don’t think she’s that vindictive though. Its not my business, so I’ll just continue to be a friend, and support her in any way she needs.

Moving on to the present moment in time. Here I am… doing… “couples” dinner. Its something about doing a double date, with a home cooked meal that makes you feel like a grown up- I mean yeah I’m an adult sure… but there are things that you see in movies, tv shows that just- you get what I’m trying to say- I hope. Wow when did I become so bad at explaining things?

Darell – Damn Cilla, this pasta is hella good. Did you make your own sauce?

Priscilla – Yeah I made it earlier.

Milk – Show off…. did you make the pasta too?!

Priscilla – Actually I did…. *sticks tongue out*

Keegan – When did you find the time to do all of this?

Priscilla – I didn’t work today?

Keegan – You had the day off?

Priscilla – Yeah.

Keegan – Why didn’t you tell me? I could have taken you to lunch or something.

Priscilla – Its okay, I was out- grocery shopping.

Keegan – I see.

Priscilla – So how’s everyone doing? lets chat- lets do the grown up thing.

Milk – *putting on fancy accent* Well Darling! we may as well.

Keegan – How’s work Darell?

Darell – Its alright, I showed off two houses today… and I think I might have a buyer. Real estate isn’t that hard to be honest. I’m a people person, and I know how to turn on the charm, and be astute when need be.

Milk – Oh baby tell them about Barbara…

Priscilla – Who?

Darell – Oh, this fat ass chick at my office. She smells so bad… like onions, and mustard… and then fish… She has a different odor each day. Then when she walks the whole office shakes. Now I know y’all thinking I’m fucked up… but this woman is evil. I once saw her spit in someone’s food. She talks shit about other people in the office too. She’s annoying as hell… and she asked me out. I told her no, and that I had a girlfriend. Her reply to that was “Oh you’d hit this if you were single, black mean love thick white girls”…..

Keegan – *laughing* Okay…. I have a question…. about that…

Darell – I already know what you’re about to ask.

Keegan – How?

Darell – Because I ask it all the time. “Why black dudes love dating fatass white chicks”

Keegan – How did you- *laughing hysterically* how did you know I was gonna bring that up?!

If someone would have told me that I’d be friends with Darell Sampson a few years ago… I’d probably laugh in their face. I never saw this happening, but I legit like dude. He’s cool, and much like myself… he’s learned from all of his past mistakes. He’s a much better person now than he was before. Which goes with how I feel about bad people in general. I feel like 20% of people are nonredeemable. The other 70- 80? god I’m bad at math. Lets go with 80. The other 80 I think has the ability to become better, and have redemption. I don’t think all bad people are always going to be bad.

Priscilla – *laughing* Oh my god…. its kinda true though. Some black guys when they date white women… its usually the… rounder ones…

Milk – *laughing* Well don’t look at me, I’m half Mexican…

Darell – So umm, what about you Cilla? your class ready for the competition?

Priscilla – Yes, and no. My star dancer hurt her ankle, so…. I’m worried… but I try and tell them its not about the win. Its about the unity, and going out there and having fun. That’s not to say that I don’t feel like slapping a few stage-moms who ALWAYS want to sit in practice… with their starbucks, and shades…

Keegan – The stories she tells me when she gets off work… she once had a mom accuse her of playing favorites.

Priscilla – She was about to get slapped, but I counted to 10, and remained calm.

Darell – Crazy…. So what about the two officers at the table?

Milk – Umm, it was a rather uneventful day.

I see what she’s doing. She rather not bring up the domestic abuse situation. Keeping things light. I don’t blame her. Don’t wanna be Debbie downer at the couple’s dinner.

Priscilla – *smiles*

Keegan – Well you guys remember that guy who attacked Kaori?

Priscilla – How could we forget?

Darell – Hockey Face Rapist.

Milk – Keegan, and some others caught him today trying to rob a closed bank.

Keegan – Dude is crazy too. He has multiple identities, and has run so many scams… Its a good thing he’s off the streets.

Darell – Aww my hero!

Keegan – Shut up *laughing*

Darell – I’m sure Kaori’s happy you did her that solid.

Priscilla – I mean… it was just a good thing in general. Now he can’t hurt anybody….

Milk – Yeah….

Keegan – Yep.

Priscilla – How is she doing though?

Keegan – Huh?

Priscilla – That was her that you were on the phone with right?

Keegan – She’s fine, we were talking about the situation with Maliha, and Hockey Face… I don’t need to go into it… you guys know everything now.

Darell – Yeah… I keep thinking about Jarrah…. I mean my son is older, but I’d still clip a bitch if they kidnapped him.

Milk – Not trying to defend Maliha, but I don’t think her intention was to kidnap the baby… I do think she was completely wrong for what she did though.

Priscilla – I would have been pissed….she seems so into herself to be honest…

I don’t know what to think, Maybe she’s going through some shit…. but still… what she did today was wrong, period.

Keegan – I went on a date with her once…

Darell – You did?!

Keegan – Yeah, at GCU, and dude…. she was just…. bragging about running up a 100k tab… then she went into the funniest tangent I have ever heard. I never forgot it. I remember it word for word. She said Girls get so jealous of me and my life… like.. you want the keys to my Porsche?  Here’s the keys! like.. that’s why I don’t tell bitches about my life. Truth be told I run GloCity. I shut it down wherever I go.

Priscilla – Ugh… see… ridiculous.

Milk – That’s fucking hilarious.

Darell – Sounds just like her….

Keegan – To be fair though… I think we were all different back then. We’re not who we were, we’ve grown up a lot.

Priscilla – You’re right, she could have changed since then. Maybe she was nervous being on a date with you, and was trying to show off.

Milk – I think that’s what it is.

Darell – Yeah. *takes another bite of the food* Y’all know how we were talking about stereotypes earlier?

Milk – About the white girls and black guy thing?

Darell – Yeah.

Priscilla – What about it?

Darell – Well… you my dear Cilla… you’ve broken one for me tonight.

Priscilla – How so?

Darell – Your food is seasoned!

Milk & Keegan – *laughing hysterically*

Priscilla – Thank you? *laughing*

He sorta has a point about the seasoning thing… Mama K doesn’t really season meat that well, meanwhile Mama J does it just right.

Darell – I done had white people food… and they do a PINCH of salt, and pepper… then use ketchup like its sriracha or some shit. ketchup ain’t spicy!

Milk – Speaking of good food. How did you like “The Honey Bar” ? I still can’t get a table at that place. What did you do? flash them some tit?

Darell – Oh yeah, Milk said you went to Bridgeport and tried it Wednesday night, how was it? I hear their steak is bomb.

Keegan – Wait Wednesday? You said you were working all night… I was gonna cook for you and stuff…..

Priscilla – *coughing* umm… *gives Milk the evil eye*

What the fuck? did she lie about being one place, when she was at another?

Darell – *looks at milk knowingly*

Milk – Oops…..

Darell – ……….

Milk – …….

Keegan – Whats going on?

Priscilla – ……I, umm..

Keegan – Why did you lie to me?

Priscilla – I- Lets not make a big deal out of-

Keegan – You lied….

Priscilla – Keegan… don’t- like please just stop. Its not-

Keegan – Did you just not wanna hangout with me or something?

Priscilla – No! I- its not even…

Milk – Were you with your MOM or something?

Keegan – Stop it Milk… you’re trying to help your friend have a legit excuse. I admire your loyalty…. but don’t….

Milk – …..

Darell – Awkward….. should we step outside?

Priscilla – I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be back…

Milk – I do to…

Darell – Of course….

Keegan – ……. We aren’t done talking about this….

Priscilla – Dude… I have to pee okay?

Keegan – Wow…..

[In Hallway] (Keegan & Darell can’t hear them)

Milk – What the fuck Priscilla…

Priscilla – What?

Milk – The next time you fucking lie to your boyfriend, at least give me the heads up.

Priscilla – …….

Milk – I like Keegan, I can’t be lying to him… you’re my bestfriend but shit… the dude has grown on me.

Priscilla – Ugh… I don’t want to talk about-

Milk – Oh no, you’re gonna tell me everything in the bathroom…

Priscilla – But it would be awkward for you since you work with him everyday….

Milk – ……What the fuck are you mixed up in?


Keegan – …………

Darell – …………………

Keegan – *scratches head* …..

Darell – ….. You alright?

Keegan – …… I’ve never been insecure when its come to relationships, but with the string of bad luck I’ve had…. I always think I’ve done something wrong.

Darell – You think you pushing her away?

Keegan – That’s the thing, I don’t- The only thing I could think is that I smother her?

Darell – How? you both work all the time.

Keegan – That’s why, I’m always asking her to sleep at my place, maybe she’s tired of me and needs space?

Darell – I don’t think that’s it… because that restaurant she went to… its hard to get in. Ain’t no way she went by herself. Unless she really was with her mom- and or dad.

Keegan – …..Or Gina…. I know next to nothing about this Gina woman…

Darell – Who the fuck is Gina?

Keegan – Her gym friend? they’ve been hanging out a lot?

Darell – I’m gonna be dead ass honest with you bruh…. I ain’t never heard of no Gina. Milk tells me everything, and she’s never once mentioned a gym friend or some woman named Gina. You work with Milk, you never brought it up to her?

Keegan – No, because I didn’t want to look like the paranoid, nosy boyfriend….

Darell – Ah, that’s true…

Keegan – Something doesn’t make sense here…

Darell – I know I’m like the last person who should be giving advice considering I once cheated on Portia, and fucked Rubi…. before she was fat- BUT I think you should play it cool when they come back in here.

Keegan – What do you mean?

Darell – Just be cool, have a good dinner, good conversation… then chew her ass out back at the crib.

Keegan – I guess, you’re right, I shouldn’t be having this conversation with her in front of you guys.

Darell – Milk probably feels in the middle…. *laughing*

Keegan – Yeah…. but umm, you’re right about changing the vibe of the dinner. Lets talk about something else.

Darell – Okay…. do you think my son is gay?

Keegan – What?- Curtis?

Darell – Yeah, he’s always with Zoey, and he says they always go to your place. So I’d imagine you’d…. catch a gay vibe?

Keegan – Umm…. I mean…

Darell – I’m not offended, you can say it.

Keegan – He does seem feminine? But the thing about that is… its sorta in right now for boys his age to blur the lines? Who knows when he gets to high school he can become hyper masculine.

Darell – That’s true… I wonder if he likes Zoey…

Keegan – *laughing*

Darell – How is she doing?

Keegan – Dude… let me tell you about that… I had a meeting with the president of the school board this morning…. shit got crazy… So first Marlene Baycock came in smelling of expensive perfume, and cigarettes… and she *trails off*

I sat there telling Darell everything about the meeting, trying to take his advice, and change the vibe of the room. I admit though, it was still fucking with me. Why the fuck would Priscilla say she was working all night, but then be off at a really popular- hard to get into restaurant? She lied to me, and blew me off. On top of that I’m confused about her “friend” Gina from the gym. Milk tells Darell everything, and he doubts Gina exist. If Milk doesn’t know who this Gina person is then… either A : She’s not real, and Priscilla made her up… which… wouldn’t make any sense. Or B : Priscilla is keeping Gina from Milk, because she’s afraid she’d judge her for cheating on me? Either one of those things would be completely fucked up. I’m stressed out now… but since Priscilla is going back to my place with me… I’ll handle it then.

(POV Jarrah)

I’ve…. cooled off a bit, and had time to reflect on what transpired today. I still stand firm in what I did to Maliha…. however, part of me wonders if I could have done it another way. Saying that- if I’m honest, is a bit crazy to me. I don’t know what else I could have done to set her straight. I know I shouldn’t have slapped her, but she brought my parenting skills into it, and my family. Still, no justification here, I shouldn’t have hit her. I feel bad for making the girl cry. Whatever it is that she’s going through, clearly JK helped her feel better by going to the zoo with her. I would have been fine with it, had she just told me in advance… but what’s done is done I guess.

With JK down for the night, my brother Micah and his girlfriend Olivia decided to come over and check on me. Which resulted in Coffee, and gossip… and catching up of course. I’m thankful for my family on days like this… my friends too. Everyone sticks together, and protects one another. Its a great feeling knowing someone always has your back.

Olivia – Still thinking about it?

Jarrah – Huh?

Olivia – What happened with JK, and his father’s girlfriend.

Jarrah – Oh, yeah…. I feel bad.

Micah – Are you kidding me? she kidnapped my nephew… you don’t have anything to feel bad about.

Jarrah – I slapped her….

Micah – Still….

Jarrah – She obviously going through something, and I don’t want to add to it.

Olivia – Well, Jarrah…. she should have thought about that before she did what she did. My grandma Amy used to say… Don’t write a check that your ass can’t cash. That would always annoy my mother *laughing* All joking aside… while you regret hitting her, I don’t think you did anything wrong.

Jarrah – Well thank you, you guys are making me feel a little better. Enough about me though, how are you guys doing? did you want more coffee?

Micah – I think I’ve had enough to get me through the night shift.

Olivia – Same… granted you’re working at the hospital, and I’m grading papers.

Jarrah – Do you enjoy being a teacher?

Olivia – Yes, its rewarding as cliche as that sounds…. I think Its exciting also because I genuinely enjoy seeing kids learn new things, and become so curious about different topics.

Jarrah – That’s adorable… Micah put a baby in this one quick before she dumps you *laughs*

Olivia – *laughs*

Micah – Don’t tempt me now *winks at Olivia*

Jarrah – You guys are so cute together.

Micah – Well thank you.

They really are. Its so nice to see Micah with someone who seems just as introverted as he is. He works hard at the hospital, he should have something to look forward to when work is done.

Olivia – So…. are you seeing anybody? I asked Micah but he told me I should ask you for myself.

Jarrah – I’m……………………. dating around… just having fun- not having sex or anything though.

Micah – Gross! blah blah blah- don’t need to hear my baby sister say sex.

Olivia – You’re an uncle to her baby…. she’s a woman who has sex.

Micah – Gross!

Jarrah – You’re so stupid Micah….

Micah – Hey how’s Jonah doing?

Olivia – Oh yeah… poor guy

Micah – Karin’s dad died, and they were close… and from what I saw on social media…. he got dumped?

Jarrah – Just Jeep, doing what Jeep normally does…

Micah – Which is?

Jarrah – Date crazy girls, who aren’t good enough for him… they send him on wild goose chases and its not right.

Seriously…. He dates Christine, who was on the run from her crazy dad… and he gets beat up in his own dorm room by the psycho. Now this… and don’t even get me started on Paula- you guys don’t know about her, but in high school Jeep dated a goth girl named Paula in junior year… and she was a cutter, she was psycho as hell… we had to get him away from her. She tried to make a suicide pact with him!

Olivia – Pardon my question, but why do you guys call your cousin “Jeep”

Micah – Umm…

Jarrah – Its a bad nickname from a inside joke… but he actually asked us to stop calling him that. I told him I’d respect his wishes, but lets be real… its a bit unrealistic to just stop calling him that all together. Sometimes I slip up…

Which I’m working on…. I only call him Jeep so much because of the nostalgia back at simpler times. Sure the nickname came from a gross adolescent moment of teenage horniness and ejaculation- but… for us… when we call him Jeep, its like a reminder of our friendship… the 6 of us hanging out, being young and dumb. I can understand why he hates it though, especially since he’s matured, and grown up…

Olivia – He seems like such a sweet soul, and those are usually the ones who get walked all over.

Jarrah – I know… I just wish he’d find the one already…

I thought it was Christine, but… well clearly that’s not the case.

Jarrah – I’m gonna wash these cups…. *gets up and goes to sink*

Jarrah – *heavy sigh*

Olivia – Jarrah are you okay?

Jarrah – I’m….just…… sad.

Micah – Because of Jonah? or because of what happened today?

Jarrah – I’m sad because Owen disappointed me, I’m sad that I’m not in love with Orion, and we couldn’t be a unit for our son. I’m sad that I hit Maliha today, and made her cry. I’m sad that Jonah constantly gets treated like shit by girls… I’m just annoyed at the fact that Orion said my friends and I come off like we only care about our group, and our issues. I’m just…. not in a good mood. I need some good news I need something to make me smile and- I need some wine, and my sex & the city DVD’s

Everything just sucks…. well not everything. I don’t want to be dramatic. I’m thankful for all the good things I have in my life, its just…. well today has been a sucky day.

Olivia – *looks at Micah*

Micah – *looks at Olivia and nods yes*

Olivia – …..So… JK’s going to have a cousin in 9 months…..

Jarrah – Wait, what?

Micah – We’re pregnant! surprise!- smile?

Jarrah – *smiles* Oh my god! are you guys serious? you’re expecting?

Olivia – Yep… I am- we are.

Micah – Does that count as good news?

Jarrah – Of course! oh my goodness, congratulations! I’m going to be an aunt!

Olivia – Its too early to tell what I’m having but… we already decided that if its a girl, we’re naming her Amy, and if its a boy then we’ll name him Micah Jr.

Micah – I always wanted a jr.

Jarrah – I’m so happy for you guys- a few questions though… does this mean I have another wedding to go to, and who else knows?

Olivia – You know, Micah and I talked about this… should we decide to get married… we would like it if our child was a part of the wedding… the pictures… It would be cute.

Micah – Yep, and as far as who knows…. you’re the first person.

Oh my god I’m so happy for them. This is the kind of news I like. I’m already a mom, and now I’ll be an aunt! mom and dad are going to be so happy. They always worried Micah would never get over Andi, but he has… and he’s really in a good place. He seems so happy with Olivia.

Jarrah – Aww I am so flattered that you guys would tell me first.

Olivia – I’m just happy you like me. Micah said you’re very protective of him when it comes to the girls he dates.

Jarrah – He’s had some not so good choices in the past

Andi… and I feel mean for saying that because I love Frankie, but her sister was not good for my brother.

Jarrah – But you?…. you’re a keeper!

Olivia – Aww, you’re sweet. I’m actually going to C-City tomorrow to hangout with my sister…. I’m going to tell her, hopefully she’s supportive, and not all “I always thought I’d be first to have kids since you work all the time”

Twin sister in fact… she’s so different though, all punk rock, and edgy. Apparently she’s back in CCity because her failing music career or something. No shade of course… sometimes it just doesn’t work out.


Micah – Expecting someone?

Jarrah – No…

Please don’t be fuckery, please don’t be fuckery…

[Top Pic]

Jarrah – What the hell is he doing here? and with her-

Micah – Mind if we go upstairs and check on my nephew?

Olivia – Oooh can we? he’s so cute!

Jarrah – Sure, go ahead. Get that practice in *smiles*

Micah – *Whispers to Olivia* That’s Owen… and the wife….

Olivia – Oh goodness, I wonder what they want….

I have super-hearing, so I heard what Micah, and Olivia just said. I’m right there with them though. What the hell do they want? When I told Owen we could talk sooner or later I didn’t mean this soon, and with his wife too. Good thing I’m calm, I really don’t want to have to argue with this woman. I hope she’s respectful, and isn’t the loud abrasive type…. and where the hell is her daughter?

[Bottom Pic]

Jarrah – …..Hi?

Owen – ……Hey Jarrah *nervous smile*

Ana Lucia – Good Evening…. 

Jarrah – …..Hello.

Owen – I-

Ana Lucia – I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.

No, you just interrupted our magical date, and screamed to the world that you were his wife.

Jarrah – No, we haven’t…

Ana Lucia – I’m Owen’s wife, Ana Lucia

Wow, really? *mimicking Ana Lucia* “I’m Owen’s Wife” Girl just stop it….

Jarrah – And I’m Owen’s friend... Jarrah…. Jarrah Folland.

Ana Lucia – Any relation to Burn Body Blast by Josh Folland?

Oh now that’s funny….

Jarrah – He’s my father.

Ana Lucia – Oooh that is my new favorite workout video series!

Jarrah – *smiles* Thank you for the support. My father works hard on those videos.

Ana Lucia – Its my pleasure. *looks at Owen* Ella es muy bonita

Jarrah – *chuckles* I umm… I speak some spanish, Thank you… you’re beautiful as well.

Owen – So umm… I wanted to give you space, until you decided you wanted to talk to me, but Ana Lucia insisted on speaking to you tonight.

Jarrah – Okay…

Clearly she runs the show…

Ana Lucia – Is your baby okay?

Jarrah – Excuse me?

Ana Lucia – Owen kept looking at social media, and calling someone named Keeton to make sure your baby was okay.

Keeton…. *laughing*

Owen – He’s okay right?

Jarrah – He’s safe and sound in his crib upstairs, thanks for asking. My brother, and his girlfriend are actually up there with him.

Owen – Oh shit, I’m sorry… we’re interrupting something

Ana Lucia – I’m sorry, we go?

Jarrah – No, no… its fine. So umm.. what’s…… up?

Owen – Go ahead Ana…. you said you wanted to talk to her.

Ana Lucia – …. Owen, and I are married.

Well… no shit Ana Lucia.

Jarrah – Okay….

Ana Lucia – But he and I did not work. I would not grant him his wish for divorce… so he left. He left to find his father Scott- Who I hope is good man because he’s babysitting my daughter right now.

Owen – He’s good with kids.

Ana Lucia – He left, I was angry, and I couldn’t find him. My daughter is not Owens, I don’t know if you know that.

Jarrah – He told me….

Ana Lucia – I come here illegally… homeless, broke… pregnant. I beg for help because… I had nobody. I was rape, and scared. Owen and his mom helped me… Owen married me and I could have good life for my daughter. We fell in love, but then out of love. I felt like he hated me…. like I was a mistake.

Owen – No, no…. that’s not what it was. We just… we weren’t clicking anymore, and I also had my mind set on finding my father… I wanted to still be your friend, your family… but we kept fighting, and-

Ana Lucia – I’m sorry for everything.

Owen – So am I.

Well now I feel like shit. She was here illegally, no friends or family. Pregnant from a rape…. and Owen helped her out. Wow….

Ana Lucia – I got angry…. I felt like Owen abandon us… so I look for him…

Owen – ….If I would have just answered my phone….

Ana Lucia – We fight, I understand why you don’t.

Owen – But still….

Ana Lucia – I am sorry for ruining date night for you Jarrah.

Jarrah – Its okay… that’s not even worth talking about now.

Ana Lucia – After a while, I let it go. Then I get call from private investigator two weeks ago.

Owen – Wait what?

Jarrah – Aren’t you supposed to contact, and hire them?

Owen – Yeah, not the other way around?

Ana Lucia – I don’t know how, but he knew I was looking for Owen Roberts. He told me he could find him for me. I ask how much, and he tell me its no charge. I say okay.

Jarrah – That’s….. odd.

Owen – It is…

Ana Lucia – After I sleep with private investigator

Whoa….. girl…. what the fuck?

Owen – You slept with him?

Ana Lucia – He was sad, and it was a cold night in motel room. We have sex, and stay warm. It cheered him up.

Owen – …………….Umm, okay?

Jarrah – Anyway… umm.. go on with story.

Ana Lucia – After we sex, he said he like me. So we sex again, and again. Then he asked me if I was single or if the guy who hire his would have him killed for sleeping with me. I tell him, I don’t know what he’s talking about. He tells me that Shane Bigcock, has a lot of money, and hired him to help me.

Owen – What!

Jarrah – Oh my god….

Ana Lucia – You guys know Shane Bigcock?

Jarrah – BAY-cock…. Shane Baycock…

Ana Lucia – You know him?

Owen – We do….

Ana Lucia – How do you know him?

Owen – ……Its complicated.

Jarrah – …..What the fuck is he doing?…..

Ana Lucia – I say something bad?

Jarrah – No, you’re fine….. I…. I need to talk to Shane….

Owen – I’m going to kill him-

Jarrah – No! you act like nothing happened. Let me handle it.

Ana Lucia – Is he with mob?

Jarrah – No, no- nothing like that…. he’s just-

Owen – Being a shady motherfucker… why is he digging into my personal life?!

Jarrah – I’m going to find out…

Are you fucking kidding me? like… You’re joking…..right? First I deal with the amber alert of my kidnapped son, then I get into a fight with Orion, then another fight with Maliha. It got physical, she starts crying. I feel like shit… I get good news from Micah, and Olivia… and then Owen and Elusive wife show’s up at my doorstep….