{BnG Season 3} Chapter Two Part 3 : “I Can’t Even…”

Chapter Two | Pt. 3 “I Can’t Even…”

-POV’s : Kaori Jeep Jonah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

[———-***Attention : This update takes place on Halloween Day***———-]


(POV Kaori)

I’m officially so over GCU. I want out. I’m going to continue, and graduate…. but fuck… I’m sick of that place already. I’ve become Frankie, I go to school… I learn. I don’t really care about anything else. That’s not to say that Frankie was anti-social at school… I’m just saying bitch meant business when she stepped in those classrooms. I want to be done already…

I feel like I’ve become this person who just does NOT care to be social on campus… I have so much other shit to worry about- than the “cool kegger party” on campus- and see even that statement alone proves how much I don’t care. A Kegger is literally a party- so I didn’t have to say Kegger party… idiot. That proves my point though. Anyway… the one thing that I didn’t have to do is cut off Magdalena and Bianca. Why you ask? well Maggie is too busy with work, and her new boyfriend… some drummer in a flop band. Bianca is busy being a sorority girl, and also being in love with a frat boy… so I never see those ho’s… and that’s fine with me. They’re great girls but we were never gonna be bestfriends.

Like I said, I have too many things on my plate, to worry about being social at GCU. Things have changed…. I care about my future. My friends are good influences on me.. especially Frankie.. She taught me that hard work pays off, AND it IS possible to be hot, and smart at the same time… the girl is a 10/10… she’s sexy right? I mean I’m not a lezzie… but if a guy wanted a 3-way with us.. I’d be down. She’d never do it though *laughs*

Oh, and while talking your ear off I failed to explain why I’m on my way inside of my dad’s house… well Alana has asked for my presence.. I am a bridesmaid after all. That in itself is hilarious considering that once upon a time I couldn’t stand Alana. Things have obviously changed for the better. Its almost like Vira joining the family has sorta brought us closer.

Alana – Happy Halloween, and hello. You’re the last to arrive.

Kaori – I had class, bitch.

Alana – How’d that go?

Kaori – It was what it was I guess. I’m just exhausted if I’m being honest.

Alana – I’m so proud of you, Kaori… you’ve come a long way.

Kaori – Thanks…. now stop being mushy… its weird.

Alana – Well blame Charlotte… motherhood has changed me.

Kaori – *looks at Charlotte* Thank you Charlotte, you’ve made you’re mommy a nicer person *laughs*

Alana – Don’t listen to Auntie Kaori…. I’m still fierce.

Kaori – So are all the bridesmaids here?

Alana – All except Morgan, and Andi.

Kaori – Andi who? Moss?

Alana – Yes, Frankie’s sister.

Kaori – Wait… really?

Alana – You’re the one who said I should ask her.

Kaori – I was joking, because I thought there was no way she’d say yes.

Alana – She asked what was the food on the menu, and I asked her suggestions… and then she said she’d come… and her boyfriend- who she lives with… will be her plus one.

Still weird as hell that they were ever friends… Andi seems like the type of chick who would have Alana and her prissy friends scared to walk down the hall at school. Andi is cool as fuck though to be honest. She’s blunt, and real. I like that. I’d love to tag along with Frankie when and if she visits her in CCity. I could chill with Andi, and also while I’m there chill with my new sister Vira since she also lives there. Its perfect to be honest.

Kaori – Oh wow… maybe love has changed her… because you know Andi is very….

Alana – Yes… I’m aware.

Kaori – So I’m guessing she’s working at the hospital and couldn’t come.

Alana – Correct… plus the traffic from CCity to here isn’t cute. So Frankie’s here to fill in for her.

Kaori – Wait what?

Alana – She asked Frankie to take notes for her.

Kaori – Hilarious

Alana – Vira’s here too.

Kaori – Oh good.

Alana – Can I just say that I adore her?

Kaori – She’s awesome.

Alana – Glad she’s part of the family, and agreed to be a bridesmaid.

Kaori – So where’s SNORE-gan?

Alana – MORGAN is working, so Vira… like Frankie will fill her in on what she missed.

Kaori – I see….

Alana – By the way… Calista is here…

Kaori – Oh my god… you did not ask HER to be a bridesmaid…..

Alana – She was a close friend… we lost touch.. its fine.

Kaori – Last time I saw her…. she left us in Paris to go get gangbanged by those “photographers…”

I was 14 when this happened by the way… Alana was pissed. Calista is not right in the head.

Alana – That was then this is now. Calista has matured. She’s engaged too…

Kaori – Well, alrighty then.

Alana – I’m gonna go talk with Mrs. Meade (Wedding Planner)

Kaori – …. Okay

Oh my god. So you know Jarrah told Frankie and i about the whole drama with Trey’s boss. I cannot believe this man was taking raw cock on Trey’s couch. His poor wife, she has no clue that he’s gay…. mess.

Frankie – There’s our little school girl.

Vira – Sister!

Kaori – Hey…

Frankie – You look cute.

Kaori – Thanks, so do you guys… Happy Halloween!

Frankie – My least favorite holiday.

Vira – Same.

Kaori – You guys suck. Its my favorite.

Vira – Sister?…. do you like the new look? I’m trying the platinum blonde thing out.

Kaori – I like it.

Frankie – Its super cute.

Vira – Coming from you that means a lot.

Frankie – Why?

Vira – I follow you on instagram…. you have style, and post hot pics.

Frankie – I don’t think so, but thanks. I mean I know what looks good on my body… I have no idea about whats in style these days. I’ll leave that up to you miss fashion designer.

Vira – Awww you’re sweet Frankie.

They’re basically licking each other pussies at this point. I know, I know… I’m so vulgar.

Kaori – How’s your business working out?

Frankie – Yeah my sister told me you just hired her boyfriend to model for you guys.

What I find so funny about the whole Chris thing is 1. He’s Asian… Andi sure does have a type, and 2. How weird that he went from dating my sister, to dating Frankie’s sister. I wonder how Vira feels about that deep down. If I were her I’d be a little curious if homeboy had feelings for Andi all along… but let me stop being messy… that’s CCity’s drama, not GloCity’s.

Vira – Things are good at Hillside. I do feel like lately I’m swamped with business meetings and everything but-

Frankie – You run Hillside with your bestfriend right?

Kaori – Snore-Gan Hill.

Vira – Kaori!

Kaori – Sorry, you know I don’t like her.

Vira – She regrets the Keegan thing. She’s done a lot of growing since all of that.

Frankie – I’m sure she has. Everyone makes mistakes…

Kaori – ….She’s still lame.

Vira – Kaori stop!

Kaori – Fine, fine… lemme stop dragging your BFF…. Only reason I don’t like her is because she tried to get smart with me one time, and Alana had to save her from a ass kicking… but you’re right… people change. I have, so others can too.

Frankie – So…. Calista…. she’s quite the character.

Vira – She really is…. and she’s… inflated…

Frankie – Ego, lips, and tits….

Kaori – Oh I see some things never change… she’s always been fake, and plastic…. I really don’t know why Alana made her a bridesmaid but… whatever.

Vira – Oh also… she’s engaged…

Kaori – Who?

Vira – Calista.

Frankie – Vira knows the guy too.

Kaori – How?

Vira – My sister Vanille miscarried years ago and her boyfriend walked out on her. He’s an asshole these days… his name is Ryder-

Frankie – Larter…

Kaori – Why does that last name sound- Oh my god… Rubi! he’s Rubi’s brother?

Frankie – Apparently! and he sounds like such a dick.

Kaori – Well maybe it runs in the family.

Frankie – Speaking of her, she colored her hair a variation of pink. I’m officially going back to brown.

Vira – You should go blonde again, you look hot like that.

Frankie – Thanks, but I don’t think my edges can handle blonde again… who knows.. maybe one day.

Kaori – Frankie would look hot with electric blue hair tbh… but yeah.. can’t say I blame you for changing your hair because of Rubi.

Frankie – She’s….. a character…

Kaori – That’s one way to put it…

Vira – I can’t stand her, and her brothers… both Ryder, and Rodney suck as people.

Kaori – Well I can only speak on Rubi, and  she’s-

Frankie – I thought you liked Rubi these days?

Kaori – I don’t dislike her, she’s fine… but she has this insane ego…

Vira – Just like Ryder, and his twin Rodney… they’re the worst… actually the whole family is.. the only one that’s cool is the dad.

Well Ryder Larter sounds like a GREAT guy… like seriously, who walks out on their girlfriend after they’ve had a miscarriage? What a loser.

Kaori – Is Ryder rich? because Calista’s the money hungry type..

Frankie – She talks like she’s rich herself.

Kaori – She is… her dad invented hot pockets or some shit.

Vira – Ryder is some sort of talent manager these days… So I guess he makes money.

Frankie – Hey is Calista European or something?

Kaori – No, that bitch is from Kentucky.

Frankie – What’s up with her last name then?

Kaori – What about it?

Vira – She said it was Lock-He-Add

Kaori – Oh my god, I can’t. Her name is LOCK-HEAD. I don’t know why she keeps telling people its pronounced Lock-He-Add. Enough about her… lets talk this circus… who are you guys bringing to the wedding?

Frankie – I’m not bringing Raina… its too much too soon, and we’re still…. fixing things after our fight. I’ll probably just bring a friend, someone random.

Vira – Umm… well, hmm…. I don’t know actually. I’d bring Morgan, but she’s a bridesmaid and will be there…

Frankie – You’re not dating anyone in CCity?

Vira – No.

Frankie – But you’re hot, and smart, and goal-oriented…. why are you single?

Kaori – Maybe that scares men away? I mean maybe some men find her intimidating.

Vira – Oh no…. that’s not it. I’m just not… I don’t know. I guess with hillside, and everything…. I- yeah. I’m not focused on guys right now.

Kaori – So are you into girls now then?

Vira – No, but… I guess the whole relationship thing is just none existent for me.

I know she’s not bi, I’m just fucking with her. I really don’t understand why she’s not with anybody though… maybe that’s just how they roll in CCity.. solo, and working on their careers or something. Shit I don’t know.

Kaori – You have your business, you have your family… you have your bestfriends…. so why the hell aren’t you pursuing guys? You have everything but a man… What about that Aaron guy you were hung up on? I mean considering you were sexting with him, while dating Chris… I’d assume you and him might finally get together?

Vira – *shrugs* I don’t have an answer for you…. for any of it to be honest. If it were a TV show sure, Aaron and I would be this OTP, but I guess that’s just not how the cookie crumbles in my real life. Single Vira forever perhaps.

Kaori – Maybe you’ll meet some rando ass dude and settle down with him.

Vira – Ew.

Frankie – Well we all move at different paces in life… I’m sure Vira will find a man one day.

Vira – I doubt it. So with that being said, I’ll probably just bring a friend, maybe my friend Millie or something.

Kaori – You guys are such lame asses….

Frankie – What about you huh? who are you bringing?

Kaori – I asked Ian…. he said yes.

Frankie – Oh good, I was hoping you and him would-

Kaori – Look…. we’re just going as friends. I don’t know what’s up with him, and after what you told me about his weird phone argument… I think its best that I wait for anything romantic with him. Clearly he’s going through something.

I like Ian enough to ask him to be my date. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Vira – But you do like him?

Kaori – Yes.

Frankie – Good! yay I’m so happy you’re bringing him as you’re date. I want him to be a part of our group.

Kaori – Yeah yeah mother Teresa….. but you two need to bring actual dates.

Frankie – Not gonna happen. I’m not bringing Raina…

Kaori – Well that can’t be helped I guess… but YOU dear sister of mine…. if you don’t bring a date… I’m going to hook you up with someone.

Vira – Like a blind date?

Frankie – Kaori…. who does blind dates at weddings? no sweetie… Vira just bring whomever you want.

Vira – Who knew wedding dates could be so frustrating…. maybe I should just bring Vanille.

Frankie – Your other sister?

Vira – Yeah, why not…

Kaori – No, I’m pretty sure Alana already invited her… so… that’s not gonna work.

Vira -Dammit.

Frankie – *laughs*

Kaori – You guys are no fun…. *sigh* shall we get to the festivities?

Vira – I guess we should.

Frankie – Lets get to it…. How awkward is it to be around Valeria Meade though…

Kaori – About as awkward as it is to work for Jessica Nash, considering-

Frankie – Kaori….

Kaori – My bad….

Vira – Considering what?

Frankie – …..I… long story short I messed up at work, and Jessica isn’t really that fun to be around.

Nice save Frankie, considering the truth. Which is that Jessica’s daughter is a whore… like a legit “I sell my pussy for money” type whore. Of course I can’t say anything about it because Vira know’s Jessica’s whore daughter… so.. I’m sworn to secrecy. Thank goodness I’m great at keeping secrets. I know what you’re thinking too. Between Frankie telling me about the whore of Babylon Nikol, and Jarrah telling both of us about Trey’s boss getting railed… we seem like gossiping bitches. Well we’re not. We’re just friends, who talk among each other. Not too long ago it would have been weird doing that… but now all three of us- Frankie, Jarrah, and myself- have found our footing, and we’re good. Anyway lets go get this shit over with…

Alana – So whats on the itinerary today Valeria?

Valeria *slight Russian accent* – First we’re doing a cake testing.

Trey’s friend Ruben was doing some cake tasting with ya husband…. *laughs* lemme stop…

Victoria – Good thing I skipped breakfast.

Alana – Oh please, you’re in the best shape of you’re life mother.

Calista – Giving me a run for my money, honey.

Kaori – How are you doing CALISTA… its been forever!

Calista – I’m doing fabulous Kaori… I see you still look the same… no boobs.

Kaori – Well you look different. As in a completely different person with all that work that you’ve had done.

Calista – I stay looking hot.

Kaori – Slay girl!

Can’t stand her…

Alana – Enough of that. This day, and many more are about me so… lets continue on that trend. What else are we doing Val? I already have my dress picked out, so we can check that off the list.

Valeria – Oh of course!

Vira – What about the bridesmaid dresses?

Alana – I’m currently picking between two different dresses… I plan on breaking tradition… we will not have ugly bridesmaid dresses at MY wedding.

Vira – Thank god, because at my sister’s wedding we wore hideous ensembles.

I was there… it was a hippie mess.

Frankie – This is so weird for me…

Vira – Why?

Kaori – Frankie doesn’t really believe in marriage…

Vira – Why not?

Frankie – A therapist will insist its because of my upbringing… but its not… at least I don’t think it is. I-

Alana – Hey, Frankie, Vira… make sure you guys are paying attention… Andi, and Morgan can’t miss any details.

Vira – Of course…

Frankie – I hate my sister for asking me to sit in for her… I don’t do weddings *laughs*

Valeria – We’re checking out your final two venue spots… you booked both, but now its time to choose.

Alana – Today is the day.

Calista – Hey babes?

Alana – Yes Calista?

Calista – Why are we still sitting here? instead of being in the party bus poppin’ champagne?

Alana – We’re waiting on my fiance to come pick up Charlotte. He’s 10 minutes away.

Calista – Oh good because mama loves her champagne!

Victoria – ……The day is young… pace yourself child.

Is it just me or does Calista look hella old?

Calista – All of this wedding stuff is making me think about mine… its a year away but still. Ryder and I cannot wait to plan a huge wedding. He says he wants to make his brother so jealous… his brother is fat and miserable… poor thing… he loves chicken fries…. …. you know… chicken tenders in the shape of fries… from burger king… its really sad.

Vira – …….

Valeria – Okay, moving on…

Frankie – Thank god…. 

Ugh, I can’t believe this is what I’m doing all morning. Like I really wanna sit here and do this, and THEN drive around tasting cake, and looking a venues. Maybe Frankie has the right idea.. who wants to go through all of this shit and get married?- nah… she’s wrong.. I’m an attention whore… of course I want a big wedding. I still love the idea of everything being about me. I’ve changed quite a bit, but come on… I’m still me. With that being said, I won’t bother boring you guys with this shit. I’m going to try and make this fun… should be okay since Frankie is here… and Vira too. Anyway I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Jonah)

Hey guys… you caught me at a good time. I’m actually not doing shit… just standing around on campus talking with my friends. DJ’s telling us about his criminal brother who was apparently a gangsta or something. He’s in jail now….

Quincy – You’re joking.

DJ – No, I’m serious….

Pearl – So your brother, has ties to the Russian mafia?

DJ – Yes, and he was able to like… get away from that life.

Jonah – So then how the fuck did he end up in prison?

DJ – Well…. its actually similar to what happened here in GloCity. He was in a car accident. He was drunk and… sorta involved in a hit and run… so…

Jonah – Oh…

Pearl – Like your friend Jonah.

Friend is a word I wouldn’t use to describe Raven and I. I guess since I haven’t visited her, she probably wouldn’t consider me a friend… part of me feels like I am shitty for not seeing her, but the other part of me is just… I feel like I’m mad at her.

Quincy – You ever visit her?

Jonah – Uh- ya know… with school and everything, I really just….

Pearl – I get it… no time for anything.

DJ – Well make it a point to visit Jo-Fo… because it gets bad in prison…

Jonah – ….Yeah….

Makes me feel horrible…. ugh… thanks DJ…

Quincy – Family’s important though. I mean… for me personally… My gay ass brother- who used to fuck around, changed his ways. He’s with someone and they adopted two teenagers. So I’m Uncle Quincy, and Its really cool. On break, or holidays I visit and they’re always so happy to see me. I’m the young cool uncle you know?

Pearl – Aww Quincy, that’s cute. You’re not who I thought you were..

Quincy – Wanna bang now?

Pearl – *laughs* And you’re disgusting after all.

I know you’re wondering why I hangout with Pearl so much. She’s my girlfriend’s bestfriend, but she’s also my friend too. She’s an honorary Frat bro, and Karin is fine with that. She’s not threatened by Pearl and I’s friendship. Karin is a smart… mature girl… most of the time.

DJ – Speaking of disgusting… I wonder how bad the sorority house is smelling right now.

Pearl – I feel so bad for participating but I hate those slores for giving feminism a bad name.

Quincy – They got what they deserved…

Jonah – Be cool guys, Jules is right over there.

Pearl – I wish she’d give me a reason to punch her in the face…

Its a long story… we got into a bit of a war last night….

Jonah – So anybody excited for the new Star Wars movie? I can’t fucking wait.

DJ – Your nerd is showing. I’m not really into star wars.

Pearl – Neither am I.

Quincy – You guys have shitty taste then. I’m excited for it… I do wonder though if the villain has any connection to dark vader.

Jonah – Dude…..

Quincy – What?

Jonah – Its Darth…. Darth Vader

Quincy – I’m pretty sure its Dark Vader… dude wears black all the time, and he’s on the dark side.

Jonah – You poor soul. Google it.

Quincy – I will…. and while we’re on the subject of Star Wars. Tell me why the fuck… in 2015, people are upset because the main characters are black guy, and a woman. Like seriously? why are you mad?…

Jonah – Racist, and sexist geeks with no connection to the outside world.

Pearl – Wait are there no black guys in the old movies? I’m pretty sure I saw Samuel L. Jackson in one of the commercials way back when.

DJ – Yeah snakes on a planes was definitely in one of the old ones.

Quincy – Yeah he was Mace Windu in episodes 1, 2, and 3.

Jonah – Not to mention Lando, played by Billy Dee Williams was in the original trilogy… minus the first one.

Pearl – This is boring. Do any of you watch American Horror Story?

DJ – I do… Lady Gaga is sexy as fuck.

Jonah – Ugh! she’s so ugly!

Quincy – She is… but dat ass… I’d paper bag it.

Pearl – *laughing*

I feel like the universe is fucking with me. If its two things Raven loves its American Horror Story, and Star Wars…. I feel like shit for not seeing her…

Amina – Hey, Jonah, Jules….. come here….

Fuck… I bet she’s about to yell at me about the egg prank…

Amina – …… So I need to talk to both of you after last night’s bullshit.

Jonah – Hey, you guys started it. You cut our power…

Jules – And so you break in and egg everything? we’re still cleaning that shit up.

Amina – I was at work, I didn’t do shit. I don’t play games like that.


Myra – So what are you doing tonight? do you want to come with me to my sister’s apartment for dinner? We’re having a grown and sexy dinner.

Portia – What about your son?

Myra – Curtis, is with his dad.

Portia – How weird is it that you and I became friends.

Myra – I mean yeah… considering our history with Darell…

Portia – He’s a good guy now, but before… man… I was an idiot to be with him.

Myra – Oh trust me I know… but like you said… he’s matured a lot… he’s a good father.

Portia – I guess I could come to dinner, let my hair down a little bit.

Myra – Good, so it’ll be you, me, my sister, and Candice.

Portia – That’s so cool that Rhys and Candice are friends again.

Myra – Took some getting used to, but I agree.


Jonah – *texting* ….

Amina – Did you hear me?

Jonah – Give me a sec…

I think its time that I finally go visit Raven… only thing is, I need a ride. I don’t want to drive all the way to Riverview by myself, plus my car is busted…. So lets see who’s gonna be a pal and take me.

To : Officer KeeKee , Olivia Pope , Fashion Mummy , Kaori Cacciatore , Food Network. :

Hey…. I need a ride to Riverview… I want to go visit Raven, but… yeah my car is busted.. so which one of you will help a brotha out? I’ll buy you food! – Jonah

Now lets wait and see who replies…

Jonah – Okay, what did you need?

Jules – Oh now he’s ready to listen…

Jonah – Shut up.

Amina – See this is exactly what I’m talking about. Both of you come with me. We need to talk.

Jules – I can’t… I have class.

Amina – I checked your schedule, you’re free.

Jonah – Well I have-

Amina – Don’t bullshit me. I will report both of you, don’t test me.

Jules – ….fine.

Jonah – Okay, fuck…. relax.

This is just great…..

Jules – So what are we supposed to be doing in here?

Amina – Honestly I’m really frustrated with the both of you.

Jonah – She started it.

Jules – Oh how mature. You sound like a five year old!

Jonah – Oh fuck off. You got cheated on so you became a bitter bitch that hates all men.

Jules – Men are disgusting!

Jonah – Why the fuck are you dating one?!

Amina – Both of you shut the fuck up!

Jonah – ……….

Jules – ……….

Amina – I’m sick of this shit, aren’t you?

Jules – He and his idiot friends egged our place!

Amina – You’re not innocent Jules, you rile the girls up against the boys in some dumbass crusade for feminism. The fact of the matter is this…. feminism is NOT hating men!

Jonah – Ha!

Amina – And you. You’re clearly on a power trip being the king of the frathouse. You want to impress the guys, and look cool… its not cute. Both of you have played parts in this childish shit, and you BOTH needs to except it. Clearly I’m the only adult in the room, and so LIKE an adult I’m basically telling you that we’re not leaving this room until y’all call this bullshit off.

Jules – Well what the fuck are we supposed to do then? we clearly don’t like each other.

Jonah – And will NEVER like each other.

Amina – First of all, aren’t you two like sorta related?

Jonah – Okay I’ve explained this before… yes… we’re sorta family…. lets not even talk about it because it can get confusing-

Jules – Ugh.

Amina – How exactly are you two related?

Jonah – *sigh* My mom, and her grandmother are twin sisters. Her mom Skye had a son named Connor when she was young… Jules is his daughter… Which makes her half siblings with my cousin Harrison.

Jules – Because my grandma got married to this doctor named Sean and they had Harrison.

Amina – So your mom Jonah…. her twin sister is Jules grandma…. I see…. wow that is confusing… especially when you throw Harrison into the mix…

Jonah – Exactly, so enough about that…. what do you want from me? because I don’t have all day…

Amina – I want you two to talk it out… lets put it all on the table.

Jonah – Well since she LOVES to talk… she can go first.

Jules – Fine by me..

Amina – Okay, don’t interrupt her either.. you’ll get your chance to speak…

Jonah – Fine…

Amina – Okay Jules…. what’s your problem with him?….

And queue the water works about how I’m a misogynist, who makes her TERRIFIED of men when she walks around campus… give me a fucking break.

Jules – I know he’s Keegan’s friend… but to defend him, knowing he cheated on me hurt my feelings. I get the outdated and super sexist cliche of Bros before Hoes but come on.. he cheated on me. I have the right to hate him, and curse his name to the moon. I have that right don’t I? because the way Jonah defends him its like I’m some horrible woman who hates men.

Amina – Pause. Jonah what do you have to say about that specifically?

Jonah – I don’t defend him… I think it was fucked up that you got cheated on, but I also sorta understand why it happened. You changed so much, you changed into this monster feminist, and you pushed him out… and as wrong as it was… he got what you weren’t giving him, elsewhere. For the record, yes he’s my friend… but I don’t think it was right that he cheated… okay?

Jules – Thank you…. As far as the other stuff goes… its two more issues I have with you. Your frat is disrespectful, and I wish you guys wouldn’t be so rude about parties and noise. The other thing is how you treated Christine.

Amina – Jonah?

Jonah – We’re loud, we’re guys and we like to party… for some of those guys these are the glory years in the fraternity. Sometimes we’re not aware of how loud we are, other times we do it on purpose to annoy you guys because we’re offended by the comments you guys make about us. You guys will sometimes call us all Misogynist, potential rapists, and sexist pigs and a whole bunch of other really harmful things. We’re not perfect, and we may not always open doors for women. We also may drink beer and brag about who we banged but that guys being guys. We’re aware of how it looks and sounds… but to be told we’re potential rapist… that’s fucked up.

Jules – I admit… we do take the feminist thing a bit far sometimes…. I apologize.

Jonah – Thanks…. Now… the Christine thing. I know you’re friends with her…. but that whole situation is way more complicated than you know. You only know one side of the story… hers. I’m not about to tell you mine… because what I’ve just realized is that we needs to stay out of each others business. You out of mine with Christine, and me out of yours with Keegan.

Jules – Plus be respectful of each other on campus…

Jonah – That too…. Look I don’t hate you… I actually really just hate your boyfriend… but that’s neither here nor there…. 

Jules – Okay…. fine… since we’ve talked about it…. I’m willing to just let it go… I will talk to the girls, if you talk to your guys… 

Amina – So you guys are agreeing to a truce?

Jules – I am if he is… he’s right… this is college, I don’t want to spend these fun years arguing and making enemies. My issues with Keegan are my own, his with Christine, are his to deal with…

Jonah – Alright… truce.

Jules – Truce…. we are related for fucks sake…

Jonah – In the most complicated way. I mean Skye is… she’s Auntie Skye! my mom’s twin… but for you…. she’s grandma… its so odd.

Jules – It is… but she had my dad at an early age so… anyway… we’re fine? I promise I won’t be a bitch anymore… or write about you in my blog.

Jonah – We’re fine… and I won’t be a dick anymore-

Amina – Thank god! NOW…. have your boys help clean up our living room from the egg and you’re good with me Jonah.

Jonah – Fine….

Amina – Alright we’re good… see how easy that was? I for sure thought there would be more arguing….

Jules – I did too, but I guess without our “crews” we were mature about everything…

Amina – Good.

Jules – Hey…. I need your advice about something…

Amina – Umm, okay?

Jonah – You guys have fun with that bonding stuff, I gotta go…

Amina – Later.

Jules – See ya…

Jonah – Bye.

Turned out way better than I expected. I obviously was ready for war… Jules and I will never be friends obviously… but… I guess today was a good start at not hating each other. Good job Amina…

Alright lets see if anybody texted me back… ah… they did…

“No can do jeppers creepers… JK has a doctors appointment… make it up to you when I can. Sorry 😦 “ – Fashion Mummy (Jarrah)

“Work… work… work… and more work. Sorry babes… but I am happy you’re making the effort to go see her. Let me know how it goes. Love ya” – Olivia Pope (Frankie)

“I can’t. I have a 30 minute lunch and I’m actually spending it having that long overdue talk with Kaori. Good on you for going to see Raven… I knew you’d do it when you felt ready. I’ll hit you up later. You can let me know how it went, and I’ll let you know how the talk with Kay went.”  – Officer KeeKee (Keegan)

“Can’t already made plans with your bff… sowee…. hey if you wanna reschedule it for next week I could probably take you? just let me know dork” – Kaori Cacciatore (Kaori)

“Umm…. well… sure. I mean I’m not doing anything else anyway. I can take you there, and we’ll be back in time for me to make the Meade family dinner… You better buy me food though… and go rent or borrow a car… my scooter is for one obviously, and my car isn’t the best for driving far.” – Food Network (Trey)

Okay cool… Trey’s gonna help me out… everyone else is too busy… not that I blame them… we all have lives to live I guess.

Jonah – *texting Trey* Thanks… I’ll borrow one of my frat brother’s cars… and I’ll buy you food… but umm.. if its alright with you, can you drive? My ankle hurts from filming my class film with Rubi and Bingbing. We were in this cave we weren’t supposed to be in and yeah… so plz drive?

“Fine, I’ll drive… and I want good food too, not anything cheap. I’ll come get you on campus in like 20-25 minutes.” Food Network (Trey)

Well that’s that… Trey is taking me…. now I just gotta ask Quincy if I can borrow his truck. I’m sure he’ll be okay with it. Look at me… trying to fix things in my life. Things with Jules are fine, truth be told I still don’t like her much, but its true… part of our hatred for one another is Christine and Keegan, and we need to just stay out of each others business… I’m willing to give it a chance… I’m not trying to be her friend, just wanna be cordial. Anyway I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Kaori)

The universe finally decided it was time for Keegan and I to talk. He’s been so busy with his life… he has his family, his job, his other friends… he has Priscilla. I’ve been busy as well with all the shit I do in my day to day. At first I thought, there was no reason to really have some big talk. In my mind I didn’t think there was anything to talk about… then I realized… there was.

People can say what they want when it comes to Keegan and I. Its known by many that we’ve missed our chance multiple times. I don’t see it that way though… I think we’re not together because we’re not supposed to be together, and I’ve finally gotten the hint. This conversation is long overdue, and as soon as Priscilla leaves we can actually get started. No shade to her of course… I like her boots.

Anyway, as you can see I’m sitting here with a super blonde Zoey… I’m both surprised, and not surprised that her parents let her color her hair. I guess after the nude pic scandal, it would probably make her feel good to have some sort of control. We’ve been sitting here talking for like 15 minutes and she keeps dancing around the whole scandal. I’m trying to let her discuss it with me, but in a minute I’m bout to just ask her about it myself… then again maybe that would be rude.

Kaori – I like your hair… a bit on the lighter side though…

Zoey – Its going to get darker over time… but I do like it. Very Gwen Stacy.

Kaori – Who?

Zoey – My comicbook hero.. she’s spider-gwen… think female spider-man…

Kaori – ….Oh okay… cool.

What the fuck is a spider-gwen? and isn’t that a dumbass name for a hero? like… people aren’t supposed to know who you are right? but your name is right there?

Kaori – How’s your friend Curtis doing?

Zoey – Fine. He’s so up my butt lately.

Kaori – Why?

Come on… mention the scandal… come on.

Zoey – Star Wars stuff…

Kaori – Ah okay….

Zoey – Do you like star wars?

Kaori – Not really… All I know about them is Chewbacca, and Dark Vader.

Zoey – Its Darth…. Darth Vader, and to be honest I didn’t care about star wars at first. Then one night I was hanging out at Curtis mom’s house… Myra? do you know her?

Kaori – I do.

Like… no shade to Myra Kelley but she looks hella old… like somebody’s aunt.. or grandma…. Auntie Grandma. Rhys got all the good genes… she’s way cuter than her sister.

Zoey – She let us watch the first star wars movie… and so we loved it. We watched all six of them.

Kaori – Is Curtis your boyfriend?

I mean I know the answer is no, but still….

Zoey – No…. and that’s hilarious that you’d ask me that….

Kaori – Why is that hilarious? he’s a boy who spends a lot of time with you…

Zoey – Well… Curtis is…. different.

Kaori – Different how? Gay?

Zoey – I think technically he’s straight….

Well I’m confused.

Kaori – I see… well just let him be whoever he is I guess….

Zoey – That’s the plan…. and hopefully one day he can finally be that person….


Keegan – So the plan still solid?

Priscilla – Yeah, I’m going to the dance studio right now, then gym later. I’ll have to run to my place to shower, then I’ll come back here and we can cook dinner for Zoey.

Keegan – Alright cool. Monster movie night.

Priscilla – Are you sure she doesn’t want to go out and get candy? it is Halloween…

Keegan – She said she didn’t…. so she’ll just hang with us, no big deal. Plus it gives mom’s a chance to do them for a night.

Priscilla – I think its awesome that Joy and Kaitlyn are having a night of romance… I don’t mind hanging out with you and Zoey tonight while they do their thing…

Keegan – Could I ask for a better girlfriend?

Priscilla – I don’t think one exist.

Keegan – *smiles*

Priscilla – Are you gonna be okay?

Keegan – We should be fine, you have nothing to worry about.

Priscilla – I’m not worried. I’m just making sure you’re gonna be good.

Keegan – I’ll be fine… this talk is long overdue…

Priscilla – Alright.

Keegan – Hey is Gina gonna be at the gym?

Priscilla – Who?- oh Gina… my gym friend… yeah she’s gonna be there.

Keegan – Your “gym friend”? that’s a bit… mean?

Priscilla – I didn’t mean it like that… we just have yet to really… I dunno… anyway I gotta get going.

Keegan – Alright, be safe.

Priscilla – I will, and same to you officer…

Keegan – Will do.


Zoey – Does it bother you?

Kaori – Does what bother me?

Zoey – That you’re not with him.

Kaori – With who? Keegan?

Zoey – Yeah.

Kaori – No.

Zoey – I want you guys to be together… That’s why I call him dad, and you mom for fun.

Kaori – Well that’s not gonna happen.

Zoey – But you’re my OTP…. you guys belong together.

Kaori – We don’t… because if we did we’d be together Zoey… be nice to Priscilla… she likes you. You have to like who Keegan has in his life…

Zoey – And what about who you have in yours? I checked your instagram… you’re single…

This nosy little cunt *laughing*

Kaori – Who knows… maybe I won’t be for long.

Zoey – You have a new guy?

Kaori – Maybe…

Zoey – Can I see a picture?

Kaori – Later…

Zoey – Awesome… I can show you a picture of my crush… his name is Symon Nash… he’s so dreamy…

Kaori – Aww… cute. Well just know I’m here for advice…. and anything else. Boys, girls, fights… sex questions… anything.. hopefully you’re not having sex.

Zoey – I’m not, and don’t plan on it.

Kaori – Good.

Zoey – It seems gross, I’m not doing that for a long time *laughs*

Its so odd to me how normal she’s acting. Keegan told me about the bathroom, the blood… her crying. She seems so over it. I don’t understand how that’s possible considering her tit pics were online. The girl is way more put together than a lot of adults I know. That or she’s good at hiding that she’s hurting… then again most teenagers are good at hiding their emotions… I guess I won’t bother asking her about any of it. She’ll come to me when she needs me.

[Top Pic]

Priscilla – I’ll see you later Zoe-Zoe

Zoey – K’ bye!

Priscilla – Nice seeing you Kaori.

Kaori – You too Priscilla.

Zoey – ….. So what are we doing? guys?

Keegan – You’re going in my room and watching netflix. Kaori and I have some things we need to talk about.

Zoey – Well I hope you changed the sheets…

Kaori – *laughs*

Keegan – What do you mean by that Zoey?

Zoey – Sex sweat…. and other fluids…

Keegan – *laughing* oh my god… no, just… go! go in the room… and don’t let mom hear you talk like that.

Zoey – Which one?

Keegan – Either!

Zoey – Fine… is there a parental thingy on netflix?

Keegan – No.

Zoey – Can I watch a rated R movie?

Keegan – Sure.

Zoey – Okay… well see ya later Emma Frost.

Kaori – …………

Keegan – She was talking to you…. I think.

Zoey – Yes.. Kaori…

Kaori – I don’t get the reference, but later Zoey *laughs*

Zoey – And I guess you’ll let me know when I can come out of the room Scott Summers?

Keegan – Yes.

[Bottom Pic]

Keegan – So its just us.

Kaori – Yep

Keegan – Did you want some water-

Kaori – Did Jeep text you?

Dammit, I meant Jonah… thank god he wasn’t here to hear me call him Jeep… he’d flip a bitch.

Keegan – Uh yeah, but I couldn’t take him..

Kaori – Oh okay… yeah.. I feel bad about that to be honest.

Keegan – Don’t. He knows how busy we all are… besides he found a ride.

Kaori – Oh who? Frankie? she always has this soft spot for him…

Keegan – Trey.

Kaori – Oh that’s… weird.

Keegan – Why?

Kaori – I don’t think they’ve ever hung out alone… without us… I could be wrong, but I always sorta thought they were friends because we as a group were friends..

Keegan – Pretty sure it started off that way, but then the whole Aries thing bonded them… but like you said. I could be wrong.. I’m pretty sure they’ve hung out before… I think.

Kaori – Ah… well who knows…

Keegan – So shall we?

Kaori – What are we eating?

Keegan – Priscilla made salad for us…

Kaori – Did you toss it?

Keegan – What?

Kaori – Nothing… *laughs*

Keegan – Oh!.. sex joke… I’m slow… anyway… shall we?

Kaori – Sure.

Well its time ladies and gentlemen… lets hope and pray this goes well.

Keegan – So how are you? I feel like I see everyone else more than I see you. Are you just busy or are you… avoiding me?

Kaori – Both… but not because of the reasons you think.

Keegan – What do you think, I’m thinking exactly?

Kaori – Priscilla.

Keegan – Ah…

Kaori – Am I right?

Keegan – Yeah….

Kaori – I think its great what you have with her. Much better than Jules…

Keegan – Thanks…

Kaori – I’ve been really busy… there’s a lot of pressure with school, and all the new responsibilities at work.

Keegan – I hear you’re kicking ass in both… so congrats.

Kaori – Thank you, but its… I have my moments where I want to just curl up and die from all the stress.

Keegan – I know the feeling.

Kaori – I did avoid you for a bit… because I’ve never been good with words… you know that..

Keegan – Yeah…

Kaori – How are you?

Keegan – I’m good, work is… lackluster… but my parents think that’s good. They don’t want me in the line of fire…

Kaori – Naturally.

Keegan – Its not like on tv… we’re not busting criminals left and right… but its still what I’m meant to do.

Kaori – Look at us… look where we were a few years ago…

Keegan – A kid who hated his father because he didn’t understand that he just wanted the best for him. A druggy, abusing prescription pills… living with self hatred over killing his girlfriend in a drunk driving incident… I was a shitty person…

Kaori – I was no better… I was a slut, running around campus kissing boys- granted I didn’t sleep with many… I still hooked up. I convinced myself that I was the ultimate feminist by doing what the guys did and proving how dumb double standards were… In all honesty I was looking for attention from my parents… from you… I was abrasive I was a bitch to everyone… judgmental.. childish.. unfocused- lost.

Keegan – And now we’ve grown from those people…

Kaori – We have.

Keegan – Pat on the back for both of us.

Kaori – Changing the subject a bit… is Zoey going to be okay?

Keegan – I don’t know… she pretends it never happened… its the oddest thing.

Kaori – After Frankie told me about Raina flipping out… I was ready to go punch her in the face… and her bitch mother too.

Keegan – Right? I’m like… what would batman do? oh I know… he’d dig up dirt on the family and expose them…

Kaori – I’m super protective of Zoey…

Keegan – Same..

Kaori – I think about that night I met her and her mother. The shit that kid has probably seen…. yet she was so mature and put together.

Keegan – She had to be… somebody had to be the adult since her dad was M.I.A. and her mom was… well ya know… an addict.. *whispers* and prostitute.

Kaori – Yeah….. She’s lucky though. She has you and everyone else looking out for her.

Keegan – She also has Curtis… he’s a really good friend, super loyal.

Kaori – He’s gay I think?

Because Zoey is confusing as hell… she said he’s technically straight but then hopes he comes out? like what the fuck…

Keegan – Duh….

Kaori – *laughs* I hope he accepts it and comes out… doesn’t wait forever and be a weird introverted gay like Trey.

Keegan – I love Trey, but he is a bit…. closeted at times. Which is odd because he’s out…

Kaori – I hated Trey, but he’s boo now. I don’t understand how my cousin is way more immersed in the LGBT world than he is.

Keegan – Well Aries is a different subject… he kinda just threw himself into it… especially after the whole suicide attempt.

Kaori – That’s true… but Trey’s weird to me.. his uncle is gay as fuck, his family would have accepted- We’re getting off subject here…

Keegan – Yeah I know… we only have like 30 minutes…

Kaori – Yeah, then I gotta go home, shower and get ready to impress these out of town business guys at a club… with Mahlia Nirav.

Keegan – Oh you’re working with “Shadow” tonight?

Kaori – Why are you calling her that?

Keegan – Because she’s Jarrah’s shadow…

Kaori – *laughing* Oh my god, good one! umm… so… I mean, do we have to talk about it?

Keegan – The relationship that never was?

Kaori – Yeah… I mean we kissed, and we almost had sex.. Jules hates us blah blah… I don’t think we need to go there to be honest.

Keegan – I think this… sitting here talking like we used to do… as friends. That’s what we really needed.

Kaori – There is one thing that I do want to ask though…

Keegan – Yeah?

Kaori – Are you happy?

Keegan – I always lied when people asked me that question… but yeah. I am happy. My career, my health… my relationship… I’m happy. Are you?

Kaori – I think even with all the stress…. I’m happy where I am in life yes. Frankie is such a inspiration to me, I don’t think she realizes how much she inspires me to be super woman. She’s so in control, and goes after what she wants… and I love that about her. So having had her in my life, I’ve sorta mimicked her drive to get what she wants. Its worked out for me.

Keegan – It has.

Kaori – I swear this, us sitting here reminds me of my favorite song on Adele’s new album..

Keegan – I haven’t listened to it yet… but which song? and why?

Kaori – Its called Send My Love… and the why is because of the chorus… it goes :

Send my love to your new lover
Treat her better
We’ve gotta let go of all of our ghosts
We both know we ain’t kids no more

Kaori – We never dated but it still sorta fits…. our… none relationship.

Keegan – *smiles* It does…

Kaori – I don’t think our thing was bad timing.

Keegan – Neither do I…. I think we’re not together for a reason.

Kaori – Me too.

Keegan – The universe has a plan for everyone…

Kaori – Yeah the problem is people go against it, and that’s when the trouble starts.

Keegan – Yeah.

Kaori – I think this was good…

Keegan – Damn right it was.

Kaori – It didn’t feel weird either..

Keegan – I didn’t.

Kaori – How much of it do you think Zoey heard?

Keegan – She probably listened to the whole conversation.

Kaori – Probably…

Keegan – So speaking of new lovers…

Kaori – When did we speak of that?

Keegan – The Adele lyrics?

Kaori – Oh right.

Keegan – Are you with Ian?

Kaori – I should be asking you that.

Keegan – Why?

Kaori – He’s obsessed with you… he’s always asking me “does Keegan do this?” “does Keegan like that?” Then the whole netflix thing… you guys are so dating. Priscilla has nothing to worry about with me, she needs to be worried about Ian snatching you up and making you his bae.

Keegan – *laughing* Yeah he’s totally in love with me… we’re planning a trip to our secret cabin and fishing spot… I just can’t quit him.

Kaori – Well take some lube! anal is painful… so I hear!

Keegan – Its weird though huh? considering how we hated each other…

Kaori – It is, but it just shows how much you guys have grown.

Keegan – He seems really different… really mysterious too… introverted at times..

Kaori – He does…. and to answer your question no we’re not a thing. I did however ask him to come to the wedding with me.

Keegan – Oh cool… yeah Priscilla told me she’d come with me.

Kaori – I still can’t believe Alana invited you. Though… I mean… according to Frankie… Alana always wanted to fuck you… so maybe that’s it.

Keegan – Well I have no idea why I’m invited… but I’m going.

Kaori – Jeep’s not going- God I should really stop calling him that.

Keegan – I know he’s not… he’s never been close with Sebastian.

Kaori – Do you think its because Sebastian dated Frankie, and Jeep also had a weird thing with Frankie?

Keegan – I don’t know, but honestly… not all cousins are close. Jarrah’s close with Sebastian, doesn’t mean Jeep- Jonah is.

Kaori – You, Me, Frankie, and Jarrah… we’re all going. Trey and Jonah are not.

Keegan – Correct.

Kaori – Hey wanna take a bet at who Jarrah will bring? Shane or Owen?

Keegan – Well considering my brother has a secret wife, and step-kid- habit… I keep forgetting we’re no long brothers…

Kaori – You think your dad is gonna get back with Riley?

Keegan – I don’t know, and I don’t care. Our parents had eventful lives before we were born… They had great loves, and great heartbreaks so whatever happens happens.

Kaori – That would be so funny for Frankie…

Keegan – Oh because then she’d had not only Dominic and Paisley as step-siblings… but me too…

Kaori – What do you think about that?

Keegan – I’d be fine with being her brother…

Kaori – No I mean her mom getting married.

Keegan – I mean it was fast but who knows… maybe they just knew…

Kaori – True…. so… before I get out of here… we’re good right?

Keegan – Golden.

Kaori – We’re….. Friends.

Keegan – Good lifetime…. Friends.

Kaori – And you’re good with that?

Keegan – I am if you are.

Kaori – I’m good with it.

Keegan – Then so am I.

Kaori – Well I’m gonna take this salad to go, and get home and shower.

Keegan – Right… night out on the town with Shadow.

Kaori – Again… I fucking love that name for her.

Keegan – Its pretty legit.

Kaori – *laughs* I’ll talk to you later.

Keegan – Alright.

Kaori – Thanks for the food, and thought.

Keegan – Food for thought.

Kaori – Don’t be a cornball Geez why did I EVER like YOU!

Keegan – I know right? I’m so icky! and corny!

Kaori – *laughs* Bye Scott Summers.

Keegan – See you around Emma Frost.

I know I was a bit quiet during the conversation, and that’s because of a few reasons. One, I’m not that great at multitasking. It was hard enough having the conversation, let alone trying to somehow have inner thoughts. I tried listening and talking when it was my turn, and it worked out for the best. Two, The conversation was going so well that I honestly didn’t have many thoughts in my head… which I guess is a good thing. The last thing you should be doing while having a serious conversation with someone, is having a serious conversation in your head. With all that being said… I’m glad we talked. We’re good, we’re more than good.

I think this is the best place we’ve ever been…. and now that its all said and done…. that’s the end of the Kaori and Keegan love story. It will remain…. the relationship that never was… and I’m okay with that. I have to get home and shower… tonight is not going to be fun… greasy businessmen, a club, and Malia SHADOW Nirav…. fun times… right? not exactly what I wanted to do on Halloween. Oh well, not like I had a choice. Later guys.

(POV Jonah) [In Riverview]

Of everyone, I didn’t expect Trey to drive me to go see Raven. I know…. you guys are wondering what’s my issue with him right? well truth be told I don’t have an issue with him… sorta. I just…. I feel absolutely horrible about what happened to his dad, and sometimes its hard to talk to him, or look him in the eye because Raven was my friend- Is my friend. We’re fine when we’re around the others, but one on one is awkward….

Trey – Who’s truck is this?

Jonah – My friend Quincy.

Trey – He’s okay with me driving it?

Jonah – I don’t think he really cares… he knows I’m not gonna do anything stupid with his car…

Trey – Just making sure.

Jonah – Understandable…

Trey – ………….

Jonah – …………

Trey – So……

Jonah – Hmm?

Trey – Any Halloween plans? I have none.

Jonah – After dinner, I plan on watching some scary shit with Karin.

Trey – Nice…

Jonah – Yeah….

Trey – …..

Jonah – ……..

Jonah – How are things with you and big D

Trey – What?

Jonah – Dominic.

Trey – Oh, umm… they’re fine.

Jonah – Cool, cool… good to hear.

Trey – How’s Karin?

Jonah – Good, we’re good. We have a double date with Rubi, and her boyfriend tonight.

Trey – Adam.

Jonah – I can never remember his name, thanks.

Trey – No problem…

Jonah – ………..

Trey – ………….

Awkward silence…. 

Jonah – *clears throat*

Trey – Why is it so weird when its just us two?

Jonah – I don’t know…

Trey – Do you like me?

Jonah – Of course.

Trey – I like you too, so I don’t get it…

Jonah – One on one is awkward I guess…. we don’t hangout much?

Trey – Well honestly we haven’t spent that much time alone… think about it.

Jonah – That’s true… it was always either Keegan, or Jarrah with us…

Trey – Yeah…..

Jonah – If I’m being honest…. I always thought you didn’t really like me that much. Like we were only friends because we were part of the six.

Trey – Its not that… I just knew you were punk rock, and into making movies… you were a skater boy and all of that. I was this… gay guy…. super shy gay guy at that. I didn’t think you and I would have much to talk about…

Jonah – Its funny though, because with the group, you and I converse just fine… and here we are in the car… being awkward.

I’m so full of shit, I know why I’m being weird with him… but I don’t want to get into that right now… I don’t want to talk about Raven, on the way to visit Raven- which makes no sense but whatever.

Trey – Right….

Jonah – Thanks by the way….

Trey – For what?

Jonah – For taking me.

Trey – No problem… and thank you for the food…

Jonah – Sorry it had to be McDonalds… I’m broke.

Trey – Its fine. I haven’t had a big mac in a while…

Jonah – So everyone is so adult, and busy these days…. next you guys will be having kids…

Trey – Jarrah’s already there.

Jonah – Right *laughs*

Trey – Do you think this is the beginning of the end for us as a group?

Jonah – Sometimes, but then I think about how we’ve already beaten the odds. Look at us… still friends. Maybe we’ll remain that way.

Trey – We should be fine as long as we adjust to the changes in each others lives.

Jonah – Right.

I remember a time where I would almost get upset that Keegan and I seemed to be drifting… but I’ve since mature a bit, and I don’t look at it that way anymore. Look we all have our lives, and when we can make time for each other we do. We’re the original Six but we can’t alienate our other friends either ya know? plus other responsibilities such as work and school in Kaori and I’s case.

Trey – Riverview is nice looking huh?

Jonah – Yeah… its cool…

Trey – Its not home, but its okay.

Jonah – That GloCity pride….

Trey – Well my dad was the Mayor…

Jonah – How’s your dad?

Why did I ask that….

Trey – Umm… he thought he was going to be walking soon because he had a good couple of weeks… but a recent setback has changed his mood. I’m starting to think he’ll always be in the chair…

Jonah – ………..

Trey – It just sucks…. he did everything right in life, and now he’s just….

Jonah – ……

Trey – Its so easy to just be like “Oh be positive” but could you imagine it being you?

Jonah – ….Yeah.

Trey – The whole situation was madness….

Jonah – ………

Fuck me…. I can’t do this.

Trey – Do you ever think about Miguel?

Jonah – Stop the car.

Trey – I can’t we’re on the-

Jonah – Just do it! or I’ll jump out!

Trey – Okay okay… *pulls over*

Jonah – *gets out of car*

Trey – Wait up!

[2 minutes later]

I felt like I couldn’t breathe in there… had to get out. Now I have to explain myself… which is gonna make me look like a complete jackass.

Jonah – I’m sorry….

Trey – Its okay…. what’s wrong?

Jonah – I can’t do it.

Trey – Can’t do what?

Jonah – I can’t go see Raven- and I made you drive all this way with me… you could have been doing something else with your time.

Trey – I don’t mind… I needed the drive anyway…

Jonah – I’m a fucking horrible friend.

Trey – No, you’re not.

Jonah – I’m so fucked up….

Trey – Stop saying that…

Jonah – I want to go home….

Trey – Okay, we can go back home, but just tell me what’s wrong.

Jonah – I hate everything!

Trey – …..

Jonah – I avoid you because even though I had nothing to do with what she did I still blame myself because she was my friend!

Trey – Raven made the mistake of drinking and driving, it wasn’t your fault… its okay-

Jonah – No its not fucking okay! I’m so fucking mad at her! she killed Miguel! and she put your father in a wheelchair! She ruined her life! I don’t get to be sad for you, or mad at her because you both are my friends! I’m conflicted with how I feel!

Trey – ….I understand.

Jonah – Miguel is dead Trey…. your dad is in a chair.. probably for life… I’m angry at her…. and then I have Christine telling me I’m a bad friend because I didn’t go see her. Fuck her! fuck her stupid ass! She never once asked me how I was feeling. It was the Raven pity party 24/7! but I’m the bad guy? fuck her!

Trey – I get it babe….

Of course after getting emotional about one thing, all the other shit rises to the surface…

Jonah – And on top of all of that…. I have my dad breathing down my neck about my career choices… He makes me doubt myself. I don’t know if i even have what it takes to do this anymore… what if I’m just some kid with a dream? what if making movies will never happen for some big nose jewish kid like me?

Trey – You’re so much more than that…. you’re cute, you’re talented, you’re driven… you have great ideas. I believe in you.

Jonah – I’ll never make it… somebody like Rubi will though… she’s my friend and all but she’s full of herself, and her father is a hack of a director in my opinion. Yet… somehow I bet Rubi will make it in the industry… she’ll be the next Lena Dunham, or Amy Schumer… meanwhile I’ll be asking do you want fries with that.

Trey – Stop it… because if you can’t believe in yourself, then how can I?

Jonah – I can’t keep up this charade of strength. I’ve changed a lot… I’m more confident in my personality than I ever have been… but this Raven stuff, the Christine shit… my career… its getting to me… I feel like I’m about to snap… I’m just so scared of failing! *crying*

Trey – Come here… *hugs Jonah*

Jonah – Sometimes I think I’d be better off just quitting and going to work for my dad’s tech company.

Trey – Your dad didn’t have that company over night… he worked for microsoft first… and before that I’m sure he had other entry level jobs… and before that he probably had a hard time finding himself too… it happens.

Jonah – …..I doubt it… he’s so strict and-

Trey – My dad told me something about your dad.

Jonah – What?

Trey – He sorta had a transformation just like you…

Jonah – What- how so?

Trey – He told me that your dad was a nerd… and one summer he changed into the cool kid… he became mr popular in college. They called him Blaze… because he loved smoking weed, and partying…

Jonah – Ha!… no way…

Trey – Its true!…. and yeah he was smart, but he didn’t have it all figured out right away. I know little things about everyone’s parents because my dad told me stuff. Funny innocent stuff… nothing bad.

Jonah – But he’s sooo perfect though. He makes it hard to believe that he-

Trey – Had growing pains like us? our parents were our age once, and they did NOT have it all together…

Wow… I did not know that about my dad… that does oddly make me feel a little better about my career… and life choices… not a lot, but a little.

Jonah – *sigh* Why am I crying like a little girl…

Trey – Sometimes you have to…

Jonah – You don’t.

Trey – I should… considering…

Jonah – Considering what?

Trey – Dominic’s gonna break up with me sooner or later. I can feel it.

Jonah – What?

Trey – I’m weird…. I’ve come to realize that I’m a weird… gay guy.

Jonah – What? like you don’t do gay sex or something?

I know that’s a lie from what Aries told me about them…. when they had their little thing… they fucked all the time.

Trey – No- well sorta… lately I haven’t had time to do that…

Jonah – You’re not putting out?

Trey – ……

Jonah – Sorry.

Trey – Its not even just that. I think he see’s me as this guy who hasn’t ever really lived and learned when its come to the community.

Jonah – ……..

Trey – You agree with him?

Jonah – Sorta…

Trey – …..

Jonah – You’ve never gone to a gay pride…. you don’t really reblog or retweet stuff about gay rights on social media… you seem really… distant from that stuff.

Trey – Yeah… its not on purpose. Its force of habit. How the fuck is it that both Aries, and Nick are all pro gay out and proud LGBT men… and here I am all-

Jonah – Introverted…

Trey – Yes…. and I…. I got mad at Dominic for jerking off to porn…

Jonah – You didn’t….

Trey – Oh I did… and I felt like an IDIOT after I realized I was wrong for thinking of it as cheating… I don’t know… I’m maybe too immature for him. Maybe I rushed into this relationship just because I wanted one.

I admit, I do think Trey’s a weird gay guy. He doesn’t seem to have any of the gay pride you see others having. I don’t think its on purpose though… we all have our weird characteristic traits. I don’t judge him for being the way he is. I sure as hell won’t let him sabotage things with Dominic either.

Jonah – Don’t do that. You got into the relationship because you loved him, and he’s the guy for you.

Trey – True…. I mean I guess- no, I know you’re right. I just get so wrapped up in my head, and then I want to beat myself up over mistakes. I know I shouldn’t do that.

Jonah – … You have good things going for you. Look at your job-

Trey – Heh…. remind me to tell you about that on the way home…

Jonah – What happened? you weren’t fucked over, and fired were you?

Trey – Oh no… I……………..wasn’t fucked over….

Jonah – That’s vague…

Trey – My boss got fucked in the ass, by my roommate Ruben….. bareback!!! on my couch!!!… he’s gay and cheating on his wife.

Jonah – Holy shit… he fucked him RAW?

Trey – That’s what you got from that?

Jonah – Sorry…

Trey – You’re nasty… what is it with guys and barebacking?

Jonah – Who really likes condoms?

Trey – Please tell me you’re using them.

Jonah – Karin and I don’t….

Trey – Jonah!

Jonah – I know, I know…

Trey – Come on, lets go.

Jonah – Alright…

Jonah – Where’s the truck?

Trey – You forced me to stop so fast and ran out that I found a quick park before I caught up with you.

Jonah – Ah….

Trey – Riverview has much better parking than we do in GloCity.

Jonah – Well we can’t be the best at everything.

Trey – True.

Jonah – Hey…. since we’re here….

Trey – What? you changed your mind about Raven?

Jonah – No, I’m still not ready yet, but umm… can we grab some ice cream and walk around a bit?

Trey – Sure… that’ll give me time to explain to you about next week….

Jonah – What about next week?

Trey – Oh, umm… Dominic and I will be on set of a gay porn shoot.

Jonah – Why are you guys filming porn?

Trey – Wait! we’re not! we’re just getting a tour of the set… seeing how they’re made.

Jonah – Ah… okay…. for a minute there I was thinking how desperate a porn sounded to keep your relationship.

Trey – It still feels desperate even if we aren’t the ones filming a scene…

Jonah – Well kudos to you. You’re taking interest in something that Dom likes… I think its a pretty cool thing to do honestly.

Trey – Thanks…

Jonah – Hopefully while you’re there, Ruben isn’t plowing your boss at your place again…

Trey – They both promised me they would stop…

Jonah – Most promises are made to be broken…

Trey – Lets hope you’re wrong.

Jonah – Yeah…. by the way…

Trey – Hmm?

Jonah – Can we keep my little breakdown between us? I know you’re super close with my cousin but-

Trey – I won’t tell Jarrah, or the others… today stays between us.

Jonah – If they ask… just say we got there and there was like… prison lockdown due to fighting or something… so we couldn’t see her.

Trey – Okay.

Jonah – Thanks….

Trey – No problem.

Jonah – No, thanks for today… everything….

Trey – Well thank you too… I haven’t actually voiced those concerns outloud before so… it felt good to say it…. 

Jonah – Sometimes saying things that are in your head outloud makes you realize how foolish they sound…

Trey – I know that all too well.

Jonah – Lesson learned today.

Trey – *smiles* Lets go get that ice cream.

I’m really happy it was Trey who took me. We would have never had this moment if he didn’t. It was something that needed to happen between us. I think we’ll be closer now, closer than ever before. I was able to vent about other shit, and he told me a lot of his problems as well. He’ll figure stuff out with Dominic, and I’ll figure out stuff with my career, and self-doubt.

I’ll also figure out when I’m ready to go see Raven. I can’t force myself to do it when I’m not ready. I won’t allow anyone else to either… especially not Christine. She can think whatever she wants, I’m over explaining myself. Now I’m just gonna try and go with the flow. See where that takes me. I’ll catch you guys later… oh and prepare yourself for Rubi’s over the top antics… that’s where I’ll be next, on the double date with her and Adam.

(POV Kaori)

So I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in my life, but small….fucking…world huh? You know the business guys I’m meeting up with? Well turns out the head bitch in charge is Ryder Larter. Spider-Sensing are tingling right? name sounds familiar correct? well one. He’s Rubi’s older brother, and two he’s Calista’s fiancee! three he’s the douchebag who left Vira’s other sister after she suffered a miscarriage. Homeboy is our client, and I can’t…. he’s so smug looking. Guess it runs in the family because as cool as Rubi is… she’s full of herself.

Ryder – I see Sasha sent out the hot girls tonight. Are all the women at Siren Ad Agency as sexy as you two?

Kaori – We-

Maliha – We’re the hottest thing in the office to be honest. Which is great because we’re bestfriends too. So its no competition.

Kaori – Yeah….. we’re…………..bestfriends.

Ryder – Maliha is it?

Maliha – Yes.

Ryder – You look like Sasha, but more ethnic. Any relation?

Maliha – I’m her daughter.

Ryder – Nice…. you’re sexy.

Mistah J – That she is….

Blade – And what about you Kaori?

Kaori – What about me?

Blade – You related to Sasha Nirav-

Mistah J – Owens… Sasha Owens… she got divorced dude.

Blade – Ah right.

I guess its safe to say that he doesn’t know I’m related to Vira… perhaps he’s in his own world and doesn’t keep up with his peers on social media…

Ryder – You girls single?

Maliha – We are…. but-

Kaori – *flirty voice* So how bout we get business out of the way first? then we can play?

Ryder – I like how you think….

Ew…. Gross fucker…. Vira told me he likes fingers in the ass. I mean on one hand there’s nothing wrong with that, but on the other… he just seems so… ugh. He has another thing coming if he thinks I’ll be fingering his asshole tonight. Oh my god, brilliant plan… I know how to get him to stop flirting.

Kaori – Oh my god!

Ryder – Hmm?

Kaori – I know why you’re so familiar to me now!

Blade – You banged before?

Mistah J – Wouldn’t be surprised… after Misty he banged a few…

Kaori – No we haven’t banged.

Ryder – Yeah…. I’d remember her if we did…

Maliha – How do you two know each other Kay?

Did this bitch just call me Kay? girl bye we are not friends.

Kaori – Calista… Lockhe’ad….

I can’t believe I pronounced it like that….

Ryder – You know my fiancee?

Kaori – I’m Vira’s sister…. Kaori McDonald… from her father’s side.

Ryder – Oh shit…. you must have been with the girls this morning for Alana’s wedding stuff.

Kaori – Yeah! she showed me pictures of you.

Ryder – Ah… that makes sense.

Blade – Aye Maliha…. you got a fat cat?

Maliha – The fattest…

Mistah J – Meow!

Ryder – Enough of that, lets talk business.

Maliha – I can’t believe you shut down a club for a business meeting…

Ryder – Why not flex my power.

Maliha – Why not.

Dude please… its Halloween… nobody was gonna be here anyway… lame ass.

Kaori – So exactly what did you have in mind for us?

Ryder – I represent a musical duo… Idle Handz. They’re up and coming and already making me lots of money. Now… I’m ready to really take it to the next level. I want a huge campaign for their debut album “The Devil’s Play Thing”

Kaori – We’re talking commercials, endorsements…. the works?

Ryder – Yes.

Kaori – We can make that happen…. and then some.

Ryder – See I’ve let pretty faces talk me into things before. I’m gonna need more convincing than that.

Kaori – Okay, we can go into the details as soon as I come back. I have to use the ladies room.

Blade – Take your time baby…

Mistah J – You going too Maliha?

Maliha – No, I’m good.

Hopefully she doesn’t fuck it up while I’m gone… then blame me for it. We both know Sasha will take her side over mine anyday…

See how fast his ass wanted to talk business when I mentioned I knew Calista? Makes me wonder how sleazy he is when nobody is looking. Calista’s a lame ass bird anyway so if he’s cheating on her, then oh well. Hell for all I know they’re having threesomes with men and women… he look like the type to like a little bit of dick anyway. I should stop… that’s mean…. *laughing*

I honestly feel like a prostitute tonight. Sasha sent me and her daughter to try and woo these guys. Like seriously, she could have sent Kyle, he’s a guy’s guy. He could have took them to a strip club, and smoked some cigars with them. Instead Sasha sends up pretty girls to do work. I don’t know if its because she thought we were capable or if its was because we’re cute.

The only upside to this, is the free drinks. Best believe I brought one of those straws that change color when the drink has been tampered with. You can’t trust anybody to not drug and rape you now days. That’s not me saying that all men are rapist, because they’re not. I just like to be prepared. You should see the letter opener I have in my purse.. I stay ready to slice and dice potential attackers. Just call me wolverine. Anyway let me use the ladies room, and get back to the meeting before Maliha ruins things…

……………………………. You have to be kidding me.

Kaori – ……….What are you doing here?

Byron – Hi Kaori…. long time….

Kaori – Umm…. You’re not Ryder’s client are you?

Byron – I am- we are….

Kaori – *looks at female* Oh…

Byron – You look so different.

Kaori – So do you…

Byron – How’s the meeting going? I can tell Ryder that I know you and-

Kaori – Its fine, we have it under control…

Byron – We?

Kaori – The sorority girl you banged… Maliha Nirav?

Byron – Who?

Kaori – Blonde? white and like… middle eastern or whatever?

Byron – Oh her….

Kaori – Yeah she and I work together…

Byron – Cool, cool…

Kaori – I’m sorry… I’m a little annoyed that you didn’t tell me you were in town…

Byron – Sorry about that…

Kaori – You know what? *smiles* Its fine.

We had a deep relationship. It had its problems but we were important to each other’s lives. We were there for each other’s transitional phases and wow… to just come back and not tell me is really fucked up…. and who is this bitch he’s with?

Balm Fisk – Hello…

Byron – Umm, Kaori… I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend, and band partner Balm Fisk.

Did he say balled fist?…. what type of dumbass name is Balm Fisk?

Kaori – Balm? like lip balm?

Balm Fisk – Yes… like lip balm….

Kaori – So together you guys are Idle Handz….

Balm Fisk – We are.

Kaori – But you date…

Byron – We do…..

Kaori – Isn’t that bad though? mixing business with pleasure?

Byron – Not if both parties are mature.

Balm Fisk – Right.

Byron – …..We work perfectly…

Balm Fisk – I can’t believe I’m meeting the one and only Kaori…

Kaori – I’m famous?

Balm Fisk – You’re half of our muse…. you plus my ex boyfriend Neo… You guys gave us a lifetime of songs to write…

Byron – Babe….

Balm Fisk – Just saying… wow in the flesh…

Byron – I hope you don’t mind….

Kaori – Mind what? you writing songs about me? no… I don’t care at all.

Keep it together bitch, this is a potential client. Be professional.

Byron – Its just stuff about my life, and you were a-

Kaori – Big part of it… I know…

Balm Fisk – You should hear our new song “Transition” Its amazing…

Kaori – *fake smile* I’ll check it out!

I’ve had enough.

Balm Fisk – Cute dress.

Kaori – Thanks… it was a gift from my…. boyfriend. Your dress is cute too.

Actually its ugly as shit.

Balm Fisk – Thanks! I got it from a thrift shop in C-City.

Should have stayed there… ugly ass print.

Byron – We’re grabbing a late dinner after-

Kaori – My boyfriend is waiting for me after this, but it was great seeing you, and meeting you Bald- Balm- sorry.

Balm Fisk – Well if everything goes according to plan, we’ll be seeing more of each other.

Kaori – That’s so true.

I never thought about that… shit. Now I’m suddenly hoping Maliha fucked up while I was away… Also don’t judge me for claiming I have a boyfriend. I don’t know why I did that. It was word vomit I guess.

Byron – Are you with someone I know?

Kaori – You don’t know him… anyway I’m gonna get back to the meeting. I’ll be seeing you guys.

Byron – I’ll call you.

Balm Fisk – Lovely Meeting you!

Bitch bye… how do you just call someone a muse to their face? whenever I think about a musical muse I think of bad relationships, not good ones. Maybe that’s cynical of me but oh well.

Maliha – Oh my god was that Byron Mills?

Kaori – It was.

Maliha – Not as cute as before.

Kaori – Its the goofy facial hair….

Maliha – Holy shit he’s Idle Handz huh?

Kaori – Him, and his girlfriend Bomb Fist.

Maliha – Bomb Fist?

Kaori – Bald Fit

Maliha – Girl what?

Kaori – Its Balm Fisk…

Maliha – Balm Fisk…. what a dumb name.

Kaori – Her outfit is so ugly…

Maliha – Right?

Kaori – How fucking awkward is it that we might be working with him if this deal goes through?

Maliha – About that…… I have some bad news…

Kaori – What did you do?

Maliha – While you were away…. I….. totally slayed and impressed Ryder and his boys with our success rate numbers. Not to mention the Paxton contract which was a big win for us. Ryder asked if you’d be working on it personally… I lied and said yes. We can make that happen obviously… but yeah. Good news… We got the contract, bad news… more Byron and Bulk Finn.

Kaori – Fabulous….

Maliha – Turn that frown upside down… drinks are on them… lets have some fun.

Kaori – Fine… I guess we should celebrate… you did good Maliha…

Maliha – Thanks bitch! Umm hey! bartender! over here!

Bartender – What can I get you?

Maliha – Three Armand de Brignac… on the rocks. Two Gin and Tonic’s… and hmm… oh! and one Hangman’s Blood… neat.

Kaori – One Mint Julep.

Bartender – Coming right up ladies.

Maliha – I’m so happy… we did good.

Kaori – We did… well you really brought it home. I’ll make sure to tell Sasha.

Maliha – We are a team, I don’t want full credit.

Kaori – Cool.

Maliha – You think mom will be proud of me?

Kaori – She should be.

Maliha – Its been so long since she’s told me she was proud of me…

Kaori – I’m sure this will make her really happy Maliha…

Maliha – *smiles*


Mistah J – That Maliha girl lied… I looked her up on social media… she has a black boyfriend.

Blade – Oh well… GloCity probably got plenty of pussy for us.

Mistah J – And none for Ryder, he’s engaged…

Blade – Please…. you know he’ll cheat… he always cheats.

Ryder – So I know Kaori… well not know her but my fiancee Calista knows her…

Byron – I know her too…

Ryder – Oh shit, really? you used to smash?

Balm Fisk – They dated…. and never had sex… its quite an interesting story between those two.

Ryder – I hope you right more songs about it.

Byron – We plan on it.

Balm Fisk – Yeah… I’m gonna go see my ex in Bridgeport to get inspired…

Ryder – Kinda fucked up you guys use your exes to make such good music, but fuck it… keep making hits, and making daddy rich.

Byron – Lets keep making each other rich.

Balm Fisk – And amazing fucking music too.

Ryder – Drinks on me tonight guys.

Byron – Calista’s not joining us?

Ryder – Nah, she’s with her friend Alana doing wedding shit. *cell rings* One moment… my sister is calling me.

Balm Fisk – No problem Mr. Larter.

Byron – Still can’t believe your sister is Rubi Larter…


What…. the…. fuck. I thought the most I’d have to deal with is a bunch of douchebag businessmen… but no… I had that, and I ran into my ex… and his new girlfriend Bark Feet. I can’t. Oh and I’m apparently inspiring some really AWESOME songs. I’ve only heard two of Byron’s songs… and that was when he was a solo artist. I’m so lost… he hasn’t told me anything about his girlfriend, and this group Idle Handz. To top it all off I now have to work with them. I honestly rather go home, shower… and watch some netflix. Instead, I have to go smile and be social with them. Yay drinks on dickhead Ryder Larter… kill me now.

(POV Jonah)

Double date time… part of me wish I had never opened my mouth to Rubi in the first place. Had I not said we could double date, I could be doing something else with my time right now. Don’t get me wrong, Rubi and I have grown a lot and we’re friends now. I just… after an emotional, eventful day… I rather be chillin in my own bed, instead of here being social…

Jonah – What’s going on Adam? how are you?

Adam – Oh, I’m doing well Jonah. How are you doing?

Jonah – I’m alright.

Adam – Things could be worse eh?

Jonah – That’s what I always tell myself.

Adam – Thank you by the way. Thanks for agreeing to do dinner with us. I love Rubi, so I love her friends…. however…

Jonah – You get tired of being the only straight guy in the room.

Adam – Yes… She’s always dragging me to hangout with her gay friends. I think they’re nice… but sometimes I just want to hangout with straight guys and talk about, well anything.

Jonah – I feel you…

Adam – Rubi thinks very highly of you.

Jonah – Is that so?

Adam – She told me that you’re the only person who can “check her” And that you’re talented, and a true friend.

Jonah – I didn’t know she felt that way.

Adam – Well now you do *smiles*

Jonah – You’re a good guy Adam. I’m glad Rubi is with you.

Adam – Thank you.

Jonah – So what’s new with you?

Adam – You know my family’s coffee spot in BP?

Jonah – Yeah?

Adam – Well we’re building one here in GloCity, and they want me to run it… I’m really nervous, but excited at the same time.

Jonah – That’s awesome, I think you’ll do a kickass job.

Adam – I hope so…

Jonah – You’ll be just fine.

Adam – Looks like both of our girlfriends are taking their time to join us?

Jonah – Where’s Rubi?

Adam – In the bathroom. She had to call her brother Ryder who was in town.

Jonah – Oh okay… well Karin’s always late to everything so…

Which can be annoying, but… she’s young, she’ll figure it out sooner or later. God saying that makes me feel old.

Adam – Quick question… Are you Jewish?

Jonah – Yeah… I am…

Adam – I thought so. So am I by the way.

Jonah – I know, Rubi always talks about how much she loves your mom’s rugelach.

Those are jewish cookies.

Rubi – I thought I heard my name!

Rubi – What’s poppin! when did you get here Jonah?

Jonah – Like 10 minutes ago… its empty in here right?

Adam – It really is.

Rubi – Not on the other side… some teens having a Halloween dinner and getting loud..

Jonah – Ah

Rubi – So…… notice anything new about ya girl?

Jonah – You lost some weight?

Rubi – Spanx girl… but no…

Jonah – Oh the hair…… girl!

Rubi – Yass… this whole look is inspired by THE BOSS… Miss Sasha Banks honey!

She really does hangout with gay guys… she even talks like them.. Oh and if you’re not a wrestling fan, and don’t know who Sasha Banks is- 1. Shame on you and 2. go educate yourself. She’s really helping make women’s wrestling excited again. Its not shocking that Rubi is inspired by her… Sasha’s hot, and pretty badass.

Jonah – You look great Rubi.

Rubi – Thank ya kindly! *snaps* So what y’all do today? how was work Bae?

Adam – Work was fine, some women came in and changed her order a good 20 times. I was really pissed off… she was rude too. Other than that it was a smooth day.

Jonah – Yeah my day was fine too… I was off work today which is great because my boss has horrible breath and he likes yelling all the time.

Rubi – Oooh he got a yuck-mouth?!

Jonah – Like… it smells like straight up shit.

Rubi – Buy his ass a tongue scrubber asap!

Adam – Gross…

Rubi – So where is miss Karin?

Jonah – Let me call her.


Adam – You look beautiful Rubi.

Rubi – Thank you bae, you looking handsome as per usual. I love that turtle neck on ya. Slaying these bitches left and right with that scruff.

Adam – Your mother called me today

Rubi – Why?

Adam – To check on us.

Rubi – Did she say anything I should know about?

Adam – She seemed a bit sad? maybe because she misses everyone? you, and the twins are all busy?

Rubi – Well we grown now. I’m the BOSS of GCU, and I’m slaying. Ryder has his life as well, and Rodney…. well… I dunno. I’m sure he’s fine too.

Adam – Call your mom more Rubi… I think she’d appreciate it.

Rubi – Maybe you’re right.


Jonah – Hello?

Karin (On cell) – Hey.

Jonah – Where are you?

Karin – I’m here. I’m outside.

Jonah – Oh good.

Karin – Can you come out first? before I come in, I just need to talk to you real quick, and I don’t want Rubi in our business.

Jonah – Sure babe.

Karin – Okay cool

Whatever it is, I hope its quick. I’m ready to eat.

Jonah – Hey baby.

Karin – Hey you.

Jonah – You make it up here okay? I know you hate driving on hills.

Karin – I made it here fine.

Jonah – Where’s your car?

Karin – Parked at the theatre next door.

Jonah – You good?

Karin – I’m fine, I just hate Halloween. I already saw a weirdo creeping around the theathre on my way here… wearing a hockey mask.

Jonah – It was a kid in costume babe.

Karin – Still… its creepy.

Jonah – *laughs* So what’s up?

Karin – Well I just wanted to touch bases with you before dinner. How was your day?

Jonah – It was fine…

Karin – Really?

Jonah – I guess I should be honest…. it was shitty.

Karin – Why?

Jonah – Had a mini breakdown.

Karin – About what?

Jonah – My career, my self doubt… some Raven stuff.

Karin – Ah… yeah Pearl told me you went to visit her.

Jonah – Well it didn’t exactly happen that way… let me explain.

So I decided to tell her everything about my breakdown, and what happened when I was with Trey. I don’t know, I’ve always been an honest person so… its what I did… I was honest. She was sincere with her questions, and encouragement. I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend.

Karin – Do you plan on trying again?

Jonah – When the time is right.

Karin – That makes sense…. So umm what kind of mood is Rubi in?

Jonah – A funny one? like she’s her typical comedic self.

Karin – Oh okay good. Because sometimes when she calls me she be acting emo. I don’t want to eat dinner with emo feelings.

Jonah – She’s chill.

Karin – And Alan?

Jonah – Adam.

Karin – My bad. Is he cool?

Jonah – He’s really nice.

Karin – Guess Rubi and I have older men in common.

Jonah – Don’t call me that…. makes me feel old and dirty…

Karin – You are dirty.

Jonah – When the time comes…

Karin – Of course…

Jonah – Can we get dirty after dinner?

Karin – Umm, sure.

Jonah – Then watch some horror movies?

Karin – As long as they’re in color… I don’t really like the old black and white stuff.

Jonah – Fine.

Jonah – So what was it that you wanted to tell me?

Karin – Oh umm, well my day was typical, and I was busy most of it. I really just wanted to catch up with you. I didn’t want to be asking you a million questions about your day, while getting to know Adam, and having dinner with Rubi.

Jonah – Oh okay.

Karin – Yeah.

Jonah – Alright shall we head in?

Karin – Yeah, by the way… 3 things.

Jonah – Okay?

Karin – I forgot I was going to see a movie with Pearl after this. You can come if you want.

Jonah – Okay… change of plans. That’s fine.

Karin – *Talking really fast* 2 and 3… My dad died an hour ago. and I need to break up with you- Does this place have eggplant parmesan on the menu?

Jonah – Wait what did you just say?!

Karin – I want eggplant parm… been craving-

Jonah – Dan died?!

Karin – Yeah, anyway lets go eat.

Jonah – And you’re breaking up with me?!

Karin – Look we can still be friends, and our plans tonight don’t have to change. I’ll still fuck you, and watch a movie… tonight only.

Jonah – What the fuck Karin?!

Karin – He died, its fine…

Jonah – No its not fucking fine! why didn’t you call me?!

Karin – He wasn’t your fucking father! he was mine! why are you giving me shit?

Jonah – I spent time with him! what is your problem.

Karin – Look, can we just go eat? I don’t have time for this.

Jonah – You don’t have time to talk about losing your dad? and dumping me?

Karin – What do you want from me?

Jonah – Why are you dumping me?

Karin – Its time… I’m over it… whatever.. life sucks, deal with it.

Jonah – I’m not just gonna deal with it… you love me, I love you-

Karin – Probably was just infatuation…. look I’m young, I don’t know what I want. Maybe I’ll move to Australia.

Jonah – Why are you pushing me away? I know what you’re doing, its not gonna work. I love you, and I’m here for you in this time of need.

Karin – *getting frustrated* Jonah…

Jonah – Let me be here for you.

Karin – Stop it!

Jonah – Why are you being this way?

Karin – I- you’re never gonna make it as a filmmaker… I can’t be with someone who’s not as driven as me.

Jonah – Why are you using that against me? that hurts. I told you about my breakdown about things. My dad-

Karin – He’s right, you should give up the film thing….

Jonah – Wow, you’re cold…

Karin – This was just a fucking phase Jonah! I wanted a older fratboy! I never love- loved you…*gets choked up* I used you… just go away… don’t be pathetic and chase me.

Jonah – You can’t even say it without choking up. You’re full of shit, and you’re pushing me away because he died… don’t do this.

Karin – Fuck off! you don’t know me, or what I need! I don’t love you!

Jonah – No! I’m not gonna let you-

Karin – You can’t control me! I had one dad and he’s dead! fuck off Jonah! Its over! Clearly we’re not eating. I’m just gonna go…

Jonah – Wait!

She has to be fucking kidding! I can’t-

Jonah – Karin!

Karin – ………….

Jonah – Don’t do this!

Karin – Don’t be pathetic… just go inside… I’m starting to see the loser you told me you used to be… don’t embarrass yourself.

Jonah – ………

I know she didn’t mean that, but It hurt so much to hear her say those things about me. She’s trying to push me away, and its almost working. How could someone be so cruel? and to act like its no big deal that her father died? She didn’t even call me. Her father and I were close. Closer than I am with my own father. Did she not think I would care? I’m mourning him… and she’s not. She needs me, but I just don’t know what to do. I should call Pearl, maybe she knows… why do I always fall for the most fucked up girls?

How am I supposed to go back in there and have dinner? how do I explain this? what lie could I come up with? Rubi’s gonna know something is up, and I’m gonna have to sit there and eat and talk without crying. I can’t believe she acted this way… She’s gonna hurt herself… I have to help her. She’s pushing me away and I can’t let that happen. I know she loves me… I know she does.

(POV Kaori)

So… like a dumbass I didn’t realize that I forgot to pay my electric. Of course when I call to pay it, its too late right now. So I’m without power. Yay… fan-fucking-tastic. On top of that I’m also still a bit pissed off about how casual Byron was with his dumbass girlfriend. You don’t tell me she exist, you don’t tell me you’re in a band… and you don’t tell me you’re in town. I don’t know why it hurt my feelings but it did. Then to find out I’m a muse… yeah its time to see what I’ve inspired… lets search youtube for Idle Handz…

Kaori – What have we here? “Here’s a snippet of our new song” “Transition”… hmm that sounds like something I probably inspired… *clicks play*

[Press Play]

Lyrics :

Balm Fisk – Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I bet you’ll never ever see it my wayyyyyyyyyyyy

Byron – You know me better than that, don’t you? ohhhh, Kay

Balm Fisk – I thought you loved me bay’beh! but you hurt me bay’beh

Byron – I admit its cray’zay… no sex! I missed your day’zay (fuck me)

Balm Fisk – So Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell me.. was that your miiiiiiiission?!

Byron – I didn’t know it then… but you were my transition………

Balm Fisk – So Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell me.. was that your miiiiiison?!

Byron – I’ve come to realize now, that you’re my transition..

Balm Fisk – Whoa-oooh- ooohhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-eeee-yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… WOO!

[song ends]

Her whiny ass voice. She’s annoying, and he’s a jackass. Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be listening to their music until my laptop dies. I need to hear more…. I feel like my time with him is all over these fucking songs… Let me see what else is on their page…… oooh a vlog…

Kaori – Ugh Balm Fisk looks stupid as fuck in this video… what is she wearing? *clicks play*


Video :

Balm Fisk – Hay guys, its Balmy, and By-By… we just wanted to give you a sneak of some lyrics we wrote today…

Byron – Yeah the music in its bare bones is just words… and everything else follows.

Balm Fisk – Take a listen to this…

Byron – Didn’t mean to rock the boat, I knew the ship had sailed. You thought I’d treat you like those guys, just fuck you and just bail… but I knew better, I knew different I always showed up… you were just a little girl, too scared to grow up.

Balm Fisk – I did everything you wanted, you had me fucked up. Time and time I fought my right, just to be your slut. So now I lay here memories are all I have of you. I’ll drink myself to sleep because I know all of its true.

Byron – Did you ever love me? or was I convenient for your life back then? If memory serves me well I know there were all kinds of men. Who did you wrong, and did you right, and no that’s not alright…

Balm Fisk – A storm is coming, please just go… please don’t rock my boat.

Byron – That’s all we have so far guys, but tell us what you think in the comment section.

Balm Fisk – We’re working hard on our debut album… we can’t wait for you to hear the finished product.

Byron – This is Byron

Balm Fisk – And Balm Fisk..

Byron & Balm Fisk – And we’re Idle Handz.

Byron – Later guys.

Balm Fisk – *blows kiss* love ya!


Fucking asshole… I hate him. for writing this about me…

[Laptop battery dies]

Kaori – Great… now I can’t even watch netflix…

Kaori – Off to bed I go.

Man – ……………

Kaori – ……………….

Oh my god….. there’s someone in here…. shit….

Kaori – ……….

Okay…. okay… just wait for him to get closer… you can do this…

Man – Where did you go cunt?…. 

Kaori – ………..

Man – Its okay… I like to chase my meals anyway…

Kaori – Fuck you! *jumps over counter*

Man – Get back here bitch! I’m gonna gut you like a fish!

Man – Come back here you little slut! I saw you leave the club tonight! you’re my prey! I’m hunting for the kill!

Kaori – HELP! Help me! somebody help!

Man – Nobody will hear your scream!

Kaori – Get away from me you fucking psycho!

Man – Happy Halloween my slutty princess!

Kaori – HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can I go- where- Lola’s! she’s probably working late!

Kaori – Lola! Lola!

Lola – Kaori?

Kaori – Go inside! go!!!

Lola – Is everything okay?

Kaori – Go! he’s chasing me!

Lola – Okay okay… come in! quick…

Kaori – Call the police! lock the door!

Kaori – Is he out there? do you see him?

Lola – I don’t see anyone Kaori…

Kaori – He had a mask on… a hockey mask.

Lola – Like the movie Friday the 13th?

Kaori – Yes!

Lola – It was probably just someone playing a trick on you… its Halloween-

Kaori – No! he was in my place! he had a knife, and I ran….

Lola – *calls police* Hi umm… I need to police at 3557 Ocean Drive. Its a business… yes.. The LC Agency. Yes right next to the performance art building… yes ma’am. What did you say your name was? Officer Boxx? that sounds like a made up name…. okay Katrina Boxx I’m trying to calm down my friend. She was being chased by a man with a knife- No this isn’t a halloween prank.

Kaori – You stupid bitch its not a prank!

Lola – … Did you hear that?…. yes I accept your apology… They’re on the way? okay… thank you. *hangs up phone*

Kaori – I’m shaking…

Lola – Let me get you a jacket…

Kaori – No! don’t leave me…

Lola – Okay, okay… I’ll stay right here…

Kaori – The guy… he followed me home from the club.. I was working tonight at a business meeting… he was in my fucking loft!

Lola – Its gonna be okay Kaori… the cops are coming.

Kaori – But the guy is gone… what if he comes back for me tomorrow night? or next week? I can’t live there anymore! I have to call Frankie, my dad! give me your phone.

Lola – First calm down, you’re not gonna do anyone any good when you’re having a panic attack sweetie. Lets get you a water okay? we can call Frankie, and your parents as soon as the cops get here.

Kaori – *hears police car sirens* They’re here now.

Lola – Good… everything is going to be okay.

Kaori – Thank god you were here.

Lola – I just decided to work late tonight…. so glad I did.

Kaori – I could be dead!

Oh my fucking goodness. I can’t believe that happened. I go from having the day from hell with Alana, and all of her wedding planning. To having a decent afternoon with Keegan, to having an annoying night with Ryder, Byron and Bug Flint (Balm Fisk) to being chased by a fucking psycho. Prank or no prank.. that was fucking scary. He had a knife, and as far as I’m concerned… my life was in danger. I don’t know how I’m ever gonna go back there… I might have to move. I don’t even know how I’ll be able to close my eyes tonight. Fuck what Lola said… I need to call Frankie right now because she could be on her way home… what if that psycho is waiting for her?!

~End Of Chapter Two | Chapter Three is Next~



  1. OMG!! That was the scariest thing ever! I was literally like kaori staring at that guy like I was seeing things lol. I wonder who the psycho is behind the mask…what if it’s somebody she knows?? As if things weren’t already bad enough after her encounter with Byron and Back Flip :p. (While we’re on the subject Byron is incredibly low class to brag about writing songs about her). Anyway I hope that crazy guy isn’t around when Frankie gets home :/. Ugh creeper.

    Now Jonah, I’m glad that he and Trey were able to have some bonding time :D. Maybe after their experience they’ll hang out more often one on one. As for Karin, that was quite a bomb for her to drop on him and then try to pretend like it’s no big deal!! I can’t tell if she was just upset about her dad or if she really wanted to end things. Part of me thinks she’s just being a jerk because who wouldn’t tell somebody that their father died?? And she seemed more concerned about eggplant Parmesan than poor Jeep’s feelings :(. The hits really kept coming in this part!! Can’t wait to read the next one!! P.S. I confess that I also used to say Dark Vader when I was little :p. That’s what it sounds like!! Lol

    1. I loved the picture, because at first glance, you’re like her, and think you’re seeing things. Byron and Bulk Film are pulling a Taylor Swift, and are not ashamed of it. On one hand, it makes sense that they use past experiences to inspire lyrics. On the other hand, to tell the person, and make them feel like shit is really low, and ridiculous.

      I’ve wanted for a while to make Trey and Jonah bond. I was being realistic with their friendship for a while. The 6 hangout but those 2 probably had the least in common. They actually DO hangout again in the most recent update (chapter three pt 2… that update is….. well lets just say I can’t wait till you get there… for reasons….)

      Karin… well, you’ll get answers soon about her. Actually its also in chapter three pt 2 lol.

      LOL I said Dark Vader when I was younger also 😛

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