{BnG Season 3} Chapter Three Part 2 : “You’re Joking…Right?”

Chapter Three | Pt. 2 “You’re Joking…Right?”

-POV’s : Trey & Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

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(POV Trey)

You ever open your eyes, get out of bed, stretch… and just feel like you know its going to be a good day? That’s exactly how I felt this morning. I woke up, Dom was already awake and eating breakfast upstairs. I joined him, and we talked while drinking our morning smoothies. He seemed excited about our little trip today, but before all of that he had to work. He’s so serious about helping people and being a therapist… its so cute. Anyway he’s at work, and obviously so am I. Its lunch time and the Meade family is all here.

Vik – So how’s the wedding planning coming along for that bossy chick?

Valeria *slight russian accent* – Alana, is her name- and its going really well. The wedding is a few week away. She and her family are sooo excited.

I wasn’t invited, yet somehow Keegan scored an invite. Its fine though, I didn’t really want to go anyway. Jonah was invited- seeing as he’s related to the groom [Sebastian] but he declined to go… None of my business though- heh, that rhymed.

Vik – So proud of you mama

I used to think it was so weird that Vik, and Vlad called their mom “Mama” considering they were my age, but I read online that its a russian thing. Valeria seems so sweet, and so far she’s been really picking up on my cooking tips- though with the whole wedding planning business… she doesn’t have much time for lessons. Initially I assumed lessons would help her marriage… Varrick coming home to a home-cooked meal… but of course we both know the only meal he seems to like these days is sausage… sausage by Ruben. Still can’t believe that happened.

Trey – Salmon will be ready in just a second.

Valeria – Be a dear and go tell my husband and son.

Trey – Where are they?

Vik – Upstairs I think. Vlad in his room, and dad in his office.

Trey – Okay sure, no problem.

Valeria – Thank you sweetheart.

Trey – *smiles*

[Top Pic]

Vlad – Why shouldn’t I tell mom!

Varrick – Keep your voice down please!

Vlad – Why is that on your phone? are you gay now?!

Varrick – Vladimir I’m begging you, please stop talking so loud.

Vlad – Explain it then…

Varrick – Someone sent me that as a joke…

Vlad – What the fuck?

Varrick – Its like memes and stuff, someone thought it would be funny to put a penis in the text chat- I’m not gay or anything, there is no need to tell your mother.

Vlad – ….I don’t know if I believe you….

Varrick – Why?

Vlad – I have my reasons….

Varrick – This is all a big misunderstanding, I swear its not what you think.

Vlad – You wouldn’t lie to me?

Varrick – I wouldn’t lie to you my son.

Vlad – …..

Trey – Umm…

Vlad – What do you want?

Wow what did I do to deserve that attitude… I’m not the one you caught with a penis in his phone… also now that I think about it… that better not have been Ruben’s dick pic that Varrick was looking at…. They promised me they were done, and would stay away from each other… Thank god Ruben’s working all day at the bar [Raina’s] otherwise I’d be worried they were messing around again…. still a possibility though.

Varrick – Vlad…

Vlad – Don’t “Vlad” me..

Varrick – How can we help you Trey?

Trey – Mrs. Meade wanted me to come tell you guys that lunch is ready.

Varrick – Oh goody, I’m famished… *leaves to go downstairs*

Trey – …..

Vlad – ….

Trey – Well come down when you’re ready….

Vlad – Trey, wait….

Trey – Yes?

Vlad – Can I talk to you real quick?

Trey – Sure….

Oh my god please don’t bring me into the gay drama…

Vlad – I’m sorry for snapping at you.

Trey – Its okay… well its not- but… water off a duck’s back.

Vlad – …..I don’t want you to think that just because I don’t get along with your friend Jonah, that I have issues with you. I don’t..

Trey – I didn’t think you did, if I’m being honest. I just assumed that you and I haven’t really talked much compared to how much I talk to your brother- not that I’m saying that because you guys are twins you should have the same personality… I just- Sorry… I’m rambling….

Vlad – …. Is my dad gay?

Trey – Excuse me?

Vlad – I know you heard our argument when you walked up the stairs. I also know how obsessed my dad seems with you. He’s so obsessed with you that he’s trying to figure out if you’ll come on our yearly family vacation to japan…

Trey – Your father is married to you- and Vik’s mother. I’m pretty sure he’s straight.

Vlad – In 2016, a gay man can’t pretend to be straight and blend in with a wife and kids? you’re not answering the question.

Trey – I did, I think he’s straight.

Vlad – What about the dick on the phone? which was too light to be yours… so I know it wasn’t you.

Trey – I- Your dad explained it as a prank, and you told him you believe-

Vlad – He’s lying, because after I found the pic on his phone I-

Trey – Why were you even going through his phone though?

Vlad – We have the same phone, I thought it was mine.


Vlad – Anyway, after I realized it wasn’t my phone…. I admit… I snooped, then found the picture of a dick… from some guy named Ruben, do you know him?

Oh my fucking goodness…. lie Trey, lie….

Trey – …. No, I don’t know a Ruben…

Shit, what if he finds out that I do? its fairly easy to do so… what if he runs into Dominic, and Ruben at the store or gym? what if Christine tells him?- Oh my fucking goodness SOCIAL MEDIA! Trey you dumb fuck fix it!

Vlad – Are you sur-

Trey – Wait! duh! Ruben! yeah I know a Ruben! *nervous chuckle* blonde moment…

Vlad – Well I’d show you the pic to see if its your friend but all it is, is a cock, and balls… and my dad deleted the picture…

So he claims…

Trey – Ruben pranks people all the time. My boyfriend and I have received dick pics from him plenty of times…

Because that totally makes sense… god I should really stop talking. I’m just making it worse.

Vlad – But why would he be pranking my dad?

Trey – I think they go to the same gym…

Good save Trey!

Vlad – That could make sense…. hmm… you know what?

Trey – Hmm?

Vlad – I’m going to hack his computer, and see if there’s gay porn…

Trey – Umm…

Vlad – I know… an invasion of privacy…

Trey – Just trust your dad… and if there is something he ever wants to tell you… let him…

Vlad – Yeah…. maybe you’re right… maybe he’s just bi-curious or something…

Oh he’s way past curious… he’s been penetrated… bareback.

Vlad – So umm… how’s your dad doing?

Trey – He’s okay… thanks for asking.

Vlad – Raven’s pretty fucked up about what happened to him, and that Miguel Reyes dude..

Trey – …..Right.

Vlad – Your friend Jonah, he-

Trey – You should go eat before its all gone *smiles*

Vlad – ….Yeah…. I probably should… are you and I good though?

Trey – Yeah we’re fine Vlad *smiles*

Vlad – Cool.

Well that went better than it could have… get your shit together Varrick, your son easily found out about your…. extra activities. As if it couldn’t get anymore awkward, he goes and brings up Raven, my father, and Miguel- oh and Jonah too. Like okay, she’s sad about what she did… but who cares. This is going to sound harsh but at least she’s alive and able to walk. Miguel is dead, and my dad is stuck in a wheelchair… all because she wanted to drink before riding a motorcycle… I would never say this in front of Jonah out of respect but…. fuck Raven for her stupidity, and recklessness.

Vik – What were you two up there doing?

Trey – Nothing.

Vlad – Just talking…

Vik – You two are caught, cheating on your significant others with each other! how scandalous! *laughing*

Vlad – Oh shut up, you’re the one who works in gay porn.

Vik – I don’t do the porn, dick-breath. I’m 100% straight, I like lady parts only.

Vlad – Yeah, and so do I, ass-face

Aren’t they charming. I never had that sort of back and forth with my brother Tyler. Maybe because he’s older than me… I don’t know.

Vik – So what are you doing today?

Vlad – Work, and then going over Christine’s….

Vik – Gonna plow the turtle?

Vlad – What?

Vik – She looks like a turtle…

Vlad – And Amina looks better? she’s not that cute… looking like a cross between grumpy cat, and a pug dog.

Vik – Better than a retarded turtle, and hey don’t talk about my girlfriend- and TREY’S COUSIN like that! *laughing*

Vlad – Amina’s your cousin?

Trey – Yeah.

Vlad – My bad.

Trey – Its fine… she does sorta look like a cat.

Vlad – What are you doing after lunch Vik?

Vik – Taking Trey, and his boyfriend with me to work.

Vlad – That’s right, you’re shooting a porn with your boyfriend today!

Trey – I am not!

Vik – I bet you’ll get offers though.

Trey – I hope not..

Vlad – I’m gonna go eat. Have fun with the porn you two.

Vik – Yeah yeah…

Trey – Bye Vlad.

Vlad – Bye.

Vik – *looks to make sure Vlad left* Okay we’re alone..

Trey – What is it? is everything okay?

Vik – What were you and Vlad talking about upstairs?

Trey – Nothing, he just wanted a umm.. a guy mans perspective.

Vik – Bullshit… on what?

Trey – Per….. perfume! for Christine…

Vik – Oh please, like she’s that type of girl. She probably just puts vaseline everywhere and walks out the house smelling like cigarettes and hairspray.


Trey – I’m serious…

Vik – You’re lying…. just tell me….

Trey – Its nothing, really…

Vik – Are you sure?

Trey – Yes

Vik – You promise?

Trey – Yes.

Vik – Okay good…

Trey – You seem relieved?

Vik – I am, for a second I thought Vlad found out that dad was gay… that would have been a nightmare

Trey – What the fuck?

Vik – Oh come on…. you knew he was gay… right? its obvious.

Trey – I know, but how did YOU know?

Vik – He finds any excuse to come by my job to bring me lunch… he’s there to see the naked men, and gay porn… lets be real.

Trey – …..

Vik – Plus other things, like his obsession with Vin Diesel… I’m 99.9% sure he’s gay…

Trey – …..

Vik – And something tells me that something happened between you two?

Trey – No, nothing like that…. he just… yeah. Its obvious.

Vik – He hasn’t tried anything with you right?

Trey – No.

Vik – Good.

Trey – Why does it not seem to bother you?

Vik – My mom, and brother don’t know about him… I’m the only one. Also I think… well it is what it is I guess? I’m sorta looking at it from his perspective? he’s here with us, he loves us… but for whatever reason he feels like he can’t be himself- actually lets just talk about this on the way to the porn studio.

Trey – Okay…

Vik – Dominic’s meeting us there right?

Trey – Yeah I forward him the directions that you sent me last night.

Vik – Cool… *laughing*

Trey – What’s so funny?

Vik – If I’m being honest… I just… this is hilarious to me. I can’t even imagine you fucking, you seem so…

Trey – I’m not a prude if that’s what you’re thinking. I’ve gotten it on quite a lot.

Vik – Oh so you throw it around?

Trey – No!, before Dominic, I had plenty of sex…

Vik – Well excuse me whore… *laughs*

Trey – Whatever *laughing* Food is getting cold.

Vik – Alright lets go eat before we go.

Trey – Sounds like a plan.

Holy shit! Vik know’s his dad is gay…. and of course his dad would drop in on him at work… he likes seeing all of those naked men. Wow this family has its issues- but then again what family doesn’t? Oh and FYI its annoying when people think I’m a prude. Yes I had some dumb opinions on the porn thing- but lets not act like I didn’t give it up to Nick in his dormroom, and spend 4 of 7 days fucking Aries at his parents house. I’m not a slut- but I’m no prude either. Anyway enough about that, I’m gonna go eat. I need to fuel myself so that I can have energy for this pornshoot- that sounds wrong, as if I’m filming a porn…. but you know what I mean.

(POV Frankie)

Frankie – Give me just a second Karin.

Karin – Its fine, talk to your family..

Frankie – Hey Andi, Hi dad.

Andi – Hey itty-bitty.

Riley – I made your sister get you on the phone… she needs to tell you what happened.

Andi – Dad…

Riley – Tell your sister what you did Andi…

Frankie – Oh god… wait, why are you in GloCity?

Andi – I’m off work today, so I came to see dad…. and we’re eating at your favorite place on earth.

Riley – GreenLand!

Frankie – Shut up….

Andi – These salads are overrated. The way you be eating here, I had assumed they were bomb.

Frankie – They are bomb!

Riley – We’re getting off subject. Andi tell Frankie what happen in CCity.

Frankie – Yeah… what happened?

Andi – Okay… so. You know how my man is modeling for Hillside?

Frankie – Yes.

I’m not sure how much you know about my sister’s boyfriend considering Kaori’s sister Vira used to date him. He used to work with Andi- that’s how they met, at the hospital. Due to some shady new management he was let go. So now he’s modeling for this up and coming fashion brand called Hillside.

Andi – Okay so, he was looking for representation, and he ended up getting a manager. Now lets back up a bit, remember you and Mama-Mira came through my city for lunch? y’all told me about her ass being married, and us having those step siblings? Donald, and Parsley?

Riley – *laughing*

Frankie – Dominic, and Paisley…

Andi – Right, Dominic, and Parsley

Frankie – Why do you keep calling her Parsley?

Andi – Because clearly the bitch is a herb lover. Meaning she had to be high coming at me out the side of her neck the way she did.

Frankie – I’m so confused.

She is seriously the worst storyteller ever…

Andi – Okay, lemme get the order right.

Riley – Oh lord here we go…

Andi – So like I was sitting at the restaurant with Honaka and-

Frankie – Wait! how did you even-

Riley – Let me tell the story, because Andi… you’re the worst.

Andi – Oh you trying to shade me dad?

Frankie – Dad, you tell it…

Andi – *laughing* Fine.. go on dad

Riley – You, and Mira went to see her, told her about Christian, and his kids. Then Chris found new management for his modeling career. Met up with Andi, and Honoka

Honoka is Chris teenage sister from Japan who lives with him, and Andi

Riley – They met up for a celebration dinner… Andi then met Paisley… put two and two together and realized she’s her new step sibling-

Andi – And I remembered all the shit you told me about that cunt. About the shit she did to ya BFF Kaori… So this bitch starts mouthing off about how her dad married some slut, and a few other choice words… not realizing that I’m the ho’s daughter! So I told her to watch ha-self… but bitch puffed up her chest… so I had to drag her ass… right in the restaurant…

Riley – Bitch went down….

Frankie – ……Oh my god Andi… *laughing* Mira hasn’t brought this up so I guess Parsley- Paisley didn’t tell her dad about it?

Andi – I don’t know- nor do I care…. If she says something else slick, I’m gonna pop her in the mouth…. real talk.

Riley – *laughing*

Frankie – Well this has been informative….

The fact that Paisley is somebody’s manager is ridiculous, and hilarious. Wait till I tell Kay’

Frankie – Are you going to be here all day?

Andi – Sadly no… I will not get a chance to physically hangout with you little sister- but we’ll have to link up again soon.

Frankie – We will.

Andi – Anyway you clearly at work, and someone is in ya office because I see you keep looking above the screen. So HI to whomever is there.

Karin – Hi!

Frankie – She says hi.

Riley – Get back to work sweetheart… talk to you soon! bye!

Andi – Yeah lets go get some real food, dad. You can tell me the tea about you and Issac….

Riley – There is seriously nothing to tell…. stop being nosy.

Andi – Whatever- by the way did you see Frankie’s outfit? what type of revealing ass shit she wearing at work? titties all out n’ shit-

Frankie – Andi I can still hear you….

Andi – Oh shit- my bad girl!

Riley – Oh I forgot to hit end call.

Frankie – Yes… you did.

Andi – Well you lookin’ cute girl!

Frankie – Goodbye Andi! *laughing*

My sister is so…. ridiculous. I love her… and while violence isn’t the best thing… I’m so happy she snatched up Paisley… bitch was probably so shook too. We all know Paisley is all bark and no bite.

Frankie – I’m so sorry about that, it was unprofessional..

Karin – Its fine…. your family seems fun.

Frankie – At times.

Karin – Your sister is so… gangsta.

Frankie – She’s also smart as hell. She’s a nurse by the way, soon to be Ob/Gyn

Karin – Oh wow… well I was going to say you guys are nothing alike, but clearly you’re both ambitious.

Frankie – We are… We don’t know how else to be.

Karin – She seems like she’d be ready to scrap in the streets- and according to Jonah… you’re pretty feisty too… which I find hard to believe.

Frankie – When I feel disrespected… everything my father taught me about putting someone in their place comes out. I can get really petty, and bitchy if I need to.

Karin – Noted.

Frankie – I try not to…. its really all about controlling your emotions, and not letting them control you.

Karin – I hear that… *lowers head & sighs*

Frankie – How are you?

Karin – Good.

Frankie – My condolences about your father.

Karin – ….

Frankie – I know we’re not… friends…. but if you ever want to talk-

Karin – Noted, can we talk about something else?

Obviously she doesn’t want to talk about leaving Jonah high and dry either… guess we can talk about her manuscript.

Frankie – So I read your chapter 8, and I-

Karin – This is so not what you want to do huh?

Frankie – Excuse me?

Karin – How did you get stuck editing, and helping me, and others with their novels…. when you’re so talented? You should be releasing your own…

Frankie – ….First off,………..thank you for the compliment. Secondly, I honestly…. I thought it was a smart career choice when the offer was made.

Karin – And now?

Frankie – Realistically speaking, its still a smart career choice, and by editing, and helping others… I learn a lot about my own writing.

Karin – So when do you become a novelist yourself?

Frankie – ….Soon I hope.

If I can get over the writers block.

Karin – Are you writing anything I can read?

Frankie – Not really…

I can’t get my main novel together, so I’m bullshitting around with this thriller to keep my writing skills fresh… its not worth anything. Is it sad that I’m a bit jealous of Karin, and some of the others here at Haus of Opulence? I have never dealt with writers block… why now?!

Karin – ….Why am I being so nice?

Frankie – Is that hard for you?

Karin – No… yes… I don’t know.

Frankie – ….Karin…..

Karin – Frankie?

Frankie – You’re talented, and…. I really enjoyed chapter 8…. I did make a few notes in the middle that we can go over.

Karin – Sure….

Frankie – By the way, are you going to Jess’s dinner tonight?

Karin – I got the invite, but I’m not going… too stuffy for my taste.

Frankie – I’m going, but only because she’d give me a guilt trip if I didn’t.

Karin – Gotta make Ms. Nash happy…

Frankie – I suppose….

There’s things about Karin that remind me of myself, especially after finding out that she grew up without a mother… She has a hard exterior too… maybe because she never learned how to be soft? she’s been this tough girl all her life it seems…

Frankie – So!…about chapter 8, I thought the set up for the bridge jumping scene was well executed, but lacked umm… sorta a visual of her whereabouts- You used the word “murky” I think we should replace that word because a word as such belong moreso in a… fantasy type book… lets stick to more realisitc words to describe-

Karin – What would be better than murky?

Frankie – Use gloomy instead.

Karin – Isn’t murky a synonym for gloomy?

Frankie – No, but murky is described as being dark and gloomy.. but the problem with that is that a murky place, setting? is also usually described as kind of wet? like misty? unless it was your intention to describe the setting as a dark and wet place then murky can stay.

Karin – No, actually… that’s gross. I’d say the air was dry, so lets go with gloomy.

Frankie – Okay, I’ll make a note of that. So lets talk about her feelings about-

??? – Hi

Frankie – Umm…. what are you doing here?

Jonah – I’m-

Karin – Stalking me!

Jonah – I’m not stalking you, I just-

Karin – Why are you following me?! why can’t you just leave me alone?!

Jonah – I’ll leave you alone when you give me a reason for acting the way you’ve been acting!

Frankie – Jeep, I-


Frankie – Jonah… this is not the time nor the place for this… this is my place of work. You need to leave.

Karin – Make him leave Frankie… I don’t want to deal with this right now.

Jonah – When the fuck are you gonna deal with it?! I stood up for you when all my friends hated you! I was there for you. I deserve some sort of answer!


Jonah – I’ve been nothing but nice to you… and for you to do this to me… its fucked up!

Frankie – Karin, take a seat. Jonah follow me outside.

Jonah – I’m done… I’m really fucking done Karin.. after this moment right here? I’m done.. do not fucking call me.

Karin – ……

Frankie – Frankie – Jonah-

Jonah – I’m going!

This is so fucking awkward to deal with…

Jonah – ……..

Frankie – So, that was really unprofessional… You could get me in trouble…

Jonah – I’m sorry… but at the same time I’m not.

Frankie – Jonah, I’m not unsympathetic to your situation. I just feel like you are so much better than that. I also feel like I-

Jonah – Like you want to take her side?

Frankie – What?- no. Not even-

Jonah – Do you even know what my intentions are exactly?

Frankie – No, I don’t.

Jonah – Exactly. I’m not here to win her back. I’m done with her, I came here for answers because its one of the only times I know exactly where to find her.

Frankie – Okay, I can understand that but-

Jonah – You’re my friend Frankie, not hers… you guys don’t even like each other.

Frankie – I’m starting to understand her- but listen. You mistake MY intentions here. I’ve thought about it, and I’ve talked with her… She’s going through something. She has friends, but she’s alone in this world Jonah. Both her mom and dad are dead… she’s still in college, and neither of her parents are alive. She’s feeling it, and she’s lashing out at people. As far as how she feels about you? that’s a mystery to me- but I don’t think you should hate her- nor do I think you should be with her- but that’s my opinion..

Jonah – Well If I’m being honest I don’t think you should be with Raina…

Frankie – ….

Jonah – She’s not good enough for you. That’s my opinion.

Frankie – I’m not your enemy here…

Jonah – Yeah, well you’re certainly not acting like my friend..

Frankie – Yes I am, I’m being protective. I’m also keeping it real with you, and not telling you what you want to hear.

Jonah – Well from where I’m standing, it sounds like you’re taking her side, and thinking that I’m the old dumbass Jeep from years ago. The “Jeep” that was a great friend to you- but not good enough to be with…

Frankie – *sigh*

Jonah – I mean, admit it…. that’s why you didn’t give me a chance… I was “Jeep, the idiot, the loser”

Frankie – That’s not why… I told you it was because I needed you more as a friend, regardless of if I did feel something or not…

Jonah – You know what still sucks about all of that? You took my virginity, and I thought I had a shot with you after that… I was such a dumbass teenager thinking that you’d be with me after that night. Then you turn around, and well… treat me like “Jeep” Then to make matters worse, you date my cousin Sebastian. I was so angry at him, and at you. Every time I’d be around Jarrah, or Kaori… or Trey… they’d talk about you and Sebastian… “Frankie’s older boyfriend”

Frankie – I didn’t know you felt that way about the Sebastian thing… and honestly… you had a crush on Kaori-

Jonah – I convinced myself she was more of a fit years later because she loved horror movies. She was hot and loved horror. I was delusional, and knew you’d never give me a chance- I was so stupid last year too. I was there for you in your time of need, as a friend. Then somehow my old feelings came back for you… only to be turned down, and dismissed again….but that’s besides the point, I think you-

Frankie – I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings- that I keep hurting your feelings, I love you Jonah. I don’t ever want you to feel less than you are. Truth be told if-

Jonah – I don’t need your pity, and I’m done chasing after girls who don’t want me, you included. So I’m gonna go. Let you do your job, and comfort your new friend Karin-

Frankie – Jonah, its not like that… I just-

Jonah – Have a good day Frankie *walks away*

Frankie – *sigh* Fuck…

That was not what I wanted to happen. He has no idea that I was trying to save him from himself. I want to chase after him, and make him understand where I’m coming from, but I just don’t have the time to do that right now. I’m swamped with work, and I have so much to do after I finish with Karin. I’m gonna have to just go talk to him when I get a chance. I don’t want him to think I’m blowing him off, and I’m #TeamKarin because I’m not.

I knew he still felt some type of way about me not giving him a chance last year before Kaori and I made up- but I had no idea he felt that way about the Sebastian thing. Now it makes sense as to why Jarrah’s cool with Sebastian, but he isn’t. I always found it odd that they were cousins but Jonah didn’t really acknowledge him. When he lays it all out like that- it makes me feel like such an asshole. Its not like I was some virginity snatcher. I cherished that moment… its… its complicated… Does he still like me?

[Cell Buzzes]

I can’t take anymore bullshit today… who’s texting me now?

Babe, your friend Ashley is at my bar, is she cool? she said she was bored waiting at home while her boyfriend Mario worked at Trey’s dad’s house, and that she was supposed to meet up with you here in 30 minutes, so she came early. I can’t babysit her, but is it cool if I serve her drinks? or will that interfere with the work you guys are doing later? – [Rai]

Okay… that’s annoying. I don’t need Ashley in my personal life. Sure her boyfriend works for Trey’s dad, and that makes her bored, but damn bitch… find a hobby.

Its fine… Its a bar, and you gotta make money, besides… maybe her being a little more drunk might make for more compelling stories about her past ho life. Just don’t get her shit-faced. I’ll be there as soon as I wrap up with Karin here. – [Frankie]

I should probably try and finish up with Karin quickly… Ashley seems like the type to drink a lot- that’s not me judging either. She just seems like the sloppy type. Last thing I want is her getting into a fight with Raina if she refuses to serve her more drinks. Ugh I feel bad about the Jonah stuff… its gonna eat at me all day, I just know it. Fuck this day already… I’ll see you guys later

(POV Trey)

Oh my god…. We’ve seen 2 porn’s filmed, and now we’re watching a 3rd one. I’ve never seen so much dick, balls, and assholes in my life… not even in my high school locker room… and there were plenty of dicks there! I know you guys think I’m crazy for this whole idea, but… I don’t know, I just wanted to experience something new with my boyfriend. Call me crazy, but I’m glad I did it.

Rhino – Okay, now rub it against his ballsack!

Amed – Dick, to the left.

Dick Phillips – What?

Amed – No not your actual dick. I meant you… move to the left so I can see Spanky’s facial expression.

Rhino – More dirty talk!

Dick Phillips – You like that big fat hard cock pushing against you?

Spanky Starr – Oh yeah daddy… I feel it, its SO big…I can’t wait for you to ram it in my hole! I want you to cum in me!

Dick Phillips – That’s why they call me Dick Fill Ups!

Rhino – I’m gonna need this to be a rough fuck. This video series is called “Rough Dogs Bone Vol. 15” I’m gonna need you to destroy Spanky with your cock! do you hear me Dick?!

Dick Phillips – I hear ya boss!

Spanky Starr – Im ready for that cock!

Rhino – I’m sure you got this Amed… you’re my favorite director! get those under shots! lots of taint and balls!

Amed – Gotcha!


Oh my god…. I’m in disbelief that I’m here watching this…

Vik – So… is this everything you imagined it would be?

Trey – Umm… its been… wow….

Dominic – I’m a fairly logical person, so I knew a lot went into it behind the scenes. Its still unbelievable to actually be here seeing it happen.

Trey – Yeah.

Vik – I see this shit everyday…. it gets old. Some guys lose hard-ons… some can’t cum… its pretty funny.

Dominic – *laughing* Don’t ruin porn for me

Trey – ….I wonder what Ruben would think about all of this.

Dominic – With his personality, I’m sure he’d love it. Too bad he’s working at the bar all day.

Vik – Are you guys enjoying yourselves? I just want to make sure you’re having a good time?

Dominic – Hell yeah, its been an experience… that’s for sure.

Trey – Its… its something else… very interesting.

Vik – What a weird response to watching people fuck, Trey….

Trey – Well its… its interesting.. I mean, I’m entertained yeah… but its still fascinating.

Leo (Pink Shirt) – Mr. Rhino, your 3 o’clock is waiting…

Rhino – Thanks Leo, Viktor, make sure everything stays on point while I’m gone… there’s plenty of lube on the table if they need it!

Vik – I’m on it boss.

Rhino – I know I can count on you. *leaves room*

Vik – What’s up Leo

Leo – Hey sexy… let me fluff you!

Vik – You know I’m straight, and I have a girlfriend… but I’m flattered!

Leo – You know I have to try once a day!

Vik – Its a compliment- oh! Leo these are my… friends?- yeah my friends Trey, and his boyfriend Dominic- Leo is our Fluffer.

Dominic – Nice to meet you Leo.

Trey – Hello *awkward smile*

Leo – Hey boys!…. so you’re not performers?

Trey – No

Leo – I was shocked for a minute… I thought Rhino decided to start doing ethnic videos…. you know all he does is white cocks, and assholes…

Vik – Right.

Leo – So what… you bring guest to watch live porn now?

Vik – Why not… they were interested.

Leo – That’s cool.

Vik – So I heard you say Rhino’s meeting was happening now… shall we get the earplugs?

Leo – He’s going to rip Barry a new asshole… clean up on isle one!

Ew…. that’s probably how Rhino auditions bottoms… he has sex with them… gross!.. Poor Barry!

Trey – So are you liking this?

Dominic – Its pretty fun, and interesting to see.

Trey – Good… so it wasn’t a total fail?

Dominic – No, though…..

Trey – What?

Dominic – I’d like it if you loosened up a bit…. you’re a little… tight, and stiff.

Trey – Maybe I should get some of that lube then!

Dominic – *laughing* see! there ya go! a sex joke!

Trey – Hey what’s a fluffer? Vik said Leo’s a fluffer…

Dominic – Imagine being in a porn… but not being turned on… so they have some guy-or girl.. come tickle your balls, or jerk you off.. or blow you a little bit…

Trey – Oh my god, imagine all the dick’s he’s had to touch.

Dominic – Yeah… i mean he’s basically employed to stay on sets, and make sure the actors are aroused…


Leo – So how much did you show them today?

Vik – Three different shoots…

Leo – Are they a kinky couple?

Vik – I doubt it… Trey’s a bit… stiff

Leo – Well considering we’re watching Dick Phillips & Spanky Starr-

Vik – No that’s not what I mean… he’s a bit prude-ish.. and his boyfriend isn’t… so I think they’re trying to balance things out.

Leo – Going to a porn shoot is a bit extreme… but to each their own.

Vik – How was your day so far Leo?

Leo – Ugh! I’m so tired… I’ve massaged about 4 pairs of balls today… jerked off 5 cocks. Sucked 3, and fingered 1 asshole… I’m exhausted honey!

Vik – A day in the life of a Fluffer!


Dominic – Can I ask you a question babe?

Trey – Sure.

Dominic – Is any of this turning you on?

Trey – Umm….

Dominic – You can tell me.

Trey – A little…

Dominic – Yeah me too, I don’t have a full on erection, but its like a half-chub…

Trey – Same….

Dominic – We are so fucking when we get home.

Trey – I was hoping you’d say that *smiles*

Dominic – Thanks for putting this together. I know it couldn’t have been easy…

Trey – I was wrong to make such a fuss about the porn thing. I overreacted, and I thought this would be a nice surprise… get me out of my comfort zone.

Dominic – As weird as it is… it was sweet that you’d do it.

Trey – Its an experience… an experience that we shared… together *smiles*

Dominic – I love you.

Trey – I love you too.

Dammit I have to pee…

Dominic – What’s wrong?

Trey – Huh?

Dominic – You’re making your pee face.

Trey – I don’t have a pee face!

Dominic – You gotta pee huh?

Trey – No!………..

Dominic – …….

Trey – …..Yes! dammit!… shit…. do I really make a face when I have to pee?

Dominic – ….. the face you’re making now.

Leo – If you have to piss, its right down the hall…

Trey – Thanks….

Dominic – Have a happy pee…. and come back so I can tell you about my lunchtime visit with Mira…

Trey – Aww you spending time with your new step-mother…

Dominic – Its not all that weird since Frankie and I are friends, but to be honest… this is not gonna last… I know my dad.

Trey – You never know, Mira might be the one.

Dominic – For her sake? I hope it works out…

Trey – Me too, and now I gotta go pee! I’ll be right back…

Dominic – Okay.

If I’m being honest, when I first heard that Frankie, and Dominic were now step siblings I scratched my head. His dad hadn’t been dating Frankie’s mom for that long… but I decided to stop passing judgement because Dominic and I moved in together pretty quick. Different couples move at different paces. Dominic says he knows his dad, and that it won’t last, but I hope he’s wrong. I’m worried about what will happen to Mira’s self-esteem if the marriage goes sour. She’s worked hard to be a better woman, a better mom… I’d hate for Frankie to see Mira go down a downward spiral again.

[4 minutes later]

Finally found the bathroom! I got lost. Leo said down the hall but there were like 4 different hallways with multiple doors. I have to pee so bad- and speaking of peeing Dominic said I had a pee face… how embarrassing. Stuff like that makes me wonder why the hell Dominic is even with my weird ass. I shouldn’t question it though, I should just be happy. Oh my god the bathroom doors are see-through! are you kidding me?! please god don’t let there be a gloryhole in there… fingers crossed that I don’t get penetrated while trying to pee… who know’s what type of pornstars are lurking in there…

Rhino – Are you serious? You come here and disrespect me, Barry?!

Uh oh… I guess Rhino didn’t get to plow this Barry guy for his audition. Hopefully he doesn’t ask me to do porn…

Barry – Oh fuck off Rhino! you’re the one who disrespected me!

Let me just run quietly over to the restroom before they spot me. I don’t want to get on Rhino’s bad side

Oh….. My….. GOD Ian?! Ian is this Barry guy? oh shit… Ian wants to do porn? is he broke or something?! What the hell is going on!

Rhino – Barry, you’re such a disloyal piece of SHIT!

Ian – My name is Ian!

Rhino – You can dye your hair blonde all you want… even without being brunette, and the beard- You’ll always be Barry Mapoll!

Ian – You’re like a fucking aggressive pimp! I told you I didn’t want to do this anymore! I came here out of respect for you. I thought we’d talk, and you’d let me walk! instead I come in, and you’re ready for me to pull my cock out and fuck someone! I’m not doing it Rhino! I told you I was done! Then you call me while I’m at lunch last week and threaten me… you’re out of line!

Rhino – All of the money we brought in together! I helped you while you were in L.A…. I helped you make the move to Bridgeport- and then back home to GloCity! You’re not working and living off the porn money you made because of me! Don’t you turn your back on me! You still have 2 videos left in your contract! you WILL be fucking someone!

Ian – No I won’t… fuck you. I’m done, you told me I could be done… now because sales are down you NEED me back. NO! and fuck you. I’m not being your whore anymore.

Rhino – Newsflash Ian, You’re a whore! and I’m coming after you full throttle!

Ian – Sue me! I don’t give a fuck! I’m done doing porn! It was never something I wanted to do for long!

Rhino – You were a mess when I found you! Your parents hated you because of your dead sister! I took you in! you slept on my couch! I made you a star with money in your pocket! is this how you repay me?

Ian – I don’t owe you anything! I gave you so many years… you got paid very well! you can’t gilt trip me into fucking on camera anymore! I’m done! leave me alone!

Rhino – Why? why are you all of a sudden trying to live the straight life

Ian – I’m going straight because I want to. I don’t owe you an explanation…

Rhino – I was like a father to you!

Ian – Were you? because you took advantage of a broken kid, and pimped him out to do porn…. how is that being a father? I was your prize pig at the fair… I wasn’t a son to you.

Rhino – Oh cry me a river! you enjoyed fucking all of the assholes I put in front of your cock!

Ian – You’re just…. wow… just stop it!

Rhino – Did you meet someone? is that it? are you trying to go straight, and get married and shit?

Ian – Actually no… that’s not it at all… but again I don’t owe you shit!

Rhino – We’ll see about that, I’m gonna make your life a living hell…

Ian – Bring it fatass!

Rhino – I can find out about the people you care about…

Ian – Rhino… let me say this…. if you, or any of your goons go digging into my personal life- or harm anyone I’m fond of? I will fucking kill you. I don’t have anything to lose… so think twice before fucking with me you fat piece of shit!

Rhino – Get the fuck out of my building!

Ian – I’m already gone! and don’t plan on ever coming back!

What did I just hear…. oh god I wish I could un-hear it! Ian Alexander is a pornstar? holy shit… no wonder every time people would ask him about what he did for a living he’d dodge the question! That Rhino guy totally took advantage of him because of his situation with his parents. I can’t believe I just heard all of that. Rhino wants to come after Ian and his friends, and Ian will kill Rhino… this is crazy. Does Kaori know about this? isn’t she into Ian? I have to tell Dominic!

(POV Frankie)

I finished with Karin, and got here as soon as I could. When I walked in, Ashley was on her fourth shot of Ciroc. She’s already vulgar, and blunt sober, I can only imagine what comes out of her mouth when she’s inebriated.

Raina – So we good baby?

Frankie – Yes.

Raina – We agree on it right?

Frankie – Yeah, lets just leave it all in the past.

Raina – So happy my sister’s off the hook for that whole nude picture scandal… not to rub it in your face, I’m still sorry for how I reacted that morning.

Frankie – Its fine. Remember I told you, if I was wrong… I’d apologize.

Raina – And you did… which I appreciate.

Let me say this… do I think her sister is innocent? No, I actually think there’s way more to the story. Jessica’s son admitting that the pictures came from his phone seemed like a rescue attempt on his part to save Jenn… I don’t think everything is how it seems, and I still think Raina’s sister, Jenn had something to do with it. Now… as the story has unfolded so far… Jenn is off the hook, and all the heat is on Jessica’s son Symon. So… as of right now Raina thinks Jenn is innocent, and I’m over arguing about it so I just apologized for pointing the guilty finger at the girl…. for now.

Raina – Gimme a kiss.

Frankie – *Kisses Raina*

Ashley – Ugh! get a room already!

Frankie – *laughing*

Raina – I’ll be back. I gotta go in the back and do some inventory… mind watching the bar for me?

Frankie – Where’s Ruben?

Raina – Ruben’s off today

Frankie – Oh okay…

Raina – You shouldn’t have to serve any drinks, I just opened… nobody’s here except you two.

Ashley – Some girls went in the bathroom, while you two were making out…

Raina – Well if they want anything give it to them, if you need me come get me from the back room.

Frankie – Okay.

Raina – Alright… oh and it was nice meeting you Ashley.

Ashley – You too Rai.

I love Raina… and I know you guys may think she’s the worst… but she’s not all bad. You guys just don’t know her like I do. She’s cool as hell, she’s attentive… she’s just a good girlfriend minus a few things give or take. Nobody’s perfect right? I have my flaws, and I’m sure you have yours.

Frankie – So… how was your day Ashley?

Ashley – Oh it was good…. well no, it was boring as hell. I’ve gotten off 4 times today, out of boredom.

Frankie – Umm…

Ashley – Like finger banged…

Frankie – I know what “gotten off” means…

Ashley – How many times a day do you do it?

Frankie – That’s not…. I’m not gonna talk about that.

Ashley – Don’t be so stiff girl!

Frankie – Trust me… I’m not.

Ashley – I bet you and Rai have amazing sex. I can just tell by looking at you two.

Frankie – Ashley…

Ashley – I know I know… personal life stays personal. I’m the only one here doing a tell all.

Frankie – Speaking of which…*Presses record on tape recorder* Tell me about the first gig…

Ashley – Oh… easy. So as I’ve told you, Maddie let me live with her while I got my shit together so I could start slangin’ pussy for her.

Frankie – ….Oh, how generous of her…

Madeline the Madam…. more like pimp, and manipulator.

Ashley – Don’t get it twisted though… as much as Madeline was a shark in the water… ultimately I decided to sell pussy by the pound. Nobody made me do anything… that’s not to say she didn’t have a way with words. If you didn’t want to fuck a certain client, or work a certain party, she’d make it about being a family… see all of her Roses were “Part of a sisterhood”

Frankie – Which makes sense because if you girls came to her with nothing, and she gave you everything… you’d be scared to lose that family.

Ashley – Exactly! So anyway… she come knocking on my door talking about Ashley… you’re my sweetest gift. You are a diamond… a rose. And I’m like… okay. And she talks about how its time for me to join the family. So she brings in this tall ass ugly black chick named Godyss… aka Gina- who I had heard rumors about. She used to do parties for Madeline.

Frankie – When you say parties… what do-

Ashley – Maddie would get invited on yachts and shit… all about networking, and making sure her client list in her little black book was filled. So she’d take a few girls and have them suck, and fuck the various business men. Lost at sea…. drinking semen. That’s what these ho’s would be doing. Godyss was one of the girls gargling jizz on the weekends. Maddie pimped her out real good. Nikol’s probably doing that now…

I still can’t believe Nikol is a escort, and Jessica has no idea. Could you imagine being a mom, and finding out your daughter sells her body for money?

Ashley – So anyway, Godyss the jizz guzzler came in, and was like “Hey sex kitten… we working a double tonight?” and Maddie stood there smiling from ear to ear… as if I was graduating college or some shit.

Frankie – At this point you were clean right?

Ashley – Oh yeah, Maddie cleaned me up real good. She loves taking in a druggy, and cleaning them up so they can present their pussy to the world.

Frankie – Go on…

Ashley – So at this point they both started talking about the importance of being a rose, in the family. I fell for it. This is when Maddie says… “You need a name my darling… my star, my diamond” So I said I didn’t know what to choose.

Frankie – I bet she did…

Ashley – She said one of her favorite aunts name was Ophelia… and that I was important to her… I needed that name, it spoke to her. Which is such bullshit. Then Godyss jizz breath was like “oooh make it sexy… make it Ophelia Cox…” and that’s how I got the name.

Frankie – After the naming what happened?

Ashley – Next thing I know I was in a fancy hotel. I was sucking some man’s cock while Godyss ate his ass and tickled his taint. It was fast and easy money. Godyss taught me that if you hate sucking a certain dick… just finger his prostate to get him to cum fast. Worked like a charm… busted a fat nut all over my titties… job well done.

Frankie – How did you feel going into that?

Ashley – I had so many glasses of wine… I was relaxed the entire time. After it was over I felt sick… then a bitch saw that paycheck and  was hooked. I bought my first pair of red bottoms, and strutted my stuff around like I was queen bee. Which I soon became… Godyss didn’t like that- speaking of which I need a whole chapter dedicated to my rivalry with her… she was a hatin’ ass bitch and tried to sabotage me once by putting something in my drink… the cunt!

Frankie – Works for me.

Ashley – Can’t believe I’m gonna have a reunion with a ho tonight.

Frankie – You are?

Ashley – Jessica Nash called me and asked if I was still working with you. I said yes, so she invited me to the dinner party tonight. Her daughter Nikol will be there so… time to catch up… she’s probably gonna want to eat my pussy considering how good I look these days… but no thanks.

Frankie – Are you bringing Mario?

Ashley – He’s going to be working for your friend’s dad remember?

Right…. her boyfriend is Jordan’s nurse- in home care person…

Ashley – Are you bringing Rai?

Is it wrong that its irritating to hear her call her Rai? you don’t know her Ashley…. you should be calling her Raina…

Frankie – I’m not, I’m bringing my friend Rhys. She hasn’t had a night off in a while, and I figured she’d be good company.

Ashley – Oh okay.

Frankie – I’m gonna use the ladies room, be right back.

Ashley – Take ya time sexy…

She’s seriously a character isn’t she? I’m bestfriends with Kaori… so vulgarity doesn’t bother me, but I feel like I need a cigarette after hearing about Ashley’s ho-stories. Speaking of which, oh my god…. she’s going to see Jessica’s daughter Nikol… who’s currently a ho-escort for Madeline… I’m gonna have to make sure she doesn’t cause any drama… Can’t help but feel like she’s my responsibility at this party. Anyway let me go use the restroom already…

Surprise surprise… didn’t expect this.

Frankie – Oh- Hey… I didn’t know you were in here.

Priscilla – …..Hi.

Milk – I’m gonna go sit down.

Priscilla – Meet you at the table.

Milk – Hey Frankie.

Frankie – Hi *smiles*

Priscilla – …….

Frankie – ……

Priscilla – So…..

Frankie – Yeah?

Priscilla – ……..

I guess I should address the elephant in the room. Me and Priscilla do not talk. Ever since I started dating Raina she’s had this hatred for me, but I honestly felt it was so childish, and petty. I figured since she was the one with the issue, I’d let her address it. She never did…. so here we are, and she’s clearly still mad.

Frankie – I feel like you want to get something off your chest.

Priscilla – I mean, yeah…. I do.

Frankie – Well then say what you need to say.

Priscilla – You don’t have to be a bitch.

Frankie – That’s funny…. but go on… what do you need to say to me? because you have this weird ass issue with me.

Priscilla – Its not just my issue.

Frankie – Umm, yes it is. You’re weird around me… YOU stopped being MY friend… so sweetie… its YOUR issue.

Priscilla – Oh so now you’re being condescending with the whole “sweetie” thing.

Frankie – Priscilla, I don’t have all day.

Priscilla – I just…. I feel like you’re so fake, and phony… its irritating.

Frankie – You’re joking right?…. I’m fake? and phony?…. okay girl… get it out… cause you clearly been holding this in for a while….. like a whole year or whatever.

Priscilla – This is exactly what I’m talking about… you acting above everything… you’re just fake…. and such a bitch…

She’s starting to piss me off. Why are you so worried about me, when you’re with Keegan?

Frankie – Okay so, you’ve called me a bitch twice… so one more time and its gonna be a problem.

Priscilla – That’s fine… but just know that if you touch me, I’m knocking the glasses off your face.

Frankie – Are we fighting? because you wanna threaten to knock my glasses off? like girl goodbye. You’re not scaring anybody. Seriously what the FUCK is your problem Priscilla?! hmm? use your words…. we’re not kids… SPEAK like an ADULT… because let me explain something to you, I’m not a psychic… I’m not about to read your mind….

Priscilla – You just flat out played me, you ignored me… you used me. We had a thing, and you fucked me… and then met Raina, and picked her. Then you try and act like you’re little miss perfect, and you did nothing wrong. I cannot stand fake people like that.

Frankie – Okay… so since we’re going there… lets keep it real here!

Priscilla – Lower your voice-

Frankie – Do you want to fight? because I’m feelin’ some type of way. Don’t tell me to lower my fucking voice Priscilla, we’ve already established that neither one of us are children. So if your plan is to stand here and be petty, then we can just fight and get it over with.

Priscilla – Oh look the novelist is gangsta!

Frankie – You know what?

Priscilla – What?! huh? what?! apologize for being a horrible fucking person!

Frankie – Fuck you Priscilla, because you knew it was a casual thing between us. I wasn’t fucking dating you, and you knew that. Now if you want to stand here and be in your feelings about some shit that happened a year ago then have at it. I’m onto new shit-

Priscilla – Oh you mean Raina? your girlfriend with the empty bar?

Frankie – Its empty because- *inhale/exhale’s slowly to calm herself* It doesn’t matter why its empty, you’re here aren’t you?

Priscilla – I came here because I knew you’d be here. I needed to tell you about yourself. You made me feel like second best- like I was shit, and you need to know it.

Frankie – *laughing* You’re such a comedian…

Priscilla – Excuse me? fuck you Frankie!

Frankie – Fuck me?! no… fuck you! because you wanna stand here and cry about some old ass shit from a year ago that’s not even relevant to the present day. Why the fuck are you even mad when you’re dating my friend? You shouldn’t be this fucking pressed when you’ve moved on and you’re with Keegan.

Priscilla – Its really none of your business what goes on in my relationship with Keegan. All of you girls swear the dude still belongs to you. Newsflash, he didn’t date any of you.

Frankie – He makes it my business when he calls me asking for my advice about some bullshit you’ve pulled. I swear to god if you hurt him-

Priscilla – What? you’ll hit me? please, you and that home wrecking bitch Kaori won’t do a thing to me, and as far as Jarrah goes… she has mommy duties to attend to. You and your friends can kiss my fucking ass. Getting involved in Keegan and I’s business. It has nothing to fucking do with you… and also I’m STILL waiting for my apology. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like you did anything wrong. I said my feelings were hurt, so you should apologize.

Frankie – No. *laughing*…. I’m not apologizing to you, are you fucking crazy? You seriously have me so fucked up Priscilla. Yes, I write novels, and I’m a literary nerd… but do not get it twisted for one second. My dad did not raise no weak ass bitch… so continue crying, and sulking in corners over last years bullshit. I’m not apologizing for having sex with you and dating someone else when we agreed that it was all casual. Good fucking day… get out of my face with that bullshit.

Priscilla – Horrible excuse for a human… I knew you were the type to never admit when you’re wrong… I’m done… I’m never speaking to you again… you are seriously the devil who doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings but you’re own.

Frankie – That’s fine… are you done? because I need to use the restroom… and I have things to do.

Priscilla – I hope Raina cheats on you… I hope she fucks you over.

Frankie – It wouldn’t change anything if she did… I still wouldn’t choose you. Also just and FYI, what you did just now? that is not how you go about getting closure. I MAYBE would have taken your feelings into consideration if you weren’t being such a bitter betty… but nope… not now. So you can just stay in your feelings, cause you’re not getting an apology.

Priscilla – Fuck you.

Frankie – Cool, thanks… bye. Get it together Priscilla… I feel like this right here has nothing to do with what happened between us, and everything to do with whatever’s going on with Keegan. Whatever you’re doing behind his back… that’s why you’re trying to fight with me, to get out whatever frustrations you have about being a sketchy ass girlfriend. Like I said before, don’t hurt my friend, because he’s been through too much, especially with women… I’ll seriously kick somebody’s ass for hurting him again-

Priscilla – That’s fine, you can bring Kaori too… I’ll bring Milk.

Frankie – Cool, I’ll bring the cookies!

Priscilla – Oh that was cute.

Frankie – You’re so petty, and mad… and angry. Get your life honey….

Priscilla – Same to you… karma is a bitch…. so enjoy.

Frankie – *laughing* Bye Priscilla, I’m not feeding into this crap…

Priscilla – ….*rolls eyes*

This bitch has seriously lost her mind. She wants to hate me for something so stupid. We both fucking agreed that sex between us was casual, and if anybody caught feelings we’d have a conversation. She never did, allowing me to believe that she was mature enough to separate sex from emotions. Also just so you know, we had stopped hooking up. Probably a month after our last hookup I had a conversation with her about Raina, and she was fine with it. I got with Raina and she hated me almost immediately… so fuck her, and this dumbass fight. Causing me to get out of character… If she feels like I hurt her feelings why couldn’t she just fucking say that when it happened? why harbor feelings and let it get to this level? I’m not apologizing to that petty bitch… This is why I don’t do lesbian relationships. Always drama…

[5 Minutes later]

So after I used the ladies room, I washed my hands and had some time to reflect on my argument with Priscilla. I’m really angry that I allowed her to make me go there. I never claimed to be proper, and perfect. I can get really loud, and bitchy if I need to… but I almost always instantly regret it. She pissed me off, and made me want to fight… I guess I am like my sister after all. I don’t regret putting Priscilla in her place, but I guess I regret how I did it- what the hell is Kaori, and Aries doing here?

Frankie – …..Hi?

Aries – Hey beautiful.

Frankie – Aww… aren’t you sweet… and wow look at your arms dude…. gym rat much?

He got sexy as fuck… like damn.

Aries – I’m all about healthy living.

Kaori – Were you taking a dump or something?

Frankie – Oh my god Kaori, no. I was washing my hands and thinking about the fact that I almost slapped Priscilla up and down that bathroom.

Aries – Say what?

Kaori – Ooooh, so that’s why she gave me a fake ass hi, when I walked in… and her bug eyed friend was lookin’ like a praying mantis ready to jump.

Frankie – Oh yeah…. let me tell you what happened…


Milk – ….. So I’m guessing you didn’t go about it in a calm manner….

Priscilla – What do you think? It annoyed me how she stood there smiling talking about hi… she knew we had issues and she never contacted me to talk about it.

Milk – Maybe she didn’t have an issue with you, and thought it was your issue to bring up?

Priscilla – While that may be true… you would think that if someone isn’t talking to you…. that you’d figure out why.

Milk – I’m your friend, and I’m just gonna be honest. As soon as you had the issue you should have talked to her… now you look like the crazy person bringing it up now.

Priscilla – I’m over it.

Milk – Talk to her once things cool down….

Priscilla – No.

Milk – Fine… what about Keegan? I like him a lot…. 

Priscilla – …..I do too…

Milk – After you called me after that fight, and told me the truth about everything… I just…. what are you gonna do babe? you have to tell him the truth…

Priscilla – I know….

Milk – You know I’m your bestfriend, and I have your back regardless.

Priscilla – Good because Frankie, and Kaori might jump me if I hurt Keegan…

Milk – Well…. I can’t be in street fights… I might get my badge taken from me.

Priscilla – Just wear a ski-mask *laughing*

Milk – I can’t imagine they would put hands on you… I think they’re just being protective. Keegan has told us both about his past… they just don’t want him to spiral.

Priscilla – Gee… that’s a lot of pressure…

Milk – It shouldn’t be if you truly love the dude…

Priscilla – I do love him, he’s such a good guy…

Milk – Then ask yourself… “Why am I doing this to him?”

Priscilla – I do… which is why I can’t sleep at night….

Milk – That’s because you’re not a terrible person… even though you’re not being truthful with Keegan…

Priscilla – I think my guilty conscious is what made me be passive aggressive with Frankie… and oh my god she was not backing down. I thought she was a nerd… I didn’t expect for her to get all bad girls club on me.

Milk – Well you know as well as I do, not to underestimate your opponent.

Priscilla – I do now.

Milk – So when are you gonna talk to Keegan and tell him the truth?

Priscilla – Can we talk about something else?

Milk – No… you’re going with him to a fucking wedding… you need to talk to him.

Priscilla – I can’t…. not yet… its hard… like this fucking chair…

Milk – Why are we still here?

Priscilla – I don’t know, we should jet… I’m hungry.

Milk – Dinner’s on me.


So I ran it down to Kaori and she was not happy about what happened….

Frankie – So yeah…. I almost got into a brawl with her in there…

Aries – Wow…

Kaori – So if she has a fucking problem, then why the FUCK is she still here?

Frankie – Kaori!….

Kaori – I’m serious… I should go punch her…

Aries – Nooo you shouldn’t.

Kaori – She called me a home-wrecker- which was one time. Its not like that’s my M.O. everyday. Then the comment she made about Keegan… bitch… seriously… who does she think she is?

Frankie – Right?

Aries – She must have really made you mad Frankie… I don’t think you’ve put hands on someone since you fought Kalia before she turned into Kash…

Frankie – I actually feel bad-

Kaori – Don’t…. seriously fuck her stupid ass…

Frankie – So I shouldn’t take her outside to talk?

Aries – No

Kaori – Nope… she was aggressive and rude… let her come to you…

Frankie – Alright…. so umm what are you guys doing here?

Aries – Oh we came to see the ho.

Frankie – What?

Aries – Kaori told me about the ho you’re writing about… we wanted to see her in the flesh…

Kaori – I knew you were here with her because of your instagram… and I wanted to see this ho, that has me saying “totes loves cunt” all the time…

Frankie – I dunno where she went-

Aries – Oh she went to use her phone outside… her boyfriend was calling.

Kaori – Yeah, we introduced ourselves as Frankie’s friends

Frankie – You nosy bitches *laughs*

Kaori – By the way… I totally want to smack Priscilla in the mouth right now….

Frankie – Don’t…. its not worth it.

Aries – Listen to your BFF Kaori….

Kaori – Fine… So umm Frankie, you going to dinner with us tonight?

Frankie – No, I can’t remember? I gotta go to that dinner at Jessica’s house…

Kaori – Oh right…

Aries – You’re going with Raina?

Frankie – No, I’m taking Rhys.

Kaori – Is she gay?

Frankie – No, and wouldn’t Aries know more than I would?

Kaori – Why?

Aries – Benji…. my boyfriend?

Kaori – Okay?

Frankie – Benji is Candice brother… who’s bff with Rhys…

Kaori – Well you’re friends with Rhys, and Benji works as Jessica’s assistant… so you’d know too. Has she tried to eat your box yet or nah?

Aries – *laughing*

Frankie – Lets get a drink…

Kaori – Fine…. free though right? since you’re fucking the owner?

Frankie – Yes honey….. free.

Aries – I love free.

Kaori – Yass me too!

I remember a time when Kaori and Aries weren’t the closest cousins. Now they live together, its so cute. Time changes people, and I guess me of all people should understand that considering my mother, and other people in my life who have changed for the better. As far as that Priscilla shit goes, I’m over talking about it. If SHE wants to have a grown woman conversation then we can…. however I’m not about to be arguing with her. With that being said I’ll see you guys at the party. Bye now!

(POV Trey)

You guys know me by now… so naturally you know I’ve been freaking the hell out ever since I left the porn studio. The reason why is because I found out so much stuff. I pulled both Vik, and Dominic to the side, told Dominic about what I saw, and then Vik told us more about Ian’s time with the studio. I am mortified! and I know you’re thinking I’m being SO dramatic but holy shit… Kaori’s maybe-boyfriend does porn… GAY PORN.

Jonah – Hey, your door was unlocked… you shouldn’t do that…

Trey – I forgot to lock it, I’m all out of sorts.

Jonah – Yeah, what’s going on? I got your S.O.S. text… did you have a fight with Dominic?

Trey – No, actually the whole porn thing was really fun.

Jonah – So then what’s going on? and while I’m glad you feel like I can be a shoulder to cry on… why call me and not my cousin?

Trey – I have my reasons for not calling Jarrah, or the others. I need your help.

Jonah – Okay…. well what happened?

Trey – You need to sit down…

Jonah – If you tell me that you and Dom’ somehow signed a porn contract, and filmed a video series I will laugh my ass off.

Trey – No…. but what I have to tell you is not good.

Jonah – Okay… lets sit on the couch?

Trey – Ew no, something bad happened there…

Jonah – Like what?

Trey – I’ll tell you later… Lets sit by the computer… for reasons….

Jonah – Trey… you’re weird.

Trey – Just come sit down!

Jonah – So enough beating around the bush… tell me what’s going on.

Trey – Okay so you know I was at the porn studio right?

Jonah – Right, right.

Trey – Well everything was fine… and then I had to pee. So I left Dominic, and Viktor, to go find the bathroom-

Jonah – Oh my god…. were you…. ASS-sulted?

Trey – Very funny Jonah…..

Jonah – I thought so *laughs*

Trey – ANYWAY….I was walking and I overheard the guy in charge arguing with someone about them doing porn, and still having two more shoots on their contract. They were going at it!

Jonah – I see….

Trey – So I get closer to them and Jonah…… the guy…. the pornstar he was arguing with… was Ian….

Jonah – Wait….

Trey – Yes! Ian Alexander!

Jonah – Wait! isn’t Kaori fucking him?!

Trey – I don’t know- I think she is!

Jonah – Wait is he a bottom?!

Trey – From what Vik told me… he’s bottomed twice, but mostly Tops… he’s a power-top!

Jonah – He’s gay? That makes sooo much sense, he’s like obsessed with Keegan!

Trey – Oh my god!

Jonah – What did Dominic say about this? and where is he now?

Trey – He’s in Bridgeport with his dad. They went to have a sitdown with Paisley… and umm he told me to leave it alone, and to stay out of it…

Jonah – Yet…. I’m here…. and you’re telling me.

Trey – I need to tell Kaori right?

Jonah – Umm…

Trey – If you were having sex with someone, and I knew they did porn…. you’d wanna know right?

Jonah – Fuck yeah.

Trey – Then I need your help.

Jonah – Okay?

Trey – Help me find proof….

Jonah – Umm… dude….. you want me to search for gay porn?

Trey – Yes! I’m freaking out, I can’t do this alone… when I found out everything I was in disbelief, its like what the hell universe! You’re joking right?…

Jonah – You’re asking a bit much…

Trey – Please!

Jonah – Fine, but you owe me.

Trey – Anything you want. Now help me…

[10 minutes later]

Jonah – …..Ya know…. it would help if you could remember his porn name….

Trey – I know, I know… I just can’t remember it…. is nothing popping up for Ian Alexander?

Jonah – Yeah, but none of them are him…

Trey – I know he apparently had black hair, and lots of facial hair… are you sure its not him?

Jonah – Positive…

Trey – Dammit…

Jonah – Whoa….

Trey – You found him?!

Jonah – No, but what the fuck is he doing to that guys asshole?

Trey – Chewing it?

Jonah – Does Dominic chew your asshole Trey?

Trey – Oh my god, no!

Jonah – Holy shit is that dude taking two cocks? with one hole?! how is it possible for a guy to do double penetration?!

Trey – I wouldn’t know.

Jonah – Does the asshole stretch back to normal size? or are you just ruined after anal?

Trey – My ass is fine Jonah….

Jonah – Do you and Dominic do all of this stuff? like rimming?

Trey – ……

Jonah – Hey do you think its gay if a guy likes his girlfriend to rim and finger him?

Trey – Gay? no… I mean… our G spot is located in our butts so-

Jonah – Can’t believe I’m doing this…

Trey – Sorry… but thanks for the help…

Jonah – Its fine, its just funny…

Trey – What is?

Jonah – This is the first time I’ve looked at porn and been completely flaccid, which is-

Trey – That shouldn’t be a surprise…. unless you’re like bi curious or something?

Jonah – I’m not, but I’ve read studies that men react to sex differently than women, and that even if a straight guy watches gay porn, the act of penetration could still possibly turn them on… even if they’re 100% straight.

Trey – Well congratulations Jonah, you’re straight!

Jonah – Why didn’t you ask the others for help?

Trey – Being completely honest, you were my first choice. I didn’t want to ask Jarrah, because she’s busy, and a mom. Keegan, and Kaori are too close to Ian…. and Frankie is busy at some dinner- She really needs to stop posting all of her business on social media… makes it easy for someone to stalk her.

Jonah – I don’t want to talk about her, she pissed me off today.

Trey – ….Well if you ever do want to talk about it, we can.

Jonah – Thanks….

Trey – ……. This is a fail… I wish I remembered his fucking porn name…

Jonah – I dunno dude… doesn’t look like we’re finding his porn tonight…. and damn… dude got the shaft after his sister’s incident, then emancipated himself. Then was broke, and alone… and did porn for some sleazy fat dude… talk about hitting rock bottom. I mean he goes from being popular and a hot guys in high school… to well still being a hot guy but now burying his pole in asses… MALE ASSES!

Trey – That’s it! That’s his name!

Jonah – What?

Trey – Barry Mapoll!

Jonah – That’s fucking brilliant.

Trey – Yeah I bet that fatass dude came up with it!

Jonah – Well with a name like that… Ian must be like-

Trey – Like a powertop.

Jonah – What exactly are the qualifications for being a power top? can straight guys be power tops? is it all about the power in the thrust?

Trey – Shush! less talking, and more searching.

Jonah – Okay… lets see what CUMS up after searching Barry Mapoll…. by the way, as far as anyone is concerned… you did this by yourself. I did not spent an hour watching gay porn with you.

Trey – Yeah, yeah… just press the search button already… my ass is getting numb from sitting here…

Jonah – I bet Barry Mapoll makes all the guys asses numb…

Trey – …..

Jonah – Hey you think he wanted to BARRY his POLE in Keegan?

Trey – Jonah!

Jonah – *laughing* Sorry, pressing search now….

Trey – …….Well?

Jonah – Well since his name is a sex pun… Im getting lots of random amateur shit…

Trey – Dammit….

Jonah – Wait…. is this him?

Trey – I can’t tell from that picture…

Jonah – Should I press play?

Trey – Yes! it could be him… it says Barry Mapoll drills Ben Dover…

Jonah – “Ben Dover” …. that’s not subtle at all. Okay lets play it….

Trey – Oh my god its him!

Jonah – Wow he looks so different!….


Video :

Barry Mapoll : So…. how did this sink get clogged?

Ben Dover : Oh my wife cooked dinner, and it was horrible… I tried to put it down the garbage disposal… and I guess it got stuck.

Barry Mapoll : I see….

Ben Dover : The romance is gone… she tried to cook for me… honestly I think I’m just… not attracted to her anymore.

Barry Mapoll : That’s too bad… but truth be told… you’re a good looking guy… you can find another woman…… or man…

Ben Dover : What are you getting at!

Barry Mapoll : Maybe… just maybe… you’re into trying-


Jonah – Ugh, story lines…. lets fast forward this shit… I always hate the story lines… so cheesy.

Trey – Stop… press play…

Jonah – Alright


Video :

Barry Mapoll : Ah yeah.. swallow that cock… taste better than your wife’s cooking huh?!

Ben Dover : Yes sir!

Barry Mapoll : You want it in your as-


Jonah – AND THAT’S ENOUGH…. that’s about all I can take of that. and wow he has a huge cock… talk about making a guy feel insecure about his own package…

Trey – ……..Stop it, I’ve seen your package a couple of times, its not that small…

Jonah – Oh right… that douchebag Austin Matthews, Spirits ex boyfriend put my shit all over the internet. And here I forgot all about my nude picture scandal… I really wish I could take back that pose- hey what do you mean by seeing my package a couple of times?

Trey – Lenny has the picture on his phone.

Jonah – Lenny Schwartz? your gay friend?

Trey – He would be so crushed that you don’t remember him. He has the biggest crush on you.

Jonah – Ooooh Lenny! the one who gave me his old laptop after mine was “stolen” aka give away by Kingston to Austin to expose me.

Trey – Lenny is always on that College Hotties website, and your picture is on there.

Jonah – Oh yeah? so the gays think I’m hot?

Trey – Ugh, stop it… this is not about the gays beating off to you….

Jonah – Fair enough, its just nice to be appreciated.

Trey – ……..

Jonah – ……….

Trey – *sigh* shit

Jonah – Are you okay? like… are you good?

Trey – …..I was hoping we didn’t find any proof… because without proof I wouldn’t have to tell Kaori…

Jonah – …. Well…

Trey – I’m so stressed out about this Jonah…

Jonah – …………

Trey – Are you listening to me?

Jonah – Yeah, I’m just checking that College Hotties site real quick…

Trey – Why?

Jonah – See the comments about my pic?

Trey – Umm.. most of them think you’re a stud, there was this one comment about how you looked like Nosferatu…

Jonah – I’m offended…. but at the same time I’m kind of impressed that you know who Nosferatu is….

Trey – I didn’t… I googled it when I read it.

Jonah – The pic isn’t that bad- Oh nevermind… yeah… okay… that pose… that light…. my arms… I totally see the Nosferatu resemblance now. God that’s embarrassing, I was so skinny then. I look so much better these days-

Trey – Dominic said to stay out of it… but at the same time… he doesn’t understand. The six of us have been friends forever. We have each others backs. I have a loyalty to you guys, and like you said… you’d want to know… why shouldn’t I tell Kaori the truth? because clearly Ian isn’t….

Jonah – Yeah…. I mean… I’m not gonna tell you what to do. Its up to you, but honestly… I’d want to know…

Trey – Fuck…

What am I gonna do huh? because what if Kaori really likes Ian? She’s spent so much time being in love with Keegan, and what if Ian is the guy that finally makes her realize there are more fish in the sea? If I tell her what I know, and it makes her hate him… then I’m like the Reverse-Cupid. At the same time what if she finds out later, and finds out that I knew? then I’m not loyal, and not a true friend.

I know what you’re probably thinking… Kaori and I didn’t get along that well, but we’re great these days. We even have lunch sometimes. She even helped me and Dominic find this place! So what type of friend would I be if I don’t tell her the truth. In a perfect life I’d tell her and she’d respond with “Thanks Trey, but he told me already” but of course that is NOT how its gonna go down… You guys would want to know right? if someone you were into, letting sleep over, possibly having sex with- was a gay pornstar? you’d want a friend to tell you right? RIGHT?!

(POV Frankie) [Location : Jessica Nash’s House]

[Top Pic]

So here I am… at this dinner party. When Jessica invited me, I didn’t think she’d have this many people here. The funny thing is that I didn’t even ask what the occasion was- not that Jessica Nash-Goddard needs a reason to throw a fabulous dinner party. There are some people here I recognize, and lots that I don’t. Thank god I brought Rhys with me.

Rhys – This is a cute house. Are you close with your boss?

Frankie – We have a unique history that bonds us, so yeah… I’d say we’re pretty close.

Rhys – Unique history?…. as in you guys….

Frankie – God no…. and speaking of that… Rhys… are you and Sara-

Rhys – I know what you’re going to ask, and I’m just gonna tell you its complicated, and I’m not ready to talk about “that” yet.

Frankie – Noted.

Peter – This party is gay as hell…

Symon – Yeah… wanna go play some Xbox in my room?

Peter – We could… but I’m sorta enjoying all of this adult lady snatch.

Symon – Keep your eyes off my Frankie!

Rhys – Did you hear that?

Frankie – *laughs*


Taylor – Its such a surprise to see you here….

Ashley – I know right? especially considering my ex is in here.

Taylor – Who?

Ashley – Kira?

Taylor – Kira’s here?

Ashley – Yeah… over there with your ex bestfriend Natasha…

Taylor – That’s really funny how we all ended up in the same room…

Ashley – Small world. So you look nice! what do you do these days? still into fashion?

Taylor – Yeah I work at V-Glam…

Ashley – Fancy…

Taylor – You look nice as well.

Ashley – Thank you.

Taylor – You bring a date?

Ashley – My boyfriend is working, but you can see his pics on my instagram. What about you?

Taylor – My boyfriend is right over there *points to Ivo*

Ashley – Cute!


Benji – I’m really not a gym rat though… my boyfriend Aries on the other hand…

Ivo – You think I need to work out more? *flexes muscles*

Benji – No you’re a hottie Ivo… stop it.

Ivo – Thanks…. so real talk, when are you gonna start editing at Haus Of Opulence? I know you have the talent…

Benji – Good question… Ask your boss

Ivo – You should just talk to her about it.

Benji – You know how Jessica is…


Sasha – Oh how I needed this party. So much drama with work, and with my daughter. Woo girls night! gimme a drink!

Kira – I wish… there’s men in here… and more in the kitchen.

Natasha – I know you’re a lesbian, but must you be such a man hater?

Kira – I don’t hate men…

Natasha – Did you know your ex is behind you?

Kira – Yes…. and I’m ignoring her slut ass…. Ashley’s a user, and always has been. Look at what she’s wearing.

Natasha – Well you ignore her, and I’ll ignore Taylor… we are no longer friends. Which is awkward for Olivia since we’re both still cool with her.

Sasha – So Kira, tell us about your new girlfriend…

Natasha – Yeah… you turned her out right? she was straight at first?


Ryder – Thank you for having us tonight Ms. Nash.

Jessica – Oh stop it Ryder, I grew up with your mother… you can call me Jessica…

Ryder – *smiles*

Jessica – How’s your twin brother Rodney?

Ryder – Fat, and miserable.

Jessica – That’s too bad, how’s Rubi?

Ryder – My sister is….. well she’s a character. She seems happy though with her boyfriend. They live together.

Jessica – Do you and Calista live together?

Calista – We do, we just found the most amazing place in Bridgeport.

Jessica – Is that a ring on your finger?

Calista – Yes… he asked…. and I said yes.

Jessica – Well congratulations you two! Look at you Ryder… you’ve come a long way. You have a great career, and a stunning fiance.

Ryder – What can I say? I’m blessed.

Calista – Do you have kids Ms. Goddard?

Jessica – Yes I do, I have Tye, who’s my stepdaughter, Symon who we adopted, and my daughter Nikol who’s visiting from CCity is somewhere around here.

Ryder – Woofy’s here?

Jessica – Be nice Ryder…

Ryder – Sorry, its just that everyone calls her woofy in CCity…

Calista – Why?

Ryder – Long story…


Frankie – I’ll be right back, are you okay here?

Rhys – I’m good.

Symon – We’ll keep her company!

Peter – Yeah we will!

Frankie – Be nice to my friend you two!

Symon – You got it babe!

Frankie – *laughing* You’re adorable Symon!

Let me follow Ashley… I saw her walking…

[Bottom Pic]

There she is-

Ivo – Frankie! hey

Frankie – Oh hi!


Ivo – Frankie this is my girlfriend Taylor. Taylor is is Frankie, my sister’s bestfriend.

Taylor – Nice to meet you, I’ve heard many good things about you.

Frankie – Aww nice to meet you too.

Benji – I was just telling Taylor here, that you’re the perfect woman, and if I weren’t gay I’d be all over you. You’re smart, and gorgeous!

Taylor – You really are.

Frankie – Thank you for the compliment Benji… you’re always so sweet.

Ivo – How are you? you bring a date?

Frankie – I brought my friend Rhys, my girlfriend is working.

Ivo – Ah… that’s cool.

Frankie – Excuse me for a moment.. Gotta find the ladies room.

Taylor – Make sure to come back and chat.

Frankie – We’ll grab a drink as soon as I get a chance.

Benji – Me too!

Taylor – Benji too!

Frankie – Perfect!

Now off to follow Ashley… can’t have her bringing the ho-games to the party.

Shit… where did she go? ooh what’s going on over here? looks like they’re interrogating Jessica’s daughter.

Tye – Frankie, hun! come join!


Frankie – Hi guys…

Ivy – Hey Frankie.

Torrance – Mancini….

Frankie – ……..Baldwin.

Tye – I’m sensing some tension here…

Torrance – Office stuff.

Frankie – All in her head… not going there tonight.

Tye – Moving on… Frankie – You know Jessica’s daughter right? This is Nikol…

Frankie – Hi, nice to meet you.

Nikol – We’ve actually met before.

Frankie – We have?

Nikol – Twice.

Torrance – Wow…

Frankie – I think I ran into you once at Haus of Opulence when you were visiting your mom.

Nikol – We didn’t get to speak. It was a quick hello, because you had like 10 manuscripts, and a cup of coffee running to your office, plus a really short skirt.

Torrance – ………


Frankie – Well I love showing my legs I guess… and yeah, not much social time at Haus of Opulence. Your mom works me hard.

Nikol – I don’t doubt it….

Frankie – When was the 2nd time we met?

Nikol – Its technically the first time.

Frankie – I don’t follow.

Ivy – Remember we went to that lesbian club? I got into a fight with the girl Kalia was cheating on me with?

Tye – That asian girl.

Frankie – Oh right!

Nikol – My then bestfriend and I were there, we were even in the-

Frankie – Bathroom! right!!! now I remember-

Torrance – So I’m gay now.

Tye – …

Ivy – ….

Nikol – …..

Frankie – What?

Torrance – I’m dating Kira Watts. Her father is the Captain of the GloCity Police Department, and she works at The Mothership. She’s a brilliant writer.

Tye – Well… that’s great.

Ivy – Is it awkward since your ex is in here?

Frankie – Right… Ivo.

Torrance – Not awkward at all. I met his new girlfriend, and she’s lovely. Its fine… I’m gay now

Nikol – We just announcing sexuality up in here?

Torrance – Why not.

Nikol – ………………Okay.

Frankie – Have you always been gay? I know you dated Ivo-

Torrance – Well… I like women now… so deal with it.

Frankie – Yeah… I couldn’t care less, its just a surprise to me.

Torrance – So yeah I’m gay now, just like Nikol.

Nikol – Excuse me? first of all I’m bi… not gay.

Torrance – Sure…

Ivy – Frankie, and I are bi also… we get the whole… bi doesn’t exist thing.

Frankie – Yeah… the “ooh can you girls makeout, its so hot” thing…

Torrance – Men are morons…

Weren’t you sucking dick last year Miss Dreadlocks?

Tye – So Nikol, did you bring a date?

Nikol – Nope.

Ivy – Love happens when it happens.

Nikol – No time for that… step sis.

Tye – Aww.

Nikol – I’m just… yeah… the dating thing?… not right now. Life is too complicated.

Torrance – ……K.

Nikol – YEP! *rolls eyes at Torrance*

Tye – So Nikol tells me she used to be bestfriends with your sister Andi, Frankie.

Frankie – They did, I didn’t get to know much about any of that though… it was before my sister, and I reconnected. Which is funny since-

Ashley – Oh hello…….Nikol.

Nikol – Ophelia- I mean Ashley?!…. what are you doing here?-

Ashley – A word outside?

Tye – …..Ooooh…

Ivy – …..

Torrance – Ex girlfriends?

Ashley – Mind your business.

Torrance – Bitch!

Nikol – Excuse me ladies…

And here we go…. time to follow them.

Let me stay here…. if they start punching each other I’ll intervene.

Nikol – What the fuck are you doing here Ophelia?

Ashley – My name is Ashley… I don’t ho anymore sweetheart.

Nikol – Your outfit says differently.

Ashley – Oh speaking of outfits… what is this get up you have on? this hippie costume. You trying to act normal for mommy and her friends?

Nikol – Ashley I swear to god if you embarrass me in front of my mother I will fucking drown you in the pool.

Ashley – Don’t make threats honey…

Nikol – What do you want?

Ashley – I’m just trying to catch up with an ex co-worker. Maddie working that pussy real good these days?

Nikol – Stop it.

Ashley – What?… you’re still selling it for Madeline right? you still a rose?

Nikol – Shut up.

Ashley – Don’t get upset with me because I was smart enough to get out of the ho business, and you’re still in it.

Nikol – You need to stop it right now before someone hears you.

Ashley – ….Your mother seems really nice by the way.

Nikol – How is it even possible that a drugged up bitch like you is even here right now? Madeline told me you were strung out living under a bridge somewhere.

Ashley – Oh she would… but that’s not the case. I’m in the process of writing a book- well having my new friend Frankie “Legs for days” Mancini write my life story… I’m gonna make so much money.

Nikol – You can’t do that….

Ashley – I can, and I will. Besides… I’m changing the names of course… you’re safe Destiny Monroe… what a stupid fucking name.

Nikol – Oh like Ophelia Cox is any better?

Ashley – Doesn’t matter…

Nikol – You need to leave…

Ashley – Am I too much for you baby?

Nikol – ……

Ashley – Bet you wanna lick the peach, but sorry… you can’t.

Nikol – Begone troll…

Ashley – Madeline lied to you… I’m doing really well.

Nikol – I don’t care to be honest. I really don’t give a shit about you Ashley… you are a nasty bitch, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I cannot stand you.

Ashley – You did when you were licking my ass.

Nikol – Oh fuck off, it was a job

Ashley – A job that you loved… admit it… you loved eating my ass… you are such a ass muncher.. a booty bandit if I do say so myself!

Nikol – So because you’re out of the “Game” you think you’re better than me?

Ashley – I’ve always been better than you dog face, and speaking of getting out of the game… you should know that Madeline is a cunt, and will bully you. I stopped ho-ing and cut ties with the bitch. A few weeks later at my NEW address I’d get knocks on my door every week, open the door and nothing but a broken rose would be on the ground. So good luck getting out of the game!

Nikol – She wouldn’t do that, nothing you say is trustworthy!

Ashley – You’re a dumbass bitch… didn’t you drop out of college twice? its no wonder you turned to coke, and started opening up your post office for priority mail packages.

Nikol – I’m two seconds from beating your ass right here.

Ashley – Do it bitch, and watch me tell everyone you’re an escort that pops her pussy for a madam. I will put your shit out there because I couldn’t give 2 shits about you ho.

Nikol – …. *gets ready to punch Ashley*

Frankie – Hey guys!…

Ashley – Hey baby-cakes!

Frankie – Someone was asking where Ashley went… you should probably go inside…

Ashley – Oh okay… well it was nice talking to you Nikol.

Nikol – LOVED catching up with you GIRL!

Ashley – You too GIRL!

Nikol – Okay bye GIRL!

Ashley – Later! oh, and pick those saggin ass titties off the ground GIRL!

Nikol – After you tuck your hanging pussy back in your panties GIRL!

Ashley – Okay! good talk GIRL! *walks away*

Nikol – Fucking cunt…

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl did you hear how many times they said Girl, all passive aggressive? *laughing*

Now its just me, and the escort- that’s mean… bad Frankie!

Frankie – Sorry about that-

Nikol – You have no idea what you just did…

Frankie – I have a clue…

Nikol – You seriously just saved her from getting her ass eat- Beat… I meant to say beat.

Frankie – I know…


Nikol – ….So-

Frankie – I’m not gonna stand here and act fake… I know…. things.

Nikol – Ashley, is a bitch… and she will fuck you over. Watch your back.

Frankie – I’m learning that I should keep my guard up around her.

Nikol – ….Can you promise me something?

Frankie – Hmm?

Nikol – Just make sure the names and stuff are changed…

Frankie – Way ahead of you. I’m not trying to send anyone to jail.

Nikol – Yeah, let me worry about that…

Frankie – Huh?

Nikol – Nothing… anyway… umm… what’s with that Torrance bitch?

Frankie – I don’t know, she’s always been a bitch.

Nikol – That whole “I’m gay now” bullshit… does she want a participation ribbon or something? you eat clam now, good for you, you smelly bitch.

Frankie – Right? and oh my god I thought I was the only one who smelled something.

Nikol – Its because she doesn’t wear deodorant or antiperspirant.

Frankie – She doesn’t?

Nikol – Jessica- I mean my mom told me that Torrance read that it causes cancer or some shit, so now she rubs those fragrant crystals on her pits…

Frankie – That’s so nasty… at least rub some scented lotion all over your body if you’re gonna be deodorant-less.

Nikol – Mmm hmm……So umm… you must think a bunch of shit about me huh?

Frankie – Why because you’re an escort?

Nikol – That’s more complicated than you know, but umm… yeah that- and my history with Andi, and the drama with my mother…

Frankie – I tend not to judge people based on others experiences with them. I try to judge people for myself, once I get to know them.

Nikol – Its so embarrassing that I’m older than you, and you seem to have your shit together in ways I couldn’t even imagine for myself.

Frankie – Age doesn’t have anything to do with it… so don’t beat yourself up about it.

Nikol – That’s true… and wow you just sounded like your sister…

Frankie – You and Andi are good these days?

I know the answer, but I’m curious about it from her perspective.

Nikol – We’ll never be bestfriends like we were in college, but honestly… I feel like I can trust her. I may not have lunch with her everyday, and we may not be bestfriends… but I know at the end of the day that if I needed a couch to sleep on, she’d have my back. Andi is a great person, and she’s really e-manced herself into CCity well.

I’m pretty sure she meant Immersed… but I’m not about to correct her…

Frankie – Yeah… I remember she was anti social there, but she seems to really love CCity now… good for her.

Nikol – Got her a boyfriend and everything… slay a bit miss Andi.

Frankie – Yep! go sis!

Nikol – I’ve lost friends along the way… and part of me wants to be delusional and blame them, but some of it was my fault. I think I really regret not having Andi as a bestfriend anymore, but we’re on good terms so that makes me happy. My other ex bestfriend Vanille

You know Kaori’s sister Vira? Vanille is her other sister…

Nikol – My other ex bestfriend Vanille, she’s moved on with life… and she’s trying to have babies, and she’s married. Its… not a good feeling. Especially since I wasn’t invited to the wedding… but I digress. Mistakes were made along the way, and I sometimes suck as a functioning adult… I’m trying to be better now… maybe its too late.

Frankie – Its never too late.

Nikol – ….My mother really likes you, and now I understand why.

Frankie – …Your mom is sweet…

Nikol – She told me about how you guys met, and how you cursed her out, and it impressed her.

Frankie – Which is odd… but look where it got me.

Nikol – She talks about you a lot…

Frankie – That’s really sweet.

Nikol – My little brother Symon also loves you- so does Tye, and Ivy… you’re popular Miss Frankie.

Frankie – Stop it… I don’t take compliments well, I get all awkward and introverted…

Nikol – Oh I love compliments, I can’t get enough of them to be honest.

Frankie – I love your skirt.

Nikol – Thanks. I love your top.

Frankie – Thanks.

Nikol – I don’t know much about fashion.

Frankie – I don’t either, but honestly fashion blogs are a life saver for putting together outfits.

Nikol – Noted, I’ll try that out.

Frankie – So, did it feel like an interrogation in there?

Nikol – It felt weird… like I’m making my debut or something. Mom has this dinner party, and I’m meeting everyone. Considering our sorted past

Sordid…. she meant sordid…

Nikol – I just feel like… its nice that we’re getting along now. She took me on a fucking spa day, and we ate kale and spinach salads. It was weird… is that what a mother, daughter relationship is supposed to be like?

Frankie – I wouldn’t know, considering my mother hasn’t always been around.

Nikol – Oh right… Mira… how is she?

Frankie – Better than ever actually… she’s being a good mom. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Nikol – That’s cool… and how’s your dad?

Frankie – He’s good, I think he’s dating his ex, but I’m not sure… That’s neither here-nor-there though…

Nikol – Its chilly out here…

Frankie – Yeah I’m cold.

Nikol – If I had a jacket I’d offer it to you.

Umm… what type of come on?

Nikol – That sounded like a flirty thing- it wasn’t. That’s my attempt at humor.

Frankie – *laughs* I gotcha.

Nikol – Before we go in… I just want to say thank you.

Frankie – For what?

Nikol – Making sure Ashley behaved, keeping the peace, talking to me like a human being, and most of all… not judging me from things you’ve heard.

Frankie – You’re welcome Nikol.

Nikol – By the way… your sister knows about the escort thing.

Frankie – She does?

I can’t remember if she told me or not. Andi talks so fast, and so rapidly… its possible that she’s told me about Nikol before, and I just didn’t remember.

Nikol – She’s my nurse, I tell her everything. So she knows it all… I can trust her, and clearly I can trust you too.

Frankie – *smiles* So since you gave me the heads up on Ashley… let me pay it back. Paisley Adams…. do not ever trust that bitch. She is the devil, and will use anybody to get what she wants. She’s manipulative, and a great liar. Pay close attention to her.

Nikol – I will keep that in mind.

Frankie – Alright… now lets get back inside… I promised a guy that I had sex with that I’d have a drink with his current girlfriend.

Nikol – Wow.

Frankie – I know… how twisted.

Nikol – I have sex for money… I can’t judge.

Frankie – Today has been ridiculous… I almost got into a bathroom brawl with this girl I hooked up with in college.

Nikol – You should tell me about that… was she hot?

Frankie – She’s gorgeous, but a total bitch now… and she’s dating my friend, and probably cheating on him.

Nikol – Wow… D-A-R-M-A- Drama!!!

Ooooh…. she forgot an R… she spelled Darma, instead of Drama… but you know what? I’m gonna keep it cute, and not even correct her.

Frankie – Drama seems to follow my sister and I… but we’re used to it. We’re tough girls who can handle whatevers thrown in our way.

Nikol – That’s awesome, you and Andi are awesome.

Frankie – And you’re not? you can be anything you want Nikol, including Awesome.

Nikol – Well… that’s not a word anybody in CCity would ever use to describe me. There I’m Woofy, Woof-dog, and lately Vira Santiago has been calling me Mystique-

Frankie – Like the shape-shifting X-man? why would Vira call you that?

Nikol – Oh right, you know her because her sister Kaori is your bestfriend right? I saw pictures of y’all on your instagram- Oh now I sound like a stalker…

Frankie – Yeah I know Vira, and no you don’t sound like a stalker… that’s what instagram is for… looking at pictures.

Nikol – Vira calls me that because I apparently change personalities on the regular or some shit. I know you probably like Vira, but I hate the tall bitch.

Frankie – *laughing*

Nikol – I do!

Frankie – Tell me about it over Korean barbecue.

Nikol – Oh god I’m hungry… lets eat.

Frankie – I’m way ahead of you.

So lets see… I bond with Karin, Jeep- Jonah barges in. We have words, he thinks I don’t have his back, and brings up our… past. He hates me now. I get to the bar, and get into a screaming match with Priscilla, and then I get here and well… you saw everything that happened. This is one of those days that would usually inspire me to go home, open my laptop and write… but nope… still have writers block. I won’t dwell on that because I refuse to be a broken record. Tonight wasn’t all bad, Nikol is… well she’s interesting I guess. Like I said before, I’m not gonna judge her based off what I know. She seems okay. Am I saying we’re gonna do lunch in Bridgeport every week? no, but when I see her around Haus Of Opulence, I’ll be sure to catch up, and see how she’s doing. Anyway… time to eat. I’m so hungry, and so over the “As Nikol would put it” : D-A-R-M-A- Drama!!! Anyway! until next time… You guys have a good night.*Muah* 

(POV Trey)

Jonah left, and with him left my sanity. I sat there staring at the computer screen, Barry Mapoll penis looking back at me, and I decided I had to tell Kaori… So I called her. I feel like I’m doing the right thing, but I know Dominic is gonna chew me out for it. He just doesn’t understand…

Trey – One hour? okay.

Kaori (on phone) – Are you sure you’re okay?

Trey – Yeah, I just need to talk to you.

Kaori – Alright… well I’ll be there once I’m done with dinner. Do you mind if I bring Aries?

Trey – Its personal…

Kaori – Okay, I’ll come alone. See you in an hour.

Trey – Bye Kay’ *ends call*

Dominic – Why is Kaori coming over here?

Trey – Holy shit you scared me! weren’t you in Bridgeport? when did you get in?

Dominic – I came in 15 minutes ago, and changed clothes. I’m going to the gym. I thought you weren’t home, until I heard a voice in here…

Trey – ….Umm

Dominic – You did it didn’t you?

Trey – Did what?

Dominic – You did exactly what I told you not to do!

Trey – She had to know!

Dominic – This isn’t any of your business Trey!

Trey – I got proof before I called her, me and Jonah found videos-

Dominic – Are you kidding me?! you told someone else?! Why the hell would you do that?!

Trey – I needed help.

Dominic – That’s one more person who didn’t need to know Ian’s personal business. Why would you even do that?!

Trey – You don’t understand, Kaori is my friend-

Dominic – She’s nice, but again… how is this your business?

Trey – She’s my friend, and the guy I think she’s sleeping with has a huge secret

Dominic – Its not your fucking secret to tell!

Trey – Why are you so mad? isn’t your loyalty supposed to be with me?

Dominic – Its the principal… you sat there and heard about his past, you know about his life… you know how tragic things were for him. So him turning to porn, makes sense. You’re judging him!

Trey – No I’m not!

Dominic – Yes you are…

Trey – …..

Dominic – You have no right…. none! You need to learn how to mind your own business. I knew you were gonna open your mouth!

Trey – Its the right thing to do… Kaori should know…

Dominic – I never said she shouldn’t know… It just should be Ian who tells her… not you.

Trey – …..I’m being shamed for being a loyal friend…. wow…

Dominic – Considering what Ian has been through… I would think you would have let him talk to Kaori on his own.

Trey – What if he never did?

Dominic – Then that would be on his conscious… This is the thing, if you really felt so broken up about his porn career… then why not go to him, and tell him to tell Kaori, so you wouldn’t have to be in the middle?

Trey – Because my loyalty is with my friend Dominic! I’m sick of you yelling at me! I’m not doing anything wrong. You’re using your stupid therapy sympathy to shame me, and make me feel like a terrible person for protecting my friends heart! that’s not fair!

Dominic – You’re so delusional sometimes I swear.

Trey – And you’re a cold know it all who thinks he’s better than everyone because he can READ THEM because he studied sociology! Newsflash, you’re not perfect! You got married to a guy when you were how young?! stop judging me!

Dominic – Did that feel good to you?

Trey – ……No.

Dominic – Have fun ruining someone’s life Trey.

Dammit, why did I do that, why did I yell at him and use his past against him like that? That is not me, that’s not how I do things…

Trey – Wait!

Dominic – Oh look, Nick’s here… gonna tell him too?

Trey – Dominic wait! I didn’t mean to yell at you!

Dominic – Its fine, its your life…

Nick – Umm… I can come back later?

Dominic – No, its fine, I’m going to the gym.

Nick – …..

Trey – Are you really gonna just leave right now?

Dominic – Trey, you’ve done enough talking for one night. We had a great day and you just had to ruin it didn’t you? but that’s your whole M.O. right? self-sabotaging everything.

Trey – Lets just talk!

Dominic – No, I’m going to the gym. Have fun with him Nick.

Nick – …….

Trey – I’m so upset right now!

Nick – …..What happened?

Trey – I can’t tell you…

Nick – You can’t? or you don’t want to?

Trey – Its so complicated…

Nick – Are you guys gonna be okay?

Trey – I don’t know…

Nick – …

Trey – Are you okay? I didn’t know you were dropping by.

Nick – I came over because I couldn’t focus, and needed to talk to you… I needed to get something off my chest…

Trey – What is it?

Nick – I’m feeling things. Things I shouldn’t-

Trey – What’s going on?

Nick – ….I Love- I’d love to talk about me, but you’re clearly going through something…

Was he about to tell me he loves me? I can’t even go there right now… I’m just gonna ignore that.

Trey – …..I’m failing to see what I did wrong…

Nick – What happen? you can tell me.

Trey – I can’t…

Nick – Is there a way to tell me what happened without telling me?

Trey – ….*sigh* I could try…

Nick – Okay…

Trey – I found out something, about someone, that could affect someone I’m close with. Dominic says its not my place to tell them, but I think out of loyalty it is, and I’d want someone to tell me. So that’s why we’re fighting because I agreed to keep it to myself but I didn’t. I told Jonah, and now I’m gonna tell the person affected…

Nick – …..

Trey – Oh so now you think I’m a piece of shit too?!

Nick – No, I get it.

Trey – I felt so attacked by my boyfriend!

Nick – Dominic didn’t meant it…

Trey – He did, and he makes me feel so stupid. He makes me feel like I’m the worst person in the world. He makes me feel like I’m not smart enough… not gay enough. I hate it!

Nick – Why are you with someone who makes you feel less than amazing?

Trey – Because I love him, and I wonder if he’s right.

Nick – …Do you want to go get coffee or something? take your mind off things?

Trey – I have an hour to kill before I have to tell a friend something bad… so instead of coffee, can we just go get a drink?

Nick – What bar do you want to go to?

Trey – I don’t know because I’m not social enough! I don’t have sex enough! I don’t watch porn enough! I’m just not enough!

Nick – Stop it… I’m sure if you told Dominic how you feel, you guys can work it out…

Trey – Do you want us to work it out?

Nick – What is that supposed to mean?

Trey – Nothing, forget I said that…

Nick – Lets get that drink, so you can feel better.

I’ve ruined my relationship trying to be a good friend to Kaori. I still don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, but Dominic feels like I am. Here I thought, I did good today, that I was being a great boyfriend, and expanding my horizon… and then this happens. Dominic is going to dump me, and then what? I can’t lose him, I love him. I can’t even imagine not being with him. If he leaves me then I’ll also have to move because I couldn’t afford this place alone. I ruined everything, and he’s going to dump me. 


~End Of Chapter Three Pt 2 | Conclusion (Pt 3) of Chapter Three is Next~


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  1. Hmmm that is a sticky situation for Trey. If only he could have waited just a few more minutes before going to the bathroom :p lol. Let’s see, if I was in his position I would probably do the same thing. I don’t have many close friends (being the introvert that I am) so I value the ones I have. So if I found out something like this I would tell my friend! Poor Trey, *hugs for Trey*. Moving on, so Vik already knows his dad is gay……I wonder how long before his brother finds out. Can’t be too long considering the picture he discovered! 😀

    Lol Frankie reminded me of myself in this one, I also notice when people make a mistake while talking (or in text) but I try to ignore it. Anyway, I can kinda understand Jonah’s problem with Frankie; he got put in the friend zone after losing his virginity to the girl! That being said, this wasn’t the time or place for them to have the conversation. Frankie didn’t deserve to be attacked like that after he barged into her workplace! Now Priscilla on the other hand was more of a friend with benefits. She has no right to be mad at Frankie for getting into a “real” relationship! On to the next part! 😀

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