{BnG Season 3} Chapter Five Part 1 : “The Final Act”

Chapter Five | Pt. 1 “The Final Act”

-POV’s :  Jarrah & Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Frankie’s place]

So… we’re at Frankie’s because this is where Jonah was. Of course we wanted to see how he was doing since the attack on my aunt Tru. She’s currently in the hospital, in a medically induced coma. She was banged up really bad thanks to the attacker. He was caught, and everyone is safe thank god. Jonah, and I have always been close, and not because we’re cousins. He was my bestfriend growing up, we’re more like brother and sister to be honest- but I digress. We’re all here checking on him- and I’m wondering if I’m the only one who’s wondering why Jonah slept here…

Jarrah – Are you leaving already?

Keegan – In a few.

Frankie – ….

Keegan – You okay Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah.

Jarrah – What are you doing, exactly?

Frankie – One paragraph away from editing this manuscript. Then Torrance can get off my ass. Plus I’m really tired, and honestly I’m just so over… like… everything.

Keegan – … Does Raina know that you know?

Jarrah – You’re much prettier than that Ashley girl…

Frankie – She doesn’t know, and thanks Jarrah…

Keegan – You know we’re here for you-

Jarrah – All of us.

Frankie – Thanks guys, but I really don’t feel like talking about it.

I feel bad for her. She went home early from the reception to have an adult conversation with Raina. I was there when they first met, Raina came off so mature, and wise. I guess age really isn’t nothing but a number because Raina’s clearly immature, and childish. Cheating is wrong, no matter what. And you just know Raina will feel validated for cheating since Frankie was ending things…. the fucking bitch.

While some of us had our own adventures at the wedding, and reception. My cousin [Jonah] and Trey had theirs here. You obviously know what happened, but the rest of us were filled in later. Jonah’s drama with Christine, then what happened to aunt Tru [Jonah’s mom] Then we have Trey who-…. he’s my bestfriend, and I love him but oh my god… he stays in drama! I’m so upset because I thought Dominic was the one- he still very well could be, but things are not looking good. Ian’s gay?… bi? did gay porn- and now that’s… out there? And then on top of that, he gets the whole “hey, can you take care of your nephew for a few years” told from his brother, and sister-in-law. With everything going on in everyone’s life, all I can do is just be there for them.

Frankie – Guys, I’m tired. I’m gonna take a nap before work. Lock up before you leave.

Trey – Okay, try and get some rest. You work hard.

Keegan – Alright.

Kaori – If you need anything, let us know.

Jonah – …. Thanks for last night… and the hospital… and… everything else.

Frankie – … Sure thing, Jonah. *walks away*

Okay 1. What happened last night? and 2. Is it just me or did she seem dismissive? Maybe she’s just tired.

Keegan – You slept here last night?

Jonah – …. yeah.

Keegan – Uh-huh…

Jonah – What?

Kaori – *laughing* Stop…

Keegan – ….Its weird right?

Kaori – Its their business…

Keegan – …true.

Jonah – She was with me at the hospital, and she stayed. She got tired, so we came back here, and I-

Kaori – You don’t have to go into detail Jeep- Jonah.

Keegan – *laughing*

Jonah – ….So this is happening? Keeori?

Keegan – Don’t you dare give us a ship name.

Kaori – Ew!

Jonah – *smiles* bout fucking time.

*cell rings*

Jarrah – Oh god.

Trey – Is it work?

Jarrah – Actually I don’t know who this is… let me be professional.

Trey – You’re leaving already?

Keegan – I have to take the kids to school.

Trey – The kids?- Oh Zoey and Curtis?

Keegan – Yeah.

Kaori – I’ll be back though, I’m just gonna walk him to his car.

Keegan – *smiles*

Jonah – Thanks for dropping by.

Keegan – If you need me, call me.

Jonah – Okay.

Keegan – Later Jarrah

Jarrah – *waves*

Woman On Phone : Hi, is this Jarrah Folland?

Jarrah – Yes it is, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

Woman On Phone : Hi, this is Jamie Simmons, I work for-

Jarrah – Retro Essentials?

Woman On Phone : Yes.

Jarrah – Is everything going okay with the shoot?

Woman On Phone : That’s why I’m calling.

Jonah – So what are you gonna do about the whole nephew thing?

Trey – I don’t know, yet.

Jonah – I don’t think you’d be a bad person if you said no. You have your life to live.

Trey – True.

Jonah – But I also don’t think saying yes is bad either. Jarrah makes it work, and you love little Renly- hell I love him. That kid is cute as hell, maybe he can help me find a girlfriend *laughs*

Trey – You don’t need any help, you’re hot. You know this.

Jonah – That’s nice of you dude…

Trey – You have a lot going for yourself.

Jonah – …. I don’t know…

Trey – Also… your mother will be perfectly fine.

Jonah – …*shrugs* Life is random… I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Trey – So you slept here…

Jonah – …. I don’t want to talk about last night.

Trey – Why does Frankie seem so mad? is it about whatever happened last night? or about Raina?

Jonah – I don’t know- and nothing happened last night.

Trey – …Mmm hmm.

Jonah – You talked to Ian yet?

Trey – No, and fuck him.

Jonah – You don’t seem to have a bruise…

Trey – Its called makeup.

Jarrah – So… what exactly happened?

Woman On Phone : Well Chace, is perfect…. lookswise. He’s exactly what we wanted for the shoot.

Jarrah – Wanted? as in past tense? You don’t want him anymore?

Woman On Phone : There was an altercation at the studio.

Jarrah – I’m going to need more details.

Woman On Phone : Chace’s friend? boyfriend? was here. They got into a big fight- a shouting match. It was completely unprofessional. I respect Lola Collin’s and the LC Agency. I am disappointed that one of your models-

Jarrah – First off, let me apologize for his lack of professionalism. Secondly, he is not usually like this

Yes he is.

Woman On Phone : He wasted valuable time. As you know… time is money, and-

Jarrah – Okay, well consider this on the house. You don’t have to pay him- for the shoot. He will do it for free, and he will also work free for anything else you want to put him in.

Woman On Phone : Hmm… well… I do have a friend who needs a model for this herpes cream ad… I thought Chace looked… perfect for it. Would you be willing to have him-

Jarrah – Consider it booked. Send over the necessary paper work, and we’re golden. I will also have a long talk with him.

Woman On Phone : Thank you for handling this like a professional Ms. Folland. You have a wonderful day.

Jarrah – No, problem. *ends call* *heavy sigh*

Trey – Everything okay?

Jonah – Yeah, you look pissed.

Jarrah – Trey… your friend is ridiculous.

Trey – What did Chace do?

Jarrah – He almost cost us a very important relationship in the business. Now he’s going to deal with the consequences.

Trey – Uh oh…

Jonah – And those are?

Jarrah – Herpes!

(POV Keegan) [Location: Myra’s]

After leaving Frankie’s I went home, changed into my uniform, went down the street, picked up Zoey, and now where here. I decided I wanted to take the kids to school today. I remember Zoey always telling me she liked when I took her, though… maybe that’s changed now that she’s a teenager.

Myra Kelley – Look at you looking all cute in your uniform.

Keegan – Oh stop *laughs*

Myra Kelley – How’s everything?

Keegan – Umm… well… I broke up with Priscilla…

Myra Kelley – Shit, girl, you okay?

Keegan – *laughing* I’m fine…. I’m actually with Kaori now…

Myra Kelley – Well duh… probably seen her in her dress and realized she was the one huh?

Keegan – It seems like weird timing, but… it makes sense when you know the details…

Myra Kelley – I’m sure Priscilla will find someone, she’s gorgeous-

Keegan – She has someone already.

Myra Kelley – What?

Keegan – I’ll tell you later… when we’re not around the kids.

Zoey – ….

Myra Kelley – Gotcha.

Zoey – Can I go check on Curtis?

Myra Kelley – Yeah go ahead sweetie. He’s mad at me, so… maybe you can help him hurry up and get dressed without him giving you attitude.

Keegan – What’s wrong with him? Typical teenage boy shit?

Myra Kelley – Apparently he doesn’t like his clothes… whatever that means. He got mad because I told him he couldn’t paint his nails black for school. Look I know my son is different, I just don’t want people to hurt him, or make him feel bad because of that. I want to protect him.

Keegan – I understand.

I assume Curtis is gay, but I won’t say anything. Maybe Myra will deal with it as it happens, and when I say “deal with it” I mean be there for her son with acceptance. Everybody has so much shit going on. I mean honestly, I have the pressure to measure up in this new relationship. I have my parents I worry about, Zoey, and even now at work with this whole Diego situation. Last thing I need to worry about is a dirty cop. All of that plus the shit with Ian, Trey, Jonah, and his parents.

Keegan – So how are you?

Myra Kelley – Well I’m good… the boyfriend is spoiling me so… I can’t complain.

Keegan – That’s good, I can’t wait to meet him.

Myra Kelley – Funny you should say that, you actually already know him.

Keegan – I do?!

Rhys – Hey Zo-Zo.

Zoey – Hi Rhys.

Rhys – You gonna cheer him up?

Zoey – I’ll try.

Rhys – He’s lucky to have friends like you.

Zoey – I’m lucky to have him too.

Myra Kelley – Why are you home?

Rhys – Well dear sister, I actually had a day off. Shocker… I know- Oh we have a guest besides Zo-Zo.

Keegan – …

Rhys – …Keegan.

Keegan – …Rhys.

Myra Kelley – You guys are so weird- but whatever, anyway yeah Keegan you know my boyfriend.

Rhys – He does?

Myra Kelley – They were at the wedding together, Ja’Von Davis? he’s a writer-

Keegan – Oh yeah! he was a groomsman. He’s a really nice guy. I didn’t know you two were an item.

Myra Kelley – Yep.

Rhys – He really is a good guy.

Myra Kelley – I didn’t think I could find someone so accepting of my life… raising a teenage boy… my ex boyfriend dying in GloCity’s biggest tragedy… but Ja’Von is the most mature, understanding man I’ve ever known. I’m blessed.

Keegan – You deserve it… and I’m sure Miguel is smiling down, happy that you’re happy.

Rhys – I agree.

Myra Kelley – I’m gonna go check on the kids. Try not to kill each other, you weirdos.

Yay, I’m left alone with miss “I’m doing you a favor” by talking to you. I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but I really don’t care for condescending, and or cocky people.

Rhys – … and then there were two.

Keegan – …She can count!

Rhys – K’………… SO! How’s Zoey? I heard about everything.

Keegan – Well she’s a teenager, so I can tell she’s withholding information.

Rhys – “withholding information” you sound like a cop.

Keegan – Me?… a cop? no way!

Rhys – ….

Keegan – …. Speaking of information though, has Curtis said anything that may help the situation? You’re his aunt, so its different talking to you as oppose to his mom…

Rhys – He has confided in me about things, but nothing about the Zoey situation.

Keegan – Okay… well thanks for-

Rhys – Nothing?

Keegan – Sure, so how’s work? cure cancer yet?

Rhys – No… we’re actually doing a lot of stuff with the Zika virus currently.

Keegan – If I was an Olympic athlete there would have been no way I was going.

Rhys – Well actually its come back that nobody has contracted the virus, so… the more you know. If anything the athletes should be more concerned with catching STD’s… the amount of sex that goes on during the Olympics is quite disgusting.

Keegan – Sex… how yucky…

Rhys – …. Yeah, gross.

Keegan – So, umm… things good with umm… yeah I don’t know what to talk about here.

Rhys – Why not? you don’t like talking to me or something? what’s wrong?

Keegan – Don’t make me out to be a crazy person.

Rhys – I’m serious though, what is it exactly?

Keegan – What’s what?

Rhys – The reason we’re dicks to each other?

At least she acknowledges that its both of us, and not just me.

Keegan – …. I mean honestly… I feel like you’re kind of full of yourself.

Rhys – I feel like you’re sarcastic.

Keegan – Rhys… I tried to date you. Then it didn’t work, and you acted like you were doing me a favor by even talking to me. It was a bit much, and lowkey annoying.

Rhys – I think you’re annoyed because you’re used to getting any girl you wanted.

Keegan – Did I really want you though? I mean lets keep it real here… It was always Kaori.

Rhys – ….True.

Keegan – … I’m sorry if I’m standoff-ish, or a dick. I don’t consider myself cocky, and I can’t stand when others act that way.

Rhys – Look, you’re not wrong, I kinda did blow you off. I did act like I did you a favor- but really I was doing my sister a favor… she was pushing for us to happen because she’s obsessed with you. She has a crush on you I swear.

Keegan – In a way I was doing her a favor too. The plan was just to help you get out of your funk.

Rhys – And I did, we kissed and … yeah. Its not like you’re not an attractive man- you’re the cutest guy to ever have kissed these lips. So… again… I’m sorry. I just wasn’t in a place for it to happen. I’m really happy now with… whatever it is that I’m doing- plus we weren’t even really that compatible when you think about it.

“I’m really happy now with… whatever it is that I’m doing” How vague, maybe she is a lesbian now. And she’s right, we were not compatible, I just didn’t appreciate her acting like she was gods gift. That shit was annoying as fuck.

Keegan – I am not into you like that, at all. However I think you’re a smart, and beautiful person. I would love to be friends with you. We’re obviously gonna see a lot of each other considering your nephew, and my sister’s relationship.

Rhys – I’d like that a lot officer Bennett.

Keegan – So we’re good?

Rhys – Golden- and speaking of being good, how’s Frankie doing? she told me about Raina… but she couldn’t talk long. She had company…

Keegan – She doesn’t really let us know when she’s hurting, but being her friend for so long… you just know.

Rhys – I love her, and she deserves so much happiness.

Keegan – She really does…

Rhys – I’m gonna go check on Myra, and the kids. They need to get out here, they’re gonna be late.

Keegan – Alright.

Rhys – Nice catching up!

Keegan – *laughs* For sure

I’m so hungry, these kids better hurry up, the drive thru at McDonald’s is about to be a fucking nightmare! I want my coffee, and oatmeal!

(POV Jarrah) [Location : LC Agency]

So I got to work, and called Chace in. I had to gather him, because we here at the LC Agency will not deal with his type of attitude for too long. We cannot ruin business relationships because he wants to be unprofessional. With that being said… I feel bad for him, he told me what happened and while super unprofessional… I guess I can understand why what happened, happened.

To make a long story short. Chace’s boyfriend Cayden had came down to support Chace on his shoot. Strike one, because you shouldn’t be having people lounging around with you while working… especially if you’re a new model- moving on. Somehow Chace looked through Cayden’s phone and saw that he had been texting Dominic’s bestfriend Ruben. This caused them to get into a fight- a screaming match if you will- and things went to hell from there. Chace told me he’s worked on his attitude, and he wants to be professional and successful, but he lost his cool at the thought of Cayden cheating with that fat fuck- his words not mine. Cayden of course swears nothing was happening between Ruben and him, but broke up with Chace because of his attitude and jealousy. The End.

Jarrah – So are we good?

Chace – Yes, and I promise nothing like that will happen again. I will work on repairing that relationship with the photographer when I see her again tomorrow.

Jarrah – Good, now have a seat over there. I’ll be with you in a second. I have to take care of a few things before we go over your schedule for the next week.

Chace – Alright… and sorry.

Jarrah – *nods yes* just be better next time.

Chace – I will.

Lola – You think its true?

Amina – It does look like you’re getting thick.

Lola – For the first time ever… I think I have an ass.

Amina – *laughs*

Amina – So is he gonna start acting like he has sense?

Lola – I was going to drop him, he has you to thank that he still has a place here.

Jarrah – Its… completely unprofessional what happened- I’m not making excuses for him… but… and it kills me to say this. I don’t think he’s as bad as he appears. I think he learned his lesson. Some personal shit went down, but he’ll be okay.

Lola – Good.

Jarrah – Less you have to worry about boss lady.

Lola – You handled it like a boss yourself. I’m glad you agreed that he’d do it for free, and also another shoot.

Amina – Yeah, that was smart Jarrah.

Jarrah – I did what I thought was right.

Lola – So how’s your cousin doing? is his mom going to be okay?

Amina – Poor Jonah…

Jarrah – He’s… being his normal self- which I worry about. Its like… when will the shoe drop? when will he breakdown? or like… or say something crazy. We’re all here for him, and I hope he’ll just vent about it- or cry already. Him acting like everything is fine is putting me on edge.

Lola – I would imagine so.

Amina – Yeah…

Jarrah – … How are you guys doing?

Amina – Umm… I’m okay… I’m single now.

Lola – Oh no! what happened?

Jarrah – Why did you and Vik break up?

Amina – Ya know… we were talking about life, and the shit we wanted for our future… and it didn’t line up… at all. We were both set in our goals, and it really made no sense to stay together just to ultimately fall apart. There was no malice, we handled it like adults.. so… yeah. Its fine… I’m actually going out with someone on saturday.

Lola – Oh wow you move quick!

Jarrah – *gasps and laughs* Lola!

Lola – Oh! sorry! I didn’t mean that in a slut-shaming way!

Amina – Its fine girl!

Jarrah – Who’s the new guy?

Amina – Umm… okay… so…. about that…

Lola – Is it a girl?

Amina – I only eat the sausage, so no.

Jarrah – Then?

Amina – ….okay, so I know its totally unprofessional… but… Taro.

Lola – Our model Taro?

Jarrah – Bisexual Taro?

Amina – Yes…

Jarrah – I’d date a bi guy- part of me feel like I already did but I won’t put him on blast…

Amina – Sexuality is whatever to me. I mean why should I care that he’s bi? its not like ever man I’ve dated has fucked every woman they’ve seen walking down the street. So why would I be worried about Taro seeing a man and being like “Oooh I’m craving dick today”

Lola – Or butt… assuming he’s a top.

Jarrah – He’s a top…

Amina – How-

Jarrah – He dated this guy Cayden that my cousin- Jonah works with. So… yeah I know things.

Lola – You’re perfectly fine dating Taro by the way… just as long as you’re not giving him special treatment. Don’t try giving him the good gigs… et cetera.

Amina – Gotcha.

Jarrah – So what about you Lola? how’s Jayson?

Lola – Well… So… I’m engaged…

Amina – WHAT?!

Jarrah – OH MY GOD CONGRATS! How did he propose!?

Lola – At his parents house over the weekend… I… I’m so happy. I love Jayson so much.

Amina – That’s amazing Lola. Congratulations!

Lola – Thanks guys *smiles*

So Amina and Taro… why not, he’s cute as hell. Sucks that things with her and Vik didn’t workout though. In the end I guess its better that they found that out now. I think this will probably be good for the both of them. As for miss Lola… wow my friendship with her has come so far. We met when I worked for Victoria. We bonded overseas in France. We came back as close friends, she had her eating disorder, that brought us closer too. She’s been so healthy, and about business, and she found love. She and Jayson are so cute together, and I’m so happy for them. Lola proves that even with all the crap that life throws your way… you can come out on top, and you can have it all. With that being said… I really need to figure out my own love life.

Oakley – *British Accent* Are we early? its kinda empty…

Liberty Rose – *Britsh Accent* Pretty sure they just opened.

Chace – Look what the cat dragged in…

Liberty Rose – Oh hi Chace… I didn’t expect to see you here…

Chace – Didn’t my brother [Chad/Hammer] tell you I was represented here?

Liberty Rose – He may have.

Chace – Mmm hmm… okay girl, don’t try and act like you didn’t know!

Oakley – Babes, what is this one going on about? Is he bent?

Liberty Rose – Totally… very much so. A bit of a wobbler.

Oakley & Liberty Rose – *giggling*

Chace – What does that even mean? here bent mean’s like angry, bothered…

Oakley – That’s not what it means back home, love.

Chace – …. Okay.

Oakley – Chace is it?

Chace – Yep, and you are?

Liberty Rose – This is my bestfriend, and model… Oakley Toure.

Chace – Nice to meet you…

Oakley – Charmed *nods*

Chace – So what was your question?

Oakley – After we finish up here, I was wondering if you could recommend a spot to maybe nosh-up, darling?

Chace – Nosh-Up?… is that like… putting something up your nose? coke?

Liberty Rose – Oh god, Chace! sod off! we would never!

Oakley – Umm how do you say it here babe?

Liberty Rose – Umm… hmm.. Nosh-up… umm.. oh! food! like a big meal- feast like.

Chace – Like a buffet? lots of food?

Oakley – Yes!

Chace – I know a few places. I’ll see you guys when you leave and give you a heads up.

Oakley – Perfect! thanks, love.

Chace – No problem, *looks at Liberty* Is my brother here with you Liberty?

Liberty Rose – No, he’s in L.A. with Mila…

Chace – With all of those beautiful celebrities.

Liberty Rose – Crikey!… are you off your trolley? I’m not too worried about Chad sticking his hampton where it doesn’t belong. He know’s better.

Chace – My brother’s a ladies man though *laughs*

Liberty Rose – All piss and wind. He talks a big game, but he’s a one woman man.

Oakley – Chace, you’re a little bit of a twat… I like you *laughs*

Chace – *laughs*

Liberty Rose – Well cherrio. We must do business with the Americans.

Oakley – Shall we get on with it?

Liberty Rose – We shall!

Chace – Later!

Oakley – Hiya!

Liberty Rose – Are we early?

Lola – Liberty Rose Sinclair, and Oakley Toure… Just gorgeous! lemme get a look!

Amina – *smiles* 

Jarrah – You’re not early at all.

Wow they’re gorgeous. This is Hammer’s girlfriend? she’s stunning! and British!

Lola – You are gorgeous.

Oakley – Oh thanks, so are you!

Lola – So you and Liberty excited to start our journey?

Oakley – I’m ready to rip the runway, love.

Lola – I’m so happy to have you both. This is going to be a good year.

Amina – So are you missing home?

Oakley – Not at all, I’ve traveled since I was 13. I always make time to go back home though.

Liberty Rose – Its so nice to meet you Jarrah, Chad has told me a lot about you.

Jarrah – Oh god, one can only imagine…

Liberty Rose – He said you were in a sorority, and you were always serious about your fashion career. He said you were a go-getter, never taking no for an answer.

Jarrah – Oh wow, that was nice of him.

Liberty Rose – I’m so glad we’ll be working together.

Jarrah – Me too! You and Oakley will be booked so quick!

Liberty Rose – Oh god! You’re off your trolley! but I admire your optimism!

Jarrah – Trust me! both of your looks are in right now

Liberty Rose – So why aren’t you modeling? you’re beautiful!

Jarrah – Oh my god, that’s so sweet- but I couldn’t model to save my life *laughs*

Liberty Rose – Oh that’s rubbish! I’m sure you’d slay the runway!

Jarrah – I saw you talking to Chace, do you guys get along? because if not I can try and keep your schedules sep-

Liberty Rose – Chace is fine, I’m still getting to know him to be honest.

Jarrah – I think deep down, he’s a sweetheart.

Liberty – If things continue to progress with Chad… I’ll have to see more and more of him, so.. horses for courses! God I could really use some grub. I’m beyond famished.

Jarrah – Contracts were faxed over. We just need a few more things signed, and then you can go.

Liberty – Perfect!

I’m gonna get these girls ready to go, because I still have Chace waiting for me. I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Keegan) [Location : Moms Home] {4Hours Later}

I came over to visit mom after my first shift, and my dad was here which is great. I can catch up with both of them at the same time! and I get to see this cute little fucker too. I miss him, but It was the right call giving him to Zoey. I think he helped her transition into things nicely. I have such an unorthodox family *laughs* Oh well, I love it though.

Kaitlyn – Hercules (The dog) is usually so lazy, he likes to lay on Zoey’s bed and do nothing all day- yet Keegan comes over and all of a sudden he’s energetic as heck!

Issac – Still not using profanity Kaitlyn?… some things never change.

Kaitlyn – Well Joy, and I try not to use bad words because of Zoey. We want her to keep her innocence… though… with everything that has happened to her at school, that’s probably out the window.

Issac – She seems like a strong girl though, I think she’ll be okay… minus today.

Keegan – What happened today? I dropped her, and Curtis off at school, she seemed fine.

Kaitlyn – an hour ago she came home.

Keegan – She skipped school?

Kaitlyn – Somehow she was able to just walk out. She said she wasn’t feeling good, and people were laughing at her. So I told her from now on to call me or Joy- or you. Then we can come get her.

Keegan – Where is she now?

Kaitlyn – In her room.

What the fuck? I hope she’s okay.

Keegan – I’m gonna go talk to her

Issac – Before you do that, lets catch up.

Kaitlyn – Yeah Zoey’s not going anywhere. We don’t see you that often now that you’re a cop.

Issac – You’re so busy… We miss you.

Keegan – Aww… well… okay. Lets catch up mommy, and daddy *laughs*

Its kinda true, everyone has been neglected because of my job. Its important to me though, and its to help protect them, and everyone else in this city.

Keegan – So how are you guys doing?- Mom, how’s work?

Kaitlyn – I just got a new client. Mila Anderson? Do you know her?

The bitchy, networker at the wedding reception. God she was annoying. Thank god she’s not Hammer’s girlfriend like I assumed.

Keegan – Umm, I think she’s like a talent scout- or like manager or something. I met her at the wedding. She works with my old fraternity brother Hammer.

Kaitlyn – Well yeah… I’m helping her with her money. She keeps me busy. Your mother, isn’t too happy about that-

Issac – Joy works long hours, so how can she be mad? *laughs*

Kaitlyn – She thinks we don’t spend enough time together as a family. She wants me to stop working because she makes more than enough to support us. I personally enjoy working so… I don’t know.

Keegan – You don’t think it would be nice to just garden, and be a stay at home wife?

Kaitlyn – If I did that, I would get fat. Plus I feel like when people retire they get all sorts of health issues! I’m not trying to have Alzheimers! I want to be around when you have kids.

Keegan – Ha! that’s a long way from now.

Issac – You never know…

Keegan – Oh, trust me… I know.

Issac – *laughs*

Kids are the last thing on my mind right now, so they better get that thought out of their heads. Also if I’m being honest, if that day does come, I only want one. One kid, that’s it. None of that big family stuff.

Keegan – So dad…

Issac – Yes son.

Keegan – What’s up with you?

Issac – Well I went and got a colonic with Josh this morning- it was pretty funny. Josh kept telling the lady that he’s never had anything up his butt before.

Gross- and I’m still not convinced that he and my dad didn’t fool around when they were younger. I know Josh is like straight or whatever but my dad told me he had a crush on him since high school, and Josh always seemed like a people pleaser… *laughs*

Kaitlyn – Josh is still that charismatic, adorable boy from school… some things never change.

Issac – He is!

Keegan – *laughs*

Issac – What else did I do-

Keegan – No, I mean how are you… because… Scott, and-

Issac – Scott and I are working on being friends. Are you keeping in contact with Owen?

Keegan – I talked to Owen earlier, and Scott texts me all the time to make sure I’m doing alright.

Issac – I apologize…

Keegan – Why are you apologizing?

Issac – Because I failed.

Kaitlyn – Nonsense! cut that out Issac!

Keegan – Mom’s right, stop it… you didn’t fail anything.

Issac – Well I made you accept Scott, and even his son Owen, and now look what happened. You connected with both of them- step father, and step brother… only for us to split. That wasn’t right.

Keegan – If the relationship wasn’t working then, it wasn’t working. Its okay, Owen and I will stay friends. Scott and I will stay cool too.

Issac – …

Kaitlyn – You’re a wonderful father Issac.

Issac – I could have been better in the past.

My past with my parents wasn’t this smooth. The disconnect was real. They didn’t understand me, and I didn’t understand myself to be honest. Then with what happened with Mona, and then the drugs… I was a fucking mess… but look at me now. I turned it all around. Thank you friends, family, and therapy.

Keegan – Screw the past, I’m here… I’m healthy… I’m doing a job that I love… and I have you two- and Mama J too.

Kaitlyn – Remember that night at the cabin Issac?

Issac – Which?

Kaitlyn – When we decided to do this- we decided to have him.

Issac – Yes… it took some convincing.

Kaitlyn – I was so scared… and when it didn’t work out the first few times I was ready to give up… but finally… we were blessed with him. Look at him now… a grown man, giving us advice, being there for us. Life is so magical sometimes.

Issac – You’re right… Our little miracle.

Keegan – …. I’m not so little anymore *laughs*

Issac – Grown man… its weird, I still look at you and remember you being a little kid. You LOVED playing football with Riley.

Kaitlyn – Aww… and cooking with Joy.

Keegan – Question…

Issac – Okay?

Keegan – This is weird, but…. you guys didn’t actually… have sex did you?

Kaitlyn & Issac – *laughs*

Keegan – Oh my god… you did?!

Kaitlyn – Because I don’t want to spend too much time on this subject… yes… we did, but only because the first few times didn’t work… the whole insemination thing… it resulted in miscarriages. Issac was like lets just try it the natural way. It was very weird for both of us. Your father is a big man.

Keegan – Ew gross!

Why did I even ask!

Kaitlyn – Oh! no! not like that! I just mean… him being on top of me..

Keegan – Dad you’re gay, though!

Issac – Oh shit, am I?- of course I’m gay. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t do it with a woman… I’m just- You know what? Next subject! *laughing*

Keegan – Gross….

Kaitlyn – Riley thinks its funny too.

Keegan – Speaking of… him..

Issac – Yeah?

Keegan – You and Riley gonna give it a go?

Kaitlyn – …. *smiles*

Issac – I- … Riley, and I- *laughs* We’re just friends… *smiles & laughs*

Kaitlyn – Whenever you talk about Riley, you get this glow.

Issac – That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard *laughs* Riley doesn’t make me glow *laughs*

For Frankie’s sake, I hope if Dad, and Riley do give it a go that there is NO marriage. She’s already related to Dominic because of her mom… she doesn’t need even MORE family. Though she and I have always had a bond. I don’t know. Poor thing… can’t believe she-hulk cheater on her with a prostitute.

Keegan – I’m gonna go check on Zoey. I’ll be back.

Kaitlyn – You want something to eat? Joy made some-

Keegan – I can eat.

Kaitlyn – Okay, I’ll whip up something. Issac you staying?

Issac – Yeah, sure. What are you making?

Kaitlyn – No idea, come help me pick.

Issac – *laughs*… You know what I was just thinking about?

Kaitlyn – Hmm?

Issac – When we were talking about Riley… how we were young, and how… you were in a funk… with Quinn, and I was dealing with downlow Riley, and Gavin and his abusive shit with Max. Just how everyone was so different… Now we’re old… we’ve matured. I saw Quinn, and Vanessa at the store the other night. They have Aries, and they’re happy. Its just funny…

Kaitlyn – Our time has come and gone, daddy. Its about the kids now- well soon it’ll be about their kids.

Issac – We’re old! lets just time travel back to your place in bridgeport, and cuddle up on the couch and watch Glee like we used to. Did Rachel ever become a star? I never saw the last season.

Kaitlyn – She did, and they actually- You know what?

Issac – Hmm?

Kaitlyn – We should watch the last season together.

Issac – Okay!

Cute… another reminder that our parents had rich lives before we were born. Sometimes I wonder what they were like. I think about my dad and think about people saying he was like… shy about the gay thing. Or how Tom was this evil fat bastard. Riley was a closeted bully, Jordan was a womanizing, always in trouble with the law type… and Vince… a playboy who didn’t care about women’s feelings. That’s just so odd to think about. Anyway, time to check on Zoey.

Why is she reading with the lights off… emo much? reminds me of Jeep back in high school. I’d come over and he’d be reading his comics in the dark. Then he’d tutor my dumbass. I’d convince him to take breaks and smoke weed. He’s get so high and start asking me questions about pussy. So funny…*laughs*

Keegan – Hey big head… why you in the dark? that’s bad for your eyes.

Zoey – …

Keegan – …. Zoey… Hi.

Zoey – Are you here to lecture me about leaving school, and how dangerous it is? Mom got me mace… so if anybody tried to-

Keegan – It is dangerous, but I’m here to check on you… because you’re my little sister… and I love you.

Zoey – …

Keegan – Talk to me…

Zoey – What do you want me to say?

Keegan – We used to be close, you’d tell me everything… is this just normal teenage “I’m rebelling” stuff, or do you not like me anymore? *smiles*

Zoey – I’m sorry…

Keegan – Why’d you come home?

Zoey – Because I hate everyone at that school.

Keegan – Fuck them.

Zoey – Easy for you to say. I saw pictures of you in high school. You probably never had to deal with anything bad.

Mona says hello…

Keegan – I had some bad stuff happen in high school, and one day I will tell you about it… when you’re a little older.

Zoey – I find that hard to believe. You’re like the most put together person I know besides Moms.

Keegan – If you told that to any of my friends, or moms… they would laugh. I just recently got my shit- stuff together…

Zoey – Well good… because now you and Kaori are together, and that makes me happy. I love her, she’s so pretty, and nice. I hope I’m that pretty when I’m older.

Keegan – *smiles* You will be.

Zoey – Yeah… I fucking doubt that- sorry.

Keegan – Its okay… just don’t let moms hear you using that language.

Zoey – …Right.

Keegan – What were you reading?

Zoey – Curtis’s mom [Myra Kelley] took us to Barns & Nobles. She wanted to get some book written by one of the Kardashians. I bought a book about Sociology. Its called “Think Like A Freak” which is what I was reading.

She’s so smart. She could be anything when she’s older.

Keegan – Zoey what do you want to be when you grow up?

Zoey – I don’t know anymore. I used to know, but now I don’t. I’m finding things I once cared about to be disappointing now. Like feminism for example… I- actually nevermind because I will end up talking about it for hours. Lets just say I despise modern feminism, because its not what it should be about… People my age have forgotten what the point is, and are celebrating facebook gender icons. ITS SO STUPID!

Keegan – … *laughs* You have time to figure out what, and who you want to be. Plus with all the family, and family friends you have… I’m sure inspiration will strike. Just don’t be a cop.

Zoey – I don’t trust the police so…

Keegan – Right…

That sucks to hear, but with everything going on in the world, I get her viewpoint.

Zoey – Its hard to when you watch the news and see them high fiving each other and murdering people of color… Curtis means a lot to me, and what if we were walking somewhere and a cop killed him? I worry about that.

Keegan – I understand… and yeah… its the world we live in- but… just know that its not all cops… there are some good ones who want to serve and protect people no matter their gender, sexuality, ethnicity… you know?

Zoey – I know, but I still don’t like cops. I should feel safe when I see them, instead I get scared… that’s messed up. This world is messed up.

Keegan – You’re a very smart girl Zoey.

Zoey – I don’t know if I’m smart, or if I’m just well informed. It takes no time to read and or listen to what’s going on in the world. Though… even that is filtered. The media tries to control us with fear… Ebola, Zika… there’s so much bad stuff going on. Meanwhile! instead of protecting us against school shootings, they’re more concerned with their right to bare arms.

Keegan – Right…

She’s smart… she’s smarter than a lot of people I know.

Zoey – *looking at phone annoyed*

Keegan – Is that Curtis?

Zoey – No.

Keegan – Ah…

Well she answered that fast. She doesn’t really have any other friends so what the hell.

Zoey – *rolling eyes* stupid, stupid…

Keegan – Zoey… is there more to the story than you guys are telling us?

Zoey – What?

Keegan – The Symon thing… something is off, and I was told that Symon, Jenn, and Peter where together discussing it, and it sounded sketchy.

Zoey – I don’t- *looks at phone* ….

Keegan – What?

Zoey – Nothing…

Keegan – You can tell me.

Zoey – Its nothing!

Keegan – Is someone harassing you?

Zoey – Can we just drop it!?

Keegan – *takes Zoey’s phone*

Zoey – Keegan!

Keegan – *reads text* : “Zoey… talk to me. Meet me at our special place or something. You’re breaking my heart by ignoring me. We need to talk, this is so complicated… I need you.” – Symon

Zoey – Give me back my phone!

Keegan – What the fuck Zoey… are you and Symon having sex or something?

Zoey – No! ew- why even ask that!

Keegan – What does he mean by secret place? what’s going on with you and him?

Zoey – Keegan, just let it go!

Lemme handle this the right way.

Keegan – …*inhales, exhales* … I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have invaded your privacy. You want me to drop it?

Zoey – Please?

Keegan – Okay. Consider it dropped.

Zoey – Really?

Keegan – Yes.

Zoey – You’re not gonna tell moms about this?

Keegan – About what? *smiles*

Zoey – Okay…

Keegan – I’m gonna go talk with my dad some more. Mom is making food, so make sure you eat.

Zoey – Okay… and thanks…

Keegan – No problem, zo. *smiles*

I lied, I’m not dropping it. I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I will find out. Why is Symon’s heart breaking over Zoey not talking to him? As far as I knew, Zoey and Symon were nothing to each other. She had a crush on him- but now it seems like… they’re running around together? I said I was dropping it so that she wouldn’t freak out, but I’ve had enough of this shit. I’m not gonna stand by and let him fuck with my sister’s mind like that. I’m going to pay Symon a visit.

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Bridgeport | Owen’s Office]

So… work died down for now, and I was able to take care of some personal stuff. I came to Bridgeport to get food, but somehow I ended up here… at Owen’s office. I haven’t seen him since before the wedding. He’s still as cute as ever. Oh and surprise… Tom’s here. I know what you’re thinking… “Jarrah are you here to break up with Owen?” The answer is… yes. His life is complicated, and so is mine. I need someone simple… and Owen is not that. Its going to be very awkward, but I figure its a respectable thing to do right? look someone in the eye, and be honest. Kaori told me I should have sent him a text, I couldn’t! I had to be a big girl… and do my adult thing.

Tom – So, did Spencer call you?

Owen – Who?

Tom – Spencer Simmons? she’s a friend of Jessica’s. She needed-

Owen – Oh shit, she called me but I wasn’t in office.

Tom – Get back to her as soon as you can. She and her boyfriend are looking for the right caterer for the-

Owen – I’ll call right now. Jarrah give me a minute okay?

Jarrah – Take your time.

Tom – Well hello beautiful!

Jarrah – Hi Tom!

Tom – God you look so much like your parents. I’m seeing Josh, and Michelle everywhere!

Jarrah – *laughs*

Tom – How are you?

Jarrah – I’m good, you?

Tom – Overworked, and I have some stuff going on with my son.

Oh.. yes… the Symon drama. Keegan filled us in on that.

Jarrah – Teenagers, will be teenagers. I’m sure it’ll work itself out.

Tom – Be prepared… teenagers are not easy to deal with.

Jarrah – Oh god! I can’t imagine, my little baby as a teenager!

Tom – How is he doing?

Jarrah – He’s good! He’s with my mom right now. She insisted she take him for the day.

Tom – That’s great. You know… Josh praises you all the time. He’s so proud of the woman you are.

Jarrah – Aww… I love my dad, that’s really sweet to hear.

Tom – He says you’re his inspiration when things get tough, to stand tall and rebuild. You’ve rebuild quite a lot he says.

Jarrah – Yeah, some times weren’t easy… but finally… life makes sense.

Tom – Been there. I was a mess at your age. I’m pretty disgusted at the person I used to be, I’m so… blessed to have found god, and my wife.

Jarrah – You and Jessica are such a great couple. I’m happy for you both.

Tom – We were such an unlikely couple… but clearly god had plans to bring us together.

Jarrah – *smiles* We all end up where we’re supposed to be sooner or later.

Tom – I’m a firm believer in that- well let me get going. I have a business meeting in Pylea. Nice talkin’ to ya Jarrah.

Jarrah – Nice seeing you too Tom.

Owen – *talking on the phone* Yes Ms Simmons… I know the perfect company for that. Give me until the end of the day, and I will send over all the information, including a discount… yes because he owes me. You’re a friend of Tom, and Jessica’s so its no big deal. Yes, pleasures all mine. Okay, alright. No, thank YOU. Okay have a great day. Bye. *hangs up phone*

He’s kinda cute in business mode…

Owen – Sorry about that…

Jarrah – Its okay, you didn’t know I was coming by.

Owen – How’s your cousin?

Jarrah – Jonah will be okay… I hope.

Owen – I’m sure with you, and his friends he’ll be fine.

Jarrah – …So I get to see you in action.

Owen – Yeah, I’m a busy man today… How was the wedding?

Jarrah – It was beautiful… and the reception was… fun.

Owen – That’s cool… Glad you had a good time.

Jarrah – What did you do?

Owen – My dad and I went out for dinner. I went home had some beer, and watched some random stuff on netflix…

Jarrah – Anything good?

Owen – …Umm… well… it was an anime?

Jarrah – I’ve watched anime before, Owen.

Owen – Oh really?

Jarrah – Death Note…

Owen – Nice.

Jarrah – Yep…

Owen – So we gonna get this over with or what?

Jarrah – What?

Owen – You’re here to break things off with me right?

Jarrah – …. I just think we-

Owen – Don’t worry about my ego, I’ve already had to compete with another guy as if I was on some bad reality show. So just give it to me straight.

Jarrah – …There’s a lot going on in the world, in my life. I’ve realized that I’m-

Owen – And Ana Lucia has nothing to do with this?

Jarrah – Oh no… it does. You’re married, and a stepdad to her child. You kept something that big from me-

Owen – When I-

Jarrah – I’m not mad. I get it, and its further proof that we just aren’t ready.

Owen – So what you’re saying is… not now but maybe later?

Jarrah – I’m saying-

Owen – Because yes you’re beautiful, but I don’t think I can wait around for you.

Jarrah – I’m saying that life has a plan for everyone, and if we’re meant to be Owen… it’ll happen.

Owen – … Okay. *walking towards desk*

Jarrah – … O-

Owen – Thank you for your honesty.

Jarrah – …

Owen – Let me just say it was a pleasure, and any guy will be lucky to have you. Tell Shane congrats… he was the better man.

Jarrah – … Owen you’re not a bad guy.

Owen – I don’t think I am.

Jarrah – I’m sorry.

Owen – For what? you gotta do what you gotta do, for yourself. At the end of the day, its not about just you. You have a son to consider.

Jarrah – Right…. Owen can we still be-

Owen – Jarrah, this is going to sound incredibly immature, but please don’t ask me if we can still be friends. Not right now, you just broke up with me. Okay?

Jarrah – You’re right- its selfish of me to even- I just want you to know that-

Owen – I’m really busy right now, and have a long day ahead of me. I’m not trying to be mean or rude.

Jarrah – Alright, I’m sorry.

Owen – Its fine, can you tell my assistant to come in here on your way out?

Jarrah – Oh- umm, yeah sure… no problem.

Owen – Thanks, and umm… have a good day.

Jarrah – You too Owen.

I feel bad- Owen’s not a bad guy at all. He actually handled that very maturely too. I feel like such a bitch too, because I showed up unannounced, and he’s clearly very busy, and then I dump him. Oddly enough he knew I was here to end things too. Part of me doesn’t feel too bad though because, why is it that when a woman does what’s right for herself she’s automatically a bitch?- not that he said that… its just a feeling that society puts on you as a woman when standing your ground. He did say something that was true though, I have to do what’s right for myself, and my son. *sigh* Still… that didn’t feel good.

(POV Keegan) [Location : Tom & Jessica’s]

I got to Tom, and Jess’s house so I could talk to Symon. From outside I heard Tom’s daughter Tye arguing with her girlfriend  Ivy. I tried not to listen but… well.. okay I’m nosy sometimes. Though to be fair, I could hear this shit outside the door.

Tye – Are you fucking kidding me?!

Ivy – Nothing even happened. He’s a guy that I was friends with at GCU- why is this such a big deal?!

Tye – I can’t believe you!

Keegan – *rings the doorbell*


Keegan – Hey Tye, is-

Ivy – I’m gonna go now.

Tye – You’re not going anywhere Ivy until you tell me what the hell you were thinking!

Ivy – I was already in a relationship with someone who was a monster- and thankfully she- He… changed.

Tye – I know you didn’t just compare me to Kalia. She-

Ivy – HE goes by the name Kash now… be more respectful to his transition. You’re so ridiculous about my bisexuality. Sorry Tye- I’m not a gold star lesbian- I’m not a LESBIAN PERIOD. I’m a proud bisexual woman and you need to get over it.

Keegan – I-

Tye – You are a piece of work, I caught you texting that guy-

Ivy – He’s a friend.

Keegan – IS SYMON HERE?!

Tye – In his room!

Keegan – Thanks…

Ivy – I’m not dealing with this, you’re so immature.

Tye – And you’re a liar! I saw the text messages Ivy!

Yikes… Let me get out of here… Hmm… I am curious as to who she was texting though- nah… stop it Keegan… nosy ass, you came here to talk to Symon… so lets go do that.

Keegan – Sy-

Symon – I didn’t do shit.

Keegan – Whoa… calm down.

Symon – … Why are you in my room?

Keegan – I just came by to talk…

*Downstairs door slams*

Symon – Guess Ivy left…

Keegan – ….

Symon – I assume you heard all of that right? I mean you had to considering you walked up stairs to arrest me.

Keegan – I’m not here to arrest you.

Symon – Then why the fuck are you here?

Wow the mouth on this little punk.

Keegan – Okay first off… chill with the attitude.

Symon – Or what?

Be chill Keegan… be chill.

Keegan – … Or nothing Symon, I’m just here to talk to you. I’m not here to arrest you, or yell at you.

Symon – …

Keegan – … Can we talk?

Symon – …

Keegan – Symon…

Symon – You’re already here… so… whatever. Fine…

Keegan – How are you doing?

Symon – Well I’m currently not allowed at school… which you know…

Keegan – Because of the pictures.

Symon – Right.

Keegan – Tom, and Jess upset with you?

Symon – They’re really disappointed. They won’t really yell at me though.

Keegan – Why do you think that is?

Symon – Because I’m adopted… they handle me with care, like I’m a glass vase from china or something. I kinda wish they would just yell at me like normal parents.

Keegan – I can understand that-

Symon – Ha! what would your perfect ass know anything about being anything but a model teenager.

Its killing me that people think I’m this perfect guy. I’m sure you’re laughing too considering you knew me at my worst

Keegan – I could tell you so much about myself… I didn’t become who I am now over night. I was a mess for a long time. My parents were scared every night that a cop was gonna knock on the door and say I was arrested or worse. Trust me kid… I’m far from perfect.

Symon – …

Keegan – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Symon – Really?… are you really asking me that?

Keegan – I’m just curious… because it took me a while to know.

Symon – I want to be a musician… I can play guitar, I can write music… I can sing. So that’s what I want to do.

Keegan – Don’t lose that. Don’t lose that over stupid decisions in life. I know some people… I can help with that… if you’re serious.

Symon – Fuck yeah! I mean… yeah… I am serious… would you really help me?

Keegan – If you keep things honest with me… and you do good in school. Have an education to fall back on.

Symon – You sound like Tye…

Keegan – Don’t you have another sister?

Symon – Yeah.

Keegan – Jessica’s daughter right?

Symon – She’s older than Tye, and her name is Nikol… anything else Officer KeeKee?

Keegan – Did I strike a nerve or something?

Symon – About what? Nikol?

Keegan – Yeah… does she not visit you or-

Symon – She’s a whore.

Keegan – Symon… that’s not nice.

Symon – No, she’s legit a whore… like… she sells her pussy to men.

Keegan – You do know I’m a cop right?

Symon – You should arrest her… she’s making mom all upset because dad found her crying in Bridgeport. She was on one of her pussy for money dates. I guess it went bad or something… So she’s a real life prostitute or escort or whatever.

Keegan – Out of respect for Tom, and Jess… I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear any of that.

Symon – *shrugs* Everything was fine, but my parents are stressed out because of her…

Keegan – I’m sorry you feel the tension with everything going on.

Symon – Everything is changing. She was the fun sister, and now she’s a loser who sells her body for money. Tye, and Ivy are on the rocks and I love Ivy. She’s the only one who doesn’t treat me like I’m adopted- oh and Frankie… she’s perfect. Mom is upset and trying to hide it… because I guess me and Nikol are both fuck ups. Dad is stressed that mom is stressed…

Keegan – Do you talk to your friends about this stuff?

Symon – … Not really.

Keegan – Too immature?

Symon – Its not that. My bestfriend Peter’s mom died in a car accident, so he’s dealing with that in his way. I don’t want to complain about anything when he lost his mom.

Keegan – Your issues are important too. Maybe open up a dialogue. Maybe it’ll make your friendship go deeper if you’re both there for each other. Have you talked to him about his mom?

Symon – I don’t bring it up. I wouldn’t know what to do if he cried… Peter doesn’t cry. He’s just a dick, that’s his shtick. Maybe I should talk about stuff with him… maybe.

Keegan – … So Symon do you know why I’m here?

Symon – Its about Zoey I assume.

Keegan – I need to know the truth.

Symon – …

Keegan – You’ve already confessed, and you’re suspended… you may as well-

Symon – It all started because Jenn and I were in detention… alone. She tried to touch me- kiss me. I turned her down, and she being a Baycock- she didn’t understand why. So one day Peter and I were chilling at his place, and she came over and caught us…

Keegan – ….Oh…. umm-

Symon – Ew! no dude! we’re not gay! she caught us jerking off to porn. Have you never done that with your friends?

Keegan – …I think every guy sorta has…

Jonah and I did it all the time, we tried to get Trey to do it too but he was so shy. We were just watching porn and jerking off to the tits, Trey was having NONE of it… of course that all makes sense now.

Symon – She snapped a picture of us! and she told me that I was gay and that’s why I didn’t want her. I told her she’s wrong, I like girls just fine… So she got really mad at me and went fucking crazy. She basically threatened to tell everyone that Peter and I were gay and show the picture if I didn’t tell her why I didn’t want to mess around with her.

Keegan – Mess around? you guys are kids!… what does that even-

Symon – Like makeout… and touch… areas… not sex… I don’t think.

Keegan – So what happened?

Symon – … The truth is that Zoey and I… we’re… friends. Secret friends, and we had a place we’d meet up at by the lake after school… sometimes during school- shit I shouldn’t have told you that.

Keegan – I’ll ignore the fact that you’re cutting school with my little sister…

Symon – Zoey is special, and I like her. She said she didn’t want to become hated by the girls at school because I was popular so she didn’t want people knowing we were… whatever we were. Her friend- the gay one.. he found out. They got into a fight about it because he likes me or something.

Keegan – She told me that she had a crush on you, and nothing more.

Symon – It was more… anyway long story short I told Jenn that I liked Zoey. Days later she convinced Peter’s dumbass to steal my phone… which he did. She used my phone to snap pictures of Zoey. Peter told me he did it because Jenn gave him a blowjob but I don’t believe him. I forgave him though…

Keegan – Why did you take the blame? did she threaten to show those pics of you and Peter?

Symon – Actually no. I did it because It was all my fault. I told Jenn about Zoey, when Zoey didn’t want anyone to know. I should have just been like fuck you Jenn! I jerkoff with my bestfriend, so what! but I was worried about gay rumors… and I told her everything. I knew she was gonna make Zoey’s life hell… I knew it was my fault so Zoey should just hate me.

Keegan – … Her lawyers would have taken care of it, and you would have been in the clear.

Symon – I wouldn’t… because Peter told me he told his dad the truth and his dad was going to contact the school but he begged him not to.

Keegan – … Zoey is hurt that you-

Symon – I know… Its stupid now that I think about it…

Keegan – Zoey knows everything?

Symon – I told her this morning when you dropped her off at school. I took her to an empty classroom and she ran out- she left school.

Keegan – Ah… well that makes sense now.

Symon – …

Keegan – You like my sister? like… do you really like her?

Symon – Yes sir.

Keegan – … We can fix this…

Symon – What’s done is done, I’m suspended-

Keegan – No, we can fix you and Zoey…

Symon – If I’m being honest… I don’t know if I want that right now.

Keegan – But your messages to her says differently- yeah I saw them…

Symon – I know but I was thinking about it. When you asked me what I want for my future. I do want to do music, but I guess you’re right- I also want to do good in school too. I think I just want Zoey to like me and not hate me. I don’t want her to be upset with me. I just want Peter, and Zoey as my friends. I want Zoey to stop being picked on.

Keegan – Then you need to tell her this.

Symon – She already made her mind up- she doesn’t want to kiss me anymore, and she doesn’t want to be my friend-

Nikol – Symon- oh… you have… a cop…. in your room?

Yikes… this must be Nikol- Have I met her before? I swear I feel like I have- but then again I meet so many people its easy to mix things up.

Symon – What are you doing here?

Nikol – I wanted to have a talk with you… about… things.

Symon – I already told him you’re an escort and you made mom and dad upset.

Nikol – ….

Keegan – Again… I’m pretending like I don’t know any of that…

Nikol – … This is awkward.

Symon – No… what’s awkward is that on weekends when I was suppose to visit.. you told me you had something come up. Car trouble, your place being fumigated, that you had friends with emergencies. When the WHOLE TIME… you lied to me! You were working as an escort selling it to men! and probably women too. Which is again! confusing. Didn’t you just come out as lesbian? you’re not bi anymore!? why are you even here? don’t you have money to make?

Nikol – I don’t do it anymore- and I- there are things that happened- that led me on that path… It-

Symon – Mom is mom, Tye is the strict sister. You were my fun, and honest sister. You lied to me… and now things at home aren’t okay because mom is crying because she raised someone who would sell her body!

Nikol – You don’t think you being caught up in your little scandal is hurting mom, and Tom?

Symon – Oh sure blame me! the adopted teenager. You’re like 40, and acting stupid.

Nikol – I’m not fucking 40 Symon. Stop being a dick, and just talk to me!

Symon – Everything is changing… You’re a whore, Tye and Ivy are clearly about to breakup, mom isn’t jolly and optimistic anymore, dad is worried sick about mom… I’m suspended, Zoey hates me… Fuck everything!

Nikol – …

Keegan – … I’m going to excuse myself.

Nikol – No, I should just go… he’s right, I’m a fuck up-

Keegan – No. You should stay and talk to your fucking brother.

Nikol – …

Keegan – You guys have no idea how he really feels about shit, and from one fuck up to another… it helps to talk to people, and not to keep secrets… Be the adult and talk to him.

Nikol – …

Keegan – I don’t mean to be rude… Its just… I’ve heard things about you.

Nikol – Oh I’m fucking sure you have.

Keegan – I was a fuck up. I get it, but you can turn shit around. You can start today.

Nikol – …Okay. Okay… Symon… can we please talk?

Symon – Why?

Nikol – Because I love you. You don’t get it… I was a alien in this family before you came and joined us. You’re the only one I really vibe with. I know how pathetic that sounds because of how much older I am but- I just… you’re more than my brother, you’re my buddy… my partner in crime. So can I please just take you out to get something to eat? and we can talk. Please?

Symon – …

Keegan – ….Come on…

Symon – … I’m not ready yet… but… I’ll hear you out… when I am. Is that okay?

Nikol – …*looks at Keegan*

Keegan – *nods yes*

Nikol – Its a start…

Symon – Okay… cool.

Keegan – See ya later Symon.

Symon – Bye Keegan.

Nikol – Bye.

Keegan – *waves bye*

Nikol – … so….

Symon – …

Nikol – How’s…. music?

Symon – I wrote a new song the other day.

Nikol – Oh did you! that’s cool! you’re really talented, and so young… you’re going to be amazing when you really start focusing on music.

Symon – Keegan says he know’s people and can help me-

Nikol – Who?

Symon – The cop-

Nikol – That cop… that’s Keegan?

Symon – Yeah.

Nikol – I see…

Symon – You know him?

Nikol – I’ve heard things from Vira, and Morgan Hill…

Symon – He’s cool.

Nikol – He’s goodlooking.

Symon – You’re gay.

Nikol – I am, but he’s still a good looking man. Can’t imagine him fucking Morgan’s uptight ass though.

Symon – He fucked someone named Morgan in the ass?

Keegan – Oh… my god. Guys… I can still hear you.

Nikol – Sorry… its just that… I live in the same area at Vira, and Morgan… and I know you had a past with Morgan so its weird finally seeing what you actually look like.

Keegan – I swore we’ve seen each other before but… yeah. Morgan’s cool- anyway I gotta go. Be good Symon, and nice meeting you Nikol.

Symone – Later.

Nikol – Bye!

Awkward… Also I’m not gonna say much about Nikol because she’s… I don’t know, she’s clearly not all there- and I’m not gonna stand here and be a hypocrite either and call her out on her flaws. We all know how fucked up I was. Crazy how she was ready to just jet at the first sign of resistance from Symon. Maybe she’s just the type to run period. Oh well… hopefully they fix their relationship. Symon needs people to talk to, he doesn’t need to end up being another fucked up teenage boy.

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Restaurant in GloCity]

After going back to work, and sitting down thinking about my conversation with Owen, I realized something. I realized that I didn’t want to be with anybody right now. I didn’t want to be with Shane either. Shane had not proven himself to be the most mature man, and I don’t judge him for that because it was an unorthodox situation to be put in [dating a woman who’s dating another man]

At the same time I told them both that I was just dating and having fun. I gave them a choice to walk away. The problem is, its not fun anymore, and I’m over it. I just want to focus on creating a future for my son, and I. I’m going to worry about the important things, and if somehow in the future I end up with Owen or Shane, then so be it. With that being said… I told Shane I wanted to talk and he invited me here- I didn’t know his friends would also be here- though Taro is a familiar face since he’s represented by the LC Agency.

McKenzie [blonde] – So Lena this is my new friend Becca.

Lena [grey sweater] – Oh! where did you meet this one?

McKenzie – In Bridgeport- what’s with the tude’?

Lena – You’ve brought new people in before and its never worked out, honey…

McKenzie – Becca’s cool.

Lena – Hi, Lena Sparks. Nice to meet you.

Rebecca – Becca Williams, aspiring actress, and mother of one. Nice to meet you too.

McKenzie – We met while waiting to get our headshots done.

Rebecca – Oh yes, I needed new ones.

McKenzie – Mine were outdated as well.

Lena – Nice! so where do you live, Becca?

Rebecca – CCity.

McKenzie – A few people we know live there now.

Lena – That Vanille woman being one of them.

McKenzie – Yuck.

Rebecca – Oh I know her… she’s… well she’s Vanilla…

McKenzie – So plain..

Lena – Accurate!

Rebecca – I feel like I’ve been over this way a lot lately. I was just here for my cousin’s [Cayden] comedy show.

Lena – Cayden Blake?

Rebecca – You know him?

McKenzie – We do…


Taro – Boss lady!

Jarrah – Hi, Taro!

Taro – I didn’t know you were joining us. You’re part of the gang now, I guess you and Shane are getting serious!..

Jarrah – *laughs* I actually didn’t know all of his friends would be here, when he asked me to meet him.

Lena – So have you done anything that I may have seen?

Rebecca – I did a indie movie, and it was terrible. I shined though, best actress in it!

Lena – What was it called?

Rebecca – I rather you not watch that travesty! I am looking to the future! I’m reborn, I’m ready to SLAY!

Lena – You better work bitch! So what does your boyfriend think of you acting?

Rebecca – Oh I have a suitor, but he’s on ice, while I’m working on my comeback!

Lena – And you’re a mother! what a wonder woman you are, Becca!

Rebecca – I does it all!


Jarrah – Is Shane here?

Taro – Not yet.

Jarrah – Ah okay…

Taro – … How’s everything?

Jarrah – It could be better, but one day at a time.

Taro – How’s…. Amina?

Jarrah – She’s fine… and I know by the way… she told Lola and I…

Taro – Is she in trouble?

Jarrah – No, Lola’s fine with it… just as long as it doesn’t affect the work. No special treatment-

Taro – Of course.

McKenzie – Janet, is it?

Taro – Come on McKenzie…

Jarrah – Its Jarrah…

McKenzie – What a weird name…

This bitch won’t get a rise out of me.

Jarrah – Ya know… I get that a lot.

McKenzie – … You look… exotic. Are you Mexican or something?

Jarrah – No, I’m actually White, and Filipino.

McKenzie – Guess Shane’s going through an exotic phase.

Jarrah – Who know’s *smiles*

Taro – *laughing*

Jarrah – By the way you and your girlfriend Lena are so cute together.

McKenzie – Excuse me?

Jarrah – Lena and-

McKenzie – We’re not gay!

Jarrah – Oh! I’m sorry! I thought I remembered hearing you were into women- I just assumed-


Jarrah – My apologies. *smiles*

McKenzie – You’re a cunt.

Taro – McKenzie!

McKenzie – Shut up Taro! she is! she’s a cunt!

Jarrah – I am so sorry you feel that way McKenzie.

McKenzie – And I’m so sorry that I’ve been fucking Shane this whole time.

I wouldn’t be surprised. She seems so thirsty… she probably drinks from his tap.

Taro – Ignore her, Jarrah.

Jarrah – I don’t give a shit about McKenzie if I’m being honest. The mean girl thing is tired.

McKenzie – Taro you’re my friend, how dare you take your boss’s side!

Taro – You’re being a bitch.

Jarrah – Her natural state.

McKenzie – Girl, please. I will slap-

Shane – Hey everyone.

McKenzie – Shane!- hey babe!

Shane – … You causing trouble?

McKenzie – Never! *winks*

Shane – What’s up Taro?

Taro – Nothing, just waiting for you!

Shane – Jarrah.

Jarrah – Hey.

Shane – Excuse us for a moment will you?

McKenzie – Hurry back *smiles*

He really needs to check his friend, but then again… its fine, I won’t be around much longer.

Shane – Sorry I’m late.

Jarrah – Its okay- umm… why didn’t you tell me your friends would be here?

Shane – I didn’t know that would be a problem, princess.

Jarrah – Its not- its just- I-

Shane – Actually… I did it on purpose.

Jarrah – Why?

Shane – Well Jarrah, I didn’t want to cause a scene… so I figured if they were here, you’d remain classy.

Jarrah – I’m always classy… so what are you talking about?

Shane – Its come to my attention that I’ve been a bit out of character with you.

Jarrah – What do you mean?

Shane – Well I’m Shane Baycock… I don’t compete for a woman’s affection. I get it… and this thing… between you and I? well I gave it a go because you’re cute. The thing is Jarrah… I’m not living in a shitty reality tv show. I don’t need to wait for you to hand me a rose, and pick me. I pick me, plenty of women… pick me.

Jarrah – I see.

Shane – Owen doesn’t hold a candle stick to me. That backwater country bumpkin, has no fashion sense either- not to mention his whole indiscretion with his spicy latina, and her baby.

Jarrah – Yeah… that you hired a PI to look into.

Shane – And you reacted very harshly. You didn’t take me as your date to your cousin’s wedding. As if that was suppose to hurt me.

Jarrah – It wasn’t about you, which clearly… you’ve never heard in your life.

Hostess – Oooh chile… yass get him girl.

Shane – Jarrah I’m done with this- with you.

Jarrah – Fine by me, I actually wanted to meet up so I could break things off.

Shane – You don’t deserve a guy like me to save you from yourself. Tell Owen that I forfeit.

Jarrah – I don’t need saving, baby. Also Owen isn’t in the running either.

Shane – So 1+2= 0? Ha.

Jarrah – You, and your family… you’re full of yourselves.

Shane – Now that’s just nasty, I was going to get you tickets to my opening night performance-

Jarrah – I’m good, I’ve seen better acting by The Kardashians. But by all means… do break a leg… or two.

Shane – Yeah… okay, well can you leave now? it would be kinda awkward, and desperate to linger around my friends.

Jarrah – Taro’s too good for you guys… but I have a feeling he’ll see that soon.

Shane – I wish you nothing but the best Jarrah, you and that baby of yours.

Jarrah – Thanks, so much Shane!

Taro – What you did back there was rude McKenzie. We’ve had our issues in the past, but I don’t know if I want to be friends with someone that fucked up. Why are you so mean?!

McKenzie – Oh calm your tits Taro, you’re only mad because she’s your boss-

Taro – No, she’s actually a hardworking nice girl.

McKenzie – Well then you date her.

Taro – You’re such a bitch.

McKenzie – And?

Taro – All of this because you’re still hung up on Shane, knowing damn well he only fucks you, and wants nothing more.

McKenzie – Oh we have more than that… don’t be jealous. I see the way YOU look at Shane.

Taro – Go walk into traffic McKenzie…

McKenzie – You first sweetie!


Shane – *laughs*

Jarrah – Whats so funny, Shane?

Shane – Its probably a good thing I never slept with you.

Jarrah – …. Wow.

Shane – I just mean… I would hate to have an accident, and you end up with baby #2. I don’t know how you do it… being a young mother. Kudos to you!

Jarrah – That was slut-shaming, and honestly… I don’t know why you turned into an asshole. Maybe you saw pictures from the wedding, and you didn’t like that, maybe your pride was hurt. Your ego got bruised-

Shane – My pride is never hurt, and as far as your wedding photos I assume you’re talking about you and that red head? Please… I look better than him on my worst day. I get out of my bed looking ready to hit the runway. Shane Baycock is jealous of no man. So keep your redhead.

Jarrah – I don’t want anybody right now, Owen included- but I will say this… Owen’s a standup guy, and he’s better than you, you’re not even on his level in terms of maturity, and humbleness.

Shane – Lies, but… have a nice life.

Jarrah – You have a great life too Shane. I hope we never cross paths again.

So I guess scratch what I said earlier. There is no way I’d give Shane a chance in the future. Not after seeing how much of an asshole he can be. I get that he felt like he wasn’t into the whole dating someone while dating someone else thing, but come on… don’t be a dick. I obviously can’t predict the future but if by some how I end up with this douchebag I’m going to be disgusted with myself. Enough of that, I’m gonna get back to work, pick up JK from my mom’s and go home and relax. I’m exhausted physically and mentally.

(POV Keegan) [Location: His place]

Kaori – Trey, if this taste gross, I’m gonna find you and murder you.

Trey *on phone* – Its fine, its just garlic mac n cheese…

Kaori – Ugh…

Trey – I have never seen you so nervous… you’ve known Keegan all of your life… relax.

Kaori – I just want him to see me as a woman… that I’m not that stupid girl anymore…

Trey – He’s not that stupid boy anymore… so I think you guys are in the perfect place to finally do this.

Kaori – Do you like my haircut?

Trey – Its cute as shit.

Kaori – Thanks… I lowkey hate it. I wish I never cut it.

Trey – Wigs, and extensions are your friend, if you really hate it.

Kaori – I’m not the sexy blonde bombshell anymore…

Trey – You look cute!

Kaori – I don’t think Keegan noticed it… he didn’t say anything about it- do you think he hates it?

Trey – Oh my god, this is fucking adorable! Kaori… you’re who he’s wanted for so long, chill girl!

Kaori – Fine… *laughs* remember when we hated each other?

Trey – *laughs* I still hate you.

Kaori – Excuse me!?

Trey – Joking!… Listen… you’ve come a long way. You’re smart, driven, and beautiful. You care about people too. You’re a great girl- well woman. You’re a wonderful woman. We’re all lucky to have you as a friend. I love you now!

Kaori – Aww Trey!… I love you too!- Oh speaking of friends! did you remember to take Frankie lunch?

Trey – Well I tried… and I got her the lobster mac n cheese like you said.

Kaori – Well what’s the problem?

Trey – She didn’t go into work. I went there and Torrance said she came in for an hour and left to go spend time with her mom. So…

Kaori – So you ate it, huh?

Trey – I gotta go, girl! bye!

Kaori – Bye, bitch!


That’s cute… She’s nervous… 

Keegan – *coughs* Anyone here?!

Kaori – Hey! in the kitchen!

Keegan – Everything okay?

Kaori – Oh yeah, was just texting Frankie…

Keegan – She’ll be okay, especially with friends like you looking out for her.

Kaori – She’s got all of us, Jonah has us too. Our poor friends… going through shit-

Keegan – We’ll help them get through it. We always do.

Kaori – True.

Keegan – So… it smells good in here. Please tell me that’s mac n cheese because I’ve been craving mac n cheese for a week.

Kaori – Actually it is…

Keegan – You look cute…

Kaori – …. *smiles*

Keegan – I didn’t want to make it about anything other than Jonah this morning… but I really do wanna say that I love your haircut, you look amazing. Like a brand new you… it works. Still sexy too.

Kaori – Really?

Keegan – Yeah.

Kaori – Well thank you… I didn’t know how I felt about it- but there’s always extensions and wigs.

Keegan – For sure…. so….

Kaori – Yes?

Keegan – You cooked for me…

Kaori – I did… I figure since our schedules are insane, that instead of sitting and waiting for food… then rushing.

Keegan – Good call… Hey… what’s going on with Frankie and Jeep?

Kaori – Jonah…

Keegan – Right…

Kaori – I don’t know, she’s not telling me anything.

Keegan – He’s not telling me anything either. You think we’re just being nosy? I mean they are close… maybe nothing happened.

Kaori – Maybe, considering the Raina thing is fresh.

Keegan – Does she ever…. say anything about him?

Kaori – Not…. really….

Keegan – I guess its none of our business.

Kaori – Right… yeah… you’re right.

Keegan – So… we finally got some time together.

Kaori – I know… It was so much simpler when we just had class at GCU- well I still do but- yeah… we’re both so busy with our jobs now.

Keegan – Lets eat.

Kaori – Okay *smiles*

Keegan – Oh and by the way, I- *cell rings* Why is Jayson calling me?…

Kaori – Maybe its important.

Keegan – He can wait-

Kaori – Its your boss… answer it.

Keegan – I’m here with you-

Kaori – … Keegan.

Keegan – *sigh* fine.

Keegan – Hey Jay-

Jayson – [on phone] Keegan where are you?

Keegan – I’m at home, about to have lunch with Kaori… my girlfriend. *winks at Kaori*

Kaori – *smiles*

Jayson – Well I can’t find Diego… so I need you to come back-

Keegan – Okay, I’ll be back in an hour after-

Jayson – I hate to do this to you, because trust me I understand how demanding this job is… but I need you back.. like.. now.

Fuck my life

Keegan – … I haven’t ate-

Jayson – Tell you what… I’ll grab you a cheese steak. Deal?

Keegan – ….Yeah.

Jayson – Thank you… this won’t be forgotten.

Keegan – Sure thing…

Jayson – Alright, see you soon. *hangs up*

Kaori – Is everything okay?

Keegan – No. I have to go back to work.

Kaori – Right now!?

Keegan – Yeah…

Kaori – ….

Keegan – This fucking sucks. I really wanted to eat with you…

Kaori – I wanted to have alone time with you too…

Keegan – ….. Fuck.

Kaori – We have careers… this was going to happen sooner or later.

Keegan – Yeah but its my career right now that’s-

Kaori – Hold on.

Keegan – The universe is playing with us… because… wow.

Kaori – *laughs*

Keegan – Who is it?

Kaori – Kyle’s texting me from the office.

Kay’ I need your help, when are you coming back?” – Kyle

“Um, What’s wrong?” – Kaori

“Well I forgot about the Prescott meeting, and I’m fucked. I need you to help me out here. They’ll be here in 2 hours” – Kyle

“30 minutes… you owe me.” – Kaori

“Thx, I’ll buy you food” – Kyle

Kaori – I gotta go back into work.

Keegan – Ha…

This is such bullshit- but at least its not just me. Its both of us… we gotta figure this out.

Kaori – I know… *sigh* Is this what its going to be? botched dinners, and meet ups?

Keegan – Hey, don’t get discouraged. We’re gonna make this work okay?

Kaori – Promise?

Keegan – I promise you.

Kaori – Okay…

Keegan – You gonna stay and eat?

Kaori – Yes, I’ll lock up. Don’t worry.

Keegan – Alright.

Kaori – … Love you…

Keegan – Love you too, baby.

Kaori – *coughing* Oh… my god.

Keegan – What?

Kaori – Well its a good thing you’re not eating this.

Keegan – Why?

Kaori – Well I somehow added sugar instead of salt…

Keegan – *laughing*

Kaori – Worst cook… ever.

Keegan – All it takes is practice- Though all I eat is chicken breasts.

Kaori – Lean, and cut… yes daddy.

Keegan – I’m all about that healthy shit *laughs*

Kaori – Thank goodness Kyle’s buying me food. I’m going to throw this out and clean up the dishes. Call me later?

Keegan – Yeah, I’ll call you when I get off.

Kaori – I’ll be in bed, but it’ll be good to hear your voice before I sleep.

Keegan – Its a date.

Kaori – Alright, get out of here before your boss starts bitching. You would think he’d be so happy since he’s engaged to Lola. Maybe she’s not putting it down- Lola looks like she can’t fuck huh?

Keegan – *laughing* Oh my god….

Kaori – You know its true… *laughing*

Keegan – Yeah…. she does seem… stiff.

Kaori – *laughing* Bye Keegan.

Keegan – Later, Kaori *winks*

Well there you have it kids. That was a epic fail, and I’m bummed out. It was so much easier when we were just dumb, and figuring it out. Of course then… neither of us were in the right head space to be committing to each other. Now we’re here, together… but we’re responsible adults with careers- and she still had GCU. This is frustrating, if we can’t make time for each other how does this work?

(POV Jarrah) [Location : Home]

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s Collin’ I’m skyping with. The girl? his new girlfriend. This is as much as a surprise to me as it is to you.

Jarrah – Hey!

Collin – Surprise!

Erika – *smiles*

Jarrah – Oh my god, how are you doing Collin!?

Collin – I’m good!- Oh! this is my girlfriend Erika.

Erika – Hello!

Jarrah – Hi!

Erika – I’m finally meeting “THE Jarrah”

Jarrah – *laughs* You’re gorgeous!

Erika – You’re absolutely beautiful!

Jarrah – Oh my god, thank you-

Erika – No! you really are.

Collin – How’s everything!? how’s the baby?

Erika – Yeah I’ve seen pictures, he’s so cute!

Jarrah – *smiles* He’s good. He’s upstairs sleeping. As for everything else… its…

Well I could go into detail about everything that is currently falling apart for my friends and I, but…

Jarrah – Life is good. Just keeping busy.

Collin – Erika and I will be moving to GloCity once I graduate.

Erika – Collin says GloCity is amazing. I’m looking forward to it.

Jarrah – I do love my city *laughs* It would be cool to hangout once you guys get here!

Erika – I would love that!

Collin – So we-

*doorbell rings*

Jarrah – I’m not expecting company…

Collin – Right on cue- I was about to say I just wanted to say hi, and check in. We’re on our way out to a friend’s birthday dinner. Our uber just arrived.

Erika – We’re gonna be drinking so no driving!

Jarrah – You guys have fun!

Collin – Okay talk to you soon!

Erika – Nice meeting you!

Jarrah – You too Erika. Talk to you guys soon!

It was great catching up with Collin, and meeting his girlfriend. Now to see who is ringing my doorbell at this time of night.

Jarrah – …..

Maliha – ….

The last time I saw her, she and I were in a big fight. Why is she here?

Jarrah – Maliha… its late… is-

Maliha – Hi- I’m sorry… I just… I didn’t know where else to go.

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Maliha – No, and I started walking and ended up here…

Jarrah – Okay… well… come in?

Maliha – Thanks.

Maliha – …. The bread looks great… I just can’t eat anything right now.

Jarrah – You’ve been a bit of a mystery to Kaori and I…

Maliha – Oh I’m sure…

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Maliha – …

Jarrah – I’m really sorry about coming down on you so hard- I was just scared that something had happened to my son- you were so smug, and unapologetic about it… I-

Maliha – I deserved it.

Jarrah – … I’m still sorry, I don’t like hurting people.

Maliha – … I don’t know why I feel so comfortable telling you this, but here goes…

Jarrah – …

Maliha – …. I found out something is wrong with me. I talked to my mom, and she… she was in one of her drunken, numb modes. So she reacted really bad. I basically quit working for her, and refused to come into work.

Jarrah – ….

Maliha – I found out that I cannot have kids, ever.

Oh my god.

Jarrah – …Maliha… I’m-

Maliha – I selfishly needed to cheer myself up so I took JK, and had a day with him. I really love that little boy even though he’s not my child. I was sad that I would never be able to have something like that. Instead of talking to you about it, I just took him. I didn’t mean to do that- and I completely get why you were worried, and mad. I was just so angry at how perfect you were. In my mind I’m thinking… and here’s another thing that she has over you.

Jarrah –  Maliha… I’m not better than you. Nobody is above or below anyone. Not because of looks, money, or the ability to have kids. There is no reason to ever feel like I of all people… am better than you. I’m so sorry that you’re feeling this way… What does Orion think-

Maliha – Well you’re the only person who knows besides my mother- who really couldn’t give a shit.

Jarrah – I’m sure she cares-

Maliha – She’s always been selfish. She’s fucking clinically depressed, and she self-medicates to “deal with it” My mother is a fucking mess.

Jarrah – … Regardless if she is… she can be a mess, and still love her daughter.

Maliha – I’ll let you know when that happens.

Jarrah – So… Orion?

Maliha – I haven’t told him yet, and I’m scared.

Jarrah – Why are you scared?

Maliha – Because I don’t know how he will feel, what he will say. Who wants to be with someone who can’t- …. I think I’ve shared enough. Thanks for listening, I’m gonna go.

Jarrah – Wait.

Maliha – ….

Jarrah – I know Orion… he won’t care.

Maliha – But… He’s talked about having another kid in the future.

Jarrah – Plenty of ways for that to happen. You’re not the only woman going through this, there are options.

Maliha – I know you’re right, but I’m hurting. I feel less than a woman.

Jarrah – You’re not…

Maliha – I really am sorry for doing what I did. I love little Joshua so much… I hope you’ll let him still be in my life.

Jarrah – It takes a village. You’re with Orion, Orion loves you. JK loves you too. So I have no problem with anything you just said.

Maliha – Really? even after I took him-

Jarrah – We’re fine. It happened, and we’ve talked about it and moved on.

Maliha – … Thank you for just being the opposite of what I thought you were. I let hate, and jealousy paint an inaccurate picture of you. I was wrong for that, and I apologize.

Jarrah – Water under the bridge. Besides… we’re sorority sisters, then now, and forever. Come here. *hugs Maliha*

Maliha – Again… thanks so much for this talk. I needed it more than you know.

Jarrah – Anytime Maliha. You can call me or stop by anytime you need.

Maliha – *smiles* Goodnight.

Jarrah – Nite’

Maliha left, and I couldn’t help but think about my little baby upstairs. I went up and he was awake, so I got him to sleep again. I watched him for what felt like hours. Reality set in that sometimes we take things for granted in life. Things that some people can’t have. Its not even just the Joshua thing, I think about my life since we’ve first started this journey and wow… To think about how far I’ve come.

The men who’ve been in and out of my life- romantic or platonic. The career- job hoping. The friends past and present. The situations I’ve been put in. The people who have hurt me- and the people I’ve hurt. I’ve been through quite a bit, and here I thought of my group of friends I was the easy going one. In a way, I guess I should have seen this life coming… Everything has always been dramatic for me.

Whatever the case, through all of the happiness, and bullshit- even the whole Shane, and Owen thing. I’m 100% happy I’ve been through all of the experiences in my life, and I wouldn’t change shit. Not a thing. I think I’m happy… and if I’m bullshitting myself then maybe I’ll get there. Either way, I’m going to continue doing what I do best. Helping people, and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

(POV Keegan) [Location: GCP Station]

On my way back inside, Nick stopped me. He was clearly in need of a talk because he came to my job. I’m not oblivious to the situation that I’m part of. I know why he’s here, but my thing is… do I even want to deal with this shit right now? Though I feel like if I don’t talk to him now, then he’s just going to make an even bigger deal out of it. Not that its not a big deal- he was seeing my then-girlfriend behind my back but- You know what? lets just get this shit over with.

Nick – So?

Keegan – What?

Nick – Is it a bad time? I was in the area and figured-

Keegan – We can talk.

Nick – … Okay.

Keegan – …

Nick – Should I go first?

Keegan – …I- I mean I don’t really have much to-

Nick – You don’t want to punch me? or yell at me?

Keegan – No… do you think that’s what I want to do?

Nick – …I would if I were you.

Keegan – I’m… good. So what’s up? I feel like you need to do this, so go ahead.

Nick – Alright, so… let me just say, I’m sorry. I apologize.

Keegan – …Thank, you.

Nick – I never fathomed the thought of falling in love with someone who was taken. That’s not who I am, I would never do something like that. I wanted so badly for the feelings to go away, but they didn’t.

Keegan – …

Nick – What I was doing- how I was feeling? I knew it was wrong… because you were with her. I just couldn’t help it, I woke up thinking about her, I went to sleep thinking about her. I looked forward to text messages from her… I sometimes couldn’t wait until she woke up just so I could text her hi. My feelings for her grew everyday, and I tried hard to stop.

Keegan – I understand.

Nick – I’m sorry, and I didn’t mean to disrespect you- or the relationship.

Keegan – Nick…

Nick – Yeah?

Keegan – I’m not as mad as I should be.

Nick – Why is that?

Keegan – Because I’m… happy… with…

Nick – ….Kaori?

Keegan – Yes.

Nick – …That… makes, a lot of sense.

Keegan – It does, doesn’t it?

Nick – I’m-

Keegan – Its still a fucked up thing to hear… at a wedding… that your girlfriend was mentally cheating on you with another guy- that guy being someone you’re actually cool with. I mean shit, Nick- I know we’re not best friends but you were like Trey’s boyfriend at one point. I thought we bonded after Miguel died and-

Nick – No, you’re right! I’m an asshole.

Keegan – Let me finish… with all that being said. When you find the one you click with… its hard to ignore. I’m fine if you are. You don’t have to apologize anymore…

Nick – Why are you making this so easy for me?

Keegan – Cause, why should I be mad when I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been? For me to be upset about Priscilla would mean that I’m upset that I’m not with her- and that would be false. Like I said it was fucked up to be thinking something was up, and then it was confirmed to be true. However… thank you for… not acting on things until she and I were officially done.

Nick – How can I make sure we’re fine?

Keegan – Honestly Nick, I’ve lived a pretty interesting life. I don’t need any enemies or negativity. So the only thing I ask is that you let me go shower and take my ass home *laughs*

Nick – Okay, well… thanks for the talk… have a good night!

Keegan – You too! oh and tell Priscilla she has a box of shit to come pick up- That came off more mean that it was supposed to. I just haven’t been able to get a hold of her.

Nick – She’s at her parents… her dad is sick..

Keegan – See, I didn’t even know that…

Nick – Oh- no it happened this morning… so…

Keegan – Gotcha. Well nevermind, I’ll have Milk give her, her stuff. Anyway I’m tired, so… later?

Nick – Have a good night.

Keegan – You too, Nicky.

Finally got inside, and I can shower. I know you’re thinking Keegan shower at home- well no, because I’m moist- gross- what I mean to say is I’m sweaty, I wanna shower now. *incoming text*  Oh shit I have a few messages I’ve ignored. If someone ask me to do something for them I’m saying no. Daddy’s tired- Ha! that’s a funny thought. Me as a dad… I don’t even want kids to be honest- and I know earlier I said I’d only want one, but that was so my mom, and dad wouldn’t flip out. Wow… I wonder if that would be a deal-breaker for Kaori.

“Hey, babe. I cleaned up the kitchen and made sure to lock up your place. Facetime me b4 bed daddy. 😘 – Kay (Kaori)

“I love you, and sorry for being a brat. By the way mom (Joy) is mad because I had the last of the soymilk” – Zo-Zo (Zoey)

“KeeKee honey, can you get me some soy milk on your way home? you got your key right?” –  Mama J (Joy)

“We’re going to see Rogue One no matter what. Fuck your job! you better take that day off or something! Star Wars > Job” – Jonah Bear (Jeep)

“I Love you too KeeKee, but I will fucking kill you if you ask me if I’m okay one more time. I’m good. – NYT Bestseller (Frankie)

I will reply to those once I take a shower. And fuck… see I hate living down the street from my moms. I’m always making last minute store runs on the way home. I’m not uber… I should start charging them. Of course I won’t… I love them. Anyway shower time and then I can get out of here!

Well so much for the shower… what the fuck is Diego looking at?… shady ass. Travis and I are about to expose him for taking part in taking that money. I’m not shocked at all that he’s a crooked cop. He’s such the cliche… however… plot twist! he’s gay, and the reason he’s been such a dick to me is because he WANTS me!- Just kidding- though I mean, that did happen once in high school. This dude fucking kissed me, and I was like wtf bro! L-O-L that after all this time, you’re still learning stuff about my past. Have I ever told you guys about the time I was a prostitute?- JOKING! That’s Jessica’s daughter, not me!- Oh my god Keegan, that was rude… *laughs*

Diego – Keegan.

Keegan – ….

Diego – We need to talk.

Keegan – In the shower? while I’m naked?

Diego – *looks at Keegan’s dick*

Keegan – See something you like, bro?

Diego – Wouldn’t surprise me if you were a fag.

Keegan – You’re the one looking at my dick!

Diego – Just seeing how I measure up.

Keegan – You’ve been doing that since police academy…

Diego – I haven’t been looking at your dick since-

Keegan – No, dumbass. Competing against me, seeing how we “measure up” against each other.

Diego – I can lift more.

Keegan – I’m faster, and smarter.

Diego – You’re not, and one of these days, I’m going to prove just how much better I am than you.

Keegan – Let me know the time and place, because I will beat you in whatever.

Diego – In your wet dreams.

Keegan – What the fuck do you want Diego? Because I’m trying to shower and get out of here. Don’t you want to go home to Jules or whomever you’re fucking these days?

Diego – Jules and I are perfectly fine. That’s my baby, we’re good. Don’t worry about us fag.

Keegan – Oh trust me, I’m not.

Diego – Word on the street is that your bitch left you for another nigga.

Keegan – So you’re using the N word now?

Diego – Shut up, stop trying to be politically correct. I’m far from racist, and the word means dude.

Keegan – Is that what it means?

Diego – Get over it, you’re not black.

Keegan – Wow…

Diego – Why are you acting like me using the word Nigga is a bad thing? your white ass probably said it all the time. Jules told me about how you were a wigger in high school. Hip Hop Keegan… what a fucking joke. She told me a few other things too but I’m feeling generous so I won’t go there.

If she told him about Mona, I’m fucking done with her- actually… I’m already done with her. Fuck it.

Keegan – Enough with the bullshit… what do you want from me?

Diego – … You’re right, we can spar anytime. This is serious.

Keegan – Is everything okay?

Diego – Whoa, you almost sound like you care.

Keegan – Its not like I hate you… well… I kinda do but-

Diego – Leave the emotional shit to the women and queers.

Keegan – Aren’t you a pocket full of sunshine.

Diego – ….

Keegan – ….

Diego – So… you remember when that money was stolen? from the bank robbery? That we confiscated?

Keegan – Yep.

The money that Travis thinks you and Jayson stole…

Diego – … well… I think I have proof of something…

Keegan – Hmm?

Diego – This is going to sound weird, but I don’t think Travis Boone, is Travis Boone. And I think he stole that money. I’m working on proof, but I need your help because you’re you. I’m me, meaning nobody would believe me, but if you and I could work together to expose a dirty cop then… that would be… great.

Keegan – ….

Diego – Say something.

Keegan – …

Fuck, Keegan just say something!

Keegan – I’ll umm… I’ll help.

Oh my god… so Travis tells me Diego and Jayson did it, and now Diego is telling me Travis did it. I’m officially confused. What the fuck is going on here? I don’t know what to say right now. I have a bunch going on with myself, and my friends. My superior [Jayson] could be shady, but now my peers [Travis & Diego] could be as well. Everyone is a fucking suspect, and I don’t know who to trust- No… that’s wrong. I know one person I can trust, one person I’ve always trusted to get through the bullshit. Me. I’m going to get to the bottom of this, and I have to be smart about it. So many cooks in the kitchen… but who’s the chef?

~End Of Chapter Five Pt 1 | Chapter Five Pt 2 is Next~


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