{BnG Season 3} Chapter Four – Presents – Alana & Sebastian : A Wedding Special Part Two

[Chapter Four Pt 2]

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

No POV. Instead, Narrated by Me! ItzBee

Welcome Back! Its time for Part Two aka the conclusion of the wedding special. Frankie, Kaori, Keegan, Jarrah all on Mango Island. Jonah, and Trey back in GloCity… Fun, and Drama everywhere. Get ready for a special you won’t forget… hope you enjoy!


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[Location : Mango Island | Reception Hall]

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Reception time ladies and gentleman… Wonder what tonight will bring… enough talking right? lets eavesdrop!

Sebastian – Can you believe we did it- like, its done… you’re a Darwin now…

Alana – You’re stuck with me until death does us part baby!

Sebastian – Wouldn’t have it any other way! ain’t that right Charlotte?

Charlotte – *dancing on lap*

Frankie – Is Alana serious with this old ass song?

Jarrah – I don’t know why, but I imagine this being her jam.

Frankie – It has to be, Kaori said she made the playlist.

Jarrah – *laughing* So was this wedding everything you thought it would be?

Frankie – It was very Alana- which is a good thing. The ceremony was beautiful, and I didn’t know Alana had it in her to write such good vows. They really came from the heart… you can tell. And you’re cousin [Sebastian] is always amazing with his writing. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room when he finished his.

Jarrah – I agree with everything you said. So umm… have I been a good date? I’m no Raina… but I am me afterall…. Remember when Kaori used to hate me and call me a “Pact breaking ho”? *laughing* God we’ve come so far…

Frankie – Oh my god *laughing* I’m just happy we can laugh about it all now. I don’t see Keegan like that at all anymore.

Jarrah – Neither do I.

How times have changed. The girls all love and respect each other. Its great to see considering the vibe they had when we first met them.

Frankie – As for you being a good date… yes.

Jarrah – I remember I was with you when you first met Raina.

Frankie – You were…. though I can’t remember where-

Jarrah – At the store, getting stuff for the bonfire in Miguel’s honor.

Frankie – Oh right…. but umm… yeah… Spoiler alert… I’m ending things with Raina when I get home.

Jarrah – Really?

Frankie – Its weighing on me… Ever since I got with her, my creative energy has eluded me. Not only that but I don’t love her. She’s sweet, and caring, and even though we had a fight and got over it. She deserves to be with someone who’s going to be passionate… I’m not that person at least not with her. I’m so stupid too… I told her I loved her back- and I thought I did. I’m not used to this… this uncertainty.. I’m the girl who has it all figured out… usually.

Jarrah – Well Frankie, you know what you want- and what you don’t for that matter. I say do what feels right.

Frankie – I am.

Jarrah – Good.


Benji – Not even the gays could throw a shindig like this.

Aries – I think you’re right.

Benji – Your family is awesome babe.

Aries – They are aren’t they?

Benji – And to think…. you weren’t always this close with them.

Aries – I know, which is crazy. The old me would be sitting at home, not included and thinking of ways to not come out as gay.

Benji – And look at you now!

Aries – *smiles* I love you Benny.

Benji – I love you too baby.


Jarrah – I wish my cousin was here.

Frankie – Being specific I assume you mean Jeep- Jonah…

Jarrah – Yeah.

Frankie – It would be cute to see him all dressed up.

Jarrah – Trey too.

Frankie – All 6 of us could have been together.

Jarrah – Missed opportunity.

Frankie – I hope they’re having fun together back home.

Jarrah – Me too.

[Top Pic]

Frankie – So we talked about Raina…. What’s going on with you and the two guys?

Jarrah – I don’t know where I’m at with that.

Frankie – As in you don’t want either one of them anymore?

Jarrah – I’m testing out what it feels like to not have either, and so far I feel fine.

Frankie – Self love comes first, so I get that.

Jarrah – Both of them were dishonest. Shane set Owen up, and exposed the whole situation with his wife, and Owen kept that from me in the first place. Both were just… annoying to deal with. By the way did I mention that Owen’s wife has been going on dates with Keegan’s cop friend Travis?

Frankie – No… you didn’t. She certainly doesn’t seem hung up on Owen.

Jarrah – I really don’t want to think of either of them tonight.

Ciliian – *smiles at Frankie*

Frankie – *smiles back*

Jarrah – I just need an distraction.

Frankie – You do eh?

Jarrah – Oh god… what?

Frankie – Cillian!

Cillian – *Looks at Frankie*

Frankie – Hangout with her tonight… she could use a pick me up.

Cillian – *Nods yes and smiles*

Frankie – There ya go… a distraction.

Jarrah – Gee thanks!…. I hate you.

Frankie – No you don’t *laughs*

[Bottom Pic]

Aries – Hey Ja’Von?

Ja’Von – Yeah?

Aries – How do you know Sebastian?

Ja’Von – We met at a writers camp when we were younger.

Benji – Aww that’s cute, and you guys remained tight?

Ja’Von – Yep.

Cillian – Much better than how Sebastian and I met.

Aries – How did you guys meet?

Benji – You guys hooked up or something during high school?

Ja’Von – *laughing*

Aries – Benji!

Cillian – Yep… totally did.

Aries – For real?!

Cillian – No! I’m straight! *laughing* We met 10th grade Bridgeport Private School.

Benji – All boy school?

Aries – Benji!

Benji – What?!

Cillian – Actually it was a all boys school. Lots of gay stuff happening behind closed doors- but Sebastian and I weren’t in on that stuff. We actually had two different groups of friends. One day- for whatever reason we ended up fighting. I didn’t know him before the fight but you know… with guys it doesn’t take much to start fighting with each other. Especially being young. Long story short we got sent to the principal’s office, and as punishment we had to clean gym equipment everyday after school for a month.

Ja’Von – Naturally you guys got to know each other-

Cillian – Right, and we ended up having lots in common. So… we became bestfriends. Hence me being his bestman.

Aries – That’s awesome.

Ja’Von – Enemies to bestfriends. That’s pretty cool.

Benji – You’re so mysterious Cillian, I’d like to know more about you.

Cillian – I bet you would *winks playfully*

Benji – That’s it Aries, I’m leaving you for Cillian!

Everyone – *laughing*

Cillian – Excuse me gentleman. I’ll be back later.

Benji sure is thirsty, though I don’t blame him. Cillian is nice to look at isn’t he?

Upstairs, Kaori was chatting it up with her sister Vira, and boyfriend Aaron.

Kaori – You were crying?! you’re such a girl….

Aaron – Hey! those vows were great! I’m sensitive! Are you telling me you didn’t cry?

Kaori – Maybe a little.

Aaron – Yeah right!

Vira – I’m pretty sure everyone was crying *laughing*

Kaori – Aww Andi’s behind you guys with Chris.

Aaron – You, and Andi cool?

Kaori – Yep, she’s my bestfriend’s sister.

Vira – She and Chris are perfect together. I know that sounds odd coming from me considering he and I dated but… things just work out the way they’re supposed to.

Aaron – So many people I know are just maturing and growing… we’re all adults…. its crazy.

Vira – Well… not everyone. Your friend Woof-Dog-Nikol is still stupid as hell. She’s like an angsty 40 year old.

Aaron – Vira…

Kaori – She’s 40?

Vira – Looks like it.

Aaron – She’s not 40. She’s the same age as you and Morgan…

Kaori – Lets not talk about her… its obviously not a good topic.

Yeah… considering Frankie told you her dirty little secret… the whole escort thing. Don’t need that getting out, especially since Vira, and Aaron live in the same city as she does [ccity]

Vira – Right!- so Kay… I LOVE this dress.

Kaori – I love yours.

Vira – Did you pick this out?

Kaori – Actually, no… my mom decided to have it special made for me. She shipped it from Pylea.

Vira – Its so pretty.

Kaori – So is yours.

Vira – Morgan designed it. Its a Hillside Original. I designed her dress too!

Kaori – That’s cute… bestfriends designing each other’s outfits.

Aaron – I’m wearing Hillside too.

Kaori – Naturally!


In the background, Chris and Andi had a moment to themselves to talk about the wedding, and…. other stuff.

Chris – Is that  Frankie’s bestfriend over there with Aaron, and Vira?

Andi – Yeah, that’s Kaori…

Chris – Ah, I remember meeting her back when Vira and I were dating. She was nice, but seemed like she had a more blunt side to her.

Andi – Well she’s looking like a princess today. She’s cool as hell though. She’s matured quite a bit.

Chris – That’s cool. Glad Vira has her sister, and brother. She finally got that dad she always wanted.

Andi – Yeah, that’s pretty cool….

Chris – ….. So have you talked to Frankie?

Andi – Yeah, of course?

Chris – You plan on hanging out with her at this reception?

Andi – Umm.. not really? I love my lil sister, but we see each other all the time. We both agreed not to be all up in each other’s personal space today *laughs*…. but… she did tell me y’all talked… she said she’d let you tell me the details.

Chris – Right…. so… I’m sorry.

Andi – Chris we said we weren’t going to get into this shit here…

Chris – Well I don’t care, so just stop being a boss for a minute and let me steer the ship…

Andi – …..Fine.

Chris – I love you more than anything- like… sitting there watching Alana, and Sebastian share their vows I kept thinking about you. How I would not want to be with anyone else… ever. A lot of people go through life trying to find the one, and I got lucky. It didn’t take me long.

Andi – ….

Chris – I fucked up, I was selfish. Its because when I got fired-

Andi – I’m not completely incognizant-

Chris – Oooh big word.

Andi – Blame my sister. When I be face timing her, she be book editing, so I pick up all of these big words.- Like that one for instance is a synonym for oblivious.

Chris – Ah!

Andi – But umm.. yeah I know why you did what you did. Its not about that. I just wanted you to say sorry, and really mean it- knowing what you did. Not just at face value- but at the core of the situation.

Chris – And I do. I’m really sorry for putting all of the responsibility, and pressure on you.

Andi – ….

Chris – You believe me right?

Andi – Of course… and I love yo ass too… not like I want anybody else. You seen them nigga’s in CCity- ain’t NOBODY trying to fuck with any of them.

Chris – Andi you know I hate when you use the N word… I know you’re part black but-

Andi – Fine, fine… maybe you’re right, I should stop using that word so much.

Chris – Frankie agree’s with me.

Andi – Oh so y’all BFF’s now?

Chris – She’s the best. She’s family now.

Andi – I don’t see no ring on this finger!

Chris – *laughs*

Andi – Well I feel better now… I’m glad you told me how you felt. I’m still feeling raw about not passing my test.

Chris – And about fighting with  Bambi?

Andi – Umm, no- and let me tell you why… you know damn well that Gina is a escort with Nikol… but I can’t just up and tell Bambi “Girl the reason I don’t want you fucking with Gina is because she sells pussy” Nikol trust me with the secret of her being an escort because I’m her nurse.

Chris – Knowing everyone’s secrets must weigh on you.

Andi – Yep… and then I was so unprofessional, and told-

Chris – I know, I know… but you have to forgive yourself and just hope that she keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t go looking for Nikol.

Andi – I’m lowkey sick of Nikol’s shit. As long as I’ve known her she’s always been in some bullshit… like when will she grow the fuck up?

Chris – Good question…

Andi – Yet the good in me… is like damn bitch you need a confidant then fine… tell me about your ho-business as I check you for STD’s. I legit cannot believe this is her evolution… a damn ho. Like what if your little whore house gets raided? then what? will the police come asking me questions because I knew? she doesn’t think… because she puts other people in the middle of her shit.

Chris – Maybe things will change for her… You may not like how she lives her life, but maybe knowing you can make her see the light? Like… just being a better person by association.

Andi – I don’t know… guess we’ll see. I don’t hate her, I just want her to fix herself… fix it Jesus!

In case you forgot… Andi, and Nikol have a long history, but we’re not about to get into that. Its crazy how Nikol has found her way into Frankie’s life right? because of that Ashley chick- not to mention she’s Jessica Nash’s daughter. Full circle, because Nikol was once roommates with Aaron. Vira, as you know… cannot stand Nikol.

[Top Pic]

Aaron – So what are we gonna do about you and this party? We need to find you a guy-

Kaori – Ugh, No.

Vira – Lets kick Priscilla out, and that way you can have Keegan to yourself.

Kaori – Oh my god *laughing* Stop… You’re the worst…

Vira – ……

Kaori – I was joking Vira, you’re not the worst… don’t take it so seriously-

Vira – Oh no I’m fine- I was just going to say there’s an attractive guy behind you.

Aaron – He looks like he know’s you.

Hammer – Surprise….

Kaori – ….

Aaron – Come on Vira, lets give them some space.

Vira – You’re not going to introduce us to your friend dear sister?

Aaron – You are so nosy.

Kaori – Vira, this is Chad, but people from GCU call him Hammer. Hammer this is my sister Vira. Long story.

Vira – Its so nice to meet you. Now that Kaori has said your name I remember stories about you-

Aaron & Kaori – Vira!

Hammer – Oh like what?

Vira – Paisley Adams for one, she actually lives in CCity now and-

Aaron – It was nice meeting you dude. I must now take my motormouth girlfriend elsewhere.

Kaori – Thank you Aaron!

Vira – Bye guys! see you on the dance floor.


Downstairs Vira and Aaron’s friends and family from CCity talked at the table.

Morgan – Where’s your sister Vanille?

Vanille – I have no idea where she is, she’s your bestfriend. You know she’s probably running around being social with everyone.

Wesley – This is such a different vibe than our Wedding and Reception babe.

Vanille – Right?

Wesley – But I loved ours… our outdoor wedding was special in its own right.

Morgan – I would love something like this.

Vanille – Hint hint Carter.

Carter – I’m taking notes *laughs*

[Bottom Pic]

Hammer – Is that Frankie making out with an Asian dude on the couch?

Kaori – No, that’s her older sister Andi, and her boyfriend Chris.

Hammer – Right, right- wow… her and her sister look alike.

Kaori – They do.

Hammer – So… shocked to see me?

Kaori – No, Jarrah told me she saw you walking around… and I saw you sitting in the audience.

Hammer – You looked very pretty in your bridesmaid dress- but this is MUCH better.

Kaori – Thanks, you look nice as well.

Hammer – Thank you… my date picked it out.

Kaori – Date?

Hammer – Yeah, she’s in the ladies room.

Kaori – Good. I’m glad you found someone.

Hammer – Umm… heh…. its not exactly what you think.

Kaori – Vague, and mysterious for no reason….

Hammer – I guess so… but umm, yeah. I just wanted to say hi…

Kaori – I have something I wanted to say to you as well.

Hammer – Uh oh, what did I do?

Kaori – Byron told me about you and him talking shit about me…

Hammer – I don’t know what he said or how he relied our conversation to you, but we weren’t talking shit.

Kaori – ….It felt like a personal attack. Like I purposely hurt you guys- when-

Hammer – No, no. You didn’t hurt Byron. He left… fuck him for that. As far as I go… yeah I was hurt…

Kaori – What exactly was the basis of the conversation that was had?

She wants answers, and she wants them now. Slay a bit Kaori.

Hammer – I saw him in Bridgeport, and I didn’t recognize him at all. He looks so different… but moving on. We started talking and I decided to tell him that what he did was wrong. Leaving without having a face to face with you was beyond pussy… right?

Kaori – Yeah.

Hammer – So he explained himself blah blah… told me about Bum Falk-

Kaori – Balm Fisk.

Hammer – Yeah her, he gave me like… websites to listen to their music… pretty good- somewhat pretentious.. a little on-

Kaori – Hammer…. get on with it.

Hammer – Right, right! so… I asked if you were with Keegan…

Kaori – …. I’m not.

Hammer – Which is what he said. He told me you were with another guy. We both laughed and said that it wouldn’t last.

Kaori – Why would you guys say that?

Hammer – Did it last Kaori?

Kaori – It never even got started because of reasons.

Hammer – Reasons aka Keegan?

Kaori – No! its other stuff that I can’t comment on because its personal to him.

Hammer – Byron might be bitter and have his issues with you, and Keegan. Me? I love Keegan, I get it… I get why you’re in love with him.

Kaori – Correction, WAS.

Hammer – …..Sure, but He’s great. He’s legit charismatic and I love his energy. I understand why you didn’t pick me. I’m sorry for not believing you with the Paisley stuff, and I let her play me like a fool.

Kaori – Well she’s in CCity now living it up with my family’s money.

Hammer – Everyone knows she lied about that shit with your dad… and she flat out told me she did.

Kaori – It didn’t matter in the end, the damage was done, and he couldn’t afford to have a scandal. He could however afford to just pay the bitch off.

Hammer – She sucks for doing that.

Kaori – She wanted my life… now she has it.

Hammer – Enough about her. You’re killing it from what I hear. You’re beautiful, and smart. You have great friends and family. Let that shit go, and live in the now.

Kaori – ….

Hammer – I’m sorry if it seemed like I was talking shit about you. I just know that you and Keegan are destined to be together- or at least try it out.

Kaori – That ship has sailed.

Hammer – I don’t think so…

Kaori – Its annoying having everyone tell me that I should be with him.

Hammer – Isn’t that a sign? Why are you so annoyed with the truth. You know deep down that you and him-

Kaori – No, its an annoyance and here’s why. Imagine all of your friends telling you Hammer that you should be with me. That no matter what its going to happen and all of your girlfriends don’t mean shit. We’ve had our closure and people insist on bringing it up and throwing it in your face. How would that make you feel?

Hammer – …I see your point.

Kaori – Keegan and I have been through it… things have happened… and we’ve sat down, had a salad and talked about it all. We’re better off as friends.

Hammer – ….I’m sorry. You’re right, I can see why that would be annoying.

Kaori – Thank you.

Hammer – I just…. You were the girl of my dreams, and though I will always have love for you… you’re not who I’m suppose to be with at the finish line. I want you to be happy…. like I am with my girlfriend.

Kaori – That’s very sweet, I mean that. I pushed you away and did stupid immature shit with you. You were always a stand up guy, and I will forever thank you for that.

Hammer – Good. So we cool?

Kaori – We’re A1.

Hammer – Awesome.

Kaori – So when do I get to meet this girlfriend of yours?

??? – Girlfriend?

Mila – Did you tell her I was your girlfriend Chad?

Hammer – No.

Kaori – And you are?

Mila – I’m Mila Anderson. I’m his agent. I came with him as a last minute plus one.

Hammer – Mila this is Kaori, an old friend from College.

Kaori – It hasn’t been that long Hammer… *laughing*

Mila – Hammer? Oh nooooo didn’t he tell you? He’s going by his real name now. Chad Hamilton.

Kaori – Your last name is Hamilton?

Hammer – Did you really think my name was Chad Hamm?

Kaori – Why the hell did people call you that? I thought that’s where Hammer came from-

Hammer – I was kinda chunky as a kid… then puberty hit and.. I lost weight and got attention from women- girls.

Kaori – …..I can totally see that.

Mila – Chad why did you mention your girlfriend? Is Liberty Rose here?

Hammer – She’s not.

Kaori – So your girlfriend’s name is Liberty Rose?

Mila – Liberty Rose Sinclair. I represent her as well.

Well that’s certainly a snobby sounding name… wonder when we’ll meet her.

Kaori – Hammer why do you need an agent?

Hammer – I’m going to be a sports analyst on TV. Hopefully I’ll become a full blown tv personality.

Kaori – No more football? what happened to the NFL dream?

Hammer – Hurt my knee, that’s not gonna happen anymore, but this is better… It’ll do…. especially since I did build a name for myself with College Football.

Mila – Speaking of which… I heard back from BPTV, and its down between you, and two other guys… my sources tell me you’re in the lead though.

Hammer – Great.

Kaori – Well congrats, I know you’ll get it.

Hammer – Thanks.

Kaori – Hopefully you’re around GloCity, and I can meet Liberty Rose Sinclair.

Hammer – We get very busy, but I’d love that.

Kaori – Me too… I’m glad you’re happy.

Mila – Chad lets go, there are some important people here. Lets network. Also I had no idea that my other client is here.

Hammer – Who?

Mila – Vanille Santiago. I’m glad too, maybe she’ll get off her ass and actually release an album. My fiancé Brock Wellington is a huge fan of hers.

Hammer – I’ll see you around Kay’

Kaori – You too. Have a good night!

Mila – Nice meeting you Kimono.

Kaori – You too Megan. *forced smile*

Looks like they’ve finally gotten their closure. Glad to see that has happened. The chapter of Chad-Hammer Hamilton has officially been closed.

Elsewhere Frankie and Keegan were chatting it up.

Frankie – I’m like oh my god did she just pass gas?

Keegan – Wait wait! *laughing* start from the beginning!

Frankie – Okay so I go in the ladies room and Calista’s in there and I swear to you… we’re both washing our hands and this bitch farts so loud. Like you would think there was a machine gun going off in there. She looks at me and says “I’ve been holding that fucker in all day” I just looked at her… and she looked back and me and asked if I had any perfume in my purse. I told her yeah. So she asked me to spray it in the air.

Keegan – Machine Gun Calista…. *laughing*

Frankie – *laughing* I’ve never had anybody pass gas like that in front of me. Keegan… I was grossed out.

Keegan – Well aside from that, are you having fun?

Frankie – I am… got a lot on my mind though… home stuff.

Keegan – Well stop worrying. You look beautiful. All three of you. I saw Jarrah walking upstairs a minute ago with Cillian. And Kaori looks cute in her pink.

Frankie – Well thanks Keegan, you look handsome yourself.

Keegan – Got my blonde hair back. Yay or Nay?

Frankie – Yay, I’m a big supporter of blonde KeeKee. I saw those instagram pics of you and Jonah getting your hair colored.

Keegan – *laughs* I miss Jonah…. and Trey.

Frankie – Me too. Wish they were here.

Priscilla – Oh my god, there you are!

Keegan – What’s wrong?

Priscilla – I just came out of the ladies room and it smells like perfume and poop… I am….disgusted. Someone needs to alert the bride that the bathroom smells like shit before she goes in there and dies.

Frankie – I was just telling him about that.

Priscilla – I didn’t even get to pee I was coughing the whole time! whoever sprayed that perfume was really trying to kill the demon that crawled out of someone ass.

Frankie – *laughing* oh my god Priscilla!

Keegan – I’m glad you two made up.

Priscilla – I am too- but wait a minute, rewind. Do you know who destroyed the ladies room?

Frankie – It was-

Keegan – Calista.

Priscilla – The bridesmaid with the huge tits?

Keegan – That would be her.

Frankie – Yep, and what makes this story all the more gross is that Kaori told me that Calista doesn’t wear panties.

Keegan – So she’s letting fumes out of her ass with no filter?!

Priscilla – *laughing*

Frankie – I’ve never been more grossed out in my life…

Priscilla – Ridiculous. So umm… Keegan…

Keegan – Yes baby?

Priscilla – Can I steal you away for a moment?

Keegan – Yeah, Frankie doesn’t mind.

Frankie – I don’t. I’m going upstairs to find my sister. Its all good.

Priscilla – Cool… *looks at Frankie nervously*

Frankie – *Nods knowingly* See you guys later.

Keegan – Later Frankie!

Frankie – There’s another ladies room upstairs by the way… its by the photobooths.

Priscilla – Thank you! I really have to go!

Frankie – No problem. You guys have a good night.

Priscilla – Bye *smiles*

Frankie – *Walks away*

Keegan – Shall we?

Priscilla – We shall.

[Top Pic]

Frankie walked off to find her sister, but instead found The Shady Bunch.

Frankie – ….

Torrance – And she clearly thinks she’s all that. She’s not even that cute.

Calista – She kept looking at me like I was shit on the floor.

Ryder – Don’t even trip off Vanille, she got a big ass head and she ugly. Her husband Wesley is short as fuck too, with woman hips. I’m glad I’m not with her.

Calista – She clearly still wants you babe.

Kira – Don’t worry about her. You’re way prettier.

Calista – Thanks hun!

Torrance – How was the bachelorette party Calista?

Calista – It was cool, I had to drink a lot though. I love Alana, but she’s not the party girl she used to be. Kaori was a little bitch that think’s she’s cuter than she is. That old friend Andi? girl bye, what hood did she crawl out of? The Morgan Hill bitch was stiffer than a dick when I walk past a man. Vira… she talks entirely too much, and she’s annoying as fuck.

Ryder – Andi’s kind of a bitch. When I lived in CCity, she never said hi to me. Vira’s just like her sister Vanille. They think they’re the shit. She ugly too, tall lizard bitch.

Torrance – Andi’s little sister Frankie is the worst. She think’s she’s this smart writer… please, you’re an editor bitch… assistant editor!

Kira – Was the bachelor party fun Ryder?

Ryder – It was alright, they was some square ass niggas though. I had to show them a good time. Ja’Von was acting like he ain’t never seen tits before at the strip club. He lame as fuck and kept checking in with his girlfriend. Sebastian, was trying not to do anything bad… like dude get over it… have some fun- stiff ass. Ivo-

Torrance – My ex, before I became gay.

Calista – You’re not bi?

Torrance – I’m gay now.

Ryder – ….. K, but umm.. yeah the Ivo dude, he was one of those types that think’s he’s the intelligent one of the group. Then Aries… he’s like my brother, minus the beer gut; Gay as fuck but tries to act butch. The red head… I forget his name-

Calista – Cillian.

Ryder – Yeah him… He was cheap. Like dude why are you not spending money? broke ass nigga… Oh and the fat one… his fat fucking ass kept talking about he was thirsty, and every 5 minutes he kept asking when are we gonna eat. Like damn dude… do you really need to eat? fat fuckin’ ass… is your blood sugar low?!

Micah’s not even fat. Looks like Vanille was right about Ryder… he is the worst.

Kira – There’s some bitch in a gold dress that stepped on my foot. I was about to punch her in the face.

Oooh wonder if its Jarrah or her mother Michelle, since they’re both wearing gold.

Ryder – This shit is mad bogus. We the only cool ones here… This shit is lame, but lets enjoy the drinks… and speaking of drinks… I added a lil something extra to that bland ass punch.

Frankie – *walks by*

Torrance – Oh HEY Frankie… guys doesn’t she look so beautiful?! GUYS?!

Ryder – Huh? *see’s Frankie* Oh yeah she’s slaying us all!

Calista – *looks at Ryder like he’s stupid* What’s up Frankie?

Kira – ….

Frankie – Just on my way upstairs…. You guys have a good night, excuse me. *walks past them*

[Bottom Pic]

Ryder – How much do y’all think she heard?

Calista – I don’t think she heard anything.

Kira – You can never be too sure.

Torrance – Well if she heard the shit we were talking, then oh well. She think’s she’s all that anyway.

Calista – Just like her sister…

Kira – We should probably go elsewhere before someone else hears us.

Ryder – Yeah, lets go.

Frankie – …. *laughs* Wow….

On her way to the stairs, Frankie ran into someone from her past. Sebastian’s mother Scarlett. You guys do remember when we first met Frankie, she was single, and her last relationship was that of an older guy… aka Sebastian… again, if you don’t remember that then you haven’t been paying attention.

Frankie – You look lost.

Scarlett – Frankie!

Frankie – Hello Mrs. Darwin.

Scarlett – Its been so long since I’ve seen your pretty face.

Frankie – How are you?

Scarlett – I’m trying to find the ladies room. Alana told me there was one hidden downstairs… I didn’t want to use the one upstairs because there has been chatter about it smelling bad.

Frankie – I’ve been in there… stay far away.

Scarlett – Mind if we sit and catch up?

Frankie – Not at all, we can chat for a bit. Andi’s not going anywhere.

Scarlett – Right. Your sister’s a bridesmaid.

Frankie – Which is so… unlike her. Andi’s a scrubs, and hospital kind of woman…

Scarlett – Well she looked pretty- You look amazing.

Frankie – Thank you.

Scarlett – You’ve grown into such a mature young lady.

Frankie – *blushes* You look beautiful yourself Mrs. Darwin.

Scarlett – Call me Scarlett.

Frankie – Okay *smiles*

Scarlett – You know…. I love my daughter in-law Alana, but I remember once upon a time thinking my son would marry you. He was so smitten with his little college girl. I remember meeting you, and being impressed. I had feared he was bringing home a air-head sorority girl… but you were the complete opposite. The age gap between you and my son didn’t matter because of your maturity.

Frankie – Sebastian and I weren’t meant to be in the end. Look at everything that has come from this… You have your granddaughter, a new daughter in-law… I think he and Alana were fated to meet.

Scarlett – You’re right. I still think you’re one badass chick.

Frankie – Aww… well thanks.

Scarlett – You have a boyfriend?

Frankie – Eh- umm… I’m… Umm-

Scarlett – Are you not dating anyone?

Frankie – I am, just not a…. guy.

Scarlett – I don’t under- Oh, Oh!… you’re a lesbian?

Frankie – No… I’m…

Scarlett – Bisexual.

Frankie – Yes, ma’am.

Scarlett – Oh okay. Well is she nice?

Frankie – Yeah, but…

Scarlett – What?

Frankie – I’m breaking up with her when I get home. I actually can’t stop thinking about it. Its giving me anxiety. I want to talk to her now, but… yeah.

Scarlett – Do what makes you happy dear, if she’s the one… then some time apart won’t hurt anything.

Frankie – She’s not.

Scarlett – How’s the writing?

Frankie – Its…. well.. I can be honest with you- don’t tell Sebastian… I don’t need him e-mailing me 10-steps to cure writers block…

Scarlett – *smiles* Why are you blocked?

Frankie – I don’t know- though I did have a breakthrough the other night.

Scarlett – It didn’t last?

Frankie – No.

Scarlett – Well can you repeat what led to said breakthrough?

Frankie – I didn’t do anything differently. I worked, talked to friends, and family… I did lay to rest an issue with Jonah…

Scarlett – Folland?

Frankie – Yeah- oh duh… he’s family.

Scarlett – You and him talked out your problems? and you were able to get some writing done?

Frankie – Shockingly yes…

Scarlett – He’s your muse.

Frankie – What?- no… it was just me probably feeling better about our misunderstanding and channeling that into writing. He just had a different energy than everyone else.

Scarlett – Different than your girlfriend?

Frankie – Very… its like the opposite. With her I have no creativity in me to write. Which is weird-

Scarlett – Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah?

Scarlett – Nevermind… *smiles knowingly* you’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Frankie – Yeah I just have to focus, and I’ll be okay. One day at a time.

Scarlett – Not what I meant- but again.. you’ll figure it out. *smiles* How’s work? the non-writing stuff. The editing.

Frankie – Boring, and not at all what I had hoped for.

Scarlett – Take a second and think about things. You have the ability to fix it and make it right.

Frankie – ….Yeah… true.

Scarlett – Do you mind helping me find this ladies room? this place is a damn maze.

Frankie – No problem. Lets go.

While Frankie helped Scarlett find the secret ladies room downstairs. Upstairs her older sister Andi was having a heart to heart with Jarrah.

Andi – Jarrah Folland.

Jarrah – Hey.

Andi – How are you? How’s the baby?

Jarrah – Umm… I’m okay, and Joshua’s perfect. Cutest thing ever… What about you?

Andi – Better now.

After talking things out with her boyfriend, I’m sure she does feel a lot better.

Jarrah – Frankie did mention you were feeling kind of down. Good to hear you feel better.

Andi – Yeah.. so speaking of siblings… I felt like a talk between us was long overdue.

Jarrah – You did?

Andi – Yeah, and since Chris is downstairs getting punch… I figured we could chat real quick.

Jarrah – Okay.

Andi – So your brother recently came and visited me in CCity.

Jarrah – Oh wow.

Andi – Yeah it was a complete surprise- anyway. I realized that you and I have always seemed… off. I have assumptions as to why that is, but I’m just wondering what your reasoning is for it.

Jarrah – ….Obviously you hurt my brother… so I kinda hated you for a bit.

Andi – Right.

Jarrah – That’s the obvious reason, the other reason that you may not be aware of is because I was jealous of you.

Andi – Why? I’m way older-

Jarrah – Because you took my brother. See when we were younger, Micah adored you and Frankie. You guys were her acting parents in a way. He was always with you and taking care of you guys. I was jealous. Like why couldn’t my brother be around me that much. It was all about his stupid girlfriend Andi!- I of course understand why now. I get it… especially knowing things about you guy’s upbringing.

Andi – Micah was a loyal boyfriend, who helped me out with my kid sister. With that being said, I can totally see why that would have annoyed you. For the longest time I was like: what is this bitch’s problem with me? am I gonna have to put hands on this girl- but I lightweight knew some of it was about Micah and I’s breakup. I didn’t know the other stuff though.

Jarrah – I wish you would have been close to me, like he was close to Frankie.

Andi – Well its not too late Jarrah. I am a nurse… and dammit I WILL be a doctor one day. You have a baby, and I’m only a phonecall away if you have any questions.

Jarrah – I get paranoid about little things.

Andi – That’s completely normal.

Jarrah – Is it normal to just want to scream sometimes?

Andi – Yes, you’re under a lot of stress. However if you do plan on screaming, just make sure its away from the baby. They pick up on things. Also I know you probably hear this a lot from TV commercials and what not but its super important right now in Joshua’s life to talk to him, sing to him, and stimulate his little brain. You want a Harvard slash Yale college graduate? You better start stimulating his brain! *laughs*

Jarrah – Thanks Andi… for the advice, and for coming to talk to me. I’ve always felt this stupid tension between us, and I wanted it to be over.

Andi – Well why didn’t you just come talk to me?

Jarrah – Because you’re you… do you know how intimidating you look?! You look like you’d-

Andi – What? like I’d square up with a bitch on sight?

Jarrah – Yes!

[Top Pic]

[Press Play or Use your imagination. Music Is Optional.]

Cillian – *smiling & playing piano*

Andi – Well give me a hug bitch.

Jarrah – *hugs Andi* Look at us… we’re friends now.

Andi – Micah would be happy about that.

Jarrah – Have you met his girlfriend?

Andi – Olivia? yeah, she’s sweet. So much different than her twin sister Misty though…

Jarrah – Is Misty a bitch?

Andi – No, no… Misty’s just punk… edgy… though lately she’s been in her feelings about her breakup with this sleazy ass dude named Ryder Larter. He’s actually here at the wedding. Devil in Red.

Jarrah – Why’d they break up?

Andi – From what I understand, he cheated on her with Calista… Mess.

Jarrah – Oh wow…

Andi – Yup- but umm.. that ain’t none of my business. Misty’s my friend… I think- haven’t exactly talked to her since she’s come back to CCity, but she’s cool people.

Jarrah – Maybe you should give her a call? maybe she could use your help.

Andi – Maybe, but she does have other friends too. We’ll see…. and speaking of help… whatchu helpin’ yaself to with Mr. Cillian here?

Jarrah – Just getting my mind off home stuff.

Andi – Okay, slay a bit.

Jarrah – I didn’t know you played Piano…

Cillian – I didn’t know you were a mom…

Andi – Good job Cillian. With your talented ass. First I find out that you’re-

Cillian – Shhh! Jarrah and I are playing a game where we don’t know specific things about each other…

Andi – Oooh I see… well let me hush. You two have fun. Keep on slaying with that classical piano. The only person I know back home who loves that shit is my boss Lydia Towers.

Cillian – … I know her.

Andi – Oh you do?

Cillian – I know her whole family unfortounately.

Andi – Exactly… well how you know her? y’all used to date?

Cillian – *nods yes* long, boring story…

[Bottom Pic]

Jarrah – Probably something I shouldn’t hear anyway.

Cillian – Right, stranger *winks*

Andi – I’m not shocked because… well she’s a l-

Chris – There you are.

Andi – Oh you was lookin’ for moi? *poses like a model*

Chris – *laughs*

Andi – You couldn’t find me?

Chris – Nope.

Andi – Aww baby did you Miss me?

Chris – Of course.

Andi – Chris this is Jarrah- Micah’s sister that I was telling you about.

Chris – Nice to put a face to the name.

Jarrah – Nice to meet you.

Andi – And this is Cillian, Sebastian’s bestfriend and bestman. He used to date Lydia…

Chris – Nice to meet you, Cillian.

Cillian – You too man.

Chris – *looks at Andi* Lydia Towers? your boss at the hospital?

Andi – Mmm hmm… can you believe that shit?

Chris – NO

Andi – Right? Anyway y’all have fun! bye! Come on Christopher… lets go dance- and what happened to the punch?

Chris – Refilling the thing… someone spiked it…

Andi – Probably Ryder stupid ass.

*Andi and Chris walks away*

Chris – What were you going to say about Lydia?

Andi – Oh… that she was a l-

Chris – Lesbian?

Andi – No, I was going to say she was a lot to deal with personality wise because she’s “Upper Echelon” You think she gay?

Chris – No- but I heard someone say it before *laughing*

Cillian – So…. you have a son.

Jarrah – You play piano, and have an ex girlfriend named Lydia Towers.

Cillian – Yep.

Jarrah – She sounds fancy.

Cillian – She was- I don’t know much about her life these days though.

Jarrah – I feel like I want to ask you so much…

Cillian – Same- but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of this? you said just hanging out to clear your mind about whatever’s going on back in GloCity.

Jarrah – Right…

Cillian – I have an idea.

Jarrah – Okay?

Cillian – Lets make this less personable.

Jarrah – How so?

Cillian – Fake names.

Jarrah – What?

Cillian – Hi Jarrah… my name is…. umm… Eric… Eric….Grandwell!

Jarrah – Okay…. fine… Nice to meet you Eric Grandwell. I’m… Rachel Duncan…

Cillian – Pretty name. What do you do Rachel?

Jarrah – Well I have my own fortune 500 company of course. I also give to charity… I’m very big on charity.

Cillian – I see….

Jarrah – And what is it that you do… Mr… Grandwell.

Cillian – I’m… an artist?

Jarrah – Slumming it?

Cillian – Why yes… my art buddies call me E-Grand… I love painting people… strangers.

Jarrah – *laughs* This is fun… and who knows… we could actually mix some truth in without the other one knowing.

Cillian – I could really be an artist for all you know.

Jarrah – Well I obviously don’t own a fortune 500 company *laughs*

Cillian – Would you like to dance Rachel?

Jarrah – Without music?

Cillian – Well… in the art world… we believe our surroundings are our acoustics.

Jarrah – As weird as it sound’s Eric… sure. I’d love to dance.

Cillian – So…. Rachel…  what’s got you down?

Jarrah – Hmm…. well… I’m getting divorced by not only my… husband, but my business partner.

Cillian – Ouch…

Jarrah – Yes… I’m rather…. hurt.

Cillian – How can I help you feel better?

Jarrah – Well Eric… how many weddings have you been to?

Cillian – 2… why do you ask?

Jarrah – Well, My ex…. girlfriend and I-

Cillian – Oooh bisexual? naughty Rachel!

Jarrah – It was in college… she was OBSESSED WITH ME! wanted to get matching tattoos… I was never serious about it. Just a learning experience if you will.

Cillian – Heartbreaker.

Jarrah – Moving on, my dear Eric… I have a plan.

Cillian – Do tell.

Jarrah – Wedding bucket list.

Cillian – Oh? what a lovely idea Rachel

Jarrah – Thank you Eric!

Cillian – What’s on this list?

Jarrah – … We’re going to write one silly… and number one…. we have to spike the punch and not get caught.

Cillian – I know just where they keep the extra liquor. Follow me Mrs Duncan!

Jarrah – After you Mr. Grandwell!

[Location : GloCity | Club MN8]

Back in GloCity, it was time for Cayden to put on his comedy show. He had lots of people show up to support, including his cousin Rebecca from CCity, and his boyfriend Chace. In attendance were….


Row 1: Dominic, Trey, Jonah, Rebecca, Chace, Ka$h, Lenny

Row 2: Ruben, Nick, Portia, Rubi, Adam, Amina

Row 3 : Hope, Fockky, Javier, Jules, Calvin

Looks like we got here late. Lets listen in on the remainder of his set!


Cayden – So like I said earlier, I’m originally from Bridgeport- which is great.

Crowd : *clapping* Wooo!

Cayden – I recently went to visit my cousin Rebecca in the next town over aka CCity. She recently had a daughter named London- give it up for that…

Crowd : *Clapping*

Cayden – I’m an uncle… or a Guncle if you will- that’s gay uncle for all of you straight folks out there- Anyway, so!… I walked through the door and baby London was still alive which is a surprise.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Rebecca’s great, but boy is she clumsy!

Rebecca – *laughing*

Cayden – So I got in there, and I gave London the cutest little shirt. It had a rainbow on it… it said precious, and my cousin [Rebecca] looked so pissed about it. I couldn’t figure out why! and I thought about it. Either she was really upset because of the rainbow- I was pushing the secret gay agenda that the rednecks have warned about… shhh!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Or…. that I was insinuating that London would grow up and be a big fat black girl who can’t read and shoplifts fried chicken.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – She’s half black so…. YA NEVER KNOW!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – But yeah… little London is great. Such a great name right? Typical black woman shit though. My poor cousin- and I do mean poor- you should see her apartment! Hashtag rent controlled area!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Its always the semi- broke ones with the big dreams of traveling the world that names their kid something like London. London, Paris, list goes on. Why do you think people don’t name their kids shit like Detroit, or Oakland.- or Brooklyn- oh wait…  those bedstuy natives with the raspy voices, and cigarette stains do name their kids brooklyn! God… those butch straight new york women scare me. You’d think they had the biggest dicks with the way they be talking!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – “Whutz good mah nigga wontchu get up in dis pussy- pop sum real shit mah dude, bust like ten nuts blat blat blat, iz you good or what fam?” Like bitch you talkin’ about sex or shooting up a club?! ol’ ratchet asses….

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – But yeah guys, my beautiful cousin Rebecca… she’s great… And so is her gang of friends and neighbors at her apartment complex. Its basically Sesame Street over there. Every time I visit I’m so amazed at all of the characters. I mean you have Cookie Monster- this fat guy who clearly can’t stop eating. He’s roommates with Oscar the grouch- a punch rock garbage woman. Then you have big bird- Hay Vira!- I love her… and you even have a Elmo… the ginger in apartment 7B. As for my cousin Rebecca goes, she’s clearly Count von Count… I mean the fashion trends… the accent… the need to standout and be fierce. I swear… I get my life when I visit Sesame Street aka The Lotus Apartment Complex HONEY!

Crowd : *laughs*

Cayden – You know…. Its good to be here tonight… on the stage. I love being on stage… I did a lot of drama, and musical theater in high school… my nickname was… *saying in an upbeat happy way* Faaaaaaget [faggot]. *pretends to flip hair*

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – If you’re laughing, you’re perpetuating a hate crime by the way you sickos!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Speaking of sickos… its 2016… and my boyfriend and I still get weird looks when we walk down the street together. Obviously we’re gay so that COULD be the reason… but I’m also pretty sure its the whole interracial thing. Which isn’t a problem for us at all….. unless we’re trying to take a selfie at night…

Crowd : *Laughing*

Cayden – You see him just fine, but you gotta “Where’s Waldo” my black ass! Got people thinking he’s crazy. He go showing pictures “This is me and my boyfriend Cayden” and people are looking at him…. and a fucking shadow!

Crowd : *Laughing*

Cayden – There are things that are so different about dating a white guy… for example. We’re allowed to be seen outside together!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – I know, I know… that’s mean… not all black guys are downlow and in the closet… I’m such a cunt- but real talk… Black gays, and white gays are like night and day sometimes. Most black gays I know are size queens…. and most white gays I know are on grindr ordering food. Have you seen those profiles? “I Like Vanilla, and Spice, No Chocolate, or Rice” Bitch… you trying to fucked or order food from room service?

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – I know some of y’all in here right now on grindr with a profile like that! don’t deny it ladies!…. Dating in the gay community is a mess. The shaming, and hateful comments within the community is just ridiculous. This is why so many gay men date straight men. ………….. …………. I’ll let you think about that for a minute!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – So um… raise your hand if you’re in a cult.

Crowd : ……

Cayden – Mmm’kay… nobody hmm? okay well raise your hand if you’re a Beyonce fan…

*70% of the crowd raises hand*

Cayden – Then I hate to break it to you, but yo ass is in a cult. Beyonce fans scare me! They will hack, stalk, and murder your ass if you say one bad thing about their queen Bey.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Changing the subject a little bit… Clap if you plan on voting in this presidential election…

*100% of the crowd raises hand*

Cayden – I’m scared shitless of Donald Trump… and he’s trying to do everything he can to get in the white house. Trying to get the Hispanic vote after shit taking them for months. This fool ate a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo, and posted a picture of it with the caption “I Love Mexicans”. Can you believe that shit?… You know he’s trying to get all the Obama voters too… telling them that Orange is the new black.

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Orange because of his horrible tan. What’s up with his skin? has he become what he hates? Is he ethnic now?!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden : All jokes aside, This comedy thing isn’t my day job… I actually work in plumbing…oh excuse me I mean’t I work in retail. Easy to mix up the two considering I usually walk into work and it smells like a toilet bowl full of nasty ass SHIT!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – SOMEONE in there- I won’t say no names- Hi Calvin- is clearly having civil war in their mouth. Their breath is captain america, and the toothbrush is ironman. They just won’t co-exist!

Crowd : *laughing*

Calvin – *looks pissed*

Cayden – There are no winners honey! everybody loses when someone in the room has bad breath! Why does it smell like you’ve been chewing on dried shit-jerky, sweetheart!? what’s wrong? brush your teeth! you’re running away all the customers! I’m so getting fired!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – Smelling like a bottom’s asshole who doesn’t douche!

Crowd : *laughing*

Cayden – I’m Cayden Blake! thank you all for coming- and don’t forget your rainbow precious shirts on the way out. My cousin Rebecca will be handing them out! Goodnight! Muah!

Crowd : *Woo-ing and Clapping*

Once Cayden’s show was over, everyone was spreading out and conversing amongst themselves.

[Top Pic]

Amina – That was hilarious.

Ka$h – It was wasn’t it?

Amina – How do you know Cayden?

Ka$h – I met him at our cousin’s party.

Amina – Oh right, I forgot Trey invites you to things now- sorry, that sounded shady. I’m happy he’s bonding with you.

Ka$h – I’m happy I’m bonding with you too. Glad you came sis.

Amina – You thought I was going to say no?

Ka$h – Honestly? I assumed you’d be with Vik, and use that as an excuse not to hang.

Amina – Originally Vik was going to come with me… but that’s….

Ka$h – Are you guys fighting?

Amina – I think we want different things in life… so I don’t know if it’ll last.

Ka$h – Well what about the guy at school?

Amina – We’re friends.

Ka$h – Yeah but he likes you…

Amina – I know… but he know’s I have a boyfriend.

Ka$h – I’m…. happy right now.

Amina – So am I. I’m glad I get to spend time with you. I lost a sister, but gained a brother. I love you Ka$h.

Ka$h – I love you too Amina *smiles*


Ruben – So we good Chace?

Chace – Yeah… I mean sometimes it takes fist fighting with someone for the mutual respect to come through. We’re good dude.

Ruben – I enjoyed your boyfriend’s show. He’s awesome.

Chace – He alright *laughs*

Dominic – He’s amazing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

Chace – Yeah he’s great…. you got a great guy too you know…

Dominic – …

Chace – You gonna forgive him? You know I love him, and hate seeing him hurt. He’s like a sad puppy I swear.

Dominic – He told you we were fighting?

Chace – Not in detail no, but Its obvious.

Ruben – Well I fought with him this morning… so…

Chace – Have some drinks and let it go…

Dominic – What is this? the twilight zone? since when did you become the voice of reason.

Ruben – Yeah aren’t you usually the one arguing and fighting at events?

Chace – I’m a working model now, I’m trying to change!


Nick – *smiles at Trey awkwardly*

Trey – *blushes* … what? something on my face?

Nick – No, you just… look nice.

Trey – Thanks… so do you.

Hope – Hi, I’m Hope.

Portia – Portia Davenport, nice to meet you Hope.

Trey – Right you guys haven’t met before.

Nick – Two of my sorta exes right next to me.

Portia – You and Trey?

Nick – Trey and I were sorta together, and I dated Hope for a while.

Portia – And you’re all just so chill about it.

Hope – Who wants drama. There’s no beef here, just love.

Nick – That’r right!

Portia – That’s awesome.

Nick – You look amazing by the way Portia.

Portia – Thank you, I feel brand new.

Nick – You graduating this year?

Portia – Yes! thank god… cannot wait to be done with GCU.

Nick – Life after college is interesting, but stressful.

Hope – Not for a local celebrity I bet…

Nick – Oh stop….

Trey – *laughing*

[Bottom Pic]

Rubi – *dancing and singing* Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda! I got broads in Atlanta. Twisting dope, lean and the Fanta. Credit cards and the scammers. Hitting off licks in the bando. Black X6, Phantom. White X6, panda. Pockets swole, Danny. Selling bar, candy *getting out of breath* Panda, panda, panda, panda, panda!

Javier – I love that song Rubi.

Rubi – *twerks*

Adam – Rubi tells me you guys were enemies once?

Fockky – We were… but things change.

Rubi – Yeah we used to throw bows Adam… like sluggin’ each other left n’ right. It was crazy.

Fockky & Javier – ….. *looks at each other and laughs*

Rubi – So y’all back together eh?

Javier – Sometimes time apart is just what you need.

Fockky – Yep.

Rubi – Real cute, real cute! Me and Adam here can’t get enough of each other. We fuck all the time.

Adam – Rubi!

Rubi – We do! that big ol’ jewish sausage!

Adam – Rubi I’ve asked you to behave in public.

Rubi – Stop being so stiff god….

Javier – …..

Fockky – …..

Trouble in paradise?


Lenny – Oh my god girl you were amazeballs!

Cayden – Aww thank you Len’

Jonah – Yeah dude, I couldn’t stop laughing. Especially when you first started and was talking about Hilary Clinton and her Kwanzaa moment.

Cayden – Thanks JoFo. Becky Did you enjoy the show?

Rebecca – I did, it was great. You’re the true star of our family. I’m so proud of you, and all of your accomplishments. You inspire me everyday.

Cayden – I was bummed that Vira, and Vanille couldn’t be here

Remember, Cayden knows Vanille back from MagikCity. He also know’s Vira because she’s Rebecca’s roommate in CCity.

Rebecca – Well they’re having a blast at that Mango Island Wedding. My other friend Andi is there too.

Jonah – You know Andi?

Rebecca – Yeah. She’s amazing. So smart, and sweet… with a little bit of edge.

Jonah – She’s my friend’s sister.

Rebecca – Oh you’re one of Frankie’s friends?

Jonah – You know Frankie?

Rebecca – I don’t, but Andi talks about how proud she is of her all the time.

Jonah – That’s cute.

Rebecca – Yeah, it is.

Jonah – My cousin, and friends are at that same Mango Island Wedding by the way.

Rebecca – Oh wow!-

Rubi – *laughing obnoxiously* Then she just opens her legs and BAM her hairy snatch!

Jonah – …. You’ll have to excuse Rubi.

Rebecca – I know her…

Jonah – You do?

Rebecca – I… well its complicated-

Cayden – No its not. You were drunk, and you fucked her brother Ryder at y’all apartment complex a few years ago. He had a girlfriend at the time, and Rubi walked in on y’all.

Rebecca – Cayden!

Cayden – We’ve all made mistakes Becca…

Jonah – No judgement. And wow you know Rubi… small world.

Why does it seem like this Ryder guy fucks and cheats on so many women? he’s not even cute… yuck!

Lenny – That’s the saying! I swear GloCity, and CCity are merging!

Cayden – Magik City too! ever since the natural disaster that took place there, everyone has moved either here [GloCity] Bridgeport, or CCity.

Jonah – You met Chace?

Rebecca – I have….

Jonah – You like him?

Rebecca- *whispers* No, Cayden can do better.

Jonah – *laughs*

Lenny – Whatchu laughing at over there Jonah?

Jonah – Just a joke Rebecca made.

Rebecca – *laughs*

Lenny – You look hot tonight!

Jonah – Thank you Lenny, you always give me the best compliments.

Rebecca – Are you gay?

Jonah – Who me? no.

Lenny – I wish. I’d be his powerbottom ANY DAY! he’s like my number one crush!

Jonah – *laughs*

Cayden – Oh my god Lenny… the thirst is real girl!

Nick – So then you have to like film it again but at a different angle. So while people at home are getting one workout… we- the people filming it, are doing it over and over.

Hope – This is probably why you’re in such good shape.

Nick – Thanks for noticing.

Trey – Yeah Nick is a regular Captain America.

Portia – Nick you’re gorgeous, but I’m not really into big muscles to be honest.

Trey – I can see that.

Nick – You dating anyone?

Hope – Not currently no. Are you?

Nick – *looks at Trey* Nope…

Portia – Thanks for inviting me by the way. I know we were friends before, and I sorta ghosted on you… but… you never forgot about me. I appreciate that.

Trey – Portia, you’re my friend forever, deal with it *laughs*

Nick – How’d you know about tonight?

Hope – He and Jonah were at CakeCup and I saw them. He invited me.

Nick – You actually do work at CakeCup? I thought you managed or-

Hope – I wanted to come in early and make sure shit was together. These high school kids I hired  sure know how to make a mess of things.

Nick – Ah gotcha.

Portia – Oh god I love CakeCup. Do you guys still have the nutella filled ones?

Hope – We do! those sellout quick!

Ian – Trey!

Portia – Uh Oh… he looks mad.

Nick – Oooh the drama… who is this clown?

Hope – …no clue but he seems pissed.

Ruben – Should we help?

Dominic – Help what? Trey’s a big boy, let them talk this out like adults.

Chace – Oh… because Ian, totally looks like he wants to talk.

Dominic – Don’t worry guys, he’d be an idiot to touch Trey in front of all of his friends.

Ruben – Are you sure?

Dominic – Yes, and why do you care? I thought you hated him?

Ruben – I do, but I’m not about to let your boyfriend get his ass beat.

Dominic – Let them talk, they should have been talked to be honest.


Trey – Ian, what are you doing here?

Ian – Who do you think you are?

Trey – Are you drunk?

Ian – Answer my question!

Trey – What do you want?

Ian – I needed to talk to you.

Trey – How did you even know where I was?

Ian – Instagram! now answer my question… who do you think you are?

Trey – Ian if you want to talk like an adult then please.. go right ahead but yelling isn’t going to get you far with me.

Ian – Why would you- Why would you do what you did? why not come talk to me? I was easy to find. I could have explained myself, I could have opened up to you. You could have been a friend and gave me a chance to make you understand. Why would you ruin a friendship between Kaori and I? I needed you guy’s friendship and now you all look at me like-

Trey – I’m sorry! I thought I was doing the right thing in telling her. I was being a good friend to her.

Ian – You may have been a good friend to her, but you were not being a good person. It wasn’t your business to tell!

Trey – Stop yelling at me!

Ian – I really thought you were different.

Trey – You don’t even know me.

Ian – Yes I do… you’re an asshole.

Trey – 2nd time I’ve been called that today.

Ian – Clearly its the truth. You hide behind this introverted personality, when really.. you’re an asshole. I’ve looked at your social media, you have so many issues, yet you want to come after me? really? You’re a selfish, shitty person- no wonder your dad hates you according to your facebook rants.

Trey – And you’re fucking gay! So deal with it!

Ian – You just fucking outed me… AGAIN! I’m not even-

Trey – Fuck you! I don’t care. You come here and talk shit to me at my friend’s event, and try and analyze me? meanwhile you’re fucking on film to get by? go suck Rhino’s cock, and leave me alone! you know nothing about my family! or my personal life! Nobody cares about your woeful story!

[Top Pic]

Ian – My sister dying isn’t a woeful story you fucking asshole! *punches Trey*

Portia – Was that fucking necessary douche?!

Rubi – Damn…. Trey got knocked the fuck out… Adam sure picked a bad time to go take a dump.

Fockky – Show some concern, isn’t Trey your friend?

Rubi – I mean…

Fockky – You’re a fucking bitch, nothing has changed!

Rubi – Oh fuck off slug!

Fockky – Fatass bitch up in here smelling like dry salami!…

Rubi – Bitch- with yo tall ass head!

Cayden – Oh shit!

Rebecca- Does this normally happen with your friends?

Cayden – I haven’t known them THAT long…

Javier – Someone go help him.

Jonah – Fuck…. *runs after Ian*

[Bottom Pic]

Ruben – That’s fucked up.

Chace – Next time I see that blonde bitch, I’m fucking him up on sight!

Nick – Trey… are you okay?

Hope – Oh my god…

Portia – That was so ridiculous.

Trey – ……

Dominic – You’re shaking, are you okay? I didn’t think he was going to hit-


Dominic – What?- no, I-

Trey – You’re my boyfriend! you’re supposed to protect me, and have my back! you’re just happy to be right once again. You only care about being right!

Dominic – Trey, I’m sorry… I didn’t think he would do that-

Trey – Just leave me alone! don’t touch me!

Jonah – I’ll be back Trey. Hey! Hey! Ian!

Ian – *walks away*

Jonah – *Chases after him*

Why am I not shocked that Trey got knocked out?… this just hasn’t been his month has it? Is this the end of Trey and Dominic as we know it?

[Location : Mango Island | Reception Hall]

Back on Mango Island, Pricilla finally found another ladies room. Too bad she was taking forever. Poor Keegan was just standing around, that is until the bride herself paid him a visit.

Alana – Hey handsome. What are you doing up here alone?

Keegan – Waiting for my girlfriend to come out of the ladies room.

Alana – I see.

Keegan – You look very pretty Alana.

Alana – Oh you like? I decided to slut it up at the reception.

Keegan – *laughs*

Alana – You’re looking hot. I’m so glad you’re blonde again babe!

Keegan – I figured it was my look before, why not bring it back for the event of the century?

Alana – Good thinking.


Vira – Okay… so… this isn’t working.

Morgan – I know. They are not getting along.

Vira – Because Carter is kind of pretentious.

Morgan – You take that back!

Vira – Morgan… he is. The Lawyer jokes are getting old.

Morgan – Well Aaron’s a bit immature….

Vira – Its not his fault you decided to date an older man…

Morgan – Oh my god Vira you’re upsetting me.

Vira – I’m sorry… I’m sorry- look… we shouldn’t be fighting because our boyfriend aren’t getting along.

Morgan – Well your sister did say this would happen.

Vira – Which sister? Alana, Vanille, or Kaori… you gotta be specific these days… all of this new family…

Morgan – Vanille.

Vira – She told you that our men wouldn’t get along?

Morgan – She said they’re too different, and wouldn’t really like each other for more than 10 minutes.

Vira – So she’s a singer, and psychic…

Morgan – Apparently.

Vira – Hey look there’s your wild sex partner from back in the day…

Morgan – Shut up before they hear you….

Vira – I will never forget when you told me he ate your ass for the first time.

Morgan – I didn’t know what to do Vira, he turned me over and just…

Vira – Licked?… and then anal followed right?

Morgan – Vira Santiago Andrews McDonald…. are you drunk?

Vira – Too many last names… and I’m not drunk. I’m slightly buzzed.

Morgan – Vira…. have you ever… done that?

Vira – Aaron does it all the time…

Morgan – You like that?!

Vira – Don’t say it with so much judgement! *laughing*

Morgan – I hope Aaron and Carter aren’t fighting in the mens room…

Vira – Relax… loosen up. Lets get some of that punch.

Morgan – Oh no Vira… I saw the bohemian chic queen pour something in it.

Vira – Who?

Morgan – Jarrah sweetie… my ex- co-worker?

Vira – Oh right… I forgot you worked with her at V-Glam back in the day. Did you even say hi?

Morgan – Yes I did. We’re fine, no drama. But anyway, yeah…. I saw her along with Cillian spike the punch.

Vira – No wonder I’m buzzed. Lets have some more! Woo!

Morgan – Random memory! remember when you colored your hair green and you looked like an asian joker clown because you wanted to push Aaron away?! *laughing*

Vira – *laughing hysterically* Oh how stupid!


Alana – Well looks like my new step-sister Vira is enjoying herself.

Keegan – So… I was wondering something…

Alana – What?

Keegan – Why did you invite me?

Alana – *laughs* Oh baby… why do you think I invited you?

Keegan – I don’t know.

Alana – Look I know you’re with Patty, or whatever her name is-

Keegan – Priscilla…

Alana – Oh right- well.. I know you’re with her, but…

Keegan – But what?

Alana – I don’t know… I figured I’d invite you, and the ambiance, and love, and whatever-the-fuck, would hit you.

Keegan – Huh?

Alana – So good looking, but so slow… I wanted you to see Kaori at this wedding, and reception. I wanted you to really see her.

Keegan – I see her all the time.

Alana – But do you really see her?

Keegan – I don’t under-

Alana – God you two are annoying. Wake up already! You can’t tell me you don’t love the girl.

Keegan – Alana please…

Alana – Please what?

Keegan – I came to support your marriage… please be respectful to my relationship.

Alana – …I’m sorry. I just really love Kaori, and if she won’t admit the truth, then I have to. You and her have to be together… You just-

Priscilla – I’m back!

Keegan – Oh hey babe.

Priscilla – Long Line to the ladies room.

Alana – Oh hi! cute dress girl!

Priscilla – Thanks, yours as well! loving the whole boob-window thing you got going on.

Alana – I’m a bride, but I’m a sexy bride you know?- sorry I’ve had so much to drink!

Keegan – Its your wedding, party it up!

Alana – What took so long with the ladies room? are people pooping in there again?

Keegan – Isn’t that what its for?

Alana – ….Yeah but dropping atomic shit bombs? No.

Priscilla – The line was just super long.

Alana – I see. WELL! I’m going to go back downstairs. You guys have fun. And Keegan?….You just think about what I said…

Keegan – …. thanks for the invitation Alana. You have a great night.

Alana – You too baby! Bye Patty-

Priscilla – Its Priscilla! *smiles and waves*

Alana – Bye guys! *struts away*

Priscilla – Time to talk… but we need privacy.

Keegan – Lets go outside.

Priscilla – Perfect.

Keegan – *sigh of relief* This air feels good.

Priscilla – It really does.

Keegan – Beautiful night.

Priscilla – Hey what was Alana talking about when she said “Think about what I said”

Keegan – Uh- umm.. getting married?

Priscilla – ………..Oh.

Keegan – ……You almost jumped into the water at the thought…

Priscilla – Sorry…. hey did she say why she invited you?

Keegan – ….Yeah- she just- just because I’m close with the girls, and she said she just wanted to see me all dressed up.

Priscilla – ……….I….See-

Keegan – So you and Frankie eh?

Priscilla – What about us?

Keegan – Does it feel good to be done with the beef?

Priscilla – Yeah, some weight is lifted.

Keegan – But not all?

Priscilla – No….

Well get to it Priscilla.. we’re all wondering what the tea is.

Keegan – Priscilla are you in love with Frankie?

Priscilla – What?- no! why would you think that?

Keegan – Well you don’t really give me any other choice. Everything is super vague with you lately…

Priscilla – God….

Keegan – So are we gonna do this now? here?

Priscilla – I know its shitty timing but I just feel like I need to get this out…

Keegan – And by this you mean…

Priscilla – Everything.

Keegan – …..Great…

Priscilla – I love you Keegan… I really do.

Keegan – But you’re not in love with me huh?

Priscilla – Its not as cliche’ as it sounds… you have to let me explain.

Keegan – …. Go ahead.

Priscilla – …. I met someone.

Keegan – That Gina woman that you’re always at the gym with…

Priscilla – Yes and no-

Keegan – How can it be both yes, and no?!

Priscilla – I’m trying to explain.

Keegan – …Fine.

Priscilla – You have to promise not to hate me…

Keegan – I can’t promise that…

Priscilla – Please… because I didn’t want to hurt you.

Keegan – Priscilla you can’t dictate how I’m gonna feel about things… just say it… I’m tired of waiting- aren’t you tired of holding it in?

Priscilla – Fine!…. for the past…. 4 months…

Keegan – ……wow… that long…

Priscilla – Just listen… Gina is real, but she’s not Gina… and she’s not a she.

Keegan – …..

Priscilla – Something I should clarify is that I have not touched, kissed, or had sex with this person. We fell in love, and even he knew it was wrong. He even decided to stop coming to the gym so that we had nothing to feel guilty about… until last week… he came and he told me all he could think about was me, and I honestly felt the same. I haven’t known anyone like him, and if you believe in soulmates… I think he’s mine.

Keegan – …..

Priscilla – ….Nick….

Keegan – What?

Priscilla – Nick Hicks…. Trey’s friend….

Keegan – …..

Priscilla – We met at the gym, and we fell in love there… he’s why I go so often… to see him, to be in his company… he makes me laugh, he makes me feel amazing- and that’s not to say that you don’t… he just does it in a different way. I love you, but I’m in love with him- and please don’t hate him. He respected you, he tried to end it- he tried to stay away. He feels awful about it- he almost told Trey about us out of guilt, but stopped himself.

Keegan – Nick…. is Gina….

Priscilla – Can you say something?…. do you hate me?

Keegan – ………………………… We……….. need to break up.

Priscilla – …. I know.

Keegan – ….I’m a little mad at Nick… but I’m not gonna go fight him if that’s what you’re worried about. Heh, I really… I shouldn’t even be surprised… my luck with women is just…

Priscilla – Go be with the one for you…

Keegan – … We just broke up, I’m not thinking about-

Priscilla – Doesn’t matter… Go.

Keegan – What are you gonna do huh?

Priscilla – I’m going to get on the first flight, and get home.

Keegan – To be with Nick?

Priscilla – To be with my bestfriend. I could use her right about now. That took a lot out of me to say. I hate myself so much right now for hurting you.

Keegan – Its not your fault you found someone better than me.

Priscilla – He’s not better, he’s just different, and he’s just… for me. I can feel it- and She’s for you. So go… you have plenty of time to deal with me- hate me or-

Keegan – I don’t hate you…

Priscilla – …That’s generous…

Keegan – No i’m not giving you generosity Priscilla. That’s just truth…

Priscilla – *sigh*

Keegan – You should get out of here…

Priscilla – We can talk when you get back to GloCity.

Keegan – Yeah… no.

Priscilla – …..

Keegan – Believe me when I say this. I’m not trying to be mean, but we don’t have anything to talk about. Thank you for being my… friend?… but you lied to me, and you kept this from me. Even after I told you I was trying to be the best man I could be in a relationship after my last one crumbled. I don’t hate you, and I wish you and Nick well on your journey to be soulamtes- but we have nothing else to talk about. Goodbye Priscilla Kane.

Priscilla – *Looks upset* …. Goodbye Keegan Bennett.

Holy shit did that just happen? Nick?! Nick is Gina from the Gym?… wow Nick.. can’t believe you’re BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR!- a lil beyonce reference there. Google it if that joke didn’t land! All jokes aside, I can’t believe that…

[Location : GloCity | Club MN8]

While I collect my thoughts, we’re back in GloCity, and the fallout from “BitchWentDown-Gate” was in full affect.

Jonah – Dude…

Ian – Are you here to hit me?

Jonah – No! don’t you think we’ve had enough of that shit?! what the fuck were you thinking?

Ian – I feel like shit! I shouldn’t have hit him- I have to go apologize-

Jonah – No! you can’t go back in there! 80% of the people in there want to probably beat your ass.

Ian – I regretted it as soon as I did it. I’m not a violent person- that’s not me!

Jonah – We all make mistakes, I’m not going to judge you for this- was it wrong? fuck yeah! but all things considered, I could see how your emotions could take over…

Ian – I have to go back in there- I have to make it right!

Jonah – Not tonight you don’t.

Ian – Why are you even out here? you hate me.

Jonah – I don’t hate you.

Ian – I thought you did because Keegan and I are-

Jonah – No. I don’t hate you, I’m not jealous.

Ian – I want to die.

Jonah – Stop it.

Ian – No, I want to die. I want to kill myself and be with my sister…. tonight.

Jonah – Holy shit. Listen Ian… when the time is right, you’re going to apologize to Trey, but that’s not tonight… and please promise me you’re not going to hurt yourself when you leave.

Ian – …

Jonah – Please.

Ian – I fucked up hitting him, I shouldn’t have done that- I am not this person!

Jonah – I know… stop it, stop hating yourself.

Ian – I’ve hated myself ever since my sister died. It wasn’t my fault but I should have been watching her- and my parents… they hated me.. they refused to talk to me. I had to emancipate myself for some kind of sanity… do you know what that feels like? your parents hating you for something that was beyond your control? They blame me for my sister- *crying* They threw me out like trash.

Jonah – ….I know…

Ian – Then the porn thing… I get exposed before coming to terms with telling Kaori myself- I… I need to get out of here. I have to leave.

Jonah – Just promise me-

Ian – I have to leave…. I have to leave- I gotta leave, I have to go.

Jonah – Things will be okay Ian, Trey probably doesn’t even hate you… I-

Ian – … *walks away*

Nick – Hey

Jonah – He left…

Nick – ….Ah.

Jonah – He smelled like booze, but clearly he was on something else as well. I know that look…

Yeah because Keegan had that look years ago. Hopefully Ian can get himself together like Keegan did…

Nick – You’re saying he was high on something?

Jonah – I’m pretty sure- Hey you didn’t come out here to fight him did you?

Nick – Umm.. no?

Jonah – Just checking… considering…

Nick – I wouldn’t solve violence with more violence…

Jonah – Ah… but its Trey… so…

Nick – I’d do that even if it wasn’t Trey… I don’t get what you’re getting at.

Jonah – … Look… I know… about… your secret.

Nick – You do?….

Jonah – Its obvious… I know about you loving h-

Nick – I feel really shitty about it-

Jonah – I get why…. you don’t want to break up an existing relationship.

Nick – Not sure how this relates to Trey, and I don’t know how you found out, but I’m almost relieved. It was so stressful, and Priscilla… she’s feeling so guilty-

Jonah – Wait what?

Nick – About everything.

Jonah – Wait!

Nick – No, it feels good letting it out finally… She’s suppose to tell Keegan about us tonight-


Nick – …..

Jonah – You and Priscilla?! You’re her gym friend?!

Nick – … Wait a second- you said you knew?

Jonah – I thought you were in love with Trey!

Nick – Why the fuck would you think that?!

Jonah – He told me!

Nick – I’m not in love with him! is he out of his mind?!

Jonah – Are you?! are you fucking crazy? messing around with Priscilla?! Keegan will murder you!

Nick – We haven’t- We haven’t crossed any lines until last week… I kissed her and she was so mad at me- I was mad at me!

Jonah – What the fuck?!

Nick – ….I’m so sorry… I thought you knew? I feel like shit, Keegan’s a great dude- but I fell in love with her and-

Jonah – Stop….

Nick – I know he’s your bestfriend and-

Jonah – Stop….

Nick – I don’t know why the hell Trey told you that I was in love with him.

Jonah – The day you went over there to talk to him. He thought you were about to-

Nick – Oh shit… now it makes sense. I’ve been around a lot- and acting weird around him. Its because I’m close with him, and he’s close with Keegan. It was awkward for me. I wanted to tell him-

Jonah – Too many truth bombs… He found out things about that guy that punched him and look what happened. You did the right thing in not telling him.

Nick – But now you know…

Jonah – And I wish I didn’t.

Nick – Well Keegan’s finding out tonight. Look… I’m not a bad person. I do feel horrible, but have you ever met someone who lit up your entire world? someone that was with someone else and you loved them no matter what? all you wanted was them… for you? because you knew deep down its what made sense in the grand scheme of things?

Jonah – ……

Nick – Looking at your face, I can tell you have…

Jonah – This is fucked up Nick…

Nick – Keegan’s going to punch me huh?

Jonah – I don’t know what he’s going to do… but you guys are going to cross paths…

Nick – …. shit….

Jonah – Shit is right…

Rubi – …..*smiles and waves* *singing* Panda Panda Panda Panda!

Jonah – Oh great, Rubi’s being nosy.

Nick – She can’t hear from in there, its super noisy.

Jonah – She needs to go sit her fatass down somewhere… this is not the time for her poking around in people’s business.

Nick – ….I get it, you’re loyalties lie with Keegan… you hate me.

Jonah – … Its just awkward…

Nick – I’m gonna go back inside and check on Trey…

Jonah – …K.

Nick – ….And I know this is… not right…. but…

Jonah – Yeah, yeah… I’m not going to tell him anything about Priscilla… too much has been said already.

Nick – Thank you.

Jonah – …. You should probably make it obvious that you’re not into him though. He think’s Dominic’s going to dump him, so….

Nick – ….Alright.

Jonah – ….

Nick – Okay… I’m gonna get back inside.

Jonah – Yup… I’ll be in, in a second…

Nick – *nods and walks away*

Jonah – Fuck my life.

[Location : Mango Island | Reception Hall]

[Press Play or Use your imagination. Music Is Optional.]

Back on the island. It was performance time. Vanille took the stage and everyone else took to the dance floor… well not everyone. Some were elsewhere, like Aaron who had too much punch. He was knocked out in the corner. Vira didn’t care, she was happy he was enjoying himself, and thought he was adorable sleeping. Keegan also wasn’t in the dancing mood. Obviously we know why, poor thing… and now Jonah knew too.

Two others who were missing were bestman Cillian, and Jarrah. Also known as Eric and Rachel.

Cillian – ….Well… we’ve done everything on the list, and we’re down to the last one…

Jarrah – Right… hooking up in the closet at the reception *laughs*

Cillian – Is kissing okay?…

Jarrah – Its fine. I don’t want to cross the other line.

Cillian – Me neither.

Jarrah – You’re a cool guy…. Eric.

Cillian – So are you Rachel…

Jarrah – I’m a cool guy? *laughs*

Cillian – You know what I mean.

Jarrah – Too much punch?

Cillian – A little, but I’m confused… its been refilled a couple of times. We only spiked it that one time.

Jarrah – Maybe someone else is doing it….

Cillian – I have a secret to tell you…

Jarrah – Okay.

Cillian – Don’t tell the bride… but you’re the hottest girl here.

Jarrah – …..Aww aren’t you sweet.

Cillian – Being serious for a second, Jarrah…

Jarrah – No more codenames?

Cillian – Our night is about over… and I just want to say… I have a past… and things with women haven’t been easy. Tonight was the first time I’ve had fun in a long time. I usually work hard, and keep to myself. So thank you for a magical night.

Jarrah – No problem Cillian, you’ve help distract me from a few things. My mind is fog free now, I can see things so clearly now. You’ve made this night special for me as well.

Cillian – *smiles*

Jarrah – *smiles* After this kiss we go our separate ways.

Cillian – We go back to our lives as we know them. You’ll just be a nice memory. The beautiful girl at the wedding.

Jarrah – The handsome bestman.

Cillian – Lets cross off the final thing on the list Rachel Duncan.

Jarrah – Go for it Eric Grandwell.

Cillian – *kisses Jarrah*

Vanille – *continues singing*

Wesley – Yeah! work it out baby! that’s my wife singing *dances*

Kyle – That’s your wife? she’s amazing!

Wesley – She sure the fuck is!


Aries – I love you Benji, thanks for coming with me.

Benji – I love you too

Aries – I’m having an amazing time with you. I can’t imagine myself with nobody else!

Benji – We are so going skinny dipping in the ocean after this.

Aries – Fuck yeah! I love being naked!


Carter – Babe… you’re so sexy when you loosen up… look at you..

Morgan – I don’t know why I’m feeling so loose.

Carter – I do… I spiked the punch.

Who hasn’t at this point?

Morgan – I want to be mad, but I just feel so damn good!

Carter – Good enough to break the hotel room sex rule?

Morgan – You know I feel like a cheap escort doing that… but maybe… you are looking rather delicious tonight!


Sebastian – ….

Alana – What’s wrong babe?

Sebastian – I’m just really happy.

Alana – Aww… me too.

Sebastian – I can’t wait for the honeymoon. I have so many surprises. Also your mother agreed to keep Charlotte… its going to be just us baby…

Alana – Oh you spoil me!


Kaori – Where’s Jarrah?

Frankie – She’s somewhere with Cillian.

Kaori – Still?

Frankie – Yep, I played cupid. Just for the night though. They’re just having fun. Are you having fun?

Kaori – I am!

Frankie – Good… I needed to make sure before I left.

Kaori – You’re leaving? *makes sad face*

Frankie – I’m not focused on having fun, I need to talk to Raina… like now.

Kaori – I can understand that…. can’t believe you’re really breaking up with her. I’m straight- but she’s hot.

Frankie – She is… but… I gotta make myself happy. Do me a favor…

Kaori – Anything, sexy lady BFF.

Frankie – Make sure Keegan’s okay.

Kaori – Why wouldn’t he be?

Frankie – Just check on him later okay?

Kaori – Alright.

Frankie – I gotta go.

Kaori – Its late, how are you getting back to GloCity?

Frankie – Your sister took care of that. Alana saw me sulking, and told her dad I needed to get home fast. So he’s letting me use his jet, can you believe that?

Kaori – You know my family does it big- ew… sounded like Rubi Larter for a second there.

Frankie – This wedding and reception are clear indicators of doing it big.

Kaori – Safe travels.

Frankie – Love you! tell Jarrah, and Keegan I said bye.

Kaori – Will do, and Love you too.

Aww… bye bye Frankie.

Keegan – ….

Vince – ….. Keegan?

Keegan – I’m not drinking.

Vince – You can sit at a bar and not drink. I didn’t think you were having anything…

Keegan – ….Yeah.

Vince – Did you have any punch? because-

Keegan – No, I smelled it… I knew…

Vince – Just… making sure. Not to monitor you, but to be protective…. you’re Issac’s son… I just-

Keegan – I get it…. thanks for looking out for me….

Vince – Why aren’t you dancing? got two left feet?

Keegan – Nah, I was dancing earlier…

Vince – Where did your date go?

Keegan – Home to her boyfriend.

Vince – What?

Keegan – …I wasn’t her soulmate and she told me she had to be with him. Its odd, I’m more mad that she lied. I’m not even mad that she’s with someone else.

Vince – I’m not sorry to hear that.

Keegan – Excuse me?

Vince – She’s right to want to be with her soulmate, and you should be with yours.

Keegan – …What are you saying?

Vince – You and my daughter have loved each other since you first met. Remember her 14th birthday party? You remember what I caught you doing in my bathroom?

Keegan – Oh god… please don’t-

Vince – If I recall it correctly… you were in the mirror saying “Kaori, you are the prettiest girl in the world, and I like you. Do you want to maybe see a movie with me?” You were pretty embarrassed when I caught you.

Keegan – …Nobody knows about that except you.

Vince – You never told her, and you went on to meet other girls, and have relationships.

Keegan – You made it clear that I wasn’t right for your daughter early on.

Vince – I was both right and wrong. You weren’t right for her at that age, at that maturity level. You’ve both grown so much over the years. You remind me of myself. I made mistakes growing up. We are both better men having grown from our mistakes. While you and my daughter have grown up, and have become quite different than the kids you used to be, one thing remains the same. You guys are in love with each other.

Keegan – … I-

Vince – You are so much like your dad. Issac was so stubborn about the truth. He didn’t want to come out of the closet, if it had been up to him, he never would have had his first kiss. So I grabbed him and kissed him.

Keegan – You did?

Vince – Yep, and me and the guys later on forced him to expand his horizon. He was the straight-gay guy… he needed to get out there and just live his life. We had to push him, and he was happy. Now I’m pushing you, so get up out of that fucking chair, and go get the girl.

Keegan – …but I just- Priscilla-

Vince – Oh to hell with her! She’s going to get her man, while you sit here crying about a bitch that doesn’t give two fucks about you. Do you hear me?

Keegan – I do.

Vince – Go be with my daughter already. I’m sick of y’alls excuses. Do I need to do everything myself? *laughs* don’t be that stupid 14 year old… go tell her how you feel, how you’ve always felt.

Keegan – *laughs*… What if she’s over it?

Vince – She’s not.

Keegan – So you want me with her? Really? *smiles and laughs*

Vince – Go before I change my mind… *smiles*

Keegan – We really have been fooling ourselves… avoiding the inevitable.

Vince – You guys haven’t fool anybody but yourselves… we all knew the truth.

Keegan – Its crazy when you think about-

Vince – If you don’t get your ass outside and kiss my daughter I will choke you.

Keegan – I’m going *smiles*

Vince – Finally!

Keegan – Umm where is-

Vince – Outside.

Keegan – Thanks…

[Stop Music if still playing]

Kaori – Oh my god did you fuck him in there?

Jarrah – Oh god no! what type of slut-antics would that be?

Kaori – Don’t let Vira hear you say that… “a woman has a right to be just as sexually promiscuous as a man”

Jarrah – That sounds exactly like the stuff you were saying freshman year- well freshman year for you.. sophomore for me.

Kaori – Time has flown by.

Jarrah – I feel good. This was a good wedding- good reception.

Kaori – Are you going to miss Cillian?

Jarrah – No… I never met him. I only knew “Eric : The Bestman” Besides I have enough to deal with back at home.

Kaori – Right… Owen and Shane.

Keegan – Hey!

Jarrah – KeeKee!

Keegan – Hey hot mama!

Jarrah – Oh stop…

Keegan – You look like you’ve had a good time…

Jarrah – Don’t pretend like Frankie didn’t tell you *laughs*

Keegan – She told me all about Cillian.

Jarrah – It was fun… but the fairytale is over. I have a job, and baby to get back home to after this is all said and done. Back to life! back to reality.

Kaori – *laughs*

Keegan – *looks at her and smiles*

Jarrah – *feels a vibe*…… I’m…… going to go inside… I owe my dad a dance.

Kaori – Why are you leaving?

Jarrah – *smiles and looks at Keegan* Feels right. Later guys!

Keegan – Bye.

Kaori – Bye weirdo *laughs*

*Jarrah leaves*

[Press Play or Use your imagination. Music Is Optional.]

Keegan – …Hey.

Kaori – …Hi?

Keegan – Hiya-Sorry… I don’t know why I said that-

Kaori – Ya know… I didn’t realize how much I missed blonde KeeKee until now.

Keegan – Oh yeah?… well he’s back…

Kaori – Where’s Priscilla?

Keegan – She had to leave.

Kaori – Oh? is everything okay?

Keegan – I guess that will depends on how this goes.

Kaori – ….How what goes?

Keegan – You ask a lot of questions you know that?

Kaori – Can’t help it *smiles* I’m just being me… love it or hate it.

Keegan – I love it.

Kaori – ….*looks away and smiles*

Keegan – Priscilla and I are done…

Kaori – What happened?

Keegan – She told me everything…

Kaori – About why she’s been so weird?

Keegan – Yeah… and I’ll tell you about it… later, but I don’t want to talk about her.

Kaori – …What do you want to talk about.

Keegan – Kaori why have we been lying to ourselves?

Kaori – …What do you mean?

Keegan – Please don’t do that.

Kaori – ….We’re friends.

Keegan – We are, but we’re so much more than that and we always have been.

Kaori – …

Keegan – I can’t make anything work- even when I try. Neither can you… We said that the universe didn’t want us together, but I think the universe was trying to give us the right moment.

Kaori – …

Keegan – *grabs her hands* This is our moment.

Kaori – But didn’t-

Keegan – You didn’t answer my question… why have we been lying to our-

Kaori – Because… I’m scared that people would be right, and everything leading up to this didn’t matter… That I was stupid.

Keegan – For me….I was worried I’d hurt you. Especially after the Jules thing. I realized something… we’re hurting each other by denying the obvious truth here.

Kaori – Which is?

Keegan – Simply put… I was made for you, and you were made for me.

Kaori – ….*smiles*

Keegan – I’ve had this speech in my head for so long. What would it really be like to tell you that I’m in love with you, and I want to be with you… but nothing I say can really ever truly describe my love for you. Its ironic that you’re standing here looking like a princess, and I’m anything but a prince- but I’m here presenting myself to you.. open and honestly. I love you, and I want to be with you. I always have and I lied. I don’t want to be your fucking friend. I want to be your friend, boyfriend, confidant, etcetera. I want to be your everything.

Kaori – ….*smiles* ….

Keegan – Can you say something?

Kaori – …. you’re wrong.

Keegan – About?

Kaori – You are a prince… you’ve always been my prince… I just had to kiss a bunch of frogs till I got to you.

Keegan – So you’re saying yes? *smiles*

Kaori – Yes… Keegan Bennett, I’m saying yes. I lied too, I love you… I tried everything to get over you… but it doesn’t work, and everyone called me out on it. I hate them… I love you… I want to be with you.

Keegan – *smiles*

Kaori – Is this too soon though?… with Ian, and Priscilla-

Keegan – No, no, no… aren’t you tired of waiting?

Kaori – *Nods yes and smiles*

Keegan – Besides, I’m pretty sure your dad will kick my ass if we don’t end up together.

Kaori – What?

Keegan – I’ll tell you about it later… just… be with me here in this moment.

Kaori – I’m yours…

*Keegan & Kaori Kiss*

Keegan – Oh one more thing princess

Kaori – Yes prince charming?

Keegan – Kaori, you are the prettiest girl in the world, and I like you- scratch that… I love you. Do you want to maybe see a movie with me? *smiles*

Kaori – What are we? 15?

Keegan – 14…

Kaori – I don’t get it- but it was cute… yes… I’d love to go on a date with my boyfriend…

Keegan – Oh boyfriend huh? look at you all sure of it… okay.

Kaori – *laughing* shut up… you know you want me as your girlfriend.

Keegan – ….I do… *kisses Kaori*

Kaori – Yep…. best night of my life.

Keegan – *laughing* 

Kaori – So what now? I mean-

Keegan – Sweetheart?

Kaori – I know.. too many questions. I should just shut up and-

Keegan – Kiss me.

Kaori – That I can do.

Keegan – Come to daddy…

Kaori – Stop *laughs* that’s gonna get you in trouble.

Keegan – Isn’t that what you like? bad boys?

Kaori – You’re not a bad boy anymore…. but guess what?

Keegan – Hmm?

Kaori – I still love you… and nothing will change that. You’re mine now… so-

Keegan – You know what? on second thought I think I’m in love with Myra Kelley… *laughing* yeah she’s so hot-

Kaori – *laughing* Stop!…

Keegan – Remember when you’d be “in the neighborhood” and come by just to watch me wash my car, or fix it? You were so into me…

Kaori – Oh god embarrassing.. I was so sprung…

Keegan – You still are… can’t get enough of daddy Keegan huh baby? *winks playfully*

Kaori – *laughing hysterically* Oh god! shut up and kiss me.

Keegan – To quote a beautiful princess on a far away island?… “That I can do” *Kisses Kaori*

Well well well… it finally happened. We all knew it would, but that’s besides the point. They finally realized it, and I’m beyond happy about it. I wonder what the rest of the group will think when they find out. With Kaori and Keegan so happy… would that annoy the other’s who seem to be so…. unhappy? also… not to be cynical but will this last? no no no- I won’t ruin this moment. I totally ship #Keeori… and if you don’t, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

[Stop Music if still playing]

[Location : GloCity | Tyler & America’s Home]

After the Comedy Club drama, Trey didn’t want to go home with Dominic… which worked out well because his big brother Tyler, and his sister in-law America had invited him over. Why? well… apparently it was urgent. Jonah, not knowing what to do with himself decided to tag along. From Christine, Seeing Karin, The punch heard around the world, and finally Nick’s confession… he was over the this day.

Tyler – Okay sorry about that. Work never stops.

Trey – …..

America – Are you gonna tell us why you seem upset?

Trey – No…

Tyler – Jonah?

Jonah – …Its better if he tells you… I don’t want to be in the middle.

America – Is it serious?

Trey – I should be asking you guys that…

Tyler – ….Jonah would you mind keeping an eye on Renly while we talk to Trey in the kitchen?

Jonah – No, problem- hey why did you guys name him Renly?

America – Our favorite Game Of Thrones Character… So we named him Renly Jordan Robinson.

Jonah – Oh cool! have you guys seen the new episode?

Tyler – Not another word young Jonah! we have not watched it yet!

America – We are serious about spoilers in this house.

Jonah – Gotcha. Well we’re good here. You guys can go talk.

Tyler – Yell if you need anything.

Jonah – Alright.

[Top Pic]

Jonah – *tickles Renly*

Renly – *giggling*

Jonah – Renly… you are the cutest kid ever- don’t tell JK (Jarrah’s son) that I said that!

Renly – *baby gibberish*

Jonah – *playful gasp* I do not tell that to all the babies!

Renly – *baby gibberish*

Jonah – You sure are adorable, but why the hel- heck would your parents name you after Renly Baratheon? 1. He sleeps with his wife’s brother. 2. He barely lives, he died 5 episodes into season two… death by vagina smoke monster- damn… Game of Thrones is weird.

Excuse you Jonah? spoilers much?- though if you’re not watching Game Of Thrones by now… what’s the point.

[Bottom Pic]

America – ….We love you Trey… tell us what’s going on.

Tyler – Yeah… who hurt my baby brother.

Trey – I sorta deserved it- sorta… I didn’t deserve to get punched though… and in front of my friends.

America – Did nobody help you?

Trey – ….The guy walked off-

Tyler – Why would anyone hit you?

America – You’re the sweetest thing.

Trey – I found out some information, and I did with it what I thought was right…

America – Well are you alright? did you need ice?

Trey – I iced it at the club.

Tyler – … How are things with Dominic? you know I really like him for you. Originally I thought he had too much of a past for you… but I think he’s matured you a bit.

America – I really like him too.

Trey – Everyone loves Dominic.

Tyler – What? you don’t?

Trey – I do, he’s my boyfriend… I’m just- enough about me guys. I’m perfectly fine, I’ll be okay. How are you? how’s work?

America – Things for me are going great. I’ve gotten so much support from the city with my project.

Tyler – Same for me…. and this segways into other things we’ll get into.

They work for the same environmental protection agency in case you guys were wondering.

Trey – Well glad things are well.

America – And what about you?

Trey – Well…. my boss is [gay] great. I [feel bad for] love his family. I really [hope the drama doesn’t get me fired] love working for them. *forced smile*

Tyler – Are you sure you’re okay? you seem so… over everything.

America – I agree…

Tyler – Almost makes me not want to bring up why we asked you here.

Trey – I’m good, I just… things in my personal life could be better- but all that aside… I’m here for you guys. What’s going on? do you need me to babysit my nephew?

Tyler & America – *looks at each other*

Jonah – Let me put you down Renly, My phone is buzzing. *sets Renly Down*

Jonah – Hello?

Oliver *on phone* – Hey, how are you doing?

Jonah – Dad this is random..

Oliver – Is it?

Jonah – Yes?

Oliver – I guess I just wanted to see how you were… considering most of your friends are at your cousin Sebastian’s wedding.

Jonah – I made my peace with that, I’m not upset that I didn’t go.

Oliver – I never want you to feel left out- and I know its not cool- and kind of lame… but I just want to protect you…

Jonah – Thanks dad. What are you up to?

Oliver – Your mother and I are supposed to be at the movie theatre but she realized she forgot her phone so we drove all the way back. I’m in the car, and she’s walking in the house now to get it so we can be on our way.


Trey – So… are you guys going to tell me something bad or something?

America – I wouldn’t say its bad.

Tyler – ….Its not bad, its just…

Trey – Oh my god… guys… c’mon tell me already.

Tyler – Its more of a question than a statement.

America – ….yeah.

Trey – Okay I’m all ears.

Tyler – I’m so nervous to-

America – He’s here… we may as well just go on with it.

Trey – ….

Tyler – …. America and I have been offered something very special. To go and save a rainforest… to save an area far from here. With climate change and endangered-

Trey – Are you guys asking me to keep Renly for a week or something? because that’s fine-

America – …..Longer…

Trey – …. a month?

Tyler – …..Longer….

Trey – A YEAR?

America – ….Two.

Trey – ….

Tyler – I know its a lot… and you can say no. We would ask mom, and dad-

America – But with what’s going on with your dad… she has enough to deal with. We can still ask assuming you say no but… We love and trust you… and if anything were to happen to us, we’d want Renly with you. We would be sending money too, don’t worry about that.

Tyler – And Merica’s folks… They-

America – My father is far too busy, never home. My mother is in Riverview with her boyfriend, and only here for work.

Tyler – We realized the lifestyle that we’ve chosen for ourselves, but Renly didn’t have a choice, and he can’t go with us for multuple reasons.

America – We went over this for a week… if we should ask… this is hard for us being his mom and dad… but we need to do this.

Tyler – Its a lot to ask someone, but you’re not just someone. You’re family.

America – We will understand if you say no.

Tyler – What do you say little brother?


Oliver *on phone* – Why is she taking so long?

Jonah – Mom always loses thing-

Oliver – Oh my god, Jonah- someone’s in the house with your mother. I saw them in the upstairs window. I’m going in- call 911 now! *hangs up*

Jonah – Dad?! Hello?! HELLO?!

With what’s going on in Trey’s personal life, could he actually take on the responsibility of being the caretaker of his nephew Renly? how would that work considering his living situation? Sure Ruben is moving out, but would Dominic even be okay with this? are him and Dominic even a thing anymore? how would bringing Renly in, while fighting with his boyfriend even make sense? At the same time its his brother, and sister in-law. He loves his nephew and would do anything for him. This is a lot to ask.

With everything that has happened to Jonah in the past few months- including today. This is the last straw, what the fuck is going on in GloCity? why are there so many criminals? who is in his parents house, and whats happened to his mother? what will happen to his father who’s confronting the intruder? Jonah not only called 911, but he drove over there himself.

[Location : Mango Island | Hotel Room]

So hard to even focus on Mango Island, when so much is going on back in GloCity. With that being said, the festivities were over, and Kaori was hanging out in her hotel room with her sister Vira, and friend Jarrah. Kaori was on a high- having no idea of what’s taking place back home in GloCity.

[Top Pic]

Vira – So…. what happened next?

Kaori – We walked on the beach, sat in the sand… looked at the stars and listened to the ocean. We talked about so much stuff.

Jarrah – I’m so happy for you guys.

Vira – Me too. Its about damn time.

Kaori – None of that “I told you so” shit though…

Vira & Jarrah – *laughing*

Jarrah – Isn’t it all worth it in the end?

Vira – Can I plan the wedding?

Kaori – You guys….

Vira – Did you have a good time tonight Jarrah? I heard you were with Cillian the whole night…

Jarrah – It was fun. You?- where’s your boyfriend?

Kaori – Yeah, where is Aaron?

Vira – Wesley, Carter, and Chris carried him to our room. He’s sleeping- and by the way do NOT let me fall asleep in here. He’d be so upset that I didn’t sleep in the room with him. He’s a big baby… he has a fear of hotel rooms. This is what happens when you watch too many horror movies about haunted hotels.

Jarrah – What does he think, Lady Gaga is going to come in and turn him into a vampire?

Kaori – Don’t you DARE bring up that horrendous season of American Horror Story. I hope she’s not back next season… horrible actress.

Vira – She won a Golden Globe for it…

Kaori – So… Halle Berry won and Oscar, and she did Catwoman after. They only gave Gaga that award because- well actually I don’t know why, and I don’t care *laughs* I’m just happy.

Vira – I’m happy you’re happy.

Jarrah – You think Frankie’s okay?

Vira – My baby… I hate that she left early.

Kaori – She’s a tough chick… she’ll be alright.

Vira – So… you have Keegan, Frankie’s breaking up with Raina, and- well what are you doing Jarrah?

Jarrah – Umm… getting some sleep. I’m tired as hell.

Vira – Fair enough.

Jarrah – Truth be told, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just going to go back to GloCity, work my ass off, be a good mom… and take it from there. We’ll see what happens with the guys.

Vira – That’s a good outlook.

Kaori – *smiles* I still smell like Keegan’s cologne… I love the way he smells.

Vira – *looks at Jarrah and shakes her head*

Jarrah – *playfully rolls eyes* Get a room already!

Kaori – I have one! you two whores are in it! *laughing*

[Bottom Pic]

After more conversation about the wedding and reception, Jarrah fell asleep… and so did Vira. Kaori knew she had to wake Vira, but figured a little nap couldn’t hurt before she made her go back to her own room. Obviously Kaori couldn’t sleep. It had finally happen. After all of the ups and downs, she’s taken, he’s taken… it finally was perfect. It was if the universe had already written this night and was just waiting for her to get to the ending. As excited, and happy as she was… she did wonder what happens now. She sure hope the fantasy wasn’t better than the reality. She also wondered if right in this moment… what was Keegan doing? she was thinking about him, was he thinking of her?

[Location : Mango Island | Outside Hotel]

[Top Pic]

Outside of the hotel, Keegan most certainly was thinking about Kaori. He was on a natural high, and felt light as a feather. He felt as if he could walk on air, that’s how over the moon he was. He of course had some of the same thoughts she did as well. They were finally together, so what now? Keegan laughed, and realized he sounded like Trey. Worrying about things when he shouldn’t. He was soon joined by Kaori’s brother Ivo…

Ivo – I guess I’m not the only one who couldn’t sleep.

Keegan – Yeah… and it feels nice out here.

Ivo – Mango Island is a magical place according to my dad.

Keegan – Your dad seems to have lots of wisdom to pass around.

Ivo – Some wisdom… some snore-inducing boring stories…. but that’s my dad for ya.

Keegan – Vince is a good dad.

Ivo – He is… and so is your dad… Issac’s awesome.

Keegan – He can be.

[Bottom Pic]

Ivo – So….

Keegan – Hmm?

Ivo – …..You and my little sister huh?

Keegan – *smiles*….yeah.

Ivo – What took so long?

Keegan – I- we just-

Ivo – You know what? I don’t care- because it doesn’t matter right? we’re here now…

Keegan – You’re right *smiles*

Ivo – So you’re happy right?

Keegan – I am…

Ivo – Then why do you look worried?

Keegan – …..

Ivo – I know we’ve never really…. been….

Keegan – Close?

Ivo – Right…. but…. you’re with Kay’ now… so I’m going to be around… watching.

Keegan – I promise I will be the best boyfriend. I love her so much, I always have. I won’t do anything to mess that up.

Ivo – *smiles* You, and Aaron… you’re both with my sisters… I even had a one on one with Sebastian at the bachelor party about Alana. She may not be my sister by blood, but she is by marriage, and I protect her. Being the only boy, I have to protect her, Kaori, and Vira. Its just what I do…

Keegan – I feel the same way about my little sister Zoey.

Ivo – I’m glad Kaori has you. You’re it… you’re the person that will make her the most happy.

Keegan – She makes me the most happy…

Ivo – …Then stop worrying…

Keegan – I just don’t want to mess it up.

Ivo – She’s been in love with your ass since forever… there is nothing you can do to run her away.

Keegan – I… you’re probably right- but I don’t want to do anything to run her away- I don’t-

Ivo – Keegan just… calm your tits alright?…. you love my sister?

Keegan – Yes.

Ivo – She loves you. That’s all that matters. Take it one day at a time… just because you guys have been friends for so many years, doesn’t mean rush into living together. Lemme give you a little advice. You know how I had my older woman phase, and dated Jessica Nash?

Keegan – Yeah.

Ivo – She told me something important. She said… “Take your time… woman like romance, and women like feeling like they matter” So do this… take her on dates, go through the little honeymoon period. Make it no different than any other relationship… and make the sex count- ew… can’t believe I just said that- but yeah… just take your time.

Keegan – Thank you Ivo…

Ivo – No… thank you for making my sister happy…. and just remember, if you hurt her?…. I will kill you *smiles*

Keegan – *laughs*

Ivo – And no sneaking into her hotel room…

Keegan – ….Yes sir *laughs*

They stayed out a bit longer, talking about the event, the dancing, the gossiping. They even touched on Ivo, and his girlfriend Taylor. Ivo was the happiest he’s been in a long time and he knew Taylor was the one, and it was great to see his sister feel the same way with Keegan. After a while, it got cold… and they returned to their hotel room. It was finally time to end this long day. It was time to say goodnight…. and so they did.

That concludes the Wedding Special.

~* Oh wait…. It doesn’t *~

After Credit Scene? Oh My!?

[Location : GloCity | Raina’s | 3:25am]

Guess Frankie made it to GloCity before sunrise.

Frankie – *sigh* Hope she’s awake….

Not surprising at all that she wanted to talk to Raina. Makes sense too considering she’s a bartender who’s a night owl. Hopefully this goes well, and Raina doesn’t flip a bitch and start cursing her out. The last thing we need is Frankie fist fighting Raina, because if Andi hears about that… Raina’s dead. So again, lets hope she handles this like a mature adult… seeing as she is older than Frankie.

Frankie – *gasp* Oh my god…

Raina…. hooking up with Ashley?…. but doesn’t Ashley have a boyfriend? That guy that works for Trey’s dad… Mario. What in the hell is going on?

Frankie – *crying* Why am I so stupid?

I guess Shane was right about his sister afterall… Poor Frankie… and Raina didn’t even know she was there… what’s going to happen next?

~*That Concludes Chapter Four/Wedding Special. Chapter Five Pt 1 is Next*~


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  1. :O OMG!! What is wrong with Raina??? How could she cheat on somebody as perfect as Frankie? Frankie should have gone in there and said something. Ugh. But anyway, BRAVO on the wedding special! This had to be one of my favorite chapters ever! It was so entertaining. It’s hard to say what my favorite part was so I’ll just name a few:

    Jarrah and CIllian-They were so cute with their casual, no strings attached one night relationship :p I wonder if they’ll cross paths again…Also the spiked punch thing cracked me up for some reason. Everybody seemed so desperate to spike it! It made me think you should have named this part two, “Punch”. Especially considering what happened to Trey lol. On that note, Trey is just about the unluckiest guy on earth lol. He was just trying to be a good friend, he didn’t deserve to get knocked out in front of everybody like that :(. It’s all the more reason Kaori should steer clear of Ian, he’s too unpredictable! I know he had a rough past but you can’t be beating up on Trey XD. And it annoyed me so much how Dominic didn’t have Trey’s back. It’s like he was trying to teach him a lesson or something. That’s your boyfriend you jerk!! -_-

    Last but not least, Kaori and Keegan…swoooooooooooooooooooooooon. ❤ The music was a nice touch for this scene. Everything was perfect, it was the perfect moment and both of them looked perfect and as we know, they are perfect together! Yay!!! ^_^

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