{BnG Season 3} Chapter Four – Presents – Alana & Sebastian : A Wedding Special Part One

[Chapter Four Pt 1]

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

No POV. Instead, Narrated by Me! ItzBee

Welcome to Part One of the Wedding Special. Both Part’s One & Two will feature all 6 of the Main BoysNGirls. Part One will take Place during the day, at the wedding, and in GloCity [For Jonah & Trey]. Part Two will be at night at the reception, and ALSO GloCity [For Jonah & Trey]. I hope you enjoy!


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[Location : Mango Island]

The big day was finally here, everyone was looking their best, because today was the extravagant wedding of Alana Grace, and her beau; Sebastian Darwin. It was a time of fashion, and celebration… would you expect anything less from GloCity’s finest? Guests were arriving, and finding time to socialize before the ceremony started. As for the Bride herself? well she, her bridesmaids, and a few others were inside the house getting ready…. lets have a look around, shall we?

Looks like the Groom, and his groomsmen were in deep conversation.

Sebastian – Why the hell am I so nervous?

Cillian – You got this man. You’re marrying the love of your life.

Micah – Yeah, nothing’s going to change except her last name. Everything will remain the same.

Ivo – The day is good, everyone is looking great- the weather is perfect. This is all going as planned.

Ja’Von – Yeah, stop worrying… This day is perfect.

Aries – You and Alana should not work on paper… but you do. You guys are oddly enough… perfect for one another. So chin up… lets celebrate!

Ivo – Not too much celebration… I still have a headache from the bachelor party…

Micah – Hey…. what happened there… stays there *laughing*

Sebastian – You guys are the best groomsmen I could ask for. Thanks for being here today.

Ryder – …………..


Meanwhile in the background… some C-City residents were chatting among themselves.

Aaron – Vira’s inside with Kaori, and Alana- and the others. I’m just chillin’ out here with you guys.

Carter – Yeah, Morgan’s in there too.

Aaron – I have to pee like crazy.

Wesley – Well go inside.

Aaron – I will in a minute.

Carter – Are you nervous Vanille?

Vanille – About what?

Carter – Singing at the reception.

Vanille – Not at all.

Wesley – My wife was born to perform. She’s good.

Aaron – Aren’t you guys adorable.

Wesley – You and Vira talk about marriage?

Aaron – Its come up randomly.

Vanille – This is surreal… Vira went from having no ties to her father… and now she’s a bridesmaid for her step sister, and hanging out with her half-sister weekly. Its crazy how life works out.

That’s true Vanille, I mean your mother Leslie met Vince on Mango Island- which happens to be exactly where you are now at a wedding. Leslie and Vince had Vira- we all know the story. So here you are, with people you know from your hometown of CCity- like Morgan Hill- and you’re also here with people you don’t know. Vira’s introduction to her father’s [Vince] family has in a way bridged two cities. Also can I just say how great it is to see that Vanille is happy, and married? I guess her winning that Miss Magik City Pageant was the start of goodness for her.

Wesley – What the fuck is Ryder doing?

Vanille – Who cares?

Carter – *laughing*

Aaron – Is it odd that he’s here?

Carter – Oh right, Morgan said he’s your ex boyfriend.

Aaron – And almost baby daddy…

Wesley – ….

Vanille – Ryder is so… lets just say he’s a non-factor. Beside’s I’m married to the most amazing man…

Wesley – Aww thanks baby.

Aaron – He’s with that super plastic chick right? Clisto Lockheart?

Carter – Calista Lockhe’ad.

Vanille – I can’t at her name.

Wesley – Why is Ryder eavesdropping on their conversation?

Vanille – He’s always been thirsty…

Carter – ….I don’t know the guy, but his reputation in CCity really paints a picture- plus what he did to you Vanille.

Vanille – Its all in the past… hope all is well for him. I’ve moved on, and have no room for hate. My sister’s [Vira] right though, Ryder has this ability to convince people that he’s this good guy, that he’s misunderstood. When in fact him, and his brother Rodney are both pieces of shit. They’re horrible people. Vira’s 100% right when she says that to be honest. Ryder has probably convinced all of those groomsmen that he’s chill…. they’ll see the truth sooner or later.

Incase you didn’t know… Vanille and Ryder dated in high school. She got pregnant, lost the baby, and he abandoned her. That’s like… one of the many messed up things this guy has done. Oh and fun fact… he’s Rubi’s brother.

Ryder – Hey motorboater!

Sebastian – ….

Aries – Dude, we just said what happened at the bachelor party stays there.

Ryder – Oh stop acting like we all cheated on our girlfriends… all we did was have fun with strippers. Our girlfriends are good.

Aries – Girlfriends? dude I’m gay.

Ryder – Didn’t act like it when that stripper had her ass in your face bruh!

Aries – I was trying to have a good time douche….

Cillian – We really don’t need you talking about the bachelor party… today of all days. We had our fun, today is about celebrating love.

Ivo – Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ryder – My bad, my bad. You’re right…

Sebastian – So what’s going on Ryan?

Ryder – Ryder….

Sebastian – Right! Ryder, sorry. So many names…

Ryder – Can I talk to you for a minute? Alone?

Sebastian – Umm… sure? Excuse me for a minute guys….

The groomsmen gave Sebastian and Ryder space to talk. They looked on, and conversed with each other.

Ryder – First off I just want to say, thanks for the invite.

Sebastian – No problem, your girlfriend is one of Alana’s bridesmaids so… it was only right.

Ryder – Fiancé.

Sebastian – Oh right, congratulations on that.

Ryder – Yeah man, had to put a ring on it.

Sebastian – Well that’s good. That mean’s Calista’s the one.

Ryder – I had a few, but they never made me feel like Calista does.

Sebastian – *smiles* That’s how I feel about Alana.

Ryder – I’ve made some mistakes in the past, and I’ve stumbled on the way to greatness… but I’m here now. My current job… I did not see that as a career for myself but it sorta just fell on my lap… and its paying off. The two kids I signed- Byron, and Balm Fisk… they’re amazing. I can’t wait for the world to hear their music.

Sebastian – I know Byron, he’s a good kid- well man.

Ryder – You know my sister right?

Sebastian – Umm…

Ryder – Rubi… Rubi Larter? she lowkey fat… big personality?

Sebastian – Ooh… her, yeah I know who she is. I remember some of the students from my days helping out the professors. Thinking about it, I don’t know how I managed to be a TA, and work full time at The Mothership- and put out my book.

Ryder – Well you did, making us all look like slackers *laughs* – but um… the reason I came over is basically to say thanks for having me at the bachelor party. Its odd, growing up I didn’t have many male friends- hell a couple of years ago I didn’t either. It was nice to feel included.

Sebastian – You’re a twin though right?

Ryder – Having an identical twin is not all its cracked up to be. My brother Rodney and I… our relationship is the most hot and cold, bipolar, dumb shit you’d can imagine. We are not friends…

Sebastian – That sucks.

Ryder – I don’t dwell on it. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for a fun night.

Sebastian – No problem Ryder, and hey… we’ll hang again. We have each other’s information… you’re a cool dude.

Ryder – Cool… cool. Thanks.


Cillian – Who is he exactly?

Ivo – Calista’s boyfriend.

Cillian – And who’s Calista?

Aries – One of Alana’s oldest friends.

Micah – How old is she?

Ja’Von – *laughing*

Ivo – Dude…

Micah – What?

Aries – Oldest friends… as in from the past… *laughing*

Micah – Oh!

Ivo – I mean… she does look old too.

Ja’Von I thought she was his cougar or something.

Cillian – Guys, stop… *laughing* She could be a good person.

Aries – She’s not… she’s annoying.

Ja’Von – Just like her boyfriend… honestly why is he wearing that red suit?

Micah – Devil in red?

Aries – I don’t know him, but I do find him a bit over the top.

Ivo – He was acting like he was the best man at the bachelor party…

Cillian – You know what though? it didn’t bother me that much… he’s clearly a party boy… so in the end it helped when it came to the clubs and stuff.

Ja’Von – Not really my scene, but I tried to let loose… I have a girlfriend so I tried to behave. Speaking of people back at GloCity, I didn’t realize all of my co-workers would be here.

Ivo – Besides knowing me, who else do you know?- Oh wait… right.. Haus Of Opulence. So you know Frankie, Torrance, and Benji.

Ja’Von – Right.

Micah – Is it weird for you Ivo?

Ivo – Why because Torrance is here? no… not at all. I’m very happy with Taylor. Torrance is the last thing on my mind.

Aries – She’s gay now… and she cut all of her dreadlocks off and went blond.

Ja’Von – Very Amber Rose…

Cillian – Who’s Amber Rose?

Aries – Someone who’s 15 minutes of fame has sadly extended.

Micah – So Andi’s here Ivo.

Ivo – Yeah I talked to her earlier. Her boyfriend is really cool.

Micah – I was in CCity last week, so I got to see their place. It was pretty nice. Glad she’s happy.

Ivo – Same.

Cillian – All of these names! I don’t know who she is.

Aries – Its better that way… she boned both Ivo and Micah.

Ivo – Dude! she didn’t actually do me… and its way complicated than that.

Ja’Von – Read all about it in his book Cillian.

Cillian – *laughs*

By now you should know all about the Andi [Frankie’s sister] Ivo [Kaori’s brother] and Micah [Jarrah’s brother] situation. If not then you obviously haven’t been paying attention. The past is the past and all three of them have forgiven each other for the messy situation. They’re all happily in new relationships too- not to mention that Micah and his girlfriend Olivia are expecting. Moving on… lets check in on the bride.

Alana, and company were inside getting ready. Alana was really happy that her father Raymond [Victoria’s Ex Husband] was able to walk her down the isle today.

Morgan – Is it just me or does this bridesmaid dress leave little to the imagination?

Calista – Its sexy, and its making our tits look amazing.

Morgan – Calista, show some class.

Calista – Look I don’t know you very well, but you seem real stiff.

Morgan – I let loose sometimes.

Calista – You have amazing tits by the way. Who did them? where did you get them done?

Morgan – What?

Calista – Who did your boobjob?

Morgan – God!

Calista – Just answer the question.

Morgan – I did, I said God. God did my boobs… as in… they’re natural?

Calista – Well congrats on the titties girl.

Morgan – Calista, we are no longer at the bachelorette party. Are you drunk?

Calista – Maybe so!

Morgan – You and Ryder are perfect for each other…

Calista – You know my fiance?

Morgan – Yes.


Raymond – You look beautiful sweetie.

Alana – Thanks daddy…. wait till you see me in my dress though. Its amazing… and sheer-

Raymond – Oh you’re trying to give the boys and girls a show?

Alana – You know it!

Raymond – My fierce daughter…

Alana – Almost as fierce as you.

Raymond – Oh stop… I’m just trying to feel comfortable. Xander gave me a pep talk on the jet.

Alana – Why did you need one?

Raymond – Well I feel fat. Last month I was planning on working out, but I hurt my knee so I couldn’t really-

Alana – Daddy… stop. You look handsome.

Raymond – Yeah but you know your mother… she’s rude… and by the way, why is she wearing a grandma-wedding dress? she does know this day is about you right?

Alana – ….*laughs* You know mom… she has to standout. Its okay though, she looks pretty. Both of you look very nice.

Raymond – I don’t feel like I do, but thanks.

Scarlett – I agree with you’re daughter Raymond. You look very nice today- and also you and your boyfriend look very nice together.

Raymond – Well thank you Mrs. Darwin.

Alana – Are you comfortable Mrs. Darwin?

Scarlett – I am honey, I’m just a bit sad- sad and happy.

Alana – Why?

Scarlett – I am beyond happy that you and my son are getting married. It warms my heart that you two gave me my grandaughter Charlotte.

Raymond – I agree, I love my grandchild.

Scarlett – I’m just a little sad that my husband is no long with us. He would have loved to see this beautiful day.

Alana – Aww, well… I’m sure Nathan is looking down and smiling. He’s with us in spirit.

Scarlett – You’re right.

Raymond – You look beautiful by the way. You serving us a little thigh. Slay a bit!

Alana – Yass

Scarlett – Oh my, well I just wanted to be pretty.

Alana – You are Mrs. Darwin.

Scarlett – Call me mom.

Alana – *smiles*

Xander – Honey?- Raymond?

Raymond – Yes dear?

Xander – The office called. I need you for a moment outside.

Raymond – I told them no business, I’m with my daughter.

Xander – I know babe, but this is the Okinawa case.

Raymond – *sigh*

Alana – Its okay daddy. Go handle business.

Raymond – I’ll be back in a bit.

Alana – No problem.

Xander – Hi Lana!

Alana – Hey babe! when are we going dancing in Miami again?

Xander – Pick the time and place girl!

As Alana, Raymond, and Xander spoke briefly… Victoria had her thoughts on her ex husband.

Vince – Raymond’s a good dad. I’m not at all upset that I’m not walking Alana down the isle. I’ll have my turn.

Victoria – Yeah, Kaori, and Vira will have you of course… but umm… speaking of my ex husband…

Vince – Oh lord…

Victoria – Vincent…. we both hit the gym. We knew this wedding was coming… and you’re telling me that Raymond’s fatass couldn’t go run on the treadmill? He’s walking her down the isle looking like that!

Vince – He looks fine.

Victoria – No, he looks wide, and puffy.

Vince – Nobody’s going to be looking at him anyway. All eyes on the bride remember?

Victoria – I suppose you’re right. I’m sorry…. my ex husband brings out the worse in me. For years he claimed to be happily married to me, only to secretly be having sex with other men at his office. You know till this day he has never apologized?

Vince – I did not know that.

Victoria – And that new boyfriend of his.. Xander. He works in his office, so you know he drills him during lunchtime.

Vince – *laughing* did you just say drilled?

Victoria – As in fucks Vincent… you know-

Vince – I know what it means… *laughing* I’m just surprised you used that term.


While Vince and Victoria spoke about her ex husband. 3 of the 5 bridesmaids were all in their heads.

Vira was so happy. Today she was a bridesmaid with her half sister Kaori. She was important in a wedding for her stepsister Alana. Her other sister Vanille was also in attendance. Alana had the idea for Vanille to sing, and Vira was so proud of that. For her this was a family affair with all sides of her family. The only people missing were Kokoro, and her mother Leslie. Kokoro was obviously off filming her television show, which was ironically filiming a wedding special for its main characters. Her, and Vanille’s mother Leslie, was by her girlfriend’s side who was in the hospital due to a skiing incident.

Vira – Come here Charlotte [Off screen] come to auntie Vira!

Andi, was enjoying everything- though she had made it known that she hated her bridesmaid dress. It was “Napkin Couture” as she put it. For Andi it was a beautiful day, and she was here with people like her old friend Alana, her boyfriend Chris, and her sister Frankie. All of those things considered, she couldn’t help but be in her head about what was going on in her personal life.

She and her boyfriend were fighting over his inconsiderateness- yes that’s a word… I was shocked too- anyway… Andi and her boyfriend Chris were fighting because he was being inconsiderate about a lot of things. Not only that, but she had also had a fight with her bestfriend in C-City…. and then the cherry on top… she failed her test to become a doctor and would have to wait 6 long months to take it again. She felt like a failure, and she didn’t feel like herself. The show must go on though, she knew she had to smile, and be social with the strangers, and the people from her past that were all in attendance today.

Kaori was another person in her head. It was bittersweet being at this wedding. She was happy to be with friends and family. Seeing the true love that blossomed between Sebastian, and her stepsister Alana- made her realize her own lack of serious relationship. She thought about the men in her past, and present. Ian, Keegan, Byron, Hammer. All of these guys, and nothing. She started to feel like maybe something was wrong with her- but much like Andi, she snapped out of it. Today was about Alana and Sebastian, not her, and her feelings.

Alana, had cleared the room. She only wanted to talk to her mother, and two step-sisters. Of course Victoria used this as a moment to cut into her ex-husband Raymond.

Alana – Mother, stop it.

Victoria – I’m just saying, Raymond comes here all out of shape with his office thot Xander and-

Alana – Mom he hurt his knee, he couldn’t workout.

Victoria – But he could eat though.

Alana – ……….

Victoria – Fine… fine…

Alana – Not another word about my dad okay?

Victoria – Fine honey, its your special day…

Alana – *smiles* So umm… I wanted the three of you here because I had something to say to the each of you.

Kaori – Oh god… what did we do?

Vira – *laughs*

Alana – Oh its nothing bad. Lets start with Vira. Vira, I haven’t known you as long as Kaori, but I adore you. I am beyond thankful that you found us, and we found you. You are such a wonderful addition to the family, and I’m happy to gain another sister. So thank you for being here, being a bridesmaid, and being part of the family. Oh and your boyfriend Aaron is gorgeous. Hold onto that one.

Vira – Aww, thank you Alana. I’m just happy Kaori decided to play detective. I can’t imagine my life without you all. As for Aaron… I don’t plan on ever letting him go again.

Kaori – Speaking of, where is he exactly?

Vira – Probably outside with my sister [Vanille] and the rest of the guests from CCity. Shockingly there are a lot… weird how that happened. By the way, I want to say thanks again for being so nice to Morgan at the bachelorette party. I know you’re not a fan of hers-

Kaori – I’m fine with Morgan, besides… she is your bestfriend after all. It was a night of fun. Last thing I wanted was to be a bitch.

Alana – Perfect segway… Kaori… I wasn’t always the nicest big sister to you… but we grew close. I’m really happy about that, and I’m happy I was able to see you grow from a bratty little girl into a mature responsible adult. You juggle so much, and you do it with class, grace, and poise. I even learn from you. I love you, and I’m glad you’re my sister. As far as men go? you’ll find him. Right now you just do you, and be the badass successful bitch that you’re meant to be.

Kaori – *smiles* I love you too Alana. And we have come far. Ivo and I couldn’t stand you at first… but now we love you *laughs*

Alana – By the way, when you joked and said I should make Andi a bridesmaid I thought how funny that would be. I asked, she said yes… which shocked me. Though we aren’t the friends we were in high school… we’re starting to rekindle the friendship and I really love her again. So thanks for that.

Kaori – No problem. She’s awesome.

Charlotte – Awf-sum!

Alana – That’s right baby! ugh… how fucking cute is my kid?

Kaori – *laughs*

Vira – You and Sebastian make cute babies. Too bad you guys only want one!

Alana – You’re damn right- ooh perfect segway again… So mother?

Victoria – Yes?

Alana – I’m your only kid… and we had our issues…

Victoria – Oh yes…. yes we did.

Alana – I don’t want to take up too much more time because I need to get ready… but I love you very much, and thanks for being patient with me. Though I was terrible to you… I did take things you said into consideration. I’ve learned from you… thank you for being a good mother even when I was a horrible daughter.

Victoria – I love you too Alana, and you’ve made me very proud. Also you gave me Charlotte… who is just the best little grand baby ever!

Alana – Okay enough of that mushy stuff. I gotta get ready… god I’m so nervous. You know Sebastian’s a writer so his vows are going to make mine look like crap.

Victoria – Just make sure you’re speaking from the heart. Don’t try and be on his level… just tell your truth.

Alana – You’re right mother…

Victoria – Aren’t I always?

Vira – *laughs* Victoria, can you take Charlotte? Kaori and I need to go find Morgan, Andi, and Calista so we can all freshen up.

Kaori – Right.

Victoria – Okay, no problem.

Alana – Do me a favor Kaori, make sure Valeria checks the flower rods please. I don’t want to walk and have them fall on me.

Kaori – Alright…. that’s if I can find her. She’s been running around making sure everything is perfect.

Alana – *smiles* I’ll see you guys soon. Love you.

Victoria/Kaori/Vira – We love you too.

Alana closed the door and re-wrote her vows. She decided to take her mother’s advice and just speak from the heart. Kaori, and Vira joined the other bridesmaids to make sure they were perfect. The big moment was almost here…

[Location : GloCity]

While 4 of the 6 BoysNGirls were off at the destination wedding on Mango Island- 2 of them [Trey & Jonah] were back in GloCity. Trey’s morning wasn’t as beautiful as he had hoped it would be. He couldn’t read Dominic. He felt like Dominic was still upset with him, but wouldn’t dare bring it up- out of fear that it would start the fight all over again.

Dominic – ….

Trey – ….. Did you sleep okay?

Dominic – Yeah, I did.

Trey – ….

Dominic – Did you?

Trey – Not really.

Dominic – Was it the mattress?

Trey – No… just anxiety…

Dominic – I see.

Trey – ….

Dominic – I’m gonna go shower, and get ready for work.

Trey – Are we- umm…

Dominic – What?

Trey – Are we still going to Cayden’s show tonight?

Dominic – Yeah, why wouldn’t we Trey?

Trey – I don’t know I just-

Dominic – We told Chace that we’d be there…

Trey – …Right.

Dominic – I need to shower. I’m already late, because I forgot to turn the alarm back on my phone… so if there isn’t anything else that you-

Trey – No, no… we’re fine.

Dominic – Okay.

Trey wasn’t sure if it was his own paranoia, or if Dominic was being mean. On one hand Dominic needed to get to work and was already late. On the other, Trey knew that he and Dominic were in the middle of a big fight. He decided not to push the issue anymore, and let Dominic shower.

After making the bed, and reflecting on things. Trey let it go, and went upstairs for some tea. Who did he see? Ruben who was fully dressed. Meaning he did not sleep there last night. Wonder where he was at.

Trey – *smiles at Ruben*

Ruben – *nods what’s up*

Trey – Tea time.

Ruben – *laughs at Trey while on cell* No I’m not laughing at you… no my roommate just- Are you serious? no look I told you… but you need to understand it. I said I was going to see a comedy show tonight so no I can’t do that. His name is Cayden… yes he’s cute but what does that matter? He has a boyfriend… Look we’re both adults, so you need to let it be. Oh don’t do that…. don’t guilt trip me. I said no… of course I have a heart! I was just with you… stop making me feel like an asshole. I completely understand your situations I- hello? He really hung up on me?

Trey – ….

Ruben – …..People can be such babies.

Trey – …..I bet.

In Trey’s mind, Ruben was totally arguing with Varrick on the phone. Trey had made them agree to stop seeing each other but come on…. the heart wants what it wants. Trey was starting to get annoyed at the idea of them creeping around behind his back.

Ruben – What type of tea is that?

Trey – Jasmine Chai…

Ruben – Mind if I have some?

Trey – Sorry, only made enough for one.

Ruben – Ah…

Trey – I can make you some…

Ruben – Its fine. I’m tired. Gonna change and nap.

Trey – Where were you last night?

Ruben – I was in Pylea.

Trey – Were you really?

Ruben – I was with my parents.

Trey – ….It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve got caught lying about your whereabouts… 

Ruben – Excuse me?

Trey – Sometimes you say you’re at work, but I know you’re not because… well my friend’s girlfriend own’s the place…

Ruben – Are you stalking me?

Trey – No, but I-

Ruben – Just ask me what you want to ask me. Stop being a pussy.

Trey – Fine… You were with Varrick last night, and that was just him you were arguing with on the phone.

Ruben – …..Really?

Trey – I told you guys to stop it.

Ruben – And we should listen to you why? Let me explain something to you, I’m very grateful that during my time of need that my ex boyfriend, and current bestfriend let me stay here. Even if it meant I had to be a third wheel to his lover…. but what I will not deal with is being policed. I’m a grown ass man, you can’t fucking tell me who to see.

Trey – Do you or Varrick even care about Valeria, or the twins? or are you guys just barebacking on couches across america without a care? This situation is messy, and it needs to stop so nobody gets hurt. He’s my boss, you’re my boyfriend’s bestfriend-

Ruben – FYI, Varrick and I aren’t messing around anymore. He’s too clingy for my taste and all he talks about is the beetles. A old a band that I don’t like…

Trey – I don’t know if I believe you because-

Ruben – Well tough fucking luck. Get over it, I’m not explaining myself to you Trey. Who do you even think you are anyway? you can’t even keep Dominic happy. You run around outing men to your friends because you feel like it. Don’t preach to me about the rights and wrongs of humanity.

Trey – I’m the guy that’s putting a roof over your head you ungrateful asshole. *sips tea*

Ruben – Gee thanks, you’ve been sooo amazing to me Trey, I would have been HOMELESS had it not been for you… my lord and savior! Go fuck yourself because I give Dominic money every time I get paid.

Trey – Good, you should. You eat everything, you run water, and leave lights on… Good for you for actually doing your part. I’m sick of people just talking to me any type of way… I’m going to sit here, sip this tea, and remain unbothered by your bad decisions.

Ruben – No, you’re bothered… You’re probably praying that Dominic doesn’t dump you’re introverted rude ass. I’m gonna say this one more time… my life, my business. Stay out of it.

Trey – *sips tea* Bye Ruben. See you tonight at the show.

Ruben – Don’t talk to me when we get there… actually scratch that. Tell Dominic I’m moving out.

Trey – ….*sips tea* Okay.

Ruben – You’re an asshole.

Trey – No you are. You fucked my boss in his ass BAREBACK on my couch. I asked you for the sake of his wife, and my job to stop. My job actually means a lot to me and it could open doors. Instead you thought about your dick and not your friend… I thought we were friends but clearly you don’t give a damn. You just wanna plow through my gay married boss. So no, I am not an asshole. You should be a good enough person to know that what you and Varrick are doing is wrong.

Ruben – Varrick is a grown man, if he wants to do whatever that’s on him. I’m not married, I’m single. I could do what I want. You can’t tell two grown people not to talk to each other, that’s not how it works. I officially do not like you. I don’t like my bestfriend’s boyfriend… I can’t. No wonder you’re friends with Chace… I get it now… you’re no better than him.

Trey – Whatever, I’m not going to argue about this anymore. Do whatever you want, ruin a marriage…

Ruben – No you go ruin a guy’s life by outing him while also ruining your own relationship. You’re good at ruining and sabotaging things, not me. And by the way, I was actually on the phone with my dad you nosy bitch. A dad that I actually have a relationship with…. unlike some people in this room. Now sip on THAT tea. *leaves room*

Trey – *sips tea* …Some BFF you got there Dominic…

Trey didn’t feel bad at all about the fight he just had with Ruben. As far as he was concerned he deserved it. He had already asked nicely that things simmered between his roommate and boss, but clearly they ignored his request. Trey had already known about the penis picture on Varrick’s phone, and now this disappearing act overnight. Things added up… and one thing was for sure. Even if Ruben wasn’t with Varrick last night or on the phone just now… they were clearly still messing around, and it was all around disrespectful to both Trey, and Varrick’s poor wife Valeria.

Trey – I hope you’re awake…

*Trey text Jonah*

“Hey…. are you awake? I’m already having the morning from hell. I don’t work today and I really don’t want to be in this loft by myself until we go out tonight. Do you want to get lunch maybe? I’ll pay. Text me back…. oh and P.S. Ruben’s a dick.” – Trey

[Location : Mango Island]

Back at the wedding, Frankie bonded with her sister’s boyfriend.

Chris – So this is fancy right?

Frankie – Sure is.

Chris – Would you ever want something like this for yourself?

Frankie – No, I wouldn’t want anything remotely close to this. Its very pretty don’t get me wrong, but… I’m not the look at me type.

Chris – I get it.

Frankie – Now my sister on the other hand…

Chris – Yeah I could see Andi wanting a big wedding.

Frankie – How are things? I know you guys are fighting…

Chris – Umm… they’re as good as they can be. We’re not 100% out of the woods, but we agreed to put it all on the back burner for today.

Frankie – What exactly happened? I know she also had a fight with Bambi [her bestfriend back in CCity] I know she’s also upset about the test.

Chris – Its a couple of things.

Frankie – Andi’s smart, and I know she can pass that test and become a doctor. I don’t know what went wrong. My dad and I had to return the cake we got her… we had just assumed she’d pass it.

Chris – I will be honest. I think her failing was a bit my fault. She already has a demanding job as a nurse right? but my younger sister living with us, Andi took on the pressure of being a mom to a teenage girl with issues. Then work, then the drama with Paisley- which I inadvertently added onto by making her my agent. I was never home… Andi had no time to really study, or sleep for that matter.

Frankie – Chris….

Chris – I know…

Frankie – I like you… but I have to ask. Why were you being so selfish?

Chris – You’re right, I was… and I was inconsiderate too. I think its because last year Andi and I worked together at the hospital and it was great. Then I got blamed for something I didn’t do. I got fired from the hospital, and I got kind of depressed. So when the modeling thing happened, I just soaked it all up. I felt worthy, I felt good for a change.

Frankie – ….Right, so it wasn’t intentional. It was just-

Chris – It was me being oblivious to what was going on. Andi is an amazing person, she’s strong, and smart… however I shouldn’t have put everything on her.

Frankie – Then tell her that.

Chris – I will…

Frankie – How’s the modeling going by the way?

Chris – Well Morgan, and Vira really have the Hillside brand down. I think its going well.

Frankie – Is that weird? working with Vira since she’s you’re ex?

Chris – Not at all. The funny thing is, since working with her I ask myself what the hell did I see in her- that could just be because she’s very different than she was in japan but yeah…

Frankie – There’s oddly a lot of you CCity people here.

Chris – Well you know its a small world.

Frankie – Right…

Chris – I umm… ran into Micah, and Ivo earlier… Andi’s…. exes?

Frankie – She never dated Ivo, they just… well she-

Chris – I know the story, which is odd since you and Ivo sorta-

Frankie – Ancient history.

Chris – Anyway they were really nice to me… Everyone is really nice here.

Frankie – I would hope so! who wants drama at a wedding.


Taylor – So its strange right?

Kira – What is?

Taylor – That we’re still in the same social circles. I mean we used to live in Pylea… I saw you and Ashley go through it so many times.

Kira – Same with you and Natasha…

Taylor – Yep.

Kira – Natasha’s cool…

Taylor – She was… but I don’t miss that friendship. Lets move on shall we? You look amazing in that pantsuit.

Kira – Thanks. I got it from a vintage shop in Bridgeport. You look stunning as usual.

Taylor – Obviously this is a V-Glam original…

Kira – I don’t know much about fashion, but its nice. V-Glam has style.

Taylor – Actually… this is all hush hush right now, but this dress is actually part of the V-Glam : Taylor Carter Collection. I designed it myself. Cute right?!

Kira – Very! My girlfriend would look great in it to be honest.

Taylor – I saw her… Torrance right?

Kira – Yeah.

Taylor – Yeah, she dated Ivo before I did…

Kira – Right, when she had dreadlocks.

Taylor – She’s pretty… love the whole Amber Rose thing she has going on. Very chic.

Kira – And your boyfriend Ivo is quite the looker…

Taylor – ….

Kira – Yeah It felt weird when it came out of my mouth. I’m such a lesbian

Both – *laughing*


Chris – So… You brought your friend Jarrah as your date right?

Frankie – Yeah… though I have no idea where she’s run off to- Oh wait… there she is. She’s talking to her brother’s girlfriend. [off screen]

Chris – Why no Raina?

Frankie – I don’t know… I mean perhaps it was too soon for being a wedding plus one?

Chris – Was it?

Frankie – ….. I guess?…

Chris – I think that you’re-

Priscilla – Hi…. sorry to interrupt…

Chris – Its quite alright.

Frankie – Hello Priscilla.

Priscilla – …I was wondering if we could talk…

Frankie – Actually I’m bu-

Chris – Go ahead. I’m going to go network. I’ll be back.

Frankie – Okay…

Chris – *Walks away*

Priscilla – He’s cute, new boyfriend?

Frankie – No, he’s my sister’s boyfriend… I’m just being a good little sister and keeping him company.

Priscilla – Oh, where’s your sister?

Frankie – Andi’s inside… she’s a bridesmaid.

Priscilla – Oh cool….

Frankie – ….

Priscilla – You look beautiful.

Frankie – Thank you, you look great.

Priscilla – Where’s Raina?

Frankie – I didn’t bring her. Jarrah’s my date.

Priscilla – Ah… that’s cool…

Frankie – …Where’s Keegan?

Priscilla – Do you know Aaron?

Frankie – Yes, Vira’s boyfriend from CCity.

Priscilla – They went inside to find the restroom.

Frankie – I see…

Priscilla – Yeah, so I was just sitting there by myself because I don’t really know that many people here.

Frankie – Right.

Priscilla – So umm… I wanted to apologize for what happened that day at your girlfriend’s bar.

Frankie – I got out of character that day-

Priscilla – No, stop. I made you get out of character because I was being a bitch. That day had nothing to do with you, it was all me. I’m going through something right now, and I took it out on you because in a way I did have unfinished business with you. I was hurt and upset that you picked Raina, it made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of anything. I knew deep down that wasn’t your intention to hurt me because we talked about how it was casual.

Frankie – Right.

Priscilla – Had I actually said something, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. I could have stepped up and spoke to you woman to woman- but that’s all in the past, and I’m sorry for that day in the bathroom. It was ridiculous, and that is not how I conduct myself in public. My mother would be so ashamed of me.

Frankie – Water under the bridge…

Priscilla – Also… You don’t have to worry about Keegan. I’m going to talk to him later at the reception, and lay everything out on the table. I know its bad timing but I’m hoping he will hear me out and understand everything I have to say. I don’t want to hurt him, I just want him to know the truth.

Frankie – About your “gym friend” Gina?

Priscilla – ………. about all of that…..

Frankie – Well I’m glad you are getting all of the negative stuff out. You’re a good person, so I know you’ll be okay. I don’t hate you, and I’m over our fight if you are.

Priscilla – I am.

Frankie – Good.

Benji – Aww Frankie’s hugging it out with her enemy.

Torrance – How cute.

Benji – Speaking of cute… now sis… I gotta be honest here…

Torrance – What? is it too much?

Benji – No, its just right. I see you at work all the time with the cultural appropriation dreadlocks and tired fashion trends… but this makeover you got… its slaying me.

Torrance – Well you know… I realized I’m a lesbian now, so I wanted my look to express how good I felt. Blonde, and edgy, and sexy.

Benji – Are you though?

Torrance – Am I what?

Benji – Gay…

Torrance – I’m gay now, yes.

Benji – But you dated men, wouldn’t you be more bi?

Torrance – I haven’t dated a man since Ivo… and even that….

Benji – I see…

Torrance – So yes sweetheart, I’m gay now.

Benji – Well join the club!

Torrance – Maybe Kira, and I can double date with you and your boyfriend Aries?

Benji – Yeah, sure! we can figure it out.


Priscilla – Can we hug? that way I know its real? *laughs*

Frankie – Sure *laughs*

Priscilla – Also let Kaori know we’re fine now… so she can stop looking like she wants to cut me every time she see’s me.

Frankie – Will do *laughs* and wow you really are in good shape. Keegan told me that you’re always at the gym.

Is that shade Frankie? because we know that Gina woman is always there too…

Priscilla – Aww thanks. I’m just trying to catch up with you. You’re body is always on point!

Frankie – Aww stop!

Meanwhile, inside the mansion… it looks like Keegan, and Vira’s boyfriend Aaron had found the restroom.

Aaron – You know what’s weird Keegan?

Keegan – What?

Aaron – I feel like I’ve known you forever.

Keegan – Likewise bro.

Aaron – You remind me of my bestfriend back at home… down to the blonde hair and everything. He’s a stand up guy.

Keegan – I was brunette a week ago, but I brought my blonde out of retirement. Oh and trust me… I wasn’t always this put together…

Aaron – I know.

Keegan – What?

Aaron – Morgan?…

Keegan – Oh duh… you’re Vira’s boyfriend, so of course you know about Morgan… since that’s her bestfriend.

Aaron – Look… I don’t judge you for any of your past. I was fucked up back in the day. I sold drugs, and did a lot of bad shit. Shit that made Vira’s parents want to keep her far far away from me.

Keegan – Well here’s to turning shit around.

Aaron – Exactly. Who needs drugs?

Keegan – Not us.

Aaron – *nods yes*

Keegan – Vira pushed for me to get to know you, she said we’d hit it off.

Aaron – She wasn’t wrong.

Keegan – No, she wasn’t.

Aaron – Why aren’t you with Kaori? She’s hot.

Keegan – We’re just friends, she’s in a situation with a guy, and I’m in a relationship with Priscilla.

Aaron – Oh right- my bad. Prsicilla’s hot too, so… at least you have good taste.

Keegan – Whatchu sayin’? you don’t think I’d date a big girl or something?

Aaron – I don’t think you’d date below yourself… you know what you look like.

Keegan – *laughing* Who knows… there’s this girl back in GloCity that has a crush on me. Maybe I’ll just marry her.

Aaron – Is she ugly or something?

Keegan – Myra’s not ugly… she’s just… different. She’s a sweet girl.

Aaron – I see, but I bet she’s not as hot as Priscilla or Kaori *laughing*

Keegan – No… no she’s not *laughing*

Aaron – We should get back outside.

Keegan – Yeah, I left my date just sitting by herself. Hopefully she walked around and talked to people.

Aaron – Well you’re lucky that your girlfriend is out there with you. Mine is a bridesmaid and upstairs with the bride.

Keegan – I’m pretty sure you could go up there…

Aaron – Hmm… you know what, I’m going to. I miss her face…

Keegan – Clingy!

Aaron – Oh shut up, I just happen to love my girl. It took us too long to get back to each other… but the journey was was worth it.

Keegan – Preach brotha Aaron!

Aaron – Oh don’t give me the credit. Its something I saw in a movie.

Keegan – I steal shit from movies all the time. People be like “Damn… Keegan, that’s some deep shit” and I’m thinking to myself… thanks netflix.

Aaron – *laughing*

Keegan – At the end of the day, everyone just wants to look smart.

Aaron – True.

Keegan – Hey… you met Vince yet?

Aaron – Who?

Keegan – Kaori’s- Vira’s dad.

Aaron – No not yet… I’ve kept my distance. Vira wants to introduce us herself.

Keegan – Good luck.

Aaron – Thanks.

Aaron – See ya later bro.

Keegan – I’ll catch up with you later. Tell everyone I said hi.

Aaron – I’ll give Kaori a big kiss for you!

Keegan – I’m going to murder you!

Aaron – Nooo! corrupt cop! *laughing*

Keegan – *laughing* I really shouldn’t laugh.

Aaron – I aim to please!

??? – Keegan Bennett….

Keegan – Uh- yeah?- what the hell?

Hammer – Surprise!

Keegan – What’s up…

Hammer – Not much… just here to see my buddy Sebastian get married.

Keegan – ….

Hammer – Remember he was a TA that one year? well we were pretty cool with each other so he invited me.

Keegan – I see.

Hammer – So who’s the guy in the blue?

Keegan – A friend.

Hammer – That’s cool… so I hear it all worked out… you’re a cop now. GloCity’s finest.

Keegan – Why did you think it was okay to tell Kaori that I was in love with her?

Hammer – …. Right….

Keegan – I never got the chance to ask you why you put your nose in my business.

Hammer – … Look I was wrong for that, but let me explain why I did it.

Keegan – How the hell did you even find out?

Hammer – I overheard you and your friend talking about it. Being completely honest, being in that frathouse I felt like all of those guys were my brothers, but you… you’re the first guy in there I felt like… you felt like my bestfriend. Which is why I told you about my abuse and all of that.

Keegan – I really liked you too dude. I felt betrayed when she told me that she found out from you though.

Hammer – I ran into her at GreenLand, and she was so upset because Byron pussied out and left without saying goodbye. So I thought… maybe if she knew the truth… that she could finally be happy. I loved that girl, but I knew I wasn’t her endgame. So I just thought you were. I didn’t realize that you were with Jules.

Keegan – That had just started.

Hammer – You’re not with Kaori now, Byron told me. So who are you with?

Keegan – Priscilla. Priscilla Kane.

Hammer – I see.

Keegan – Are you seeing anyone?

Hammer – Yeah… I am… but I don’t want to go into detail about that right now *laughs* I’m just really happy I got the chance to talk to you.

Keegan – Well… Now that you’ve explained yourself… I get it.

Hammer – I’m really sorry for telling her… technically that should have been your choice to do so.

Keegan – Water under the bridge. We’ve had our… situation and everything is fine now. Friends it is.

Hammer – For now…

Keegan – How are you?

Hammer – Oh I’m good. I was just in Bridgeport making a couple of deals with my manager.

Keegan – Cool…

Hammer – And you?

Keegan – I’m great. I found my calling that’s for sure. I really enjoy being a cop.

Hammer – Good.

Keegan – Well I’m happy for you, you seem happy.

Hammer – Thank you.

Keegan – Does Kaori know you’re here?

Hammer – She does not… and please don’t tell her. I plan on speaking to her later.

Keegan – Pretty sure someone else will probably have informed her of your presence dude…

Hammer – Yeah… you’re probably right.

Keegan – Well we should hangout sometime…

Hammer – I’d love that… My therapist said that I should hang onto our friendship.

Keegan – You see a therapist?

Hammer – Yeah… because of you. 1. Because telling you about my abuse, and how my views of women affecting my dating habits. 2. Because you told me you saw one, and its worth it.

Keegan – Hammer, if you want my friendship… you got it.

Hammer – I don’t want to step on Jeep’s toes.

Keegan – He goes by Jonah now. He’s not the same kid you remember… its a good thing though. He’s come into his own.

Hammer – Is all of your friends here?

Keegan – All?

Hammer – Well the 6 of you…

Keegan – Everyone except Trey, and Jonah.

Hammer – But isn’t Jonah related to Sebastian?

Keegan – Long story.

Hammer – Ah okay, well I’m going to go outside and socialize. I’ll see you around.

Keegan – Alright. Hit me up when we get back to GloCity.

Hammer – Sounds like a plan. *smiles*

Good friends are hard to find, and if Chad/Hammer felt like Keegan was someone he could trust, and should keep in his life… well then I say go for it. Thinking about it, both Keegan and Hammer were Alphas… but they didn’t bump heads at all. They got along really well.

[Location : GloCity]

Speaking of Keegan’s friends. His bestfriend Jonah had just got up. Time for cereal, and some text messages from Trey.

*Reading Text*

“Hey…. are you awake? I’m already having the morning from hell. I don’t work today and I really don’t want to be in this loft by myself until we go out tonight. Do you want to get lunch maybe? I’ll pay. Text me back…. oh and P.S. Ruben’s a dick.” – Trey


“Sorry, just got your text… I was still sleeping. I’m going to have some coffee and then shower, and get dressed. I’ll meet you at your place in about an hour. We can grab some food, and you can tell me why your morning sucked, and why Ruben’s a dick” – Jonah


“Sounds perfect. I’m home alone, and cleaning the loft anyway. Call when you’re on your way.” – Trey


“Alright, see you in a bit” – Jonah

Christine – Jonah!

Jonah – Umm… Christine?

Christine – Hi!

She’s obviously drunk… not shocking considering what today is…

Jonah – You smell like a fratboy after being hazed…

Christine – So what I had a few drinks who cares!

Jonah – Why- and how are you here?

Christine – Remember when you let me crash in your dorm room?

Jonah – Yeah and your dad found me and beat my ass? that feels like a lifetime ago..

Christine – You were so sweet… and protective of me… and sweet… and protective.

Jonah – That doesn’t answer my questions-

Christine – I still have my visitors pass that you got for me…

Jonah – Okay… so why are you here? does your boyfriend know you’re here? and drunk?

Christine – Vlad is at work… whatever…

Jonah – Why are you here Christine? I have shit to do…

Christine – Do you know what today is Jonah?

Jonah – No….

Christine – Oh wow…

Jonah – Is it someone’s birthday or- Oh…. its-

Christine – Raven Monique Davis! Happy birthday wherever you are!- oh wait you’re locked up behind bars for killing someone. Damn you Raven!

Jonah – ….Is that why you’re drunk?

Christine – I found some of her old lipstick… this is her’s… her lipstick… green… green was her favorite color.

Jonah – …..

Christine – …I miss her…

Jonah – I know you do.

Christine – ….I drank too much…

Jonah – Obviously… can I get you some water?

Christine – How about some cock instead? I see morning wood! you always had morning wood when I slept in your dormroom! come here… let me make you feel good, make us feel good… *tries to kiss Jonah*

Jonah – Christine! stop!…

Christine – You’re clearly hard… just let me suck-

Jonah – Christine, what the fuck! stop it…

Christine – Come on… *grabs his crotch*

Jonah – STOP! okay… this is getting rapey! I fucking said no! You have a fucking boyfriend- stop it!

Christine – You’re no fun!

Jonah – Why am I even entertaining you right now huh? last time we saw each other you were a complete bitch… AT MY PLACE OF WORK! You and your stupid ass boyfriend were rude.

Christine – And I’m sorry for that!

Jonah – ….

Christine – It was all my fault.

Jonah – What?

Christine – Oh you know its fucking true. It was my fault why we broke up. I made a mess of things.

Jonah – ….

Christine – And you tried- you fucking tried! you tried to be patient for me… but it was about Raven 24/7 and I completely ignored you.

Jonah – …You did…

Christine – I was bitter, and angry for doing that to you. So of course instead of admitting the truth, I completely ambush you at your job with Vlad…

Jonah – Which was fucked up.

Christine – That’s me… a fucked up person. I’d love to blame it on my childhood, and say this is what happens when you witness your father shoving your mother down a flight of stairs… but that would be wrong. I’m just… I love hard, and Raven… she’s my bestfriend.

Jonah – I know she is.

Christine – I mean… what if Keegan accidentally killed someone?

Little does she know… he did. #RIPMona Drinking and driving is a no-no. Keegan went through so much regret and self-loathing. Even though those days are behind him, I doubt that he’d ever fully forgive himself. Everyday he has to wonder what Mona would be like had she still been alive.

Jonah – I’d be there for him in anyway that I could. I’d hope that he didn’t become self-destructive. I’d try and keep the positivity flowing so that he didn’t go down a dark path.

Christine – Well good thing he’d never drink and drive… I don’t know why Raven would be so foolish.

She was clearly too drunk to remember, but I’m fairly certain that Jules has probably told her all about the Mona situation. Maybe… or maybe not. Who knows.

Jonah – Accidents happen, and yeah she shouldn’t have been drinking but… we can’t time travel… what’s done is done.

Christine – What’s wrong with me? I go get drunk in her name? when drinking is what caused the accident in the first place…

Jonah – Do you want some coffee?

Christine – No, I should go. I embarrassed myself enough.

Jonah – No, you should stay and have coffee.

Christine – ….

Jonah – I’m not taking no for an answer.

Christine – …Fine.

Jonah – Still like it black I see.

Christine – What?

Jonah – The coffee.

Christine – I thought you were talking about your hair.

Jonah – Oh…

Christine – I do though… I like it darker… its more you. The blonde was cute but… this look reminds me of when I first met you.

Jonah – Feels like such a long time ago.

Christine – It does, because you just….

Jonah – I what?

Christine – You feel brand new. You seem so confident, and mature, and adult.

Jonah – I do?

Christine – You’ve become this man… and its crazy to me.

Jonah – Well thanks I guess.

Christine – Did your dick get bigger too?

Jonah – Christine…

Christine – Not that it was ever small… I- nevermind. I’m sorry I tried to like… rape you. I’m sure your girlfriend-

Jonah – I’m single. Karin, and I aren’t a thing anymore. Long story.

Christine – I’m sorry.

Jonah – I’m not- but umm… what’s going on? Are you and Vlad having problems?

Christine – No… yes… but its not him.

Jonah – …..

Christine – You have to promise to keep this to yourself.

Jonah – Okay…

Christine – You can’t tell anybody.

Jonah – Fine.

Christine – Last night I was at Vlad’s place. I spent the nigh because well 1. Vik was out with Amina, and 2. Valeria was on Mango Island for that wedding.

Jonah – Okay…

Christine – So Vlad was sleep, and I went to get some water. I saw Vik come in. He was super pissed about something. I looked at him and he said hi, went to sleep blah blah blah. So I go back upstairs… and I see Trey’s friend Ruben… arguing with Varrick. Varrick was trying to kiss him and get him to stay the night. Ruben had just come from his parents house or some shit, and just wanted to sleep. Varrick wanted other things.

Jonah – I see…

Christine – Ruben told him no. And Varrick asked if it was because of Trey. Ruben said “Trey doesn’t have anything to do with it. You’re married and its wrong” so Varrick was like well can we just have one more night together… and Ruben said fine, but its done after this. So he stayed!

Jonah – Oh my god…

Christine – … So yeah, I’ve been trying hard not to tell Vlad about his gay dad-

Jonah – Okay… so I already know about this. Trey told me.

Christine – Oh?

Jonah – Yeah, and I’m sorry but I’m gonna tell him about this too. I’ll make sure it doesn’t go beyond that though. He’s my friend, and I feel like he should know.

Christine – Its fine… but only him.

Jonah – …Yeah.

Christine – I gotta get going. I promised Ethan, and Jules I’d meet them for lunch.

Jonah – Okay.

Christine – Thanks for this.

Jonah – Its all good.

Christine – I’ll see you around… and thanks for not…. fucking me.

Jonah – *laughs* You’re welcome.

Christine finished her coffee and left. Jonah sat there for a minute thinking about how the old him would have handled the situation. In that moment he realized how much he’s really grown as a person.

[Location : Mango Island]

Back on Mango Island, the guest were still socializing before the ceremony started. Look who managed to find each other in a sea of strangers… B2M alum’s Vince, Josh, and Michelle. Obviously Vince is married to Victoria who’s the mother of the Bride. That’s why he was here. The Folland connection is a little bit confusing though so allow me to explain.

Michelle is married to Josh, who’s father Ben had a brother named Nathan- which is Josh and Oliver’s uncle. Nathan had a son… aka Sebastian. So Sebastian is actually Josh, and Oliver’s much younger cousin. Which makes him the cousin of Micah, Jarrah, and Jonah. There… do ya get it? family is confusing right? Whatever the case… that’s how it all works.

You know what’s funny? the fact that Vince is at this wedding considering Vince once had an affair with Nathan’s then girlfriend Mia Owens… aka Josh’s ex girlfriend Sasha’s mother. The past is funny.

Vince – This is something isn’t it?

Josh – What do you mean?

Vince – Just us here… at Nathan’s son’s wedding.

Michelle – Vince… are you drunk? that’s what family does. Nathan was Josh’s uncle, Sebastian’s his cousin.

Vince – I’m not drunk Michelle… I’m just…

Michelle – What? what’s wrong?

Josh – Oh my god, are you about to cry?

Vince – No… I just… *sigh* Do you guys ever think about the old beach house that we lived in?

Josh – I do.

Vince – Look at us now.

Josh – …..Yeah…. I get it now…

Michelle – You guys have come a long way.

Josh – You too babe.

Michelle – *smiles*

Vince – I wish Issac, and Jordan were here.

Josh – They’d have no reason to be here- but it would be fun. Tommy too, can’t forget Tommy.

Vince – We need a guy’s night, no women- No offense Michelle.

Michelle – None taken. You guys should get together more often.

Josh – Well we were fine, until Jordan’s accident.

Michelle – Gabrielle said he’s determined to walk again… so lets just put positive vibes out into the universe.

Vince – He’s stubborn enough to get it done.

Josh – True.

[Top Pic]

Michelle – Can you believe our kids are so old now?

Vince – Yeah its weird to think about isn’t it?

Josh – I was just talking to Issac about this. His son- Keegan… a cop. That’s crazy right?

Vince – Not really… I mean its cool. Think about our kids, and their careers.

Josh – True.

Vince – Hey wheres Oliver and Tru?

Josh – Umm… Well… Ollie and Tru…. they were not invited.

Michelle – ….

Vince – Wait, why?

Josh – I don’t know, but its not for me to be upset about. Ollie, and Tru didn’t seem bothered by it so why should I?

Vince – That’s true.

Michelle – So Vince…

Vince – Yes miss Michelle?

Josh – Folland… Mrs. Folland.

Michelle – *laughing* Get it right Vincent…

Vince – Excuse me! Mrs Folland!

Michelle – How does it feel to have all of your kids in one place?

Vince – It makes me feel old.

Josh – Right, because the other one is here too.

Vince – Vira.

Michelle – How’s that been?

Vince – Beyond perfect.


Jarrah – I can’t even tell you’re pregnant in that dress Olivia.

Olivia – Thanks Jarrah.

Micah – She’s beautiful.

Olivia – Aww babe.

Micah – So why didn’t you bring Shane?

Olivia – Or Owen?

Jarrah – Didn’t feel right… which makes me wonder things.

Micah – Well its always best to take things slow.

Olivia – Says the guy who’s having a baby.

Jarrah – *laughing* Well I’m fine. I plan on having a fun night with my date Frankie.

Micah – Do you miss JK?

Jarrah – I do but he’s in good hands with his father.

Micah – Yeah, Orion’s a good dad.


Aaron – …..

Vira – Oh my god, are you nervous?

Aaron – Fuck yeah…

Vira – Why? my dad is cool.

Aaron – Before you didn’t have a dad, so I never had to worry about this.

Vira – Well no turning back now baby… you gotta meet him.

[Bottom Pic]

Vince – ….Hello sweetheart.

Vira – Hey dad.

Aaron – …. Hi… sir…

Vince – Who do we have here?

Vira – Dad…. this is my….. boyfriend… Aaron… Oswell.

Vince – Aaron Oswell….

Aaron – Its a pleasure to meet you sir….

Vince – I see….

Vira – Aaron’s working in television and film.

Aaron – I’m just an assistant.

Vira – Yeah but if you’re not around… stuff doesn’t get done babe.

Aaron – Yeah… true.

Vince – So Aaron… my daughter tells me that you two played a game of hide and seek… and now you’re finally found. What took so long?

Aaron – Oh… umm… well to be honest sir… the timing just wasn’t right…. I had do to some growing…. and I did.

Vira – We both did.

Vince – Oh my daughters….

Vira – Oh god… what?

Vince – Well its hilarious to me…. Aaron is Keegan 2.0…

Vira – They don’t even look alike…

Aaron – Keegan’s a good guy.

Vince – He is…

Aaron – Look sir… I’m not perfect, but I love your daughter. I love her so much that even if you didn’t want her to be with me- I’d fight for her, I’d prove you wrong. I don’t want to ever let her go because we spent way too much time apart, and I feel complete when I’m with her.

Vince – *smiles* Do you hear that Vira?

Vira – I do…*smiles at Aaron*

Vince – Aaron…

Aaron – Yes sir?

Vince – …..I’m happy if my daughter is happy.

Aaron – Really?

Vince – Yes… so you better continue to make her happy… and no babies yet…

Aaron – We better start using condoms then!

Vira – Aaron!

Aaron – Oh shit- sorry!

Vince – I was your age once… I get it… but treat my daughter right… if you don’t…. well lets just say I have friends in the Cartel…

Vira – …..

Aaron – He’s joking right babe?

Vira – Umm… I don’t know…

Vince – I’m joking *laughing*

Vira – *laughs*

Aaron – *laughing*

Vince – But I have ways of finding people.

Vira – Love you dad.

Vince – I love you too Vira.

Aaron – So we’re good Mr McDonald?

Vince – We’re great… also Vira tells me you’ve taken up golfing?

Aaron – My boss golfs… and so yeah I’ve sorta gotten into it.

Vince – Well maybe we can go golfing?

Aaron – I would love that.

Vince – Good.

Vira – Awesome!


Brie – That’s cute.

Kyle – Hmm?

Brie – Vira and her dad.

Kyle – Ah, yeah.

Brie – Hey Kyle?

Kyle – Yeah?

Brie – I think I want to start planning for kids.

Kyle – You do?

Brie – Yeah… I do. I love you so much and-

Kyle – You don’t want to be married first?

Brie – Would you be against Eloping? Mia [From MagikCity] and her husband are moving to GloCity. We could invite them, and a few others to an after party. Nothing too big.

Kyle – Wait Mia’s married?

Brie – She met Danny at a anime convention a year ago… remember?

Kyle – Oh right… the asian guy.

Brie – They’re married and moving to GloCity.

Kyle – She still looks the same?

Brie – If that’s your way of asking if she’s still chubby and wearing cat sweaters…. the answer is… sorta. I love her though, she’s confident in who she is.

Kyle – I was just wondering if she changed herself for her husband or if she stayed true to herself.

Brie – You never answered the question. Eloping good or bad?

Kyle – Its fine with me if its fine with you.

Brie – Speaking of married. I saw Vii here- well she goes by Vanille now.

Kyle – Who?

Brie – Remember she lived in MagikCity? she’s the musician who won the Miss Magik City Pageant.

Kyle – Oh that’s cool.

Brie – Yeah she’s happily married now.


Michelle – So handsome… and beautiful. Look at my children…

Jarrah – Aww mom stop it. You’re slaying us all.

Micah – You look amazing mom.

Michelle – Thank you!

Josh – You’re comfortable?

Olivia – Oh my god Mr. Folland yes… I’m not a fragile vase… I’m okay. Its sweet that you care this much about me and the baby.

Josh – Well you’re family now!


Vince – Sweetie?

Vira – Yes?

Vince – Make sure your sister doesn’t drink too much tonight. I know she’s dateless and all of this has to be getting to her. Everyone with someone… she probably feels a certain too. You have Aaron, your brother Ivo… he has Taylor, Alana has Sebastian…

Aaron – Ivo gave me the third degree… he all but said he’d beat me up if I hurt Vira.

Vince – Good *laughs*

Aaron – I’ll help make sure Kaori doesn’t feel down. Vira and I to the rescue!

Vince – Well thank you Aaron.

Vira – I did good right?

Vince – Eh…. he’s alright *laughing*

Vira – Dad!

Vince – I’m kidding… Aaron seems like a nice guy… but I’ll make my assessment after we go golfing and I have him to myself without you coaching him.

Vira – Be nice to him please!

Vince – I will, I will.

A few feet away, we catch Frankie, with Andi’s boyfriend Chris, chatting it up with Vira’s sister Vanille, and her husband Wesley. Frankie didn’t know too much about Vira’s sister but she figured she had to be nice if she got an invite. Chris of course knew both Vanille and Wesley since he lives in CCity… along with Andi.

Wesley – Whoa… I thought you were Andi for a minute there.

Frankie – Really?

Wesley – Yeah you look so much like her. You’re both beautiful women.

Frankie – Thank you, that’s very sweet of you.

Vanille – Don’t give him anymore compliments, he’ll be telling everyone back home that he was the smoothest guy at the wedding *laughs*

Frankie – *laughs*

Wesley – I think beautiful women should be complimented- and with that being said… baby… you look phenomenal… and I don’t use the word phenomenal often… that’s how good you look.

Vanille – Aww babe.

Chris – How many women do you let out of tickets for being beautiful Wes?

Wesley – …..More than I’d like to admit. A cop’s job is never done.

Frankie – You’re a cop?

Wesley – Yes Ma’am. CCity’s very own.

Frankie – That’s awesome. My friend Keegan’s a cop for GloCity.

Wesley – Nice!

Vanille – So Frankie, Vira says you’re an amazing writer.

Frankie – I- Umm-

Chris – She is… she’s just modest. Andi show’s me all of her stuff. She’s the next big thing.

Frankie – Oh my god, I am not even…

Vanille – Its okay to be confident in your work. Own it girl! Vira says you’re like… perfect

Frankie – No, she’s perfect.

Wesley – Chris didn’t think so-

Vanille – Babe!

Chris – …..

Frankie – ….

Wesley – Too soon to joke about you and Vira?

Chris – Honestly no… I feel like everything happens for a reason, and look at us both now. She has Aaron and I have Andi. Couldn’t have worked out any better than it did.

Frankie – You’re singing at the reception right?

Vanille – Yep!

Chris – Nervous?

Vanille – No…

Frankie – I’d be terrified if it were me.

Vanille – I used to be, until one day in high school at this talent show. My then bestfriend Nikol told me… “Don’t be nervous… just imagine every time you perform you’re performing at the Grammy’s and you just won album of the year. Own it!- that or smoke some weed first.”

Frankie – That’s good advice

Vanille – Yeah, I do both… a little weed never hurt anybody.

Wesley – Nope.

Chris – Hippies!

Frankie – I know Nikol.

Vanille – You do? well yeah you would… she’s Andi’s ex friend…

Chris – She’s ex friends with a lot of people it seems.

Frankie – I actually know her because I work for Jessica. We met at one of her dinners.

Vanille – Oh nice!… Nikol’s a…. she’s a…………………… nice girl. She’ll be alright if she just… fix thing.

Wesley – …..

Chris – …

Vanille – So! where’s your date? you’re too hot to be here alone!

Frankie – You sound like Vira now.

Wesley – Vanille… I think your sister wants to date Frankie.

Vanille – Vira clearly has a girl crush.

Chris – *laughs*

Vanille – But yeah- where’s your date sweetie?

Frankie – I umm.. I’m here with my friend… she’s cousins with the groom [Sebastian]

Vanille – You have a girlfriend right?

Wesley – You’re gay?

Chris – She’s bi.

Frankie – *laughs* I’m bi- and yeah I have a girlfriend. Didn’t think it was the right time for a plus one scenario you know? Its like… in this moment do I think I should ask her to come to a wedding with me?…. no.

Wesley – Don’t want to rush things.

Vanille – True.

Chris – Frankie’s very smart.

Frankie – Oh my god stop it Chris…

Chris – Look, Andi’s bae… and you’re bae’s sister… so… I’m gonna tell everyone how amazing you are…. just like bae.

Wesley – Dude if you say bae one more time…

Vanille – Your love for Andi is beautiful Chris.

Chris – I’m lucky she’s in my life.

Frankie – Aww. You should tell her that.

Chris – I should- Hey Frankie, isn’t that your friend Keegan?

Frankie – Umm yeah, it is. Looks like he’s going to talk to Morgan.

Priest – You ready?

Sebastian – As ready as I’ll ever be. All of these people are here to see Alana and I get married. I never in a million years saw this coming.

Priest – Well god had a plan for you. You two have a beautiful daughter, and look around. All of these guests here… because they believe in true love. The love of Sebastian and Alana.

Sebastian – You’re right… yeah… hell yea- sorry- Heck yeah..

Priest – Today is a glorious day in our father’s name. Amen!

Sebastian – Amen.


Carter – So I said… “Why do lawyers wear neckties?” and he said he didn’t know. And so I said “To keep the foreskin from crawling up their chins” The whole room was in tears from laughing!

Morgan – I don’t get it.

Carter – Because Lawyers are dicks… foreskin… penis?

Morgan – Oh ew Carter- class it up honey, we’re at a wedding- and the priest is right behind us.

Carter – Aww you’re no fun. That joke made a killing at the convention.

Morgan – I just want people to see us in a certain classy light babe.

Carter – Look at you… all sexy when you’re trying to be classy. You look like a sexy napkin in that dress!

Morgan – Oh my god, Andi said these dresses look like napkins and I agree. Vira loves the dress, and Calista seem’s to love that she doesn’t wear panties underneath.

Carter – Yuck…

Morgan – She’s perfect for Ryder…

Keegan – Hey!

Morgan – Oh my god! Keegan! hi!

Keegan – Hi! you guys look great.

Morgan – You look good yourself! handsome as ever- like that’s ever going to stop!

Keegan – Aww, thanks. Well you’re just as beautiful as I remember.

Carter – So you’re Keegan. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Keegan – All good things I hope.

Morgan – Keegan this is my boyfriend, soon to be fiance, soon to be husband…. Carter Pine.

Keegan – What an introduction. Nice to meet you Carter.

Carter – Nice to meet you too Keegan. I don’t know if its because I’m older, but how did you keep up with all of Morgan’s energy?

Keegan – Is that appropriate? I mean to ask about sex-

Carter – No, I meant her always talking and-

Keegan – Oh shit- My bad…. that was awkward.

Carter – Maybe to someone insecure. I know you guys dated… and when people date they have sex. I’m okay with it- with the friendship and or past. We all have a past. Hell I became a lawyer because I got into trouble as a teenager. We wouldn’t be who we are if it wasn’t for our past indiscretions.

Keegan – Its funny that you should say that. I do have a past… and I’ve channeled it all into my job now.

Carter – What do you do?

Keegan – I’m a cop.

Carter – So we’re both in the law career… that’s amazing. I can picture you in a cop uniform… sorta… you’re a bit on the pretty side. Surprised you’re not a model-

Morgan – His dad is… or was.

Carter – So good looks run in the family.

Keegan – I guess.

Morgan – So where’s Priscilla? I met her earlier. She’s a sweet girl… super shy though.

Keegan – I think she’s freshening up in the ladies room.

Morgan – Can you believe we’re at the same wedding?

Keegan – I can’t- but then again I can. I was just telling my co-worker that I feel like GloCity, and CCity are so connected these days.

Carter – Its true.

Morgan – Oh crap Its almost time guys.

Keegan – For what? The ceremony?

Morgan – Yes! can you guys do me a favor and get everyone to their seats? I’m going to go gather the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and Alana’s dad.

Carter – We can do that. Come on Keegan, lets go.

Keegan – After you my good sir.

Carter – Don’t mind if I do!

Morgan – Ew, get a room already! *laughing*

[Location : GloCity]

Back in GloCity, Trey was finally rescued by Jonah. They decided to hit up Trey’s old stomping grounds… He missed his days working at CakeCup, but he knew his career was just getting started. Trey and Jonah had showed up right when it opened… and shockingly… it was Hope Valentine who was opening up the shop today. You guys remember her right? Villain turned hero? She was Jarrah’s enemy with the whole Dylan thing… the she started dating Nick- which is how she got the job here at CakeCup. Well anyway… A lot had changed in Hope’s life, and she couldn’t wait to tell Trey all about it.

Hope – Trey Robinson.

Trey – Hope Valentine.

Hope – I can’t believe you’re here. I haven’t seen you in forever. Did you find a better cupcake shop?

Trey – One doesn’t exist.

Hope – How are you?

He could be truthful and read her a novel’s worth of the drama that he was currently experiencing… but instead he said:

Trey – I’m doing good! I work for this wealthy family… cooking- no maid stuff! I’m their personal chef!

Hope – That’s amazing.

Trey – And you?

Hope – Well I’m the manager of this place, and I’m doing night school for nursing.

Trey – Look at you grinding.

Hope – That’s the thing… I don’t actually have to anymore. I do it because well… its all I know.

Trey – Why did you say you didn’t have to grind anymore?

Hope – You remember my grandma that Nick used to help me take care of back when he and I were dating?

Trey – Yeah.

Hope – She passed away.

Trey – I’m sorry for your loss.

Hope – Thank you… she was a sweet woman. Always looking out for me. Turns out she left money for me… so… while I’m not rich, I could go a year or two without working and be okay.

Trey – Well good for you. You want more for yourself. That’s awesome.

Hope – Oh god its so amazing seeing you. You look so good! so handsome!

Trey – Aww thanks. You look pretty!

Hope – How is everyone? I see Jonah over there. You know I’m cool with Christine, Ethan, Jules, and the gang… so…

Trey – Right.

Hope – I’m sorry about what Raven did…

Trey – Thanks.

Hope – How’s your dad doing?

Trey – Better everyday.

Hope – Good… It sucks… all of it. And I don’t want to villainize her either you know?

Trey – Mmm hmm..

Hope – Its her birthday and she’s in prison… but… she made bad choices, and people got… hurt.

Trey – And died.

Hope – Right…. happy birthday Raven…

Trey – ………

Hope – …..

Trey – Umm-

Hope – So.. Jonah looks buff.

Trey – He does doesn’t he.

Hope – He looks so much older. Very cute.

Trey – I’ll tell him you said so-

Hope – No, don’t… I’m not looking for a relationship right now. I just want to work, and have some fun.

Trey – I get you.

Hope – How’s Jarrah? you’re still friends with her I assume? She with Dylan?

Trey – She’s actually not with Dylan- she’s single… and out to mingle. She’s good though. She had a baby… a boy… Joshua. He’s adorable.

Hope – Oh wow she has a kid now? that’s awesome… who’s the dad?

Trey – Not Dylan… or Collin… Its her ex boyfriend Orion.

Hope – I see.

Trey – Do you talk to Nick?

Hope – Umm…

Trey – You don’t?

Hope – We’re not purposely avoiding each other. We’re both just so busy… he’s Mr. Fitness model thanks to Jarrah’s dad… and like I said… I’m grinding, and I have my own set of friends. Though tonight I’m all on my own. The one night I’m free and everyone else is busy. Guess I’ll watch something on netflix.

Trey – Why don’t you come to MN8 tonight?

Hope – Umm… sure?

Trey – You know Chace?

Hope – No.

Trey – Well my friend Chace’s boyfriend Cayden is doing a comedy gig tonight. Everyone is going. You should come.

Hope – I guess I could see Jarrah and catch up…

Trey – She’s on Mango Island for a wedding, but you can see…… Nick?

Hope – Nick’s gonna be there?

Trey – Yeah.

Hope – …..

Trey – Come on… for me?

Hope – Well you did hire me when no one else would… fine. I’ll be there *smiles*

Trey – Awesome!

Hope – Are you bringing a date?

Trey – My boyfriend. Dominic.

Hope – Nice!

Trey – I guess I’ll see you tonight then!

Hope – Right, but…..

Trey – Hmm?

Hope – Well honey… you did come in here to eat right?

Trey – Oh right! duh! Two chicken clubs, and a red velvet cupcake please.

Hope – Coming right up! and its on the house. I won’t take no for an answer!

Jonah – She seems good.

Trey – She is… she’s not the Hope Valentine we remember.

Jonah – Well we’ve all changed a bit right?

Trey – Yeah…

Jonah – Thanks for this… feel like we’re pre-gaming before the club tonight. You invited her right?

Trey – Yeah I did. She was nervous of saying yes because of Nick… but she agreed to come.

Jonah – Cool… because yesterday at work Cayden was nervous that nobody would come. The more people there, the better.

Trey – She seems sad about Raven…

Jonah – That would be the second person sad about that today.

Trey – Right… so before she told you about Ruben and my boss. She was drunk… and showed up at the frathouse.

Jonah – Yeah

Trey – Then?

Jonah – She tried to rape me.

Trey – What?

Jonah – She grabbed my cock, and tried to fuck me in the kitchen.

Trey – Oh my…

Jonah – After we argued, and she calmed down. She apologized about our whole relationship.

Trey – She did? but she gave you shit at NerdFix.

Jonah – Right?… but no, she actually said it was all her fault.

Trey – How do you feel about that?

Jonah – I don’t actually. I mean you’d think I’d feel validated, but I don’t. I feel like she’s hurting and nothing can help her except time travel. Go back in time and make sure Raven never did what she did.

Trey – Isn’t it crazy to think about all of those moments in our lives though. I mean you met Raven, and Christine at a skate park with Aries… who was pretending to be straight-

Jonah – While totally catfishing you on the internet as “KingOfNowhere”

Trey – God… that whole ordeal was dramatic.

Jonah – Look at Aries now though… he’s the coolest gay guy I know- no offense.

Trey – None taken… and he wasn’t catfishing me… a catfish would have been if we had met and it was somebody like… Rubi!

Jonah – You know… *laughing* She would totally catfish somebody… I could see that.

Trey – She’ll be there tonight with her Jewish bae Adam.

Jonah – She’s gonna run that poor guy away.

Trey – Well at least I’m in good company… i’ll run Dominic away.

Jonah – Speaking of personal shit… you never commented on what I told you about Ruben and Varrick.

Trey – They’re nasty… but at least Ruben broke it off.

Jonah – Do you feel bad arguing with him this morning?

Trey – No because he was being an ungrateful fucktard and on top of that he lied. He wasn’t with his parents in Pylea last night, he was plowing my boss…

Jonah – True.

Trey – Dominic and I let him live with us, and he wants to fuck my boss and be a dick? I’m so over his fatass.

Jonah – *laughing*

Trey – Sorry not sorry.

Jonah – Lets walk this food off.

Trey – Okay. Lets get out of here.

On the way out of CakeCup, Jonah, and Trey walked passed Karin, and Pearl. No words were exchanged between any of them. Awkward…

Pearl – They just walked right past us…

Karin – Shh… they’re still behind us.

Pearl – Right.

Karin – Are my eyes deceiving me or did he have dark hair now?

Pearl – Oh right, you don’t follow him on IG anymore. He and his bestfriend got their hair colored the other day.

Karin – I see.

Pearl – Do you miss him?

Karin – …Is it wrong to say I don’t know?

Pearl – Wrong? no. Weird? yes.

Karin – I just need to be single right now… to just… deal with everything.

Pearl – Yeah but babe… you did him wrong.

Karin – I know… and when the time is right I’ll talk to him.

Pearl – Do you think you could get back with him?

Karin – I don’t know… time will tell.

Pearl – I’ll change the subject then… So I think I’m bisexual.

Karin – Well duh… I have yet to meet a pair of tits that you didn’t like.

Pearl – Oh my god really? I’m that obvious?

Karin – I’m just observant… because I’m your bestfriend.

Pearl – …. Its not weird right?

Karin – No, we can still share the same bed… its whatever. You’re bi, not a lesbian predator.

Pearl – I saw this really hot guy at the gym… blonde… perfect.

Karin – You’re describing like 25% of the GloCity population.

Pearl – True. So what’s going on with your book?

Karin – Frankie and I are almost finished editing it. That Ashley girl is getting in the way though.

Pearl – What Ashley girl?

Karin – Frankie’s writing some whore-memoir about her…

Pearl – I see.

Karin – Truth be told… I think Frankie hates her job.

Pearl – She doesn’t like writing anymore?

Karin – No, she hates editing. I think she wants to just feel free to writer her own shit… and she should… she should quit editing… but I wonder if her boss would be mad about that.

Pearl – Fuck her if she is… you gotta do what you gotta do- and wait… when did you start liking Frankie?

Karin – When I realized I wanted to be just like her.

Trey – Was that weird for you?

Jonah – No.

Trey – Do you miss her?

Jonah – I don’t know…

Trey – Can you see yourself getting back-

Jonah – I don’t really know to be honest. Time will tell I guess, but if I went there with her again… things would have to change. She’d have to grow up, and handle her emotions like an adult.

Trey – While I agree with you… she is younger than us, and think about how our journey’s have gone… maturing takes time.

Jonah – True… damn.

Trey – What?

Jonah – I could use a nap before tonight… and I won’t be able to sleep at the Frat-

Trey – Nobody’s home so you can just nap at my place.

Jonah – You sure?

Trey – Its not a problem. You’re my friend dumbass.

Jonah – *laughs*

Trey – Loving the hair by the way. It feels like you.

Jonah – Christine said the same thing.

Trey – You and Christine are weird. I know she’s with Vladimir- but… would you ever-

Jonah – I don’t know if Christine and I are destined to be together. I mean maybe… who knows.

Trey – ….Nick is in love with me.

Jonah – What?

Trey – Yeah, he was about to tell me, but saw that Dominic and I were fighting.

Jonah – Holy shit.

Trey – In some ways it makes sense though… He’s been around so much, and he flirts a lot.

Jonah – How do you feel about that? You did fuck him..

Trey – He fucked me a long time ago in the dorms… I don’t know how I feel about it though.

Jonah – Well do you have any feelings towards him?

Trey – Nick is perfect… big tall, muscular, great personality. I don’t know- I feel like since Dominic and I are doomed that I should keep Nick close…

Jonah – ….

Trey – Does that sound wrong?

Jonah – Just sounds like you’re preparing for the worst. I get it.

Trey – We have to have fun tonight. We have to let loose and support Cayden.

Jonah – His cousin Rebecca is coming.

Trey – What is she like?

Jonah – He said she’s cool. I haven’t met her. She has a baby and needs to socialize and have fun. He figured this would be perfect timing for her to get out and go with the flow.

Trey – Portia’s coming.

Jonah – Oh good.

Trey – She’s going through a bit of a metamorphosis.

Jonah – I’ve noticed.

Trey – Hey… do you feel weird not going to the wedding?

Jonah – No.

Trey – I like all of us together, but obviously I had no reason to be there. Kaori suggested I cook food for the reception but Alana shot that down, and said “Do I look like I want amateur hour at my reception” Whatever the case… I am glad we get to hangout.

Jonah – I’m glad we’re hanging out too- and I don’t feel weird about going because truth be told Sebastian and my dad don’t really socialize.

Trey – Well the huge age difference…

Jonah – Not only that… they just never did. Sebastian’s always been closer to Jarrah’s side of the family.

Trey – So Frankie and Sebastian having a thing in the past has nothing to do with you not going?

Jonah – No, because that would be stupid as fuck seeing as Sebastian is marrying Alana.

Trey – Just checking…

Jonah – Random question…

Trey – Okay?

Jonah – Did you ever have a crush on Keegan? all of the girls-

Trey – So because I’m gay that mean’s I must have had a crush on Keegan?

Jonah – Sorry… that was rude-

Trey – Of course I had a crush on Keegan. I have a secret and you can’t tell anybody…

Jonah – Okay.

Trey – You know how I dated your cousin in high school?

Jonah – Yeah?

Trey – Well one day we were in her room, and I joked and said maybe I’m bi… and she asked if I ever did anything with a girl. I said no. So she let me touch her boobs and kiss her and like… yuck.

Jonah – Ew I do not need to hear about my cousin’s tits…

Trey – Jarrah has tits! deal with it!

Jonah – Gross.

Trey – Anyway… the whole time we did that stuff I just pretended it was Keegan- YOU CANT TELL ANYBODY!

Jonah – Oh my god! *laughing* That’s fucking hilarious.

Trey – Needless to say after that we both laughed and were GLAD we didn’t attempt to have sex. She was a trooper helping me figure things out.

Jonah – ….That’s funny. Umm… You know what?

Trey – Hmm?

Jonah – I do have one regret about the wedding.

Trey – What is that?

Jonah – The reception… you know the reception is going to be awesome.

Trey – Oh god you’re right!

Jonah – Thank god for social media… we can see all the clothes and food and stuff.

Trey – Well Jarrah’s obsessed with instagram… so I’m sure she’ll be posting a lot. Chin up though. While they’re having fun… we’re also going to have a magical night. This will be one for the memory books. We should do something crazy after the show like a strip club or skinny dipping in a lake

Jonah – Fuck yeah!

Trey – …They’d never see that coming.

Jonah – No… no they won’t.

Trey – Ready to go take that nap?

Jonah – I am…

Trey – Uber to my place?

Jonah – Nah we can walk.

Trey – I wonder what’s going on at the wedding right now?

Jonah – They should be walking down the isle by now…

[Location : Mango Island]

The moment was here… The groomsmen found their bridesmaids and got into formation. It was time for Alana and Sebastian to say their “I Do’s”

[Press Play]

[Stop the music if needed]

Priest – We’re all here today to celebrate the relationship of Alana Grace and Sebastian Darwin. To be witnesses and supporters of the commitment they share with one another. Together we’re a group of the most important people in their lives and they’ve brought us here to publicly recognize that we’ve all played some special part in the love they share today.

Marriage gives permanence and structure to a couple’s love. It’s a way to tell one another that no matter how much you snore or how much you spent while out at the shopping mall, we’re still in this together. It’s more permanent than the weird tattoo that Sebastian got on his arm in his early twenties and has more staying power than Alana’s cute Louboutin heels that she’s had since they first met. Marriage is telling the person you love that you’re not going anywhere and that’s a powerful commitment for two people to make to one another.

The road that has brought Alana and Sebastian here today hasn’t been easy. It’s been filled with challenges that they weren’t necessarily prepared for. But together they’ve taken each one on and have used those experiences to strengthen, not weaken their love.

Priest – Alana and Sebastian, the vows that you are about to make are a way to share your love and commitment to each other in your own words. Sometimes poems, verses and quotes just don’t get the point across the way you need them to and the best option is just to do it yourself. These vows are your way of openly declaring your promise to one another as well as to all of those who are here in attendance today. And with that being said… Ladies first.

Alana – Sebastian… You changed every part of me for the better. I could not, and would not be the persona that I am today had I not had you in my life. You are strong, smart, sexy… you are passionate, caring… you are so many things that I never knew I needed. Together we brought our beautiful daughter into this world. She was a blessing, and that was enough for me. Then you got down on one knee and asked me to marry you. Today makes me the happiest woman on earth and I will love you until my last breath. I’m thankful to have found you, and I’m never letting you go.

Guest – Awww

Priest – Sebastian.

Sebastian – You are my lover and my teacher, You are my model and my accomplice, And you are my true counterpart. I will love you, hold you and honor you, I will respect you, encourage you and cherish you, In health and sickness, Through sorrow and success, For all the days of my life.

You have been my best friend, playmate, confidant and my greatest challenge. But most importantly, you are the love of my life and you make me happier than I could ever imagine and more loved than I ever thought possible…. You have made me a better person, as our love for one another is reflected in the way I live my life. So I am truly blessed to be a part of your life, which as of today becomes our life together. I am happy to have made a beautiful daughter with you. I love you, and I always will. Our love is forever eternal, and will live on, forever.

Guest – Aww

Priest – Alana – do you take Sebastian to be your husband; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?

Alana – *smiles* I do.

Priest – Sebastian – do you take Alana to be your wife; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?

Sebastian – *holding back tears* I do.

Priest – By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. Sebastian you may kiss your bride.

Sebastian & Alana – *Kiss*

Minister: It’s my great honor and privilege to be the first to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Darwin!

Guest – *clapping*

That’s a wrap for the beautiful wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin. Stay tuned for the reception… its going to be exciting because everyone will be drinking and letting loose. Not to mention what’s about to take place in GloCity for Jonah, and Trey. You haven’t seen nothing yet! To be continued!


~*End Of Part One, Part Two [Reception|Comedy Club] is Next*~


One comment

  1. *cries* Those were such sweet vows ^_^. I hope Sebastian and Alana hold true to those vows and stay together until they’re both old and gray! That gown of hers sure is risky, but beautiful! lol On another note, Christine is nuts and she and Jonah might have been good together but I still say he belongs with Frankie :D! Now on to part two!

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