{BnG Season 3} Chapter Three Part 3 : “You’re Joking…Right?”

Chapter Three | Pt. 3 “You’re Joking…Right?”

-POV’s : Jeep Jonah & Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |


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(POV Jonah)

So I’ve realized that the entire time of us knowing one another, that you have never been home with me. This is your first time seeing me going home, to see my parents. That’s not to say that I didn’t visit them before today, its just that you’re never around when I do… but I guess there’s a first time for everything right? so here we are. Side-note; I’m sure you’re wondering about my thoughts on a few things… Like my interaction with Frankie, and Karin yesterday, and the whole situation with Trey, Dominic, and Barry Mapole- I mean Ian.

First thing’s first… Karin… I’m aware that she’s hurting, but she’s being a bitch. I’m kinda over that whole shtick. Until she can be an adult and talk to me, she’s on her own. Fuck her for purposely trying to hurt me by using my insecurities against me. Now when it comes to Frankie, I was brutally honest. I also was a bit unfair. Here’s why… She told me straight up that she needed me more as a friend than a boyfriend. I should have respected her enough to accept that and move on- and I did.. I did move on… with Karin. In hindsight I realize I moved on but did not accept being rejected. So I blew up at her, and told her stuff I was suppose to let go of… the Sebastian shit, it just makes me look like a whiny little bitch.

That’s not to dismiss my very valid feelings, but I shouldn’t be throwing a fit because the girl doesn’t feel the same way. I’m still in love with Frankie Mancini, I’m never not gonna be. I have no idea if she feels anything romantic for me, because she’s never said. With that being said, I’m not holding my breath, and I’m gonna try and get happy with myself before I even worry about women. I need to start putting myself first, maybe I should pull a Julia Roberts and do a eat pray love type of trip.

Now about Ian-

Tru – Honey?

Jonah – Huh?

Tru – Did you hear what I asked you?

Jonah – No, sorry mom…

Tru – I asked you, what are you going to do about Karin.

Jonah – I’m, giving her space. I don’t want to date her, I’m just trying to be a supportive friend. She’s being a b- a bit immature, which… I guess makes sense.

Tru – Because she’s young, and doesn’t know how to express her emotions?

Jonah – Right.

Tru – Its funny….

Jonah – What is?

Tru – I initially thought you started dating her because she was… well nevermind…

Jonah – What?

Tru – …Well….

Jonah – Just say it mom…

Tru – She’s similar to Frankie…. who you’ve had a big crush on since… forever.

Jonah – That’s-… I didn’t- they’re nothing alike.

Tru – …..You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to your mom..

Jonah – …..How are you mom?

Tru – ….I guess that means we’re moving on, okay.

Jonah – School is fine, you know about Karin, my friends are good-ish… so yes.. moving on. How are you?

Tru – Well… I’m good. Your aunt Skye and I went to get dinner last night. We ran into an old friend of mine… Kris Harris.

Jonah – You say that like I know who he is?

Tru – Well he held you when you were a baby.

Jonah – Some man held me… yet you two aren’t friends anymore?

Tru – Time changes people…. he was pretty cool back in the day. He even dated your bestfriend’s [Keegan] dad.

Jonah – Issac got around it seems… first Frankie’s dad, then Aries dad [Gavin] and now your old friend Kris…

Tru – Oh my god!

Jonah – What?

Tru – You go to school with his niece, and nephew.

Jonah – Who?

Tru – His sister had twins… umm Bianca, and Bryce.

Jonah – I know them… Bryce is a friend of mine actually… so weird.

Tru – By the way, what you said isn’t true…

Jonah – What?

Tru – Issac didn’t get around, in fact it took him a while to even put himself out there. I think after Jordan’s brother-

Jonah – Wait… Issac fucked Trey’s uncle AJ?!

Tru – Language, and yeah they were together…

Jonah – So… Riley, Gavin, Kris, and AJ….

Tru – Yes, but not in that order-

Jonah – I’m surprised he didn’t do Ivy’s dad Max!

Tru – He didn’t, but Max, and Gavin were together…

Jonah – Wow…

Dude…. Issac was a man-whore. Its funny Issac seemed super irresistible back in the day, and so is Keegan. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree at all.

Tru – Look, your father and I… and all of your friend’s parents all had lives before you guys were born. I did more than watch HGTV, and garden. I sorta dated Jordan, and I even had a girlfriend when I was a teenager-

Jonah – You hooked up with Trey’s dad?!

Tru – Oh I’ve said too much…

Jonah – And you- a girl? are you bisexual or something? does dad know?!

Tru – Your dad can’t say anything considering his dorm-room romp- Oh crap there I go again…

Jonah – Umm… are you saying…. dad…. hooked up with another dude in college? You’re Joking…Right?

Tru – I’m saying we all had lives, and did different things.

Jonah – Are my parents bisexuals?!

Tru – …. lets not worry about labels Jonah… we’re happily married…

Jonah – ……….

Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t…

Tru – Where the hell is your father….

Jonah – ….. I don’t know. He asked me to come by, and he’s not even here.

Oliver – Who’s not here?

Tru – Oh there you are honey.

Oliver – I picked up the tea, and crackers you wanted from the store.

Tru – Aww, thanks babe.

Oliver – You done eating Jonah?

Jonah – Sure.

Oliver – Okay lets go talk.

Tru – You guys have fun. I’m gonna go watch Scandal.. Team Fitz! Woot Woot!

Oliver – I think Olivia should try being alone for once.

Tru – I’m all about a woman standing on her own, I just think she and Fitz are endgame!

Oliver – Fitz is a pussy… Olivia deserves better.

Tru – Oh and Jake is any better?

Oliver – Jake is a murdering asshole…

Tru – Okay so then tell me this… If Fitz-

Jonah – Parents… I love you… but there are only SO many hours in the day, and I gotta get to work…

Shit-mouth boss of mine might flip a bitch if I’m late. God I wish he’d brush his fucking teeth. There is no reason that his mouth should smell like a horses ass.

Oliver – He’s right…

Tru – Fine, go have your father son talk, but this isn’t over Ollie!

Oliver – Don’t watch How To Get Away With Murder, without me.

Jonah – Oh god….

Oliver – Lets talk outside in the backyard.

Jonah – ………K.

Lets get this shit over with. I’m pretty sure we’re going to bump heads. He always says I have no respect for him, but that works two ways. I’m an adult too, and just because you’re my parent- it doesn’t mean you’re always right, and I’m always wrong.

Oliver – You’re looking tan.

Jonah – What?

Oliver – Last time I saw you, you were pale…

Jonah – Why do you always do that?

Oliver – Do what?

Jonah – Critique the way I look.

Oliver – I’m not being malicious, I’m just saying you look good today-

Jonah – As opposed to looking like shit normally?

Oliver – Why are you so combative with me lately? You were never this way… it all started after you buffed up, and joined that frat.

Jonah – Oh… I don’t know, could it be because nothing I ever do is good enough.

Oliver – So we’re going right into it then?

Jonah – …..

Oliver – Its not… that I don’t think… that you don’t have what it takes to be some big movie guy. I just want you to be happy, and not struggling. The whole struggling artist thing is cute until you can’t pay your bills. I’m just saying have a backup plan.

Jonah – That annoys me…

Oliver – Why?

Jonah – I never doubted myself, but you’ve given me a complex. I sometimes worry that I can’t do it, that I suck… thanks to you dad.

Oliver – …..

Jonah – Ya know, Rubi’s dad gives his full support, and she actually really does suck at it.

Oliver – They can afford that luxury… her dad has Hollywood connections, his daughter will be fine. I’m trying to be realistic, and help you have a backup plan.

Jonah – Oh, its nice of you to change your wording… before you called it a silly dream, and said I was wasting your money on unrealistic goals.

Oliver – ….Can we just sit and talk please?

Jonah – I kinda want to leave.

Oliver – Please son?….

Ugh, he makes me so angry, and then want to play the father card… the whole guilt trip shit really gets on my nerves.

Jonah – ……

Oliver – I’ll take you to Chuck E Cheese!….

Jonah – ……

Oliver – You used to love Chuck E Cheese… you and your cousin [Jarrah] would run around playing games, getting tickets and tokens for the toys… you guys were bestfriends.

Jonah – We’re still close. We’re both just busy… she has a baby n’ shit…

Oliver – Do you want kids?

Jonah – Sure… but not now.

Oliver – Good answer.

Jonah – You must think I’m a idiot… did you think I was gonna say “oh yeah dad, I want kids right now!”

Oliver – No…. I just…. *sigh* this isn’t going as well as I wanted… Why is this so hard….

Because our communication skills suck.

Jonah – …..Lets just sit.

Oliver – *smiles* …. okay.

Oliver – …. Its really nice out today isn’t it?

Jonah – …….Yeah.

Oliver – Are you eating good enough?

Jonah – I’m good, I can afford food remember? you pressured me into getting a job… so I have one. I work at that computer shop.

Oliver – ……I just want the best for you.

Jonah – You…. you’re such a hypocrite…

Oliver – What hypocrisy have I displayed?

Jonah – Umm.. you went by the name Blaze, and smoked tons of weed in college. You didn’t have it all figured out.

Oliver – First of all, where did you hear that?

Jonah – Doesn’t matter. Its true right?

Oliver – …..It is. Which is why I want you to not go through what I did. I’m smart as hell, but I still had a hard time figuring things out.

Jonah – Your sexuality too.

Oliver – What the hell are you talking about?

Jonah – Both you and mom are bisexual apparently!

Oliver – What?!

Jonah – Mom said she had girlfriends when she was in high school, and that you fucked- or got fucked by some guy when you were in college!

Oliver – I never had sex with that guy. The only thing that happened was that we were both high, and he went down on me- and I can’t believe she told you that.

Jonah – This is seriously gross.

Oliver – Why? people have sex-

Jonah – Because you guys are my parents. I don’t need to hear these things.

Oliver – Oh get over it… its not like we were doing orgies. I have some friends who are married and attend weekend orgies to spice things up- I won’t say any names though.

Jonah – …..

Oliver – I was a misfit in college, I enjoyed weed. Your mother and I still smoke weed on the weekends… We’re not the stiff parents you think we are.

Jonah – Evidently not.

Oliver – We got way off base here…

Jonah – Yeah… we did. What did you want to talk about? what was the point of calling me here?

Oliver – Well your mother enjoys your company… and so do I. I wish we could do more things together. We have such a disconnect. I only know about whats bothering you if I read social media. I want you to come to me for advice… I want to be your dad, and your bestfriend.

Jonah – ….I feel like an asshole… but at the same time… you… you hurt my feelings. You cause me anxiety, you make me doubt myself-

Oliver – Not my intentions though.

Jonah – Regardless, its how you make me feel. How am I to brush that aside, and go to baseball games with you?

Oliver – Neither one of us like baseball…

Jonah – You know what I mean.

Oliver – I simply asked you here for two things. To tell you about an opportunity that was presented for you, and also to tell you that I’m proud of you, and I love you.

Jonah – What opportunity?

Oliver – ….A friend of mine at GloCity News is looking for new cameramen.

Jonah – …….

Oliver – I figure you can do that, and work your way up… while also doing your side film projects. If something amazing happens on the film side then good…. but this would be a good-

Jonah – Back up.. yeah I know.

Oliver – Do you think you’-

Jonah – I gotta get going.

I don’t want to argue anymore, and I feel like if he keep talking job opportunities, its gonna piss me off.

Oliver – Jonah?

Jonah – Yeah?

Oliver – I really do want us to be closer. I’m sorry for making you feel how you feel. Like I said… I do love you, you’re my son, my only child… I’m sorry for not doing things right.

Jonah – …

Oliver – Its funny, because my father- your grandpa Ben, he and I- well… We did not really have that relationship. I was basically an alien to him “always out back wit da tela-scope” We were not close, and I regret that. When you came into this world, I didn’t want that for us. I wanted us to be bestfriends.

Jonah – …. What about uncle Josh?

Oliver – We’ve always been close… best brother I could ask for.

Jonah – No, I mean were him and grandpa Ben close?

Oliver – They weren’t close, but they had a better relationship that I did. They got a lot closer towards Grandpa Ben’s final years.

Jonah – I don’t hate you, or anything. I’m just mad at you.

Oliver – Well I’ll take that, over you hating me.

Jonah – …You’re my dad, of course I… love you or whatever. I’m just mad.

Oliver – Okay… well hopefully you can not be mad at me… someday.

Jonah – I’m working on it.

Oliver – Not to be pushy, but how do you feel about the cameraman position?

Jonah – Can I think about it?

Oliver – You have time. It wouldn’t start until the summer… They’re working on cleaning house right now.

Jonah – Cool…

Oliver – Okay, well good visit.

Jonah – Yeah…

Oliver – Have a good day at work!

Jonah – You too.

Oliver – I should probably go watch tv with your mother.

Jonah – ….and smoke some weed…

Oliver – We have brownies….

Jonah – My parents are sexual deviants who enjoy marijuana… That’s hilarious.

Oliver – We kick ass.

Jonah – *laughs* I’ll see you later dad.

My dad makes me mad, and he’s given me a complex where I doubt myself… still…. he’s my dad and considering he had a shitty relationship with his father, maybe I should try and forgive him. I don’t want to be mad at him. I remember the fun times. He used to understand me, back in the days where he’d come home from work, and play pokemon cards with me. I obviously don’t want to play pokemon cards with my dad these days… but I’d appreciate if he understood me, and liked me for me. I mean is it my fault though? I have changed a bit, but have I changed so much as to where he doesn’t even recognize his own son? at the core I’m still a film loving nerd. *sigh*

(POV Kaori)

Ian gives great blowjobs… that’s all I keep thinking about as I sit here at lunch with my family. As of right now the people who know about Ian are, Trey, Jonah, Frankie, and myself. I told Vira too because well, she’s my sister- and she has no connection to this town and its drama. Jarrah, doesn’t know yet because she’s busy, and I asked that nobody tell Keegan yet because of his friendship with Ian. I’ll tell both Jarrah, and Keegan when I feel its right.

As far as what I’m gonna do with the information I got at Trey’s place last night? I’m sitting on it- which is something that Ian doesn’t do often in porn. Took a good 15 videos before I saw him actually being penetrated. I must have spent the night in my bed watching 30 + videos of him. No… not on a random porn site either. I had to subscribe to the studio that makes the videos. There he was in all of his glory- all 8 inches… Its surreal.

What’s even more surreal is the restraint I’m showing when it comes to this. The old me would have outed him, yelled at him… instead I’m just going to sit on it, and wait. I’m going to see him tonight, and I’m going to give him a chance to tell me himself. Oh and just to clear up any confusion that Trey, Jonah, or anybody else may have caused- Ian and I have not had sex since high school. The most we’ve done since he’s been back is hand stuff, but even then… he was showing restraint. We stopped before anybody came… Now I know why, he’s gay. He doesn’t want me, he wants Keegan.

Kokoro – Kaori, honey?

Kaori – Yeah?

Kokoro – Are you alright?

Kaori – Yeah, sorry.. just thinking about school… I have a paper due tomorrow that I’m only half way done with.

Kokoro – I’m so proud of you… juggling work, and school.

Kaori – *smiles*

So this lunch was very much an impromptu social gathering- look at me sounding like Frankie… though knowing her, and her bag of big words she’d probably say some shit like “The assemblage, of our congregation was brought on simply by fortuitous happenstance” She is such a nerd… how the hell did she get blessed with such a big brain, and all of the beauty that she has? My girl crush grows on my bestfriend everyday, is that weird?

Its always so weird seeing my mother, and father together. They are both happily married to other people now, but I’d be lying if I said I’d hate it if they ever found their way back together. With that being said, I’m happy that they’re happy with Victoria, and George. The way this lunch came together was basically Vira, and I were planning on eating here. Vira was texting with dad and told him the plan. He came down, and mom walked in randomly for a quick bite before she had to head back to Pylea for the taping of her show- yes… its still on.

Vince – Everything good at the place?

Kaori – Yeah, its good. I’m happy Aries lives with me. I feel safe.

Vira – He’s so big! I got there earlier, and he was doing yoga in the living room… I’m like oh my god, you must lift weights everyday!

Kokoro – Isn’t that in now? Now men have an unrealistic body goal. Join our club!

Vira – Oh my god, right? being a woman, I just feel so bad watching tv, and film. The magazines are the worst too, because of all of the photoshop.

Kaori – Says the fashion designer…

Vira – You brat…

Kaori – I’m just saying, you clearly have a good outlook on things, but in the industry you’re in-

Vira – Actually I’m doing something about it… or at least I plan on it.

Vince – Well, tell us your idea sweetheart.

Vira – Fine dad, since you twisted my arm! *laughing*

Kokoro – *laughing*

Kaori – He totally twisted your arm *laughs*

I’ve had my dad all my life, she just met him a year ago… its so cute how they’ve bonded really fast. You’d think I’d be jealous, since I’m a princess and all- but nope. There is more than enough of dad to go around.

Vira – So basically my roommate is plus size. She had a baby and didn’t drop the weight right away. I noticed she’s been having a hard time picking out clothes to wear. So I started sketching stuff with her in mind. I want to take my idea to Morgan- my bestfriend, and business partner. I want to do a plus size line. She’s so high fashion, but I don’t see Hillside going that way. A cute boutique or a few… with our clothes- I’m rambling, but basically I want to do some plus size stuff.

Kokoro – That is a fabulous idea Vira.

Vince – There are a lot of women who probably need more options.

Kaori – Morgan’s…. well I’ll be nice and say that I HOPE she hears you out… because she’s….

Vira – Kaori doesn’t like her…

Vince – Why?

Kokoro – Yeah, what happened?

Kaori – A while ago she and Keegan-

Vince – Oh! say no more-

Kokoro – …..

Vira – *laughing*

Kaori – What’s so funny? and Dad why did you say “Oh! say no more” What is that supposed to mean?

Vince – Well princess, we’ve all known for a long time that you… well you have these intense feelings for Issac’s son and-

Kaori – No, stop.

Kokoro – Don’t get upset honey, your dad is-

Kaori – I’m not upset, I’m just- look… I’m aware of my emotionally painful past with Keegan, but just so you guys know… that’s over. We talked one on one, as adults. We’re friends, and that’s all its ever gonna be. We’re okay with that. So when you say stuff like that it makes me feel young, stupid, and immature.

Vince – I’m sorry princess, and you’re right. You handled it like an adult, that’s good. I shouldn’t joke about it.

Kaori – Its fine daddy, I just wanted to throw that out there.

Vira – So, happy belated birthday Mrs- well what do I call you now? you’re married to George and I don’t know his last name.

Kaori – Its Kokoro Young now- however… you can just call me Koko, you’re family.

Vira – *smiles* well Happy belated birthday Koko- oh crap I forgot your gift in Kaori’s car-

Kaori – I’ll go get it.

Vira – I can go with you-

Kaori – Its okay, its just in the parking lot.

Vince – You sure you don’t want anyone to-

Kaori – I understand what you guys are doing, but sooner or later I have to get my life back. I can’t be afraid to walk alone.

Kokoro – My strong daughter…

Kaori – I’ll be back *gets up and walks away*

Yes there are plenty of psychos out there, but I can’t be boxing myself in just because I got attacked by a hockey mask wearing freak. Its cool that they’re so protective over me, but I gotta do things on my own too.

Kokoro – So Vira, are you dating?

Vira – I have a boyfriend-

Vince – What?

Kokoro – Oh here we go…

Vince – I haven’t met this boyfriend…

Vira – *laughing* Don’t worry dad, he’s a good guy. I’ve known him since I was a teenager. We’ve both matured, and the timing is finally right for us.

Vince – Well I want to meet him.

Vira – That can be arranged- but don’t scare him!

Kokoro – Good luck with that. Kaori would have boys around the house and he’d give them a full interview. One time he gave Keegan a full speech… he told him “Your father was smooth with men, and I bet you’re smooth with the ladies, but Kaori is my little girl!” It was ridiculous.

Vira – Oh wow *laughing*

Vince – I’m protective with my girls…

Vira – And our brother?

Vince – Well Ivo… he…. no not really- and I understand the double standard but, its hard to control boys…

Kokoro – Oh Vincent, we can ask her since Kaori isn’t here.

Vince – Right!

Vira – Uh-oh…

Vince – Who’s the Ian guy that’s on Kaori’s instagram?

Kokoro – Are they dating?

Vira – Umm… well from what I know, Ian is a high school friend. They reconnected. They are not dating…

Vince – You sure?

Vira – Yeah, that’s what Frankie told me.

Kokoro – Oh I just love Frankie-

Vira – Oh my god how hot is she? and smart too. I think I have a girl crush!

Vince – Did you need anything honey? any money or-

Vira – No, I’m okay. Thanks for asking.

Kokoro – Well if you do ever need anything, you can ask. I know I’m not with Vincent anymore, but you can still consider me family.

Vira – Aww… well that’s sweet of you guys. I know work is good for you Koko, but what about you dad?

Vince – Things are better than ever, we had that issue with Paisley Adams, but finances are finally starting to get back on track. So work is good.

Vira – She’s a publicist slash manager or whatever.

Kokoro – She has her own PR firm?

Vira – Yep, in CCity… I see her all the time. We’re not friends though, not after the things she’s done to Dad, and Kay’.

Vince – You know what?… what she did was wrong, but at least she took the money, and is trying to make something of herself. The best I can hope for is that she herself will become successful enough so that she doesn’t have to resort to shit like she pulled with me- and that her future kids will be taken care of and not do anything dumb like she did.

Kokoro – That’s a positive way to look at someone who fucked you over Vincent.

Vince – Everyone makes mistakes.

Vira – That’s true- though I know someone named Nikol who makes lots of mistakes… and she’s a pretty bad person… Its weird though. As much as I dislike her, I almost feel bad for her. She fucked my boyfriend when we had broken up- and there are other things she’s done to my sister… still… I feel bad for her- only because she seems to lack self-awareness, and maturity.

Kokoro – Well there is only so much time you can give someone to mature.

Vince – Yeah, then you just let them hang themselves.

Vira – Oh I’m sure she will… if anybody would find themselves in a crap situation its her.

Kokoro – Where are her parents?

Vince – Does she have friends?

Vira – She keeps friends until they get sick of her- she has about 2 friends. As for her parents, her father died last year… and she’s actually reconnecting with her mom from what I’ve heard. You might know her mom- she’s Jessica Nash?

Kokoro – The writer, I have her books.

Vince – I know here from a long time ago. She’s your mother’s [Leslie] friend. I met her a long time ago on vacation. Me and my friends called her “Red” because of the hair, and her attitude problems *laughing* God that trip was fun- one of many… we went to a cabin one year..

Kokoro – Where I found out I was pregnant with your bother Ivo.

Vince – The guys and I had lots of fun over the years.

Vira – You’re still friends with all of them?

Vince – Yeah, Josh, Issac, and Jordan… we’re all still very close- Tommy [Tom] too. Then you toss in Riley and we have this strong brotherhood.

Vira – My mom isn’t as close with Jamie, Spencer, and Jessica anymore… but I think after they went to Jessica’s wedding that they’re working on it… its so weird that you and mom met on an island… Its romantic- yet she’s a lesbian, and you’re straight. She has never told me about that trip where you guys met… You should…

Vince – Okay… why not? It all started when Jessica’s now husband Tom burned down our house, we needed a vacation… so we booked this nice place on Mango Island… turns out so did your mom and her friends… So we’re all arguing and sitting outside while we decide who gets the place… ultimately Issac, and Jamie decided we could all stay together… so then- *fades off*

I swear I heard them say Paisley’s name while I was walking away… That bitch, I can’t believe her life is so good right now, I wonder when it’ll all come crashing down for her. I still very much would like to knock her teeth out. I have never let a bitch get the best of me, and she will forever be the one who got away with it. That stings, and I hate losing. Oh well… hope she’s happy, and not fucking anyone over these days.

Isn’t that… that’s Jessica’s son… oh… and that bitch Raina’s sister Jenn. I love Frankie, she’s my bestfriend… but she can do better. Yes Raina is gorgeous, and driven… but something about her just doesn’t sit right with me.

Jenn – What the fuck were you thinking?

Symon – I did what I thought made sense.

Jenn – You fail to understand who my mother is. It would have blew over.

Peter – I think Symon’s gone soft…

Jenn – Oh did you Symon? should we start calling you Flaccid?

Oh hell naw… nasty ass little kids- though I guess at that age my friends and I were no better…

Symon – Fuck both of you, don’t forget who saved the day, it was me.

Peter – You didn’t save shit bro, there’s still an investigation.

Symon – What?

Jenn – Yeah… they’re still looking into it- which is why I said what I said. If you would have just let ME and my FAMILY take care of it- it would have been fine.

Peter – I bumped into Curtis and his mom yesterday.

Jenn – You did?

Peter – Him, and his mom were at the grocery store, and I was there with my dad-

Jenn – Well obviously, your mom is dead.

Symon – Jenn!

Jenn – What?! its true! she was killed in that car accident!

Peter – I fucking know my mom is dead, you cunt bitch.

Jenn – Oh fuck off Peter.

Symon – Shut the fuck up already… both of you…

Peter – No, I have a story to tell. I saw Curtis in the produce section. He was buying some spinich and kale smoothie, faggot ass…

Symon – What’s gay about kale, and spinich? my sister makes me drink that…

Jenn – Curtis is the gayest kid at our school… I wonder if he gets off on looking at you guys… he’s always looking at you Symon.

Symon – He’s-

Peter – He checks me out too, like so much. He’s always looking at me. He’s such a fag.

Symon – Dude stop it with the F word… my sister’s are gay.

Jenn – So is mine…

Peter – Yeah but its different. They’re women, they’re lesbians… not faggots like Curtis.

Symon – Just stop…

Jenn – Sometimes I swear you’re one of those….

Symon – Who me?

Jenn – No, Peter.

Peter – One of what?

Jenn – Those homophobic guys who will probably end up gay after high school.

Peter – You think I’m gay? come over my house, my dad is at work. I’ll show you how gay I am when I shove my cock up your ass-

Symon – Dude!

Jenn – Why the ass though?

Peter – What does it matter?!

Kaori – ………..

Symon – Guys shut up….

Peter – Don’t tell me to shut up, I’ll knock you out-

Symon – You won’t, and I’m saying shut up because that woman behind you guys… I know her. She’s Frankie’s friend… so shut the fuck up.

Jenn – *changing the subject* So that’s when Tiffany told me that she went down on Richie. I think she is such a slore.

Peter – Oh yeah! big slore!

Symon – You guys umm… do your homework?

Peter – Are you being serious? no, I’m not doing it until sunday…

Jenn – Why ruin the weekend?

Peter – Well anytime you get weekend homework its ruined…

Symon – …True… lets um, lets get out of here.

Jenn – Good idea.

Bad ass teenagers… I need to call Keegan and tell him about this.

I went to the car, and got Vira’s gift for my mom. Then I headed to the ladies room to call Keegan to talk to him about what I heard, plus a few more things.

Keegan – Hi.

Kaori – Hey.

Keegan – What’s up?

Kaori – You’re not busy are you?

Keegan – No, just at the market on main street. I ran out of things I use for my morning smoothies.

Kaori – Oh, okay good.

Keegan – What’s going on?- and why do I hear an echo everytime you speak? you taking a dump or something?

Kaori – Oh my god Keegan, no- ew. Women don’t poop okay?

Keegan – Yeah, yeah…

Kaori – I am in the ladies room though.

Keegan – Okay?

Kaori – I’m having lunch with my parents, and sister.

Keegan – Ah yes, the elusive Vira.

Kaori – What?

Keegan – Its just funny considering she and I have never actually talked. She’s your sister, and she’s Morgan’s bestfriend…

Kaori – Ew, you still talk to Morgan Hill?

Keegan – I do, we talk probably once a week. When she and I did things, I was in a messed up place, but I don’t want her to take all the blame for… a shitty situation.

Kaori – She did sorta enable you…

Keegan – She did, and she’s apologized for it. She was going through her own shit too, ya know? By rebelling against everything that was expected of her, she got herself in trouble- fired from V-Glam, and so on.

Kaori – Well now she’s good… she has Hillside Fashions with my sister, and from what I hear she has a steady relationship. So she bounced back.

Keegan – And everyone should be given time to do that.

Kaori – You’re right…

Keegan – She vents to me sometimes, mainly because she says she doesn’t want to look weak, or like she’s complaining- or she bit off more than she could chew with the whole Hillside thing. She knows I don’t judge people- so it is what it is.

Kaori – Right…. umm-

Keegan – So… Frankie told me about Priscilla…

Kaori – I- I feel like considering our past that I shouldn’t make any comments about your relationship.

Keegan – I want you to though…

Kaori – …Well I don’t know Keegan, considering you caught her in that lie… something isn’t right. That plus how she attacked Frankie.

Keegan – Are you saying that you think she’s still hung up on her?

Kaori – Its a strong possibility, but I can’t say for sure. She’s disconnected from you- she has this pent up frustration with Frankie… I… I don’t know…

Keegan – Hmm…

Kaori – I’m sorry that you keep- It just sucks that you can’t find her… find the right girl…

Keegan – Maybe its my punishment for what happened with Mona…

Kaori – No, stop it! and don’t talk like that- today of all days, don’t let negativity win.

Keegan – Right…

Today would be- well… it is Mona’s birthday…

Keegan – Yeah….But um… enough about that. What’s up? what’s going on?

Kaori – Well I wanted to talk to you about two things…

Keegan – Good or bad?

Kaori – The first one, can be looked at as both? I guess it would depends on if you’re a glass half full or glass half empty type of guy…

Keegan – Well I’m more of an optimist opposed to an pessimist, so-

Kaori – Glass half full- alright so we’ll look at it as good news.

Keegan – Lay it on me baby.

Kaori – Okay so… I had to step outside because I had to get something out of the car for Vira. On my way out… I saw Jessica’s son Symon, with his friend who’s name I don’t know, and that little cunt Jenn.

Keegan – Interesting.

Kaori – They were talking about the whole picture scandal, and from what I heard it sounds like Jenn was mad because Symon saved her? she said something on the lines of “If you would have stayed quiet, it would have been over” because she’s a “Baycock”

Keegan – …..*sigh* I see

Kaori – The friend went on to gay bash Zoey’s friend Curtis, and Symon sorta stood up for him. So I’m confused… I think there is way more to the story, and I figured you could get to the bottom of it.

Keegan – Thanks… Zoey sure is lucky to have us watching out for her eh?

Kaori – She’s important to me.

Keegan – I know… she can always count on you to be truthful with her and-

Kaori – Speaking of truth… the other thing… its bad.

Keegan – Okay?

Kaori – Last night… I umm.. I got a call from Trey.

Keegan – Is he okay? Dominic better not have hurt him or-

Kaori – No no… its not about Dominic- its about- Okay so you know how Trey went to the porn set with the guy he works for, and Dom’?

Keegan – Yeah…

Kaori – Well after watching a scene, Trey went to pee. On his way he passed by the studio-head arguing with one of the talents Barry Mapole

Keegan – Clever name..

Kaori – Barry Mapole is Ian Alexander…

Keegan – I’m sorry what?

Kaori – Your new bestie does gay porn…

Keegan – No…

Kaori – He does.

Keegan – He told me he helped people, and did in-home care or some shit.

Kaori – Yeah, helps gay men get off, by them being in-home watching him ejaculate in another man’s asshole.

Keegan – Oh my god…

Kaori – ….Yeah.

Keegan – Does he have porn online?

Kaori – Yes…

Keegan – What the hell… have you talked to him? does anyone else know besides Trey and I?

Kaori – At this point, everyone knew except you, and Jarrah.

Keegan – How did Jeep- Jonah find out?

Kaori – Because he helped Trey find the porn- its a long story…

Keegan – I’m hanging out with him later, so I’ll get the details then.

Kaori – Yeah, do that… I’m gonna talk to Ian later tonight- after work…

Keegan – Good luck with that- and try not to come off too… hard.

Kaori – Got it…

Keegan – Okay, well thanks for calling me.

Kaori – Anytime.

Keegan – Tell everyone I said hi. Talk to you later.

Kaori – Okay bye.

That went well- minus the Priscilla stuff. I feel like its wrong for me to talk to him about his relationship- seeing as I’m partly to blame for him and Jules breaking up- granted that she became a huge bitch- obsessed with feminism… still  do acknowledge my part in things. Never again will I ever be a homewrecker. I don’t need to focus on men- with this Ian shit Its become more apparent that I need to just focus on me. All that preaching I did to Frankie, and Vira about finding a date for the wedding and now I’m going solo. Its just not gonna workout between Ian and I. Anyway I’ve kept my family waiting long enough. I’m going to go order some food and relax before work. Later bitches.

(POV Jonah)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved storytelling. Movies were so amazing to me, the idea of being able to be whoever you wanted, and transition reality to a fantasy. It amazed me what some scripts did with actors. Taking some I hated and turning me around on them. Not to mention the fact that movies were able to make me feel things I didn’t want to feel, things that I never knew I could feel.

I know this is what I want to do with my life. I may never become as popular are people like Martin Scorsese, Guillermo del Toro, or David O. Russell, but as long as I’m doing what makes me happy, I should be good right?- and also not struggling to pay my bills. You know what would be amazing? Frankie writing some insanely good book that became a new york times best-seller and I turn it into a movie. The funny thing is she and I are both writers… but people seem to think I just point and shoot with my camera. Totally ignoring the fact that I spent nights writing everything. I admit Frankie’s a much better writer than I am, but she’s Frankie so I can’t be jealous.

Side bar, you’re probably wondering where the hell I am. I’m in the movie room on campus. I’m editing the film Rubi, and I did with Bingbing. It turned out okay, but honestly I don’t like some of the plot changes. Rubi insisted on a twin twist, and I had to oblige her because its a 50/50 partnership. Frankie would probably be real easy to work with if we every collaborated- actually we did collaborate. She helped me out last minute that one time in that black and white film with Aries. Why do I keep putting her on a pedestal? I’m never going to find a woman and be happy if I’m always thinking of her. Anyway enough of that, I should pay attention to what I’m doing.

Jonah – *singing* And I get high with my baby, I just left the mall, I’m getting fly with my baby, yeah, And I can ride with my baby, I be in the kitchen cooking pies with my baby, yeah– Dammit Rubi, got that stupid song stuck in my head.

??? – I really hate that song…

Jonah – What the fuck? somebody’s in here?!

??? – Yep…

Jonah – I didn’t know anyone was in here. When did you come in?

Portia – About 30 minutes ago…. I didn’t see you on the floor when I laid down.

Jonah – I was in the zone…

Portia – What are you doing?

Jonah – Editing a film.

Portia – Why were you singing Trap Queen?

Jonah – Rubi won’t stop singing it.

Portia – She’s aware, that song is old right?

Jonah – Do you think that ever stops her?

Portia – … She’s such an imbecile.

Jonah – ……

Portia – …..

Jonah – I can leave if you rather be alone?

Portia – No, its okay.

Jonah – Why aren’t you napping at the sorority house?

Portia – I don’t want to be around those bitches right now.

Jonah – Say what now?

Portia – Oh… right… I said the B word. Excuse me.

Jonah – Are you okay? you’re totally not yourself right now…

Portia – Should I eat a snicker’s?

Jonah – What?

Portia – Stupid joke…

Jonah – Oh I get it now… those “here have a snickers, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” commercials…

Portia – ……Why are you friends with Rubi? she’s not a good person.

Jonah – I- umm… she’s not entirely a bad person neither…

Portia – She’s arrogant, she gay bullied Trey, she fucked Darell behind my back. She tried to bully Fockky, and you… she talks down to everyone… she’s just… a moronic child.

Jonah – She also was there for Aries… when she found out he was gay, she didn’t out him. She was by his side, and stopped him from jumping off the roof. She’s also really nice to Trey, and myself.

Portia – She dropped Bingbing like a bad habit…

Jonah – She did…

Portia – Don’t make excuses for her, she’s a spoiled fat girl who thinks the world revolves around her… and knowing her luck she’ll be queen bee one day. God I hate life.

I don’t know why I’m friends with Rubi. I sometimes ask myself why I continue to hangout with her- but honestly she’s not as bad as she once was. I feel like she’s insecure, and she just wants to fit in… she just goes about it in the wrong way- that’s not to say that Portia’s entirely wrong… Rubi has been a nightmare here at GCU. I think Adam is turning her into a better person though… minus the whole dropping Bingbing thing.

Jonah – Portia…. what’s going on?

Portia – Its nothing…

Jonah – I’m all ears… you can talk to me. What’s bothering-

Portia – You know how many people have come up to me and said “I’m sorry for your loss, Miguel was a good guy” ….. I’m not Myra Kelley. We don’t all look alike. We’re both black sure, but… I’m my own person- or so I thought.

Jonah – I can see why that would annoy you…

Portia – So I went and cut my hair, and changed its color…

Jonah – It- It looks good on you.

Portia – I still won’t be noticed… I’m the dumb church girl…

Jonah – No, you’re more than that.

Portia – Oh please, don’t act like you know anything about me other than Darell cheating on me with Rubi Larter…

Jonah – ….

Portia – Not that you should, its not like I’ve put myself out there socially.

Jonah – I admit, you and I aren’t friends… I only know a few things about you…

Portia – Sorry for being a bitch.

Jonah – Why are you talking like that?

Portia – Its about time isn’t it? tired of talking like some well mannered church girl. I’m more than that. Perhaps if I had paid attention to Darell as much as I did the bible he wouldn’t have strayed. I’m completely over him by the way.

Jonah – Did Rubi ever apologize?

Portia – She has in the past, but a month ago she invited me to lunch in Bridgeport. She gave me a speech about how she loves her boyfriend Adam, and how she would hate for someone to have sex with him behind her back. So she said sorry and-

Jonah – Sounds to me like you dismissed it.

Portia – ….I think Rubi’s a bad person… maybe she’s a product of her upbringing, I know I am. My mother ran my father’s life- and mine. My father left my mother for another man, and then she latched onto me… trying to turn me into a mini her. We got into a huge fight last week, and I’m glad we did. She said I was losing my way- I told her if anything I was finding it.

Jonah – I had a big fight with my dad this morning… so I get it.

Portia – Does he want you to be someone you’re not?

Jonah – Exactly… but-

Portia – He just wants better for you… right? that’s what they tell us, so that we don’t get upset at them for not supporting us following our own paths in life.

Jonah – Heh….

Portia – Do you think I’m pretty? on a scale from 1 to 10… what am I?

Jonah – ….Umm..

Portia – Be honest.

Jonah – Before…. you weren’t- I’d say a 4…. but now… you look like you’re coming into your own, and it shows. I’d say a 7…

Portia – …..

Jonah – I’m the last person to ask… I’m by no means attractive.

Portia – You are… sorta… in a Andy Samberg type of way?

Jonah – Thanks I think?

I like Andy Samberg, he’s a funny actor n’ all but… damn… to compare me to him? What if I told her she looked like Viola Davis… would she like that? rude…

Portia – You know if this were a movie, this would be the defining moment where boy meets girl… but this isn’t a movie, and I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I’m still a-

Jonah – Virgin?

Portia – No, and its none of your business who I lost it to…

Jonah – Someone on campus?

Portia – Yes… and while he and I will never be an item, I’m fine with it being him that took me there… right place right time I guess. No regrets. I’m sure Darell would be mad to know I finally did it. All he ever got was handjobs and… yeah.

Jonah – ….Okay….

Portia – Fine, it was Bryce Harris… your ex friend.

Jonah – We’re still friends. We just don’t hangout as often as before…

Portia – I see…

Jonah – Its hard juggling everything, and everyone. I don’t even hangout with my bestfriend as much as I’d like.

Though tonight I’ll see him.

Portia – What’s going on with you and the rude girlfriend?

Jonah – She’s not my girlfriend anymore…

Portia – Oh what happened?

Jonah – Her father died, and she became a bitch.

Portia – She’s probably not processing-

Jonah – Fuck that, she’s an adult. If you care about someone you don’t treat them like shit when they’re trying to be there for you. So we’re not doing that. Moving on…

Portia – Well looks like I’m not the only one who’s changed…

Jonah – For the better right?

Portia – I’ll drink to that… I had my first shot last night. I stole Amina’s liquor- not sure what it was… it was clear and taste like lime. I took a shot alone… It wasn’t bad- but not something I’d wanna do all the time I guess.

Jonah – Speaking of drinks… how come you don’t hangout with Trey anymore?

Portia – He’s busy, and so am I… though if I’m being honest, I have been blowing him off. He invites me to dinner and stuff, but I’m just… I don’t want to be a debbie downer while hanging with him.

Jonah – I get that……. so……

Portia – What?

Jonah – Are you like an atheist now?

Portia – No, I still believe in god, I just… I’m not a psycho about it anymore. I’m more self-aware now, and sometimes that doesn’t feel so good. I almost want back my ignorance…

Jonah – In the future… If you ever wanna talk… we can.

Portia – What?

Jonah – I’m just saying, if it becomes too much… we can talk.

Portia – ….Okay, but I guess I should call Trey first…

Jonah – I think he could use you right now…

Portia – Is he okay?

Jonah – Umm… he’s… he can just use a friend, a friend not directly connected to the current situation.

Portia – I see…

Jonah – …

I’m aware of the fight he had with Dominic over the Barry Mapole situation… Poor dude probably had a panic attack thinking Dominic was going to dump him and move out. I really wonder how Kaori’s taking the whole thing…

[Top Pic]

Pearl – Oh- am I interrupting something?

Portia – No, I was actually just leaving.

Pearl – Back to the sorority house?

Portia – ….Yep.

Pearl – Hey, umm… I know its a touchy subject but I’m really sorry about what happened to your boyfriend… its been a year since-

Jonah – You’re talking to the wrong person. This is Portia Davenport, not Myra Kelley…

Pearl – Oh shit. I’m so sorry- I-

Portia – Get us mixed up because we’re both black girls?

Pearl – No!

Portia – I’m so bland that you can’t tell me apart from Myra?

Pearl – Not even, I just don’t- look… my bad.

Portia – I’m gonna go now.

Pearl – …

Jonah – Take care Portia…

Portia – You too…

What an odd conversation I had with Portia. Hopefully she gets a handle on things. Can’t have too many people spiraling out of control. She’s supposed to be one of the sane ones.

[Bottom Pic]

Pearl – What’s going on?

Jonah – What do you mean?

Pearl – I like you, you’re a really good guy. Karin’s my bestfriend, and you guys were perfect together… so what the fuck is going on?

Jonah – You should ask your bestie.

Pearl – She’s not talking to me.

Jonah – Oh… well join the club- but the difference between you and I is that I’m over it.

Pearl – ….

Pearl – So, what? you’ve moved on with that girl?

Jonah – Portia.

Pearl – You’re with her now?

Jonah – I’m not into Portia, and we’re not together.

Pearl – Then why aren’t you fighting for Karin.

Jonah – Because I don’t want to be with someone like that. The old me would be begging her to take me back, and getting my feelings hurt. I’m not that guy anymore, plus I realized a lot this week.

Pearl – Like what?

Jonah – I’m no longer going to chase after girls who don’t want me. I’m also gonna start putting myself first. I’m re-energized when it comes to my goals in life, and I’m far removed from the guy I used to be.

Pearl – You were so good for her…. for me too…

Jonah – How am I good for you Pearl?

Pearl – I… can I share something really personal with you?

Jonah – Okay…

Pearl – I have a huge issue with trusting men, and since Karin started dating you, I’ve gotten more comfortable with the idea of being able to trust men in the future.

Jonah – Umm… what exactly happened?

Pearl – I was…..

Jonah – …..Oh……

Pearl – By someone in my family… I was 14 when it happened…

Jonah – I’m sorry.

Pearl – What are you apologizing for? you didn’t do it.

Jonah – I know, but… I’m sorry that happened to you.

Pearl – I could go the Jules route and hate every man, and assume every man is evil, but instead I just sorta closed myself off when it comes to trusting them.

Jonah – I can understand why.

Pearl – Since knowing you, I’ve seen what a good guy is. You’re an amazing guy, you’re smart, handsome, caring, selfless… If Karin hadn’t gone after you, I would have.

Jonah – ….*smiles* That’s sweet of you to say.

Pearl – You’re a good man to have in my life. I really like you, and I love you as a friend. I feel like I can trust you with everything. You are the reason why I feel like one day I can trust men again.

Jonah – That’s…. wow… I’m flattered that you feel that way. I’m glad I’m something of a positive influence in that way- however… you’re not wrong with keeping your guard up. Some men are absolutely terrible.

Pearl – Some women are terrible too, it works both ways. I won’t play the blame game, and mark the male species as this horrible group of humans…

Jonah – Considering your past… nobody would hold it against you if you did.

Pearl – Are you really done with Karin?

Jonah – I am.

Pearl – Jonah…

Jonah – I am as far as anything romantic goes. If she needs me as a friend, she knows my number.

Pearl – She’s not talking to me because I told her to let you in.

Jonah – Why am I not shocked to hear that.

Pearl – She’s my bestfriend, so I know we’ll be fine in a week but still… she’s making a mistake.

Jonah – You live and you learn. I’ve been through so much on this campus…

Pearl – I hate to bring this up… but what about your promise to her dad?

Jonah – The way I see it is, I’m honoring it. I’m completely there for her as a friend if she wants me. The whole boyfriend thing? that’s the last thing she needs right now. She clearly doesn’t want me around, so I’m not going to push it… plus… I’m just sick of the same song and dance.

Pearl – She’s never done this to you before.

Jonah – No, but I’ve had this pattern with women before, and I’m done with it. Its nothing personal towards her, I just need to check myself- and I have.

Pearl – You always talk about this loser you used to be. I cannot imagine it… at all.

Jonah – That’s for the best.

Pearl – Well… I did my part. As her bestfriend, I tried to fix things. I have to respect your wishes.

Jonah – Thank you.

Pearl – Now comes the sucky part…

Jonah – Hmm?… oh…. you’re not gonna be my friend anymore…

Pearl – I have to stay loyal, I’m her-

Jonah – Bestfriend- no I get it.

Pearl – Is there anything you want her to know? one thing that I can tell her?

Jonah – Just tell her that I care about her and her feelings, and if she ever needs me as a friend she has my number.

Pearl – Okay…

Jonah – *sigh* I gotta go… meeting my bestfriend at the cemetery.

Pearl – Dead parents?

Jonah – Uh, no. His ex girlfriend from high school. He visits her grave every year… so…

Pearl – Oh, okay. Well… I guess goodbye?

Jonah – For now… things workout eventually…

Pearl – I hope you’re right.

I knew sooner or later Pearl would talk to me about Karin. I’m in no way shocked that she’s getting iced out by her bestie for being Team Jonah. Aside from that, I- I had no idea Pearl went through abuse. She says I helped her want to trust men again, and that’s flattering. I’ve never been a good influence on anything or anybody as far as I know. So good to know my mother did raise me right when it comes to respecting women, and treating them right. Sucks that she and I can’t continue our friendship but she’s making the right choice being loyal to Karin. I guess we’ll see what happens in the near future with that. I’m gonna get out of here. Keegan’s picking me up. I’m going with him to the cemetery, but you know that already. Later.

(POV Kaori)

Another day, another attempt at getting through it without crying. I know I look like I have it all under control but this shit is hard. You may wonder why you never see me at school- its not because I’m not there- if that was the case I would have just quit. The real reason is because like I said previously. I take my ass to class, and get shit done. Its so anti-social of me but I’m so ready to be done. I guess I tell myself that the harder I work- the faster I’ll graduate. So unrealistic.

Kyle – You’re still working?

Kaori – I’m returning e-mails for Sasha. She’s out today… migraines.

Brie – So you’re doing your job… AND hers?

Kaori – Sorta, just a few things.

Kyle – Why isn’t Maliha here?

Kaori – She’s out sick too.

Kyle – That’s so weird for both Mother and Daughter to call in sick.

Kaori – Right, but its none of my business. I just want to get shit done, and go home.

Brie – I hear that.

Kaori – How are things work-wise for you? My dad said you’re a great worker.

Brie – I’m tired. I was in CCity earlier with your sister Vira. Then to GloCity at 1 to work for Lola, and your friend Jarrah at the LC Agency. Then at 4 I came back here to Bridgeport to finish up a few things for your dad at his office.

Kaori – I thought I had it rough…

Brie – Oh you do, I couldn’t imagine college, and this job… I mean I’m tired as hell.. my feet hurt.

Kyle – I’ll rub those feet for you when we get home.

Kaori – Oh my god, are you one of those foot-fetish dudes?

Kyle – Oh hell no.

Brie – He’s just being a good boyfriend.

Kaori – I go home, and throw my feet up and Aries looks at me like I just took a shit on the floor- he’s grossed out by feet.

Brie – *laughing* Oh by the way, what time should I arrive for the bachelorette party?

Kaori – I will text you as soon as I know- I just have to call Calista when I get home.

Brie – Okay cool.

Kyle – Yeah you girls do it up because us guys are gonna take Sebastian on the night of his life.

Kaori – Strippers?

Kyle – …No comment. Ryder has all of these connections apparently… he promises a wild night.

Brie – Behave!

Kyle – Oh I will- hey Kay’ umm your date, Ian? is he going to join the guys for the bachelor-

Kaori – You know what? he’s actually really busy lately. He won’t be able to even come to the wedding with me.

Kyle – Oh that sucks…

Brie – Is he okay?

Kaori – Personal- family stuff… long story.

Kyle – Gonna find another date?

Brie – Kyle…

Kaori – Haven’t thought about it yet, so much to do- so little time.

Kyle – You’ll have fun regardless.

Kaori – Here’s hoping.

Brie – Well, we should get going. We have to get to the store because someone forgot to go grocery shopping yesterday.

Kyle – My bad…

Brie – Then I have to cook…

Kyle – Nope, its my night.

Brie – Oh thank god.

Kaori – *laughs* you guys have a good night. I’ll call you later Brie.

Brie – Try not to work too hard.

Kyle – Later, Kay’- Oh and good job on the Duncan project today.

Kaori – Thanks! see you guys later.

Brie – Bye!

Oh my god listen to this… some e-mail from someone named Shannon Butler

Hey Sasha, before I talk business, I just wanted to know how you’re doing… especially with the news about your daughter. I know in these stressful times that we want to just lock ourselves away but you are a strong woman. Remember that. If you need anything just ask. I know we’ve been doing business for a while now but we’ve been friends longer. You’re family.” 

I don’t think I was supposed to see that, but its marked as a business e-mail… I’m going to just mark as un-read, and let Sasha know that I saw that it was social in the first line, and closed it. Now I’m really wondering what’s going on with Maliha. I know she was a complete bitch to Jarrah, but I hope she’s not like… dying or anything.

Byron – Knock knock…

Great…. what the hell does he want? with how I’m feeling about Ian- men in general, I don’t think this is a good time for a heart to heart…

Kaori – Oh, hi.

Byron – Is-

Kaori – Sasha’s not in.

Byron – I actually stopped by to talk to you. Is it a good time to talk?

Kaori – Umm… sure.

Byron – How are you?

I currently hate life.

Kaori – …I’m… fine. *smiles*

Byron – You’re not, but you don’t have to tell me what’s bothering you… its-

Kaori – Not like we’re friends right?

Byron – Why would you say that?

Are you serious with that question? *mimicking Byron* “why would you say that?” You’re Joking…Right? you know why…

Kaori – …. Wheres your girlfriend Boom-Fucks or whatever?

Byron – Balm Fisk…

Kaori – Yeah… her.

Byron – Well I finished my makeover earlier than she did, so she’s getting her hair done, and- do you even care about the details?

Kaori – No…

Byron – So why’d you ask where she was?

Kaori – I don’t know…

Byron – So do you like my makeover?

Yes, you look cute… you always did look cute though.

Kaori – Its a lot better than how you looked at the club.

Byron – Really?

Kaori – You looked like a leather daddy who fucks people until they use their safe-word.

Byron – …I guess the London look isn’t all the rage here.

Kaori – ….

Byron – You look amazing by the way.

Kaori – I know.

Byron – *smiles* Some things never change.

Kaori – They don’t- and they do.

Byron – How’s the boyfriend?

Kaori – What boyfriend? I don’t have time to see anybody- especially since men like to lie- you included.

Byron – That jab aside- you told me you had a boyfriend at the club.

Oh shit…

Kaori – Oh… umm well-

Byron – Why lie about that? don’t talk about how men are liars when you’re one yourself.

Kaori – You know what? I lied because my feelings were fucking hurt, plus you and Bowl Fund were parading around your perfect personal AND working relationship. So I didn’t want to look stupid. There! I lied! It was a stupid thing to do.

Byron – Well that was adult of you to admit it…

Kaori – …He says in a condescending tone…

Byron – No seriously. I can tell that you’ve changed a lot… you seem so much more mature than when we parted ways.

Kaori – I guess when a guy you took a chance on ups and leaves you for finding himself, you kinda have no choice but to grow the fuck up and put yourself first.

Byron – I deserve that…

Kaori – And so much more… a fucking video Byron? did you really think that was a good way to say goodbye?

Byron – I was scared that I’d see you, and not want to say goodbye. That I wouldn’t leave. It was a terrible thing to do, and I’m sorry.

Kaori – Its fine. I’m where I am, and you’re where you are in life.

Byron – But you seem angry.

Kaori – You didn’t tell me you were back, or that you had a girlfriend- or was even in a duo-band or whatever. And also! You write fucked up songs about me… its fucking rude. Is that why you’re here? to write your next flop song about how Kaori’s a shit person!?

Byron – No, I’m here to apologize about how things went. How I left you, and didn’t say bye in person- how I was a coward and left you a video instead of giving you closure to our relationship. How I all but told you that you were my muse-

Kaori – That night was the worst night of my life. First I had to deal with Ryder Later’s greasy ugly- fuck-boy ass… then I run into you and Book Foot. Then the muse bullshit- then I forgot to pay my electric bill so I sit in the dark on my laptop listening to the songs you wrote about me. It hurt- and then I was attacked in my apartment by some fucking freak! I barely made it out alive-

Byron – Wait what?

Kaori – Its fine, I’m okay. They caught the guy- but still.

Byron – ….Wow…

Kaori – ….

Byron – I’m sorry.

Kaori – ….

Byron – I’m really sorry.

Kaori – It broke my heart when you left… and what you did- You are such a douche for that…

Byron – Okay, I said I was sorry- but lets be honest here! you’re not that innocent. The entire time you were with me… even though you may have loved me. You still loved him more.

Kaori – Why are we even talking about Keegan? what does he-

Byron – He’s the reason you’ll never be happy- why you’ll never end up in a good relationship. You’ll never be over him, don’t fool yourself.

Kaori – Don’t speak like you know anything about Keegan and I.

I’m so sick of this Keegan shit. First my dad, and now this asshole.

Byron – I ran into Hammer this morning…

Kaori – Hammer’s in L.A.!

Byron – Not as of this morning. I talked to him, and we obviously have you in common. So we talked about it.

Kaori – Excuse me?

Byron – He asked if you were with Keegan finally. I told him no, that you had some other boyfriend- which I now know is a lie. We both sorta said it without saying it- that it wouldn’t last.

Kaori – Fucking assholes-

Byron – Why? because its the truth. It was part of the reason I knew I could leave and you’d be fine. You loved me, but you were in love with him.

Kaori – Hammer and I had issues- didn’t help when Paisley got involved. I also wasn’t ready for a relationship with him then. You and I- well you know our issues because you document them on record with Bug Flint.

Byron – You know what? stop it, stop talking shit about my girlfriend. I’m with her- I love her. Get over that. She did nothing to you, and you’re being a bitch making fun of her name!- Look…………… I didn’t come here to fight with you!

Kaori – No, you came here to tell me that you and Hammer are bestfriends again like in the frathouse!

Byron – I didn’t tell you that you hurt you. I told you that so you can see how guys from your past always feel like 2nd best when it comes to Keegan Bennett.

Kaori – I’m done talking.

Byron – Stop being a child, and just talk to me.

Kaori – Byron, you’ve hurt me… I have every right to not want to talk to you.

Byron – I’m sorry!

Kaori – That’s fine- and maybe I’ll believe that one day, but I’m hurt. We were so much more than… than bullshit. There were deep conversations, it wasn’t sex- it was real. We were together during our transitions into who we were meant to be. You sit there and sing about me being some insecure girl with a slutty past on your songs-

Byron – That isn’t what I said.

Kaori – That’s pretty much what you said. You just… you don’t understand how upset that made me-

Byron – Is it because you still-

Kaori – I am in no way, still in love with you.

Byron – …

Kaori – We’re working together for the promo of your band… I’ll remain civil. We can keep it professional.

Byron – I guess It was stupid to think that I could fix this.

Kaori – Your optimism is one of the things I always loved about you, but…. sometimes exes just can’t be friends. This isn’t like in the movies.

Byron – …Yeah…

Kaori – Hey, maybe that’ll make a good line in a song- and I don’t mean that sarcastically either.

Byron – Maybe one day we can be okay.

Kaori – In time…

Byron – Yeah… I really hope so. Regardless of what you think of me, I really did love you. You will always mean a lot to me.

Kaori – *nods yes*…. I’m sorry for talking bad about…….. Balm…. Fisk. You two seem happy, and Its rude of me.

Byron – Thank you…

Kaori – I gotta go to my bosses office, and take care of something, and then get home. You know the way out?

Byron – Yeah, I do.

Kaori – Okay, well…. I guess… goodnight?

Byron – Heh…. yeah. Goodnight Kaori…

Kaori – Bye.

Byron – …..Bye.

I almost lost it back there. I think I did much better than I thought I would. Its really annoying to come here to apologize only to tell me about how much of a shitty girlfriend I was. Then to bring up Hammer- who… lets get one thing understood right now about Chad aka Hammer. We fucked around a lot. He got in his feelings and wanted more. I didn’t- because I was hung up on Keegan, and I thought- okay… don’t do that- don’t fuck with Hammer because he clearly loves you. So I didn’t. Fast forward to that fucking SNAKE Paisley Horseface Adams- and BAM chaos.

I was immature- I saw her with him, and I hated it. I thought ugh fine, I can’t let her win. I know he wants me so I’ll get him back by telling him to dump her and date me- that obviously backfired because he told me to leave- along with the lies Paisley told him about me jerking off men at The Lucky Dragon- lying bitch. So my feelings were hurt- he picked and believed Paisley over me.

Hammer and I have had a confusing relationship, its always been confusing. He’s hot, he’s smart, he has a lot going on for him- but I was and never will be the girl for him. He’s still bitter about it so he wants to have a circle-jerk with Byron about me and my “obsession” with Keegan. That’s what they make it out to be, an obsession. Its really pissing me off. Keegan and I had our adult conversation and we are fine. I even tried to move on with Ian- and turns out this dude likes other dudes- or whatever. I don’t know- but the gay porn thing is a no for me.

Will Byron and I ever be friends? Who’s to say. I’m not against it, but right now I’m all business, and no personal- social shit. He will just have to deal with that until I’m ready to be friends with him. I hope he writes a GOOD song out of this little visit. I’m sure Buck Firm will be sooo happy. *heavy sigh* I’m sick of talking. Let me go get this file, and get the fuck home…. which is SURE to be a shit show. Ian’s coming over…

(POV Jonah)

After my day, I want to get shitfaced… but… I shouldn’t do that right now- Wow Keegan’s bathroom is clean. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about that, he’s never been the messy type. By the way- I should mention that if I wanted to, I could drink. Alcohol has never been Keegan’s issue. He could drink and be fine- but he chooses not to. Pills and other drugs are- were his poison. Not sure if you knew any of that but yeah.

Moving on, Keegan and I went to visit Mona’s gravesite, and it was… weird. Mona was always nice to me, she was such a good girl with a little bit of edge. All year long you sorta just don’t think about her not being alive. Its days like today where you realize someone that should be here and thriving is dead and gone. Its messed up, and regardless of what Keegan says I know he still hates himself for her death. Poor guy has been through so much- but the one thing I admire about him, is that he always takes responsibility for the things he’s done… anyway I should join him.

Keegan – I put your jacket in my room.

Jonah – Okay.

Keegan – The pizza came while you were masturbating in the bathroom *laughs*

Jonah – Very funny

Keegan – You were in there for so long.

Jonah – I had to…. do number two… stop clocking my toilet time *laughs*

Keegan – Next time… put the window shade down…

Jonah – Oh my god, I forgot your bathroom door has those windows. Who puts windows on a bathroom door?!

Keegan – It was like that when I moved in. I usually put the shade down. Don’t worry, I walked past to put your jacket up, and saw the shade was up. I didn’t see you or anything.

Jonah – Oh I’ve been caught in worse situations so its whatever.

Keegan – *laughing* Right.

Jonah – I see you got comfortable.

Keegan – Yeah, I’m tired bro… I wanted to take those clothes off as soon as I got in.

Jonah – So are we gonna let the pizza chill before eating?

Keegan – You know it!

We love room temperature pizza, is that weird?

Keegan – Do you want a beer or something? Priscilla left like three of them in the fridge.

Jonah – Nah, I’m good.

Keegan – You know its fine right? you can drink-

Jonah – I know, I just want to chill… not be buzzed or anything. Hey where is Priscilla anyway?

Keegan – At her parents house.

Jonah – Legit?

Keegan – I don’t know- but I honestly don’t care to obsess about her whereabouts either. If she fucks up, and I catch her in another lie… then I’m dumping her ass.

Jonah – Yeah.

Keegan – How’s school, and work?

Jonah – Fine, boring… you?

Keegan – Umm… something major happened but its best that I don’t talk about it…

Jonah – Vague and mysterious…

Keegan – I’ll go more into detail when I know I can… It involves money, and crooked- the less details the better right now- Hey, do you have Street Fighter 5?

Jonah – Yep.

Keegan – Want to play? I picked it up yesterday for PS4.

Jonah – Oh dude… you’re about to get destroyed…

Keegan – Doubt it… My Ken is amazing, you’re about to get wrecked.

Jonah – What are you gonna do? spam hadoukens?

Keegan – Oh, I’m not about that flowchart life… I got combos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

[10 minutes later…]

Keegan – You cheating ass bitch!

Jonah – What’s that? your Ken is amazing eh? you got combo’s huh? looks like R.Mika is shutting him down!

Told you I was gonna kick his ass.

Keegan – You would play with her, you’re such a perv *laughing*

Jonah – She got dem cakes though…

Keegan – She’s stacked with tits and ass, but she manly lookin’ as hell. She sounds like a 10 year old boy too!

Jonah – Don’t talk about my wifey like that! Rainbow Mika is sexy!

Keegan – So you like buff women huh?

Jonah – Shut up! and speaking of wives… have you and Ian consummated your marriage yet? Pretty sure he wants to bareback that ass Keegan…

Keegan – That’s not funny…

Jonah – I thought Kaori was joking when she was saying he was in love with you-

Keegan – She was joking, and then she found out he….

Jonah – Fucks men for money?

Keegan – Yeah…

Jonah – Do you think he likes you?

Keegan – I don’t know?…. also lets keep and open mind here. Maybe he’s not even gay.

Jonah – Oh… umm…. I don’t know… those videos… he seemed really into it.

Keegan – Its his job, and have you never heard of gay for pay?

Jonah – Yeah but in my opinion… it doesn’t matter how good the money is… either you enjoy it or you don’t. I think at least those guys are bisexual…

Keegan – So where do we stand on Ian? Straight? Bisexual? or Gay?

Jonah – Gay, and in denial.

Keegan – I’m gonna say straight, and lost.

Jonah – Always the optimist.

Keegan – Blame my therapist.

Jonah – You still see her?

Keegan – Yep, same one- oh by the way Kaori and Ian haven’t fucked.

Jonah – She told you that?

Keegan – Yes, but not because I asked.

Jonah – Wow…

That’s so typical of them… keeping tabs on each other.

Keegan – What?

Jonah – Nothing…

Keegan – She and I are fine. We’re friends now, no drama-

Jonah – You guys  have always had a weird relationship.

Keegan – How so?

Jonah – From day one… she’s loved you. Do you think that will just stop after one “adult” conversation?

Keegan – …Uh- I mean it could?

Jonah – I could be wrong, maybe you both have moved on, and you’re just still dealing with sins of the past but-

Keegan – You can’t really talk though.

Jonah – What?

Keegan – You’ve been in love with Frankie forever… You even dated a Frankie Jr…. aka Karin.

Jonah – ….That’s not-

Keegan – Come on… she’s mixed like Frankie, she’s smart like Frankie, she has edge like Frankie, she’s a writer like Frankie… Frankie had red hair, she had orange.. the only difference is maturity level…

Jonah – Frankie and I- we’re just… she’s- Look, she and I are fine okay?

Keegan – So fine that you’ll always hate your cousins for dating her. That’s why you’re not going to the wedding right? you hate Sebastian?

No, I don’t… god…

Jonah – I don’t hate him… I just don’t want to go to his stupid wedding… I’m hanging out with Trey… so its good. I still don’t get how you scored an invite…

Keegan – Me neither, but I’m going.

Jonah – Taking Priscilla still?

Keegan – Yep- I’m tired of playing. Lets find something on netflix.

Jonah – Alright…. I was tired of winning anyway.

Keegan – Just wait until I practice some more…

Keegan – Alright… lets see what we can watch.

Is he serious? House of Cards?

Jonah – You- wait… Keegan….?

Keegan – What?

Jonah – You watch House of Cards?

Keegan – Yeah?

Jonah – That seems so…. weird? I thought you’d find it boring.

Keegan – What? it doesn’t sound like I’d enjoy a show about a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district- who, after being passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power? That doesn’t sound like a Keegan Bennett type of show?

Jonah – No… You’re a Bojack Horseman type of guy… Always Sunny in Philidelphia, How I met your mother- Not a House of Cards type…

Keegan – What can I say?…I love the show.

Jonah – Not to insult your intelligence, but what made you watch it?

Keegan – I was just curious… and I thought I’d spend my time watching a political drama…

Jonah – ……….

Keegan – …………

Jonah – ………………

Keegan – Okay fine! Frankie forced me to watch it…

Jonah – I knew it!

Keegan – *laughing* It was so boring, but then I started to like it.

Jonah – Seems like a Frankie Mancini type of show…

Keegan – Does it….

Jonah – I know my girl…

Oops… didn’t mean to say that.

Keegan – Can I ask you something?

Jonah – Sure?

Keegan – How come… you hated Sebastian, but not me?

Jonah – What do you mean?

Keegan – Frankie and I had a weird thing… I had a weird thing with all the girls… well Jarrah doesn’t matter since she’s your cousin.

Jonah – Honestly I don’t feel like you messed with the girls heads. My cousin, Frankie, and Kaori all were into you. You were the alpha male of our group. They all wanted you. I wasn’t blind to it, and I understood it.

Keegan – ….

Jonah – I could never hate you. Its not your fault that your father is a model, and has model good looks.

Keegan – Oh you sayin’ my mom is ugly?! *laughing*

Jonah – No! Kait is-

Keegan – I’m fuckin’ with you.

Jonah – Simply put though, I could never hate you- or be jealous. Girls like hot guys and you’re clearly one of the hot ones.

Keegan – I see.

Jonah – I don’t know dude, its hard to even put into words…

Keegan – Do you love her?

Jonah – Frankie?

Keegan – Yeah…

I hate talking about this, about her.

Jonah – What do you think?

Keegan – I think…. I think its obvious…

Jonah – I’m done chasing after women are are unavailable though…

Keegan – We’re both so…. unlucky when it comes to women.

Jonah – Right?

Keegan – By the way, what’s up with you and Trey lately?

Jonah – I don’t know, we’ve been pretty close… which is nice.

Keegan – It is nice, you two haven’t always been the tightest.

Jonah – Sex joke… Trey’s not tight because he does anal.

Keegan – Don’t let him hear you say that… he can be such a prude… I feel bad for him though. I was texting all morning with him, about Dominic being mad at him.

Jonah – We all have our issues- but I’ll never understand how he turned out to be the type of gay guy that he is- especially since his uncle AJ is so-

Keegan – “Fabulous”

Jonah – Exactly.

Keegan – I agree, but I love Trey.

Jonah – ….So do I, he’s my new BFF

Keegan – Oh you trying to replace me?

Jonah – Never, you’re my bestfriend for life.

Keegan – *smiles* So… in the car you told me about Portia… you gonna tap that?

Jonah – Hell no, I am not into her- and I’m not trying to deal with her Post-adolescent-idealistic phase.

Keegan – I can’t imagine it… it sounded like a completely different person the way you described her.

Jonah – Do you still talk to Rhys, and Myra Kelley?

Keegan – Myra yes, Rhys no.

Jonah – Why not?

Keegan – She’s Frankie’s friend now- and also Rhys was kind of annoying. She swore I was obsessed with her. I was doing you, and your sister a favor… It wasn’t like I was trying to marry her, and knock her up. Myra’s cool though, we talk often.

Jonah – Myra totally has a crush on you.

Keegan – I know, she told me.

Jonah – Most girls seem to.

Keegan – Oh stop… I am just a mere-mortal man.

Jonah – A god to these chicks.

Keegan – You know, you’re not as bad looking as you think you are Jonah…

Jonah – Thanks…. and look at you getting comfortable with not calling me Jeep.

Keegan – I try, sometimes its hard not to though.

Jonah – You know what’s funny?

Keegan – Hmm?

Jonah – What you said earlier is so true… our history with women… its so… messed up.

Keegan – Yeah…

Jonah – I was thinking about Christine, and Spirit, and I’m just like… what the fuck…

Keegan – Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Spirit was a lesbian these days.

Jonah – Oh my god, I always got lesbian from her too.

Keegan – Question…

Jonah – Answer…. maybe.

Keegan – If Christine came to her senses, and wanted you back… would you give that a go?

Jonah – I don’t know.

Keegan – I sorta always thought she was “The Girl” for you…

Jonah – Seemed that way, but then Raven…

Keegan – Right.

Jonah – Hey any advice about the stuff with my dad?

Keegan – Random- are you thinking about him or something?

Jonah – I guess I’m thinking about how you’re my bestfriend, and how he wants a close relationship… my dad wants to be my bestfriend and… I don’t know…

Keegan – My dad and I had our issues, but I’ve learned… when they say “I just want the best for you” they usually really mean it. They just sometimes don’t know how to go about things… just give him a chance.

Jonah – Alright… I will.

Keegan – Good…. aaaaaand… Pizza should be at the right temperature now.

Jonah – Lets eat!

Jonah – Mmm, I don’t know what it is about semi-cold pizza but its so fucking good.

Keegan – I know right? The only other person I know besides you, that likes cold pizza was Mona.

Jonah – I think I remember you telling me that.

Keegan – …..Thanks by the way…

Jonah – For?

Keegan – Going with me to the cemetery… I know it was on short notice and all…

Jonah – Its fine.

Keegan – Amir [Mona’s older brother] was supposed to meet me there but he had work stuff last minute.

Jonah – Do you keep in contact with him?

Keegan – You know what? no I don’t… not anymore. Before, we had decided that we were each other’s connection to Mona’s spirit. Me being her boyfriend, and bestfriend before she died… and him being her brother… but along the way we sorta just lost contact. Then he calls me up to go to the cemetery… only to flake because of work.

Jonah – What’s his deal anyway?…

Keegan – What do you mean?

Jonah – Well one day I was lurking instagram. I was on Frankies-

Keegan – Of course-

Jonah – Then I went to Kaori’s, then her sister Vira, then I kept clicking names. I got to his, and… well… what I’m asking is… Is he gay?

Keegan – I think so? I’m not sure… I honestly don’t care to ask… none of my business. He has his life in CCity, and I have mine here. They don’t cross paths until its Mona’s birthday or the anniversary of her death…

Jonah – Well… from now on, I’ll go with you every year. That way you don’t have to worry about him flaking.

Keegan – He didn’t do it on purpose or whatever, but I guess it does kinda suck that I didn’t get to see him. He does remind me of Mona a bit.

Jonah – Well from now on I’m going with you.. its locked in place.

Keegan – Really?

Jonah – Yeah.

Keegan – Well thanks.

Jonah – No problem. ……Umm… Ke-… nevermind…

Keegan – What?- you can ask me anything dude.

Jonah – Do you mind if… if I come around here more often? I miss you, and… I sometimes get sick of the guy’s at the frathouse.

Keegan – *smiles* …. You can come around anytime you like.

Jonah – I can?

Keegan – Yeah… I know I’ve been busy, but you’re my bestfriend- scratch that… you’re my brother. That’s never changing.

Jonah – Good to know.

Keegan – You’re stuck with me Jonah-Bear.

Jonah – *laughing*

It was so nice to spend time with Keegan- he really is the best bestfriend I could ask for- god I sound like a girl- no Jonah you sound like a guy who’s in touch with his emotions… nothing to be ashamed of. Our lives are so different- yet there are many parallels. I really missed nights like this, it takes me back to our sleepovers in high school. Playing video games all night, and looking at girls pictures. I hope we can have more nights like this in the future. Anyway I’m gonna finish this Pizza, watch House of Cards- I guess. And then head back to campus. I’m for sure gonna have a drink when I get there. Today has been a long ass day.

(POV Kaori)

Got home from work with many things on my mind. The sins of our past they say… its ever so apparent right now that my past just won’t go away. I have an ex boyfriend who all but slut shames me in his songs, a- friend… who… well it got complicated with, and a current who’s gay and does porn… I’m so over everything, and the night isn’t even over. Ian still has to come over, and I plan on getting answers tonight. Thank god I have Aries, I still can’t believe he went from the cousin I couldn’t be around to being my confidant… my rock. So happy we’re closer now.

Kaori – …

Aries – …

Kaori – Well say something.

Aries – Umm… well you- You ended the conversation well.

Kaori – You think I was a bitch?

Aries – No, Byron is the douche… I mean he has his very valid feelings on things- but that doesn’t mean his actions are okay.

Kaori – … If I could do that conversation over again, I would.

Aries – Nobody’s perfect.

Kaori – …Yeah.

Aries – So what about that E-mail?

Kaori – I don’t know- I feel bad for reading it.

Aries – You said she marked it as a business e-mail…

Kaori – Right, but it had all of that personal shit in it.

Aries – What do you think happened with Maliha?

Kaori – I don’t know, but whatever it is, its enough to make both her, and her mom not come in for work.

Aries – Right.

Kaori – By the way don’t tell-

Aries – You can trust me, I won’t tell anybody.

Kaori – ……

Aries – …..

Kaori – You were right by the way.

Aries – About?

Kaori – That stupid flamingo lamp you brought with you… it does make this area look nicer.

Aries – Took some convincing but you finally let me hang ol’ Thelma up. Now she’s glowing up the place…. the glow up is real!

Kaori – Where did you buy that thing anyway?

Aries – From a thrift store in BP. Benji, loves shopping at thrift stores.

Kaori – That’s cool.

Aries – ….. You always get weird when I talk about Benji…

Kaori – I don’t have an issue with your boyfriend.

Aries – Then why the weirdness?

Kaori – I don’t know, I guess…. I always thought you and Trey were kind of perfect for one another.

And that’s no shade to Benji, and Dominic… they’re both great guys

Aries – You were weirded out by he and I when you found out.

Kaori – Yeah but then the idea grew on me. I feel like if you had stayed with him, you guys could have learned together… made each other the best you could-

Aries – Learned what exactly?

Kaori – How to be fully functional gays.

Aries – I’m perfectly fine- he’s the one with the… issues.

Kaori – Do you ever think about him in that way?

Aries – Not as much as before I met Benji. Sometimes I do wonder what our relationship would be like if we were still together. Think about it though, he sorta went from 0 to 60 with Dominic. They live together… they turned into an old married couple who drinks wine, and watch netflix on Friday nights. You know what Benji and I do on Friday’s?

Kaori – Ew.

Aries – Not that!- well that too, but we go bar hopping. We go dancing… we go out to eat at shitty diners and then spend the night naked in bed with drinks writing yelp reviews for fun. We’re still young, and Trey…. well he acts like a old ass grandpa. All he know’s is work work work work work- and I’m not talking about that new Rihanna song.

Kaori – *laughing* So about him, and Dominic’s fight over the Ian thing…

Aries – I get both sides- I do agree with Dominic that he should have contacted Ian, and made Ian tell you… but… to each their own.

Kaori – So if I found out that Benji did piss porn, you wouldn’t want me to tell you? you’d want me to go to him?

Aries – Yes… but everyone is different when it comes to shit like that. Loyalties or whatever… right and wrong-

Kaori – How was sex with Trey? I’m so curious about that…

Aries – Sex with Trey was amazing… he’s not a prude in the bedroom if that’s what you thought…

Kaori – I see… yeah I wouldn’t have imagined that. He seems like the type to suck dick with condoms on…

Aries – Well he had no problem blowing me rubber free.

Kaori – Ew, next subject-

Aries – Are you excited about the bachelorette party?

Yes and no, its a good way to forget my troubles for a night, but who wants to deal with Calista… ugh.

[Top Pic]

Kaori – Yeah, we’re gonna have some fun. I just got finished talking to Brie about the plans so- yeah. Its gonna be so weird having Andi there.

Aries – Andy who?

Kaori – Andi… with an I… the woman?

Aries – Oh! Frankie’s sister.

Kaori – Yeah… I mean she’s cool as hell now that she has a boyfriend so maybe she’ll get turnt up.

Aries – Did I tell you that Alana invited me?

Kaori – Oh my god… she did not!

Aries – She did! I’m like… just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I want to go to your bachelorette party!

Kaori – I can’t…

Aries – Me and Benji are going with the guys… we want to see some tits, and strippers- plus that ugly dude Ryder is paying for everything-

Kaori – No he’s not. Sebastian’s bestfriend is chipping in. You met him right? The red head-

Aries – No- oh wait yes! the doctor! Ca-… dammit it starts with a C-

Kaori – Cillian..

Aries – I’ll just call him hot Ginger…

Kaori – Sebastian has a hot best-man for his wedding- and wait, when did you meet him?

Aries – Two days ago. I was helping Alana with wedding related shit, and he walked in with Sebastian… my jaw dropped. Tall, red head… Irish… doctor… PERFECTION.

Kaori – Yeah.. he’s pretty fucking hot in a luck of the Irish type of way.

Aries – He single?

Kaori – Yes, but you’re not- you thot…

Aries – Is he bringing a date to the wedding?

Kaori – No…. umm… yeah, no…. that’s a negative.

Aries – Well if he doesn’t have a date, and you don’t have a date… then why not-

Kaori – I didn’t think about that, but yeah…

Aries – How is he single? he’s sexy!

Kaori – ….

Aries – Why do I feel like I asked a bad question?

Kaori – You didn’t but you should know before hanging with him at the bachelor party that his girlfriend was the devil. She fucked him over… so don’t bring her up

Aries – Well what happened?

Kaori – Its really shitty… he had been dating her for a while. She slept over his place, and he left her there while he was at work. So he came back home for lunch, and she was having sex with his neighbor. He does not trust women at all now because of her…

Aries – Oh my god, how long were they fucking?

Kaori – I don’t know, Sebastian didn’t give all the details, but yeah… that happened.

Aries – Where does he live?

Kaori – Pylea…

Aries – Wow… so he dumped her after that?

Kaori – Well turns out she had been fucking a couple of his friends, not just the neighbor… so… to say that Cillian has trust issues, would be an understatement.

Aries – Poor guy.

Kaori – Imagine having to cut friends, and a girlfriend out of your life because they all betrayed you. No wonder he stopped dating…

Aries – Why didn’t he date after her? plenty of fish in the sea-

Kaori – Oh he did, he ended up in a relationship with this chick named Lydia Towers-

Aries – Don’t tell me she cheated on him too!?

Kaori – No, but her family was stuck-up, and didn’t like him. It drove a wedge in between them and… yeah. Guess she picked family over him. Plus Sebastian says she gave off lesbian vibes… so… whatevs!

Aries – How long ago was that relationship? was that the most recent.

Kaori – That was a year… two years ago?… not sure… but I mean clearly he has trouble trusting people. Who would want to date people you can’t trust.

Enough about Cillian, you guys will most likely meet him at the wedding…

Aries – Speaking of trusting people…. looks like Ian is here…

Kaori – Dammit…

Aries – Remember… go easy on him. Don’t be a bitch.

Kaori – Okay…. *gets up to answer door*

You can do this Kaori.

[Bottom Pic]

Ian – Hey guys

Kaori – Hi, come on in.

Aries – Hi Ian *smiles*

Ian – Hey buff dude.

Aries – Glad you noticed, I’ve been really working on my arms lately.

Ian – Its paying off, making me look lanky in comparison.

Aries – *laughs* Oh please, you’re an adonis…

Could he flirt with him anymore? damn… Aries you real thot-thot-thot-licious

Ian – You’re the best Aries.

Aries – I know… anyway… I’m going to go call my boyfriend, and give you two some privacy. Later!

Ian – Nice seeing ya.

Aries – You too.

Kaori – You look nice.

Ian – So do you…

Kaori – Lets talk on the balcony… you cool with that?

Ian – Lead the way…

Ian – Its so nice out…

Kaori – It is.

Ian – Warm, but breezy… and the sound of the beach… you can just get lost in it… all your troubles just go away for a second.

Kaori – Yeah.

Ian – You ever just come out here to think?

Kaori – All the time.

Ian – How was your day?

Kaori – It was alright… I did have a visit from my ex at work- which I’ll probably have to get used to seeing as we represent his band…

Ian – Hostile visit?

Kaori – Sorta… but it ended as well as it could’ve. How……….about……… you! How was your day, Ian?

Ian – Umm… it was fine… Kaori. Why are we being all formal?

Kaori – What did you do today?

Ian – Umm… I did some gym time, I looked for work… not sure why- financially I’m okay for now but- yeah… I also… umm… went on social media and lurked Roger, and Donna’s pages…

Kaori – Who?

Ian – …. My parents.

Kaori – Oh…. right.

Ian – I don’t know why I do it… every month or so… I’ll go to their pages, and do a control F and type in my name to see if I’m ever mentioned…. and I’m not. Guess they were telling the truth when they said they lost both children that day…

Kaori – I’m sorry…

Ian – Fuck them.

Kaori – ….

Ian – So umm… what did you call me over for tonight? I know its not protection when you have that terminator of a cousin living with you now. Remind me to get his workout regimen.

Kaori – I needed to talk to you.

Ian – Aww, no netflix and chill?

Kaori – No… and speaking of which what exactly are we doing- I mean what were we doing?

Ian – You’re using past tense? why? are you sick of me?

Kaori – What is this between us?

Ian – I…. well I’m kinda glad you brought this up…

Kaori – You have something you want to get off your chest?

Ian – I do…. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this for the last two weeks…

Oh my god, finally. Do the right thing Ian, no more lies.

Kaori – Okay….

Ian – You’ve probably been wondering why I’m so…

Kaori – Closed off?

Ian – Restrained…

Kaori – …

Ian – I definitely inhibit myself when it comes to a lot of things…

Kaori – Women being one of them?

Ian – No- well… god how do I say this…

Kaori – By just being honest…

Ian – I’m just gonna say it… I can’t go to the wedding with you… its too…. it sends the wrong message.

Kaori – What?….Why?

Not that it matters, I already decided I’m going alone.

Ian – I hold back when you touch me, and its because…

Kaori – You’re gay-

Ian – I don’t like you in that way…

Kaori – What?

Ian – Wait… why do you think I’m gay?

Kaori – Back up… you don’t like me?

Ian – You sound surprised which is kind of arrogant of you…

Is he fucking serious right now?!

Kaori – We made out, we touched… things… and you don’t like me? you’re always here at night!

Ian – You always call me over at night! then you beg me to stay…

Kaori – Because you seem lonely Ian! Lost and lonely!

Ian – I think you’re the one who’s lonely… have you ever thought about that? Its obvious that I was going through something, and I told you- I told Frankie that all I really wanted was friends right now.

Kaori – You didn’t say that when touching and kissing me- You sent so many mixed signals!

Ian – You always started it- you always put your legs on me- hands- you were the one initiating everything, and not listening to me when I said I wanted to be friends. You were doing everything in your power to convince yourself that you’ve moved on from Keegan… and I was apparently the answer… so much so that you invited me to be your date at your step-sister’s wedding. Its awkward as hell.

Kaori – ….Why are you throwing the Keegan shit in my face? I never once complained- or talked about him to you-

Ian – You say his name in your sleep…. every time I sleep over. You don’t listen… I’ve told you what I wanted, and you didn’t care.

Kaori – Then speak up- say it louder… don’t kiss me, and get hard, and touch me back. I don’t want to do things with someone who doesn’t want to do them with me- what the fuck Ian? I’m not some sexual predator!

Wow the nerve of him. He’s flipping it on me like I was dependent on him, and his company. That I was the lonely one- that I used him and I’m some sexual deviant… He was the one all mopey and alone! now I’m the sexual predator that begged him to stay over?!

Ian – I didn’t say you were- I- look… I’m not good at hurting people. I’ll do anything within reason to oblige people I care about.

Kaori – You care about me?…. no… you don’t… you’re full of shit, because if you cared you wouldn’t lie about things.

Ian – I spent time with you… so you could feel safe, and wanted… and not lonely.

Kaori – You were the one who was lonely-

Ian – YES! yes I was! Yes I am! okay!…. I’m fucking lonely. It was mutually beneficial for me to hangout with you because I hated being alone- I’ve fucking been alone my entire life… I genuinely love your company Kaori- is that wrong?

Kaori – ….

Ian – Why did you call me gay? am I gay because I don’t want to be with you in that way? because I-

Kaori – You’re gay because you have sex with men for money.

Ian – Are you calling me a prostitute?

Kaori – I’m calling you what you are… a gay porn actor…

Ian – …

Kaori – …. You’re not gonna deny it?….

Ian – …..*heavy emotional sigh* I- ….where did-

Kaori – Trey saw you… talking to Rhinoceros  or whatever his name was. He was visiting the set with his boyfriend because his friend works there. Went to the bathroom and heard your entire conversation. You’re a pornstar Ian?

Ian – Why would Trey tell-

Kaori – Why didn’t you!? that’s the real fucking question. You come here, you hangout, eat my food, drink my liquor… open up about your family. I thought I was important to you! why the fuck would you continue lying to me about who you really are? I fucking hate liars Ian… and I’m sorry, but if I’m making out, and doing things sexually with someone, I should know their doing gay porn!

Ian – …Fine…

Kaori – Say it… be fucking honest…

Ian – ….Fine, I’m an adult film star- was… I’m not anymore…

Kaori – You’re gay, and you lead me to believe that you liked-

Ian – First of all, who said I was gay?!

Kaori – Oh don’t give me that gay for pay bullshit- all of my gay friends say its a lie…

Ian – …. You’re gay-shaming me?

Kaori – Fine! are you bi?!

Ian – I- I thought you were different….

Kaori – The same could be said for you. I sat there and told you about my past with men, and their lying- secrets. How shit like that is unacceptable to me. You smiled, nodding saying you hate liars too!… and turns out you’re the biggest one of them all. You couldn’t even be straight with me- you can’t even be straight with yourself. I am so mad at you… You are a fucking liar! and then to tell me that I’m weird- and using you to get over Keegan? really? I opened up to you… I- *voice breaking* I’m so sick of guys… sick of it.. you fucking suck for putting me in this situation. Just admit that you’re fucking gay- and go live your life! this is so stressful, Fuck!

Ian –  You know what?… since I’m stressing you out- since I’m such a fucking burden on you and your life. You don’t have to worry about me ever again!.. you’re a judgmental bitch and this is why I don’t open up to people. You’ve been silver spoon fed all your life, you have NO idea what life has been like for me. My parents hate me, and pretend I don’t existed all because my sister died… I had no money or family and had to do what I had to do. Fuck you for your judgement… What the fuck would YOU know about struggling! *crying* I don’t trust easy… I don’t open up… and this is why… judgement.

Kaori – Ian…

Ian – No! *walks away*

[Top Pic]

Kaori – Wait!

Ian – No! I’m done!

Kaori – I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-

Ian – You took all of your shit out on me- all of your issues with men- you took it out on me. I get it… you hate me because I’m some filthy nasty pornstar! I get it! just throw me away like my parents did. Its fine Kaori! nobody has ever loved me anyway- only time people love me is when I make them feel good… because I look like this… that’s the only reason people love me… You will never hear from me ever again. I thought I could be loved by you and your group of friends… that I found a new family to replace the one I never had, but now everyone knows something so personal about me- so embarrassing- … fuck you… and fuck Trey… tell him to stay clear of me.

Kaori – Ian I’m sorry! I felt betrayed by you- the lying-

Ian – Go fuck yourself Kaori.

Kaori – Ian, I’m stupid! I fucked up! I don’t always say the right thing. I am so sorry. You hurt my feelings… lets just sit down and talk-

Ian – Just like my parents, you can pretend I never existed. Have a nice life… and tell Keegan, and Frankie that I’m sorry I won’t be around anymore… they genuinely seemed like they wanted to accept me into their lives… I’m gonna miss them…

Kaori – Where are you going to go! just stop- stop talking, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to shame you- I understand-

Ian – You don’t…. and you never will…

Kaori – Give me a chance to explain myself-

Ian – Like you gave me a chance to explain myself to you?

Kaori – ………

Ian – Goodbye, Kaori… *leaves*

[Bottom Pic]

Kaori – ….*heavy sigh* ….shit.

Aries – …..Are you okay?

Kaori – How much of that did you-

Aries – Everything… it was pretty loud…

Kaori – I fucked up.

Aries – …You did…

Kaori – I know… and now he thinks I’m some judgmental homophobic piece of shit…

Aries – What happened?…. I thought it was going to go smoothly… was it the Keegan thing?

Kaori – Can we just… get out of here? I don’t want to be home…

Aries – Sure… let me grab our coats. Lets go get a drink…

Kaori – I want to die…

Aries – We can fix this… we gotta let him cool off..

Kaori – He could be gone by then…

Fuck… I fucking hate myself. I know I’m spoiled- I know everything about myself. I also know I work hard with school, and work. I know my life, and I know I’m very fortunate to have the things I have- to have the friends and family I have. I understand why he felt he had nowhere else to turn when it came to money and family- why he felt that porn was going to give him those things. I was so ready to be supportive and talk about it- and then he accuses me of being needy, and using him… then he doesn’t admit to the porn- I just lost it… my own ego made me a bitch. He’s the last person I should have lashed out at… especially with how fragile he is as a person… how am I going to fix this? when will I even have the fucking time? School, work, bachelorette party, wedding- I…. fuck me, I completely fucked up. I feel like a piece of shit. 

(POV Jonah)

So Keegan was right, House of Cards went from boring to pretty damn interesting. I’ve officially added it to my netflix list. All in all I had a great time hanging out with him. We talked about a lot of things that mattered, and goofed around too. Its funny how I live in a house with a bunch of guys, but none of them can compare to my bestfriend. Anyway… After I finally left from Keegan’s place, I came home and the guys and I ended up playing a drinking game- so just so ya know… I’m a bit buzzed… or drunk… I don’t know…

Mike – I’m so fucked up right now.

Javier – I think I had half the drinks you did Mike, and I’m feeling super buzzed.

Jonah – I’m a lightweight so I know what you guys mean.

Mike – So where were you?

Jonah – Out with-

Mike – Moved on already? who are you smashing?

Javier – Wait what?

Jonah – No no, I’m not- I wasn’t smashing anyone. I was hanging with my friend Keegan.

Mike – Cool, cool…

Javier – Umm.. did I tell you I’m talking to Fockky again?

Jonah – No…

Javier – I think we’re gonna give it another go.

Jonah – Good for you guys. Fockky’s chill…

Mike – I had sex with two lesbians last night…

Jonah – You did?

Mike – Yeah… Tiff, and Luna…

Javier – Super feminists decided to use you for your dick?

Mike – That’s exactly what they did.

Fred – Dammit move out of the way lady!

Garrett – Oh wow…

Frankie – Sorry, I didn’t notice you were playing a game.

Fred – *looks up to see Frankie* Oh… its umm.. quite alright… wow you’re hot.

Frankie – ……Thanks.

Fred – I think I just soiled my boxers by looking at you.

Frankie – ……. Jonah!

Javier – What’s Frankie doing here?

Mike – Damn… she’s sexy.

Jonah – Hey… what are you doing here?

Frankie – I wanted to talk to you.

Jonah – Lets go in my room, its too busy out here.

Javier – …..

Mike – Take it to the room guys!

I know why she’s here… she wants to talk about all of the shit I said at her job. Great. I really wish I hadn’t opened my big mouth. Now we have to talk about it.

Frankie – Your room is nice.

Jonah – Thanks.

Frankie – I know what the guys are thinking….

Jonah – Don’t mind them.

Frankie – Oh its fine…

Jonah – Fair warning… I’m drunk.

Frankie – I saw the bottles downstairs… Its cool.

Jonah – So… what’s up?

Frankie – Nothing much, I umm…

Jonah – …..

Frankie – Sorry, umm… I wanted to come by and talk to you because I didn’t like how our conversation ended at my job.

Jonah – Its fine, I’m over it.

Frankie – Be that as it may… I’m not.

Jonah – ….Okay.

Frankie – I’m sorry that it appeared that I was taking Karin’s side of things. I’m Team Jonah everyday all day. I want you to know that.

Jonah – ….

Frankie – You do know that right?

Jonah – …Yeah.

Frankie – This is where I’m at with Karin. I think she’s talented, and she reminds me of myself its weird-

Jonah – ….

Frankie – I want her to channel everything she’s feeling- and not feeling about her father’s passing. I want her to be great. She’s not… she’s not as evil as I thought she was. I get it now, I understand her as a person now. That doesn’t mean that I’m on her side though.

Jonah – Good.

Frankie – She’s being a bitch, and trying to hurt you. She wants to push you away for whatever reason.

Jonah – I know.

Frankie – … You don’t deserve that.

People always tell you what you don’t deserve… but never help you get what it is that you do deserve. I’ve always found that so annoying.

Jonah – What is it that women want Frankie?

Frankie – I don’t know, we’re all different…

Jonah – You guys say… Oh we want a gentleman… but then you want someone who’s a man… who takes control.

Frankie – ….Human’s are confusing, and complex… we-

Jonah – I mean should I just grab women and-

Jonah – Take control like this?…. is this what women want? an aggressive guy?

Frankie – … I don’t know…

Jonah – Why am I so stupid? why do I let women fuck with my head. What’s wrong with me?!

Frankie – Nothing.

Jonah – Something must be wrong with me… tell me what’s wrong with me…

Frankie – Jeep…. nothing is wrong with you.

Jonah – …

Frankie – Sorry… I didn’t mean to call you Jeep-

Jonah – Its only ever okay when you say it…

Frankie – ….

Jonah – Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?

Frankie – No

Jonah – Fuck it, I’m drunk just tell me, I won’t get mad.

Frankie – No, because there is nothing wrong with you… You’re smart, you’re good looking…

Jonah – I’m not good looking… I look better sure but-

Frankie – You’re handsome to me. You’re special to me, you… You just need to-

Jonah – Its not a coincidence that I dated Karin…

Frankie – What do you mean?

Fuck, why did I blurt that out…

Jonah – ….Frankie… you’re one of the smartest people I know… come on… think about it.

Frankie – I don’t get- …………. Oh.

Jonah – ……

Frankie – … I-

Jonah – *gets up*

Jonah – I shouldn’t have said that.

Frankie – No, you’re being honest…

Jonah – That gets people in trouble…

Frankie – I’m aware… Trey, and Kaori are both feeling the pain of honesty right now.

Jonah – Oh… she talked to Ian?

Frankie – It didn’t go well- but I’m not here to talk about that.

Jonah – Right.

Frankie – I just… I feel like the biggest bitch in the world.

Jonah – You could never be.

Frankie – The stuff you said at my job-

Jonah – Can we just forget about that?

Frankie – No.

Jonah – Fuck…

Frankie – I didn’t maliciously date Sebastian over you. I didn’t purposely reject you.

Jonah – I get it- you didn’t see me that way-

Frankie – Its not that I didn’t see you that way- I was… *sigh* I guess I was scared that I maybe did see you that way.

Jonah – Why would that scare you?

Frankie – Because you’re my friend, and In this group… when lines get crossed… people fight- people hate each other. I’d never want that for us.

Jonah – ….I see.

Frankie – I’m very careful with my heart.. I don’t love easily- I- …..umm… wow.

Jonah – What?

Frankie – Oh my god….

Jonah – Frankie?

Frankie – … In this moment I just realized something.

Jonah – What is it?

Frankie – I’m not in love with Raina.

Jonah – ….You’re not? but I thought you guys told each other those 3 little words…

Frankie – I like her…. a lot. I enjoy our relationship- but I’m not in love with her… god… what’s wrong with me? I finally get in a good relationship, and I’m… Trey-ing it.

“Trey-ing” I’m so stealing that…

Jonah – You’re not sabotaging anything yet…

Frankie – … I could love her… I mean I do love her- I’m just not in love with her… I could be though… given enough time. She’s sweet, sexy… smart… she’s- ….

Jonah – …

Frankie – Sorry, I shouldn’t-

Jonah – Its cool… She’s your girlfriend. You’ll figure it out.

Frankie – Maybe.

Jonah – …

Frankie – How was bestie time with Keegan?

Glad she changed the subject

Jonah – It was really good actually.

Frankie – Good.

Jonah – We talked about you, and the others…

Frankie – My spider sense is tingling…

Jonah – *smile* comic book reference…

Frankie – *smiles* yup.

Jonah – He asked me why I hate Sebastian, but not him…

Frankie – Right… because he and I sorta… had a weird thing at one point.

Jonah – Mmm hmm…

Frankie – That must have pissed you off…

Jonah – Annoyed me yes…

Frankie – I’m sorry.

Jonah – Its okay…

Frankie – Its not. Nobody should make you feel less than.

Jonah – I’m not chasing after you anymore… its okay.

Frankie – …What if I wanted-

Jonah – Wanted what?

Frankie – …Nothing…

Jonah – No, say it.

Frankie – What if I wanted a clean slate?

Jonah – …You don’t have to worry about that with me. You know how forgiving I am.

Frankie – Right…

Jonah – …..

Frankie – …..

Jonah – Speaking of clean slates. I got into a fight with my dad this morning.

Frankie – Uh oh…

Jonah – Cliff notes version… he wants the best of me and unintentionally hurt my feelings. I can’t get over it… so I’m being mean. Its hurting him, and all he wants is for us to be bestfriends because he didn’t have that with his dad.

Frankie – …Life is short… give him a chance. I’ve given Mira a chance, and it turned out better than good. Your dad knows you’re talented… he knows how great you are. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you to have backup plans and stuff… so stop being a dick to daddy… be nice Jeepy…

Jonah – Its weird how you make that name… not…. sound so bad.

Frankie – I’ve always thought it was unorthodox. That’s what I liked about it… its a name that makes no sense… that has a story behind it… an embarrassing story, but one that bonds six teenagers in their youth. Its like the glue for us…

Jonah – That’s gross considering we’re talking about me ejaculating all over the place in Kaori’s Jeep…

Frankie – Yeah but…the nickname Jeep is our childhood… its memories… its. When I hear it, I think about less complicated times. Jeep makes me think of high school.. and fun, and the six of us.

Jonah – What does Jonah make you think?

Frankie – Cute jewish boy…

Jonah – ….hmm

Frankie – Well… Man… because I don’t see you as a boy these days. I see a man…

Jonah – Good…

Frankie – *Looks at his shirtless body* God, its getting late…

Did she just check me out, or am I imagining things?

Jonah – Do you wanna stay and watch a movie with me?

Frankie – ….I don’t think I should…

Jonah – Why not?

Frankie – … You’re drunk… and I’m…

Jonah – Right… you’re with Raina… she probably wouldn’t like you being here with me.. watching a movie alone.

Frankie – Yeah.

Jonah – It was just a movie though.

Frankie – When is a movie just a movie and not something else?

Jonah – ….Yeah.

Frankie – Okay I’m gonna go. *walks towards the door*

Jonah – Wait… *hugs Frankie*

Frankie – What’s this for?

Jonah – Thank you…

Frankie – For what?

Jonah – Coming to see me.

Frankie – Not a problem.

Jonah – You’re special to me too you know…

Frankie – *smiles* I know.

Jonah – You’re… amazing, and a good friend.

Frankie – You don’t hate me?

Jonah – Never…

Frankie – ….

Jonah – I should get my sweaty body off of your nice clothes..

Frankie – Its fine. I’m just gonna go home and take em’ off anyway.

Jonah – Spankbank material.

Frankie – Oh god, shut up…

Jonah – I shouldn’t have joked about that.

Frankie – Its fine.

Jonah – …Is it?

Frankie – Friends right?

Jonah – …Yeah.. Forever.

Frankie – Pinky swear?

Jonah – Pinky swear.

Frankie – Okay I should get going. Drink some water, and get some rest. Okay?

Jonah – I will, and Frankie?…. I love you.

Frankie – …. I love you too Jeepy…

Jonah – Let me walk you out.

Frankie – Alright…

Frankie – Okay, bye.

Jonah – Bye… Call me to let me know you got in safely..

Frankie – I will- I’m going to go upstairs to talk with Kay… she’s not feeling too well.

Jonah – Look at you… always there for someone in need.

Frankie – I don’t know any other way.

Jonah – Goodnight.

Frankie – Nite’

Javier – Dude….

Jonah – What?

Javier – Are you like… in love with her?

Jonah – Huh?

Mike – Yeah, I’m with Javi… I’ve never seen you look at a girl like that before… not even Karin.

Jonah – That’s because there’s only one Frankie Mancini in this world…

And I’m in love with her- but don’t panic. I have learned from my past. I may be in love with her, but Its different this time. I will not be chasing after her- or any other girl. This time I’m going to work on myself, my craft, my career… and if she realizes she loves me back… then so be it. I’ve learned a few things today, and I’m the most self-aware I have ever been when its come to the people in my life, and their feelings. I’m also aware of the difference in what I think, and what I say out loud. I’m evolving, and it feels good. Jonah 2.0 is happening. Time to re-hydrate, and take care of myself… in more ways than one….-oh ew that sounded like a masturbation joke- dammit… and here I was trying to sound all smart. Until later… bye now! 


~End Of Chapter Three | Chapter FOUR aka The 2 Part BnG : Wedding Special is Next~

(Chapter Five will follow the 2 part special)



  1. Sigh…I was secretly hoping for a makeout session on that bed XD ! Seriously though, Frankie and Jeep have chemistry. It’s obvious that they care a lot about each other! Well there’s always next chapter (*fingers crossed*). On another note, that was one awkward conversation Jeep had with his dad!! Ollie did not need to be so explicit explaining his teenage days. I cracked up though about the weed on the weekends lol.

    Kaori had a couple battles in this one. I understand her frustration with the men in her life; she gets close and feels a connection to only end up being let down. I don’t think Ian should have flew off the handle like he did. He lied about being a porn star when they’re somewhat sexually active!! He can’t just hide a HUGE part of his life and expect Kaori to be cool with it when she found out about it!! You’re not really getting to know someone if there’s secrets. Plus how “embarrassed” can he be with his videos all over the web for anybody to find :p ??

    w00t I’m finally caught up! So the wedding is next? I’m sure it will be beautiful and perhaps there will be drama? 😉 Looking forward to it! BTW I’ve said it a million times before but your stories really are amazing! I hope you continue to write them for a looooooooong looooooong time even when you’re in the nursing home lol. JK. You are one of the best sim story authors though 🙂

    1. lol my brother said the same thing about Frankie and Jonah/Jeep! he said they had chemistry and he wanted them to go for it and kiss LOL. You’re right it was and awkward talk with Jonah’s dad lol. Seemingly normal stiff parents… who enjoy pot brownies and a loaded DVR on the weekends lmao.

      Kaori… Kaori… Kaori… the worst luck when it comes to men. Part of the reason she blew up at Ian aside from his lies/secret is because her ego was bruised. Its not everyday she gets turned down lol. Ian was really upset and pissed and I would say that considering his past and that he feels like nobody has ever cared about him, that he still has issues when it comes to… expressing himself. He was mad, and upset, embarrassed. He handled it all wrong and blew up at Kaori, who in turn blew up at him. LOL she did the opposite of what Aries told her to do… it was a mess!

      Ian tried to distance himself from that life, new hair color, change of facial hair etc. Most of his videos are locked behind a paywall so he didn’t exactly expect to be found out… SMALL WORLD THOUGH because Trey made it to his porn studio lmao. As for Trey and his decision to tell Kaori. On 1 hand I agree with Dominic, and that he should have went straight to Ian and had Ian tell Kaori, but on the other hand I agree with Trey about friendship and loyalty… so I’m not exactly sure what I would have done being the logical person that I am… but also loyal friend lol.

      Yay you’re all caught up! Chapter Four aka the wedding special is next. Its a two-parter.

      LMAO I adore that you’ve stuck around and enjoyed my stories and their spinoffs. As far as keeping them going… I will. There is something planned after BnG…. but enough about that lol. Hopefully one day I will write books and put my imagination to good use. That or my dream of doing character development for say HBO/Showtime or whatever. Anyway this reply is getting long!

      Stay tuned for part one of the wedding special, and as always thanks for reading/supporting, and commenting!

  2. GASP! More Stories to come?? *Sets up tent* 😀 Also, you’re so talented there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be writing books or working for Hollywood someday :). Just be sure to name one of your characters Rika 😉

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