{BnG Season 3} Chapter Two Part 2 : “I Can’t Even…”

Chapter Two | Pt. 2 “I Can’t Even…”

-POV’s : Frankie & Trey

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Frankie)

Last night, I decided to sleepover Raina’s…. We had friends over, plus I needed to feel her out, and see how she really felt about me. The reason being, Jarrah sharing a conversation with me that she had with Shane. As you know, Shane and Raina are siblings… if anyone knows Raina… chances are its him. Jarrah told me that she didn’t know what to do with the information she had. That initially she thought it would be best to keep it to herself, because she didn’t want anything to cloud my judgement. Then finally she realized she’s my friend and friends would be honest.

It was nice to hear her say that. I know Jarrah’s my friend, but still… hearing the words are great. So of course I sat there thinking about the fact that Raina did say she loved me… and that everything seemed genuine. I decided to sleepover… the night went… *laughs* well. Okay obviously we had sex, and things were good. So perhaps Shane just doesn’t know his sister like he thought he did… or… well I guess I’ll wait for the other shoe to drop. Like Jarrah said though, I’m not gonna allow what Shane said to shape any thoughts about my girlfriend. She seems down for me… and that’s all I can really ask for.

Raina – You woke up early.

Frankie – *gets up* Hey babe.

Raina – What are you doing? replying to your advice column?

Frankie – No, I answered all of those questions earlier… while you were sleeping.

Raina – Anything juicy?

Frankie – This guy asked my advice on how they should approach being in love with someone who’s already in a relationship…. and they said this person is in love with them.

Raina – Messy…. 

Frankie – I know right?

Raina – Sometimes I think Sara’s in love with me… but then again… Rhys..

Frankie – Sara’s your bestfriend, I doubt she’s into you. Especially considering she and Rhys….

Raina – True, so what were you doing then if not giving advice?

Frankie – Oh I was writing…

Raina – Oh finally over your writers block.

Ha, I wish…

Frankie – Actually no… I was bored, and started writing this dumbass murder mystery.

Raina – Oh cool.

Frankie – Not really my thing, but its good for when I’m bored. It does help keep my writing skills sharp.

Raina – You’re so cute.

I know you’re probably confused. You’re thinking, how do you have writers block, if you can write a murder mystery?… well its simple. I don’t like that genre.. and its just something to keep me sharp. With the novel- manuscript I’m actually passionate about… I get nothing. I’m blocked, and its embarrassing. I’ve NEVER had this issue before.

Frankie – Did you have fun last night?

Raina – Sex with you is always fun.

Frankie – No, not that perv…

Raina – *laughs* yeah I enjoyed the night. I don’t normally do game night… but with a bunch of lesbians why not-

Frankie – Rhys is straight, and I’m bi…

Raina – Labels…- Oh speaking of Rhys… is it just me…. or did she and Sara seems real….. flirty?

Frankie – Yeah, I noticed it…

Raina – Maybe Sara’s eating her pussy on the low or something.

Frankie – I have no idea…. Rhys says she’s straight… and Sara’s your bestfriend, she’d tell you if she and Rhys were fucking around.

Raina – True.

Frankie – So why are you wearing shades?

Raina – Well I figured since we both have a busy day ahead of us… that we could grab some breakfast before we go our separate ways.

Frankie – I know what I have planned but what are you doing today?

Raina – Wow you did drink too much last night. I have that bar inspection today remember? I gotta be there all day making sure everything is good.

Frankie – Right!

Raina – So you wanna eat with me babe?

Frankie – Yes…..

Raina – Have I mentioned how much I love you? you’re fucking perfect.

Frankie – Aww that’s so sweet babe… you’re perfect to me too.

See…. it makes it hard for me to take what Shane said seriously… 

Raina – Alright lets eat on the couch, and then go get breakfast *kiss*

Frankie – Oh my god Raina stop.

Raina – Why? I know you’re wet, don’t deny-

Frankie – Your mom’s here.

Raina – What the hell does she want… I told her to call first.

Frankie – Well there she is…. with your sister too.

Raina – We should act like we’re not here.

Marlene – I heard that Raina… open the door…. there’s a garbage man out here, and he keeps looking at me.

Awesome… Marlene Baycock is here… I don’t like her…. because she’s rude.

Raina – Hello mother.

Marlene – Good morning Raina.

Jenn – I got my name officially changed to Jenn today.

Wow she gets rewarded even though she’s ruining Zoey’s life?

Raina – That’s fucking awesome lil sis.

Marlene – She says Genevieve was too… old fashion.

Raina – So, for what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?

Marlene – Well Jenn, and I were in the neighborhood, and decided to see if you wanted breakfast.

Raina – Mother, did you notice I had company?

Marlene – Oh… hi.

Raina – Mom.

Marlene – What? I said hi.

Frankie – …. Good morning Ms. Baycock.

Marlene – Manners, Jenny.

Jenn – Hi Frankie.

Frankie – Hi.

Marlene – Jenn, and I were going to go shopping later, do you want to come with?

Frankie – Oh, that’s sweet… I have so much work to do though, but thanks for-

Marlene – I was talking to my daughter.

Frankie – Alrighty then.

Raina – I’m pretty busy today mother. Ask Shane… your golden boy.

Marlene – Shane’s busy attending to that girl with a child…

Frankie – Jarrah.

Marlene – Excuse me?

Frankie – Her name’s Jarrah.

Marlene – Be that as it may… Jenn and I are going shopping… so RAINA… do you wish to join us? We must find Jenn some new clothes for school… she’s a trendsetter.

Raina – What about the investigation? is she even allowed in school?

Marlene – Your sister is innocent.

Raina – Well I know that… but-

Jenn – That Zoey girl is so intimidated by me… and she’s a liar… why would I want to take pictures of her flapjacks?!

Frankie – ……..

Jenn – When you told me about her suicide attempt I was so appalled…

Marlene – The allegations are preposterous…

Wow really Raina… I told you about Zoey in secrecy… and you go and tell Jenn? the person who caused all the pain?

Jenn – None of it is my fault…

Marlene – It most certainly isn’t honey.

Raina – What that girl decides to do, isn’t on you Jenn.

Jenn – I know…

Frankie – Well, its not something to gloss over… these situations can have dire consequences

Marlene – Are you accusing my daughter?

Frankie – … No, but I-

Raina – Frankie’s weird when she hasn’t had food.

Frankie – I just think we’re all missing the point. A young girl is-

Jenn – So enough about that. Are you joining mother and I for breakfast, sister?

Okay… fine, cut me off.

Raina – I…. well Frankie’s here and…

Frankie – …..

Jenn – Well we’ll just bring breakfast here…

Marlene – Back to the ghetto….

Raina – Mother, this isn’t the ghetto.

Marlene – Fine… come on Jenn… lets go get breakfast, and bring it back here… We’ll be back in a minute or two, Raina.

Raina – Alright.

Ugh, I don’t want to be here when they get back.

Raina – What the fuck was that?!

Okay… is she seriously mad at me?

Frankie – Why are you yelling?

Raina – You just grilled my sister…. and accused of her something she didn’t do.

Frankie – I understand she’s your sister, but come on… she’s far from innocent.

Raina – What is that supposed to mean?

Frankie – Keegan printed a bunch of stuff from her social media… to show that she’s a bully… she’s really mean online, one can only imagine how she in at school.

Raina – Keegan has no fucking right to do that. Why is he gathering evidence against my sister! he needs to stop the witch hunt. Zoey is lying!

Frankie – She’s not lying! She saw the pictures online… they’re there.

Raina – Well my sister didn’t post them!

Frankie – Your sister is the one who’s been bullying her…. if I’m wrong I’m wrong.. I’ll accept that but you and your mom are acting like she’s innocent. You guys have no idea what goes on in that school. You just take her side of the story at face value and its like… do you forget what its like to be in school?

Raina – Jenn would never do something like this. Her and her friends are feminist… they don’t believe in hurting another woman.

Frankie – They’re girls… they are not women. Also do you guys just believe everything she says? if she told you she met god, would you believe her? like come on…

Raina – Don’t insult my intelligence..

Frankie – There was a girl crying in a bloody bathroom… I feel like you, your mother, and Jenn are making light of a situation… and its kind of wrong…

Raina – I think you should leave.

Frankie – I agree…. your mother clearly hates me… and I’d rather not sit here and take underhand insults….

Raina – Don’t bother coming to the bar after work either… I think we need a day apart…

Frankie – ….. Are you serious?

Raina – Just go….

Frankie – Wow…. okay fine… but lemme just say this… I’m not gonna sit in limbo and wait for you to not be mad at me- JUST because I had an opinion about your sister.

Raina – Did I say I wanted to break up? did I say that?!

Frankie – Well with how you’re yelling at me… you’re clearly bothered…. she’s your sister, so I don’t see you not being bothered by my opinions… if you want… we can just not talk about her, and the Zoey situation-

Raina – You should just go before they get back.

Frankie – Fine…

Raina – You’re being so fucking stupid… I’ll maybe call you tomorrow…

Frankie – Or not…. I’m not gonna wait by the phone. I have no problem being single Raina… so don’t threaten me like that….

Raina – Whatever walls you had before you met me… there’s no need to keep them up…. that’s how you become single permanently.

Frankie – Yeah, and becoming a huge bitch, in defense of your sister’s horrific actions is another way to not see me. I think she’s wrong for bullying Zoey, and Zoey seems to think she posted the pictures… why would she lie?

Raina – Just go… because she’s NOT bullying Zoey, and she’d never post pictures like that.

Frankie – I’m going…

Raina – I’m not….  I’m not even mad… I’m just disappointed in you.

Frankie – ……Okay Raina… there’s nothing to be disappointed in, but I’m gonna just give you space. Enjoy breakfast with your family….

Raina – You have a good day too, I guess….. I’m gonna do me.

Frankie – Well, have fun doing that…

I’m a very defensive person…. and part of me didn’t want to go there with her. However, she talks down to people when she feels she’s in the right. I’ve seen her do it to her brother Shane, and to her bestfriend Sara. I’m not that type of bitch… you’re not gonna disrespect me… I don’t care if you’re my parents, sibling, or bestfriend. Its just not gonna happen.

Her mother is a bitch also… I’ve always been raised to stand up for myself, but respect my elders. I tried to remain as poised as I could. Marlene is just… disrespectful. I wanted to tell her about herself.. but I’d be out of line if I did so. I love Raina, I do… but my first response is to defend myself. I admit, yes I have walls up. I’ve just been through a lot of shit in my life, and I don’t like people talking down to me. The Baycock family seems full of themselves, and I didn’t want to believe that was true. Maybe Jarrah lucked out, and Shane breaks the mold… 

As far as Zoey goes, I know for a fact that Jenn bullies her, and Curtis… now what I don’t know is if she actually took the naked photos, and posted them. Zoey says she did, so at this point I’m choosing to believe that because the girl is a bully. I’m totally okay with being wrong, but for Raina and her mom to ignore the possibility of Jenn being guilty blows my mind. Enough about that,  gotta get to work and read some manuscripts. Later.

(POV Trey)

Good morning people! how have you been? me? oh I’ve been good. I gotta say, things are great right now… which sorta makes me feel guilty about all of the drama my friends are going through. Crazy about Zoey right? I hope that little bitch goes down for hurting her. With officer KeeKee on the case I’m sure she’ll pay for her crimes. Oh by the way… my father and I had breakfast this morning… well I kinda just went over without calling. He didn’t seem too excited to see me, but I’m trying not to take it personally. Mom says he’s frustrated about not walking, and doesn’t mean to take it out on me- yet he’s oh so peppy with his new nurse Mario Mendez… Whatever. I have the rest of the day off from work so I’m going to just remain positive.

Ruben – I thought you were at work?

Trey – I was….

Ruben – Did you get fired or something?

Trey – No, I just did breakfast for them, and left. They didn’t need me today because everyone is busy, and nobody’s going to be home. I got paid for the full day though.

Ruben – Sweet.

It really is sweet because that means I can hangout with friends, or do nothing today- though I do have a previously planned lunch to attend today. I actually had two lunch dates, but one came before the other. I hope Kaori won’t be too mad that I’m missing her lunch with the gang, and Ian Alexander…. who I must say has aged amazingly… he looks even better than he did in high school.

Trey – Where are you going?

Ruben – My boss Raina wants me at the bar early, because of some inspection taking place.

Trey – Oh okay, so are you coming home at your regular time?

Ruben – No, because I have a dentist appointment.

Trey – Did you need me to pick you up from it?

Ruben – Nah, its taken care of.

Trey – Okay cool.

Ruben – Thanks for offering though.

Trey – No problem.

Ruben – You, and Dominic have been nothing but sweet to me. You guys are my favorite gays.

Trey – *laughs* Well you’re family.

Ruben – *smiles*

Which he truly is at this point. I’ve really grown to love Ru-Ru

Trey – Is Dom home, or did he leave for work already?

Ruben – I don’t know. I showered, got dressed… had cereal… and I’m out the door.

Trey – Okay, well have a good day.

Ruben – You too boo.

Well I guess I’ll go relax and catch up on Jane The Virgin. I love that show.

Computer : Yeah, you like that cock… yeah beg for it! *moaning* fuck me harder!

Dominic – *moaning/masturbating*

Trey – *Gasp*

I can’t believe him!

Dominic – *ejaculates* Oh fuck.

Trey – What the fuck!

Dominic – Why aren’t you at work?

Trey – *walks away pissed*

Dominic – Trey wait…

Trey – You’re gross!

Dominic – Wait, are you really mad at this?

Trey – I can’t even!

Dominic – Wait! *stands up*

Trey – Clean yourself off! you’re dripping everywhere!

Dominic – *Puts on pants* Hold on a minute…

Trey – ……….

Dominic – Why are you mad?

Trey – Do you wait for me to go to work just so you can do that?

Dominic – To do what?!

Trey – THAT!

Dominic – Masturbate?! Trey… are you seriously… upset… that I was masturbating?

Trey – You were watching porn and doing it… that’s cheating…

Dominic – Oh honey, I know you don’t really think that… this is a joke right?

Trey – No…

Dominic – I love you, but you’re overreacting and its irritating me.

Trey – So my feelings irritate you?

Dominic – Don’t twist my words, you’re being ridiculous if you think jerking off to porn is cheating.

Trey – I can’t… I don’t- like-

Dominic – Use your words…..

Trey – Don’t do that!

Dominic – Don’t do what?

Trey – Be patronizing

Dominic – I’m not being patronizing when I tell you to use your words. You’re clearly having a hard time communicating what exactly is bothering you… and why.

Trey – I get that you’re a shrink… but don’t “shrink” me… I’m not in therapy.

Dominic – What exactly is the issue here Trey… 

Trey – I caught you doing that!

Dominic – Masturbating to porn?

Trey – Yes!

Dominic – Are you mad that I was pleasuring myself or because I was doing it while watching pornography?

Trey – I-… the porn!- both… I don’t-

Dominic – Masturbation is healthy Trey… everyone does it… and they should. Porn is just porn!

Trey – Why are you watching that stuff? am I not enough?

Dominic – Lately no, you’re not.

Trey – What?

Dominic – Ever since you started your new job, you’ve kinda ignored me when its come to sex. You come in, eat, shower… sleep.

Trey – Well I’m tired…

Dominic – And I’m human, I get aroused Trey… so I watch porn every now and then. You’re making me out to be some sick perv who jerks off all the time. You can’t make a person feel bad about their sexual habits.

Trey – I feel like its cheating.

Dominic – Umm… yeah I don’t agree with that. I’m not physically, or mentally having a thing with someone else.

Trey – You want to have sex with those guys…

Dominic – When did you become such a prude? did your last boyfriend not jerkoff to porn or something?

Trey – You’re technically my first real boyfriend, Dominic. You know that!

Dominic – Aries?

Trey – I wouldn’t consider him my first boyfriend…

Dominic – So I’m just gonna be firm in my stance, and tell you that its not cheating- and its nothing wrong with it. I didn’t think you were a prude, but wow…

Trey – I’m not a prude! I’ve watched plenty of porn when I was single!

Dominic – So masturbation stops when you’re in a relationship? is that what you think?

Trey – I don’t look like those guys in the videos… I’m not that… you’re lusting after them and it makes me feel like… I’m not enough.

Dominic – That’s an insecurity. Its just porn.

Trey – Why do you watch it?

Dominic – Because its hot, because I have an erection, because its entertaining to watch. Oh look a dude-bro just sucked off his bestfriend.. oops their having sex. Its corny storylines, its funny face expressions. Its just porn that helps people get off. It has no bearing on how I feel about the person I decided to get in a committed relationship with. I shouldn’t have to explain that to you either… People who think porn is cheating are wrong… period.

Trey – So you’re completely disregarding my feelings on the matter?

Dominic – No, I hear you… and I guess some part of me understands why a person like you would feel that way. I’m just telling you, that you’re wrong to think that.

Trey – What do you mean a person like me?

Dominic – Someone who didn’t put himself out there a lot, someone who hasn’t been in that many relationships. You’re kind of an introverted gay.

Trey – Well excuse me for not sleeping around, or getting married when I’m too young to understand the consequences of an “I, do”

Dominic – …………

Trey – Sorry.

Dominic – No, you’re right.. I did have casual sex, and I did get married… I made bad choices… but I also lived…. and learned. You didn’t, so I’m not gonna be mad at you for throwing that in my face- because what it all boils down to is the fact that you never lived… and you’re closed-minded. You need to get over it Trey, because I’m not gonna stop watching porn. I don’t even watch it that often, I work, and have other shit I have to do.

Trey – …….

Dominic – Okay, so do you have anything else to say about it?

Trey – No….. because we clearly feel differently about it….

Dominic – Ask your friends…. see how they feel. You’ll see that you’re being irrational.

Trey – Ugh…. ridiculous.

Dominic – I gotta shower, and get out of here. I have work…. two clients, and then I’m going over Keegan’s parents house to talk to Zoey about what happened…

Trey – ……Okay.

Dominic – Also, remember I won’t be home for dinner, so you and Ruben can figure something out.

Trey – Where are you going for dinner?

Dominic – Dinner with my dad?

Trey – Oh….

Dominic – See… you totally ignore me when I’m talking to you. I told you yesterday about it… Frankie’s gonna be there too?

Trey – I’m sorry…. I must have been in my head..

Dominic – ……… Did you have to use the bathroom before I showered?

Trey – No.

Dominic – Okay, well I’m off to jerkoff in the shower!

Trey – That’s not funny.

Dominic – I can’t believe you’re overreacting about porn.

Trey – It hurts my feelings that you think I’m overreacting..

Dominic – My intentions are not to hurt your feelings, It just baffles me that porn bothers you….

Trey – Well maybe you should just do it when I’m not home.

Dominic – ….Just drop it, Trey. I’m not talking about this anymore. I have to go.

Trey – …..*sigh* Fine.

I don’t get it, am I wrong? is it not considered cheating that he’s pleasuring himself to other men? I know I’ve been a bit busy lately, but we can make time for intimacy… Am I overreacting? am I being stupid and closed-minded because I haven’t lived and learned? I mean he’s right I haven’t been in relationships, I don’t know how these things work…. but at the same time I feel like its wrong for him to get off watching other men… ugh, now he’s upset with me… probably thinks I’m a nag too. I thought I was over sabotaging relationships… but clearly the old me is still alive and well… because now he thinks I’m stupid or something… when I honestly felt like it was wrong.

(POV Frankie)

I’ve since cooled off since this morning. I mean, I really had no other choice. Its not like I could go into work with an attitude. Jessica Nash, doesn’t like negativity at Haus of Opulence, and Torrance is nosy… she’d be all like “WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!” “WHY DO YOU HAVE AN ATTITUDE?!” and I honestly didn’t want to deal with that. So I went into work with a smile on my face. Read, and edited what I needed to… and now its lunch…. so far the only people here are Ian, and myself…. where the hell is everyone?

Ian – What did she say?

Frankie – She says… *reading text* Hey, so I can’t fucking make it. Sasha’s stupid ass has us doing a meeting through lunch. So our intern went out to grab us all sandwiches… fucking sandwiches.. Like I want that. I’m so fucking hungry, I want a burger. Oh and girl… I’m close to slapping Mahlia’s stupid ass, she’s being stupid. She’s a stupid fuck. I’m so mad that I have to work through lunch!…. but yeah I’m sorry I won’t be there. You guys have fun with Ian. TTYL

Of course there’s the other part that I didn’t read outloud “You guys have fun with Ian, make him feel welcomed because I feel like he lowkey lonely, and sad. He needs friends. So be friendly….. and don’t bore him with books and novels Frankie! and no Greenland!… Love you, bitch. TTYL”

Ian – Ah, well that sucks…

Frankie – Trey had a previous engagement, so he won’t be joining us…. Keegan has work… Jarrah just texted and said she has to pick her son up from daycare because he has a fever….

Ian – What about the other one… Joey?

Frankie – Jonah, and he has class.

Ian – Oh….

Frankie – Yep, so I guess its just us.

Ian – We can reschedule if you want.

Frankie – No, I’m hungry. Lets eat, and catch up.

Ian – Okay, cool. Did you want to eat here or go to GreenLand? Kaori says you love it there.

Frankie – ……………………… Here is fine.

That bitch…. what’s wrong with GreenLand?! I love the salads!

Ian – This is weird huh?

Frankie – Why?

Ian – Of the six of you… I knew Keegan, and Kaori more. So you and I sitting here, catching up is a little weird.

Frankie – I guess so, but its all good right?

Ian – Yeah, for sure.

Frankie – So how are you liking living here again?

Ian – Its nice, different- but nice.

Frankie – It sounds weird but I love the air…. you go other places, and come back home and the air just feels different.

Ian – That’s actually true.

Frankie – So…. I’m Kay’s bestfriend… as you know..

Ian – Yeah.

Frankie – What’s going on with that?…. are you and her….

Ian – No, we’re just friends.

Frankie – Oh come on….

Ian – I don’t think she’s…. how do I say this….. She’s still into Keegan.

Frankie – You think so?

Ian – I know so, and that’s their business you know?

Frankie – True…. so with that being said, are you not really looking for romance?

Ian – I don’t know… not really?

Frankie – I don’t blame you… relationships can be good, but then they turn sour.. like my morning!

Ian – What happened? did you and your girlfriend have a fight or something?

Frankie – We did… over the Zoey situation- Zoey’s Keegan’s-

Ian – I know… he told me everything.

Frankie – He did?

Ian – Keegan and I are way past our issues. I think we’ve went from enemies to boyfriends *laughs*

Frankie – *laughing* What?

Ian – We text each other all night talking about sports, and different shit. He has a huge list of shit he wants me to watch on Netflix.

Frankie – Aww… that’s cute considering your past with him.

Ian – I just hope Joey- Jonah doesn’t get mad at me for hanging out with him so much.

Frankie – He can be territorial over Keegan, but its only because he’s his bestfriend.

Ian – I just don’t want to step on anybody’s toes.

Frankie – You’re good.

Ian – So what happened with your girlfriend?

Frankie – I kinda implied that her sister wasn’t taking the allegations seriously, and that she may be guilty…

Ian – Ah…. and she got all defensive.

Frankie – Yes.

Ian – Speaking of sisters…. how’s yours?

Frankie – Andi’s good. She lives in CCity with her boyfriend.

Ian – Micah?

Frankie – Oh, no… they been broke up… did you not read Kaori’s brother’s book Thr33way?

Ian – No, I’ll add that to my list of things to do.

Frankie – You like reading?- That sounded so rude…. Its just that- actually nevermind…. I don’t want to bore you.

Ian – No, I actually really do like reading.

Frankie – Oh really? what’s the last book you read?

Of course I make it sound like an interrogation.

Ian – The Year of Magical Thinking, by-

Frankie – Joan Didion…

Ian – You know it?

Frankie – Yes, I read it… and loved it.

Ian – I just finished it last week.

Frankie – See I told Kaori, that just because someone isn’t a writer, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a good book.

Ian – I honestly only started to really love books this past year… lots of… time to just read.

I wonder if its because his newly found loner nature.

Frankie – Well, I’m gonna have to give you a good book list.

Ian – Between Keegan’s netflix list, and your book list… I think I’ll be covered.

Frankie – For sure.

Ian – You know what I love about that book?

Frankie – Hmm?

Ian – That even a person like me… who doesn’t have a family… I can read it, and fully understand what its like… almost feel everything the character is feeling… and then feel whole for a minute.

Frankie – I agree.

Ian – Not that I feel empty, but I just… yeah.

Frankie – I understand.

According to Kaori, you’re mysterious, private, and lonely…. but perhaps you’ve gone from being an extroverted person, to an introverted person. It can happen depending on how life works out for you. I was more of an introvert growing up, but now I’m more of an Ambivert, which means I’m smack-dab in the middle.

Frankie – So, not to be in your business… but you are starting fresh here right?

Ian – Yeah.

Frankie – If you need a job, we all know people… we can help you find one… if you want.

Ian – You, and Kaori are so nice… she told me the same thing- actually Keegan did too.

Frankie – Well, we’re all just trying to help one another.

Ian – I should have been friends with you guys in high school… you all cared about each other so much.

Frankie – Well you’re friends with us now.

Look, lets be honest here. Me, and my group of friends are very fortunate. We’re not delusional. We’re well aware of the opportunities we have because of our parents. Especially with them being childhood friends… they lived and learned and made lots of friends… and all of us “kids” benefit from it. That’s not to say that we don’t all work very hard for what we want.

Ian – Being completely honest…. I always wanted to be close to you specifically.

Frankie – Me? why?

Ian – Well… I always heard people gossiping… parents, students… everyone. About your family situation with your dad’s substance abuse, your mom and everything… the dancing, abandonment… I myself… as you know, had my own issues with family. Sometimes I would see you sitting alone with a book by the tree, and want to walk over and just sit down and say… “I get it….”

Frankie – Because people talked about you too, because of what happened with your sister.

Ian – Yeah.

Frankie – You should have Ian, we could have been good friends.

Ian – Yeah but you were close with Keegan, and Kaori…. and I just thought it would be weird since I had sex with her, and Keegan and I fought all the time… it would have looked a certain way.

Frankie – Especially since we were so young, yeah I get what you mean… you would have looked like you were plotting.

Ian – Yeah…. but yeah you’re smart, and mature. I could have used a friend like you…. still could.

Frankie – You have me Ian, you don’t have to feel alone here. Clearly you and Kaori are close… and you and Keegan too.

Ian – Yeah, but do I have you?

Frankie – Yes, you do.

Ian – Cool.

Frankie – You’re so different from high school. So chill, we need to find you a girlfriend.

Ian – Eh, don’t really want one to be honest… I think what I really want is friends… and you guys are making that a possibility for me, so thanks.

Frankie – Well you’re welcome…. and if you change your mind about girls…. I have a friend named Rhys who I think you’d be perfect for.

Ian – *laughs* I’ll keep that in mind. So you work at Haus of Opulence?

Frankie – I do.

Ian – Under Jessica Nash right?

Frankie – Yeah, you a fan?

Ian – No, but I did just watch the movie based on her book called “The Four Faced Liars”

Frankie – Oh that….

Ian – I take it you’re not a fan?

Frankie – I like the book, I just think the movie sucked, and was badly directed. Jessica told me that a lot of the movie was left on the cutting room floor…

Ian – I wonder why.

Frankie – She didn’t specify the reasons… but yeah… the movie sucked.

Ian – So tell me, future new york times best seller…

Frankie – Oh I can only dream, but what do you want to know?

Ian – What are you reading right now?

Frankie – Besides shitty manuscripts at work, I’m actually reading The Martian, but Its because I want to see the movie… so I wanna make sure I’ve read the book first. Matt Damon is such a cutie…

Ian – Wait… you like guys?

Frankie – Yes?

Ian – Oh you’re bi, not gay.

Frankie – Nope, not a lesbian…  I’m very much a fan of the male form.

Ian – Oh I’m an idiot… I knew you were bi… Kaori told me about you and her brother…

Frankie – Oh god…

Ian – Don’t worry, it wasn’t all bad… she said she was horrible to you… but you guys got past it.

Frankie – We did- Oh I know what book is a good one.

Ian – Hmm?

Frankie – You’ve seen that movie Gone Girl right? with Ben Affleck and the wife?

Ian – Oh yeah… I did. I hated the ending..

Frankie – Same, but there’s a book called The Good Neighbor by A.J. Banner that you should read. Its kind of similar, but not…

Ian – Okay, I’ll order that tonight.

Frankie – Sebastian?

Ian – Who writes that one? What’s it about?

Frankie – Oh, no sorry, my soon to be married Ex is behind you. Excuse me for a minute… I need to talk to him.

Ian – Oh okay. *cell vibrates*

Goodness… Sebastian, it seems like a lifetime since he and I. I remember when you first joined me on this journey, I was broken up with him… but he was a TA in my class and I was confused if he was trying to get me back. That feels like such a long time ago.

Ian – *answers phone* ……. You need to stop calling me.

Sebastian – Frankie… hey.

Frankie – I need to talk to you.

Sebastian – You know you gotta wait till the wedding to object…

Frankie – That’s not funny.

Sebastian – What’s up?

Frankie – Why did I receive a save the date for your wedding?

Sebastian – Because Alana wanted to invite you.

Frankie – She does know our history right?

Sebastian – Ancient history… it would only be weird if I were still hung up on you, which I’m not- you look pretty but… I don’t feel a thing.

Frankie – I’m not coming to your wedding… its weird.

Sebastian – Your sister’s coming.

Frankie – What?

Sebastian – Alana and her were friends once upon a time… so she invited her, and she said yes.

My sister only hungout with Alana, because she had good weed apparently…

Sebastian – So you should come too… bring your girlfriend.

Frankie – Its too soon for plus-one at a wedding…

Not to mention I might be dumped by then.

Sebastian – It would mean a lot of you come.

Frankie – …….

Sebastian – Please?

Frankie – Why would it mean a lot?

Sebastian – We dated… for a long time. I grew a lot, you’re an important part of my past, and my maturing… I consider you a lifetime friend… 

Well when he puts it like that…

Frankie – ……. okay fine…

Sebastian – Cool.

Ian – I already told you no!

Sebastian – Either Keegan got plastic surgery, or that’s someone else.

Frankie – That’s not Keegan. Its a friend.

Sebastian – So umm… how’s the book going? you’re probably done by now huh? you’re a quick writer…

Time to lie.

Frankie – I- umm… yeah I’m moving along really fast… I’m like on chapter 9….

Sebastian – How many chapters is it?

Frankie – Uh- 10…. yeah…

Sebastian – Nice, well send me the rough draft so I can read it okay?

Frankie – I’m so swamped with work that- How’s your writing going?

Sebastian – Good, my new book comes out next month. Its called Hot Rain…. it’ll make sense once you read it.

Frankie – Cool.

Sebastian – Well I have to get going… Alana wants me to shave, and cut my hair….

Frankie – Of course.

Sebastian – Nice seeing ya…. I guess I’ll see you at the wedding next?

Frankie – Yeah…. I guess so.

Ian – *whispering* Listen to me you jackass… I already said I’m not doing it. So those threats you’re throwing out don’t scare me. I don’t have anybody here that I care about so you can’t hurt me by getting to them… don’t fucking call me again… sue me if you have to. *hangs up*

Sebastian – Bye Frankie

Frankie – Later Sebastian.

He seems happy with Alana, and their baby… good for him. He’s a great guy, he just wasn’t for me.

Frankie – Is everything alright?

Ian – Yeah- yeah. Everything go okay with your ex?

Frankie – I’m invited to his wedding, and I thought it was weird… but we’re good now.

Ian – Hey what are you doing for Halloween?

Frankie – Well considering its tomorrow night… I’m not doing anything but working I think.

Ian – Yeah, Kaori is working also… she said she has to do some outing with her co-worker to woo some potential clients.

Frankie – Right….

Ian – Hmm…

Frankie – Why do you ask?

Ian – I was gonna see if you wanted to hang- you and Kaori, or others..

Frankie – Let me check my schedule… maybe I can get out of work early. Not like I’m gonna be hanging out with my girlfriend considering she’s mad at me.

Ian – Don’t feel obligated. I just… I-

Frankie – You don’t have to explain yourself. Its all good… So umm… we never actually went inside and ordered… shall we?

Ian – To be honest I don’t like the food here…

Frankie – A bit too salty…

Ian – Can we just go to GreenLand?

Frankie – Umm…. hell yeah.

Ian – After that I need to jet though… have some business to take care of.

Frankie – Perfect, I have to get back to work…. then to a family thing… and then back to work.

Ian – You work a lot huh?

Frankie – Not normally, but this month for some reason yeah.

Ian – How the hell do you have time to write your own book?

Frankie – …..Wanna know a secret?

Ian – Yeah

Frankie – I don’t have time… and its creating a problem… writers block… which I’m embarrassed to tell people.

Ian – You just told me….

Frankie – I did…. but I feel like I can trust you.

Ian – You can.

Frankie – Okay lets go get some salad… oh and do me a favor… don’t tell Kaori we ate at GreenLand…

Ian – *laughs* Long as I can get a Kale-Apple smoothie, your secret is safe.

Well this was a unplanned, yet pleasant outing. I totally just got the best idea too…. Jarrah’s having issues with Owen because of that wife and baby bombshell, Shane may or may not last either because his mother is a bitch… so think about it… how perfect would Ian and Jarrah be for each other?- but then again he and Rhys would be cute too… Dammit Frankie don’t start playing matchmaker *laughs* Anyway I’ve talked your head off… I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Trey)

So after Dominic left, I was curious about what type of porn he was looking at, and oh my god… some dirty stuff. No wonder he thinks I’m a prude. I really wonder what these guys would think of our fight, but at the same time I’d rather not share… what if they think I’m weird? last thing I want is to be judged.

Trey – Thanks for inviting us over for lunch Aries.

Aries – No problem dude.

Nick – I know I wasn’t invited, but Trey insisted I come.

Aries – Oh no, its perfectly fine.

Benji – Nick, are you bi or gay?

Nick – Bi…

Benji – That’s cool…

Nick – Why do you ask?

Benji – You look so straight, and I know as a gay man I shouldn’t be stereotypical… but I’m just saying… if I saw you on the street I’d never guess you did guys.

Nick – *laughs* its all good.

Trey – I thought it was a good idea to bring Nick, because Benji didn’t get a good chance to know him at the party…

Because Nick’s fun, and also I didn’t wanna be the third-wheel.

Benji – Because of those two guys fighting.

Aries – Chace started it… he’s so ridiculous.

Trey – He’s my friend, but he did start it with Ruben…

Nick – And Ruben finished it…

Aries – Hell yeah he did.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m the only one who likes Chace, well me and his boyfriend Cayden. I wish Chace would show how nice he is to everyone else. I know Chace as the guy who put off traveling to spend a whole summer with me while I cried about Aries. Who brought me food and wouldn’t leave my side. Everyone else know’s him as the loud mouth opinionated dick who can’t shut up.

Nick – you know what the sad thing about Chace is?

Aries – I can name plenty…

Benji – The shade of it all…

Nick – The thing is, if Chace actually shut up once n’ a while, and stopped being so abrasive, he’s be an alright guy. He’s actually really smart… he’s just ignorant… which I know is an oxymoron but its true. He’s the most idiotic, intelligent dude I know…

Benji – Reminds me of that movie we watched last night Aries.

Aries – Weekend?

Benji – Yeah, because while the love interest was fucked up, and annoying… he actually seemed pretty intelligent. He just seems like his ego takes over sometimes…

Aries – I can see how he’d remind you of Chace.

Nick – What movie is this?

Trey – This really good LGBT movie called Weekend. Check it out when you get a chance…. I loved it.

Nick – Oh, okay cool.

Aries – Speaking of good movies, you guys seen The Loft?

Trey – No I haven’t but I have a huge crush on Karl Urban.

Nick – Really? I don’t think he’s that good looking…

Benji – I have to agree with Nick.

Aries – I would agree, but there’s this naked scene… and I had no idea he had all of that…. under his clothes. I think I’m a fan.

Nick – Besides the eye candy, was the movie any good?

Aries – It was brilliant, and had twist….

Trey – I love a good twist.

Benji – Me too, but I hate when you can see it coming…

Aries – I think you’ll be fairly surprised…

Aries – So how’s everyone doing?… like with life n’ stuff?

Nick – Well I’m doing pretty good. Working with Jarrah’s dad Mr. Folland has been a blessing. Financially, I’m great….

Benji – But?

Nick – Hmm?

Benji – It just sounded like you were gonna say but.

Nick – Nah…. I guess I’m fine.

Aries – Good to hear Nick.

Trey – What about you guys?

Aries – Umm, well work is fine, we’re actually studying the GloCity beach tomorrow. I won’t go into a lot of detail, don’t want to bore y’all. I get to go diving, lets just put it that way. The earth is important to me, you guys do know that

Nick – That’s right… Marine Biology.

Aries – And Environmental Law…

Trey – I guess water is important…

Aries – You guys are aware that only 29 percent of the Earth’s surface is land, right? The rest is ocean, home to marine life. The oceans average nearly four kilometers in depth and are fringed with coastlines that run for 360,000 kilometers, which means-

Benji – Babe…. boring….. I love you… but boring.

He’s always cared about animals, and earth. That’s probably why my brother liked him so much… I bet its only a matter of time before they start working together.

Aries – *laughs* Okay fine… umm works fine. Home life? not so much. Look, I love my home, I grew up here… this place is gorgeous right?… but… my mothers, they’re a bit… annoying sometimes. I love them, but I want to love them from a distance *laughs* I want to move out, but its expensive. If only I knew someone who needed a roommate.

Nick – Not to be in your business, but why aren’t you and Benji living together?

Benji – Well 1. because I’m helping my sister Candice out with her daughter. 2. Because Aries and I discussed it… we’re not ready to move in together yet.

Aries – We’re just not there yet.

Nick – Ah okay.

Benji – That’s not to say its not tempting sometimes. I love my sister, and I love my niece Sophia. However, sometimes I’d like to come home and rest. My sister works her ass off, and she does deserve a break… but sometimes she sticks me with my niece, and she goes out for drinks *laughs* Like bitch I would love to go get drinks too! Jessica Nash works me hard, when I finally get home… I wanna drink beer, and relax.

Trey – You’re a beer guy?

Benji – Oh yes… I love my beer.

Aries – He LOVES his beer.

Beer is so gross to me…. to each their own. I gotta say, I love how Benji and Aries aren’t rushing to live together. My situation with Dominic is different though, we knew what we wanted already. People move at different speeds.

Nick – What about Rubi?

Trey – Rubi?

Aries – What about her?

Nick – Get a place with her? isn’t she your bestfriend?

Aries – She is, but she lives with her boyfriend.

Nick – Oooh, I didn’t know that.

Benji – They’re always having us over for cheese, and wine…. they act like an old married couple.

Aries – Oh yeah, she’s in love with her apartment.

Trey – She’s probably screaming it to everyone-

Nick – *imitates Rubi* My apartment is on fleek y’all!

Trey – Oh my god why is she posting all over social media how she’s the Boss of G.C.U.

Aries – She’s obsessed with that wrestler Sasha Banks…. that’s why.

Nick – Wrestling is awesome.

Trey – I know right? remember freshman year we drove all the way to Riverview to see WWE Raw live?

Nick – That was so much fun, but I remember you throwing up in the car.

Trey – Not my finest moment.

Nick – Yeah but I nursed you back to good health.

Aries – Awww

Benji – You guys are adorable… and no shade to Dominic, but why haven’t you two dated?


Nick – *looks at Trey*

Trey – *looks at Aries*

Aries – *looks at Trey & Nick*

Benji – Okay what am I missing?

Aries – *laughs* well…..

Trey – *sigh*

Nick – I fucked Trey.

Trey – Nick!

Nick – Well it happened… I fucked you.

Trey – *covers face in embarrassment*

Nick – And I came out as bi afterwards….

Aries – Publicly… on facebook.

Nick – Then I told Trey to choose between myself and Aries…

Benji – And I’m guessing Trey picked Aries… which started all of the…. stuff.

Aries – Stuff is a nice way of putting it babe… you can say drama, depression.. attempted suicide. I was SUCH a drama queen.

Benji – Oh you still are baby cakes, but I still love you…

Trey – So yeah… enough about that.

Benji – Well Nick, are you dating?

Nick – Umm… yeah- no. I’m not seeing anyone…

Aries – Why not? you’re hot.

Benji – I agree.

Trey – There must be someone you like?

Nick – Ummm

Benji – Oooh are you secretly in love with Trey still?

Nick – Yeah I’m in love with someone who’s taken, totally.

Aries – That’s funny… especially since I follow this blog called Ms. Answers. Someone wrote in about that this morning.

Trey – About what?

Aries – Being in love with someone who’s taken.

Nick – Well it wasn’t me guys *laughs* damn detective Aries!

Benji – You should see him when we watch Scandal and How to get away with murder… he’s always trying to solve the cases before the show does!

Aries – And Quantico too! I have theories on who set Alex up!

Nick – Now that’s a good show.

Benji – I agree, and oh my god the lead guy is so hot.

Trey – Hmm…

Aries – Yeah I like the lead too… and that stalker-ish analyst dude also.

Nick – Elias…. that’s the analyst name.

Aries – He’s cute as hell.

Benji – He looks like a pornstar… like a power-bottom pornstar.

Maybe this is my in… since they’re talking about porn… god I hope they don’t judge me.

Trey – So guys-

Aries – Oh sorry Trey, everyone else talked about how they are, we skipped you.

Trey – Umm..

Benji – Yeah what’s going on with you and Dominic? you guys are so cute together.

Nick – …… What about your job? things going good with that?

Trey – Work is amazing, I went and did breakfast for them, and got paid for the whole day…. but that’s not what I want to talk to you guys about.

Aries – What’s going on?

Trey – So how do you guys feel about porn?

Nick – I like it… I mean its healthy- unless you have a porn addiction. I really like Mia Kalifa- and Austin Wilde

Aries  – I like Austin Wilde too…. porn is great to be honest.

Benji – Porn is porn… its fun.

Trey – Okay but what about dating someone, and catching them jerking off to porn?

Benji – I’ve caught Aries… I usually just join, or watch… or go make a sandwich or something.

Aries – Yeah, no big deal.

Nick – Wait… is that why you were mad when I picked you up? did you catch Dominic watching porn?

Trey – Yes, and I felt like it was wrong? like cheating? am I wrong to think that guys? just be honest? It caused a big fight, and he told me I was overreacting.

Benji – You are, no offense…

Aries – Yeah, its just porn Trey… he loves you, he’s with you. He LIVES with you… porn is just a fantasy.

Nick – Yeah…. gotta agree with Dominic on this one… you’re wrong.

Trey – Ugh, see I knew my insecurities were making me crazy…

Aries – Just say sorry to him… and move on.

Benji – Yeah, nobody likes a huge argument.

Trey – Should I plead my case?

Nick – No, because you’re just justifying bad behavior. Say sorry, and admit you were wrong… move on.

Aries – And stop being such a prude.

Benji – Trey do you like The Avengers?

Trey – Obsessed with Thor….. well anything Chris Hemsworth.

Benji – Do you fantasize about having sex with him?

Trey – Who doesn’t?

Benji – Do you jerk off to those fantasies?

Trey – ………Not answering that….

Benji – Oh come on… I’ll admit I’ve jerked it to Captain America…

Trey – Fine, maybe…

Benji – Okay so that’s no different than porn.

Trey – But I could never actually fuck Thor.

Aries – And Dominic can’t fuck those random porn dudes….

Nick – You swear they’re hanging out at your local grocery store waiting to be penetrated *laughing*

Wow… I’m an idiot, they make perfect sense…

Trey – You guys are right.

Benji – I’m getting thristy. Aries, help me get the drinks from the kitchen.

Aries – Alright.

Nick – I gotta pee… where’s the bathroom?

Trey – Come on, I’ll show you.

Trey – This was fun…. minus my idiotic thoughts on porn.

Nick – Yeah, whenever I can be in your company its always a good thing.

Trey – Aww you’re too sweet.

Nick – …. Everything worked out for Aries huh?

Trey – Yeah, I guess it did. He seems so happy with Benji.

Nick – Yeah their cute together.

Trey – I agree.

Nick – So you really got upset that Dominic was spanking the monkey to porn?

Trey – Stop…. I already feel like a dumbass after talking to you guys about it.

Nick – I bet *laughs*

Trey – And you know Dominic is all mature, and logical…

Nick – Did he hit you with the “Masturbation is normal Trey!”

Trey – That and other stuff…. but he’s right… he’s always right.

Nick – Yeah… he just seems perfect….. doesn’t he?

Trey – He does, speaking of which… we need to find you a perfect guy, or girl.

Nick – Eh….. I’m alright… but random question…

Trey – Hmm?

Nick – If you were single… would you date me?

Trey – That is random.

Nick – Just answer the question.

Trey – Well, hmm… you’re good looking, smart, good job…. we don’t fight- or have opposing views…. so yeah. I think you’d be a good catch.

Nick – I see…

Trey – *frustrated sigh*

Nick – What?

Trey – I’m trying to think of a good way to fix this issue between Dom’ and I.

Nick – He should be over it… he’s logical, he’s a psychiatrist…

Trey – Therapist….

Nick – Whats the difference?

Trey – A psychiatrist treats patients by talking with them, and prescribing medication.. therapist are just there to talk and listen.

Nick – Ah…

Trey – Trust me… he’s corrected me a million times, the difference is embedded in my head now. Anyway, yeah… I don’t know how to fix this-

Nick – Do something nice for him I guess?

Trey – Like?

Nick – I don’t know… buy him a dildo and some porn videos?

Trey – Oh god no…

Nick – Film your own porn with him?

Trey – No- but you just game me and idea.

Nick – Are you gonna wait out here?

Trey – No I’m going in with you-

Nick – What the-

Trey – Oh I’ve seen it before, its not a big deal. I’ll turn my back to you. I need to make a call, and I don’t want Aries, and Benji to hear…

Nick – Alright.

I just came up with the perfect way to make this up to Dominic. Of course this means going outside of my comfort zone, but I need to do something grand. This is going to shock him I just know it.

Nick – *unzips pants* this is a very low toilet.

Trey – Shh!…..

Nick – Okay okay.

Trey – pick up, pick up…

Viktor – Hello?

Trey – Hey Vlad, its me…. Trey?

Viktor – Its Vik… not Vladd. Did you call the wrong twin?

Trey – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t get you guys mixed up…

Viktor – Its quite alright… what can I do for you?

Trey – You’re the one that works in porn right?

Nick – Say what?

Viktor – Yes, I work on a porn-set…. I don’t actually do porn.

Trey – I want to surprise my boyfriend… and take him to a live porn shoot… do you think that’s something you could arrange?

Viktor – Umm…. yeah, I can do that… get you two a couple of passes… you naughty little minx you.

Trey – Its just something to-

Viktor – Spice up the bedroom eh? I understand.

Trey – No, no I just-

Viktor – Don’t be shy Trey… its all good.

Amina – Oh my god, can you hangup already? I have to get back to work in an hour.

Viktor – Sorry bro, gotta go… your cousin is being impatient for the meat.

Trey – Gross…..

Viktor – Call you later to schedule the porn thing.

Trey – Okay thanks!

Viktor – No problem, you’re family.

Trey – That’s so sweet.

Viktor – Yeah dude, my fam loves you… especially my dad. He never shuts up about you.

Trey – Well I like you guys a lot too.

Amina – VIK!

Viktor – Gotta go Trey.

Trey – Okay well have fun.

Viktor – Later. *hangs up*

Trey – Bye. *hangs up*

Nick – Who was that?

Trey – One of the twins of the family I work for.

Nick – So you’re gonna take Dominic to a live porn shooting?

Trey – Yes

Nick – You sure you’re ready for that?

Trey – No, but it will be an experience he and I can share together.

Nick – I guess that’s true…. man… Dominic sure is a lucky guy to have someone like you. You’re really trying to make it right.

Trey – I have to…. I love him. Truth be told I knew I loved him after that night at the pier in Bridgeport. We sat there and he told me so much about his life…

Nick – Well…. that’s great. You two should be happy- I’m gonna go get a drink.

Trey – Wash your hands!

I can’t wait to see his face when I tell him. We are going to a porn set… to see how everything is made…. before editing… all that sweat, and moaning… ew, what have I gotten myself into?- NO this is fine… this is good. Not like I’m actually gonna do a porn myself- but what if the director is like “Oooh a black guy, and asian… you two go suck each other off on camera I’ll give you a million dollars!” I would never- though 1 million dollars would be nice… I could get my catering company off the ground- Do they even pay people millions for porn? I’m so out of the loop.

(POV Frankie)

Hi again, quick story before we get into what this situation is. So as you know I went to lunch, and then back to work. Well Karma is a wonderful thing. You know I can’t stand Torrance BALDWIN, and she’s really bitchy to me at work. She undermines my work, and constantly tries me. Well…. before I got here… I was leaving my office. So was she. We both were gunning for the elevator. This bitch trips me, and she gets to the elevator first… the door closes and she smiles. *laughing* The elevator got stuck! so I went down the stairs. I texted Jessica 5 minutes ago, and Torrance is still stuck in the elevator. What makes it funnier is the fact that I overheard her telling someone on the phone that she had a bad lunch and has diarrhea. She’s trapped in an elevator… the potential for a bowel movement is what’s sending me over the edge.. like what if she has a little bit of an accident in the elevator! I can’t even.. *laughs* too funny. Don’t you just love it when bad shit happens to bad people?

Now… about this… My mother Mira, as you know is dating Dominic’s dad Christian. For whatever reason, they decided to invite both Dominic and I over for dinner. So far its been fine, but after dinner- well right now… they’re just staring at us like paintings on the wall.

Mira – Did you enjoy dinner kids?

Kids? really Mira?

Dominic – Yes ma’am it was good.

Christian – That’s great.

Mira – I’ve been watching food network, so I really wanted to slay in the kitchen.

Frankie – Dinner was delicious.

Mira – I’m sure it wasn’t as delicious as your precious GreenLand salads but I tried *laughs*

Frankie – Who- what-

Mira – I ran into your friend Kaori, she says you love GreenLand.

I hate Kaori…. I hate her *laughs*

Christian – So how was your day?

Dominic – Fine, dad…. it was fine.

Mira – And yours Francesca?

Oh my god, no she didn’t just call me that. Funny story… my full name is Francesca Marie Moss. I changed it to Frankie Mancini…. because I thought it sounded more like a badass writer’s name. My sister Andi…. well she had a much more ghetto sounding name. Her full name was Adina Shanice Moss. How ghetto does that sound? doesn’t she sound like someone who would choke you in a womens bathroom? Obviously when she moved to CCity for college she changed her name to just Andi Moss. How she got Andi from Adina is beyond me. People always ask… why do you and your sister have boy names. We usually lie and say its because our dad wanted boys.

Frankie – My day was fine mother *smiles*

Christian – So I know this is a little strange, you’re probably wondering why we brought you here for dinner.

Mira – I’m sure you’re confused why we invited you to our home?

Frankie – Since when do you guys live together?

Dominic – You live here now Mira?

Mira – I do.

Christian – …. we’re very happy.

Dominic – You’re not pregnant right? because you guys are too old… no offense.

Mira – *laughing* Oh god no, I got my tubes tied a long time ago.

Christian – No, no babies.

Frankie – Well what is it?… did you guys go and get married or something? *laughing*

Dominic – At like a cheap chapel *laughing*

Christian – *looks at Mira*

Mira – *looks at Christian*

Dominic – …………….

What the hell…

Frankie – Umm hello guys….why are you looking at each other like that??

Mira – Surprise?

Christian – You’re step siblings!

Dominic – Dad! what the hell?

Frankie – Oh…. my…. god.

Mira – We decided we loved each other, and didn’t want some big wedding… so we did it last night…. in Bridgeport…

Christian – You two get a long great, we thought it would be okay?

Frankie – I love Dominic, he’s great…. but holy shit.

Dominic – Yeah… Frankie’s a peach but…. okay I have to be the one to ask…. don’t you think its a little too soon?

Christian – When you know, you know.

Mira – And yes Christian had a reputation… but he’s grown up… this is what we both wanted.

Dominic – Does Paisley know?

I keep forgetting Paisley Adams is his half-sister… remember they have different mothers..

Christian – I haven’t told your sister yet.

Frankie – What about Andi? have you told her yet mom? because you are aware that both she AND Paisley BOTH live in CCity right?

Dominic – And their siblings now…. because you two decided to have an impromptu marriage.

Mira – I haven’t told Andi yet…

Frankie – Oh my god…..

Christian – Babe what should we do about our other kids?

Mira – Well Andi is very….. she’s opinionated…. so… hmm

Dominic – Why not rip the band-aid off like you did with Frankie and I

Frankie – Yeah we got it right in our face.

Christian – Because you two are the logical, calm ones…. Paisley is…

Dominic – A bitch…

Christian – Dominic.

Mira – Well Andi’s…. you know how your sister is Frankie.

Christian – I guess in the morning we can invite them both to Bridgeport for breakfast?

Mira – Oooh and then they can meet each other if they haven’t already…

Christian – And then tell them

Mira – Surprise! your siblings!

Frankie – ……I can’t…. I can’t even.

Dominic – Neither can I.

Christian – We’re gonna get dessert ready… you two wait in the living room.

Frankie – ……….

Dominic – *sarcastic tone* Well you heard mom and dad sis! lets go to the living room!

This is so crazy…. this is just surreal…

Dominic – *sings* Come on baby get the lighter, we’re gonna spark the fiyah

Frankie – ………..Fire places always scared me… the flare ups… the possibility of a fire… I hate them.

Dominic – Well dear sister I will protect you.

Frankie – That’s not funny.

Dominic – I mean it kinda is…

Frankie – Yeah my sister is going to flip.

Dominic – So is mine…

Frankie – I don’t even know if Andi, and Paisley know each other…

Dominic – You’d know more than I would. I don’t talk to the bitch… Paisley is the worst.

Frankie – Oh I’m well aware…

Dominic – Besides the way she’s always treated me, she’s over there living off money that she should have never got.

Frankie – Well Kaori’s dad had to save the companies image… so…

Dominic – Oh my god, Kaori’s gonna be so pressed. You’re not step-sisters with her enemy.

Frankie – I didn’t even think about that.

Dominic – Are we bad kids?

Frankie – Hmm?

Dominic – While they rushed into this…. they DO seem happy. Usually my dad would have left. Ever since dating your mom, he’s been focused.. he found this place… and he’s attentive when it comes to me and my life.

Frankie – I mean I guess you’re right, my mom seems more motherly now than before… and I’ve never seen her smile so much.

Dominic – …..Welp….

Frankie – Yeah…. its official now…

Dominic – So I lied earlier…. about my day… it wasn’t great.

Frankie – Neither was mine.

Dominic – You wanna go first?

Frankie – Oh its as simple as arguing with my girlfriend over the Zoey situation… she still hasn’t texted or called… its fine though.

Dominic – I’m sure she will.

Frankie – But tell me about your day.

Dominic – Well this morning… Trey caught me…. watching porn.

Frankie – Okay?

Dominic – He flipped out… and considered it cheating. I pretty much did the dick-ish thing and laughed at his opinions and got ready for work. I feel bad because I think he doesn’t know any better. He hasn’t done the relationship thing, so certain things are just foreign to him.

Frankie – True….

That is so Trey… to flip out over porn… I love him, but he needs to get it together.

Dominic – Then… work was horrible. I was helping this teenager through depression and an eating disorder… he then starting having a seizure mid session…. It wasn’t my fault obviously… he forgot to take his meds… but still. Then I paid Zoey a visit before I came here.

Frankie – How is she?

Dominic – Well she dyed her hair blonde…. and she’s being… almost delusional. She’s acting like nothing is wrong, she’s shutting down. She’s smiling and laughing.

Frankie – Isn’t that good? she may be past it?

Dominic – No, she’s suppressing her feelings, and when they finally come out, it could be bad. I also don’t agree with her parents letting her cut and dye her hair. They did it because they didn’t want to say no to her after the scandal. However in my opinion she knew they’d take that into consideration and let her do it.

Frankie – Why are you against it?

Dominic – Well Zoey’s smart, and she’s using people’s sympathy to get things. Also her changing her look is her trying to be in control of something in her life. She clearly has no control over the bullying and or pictures leaking. She has no control over how people at school will treat her. Even the fact that she’s a teenager so she doesn’t get to choose a lot of things at home. Her changing her look is a way for her to sorta take control, but at the same time hide. She shed the image that people originally saw, and now she’s new… but she doesn’t need to do that. She needs to be herself and be strong. The new hair will just bring more attention to her…

Frankie – And that’s why you’re the therapist and I’m not. So what are you gonna do about Trey?

Dominic – I don’t know… I mean I love him, should I just… not watch porn? I mean I could but on the low… that way he thinks I don’t do it anymore?

Frankie – Babe… you’re smart enough to know that’s not the answer.

Dominic – I know, but love makes you do dumb shit…

Frankie – Yeah… look at our parents….

Dominic – We were such assholes to them….

Frankie – I’m gonna go talk to my mom, I’ll be back.

Dominic – Okay.

[Top Pic]

Oh look its daddy dearest…. I still can’t by the way… this shit is weird.

Frankie – Hey Christian…

Christian – We may have told you guys in the wrong way… and we’re sorry for that. We just wanted you to know we’re both happy… and we’ve grown up a lot. We love-

Frankie – No, its okay… Dominic and I were dicks. We’re sorry…. and congratulations… I mean it.

Christian – Well thank you Frankie.

Frankie – You’re welcome Christian.

Christian – Is my son mad at me?

Frankie – No, but you should talk to him.

Christian – Are you looking for your mother?

Frankie – Yeah.

Christian – She’s in the dining room.

Frankie – Thanks.

Christian – No problem sweetheart.

[Bottom Pic]

Ah… she’s on the phone….

Mira – I did it Sasha… I told her.

Sasha *oh the phone* How did she take it? because girl when I told Mahlia and Ali that their father and I were divorcing they did NOT take it well.

Mira – Umm.. I think she took it alright… but she did bring up Andi… which scares me… Andi scares me a lot.

Sasha – Why?

Mira – Because I feel like if I do or say something wrong…. she will never talk to me again… and I just want my daughters to not only love me as their mother… but I want them to genuinely like me too. I just want to make them proud… and I’m happy… I’m in love… I want to share that with them, and not have them think I’m an idiot. Its so hard… I don’t deserve them…. but I love my daughters and I want to be in a great place for them. I want them to come to me for advice for once you know?

Sasha – Well you’ve come a long fucking way Mira…. give it time- I have to go, I have a late meeting.

Mira – Okay well go slay that meeting girl… take Siren Ad Agency to a new place.

Sasha – You know I will…. now go enjoy your night hon’

Mira – Okay, love you. Bye.

Sasha – You too, nite’

[call ends]

I really should not have heard that conversation, but I did…. and it opened my eyes a little bit more.

Frankie – Mom.

Mira – Oh hey, girl. Didn’t see you there.

Frankie – I walked up and swore I heard you say Sasha’s name.

Mira – Yeah, I was just talking to her… she’s going through it at work, so I was trying to calm her ass down. You know she’s a drama queen- well at least I assume you do because your bestfriend works for her.

Frankie – I just want to say that if you’re happy, then I’m happy.

Mira – Oh?

Frankie – Yes its rushed, yes its just.. weird being told I have a step-brother at dinner… but you know… life is short, and if you feel like you’re happy and in love- and Christian has really grown up…. then I support you and this marriage.

Mira – I could cry right now Frankie, you don’t understand how much it means to hear you say that. I’m not as smart as you and your sister. You guys sometimes make me want to be smarter. I’ll turn on the tv and watch CNN, and look at your instagram to see what cool books you’re reading. I try watching medical shows so I can have that in common with Andi…. I just want you girls to like me…

Frankie – I do like you mom. We’re different, but so are Kaori and I. We don’t have to be the same for me to love, and like you as a person.

Mira – Sometimes I pinch myself because it feels like a dream. I don’t know how, but you girls have given me a chance to be your mother. I know Andi’s a tough cookie, but sometimes she text me and ask “You good? do you need anything?” and while that’s so… general.. I know that’s her way of making sure her mother is okay…. and not on the next train out.

Frankie – That’s all in the past. Moving forward just be the best mom you can be…. and wife…. and stepmom…

Mira – I’m scared to tell Andi….

Frankie – Look, if you don’t want to do the breakfast thing… then maybe I can go with you to see her and we can tell her together? THEN after things have cooled off… she can meet Christian and Dominic… and we can figure out Paisley later.

Mira – That’s not a bad idea… I don’t know yet though. I’ll let you know what I decide…

Frankie – That’s smart considering Andi’s schedule… and her boyfriend… and his little sister that they’re raising…

Mira – True.

Frankie – Mom….

Mira – Yeah?

Frankie – Can I….. ask your advice on something?

Mira – Oh my god, yes… I’ve always wanted you to come to me for advice… what’s bothering you baby… tell mama.

I proceeded to explain what happened between Raina and I…. of course I won’t bore you with going over that again because, well…. you were there.

Mira – She’s sensitive, and blind to it… because that is her sister. I don’t think she meant to react so negatively… she’ll come around….

Frankie – So I did nothing wrong?

Mira – Coming to me for advice means I can be honest right?

Frankie – Of course, I never want a person to tell me I’m right when I’m not.

Mira – Okay well next time… just be a little more sensitive to things involving her family… her mother and sister specifically. Also if you don’t have anything nice to say-

Frankie – Don’t say anything at all… Got it….

Mira – You weren’t 100% in the wrong though.

Frankie – Thanks mom…

Mira – And if that Marlene bait cock says something else rude… I’ll knock her ass out…

Frankie – Oh you and Andi are so alike..

Mira – I mean it…. now lets eat some cheesecake… the crust might be burnt but hey… I’m trying here.

Frankie – Its all good mom…

Mira – Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah?

Mira – Thank you…

Frankie – For?

Mira – Everything… and for asking my advice… it means more than you know. *wiping tear*

Frankie – Aww, don’t cry mom… its okay.

Mira – You’re right… no tears. Lets go get Dominic and Christian.

Frankie – I think they’re still talking.

Mira – Okay well while we wait… tell me about your father… him and Issac back together?

Frankie – I have no idea…

Well that’s…. that I guess. Christian… Dominic, and Paisley. Plus Mira, myself, and Andi…. one big happy family…. weird as hell. Andi is going to have a field day with this… she’s going to feel like it was way too fast, and an irrational decision. I’m gonna try and help mom tell her if she lets me. I’m just… sometimes I forget how hard it is for her to adjust too. I think oh… Andi and I are adjusting to having her in our lives… but I guess I fail to realize how hard it is for her being in ours as well. This is why open communication is important… or… eavesdropping while your mom is on the phone. That works too. Anyway I’ll see you guys later at the office… YES I have to go BACK to work tonight. Awesome right?….

(POV Trey)

Well after I left Aries place I went to the gym. I needed to work off the food, pie, and drinks. I also did a little bit of thinking during my me time. I’ve come a long way, and I’m not always gonna get it right. Today I was insecure, and wrong. I’ve learned that, and I hope Dominic won’t hold that against me. I’m not as experienced as he is in relationships- hell not even in the gay community. I’m a out gay, that’s a sheltered gay. Which is why I think I enjoyed lunch so much. I was with my people… my LGBT friends, and it felt good to learn from them, and be open with them. All in all, good day.

Which brings me to right now. With her baby at his grandmothers Jarrah asked if I wanted to grab dinner… and since I had worked out… I figured why not. So we went to get dinner, and talked about all things boys. Good and bad, not to mention the text I received in the car on the way home from Dominic.

Jarrah – Thanks for having me back for drinks… I could use the distraction.

Trey – So are you just ignoring Owen and Shane?

Jarrah – With Shane, its not ignoring. He’s working on the play. With Owen… I just…

Trey – Well at least you know its not actually his kid?

Jarrah – I wouldn’t care either way considering I’m a mom… but still… the being married, being a step dad AND keeping it from me? That pisses me off. Also okay is the bitch a stalker or what? how the hell did she find us at that restaurant?

Trey – Private Eye?

Jarrah – Who knows…. 

Trey – So is it safe to assume you’re gonna pick Shane?

Jarrah – Assumptions are never safe baby.

Trey – So…. Dominic and Frankie.

Jarrah – Oh god, how weird!

Trey – Right?

Jarrah – I mean… they do love each other so the transition from friends to step-siblings shouldn’t be too hard.

Trey – Yeah but what about Andi, and that bitch Paisley?

Jarrah – Ooh, and They both live in CCity… 

Trey – Its so messy.

Jarrah – Lets get inside and get some wine, Its cold out here.

Trey – Okay, but we have to be quiet. Ruben is probably sleeping because of the pain pills for his root canal.

Jarrah – Poor baby, having to get drilled all day.

Trey – Such a dirty mind.

Jarrah – No I meant at the dentist… you’re the dirty one.

Jarrah joked about Ruben being drilled all day at the dentist… when in fact it was my boss Varick being drilled all night on my fucking couch by Ruben! I’m so mad right now, and nothing makes any sense.

Ruben – You like that?

Varick – Yeah give it to me!

Trey – What the fuck is going on!

Jarrah – Oooh….

Ruben – Trey?

Varick – Oh my god… Trey its not what it looks like!

Trey – What else would it be?! his dick is in your ass! Both of you get dressed!

Jarrah – Awkward as hell… and oh my god he’s a little old for Ruben isn’t he?

Trey – Jarrah… he’s my boss.

Jarrah – Oh shit… yeah… even more awkward.

Trey – Why are you still standing there? put your clothes on

Ruben – Our clothes are in your room….

Trey – You fucked on Dominic and I’s bed?!

Ruben – I’m so sorry, its the meds.

Jarrah – *laughing*

Trey – Not funny Jarrah.

Jarrah – You’re right… *laughing*

Trey – A word… outside….

Varick – Its cold out there.

Trey – I don’t care! you need to explain yourself!

Sure its fucked up that I have him outside in his briefs but its also fucked up that he and Ruben got fluids all over my couch. Wait till I tell Dominic about this.

Trey – Do you mind explaining what I just walked in on?

Varick – I’m so sorry Trey… it wasn’t on purpose… it kinda just happened.

Trey – You’re gay?- or bi?

Varick – Umm… its complicated…

Trey – No… its not.

Varick – I’m so embarrassed.

Trey – Stop… because I don’t care about you being embarrassed.. you were just bent over on my couch having sex with my roommate. Take it from the top- Bad choice of words.. start from the beginning. What the hell are you even doing here?

Varick – I was coming over to give you a bonus.

Trey – Excuse me?

Varick – No not like that. My wife, and I decided we really liked you. You deserved a bonus… and I wanted to deliver it to you because on your instagram you said you were sad. I thought it would cheer you up.

Trey – You follow me on instagram?

Varick – …..

Trey – Not important.

Varick – I came here… and then Ruben opened the door. He and I started talking… and he was half naked… and he – I…. it just happened….

Trey – Whoops! cock in my ass!- that’s never happened to me!

Varick – I’m so sorry for disrespecting your home, and you!

Trey – Shouldn’t you be more sorry about cheating and lying to your wife?!

Varick – ……………….Oh my god… my wife… she’s going to- please don’t tell her!

Trey – I won’t get the chance to! I’ll be out looking for a new job!

Varick – No! you can’t quit!

Trey – Why the hell not?

Varick – Because we need you… our family wasn’t really happy until you started working for us… please stay… I’ll do anything- I’ll double your pay..

Trey – ….I’m not gonna take advantage of a man vulnerable in his underwear.

Varick – …..

Trey – What is the truth…. what’s going on?

Varick – I’ve always known I was gay….. but… well… I helped Valeria get her greencard, and then I convinced myself that I was in love with her.

Trey – So she has no idea you’re gay?

Varick – No… *sobbing* When I met you… you just seemed so confident and happy with being gay, and I wanted to live through you… I- I’m a mess Trey… Please don’t quit please!

Ugh he is so broken right now…. here I go sympathizing with the wrong people… he’s cheating on his wife and I feel bad for him because I caught him having gay anal sex...

Trey – Okay calm down…. I won’t quit…..

Varick – You’ll stay?

Trey – Yes… but you cannot keep fucking Ruben. That has to stop.

Varick – I really like him though….

Trey – No!

Varick – Okay… fine..

Trey – What are we gonna do about your wife?

Varick – …..I can’t tell her….

Trey – ……I- well that’s your life, I guess… 

Varick – Its something I can’t do.

Trey – …….

Varick – Do you promise not to tell anyone?

Trey – Why would I want to share that I came home to my boss getting plowed by my husky roommate?

Varick – ……

Trey – Look I’m staying, and I won’t tell. My only rule is that you do not fuck Ruben anymore… 

Varick – Okay….

Trey – ….. I can’t believe I’m asking you this… but do you want a drink?

Varick – *crying* Why are you being so nice to me?

Trey – Because I’ve been confused… I’ve been in the closet… and I understand. Besides you need to calm down… Wine is great for that….

Varick – I need to find my clothes…

Trey – That too…

Varick – Thank you Trey.

Trey – Yeah…..

Oh my god…. is it national awkward sexual situation day?! first I see my boyfriend jerking off and cumming all over the place to a fucking porn. Then I see Nick pull out his penis and pee, and now my boss.. my STRAIGHT MARRIED BOSS is in my living room bent over my couch taking cock…. BAREBACK. I can’t even.. and what makes this worse is that Jarrah saw it too. Now I’m in a position where I have to go to work and see his wife, and his two sons and act like everything is normal. I will not be able to get the image or Ruben drilling Mr. Meade out of my head… Fuck! I should have let him pay me double… after this I deserve it.

(POV Frankie)

As I told you before, I had a lot of work to do today at Haus of Opulence… and well it spread into the night as well. Remember Jessica wanted Karin and I to work together? well yeah that happened. Shockingly she wasn’t her usual bitchy self… so she took notes, and we got a few chapters done editing wise. Also Torrance got out of the elevator without shitting on herself… Good for her. Looks like my last appointment is here. You guys remember Ashley right? I met her at GreenLand- Shut up. Anyway we had lunch last week and I decided I would write her book. So she’s here to tell me more about her life..

Frankie – Good work tonight Karin. See you next week.

Karin – Okay.

Jessica Nash – Have a good night Karin.

Karin – You too Ms Nash.

Torrance – So Ashley what is it that you do?

Ashley – I’m unemployed.

Torrance – …………Oh.

Jessica Nash – Well I’m off… My daughter Nikol is at my house tonight. So I’m going to have a chat with her.

Frankie – Everything okay?

Jessica Nash – Yeah, she sometimes just needs to escape CCity..

Frankie – Well have a safe drive home.

Torrance – I’m gonna head out too.

Frankie – …………..

Torrance – Well alrighty then. Goodnight everyone.

Jessica Nash – Goodnight darling.

Ashley – Bye.

Frankie – …………. well okay, Ashley come with me.

Jessica Nash – Don’t work too hard Ms. Mancini.

Frankie – Too late for that *laughs* Goodnight Jess.

Jessica Nash – Goodnight Sweetheart, and nice meeting you Ashley.

Ashley – You too.

Ashley – Cute jeans.

Frankie – Thanks.

Ashley – Actually you’re just sexy period.

Frankie – Umm- Thanks

Ashley – Was that too forward?

Frankie – No its fine, its a compliment.

Ashley – Everything okay? you keep reading your phone.

Frankie – This is such a vague text… If you got into a fight with your significant other, and they kicked you out of their place… didn’t text or call you all day, and then text you with “We need to talk” What would you think?

Ashley – That I was getting the dreaded “This isn’t working” talk.

Frankie – Right….

Ashley – Well… if she’s dumping someone as smart, and pretty as you… she’s an idiot.

Frankie – Thank you Ashley… how’s your boyfriend Mario doing?

Ashley – …*laughs* I see what you did there. Umm… he’s good… working hard as usual.

Frankie – But you guys are good?

Ashley – Yeah.

Frankie – Cool…. alright lets sit down and talk.

And please stop coming onto me… its weird considering we’re both in a relationship, and we’re working together… lets keep it professional 

Ashley – So… how do we start this?

Frankie – A few rules….

Ashley – Okay.

Frankie – Obviously we’re gonna change names because we’re not trying to get sued….

Ashley – Right.

Frankie – Also… no lying to me. I do my research and if you lie to me I will know.

Ashley – Gotcha.

Frankie – Also I need for you to be on time, and on schedule for our meetings. They won’t always take place here at the office… but if we agree on a time and place, do not stand me up- or I’m done.

Ashley – No, no… I hear you. I get that you’re taking a chance on me, and my story… I’m appreciative… trust me.

Frankie – Good…

Ashley – Are you okay?

Frankie – Not really, but it won’t affect my job..

Ashley – If you want to talk about your girlfriend we can.

Frankie – Thanks, but we’re here to talk about you…. and I’m very intrigued…

Ashley – Okay, but if you want to… just let me know.

Frankie – Noted….

Sweet of her, but I really don’t want to think about Raina, and our impending doom. I mean granted it could be her telling me she’s sorry, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard her utter those words… outlook looks bad magic 8 ball.

Ashley – Okay so where do I start?

Frankie – You know what…. lets talk about your choice to leave the escorting business, and your last job. We can work our way backwards…

Ashley – Okay… umm well as you know I worked as a Rose for a long time for Madeline Ellis.

Frankie – A Rose?

Ashley – That’s what she called all her whores.

Frankie – I see.

Ashley – I worked under the name Ophelia Cox- get it?

Frankie – Clever…

Ashley – Anyway… I decided to stop doing it when one of the girls beat up by a client. Now usually they screen the guys but this guy was good at hiding stuff. I heard from a fellow ho that security is much better now. She still works there…

Frankie – I see.

Ashley – Moving on… I decided I had enough money, and it was time to hang it up… especially since a lot of up and coming ho’s were starting to make their presence known. So I told Madeline I was done, and she was all fake and whatnot..

Frankie – What type of boss was she?

Ashley – Oh she was fake as they came. She played the we’re a family card a lot. She’s like oh you’re such a big part of Body Shop… blah blah. Its like bitch at the end of the day we were selling our pussies, and you made money. We are not a family, because in a year you’d see us out of the game and think… “you used to whore for me”

Frankie – Did she feel like a mother at all?

Ashley – In some ways… but I’ll say this… she made sure we were safe and paid.

Frankie – So your last gig? what was that like? You knew going into it that it was your last time on the job… take me through that.

Ashley – This is gonna get vulgar so prepare yourself…

Frankie – Alright.

My mom was a stripper… and Andi was super sexual… vulgarity isn’t a thing for me…

Ashley – So Madeline was like… since this is your last job would you mind going out and passing the torch. And I was like okay what is this? a threeway with a new whore?

Frankie – Was it?

Ashley – Yes…. and its funny that we should be talking about this… in this building.

Frankie – Why?

Ashley – Because this specific whore… I wondered what the fuck she was doing being an escort.

Frankie – Why? was she homely?

Ashley – She wasn’t ugly, but not hot either… but that’s not the reason why. Her mother was loaded…. So why sell your pussy?

Frankie – Right?

Ashley – …..Her mom…. is your boss.

Frankie – What?

Ashley – Yeah the girl I did my last job with… the threeway… was Destiny Monroe.. aka Nikol Nash… Jessica Nash’s daughter.

Frankie – *gasp*

Ashley – Yes honey… Jessica’s daughter slings pussy for the masses… and ass too… she’s the anal queen. She was throwing ass to the john like her life depended on it.

Frankie – ………………………..Jessica Nash’s daughter Nikol was a whore?

Ashley – She still is according to my friend who still works there…. and she fucks a lot of clients… small world huh?

Frankie – Wow…….

Ashley – Meanwhile her poor mother thinks she’s doing massage therapy… yeah massaging cocks, and prostates is more like it… She fucks women too… but to be honest I think she’s a huge dyke. Like she fucks these men for the money but her heart… is with women. She totes love cunt… more than cock.

Frankie – Oh my god.

I can’t believe what I just heard. My bosses daughter, Andi’s ex roommate, and friend… Symon’s older sister…. She’s an escort? And her mother doesn’t know. What a fucked up thing for me to hear. I’m almost mad that I’ve learned this information. Its awkward, how am I gonna look Jessica in the eye knowing her daughter is riding strange men… and women too. Today has been too much… too much. From Raina and I’s fight… to the unholy matrimony of my mother and Dominic’s father… to Ashley telling me that Jessica Nash’s daughter Nikol is a bonafide whore- selling snatch, and ass for a madam…. what a way to end the fucking night…


~End Of Chapter Two Pt 2 | Conclusion (Pt 3) of Chapter Two is Next~


One comment

  1. Well that was awkward :D. I wonder if Frankie is going to tell Jessica what her daughter has REALLY been doing! It might be best to stay out of it though. Besides, these things always have a way of coming out :D. But I was really hoping to find out what Raina’s text meant :(. Are they going to break up?? I hope not because they look good together. Then again, Ian and Frankie do have a lot in common so maybe if Raina does call it quits they can hook up….lol But that’s another thing; Who was threatening Ian on the phone?? Also, it’s so nice seeing Mira acting like a real mom :). Hopefully Andi will be as supportive as Frankie when she finds out.

    After a day like today, there’s no way Trey could remain a prude XD. I’ll have to agree with everyone else about Dominic watching the porno. It’s not cheating! Silly Trey :D. I also couldn’t help but laugh during that scene with Trey’s boss and Ruben :p. It was pretty funny to me how Trey forbade him from hooking up with Ruben again. It sure is messed up of varick to cheat on his wife :(. If I was Trey I would tell on him!!

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