{BnG Season 3} Chapter Two Part 1 : “I Can’t Even…”

Chapter Two | Pt. 1 “I Can’t Even…”

-POV’s : Jarrah & Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jarrah)

When the bad stuff is happening, you question why. You ask yourself what did you do to deserve it, how can you get through it. And then months later something good happens- and you can’t help but wonder if the bad happened so that the good could. That’s cliche’ but that’s where I am right now. I thought getting kicked out of my sorority was bad, I thought losing my job at V-Glam was horrific… but I look at where I am right now… and I couldn’t be happier. So… whenever something shitty happens… just know that later it’ll be okay. When you’re down, you can only go up.

Moving on, Its lunch time and I’m starving. Before I grab food, I have to finish up this meeting with two of our clients. Chace, and Taro. You guys know Chace already- but Taro’s a new client. He’s actually a good friend of Shane’s-…. you know… one of my potentials. Anyway… Lola’s out on business so I’m taking on both Chace and Taro. Lola says we’re starting to get more clients, and need help… I proposed the idea of promoting Amina… she’d do a great job. Lola says it a good idea and we’re gonna talk about it when she gets back. Of course this means we’ll need to find a new assistant/secretary.

Can I just say that I don’t feel stressed at all with this job? I actually really love it… but yeah… I should probably pay attention to what I’m doing…

Jarrah – Okay looking at the schedule, it looks like Taro…. you…. will be headed to Bridgeport to film that cellphone commercial in the morning.

Taro – Alright, cool.

Chace – Umm… he gets a commercial?

Jarrah – It was set up by Lola…. so yes………….. he gets a commercial.

Goodness, maybe representing Chace wasn’t a good idea… I forget how abrasive he can be.

Chace – So what do I get?

Jarrah – You’re going to CCity for a fitting. This up and coming fashion line needs another male model to wear their clothes. So I thought you’d be good for that.

Chace – Runway?

Jarrah – No, just test shoots for proposed designs.

Chace – Lame….

Taro – ………….

Chace – While he gets to do commercials.

Taro – Don’t be ridiculous. Its not a competition. No need to be butthurt-

Chace – Says the bottom.

Taro – You don’t know what I do in the bedroom.

Chace – You look like a gloryhole ass throwing bottom.

Taro – Okay, and your point is?

Chace – That’s my point.

Taro – ……..Irrelevant…. because again, you don’t know me dude.

Chace – You’re not even model-hot though… like how did you even get represented here?

Taro – The same way you did dip-shit.

Wow so I can see this is gonna be annoying….

Jarrah – Okay, okay… enough. Seriously…. this isn’t high school….

Taro – You’re right about that, and I apologize for even taking part is such childish behavior.

He seems chill, I mean being one of Shane’s friends I’d expect nothing less…. though, I do wonder if he was one of the ones talking shit about me. Remember? Frankie saw Shane and his friends out?- yeah…

Chace – So we’re kissing ass now?

Jarrah – No. We don’t need to kiss ass, we just need to respect each other.

Taro – I can do that, but he’s rude.

Chace – Oh stop being sensitive.

Taro – I bet you’re the life of the party with that attitude.

Chace – You’d never get into the places I go.

Taro – Wow…. that went right over your head- anyway… Thanks for the schedule update Jarrah.

Jarrah – No problem.

Chace – So am I gonna be doing more than trying on clothes for some up and coming fashion line that’s probably gonna be dead on arrival?

Jarrah – You’re new… but I’m getting you jobs as they become available.

Chace – But Taro’s new and he’s-

Taro – Actually I’m new as far as being represented by this place- I’m not new when it comes to booking jobs.

Chace – Oh wow, but your look… its fresh out of JC penny’s… you don’t look polished at all.

Taro – What I’m wearing right now is not my look. I was out skate boarding with a friend.

Chace – How edgy.

Taro – You’re one to talk about looks. When you’re serving The Gap realness.

Chace – Suck my ass.

Yeah I’m over his attitude… How does he even have friends, let alone a boyfriend? His boyfriend Cayden seemed REALLY nice.

Taro – Do I know you or something? You’ve been really bitchy to me every since I introduced myself to you in the lobby.

Chace – Does Cayden Blake ring a bell?

Taro – What does my ex boyfriend have to do with anything?

Oh… well there it is.

Chace – He’s my current boyfriend.. and you’re a piece of shit.

Taro – Oh… okay… see Cayden and I had our issues but thats none of you’re business. This is a professional environment, and I’m not gonna deal with this every time I gotta come to work.

Chace – You don’t have a choice, I’ll make you miserable.

Jarrah – Actually you won’t- And to put things into perspective for you Chace, I’m not gonna deal with too much of this attitude. There are plenty of male talent to be found, and if you want to be combative… you can be replaced. I’m not trying to be a bitch, just being honest.

Chace – …………*sigh* I see…. What is the name of this up and coming place I’m going to?

Jarrah – Hill-Glide or something like that- don’t worry you’ll get e-mail with all the information.

Taro – I think its Hillside, a buddy of mine works there… Ashton-

Jarrah – Yeah Ashton is the one who contacted us… that’s the guy.

Taro – Works under Morgan Hill, and Vira Santiago….

Oh duh… Morgan Hill… Hillside.. makes perfect sense. Also I forget Kaori’s sister Vira works with Morgan… goodness… see what happens when I don’t eat?

Chace – So basically you fucked this Ashton guy.

Taro – That’s none of your business.

Jarrah – Seriously… I’m getting annoyed-

Amina – Knock knock.

Saved by the knock.

Jarrah – Come in.

Amina – Hey.

Jarrah – What’s up?

Amina – Christian Grey is here to see you.

Jarrah – What?

Amina – Your lunch date….. Shane?

Jarrah – Oooh right!

I’m so hungry…. Its time to feed my face.

Taro – Christian Grey… that’s cute… I’m gonna start calling him that.

Amina – I thought it was fitting… he’s GQ as fuck right?

Taro – That’s Shane for you.

Chace – ……..So is this meeting done? I have things to do.

Jarrah – Yeah, leave.

Chace – Rude much?

Jarrah – Not nearly as much as you Chace- oh and by the way… why does your paperwork not have a last name?

Chace – Oh I legally changed my name… I’m just Chace now… no last name. Like Madonna and Cher.

Jarrah – …………………………………………Oh. Okay well with that being said… I’m out…

Taro – Its been a pleasure Jarrah.

Jarrah – Same, and good luck on your commercial shoot.

Taro – Aww, thanks…. sweet and beautiful. If Shane hadn’t snatched you up I sure would have!

Chace – Ew you’re bi?

Taro – Really? you’re biphobic?

Amina – How the fuck are you a gay man, but hate on bisexual men?

Chace – Whatever.

I predict he’ll be dropped by the agency soon… his attitude is horrendous.

Jarrah – Next time I see you for work, leave the attitude outside Chace… because I will seriously replace you if you keep it up.

Chace – I-

Jarrah – Alright have a good day everyone.

Amina – Have fun with Mr. Grey!

That’s the plan.

Oh he brought his sister Genevieve. Shouldn’t she be in school?- and wow Raina, Shane, and Genevieve all look so much alike. I know that sounds stupid considering their siblings.

Shane – Well what did Raina say?

Genevieve – What does it matter?

Shane – Because she lets you get away with everything…

Genevieve – Well she’s a good sister.

Shane – And I’m a bad brother?

Genevieve – No….

Shane – I took you off campus for lunch… I think that makes me brother of the year.

Genevieve – Eh….- Oh look… your friend is here.

Shane – Be on your best behavior.

Genevieve – When am I not?

Jarrah – Hey guys.

Shane – Hey babe.

Jarrah – Hi Genevieve.

Genevieve – Hi, and you can all me Jen… or Jenny- actually I like Jenny… call me Jenny… Genevieve is so old sounding…

Jarrah – *laughs* okay… well how are you doing today Jenny?

Jenny – I’m fine… a little annoyed that I have to go back to school right now…

Shane – It was just a lunch break.

Jenny – Yeah but I have gym next… and I hate being sweaty.. girls shouldn’t sweat… its unbecoming.

Jarrah – I see.

Jenny – So you’re a talent rep?

Jarrah – Umm.. yeah. Mostly models, but we’re expanding on occupations…

Jenny – Awesome.. maybe in a year or two I can intern for you. I want to have a life in fashion… I’m all about glamour.

Jarrah – Sounds like a plan Jenny.

Shane – You look cute.

Jarrah – Thanks, so do you.

Shane – Alright lets get this one back to school.

Jenny – Ugh.

Jarrah – Is it just gym that you hate? or school in general?

Jenny – Gym.

Jarrah – Oh okay.

Jenny – I’m gonna fake it and say I hurt my ankle or something… that usually keeps me from doing running activities.

Shane – Wow… you’re so lazy Jen…

Jenny – Raina thinks I’m brilliant.

Shane – Well back to school your brilliant self goes! go on.. get in the car.

Jenny – Ugh fine.

Jarrah – *laughs*

She seems like a sweet kid, but obviously all of that could be deceiving. I kinda get the queen bee vibe from her too… hopefully she’s not a mean girl at school. Mean girls suck… every school has them sadly… and its funny. You think once you get to college that you won’t have to deal with that- Nope… wrong. There are mean girls there too. Even post college.. mean girls you deal with in life… Some women just never grow out of that mentality I guess.

I guess the plan is to drop Jenny off at school, and then grab some lunch. Hopefully we get to the lunch part fast, because like I’ve been saying I’m hungry as hell. Anyway I’ll catch you guys later. Ciao for now my sweets.

(POV Keegan)

So both Owen, and I’s dad’s called us over here to talk about something. I personally think its the trip we’ve been talking about for the past year. We haven’t had time to plan it with everyone being so busy with work, and other things life throws at you…. but I think today is the day. Finally Keegan Bennett is coming to Greece! Of course I’m gonna bring my girl Priscilla. Ooh maybe I’ll bring Zoey, and Curtis. I think it would be a cool experience for them, especially being so young and impressionable.

Keegan – So are we going to Greece or what?! Also can I bring Zoey and Curtis?

Owen – Oh god Greece finally. Maybe I can convince Jarrah to-

Scott – Guys…. no… not Greece.

Keegan – Where are we going then? oh my god Africa?! I’ve been wanting to go to Africa ever since I watched-

Issac – The Lion King, yes, yes I know.. but this isn’t about a trip Keegan.

Owen – Really? The Lion King?

Keegan – Hey… don’t knock classic Disney.

I mean come on… Mufasa was the man.. and Simba was just awesome especially when he came back and came for Scar’s neck in the end.

Scott – Look… we need to talk about something serious.

Issac – Its going to affect us all…

Owen – What’s going on?

Keegan – Nobody’s like…. sick?….. right?

Scott – No we’re in good health.

Owen – Then what?

Keegan – Yeah, what’s this about?

Issac – If you guys stop interrupting, then we could get it out.

Scott – Right.

Issac & Scott – *looks at each other and laughs*

Issac & Scott – …………….

Owen – Okay whats going on?

Keegan – Are you adopting a kid or something?

Old as they are…. I’d hope not- No Keegan that’s ageist… 

Scott – Oh god no.

Issac – That’s the last thing we need.

Keegan – Well spit it out already.

Scott – Umm.. So we-…. um, you know what.. you tell them Issac… and I’ll follow your lead.

Issac – Okay, well… So Scott and I are…. getting a divorce.

You have to be kidding me.

Owen – What?

Keegan – What the fuck? Everything was fine…

Scott – It sure seemed that way on the surface didn’t it?

Owen – Yeah, and Keegan and I thought you guys were the happiest you’ve been in a while.

Issac – Oh we are.

Keegan – Then why the hell are you divorcing?

Scott – Because we’re happier apart.

Issac – The reason we’ve been so happy lately is because we’ve been living our own lives… I love Scott, I do… but its not in a romantic way anymore.

Scott – Same.

Issac – I want Scott to be happy-

Scott – And I want the same for Issac.

Owen – …………..

Keegan – So….. no Greece….. or Africa……

This fucking sucks, and its so confusing!

Issac – We can still go-

Owen – Whats the point?

Keegan – Owen’s right, why would we want to go on a family trip…. with a broken ass family?

Scott – …..I guess that’s true…. sorta…

Owen – What does sorta even mean dad? clearly its broken.

Issac – I think what Scott’s trying to say is that its not broken… its actually fixed. We’re both happy right now.

Keegan – Wow…. should we throw you guys a party?

Owen – Right? Happy Big D!

Keegan – Umm, no Owen, that just sounds-

Owen – Oh right- umm Happy Divorce!- what kind of joyous occasion?

Keegan – I feel like we’re the only ones mad dude…

Owen – It does feel that way.

Scott – Because we’ve accepted it already.

Issac – We’re at peace with it.

Owen – I’ve enjoyed being part of this family… and now… its…. its no more.

Keegan – Yeah, Owen and I were brothers… and now we’re just…

Issac – Friends.

Scott – Nothing changes…

Owen – Oh come on, everything changes. Who’s getting this house? the cars? there aren’t anymore dinners together… going fishing together.

Scott – Owen, you can still hangout with Issac.

Issac – Yeah we can still go fishing.

Owen – It won’t be the same.

Keegan – What happened exactly?

Issac – We just realized we’d be happier not being married anymore.

Scott – And that’s all there really is to it.

Issac – So yeah… umm lunch anyone?

Scott – I’m starving.

Its crazy how they’re acting like bestfriends. You guys are ending your marriage what the fuck.

Keegan – Dad.

Issac – You want sourdough bread or-

Keegan – Dad, a word… in the kitchen.

Issac – Why so serious KeeKee *laughs*

Keegan – Stop cracking jokes.

Issac – Okay okay.


Scott – We have the most amazing berry tea in the fridge-

Owen – Umm.. how can you care about berry tea when you’re getting a divorce?

Scott – Sometimes things just work themselves out.

Owen – Why didn’t you fight for him? You told me how much you loved him.

Scott – I just…. I don’t feel that way anymore. Its a mutual thing Owen…

Owen – You make it sound so simple.

Scott – It is…..

Owen – I don’t understand that.

Scott – Well considering your little complication with Jarrah I’m not surprised.

Owen – We don’t need to talk about that.

Scott – I don’t see that working out at all for obvious reasons, you need to just be honest with her. Tell her how you feel and…. other things.

Owen – She knows how I feel about the Shane dude… as for the other thing.. that’s not a factor…

Scott – I just had a wonderful idea… lets make crepes!

Owen – I’m not staying for lunch, this is weird…

Scott – Aww… well okay. You’re a grown man.. I won’t force you.

Owen – Yeah….. I’ll just umm.. call you later.

Scott – Did I upset you talking about the Jarrah-

Owen – No, but it did annoy me. Look I love you dad, but I gotta get out of here.

Scott – I get it.

Owen – I’ll call you later.

[In the kitchen]

Issac – …….Owen left.

Keegan – Owen’s not taking it too well… I mean neither am I but-

Issac – I can understand Owen’s reaction but not yours.

Keegan – What?

Issac – Keegan, you never liked Scott…

Sad but true

Keegan – I mean sure, but he started to grown on me this past year.

Issac – In Owen’s case… he’s searched for Scott for a while, and wanted a family. We gave him that, and now he see’s it as it being taken away from him.

Keegan – …..I guess so.

Issac – Is that how you see it too?

Keegan – No, I guess… I mean I’m just confused.

Issac – Are you really?

Keegan – Yeah, it seemed like it was working, but you guys were just faking it…

Issac – Not faking it, we just didn’t announce the divorce….. besides… I think you know the truth anyway.

Keegan – What?

Issac – That it wasn’t going to work.

Keegan – I may have prayed that you would dump him- but that was before I got Owen, he’s super cool.

Issac – Doesn’t matter. You and Owen can remain close.

Keegan – Yeah but it won’t be the same- and what are you gonna do?

Issac – I’ve been talking to…. Riley.

Keegan – Dad… Riley hasn’t been single for 3 months… and you’re already going in for the kill?

Issac – I- you make it seem like I was plotting and buying myself time until Riley and Max broke up.

Keegan – That’s how it sounds.

Shady ass dad…

Issac – Well that’s not how it happened. I was at the grocery store, and ran into him. We talked and said hi… nothing else. So then we started seeing each other at the gym. We decided we should try being friends. So I talked to him about Scott, and he talked to me about Max. And that’s… it.

Keegan – So just friends… no romantic feelings? You guys are both finally single… and you’re telling me… its no feelings there.

Issac – Umm… Its really weird thinking about Riley, and the douchebag he was when I was your age. He was the worst…

Keegan – And yet you liked him.

Issac – I didn’t at first… but shit happens. We’re just friends but I’ll say this… don’t ever fool yourself into thinking you’re over that one person.

Keegan – Okay?

Issac – I mean it Keegan…

Keegan – What?

Issac – Just saying…

Keegan – Oh… I see what you’re doing… and for your information dad… I’m very happy with Priscilla.

Issac – I’m not saying you’re not…. but-

Keegan – There are no buts. Just because YOU and Riley have this thing that you can’t shake doesn’t mean everyone else in the world is bound to one person and like- fucking doomed until they get together.

Issac – Keegan, I didn’t-

Keegan – Don’t put that OTP shit on me dad…. if you and Riley want each other fine, if its just friends that’s great too… but don’t make it about me, and my personal life.

Issac – I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to disrespect you and Priscilla…

Keegan – I’m very happy, and I’ve been through a lot of shit dad… and I feel REALLY good about where I am in life- and who I have by my side. So you saying that stuff almost cheapens it all…

Issac – You’re right, and I’m sorry.

Keegan – ………..

Issac – Do you accept my apology son?

Keegan – I do…..

Issac – Good…. and if you’re down-

Keegan – If I’m down?- really dad? aren’t you hip.

Issac – Hey hey let me finish- and just so you know.. I was the coolest mothafucker in my clique back in the day.

Keegan – Even cooler than Jordan?

Issac – Jordan didn’t have nothing on me.. I was edgy and artsy… and had a great body.

Keegan – Someone loves himself.

Issac – I do- but back to what I was saying… If you’re down… maybe you and I can plan a trip… Ever since you were a little boy you wanted to see Africa. So how about a father and son trip?

Keegan – Okay.

Issac – Yeah?

Keegan – Mmm hmm, I’m.. “down” as you put it.

Issac – Good- Oh and speaking of being down.. how’s Joy and Kait?

Keegan – Did you ask that because Joy is black and you assume all black people are “down” and urban?

Issac – No Keegan, Joy was feeling down yesterday because of Zoey.

Keegan – Oh that, umm.. she’s feeling better. She just hates how Zoey doesn’t want to go to school.. we think she’s being bullied.

Issac – That’s not good.

Keegan – Yeah….

Issac – You staying for lunch?

Keegan – No, I’m gonna grab a protein box at GreenLand and then hit the gym before work.

Issac – Oh okay…

Keegan – So I’ll check in with you later.

Issac – Keegan I’m very proud of you by the way. Like you said, you’ve been through a lot… and the man you are today just shows how amazing you are. So just know that I love you, and I’m proud of you.

Keegan – Gee dad… way to get all mushy… but umm… its appreciated.

Issac – Better be *smiles* 

God he mad me really mad trying to put his and Riley’s shit on me. Kaori and I are fine, lets not go bringing up old shit…. but he did apologize, and I’m- I’m not one to hold grudges. I can’t believe he and Scott are done. I actually kinda liked Scott, and Owen’s awesome too. Just goes to show you that things are out of your control. Owen’s obviously not liking it- and Dad is probably right about the whole family thing… Ugh… this is ridiculous- but if my dad, and Scott are happy without each other, then so be it. Good for them for not being immature. They ended a marriage in the most classy way ever. Enough of that, I’m off to grab food at GreenLand, and then hit the gym before work. Later.

(POV Jarrah)

Jarrah’s a happy girl now, because Jarrah is eating lunch. I really thought I was gonna choke the shit out of Chace back in my office- but that would be bad for business. As much as Chace gets on my nerve, he has the look for the industry. We just gotta work on that attitude. Enough about that though, lets enjoy the moment. Great company, and great chinese food. What more can a girl ask for?

Jarrah – And then he threw his bottle across the room and started pouting. I’m like oh my god, how are you a brat already- Sorry.

Shane – Why are you apologizing?

Jarrah – Being a typical new mom, and talking about her child on a date.

Shane – I don’t mind.

Jarrah – Changing the subject a bit… your sister seems nice.

Shane – Yeah, about that…. she’s not.

That was blunt.

Jarrah – Oh?

Shane – I know I’m supposed to love her because she’s my sister- And I do…. but she’s not really a nice kid. She’s kind of mean… and spoiled.

Jarrah – Maybe she’ll grow out of it.

Shane – Not with the way Raina, and my mom baby’s her.

Jarrah – Aww..

Shane – I must sound like the worst brother.

Jarrah – No, you sound very honest.

Shane – *smiles*

Jarrah – How’s the play coming along?- How’s your mom?

Shane – She’s a bit bossy… but when you work for your mother its an adjustment… and the play is coming along nicely.

Jarrah – You’re the male lead right?

Shane – Yes.

Jarrah – That’s awesome.

Shane – You’re coming opening night right?

Jarrah – Yeah, I wouldn’t miss it.

Shane – Great. So umm… yeah that was pretty much my morning.. play rehearsals. What about yours? did my friend Taro come in or-

Jarrah – Yeah, and I actually had him in a meeting. I was giving him a schedule, and he got into it with another model- totally not Taro’s fault though.

Shane – Oh really?

Jarrah – The other guy is a big dick- I mean’t douchebag… why did I say dick.

Shane – *laughs* I don’t know.

Probably because I haven’t been laid in quite some time. You know for the most part I don’t crave sex… I’m a hard working single mom. However… look at Shane.. come on, I know you’re probably wondering what’s under those slacks like I am.

Mind out of the gutter Jarrah…

Jarrah – *clears throat* But yeah, I wonder what the hell is up with him.

Shane – Who?

Jarrah – Chace- the guy Taro got into it with.

Shane – Oh okay. What do you mean what’s up with him?

Jarrah – He’s so entitled, and abrasive… yet he has friends- including my close friend Trey.

Shane – Maybe he just allows them to see his better qualities?

Jarrah – I love how you try and see the good in everyone- I’m sitting here telling you that he attacked you’re friend and you’re just so… mature about it.

Shane – Do you have a habit of dating immature guys or something?

Jarrah – I don’t know how to answer that question. I mean.. well yes and no… some were immature.

Shane – What’s the most immature thing a guy has done?

Jarrah – Lets see off the top of my head- Oh… okay this is a good one. I was dating this guy in college… and- wait actually I think we were broken up. I can’t remember. Anyway he came into my dorm.. and proposed to me when he knew I was leaving for France for my then job at V-Glam. After I turned him down, he proceeded to tell me to go be a French whore… and sleep with french men.

Shane – *laughing* Oh wow… that’s… *laughs* that’s hilarious.

Jarrah – What about you?

Shane – No I’ve never dated any immature men.

Jarrah – *laughs* Shut up, you know what I meant.

Shane – Umm, immature women.. hmm.. yeah- I once had a girl cut my hair in my sleep- that same girl also keyed my car- and no I didn’t deserve it. She did this after one date, and I refused to have sex with her. She then told people I was a asshole and a womanizer. People of course believed her because I’m a man and she’s a woman.. so… yeah.

Jarrah – That is foul….

Shane – Oh its okay, karma hit her pretty good. I heard her fiancee left her at the alter…………….. for another man…. who was also her rich gay uncle.

Jarrah – Oh shit.

Shane – Hey you said you went to France for your old job… did you enjoy it?

Jarrah – I did, but it was mostly work.

Shane – I don’t want to jump the gun, but I’d love to take you again… no work, all play.

Jarrah – Sounds like a plan.

Shane – Maybe you can bring the little one… little Joshua…

Jarrah – *laughs*

Shane – I know you don’t want him meeting guys you’re just talking to- which I understand… but being honest, I hope this goes the distance, that its not just us courting… I know I’d like to date you- No pressure of course.

Jarrah – You’re very sweet Shane, and you know… I’m just… having fun right now, taking my time. I’m having a wonderful time being in your company, and getting to know you better. Don’t take that as me saying I’m not into the idea… its just-

Shane – The other guy…. I get it.

Jarrah – If it makes you feel better… you’re more than welcomed to date other girls and if you like them then-

Shane – I like you, and that’s good enough for me.

Jarrah – *smiles* 

That’s awkward for me, because he’s a good guy. I like him, I like Owen.. but I don’t like talking long term because I don’t who I’m gonna end up with. Hell… who know’s I may not end up with either. So what I try and do is be honest, but sweet… if that makes any sense.

Jarrah – So there was something I wanted to ask you.

Shane – You can ask me anything.

Jarrah – Disclaimer, Frankie’s not the gossiping kind… but she overheard something…. and thought I should know.

Shane – That’s what friends are for.

Jarrah – She was out, and saw you…

Shane – At GreenLand I assume.

Jarrah – Yeah you were with Taro, and two girls.

Shane – McKenzie and Lena.

Jarrah – I see.

Shane – She must have told you about what they said about you.

Jarrah – Yes.

Shane – Did she also tell you that-

Jarrah – You shut them down? yes… she said you were a gentleman.

Shane – Good.

Jarrah – The reason I bring this up, is because if I meet your friends.. I don’t want them smiling in my face, when they low-key think I’m a whore for seeing two guys.

Shane – You don’t have to worry about that. Taro likes you… and as far as the two women go… well McKenzie is just bitter… because she’s my ex. Lena just goes along with whatever McKenzie says.

Jarrah – McKenzie is your ex?

Shane – Yes.

Jarrah – You guys are still good friends?

Shane – Yes, is that a problem?

Jarrah – No, I- its just another one of those “he’s mature” moments. Not anyone can remain friends with their ex.

Shane – I’m glad Frankie told you all of the story and didn’t make me out to be an asshole.

Jarrah – She’s one of the realest people you will ever meet.

Shane – I know, which is why its gonna suck when Rain dumps her.

Come again?

Jarrah – What?

Shane – My sister doesn’t date longterm… and please keep this between us? I don’t want to be in the middle of anything.

Jarrah – You have my word.

Shane – I could be 100% wrong, but I like to think I know my sister very well. Raina doesn’t really do like the girlfriend… long term relationship thing. She’s more of the U-Haul type… and I don’t mean U-Haul you’re stuff over so we can live together. I mean the U-Haul your tits and ass over here so we can fuck type. Excuse me for being crass.

Jarrah – That’s so weird… Frankie told my friend and I that Raina dropped those three little words.

Shane – I love you?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Shane – She did?……………….Huh….. well maybe I’m wrong, and she’s done some maturing of her own.

Jarrah – Frankie’s happy so I hope-

Shane – Forget I said anything… I remember my sister being a certain way on holidays.. no relationships, etcetera. There was a time where I didn’t see her for a bit.. and with life and its lessons.. perhaps she’s grown up a bit when it comes to relationships.

Jarrah – Its possible.

Shane – Anything is possible.

Jarrah – I don’t think you’re wrong for your opinion or assumptions when it comes to her. Its all good… no judgement.

Shane – Much appreciated- though I should have bitten my tongue on the matter- seeing as, you know… she’s dating your friend.

Jarrah – Waters off a duck’s back.

Shane – That’s cute.

Jarrah – I try.

Oh my god, I mean… on one hand I should tell Frankie, but on the other hand I shouldn’t. The part of me that wants her to know is because I’m loyal, and she’s my friend. The other part of me that wants to say nothing is because, I don’t want to shape her thoughts about Raina. Its a hard choice, but I think I’ll stay out of it. Frankie’s a big girl, and she’s really strong emotionally.. either way she’ll be fine.

[Top Pic]

Shane – So… I was thinking, since this was an impromptu lunch date, that I should plan us a actual night date. Something.. unexpected. I want to shock and surprise you.

Jarrah – I’m down with that- Oh my god…

Shit, shit shit.

Shane – What? do I have something on my face?

Jarrah – No, but… you know the other guy?

Shane – Owen.

Jarrah – Yeah….

Shane – He’s right behind me isn’t he?

Jarrah – Yes…. and this is awkward…

Shane – We were going to meet eventually… hell I may already know him.. what’s his last name?

Jarrah – Roberts.

Shane – Owen Roberts- nope… doesn’t ring a bell.

Jarrah – Well its about to.

Shane – Water off a ducks back remember?

Jarrah – *smiles* Right.

[Bottom Pic]

Jarrah – Owen, Hi.

Owen – Oh hi, you look amazing.

Jarrah – Thanks, you look cute too.

Shane – ………..

Owen – ………….

Shane – Baycock… Shane Baycock.

Owen – Owen.

Shane – Nice to finally meet my opponent.

Owen – I don’t think someone’s heart is a game.

Shane – That was a joke. You know what those are right? Where are you from?

Owen – Texas.

Shane – Oh, okay.

Owen – ………….. is this a date? am I interrupting a date?

Jarrah – Um, yeah… I mean yes its a date, but like.. not a date-date.

Shane – Its just lunch, do they have that in Texas Owen?

Owen – They do Shane, but… I don’t think you’d like Texas all that much. You’re too pretty… and all that hair gel… yikes… the Texas sun would fry you up real crisp.

Shane – ………….

Owen – That was a joke.

Why are men so territorial *laughs*

Jarrah – I thought you were having lunch with Keegan, and your dad’s?

Owen – Oh… don’t even bring them up…

Jarrah – Is everything okay?

Owen – No….

Jarrah – Did you want to talk about it?

Owen – You’re on a date, its okay… I’ll tell you tonight.

Shane – Tonight?

Owen – I planned a date for us… something really special…

Shane – How cute.

Jarrah – I’ll be ready at 8. I just gotta drop JK off at his fathers.. and then we’re set.

Shane – ……

Owen – I’ll see you tonight beautiful.

Jarrah – *smiles*

Owen – Later.

Jarrah – Bye- and cheer up.

Owen – I feel better now that I’ve seen you.

Shane – …….Nice meeting you Otis.

Owen – You too Shawn.

Jarrah – *controlled laughter & clears throat*

Well that was awkward….

Shane – ….. My apologies.

Jarrah – For what?

Shane – My brief interaction with him, it was… immature.

Jarrah – You don’t have to apologize.

Shane – Why not?

Jarrah – Well I mean…. it can’t be easy for either of you to meet one another. I get it… besides… it was kind of amusing. You two are so different.. its funny.

Shane – *laughs* I guess it was a bit amusing meeting him…

Jarrah – My favorite part was you calling him Otis, and him replying with Shawn. You guys JUST introduced yourselves to each other so you both knew each other’s names *laughs*

Shane – Men will be men I guess.

Jarrah – I suppose- Oh I’m buzzing!

Shane – You didn’t have any alcohol.

Jarrah – Oh, no- I meant my phone. Its vibrating.

Shane – Ah, gotcha.

Jarrah – Oh wow…

Shane – Hmm?

Jarrah – Just a little confused as to why Lola would have more clients dropping in today when she’s not even there. I can only do so much…

Shane – What about the girl that works there with you guys? can’t she help?

Jarrah – You just gave me a brilliant idea. I’m going to have her help, which will in a sense train her for the possible promotion.

Shane – Good, glad I could help.

Jarrah – *smiles* Handsome AND helpful. Oh my.

Shane – So umm… Date night with Owen…

Jarrah – Yeah, he planned this in advance so I’m curious as to what it is we’re doing.

Shane – Is he usually the bowling, burger and fries type of guy?

Jarrah – He is, but I like that… I also like nice places too. I’m not very picky. I just want a guy to be authentic. Don’t be anything that you’re not, you know?

Shane – I get it.

Owen – They’re kissing huh?

Woman – Um, they kissed and now they’re hugging. They are a cute couple.

Owen – Heh….

Woman – So for here or to go?

Owen – To go.


Shane – Well babe, this was nice.

Jarrah – It was, thank you for a good lunch, and good company.

Shane – Give me a ring will ya?

Jarrah – Of course.

Shane – Enjoy your…. date.

Jarrah – ……I…. will.

Shane – Is that weird of me to say?

Jarrah – Umm.. a little bit.

Shane – I just want you happy, and if that means enjoying yourself with Texas Boy then so be it.

Jarrah – That’s mature of you…. but umm, just plan something and I’ll be ready to do it.

Shane – Duly noted.

Jarrah – Bye hon’

Shane – See ya babe.

What can I say?….. that ending was a bit awkward. I mean part of me is happy Owen and Shane met… just to get it over with… but the other part of me feels like it was a bad thing. They’re obviously seeing each other as competition, and I don’t want it to be a game of one-upping one another… when the focus should be on making a connection with me. What did I get myself in with these two men?…. *sigh*

(POV Keegan)

My back hurts, I may have over done it at the gym. Probably the last time I’m gonna workout before work. I needed it though, considering what took place earlier. Still not really over it though- and the thing that’s confusing is that I have no idea why. Why is it bothering me so much?…. I guess I’ll figure it out sooner or later but until then.. I’ll just deal with it.

Sara – So then the old lady hit me with her purse and I just stood there. I didn’t know if I should be offended or amused…

Travis (country accent) – Well that sure is somethin’ back home the elderly loved me. I reckon maybe in your case Sara, that she was either homophobic or suffering early dementia.

Milk – Isn’t it crazy that we sit here and talk about this random shit? GloCity has been so boring with its crime.

Keegan – I agree, I feel like all I do is hand out tickets, and get cats out of trees.

Sara – Be careful what you wish for… we could come in to work tomorrow and could be dealing with a hostel takeover from a crime lord.

Milk – You’ve been watching too much Gotham.

Keegan – Horrible show…

Travis – What’s Gotham?

Sara – An AMAZING show based on Batman’s city-

Keegan – Yet Batman isn’t in it….

Milk – Oh no- but he is..

Sara – Yeah, little Bruce Wayne is-

Keegan – Oh my god, that doesn’t count.. some little kid named Bruce Wayne is not Batman… at least not yet.


Tim – So then she pulled down her panties and had a penis.

Chet – Oh…. My…. God.

Tim – I was mortified… I sent that bitch packing… told her to leave.

Diego – I knew it… I knew there was a reason she went home with you. She was a chick with a dick… so she figured you’d go for it *laughing*

Tim – I don’t know why! I told her ass to leave!

Diego – Dude, you probably rimmed her and stuck it in her butt!

Chet – I bet you did Tim…

Tim – I did not!

Diego – Tranny fucker Tim.

That is just so disrespectful… I’m very pro LGBTQ- obviously…. look at my parents and my friends. I don’t stand for any ignorance.

Chet – Was that ass good for you Tim?

Tim – I didn’t fuck her!

Diego – Tranny fucker, Tranny fucker!

Keegan – Wow…..

Diego – Is there a problem princess?

Keegan – I just really wish you wouldn’t use words like that.

Diego – What?… Tranny?

Keegan – Yeah and plenty of other offensive things you say.

Diego – Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Bennett. Why are you so mad anyway? you bang trannies or something?

Keegan – Really?

Diego – You know who looks like they love a good buff big dick tranny?… your punk ass friend Jonah…. I bet he takes it up the ass.. fucking fag.

Sara – Hey!

Diego – Shut up terminator…

I really thought I could go a day without wanting to bash his face in… but nope.

Keegan – Don’t talk to Sara like that- and don’t fucking bring my bestfriend into this.

Diego – Your friend is a punk bitch.

Keegan – Travis told me what happened… you’re lucky we’re at work…

Diego – Be glad I didn’t beat up your friend.. he’s a little bitch, and if he continues disrespecting my girl… its gonna be a big problem.

Keegan – You touch him, and I’ll make what happened at police academy look like a game of go-fish. You do not want to fuck with me when it comes to my friends and family.

Diego – Or what? what would you do princess sparkles? hmm? would you hit me?

Tim – He wouldn’t do shit.

Milk – Shut your fatass mouth Tim.

Tim – Fuck you bug face.

Chet – Dude… that was a lame comeback…

Travis – In all mah life… I’ve never dealt with such childish behavior…

Sara – Well… welcome to the bullshit.. those three are assholes- though… Chet’s personality confuses me.

Chet – Stay confused.

Diego – You know why I don’t like you, Bennett?

Keegan – I don’t give a fuck to be honest.

Diego – I don’t like this bitch attitude that you have. Like your shit don’t stink.

Keegan – And here I was thinking, that you disliked me because I breathe….

Diego – Sarcastic bitch… that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Keegan – You don’t know why you dislike me… one minute its because I’m faster than you… then its because I’m stronger than you… then its because of Jules. You need to make up your fucking mind…

Diego – I don’t need to do shit.

Keegan – You’re right, I actually really don’t care what you do Diego.. you’re an asshole… and I don’t see that ever changing.

Diego – I’m like 10 seconds from punching you in the face.

Keegan – You want me to start the countdown?…10…..9…8- actually lets just skip to 1. Go…. hit me.

Diego – You’d like that huh?… try and get me suspended…

Keegan – Do you… be the big man that you claim to be.. swing.

Diego – Fuck you.

Keegan – Fuck you too Diego… and see the difference between you and I, is simple.

Jayson – *walks in*

Diego – And that is?

Keegan – When I say I’m gonna do something I do it. You’re all talk…. so if I ever tell you I’m gonna hit you… just know that I’m gonna knock your ass out.

Diego – Yeah, sure-

Jayson – Officer Bennett.

Keegan – Sir.

Jayson – Follow me.

Diego – Oooh somebody’s in trouble..

Fuck… he probably walked in right when I was talking too, which makes ME look like the aggressor… dammit.

Instead of going to his office… he pointed towards the locker room… which is odd.

Jayson – You calmed down yet?

Keegan – Why are we in the locker room?

Jayson – I need you to change, and go home.

Keegan – Wait let me explain-

Jayson – Don’t bother, I heard everything. I know Diego started it- and even if I didn’t hear anything, its clear as day that he’s a bully.

Keegan – I’m being punished though?

Jayson – Not really… look Diego has issues there’s things about him that you don’t know regarding his family. So…. just… I mean he’s an asshole, but try not to-

Keegan – I think I understand what you’re trying to say.

Jayson – Yeah….

Keegan – So why am I getting sent home though?

Jayson – Because you’re not feeling well.

Keegan – What?

Jayson – What happened?

Keegan – What do you mean?

Jayson – When you came in, you looked upset… like something was bothering you.

Keegan – You’re very observant.

Jayson – Well what’s going on? You told me about your past… are you struggling with-

Keegan – Oh no, its nothing like that. I’m sober, I just… well I found out my dad and his husband are divorcing…

Jayson – I’m sorry to hear that.

Keegan – And its confusing because they’re both so nice to each other and happy about it- yet me, and my step-brother are the ones sad. Owen- my step-brother is upset because he’s losing a family.. and I’m upset because- well I don’t know.

Jayson – You’ll figure it out Keegan, don’t stress over it.

Keegan – Yeah.

Jayson – How’s everyone else? Your mothers, the little sis…

Keegan – Everyone is doing well. Thanks for asking.

Jayson – Anytime.

Keegan – Well I’m gonna shower, and change… I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jayson – Okay, take it easy Bennett.

Keegan – Yes sir.

Well…. I guess I can’t complain too much. I’m not really feeling today at all, I get into with officer douche, and Jayson sends me home…. without punishing me. And hey, I get the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Jayson’s a good guy, he took a chance on me. He actually seems to care about the people who work here. I think Lola should be happy that she has such a caring guy by her side. Maybe he’s that way because he’s older- but then again age doesn’t really equal maturity. What the fuck? Ian? Heh… the gang told me he was living here now… what are the odds that I’d run into him.

Keegan – Hey!

Ian – Yeah?

Keegan – You remember me right?

Ian – Umm… oh!- wow, Keegan, Keegan Bennett.

Keegan – What’s up?

Ian – I…. don’t know really.

Keegan – Just walking around? getting some air?

Ian – Yeah, I guess so- umm why were you coming out of the police station? I see some things don’t change *laughing*

Keegan – Actually… I’m a cop… I’m leaving work.

Ian – Oh shit- wow… that’s… yeah actually I can kinda sense the difference in you.

Keegan – Gotta grow up sometime.

Ian – That’s true- and sorry about the whole things never changing comment.

Keegan – Its cool, I didn’t take offense to it. Had I not changed, I’d probably be bitter.

Ian – That makes sense.

Keegan – So you here for good?

Ian – Yeah, I’m done with L.A….. 

Keegan – Cool, so I take it you’ve ran into some of the others?

Ian – I hung out with Kaori, and I saw Trey, at the grocery store. I haven’t seen the others.

Keegan – Cool.

Man this is awkward.

Ian – I uh….. I was a little surprised that you and Kaori weren’t… ya know.

Keegan – Yeah, we’re just friends. What about you and her? rekindling any-

Ian – I… umm… hmm… I don’t know how to even go about answering that. Lets just say she’s been kind to me.

Like… kind in a hey, how ya doin’ type of way or a… sharing is caring with my vagina type of way…

Keegan – Well that’s good.

Ian – Yeah…..

Keegan – We don’t still have beef or anything right? because I’m over it.

Ian – No, we’re fine. I was an asshole in high school.. but I was going through stuff- not that, that’s an excuse but… yeah.

Keegan – Alright cool.

Ian – Hey um… do you wanna… umm..

Keegan – Are you asking me out to prom Ian? because I already told the star quarterback that I’d go with him *laughs*

Ian – *laughing* No, umm.. do you wanna go get a drink at the bar around the corner?

Keegan – I can’t.

Ian – Ah… okay. I get it-

Keegan – No, I can’t get a drink…. because I don’t drink.

Ian – Like the hard stuff or like beers and stuff period?

Keegan – I technically could… but its just not a good idea… personal reasons.

Ian – I understand.

I used to be so weird about that. The whole lets go do shots…. like how do I say no without looking like a freak. For some reason it doesn’t bother me as much. Maybe I can just chalk it up to the fact that I know that my choices are important to my life… even more for a person like me with a past like mine.

Keegan – We can go get ice cream or something?- wow that sounds really…. they’re gonna think we’re on a date together. Why can’t two men enjoy ice cream together.

Ian – Because we as men get too wrapped up in what’s masculine and what’s not.

Keegan – True… so fuck it… would you like to go get ice cream and talk about random shit?

Ian – Sure, why the hell not… heh eating ice cream… I probably should join a gym.

Keegan – Oh you did not just say that. Do you want to be my gym buddy? you can join my gym, its pretty awesome.

Ian – Alright, why not.

Keegan – Awesome.

Well its settled. I’m going to get ice cream with my high school rival who is currently with my old flame. Its amazing what time can do for a person. Ian and I hated each other for dumb adolescent reasons. Now we’re both adults, who have lived and learned from life’s trials and tribulations. I can’t speak for him, but obviously you guys know I’ve been through plenty of shit. I came out alright… so I do wonder what he’s been through. Maybe we’ll talk about it over ice cream. Hmm wonder what flavors I should get.

(POV Jarrah)

So after lunch I went back to work, and yes…. it was a little bit stressful. I had about 8 models come in the door looking for representation. So I put a paper on Amina’s window that said write down your name, and wait to be called. Then I had Amina help me with the models. It actually worked out really good. Apparently Amina had been paying attention to what I was doing because she picked it up really fast. After today’s effort there should be no reason why Lola doesn’t promote her, and if she doesn’t I’m gonna play the friend card *laughs*

But yeah after work, I went home got JK’s bag ready and here I am at his father’s house…. I admit its still a bit weird- but I honestly have no romantic feelings for Orion whatsoever. He’s a great dad though, I’ll give him that…. even if he did decide to date my former sorority sister. Messy Messy Messy….

Jarrah – Hey.

Orion – Hey you, and hey lil’ man… Daddy’s so happy to see you- yes he is- yes he is. Who’s daddy’s little ball of light hmm? that’s right Joshua you are!

Is that what I sound like when I talk to Joshua?

Jarrah – Okay so everything is in the bag, if I forgot anything…. you have money, and a car so you can drive to the store. Okay have a good night-

Orion – Wait.

Jarrah – Yeah?

Orion – How are you?

Jarrah – Umm… I’m fine?

Orion – I…. I just think its weird that we don’t ask each other that.

Jarrah – I guess you’re right…

Orion – I feel like we would have a better relationship if it weren’t for the elephant in the room.

Jarrah – Oh you mean my ex sorority sister?

Orion – …………Yeah.

Jarrah – It is what it is.

Orion – You been good though right?

Jarrah – I’ve been fine.

Orion – Lola told me that you’re killing it at work… so congrats on that.

Jarrah – I forget you and her talk.

Orion – Well…. we’re friends.

I swear…. I think Lola, and Jayson, goes on double dates with Orion and Mahlia…. I wouldn’t be shocked. Lola probably doesn’t tell me because well.. she’s my friend. She probably thinks it’ll make me mad or something. It honestly wouldn’t.

Jarrah – Lola and I met you at the same time. I don’t have any issues with the fact that you guys are friends.

Orion – So which one of the guys are you going on a date with tonight?

Jarrah – Do you really care to know?

Orion – Umm… yeah… that’s why I asked.

Jarrah – Owen.

Orion – I like him. I think you should pick him, instead of Mr. 50 shades of Grey.

Jarrah – Wow… ex boyfriend-now baby’s father is telling me which of the two guys I’m seeing…………….that I should pick. This couldn’t get any stranger.

Orion – He just seems more genuine…

Jarrah – How would you know?

Orion – ……….I looked both of the guys up…. I figure sooner or later you’ll introduce one of them or both to our son….. so…

Jarrah – I’m a good judge of character… JK is safe.

Orion – I’m just a caring father.

Jarrah – ………….

Its kind of irritating that he did research on the two guys I’m talking to. I know whats best for myself, neither have met our child so why get so cautious… also who I date is really none of your business. I find what he did so rude…. but as a parent I guess I understand…. sorta.

Orion – I know we have issues but-

Jarrah – Orion, I have no issues with you. I need to get home and shower and get dressed for my date…. that’s really it. Sorry I’m not making small-talk but I don’t have any time… and plus you’re right… its weird that you’re with Mahlia… and I can’t act like its not. Now… I gotta go…

Orion – Alright.

Jarrah – Okay, have a good night- and JK, mommy loves you.

Orion – *imitating JK* I wuv you tew mummy.

Jarrah – Bye.

Orion – Have fun.

Mahlia – Oh I almost missed you!

Jarrah – I’m running late, I need to go.

Mahlia – I was on the phone doing business.

Jarrah – Oh………………………………………….. okay. Well Goodnight.

Is she serious? why the hell would I want to talk to her? what the hell would I even have to say to her? I don’t like her…… at all. So that’s that.

Mahlia – Wait up Jarrah!

Oh my goodness… bitch why?!

Jarrah – *clears throat* I really have no time for this.

Mahlia – Well It’ll be quick.

Jarrah – Heh………….mmm’kay…….

Mahlia – So…. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t hate you.

Jarrah – Gee…. thanks.

Mahlia – Like… we totally went to the same school, and were in the same sorority-

Jarrah – Dated the same men………… ………….

Mahlia – …………………………………….. that too…

Jarrah – How’s Dylan?

Mahlia – Umm I wouldn’t know… he graduated and fell off the earth… who knows- who cares.

Jarrah – Okay well I should be going now.

Mahlia – Oh my god, so girl dish…. you’re seeing two men!

Jarrah – Why Orion told you that is a mystery to me…

Mahlia – We talk about everything. He’s such a good guy… such a great father too.

Jarrah – …….

Mahlia – Joshua is such a great baby by the way… just so cute! people think he’s Orion and I’s kid when we take him out.

Jarrah – ……………..

Mahlia – Ya know… when people talk… you should at least respond.

Yeah I’ve reached by quota…

Jarrah – Are you kidding me? why should I respond to you Mahlia? I don’t fucking like you!

Mahlia – THERE IT IS!

Jarrah – There WHAT is?

Mahlia – I was waiting for that bitchy entitled personality to come out of you.

Jarrah – Excuse me?

Mahlia – God Jarrah you’re so fake… if you don’t like me just say it!

Jarrah – Wait wait wait… hold up a second… I’m fake?

Mahlia – You don’t mean what you say, and say what you mean…

Jarrah – Its called being a mature adult. You don’t always say what’s on your mind.

Mahlia – I do.

Jarrah – And that’s why people probably don’t like you.

Mahlia – Orion likes me.

Jarrah – And?

Mahlia – I just feel like you’re mad that he’s with me and not you.

Jarrah – You don’t know what you’re talking about. I have no feelings for O.

Mahlia – So why are you so mad?

Jarrah – Because you’re a bitch.

Mahlia – How am I a bitch?

Jarrah – We were sorority sisters…… I break up with Dylan and you start dating him. I get pregnant, have a baby with Orion… we break up and you start dating him. Its fucking weird- and wrong! and don’t give me any of that “You can’t help who you fall for” crap because there are PLENTY of other men in GloCity and Bridgeport. You didn’t have to date my ex- exes.

Mahlia – I feel like you need to calm the fuck down… you’re gonna have a stroke.

Jarrah – Bye Mahlia.. I’m not doing this.

Mahlia – Doing what?

Jarrah – Dealing with you.

Mahlia – Well you kinda have to.. I’m gonna be in JK’s life…. for a while….

Jarrah – I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, but if you’re saying O is marrying you then……….. good for you guys. However make no mistake about it- I’m Joshua’s mom, not you. What I say goes… so don’t try it.

Mahlia – Oh wow you sure told me…. go have fun on your date Jarrah… miss I date two men at the same time….

Jarrah – I will! so mind your fucking business.

Mahlia – So trashy….

Jarrah – Says the bottle blonde in a fur coat……………. like come on….. your fashion choices are atrocious baby… step it up.

Mahlia – Ugh how dare you.. I’m always on point!

Jarrah – Goodbye Mahlia…

Mahlia – …..bitch.

I’m an adult… with a kid. I’m not about to be beating girls up. My willingness to let things go is at an all time high these days, mainly because well.. I’m kinda just over ignorance and immaturity. One year ago I would have slapped Mahlia. She’s a shady bitch to be honest. Like okay… Dylan was one thing… but then you also date Orion? you’re two for two… and you see no problem with that? Obviously it takes two to tango so Orion is at fault too. There’s so much more I could say but honestly she’s not worth my time. I’m gonna go home, and shower. I have a cute dress picked out… and I’m gonna enjoy myself tonight.

(POV Keegan)

Home at last… in the hotub with a hottie.

Keegan – So yeah, we sat down with our ice cream, and started catching up. It was actually a pretty chill time.

Priscilla – What was the issue between you guys in high school? was it Kaori?

Keegan – Nope, it was just two guys who wanted to be number one. Its so weird when I think about who I was then. I was so focused with being the hot guy. Which is odd because while I’m aware that I’m cute… I don’t think I’m that hot you know? like Ian.. that mothafucka is model material. Jawline, eyes-

Priscilla – Whoa, someone has a crush.

Keegan – Hey I’m just secure in my heterosexuality to see that the dude is a looker.

Priscilla – I’m just teasing- oh my god its hot…

Keegan – The water right?

Priscilla – What else would I be talking about?

Keegan – Milk told me that you and her used to watch gay porn…. 2 guys….

Priscilla – Do you think its weird?

Keegan – I mean… a little?

Priscilla – Okay… but what’s the difference in you men watching lesbians? You’re attracted to women… so lesbian porn gets you hot…. well some women like gay porn.

Keegan – Oh- yeah I guess that makes sense.

Priscilla – So can I watch you and Ian do a porn?

Keegan – You missed it, we already did it in this hottub.

Priscilla – *laughs*

Keegan – So how was your day baby?

Priscilla – It went well.

Keegan – What did you do?

Priscilla – I taught 3 dance classes… and went to the gym with my new friend Gina.

Keegan – Oh?

Priscilla – Yeah we’d always see each other at the gym, and we’d talk.. so now we’re gym buddies.

Keegan – Aww, cute.

Priscilla – Yeah.

She stays meeting new people. One of the things I like about her, she’s a people person. Very social.

Keegan – Get over here… you’re too far away.

Keegan – I’m happy with you.

Priscilla – I’m happy with you too.

Keegan – Long day babe….

Priscilla – Its almost over….. have you gained any clarity about your dad and Scott?

Keegan – No, I don’t know why its bothering me so much…

Priscilla – I think I know…

Keegan – Enlighten me.

Priscilla – I think you’re worried your father made a mistake… and that he’s gonna be alone and sad.

Shit, I didn’t think of it that way…. and its true… I am worried about that.

Keegan – ….. you know what…. that makes sense.

Priscilla – It does?

Keegan – I think that’s part of it… I don’t want him to make this move and end up with nothing.

Priscilla – Your dad is hot… he’d get someone easily.

Keegan – Ugh, you think my dad is hot?

Priscilla – *laughs* yes

Keegan – Ah I see your game… use me to get to my dad.

Priscilla – Yep! and convert him back to women. You caught me.

Keegan – *laughs*

Priscilla – So umm… Milk and I were talking… and she thinks its a good idea for us you and Darell to come over our place… for dinner. She’s on this whole “we’re adults lets do adult things” kick… so she wants us to cook, for you guys…. what do you say?

Keegan – Umm sure. I like Darell… so why not……. but, please tell me you’re doing most of the cooking? because…… I love Milk but she can’t cook for shit.

Priscilla – I’ll do most of the cooking, sure.

Keegan – Alright then I’m in.

Priscilla – Good.

Keegan – Your new friend, does she have a boyfriend? or girlfriend?

Priscilla – What?

Keegan – Gina.

Priscilla – Oh, umm no she’s single… why?

Keegan – I was gonna say invite her and her significant other-

Priscilla – Oh we’re not that close yet… maybe in a month or two *laughs*

Keegan – True.

Darell has matured a lot… and Milk is super happy with him. He’s a good dad to Curtis too. I think it’ll be cool to go hangout with our girls…. isn’t that what adults do anyway?

Keegan – Now that you’ve asked me that….. I have something important to ask you.

Priscilla – Oh?

Keegan – Yeah… something that takes the relationship somewhere new.

Priscilla – Keegan Bennett…. are you gonna ask me to do butt stuff?

Keegan – No….. well…. maybe later….

Priscilla – *laughing*

Last time I did butt stuff it was with that Morgan Hill chick… you guys remember her?

Keegan – All jokes aside…. what I wanted to ask you…. is… would you like to be my plus one to a wedding?

Priscilla – Oh…… hmm…

Keegan – Its like a big thing right? I wasn’t weird in thinking that?

Priscilla – No you’re right… its not going to grab food and sleepover… its a wedding.

Keegan – I can tell you’re hesitant…. which I understand.

Priscilla – Umm… Gina and I were kinda just talking about relationships and what’s expected… what’s uncomfortable… so its funny that you should ask me this.

Keegan – You want to take your time and give me an answer in the morning?

Priscilla – No, I have an answer already.

Keegan – Okay?

Priscilla – I’ll go with you.

Keegan – Awesome.

I’m not at all bothered by her hesitation to giving me an answer. When you’re an adult, in an adult relationship… and wedding invitations get thrown out? Its a bit conflicting. If you’re single then just invite a friend- but if you’re not? then comes the conversation in your head that you ask yourself. Should I invite my girlfriend- or boyfriend- whichever you have. The point I’m trying to make is… you don’t take someone you’re not serious about to a wedding.

When a couple is there… you gotta know it runs through both of their heads… “could I see myself getting married?” and “could I be married to the person I’m with” THEN if the answers is yes… comes the pressure of wondering if they feel the same… and it gets really complicated. So I was scared to ask her, I wasn’t so much scared of her answer.

Priscilla – Give me a kiss.

Keegan – *kisses Priscilla*

Curtis – Oh my god! Keegan! Keegan!

Priscilla – Curtis?

What the hell?

Keegan – Is everything okay?

Curtis – No! Zoey’s-

Keegan – Zoey’s what?!

Curtis – She locked herself in the bathroom and she’s crying! I’m scared she’s gonna hurt herself!

Keegan – What happened?!- Wait where are my parents?

Curtis – They went to get dinner for us, and then- okay Zoey and I were online looking at people’s social media from our school…. and… people were talking about Zoey. So we did more digging and someone posted a picture of Zoey with her top off in the locker room… and everyone is seeing it and laughing at her. So she grabbed scissors and ran to the bathroom. I tried to get her out but she won’t-

Priscilla – Oh my god….

Keegan – Come on lets go- Priscilla I’ll-

Priscilla – I’ll put something on and meet you guys over there. Go!

Oh my god, I hope she’s okay. What the fuck is wrong with people these days… why would anyone do this to her?

Keegan – Zoey…. Zoey its okay, you can come out.

Curtis – Zoey don’t hate me… I went to get your brother….

Zoey – ……………

Keegan – Zoey, honey can you unlock the door?

Zoey – ………..

Curtis – You’re scaring me Zoey… please open the door…. you’re my bestfriend in the whole world… I don’t like it when you’re upset.

Keegan – We care about you Zoey…. just let me in…

Zoey – ………………

Keegan – Its not okay what happened…. and I’m gonna help make it right….. Because I’m your big brother, and I’m gonna protect you….

Curtis – Zoey?

Keegan – Zoey please… open-

*door unlocks*

Keegan – Stay right here okay?

Curtis – Okay.

Keegan – Oh my god Zoey…..

Zoey – *crying* I didn’t cut myself…..

Keegan – Why is there so much blood?

Zoey – *crying* I stepped on the scissors…

Keegan – Why did you bring them in here?

Zoey – To cut my hair off…

Keegan – Why?

Zoey – *crying* I was gonna cut myself…..

Keegan – Zoey…. I’m gonna find out who did this.

Zoey – Don’t bother.

Keegan – I’m your brother its my job-

Zoey – No…. don’t bother because I know who did it.

Keegan – Who?

Zoey – *crying* Genevieve Baycock.

Keegan – Is she the girl who has been picking on you?

Zoey – *crying* She’s a bitch and I hate her! I never wanna go to school again!

Keegan – Its gonna be okay Zoey… we’re gonna fix this.

We have a name…. Genevieve Baycock…. I’m gonna fix this. I can’t have my little sister feeling like she’s not safe in this world. Mom’s (Joy Riggs) a judge with lots of connections, and I’m a Cop. Zoey is in good hands, and we’re gonna make sure Genevieve Baycock pays for what she’s done. You can’t go through life hurting people and think its okay. She has a rude awakening coming.

(POV Jarrah)

So dinner was amazing. I don’t know how he did it, but he got the manager at Eve’s to shut down and give us the entire restaurant for the night. Its completely shocking that he’d do something like this. This is more of a Shane Baycock move. That’s not to shade Owen at all. I’m pleasantly surprised at tonight’s date. He told me to dress nice, and now I understand why.

Owen – Did you enjoy your food?

Jarrah – I did… I couldn’t eat another bite if I wanted to.

Owen – Surprised at all of this?

Jarrah – Very.

Owen – Didn’t think I could pull it off did ya?

Jarrah – I’m impressed Owen *smiles*

Jarrah – It must have cost a pretty penny.

Owen – Umm… Not as much as you think. The owner owed me a favor…. so…

Jarrah – Everything free?

Owen – Oh no… still paying for dinner and wine and everything.

Jarrah – This was one of the best dates of my life. So thanks for that.

Owen – You are beautiful.

Jarrah – Thank you…

Owen – This is a great way to end the night after the day I had.

Jarrah – Tell me about it.

Owen – You go first.

Jarrah – Okay sure… so…. it all started this morning when I tripped over JK’s toy in the middle of the floor. I almost fell down the- *trails off*

I told him about work, and the drama at Orion’s… No need for me to repeat any of that stuff for you guys since you were there.

Owen – Do you think Lola will promote Amina? because it sounds like you guys need all the help you can get.

Jarrah – Considering our client list is growing rapidly, I’d hope she would. Amina is an incredible worker, and learns fast. She impressed me today, and she deserves the promotion.

Owen – I’m sure she’ll be okay with it. Lola seems like a fair person. How’s everything going with her boyfriend and her?

Jarrah – She, and Jayson are good. She often worries that her schedule will end up breaking them up. I told her to relax… that Jayson’s older… mature… and he has a demanding schedule as well. Long as they make time for each other, and remain understanding.. they’ll be okay.

Owen – Absolutely.

Jarrah – So do you think I was a bitch to Mahlia and Orion?

Owen – No- well.. I think you should take it easy on Orion… if I’m being honest, he seems like a good guy.

Jarrah – And your opinion has nothing to do with the fact that he likes you more than Shane? *laughs*

Owen – *laughing* No….. not entirely.

Jarrah – You’re not mad that he looked you up?

Owen – No… because he’s a parent. I get it.

Jarrah – True…

Owen – As for Mahlia… she sounds like a terrible person. You handled yourself good.

Jarrah – Thank you.

I’m surprised that he’s not upset about Orion being invasive. Parent or not… its kind of rude right? Owen’s a good guy, because if it were me I’d be a little upset. Maybe he’s not so mad because I told him that Orion likes him more than Shane.

Jarrah – So, your turn.

Owen – Well I told you about My dad, and Issac calling it quits.

Jarrah – Yeah.

Owen – I didn’t go into detail about how it makes me feel.

Jarrah – You didn’t.

Owen – I feel like such a child saying this… but I feel like my family is falling apart.

Jarrah – Keegan will still be your brother…. just in a non legal way. You can still keep in contact with Issac…

Owen – I know but I feel like its going to be very different now. I grew up with a homophobic, ignorant mother who refused to tell me about my dad. I found him, and with him came a family. It was something I never knew I was missing. I’ve had so much fun with Issac, Keegan, and my father… and now its done. It makes me sad.

Jarrah – I understand, and it makes perfect sense.

Poor baby…. I can’t imagine how that feels. My parents are like soulmates- they’d never leave each other. I do wonder sometimes how Micah and I would feel if they suddenly hated each other and called it quits… but then reality hits, and I realize they still do PDA and have sex… yuck. Honestly my parents are inseparable.

Owen – So yeah I’m dealing with that. Then works sucks because I have a demanding client. She’s one of those rich women who thinks the world is at her feet you know? entitled and just… rude. Then we have the….. lunch situation.

Jarrah – Yeah…. that.

Owen – I hate to sound like a possessive manchild… but seeing you happy with him made my heart hurt.

Jarrah – I understand…. and I’m sorry you had to see that.

Owen – He’s a pretty boy…

Jarrah – *laughs* Shane’s….. Shane.

Owen – Kind of dickish… but to be fair I was being a dick too.

Jarrah – You both were so combative…. it was kind of funny.

Owen – I want you to myself, and I want him gone…. I really like you, and I want to be selfish with you. Don’t respond to that either, its just something I wanted to put out there. *smiles*

Jarrah – *smiles*

So I think I’ve been doing a good job with the dating two men thing- but sooner or later… things are going to get complicated. I find myself hoping it happens soon.. because currently I don’t like one over the other. I figured naturally it would just happen. I’d wake up and realize I like Shane, or Owen… but nope… I’m in limbo with my feelings.

Owen – I was very nervous on my way to pick you up?

Jarrah – Why?

Owen – When I’m with you, I just want everything to be perfect. You deserve that.

Jarrah – That’s sweet, and everything being perfect would be great… but I’m okay with life throwing things at me… it builds character.

Owen – True.

Jarrah – I feel like I need to walk around.

Owen – Perfect… because I was gonna suggest we go for a walk.

Jarrah – Lead the way.

Not to get too preachy… but when you’re going through something… and you’re upset, its important to remember that there is someone out there who has it worse. Owen’s such a nice guy, and he’s expressed how he’s feeling about his parents…. but I know he’s hurting a lot more than he’s letting on. I wonder how Keegan’s taking it. I should call him when I get a chance.

All that aside, Its been a magical night and I’ve ate enough to not eat for another two days. He put a lot of effort into tonight, and I appreciate that. He made me feel like a princess, and that doesn’t happen everyday for a single mother of one. I’m gonna plan something special for him too. I’m equal opportunity, men should be spoiled by women too. Return the favor ladies- but ONLY for men who deserve it! *laughs*

Owen – I can’t walk any further.

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Owen – I’m fine… but I need to do this… *kisses Jarrah*

Owen – I really really really really like you Jarrah.

Jarrah – I like you a lot too Owen. *smiles*

Ana Lucia – So this is where you ran off to?

Jarrah – …………..Umm

Owen – Ana Lucia… what- what are you doing here?

Ana Lucia – Don’t you mean how did I find you? I have my ways… and you have some explaining to do.

Jarrah – ………..He does…..

Ana Lucia – When you’re married, you don’t just leave a mother and child Owen… it took us forever to find you.

Owen – Jarrah I can explain this.

Jarrah – ………

What the hell? he’s married? and he has a child? wow talk about dishonesty… this is such a shit way to end a perfect night. Like this woman said… Owen has some explaining to do….. but I’m so mad right now that I don’t even know that I want to hear it. Should I walk back in the restaurant and call Frankie and Kaori to come get me? or should I play out this episode of Jerry Springer?….. *cell phone vibrates* …..Why is Keegan texting me?


~End Of Chapter Two Pt 1 | Chapter Two Pt 2 is Next~



  1. GASP! Owen’s married??? There has to be an explanation! Maybe this Ana Lucia is psycho :D. *sigh* For a minute there I thought Jarrah had decided to choose Owen but now who knows what’s going to happen! While I’m on the subject of Jarrah, I think she handled Mahlia and Orion just fine. She doesn’t need to be buddy buddy with Orion if they aren’t together. They just need to be civil. As for Mahlia, I don’t know who she thinks she’s calling trashy!! She’s the one chasing after all of Jarrah’s leftovers!!

    It’s pretty sad that Isaac’s in another failed relationship :(, But is he really going to get back together with Riley?? That would be a fairytale ending for him :D. Riley has always been the love of his life! I can’t blame Keegan for being upset about the divorce though. Also, you really scared me with that bloody pic of Zoey! I thought she hurt herself! Glad things didn’t turn out a lot worse. Poor girl, kids are vicious! I hope Keegan can do something about the bullying :\. On a side note, it’s a little funny how Curtis happens to be around whenever Keegan and Priscilla are half naked XD

  2. Well as you know in this series… secrets come out. There is way more to the story and Ana Lucia… Jarrah had such a good night with Owen, only for the ending to go to shit.

    I wonder how you’ll feel about Mahlia as the season goes on… she’s very…. out there with her opinions/comments She has relationships with both Jarrah and Kaori… so you’ll see how it differs.

    Issac & Riley…. my OTP…. but that’s not to say they will work out… or will they? No they wont… yes they will… maybe… maybe not.

    The Zoey thing will create a fallout… but not just for Keegan…. you’ll see in the next update… which I actually just finished posting! #Slay

    Thanks again for always reading and comment ❤

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