{BnG Season 3} Chapter One Part 3 : “This is me now”

Chapter One | Pt. 3 “This is me now”

-POV’s : Jeep Jonah & Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jeep Jonah)

So by now I’m sure you’ve probably got your mind made up about me. You’ve seen my argument with Frankie, you’ve seen how I look now.. and of course you know that I’m no longer with Christine. So with knowing all of that, you must be thinking… “I don’t like this new douchebag Jeep” well….. one.. I no longer go by the name Jeep, and two, I’m not a douchebag. Never judge a book by its cover. Lets instead talk about it. I’m the king of the house, I’m the leader of the frathouse now. I’ve shed some pounds… bulked up a little bit. I’ve also gained confidence. I’m not that timid guy anymore. It doesn’t mean I’ve become some sort of insensitive douchebag.

As far as the Jeep thing goes… honestly, I’ve always hated that name. It was a joke- but then I felt like it was a term of endearment by my friends. Then I started to realize what the name meant. It tied me to the person that I no longer was. So you’re damn right I don’t want to be called Jeep anymore. You may have come to like the name, but I’m completely over it. What else- oh the Christine thing… *sigh* lets just talk about that later.. today is too nice to be talking about dark clouds. Anyway… Hangout with me, and if by the end of the night you dislike the new me.. then fine.

Javier – Jonah!

Quincy – Dude! hello!

Jonah – Yeah?

Quincy (Red Shirt) – Umm… we have an issue.

Javier (Grey Hoodie) – A big issue!

Quincy – Don’t be dramatic Javi…

Jonah – What’s going on? did Fred eat all the hotdogs again?

Javier – No

Quincy – Nope-

Jonah – Then what is it?!

Quincy – We got company.

Javier – On the front lawn…

Quincy – Code Red.

Jonah – Ugh… again?

Javier – Really loud too..

Quincy – I’m still hungover, I don’t feel like dealing with it-

Jonah – … Fine.. I’ll handle it.

Yeah.. Code Red is something we’ve come to experience in the past 2 months. Oh and obviously you know Javier… but the other guy is Quincy Wood. He’s really cool. Anyway… guess I should go deal with code red.

This is a regular occurrence, but I’m pretty sure this visit was brought on by the party last night.

Jules – We want respect!- no! we DEMAND respect!

Tiff – Yeah! we are your equal!

Luna – Treat us as so!

Portia – *smiles*

Penny – You guys don’t respect us!

Jonah – Jules, what the fuck is your problem?

Jules – You and your gang of idiots need to realize you’re not the only ones who live on this block!

Jonah – *sarcastic tone* wow Jules… your tone sounds very pointed right now.

Jules – Don’t fuck with me JEEP

Jonah – Right… I am shaking in my shorts.

Jules – You guys were so disrespectful last night! that party was out of control!

Jonah – Are you mad that you weren’t invited?

Jules – Cut the shit! you were a loser named Jeep! I don’t care if you’ve changed your name or not!

Jonah – You wanna talk about how I was? really? because you were a goth weirdo looking for attention… perhaps you’re a schizo…  maybe that’s another reason Keegan couldn’t stay with you!

Jules – Oh you wanna go there?

Jonah – You went there first, queen of extreme.

Jules – Keegan’s a lying, cheating douche… and you… well Christine told me all about you.

Jonah – I don’t give a fuck about what Christine has told you.

Jules – You’re such a misogynistic asshole-

Jonah – And here we go with this same song and dance- is there some sort of handbook you’ve memorized or something?

Jules – If you don’t start showing respect to my sorority I will go to the Dean.


Jules – Amina is on her way to class! so I’m handling it

Jonah – I highly doubt a cool chick like Amina cares this much. Actually come to think of it, she was here doing jell-0 shots last night.

Jules – I doubt it- no.. back to what I was saying-

??? – Oh my god give it a rest already Jules!

Ha! my girl!

Jules – Excuse me?!

Pearl – I said give it a rest! you’re acting like a crazy bitch.

Jules – Bitch? oh wow.. there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.

Pearl – Why because I don’t support this dumbass protest?!

Jules – These boys!- because I refuse to call them MEN!- they were loud and obnoxious last night! all the plastic cups-

Pearl – So what? do you see any trash on the street? Also you guys seemed to have gotten up just fine this moring.. enough time to smear on pounds of make-up too!

Jules – You are such an anti-feminist. Its so sad… you want to look so cool in front of these guys.. they don’t respect you.

Pearl – *laughing hysterically* Oh Jules, eat me. I don’t care about any of this nonsense. You need to get a fucking life.

Jules – Don’t come running to us when you’re touched inappropriately by one of them.

My guys would never do anything like that, but according to Jules, all men are potential rapist… stupid ass..

Pearl – Oh my!

Jules – Rape is not a joke!

Pearl – You’d know right? since you’ve been raped?

Jules – No, I wasn’t.

Pearl – Well my cousin was, so… don’t speak about things you have no clue about.

Jules – I find it so odd how you, and your bestfriend Karin thinks its okay to have these guys backs. They’re monsters! and that makes me wonder what type of women you two are.

Jonah – Okay that’s enough, no need to bring my girlfriend into this.

Jules – I’m going to the Dean!

Pearl – You can try.. but technically.. since you didn’t call in it last night you have no case. College is supposed to be fun, and we had fun at the party last night. It would be your word against his, and I have his back.

Jules – Aren’t you studying film?…. Leave the legally blonde thing to the movies okay sweetheart?

Pearl – Eat my ass Jules.

Jules – Disgusting…. Girls? lets go.

Tiff – We’re not done!

Luna – You haven’t heard the last of us.

Penny – You guys need some manners.

Portia – This is ridiculous.

Jules – She’s right.. you haven’t heard the last of us.. you men are vile, and you PEARL… you’re probably the worst woman I’ve ever met.

Pear – Aww I love you too! buh-bye!

Jonah – Get your stupid ass off my lawn.

Jules – You’re gonna get yours… both of you.

Pearl – I look forward to reading about this on your blog!

Jonah – *laughs*

[Top Pic]

How great is Pearl? like seriously? 1 of her vs 5 girls.. and she didn’t back down.

Mike – Pearl…. you’re fucking awesome….. and hot.

Pearl – Thank you Mike!

Javier – Yeah Pearl, you kick ass.

Pearl – Thanks Javi!

Quincy – You think they’ll come back tonight?

Jonah – They better fucking not..

DJ – If they do, lets spray them with water.

Lurch – Shall we boil it?-

Jonah – Whoa whoa whoa Lurch… no… we’re not animals.. we’re talking about with a cold water-hose

Garrett – Psycho…

Lurch – Lurch sorry.

DJ – Its okay Lurch.

I swear if we don’t watch him, he’d burn down the house..

Fred – Guys I just got a campus alert.. the GCU Diner is doing cheese fries for half off today.

Garrett – Nobody cares about food right now Fred…

Pearl – I could actually go for some fries.

Jonah – Me too.

Quincy – Guys lets go inside… we still have lots to clean up from the party.

Jonah – Thanks Quincy.

Quincy – No problem.

Javier – ………..Kiss ass.

Quincy – Oh shut up.

[Bottom Pic]

Jonah – Thanks for that.

Pearl – No problem, one : You’re my bestfriend’s boyfriend.. and two : I had fun at the party.

Jonah – You don’t think we’re being assholes do you?

Pearl – No.

Jonah – We were a little loud last night, and I would have apologized but she’s a complete bitch.

Pearl – I don’t blame you, and just to put this out there… I am a feminist.. I just don’t agree with extreme feminist like her.

Jonah – Good to know.

Pearl – Also just to let you know, if you hurt Karin, I’ll find you.. and cut your dick off. K’?

Jonah – *Laughs* Got it. So what’s up?

Pearl – Oh nothing.. Karin’s in class, and I’m bored because I don’t have any today. So I decided to come hang.

Jonah – Oh okay, cool.

Pearl – Plus its fun watching the guys drool over me.

Jonah – They all want me to hook you up with them… just cause I’m with Karin.

Pearl – I bet!

Jonah – Are you into any of them?

Pearl – Mike, and Quincy are sexy… DJ, and Javier are adorable… but I don’t know.

Jonah – Well umm, I guess you can chill by the pool or something. We’re gonna be cleaning-

Pearl – I’ll help.

Jonah – You don’t have to.

Pearl – I helped make the mess… plus I did puke on the mechanical bull.

Jonah – I was wondering what that smell was.

Well good morning right? I’m still hungover like the rest of the house, and we had to deal with Jules. Like…. she only pulled this shit because Amina’s at class. Which now that I think about it- Amina, the Queen Bee of the Sorority house was not here, and neither was Jojo, or Bianca. Guess they weren’t down with the cause… that or they had class. Whatever, I really don’t care at this point. If the girls want a war… then game on. Jules and her pack of wild animals ruined my plans. I was gonna show you around the place- because its a little different from the last time you seen it- but instead I had to deal with this.. oh well.. things don’t always go as planned. I’ll see you guys a bit later.

(POV Kaori)

You know, it would be really easy for me to just drop out of college. I already have a great fucking job… why stress about school right?- WRONG… last thing I want is my parents paying for three years of college, and I decide to quit right before the finish line. It is beyond hard doing school, and work- especially with my new responsibilities at work. Not to mention, a bitch has to have a personal life too… or else I’d go crazy.

Isn’t it crazy to think about how I was when we first met? Didn’t really know what I wanted in life- rude, and abrasive… I’ve grown quite a bit, if I do say so myself. That’s me totally tooting my own horn- but dammit why not? Its all about growing, and maturing.

Magdalena – Oh my goodness, where the fuck is Professor Abbott?

Bianca – Right? he’s never late.

Kaori – I’m 10 seconds from leaving to be honest.

Aries – Yeah, I have things to do-

Kingston – Uh excuse me? *taps mic* Hey guys…

Rubi – Oh hell no, that loser is about to speak-

Karin – Jonah told me about him…

Rubi – Yep… nude scandal all because of his ugly ass.

Fockky – Hey guys, Kingston’s trying to talk… don’t be rude.

Lars – Who cares.

JoJo – *laughs* don’t be a dick Lars.

Lars – What’s up with you Joanna?… your boyfriend Harrison graduated.. are y’all-

Jojo – We broke up.

Lars – So it would be okay if I asked you out?

Jojo – You’re cute Lars, and I applaud your choice in deciding to be a better person- and stop selling drugs, but if I’m being honest…. I’m kinda just focusing on my last year here.. no distraction.. no boys.

Lars – I can respect that.

Myra – I love your haircut Rubi.

Rubi – Oh thanks girl! You know I be on fleek. My Bae loves it too.

Myra – Aww….. I saw you and your bae on your instagram.. it was-

Karin – Why do you keep interupting my conversation? can you not?

Myra – Wow… bitch much?

Karin – For you?… I’ll be that bitch.

Myra – Save it sweetheart…

Karin – No you save it, and attend to your fucking child….

Myra – My son is well taken care of bitch!

Karin – Anyway…. so Rubi, Jonah and I were-

Kingston – Umm.. guys-

Kaori – Just fucking speak dude…

Kingston – Okay, umm… so I’m having a party, and I was wondering if you guys would wanna come? I’m not a popular guy- but I’ll have booze and chips… I can get anything else you guys want.

Fockky – ………..

Kaori – …………

Karin – You’re aware that the Frat just had a party last night right?

Rubi – Who the hell wants to go to your lame ass shit? Have a seat Kingston… you’s a lame!

Kingston – Whatever fatass.

Kaori – *laughs*………..rude….. *laughing*

Aries – K’! stop… Rubi’s comfortable with her weight, but it doesn’t make fat shaming okay.

Kaori – While I agree…. its still hilarious.

Rubi – Kingston, you wish you could handle a woman like me.

Kingston – You sloppy body ass bitch…. you’re not even cute! hella fat, and you smell like a bag of hot cheetoes…

Karin – Hey, dreadlocks… shut your fucking face. You’d be lucky if anyone pays you attention… you’re a none factor buddy!

Kingston – ……..Fuck you Karin!

Karin – That’s the best you can do?…

Fockky – Guys stop it okay? this isn’t high school.

Rubi – Easy for you to say, when you’re not the one he’s calling a fatass.

Fockky – He’s wrong for that, but at the same time.. you attacked him first. Obviously its hard for him to get up there and try and invite people to a party. I don’t know what type of delusions you’re under… but you’re not even popular Rubi… you should understand.

Rubi – Fockky-girl please. Don’t get dropped.

Fockky – Rubi, I knocked you out last time we fought! your wig went flying into the punch bowl.

Rubi – Round two mothafucka!

Karin – Oh my god, ignore that long face bitch, Rubi.

Fockky – Excuse me? really long face?! really!?

Karin – You look in the mirror every morning, I’m sure you’re aware of that long face Fockky.

Fockky – You need to watch what you-

Kaori – Everybody should just… ya know… shut up.

Karin – Whatever- anyway, Rubi.. like I was saying.

I honestly can’t stand Karin… she’s a rude ass bitch… and she knows not to try me. Only reason she talks to Frankie in a fucked up way is because they be at work.. if it were anywhere else she’d know better. She’s a cute girl, I’ll give her that… but her mouth is gonna get her in trouble. Not everybody is as nice as Frankie.. I’d pop her in the face instantly if she tried it with me.

Kingston – So… party?

Lars – Nope!

Magdalena – I kinda feel bad for Kingston.

Bianca – He’s not a good person, so don’t.

Magdalena – He’s kinda cute right?

Bianca – Umm. He’s okay….

Magdalena – Just because you’re dating Garrett doesn’t mean you can’t call another guy cute.

Bianca – He’s cute.. okay?- Kay?

Kaori – Hmm?

Bianca – I think Magdalena wants Kingston’s sausage.

Kaori – Do better girl.

Magdalena – Whatever… I just think he’s cute.

Kaori – Well seems like Fockky want’s his dick too.

Yes… I’m still friends with Magdalena, and Bianca. They’ve both changed a bit since you’ve seen them. Bianca’s dating a frat boy- and she’s actually a sorority sister now. Magdalena, is less goofy, and she and her brother Javier are closer than ever. I’m thinking it had something to do with Miguel’s death… Oddly enough Magdalena, and Myra Kelley aren’t really friends. You’d think they would be considering they both dated Miguel.. but to each their own.

Magdalena – Well I know I’m cuter than her…

Bianca – Well, then I guess you’re set to marry him.

Kaori – *laughs* Oh my god speaking of weddings… hey Aries?

Aries – Hmm?

Kaori – How does it feel to be Alana’s favorite person?

Aries – Well…. its odd.

Kaori – Oh trust me I know… Alana and I were always just stepsister who didn’t get along.. but we’re cool now.

Aries – Well it seems like since the whole secret kid thing was exposed, that everyone in the family is close now.

Kaori – Secret kid has a name.

Aries – Vira….

Kaori – Right.

Aries – She’s nice… a bit… in your face about feminism, but nice.

Kaori – Yeah, but anyway about Alana… she told me she was on the phone with you and Benji till like 2 last night.

Aries – Yeah- I mean we’re gay.. sure.. but we’re not wedding planners! she’s asking our advice on fucking napkins…

Kaori – I can’t believe she and Sebastian are getting married.

Aries – I know right?

Kaori – She’s getting Valeria Meade to be her wedding planner.

Aries – I’m gay- but not that gay… I have no clue who- wait.. I think my boyfriend knows her.

That’s right… as you know Alana and Sebastian had a baby girl. They named her Charlotte Grace Darwin. Anyway they’re planning a wedding… and its hilarious. Because Victoria and Alana are actually behaving like mother and daughter for once.

Kaori – Benji know’s everybody I swear.

Aries – Oh my god he was a hit at the party by the way.

Kaori – What party?- Oh Trey’s thing for Chace?

Aries – We should call him “Chase The Fun Away” because that’s what he does. He got into a fight with Dominic’s friend.. it was ridiculous.

Kaori – Oh god…

Aries – Hey have you talked to Keegan yet?

Kaori – No, but I will… we’re both just busy…

And that is not a lie. Truth be told I really do just wanna have a one on one with him… and just get to a place we’re there is no awkwardness. I think its long overdue.

Aries – I’m glad you’re okay with him and Priscilla.

Kaori – It is what it is.

Aries – Ivo says that so much… you guys really are siblings.

Kaori – Speaking of which, how was the trip to Pylea with him?

Aries – It was fun, he told me to bring Benji. So the four of us-

Kaori – Four?

Aries – His girlfriend?… Taylor?

Kaori – Oh right.

Aries – The four of us went sight-seeing.. and we ate at this expensive ass restaurant. It was a good time.

Kaori – I feel like you like hanging out with Ivo more than me.

Aries – No, I like you both… and you’re always busy.

Kaori – That’s true. Its crazy… the disconnect we had… and now I can’t get enough of you.

Aries – That’s sweet.

Rubi – Wait what the fuck happened?!

Karin – Pearl just texted me. She said the Sorority was attacking the frathouse.

Rubi – Oh hell naw!

Karin – Jules, and her fucking protesting.

Aries – Did you hear that?

Kaori – Yep…

Jeep has told me before that Jules was being a cunt from down under- I probably shouldn’t use the word cunt huh? it sounds soooo evil, and anti feminist… yeah I’m not gonna use that word anymore- but yeah.. Jules is being a mega-bitch it seems…. I still owe her a punch to the face… but I’m TRYING to be classy these days.

*Door Opens/Amina Walks in*

Amina – Hey guys?

Aries – What’s up?

Kaori – Everything okay?

Amina – Yeah, I just heard from the main office. Professor Abbott was in a car accident.. so class is canceled.

Aries – Oh god, is he-

Amina – Oh it was a fender bender…

Kaori – Was he drinking? because word on campus is that he likes the booze.

Amina – I would not be surprised.

Aries – Amina, why did your girls attack the Frat?

Amina – What?

Kaori – Apparently, some of your sorority girls went and started protesting the Frathouse.

Aries – Jules was leading the crusade.

Amina – I did not sanction that….. that fucking bitch Jules…. she gets the other girls riled up and this is what happens.

Kaori – So I’m guessing You, Bianca, and Jojo were NOT here for that.

Amina – Evidently so.

Aries – Why does Jules go behind your back?

Amina – Because she’s headstrong, and annoying. I’m gonna have to check her.

Aries – I don’t know how you do it…

Amina – Why aren’t you in the frat anymore?

Kaori – Good question.

Aries – It wasn’t for me… Its not because I was embarassed about the whole suicide attempt either… I just realized it was something I didn’t want.

Amina – Coming out helped you realize you had everything you wanted?

Aries – In a weird way, yeah. I still adore Je- Jonah, but I’m not really into the frat thing anymore.

Amina – I feel you, and you Kaori?

Kaori – Oh hell no, I’d be in jail for kicking Jules ass.. I already don’t like that bitch-

Amina – Yeah…. she told the house what happened. I don’t judge though.

Kaori – Thanks.


Thank god… I’m gonna get out of here and go rest for a while before work.

Lars – Wow Magdalena is pretty… never noticed.

Jojo – That bitch Karin is rude.

Myra – I know right? she’s lucky I didn’t snatch her up in this classroom…


Magdalena – Okay so you’re in the sorority house- and you date a fratboy.. hook me up with one of them!

Bianca – Well what is your type exactly?


Karin – You’re seeing him after this right?

Rubi – Yeah, I’m gonna pick up my friend- well we’re not that close anymore, but whatever. I’m picking up a friend, and we’re going over there to meet with him.

Karin – Oh okay, because he said he had all of these ideas.


Kingston – Thanks for being nice Fockky.

Fockky – A year ago you wouldn’t even talk to me…. you thought you were too cool, hanging out with Mason.

Kingston – He dropped out…. and now I’m friendless.. everyone thinks I’m a loser.

Fockky – I don’t…. and you gotta stop calling yourself that. If you want to be okay here.. you gotta right your wrongs.

Kingston – Guess I need to talk to Jonah…


Amina – I should probably go into work early since-

Aries – Hey before you go.

Amina – Hmm?

Aries – I hungout with Kash at your cousin’s party.

Amina – Trey invited her- him?

Aries – Yeah, Trey thought it would be good for Kash to meet more guys.

Amina – That’s true… then she could feel like one of the guys- I’m sorry, bad habit. I keep calling him, a her. Its a twin thing. I love my sis-brother. I love my brother.. its just taking a while to adjust you know? I probably sound like a horrible sister.

Aries – No I understand.. and that’s what I wanted to talk to you about… I had a hard time with my sexuality… I wanted to take my life. So I think its important that everyone makes Kash feel good about who he is… you know? especially his twin sister.

Amina – You’re right.


*Phone Rings*

Better not be Ms. Owens telling me I have more work to do.. because I’m already tired, and I haven’t even worked today. Did I mention that Ms. Owens decided to hire her fucking daughter Mahlia? so I gotta work with her stupid ass? girl…… I’ll save that for later. I should probably answer this phone… a number I don’t know…

Kaori – Hello?

Ian – Oh, hey…. your number still works. Good.

Kaori – Who is this?

Ian – Ian…. Alexander?

Kaori – Oh hey!- weird.. your number didn’t come up under your name on the caller I-D.

Ian – I got a new number…

Kaori – Oh okay… wow, I didn’t expect to be hearing from you… last time we talked was in Bridgeport at that coffee shop…  like a year ago.

Ian – Yeah, I umm… got busy…

Kaori – With work?

Ian – Yeah… but…. I am officially here.

Kaori – By here, you mean?

Ian – I live in GloCity now…. I just got here yesterday

Kaori – Oh wow, why here, and not Bridgeport?

Ian – I didn’t want the big city feel you know?

Kaori – I understand.

Ian – So umm… I’m sorry were you busy?

Kaori – No, my class just got cancelled.

Ian – Oh okay.

Kaori – What are you doing?

Ian – Just got out of a movie.

Kaori – On a date?

Ian – Nah, I saw Jurassic World by myself.

Kaori – Ah, I saw that with my sister..

Ian – You have a sister?- Oh Alana? the step-

Kaori – No… I have a blood related sister named Vira… I’ll have to explain that to you in person.

Ian – Well that’s actually why I’m calling.

Kaori – Oh?

Ian – I don’t have much furniture in my place, I’m new here… and I was hoping we could hangout tonight.

Fuck… tonight?

Kaori – I…… can’t.

Ian – ……………Oh!…. umm… okay….. that’s alright…

Kaori – Well its not because I don’t want to… its because- god this is embarrassing. I have a match dot com date…..

Ian – Oh…. wow.. okay well-

Kaori – Should I not have told you that?

Ian – No, its okay… I’m not expecting anything here.. just wanted to hangout…. I guess I could always just use my laptop and watch netflix on my couch.

Kaori – You don’t even have a bed?

Ian – Its coming tomorrow morning.

Kaori – Poor thing…

Ian – I’ll survive.

Kaori – How about this…..

Ian – I’m listening.

Kaori – We can hangout tomorrow… I don’t have class in the morning, so lets grab a coffee.. here in GloCity?

Ian – Yeah…. yeah… that works.

Kaori – Sorry…

Ian – For what?

Kaori – I don’t know…. if I’m being honest, you seem lonely… and maybe you were looking forward to hanging out tonight.

Ian – I am…. but its okay. I’ll binge watch Orange Is The New Black. I’ll be okay until we get coffee tomorrow.

Kaori – Okay cool.

Ian – Alright, I’ll talk to you later.

Kaori – Okay bye.

Ian – Later.

Who the hell have I become? usually I’d be like oh well dude… but part of me feel bad that I have a- “prior engagement” as Frankie would call it. I am glad he’s back though… I do look forward to getting to know him. I haven’t REALLY known him since high school, and I’m a completely different person since then. I assume he is too, but you never know… girls mature faster than boys after all- *laughs* Vira would be very happy at that feminist statement I just made.

Oh and yes… I’m totally ignoring explaining the whole match dot com thing- but I’ll just say that Vira thought it was a good idea to sign me up… I hate her for it.. okay I don’t but yeah. Now I’m going on a date tonight… lets pray it turns out okay… I’m really just going for the free drinks- and don’t worry, I’ll take a uber, or cab home. Anyway.. I gotta run.. I’ll see you guys later… most likely at work. Bye!

(POV Jeep Jonah) [20 minutes later]

So after cleaning up the house, it was time to get started on my project for class. I have to film a short film, and the theme is “Being Lost” My partner is Rubi- which… I’m not 100% against. Thing is, Rubi may be a lot of things, but her father was a movie director… she does have some insight on things. At least I hope that’s the case, because she brags so much about it. In case you’re wondering about the girl with the black hair, that’s BingBing. Remember her? she was Rubi’s bestfriend? well two things have changed, she’s not blonde anymore, and she’s not Rubi’s bestfriend anymore. They’re cordial, but for the most part they don’t really talk. I don’t know why… but its not my business you know? I’m just happy Bingbing decided to be my lead actress for the project.

Bingbing – I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to be in this area.

Jonah – Its abandoned.. nobody’s gonna find out.

Rubi – Gotta break rules sometimes.. don’t be such a tight-ass.

Bingbing – Ever since you started dating that Adam dude, you’ve been a real bitch… more than usual.

Rubi – My bae, is off-topic.

Bingbing – And you hangout with Karin, and Pearl… its like you think you’re so popular now. Newsflash.. this is college… nobody cares about that.

Jonah – Something wrong with my girlfriend, and Pearl?

Bingbing – No, I’ve never had an issue with them- BUT Rubi acts differently because they talk to her.

Rubi – Let me tell you something Miss Bing Bing…

Jonah – Oh here we go…

So much for them being cordial…

Rubi – Pearl, and Karin are talented just like I am… I can’t help it that I’m hanging out with people on my level.

Bingbing – …………..Whatever you say.

Rubi – You keep hanging out with Fockky, and I’ll hangout with my NEW friends. End of discussion.

Bingbing – Don’t talk to me like I’m a child…. you’ve always been mean, but now you’re the devil.

Rubi – Girl bye! BYE FELICIA!

Bingbing – What?!

Jonah – Who the hell is Felicia?

Rubi – Its a saying….

Jonah – Moving on…. Lets talk about what I want in this short film-

Rubi – What we want.

Bingbing – *rolls eyes*

Rubi – Girl I will choke you…. don’t be rolling your eyes at me.

Bingbing – Rubi… stop it. Your fatass cannot fight… your best bet is to try and suffocate me with one of your rolls.

Rubi – Oh so now we FAT SHAMING UP IN HERE?!

Jonah – SHUT UP! FUCK!

Rubi – …………..

Bingbing – ……………….

Jonah – We’re all working together.. lets cut the bullshit okay?

Bingbing – As long as she’s respectful, then I’m good.

Rubi – Well you better respect me too!

Jonah – …………..moving on for the second fucking time…

Bingbing – Okay so what is this short film about?

Rubi – You run away from home, because you’re terrified of an abusive boyfriend.

Jonah – No, that’s too dark… She runs away because her parents are putting pressure on her.

Rubi – I like the abuse angle.

Jonah – I don’t. This angle is more relatable.

Working with Rubi can be annoying as fuck.. she has her ideas, I have mine. The only difference is that I’m willing to compromise, she isn’t.

Bingbing – So I end up here?

Jonah – I was thinking that you came here and had a drink… to clear your mind. You end up drunk, and curious.. so you go in that cave.

Rubi – We’re gonna tear the boards down.

Bingbing – I’m not going in there!

Rubi – We’re gonna check it out before you do… goodness stop being such a-

Jonah – So basically you go in there, and you’re gonna find a girl, a young girl. And you guys end up talking about why you’re both in the cave. Why you don’t want to leave…

Rubi – But the girl is trying to tell you, all the reasons you should leave.

Jonah – So then, after some time… you decide you want to go home. You get up and walk towards the light- the cave exit… you turn around to tell the girl to come with you.. but you’re alone in the cave.

Rubi – She was never there. You were alone the whole time.

Jonah – So then you walk out of the cave, and we cut to you in the hospital waking up out of a coma.

Rubi – The cave was the coma.. you walked out-

Jonah – So you woke up.

Bingbing – Wow…

Jonah – So then as you’re hugging your family… you see out the door the little girl from the cave… she smiles and waves at you.. and you wave back.

Rubi – The end.

Bingbing – Wait, why was I in a coma?

Jonah – Oh right, after fighting with your folks, you ran down the stairs of your home to leave-

Rubi – But you tripped and fell. You hit your head.

Bingbing – Okay cool… wow.. I like it.

Rubi – Well, you have no choice.

Jonah – Rubi!

Rubi – I’m gonna take 5.. I need a breather.

Jonah – Bingbing?

Bingbing – Yeah?

Jonah – Sidebar please….

Because I’m over this shit…

[Top Pic]

Jonah – What the fuck happened with you and Rubi? I know its not any of my business, but its affecting the work.. so now I wanna know.

Bingbing – Rubi was a loser, and nobody liked her. I was one of her only friends. She then started being bestfriend with Trey, and Aries. Then you… and your girlfriend Karin, and Pearl. So she stopped calling me. She didn’t even tell me what I did wrong. I thought we were friends. At first I thought okay, maybe its because she has a new boyfriend.. but nope.. she decided to drop me for no reason, and that hurt my feelings.

Jonah – That’s beyond fucked up… I’m sorry she did that.

Bingbing – Its not your fault- and come on…. are you seriously surprised? She’s so full of herself. Sure she’s funny sometimes… and her confidence is infectious- but lets be honest here Jonah. Rubi isn’t that great of a person.

Jonah – You’re right… she has some…. flaws…

Bingbing – She constantly brags about her has-been father… and how she’s rich, and better than everybody else. She’s not nice.

Jonah – Are your feelings still hurt?

Bingbing – Yes, because she still doesn’t acknowledge how she treated me. Also you know what’s super annoying?

Jonah – What?

Bingbing – And I love the LGBT community so forgive me for wording it this way- but…. Rubi’s the biggest fag-hag ever. She constantly drags her boyfriend to gay events… like… stop it.

Jonah – I think she’s like that because her brother is gay… also her and Aries have a connection because of everything they went through….. but I do agree that she’s… not easy to get along with.

Bingbing – She and her gay brother don’t really get along… at least thats the story she told me.. who knows with her. She may decide tomorrow that she’s related to Michael Jackson or something.

Jonah – *laughs* Very true….

Bingbing – Look.. for you… I’ll try and get along with her. Its just hard, I pretty much hate her.

Jonah – I understand.. and thanks… I’ll have a talk with her too.. so we’re all on the same page.

Wow… That is pretty messed up. Bingbing was there for Rubi when everybody else thought she was a joke. Kinda shady to just drop her because you got new friends… I feel bad for Bingbing. I know deep down Rubi isn’t a terrible person, but its hard to argue that when she hurts people’s feelings like she did Bingbing.

Rubi – Umm… FIVE-O! FIVE-O!

Jonah – What?

Bingbing – The police are here…

Jonah – Great…..

This is just what I need…. cops.

Travis – *southern accent* Well here we go.

Diego – Just shut up, and let me do the talking. There is nothing intimidating about that country accent.

Travis – No need to be rude Officer Gonzalez….

Diego – I can’t believe they stuck me with you today…

Travis – I didn’t just graduate police academy.. I was a cop back home.. you should show some type of respect.

Diego – Respect deez nuts.

Travis – Childish…

[Bottom Pic]

Rubi – What’s good po-po?

Bingbing – We were just leaving-

Jonah – No we weren’t, let me handle this.

He looks familiar.

Diego – You know you guys are on private property right? this is a restricted area.

Travis – We got a call saying some college kids were up here…. so pack it up guys.

Jonah – We’ll be done in like 15 minutes, just-

Diego – No, you’re done now…. I don’t know what you’re doing up here with this asian, and this fat girl, but you need to stop it.

Rubi – Oh hell naw!

Travis – What officer Diego means is-

Diego – Don’t try and talk for me Officer BOONE

Jonah – We’re already here, I’m doing a project for school.. I promise we’ll be done in-

Diego – Dude shut the fuck up, don’t argue with the law… get your tattooed ass out of here.. take Mulan and Ursla with you.

Bingbing – Are you seriously being racist?

Rubi – Ursla!?

Diego – Are you seriously arguing with a cop?

Rubi – I’m gonna need you to stop calling me fat!

Travis – You’re not fat miss… you’re fine the way you are. Not everyone is a size two.

Rubi – Thank you! at least you have some manners.

Jonah – Why are you being so rude?

Diego – I said get the fuck out of here- or would you like to get cuffed?! For all I know you, the asian, and the fatty were up here about to have sex… maybe I should take you all in.

Travis – Diego!

Ding Ding Ding, that’s why he’s familiar.. he’s Officer Douche-Pants… Diego Gonzalez.

Jonah – Oooooh… Now it makes sense.. you’re that asshole cop Keegan hates….

Diego – Keegan’s a pussy.

Jonah – Which is why he kicked your ass at police academy, and you both almost got kicked out?

Diego – You weren’t even there faggot-

Rubi – Now hold on! Fat Shaming, homophobia… what next? police brutality? Come on Jonah, lets just go back to GCU-

Diego – Wait! GCU…. Jonah… are you the punk bitch that was giving my girlfriend a hard time this morning?

Jonah – Let me guess… Jules told you about her stupid ass protest?

Diego – If I weren’t on duty I’d knock you the fuck out…

Jonah – Well… too bad then.. Lets go guys….

I’m not gonna push my luck.. he seems like he’s ready to bring out the handcuffs.

Diego – You better leave!

Bingbing – I’m gonna file a report about harassment…

Diego – Yeah yeah..

Travis – I’m so sorry ma’am…

Diego – Hey Fratboy! keep the noise down, or I’ll be at your door!

Jonah – Fuck off!

Rubi – …………..

Jonah – Are you okay?

Rubi – I’m just mad that- that fucker had the audacity to call me fat. This is the third time today!

Jonah – Who else called you fat?

Rubi – Besides Bingbing, and that cop?

Jonah – Yeah.

Rubi – That lame ass, Kingston.

Jonah – Ugh…. I hope you ripped him a new one.

Rubi – He wants sympathy for being a loser, but it was all fun and games when he was stealing your laptop, and helping expose your junk. You remember that?

Jonah – Yeah.. Its hard to forget a nude pic scandal….. considering it was my dick in the pic….

Rubi – Fuck everybody.. lets go get some cheese fries.. they’re on sale at the GCU Diner.

Jonah – Alright, should we invite Bingbing?

Rubi – She has a class in 30 minutes, so no… ugh wait till I tell Adam about this…. though I feel like he’s annoyed with me or something.

Jonah – Why?

Rubi – Because I always make him hangout with my gay friends… he doesn’t have any straight male friends.

Jonah – Well…. how about this…

I’m totally gonna regret this.

Rubi – What?

Jonah – Me, Karin… you and Adam… double date?

Rubi – That would be awesome! thanks Jonah!

Jonah – No problem.. now lets go get those fries.

Man.. can you believe this shit? Jules and her fucking boyfriend.. serious thorns in my side. Sure we shouldn’t have been here, but was the racist, and homophobic stuff really necessary? How the hell this dude ended up a cop is baffling. I hope Bingbing does file a report… though I’m sure he’ll somehow get off with a warning. Wait till I tell Keegan about this shit…. So not only do I gotta watch my back with Jules, but now her cop boyfriend as well. Fuck my life.

(POV Kaori) [In Bridgeport]

Sup, bitches… I am here at work… Siren Ad Agency. I came in expecting to be worked like a dog today, but it actually was a chill day. I didn’t have much to do. So Kyle and I just bullshitted around, and talked about our mornings. Then miss Brie Anderson joined us- his girlfriend. You know, the one he was crying about? the one that lived in Magik City? Yeah.. her. She’s super sweet though. I like her a lot.

Kyle – So what’s going on babe?

Brie – Nothing much, just figured I’d stop by and say hi.

Kaori – My dads okay with that?

She works for my dad’s photography company.

Brie – He’s fine with it. I finished all my work for today- actually not just for today… kinda for a while.

Kaori – What?

Brie – Well the LC Agency contacted him, and they needed a photographer.. so he thought I should go represent the company and work for them.

Kaori – So you’re working for both?

Brie – Yeah.

Kaori – Well that’s cool…. and yeah my friend Jarrah works at the LC Agency.. she’s mad cool, you’ll like her.

Brie – Good to know.

Kyle – All this work.. I hope you still got time for me babe *laughs*

Brie – Considering how fricken cute you are… I got all the time in the world.

Its nice to see them all lovey-dovey… considering they had a big fight over this dude named Chet- who coincidentally actually lives in GloCity now.

Kaori – Hey Brie?

Brie – Yeah?

Kaori – Do you see a lot of people from Magik City around?

Brie – Yes, and no… but it doesn’t bother me considering.

So basically there was a big earthquake in Magik City, some people stayed there and are rebuilding. Others either moved here, GloCity, or CCity.

Kyle – Lots of Magicians all around.

That’s what we call people from Magik City

Brie – Your sister called me by the way.

Kaori – Umm… Vira or Alana?

Brie – CCity girl, Vira.

Kaori – Oh okay.

Brie – She asked me a bunch of random questions about my personal fashion.

Kaori – Ooooh okay, yeah her friend Morgan Hill-

Y’all remember that ho? she was enabling Keegan, and stealing dresses from V-Glam with Alana? *laughs*

Kaori – They have a small up and coming fashion line called Hillside… So basically she’s trying to get perspective on what the everyday woman likes to wear, and feels comfortable in. That way when helping Morgan Hill design clothes.. they can use that perspective to make everyone happy.

Brie – Yeah, she asked a lot of questions…. down to what type of panties I wear. Then she started asking me questions about feminism

Kaori – Are you a feminist?

Brie – Yes, but shouldn’t everyone be?

Kyle – Yeah, they should. Women just want to be treated equally so… I’m down for that.

Kaori – I’m a feminist, but some women take it to the extreme…. that shit is not cute.

Brie – I agree.

Too many women giving the word feminism a bad name. Some are way too extreme… but to each their own. Truth be told, as a woman I’m so sick of hearing about it. I know we should be treated equally.. period, point blank- the end.

Kyle – Kay…. you should probably get going… isn’t your meeting at 5?

Kaori – Oh right- and please, you’re only rushing me because you want me and Brie to shut up. Your hungry ass wants food…

Kyle – Hey I finished all my work today, you’re damn right I’m ready for food.

Brie – Wait, are you clocking out?

Kyle – Yeah.

Brie – Well then lets go home, change… and get a nice dinner?

Kyle – Hell yeah, lets do it baby.

Kaori – How adorable…. well you two have fun…

Kyle – You have fun on your date too.

Brie – Wait, are you actually doing the match dot com date?

Kaori – Yeah… tonight. Wish me luck.

Brie – *laughs* good luck.

Kyle – I don’t think she’s gonna need it.

Kaori – Your optimism is admirable…. anyway… have fun… I’ll see you guys later.

Love is in the air, for them… not I. Also I guess I should clarify something about myself. Do I want another boyfriend? sure….. but it has to be real, and no lies.. and honesty. I’m over the drama of it all. Byron was drama, and while I’m happy he’s doing music or whatever.. I’m glad to be done with it. So here I am… doing a internet date tonight. I’m meeting the guy at some club.. I’m not looking to fall in love with this dude. The point of it is to put myself out there, ya know?… so that’s what I’m doing. We’ll see how it goes- but before all of that… I have a meeting with my boss. Usually I’d be worried about being fired, but I’m actually slaying at my job so.. I’m worry free. Still…. I’m interested in what she wants to talk about.

Okay, no shade but doesn’t Sasha totally scream “desperate old woman” ? she totally looks like the xanax and glass of wine type…. That’s rude, but oh well.. just being honest.

Kaori – Good evening Ms. Owens

Sasha – Hey Kaori, come on in.

Kaori – How are you?

Sasha – I’m alright… just working out some last minute scheduling conflicts. How are you? got any plans for tonight?

Kaori – Are you asking me that because you have work plans for me?

Sasha – No, just making small talk.

Kaori – Oh, umm.. I have a date… a match dot com thing..

Sasha – Oh nice… yeah I should probably try internet dating….

Kaori – Why not.

Sasha – Jessica Nash Goddard is married and happy… Mira Mancini is dating… I really need to get a man. These lonely nights with a glass of wine aren’t cuttin’ it.

Kaori – ……………………

Sasha – …*Clears throat* ahem, so… are you excited for your date?

Mahlia – Ooh you’re going on a date Kaori?

Ugh……..this bitch.

Kaori – …..*fake laugh* mm’ yeah- totes Mahlia.

Mahlia – Mom you wanted to see me?

Sasha – Yes- and please call me Ms. Owens when we’re at work sweetie. I don’t want anyone to think I’m giving my daughter special treatment.

But you are though….

Mahlia – Fine… Ms. Owens… happy now?

Sasha – Mahlia…..

Mahlia – Sorry.

Sasha – Did you just get in?

Mahlia – Yes…

Kaori – …………………….

Sasha – Its the end of the day.

Mahlia – Oh I was able to get an appointment at the spa last minute. They’re doing those citrus scrubs- the ones you love!

Sasha – ……………….

Mahlia – By the way, I got a call from the country club, we need to renew membership….

Kaori – ………..heh….

Wow…. this spoiled ass bitch.

Mahlia – Are you a member there? I just LOVE the GloCity Country Club… I feel like such a rich bitch there.

Kaori – My family’s a member.. so yeah…. but I don’t go always.

Mahlia – Oh you should.

Why is she being all chatty? we don’t like each other…

Sasha – So…. you skipped work… for the spa?

Mahlia – I didn’t skip- when you word it like that… its so…. Look… my bad. Sorry.

Sasha – I see. Well from now on Mahlia, you need to be here when everyone else is.

Mahlia – It won’t happen again boss.

Please….. yes it will. Thank god she graduated from GCU… because honestly.. having to deal with her at work is enough. Imagine having to deal with her on campus too.

Mahlia – So not to rush you, but why are we here mom?- Ms. Owens.

Kaori – …………..

Sasha – I needed to talk to both of you.

Mahlia – Okay.

Kaori – All ears…

Mahlia – And under boob.

Kaori – Are my tits bothering you Mahlia?

Mahlia – Not at all, Kaori.

Sasha – I’ll let you two finish.

Kaori – We’re done…..

Sasha – So you two will be working together.

Mahlia – What?

Oh this is just wonderful.. How am I gonna work with this Muppet face bitch without slapping her?

Sasha – Next week… You two are the young hot ones here.. and I need you to woo a potential client, who will be here next week.

Kaori – “Woo”, how?

Sasha – Out to dinner. The two of you, and him, and his entourage.

Kaori – Should I take mace in case things turn rapey?

Mahlia – Oh my god… relax.

Sasha – I doubt they’ll act like bafoons….

Mahlia – Okay so is that all?

Sasha – Yes…

Kaori – No other details?

Sasha – More details tomorrow…. I just wanted you both to know ahead of time.

Kaori – Understandable..

Mahlia – So this will cut into my personal life I see.

Sasha – Is that a problem?

Mahlia – Well Orion and I were planning on taking baby Joshua on a trip next week.. but if work calls..

Sasha – Mahlia, are sure you’re mature enough to be dating a man with a child?

How funny is it that…. Jarrah hates Mahlia… and Jarrah’s mom Michelle hates Sasha…

Mahlia – Mother my personal life isn’t any of your concern, but since you asked…. I’m more than mature enough. I’m great with the baby.

Sasha – Alright… well anyway you girls are excused. Just keep in mind that hard work is ahead of you. I’m taking Siren to the next level.. bigger clients are coming.

Kaori – …….

Mahlia – Okay….

Sasha – Oh and Mahlia… check your attitude next time you’re in here, or you’ll be fired.

Mahlia – …………………………K.

Kaori – *smiles* Have a good evening Ms. Owens.

Sasha – You too Kaori, and good luck on your date.

Mahlia – *rolls eyes*

This meeting couldn’t have been over sooner… Mahlia’s such a child… and that’s coming from me…

Mahlia – I don’t know why my mother was trying to boss up in there… its not like she’d actually fire me.

Kaori – Right………………………..okay.

Mahlia – Well good luck on your hookup or whatever.

Kaori – Bitch, I never said it was a hookup, and you know it.

Mahlia – Try not to blow him on the first date.

Kaori – Try not to get slapped. I honestly can’t-

Mahlia – Oh… sweetie……………..I know you don’t like me.

Kaori – Mahlia, you don’t like me either.

Mahlia – True.

Kaori – You’re pressed about the Byron thing, yet you go and date two of Jarrah’s exes….

Mahlia – You can’t help who you fall in love with…. though… I doubt someone like you has ever been in love.

Kaori – And I’m pretty sure someone like you falls in love with everything from the newest red-bottom shoe- to ex sorority sisters boyfriends.

Mahlia – Whatever… I don’t get why Jarrah is so mad. I do a fabulous job with Joshua.

Kaori – Nobody is debating that, but you know what? I really don’t care… so… yeah meeting over.

Mahlia – Girl, please.. don’t dismiss me.

Kaori – I just did…. so what are you gonna do about it?

Mahlia – I-

*cell rings*

Mahlia – *answers phone* Hello?- oh hey Spirit… nothing, just about to drag Kaori… yeah the slutty girl from GCU… mmm hmm… What are you doing? oh you’re at work? figured as much.. tell me about the ho’s at your job… it gives me life.

Kaori – Girl, you and Spirit can keep the slut shaming. That bitch is a failed actress living in CCity now… working at a massage spa… and you… you’re a fucking joke.

Mahlia – Umm.. Kaori I’m on the phone… run along now…

Kaori – Tread lightly bitch…..

Mahlia – *rolls eyes* ANYWAY sorry about that Spirit… you know she’s a mouthy one….

The audacity of that bitch to try and come for me. She’s lucky we’re at work… I would have popped her in her face. Did you see how she was acting in the meeting? who talks like that? I thought I was a spoiled brat… but shit… she’s the worst. Princess Mahlia Nirav…. bitch is out of her mind.. and to think I gotta go work with this bitch? I see Frankie isn’t the only one doing charity. She gotta help Karin, and I’m stuck with Mahlia. Jarrah is lucky that she likes everyone she works with. Anyway… I should get home and shower for this date…. I have a rule.. I leave work at work.. that way I’m not taking my stress home, because who wants to hear me complain about my job- when jobs are so hard to come by these days. With that being said.. let me clock out, get home, shower, and squeeze my tiny ass into a dress. Later luvs’

(POV Jeep Jonah)

[Top Pic]

I know its not right to joke about suicide, but I swear if I didn’t have film as a career choice, I’d probably blow my brains out. Seriously working this job is the worst. I have respect for my elders, but when grandma’s and grandpa’s come in here asking questions about their computers, and or smartphones…. I feel like laying on a train track. Thankfully tonight we don’t have any grand-people in here…. unless you count Tye, and Ivy…. they’re like an old married couple. Moving on… you guys know Fockky already… she works here… obviously… as if you couldn’t tell by the hideous shirt. You guys know Cayden I assume.. he’s Chace’s new boyfriend. The other guy- Calvin… he’s the store manager.. and he makes sure to let everyone know it… drunk with power…. and bad breath.

Owen – Dude?

Jonah – Sorry… was lost in a thought.

You guys know Owen too right? Keegan’s stepbrother, also one of the guys my cousin Jarrah is seeing… no judgement by the way… nothing is wrong with seeing two people.. she’s not committed to anyone but herself… and that cute little baby Joshua.

Owen – So you were saying?

Jonah – Oh, umm.. yeah so its minor… we’ll fix the fan belt and then call you when its ready to be picked up.

Owen – Alright cool……. so how are you doing college boy?

Jonah – I’m alright.. had some drama today, but nothing that needs repeating. People just suck ass.

Owen – They do.


Cayden – I feel like you’ve told me this before… no offense Calvin but I think I got it from here.

Calvin – I’m the store manager, and I’m keepin’ order around here!

Cayden – Noted.


Fockky – So what seems to be the issue?- Oh crap, didn’t realize it was you Ives. Hey!

Ivy – Hi Fockky, how are you?

Fockky – I’m alright… kinda have some boy drama… not sure if this guy is into me or not.

Tye – Kiss him.

Fockky – You ever just randomly kissed someone you liked?

Ivy – ………..She has.

Fockky – You?

Ivy – No *laughs*

Tye – It was Frankie Mancini…

Fockky – And how did that turn out for you?

Tye – It was embarrassing… but eye opening.. I realized it was time to come out the closet…

Fockky – *sigh* boys are hard to read sometimes.. anyway I should quit the small talk before my boss Calvin chews me out. What can I help you with?

Tye – We brought in our laptop last week-

Fockky – Do you have the service code?

Tye – Umm…

Ivy – I do, its 6264X

Fockky – Oh….. okay…. well we ran a diagnostics test on it… and its the motherboard…

Ivy – Is it fixable..

Fockky – It is.. but for the parts you’d need.. and how expensive they are, you’re better off getting a new laptop.

Tye – Dammit… all our files..

Fockky – Oh no, we can save the files on it.

Tye – Thank god.

Fockky – If you’re interested.. we have laptops on sale today… so take a look around.

Ivy – Okay we will.


Jonah – Hey… I have a question…

Owen – Okay?

Jonah – So you’re aware of the other guy…. Shane….

Owen – Oh, we’re talking about the Jarrah thing… okay… yeah I’m aware of…. “the actor”

Jonah – Have you met him?

Owen – Is that your question?

Jonah – Yeah *laughs* I just feel like it would be awkward as fuck meeting the guy who you may or may not lose to.

Owen – Well your cousin’s heart is not a game… but… yeah.. I guess you’re right. It would be awkward meeting him. I really don’t want to if I’m being honest…

Jonah – Two types of people in the world… I bet he wants to meet you… size you up.

Owen – When you put it that way…. I do want to meet him.

Jonah – Ha!

Owen – You totally have my back right? being besties with Keegan and all.. you’re rooting for me right?

Jonah – I don’t know.. Shane is soooooooooooooo dreamy! *fans self*

Owen – I hate you.

Jonah – I’m team Owen… rest your pretty little head- though… to be honest you have a big head.

Owen – I do have a pretty big head.

Jonah – …………….

Owen – Perv.

Jonah – I’m gonna go chat with my co-workers… feel free to look around.. you did say you needed a new phone.. they’re on sale.

Owen – Ah, yeah I’ll do that.

[Bottom Pic]

Jonah – What’s up?

Cayden – Nothing much, I was just telling Fockky, how I can’t stand Calvin…

Jonah – Join the club… I told him that this shirt didn’t fit me anymore, and he refuses to order me a bigger size..

Fockky – Your body changed since you started working here… I don’t understand why he’s so cheap.

Cayden – I don’t understand why his breath smells like shit…

Fockky – You’re right.. its offensive.

Jonah – His birthday is next week… we should buy him a teeth cleaning at the dentist.

Cayden – I’m in.

Fockky – Guys….. he’d fire us….

Cayden – Maybe you’re right.

Jonah – Well lets get him one of those sonic-care tooth brushes… maybe he’ll get the hint. There is no reason his old ass should be walking around with his mouth smelling like a babies diaper after consuming mashed carrots.

Cayden – *Laughs*

[Top Pic]

Fockky – Hey Joaner…. Ex girlfriend 12 o clock.

Cayden – I thought your name was Jonah… why is she calling you Joaner?

Fockky – Inside joke.

Jonah – Ugh… what is she doing here.

Cayden – Want me to take care of it?

Jonah – Its okay… I got it.

This day keeps getting better doesn’t it? first I’m attacked by Mega-Bitch Jules… and then I’m almost the victim of police brutality by Mega-Bitch Officer Gonzalez…. and now.. a lovely surprise visit from my ex girlfriend who decided I was solely to blame for the demise of our relationship. Awesome! Lets hope she doesn’t decide to be a mega-bitch too.

[Bottom Pic]

Jonah – Welcome to NerdFix… how can I assist you.

Christine – Wow…..

Jonah – Just trying to be professional…

Christine – ………..Can I talk to someone else?

Jonah – Why?

Christine – Because I don’t want to talk to you.

Jonah – That’s kinda immature.

Christine – Immature is when you can’t handle when shit gets rough, and you jet.

Jonah – Are we really doing this here?

Christine – You asked for it buddy. When is the last time you went to see Raven huh?

Jonah – You know the answer to that, so why ask.

Christine – To prove a point. She’s in a fucking prison… and you can’t even go see her.

Jonah – She’s doing time, for a mistake she made. Do NOT put it on me… someone is dead because of her.

Christine – So your true feelings come out.

Jonah – You really don’t want to go there with me right now.

Christine – You are so gangsta fratboy Jonah… Its sad how you’ve changed.

Jonah – If you wanna get technical.. I didn’t change I outgrew you- and actually… that’s not even all the way accurate. You’re the one who changed.

Christine – Why because I love Raven, and care-

Jonah – Okay lets be real. I love Raven-

Christine – Bullshit!

Jonah – I do, but unlike YOU I’m not gonna make excuses for her DRINKING and fucking DRIVING… she hurt Trey’s dad… who’s still in a wheelchair might I add… and she killed Miguel. I don’t mean to say that in a heartless way.. but those are the facts Christine.. so get the FUCK off of my back.

Christine – You abandoned her.. just like you abandoned me.

Jonah – You were not a good girlfriend! you weren’t present in the relationship!

Christine – My bestfriend was in prison- still is!

Jonah – Christine, we were dealing with her being in prison… but it wasn’t enough.. you had to take EVERY happy moment.. and turn it into a sad thing because Raven was “suffering” in prison. I took you on romantic dates and you ruined them by talking about Raven.. every fucking time. On my birthday you wouldn’t shut up about Raven getting into a prison fight- a fight that was her fault might I add.

Christine – No, the problem is that you were weak… I was mourning the loss of my friend-

Jonah – She’s not fuckin’ lost! she’s in prison! the real loss is Mr. Robinson’s legs! and Miguel’s life!

Christine – You talk about her like she’s a criminal.. like she set out to kill Miguel, and hurt Trey’s dad…

Jonah – You pushed me to it because of your bias. You’re delusional about it all! How the fuck was I supposed to continue in a relationship with you.. when it was never the two of us? It was you, me… and the GHOST OF RAVEN. You turned everything into a discussion about Raven.. I loved you, I wanted to be with you… but you only wanted to talk about Raven. We had our relationship, our careers.. school work.. we had so much to think about… and you made every moment about Raven.

Christine – You’re selfish…. because I was hurting… and what do you do instead of comforting me? you leave…

Jonah – I comforted you as much as I could.. then it got ridiculous… she didn’t fucking die.

Christine – You walked out on me when I needed you most.

Jonah – I was unhappy, and I wasn’t gonna stay in an unhappy- UNHEALTHY relationship.

Christine – It is what it is… you just never had my back.

Jonah – Don’t you dare fucking say that to me.

Christine – You didn’t…. and you damn sure don’t have Raven’s back. The disgusting things you’re saying about her.. come on Jonah… she loved you. She still does even after all of this!

Jonah – And I love her too! I just… its hard going to see her-

Christine – Selfish.

Jonah – Fuck you.

Christine – What?

Jonah – Fuck you…. you say I’m selfish.. you say I don’t have your back? I fucking snuck you into my dorm to hide from your crazy ass dad. I got my ass beat and was in a hospital because I wouldn’t give up your location to him. I broke up with Spirit for you. I cared more about you and Raven, and my own friend and his father who’s in a wheelchair.. so fuck you for saying I’m selfish and never had your back.

Christine – Are you done? because we clearly have two different perspectives about why our relationship ended…

Jonah – Do you think I want to argue with you?

Christine – I don’t know.. that new girlfriend of yours is quite the bitch.. maybe she’s brought the douche out of you…. you and this fratboy act.. I don’t even know who you are anymore. You’ve changed so much… a shell of your former self.

Jonah – I’ve grown… I am different, and I’m not gonna apologize for it. I’m not that dumb kid with the headphones on that did whatever you wanted anymore. I have feelings too.. and you only cared about Ravens… you broke us up.

Christine – …………I’m an adult… and I’ll say this.. I don’t agree with everything you said… I don’t agree with why we broke up according to you….. but I do wanna take back what I said about you not being there for me… that was wrong.

Jonah – You’re damn right.

Christine – But you’re still an asshole.

Jonah – I don’t care what you think… I’m not with you.

Christine – And I’m not with you.

Jonah – You pushed me away, and now you want to play the victim… you even have that bitch Jules attacking me.

Christine – Okay just so you know, I didn’t have her do anything. She and I are friends… and that’s nothing new, she always hung around Raven, Ethan and I. When she and Keegan broke up she came to me… and when you LEFT ME… I told her how I felt. She’s smart, and she has her own feelings about things. So don’t blame ME for her fucking actions.

I hate Christine.. like I know I don’t but in this moment I fucking hate her. How did she expect it to work? she made our relationship depressing. She made our relationship the memorial of Raven FUCKING Davis… who would stay in such a shitty relationship? I tried staying her friend.. I told her, the romance is gone.. but I will be here for you.. but nooo she claimed I because a asshole.. and- like.. I was honest with her, I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to be friends and support her but she wasn’t having it.. that’s not fair..

*doors open*

Oh great…

Vlad – Umm.. hey… I couldn’t find a park.

Jonah – …………………….

Christine – ……

Vlad – Did you get help yet babe?

Christine – No.

Vlad – Why not?

Jonah – She was too busy blaming me for global warming.

Vlad – Calm down dude…

Jonah – Don’t come in my store and tell me what to do.

Vlad – Wow… you need to find your mellow…

Christine – I wanna leave.

Vlad – No, we came to pick up your computer.. lets do that. Lets not argue with your ex who clearly has abandonment issues.

Jonah – Vlad… do you even know the whole story? like you waltz in here like Jeep 2.0 and think you know everything. You obviously don’t.

Vlad – I may not know everything- but what I do know, is that you need to lower your voice.

Jonah – Not gonna happen tacky tattoo.

Vlad – Clever… oh and as for the Jeep 2.0 comment.. why would I want to be a dude who jizzed in his friend’s jeep like a creeper?

Jonah – You told him that?!

Christine – He asked why people called you Jeep.

Jonah – Wow… and you told him that?

Christine – Jonah! get over it!

Jonah – Ugh, fuck both of you, honestly.

Vlad – Unlike you, I have self control.. I’m not gonna fight you at your job… actually I’m not gonna fight you EVER… its pointless.

Jonah – Great job Christine… your boyfriend has zen.

Christine – Zen is a focus for meditation, you dumbass.

Vlad – Aren’t you college educated bro?… wow…

Jonah – Whatever you say “bro” And yes I am college educated… Zen means calmness, and inner peace so take that!

Vlad – Hey babe?……..he sooo got me.

Christine – This is stupid… lets just-

Vlad – Just gonna say it once bro… don’t disrespect my girlfriend.

Jonah – In one ear and out the other. This doesn’t concern you hobbit.

Christine – Jonah stop…. you really need to just stop.

Jonah – What about him huh? or is it okay for him to be rude?

Christine – Wow… Karin’s a lucky girl having a boyfirend like you.

Jonah – You don’t know anything about my relationship with her.

Christine – Yeah… well I wish her well.. because if she ever truly needs you emotionally.. you won’t be available.

Jonah – You couldn’t be more wrong, but I don’t care to explain my relationship to you. You really need to mind your-

Vlad – Christine… honey… Are we going to visit Raven this weekend?…. I know she gets lonely… we should probably go show our support *stares at jonah, and smiles*

Christine – Yeah, if you’re willing to put a saturday aside… we can do that.

Wow… they totally did that on purpose to fuck with me.

Jonah – Wonder how many weekends you’ve put aside… anyway can you guys just get what you came for already?

Vlad – …………. Yeah as soon as you fucking help us.

Jonah – Nope, Fockky, come help the lovely couple please… they have zen… 

Fockky – Sure thing.

Just walk away Jonah… walk away… focus on anything but them.

Tye – So we think we found the laptop we want.

Ivy – Yeah its the cute blue one…

Calvin – Oh okay.. well you two are quite beautiful… either of you have a-

Tye – We’re gay.

Ivy – ….Kinda bi….

Tye – Not the point.. we’re just not interested in you Mr…. *looking for name tag*………Mr Boxx. So can you just stop flirting with us, and help us with our purchase please?

Ivy – *laughs*

Calvin – *clears throat* sure thing ma’am


Cayden – Goodness… did you hear that fight?

Owen – I did…

Cayden – I promise we’re usually more professional that that.. Jonah was having an off day.

Owen – Oh its okay, I know him personally.

Cayden – Oh okay cool.


Fockky – How can I help you guys?

Vlad – Well you’re already more helpful than that fucker…. he’s rude… are you the manager? fire him…

Fockky – I’m not the manager… and Jonah’s my friend.. I don’t know the whole story, so lets just talk about computers….

Christine – I’m here to pick up my laptop.

Fockky – I’m gonna need your service code, with your first and last name. Follow me to the front desk.

Did you fucking hear that? Vlad told Fockky to fire me.. that asshole.. she’s not even the manager! I am so pissed off right now… First Christine walks in here like she’s in the right- and then her ugly boyfriend walks in here like a bat out of hell. Did you see his tattoos? TRASHY! looks like he did them himself. They belong together, I hope VLADIMIR enjoys everything being about Raven. Oh and about Raven, I love her.. and I do write her letters.. but its REALLY hard going to see her right now… I don’t have to explain that to anybody… Christine or her dumbass boyfriend. I am not Jeep from last year… I will take his doofus looking ass out into the parking lot, and seriously fuck him up! I’ve taken boxing lessons! and if he’s a great fighter, then I could always kick him in the dick. *sigh* Let me get my shit together… I can’t wait for this shift to be over… They need to leave.. the sight of them is pissing me off.

(POV Kaori)

So here I am…. on this wack ass date…… look at his shirt.. look at his fucking shirt.. tacky as hell…. why are men such…. actually lemme not generalize all dudes- why are some men so lame? Is it just embedded in the DNA? like seriously… From the gate he was obnoxious.

Nolan – So umm.. Kaori’s a interesting name. Are you part asian or something?

Kaori – …..Why? do you have a weird asian fetish?

Nolan – Asian girls are hot… are you asian?

Kaori – Half.

Nolan – Ahh… your eyes don’t slant that much.

Kaori – That is so offensive dude.

Nolan – My bad… everyone is so PC these days…

Kaori – Its not about being political correct… I just don’t like racial stuff.

Nolan – I support gay marriage.

Kaori – Random… and good for you, you should.

Nolan – I feel like we got off on the wrong foot… lets start over.

Is he serious?

Kaori – Umm…. okay- yeah sure.

Nolan – I’m Nolan… and you are?

Kaori – ……………Kaori.

Nolan – What do you do for a living?

Kaori – Dude all of this stuff is in our match profiles.. can’t this just be a normal date?

Nolan – Normal?

Kaori – Yeah.. with laughing, honesty.. drinks…

Nolan – You want me to be honest?

Kaori – Yeah… like whats the first thing that came to mind when you saw me?

Nolan – That you didn’t have big tits but I could work with it.

Kaori – Dude.

Nolan – Too honest?

Kaori – How the fuck were we a match? like seriously….

Nolan – ………….my friend filled out my profile….

Kaori – So basically I’m on a date with a stranger.

Nolan – Not really… lets get to know each other sweet cheeks.

Kaori – Ew.

Nolan – Look, I’m trying here….

Kaori – Trying what exactly?

Nolan – To seal the deal.

Kaori – Oh poor thing.. if you thought I was going home with you…. wow…

Nolan – I’ve taken the women home on my past three dates.

Kaori – And on that note…. stop talking. Bartender?

Bartender – Yes?

Kaori – Cosmopolitan please.

Bartender – Coming right up.

Nolan – You didn’t order me a drink… we’re on a date!

Kaori – Umm, no where not. The date ended when you said you banged three other women on your past three dates. I will not be number four. SO! we’re in a club… go mingle… It was nice meeting you- well not really but.. yeah. Take care of yourself.. and strap it up.

Nolan – Screw you prude.

Kaori – ………..I can’t….. fucking loser.

Fail…. this is the typical parasite invading online dating. Going on there, meeting women… and fucking them. However I won’t put all the blame on him.. clearly these women are idiots to allow it to happen. How funny is it that he thought he was gonna get laid. I should’ve know this whole experiment would be a mess. And I’m paying for my own drinks? Fucking… fail.

[30 minutes later]

After the date from hell, I knew I needed to go home, and call the Powerpuff girls… They needed to hear all about my night.

Frankie – So what happened after you dismissed him?

Kaori – I had my drink, called an uber… and now I’m home.

Frankie – Ew… he sounded greasy.. was he greasy?

Kaori – His hair was.

Jarrah – That sucks ass, Kaori.

Kaori – Well… I wasn’t looking for anything. I was just putting myself out there.

Jarrah – True- well you know what?

Kaori – Hmm?

Jarrah – You did what you set out to do.

Frankie – Yeah, you put yourself out there… so don’t feel bad.

Kaori – I’m a little disappointed if I’m being honest.

Frankie – Why?

Kaori – I wanted it to at least be enjoyable… but whatever… this is the last time I’m taking my sister’s dating advice. First she hooks me up with a pushover-type of a guy- who eats pussy really well might I add… then she insist on me doing match dot com… Vira is officially the anti-cupid.

Jarrah – *laughs* she was trying to help… poor thing.

Frankie – I’ll never understand why single girls….. think they’re the best at giving advice on relationships and dating. Its like….. well why isn’t it working for you honey?

Jarrah – Oh my god… so true.

Kaori – *sigh* Anyway… umm.. what are you guys doing?- Frankie I rang your bell when I came in, so obviously you’re not home. Are you at GreenLand again?

Frankie – Umm…. yep.

Jarrah – Oh my god Frankie! why are you always there?

Frankie – Stop ganging up on me! *laughing* …………I like the salads.

Jarrah – Do you ever eat meat?! *laughing*

Kaori – Does fish count? because Raina’s always sleeping over-

Frankie – Kaori!

Jarrah – *laughing* Oh shit… hilarious- oops… forgot JK was behind me. Don’t need him picking up any profanity.

Kaori – Good luck with that… Mahlia’s a foul mouth bitch… so…

Jarrah – Ugh… I mean I know Orion would never have anyone unfit around our kid… but I can’t stand Mahlia.

Kaori – Oh girl… you and me both.

Frankie – Ya know… freshman year of GCU, she and I were roommates… she wasn’t that bad. A little spoiled and entitled but she wasn’t the devil.

Sometimes I forget Frankie roomed with her.

Jarrah – People change

Frankie – Right, but she changed for the worse.

Kaori – Speaking of change… what’s the verdict on your cousin Jarrah? did Jeep change for the better or worse?

Jarrah – I think he’s still finding himself… he’s a little more honest, and aggressive.. but I wouldn’t say he changed for the worse.

Frankie – I talked to him earlier actually. He wasn’t having a good day. I kinda had a bone to pick with him about Karin.. but we’re fine now. I could choke him some days… but I still love him.

Kaori – Yeah… he’s my horror movie buddy.

Jarrah – So what are you guys doing for the rest of the night?

Frankie – I’m getting a SALAD….. then going home and maybe try writing a little bit before bed.

Kaori – Umm…

Time to lie.

Kaori – I’m gonna eat a cupcake… and then sleep.

Jarrah – We are so boring… I’m gonna put JK to bed, and then finish off the last of the wine.

Frankie – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Hmm?

Frankie – So… I forgot to tell you this, and I debated if I should because I don’t want to sway your opinions of people. Then I realized.. I’d wanna know.

Jarrah – You’re scaring me.

Kaori – Spill the tea Frankie.

Frankie – I was at GreenLand a few days ago, and Shane was in here with his acting friends. They were mean- the friends.. not Shane. They even brought up Owen, and one of the girls called you a slut. Shane quickly defended you though.

Kaori – Oh hell no.

Jarrah – Thanks for telling me… because if I meet his friends, I’d hate to go in thinking they were nice… when they were really calling me a slut and being judgmental.

Kaori – Well if you do meet them, and they act funny… call us.. we’ll beat the girls asses.

Jarrah – *laughs*

Frankie – I’m sure Jarrah could handle them both.. they were lame, but I was impressed with how Shane set them straight. I’m a little biased since he’s Raina’s brother…

Kaori – I’m team Owen…

Frankie – Traitor.


Jarrah – Was that the doorbell?

Kaori – Oh- umm… I ordered pizza..

Frankie – Thought you said you were eating cupcakes?

Kaori – I forgot I ordered pizza. Gotta run guys.

Jarrah – Okay, well you guys have a good night.

Frankie – Love you guys! night!

*Call Ends*

So yes… I decided to call and invite Ian over. Its not what you think though… there will be no pussy popping tonight. Its just a social thing. I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t tell Frankie, and Jarrah about it- but… I have my reasons. No, I don’t think they’d judge me- because there’s nothing to judge. I just… sometimes you do things, and its your business… I just wanted it to not be a topic of discussion… I’m sure eventually I’ll tell them, and we’ll have a good laugh. That night isn’t tonight though.

Kaori – Hey.

Ian – Hi. *hugs Kaori*

Kaori – Oh, a hug *laughs*

Ian – Sorry, was that-

Kaori – No its fine….. you smell good.

Ian – Thank you…

Kaori – So…. this is my place…

Ian – Its really nice.

Kaori – I know right?

Ian – Lucky.

Kaori – So how was your day? what did you do after you saw that movie?

Ian – I walked around town… getting to know the area. A lot has changed since high school.

Kaori – True.

Ian – This is weird huh?

Kaori – A little… we haven’t seen each other in a while.. and here I am inviting you over.

Ian – Yeah, I was surprised…

Kaori – Are you hungry?

Ian – Umm, not really… but I could eat something sweet I guess.

Kaori – Perfect, I bought cupcakes.

Ian – *smiles* cupcakes it is.

[Top Pic]

God, he is still so good looking. In high school if there was another guy that could rival Keegan for me… it was Ian. Look at him.. like a mix of Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. He is gorgeous.

Kaori – So how are you? I feel like you’re one big mystery… tell me about who Ian Alexander is these days.

Ian – *laughs* umm… I don’t know…

Kaori – Your parents still hate you?

Ian – Yeah…. they do.

Kaori – That’s really fucked up… whoever said time heals all wounds lied.

Ian – Yeah, but Its nothing new for me. You know I’ve been my own guardian since like 10th grade.

Kaori – ….How often do you go see your sister?

Ian – I haven’t in a while… brings back too much… ya know.. emotions.

Kaori – Right… and of course you weren’t here… so..

Ian – Now that I am…. I’ll probably visit her grave more often.

Kaori – If you ever need someone to go with you, I can.

Ian – Thanks.

When Ian was 13 he and his sister Natalie were playing by their house… next to a construction site… long story short.. she fell.. and you know. So his parents have always blamed him for her death and they have basically no relationship. He was emancipated from them in 11th grade.

[Bottom Pic]

Kaori – ……..You ate both of the cupcakes.

Ian – I’m sorry… guess I was hungry…. and talking about Nat’ makes me a nervous eater…

Kaori – Its okay, I have more.

Ian – They’re really good.

Kaori – Got them from this place called CakeCup.

Ian – Clever name.

Kaori – Right? kinda corny though.

Ian – Corny’s good.

Kaori – So What exactly was it that you did for work all this time?

Ian – I modeled here and there… I worked at like abercrombie, H&M… all those type of stores… and then-

Kaori – Then you were helping people? that’s what you said last time. That your job was helping people.

Ian – Yeah.

Kaori – Like how? a nurse? or like home care type of thing?

Ian – Mmm hmm, I helped patients at their homes.

Kaori – Are you gonna do that here?

Ian – Haven’t decided yet… I have money saved so… while I decide… I’ll be okay.

Kaori – Well you know this is the town of connections. If you ever need a job, I could help find you one.

Ian – Thanks.

Kaori – So what about romance? have any funny stories there?

Ian – Umm.. for the most part I’ve had commitment issues- I’d love to blame that on my parents abandoning me… but realistically I know I’m in control of my own actions- but umm.. Yeah I did have one girlfriend… she stole my electronics… never saw her again. Oh and then there was this other girl I caught her having a threeway with the mailman and cable guy.

Kaori – Oh my god shut up.. that did not happen!

Ian – …………..

Kaori – Did it?! holy shit!

Ian – No, I’m just messing with you…. no slutty threeway… I’m fairly boring Kaori.. my cocky, abrasive high school days are over. I occasionally have those “fuck everyone” days… but for the most part I’m just… getting by.

Kaori – Looks like we’ve both matured.

Ian – What about you huh? boyfriends? Keegan Bennett?…

Kaori – Had a boyfriend at GCU- I’m in my final year by the way. His name was Byron.. musician.. he broke up with me so he could drop out and go play music in Europe. As far as Keegan goes, we tried it… sorta… but nothing good came out of it. I love him as a friend, and I wish him- and his new girlfriend nothing but the best.

Ian – So how was the date tonight?

Kaori – Duchebag 101… not even worth talking about- I should get those cupcakes.

Ian – How’s work?

Kaori – Work is fine, its challenging with my school schedule… but I’m trying to make it work. *Forced smile*

Ian – You can be honest with me.. I won’t judge.

Kaori – …………

Ian – Tell me….

Kaori – ………Its stupid. I’m Kaori McDonald.. bad bitch…. but… School is hard… and I desperately want to quit.

Ian – I see.

Kaori – Its my last year so its dumb to quit…. but with work… I just.. I’m exhausted. Then I come in, and I’m alone here- I hear Frankie and her girlfriend giggling downstairs and-

Ian – Wait.. Frankie lives downstairs?

Kaori – Yeah,

Ian – And she’s gay now?

Kaori – She’s bi- She actually fucked my brother… moving on.. yeah.. I hear how happy Frankie is, and I’m just like ugh.. She deserves it of course but… I get jealous. Trey has Dominic, Je- Jonah has Karin. Keegan has Priscilla…. Jarrah has like 2 men… and I have nada… I have work and school stress.

Ian – You’re overwhelmed.

Kaori – That and other things sure.

Ian – Why not just have a heart to heart with your boss? explain to her-

Kaori – No… because people already think “Oh she’s spoiled” and “She gets everything handed to her” I got the job from an internship.. and I don’t want to complain that the work is too hard. I just want to prove myself.

Ian – That’s understandable.

Kaori – ….. Vira says that stress makes her work harder-

Ian – Vira is?

Kaori – The new sister.

Ian – Right… so.. about that?

Kaori – My dad gave his semen to his lesbian friend.. her wife was a bitch.. didn’t want our family to be part of the kids life. Because life is funny like that we actually did find each other… and after a bunch of secrets and lies.. we’re a happy family.

Ian – I see.

I don’t do this with anyone but Frankie and Jarrah. Its odd telling my feelings to a guy. I guess it helps that he opens up too… but at the same time Ian is one of those guys who doesn’t say much. Its really sad thinking about how he grew up. His parents are such assholes. How do you blame the death of one child on the other, Sad. He seems fine for the most part though. Nobody I know is 100% okay… So.. it is what it is.

Kaori – Anyway… more cupcakes, and some vodka. I think I’ll be alright.

Ian – *smiles*

Kaori – Besides.. you did not come over to hear me complain about my life.

Ian – Its perfectly fine.

Kaori – Its so odd…. you’re so different. A good different though.

Ian – So are you.

Kaori – So what do you wanna do?

Ian – Umm well I am an admitted netflix junkie.

Kaori – When I have time… I binge watch buffy.

Ian – Have you seen Sense8?

Kaori – I have not…

Ian – Well… lets take these cupcakes to the nearest netflix device and lets watch it.

Kaori – Umm… netflix is in my bedroom……

Ian – Oh……

Kaori – Yeah……

Ian – Well we could watch whatever’s on the TV in the living room? you have cable?

Kaori – Are you comfortable being in my bedroom?

Ian – I am, if you are.

Kaori – Okay…

Ian – Look… you know that whole lonely thing you were just talking about?

Kaori – Yeah?

Ian – I’m right there with you. I didn’t come over tonight expecting to makeout with you- or have sex. I came here hoping to talk.. and take my mind off of things.

Kaori – That’s exactly why I invited you over.

Ian – Okay… so lets be mature adults… and go watch netflix on your bed.

Kaori – With cupcakes and vodka.

Ian – With cupcakes…… and vodka.

There’s this… sadness about him, am I right? like seriously.. he seems almost like a lost puppy. I don’t know if its because he’s back in GloCity, and feels alone- or if its because we brought up his family.. but there’s something very sad about him. I feel like as much as I need this night… maybe he does too?

Kaori – So how many episodes is this show?

Ian – 12…

Kaori – Okay, so I don’t have any classes until 2 tomorrow… lets watch 3? maybe 4?

Ian – Okay.

Kaori – And then you gotta sleep on the couch.

Ian – I’m sleeping over?

Kaori – Well we’re gonna have cupcakes and Vodka… can’t have you going home.

Ian – True.

Kaori – But you’re for sure sleeping on the couch… because… I’m gonna be buzzed… and you’re… you… you know what I mean- you’re cute.. so I don’t wanna-

Ian – I get it…

Kaori – Its a physical thing you know? I hate when prudes try and act like “oh my god a good looking guy does nothing for me” like hello… maybe you don’t like cock. You’re clearly a lesbian.

Ian – *laughing*

Kaori – Whatever… lets get to this show… it better be good.

Ian – Oh it is… there’s an orgy in episode 6.

Kaori – You should not have told me that. Now I want to watch episode 6.

What a day…. and to think I gotta wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. I am beyond stressed out, and I don’t want to finish GCU… but I know I have to. Plus if by some fucked up way I end up fired from Siren… then at least I’ll be okay… then again college graduates these days are having a hard time finding a job. I feel like I complain too much, I’m very lucky to have the life I have.. and Frankie, and Jarrah are huge inspirations for me to keep moving forward. Maybe I just need more downtime. Tonight is a good thing so far…. so yeah.. positive Kaori. Side note….. how sexy is Ian? Thank god Its that time of the month, and I’m “on the rag”… if not I may not be able to resist jumping on him. Anyway… enough talking.. Until next time bitches.

(POV Jeep Jonah)

I’ve since calmed down from my run in with Christine, and Vladimir Doucheface. Cayden, and Fockky decided it was a good idea to take me to get some food after work. It was a good time, and I was able to relax. I can’t believe I allowed them to get me riled up. Christine sure knows how to play the victim well. The fact of the matter is this; I wanted to be with her, I had her back…. but as soon as Raven went to prison, she clocked out of the relationship.

I held it together and tried to make it work- but it didn’t feel like a relationship anymore.. I was dealing with the Raven stuff… but there was no break. So I thought the mature thing to do was to call it. To say.. look this isn’t the right time for something romantic, its not working. Lets just be friends for now- and lets support Raven. She didn’t want that… so.. whatever. If you think I’m a bad person for that… then.. well tough. From the day they took Raven to prison- until the day I ended thing.. it was hell.

Micah – I’m sorry you had a shitty day.

Jonah – Its okay…. its not your fault.

Micah – Do you think…. maybe the reason why Christine’s so mad is because she does feel like she played a part in the breakup? maybe she just can’t admit it.

Jonah – Don’t know, and don’t care at this point. I’ve been through way too much with her…

Micah – When did you guys break up?

Jonah – I don’t know.. like.. 5-6 months ago. Its been a while so… yeah.

Micah – Well, I’m not just saying this because I’m your cousin… but I think you made the right call ending things with her. You put her feelings first.. she wasn’t really in the mind frame for a relationship after what happened with Raven… so…. you made the right call.

Jonah – I know I did… but I’ll be the asshole, I’ll be the douchebag if it makes her happy.. whatever- enough about me though… how are you?

Micah – I’m doing great actually. Olivia and I are doing amazing. Can you believe I landed her? She’s gorgeous.

Jonah – Micah you swear you’re a bad looking guy. Besides… you did date Frankie’s sister Andi… and she was hot.

Micah – I guess you’re right.

Jonah – Give yourself some credit.

Micah – I like this new you.

Jonah – I like me too.

Micah – Good.

Jonah – So are the girls here?

Micah – They’re somewhere around here.

Jonah – Okay, I’m gonna go on in. I’ll talk to you later.

Micah – Alrighty…

So…. this is Dan, also known as Danao Chen. He’s Karin’s dad. I visit him a lot, and we’ve actually become kinda close in a short time. I know, you’re like what the hell.. but like I said before.. you don’t know everything… with a year missing in action.. I’m trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together for you.

Dan – Hey there Jo-Fo

Jonah – Hey, hey Mr. Chen.

Dan – I told you.. call me Dan.

Jonah – Shh…. I’m here to bust you out.

Dan – The getaway car outside?

Jonah – Pshhh.. I’m a secret agent.. I got a helicopter waiting on the rooftop.

Dan – Nice!

Jonah & Dan – *Laughing*

Jonah – Where’s Karin?

Dan – She, and Pearl are on a Jell-O mission.

Jonah – Huh?

Dan – I told them I’ve been eating nothing but lime Jell-O and I really wanted Cherry.. so they’re looking for it.

Jonah – If anyone can get it… its-

Dan – My daughter.

Jonah – Yep.

Dan – How are you today?

Jonah – I’m….. good.

Dan – Ah, hesitation. You have a rough day young Jonah?

Jonah – A little bit… I hate being confrontational… arguing with people… I just hate fighting…

Dan – There’s an old filipino proverb.. it says : “Ang bayaning nasusugatan, nagiibayo ang tapang.” <translation : A patriot who is wounded becomes more courageous >

Jonah – I-

Dan – Translated to english it means… A patriot who is wounded becomes more courageous.

Jonah – Ah, okay.

Dan – We.. as people. We must sometimes face criticism. Things that may seem wrong to others, may seem right to us. On the inside we go with gut instinct. There is room for doubt… but if you solider on… even if you get hurt.. you grow stronger having been through it. You see?

Jonah – Yes sir.

As stereotypical as it is… Dan is one old wise asian man.

Dan – You are strong patriot Jonah… I have no doubt that you are as courageous, as you are handsome.

Jonah – *laughs* Aww thanks Mr. Chen- I mean Dan… thanks.

Dan – Not more handsome than me of course *laughs*

Jonah – Well you are one handsome devil.

Dan – Damn right- *coughs* So… getting real… I need to know something.

Jonah – Okay?

Dan – Do you love my daughter?

Jonah – I do.

Dan – She loves you very much. She told me so.

Jonah – *smiles*

Dan – She’s warrior… like you. Very strong, very headstrong when it comes to her writing.. like you with your films. She gets worried that she is not good enough for you, that her writing is not good enough… but she fakes it until she believes otherwise. I know my daughter… she is far from gentle… she never had a mother… some things she did not learn. She will never admit these things.. but its important that the man she loves knows.

Jonah – I understand.

Dan – Her mother died during childbirth… and now I lay here dying of the big c.

Jonah – …..

Dan – Karin will be okay, life insurance and other things are waiting for her after I take my last breath.. but what I cannot give her.. you can. You can love her, and protect her. The way she is honest with me… she can be that way with you. She will need it.

Jonah – I understand.

Dan – She is strong.. she can survive alone… but my intuition tells me she will be a better person with you in her life. Be patient with her.. she is abrasive.. and opinionated.. but she has a heart. She’s very proud… she’s stubborn… but she has heart. Soften her… she’s very.. hard. Rough edges… she needs someone like you to smooth her out Okay?

Jonah – Yes sir.

He’s such a cool guy. Super mellow, and chill. I don’t know how he stays in such good spirits considering he’s….. well he’s dying. He really loves his daughter, and he really likes me a lot. I wish things were different and he wasn’t dying… I think he and I could have had a really good relationship. Life is not fair. You have assholes living until 90.. while good people like Dan get cancer…

*door opens*

Karin – Hey you.

Jonah – Hi *smiles*

Pearl – Hey Jonah.

Jonah – Hey Pearl.

Karin – What are you doing here? I thought you were out with your work friends?

Jonah – I was.. and now I’m here.

Dan – He wanted to surprise us.

Karin – *smiles* Well, glad you came.

Jonah – *smiles* So how did operation cherry go?

Pearl – It was a success!

Karin – They will bring you cherry jell-o in the next 15 minutes dad

Dan – I knew you could do it,

Karin – Of course… never doubt me.

Pearl – So are you gonna play cards with us Jonah?

Jonah – Sure- but first I wanna talk to Karin.

Karin – Oh, whats up?

Jonah – Outside?

Karin – Alrighty.

Karin – We’ll be back in a few.

Dan – Take your time.

Pearl – Yeah, Danny boy and I have a score to settle.. GO-FISH TIME MISTER!

Dan – You’re going down!


Micah – Are you okay?

Nurse Janet – No, that bitch with the orange hair was standing on tables demanding cherry Jell-o…

Micah – Oh…. yikes…

Nurse Janet – Spoiled kids like her make this job unbearable.


Jonah – *Laughs* Pearl’s a good friend.

Karin – She is… I love her a lot.

Jonah – She had my back this morning… it was cool of her.

Karin – She’s very loyal.

Jonah – She is.

Karin – So… what’s going on?… kinda scaring me with the whole I wanna talk to you outside stuff…

Jonah – Sorry, I didn’t mean to be ominous.

Karin – You’re not breaking up with me at the hospital of all places are you?

Jonah – No.

Karin – Oh okay.

Jonah – I wanted to talk to you about two things okay?

Karin – Okay.

Jonah – First thing…. okay so… I talked to Frankie today.

Karin – Alright.

Jonah – Baby…. if I say something to you… you can’t go repeating it. It gets me in trouble.

Karin – Is this about our fight at Haus Of Opulence? she is such a snitch.

Jonah – I called her, and asked her how it went.. because I knew you were going in that day. She told me it didn’t go well.

Karin – Because she was being a bitch.

Jonah – I wasn’t there- so I won’t comment on it… but what I will say is this. I love you, you’re my girlfriend. I love her, she’s my longtime friend. If I say something to you in passing… you can’t repeat it.

Karin – Even if its really how you feel?

Jonah – Yeah because like.. personally… I feel like- okay well Frankie’s always had it easy when its come to writing… but now she’s blocked for whatever reason. Then you come along… all sure of yourself.. writing with ease.. Jessica’s new favorite.. I think she may be jealous..

Karin – And you’ve said that.

Jonah – Yeah to you, that wasn’t for her to hear… I don’t want to disrespect her, or you. Okay? So things stay between us….

Karin – Got it…… sorry I embarrassed you.

Jonah – You didn’t… but if we’re gonna work on being friends.. all of us…. together… then we can’t do things like that.

Karin – Okay… you’re right- but to be honest.. I don’t care to be friends with your friends.

Jonah – Yes you do…

Karin – I…. I mean fine…. I do want to be excepted but if they’re haters then… what am I supposed to do?

Jonah – Lets just take it one step at a time… I’m sure you can win them over.

Karin – …..Okay… if you say so. You look very cute today by the way.

Jonah – Thanks… so do you.

I have my personal feelings about my friends, and if I tell my girlfriend something to make her feel better… she really shouldn’t be repeating it.. causing extra drama you know?

Karin – So what was the second thing?

Jonah – Okay so… umm.. I had a run in with my ex today.

Karin – Ew, she’s so ugly.

Jonah – Karin…

Karin – Sorry *laughs* go on….

Jonah – I don’t hate her and I don’t want to argue with her, and her boyfriend… but it did get to that point. I walked away from it with a couple of thoughts.

Karin – Okay.

Jonah – I’m lucky to have you… because even with everything that goes on in your life.. with your dad being here… you don’t… you’re very full of life. You don’t take every moment of our relationship and turn it into a talk about your father’s illness. We take care of our issues… we talk them out… but we still have us… we don’t let it affect our relationship negatively.

Karin – Well… good.

Jonah – If we every get to a point… where we’re depressed… or can’t handle something sad. Lets always talk about it. Lets be there for each other, lets have a good cry… and stay optimistic about stuff. If we’re sad and need a day to cry alone.. lets give each other that… but lets never forget about each other in our sadness.. lets be self-aware… deal?

Karin – Always…. wow you’re so mature…. I’ve never dated anyone like you before.

Jonah – I wasn’t always this mature…

Karin – I can’t imagine you any other way.

Jonah – Karin, I’m in love with you, and I want to be here for you.. whatever you need.. any time of day okay? I’m not going anywhere.

Karin – Well that’s good to know… but you know I’m strong…

Jonah – Yeah but even the strongest need support.

Karin – I’m here for you too. I love you very much… even if your friends hate me because I’m amazing.

Jonah – *laughs* Okay.. good talk.

Karin -Gimme kiss!

Jonah – *Kisses Karin*

Karin – So where does Christine live?

Jonah – Why?

Karin – Pearl, and I can go egg her house.

Jonah – No!

Karin – I’m kidding!….. mostly.

Jonah – You better be….

Karin – I wouldn’t hurt a fly… and you know that.

Jonah – True… now lets go play some cards.

Karin – Fair warning, my dad’s a winner… he hates to lose…

Jonah – I’m the same way…

Karin – I know *smiles* which is why watching you and him play cards is going to be hilarious.

So….. this is me… the new Jonah, as people like to call it. I personally don’t think I’ve changed all that much… but if people think I have then so be it. I’m not gonna be anybody but who I am… and at the end of the day… as long as I like me, I’m good. That’s not to say that I want people to dislike me, that’s not it at all. I just don’t feel the need to need people’s approval anymore. You heard Mr Chen… I’m a strong person. You and I know I haven’t always been… but better late than never. So yeah.. like I said this morning.. you’ve followed me all day, you’ve had a glimpse of how things are now. I don’t say this to be an ass… but your approval of the new mean doesn’t mean much to me- however it would be very much appreciated. With that being said, the day is over… so answer me this…. Do you like me?


~End Of Chapter One | Chapter Two is Next~


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  1. Well let’s see…do I like Jonah….Ok he’s definitely different, but now after spending more time with him I can see why. He had a rough breakup with the love of his life Christine, he’s angry at Raven, and has to deal with that lunatic Jules! Plus he’s always having to defend his girlfriend while still attempting to keep his other friends. He has a lot on his plate and a lot to be upset about. So I guess he’s not TOO bad after all :p. Maybe in time he won’t have as much anger in him and a little of the old Jeep can return!

    Kaori is so pretty :D. And leave it to a girl as bold as her to wear a clingy white dress while she’s on the rag! That could have been disastrous! Ok nevermind, forget I said that lol. Anyway, I felt sad for her. She seems so lonely now after putting herself out there with Byron and that didn’t work out. Then Keegan didn’t work out. Now she’s going on blind dates with creepy guys and that’s definitely not working out! It’s like she’s back where she started; being a loner :\. Maybe that’s meant for her though. This way she can focus on her last year of school and her career. After that she can settle down and marry the hottie named Ian :p

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