{BnG Season 3} Chapter One Part 2 : “This is me now”

Chapter One | Pt. 2 “This is me now”

-POV’s : Trey & Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Trey)

Note to self… do not drink wine after 10pm.

Trey – Dom’…… time to get up.

Dominic – Ugh… what time is it?

Trey – 6:30….

Dominic – I’m so hungover.

Trey – So am I… but today is important for us.. so we gotta get up, and start our day.

Dominic – …..Yeah, you’re right.

Sorry about that… I am in no condition to give you an energetic hay-wassup-hello. I’m not only hungover, but I’m still really tired. Anyway! hi… this is Dominic, and I’s bedroom… because we live together now. Lets see what else has changed- Oh I along with Frankie, and Jarrah graduated GCU.. umm… I don’t work at CakeCup anymore- and.. well Dominic and I have been a couple for a year, and I’m very happy.

I’m still trying to get my catering company off the ground- but in the meantime I did score an awesome job being a personal chef for a rich family. My first day on the job is later tonight. Dominic’s career as a therapist is working itself out. Currently he works at the local middle school, and high school. He’s trying to find a building to lease so he can have his own spot, but for now.. he’s optimistic. Oh and also, I forgot to add that he only works with kids, and preteens. He said he’s not ready for adults yet… he wants to get comfortable with kids first. Which totally makes sense.

You’re probably wondering how the hell we afford to live here- well 1. Its small. 2. I’ve had money put away post grad. 3. Dominic had saved money. 4. His father wanted his old beach house.. so he helped us find this place in return. Now that I have this job, I wont need my parents help, and Dominic and I will be fine.

Dominic – I need coffee if I’m gonna make it through today.

Trey – No kidding…

Dominic – Are you nervous babe?

Trey – About what?- the job?

Dominic – Yeah.

Trey – No……..well a little.

Dominic – You shouldn’t be, you impressed the hell out of them yesterday.

Trey – I impressed the wife, and the son.

Dominic – I don’t follow-

Trey – I didn’t meet the rest of the family yet.

Dominic – Oooh okay… well.. you’re you… so you’re gonna be amazing.

Trey – I wish I had your confidence.

Dominic – You do…

Trey – No, I don’t.

Dominic – Trey… when you’re drunk.. you’re badass. The confidence is there…

Trey – If you say so.

Dominic – *smiles*

Trey – So you said today was an important day for you.

Dominic – Yeah, well its not everyday that the GloCity Police Department comes and asks for your help.

Trey – I still can’t believe that happened.

Dominic – Right? I wasn’t very high on the list- but I am certified, and in town….

Trey – Oh my god, its so exciting to think of you tagging along with a cop, and helping him understand the mind of a crazy.

Dominic – Well the crazy in question is actually a 15 year old. And the cop isn’t just a regular cop. Its detective Jayson Carter, for your information.

Trey – Oh excuse me… someone has a crush.

Dominic – He’s cute, but I’m not interested obviously.. I got all I need here… besides, you know I don’t lust after straight men-

Trey – Zac Efron………

Dominic – He doesn’t count… he’s a celebrity… and he’s fucking Zac Efron… look at him.

Trey – *laughs* He’s gorgeous…

Dominic – I’m gonna do my morning stretches.

Trey – I’m gonna hop in the shower..

Dominic – Meet you upstairs for breakfast.

Trey – Well… before you go upstairs, please put some pants on…

Dominic – Will do….

Did I mention how happy I am? Its so cheesy, but whatever… shower time. Maybe the hot water will wake me up, and rejuvenate me.

Trey – Oh my god!- Sorry!

Ruben – I didn’t know you were awake yet, my bad sis!

Trey – Ruben…. clothes…. please….

Ruben – I thought you guys were still sleep.. I’m sorry, Trey.

Trey – Its okay…

Ruben – Did you-

Trey – No, no… I’ll shower after I eat…

Ruben – Sorry again, girl….

Trey – …..Its fine.

Right…. you guys don’t know Ruben. Ruben’s Dominic’s bestfriend. He’s living with us, because he got kicked out of his place in Bridgeport. Apparently the landlord was homophobic, and tried to physically assault Ruben. They went to court and everything.. it was a mess. Dominic being Dominic asked if it was okay if Ruben stayed with us until he found a new job, and place. Me being me, I said SURE!- not really realizing that Ruben’s a handful… and then some.

Don’t get me wrong, I like him… but there are some things I had to get past. Like the whole naked thing.. he hates clothes. …………………….and the fact that he was Dominic’s first. Yes… first time having sex.. Dominic and Ruben. You’re probably a bit confused, so I’ll just explain it. Dominic lost his virginity to Ruben. Dominic was married to an older guy named JT.. JT did not take his virginity. See- simple. Anyway yeah.. there is nothing sexual between Dom, and Ruben.. so I have no problem with jealousy or anything. A year ago I would have been all insecure about it. I’ve grown a lot. I have Dominic, and Ruben’s just a friend, point blank.

(20 minutes later)

[Top Pic]

Dominic – He’s probably embarrassed…

Trey – I’ve obviously seen penis before, but it was still mortifying.

Dominic – Change of subject…. Why did you wake up so early if your cooking job isn’t until this evening?

Trey – Because I gotta go to my parents house to pick up a few things. I still have my apron, and knives there.

Dominic – Oh okay.

Trey – Saying hello to dad too.

Dominic – Aww… Hey!

Trey – Yeah?

Dominic – Since you’re free… do you want me to pick you up on my lunch break? we can go get a bur-

Trey – Oh I can’t. I’ll be eating with mom, and dad probably.

Dominic – Right- and now that I think about it… I may be too busy for lunch. Detective Carter could probably just swing us by a dive-thru.

[Bottom Pic]

Ruben – Mornin’ bitches.

Look who finally decided to join us… and with clothes this time.

Dominic – What’s up nudist.

Ruben – How embarrassing.

Trey – I didn’t see anything- well I did.. but I blocked it out of my mind.

Ruben – Its fine, its just a dick- and balls

Trey – *laughing* and balls.

Dominic – You want some coffee?

Ruben – No thanks, I only sip tea, sis.

Dominic – *laughing* You spill it too.

Trey – Ruben…. why are you so awesome?

Ruben – Just like the gay……… I was born this way.

Dominic – So do you want me to make you some tea or-

Ruben – Actually I’ll have whatever mr chef is making.

Trey – Pancakes.

Ruben – Is there enough for me?

Trey – Its plenty.

Ruben – Family breakfast, how cute-

Dominic – Oh my god, speaking of family… Trey…. babe…

Trey – What?

Dominic – You and I are invited to dinner…..

Trey – With who?

Dominic – My dad.

Not a big deal, Christian is super cool.

Trey – Oh that’s fine, I love Christian-

Dominic – And Mira…..

….Another thing you didn’t know.

Trey – Ooooh… awkward…. so he wants you to meet the new girlfriend.

Dominic – Its so fucking weird.

Ruben – Daddy, dating again?

Dominic – Yes, and its my friend’s mom

Trey – Our friend Frankie-

Ruben – Oh the super pretty one with the red hair?

Trey & Dominic – Yeah.

From what I’ve gathered from Frankie.. she has no problem with her mom dating…. but she’s heard things about Dominic’s dad. Its kinda known that Christian likes the ladies, and doesn’t stick to one…..

Ruben – I guess I could see how friends parents dating could be awkward. Especially when you think of them having sex-

Dominic – Yuck… that’s the last thing on my mind.

Trey – Frankie’s cool with it, I think…. but I’m sure its a little awkward for her too.

Dominic – I get along with Frankie, so its fine.. but man.. he could have picked someone else.. someone that’s not my friend’s mom!

Ruben – Daddies need love too Dom’

Trey – Speaking of….. how did your date go with that guy on tinder?

Dominic – Oh right.

Ruben – Well it wasn’t a date, it was a hookup. We went all the way back to his place in C-City… and we fucked on his couch.. which is annoying because A: I sleep on a couch.. can I not fuck in a bed? and B: His fucking cat kept looking at us while we were doing it.

Trey – The cat was probably like “…………..Dat Ass”

Dominic – *laughing*

Ruben – Regardless… Mitchell’s a cool dude but it was just a hookup. He lives in C-City, AND he’s kinda full of himself. I just wanted to have sex, and kinda move on.. if anything we’ll be friends. I’m down with the Ki-Ki, and the Cackle honey.

Dominic – About the couch….

Ruben – Yeah?

Trey – Dom’ and I have decided… you’re staying with us… so its only fair that we let you hook up… The couch pulls out-

Ruben – Oooh how dirty!

Dominic – Slut-bucket

Ruben – That’s madam bussy queen.. but go on about this couch business.

Trey – Well.. it pulls out.. and its comfy… so… if you want… we don’t mind you bringing dates back here.

Ruben – Are you sure?

Dominic – We’re positive. We want you to feel comfortable.. you’re not a guest.. this is your home for now.

Trey – Its fine with us, we’re downstairs anyway.

Ruben – I hear you guys sometime… who’s Mr. Spanky?

Trey & Dominic – *looks at each other*

We sometimes play a student teacher game…. Dominic is Mr. Spanky….

Dominic – Eat your pancakes.

Trey – *laughs*

 Ruben – Enough about me though.. what’s the plan for tonight? because I have a job interview in the evening.

Trey – Noooooo you’re gonna miss the party!

I’m throwing a little party for Chace tonight. He got the call last night. He’s officially being represented by Lola’s Agency.

Ruben – Well the interview is at 6….

Dominic – Then you’re good.. party isn’t until 8:30, 9-ish.

Trey – Can you do me a big favor?

Ruben – What is it love muffin?

Trey – While you’re out, can you get the keg?

Ruben – Sure, but I’m gonna need gas money sweetie.

Dominic – We got you covered bruh.

Ruben – And let it be stated that I’m only helping because I love you guys… because-

Dominic – We know… you hate Chace.

Trey – Chace, takes a while to grow on people.. but once he does… he’s really cool. Dominic didn’t really like him at first-

Dominic – He’s fine now… but like you said it took a while.

Ruben – Well, I doubt he’ll grow on me. He’s rude, and I don’t play that. If he says something rude to me.. I’m gonna punch him.

Trey – You can’t punch him at his party! he’s the guest of honor!

Dominic – Ruben… promise you’ll behave.

Trey – Not only because he’s the guest of honor, but my friend Aries is coming… and he’s introducing us to his boyfriend. I want us to make a good impression, and not be looked at like-

Dominic – A bunch of messy queens.

Ruben – Fine…

Trey – If he touches you… then I get it.. punch away.. but if he’s verbally being an ass.. just count to 10 and walk away, okay?

Ruben – Its a deal….side note, I know I say it a lot.. but thanks again for letting me stay here, while I get my shit together.

Trey – Its no problem, I’ve grown quite fond of you Ru-Ru

This is a typical morning for me nowadays. I’ve probably said it more times that I can count- but I’m really happy. I went through soo much crap when it came to love, and finally I have exactly what I want, what I deserve. Anyway… life is good… and hopefully it stays good. Let us pray that Ruben, and Chace can behave themselves tonight. With that being said.. I’m gonna continue the Ki-Ki, the cackle.. and these pancakes. Then I’m gonna shower, kiss my favorite guy goodbye.. and start my day. I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Frankie)

There’s always something to be gained when you try something new. You either hate it, and you’re glad to have experienced it- Or… you realize its something that fits like a glove. Take my relationship with Raina. She’s older than me, and very LGBT…. I’m new to it, you know? but at the same time she doesn’t treat me like some “baby lesbian”- side-note… I’m still bisexual, just because I’m in a relationship with a woman doesn’t mean I’m not attracted to men anymore.

Frankie – Wait- wait, how do I do that?

Raina – Oh just press the ZL button, and move the stick to the left.

Frankie – Oh my god, why are you so good at this?

Raina – I have no idea actually.

Frankie – You’d think I’d be better.

Raina – Why?

Frankie – Andi and I played video games a lot when we were younger- before she left.

She loves street fighter… She loves Chun-Li. She thinks she’s so good at it too… spamming lighting kicks.

Raina – Didn’t she buy you this one?

Frankie – Yeah, for Christmas.. which is hilarious. She said “You have enough nerd shit… so my gift to you is something fun, and passive” Andi know’s I would have never bought a WiiU on my own. I don’t really splurge on myself.

Raina – Well maybe you should. You work hard.

Frankie – Andi says the same thing.

Raina – Well your sister is smart….

Frankie – She’s so…. Andi.

Raina – She really is… but hey, at least she’s cool with us dating.

Frankie – Well she doesn’t really have a choice. I’m my own woman- Oh my god I can’t believe I just said that.

Raina – Why?

Frankie – Torrance says that all the time.

Raina – Torrance?- Oh never mind.. the bitch at work who treats you like crap?

Frankie – Yep… she’s really getting on my nerves.

Raina – Want me to have my goons tie her up, and throw her into the ocean?

Frankie – No!- wait.. umm………you have goons?

Raina – No, I was just fuckin’ with you.

Frankie – I was about to say “Oh my god I’m in love with a gangsta”

Dammit…. I did not mean to blurt that out….

Raina – ………

Frankie – ………

Raina – …….

Lets change the subject

Frankie – So are you working-

Raina – Frankie?

Frankie – Yes Rai?

Raina – …..You love me?

Frankie – ………..

Raina – I know it slipped out… but… is it true?

Frankie – ……Yeah… I… love you.

Raina – *smiles* ……Good. I love you too.

Frankie – *smiles* ………….Are we gonna wrestle? or something? why do you have me pinned down like this?

Raina – Because I wanted an answer without you squirming away to get a glass of water or something. But… since we’re in this position… let me do what I do. Breakfast before work.

Frankie – *laughs*  carry on.

Just an FYI, Raina does not live with me. I just have her sleeping over a lot. When she’s not here, I’m usually at her place.

Kaori – *walking in* Oh my god Frankie my thong is so far up my ass that I- Oh shit… didn’t mean to interrupt…..

Raina – *Whispers to Frankie* Does she have a key?

Frankie – No, it was unlocked I think.

Kaori – I can come back-

Raina – No its fine, I need to get going.

Frankie – Its all good Kay’

Not really… I was really looking forward to sex for breakfast. Kaori has great timing.

Kaori – Hello, Raina.

Raina – Hey Kay’- Frankie, I’m gonna shower, and then jet. Call you later.

Frankie – Okay.

Kaori – Your girlfriend is hot.

Frankie – I know right?

Kaori – Like… I’m not even bi, but I think she’s hot.

Frankie – *laughs* So what was it you were saying about your thong?

Kaori – These jeans are so tight, that I didn’t want panty line.. so I’m wearing a thong.. and it feels like my butt is eating it.

Frankie – Fun times.

Kaori – No, fun times- is what was about to happen between Raina and you on that floor

Frankie – *laughs*

Kaori – Is this what you guys do in the morning? video games, and pussy eating?

Frankie – Kaori!

Kaori – *laughs* Sorry… I’m working on my filter….

Frankie – No, we don’t do that every morning. We both had time to kill and decided to play some mario kart.

Kaori – I’m still really shocked you have one of those things.

Frankie – Andi bought it for me remember? she likes to play Mario Kart online together.

Kaori – Adorable…

Frankie – What did you do last night? I heard you getting in really late. Work related?

Kaori – No… I took Brie with me to CCity. We hungout with Vira.. she was showing us around her job. Then we went out for drinks.

Frankie – Oh cool, that’s really nice of you to include Brie into things.

Kaori – At first I was doing it for Kyle.. the love of his life finally moved here, and I figured I’d help her out and show her around… but now.. well I actually really like Brie.

Frankie – For a second, I thought you had a crush on Kyle.

Kaori – Oh hell no. He’s cute, but I’m not attracted to him…. blah.

Frankie – *laughs* I see……

Really cool that Kyle’s girlfriend came out here to be with him. I remember Kaori telling me that the long distance was killing them.

Frankie – So what brings you by?

Kaori – You say that like I live across town. We’re technically roommates.

Frankie – Very true.

We live in a duplex. Kaori has the top two floors.. I have this one.

Kaori – I came by to chat with my BFF.

Frankie – Well lets do it buttercup.

Kaori – What? Raina’s in the bathroom you whore.

Frankie – Ha-Ha, very funny.

Kaori – But….. yeah I did come by to talk about something… You’re the smartest, and most mature person I know.. so.. yeah.

Frankie – Okay, well spill, while I grab something to eat- and don’t make a Raina’s in the other room joke.

Kaori – *laughs*

Kaori – What is that?

Frankie – Pound cake, with plum preservatives. Sweet and tangy.. want some?

Kaori – Everything you say, literally sounds like an innuendo for cunnilingus.

Frankie – Mind, is always in the gutter…

Kaori – Anyway! Umm.. so guess what I saw on facebook a few minutes ago?

Frankie – Rubi Later, talking about Adam Malkovich being her bae?

Kaori – Oh god no, though she’s always saying that…. They’re cute together to be honest… I think I did good hooking them up.

Frankie – I agree… but yeah.. what did you see on facebook?

Kaori – Keegan, and Priscilla changed their relationship status. They’re officially dating.

Uh oh….. good for them, but I hope Kaori’s not like…. down about this.

Frankie – Ah……… how do you feel about that?

Kaori – You know what?…. I’m actually unbothered.

Frankie – Really?

Kaori – Yeah, I saw it… and I was shockingly happy for them.

Frankie – You have no feelings for him?

Kaori – That’s like asking you and Jarrah if you guys still have feelings for him. Keegan’s Keegan… he’ll always be that guy we lust after.

Frankie – I guess that’s true… but in your case…. you REALLY loved him, and he loved you too…

Kaori – And that got us in trouble- but fuck Jules… she put her hands on me. She’s lucky I don’t snuff her everytime I see her. I get that she caught us in a messed up situation but.. girl bye.. touching me.. that’s how you get dragged.

Frankie – So how did you get to this place?

Kaori – With Keegan? well.. I just realized that ultimately we’re better off as friends. When we kissed, it felt good.. but I hated what happened after. I was that girl I tried hard not to be. I don’t want things to be awkward with Keegan, I want us to be friends and let the past go. Who knows… he could marry Priscilla.. or 10 years down the line, he and I could be popping out babies together. You just never know.

That’s true.. you don’t know what the future holds.

Frankie – Very true.

Kaori – So, I’m gonna live my life… and he should live his. I’m genuinely happy for Priscilla and him.

Frankie – Does he know all of this?

Kaori – No… but I plan on talking to him…. we don’t need drama. People being awkward around each other- and not talking… we’re all friends.. lets act like it.

Frankie – Well…. there is Jeep-

Kaori – Oh no girl… you mean JONAH!- yes ma’am he is Jonah now.. and don’t you forget it.

Frankie – *laughs*

Kaori – Like come on dude.. you’re still the same dude who jizzed in my jeep… let us not forget how you got the name boo-boo.

Frankie – *Laughs* He was trying to flex at lunch the other day…. getting mad at me because I don’t like his stupid ass girlfriend.

Kaori – Oh… well honestly.. Karin sucks. I don’t know how anyone can deal with her.

Frankie – Well maybe pussy too bomb.

Kaori – Oh whatever, this is Jeep we’re talking about.. any pussy is too bomb for him- he was fucking Christine remember? and she looks like a fucking turtle…

Frankie – *laughing* Turtle pussy too bomb.

Kaori – *laughing* Yasss snap that turtle Christine….

Frankie – *laughs* You’ve turned me into a mean girl! I feel bad, Christine was nice.

Kaori – Nice, or not… she looked like a damn turtle and you know its the truth.

It kinda sucks that Jeep and Christine didn’t work out….. but he seem’s happy with Karin… so…. whatevs.

Frankie – Speaking of truth…. I’m proud of you.

Kaori – For what?

Frankie – Just… how you’ve handled the Keegan thing. Truth be told I was rooting for you two- I know that sounds bad… but I knew Jules wasn’t the one for him.

Kaori – Umm… everyone knew that except him- and thanks… I’m trying to be mature about shit. I’m not like “Oh my god I’m SO over Keegan” No… he’s still gorgeous, and funny.. he’s an amazing guy… but I’m also smart enough to realize that if I allow myself to get over him.. that there are plenty of amazing guys out there.

Frankie – Random.. but do you talk to any of your exes..

Kaori – Are we talking about Byron… or-

Frankie – Both, Byron and…… Kale?- god that sounds too similar to Kyle..

Kaori – Well I wouldn’t consider Kale, and ex. Vira knew him because he lives in C-City… she thought we’d hit it off. It was 8 months ago.. 2 dates.. didn’t workout because our personalities weren’t compatible. He was too passive. So we just called it, and then I went on to homewreck Jules and Keegan- I’m so amazing aren’t I?- all Jokes aside.. Kale’s a cool dude, but I don’t talk to him anymore.. Its always awkward when I’m in C-City.. I worry I’ll run into him. Heh….. thats the last time I let Vira set me up.

Frankie – Did you hook up with Kale?

Kaori – Umm.. I did, but we didn’t have sex if that’s what you mean. He went down on me,  on the 2nd date….

Frankie – What about Byron? do you talk to him still?

Kaori – Umm…. 3 months ago I skyped with him… he was playing a gig at some club. He seems happy. I haven’t talked to him since. Which is fine.. he’s out there (In Europe) doing what he wanted. Good for him.

Thinking about it…. she has not been lucky in love, poor thing. Maybe this is her year though.

Kaori – Speaking of exes, are you and my brother okay?

Frankie – Ivo, and I were hardly a couple.. but we’re fine. He understands I’m with Raina, and I understand he’s with Taylor.

Kaori – Its so weird, Taylor works for Victoria via V-Glam… but now she’s always at family functions since she’s dating my brother. I’m not complaining though… total upgrade from that cunt Torrance Baldwin-

Frankie – Ew, can you not say her full name? its so annoying- borderline pretentious.

Kaori – Sorry to make it sexual.. but I feel like I’m saying Torrance Baldpussy or something.. her stupid ass name… BALDWIN!- is she still rockin’ them tired ass dreadlocks?

Frankie – Yes… and it gets worse… she’s discovered blazers! every fucking day a blazer.. she thinks she’s so important…. its like honey have a seat okay? you’re editing books just like I do. The only difference is I’m an assistant editor.

Kaori – She’s always thought she was important…. fugly bitch- Oooh how un-feminist of me. Vira would be so upset at me calling another woman a bitch *laughing* She’s super into feminism-

Frankie – You’ve always been a true feminist in my opinion. You fought against the unfair treatment of women who enjoy casual sex. You were completely right too, why is it that a guy could hook up on campus and be a pimp- a stud… then a woman does it and she’s branded a slut. You fought against that all the time…

Kaori – Well my days of hooking up at GCU is over- you’re so lucky you graduated.. this last year is killing me. I just want to be done already.

Frankie – I know girl… I know. So how’s work?

Kaori – I don’t want to talk about it. Lets just say Mahlia’s annoying as fuck, and… I have lots of new responsibilities.. My schedule is hectic- but again.. I don’t wanna talk about it.

So you probably already know that Mahlia’s dating Jarrah’s leftovers yet again… but incase you forgot… Mahlia’s mother is actually Kaori’s boss at Siren Ad Agency… Mahlia works there now… talk about awkward. Especially since Mahlia hated Kaori for dating Byron…

Frankie – I get it….

Kaori – So… what’s going on with Mama Mancini?

Frankie – We’re fine…. I’m still adjusting to her new boyfriend.

Kaori – Dominic’s shady dad…

Frankie – Right? and I hate even saying that… because Dominic is such a great guy.

Kaori – He makes Trey tolorable.

Frankie – Girl…

Kaori – I’m joking, you know I love Trey… 

Frankie – *laughs*

About my mother…. She’s in a good place, and her relationship with my dad, sister, and I is… well its perfect. So she’s working on being happy herself.. which is how she ended up dating Dominic’s dad who’s moved back to GloCity. I don’t dislike the guy- but from what I heard.. he plays with emotions, and cheats… I don’t want my mother’s heart broken.. you know?

Kaori – What are you doing? writing your book?

Frankie – I love you.. but I don’t wanna talk about my book.

Writers block, plus the frustration at work. no.. this book is just not happening.. and I hate myself for it.

Kaori – Okay well what are you doing then?

Frankie – I’m helping people.. on my advice blog…

Kaori – Oh okay… werk…..

Frankie – Look at this question. Dear Ms. Answers-

Kaori – Why do they call you Ms Answers?

Frankie – Oh, I’m anynonymous. It makes them feel more comfortable asking my advice.

Kaori – Ah okay.

Frankie – Okay so it says…. :

“Dear Ms Answers…… My roommate is… well she’s an escort, I don’t judge her for it.. but I feel like she’s gotten so comfortable with her job occupation that she convinces herself that nothing is wrong with it. I’m worried that she’ll be turning tricks until she’s like 50. I think…. I just need your advice on how to talk about things with her… without sounding like a bitch. I don’t always emote the best way.. but she is my friend.. and she’s been through a lot too. In the last year her father died, and she didn’t take it too well. In general I’d just like to open myself up and be able to talk about things with her. Help.” – CCityModelNerd

Kaori – Oooh….. well first off C-City Model Nerd.. nothing’s wrong with being a sex worker… lets not slut-shame. And secondly.. is this about your friend the escort, or you? make up your mind girl!

Frankie – Yeaaaaaah….. I think I’ll take some time, and reply to this one later *laughs*

Kaori – She just needs to stop being a pussy, and be like “Listen Ho-friend… have a end game… and don’t get wrapped up in the ho-business”

Frankie – Has anyone ever told you, that you say the P word a lot?

Kaori – Pussy is power, and as a proud feminist I support this message.

Frankie – Mess…..

Kaori – So….. speaking of the power of the P…. are you mad that I interrupted you and Raina-

Frankie – I told her I loved her.

Kaori – REALLY?…. when?

Frankie – Before you came in…

Kaori – Does she love you back?

Frankie – Yep…..

Kaori – Aww… well you deserve it..

Frankie – Thanks… and so do you… it’ll happen.

Kaori – How sweet.

Frankie – What are friends for?- speaking of which… we need to take Jarrah out… she could use a fun night.

Kaori – Oh I heard she’s managing just fine… but I agree.. the three of us should do something.

She must be talking about Panda vs Prince Charming.

Frankie – We’ll have to figure it out.. all three of us have busy schedules.

Andi always tells me… “Frankie… we can have it all.. why can’t we? we CAN have it all” and for the most part I believed her. Working hard, and being optimisitc should lead you somewhere right? But I gotta say… I’m being tested at work. Things with Raina couldn’t be better, but my career? I feel like its stalled before I even put my first book out. Which is really annoying. Me, myself, and I aside… I do worry about Kaori, and Jarrah. I want them to be happy, as much as I want myself to be happy. I’m not a very selfless person, worrying about others is what I do best. My dad says I should stop that, and put myself first… but its just hard. Whatevs…. I’m gonna chit-chat with Kay’ for a while before heading off to work. Which is probably where you’ll see me next… yay… Haus of Opulence…… yeah that’s sarcasm. Later luv bugs.

(POV Trey)

So after the morning cackle, it was time to hit up my parents place. To my surprise my aunt Eboni was there. So.. I guess now is a good time to explain my relation to Amina & Kalia- I mean Kash. Basically.. My mom (Gabrielle) is actually cousins with Amina & Kash’s mom Eboni. Their mothers are sisters, but the relationship between my mom and Eboni was more like sisters. Which is why I just call Eboni my aunt.. though technically she’s my cousin as well. So that’s how I’m related to Amina & Kash…. they’re my cousins.

Trey – What’s up old-lady gang.

Gabrielle – Hey you, did you find the box?

Trey – After digging through the garage I did.

Eboni – What are you looking for?

Trey – Oh I needed my knives and apron.

Eboni – Oh that’s right, you start that new job.

Trey – Yep, so I needed my things… not sure why they were in the DUSTY garage….

Gabrielle – Well hon’ to be honest.. those knives are terrible.. I’m gonna buy you some new ones.

Trey – Eh.. I like my old ones…

Gabrielle – Oh by the way you missed Tyler, America, and baby Renly. They left before you got here.

Trey – Awww, I wanted to play with the baby.

Eboni – Yeah he’s a cutie!-

Gabrielle – He is.

Eboni – Trey, did you see your cousin in the house?

Trey – Actually no… I didn’t.

Eboni – Must be in the bathroom or something.

Trey – Probably… so how are you guys? How does it feel to be retired mom?

Gabrielle – Oh it feels great.

My mom & Keegan’s dad had the modeling agency remember? well mom was ready to retire, but Issac wasn’t. So the best thing they could think of was to sell her half to Victoria Grace McDonald. (Vince’s Wife/Kaori’s Stepmom) So now Victoria has half the agency… along with her company V-Glam. Mom still gets her monthly pension.. she’s living good *laughs*

Trey – What about you Aunt Eb’s

Eboni – Well work is good… I think high school students are much harder than middle school kids.

She’s a teacher FYI

Trey – How’s uncle Drake?

Eboni – He’s good.. he’s bout ready to retire too.

He’s a dentist.

Trey – I’m gonna go say hi to dad, when I was inside, he was in his room.

Eboni – Well okay, it was nice seeing ya Trey. Good luck at the job

Gabrielle – Oh he’s gonna slay it.

Oh my god.. did she just say slay?… hilarious.

Trey – Yes mom, I’m gonna slay it.

Gabrielle – If you have time, you should have lunch.

Trey – Okay, works for me. I’ll be inside.

Time to go see daddy dearest.

Oh wow he’s cute.

Jordan – Hey.

Trey – Hey dad.

Jordan – You meet my new nurse? he’s friends with Jarrah’s brother Micah.

Trey – I haven’t, hi I’m Trey.

Mario – Hi, Trey. I’m Mario- sorry my girlfriend is having a panic attack- not literally.. she just gets bored easily since she doesn’t work. She made me promise to take her out for dinner tonight.

Trey – She’s going stir-crazy-

Mario – That’s the term I was looking for. Thanks.

Trey – So what’s up?

Jordan – Nothing much, we were just talking about basketball.

Mario – I’m gonna take him to a game next week.

Wow.. really? but when I try to get him to go places he refuses….

Jordan – Yeah I can’t wait.

Trey – I see…..

Jordan – You and Tyler don’t like sports… so don’t be jealous Trey.

Trey – …….I’m not. Its fine…

Mario – I think its a good idea that he gets out, you know?

Trey – Yep.

Which is why I’ve been trying to get him to go out with me.. but I guess I’m not as cool as Mario.

Jordan – Mario played basketball in high school. He could have been in the NBA- but decided to be a nurse.. isn’t that cool?

Trey – Yeah, really cool.

Jordan – So why are you here?

Trey – Gee dad… I was here to grab my cooking utensils.. and also say hi to you.

Jordan – I didn’t mean it that way…

Trey – I have my job tonight…… remember?

Jordan – Oh right.

Umm… wish me luck dad?

Trey – ……………..

Jordan – You’re gonna do a good job I’m sure.

Mario – Your mom tells me you’re a great cook.

Trey – I’m alright, I think-

Jordan – Is it time to go yet?

Way to cut me off dad

Trey – Where you guys off to?

Mario – Physical therapy. Now that he can move his legs again, its all about building strength so he can learn to walk again.

Jordan – Yep… then I can get out of this damn chair, and school you on the court.

Mario – Oh, I’m sure you got moves Mr. Robinson.

Jordan – I told you to call me Jordan. You’re like another son… you should have been my nurse all along to be honest.

Mario – Aww I’m honored, sir.

Trey – ……………….

Mario – Trey can I talk to you for a second? alone?

Trey – Umm.. sure.

Jordan – I’m gonna go use the bathroom before we leave. Trey make sure you go talk to your cousin Kash okay?… don’t be ignoring her- Him. Don’t ignore him.

Trey – I won’t…..

Jordan – Okay I’ll be back.

Mario – We’ll be ready to go once you’re done.

Jordan – Perfect.

I can only imagine what he wants to talk about…

Trey – So….. whats up?

Mario – I get the feeling that you don’t like me? and I just want to apologize for whatever it is that I did. I’m just here to help, and I’m not trying to step on your toes as his new son or anything like that.

Trey – Oh- no… sorry… Its just…. he seems so thrilled to hangout with you. I’ve tried to get him out of the house… to the movies or lunch.. but he says “I don’t wanna make a big fuss with the chair” and stuff like that.

Mario – Its just him being self conscious.

Trey – He’s not that way with you it seems.

Mario – Because I’m his nurse.. I help him bathe, and help him get dressed… Its different for me I guess. Don’t take it personal, your dad loves you.

Trey – I know…. you’re right, I’m stupid.

Mario – No, you’re not stupid… you’re human.

Trey – You sound like my boyfriend.

Mario – *laughs* So are we good?

Trey – We’re more than good.

Mario – Okay cool…. because if you hated me, I couldn’t ask you for help.

Trey – Help?

Mario – Yeah, I’m trying to learn how to cook. I’m sick of Ramen, and making boxed mac n cheese. So you think every now and then you could help me?

Trey – It would be my pleasure.

Mario – Thanks. So you live with your boyfriend or-

Trey – Yeah we live together.

Mario – Your dad like him?

Trey – Yeah, my parents love Dominic.

Mario – That’s awesome….. how’s the living together going?

Trey – I feel like you’re asking for a reason.

Mario – My girlfriend just moved in… so…. its an adjustment..

Trey – Oh it doesn’t matter how much you love the person. Its always an adjustment.. so don’t worry.

Mario – So its normal that I sometimes just want my space?

Trey – For sure.

Mario – Ah okay… I felt like a bad boyfriend.

Trey – *laughs*

Mario – Looks like your dad is ready to go. Thanks for the chat Trey.

Trey – No problem Mario. You have a good day.

Mario – You too.

Well the award for biggest idiot goes to me. I’m over here being jealous of Mario, and turns out he’s the nicest fucking guy ever. I mean I do still feel like my relationship with my dad is a little different post accident, but maybe I shouldn’t take it so personally.

Mario – All ready to go?

Jordan – Yep.

Mario – Wanna get some frozen yogurt on the way back?

Jordan – Yeah, but remind me to call my wife and ask what kind she wants. She’d kill me if I didn’t bring her some back.

I’m gay…. obviously- and that’s in the same community as Trans people… however its two completely different things. I can’t imagine feeling like I was in the wrong body. And for Kalia to Kash… its been a journey. I assume her attraction to women helped her in a way. She could be a bit more butch, and date women. That clearly wasn’t enough though… for her to be happy she had to become the male that was always inside…. so now… she’s a he, and he’s Kash.. still my cousin. I won’t treat him any differently than I treat anybody else.

Trey – Hey Kash.

Kash – What’s up?

Trey – Hanging with your mom today?

Kash – I didn’t have anything to do, so she wanted me to come have lunch with aunt Gabrielle.

Trey – …… That’s cool.

Kash – Are you into the Nurse?

Trey – What?- Mario?…. No.

Kash – Just asking, you seem like you thought he was attractive or whatever.

Trey – He’s cute, but I’m not into him. I have Dominic, and I’m happy with him.

Kash – Well that’s cool that you and him are still together.

Trey – Can I sit?

Kash – Uh, sure.

Kash – Are you staying for lunch?

Trey – Yep.

Kash – Cool.

Trey – So …. how are you?

Kash – Oh you mean the trans thing?


Trey – Not specifically, but sure.

Kash – What do you want to know?

Trey – Well I guess the first, and most important thing I should ask- is if you’re happy.

Kash – I’m very happy.

Trey – Good, and how is the family taking it?

Kash – Amina’s still weird, mom and dad are fine.

Trey – I’m sure Amina will come around.

Kash – I just don’t get it… she’s pro LGBT, so why is this such a big deal?

Trey – She’s still mourning the loss of Kalia… so how can she get to know Kash… you know?

Kash – Yeah but I’m still the same person.

Trey – Like I said, she’ll come around….. we both know she loves you.

Kash – I guess so.

Trey – I’m happy for you Kash. I know we haven’t always been close… but I’m happy for you.

Kash – We weren’t close because I was a asshole to everyone. I was so mean, and evil…

Trey – Why?

Kash – Because the whole time I wasn’t happy with myself…. and about Ivy… and Frankie… I was so fucked up to Frankie. I felt like she was taking Ivy, and Ivy was the only thing that made me feel like myself you know? She was the only consistent thing in my life-

Trey – Are you still in love with Ivy?

Kash – …………………I don’t know. Maybe, but she’s happy with Tye

Tyena goes by Tye now.

Trey – Well there are plenty of women out there. Plenty who are into trans-men too. So you’ll find someone.

Kash – Next subject, what are you up to today?

Trey – New job.

Kash – Oh?

Trey – Yeah, its the parents of Amina’s boyfriend.

Kash – You met Viktor?

Trey – Yeah I did a test run for him, and his mom Valeria.

Kash – But you didn’t meet Vladimir, or the dad Varrick?

Trey – Nope, not yet. Maybe tonight.

Kash – Cool….

Trey – And after that I’m having a get together. A Party for Chace.. he scored representation at your sister’s job.

Kash – Oh cool.

Trey – Yeah just a bunch of guys- do you wanna come?

Kash – Are you sure?

Trey – Its just a bunch of guys… so why not.. you’re one of us afterall *smiles*

Kash – *smiles* Okay sure.

Trey – Rubi Later’s coming too…

Kash – Oh she’s gonna bring her bae?

Trey – Its really annoying that she keeps calling him that, but yeah he’s coming with her. Also Aries is finally introducing us to his boyfriend Benji.

Kash – Is that awkward for you?

Trey – Aries & Trey are completely over. We’re good friends now, so its not awkward at all.

Kash – Well I’m happy you invited me, I’ll for sure show up.

Trey – Cool.

Kash – I need to meet more guys anyway.. I need new friends.

Trey – Well you’re more than welcome to have your pick at my crew.

Kash – *smiles* So about lunch… please help me convince our mom’s to get something other than fish & chips.

Trey – Deal…. I don’t know whats up with black people and their fried catfish.

Kash – Right?

Good talk overall. I’m still a bit blah about my relationship with my dad, but Mario helped put some of it into perspective. Also I’m so happy I got a chance to talk to Kash. The transition is something he’s always wanted… but its also important to have family support you. I plan on including him in all my social events.. hopefully now that’s she’s HIM…. he can be a happier, nicer person. Anyway… time to go have lunch, pray we can convince our parents to get something other than fish and chips to eat. Later guys. *muah*

(POV Frankie)

If there’s one thing about me that you know is true, its that I love books. Well this job has really tested that theory. I read so many manuscripts of proposed books- and most of the time they’re really bad. Don’t get me wrong, there are glimmers of good writing.. but most of the time the bad outweighs the good. Days like this I really appreciate having this little brat around. He’s really entertaining.

Symon – You must really love books to take this job.

Frankie – I do…..

Symon – Are you gonna write your own?

Frankie – That’s the plan.

Symon – I have a question…. its personal.

Frankie – Okay.

Symon – Do you like guys? or girls only?

Frankie – I’m attracted to both.

Symon – But you have a girlfriend currently right?

Frankie – Yeah.

Symon – Cool.

Frankie – So why aren’t you in school today?

Symon – I’m suspended.

Frankie – Oh my god why?

Symon – This older fat kid doesn’t like me. He told me to shut up, and that I shouldn’t think I’m all that- because I was adopted at 40. Stupid fatass, I’m 13.

Frankie – So you fought him?

Symon – Yep, and I won too! embarrassed him in front of his other fat friends.

Frankie – *laughs* I see.

Symon – Shockingly… mom (Jessica Nash) wasn’t mad- but dad (Tom/Tommy Goddard) was. He told me he fought a lot in school and not to do it.

Frankie – Your dad is right… but… honestly…. its probably good you stood up for yourself. I bet he’s done messing with you.

Symon – You’re so cool Frankie.

Frankie – Aww- well thanks.

Symon – So what did you do this weekend?

Frankie – Oh- umm.. I mostly worked.. stuff for here, and some of my own writing.

Though that didn’t come out too well….

Frankie – Then I hungout with my girlfriend. We saw a movie, and did a double date with your sister Tyena, and Ivy.

Symon – She doesn’t go by Tyena anymore.. its Tye now.

Apparently Tyena is too ghetto sounding.

Frankie – Right. What did you do this weekend?

Symon – You know my other sister? Jessica’s daughter?

Frankie – The one in C-City? Nikol?

Symon – Yeah, I was at her place. We hungout and stuff… she’s fun. I feel like she’s my less serious sister. She’s the “lets go to a party and stay up until the sun comes up type”– while Tye is the.. “do your homework, your futures important” type.

Frankie – Symon…. I’m gonna say something about Nikol, that you should consider.

Symon – Hmm?

Frankie – Nikol’s probably more… loose, because she doesn’t get to see you as often. She doesn’t want you to come to C-City, and get the same thing you get here at home in GloCity. She wants you to have a good time and to think she’s fun. At the end of the day I’m sure she wants you to do well in school too. Tye’s strict because she wants you to be the best you can be also. Does that make sense?

Symon – Yeah it does… you’re so pretty… and smart. I wish I was older.. then I could steal you away from your girlfriend *smiles*

Frankie – You’re sweet…..

I don’t know his other sister from C-City… all I know about her is what Tye tells me- and the fact that she was once friends, and roommates with my sister Andi. I hear that she’s a loose cannon, and doesn’t take responsibility for anything. That she’s just plain annoying… but I don’t like to judge people until I meet them myself you know? if she is any of those things… she should probably start changing now. She has Symon as a new brother… and he needs support. Who know’s how he really feels being adopted as a teenager.

Frankie – Hey Symon, you know Zoey, and Curtis right? they go to your school.

Symon – ……..Yep, I know who they are- but I don’t hangout with them.

Frankie – Can you do me a favor? it would REALLY mean alot to me.

Symon – Whatever you want!

Frankie – Can you make sure people don’t bully them?

Symon – I’m on it!

Frankie – Good… be a leader.. show the others that its not cool to bully them- or any other kids.

Symon – Okay… I’ll be nice to them, and try and help them out… but I can’t hangout with them.. they’re kinda strange. They sit under the tree and eat carrots n stuff.

Frankie – They’re being healthy.

Symon – Nah, they’re weird. Curtis is obsessed with Frozen.. he has a backpack with Elsa on it, and I swear one time I heard Zoey call him Elsa… it was odd.

Frankie – I see…..

Symon – I think he’s gay.

Frankie – If that is the case… you should try and be nicer to him.. gay kids have it hard in school.. not saying he is gay, but-

Torrance – Frankie!

Frankie – ……….Torrance.

Torrance – Did you read Sabrina Moore’s manuscript? I need your thoughts, and edits first thing in the morning.

Frankie – Torrance, you cannot be serious.

Torrance – I am…. I want to know if she has what it takes or not. Jessica said she went though some mental issues, and now she’s trying to turn it around with this book-

Frankie – Mental issues or not… you cannot be serious.

Torrance – Excuse me?

Frankie – You gave it to me yesterday, and said to take my time with it. That you didn’t need it until next week because you had weekend plans.

Torrance – Well those plans are null in void.

Frankie – So are your expectations of me having the manuscript on your desk in the morning.

Torrance – Well…….. get it done.

Frankie – Well………….. Not gonna happen. I have a life outside of Haus of Opulence.

Torrance – Well……………… you have a job… so you should probably do it. I need it first thing in the morning… k’?

Frankie – Well……..simply…….No.

Torrance – Excuse me?

Symon – Why do you keep saying “Excuse me?” are you farting or something?

Torrance – Symon please.

Frankie – You’re not getting it in the morning. You’re gonna get it, when I’m finished with it. End of discussion…. I’m not arguing with you, in front of Symon.

Symon – I don’t mind!

Torrance – You’re an assistant editor Frankie…. you’re not the boss. I don’t know why-

Symon – Don’t you work for my mom?…. aka the actual boss? Frankie works hard.. its unfair to demand something in the morning that you told her next week….

Frankie – Thank you Symon.

Torrance – We’ll just have to see what Ms. Nash thinks- oh and Symon come with me. Your sister Tye, and her girlfriend Ivy are here to take you home.

Symon – Fine…. Bye moon of my life!

Frankie – *laughs* later Sy’

The audacity of Torrance to walk her ass in here and demand that I comply to her command. I don’t know who she thinks she’s talking to…. with that attitude, she won’t get anything out of me.

Benji – Excuse me, guys…. *walks in*

Torrance – We’re not done talking about this Frankie Mancini.

Frankie – Yeah, k’ whatever Torrance Baldwin.

Torrance & Symon – *leaves*

Frankie – Did you hear all of that?

Benji – Yeah…

Frankie – Why is she being such a bitch?

Benji – I overheard her on the phone telling someone that her tinder date didn’t go so well… maybe that’s why.

Frankie – Perhaps…

Benji – She’s acting like its the devil wears prada in here…

Frankie – More like the devil wears blazers………

Benji – *laughs* Oh my god yes, and maaaaaaaaan she’s so mean since being dumped by Ivo McDonald.

Frankie – I know right?, she needs to get over it.

Benji – He’s tall, white, and cute.. but there are plenty of tall white, and cute men in the world…

Frankie – Well, she’s just…. drunk with power.

Benji – What power though? she got Jessica coffee this morning before you got here. She needs to sit her dreadlock havin’ ass down.

Frankie – *laughs*

Benji – She’s mad rude though… did I tell you my sister Candice came to take me to lunch yesterday, and Torrance was giving her shit about coming into the office?… you know my sister… you know she would have got gangsta up in here…

Frankie – Torrance has issues, but enough about her. What can I help you with Benny Ben-Ben.

Benji – Ms Nash told me to tell you to be in her office in 15 minutes.

Frankie – Oh okay. Thanks….

Benji – BUT……. while we have time, and its just us gorlz….. lets chat. What are you working on?

Frankie – Oh you don’t want to know…

Benji – With that reaction I do.

Frankie – So this is a manuscript by some man named Dick Rider….. Yes… that’s his actual name.

Benji – With a name like that, please tell me his novel is full of smut.

Frankie – Well I guess it depends on how you interpret it. Listen to this…. *Frankie begins to read* :

“Mother? mother I whispered. She rose up from the ground with her breast covered in dirt. I often wondered how the earth felt, tasting what was promised to it. With that in mind, I crawled to her.. to make sure she was coherent. Not saying a word… her ample bosom vibrated the dirt off of her… I cried inside because I knew that life as we knew it……. was over”

Benji – What the fuck?

Frankie – My thoughts exactly… this is the horrible stuff I get stuck with.

Benji – I feel like that dude wants to bone his mom.

Frankie – In the dirt.

Benji – This dude is crying about the world ending, just because his mom has dirty tits. I can’t!

Frankie – Again… this is what Torrance sticks me with. When I could be writing my own book.. I’m forced to read this shit.

Benji – When Torrance gets promoted, and you become lead editor.. hopefully I’ll take your position.

Frankie – Is that something you want?

Benji – Yes, and I’ve talked with Ms. Nash about it.

Frankie – Awesome. You’re more than capable.

Benji – Honey…. when that happens.. promise me you won’t stick me with incest dirt mom porn.

Frankie – Its a promise.

He’s a great writer, and loves reading…. I’m sure he could work his way up.

Benji – So… if I’m being completely honest… I did come in here with intent.

Frankie – Hmm?

Benji – Aries, is taking me to a party at his friend’s house… and I’m nervous. I want his friends to like me. He says Trey’s a good friend and-

Frankie – I know Trey, he’s one of my close friends.

Benji – You do? oh good- so is there anything I should know?

Well that depends, do you know about their past?

Frankie – Um

Benji – Besides stuff about their past, and them dating.

Frankie – Well Trey can be shy, so don’t take that as him being dismissive. He’s really sweet, and warm once you get to know him… so just… yeah. If anything he’s probably nervous about making a good impression on you. So just keep in mind that you’re not the only one meeting someone important to Aries.

Benji – That’s true- see I knew you’d make me feel better.

Frankie – Yeah, just go and have a good time.

Benji – I will… thanks.

Frankie – I should probably get into Jessica’s office…

Benji – Wait.. one more question….

Frankie – Yeah?

Benji – My sister’s friend Rhys….

Frankie – What about her?

Benji – Is she…. into you?

Frankie – What?, no. Rhys is straight.

Benji – Candice says she’s been hanging out with you and your lesbian friends a lot lately- That sounds rude, and judgmental, but she didn’t mean it like that.

Frankie – Rhys told me she was seeing some guy, so… I’m pretty sure she’s straight. Besides… straight guys have gay friends all the time.. nothing wrong with her having lesbian, and bi friends you know?

Benji – That’s true…. *laughs* Candice thinks everyone is gay.

Frankie – *laughs*

I think its kinda dumb to think someone might be gay if they hang around gay people. I mean one might assume they’re living through them, because they’re not ready to come out- but at the same time… you can’t choose who you click with. Far as I know, Rhys is straight.

Benji – Well good chat… back to my desk… gotta organize Ms Nash’s week….

Frankie – Good luck at the party.

Benji – Good luck in Ms Nash’s office.

Frankie – Why? is she in a bad mood?

Benji – Umm… nope…. but Karin Chen, is in there…..

Frankie – Fantastic.

Yay time to sit and chat with Karin Chen!……………..

Jessica – So…. How’s everyone doing?

Frankie – I’m-

Karin – Like honestly I’m so swamped.. college is hard.. especially when you’re trying to get that life experience. You want it all.. but only have time for so little…

Frankie – … When I was at GCU-

Karin – You get those days where you’re completely fatigued… but then you get this burst of energy when you realize that you’re there to do something amazing.

Jessica – That is so true.

Frankie – Yeah, I remember in my last year when-

Karin -Then there’s the social aspect.. don’t even get me started-


Karin – …………..

Jessica – ……………… Frankie… sweetie… lets use our inside voices.

Karin – Yeah, you almost burst my ear drum….

Frankie – ……………

1….2…..3….4….5- because if I don’t breathe and count to 10.. I may snap.

Jessica – How’s the novel Frankie?

Not coming along.

Frankie – Its getting there.. I’m taking my time.

Jessica – Ah, okay.

Karin – I find that if I go too slow, that I lose the inspiration. I go with the flow, and the words pour out of me. I’ve actually never had an issue writing.

Frankie – So Ms. Nash-

Karin – Didn’t she get married?- Jess are you still Ms. Nash? or….

Jess? she calls her Jess?

Jessica – Well legally I’m Jessica Goddard. However professionally, I’m still Jessica Nash.

Karin – Congrats by the way.

Jessica – Thanks.

Frankie – Symon and I were hanging out today.

Jessica – He didn’t distract you did he? I’m sorry about-

Frankie – Oh no, its not an issue having him in my office. He’s young, and fun… keeps the energy going-

Karin – Maybe some of it will rub off on you.

Frankie – What?

Karin – You seem… sluggish… maybe his energy will rub off on you.. and also help you write your novel faster.

Oh my god….

Jessica – *laughs* So the reason I called you in here Ms Mancini, is because I’ve decided I want you to work with Karin.

Oh hell no.

Karin – Umm… what?

Frankie – Yeah.. I thought Torrance was gonna-

Jessica – I believe that you two working together will help you.

Karin – *smiles*

Jessica – She has something you’re lacking in your writing.

Karin – Well I’m happy to help-

Jessica – And Karin, Frankie has something in her’s that you don’t have. I think this is a perfect pairing.

Frankie – Am I free to still write my-

Jessica – You’re still free to write your book, and even go out and find other writers for Haus of Opulence…. and of course I don’t want you overworked. Your life outside of this place is crucial to your talent.

Karin – …..Frankie, what do you even do outside of work? I can’t imagine you actually going to a bar-

Frankie – I have a pretty great social life to be honest Karin.


Karin – Color me shocked.

Jessica – I’m gonna read some of Karin’s book.. Frankie I want your thoughts okay?

Great.. put me on the spot.

Frankie – *smiles* mmm hmm

Jessica – Okay…  here we go. *starts to read* :

“You’re a complete bitch!……………. That’s the last thing I remember her saying to me. What a shitty thing to remember, right? She was gone… and my last memories of her, were ugly words. Heh… gone… why soften reality, she was dead. I don’t fancy the idea of dying, but I’m also not afraid of death. Its something that always scared my boyfriend. Perhaps that’s why he hates me secretly. You may question, why I’m with someone that I know fiercely dislikes me…. well pain is love. I’m addicted to the way he pushes me away, The lonely feeling of cumming after he fucks me. Its cold- but I like it. I’m sick like that. I don’t blame him for loathing me… like my mom said… I am a complete bitch after all.”

Of all the parts she decided to read.. it had to be one of the chapters I actually liked… I hate to give Karin any credit because she’s just rude.

Karin – God, I kick so much ass… I love my writing.

Jessica – *smiles* So Frankie?… thoughts?

Frankie – I think the main character “Rachel” is very cynical… but its…. refreshing. Also two things that bother me- as a reader. 1. “That’s why he hates me secretly” should be changed to “That’s why he secretly hates me.” 2. The fiercely line.. it should be changed to “Why I’m with someone who dislikes me fiercely.” With that being said… I enjoy the honesty that Rachel brings.. but I… well its a bit snarky. I wonder if that will turn away readers, if the main character is too disliked.

Jessica – Valid opinion. Karin, what do you think about what Frankie said?

Karin – I mean… she sorta has a point… but I think at her core, Rachel is scared of being liked? you know?…. I do think in the next draft I could focus on some of her better qualities… but… yeah… if I’m being completely honest, I love her the way she is.

Jessica – I see… well I’ll be right back guys, I just remembered something important that I need Benji to make a note of. *leaves*

Now I’m in here with this annoying bitch.

Frankie – …………

Karin – ………….. Life is something isn’t it?

Frankie – …………

Karin – Women competing against each other, instead of helping a sister rise up.

Frankie – What are you talking about?

Karin – Its ridiculous how much you hate me. Its like you want to choke me or something.

Frankie – …I don’t hate you, I just don’t really like you.

Karin – You have no reason not to like me though.

Frankie – I have plenty. I don’t like your holier than thou personality. Its tired, and annoying.

Karin – Holy shit, just come on out with it then.

Frankie – ….

Karin – Have you read my manuscript?- like the whole thing? what do you think of my book honestly? because I get the feeling that you think I suck at writing.

Frankie – I haven’t read the whole thing-

Karin – Umm.. why not?

Frankie – It wasn’t a priority until now…. now that Jessica said I have to work with you.

Karin – What’s your deal… do you think I’m a shitty writer or not?

Frankie – I think you have a unique perspective on things.. I just don’t gel with all of it. I don’t hate it….

Karin – Wow…. jealousy.

Frankie – How am I jealous when I’m being honest. You asked.

Karin – What is it that you don’t like.. that Rachel’s not boring like you?

Frankie – You don’t even fucking know me, stay in your lane.

Karin – And what lane would that be?

Frankie – Karin, stop talking okay? you’re giving me a headache.

Karin – Jonah was right… you’re bitter because your book isn’t coming along- that whole taking it slow line you told Jess?… complete bullshit, and you know it.

Frankie – I have a lot of reasons why I- You know what I don’t have to explain shit to you. You think you know everything- that’s one of the big reasons I don’t like you its really irritating how you speak over people, and put your opinions above everyone else. You are not god Karin, you’re a college sophomore who’s writing is on the same level as Lena Dunham at best. Sit down, shut up.. and you might learn something you sub-par- *inhales/exhales* I told myself I wouldn’t go there with you.. I refuse to let you bring me to your level.

Karin – You shouldn’t even hate me.. if we’re being honest you only have yourself to blame for your lack of novel, especially since-

Frankie – I’m gonna cut you off, like you were doing to me earlier. All I’m gonna say is that I’m not doing this with you. I’m not arguing in Ms. Nash’s office… maybe this gets you off or something- but I’m done. *gets up*

Karin – If you were really that great of a writer, you’d be actually writing instead of reading shitty manuscripts- excluding mine of course…. so… you lose.

Frankie – That further proves my point Karin… this isn’t a game… there are no winners, or losers. *walking away*

Karin – Yeah, walk away… piss off your boss…. your supposed to be in this meeting.

Frankie – I’m going to get a bottle of water, worry about yourself.

Karin – I’m great.

Frankie – You’re mediocre.

Karin – I’ve never met anyone so rude…. I swear.. like… get over yourself. Jonah has such rude friends….

Frankie – Sorry I’m not a person who tells you want you want to hear… but that’s life. Now, excuse me.

Karin – *rolls eyes*

I tried to not go there with her, but she’s really fucking rude. I have never had anybody in my life that I disliked as much as I dislike her. Even Kalia- Kash…. when he was a bitch to me over Ivy, I couldn’t stand him… but Karin takes the cake.. she’s the anti-christ… stupid bitch. Let me go get water, before I channel my inner Andi… and go upside this bitch’s head. I gotta say.. I don’t normally use the word bitch so often.. but she’d brings it out of me… got me sounding like Kaori up in here.

(POV Trey)

So we totally ended up having fish and chips. Kash, and I just looked at each other and laughed. It was a good time though. Our moms were hilarious talking about their high school days. I’ve never seen Kash so happy, and social either. He was really having a great time. I think the transition was really good for him. Glad I’ll see him later at the party. Moving on… here I am at work. I’m cooking for the Meade family. The woman- that’s Valeria… the mom. She’s a wedding planner- and a terrible cook. Part of the deal is that I let her learn a few things from me. The guy on my right is Vik (Viktor) one of the son. I have yet to meet the other brother, and father.

Valeria – Its so amazing how you chop.

Vik – You are amused by the smallest things mother…

Trey – Chopping is the easy part- hey wheres the rest of the family? I’m starting to think Vladimir, and Mr Meade don’t exist *laughs*

Valeria – They should be here. They both are always late to dinner.

Vik – Dad has a valid excuse, Vlad does not.

Valeria – your brother is just eccentric.. you’re more…

Vik – Normal.

Valeria – You are both my normal little boys.

Vik – We’re not little boys anymore mother, we’re men.

Valeria – Will always be my little boys!

Vik – *sigh*

Valeria – So how was work?

Vik – I wouldn’t call what I do, work.

Trey – What do you do exactly?

Vik – I work in porn.

Trey – Huh?

Vik – Yeah I’m an on-set assistant…. I don’t actually do porn myself.

Trey – I see.

Valeria – Its the gay type too!

Vik – Yeah.. cocks everywhere… but it pays the bills.

Trey – Is it awkward being straight, and working on the set of gay porn?

Vik – It can be, but for the most part it doesn’t bother me.

Trey – Cool.

Vik – Maybe I’ll show you around the set one day.

Trey – Umm

Vik – Unless you’re a prude.

Trey – I’m not *laughs*

That’s a unique job I guess… no judgement though. From what I hear the porn industry makes a lot of money- especially the gay porn industry.

Valeria – How did you get into cooking Trey?

Trey – My grandma. We’d watch lots of cooking shows together.

Vik – Whats up twin!

Vlad – What it do twin!

Vik & Vlad – *makes hand gestures*

Holy shit… Christine?

Valeria – We were just talking about you.

Vlad – Well here I am mom.

Trey – You guys are twins

Vlad – Umm.. yeah?

Trey – Sorry, Vik didn’t mention his brother was his twin brother.

Vik – You got like a twin-phobia or something? *laughs*

Trey – No, I was just shocked *laughs*

Christine – ….Trey.

Trey – Hey….

Vlad – You know him?

Christine – Jeep’s friend..

Vlad – Ah….

Vik – Everyone knows everyone.

Christine – *awkwardly plays with hair* Yeah…. small town.

Valeria – I love your pink hair Chrissy.

Christine – Thanks, I was blue last week.. I like to switch it up.

Valeria – You have such great style.

Christine – Thanks.

Vik – So why are you so late? what if dad was here and we were singing happy birthday?

Vlad – I had to pick up Christine.. we were visiting her friend Raven at the prison.

Vik – Whoa, Christine has friends in prison? what did she do?- is she wanted for murder?

Vlad – Shhh!….

Vik – *Whispering* holy shit… she murdered someone?

Vlad – Not intentionally.. I’ll tell you about it later.


Vik – I’m gonna need full detail.

Vlad – Is your girlfriend coming?

Vik – Yes… she’ll be here in the next 15 minutes.

Vlad – The chef is her cousin right?

Vik – Yep.

Vlad – Cool.

Valeria – Well lets go in the dining room, and give the chef space.

Vik – Later cookie.

Trey – *laughs* Bye.

Vlad – Nice meeting you- I’m gonna call you cookie too.

Trey – Nice meeting you too Vladimir-

Vlad – Call me Vlad.

Christine – Nods…

Trey – Yep…

Valeria – If you need anything, I’m a room away.

Trey – K, thanks.

*They all leave*

Okay! that was weird! I had no idea Christine was dating Vlad!… how awkward is that? And speaking of Vlad.. he’s clearly not a fan of Jeep- I mean Jonah. Did you see the way he said “ah” when Christine told him that I was one of his friends? I wonder what Christine has told him about Jeep- Jonah. This job is a piece of cake so far- and while on the subject of cake, I didn’t mention that its the dad’s birthday. Yeah my first day- night on the job is on the birthday of my employer. Awesome… if the food sucks.. then he’ll remember that one birthday where the black chef’s food tasted like shit. I should probably stop talking and actually pay attention so the food blows them away.

Varrick – Well hello there! You must be our new chef.

Trey – And you must be the birthday boy.

Varrick – Is that my cake over there?

Trey – It is sir.

Varrick – Call me Varrick.

They’re like the Kardashians. They all have V names.

Trey – *smiles*

Varrick – Mind if I taste test?

Trey – No, I don’t mind at all.

Varrick – Most chefs are offended by that.

Trey – Well it doesn’t bother me. Taste away.

Varrick – Mmmm delicious!

Trey – Yeah?

Varrick – Yeah! you’re a great cook!

Trey – Thanks.

Varrick – Back in college, I had a friend who was a really good cook, you remind me of him to be honest.

Trey – Aww, do you keep in contact with him after all these years?

Varrick – Umm, not so much. He’s married with kids… a busy man- as am I.

Trey – I’m trying hard to maintain all of my friendships… its tough.. we’ve had our fights but we’re still kicking.

Varrick – That’s the spirit, keep hope alive. So did you always want to be a chef?

Trey – Yeah- well at one point I wanted to be a popstar but… I can’t sing.. so there’s that. *laughs*

Yeah…. could you imagine me doing choreography, and singing with some sparkly outfit on?- okay well sure my uncle AJ does it.. but he’s a drag-queen. I’d probably have a heart attack doing something like that.

Varrick – I didn’t always want to be an accountant…. I had other dreams.

Trey – Such as?

Varrick – I wanted to be a professional snowboarder.

Trey – Really?

Varrick – You sound shocked. Can’t imagine me ripping up the snow?

Trey – No, actually I can’t.

Varrick – Yeah, neither can I.. I love numbers too much…. I wouldn’t want to be anything but what I am.

Trey – My boyfriend says the same thing. He’s a therapist.

Varrick – Oh cool, you’re gay! I thought you might be. That’s so awesome.

Is it?

Trey – Oh- yea- yeah! yeah its cool I guess…. umm-

Varrick – I’m sorry, that was weird. What I meant was that its awesome, because you seem really proud and not depressed about it. Its something that’s changing in the world slowly.. and I’m glad there are people like you, out and proud.

Trey – Well when you put it that way, you make me seem like a gift to the gay community-

Varrick – Speaking of gifts!- hold on…

Trey – Um

Varrick – I know its my birthday, but I got you something.

Trey – Really? you shouldn’t have.

Varrick – Well you’re part of the family now, so prepare yourself for gifts galore.

Trey – Aww

Varrick – You don’t have to open it now, its not much.. its new knives- spoiler alert. *smirks & laughs*

Trey – Oh wow, my mom was just telling me I needed new knives. Thank you so much.

Varrick – You, are very welcome. *gives Trey a hug*

Oh, wow… he’s friendly.

Varrick – Hope you don’t mind, I’m a hugger.

Trey – Not a problem, and really… thanks for the gift. You’re too kind.

Varrick – Get used to it. Now I’m gonna get out of your way and go chat with my wife, and sons. Are you sticking around for dinner? or do you have other plans?

Trey – I’m throwing a party for a friend tonight… but I can stick around for cake.

Varrick – Awesome! you da man Trey!

Wow how freaking awesome is Varrick?! so far he’s my favorite. Then a tie between Valeria, and Viktor… and Vladimir is last… mainly because I didn’t get enough time to talk to him, and the Christine factor. I think I love this job… So far so good, it seems like its going to be really easy. If only everything in life were this easy- oh shit.. I need to call Dominic, and Ruben. Gotta make sure they got everything on the party list… I hope this party is low drama. Excluding Kash, Rubi, and Adam. I’m gonna have a bunch of gay, bi, pans- fuck it. I’m gonna have a bunch of LGBT men in one place.. somebody’s for sure gonna get catty. I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Frankie)

So glad to be out of work…. Karin irks the hell out of me. Good thing by the time I came back from getting water, Jessica was already back in the office. Karin’s bold, but she’s not bold enough to try and argue in front of Jessica…. anyway… I’m currently hanging out at GreenLand with Rhys Kelley. We’re gonna grab a bite to eat before heading over to Raina’s bar to hangout. Doesn’t she look so pretty?

*loud laughing from other table*

Rhys – Could they be more obnoxious?

Frankie – I get having a good time, but lower the volume…

Rhys – Right?


Shane – And that’s when she accidentally said shit, instead of ship. We all kinda just looked at her… you fricken idiot!

McKenzie – Oh my god, I love that story.

Lena – Yeah Shane.. you’re the best at telling stories.

Taro – Never drink anything when he’s telling them! I learned that the hard way.

Shane – Aww you guys are too much…

Lena – Hey, Taro… McKenzie…

Taro – Yeah?

McKenzie – What’s up?

Lena – Did you see her when we walked in?

Taro – Who?

McKenzie – Oh you mean Ashley?…. yeah… awkward.

Taro – Wait, Ashley’s here?

Lena – Don’t turn around, you idiot. Wait till I tell Chet, I saw her…

Taro – You’re still dating Chet?

Lena – Yes…. just because you and Cayden didn’t last….

Taro – ………rude.

McKenzie – I wonder if the guy she’s with is paying..

Lena – She probably charges by the hour.

Shane – Okay so who’s Ashley, and why do you guys not like her?

Lena – She’s sitting over there.

McKenzie – Well.. when we lived in Magik City… Ashley hungout with Lena and I..

Lena – Yeah, and we did a pageant and she got so full of herself.

McKenzie – She got mad at me for being bisexual.. like she’s the only bisexual in the world.. get over it. I was hooking up with one of my father’s employee’s.. her name was Mooi.. long story.. but anyway.. Ashley totally changed.. and like.. we heard she became a hooker who did crack cocaine.

Lena – Yep.

Taro – I heard she had an abortion.

Shane – Wow….

Taro – Changing the subject.. what’s up with that girl you’re talking to?

Shane – Jarrah?

McKenzie & Lena – *rolls eyes*

Shane – She’s cool… we’re taking things slow…

McKenzie – Yeah because theirs another guy in the picture.

Lena – Slut.

Shane – Its not how it sounds… and she’s not a slut.


Frankie – Wow… rude much?

Rhys – And they seem to know Jarrah?

Frankie – The guy with the suspenders is Raina’s brother Shane.

Rhys – Ah okay… I don’t think I’ve met him yet… but yeah.. his friends are mean.

Frankie – If we heard them.. I wonder if that Ashley girl heard them.

Rhys – I wouldn’t doubt it.

So tacky to do that…. what’s the point about gossiping about someone that’s right across from you? save the mean girls shit for high school. I’m glad to see that Shane wasn’t taking part in the juvenile games though… I would have had to be a snitch and let Jarrah know he was a douche… turns out he’s a good guy..

Ashley – *sigh*

Mario – Are you okay?

Ashley – No… people from my past are here, and I know they’re gossiping about me… false rumors of course.

Mario – We can go somewhere else if you’d like?

Ashley – No, I like this place… I’m gonna just ignore them.

Mario – Okay…. so how was your day?

Ashley – It was okay, I played with the cat, and I went grocery shopping. Yours?

Mario – Good… I met Jordan’s son Trey… he’s pretty nice, and he’s gonna give me some cooking lessons.

Ashley – Aww cute.

Mario – Excuse me, I’m getting an important text.

Ashley – Take your time.


Frankie – So how’s work? find the cure to cancer yet?

Rhys – No, but we’re getting closer, and closer each day. Science is so fascinating… but I won’t go off on a rant about it *laughs* How’s work for you?

Frankie – Nerd.

Rhys – Says the girl who loves to read books. So speaking of books.. how’s yours coming along?

Eh…. when people know you’re writing a book, they think the polite thing to do is to ask how its coming along. That’s probably the worst thing they could do…

Frankie – Oh its going good. Taking my time with it, so it can be extra special.

Rhys – Nice.

Frankie – So are you still seeing that guy?- what was his name?

Rhys – Dennis, and no we’re not together anymore.

Frankie – Aww

Rhys – It happens… he umm, couldn’t handle my work schedule.. I do work a lot so…

Frankie – Yeah…. so how’s your sister?

Rhys – Myra is doing well… after Miguel’s death I was worried about her dating again, but… she’s actually going on a date tonight.

Frankie – Well good for her.

Rhys – Sara’s here.

Frankie – Hay Sara.

Sara – Hey guys… ugh my feet are killing me.

So I assume you guys already know Sara Pete, but incase you don’t…. She’s a cop, and she’s Raina’s bestfriend. She’s just an overall really chill person. I like her a lot.

Frankie – What’s going on?

Sara – Just happy to be off duty.

Rhys – Shitty day on the job?

Sara – I got into a big fight with a fellow officer.

Frankie – Why? what happened?

Sara – This fat fuck named Tim-

Rhys – Oh you were telling me about him.

Sara – Right- by the way you left your jacket at my place last night.

Rhys – I was wondering what happened to it.


Frankie – So why were you and this “Tim” fighting?

Sara – He grabbed my ass, and so I put him in a chokehold.

Rhys – Wow.. the nerve of that guy… first he calls you officer man, and now he’s grabbing your ass?

Frankie – Did you file a complaint?

Sara – I did… anyway… enough about me.. what’s up with you guys?

Rhys – Nothing new at the science center…. I had a relatively boring day.

Sara – I doubt that.. you must have something eventful that happened…

Rhys – Well I did spill coffee on my skirt, like a doofus.

Sara – Adorable… So Frankie what about you?

Frankie – Well you know… you’d think having my dream job working at a book publishing house- PLUS having my own book deal would be ideal right?

Ashley – …………………

Sara – Uh-oh….

Rhys – Karin?

Frankie – Her, and Torrance… both complete annoyances.

Sara – What about your book?

Frankie – Its coming along- but if I’m being honest I really think I should really just find another angle- or something new.. and risky.. you know?

Ashley – …………

Sara – You can start two novels at once though can’t you?

Rhys – I thought that wasn’t good?

Frankie – Yeah they say your attention should be put into one book at a time.

I am beyond tired of talking about my non-existent novel…

Rhys – I’ll be back, I need to use the ladies room.

Sara – I will accompany you, I’ve been holding it the whole drive over.

Frankie – Should I order for us?

Rhys – Yeah, the regular.

Sara – Why not just order to go, and then take Raina food too?

Frankie – I asked her earlier. She’s not hungry.. she told me to eat with you guys, and then come hangout.

Sara – Typical Raina.

Sara – You look pretty tonight Rhys- but then again you always do.

Rhys – Aww, thanks Sara. You look great to. Your body is on point.

Sara – I’m glad you think so.. most people question why a woman would want to have a body like this. Working out for me was always therapy considering my upbringing…. I got strong, and I finally put a stop to things that my dad was doing to our household….

Rhys – You’re like wonder woman Sara… gorgeous, strong, and smart.

Sara – Probably the best compliment anyone has ever given me.

Is it just me…. or do they have serious chemistry? No Frankie! Rhys is straight!- but why was she at Sara’s place last night?- Duh… people hangout. Eh, I refuse to start thinking Rhys is gay.. its ridiculous. So what if she likes hanging out with lesbian and bi girls… that’s her prerogative- but honestly they would be cute together… I wonder if Sara’s crushing on her or not… whatever. Let me order this food because I’m hungry

Ashley – Umm.. excuse me.

Frankie – Yeah?- oh umm hi.

Shane – Heh… I know the redhead… she’s my sister’s girlfriend.

McKenzie – Shane! you’re not listening to me.

Shane – Sorry what were you saying?


Ashley – I overheard your conversation, and I think you and I could help each other.

Frankie – Umm, okay. In what way?

Ashley – Well I- wait, what’s your name?

Frankie – Frankie.

Ashley – Hi, Frankie- I’m Ashley.

Frankie – Nice to meet you.

Ashley – likewise.

Frankie – So how is it that you think we could help each other?

Ashley – You’re a writer… and you’re obviously struggling with your book.

Frankie – …….Yeah.

Ashley – I think… I could help.

Frankie – Oh I don’t do ghost writers-

Ashley – No, I want you to write my story….. about my life.

Frankie – Huh?

Ashley – You spend time with me… get to know me.. I tell you about my life. You write it- like a memoir or autobiography.

Frankie – It would be a biography. A Memoir and autobiography are different.

I hope that didn’t come off bitchy.

Ashley – Well there ya go.

Frankie – Excuse me for being frank… but what makes your life story so interesting?

Ashley – I’m guessing you heard those people talking about me.

Frankie – I did, and it was rude.

Ashley – Some of what they said is true. When I left Magik City…. I was a stripper, a con artist, an escort… I was Anya Cox… a whole different person. I went through a lot of highs and lows. I think my story is exactly what you need.

Frankie – Hmm… 

Ashley – You said you needed to take a risk….

Frankie – I don’t know….

Ashley – How about this… we exchange numbers.. we go to lunch or hangout… and you decide after if its something worth doing.

Frankie – I get how this could help me, but how is it helping you?

Ashley – Umm.. you see that cute guy I was sitting with?

Frankie – Yeah.

Ashley – That’s my boyfriend. He knows a little about my past… the stripper part. He doesn’t know everything, and I don’t… I can’t sit and tell him. Him reading the book could let him know everything, and he can decide if I’m good enough. Also… it would be a way to slap those bitches in the face.. who make fun of me. They could never walk a mile in my shoes… I just.. I want my story out there.

Frankie – ….

Ashley – I’m here, in this town.. I’m bored without friends or a job… I need this… and it seems like you do too.

Frankie – Those people do deserved to be proved wrong…. and I do like a challenge….. okay fine. We’ll hangout.. and then I’ll decide.

Ashley – Really?

Frankie – Yes.

Ashley – Awesome!- well I’ll let you get back to your friends. Thanks again. You won’t regret it!

I sure hope not… this could be the best thing ever… or go completely left. She said she was a con artist…. so I should probably keep my guard up around her. All that aside though, I hate to see a person picked on, and made fun of. She’s clearly been through a lot… What if her story puts me on the map? What if it changes both of our lives? I’m too optimistic sometimes, like I said this could turn out bad. Well.. I guess we’ll see after I hangout with her. Wait until I tell Raina about this… knowing her she’ll push me to do it. Anyway.. Salad time.. I’ll see you guys next time. Nite!

(POV Trey)

I ended up staying for cake at the Meade house, and finally I got home. That family is super fun, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna enjoy my time working for them. Enough about my amazing job though… its party time! Actually I really shouldn’t call it a party.. its more of a hangout with drinks and appetizers. Gays don’t really eat to be honest- I shouldn’t stereotype.. cause some of us do eat.. but what I’m saying is.. in a social environment.. its all about socializing, and not eating half a pizza. God I could go for pizza…

[Top Pic]

Nick – You guys look really happy.

Rubi – Well he’s my bae, so it beez what it beez. Ain’t that right bae?

Adam – Yes Rubi, that would be correct. I am your bae.

Rubi – And I’m yo bae too right?

Adam – All day you be mah bae.

Rubi – Yass say that shit!

Nick – *laughs*


Dominic – Come here cutie. Give daddy a kiss.

Trey – *Kisses Dominic* So I’m guess your day went well?

Dominic – I felt like I was on an episode of Bones, or Castle..

Trey – So did everything go as planned?

Dominic – Yep. Which sucks because I’m done… but it did give me some push to find a small place to rent. I think I’m ready to take on adults..

Trey – Aww I’m glad.

Dominic – So how was the Meade family?

Trey – Great actually. Two things though… one : one of the twins (Vlad) is dating Christine- who is

Dominic – Jonah’s ex.

Trey – Right.. so that’s awkward because she was there…

Dominic – I’d imagine.

Trey – The other thing is that the dad- Varrick.. he’s really friendly.. and you know how I am. When people are super nice It makes me uncomfortable.

Dominic – Right, which you gotta get over. Some people are just genuinely nice…

Trey – You’re right- oh! one more thing.. the other twin- Vik. He’s an onset assistant on a porn set… Gay porn.

Dominic – Really?

Trey – Yes! and he wants to give me a tour. So if I decide to do it.. you’re coming with me.

Dominic – *laughs*

Trey – I’ll be back, gonna make my rounds.

Dominic – Alright.

Luckiest person in the world…. I have such a great boyfriend.

[Bottom Pic]

Nick – Whats up buttercup?

Trey – I saw you talkin with Rubi.

Nick – And her bae…

Trey -Right.

Nick – She seems happy.

Trey – She does….

Nick – So I heard your convo with the boyfriend. Looks like work is going great for the both of you.

Trey – Yeah, can you believe I’m having such good luck?

Nick – Good boyfriend, good job, great friends. If anybody deserves it- its you.

Trey – So enough about me. How are you doing mr celebrity.

Nick – Umm.. I’m alright. Can’t complain.

So as you know, Nick did the workout video with Jarrah’s dad. Turns out the camera not only loved him, but fans did too. Mr Folland (Josh) decided to make Nick the face of the franchise. He’s like a mini celeb these days. Plus since its a big success, he’s making good money. All while having his degree in his back pocket. Not bad Mr. Hicks. L-O-L…. I will never not laugh at his name. Nick Hicks.. hilarious.

Trey – So wheres Hope?

Nick – Umm… well… we broke up.

Oh my god did you hear that? thats the sound of millions of hearts breaking all over the world. Nick and Hope were so cute together!

Trey – What went wrong?

Nick – I worked a lot.. she wanted kids… marriage.. I wasn’t ready for that. We had just moved in together.. it was too much too soon.

Trey – So you wanted two different things?

Nick – No.. we actually wanted the same stuff.. but at different times in our lives.

Trey – Aww..

Nick – We’re friends though… and she did end up going to nursing school.. so… she’ll be happy…

Trey – Well good for her-

Nick – Oh yeah, don’t worry about her.. she’s already dating.

Trey – *laughs* Well are you looking? being bi, you have your pick.

Nick – Not really looking, just wanna have some fun.

Trey – Yassssss.

Nick – *laughs*

Trey – Well I’m gonna go in and talk to everyone.

Nick – Alright, I’m gonna grab a drink.

Well he seems to be doing alright. Sucks about he and Hope though… I really thought Dominic, and I would be going to their wedding one day.

[Top Pic]

Lenny – Hey sexypants!

Trey – Hey Len’

Ruben – Hey hey!

Trey – Thanks for getting the stuff on the list.

Ruben – No problem babe.

Lenny – So, what’s Nick’s deal?

Trey – What do you mean?

Lenny – I was flirting with him, but he seemed… uninterested.

Trey – He’s busy, just out of a relationship.. don’t take it personal.

Lenny – Ah, okay- hey who’s the hot guy in the tiger shirt that Chace is talking to?

Trey – Uh- Kash?

Lenny – Oooh.. hot name..

Ruben – Isn’t that your trans cousin?

Trey – Yes.

Lenny – He’s trans?

Trey – Yeah.

Ruben – Didn’t you say you were pansexual? So wouldn’t it be fine if he was trans?

Lenny – I mean… as long as he uses a strap-on…

Trey – *laughs* Well just an FYI.. Kash is straight. He doesn’t like men.

Lenny – Bummer…. I wanted to makeout with him.

I swear.. Lenny’s one of a kind.


Cayden – You look amazing Kash.

Kash – Thanks.

Cayden – Its really brave that you went through the transition.

Chace – It must be rewarding.

Kash – It is…

Chace – Hey did you get your boobs removed or are you strapping them down?

Cayden – Oh my god… Kash, excuse my rude boyfriend.

Chace – No, I didn’t mean it in a rude way, I’m genuinely curious!

Cayden – Just don’t ask the OTHER question.

Kash – *Laughs* its fine. I actually went through the surgery…. and as far as the OTHER question goes… I have not went through gender reassignment yet.

Chace – I see. Well that’s cool.

Kash – How many of you guys are exes in here?

Cayden – My ex isn’t here. Taro has his own group of friends.

Chace – Lenny, and Aries are my exes.

Cayden – I met Lenny, but I didn’t know Aries was coming too…

Chace – He’s introducing us to his new boyfriend.

Kash – He’s fashionably late…

Cayden – Maybe he wants to make an entrance.

Chace – At a party in my honor.. attention whore much?

[Bottom Pic]

Trey – Hey you!

Chace – Hey! *hugs Trey* thanks for the party!

Trey – No problem, and congrats on The L.C. Agency! you sexy model you. Cayden.. you’re dating a model!

Cayden – Right? I’m lucky.

Chace – No, I’m the lucky one.

Cayden – Aww

Kash – That’s cute.

Trey – You having a good time Kash?

Kash – Yeah, thanks for the invite cuz.

Trey – No problem! *smiles*

I’ve known Chace for a while now, and while he’s abrasive and has his issues… at his core he’s a driven, nice guy. He’s a friend for life.

Rubi *off camera* – Hey look Air-Reez & Benji is here.

Time to meet Benji!

Chace – God, his whole hipster look is so last year…

Cayden – Rude, I like his outfit.

Chace – You’re too nice.

I don’t know why Chace and Aries just can’t get along… but that’s their business.

Aries – Sorry I’m late everyone.

Dominic – Its all good.

Trey – I’m gonna go say hi.

Chace – Have fun.

Incase you can’t tell… Chace and Aries did end up dating for like 2 months… and it didn’t go so well. They just didn’t fit.

Trey – Hi Aries! you made it!

Aries – Yeah, sorry we’re so late-

Benji – That’s my fault.. my boss needed me to do some overtime.

Trey – Its quite alright.

Aries – So Trey, this is my boyfriend, Benji. Benji, this is my friend Trey.

Trey – Nice to meet you Benji, you are very cute!

Benji – Aww thanks! so are you. I’m digging the blonde hair… my sister Candice is blonde.. she claims they have more fun.

Trey – Candice Hernández is your sister?

Benji – You know her?

Trey – Sorta, she’s friends with my friend Jarrah.

Benji – Oh cool.

Rubi – Benji, you met my bae?

Benji – Oh no, I haven’t. Hi! I’m Benji.

Adam – Nice to meet you, I’m Adam.

Rubi – Benji whatchu think of this look I’m presenting? Eyebrows on fleek, hair on fleek, titties on fleek. I’m servin’ right?

Benji – Yeah! you’re slaying it Rubi!

I’m guessing Rubi, met Benji before tonight, they seem acquainted already.

Benji – So Aries tells me you’re a personal chef?

Trey – Yeah, I just did my first job tonight for the Meade family.

Benji – Wait I know them! Vik is my bestfriend!

Trey – Wow! that’s awesome!

Benji – Crazy.

Aries – How did it go?

Trey – It went really well, the dad- Varrick is super nice.

Benji – He’s really friendly.

Trey – Yeah, he is.

Rubi – Well shit… I might have to have you come and cook for me and my bae… we do date night! We live together by the way!

Trey – I remember *laughs*

Adam – Thank you for the invite Trey

Trey – No problem, you are always welcomed here Adam…. long as you treat Rubi right.

Rubi – Oh he does.. Bae rubs my FEET!

Benji – So I work with your friend Frankie.. I had no idea until today…

Aries – I didn’t tell you that?

Benji – Nope.. I went into her office to talk about random stuff, and we ended up talking about me being nervous to come to this party… when she realized the Trey I was meeting, was the Trey she was friends with, we totally realized how small the world was.

Trey – Frankie is awesome huh?

Benji – Oh yeah.. and gorgeous!

Aries – I’m gay, but I’m still crushing on her!

Rubi – She is cute!

Benji – So which guy is yours?

Trey – The one in the white button up.

Rubi – The cute A-Z-N!

Oh my god…

Benji – Talking to the guy in the army pants?

Trey – Yeah

Benji – Aww he’s cute!

Trey – Thanks!

Benji – This loft place is really cute too.

Trey – Small.. but we make it work.

Rubi – Like my vagina.

Benji – ………….

Aries – …………..

Trey – Umm.. Aries, I’m gonna steal Benji… introduce him to everyone.

Aries – Okay, sure, I’m gonna talk to Dominic, and Nick.

Benji – Okay lets go.

Final verdict on Benji? he’s awesome. I love him already! and considering everything Aries has been through on this sexuality journey… I’m glad he has Benji.


Ruben – Mind your business bitch!

Chace – What did you call me?!

Rubi – Oh shit, its going down, basement! friday the 13th guess who playin’ Jason! tuck ya self in, ya betta hold on to ya teddy, its nightmare on elm street AND GUESS WHO PLAYIN FREDDY!

Aries – *laughing*

Ruben – I called you a bitch, because you’re acting like one!

Chace – You do know that 1. You’re a guest in this place, and 2. This is a party to celebrate me right?!

Ruben – Do I look like I give a fuck?!

Dammit! I had hoped this wouldn’t happen.

Aries – Chace is still Chace I see….

Trey – He’s usually not so… scrappy.

Benji – Wow….

Ruben – I don’t understand why you’re getting mad- but to be quite honest? I don’t give a fuck!

Chace – Oh please you fatass queen, you’re super opinionated so don’t back down now!

Ruben – Fat? really? bitch, fuck you and you’re pig nose!

Chace – This “pig nose” just landed a modeling agency.. what the fuck your fatass got besides diabetes?

Ruben – Oooh so original..

Cayden – Babe.. its not worth it… lets just grab a drink and have fun with Kash.

Rubi – We shouldn’t be fat shaming up in here!

Ruben – Look all I said was that people should know who’s a bottom and a top… so things don’t get mixed up, and Chace got mad.

Chace – I didn’t get mad, I just said it was fucking stupid…

Ruben – I wasn’t even talking to you, you uppity ass bitch.

Chace – I don’t give a fuck fatty! I heard you say a lot of stupid shit tonight…

Ruben – Like what!?

Chace – Talking about gay groups and what not.. I personally don’t think we should be split up from straight people.. gay groups of specific hobbies pretty much promote segregation between them and us.

Ruben – YOU can have that opinion all you want, but I personally feel like gay comic cons, and gay gaming groups are important. A lot of the time straight people will point us out and make fun of us.. not all of them but some.

Chace – Sensitive fag… of course. Always thinking somebody is judging you!

Dominic – I think that’s enough guys….

Chace – I’m over it.. your fat friend is clearly had issues.

Rubi – Nah we need to go bae.. he fat shaming up in here… I’m thick with ass, I ain’t got time for this! I feel personally attacked!

Adam – You sure you wanna leave?

Ruben – Girl.. miss me with the bullshit.. you’re clearly some spoiled ass man child because you can’t accept that others have different opinions than you.

Chace – Fuck you, you don’t know me!

Ruben – Fuck you too I don’t know why you think you’re so much better than the rest of us gays. You’re a judgmental ass faggot, and if it weren’t for Trey and Dominic, I’d knock you the fuck out!

Chace – *Punches Ruben*

Cayden – CHACE NO!

Ruben – *Bodyslams Chace on table/floor*

Kash – Awesome party!

Dominic – Fuck! guys stop it!- Nick, a little help here

Nick – Gotcha

Cayden – I’m so sorry for this!

Nick – Dude its not your fault.

Rubi – Drag ha Ruben! Drag that fat shaming twink!

Trey – That’s it! Party is over!

Fuck fuck fuck… I had hoped this wouldn’t have happened. Way to ruin a good fucking night! it was going so well! I don’t wanna get hit, so I’m not helping break it up. Thank god Nick, and Dominic are separating the two. This is not how I wanted Benji to meet us, this is not how I wanted to celebrate Chace’s accomplishment, and this is not how I wanted Kash’s first experience with my friends to be. This is a fucking mess!


~End Of Chapter One Pt 2 | Conclusion (Pt 3) of Chapter One is Next~



  1. Aw poor Trey, He just wanted to have a nice drama free party and then it turns into a slug fest :O. I guess Chace still hasn’t learned to bite his tongue :\. But anyway it’s nice to see Aries alive and well! And with a new man!! I think it’s for the best that he and Trey have finally gone their separate ways. Especially since Trey pretty much has the perfect relationship with Dominic! Yay! Other than that, I wonder what’s up with Jordan. I hope he’s not mad at Trey for some reason. Oh and I like Rubi’s makeover 😀

    Now Frankie, she seems to have a perfect relationship going too! I’m happy for her. Her girlfriend is hawt! But what I don’t understand is how she can put up with Torrance AND Karin at work! She should quit her job!! Karin needs to go sit down somewhere. She’s so rude!! Ugh. She better be careful before Frankie grabs her by the nose ring :p. Hmmmm, I wonder if Rhys really is into women…maybe that’s why she and Keegan didn’t work out lol. She and Sara DID have a connection. It’ll be interesting to see if she really is or not! Can’t wait for more!! When’s the next part? :p

    PS. A turtle? Really Kaori? You’re so mean! But hilarious :p

    1. Trey is a drama magnet lol… you’d think Chace would think twice before fighting someone, he needs to protect his face considering his new job. Aries was so over him, and his BS… another reason they didn’t work out. Which is fine since Aries is happy with Benji, and Trey is happy with Dominic. LOL I’m glad you like Rubi’s makeover.. she’s fun to style.. since she’s all over the place, and has great self-confidence. Jordan… well he and Trey are awkward right now… maybe it’ll get better with time….

      Frankie & Trey both went through it when it came to love/relationships in the first 2 seasons. I knew coming into this 3rd one that they both deserved a happy relationship… that’s not to say they won’t both have challenges in the relationships… and other areas of their lives lol. Torrance is bitter… Karin is just…………… well she’s Karin. You’ll learn more about her soon.. in Jeeps POV- excuse me… Jonah’s POV lol. Like you said though she’d wanna not try Frankie… Frankie did snatch up Kalia in season one 😛

      Rhys is in a new place post GCU…. so… is she… or isn’t she…. that’s gonna be the question. Right when you think you know, you’ll be confused again. Its gonna be fun to write. Also I just love writing Sara.

      Next part should go up Friday, that’s the plan. I’m actually writing it right now ( I’m on the end of scene 4 (of 7) This update has been flying by in terms of my writing speed…. and yes… snap that turtle Christine LOL.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Check back Friday for the conclusion of chapter one… finally you get to see Jonah & Kaori’s POV’s

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