{BnG Season 3} Chapter One Part 1 : “This is me now”

}—Welcome To The Season Three Premiere of BoysNGirls….. Enjoy The Show—{

Chapter One | Pt. 1 “This is me now”

-POV’s : Keegan & Jarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Keegan)

I was a little lost…. but I found my way, through tragedy. Sad stuff happened a year ago, but the good thing to come out of it was some direction. So this is me now… I live in a new place, I’m a cop… and I have a pre-teen sister. A sister who lives down the street from me. Which means she can pop up whenever she wants.. even if it is on a Monday morning before she and Curtis go to school.


Keegan – I’m coming, I’m coming.

Zoey – Hurry up!

Curtis – Why is he naked?

Zoey – I don’t know Curtis, maybe you should ask him.

Curtis – No way!

Keegan – Why aren’t you guys at school?

Zoey – Its only 7…

Keegan – Did you want me to take you?

Curtis – That would be awesome, but we have our bikes.

Zoey – Yeah.. we just wanted to say hi.

Keegan – Well… Hi *laughs*

Curtis – Don’t you just love our pop-ups Keegan?

Keegan – I-

Zoey – I’d imagine he did.. what other reason would he have for buying the house on the dead-end of my block..

Keegan – So I can police all of your actions Zoey.. you’re almost a teenager… boys will be boys and I gotta protect my little Zo-Zo

Curtis – What boys? nobody is checking for Zoey.

Zoey – Rude!… and you have no idea who’s… checking for me, Curtis!- also KEEGAN… if you’re so protective over me.. why aren’t you interrogating Curtis hmm? he’s always around me.

Because Curtis is obviously gay…

Keegan – Well because A : I’m friends with his parents (Darell & Myra)… and B : Curtis is a good kid…

Curtis – *smiles* You know what my favorite day in the whole world is Keegan?

Keegan – No, tell me.

Zoey – Hint… you’re involved in it…

Curtis – That day you, and your friend Jonah took Zoey and I to that baseball game. It was so much fun!-

Zoey – He wouldn’t shut up about it for a week! “Keegan and Jonah are sooooo cool!”

Curtis – Shut up Zoey, I don’t sound like that!

I’m pretty sure Curtis has a little crush on Jeep and I… its harmless but man.. I do wonder how Darell would feel if- when Curtis finally comes out. Also I’m curious if Curtis has even come out to Zoey since they’re bestfriends..

Keegan – I’m glad you had fun Curtis… maybe Jonah and I will take you guys somewhere else soon.. we’re both just so busy.. We both have work, and he has his last year at GCU.

Curtis – Sounds like a plan.. have your people call my people.

Zoey – DORK!

Keegan – So what did you guys do this weekend?

Curtis – It was my dad’s weekend.. so I hungout with him and Milk.

Oh right.. we haven’t seen each other in a year so there are things you don’t know… Darell is dating my friend Milk… Milk Chambers? you know the chick I took the police academy exam with?. yeah.. they’re dating.. and if you think that’s interesting.. wait until you see what else has changed in a year.

Keegan – What did you guys do?

Curtis – We made pizza from scratch and we played videogames, and watched netflix movies. It was so much fun!

Keegan – You like hanging with your dad?

Curtis – I do.. though… sometimes I feel like he doesn’t get me… but Zoey says its not his fault.. its mine.. because I’m not 100% myself when I’m around him.

Keegan – I see… well it is important to be yourself.. even if some people don’t like it.. there are some who will.. and you’ll be a lot happier for it.

Curtis – *smiles* yeah.. you’re probably right.

Keegan – What about you Zo-Zo… what did you do?

Zoey – Oh I’m sorry… is it my turn to talk to MY BROTHER?!

Curtis & Keegan – *laughs*

Zoey – Every time… Curtis talks your ear off!

Keegan – Well talk to me Zo… how was your weekend?

Zoey – Well… officer Bennett… since Curtis was gone with his dad… I decided to just do some reading. I binge-read a ton of comics. I love Spider-Gwen so much-

Curtis – You think you’re just like her…..

Zoey – She is cool okay Curtis?! she’s not trying to fit in!

Keegan – What else did you do?

Zoey – Kaori came over, and took me to get frozen yogurt with her friend Brie.

Keegan – Cool.

Zoey – Yeah so I had an okay weekend without my bestfriend here.

Curtis – What did you do?!

Keegan – Cop stuff..

Curtis – What about last night?

Zoey – What the heck Curtis!

Curtis – I saw wine on the table.

Keegan – I- umm.. well-

Female Voice – Keegan?

Keegan – Yeah?!

Female – You have company?

Keegan – Yeah, its just Zoey, and Curtis…

Female – Oh, okay…. umm.. I can’t find my clothes….

Keegan – Umm…..

Curtis & Zoey – *looks at each other and giggles*

Female – Is this jersey clean?

Keegan – The blue one?!

Female – Yeah

Keegan – I think so…

Female – I’m gonna put it on.

Keegan – Okay.


Priscilla – Hi, Zoey, hey Curtis.

Zoey – Hi Priscilla.

Curtis – Hey naked woman.

Keegan – *smirks at Priscilla*

Priscilla – *smirks back* …. Keegan, I’m just gonna shower, and then go…

Keegan – Okay.

Priscilla – Alrighty.

Yeah…. you’re probably wondering a couple of things right now I bet…. like the elephant in the room…  what exactly ha-

Zoey – What exactly happened with Jules? I like Priscilla, but why did you and Jules break up?

Curtis – Also, are you and Priscilla boyfriend and girlfriend?

Keegan – We broke up Zoey.. we just… had an-.. we had a falling out…

Zoey – How vague… It was probably your fault then.

Keegan – And to answer your question Curtis.. Priscilla and I are not in a relationship.

Curtis – How come?

Keegan – I- I don’t know…

Well I do, but its a long story… but since you guys aren’t Zoey and Curtis… let me explain what happened between Jules and I. 1 year ago we were together…. but… 7 months ago… it ended…


[At Kaitlyn & Joy’s home]

Keegan – So you were just in the neighborhood?

Kaori – Well I wanted to come say bye to Zoey before I left.

Keegan – Where are you going again?

Kaori – Family trip… the whole family.. new sister Vira and all… and she’s bringing her mom, and other sister Vanille… so.. it should be fun.

Keegan – Alana, Sebastian going too?

Kaori – Yeah they’re bringing baby Charlotte too.

Keegan – I forget they had a baby… well.. umm have fun? hopefully no drama.

Kaori – We’re gonna be on a private beach.. we should be fine.

Keegan – True.

Kaori – So buzz-head… why are you here, if nobody else is?

Keegan – I’m house-sitting because I’m looking at the place down the street-

Kaori – On the dead end?

Keegan – Yeah

Kaori – You really wanna live that close to your family?

Keegan – I do actually.

Kaori – That’s kind of adorable.

Keegan – Isn’t it?

Kaori – So…. where is everyone?

Keegan – Mom 1 and Mom 2 took Zoey, and Curtis to get some school supplies.

Kaori – Ah I see…

Keegan – Yep….

Kaori – ………

Keegan – ………

Kaori – How’s Jules?

Keegan – She’s… umm.. she’s fine..

Kaori – Cool…

Keegan – How’s-

Kaori – I’m not seeing anyone..

Keegan – You were seeing that one guy-

Kaori – Eh… we went on two dates, and I decided no thank you.

Keegan – Still traumatized after Byron?

Kaori – No… I just.. yeah…

Keegan – You just what?

Kaori – I….. Its frustrating….

Keegan – What is?

Kaori – Knowing things, and keeping them inside because they could mess stuff up..

Keegan – You can tell me anything.. you know this.

Kaori – Keegan…. I know….

Keegan – You know, what?

Kaori – I know that you were the one writing to Frankie’s old blog at The Mothership.. I know you’re star-girl, and that you love me…

Keegan – ………….how….

Kaori – ….. Hammer overheard you and Jeep talking one day… and he told me the day Byron left.

Keegan – Hammer?…………fuck him for opening his mouth…

Kaori – …..Its frustrating watching you date Jules… when you should be with me. You’re clearly happy with her though… so-

Keegan – Who said I was happy?

Kaori – Are you not?

Keegan – No….. she’s… I don’t know.. we had a good few months but… she’s changed a bit… and I- I feel like since she’s taken that job at The Mothership that she’s just.. mean?

Kaori – Then breakup with her…

Keegan – What?

Kaori – Break up with her, and be with me… we spend so much time longing for each other so why not just finally have what we want?

Keegan – I-

Kaori – I’m sorry, I should not have said that… I’m such a bitch, Jules doesn’t deserve that…..

Keegan – …..Umm… its okay.

Kaori – …. I’m gonna go….. just know that I love you…

Keegan – Kaori, wait…. I.. I love you too.

For me, seeing Kaori be honest about her feelings, and finally having mine in the open… I just.. I don’t know. I felt like letting go, and kissing her. She was right.. we spent too much time wanting… instead of having…

Kaori – Take off your shirt…

Keegan – Okay- I’ve wanted to do this for so long..

Kaori – I want you to fuck me on the table….

Jules – Wow… what the fuck?!

We were caught…. and I felt like the biggest asshole in the world.

Kaori – Oh shit…. Jules I’m so sorry.. its way more complicated than you know.

Jules – Save it!

Keegan – Jules, I-

Jules – I knew you were here, and going to look at the place down the street so I figured.. how about I be a good girlfriend, and blow off a class and keep him company. We can order chinese.. and hangout.. instead I walk in.. and find you about to stick your dick in her.

Keegan – Lets just talk outside, I want to explain-

Jules – I really don’t care what you want-

Kaori – I think if we talked about-


Jules – *slaps Kaori* You shut up! you’re a homewrecking slut…

Kaori – *lunges at Jules*

Keegan – *holds her back*

Kaori – I was trying to be an adult about this! it was wrong- but you wanna touch me?! I will knock you the fuck out bitch!

Jules – Let her go Keegan! let your girlfriend go!

Keegan – Jules that wasn’t right! you didn’t have to hit her!

Kaori – Let me go Keegan!

Jules – Fuck you both! I’m done with you Keegan.. enjoy Police academy.. I hope you get shot on the job!

So yeah… that happened…. I don’t regret it either.. because the feeling of kissing Kaori, was like… well imagine swimming underwater… you know when you finally come up, and you get that first breath? yeah.. that’s what it felt like. I know it was wrong… but it happened… and at that moment the heart wanted what it wanted… I think even if Jules hadn’t caught me.. I would have told her, and broke things off with her… but things never really go how you want them to.. everything is always out of order

[End of Flashback]

As far as Priscilla goes… well Frankie didn’t pick her.. she picked Raina…. and for the most part Priscilla was fine with that. Though I do suspect she did really like Frankie, but.. yeah. Umm.. I did a security sweep at this performance center she was at one night, and we started talking.. and well shit happened. We’ve only been hooking up, and hanging out for 3 months now… but I like her a lot. Its a little awkward considering she and Frankie hooked up but.. well small world.. and even smaller town.

Zoey – Earth to Keegan!

Keegan – Sorry…

Curtis – Where did you go just now? its like you were in a trance.

Keegan – Was thinking about something- anyway.. what were you saying Zoey?

Zoey – I was asking why aren’t you and Priscilla together, since she’s always here…

Keegan – Oh.. umm- Its- Lets change the subject okay?- how’s school?

Zoey – How boring!

Curtis – School sucks…

Keegan – Why?

Zoey – Well we’re the losers…

Keegan – You guys aren’t losers!

Zoey – You’re my brother, of course you’re gonna say that.

Curtis – I’m picked on all the time…

Zoey – People call him faggot… and gay… and they call me weird.. and emo- oh and Carrie! they call me Carrie! like the movie!

Curtis – I’m not gay!

Zoey – ……… It sucks. Especially since the boy I like is so popular

Curtis -Symon Goddard.

Keegan – Symon? really?

Zoey – Wait, you know him?

Keegan – Not personally no.. but I know who his parents are.

So Remember Jessica Nash, was engaged to Tommy “Tom” Goddard? well they did get married, and they decided something was missing from their new blended family. Tom already had TJ from a previous relationship. He also had Tyena- who goes by Tye now. Jessica had a daughter in C-City, who’s name I don’t remember… so all that was left was for them to have someone together. So they adopted a teenage boy.. aka Symon.

Curtis – All the girls love Symon… he’s so dreamy apparently..

Zoey – Well nobody is more up his butt than Jen (Geneveive)…. I hate that bitch-

Keegan – Zoey…

Zoey – Sorry!-

Curtis – She has a point… Geneveive Baycock is the nastiest, rudest girl at school-


Curtis – Symon will never see us– Her- Zoey!- Symon will never see Zoey as long as Jen (Geneveive) is around…

Zoey – Right!- though I really don’t have a chance with him anyway… he’s like a 10, and I’m a negative 1.

Keegan – You’re beautiful Zoey.. and trust me.. popularity isn’t all its cracked up to be. You’ll see that one day..

This is pretty much my life.. giving advice to the kids and… well Priscilla. Like I said, this is me now… new place, I’m a cop… and I have a pre-teen sister…. things are so different…. but its a good different. Oh and incase you’re curious about my relationship with Kaori, and Jules these days… well… I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned…. later guys

(POV Jarrah)

Hey stranger… haven’t seen you in a while.. did you lose weight?- all jokes aside its been a year since I’ve seen you… and a lot has changed… This is me now… a mom…. a single mom. Sadly Orion and I did not workout… mainly because we both had feelings about JK- right.. I just expect you to know everything.. I named my son Joshua Knight. Last name obviously from his dad, and first name as a tribute to my father Josh.

Anyway.. about Orion.. So basically right before I gave birth to JK, I felt like I didn’t want to be with Orion anymore. It didn’t feel genuine, it felt like I was staying with him out of necessity.. for the baby. Orion knew that me having the baby was gonna ruin us.. we both did if I’m being honest. Its really complicated to explain. At the end of the day we both love our son.. and for the most part we get along… but his new girlfriend is such a bitch.. and I already had an issue with her previously. More on that later though….

I’m dropping JK off at “Cin & Wen Daycare” and look who I ran into! Candice, and her adorable daughter Sophia.

Candice – Hey there hot mama.

Jarrah – Hey there yourself!

Candice – I feel like we only see each other when dropping our kids off.

Jarrah – I know right… so busy with work, and other stuff…

Candice – Tell me about it.. being a receptionist at the hospital is not as easy as I thought it would be. Your brother is helpful though.

Jarrah – Micah’s the helpful type.. so that doesn’t surprise me….

Candice – Yeah he makes my job a little easier sometimes.

Jarrah – So what’s up? how’s the new boyfriend. Keegan tells me you’re dating his partner Officer Moore?

Candice – Andre’s great… he’s a little older, but I think that’s what I like about him. We just fit really well together…. glad to have met him.

Jarrah – Aww that’s so cute…

Cindy – Good morning!

Candice – Oh girl here we go…. Miss Cindy and her “I love children, god is good” talk….

Jarrah – Cindy can be a bit much.. but she does love our kids, and take good care of them..

Candice – True… we can finish catching up after we sit the kids down-

Cindy – Oh hello Jarrah!, hello Candice! and ooooh look at the little cuties! How are you Joshua, and Sophia!

Jarrah – Good morning Cindy, how are you?

Cindy – Oh I’m wonderful! waking up every morning and seeing all the beautiful smiling children.. it makes my morning. God is good!

Candice – You sure love kids Cindy.

Cindy – I do.. I was put on this earth to help parents in need. I’m really happy you both have chosen Cin & Wen’s Daycare.

Jarrah – Wendy here?

Cindy – Yes! she was bright and early.

You’re probably wondering.. Jarrah.. why not just have your mom watch Joshua while you’re at work… well… the way I see it is, I love my parents- but…. JK is my responsibility. They see him all the time, but I think its important that I take the responsibility of having a child. So while I’m at work, I’m happy knowing that my baby is being taken cared of at the best Daycare in GloCity… my mom of course is mad because I won’t just drop him off to her everyday, but she’s gonna have to just get over it *laughs*

Time to sign in.

Wendy – Oh hay y’all!

Candice – Hey Wendy girl!

Jarrah – Good Morning Wen’

She is the gossip queen… she’s nice though.

Wendy – Aww look at dem babies… little miss Sophia! heeeeeey girl! and little prince Joshua.. so cute…

Candice – ……….

Jarrah – He’s a bit cranky.. so keep that in mind.

Wendy – Oh its all good girl.

Candice – How you doin’ Wendy? you still seeing that cable man?

Wendy – I sure am.. he and I are going strong girl!

Jarrah – *laughs* well that’s good….

Candice – We don’t have much time so, Jarrah and I are gonna chit-chat and then get going….

Wendy – Okay well, y’all are all signed in so you’re good to go.

Candice – So now we can spill this tea…

Jarrah – As Wendy listens in..

Candice – So what were we- Oh yeah.. Andre.. my sexy chocolate officer Moore… yeah girl I don’t know.. he’s so different than Mason…

Jarrah – Have you even talked to Mason? or are you doing this alone?

Candice – Well as you know my brother Benji is here now.. so he helps me out.. we live together too-

Jarrah – Oh cool! I think its so adorable when siblings are close and live together.

Candice – But yeah.. Mason’s ass- I mean “butt” he helps out when he can.. still a A-hole…

Jarrah – Ridiculous….

Candice – My brother helps me a lot though… He does have his job at Haus Of Opulence (Jessica Nash’ Publishing House/Where Frankie Works), and I do give him a break when he has his boyfriend over…

Jarrah – Oh he has a boyfriend?

Candice – Yeah he’s dating that dude who tried to kill himself last year on campus-

Jarrah – Aries?

Candice – Yeah… they are apparently in love girl…

I’m happy for Aries if that’s the case.. he’s come so far with his sexuality.. plus its great to see that he’s not still hung up on Trey

Jarrah – Aww, well that’s cute.

Candice – You sound like Rhys… she thinks Benji, and Aries are adorable.

Jarrah – I’m so glad you and her are friends again.. especially after everything you guys have been through.

Candice – I never thought it would happen but… it did. We’re not bestfriend but we hangout when we can and we talk about three times a week. She’s mostly busy with her Pharmaceutical Scientist job at the GCSL (GloCity Science Lab) That and she’s been hanging out with your friend Frankie.

Jarrah – Oh okay… well that’s cool.

Candice – Enough about me though girl.. tell me what’s going on with you.. Orion, your love life.. what’s goin’ on?

Jarrah – Well…. brace yourself for this bull- S-H-I-T.

Candice – Oh lord…

Jarrah – So… Orion and I stay having fights about scheduling his time with JK.. why? well because of his new girlfriend.. and girl… guess who is new girlfriend is?

Candice – Who?

Jarrah – Mahlia Nirav…

Candice – From GCU?!

Jarrah – Umm… yes.

Candice – Wait.. the same Mahlia who you were in the Sorority with?…. the same chick who started dating your ex boyfriend Dylan?

Jarrah – YES!

Candice – Oh that ho got a lot of nerves.. this is the second ex boyfriend of yours that she’s decided to date.

Jarrah – I know! and she’s annoying as hell. I cannot stand her. She’s so fake too.. and she’s clearly had work done on her face. She’s so blonde too.. ugh..

Candice – I never did like that fake b-i-t-c-h…

Jarrah – I only tolerated her because of the whole sisterhood crap but yeah.. ugh- Oh my god I’m gonna be late for work.

Candice – Me too- but wait, are you seeing anybody?

Jarrah – That’s…. the most complicated- funniest thing…. I’m actually seeing two guys…

Candice – Girl what?! oh hell nah, you gotta text me during your lunch break and tell me everything.

Jarrah – Okay, will do.

Candice – I hate not hanging out with you and Lola.. how is she doing?

Jarrah – Lola’s great.. she’s being her own boss and taking charge.. work is really good.

Candice – Well good for y’all.

Jarrah – Well I’m gonna get going. I’ll text you during my lunch hour.

Candice – Okay, be safe boo.

Jarrah – You too.

Yes.. I’m dating two guys, but its not exactly what you think.. more on that later though. I need to get my ass to work before Lola has a stroke… see you in a bit.

(POV Keegan)

We try and get together and have lunch when we can… today only the three of us were free…. and this time its moreso brunch than lunch. Trey’s busy visiting his dad, and then he has a tryout as a personal chef for some family. Jarrah’s at work, working her ass off. I don’t know how she does it. Then we have Kaori who is in class, and then off to work. So its just us three today. Which is fine.

Frankie – She always looks so annoyed when we come in..

Jonah – Maybe she hates her job… who cares though, I’m fucking hungry..

Keegan – Me too.

You probably can’t tell by looking at them, but both Frankie, and Jeep have changed. Frankie’s fuse is a little shorter since working for Jessica Nash… and its in a way altered her personality.. she’s a bit more blunt now. Jeep… well.. he’s hit the gym.. bye bye baby fat. Also he’s the new leader of the Fraternity house, and he does NOT like to go by the name Jeep anymore.. he wants to be called Jonah.. or just plain J. There are some other personal things with them that are different.. but in time you’ll see that for yourself.

Lady – Hi, welcome. How can I help you this morning?

Keegan – Umm… just a second..

Lady – No problem..

Keegan – Do you guys know what you want?

Frankie – Give me a second, I’m replying to a text from Torrance.. she’s getting on my nerves… like do not tell me what my job is.. I know what my job is. She’s been a bitch ever since Ivo dumped her… Jeep go ahead and order-

Jonah – For the 50th fucking time… do not call me Jeep.. like.. ever again.. got it?

Frankie – My bad… don’t get your panties in a twist.

Jonah – I’ll have the Nachos… steak please.

Keegan – Eh… lets do Fish and Chips…

Lady – Alrighty, and you?

Frankie – What- uh- oh!?- sorry about that.. umm I’m gonna go with the Salmon and steamed zucchini. Thank you.

Lady – Okay, pick any seat, and have a look through the beverage and dessert menu.

Keegan – Thank you.

Its nice to hangout with the original six… any number of us on any day is great. Though.. being completely honest, we’re all very busy. With work, school, babies.. and we all have our own new set of friends too.. so I feel like as long as we don’t force anything.. we should be okay. So far so good too.. we’re all respectful of each others time.. and other friends. We’ve come a long way.

Frankie – I’m probably just gonna get an iced-tea. No.. I’m gonna get a water with lemon.

Keegan – I’ll get a coke.

Jonah – Same… and for dessert, I think I want the cheesecake.

Frankie – None for me.. I’m on a diet…

Keegan – Oh stop, you’re perfect the way you are.

Jonah – I agree..

Frankie – Thanks guys, but dessert just isn’t on the menu for this girl.

Jonah – Keegan? are you gonna make me eat dessert alone?

Keegan – No, I’ll get the apple pie I guess.

Frankie – No donut for the cop?

Jonah – Good one Frankie

Frankie – *laughs*

Keegan – Har-Har….. so what was everyone’s morning like?

Jonah – I didn’t do shit. I woke up, and went back to sleep.. then woke up again and came here. No classes today thank god.. I’m exhausted.

Frankie – Its your last year at GCU Jeepy.. make it count- SORRY! I said Jeep.. MY BAD!

Jonah – ………………..I can’t believe I ever had sex with you. You’re the worst.

Frankie – That makes two of us fratboy.. and ew you say that as if we had sex recently.. it was high school.. let it goooooooooo

Keegan – *laughs*

Frankie – ANYWAY to answer your question Keegan. I slept at Ray’s (Raina).. and then I went home, only to find Kaori crying on the porch.. she’s so stressed out about work.. she has so much new responsibility, and much like Jonah here… her last year of GCU is demanding.

Keegan – I see.

Jonah – And your morning?

Keegan – Umm.. surprise pop-up from Zoey and Curtis…. as Priscilla walked out of my bedroom in her panties… awkward.

Frankie – I’d imagine….

Jonah – How are those two doing?

Keegan – Fine, though… they’re sorta dealing with bullying, and popularity issues. They’ve branded themselves the losers… oh and  Zoey has a crush on Symon Goddard.

Frankie – Oh wow really?

Jonah – Who?

Frankie – Jessica’s son… he hangs around the office sometimes after school-

Jonah – Oh that teenager who has the biggest crush on you.

Frankie – Yeah, he reminds me of you last year….

Jonah – I can’t believe I had a crush on you.. yuck!

Frankie – *laughs*

I’m glad they can laugh about that.

Keegan – How’s everything going with Raina, Frankie?

Frankie – Umm, pretty good. No complaints…

Keegan – That’s great to hear… first real lesbian relationship… is it weird?

Frankie – Not really.. I mean, well.. okay.. so I’m still getting used to spooning and not feeling a bulge you know?

Keegan – I personally don’t spoon against cocks, but I’m pretty sure I can piece together what you’re saying.

Frankie – So what about you and Priscilla?… it seems like you guys have been making this work for a while…

Keegan – Yeah.. I mean.. I really like her, so-

Jonah – Yeah but that’s never been your issue Keegan. The thing is.. do you still love Kaori.. she’s the reason why your shit falls apart.

Keegan – How honest of you… umm I love Kay’ but I’m not in love with her if that’s what you’re asking.

Frankie – I see.

Keegan – It took Jules catching us, to make me realize that I gotta get over this girl you know? and I finally am over her. My thing is though, I don’t want a repeat of last year. She and I are not about to avoid each other and be awkward.. we’re fucking adults so lets act like it. Also I’m just gonna put this rule into play right now about the 6 of us.. NONE OF US ARE TO DATE EACH OTHER… okay?

Jonah – Yes sir- officer SIR!

Frankie – I completely agree with that…

Jonah – Speaking of girlfriends.. Keegan… buddy…

Keegan – Yeah?

Jonah – I’m gonna need you to put a muzzle on that bitch Jules-

Frankie – Jonah! language!

Jonah – Look I know the feminist movement is pretty strong right now, so excuse me for calling her a bitch.. but she’s getting on my fucking nerves.

Keegan – What did she do this time?

Jonah – Well besides the dirty looks on campus.. she’s still blasting you and I on her Mothership blog! She’s a intern.. go get coffee or something, stop writing about me! Its none of her fucking business what happened between Christine and I… we’re not together.. mind your business!

Frankie – She is kinda man-hating on her blog…

Jonah – She clearly hates you Keegan, and so since you and I are friends- AND she’s friends with Christine.. she’s lumping us together like we’re the worst men on earth.. and I’m sick of it.

Frankie – Can’t you just have Scott put a stop to it?

Keegan – I can’t… because ever since you left the mothership, he’s trying to let the writers be themselves.. he doesn’t want to lose anyone like he lost you.

Frankie – Ha! my impact!

She does write really shitty blog entries.. and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who she’s talking about. I get that she hates me but come on…. grow up already.

Jonah – Well someone needs to do something about Jules.

Keegan – Eh… I’ll try and talk to her… which will be awkward..

Jonah – Yeah please do because if you don’t… I’ll do it.. or my girlfriend will…

Frankie – *rolls eyes*

Jonah – I saw that….

Frankie – I wasn’t hiding it…

Keegan – Okay guys- not today.. come on..

Jonah – No.. I wanna know why she doesn’t like Karin…

Frankie – Can we please NOT talk about KARIN CHEN.. I am SO sick of hearing her name.. I get enough of it at work!

Jonah – How is it her fault that you don’t have a book out?! don’t blame my girlfriend for your shortcomings Frankie..

Frankie – First of all JEEP… your fucking girlfriend is a bitch.. and she’s really annoying. She prances around Haus of Opulence like she’s god.. and she’s a know it all. Ask Keegan! he doesn’t care for her that much either

Jonah – What?!

Keegan – Its not that I don’t like Karin, Jonah.. I… she- she’s nice.. but the thing is.. she’s kinda… abrasive.. and she does have the tendency to make her opinion seem more important than others.

Jonah – Its such bullshit… Priscilla, Raina, Dominic all are accepted.. but Karin can’t be?

Frankie – Well… I guess its just us…. we’re the problem.. not little miss Karin Chen

Jonah – I think its a jealousy thing.. she’s a junior at GCU, and already has Jessica Nash calling her the next big thing. You’re obviously jealous that you’re not Jessica Nash’s little protege anymore.

Frankie – Again.. you’re completely and utterly wrong… but I mean she’s giving you blowjobs so of course you see it her way. I don’t blame you.

Keegan – Guys-

Jonah – How is your book coming along Frankie?

Frankie – Oh my god.. Jeep shut up!


Frankie – You’ve become such an asshole in a year!

Jonah – I’m so sorry I’m not letting people walk all over me! my bad! you’re perfect Frankie.. right as always!

Keegan – GUYS! stop it! fuck…..

Frankie – …………………..

Jonah – ……………………

Keegan – What the fuck are you doing? we’re friends… apologize to each other… its not that serious.

Frankie – ……I don’t hate you Jonah, I don’t hate your girlfriend either.. but you should know that there are things you don’t see- or understand that happens at MY job… I’m entitled to feel the way I feel.. respect that.

Jonah – Fine, but you should also understand that Karin is my girlfriend, and its awkward for me to have to constantly be asked by her.. why does Frankie hate me.. why does your friends seem so stand-off-ish.. I don’t have the answers because in my mind its stupid… and you guys saying “oh its her personality.. she’s abrasive and rude” well ya know what?! if we can put up with Kaori.. we can certainly learn to love my girlfriend…

Frankie – Its not that simple, but whatever. I’m not talking about this. I love you Jonah, and that’s it.. moving on.

Jonah – To be continued…

Keegan – So who’s ready for dessert?

Again… you haven’t been here in a year so… you’re new to this whole Karin issue… its tough… but they both have valid points.. you’ll just have to meet Karin for yourself and draw your own conclusion. And Again I know you have questions.. like what happened between Jeep and Christine, is Raven in jail etcetera, but all will be answered sooner or later.  All I know is that right now I want Frankie and Jeep to stop arguing and enjoy this food… life is too short for this shit.

(POV Jarrah)

So another thing that has changed is that I have a new job. I work at “The LC Agency : For Aspiring Models & Actors” Its Lola’s baby, and she enlisted my help to see it through. We also needed someone who was warm, and a people person. Someone who could not just be a receptionist, but whatever we needed at that moment. I knew my old Sorority Sister Amina was perfect for the job. So the three of us work together, which is great. Its a whole girl power movement happening.. and why not? girls are awesome.

Amina – Yeah we usually do, It doesn’t matter if you’re into modeling or acting. So I could always ask.

Jarrah – Hey, sorry I’m late.

Amina – Oh its okay girl, we’re not expecting heavy traffic until about 3.

Jarrah – Who do we have here?

Cayden – Hi, I’m Cayden Blake.

Jarrah – Actor or Model? you look like both to me.

Cayden – Boyfriend… Computer Fixer, and part-time comedian.

Jarrah – Oh your boyfriend is being represented by us?

Cayden – He’s trying.. he’s in there now.

Jarrah – You said computer fixer, what do-

Cayden – Oh I had an interview at NerdFix… and on my way out the door.. I got hired.

Jarrah – Oh my cousin works there- though I think today was his day off. His name is Jonah.. you’ll meet him soon enough. He’s really chill.

Cayden – Cool.

Amina – So Cayden… you do stand up comedy right?

Cayden – Right.

Amina – Hmm.. maybe The LC Agency is the place for you.. I guess technically we could consider that acting?

Cayden – I’m flattered but honestly I just do it for fun.

Amina – Do it for fun, and the money.

Cayden – I’ll try and remember that.

Amina – Jarrah come here, girl. I need to talk to you.

Jarrah – Okay, and oh and it was nice meeting you Cayden.

Cayden – You too- umm-

Jarrah – Jarrah.

Cayden – Such a cute, and unique name.

Jarrah – Thanks.

Well he’s a sweetheart. Lets see what’s bothering Amina.

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Amina – No… I’m so frustrated…

Jarrah – Hold on. Cayden?

Cayden – Yeah?

Jarrah – You’re more than welcome to go in, and watch your boyfriend work.

Cayden – You sure?

Jarrah – Yeah, you don’t have to sit here in the lobby.

Cayden – Oh okay cool. *gets up and goes in*

Amina – *sigh*

Jarrah – Why are you upset?

Amina – Kalia is driving me insane..

Jarrah – Umm.. honey…. why do you still call him……Kalia… isn’t that kind of insensitive?

Amina – Well its a force of habit.. I mean you grow up with a twin sister and then she comes out as gay… fine. Then she gets all butch… okay fine… then she becomes an asshole.. well every family has assholes… but then she comes out as TRANS! like.. what am I supposed to do with that?

Yeah… another thing you missed.. Amina’s twin sister Kalia… she came out as trans… and she’s a he. I don’t know what surgeries if any that he’s had to start/continue the transformation.. but I know Kalia is now Kash.. and we all support and respect it. Amina is having a hardtime with it…

Jarrah – For us… on the outside its like, just accept your family who who they are.. there are lots of LGBTQ people in the world.. but its different when its someone super close to you. I know you guys weren’t always the closest but she was your twin. Its more personal to you because you’re experiencing a loss in a way….

Amina – Jarrah you know me.. I’m super liberal, and open-minded. Trey is my cousin and he is as gay as the day is long.. but I don’t know.. it feels so weird.. I miss my twin sister.. and she’s gone.. all she is now is a guy.. named Kash- also what type of name is Kash?! if you’re gonna pick a guy name atleast pick something normal.. I totally sound like a bitch huh?

Jarrah – I think you’re dealing with it as best you can. You may have lost your sister Kalia, but you gained a brother named Kash.

Amina – I guess that’s true.. and oh my god so much stuff makes sense now.. Kalia always wanted her hair short like a boy… she never liked dresses.. always baggy clothes. She hated bra’s- anything that would accentuate the breast. I’m sure if I really sit back and think about it, there are so many more hints about her being Trans.

Jarrah – First step… lets stop calling him, her. Secondly.. Calling him by his new name Kash.. would probably really make him happy. So just start small with those things.. and try bonding..

Amina – You’re right… Vik was telling me the same thing…

Jarrah – Well Viktor is a good boyfriend.

Amina – He is… *sigh* how am I gonna bond with Kal- Kash? like… you know I’m super girly.. I hate sports… I just cannot. Its not like I can be like hey bro.. lets go have a day at the lucky dragon spa…

Jarrah – ……yeah..

Amina – I’m sorry… that probably made you think about Collin, and his mom huh?

Jarrah – Yeah… I miss him.

Amina – He was really nice.

Collin’s mom Suzy died 5 months ago. Collin didn’t have any family here.. so he thought it was best to move back to Texas. He’s going to school out there.. and he’s surrounded by loved ones. I miss him, and Suzy… they were really great people.

Amina – …So lets lighten the mood… have you decided who you like more out of the two guys you’re seeing?

Jarrah – No…. I like them both for different reasons I guess.

Okay let me explain this because I’m sure you’re probably thinking “Oh my god.. Jarrah you THOT” Its not like that at all. I met two guys in one week. I met one through Keegan, and the other through Frankie. I like them.. they’re both really cool. I’m also very honest about it.. they know about each other, and I’m not having sex with either one of them. I’m not trying to be with anyone right now without really knowing them.

Amina – So I’m guessing they have their pro’s and con’s

Jarrah – Pretty much… its so… yeah.. like I said.. I like them both. I’m not really dating them.. I just hangout with them… also neither have met my son… not on purpose. I guess its kinda good that I haven’t introduced them to him yet though. But yeah.. Panda Bear.. he’s… I like how gentle he comes across… but I feel like he has another aggressive side.. and it makes me wonder. Then we have Prince Charming.. who isn’t aggressive but he takes control you know? they’re very different.

Yes.. that’s their nicknames.. Panda Bear, and Prince Charming. Don’t ask me why I picked those.

[Phone ringing]

Amina – Well this phone is ringing so let me get back to business before Lola stroke out..

Jarrah – You’re right, I should probably get in there.

Amina – Thanks for the advice about Kash…

Jarrah – No problem.

She’s a big supporter of the LGBTQ community.. so I know it has nothing to do with that… I just think she feels like a part of her is now missing.. and that’s tough.

[Top Pic]

Jarrah – Hi again!

Cayden – Hey *laughs*

How amazing does Lola look? she’s come really far with the eating disorder, and look at her now. Her own business… I’m so proud of her. She’s such a good friend too.. she’s always been there for me.

Lola – Yeah babe… not a problem. I’m busy anyway.. so we can do it tomorrow- Okay cool… yeah I’m a little stressed… but it- of course *laughs* Oh Jarrah just walke in- okay I will. Love you too. Bye.

Oh my god that’s Chace… Trey’s friend. I had no idea he was coming in.

Jarrah – Sorry I’m late-

Lola – Its okay.

Jarrah – Was that Jayson on the phone?

Lola – Yeah… he says hello.

Jarrah – Tell him I said hey, next time you talk.

Yep.. Jayson and Lola went on that date… and they’ve been together ever since. They’re such a cute couple.. it makes me vomit *laughs*

Lola – So I-

[cell rings]

Lola – That’s the call I was waiting for. Hold on.

Jarrah – Okay.

[Bottom Pic]

Lola – Hello? Hi Tika Cashmere Washington.. yes… Mr. McDonald said he’d send a photographer- Oh really? okay well as long as she’s experienced. You said her name was Brie Anderson? okay.. thank you, and tell Mr. McDonald that he has my gratitude- Well actually I was thinking about that.. let me ask you a question- 

Ah, I see Kaori’s dad is gonna send over a photographer. Good…. because I suck with the camera.

Lola – Hey Jarrah take over, run the program.. I’m gonna continue this call in my office.

Jarrah – Okay.


Chace – Oh my god I know her.

Cayden – She’s really nice.

Chace – She’s one of Trey’s friends.

Cayden – Oooh okay.. small world.

Chace – We didn’t always get along so this is kinda hilarious.

Cayden – Regardless.. you look hot.

Chace – Thanks..

Jarrah – Chace? I’m ready for you.. follow me.

Chace – Okay…

Cayden – Go do your thing..

Chace – I’ll be back.

Chace – ……

Jarrah – So… awkward huh?

Chace – A little….we didn’t exactly get along… so…

Jarrah – I’m over it if you are.

Chace – I am.

Jarrah – Good.

Its been a year… and honestly I’m completely over any and all drama.. though………… Mahlia can still kiss my ass.

Chace – So do you want me to just stand right here?

Jarrah – Yes… just a second, checking my text…

Chace – Take your time..

Jarrah – My ex… he’s being difficult…

Seriously.. we didn’t have scheduling conflicts before you started dating Mahlia.. they are both such assholes… I swear…

Chace – Right.. you had the baby…

Jarrah – Mm hmm.

Chace – So……….. the nerve of that bitch Mahlia…

Jarrah – Right?… wait how do you know?

Chace – Trey…. and I gotta say. Its so tacky of her… this makes ex boyfriend number 2.

Jarrah – That’s not the only thing tacky about her.. but lets move on before I start ranting.

Chace – Sorry..

Jarrah – Its okay… your boyfriend is really nice by the way.

Chace – Yeah he’s pretty great.

Jarrah – Where did you meet?

Chace – Comedy club, in Bridgeport. He was performing, and I thought he was funny, and cute…. then this girl came up to me after the show.. she said her name was Rebecca, and she was his cousin.. I was like okay cool, how can I help you? and she was like.. well my cousin thinks you’re cute.. and was too shy to ask for your number.. so I’m doing it. I thought there was something adorable about how shy he was about approaching me considering he was just on stage you know?

Jarrah – Yeah… that’s actually pretty cute.

Chace – Yeah…

Jarrah – How’s your brother?

Chace – Hammer is currently in Miami… he’s good.. he’s happy. I miss him though.

Jarrah – Well its good that he’s happy.

Chace – Right.

Jarrah – Okay so as much as it was fun catching up.. I gotta start the program.

Chace – Okay.

Jarrah – So Chace… what do you consider yourself?

Chace – Umm.. I consider myself an aspiring model.

Jarrah – Who are you influenced by?

Chace – This is probably the wrong answer, but nobody. Its silly to be inspired by pretty people to be pretty… I do read fashion magazines, and follow trends and what not.. but at the end of the day.. I feel like I’m attractive.. and I have a unique personality. I feel like I could be a good model.

Jarrah – Okay.

Chace – …..

Jarrah – So now we’re going to talk about what type of modeling you see yourself doing.

Chace – Okay.

Alright guys.. this part is boring.. so I’ll check back in with you a little later. Ciao bella

(POV Keegan)

So this is work… and my desk.. and my crew. You guys know Milk, she’s Priscilla’s bestfriend. Then we have Sara Pete.. we met her in Police Academy. She’s fucking ripped. She’s a powerhouse. You can’t really see it under that uniform but she has muscles for days. She’s also a lesbian, and she’s the bestfriend of Frankie’s girlfriend Raina.

Milk – And then what?

Keegan – Officer Moore told me to roll their plate, and that’s when I saw that they were wanted for ADW

Rolling plates is basically when an officer wants to run a license plate of an occupied moving vehicle to determine if the vehicle is stolen. ADW is assault with a deadly weapon.

Sara – That’s exciting, I had to rough up some teenager at a corner store the other day.. that was a highlight for me.

Milk – You guys get fun stuff, I haven’t encountered anything cool… not yet at least

Obviously if we had it our way, Milk and I would be partners… driving our police car and kicking ass… but they way it works is that we each get paired up with someone more experienced than us.. hence why my partner is Officer Andre Moore. Fun fact.. he’s dating one of Jarrah’s friends.. Candice.

Sara – Did I tell you guys I had a date from hell this weekend?

Milk – No, you didn’t… what was so bad about it?

Keegan – She didn’t smoke did she?

Sara – Well… actually she did smoke, which… bothers me. But other than that.. she kept talking about how she’s catnip to lesbians… then she said something about sleeping with some tv celebrity in CCity.. some chick who stars in a tv show called The Wicked and Divine.

Milk – She clearly was just looking to hook up… add you to the list.

Sara – Right… and I’m not really looking for that. I wanna be happy like Raina is.

Keegan – It’ll happen.

Milk – It happens out of nowhere to be honest.. one look at Darell and I’m like oh hell no. He is NOT my type… but… never judge a book by its cover…

Keegan – Right.

Sara – So… I was in the caf’ and Diego and his goons started talking shit to me again.. calling me Officer Man. Its really getting old… I just ignored them.. I could probably bodyslam each of them. Especially Tim’s fatass…

Milk – Oh god… Tim is the worst-

Keegan – Not worse than Diego…

Sara & Milk – Yeah…..

Keegan – I feel like Chet wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t around them.

Sara – I agree.

I hate Diego with a fucking passion… just so you know.


Diego – Hey guys… Marry, Fuck, Kill…. we have Kitrina, Milk, and Sara…. go.

Chet – Oh this is fucked up… umm.. Marry Milk.. fuck……. eh.. see I don’t wanna kill anyone.

Tim – This is easy… Marry Milk, fuck Kitty, and kill Sara-

Diego – You sure about that tubby? I always thought you wanted Officer Man to fuck you with her dildo

Chet – *laughs* that’s so fucked up

Tim – Hell no.. she’s like the fucking terminator…

Diego – Maybe Keegan gets fucked by her.. he seems to like her.


Kitrina – …… ooh these dudes are so childish… dumb fucks…

Glenn – …….I heard that Kitty… and I agree.

Kevin – Officer Moore.

Andre – How can I help you Captain Watts?

Kevin – I just wanted to see how Officer Bennett was doing.

Andre – He’s doing great sir. He’s listening, and eager to learn.

Kevin – That’s great to hear. I know his mother Joy Riggs.. so.. I just want to make sure he’s doing his job. No favoritism here.

Andre – I can assure you he’s behaving.

Kevin – Good.


Jayson – We’re happy to welcome you to the GloCity Police Department.

Travis – (thick country accent) Well sir, its an honor to be accepted within the vicinity of such loyal officers. I will make you, and Captain Watts proud.

Jayson – Where did you say you were from?

Travis – Alabama sir- Detective…

Jayson – Yeah I was getting a bit of an accent, but wasn’t sure.

Travis – I’m a long way from home, but I have god in my heart. He’s lookin’ out for me.. and I’ll be lookin’ out for this good city.

Jayson – You’re a religious man?

Travis – Yes sir

Jayson – That’s nice.. sometimes I’d like to have a stronger connection with god.

Travis – And he hears that.. just be open to it. At my old job, the cops there were god fearing.. but you had to watch out for the liars.

Jayson – I’d imagine so.


Milk – Check out the new guy.

Sara – We should grab him before the assholes do.

Keegan – You’re right. Hey new guy!

Travis – Are they talkin’ to me?

Jayson – Seems likely… go over and say hi.

Travis – Yes sir.

Like Sara said… its better we talk to him before Diego and his goons do.

Kevin – So, Officer Boone gonna be a good fit?

Jayson – Yeah, Travis seems like a good dude.

Milk – Hi, I’m Milk Chambers…

Travis – That’s an unusual name, but very pretty. Nice to meet you Officer Chambers, I’m Travis Boone

Diego – *laughs* What a dumbass name.. Officer Boone…

Keegan – Ignore him.. he’s an asshole.

Travis – Will keep that in mind Officer…..

Keegan – Bennett.. Keegan Bennett.

Travis – Nice to meet you- and oh my… who do we have here? you are one tall glass of water aren’t cha?

Sara – I’m Sara… or just Officer Pete.

Travis – You are gorgeous.

Milk – *laughs* she’s…..

Keegan – Milk…..

Sara – Thank you Travis… but you should know I’m a lesbian.. I hope that’s okay… I overheard you saying you were a religious man and-

Travis – I hope that doesn’t alienate any of you.. I have a close relationship with the man up stairs.. but I do not judge people.. We all sin, in one way or another. I am very open-minded when it comes to the LGBT community.

Keegan – Awesome.

Oh fuck Jules is here….

Andre – ……..Awkward…

Milk – Keegan, Jul-

Keegan – I can see that..

Sara – The balls on that girl….

So…. Jules dates Diego…. and they both love to rub it in my face…. its really embarrassing considering everyone here know’s we dated first…

Diego – Hey baby

Jules – Hey you.

Diego – What are you doing here?

Jules – Just wanted to come say hi… I’m gonna be in Bridgeport at this women’s seminar.. so… I’m gonna miss you. My whole Women’s study’s class is attending so it would look bad if I didn’t..

Diego – Its all good.


Tim – Ha.. I bet Keegan’s mad… Diego stole his girl.

Chet – Right? its embarrassing.

Jayson – You’d think he’d have more regard when it came to her..

Andre – Keegan’s my partner.. my dude.. I think its messed up that Officer Gonzales parades her around like that…

Sara – You okay Keegan?

Keegan – I’m annoyed.

Travis – I reckon, she’s your sister or ex girlfriend?

Milk – Yeah they’re exes…

Travis – Wow.. so he broke the… how do you say… Bro-Code?

Keegan – We we’re never bro’s but yeah.. he’s an asshole…

Jules – …………..

Keegan – ………….

I’m so over this…

Keegan – Jules.

Jules – What?

Keegan – A word… outside.

Jules – ……Fine… if it’ll help you sleep at night.

Diego – You want me to-

Jules – No its okay… I got this….

Diego – Alright.

Why does she insist on doing this shit? I’ve talked to her about it before, but obviously I need to say it again.

Keegan – …… Do you really have to be such a vindictive person like that?

Jules – Oh.. *laughs* YOU have a lot of gull to even utter those words.

Keegan – What happened between us was unfortunate.. and I’ve apologized millions of times. No blame was placed elsewhere, I took it.. because I messed up. How many times do I have to say that?

Jules – You can say it until you’re in the grave honestly… you fucked me over.

Keegan – I know what happened Jules! I was there!

Jules – What do you want Keegan? because I have a social event to get to.. with my class from GCU… remember GCU? you dropped out.

Keegan – That might sting, if I didn’t end up doing something I’m passionate about.

Jules – Oh you did Kaori? because that girl is the only thing you’re passionate about.

Keegan – You couldn’t be more wrong, but I don’t care to argue my point about it.

Jules – Right, because you don’t care about anything..

Keegan – If you shut up for a minute maybe you would be able to HEAR why I brought you outside in the first place!

Jules – Such a typical guy.. don’t want the women to talk and be heard.. well I got news for you douchebag.. THIS WOMAN WILL BE HEARD!

Keegan – I love how you make everything about Feminism.. Its really a talent that not everyone has.. and yes that’s sarcasm.

Jules – You men just can’t take it.. that’s the problem.

Keegan – You’re not even a real feminist… you’d cry misogyny at anything to be honest.

Jules – Such a misogynistic asshole…. you don’t run the world.

Keegan – Name one time I said I did, Jules.

Jules – What the fuck do you want from me?!

Keegan – I’ve gotten over the fact that you decided to date Diego.. but prancing in there, and making a scene like that? really? that’s embarrassing. Everyone knows you and I dated! At least be respectful enough not to do childish shit like that- because that’s exactly what it is.. you’re not swept up in a moment.. you’re trying to humiliate me.

Jules – Of course you’d make it all about you. I kissed him because he’s my boyfriend, and he has a very scary job. Get over yourself… you don’t own me- or any other woman. I can do what I want.

Keegan – Oh my fucking GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN DID I FUCKING SAY I OWNED YOU AND OTHER WOMEN?!!!!

Jules – Don’t raise your voice at me.. typical male.. when you don’t know how to communicate you scream, and use profanity.

Keegan – You know what…. I love women, and I support women’s rights.. I’d even go as far as to call myself a feminist.. but you… you’re a fucking bitch.

Jules – And you’re a cheating, lying, misogynistic asshole.

Keegan – You’re not even a feminist.. you’re a fucking extremist! a-a- A Femma-nazi! Real feminist everywhere would be embarrassed at your attempt at a revolution.

Jules – Whatever you say Keegan. Are we done? because I make no apologies for any of it… so get the fuck over it.

Keegan – Feel how you wanna feel.. but leave Jonah out of it.. I’m sick of seeing you talk shit about he and I on the Mothership.

Jules – You won’t censor me.. people need to know what kind of shady pieces of shit you two are. What you did to me, what he did to Christine.. you guys need to be called out on your shit.

Keegan – I’ve apologized so many times, I’m not gonna keep being bashed over shit that happened months ago.. if you moved on.. MOVE ON. If I were Diego… I’d really wonder if you were over me-

Jules – Oh get the hell out of here with that! you men think all women want you.. and when they don’t… Rape happens.. its sick!

Keegan – Who the hell is talking about rape!? Fuck you Jules.. you’re turning this into something that its not!

Jules – No, fuck you Keegan.. and Just to let you know… I know all of your dirt.. all of your secrets.. so don’t fuck with me.. if you think I’m attacking you now… wait till you see what goes viral after you piss me off. RUN ALONG LITTLE BOY!

Keegan – Are you threatening me?

Jules – Its a statement.

Keegan – Do what you do… but if you try… and take ANY of the personal shit I’ve told you, and blast me for it?…. you’re gonna be in for a huge lawsuit.. so go ahead.. write your heart out.

Jules – I will.

Keegan – The slandering bullshit stops now.

Jules – It stops when I say it does. Now run back home to Priscilla…

Keegan – Don’t say her name… you know nothing about my intentions with her-

Jules – She’ll find you and Kaori fucking in the kitchen soon enough.

Keegan – No that was YOU… do you really wanna know why?

Jules – Because you’re a man.. a piece of shit perhaps?

Keegan – Because you were a terrible fucking girlfriend after you started your internship.. and because I had feelings for Kaori.. who unlike you… actually knows what its like to be a REAL feminist.

Jules – …………………..

Keegan – Beyond the fact that I was completely wrong, and an asshole for it… I was going to break up with you that night anyway. So there you go.

Jules – …………..I hope you die.

Keegan – Well that’s sad that you have to wish death on me… what a great feminist you are!

Jules – I’m so not done making your life a living hell. Read the shirt.. I trust no bitch..

Keegan – Bring it on! and I thought women hated the word bitch? BAD FEMINIST!

Jules – Men like you are so pathetic.

Keegan – Sure thing Jules….. I love how you think I’m the worst.. but that asshole you’re dating? he’s the biggest misogynist I have ever met. You need to fucking stop this witch hunt. I’m not gonna keep being crucified for something that happened months ago.. move on already!

Jules – Diego is a great guy, who supports women’s rights…

Keegan – Oh I’m sure he does!

Jules – So fucking childish!

Keegan – *sarcastic tone* I know you are but what am I

Jules – Goodbye Keegan, watch your back-

Keegan – Ye- Yeah, well…. Watch- your front!

Can you believe this?! Look… I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face.. I cheated on Jules! I was wrong for that. I should have ended things at least a month before she caught me with Kaori.. but whatever.. people make mistakes. I learned from mine, and I apologized. Now for her to constantly.. bash not only me, but Jeep too.. on a public online blog.. AND prance around with Diego just to piss me off.. you’re damn right I’m gonna be pissed! Then she…. she becomes this extremist that is anti-man and its really fucking annoying for her to tell me that I’m a misogynist.. I’m fucking over it.

(POV Jarrah)

Does my house look familiar?… if not, it should. My dad went behind my back and bought it from Keegan. Yes.. this is his old place, it looks so different right? My dad bought it from Keegan, and basically renovated the place for me and the baby. His workout videos and diet books are doing really well, and he said he wanted to do this for me. I fought him on it, but in the end I just let him do what he wanted. I could tell it meant a lot to him to be able to do something like this for me. So yeah… I have a house. Which… is good… because JK can grow up here.. and we can update his room as he gets older.

Jarrah – Time for bed Joshua.. mommy will see you in the morning. *kisses him* Goodnight.

[Cell rings]

Jarrah – Hello?

Trey – [on phone] Hey mama bear.

Jarrah – Hey, what’s up?

Trey – Nothing, just wanted to call and check on my god-son.

Was there ever a doubt that I’d choose Trey? *laughs* though truth be told, Lola was a close second.

Jarrah – I just put him to bed, what are you up to?

Trey – Dominic’s working late, so I went over to dad’s for dinner. My nephew’s here with his cute self.

Remember, Trey’s brother Tyler, and his girlfriend America had a baby? well it was a boy, and they named him Renly J. Robinson. Renly after some Game of Thrones character they like.. I wouldn’t know.. I don’t watch game of thrones. Too violent for me.

Jarrah – Aww cute, how’s the family?

Trey – Tyler, and America are good. Mom is good, and Dad has been in good spirits lately… He’s getting a new nurse in a few days- because the other one was stealing- I told you about that right?

Jarrah – You did…. people are so shady.

Trey – Yep… So umm… I also called to tell you that I got the job…

Jarrah – You did?- that’s great Trey. I’m so happy for you.

Trey – Sure its not a catering company.. but while I’m getting that off the ground, at least I’ll be someone’s personal chef.

Jarrah – Amina is gonna be so happy it all worked out.

Trey – Right? I’m cooking for my cousins’s boyfriend’s family.. weird…

Jarrah – Amina’s still a bit frustrated about Kalia’s transformation…

Trey – Well… that’s life. She lost a twin sister, but gained a brother. Perhaps now that Kalia is Kash, she’ll be a lot nicer. We’re family.. and we had the whole LGBT thing in common.. so here hoping the transformation has done her some good.

Jarrah – Yeah.

Trey – Dominic is calling. I’m gonna go pick him up from work, and then we’re gonna go home. I’ll talk to you in the morning doll.

Jarrah – Alright drive safe, and congrats again. Love ya.

Trey – Love you too. Nite’

Oh shit, I just realized I was supposed to get on skype 10 minutes ago.

Meet guy #1… well you already know him I think. Its Owen… Owen Roberts? he’s Scott’s son, Keegan’s stepbrother. He’s so cute isn’t he? my nickname for him is “Panda Bear”

Jarrah – Hey you.

Owen – There you are!

Jarrah – Sorry, was talking to Trey. Lost track of time.

Owen – Its okay. How’s he doing?

Jarrah – Great actually, he landed a personal chef job for a rich family.

Owen – Nice!

Jarrah – Where are you?

Owen – I am at the dentist..

Jarrah – At this time of night?

Owen – They owe me for all of the business connections I’ve supplied in the past. Also I didn’t have any time to schedule my tooth cleaning until now.

Jarrah – Ah okay.

Owen – How was your day babe?

Jarrah – Umm, it was okay. Work started out slow.. but then around 3 it really picked up. Everyone wants to be a model, and or actor.

Owen – That’s good though right? lots of potential clients for you guys.

Jarrah – True.

Owen – I was thinking about you earlier.

Jarrah – Any specific reason why?

Owen – I was talking to a client, and their world is crumbling down. Then I thought about what you told me about you, last year.. the sorority.. the v-glam job…

Jarrah – Yeah… I was a mess….

Owen – Well I told her.. look.. stuff happens for a reason you know? look at you now… you’re making it work. You should be proud of yourself.

Jarrah – You’re right.. I should… I’m amazed at how my life looks now…

Owen – Well.. maybe it all had to come crashing down, so it could be rebuilt for the better.

Jarrah – Oh my god Panda, that’s so true…

Owen – So umm.. listen…

Jarrah – I’m all ears cutie.

Owen – I want to take you out.. like a real date..

Jarrah – Oh?

Owen – No bowling alley this time… something really nice.

Jarrah – I enjoyed the bowling alley thank you very much….. but umm… yeah, sure.. we can do that.

Owen – Yeah? really?… is that something you’d be interested in?

Jarrah – Yes…. but I’d have to see if I can get a sitter- well I have helpful friends, and family so that shouldn’t be a problem to be honest.

Owen – Good…. yeah…. I’m happy- I was worried.

Jarrah – That I’d say no?

Owen – Yeah, and that you’ve already decided you liked the other guy.

Jarrah – Oh *laughs* well we’re on for the date. I find it really cute how nervous you were about asking. Its like you did a sigh of relief when I said yes.

Owen – Well Jarrah… its not everyday that I come across such a beautiful person.

Jarrah – Oh stop.

Owen – I mean it… you’re beautiful.. inside and out.

Jarrah – You’re sweet Panda-

Owen – *Laughs* Why do you call me that?- oh shit, here comes the dental assistant, gotta go. You have a good night…..

Jarrah – You too *smiles*… and I’m really looking forward to our date.

Owen – Me too… I miss you.

Jarrah – *blushes* you know.. I-

Female – Ready to get those teeth clean!?

Owen – Gotta go. I’ll call you in the morning babe.

Jarrah – Goodnight Panda Bear.

*sigh* He’s adorable… You know what’s awkward though? the fact that he and Keegan are brothers… and I hooked up with Keegan.. so long ago. I wonder if he knows…

I’m so bored now… baby’s sleep… Owen’s getting his teeth clean.. so now Its just me, myself and I… maybe I’ll see what’s on netflix.


Who the hell- Oh… how unexpected….

Meet guy #2 Shane Baycock… I met him through Frankie. He’s Raina’s brother. Talk about attractive… he reminds me a bit of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.. except way hotter. L-O-L… Gossip Girl… that was a terrible show… Oh and my nickname for him is “Prince Charming”

Jarrah – Hey.

Shane – Hi *smiles*

Jarrah – *smiles*….

Shane – So I was driving by… dropping a co-worker off and I figured…. I’d come see you.

Jarrah – That’s sweet….

Shane – You have a good day?

Jarrah – Yeah, it was decent… you?

Shane – Yeah… I couldn’t really focus at rehearsals today.

His mom is doing an original play, and he’s the male lead. So they’ve been rehearsing a lot. They’re actually using the GCU theatre room for now. Just until the auditorium for the opening night is finished being built.

Jarrah – Why couldn’t you focus?

Shane – Because all I could think about was you…. corny huh?

Jarrah – No, its flattering.. little ol’ me distracting you from your passion of singing and acting?… you sure know how to give a girl an ego.

Shane – I hope its okay that I stopped by.

Jarrah – Yeah its fine- couldn’t have been a better time if I’m being honest…

Shane – I see.

Jarrah – You look very cute.

Shane – Thank you… so do you.

Jarrah – I try….

Shane – So wanna hang?

Jarrah – Umm, yeah… but the baby’s upstairs sleep.. I can’t go out if that’s-

Shane – Pizza, beer… and Netflix?

Jarrah – Every time you drink beer I’m a bit amazed…

Shane – Oh.. because I seem uppity.. you’d think wine was my thing.

Jarrah – Yep!

Shane – You have a lot to learn about me pretty girl.

Jarrah – …… One beer… and pizza… and one movie… then you gotta leave… I don’t trust myself with you… and plus I have work.. early.

Shane – Wow.. you sure know how to give a guy an ego.

Jarrah – I hope you like pineapple on your pizza.. because I’m thinking hawaiian

Shane – Anything is fine, as long as I’m hanging out with you.

Jarrah – You’re too good at that… too smooth…

Shane – Well I gotta compete with the other guy…

Jarrah – Does that make you uncomfortable?

Shane – No.. I’ve always competed with people for what I’ve wanted… I don’t always win… but winning isn’t everything.. unless we’re talking about winning you of course.

Jarrah – And this is why I call you Charming.

Shane – You should probably order that pizza.. I’ll go look through netflix.

Jarrah – No action movie please.

Shane – Gotcha….. and nothing scary.. because then you’d be all afraid, and I’d be forced to spend the night.

Jarrah – Oh shush.. okay.. we’re doing scary..

Shane – Okay… as you wish..

Well…. I’m actually glad Shane stopped by. Can you see why I like them both? they’re both sooo different from one another, but I like each of them for who they are…. and for who their not- if that makes any sense. I’ll be honest though, sometimes I feel bad hanging out with one, while not hanging out with the other. I know I’m not doing anything bad, and they know about each other… but still. I don’t want either of them to get their feelings hurt you know? I don’t know, sometimes I like my Panda Bear.. and other times I like my Prince Charming.. anyway… pizza and beer time- and regardless if I’m scared shitless after the movie.. Shane is not spending the night. I have a no sleepover, and no sex rule… for now anyway…. yeah. Well this is it.. until next time.. Later alligator.

(POV Keegan)

I clocked out of work, and decided to go see Priscilla. She was at the performance arts academy, doing what she does best. I was there on a mission. I needed to talk to her about something serious, something that has been on my mind since last night. She’s such an amazing girl, and I don’t want to mislead her when it comes to my intentions with her, and what it is that we’re doing. She needs to know the truth… so its time to talk.

Priscilla – I can see you….

Keegan – Sorry, I didn’t wanna interrupt…

Priscilla – Its okay, I’m done anyway…

Keegan – Security said you were one of the last people here.

Priscilla – The class I was teaching ran long.. and when everyone left, I decided to do some dancing alone.. its therapeutic at best.

Keegan – You okay?

Priscilla – I had a fight with my mom, but I’ll live. What about you?… how are you doing? How was your day?

Keegan – Umm…. heh…. it was….. It was what it was… I had lunch with Frankie, and Jonah.. they were bickering-

Priscilla – Because of that Karin girl right?

Keegan – Yeah.

Priscilla – I don’t care for her… she’s obnoxious…

Keegan – Well yeah… she’s a bit….

Priscilla – Stop being nice… admit that she’s a terrible person…

Keegan – *laughs* she ‘s pretty sucky…

Priscilla – What else happened?

Keegan – I’ll tell you about my day in detail after we have a talk.

Priscilla – Uh Oh….

Keegan – So… I was thinking….

Priscilla – Okay.

Keegan – So… as you know… I haven’t had the best luck when its come to relationships… You’re well aware of my past. Mona, Kaori, Jules…… I’ve been nothing but honest with you.. right?

Priscilla – Yeah.

Keegan – You’ve been honest with me as well…. and when we started hanging out- and stuff…. you and I promised that if either one of us felt like moving on.. just tell the other. No leading anybody on…

Priscilla – Right…….

Keegan – …..So continuing the trend of being honest… I saw us.. as just having fun.

Priscilla – Righ- yeah.. umm…me too.

Keegan – But all that changed last night.

Priscilla – …..

Keegan – You were cuddling with me, and we were watching whatever horrible Amy Adam’s movie was on HBO… and I thought.. holy shit… she has feelings for me.

Priscilla – I- the thing is-

Keegan – I have feelings for you too… and I didn’t say anything until now because I was scared.

Priscilla – Okay, wait.. this went somewhere I didn’t expect.. I thought you were ending this…. I’m relieved because I really fucking like you.

Keegan – I really like you too.

Priscilla – I’ve turned down sooo many people, because I just wanted you.

Keegan – Yeah, I deactivated my Tinder account-

Priscilla – So what are we saying here?

Keegan – Well I’m saying that I was scared… I was scared If we were together that I’d mess it up somehow.. but then I realized… I don’t have a reason to be scared. All of the things that would have held me back, don’t matter anymore.

Priscilla – If this is going where I think its going… I need to ask you something, before you ask me that….

Keegan – Okay.

Priscilla – Kaori….. is that done?

Keegan – I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t… I’m 100% done with that. I’ve learned my lesson with Jules, so… yeah.. trust me when I say I’m over her. I want to be with you, I don’t want you dating anybody else… it sounds possessive but I want you with me..

Priscilla – ……and I want that too…. so…. yeah.. I’ll be your girlfriend- sorry, you didn’t even ask yet… I’m jumping the gun.

Keegan – *laughs* Will you be my girlfriend?

Priscilla – …. No……

Keegan – What?!

Priscilla – Just kidding.. yes.. I’ll be your bae…

Keegan – We will not be calling each other bae… I think Rubi uses that term enough for all of mankind.

Priscilla – True…. but yeah.. I’m down to be with you.

Keegan – *smiles* Good.

Priscilla – Cool… *smiles*

Keegan – So what now?

Priscilla – Kiss me, idiot.

Well duh Keegan… you make it official by kissing the girl. Oh shit, I can finally breathe! It feels so good being honest, and letting your feelings out. If I’m being completely honest, I knew 3 weeks ago that I wanted her to myself. I was just scared… when you fuck things up in the past you constantly think that’s who you’re destined to be, that’s who you are forever.. but its really all about breaking the cycle.

She’s my girl, this feels right… unlike when I agreed to be with Jules. I don’t know what exactly made me be with her.. but in my mind… because she knew everything about me, because she was looking out for me.. I felt like I owed her something. Obviously that relationship wasn’t right, and I rushed into it.. and maybe because Kaori was with Byron I thought.. well shit I deserve someone too.. it was a mess.. and I’m glad it all worked itself out.

Even with all the shit Jules says, and does.. she’s still a person I feel like deserves a happy ending. I did her wrong, and I’m sorry for that… but I hope that one day she finds the guy for her.. because we both know Diego isn’t it. At the end of the day though, I can’t worry about her. For once I’m gonna worry about myself.

Priscilla – So I’m gonna teach you how to dance.

Keegan – I think I’ll pass…

Priscilla – C’mon, it’ll be fun…

Keegan – Maybe… long as we’re alone…

Priscilla – I promise… I just wanna invite you into my world.

Keegan – *laughs* You know what I was just thinking about?

Priscilla – Hmm?

Keegan – Last year when I met Milk… we were at the police station, and she told me “I have a friend who goes to GCU, named Priscilla… you guys might hit it off” she told me that I was your type… 

Priscilla – And look at us now…. that is funny.

Keegan – So now that we’re together.. should we change our status on facebook, and all of that?

Priscilla – I don’t have a facebook page, but I will post lots of pictures of us on my instagram account.

Keegan – *laughs* You know this mean’s we’ll be forced on double dates with Milk, and Darell…

Priscilla – True… and not only just them.. but pretty much any of our friends who are in relationships.

Keegan – Sooner or later you gotta meet all FOUR of my parents…. though you already met the toughest critic… Zoey.

Priscilla – Zoey loves me… and yeah.. mr family man.. you’ll get to meet my really intimidating lawyer mother, and my equally intimidating father… hooray for being adults.

Keegan – Piece of cake.

Priscilla – So we’re going back to your place right? because I want to use your handcuffs….

Keegan – ……Oh really?… well then baby.. you are under arrest for being too sexy.

Priscilla – Oh no officer! what ever can I do to bribe you!

Keegan – Spread em’!

Priscilla – Keegan, you’re gross!

Keegan – Wait- I thought we were role-playing?!

Priscilla – I’m just fucking with you… we are… I’ll “spread em'”... but only after we pick up dinner first.. I’m starving.

Keegan – You’re always hungry… 

Priscilla – So are you… You love eating.

Keegan – ………..

Priscilla – …………..

Keegan – *laughs* Sorry I have a dirty mind.

Priscilla – Yes, yes you do.

The day may have been rocky… but at least it will end on a high note- and no that’s not a sex joke. I’m with Priscilla, I’m happy… now I just hope that Kaori and I can be friends, and that Jules stops the witch hunt. She does know things about me, so who know’s what she’ll decide to use against me. It sucks, but I did put myself in this situation. I have nobody to blame by myself. Guess we’ll see what happens…. until next time. Goodnight.


~End Of Chapter One Pt 1 | Chapter One Pt 2 is Next~

~Welcome Back! prepare for an amazing season 3~



  1. Woohooooooo!!! My favorite Sims story is back ^_^. *jumps for joy* And so much has changed!! Keegan looks different but still hot :p. And he’s dating Priscilla?? Didn’t see that coming. That was an awkward moment when she walked out half naked in front of Curtis and Zoey :\. Lol no shame! I have to admit I was excited to see Kaori and Keegan confess their true feelings for each other and for a moment there I thought they would finally be together! I guess not :(. But hey this is only the first chapter so maybe there’s still time? Say yes! lol. Also, Jules is just about annoying as Spirit used to be!! I’m glad Keegan let her have it! Now as for Jeep, (Yes I called you Jeep!) I really don’t like this tough guy attitude he’s got. It’s ok to be confident but there’s a fine line between being confident and…a douchebag :D. I know they were attacking his girlfriend but still!

    Moving on to Jarrah, awwwwwwwwwwwww JK is so cute :). I’m shocked that she and Orion aren’t together! But looks like she has options now with Panda and Prince Charming. From first impressions I’ll go with….Panda! Never trust a smooth talker lol. Can’t wait to see who she ends up with! We’re off to a great start! One more thing, was that New York on your home page??

    1. Ooooh welcome back!

      I knew the Keegan & Kaori thing would get you lol.. you root for them, and I love it. I just felt like there’s more story to be told in not having them together, but who really knows with this story.. it wouldn’t be BoysNGirls if it didn’t have a few twist! Priscilla and Keegan are together, and they work. As far as Kaori goes.. well Trey & Frankie are next, but Kaori has a cameo and she gives her thoughts on the new couple… so look for that.

      Jules…. I pretty much took what I’ve seen from tumblr and ONTD’s “feminist” and applied it to Jules. Let me clarify and say that I consider myself a feminist, and women should be treated equal as men.. however.. there are some “feminist” (notice I use quotations) who are just extreme and argue for the sake of arguing.. and they can be found at ONTD.. or tumblr lol. They could make peeling an orange about feminism or misogyny tbh… its scary. But yeah.. Jules is not done.. and as the story goes on you’ll see how she handles everything…

      LOL Jeep/Jonah… I’m so glad he’s coming off that way. He’s changed in a year, and not everyone likes him… but it is important to keep in mind that he was passionate about his girlfriend, and the groups distaste for her. When you see his POV you’ll see how much he’s changed.. in bad, and in good ways.

      Jarrah… So basically at the end of last season I decided to let fate choose her storyline for this season. I had 2 paths mapped out if she didn’t keep the baby, and if she did. I flipped a coin and obviously fate decided she should have the baby. Orion and her had an awkward rift between them because of the circumstances that brought the baby in the world.. so it was never gonna workout.. and he’s with Mahlia now.. which Jarrah hates. Because as you know.. Mahlia dated Dylan… and now Orion. She’s two for two when it comes to Jarrah’s ex’s. Mahlia’s not only a throne in Jarrah’s side this season, but also for Kaori.. which you’ll find out later (in Jeep & Kaori’s POV’s)

      Panda Bear vs Prince Charming…. both got pro’s and cons… its gonna be interesting to see how you feel about the two going forward.

      Anyway! thanks again for reading and commenting. It means a lot. Oh and yes that was miss New York Tiffany Pollard on my homepage.. lmao she’s so iconic… I need her back on tv asap!


      Sorry I took so long to reply. I’m actually setting up the draft for the next part right now. I’m so excited to write it.. I think its even better than the first part! Check back for it… I’m thinking Thursday or Friday. Make that Monday, some stuff came up. 😛

  2. No problem, I enjoy commenting! I just love this story because it’s rarely predictable :D. I’ll be on the lookout for the next part!! *sets up tent*

    1. lol so funny that you reply on the day that I was actually able to write. Looks like its going up today (Saturday) my plans fell through and I’m able to write 😛

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