{BnG S2} Season Finale : “Where Do We Go From Here?” [Pt.2|Girls]

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Where Do We Go From Here?[Pt.2 | Conclusion Of Season Two]

-POV’s : Jarrah | Kaori | Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

}~One Week Later~{

(POV Jarrah)

7am at the hospital…. Yeah I know what this looks like.. No I am not pregnant.. Its just a followup, which is so uncomfortable. You come in waiting for the doctor.. worrying about bad news. Ugh. I know I’ve been stressing a lot, so that doesn’t help my blood pressure either. Last week was an emotional draining mess, and- well to be honest the entire last month was. I just want some good news.. actually I’d be okay with no news. Just let things be…

Lola – What movie did you see last night?

Jarrah – The Maze Runner, and it wasn’t my idea either. Collin wanted to see it.. so I was like okay sure.

Lola – Awww, well I’m glad you two are hanging out again.

Jarrah – It wasn’t awkward or anything. Just two friends seeing a movie, joking and having fun. Of course the vibe is completely different right now though.. us sitting in this hospital room.

Lola – How did you get so lucky to have an appointment, when your brother’s not working?

Jarrah – I know Micah’s schedule.. oh and Kaori’s aunt Vanessa not being here was just a plus. I did have to sneak past June though..

Lola – June?

Jarrah – Blonde Asian girl my brother used to date.

Lola – Oh okay.

Jarrah – Your outfit is adorable.. I should borrow it.

Lola – Only if I can borrow yours, though I’m not sure I have the breast for that top.

Jarrah – *laughs*

Lola – So why was it important to come here when your brother wasn’t working?

Jarrah – He’s nosy, and if he knew I was here he’d be worrying if I were okay. Its better this way.. He wasn’t here last week either, so-

Lola – What did you come in for last week?

Last week before I met up with everyone for Miguel’s wake.. I actually had an appointment.. this is my follow up.

Jarrah – Umm-

Lola – Please don’t say you’re dying or something…

Jarrah – No…… but… I don’t know what it is.

Lola – Are you okay?

Jarrah – My body hasn’t felt right, and I’ve been really warm lately.

Lola – Ah.. Did you take a pregnancy test?

Jarrah – I actually did. I was at my parents house, and I found one in a box. I’m sure my mom won’t mind.. she and dad been stopped trying for a third Folland.

Lola – *laughs* So it was negative?

Jarrah – Right, but I’m nervous something could be wrong… They took blood samples last week so…

Lola – Okay well.. lets think happy thoughts? It could be all the stress you’ve gone through the past.. month. Like you’ve been through a bit… and the accident, and Miguel.. Trey’s dad…

Jarrah – Right…

Lola – I’m sure its stress.

Jarrah – Totally… and thanks for coming with me, Lo… it means a lot.

Lola – You’re my bestfriend Jarrah.

You know, I worry about being third wheel with Frankie, and Kaori.. but to be honest.. I have a really strong bond with Lola, and even Candice to be honest. I really shouldn’t take them for granted.

Jarrah – God that thing hurts my ass.

Lola – Wanna sit here?

Jarrah – No, I’m okay. So umm..- Hey how’s your mom?

Lola – She’s good.. she says work at Siren Ad Agency is going really well.

Jarrah – How are things between you?

Lola – Really good.

That’s awesome, I know she was always a daddy’s girl, and her mom felt a certain way about it.. but glad to hear they’re close. She doesn’t really mention her dad much actually. Wonder what he’s like.

Jarrah – Seems odd that I live with you, and haven’t asked-

Lola – Like I said.. lots of stuff has been happening.

Jarrah – Yeah.. god.. I haven’t even really given any thought about work.

Lola – No rush, and you shouldn’t stress about it. I’m sure you could find something easily.

Jarrah – Perhaps, but then again.. its very competitive everywhere.

Lola – Very true.

Jarrah – Dad wants me to work for him… his video is selling really well.

Lola – Oh wow! I’m glad to hear it!

Jarrah – Mom woke me up at 3am last night. Told me to turn on the tv… it was dad’s commercial.

Lola – Things are turning around for your family, and I’m happy to hear it.

Jarrah – Yeah, he’s getting the website together, and he’s gonna finish the fitness book next month.. everything looks great.

Lola – I bet he’s over the moon.

Jarrah – Sorta… I can tell he wants to be happy, but with Trey’s dad in the wheelchair… its hard.

Lola – I can see how that would be conflicting.

Dad would want me to handle calls, and set up meetings. I love my dad but I cannot work for him.. we would get on each others nerves. I’m really happy the workout video is doing well. It was a shot in the dark, but he went for it. They loved the footage Jeep shot, and so they re-did it with HD cameras and- well yeah.. no detail needed. Anyway its successful, and dad’s happy.. but obviously still worried about his friend- Trey’s dad. 

Jarrah – Yeah…. SO… what about you?

Lola – What about me?

Jarrah – Work?

Lola – I could just sit around and do nothing, but I think I want to start a modeling workshop.. or at least like- a confidence workshop or something? does that sound dumb?

Jarrah – No, that sounds awesome.

Lola – I, along with some others could teach young men, and women how to break into the world of modeling, and like.. how to walk.. how to speak..

Jarrah – You’ve seen a lot of the fashion world.. your first hand knowledge would be perfect for something like that.

Lola – You think so? I was thinking about it the other night, but I wasn’t too sure-

Jarrah – I think you should do it.

Lola – Jayson thinks so too-

Jarrah – Ooooooh does he?

Lola – Oh god, stop…

Jarrah – I love that he’s into you.

Lola – He’s very charming.

Jarrah – *smiles*

Lola – How’s Orion? I’m sure you miss him like crazy

Jarrah – I did, and I was losing it.. and then all the bad shit happened, and I- my mind was elsewhere you know?… I talked to him last night, and things with his family are going good. He wants to be here with me so bad, but I told him it was important what he was doing. I’m at peace with it to be honest. I miss him, but we love, and trust each other.

Lola – That’s what I want… that love, and trust.. I want that.

Jarrah – Honey… every girl does. Its hard to find a good guy who won’t cheat on you- not that I’m saying all men are like.. assholes. I just-

Dr – Sorry to keep you waiting.

Lola – …..

Jarrah – Its okay.

Dr – Do you want me to speak to you in private?

Jarrah – No, its fine that she hears whatever you have to say.

Dr – Alrighty then. So…. your stress levels are a bit high… and much like we discussed last week, its probably due to the job, and sorority stuff. And the recent tragedy.

Jarrah – Okay… so when will I finally get my period.

Dr – Well.. you won’t. You’re pregnant …I-

Jarrah – What?

Dr – I checked your blood samples, and you’re pregnant.

Jarrah – I did a test at home, it was negative.

Dr – Well sometimes they’re wrong… not to mention you gotta be careful with the stores you buy them from. If they’re old they-

Lola – Oh my god, you did say you found one of your mom’s in a box.. it was probably old!

Dr – Oh then.. yeah.. that’s probably it. Doesn’t matter if it had never been opened- Ms Folland- are you by chance related to Nurse-

Jarrah – He’s my brother, and he can’t know about this, neither can Vanessa McDonald, or June Bradley.

Dr – Doctor-Patient confidentiality.

No.. just no!

Jarrah – What the fuck….

Lola – ……. You-

Jarrah – What am I gonna do Lola?

Lola – … I don’t know… but-

Dr – I don’t want to intrude.. or force any decisions.. but.. you have plenty of options.

Jarrah – I’m only thinking one right now….

Dr – I see.

Lola – You shouldn’t rush to any extreme measures just yet… and also….. you should tell Orion…

Jarrah – Should I?

Lola – Jarrah? what were you gonna do? abort it and never tell him? you’re not that girl.

Jarrah – I know.. I just..

Lola – If you don’t want it.. you and him need to talk about your options, regardless of that.. you have to talk period.

Jarrah – Fuck.. my parents are gonna be so mad.. who am I? I got kicked out of my sorority- well I didn’t per-say but still. That happened, then I got fired from my dream job at V-Glam.. and now I’m fucking pregnant?

Dr – Ms Folland.. its important that you relax.. as I’ve said before.. your stress levels are… high.

Jarrah – I need to leave- or do you have more bad news Doctor?

Dr – You’re gonna be fine health-wise, but as far as the baby-

Jarrah – Thanks.. have a good day. Lola lets go.

Lola – Okay.

Don’t want to be in here anymore. I swear this doctor is looking at me like I’m some sort of evil woman. All because I’m not thrilled about being pregnant!

Lola – You okay?

Jarrah – No.

Lola – You know… regardless of what you choose to do.. you have a home with me. I’m in this with you.

Jarrah – Thank you… I… I love you for that.

Lola – I love you too Jarrah. So don’t think you’re alone.. I’m right by your side.

Jarrah – Dammit…

Lola – You’re worried about your parents? or Orion?

Oh shit… all of the above

Jarrah – Both….

Lola – I don’t know how your family will feel, but Orion is a stand up guy who loves you. He’d be a good dad.

Jarrah – This is worst thing ever.

Lola – Its a lot to swallow that’s for sure..

Jarrah – Fuck.

Lola – Do you guys use condoms?

Jarrah – All the time- well except that one time, but we were careful..

Lola – Only way to be careful… is to use a condom… all the time.

Jarrah – I know..

Lola – I’m sorry….

Jarrah – For what?

Lola – That was insensitive, you’re upset, and I’m… lecturing you about condoms.

Jarrah – No its fine, you’re right….

Lola – ….Everything is going to be okay.

Will it? what kind of fucked up twisted reality am I living in? The sorority, the job, the racial profiling- arrest of my boyfriend.. the accident- its all too much.. and now I’m pregnant? Orion is a very sweet, mature man… but I don’t know if he wants a baby- I don’t want a baby.. not right now- and my parents. Oh my god.. they’re not gonna be happy. Look at what’s happen with me getting fired.. and now this? they’re gonna think I’m like.. the biggest fuck up ever. How do I explain to this “Oh hey guys Orion and I were super horny that one time, and too lazy to go out and buy condoms.. OOPS!” I-

Jarrah – Hi.

Lars – Hey..

Glad he’s here.. I can ask him about Elena.

Lola – I don’t see any cabs… I’m gonna just call one.

Jarrah – Okay.

Lars – Hey Lola.

Lola – Hi Lars.

Lars – Why are you here Jarrah? is everything okay with Trey’s dad?

Jarrah – I was just.. getting a check up.

Lars – Oh okay.. good.

Jarrah – Stress ya know!…

Lars – I do.

Jarrah – How’s Elena?-

Lola – Oh my god! Sorry about kicking her in the head…

Lars – You apologize every time we see each other at those meetings… I told you its okay.. you were defending Jarrah.

Lola – I still feel bad.

Lars – Don’t- and to answer your question, Jarrah. My sister is doing much better.

Jarrah – They wouldn’t let me see her.

Lars – You’re on the list…

Jarrah – What list?

Lars – She doesn’t want you to see her like that.

Jarrah – She hates me?

Lars – No.. she know’s you didn’t- she knows she was being… manic, and… for lack of better words… crazy.

Jarrah – What’s wrong with her?

Lars – I… hmm… Don’t umm… don’t tell her, or anybody else that I’m telling you this-

Lola – Should I leave?

Lars – No, you’re fine, as long as you can keep a secret.

Lola – Yeah, I can.

Lars – My sister’s bipolar… and she has manic depression…. she’s fine when she takes her meds.. but obviously she wasn’t taking them. I feel like I’m to blame.

Jarrah – How?

Lars – …Well… Lars History Lesson 101 : In high school when my sister got diagnosed.. she was fine.. it happened over the summer, nobody at school knew. So by the time school started.. She had already been taking her medication. After a few months she said she didn’t need the pills as much. So she had extra. At school I heard some kids talking about scoring meds.. and I realized I could make a killing on selling pills. I could also get popular, and that’s how I started… selling her unused pills… and yeah… I’m a shitty brother. She told me they told her to take less, but obviously she lied, and I took advantage of the situation.

Jarrah – Then stop selling pills, and look after your sister Lars.

Lars – ….That’s what I intend on doing.

Jarrah – Good….

Lars – I asked her if she wanted to pack up, and finish school elsewhere.. that I’d go with her… but she said no. She wants to stay here, and face her problems.

Jarrah – I wish I could talk to her.

Lars – She doesn’t hate you, she’s just embarrassed. Our parents are here, and she feels like she let them down. Of course I feel like the worst brother ever… I didn’t protect my sister.. so.. yeah. I’m really just trying to change my ways. I know I made your cousin do that coke that one time, and he hates me for it. I know… the other situation with Keegan… and yeah. I’m just done with all of it.

Jarrah – That’s for the best.

Lars – It is….

Lola – …… Nothing’s wrong with a fresh start.

Jarrah – Heh….

Lars – Anyway.. I’m gonna go see my sister now… you ladies have a good day.

Jarrah – Tell her I said hi-

Lola – And that I’m sorry for kicking her!

Lars – Will do… later, ladies.

Everyone has their shit. Everyone has those… things in their lives. It makes sense now.. why Elena was acting how she was acting… Sucks it had to happen, but looks like the situation made Lars take a good look at himself, and his reputation. As much as the Elena thing weighs heavy on my heart, I’m pregnant apparently, and I’m just… I don’t know what to do- I know what I wanna do, but… fuck. I have to tell Orion, I have to tell my parents, what about Jeep, and the others.. what will they think? Does that even matter? does what everyone else think, really matters at the end of the day?

(POV Kaori)

It was a day like any other. My brother, and I hanging out in Bridgeport so I could introduce him to his sister- yeah.. not really. Oddly enough Ivo seemed really calm about all of it. This type of shit doesn’t happen everyday.. I wonder why he’s not freaking out or nervous- I should back up a bit. As you know.. the big reveal didn’t go too well, and Vira stormed out… in the rain… all dramatic-like. So I was completely in shock to have gotten a call from her last night saying she wanted to meet up, and talk. I decided I was over lying, and that it was important for Ivo to come too… she agreed. So here we are.. at my new favorite cafe (Malkie’s Cafe) waiting to meet up with our sister.. Vira.

Kaori – Hey Adam

Adam – Hi Kaori!- Oh wow.. when you told me you had someone in mind for me I thought you meant a girl…. not this handsome guy.

Kaori – Oh no! it is a girl.. her name is Rubi- remind me to link you to all of her social media stuff later- This guy next to me is my brother..

Adam – Oh okay! Hi! I’m Adam.. welcome to Malkie’s Cafe!

Ivo – Hi Adam, I’m Ivo.

Adam – What a cool name!

Ivo – Thanks- and while I’m saying thanks.. I should say thank you for driving my sister back to GloCity that night. It may have saved my cousin’s life.

Adam – No problem, I just wanted to help out.

Kaori – The girl I want to hook you up with, I go to school with her. She’s… unique. I think you and her would be kinda cute together though.

Ivo – You’re playing matchmaker now? Isn’t your boyfriend leaving?

Kaori – Just because you and Torrance broke up, doesn’t mean you can be rude.

Ivo – I’m just messing with you Kay’.. relax *smiles*

Adam – *laughs* typical brother sister relationship.

Honestly.. I’m glad my brother dumped Torrance. They seem to be friendly these days but still.. after what she did to him, she doesn’t deserve him. My brother’s a good guy, he’d never do anything to hurt her like she did to him. Not saying he’s perfect, but I think I know my brother well enough that if he ever did wanna hurt her, he’d think twice about it, and end up doing the right thing.

Kaori – Are we the first customers? I know its early-

Adam – 2nd actually. These women from V-Glam were in here like 10 minutes ago. The blonde one with the long chin was rude.

Ivo – You gotta ignore the ignorance man.

Adam – Good advice!- So.. before my father comes from the back and yells at me for talking so much.. what can I get you good looking people?

Ivo – Lets see….

??? – I knew it was you even from behind..

Kaori – Excuse me? *turns around*

Adam – We have fresh bread too.

Ivo – I’m thinking coffee.. but I’m not sure..

Kaori – Can I help you?

??? – You don’t remember me Kaori?

He does look somewhat familiar…

Kaori – No.. I-

??? – High School?

Kaori – Oh my god… Ian? Ian Alexander?

Ian – Yep.. that would be me- I bet the hair threw you off-

Kaori – What are you doing in Bridgeport?

Ian – Well hi to you too.

Kaori – Sorry… Hi… long time….

Though time has been nice to you.. damn he looks good.

Ian – Yeah…

Kaori – Why aren’t you in L.A.?

Ian – I’m here for something…… work related. I’m not staying though. I fly back to L.A. in the morning.

Kaori – Oh

Ian – Do you live here?

Kaori – No I still live in GloCity…

Ian – Aww I miss home… but L.A.’s treating me good.. though I am leaving soon..

Kaori – Oh?

Ian – Yeah I’ll probably only be in L.A. for like another year. Then I’m gonna move here- Bridgeport.

Kaori – Nice.

Ian – So I guess if you’re still around… we’ll see each other around?

Kaori – Yeah.. I guess so.

Holy shit.. running into him is so weird considering how much I’ve been talking about him lately. He looks good… 

Ian – So what’s been up?

Kaori – Umm… god I don’t even know where to begin…

Ian – You got a boyfriend?

How do I even answer that…

Kaori – No.. I don’t.

Ian – You never really liked doing the boyfriend thing.. some things never change.

Ugh.. now he think’s I’m the same girl from high school.. fuck it.

Kaori – Actually I lied…. I do have a boyfriend.

Ian – Why did you-

Kaori – Well its complicated. We were together.. like full on I love you’s and everything. Then he decided his life wasn’t… right. So he’s leaving to find himself and pursue music in Europe. So we’re not doing the long distance thing, and I’m sorta mad at him- no.. I’m really mad at him- but then someday’s I don’t care.. like at all. So that’s why I said I didn’t have a boyfriend.. but-

Ian – I get it… and then when I said nothing’s changed- you felt like well it actually has.. so.. you told me all of that. Not that you have anything to prove to me.

Kaori – Right…. wow that was super spazzy.. and immature.. 

Ian – No, no.. I get it. You didn’t want me thinking you hadn’t done any growing.

Kaori – Yeah… so what’s with the blonde hair?

Ian – Its for my- I’m… heh I’m different now.. just like you, so-

Kaori – That’s fair… it looks good though.. you wear blonde well.

Ian – So do you.. you always did.

Kaori – So you mentioned flying back to L.A…. you must be doing pretty good for yourself? Are you in school out there?

Ian – Uh, no.. I didn’t do the college thing, and yeah.. I’m doing… alright money-wise.

Kaori – I couldn’t find you on social media.. so I have like no idea what you-

Ian – How are your friends?

Kaori – Which?

Ian – Frankie, Keegan…. umm.. the gay one Tony?-

Kaori – Trey….

Ian – Yeah him, it was so weird he was dating Jarrah… we all knew he was super gay- but yeah.. uh.. Frankie, Keegan, Trey… Jarrah.. and what was that other one’s name.. Joey? Jayden… Jonah?-

Kaori – Jonah, and we’re all.. living… breathing. We all go to GCU.

Ian – Nice…. So Keegan still a cocky little shit? He was kinda full of himself. I mean I guess I was too but-

Kaori – Everyone’s grown up a bit… but some things remain the same. Keegan’s mellowed out a lot. He’s more… I don’t know.. he’s just a good guy-

Ian – You fuck him yet?

Kaori – No, and Its not like that with us.

Ian – ………………….Right. So what are you doing after college? you got what? 2 more years?

Kaori – Yeah… umm well I’m already sorta doing what I wanna do.

Ian – Which is?

Kaori – I work at Siren Ad Agency.. 

Ian – Oh… wow.. yeah I can actually see you doing something like that- assuming you help come up with the ideas on how to market the-

Kaori – Yep, what about you?

Ian – What about me?

Kaori – What do you do?

Ian – If I tell you, I might have to kill you….

Kaori – What? shut up.. tell me.

Ian – Eh…

Kaori – What are you.. like CIA or something?

Ian – No… not exactly..

Kaori – Not exactly?…

Ian – I work with a lot of people.. 

Kaori – Are you a life coach?

Ian – ….Yeah… something like that.

Kaori – So you help people?

Ian – Exactly.

Kaori – That’s really great.

Ian – Your dad still does photography? Mom still acting?

Kaori – Yes, and yes..

Ian – *Whispers* Is that your brother?

Kaori – Yep….. you know he never liked you…

Ian – Yeah.. I won’t bother saying hi…

Kaori – *laughs*

Ian – I did read his book though. Thr33way?

Kaori – Did you like it?

Ian – Its cool… I love that the main character’s name is Ian…

Kaori – You’re vain.. you would.

Ian – I’m sure its just a coincidence.. Ian sounds like Ivo.. so..

Kaori – Right.

Ian – Your brother hates me.. its so funny.

Kaori – I doubt he still does.

They never got along.. Ivo thought Ian was gross, and too touchy. As my big brother I can’t blame him for being protective.

Ian – Well its been fun… and unexpected…. but a good time. I’m glad I ran into you.

Kaori – Yeah… yeah me too. Its weird.. I was just talking about you to Keegan.

Ian – I see.

Kaori – Not bad things.. we were talking about a day where I flaked on them… you know… the day…

Ian – No?- Oh… that day.. 

Kaori – The day you… “deflowered me”

Ian – Right….

Kaori – But yeah… That’s the past. The new you?…you seem… different.. and happy.. so that’s good.

Ian – You too. *smiles*

Kaori – *smiles*

Ian – You…. are prettier though…. you look more like a woman now. You were always hot, but now.. you’re like… hotter.

Kaori – Aww, thanks. You were always gorgeous… Trey told me he totally would have let you bang back in high school. He hated you, but thought you were so hot. Everyone thought you were hot.

Ian – Probably why Keegan and I didn’t get along. He didn’t like being 2nd to me. Oh and as far as the Trey thing goes…. That’s.. interesting. I’m not anti gay.. but that’s just.. the idea of Trey saying that is just.. yeah. Hilarious. Wouldn’t be the first time dudes are obsessed with me.

Kaori – I probably shouldn’t have told you that.

Ian – Not like I live here. I’m leaving-

Kaori – In the morning, right.. yeah…

Ian – I’ll be back…. for good next time… just one year.

Kaori – Well I guess this isn’t a goodbye?

Ian – Its a…. to be continued.

Kaori – *smiles* Alrighty then.

Ian – Have a good one.

Oh my god… this was so weird.. I mean you go to high school, you make all of these memories. You graduate, and you never see a good portion of those people again. Its one of those things where you always go “Hey… I wonder how so-and-so’s doing…” You make up all these scenarios of what would happen if you ran into that person.. it never goes quite like you think it will, but this was super unexpected.. yet pretty chill. He’s a little different, but I can see he’s still his charming, arrogant self too. Weird… Guess I’ll see him in a year…

Adam – That Kaori’s a great girl huh?

Ian – Umm.. sure thing- Can I get a tall coffee, black?

Adam – ….Okay.

Ian – Too bad you guys don’t sell alcohol here…. then again its way too early for a white russian. Get it together Ian..


Ivo – I never liked that kid. I’d pick you up from school, and he’d be all over you.. he’s a sleazeball.

Kaori – Oh relax.. 

Ivo – Don’t tell me you’re gonna start messing with him again-

Kaori – Did you not hear anything he said?

Ivo – I tried not to.

Kaori – He’s not staying here in Bridgeport.. he’s going back to L.A. in the morning.. he won’t be back here for another year.

Ivo – Well hopefully you’ll have a boyfriend by then.

Kaori – You-

Ivo – One that’s not a coward, or asshole.

Kaori – Ian’s not-

Ivo – Oh I mean Byron.. up and leaving.. its so lame in my opinion.

Vira – Hi…….

Kaori – Vira…. umm.. Hi.

Ivo – …………..Hi…..

Vira – ……Hello.

Kaori – Vira.. this is my- our…. this is our brother… Ivo.

Vira – …… Nice to meet you Ivo.

Ivo – You too…

Vira – This is my mom… Leslie.

Kaori – Hi Ms… Santiago.

Ivo – Hi there… this must be weird-

Leslie – Oh my god…. look at you two…. you’ve grown up, and you look SO much like Vincent, and Koko… wow.. this is surreal.

Vira – I hope you guys don’t mind.. I figured if Ivo was coming, I should also bring my mom.. just so we can all talk. She and I… worked through our issues, and you were right Kaori.. she didn’t keep my dad away from me.. it was more complicated than that. So thank you.. because if you didn’t tell me that.. I don’t know how- well.. lets just say its opened up a lot of communication between my mother and I.

Ivo – *smiles*

Kaori – It was no big deal…

Vira – It was, and I’m sorry I yelled at you, blamed you for stuff.. ran out on you like a dramatic child…

Ivo – Lets all have a seat? do you guys want anything? its my treat.

Leslie – Coffee, two creams would be great.

Vira – Maybe just a lavender tea.

Ivo – Coming right up.

So this is surreal… Ivo, and I. Vira, and her mother.. all together. I don’t know what they want to discuss, but I know what my goal is. I want us to stop this seperation, and just be one big happy family. I don’t know if Leslie, or Vira want that… but I’m gonna try and get everyone on the right page. Ivo’s gonna have my back regardless… which is good. I totally need him in this situation- and speaking of Ivo.. this must be weird for he and Vira. I’ve already known her for a while, but this is her first time meeting her brother, and vice versa. If all things go as planned.. the next talk will be with my dad. Then we can all just.. exist together.

(POV Frankie)

Today… right now, I’m having a casual lunch with my mother. If you know me, and you should by now.. you’ll understand why this is very unusual. Never thought we’d get to this point, but we’re here, and as weird as it is… its nice too. I’m so over talking about my past with her, I want to talk about the present, and the future. She seems completely changed, and apologetic… so.. I’m ready to move on… to move forward.

Frankie – What are you getting?

Mira – Umm, the Shrimp cocktail is calling my name. You?

Frankie – I don’t know.. Maybe the eggplant marinara pasta. It comes with bread! oh my god, I’ve been craving bread.

Mira – Are you not eating bread on the regular?

Frankie – Diet.

Mira – Oh please, you take after your dad. You’re fine, you have his tall, athletic build. Andi on the other hand.. more like me.

Frankie – She’s much more curvier than I am.. which is probably why she works out all the time. That and work stress.

Mira – She’s so….

Frankie – She’s so Andi.

Mira – I was very surprised that she decided to move forward with me.

That would make two of us.

Frankie – You, and I both.

Mira – She’s very.. stubborn- that she gets from Riley. However considering the situation, she had every right to hold a grudge.

Frankie – But she didn’t, and we’re all working towards a better relationship.

Mira – You’re so smart, and mature. I don’t want to take away anything you grew into yourself, but Andi and Riley did a great job with you.

Frankie – I guess so.

Mira – So.. Andi tells me you’re bisexual.

I don’t know why, but I swore she knew this already… 

Frankie – Of course she did…

Mira – Well actually her exact statement was “Oh and by the way Frankie’s bisexual, she likes girls and boys, so if you have a problem with that then you shouldn’t stick around”

Frankie – Oh… wow..

Mira – Basically warning me to accept you, or leave.

Frankie – How sisterly of her.

Mira – She’ll always be protective over you.

That’s actually really sweet of her… 

Frankie – Random question…

Mira – You can ask me anything you like.

Frankie – So……………… Its just Andi and I……….right? no surprise brother or sister?

Mira – Its just you two.

Frankie – She owes me money.

Mira – I’m not surprised you guys thought I’d have more kids somewhere…

Frankie – Well good, I’m glad you don’t.

Mira – *smiles*

Frankie – So what do you think about Max?

Mira – He’s a very nice guy… Riley seems happy.

Frankie – He is… I haven’t seen him this happy in a while. Max is pretty awesome.

Mira – I met Ivy? his daughter?

Frankie – Yeah.. she’s sweet.

Mira – She is.

Frankie – Are you… interested in finding a relationship?

Mira – No, not at all. I love the idea of being alone right now. Maybe it will change someday but not right now.

Frankie – I can understand that.

Mira – Sasha and I are talking about a book club- which… to be honest, I don’t like reading. I rather see a movie, but if Sasha wants to do it.. maybe it will be fun.

Frankie – Its about the social aspect of it. I think its so old fashion, but also great…. but then again I love books.

Mira – True.

Call me lame, but I would totally do a book club with some of my friends…. they’d probably laugh at me though.. I can just imagine.. “Old Lady Frankie, and her Book Club” Haters *laughs*

Mira – So… what about you?

Frankie – Oh no, you guys are older than me.. it would be weird being in a book club-

Mira – No, not that.

Frankie – Oh sorry, what about?

Mira – Relationship. Do you have a boyfriend? or girlfriend?

Frankie – Nope.

Mira – Any prospects?

Frankie – Yes.

Mira – Well tell me about them?

Frankie – Umm… okay why not.

Mira – I always wanted to do this with you.. gossip about boys- well girls too in your case.

Right.. you did this with Andi when she was a teen before you left us. Guess its my turn. Hmm.. I’m having one of those mother daughter moments that I never thought I’d ever have… that’s… awesome.

Frankie – This girl named Priscilla, she’s this really cute- well she’s hot.. not cute- though I guess she can be considered both. She’s smart, feisty, and not like anybody I’ve ever been into. She has a unique personality. Oh and she’s adopted. She’s white, her mom is black, and her dad is asian.

Mira – Oh wow.

Frankie – Funny thing is, our first… sorta date was here- inside though. It was the night I overheard your breakdown…

Mira – Really embarrassing…

Frankie – Its the past… but umm yeah. Priscilla.. she’s amazing. She’s funny, and just.. yeah… I really like her.

Mira – I can tell, so what’s the hangup?

Frankie – Well I’m always cautious about relationships. School, work… friends, family. All of that stuff plays into it for me.

Mira – I understand that.

I’m hard to read, I know this. I’ll squash any mystery or confusion right now, and say that whenever I’m around Priscilla.. I’m like.. internally screaming. She’s so hot, and smart.. and just plain sexy. I really wanna hook up with her, I should try and make that happen…. see…. I feel like its so safe to say this kind of thing in my head. I can’t imagine saying it outloud to anyone.

Frankie – Speaking of relationships…. Andi. She has a boyfriend.

Yes… my sister has a boyfriend. Shocker…

Mira – I saw a picture on her instagram.. I wasn’t sure if he was her man or not.

Frankie – Well they made it official recently.. and I was teasing her about it.. but of course she was acting all nonchalant. Andi likes to do that, I know she’s happy with him. She won’t admit how happy she is though *laughs*

Mira – What’s his name?

Frankie – Chris , and he’s very handsome.

*[Reader Note : Yes.. That Chris.. Vira’s ex boyfriend]*

Mira – Yeah I noticed that. I mean not to sound racist, or stereotypical but he’s so tall, and masculine. I don’t see a lot of asian men like that.

Frankie – As if Andi would expect anything less.

Mira – Well she’s gorgeous, smart, and driven.. she should get the man she wants. Black, White, Asian.. whatever.

Frankie – Maybe Andi’s a rice queen.

Mira – A what?

Frankie – Its just a term people use when someone dates a lot of asians. Micah was half asian, and now Chris.

Mira – Oh okay… what a weird term.

Frankie – I don’t know if it applies to straight people though. You usually hear gay men use it.

Mira – Gay men have the best lingo, especially drag queens.

Frankie – Oh my god I know right? we should totally see a drag show together!

It was a surprise to me to find out Andi was with someone. Not because my sister is anti-social.. but Andi’s a badass. She works hard, and she doesn’t really entertain a lot of the compliments she gets from men. So when I found out she was dating her co-worker, and fellow nurse Chris.. I was shocked.. and it all started to make sense when I thought about how much she talked about him, and all the pictures she has of them on her instagram. People think of Andi, and think… like bossy, and hard-ass. While she’s the “talk shit get hit” type of woman.. she’s also the “give him a backrub, make my man a sandwich” kinda gal too. She’s not just one thing.. she’s complex.

Mira – I’m so happy we can do this.

Frankie – Do what? have lunch?

Mira – Not just that, but talk.. and be social. I don’t feel any awkwardness here.

Frankie – I did wonder if we could have a decent conversation. Andi’s like the perfect mix of you and dad.. I’m not like either of you.

Mira – Well that’s what makes you special.

Frankie – *smiles*

Mira – So how are things with Kaori? she’s still your bestfriend right?

Frankie – Umm… that’s… you know what?

Mira – Hmm?

Frankie – I’m gonna go to the ladies room, then when I get back I’ll explain the Kaori thing in detail. I’ll be right back…

Mira – Okay sweetie.

This is going so well… I can’t believe I’m having mother daughter time. I know I sound so lame, and like a child… but I just never expected to get here with her. Anyway.. off to the powder room, as old ladies would call it.

Frankie – *singing* “All the girls steppin’ out for a public affair, all night- that’s right, cause the party don’t stop”

Raina – Wow… you don’t sound half bad.

Frankie – Oh thanks I- Raina?

Raina – Hi.

Frankie – Oh my god, I’m embarrassed.

Raina – Don’t be, you didn’t sound horrible.

Frankie – Wow look at you.. all-

Raina – Girly?

Frankie – I wasn’t gonna-

Raina – Oh its fine, this isn’t my normal look… I think we both know that.

She looks hot right?

Frankie – You look pretty.

Raina – Thank you, so do you.

Frankie – Are you on a date?

Raina – No, I- heh.. this is embarrassing.. I’m on my way to Bridgeport to meet up with my mother. She has a business lunch, and wanted me to come with her. Hence why I’m dressed like this.

Frankie – Aww how sweet.

Raina – The things we do to please our mothers. Normally I’d dress totally differently but yeah.

Frankie – Well… family comes first- I’m confused… why are you here if you’re meeting her in Bridgeport?

Raina – Oh! I was driving, on my way to Bridgeport, when I realized I really had to pee… so I passed by here and came in.

Frankie – Ah.. that makes sense.

Raina – Do you know the asshole at the front desk told me I couldn’t pee unless I order something?

Frankie – Really?

Raina – I looked at him flipped my hair, put my hands on my hips and screamed “DO YOU KNOW WHO MY MOTHER IS?!”

Frankie – You did?

Kinda rude and stuck up if you ask me.

Raina – No, I ordered a Caesar salad, and ran in here to pee. I’m gonna just give the salad to a homeless guy- there’s this one guy named Jack who’s always next to the freeway entrance on main street.

Oh good.. she was joking

Frankie – That’s really nice of you.

Raina – I try and put out good karma.

Frankie – I’ve noticed.

Raina – I think I’m the normal one.. my little sister’s a brat. My brother Shane.. is… arrogant. I’m… normal.. My mother would say otherwise, but she still can’t get over the fact that I won’t have sex with a man.

Frankie – *laughs*

Raina – So why are you here? are YOU on a date? huh pretty girl?

Frankie – No, I’m having lunch with my mom.. just like you.

Raina – Oh nice.. that’s cute.

Frankie – Its new, we’ve never had this sorta thing before.

Raina – Ah… I see.

Frankie – But its going well.

Raina – Good to hear. So I’m kinda glad I ran into you.

Frankie – Why? because I’m super cute?

Raina – *Smirks*……That’s besides the point. I’m glad I ran into you, because your sister contacted me. We had a good talk.

Frankie – Oh good.

Raina – She said you were obsessing over me.

Of course she fucking did…

Frankie – Don’t believe a single word she said… god she loves to embarrass me I swear *laughs*

Raina – I figured she was just pulling my leg.

Frankie – The fact that you’re gay, and I’m bi.. whenever I’d bring you up.. that automatically meant I wanted to sleep with you.

Raina – She’s hilarious, she said we should just fuck and get it over with.

Frankie – That’s so Andi.

Raina – Don’t worry, I didn’t take anything she said, and ran with it. BUT….. I do think you’re dope.

Frankie – Why?

Raina – I’m pretty good at reading people… and I think you’re probably a really good girl, who always does the right thing… but there’s a scrappy, wild side waiting to come out. Am I right?

Frankie – I don’t know Raina… perhaps… but then again you could be completely wrong.

Raina – Give me your number.

Frankie – How direct.

Raina – Well I want to get to know you.

Frankie – Fine… sure…. I could always use more friends. Its all about being social these days anyway.

Raina – Do you have a girlfriend?

Frankie – I’m talking to someone, but-

 Raina – So you’re not tied down.

Frankie – At the moment no.

Raina – Alright…

Frankie – Why?

Raina – I was just curious.

Frankie – …………………Hmm.. well alright.

She’s so dominate I swear… its intimidating, but… kinda a turn on.

Raina – I have to run, but this was nice. I got your number, you got mine. Lets hook up sometime.

Frankie – Yeah.. okay, we can do that.

Raina – I think I’m gonna call you Foxy. That’s your new nickname.

Frankie – You just go around handing out nicknames?

Raina – Only to people I like.

Frankie – Well thank you Raina-

Raina – Rai (Ray)… call me Rai.

Frankie – Okay… Rai it is.

Raina – *kisses cheek* Nice seeing you again Foxy.

Frankie – You too… Rai.

Raina – Oh and I’m gonna hold you to what you said at the store when we met. You need a tune up.. you know where to come. I’ll fix you right up, free of charge.

Frankie – *smiles* Thanks…

Raina – See you around.

Frankie – Bye.

 I know what you’re thinking, “Frankie you’re into Priscilla, ignore Raina” well FYI.. I’m a single girl. I’m into Priscilla, but I’m also intrigued by Rai- not to mention part of me goes all weak in the knees when I see Ivo. So please spare me on “doing what’s right” because “the right” thing for me to do.. is to take my time, and then decide what… or who I wanna do. I’m not interested in hurting anybody’s feelings.. and I don’t want mine hurt either. So I’m gonna handle this like a mature adult would.. I’m gonna let it play out, because like I said… I’m a single girl…. Ivo’s sexy, so lets exclude him in this question. Who do you find hotter? Raina or Priscilla?

(POV Jarrah) [Night Time]

Nothing like a warm bath to really put things into perspective….. so they say. I’m here at Lola’s- well.. she insist that I call it my place too, but… hard to really do when I have no income- sorry.. I derailed. Getting back on track.. I’m here home alone, soaking in my own misery. Lola’s out on a date with Jayson, which is fine. I needed some alone time. The point was to be with myself and center… peace… serenity… well that didn’t work because I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do. I know you’re probably thinking “Get over it Jarrah.. you made your bed now get fucking comfy” or “lay in it” if you want the classier version. You’re probably also thinking about Orion’s bank account, and my parents willingness to help.

Well I got news for you, its not about that. Its about me… losing myself.. The sorority, the dream job. Then even my friendships. Collin, and Trey specifically. I’m good with them but I used to be more than good with them. Good is not great or amazing. Its just a big mess, and now I’m with child. What am I a character on Game Of Thrones? “I am with child my king” I’m fucking pregnant is what  am. I want to rebuild my life, and find focus. How is raising a kid gonna help me do that? Its not about financial stability for the child and I. If I’m being honest, I know we’d be fine.. its just.. ugh… I don’t know what to do. Oh by the way I did call Orion after I left the hospital. Left him a voicemail so.. he has yet to call me back-

[Cell rings]

Maybe that’s him now…………. that or Lola’s checking up on me.

Jarrah – *answers phone* Hey.

Candice (on phone) – Hey girl… So you know how I posted on my facebook page that Mason and I were going to see Jay Z & Beyonce’s concert tonight?

Jarrah – Yeah?

Candice – Well… I’m at the bus stop right now…

Jarrah – What happened to date night?

Candice – We stopped at the gas station.. and I don’t know why I did it.. but I checked his phone.

Jarrah – Oh my god…

Candice – Bitch…. he cheated on me.

Jarrah – What- how do you know?

Candice – Well there’s pussy, tits, and ass pictures in his phone.. and a text from Paisley Adams.. you know that trifflin bitch that was in your sorority?

Jarrah – Yeah…

Who can forget her? she’s a shady one… also before I left the sorority, I heard some stuff came up missing.. I bet she did it.

Candice – She texted him asking did he like the pictures. Then he replied with yeah and how she’s sexy and he wants the real thing. So then I look at the date and there’s a text from 2 weeks ago.

Jarrah – Okay?

Candice – She texted him talking about “Thanks for the exit dick… you fucked like a champ. Was a great way for a girl to go out. Farewell GloCity”

Jarrah – Oh my god.. ugh.. nasty bitch. She really has no self respect.

Candice – So he comes out of the gas station with a king size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, talking about “Hey baby I know you love these so I got some sweets for my sweetie” Girl I grabbed that shit and started beating his ass with it. I told him he was caught.. and I got the fuck out the car. He chased me of course until I told him I was fucking done, and if I ever see Paisley I’m beating her ass.

Jarrah – Shit..

Candice – He told me that I needed to get over his momentary slip up. So I told him I was done.. and to go see the concert alone or find some other bitch. I broke up with him. He told me “Fuck you bitch” and drove off. Then I realized in that moment.. stranded at the bus stop… I’m a fucking idiot.

Jarrah – Its not your fault..

Candice – Mason ain’t shit.. he ain’t never been shit. I knew deep down that he was a lying cheating asshole. Jarrah I need to tell you something…

Jarrah – It gets worse?

Candice – You can’t tell anybody.. Mason doesn’t even know.

Jarrah – Okay.

Candice – I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago.

Jarrah – Oh my god…

Candice – I’m keeping it.

Jarrah – You are?

Candice – Yeah… but… I’m not telling him. Fuck him, I’ll raise this baby by my damn-self. My brother Benji (Benjamin) already said he’d help me as much as humanly possible.

Jarrah – …..Wow. You’re pregnant… and keeping it.

Candice – I know… fuck my life. Can you even imagine being pregnant right now?

Jarrah – …………..You want me to come get you? you shouldn’t be at a bus stop just-

Candice – No, I got someone coming to pick me up…

Jarrah – Oh okay, who?

Candice – You won’t believe this… but Rhys.

Jarrah – Really?

Candice – I didn’t have her number but I private messaged her on facebook. I told her with all the shit that’s happened in our past, and all the shit her sister is going through.. that I was sorry, and wrong. That I needed her. She answered back right away and asked where I was…

Holy shit…. she’s pregnant too… and she’s keeping the baby. I know you’re wondering why I didn’t tell her I was pregnant too, but… I’m 80% sure I’m not keeping it.. so.. no point in telling her.. she might judge me for thinking about an abortion… side note… good for her for calling Rhys. If those two can work it out.. who says Frankie and Kaori can’t…

Candice – Hello?

Jarrah – …………………………Sorry, I’m here.

Candice – Well judging from your silence, you seem just as shocked as I was when I found out.


Jarrah – Someone’s at my door-

Candice – Oh okay.. Rhys should be here any second now- Oh yeah I see her coming now.

Jarrah – Okay well call me later, or in the morning to let me know how things went.

Candice – Alright, later girl.

Jarrah – Bye. *ends call*

Hmm.. last time I opened the door in my towel, I got attacked by Elena..

*opens door*

Jarrah – Oh my god.

??? – Can I come in?

Jarrah – Of course…. what are you doing here?

Orion – I missed you. *gives Jarrah a kiss*

Jarrah – *smiles*

I knew I missed him, but seeing him in front of me made it all that more apparent. I love him so much…. 

Orion – So, that voicemail.. it sounded… urgent.

Jarrah – Oh- right… that…

Orion – Is everything okay?

Jarrah – How did you get here so fast?

Orion – I got your message around 9 this morning.. It didn’t take long to get here.. its almost 8.

Jarrah – …..Why didn’t you just call me back?

Orion – Because I missed you…. and I should have been here, helping you deal. Sorority, Job situation, That accident… that’s a lot for you to deal with, and I know you have your friends, but I’m your boyfriend… your pain is my pain.

Jarrah – How’s your family?

Orion – They’re fine, now how are you? because in your message you said we need to have a serious talk. I immediately thought you were breaking up with me, but that kiss just now says otherwise.. so what’s going on babe?

Jarrah – …..You might want to sit down….

Orion – Okay.. well lets sit.

Well I guess its time…..

 Never thought I’d be having this conversation with him. This is so… weird.. ugh..

Jarrah – *looks at tv* Why can’t life be as simple as The Devil Wears Prada…

Orion – You love this movie….

Jarrah – Yeah….

Orion – ……… What’s bothering you?

Jarrah – So… I’ve been stressed out…. as you know.

Orion – Right..

Jarrah – And I wasn’t feeling good-

Orion – Are you pregnant?

Jarrah – ………….You couldn’t let me get to it?

Orion – I’ve seen enough crappy tv shows to know what the “I found out I’m pregnant” speech sounds like.

Jarrah – …………

I guess he’s right, who has the time, or need for stupid cliche pregnancy deliveries.

Orion – Are you?

Jarrah – Yes.

Orion – Hmm… okay well, you’re staying with me, and I think we should make a list of the things we’ll need-

Jarrah – Wait…

Orion – What?

Jarrah – ……………You want it?

Orion – Well… it wasn’t planned, but this is what we’re given. So yeah… we don’t really have a choice- wait…  don’t you?

Jarrah – Umm….. 80% of me says no.

Orion – I- well… umm…

Jarrah – I don’t think its the right time…

Orion – Really? adoption?

Jarrah – No… because for me to carry a baby, then give birth.. I know adoption wouldn’t work.

Orion – Wait a second…. you’re not talking about an abortion are you?

Jarrah – ……………….. Orion… seriously.. its not the right time in my life- our lives to-

Orion – I’m pro-life.

Jarrah – And I’m pro-choice.

Orion – Jarrah- I… *sigh* you can’t do that- you can’t just- fuck…

Jarrah – Its my body…. and I know how that sounds… but in this situation.. it really should be left up to the woman…

Orion – ….. I understand that, but I don’t…. I’m 100% against abortions.

Jarrah – Lets say you have a daughter in the future…

Orion – Okay?

Jarrah – And she’s raped.. and gets pregnant. What would you have her do? carrying the baby of her rapist for 9 months?

Orion – …….You’re right, it should be up to the woman, but…

Jarrah – There are no buts.

Orion – What are you scared of? is it money? because-

Jarrah – No, I know you’d be there… and I know my parents would too- after they yell at me for 9 months.

Orion – You don’t feel like this fits into your life right now.

Jarrah – I’ve lost myself O. I don’t know who I am without V-Glam.. I’m… I’m just lost.

Orion – …..

Jarrah – You’d look at me differently if I terminated the pregnancy huh?

Orion – ….. I just… I’m pro-life, and a child is special.. no matter how it comes into the world.. no matter when. That child could be important, and I know that sounds stupid-

Jarrah – I understand what you’re trying to say babe.. I do… but do you understand-

Orion – I understand 100%… but I can’t support an abortion…

Jarrah – ….. If it makes you feel any better, part of me doesn’t want to do that either.

Orion – Okay, well… how about this. You take a week… you think about it. Go talk to your family about it.. see how they feel. Then we talk about it again.

Jarrah – …… Okay, yeah… I guess there’s no harm in that.

Orion – Come here….

Orion – …. You’re pro-choice, I’m pro-life.. we don’t agree there, but what we do agree on is the fact that we love each other right?

Jarrah – Right.

Orion – You’re right when you say it should be your choice on what to do. Yeah part of me is excited to maybe raise a kid.. but… I’m not the one who’s potentially carrying it for 9 months… nothing happens to my body… and so… as much as it pains me to say this. I’m gonna be a man, and an adult… and tell you I love you, and leave it up to you.

Jarrah – ……I love you too, and thank you…. I feel bad, I don’t wanna be a baby murderer…

Orion – Right…

Jarrah – One week… I’m gonna talk to my parents, figure things out.. and then we can talk about this again… okay?

Orion – Alright.

Jarrah – …..So how long do I have you?

Orion – One Week.

Jarrah – ….Fitting…

Orion – Yeah….. I know.

Like he said, we may not agree on some things, but we do care for each other. As you know with Orion, I didn’t want to rush anything that would accelerate our relationship into overdrive, so of course this pregnancy does just that. I’ll give the one week thing a shot, I’ll talk to my parents- which is going to suck. I’ll give him this, I’ll wait, and really think about it. I just worry that… if I end up getting the abortion… would we even be able to still be together. I know he’d see me differently…. but the fact of the matter is this…. its my body… so I’m the only one who really gets a say.

(POV Kaori)

So the talk with Vira, and Leslie went well. All that’s left is for Ivo and I to talk to Mom, and Dad… Victoria’s out of town so that doesn’t matter for now. She’ll be back next week I think- but whatever… Ivo has my back and he wants the family to be together just as much as I do. Also! Leslie’s super nice, and she told us stories about my dad, and her from way back in the day. They met on a trip to Mango Island.. it was interesting to hear.

But enough about that. Tonight is the last night with Byron before he leaves in the morning. We’re gonna have dinner here, and then just hangout. I don’t think I want to hook up but you never know.. God is he running late or something? I feel like I’ve been here for an hour already… where the fuck is he?

Sandra (purple) – Girl she’s been here forever….

Andrea (green) – She probably got stood up…

Kaori – I can hear you two…

Stupid bitches…. though I guess what they’re saying is true. Why isn’t he here?… fuck that, I’m not about to look like an idiot, sitting here waiting for him. I’m gonna leave.

Kaori – Let me text his ass…

Oh I have a message… Its from Byron…. okay maybe he explains why he’s late. *checks message*

[Hey you….. you’re probably really mad right now sitting there.. but please just… just watch the video I attached. It will explain everything] – Byron

Guess I should click play….

{*Video Of Byron Plays*}

Byron : Hi……. if you’re seeing this video…. I’m already gone. I know you’re really angry… and I didn’t do this on purpose. My plan was to have this night with you, and be happy until we said goodbye tomorrow, but I just couldn’t do it. I knew if I had to say goodbye to you in person, that I wouldn’t want to leave. The thing is, I need to go. I need to do this for myself.

Byron : You’ve always been true to yourself, ever since the day we first met. I’m talking about when you were messing with Hammer. I noticed it right away, how confident you were, and how honest, and unapologetic you were. You were always yourself, living only for you. I didn’t expect to fall in love with you, but I did. You changed my life in so many ways, and I will always love you for that.

Byron : I’m sorry that I’m not there, and you’re either at GreenLand right now, or in your car, or at the dorms watching this- I know you’re mad.. and I understand. I also understand that this may make me look like a weak person, and or coward, but know this… I love you, and I will never forget you. And who knows.. we may see each other again one day…. and…. yeah… *ocean/waves crashing noises* I’m at the beach… I’m in the exact place that we went swimming with our clothes on. Remember that?… that was a good day… and now I’m rambling. I don’t know what else to say… maybe me leaving is a big mistake.. but I gotta take the risk… please don’t hate me. I love you, and I’m gonna remember you… forever. Bye Kaori…..

{*Video Ends*}

Kaori – ………………..

Heh…… I don’t even… I just can’t. Fuck you Byron… you are weak, and you are a coward. You stood me up because you can’t deal? you leave without saying goodbye, and send me a stupid fucking video? I hate you. Fuck you.

??? – Yeah and a chocolate chip cookie…

Andrea – Okay that will be 7.92

Kaori – ……….

Another guy who fucked me over.. but I’m not gonna blame him 100% for it. I did sorta play games with him. He knew what he wanted, and I wasn’t ready.. and then in comes Paisley and it was a wrap. You know… maybe if I had just agreed to be his girlfriend I wouldn’t have took Keegan’s rejection so hard, maybe I could have skipped this whole Byron saga in my life. My relationship with Byron was one big drama filled mess. I should go say something to Hammer…

Kaori – Hey.

Hammer – Oh hi Kaori.

Kaori – What’s going on?

Hammer – Nothin’ much.. just grabbing some food… eating alone like a loser.

Kaori – Where’s your brother?

Hammer – Who know’s.. Chace could be out hooking up with some guy for all I know.

Kaori – Cool….. Cool….

Hammer – You okay?

Kaori – Yeah…. No….

Hammer – No?

Kaori – Byron stood me up.

Hammer – Why would he do something like that?

Kaori – He said he couldn’t say goodbye to me without wanting to stay, and that he needed to go.

Hammer – Wait, how do you know why-

Kaori – He left me a video….

Hammer – Wow…………………..that’s……

Kaori – Weak.

Hammer – Yeah….

Kaori – I guess that’s what I get though huh?

Hammer – What do you mean?

Kaori – Well… you wanted more, and I said no….

Hammer – Doesn’t mean you deserve to hurt.

Kaori – Why am I always going after guys who are unavailable?

Hammer – You don’t.

Kaori – Keegan, Byron….

Hammer – Heh….. The thing about that is-

Kaori – Paisley left for CCity right?

Hammer – Yes…

Kaori – Are you glad?

Hammer – She wasn’t who I thought she was obviously.

Kaori – Right.

Hammer – She told me the truth by the way…

Kaori – About what?- Oh… about my dad.

Hammer – Yeah…

Kaori – I kinda know that already.

Hammer – You do?

Kaori – When you guys were arguing at school.. I was eavesdropping…. I saw you defend me… and my dad. So thank you for that.

Hammer – Did you hear her say she cheated on me?

Kaori – Yep… but its Paisley Fuckin’ Adams.. I don’t put anything past her.

I will forever hate that bitch, she’s CCity’s problem now though.

Hammer – I’m over it, but it still hurts… so I guess you’re not the only one hurting.

Kaori – I guess not….. wow I have changed so much..

Hammer – Why do you say that?

Kaori – The old me would take you in the bathroom, have sex to feel better and… yeah. Problem solved. But the new me?…. nope… that won’t solve anything. I don’t want to do that.

Hammer – I wouldn’t want that either. I’m focusing on myself these days. And…. this is going to sound weird coming from me, but I’m celibate now. I’m not having sex for at least a year. That’s the plan.

Kaori – Wow…. really?

Hammer – Sex has always been a big part of my life… past situations, its… yeah. Now that I’m single, and I’ve had time to reflect on shit.. I decided to challenge myself.. and go cold turkey… No sex.

Kaori – What about…. ya know..

Hammer – I’m not that crazy.. of course I’ll still do that. I’m not trying to get colon cancer… You know they say if you jerk off regularly you can prevent it.

Kaori – Do you really believe that?

Hammer – I’m not taking any chances…. oh and I’m not gonna be watching like.. porn or anything. Just me by myself… ya know.

Kaori – Well good for you Chad…

He’s like a sex machine, so that’s super weird to hear him say he’s going celibate. Good for him though, maybe he’ll get some sort of clarity from it. I don’t know what he means about sex being a big part of his past, that’s was what I gave him. I didn’t give him my heart, just my body. Maybe I’m to blame for how he’s feeling. That or he was like raped or something as a child- whoa… that’s dark Kaori.. but yeah just saying.

Hammer – You know…. nothing’s wrong with you right?

Kaori – ……..That’s nice of you….

Hammer – I still care about you… a lot. Maybe one day we could revisit the past, but… I need to tell you something, that may give you some kinda peace of mind.

Kaori – Okay?

Hammer – Byron may have become unavailable… but Keegan’s not.

Kaori – What?

Hammer – A month ago.. Keegan, and Jonah were at the frathouse. I heard them talking, so I decided to listen in. Keegan’s in love with you, and he didn’t tell you because you were happy with Byron. Also.. he was StarGirl on Frankie’s blog website….. so you’re not wrong. You didn’t lust after Keegan for nothing. He likes you… just as much as you like him.

Kaori – What?!

Hammer – Keegan loves you, and sacrificed his happiness so that you could be happy with Byron.

Kaori – ………………………………

Hammer – Yeah…..

Kaori – I- .. you’ve known this for how long? a month you say?

Hammer – I still have feelings for you, and I debated if I should tell you or not. You were with Byron, we weren’t in a great spot… and I didn’t wanna ruin the trust I have with Keegan. Not to mention my selfish reasons… I felt like once you knew about Keegan’s feelings for you, that no other guy would stand a chance.. including me.

Kaori – ………….

Hammer – I’m not saying I want to go there with you right now.. but I’d like to think that maybe somewhere in the future we could work.

Kaori – I see….

Hammer – Yeah….. so… now you know the truth about Keegan…. do with it what you will.

Kaori – ……………………………………..Thank you…..

Hammer – So… since you’re here… and I just ordered myself food… can you eat with me? I don’t wanna eat alone. Since we’re friends.. I figure-

Kaori – Sure, I’ll eat with you.

Hammer – Well.. I’m buying.. so pick whatever you want.

Kaori – ….Okay.

Oh my god… Keegan….. loves……..me?……… but I thought… what the fuck is going on? I’m confused, and happy?, but not really?… I don’t know how to process this- Like at all. Its so weird to know that I wasn’t crazy, that I wasn’t delusional. That it wasn’t Frankie, it wasn’t Jarrah.. it was me that he felt more for. It was me- is me? does he still feel the same way? oh my god and here I am mad at Byron for standing me up.. when he was right the entire time. I’m not over Keegan.. and Hammer telling me what he just told me… just further proved it. Ugh I need to clear my head… no no get it together bitch. You’re keeping Hammer company.. you can’t let him see you being pressed about this..

(POV Frankie)

Rubi actually did something nice. I asked her if I could have the room tonight, and she said sure. She’s out hanging with Trey.. they saw a movie apparently. She told me to text her when its safe to come back. Which was pretty cool of her. So…. about tonight. I invited Priscilla over…….. because I wanted to hook up with her. That and I really like her company. She’s just.. awesome. It went really good…. its still going…

Priscilla – *Kisses Frankie*

Frankie – Mmm…. what are you doing?

Priscilla – Kissing a gorgeous girl.

Frankie – You’re not tired yet?

Priscilla – Nope…. I wanna go again.

Frankie – I love how you decided to wait until after we started getting dressed again, to want a third round.

Priscilla – Well what do you say?

Frankie – I say hell yeah.

Priscilla – Wait…. before we get naked again… I have a question.

Frankie – Sure.

Priscilla – What is this?

Frankie – What do you mean?

Priscilla – This.. between you and I.

Frankie – Umm.. I guess I haven’t really thought about it in detail.

Priscilla – Let me just say this….. If this is a horny hookup. I’m okay with that, I think you’re hot, and amazing-

Frankie – I think you’re those things too.

Priscilla – Would I be your girlfriend if you asked? probably… but would I be mad if we’re just hooking up, and nothing more? No. I’m a big girl.. I can handle it.

Frankie – I don’t know… I guess I like the idea of just letting it all play out.

Priscilla – Is this about that Ivo dude?…. you got it bad for him huh?

Frankie – Heh, not as bad as you may think.

Priscilla – So… him, me….. is there anyone else?

Frankie – I don’t know exactly.. I mean I guess.. there’s this one girl- I’m just trying to be honest.

Priscilla – I’m completely okay with that. Its better you’re honest, and tell me this now before I like- fall in love with you or something.

I’ve never been in a situation like this, I just figured its best to be honest… is that wrong?

Frankie – I’m sorry… its like a boner killer huh?

Priscilla – Are you kidding me? look at you… you’re hot.. I’m ready to go again.

Frankie – *smiles* You know… for the record.. I really like you too, and if something happens relationship-wise between us.. I’d be okay with it. I just don’t want to rush. You know?

Priscilla – And this is why I like you. So level headed… I’m totally down with seeing where it goes.

Frankie – Okay so less talking and more kissing.

[Knock On The Door]

Priscilla – Roommate back?

Frankie – No, I told her I’d text-

Priscilla – Perfect timing…

Frankie – I know….

[Knock On The Door]

Frankie – I’m coming!

Priscilla – You did 3 times already… you would be again if they hadn’t interrupted.

Frankie – *laughing* Just a second! Dammit.. I need to find my nighttime top.

Priscilla – Does it have sheep on it?

Frankie – Yeah, how did-

Priscilla – Its over there.

Frankie – Oh thanks.

[Knock On The Door]

Priscilla – Maybe its that girl who knocked earlier.

Frankie – Not sure why she’d come back.

She’s talking about Jules who was here earlier. Anyway lets see who this intruder is.

Didn’t see this coming, guess it had to happen sooner or later…

Frankie – ………………………………………………………….. Hi.

Kaori – ……Hey.

Frankie – …… Unexpected.

Kaori – Lots of that going around today…..

Frankie – ……..Yeah.

Kaori – I’m sorry, do you have company? did I interrupt something?

Frankie – I do, but its fine.. we’re…. taking a timeout.

Kaori – Oh wow… I feel bad, I should leave-

Frankie – No, wait… its fine. What did you want?- I mean… what did you need? did you want to talk?

Kaori – You sure?

Frankie – Yeah.

Kaori – This has been a long time coming…. Its about time we talked.

Frankie – I agree.

Kaori – Neither of us felt we were in the wrong-

Frankie – I don’t-

Kaori – Please just let me finish.

Frankie – K’

Kaori – Okay.. here goes.

I’m over it, either we’re gonna be friends or this is it. No more avoiding each other.

Kaori – You……….. are the best girlfriend I have ever had in my life. I’ve always felt like girls were annoying, and you changed all of that for me. We’re completely different, yet we were yin and yang. I’ve always been so bratty, and quick to get into fights with people. You on the other hand.. you were more reserved, but still just a fierce. I didn’t know how to be that girl.

Frankie – ……..

Kaori – You just never gave into fights with people. You’d fight if you had to, but you knew how to walk away. I was never like that. So whenever you and I would fight, you’d let me take the floor.. be a bitch.. then I’d come around and say my bad, and you never gave me shit for it. Now I see that you were just trying to be a good friend.

Frankie – Right…

Kaori – This time though.. I knew it.. you had enough. You were done with my aggressive bullshit, and it showed. I said some horrible shit about you after I found out about you and my brother.

Frankie – I said things too…

Kaori – I don’t know if we can ever be close as we were before.. and that makes me sad. You were never in the wrong. I was.. 100%. I’m so sorry for that night in the library- I’m so sorry about that day at the hospital. I was a mean bitch, and you had every right to be done with me. I need you in my life Frankie, so much is happening, and you’re the only person I want to share things with, and I can’t because we’re mad at each other.

Frankie – I know!.. me too… and it drives me crazy…

Kaori – I see you all the time, you would never know it bothered you.

Frankie – I’m just better at hiding it than you are.

Kaori – I hate what I said to you… I didn’t mean it at all!

Frankie – I know, we were just mad, and said a lot of stupid shit.

Kaori – You were my bestfriend

Frankie – And you were mine!

Kaori – It shouldn’t have matter as much as it did that you and Ivo-

Frankie – But now I understand why you were so mad.

Kaori – What?

Frankie – Ivo and I talked.. he told me everything about him and Torrance, I get why you were upset…

Kaori – Still.. it was no excuse!

Frankie – I’m sorry for everything..

Kaori – No, I’m sorry…. and if you tell me right now that my brother is in your room in that bed I won’t be mad!

Frankie – Its not him, but that… that mean’s a lot.

Kaori – I really wanted to talk to you at Miguel’s wake but I knew it wasn’t the right time. I also wanted to think about what I wanted to say-

Frankie – It doesn’t matter. We’re talking now…..

Kaori – I can’t believe I fucked up our friendship!

Frankie – You didn’t!

Kaori – But how are we ever supposed to be the same!?

Frankie – We can work on it

Kaori – *crying* I don’t want to work on it, I just want my bestfriend back

Frankie – You have me!… stop crying *crying* shit now I’m crying.

Kaori – We probably look so stupid crying in this hallway.

Frankie – Shut up and give me a hug.

Kaori – *hugs Frankie*

Frankie – I love you, and I never want to fight again.

Kaori – I promise! and if we ever have a disagreement, we can talk about it

Frankie – Like mature adults!

Kaori – God I missed you so much… I needed you…

Frankie – Me too..

Kaori – And I swear I didn’t become close with Jarrah to upset you… it was because of the lockdown that I decided to give her a chance-

Frankie – Its okay, she and I are also working on our friendship too. I knew you didn’t do it on purpose.

Kaori – ……. Crazy night

Frankie – First I make up with my mom, and now you..

Kaori – Oh my god, you and Mira are fine now?

Frankie – Yeah. She, my dad, Andi, and I had a talk the night of the bonfire. She came clean about everything.

Kaori – Did Andi hit her?

My thoughts too… but Andi remained calm and she and Mira are fine.

Frankie – Nope.. she took her in dad’s room and they talked while I was at the bonfire. Also at lunch with Mira- Mom.. weird. Anyway at lunch Mira told me that Andi said she could visit once she starts gaining trust with her.

Kaori – Wow.. so Andi would actually let Mira visit her in CCity… I’m shocked.

Frankie – We’re all working towards building a good relationship with each other.

Kaori – You always wanted that.

Frankie – And now I got it.

Kaori – That makes me so happy.

Frankie – I got a new job too, I’m gonna start working as an assistant editor at Haus Of Opulence. Jessica Nash’s publishing house.

Kaori – Oh my god me too!- not the Haus Of Opulence- but I got hired at Siren Ad Agency.. I’m not an intern anymore!

Frankie – Awww that’s amazing!

Reunited and it feels so good. I’m so happy we’re having this talk right now. Its been too long for us not to talk. All the avoiding each other.. it was so stupid.

Kaori – Oh, remember I told you about having a sister?

Frankie – No… wait yes… I believe you did tell me… but you didn’t have any detail.

Kaori – Her name’s Vira. This whole time I’ve been hanging out with her in Bridgeport, I even invited her to Byron’s show.

Frankie – Oh good

Kaori – No.. I lied to her.. I pretended we were just friends.. but finally I told her the truth and she freaked!

Frankie – Oh fuck

Kaori – But we met up today.. she and her mom, Ivo and I. The plan is to talk to my dad about it and all be a big happy family. Its so much more complicated than that but I’ll have to explain the details later.

Frankie – That’s amazing… what about you and Byron.. when’s he leaving-

Kaori – Byron stood me up… I have to show you the video he sent me… you’re totally doing better in the relationship area..

Frankie – Actually I have a big issue right now…

Kaori – What?

Frankie – Priscilla’s in my bed.. and I like her… but I may also like Raina Baycock

Kaori – Baycock.. why does- wait.. is she-

Frankie – Yeah.. Marlene Baycock’s daughter…

Kaori – She does the show that my mom works on!

Frankie – Yeah.. I met her- Raina.. at the store and… I don’t know what to do… and then your brother…

Kaori – So you have three choices and don’t know what to do?

Frankie – Yeah.. and I don’t want to hurt anyone…

Kaori – Yeah……………… well I still have it worse… wait till I tell you what I just found out from Hammer.

Frankie – What?

Kaori – Remember that girl who posted on your advice blog when you worked at the mothership?

Frankie – Be more specific..

Kaori – StarGirl.

Frankie – Oh yeah.. she was in love with her friend who had a significant other…. she was so weird.. she talked like a gay guy. Always say “Girl” and everything

Kaori – Well that’s because she wasn’t a real girl…

Frankie – Are you trying to say she’s a Transwoman? because some would argue that you saying she’s not a real girl is offensive-


Frankie – What?

Kaori – Hammer overheard Keegan tell Jeep he was StarGirl… and………. In love with me.

Frankie – Come again?

Kaori – He loved me, and didn’t act on it because I was happy with Byron.

Frankie – Oh my god…..

I think I’m really confused right now. How could it be Keegan when he rejected her…… it doesn’t make any sense, unless he did it for a reason.

Kaori – That doesn’t bother you right? I know Keegan has us all under a spell-

Frankie – No, I have my love square to deal with.. its fine.

Kaori – Well yeah… Its confusing because he pushed me away.

Frankie – Maybe he did it on purpose because he was fucked up… and going through things…

Kaori – That’s a good theory.

Frankie – So what happens now?

Kaori – I need to talk to Keegan.

Frankie – …. This may get awkward…

Kaori – Why?

Frankie – I was supposed to tell Jarrah, who was supposed to tell you… because we weren’t talking.. 

Kaori – Tell me what?

Frankie – Jules came by earlier… and she told me that Keegan passed his Police Academy Exam.

Kaori – Oh my god he did? he’s gonna look so cute in uniform!

Frankie – I think they’re dating…

Kaori – What?

Frankie – She wanted me to help her set up a surprise party tomorrow for him… He secretly took the exam, so she wants to surprise him with a party. Which is why she needed my help. I obviously have a key to his house.

Kaori – ………………..They’re together?

Frankie – I think… I’m not sure.. I don’t know.. I just got that vibe.

Kaori – Shit…..

Frankie – I know… bad timing… I mean its weird right? He wanted you.. and you were with Byron. Now you’re not, and single.. and he may be with Jules…

Kaori – Tables reversed…

Frankie – ……Are you gonna come to the party?

Kaori – Yeah… long as you’re by my side I should be okay.

Frankie – *smiles*

Kaori – I missed you.

Frankie – Well… we’re back together. Team Krankie or Fraori… whatever.. we’re good.

Kaori – Shit.. I should go.. you need to go have sex or whatever.

Frankie – We did.. like 2 times.. we were working on the 3rd-

Kaori – We have a lot to catch up on.

Frankie – We sure do.. Andi has a boyfriend..

Kaori – What? really?

Frankie – Yeah a nurse in CCity named Chris.

Kaori – Chris Nguyen?

Frankie – Yeah how’d you know?

Kaori – That’s my sister’s ex boyfriend..

Frankie – ……………………… Yeah we have much to catch up on.

Kaori – Yep

Frankie – Alright, come over in the morning.. you can help me with the party?

Kaori – Okay.. have fun. Love you..

Frankie – I love you too Kay’

I know both she and I worry about things being the way they used to be, but thinking about it.. I don’t want it to be that way. I want it to be better, and for us to grow. Now.. about what she told me. The sister thing is crazy, I can’t wait to meet her though- and how fucking crazy is it that this chick’s ex boyfriend is now dating my sister? Speaking of dating.. Byron… man.. she must be broken up inside since he was the guy she took a chance on- but then again with the Keegan news I don’t even know if she cares about Byron anymore. God… Keegan’s StarGirl… You know thinking about it… it does sorta make sense. Fuck Priscilla’s been waiting for me for a while.. I should go back in there. I’ll see you guys at the party tomorrow… what a night- what a week.. actually… what a fucking month.

(Narrator’s POV) [The Next Day]

After a long morning of planning, Frankie, and Jules with the help of others put together a surprise party for Keegan. He walked in to a loud surprise and lots of people in his house. He was so overtaken with happiness that the big man with the muscles actually started crying. Jules hugged him, and asked him if it was too much, and he simply replied with “Its perfect”

Keegan – Owen this is my girl. Jules.

Owen – So you’re responsible for this party?

Jules – Yeah.. with help of course. Can’t take all the credit.

Owen – That’s really cool of you to do this.

Jules – Well he deserves it.

Owen – He does.

Jules – So he tells me you two are brothers?

Owen – We are… sorta.. 

Keegan – Its hard to explain.

Everyone was so happy to see Frankie, and Kaori talking again. Including Jarrah, who of course was going through things internally with her pregnancy. She didn’t tell anyone, in her mind it was best to keep it to herself. She didn’t want to ruin Keegan’s party with her news.

Collin – Where’s the boyfriend Jarrah? you said he was coming.

Jarrah – *laughs* He’s around here somewhere.

Kaori – Should I grab him? talk to him upstairs?

Frankie – I don’t know….

Kaori – What would you do?

Frankie – Honestly… I’m not sure. I mean on one hand I’d probably be dying to confirm it, but on the other hand… seeing him with Jules.. I don’t-

Kaori – They look happy……

Frankie – Yeah….

Kaori – *sigh* Fuck….. 

Frankie – What are you thinking?

Kaori – That the universe doesn’t want he and I together… why is the timing so bad every time?

Frankie – ……I don’t know babe- and I know that’s not helpful but-

Kaori – No.. you’re being helpful.. just being my friend.


Milk – Great party.

Priscilla – Yeah, and congrats to you too. You’re going to police academy woo!

Milk – Yeah yeah… those fuckers want me to “adjust my hair color”

Priscilla – Why?

Milk – Its not appropriate. So I’m gonna keep some color but not like.. this extreme.

Raven was alive, and seemingly well. She was having more test done on her today to make sure. This gave Christine, and Jeep time to come to the party and be part of the festivities.

Harrison – Feeling good Aries?

Aries – I feel a lot better, thanks for asking Harrison.

Harrison – No problem buddy.

Jeep – *smiles* I’m glad you came!

Christine – You came with Kaori?

Aries – Nah I came with Rubi.

Jeep – Where is she?

Harrison – She’s in the kitchen.

Meanwhile in the kitchen.. things were getting crowded as more people made their way in.

Tyena – I’m really sorry for your loss.

Myra – Thank you Tyena.

Ivy – Is it just me, or is it getting crowded?

Rhys – It is, but I think we’re gonna head outside in a bit.


Javier – So your name is Penny?

Penny – Yes.

Javier – Lenny’s sister

Penny – Right again freshman.

Javier – I’m sure you’re worth more than a penny… *wink*

Penny – Wow… look at you freshman.. trying to flirt!


Hope – I talked to Christine.

Nick – You did? how did it go?

Hope – It went really good. Dominic, Trey… and you… you guys were right. I went for it.

Nick – *smiles*


Orion – *stretches*

Jojo – Long time no see. You remember me from the Sorority Party?

Orion – Joanna right?

Jojo – Yep that’s me!

Orion – Where’s your boyfriend?

Jojo – In the living room with his cousin.

Orion – I lost Jarrah in the crowd of people.

Jojo – I think she’s in the living room too.

Orion – Oh okay thanks.


Adam – Kaori told me to come over here and talk to you.

Rubi – Are you Adam? from Malkie’s Cafe?

Adam – I am.

Rubi – Oh okay, Hi.. I’m Rubi Larter, next big thing in cinema.

Adam – *laughs* You’re everything Kaori said you were.

Rubi – I see you dressed all snazzy up in this piece.

Adam – I’m a bit over dressed. I didn’t know the dress code.

Rubi – Well you look cute.

Adam – Kaori wanted us to go on a date.

Rubi – Well what do you want?

Adam – I’d like that very much actually. You’re very pretty.

Rubi – Well shit ask me out! and bring some of them cupcakes!


Trey knew the truth about Chace, and like he said.. he decided to talk to him about it. Everything was fine. Chace felt like he was in a vulnerable situation, and didn’t like it. Trey made him realize its okay to be vulnerable, and not in control sometimes. Darell was also at the party hanging out with everyone. It was a bit weird being there when Myra, and her sister Rhys were so close by… but Trey helped him out with that by including him in the conversation.

Chace – Oh my god I’m so hungry.

Lenny – I got something you could eat.

Chace – Keep your pussy to yourself Lenny.

Darell – *laughing* You guys are hilarious

Lenny – Darell you look sexy.

Darell – I’m straight, but thank you.

Chace – Lenny’s a whore, he might try and suck you off after the party.

Lenny – Oh shut up Chace!

Darell – *laughs*

Dominic – I’m with Darell.. you guys are pretty fucking funny.

Trey – They’re one of a kind.

Dominic – You’re one of a kind.

Trey – I love you.

Dominic – Say it again-

Lenny – Ugh please don’t. Mushy couples are so annoying *laughs*

Chace – *laughs*

Trey – I’ll be right back.

Dominic – Take your time.

Jarrah – ………..I just got a text from my mom.

Kaori – Victoria texted me too!

Frankie – What happen?

Jarrah – Sebastian……he-

Kaori – Alana had the baby!

Jarrah – ……………A girl

Kaori – They named her Charlotte Grace Darwin

Frankie – Awww that’s so cute!

Jeep – Can you believe you used to date him Frankie? now he’s having a baby.. that could have been you *laughs*

Frankie – Oh god no! I don’t want kids anytime soon.. could you imagine having a kid right now? in college?

Jarrah – ………………..

Trey – You okay Jarrah?

Jarrah – Yeah, just have a headache.

Keegan – I’d offer you an aspirin, but I don’t keep pills in the house.

Jarrah – Its okay, I’ll be alright.

Keegan – You guys…. I’m gonna be a cop….

Trey – I know, its unbelievable. I’m so happy for you boo!

Jeep – My bestfriend.. a cop! that’s so awesome.

Jarrah – Congratulations Keegan.

Frankie – I think I’ll sleep extra good knowing my friend is a cop.

Kaori – I’m proud of you, and you’re gonna look really hot in your uniform.

Keegan – Well thank you guys.. you’re the best group of friends a guy could ask for. I love you all. Now lets celebrate.

Jarrah – Does this mean we can finally go outside?

Keegan – Yes.. I think my dad, and Scott have finally set up the food *laughs*

After so much, all the trials and tribulations. The gang was back together, and they were so happy about it. The group of 6 didn’t realize just how much they missed each other, until they were all in the same place at the same time. Some friendships had cracks, but everything was healing. Everyone decided to live in the now, and stop living in the past. Relationships, new jobs, new siblings, new babies. Its been a crazy few months… but they always had each other to lean on.. which is good, because that’s what friends are for. And if it were up to them.. they’d all be friends from now… until they day they died.

~_ThE eND_~


|>>>>> But Its Not Exactly Over Yet…. Click The Video Below <<<<<|



  1. *Applauds* Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore! Where do I begin. I guess a good place would be with the beginning! Jarrah’s pregnant?? :O . That was a nice shock to start out with. I’m surprised she doesn’t want to keep the baby :\. I know she’s young though…To me if you’re raped and the result is a baby then by all means abort! But it’s different when a baby comes along because you and lover boy were irresponsible :p. I think she should keep it!

    Frankie…first off all I can’t believe she was singing that Jessica Simpson song in the bathroom! lol. I haven’t heard that one in a long time :D. But anyway, It’s weird seeing her having mother/daughter moments with her mom but it’s sweet. I’m glad things are working out with them. Now let’s see, Raina’s hot, Priscilla’s hot, and Ivo’s hot…Frankie’s making the right decision to enjoy all the hotness while she can :D. lol. But eventually she’ll have to choose one! Oh and most importantly Kaori and Frankie are friends again!! Yay! I was so happy when Frankie opened the door and Kaori was standing there ^_^. They need each other especially during all these confusing times. Which brings me to Kaori!

    I used to really like Byron but he got more and more unappealing as this story went on. It was so messed up of him to stand Kaori up like that :(. Jerk lol. And it’s so unfair that the minute she’s free, she finds out Keegan loves her but now he’s with Jules!!! Ugh. You sure are good at making things sweet and sour at the same time :p. It’s alright, Kaori will just have to steal Keegan away from Jules. LOL just kidding! (sort of). Also, the video came out beautifully!! It was a nice touch to conclude this long journey everyone has been on. I’m glad it’s not completely over yet! When does the next season start?? lol. Thanks for keeping me entertained with some of the best sim stories around! 🙂

    1. I purposely waited to respond until after the Korra premiere lol. I won’t spoil anything, but it was SOOOOO good. Everyone is older and seems like they’ve found themselves in interesting situations.

      Now about the finale!

      I’m so glad you liked it.

      Jarrah – Yep.. Wanted to slap you in the face with the pregnancy bombshell right away. I thought the idea of pro-choice and pro-life was interesting when it came to a couple, and thought it would add depth to Orion and Jarrah’s relationship. As far as if she should keep it or not.. I’m actually gonna let fate play into it. I have my season 3 ideas written down on my computer. For Jarrah I have 2 ideas. One idea is for if she keeps it, the other is for if she gets an abortion. Both storylines are amazing.. so what I’m gonna do is.. flip a coin.. and let fate decide *evil laugh* also.. either way she’s gonna be there for Candice who’s knocked up, and reunited with Rhys (yay)

      Kaori – I’ve gotten mixed reactions on Byron standing her up. Someone told me they understood him, another thinks it was a weak move. I didn’t want to villainize him. What I wanted to do was show a young man conflicted, and also in love.. a torn person. Either way you feel about Byron is fine. Theirs no right or wrong. When it comes to Kaori and her love life I swear she just fits with everyone. I like the idea of Byron showing up years later in her life. I also like the idea of her and Hammer… and then theirs Ian.. who has a secret for next season… I like him with her. Of course I love her and Keegan together too. So its funny. As for Jules… and Keegan. You’re right.. life isn’t fair.. and as soon as she’s single and find out about Keegan.. he’s taken. However your line about her stealing him is hilarious because Kaori never stops until she gets what she wants (season 3 hint muahahahahaha) So.. yep! and woo finally Frankie and Kaori are talking again!

      Frankie – Its funny when you think about it… You look at Jarrah and she’s always had it together. Career, Love, Friends.. and now she’s lost.. and really struggling. Kaori has always been a abrasive lovable mess.. and you look at Frankie and she seems like she has it together.. until you really think about how much her issues with her mother stopped her from living. So look at her now.. all these choices… Season 3 will introduce a new frankie for sure.. and not only that.. but she finally starts doubting her writing which she’s never done.. thanks to a new character that is going to annoy her named Karin Chen.

      Video time!

      Omg.. so basically I was going to do the video like I did last season. Then my brother asked me “why won’t you do it in motion?” I said hell no.. its too hard and too much work….. but then you know.. I got curious. So I watched a few tutorials on locked camera angles in tab mode.. and then I tried some stuff out.. and I said fuck it.. I’m gonna do this.

      So if you notice… the first 3 scenes are so… beginner. You can tell I was getting used to it. Then by that 4th scene I was on a role. I had learned different editing techniques such as splitting, and all of that. I think the video turned out okay, but now that I know what I’m doing.. I feel like I could have done better. That’s the perfectionist in me I guess. I’m glad you liked it though!

      Keegan working out getting ready for Police Academy and then being with his GF Jules (somewhere Kaori is rolling her eyes)

      Kaori got her family, and she’s really happy about it. She reunited Leslie and Vince, AND she gave Vira what she always wanted. Her dad.

      Frankie and Torrance working together.. god thats going to be fun to write next season for CERTAIN reasons 🙂

      Jeep & Trey’s were both so heartbreaking… Jeep watched Raven get taken into custody, Trey watched his parents fight… Next season is interesting for the both of them..

      and then Jarrah’s scene.. which was the longest, and most dramatic.. on purpose lol.

      I had a fun time doing the video.. It made me feel good to complete it as corny as it sounds. Its always such a good feeling doing something you never thought you could. I’m hooked, and I’m 100% gonna do a video for season 3’s finale too.

      Speaking of which.. season 3 is 1 year later and so much has changed. 3 of the mains will be out of college (Frankie, Trey, Jarrah) while 2 are still there (Jeep & Kaori) and 1 is finishing Police Academy.. waiting to be assigned (Keegan)

      Frankie, Trey, and Jarrah’s lives post GCU are going to be so much fun to write. Jeep and Kaori being at GCU… things have changed a lot… and its not the same ol’ routine for those two at GCU… Then Keegan… well… fun times to be had, especially since Zoey will be a pre-teen.. and drives Keegan crazy! Can’t wait for you to see season 3.

      I’m not sure when I’m gonna start on it though.. wanna give myself a good break since I’ve been working on it since April. I’m currently playing the sims 4, a couple of other games on PS4 too. Plus all my fall shows came back. Its nice to have a break and not worry about taking pictures or editing or writing lol. I know I’ll miss it soon.. and thats when I’ll begin work on season 3.

      Thanks so much for the continued support of the Blog and Story!

  2. I understand you definitely deserve the break!! And you were right, Korra was awesome!! There’s already drama and it’s just beginning! And it looks like our avatar is having some issues :\

    1. It feels so weird not doing the story lol, but I am enjoying the time off. Do you watch American Horror Story? anyway.. OMG Korra’s 2nd episode was great! I love how she and Asami seem to be getting closer and closer even though their far apart. And that surprise ending!

  3. No I’ve actually never watched American Horror Story. And yeah Korra was so good! Toph is a little old lady XD. But it’s great to see her. She’s one of my favorite characters <3.

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