{BnG S2} Season Finale : “Where Do We Go From Here?” [Pt.1|Boys]

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Where Do We Go From Here?[Pt.1]

-POV’s : Jeep | Trey | Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jeep)

I almost lost myself, but like good friends usually do…. they saved me. I don’t mean to put it so dramatically, but its true. I wasn’t being myself. Everyone was mourning and feeling sad. I was angry, and bitter. That’s just not who I am as a person. I’m glad I didn’t up and become “Dark Jonah”- that would be an awesome name for a comic- anyway.. yeah. I’m fine, well I’m not like fine obviously cause Raven’s in a coma, and my girlfriend is crying everyday because of it. I realize I have to be the strong positive one.. that way Christine can try and feel a little better.

Harrison – So you seem to have enjoyed yourself at the bonfire last night.

Jeep – Yeah.. I got there a bit late, but once I was around everyone.. it was a good time.

Harrison – That was awesome of Frankie to put it together. I know it was a group effort, but it was her idea.. so I’m giving her all the praise… that and she’s really sexy.

Jeep – *laughs*

Harrison – So how are you doing?… I know that your friend-

Jeep – Lets talk about you for once.

Harrison – What?

Jeep – You almost seem shocked.

Harrison – Umm.. I mean.. nah, but-

Jeep – I’m tired of talking about the sadness you know?…

Harrison – Yeah.

Jeep – So… is there anything you wanna talk about?

Harrison – Can I be honest about something?

Jeep – Yeah.

Harrison – Sometimes I feel like the outsider in your life bro.

Jeep – Why?

Harrison – I’m your cousin, our mom’s are twin sisters.. but you and I aren’t super close like you’d expect us to be. You have your group of friends, I have mine too- but we’re family. Why aren’t we close?

Jeep – I didn’t know you felt that way..

Harrison – You’re closer with Micah, and Jarrah…

Jeep – I didn’t do it on purpose- I’m sorry Harrison. You ARE my cousin, I should spend as much time with you, as I do with them.

Harrison – I don’t wanna sound like a little bitch, but yeah… Its just how I feel about it bro.

Jeep – No, you’re 100% right. I thought I was doing better lately, but yeah.

Harrison – You have, but I-

Jeep – You’ve been there for me so many times.. I’ll still never forget you rushing me to the hospital when Christine’s dad attacked me, and left me for dead.

Harrison – We’re blood… of course I’m there for you.

He’s right, and I never thought about it. My mom mentioned it before, and I thought I was working on it, but clearly I could do better. If I were him I’d probably be a little upset too. Nobody wants to feel like the outsider, I’ve felt that way my entire life. So in Harrison’s case, to feel that way in his own family must suck. I feel bad. I just never even thought about it. He always seemed happy, and popular. Stupid of me to think that’s all that mattered. I should be flattered that he wants to be closer.

Jeep – So how are YOU Harrison? we always talk about me- how are you doing?

Harrison – Umm.. I’m okay. The Aries stuff really threw me for a loop- but then it all made sense.. he was such a try-hard. I get it now… why he acted the way he did. To be honest though, I don’t think anybody would have cared if he was gay.

Jeep – Right.

Harrison – You know.. it set in for me… I have 1 more year and I’m done with school.

Jeep – Lucky… I have two….

Harrison – I think about my life, and what I want… and while I love Jojo… I do wonder if we’re meant to be post GCU, you feel me?

Jeep – Yeah.

Harrison – What if there’s a guy out there for her, and a girl out there for me? at the same time she and I could be perfect for each other too..

Jeep – Well don’t rush into anything.. you’ll be fine… moments of clarity can hit you out of nowhere.

Harrison – That’s true… maybe I’m just being a typical guy. That pressure of life…. knowing what I want versus what I need. You ever feel like that?

Jeep – All the fricken time, but I don’t stress about it.

Harrison – Why not?

Jeep – Blind optimism?

Harrison – Mind over matter…

Jeep – Yeah, If I believe good things will happen, then they will. As long as I’m working towards them.

Harrison – Random question time..

Jeep – Okay.

Harrison – You ever thought about being in the Fraternity?…

Jeep – What?- uh- not really?

Harrison – Hmm.. alright…

Jeep – That really was random..

Harrison – Perhaps…. but then again… maybe not.

Jeep – Weirdo…

Harrison – *laughs* I’m gonna get a power-ade, you want anything?

[Cell Rings]

Jeep – Umm.. sure, a mountain dew- ooh and maybe some nachos. I’m gonna step outside and answer this. I’ll be right back.

Harrison – Alright bro.

The call I’ve been waiting for.

Jeep – Hello?

Man – Is this Jonah Folland?

Jeep – Yes it is.

Man – Hi, I’m calling on behalf of NerdFix? You came in for a job interview not too long ago-

Jeep – Right!, yeah.

Man – Well I want to let you know that we’ve decided to hire you.

Jeep – Oh my god, for real?

Man – Yes, but its part time currently.. until you can prove yourself. We can talk about this next week- if you’re available to start then?

Jeep – I’m available as soon as possible to be honest.

Man – I like that, you’re anxious to start. Ready to go. Bring that attitude with you next week Jonah.

Jeep – Will do sir. I’ll see you next week!

Man – See you then, Jonah. You have a good day.

Jeep – You too!

Man – Bye.

Jeep – Bye!. [ends call] Fuck yes!


Maliha – He seems excited. You think his balls finally dropped?

Spirit – Don’t be mean…

Maliha – I’m such a bitch.. but hey I get to blame it on my parents divorcing…

Spirit – I’m sorry you’re not processing it that well..

Maliha – You sound like my therapist.

Spirit – You see a therapist?

Maliha – Yes, and not for the reasons you think. I like the idea of someone listening to me bitch and complain about the shit going on in my life.

Spirit – Isn’t that what friends are for?

Maliha – No, actually.

Spirit – Explain?

Maliha – A friend will lowkey judge you, or kinda look at you differently. They will still love you, but a friend knowing everything is not ideal. A Therapist can judge but it doesn’t show, or matter because their a professional. And a plus is that they may even show you something within yourself that you didn’t see. They’re unbiased… So I totally love my therapist. She probably secretly thinks I’m a crazy spoiled bitch, but oh well.

Spirit – Oh my god, that’s so true.

Maliha – Are you gonna talk to him?

Spirit – Who? your therapist?

Maliha – No, bitch… Jonah.

Spirit – Oh… umm-

Maliha – You’ve mentioned that you wanted closure and now that Austin decided to transfer back to NYU-

Spirit – Right….

Maliha – So talk to him.

Spirit – …. Hey! Jonah!… Its me! Spirit Harrington.

Maliha – Oh my god.. I’m sure he know’s who you are Spir’….. real smooth.

Jeep – Oh Hi.

She looks nice… almost like the Spirit I first got to know. Her energy doesn’t seem as dark as it has in the past month.

Spirit – How are you?

Jeep – Actually really good…

Spirit – Sounds like you just got good news.

Jeep – Yeah I got hired… NerdFix.

Maliha – They fixed my tablet last week…

Spirit – Congrats Jonah.

Jeep – Thanks.

Maliha – I’m gonna go order us some coffee, and find a spot for us.

Spirit – Okay.

Jeep – …….

Maliha – It was nice seeing you Jonah.

Jeep – You too Maliha….

[Maliha leaves]

Spirit – So umm… tough few weeks huh?

Jeep – To say the least…

Spirit – I’m really sorry about Raven…

Jeep – Yeah… its-

Spirit – I went to visit… Christine was there. She didn’t say much, which was understandable.

Jeep – That was nice of you to visit.

Spirit-  I only spoke with Raven twice.. The first time at the hospital… and the second time at the police station- which is where she said something really… umm.. weird to me.

Jeep – What did she say?

Spirit – We were standing there waiting for you and Christine at the time of the arrest of her father. She looked at me and said “Ask yourself something… if he and Christine were together before you guys were, and the only thing that stopped them was this whole thing with her dad… what happens now that she’s free of all of that? Do you think those feelings just go away?”

Jeep – She said that?

Spirit – Yeah… guess she was wrong though. You’re with Frankie now-

Jeep – I’m not with Frankie.

Spirit – Oh.. sorry- I just assumed-

Jeep – Yeah, we’re just friends- wait how is it that you don’t know? you spoke to Christine right?

Spirit – Yeah.. but- wait, I’m confused. What is it that I’m supposed to know?

Jeep – ….. Christine…

Spirit – What about her?- what?…. are you two together?

Jeep – Yeah….

Spirit – That’s… funny. I guess Raven was right?

Jeep – That’s so Raven….

Spirit – ……

Jeep – I know how that must sound, and I-

Spirit – It sounds like a good thing. You guys fit.

Jeep – I want to apologize…

Spirit – For what?

Jeep – Not being 100% over her, while with you.

Spirit – Oh don’t even bother…

Fuck, maybe she’s still mad at me..

Jeep – I’m sorry… I just have to say it.

Spirit – Jonah… I’m not perfect, I’m no mary sue…. When Austin came back.. I found myself really intrigued by the time apart. I convinced myself that I wanted to be his friend, just because we were both adults and why not. Really I wanted to know the new him, I found myself telling him things really easily… things about you that I shouldn’t have.

Jeep – If that’s the case, why are you not with him?

Spirit – Because I saw the new him clearly, after he did what he did to you. That’s not somebody I could…. No. I just, no.

Jeep – So he’ll be making my life a living hell, when you’re-

Spirit – Austin is leaving tomorrow.

Jeep – Leaving to where?

Spirit – NYU….

Jeep – What the hell?

Spirit – He says its too crazy here, and that he wants to graduate from NYU.

Jeep – But he left there to come here.. why would they take him back?

Spirit – He came here to be closer to his sister Brittany- who works at V-Glam.

Jeep – Yeah, and he left NYU.. I doubt they’ll take him back.

Spirit – Oh they did… Aside from his amazing grades, he used the accident, and tragedy to get back in. He basically manipulated the situation to make them take pity on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he claimed he knew all the victims.

Jeep – Asshole…

But also good, glad I don’t have to see his stupid face anymore.

Spirit – Right- and I’m really sorry about Austin, and my tantrum when you didn’t take me back. I- umm.. I have this problem with being alone. I surround myself with other girls, and they all have boyfriends, or relationships. I really don’t need the stress of feeling left out.. especially when my parents put enough on me.

Jeep – Why?

Spirit – Nothing I ever do is good enough for them. My mother has told me that everyday she waits for the call saying I dropped out of college… my dad he.. well he cheats on my mom, and he works everyday so.. not like he cares. Just as long as he’s “not wasting his money sending me here.”

Jeep – Yikes….

Spirit – Its no excuse though… not for how I treated you, not for how I treated your cousin Jarrah..

Jeep – Well I’m not innocent. I had problems with you, and I didn’t talk to you about them. I talked to Frankie.

Spirit – You probably felt like you couldn’t talk to me.

Jeep – Sometimes yes, but I could have tried harder…

Spirit – We both could have tried harder, but the past is the past. I’m not gonna let you apologize for loving Christine. I’m happy for you.. honestly.

Jeep – Well thank you.

Spirit – Woo! toxic people are out of my life- not you.. I’m talking about Austin, and Paisley-

Jeep – Wait.. where’s Paisley going?

Spirit – She said she wanted to leave GloCity, so she transferred to C.U.

Jeep – Oh…

Spirit – I guess after she dropped the lawsuit with Kaori’s dad, that she was just over it. I mean we all sorta thought she was lying about him touching her- so we kinda just came to the conclusion that his lawyers must have found holes in her story. So she dropped it, and got the fuck out of town.

Sorta… I mean she was paid off to spare the press, and everything but… I guess its better that everyone thinks that.

Jeep – Well she was a horrible person anyway..

Spirit – True… I hope she’s happy in CCity.

Jeep – Are you happy?

Spirit – I’m not sad anymore, so that’s a start right?

Jeep – What will make you happy?

Spirit – I’m not entirely sure, but I’m gonna find out one way or another. I’m gonna be just fine Jonah Folland. Especially since we’ve finally talked.

Jeep – *smiles*

Spirit – Can I have a hug?

Jeep – Of course.

Spirit – I hope we’re good now.

Jeep – We are. No awkwardness.. everything is a-okay.

Spirit – Good. You’re a good person Jonah Folland.

Jeep – You are too Spirit… I’m sure you’ll find that perfect guy for you-

Spirit – Actually I just want to be single. I want to work my ass off, and make my dreams come true. I WILL be an actress.. mark my words Jonah, you’ll see me on your tv one day.

Jeep – I don’t doubt it.

Wow… this was really nice.. having this moment with her. We both just…. didn’t work. Maybe not as boyfriend-girlfriend, but as friends I think we could be really good. It wasn’t all her, part of it was me, and I accept that. I know I’ve been confused, about Christine, and Frankie- but… I finally screwed my head on right, and I not only know what I want, but I finally got it. Man… good day so far. Bonding with Harrison, Got a job!, AND fixed things with Spirit. I don’t want to jinx things, but I think good things are gonna happen today… and I hope it happens. We’re long overdue for some good news, and luck.

(POV Trey)

You’re damn right I closed early, I’m the manager. Plus I have plans today. I’m trying to spread myself around today. I had 2 classes today at GCU, class at my culinary school was canceled cause of some fire hazard. I worked, and now my social life starts. L-O-L… what social life?. all I’m really doing is seeing a movie with Chace, and Lenny. After that I’m gonna go visit my dad at the hospital, and then maybe go back to my dorm.. and skype with Jarrah.

Trey – Hey what time are you guys going to Miguel’s wake tomorrow?

Chace – Lenny has to work tomorrow night, so we’ll probably just go in the morning. The doors are gonna be open all day, and night. They know that students have hectic schedules so his parents decided to do the wake for his friends, or whatever. The funeral though.. its just for close friends, and family.

Trey – I’ll be going late tomorrow night, once my friends get off work.

Lenny – Chace, you look like Austin Matthews I swear..

Chace – Oh my god.. I get a haircut, and people keep telling me that I look like that asshole.

Trey – You’re much cuter than Austin.

Chace – Damn straight.

Lenny – He’s leaving.. he’s going back to New York

Good, he won’t be able to torture Jeep anymore.

Chace – How do you know?

Lenny – I have a class with him duh.. plus I was eavesdropping when he spoke to Professor Preston.

Trey – Speaking of new looks… what’s up with this look you got going on Len’?

Lenny – Well I like to just throw stuff together. I found these shorts at a thrift shop. They make my ass poke out!

Chace – They sure do….

Trey – Are you guys fucking again?

Lenny – No.

Chace – Nope… and by the way you look hot today Trey.

Trey – Aww thanks.

Chace – No problem sexy.

Trey – I love your haircut.. its cute.

Chace – When am I not cute?

Trey – Very true!

Lenny – Maybe I should ask if you two are fucking?

Chace – Lenny, stop.

Trey – Obviously I’m with Dominic… so….

Lenny – Would you let Chace fuck you if you weren’t?

Trey – Umm… *laughs* God we’re cutting it close with the movie guys…

Lenny – I see you…..

Trey – All I said was that we’re cutting it close-

Chace – Not really, we just gotta walk through the park, and bam.. the theater is right there.

Lenny – He’s right, we have plenty of time.

Trey – Okay.

Chace – So…. things going good with Dominic?

Trey – Things are beyond good with him.

I’m so happy with Dominic, and I don’t feel anxious about it. I’m usually always waiting for something to go wrong, but with him everything is easy.

Chace – What about Aries?

Trey – He’s…. yeah. I’m gonna go visit him with Jeep and a couple of others tomorrow.

Lenny – Oh that’s nice.. poor gay fratboy.. probably thinks nobody understands him.

Chace – Are you taking Dominic?

Trey – No, that would be awkward.

Lenny – Speaking of awkward.. I totally farted at the gym in front of a hot guy. I was doing squats and I let it rip. I was so embarrassed.

Trey – Everyone kinda does it when working out.. all that body movement… its natural.. sucks it was in front of a hot guy though.

Lenny – I can never show my face there again.. which sucks.. my workouts have been amazing.

Trey – I can tell, you’re so fit, look at your body!

Chace – Yeah Lenny, you’re body is literally perfection.

Lenny – You guys should workout with me. You’re both twinks compared to me.

Chace – I’d never wanna be that big, no offense. I like my swimmer’s bod.

Trey – I like being skinny, but I wouldn’t call myself a twink. You should workout with my boyfriend- oh my god.. I called him boyfriend instead of Dominic.. *smiles*

Lenny – Aww cute! and yeah Dominic has a hot body! maybe we can be gym buddies

Chace – Yeah, and keep your pussy to yourself Len’

Lenny – I would never do that to Trey…

Trey – I trust both Lenny, and Dominic…

Chace – I’m territorial with guys I like….

Lenny – *coughs* no shit.

Chace –  If there’s another guy into the guy I’m into.. I secretly hate them.

Trey – What if its a friend? has that ever happened?

Chace – It has…

Lenny – Well I don’t homewreck, its gross. Also Trey’s a friend, I’d never do something like that.

Chace – Well you’re a good person Lenny, same can’t be said about some of these other queens.

Trey – Dominic worked hard to get me, he’d be foolish to up and cheat on me.

If Dominic did cheat on me, I’d be pissed. I just can’t see him doing something like that though. Its so obvious that he really wants this, so I’d be shocked if he messed around. The old me would totally be freaking out at the thought, but not the new me. I know he’d never do something like that, and even if he did.. it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I would have a good cry, and move on. I refuse to let a man upset me to the point where I lose myself, and be one of those crying weeping women who become boring and lame. Nope.

Trey – I love you guys… my first real group of gay friends. I never had this before.. and its awesome.

Chace – Aww… well we love you too Trey.

Lenny – Yass bitch, you’re stuck with us.

I’ve never had a boyfriend before… now I have Dominic. I never had close gay friends… now I have Chace, and Lenny. Don’t ever let anybody tell you change is impossible. For me its important to have Chace, and Lenny. I can tell Jarrah, Keegan, Jeep, Frankie… and even Kaori- I can tell them anything. But the thing is.. they’ll listen and understand it, but they won’t take it in like Chace, and Lenny. Because They’re gay.. they get it.

Chace – Seriously though, what would you do without us?

Trey – *smiles* Guys we have an hour… I got the time wrong…

Chace – We could hangout in the park while we wait?

Lenny – Or hit up the bookstore.. I wanted to grab those 50 shades of grey books.

Chace – Why?

Lenny – The movie trailer looks good. I want to be a book reader before I go see it.

Trey – Yeah we can go to the bookstore.

Chace – Can we go to that skincare store too? I need to get something for exfoliating my face.

Trey – Yeah, lets just cut through the park.. get a latte or something too. I wanna fuel up before the movie, but I have dinner plans so I don’t want food.

Lenny – Dinner plans?

Trey – Well I’m gonna pick up some food and take it to the hospital. Bacon Burger, Fries, and a Oreo Shake… Dad’s favorite.

Chace – Well I guess I’ll make sure you don’t buy anything once we’re in the theater.

Trey – Please do!

Lenny – There’s this really cute guy who works at the theater guys..

Chace – Oh?

Lenny – Yeah… I want him to bang me.

Trey – That’s direct of you.

Chace – Trey… stop acting like such a prude.. you get horny just like everyone else, queen.

Trey – Bitch don’t call me a queen! *laughs*

Lenny – All 3 of us are fem-bot queens to be honest.

Chace – I’m the least queeny out of us. You two, only bottom.. you’re such girls.

Trey – I’m thinking about becoming verse….

Lenny – Good for you Trey!… I applaud you, but I will not be joining you on team versatile.

Chace – Cause you’re a powerbottom.

Lenny – You didn’t complain when I put the bussy on ya.

Trey – Ew.. I hate that word!

Chace – Me too.. its so ugly!

Lenny – Whatever.. I use my butt, like a pussy.. so its a BUSSY

Trey – I’m gonna throw up.

Chace – You’re too cute to say such ugly words Len’

Lenny – Oooh speaking of cute! Who is that black dude on the bench?

Chace – I’m pretty sure that’s Darell Sampson…

Lenny – Oh I heard he has a big dick.

Chace – Everyone has heard that…

Lenny – He looks sad…

Trey – Hey guys, I’ll meet you at the plaza… I’m gonna talk to Darell really quickly..

Chace – No, we’ll wait for you, incase you wanna shop too.

Lenny – We’ll go sit over there.

Trey – Okay.. that works.

I think this is long overdue…. here goes..

[Chace & Lenny walk away]

Trey – Darell?

Darell – Yeah?

Trey – Mind if I sit?

Darell – Nah, you can do whatever you want… but I promise I’m not stalkin’ you.

Trey – I know…

Darell – Just as long as you know…

Trey – … right.

Darell – Okay.

Trey – …..How’s it been?

Darell – Excuse me?

Trey – How’s………….. it been?

Darell – I heard you the first time.

Trey – Oh…  well-

Darell – Why are you talking to me?

Trey – I just… I felt-

Darell – You made it clear that you didn’t want to talk. So I backed off.

Trey – Right, but I changed my mind.

Darell – Why.

Trey – Because life’s too short.

Darell – ……. I guess it is huh?

Trey – … I’m not gonna apologize for hating you.

Darell – You don’t have to. I was a fucked up person- I still am to be honest.

Trey – You’re cheating on Portia again?!

Darell – No, actually I’m not…

Trey – You told me that you were sorry for what you did to me. I didn’t believe you, and I didn’t want to give you the satisfaction of accepting your apology.

Darell – Can’t say I blame you… dude if you’re gonna talk to me.. can you at least sit down?

Trey – Sorry… started talking, and forgot to sit down.

Darell – Its all good.

Trey – Can you take your shades off?

Darell – Why?

Trey – Because I want to look into your eyes as we talk..

Darell – ……..

Trey – So its sincere. I wanna feel like this talk is genuine.

Darell – *takes off shades* better?

Trey – Yeah.

Darell – So why now?

Trey – I guess I’m just ready now?… I don’t want to hold onto this hate..

Darell – … I wanted you to forgive me for so long, that now it almost seems like… like I don’t deserve it.

Trey – Well too bad… I forgive you. You do know why it was so hard right?

Darell – Because you’ve been bullied all your life…

Trey – For being gay….. you’ll never understand it, being gay bashed. Like in high school. Attendance would get called in class, and I would say here- or present. Someone would blurt out the word faggot, and people would laugh. It was always one stupid reason after another why I got bullied, but most of the time it was because I was gay.

Darell – I’m sorry, I don’t know what that feels like, but I am am sorry.

Trey – I’m forgiving you, and I hope that this can help make you a better person.

Darell – Aries is in love with you huh?

Trey – What?

Darell – On the roof… you and him… you were together. Secretly.

Trey – Yeah….

Darell – Then he dumped you? but then wanted you back? but you’re with that asian guy.. so….

Trey – Its deeper than that..

Darell – Right, cause he was in the closet and stuff….

Trey – You should ask him. He could use a friend.. it would actually mean a lot because he swore none of you would accept him.

Darell – Well he’s wrong… we don’t care that he’s gay. I know I gay bullied you, but I was being a dick. I’m not really homophobic. Its your business if you like dicks.

Trey – How poetic of you…

Darell – You know what I mean.. lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trannies-

Trey – Tranny is actually a derogatory term… say Transsexuals instead.

Darell – See.. here I am, unknowingly offending a group of people.. thanks for telling me that. I always thought Tranny was a okay word to say.

Trey – We’re falling way too far down the rabbit hole..- oh and f.y.i. My boyfriend.. the asian? his name is Dominic.

Darell – Right- sorry.

Trey – Its okay….. so what is it that you felt would make us square? are you like a secret crossdresser or something? do you do drag secretly in Bridgeport on Saturday nights? did you get a dick implant?

Darell – None of that…

Trey – Well then what it is?…. and why do you feel like it would make us even?

Darell – Because nobody knows this, and its a really big secret. Nobody can know, and its something that haunts me everyday. In a way it will sorta explain why I am the way I am.

Oh dear.. I hope he wasn’t like molested by his dad.. or like abused…

Trey – Okay.. well what is it?

Darell – You cannot fucking tell anyone. I’m telling you this, because I deserve to.. sorta put my life in your hands. I need to feel vulnerable, like you have something on me. I have to trust you.

Trey – Okay….

Darell – You can’t tell those guys.. Hammer’s brother (Chace), and that other dude (Lenny)

Trey – Chace, and Lenny…

Darell – I know Chace’s name.. just didn’t know the other one.

Trey – I won’t tell anyone.

Darell – Portia doesn’t know either.

Trey – Darell… I get it. Nobody knows.

Darell – *sigh* ….. I’m…… gay.

Trey – What?

Darell – Yeah I’ve been gay since I was like 12….

Trey – Oh my god, shut up… for real.. tell me your secret.

Darell – That wasn’t convincing?

Trey – No, you are not convincing when you say that.

Darell – Alright alright.. umm. So… I… have a son.

Trey – You have a kid?

Darell – I’m someone’s father.

Trey – What- wait… what?

Darell – You know Myra Kelley?

Trey – Yeah?

Darell – She and I went to Elementary, Middle, and High School together.

Trey – In Bridgeport.

Darell – Yeah… and we foolishly had sex.. and didn’t use a condom.

Trey – Keegan told me she had a kid but.. wow… I had no idea that you- and Myra… So how does it work?

Darell – Oh I have no rights….

Trey – Why not? you didn’t like.. hit Myra or anything like that did you?

Darell – Oh no, umm.. When she told me she was pregnant I cheated on her… to make her mad enough to get an abortion. I know that sound horrible, but I didn’t want a baby to ruin either of our lives. When she didn’t fall for it, I told her I never loved her, that she was nothing but a fuck.. and that her sister was hotter than her blah blah..

Trey – Ah… so you broke her down.

Darell – Myra’s parents- well grandparents. They didn’t want her to see me again… because of what happened. Which worked out fine because she hated me at that point. Then they took her away to have the baby.

Trey – Well you have rights, you could have fought.

Darell – My mom and dad were going to, until I told them to give them what they wanted. I knew Myra had a fucked up life when it came to her parents. Her and her sister Rhys lived with their grandparents.. I knew what was up. I didn’t wanna make it any harder on her. If she, and her grandparents felt I needed to be out of the picture, then I was going to stay away…. until I realized it was a huge mistake.

Trey – …..Yeah.

Darell – I tried to undo it, but Myra hated my guts, and I got so bitter about everything. I was forced to be some deadbeat… because I made a dumb choice. Myra wouldn’t hear me out, her sister.. man Rhys can be a bitch.. she threaten to cut me up if I came near her sister.

Trey – She was just being protective.

Darell – It sucks seeing them on campus.

Trey – I would imagine.

Darell – We don’t talk about it.. at all. Sometimes I want to blurt it out but I’ve caused enough pain in her life…. and her sisters in a way.

Trey – What did you do to Rhys?

Darell – I helped ruin her reputation in high school.. its a long story that includes Mason, and Candice. Lets just say I started a rumor that I was another dude who smashed her.. I obviously didn’t, but I was so mad that I wanted to hurt them..

Trey – Ah….

Darell – I met Portia and started dating her…. only because her mom had a business. I had this idea that I’d get rich… and get my son back. I could do it by working Portia over.. getting a position with her mom’s company. Portia started annoying me, and the no sex thing sucked. So I met Rubi, and she was cool.. funny, kinda cute- back when she was skinny.

Trey – Heh.. all making sense now.

Darell – Now, it got complicated because I did really start to like Rubi.. but then she kinda turned me off. She was so narcissistic, and vain. But she started telling me how she could get me a job in Hollywood-

Trey – And you figured that could help get your son back.

Darell – Yep… but I wasn’t sure, so I kinda straddled the fence between Portia and Rubi, and I got caught, Rubi got kicked out the sorority.. she gained like hella weight. That sounds fucked up, but I’m not into fat girls. She was cute, and skinny before.. so- but that’s neither here or there. Portia, then Rubi was my get rich quick schemes to get my kid.

Trey – I understand…

Darell – I know its all wrong by the way. Its shady…. I’ve been really sad about Miguel, because Myra was finally happy… and now.. she’s hurt again. I don’t know what to do with myself… so that’s my big secret. You have so many friends, and you could tell anybody and ruin me… I have to trust that you won’t. That this stays between us.

Trey – ……. I could hurt you like you hurt me. I could go on social media and destroy you right now, but it wouldn’t do me any good… or you, or Myra, Portia, or Rubi.

Darell – Or Curtis.

Trey – Is that your son’s name?

Darell – Yeah… I umm.. I saw Myra take him to school once…. it was weird…

Trey – I can only imagine how you feel about it.

Darell – ….Man.. I’m so fucking lost.

Trey – Do you love Portia?

Darell – As a person yes, but I am not in love with her. I don’t want to be with her.

Trey – Then break up with her. Tell her you guys don’t want the same things, and that you were fooling yourself thinking you did. Just don’t be a dick about it though.

Darell – …. You’re right, I should end things with Portia. Maybe she’ll find a perfect church going boy for herself….

Trey – Do you love Rubi?

Darell – Umm.. Eh… I’m not sure how I feel about Rubi these days.

Trey – Cause she’s gained weight, and she’s fat now?

Darell – That sounds shallow…

Trey – …..

Darell – Your boyfriend.. he’s fit.

Trey – Right.

Darell – So how would you feel if in a few months he let himself go.. got real soft, and pudgy?

Trey – ….Umm… I mean he’d still be him-

Darell – But you wouldn’t lust after his body, and looks like you did before.

Trey – I guess you’re right.

Darell – Rubi, and I could never be. Even if she lost weight.

Trey – By process of elimination, I’m assuming you want Myra?

Darell – No….

Trey – Then?

Darell – I want to know that I’ll be successful, and I want my kid in my life.

Trey – Then kick ass, finish GCU, get a job.. and take Myra to court.

Darell – ….She’s been through enough.

Trey – Then sit her down and tell her everything you told me.

Darell – She avoids me.

Trey – I know you said you don’t want anyone else to know, but maybe with my help, and Keegan’s-

Darell – I know Keegan’s cool with the Kelley sisters, but no… I don’t want him to know.

Trey – So what are you gonna do?

Darell – ….. your idea sounds like it could work…

Trey – But you don’t want to take her to court.

Darell – …Right… but maybe after everything that’s happened, she’ll let me talk to her…. I mean stranger things have happened.. you and I are talking.

Trey – Believe it, and maybe it will happen. Nothing is wrong with being optimistic.

Darell – Do you think I’m a bad person?

Trey – Not at your core no. I think you hate yourself, so you act out.

Darell – I don’t hate myself.. well.. I mean I kinda do sometimes…

Trey – I think you’ll be okay.

Darell – …..Maybe.

Trey – …… Hey do you wanna come see a movie with us? Lenny, Chace, and I are going to see-

Darell – Thanks, but I’m okay.

Trey – Just figured I’d ask.

Darell – …..No to the movie, but…. yes to being friends?

Trey – Umm.. yeah.. okay.

Darell – You’re the only one who knows everything, so I could use someone to vent to every now and then.

Trey – Okay.

Darell – ….and…. you can talk to me about…. your dad.

Trey – …….Right….. Okay.. yeah.. we can be friends Darell.

Darell – Cool.

Trey – Tomorrow’s gonna be rough How will you handle it?

Darell – I should be okay. Its gonna be weird seeing Miguel lay there though. I’m probably gonna go see him as soon as they open the doors. You?

Trey – Late… I’ll be there tomorrow night.. with my friends.

Darell – You ever see a dead body before?

Trey – Yes….

Darell – Same… but its still hard to see.

Trey – I know…

Darell – Anyway, you should get going.. Chace, and Lenny probably think we’re like.. making out or something.

Trey – Yeah, don’t wanna be late for the movie…

Darell – Hey?

Trey – Yeah?

Darell – Is Lenny…. a tranny?- I mean transsexual?

Trey – No… he’s just androgynous.

Darell – What the hell does that mean?

Trey – Google it sweetheart.

Darell – …*laughs* Alright.

Trey – You know where to find me if you need me.

Darell – Right.

Trey – Bye.

Darell – Bye Trey.

Oh my god, I did not expect that to be his secret. I’m in shock, he has a kid.. with Myra Kelley.. who’s boyfriend just died. Everything is connected I swear. I mean look at he and I.. He, Aries, Rubi, and I.. are kinda connected in a weird way dating wise. I oddly enough have faith in Darell. He seemed liberated after telling me everything, and he’s right.. its a big fucking secret to trust someone with. I get why he felt it would make us even. I can’t imagine having a kid, and being banned from its life, that must suck. Then watching Myra hurt all over again?… seeing her everyday.. a constant reminder.. I cannot believe I’m saying this… but poor guy… I think he-

Darell – Hey Trey!

Trey – Yeah?

Darell – Thank you…. talking about it… its helping me see things a little clearer.. I have never told anybody, and I feel like a huge weight is lifted. So thank you.

Trey – You’re welcome Darell.

Darell – Enjoy your movie bro.

Trey – See ya.

As I was gonna say….. I think he’s on the right path… he’ll figure it out… and if he feels like he can’t do it alone.. then.. he has me. Which is so fucking odd to say considering our past… but yeah.. weird. Anyway I’ll see you guys later.. ciao.

(POV Keegan)

Keegan – You still there?

Rhys (In Bridgeport With Myra) – Yeah.

Keegan – Sometimes I loose reception at my dads.

Rhys – Oh you’re at your father’s house? is that why you had to call me back earlier?

Keegan – No no, I was with Frankie.

Rhys – Oh?

Keegan – No, not like that. We were visiting Aries…

Rhys – The suicide kid?

Keegan – Yeah.

Rhys – So why are you at your dad’s right now?

Keegan – Yeah, I was invited to dinner… just he and I.

Rhys – Cute…

Keegan – So how is it going there?

Rhys – First of all Bridgeport traffic is the worst… secondly.. its really depressing being here. I’m trying to hold it together for my sister.

Keegan – Myra’s strong….

Rhys – Yeah.

Keegan – How’s Miguel’s parents?

Rhys – His mom is holding it together more than his dad. He’s been crying since we walked in.

Keegan – Sucks…..

Rhys – Thanks for calling me back by the way…

Keegan – I just wanted to check on Myra.

Rhys – That’s very sweet of you to do.

Keegan – She’s my friend, she matters a whole bunch to me.

Rhys – *smiles* You have a good night Keegan.

Keegan – I’ll try. Take it easy Rhys.

Rhys – Bye.

Keegan – Bye.

I had totally forgot that Myra, and Rhys were visiting Miguel’s parents tonight. I bet its really depressing being there with his folks. Question, was I weird with Rhys on the phone just now? I thought I handled it pretty well. The thing is, I’m not trippin’ off her. I’m good, I don’t feel like we fit anyway. I have my hangups, and she has her. I’d honestly rather just be her friend. I do get this feeling that she thinks I’m way into her- which.. I guess annoys me? Regardless, I’m just happy she’s not ignoring me anymore. I don’t need any enemies. I love, and adore Myra, and perhaps Rhys and I could be great friends one day. Enough about that.. time for Dinner with my dad.

[20 minutes later]

So.. I had no idea that both Scott, and Owen would be here…. I feel ambushed. Maybe I should run out, and scream “Fuck You Scott” *laughs* Oh that failed intervention was hilarious now that I look back on it.. so much drama… anyway yeah.. Scott and his son Owen are here. I came in, and was obviously shocked to see them. Scott, and my dad planned this on purpose…. but yeah after a awkward hello.. we all went outside…. for conversation… like one happy family… AWKWARD!

Issac – Nice night out eh?

Owen – Yeah… you have an amazing home Mr. Bennett.

Issac – You can call me Issac, Owen.

Owen – *smiles*

Scott – ………. So……

Keegan – Scott, Owen….. just wanna say… I come in peace. I’m not against you guys, I’m not- I don’t hate you guys. I’m embarrassed, and ashamed of what I thought was going on between you two.. so I want to say I’m sorry.

Owen – You did hit me in the face…… but…. yeah, I accept your apology. Especially because if I were you, I probably would have thought exactly what you assumed.

Scott – Of course I forgive you kiddo. I love you Keegan, even if you don’t believe me.

Issac – *smiles*

Owen – So… how was everybody’s day?

Keegan – Mine was okay… I visited Aries- well Frankie and I-

Owen – Trey told me about that.

Keegan – You and Trey are friends? did you tell him that-

Owen – He knows I’m straight.. we had a good laugh about it.

Keegan – Cool, cool, but yeah Frankie and I weren’t doing much, so she had the bright idea to go see Aries. We talked with him while he ate a bowl of fruit loops in the kitchen.. he seems to be feeling better. Frankie gave him a big hug, and he seemed… really happy about it. I mean he’s gay, but Frankie has that affect on people.

Issac – She had that affect on you once upon a time if I’m not mistaken…

Scott – Now you know KeeKee had all those girls hot between the legs back in the day…

Owen – *laughs*

Keegan – Wow.. really Scott? *laughs*

Scott – Come on.. Jarrah, Frankie, and that Kaori.. they all wanted you.. actually a bunch of girls wanted you. I bet boys too.

Owen – That’s hilarious.

Keegan – I don’t really… see myself as like.. a hot guy-

Issac – Bullshit..

Scott – Lets not tell lies now…

Owen – Yeah, even I detect a bit of confidence there… you know girls love you.. admit it.

Keegan – *Smiles* … okay maybe I’m a little aware of… the lust… but I’m not like, a douchebag about it. I don’t bang a different girl every night or whatever.

Issac – Good, your mother and I didn’t raise you to be like that.

Scott – True.

Issac – Good ol’ Kaitlyn…

Owen – Is… she… deceased?

Issac – Oh no.. she has a wife.. they live in town.

Owen – Ah okay.

This is actually going pretty well don’t you think? all four of us having a conversation.. a smooth conversation at that.

Keegan – Dad is that my shirt?

Issac – Umm.. I don’t think so? It may be.. but it may be mine too. I have a bunch of shirts like this.

Keegan – Where’s your shoes?

Issac – I wanted to be comfortable.

Keegan – *laughs* I can see that….. *Stretches/Yawns* Man, I’m hungry…. where’s the food?

Issac – Ah right, Scott, help me bring the food out?

Scott – Okay babe.

Issac – We’ll be right back.. you two keep talking-

Scott – Yeah… bond with one another.. you’re step brothers now.

Owen & Keegan – *looks at each other*

Well… okay then.

Scott – I think its going pretty good.

Issac – Me too…

Scott – And to think you were nervous…

Issac – I just sometimes worry about how he processes things, but… I was wrong. He’s taking it all well.

Scott – Can’t believe we…. nevermind..

Issac – No, go ahead and say it.

Scott – I was just gonna say that I can’t believe we have a happy little family.. I know how corny, and stupid it sounds..

Issac – It doesn’t sound corny, or stupid. It sounds great.

Scott – I love you Issac….

Issac – And I love you back Scotty… now lets go get the food before Keegan throws a fit.


Owen – …….

Keegan – ……

Owen – Thanks for mentioning the food. I’m starving, but I didn’t wanna just throw it out there.

Keegan – No problem..

Owen – *Nods yes*

Keegan – ………

Owen – …….

Keegan – So we’ve established that you’re straight.

Owen – Right.

Keegan – Do you have a girlfriend?

Owen – Currently? no.

Keegan – Are you actively looking for one? or are you a, go with the flow kinda guy?

Owen – To be honest, as an adult I haven’t really had a girlfriend. I’ve hooked up a few times here and there, but I’ve been focused on work, and well finding Scott. So nope.. no girlfriends. I know most people might think that’s lame but let me tell you something. Its not lame to be single.. at all.

Keegan – I agree.

Owen – People in relationships sometimes WISH they were single. Single people want a relationship so bad. Its the whole.. grass is greener on the other side mentality. Love, girlfriends-boyfriends. Those things are not a necessity in my opinion. Long as you have family, and you’re social with them.. and you got a good hobby.. you’re good.

Keegan – So… do you want a girlfriend?

Owen – Umm… Not really.. not right now anyway. I feel like chicks are so high maintenance, you know? I’ll find the right girl sooner or later, but I’m not in a rush. I’m good with the casual one night stand from the bar, or.. ya know… my hand.

Keegan – Yeah its been a lot of that for me lately…

Owen – Campus full of hot girls.. and you’re not hooking up?

Keegan – Nope….

Owen – Why not?

Keegan – I have a reason, but I don’t want to get into it.

Owen – What? do you have like.. a STD or something?

Keegan – No, nothing like that. Just… yeah.. emotions man… they fuck with your head.

Owen – Speaking of which… just so we’re clear. I admire your strength. You’ve been through hell from what Scott- my dad… wow.. that still feels weird actually saying- umm.. yeah you’ve been through a lot of crazy shit, and you’re… you’re good. You look like someone who has it together. That’s amazing, and I could never judge someone like that.

Keegan – Thanks.

Owen – So while I know it was kinda fucked up for my dad to tell me all of your business.. just know that I totally respect you, and think you’re one strong dude.

Keegan – That means a lot… cause it wasn’t easy. Also I get why Scott told you.. I was part of the reason why he didn’t tell my dad about you, and- lets not rehash the situation.. we know what happened, and its all good. We’re here now.

Owen – Right.

With my past, i’m open to being judged- there’s no way around it. Anybody who know’s my life.. they’re bound to feel a certain way, and make their own.. like- what I’m trying to say is that.. different people will see me differently. Some will see me as a spoiled kid who made mistakes and didn’t pay for it. Others will see me as someone who went through everything, and see that I’m still standing. That I’m okay, and I’m strong enough to be aware of everything, and not go crazy. Owen saying he think’s I’m strong, and he respects me.. that’s nice of him.

Owen – So my dad… he told me about the Police Academy thing.

Keegan – Ah… yes.

Owen – How’s everyone taking it?

Keegan – My friends want me to follow my heart…. now my parents on the other hand….

Owen – They’re freaking out?

Keegan – My mom’s Kaitlyn and Joy.. I told them, and Kaitlyn- the one who gave birth to me. She flipped out and started crying.. worrying about me getting shot. She watches too much CSI.

Owen – And Joy? your other mom? how she feel about it?

Keegan – She’s a judge.. so she’s thrilled *laughs*

Owen – Nice.

Keegan – Your dad- Scott, he thinks its cool.

Owen – And Issac?

Keegan – Eh.. he’d rather I stay at G.C.U. but he supports my decision to go to Police Academy.

Owen – I have a buddy who took the exam a few years ago.. he said it wasn’t that hard.

Keegan – Yeah….

Owen – When are you gonna do that?

Keegan – I haven’t planned it yet.. mainly cause I don’t want the pressure yet? I don’t want everyone knowing, and then worrying about if I passed or not.

Owen – Take a day.. and go do it without telling anybody.

Keegan – That’s actually not a bad idea

Owen – I think you’d make a good cop.

Keegan – Thanks. I think I could too.

Owen – What does your fraternity think about it?- dad told me you’re a fratboy- as if I couldn’t already tell by the way you dress *laughs*

Keegan – I haven’t told them…..

Owen – Oh?

Keegan – Yeah… I feel like they’re gonna be upset, cause I really bonded with them… so.. with everything that’s happen recently I’m just trying to find the best time to tell them.

They accepted me, and we bonded. So just up and leaving them.. I feel like… I don’t know. Like I’m slapping them in the face. At the same time I gotta make myself happy though.. I think I’ll miss Javier the most. He’s a good kid, and I hope he and Jeep become good friends once I leave.

Owen – That makes sense. Can’t just drop a bombshell while the city’s already… ya know.. still getting over the accident, and.. stuff.

Keegan – So… what about you? I mean it seems like your job keeps you on the go. Got a new client?

Owen – Yeah.. Actually.. umm.. she’s a cougar…

Keegan – No shit….

Owen – Yeah, I met her the other day and she pretty much hinted at sucking me off….

Keegan – Are you gonna quit?

Owen – No.

Keegan – Are you gonna let her blow you?

Owen – Umm- eh… No, nopes… *laughs*

Keegan – You totally thought about saying yes *laughs*

Owen – Nope.. not at all… okay maybe like for 1 second I thought about it. She’s hot..

Keegan – Jessica Nash was hot..

Owen – She was… I agree.. I tried to keep it professional… she had a nice body, I didn’t wanna stare too much.

Keegan – Yeah.

Owen – I’m happy for them though… Engaged.. and now they’re gonna adopt a kid..

Keegan – What?

Owen – Yeah. Tom, and Jess are gonna adopt a kid… not like a baby, cause they’re both.. old.. but a kid.

Keegan – Like a kid? or like a teenager?

Owen – I think a kid…

Keegan – Awesome..

Owen – I probably shouldn’t have told you that… but umm… I guess we’re brothers now.. you can keep a secret right?

Keegan – Yeah ……bro… I can.

Owen – Cool… So speaking of siblings.. adding me to the mix, you sure have a unique family situation huh?

Keegan – I mean, its all I’ve ever known.. I’ve never really looked at it from an outsiders perspective.

Owen – Gay dad, his husband. Lesbian mom, her wife. They adopted a little girl, so you have a little sister, and I’m here.. so you have a big brother…

Keegan – Yeah.. when you put it that way… it is pretty unique *laughs*

Owen – I think its cool… big family.

Keegan – What does your mom think about… all of this.

Owen – She’s not thrilled, but I’ve been a fully grown adult for a while now.. so its not like she has any say. She’s… closed-minded.. and we don’t have the same beliefs when it comes to religion. Taking that out of the equation.. she’s a good mom.. I have no complaints.. minus the whole Scott thing.

Keegan – That’s good.. that you didn’t let it.. change your view of her.

Owen – Yeah.

Keegan – I never would have guessed Scott had such issues with the gay thing. He seems so… confident about it.

Owen – Yeah, that’s- Its tough for me to really comment on.. only cause It makes me mad at my mother… Speaking of the stuff Scott said that night you accused me of incest-

Keegan – My bad… *laughs*

Owen – What’s up with this Riley guy?

Oh god… 

Keegan – How long do we have before they get back with the food?

Owen – They’re probably doing it in the kitchen or something..

Keegan – Yuck- I caught them doing it once.. it was gross.

Owen – I bet.

Keegan – Now that you mention it, they are taking their time.

Owen – Probably on purpose.. so we can “bond”

Keegan – Ah, you’re right.

Owen – So Riley….

Keegan – Umm.. I don’t even know how to begin…

Owen – Dad told me that he felt like he couldn’t live up to Riley-

Keegan – My dad doesn’t compare like-

Owen – No, not with your dad… with you.

Keegan – What?

Owen – He said you loved Riley.. and he couldn’t ever get you to love him like that.

Keegan – How much do you know about Riley?

Owen – That he was with your dad, you loved him, and all of your dad’s friends seem to want them together.. which makes my dad sad.

Keegan – Ah.. well yeah, its a LONG story. I guess.. some people do see my dad… and Riley as.. star-crossed lovers.. but.. I don’t know. I mean yeah I love the fuck out of Riley, and his daughter… she’s one of the most amazing girls-women! I have ever known….

Owen – Do you have… feelings for her?

Keegan – Heh… that’s so complicated when you consider the past.. the thing is… okay so like.. wow.. I’ve actually never really said this outloud..

Owen – Alright…

Keegan – This stays between us.. I haven’t even told my bestfriend what I’m about to tell you.

Owen – I promise.

Keegan – So in my little crew.. we have.. myself, Trey, my bestfriend Jeep-

Owen – Jeep? as in a automobile?

Keegan – No, his name is Jonah.. but- yeah anyway.. Myself, Trey, Jeep… and then 3 girls.

Owen – Okay….

Keegan – Jarrah, Kaori, Frankie…

Owen – ……

Keegan – They had this pact.. to not… fuck me. Or like.. date me.

Owen – All three liked you.

Keegan – Yeah… and I… I kinda liked it. I kinda liked all three. It sounds so bad.. but I was young, and all three of them had this way about them when it came to me.

Owen – How many did you sleep with?

Keegan – One…. Jarrah.

Owen – So you liked her the best?

Keegan – No.

Owen – Well then?

Keegan – It presented itself… and it just happened. I’d actually say I see her more as a sister type now…

Owen – So that leaves Frankie and Kaori.

Keegan – I almost fingered Frankie when we lived together… and we had this weird chemistry.. it totally could have happened. She and I could have gotten together, but we didn’t I got with- umm.. Mona… did Scott tell-

Owen – Yeah.. yeah.. he told me about her.

Keegan – Right, so I got with her.. cause she was amazing, and perfect, and the thing with Frankie is.. I kinda didn’t want anything to happen because our dad’s were obsessed with each other.

Owen – Right..

Keegan – So they split.. due to… Mira- don’t ask. Umm.. and then Frankie and I kinda stopped being that way.. we became friendly.. and she dated, and I dated. We remain friends till this day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I dunno.. it is what it is.. Frankie and I are friends, and that’s the best thing we can be.  She’s one of my closest friends, and even though our past is a bit confusing.. we don’t really see each other in that way anymore.

Owen – So Kaori?

Keegan – I’m sorta… umm. Well I was- sorta.. in love with her.

Owen – Sorta?

Keegan – Well, I was.. but I saw her happy with another guy.. so I tried to move on- and for the most part I did….

Owen – I’m sensing a but.

Keegan – But…… whenever she and I are alone, I feel like… you know.. this pull…

I’m gonna be honest, most days I’m over Kaori.. but some days I see her, and she’s just so.. cute. I find myself lusting after her. Its not as serious as it was before but I’m starting to realize that she and I may not be right for one another.

Owen – Right…- heh.. so that explains your not hooking up situation.

Keegan – I mean I fucked this girl named Jules, and she’s great… I thought we could get together but.. its complicated. Then this chick named Rhys- Yeah… that didn’t go so well either.

Owen – So what do you want?

Keegan – ……I want someone who will surprise me… care about me.. understand me.. and not judge me.

Owen – Well you’re a good looking dude, I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later. … I hate to be that guy.. but umm.. if all three of the girls… wanted to do you.. at once… would you do it?

Keegan – Umm- eh… No, nopes… *laughs*

Owen – You totally thought about saying yes *laughs*

Keegan – I’m a guy… I can’t help it… 

Owen – You know its freeing… being able to just talk like this. About women, and sex… I don’t do that often…

Keegan – Well now you got a brother.. so we can talk about this shit all the time.

Owen – That’s pretty darn awesome… We should get like matching t-shirts that say step brothers.

Keegan – Umm

Owen – Joking.. totally joking *laughs*

Keegan – *laughs*

Owen – Alright so I’m really starving.. should we go get them?

Keegan – I’m scared…

Owen – Why?

Keegan – What if we walk in there and your dad’s face down ass up on the couch?

Owen – Why does it have to be my dad getting plowed?

Keegan – Cause your dad is a bottom only.. I heard him say it once on the phone.

Owen – Oh…… *laughs* Well.. I guess we can just wait till they cum-

Keegan – Yuck

Owen – Back… Come back…

Keegan – Oh… So.. what’s your type of music? you look like a John Mayer, Adam Levine- Maroon 5 kinda guy..

Owen – I’d rather chew off my own hand than listen to that shit.

Keegan – What do you like?

Owen – I like… Kanye West, Frank Ocean, The Weekend, umm.. who else- Oh Jhene Aiko?

Keegan – So you like R&B- and Rap…

Owen – Yeah.. I mean I like top 40 also but.. yeah.

Keegan – Trey loves Kanye West…

Owen – No shit?

Keegan – Yep….. I used to love hip-hop… and I still do for the most part, but now I like everything.. except country…

Owen – Stomach is growling.. its time to be brave and go get food.. I can’t do it alone though… you with me?

Keegan – Fine.. but you go in first.. I don’t wanna see them doing anything sexual…

Owen – *laughs* Alright lets go.

Well its time to get our food. Owen and I had a good talk, and hopefully some good food will follow. I wonder where my dad ordered from because neither he or Scott can cook. I gotta say.. a week ago, if you would have told me that Scott, Owen, My dad, and I would be having a family dinner.. I probably would have laughed in your face. Owen’s really cool, opening up to him is easier than I thought… and I even said some stuff I didn’t really think I’d say. Interesting night to say the least… I can’t complain. Its been a good time…. I’ll see you guys later. Goodnight.

(POV Jeep) [The Next Day]

At first when I heard about what Aries had done on the G.C.U. rooftop, I was just happy to know he didn’t kill himself. Then I got angry because I felt like his actions were selfish, and attention seeking. That he was taking the easy way out of a situation he created for himself. Now…. I understand that in his mind.. he was just tired, and over it. He felt he had nothing left, and nobody to talk to. I know he brought this on himself, but doesn’t mean he deserves to feel like he wanted to kill himself. So I’m here, I’m supportive. Aries is my friend, and… his happiness matters to me.

Aries – So what’s the special occasion? all five of you show up to see little ol’ me *smiles*

Jeep – That’s the spirit! you’re making jokes! that’s the Aries I know, and love.

Rubi – Air-reez…. you lookin’ cute again. You look so much better now baby boo.

Aries – Thanks Rubi, you look nice too.

Rubi – Whatchu been doin’ since bein’ home n shit? you been talkin’ with yo mom’s?

Aries – Yeah.. we had a long talk.. oh and my dad… he’s gonna visit.

Rubi – Oh good.. I remember you told me how you felt about that.. glad he’s bout to pop up.. pops bout to pop up in this mothafucka.. what’s poppin’

Aries – *laughs* never change.

I think Rubi, and Aries friendship is really nice. Especially when you consider that she was his beard, and that can be a bit humiliating sometimes. Rubi often comes off really comical and immature, but I know its all an act. I see how she is with Aries, and how she protects him. My respect level has gone up so much for her lately.

Kaori – How’d they take everything?

Aries – The gay part?, or the depression and… suicide stuff?

Kaori – All of it.

Aries – Well… the gay thing… they tried to play it off with the “We love you no matter what” but we both know inside they were probably jumping for joy, internally screaming “I knew it! I knew it!” The other stuff though… they felt like they failed me a bit? They couldn’t understand why I didn’t come talk to them.

Trey – Typical parents.. they always feel like its their fault.

Aries – Right…

Kaori – But you’re okay now right?

Aries – Yes… I don’t want to die… I’m alright.. I just- as cliche as it sounds.. once I yelled out that I was gay, and I knew it would spread around campus.. I didn’t care anymore.. It felt… good.

Christine – That’s one hell of a coming out dude.

Jeep – Sure is

Trey – Have you been getting a lot of visitors?

Aries – Umm, Yeah… The frat guys visited me.. umm.. oh Keegan, and Frankie visited me too.

Good to know Keegan, and Frankie are showing support too.

Trey – Jarrah’s on her way, she would have came with us, but she had to help her friend Lola with something.

Aries – *smiles* Sweet of her- sweet of all of you really.

Christine – I’m just glad you seem better- you look 100% better too.

Jeep – You look rested.. you must be sleeping good.

Aries – Oh I am…

Kaori – And eating good.

Aries – Oh my god.. my moms.. they bought me all of these cupcakes, and deserts-

Rubi – Oooh what kind? I love red velvet cupcakes. This one time in high school, my mom didn’t have any clients for the day, so she picked me up out of school. We went to this bakery in Bridgeport, and had Red Velvet cupcakes and milk. It was our secret.

Aries – Actually I did have red velvet. I’m sure we have plenty left if you want one.

Rubi – Hell yeah I do.

Crazy…. Rubi was skinny… and now.. she’s… not. To be honest though, at least she’s still confident about herself. She seems to love her new curvier figure, and more power to her.

Aries – Ya know… having you guys here.. I feel like a zoo animal.

Trey – Cause we’re all just staring at you?

Aries – Yes- and then I feel super stupid for what I did.

Kaori – Sometimes you just gotta lose your shit in order to express yourself. I’m sure you feel a lot better now don’t you?

Aries – Yeah.

Jeep – Don’t feel dumb, or stupid.. it happened, and it… it happened for a reason you know?

Trey – *Smiles* Yeah.. you know from our long talks online, how I feel about everything happening for a reason.

Aries – I remember *smiles* Shit.. I look like a bum compared to you guys

Christine – You look fine.

Trey – You look very handsome in your PJ’s Aries.

Aries – *smirks* really? you’re not just being nice?

Trey – Nope.. very handsome.

Aries – Aww shucks.

Rubi – Mmm hmm! Yeah you do look like a cutie Air-Reez!

Aries – You guys are too kind…. so enough about me! how are you guys?

Trey – We’re okay.. taking things one day at a time- I shouldn’t speak for everyone, my bad.

Kaori – No, you’re right.. 

Yep.. one day at a time it is.. especially with everything that’s happened. Its better to just relax, and not stress yourself out.

Aries – How was the festival Rubi? was everyone in your hometown happy to see you?

Rubi – Oh it was real cute! and yeah when the queen come in town everything shut down! they was happy to see the kid. CCity loves Rubi..

Aries – So it was an all around good time?

Rubi – They had performances from this chick named Vii. and this other chick named Misty. Now lemme spill some tea. My brother Ryder knows both of these girls well. Vii is his ex girlfriend. She was performing, hitting choreography and I was copying it, and doing it better and harder than she was.

Kaori – I’m sure you were…

Trey – Slay a bit Rubi.

Rubi – Y’all know I did.. Oh and before she performed the girl Misty performed.. real punk rock… she was lame as hell but she suckin’ my brother’s dick so I cheered for her. But yeah enough about them.. shit! I was dressed to impress too.. had a blue wig on.. slaying the lessors

If I’m not mistaken, Frankie’s sister lives in CCity, and helped that Misty girl on stage.. which is the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I cannot imagine Frankie’s sister, Andi- with a guitar performing at a town festival. She’s such a badass, a hip hop- R&B loving type of woman.. and the thought of her on a stage.. with a guitar.. playing rock music is really fucking hilarious.. I bet she looked so out of place. I wonder why she agreed to it.. I mean its cool though I guess, doing things you never thought you would. That’s how I’m gonna approach things from now on.

Aries – I saw on your instagram.. you looked like you had fun.

Rubi – I did, I was only missing one thing.

Aries – Hmm?

Rubi – You silly! I wish you would have came with me! it was plenty of gay boys there you could have danced with!

Aries – *laughs* I love you Rubi.

Rubi – Aww well you know I love you too Air-Reez!

Aries – I mean it.. you’re very sweet, and loyal.. and even after everything I put you through.. all you want is the best for me. I want you to know that while I am gay.. I really did enjoy my time with you. We talked on a deeper level.. about family, life.. goals and aspirations. You’re one of my bestfriends.

Rubi – I’m bout to cry in this piece! you can’t be spilling beautiful words like that! *smiles* BFF’s for life! ooh you can be my GBF! Gay bestfriend!

Aries – I just watched a movie called GBF on netflix… about gay bestfriends.. it was hilarious

Rubi – Oooh Yeah! with the girl from Pretty Little Liars! Alison? yassss bitch yasss. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?!

Aries – …..Yeah.. 

Rubi – Who da fuck is A? I’m tired of waiting!

Aries – *laughs* I don’t think we’ll ever find out….

Kaori – *laughs* Oh please.. you know its Alison- or like her twin sister. They’re totally gonna go that twin route…

Trey – Jarrah loves Pretty Little Liars.. I just can’t deal with that show.. Its all over the place. I watched 2 seasons and I was done.. those bitches are so stupid.. how many times do you have to almost die before you stop going into dark places alone at night?

Kaori – Sooooo true.. Spencer got attacked by a horse.. kicked in the eye…

Trey – And I bet all she had was a bruise.. 

Kaori – ….yep

Trey – Stupid.. she should have had an orbital eye fracture at least… mess… shitty writing.

Kaori – True, but the shit is hilarious.

Christine – I personally still think Aria is A…

Rubi – Ooooh shit that would be crazy!

Aries – That’s not a bad theory.. but I don’t know.. the writers seem so into the Ezra-Aria thing…

I’m lost.. I don’t watch that show. Christine wants me to start watching this show on FX called “The Strain” .. Maybe I’ll give that a chance. Though I’m pretty happy with Legend of Korra coming back in 3 weeks… can’t believe its back so soon. Also American Horror Story : Freakshow is gonna start in like 4 weeks…

Aries – So what about the rest of you? Kaori? how’s everything?

Kaori – I got promoted at work.. no longer an intern.

Aries – Awesome.

Kaori – And.. umm.. yeah that’s it…. but I’m pretty happy with that.

Aries – How’s the boyfriend?

Kaori – …. He’s good.

And leaving… maybe now Keegan can get with her… though he hasn’t really talked about her in a while. Plus there’s Rhys, and I guess Jules

Aries – What about the cute guy you were with in Bridgeport.. your co-worker..

Kaori – Kyle? oh he’s doing great.. he got some good news today so.. he’s feeling good.

Aries – Good.. and umm.. thanks for coming… and caring.. and.. just being my cousin.

Kaori – Anytime.. I plan on making it a habit.. so you better not get tired of me.

Aries – Never.

Kaori – I do love you Aries.. even if I haven’t shown it so much in the past..

Aries – I love you too Kay’. So.. who’s next- ah Trey.. hi.

Trey – *laughs* Hi.

Aries – Everything good in Trey-Town?

Trey – Umm… yeah.. everything is pretty good.

Aries – How’s your dad?

Trey – His spirits are much better… so that’s all I can ask for.

Aries – ….. I don’t even… like.. you know how much you mean to me.. so.. yeah.

Trey – Right…. of course…

Sometimes I do wonder if they’ll somehow get back together. I don’t know how I feel about it.. on one hand, Dominic is great.. but for some reason I really like the idea of Trey and Aries finally just being happy together. I could be alone in that, but I’m okay with it.

Aries – Jeep…. Christine… aside from the obvious… are things good? and are you dating each other yet?

Christine – As a matter of fact… we are…

Jeep – Yeah… she’s my girlfriend now.

Aries – Good! Guess that means I lost the bet.

Christine – What bet?

Aries – Raven and I had a bet going.. she said you guys would be together before the end of the school year.. I said it would probably be next year….. speaking of… has there been any good news on that?

Jeep – No changes, but doctors say it could happen at any random time.. so we just gotta be positive.

Christine – I don’t do it often.. but I actually started praying to god every night… hoping that she’ll wake up.

Aries – She’s strong, and one of my bestfriends.. I think she’ll wake up. I mean she’s a badass.. I doubt this will keep her down.

Christine – Thanks Aries.. I needed to hear that.

Jeep – Yeah thanks.. keep that positivity coming.

Aries – Jeep I love you.. and glad we’re friends again.. and Christine.. I love you too.. even if you do have a big head and small body *laughs*

Christine – Whatever.. Jeep loves my head!

Jeep – Umm..


Trey – Oh my..

Kaori – *laughs* Hella funny…

Rubi – Wait.. we talking about a cranium or somebody gettin’ they dick sucked?

Aries – *laughs* whoa keep it in the bedroom Christine!

Christine – I regretted it as soon as it left my mouth- and that sounded wrong too.. dammit.

Aries – Are you guys gonna hangout for a while?

Jeep – Yeah, sure whatever you want.

Aries – Alright.. well.. umm.. is it okay if I talk to Trey alone for maybe.. 15 minutes or so?

Trey – *looks around*

Kaori – That’s fine, come on Rubi lets go get a cupcake.

Rubi – Hellz YEAH!

Jeep – We can do that. Just come and get us once you’re done talking.

Christine – Yeah we’ll just be downstairs.

Aries – That’s okay right? for us to talk alone?

Trey – Yeah its fine.

Jeep – Come on guys, lets give them some space.

I’m so nosy, I’m standing here wondering what it is that they’re gonna talk about. Its none of my business though. Time to give them alone time.

Aries’s Parents are pretty nice. I can tell they’re really happy Aries has visitors. I wonder how awkward this is for Kaori.. since she’s family L-O-L…

Christine – Lovely home you guys have.

Vanessa – Thank you Christine.

Quinn – We try and keep it old fashion.. we love the decor.

Rubi – Yeah this is a dope house.. my parents house is so modern compared to this. I like the different styles!

Vanessa – Thank you Rubi.

Quinn – Christine, how’s Raven doing? still the same?

Christine – Yeah, but I’m not giving up hope.

Jeep – Our girl is strong.. she’s gonna be just fine.

Vanessa – Working at the hospitals I’ve seen miracles.. so.. anything is possible. *smiles*

Quinn – Where’s Trey?

Vanessa – Is he in the room with Aries?

Jeep – Yeah.. Aries wanted to talk to him alone.

Christine – Trey means a lot to him.

Rubi – You think Trey gonna dump that Dominic dude and get with Air-reez? cause.. he needs to..

Jeep – Dominic is a nice guy.. Aries is a nice guy.. Its Trey’s life… only he know’s what he wants.

Quinn – Aries is very fond of Trey….

Vanessa – Yes… yes he is…

Kaori – ……..

Vanessa – You’re quiet Kaori.. are you okay?

Kaori – *clears throat* Umm.. yeah.. thanks for inviting us into your home… aunt Vanessa.

Vanessa – Oh my god!.. you called my Aunt Vanessa!.. and not in a condescending tone!.. you just made my day Kaori!

Quinn – She wants to be so close to you Kaori.. she talks about it all the time.

Vanessa – Shush… don’t scare her away.

Kaori – *laughs*

[cell rings]

Kaori – Its not me…

Christine – Its me.. can I-

Quinn – Go right in the chess room hon..

Vanessa – Yeah you’ll get privacy for your call.

Christine – Thanks.. I’ll be back babe.

Jeep – Alright.

Quinn – Babe?… is she your girlfriend?

Jeep – Yes ma’am

Vanessa – So cute!

Quinn – Rubi darling would you like anything to drink?

Rubi – I am stuffed…

Vanessa – I’m sorry we ran out of cupcakes… I hope two were enough-

Rubi – Dem cupcakes were everything. Where did y’all get them from?

Quinn – From this cute cafe in Bridgeport.. honey what was the name?

Vanessa – Malkie’s Cafe?

Kaori – Oh! I’ve been there.. this guy- I guess he’s my friend now considering how much he text’s me- he was actually the one who drove me to- nevermind- umm anyway.. yeah my friend Adam works there. Its his family’s business- Rubi I can take you there anytime you want cupcakes.

Rubi – Aww shit.. they got hella good food?

Kaori – Yes!- oh and Adam is so nice! Shit.. brilliant idea.. you’re newly single..

Rubi – Okay?

Kaori – How would you feel about a blind date? Adam is so sweet.

Rubi – I mean… is he cute?

Kaori – He’s adorable!

Rubi – Adorable sounds like round.

Jeep – *laughing*

I think Kaori did mention Adam to me. He’s the guy who drove her back to campus when Aries was hysterical. Nice to see Kaori making friends… now if only she and Frankie can finally start talking again.

Christine (on phone) – Hello?……..yes.. this is she…

Vanessa (Off Screen) – So Kaori, Vince tells me that you got a promotion?

Kaori – Uh, yeah…

Quinn (Off Screen) – That’s great.

Vanessa – What is it again that you do?

Kaori – I work in advertising…. its pretty cool.

Quinn – Where at?

Vanessa – Bridgeport sweetie.. remember you ran into her and her co-worker that you said-

Quinn – Oh right! What’s the name of the company Kaori?

Kaori – Its called Siren Ad Agency…

Vanessa – That’s Sasha’s business.

Quinn – Oh okay.

Kaori – Yeah.. I have a blast doing it, and its where I wanna be… climbing my way up… I don’t dress like this at work by the way.. I keep it cute and classy.

Quinn – I’m sure you do.

Vanessa – I’m so proud of you!

Kaori – Thanks….. …….

Rubi – You said Siren Ad Agency right?

Kaori – Yeah.

Rubi – Didn’t they do that one commercial with the dog? *singing* “Dogs best friend’s isn’t far away, Its popular with dogs, and the strays. WOOF WOOF Doggy-Strip! For our K9 companion! Woof Woof!”

Jeep – *Laughing*

I swear to god.. Rubi is so fucking funny. She should be a comedian.

Quinn – Umm

Vanessa – …………………

Kaori – …………………Yeah.. we did that ad.

Rubi – It gets stuck in my head. I love the *singing again/trying to sing with soul* *growling* “Foooooooooooooo Our Kaaaaaaaaaaay-Niiiiiiiiiiiiiine-ah CUM-PAN- YUUUUUUN!”

Jeep – Wow Rubi….

Vanessa – ….

Quinn – Lovely singing voice.

Rubi – Oh for real? I remember this one time my mom tried to turn me into the next Alicia Keys! got me piano lessons.

Vanessa – Rubi where do you work? or are you just doing school?

Rubi – I be tired…

Vanessa – Oh, okay.

Rubi – I feel like I’m gonna be so busy once I start making amazing films.. so I’m just focused on school right nowz.

Quinn – Jonah?

Jeep – I actually just got hired at NerdFix

Kaori – Good for you Jeepy.

Jeep – Thanks.

Rubi – Good.. I can have you fix my laptop.. its been acting strange..

Jeep – How so?

Rubi – My screen saver won’t turn off! its stuck!

Kaori – ……….What the fuck?- I mean hell.. excuse my language.

Rubi – Oh and I deleted this file that control my volume.. I don’t know how I did that.. now my stuff is on mute all the time. I must have deleted it when I was deleting all the Lady Gaga off my hard drive.

Jeep – I thought you loved her?

Rubi – Oh I don’t live for the applause no more Jonah! She flopped! I’m so over her! I’m gonna start stanning for… hmmm well I don’t know yet, but I’m gonna replace Lady Gag-Me with a better artist- Oooh maybe Lana Del Rey.. she’s artistic like me.

Kaori – …..

Jeep – Cool…. So about your laptop, maybe you-

Rubi – Actually on second thought I’m gonna throw it in the garbage and have my dad send me a new one.

Jeep – Don’t throw it away.. it could be used and upgraded by someone.

Rubi – Well its yours if you want it..

Christine – She’s What?!

Quinn – Uh oh

Vanessa – ……..

Kaori – …..

Rubi – Does she know we can hear her?

Jeep – I’ll be right back-

Vanessa – Oh looks like Jarrah just pulled up.

Quinn – Should I get her lemonade?

Vanessa – Quinn.. you’re just whoring that Lavender Lemonade out today aren’t you?

Quinn – I am proud of it!

I need to see whats going on.

Christine – Yes sir…..I understand…..Okay bye… *hangs up/ends call*

Jeep – Is everything okay?

Christine – That was the hospital….

Jeep – What happened? is she-

Christine – She woke up……

Jeep – *smiles* She did?

Christine – Yeah.. and she asked for me…

Jeep – I’m gonna take you there right now-

Christine – No.. stay with Aries.. he needs you..

Jeep – Are you sure?

Christine – Yeah… I wanna have a moment alone with her… you can come later- after the wake.. is that okay?

Jeep – That’s perfectly fine.

Christine – I love you.

Jeep – I love you too… now go! and tell her I said hi- and that I love her, and-

Christine – I know.. i know, I’ll tell her all of that- I am so lucky to have you…

Jeep – Not as lucky as I am to have you.

Christine – You don’t understand… meeting you was the best thing I could have ever done.

Jeep – *smiles*

Christine – You’ve been my rock.. for so many things.. you’re a strong man Jonah… a great friend, and even better boyfriend.

Jeep – Stop it….

Christine – Sorry, I know you get all embarrassed when I compliment you, but I just wanted you to know…

Jeep – Its very appreciated…

Christine – Alright.. meet me at the hospital after the wake?

Jeep – Will do.

Well would you look at that? good things do happen. I am beyond happy that Raven has woken up. Aries is doing better, all that’s left is for Trey’s dad to make a speedy recovery. Come on universe.. whats one more miracle? Speaking of which, I sure hope the cops give Raven enough time to breathe before questioning her about the accident. God I didn’t really think about what she’ll face now that she’s awake.. I mean I don’t know how the system works.. if she’ll have jail-time or not… god. Lets not think about that right now though. The good thing is she’s awake, and alive. Thank god…

(POV Trey) [2 Hours Later]

After hanging out with Aries, and the others.. I made my way to the store, and then Dominic met me here- at my parents house. Tonight I am hosting a dinner.. a double date if you will. Dominic, and I, along with Hope, and Nick. I have it all planned out. We’re gonna cook a pretty simple meal together, and then eat, and have conversation. It should be a good time. This is not something I’m used to… hosting dinner, and double dates.. who am I?… I don’t know.. BUT I really like these new experiences.. and I plan on having one tonight with Dominic too.. long as I can convince him to sleepover.

Dominic – You’re kicking my ass.

Trey – Did I ever tell you how, and why I learned to play pool?

Dominic – No?

Trey – It was like a week after I had came out to my dad.. and he was in here playing pool with his friend Vince- Kaori’s dad.

Dominic – Alright.

Trey – So like.. I came in here to tell him dinner was ready.. and he asked me did I know how to play pool.

Dominic – Right.

Trey – So I said no…  and he told me.. after dinner he was gonna teach me. I said why? not like I’ll actually go to a bar and play. Then he laughed and said.. Gay bars don’t have pool tables?

Dominic – Aww

Trey – Yeah, he was like “You can meet a nice gay guy playing pool or something.. or just pretend you’re clueless so he can teach you?” Its when I really knew he accepted me.. it was so normal to him that I was gay. Which made me question why the fuck I didn’t come out sooner.

Dominic – Environment. You probably knew deep down that your dad wouldn’t have cared… but it was the fear of everyone else.. friends, and peers.

Trey – That’s… actually true..

Dominic – That’s a really cute story.

Trey – Oh I have plenty more.. like the time when I was 15 we went fishing and camping.. He, Tyler, and I together.. in the woods. It was a nightmare. Tyler kept telling me he saw the missing link in the woods- or bigfoot? whatever.. he scared the shit out of me. I almost died when this deer ran by.. I swore it was bigfoot ready to eat me. Oh and god I was such a pussy about the bugs by the camping tent. Like why couldn’t we have a nice cabin? That was the plan you know.. but Tyler was like no lets do it rugged style! wooo nature.. I hate bugs.

Dominic – *laughs*

Trey – The fact that you pick spiders up, and take them outside instead of killing them grosses me out.

Dominic – They’re so tiny.. they can’t hurt you.

Trey – But they can bite…

Dominic – I’ll kill any spider that touches my bae.

Trey – My big strong man….

Dominic – Can’t believe I just said Bae.. how stupid is that word?

Trey – Oh you don’t wanna be my bae and kill spiders for me like a big strong man? *laughing*

Dominic – Okay, laugh all you want.. but the next time you see a spider don’t come calling my name..

Trey – …. Don’t… cum…. calling your name huh?

Dominic – I knew you were a freak.. I just knew it..

Trey – I’m innocent until proven guilty.

Dominic – Yeah yeah….

Trey – So what did you do today?

Dominic – I had lunch with a therapist.

Trey – What?

Dominic – Yeah, I’m really serious about my career, so I had been talking to this therapist through e-mail for like the past month. He agreed to lunch, and allowed me to pick his brain.

Trey – Nice.

Dominic – I ran a couple of post-college ideas past him, and he thought they were decent.. some needed work- but basically.. I’m on my way.

Trey – That is so awesome.. I really think you’ll-

Dominic – How was Aries?

Trey – Wow…. that came out like you had been waiting to ask.

Dominic – …..I have.. but I didn’t wanna seem… nosy.

Trey – He’s doing good…. Jarrah showed up, and yeah.. though after I had came back downstairs from Aries room to join everyone Christine was gone, but… its cause Raven woke up. Which is a great thing.

Dominic – She did?.. that’s.. amazing. I’m so happy she woke up from that coma.. I don’t know her, but I’m really happy about it- wait.. you said came back downstairs to join everyone.. you were just with Aries by yourself? not that I care-

Trey – Aries and I had a one on one… he asked everyone to wait downstairs while he and I talked in his room.

Dominic – …Oh…

Trey – Yeah…

Dominic – Sometimes…. I feel really guilty about it. I feel like I took you from him, like me stepping in caused him to wanna just..

Trey – Dominic.. you’re the most logical person I know.. So-

Dominic – No, no I know.. I know it wasn’t my fault.. but yeah…. Its not easy admitting this, but I worry you’ll want him over me..

Trey – Never. He’s a good guy, but you’re the man for me. So just get that out of your head.

Dominic – *Smiles* I guess I can be a typical guy sometimes wow..

Trey – Nothing wrong with being jealous or insecure sometimes.

Dominic – I wasn’t really jealous, but yeah I guess a bit insecure.. I know It happens, but rarely to me *laughs*.

Trey – Cute…

He never has to worry about Aries. I’m not into him.. at all. I’m his friend, and friends we shall remain. Dominic’s perfect, and I’d be dumb to run to Aries- that’s not saying Aries isn’t a good guy.. because he is. Anybody would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend.

 Dominic – So what did he want to talk about- actually I shouldn’t have asked.. you don’t have to answer-

Trey – Oh! no.. no its nothing really- well actually it is something.. but nothing really having to do with he and I romantically. We talked about he and I moving forward being friends. He told me to be with you, because I seem so alive, and happy. He said.. don’t fuck it up with Dominic.

Dominic – Wow… he did, did he?

Trey – Yes, and he also told me something that explained why Chace has been acting so weird. Agreeing with everything I said, being extra nice to me.. but like in a keep your enemies closer type way.

Dominic – What?

Trey – So like.. 2 weeks ago.. Chace and Aries had a talk. Chace told me it was just him apologizing, but it wasn’t. Aries told me everything.. basically Chace has been bitter, and treating him badly because he likes him, and doesn’t know how to deal with it, because he.. loves me or whatever.

Dominic – So Chace is in love with Aries, but is upset because Aries loves you?

Trey – Yes.

Dominic – Holy shit.

Trey – I know!… I asked Aries if he could see himself with Chace, and he said no.

Dominic – Ouch.

Trey – He said it wasn’t because of me, it was because Chace just isn’t the kind of guy he can be romantic with. So I said well.. people change, and then he paused for a minute and said “You’re right… who knows.. a year from now Chace and I could be happy in love for all I know.. Its not like he’s unattractive.” and I smiled, and said he should be open to relationships.

Chace being into Aries… now that I think about it.. it all makes so much sense. He had all of this pent up anger towards him. It must have sucked watching Aries slowly lose it over me.. while he was there.. wanting to be with him. Chace is a awesome guy, he’ll find someone.. and I plan on talking to him about the Aries thing. Hopefully we can still be friends after… actually I know we’ll be alright.. Chace is pretty mature.

Dominic – Now that he’s out, he’s gonna have a lot of “first”

Trey – I’m having that right now.

Dominic – What do you mean?

Trey – I never had an actual, out boyfriend.. like that I can tell people about.. hold hands with.. all of that.

Dominic – Aww…

Trey – So.. be honest… were you a bit jealous when I mentioned Aries and I were talking alone?

Dominic – Not at all….. 

Trey – Why not?

Dominic – Logically speaking-

Trey – I hate how logical you are.

Dominic – No you don’t *laughs*

Trey – True… I don’t..

Dominic – …..Not to sound territorial… but I know you’re mine. I have no reason to be jealous of anybody. Its just that you have history with Aries, and you know.. History bonds people sometimes… but whatever.. you’re mine, and I’m yours. We’re in this house.. about to entertain another couple.. its a good time.

Trey – *Smiles*…… Its weird…

Dominic – What is?

Trey – I have the house to myself… nobody’s gonna be here at all. You’re right, I’m hosting dinner with my boyfriend, and another couple. Its all so new, and adult.. and it feels great.

Dominic – I wonder what it would be like if we lived together- not that I’m saying I want that right now.

Trey – I don’t know.. but I guess tonight will be a practice run.

Dominic – Its just dinner-

Trey – No… you’re spending the night. Nobody’s coming home until tomorrow morning. My mom said she would be at the hospital until tomorrow, Tyler is working, and and also moving.. he and America found a place- which is good considering she’s pregnant. My uncle AJ and his boyfriend Courtney went back to L.A… they had to take care of business. They’ll be back next weekend though.

Dominic – So its just us here… in this big house.

Trey – Yep.

Dominic – Okay then.. I guess I’m spending the night.

Trey – ……I wanna have sex tonight- there I said it.

Dominic – That was very direct….

Trey – After dinner, we have sex.

Dominic – Vaginal or Anal?

Trey – That’s not funny. *laughs*

Dominic – Will we even have time? don’t you have to go to the wake with your friends?

Trey – Yeah I have it planned out.

Dominic – Do you?

Trey – After dinner… Nick and Hope leave. We have sex… we lounge for a bit. Then you go home and change. I clean the kitchen and change.. and then you can meet me at the wake. Then we come back here together, and you sleepover. We can watch movies or whatever.

Dominic – Okay that works.

Trey – Because we’re not gonna wanna do it… after the wake.. for obvious reasons.

Dominic – Yeah, you’re right.

Trey – So where do you wanna do it? the pool? in my old bedroom? the bed is pretty big…

Dominic – Ummm

Trey – Kitchen floor? Couch?

Dominic – We’ll just go with the flow… also.. not to spoil anything but since its our first time.. I wanna top..

Trey – Okay…

Dominic – You’re fine with that?

Trey – Yeah… but…

Dominic – What?

Trey – If we have enough time…. can I try?

Dominic – Really?

Trey – Yeah.. why not.

Dominic – Okay…. yeah sure.

Trey – I’m so un-sexy, planning everything out.

Dominic – Shut up and give me a kiss already.. you’re so fucking cute.

Trey – Okay….. since you asked so nicely, and please.. you’re the cute one…

Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex Yeah!- just kidding.. not really.. I’m totally excited to have sex with him.. is that weird? whatever.. he’s my boyfriend.. and I’ve been horny!

[Kissing each other]


Trey – They’re here early.

Dominic – Probably for the best….. I probably would have done you right here on that pool table.

Trey – Oooooh and I’m the freak?- come on lets go let our guest in.

Dominic – After you HONEY.

Trey – Thank you DARLING

Well aren’t they a cute pair.

Hope – Look at you two looking handsome!

Nick – You guys are a really cute couple.

Dominic – I don’t know… you guys might have us beat.

Trey – You look pretty Hope.

Hope – Oh thanks, I found this for cheap at a vintage shop.. I think denim is coming back!

Dominic – Guess I better dust off the old jean jacket I have in my closet then.

Nick – So.. not to put a damper on dinner.. but we can’t stay super long.

Hope – My fault.. I gotta help my grandmother with something later..

That works out perfectly considering what I plan on letting Dominic do to me later.

Dominic – That’s okay.. Trey and I have plans after dinner

Yeah.. sex plans.

Trey – Right.. so no harm no foul.

Nick – So how are you guys?

Trey – Actually I have good news.

Nick – Oh?

Trey – Raven… she woke up.

Nick – Who- oh.. the girl in the coma?

Trey – Yeah.. she woke up.

Nick – That’s great, I bet Jonah, and others are so happy right now.

Trey – Yeah.

Hope – I lost touch with Christine and Raven.. due to.. certain reasons but I’ll always love and adore them. I’m so glad Raven’s okay.

I forget she was friends with them once upon a time.

Dominic – You know its never too late to win back your friends. You seem like you miss them.

Hope – I do.. but I was so different back then, going through some crazy stuff.. stuff I brought on myself.. they didn’t like who I had become, and to be honest they were right to kinda distance themselves from me.

Dominic – But you’ve grown I imagine, and you’re a different person now, as are they. So… go for it.

Hope – I’m scared.

Trey – Dominic’s right.. if you want your friends back.. just go for it.

Hope – Okay- yeah! I will.. thanks guys.

Nick – I’ve been trying to tell her that… thank you for finally convincing her to contact them.

Trey – No problem! that’s what friends are for.

Dominic – *smiles*

Trey – *whispers to Dominic* You’re gonna be a good therapist..

Dominic – *whispers to Trey* Thanks babe…

Nick – So! I brought the stuff you told me to get at the store.. I’m still nervous about this.

Trey – Don’t be! I assigned everyone a dish I know you can execute, and the kitchen is big enough for all of us. We’re all gonna help each other.

Hope – Okay… well as long as you’re telling me what to do I’m good.

Nick – Hey Dominic, can you help me bring in the groceries?

Dominic – Yeah, sure.

Nick – We’ll be back ladies- AND GENTS… sorry Trey.

Trey – *laughing* Its fine Nick.

Nick – I may have bought too much.. but oh well.. whatever’s extra he can just keep in the fridge.

Dominic – I’m sure he’ll find some use for it.

Nick – Car’s right this way.

Dominic – Oh okay-

Nick – While we’re out here.. I wanna talk to you about something… is that okay?

Dominic – Yeah, of course.

Nick – Cool.


Trey – Now that its just us gorlz… shall we gossip about our menz?

Hope – *laughs* You’re so funny.

Trey – Why thank you.

Hope – *checking phone* This phone has been acting stupid the whole way here. Which is also another reason we got lost. The GPS wouldn’t work.

Trey – Maybe it just needs a good charge. How often do you turn it off and charge it?

Hope – Turn it off?

Trey – Yeah?

Hope – Umm.. never?

Trey – *laughs* poor thing’s probably over worked.

Hope – This is a really nice home.. you grew up living here?

Trey – Yes.

Hope – I can’t imagine living in something like this.. I grew up in a tiny apartment..

Trey – I’m fortunate.. and I’m appreciative of the life my parents gave me.

Hope – I want this…

Trey – What? this house?

Hope – I mean.. I want a really nice roomy apartment, or a small house… I want a baby.. I want Nick.. I want all of that.

Trey – Who says you can’t have it? I know for a fact that Nick wants kids.

Hope – Really? oh good, we’ve never really talked about it.. I don’t want to like.. pressure him you know? sometimes when I’m at the supermarket waiting in line, I sneak a peek at those women’s magazines.. I read that guys don’t like feeling pressured about.. living arrangements and babies.

Trey – Oh really?

Hope – Last thing I wanna do is push him away. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

Trey – You really love him huh?

Hope – I do.. and I’m happy he loves me.. I don’t have to wonder… which is the worst.

Trey – Yeah.

Nick and Hope are a no-brainer. Those two together just work. I’m happy for Nick considering our complicated past- no why do I do that.. its not that complicated… no need to be dramatic.

Hope – How’s your dad?

Trey – Umm he’s…. well he’s still in the chair.. but his spirits are higher. He’s a bit more positive.

Hope – That’s good… I’m gonna keep including him, and your family in my nightly prayers.

Trey – That’s really thoughtful of you.

Hope – Are you kidding me? its the least I can do. You gave me a job, and you’re just.. so fricken nice. You could hold a grudge for Jarrah, but you don’t.. and hell even she doesn’t care about it anymore.

Trey – I try and put out what I want to receive. If I put out positivity, and kindness.. then I expect it back you know?

Hope – That makes sense.

Trey – So are you ready to cook?

Hope – Yes!

Trey – So I’ve already peeled the potatoes… all you have to do.. is cut, mash.. and add in the bacon bits, chives, butter, and cream.

Hope – I can do that!

Trey – You have to cook them too of course *laughs* 

Hope – *laughs* You and Dominic are seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Trey – Aww thanks.

Hope – I’m serious.. you guys seem really happy together. This is why I love gay couples.. you guys are just adorable- and I know that sounds… like I look at you guys like cute puppies in a window but no… I love seeing love.. gay straight bi.. whatever.

Trey – I know I’ve said it before.. but I think its really fucking awesome that Nick’s bisexuality doesn’t bother you.

Hope – Why should it? if he wanted a guy he’d be with a guy. His love, and interest in me.. is just that…. in me.

Trey – Its just so awesome..

Hope – He told me I was his soulmate.. how cute is that?

Trey – Very.

Hope – Oh Trey.. thank you so much for everything!

Trey – You’re welcome.. though besides the job.. I’m not sure what I did-

Hope – *hugs Trey* You’re my friend, you believe in me. You’re a great guy!.. and you inspire me.

Trey – I?……..Inspire you?

Hope – Yeah.. I wanna be the best I can be.. like you are.

Trey – That’s… really sweet.

Hope – You’re smart, and driven.. you’re doing culinary school, G.C.U. AND you work.. You’re.. like.. superman.

Trey – Its not that hard.. just gotta schedule everything, and hope for the best.

Hope – I want that for myself… I wanna be the best me. I think I want to go to nursing school.

Trey – You want to work in a hospital?

Hope – Yeah, or like.. be a school nurse you know?

Trey – I can totally see you being a school nurse.. all the jocks would be hot for you.

Hope – Which is why I want to be a elementary school nurse or something. I don’t know.. something with kids.

Trey – I heard the GCH is always looking for people to work with the kids.

Hope – That would be ideal.. I love kids.

Trey – Follow your dreams.

Hope – *smiles*


Nick – So before we grab the groceries.. I want to tell you something, and then I also want your advice on something.

Dominic – Alright.

Nick – Okay.. so.. what I wanna tell you is.. You seem like a legit good guy, and Trey is SUPER into you.. I can tell. He’s never been this happy with a guy before, and seeing him like this makes ME happy. So… its my duty to do the cliche thing and tell you… to keep making my friend happy.. because a Happy Trey is the best Trey. I’m really happy you came into his life, and you know.. you and I can be friends.. outside of Trey, and Hope.

Dominic – *Smiles* Aren’t you the protective friend. And yeah.. I promise to keep him happy. I… I love him- and he doesn’t know.. I haven’t said those words to him yet.. I’m scared its too soon.. and we’ve had this talk about people in relationships rushing things.. so I hold back on telling him.

Nick – I’m pretty sure Trey loves you too…

Dominic – You think?

Nick – Yes.

Dominic – Oh and yes by the way.. you and I can be friends. Maybe go get drunk together, hit the gym.. sports bars.. that type of thing.

Nick – Yes.. that’s exactly what I want!

Dominic – Then good! So what was it that you needed my advice on?

Nick – Oh I umm.. I want to move in with Hope.. I saw this cute apartment.. and I thought why not.. but I don’t know if its something she’d be-

Dominic – Oh she’s so domestic. Its written all over her, I bet she wants like 3 kids..

Nick – I want maybe 2..

Dominic – I’d say she’s more than ready to live with you.

Nick – You think so?

Dominic – Oh yeah.

Nick – Thanks.. maybe I’ll bring it up on our drive to Bridgeport later.

Dominic – Sounds like a good idea.

Nick – Alright lets get the groceries.

Dominic – Lets do it.


Trey – Hey before the guys come back in, I have a question.

Hope – Okay, shoot.

Trey – How long did you wait before telling Nick you loved him? and did you hold back on saying it because you thought it was too soon?

Hope – Oh my god, you love him- you love Dominic?

Trey – ….I do.. but I think I’m rushing it.

Hope – You can’t rush emotion..

Trey – I guess so..

Hope – Is it lust or love?

Trey – I know for a fact its not lust…

Hope – Aww… well I told Nick when I felt it.

Trey – Like right when you felt it?

Hope – Yeah.

Trey – What if he didn’t feel the same?

Hope – Then he didn’t.. I mean I figure if he didn’t feel it when I did, that was fine. I wasn’t telling him so he could say it back. I was telling him because I wanted to express my feelings to him.

Trey – Ah.. yeah! that’s.. true.. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it that way.

Hope – So tell him…

Trey – Maybe…

Hope – Don’t be a wimp.. just go for it.

Trey – Okay.. tonight.. well later tonight.. when we’re alone.

Hope – Yay… I’m like 99.9% sure he loves you too.

Trey – Well I guess we’ll see.

I really do find myself in love with him.. so maybe Hope is right. Its not about how he feels.. its about my expression of emotions. So.. I’m gonna tell him, and if he doesn’t say it back then whatever.. I won’t spaz out and sabotage the relationship. That’s the old me.

Hope – Where are those boys with our groceries!

Trey – I don’t know, but lets go start in the kitchen…

Hope – Okay boss!

Trey – You don’t think its weird that we’re having dinner while its still light out do you?

Hope – No.. besides we both have plans later.. its fine.

Welp! That’s another first.. someone told me that I… Treyvon Mason Robinson.. inspires them. That’s never happened before. Its funny though, I totally had Hope pegged as one of those psycho girls who would lie cheat, and steal to keep a man. That’s the image I had of her from what she put Jarrah, and Dylan through. People really do change, and I can actually say I see Hope as a friend. She’s….so… nice. Her and Nick are perfect together. I hope people think that when they look at Dominic and I. I hope they see us and think “those two are perfect” Because I feel like we are. Anyway… I’m going to start cooking. See you guys later. Ciao

(POV Keegan)

So first things first, Raven’s out of her coma.. and I’m really happy about that. I can only imagine all the visitors she’s getting. So I’ll wait before I go see her. Don’t wanna overwhelm her. Jeep’s really happy, and seeing him happy makes me happy- damn, how many times can I say happy in one sentence. Whatever.. SO! I did it. I took Owen’s advice and didn’t tell anybody that I was gonna take the exam. The only person I told was Milk… with the intention of getting her to do it with me. She agreed of course, and here we are…. we took the exam and… I… yeah. Its done.

Milk – How do you feel?

Keegan – Like I failed?

Milk – Why?

Keegan – I was like the last person out of there.

Milk – Yeah.. so was I. I wanted to go over the test a few times. Its not a race.

Keegan – Yeah.. but being last made me feel dumb.

Milk – I’m sure we both passed.

Keegan – Hey why’d you color your hair red if you wanna be a cop?

Milk – As long as I’m not purple, blue, green.. then I should be good. Besides its not like its super intense red you know?

Keegan – True.

Milk – Stop worrying..

Keegan – What?

Milk – I can see it written all over your face.

Keegan – Maybe you’re right.. I should relax.. its not like I can’t take the test again.

Milk – Right.

Keegan – Thanks for doing it with me.

Milk – No problem. When you called me and told me you didn’t want an audience.. I understood what you meant. I didn’t even tell Priscilla that I was doing it today.

Keegan – Yeah.. its just better if none of my friends know yet.. that way I don’t feel pressured.

Milk – Totally understandable.

Keegan – What does your folks think about this?

Milk – They don’t care.. as long as I’m not a prostitute- actually.. I doubt they’d cared about that either.. long as condoms were involved. I have weird parents. They pretty much just want me to live my life, make mistakes. They don’t care to interfere with my growth.

Keegan – Sounds kinda awesome to be honest.

Milk – Yep.. so me moving here from Bridgeport, me taking the police academy exam.. it doesn’t come as a shock to them.

Keegan – So… what are you doing for the rest of the day?

Milk – Hanging out with Cilla… I won’t tell her obviously.. cause then she’d tell Frankie…

What the hell is going on with Frankie and Priscilla?…

Keegan – I still don’t know if those two are banging or not

Milk – They can’t bang.. they don’t have dicks.

Keegan – Uh.. yes they can. Hello… banging vagina’s! scissoring?

Milk – Oh that’s right. God.. now you make me wanna go hook up with someone..

Keegan – I saw the way you were looking at that one guy taking the test.

Milk – He had douchebag written all over him, and it got me hot.

Keegan – You’re… honest. I like that.

Milk – Women get horny just as much as men do.. the prudes have you guys thinking you’re the horny dogs… trust me.. we’re ready to go also!

Keegan – Noted…

Milk – Are you fucking anybody?

Keegan – Nah.

Milk – Shame… I’ve checked out your VPL.. I’m pretty sure you’re workin’ with a monster.

Keegan – ……I’m happy with what I got, but I wouldn’t say its a monster. Are you like into that?

Milk – What? big cocks?

Keegan – Yeah

Milk – Are you?

Keegan – What?

Milk – You ever fuck a guy?

Keegan – No.

Milk – Why not?

Keegan – Because I haven’t, and I’m not attracted to dudes. The closest I ever got to hooking up with a guy was spin the bottle. I kissed my friend Trey.. he’s gay, I’m not. It wasn’t a big deal.

That was funny… It was before Trey came out too. I knew he liked it… I knew he was gay, but I didn’t say anything.

Milk – Oh okay.. so you’re not like homophobic, dude-bro type of guy.

Keegan – Nope, not at all. So have you ever fucked a girl?

Milk – No.

Keegan – Then why are you asking if I’ve fucked a guy before?

Milk – Because dick……………is amazing.

Keegan – … I wouldn’t know.

Milk – You should try it.

Keegan – I’m good.

Milk – I’m just fucking with you. Seeing how far I can push you.

Keegan – Good luck with that, I’ve heard it all.

Milk – Oh I’m sure I can surprise you..

Keegan – We’ll see.

Milk – I look forward to this challenge.

Keegan – I think we’re gonna be really good friends Milk.

Milk – Oh for sure.. I don’t doubt it.

Keegan – What a day…

Milk – Well.. this was fun, and also sorta nerve-wrecking. I hate taking test.

Keegan – I’m the worst test taker

Milk – Well whats done is done…. we’ll get our results back soon enough and that’s that.

Keegan – Yeah that’s true..

Milk – I’m gonna go meet up with Priscilla. Talk to you later Bennett.

Keegan – *laughs* Later Chambers.

She’s so awesome.. like.. her personality is just perfect. Can’t you see her being that kick ass sarcastic lady cop? I know I can.

What the fuck?

??? – Hey.

Keegan – Umm hey?- Hi?-

Milk – Oh okay.. someone has a visitor.

Keegan – *laughs* Goodbye Milk

Milk – Later Fratboy.

??? – *Smiles*

Keegan – So…. how-why are you here?

??? – My parents decided to have sex, and I grew… took me 9 months.. but I finally saw the light at the end of the operating table.

Keegan – No, I’m being serious.

Jules – I walked into the store when I saw you go in. You were doing that thing with your hands… I could tell you were nervous.

Keegan – Really?

Jules – I thought maybe you had been framed, or arrested.. and I went in, but they told me I couldn’t interrupt the exam.

That’s… cute, and hilarious at the same time.

Keegan – Aww you were worried about little ol’ me?

Jules – That’s not funny…. I thought you were in trouble-

Keegan – So you went charging into the police station to what?… bust me out?

Jules – I didn’t really think it through….

Keegan – That’s adorable.

Jules – Whatever… so you’re alright. That’s all that matters.

Keegan – So why didn’t you leave once you knew I was okay?

Jules – I wanted to stick around to send positive vibes.. but then you took so long to finish. I saw so many people walking out, I figured you were having a hard time. I know you’re a bad test taker, but you are pretty smart when you take your time.

Keegan – I like this new look you got.. its cute.

Jules – Uh, thanks.

Keegan – So you wanted to send good vibes my way today eh?….that’s adorable.

Jules – Can you stop saying that? I’m supposed to be edgy… 

Keegan – Oh please.. you were always a softy to me.

Jules – I will punch you…

Keegan – I’ll press charges!.. we are right in front of the police station baby.

Jules – So…. is that red head girl… your..

Keegan – What? girlfriend? no.

Jules – Just someone you’re gonna hookup with?

Keegan – No, Milk is someone I met a weeks ago. She and I both want to be cops.. she’s really cool. I think you’d like her.

Jules – Oh okay.

Keegan – Why did you ask that?

Jules – Because I don’t know much, but I know that you didn’t get with Rhys.

Keegan – Ah…. 

Jules – ……..

I don’t really wanna talk about Rhys… I’m so over that. Hell.. I find myself over Kaori too if I’m being honest. After having that talk with Owen last night.. I just.. I’m walking away from complicated situations.

Keegan – What did you do today? how was your day compared to mine?

Jules – Umm.. I woke up, went to class. Then I got dressed and went to Miguel’s wake. Then I went to visit Raven at the hospital.. your friend Jeep was there.

Keegan – Oh good.

Jules – Did you go see Miguel yet?

Keegan – Tonight.

Jules – Oh okay…. It was all so sad wasn’t it? everything that went down?

Keegan – Yeah…. heartbreaking..

Jules – Its all slowly turning around though… I feel it in the air.

Keegan – I sure hope so.

Jules – How come none of your friends are here?

Keegan – They have no idea I took the exam today. I purposely didn’t tell them. I know they mean well but, I kinda didn’t want the pressure you know?

Jules – Oh I’m sorry… I should go.. there I go again.. being overbearing.

God… I’m stupid… I am so fucking stupid…

Keegan – Jules..

Jules – God I can’t believe I got all panicky, and waited out here for what felt like 2 hours… I’m sorry.. I should go.

Keegan – Jules wait… stop…

Jules – …….

Keegan – You just surprised me that’s all… and you’re being supportive. You’d never judge me even if I failed… I’m actually really glad you’re here.. because you always make me feel positive and stuff.

Jules – Yeah.. duh.. of course… you know these things about me.. you know how I view you.

Keegan You always do this… even putting other people before you. Like Rhys.

Jules – I’m really sorry about telling her all of your business, I just thought all of it was what was keeping it from happening. I won’t do that again.

Keegan – Rhys said… she said you’re in love with me. Is that true?

Jules – …..I don’t know what she’s-

Keegan – Jules.. come on… just tell me.

Jules – Yeah… I guess I am, you’re like nobody I’ve ever know, and you understand me.. and.. well there’s not enough time in the day for me to list why- but the thing is.. it doesn’t matter.. you want Rhys.. or at least you did.

Keegan – You’re so selfless… and you care about others happiness before your own. Its really.. amazing.

Jules – I’m far from amazing..

Keegan – No.. you are.. and I’m a fucking idiot.

Jules – What do you mean?

Keegan – I’m over her…. and I’m far from upset that Rhys and I didn’t get together.. and now I know why.. 

Jules – Wait.. who’s her? and why didn’t you and Rhys make it-

Keegan – It doesn’t matter… what matters is that I’m an idiot. You know me, you have my back.. you’re loyal, and beautiful.. you care about me… and I care about you. I don’t know why I didn’t see it…

Jules – See what?

I’m going with my gut on this one.. this feels right.

Keegan – You. I don’t know why I didn’t see you standing right in front of me this entire time.

Jules – What are-

Keegan – *Kisses Jules*

Jules – *smiles* ……… I almost forgot what kissing you felt like… I hate to be that girl but my knees get weak…

Keegan – Good… 

Jules – So what are… what does this mean?

Keegan – I wanna be with you. I told myself “Oh with everything that happened, maybe its not a good time to have a girlfriend.” …. I lied to myself. I want one, and I want it to be you.

Jules – Really?!

Keegan – Yes… as long as me leaving G.C.U. and becoming a cop doesn’t bother you-

Jules – Nope….. when you first told me about your idea to be a cop.. I was supportive.. 

Keegan – That’s right.. I did tell you.. see I tell you everything.

Jules – Is that a good thing?

Keegan – Yes.

Jules – I’m over the fucking moon, but I just wanna make sure this is what you want.

Keegan – I’ve never been so sure of anything.. this is exactly what I want. You’re exactly what I want… so what do you say? wanna be my girl?

Jules – …..Fuck yeah… totally… I do.

Keegan – Then I guess … we’re in a relationship then.

Jules – I guess so!

Keegan – *laughs* Awesome… this is awesome.

Jules – So what now?

Keegan – I have 2 hours of freetime.. what do you want to do?

Jules – Umm….

Keegan – ….*laughs* I think I know…

Jules – Well… yeah…..

Keegan – To the arcade we go.

Jules – I’m so kicking your ass in street fighter this time.

Keegan – Not gonna happen!

Jules – I got close that one time!

Keegan – Almost doesn’t count baby.

Jules – Loser goes down on the winner..

Keegan – Umm.. that’s a win win for me….

Jules – *laughs*

Keegan – Come on lets go before we get arrested for being the hottest couple in GloCity.

Jules – Okay officer Bennett.

Oh my god, how blind have I been? Jules and I literally make so much fucking sense when you think about it. I met her during a rough time. She was going through a rough time. We both felt really safe around each other and told each other everything.. effortlessly. Then we hook up.. things got weird.. she went to the darkside.. but I still cared about her well-being. I wanted to date her but she wasn’t ready. Then she.. instead of sabotaging things with Rhys.. she puts her feelings aside.. so that Rhys could see me how she see’s me. I’m an idiot.. this girl never stopped liking me, and caring for me. She’s perfect, and the type of girlfriend that I not only want.. but need. Again… how stupid am I to have not saw this before?… This is what I want.. and I got it.. she’s mine..

(Narrator’s POV) [3hours later]

Finally their schedule had allowed for them to meet up, and go to Miguel’s wake as a group. People had been in and out all day, so they didn’t really expect lots of people to be there. When they arrived they all took it in.. the setting… the mood. It was finally real that Miguel was no longer with them.

Sergio Reyes – Thank you for coming Maggie. I know Miguel, and you broke up a while ago, but its very nice to see you here.

Ana Reyes – Yes… I agree with my husband.. it is great to see you here.

Magdalena – I brought my brother with me.

Ana Reyes – Oh wow.. he’s all grown up.. look at him.

Sergio Reyes – He’s at G.C.U. with you right?

Magdalena – Yeah… he’s in a fraternity too.. I’m proud of him.

Ana Reyes – Miguel loved Javi so much..

Sergio – He was the little brother he never had

Magdalena – Javier feels the same way. Did Miguel’s girlfriend come?

Sergio – She was here with her sister earlier.

Ana – She’s such a strong.. sweet sweet girl..

Magdalena – Yeah.. she was perfect for him.. I gotta admit.

For Magdalena… Miguel was all she knew for a long time. They dated years before they broke up, and Magdalena was part of his family.. took her a while to get over Miguel, but she did.. and she was really happy that he had found Myra.


Jeep – *sigh*

Keegan – You okay?

Jeep – Its just weird being this close…

Keegan – I keep expecting him to talk.. is that weird?

Jeep – No I feel the same way.. he looks like he’s sleeping… this is so.. morbid.. I hate funerals- wakes.. I hate all of it..

Keegan – Its okay Jeepy… 

Jeep – He was always so nice, and he was so obsessed with the matrix movies. He swore that the matrix really existed.. such a nerd…

Keegan – Yeah he really was a big nerd.. he would text me all of these funny videos on youtube… and memes.. he was obsessed with memes.

Jeep – Well.. maybe that’s where he went.. to the matrix…

Keegan – And now he’s creating memes, and laughing his ass off for all eternity *chuckles* ….. *sigh* … Love you buddy

Jeep – We miss you Miguel.

Ivy – Isn’t it strange how Kaori’s over here, and Frankie’s over there? they were bestfriends..

Tyena – I don’t really like Kaori if I’m being honest.

Ivy – Well me neither.. but still.. its so sad to see friends fall apart.

Tyena – True….. speaking of Frankie…

Ivy – I know.. I know…

The girls were right.. infact Kaori and Frankie did not really speak at the wake. They said hello, and kept it simple. One had to wonder if those two would ever talk again. And if they did.. would things ever be the same between them?

Frankie – Are you sure Javier? you’re more than welcomed to sit with us.

Trey – Yeah.. its no problem.

Javier – Thanks guys.. I just rather sit here… I don’t like crying in front of people…

Trey – Its okay Javier… 

Frankie – Yeah, it doesn’t make you weak.

Javier – Thanks guys *smiles*

Frankie – No problem.

Trey – *sigh* This is sad…

Frankie – I know…. hey where’s Dom?

Trey – He should be here any minute now.

Frankie – Oh okay.

Trey – Does it bother you that Jarrah and Kaori-

Frankie – Not at all.. Jarrah and I had a talk about moving forward in our friendship so.. she and Kaori has nothing to do with me.

Trey – It kinda annoys me to be honest.. Kaori never really saw it for her…

Frankie – Well.. people change.

Trey – Do they?

Frankie – Yeah…

Trey – I guess.

Say what you will about Kaori and Jarrah’s new friendship, but it was a legit one. After going through what they went through during the school lockdown.. they saw different sides of each other. They were bonded whether people liked it or not. It didn’t mean that their other friendships didn’t matter all of a sudden. Though… Trey and Jarrah’s friendship has been a bit shaky lately.


Kaori – He was a nice guy… we talked a few times, and he was just always so full of energy. I don’t think I ever saw him sad.

Jarrah – I didn’t really know him, but… it sucks to lose people like that. Really good positive people.

Kaori – ….Yeah….

Jarrah – I have to say something..

Kaori – Like a speech? but you didn’t know him-

Jarrah – No, about this.. we’re sitting here.. and our bestfriends are sitting over there. When will it end? Trey and I are fine, but fine isn’t enough.. I miss my bond with him. Then you and Frankie.. look.. life is too short.. fix it Kaori… before its too late.

Kaori – *sigh* … Don’t you think I want to?

Jarrah – Then do it.

Kaori – Its not that simple.. I know I’m 100% in the wrong… look its not the time or place to discuss this.. lets talk about it after we leave.

Jarrah – Alright.

Jeep – Hey guys… 

Jarrah – Hey…

Kaori – I don’t know how you’re doing it.

Jeep – What?

Kaori – Standing so close.. its.. its too sad…

Jarrah – ….It is…

Jeep – I had Keegan up there with me… he kept me strong.

Jarrah – He does that.

Jeep – How are you guys handling it?

Kaori – We’re okay… its just still such a sad thing though.. I’m not used to this at all..

Jeep – I’m not either.. but we’re together…

Jarrah – We’re not really..

Kaori – Jarrah-

Jarrah – Just saying.


Keegan – You holding up okay buddy?

Javier – Yeah.. I’m trying. Your friends were being really nice to me.

Keegan – That’s just how they are.

Javier – Do you think Miguel is watching us, and is happy that we’re all here?

Keegan – Of course.

Javier – I hope he doesn’t think I’m being a wimp for crying so much.

Keegan – Men cry… nothing wimpy about it.

Javier – *smiles*


Finally Dominic had showed up… and along with himself he brought news.

Trey – Hey.

Dominic – Hi, sorry it took me so long.

Trey – Is everything okay?

Dominic – I got home, and my dad was waiting on my porch.

Trey – Oh?

Dominic – Yeah, so we talked a bit… I told him about you.

Trey – You did?

Dominic – Yeah.. I mean.. we’re in a serious relationship… I love you.. he should know.

Trey – I love you too…

After dinner was over, Nick and Hope helped clean up the kitchen and left. With no mess to clean up, It left Trey, and Dominic with more time to…. explore. After the fun was had.. Dominic told Trey that he loved him. Trey was shocked that he didn’t say it first. They smiled… and had a few more rounds of exploring before finally getting ready for the wake. Trey had finally found what he wanted in Dominic.. and lets us not forget that Dominic had found what he was searching for with Trey. They both let each other in.. for lack of better words.


Frankie – Hey you two.

Ivy – Hey sis *wink*

Tyena – That’s cute *laughs*… Hi Frankie.

Frankie – I figured I’d say hi.. I didn’t even see when you guys came in.

Ivy – We thought it was best to just sit and remain silent.. I didn’t wanna start a conversation- but everyone else is talking so why not.- Hey is my dad with your dad? I tried calling him but-

Frankie – Our dad’s went bowling tonight.. and my dad hates bowling..

Ivy – Ohhh okay. And aww.. they are such a cute couple! I swear, my dad has never been this happy.

Frankie – Yeah they’re… they’re pretty great.

Ivy – So… my dad told me he met Mira….

Frankie – Girl.. that’s a conversation for another time.

Tyena – How are you doing Frankie? things good?

Frankie – Umm yeah.. I’m starting a new job soon.. so.. things are looking pretty good. How are you?

Tyena – Umm.. I’m alright.. I’m a little sad though. Jessica’s just.. emotional.

Frankie – Is she okay?

Tyena – I’ll let her tell you herself.

Frankie – Oh okay.

Jessica Nash, and her issues with her daughter Nikol was something that everyone knew about. However.. they put things aside, and decided to talk. Which is a good thing.. the only problem was that on the night Jessica visited CCity… her former flame, Nikol’s dad had passed away. It was a sad time all around, but the silver lining was that Jessica was there right when Nikol needed her.

Frankie – So can I ask a question…

Ivy – Yeah sure.

Tyena – Anything.

Frankie – Are you guys together?

Ivy & Tyena – *looks at each other*

Tyena – We are…. do you hate me?

Ivy – I swear it just happened.. it wasn’t planned-

Frankie – Wait why do you guys think I’d have a problem with this?

Tyena – Girl code?

Frankie – Tyena , you kissed me once.. we were never a thing- and Ivy and I.. that’s all in the past. Our dad’s are together.. we’re pretty much sisters. I want you two to date each other. That’s why I asked.

Tyena – Really? oh god.. good!

Ivy – We were flipping out for no reason Ty…

Tyena – Well you do that normally anyway Ives…

Frankie – Cute. Oh my god.. I’m so happy for you two.

Tyena – What about you?… anybody you’re interested in?

Frankie – Yes actually… but its… yeah.. long story.

I guess that depends on who’s telling it. We have Priscilla, Raina, and Ivo… all of them interest Frankie for different reasons it seems. Guess we’ll find out more about that next time…

Ivy – Looks like everyone is getting ready to leave.. we should get up and talk to people.

Tyena – Good idea.

Frankie – You guys have a good night.

Ivy – Bye.

Tyena – Later

Frankie – See ya.

With the night coming to a close.. everyone made their final rounds, before they had to leave.

Sergio Reyes – Thank you for coming Javi…

Ana – Miguel is looking down on us right now.. very happy that you’re here.

Javier – I wouldn’t be anywhere else Mr. and Mrs. Reyes.


Ivy – I know you and Miguel weren’t together anymore, but I still wanted to say sorry for your loss.

Magdalena – Thank you.. that’s very nice of you Ivy.

Ivy – *smiles*


 Dominic – You and Ivy looked comfortable…

Tyena – So did you and Trey…

Dominic – I knew you were a lesbian.

Tyena – Everyone did except me apparently..

Dominic – I think you and Ivy are very cute together.. assuming you’re actually together.

Tyena – Yeah we are…

Dominic – I know I’ve busted your balls at school, in class.. but I don’t dislike you. You’re a smart girl, and a nice person overall. Just cause we don’t agree with each other doesn’t mean we shouldn’t like each other.

Tyena – I agree 100%


Keegan – Well guys this is it….

Jeep – Farewell dude… you’ll be missed.

Frankie – I didn’t know you.. but you matter.. and I’m sad that you’re gone…

Jarrah – Yeah.. I wish I had gotten the chance to know you.

Kaori – I held up my end of the deal. I picked out a really nice piece of jewelry for Myra.. I hope you like it…

Trey – I’ll look after Nick for ya… he’s gonna miss you everyday…

Keegan – We love you Miguel… we’ll all see you again one day…. sleep tight buddy.

Everyone gave their last words, and hugs before leaving. It was the end of the wake.. and for some.. they would never see Miguel again. The 6 boys and girls were all together celebrating Miguel’s life. Keyword.. together. Secretly they had hoped they could continue this togetherness.. but only time would tell. This night though… they were with each other.. all drama aside…. Meanwhile Miguel was happy as can be… smiling because he realized how much he was loved, and that… is a very good thing. R.I.P. Miguel Reyes… may you forever live on in The Matrix.

}—End of Pt 1 ~ Conclusion/Girls Are Next—{



  1. 😥 Awww. Goodbye Miguel. The last part was so sad! You’re right though, I can’t believe the six were all together and managed to be cordial! This is really starting to feel like the end. Spirit and Jeep have their closure (ie she is no longer a stuck up rude mean b word! lol). Trey and Darrell also got their closure. It all makes sense now. Suddenly Darrell doesn’t seem too much like a bad guy! And I lol’d at Trey and his thirst for Dominic :p. He was so blunt lol!! I can’t blame him though because Dominic is hot!! And it was also nice to see Aries doing better :). I’ll be rooting for him to continue making good choices from now on. As for Keegan, I never thought he and Jules would get together! Nooooo what about Kaori!! *dreams crush* lol JK. They do have good chemistry. I can’t wait to see the girls’ side!!

    PS. Did I see that Korra is coming back in only 3 weeks???? w000t w00t!

    1. I’m so happy I did that unexpected break. It gave me so much more drive to get the finale done + I ended up doing something REALLY special for the final part of the finale. You know last season I did a little video? well the one you’re gonna see in the final part of this season BLOWS THE OLD ONE OUT THE WATER.

      It took patience, and time.. but I’m glad I did it… but enough teasing. The finale pt 2 is coming soon. Probably this weekend. Now lets get into your comment.

      It was hard doing the Miguel scene… especially having his parents there. I somewhat got attached to his character, so I hate saying goodbye to him.

      Spirit and Jeep are good.. bout time she realized how much of a mean person she was being- but the important thing is that Jeep also took some responsibility in the situation.

      lol… Darell… yeah.. not so bad once you know the driving force behind the actions eh?… he’s still kinda dickish but he’s not the devil.

      Trey thirst for Dominic was fun to write. He was really letting his inner freak out! I love them as a couple.

      Keegan, and Jules… lol I see you ship Keegan and Kaori…. I’m gonna be careful what I say… lol. I’ll just say next season is… interesting.

      The girls are gonna slay you, and give you what you need when their finale goes up. + the video I worked hard on. I’m so excited to post it (working on it now actually as I type this)

      And yes! Book 4 of Korra first week of October. I’m excited and sad. Sad because this is it.. last season. Wow.. this year went by super fast didn’t it? before you know it, it will be time to eat turkey, and pumpkin pies.

      Anyway! thanks for sticking with the story! others read it but don’t really comment. I appreciate every comment you leave, and hope to see more once season 3 starts. With that being said I am off to see the wizard… aka Photoshop so I can finish editing these pictures and start writing the final part of season two!

  2. Coooool I can’t wait to see the video!!! And it’s no problem on the comments. You obviously work hard on these stories and they deserve an equally well thought out reply :). I can’t believe Korra is almost over :\. I hope they do another avatar series after this one!!

    1. I literally JUST saved my draft with the video and everything when I saw the notification that I had a new comment lol.

      I’m tired as hell after editing, and uploading, and drafting. So I’ll probably start writing later tonight. I’m really excited for this conclusion to go up!

      As for Korra.. I have some bad news. This is the last Avatar-Universe show. There were rumors of a Kyoshi Warriors show, I assume you remember them from Avatar the Last Air Bender. BUT just recently the creators said they were burnt out on all things Avatar, and that they spent x amount of years dedicating themselves to the series. Which sucks, but I guess I can understand considering how much work goes into the show.

      Never say never though. They may change their minds, or they may even create something completely new. I’ll follow their work because Avatar/Korra was so good. I pretty much did/do the same with this comic book writer named Kieron Gillen. He wrote my favorite comic book Young Avengers Vol 2. It ended.. I was sad.. but I decided to go read his non-marvel comic new book called The Wicked + The Divine, and I’m so glad I did.. its amazing… I totally got off subject there lol…

      But yeah.. long live Korra and the Avatar universe!

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