{BnG Season 2} Chapter Six Part 3 : “Life and Death”

Conclusion of Chapter Six | Pt. 3 “Life and Death”

-POV’s : Keegan &  Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Keegan) [2 Days After The last Update]

Doesn’t it suck that a tragedy is the thing that usually brings people together? I mean I’ve seen Nick around, he and Trey are close. I even hung out with him that one time, though I was high. However.. we never really had a one on one. So I do feel kinda guilty just dropping by his dorm room and seeing how he’s doing- but at the same time.. I feel like since I was the last person to see Miguel alive… its only right that I come and say something.

Nick – … Why are you wearing shades indoors?

Keegan – ….Umm.. It sounds lame but I don’t like people to see me cry… you know?

Nick – Oh no, I got you. I’m the same way.

Keegan – …. How are you doing?

Nick – Umm… I don’t know? I mean.. I’m dealing with it I guess.

Keegan – Yeah, I mean that’s all anyone can really do.

Nick – I keep expecting him to be in his bed when I wake up, or for him to come in the room and talk my ear off about Myra Kelley.

Keegan – Yeah…..

Nick – He wouldn’t shut up about her, I’d be so tired and he’d be in his bed.. “Hey Nick.. did I tell you Myra likes cats and not dogs?” every little thing about her amazed him. I just wanted him to shut up so I could get some sleep but now I’d do anything to hear his voice again.

Keegan – Mmm Hmm..

Nick – ……You umm.. word on campus is that you were the person he was with when he died.

Keegan – Yeah.

Nick – Did he say anything?

Keegan – No…. He just.. at first he looked really sad, and scared… and then his face changed. Like he had accepted it, and was moving onto somewhere better….

Nick – He was religious so…

Keegan – Are you?

Nick – No… you?

Keegan – Umm.. sometimes… Its a struggle with the man upstairs but its my own relationship with him you feel me?

Nick – Yeah…

Keegan – So.. I know its weird that I’m here but-

Nick – No, not at all.. I appreciate it… your friend was just here… so…

Keegan – Who?

Nick – Frankie…

Keegan – Oh right.. yeah she’s been inviting everyone to the in memory of thingy…

Nick – Are you going?

Keegan – I am.

Nick – Cool.. I’ll be there too- and you know.. Frankie didn’t even really know Miguel, so its really sweet, and awesome of her to put this together.

Keegan – That’s just who she is… she worries about everyone else… its her thing.

Nick – Why aren’t you dating her?

Keegan – Heh….. we umm.. we have a complicated history…

Nick – I assume the same with Kaori, and Jarrah?

Keegan – What has Trey told you?

Nick – Not much, but I knew all three were like into you…

Keegan – Ancient history…

Nick – I doubt that.

Keegan – …..So….. has Myra come by?

Nick – Umm.. no- well she did put a candle and teddy bear by the door yesterday but-

Keegan – Where is everything? there’s nothing in the hallway.

Nick – Oh… douchebag campus security took everything.

Keegan – What? why?

Nick – Candles were a fire hazard, and the bears, and letters, flowers- all of it was cluttering the hallway.

Keegan – Assholes.. they could have at least waited a couple of days.. like have a fucking heart.

Nick – Right.

Keegan – …. I should say something-

Nick – Don’t… they’ve been really rude since the lockdown.. they’re not really taking anybody’s shit.

Keegan – Still.. its really fucked up for them to do that.

Nick – I know.

Keegan – ………

Nick – Its weird how things work huh?

Keegan – What do you mean?

Nick – Well Miguel told me he had a man crush on you. That you were the epitome of cool… and that he couldn’t believe you and him were becoming friends…. and then you were the last person he saw.

Keegan – …I thought he was nice, and I wanted the best for Myra.. I looked forward to maybe double dates with him, Myra, Rhys, and myself.. but… yeah… that won’t happen for two reasons.

Nick – Him being gone, and?……………… what’s the second reason?

Keegan – Rhys and I… we’re not… it doesn’t- she doesn’t like me.

Nick – How is that possible? you’re hot… and… well you’re hot.

Keegan – You know sometimes I forget you’re into dudes.

Nick – *Laugh* Why because I’m not stereotypical feminine?

Keegan – Umm no, its just that for so long I’ve known you as Trey’s straight friend…. but umm to answer your question.. she kissed me, and then freaked out.

Nick – Oh.. maybe she’s like… maybe she’s been hurt before? and doesn’t trust men?

Keegan – You have no idea how right you are.

Nick – Her sister doesn’t seem to be like that.

Keegan – Myra’s more….. open to things.

Nick – Yeah… well maybe that’s gonna change… considering.. I mean how does one get over the death of their significant other. Could you imagine that? How would you feel if your girlfriend died? like in a car accident too.. Its the emotion of the person being gone, and then also.. what if getting into a car freaks you out? Do you thinks she’s gonna be okay? Have you talked to her?

Keegan – ……………………..

He has no clue about Mona, and all of that…. its weird that he’s asking these questions hypothetically and I could actually answer them if I wanted to. You guys already know how I feel about Mona and her accident, but what you don’t know is.. I did go through a time where I didn’t want to get into a car- sometimes I still feel that way.

Nick – Keegan?

Keegan – Sorry- umm, No… I actually haven’t talked to her. Whenever I call her, she usually just says she’s sleeping or that she just needs some alone time.

Nick – So she’s probably not going to the- what the hell do we even call it? a memorial?

Keegan – Well Frankie said it was to celebrate his life, to celebrate his spirit- she said it some way that sounded smart.. I don’t know..

Nick – Do you think Myra will show up?

Keegan – I guess we’ll see later.

Nick – How are you doing?… I didn’t bother to ask that.

Keegan – I’m fine.

Nick – …. He says while wearing shades indoors.

Keegan – …..

Nick – How are you like… processing everything? I mean you have to mourn Miguel, then you have Trey’s dad… and isn’t the Coma girl a friend of your friend Jonah?

Keegan – Raven… and yeah…

Nick – Sorry, I shouldn’t call her coma girl.

Keegan – Its better than what others are calling her.

Nick – Right, it was an accident.. and she’s in a coma… theirs no need to bash the poor girl while she’s fighting for her life.

Keegan – I’m dealing with all of it as best as I can….

Nick – I understand what type of person you are.

Keegan – Huh?

Nick – You hold it together, because you have to. If you fall apart… then everyone else will.

Keegan – Yeah…

Nick – Speaking of which… How’s Aries?

Keegan – Umm… Well he’s at home.

Nick – Oh so he’s not on campus anymore.

Keegan – Yeah… it was best for him to be with his mothers.

Nick – What? mothers?

Keegan – Oh his mom’s are lesbians.

Nick – Oh just like you!

Keegan – Yeah.

Nick – I heard about his… coming out. I wasn’t there to see it myself but apparently Kaori, Trey, and his girlfriend…… talked him down.

Keegan – Yep.

I can’t believe it went that far. I knew he was depressed but I didn’t think he’d try and like.. jump off the roof of the school. Then he comes out in front of everyone. I bet Trey feels like this is all his fault. I love Trey but I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up with Aries- which I personally think would be a mistake. I don’t dislike Aries, I just feel like all of his actions were…. unnecessary. Nobody would have cared that he was gay and with Trey, he brought all that pressure on himself. At the same time I get feeling trapped… I can’t 100% drag Aries considering how I used pills and booze to deal with my shit in the past. I just feel like instead of what Aries did.. he could have just talked to Jeep, or Me.. I don’t know..

Nick – Well.. I hope he’s better now. I just… well nevermind it sounds fucked up…

Keegan – Nah its okay.. say how you feel.

Nick – I don’t want Trey to be stupid and get back with him just cause he had an episode… you know?

Keegan – I…. was just thinking that.

Nick – Trey needs to be happy with Dominic.

Keegan – I agree.

Nick – …….Its not my business but-

Keegan – I feel bad even talking about it.

Nick – Right

Keegan – But umm.. yeah.. if you need anything dude…. just call me.. okay?

Nick – Thanks Keegan.. that’s cool of you- and if I need something I’ll call you.

Keegan – Like even if you wanna just go hangout or something we can do that.

Nick – That would be ideal.. we all need a break.

Keegan – Alright cool, I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing.

Nick – Gotta shower, and then get to class

Keegan – Alright cool, I’ll see you tonight.

Nick – Do I bring anything?

Keegan – Nah… just your awesome, tall, good looking self.

Nick – Heh….

Keegan – What?

Nick – I’m starting to see why everyone has a crush on you. I mean I know you’re not flirting with me bro… but for a second it felt like it.

Keegan – *laughs* Maybe I’m just that damn smooth.

Nick – *laughs* Maybe. Anyway I’ll see you at the memorial…

Keegan – Later dude.

Good talk.. Nicks a cool dude- Jeep? He must be coming from a class.

Keegan – Hey!

Jeep – Hey Keegan.

Keegan – Where you comin’ from?

Jeep – The hospital.

Keegan – How’s Christine?

Jeep – The same… just less tears.

Keegan – …..I’m sorry.

Jeep – Umm your friend Jules was there today.

Keegan – Oh?

Jeep – She and Christine had a talk, and she just wants to help even if its just sitting there with us.

Keegan – Good.

Because as we all found out.. dark Jules was just a stunt…. which made me mad. I worried about her, and it was all a game for the most part. Its good to know that she did find friends in Raven and Christine.. so.. good on her for going to the hospital and making peace. Jules is a smart, beautiful girl.. so.. yeah.

Jeep – Were you coming out of Mig-…. Nicks room?

Keegan – Yeah.

Jeep – Is he okay?

Keegan – He’s tough.. he’s dealing…

Jeep – Right.

Keegan – So have you talked to Aries?

Jeep – Please don’t…..

Keegan – What?

Jeep – I don’t want to talk about him.

Keegan – Why not?

Jeep – Because he’s selfish..

Keegan – …..Umm

Jeep – Trey’s dad is in a wheelchair, Raven’s in a coma.. and Miguel is dead. He wants to go and cry and try and kill himself because he’s gay? get over it. People are hurt, and dead and you wanna cry over something that you brought on yourself. How the fuck is trying to kill yourself not adding to the pain that everyone is already feeling?

Keegan – …..I think he-

Jeep – It was selfish and ridiculous. Nobody on campus would give two shits about him sucking cock or taking it up the ass or whatever he’s into.

Keegan – Wow…..

Jeep – Sorry…. I’m just.. I feel like real shit- real tragedies are happening.. I don’t have time for his stunt. I gave him another chance, and I consider him a friend but I found that whole episode of his dramatic and ridiculous. Trey was working, and Trey’s happy with Dom, while dealing with everything that we’re all dealing with- then he just calls him and ruins his night.. Aries needs to get like professional help or something-

Keegan – You seem really on edge.

Jeep – I’m mad, and sad.

Keegan – I know.. but don’t be that guy Jeep. Don’t lash out, that’s not who you are. What you’re saying is true- no doubt, but how you’re saying it… is a bit harsh… and you know I’m not Aries biggest fan.

Jeep – You’re right but Its just not fair. None of it.

Keegan – We need to get your mind off of it.

Jeep – …………….Not gonna happen.

Keegan – But you need a break.- Umm.. do you wanna go eat breakfast with me? we can go see that Guardians of the Galaxy movie you wanted-

Jeep – No, I think I’m gonna just get some sleep.

Keegan – ….But you’ve been talking about that movie since it was announced…

Jeep – Yeah….

Keegan – Have you eaten anything other than hospital food?

Jeep – I had a couple of donuts and some coffee…

Keegan – I just.. I don’t want you to let this stop you from living as fucked up as it sounds.

Jeep – ……….I know what you’re trying to do and I appreciate it but I just… I wouldn’t enjoy the movie.. I’d be thinking about Christine, and Raven… and Miguel, and Trey’s dad…

Keegan – Is that also a no to the food? you need to eat.

Jeep – I just.. I don’t want to be out right now. I want to sleep.

Keegan – But Jeep.. come on-

Jeep – Keegan remember when you were going through stuff and you wanted sleep? and alone time? and you told me that if I wanted to be a friend I’d just let you have it?

Keegan – ………………Noted. Just promise me you’ll eat something when you wake up.

Jeep – I promise.

Keegan – Are you coming to-

Jeep – I saw Frankie before I came in… she told me.

Keegan – Are you gonna come?

Jeep – Umm…. I’ll think about it.

Keegan – Alright, well I’m done with the 20 questions. Go sleep.

Jeep – Okay… I’ll talk to you later.

Keegan – K’

Jeep – I love you Keegan, your my bestfriend.

Keegan – *smiles* I know…. and you’re my bestfriend too.

Jeep – I’m gonna go in my room now.

Keegan – Alright.. get some rest buddy.

Jeep – Bye.

Keegan – Later.

Damn.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jeep so.. cutthroat like that- not that I disagree with him, I just feel like in a time like this… everyone is hurting so I don’t want to come off so harshly you know? He makes a good point about Aries but yeah. I think the lack of sleep and everything else is really making him.. come off really hard. He’s starting to build a wall and he’s not being optimistic or trying to put on a brave face. I don’t want this tragedy to forever change him.

What is Javier doing here?

Javier – Hi Keegan.

Keegan – Whats up roomie?

Javier – I was about to go look at the shrine to Miguel, but I see its gone…… is Nick in the room?

Keegan – He is but he’s about to shower, maybe you can catch him before-

Javier – Its okay, I’ll talk to him later……

Keegan – Are you okay?

Javier – No.

Keegan – Wanna talk about it?

Javier – Aren’t you tired of people talking about it?

Keegan – Not really.. I think its good for people to express how they’re feeling…

Javier – Okay.. well… so you know my sister dated Miguel for a while?

Keegan – Magdalena right?

Javier – Yeah.. and sometimes she’d bring him home, and he was really nice. We played video games together, and talked about girls.

Keegan – *smiles*

Javier – When he and my sister broke up, he called me. He told me that I’m still his little brother even though he and Maggie weren’t together anymore.

Keegan – Right.

Javier – ….. We made plans. We were gonna go to a comic-con, and we were gonna go to E3- its a-

Keegan – I know what it is *laughs* Jeep and I went one year.

Javier – I’ve never been… and probably will never go now. Its expensive.

Keegan – If Jeep and I go again… you can come with us okay? I’m paying, and I won’t take no for an answer. I know it won’t make up for Miguel not being here, and not going with him… but maybe in some way he’d want you to go and have fun and be happy.

Javier – You’re really nice Keegan. You were the first person to really take me under your wing here, besides Miguel.

Keegan – You’re a cool dude Javi, you’re my lil bro.

Javier – Are you sick of me?

Keegan – No why?

Javier – We live together, and we’re roommates… I was gonna ask you if you wanted to get breakfast. I want pancakes.

Keegan – I’m not sick of you bro, and yeah.. pancakes sound good. Lets do it.

Javier – Cool.

Keegan – *smiles*

Javier – Frankie Mancini sure is pretty.

Keegan – What?

Javier – She was hanging up a flyer about the bonfire.

Keegan – Oh okay, good.. did she-

Javier – She personally invited me… I felt honored… she’s really beautiful.

Keegan – *laughs* She is. So I assume you’ll be there?

Javier – Yep… I think its a good idea to celebrate him… before you know.. the funeral and everything.

Keegan – True.

Javier – One day at a time I guess.

Keegan – Hey?…. how’s your girlfriend?

Javier – Umm.. Foccky and I are on break right now.

Keegan – WHAT?

Javier – I wanted a break in our relationship. I felt smothered?

Keegan – I see.

Javier – And… also I just jumped into things with her.. I didn’t get my full college experience yet.. 

Keegan – Do you love her?

Javier – Umm… I think I do.

Keegan – Hmm.. well you know.. breaks can end up one of two ways. Either you guys miss each other and realize you’re meant to be… or you realize you’re better off apart.

Javier – That’s the thing.. either way would break my heart.

Keegan – Lets talk about it more over pancakes.

Javier – I hope the GCU Diner isn’t crowded. I saw that they had a breakfast special going today.

Keegan – Well in that case we should probably hurry up and get there…. its on me by the way.. my treat.

Javier – Where does all your money come from? you don’t have a job?- sorry that sounded rude….

Keegan – Well… My grandfather who I never met left me money. Me and Trey-

Javier – Wait Trey’s black? how is-

Keegan – Its a long story.. umm.. Trey’s grandmother, and my grandfather were together up until he died.. so he put money up for future grandkids…

I think Tyler got money too. Its weird having a grandparent leave money for you when you never knew them. I mean it wasn’t millions or anything like that but it was something. Especially considering that I never really had to touch my money until I got here at GCU. You know.. by law technically Trey and I are sorta related but not really. I mean at the end of the day we’re close and I consider him a brother , so law or no law it wouldn’t matter *laughs* Anyway guys… I’m off to see the wizard, and by wizard I mean Pancakes at the G.C.U. Diner. See ya later.

(POV Frankie)

Hey guys, just a second okay?

Frankie – So does this sound bitchy or no?

Priscilla – Um…. hmm.. no, its super professional.

Frankie – Okay good, and send.

Priscilla – How does it feel? you’ve officially put in your two weeks notice at The Mothership.

Frankie – Good riddance, hello new job.

Priscilla – Awesome.

Frankie – Okay now… can you help me with the list for the bonfire?

Priscilla – Sure- hey who’s bringing the stuff for the actual bonfire thingy?

Frankie – I talked to Hammer- sorry I forget you don’t know everyone yet. He’s the leader at the Frathouse.- or president.. whatever the correct term is.

Priscilla – Oh okay.

Frankie – He’s single by the way.. if you’re looking.

Priscilla – I’m not looking.

Frankie – *laughs* but yeah he’s going to bring the stuff for the fire. Keegan is going shopping with Trey to grab some things- Trey’s another one of our friends.

Priscilla – And who’s helping you?

Frankie – Shockingly.. Jarrah… I told her about the memorial, and she asked if she could go shopping with me. So I said sure.

Priscilla – Are you guys not close?

Frankie – No… well.. its complicated.

Priscilla – Oooh an ex girlfriend?

Frankie – That is hilarious… No.. she’s straight.

Priscilla – Well whatever the case I’ll be happy to help you with the list.. as long as I can come? and invite my bestfriend Milk?

Frankie – Yes to both… of course you’re coming.. I want you there.

Priscilla – Good…. alright so.. red cups.. because you can’t have a college get together without red cups.

Frankie – Right… okay, and we needs chips.. lots of chips…

Priscilla – LOTS…………of chips *laughs*

Frankie – Some people insisted on bringing stuff so we’ll be good..

Priscilla – Not to be distracted from making this list but… did you know the suicidal gay kid on the roof?

Frankie – Yeah I know him… remember I told you about Kaori?

Priscilla – Ex BFF who so desperately needs to find her chill?yes… I remember you saying she got mad that you boned her brother Ivan- who you’re like.. sorta into.

Frankie – Ivo, and yeah.. The “gay kid” is her cousin…

Priscilla – Ooooh! she was on the roof with him.

Frankie – Yeah- oh and his name is Aries…

Priscilla – Was he always so… dramatic?

Frankie – Umm not really.. but love makes you do crazy things I guess.

Priscilla – Yeah… I know all about that with my ex.

Frankie – Should we get candy? I don’t really know if-

Priscilla – Whatever, just get candy.. who cares what snacks there are.. its more about coming together for… Miguel.

Frankie – True.

Okay.. Hi again… So… I’ve officially accepted Jessica Nash’s offer… and I’ve put my two weeks notice in at The Mothership. Scott gave me an opportunity there, but its since become a nightmare. Its time to move on to bigger and better things. Umm… aside from that…. obviously… things have happened… and like everyone else I’m affected by it too, but in my own way. I’ve known sadness for a while.. I know that lump in the throat feeling, but never have I experienced something like this. Mr. Robinson in a wheelchair, Raven in a coma.. and Miguel Reyes… gone. It really puts things into perspective, and as cliche as it sounds.. it reminds you that you have one life to live, and to make the most of it.

Priscilla – You said you didn’t know the guy Michael- *panic & gasp* I’m sorry- umm.. Miguel.. I can’t believe I got his name wrong, when I just said it right a second ago.

Frankie – Why’d you gasp? its okay sweetie.. nobody expects you to know his name… you’re new.

Priscilla – I know but I feel disrespectful…. he’s gone, least I can do is get his name right.

Well at least she has a heart…

Frankie – Its okay… what were you saying before ?

Priscilla – you said you didn’t know him really well… so what made you want to… do this get together? I mean its really sweet of you, but I’m just curious.

Frankie – With everything that happened… I realized something. I’m always in my own little box you know? I didn’t know Miguel, and there are others on campus that I don’t know either. I’m always just so focused on school, and work. I need to be more social. I figured what we could all use is a good breezy night.. celebrating Miguel’s spirit, and people who didn’t know him- like myself, can be surrounded by those who did. We can all learn more about him, and celebrate who he was.

Priscilla – Shit… you’re bought to make me cry… umm.. yeah that’s- that’s really cool.

Frankie – You don’t think its lame? or too little too late?

Priscilla – No I think what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.. its great.

Frankie – Good.

Priscilla – So where’s your roommate?

Frankie – Oh, Rubi… she left for the weekend.. her hometown did some festival or whatever. Which is actually kinda funny considering my sister lives there and she apparently performed on stage or something- which is so unlike her. Good for her though…. weird as hell, but good for her. Her bestfriend recorded it and said she’s gonna send me the video later.

I want to visit my sister, and see what her life is like in CCity but I rather not ask. I’ll wait for her to invite me for the weekend or something. I really wanna meet her bestfriend Bambi.. she seems hilarious and nice. She always comes off really warm when she says hi over skype

Priscilla – Well maybe its like you? you’re open to being more social and branching out.. maybe she’s feeling the same way.

Frankie – Perhaps, but I’ll never be performing on a stage.

Priscilla – Oh please.. you have a lot of confidence..

Frankie – Oh its not that, I can’t sing, or whatever.

Priscilla – But you can play the chello-

Frankie – How the hell did you know that?

Priscilla – On your instagram.. one of your throwback Thursday pictures.. you in that adorable red dress.. playing the chello…

Frankie – Oh god.. that was a nightmare. That dress was from the thrift shop, and my sister forgot to wash it before making me wear it.. I was so itchy and ugh… but she tried hard to find me a cute dress so I would be pretty. We didn’t have a lot of money so.. yep.. God she over did it with the fucking curling iron.. did you see how big my hair was?

Priscilla – Yeah… it was huge….. your head looked like a shrub.

Frankie – And that bow on my head? *laughing* Oh that sister of mine.. she tried.

Priscilla – She was your mom…

Frankie – Yeah, kinda.

Priscilla – So fuck it, I need to like.. tell you something.

Frankie – Okay?

Priscilla – About me.

Frankie – What are you an alien from krypton?

Priscilla – What?- no..

Frankie – It was a joke.

Priscilla – Right- umm..

Frankie – Jesus.. look at you getting all serious.

Priscilla – Remember at dinner…. we talked about sexuality.. and I came off a little weird?

Frankie – Yeah?

Priscilla – Okay.. so… the reason why… is because…

Frankie – Are you like homophobic or something?

Priscilla – No… when I was at C.U…. my boyfriend- ex boyfriend and I, we were having problems.. and I was to blame.

Frankie – Why?

Priscilla – Well we were watching tv one day and the topic of gay, and lesbians came up. He told me that he didn’t want gay kids because its not right, and I told him that he’s stupid.. and I explained to him what it would be like for a kid to be gay or lesbian and have a father like him- long story short.. he understood and changed his way of thinking. So I asked him did he ever fool around with a guy when he was younger. He told me when he was 15 this other kid tried to suck his dick.

Frankie – *laughs* I honestly feel like guys experiment just as much as girls.. they just don’t say anything about it.

Priscilla – He asked me if I ever fooled around with a girl.. and I told him no- which is the truth…. but… I want to. Not in a “just to see what its like” type of way.. I think I like girls…. and for me its not a big deal. So I told him that, and he FREAKED…. and called me a lesbian and I was like oh my god.. relax.

Frankie – I see.

Priscilla – So when we were talking about sexuality, and I got uncomfortable.. its because of that.

Frankie – *smiles* Its all good.

Priscilla – Also I asked you out to eat, and not your friend Ivy because I thought you were hot….. not cause I needed to know the lowdown on the school campus.

Frankie – You thought I was hot?

Priscilla – Yes….

Frankie – What do you think is hot about me?

Priscilla – Everything? you’re legs? smile?… yeah.. everything.

Frankie – I see…… Well obviously you’re gorgeous.

Priscilla – Well we’re just two gorgeous girls aren’t we?

Frankie – Mmmm hmm… I guess we are. To be honest I think you’re-

Priscilla – *Grabs Frankie and Kisses her*

That was…. interesting. Hot… but not expected.

Frankie – ………………

Priscilla – ……………………..

Frankie – Well alright then

Priscilla – I really just wanted to kiss you…

Frankie – ….. I can tell.

Priscilla – I’m sorry-

Frankie – No! sorry if I’m weird.. I just..  It was unexpected… and I umm… I wanted you to kiss me too….

Priscilla – You did?

Frankie – Yes… when you were standing over my shoulders at the computer I kept smelling your hair- creeper!

Priscilla – I was totally smelling yours from the back- Oh my god that sounded really wrong.

Frankie – *laughs* Dirty….

Priscilla – Just checkin’ you were totally into that kiss right?

Frankie – Yes…. very much so.

Priscilla – I know what I want and I don’t play games…. and I like you.. sorry if that’s aggressive.

Frankie – Priscilla?…. I said I liked the kiss *smiles*

Priscilla – Good, because if not I’d have to like leave GCU and send you a fruit basket as a departing gift.

Frankie – Oh my god, again with the fruit basket- did you ever send Ivy one?

Priscilla – I did…. its a habit.. my mom does it all the time.

She is someone completely different than myself. Its weird… I mean obviously nothing’s wrong with that but she’s completely different from me, and I’m attracted to her. That’s new… She’s not a writer *laughs*

Frankie – …..I think you’re hot, and nice… and interesting.

Priscilla – I think all of those things about you too, and I also feel like you’re hard to read… I didn’t know if you were going to tell me to leave or rip off my clothes.

Frankie – Would you like for me to rip off your clothes?

Priscilla – Are you really asking? or-

[Knock Knock]

Frankie – I have no idea who that could be.

Priscilla – They have great timing- not that I assume anything was gonna happen…..

Frankie – Right.

[Knock Knock]

Frankie – Its open! come in.

[Top Pic]

Speaking of unexpected..

Frankie – Ivo?… what are you doing here?

Ivo – I need to talk to you..

Priscilla – ……..

Ivo – Sorry, I didn’t know you had company.

Priscilla – Ivo’s your name?

Ivo – Yeah?

Frankie – *Looks at Ivo, then Priscilla*

Priscilla – Is he the same-

Frankie – Yes….

Priscilla – …………………………. Okay then.

Ivo – Am I interrupting something?

Frankie – *looks at Priscilla* We were just-

Priscilla – No, I should get going, I’m sure Milk is waiting for me to pick her up.

Frankie – Are you sure?

Priscilla – Yeah…

Frankie – Will I see you tonight?

Priscilla – Yep- yeah.. sure.

[Bottom Pic]

Frankie – ….Alrighty?

Priscilla – K’ Bye.

Ivo – Uh….. did she just refer to a cow’s liquid as a her?

Frankie – Milk is her bestfriend’s name.

Ivo – Oh…. weird name.

Frankie – You say weird, I say unique.

Ivo – I guess.

Frankie – Are you okay?, you said you needed to talk to me- where’s your campus pass?

Ivo – I flirted with the security guard- it was a female.

Frankie – Oh okay.

Ivo – Not that I haven’t flirted with a guy to get what I want before. This one time at the grocery store there was one box of cookies left… and this gay guy grabbed it. So I turned on the charm… flirted.. and I ended up with the cookies.. I’m so shameless I swear.

Frankie – Lets go out on the balcony to talk okay?

Ivo – Alright.

Frankie – Alright so-

Ivo – Its nice up here.

Frankie – What did you want to talk to me about?

Ivo – So I-

Frankie – Hey did Priscilla seem short with me when she left?

Ivo – Who’s Priscilla?- the cute girl who was in your room?

Frankie – Yeah… please tell me it was my imagination, because she seemed mad at me or something.

Ivo – No its not just your imagination. She did come off a bit short, and like she wanted to get the fuck out of there.

Frankie – That’s so weird… we just k- connected..

Ivo – How?

Frankie – …… It doesn’t matter.

Ivo – Did you and her just hook up?

Frankie – No!

Ivo – Just checkin’… I know you like girls too… so..

Frankie – Anyway, Ivo…. how can I help you?

Ivo – I really feel like I intruded on something just now-

Frankie – Ivo!

Ivo – Alright alright.. sorry. Umm.. so.. I had just finished doing yoga, and I laid down on my mat.. all seductive like-

Frankie – Stop playing around!

Ivo – Okay okay, umm.. I was laying there and then I decided to meditate… and I just couldn’t. I’ve never been blocked before Frankie, but today I just couldn’t focus. With everything that has happened with that student dying, that girl in the coma. Mr. Robinson. PLUS Kaori and I had a heart to heart this morning and she told me something that changed my world.. about-

Frankie – What? the Aries thing?

Ivo – No I’m not talking about my cousin… it was something that happened to her in Bridgeport with our-… hmm… you don’t know do you?

Frankie – Know what?

Ivo – Eh…. you know what, I can’t tell you.

Frankie – Why not?

Ivo – Well if Kaori hasn’t told you then I can’t be the one to say anything.

Frankie – Is she sick?

Ivo – No.. she’s fine… its just- regardless of what it is… it, plus the other stuff really fucked with me. Then I kept thinking about the last time you and I were in the same room… when I told you about Torrance. You looked at me like you’ve never looked at me before. I didn’t like it.

Frankie – I didn’t like doing it Ivo….

Ivo – You always looked at me like I was this hot, smart guy who inspired you.. and that day.. you were disgusted with me.. I could tell. I took things to far I-

Frankie – It wasn’t because you tried to fuck me…. it was because of what you’re doing to her.

Ivo – I know… so… I just want you to know… you were right.

Frankie – I was?

Ivo – Yeah.. you said it wouldn’t make me feel better to get revenge on her, and that it was wrong. You were right… about everything.

Frankie – ……..

Ivo – So I’m not doing it anymore.

Frankie – Good… I’m happy that you’re not doing that.

Ivo – ……Thanks for… not taking my shit…

Frankie – Anytime…

Ivo – You know how I feel about you, so.. obviously your opinion of me means a lot to me *clears throat* but umm-

Frankie – So what happens now with Torrance then?

Ivo – Having lunch with her in 20 minutes.. I’m gonna tell her that I’m not over it.. but I forgive her and I want to be friends with her. I’m helping her with a job situation and I just want to be friends.. for now. If something blooms later then cool.. but for now.. no. If she can’t respect that then I will cut ties. If she CAN accept it.. then we move forward. Does that sound good?

Frankie – Why are you asking me?

Ivo – Because your opinion matters.

Frankie – I think it sounds good *smiles*

Ivo – So now that I’m single don’t come knockin’ on my door trying to get all of this…

Frankie – Shut up.

Ivo – All jokes aside… It feels good to do the right thing, and not be a villain.

Frankie – Good.

Ivo – And… I’m sorry for your loss… I know he was a student here so.. I’m sure you’re feeling it.

Frankie – Thank you Ivo.

Ivo – I saw your bonfire thing on instagram.. is it alright if I give you money to pay for some snacks? I can’t be there so…

Frankie – Its okay we have-

Ivo – Please?

Frankie – ….. Okay *smiles*

Ivo – Is 200 enough?

Frankie – Its more than enough.

Ivo – Just keep the change if there is any…

Frankie – ……I will.

Ivo – Anyway… I should go…. Good talk Ms. Mancini.

Frankie – Ivo I’m proud of you for doing the right thing ya know….

Ivo – Well I guess we’ll see huh?….. if she fucks me over then egg on my face.

Frankie – I guess we’ll see.

Ivo – Later cutie….

Frankie – Bye…

I hope she’s not a bad person anymore. I really hope that she’s changed. I’m glad Ivo changed his mind about hurting her too, I knew deep down he knew he was wrong. That’s the difference between good people and bad people. Bad people do crazy hurtful things and don’t see a problem with it. Good people instantly feel bad. Speaking of good and bad.. what was Priscilla’s issue? We were fine.. and Ivo came in and she- Oh. Oh my god of course… I told her everything about Ivo, and she probably thought she didn’t stand a chance. Ivo’s Ivo.. and She’s her… so.. I don’t know.. whatever. I gotta get to class, and then meet up with Jarrah. Bye guys.

(POV Keegan)

Had the best pancakes in the world with Javier, and talked a lot about Miguel, and just life in general. He told me that I was someone he looks up to because I don’t drink or do drugs- but it doesn’t stop me from having fun. He said I’m someone he hopes to be friends with forever. Which made me happy… growing up I didn’t have that bond with an older guy- that sounds weird but you should get what I’m trying to say. I really like the kid, and I just… its gonna be tough leaving him, and the rest of the Fraternity. They’re gonna be so blindsided by my choice. But yeah… umm. after pancakes with Javi I went to class, and then I figured I’d go see my moms and Zoey, just cause family is important. When I got here… so was Kaori. Which.. is good I guess. I wanted to talk to her anyway.

Keegan – How long has Kaori been here?

Joy – Maybe 20 minutes or so?

Keegan – Ah….

Joy – Why?

Keegan – No reason. So where’s mom #2?

Joy – She’s working with that Lawyer on his finances.

Keegan – Oh that Ronald Meade dude…. she’s been working with him a lot….

Joy – If your mother wasn’t gay I’d be jealous.

Keegan – *laughs*… hey wait… he’s a lawyer.

Joy – Yes.. we covered that honey…. keep up.

Keegan – No I know that!…

Joy – Well then?

Keegan – You think mom could convince him to represent Raven?- the girl in the coma that caused the accident?

Joy – Umm… I don’t know? anything is worth a shot?

Keegan – When she wakes up… she’s gonna need someone to represent her.

It would help her out tons… plus I’m sure Jeep would appreciate it.

Joy – You’re right- and I love how you said When, and not If.

Keegan – You always told me to stay positive. Remember when I was 5.. my hamster died.. and you told me to stay positive, and he may start breathing again. I came home from school and he was moving around. Obviously years later I realized you and mom just bought me a replacement-

Joy – No that was the same hamster..

Keegan – Mom…………………

Joy – Fine.. we ran down to the pet shop and got you a new one *laughs*

Keegan – Still… I just always stayed positive, and optimistic because of you.

Joy – Aww, well hopefully Zoey takes that from us as well. She’s so smart, she’s aware of everything that’s happened.. plus you know.. her birth mother-

Keegan – She seems unbothered.

Joy – Which worries your mother and I.

Keegan – Hmm..

Joy – Maybe she’s not really thinking about it because of Curtis. He comes over and they play outside, and do homework together.

Keegan – Ha… that’s adorable.

Joy – She was being such a brat today by the way.

Keegan – Why?

Joy – It was picture day at her school.. we did her hair, and got her a dress.. she wasn’t having it *laughs*

Keegan – How did you guys get her to do it?

Joy – We had to bribe her with an ipad….

Keegan – *laughs* You let her hustle y’all like that?

Joy – It was the only way…

Keegan – What are you doing the rest of the day?

Joy – I’m gonna take Gabrielle to lunch.

Keegan – Zoey going too?

Joy – Yeah, I figure Gabrielle needs a break you know?

Keegan – Yeah….

Joy – By the way if you need anything for that thing you guys are doing later just let me know.

Keegan – We’re good.

Joy – Well take that cranberry juice.

Keegan – Mom what am I gonna do with that?

Joy – I don’t know but Kaitlyn accidentally picked up the one made from concentrate. We only drink 100%, no added sugar.

Keegan – Right.

Joy – So…. I was thinking about you this morning. I was delivering a verdict, and I thought about how happy, and proud I am about you doing Police Academy.

Keegan – Really? you’re thinking about me being a bad ass cop while at work being a bad ass judge?

Joy – Well it makes me happy.

Keegan – Mom isn’t happy.

Joy – Well you know how Kaitlyn is.. little miss cautious

Keegan – She wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t.

Joy – So umm.. KeeKee lemme ask you something..

Keegan – Why do you have that “I’m about to Gossip” voice on

Joy – Don’t be repeating this but I have a question about Frankie.

Keegan – Yes she’s bisexual-

Joy – That wasn’t my question… besides Riley told me that already.. you know we talk.. we watched the world cup together-

Keegan – Oh… well what was the question?

Joy – Now you know Kokoro’s house is across the street right?

Keegan – Yeah..

Joy – Frankie was over there a week ago…. with a shirtless Ivo….

Keegan – …….You were spying?

Joy – No, but… Kaori told me she and Frankie aren’t talking, and I’m wondering if its because Frankie is knockin boots with Ivo…

Keegan – Mom…. nobody says knockin’ boots anymore

Joy – What they say now? Just fuckin’?

Keegan – Oh my god we are not having this conversation…

Joy – Well you know I keep my eyes open on this block. I’m part of the Neighborhood Watch!

I’m guessing she asked Kaori how she and Frankie are doing, and Kaori may have mentioned they’re not talking… Its actually pretty funny how dead on mom is though.. its totally because of the Ivo thing.

Keegan – Frankie and Ivo are just friends mom… if that answers your question.

Joy – I see.. Well maybe- *cell rings* Let me get that-

Keegan – I’ll be outside if you need me.

Joy – Okay sweetie.

Keegan – Hey freckles.

Zoey – Hi

Keegan – Hey Kay’

Kaori – Hey you…..

Zoey – Are you here to see if I’m okay or something?

Kaori – *laughs*

Keegan – Is that a crime?

Zoey – No officer Keegan.

Keegan – *laughs* you’re too much Zo’

Zoey – Kaori is here for the same reason-

Kaori – No.. I said I just wanted to see you and say hi brat.

Zoey – Its to check on me *smiles*

Keegan – You look pretty Zoey, like a little princess. How was picture day?

Zoey – In a world where selfies are out of control do we really need picture day?

She’s got a point…

Keegan – Yes.

Zoey – It was okay… this one girl in my class had a nose bleed while getting her picture taken.. it was so funny.

Kaori – ….. is she okay?

Zoey – Yeah she’s fine. People were saying she’s on crack cocaine! the stuff you sniff in your nose

Kaori – Oh my god… how do you know about that?

Zoey – CSI!

Keegan – I thought mom put parental controls on the tv?

Zoey – I know the password, its your birthday!

Of course it is…

Keegan – ……… Hm

Zoey – Don’t tell mom! or other mom!

Keegan – …..If you promise to stop giving them a hard time and do what they ask of you.

Zoey – ….Ooh Blackmail! but fine. Long as I can watch Dexter.

Kaori – Wow.. really? Dexter? what do you even like about that show?

Zoey – The psychological part of an interesting anti-hero. Technically he’s bad because he kills people.. but he’s good because he kills bad people. Its very grey!

Kaori – …..I think you’re too smart for your age.

Zoey – That’s… that doesn’t make any sense.

Keegan – *laughs*

Zoey – Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?

Kaori – ……. no.

Keegan – We’re just friends.

Zoey – Why?

Keegan – Because people can be friends without-

Zoey – Sex

Kaori – What do you even know about sex?

Zoey – Are there female Gigolos?

Kaori – What the f- hell?

Keegan – What?

Zoey – On Showtime there’s a show called Gigolos… they make women happy with money.

Kaori – …………………………………………………. I can’t.

Keegan – Don’t watch that show again…. ever.

Zoey – Why not?

Kaori – I cannot believe she’s watching Dexter, and show’s about male escorts.

Keegan – Zoey…. Dexter is one thing, but Gigolos is a whole-

Zoey – Why?

Keegan – ……You’re smart.. I feel like you already know why

Zoey – If I promise not to watch that show anymore… will you not tell mom that I know the parental code?

Keegan – …..I’ll think about it

Hell no, she’s watching porn pretty much!

Zoey – Can you push me on the swing?

Keegan – Of course.

Now she’s acting like a kid again.

Zoey – Higher!

Keegan – Okay okay!

Kaori – …… Keegan-

Zoey – How come Curtis penis is smaller than the men on Gigolos?

I think we need to take the tv and internet away from her.

Kaori – Umm…..

Keegan – Zoey!

Zoey – What?

Kaori – Curtis is a little boy who’s still growing Zoey… that’s why.

Zoey – So it will be bigger like those Gigolos?- Oh when do I get boobs?

Keegan – Oh my god..

Kaori – You’re still growing Zoey….

Keegan – Why- where did you see Curtis penis? did he show-

Zoey – He was here yesterday. I accidentally went in the bathroom when he was in there and I saw it.

Keegan – Wow.. knock first Zo’

Zoey – I will!

Kaori – Did you apologize?

Zoey – Yeah but he wanted to go home.

Keegan – Well what did you say when you walked in?

Zoey – Why is it so small.

Kaori – Zoey! *laughing* Oh my god.. no.. no honey.. never say that to a man- boy…

Keegan – This whole conversation is just wrong.

Zoey – I don’t understand why its such a big deal…

Keegan – Because you’re a kid Zoey.

Zoey – ………

Kaori – Keegan’s right…

Zoey – Fine… you guys are acting like a pair of parents.. you should totally be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Kaori – ………..

Keegan – ……

Zoey – I’m gonna go play!

Keegan – ….Alright….. you do that… and stop talking about inappropriate things.

Zoey – Okay…

Keegan – I mean it Zoey…. I don’t want to have to tell mom…

Zoey – Okay okay!

Kaori – You have plenty of time for that stuff when you’re older… just stay a kid for as long as you can.

Zoey – Yes Mom… Yes Dad….

Kaori – ……She’s a handful.

Keegan – She really is…..

Kaori – ….. So what’s going on with you-

Keegan – Do you remember the last time we were on a swing set together?

Kaori – ……Yes.

Keegan – Do you?

Kaori – Yeah… we all were gonna cut school and meet at the park. When I got there it was only you.

Keegan – Yeah cause they chickened out.

Kaori – I remember that day vividly because you were saying how you almost got into a fight with Ian.

Keegan – He was SUCH a douche.

Kaori – Well…

Keegan – Oh right.. you lost your virginity to him.

Kaori – Yeah….. I mean he was sorta a douche but its the past. Though part of me wonders what he’s doing with his life these days.

Keegan – You didn’t internet stalk him?

Kaori – Nope.. He’s the past.. he’s so high school..

I hope I never see that dude again. I mean I was popular, and a little cocky- but compared to Ian Alexander? yeah.. he made me look like a saint. I mean like Kay’ said its all in the past but I never liked him. He always made comments about Mona’s body and It drove me crazy.. I’m actually surprised we never actually came to blows… I don’t even know if he could fight actually. He may have been one of those guys who talked a lot.. but no action.

Keegan – So lets talk present…. What’s going on with you and Byron?

Kaori – Do you really wanna know?

Keegan – That’s why I’m asking.

Kaori – Well we got into a fight but we’re okay now… its such a back and forth thing with him, and I don’t know…

Keegan – So he’s still leaving?

Kaori – Yeah.

Keegan – Even after the accident?

Kaori – ………………Yep.

Keegan – I see…..

Zoey – Ooooh Keegan!

Keegan – Yeah Zo’?

Zoey – Mom #1 is cheating her diet! she’s eating cake!

Keegan – *laughing* Maybe she’s treating herself

Zoey – With two pieces?

Kaori – Stop spying on her Zoey *laughing*

Zoey – Well her and Mom #2 said they were on a diet together… so… she’s cheating. I’ll just use this to get her to let me stay up past 9pm!

Kaori – What were we talking about?

Keegan – Do you love Byron?

Kaori – Umm… Yeah…. I guess. He’s leaving and- to be all the way honest.. whenever I think I love a guy I’m usually burned. Look at you and I. Then him, I just… what’s the point?

Keegan – Sometimes it takes time

Kaori – Says the guy who always gets the girl- Which one are you banging right now anyway? Jules or Rhys?

Zoey – Banging?

Keegan – Zoey!

Zoey – Sorry!

Keegan – I’m not doing that with either of them….

Kaori – Yet….

Keegan – …… Switching gears a bit… how have things been with Aries since… ya know.

Kaori – I’m trying with him. I feel like calling him is forced? so I went to see him but then I could tell looking in my eyes he felt embarrassed about the whole thing. Usually I’d give up, but I’m gonna keep trying with him until things are good.

Keegan – Good, I think that’s the right way to go about it- Hey who’s that guy you posted a picture with on your instagram?

Kaori – What picture?

Keegan – The one with the chopsticks.

Kaori – Oh that’s Kyle… we work together.. and before you assume anything.. he has a girlfriend. I’d never be that girl… I don’t homewreck relationships.

Keegan – I wasn’t assuming that.

Kaori – Well still.

Keegan – I know so much is happening. The accident, Aries… its a lot….. but umm.. how are you doing with the whole… situation with your dad.

Kaori – Fine I guess, there’s something else family wise that has taken precedence… I can’t talk about it.

Keegan – Alright… its weird…

Kaori – What?

Keegan – You used to tell me everything.

Kaori – Maybe I don’t consider us that close anymore since you rejected me.

Keegan – Oh………

Kaori – I’m kidding.. I still love you- Like care for you.. obviously..

Keegan – *smiles* Good.

Kaori – But in a friendly way of course… just friends.. I love Byron.. not you.. duh…

Keegan – Right- SO which girl do you think is better for me? Jules or Rhys?

Kaori – Crazy and Unpredictable vs Boring and Bitchy…

Keegan – Be nice…

Kaori – I don’t know.. whichever gets you- *looks at Zoey* Whichever one stimulates your MIND *points at his crotch*

Zoey – I’m gonna go get water.

Keegan – Okay Freckles.

Kaori – Bring me back one..

Zoey – One what?

Kaori – Water?

Zoey – How do I do that? you want a glass?

Kaori – What?

Keegan – Oh we don’t drink out of plastic in this house….

Kaori – Oh… well umm sure… a glass.

Zoey – Okay, do you want one too Keegan?

Keegan – No I’m okay Zoey, but thanks for asking.

Kaori – Thanks Zoey.

Zoey – I’ll be back!

Kaori – So did Scott ever tell your dad the truth? I know you gave him an ultimatum…

Keegan – Oh tonight is the night… and if he doesn’t come clean I’m beating his ass..

Kaori – In front of your dad?

Keegan – Yep.. he’ll deserve it… so whatever.

Kaori – Can’t say I blame you. Lemme find out Victoria’s cheating on my dad.. she’ll be in a fucking wheelchair- oh my god…

Keegan – …….

Kaori – I didn’t mean to say-

Keegan – Its okay, I know you didn’t.

Kaori – Now I feel like shit.

Keegan – Don’t.. you and I both know your intentions when you said that. How about we just change the subject?

Kaori – Alright… umm.. Oh!…. so when we were all at the hospital you were talking about police academy.. is this something that you’re actually considering?

Keegan – I’ve already decided. I just haven’t you know… done anything about it yet.

Kaori – So you’re gonna protect me from criminals?

Keegan – Yep

Kaori – I can see it.. you being a cop.

Keegan – Thanks.. but first I have to pass the exam to even get in.

Kaori – You will, and if you are nervous just ask Frankie to tutor you.. she’s smart.. obviously

Keegan – Its… you… hmm..

Kaori – What?

Keegan – You said her name.

Kaori – Lets move on shall we?

Keegan – Are you coming tonight?

Kaori – To the memorial?

Keegan – Yeah

Kaori – I’ll be there…

Keegan – Cool.

Kaori – Byron and I are gonna come together.

Keegan – …….wording…

Kaori – Mind out the gutter.

Keegan – Warning.. if you see Jeep there.. he’s a bit-

Kaori – On edge? yeah I know. I talked to him like an hour ago.

Keegan – Ah…

Kaori – I brought up Aries, and he basically bit my head off-

Keegan – He did the same to me.

Kaori – I agree with what he said.. just not how he said it.

Keegan – Right.

Kaori – But he’s… he’s upset so I didn’t really say anything.

Keegan – I did… I told him not to let this whole tragedy change him into someone he’s not.

Kaori – Well… Jeep’s not mean.. so hopefully this is just a phase.

Keegan – Hopefully…. by the way.. with everything going on I haven’t told you congratulations on the job.

Kaori – Thank you.

Keegan – I always knew you had potential. You just had to find what it was that you wanted to do.

Kaori – That means a lot.. so thanks

Keegan – No problem….

Kaori – *Stares at Keegan* …. sometimes I swear you-

Keegan – Why are you looking at me like that?

Kaori – Its nothing…

Keegan – What were you gonna say before I interrupted you?

Kaori – ……..

Keegan – ……

Both – I should-

Kaori – You go-

Keegan – No… you go first.

Kaori – I was gonna say I should get going….

Keegan – Yeah.. me too.. Mom is taking Zoey to eat with Trey’s mom..

Kaori – Right… well alrighty..

Keegan – See ya tonight.

Kaori – With Byron.

Keegan – Okay?

Kaori – …. Okay bye.

That was a weird fucking conversation. She and I used to be so… like a knife through butter. Everything was easy and smooth between us. There was no flow in that conversation, and she kept mentioning how much she loved Byron.. like what was the point of that? Then she- I don’t get her… I maybe its my fault because I rejected her… but yeah. That was awkward as hell. Obviously she has tension with Frankie… so what- now she wants to be weird with me too?… Whatever… I got shit to do, I’m not gonna spend all day stressing about it. I’ll see you guys in a bit.

(POV Frankie)

So in class we didn’t really do anything. Our professor literally said guys take this time to study, or do whatever you need to do. He said it was a stressful time and a break is needed every now and then. Most people left, but I took the time to chat with a few fellow students about Miguel, and the bonfire, and also to finish the list. Then I met up with Jarrah.. which is always weird cause.. well obviously she and I don’t really do one on ones. When we do its really random.

Frankie – Thanks for coming with me.

Jarrah – No problem.

Frankie – *smiles*

Jarrah – Can I ask you something?

Frankie – Yeah, sure.

Jarrah – Why is it so weird between us? Is it because of the Keegan thing?

Frankie – Umm… no- Kaori took that whole thing harder than I did.

Jarrah – So then… why?

Frankie – Well.. that does work both way Jarrah.

Jarrah – True…

Frankie – Your brother, and my sister dated- they were almost engaged and then.. well we both know what happened.

Jarrah – Right…

Frankie – They were together for a while, and you and I never really hung out.

Jarrah – Which is weird.

Frankie – I’m gonna be honest. Most of the time I’d rather just be alone and read. Its obvious that I love books.. BUT…. truth is.. I didn’t hangout with you out of respect for Kaori. She was my bestfriend, and would have flipped if you and I had a bond. I figured her being my bestfriend, I’d remain loyal. At the same time when we were all together as  group I try and talk to everyone. I didn’t feel like you felt left out, you had Trey so.. If my assumption is wrong, and I did ever make you feel that way… I’m sorry.

Jarrah – ……I did-do have Trey, so I didn’t exactly feel left out, however… Trey’s still a guy. So sometimes I did wish I could call you, and Kaori and all three of us could be close.

Frankie – Why didn’t you?

Jarrah – Because she hated me, and you were loyal to her.

Frankie – …… She was… I’m just gonna say it. Kaori was territorial, and I went along with it because she was my friend. She’s the real reason you and I didn’t create a bond- and its just funny to me how now all of a sudden she wants to hang around you.

Jarrah – I had reservations about it… I thought maybe she’d try and use me to make you jealous… then I thought well maybe because we experienced the lockdown together that.. we had created a bond.

Frankie – That’s a strong possibility….

Jarrah – I feel weird hanging with her, knowing you two aren’t talking.

Frankie – Your friendship with her, is yours. If you and her can find a bond, I say go for it.

Jarrah – ….but I want all three of us to have a bond.

Frankie – Its gonna be hard for that to happen when she’s….  when we aren’t talking.

Jarrah – Right.

Frankie – I’ll just say this… if you really do want a relationship with me… then I’m open to it. I’ll call you, you can call me. We can do things together. I’m more than okay with that, but I’m not gonna turn this into a war with Kaori.. where you feel you’re in the middle you know?

Jarrah – Exactly…. and If I’m being honest…….. I feel like that would happen.

Frankie – Well…..

Jarrah – Whatever though… I really do want to be your friend.

Frankie – We’ve always been friends Jarrah… I’d beat someone’s ass for you… that was always the case. Its just we never had a tight bond.

Jarrah – Right…. which is just.. stupid when you think about it. Why are girls so messy? Guys aren’t like this…

Frankie – I have no idea…

Jarrah – I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but your strength is so inspiring. Everything you’ve been through, and you’re still so.. intelligent, and determined. You fight for what you want and I love that about you.

Frankie – Thank you Jarrah, that’s really sweet of you to say… I think that you’re a rock star to be honest. You’re smart, and I’ve always loved how close you are with your family. How well you dress, how you just..  I don’t know how else to say this, but you always seem to balance out things. Like I’m too closed off, Kaori’s too… yeah.. and you you’re like the balance of both of us in a way.

Well.. I’m glad she and I talked. When you think about it, its really no reason why I can’t be close with her. Whatever, its all out there now.. and we agreed to be closer. The only issue I see going forward is Kaori.. and to be honest I don’t like talking about her when she’s not around. I’m not bashing her at all but the truth is the truth. She never liked me being cool with Jarrah. I just figured okay fine.. Jarrah has Trey, you have me, Keegan has Jeep. We’re all good. It was dumb, and I’m over playing by those rules.. 

Jarrah – *Smiles* We’re over here having an aww moment in the middle of the store.

Frankie – *laughing* Lets do this Jarrah.. I mean it. Lets really try and be close.

Jarrah – You don’t have a clue how much that means to me. I was semi jealous of how close you and my cousin got.

Frankie – Jeepy is so perfect. I love him.

Jarrah – Yeah for a minute we all thought it was in a… romantic way.

Frankie – Well you of all people know how lines can blur with friends.

Jarrah – ……………right….

Frankie – Sorry.. too soon? *laughing*

Jarrah – I really do feel bad about breaking the pact.

Frankie – Its in the past… We’re moving forward right?

Jarrah – Right!

Frankie – So how’s living with your friend? I forget her name.

Everything seems so.. small now. We had this big accident, and death.. I almost forget to bring up the little things. I know Jarrah left the Sorority House so I wonder how she’s doing.

Jarrah – Its been pretty cool. Lola’s great. I help her, she helps me. She’s really cool. I think you’d like her.

Frankie – Bring her tonight.

Jarrah – I was gonna ask if that was okay.

Frankie – Yeah, its more than okay. I invited my friend Priscilla, and her bestfriend.. Milk.

Jarrah – She has a friend named Milk?

Frankie – Yes… *laughs*

Jarrah – …Are you seeing anyone?

Frankie – Uh no.

Jarrah – Tyena seemed into you..

Frankie – Just friends….

Jarrah – I hope you don’t mind me asking.. but Ivo… is that more than just… sex?

Frankie – Yes, and no. Its complicated.

Jarrah – Ah okay.

Ivo confuses me… and its always gonna be complicated with him. At least I think so… Obviously I’m attracted to him but whatever. Moving on…. 

Frankie – What about you? Collin… and that-

Jarrah – Collin and I had a big fight because he kissed me.

Frankie – Oh… wow.

Jarrah – We’re fine now.

Frankie – Oh yeah.. duh.. that kiss resulted in Elena attacking you… and your friend giving her a swift kick.

Jarrah – Yep.

Frankie – …..You never know who has issues these days.

Jarrah – While I’m fine with Collin, its a little annoying to deal with the kiss. I need to tell my boyfriend about it.

Frankie – Why?

Jarrah – Because we tell each other everything.

Frankie – Oh okay, well hey.. honesty is the best policy.

Jarrah – While I’m being honest.. I’m so glad you’re doing this bonfire thing. I didn’t really talk to Miguel.. and it made me feel a certain.. emptiness when-

Frankie – Me too.

Jarrah – I’m social or whatever but I can’t ever remember talking to him.

Frankie – I’m not social-

Jarrah – Yes you are, you sell yourself short. You can be social when you want Frankie..

Frankie – Maybe that’s true.. but yeah.. I just felt like I should do SOMETHING you know?

Jarrah – Yes- Oh my god that store clerk keeps looking at me.

Frankie – Ooooh he wanna give you some old dick.

Jarrah – Oh my god *laughs* that or he thinks I’m gonna steal something..

Frankie – Probably cause you with me.. you know I got that caramel complexion.

Jarrah – He does have that racist look. Those racist eyes

Frankie – Oh my god Jeep says that.

Jarrah – Is he coming tonight? he’s been a bit… moody.

Frankie – I talked to Keegan, and he said he told him to come.. so I guess we’ll see-

??? – Andi! Hey Andi!

Jarrah – That girl is looking at you and calling you Andi..

Frankie – Why the hell-

??? – Hey Andi! its Rai (Ray) do you remember me?

Frankie – Umm.. Hi?

She’s so pretty… yet.. masculine?

Raina – I thought that was you! you look a little different but-

Frankie – I’m not actually Andi…. I’m her younger sister… Frankie.

Raina – Oooh! shit.. I’m sorry…

Frankie – Its okay.

Raina – ….My bad.. Its just that you look so much like her.. though now that I take a good look at you… you’re way taller… she for sure didn’t have those legs.

Frankie – Umm.. thanks?-

Raina – My name is Raina by the way… Raina Baycock

Why does that last name sound familiar?

Frankie – Frankie.. Frankie Mancini.

Raina – Nice to meet you.

Frankie – You too Raina.

Jarrah – I’m gonna go find red cups… I’ll be back in a bit.

Frankie – Take your time.

Jarrah – Will do… *Walks away*

Frankie – That was rude… I should have introduced you.

Raina – Its okay. Is she your girlfriend?

What the hell? do I scream lesbian or something?

Frankie – She’s a close friend….

Raina – Oh okay.. sorry.. I shouldn’t make assumptions.

Frankie – ….Its fine. So umm you went to CU with my sister?… you look young… did-

Raina – Oh…  I was just coming to the school when your sister was on her way out. I needed a tutor and she said she was tutoring to help make extra cash.. so.. she helped me with some things. It was pretty cool of her too. I was like a fish out of water at CU…

Frankie – You’re out now?

Raina – Yeah I graduated already…. my brother on the other hand.. he’s still in school.. one more year.

Frankie – Oh that’s cool you have a brother… I’ve always wanted one for some reason.

I should be careful what I wish for. Andi likes to joke that Mira probably has kids spread all across america.

Raina – I have a little sister too… She’s like 11 going on 21…

Frankie – Aww Cute. So does your brother goes to CU?

Raina – No.. my brother will be in New York for another year, and then he’s coming here to meet with us- us being my Mother, sister, and I.

Frankie – What does he do in New York?- stupid question.. he goes to school there..

Raina – He goes to Julliard…

Talk about overachiever

Frankie – Oh wow… Isn’t that the school that Jessica Chastain, and Kelsey Grammer went to?

Raina – Yeah… and Kevin Spacey, Viola Davis, Patti LuPone, Robin Williams… blah blah blah.. he mentions this a lot.

Frankie – That’s so cool. I bet he’s like… really proud to be there.

Raina – He’s kinda pompus.. I blame our mother for that… he’s not an asshole though.

Frankie – Is he an actor?

Raina – He sings, dances, and acts. Oh and no he’s not gay.. he’s just kinda… well Shane is Shane…- that’s his name.. Shane.. yeah..

Frankie – Nothing wrong with Acting, singing, and dancing.. doesn’t mean a person is gay.

Raina – If he was gay my mother would have died. He’s her perfect son. I’m the gay one of the family so… can’t have two- my mother isn’t homophobic either, she just doesn’t get it.

Frankie – I see.

Raina – You may have heard of her..

Frankie – Who your mother?

Raina – Yeah..

Frankie – What’s her name?

Raina – Marlene Baycock… she-

Frankie – She’s a play writer, producer, and director.. she also writes musicals- AND TV shows!.. I know who she is. My friend’s mother is actually on one of her shows…. umm The Reality of Life

Obviously I’m talking about Kaori’s mom.

Raina – Oh cool.. I assume she’s the mother? the asian lady?

Frankie – Yes!.. wow that’s awesome. Why the hell are you guys in GloCity and not in Pylea?

Raina – Pylea’s gone to SHIT… and mom gets these ideas in her head. Little projects…. so she wants to have a play up and running by next year… here… in GloCity.

Frankie – Wow that’s awesome.. I feel like I keep saying wow, and awesome.. sorry.

Raina – Its cute, don’t apologize.

Frankie – Umm.. *smiles* So-

Raina – There is no way she’ll be able to write a musical…. have a place built.. hire everyone and have it ready for next year.. I can’t see it. She’s too much of a control freak.

Frankie – Maybe that’s exactly why she’ll be able to pull it off.

Raina – Perhaps….. its funny though.. her deciding to live here. I was already here… getting my business in order.

Frankie – Oh?

Raina – Yeah I’m having my bar built.. It should be up and running in a few months.

Frankie – Bar Owner… nice.

Raina – Among other things

Frankie – Such as? don’t tell me you’re like an astronaut too or something-

Raina – I’m a mechanic…. yes.. me.. all this pretty. I fix cars.

Frankie – Oh.. cool. That’s really awe- … great. That’s really great.

Raina – I’m good with my hands what can I say.

Frankie – Well if I need a good tune up I know where I’m coming-

Raina – …………

Frankie – To like get my car fixed.

Raina -……Right…. so umm what do you do?

Frankie – I’m a student at G.C.U. one more year to go.. and I just got hired at Haus Of Opulence.

Raina – Is that fashion or-

Frankie – Books.. novels…

Raina – Ah.. you look smart…. you have that whole.. I’m pretty and smart, but I can get wild look about you.

Frankie – I do?

Raina – Yeah.. it works though.. don’t change a thing.

Frankie – Heh….

Raina – Well I don’t wanna take up too much more of your time. I should get going…

Frankie – Girlfriend?

Really Frankie? where the hell did that come from?

Raina – No.. I’m running errands with my mother…

Frankie – Oh okay.

Raina – I’ll see you around kid.

Frankie – Bye..

Raina – Tell your sister I said hello.

Frankie – Okay.. we skype daily so I’ll tell her I ran into you.

Raina – K-K

Frankie – …..Did you just say-

Raina – Yeah.. I know most people type it.. but I like saying it.

Frankie – Why not.

Raina – *laughs* Later Kid…

Frankie – Bye.

That was weird… I felt like we were flirting, but I wasn’t trying to flirt.. it was like involuntary flirting or something. I wonder what Andi will say when I tell her I met her. Raina Baycock.. or Rai (Ray) as she calls herself… hmm

Jarrah – *walks back over* Frankie dear… we have to go to another store.. they don’t have any plastic cups left- also the lady was giving me attitude.

Frankie – Okay…

Jarrah – So…. I’m not gay but.. that chick had some serious like.. mojo working for her.

Frankie – Did she?

Jarrah – You didn’t feel it? she had like.. swag. She had me questioning my sexuality.

Frankie – I didn’t notice.

Jarrah – Right….

Frankie – *laughs* What?… I didn’t.

Jarrah – Mmm hmm.. says the girl who talked to her for what seemed like hours.

Frankie – It was not that long..

Jarrah – She was totally looking you up and down.. checkin’ you out.

Frankie – No she wasn’t..

Jarrah – She was…

Frankie – Weird…. Do I?- nevermind..

Jarrah – No, go on and ask.

Frankie – Do I scream gay?

Jarrah – What?

Frankie – Do I look like a lesbian?

Jarrah – No? not really? how do lesbians look?- besides that chick.. who.. well its obvious.. but like.. she’s really pretty.. yet butch?

Frankie – She asked me if you were my girlfriend.

Jarrah – Should we kiss for her?

Frankie – Shut up *laughs* I don’t know why she assumed I was gay.

Jarrah – People do that all the time.. she probably didn’t know.. that or she was testing the waters to find out if you were gay without asking. No biggie either way though right? Gay pride! woot woot!- I can’t believe I just said that *laughs*

Frankie – True- besides I mean if I do look like a lesbian.. nothings wrong with that.. right?

Jarrah – Frankie you’re a hot girl.. you can pull any woman, or man.. just find solace in that.

Frankie – Thanks.. now lets find another store- [Text Alert]

Jarrah – You can check it before we get to the car..

Frankie – Umm okay.. *checks text*

[Andi : Hey Frankie… just wanted to let you know that I’ll be in town in about.. an hour. I did some thinking about life, and other shit while the festival was going on and then I thought about you and everything going on there. Aren’t you tired of hanging onto the past? Yeah.. me too (lol you didn’t even answer me and I said me too) So here’s what we’re doing. You, Dad, and I… and Mira. That bitch lives there now and she’s been wanting to talk so lets fucking get it over with. Tonight is a make it or break it type of sitch you feel me?.. I already told dad to set it up so.. yeah you better be there. I promise I won’t take your whole night.. you’ll still have time for your bonfire (I read about it on your facebook) Anyway see you later. Love you. – Andi ]

Jarrah – Damn Frankie.. did you like… exchange numbers with that girl or something? you look shocked..

Frankie – No.. its from my sister…

Jarrah – Oh?… is that bad?

Frankie – Umm.. she wants to have a family meeting tonight…. she, and I… dad… and…… Mira.

Jarrah – *Gasp* Oooh maybe this is the talk you’ve all been waiting for! Oh my god it would be awesome if you guys all came to like.. some sort of understanding. That weight would be lifted.

Frankie – ……I don’t know if I’m ready for it….

Jarrah – I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Frankie – Lets see if they have pepper spray here.

Jarrah – Why?

Frankie – Just incase Andi goes 5150 on Mira tonight.

Jarrah – You’re probably right. I think I saw some in the camping section.

Well this should be interesting… whatever went down at that festival in CCity it must have really got my sister to thinking. I never in a million years thought SHE’D be the on to call a family meeting. I’m both intrigued and worried about the outcome. What if Mira says something Andi feels is disrespectful? what if Andi- like punches her? oh and obviously.. there’s a possibility that she won’t even show up like last time.. I’m pretty sure if that happens Andi is going to burn her house down or something. I better get a fire extinguisher to go along with the pepper spray… Its going to be a unpredictable night.

(POV Keegan)

It was time… the clock struck twelve and Scott’s carriage turned back into a pumpkin. It was time my father knew the truth about him. I warned him, I told him he better tell the truth about Owen, or I was kicking his ass and telling my dad everything. By the looks of things it doesn’t appear that he’s said anything… so… I guess I’m punching him… here we go. Of course when I got here Scott opened the door. My dad was upstairs.

Keegan – Hi dad.

Issac – Keegan, what are you doing here?- not that I mind. I just wasn’t expecting you.

Keegan – I came to see Scott- why are you guys so dressed up?

Issac – Its a work thing.. a dinner party with a fashion magazine editor. Scott’s my date… obviously.

Keegan – I see…

Scott – ………………

Keegan – Hey Scotty…

Scott – ……Hello Keegan.

Keegan – Feeling good?

Scott – I guess so…

Issac – Umm..

Keegan – Dad… enough is enough don’t you think?

Issac – What?

Keegan – Scott doesn’t love you.

Issac – Keegan what the fuck are you going on about?

Keegan – Tell him Scott!

Scott – You should lower your voice Keegan.

Keegan – Are you fucking serious Scott?!

Issac – Keegan-

Keegan – No!

Issac – Keegan stop….

Keegan – You’re gonna thank me when I’m done dad!

Scott – Let him talk Issac… this is amusing.

Keegan – Did you not remember what I told you?

Scott – And what would that be Keegan?

Keegan – So you’re trying to be funny?

Scott – Keegan, I don’t understand what has gotten into you. Are you okay?… stressed out lately?

Keegan – Oh you’re good.. so you’re gonna try and make it seem like I’ve what?… relapsed?

Scott – I never said that….. please don’t put words in my mouth. I would NEVER bring up your issues.

Keegan – But you did… you told homeboy…

Issac – Okay what is this about?

Keegan – I’m not gonna say it! SCOTT IS!

Scott – I don’t know what you’re talking about….. *smiles*

Keegan – I’ll count to 10… and if you don’t tell my dad the truth I’m gonna knock you the fuck out.

Issac – Keegan what’s going on?

Keegan – 1……………

Scott – ….This is so ridiculous…

Keegan – 2………..

Issac – Somebody start talking.

Keegan – 3….. Fuck it.. I warned you!

Scott – Keegan, listen to me.. I’m going to tell him.. just-

Keegan – I gave you enough time!

*door opens*

What the fuck?

Keegan – What the fuck is this?

Owen – What’s going on?

Scott – Oh I forgot to mention while you were getting dressed, we had company… *death stare to Keegan*

Issac – Umm.. who are you and why are you in my bathroom?- wait… why do you look familiar?

Owen – We met when I was at lunch with Trey.

Issac – That’s right- wait did you come with Keegan?

Keegan – Hell no!

Owen – What’s your fucking problem?

Keegan – You are!

Owen – I dare you to hit me again.. no sucker punch this time-

Keegan – I would lay your ass out so fast.. don’t try and be tough now…

Issac – Keegan you hit him?! Why?!

Keegan – Because he’s fucking Scott!

Issac – What?!


Owen – I’m WHAT? Oh my god I’m gonna fucking throw up…

Keegan – I caught you two twice!

Issac – Caught them doing what?!

Keegan – On a lunch date, and then once in a hotel room!

Owen – Where you sucker punched me!- wait is that why you hit me?! you thought I was fucking Scott?!

Keegan – Aren’t you?!

Owen – Oh my god… 

Scott – Holy shit…

Owen – Now it makes sense…

Issac – Somebody better fucking explain or I’ll start punching everyone!

Keegan – I’m so confused!

Owen – I don’t blame you now.. all this time you thought I was homewrecking.

Keegan – If your not fucking Scott then what the fuck are you two doing Owen?!

Scott – We-

Owen – I can talk for myself Scott!

Scott – Why are you mad at me now?

Owen – Because all of this is your fucking fault! you have this kid thinking I’m fucking you.. I’m not even gay!

Keegan – Bullshit! you flirted with Trey!

Owen – I flirt with everyone.. its my personality. Also I was getting him to do a job, I had to have things in common with him.. and I did.

Keegan – Gay movies bruh?

Owen – I like all types of movies, but I only like one gender…. women.

Keegan – Trey said that you said you liked people… aka bisexual.

Owen – Uh I was fucking with Trey, because I don’t like assumptions… he assumed I was gay or bi so I just went along with it. I was actually gonna tell him I was straight and messing with him but the accident happened. Trey’s a nice guy, and I’m looking forward to being his friend.. so you actually don’t know what you’re talking about

What the fuck? I’m fucking lost and confused!

Issac – Keegan asked a question Owen.. if you’re not fucking Scott.. what are you guys doing?

Scott – Well.. its quite impossible for us to be fucking-

Owen – Scott……

Scott – Sorry.. go on.

Keegan – Why is it impossible for you guys to be fucking?

Owen – One, he’s old, Two, I’m straight, and Three, that would be incest.

Keegan – Come again?

Issac – You’re related to-

Scott – Owen’s my son.

Keegan – ………………………..

Scott – Not to be a dick but I wish you could see your face right now Keegan.. I wish I had my phone on me to snap a picture…

Issac – Son?……….. How?!

Scott – Well apparently… the only girlfriend I ever had.. the only girl I ever had sex with she- Well… I dated this really christian girl named Savannah Roberts… and we had sex.. I hated it. I didn’t like it at all. I knew deep down I was gay.. I tried to hide it with going to church.. and I figured Savannah was a sweet christian woman so… anyway I told her I was gay and I wanted to be just friends. I never heard from her. She left town and that was that.

Owen – She was pregnant with me… and mad at Scott for being gay. She refused to… allow him in my life. Scott never knew about me.

Issac – How did you find out about Scott?

Owen – I was helping her pack up for a move when I found her diary… so I decided to see how my mother was when she was about my age.. I read it.. and that’s when I came across… Scott.. and the pregnancy.

Scott – He googled me, and found me. Not hard considering The Mothership.

Issac – …..Right.

Scott – He told me everything.. I begged him and convinced him to come here.

Owen – My job relocated me and the rest is history.

Scott – ….. 

Issac – Why didn’t you tell me?

Keegan – ……………………….

Owen – This really is all your fault Scott…

Scott – I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want anything to set Keegan off. He was doing so good, and I just didn’t want him to relapse. Contrary to popular belief.. I may be a asshole but I do care about you Keegan…

Owen’s his kid.. not his lover…. and he kept secrets because of me?

Keegan – ………

Owen – I kept asking him to tell you guys, but.. he said timing was off. Then YOU followed us everywhere… and assumed.. something gross.

Keegan – …….So you- you held off on telling my dad about Owen… because you worried about me?

Scott – Yes… and I…. I didn’t want Issac to hate me.

Issac – I could never hate you Scott.. I love you.. I don’t-

Scott – We’ve been having problems and I was scared it would be the final straw.. the thing that made you want a divorce.

Issac – People fight Scott.. it doesn’t mean its the end of a marriage.

Scott – I’m… its gonna sound stupid but I get scared that you’ll leave me and go back to him…

Issac – Who?

Scott – ……You know who I’m talking about.

Issac – Riley?

Scott – …..Yeah… and if that makes me insecure I’m sorry. I know that your friends don’t like me, I know they all probably want you with Riley… and it hurts my feelings. Its why I never want to go to group events with them around.

Issac – I love my friends, but they don’t know our relationship Scott… the only thing that matters is how you and I feel.. I know we’ve been butting heads but it happens. I’m sorry… I didn’t know you felt that way about… Riley, and my friends.

Scott – I thought it would make me look weak… I never wanted to bring it up.

Issac – Is this why you’ve been so distant?

Scott – That and the secret of Owen- and to be honest all of my stress I took out on on- on my employees.. mainly Frankie.. because she’s Riley’s daughter…. and that’s so wrong. It was so wrong.. and I feel horrible. No wonder she quit….

Issac – …….. We can cancel on dinner, and talk about this some more if you-

Scott – No this is an important dinner.. we should go. We can talk after.

Issac – Okay….

Scott – I’m sorry to you Keegan… and you too Owen.. I put both of you in unfair positions… I made you think I was cheating on your dad, and that I didn’t care about you. And Owen.. I made you feel like a dirty little secret who didn’t matter.

Keegan -…. Umm.. Its fine… and I’m sorry too… 

Owen – Dad… its okay.

Scott – You’ve never called me that before..

Owen – Well I didn’t know you were hurting… and I see you differently now…

Keegan – I should leave

Scott’s been…. hurting inside.. because of things I had no clue about. I had him all the way wrong, and I feel like the worlds biggest asshole.

Issac – Keegan wait…

Keegan – I think I caused enough trouble… and I know you’re so disappointed in me.. I fucked up again.. I stay fucking up-

Issac – Keegan.. are you serious? I’m not mad at you.

Keegan – Why the fuck not?!

Issac – You looked out for your dad.. you punched someone for me. You didn’t want anyone treating me like shit, and you handled it the best you could with what you knew. I would have done the same thing.

Keegan – But I accused him of fucking his own son-

Issac – With what you knew… I don’t blame you.

Keegan – Did I mess up your marriage?

Issac – In some twisted way.. this whole misunderstanding may have fixed it….

Keegan – I still feel bad.


Scott – Owen… I’ve told you once, and I’ll say it again.. I would have been there for you if I knew you existed.

Owen – I know, and I don’t blame you for my mother and all of her anti gay christian ways…

Scott – ….. Does she know?

Owen – About us?… yeah I told her…

Scott – And?

Owen – She’s not happy.. but I’m a grown man.. I can do what I want… plus I’m not really christian…

Scott – …..I see.

Owen – I didn’t know you had all of those insecurities about your marriage…

Scott – ….Well being insecure isn’t something a person likes to broadcast….

Owen – Right…..

Scott – I’m really sorry if I made you feel like I was ashamed to have you as a son.

Owen – Its okay… oddly enough it all makes sense now…

Scott – …..Thanks for understanding and not hating me.

Owen – Who’s Riley?

Scott – That is a conversation for another day…

Owen – Right, you guys have to get to that dinner… I actually have a meeting with Tom in an hour so…

Scott – Lets get breakfast in the morning.

Owen – Alright.


Issac – You care about people Keegan, nothing is wrong with wanting to protect them.

Keegan – But I caused this big fight

Issac – Scott and I are okay…

Keegan – ……..but still.

Issac – Did you go about it the wrong way? yes… but your intentions were good.

Keegan – I just hate that I-

Issac – Stop. Listen to me.. I am not mad at you. Scott’s not mad either.. and Owen.. well I think he understands why things happened the way they did.

Keegan – But I-

Issac – Keegan…….. Let…. It… Go. Okay?

Keegan – Fine…

Issac – Everything is going to be okay… alright

Keegan – Alright.

Issac – Can you come by in the morning? We can talk then?… over a bowl of cereal cause you know I’m not cooking *smiles*

Keegan – I’ll bring breakfast from that place you like on main street.

Issac – Great. Now… shouldn’t you get going?…

Keegan – Where?- oh yeah the bonfire…

Issac – Go mourn your friend.. everything here is gonna sort itself out. I’ll see you in the morning.

Keegan – Okay… bye dad.

Issac – I love you Keegan.

Keegan – I love you too dad.

Well that was a colossal size fuck up. I don’t even know what the fuck to really say. I assumed something really foul- I mean I hear what my dad and Owen are saying when they say they understand why I thought what I thought but.. man.. it still feels shitty. Then Scott just unloads all of his feelings about my health, the marriage, Riley, Frankie- It all just makes me feel bad. Not to mention I never would have in a million years thought Scott would have struggled with his sexuality in his adult life. I thought he was out and proud at like age 15 or something. He was an adult pretending not to be gay.. and ended up with a son he never got to see grow up.. Fuck… and here I am.. useless, and pointing fingers.. maybe I shouldn’t be a cop… clearly I’m a shitty person…. ugh… 

(POV Frankie)

So… here I am at my fathers house with my sister Andi. We’re just waiting here for Dad, and …. our mother.. to come inside so we can finally talk. I have so many thoughts and emotions going through my head right now. You ever dream of something for so long, and it never seems like it’ll happen? Then when it does… it doesn’t feel real? like you’d swear you were dreaming? Well yeah.. that’s how I’m feeling now. In my head for years I’ve thought about what I’d say to our mother if I had the chance for a sit down… I have many questions, and things I’d like to say… but part of me feels like once we actually start talking? I’m going to be speechless. Maybe its a good thing Andi is here. Contrary to popular belief.. My sister is strong, and very mature… however when she hates you… she hates you. I think she’ll-

Andi – Why are they still outside?

Frankie – They’re still talking to Max

Andi – What the fuck about though? get in here.. we have things to talk about.

Frankie – You think its weird for Mira?

Andi – What?

Frankie – Talking to dad’s…. male lover.

Andi – I’ve always felt like deep down she was homophobic… but who knows.

Frankie – I thought you were once upon a time… and then I just realized you’re just odd about people in relationships in general.

Andi – Right… Actually that’s not it.

Frankie – Well then what is it?

Andi – With dad… I always felt like Issac was his like… one true love?

Frankie – Wow… CCity has turned you soft

Andi – Shut up…. anyway I felt like they were like.. umm… Brad and Angelina you know? just meant to be. So whenever I hear about dad in a relationship with someone its like eh… no. Then we have you…

Frankie – What about me?

Andi – You’re my little sister, so I don’t think anyone is good enough for you. You’re smart and beautiful, I’m more selective about who you date, than you are.

Frankie – I never thought about it that way.

Andi – A lot of crazy shit happened in CCity during the festival and I gotta say… it put things into perspective for me.

Frankie – Well what happened?

Andi – Girl lemme give you the cliff notes version. My gay roommate was fucking with this dude name Don McKinley aka Cowboy.. he’s downlow and crazy.. he beat him up and left him for dead a couple of months ago. So like.. basically he found his ass with the help of a shady cop and tried to shoot and kill my roommate and his gay friend who is a gay dad or whatever.

Frankie – …………………………

Andi – I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Oh and that Cowboy dude murdered and killed his wife.. he’s in prison now, the wife dead.. my roommate is safe.. and there’s a little boy without parents

Frankie – Wait who-

Andi – Cowboy and his wife had a son.

Frankie – Oh wow…

Well I’m just glad she’s okay… sounds like drama and tragedy happens no matter where you live.

Andi – Mmm hmm. So like.. with that, and the shit that happened here.. I just… I can’t ………….. Ya know Mr. Robinson was real nice to me that one summer.. I was like 16

Frankie – Oh yeah he let you intern at city hall.

Andi – Just organizing papers and getting coffee but it was nice of him to give me a summer job. I can’t believe he’s in a wheelchair now….

Frankie – Yeah…

Andi – Trey’s being strong?

Frankie – Yeah, he has us- his friends… and he has a kick ass boyfriend named Dominic.

Andi – Good for him.

Frankie – Are you seeing anyone in CCity?

Andi – *laughs* No.

Frankie – Why are you laughing?

Andi – The men there…. the ones that’s left?…. girl bye.

Frankie – I see. Well sis… you’re pretty, and smart… don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure the right guy will come along.

Andi – I doubt it- but at the same time I’m not pressed about it either.

Frankie – Andi…. you can have it all. Remember you told me that? You said putting limits on yourself is stupid, that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Its possible to-

Andi – To have the career, house, kid, husband, social life- yeah I remember what I told you. You don’t understand though… there aren’t really any guys there that- okay so like the guys that I do even find REMOTELY cute- cute not HOT.. they’ve been dipping in girls that… just.. no. Its like oh you dated and had sex with HER?.. oh noooo we can never get together, you feel me?

Frankie – Right.. I feel like that about some guys.. There’s this guy named Nick.. He’s bi.. just like me. I remember I thought he was cute.. and then I found out he fucked Trey *laughs* I could never date Nick. I never had feelings for him but I did think he was cute, and if he had ever asked me out I probably would have said yes.

Andi – Are you like… in love with Ivo?

Frankie – No.

Andi – You know it doesn’t like… bother me.

Frankie – Why would it?

Andi – My thoughts exactly. I always assumed you thought it would be weird if you two dated…. or fucked- which y’all did.

Frankie – Anyway….. SO what’s the deal with Raina Baycock?

Andi – Why do you keep talking about her?

Frankie – I don’t

Andi – When I got here you brought her up

Frankie – Because she told me to tell you hello

Andi – And then when we were in dad’s room you asked if I knew she was gay at CU..

Frankie – And you said it was kinda obvious…

Andi – Right. So why do you keep bringing her up?

Frankie – No reason… I was just gonna ask-

Andi – Are you into butch girls?

Frankie – No!- I mean.. I don’t know… she has a really pretty face… yet everything else is butch?

Andi – I see…

Frankie – My friend Priscilla kissed me today.

Andi – Oh?

Frankie – Yeah.. she said she liked me and kissed me in my dorm room… She’s really pretty, and awesome-

Andi – So… are you like in a love triangle or something?

Frankie – With who Andi?

Andi – You, Priscilla, and Ivo- ooh or a love square if we add Raina…

Frankie – I don’t do complicated relationships.

Andi – Correction.. you haven’t done complicated relationships…. yet. Do you like guys or girls more? or is that an offensive question?

Frankie – Its semi offensive if you ask the wrong person but you’re my sister so I don’t take offense to it. I don’t know which one I love more.. it depends on the day I guess.

Andi – Do you think my friend Bambi is cute? you know she’s a lesbian.

Frankie – I think she’s so funny, and cool, but I’m not physically attracted to her.

Andi – What about my friend Craig

Frankie – You’re calling guys you fucked your friends now?

Andi – We’re never crossing that line again. Ever.. he’s like a brother now.. reminds me of dad.

Frankie – Craig’s cute I guess… but.. not really my type.

Andi – *sigh* They need to get they ass in here already…. we have things to talk about. I gotta get back home cause I got work in the morning and you have your bonfire.

Frankie – Right…….. Hey did you know Raina’s mom is-

Andi – Oh my god.. would you just admit you’re into Raina already?

Frankie – No… cause I’m not Andi. I find her pretty… and her mom- her family is interesting.

Andi – I see.

Frankie – You know Andi… you look more like mom than I do… I just have her nose…

Andi – Its a curse.

Frankie – Not really.. you’re pretty.

Andi – I will choke you.

Frankie – *laughs*

*Door opens*

Well I guess the show is about to start… god why am I nervous? you would think I’d be cool considering its not me in the hot seat. Why is she dressed like that?

Riley – Hey girls….

Frankie – Hi dad

Andi – Hey….

Riley – Sorry that took a minute. Mira and Max were getting to know each other a little bit.

Mira – He’s very nice, and down to earth. Its funny because we realized we met once… at my job in Bridgeport. His friend Karl was a bit… Handsy. That’s actually the night I told Vince I was-

Andi – I know Max is cool and all but did you forget we were on a schedule? both Frankie and I?

Riley – You’re right… sorry about that.

Mira – Hello Frankie.. Andi….

Frankie – Okay this is already weird for me…. but….. Hi……………………… Mira.

Andi – ………….What the fuck are you wearing? you’re not going to church to pray for your sins Mira- then again…

Riley – Andi….

Andi – I’m just saying.

Mira – Its okay Riley.. let her get it out.. she’s hurt.. and I-

Andi – Don’t presume to know anything about how I’m feeling Mira, until we’ve had a proper sit down to discuss such things.

Frankie – …………………

Riley – …………………

Mira – ……………..

Andi – …………

Riley – Well alright shall we do just that?

Mira – I’m ready when you guys are.

Andi – You don’t have a train to catch or anything?

I almost laughed at that… but then I thought how Mira must feel- not that I’m team Mira at all. While my father and I were hurt by Mira too… it was Andi who was the most manipulated. She could slap Mira across the face and honestly it would be justified…. Not that I want any physical violence to happen.

[Everyone Seated]

Andi – …………..

Riley – ……………..

Frankie – ……………..

Mira – …………………….. Andi?

Andi – …………….What?

Mira – Is it okay if I start?

Andi – Oh sure Mira.

Frankie – ………*laughs*

Riley – Frankie…

Frankie – Sorry….

Mira – What do you want from tonight?

Andi – You cannot be seriously asking me that. What do I want? what do you want is the question.

Mira – You brought us together, and I’m curious because.. maybe you and I want the same things.

Andi – Mira why did you move back here?

Mira – Because its my home.

Andi – ……That’s all?

Mira – And I’m tired of running. I want to finally talk about things.

Andi – You didn’t move back so you could harass my sister, and father?

Mira – No I did not.

Andi – I see….

Frankie – Are you-….. hmm… why this time? why did you actually show up this time?-

Andi – Because last time you got on a train…

Mira – Because it was time to stop running. You three deserve a sit down.

Riley – Do you feel like you have things you need to ask us?

Mira – No… I’m the guilty one here, I accept that. I know I’m only here to give answers to the questions you guys have. I am… so greatful that you even wanted to give this a shot. You have no idea how much it means-

Frankie – Actually…. that’s not true… I know exactly what this means to you.

Mira – How-

Riley – She saw you during girls night…

Andi – She heard everything… the crying and the sad story or whatever.

Mira – That’s really embarrassing.

Andi – Are you acting? be real Mira.

Mira – I am being real Andi.

Andi – No you’re not, you’re in here in your Sunday’s best, trying to come off as some soft frail defeated woman. Don’t do that. Be real…… that’s why I keep being a bitch because you’re not being real. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Does it piss you off that I’m rude to you?

Mira – …………..

Andi – Answer the question! god.. why are you acting so timid. You were a master manipulator and now-

Mira – Yes it pisses me off! because goddammit I’m your mother! I’ve done horrible shit! I know that but I hate that you talk to me like I’m a piece of shit on the street!

Andi – And finally we can begin… don’t be a fucking punching bag Mira…

Mira – …… I know you all think I’m a piece of shit

Frankie – …… I don’t think you’re a piece of shit Mira…

Andi – I actually don’t either….

Riley – ….Okay now where getting somewhere.

Mira – Well if you don’t think I’m a piece of shit how do you think of me?

Andi – As an absent mother who manipulated me, and fucked up my fathers relationship with the love of his life. Someone who robbed my sister from growing up with a mother who could teach her things. Someone who robbed ME of a fucking life because I had to step up and be the woman of the house when everything was broke because of your fucking ass. So no Mira you’re not a piece of shit… That’s too simple to describe how I think of you.

Frankie – I-

Andi – The affect you had on my life… it messed me up. I’m so fucking closed off to people. I’m hard… I’m a wall. That’s because I don’t trust people. Because of YOU I’m like that.. and I know I’m like that, and I’m working on it. I want you to take responsibility for fucking us up. All three of us.

Mira – Everything you said is valid… but I don’t want to comment until your sister and father have spoken too.

Andi – Okay well Frankie how do you feel? how do you see Mira?

Frankie – Oh… umm okay. Well I’ve thought about this conversation happening over and over but now all of my thoughts are jumbled…. which I guess is good because for once in my life I can speak without really thinking.

Mira – …. Okay.

Frankie – I resent you. All of my friends had mom’s and I didn’t. You put a strain on my relationship with Andi, because… she couldn’t just be my big sister, she had to step in your shoes and be my mom too. It left her no time for anything, and I felt like it made her resent me a little bit.

Andi – …….

Frankie – You constantly stalked me and gave me this hope that maybe one day we could talk.. but I just.. I kept thinking about what you did.. and I couldn’t understand why a person would do something like that. Then you show up at my school… TWICE…. embarrassing me- as if you hadn’t done enough. My mother was the absent stripper who rather shake her ass for dirty old men… than be a decent woman and be there for her daughters. I feel disappointment. The thing is how Andi feels and how I feel are two different things because you used her… and I… I was young.. I was just the collateral damage.

Riley – *clears throat* I don’t have much to say…. because you know what you did to me, and you know I…. I feel I missed out on being happy with HIM because of you- but with that being said.. any dwelling on what could have been with HIM would be a disrespect to my current relationship you feel me? and I’m not gonna disrespect Max like that. I can take a beating, I can take punches to the gut… but what I can’t take is my daughters hurting. I want them to feel okay.. because for me.. it is what it is Mira- and you know deep down even after every shady fucking thing you’ve done.. I want you to find some peace too.

Mira – Before I start replying to each of you…. I think its important that I tell you all how… proud I am that you’ve become the people you have- including you Riley. I think you all are-

Andi – Mira honestly we don’t need that from you. We don’t need you telling us how proud you are. Yes Dad moved on, found Max… has a good job, and a house. Yes I’m taking care of myself I’m a nurse soon to be doctor knock on wood, and yes Frankie’s following her dreams and kicking ass at school. We know this, and we don’t need you to congratulate us on moving on because we had a shitting mother and or baby mama. I’m not saying that in a disrespectful way either. I’m just saying what we need to focus on is why you did what you did.. so we can understand it.. or at least try to.

Frankie – And then possibly move forward from it….. if we can.

Mira – You’re right Andi…. umm.. is it okay if I talk without being interrupted? because I have a lot to address.

Andi – Ha… go on.

Frankie – Sure…

Riley – Speak freely Mira.

Mira – I’m gonna go backward and start with you Riley.

Riley – Okay.

Mira – I pushed you to lose people you felt were important. I pushed you to drink… and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I did to you. I was stupid, jealous.. out of control…. and I- well actually I’ll explain that after- The thing is I can’t say sorry enough to you Riley, so I won’t keep saying it because it will sound like a broken record. Instead I’ll just say thank you.. thank you for being a good parent.. being both mom and dad because I wasn’t around. Thank you for raising two strong, beautiful women. Thank you for not hating me as much as I hate myself.

Riley – …….. It takes balls to come and sit down with us Mira. The last thing I’m gonna do is just start dragging you. I’ll let Andi and Frankie do that because honestly you probably deserve it- sorry for interrupting.

Mira – Its fine, and you’re right I do deserve it… which brings me to Frankie. I don’t want to assume anything.. but I feel like when it comes to you… all you really want is acknowledgement….. right?

Frankie – I like to think I always know what I want but lately I don’t think I do…. and with you.. I honestly.. I want so badly to forgive you.. that could be my downfall but I want to just fucking move on already. I don’t know what I want from you exactly.. I guess.. well how do you feel? I want to know how you feel about me and missing out on things.. I wanna know that you understand my pain and-

Mira – Okay good.. good then I was right with what I wanted to say. *clears throat* I……. was a shit mother. I missed everything, and I thought about how you were probably having events at school and other moms would be there. It hurt you that I wasn’t there and it hurt me that I wasn’t there.. but I dealt with it a certain way… which I will get into later. This is very hard to do, its very hard to come in here and not just scream I’m sorry a million times. Because I’m sorry doesn’t mean shit, and honestly… I question if anything I say means shit… but Frankie… I am…. I really am… sorry for not being in your life. I would give anything to go back and fix that but I can’t.. and all I can hope is that I can prove myself and we go from here. That’s the best I can offer.

Frankie – … Right.

Mira – …..Andi…. would you mind removing your shades so I can look you in the eye when I talk? I want to see you…

Andi – ……….

Riley – Andi?

Frankie – …..

Andi – Sure. *removes Shades* ……….Better?

Mira – Andi… I have a question…

Andi – Okay.

Mira – Do you hate me? and is anything I’m gonna say worth saying? Because part of me feels like you want to hear what I have to say, but the other part of me feels like… you don’t care? and if we’re going to be adults and actually talk.. I’d like to know that you’ll actually hear me out when I speak from the heart.

Andi – ….. Mira I don’t hate you, to hate you would mean that I care that much for you. I’m going to be completely honest with you. Do I think you’re sorry? ….. Of course.

Frankie – …………..I didn’t see that coming.

Riley – Shh…

Frankie – …..

Andi – You’re sitting here… trying to answer questions and apologize for shit that’s years old.. I get it. The thought process of a resolution within a confrontation is more than likely way more in depth than the reality of sitting down and hashing shit out. I thought a lot about your question you asked a few minutes ago.. you asked me what do I want out of tonight.

Mira – …..Okay.

Andi – I just want you to admit to things.. You don’t have to tell me personally how you’re sorry for what you did to me. Tell me WHY you did what you did. That’s all, and if I feel like the reason is sufficient enough to warrant us moving on… then fine. If not then honestly tough.. you don’t really get a say. So why did you do the things you did…

Mira – ……Okay…. I…. I’m holding back because I feel like this answer won’t be good enough but… I guess that doesn’t really matter. The first time I left was because I was scared to be trapped… two kids, and your dad.. I felt trapped and suffocated. I missed my life, and I selfishly thought I deserved a break and could come back at a later time and pick things up… when I felt ready.

Andi – ……….I figured that much..

Frankie – What about the second time.. that’s the one that really… hit hard.

Mira – I came back, and I didn’t come back alone. I had a substance abuse problem, and it really messed with my thinking. When I got back I was furious that MY family.. the family that I felt was mine, and only I deserved… was with someone else-

Frankie – Issac.

Mira – Right… and Kaitlyn, and Joy. You all were just a happy family and I thought how can I get them back.

Andi – But manipulating me and claiming you had a year to live was stupid. What would have happened if that year was up? would you would have screamed miracle?

Mira – I knew what I had done was wrong, and I didn’t know how to come clean or fix it so that everything could have went back to the way it was before I came back. At the same time I was still jealous and didn’t want Issac and company to have my family. You take those two things, mix it up with substance abuse and well… I left again. Hurting all three of you. Part of me feels like leaving was the right thing, I wouldn’t have been any good for you- but when I think about you- my daughters.. maybe staying.. and letting Riley live his life with Issac.. would have been ideal.

Riley – Why do you say that?

Mira – You could have stayed with Issac, I could have gotten a place.. and we could have co-parented.

Andi – And your “substance abuse issues” would just vanish?

Mira – Maybe the love of my two kids, and being a mother… doing the right thing would have helped me- but that’s all shoulda coulda woulda.. its irrelevant. Point is… I fucked up, and I am truly sorry. I am not asking for us all to start being super close. I just want forgiveness and then if anybody wants to talk to me, or anything.. that’s up to you. I cannot sit here and ask that we have relationships that’s not realistic. I just know I’ve done what I’ve needed to do. I’ve gone to rehab I’m clean… and I’m here being honest, answering questions and making an effort… and that’s the most I can do.

Riley – Well…… I know how I feel but I rather the girls go first.

Frankie – ……… You came in here… not knowing how we’d react.. you kept your cool for the most part and you’ve explained things… answered our questions. Is it all still very messy and messed up how it all went down? yes…. but… having heard everything.. I think…. I think maybe I’m….. I can give you forgiveness

Mira – *Gasping* Oh my god Frankie you have no idea what- *getting choked up* I… I am so thankful.. I don’t deserve it… but I am so thankful… You may not believe me but I really do love you.. and this means the world to me.

Andi – ……………

Riley – Andi?

Andi – ……. I need to talk to Mira one on one… if that’s okay.

Mira – That’s fine with me.

Riley – Sure.

Frankie – …..Okay.

Andi – In the kitchen.

Mira – Alright.

Mira – Andi just so you know.. if you aren’t ready… I’m okay with that. You even calling this family meeting is enough. If you-

Andi – Stop talking for a minute….

Mira – …….

Andi – Why did you even want kids? Was I an accident?

Mira – You were unexpected.. not an accident. You were brought into this world to help people.. and that’s what you’re doing.

Andi – ……..

Mira – When I was a kid.. I didn’t know my father, and my mother was… a mess. I got caught up in the game.. I was a young hot girl.. I saw how men reacted to me. I made choices to become a stripper instead of going to college like you and Frankie. You girls are so much better than I was- I am. Regardless of everything.. and I know you don’t care.. I am so fucking proud of my daughters.. I take no credit for it.. but I’m still proud of you both.

Andi – Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah?

Andi – Go on and get to your bonfire memorial.

Frankie – Are you sure?

Andi – Yeah.. you’re good. I want to talk to Mira, and you’ll just be sitting here.

Frankie – Umm…. well okay.

Mira – You have a good time Frankie… and be safe out there.

Andi – …………………… ………………………… That’s… too… weird.

Mira – ………

Andi – But…. I guess… nice or whatever- Frankie how are you getting back to your dorm? are you guys drinking?

Frankie – Umm.. I think we are…. but we have people who volunteered to be designated drivers.

Andi – Okay, if you need me just call me, and I’ll pick you up and take you, and your friends back to campus.

Frankie – Okay.

Andi – I love you.

Frankie – Don’t be weird Andi… *laughs* …. but… I love you too.

Mira – ….*smiles*

Andi – Would you mind following me into dads room? I want to talk in private.

Mira – Okay….


Riley – How are you feeling?

Frankie – Umm….  you know its funny, I don’t exactly feel like a weight is lifted yet.

Riley – Good, you should feel conflicted and uneasy. Because nothing is ever 100% you know?

Frankie – Right.. I forgave her.. so what now. That’s what I’m thinking.

Riley – Right.

Frankie – You didn’t say how you felt..

Riley – I forgave Mira when she showed up. That took guts…. and her explaining everything.. it just… it made it that more apparent that this shit needed to be done with.

Frankie – You think Andi will forgive her?

Riley – Frankie…. Andi’s here…………. talking with Mira…… in my room…….. I say chances are high that even if she doesn’t forgive her right away.. that they’re gonna be on the right track.

Frankie – That’s very true.

Riley – I worry about Andi more than I worry about you.

Frankie – Why?

Riley – Because Andi was affected by Mira differently.. and when I got depressed and lost control.. she dealt with that too. I worry that she closes herself off to relationships.

Frankie – Don’t.

Riley – Why not?

Frankie – I talk to her everyday and she tells me things she doesn’t tell you obviously. Andi’s open to meeting a guy, and she does want it all. She wants the career, husband, kids, dog, social life- she wants it all. She’s just selective… as she should be.. she’s gorgeous and a strong woman.

Riley – Hmm.. so is she seeing anyone?

Frankie – Not currently… but things change all the time. So don’t worry so much.

Riley – I guess you’re right….  well.. you should get going.

Frankie – Right… text me if anything happens?

Riley – Nothing will happen.. Andi’s cool… they’re talking.. its fine.

Frankie – Okay.. well I love you dad.

Riley – I love you too… 

Frankie – Make sure Andi doesn’t like claw Mira to shreds in that room.. mess up her nice church outfit… *laughs*

Riley – You know what the sad thing about that outfit is?

Frankie – Hmm?

Riley – She was worried about it when she got here.. she kept fixing the sweater, and skirt.. and she was nervous asking me if it was too much. I think she just wanted to appear in her right mind. Sometimes dressing the part helps with confidence…

Frankie – That’s true….

Riley – …And here I am talking again. Go on and get out of here.

Frankie – I almost don’t want to leave but I know I should- okay okay. I’m going… I’ll talk to you later.

Riley – Have fun…

Frankie – That’s morbid… but at the same time I think Miguel would want us all to have fun….

And I think I- no… I think we all deserve it after the past few weeks.. and this whole conversation. Like I told my dad.. I forgive Mira, but its still a thing of.. well what do we do now? and when does the awkward phone calls to say hi not feel awkward anymore? Maybe its also the fact that I don’t know where Andi stands. I think if Andi forgives her then it would be easier for me to be okay about everything. Andi was hurt the most in the situation and her letting some of the pain go… is a indication that things can move forward. So weird… I kinda tried to stay out of my head because so much conversation and information was going on- and truth be told… I actually didn’t have much on my mind. I was really just taking it all in. That’s rare for me…. Anyway… yeah… I should get to the beach… see you there.

(POV Keegan) [30 minutes later]

Everyone’s here…. and it feels warm- not because of the fire I’m standing in front of but because we’re all here to celebrate Miguel. But I’d be lying if I said it was hard to focus on this bonfire 100%. I’m still in shock about what happened at my dad’s house- and I guess I’m not the only one having trouble focusing on tonight because Frankie finally had that sit down with her family… and I’m sure its still fresh on her mind. She got here and she told us about what happened.. well sorta.. I’m sure she left out a few things but still. Everyone is here except Jeep by the way. Part of me kinda knew he wasn’t going to show up… and I get it… I understand.

Keegan – Thinking about Mira?

Frankie – Yeah…

Keegan – Understandable…

Frankie – Thinking about Owen, and Scott?

Keegan – Yep….

Frankie – That must have been awkward… accusing them of sleeping together when they’re… father and son.

Keegan – Yep… Trey was convinced Owen was gay too

Frankie – I love him, but when has Trey ever had reliable gaydar?

Keegan – True.

Frankie – You know what’s weird?

Keegan – Everything.

Frankie – Right…. everything is weird- What are you doing on your phone?

Keegan – Texting Jeep.

Frankie – Its still early.. maybe he’ll show up.

Keegan – Maybe…

Frankie – Oh Priscilla’s here- and Milk I assume.

Keegan – I know Milk.. she was at the police station when I went to ask questions about being a cop.

Frankie – Are you really gonna do it?

Keegan – You don’t think I should?

Frankie – I think you should follow your dreams. I support it 100%

Keegan – Thank you Frankie.. that means a bunch coming from someone like you.

Frankie – Someone like me?

Keegan – Someone who always has her shit together… and someone who’s a close friend.

Frankie – She kissed me today… in my room.

Keegan – Who?- that hot Priscilla girl?

Frankie – Yeah

Keegan – Way to go Frankie…

Frankie – Shut up- Oh they’re walking over…

Priscilla – Hey

Frankie – You made it, and you brought Milk!

Keegan – Milk and no cookies? booo you whore… *laughs*

Milk – Clever there, cop boy.

Keegan – How have you been?

Milk – I’ve been cool… looking for a place here in GloCity..

Keegan – Cool cool.

Priscilla – We haven’t actually met- though I’ve seen you walking around. I’m Priscilla, Priscilla Kane.

Keegan – Frankie’s told me so much about you- all good things.. she just can’t shut up about you-

Frankie – Keegan!

Keegan – I’m glad you guys came.

Milk – Are you the one responsible for this shindig?

Keegan – Actually no, Frankie is…

Frankie – I had help… but yeah.. I sorta put it together.

Milk – Right on… that’s dope.

Priscilla – Sorry about earlier by the way

Frankie – Hmm?

Priscilla – I left… abruptly…

Frankie – Right…

Priscilla – I’ll explain later… actually maybe tomorrow. Tonight’s not about me.

Frankie – Okay… that’s cool… Especially since I had a draining night. Rather talk when I’ve had some sleep.

Priscilla – That works for me *smiles*

Frankie – *smiles*

Milk – Umm… are you gay Priscilla?

Keegan – *laughs*

Priscilla – What the fuck Milk?

Milk – I’m sensing a vibe here.. and lesbehonest.. you’re totally into her..

Frankie – ……..

Priscilla – …….I hate you.

Milk – *laughs*

Priscilla – We will talk later……………….. okay?

Milk – Mm hmm.

I kinda like Milk already. She’s a ball buster… I love a blunt person like that.. Its always entertaining.


Jarrah – At least its a good night for a bonfire right?

Lola – Yeah.. it really is.

Candice – Its awkward for me because Mason is here…

Jarrah – Are you guys still fighting?

Candice – Yeah… I mean who does that? you flirt with a girl in my face and I’m supposed to be okay with that?.. it really makes me wonder about things….


Kaori – So are you all packed?

Byron – You really wanna talk about that?

Kaori – Sure why not? its a reality….

Byron – …. I’m halfway packed but then again I don’t have much. I kinda just wanna wing it, and tough it out.

Kaori – I’m sure you’ll be just fine..

Byron – Can we change the subject?

Kaori – Sure…

Byron – Why aren’t you over there talking with Keegan and Frankie?

Kaori – Umm cause I’m here talking to you.

Byron – And this has nothing to do with what I said about you and him?

Kaori – No, because I’m not into Keegan like that anymore… Do you want a beer?

Byron – Sure…

Kaori – I’ll be back.


Chace – So… it umm.. it had to happen sooner or later.

Dominic – What?

Chace – Us… talking…

Dominic – The thing is, I think you and I are two opinionated guys.. so we’re gonna bump heads…

Chace – Right.

Dominic – But Trey’s my boyfriend, and Trey’s your friend… so we DON’T have to hate each other.

Chace – I’m good with you if you’re good with me

Dominic – I’m good.

Chace – Okay so am I.

Trey – That didn’t seem so hard.

Lenny – Yeah… I thought you guys were gonna fight.

Chace – No fighting necessary… besides anything for my Trey *smiles*

Dominic – ……..

Trey – Well now where one big happy family!

Lenny – Hey what’s going on with Aries?

Dominic – Have you talked to him Trey?

Chace – I was gonna ask the same thing.

Trey – …..I talked to him this morning.. I called him while he was sleeping… he told me he’d call me later but he hasn’t. I think he just needs to process things you know?

Dominic – Yeah


Milk – Frankie you’re really pretty.

Frankie – Umm thanks- you’re-

Milk – Girl I am not a looker.. but thank you for even attempting to say that.

Priscilla – Oh stop it Milk, you’re cute.

Keegan – I’ll be right back guys… 

Frankie – Alright.

I see Rhys by herself.. Its time to just talk. The silence is killing me.

Keegan – Hey.

Rhys – Hi- I was actually about to grab you for a second. I didn’t want to interrupt you and your friends.

Keegan – Oh you wanted to talk to me?

Rhys – Yeah if that’s okay?

Keegan – Sure- hey did Myra come?

Rhys – Yeah she’s here.

Keegan – Good…. So… what’s up?- stupid thing to say.. obviously a lot is up.. and we have things to talk about.

Rhys – First of all… I want to say I’m sorry for just cutting ties with you as soon as the kiss happened. You needed a tutor and I just.. that was wrong. It wasn’t just wrong because of that, but it was also wrong because… you’re not the guy I thought you were. My own issues caused a rift here…

Keegan – …….Okay.

Rhys – Your friend… She told me everything… about you.

Keegan – What?- who?

Rhys – Jules.. She came and asked me if we could talk over coffee.. and we did… and she told me everything… Mona… the pills… everything.

Wow really Jules? I can’t believe you betrayed my trust like that… that is seriously fucked up.

Keegan – Why would she do that? I trusted her-

Rhys – Let me finish…. She told me you were the strongest person she’s ever met. That you’ve been through so much, and how you fought to be better. She said you helped her with things.. like her cutting, and you never abandoned her even when she went to the dark side and was questionable. She said at the risk of you hating her… I needed to know how amazing you were. That I- me, Rhys- that I’m not the only one with a rough past… and I should let you in.

Keegan – …..

Rhys – I listened to everything she told me and I now realize that I judged you too quickly, and you’re a good guy.

Keegan – I try to be, but nobody’s perfect.

Rhys – Right… I realized something else while Jules talked about you.

Keegan – And what is that?

Rhys – She’s in love with you…. but she wants you happy even if its not with her.

Keegan – Why do you think she’s in love-

Rhys – I can tell…. its just the way she talks about you.

Keegan – How do you feel about me?

Rhys – I think we have chemistry, but I don’t know… I think its bad timing?

Keegan – ……Right.

Rhys – I like you Keegan, but I really just want to be your friend… that’s all I can really offer right now. Especially with everything that has happen with Miguel, and- I just-

Keegan – I’m okay with that.

Rhys – Are you really? because I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Keegan – Oh after the night I had with my dad, and stepdad… nothing you say can hurt my feelings, no offense.

Rhys – Do you want to talk about it?

Keegan – No

Rhys – Okay… Umm.. this is gonna sound selfish because I basically just told you I don’t wanna date you… but.. I need you.

Keegan – Selfish no- confusing? yes.

Rhys – Myra loves you… you made an impression on her. I need your help with her, because she’s been through a lot too. Especially with having a kid, and the whole dad situation.

Keegan – …..I adore Myra and I’m 100% here for her.

Rhys – Thank you.

Keegan – I wouldn’t abandon her just because you and I aren’t together.

Rhys – Well you don’t owe me anything so I-

Keegan – Some guys…. aren’t douchebags.

Rhys – …..Right, sorry.. 

Keegan – No hard feelings Rhys, you’re a gorgeous, smart girl.. but its not really that big of a deal to me that you don’t wanna be with me. I know that sound harsh but the way I see shit is… if its meant to happen its meant to happen. If not?… then fine, you know?

Rhys – Mmm hmm, but I don’t want weirdness between us.

Keegan – Well you won’t get any of that from me. We don’t really hangout so… 

Rhys – I’d like that to change… 

Keegan – Okay… well.. we’ll see. Either way I’m gonna be here for Myra.

Rhys – Okay… 

Keegan – By the way if I’m coming off cold… its not you.

Rhys – Hard to believe.. 

Keegan – Nah.. its all good. I just… I’m a little stressed about my dad, and my bestfriend also…

Rhys – Ah….

Keegan – I’m gonna get back to my friends now…

Rhys – Okay.. well I’m glad we talked… and please don’t hate Jules.

Keegan – I don’t… she’s very loyal.. and loving. I could never hate her.

Rhys – And I won’t go around spreading your business… 

Keegan – Good, and I won’t spread yours.

Rhys – Okay well have a good night Keegan.

Keegan – Yeah you too Rhys.

Rhys – Oh wow… speaking of Jules…

Keegan – She’s hugging Myra…

Rhys – Yeah… which is…

Keegan – Odd.

Rhys – I wonder what they’re saying.

Keegan – Jules is just probably being her optimistic self.. 

Rhys – I guess so… 

Keegan – Anyway… see ya around.

Rhys – Right.. the campus is big but.. we’ll for sure see each other often.

Keegan – Not true…

Rhys – What?

Keegan – Don’t tell anyone this, but I’m leaving GCU…

Rhys – Oh……………..I………………….I didn’t know that……. that kinda sucks….

Keegan – Yeah… I have other plans.. so… yeah- but we’ll talk lat-

Rhys – Keegan?…. one more thing..

Keegan – Yeah?

Rhys – I said no today… that doesn’t mean no forever. You’re amazing, and I think I’d be lucky to have you in my life in a romantic way. I could be making a huge mistake by saying no to it right now, but my heart tells me.. this isn’t the time. So I just want you to know- even though you say you’re not upset about, that I’m open… to the future. That I think you’re great, and strong.. and different.. and I don’t want any weirdness between us right now.

Keegan – ……………………………… Okay- yeah, no I agree. I mean right now just isn’t the best time, and thank you for saying all of that nice stuff about me. I promise no weirdness. I’ll be there for you and Myra, and we’ll see where it goes from there. Deal?

Rhys – Deal.

Keegan – *smirks* Have a good night Rhys.

Rhys – You too

Keegan – Bye.

Rhys – Bye…

I didn’t immediately go back to my friends. Instead I went and gave Myra a hug, and then I walked around. I decided to call Jeep, and shockingly he answered.

Jeep (On Phone) – Hey…..

Keegan – Hey are you………… not coming?

Jeep – Please don’t be mad at me.

Keegan – You’re not huh?

Jeep – Not- well-

Keegan – I understand… you want to be with Raven and your girlfriend-

Jeep – Actually….. I’m at Aries- well his parents house.

Keegan – What?

Jeep – I felt bad about what I said earlier, and I needed to talk to him. He knows everyone is at the bonfire, and I didn’t want him to feel like nobody was thinking about him. I’m with him now, and… I’m going to leave here in 20 minutes.

Keegan – Are you gonna go back to the hospital?

Jeep – No… I’m gonna come be with you guys. You didn’t let me finish earlier when you asked if I was coming or not. I am… just not right now.

Keegan – I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time.

Jeep – Thanks, but you know… when I went off about Aries earlier I realized I was sorta doing the same thing.

Keegan – How so?

Jeep – I was making this about me… with my mood. Its not about me.. and I need to snap out of it. I’m not a mean negative moody guy.. and I can’t let this turn me into that. I love you, and you’re my bestfriend. You never let me lose myself.

Keegan – Well Its good to return the favor… you never let me lose myself either.

Jeep – So I’ll be there in maybe 30 minutes….

Keegan – Good.. because I need to talk to you about my night.

Jeep – What happen?

Keegan – Blow up with Scott, and my dad… Owen revelations… and Rhys and I finally talked.

Jeep – Oh my god…

Keegan – Oh and I’m sure Frankie needs you too… she finally talked to Mira.

Jeep – Feel like I missed so much.

Keegan – You’ll be filled in once you get here.

Jeep – Okay.. well I’m gonna talk to Aries, and then I’ll be there.

Keegan – See you soon.

Jeep – Okay bye.

Keegan – Bye.

We all need each other… we’re friends for a reason, and no matter how many fights and disagreements we have.. we’ll always find our way back to making shit right. Even Kaori and Frankie.. I think with time they’ll be okay too. I guess it sorta applies to everything and everyone though. Rhys and I… ha… would you look at that…. Keegan didn’t get the girl. That’s…. new, but I’m okay with it… because I don’t know.. maybe its cause of all the shit that’s gone down in the past few weeks. I don’t need a girlfriend right now. I just need my friends, and family. And I just need Jeep here. Tonight we’re for sure grabbing food and having a bestfriend sleepover at my house. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think everythings going to be okay if we all remain optimistic, and support each other…. I think Miguel would like that…. he always pushed for positivity, so…

Keegan – *Looks up at the sky* Here’s to you Miguel Reyes…. you’ll be missed by many… love ya dude.

…..And that’s all folks.


~End Of Chapter Six | Up Next : Pt 1 of the BoysNGirls Season 2 Finale~



  1. Pancakes FTW!!! Anyway, this was so good!! I’ll start with Keegan since that’s where we left off. Whaaaaaaaaat! I thought sure Scott was cheating!! Now I feel like I need to go back and read scenes between them two again. Grrrr I’ve been fooled! It was funny though that Keegan was all set to whoop some hind’ :p. What a shocker!! And Zoey needs to go watch Spongebob! Or better yet Korra :D. I also need to mention Kaori and Keegan’s chat. I wonder if Kaori is picking up on a vibe that Keegan has a thing for her? They need to get together! It would be so perfect! They’re both available now in a way.

    Now Frankie’s story got off to an interesting start with Priscilla…hehehe. I think it could work between them. Though Priscilla is still new so we don’t know too much about her yet. And behind door number 2 is….the gorgeous Raina 😀 !! I’m starting to get jealous of Frankie, she has so many options; everybody loves her!!! lol. Raina really is beautiful though. She may be butch but she’s not so butch that you have to do a double take because you think the girl is a boy! On another note I don’t think I have a good “gaydar”. Especially not when it comes to women who are lesbians unless they’re really butch obviously. But that’s still not right to assume because it could just be a tomboy! I only know of maybe 2 people who are lesbian/bi. One of them I met online and she told me upfront. I wouldn’t have known otherwise! But anyway, I don’t think Frankie, “screams gay” :p . As for the situation with Mira, I hope she’s being sincere in her apologies. It sounds that way at least. And I do hope she comes out of that talk with Andi alive!! Riley may need to go check on them lol. Great job as always!! 🙂

    1. I got some blueberries in the fridge.. I am so making pancakes tomorrow.

      Keegan – lol SURPRISE! Owen’s Scott’s son not lover. LOL I really thought you and some others who read had guessed it.. Glad I was able to fool ya 😛

      LOL Zoey is funny to write.. and next season will be even funnier for certain reasons. Keegan and Kaori?… lol No comment….

      Frankie – OMG I’m so glad you think Raina is gorgeous. I was totally going for kinda butch but gorgeous…. yep yep.. Frankie’s got choices! Priscilla wants her, Raina was flirty, and then there’s always Ivo who she has crazy chemistry with. As far as Gaydar goes.. I think I have a pretty good one… and its not cause I’m LGBTQ myself.. cause I know plenty of lesbians and gay’s who have horrible gaydar lol.. Frankie doesn’t scream lesbian.. but you know.. last season was when she finally just came out to everyone. So all the female attention + Raina’s assumption made her a little questionable about it. Regardless.. LGBTQ people are awesome… and I’m not just saying that because I am one haha.

      Writing the Mira sitdown was sooo hard. All last season and most of this season I knew sooner or later I’d have to write it. Its one of those situations where a person wants to have this big grand apology/talk.. that you just assume will take ALL NIGHT… but then it happens and it doesn’t go like you planned. I think it came off pretty good. I think Frankie, Andi, Riley got what they needed… well.. I guess we’ll see about Andi lol.

      Thanks for reading/commenting…. Part 1 of the finale is soon/next 🙂

      ETA : I don’t know if you’ve heard but Korra isn’t on tv anymore. It gets more views online so nick decided to move it to digital. Every Friday @ noon they upload a new episode. I have a tumblr so I usually get the link from http://korranation.tumblr.com/ but if you wanna bypass all of that you can go straight to the videos here http://www.nick.com/legend-of-korra/episodes/

  2. I’m so looking forward to the finale but at the same time I’m not because I don’t want it to be over :p. As for Korra yeah I happened to check their FB page one day and saw that it would be online from now on. It’s weird to me because IMO this season is the best one yet! It boggles my mind as to why it has the least amount of viewers!!

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