{BnG Season 2} Chapter Six Part 2 : “Life and Death”

Chapter Six | Pt. 2 Life and Death

-POV’s : Trey &  Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Trey)

Sometimes shit happens and it turns everything upside down. Jarrah, and Elena… Jeep, Christine and Raven… My father…… *wipes away tears* ….  Death. I still can’t believe he’s dead. A student from my school is dead- god that sounds so impersonal… Not just any student… Miguel Reyes. I’m not- I mean.. I wasn’t- umm.. I wasn’t really that close with him, but I know some of my friends talked to him on more than one occasion.

He’d see me and say hi and he always seemed really nice. I feel really sad that he’s gone… It all happened so fast according to the people who were there- Keegan being one of them. Yes…. Keegan saw everything. Raven loosing control, my father being hit by a car, and Miguel being in the accident that ultimately took his life….. and if you’re not up on your Keegan history.. you know that car accidents and him does not equal good things.

June – Hi- you’re back.

Trey – Yeah… my mom made me go home last night- well back to my dorm.

June – It was probably for the best that you didn’t stay last night. I can’t believe all of that happened in one night.

Trey – Yeah…

June – Thank god your dad is okay

Trey – Well… he’s alive…. but if he’s okay… that’s another story.. you know?

June – Yeah…- hey isn’t that Jarrah back there?

Trey – Yeah, she’s my friend- bestfriend?- whatever.. she’s family.

June – I dated her brother-

Trey – Micah, yeah I know…

June – Well you can go in whenever you want to Trey. I’m sure your family will be happy you’re back.

Trey – Okay… thanks..


Keegan – Is Elena okay?

Frankie – Yeah… that’s crazy that she attacked you.

Jarrah – She’s better…. but they won’t tell me anything- Lars won’t either- hey where Jeep?

Frankie – He’s with Christine..

Keegan – I can’t believe Raven’s in a coma….

Jarrah – I hear people wake up from them all the time.. hopefully she will soon..

Frankie – I hope so..

Keegan – She was nice when I met her that one time…

Jarrah – Wheres Kaori?

Keegan – She had to go to work, but she said she’ll be here as soon as she can. She was here all last night so…

Jarrah – Yeah..  I mean you can only sit here and cry for so long….

Frankie – Keegan how are you doing? having seen everything?

Keegan – Umm… I don’t know… I guess I’m okay..

Jarrah – If it brought up any old memories of-

Keegan – The car accident with Mona?- I’m fine.

Dominic – ………… *plays with cellphone*

Frankie – We’re just trying to be there for you incase-

Keegan – I appreciate it guys.. I’m fine. We all should be here for each other… I umm…  Rhys’s sister Myra was in a relationship with Miguel.. I know what she’s going through right now. Then… his parents. Its all so sad. …. Miguel and I were starting to become friends… I-…

Frankie – Mr. Robinson is really lucky..

Jarrah – Yeah….

Keegan – If you consider that lucky…..

Frankie – Keegan…

Jarrah – A little harsh don’t you think?

Keegan – Its me being honest… and you guys know I’m right.


Courtney – Killing time with your phone?

Dominic – Huh?

Courtney – You’re playing around with your phone to kill time?

Dominic – Oh no.. I was just.. – yeah actually.. that’s what I’m doing.

Courtney – What were you googling?

Dominic – Random stuff….

Courtney – I met you at the dinner right? Do you remember me?

Dominic – Yeah I remember you….That night kinda ended on a bad note…

Courtney – You and Trey are together, so I assume things worked out.

Dominic – Yeah, I guess they did.

Courtney – He’s gonna need you more than ever…

Dominic – I know, and I’m ready.

Courtney – I love his uncle AJ… and I intend on being there for him through all of this.

Dominic – That’s really sweet of you..

Courtney – Same could be said for you. You’re here for Trey. The thing about the Robinsons is.. they welcome you in.. and its warm… it feels genuine.

Dominic – They made me feel like I was part of the family. I don’t really have any…

Courtney – Neither do I.. both my parents are gone, and I’m the only child. AJ has invited me into his family and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Dominic – Aww…

Courtney – And now its your turn.. you and I are here… and they’re our family now.. and you and I? we’ll have a bond from here on out if you want.

Dominic – I’d like that Courtney.


June – Hey Trey?

Trey – Yeah?

June – I’m really sorry for everything that you and your friends and family are experiencing. It was a terrible accident, and I’m praying for all involved. Your dad is a fighter, and I’m sure he can… I’m sure things will be okay… its just gonna take time you know?

Trey – …. yeah… and thanks.

June – No problem.

Its sweet and all, but I’m so tired of hearing people tell me their sorry… its just.. draining.

[Top Pic]

Trey – Hey…

Keegan – You’re going in?

Trey – Yeah in a minute…

Dominic – …….Want me to go in with you?

He’s sweet..

Trey – That’s really nice of you, but I think its best that I go in alone.

Dominic – Okay, well I’ll be here.

Trey – Thank you.

Frankie – How are you holding up Trey?

Trey – He’s alive… so… I’m happy about that- but… I don’t know… its hard.

Jarrah – Well its one day at a time.

Trey – Yeah…

Courtney – Keith?

Keegan – Who me?

Courtney – Yeah

Keegan – Its Keegan-

Courtney – Sorry-

Keegan – Oh its okay..

Courtney – Trey said you saw everything… how did it happen? if you don’t mind explaining it?

Keegan – Umm.. alright- so.. I was sitting at the plaza… eating some gummy bears. I was just chillin’ I guess. So I saw Raven just speeding you know? speeding on her bike, and I guess she didn’t realize the light changed to red.

She should have never been on that bike… and I know that sounds a certain way but.. I can’t apologize for feeling the way I feel.

Keegan – So she tried to stop but turned her bike and she flew off…. right into the street light- lamp thing. Her bike went flying right into the car in front of her which happened to be Miguel’s car. He umm.. he slammed the breaks and the car behind him rammed right into him. I’m guessing that he didn’t have his seat belt on because when he hit the brakes he flew out of his windshield- not like flying out but his head was- man.. it was-

Dominic – I’m sorry you had to see that Keegan.

Keegan – Yeah…. I wasn’t the only one there though. I think Spirit was there too.. and some others. Umm yeah- anyway.. So I ran towards the car and tried to see if he was okay…. if Raven was okay.. this homeless looking guy was crying and screaming for help over Raven, and I kneeled down over Miguel to see if he was breathing.. he was…

Him seeing it all happen.. I can imagine how he must have felt… I would have lost it.

Frankie – Oh my god…

Jarrah – ……You were with him when-

Keegan – Yeah… he didn’t say anything.. he kinda just looked scared and then… nothing. He looked almost… at peace when he died.. its weird. That’s when I heard your mom Trey… she was screaming, and I saw your dad hurt on the ground… I don’t know how or why he was hurt… you have to ask your mom for the details… assuming she didn’t tell you last night?

Trey – She was hysterical, and she kept saying it was her fault.. she didn’t say why though- Hey, where’s Jeep?

Frankie – With Raven and Christine upstairs.

Jarrah – Kaori’s at work but will be here after she gets off.

Trey – She was here last night so that’s fine…

Keegan – This is all so….. crazy… because like.. even adding what happened with you Jarrah.. I just can’t believe all of this shit is happening.

Trey – What’s Elena’s deal anyway?

Jarrah – I don’t know yet.. Lars hasn’t responded to any of my text.

Frankie – Guys, our parents are here… well our dads are…

Keegan – What?

Jarrah – They’re back?

Trey – Dominic can I talk to you really quickly?

Dominic – Sure.

Courtney – *Looks at Trey & Dominic.* Take your time guys, I’ll be over here.

Trey – Thanks for being here Courtney.

Courtney – I’m always here for you and the family Trey.

[Bottom Pic]

Vince – Are you Jordan Robinson’s doctor?

Tom – Where is he? did you guys move him?

Doctor – He’s umm.. he’s- you need to talk to his wife.

Josh – Where are they?

Issac – Can we see him? We were here last night but nobody would tell us anything

Riley – Where exactly is he?

Doctor – You guys can wait down the hall to my right.

Tom – Do you remember me? I was here this morning too with my girlfriend Jessica.

Frankie – Dad?

Riley – Frankie?

Josh – Guys, the kids are here.


Dominic – What’s up?

Trey – Thank you.

Dominic – For what?

Trey – For clearing your schedule today.. I know how important it is for you to tutor those kids, and make that extra money..

Dominic – I care about you.. you’re my boyfriend.. its no problem at all.

Trey – You’re very sweet, I don’t know what I did to deserve you.

Dominic – You gotta stop saying things like that. You deserve any good thing that comes your way.

Trey – *smiles*

Dominic – You sure you don’t want me to come in with you?

Trey – Yeah… I’m sure… besides I don’t know how he’s… ya know…

Dominic – Yeah….

Trey – You and Courtney seem to be hitting it off.

Dominic – He’s really nice, and he’s kinda like me… no family.. he convinced me that he and I will have a bond because we’re being invited into you guys family.. which is a nice thought.

Trey – Its true.

Dominic – Well thank you.. It means a lot… I’m… I’m glad your dad is alive. So much stuff has been happening and I haven’t had any time to really just try to understand it you know?

Trey – Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

I’ve grown to love Courtney. Uncle AJ has a good one… and I’m glad he and Dominic are bonding. Being the outsiders coming into our family is hard when its one person, but them together.. they can feel like someone else gets it. I really like Dominic, and I plan on staying with him… at least I hope so.. you never know with all this crazy shit that’s happening.

Trey – Hey, don’t hate me for this…

Dominic – For what?

Trey – I want you to go home.

Dominic – No.

Trey – Please? you were here with me last night, and you’re here now. Go home, and just get away from all of this for a few hours. Its what I really want…. okay?

Dominic – Are you sure?

Trey – Yeah.

Dominic – I guess I could go home, and work on a paper… I still haven’t mourned Miguel… I know a few students were leaving candles, and teddy bears by his dorm room door.. maybe I can put something there… for both of us?

Trey – Yes.

Dominic – Alright… if this is what you want, I’ll do it. You better call me though.

Trey – Okay, I will… and I umm.. L– umm.. heh… I umm I appreciate you… a lot.

Dominic – You too…

I swear I almost said love, but its not for the reason you think. I can easily love Dominic.. but I’m not rushing into saying that. I almost said it because in this atmosphere its easy to hug someone with tears in your eyes and appreciate them. Everyone is saying I love you, and it was out of habit. So no.. Trey isn’t moving too fast people.. I’m just really emotional right now..

Trey – …. this is hard, and I’m glad I have you with me.

Dominic – I’ll be one call away- hey?

Trey – Yeah?

Dominic – Are you doing Tom’s dinner proposal tonight? or-

Trey – I’m.. I don’t know what to do about that. Part of me feels like I shouldn’t- but the other part of me already made the commitment.

Dominic – I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Trey – ….Yeah…

Dominic – Come here, give me a hug before I go.

Trey – Okay. *hugs Dominic*

Dominic – Call me.

Trey – I will, and be safe going home… or to campus.

Dominic – I am…

Tyler – Trey?

Trey – Hey.

Tyler – I thought I heard your voice.

Dominic – Bye Tyler.

Tyler – Bye Dom’- Where is he going?

Trey – I told him to leave-

Tyler – Trey this isn’t the time to push people away- I will choke you, he’s a good guy that-

Trey – Calm down, I told him to take some time for himself because he was here all night with me, and all morning. He didn’t need to be here during the day too.. I’m gonna call him if I need him.

Tyler – Oh- well good.

Trey – He’s my boyfriend Ty, and I’m happy with him. I’m not pushing him away- so relax.

Tyler – Egg on my face.

Trey – Yeah yeah…

Though I don’t blame him for it. I mean there have been times where I’ve sabotaged good things.. he know’s me well..

Tyler – I’m sorry about your friend…  well friends assuming you know the girl in the coma too.

Trey – I wasn’t close with Miguel, and I’ve said hi to Raven maybe once.. but yeah…. thanks.

Tyler – So umm.. warning.. he’s not in a good mood.

Trey – Ty, should I cancel on Tom?

Tyler – You can’t Trey… you gotta go through with it. This could help your future…

Trey – I’m surprised Tom hasn’t called it off to be honest.

Tyler – Maybe its too late?

Trey – Maybe…. I expected a call from Owen… I assumed he’d tell me its canceled.

Tyler – Enough about that.. are you ready to see dad?

Trey – Yeah….

Tyler – Nurse Micah, and Dr. McDonald are in there.

Trey – Why are you being so formal? Micah and you know each other from high school, and you and Vanessa are part of the same hippie group.

Tyler – I’m at their place of work Trey… so I’m trying to be… adult.

Trey – I see… well yeah.. lets go….

Tyler – He’s cranky…

Trey – You said that already…. Tyler?

Tyler – Yeah?

Trey – Why did mom say it was her fault?

Tyler – She guilt tripped him into jogging with her, and he wanted them to watch a movie and eat popcorn instead. So of course dad being dad put on his workout gear and they went jogging.. and.. yeah.. it happened. He pushed mom out the way so she wouldn’t get hit by the car… and he got hit.

Trey – Oh…..

Tyler – Lets go see dad shall we?

Trey – Okay…

Well…. here we go….

He looks miserable..

Gabrielle – Oh Trey honey.

Trey – Hey mom.

Vanessa – Hello Trey.

Trey – Hi Doctor McDonald.

AJ – Did you just get back?

Trey – Yeah- hey Courtney’s here.

AJ – What? I told him to take some time for himself, can’t believe he came back.. that man…

Trey – He loves you.

AJ – And I, him.

Tyler – So what do you think about what we discussed?

Micah – I think it could work.. we just need to go through an agency and it should be okay. Not like money is an issue.

Tyler – True…

Gabrielle – All of your friends are out there.

Trey – I know, I saw them when I walked in.

Gabrielle – Dominic too

Trey – He was here when I got here. I think he came with Frankie.

Gabrielle – It all happened so fast Trey…. and- I should have just stayed in and watched a movie.. my stupid idea of working out together and seeing the town.. I just.. I’m so-

Trey – Mom its not your fault.

Gabrielle – It is… and now your father is-

Trey – Mom stop…

Gabrielle – I’ll never forgive myself…

Trey – It wasn’t your fault…

Gabrielle – But it was!

Jordan – Will you please be quiet Gabby? I’m the one stuck in this fucking chair for life!

Tyler – Dad stop it!

Gabrielle – ……

Trey – Dad… come on.. don’t be like that..

Jordan – I’m sorry Gabby….. I’m just… how am I supposed to do anything in this fucking chair?

Trey – *kisses Jordan forehead* Everything is going to be okay dad.

Vanessa – Jordan.. there is a chance that you could learn to walk again… but it won’t be easy and it won’t be anytime soon. We’ve talked about this…. as your doctor I have to be honest with you. You’ll be in this chair for a couple of years at least..

Micah – Unless he somehow regains control of his legs… stranger things have happened.

Vanessa – But he could also be in the chair permanently. He needs to understand all of the possibilities.

Jordan – So I’m stuck… in a wheelchair… for what? the next 3 to 5 years?

Vanessa – Maybe.. but we’re going to run more test, and have a physical therapist do-

Jordan – I should have died!

AJ – Don’t say that Jordan!

Jordan – Better than the possibility of being stuck in this goddamn chair! You don’t understand! I can’t move my legs AJ!

AJ – I’ve read about people with spinal cord injuries learning to walk again. Don’t be so grim! stay positive! there’s a girl in a coma, and a young man dead Jordan. You still have your life.

Jordan – ……. okay, you’re right.. I’m sorry-

AJ – Don’t be sorry, I understand the need, the want to lash out. You’re angry.. you’re asking why me?… I get it.

Micah – Yeah your brother is right Mr. Robinson. You never know.. just stay positive and maybe just maybe good things will happen.

Trey – Dad?

Jordan – Yes?

Trey – I could cancel tonight…  Tom or Owen didn’t call me to cancel so I just-

Jordan – That’s because I told Tom this morning that I didn’t want him canceling on my behalf.. and that he needs to do this, and so do you. So no, don’t cancel… go to the party, and do what you said you were going to do.

Trey – But dad-

Jordan – Treyvon Mason Robinson! you are going to Tommy’s and doing your job. End of discussion!

Trey – Okay okay…

Tyler – Jesus in a cabin log. You broke out the full name, dad

Gabrielle – Your father is right Trey. You made the commitment, and you have to fulfill it.


Vanessa – Micah?

Micah – Yes Dr. McDonald?

Vanessa – Don’t ever do that again.

Micah – Do what?

Vanessa – You gave him hope under  false pretenses. Don’t do that again, with him or any other patient.. do you understand?

Micah – Yeah…

Vanessa – I understand the sensitive nature of this case considering well its a small town and we all know each other- but you have to understand the uphill battle that will present itself.

Micah – I’m sorry…

Vanessa – Apology accepted… and its not like I don’t understand why you’re putting positive thoughts into the universe but… we’re medical professionals.. not life coaches.

Micah – It won’t happen again.


Trey – Dad are you up for company?

Jordan – Why?

Trey – Well I saw Vince, Issac, Josh- and Riley- Tom too…..

Jordan – What the fuck, I asked them not to come back until-

Trey – Well they’re here…

Jordan – Fucking shit!

Tyler – Come on dad, don’t get upset because they care about you. You told me how close you guys were when you were younger.. it only makes sense that they want to be here.

Trey – Mom how long does dad have to stay here?

Gabrielle – Vanessa said its probably best for him to be here for another week.

Trey – What are we gonna do about the news people?

Gabrielle – Well your father was a mayor… and they’re gonna want to talk to him or anyone in the family. I got them out of here this morning but we can’t dodge them forever. Its not something you should worry about right now honey. Your friend Jonah’s in pain because of the girl on the bike, a student died, and your father is in that chair.. don’t worry about the press. Let me do that.

Trey – I’m ready to help with everything though. Especially dad-

Gabrielle – Don’t worry about that, you just focus on your future, and GCU. Tyler and I have an idea that will make things easier….

Trey – But mom…. there is no way this is going to be easy.. things are forever going to be different..

Gabrielle – I was a weak woman in my youth. Before I moved back to GloCity.. I was in Pylea and I was so weak letting people boss me around. Timid.. not strong. The woman you see before you today is strong. I can handle this…

Trey – No mom… we, can handle this. Together.

Gabrielle – Are you going back to your dorms to-

Trey – I want to stay here.. all day with dad. I’m not going to any of my classes today- they know everything anyway so they’ll understand.

Gabrielle – Well Issac, and everyone will be in here soon. Maybe You, Tyler, AJ, Courtney, and I can grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria. Give Dad some time to be with his friends.

Trey – Okay…

Its very- I’m so confused.. and conflicted. I cried so much last night, and this morning. Dominic said something that was true before he left. With so much happening so fast, has anyone really gotten a chance to sit and really understand what happened? to mourn and accept Miguel’s death?… Raven’s in a coma, and the ex mayor is in a wheelchair. Its like splitting your emotions 3 ways.. 4 if you’re worried about Elena’s health. Its all so much to deal with, and I feel like I’m doing okay but… I’m worried about everyone else too. Maybe I’m fooling myself… maybe I’ll have a mental breakdown soon…. why did this have to happen?

(POV Kaori)

I’m already so tired…. physically and mentally.. I’m really drained- *cell rings* …I can’t take any more bad news.. 

Kaori – Hey…

Jeep (on phone) – Hi…..

Kaori – How is she?

Jeep – Still the same… 

Kaori – People wake up from coma’s jeep… you just gotta be positive.

Jeep – I don’t know….

Kaori – How’s Christine?

Jeep – She keeps crying.. which is making me cry.

Kaori – I’m sorry….

Jeep – Its just too much Kaori. *crying*

Kaori – I’m gonna be there as soon as I can okay? have you talked to the others?

Jeep – They’re downstairs with Trey, I’m going down in a minute..

Kaori – Oh okay.

Jeep – Trey’s not really dealing with it.. I mean he’s cried but he’s being really tough you know?

Kaori – Maybe he’s not very emotional.. it will hit him later

Jeep – Byron just walked in.

Kaori – Oh.. well can you put him on?

Jeep – Uh- sure. Hold on. *passes the phone to Byron*

Byron (on phone) – Hello?

Kaori – Hey, its Kay’

Byron – Hey babe…

Kaori – Are you going to be there long?

Byron – Yeah.. I’ll be here for a while.

Kaori – Okay, I’ll be there in the next 45 minutes. Maybe an hour.

Byron – Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.

Kaori – Well we both know that’s not entirely true…..

Byron – …………………..

Kaori – ……………………..

Awkward silence for the lose..

Byron – Umm.. yeah. I’ll be here, when you get here.

Kaori – Okay.

Byron – I love you.

Kaori – Yeah- umm I gotta go.

Byron – Bye.

Kaori – Bye.

Well… that was weird- but then again I don’t care. Its not what I want to focus my energy on today. Work was tough today, and I just want it to be over. Its not like I’m even a real employee here. Just a paid intern- and interns don’t get paid that much. You’re probably wondering why Sasha didn’t give us the day off considering the tragedy that struck GloCity, but we had 3 really big clients come in and we had to work. I just wanna go back to the hospital and be with my friends and family… Frankie included.. yeah.. I said it. I feel like-

Natasha – Kaori?

Great.. the she-devil has entered the room.

Kaori – Hi?

Natasha – Why are you in the conference room alone?

Kaori – You said it was a meeting here?

Natasha – Oh!…..did I?

Kaori – Yes Natasha you said and I quote “Meeting in the conference room at 1”

Natasha – Oops…. where all meeting in the lounge room.

Kaori – Oh.. okay..

Natasha – While I have a second alone with you.. I just want to say I’m sorry about everything… 

Kaori – …..Yeah.

Natasha – I know it means nothing coming from me, but I hope everyone can heal from this tragedy.

Kaori – Thank you Natasha.

Natasha – And I don’t dislike you, so sorry if I was a bitch before. You’re a young capable girl.. I should be nicer, maybe take you under my wing.. show you the ropes- like how Kyle has done.

Kaori – I know I’m the youngest here, and I guess in a way I can understand why people took issue with me being around.

Natasha – Well you’ve proven yourself. Congratulations by the way.

Kaori – Thank you.

Natasha – You and Kyle knocked it out of the park with your presentation.

Kaori – We worked hard on it.. so that means a lot.

That was nice of her to take the time to talk to me about how she’s treated me. Also pretty cool of her to congratulate me and Kyle. I never would have expected that.

Natasha – Well.. shall we get to the meeting?

Kaori – Its a bit odd to have a meeting in the lounge room don’t you think?

Natasha – Oh… I mean… sure I guess… but umm lets walk over there together shall we?

Kaori – Sure…

As nice as she’s being though… its still kinda weird.. like who possessed your body?…… whatever. Lets get this meeting over with so I can get to the hospital.

What in the hell?

Everyone – SURPRISE!

Natasha – Gotcha!

Kaori – Oh my god! what is this about? its not my birthday- Mom?!

Kokoro – Hey princess.

Kaori – Mom what are you doing here?

Kokoro – I heard about everything that happened and I wanted to be here for everyone… then Sasha called me and asked me to come for the surprise.

Kyle – And now she’s here!

Kaori – That’s so sweet- wait what surprise?

Sasha – Oh! of course… I’ve decided to hire you! which include a pay increase AND new job responsibilities. Siren Ad Agency is going next level and you’re perfect for the next phase Kaori. So congratulations.. you are an official part of our family here. You’ve earned it!

Kokoro – I’m so proud of you sweetheart. You’re such a beautiful young women, and now you’re a working woman too.

Kyle – Well?

Wow… I- wow.. you know when I got hired at The Lucky Dragon, I thought I could make a career there. I had all these ideas on making the place better, advertising the business- and then.. well I got fired- you know the story. So coming here… I really wanted to prove myself, and it looks like I did.. I don’t say this often but I’m actually pretty proud of myself. It almost seems a bit mundane though… I mean I’m happy for myself but how can I even celebrate when everyone else is so… sad. Still.. I don’t want to be humdrum, and be a party pooper.. I should say something.

Kaori – I’m so… humbled, and appreciative of everything, Ms. Owens. You hired me and saw potential, Kyle you took me under your wing, and helped me with things. Thank you both so much, and I promise I won’t let you down.

Sasha – You deserve this, and this good news isn’t going to change any of the bad stuff going on but.. at least its something.

Kyle – You’re talking about the stuff in GloCity?

Sasha – Yeah.. I was at the hospital this morning with everyone.. so sad.. 

Kokoro – Kaori?

Kaori – Yeah?

Kokoro – You okay?

Kaori – Yeah…. – you look pretty mom.

Kokoro – Well thank you, so do you. I really like your outfit.. all you’re missing is some jewelry.. maybe we can go shopping for some while I’m in town.

Kaori – Umm… yeah. *getting emotional* … Excuse me…

Kokoro – Are you okay? what did I say? did I say something-

Kaori – I can’t be in here right now. *runs out*

Kokoro – Honey wait!

[In Bathroom]

Kaori – *crying*

Kokoro – Honey…… are you in there?

Kaori – I don’t want you to see me crying

Kokoro – Its okay to cry Kaori, but what specifically is it?.. is it the accident?

Kaori – I’m just- I’m such a bad person…

Kokoro – No you’re not…

Kaori – I should talk to everyone more.. it doesn’t matter if they’re cool or not.

Kokoro – What happened?

Kaori – I was supposed to take Miguel shopping for jewelry. I was helping him find something for his girlfriend..

Kokoro – Miguel is?……………..Oh… oh.. he’s… the student.

Kaori – He told me I was nice, and I had a certain style. He was so nervous to ask me mom, and I said yes I’d help him… and now we’ll never get to pick out a present for his girlfriend *crying*

Kokoro – I’m so sorry…. I’m sorry these things happen, I’m sorry that it hurts… I’m sorry that all I can do is hug you.

Kaori – Its not fair….. he was a nice guy… 

Kokoro – I’m sure he was…..

Kaori – Then Raven’s in a coma.. and Trey’s dad is in a wheelchair.. I just.. I’m losing it. I spent so much time being mad at Frankie for something so stupid.. we’re not friends anymore, and probably never will be. All because I was stubborn-

Kokoro – I’m sure its not too late to fix things with her…

Kaori – I’m just go through so much mom. My boyfriend is leaving for Europe, and we’re breaking up. The whole lawsuit settlement.. I just I can’t keep pretending I’m strong, and over everything. I just can’t take it anymore! I just know going to the hospital I’m going to breakdown.

Kokoro – I’m riding with Sasha to the hospital, so I’ll be there too okay?

Kaori – Yeah, but I’m just really tired.. I’m not as strong as I think I am-

Kokoro – Yes you are- you’re actually stronger than you think you are!

Kokoro – Oh, come here. I’m sorry I haven’t been around. You’ve clearly needed me and I’ve been off working.

Kaori – I understand…. I’m not mad at you…

Kokoro – I know… but I lay in bed with George and I just feel so terrible. Look at all what has happened…. I should be here. I still very much care for your father, so this bullshit with that Paisley Adams girl really upsets me. Victoria called me and we had a long talk about everything…. she told me they have to sell your boat….

Kaori – You shouldn’t feel guilty about being a working actress. Be proud of that, and be happy that you have George.. he seems like a good guy. Also.. I don’t even care about the boat anymore.. I’m just so sick of everything falling apart.

Kokoro – I talked to Ivo this morning, and he’s really sad about everything. He wants to do something to make everyone feel better but I told him.. you can’t. I understand that he wants to help people but not in this situation.. everyone needs to cry, everyone needs to hurt.. and everyone needs time.

Kaori – Yeah….

Ivo’s like that.. kinda like Keegan, always wants to be the superhero and fix things. This is all just so fucking surreal.. like none of this should have happened. I mean none of it. Elena attacking Jarrah, Paisley being a shady cunt, Miguel, Raven, Mr. Robinson.. none of this should have happened. It makes all of our bullshit seem so insignificant.

Kokoro – I love you so much Kaori, and you’re not the daughter I dreamed of having.. you’re better- you’re much more. I know you’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and I’ll admit I was jealous sometimes.. but I never stopped caring. I had a close relationship with my mom, and all I’ve ever wanted was for you and I to have that too.

Kaori – I guess I… I never really thought about it like that…. I’m sorry.

Kokoro – Its okay…. shit happens… like that whole mess with Leslie, and Aimee…

Kaori – I found her….

Kokoro – What?

Kaori – I found Leslie and Aimee’s daughter… Dad’s daughter.. Me and Ivo’s sister…

Kokoro – Oh my god… Kaori…

Kaori – She’s nice-

Kokoro – You made contact?

Kaori – It was…. It was on accident. Alana took me to a club to meet up with her friend Morgan Hill, and Morgan brought this girl Vira.. and she looked like me.. she has Dad’s eyes… just like me and Ivo… She kept talking and It was obvious.. So i kept in contact with her, and we’ve been like bestfriends.

Kokoro – Oh my god.. does dad know?

Kaori – No.. and Ivo doesn’t either. I haven’t even told me friends…

Kokoro – Oh my god…

Kaori – Why do you keep saying that?

Kokoro – Because its… its a very complicated situation.. Leslie wanted us all as a family, but Aimee she didn’t want that. So they cut ties with us… its so much more complicated-

Kaori – I know you and dad told us the story.. I remember…. but… for whatever reason Vira’s convinced that Leslie is the one who stopped her from seeing her dad.. and Aimee had no say-

Kokoro – Well that’s a lie.

Kaori – I’m gonna wipe my face….

So sick of crying…

Kokoro – …..While we’re talking…. I should probably tell you that Vanessa and Quinn called me on Skype last week.

Well I’m pretty sure I know why..

Kaori – Yeah?…and?

Kokoro – …. Well I know about… you and Aries blowup in Bridgeport. They said he’s been so depressed and really messed up. Do you know what’s bothering him?

Kaori – …………No.

Kokoro – I feel like you’re lying….

Kaori – Okay… I do….

Kokoro – Well what is it?

You know what?…. I should be able to trust my mother.. so fuck it.

Kaori – You can’t repeat this.. not to anybody.. not even Vanessa and Quinn.

Kokoro – Okay.

Kaori – I mean it mom.. I’m trusting you.

Kokoro – You have my trust Kaori.. it won’t leave this bathroom. Why would I want to mess things up with you? I want us to be close.

Kaori – Okay… well… He’s gay… and he’s not okay with it.

Kokoro – Vanessa and Quinn always said they thought he was but he just didn’t wanna come out.

Kaori – Well that’s the case…

Kokoro – GCU is pretty liberal, and there are a bunch of gay students… why-

Kaori – Well its deeper than that. Its also because he’s never had friends, and felt like he couldn’t be popular and cool.. that he’d be 1 of the gay kids… and then they’re Trey

Kokoro – What about Trey?

Kaori – They were secretly together but broke up because Aries didn’t think it was fair to make Trey date someone closeted.. only probablem is.. Trey moved on after a crybaby summer… I mean he took time to cry about it but he’s happy with Dominic now. Aries isn’t happy and loves Trey and feels he made a mistake..

Kokoro – So emotionally he’s all over the place.

Kaori – Right, and he hates me because he thinks I hate him.

Kokoro – Do you hate him?

Kaori – No- why would you-

Kokoro – Well you never really saw it for him. I mean you had a wonderful group of friends, and you never included him. I thought maybe you didn’t like him much?

Kaori – I was full of myself, and a dumb teenage girl.. with my own issues. Aries was the last thing I thought about- and maybe that was wrong but its the past, and I can’t change that now. Besides.. he made friends with Keegan and Jeep- Jonah, he fucked that up on his own.. same with Trey.

Kokoro – How’s Keegan?

Kaori – So much better.

Kokoro – Still as handsome as ever?

Kaori – Yes?

Kokoro – I thought Issac was such a looker when I met Vince…

Kaori – Keegan’s dad is still pretty hot…

Kokoro – He’s not still with Scott is he?

Kaori – Umm yeah.

Kokoro – Oh- ugh- I mean.. well I guess that’s good.

Kaori – Wow mom…

Kokoro – I’ll always ship Rissac…. Riley and Him had something magical.. you could always see it in the air when they were in the same room.

Kaori – I see…

Kokoro – Anyway… so.. umm, what are you gonna do about Frankie?

Kaori – I don’t know…  I mean… she’d usually be the first person I’d tell good news too.. she’d be so proud of me… I just.. yeah. I really don’t know.

I can’t just waltz back into her life and expect things to be fine. Its.. I have to do some thinking before we even talk.. if she ever wants to talk to me again.

Kokoro – About Aries? He’s your cousin.. maybe-

Kaori – Mom.. I don’t know what I’m gonna do about anything… and before you ask about Vira-

Kokoro – I can’t believe I’m gonna say this.. but you need to tell Vira the truth, and you need to tell your father and Ivo…

Kaori – What?

Kokoro – Lies tear people apart, and right now.. with everything that’s going on? we all need to stick together. Plus I feel like Vira’s living a lie.. she should know the truth.. wouldn’t you wanna know?

Kaori – ……Yeah, I guess you’re right.

I’ve contemplated telling Vira the truth on multiple occasions.. but I just.. I don’t know. I mean if I tell her, how will she react? and also like would it completely destroy her relationship with her mom?- one of them- you know what I mean. Its really hard to carry a secret.. that can explode and possibly mess up so much. Like would Ivo and my dad be mad at me that I contacted her? even if it was an accident? I don’t know.. I don’t think I want to tell Vira anytime soon.. I just don’t think its the right time with so much shit going on.

(POV Trey) [3 Hours Later]

So many people came to visit my dad. Kaori came with her mom, and her boss Sasha. Its so official you know? My dad is wheelchair-bound and there’s no way to reverse any of it. I think we’re all just so happy he’s alive, and not dead but I don’t think the reality of him being in that chair has set in.. for any of us. He may be the only person who really see’s what his future looks like- which may explain why he’s so angry and mean right now. Everyone is so optimistic that he’ll start walking in a few months but its a possibility that he’ll never walk again and… I just.. its sad. I hate to keep saying the same thing over and over again, but when tragedy strikes there is no right or wrong way to process your thoughts? is there? because maybe I’m just doing it all wrong.

Dominic – *running / catching his breath* Hey!

Trey – Hi.

Dominic – *catching his breath* You okay?- dumb question… umm.. wanna talk?

Trey – I just wanna be with you right now if that’s okay.

Dominic – Its more than okay…. how you holding up?

Trey – I’m so worn out… at the hospital everyone was there…. Chace and Lenny came by too…

Dominic – Good, those guys are your friends… I’d imagine their support means a lot. Even if Chace does call me Demonic instead of Dominic.

Chace doesn’t like Dominic- but he did tell me he was willing to wipe the hate away and give it a clean slate if that’s what I wanted. He’s been so weird lately.. agreeing to almost everything I’ve said. This was before the accident too.

Trey – After the hospital… the three of us went to put stuff by Miguel’s door. Myra was there and she was just.. frozen. Her sister Rhys was trying to hold her hand but she wouldn’t let her. She’s really upset…. the whole campus felt so.. small?

Dominic – Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

Trey – Then so many people started telling me they were sorry.. as if they caused the accident.. they were sorry for my loss… what does that even mean? “I’m sorry for your loss”. My dad didn’t die… he just lost his ability to walk…

Dominic – You know people don’t usually know what to say in those situations.

Trey – They kept asking me did I know “Coma Girl” which I found so… rude… she has a name… Its Raven Davis

Dominic – Someone asked me that on my way out of the hospital.. Oh and a guy from the news asked if I was a friend of the family- The Robinson Family.

Trey – You didn’t-

Dominic – I said I have no comment.. I didn’t give them the time of day.

Trey – Thank you.

Dominic – Don’t mention it.

Trey – So…. You work out when sad?

Dominic – I work out all the time, but in this case yeah.. running along the beach clears my head.

Trey – You’re really sweaty.

Dominic – Am I?- eh… I’ll shower…

Trey – I feel like people are expecting me to say so much…. but I almost don’t have anything to say? and then I feel like that’s wrong?

Dominic – You’re not going to have all the answers babe… and you can’t sit here and judge the way you’re feeling, the things you say and don’t say. It doesn’t matter, everyone processes loss differently.

Trey – You make it sound so simple- and it probably is.. but-

Dominic – Its simple, but then again its not. You just gotta go with how you’re feeling.. don’t worry about everyone else.

Trey – That’s a skill I’ve never learned… or is it learnt? what says you grammar boy?

Dominic – Both are fine.. though “learnt” is more common with British english… and “learned” is more.. American.

Trey – Oh okay.

For some reason I knew he’d know. Its really embarrassing but sometimes I mix up There, Their, and They’re… 

Dominic – Either one works.

Trey – Okay, well yeah. I’ve never learned to just worry about myself. I’ve always worried about everyone else.

Dominic – You’re selfless.. and nothing’s wrong with that… but you gotta take some time for yourself right now buddy.

Trey – I haven’t mourned Miguel…  and I feel bad about it. So much has happened and I haven’t had the time to really sit and mourn our fellow student who’s life was taken away from him.

Dominic – You’re not alone…. a lot of people don’t know what to do. Some people felt going to class was disrespectful.. that today needed to just be about him…

Trey – Dominic what does it mean that I’m mad at Raven?… that I’m angry and pissed off that she caused that accident? and I feel bad for hating her because she’s fighting for her life in a coma.. but because of her …..Miguel is dead, and my dad is-

Dominic – It means you’re human.. and the blame has to go somewhere if I’m being honest. You’re not sitting here just saying “Oh these things happen” because you know.. these things don’t always just happen. She was careless on that bike, and made a mistake that had severe consequences. You have every right to be mad at her for changing everything…

Trey – I feel like a bad person though.

Dominic – You’re not a bad person, you’re human…

Trey – I hope Raven wakes up.

Dominic – Good, Me too…

Trey – Not so I can yell at her but… just because.. we don’t need two deaths… and she means a lot to Jeep- and to Aries- oh my god….


Dominic – What?

Trey – Oh my god I didn’t- it didn’t really hit me until now. Raven was probably the closest thing Aries had to a really good friend. That he could trust with anything- and she’s… he hasn’t gone to the hospital either… at least I don’t think he has. He’s probably not taking this well..

Dominic – Umm, not to sound insensitive, but nobody’s taking it well. You almost make it sound like he needs to be on suicide watch or something?

Trey – ….Maybe….

Dominic – Oh… then in that case… I’m sorry.. I didn’t know if he was… I didn’t know his mental state.. I must sound like a dick.

Trey – No not at all…

Dominic – Did you want to call him? go see him?

Trey – No, I’m the last person who should. Hopefully Kaori does.

Dominic – Speaking of your friends…. Do you think Keegan’s okay?

Trey – Why because he seen it?

Dominic – Because of Mona.

Trey – How did you know-

Dominic – While you were talking to the nurse… I overhead Keegan talking about it with Jarrah… mentioned Mona… and a car accident.. so I googled… sorry

Trey – Oh….

Dominic – His name isn’t in the articles.. it just says she died in a car accident… I’m guessing…. she was his girlfriend?

Trey – Yeah… well.. umm to answer your question I just- I don’t know. Keegan’s good at hiding how he feels. I hope he’s okay though… he doesn’t need to… feel stress. He had a rough year…

Dominic – You know… earlier was a sight to see… all of the friends and family.. everyone is so close. One generation and the next.. the bond is so strong.. its.. beautiful.. Its heartbreaking to have to see it in non-happy times but… its nice to see people caring and being there.

Trey – When you put it that way I agree- which.. its funny because I was thinking something similar before I left the hospital. My dad didn’t want to be around everyone. He was mad that they came… and I kept thinking- stop it.. stop being like this, everyone loves you-………………………………… then I thought about it. If it were me.. in that chair.. I wouldn’t want anyone seeing me. With their sympathetic eyes, and annoying optimism.

Dominic – Right… when a person is processing their bad shit, and telling themselves the harsh truth.. the last thing they want is blind optimism.. Its not really anybody’s fault its just kinda how things work.. a person’s hurt, a friend says oh it’ll be okay.

Trey – Yeah, its not that its a bad thing, its just something you see on tv.. and its always so… fake sounding- and see.. I feel like a bitch for even saying that.

Dominic – You’re just being honest.

Trey – ……I haven’t even asked you how your day was. I told you to leave the hospital and do you, and here I am… bombarding you with sad shit.

Dominic – Its totally okay. Truth be told after my run I was going to go back to the hospital… so I’m glad you’re here. As far as my day.. umm.. my dad called me.

Trey – What?

Dominic – He heard from Liana (Paisley’s Mom) about the accident, and everything that followed. He asked me was I okay, did I know Miguel, or the girl in the coma. I told him I’m fine, and that its a small town. He said he knew your dad… and that he’s planning on coming to GloCity.. which.. is weird for me if I’m being honest.

Trey – Why?

Dominic – He’s never been a dad, he’s always been a checkbook. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate him- or even dislike him. We just have a disconnect, so.. his sudden… like.. the fact that he all of a sudden wants to be here.. its like save it? but then I feel wrong for that.. so… yeah.

Trey – Right… well… like you told me… you’re human.

Dominic – *smiles* Heh, Yeah- umm.. lets go inside?

Trey – Okay.

Dominic – Just relax in here, or in my room- wherever you want.. I’m gonna shower really quickly okay?

Trey – Okay..

Dominic – Don’t leave…

Trey – I won’t…

Dominic – You’re not bothering me, at all.. I want you here… okay?

Trey – Mmm hmm.

Dominic – Are you hungry?

Trey – I can’t eat.

Dominic – Eat something… make a sandwich…

Trey – I can’t…

Dominic – You have to eat something.

Trey – Mom tried to get me to eat earlier and I can’t…

Dominic – Well at least make tea?

Trey – Okay…. maybe coffee.

Dominic – Perfect.

Trey – I feel like I’m missing something.

Dominic – Like you misplaced something?

Trey – No, like.. well I’m talking about everything- trying to.. but I still feel like I’m missing something..

Dominic – You feel like that because you’re trying to split your heart, and sadness- your focus.. into every bad thing that’s happened. You spend 30 minutes talking about this- 20 on that.. then you feel like you didn’t talk about that other thing for long. You’re just being pulled everywhere emotionally. Don’t think about it… just whatever comes to mind.. deal with that. Order is not important. Okay?

Trey – *nods yes*

Dominic – Are you still doing that dinner party tonight?

Trey – Yeah, my dad made me promise that I would.

Dominic – Good… I think you should.

Trey – I should prepare for more sympathetic eyes… their good deed of the day…

Dominic – They mean well I’m sure.

Trey – I know.. I need to stop being so cynical….

Dominic – You’ll be okay. I need to shower, because I don’t smell so good.

Trey – I don’t smell anything, you’re just sweaty, but alright.

Dominic – I’ll be back, won’t take long.

Trey – Okay.

I could easily just leave him a note and let him have his evening to himself.. but he wants me here. There’s this thing with Dominic that I haven’t felt with anybody else. I feel like he really gets me. Like he gets everything I say- even when it doesn’t make sense. He’s an aspiring therapist but he doesn’t get too analytically about what comes out of my mouth.. he doesn’t dissect my thoughts or make me feel stupid. He… he just makes me feel good….. anyway… I should make that coffee…

[20 minutes later]

While he showered… I walked around.. I looked in cabinets. I looked out the window at the water… I also ate all of his strawberries. I guess maybe I was hungry after all. I made my way to his room, and laid on his bed. Cried some more… laughed… which was not only random but dramatic- then cried again. Finally I just laid on his bed looking at the ceiling. It smells like him. Dominic always smells like cinnamon.. its funny, and now laying on his bed I smell like it- or.. well.. like him. He’s all over me.

Dominic – Sorry I took so long.

Trey – I didn’t notice…

Dominic – It felt long.

Trey – Wording…

Dominic – Nasty….

Trey – Did you jack-off or something?

Dominic – No Trey, I did not.

Trey – Mmm hmm…

Dominic – Did you make your coffee?

Trey – Umm.. no.

Dominic – Why not? I said you-

Trey – I ate your strawberries.. I’m sorry.

Dominic – Don’t be… I’m glad you ate something.

Trey – I ate all of them……

Dominic – And you didn’t mess up your white shirt? how neat of you.

Trey – *laughs*

Dominic – Good you’re laughing.

Trey – Yeah.. I know, I didn’t expect that either.

Dominic – Its good.

Trey – Umm, while you were showering I was just laying here… looking around. I really like this place.

Dominic – Thanks.

Trey – If and when your dad does come to GloCity… where is he staying? here?

Dominic – Uh.. this is a one bedroom, so unless he wants to sleep on the couch…. I doubt it.

Trey – If he wanted to sleep on the couch would that be okay?

Dominic – I- umm… I guess… sure?

Trey – If he like.. wanted to talk about everything between you.. like- I don’t know. Make stuff right? Would-

Dominic – Trey, why are you asking so many questions about my dad?

Trey – I don’t know?

Dominic – If I had to guess I think I know why…

Trey – Why?

Dominic – Projecting…. you feel this sense of loss with your dad, and you worry about the relationship moving forward. You know my father and I are.. disconnected. You want me to consider fixing things with him, and have some sort of bond…. the same bond you’re worried about losing with your dad.

Trey – …………………..

Dominic – Right?

Trey – I guess so? I mean its never too late?

Dominic – …… I know, I just…

Trey – Sorry.. you’re right. I’m totally projecting…. I’m not gonna deny it. That’s tacky.

Dominic – Its okay.

Trey – You’re gonna be one hell of a therapist…

Dominic – Let us pray.

Trey – Are you… do you believe in god?

Dominic – Umm….hmm… That is a subject for another day.. I just..

Trey – I don’t.

Dominic – You don’t?

Trey – No, not anymore.

Dominic – When did you stop? because I vaguely remember your mom being into the whole religion thing during that dinner. I assumed you were-

Trey – Yesterday… I stopped yesterday.

Dominic – Why?

Trey – Because if he exists.. why would he allow for something like that to happen?

Dominic – I’m… I personally don’t believe in god, and I have my reasons- but with that being said- and I can’t believe I’m actually gonna to say this, but…. Don’t lose your faith.

Trey – Why not?

Dominic – I feel like there’s comfort in faith.. you should cling onto it. I’m not going to push my beliefs on you. If God, makes you feel safer, and if the idea of him makes you feel like you have someone looking over you. Don’t lose that.

Trey – I’m angry at him….

Dominic – I know.

Trey – Plus I’m gay.. so aren’t I apparently going to burn for all of eternity?

Dominic – If you believe that book…

Trey – *laughs & clears throat* So… umm.. finally.

Dominic – Finally what?

Trey – I was wondering what was under all of the clothes…

Dominic – Huh- oh.. my body?

Trey – You always look fit- even in those Christmas sweaters… I wondered what you looked like under…

Dominic – Oh really?

Trey – Yeah….

Dominic – Is this what you imagined?

Trey – Yes… but better….. I should have joined you in the shower…. just kidding.

Not kidding.

Dominic – You know, its no pressure for that. Just being officially your boyfriend is fine with me. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

Trey – If we were club queens we would have fucked the night we met.

Dominic – True.. but we’re not club queens. We’re Trey, and Dominic..

Trey – Do you even want to?

Dominic – Of course.

Trey – Good…..

Dominic – *laughs*

Trey – I’m not a prude, you should take off the towel…

Dominic – You fuckin’ with me?….

Trey – I’m being serious….

Dominic – Are you? because if you are.. good thing all I ate today was a salad…

Trey – *laughs* – wait…

Dominic – What?

Trey – You’re… wait… you’re a bottom?

Dominic – Yeah? well I’m verse… aren’t you? I mean we as gay mean shouldn’t be defined by topping and bottoming, masculine or feminine…

Trey – I thought you were a top only.

Dominic – No… if you saw my ex you’d get it. We were both versatile… I feel like… in the gay community we have so many fem guys hating on other fem guys. They want all the masculine guys for themselves- and there’s this shame about being a bottom and being feminine… you know? like newsflash you closed minded idiots. A masculine man can easily enjoy being a bottom and or submissive. A feminine man can enjoy being the top and being dominate. You would think gay men wouldn’t be so closed minded.

Trey – That’s so true… sometimes Chace talks bad about other girly gays…

Dominic – And because of that he could easily miss out on the love of his life. Someone who isn’t a sports playing jock… someone that could love him, and top- bottom whatever to make him happy.

Trey – You’re so…. wise….

Dominic – I’ve seen a lot in the gay community… that’s all.

Trey – Yeah… I’ve never…. done that.

Dominic – Topped.

Trey – Yeah.

Dominic – If you’re a bottom only I can top its not a big deal.

Trey – This is unsexy… talking about who does what… come here….

Dominic – Okay…. are we really doing this?

Trey – *kisses Dominic* 

Dominic – You’re so cute… *takes off Trey’s shirt*

Trey – *smiles* want me naked like you huh?

Dominic – *smirks* Don’t feel pressured into topping by the way..

Trey – Okay… I won’t.

Dominic – Good…

Trey – Do you like bottoming?

Dominic – Do you? *laughing*

Trey – *laughing* god I’m horrible at trying to be sexy.. I’m laughing and being goofy.. lets just… go with it… whatever happens happens.. you on top, me on top… whatever.

Dominic – You don’t have to be perfect for me.. you’re great the way you are. There’s no rule book here… we can be as goofy as we want.. we can laugh as much as we want.. it doesn’t matter.. its our moment.. and nobody can take that from us.

Trey – Dominic?

Dominic – Yeah?

Trey – I love how you handle me…..

Dominic – You do?

Trey – Yeah, not even… sexually.. you just…. you know the right things to say… even when you say nothing and you just give me a hug.

Dominic – *smiles* Well… good. I think its important that I’m-

Trey – Stop talking Mr. Therapist…

Dominic – Are we role playing now Trey?

Trey – Yes… I’m Kim.. and I’m fucking the school weirdo…

Dominic – Why does that sound so familiar?

Trey – *laughs* It was on an episode of GIRLS…

Dominic – That show…. is just…

Trey – So bad, its good.

Dominic – Oh my god there’s this movie on netflix you should watch called Gayby.. its really funny-

Trey – Dominic?

Dominic – What?

Trey – Shut up…

Dominic – Oh right… sexy time…

Trey – *laughs*

Dominic – *smiles*

Trey – Dominic?

Dominic – I like how you keep saying my name.

Trey – Is it okay if we don’t have sex?.. I know I just said-

Dominic – No, no.. its fine. I agree.. its not the right time.

Trey – Okay.. because I would hate to do it.. and then feel like I was fucking to feel or something like that.. 

Dominic – Right.. because most people do use sex as a way of controlling their emotions when in distress. Its really common among people our age who-

Trey – Stop talking…. I just wanna lay here and kiss you… then maybe cuddle.. spoon or whatever.

Dominic – Well… okay. Bring those lips to daddy.

No other words needed. I’ll see you guys later. Bye….

(POV Kaori)

After work, My mom and I………. along with Sasha… went to the hospital. Everyone was there and it was pretty… surreal. Its easy to forget that our parents had these lives before us. They were all friends, and had such close friendships…. and after all of these years… they still are. My umm.. My mom actually met Byron.. which wasn’t planned. Byron held my hand the whole time, and asked if we could spend tonight together, and I agree- though for some reason I’m just… I’m feeling kinda bitchy….

Kaori – …………………..

Byron – ……………

Kaori – …………………*clears throat*

Byron – Your mom was really cool.

Kaori – Yeah.

Byron – Pretty nice that I got to meet her.

Kaori – Well it wasn’t planned….

Byron – Circumstances… yeah…

Kaori – I’ve had enough of that hospital….

Byron – Yeah.. after my panic attack I didn’t think I’d be back there for a while.. and then all of this happens.

Kaori – ……..

Yeah.. your panic attack or whatever because you were leaving me and didn’t know how to fucking say it..

Byron – Thanks for having me over…

Kaori – No problem….

Byron – When do you pack all of this stuff up?

Kaori – I’m not doing shit… they want to sell the boat then I’ll just hire movers…. take all of the shit to my dad’s house.

Byron – Oh okay, did you want help?

Kaori – No I’m fine, I got it.

Fuck this boat and fuck Paisley… I’m sorta happy to be getting rid of it… It has bad memories attached to it.  I mean it has good ones too but still.. 

Byron – …..Miguel and I were trapped in an elevator together before.

Kaori – What?

Byron – Freshman year… he was in the elevator, and I got in. He said he saw me on campus, asked if I was in the fraternity. I told him yeah. He asked what did my friends and family think about that. Then we talked about the stereotypes of a fratboy… He was really funny, and nice.

Kaori – ….I once told him not to get a handjob from Paisley at The Lucky Dragon. He wanted a legit massage and… Paisley was offering.. and you know.. she was giving out happy endings left and right so.. I pointed him in the direction of Suzy…

Byron – I should have became his friend… I don’t know why I didn’t.

Kaori – He asked me last week if I could help him.

Byron – With what?

Kaori – He thought I was perfect for helping him pick out something nice for his girlfriend.. jewelry. I said yes… we were supposed to go today.

Byron – Oh… wow….

Kaori – Do you think it would be stupid if- nevermind..

Byron – No.. say it.

Kaori – Do you think it would be stupid if I went and picked out something on Miguel’s behalf? and gave it to Myra? tell her he wanted her to have it?

Byron – No… I think that would be sweet.

Kaori – I feel out of place.. but part of me wants to do it.

Byron – You should.

Maybe its dumb.. I mean would she even appreciate something like that? technically it would be a lie since Miguel didn’t help me pick it out- but the thing is.. he had intentions of picking something out.. so would me lying and saying we picked it out together for her really matter that much?

Kaori – I still don’t know….

Byron – You’re a good friend…

Kaori – Umm.. speaking of which. I wanted to tell you that I think you should spend time with Collin more. He’s kinda going through some stuff according to Jarrah and-

Byron – I text him and ask him how he’s doing.. he hasn’t said anything about being sad- well obviously.. now I’m sure with the accident he’s sad but before-

Kaori – No, this stuff happened before the accident… you’ve been so wrapped up in your…. move. You should pay attention to him.

Byron – Maybe you’re right- I can’t hangout with him tonight though.

Kaori – Why not?

Byron – He’s helping Trey with something.

Kaori – Oh yeah…

Byron – Thanks though… I should probably have realized I’m leaving him too… right when we were reconnecting.

Kaori – Were you even reconnecting though? You spent most of your time doing music…

Byron – I mean.. I felt like we were… Its hard you know? getting my affairs in order for Europe-

Kaori – Whatever.

Byron – Wait.. what just happened here?

Ugh…. I’m too- like I can’t deal with this right now.

Kaori – I’m over it.

Byron – Kaori? what the hell?

Kaori – You didn’t comment on me being blonde again!

Byron – That’s why you’re mad?!

Kaori – No!… I’m mad because we’re sitting here acting like nothing happened.

Byron – What are you talking about?

Kaori – You… you ambushed me with that Europe announcement.

Byron – I never said I wasn’t going.

Kaori – You stopped talking about it- and you-

Byron – No, you assumed. I purposely stopped talking about it, because I knew it upset you.

Kaori – Maybe you’re right, maybe I assumed you stopped talking about it because you were staying…. but I just…

Byron – What?

Kaori – I don’t even want to do this right now.

Byron – Say it…

Kaori – ….

Byron – I feel like you want to say something-

Kaori – I think this is fucking stupid, and a waste of my time!

Byron – What do you mean?

Kaori – This! pretending that everything is fine!

Byron – Well of course everything isn’t fine.. the accident-

Kaori – I’m not talking about the accident! I’m talking about you and me!

Byron – We agreed that we would be together until I left, and have a good time. Cherish these time-

Kaori – I don’t want to!

Byron – I had hoped we could have a good time… do things that we haven’t done…

Kaori – Do you think I really would fuck you now?

Byron – That’s not what I meant- but… speaking of that. I thought maybe we could have a special night-

Kaori – No. That’s not gonna happen.

Byron – So what are you saying Kaori? because I’m trying to be nice and keep the peace- but you’re being really difficult right now- I just want to spend time with my girlfriend while I still can.

Kaori – Why can’t you just stay? the accident should have like- I don’t know.. like gave you priorities?, and made you want to stay close.. but instead you don’t care. You just wanna leave.

Byron – What do you want from me?

Kaori – I don’t want anything anymore!

Byron – I’m not trying to fight with you.. I just thought we were on the same page…

Kaori – Its all too much! too much fucking stress!

Byron – Kaori…… baby just breath… let me-

Kaori – Don’t! Don’t touch me!

Byron – Fine……….

Kaori – Just fuck off Byron!….. Fuck! …..You don’t understand.

Byron – Because you don’t have communication skills!

Kaori – I loved you… I became your girlfriend.. that means more than you know! You’re just so fucking stupid for not realizing how much I’ve changed for you. I-

Byron – So… basically you’re saying I’m an asshole. I’m a jerk for following my dreams?

Kaori – Go follow your dreams Byron I don’t care anymore….

Byron – Why can’t you just be an adult? tell me that you hate me because you love me.. that you don’t want me to leave. You never said that- instead you walk around like nothing bothers you.. you act like you’re made of steel and you expect everyone to just fucking- like.. be psychic.

Kaori – Whatever..

Byron – No its true, you’re making me out to be some sort of fucking villain.. its not fair. Just like you’re doing with Frankie.. you want to always be the one who didn’t do anything wrong.. and its not fair!

Kaori – I’m gonna need you to leave.. like now.

Byron – So you can say how you feel but I can’t?

Kaori – Say how you feel? please! you’re so fucking happy to be leaving! you’ve never shown any sign of regret in your decision! I’m supposed to be sad moping around?! when you don’t even seem to care?!

Byron – I do care! I fucking care! I don’t like that I’m leaving you, but its something I know that I need to do for myself. I have been living for so many people in my life, and I gotta live for me for once-

Kaori – Just go.. we’re done.. have fun in Europe…

Byron – Yeah.. push me away. You know… I probably shouldn’t even say this.. but I am…

Kaori – Go ahead..

Byron – Even if I would have stayed…. its not like we’d work out.

Kaori – What?

Byron – You love Keegan.. I’m the consolation prize. I’ve seen the way you talk about him, the way you talk to him. I know what it looks like when a person is in love.

Kaori – You don’t know shit… get out.

Byron – You seriously are reminding me of the old Kaori.. and I don’t like it.

Kaori – Well I guess its good that you’re leaving to Europe then right?

Byron – I still lov-… nevermind…

Kaori – I don’t feel like dealing with this.. I’m not trying to fight, I just.. I don’t want you here right now.

Byron – I’m leaving…. you don’t have to say it again…. but I just want to say one thing before I go. I want you there when I leave.. I don’t want to end things on a bad note.. because I care about you. If you need to sort some things out.. call that Vira girl.. she always seems to make you feel better.. just.. talk about what’s bothering you before you blow up at someone else…

Kaori – ……..

Byron – …..Alright… well… bye.

Kaori – …..Bye.

I…. could have handled that better, I don’t even know why I snapped- actually that’s a lie.. I do. All of this shit has happened, and he doesn’t even think to just stay and be with me. He doesn’t even seem to care that my family had the fucked up situation with Paisley, or the accident or- like in his mind its like “Yay I’m getting the fuck out of here!” Its just so rude… He wants me to beg and cry for him to stay yet he doesn’t seem sad at all about up and leaving me. Why the fuck did I even bother getting into a relationship with a guy who was clearly in a transitional phase? Who he was and who he wants to be is two different people. I didn’t change he did.. he’s leaving and I’m suppose to open my legs- fuck him, and say well thanks for the FUCK! IT WAS SOOOO ROMANTIC HAVING YOUR DICK IN ME BEFORE YOU LEAVE!.

Oh and then he wants to mention Frankie? and say I’m selfish and- that’s none of his business. To take my personal shit and use it against me? like fuck off… ugh. He is right about one thing though. I can count on Vira. She’s always down to actually listen to me and hear me out. I don’t have Frankie, Jarrah’s- well she lives here and I don’t need to give her more drama.. so Vira’s like the perfect person to actually sit down and talk with.-Fuck it…. where’s my phone? 






Vira (on phone) – Hey Kaori

Kaori – Hi…

Vira – Are you okay? I’ve been calling but- yeah… I thought you were like mad at me or something.

Kaori – Umm.. no, its just… well.. a big accident happened, and this guy I know is dead, another girl is in a coma, and a friend’s dad is in a wheelchair. Plus other stuff.. so I haven’t been able to really talk.

Vira – Oh my god! I’m so sorry to hear that Kaori!

Kaori – Yeah… and I just had a big fight with Byron..

Vira – Do you want to talk about it? You know I’m always here for you.

Kaori – Yeah umm.. actually I really want to get out of GloCity

Vira – Do you want to meet somewhere?

Kaori – Yeah.. umm there’s this little cafe in Bridgeport.. can we meet there?

Vira – Umm sure- I’m not doing anything.. I was gonna paint my nails but.. this is better. I just need to grab my umbrella.

Kaori – Why?

Vira – Oh my mom was in Bridgeport earlier and she said it was raining.. so just incase you should bring one too.

Kaori – Oh okay.

Vira – Okay I’ll meet you there?- wait where is there?

Kaori – I’ll text you the directions.

Vira – Okay- and hang in there… Vira to the rescue!

Kaori – Okay.. meet you there.

I just want to get away. Some time with Vira should be perfect, maybe she can say something about Japan or tell me about her drama. That’ll help me escape things for a while…. maybe.

(POV Trey)

{Press Play}

Morgan (red hair)*laughing* No I never saw that before.

Tyena – Yeah.. it was pretty funny.

Morgan – Umm.. being serious for a minute… I just want to give my condolences for what happened.. I know you go to GCU.. so you may have known the kid who died.

Tyena – Yeah… thanks… trying to block all of that stuff out right now..

Morgan – Right… um, lets see.. oh! how’s the sorority?…

Tyena – That’s right you did go to GCU.. and you were in the same sorority as me…

Morgan – Do you guys still have the black room?

Tyena – We do.. most people hookup in there..

Morgan – Yeah.. I remember those days.

Tyena – What did you do post GCU?

Morgan – I worked at V-Glam.

Tyena – No shit, my ex sorority sister Jarrah worked there…. before she quit apparently.

Morgan – Quit? Jarrah would never quit.

Tyena – You know her?

Morgan – We were co-workers when I was there.

Tyena – Small world…

Morgan – Right?… Apparently my mother, and Jessica both know that Jordan Robinson guy- who was the GloCity Mayor.. the one in the accident?..

Tyena – Yeah…

Morgan – They know him from some trip they took years ago before I was born.

Tyena – That’s funny.. old people having lives before us…

Morgan – I know… weird.

Tyena – So umm.. like.. what’s the deal with Jessica’s daughter? She and my father are.. together, and we play one big happy family. I can’t help but notice that she treats you more like a daughter than her actual kid.

Morgan – Woofy’s a disappointment.

Tyena – Woofy?

Morgan – Sorry.. that’s what everyone calls her… umm Nikol isn’t… like- well she and her mother never see eye to eye for so many reasons.. its not my place to say anything about it you know?

Tyena – Right… well not to be in anybody’s business but.. I feel like Jessica wants a relationship with Nikol… but for some reason she’s not going for it.

Morgan – Oh well.. Jessica’s amazing… she’s like a second mom to me… as you can see my mom is here and she’s blonde… but I have red hair like Jessica..

Tyena – Really? I thought it was natural-

Morgan – Oh it is.. my father’s a ginger.. but its just funny how I have red hair like Jess- who I look up to so much.

Tyena – Is that guy your father? the bald man?

Morgan – Oh no.. he’s my mother’s new boyfriend.

Tyena – That’s cool. So what do you do in CCity?

Morgan – Well I work at RDW… and I have my own page-

Tyena – Right! Hillside : By Morgan Hill.

Morgan – Its a growing brand.. I intend on breaking off from RDW and really growing my business.

Tyena – That’s amazing.

Morgan – Hey do you know Keegan Bennett?

Tyena – Yeah..

Morgan – He’s a friend of mine.

Bitch please, he is not a friend of yours… you enabled the fuck out of him when you were here. Speaking of here.. I was literally so confused when Owen gave me the address. When I was first approached for this job, I thought the house that Tom and Jessica lived in was in Bridgeport. Turns out SHE has a place in Bridgeport.. and the HOUSE they bought together is here in GloCity.. Either I wasn’t paying attention or Owen left that out. Either way.. I thought I was doing this in Bridgeport.. but I’m glad its here, closer to home.

Collin – The batter you made was perfect, but I hope you don’t mind that I added in a little oregano…

Trey – No that’s perfect, I was actually going to.

Portia – The tar-tar is ready to go.

Trey – We’ll be ready after the… you know.

Portia – This sounds wrong, but I’m glad to be doing this with you Trey.. I needed a break from the sadness.

Collin – I agree.. thanks for asking us.

Trey – No problem guys..

Collin – Where’s Owen?

Portia – Yeah.. he’s not here.

Trey – I don’t know.. I for sure thought he’d be here.

That’s odd.. but then again.. maybe he and Tom aren’t super close. Whatever…. Its time… 

Trey – I’ll tell Tom we’re ready. Portia get the champagne glasses ready. Collin, get the-

Collin – I already have the appetizers ready to go.

Trey – Perfect.

Look at everyone.. some people I know.. some I don’t. I see Issac, and Riley didn’t come- excuse me.. I mean Issac and Scott… also Riley. They’re probably still at the hospital.

Natasha – Girl my inbox is blowing up.. that hot lawyer wants to see me tonight.. what do you think?

Sasha – *stares at Jessica & Tom*

Natasha – Sasha?

Sasha – Sorry… I was just thinking about how beautiful love is, and how Tom and Jessica look so happy. Even at the hospital.. Gabrielle and Jordan.. she loves him so much. I’ll probably never have that again….


Xavier (Bald man on Couch) -Thank you for inviting me with you.

Spencer (Morgan’s mom, Woman on Couch) – I’m happy you agreed. I haven’t gotten to show you off much… Its good for Jessica to see me happy and well. Its been too long that I’ve been sad and depressed. I’m a happier woman now.

Xavier – Morgan seems to really adore Jessica.. does that upset you?

Spencer – Actually no, Jessica’s a great person for her to look up to. She’s an inspiration.. I’ve known her forever. *sigh* if only Leslie, and Jamie were invited- but I understand that Jess isn’t speaking to them currently.. so.. I get it. Hey where’s Morgan?

Xavier – She’s with Tom’s daughter.


Keith (Bald man by the TV) – Do you think we need a new tv darling?

Jacob (Keith’s Husband by the TV) – Perhaps….

Keith – How’s everything at work?

Jacob – Well… though I can’t wait for the surprise of the century

Keith – Oh… I’m so excited for my dear sister to be returning to CCity… Its going to be a surprise for everyone.

Jacob – And your neice.. Lydia.. she’ll make a great addition to the hospital.

Keith – This music is so nice isn’t it?… its so… familiar.

Jacob – The Piano Sonata Number 16 in C major-

Keith – *gasp* Mozart. We listened to this on our honeymoon…

Jacob – As we slow danced in the moonlight on our balcony…

Keith – Oh I miss Paris…

Jacob – We’re such refined gay’s aren’t we?

Both – *giggling/laughing*


Victoria – They look happy…

Vince – They do…

Victoria – Wait who are you talking about?

Vince – Josh and Michelle?

Victoria – Oh I meant Tom and Jessica.

Vince – Ah.. well yeah them too. *sigh* I feel guilty…

Victoria – Hey.. Jordan’s going to be okay. Plus he told us to go…

Vince – Yeah… you’re right… I know Jordan can pull through…


Michelle – You look very handsome Joshua…

Josh – You look very pretty Michelle.

Michelle – Why thank you.

Josh – Hey… do you feel bad about being here?

Michelle – I do.. but Jordan wanted us to support Tom.

Josh – Issac, and Riley stayed with Gabrielle…

Michelle – You know this isn’t really their scene anyway.. not that its ours either..

Josh – Yeah… I’m just sad…

Michelle – I know baby.. but lets stay positive.

Josh – Right.


Jessica – This was such a great idea Tom.. I’ve never done a housewarming party..

Tom – Well I figured it would be something to get everyone’s mind off.. things.

Jessica – My place in Bridgeport is so… not homey. Its very business like.. I love this house.. so glad we got it. I never thought I’d be living in GloCity.

Tom – Well technically we’re living here and there.

Jessica – *smiles*

Trey – Hi…

Jessica – Hello.

Tom – Hey Trey…..

Looking at me with those sympathetic eyes again…

Trey – Its time…

Tom – Oh right.. okay…

Jessica – Time for what?

Tom – Can I gather you all in the backyard for a moment?

Jessica – Tom what’s going on?

Tom – Just follow me dear.


{Press Play If The Other Song is over OR If you want a change of pace}

Tom – Jessica Nash…..

Jessica – Tom?

Tom – I have loved you.. from the moment I’ve set eyes on you.

Jessica – *smiles*

Tom – …..You’re one of a kind.. there is nobody like you. You’re in my life for so many reasons, and those reasons I could list from here to eternity. You have been such a blessing.. you’ve changed me for the better. You make me a better man. I know when we met we both had our past. Together we held on through it all and let it go. We looked to our future.. and that’s what this party is about. Our future. *gets on knee*

Jessica – Oh my god!

Tom – Jessica Nash… would you do me the honor… of being my wife?………Will you marry me?

Jessica – Oh my god…… Umm.. umm- YES! yes! yes I’ll marry you! Oh god of course I will!

Everyone – *clapping*

Keith – Yasssssssss you betta work miss Jessica Nash!

Jacob – Congratulations!

Natasha – Awww..

Sasha – *wiping tear* How beautiful!

Victoria – Congratulations guys.

Vince – Wooo way to go Tom-Tom!

Josh – *clapping*

Michelle – *looks at Josh* I love you.

Josh – I love you too.

Xavier – So we’re gonna have a wedding!

Spencer – Such a beautiful moment! I’m so happy to be part of it!

Jessica – Did you know Spence?

Spencer – ……I confess.. I did

Jessica – You sneaky devil you!

Spencer – *smiles*

Morgan – I’m so happy for you Jessica! you look beautiful and Tom is perfect!

Jessica – Aww, thanks Morgan *smiles* I’m happy you’re here.

Tom – Honey?

Tyena – I’m happy she said yes Dad.

Tom – Yeah?

Tyena – I really like her… and she makes you happy.

Tom – Thanks. I love you.

Tyena – Love you too dad.

Jessica – I know this is a time for celebration… but I hope you don’t mind what I am about to say. Life is twisty.. and things happen. We can’t control them. All we can do is hope and pray that the good outweighs the bad. With that being said.. I would like for all of us to gather in prayer. For the student Miguel Reyes who lost his life. May he rest in heaven. For The girl who’s in the coma.. forgive me but I do not know her name. Let us pray that she wakes up… and is able to go on with life…. and for Jordan Robinson. Who’s a dear friend of Tom’s and a couple of people here. God give him the strength to get through this.. give him the strength to walk again, and if not walk.. let him be okay.. guide him through his anger and confusion. Keep watching over him, and everyone else… amen.

Everyone – Amen.

Trey – …….

Amen….. That was a nice speech from her… she’s not the monster I heard she once was. Its weird being here… and just…. observing…. I think this is the most relaxed I’ve been in the past 2 days.

Trey – *clears throat* If you guys will give us a second we’ll have cham-

Jessica – This is Jordan’s son Trey… Trey we are with you.. you have us. Your father is in our prayers.

Tom – Yes… very much so. Jordan is like a brother to me.

Trey – *Forced Smile* Thanks…. umm we’ll have champagne and appetizers ready in a second. We’re setting up the dining room.

Jessica – Thank you Trey.

Tom – Take your time.

Good intentions but that was so… just it.. it made my heart feel heavy. I don’t want to think about any of that stuff right now. *sigh*

Portia – So happy she said yes.

Collin – Could you imagine if she said no?

Trey – I would leave, and never look back.

Collin – *laughs* thanks Trey…. I needed a laugh.

Portia – Oh my god.. you wouldn’t

Trey – Fine.. I wouldn’t.. but it would be awkward as fuck….

Portia – Language…

Trey – …Portia… not today.

Portia – …Sorry.

Collin – We’re all high strung right now.. profanity is bound to happen Portia..

Portia – True, I mean… Darell was crying this morning.. about everything…

Trey – Can we not?

Collin – …..

Portia – ….Sorry…

Trey – I don’t mean to snap, I just feel like I’ve been talking-

Collin – So should we set the dining room up?

Portia – I’ll grab the extra plates from the van.

Trey – Thanks guys.

*cell rings*

Collin – Not mine…

Portia – Me neither.

Trey – Its mine…

Collin – Portia I’ll help you with the stuff in the van.

Portia – Okay.

Trey – Its me… you guys go ahead to the van. I’m gonna take this call.

[They leave…..]


Trey – What the hell does he want?… *answers* Aries?

Aries (on phone) -Trey?

Trey – Yeah?

Aries – I know you’re probably tired of this… but I’m sorry about your dad.

Trey – ….. umm.. thanks for calling.

Aries – I figure it was on the list.

Trey – The list?

Aries – I’m so tired Trey… 

Trey – ……Why haven’t you been to see Raven?

Aries – Because I can’t see her like that… and we’ll see each other again…

Trey – ……Aries where are you?

Aries – On earth…. more specifically on campus.

Trey – …. I’m sorry if I hurt you.

Aries – I hurt everyone.. and I’m stupid. People’s lives are altered forever and I’m wasting space. Maybe I’ll be reborn into a lion or something like that.

Trey – What?

Aries – Do you believe in reincarnation?

Trey – Why?

Aries – I hope I’m a lion.. they’re brave.

Trey – Aries… you’re scaring me.

Aries – Its sad that Miguel is gone, but he won’t be alone. I’m gonna keep him company.. Can you say goodbye to everyone for me?

Trey – Aries don’t!

Aries – I love you very much, and I’m sorry for everything… I’m going to go now, and I will never bother you again… at least not in this lifetime.

Trey – ARIES!-

*call ends*

Tom – Trey, if you could-

Trey – I have to go!

Tom – Calm down, what-

Trey – I need to go- I have to get back to campus quickly!

Tom – What’s going on?

Trey – Aries.. he’s- I think he’s about to kill himself!

Tom – Aries?- Vanessa’s son?!

Trey – I think I can stop him!

Tom – Go! don’t worry about the food! I got it- Portia and Collin are here. Go help him!

Trey – Thank you so much for being understanding-

Tom – No problem, now stop talking and get out of here!

I have to get to him, I can’t let him hurt himself! oh my god.. will this ever end?!

(POV Kaori) [This Scene runs parallel with The Scene before]

I did some thinking on the way here. Byron’s not entirely wrong about some of my behavior. I really try hard sometimes to really think before I speak, but I just… I can’t. Things come out. I feel like a pot of water boiling over, and I just spill everywhere. I have to let it go and just scream how I feel. It comes out so jumbled and irrational sometimes. I completely assumed he was staying- AND I told him I was okay with having a good time until he left. Then I just… yeah. I’m still mad about him bringing up Frankie because that hurts- but its also true… I can be such a mess sometimes. I feel like when I take 1 step forward.. I take 10 steps back. That’s exactly what I told Byron too. I didn’t get to talk to him, but I left that voicemail… hopefully he doesn’t hate me.

Kaori – Where is she-

Vira – Hey!

[Top Pic]

Kaori – You weren’t kidding about the rain.

Vira – Yeah, but you’re still showing your belly I see.

Kaori – Always.

Vira – Sorry it took me so long to get here.

Kaori – Everything okay?

Vira – Had to deal with the roommate.

Kaori – What happened?

Vira – We haven’t went grocery shopping yet.. she was hungry so she put a cup of noodle in the microwave……. and it caught fire.

Kaori – How the fuck?

Vira – She forgot to add water.

Kaori – Who does that?!

Vira – She has a lot on her mind right now.. things with her boyfriend are going south.. I think.

Kaori – Ah.. join the club.

Vira – Shall we?

Kaori – We shall….

[Bottom Pic]

Adam Malkovich – Hi ladies, welcome to the cafe. How can I help you.

Time for Japanese Tea…

Vira – Green tea please, and a lemon bar.

Kaori – Seriously?

Vira – What?

Kaori – No Japanese tea or anything?

Vira – I’m taking a break on all things Japanese…

Kaori – I see….

Vira – Yeah…. I’ll tell you about it in more detail once we have a sit- Oh what did you want?

Kaori – Do you guys have hot white chocolate?

Adam – We sure do

Kaori – I’ll have that, and a blueberry muffin please.

Adam – Coming right up- hey are you two sisters? you’re so pretty, and have similar eyes.

Kaori – That’s-

Vira – That’s so cute Kaori, he thinks we’re sisters. Must be the obvious bond or the blonde hair.

Adam – So you’re not?

Vira – No.

Adam – Oh.. well you’re both really pretty.

Kaori – Thank you.

Vira – Yeah thanks, you’re not so bad yourself.

Adam – I don’t think anyone has ever told me that before.

Vira – Happy to be your first.

Adam – *smiles*

Kaori – What’s your name?

Adam – Adam Malkovich.

Kaori – Is that why this place has such an odd name?- that sounded rude. What I mean is.. its called Malkie’s Cafe… is that short for-

Adam – Malkovich.. yeah.

Kaori – This is your place?

Adam – My dad’s- well I guess my families…

Kaori – Cool…

Adam – You ladies have a seat and I’ll bring you everything once its done.

Kaori – Okay, cool.

Vira – Thanks Adam.

Adam – No problem.

We had a sit as Vira would call it, and I told her EVERYTHING about the accident, and the fight with Byron. I even told her why I wasn’t talking to Frankie to get her opinion.

Kaori – ……..Take your time.

Vira – I just…. I don’t even know what to say really- okay lets start with Frankie… I’ll just say this. I had a bestfriend.. Morgan Hill- you know our history-

Kaori – Right..

Vira – And… we stopped being friends, and I regret it. Sometimes I feel like we’ve completely grown apart. We just don’t blend.. like oil and water. Other times I’m so.. lonely without her. We were always different but it worked. I wish I could have that friendship back- then she’s catty and mean to other people, and I’m like I don’t need that in my life…. and then I miss her. So make a choice before its too late. This girl sounds like a good friend and she obviously didn’t mean to hurt you or your brother Ico-

Kaori – Ivo.

Vira – What did I say?

Kaori – Ico?

Vira – Oh wow.. ha.. that’s funny.. I’ve actually been playing a lot of that..

Kaori – I don’t follow.

Vira – Ico is a PS2 video game.. I actually digitally downloaded it on my PS3 to relive the memories of it. You play as a boy named Ico. Your like taken by a group of warriors to an abandoned castle and locked inside a stone coffin, to be sacrificed- I won’t go into detail *laughs*

Kaori – Cute.

Vira – But umm yeah… the accident. That’s tough… and I’m… well this is just strange isn’t it? I’m never at a loss for words but- I’ll just say… I’m sorry, and I’m here if you need an escape. That’s so lame but-

Kaori – No… its actually perfect. I’m tired of people’s hour long thoughts about it. Its sad, and it happened.. I’ll probably cry about it for the rest of this month but.. yeah.

Vira – Is there any truth to what Byron said about your friend Keegan?

Kaori – What? that I’m like in love with him?

Vira – Yeah.

Kaori – Umm.. I guess… I mean no- well sorta.. I actually wanted Keegan for the longest time, and he told me he didn’t see me that way. So I’ve tried to put it behind me you know? How am I supposed to know I look at him, talk to him, react a certain way when he’s around.

Vira – Right… and do you think you rushed into a relationship with Byron because Keegan rejected you?

Wow she’s really just giving it to me… such an older sister thing to do to be honest..

Kaori – Umm… not exactly…. but maybe part of me did?

Vira – Want my honest opinion?

Kaori – Yes.

Vira – Let Byron go…..

Kaori – ….Heh…..

Vira – You know I’m right.

Kaori – I know….

Vira – He’s nice, and sweet… but your heart was with Keegan, and even though Byron’s leaving.. its no point in stringing him along- not that you are wholeheartedly.. but- you get what I’m saying.

Kaori – …..Yeah…. but I’m like.. well what does that mean for me? Do I just not date until Keegan’s out of my system?

Vira – Its so funny how I can’t fix my own stuff but here I am acting like some relationship guru..

Kaori – *laughs*

Vira – But to answer your question. Take some time for yourself maybe.. and just try living and being happy. You know?

Kaori – …Yeah…. So… umm… how are you?

Vira – Oh you don’t wanna hear about me.. this was supposed to be about making you feel better.

Kaori – No I do.. I wanna know how you are.

Vira – Well… I’m… better. I actually called Chris

Kaori – Ooooh the dreaded talk with the ex

Why did I say that? its not like I’ve had many actual boyfriends.

Vira – I- well he’s called me and I’ve ignored it for the most part. I wasn’t ready to be honest. So like.. finally I’m washing my hair and I’m like Vira why are you being such a dumbass? just call Chris…

Kaori – How did that go?

Vira – We’re meeting up soon to talk.

I hope she does not get back with him, because that relationship was doomed from the start..

Kaori – Getting back together with him?

Vira – That’s not the plan, I don’t think. Mainly I just want to talk to him about why I broke it off. He deserved more that what I gave him. He shouldn’t have to be my dad and my boyfriend you know?

Kaori – Yeah- so is that why you’re like anti- Japan right now?

Vira – Japan bitch slapped me, and told me I wasn’t as good as I thought I was….. but I still loved my time there. I’m cooling it on all of the Japanese antics because I realized what I was doing. I used my experience in Japan to cloak myself in this whole “Look at me and my WONDERFUL life” I made Japan sounds so amazing to everyone.. it was great but not THAT great. It was just a way for me to come home and feel cool, not worry about friends, and my sister who- well you know how my relationship with her is..

Kaori – So basically Japan was your security blanket coming home.

Vira – Right.

Kaori – And Chris?

Vira – Was the teddy bear I won at the fair?- that sounds bad.. he was more than that- oh my god speaking of the fair… Community Weekend is happening in a few days.

Kaori – Nice…. depending on my work schedule, and like.. whats going on with funerals and stuff… I might make it?

Vira – Sweet of you.. but if you can’t its okay. You have enough to deal with, oh and congrats on the job.. I saw your instagram post about it. You’re doing much better than me and I’m older than you *laughs*

Kaori – You’ll figure things out. Plus you’re doing photography now!

Vira – Yeah.. and I’m really good at it. What if my father was like an artist or something? maybe that’s why.

Kaori – How are things with your moms and sister?

Vira – Aimee and I are fine, Leslie and I are… the same as we’ve always been… and Vii.. well.. she’s still a heartless bitch of a sister that’s too concerned with performing at Community Weekend and hanging out with that fucking dog woman Woofy Nikol!- I heard Woofy was fucking a cop on the beach at night. So gross, and what makes it even funnier is that my sister is sleeping with a cop too. The guys they’re fucking? bestfriends!

Kaori – Well.. no wonder your sister and this Woofy chick are bestfriends.

Vira – They have the stupidest friendship ever.. what kind of friend disses you for like months, gets arrested for like fighting cops and trying to kidnap dogs.. GETS BAILED OUT.. and then finally comes to your house looking like shit.. she looked like shit Kaori.. smuggling watermelons in her shirt- like get a bra! and her hair looked like a birds nest.. ugh..

This Woofy Nikol chick sounds lame as fuck, but… there’s two sides to every story. Part of Vira’s hate for her could be because in a way her sister Vii has replaced her with Woofy Nikol… L-O-L… Woofy Nikol.. that’s such a funny name.

Kaori – Clearly you don’t like her much.

Vira – She slept with my ex boyfriend- not Chris.. the one before.. Aaron.. she’s so shady.. stupid dog looking ass.

Kaori – *laughs*

Vira – I’m glad you’re not like my sister or Woofy Nikol.. you’re genuine and nice.

Kaori – Yeah…

Vira – Honest and don’t tell lies-

Kaori – Eh….

Vira – What? you’ve told a lie? what is it?

Kaori – ….Ugh… my mom said I should just tell you…. but I don’t know.

Vira – I promise I won’t get mad.

Kaori – Isn’t it obvious?

Vira – Oh my god you ARE a lesbian! I’m not gay.. sorry I-

Kaori – No!.. I’m not gay…

Vira – Give me a hint then?

Kaori – ….Adam brought it up…

Vira – Who?

Kaori – The guy at the register?

Vira – What did he bring up?

Kaori – Oh my god.. Vira… think about it.. don’t make me say it.

Vira – I’m trying! there’s nothing.. the only thing he asked was….

Kaori – ……………..

Vira – ……………………

She’s not saying a word…

Vira – Oh my god.

Kaori – ………We’re sisters.

Vira – …………………………………………………………..

Kaori – Vira say something.

Vira – ……All of this time?

Kaori – I didn’t know how to-

Vira – You knew and didn’t tell me?!

Kaori – I- its not-

Vira – So you just.. played some game? you looked for me.. and just-

Kaori – I didn’t! When Alana brought me to that club, and Morgan brought you.. It was pure coincidence!

Vira – But you purposely wanted to keep in contact!

Kaori – Because I wanted to know you!

Vira – That’s not fair! I’ve told you things, and I’ve- you knew the whole fucking time Kaori!

Kaori – My parents didn’t tell Ivo and I until a couple of months ago! we weren’t supposed to look for you! Ivo wanted to so bad but your mom’s made it clear that we were to stay away!

Vira – Fucking Leslie!

Kaori – Vira…..

Vira – Leslie kept you guys away from me! and you lied to me!

Kaori – Vira… stop.

Vira – Why is everyone only out for self? Leslie just… wow..


Vira – What?

Kaori – You’ve been hating the wrong mom!

Vira – What are you talking about?!

Kaori – Leslie and my dad were close! he and my mom told me everything.. it was Aimee who felt threatened and made Leslie take rights away from my dad. My dad wanted Leslie happy, and didn’t fight it. Aimee wouldn’t even let my dad send money.. all he got was pictures. He helped your mom out when she wanted a second kid and AIMEE was the one who shut him out. Leslie just went with it because of how vulnerable and sympathetic she was to the fact that Aimee couldn’t have kids of her own.

Vira – ……………….You’re lying.. *voice cracking* Aimee wouldn’t do that……

Kaori – I may not have dotted all my I’s or crossed all my T’s but… I’m sorry Vira… its the truth… it doesn’t mean Aimee is the bad guy persay… she loves you too..and so does your other mom Leslie. I think I-

Vira – Please stop talking.

Kaori – Vira… I know its a lot to-

Vira – I umm…… I have to go.

[Top Pic]

Kaori – No you don’t have to go!

Vira – I do….

Kaori – Sit down, we can talk about this… we’re sisters! I’m not gonna abandon you like your other one! Just sit down and talk to me!

Vira – After lying to me for months.. and then dropping a bombshell on me and telling me YOU KNEW WHO MY DAD WAS THIS ENTIRE TIME?! Then you tell me some bullshit about my mothers?.. you really think I want to sit down and talk to you Kaori?

Kaori – ….I don’t know what to think, but what I do know is that-

Vira – You don’t know anything.. that’s why you made me come here in the rain to talk to you.

Kaori – …….

Vira – …….Don’t…. call me… okay?

Kaori – …..Fine… I don’t care.

Vira – Clearly… because if you did.. you would have told me the first time we were alone. I cried about how I wanted a father in my life and the whole time you knew where he was. Makes me wonder what else you’re lying about.

Kaori – Call me whatever you want, but a liar is never going to be one of them.

Vira – You lied to me… you’re a liar.

Kaori – No… I was scared, and wanted to think about how to tell you. I’m not a liar, I’m human.

Vira – I was having issues with Chris.. maybe if I knew the truth we could have skipped all the drama! how dare you!

Kaori – Wait are you seriously blaming me for the fucked up relationship YOU had?

Vira – Wow.. you just.. you should have told me! I could have- like.. you-

Kaori – Do you even hear yourself? like don’t blame me for your fucked up shit with Chris.. you know damn well it was doomed from the start.. you brought him back with you like he was a father… then you- you know what I’m not even gonna say it.

Vira – You don’t know shit Kaori.. I don’t know why you think attacking me-

Kaori – Attacking you?! umm hello? it took a lot for me to tell you the truth! how do you think I feel knowing everything I know? how dare you blame me for shit going wrong just because I didn’t tell you that we’re sisters. You should take responsibility for your fucked up choices. Don’t blame me!

Vira – I didn’t just blame you- you know what… I can’t- I can’t even look at you.. I hate liars! I can’t be around you.. looking at you just makes me rage. I don’t know if I can be your friend-


Vira – *small gasps*

Kaori – I don’t fucking care! just leave! go back to your fucking town! go back to burnt cup of noodles! clearly you don’t care about me! you don’t want to be my fucking sister so just leave me! leave me like everyone else does!

Adam – Oh no….

Vira – Kaori-

Kaori – NO! don’t! don’t say anything! get the fuck out and go back to your lie of a fucking life! I don’t need you! I DON’T NEED YOU!

Vira – ………………………..I-……Bye. *leaves*

Kaori – *crying*

Fuck….. I – I should go after her.. I know she didn’t mean to blowup at me… and I didn’t mean to blowup at her either.. shit.

[Bottom Pic]

Kaori – Dammit.. she’s gone….

Adam – You guys left your umbrella’s in there…

Kaori – …..

Adam – I’m sorry you had a fight with your friend. I’m about to close up shop, but if you want a little time to sit I can wait.

Kaori – No its fine….

Adam – I’m probably overstepping my boundaries here… but I don’t think she hates you.. I think its more about what you said about her moms. Its not easy realizing the person you thought was truthful has been the main villain…. Its probably deeper than you just being her sister- which by the way.. I totally called…

Kaori – You’re probably right Malkie… I felt attacked for doing the right thing, and she lashed out and so I.. yeah… Its just another one of those-

*cell rings*

Adam – ……you gonna get that?

Kaori – Yeah… give me a second.. *answers* Trey?

Trey – *on Phone* – Kaori.. I’m leaving Tom’s house now.. you need to get to the GCU Campus.. NOW.

Kaori – Why what’s wrong?

Trey – Aries called me and he’s going to commit suicide.. I can’t do this without you.. You’re his cousin.. please help me! please get there! I’m on my way now…

Kaori – Okay okay bye! *hangs up*

Adam – Is everything okay?

Kaori – No.. my cousin is about to hurt himself, and I’m stuck here.. I didn’t drive I took the train and-

Adam – I’m a stranger but… I have a car… I can drive really fast and get you there…

Kaori – You would do that?

Adam – Yeah, the highway shouldn’t be too busy this time of night. Let me grab my keys.. we’re gonna save your cousin.

Oh my god… one thing after another.. I can’t even begin to process what happened with Vira because now I have to go save my cousin.. I hope I can get through to him.. he has to know that deep down I do love and care about him.. fuck…

(POV Trey)

I got to campus and I didn’t have a hard time finding Aries. Especially since there was a crowd around him…

Lenny – Oh my god blondie your hair smells good.

Priscilla – Umm.. thanks…. so umm is this the type of stuff that happens often on this campus?

Lenny – Nope… are you new?

Priscilla – I am…

Rhys – Did someone call campus security?

Penny – I don’t know..

Aries – Why are you here Trey?

Trey – Aries get away from the ledge!

Aries – Why?

Trey – Because I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Aries – Maybe if I give my life back to the universe they’ll spare Raven…..

Trey – Aries, wait.. just let me- let me talk to you.

Aries – I said my goodbye already….

Trey – Wait!

Aries – …..What?

Trey – Why are you doing this?

Aries – Are- why?…. are you serious?

Trey – Is this my fault?

Aries – Its nobody’s fault.. I’ve made a mess of my life and I want it to be done.

Trey – Aries please don’t do this-

Aries – WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE?! You’re with Dominic!

Trey – Is that why?

Aries – What?

Trey – Is that why you’re hurting?… just tell me.


Trey – ……Aries… I-

Aries – I LOVE YOU TREY! I’m A FUCK UP! I MESSED THINGS UP! You were the best thing that ever happened to me!

Trey – Aries- there’s people… you shouldn’t talk so loud-

Aries – I don’t fucking care anymore! I’M GAY! I’M FUCKING GAY! I’M A FAGGOT! I LIKE GUYS! I DON’T CARE! JUDGE ME ALL YOU WANT GCU!!

Darell – Holy shit…

Dylan – Well that’s a shocker..


Dylan – Nobody cares! Its fine!

Trey – Did you hear that?

Aries – It still doesn’t fucking matter.. I ruined so much… and I’m just gonna end it.

Rubi – Oh my god.. I can’t climb up this shit for nothing- Trey! I’m here! Aries! Don’t die!

Aries – Great you fucking called Rubi?!

Trey – Yes… because she… I’ll let her tell you

Aries – She’s pregnant?

Trey – No?

Rubi – Aries please stop.. I need to tell you something…

Aries – You guys are just making this worse…. I should have jumped already.. I don’t wanna fucking live in this world anymore!

Trey – Aries just listen to her.

Rubi – Aries….. I know…. I been knew. I knew that you were gay, and I knew that Trey meant so much to you. I knew you were hurting and I just wanted to help you because I really do love you.

Aries – You knew?

Rubi – Yeah….

Aries – Why try and help me then?

Rubi – Because you helped me.

Aries – What?

Rubi – With Darell…. you made me not think about him so much. You made me have fun, you were my rock… you’re my bestfriend…

Aries – I still embarrassed you. You were my beard…. I just can’t do this anymore Rubi… go be happy with someone else…

Rubi – That doesn’t matter, this is about how much you mean to me-

Trey – To us… you mean a lot to us…

Aries – *crying* I’m so stupid…..

Trey – Everyone makes shitty mistakes Aries.. but in time everything is okay…

Kaori – Oh my god- Aries.

Aries – Kaori?- Trey you called Kaori?

Trey – I thought it was important that your family-

Aries – She hates me!

Probably wasn’t a good idea afterall…

Kaori – Aries I don’t hate you…

Aries – Just leave Kaori! let me die!

Kaori – No! I don’t want you to die!

Aries – Yes you do… you’ve always hated me!

Kaori – I’ve never hated you…

Shit… I’m getting text from my mom… Tom must have told her…

Aries – Then why have you ignored me half my life?

Kaori – Because I-

Aries – You didn’t want me around.. ever. I didn’t have any siblings, and Ivo was too old.. and I thought you were my bestfriend… but it was one sided… and you left me alone. I’m not like you… I can’t make friends as easy.. I’m insecure, and gay… and-

Kaori – I was a stupid.. adolescent stuck up bitch. It has nothing to do with you. And as far as you being gay… that’s great.. do you know how many gay people are on campus?

Aries – …….

Kaori – I don’t care if you’re gay straight or whatever. You’re my cousin and I’ve made mistakes. I’ve been selfish… I should have been closer with you, I shouldn’t have shut you out- but don’t sell yourself short.. you made friends.. you can be a great guy if you just let people know the real you.

Aries – Its too late…

Trey – No its not!

Rubi – Its never too late…

Kaori – Listen to them.. look at us.. we’re standing on this roof talking to you. We love you Aries…

Rubi – We do…

Aries – I’ve disappointed all of you, and myself. Look at what I’m doing right now!

Trey – Fuck those people down there it doesn’t matter what they think!

Aries – How do I…. how do I go on?

Rubi – With us by your side..

Kaori – With all the shit that has happened lately… nobody knows the answer to that. You just stand tall and you do.

Trey – Even if you have to cry… just don’t… don’t kill yourself Aries. I still love you so much… you still mean a lot to me.

Aries – Even after everything I’ve done? you don’t hate me?

Trey – I could never hate you… now can you give me a hug? and get away from the ledge?

Aries – ……

Rubi – Thank god! *crying*

Kaori – Stop crying Rubi…. he’s okay now.. he’s gonna be fine.

Rubi – I’m just.. I feel bad because I couldn’t help him!

Kaori – You helped tonight… we did it together okay?

Rubi – *wiping tear* okay….

Trey – You okay?

Aries – I’m sorry…

Trey – Don’t be….

Aries – You’re going through so much, and I added to it.

Trey – Aries… stop. For once please just worry about your own well-being.

Aries – ……Dominic is a good person.

Trey – ….I-

Aries – You deserve something like that.

Trey – Everyone deserves goodness…. even you, and you’ll find it.

Aries – I’m so embarrassed Trey….. My parents are gonna find out.. I’ll probably have to do a psych evaluation- people are going to think I’m crazy.

Trey – I won’t let them, I’ll protect you.

Kaori – I will too.

Rubi – Me too.

Trey – With everything that happened.. people will think it was just the pressure.. and emotion of your friend Raven being in the coma.

Aries – ……They all know…. they all know I’m gay.

Trey – They do…

Kaori – And guess what? they don’t care….

Rubi – You’re free to be you…

Trey – You’re alive, and free to be who you wanna be now.

Aries – I love you Trey…. and I love you Rubi…. you too Kaori.

Rubi – *crying* I love you too.

Kaori – Fresh start okay Aries?

Trey – You hear that? this is a fresh start for everything….

Aries – …..I’m just scared.

Trey – You don’t have to be… you have us. We’re not going anywhere.

So much… so much happening. I really hope this is the last of it. Because I don’t think anyone can take anymore. Aries means a lot to me and I don’t want him to die. I’m glad I was able to get here in time. Rubi, and Kaori got here right at the perfect time too. I purposely didn’t call Jeep, or anyone else. They’ll probably find out.. hell they’re probably on their way along with campus security. I thought the three of us.. was what he needed right now.

That’s not to say Jeep, and the others wouldn’t have helped but.. my instincts told me Rubi, and Kaori… and I was right. We got him down.. he’s calm.. and wow… I think he came out of the closet in the most dramatic way ever. Regardless of the specifics… He’s okay. He’s out, he’s fixed things with Kaori… Rubi’s still his friend.. and he’s alive. Now can we finally be done with all of this shit? please god.. please universe.. NO MORE.

~End Of Chapter Six Pt. 2 | Chapter Six Pt. 3 is Next~

))- aka The last part before the 2 part season 3 finale -((



  1. :O Thank goodness Jordan is okay!!! But I can’t believe he’s wheelchair bound for who knows how long :'(. Their family will have to make some serious changes. Jordan is upset because he’s obviously feeling sorry for himself. You can’t blame him for that though. Raven’s in a coma and Miguel is dead. Ugh what a horrible accident! I can relate to how Trey feels when it comes to people saying “I’m sorry” after a tragedy. I felt the exact same way after my dad died :\. But anyway, things could have been worse for Jordan. At least he’s still alive. And Aries is alive too thanks to Trey, Rubi, and Kaori coming together. I’m glad he didn’t jump. And Aries literally shouted from the rooftops that he’s gay :p. It’s good the secret is out because it was eating away at him. I hope the other students don’t give him a hard time about it.

    Now Kaori and Byron’s situation sucks. I have to admit it’s one of my fears to get really close to someone only for it to not work out. But hey, maybe this means that Keegan and Kaori can finally be together???? :O. But he has a thing for Rhys so I don’t know how that would work out. And I was afraid Vira would get upset with Kaori when she found out they were sisters >.<. They need to talk things out when both of them are more calm :p. They work so well together. It would suck for their friendship/sistership to end! I can't wait until the next part!!!

    1. Hey Doll!

      Glad you liked the update. It was sooo emotionally draining to write. Every scene was tough but I think my favorite scene to write was probably Trey at Dominic’s. So much stuff happened… I can’t even begin to give thoughts on it. I knew it was all coming sooner or later but I cannot believe I’m actually here. Can you believe that all we have left is Keegan & Frankie’s POV, and then the 2 part season 2 finale? Its about to be over so fast!

      Unrelated : How did you enjoy Korra last friday? It was amazing! and LOL Lin was being such a child…. Bolin was as adorable as always!

  2. Korra was great last Friday! I’m loving the fight sequences.!! Lol Lin wouldn’t budge for anything! I thought sure she would lighten up after Opal talked to her but nope! I wonder why she hates her sister so much :\

    1. Right? poor Opal getting yelled at like that…. and man.. Toph has 2 baby daddies lol… yass get the D Toph. Also I agree with you.. the fight scenes were amazing. Tenzin’s sister (who’s name escapes me at the moment) was pretty badass in her fight… even though she lost.

  3. LOL I know right!! Toph has been getting around!! I’m like, this is a little racy for Nickelodeon…but then again the Avatar series has always been a little more mature 😀

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