{BnG Season 2} Chapter Six Part 1 : “Life and Death”

Chapter Six | Pt. 1 Life and Death

-POV’s : Jeep & Jarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jeep)

Hey guys, I’ve had a super busy morning! Frankie, Aries, and I finished the film project. We ran into a bit of trouble though. Kingston- my partner, couldn’t get out of class so I kinda had to do it without him, and then Aries couldn’t get the black cat that I needed. The original short film was called “She’s Catty” It was about a cheating boyfriend.. his girlfriend caught him, turned into a black cat and ate him when he was sleeping. I guess I shouldn’t say the original considering my original was about a doll coming to life starring Magdalena.. but yeah.

Anyway last minute I had to change a bunch of crap and go with a Vampire one night stand type storyline. Aries’s character met Frankie’s character in a bar… and went back to her place for sex.. she turns out to be a hungry vampire and kills him. Its called “Guys Are Such Suckers” It sucks… but It was the best I could do last minute.

Frankie – Oh my god that doesn’t even look like me.

Jeep – Its the glowing eyes that throws you off.

Frankie – I can’t believe you finished just in time. Your class is what- an hour from now?

Jeep – Yeah- but I wouldn’t have gotten it done if it weren’t for you and Aries.. so thanks.

Frankie – No problem, and sorry for cutting it close, I didn’t have a day off.

Jeep – Its okay- thanks for letting me borrow your laptop.. the one Lenny gave me is cool, but its window’s based. I’m used to using an apple OS to edit my films.

Frankie – Stop saying thank you… of course I’d help you.

She’s so selfless, always trying to help others. That’s what I love about her.

Jeep – Keegan’s feeling better by the way.

Frankie – Good… because he was a mess when we were with him last night.

Jeep – Yeah…

Frankie – What did you guys end up doing after I left?

Jeep – grabbed a pizza, and went to his house. I slept over, and we just talked about all the crap that’s been happening.

Frankie – I see.

Jeep – Yeah…

I personally think Keegan should have hit Scott too- but that’s just me. Scott’s gonna get his though..

Jeep – So… umm.. have you done anymore thinking on that new job op?

Frankie – I’ve been thinking about it, since it was presented… but the thing is.. I’m so focused on my school work, and… my current job. I’m writing that article about the women of tomorrow-

Jeep – Right.

Frankie – I’ll have my answer by tomorrow.

Jeep – Nice……  I actually have a job interview later.

Frankie – Oh cool… what is it-

Jeep – Don’t want to talk about it at all, don’t want to jinx anything.

Frankie – *laughs* alright…

Jeep – So what about the other thing that happened?

Frankie – Oh you mean seeing my mom with a gang of moms… including your mom and aunt?

Jeep – Yeah.

Frankie – I don’t know…

Jeep – Did you tell your sister what you heard?

Frankie – I did… but Andi- she think’s Mira’s running game. She doesn’t feel anything that comes out of her mouth is genuine.

Jeep – And what do you think?

Frankie – That she is?- being genuine… I don’t know.

Jeep – Don’t stress out too much. You’ll figure it out.

Frankie – Jeep?

Jeep – Yeah?

Frankie – ….. sorry if I’ve been dodgy about the whole.. you and I thing.

Jeep – Its okay… Umm.. you’ve been doing your own thing, with your own drama. Same here too.. everyone has seen me naked.

Frankie – Austin’s such an asshole for doing that.

Jeep – Oh well….

Frankie – You didn’t deserve that.

Jeep – Well thank you for feeling that way.

Frankie – …Its the truth.

Jeep – If you say so.

Frankie – Jeep look at me.

Jeep – …..

Frankie – You’re so pure.. you’re such a good person. You tried to bring me out of my slump all summer. You hungout with me, you constantly thought about me.

Jeep – Because I care about how you feel.

Frankie – I care about how you feel too.

Jeep – I’m very sorry for making things awkward between us… when I… told you that I-

Frankie – Its fine… I was doing some thinking about that when I was having dinner with that new girl Priscilla.

Jeep – I see

Frankie – You… you mean so much to me, and I don’t think words can express just how much I do love, and care for you Jonah Folland.

Jeep – *smiles*

Frankie – I mean it.

Jeep – Well good, because you know I adore you.

Frankie – I think the reason it took so long for me to really stand here and talk to you about that night is because- well I was scared.

Jeep – Scared of what?

Frankie – Losing you….. The truth of it is this. I think us hanging out alone so much, and the fact that we slept together years ago.. it put us in a nostalgic place. I was there for you when it came to Spirit, you were there for me when it came to Kaori. Lines got blurred, because I’ll be honest. There was a time when I thought I was seeing you as more than a friend.

Jeep – Oh?

Frankie – I only see us… as friends.

Jeep – Before you say anything else. You need to know something.

Frankie – What?

Jeep – When I called you, when Keegan was freaking out. I realized that we all work best as friends. That we’re a family- and that I wouldn’t wanna mess anything up, by changing that.

Frankie – Are you saying you-

Jeep – I’m saying that you’re gorgeous, and smart. Any guy would fall for you- girls too…. but I realized like you said.. I was blurring lines. I just want to be friends.

Frankie – *smile* Me too.

Jeep – I love you.

Frankie – I love you too Jeep.

Jeep – *laughs*

Frankie – What?

Jeep – Nothing- I just… I really want to feel love… but.. its funny.. I think maybe I’m one of those people who’ll get it later in life.

Frankie – Oh please.. look at how fucking cute you are- actually you look really hot now that you’ve trimmed your facial hair.. I like this new look- and the girls have seen you naked.. I’m sure someone will be knocking on your door in no time.

Jeep – Yeah right… Hey I’m gonna grab a soda.. want one?

Frankie – A water is fine.

Jeep – Alright.

Frankie – I’m gonna finish my article really quickly.. is that okay?

Jeep – Yeah, stay as long as you want.

Frankie – Okay…. hey Jeep?

Jeep – Yeah?

Frankie – You really are my rock.. you’re my bestfriend.

Jeep – *smiles* I love you too Frankie.

Frankie – Alrighty.. lets finish this.

Jeep – Which article are you finishing?

Frankie – Oh its not MY article.. its another one of Scott’s shitty topics.

Jeep – What is it this time? How Ants plan to take over the world?

Frankie – Ha-Ha.. no. This time I’m writing about pesticides.

Jeep – Wow…

Frankie – Yep…..

Jeep – I’ll be right back. *looks at tv* I should probably pause netflix. I didn’t realize I was watching-

Frankie – Oh my god is that Orange is the new black? turn it off! I haven’t started the second season yet!

Jeep – *laughs* alright alright!

Frankie – Can you get me a bag of almonds too? if they have them.

Jeep – That’s if there’s any left in the machine.

It feels good to finally be back in the right place with Frankie. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty fricken perfect. She’s just.. great, and I would be LUCKY to have a girl like her. The thing is, I rather have her in my life as my friend. I can’t imagine my life without her. I feel like an adult, I was able to handle that situation and not spaz out- or feel rejected or- I just…  I feel like after the naked picture scandal that I’ve just finally started not giving a fuck. So thank you Austin.. you thought you’d break me, but its actually made me stronger. Anyway time to grab some soda, water, and nuts before they’re all gone.

What the hell is she doing here?… she looks mad.


Jeep – Umm… hi?- and can you keep your voice down?

Christine – Sorry… I just.. I need to talk to you now.

Jeep – Okay, okay.. is everything okay? wait, how did you get in without a visitors pass?

Christine – I remembered how to sneak in from that time you hid me from my dad-

Jeep – Oh right.

Christine – I heard you talking, am I interrupting-

Jeep – Just Frankie and I hanging out.

Christine – I hate to be this person, but Jonah, I can’t be your friend if you date her.

Jeep – Wha-

Christine – Don’t say anything until I finish.

Jeep – Uh.. alright?

Christine – I made a huge fucking mistake, I should have never pushed you to be with her. You asked me if you should go for it, and I foolishly said yes. I don’t want you with her, I’m completely, pathetically- ridiculously in love with you Jonah… and I will die if you date her and not me. I will have to like.. move to a new city- I can’t be in this town and not be yours. I’m sure she’s a great girl… but I can’t… I can’t let her have you. *sigh* Okay.. speak..

Jeep – ……………………………………WHAT?

Christine – I know.. I know, and its probably too late.. you’re with her now and I felt so stupid at the performance when we talked. I just wanted you to like me, and tell me I looked hot, and that I fuckin’ rocked.. and that you- Look I don’t know why I’m talking so much and so fast- I’m- I’m fucking nervous as shit right now! I’m like sweating my fucking tits off! I just need- umm I love you, and I want you for myself- god you look so fucking hot right now.. I keep saying the F word.. fuck its hot in here-

Jeep – Christine?

Christine – Yeah?

Jeep – ….. shut up.


Christine – ….*smiles* …. wait… are you with-

Jeep – I’m not with Frankie.

Christine – What happened when you-

Jeep – It doesn’t matter. Frankie, and I are close friends… and nothing more. Lines got blurred. Its a long story.

Christine – So you didn’t just cheat on her, and I’m not a small titted homewrecker?

Jeep – No.

Christine – Oh thank god, because if she’s as nice as your cousin Jarrah is, then I’d feel really fucked up.

Jeep – Christine I don’t understand. You pretty much pushed me on other girls all the time. We’d see girls come in for tat’s and you’d try and push me on them. You pushed me on Frankie.. Why?

Christine – I thought I had put you through enough. My dad beat the shit out of you, I was.. elusive, and dramatic. I thought you should date someone smart, and pretty who wasn’t me. I forced myself to get over you once I realized Spirit was in the picture. Then you guys were on the rocks, and I thought.. okay… here’s your chance…. and then-

Jeep – Frankie… right… Well you’re not the only one who forced feelings to go away. I loved you…. and I just figured you and I were done, and never gonna happen again. I assumed you were over me because of how quick you were to push me onto other girls…. and what about that story you told me? you said you hooked up with a guy in Bridgeport.. Robert or something..

Christine – I made him up to get you jealous.. to see if you cared…

Jeep – I see..

Christine – I’m stupid, I should have said something.

Jeep – Christine, I’d love nothing more than for you to be my fucking girlfriend.. sweaty tits and all.

Christine – Really?

Jeep – Yes… you’re the only thing that makes sense….. you should have said something. I never stopped loving you… even when I was with Spirit. Part of me still wondered how it was so easy for you to just see me as a friend. That doesn’t mean my relationship with Spirit was meant to fail. I cared for her a lot too. She’s the one who ruined everything…

Christine – So… does this mean you’re mine?

Jeep – If it also mean’s you’re mine, then yes.

Christine – Okay *smiles* wow Christine.. you turned into a total fucking girl just now..

Jeep – You are a girl.

Christine – Yeah but I’m like a pussy- like.. I have feelings, oh my god twilight type of girl…

Jeep – I thought Raven said you guys watched those movies?

Christine – ……………..fuck…. Raven and her big mouth.

Jeep – So… did Raven know?

Christine – Yes… and she thought I was stupid to push you in the opposite direction- oh my god.. shouldn’t you get back to your not girlfriend who’s sitting in your dorm room?

Jeep – She’s working..

Christine – Ah… I should go do that also… I’m like an hour late to the shop… I want to know more about why you and Frankie didn’t work..

Jeep – Don’t worry… there are no lingering feelings.. we talked, and realized.. we’re a couple of boneheads. How about I tell you about it over dinner..

Christine – Like a date?

Jeep – Yeah.

Christine – I’ve never been on an actual date before….

Jeep – Never?

Christine – No.

Jeep – Wait.. what about when Aries, and I met you and Raven at that park? I had my camera remember?

Christine – That wasn’t a date… it was a hangout..

Jeep – Alright… then its a date.. a real first date.

Christine – You better make it awesome.. no burgers and fries.. though I love burgers and fries- whatever.. I should get to work…

Jeep – Okay… go on then, girlfriend!

Christine – Umm..

Jeep – That came off more like a sassy black guy than it meant to…

Christine – This is why I love you…

Jeep – *smiles* And I love you too… now get out of here… I’ll call you later with the plans.

Christine – Okay, boyfriend… oh and good luck with your movie thing.. that’s today right?

Jeep – Yep… and thanks… I’ll need all the luck I can get, though now that I got you… I think I’ve already won today.

Christine – *smiles* So are we gonna do, and say corny shit now that we’re dating?

Jeep – You have no choice.

Christine – Good…. *smirks* What is it?… I mean you don’t look goofy anymore, I loved goofy looking Jonah, but wow.. you look so.. hot… I- I’m shutting up now.. and getting to work before I get fired.. Bye!

Jeep – Bye… *laughs*

In my face the whole time….. the whole fricken time. Wow….. Frankie was right.. the right girl was just waiting to be found. I’m…. happy…… *smiles* I- wow… 

(POV Jarrah)

Michelle – Wow Jarrah, this is amazing.

Jarrah – I can’t believe this is the first time I’m showing you my job…

Michelle – Well I was always at the bar remember?

Jarrah – Right.

Michelle – I am blown away at this place. So proud of you Jarrah *smiles*

Jarrah – Thanks mom.

Michelle – Not to sound corny or anything, but after girls night with Mira.. I’m just really happy you and I have never had any issues.

Jarrah – You know you’re my bestfriend mom.

Michelle – Mira really wants a relationship with Andi and Frankie… Its so heartbreaking.

Jarrah – I’d imagine seeing her breakdown in front of you would be sad.

Michelle – Sasha was being so over the top, talking about we’re all healing each other..

Jarrah – Kaori said she could be a bit of a drama queen.

Michelle – You and Kaori finally being friends, is interesting……

Jarrah – Hmm… you said that as if you wanted to say more.

Michelle – Its just… she and Frankie are bestfriends. They’re not talking right now, and I know Kaori has never liked the idea of you and Frankie being close. The point I’m trying to make is… sooner or later she’ll go back to Frankie, and I don’t want you to feel hurt.

Jarrah – ….I know. I’ve thought about that…

Michelle – I’m not saying you shouldn’t be friends with her-

Jarrah – No I get it.

I had like nothing to do at work today, and mom was in the area. I figured what better time to show her around than today. She brought me lunch too, which is great because I was hungry. As far as what she said about Mira, Andi, and Frankie.. I try to stay out of that. What I will comment on is the Kaori thing. Yes I’ve thought about it, I’ve thought maybe I was being used to make Frankie jealous. Then I took that out of my mind, and gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe that day.. during the GCU Lockdown.. she had a change of heart. I’m well aware that when and if she and Frankie patch things up, that I’ll be the odd girl out again. Obviously I have Trey, Keegan, and my cousin Jeep.. but what I mean is. When the 6 of us would hangout.. it was obvious that not all the girls were close. Where as all the guys are.

Jarrah – So what are you doing the rest of the day?

Michelle – I’m going over to see how Kaitlyn is doing. Check on her, and Zoey. Joy, won’t be there. She’ll be at work sadly.

Jarrah – Keegan was having a hard time with everything that happened. He wanted to protect Zoey.

Michelle – It was out of his hands.

Jarrah – I know, and he know’s that too. He’s just so… protective of everyone.

Michelle – He’s so sweet, and handsome too…. tell me why you two never got together again?

Jarrah – Oh my god mom… please.

Michelle – Its not like you didn’t like him-

Jarrah – So after you visit Kaitlyn, what then?

Michelle – I’ll be meeting up with your dad while he films his workout video.

Jarrah – Oh crap, that is today.

Michelle – Yeah, your cousin will be there filming. He’s so sweet to help out Josh.

Jarrah – You know Jeep will do anything for family.

Michelle – Are you ever gonna tell me why you guys call him Jeep? I don’t get it.

Jarrah – Never.

Michelle – Well I guess I’ll just calling him Jonah bear.

I’m really glad my mom is here today. I’m just not feeling super great today. I’m missing Orion, I’m sad for the things going on in my friends lives.. oh and I’m on my period. I hate to be a girl but I’m just moody, and not in a good mood.

Jarrah – Hey mom… I’ve been meaning to asking you this. What does Liana think about the situation with Paisley, and Vince.

Michelle – ………………….. Well. Her precious daughter Paisley can do no wrong.

Jarrah – Hmm…

Michelle – We all know Vince didn’t touch that girl, but… yeah.

Jarrah – So does Liana feel happy about Paisley getting paid?… every time she was at home she’d be sitting drinking tea complaining about money.

Michelle – Oh I don’t know, we aren’t talking. We had an argument about it. She told me I was jealous that I had no money, so I told her to fuck off, and not to bring her ass to my house. Drinking out of my broke ass tea cups, complaining about being single and old.

Jarrah – Sorry to hear that.

Michelle – Don’t repeat what I’m about to tell you, but Liana tried some shit on Vince before. She tried seducing him, while he was with Kokoro… I never judged her for it but.. yeah

Jarrah – I see.. wow.

Brittany – Jarrah, why aren’t you at your desk- Oh…..

Michelle – ……

Great… now she wants to bother us.

Jarrah – …………………. I’m showing my mother around. Its not like I’m doing anything.

Brittany – Umm….

Jarrah – Victoria didn’t mind when I did this before.. so I don’t see what the problem is.

Brittany – Well I don’t want her back here… her people like to steal. I’ve seen them.

Michelle – Oh you must be Brittany…

Brittany – ………………………………Sure.

Michelle – So correct me if I’m wrong but its your brother who humiliated my nephew at GCU?

Brittany – Austin’s affairs are his own, don’t speak to me like you know anything, Connie Chung.

Michelle – Wow.

Maybe she was dropped on her head as a child.. that’s like the only explanation.

Jarrah – *laughs in disbelief* You need to leave Brittany.

Brittany – No she needs to leave… wow.. considering you’re half white you sure look like her minus those slanty asian eyes.

Michelle – So sad…

Brittany – What’s sad is white men going crazy over you orientals. Why do your women love our men so much?

Michelle – Excuse me?

Brittany – White men.. you asian women really want to be us.. you will never be a white woman.

Michelle – Listen-

Jarrah – Mom don’t.

Brittany – At least you’re aiming high though… your daughter prefers to date an ape-

Jarrah – You’re such an idiot… its really sad the way you speak about things..

Brittany – Oh is it?

Michelle – One day you’ll learn… you’re a disgusting person…

Brittany – I’m not the one laid up with gorilla black. That’s your daughter, are you prepared for welfare checks, and baby mama drama from the hood?

Jarrah – FYI Brittany, Orion could buy and sell you two times over. So don’t try and make it seem like he’s some stereotypical black guy from the projects. Your assumptions are gross, and pathetic. I don’t see your horsefaced- long chin having ass with a boyfriend.

Brittany – And just how did he get rich? picking cotton?!… Oh and I have plenty of men interested in me. I have my eyes set on Taylor’s brother Jayson…

Jarrah – Good luck with that- anyway mom-

Brittany – Hello! you don’t just dismiss me!!

Jarrah – What the hell do you want?

Brittany – Oh wow… talking back-

Jarrah – You’re not my mother, so I really don’t care about what you have to say, Brittany. I’m really getting tired of your shit. Leave me alone! if you don’t like me- stop FUCKING talking to me. Today is not the day I’m telling you.

Brittany – YOU need to get your ass back to work, and tell this rice cooker to leave!

Jarrah – Fuck off Brittany! you’re moronic, and ignorant. Probably lonely too, which explains why you’re such a bitch!

Michelle – Jarrah just-

Brittany – Tell your egg foo young, wonton soup mother to get the hell out of here! NO RICE CAKES ALLOWED

Michelle – Is your whole family racist or something? this is the type of thing that is taught, there is noway you were born to be this ignorant.

Brittany – I’m not racist

Michelle – Are you serious? wow….

Jarrah – Delusional… stupid, racist, and delusional. ANYWAY Mom.. I’ll call-

Brittany – Don’t you dare try and come for me! you have your fresh off the boat, dog eating CHINK mother, back here, and you’re dating a NIGGER!

Michelle – *gasp*

Michelle – Jarrah!

Brittany – Get off of me you asian bitch!

Jarrah – You deserve to get your ass beat! how dare you talk about other people like you’re above them!

Michelle – Jarrah!!!

Jarrah – You’re disgusting! you’re a racist bitch!

Taylor – *gasp* Oh my god! Jarrah get off of her!

Brittany – Help me Taylor!

Jarrah – Fight back! don’t play the victim now!


…….I snapped.

Brittany – Oh my god, I came in to tell her that she needs to be at the front desk because phones were ringing and she just called me a white bitch and attacked me!

Michelle – Oh please! that is not what happened!

Taylor – What the hell is wrong with you?!

Jarrah – She’s been bullying me, being racist every since she started working here! She called my mother the C word- not cunt.. CHINK.., and my boyfriend the N word!

Taylor – Brittany would NEVER say those things! I’m half Hispanic, we’ve gone out with asians, blacks.. she’s not like that!

Wow she has you so fooled Taylor…

Jarrah – Newsflash! your bestfriend is a racist!

Brittany – I’m sorry I just tried to get her back to her desk, her mother was talking about stealing a dress.. when I caught them that’s when she jumped on me! her mom tried to kick me too!

Michelle – What the hell- listen ma’am.. Taylor is it?… none of that happened! don’t you have camera’s in this room?

Jarrah – This is the only room without them!

I told Victoria that she should have put camera’s in here after her daughter and Morgan stole that dress… 

Taylor – Both of you get out of this room now.

Jarrah – You don’t understand, she-

Michelle – Jarrah honey… just come on. Do what she asks of you….

GG – What was all of that noise?- Jarrah are you okay doll?

Brittany – My nose! I think its broken! I’m going to press charges!

Taylor – Brittany stop crying, go ice your face. You don’t need to press any charges.. I don’t know how Victoria did things, but I’m in charge now. Jarrah you’re fired.

Michelle – It was a mistake Taylor! Jarrah was just defending-

GG – Wait a minute Taylor, you can’t just fire her! Victoria needs to-

Taylor – Look… Victoria is going through enough right now. She gave me full reigns over the place and I have to go by the rules. No hitting!… I saw her on top of Brittany punching her. Rules are rules GG… I’m sorry. I didn’t hear any of the racial stuff they mentioned.

GG – This is bullshit!

Taylor – I know you’re fond of Jarrah but she just assaulted a co-worker…. this is fashion not WWE WRESTLING

GG – You’re only doing this because you’re bestfriends with Brittany!

Taylor – I’m doing this so Jarrah doesn’t get in a lawsuit that her family can’t afford!

Wow.. that was rude Taylor…

GG – I’m calling Victoria and telling her about this.

Taylor – You shouldn’t bother her. She’s not in a good mood because of what happened with her husband. You know what, I’m not supposed to even speak on it.

GG – Jarrah is the future of V-Glam!

Taylor – Not anymore she’s not.. I’m sorry.. I know I’ll be looked at as the bad guy but I have to play by the rules.. she attacked Brittany… lets say Brittany did say and do those things they said she did- which I highly doubt she did. Those are words.. and at the end of the day words aren’t fist. I saw fist coming from Jarrah, end of story GG.

GG – ……ugh

Jarrah – That’s- wow… you know.. hopefully you see the devil beside you.. Brittany is one of the worst people I have EVER met in my life. She’s all smiles, and a social butterfly in your face, but she is THE DEVIL when you’re not around. She’s been taunting me calling me all types of rice noodles, and chinks! you never hear it! she’s so good at her two personalities!

Brittany – MY NOSE!

Jarrah – One day you will see it.. a week from now, 3 years.. 10 years. You’ll find out the truth and you will regret this day and what you’re doing Taylor.

Taylor – Jarrah I have to be professional… look… Just quit.. that way I don’t have to fire you and you can find work somewhere else. How about that?

Brittany – Why are you being nice to her after she beat me up Taylor?!

Taylor – Brittany! shut the fuck up! go in my office and shut up!

GG – *laughs*

Taylor – GG go sketch something instead of being a cheerleader! we don’t need an audience. Now what’s fair is fair. Jarrah will quit, and that’s that.

Jarrah – Why sho-

Michelle – Honey just… just quit.. its better than being fired…

Jarrah – Fine… this is such bullshit though!

Taylor – You and your mother need to leave. I will pack up your things.

Jarrah – I can’t even grab my things?! are you kidding me?

Taylor – Tensions are high.. you and Brittany cannot be in this building together.. I’ll send you your stuff by the end of the day-

GG – If its okay can I take it to her?

Taylor – ……Fine, that’s perfectly okay.

Jarrah – Thank you GG…

GG – We’ll talk later Ms. Lady.

Jarrah – *nods yes*

Michelle – Lets go Jarrah.

Jarrah – Mom why is this okay? why do people like her exist? what- its not fair!

Michelle – No… it isn’t.. but if life has taught me anything.. people get theirs in the end… and she will.. trust me. Now lets go… and lets not tell your father until tomorrow okay? this day is his happy day with his video.

Jarrah – You’re right…. umm.. mom?

Michelle – Yes?

Jarrah – Are you disappointed in me?

Michelle – No, and not ever.

What the hell did I just do?… I just- like… did I switch places with Kaori? why am I fighting girls at work?- I really snapped and beat that girl up- I should have really hurt her, and maybe she wouldn’t do, and say the things she does- No I know I shouldn’t have put my hands on her… its cost me my job… maybe my career.. what am I doing? I should have just ignored her.. I normally would have ignored her.. I don’t know why I snapped this time. I lost my temper, I lost my job, and I may have lost my mothers respect. I know she says I didn’t disappoint her but I can’t help but feel like I did. I know I disappointed myself, so how can she not feel the same way?

(POV Jeep)

I feel like I’ve been in here for like 3 hours already. We watched all the short films, and Professor Preston went through them all to critique them. Finally we’re on Kingston, and I’s film. Honestly.. I really liked Myra and Lenny’s. They took something very realistic, and made it scary. The whole idea about self image and self sabotaging.. with a twist. You’re killing yourself. Your image is killing you… it was genius.

I think my original story with Magdalena as the lead was amazing, but obviously my laptop got stolen. Frankie, and Aries did all they could to help but it still sucks in my opinion. I hate that I let down Kingston as a partner too. By the way.. Spirit and Fockky’s film was actually kinda cool…. It was about an overactive imagination of a kid. The little girl basically imagined Mermaids and Fairies.. and they ended up killing the entire family. Dark.. but cool.

Professor Preston – So in this scene.. Mike (Aries) ended up realizing that going home with a beautiful woman (Frankie) from a bar isn’t all that great. She exposes her true nature- that being one of a vampire.. and she proceeds to suck…. the life out of him.. thus the title.. guys are such suckers. Its very funny, and clever. I enjoyed the funny facial expressions- and whomever the girl is that played the vampire really went for it with the poses.

Kingston – Sorry I wasn’t there dude… looks like it turned out okay though.

Jeep – Eh… I guess… thanks for being a cool partner Kingston.

Kingston – No, problem broski

Professor Preston – So… lets get down to business… In 6th place…. is……

Please don’t be me.. please don’t be me.. that would be SO embarrassing… coming in last place!

Professor Preston – Bryce, and Bingbing. No way around this one guys… it was basically a total rip off of Psycho… except with a cat. I love humor in horror like anyone else does but I wanted something more original.

Rubi – *laughing* better luck next time!

Bryce – Why is she laughing at us? I thought she was your friend Bingbing?

Bingbing – Rubi very selfish…. I’m not surprised….

Professor Preston – Coming in 5th place is……. Miguel and Ivy. I don’t know what was going on here. It came off like a children’s fairytale.. and it wasn’t really scary. I’m not sure what daisy’s and roses have to do with horror.. and the zooming into the piano was really confusing. Your project lacked focus. You guys, along with Spirit and Fockky.. and Rubi and Austin decided to use kids.. but sadly you two didn’t execute it as well as they did.

Miguel – Well we tried Ives

Ivy – Yeah we did.. oh well.

Professor Preston – 4th place…………. Jonah, and Kingston.

Eh… I know it sucked, so I can accept 4th.

Professor Preston – I liked it, I didn’t love it. It felt sorta rushed? was this your original idea?

Kingston – No sir.. we had some issues.. ran into some trouble

Jeep – Yeah remember I told you-

Professor Preston – Oh right, the laptop… yeah well I can tell, but truth be told I didn’t hate it. I liked the play on words, and I felt like the guy who played Mike, and the girl who played the vampire did a really good job. I also loved the cinematography. The story was… okay. It wasn’t anything amazing, but it wasn’t the worst.

Kingston – Sucks….

Jeep – Sorry….

Kingston – If only the laptop didn’t get stolen.

Jeep – Right, we totally could have won this.

Professor Preston – So final 3…. This was honestly a close one.. but coming in 3rd place.. just barely missing out on top 2… is…. Spirit and Fockky

Fockky – Awww what the Fock!

Spirit – Ugh… we totally should have won! not only did we have the best video but I even acted in it!

Fockky – Fock Yeah!

Professor Preston – I REALLY enjoyed the idea of a child’s imagination being the threat.. it was tough but the group who came in 2nd had the better video.. sorry. With that being said…

Wow.. cannot believe Rubi made it to the final 2.. this is just what she needs…

Professor Preston – Honestly the top two were stellar… just such amazing focus on detail…. and controversial.. You two groups too risk.. So… coming in… in 2nd place.. is… Myra and Lenny


Austin – I knew we’d win!

Lenny – Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Myra – We were robbed!

Professor Preston – I know, I know… but let me explain. What you and Lenny did… it was phenomenal. Great storyline, great camera work. Zooming into the woman’s face as she stared at herself in the mirror, the raw emotion.. the desperation. It was genius. When she turned around to cry because she felt her nose was too big, her body wasn’t perfect.. and her reflection laughed and pointed at her.. it was.. emotional.. it was daring. It was really good.. I just.. I felt like Rubi and Austin’s was better, by just a little.


Austin – I told you guys I’d win!

Professor Preston – You know.. umm.. child molestation is no joke.. and what you guys did was not only controversial, but pretty genius. You made the boogeyman the little girl’s protector after making him seem like the villain.. only to find out the villian was the dad. When the boogeyman came out and killed the father for hurting the girl night after night I just.. I was blown away. So you two are the winners.. you will be going on the set to The Avengers 2.. Congratulations.

Fuck… I admit.. Rubi and Austin’s film was pretty amazing- however I’m 90% sure it was mostly Austin’s idea. Rubi doesn’t have an original bone in her body.

Wow…  the people I didn’t want to win… won. I think Myra and Lenny got robbed!

Bryce – Well… at least this brought us closer together right?

Bingbing – Right!

Professor Preston – Congrats Ms. Larter.

Rubi – I knew I’d slay the game to be honest. I mean hello, have people forgotten who my father is?

Professor Preston – How is your family doing? I haven’t talked to your parents in quite some time. I know my ex-wife is close with your mother. Its funny how Myself, and Olivia are here in GloCity, while Linda and Misty are in CCity.

Rubi – I don’t know how Olivia and Misty can be apart considering they twins-

Professor Preston – You have brothers who are twins, that’s right.

Rubi – Mmm hmm- oh and my parents are doing just fine.. they gonna be doing even better when I tell them how I slayed!

Professor Preston – Maybe I’ll see your parents at the CCity Community Weekend thing?

Rubi – Oh you going to that?

Professor Preston – Well Misty is performing… so-

Rubi – Is Olivia gonna go?

Professor Preston – Of course.. she wants to support her sister, and see her mom too.

Rubi – I haven’t decided if I’m going yet… I feel like its the 1st annual community weekend, so maybe I should be there.. but at the same time.. I don’t have the want to really go and celebrate with everyone. I don’t really click with those people… plus I want to take someone who doesn’t want to go with me.. so yeah. I don’t know…

Professor Preston – What about celebrating with your family? Its the very first festival… in your hometown.. don’t you think you should be the-

Austin – Hey! we did it Rubi!

Rubi – Yassss bitch Yasss

Professor Preston – Congrats Mr. Matthews

Austin – Would it be cocky to admit that I always knew I’d win?….

Professor Preston – Depends on the reason you thought so.

Austin – I have faith in my craft.

Rubi – Oooh me too Aus-ten.


Spirit – I’m glad this shit is over with.

Fockky – Even though we don’t work well together SPEAR, I think we did a good job!

Ivy – Better than us

Miguel – *laughs*

Myra – 2nd place sucks!

Miguel – Your movie was amazing babe.

Myra – Aww thanks *smiles*


Jeep – Well Kingston… it was a pleasure…

Kingston – Finally this shit is over!

Jeep – Umm, well sure. We sorta had fun though right?

Kingston – You’re a cool dude n’ all but my loyalties are with my friends. Sorry dude….

Jeep – Wait what?

Kingston – I can finally hangout with my friend, and it not be suspicious!

Jeep – What the hell?

Kingston – Dude… I gave your laptop to Austin!

…………………….. I, just… I’m… wow…

Jeep – Wait- you did?! why would you do that?! this was our project! you cost us a chance to go on a big movie set!

Kingston – Oh I’m going regardless.. Austin has a hookup.

Jeep – So you, Austin, and Rubi planned this?

Kingston – No, just Austin, and I. Mason thought it was kinda funny when we told him. He our friend too. Rubi didn’t know anything about it.. who cares about her fatass. She smells like dry salami.

Jeep – I can’t believe you’d do this. I thought we were friends

Kingston – Austin’s my bestfriend… sorry bro.

Jeep – So because of you… I had to hustle together and do another film, and because of you… my nude pictures are out there.

Kingston – Okay one… yes… I sabotage the film dude, have you not been paying attention? and 2…. I had no idea the nudes were on there, neither did Austin. We were looking through your files and saw them…. so he did what he did with them.

Jeep – Wow so that’s why you didn’t help with the film this morning or last night!

Kingston – Right.. I mean how was I supposed to know Lenny would give you a laptop and try and help you out.. I had to try and fuck you over incase you ended up making a new video…

Jeep – Fuck you Kingston.

Kingston – Kinda figured you’d say that… Oh well! not like we were friends anyway!

Jeep – Get out of my face Kingston.. you’re a shady ass person!

Kingston – Does this mean your dad can’t hook me up with a new x-box?

Jeep – ……………………

Kingston – Just figured I’d ask……

Asshole! are you fucking kidding me?! I am so fed up with people. I’m tired of trusting them!

Kingston – *singing* My nigga, my nigga, my nigga!

Austin – Mah brotha, mah brotha, my brotha!

Rubi – Aww shit turn up!

Professor Preston – Language, Kingston…

Kingston – Sorry Professor Preston!


Lenny – I was standing behind you… I heard what Kingston did.

Jeep – Fucking sucks, can you not trust anyone these days?

Lenny – You can trust me of course!

Jeep – You’ve been really nice to me Lenny. Thank you.

Lenny – No problem! you’re nice, and cute!

Jeep – Just so we’re clear… you do know this is never happening right? I’m 100% straight.

Lenny – …..I know…

Jeep – If I were into guys though, I’d be okay with it. You’re nice.

Lenny – Thanks Jonah….. So are you going to tell Professor Preston, about what Kingston and Austin did?

Jeep – There is no fucking point… what’s done is done.

Lenny – True…

Jeep – …. It just sucks when you’re nothing but nice to people, and they stab you in the back.

Lenny – Yeah, I mean if he hadn’t stolen the laptop and gave it to Austin, then the nude pics wouldn’t be out there…

Jeep – Right.

Lenny – Sorry you’re having such bad luck.

Jeep – I’m just gonna focus on the positive… I got a girlfriend this morning.

Lenny – Oh congrats! Maybe I can find someone soon! Chace and I, we’re better off as friends.

Jeep – I’m learning that whole thing as well. Sometimes a relationship with a friend… should stay friendly.

Lenny – Like us!- if you wanna be my friend that is.

Jeep – I’d like that Lenny!

Lenny – Cool!…

He’s nice, and cool. Super flattering that he seems to be attracted to me too. I’m obviously not gay or bi- so the best I can give him is a friendship.

Bryce – Hey Jonah!

Jeep – Oh hey..

Bryce – You look sad… no worries.. our video sucked!

Bingbing – *laughs*

Jeep – How come you’re not celebrating with Rubi?

Bingbing – She’s being a bitch….

Bryce – She’s so Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde…

Lenny – I don’t like her fatass… there I said it.

Jeep – She has her moments where she’s nice.

Bryce – Why is your partner celebrating with Austin and Rubi?

Jeep – Long story…..

Lenny – …….

Bryce – Tell me later?

Jeep – Yes.

Bingbing – Hey Jonah, what time is workout time?

Jeep – Be there before 4.

Bingbing – Okay.

Bryce – I have class so I can’t come watch…

Lenny – Trey mentioned it… I wish I could have participated. I love working out.

Jeep – Well this is just phase one, so if we need anyone else I’ll call you Len’

Lenny – Awesome!

Bingbing – Well I can’t wait to exercise!

Bryce – You’re gonna look hot.

Lenny – Awww

Jeep – He guys I’m gonna get going. I have a- checkup at the hospital.

Well I have a job interview that I don’t want to talk about incase I jinx things…..

Lenny – See ya later Jo!

Bryce – Call me later dude!

Bingbing – See you at the studio!

Jeep – Bye guys.


Ivy – Then of course the editing is tedious.. I don’t know.. it just sucked.

Spirit – It was a fun ride while it lasted.

Fockky – Yeah but it took up too much time. Now I can be with my Javi!

Myra – Hey Spirit, I don’t know if you mind me asking this but… You and Jonah don’t talk at all?

Spirit – What?

Myra – He walked right by you, and neither of you said anything.

Spirit – Oh.. well whatever..

Fockky – Messy breakup!

Ivy – Sucks….

I totally heard that….. I love how she fails to say why we aren’t speaking. She’s being such a fricken child. You know what though, I’m not even gonna get into all of that. Its all in the past, and I’ve moved on. The current thing is this Kingston and Austin crap. I can’t believe Kingston would do something like that. He was so convincing too, I really thought we were cool. So he and Austin are friends- and that other dude.. Mason. From what Keegan tells me Mason is an asshole.

So they’re the Dick-bag Trinity it seems. Ugh, but you know what? at least Rubi didn’t have a part in it. Maybe she’s really changing as a person.. maybe. Its obvious that Kingston, and Austin are just assholes! Whatever.. focus on the positive Jonah…You, and Frankie are back to normal, Christine’s your girl., Job interview, and Uncle Josh workout video. Fuck everything else… 

(POV Jarrah)

My mother insisted on taking me for a cup of coffee, but I just.. I didn’t want her plans to be messed up because of me. I told her I had a class, and I did.. I just skipped it. I walked around campus when I saw Collin on the grass studying. He asked me what was wrong, and if I wanted to talk about it. I figured why not, I don’t want to hold it in you know? So Collin and I walked and talked, and we ended up at the GCU Football Field. It was nice talking to Collin, its been a while since we’ve done this. By “this” I just mean that… its been some time since I was able to vent to him about something.

I remember when we first met, and how great he and his mother Suzy were to me. Collin’s a great friend, and sometimes I do feel guilty about not hanging out with him- BUT if I’m being honest.. there is another reason I try not to hang with him so often. Last thing I need is for Elena to see us and get the wrong idea. That does sound messed up when you consider the fact that I knew him first, but hey.. a selfless act to keep drama away is how I choose to go about it.

Jarrah – My leg was getting numb.. lets walk around the field.

Collin – Okay sure…

Jarrah – What an annoying day….

Collin – Annoying or not, I’m really glad we can talk like old times.

Jarrah – Me too Collin.

I really wonder what Orion would say if he knew what happened today. I know he’d hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright, but I… the racial stuff is really just disgusting. Maybe I should call him- actually on second thought no. I’ll tell him later, I don’t even feel like ruining his day. God I miss my boyfriend….

Collin – …. Are you going to be okay?

Jarrah – I can’t believe I did what I did. I know that I’m just…. you know what it boils down to?

Collin – Hmm?

Jarrah – My career. I worked so hard for Victoria to take me seriously. I was doing lunch calls for her for so long. Back when that Morgan girl was working there. Finally I- something must have shown Victoria that I was worthy of doing more. I went to France, and then L.A. I sacrificed my summer, and my friendships for a career that is now… perhaps gone?

Collin – You can find a new job, and I’m sure your friends-

Jarrah – Trey and I are fine, but its not like it was before. I was his go to, and now I don’t feel like I am. He’s gotten so close with Chace, and I’m like.. 2nd. I worked my ass off, and then Taylor and her racist big chin bestie screw me over.

Collin – It does sucks, but you’ve always been really strong, and I’m sure-

Jarrah – You don’t understand Collin, I’ve always been the girl with the plan. I’ve always been THAT girl who knew what she wanted and fought tooth and nail- to not only will I lose my position within the V-Glam but possibly ruining my 10 year plan.

Collin – You’ll land on your feet Jarrah, you always do.

Jarrah – I don’t think so!

Collin – Can’t you call Victoria?.. or have your mom call her? aren’t they friends?

Jarrah – They’re not friends, they’re “Our Husbands are like brothers, so we’re cordial with each other” type of friends.

Collin – Well have your dad talk to her husband?

Jarrah – No, because then he’d have to know what happened today. Today is his special day, I’m not taking that away from him.

Collin – There has to be some sort of solution. Maybe you can call Victoria yourself?

Jarrah – That’s complicated, because she and her family are actually going through something really tough at the moment.

Collin – …..I-

Jarrah – I have to be honest with myself… I think I really messed up my life by hitting her. Taylor was right, at the end of the day.. a person can say whatever kind of mean shit they want, but its just words. I took action, and the reaction was that I’m here on the football field with you, instead of at work- no offense.

Collin – None taken… you know.. maybe this is for the best?

Jarrah – I doubt that.

Collin – Maybe a year from now you’ll look back at today and laugh. You’ll be happy, and doing something amazing… realizing it happened for a reason and you’re happy it did.

Jarrah – I don’t see that being the case.

Collin – Sometimes you just need to go for it… like just do what you need to do.

Jarrah – What are you talking about? because it sounds like the topic switched from me to you.

Collin – Sorry…

Jarrah – No, its fine. What’s bothering you?

Collin – I don’t like Elena…

Jarrah – Well that’s fucking obvious…

Collin – What?

Jarrah – Anyone with eyes can see how she turns you off…..

Collin – I’m breaking up with her tonight.

Jarrah – Well good for you.

Collin – Yeah? you really think so?

Jarrah – Why be with her if you know its not right. Besides now you and I can hangout more, I miss being around you.

Collin – I’m so glad that you feel that way.

Jarrah – You know I adore you Collin

Collin – I love you too….. so much.




Of all the bonehead things men do.. why is it that you show a bit of vulnerability and they see it as some opening to kiss you? I am so pissed off right now

Jarrah – Get off- what the FUCK!

Collin – I am so sorry!

Jarrah – Are you out of your fucking mind?!

Collin – I said I was sorry! I just-

Jarrah – Why the hell would you do that?!

Collin – I’m still in love with you Jarrah, I never stopped! It drives me insane that you’re not with me! I came to this school for you, I even tried to get over you and be with Elena.. It didn’t work! I know I told you before how I felt but you were sorta with Dylan, sorta not with him- I just felt like I had to kiss you!

Jarrah – You selfish little man…. How dare you?

Collin – What-

Jarrah – I’m going through some life altering shit right now- and you plant one on me?

Collin – It was-


Collin – …………

Jarrah – You seriously thought we’d run off into the sunset together after that rough, invasive sloppy kiss? Are you out of your fucking mind?! What if someone would have seen that?!

Collin – Jarrah I’m-

Jarrah – Sorry?! yeah.. obviously. You took today of all days to just say screw it.. I’m gonna kiss her!

Collin – ……..

Jarrah – I have a boyfriend Collin! a boyfriend that I’m in love with! you may not give a crap about your relationship with Elena, but I cherish and respect mine. He’s gone but that doesn’t mean I’m going to have sex with you in the meantime. How dare you put me in this position?

Collin – What position are you-

Jarrah – I have to tell him!

Collin – Why? it was stupid! I shouldn’t have done it!

Jarrah – Yeah… you shouldn’t have- but he’s gonna ask me how my day was.. and I can’t leave this out- only for him to find out at a later date and question why I didn’t tell him. You don’t get it! Its not okay for you to put me in this position. You knew I was with him!

Collin – I’m not trying to break you up.. I just-

Jarrah – You’re being selfish, and a coward. You want to stand here and kiss me- as some sort of validation for your decision to end things with Elena. Grow up, be a man.. dump her if you’re tired of her- but don’t use this kiss or whatever you’ve made up in your head to validate it.

Collin – ….

Jarrah – Say something!

Collin – I’m sorry… I don’t… I really shouldn’t- I just… You changed my life when we met, and I’ve been so in love with you- It was stupid.. I shouldn’t have done that.

Jarrah – I vented to you about my horrible day, and this is how you thought to solve it? by creating more problems?

Collin – It was a rush of emotions, I never see you.. and I… I know you don’t love me.. but.. fuck.. I’m so stupid…

Elena – ……………………………

Jarrah – You wanna know the real reasons why we don’t hangout that often? do you really wanna know Collin?

Collin – …….Umm.. I have a feeling you’re gonna tell me either way.

Jarrah – Because you can’t separate your feelings from the friendship. I’ve noticed it.. the way you talk to me, the way you hug me. I know you like me, and I don’t understand how you can’t see that I’m happy with Orion, and just be my fucking friend. If you don’t like Elena then find someone else. NOT ME- someone else

Collin – …….I didn’t know I was coming on so strong…

Jarrah – And another thing, Elena is another reason why I don’t talk to you.

Collin – What? what did she say?

Jarrah – She’s fucking nuts. I thought she was sooo nice when she moved into the sorority house! I was wrong! she’s batshit crazy, and clearly not taking her meds

Collin – She’s on medication?!

Jarrah – No, I’ve never known her to be, but that’s the point. She’s been so irrational, and weird. She did some really crazy stuff the night of the sorority party.. she hurt my wrist, and accused me of having a thing with you behind her back. Maybe she’s not as crazy as I thought- maybe you put these things in her head.

Collin – I haven’t!

Jarrah – Well I can’t deal with that.. so I distanced myself from all things Collin and Elena. You need to fix your own shit instead of kissing me, and making things more complicated! I don’t like you Collin- not like you want. I told you that before when I was single, and I really shouldn’t have to say it today.. when you know damn well I have a boyfriend! What is with people?! I’m gonna go insane today.. I just can’t deal with this shit! Idiots idiots everywhere! You need to check yourself..

Collin – You are NOT the same girl I knew before..

Jarrah – People change Collin.. nobody stays the same. Perhaps you should catch up.

Collin – I made a fucking mistake Jarrah!

Jarrah – You- I can’t even talk to you right now…

Collin – Are we done? like is this it? did I kill our friendship? because I’m not gonna stand here and have you yell at me like I’m a child on this cold ass football field. I know I’m 100% wrong for kissing you. I’m sorry.. but you should know that you’re not the only one going through shit Jarrah! My mother is sick… I’m working 2 jobs now, while doing GCU, and Culinary school.

Jarrah – Life is tough Collin!

Collin – I missed my fucking friend okay?! Elena’s driving me crazy and I don’t have anybody to talk to.. because I barely talk to your cousin aka my roommate, my ex bestfriend who I thought I was connecting with just up and left to focus on himself and music.. You wanna blame working hard and your career for losing touch with friends how about you blame yourself? Make time for people!

Jarrah – While nothing you said can convince me that you aren’t in the wrong. I do understand that you made a mistake! But you have to understand that today has not been a good day, and for you- someone I do care about to pull this shit WHEN I DECIDED TO ACTUALLY HANGOUT WITH YOU.. is fucking bullshit.

Collin – …..I know… and I’m not trying to flip the script and make this about you.. I-

Jarrah – I… I didn’t know Suzy was sick…

Collin – …….. Yeah.

Jarrah – What’s wrong with her?

Collin – ….. She’s fine now….. just recovering from the surgery.

Jarrah – What surgery?

Collin – The one where they remove your breast…

Jarrah – Oh my god.. she has a double Mastectomy?

Collin – 2 weeks ago.. I didn’t tell anyone…

Jarrah – ……Have I been that distant?

Collin – Its not all your fault obviously.. I- I really didn’t want to talk about it…. You and your friends.. you have this little clique.. and its easy for a person to feel left out. You guys have your lives, and bond. All these great and bad things. I didn’t want to add any of my shit to it. Especially since you and I were barely speaking…

Jarrah – …. She’s like 100% okay thought right?

Collin 99.9%….

Jarrah – …..Collin… I’m… I’m sorry if- I’m sorry I slapped you.

Collin – I deserved it.

Jarrah – I love you so much Collin, you’re my friend, and I just want that. My friend.. my friend who I can vent to, and not have to worry about him trying to kiss me.

Collin – …..So embarrassed, that I did that.

Jarrah – You’re right I have my little clique of friends.. my 5… but the thing is.. all 6 of us have our own set of friends, and there are times where we’d rather talk to them.. instead of each other. You were that for me, and that’s what I wish you would remain.

Collin – Okay… well if you’ll have me.. and if you’ll accept my apology.. then I’d very much like to resume that role…

Jarrah – Not until you talk to Elena.. she makes it hard for us…

Collin – I promise.. I’ll end things with her tonight..

Jarrah – Just let her down easy okay? she seems in a real fragile state…

Collin – ….Yeah…. I know…. but stop worrying about others, you need to worry about yourself for once.

Elena*whispers*…….How could you Jarrah?… this just proved I was right to follow you…

Ugh… today is just not my day… first work, and now a huge blowout with Collin?… I’m- there’s no way I’m going to the studio to see dad… I’ll just text him and say I had a class that I couldn’t get out of- or that I felt sick. Which I guess isn’t that big of a lie, because I do. I do feel sick, sick to my stomach. I hate fighting with a friend, and I’m really disgusted at what I did to Brittany, even though she deserved it. I really fucked myself.. what the fuck do I do now?… and to make matters worse.. I feel like today is not even over.. like the bad news is just getting started…

(POV Jeep)

Hey guys! I’m here filming my uncle Josh for his workout video, and so far so good! I brought Nick, and Bingbing with me from GCU, and they’re doing great. They’re joined by Torrance- who’s Ivo’s girlfriend. And of course we have cousin Micah and Uncle Josh!- Oh and Trey’s here too for support… that or he wanted to see Nick shirtless… just kidding… sorta *laughs* …… As you can see I’m sorta in a good mood now. No the job interview didn’t go so well but you know what?…. whatever. Life is short, and I’m sure the universe has a plan for me.

Josh – Jonah, you’re the best nephew ever.

Jeep – Aww, well you’re the best uncle ever!

Josh – Thanks so much for helping out, you and.. everyone else too.

Jeep – No problem!

Josh – Thank you Bingbing, you too Nick.

Nick – Its all good Mr. Folland.

Bingbing – Free Gym time woo!

Josh – Micah you too.. I know you didn’t want to.. but.. yeah. I’m glad you decided to. That way we can spend more time together.

Micah – True.

Josh – Oh and thank you Torrance! not only are you helping with the video, but you’re helping me with the diet, and fitness book.

Torrance – Its a pleasure sir.

Josh – ….Trey… thanks for the support *smiles*

Trey – Anything for you Mr. Folland! This is such a great spot to film too!

Josh – Right? Issac booked it for me. He’s the best bestfriend a guy could ask for.

Trey – Wheres Jarrah? and Mrs. Folland?

Josh – Michelle’s picking up food for everyone for after the workout. She’ll be here soon, and Jarrah wasn’t feeling good. She didn’t want to risk getting anybody sick.

Trey – I’ll take her some soup later perhaps.

I don’t know why Jarrah lied…. Collin texted me and told me he was hanging out with her like an hour ago… whatever not my business.

Jeep – Ready people?

Josh – I am, are you guys?

Bingbing – Ready set go!

Nick – Lets do this!

Micah – Ready!

Torrance – All good to go.

Trey – High energy people!!!… I always wanted to say that.

Nick – *laughs*

Josh – How am I looking on camera Jonah?

Jeep – Young!

Josh – Yeaaaaaaah the hair dye is working!

Jeep – Okay guys.. in 5…..4…..3……2…..

Jeep – Action

Josh – Hey you- yeah you! You ever feel like you want to get in better shape?… but you don’t have enough hours in the day? well then Josh’s Cardio Blast is perfect for you! With just 20 minutes everyday you can get in the shape you’ve only been dreaming about for years! Heck! you may even get your high school body back! So what do you say? shall we give it a go?

Torrance – YEAH!

Nick – Lets do it!

Micah – I’m ready!

Bingbing – Lets get sweaty!

Josh – No fancy equipment necessary! just you, your body, a towel and water. A quick 20 minute program designed to blast your core, get you moving.. and pull out that energy that you have inside of you. Within 4 weeks you’ll start to see a difference! So come on this fitness journey with me, and my gang! Speaking of! let me introduce everyone! To my left we have Nick!

Nick – Wassup wassup!

Josh – On my right we have the lovely ms Torrance!

Torrance – Time to kill it!

Josh – Behind me on my left is Micah, ready to kick it into high gear?

Micah – You know it!

Josh – Last but not least we have Bingbing!

Bingbing – Hi everyone!

Josh – ….And I’m Josh…  so are we ready to start? Good! This video is perfect for beginners but also great for people who have been working out their entire lives. If you are a beginner pay attention to Micah, and Bingbing who will be doing easier versions of the moves. Now come on! Lets stretch! Now I’m gonna explain why stretching is a must… you ever go to lift a….*fades off* 

[25 minutes later]

Got take one down. Break time for now, and then I’ll do some other angles. This is actually quite fun, I mean sure I’m not filming a movie or anything but its nice to put my talents to good use. Also I can tell Uncle Josh is really happy I’m here helping out, and at the end of the day this is all for him. Out of all of his friends he’s the one who struggled the most. He deserves a break, and maybe I’m helping with that.

Trey – You’re all sweaty

Nick – Do I look hot?

Trey – What?

Nick – I wanna look hot on film.

Trey – Oh- umm yeah you look all sexy and stuff.

Nick – Good.

Trey – I’m sure Hope would be having to change her panties or something.

Nick – *laughs* You’re hilarious.

Trey – Well you know girl parts are… weird to me- except boobs. Boobs are fun.

Nick – They really are.

Trey – *laughs*

Nick – So how are things with Dom’

Trey – Umm very good, we’re together officially now.

Nick – Awesome.

Trey – I’m very happy.

Nick – No interference from…

Trey – Well.. If you’re talking about umm.. KingOfNowhere then.. there is a story about that I could tell you.. just not here.

Nick – I feel you. So… did you ever find out what Chace was doing talking to him?

Trey – Yeah, apologizing for the bullying.

Nick – Oh okay- so umm why aren’t you doing the video?

Trey – Oh god, nooooooo I’d look so stupid.

Nick – From what I remember you had a hot little body.

Trey – Well thank you, but no… I’d look an awkward mess.

Nick – I bet Dominic would think differently.

Trey – You know, I’m still wondering what’s under those clothes.

Nick – Whore

Trey – No, I mean his body.. because he obviously workouts.

Nick – Dude looks ripped under those Christmas sweaters.

Not that I’m trying to eavesdrop on their conversation but, man.. how awesome is Nick? He’s so.. just a dude’s dude. Yet he’s 100% comfortable with his sexuality. Even after all of the crap he and Trey went through.. they’re still close. Both are dating new people, and happy. Its pretty awesome how they dealt with the drama.. now its nothing. No offense to Aries, but its like night and day. Nick came out, Aries stayed in the closet. Nick and Trey didn’t end up together.. Nick moved on. Aries… well you know the story.

Speaking of Aries, while doing the video he seemed okay. Frankie was being so… goofy?- yeah I know.. Frankie.. of all people. Well she was being goofy and making Aries laugh. Which is great. I don’t think I even remember the last time I’ve seen him smile or laugh. I’m aware of what happened at the restaurant with him, and Trey by the way. I hate to be this person but.. as much as Aries has brought this on himself.. I still feel bad for him. Seeing Trey happy with Dominic can’t be easy.

??? – Umm Hi? hello?

Jeep – Umm hi? can I help you?

Olivia – Hi, I’m Olivia.

Jeep – Why do you look so familiar?

Olivia – Do you have a kid that’s in my class?

Jeep – Oh! that’s why. You’re Zoey’s teacher!- and I think you’re my professor’s daughter?

Olivia – Donald- Donnie Preston?- You go to GCU with Keegan?

Jeep – Yeah- I actually came with him to pick Zoey up once.

Olivia – Oh okay cool, small world…

Jeep – Even smaller town I guess.

Olivia – Very true.

Jeep – So how can I help you Olivia?

Olivia – I didn’t wanna interrupt, but umm.. is Micah in there?

Jeep – Micah?- Oh Micah my cousin.

Olivia – Oh you guys are related? cool.

Jeep – Yeah he’s in there.

Olivia – He told me I could come by and watch if I was in the area.

Jeep – *smiles* He did, did he?

Olivia – Yeah, he’s nice. We met when I went in for a check up. Then we met again when he did sex-ed for the school- not my class.. for the 5th graders.

Jeep – Nice.

Olivia – We exchanged numbers, it was really cute. He told me his friend Andy told him to put himself out there, and so he was doing it. Glad this Andy guy told him to do it. I’m glad he made a move.

Andi’s a girl.. *laughs* but still.. pretty awesome of her to convince him to move on, and put himself out there. I wonder if Micah told her Andi was a guy, or if she just assumed.

Receptionist – Excuse me?

Jeep – Yeah?

Receptionist – A woman named Michelle called, and told me to tell you guys she’ll be here with lunch in 15 minutes.

Jeep – Oh okay, thanks.

Olivia – Is Michelle your girlfriend?

Jeep – No, she’s my aunt..

Olivia – Micah’s mother is coming here?

Jeep – Yeah.

Olivia – Oh wow… well that’s cool I guess.

Jeep – Don’t be nervous. My family is super chill.

Olivia – So… is Micah a good guy? I know he’s your cousin, and you’ll want to paint him in the best light but- well maybe I shouldn’t ask you..

Jeep – Micah’s honest… so… just don’t make assumptions, and always wait for him to tell you the truth. He’s really just a normal guy, who’s looking for someone to hangout with- that sounded super casual, but I didn’t want to make him sound like a clinger either- Wow.. I suck at this. Okay restart. My cousin is a great guy.

Olivia – *laughs* Okay, I’ll take your word for it- So can I like just watch? its not gonna be a problem?

Jeep – Yeah, my friend Trey is in there so its all good.

Olivia – Okay, well thank you…….?

Jeep – Jonah.

Olivia – Okay thanks Jonah.

[cell rings]

Jeep – That’s me

Olivia – I’ll let you get that then. Thanks again.

Jeep – No problem Olivia… also your dad is really cool by the way.

Olivia – He’s alright *laughs*

Jeep – Hey you.

Keegan (on phone) – You owe me….

Jeep – How’s it going?

Keegan – Umm.. Its going good.. everything is ready to go for tonight.

Jeep – Awesome!

Keegan – So what do I do with the chair, and table? should I set it up now?

Jeep – Umm, yeah just go ahead and set it up.

Keegan – Dude did you really just knock over the- Javier.. watch where you’re going!- Sorry Jeep. You know what-

[call waiting]

Jeep – Hey I have another call can you hold on?

Keegan – Just call me back when you get a chance, I forgot something in my car.

Jeep – Alright, bye- and thanks!

[switches line]

Jeep – Hey Jarrah.

Jarrah (on phone) – Hey, umm how’s everything?

Jeep – Perfect so far.

Jarrah – Does my dad look happy? he’s not stressed out is he?

Jeep – No, he’s good. He remembered his lines and everything.

Jarrah – Oh good…. so like he’s not upset that I’m not there?

Jeep – No, he said you were sick and didn’t wanna give anyone your germs.

Jarrah – I’m not sick..

Jeep – I know, so what’s really the problem?

Jarrah – If I tell you.. you can’t tell my dad, or anyone there.

Jeep – What about Trey?

Jarrah – Trey’s there? aww crap… I should be there…

Jeep – Well what’s wrong?

Jarrah – You know what? Lets have breakfast in the morning… see who all wants to come.. Me, you, Trey, Kaori.. Keegan…

Jeep – Frankie?

Jarrah – She doesn’t usually want to participate?

Jeep – Its not that.. its just awkward being around Kaori, and she rather not have drama.

Jarrah – She has the right idea because I’m about sick of Drama.

Jeep – I’ll convince her to come if you do me a favor.

Jarrah – I’m really not in a good mood Jeepy….

Jeep – Christine and I made it official…

Jarrah – Like as in, you guys are dating now?

Jeep – Yeah.

Jarrah – Congrats!

Jeep – She’s never been on a real date before so I want to make it extra special for her.

Jarrah – ….Okay.. what can I do?

Jeep – I need you to do her hair, and makeup?… let her borrow a dress or something?

Jarrah – …..Hmm… okay I can do that. It won’t take up too much time.

Jeep – Thanks so much Jarrah, you’re the best cousin ever.

Jarrah – Text her and tell her I’m coming.

Jeep – Alright!- but hey…

Jarrah – Yes?

Jeep – Are you going to be okay?

Jarrah – I guess, maybe?… I don’t know. We’ll talk about it over breakfast. I’m gonna look through the closet for a couple of dresses now. Gotta go.

Jeep – Thanks again Jarrah. I love you!

Jarrah – Love you too Jeep- Oh and this may be random but umm… spend more time with Collin okay? he’s going through some stuff, and its not like he has Byron.

Jeep – Umm.. yeah- okay yeah I can do that- hey before you go!

Jarrah – Hmm?

Jeep – Did you know Micah was talking to a new girl?

Jarrah – I did not…

Jeep – Yeah she’s here- she’s Zoey’s teacher. She’s really nice.

Jarrah – Awww, that’s good to hear. Glad he’s finally over Andi….

Jeep – Right.

Jarrah – Gotta go now Jeep, these dresses aren’t gonna find themselves.

Jeep – Right! sorry- thanks a million!

Jarrah – No problem…

Okay… I wonder what happened with Jarrah? I mean I almost feel guilty about asking her to help Christine, but I do want Christine to feel comfortable, and not awkward. Jarrah helped her once, and she seems like the perfect person to do it again. Oh my god, what if she and Orion broke up? ugh I hope not. She really liked that guy- well maybe it has to do with Collin too? that was so random of her to ask me to make time for him… wonder what’s eating him? No time to think, I need to call Christine. Hopefully she’ll be okay with Jarrah helping her again. I won’t make a habit of this.. its just for tonight. I want it to be perfect. Later guys.

(POV Jarrah) [2 Hours Later]

If I’m being honest, I really didn’t feel like going over to help Christine. At the same time… when we did her hair, and got her dressed, I saw a look on her face that warmed my heart. She felt really pretty, and she actually gave me a hug. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing getting out of my head for a while. Whatever the case, I’m home now. I took a nice relaxing bubble bath and tried to clear my head. Did it work?… no. I’m still really upset at everything that happened today.

Jarrah – I told you everything as soon as you got in, I didn’t even ask how your day was.

Lola – Oh, its okay. Umm.. my day was decent….

Jarrah – That’s good, how was the meeting?

Lola – I actually spoke today..

Jarrah – You did? oh my god I wish I could have been there!

Lola – You had a lot to do today, I don’t want your life being put on hold while I get help. Besides… I need to learn how to go to these meetings alone.

Jarrah – How did you feel after you spoke?

Lola – I felt great, I didn’t feel like I was being judged.

Jarrah – Good.

Lola – After that.. I went to my kickboxing class. Which was fun.. I feel like buffy or whatever. On my way home.. something amazing happened after.

Jarrah – Hmm?

Lola – Jayson called me.

That’s right.. Jayson is totally into her…. hmm I wonder if he heard about what happened today with his sister and I. Its hilarious that Brittany thinks Jayson is into her…

Jarrah – Ooooooooh

Lola – He asked me out.

Jarrah – Nice! are you gonna go?

Lola – Umm.. I told him I’d think about it- just cause I’m getting better, I don’t want added pressure to be perfect you know? not that I’m saying he’s like that-

Jarrah – No I get it.

Lola – I’m sorry you’re having such a bad day…

Jarrah – Yeah…..

Lola – I heard you on the phone a minute ago.. who were you talking to? your mom?

Jarrah – Oh no, Victoria called me.

Lola – Did she offer you your job back?

Jarrah – Not exactly. She explained that rules are rules, but she doesn’t think I should be fired. She said she talked to Taylor, and the best she could do is demote me…. where I work at the front desk. That or moved to L.A. and work in her building there. Obviously I’m not moving to L.A…. so… yeah.

Lola – What does she mean by front desk? like a receptionist?

Jarrah – Yep.. and work my way back up.

Lola – Oh god..

Jarrah – I told her no thank you…. for whatever reason I just couldn’t take the offer. Especially knowing that Victoria isn’t returning to that office. Taylor is officially sticking around, so that means so is Brittany. This is the thing though, I understand what, and why Taylor did what she did. I’m not gonna villainize her, when I know I broke the rules. My only issue is… she didn’t for a second want to believe anything I said. Which.. is ridiculous.

Lola – Well that’s her bestfriend.. so.. you know how that goes.

Jarrah – All of that.. plus the Collin stuff.. I’m just tired…

Lola – Yeah that was rough…

Jarrah – I tell you.. I’m done hitting people.. I’ve turned into Kaori… and she’s the reserved one now. What kind of twisted reality is this.

Lola – Well its not like you didn’t have reasons for it- Hey what did O’ say?

Jarrah – I cannot reach him. I texted him, and I got on skype.

Lola – He’s probably just busy.

Jarrah – Yeah, and maybe it was the universe telling me not to bother him with my crap.

Lola – Maybe- I’ll be right back. I had pasta with garlic, and I’m in need of a serious tongue scraping and teeth brushing.

Jarrah – I’ll be here…


Jarrah – Umm?

Lola – You get it, its your house too. If its for me, just tell them I’ll be right out.

Jarrah – Alrighty.

Jarrah – Elena- umm.. hey.

Elena – …………..Hi.

Jarrah – Is everything okay?

Elena – Can I come in?

Jarrah – Umm…. sure?

God, here we go. I already know why she’s here. Collin must have ended things so now she wants to come crying to me. I swear if she ask me to get them back together I’m gonna have to be brutally honest, and hurt her feelings or something.

Elena – Its cold out here.

Jarrah – Have you been crying?

Dumb question, her makeup looks atrocious.. clearly she’s been crying.

Elena – Am I coming inside or what?

Jarrah – Yeah, yeah come on in.

Elena – You are the worst person I have ever met Jarrah Folland!

Jarrah – Wait a minute.. what did-

Elena – I saw you with Collin at the football field!

Jarrah – If you saw us then you should know that I didn’t like what he did!

Elena – You called me names, you called me crazy! that’s why he broke up with me!

Okay so its batshit crazy time..

Jarrah – No he broke up with you because of how you act. It has nothing to do with me!

Elena – It has everything to do with you! clearly he’s still in love with you.. and you love that don’t you?!

Jarrah – Elena, I’m not in the mood for this.. get out of my house.

Elena – Not until you admit that you secretly plotted against me! this has been your plan the whole time!

Jarrah – Get out Elena!

Elena – NO! *grabs wrist* TELL ME THE TRUTH!

Jarrah – Elena what’s wrong with you?!


Jarrah – You’re hurting me! get off before I hit you!

Elena – Why have you been plotting against me?

Jarrah – Elena, you sound crazy!

Elena – That’s what you want him to think! you want everyone to think I’m nuts!

Jarrah – Elena stop it, if you want to talk we can but-

Elena – What is it about you? is it your stupid half and half ethnicity? asian persuasion? is it your big fucking breast? I have breast too Jarrah!

Jarrah – Elena this is getting a little rapey I don’t have any clothes on- get the hell off of me!

Elena – I hate you so much! I hate you! I hate me!

Jarrah – You clearly need help! let me help you!

Elena – Why did you do this to me? Why did you want Collin all for yourself?

Jarrah – I don’t like Collin like that!

Elena – His mother was sick and he didn’t tell me. All he cares about is you! its because you flaunt yourself around him!

Jarrah – I can’t! with you! you’re fucking crazy!

Elena – Maybe if I choke you to death he won’t be so into you! he won’t want to fuck a dead girl!

Jarrah – Okay- hell no! LOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elena – My name is Elena!!!! *chokes Jarrah*

Lola – Hiyah!

Elena – *gets kicked*

Jarrah – *coughing* oh my god! she was choking me!

Lola – Holy shit is she did? oh my god did I kill her?!

Jarrah – No she’s still breathing!

Lola – Why didn’t you kick her ass Jarrah?!

Jarrah – One, I was naked! and two, I told you I didn’t want to hit anyone else

Lola – But she was hurting you

Jarrah – I didn’t feel right hitting her. She’s- something is wrong with her…

Elena – *crying* Jarrah?

Jarrah – Elena?

Elena – Where are we?

Lola – What the heck?

Jarrah – We’re at my house Elena..

Elena – I don’t remember coming here… 

Jarrah – Its okay Elena…

Elena – Why does my face hurt?

Jarrah – Elena… you attacked me…

Elena – Why would I do that? you’re my friend? *crying* Oh no.. its happening again… I messed up again.

Lola – Do I call the cops or-

Jarrah – Maybe we should call Lars-

Elena – No, don’t call my brother… *crying* he’s going to be so upset with me…

Lola – I don’t know what-

Jarrah – Call the ambulance?

Elena – *crying* Why did this happen again.. I was doing so good… I don’t even remember what I did to you..

Jarrah – Its gonna be okay Elena..

Elena – You must hate me!- oh my god did I do something to Collin? is that why he broke up with me? did I tell you he broke up with me? I don’t remember why.. I can’t remember.

Jarrah – Its okay Elena, we’re gonna get you some help.

Elena – What about Collin?

Jarrah – Just relax Elena, Collin is fine

I think

Lola – I could call him for you? where is your phone?

Jarrah – Its in the living room. Call him and tell him to meet us at the hospital.

Elena – Jarrah I think I want you to call my brother.. I’m scared..

Jarrah – Okay, we’ll call Lars… everything is gonna be okay.

Oh my god…. just when you thought the day couldn’t get any worse.. this happens. Whatever this is.. its happened before apparently. Elena is clearly having some mental breakdown or something. Maybe me joking about her being off her meds isn’t exactly that off. Maybe there’s something I don’t know about her… if she is on- well off meds.. this for sure makes me wonder things about Lars because I know he sold prescription pills…  I can’t play detective right now. I have to get Elena some help. I need to make sure Collin’s okay, and I need to call Lars. He’s her brother.. he’ll know what to do.

(POV Jeep)

What a perfect night for a pretty girl’s first date. Jarrah really did a good job helping Christine. She looks gorgeous. In case you’re wondering where we are… we’re on top of the school. We have a roof garden, so I thought it would be a great spot for a romantic date. I figured with everything Christine has been through that she deserves a great night. Something to remember. I couldn’t have pulled it off without help from Keegan, and Javier- Trey too.. he made the food.

Jeep – You look beautiful.

Christine – I feel pretty *smiles*

Jeep – So are you surprised?

Christine – Very, how did you pull this off with such a busy day?

Jeep – Friends…

Christine – This is beautiful..

Jeep – Yeah, I’ve heard rumors of students coming up here and having sex- not that I planned that or anything.

Christine – ….Maybe.

Jeep – Oh… okay *laughs*

Christine – ……. I don’t want to take anything back, but just for a piece of mind.. I’d like to know why things didn’t work out with Frankie.

Jeep – Its simple, I read the signs wrong… and it took something happening with a friend of ours for me to realize she’s the best friend to have in those situations. That we’re all a big family and I didn’t want that to change. I realized I was stupid, and the feeling of her really caring about me, messed with my head. I’m not in love with Frankie, I just simply love who she is.

Christine – ……..Okay…. well… what do you love about me?

Jeep – Everything… even our really twisted history. Its unique, and different. You’re different, you’re like no one I’ve ever met. I’m peanut butter, and you’re jelly. We make so much sense, and I was so stupid to not have realized it.

Christine – Well it didn’t help that I was pushing you off on other girls… insecurities suck ass.

Jeep – Tell me about it.

Christine – So burgers huh?

Jeep – Yeah Trey thought burgers and fries would be the easiest thing to put together on short notice.

Christine – I don’t see any fries?

Jeep – Oh he wanted to make garlic fries, but ran out of time.

Christine – Well these look all fancy…

Jeep – Yeah he took containers from his job to put them in..

Christine – You have a really cool group of friends.

Jeep – So do you…

Christine – I guess we’re lucky.

Jeep – Yeah- speaking of which… Jules….

Christine – Oh… yeah… I don’t know.. I kinda feel used… you know?

Jeep – Yeah, its just weird.

Christine – I won’t hold a grudge though…

Jeep – Enough about her… do you want to eat?

Christine – Umm.. and ruin this dress?

Jeep – Jarrah can get it cleaned-

Christine – Oh its mine now, she told me I could keep it.

Jeep – Oh wow!

Christine – She told me that I looked better in it than she ever did- which is a lie.. she’s gorgeous, but I appreciate it. Your cousin has such a big heart. Such a nice girl.

Jeep – She really is.

Christine – Must be nice to have nice family like that… So changing the subject a little. Did you win?

Jeep – Win what?

Christine – The film project you told me about?

Jeep – Oh no, I didn’t stand a chance after my laptop was stolen to be honest.

Christine – Is your partner bummed out?

Jeep – Umm.. No.. consider he was the one who took the laptop and gave it to Austin.. 

Christine – So he purposely sabotaged you guys… lemme guess.. Austin’s his friend?

Jeep – Yep..

Christine – Sucks.. its hard trusting people.

Jeep – What makes it worst is that Austin and Rubi won the damn prize..

Christine – That does suck…

Jeep – Yeah, but I think I win in the end.

Christine – How so?

Jeep – Because I got you.

Christine – Corny… but cute… *smiles*

Jeep – Come with me.

Christine – Umm where?

Jeep – No questions…

Christine – Alright…

{Press Play}

Jeep – Time to do something corny, and I don’t care.

Christine – Oh god… 

Jeep – Yup.. we’re dancing… and I’m not taking no for an answer

So focused on making it the best night of her life, I didn’t realize how much this means to me as well. I have gone through way too much stuff when its come to girls, and for once… I was winning? I.. Jonah Folland.. was winning, and my prize was Christine… who was the most beautiful girl in the world to me. This night was perfect, and I didn’t feel nervous or anything. She really seemed like she was enjoying herself too.

Christine – *laughs*

Jeep – Spin time!

Christine – I can’t believe you have me dancing on a roof garden.

Jeep – You love it

Christine – …..I do..

Jeep – See you are a girl!

Christine – Oh shut up.. ….. You… you’re… great.

Jeep – I’m great?

Christine – Yes…

Jeep – You’re great…

Christine – I know….

Jeep – Oh you do?

Christine – Yeah, I’m fucking amazing.

Jeep – *laughs* okay.

Christine – Its so funny…

Jeep – Hmm?

Christine – I remember when I first saw you.

Jeep – Oh at the skate park.

Christine – I didn’t tell you this, but I saw you before that. Raven and I were on our way to meet the gang at the skate park.. We went to get some candy from the store, and out the window.. I saw you and Aries walk by. I thought to myself.. wow he’s goofy looking.. but kinda cute. So when you guys got to the skate park.. I was thinking, I wonder if they’ll come over, and talk to us.

Jeep – And we did…

Christine – I purposely gave you a hard time too. I said.. umm “Can……..we………like……..help you?” and then Aries said- “I’m Aries”

Jeep – Oh yeah, then Raven said “Like the god of war”

Christine – You guys asked us out, and we said yeah.. met up later.. and *laughs* You told me why people call you Jeep.

Jeep – Yeah.. and you didn’t run the other way thinking I was a pervy loser.

Christine – Your honesty made me like you more.

Jeep – I see nothing has changed.

Christine – *smirks* right…

Jeep – You remember when I filmed you? and you accused me of using it to jerk off later?

Christine – Are you saying you did?

Jeep – No, but I watched it before I went to bed. I kept thinking.. I could see myself with her..

Christine – I was so.. moody, and bitchy when we met.

Jeep – You flirted too… 

Christine – I was so into you… I just kinda had to push myself a way from you though.

Jeep – Right, and obviously we both know why that was…

Christine – But that’s all over now.. and now we can be together…

Jeep – *smiles*

Christine – Its usually the guy who says things like this, but… I kinda loved you the first time I saw you.

Jeep – So its fitting that we end up slow dancing on this roof then….

Christine – I hate you for turning me into such a girl… This is the best first date I have ever been on.

Jeep – I guess I kinda fucked myself for future dates huh? how do I top this?

Christine – Nah.. not at all.. but.. I do wish I could capture this moment-

Jeep – Give me your phone.

Christine – Are you taking a picture?

Jeep – Even better…. I’m recording a video….

Christine – I don’t have instagram…

Jeep – Well I’ll take a pic, and a video.. and you can create an account and post it as your first post..

Christine – Oh god am I gonna become one of those “but first… lemme take a selfie” type girls?

Jeep – Who knows- okay picture time.

Christine – Okay… go.

[snaps picture]

Jeep – Don’t we look cute..

Christine – Wow.. we really do…

Jeep – Okay lets record something.. 3….2…..1… go.

[presses record]

Jeep – Hey! Its me.. Jeep…well Jonah.. its Jonah.. and I’m here.. with the prettiest girl ever.. MY girlfriend.. Christine… we’re on our first official date as a couple-

Christine – My first official date ever.. how lame…

Jeep – I love this girl, she’s great

Christine – Oh my god stop.. *laughs*

Jeep – Say something great about me.

Christine – Jonah’s my dream guy, and I hope we’re together for a long time..

Jeep – Forever.

Christine – *laughs* okay stop recording

Jeep – Later! we’re gonna have sex on the roof!

Christine – He’s lying!…. sorta!

[stops recording]

Jeep – *laughs* That is going to be so embarrassing years from now.

Christine – Oh I have 4 missed calls.

Jeep – Everyone know’s you’re out with me right?

Christine – Yea.. hmm they’re all from Ethan Ethan…

Jeep – Call him.

Christine – ….Hey Ethan?

Ethan Ethan – Where have you been?

Christine – On my date remember?- you’re on speakerphone by the way… what’s going on?

Ethan Ethan – Its really bad Christine..

Christine – What’s bad?

Ethan Ethan – I’m at your shop, and I was waiting for Raven.. she made a bad turn and there was an accident

Jeep – Oh my god…

Christine – IS RAVEN OKAY?!

Ethan Ethan – 3 people were involved in the accident.. Raven’s not moving.. the paramedics are here… 

Christine – Oh my god I’m coming!

Ethan Ethan – No no… you- wait… wait hold on…

Jeep – Ethan, do you-

Ethan Ethan – Oh my god…. 

Christine – What?!

Ethan Ethan – Okay okay Raven’s not dead… but.. she’s not conscious either according to one of the- HOLY SHIT!


Christine – Ethan what’s going on?

Ethan Ethan – Someone is dead… a student from your school Jonah…. oh my god… and the other guy in the accident is- he was the mayor? Mayor Robinson-

Jeep – Oh my god! Trey’s dad! is he-

Ethan Ethan – oh my god they put the sheet over the body.. I can’t believe this happened, Raven will not forgive herself for this.. they’re dead!- HEY! PARAMEDIC! I’m family! I need to go with you!- guys I gotta go, meet me at the hospital.


[Ethan hangs up]

Christine – …..he’s gone……

Jeep – *breathing heavy* Christine I’m- I can’t breathe

Christine – *crying* We have to go I fucking told her not to buy that fucking bike!

Someone from my school is dead, Raven’s unconscious, and Trey’s dad is hurt?… I don’t know what to do! I need to call Trey! I… oh my god, this is the worst thing that could have ever happened! Ethan was so confusing! Raven was in an accident, Trey’s dad is hurt or.. dead? I- I don’t know who Ethan meant when he said they put the sheet over them! I can’t breathe!.. and someone else is dead from my school- I don’t know who. What if its Kaori, or Frankie? Keegan? *sigh* Someone else close to me? It could be anyone.. I’m fucking freaking out I need to hold it together for Christine, but I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack..

~End Of Chapter Six Pt. 1 | Chapter Six Pt. 2 is Next~



  1. :O :O :O!!!!! OMG!!! Just when things were all sweet and romantic this happens. I really hope Trey’s dad is alright! I was worried at first thinking Jarrah was in the accident because she was on her way to the hospital too. And somebody’s dead. Who is it??? I’m nervous lol. There was already enough to stress over like how much of a douchebag Kingston is to help Austin. It doesn’t get any lower than that. Jeep sure was good at keeping his composure throughout that whole thing. I knew how much the project meant to him :(. It’s not fair, he should have won! And he probably would have if it weren’t for Austin and Kingston.

    What else is is there to stress over :D…..Oh right! That ugly situation with Jarrah and Brittany. Brittany is a disgusting little racist! I can’t blame Jarrah for getting upset. It’s funny though because the first thing I thought when she attacked Brittany was, “Whoa Kaori is really rubbing off on her!” LOL. And then she goes and smacks Collin too :p. I have to admit that I laughed. He deserved that one lol. It reminded me of something that recently happened in a Youtube vlog (Latoya Forever/Latoya’s Life) when one of Latoya’s male friends kissed his female “friend” at a cookout without her consent. People are still debating on whether or not she enjoyed it because she didn’t slap him like Jarrah did :p. Anyway back to the story. I shouldn’t have read this part close to bedtime because I’m probably going to have nightmares about Elena showing up at my door. SHE IS CRAZY!!!! I was scared she was going to stab Jarrah or something when I saw she was at the door. Yikes! I guess I shouldn’t call her crazy though since she obviously has a mental problem. Still, that is scary!! :p. Great job as always!! I can’t wait until the next one!!

    1. Sorry for late reply doll 🙂

      Okay… so.. wow when I first started this season, I knew sooner or later this part was gonna be posted. I kinda dreaded it because once it happened.. it was all too final. Writing all of the previous chapters/parts was fine but this one.. Its the beginning of some hard stuff…. Someone is dead…. and what doesn’t help is Ethan was kinda confusing when talking so is Jordan dead? is the GCU student dead? who’s dead? how’s Raven?… all this will be answered in the next part.

      Far as Jarrah goes… you can only put up with racism and ignorance for so long. Its just like homophobia.. dealing with that gets annoying an sooner or later a person snaps and punches people (i know this from experience) Jarrah’s day didn’t get any better lol.. Poor Collin made a stupid move and got smacked.. physically and verbally… and then we learn about Collin’s mom Suzy and her health… just a bad day. Night wasn’t any better with Elena going all psycho! what is her problem?….. lol….. you’ll find out soon.

      Its crazy because… all of the sadness and twisted shit that happened in this part.. ITS NOT OVER…. The next one has some stuff too..

      Thanks for the compliment about me doing a good job. It means a lot!.. I wrote this season a certain way because guess what? at the end… there is a 1 year time jump! so when season 3 starts it will be 1 year later….. with some changes for half the main cast!

      Sidenote : Youtube Vlogers are so funny.. I subscribe to quite a few myself.

      Also as far as the next update goes… I have 6 of 7 scenes completed picture wise… this week I have the cable man coming to replace my DVR box.. then Thursday I’m doing a favor for someone.. Friday is bbq day. So I’ll probably just take the pictures for the last scene of Trey & Kaori Saturday.. draft Sunday.. and start writing Monday. Hopefully the update will be up by the end of next week. Sorry about the wait lol.. I’d imagine with an ending like the one above you’d want answers haha… soon though. 🙂

      I love your comments, thanks for always sharing them. Check back for the update next week.

      ETA : “The Legend of Korra” book 3 started last week incase you didn’t know. It was a 1hr and 30 minute special of 3 episodes. I assumed they did it that way because this friday is 4th of july so they won’t show a new episode then. It was AMAZING! I’m loving the direction of the new season!

  2. Uh oh have you been fighting people?? lol. As for Korra, I happened to turn the tv on at the end of one of the premiere episodes and was like….whaaaaaaaaaaat?!!?? Korra is back???? I didn’t want any spoilers so I managed to find them online somewhere the next day and watched all 3 :D. I must say I ‘m impressed with how the new season is going too. And I’m SO glad to see Zuko in this one!!!

    1. Happy 4th of July!!!

      And yes! Korra was amazing last week! the direction looks fun, and its all about continuity.. I’m guessing what happened last season is causing all sorts of new issues. Boomie is a air-bender yay lol. Also Zuko! I bet he’s even more badass than he was before. I wonder if that chick with the 3rd eye that’s in the prison is related to him or azula somehow!

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