{BnG Season 2} Chapter Five Part 3 : “The Desolation of Circumstances”

_______________{Conclusion Of Chapter Five}_______________

Chapter Five | Pt. 3 The Desolation of Circumstances

-POV’s : Frankie Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Frankie)

So… I missed a few things, but Jeep got me up to date. Kaori news.. Paisley is getting money, and Byron is leaving. Keegan, still dealing with Scott’s shady ass. Rhys rejected him, and of course… what happened with Zoey’s mom. I just can’t believe the order of this crap that is happening- Oh! I almost forgot.. Trey called me this morning, and told me everything about Dominic, and Aries. Lets talk about these things. The way I feel about Kaori is… complicated. I want to be there for her, but she’s made it obvious on more than one occasion that she doesn’t want or need me around. I can’t keep trying to talk to her only to be cursed out. I feel bad for the situation, both the Paisley thing, and the Byron thing.. but what would be the point of me trying to be there for her when she doesn’t want me there?

 As far as Keegan goes, I don’t think he’s ever been rejected before.. so that must feel… weird for him. I don’t know why Rhys would reject him either- but to be honest I’m sure she has her reasons. Everyone has stuff that they have dealt with in the past. Stuff that makes them more cautious about the present. He’ll be okay, besides he has more important things to worry about. The fact that Scott is cheating on his dad. Not to mention that Zoey found out her mom was dead while watching the news, which is horrible. Hopefully Kaori, Keegan, Joy and Kaitlyn can really make her feel loved. Its a messed up situation-

Ivy – Umm………….Frankie?……did you hear me??

Frankie – I’m sorry what did you say?

Ivy – I was gonna ask- wait…….. I just rather wait until we get past those two first-

Frankie – Who- oh Hammer, and Chace?

Ivy – Yeah, because I don’t need them hearing my question, and possibly your answer.

Frankie – I see…


Hammer – Then what is it?

Chace – Nothing….

Hammer – Chace I know, you haven’t always been able to talk to me in the past… but-

Chace – You were closed off Chad, so you’re right.. we didn’t talk about a lot of shit when we were growing up..

Hammer – …..Something happened to me, that changed me…

Chace – Well I went through a change too… I’m gay.

Hammer – Obviously…

Chace – And I couldn’t talk to you about it.

Hammer – So let me be the big brother now, that I should have been then. What’s wrong? tell me…

Chace – I don’t know..

Hammer – Is it about a boy?

Chace – ……..

Hammer – Do you love this guy?

Chace – It doesn’t matter….. he’s taken….

Hammer – Whoever it is… you gotta tell him how you feel dude…

Chace – But that could ruin shit….

Hammer – Walk with me to the field. Tell me more about this.. cause trust me baby bro.. I know what its like to want someone who’s unavailable.

Chace – …Fine…


Ivy – Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah?

Ivy – So I thought maybe Chace and Trey were.. you know.

Frankie – Right.

Ivy – They seem into each other. Chace is usually all up on him.

Frankie – *laughs*

Ivy – But… then I saw something.

Frankie – Okay?.. spit it out girl…

Ivy – Umm…. is Trey… was Trey seeing Aries?

Oh god

Frankie – What? no.

Ivy – Hmm..

Frankie – Ivy… why are you asking this? are people assuming that? because-

Ivy – I was on a- out………… with Tyena…

Frankie – You hesitated… were you guys on a date?

Ivy – Umm… It didn’t feel that way at first, but then..- we got off subject.. I’ll give you those details later.

Frankie – Only if you want.

I see Tyena wasted no time…. good for her though. She clearly know’s what she wants now.

Ivy – So umm.. We were at Eve’s… and Trey went into the bathroom…. Aries ran out crying… and my intuition says… they either dated or-

Frankie – ….. As far as I know…. Aries is a heterosexual male… and they’re friends. Maybe they had a fight and they’re not anymore?

Ivy – Frankie?

Frankie – Yes?

Ivy – …..You’re very loyal. You’re a good friend.

Frankie – …..I try to be.

Ivy – I know you’re lying, but the fact that you’re so loyal.. it makes me like you even more.

Frankie – I-

Ivy – I get it.. say no more…. things are always complicated. My lips are sealed.

Frankie – ….. So….  do you have a crazy schedule today?

Ivy – Not too crazy.. I have a night class though.

Frankie – Ah.

I tried… but Aries, and Trey clearly wasn’t careful. Good thing it was Ivy who noticed something, and not anyone else.

As you know Dominic is my friend. He’s smart, cute, and has a very strong personality. When it comes to him versus Aries… I have to say I’m team Dominic all the way. He’s treating Trey like he deserves, and he’s not in the closet either- no offense to Aries of course. When I spoke to Trey earlier, he was freaking out, because he didn’t end up telling Dominic due to the stuff that happened with Zoey. I told him to just tell him, because at the end of the day… you picked him. You didn’t leave with Aries… so you’re good. He said Jarrah said the same thing- 

Oh yeah! I almost forgot… Jeep, and Jarrah. Jeep, and the nude pictures, and the bullying from Austin. That really pissed me off. Jeep doesn’t bother anyone, so I don’t understand why Austin would do this. If its because he’s not with Spirit right now, that’s not Jeep’s fault. Clearly Spirit didn’t want to get back with him.. move the hell on instead of pulling stupid high school crap. Then Jarrah- to be honest her situation isn’t that bad.. she left the sorority house- you know what… Jarrah has it good these days… so yeah I’ll exclude her in this. Hopefully things continue to be good for her. She’s the-

Ivy – By the way…. I didn’t mean to put you in a weird position with the Aries thing…

Frankie – Its fine…

Ivy – Frankie, you and I have been through a lot.. and now we’re pretty much sisters-

Frankie – If our dads end up married, then it’ll be official.

Ivy – Right, and I hope that you see me as a sister, someone you can trust.

Frankie – I do….

Ivy – I promise you I won’t say anything.. I won’t tell a soul.

Frankie – Not even Tyena?

Ivy – *laughs* ….. of course not.

Frankie – Okay…

Ivy – Trey means a lot to me.. both he and Tyler… I’m finally having a relationship with them. I wouldn’t dare mess it up.

Frankie – Aww

Ivy – Kalia’s the last BAD relationship I want to have.. whether its friendship or anything else.

Frankie – I understand.

Ivy – You know… I feel like it was a date with Tyena I swear…

Frankie – Do you like her?

Ivy – She’s really nice.

Frankie – She is.

Ivy – And pretty.

Frankie – Yeah.

Ivy – But I don’t know.. I just ended things with Kalia- and for all I know.. it could have just been her trying to make me feel better. I could be reading all the signs wrong.

Frankie – That’s a possibility… but its also possible that she’s into you. Only way to find out is to ask.

Ivy – Again… not sure if that’s something I even want right now.

Frankie – I’m not going to tell you what to do… I just don’t think rushing into a new relationship is the answer though.

Ivy – That’s not because you’re into Tyena?

Frankie – What?

Ivy – You guys seemed into each other when we went to the club.

Frankie – I am 100% not into Tyena.

Ivy – *laughs* Oh god.. that night. I can’t believe I attacked someone.. so unlike-


Priscilla – Are you serious?! She told me 11am! this is the second time…

Woman at Desk – I’m sorry but she’s not in right now. Can I-

Priscilla – No- no you can’t help me… *sigh* So do I just sit here and wait? do you know what time she usually comes in?

Woman at Desk – I just got here…. so…

Priscilla – Great… we were supposed to look at my transcripts and- You know what… nevermind.. I’ll just sit here…

Woman at Desk – Okay….


Ivy – *looks at Frankie*

Frankie – *looks at Ivy*

Both – Mrs. Delarosa…

She’s never in the main office when you need her. Let me help the poor girl.

Frankie – Hey

Priscilla – Umm.. Hi?

Ivy – Are you new?

Priscilla – Yeah.. getting ready to transfer for my final year..

Ivy – Ah okay..

Frankie – I’m Frankie, and this is Ivy.

Priscilla – Well Hi to both of you.. I’m Priscilla.. Priscilla Kane..

Frankie – If you’re looking for Mrs. Delarosa… the best time to catch her is at 9:30am.. even without an appointment…. also she has lunch at the GCU diner everyday around 2pm.

Priscilla – Wow, thanks.

Ivy – We all have issues with her… gotta just learn her schedule.

Frankie – Yep.

Priscilla – Well thanks guys, I’ll just come back in the morning.

Frankie – No problem, helping people is what I do.

I sound like my sister. She’s so quick to be like “Yeah Frankie.. fuck that bullshit. I focus on work.. I’m saving lives” *laughs* … she’s right.. she is saving lives at the hospital she works at but still its funny when she says it.

Priscilla – Well…. I appreciate it. I don’t really know anyone here so…

Ivy – *clears throat*

Frankie – Well you’re more than welcome to ask me anything. If you need help-

Priscilla – Is it okay if we talk later? I’m going to run and catch up with my friend who tagged along with me to GloCity…

Frankie – Oh?- umm sure? here’s my num-

Priscilla – Lets just grab some food?, unless you have like a book club meeting or something?

Frankie – Umm.. no I’m free?

Priscilla – I promise I’m not a crazy person. I just want to get the info on this campus.

Frankie – *laughs*

Priscilla – Well okay.. do you have anywhere in mind?

Frankie – Hmm.. lets see… umm-

Ivy – There’s this really cool place called The Sphere.

Frankie – Oh yeah..

Priscilla – Thanks Inga, lets meet there then Frankie?

Ivy – ……Ivy…..

Priscilla – Sorry.

Frankie – Okay… it’ll have to be after this meeting I’m having-

Priscilla – That’s fine.. just text me.

Ivy – *clears throat*

Frankie – Will do.

Ivy – *coughs*

Priscilla – See ya then, and Ivy is it?

Ivy – Yes?

Priscilla – You may want to get some lemon tea.. stat.

Ivy – …………………………….Right.

Frankie – Well I should get going.

Priscilla – Okay.. see ya.

Well that was interesting I guess.

Priscilla – *talking on phone* Hey Milk.. yeah… she wasn’t here again.. where are you? where did you wander off to?- What the hell? why are you THERE??

Ivy – Wow…

Frankie – I have some halls in my dorm room for your throat-

Ivy – Oh I’m fine.

Frankie – You were coughing, and clearing your throat a lot.

Ivy – Yeah to make my presence known. She totally invited you to dinner, and I was just standing there like hello! me too!

Frankie – I’m sure she meant both of us-

Ivy – Sweetie… No.

Frankie – I’ll go ask-

Ivy – NO!!! don’t make me look socially retarded…

Frankie – *laughs* Its fine.. just come with-

Ivy – No thanks.. I got that night class anyway… an invite would have been nice though.

Frankie – I’m sure she didn’t mean to exclude you.

Ivy – Its okay either way.

Frankie – You sure?

Ivy – Yes….. she was cute huh?

Frankie – Umm I guess?

Ivy – How did you not notice?

Frankie – I notice these things, but its not- I don’t know..

Ivy – If I didn’t know any better… I’d think you never got off-

Frankie – *laughs* What did you just say?

Ivy – Like… orgasm..

Frankie – I’ve had plenty.. I just had one this morning.

Ivy – With who?!

Frankie – ……………….Myself, Ivy.

Ivy – Oh cool! I didn’t have time this morning….  and l-o-l… I’m trying to imagine you doing that-

Frankie – Ivy! that’s incest!

Ivy – Oh my god, we’re not even really sisters *laughs*

Frankie – I know, I’m just messing with you *laughs*

Ivy – You’re a mess… I’m gonna get to class. Talk to you later.

Frankie – Alright, bye.

Ivy – Bye sis!

Frankie – *laughs*

Well… now time to get to my first interview of the day. Penny Schwartz, and Rhys Kelley. Remember I’m writing that article for my job about the women of tomorrow? Young women who are making waves, in writing, medicine, and a bunch of other things. Hopefully its not awkward since I’m friends with Keegan… 

I finally got settled in one of the smaller library rooms on campus. Both Rhys and Penny were waiting for me. At first I thought I was late, then I realized they were just early. God.. sometimes Rhys reminds me of Mona. I wonder if that’s what attracted Keegan to her?- That is a morbid thought…. though I mean… Its a fair question isn’t it? It could easily be something done unintentionally.

Frankie – So.. again thanks for doing this ladies.

Rhys – No problem. I’m happy to-

Penny – Are you a lesbian?

Frankie – What?

Penny – Its just… I’ve never seen you with a guy on campus, and Keegan said you and him were just friends-

Frankie – Does my sexuality matter?

Penny – Not one bit- but.. I’m just curious. My brother is homosexual, so I’m not a homophobic person or anything. God I should hush, my inquisitive nature sometimes gets the best of me.

Rhys – I am so sorry about that Frankie-

Frankie – I like people…..

Penny – Oh? so bi…

Rhys – Penny!

Penny – Sorry!

Frankie – Its fine, I’m not offended.

Penny – Good! I think its great. Me personally I can’t imagine going down and doing that with another woman but- I talk too much.

Rhys – Ya think?

Frankie – *laughs* Its fine. So… Umm-

Penny – Have you seen the scandalous picture?

Frankie – What picture?

Penny – GCU Loser Exposed. That guy who’s nudes-

Frankie – He’s a close friend… 

Penny – I’m sorry!- I didn’t mean- He’s cute…. I didn’t mean that the pictures looked bad-

Rhys – How did they get out there anyway? you said he’s your friend.. he must have had some idea-

Frankie – A bully…. umm.. Austin Matthews. He has it out for him… over a girl.

Penny – Ooooh

Frankie – Keegan wants to kick his ass but-

Rhys – How’s Keegan?

Frankie – Oh- he’s… umm… he’s okay.

Rhys – I saw on the news.. about little Zoey’s birth mother…

Frankie – Have you tried calling him? or just talking to him in general?

Rhys – I… don’t think that’s a good idea.

Frankie – Why not?

Rhys – Because I… he’s just- I don’t trust myself with him, and he deserves someone who’s- you know what.. I don’t-

Penny – Rhys has a irrational fear of losing herself in a guy. She does not trust them.. therefore whenever she grows feelings for one.. she’s afraid he’ll hurt her. Scars from her past never healed-

Rhys – Gee thanks Penny.

Penny – You’re welcome.

Frankie – …..I see… Keegan’s a great guy. He’s really strong, and we all have our stories… he’s special… So if you do decide to give him a chance… just know that.

Rhys – I know this is a lot to ask but can you not tell him-

Frankie – Nothing in this room will leave my lips- excluding the article of course- which we should start?

Rhys – Please do.. ask any questions you like..

Penny – Proceed.

Frankie – Why science?…. at what age did you become fascinated by science?

I’m going to gather as many answers to as many questions as I can before I have to go to class. I’ll see you guys later… today is pretty good so far. Hopefully it stays that way. I don’t want any drama.

(POV Keegan)

I feel like a drama magnet. *sigh* Its just one of those days man, where the focus is just not there… I’m- Of all nights for the news to report about Zoey’s mom, and the drug deal gone wrong. I knew, but Jayson told me not to say anything until they had all the info. Of course on a good night it all comes out. Even worse? Zoey was the one watching the tv as a picture of her mother stared back at her. There it was, in her face. Her mother who abandoned her, a drug addict, now dead. Zoey’s just a kid… a innocent kid. I failed her.. I couldn’t protect her from this… That makes me upset.  She came into my life the way she did- and we may not share blood but, she’s MY little sister now. I never want her to hurt.

Sebastian – I’m Sure you’re a bit confused… well first of all my name is Sebastian Darwin. Umm, Professor Layton had a last minute family emergency. So I’m here to fill in for him, I know some of you know me as a T.A. for Professor Wonzny.. but I assure you I can handle this class… at least for today. So do any of you have any questions before we begin?

Must be weird for Jarrah to be in this class, and have her cousin teaching it. For me its weird because I look at him, and imagine him fucking Frankie. Not that I have a problem with it… its just funny how things change considering dude knocked up Alana.


Collin – So why weren’t you at Byron’s show?

Jarrah – I had to work. My work hours have been so weird… mainly because my boss is a bitch….

Collin – I had fun, I went with Jonah, and Keegan.

Jarrah – Cool, I’m glad you’re hanging out with them. They’re the best- and Trey too.

Collin – Yeah Trey’s really cool. We’re meeting up around 3 to go to Bridgeport, for our Culinary class.

Jarrah – Maybe I’ll tag along. May as well ride with you guys into Bridgeport, because I got work at 4.

Collin – Cool….. you look super pretty by the way.

Jarrah – Umm, thanks Collin.

Collin – I feel like we don’t hangout like we did before I came to GCU.

Jarrah – Just been super busy.. plus… boyfriend..

Collin – Right

Jarrah – And you have new friends, and Elena to keep you company so it all works out.

Collin – ………..yeah.


Lars – Pretty breezy today huh?

Keegan – …….

Lars – Dude are you really gonna ignore me?

Keegan – Lars, of all the seats… why sit next to me?

Lars – I actually wanted to sit next to Jarrah.

Keegan – She has a boyfriend you know….

Lars – That’s not why I wanted to sit next to her, but thanks for letting me know.

Keegan – Stop talking.

Lars – Keegan I didn’t make you buy those pills…. I was selling them, and you came to me because you wanted them.

Keegan – I’m well aware of it, I was there.

Lars – Were you? because I’m starting to feel like you hate me, as if I forced them down your throat.

Keegan – You right… I do hate you.

Lars – Why?- oh the Jonah stuff… long time ago, but other than that?

Keegan – You didn’t force me to buy or take the pills, but you did call me constantly asking if I needed more. Offering me deals…. That didn’t help. Also I think you’re sketchy, and shady. I don’t want anything to do with you.

Lars – ….Ouch…. tell me how you really feel bro.

Keegan – You’re a drug dealer…. I’m an addict.. we don’t mix.

Lars – Technically we do… but I guess I get what you’re saying.

Why the fuck am I even talking to him? Why the fuck am I even here? I don’t want to be here…

Keegan – Screw this.

Sebastian – Generations before you, have- Keegan- I mean Mr. Bennett.. where are you going?

Keegan – I need to leave.

Sebastian – To the bathroom or something? emergency? everything okay?

Keegan – No, everything is not okay.

Sebastian – Did you want to step outside and talk about it?

Keegan – No thank you, just keep teaching… I don’t want to be here anymore..

Sebastian – Its your life… do with it what you want….

Keegan – I will….

I really need to clear my head. Can’t be in this stuffy fucking room any longer…. God I’ve come so far because the old me would have gotten drunk or high right now. That won’t help anybody…. a walk will though. Gives me time to think… fuck it I’m going home to see Zoey, and we’re going to like.. bake a cake or something, and watch whatever weird movie she wants….

Much better, the wind feels great.. its like I was holding my breath the whole time in that class!

Jarrah – Hey!

Keegan – Go back to class Jarrah, I’m fine.

Jarrah – Are you?

Keegan – ……

Jarrah – You can talk to me…

Last time I was really upset, and we talked… we ended up having sex… and kept it a secret… and well you guys know the rest. How stupid was that fucking pact?

Jarrah – Kee-

Keegan – I’m angry…….Zoey… she-

Jarrah – I know babe….. I know.

Keegan – Why does shit like this happen?

Jarrah – I don’t know.. but you know… its all about how we deal with it… how it makes us stronger.

Keegan – I’m not going to get high if that’s what you’re thinking.

Jarrah – I wasn’t- but… good to know.

Keegan – I couldn’t protect her…

Jarrah – I… god I’m such a flop right now, I don’t even have the right words-

Keegan – Its okay… you’re out here talking to me so, obviously you care enough….

Jarrah – You’re not superman Keegan, you can’t protect everyone from feeling pain… it happens.

Keegan – I know but still-

Jarrah – Just be the best big brother you can be.

Keegan – …. What’s going on with you and Lars?

Jarrah – What?

Keegan – I asked him why the fuck he sat next to me, and he said he wanted to sit by you.

Jarrah – Why?

Keegan – I don’t know…

Jarrah – I saw him in Bridgeport when I was with Lola.. we talked and.. yeah.

Keegan – I told him you had a boyfriend.

Jarrah – A Boyfriend that is currently away-

Keegan – Doesn’t mean you hook up with Lars Jarrah.

Jarrah – Oh my god Keegan.. no shit. I just said that because I miss him already.

Keegan – Just stay away from Lars okay?

Jarrah – Okay… Alright.

Keegan – I don’t want him to hurt you. I care about you.

Jarrah – I know….. and thanks….

Keegan – I’m gonna go now.

Jarrah – Are you doing the radio show today?

Keegan – I told Rubi she could do a solo episode.

Jarrah – Oh.. okay….. sorry.. I’m trying to keep you here a long as possible… such a stupid random question

Keegan – I get it… I’ll be okay. Talk to you later.

Jarrah – Did!- did you want to come with Kaori and I?

Keegan – What?

Jarrah – After work, she and I are going to grab food in Bridgeport.. I know she’s upset about Byron.. and also about.. Zoey.

Keegan – I can’t……

Jarrah – Oh… okay. Well just call me if you need anything.

Keegan – Alright.

Jarrah – ….Be safe.

Keegan – Go back to class.

Jarrah – *smiles* yeah yeah.

Keegan – I’m going to spend time with Zoey…

Jarrah – Keegan its like 12…. Zoey’s at school.. or at least she should be.

Keegan – Ah… yeah.. true… well I’ll just go walk to clear my head.

Jarrah – Alright… 

Keegan – See ya.

The reason I don’t want to grab food with Jarrah and Kaori, is because… I just. This is going to sound REALLY selfish, but I don’t want to hear about her crying over Byron. My focus is on Zoey, and that’s all. Kaori, has every right to want to be upset over Byron. I just can’t sit there and listen to it- and I know you’re thinking “You must not be over her Keegan” well you’re damn right.. I’m not a robot. At the same time I’m moving on- or was… until Rhys rejected me.. ugh… I need to get off this stupid campus..

Somehow I ended up at the GloCity Police Department…. I just kept walking and walking and here I am…. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence I was led here. Maybe this is where I should be anyway.. I need to to talk to Jayson aka Officer Carter.

Jayson – I’ll be back, it won’t take that long.

Milk – Okay.. I’ll just sit on this bench then.

Jayson – Alright.

Ah, he’s already out and about. Good because I REALLY didn’t feel like going in there…

Keegan – Jay- Officer Carter!

Jayson – You can call me Jayson.. its fine.

Keegan – Sorry.

Jayson – Its all good. How can I help you Keegan?

Keegan – I… umm..

Jayson – Are you okay? you look a little upset.

Keegan – I want to be a cop.

Jayson – ….Look….. I know with what just happened with Zooey-

Keegan – That’s not the reason- or I should say its not the only reason.

Jayson – Okay… well tell me…  why do you want to be a cop?

Keegan – I’ve realized I have a knack for saving people. For helping people. I’ve always been protective over my friends and family. I did conflict resolution in high school, I’ve always felt it was my duty to serve and protect them. Earlier this year I save Mrs. Swan… then I saved Jessica Nash last week. I sit on campus and I’m watching my friends, and peers all aim towards a goal. They know what they want.

Jayson – And you didn’t?

Keegan – I thought I could do radio.. but its not something I’d like doing as a job. I want responsibility. I want to make a difference… It feels 110% right… this is what I want, and you said you guys are always looking for-

Jayson – Okay okay….

Keegan – Okay…. yes?

Jayson – You’ll have to leave GCU if you do this…

Keegan – If I’m a cop of course I’m not going to stay at-

Jayson – You need to pass an exam before we put you in police academy…. you think you could do that?

Keegan – Fuck ye- I mean.. Yes sir…

Jayson – Okay… umm.. well-

Keegan – What book do I read to study? is there-

Jayson – Wait.

Keegan – Yeah?

Jayson – I’m on break…. and starving. I’m gonna go over to the market.. and get a turkey sandwich. Then when I come back-

Keegan – We can talk about the exam?

Jayson – Well.. actually.. the girl behind me wants to know more about it too… so… I’m going to talk to her first, and then you….  you got time?

Keegan – I do.

Jayson – Okay well go have a seat on the bench, I’ll be back.

Keegan – *smiles* Alright. 

Milk – *on phone with Priscilla* No I didn’t get arrested…. Yeah.. Ding ding ding. What’s wrong with that? I get a gun and- *laughing* Nope. Protect and serve… oh shut up. Well enjoy the diner or whatever. We’ll meet up later alright?… okay bye.

Guess I better sit down… 

Keegan – Hey…

Milk – Hi.

Keegan – I’m Keegan, what’s your name?

Milk – Milk… Milk Chambers.

Keegan – No really, what’s your name?

Milk – Its actually Milk Chambers. I have odd parents.

Keegan – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make fun of your name.

Milk – Milk under the cow.

Keegan – What?

Milk – I was making a joke. You know how people say water under the bridge?

Keegan – Oooh… I get it.

Milk – So are you like in trouble or something?

Keegan – No.

Milk – Neither am I.

Keegan – I know, he told me you wanted to know about Police Academy.

Milk – I do….. wait is that why you’re here too?

Keegan – Yeah.

Milk – Cool.

Keegan – Why do you want to be a cop?

Milk – Ya know… Its just something I think I’d be good at. I literally have nothing else to do, plus when I worked at this bar in Bridgeport.. I was policing shit left and right. My friend Cilla is transferring to GCU to finish her last year.. so… I figured.. I’m tired of Bridgeport. Maybe I’ll move here.

Keegan – I go to GCU.

Milk – Maybe you and Priscilla will hit it off… you’re sorta her type.

Keegan – What’s her type?

Milk – Hot guys.

Keegan – Heh…. then I guess I am her type.

Milk – Cocky much?

Keegan – Very much. I know I look good. I’m kidding I’m not cocky.. I just- I’m self aware of how women see me. Why try and be modest about it. I feel like if I’m like “Nah I’m not hot” then it sounds like I’m fishing for compliments.

Milk – I like your attitude.

Keegan – *laughs*

Milk – Officer Carter was telling me its tame for the most part, but there’s some drug issues, and some prostitution. How awesome would it be to go undercover as a hooker?

Keegan – *laughing* I could be the pimp.

Milk – Right.

Keegan – My- one of my mom’s…. she’s a Judge… so she’ll love this… my other mom… not so much. 

Milk – Lesbians…. so you know how to treat a girl.

Keegan – I have a dad too… he’s gay. I have a big gay family.

Milk – You’re sexy as hell, you’re straight right? please be straight.

Keegan – I am.

Milk – Awesome- not that I have anything against gays.

Keegan – Better not… I’d have to arrest you Ms Chambers.

Milk – Look at you, already got the lingo down. I mean you got the body… fuck you’re gonna look hot in uniform… if you past the test and get accepted into the academy that is.

Keegan – How hard can the exam be?

Milk – Good question.

Well she seem’s chill. If we get into Police Academy together we can be friends. I just know there’s going to be some alpha-male types trying to be the best at everything. Which is fine, I know how to deal with assholes. I just gotta pass the exam and hope I get accepted. What will my friends say if I leave GCU- my parents won’t be too happy either. Joy will be the only one who won’t be too mad I bet. Welp.. I guess we’ll see… either way they’re gonna be shocked.

(POV Frankie)

Well I’m just as shocked as you are. Let me explain, okay? While I was in class I got a text from Ivo, asking if I could come over. That we needed to talk. He’s right, we finally need to put it to bed- bad choice of words but.. yeah. From what I’ve heard from Micah, Ivo’s over it. Then I saw him at the diner and he seemed cold. So Lets just talk about it already. You can’t sit and assume things, you should always just ask questions if you want answers. So here we go. Round two at Kokoro’s home.. aka where Ivo stays when he’s in town… aka Kaori’s mom’s house… aka bestfriend who’s not speaking to me.

Frankie – Knock knock?

Ivo – Come on in.

Frankie – I assumed you were expecting me?

Ivo – Its fine, I’m finishing up.

Frankie – Oh okay…

Ivo – You look nice.

Frankie – Thanks…. you look-

Ivo – Like a person who just finished Yoga

Frankie – *laughs* Yeah…

Ivo – You yoga?

Frankie – I treadmill, and yoga…

Ivo – Yeah its great.

Frankie – I always took you for the weight lifting type. A weight lifting novelist- congrats on the book by the way… I finished it.

Ivo – Thanks… did you like it?

Frankie – Very much so. The ending was unexpected though…..

Ivo – I bet…..

Frankie – So I’m guessing its going to become a series?

Ivo – Yeah… three books….

Frankie – Cool….. I’m looking for-

Ivo – How’s your writing coming along?

Frankie – Its been on the back burner…. Scott… he’s…

Ivo – An asshole.. so I’ve heard. Why are you wasting your talents at The Mothership?

Frankie – Money… and I thought it would be different. The fantasy and the reality of working at The Mothership are two different things.

Ivo – They usually are….

Frankie – Right…

Ivo – So….. I guess we should talk about… that night… which is fitting because the fantasy was completely different from the reality…

Frankie – ……..Yeah…. guess we should talk about it….

I…. hope we come to some great conclusion. That its behind us, and forgotten. I hate lingering drama.. you know what I mean?

 Here goes nothing..

Ivo – ………

Frankie – ……..

Ivo – ……………….

Frankie – …….

And I guess by “Here goes nothing” I was right…. awkward silence

Ivo – You go first….

Frankie – Right….. So….. I liked someone… and turns out she didn’t like me back. I found out in a really messed up way.

Ivo – …..Rejection sucks.

Frankie – It does, and I knew you liked me…. which still surprises me when I think about it- but yeah.. umm. I’m really sorry for what I did, and I know I hurt your-

Ivo – *Smirks* I forgive you Frankie….

Frankie – Do you really?

Ivo – I do…..

Frankie – Not that I’m complaining, but why so easily?

Ivo – Because I understand now- why you did it. You wanted to feel like someone wanted you.

Frankie – It was stupid… and I normally don’t do things like that….

Ivo – You’re….. nevermind.

Frankie – What?

Ivo – You’re just… you’re a lot like I was.

Frankie – How so?

Ivo – You want to have a certain image.. you’re just a good girl at heart.

Frankie – Eh.. I don’t know about that… but I guess I do purposely put out a all work and no play kind of image.

Ivo – You need to snap out of that.

Frankie – So I’ve been told.

Ivo – Let me ask you something…

Frankie – ………..Okay?

Ivo – Did you have fun with me? when we had sex?

That came out of left field…

Frankie – Wow- umm… okay.. I-

Ivo – Or were you upset still, thinking about- what was her name?

Frankie – Ivy.

Ivo – Ah okay… well were-

Frankie – I wasn’t thinking about her at all when we were…. ya know.

Ivo – You can’t even say it.

Frankie – When we were fucking…. better?

Ivo – Was that so hard?

Frankie – Why is my choice of word so important?

Ivo – Just saying it.. we fucked, it got messy… we- wait that-

Frankie – Bad choice of words there.

Ivo – I just mean-

Frankie – I know what you mean… and yeah you’re right.. I got hurt, I ran to you, and I knew after that it was wrong.

Ivo – Were you attracted to me?

Frankie – You can’t have sex with someone you’re not- well I guess you can if you’re like a prostitute or something- sorry, yes.. I was.. but I used you, and I’m sorry for that.

Ivo – Its good.. we’re good.

Frankie – I don’t want you hating me…

Ivo – I could never hate you…..

He’s important to me.. he’s smart, he’s someone I look up to when it comes to writing. I couldn’t take it if he were mad at me.

Frankie – So…. now that that’s out the way….. how are you?

Ivo – I’m good… you?

Frankie – I’m pretty okay…

Ivo – I talked to Andi by the way….

Frankie – Oh you guys are talking again?

Ivo – Yeah…. I mean come on.. you and I had sex, I didn’t kill anyone…

Frankie – Right…. so she’s not mad at you about that anymore?

Ivo – No… because she knows it takes two…. Also she said, and I quote “Frankie’s a woman now, I don’t see her as a kid. If she let you hit it, then she let you hit it.”

Frankie – ……My logical sister….

Ivo – I’m gladd she’s doing good out in CCity, she’s a bit annoyed though-

Frankie – About the festival in her city.. yeah.. I know. You know what’s funny about Andi?

Ivo – Everything.. unintentionally.

Frankie – Right, she’s so funny….. but you can tell its not on purpose. Its just the-

Ivo – Way she talks.

Frankie – Yeah. I know she’s super social… but for whatever reason she doesn’t want to do the festival or whatever.

Ivo – She rather work.

Frankie – Yeah..

Ivo – Its also… I think for her, its hard to really see CCity as her home to celebrate. She pretty much moved there as a fresh start- but it didn’t workout like that exactly. Drama happened.

Frankie – Yeah… with Jessica, and her daughter Nikol…

Ivo – Right.

Frankie – She’ll be okay though.

Ivo – *smirks* I missed talking to you.

Frankie – I missed it too…..

Ivo – ……………..

Frankie – …………………..

Ivo – ………….umm

Frankie – I-

Ivo – So your sister and I are good. What about you and mine?

Oh god.. of course he’d bring this up.

Frankie – Your sister hates me. Simple as that.

Ivo – You know how she can be… you guys have had fights in the past-

Frankie – Yeah but this one is different. It got personal.

Ivo – Over me? that’s so stupid.

Frankie – Because of what that girl did to you in New York…

Ivo – Torrance?- Oh…. why would.. ah…… nevermind….

Frankie – Okay.. enough… what the fuck did this girl do to you? and if its so bad why are you back with her?

Ivo – I guess I should tell you…..

Frankie – Yeah… you should. Especially since Kaori hates me.

Ivo – ….When I got to new york… you know.. I was a bit naive. I met Torrance at a starbucks- I know cliche. Like skipping all the details of the relationship, I’ll just say we made a habit of meeting there and talking. Eventually we fell hard… and quick.

Frankie – Okay.

Ivo – I was a writer, she worked with kids.. she was a teacher.

Frankie – I see…

Ivo – So basically… we dated for almost a year, and you know.. I thought she was perfect. I asked her to marry me….. she said yes. So the plan was to get married at a courthouse and then you know.. do a grand thing for our families.

Frankie – You guys were young though?

Ivo – In love…. we were young and in love- Or at least I was… she didn’t show up at the courthouse.. and I stayed for like 4 hours. She didn’t return my calls either. I thought something happen to her. I even went to the school she said she worked at- which I wasn’t supposed to do- because she didn’t want them knowing her personal business and or life. That was bullshit because I got there and found out she never worked there.

Frankie – What the fuck? was she like a prostitute or something?

Ivo – I go back to our place and there it was.. on my laptop screen.. a long letter from her. All of her shit was gone, but she left me that letter..

Frankie – Okay

Ivo – She used me… it was some social experiment.. she wanted to gain my trust. Have some fucked up shit to write about. She used me to save her job- she was a writer just like me. Her boss was going to fire her because none of her book ideas were worth a damn.

Frankie – Wait so… she used the relationship to write a book?

Ivo – Sorta… but I guess she had a hard time separating fact from fiction. In the letter she said she thought she couldn’t get attached… and that she did, and she realized it too late. That she should have never said yes to the proposal. That she should have ended things sooner.

Frankie – What was so special about the relationship that warranted her to write a book about it?

Ivo – That’s what I thought.. until I read it. When we first met she’d do things…. like one time she left me stranded in the middle of nowhere… another time she started a fight in a cafe.. in front of everybody. It literally made no sense. In retrospect its obvious that she was testing me.. seeing how far she could push me. Anytime I’d be ready to call it quits.. she’d explain that she was having a bad day and was sorry…

Frankie – So…. the book?

Ivo – Okay so.. basically after a week of not talking to her.. I lost it. I got depressed. My mom, dad, and sister came to see me… Victoria was there too.

Frankie – Oh! during thanksgiving.. I remember Kay’ telling me they were going to surprise you.

Ivo – I was drinking, wouldn’t come out of my room.. I was depressed and upset. I’d never been like that before. So like they couldn’t get me to feel any better. They left after 3 days and finally I broke down and called Torrance. I got her voicemail.. and I left the most pathetic message ever. Next day she comes over with a manuscript of her book about us.

Frankie – Why?

Ivo – She said I deserved to read it. It was fucked up and made me seem.. weak.. spoiled. She made me sound like a naive asshole.. a pushover. Like I was just this rich entitled guy who let her walk over me. She apologized and started crying, but I didn’t care. I was angry. I- this is so over the top. I poured my drink on the manuscript.. and lit it on fire. I told her if she loved me, even a little that this book would not happen.

Frankie – What did she say?

Ivo – She told me to put the fire out.. and of course it got out of control… and…. yeah… fire department, neighbors.. It was quite the dramatic scene.

Frankie – So what happened?

Ivo – The book never came out, and I never saw her again…… until 2-3 months ago.

Frankie – I see..

Ivo – …..It was weird.. I was just walking around NYC, working on my book still. I go into that same starbucks.. and there she was with a friend. She came over and we started talking. We got back together obviously.. I forgave her, she…. yeah.

Wow… what a conniving bitch. She really just used him up. Played with his heart. Who does that?- well… I guess me. Though I didn’t exactly do what she did. 

Frankie – I don’t understand how you could get back with her…. she really.. like.. you did not deserve that.

Ivo – ….I know.

Frankie – So how? why? why be with someone like that? I believe people change but.. she really did a number on you.

Ivo – Yeah..

Frankie – You keep saying you know, and yeah- but you’re not saying why you’re with her again…

Ivo – This is why…..

Ivo – *kisses Frankie*

What the hell what that?

Frankie – Wait no- stop… what the fuck are you doing?

Ivo – Kissing you?

Frankie – I’m SO confused Ivo…

Ivo – She’s a bitch, she ruined me.. and she used me.

Frankie – So you cheat on her?

Ivo – People like her deserve-

Frankie – I used, and hurt you too Ivo.. what do I deserve?

Ivo – Its completely different from what you did to me… you’re real.. with a heart. You made a mistake and I forgive you.

Frankie – So you don’t forgive her?

Ivo – No.

Frankie – Why the hell are you with her then?

Ivo – She seems to think that because she didn’t go through with the book that it proved something. Like I’m supposed to somehow pay her back because that decision killed her writing career. So I told her I’d help her.. we’re back together and I love her.

Frankie – ….

Ivo – I’m going to break her heart like she did to me. She deserves it.

Frankie – I….. but you’re?…. you said you were over it?

Ivo – I’m not… she embarrassed me.

Frankie – Maybe she changed?

Ivo – I don’t care.

Frankie – Ivo…..

Ivo – What?

Frankie – You’re way better than some petty revenge….. don’t do this. Just break up with her.

Ivo – I can’t do that.

Frankie – I know you’re angry, and after hearing what she did.. I get it… but you’re a better person than that…

Ivo – This is a long time coming, I’m sorry…

Frankie – I should go…

Ivo – So you don’t like me anymore?

Frankie – ……I….

Ivo – You had a crush on me for years… I know you’re attracted to me. I’m attracted to you too. Is that so wrong?

Frankie – No.

Ivo – Then what’s the problem?

Frankie – You’re not the man I thought you were…

Ivo – …..You don’t understand…

Frankie – I do… I know what its like to be tricked, and toyed with by a woman. Have her make you think she loves you.. only to treat you like shit later, and leave you.

Ivo – This is different than your mom…

Frankie – Not really….

Ivo – Maybe what I’m doing is wrong.. maybe its karma on her end.. but I just…. I don’t know.. I feel justified.

Frankie – You’re better than this.

Ivo – I was… but I guess I’m not anymore.

Frankie – Ivo… call of this revenge…. its not going to make you feel any better.

Ivo – When I’m with her I think of you, ya know.

Frankie – …….

Ivo – I miss you. I had you once.. that wasn’t enough…

Frankie – ………..

I’m so… what the hell?

Frankie – Who knows about this?

Ivo – Which part?

Frankie – The payback- the revenge.. this game.

Ivo – Just you…

Frankie – ……

Ivo – Are you going to tell her?

Frankie – No, its none of my business.

Ivo – I just told you I missed you… did you miss me?

Frankie – ……Maybe… but-

Ivo – I just want to touch you.. kiss you. Be inside of you…. like before. We’re so good together.

Frankie – Well… Ivo…. I don’t like being the other woman, and especially not in some revenge plan. This…. you and I?….. it can’t happen.

Ivo – Ever?

Frankie – ……. It just can’t happen…

Ivo – Because you think I’m a monster.

Frankie – Because you’re not present! The Ivo McDonald that I know- the one I KNEW… he’s not like this.

Ivo – So now you’re thinking that you don’t know me that well afterall?

Frankie – Perhaps I don’t…. I thought you were a stand up guy…. who did the right things.

Ivo – I was…. and then I got used.

Frankie – This isn’t some tv show or a plot to a b-movie… you don’t have to do this.

Ivo – Guess the lines are beginning to get blurred for me…

Frankie – This is not who you are.

Ivo – I guess the fantasy was better than the reality….

Frankie – …………both suck, because both are huge disappointments.

Ivo – Don’t hate me…

Frankie – Its impossible to hate you Ivo, but I need to go before I do something stupid.

Ivo – You can’t deny us though. Sexually we’re perfect…. we’re both writers.. we have so much in common-

Frankie – Except I’m not like you.. I could never be like you…. and I can’t.. I can’t like you… I can’t have any feelings for you.

Ivo – Because of Torrance?

Frankie – Because of you. I have to go- oh and I’m not telling anyone about today… I wouldn’t dream of it.

Ivo – Because you want to protect me?

Frankie – Because I don’t want to be involved..

Ivo – …Frankie we’re going to see each other again.. and we’re going to be together.. one day.

Frankie – I don’t see how that’s a possibility.

Ivo – ……..I guess we’ll see…

Frankie – Yeah… well… bye.

Ivo – One more thing.

Frankie – What?

Ivo – I’m sorry that I’ve assassinated my character in your eyes. I’m sorry I can’t be the man you deserve, or want right now- and that’s what it is.. I can’t do it right now.. but maybe one day I can…

Frankie – ………. I- I have to go……

I didn’t know what to expect coming here. I just… I had hoped we’d put what happened between us behind us. That we’d do some small talk maybe. I didn’t know I’d be walking into this. He’s playing Torrance, getting payback. She has no idea either, and he…. he still likes me. I don’t…. I don’t know how I feel about that. I almost let him kiss me too- what’s wrong with me? I need to go… he’s not the person I known him to be. This is so wrong on so many levels. Deep down he know’s I’m right.. maybe I can convince him to stop this….. fuck…. why did this have to happen?

(POV Keegan)

I feel like things happen for a reason. I stormed out of class and ended up talking with Jayson. And now I know what I have to do- should I decide to do it. Obviously… this is what I want, but so many other things factor into me really going for it. Do I talk to my friends and family about it? Do I take what they have to say into consideration? Or do I just stand on my own two feet and make a bold choice about my future without anyone’s opinion? Its a tough thing to think about. I love my friends and family… I don’t want them to think I’m making a irrational decision. I’m completely in my right mind, I know this feels right…. but… am I ready to say goodbye to all of this? My GCU Home? my fellow students?…. no more college life?

Keegan – I didn’t notice y’all standing there….

Myra and Rhys Kelley….  Nice girls. Myra’s a friend… Rhys… she’s a…. I don’t know. We kissed, and she pulled away. I have not talked to her since that kiss in the library. I’m not that type of dude either. I don’t chase girls. If a chick says she doesn’t want me… it is what it is. Its obvious that both Rhys and Myra have had issues in life… but you know.. you can’t just be a slave to circumstance. Its like me being afraid of parties for the rest of my life because people are drinking. I can’t do that.. I’m going to dance, and have fun. I’m not worrying about what shot someone is ordering. Or what drugs someone just bought in the corner. I’m a new-

Wow those hands are cold

??? – Guess who?

Keegan – Umm… well you’re a girl….

??? – Right

Keegan – Umm.. you have long hair whoever you are.

??? – Correct.

Keegan – Are you visiting or Do you go to GCU?

??? – Yes…. I go to GCU….

Keegan – Where do I know you from?

??? – We slept together in high school

Keegan – What?

Oh god.. then I really have no idea… NOT that I was a man whore in high school.

??? – Just kidding

Keegan – Huh? who is this?

??? – You have to guess

Keegan – I have no fricken idea.

??? – Fine… turn around…

The fuck?

Keegan – Jules?!

Jules – Surprise!

Keegan – What the fuck?

Jules – What?

Keegan – You look…. you look different..

Jules – I look like the girl you hooked up with… before she turned weird and goth.

Keegan – What’s going on? Why aren’t you goth anymore?

Jules – I was never goth…

Keegan – ……

Jules – I can see you’re confused…

Keegan – No shit.

Jules – I wore wigs, and dark makeup. I created a whole persona…. goth-psychic one of the earth Jules isn’t real.

Keegan – What was the point?

Jules – Its for my project…

Keegan – What project?

Jules – You know how like.. a skinny girl will dress up in a fat suit, and see the world through a obese person’s eyes? live as a fat person?

Keegan – Okay?

Jules – Its like that. I got the idea after we hooked up. It was perfect to just go for it and do it. You’re reaction was soo priceless.

Keegan – …..I see.

Jules – Oddly enough… you didn’t stop being my friend. Which shows a lot about you.

Keegan – …..So… is it over?

Jules – Yeah.

Keegan – Wait…. so.. what about Jeep’s friends? you were hanging with Christine, Raven, and-

Jules – Oh! thank god for them! I’m so happy I met them. They’re really cool people, and I learned so much about them. They’re all slummin’ it together… they have a certain outlook on life.. its amazing. I gained so much perspective.

Keegan – ……

Jules – Don’t look at me like that baby… you know I’m an artist… I have so many ideas. The whole batshit crazy Jules is perfect for this graphic novel idea that I-

Keegan – You could have told me.

Jules – Wait are you mad? I didn’t do anything to hurt anybody….. I just-

Keegan – I’m not.. well.. the thing is…

Jules – There shouldn’t be a thing Keegan. We should just be….

Keegan – What?

Jules – Lets… go have sex… order some food, watch a shitty movie.. and-

Keegan – I can’t…

Jules – You’re single- unless the rumors are true..

Keegan – What rumors?

Jules – That you’re trying to fuck the un-fuckable.. Rhys Kelley. I bet her pussy is stapled shut…

Keegan – Don’t say that.. you don’t know what she’s been through.

Jules – You’re right… I don’t know what she’s been through. But the big question is…. does she know what YOU’VE been through?

Keegan – ……no.

Jules – Exactly my point.

Keegan – And what point is that?

Jules – You and I have a connection. You know all about the murder of my high school teacher, and the affect it had on me. You know I’m an ex cutter, and you understand me. I get you too. I know all about your addiction, and Mona.. and everything. We don’t judge each other… we fit.

Keegan – …….That was then.

Jules – How can you even see yourself with her? you know she’s anti man right?- much like this entire generation that reeks of faux feminism. Complaining about everything. Get a fucking boyfriend already.. all men are not evil- also women can be aggressive and evil too for fucks sake.

Keegan – She’s not… like that.

Jules – Why do you like her? what does she have that I don’t?

Keegan – Its not that simple, and its not about that…. I just… I like her… okay?

Jules – …….Why.

Keegan – Jules, you and I hooked up and then you told me you rather just be friends. So that’s what we were.. friends.

Jules – You wouldn’t have kept fucking goth Jules… lets be real.

Keegan – ……… you’re right but still.


Myra – Where are you headed?

Rhys – Why?

Myra – Just asking…

Rhys – No, you’re asking for a reason.

Myra – Well crime seems to be up….

Rhys – Aww are you worried about me Myra?

Myra – We’re sisters…. I worry about you everyday.

Rhys – That’s sweet.. speaking of crime… has Curtis said anything about Zoey?

Myra – I asked, the only thing he said was that she seemed like nothing was bothering her.

Rhys – That’s not good….

Myra – I know…

Rhys – She and Curtis have become friends fast I noticed..

Myra – Yeah… they’re like bestfriends now….

Rhys – They could both use that to be honest… especially with Curtis dad situation.

Myra – Rhys…..

Rhys – Sorry…

Myra – Its bad enough that I saw him yesterday…

Rhys – I thought you were doing a good job of avoiding him.

Myra – Well that’s hard, don’t you think?- next subject.. you keep looking at Keegan.

Rhys – I’m not..

Myra – Wondering who that girl is… jealous? Go get your man Rhys…. stop being closed off.

Rhys – ……..Its just… I can’t… I feel like he’s hiding something, that he’s not really him. Plus I…

Myra – Protecting yourself… as always… that shit is getting real old.

Rhys – *laughs* So is that lipstick you insist on wearing. Miguel think’s you look hot with that on?

Myra – Haters gon’ hate.. *laughs*


Jules – So can we just get out of here?

Keegan – And do what?

Jules – …..

Keegan – Even if I wanted to fuck.. I can’t.

Jules – Why?

Keegan – I have to meet my therapist-

Jules – Yeah…… she kicked me out.

Keegan – What?

Jules – You recommended her to me remember? that day at the frathouse?

Keegan – Right.

Jules – Well she saw through my bullshit…..

Keegan – Naturally.

Jules – So yeah… kinda sucks though, because she seems like a really good therapist.

Keegan – I feel like I should be more mad at you than I am.

Jules – Why though?

Keegan – I was worried about you, I thought you’d do something drastic. You were an emotional roller coaster… It was all for nothing. My emotions wasted for nothing.

Jules – No.. it proved how good of a friend you are.. and all of what I did wasn’t for nothing. I made great friends… I… I don’t know.. I tried to make sure I wasn’t hurting anyone… I didn’t know you’d hate me….

Keegan – I don’t hate you… and I’m not all that mad… I do feel played with though.

Jules – I’m sorry.

Keegan – ……..

Rhys & Myra – *laughing*

Keegan – *looks at Rhys*

Jules – *looks at Rhys and then Keegan*

Keegan – *sigh*

Jules – You really like her huh?

Keegan – You said it yourself.. she doesn’t know the real me.. so.. its a done deal.

Jules – Well… it sucks.. you like her better than me.

Keegan – Give it a break Jules.. what the hell do you expect?

Jules – ……….

Keegan – Listen.. I’m not trying to be mean.. I just-

Jules – Say no more… its fine.

Keegan – Are we good?

Jules – *looks at Rhys and smirks*…. we’re perfect.

Keegan – You sure?

Jules – ……………..Yep.

*cell rings*

Jules – *mumbles* everything is just perfect…….. or at least it will be.

Keegan – Hey Trey.

Trey (on phone) – Hi.

Keegan – You okay?

Trey – Yeah…. sorta. Is Aries okay? he didn’t like-

Keegan – He was at the Frathouse when I left… with his headphones on laying on the couch.

Trey – Oh okay.

Keegan – So what’s up?

Trey – Umm.. well you’re like my brother…. and… I debated if I should tell you this or not.

Keegan – What?

Trey – I don’t want you getting yourself in trouble…

Keegan – Okay, just tell me.

Trey – So I’m out with Owen.. in Bridgeport.

Keegan – Alright?

Trey – His phone rang… and I saw Scott’s name on the caller I.D.

Keegan – Of course….

Trey – So he walked away but I heard him talking about meeting Scott at the hotel around 9. The Regal Hotel… by the-

Keegan – Airport.. yeah I know….

Trey – Now… I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn’t tell Keegan because-

Keegan – No I get it….

Trey – If you want to catch them and get answers that’s on you babe, but please… just keep your composure.. okay? or you know what?… don’t go at all? add this to the list of shady things. Confront him about it another time. I just felt like I shouldn’t be lying to you. I’d want to know if it were me.

Keegan – I hear you… and thanks.

Trey – I told Dominic about what happened at Eve’s by the way.

Keegan – How did he take it?

Trey – Part of him is mad that Aries ruined our perfect night, but then he realized stuff happened with Kaori, and then the Zoey stuff. He said he feels bad for Aries, but at the same time its like back up.. you had your chance.

Keegan – He’s right.

Trey – Yeah. I know- oh shit Owen’s coming back. Gotta go.

Keegan – Okay, and thanks again.

Trey – Love you, bye.

Keegan – Bye.

What the fuck is going on. First I leave class and spaz out like a crazy person. Then I consider Police Academy. Then I see Rhys, and Jules returns from the fucking dead- still wanting to bang…. and now I found out Scott and Owen are about to meet at a hotel and fuck…. This is some fucked up shit. Not even considering what’s going on with Zoey. Which I totally forgot to mention. After I talked to Jayson about the Police Academy Exam, I went to my mom’s house. Zoey was sleeping, so I didn’t get to talk to her. My mom- Kaitlyn says she sense that Zoey is upset but hiding it.

My other mom- Joy… she fears that Zoey will lash out because she’s holding onto pain and not dealing with it. They don’t know what to do.. if they should consider a child therapist or not. They don’t want to make her feel like she’s weird or something is wrong either.. so its a mess. And so is this Scott and Owen bullshit.. I don’t know what to do with the info I was given.. do I go confront them?… or do I let the universe deal with it? This is frustrating because I know what I should do.. but I know what I want to do….. but what will I do?

(POV Frankie)

I had this meeting this Jessica Nash pre-planned. Of course my dad being.. my dad, decided that he didn’t want me going to the city by myself. So he, and Max joined me. We walked around, and talked about our day. I obviously kept the Ivo stuff to myself- and you know.. speaking of that. I thought I was completely over him, but I guess not? Seeing him doing yoga.. sweat dripping- yet still smelling great I just… I don’t know. I think something could have happened, if he was single. What is wrong with me? I have such a weird attraction to guys that are older than me. Both Ivo and Sebastian.. older than me… and writers. I need to get it together.

Not more than say Ivo does though. God…. I really want to be angry at what he’s doing. I personally don’t think its the right thing to do, but listening to what Torrance did to him… I just… I can see why he’d want her to feel some sort of pain I guess. The thing is? I know he’s better than that. He’s not this mean guy, he’s not shady. I know a lot about the things he’s done, and this is the only bad thing I’ve ever witnessed.. I can’t and won’t judge him.. but why do I actually feel bad for this Torrance chick?

Riley – Do you want us to go in with you?

Frankie – Dad… no.

Max – *laughs*

Frankie – You guys are embarrassing me *laughs*

Riley – Its what parents do.

Max – Ivy’s the same way….

Frankie – I appreciate you guys passing time with me, but I can take it from here.

Riley – You’re sure?

Frankie – Yes…

Max – I’m sure she’ll be okay Riley.

Frankie – Why don’t you guys go see a movie or something? you’re already here.. make a night of it. Get drinks?

Riley – Max doesn’t drink.

Max – I quit years ago.. drinking and cigarettes.

Frankie – Nice.

Riley – He has me eating all healthy and stuff too.

Frankie – Oh I’m sure Andi is thrilled to hear that. She’s so annoying sometimes.. asking me if I’m eating right-

Riley – And the constant questioning if I’m regular

Max – Isn’t she a nurse?

Riley – Yeah.

Frankie – She thinks that’s and excuse to have us on diets *laughs*

Max – She sounds fun.

Riley – If you think this one here is all work.. you’ll be shocked if you met Andi.

Frankie – Hey hey… Andi’s starting to have a little fun… so she claims.

Riley – Well good.. both of you need to put down the books, take a break from all the work. Go jump in a lake naked or something- No boys allowed- or girls… in your case.

Frankie – And on that note I’m going to get to my meeting. See you guys later….

Max – Good luck Frankie.

Frankie – Thanks

Riley – Knock em’ dead girl.

Frankie – I will dad.

I have to say… Max is not what I thought. He’s a really cool guy, and he seems to really like my dad. Its going to be hilarious the day he meets my sister. I can just imagine it now.. Andi’s very… reserved when it comes to our father dating. Maybe after a glass of wine- or two, she’ll be receptive to Max. Sometimes I get jealous of people who have their brothers, and sister around. Then I realize Andi’s been through a lot, and if being in CCity is making her happy.. then that’s all that matters. Enough about that… time to meet with Jessica Nash.

I made it to her office. Now its time to see why she asked me to come.

Jessica – *reading/mumbling* “I can’t believe I let her talk me into bangs. I’m gonna miss Vii when she leaves after Community Weekend. sad face”

Frankie – I’m sorry what?

Jessica – Nothing, I was just reading some- an article online about hair.. bangs are all the rage these days.

Frankie – Oh, okay.

Jessica – You don’t follow fashion trends do you? I can tell.

Frankie – I’m not sure if I should take that as a-

Jessica – What I mean is, you seem to have you’re own personal style.

Frankie – I guess so… my friend Dominic calls it Casual Sexy…

Jessica – I can see that. I have to say I do love your ensemble today.

Frankie – …..*smiles* Thanks.

Jessica – So how was your day Ms. Mancini?

Aside from the Ivo stuff.. it was fine.

Frankie – It was okay…..

Jessica – I just got off the phone with Ivo, he tells me you two hung out today?

I hope that’s all he told you

Frankie – Yeah….

Jessica – That’s good, hopefully he’s relaxing. He’s been stressed recently.

Frankie – Oh?

Jessica – Its kind of important that he gets started on the followup book in the trilogy.

Frankie – Ah… pressure.

Jessica – Correct.

Frankie – He’s a brilliant writer, he’ll be okay. Though…. I guess anyone can be stressed, talented or not.

Jessica – The book is a hit…. so it comes with the territory.

Frankie – I’d imagine so.

Jessica – Ms. Mancini do you have a boyfriend?

Random… I hope she didn’t call me here to set me up with her son or something. Assuming she has a son- I can’t remember if she only has that one daughter or not.

Frankie – I don’t.

Jessica – Why not?

Frankie – Umm, I don’t know?

Jessica – So you’re not disinclined when it comes to wanting or having a lover?

Frankie – I’m not that type of girl to dismiss the thought and or act of love.

Jessica – Ha.

Frankie – What?

Jessica – You said girl… and not woman.

Frankie – Did I?- well.. I.. I guess-

Jessica – You’re right in that limbo… still a girl.. but technically a woman.

Frankie – The world see’s me as a woman.. I still just feel like a girl.

Jessica – I went through that phase- everyone does. Especially men… Tom for example.. he said he didn’t mature into a man until he met me. That he spent life behaving as a boy, wanting attention…. Its true us “girls” mature faster than boys…

Frankie – Even if said girl didn’t have a mother around to teach her important womanly things?

Jessica – You had your sister though… and kudos to her… you’re a wonderful young woman. I’d be proud to call you my daughter.

Awkward considering she and her daughter aren’t close. I do wonder how close she and Tyena have gotten though. Tyena’s a daddy’s girl.. and well her daddy loves Jessica.. I hope they get along *laughs* for Tom’s sake…

Frankie – Thanks.

Jessica – Your sister did really well with you- and that’s not to take away your fathers involvement- or your own sense of logic growing up.

Frankie – I thank everyone involved in my growing up…

Jessica – As you should…. speaking of family… how’s everything with your mother?

I knew she’d bring this up

Frankie – She’s keeping her distance, and making good on her word.

Jessica – So she hasn’t contacted you?

Frankie – No….. she told me to come to her when I’m ready.

Jessica – How does that make you feel?

Frankie – Starting to sound like a therapy session.

Jessica – My apologies, I’m just curious. I’m usually not this meddlesome..

Frankie – Its okay.. talking about my mother doesn’t bother me.. My sister on the other hand…. I guess maybe because she was older when everything happened. Truth be told I’m more inclined to believe that should they ever come face to face that Andi will punch her.

Jessica – Hmm.

Frankie – Not that my sister is violent.

Jessica – I see.

Frankie – I met your daughter by the way… Nikol?

Jessica – Oh?

Frankie – Tyena and-

Jessica – Oh of course, when you guys went to the lesbian nightclub.

Frankie – She told you?

Jessica – Tyena wouldn’t shut up about it. She said you made her feel part of something. I’m glad you gave her that experience, because lets face it… she was quite bitchy and repressed.

Frankie – That’s true…

Jessica – …..So you were saying? about Nikol?

Frankie – Yeah I was calming down a crying friend in the ladies room, and Nikol, and her friend was in there.

Jessica – Oh… okay.

Frankie – We didn’t say a lot but.. we talked and she said I looked like my sister-

Jessica – They were bestfriends at C.U.

Frankie – I know, Andi told me everything. Umm.. but yeah.. She seems nice… your daughter.

Jessica – ……………………………okay.

Frankie – Its just- you brought up my mom, so I figured I could bring up-

Jessica – Oh its quite alright.

Frankie – Is she your only child?- well she’s an adult but yeah.

Jessica – I regretfully did not have anymore after her. I do sometimes wish I had a son.. a little mamma’s boy. Son’s are loyal, especially with their mothers. I probably would have named him Camden… or Christian.. or Brayden. Oh well… shoulda, coulda, woulda.

I don’t know what to say… she seems sad that she didn’t have more kids… its awkward… what do I say?

Frankie – Those are cute names.

Jessica – Yeah……. so umm. Is it just you two? You, and your sister Andi?

Frankie – As far as I know yes. Though my mother has traveled… and she’s…. promiscuous, at least she was. Andi and I constantly joke that we probably have brothers and sisters somewhere.

Its true though. My mother was a stripper.. and she traveled… who’s to say I don’t have a brother or sister in like Texas or something? God I hope not.


Jessica – I see.. well you know, maybe when you two start talking again you can ask her.

Frankie – How come it seems like you’re so… interested in my mother and I having reconciliation?

Jessica – Because you’re a bright, smart young woman. I think she’s missing out on knowing you.

Frankie – But couldn’t the same be said about you and Nikol? I don’t know her- she could be as dumb as a box of rocks for all I know, but… smart, stupid… confident or arrogant.. either way.. aren’t you missing out?

Jessica – She and I are both in a much better place without each other- besides.. your relationship with your mother may have a happy ending.

Frankie – I don’t see that happening.

Jessica – You never know.

Frankie – Perhaps.

Jessica – You know Ms. Mancini… when we first met… I got this sense of independence from you. You struck me as someone who went left when everyone else went right. You also gave me the indication that you weren’t a pushover.

Frankie – ….All things true.

Jessica – Then we had our little…. fight. I hated you.

Frankie – *laughs* Yeah…. I was kind of-

Jessica – But you were right about everything, and I’m different now.

Frankie – I can tell.

Jessica – Why do you like writing? and reading? what about it is so special to you?

Frankie – Going all the way back to when I was maybe 5 or 6. My sister, or my dad always had the tv. I had to find some way of entertaining myself. We couldn’t really afford internet so I found old books, stuff my dad was forced to read in high school. I just started losing myself in the stories, and characters plus their development. I loved the aspect of taking the first chapter, and seeing how it linked to the final words at the end.

Jessica – *smiles*

Frankie – After reading so much.. I had all of these ideas. I thought I could do it… I could write. So I’d write all of these little stories- They were terrible, but they were the steps I needed to take, to be the writer that I am today. I want to write because I love it. Also because I feel like people my age, and younger rather go watch a 2 to 3 hour movie. With images given to them instead of using their imagination.

Jessica – I agree, and imagination is important.

Frankie – I love movies, but books are so much better. You’re reading, and seeing images in your head. You and I could read the same book, and have competently different ideas of what the coffee shop looks like, or the main character. Its how you’re interpreting it.. which is great for the mind. Individual thinking, is what you’re creating. Your own way of processing things. I love reading.. and I love writing. I’ll take a book over a movie any day.

Jessica – Your friends don’t think that’s boring?

Frankie – I’m aware that its not cool to love books, but I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m boring, or if my hobbies are boring. My life is my life, and I’m the one getting enjoyment out of it.

Jessica – Do you know why I asked you here?

Frankie – I don’t… So far it seems like we’re just hanging out… not that I mind.

Jessica – Well you’re quite easy to talk to… but no.. I did call you here for a reason.

Frankie – Well I guess that’s good?

Jessica – I’ve been following your work at The Mothership

I wish you didn’t…. those fluff pieces are atrocious.

Frankie – Oh god…

Jessica – What the hell is Scott doing with you?

Frankie – He’s mad that I won’t write smut.. so he gives me crap articles.

Jessica – Scott’s an asshole.

Frankie – I thought you guys were “dear friends”

Jessica – We were… but now we’re not. He’s an opportunist, and from what I hear… a cheat. An associate of mine tells me, she’s seen him running around town with a younger man.

Frankie – I see…

Jessica – I probably shouldn’t have told you that. Moving on, I don’t think your talents are being put to good use there.

Frankie – ….I’m miserable there, and its really sucking the life out of my writing.

Jessica – Perfect, so that’s why I asked you to come here. I am no longer teaching, I’m back doing my job here at Haus of Opulence. I am constantly looking for the next big writer, the next big book to publish. It gets hard to do those things when my own projects, and book ideas get in the way. You see the boxes to your left?

Frankie – Yes.

Jessica – Book manuscripts. None of them have been read.

Frankie – Oh wow.

Jessica – I want you to come work for me.

Frankie – What?

Jessica – As a assistant editor.

Holy shit

Frankie – Are you being for real?

Jessica – Yes, I am. I don’t know if I have to explain what the job would-

Frankie – No you don’t. I know what an assistant editor is.

Jessica – Good.

Frankie – Wow… this is a… wow…. but what about school?

Jessica – Flexible hours… you’ll be done with G.C.U. in a year anyway…

Frankie – Hmm…

Jessica – I’ll pay really well. You can get you a nice little place. Feel all independent and what not. This is a great opportunity.

Frankie – I-

Jessica – Don’t answer me yet… let it sink in- besides.. I should open one of those boxes, and start reading…

Frankie – Oh okay-

Jessica – If I don’t hear from you in a week I’ll understand.

Frankie – I’ll give you my decision before the week is over.

Jessica – Okay. Well let me walk you out.

Frankie – Uh- okay

Jessica – I need a herbal tea, and its on the way.

Oh.. my god… I can’t believe this is happening.

Frankie – Wow… *smiles & laughs*

Jessica – *laughs & smiles*

Frankie – Sorry, I just.. I can’t believe you’re offering this to me.

Jessica – I think you have so much potential. Oh god I forgot to mention, IF you take the job… you’ll also have the chance to woo me. I’ll publish your first novel. How does that sound? Frankie Mancini for Haus Of Opulence?

Frankie – It sounds amazing…. I can’t wait to tell my dad.

Jessica – Maybe you can tell your mother *smiles*

Frankie – I-

Jessica – Sorry, I didn’t mean to-

Frankie – Its okay.

Jessica – Well think on it… and don’t feel bad if you want to say yes. Yes Scott took a chance on you… but for lack of better words?……. he’s a dick. You deserve this, you work really hard. You’ve earned this, I don’t believe in just giving things to people…. so take that into consideration.

Frankie – Yes Ma’am.

Jessica – Now… time for herbal tea!… I want to get some work done before Tom brings me dinner. You have a good night Ms. Mancini.

Frankie – You too Ms. Nash.

I’m speechless…. I don’t even- Me? possibly working for Haus Of Opulence Publishing?….. that would be amazing. Plus the book deal?… I know what you’re thinking. “If it sounds so amazing why didn’t you just say yes right away” You should know me by now.. I like to think things through. I don’t think one should jump into anything without considering all variables. Not that I’m expecting a better offer to come along. Oh shit what time is it?… I forgot I was supposed to hangout with Priscilla. I should go, see you guys later.

(POV Keegan)

So….. I decided to come. I’m not gonna be loud, or argue. I just want him to see me, and know he’s caught. I know both Frankie, and Trey have thought twice about telling me stuff about Scott. Out of fear that I’d go choke the shit out of him or something. I get it, I can be aggressive. I can act without thinking… sometimes. I have learned since seeing my therapist to not be so quick to act… count to ten.. think about it. So Scott can thank my therapist for saving his life, because while I respect my elders…. you don’t fuck with my dad.

Keegan – Where the hell is he?…..

I’ve been waiting for like 15 minutes.. they haven’t walked through the door yet- Oh shit.. duh Keegan.. what if they’re already here dumbass? God.. what am I thinking? hmm.. fuck it.. I’ll go ask… I hope she doesn’t give me attitude…

Work that magic Keegan…

Gina – Yass Jennifer Lawrence. You are amazing girl-

Keegan – Umm, Hi… *smiles*

Gina – Oh wow.. umm hello….

Keegan – My first time here….

Gina – Well welcome to The Regal Hotel. Are you looking to stay one night or-

Keegan – I’m actually wondering if you can help me out with something?

Gina – Umm sure?

Keegan – Could you tell me if a Scott Nelson is checked-in here, or Owen Roberts?

Gina – I…. I can’t divulge such information…

Keegan – Come on.. just break the rules a little bit.

Gina – I’m sorry sir, I can’t.

Keegan – ……

Gina – ….Can you call him?

What to say… what to- ooh.. I know.

Keegan – Well….. here’s the thing. Scott’s my dad, and I haven’t seen him in 3 years. I was going to surprise him…. it would mean so much to both he and I.

Gina – ….I-

Keegan – The war was hard on both of us.. but I had to serve my country.

Gina – Oh my- Thank you for your service.

Keegan – You are welcome pretty lady. I haven’t been in the presence of a gorgeous dame like yourself in quite sometime- are fella’s even still saying the word dame?…

Gina – Oh… *blushes* Aren’t you sweet…

Keegan – I don’t want to get you into any trouble ma’am… so I guess our little reunion will have-

Gina – Maybe…. maybe I can bend the rules this one time for a hot guy who served his country…

Keegan – You sure?

Gina – Yeah… why not..

Keegan – Beautiful, and sweet… they don’t make’em like you anymore do they?

Gina – *smiles*

Keegan – What’s your name beautiful?

Gina – ….Its Gina… Gina Ratts…

Did this chick just say her last name was rats?

Keegan – Gina… what a pretty name….

Gina – I was named after my grandmother.

Keegan – I’m sure she was a knockout just like you.

Gina – Well…..

Keegan – Maybe I can take you out sometime Gina.. since you’re being a doll and helpin’ me out.

Gina – What about tonight? after you’re done with your father.. we can maybe fuck in one of the rooms? I assume you haven’t had a good woman in a while

Oh shit… calm down girl.. 

Keegan – Ya know what? lemme see what’s going on with dad.. and maybe we can make that happen. Which room did you say he was in?

Gina – You said Owen Roberts right?

Keegan – Yes ma’am.

Gina – Owen was with a man name Scott so I assume-

Keegan – That would be them.

Gina – Floor number 2… room number 6 at the end of the hall..

Keegan – Thanks so much baby.

Gina – You’re welcome.. and make sure you come back down so I can get your number. I know just the room to rock your world in solider!

Keegan – Ooooh I can’t wait.

Gina – Mmmmm Yes sir!

I remember when I first met Scott. My dad, and Riley were done, and you know.. I guess my dad wanted to start dating again. He kept going out of town, and on trips. One day I came home, and Scott was on my couch drinking a beer. The first thing he ever said to me was “I don’t know how your dad drinks beer.. I think I much prefer wine” I just looked at him and simply asked “Who are you?” That’s of course when my dad came downstairs with an expression on his face, that could only read “Oh shit.. gotta explain this” He went on to explain that Scott and him met while he was working, and doing press for fashion stuff.. I didn’t give a shit to be honest.

I missed Riley, he was super cool. We played sports, and it was just a good time. My dad’s happiness matters don’t get me wrong. BUT from the day I met Scott up until today.. I’ve never seen my dad look at him like he looked at Riley. They just worked… I remember they told me a story about how in high school nobody would have ever imagined them getting together. I can’t believe that… I can’t imagine them not together- though I guess its time I should huh? since My dad is with Scott, and Riley seems really happy with Max…. 

Keegan – …….

I don’t want to just barge in… oh I can actually here them talking… hmm

Owen – I don’t really care if I’m being honest.

Scott – You agreed to meet me here, and now you’re being anti-social?

Owen – I just wanted to hear what bullshit you’d come up with.

Scott – Why are you still mad about that?

Owen – Why shouldn’t I be?

Scott – You were fucking sitting with Keegan’s friend!

Owen – You made me feel like shit Scott!

Scott – Issac was-

Owen – What about me?!

Scott – I can’t-

Owen – You said you were going to handle the Issac situation. What are you waiting for? why are you being such a pussy?

Scott – Its complicated-

Owen – I gotta worry about his annoying, nosy ass son Keegan catching us.. I am NOT the other woman Scott.. like what the fuck? Its stupid.. and I’m done..

Scott – Don’t… don’t do this.

Owen – TELL ISSAC! End this bullshit! Fuck!

Scott – You don’t understand.. Issac and I have been together for a longtime, and I think its important that Keegan-

Owen – Fuck them! FUCK THEM! You’re always bringing them up, and using them as an excuse! I’m sick of it.. Maybe I should go tell Issac myself?.. Fuck him though, the way you talk about him, makes him sound controlling. He seems like a asshole, and that son of his… grade- A douchebag.. I can tell

Scott – Keegan’s a basket case.. he’s bipolar at times but I-

Owen – The shit you’ve told me about that kid… I don’t know how you deal with him. All the drugs, and disrespect?….He needs help-

Scott – Keegan!

Keegan – You don’t know shit about my addiction! *punches Owen*

Owen – *gets punched*


Keegan – Fuck you Scott!

Scott – What are you doing here?! did you follow me?!

Keegan – You’re a fucking asshole!

Owen – ah shit.. my jaw…

Keegan – You told him my personal business?! You had no right!


Keegan – SHUT UP!

Scott – Keegan get the fuck out of here before I call the cops!

Keegan – Tell my dad the truth… or I will! you have one fucking week you lying asshole!

Owen – You sucker punching little bitch!

Scott – No!

Owen – Get your fucking hands off of me Scott!

Scott – Don’t! you stop it right now!

Owen – He wants to hit me when I’m not looking?! DO IT AGAIN BITCH!

Keegan – Scott, you better tell ya boy to stay down, before I fuck him up.


Scott – Owen stop!

Owen – Shut the fuck up Scott! Get the fuck off me!

Keegan – One FUCKING week Scott! or I’m telling my dad! I know everything Scott!

Scott – I don’t know how you found out but you can’t tell your dad. You have to let me do it!

Keegan – ONE WEEK! then I’m I tell him!

Owen – There’s nothing to tell, I’m fucking done! I’M DONE! I’m leaving!

Scott – NO! Noooo! please Owen, I’m sorry! Don’t go-

Owen – Scott…. I’m gonna tell you one more time. Get off me. Now.

Scott – I don’t want you to fight-

Owen – Oh I’m done fighting.. what’s the point?

Scott – Don’t be like that.

Owen – What’s done is done.. we’re done, don’t call me.

Fucking asshole Scott… he told all of our business to this bitch! Its not Scott’s business to tell other people. He has this bitch thinking I’m strung out on drugs, and I’m a nightmare! Who know’s what he has him thinking about my dad! Then he wants to play dumb. Fuck Scott, I can’t believe I gave him a chance! He didn’t just hurt my dad, it hurts me. I thought he cared about us!… Fucker… Scott you have one week to tell the truth. If you don’t then I’m not only telling my dad.. but I’m also going to beat your ass too.

(POV Frankie)

I’m still buzzing from my meeting with Jessica Nash earlier…. Its all I can really think about… I should probably try and focus on getting to know this new girl. I’m sure she has lots of questions about G.C.U. I can probably give her the best advice seeing as I’ve not only been there for a while now, but I’m also pretty OCD when it comes to organizing my time, on campus. Its important to know where everything is, and what’s the best times to go there.

Priscilla – You got all quiet.

Frankie – Sorry… I feel like as soon as we sat down I was talking way too much.

Priscilla – No its okay, you’re happy. Congrats man…. that’s a big deal.

Frankie – I feel like I’m bragging…

Priscilla – Not at all. Its great, I mean obviously you’re the real deal if she offered you something like that.

Frankie – I just can’t believe it, especially after the day I had.

Priscilla – Oh?

Frankie – Run in with a guy… I.. well he’s not an ex, but we-

Priscilla – Gotcha….

Frankie – Its complicated.

Priscilla – Did he like try and win you back or something?

Frankie – Eh- umm.. I- heh… yeah… yes.

Priscilla – He clearly has you conflicted. He must be hot.

Frankie – He is… but there’s so much more to the story- anyway.. umm, so we should talk about G.C.U.?

Priscilla – Do we have to?

Frankie – I thought that was the plan?

Priscilla – Uh- well… it was…. and then I talked to you, and realized you weren’t what I thought.

Frankie – And what did you think?

Priscilla – That you were- Oh my god they have fried green tomatoes on the menu- holy shit.- sorry

Frankie – *laughs* don’t apologize for loving fried green tomatoes.

Priscilla – They’re so good- but yeah.. I totally said we should hang tonight because I thought you were like…. eh how do I say this?

Frankie – I won’t take offense to it..

Priscilla – I thought you were like….. stuck up, all work no play.. dull life kinda chick who knew any and everything about school….

Frankie – Wow.. well okay. *laughs*

Priscilla – But I was wrong… you’re really chill. So fuck school… lets just get to know each other? I don’t have any friends here in GloCity, so if you’ll have me.. maybe we can kick it.

Frankie – Okay cool, why not?

I’m not at all shocked I gave off that vibe. I totally walked up to her like the class president of high school. Like hi! how can I help you *laughs*

Priscilla – So are your parents tough?

Frankie – Umm.. no not really.

Priscilla – Mine are… are you super close with your folks?

Frankie – My dad, and my sister…. they’re my everything.

Priscilla – Mom’s a bitch?- my bad that sounded rude.

Frankie – Well… she… left- she did a bunch of messed up things to my sister and I, and my dad too. She’s back in town, she bought a house.. so she’s here… permanently apparently. She says she won’t bother me, and she’ll wait for me to come talk to her because it should be on my own terms or whatever.

Priscilla – Are you?

Frankie – Am I what?- gonna talk to her?

Priscilla – Yeah.

Frankie – No- well.. some days I feel like I should. Other days… I’m like fuck you.

Priscilla – What does your Dad do? and your sister?, is she younger?

Frankie – My dad has a corporate job at UPS, my sister… is older. She lives in CCity-

Priscilla – Oh no shit, I went to C.U.- that’s where I’m transferring from.

Frankie – My sister graduated from there. She’s a nurse at the CCity Hospital.. or as she likes to tell it.. she’s head nurse. She’s been studying to finally become a doctor.. so hopefully it happens because she’s amazing at her job.

Priscilla – Nice.

Frankie – Are you an only child?

Priscilla – Yes… I can be selfish *laughs*

Frankie – You said your parents are tough, were they strict or-

Priscilla – Well.. My mom Jacqueline, and my father Peter…… they’re… the worse kind of parents you can have- and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Frankie – I’m confused.

Priscilla – I’m adopted. My father is Asian, so to him its like.. take advantage of every opportunity. If I get a B+ his first question was why isn’t it an A. What can I do to improve the grade next time. This one time I was 14… went to summer camp. So when he picked me up, he asked what did I enjoy doing the most. I told him I liked swimming. He was literally shocked and appalled that I didn’t try EVERY activity on the itinerary. Its all I heard on the long ride home.

Frankie – That’s hilarious.

Priscilla – Then my mother… she’s black.. and a lawyer… so she can argue, you will never win. She’s also very strict in this way of… being the best and proving people wrong… So.. yeah my parents are a trip.

Frankie – What does your dad do?

Priscilla – Oh, right.. that’s part of the reason I’m transferring to G.C.U. He’s getting older, and I need to start helping him with the businesses according to my mother. So yeah… oh I didn’t say what he does. He has his own Real Estate Agency- and  as a family we own a cleaning company for rich people… we send maids and shit to your house..

Frankie – So you’ll have your hand in both the Real Estate, and the Cleaning company I take it.

Priscilla – Yeah.. which is fine.. Life is what it is.. long as my dad is happy- and as long as I’m NOT unhappy you know?

Frankie – Yeah, there is nothing wrong with thinking that way.

Priscilla – Thanks, some people judged me for it… saying I wasn’t following my dreams.

Frankie – They’re trying to control your life because they probably can’t control their own.

Priscilla – You have no idea how true that is..

Frankie – 9 times out of 10… half the people you call your friends.. are not. Maybe a handful of those people.. but not all of them.

Priscilla – Speaking of friends, is Ivy your bestfriend?

Frankie – Umm, no she isn’t.

Priscilla – Why do I sense a interesting story behind that?

Frankie – Well our dad’s date each other now.. so if they marry.. we’ll be sisters. But the interesting story as you put it is this..

Priscilla – Sounds juicy…

Frankie – She was my roommate in the dorms. She and I…. we were kinda together

Priscilla – Oh….  okay.

Frankie – Right.. so she cheated on me with her ex girlfriend…

Priscilla – Ouch.

Frankie – Which led me to go have sex with the sorta ex I told you about earlier.

Priscilla – Oh cause you felt rejected right? been there.

Frankie – Yeah… which- wow this goes full circle… that whole drama led to me and my actual bestfriend not talking.

Priscilla – Why? was it her boyfriend? oh my god

Frankie – No, it was her brother.. who had been used before, and he got depressed and- Its a mess.

Priscilla – Wow….

Frankie – The 6 of us are a little broken right now because of Kaori and I’s fight.

Priscilla – Kaori is the-

Frankie – Bestfriend.

Priscilla – Okay, gotcha- wait the 6?

Frankie – Well there Trey, Adorable, chef in training.

Priscilla – Gay?

Frankie – Yeah, and then… Jarrah.. Fashionista extraordinaire. Then Kaori… which-

Priscilla – The bestfriend.

Frankie – She interns at an ad agency.. she’s… sorta a brat but that’s what I always loved about her..

Priscilla – Well maybe you two can fix it?

Frankie – She’s stubborn- moving on. We have Keegan.. Really sexy, hot.. sure of himself, but not a cocky asshole you know? He’s still finding himself but he’s an amazing guy. Really strong, and loving. He and I… well its also complicated.

Priscilla – Ever bang?

Frankie – Remind me to tell you about this pact the girls and I made… and also about Keegan and I’s living arrangements growing up. Our dads dated… but yeah.

Priscilla – Kaori, Trey, Jarrah, Keegan… and you. That’s only 5?

Frankie – And Jeep- I mean Jonah.

Priscilla – Jeep?

Frankie – Oh god.. *laughs* Its a nickname for a reason.

Priscilla – I can’t imagine why- unless he like fucked someone in a jeep or-

Frankie – You’re not that off….. but yeah. He’s the best, I care about him so much.

Priscilla – Wait.. you said his name was Jonah?

Frankie – Yeah.

Priscilla – Oh my god… is he G.C.U. Loser Exposed?

Frankie – Yeah this asshole leaked his pictures… to humiliate him…. long story.

Priscilla – Minus the weird pose he was doing.. he was kinda cute.

Frankie – I agree.. he means so much to me….

Priscilla – Sounds like it… he sounds REALLY important to you.

Frankie – *clears throat* So… what about you?

Priscilla – Just Milk…

Frankie – What?

Priscilla – Milk Chambers… that’s my bestfriend’s name.

Frankie – That’s a interesting name.

Priscilla – Right?…. umm we met when I was 14….. she’s a bit eccentric. She went to the police station today to ask about Police Academy.. I’m like oh… my.. god. She’s always doing crazy shit. She’s the best person in the world though.

Frankie – Did you leave anyone at C.U.?

Priscilla – A few friends, and a boyfriend- ex boyfriend.

Frankie – Oh?

Priscilla – Nate… yeah.. Its fine though. I kinda felt like things were getting stale. Its for the best that we ended it anyway….. He’s very… ranty… like the shit that comes out of his mouth.. he really believes it.

Frankie – I knew a guy like that once. Went to high school with him.

Priscilla – Wasn’t Nate was it? *laughs*

Frankie – Oh no, his name was Ian… Ian Alexander. He thought he was hot shit.. and he ranted a lot. School president, hot, cocky.. popular- you know the type.

Priscilla – Sounds annoying.

Frankie – Exactly…. I do wonder what he’s doing these days. He didn’t go to G.C.U. so-

Priscilla – So you’re bisexual?

Frankie – A little late there with the reaction, but yes.

Priscilla – That’s cool..

Frankie – Is it?

Priscilla – It is… I don’t judge.

Frankie – Good.

Priscilla – How does your friends and family feel about it?

Frankie – Everyone is a-okay with it. Not one complaint.

Priscilla – Awesome. Some parents aren’t that cool with it…

Frankie – Eh.. its not their life you know?… there’s a lot of lgbtq people on campus by the way.

Priscilla – This guy I semi know is gay- He actually goes to G.C.U. but I haven’t ran into him on campus yet. I did hang with him the other day though. He Milk, and I.

Frankie – What’s his name?

Priscilla – Dominic-

Frankie – Phan?

Priscilla – Yeah

Frankie – I know him. We’re friends actually.

Priscilla – Small world.

Frankie – Right?- Hey I’m gonna go use the women’s room. I’ll be right back.

Priscilla – Take your time, I’m gonna text Milk, and let her know you’re not a psycho.

Frankie – *laughs* Oh I forgot to ask you something

Priscilla – What?

Frankie – Its about Ivy, she thinks you dislike her.

Priscilla – What why?

Frankie – Because it seemed like you didn’t want her to come

Priscilla – Oh- umm.. I sorta just wanted you to come because again.. I thought you were a nerd. No offense to Ivy of course- shit now I have to get her like a fruit basket or something

Frankie – A Fruit basket?

Priscilla – Yeah? you guys don’t do that? whenever my mother would upset someone she’d order them a fruit basket.

Frankie – *laughing* I’m going to pee on myself, I can’t because you said you were gonna send her a fruit basket!

Priscilla – *laughs* My mamma taught me.

Frankie – Let me find the restroom!

She’s cool, kinda reminds me of Kaori, but not really? whatever the case.. you can never have too many friends. Especially ones that are as easy to talk to as she is. Plus she’s gorgeous. I should find that restroom.

Bartender – Are you with Party of 5? Ladies night?

Frankie – No…

Bartender – Oh okay.

Frankie – Long night?

Bartender – Yeah.. but those women are hilarious. You should totally eavesdrop on them. They were talking about “The Twitter” a second ago.. poor old women.

Frankie – Aww.

Bartender – Go on.. take a glimpse into the future.

Frankie – Why not.

Bartender – What are they talking about now?

Frankie – Oh my god I know them…

Bartender – Oh shit.

Frankie – One of them is my mother…


Michelle – I love Josh to pieces, but I am so glad to have ladies night. We should hit the strip club- ……..

Mira – ………………………..

Sasha – Well I’m going through a divorce so.. this is good for me. Plus my other friends are busy.. Glad I have you girls!

Tru – Skye made me come. She said all I would be doing is watching home garden network.

Skye – Accurate! and I’m also glad to be out the house, I thought with age Sean would slow down… he still wants sex every night for fucks sake.

Mira – I’m just happy you guys invited me out. I… I don’t know. I figured everyone hated me.

Sasha – We don’t judge..

Michelle – And the past is the past.

Tru – *smiles*

Skye – So lets get turnt up!

Mira – I can’t wait to eat ladies. I’ve been on a new diet and tonight I’m treating myself…. by the way Vanessa said she and Quinn will be here soon.

Michelle – Well its too bad Kokoro, Gabrielle, Joy, and Kaitlyn couldn’t make it out tonight.

Tru – Koko’s still filming her show in Pylea.

Sasha – I’m sure Joy and Kaitlyn have their hands full…

Skye – Oh god Sasha…

Sasha – That wasn’t a lesbian joke. I was talking about with their adopted daughter.. after-

Skye – Right right.. I forgot about that.

Tru – Stuff like that… makes you wanna hold your kid, no matter how old they are.

Mira – ………

Tru – Mira?

Mira – *crying* I’m fine.

Tru – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that….

Skye – Look what you did Tru!

Tru – Oh shut up Skye!

Michelle – Mira what’s wrong honey?

Mira – I’ve made a mess of my life. I’ve made messes everywhere I’ve been.

Michelle – Look at you now though? you’re home, and you’re doing really good.

Mira – My daughters hate me. I always wanted to be the best mom, but I fucked it up royally. I am so pathetic! I hurt Riley.. the only man to ever treat me like I matter, and not some stripper bitch. Then I hurt my girls.. I hurt Andi, and Frankie. It breaks my heart seeing how well everyone is doing, and how I can’t be in their lives. It hurts!

Sasha – *starts crying* I KNOW! I’M GOING THROUGH IT TOO GIRL!

Michelle – ……..

Tru – What’s wrong Sasha?

Skye – SHE’S GETTING A DIVORCE TRU… haven’t you been paying attention?

Sasha – I am SO sorry Michelle.. drunk calling Josh! I never want to come between you guys!

Michelle – I forgive you…

Sasha – Oh here I am making it about me.. you know Mira.. I hate to let Maliha down! My son Ali is fine, but Maliha.. she’s sensitive. This divorce will wreck her. Mommy is to blame! I should have tried harder *crying*

Mira – I tell myself this everyday.. you should have fixed yourself! drugs and alcohol.. what were you thinking? hurting everyone.. I wish I could take it all back. I wish I could give Riley Issac. I wish I could hold my daughters, and be someone they loved and looked up to. I just hate myself so goddamn much. I ruined everything! I’m just a ex stripper ratchet ass bitch who ruins lives, and abandoned her daughters! God.. and Andi hates me so much.. I know she does.. Frankie too, but Andi… she really hates me and she’s my first. My first born and It kills me! *crying*

Michelle – Let go of the past Mira.. let it go. Just take everyday in..  worry about one day at a time.

Sasha – *Crying* That’s what I tell myself when I’m at work. crying in my office!

Skye – Y’all bout to make me cry up in here.

Tru – I have tissues in my purse I’ll be right back.

Michelle – …… Mira.. don’t be hard on yourself….. you went to rehab.. you’re doing so much better!

Tru – I’m gonna get my purse

Sasha – Tru don’t you go anywhere! we’re all gonna stay out here and talk! we need this! We are healing each other!

Shit…. I should probably hurry to the bathroom before one of them has to use it.

Frankie – *sigh*

……. Andi joked… she said “Mira has to be on something, why would she treat us like that?” I didn’t know she was actually right. I don’t even think Andi knows. Do I even call and tell her what I just witnessed? I….. I feel bad? I feel like maybe Mira’s ready to accept responsibility for things?… maybe I’m really hurting her by ignoring her. I know deep down that Andi would NEVER talk to her.. but I’m here.. why can’t I just hear her out?… I just.. I know she did a lot of bad things, but she seems so broken about it… I-

*cell rings*

Frankie – Who- Oh.. its Keegan. *answers phone* Hello?

Jeep – Frankie?

Frankie – Jeep what’s wrong? why are you on Keegan’s phone? is he alright?

Jeep – No he is not.. he’s freaking out…

Frankie – What happened?

Jeep – Hold on- Keegan its Frankie, tell her..

Keegan – *crying* Hello?

Frankie – What’s wrong babe?

Keegan – I’m stupid- I’m a bad person!

Frankie – What?- why are you saying-

Keegan – I did something really bad Frankie… really bad.

Frankie – What? tell me, its okay.

Keegan – I went to this hotel, and I- I hit Owen, and cursed out Scott. I don’t feel right Frankie- I feel like I’m gonna throw up. I was okay…. but on the way home I felt like such a bad person. I overreacted and didn’t listen to you.. I’m so sorry *crying* I just want my dad to be happy, and I didn’t listen to you, I let you down. I hit him Frankie-

Frankie – Keegan, baby calm down.. its okay.

Keegan – Trey’s gonna be so disappointed in me too.. he didn’t want to tell me about the hotel but he did anyway because we’re friends. I let people down Frankie

Frankie – No you don’t! you’re still sober! if you were weak, if you really wanted to let people down.. you would be high right now instead of with Jeep, and talking to me.

Keegan – *crying* I- Police A- me- Zoey too- and- die- because-

Frankie – Police?!- Keegan?

Jeep – He- bed- nothing- plus yogurt- I think he’ll- worry- today- hello?

Frankie – honey you’re breaking up… hello?

Jeep – Frankie? Hello? *call drops*

Frankie – Dammit…. I need to go to him, and Jeep. Fuck…

Priscilla said she thought I was interesting, now she’s going to think I’m a flake. I can’t stay and eat with her. I need to be with my friends who need me. I can’t even begin to describe the day, and now night. I just.. I don’t know. I don’t know anything. Things happening left and right. Do I call my sister and tell her anything? She and Ivo and okay now.. how would she feel knowing what he’s doing- and what he tried to do with me? How would she feel about what I just saw with our mom?….

And shit.. should I call Trey, and Jarrah?- do I even attempt to call Kaori?… Keegan could use us all…. I sometimes feel like I’m under so much stress. The one night things go right for me.. is the night its actually wrong. I- no more talking. I need to tell Priscilla I have to go. Hopefully she won’t be mad…. fuck… she’s gonna think I’m a psycho- No she seems chill, maybe she’ll understand and even still want to talk to me after this. Regardless of how she takes it.. I need to leave…. and quick.

~End Of Chapter Five | The FINAL Chapter (Six) before the 2 part Season Finale is Next~



  1. OMG Keegan looks so hot when he’s all pissed off <3333. lol. I don't blame Keegan for losing it on Owen like he did. He cares about his dad and doesn't want him to get hurt. I'm shocked he didn't punch Scott too XDD!! Hopefully Scott will man up and tell Issac. Blah, this takes me back to the old days when Issac had so much trouble finding love. Now he's going to get disappointed again :(. Poor thing. Oh! What was Jules muttering about towards the end of her conversation with Keegan?? She better not be scheming anything to make things harder for Keegan and Rhys.

    Now then, Frankie and Ivo. They actually make a cute couple. She's right though; Ivo shouldn't stoop to Torrance's level. He should just break up with her and move on. It's not worth it! About her mom, she did honestly seem sorry about what she's done to her kids. Maybe she really wants to fix things this time? I think Frankie should talk to her and see what happens. Then if she blows it again, she shouldn't give her any more chances :p. I guess we'll see! And congrats to Frankie for the new job opportunity! She has to take it!! She is too talented for the crappy assignments she's getting at her current job. Can't wait for the next part! This story is so entertaining 😀

    1. LOL someone else told me Keegan looks hot mad, so that’s funny. I can’t comment a lot on your comments because well.. some things are better left unsaid lol. I will say this though… Keegan Vs Scott & Owen… wait till you see the ending to THAT…. and yeah.. Frankie and Ivo are so hot together aren’t they?… Guess we’ll see what happens….. The last chapter is so amazing and I’m super proud of my writing for season 2. Cannot wait for you to see everyone’s last POV before the 2 part finale…

      I took all the pictures for Jeep & Jarrah’s last POV before the 2 part finale.. and I am so excited for things to go BOOM. Can’t wait for you to see… After I edit all the pictures, and make a draft.. I’ll do some of the writing. Then I’ll start prep for Trey & Kaori’s AND Keegan & Frankie’s last POV’s.. omg… this chapter featuring all of their last POV’s = emotional rollercoaster.. betrayals, sadness… everything…. things will never be the same for them. Oh and this isn’t the last season of BnG.. I’m doing a third 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and reading, you’re the best!

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