{BnG Season 2} Chapter Five Part 2 : “The Desolation of Circumstances”

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Chapter Five | Pt. 2 “The Desolation of Circumstances”

-POV’s : Kaori & Trey

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Kaori)

Things keep happening. The stuff with my dad, and that bitch Paisley. Poor Jeep and his nude scandal… Oh and Jarrah leaving the Sorority- I mean her problem is obviously not as big as mine, or Jeep’s but still. It just seems like things aren’t getting better. Jarrah told me earlier that she feels like something bad is going to happen soon. I hope she’s just being paranoid.. I don’t really think any of us can take anymore shit.

Bianca – Where’s Maggie? (Magdalena)

Kaori – I think she’s mad at me.

Bianca – Why?- Oh…

Kaori – I think its rude, and anybody that I call my friend needs to know respect, and not bully anyone.

Bianca – I agree, and I’m sorry for my part in it… I feel bad. I just think if it were me how I’d feel…

Jeep told me that Magdalena, and Bianca were among the people who laughed at him… So I took it upon myself to check both of them. If they’re my friends they should be able to take the criticism right? Bianca knew right away it was wrong, and even texted Jeep and apologized. Magdalena on the other hand.. she felt like I was being mean about it. She did say sorry but I guess she’s still raw about it. To be honest I don’t care if she ever comes around about it. Laughing at someone’s nude pictures, and making them feel like shit doesn’t fly with me. Even if it weren’t Jeep…. who I care so much about. Jeeper’s Creepers doesn’t hurt anyone.. so the fact that Spirit and Austin have made the last few months hell for him is really ridiculous.

Kaori – The thing is… you guys know it was foul.. and it is what it is, nobody’s perfect. Shit happens and we all make mistakes.

Bianca – Yeah, and plus I personally cherish a friendship where a friend can tell me when I’m wrong, and vice versa.

Kaori – I agree- So! how was the big night?

Bianca – Are you sure you want to hear about it?

Kaori – Why wouldn’t I?- Oh because Byron and I aren’t-…. Yeah its fine.

Bianca – Well… so yeah first time hooking up with Garrett… It was… amazing. He’s so sexy…. and he took his time to make sure I was taken care of..

Kaori – Okay the sweet stuff is cute… but girl how was the D?

Bianca – Like was it good or was it big?

Kaori – Both…

Bianca – It was great…. and yeah as far as his size is concerned… I’m walking funny today.

Kaori – *laughs* girl!

Bianca – I know… I’m happy… so.. yeah *smiles* Of course my brother makes fun of me for being into Garrett but whatever… I know Garrett is a bit.. absent minded but he’s sweet.

Kaori – As if Bryce can talk.. he’s into that idiot Bingbing… yesterday I saw her put a jelly bean in her nose… 

Bianca – Right… – Oh hey did Byron leave GCU yet? I know you said he was leaving this week-

Kaori – Yep…. he did.

Bianca – Oh… are you okay?

Kaori – I’m fine….

Bianca – I know you said something about Europe…

Kaori – He hasn’t brought it up.. I think maybe leaving GCU was weight being lifted off his shoulders. I think he’s going to stay.

Bianca – Well good… I should get to class. I’ll see you at his show tonight. Magdalena will be there too.. its on her facebook.

Kaori – Okay cool..

Bianca – Later girl!

Kaori – Bye!

Well I should go back to my dorm room so I can rest- You’re probably wondering why I haven’t been on my boat in a while.. well the truth of it is… I feel like every time I’m there it reminds me of Byron and that night of his anxiety- panic- whatever the fuck.. His attack. It reminds me of that night. Which also makes me think about how we still have’t…. ya know…

Miguel – ……… Yo!

Kaori – …Can I help you?

Miguel – Hey?

Kaori – Umm..  Hi?

Miguel – Can I ask you a question?

Kaori – I don’t know where your ex girlfriend is.. she’s mad at me apparently.

Miguel – Oh- I don’t care about Magdalena…

I’ll never forget them dating.. back when I wasn’t friends with Maggie, and Bianca… I knew way too much info about their relationship.. Anal sex… and all sorts of things.

Kaori – Oh my bad.. well how can I help you?

Miguel – Well you have a certain reputation so-

Kaori – Think long and hard about how you want to continue this conversation..

He needs to be careful before he gets slapped….. he don’t want to talk about reputations because according to Magdalena.. he likes fingers up the ass. He and Maggie were seriously the world weirdest couple- scratch that.. Rubi Larter + ANYONE would be the weirdest couple. Can’t believe my cousin is stringing her along… she’s stupid enough though. Have at it Aries… living your big lie of a life.

Miguel – No I mean.. like you have a rep for being.. well.. umm..  a “bad bitch”… who likes finer things.. you have good taste, your family is well off..

Kaori – …..Okay?

Miguel – And you also gave me good advice that time at the Lucky Dragon

Kaori – I did?

Miguel – You told me who to go to for a legit massage…. instead of a… happy ending.

Kaori – Oh yeah.

Miguel – So umm.. I was wondering if you’re free next week?

Kaori – Well it depends…

Miguel – I was wondering if you’d come with me to pick out a piece of jewelry for my girlfriend Myra Kelley. I could really use the help and I know that I- If you say no its okay and I-

Kaori – Okay, sure I’ll help you.

Miguel – Really? Oh my god- that’s fucking great- I mean.. umm thanks- so much

Kaori – Its not that big of a deal. You want to treat your girl… I may as well help since you thought I’d be qualified to.

Miguel – *smiles* Next week okay?

Kaori – Yeah just text me.

Miguel – Thanks again Kaori, you’re the best. Oh and by the way.. I started watching that new show “The Reality Of Life”… your mom plays someone’s mother on there! I didn’t know that.

Kaori – Yeah she lives in Pylea where they shoot the show.. then when its on break she comes back to GloCity…

Miguel – So you miss her a lot then I assume…

Kaori – Umm.. yeah I do. She calls, and if I’m missing her I can always just watch the show I guess….

Which isn’t a substitute for the real thing but it does what it can.

Miguel – Well alright I’m going to get to class.

Kaori – Miguel wait….

Miguel – Yeah?

Kaori – What you’re doing for Myra is really sweet… and I’m glad you asked for my help.

Miguel – *smiles*

Kaori – Also! umm.. if you’re not doing anything.. you and Myra should come by club MN8 (Emanate) tonight.

Miguel – Oh?

Kaori – Yeah my boyfriend is performing his first gig, and he’s a bit nervous that not a lot of people will show up. So please come, bring Myra, and whomever else you want.

Miguel – You mean it?

Kaori – Yeah

Miguel – Oh my god so cool.. I’m for sure coming- is Keegan going to be there? that guy is so cool..

Kaori – Yes.. he’s coming.

Miguel – Awesome. I’ll see you later tonight.. and thanks again for the help. I owe you!

Kaori – No problem.

Somebody should feel happy in their relationship. Not saying its about the gifts and jewelry but I can just tell he care a lot about his girlfriend. So why not help? There was a time where I wouldn’t socialize with people who I thought were lame, or like… unpopular. Then I checked myself, and realized that was such a bitchy thing to think and do. Anyway…. back to my dorm.. I’m going to sleep before work…

Damn… how did she fit through the door with those hips.. like damn girl can you even breathe? that tight ass skirt.. thighs probably screaming for dear life. Then that small ass jacket.. I can’t.

Professor Tubbs – Ms. McDonald…

Kaori – Oh hi Professor Ch- Tubbs…

Shit… *laughs* everyone on campus calls her Professor Chubs…. Its mean.. but funny. Maybe she has a condition or something and can’t workout. No shade to the big girls out there, but there is a clear difference between being chubby, and working on it, versus being hella fat and not even caring. A bitch like Joanna Smith aka JoJo? She was fat.. but she worked those curves. Now she’s thick, and healthy.. that’s dope in my opinion.. Mz Tubbs on the other hand? ………well………….. that’s a huge bitch… in more ways than one too. She’s one of the meanest professors, and rumor has it that she was caught making out with a hotdog in the teachers lounge. *laughs* Esther Tubbs. What an unfortunate name. Like… her last name literally sounds like the word tubby.. again.. I can’t.

Professor Tubbs – Hmph….What is it with girls your age?

Kaori – What do you mean?

Professor Tubbs – Well you’re always showing skin.

Kaori – I don’t know… Its just something we do..

Professor Tubbs – I wish you ladies would have more self-respect.

Kaori – Its not about self-respect or self-worth for that matter. We express ourselves the way we see fit. If we work hard on our bodies we can show them off.. its not for any man.. its for us. Now those who wear short shorts and show cleavage just so men can look.. we call those Thot’s

Professor Tubbs – What’s a Thot?

Kaori – Its just a word to describe that ho over there…

Professor Tubbs – I see…. I am so not up on the lingo.

Paisley is for sure a thot…

Kaori – I don’t expect you to get “this generation” but you should know we’re strong capable women… we know what we’re doing.. most of us at least.

Professor Tubbs – Well alright…

Kaori – Well I’m gonna go to my dorm now-

Professor Tubbs – Actually I was wondering if I could have a quick word.

What do you call this?

Kaori – Okay sure?

Kaori – Am I in trouble or something?

Professor Tubbs – No… quite the opposite…

Kaori – Then?

Professor Tubbs – Well I just wanted to applaud you on the turn around. You show up to class, and your work has been quite…

Kaori – Impressive?

Professor Tubbs – Shocking…. in a good way… yes Ms. McDonald.. Impressive.

Kaori – *smiles* Well thank you.

Professor Tubbs – Why the change?

Kaori – Umm.. someone took a chance on me. Saw potential, and then… I guess I started to see it too.

Professor Tubbs – Well I’m glad it happened. Your parents must be proud.

Kaori – Yeah.. they’re not wasting money on college now, I’m actually doing what I’m supposed to do.

Professor Tubbs – You’re a very smart girl, I’m glad you stopped playing dumb.

Kaori – Thanks whatever that means.

Professor Tubbs – You’re also a leader… both Bianca Thomas, and Magdalena have been following in your footsteps… seeing lots of growth.

Kaori – … that’s great.

Professor Tubbs – Have you given any thoughts about post grad?

Kaori – Its a little early for that don’t you think?- THOUGH….

Professor Tubbs – Hmm?

Kaori – I really love the work I’m doing at Siren Ad Agency. I’m still technically an intern.. but I can only keep working hard in hopes that it turns into something bigger.

Professor Tubbs – Is that what you want?

Kaori – Yes, it is. In five years I want to be sitting where my boss is.

Professor Tubbs – If anyone can make it happen its you…. and of course if it doesn’t at least you’ll have your families money and connections. Your father donates money every year bless his heart.

Kaori – Well hopefully I’ll be making my own money.

Professor Tubbs – Anything can happen, you just have to put your mind to it.

Kaori – Yeah… well I’m going to go now-

Professor Tubbs – Okay well have a good day Ms. McDonald.

Kaori – You too Professor Tubbs….

Professor Tubbs – Oh my husband is texting.. goddammit Carl get your own laundry!

Finally.. god… all I want to do is rest.. because I have work, and then I have Byron’s big show featuring that Christine girl- oh shit Hammer and Paisley….

She looks like a cheap whore…

Hammer – Really? are you shitting me? I heard you on the phone Paisley.. you told someone that its all a scam.

Paisley – You shouldn’t be listening to my phone calls!

Hammer – Who were you talking to?

Paisley – Lamisha.. the girl I worked with at The Lucky Dragon..

Hmm… well  well well…

Hammer – You know… Kaori was right about you…

I sure was.. you probably should have listened to me dumbass

Paisley – Fuck her….

Hammer – You were the one giving handjobs huh? Just admit it… actually don’t! I can’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth!

Now don’t get me wrong.. I didn’t care too much for Ivy after what she did to Frankie.. well even before that to be honest- BUT…. for the most part Ivy was a nice person I think. How is it that she and Paisley are cousins and Paisley is like the devil himself?

Paisley – Why do you even care? Are you still in love with the cunt?

Hammer – I- no.. Kaori and I we’re.. whatever we are.

Paisley – Bullshit… I don’t even know why you care about her. You know she’s a terrible friend right? I’m a sorority sister.. I hear things.. Maliha told Spirit that Kaori and Frankie aren’t friends anymore because apparently Frankie had sex with Keegan or something and Kaori got mad.

That’s how rumors get started and twisted. Frankie didn’t fuck Keegan.. Jarrah did. Paisley thinks she know’s everything. You’re wrong you stupid bitch… It was my brother, and its- Its…. Frankie is… Next subject… I really don’t want to talk about Frankie. Its clear as day that she doesn’t care about our friendship.. her pride is obviously more important than her admitting she was wrong for hurting my brother, and then coming for me in that library…

Hammer – How could you do this to him? to his family?

Paisley – I don’t expect you to understand… your mother runs that really popular gossip site in Pylea.. you guys have money on top of money. Your dad is a hippe with his own environmental organization. You and your brother Chace don’t have to work or do anything-

Hammer – But we are! we’re both in college with goals… we’re not taking shortcuts like you.

Paisley – Chad… please. This is the way the world works. People never get anywhere by playing it nice…

Hammer – I’m going to tell Kaori..

Paisley – Don’t bother… Its done already…

Hammer – What?

Paisley – I’ve met with my lawyers the other day… I should hear back from them soon. You can’t stop this… you can try if you want… but of course then I’d have to say you’re abusive and ya know… want money from me..

Hammer – I’m done…

Paisley – As soon as I get my settlement I was dumping you anyway…

Hammer – You don’t even know if its going to go your way!

Paisley – I’ll know soon enough…..

Hammer – Kaori was fucking right with everything she said about you.

Paisley – Go be with her then for fucks sake… her lame ass boyfriend left GCU.. here’s your chance! Also enough with the threats.. like I said.. what’s done is done… nothing will change that. Sometimes a reputation is that important…

Hammer – We’re done Paisley..

Paisley – Great.. now I can go back to fucking someone with more money than you.. like I did last night. Actually I think I’ll have dinner with him later.

Hammer – Have fun you lying whore… you have no idea what its like to be molested.. people have to deal with that all of their lives…

Paisley – Aww.. they should try therapy.. I know a lovely lady in CCity who gives my mom therapy.. Jamie- something.. can’t place her last name. Whatever the case save the fucking tears for those people. You’re super sexual so you wouldn’t know anything about it.

Hammer – Fuck you.

Paisley – I’m afraid you won’t be getting this anymore…. sorry buddy.

Not that I ever for a second thought my dad would do such a thing, but its great to hear it straight for the horses mouth that he didn’t do it. Wow.. I have come a long way… me a few months ago would have painted this place red with Paisley’s blood and guts… but I have to remember what Keegan said… it would only make things worse. He’s always looking out for me…. *sigh* stop it Kaori.. he didn’t want you… Anyway.. I’m going to call my dad and tell him everything.. then I’m going to take a nap… Fuck that bitch Paisley.. I hope karma bites her in the ass soon.

(POV Trey)

How does she do it?… and by she I mean me. I had a class at the ass crack of the morning. Then I had to get to Bridgeport for my Culinary class, now here I am still in Bridgeport. I’m meeting with Owen Roberts.. god he’s so cute isn’t he?.. look at that salmon colored button up with white sleeve, and collar. Work that fashion baby. He’s slaying a BIT….. but I’m the winner today. My ensemble is everything. I’m giving AND serving you “Strut My Stuff- I’m the ish” realness. Check the matching boot mama. Gag on my legendary status. *laughs* I’m so stupid… I’m in a goofy mood today I guess.

Owen – Jessica’s a classy woman.. So the menu I gave you should be perfect. Minus the pigs in a blanket… Tom is umm.. very simple…. not that there’s anything wrong with that. I personally love pigs in a blanket.. back home I would eat them all the time.

Trey – How are you so thin?

Owen – I was fat most of my life…. I started working out, and yeah… I wanted to be cute..

Trey – Well you’ve succeeded… with your salmon colored shirt..

Owen – Thanks….. So funny you should say that

Trey – Hmm

Owen – I was talking to tom earlier on skype. He told me he could never pull off a orange shirt. I told him its more of a orange cream or salmon. He laughed and  said “Bro its orange”… I told him he knows nothing about clothes *laughs* I watch a bunch of project runway and stuff so… red isn’t always red you know?

Wow.. I found someone as gay as me….

Trey – Oh trust me, I totally know.

Owen – I know you do… *smirks*– So umm.. Do you have a van or something?

Trey – I’m renting one.

Owen – Oh good…

Trey – Why were you going to offer me a ride?

Owen – *laughs*  Yes Trey… I would have supplied transportation.

Trey – How busy are you usually? I’m just curious.

Owen – Umm for the most part I find time for a life, but this month in particular has been a bit hectic. I’m helping Tom with this, I’m doing a few deals for other Glo-Citizens- Then I’m also going to CCity to help with some connections and deals for a Community-Town like festival they’re throwing. So yeah….

Trey – Wow…

Owen – Impressed?

Trey – Yes.

Owen – Truth be told the personal life is lacking a bit.. which is probably fine anyway since I’m pushed off to the side…

Mmm hmm.. talking about Scott.

Trey – What does that mean?

Owen – Nothing.. sorry… So lets talk about drinks…

(Trey & Owen continue talking)

~*Introducing Priscilla Kane & Milk Chambers*~

Priscilla (Blonde) – God you sound like my mother…

Milk (Black/Brunette) – I’m just asking…

Priscilla – Well MOM…. I’m not sure yet.

Milk – Well even though you decided to go to college in CCity, and leave me all alone in Bridgeport working at a bar… you’re still my bestfriend.

Priscilla – That was a while ago Milk… I have one more year after this and then finally I’m done with college.

Milk – Are you annoyed about transfering from C.U. to G.C.U.?

Priscilla – Umm.. a little bit.. I know nobody there- but at the same time…  Dad needs me close.. So yeah.

Milk – Do you really want to work for him though?

Priscilla – Family is important… so.. I don’t really have a choice.. plus you know how my mom is.

Milk – …………Yeah….. of course. She never liked me.

Priscilla – She doesn’t like a lot of people so don’t take it personal.

Milk – Well I hope you fit in at GCU….

Priscilla – Eh.. whatever. I don’t really care one way or another.. Its the remainder of my junior year.. and then finally my last year… it should go by fast.

Milk – So… what about Nate?

Priscilla – What about him?

Milk – You were dating him..

Priscilla – Nate is doing Nate, and I’m doing me. Its a long story…

Milk – Well bitch you’re back in my life.. I’m your bestfriend so.. I got plenty of time

Priscilla – What about you huh?…. what are you going to do now that The Tipsy Turtle got shut down?

Milk – I have some money saved for hard times… but I really need to find some direction… College was never for me.. but…. yeah.. Maybe I’ll hangout in GloCity while you’re in class… see if it has anything to offer me.

Priscilla – Well good, because then I’d have someone to hang with…

Milk – Did I tell you that I’m happy you’re back?

Priscilla – *smiles* I love you too…. So who are you fucking lately?

Milk – Oh… well… that’s a short story seeing as men are only good for one thing, and some of them can’t even do that right. I hooked up with this guy named Elliott last week.. he had this whole bad boy sociopath thing going for him.. we smashed.. and I told him to leave. He went on and on about how he’s apparently an actor- Oh and this is the best part.. when he left he looked at me, winked and said “Thanks for the pussy” I was so disgusted.

Priscilla – Guys our age are so-

Milk – Oh no babe… he’s older.. almost 30….

Priscilla – ….. Wow… well in that case…. yeah.

Milk – Too bad… I would have hooked up with him again.. he had a big dick..

Priscilla – Well I would hope so considering HE was a big dick…

Wow they’re not only talking loud but also being really vulgar…

Owen – Did you just hear that?

Trey – *laughs* Yes….. talking about dick at a restaurant.. gotta love it.

Owen – Ha… Girls are interesting when nobody’s watching. They scratch their crotches, pass gas… think about sex.. just like we do.

Trey – I don’t doubt it- though my friend Jarrah has never once passed gas in front of me now that I think about it- Oh my god why are we talking about gas? *laughs* I blame you Mr. Roberts.

Owen – For the last time call me Owen…

Trey – Okay…

Owen – So do you have a boyfriend?

Why? do you think I’m lookin’ hot

Trey – Why?

Owen – I’m just curious…

Trey – I don’t… but I am talking to a guy.

Owen – Traffic light color?

Trey – What?

Owen – When I’m dating.. I use the Traffic light logic… Green.. is a go. A relationship could happen. Yellow is slow down and think about things.. if they’re okay but have baggage- or ya know.. you still need to feel them out. Red-

Trey – Never talk to them again. Stay clear?

Owen – Right

Trey – Dominic is…. well you know what… he was yellow. Now he’s green *smiles*

Owen – Aww.. nice.

Trey – He’s great… he had baggage but yellow turned to green. He’s really smart.. and strong. I don’t look for much in a guy to be honest- What about you?….

Owen – What?

Trey – Sorry…. guy… girl… whatever…

Owen – Oh I see…..

Trey – What?

Owen – You’re trying to ask me a question without asking me.

Shit…. why did I do that….

Trey – Am I?- I promise I’m not.

Owen – ….I’ll just put it this way…. people are great….

Trey – Oh… okay.

Owen – I don’t use the B word though… too much crap comes with that label… but yeah… does that answer your question?

Trey – ….Sorry… and yeah.

Owen – Its fine…

Trey – That was really unprofessional of me..

Owen – Well I do sort of flirt with you, so you probably just wanted confirmation- though I flirt with old ladies… I’m a flirter… not like I belong to anyone currently anyway.

Is that code for being the other woman? I get it.. Owen is hot, but why would Scott cheat on Issac? He’s so… sexy… he’s like rugged sexy older man… Like he’s so… yum. He takes really good care of his skin too, and that tan- Oh my god let me stop. *laughs*

Oh my god.. speak of the handsome- shit and Scott’s here too..

Trey – Oh wow..

Owen – Uh…

Trey – Those are my friend Keegan’s dad’s- well one is his dad and one is his stepdad….

Owen – Oh so you know them?

Trey – I know Issac… Scott on the other hand.. well I’ve spoken with a few times.

Owen – …….I see.

Trey – Do you know them?

Owen – …… Umm…  no-

Trey – You’ve never done business with them?

Owen – I don’t think so…..

Lies, Keegan told me you and Scott used that as a lie when he caught you guys… maybe he panicked and didn’t remember the lie they told…

Issac – Trey?

Trey – Oh hi Mr. Bennett!

Or can I call you hot daddy?

Owen – ……

Scott – ….. Hello Trey.

Hi Asshole.

Owen – …….*awkward smile*

Trey – What brings you guys here?

Issac – Your mother and I were scouting models for our agency. Scott surprised me and wanted to take me to lunch.

Owen – How sweet…..

Issac – *smiles*

Trey – Sorry, my mother taught me better that this. Issac, Scott.. this is Owen Roberts..

Issac – Nice to meet you Owen.

Scott – Same.

Owen – ……Nice to meet you guys too.

Scott – So what’s going on here?

Trey – …work. I’m doing a dinner for Thomas Goddard, and Owen here-

Issac – Ooooh that’s why your name sounds familiar Owen.. you’re helping Tom with the big proposal right?

Scott – ….

Owen – Yes sir….

Issac – Cool.. cool…..

Scott – …..*clears throat* I’m really hungry Issac.

Issac – Well Scott is clearly not very talkative today- probably because he’s hungry. I’ll let you guys enjoy your time. We’ll head over to the cooking station.

More like both his lover and his side piece are in the same place at the same time…

Trey – Nice talking to ya..

Issac – *smiles*

Scott – Gentleman…. *walks away*

Owen – ….. Are you taking a cab?

Trey – Yeah I need to get to the subway station..

Owen – Mind if we share?

Trey – No sure..

Owen – Okay lets go…

Trey – Alrighty…

[Top Pic]

Owen – *laughs*

Trey – Hmm?

Owen – What?

Trey – You laughed.. what’s funny?

Owen – Oh- umm.. just… life. Life is funny….

Trey – Yeah… it can be…

Owen – …People are such fakes..

Trey – They are..- Ooh I see a taxi outside lets hurry

Owen – Yeah the sooner the better…

[Bottom Pic]

Owen – Trey?

Trey – Yeah?

Owen – What do you think about liars?

Trey – I think it depends on the person, the lie, and their reasons for lying in the first place.

Owen – What do you mean?

Trey – Well…  sometimes people lie to protect themselves. It could be a temporary thing you know? Maybe they don’t want all of their baggage out there. The guy that went from yellow to green… he lied about things, and I was seeing red. I thought about it and decided to hear him out. Red turned yellow… and by the end of the conversation I knew I was headed for green.

Owen – ….

Trey – What’s bothering you?

Owen – Sorry.. this is unprofessional..

Trey – No its fine.

Owen – I just really hate liars.. and I don’t… man.. I hate feeling like I’m on the sideline.. people should just fucking be honest you know?- ugh… you know what.. you take the cab. I’m not going to GloCity afterall.

Trey – Are you sure?

Owen – Positive… I need to stop by my office and take care of something..

Trey – Okay… well thanks for lunch, and if you need anything you know you can call me right?….

Owen – ….I can?

Trey – I’d love to be your friend if you’ll have me….

Owen – Hmm…. okay friend… thanks.

Trey – See ya later.

Owen – Safe travels.

Well that was certainly one for the books. It was so awkward how the energy changed dramatically once Owen saw Scott and Issac- and poor Issac.. he think’s everything is okay.. little does he know Scott is being shady. Mess, and you would think with Keegan’s past substance abuse and depression that Scott would think twice before destroying lives. I do struggle with telling Keegan about today, I feel like he’d probably take a bat to Scott’s head or something. When will the drama end…. well time to get back to GloCity. I’m going to hangout with Chace… and while I’m at it I’m going to ask him about what Nick told me… remember? That he saw Aries and Chace talking… I’m curious as to why….

(POV Kaori)

I didn’t really get to take a nap, some girls were outside of my dorm room arguing about lipgloss. Finally they left, and I couldn’t fall asleep. I’m too stressed. I called my dad by the way… he told me that everything is fine and not to worry… whatever that means. This whole situation is frustrating as fuck. He didn’t even sound excited that I told him Paisley admitted she lied… its just fucking weird. I really hate that bitch Paisley, she’s like so fucking evil. I know I can be a handful sometimes but Paisley makes me seem like a virginal nun.

Kyle – Hey?

Kaori – What?

Kyle – Are you still thinking about your dad’s situation?

Kaori – Yeah sorry…

Kyle – The whole time we were working I could tell you were distracted- it didn’t show in your ideas, and work, but it was written all over your face.

Kaori – The thing is I know he didn’t do it.. but I just want it over with.

Kyle – Hey… just relax okay? Remember you were upset about your boyfriend leaving G.C.U. and GloCity?…. then what happened?

Kaori – He left G.C.U. ….. and is still staying in GloCity.

Kyle – Right… so things workout

Kaori – …..Maybe

Kyle – That Paley girl will get hers.

Kaori – Paisley.. not Paley.. or you can just call her Cuntley.

Kyle – *laughs*

Kaori – So Sasha has been cranky hasn’t she?

Kyle – That’s our good ol’ boss….

Kaori – Divorce doesn’t look good on her.

Kyle – Well.. people handle things differently than maybe you and I would.

Kaori – I guess so. How’s your girlfriend?

Kyle – Still in Magik City, and she’s fine.

Kaori – I know you had that mini rant last week…

Kyle – Moment of weakness. I do that sometimes, its not like I don’t know what I signed up for. A long distance relationship sucks- but its a test.

Kaori – What would it take for you to go live there with her?

Kyle – Umm.. if I’m being honest… I don’t want to live in Magik City. Brie loves it there but I just.. I don’t want to live there.

Kaori – ….. So she has to come here?

Kyle – I love Bridgeport.. and I love my job. This would be a great place for us, and I know that sounds selfish of me but… things we’d talk about post grad… it all could happen here.

Kaori – Well just get her to come here.

Kyle – She doesn’t want- Eh… its very complicated…

Kaori – I see…

I actually don’t think its that selfish.. but I can see how, and why his girlfriend would think it was. They need to figure that shit out cause it sounds to me like they’re both happy where they are.. so what about the relationship?

Kyle – Why did I think it was a good idea to walk to that diner for lunch?

Kaori – I don’t know but my feet hurt.

Kyle – All in the name of fashion or something?

Kaori – Hell no, if it were up to me I’d dress super casual at work. I don’t dress like this usually.

Kyle – I’ll have to see you out of your work clothes one day- sounded dirty as hell but you know what I mean.

Kaori – Yeah.

[Top Pic]

Oh shit is that Aries? he lookin a mess- fuck my Aunt Vanessa’s wife is with him…

Quinn – Cucumbers will hydrate those dark circles under your eyes honey…

Aries – …… Did we really have to come all the way to Bridgeport for produce?

Quinn – I thought you would have fun running errands with your mother….

Aries – ….. I don’t mind spending time with you mom.

Quinn – Is this about your dad?

Aries – No? and don’t call him that… his name is Gavin. That’s what I call him.

Quinn – My brother can’t help it… things happen.

Aries – He was suppose to be here in Bridgeport… for me to talk to whenever I wanted…

Quinn – That job offer in Australia was an amazing thing.. he had to take it.

Aries – …. Its fine… I don’t really hate him or anything. So its not about him.

Quinn – Well don’t snap at me honey…

Aries – Sorry mom..

Quinn – What’s wrong? you’ve been so down.

Aries – Its nothing.

Quinn – Is it about a boy?

Aries – I’m not fucking gay would you stop it.

Quinn – …… A mother knows Aries… I just wish you’d-

Aries – And I wish you’d just stop talking!

Quinn – I hope you’re not taking this attitude to dinner with your mother tonight… Vanessa will think I did something.

Aries – You’re not coming?

Quinn – No I have to go to city hall and continue the talks for the farm Idea. We think a huge farm with horses, and fresh fruits and vegetables would really help GloCity…

Aries – ….K.

Quinn – Aries….. I know you may think your mother and I are weird.. and I’m sure the way you view family is very odd. People probably judge you because you have lesbian mothers. I couldn’t have kids, so my GAY brother decided to help out and knock up my wife.. I know its a lot. Then all of the hippie stuff.

Aries – Yeah I grew up in a circus…

Quinn – It may be weird.. but you have all the love in the world

Aries – Except from those I want it from… Kaori?

Quinn – Your cousin will come around…

Aries – No, she’s over there…

Quinn – What? *turns around*


Priscilla (Blonde) – Where is this fucking apartment at? I’m tired of walking.

Milk (Black/Brunette) – You are so skinny… yet so lazy

Priscilla – Sad but true…

Milk – I do hate my apartment though….

Priscilla – Well then move…

Milk – Are the places in GloCity cheap?

Priscilla – Why?

Milk – Maybe I’ll just say fuck it, and I’ll move there. You’ll be there anyway so.. win-win

Priscilla – I would seriously love you forever if you did…

Milk – Well prepare to love me, because I’m 90% sure I’m going to do it- Oh my god I just realized something..

Priscilla – What?

Milk – Remember Dominic Phan from BP High?

Priscilla – The filipino guy right? the one that would help us with math?

Milk – Yeah he goes to G.C.U. I don’t know why I didn’t remember that during lunch earlier.

Priscilla – Oh cool- though you were closer with him than I was.

Milk – He liked you though… 

Priscilla – True, he was nice.. kinda… weird though right? he always seemed sad.

Milk – I am gonna call him, and see if he wants to hangout.. wanna do that?

Priscilla – Sure, why not.

[Bottom Pic]

Quinn – Well isn’t this a surprise!

Kaori – Hi Quinn…

Quinn – Aunt Quinn!

Just like Vanessa.. please.. I am not calling ya’ll aunt…. we are not close.

Kaori – ……. *fake laugh*

Quinn – What are you up to? is this your boyfriend? He’s very handsome!

Kyle – *smiles & laughs* umm-

Kaori – We’re co-workers…. I work for Sasha Nirav- Sasha OWEN’s Siren Ad Agency.

Quinn – Oh wow.. look at you.

Kaori – …….

Aries – …….

Is he gonna say hi or not? the fuck?

Kaori – Hi Aries.

Aries – Oh wow.. you know I exist? I thought I was invisible or something….

Kaori – …..Okay.

Quinn – Aries… apologize…

Aries – No….

Quinn – What has gotten into you?

Aries – She hates me, and always ignores my existence….

Kaori – Aries stop being a drama queen…

Kyle – ….

Kaori – Aries…. listen to me.. you’re my cousin okay? I know that. I don’t pretend you don’t exist.

Aries – …….

Kaori – Why don’t you come with me to Byron’s show tonight…. how about that?

Aries – Ugh no- you’re only doing it because my mom is right here.

Kaori – I’m trying to invite you to something important to me.

Aries – Bullshit…. you must feel bad or something..

Kaori – You KNOW what I feel bad about….. I’m not that far out of the loop.. so stop it with the attitude.. cause you already know whats up.

Aries – I don’t and I don’t want to go to your thing. Its a pity invite anyway. You’re such a fake person… I hope Byron blows up, gets a record deal and then dumps you. Knowing you, you’ll find a new cock

Kaori – Fine whatever…  fix the bags under your eyes bitch… and you would know all about dumping people huh?… then they move on and you cry like a little fag…

Kyle – Hey hey..

Kaori – I’m fucking trying here Aries and you wanna use a FALSE reputation against me? fuck you… I could say so much about you… but I’m not even gonna do that.

Aries – Whatever..  I don’t really care about anything you have to say…. HATE ME KAORI! HATE ME! why the fuck do I even breathe? I should just jump in the street and get hit by a car..

Quinn – You two stop it….. this is too much…

Kaori – He attacked me first…

Kyle – ……..

Aries – ………I’m mad.. I’m angry, I’m sad.. I don’t care about anything.. I want everybody to hate me as much as I hate myself!

Its your own fault though dude…

Kaori – You started it Aries, I was trying to be nice and inv-

Aries – I don’t need your sympathy… Oh and if I do happen to die soon.. don’t bother showing up to my funeral.

Kyle – Yikes….

Kaori – ……..

Quinn – Hon…. don’t-

Aries – Lets just get your stupid vegetables…. I want to go home!

Quinn – …… okay…. if you want to go home we will. I’ll just get the rest of my things tomorrow.

Aries – Don’t guilt trip me mom.. you knew I wasn’t in the mood for errand running but you insisted… its not my fault… but go ahead.. hate me.. everyone should.

Quinn – I don’t hate you… I love you, your mother and I are just trying to make you feel better, we don’t know how to help you because you won’t tell us what’s wrong. Look be mad at me but don’t take it out on Vanessa.. still go through with the plans you guys made tonight…

Aries – ….

Kyle – … …

Kaori – … This is ridiculous…

Aries – Can we just grab the stuff from the store mom? I don’t want to be out here anymore.

Quinn – Okay hon…..

Aries – …… and we can run the rest of your errands…

Quinn – Are you sure?

Aries – Yeah… sorry I’m being… whatever lets just go…

Quinn – Alright.

Kaori – Well we’ll be seeing ya…

Quinn – Have a nice day you two.

Kyle – Nice meeting you both.

Aries – *rolls eyes*

I don’t care for Quinn, but she’s trying to be there for her son. It must suck to try and be there for someone who won’t let you in….

Now that they’re gone… I should address what Kyle just saw…

Kaori – First of all sorry that you had to not only witness that… but also see me act like that.

Kyle – I get it…  family can do that..

Kaori – …..He’s being an asshole but I…. I could drag him. I feel sorry for him, I know what’s bothering him but… yeah…

Kyle – He struck a nerve though… the whole bad reputation thing…

Kaori – I’m not a slut.

Kyle – I don’t believe you are.

Kaori – I just… I don’t think its right that guys can be considered cool for owning their sexual desires and flaunting it. Yet when women choose to do the same thing.. we’re labeled. So I may not have fucked every guy on my campus but I have hooked up, and I have told guys they’re hot. If that makes me a slut then whatever.

Kyle – …. Why does he think you don’t see him?

Kaori – Because we’re not close, and in High School I didn’t invite him to hang with my group.. and in college I didn’t either…

Kyle – I see…

Kaori – I could have included him in some things sure.. but…

Kyle – You don’t have to explain.

Kaori – I’m really embarrassed that you saw that.

Kyle – Its okay… I’m sure one day you’ll see me at my worst…. it happens… I don’t see you any differently.

Kaori – You promise?

Kyle – Yeah… Its fine.. you’re human.

Kaori – So did you want to come?

Kyle – Where?

Kaori – To my boyfriend’s show…

Kyle – You’re actually inviting me?

Kaori – Yeah? why wouldn’t I?

Kyle – So we’re friends?

Kaori – Of course…

Kyle – Okay I didn’t know if we were just co-workers or what…

Kaori – *laughs* okay.. well are you coming?

Kyle – I’d be the oldest person there…

Kaori – Oh shut up you’re not even that old. You’re like what? 3-4 years older than me?

Kyle – Yeah.. I know…

Kaori – So come…

Kyle – I’d love to… BUT…

Kaori – But what?

Kyle – Brie and I have a skype date..

Kaori – Ew…

Kyle – Oh no- not like that… well yeah that but before… that… we skype… and watch movies on Netflix together.

Kaori – Oh okay.. well that’s a good excuse

Kyle – I’d come otherwise.

Kaori – I know…. now lets go finish work.. so I can get back to my dorm and get dressed for the show.

Kyle – *laughs* alright bossy pants.

He’s mad cool, sucks that he had to see what happened between Aries and I. God… I should have held back a little bit. I know its Trey… ugh Trey just fucking date him in secret or whatever.. shit. I’m tired of hearing about him running around looking like death. I know that’s not realistic but whatever.. Its a fucking mess. I want to be a bitch and be like “well its not my problem” but… as mad as I am at Aries.. I do want him to be happy… fuck…

(POV Trey)

While lunch with Owen was fun- until Issac and Scott walked in, I’m happy to be hanging out with Chace. Say what you will about him, but he’s a really good friend. He was down for me during the summer when I was an emotional wreck. Chace has a huge personality. Sometimes he reminds me of a male version of Kaori, which is funny considering Kaori and I have this… really odd friendship. I feel like if someone was beating my ass on the streets that she’d come running and swinging on them. I’d do the same for her too to be honest. I got off subject, but yeah… I love Chace to death.. 

Chace – So how was lunch with that hottie?

Trey – It was fun- but all business.

Chace – You should totally start dating him

Trey – I’m seeing Dominic….

Chace – Yeah but you guys are just talking.. I think that Owen guy is hot.. and mature. If you don’t start dating him I will.

Trey – Well I think he’s sorta seeing someone so good luck with that- Also I get so confused as to what’s going on with you and Lenny.. open relationship right?

Chace – Well that was the case last week.

Trey – And now?

Chace – We just broke up.

Trey – I’m sorry to hear that…

Chace – Lenny and I are super close though. Nothing changes.. the only reason he’s not here right now is because he had class, and a dentist appointment. Oral examination.. I give him those sometimes.

Trey – Oh god gross- and well that’s good that nothing changed with Lenny. I like him.. he’s fun, and he helped my friend Jee- Jonah out.

Chace – Why the fuck do you guys call him Jeep?

Trey – He ejaculated on himself in a Jeep.. its a longer and funnier story but that’s the basis of it…..

I probably shouldn’t have told him that but with nudes online how much more can Jeep be embarrassed. Plus I know Chace isn’t going to repeat it

Chace – So you guys tease him about it still?

Trey – At first that was the point, but now its become a term of endearment. Its cute… out little Jeepy *laughs*

Chace – Well…… we all saw “little Jeepy”

Trey – Oh my god, its not even small. Its average sized.. you’re such a size queen.

Yes.. I saw the pic…. don’t judge me.. I was curious *laughs*

Chace – To be honest, you’re right.. its not super small. Lenny said it looked suckable. I really think he’s crushing on him.

Trey – *laughs* Really… you think Len’s is crushing on Jeep?

Chace – Well he asked him on a date, he gave him the extra laptop to help him… and now he think’s his manhood looks tasty… so…

Trey – That’s hilarious.

Chace – Jeep- lemme stop calling him that- Jonah isn’t bad looking but I don’t really get Lenny’s attraction to him. Now Keegan? Oh my god.. fucking hot. Like I’d put my dick in his butt anyday.. hell I’d let him put his in mine too

Trey – Jesus Christ Chace! You’re so vulgar sometimes.

Chace – Hashtag No Filter!

Trey – Hashtag I’m over Hashtags *laughs*

Chace – Speaking of  “G.C.U. Loser Exposed” Spirit is right over there…..

Trey – You think she helped Austin?

Chace – I don’t know, but she always seems bitchy to me.

Trey – Well considering Jarrah’s her latest victim…

I still can’t at that all going down. The fact that Spirit ran Jarrah of all people out of the Sorority is crazy to me. Jarrah’s one of the most easy going people I know.

Chace – …..I’m over my beef with Jarrah, and to be honest I would have punched Spirit in the face, and got my shit and left. Hashtag team Jarrah.

Trey – I wonder why she’s hanging out with Fockky Dominguez.

Chace – They’re doing a film project together, I only know that because Lenny’s in their class- Oh my god speaking of Fockky. I was talking to her last week and she told me that her boyfriend Javier has a massive meat log apparently.

Trey – Gross.. I so did’t need to know that.

Chace – Its always those skinny ass dudes with the huge ones..

Trey – Yuck.

Chace – Aries had a pretty impressive one too… he was mad skinny when we hooked up. His whole super buff thing must have happened because he wanted to fit in.

Sounds like him…. the whole fitting in thing… 

Trey – Yeah….  Umm speaking of which…

Chace – Of what?

Trey – So Nick told me he saw you and Aries talking last week….

Chace – ……… Why?

Trey – He was talking about how depressed Aries looked. He said he saw you two talking.

Chace – Okay.

Trey – What were you guys talking about?

Chace – ……

Trey – Just tell me you weren’t bullying him about the gay stuff?

Chace – …… I actually pulled him to the side and apologized for how I was acting that day. I asked him if I could help in anyway, and he said no. So I left it alone….

Trey – Oh…

Chace – You can relax, I didn’t make him suck my cock or anything.

Trey – First of all I’m not worried about that happening, and secondly… I was just curious about what happened.

Chace – I totes love you Trey, but any and every time I talk to Aries…. I’m not going to tell you. I have a past with him too.

Trey – I know- why are you making it sound like I still want him?

Chace – Do you?

Trey – No.

Chace – Okay then.

Trey – Whatever… lets change the subject…

Chace – I wasn’t trying to be bitchy… so if it came off that way, my bad.

Trey – No its fine, I get it.

Chace – So… Dominic…

Trey – What about him?

Chace – Are you and him gonna meet Lenny and I at MN8 (emanate) for Byron’s big show? A lot of people are going..

Trey – I like Byron, and I feel bad about this… but-

Chace – You’re not coming?!

Trey – I had made plans….

Chace – With who?

Trey – Dominic asked me to dinner. We’re going to Eve’s.

Chace – Ooooh I heard the chicken parm’ is to die for.

Trey – Yeah…. but after dinner, we may swing by for the after party.

Chace – Sounds like a plan.

Trey – I gotta pee, I’ll be right back.

Chace – I’ll be here.

It really does suck that I won’t see Byron perform, but if I’m being honest… this will be an actual date with Dominic, and I’m really excited about it. I like him sooooo much. I just want everything to go right- and like I said.. We’ll make it to the after party most likely.

[Top Pic]

Oh look.. a wild Dylan Sanders appears…

Dylan – Yeah! take that bitch!

Trey – Hi Dylan

Dylan – Hey Trey.

Trey – What are you doing?

Dylan – Playing flappy bird.

Trey – Nice….. but why are you standing outside the restroom?

Dylan – Waiting for Darell.

Trey – …………………Oh….. okay well have fun.

Dylan – You too bro.

L-O-L….. Jarrah was so in love with him once upon a time. Kinda funny how she ain’t even worried about him now. That’s life though….

[Bottom Pic]

Oh fuck

Darell – What’s up?

Why is he even talking to me?

Trey – Darell I’m just gonna tell you this one time… Don’t bother.

Darell – All I said was what’s up… you need to relax.

Trey – Don’t tell me what to do.

Darell – Fine dude…

Trey – I just came in here to pee

Oh my god his dick is huge… How did Rubi do it….

Darell – Okay well pee.. nobody’s gonna check out your junk.

Trey – *rolls eyes*

Darell – I’m not gonna say shit dude… I’m over it.

Trey – Good.

Darell – I take it back.. I do have one last thing to say.

Just smile, and ignore him..

Trey – ……..

Darell – HELLO?!

Trey – God.. what is it?!

Darell – I’m sick of it, I’m tired of TRYING with you. I want to apologize, I want to have a heart to heart with you. I’m who I am.. it is what it is… I’m a douche, but I feel bad for doing what I did to you. My parents ain’t raise me like that fam. I’m trying to make it right-

Trey – Oh my go-

Darell – I’m not finished talking. You’re being really difficult. I’m not asking to be your fucking friend. I want a moment to write my wrongs, and you won’t give me that. You’re holding onto hate, and the past and not allowing either one of us to move forward.

Trey – I’m past it

Darell – If you were you’d let us talk.

Trey – I don’t like you.

Darell – That’s fine…. that’s fine I’m done. You’re- fucking just.. I’m done!

Trey – Be done!

Darell – I’m far from perfect… and you know.. when I’m not sleeping in church- and I’m actually paying attention I learn stuff. I’m done trying to force you to listen to me, but my whole goal was to be vulnerable with you. After what I did to you… the only way to be square is to tell you something really… personal. And have to trust you… that you won’t tell anyone. Then I will feel like we’re square.

Trey – I thought you were done?

Darell – You may think I’m trifflin’ and whatever but there’s a reason I do the things I do- and I know its not right but I-

Trey – I DON’T CARE!

Darell – …..Fine… *cell rings*

Trey – You should get that.

The audacity… like he has some nerve trying to make me feel bad for not hearing him out. Its my life, I choose who I want in it. He can jump off a cliff for all I care. Douche.

Time to get the hell out of dodge. I’m so sick of running into Darell.. will it ever fucking end?

Darell – *Answers cell* Oh hey….. no I can’t. Not today- I said no….. why are you getting mad? but you already know what it is- Rubi come on…

Trey – ………

I see he’s still talking to Rubi. Maybe now that she know’s she’s a beard she’s trying to get her old thing back…. Rubi can do so much better than Darell’s shady ass.

Dylan – When she said big black dick I was laughing so hard. I don’t know how you don’t like that movie.

Chace – Jennifer Aniston is so lame to me…. I mean it was a funny movie but… Its so overrated. Just like Inception- god I hated that movie.

Dylan – I tried to watch Inception but I kept getting confused. It was like a dream within a dream… within a dream……. within another dream.

Chace – It was a dumbass movie. Tom Hardy and that one dude could get IT though.

Dylan – That movie had no hot chicks in it…

Chace – *laughs*

Dylan – Are you and Trey dating?

Chace – No, we’re just friends.

Dylan – Oh okay.

Trey – Hey Chace-

Chace – I got tired of waiting. I’m like is he taking a big shit or something?

Trey – I was taking my time.

Chace – Obviously.. so I walked over here and Dylan started talking to me.

Dylan – Movies man.. they’re like moving pictures in your eyes.

Trey & Chace – …………………

Darell – *laughs* Rubi you’re ridiculous.. No I can’t….. because. Why would I go home with you to some festival?…. good point but still… look I gotta go… yeah. Bye.

Ridiculous how Rubi is all up on his dick when she knows he’s with Portia…. side note my boots are everything.

Chace – Trey lets go… I need to get back to campus. I wanted to buy some weed from Lars for the show.

Trey – Why get high? will you even be able to enjoy the music?

Chace – Lenny and I are going to blaze before we get there.. and vibe to the music.

Trey – Oh okay.

Dylan – I’ll see you guys later at the show. I’ll be there to support Byron.

Seems like everyone is going except me. Well I know Jarrah’s not going cause she has to work. Frankie won’t go because of how Kaori treated her at the hospital.. and then me.. so yeah. Keegan, and Jeep will be there though. Anyway… I’m going to go now. See you guys later.

(POV Kaori)

*Singing* “Down on the West Coast, they got their icons. The silver starlets, their queens of Saigon’s. And you got the music, you got the music in you, don’t you?… I can see my sweet boy swinging, he’s crazy and Cubano como yo, my love. On the balcony and I’m swaying, move baby, move baby, I’m in love” God I love that new Lana Del Rey song… I gotta say “West Coast” is everything I wanted from her. Can’t wait for her new album. Yes, I’m THAT girl. The one that fixes her makeup and sings in the bathroom. I’m really excited about the show, Byron’s texted me like 5 times making sure I make it on time.

You’re probably wondering Kaori.. where the hell are you. I’m actually at my dad’s house right now. I wanted to come over before I went to the show, check on him and see how things were. He’s not home yet but he will be. The day is gone, and I need to know what’s going on with this Paisley situation- Damn I’ve been in here for a long time-

*laughing in other room*

Kaori – That sounds like dad…

He must have gotten in while I was getting ready… he sounds happy, so that’s great. Lets go see what all the laughing is about.

I was right, dad is home- and my brother is here too.

Vince – Then the entire thing fell on the ground and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Ivo – *laughing* I would have been so mad!

Vince – Well what are ya gonna do in a situation like that.

Ivo – Right.

Vince – Hey where’s your girl?

Ivo – Torrance is finalizing a deal.. work related. I’ll see her later.

Vince – Nice.

Why is everyone in such a good mood… 

Kaori – Hey daddy!- Hi Ivo.

Ivo – Hay hay..

Vince – Where’s the rest of your outfit?

Kaori – This is it….

Vince – You’re going to your boyfriend’s show… looking like that?

Kaori – Yeah, I look hot.

Vince – *sigh* You’re my little girl….. but what can I do. You’re an adult. So are you going with Frankie or are you two still not talking? Ivo tells me you two are on the outs?

Alana – Its so funny how my soon to be baby daddy dated your friend Kaori….

Sebastian and Frankie are old news Alana.. girl bye, and god I don’t like when people ask about Frankie. Like what the fuck am I supposed to say?

Kaori – I’m not going with Frankie…. I’m going with my friend V-Valarie.

Vince – Oh okay…

Kaori – *smiles* …..So you seem in a good mood.

Ivo  – …………

Alana – Girl, you not gonna say hi?

Kaori – Hi Alana…. with ya pregnant ass.

Alana – I feel huge..

Victoria – I’m sure she’s ready pop…

Kaori – I’m sure you’ll be glad when you do. Sebastian excited?

Alana – Very….

Kaori – That’s cute.

Victoria – I’m very excited as well…

Alana – Which is surprising considering we’ve bumped heads for a while now.

Victoria – Well you know what Alana?….. its only because you’re my daughter and I love you…

Alana – Its so weird when you get sentimental….. but it is appreciated.

Victoria – *smiles*

Its great that Victoria, and I don’t hate each other anymore. Also it seems like both she and Alana are fixing their relationship too. This whole pregnancy was a big what the fuck, but good things seem to be coming out of it. Victoria and Alana are talking, Alana is writing a mommy blog- AND has that jewelry line or whatever..

Kaori – So dad what’s going on.. did you shut that bitch down or what? you seem happy?

Ivo – Wait… dad…. you didn’t tell her?

Victoria – Vince!

Alana – …….

Kaori – Didn’t tell me what?

Oh my god.. great.. here we fuckin’ go.

Vince – I wanted to wait until tomorrow….

Kaori – Why? what happened? Everyone seems to know except me….

Ivo – …….

Victoria – SO Ivo… do you think Torrance is the one?

Alana – Good question.. Is Miss Torrance Baldwin… someone you’d marry?

Ivo – Oh god lets not talk about marriage, I’m still young- and what about you Alana?

Alana – What about me?

Ivo – You and Sebastian.. baby… marriage perhaps?

Vince – Oh yeah.. is that something you and Sebastian are talking about?

Victoria – I’d like to know the answer to this.

Are they seriously ignoring me?

Alana – To be perfectly honest, I’m not concerned with it right now.. I’m writing my mommy blog, and I have that jewelry line I’m doing.. Queen Of Everything. I feel-

Kaori – DAD! hello?! TELL ME!

Vince – I think we should talk about this in the morning. We can get breakfast and-

Kaori – No.. tell me now.

Vince – …. I don’t want to ruin your night.

Kaori – Okay…. you’re being weird. You’re literally in here laughing and having fun- but apparently bad news is looming…

Vince – I think we should just-

Kaori – No, tell me now… I’m a mature adult, I can handle it.

Ivo – ….. Just tell her dad.

Victoria – Get it over with…. just rip the band-aid off honey.

Alana – …..

Vince – ….. Well….

Kaori – Is this about the lawsuit? did something happen to mom? like what is-

Vince – Kokoro’s fine… and as far as the lawsuit goes… that………… isn’t…….. a problem anymore.

Kaori – Okay? well that’s good right?

Vince – I umm-

Victoria – We’re paying her…..

Kaori – WHAT?

This is so- ugh so this bitch is going to win?!

Vince – Thank you Victoria…

Victoria – …….Well Vince, you were clearly having a hard time saying it…

Kaori – …….I’m-

Vince – Listen… She’s going to get her money, and this is going to go away.

Kaori – ………..So ridiculous…

Vince – Its not worth it to risk not only my business, but Victoria’s too. The reputations of our companies is VERY important to investors and other- Look…. That girl is lying, and we all know this… but paying her off is better than the alternative.

Kaori – …..

Ivo – Say something Kay’

Kaori – ….. I mean….. I guess I understand- but why is it sounding like something else is wrong?

Vince – Well…… What she’s asking for…. a number I won’t say…

Kaori – Okay?

Vince – We have to downsize a little bit.

The fuck is THAT supposed to mean?

Kaori – WHAT?

Vince – Pumpkin…. I umm… I have to sell your boat….

Kaori – What the fuck?!

Vince – Victoria, and I both took out money from our savings, and a few other places… its going to cost a pretty penny to make this go away- but like I said its well worth it.. maybe in 2 years we can make most of the money back.

Kaori – This is ridiculous…

Vince – Sacrifices have to be made to get past this. So just.. for the time being.. be smart with your money.

Kaori – So she wins-

Victoria – Its all about picking your battles. I want to grab the girl by the neck and crush her windpipe… but that wouldn’t solve anything.

Vince – …..We’re not poor… Ivo has money, you have your job. Victoria, and I will have our businesses-

Alana – And I’ll be making money soon too.

Vince – So while she’s going to get a big payoff… and it will change the way we spend money for the next 2-3 years…. we’re not poor. Kaitlyn will be watching our money, and keeping books on everything.

Victoria – We’re having our finances watched closely after we get Paisley the money… Its going to be an adjustment.. but we’re a family and we can do this.


Ivo – KAORI!


Ivo – Yeah…. Dad did nothing wrong, I know that but this is the best thing to do to fix the situation.

Kaori – Why can’t I just get Hammer and have him tell you, and your attorney what she said and how its a scheme to-

Vince – Because the papers are signed and she’s already getting the money, and also I don’t want this made into something big-

Kaori – People on my campus talk-

Victoria – Who cares about a couple of college kids running their mouths? We’re talking the media, the press. We don’t want a spectacle.

Vince – Your mother would get questioned while doing press for her show… We don’t want any of that. Ivo’s book signings would become a circus, and he might lose fans- his boss Jessica might suffer.. we want this over and done with.

Kaori – ……I…..

Vince – I’m not giving your boat to her…  you’re not using it, and its an expense we can cut.

Victoria – I’ve cut things out, and so have your father… its a team effort…. We’re a team right Kaori?

Kaori – …..

Victoria – You told me we would stick together and be a family….

Kaori – Okay… fine…. if its the best thing for us to give her the money… then okay.

*cellphone rings*

Ivo – That’s not my phone-

Alana – Mine neither.

Vince – I think its you honey…

Kaori – I’ll take this outside….

Ivo – Everything is going to be okay….. just go enjoy your boyfriend’s show… smile.. have fun.

Vince – Yeah we’re going to be fine.

Kaori – I’ll be right back.

I understand what everyone is saying, its just that ….. how is it that something like this.. clearly something where we know right from wrong… the evil person wins? We’re supposed to feel good about that? I just don’t get it. We live in this kind of world where the assholes prosper? what the fuck? That’s not right….. 

Kaori – Hello?

Vira – Hey!

Kaori – Hi….

Vira – You sound down, are you okay?

Kaori – I’ll tell you about it later.

Vira – Well I’m here, I just got to GloCity. Meet you at your campus?

Kaori – Oh shit- umm no, I’m at my dad’s place-

Vira – I could come there! pick your dad’s brain about photography and such! oh my god that would be great, because my friend is a photographer, and I started learning things from him, and I know your dad is apparently a big shot in the photography world-

Kaori – Umm, my dad is really upset right now- so its not a good time.

Vira – Oh okay, well maybe next time….

Kaori – I’m gonna grab my jacket, and get in my car. I’ll come get you. Which subway station are you exiting from?

Vira – Umm… lets see- Oh the one on Mission.

Kaori – Okay if you take a left you’ll see GreenLand. Its a place I go to eat sometimes-

Vira – I don’t see any- Oh wait.. I went right- wow Vira… Okay I see it now.

Kaori – Go there, have a tea.. They have so many tea flavors. Shit from Japan too….. so just pick something. I’ll be there in a second.

Vira – Shall I order you one? I’m going to order Hojicha tea… hopefully they have that. Its so yummy, one of my favorites when I went to Japan. Like its totally processed by roasting the tea leaves, which gives the leaves their reddish-brown color. Plus the heat from the roasting also triggers some sort of chemical changes in the leaves, making it have like a sweet, slightly caramel-like aroma. So shall I order you one of those?

Kaori – …. Just order what I normally get-

Vira – What’s that?

Kaori -Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle Oolong Tea- 2 spoons of 2% milk.

Vira – Oooh that sounds good.

Kaori – I’ll be there in like 10 minutes.

Vira – Okay, see ya in a few. I’m soooo happy you invited me to your boyfriend’s show. So awesome- Ooh and I get to meet Keegan.. Morgan won’t shut up about her time with him months ago.. clinger much? *laughs* This is such an amazing thing… I’m so happy to be getting away from CCity for a few hours. All of this CCity Community Weekend talk is driving me up the wall- and my sister is performing at the thing, which totally-

Kaori – Girl…..

Vira – *laughs* Sorry.. I’ll save it for when you get here, and you can tell me what’s bother you. Its like we’re sisters I swear.. we can tell each other anything. Anyway bye! get here soon.. I’m walking into GreenLand right now!

Kaori – Okay, I’m leaving now.

Like I would be dumb enough to have her come here- and I know you’re probably wondering why the hell I’d invite her to Byron’s show. First of all nobody is going to look at us and be like “Oh Em Gee you guys are totes like sisterz” We are SO different in terms of personality and style. Secondly.. Most people will be either drunk or high. I can just tell people we met through mutual friends and that’s that. The main reason I invited her was because I know she broke up with her boyfriend, and I figured she could use some fun. Plus I like hanging out with her.. I’m learning more and more about her.. she is my sister afterall- though she obviously doesn’t know that.

Man….. I gotta collect myself before I get to GreenLand… This is Byron’s night and I can’t allow Paisley fucking Adams to ruin it- Oh and speaking of which… Paisley’s mom was one of my dad’s friends.. who like.. how the fuck is she feeling about this I wonder? Like bitch did you raise your daughter to be a shady fucking cunt or what? OR was you in on this little scheme? Broke bitches always wanna find a get rich quick scheme… fuck! I’m so beating Paisley’s ass if she’s at the show… that’s a promise. Fuck her!

(POV Trey)

[Top Pic]

Oh my god, this place is amazing! and how hot does Dominic look? God he makes me feel like such a twink, look how ripped he looks. Okay Trey… rule of tonight… stay out of your head… let go, and have a great night…. god he looks so handsome…

Jojo – You guys are the hottest thing in here tonight.

Dominic – Thanks- you’re gorgeous yourself.

Trey – Yeah look at you Jojo!

Dominic – Oh you guys know each other-

Trey – Yeah she was who I was talking about, when I said I know someone who works here.

Dominic – Nice.

Jojo – I assume since you guys are here that you’re not going to Byron’s show?

Trey – We’re going to the after party.

Jojo – Harrison’s there without me. I hate that I had to work tonight.

Dominic – Come with us when we leave?

Jojo – I get off in an hour will that work?

Trey – Yes, we’ll wait for you.

Jojo – Okay cool- Oooh shit.. my boss just walked by. Let me be professional before I get in trouble. Hi welcome to Eve’s fine dining. Tonight’s specials include Clam Chowder. We also have Cavatappi Rustica-

Trey – What’s that?

Jojo – Corkscrew pasta tossed with Italian fennel sausage, red and green bell peppers, onions, green olives, capers and crushed roma tomatoes.

Trey – Ooooh… fancy.

Jojo – Also on the menu, Linguine tossed with clams, scallions and our white wine cream sauce. Last but not least our final special of the night :  Veal Marsala, Sautéed and topped with mushrooms, prosciutto and our housemade Lombardo Marsala wine sauce.

Dominic – Okay I’ll have that.

Jojo – Good choice… and you Trey?

Trey – My dad told me that the Shrimp Risotto was amazing. What’s so special about it?

Jojo – You’re killing me babe… do you know we had to memorize all of this stuff?- Umm.. I believe the Shrimp Risotto is… Sautéed shrimp and light tomato risotto Served with a cup of our housemade soup or a side salad.

Trey – Okay I’ll take that.

Jojo – Okay, and can I start you guys off with anything to drink?

Trey – Water with a lemon is fine.

Dominic – Same for me.

Jojo – Okay, I’ll be right back with your waters.

Dominic – Thanks.

[Bottom Pic]

There’s no way I could remember all of that shit. Jojo’s obviously good at her job.

Trey – Isn’t she so cute?

Dominic – Yeah she is.

Trey – This place is so nice.

Dominic – That’s why I picked it. I was gonna suggest this little diner I’d always go to in Bridgeport- but I figured eh…. why not do something fancy?

Trey – I’d love to go to the diner. We can go there next time *smiles*

Dominic – Okay *smiles*….. by the way…you look very cute Trey.

Trey – Aww thanks… you look… hot.

Dominic – *smiles* You sure know how to make a guy feel appreciated visually.

Trey – *laughs* …. So how was your day?

Dominic – So in my psychology class today we got to have one on one sessions with students on campus. To see if we could get something out of them, and then we had to listen to their feedback.

Trey – Oh that sounds cool

Dominic – I got Portia Davenport.

Trey – Oh okay

Dominic – Sweet girl, a little delusional though. She said I did a great job though… I apparently made her realize some things about her childhood and parents that affect her today.

Trey – Nice.

Dominic – I then got a call from this girl I knew in high school, and well I knew her after high school too because I’d see her around Bridgeport. Milk Chambers-

Trey – Wait a minute… her name is MILK? MILK CHAMBERS?

Dominic – I know, a very odd name

Trey – I think its kinda awesome.

Dominic – She, and this other girl we knew- well her bestfriend is back in town, and transferring to G.C.U. to finish her last year of school. She’s gorgeous by the way.. Priscilla Kane- doesn’t her name sound like a bitchy soap opera character?

Trey – It does *laughs*

Dominic – We met up at GreenLand and talked for a while. It was nice catching up, I told Priscilla that if she feels alone at G.C.U. I’d show her around… but yeah. After that I went to the gym.. showered and now here with you.

Trey – Sounds like a good day. I didn’t really do anything worth talking about. I had a semi-decent day minus running into Darell Sampson.

Dominic – I know what he did was wrong… but you gotta let it go. I say just hear him out- not today or tomorrow.. just.. one day.

Trey – I know- and you’re right…


Paisley – *laughs* Oh Ali! let me pay for dinner tonight.

Ali – Are you sure baby?

Paisley – Yes… mama’s got this one… besides I just LOVE this dress, and these shoes you bought me.

Ali – You looks amazing baby.

Paisley – I’m about to look even better next week when I get what I deserve.

Ali – Oh baby.. you’re gonna get what you deserve tonight.

Paisley – Mmmmmm I can’t wait.

JoJo – Hey Tyena, I didn’t know you were coming in tonight

Tyena – Yeah, I wanted to take Ivy out, no sense in her sitting alone being upset.

Jojo – Everything okay?

Ivy – Broke up with Kalia.

Jojo – Its for the best babe… So are you guys ready to order?

Ivy – Yes

Tyena – Can you list the specials?

Jojo – ………………Okay. Tonight’s specials include Clam Chowder. We also have Cavatappi Rustica. Which is a Corkscrew pasta tossed with Italian fennel sausage, red and green bell peppers, onions, green olives, capers and crushed roma tomatoes.


Dominic – Your friend Jonah…

Trey – What about him?

Dominic – How is he doing?

Trey – Umm.. He’s been with Keegan so I’m sure he’s feeling better.

Dominic – I’m sure Keegan wants to punch Austin eh?

Trey – For sure.

Dominic – Jonah shouldn’t be embarrassed about the pictures.

Trey – Hmm?

Dominic – He’s cute, and honestly… aside from that weird pose he’s doing- I think the pictures are tasteful.

Trey – You know, I agree but he’s really broken up about it.

Dominic – I tried to make him feel better about it

Trey – He told me, that was very sweet of you.

Dominic – He’s important to you, so he’s important to me.

Trey – Aww.

Dominic – That brings me to why we’re here…

Trey – Okay?

Dominic – Trey Robinson… you’ve changed my life. You’ve made me really happy, and I’m feeling ways I didn’t know I could feel again.

Trey – *smiles*

Dominic – You’re so smart, and nice. You’re cute, and… You’re just a lot of things to me. I told you things, and you didn’t run from me. I told you a lot of sad, personal stuff. Anyone else would see me as damaged, and just go the other way. You didn’t, you’re different. That makes you special, and I like special.

Trey – …*smiles & laughs*

Dominic – I said you’re a lot of things to me, but there’s one thing that you’re not…. so I have a question for you.

Trey – Yes?

Dominic – Trey Robinson…. will you…. ma- MAKE…. me the happiest guy on earth, and be my boyfriend… officially.

Trey – *smiles* Yes.

Dominic – Really?

Trey – Yeah, hell yes.

Dominic – Can I have a hug? *laughs*

Trey – A hug?- you’re gonna get more than that!


Dominic – So I won’t be mad if you like.. change your status on social media.. let everyone know I’m you Bae now.

Trey – You know what? I’m gonna do that right- Oh no, I left my phone in your car.

Dominic – Oh its okay I was just- You don’t have to get it now.

Trey – I do, I like to have it incase of emergencies. I’ll be right back, well not right back… I’m gonna grab my phone and then I have to use the restroom.

Dominic – Take your time boyfriend.

Trey – *smiles & kisses him* Be back before you know it. 

Wow what an amazing night?.. I’m so happy… I could cry.

Trey – Trey… you have a fricken boyfriend. Someone amazing, who has his own past but isn’t allowing it to shape his future. Someone who will hold your hand in public. You deserve this. You went through so much.. with guys who didn’t think you were worth it. Now you have something, someone who deserves you. Don’t fuck it up, don’t sabotage it. Oh my god I’m talking to myself

Aries – You always do that……..

Trey – Aries?-

Oh no… oh my god.. he probably heard everything.

Aries – ….. That’s apparently my name.

Trey – What are you doing here?

Aries – Forced to dinner with my mom Vanessa.

Trey – Oh… okay…

Aries – Congrats…. I guess.

Trey – Sorry…. I thought I was in here alone…

Aries – …. Well I am invisible afterall.

Trey – I didn’t mean-

Aries – Its fine…

Trey – …. I wouldn’t have said those things out loud if I knew you were in here.

Aries – Its fine…. but… you’re wrong.

Trey – What?

Aries – I know you’re worth it. I never thought you weren’t worth it.

Trey – Aries …… 

Aries – …. I always felt like myself when I was around you. You matter, and you’re more than worth it.

Trey – …….. Aries I-

Aries – I know, I know…. I’m so-

Trey – This isn’t easy for me.. seeing you like this.

Aries – *crying* You seem so happy, like you’ve moved on so quick. Now you’re with him, officially. I really messed up, I shouldn’t have fucked up!

Trey – ….. Things happen-

Aries – No… don’t be with him.

Trey – Aries-

Aries – Don’t be with him Trey… be with me. I love you so much *crying* I love you more than I love anything in this world. You complete me and I need you.

Trey – Aries, I’m happy with Dominic…. I’m sorry.

Aries – Please Trey, don’t be with him. Leave with me right now….

Trey – I can’t… I’m sorry.

Aries – *crying* I should just kill myself… I- what is the point? I’m hurting everyday and I-

Trey – You need to love yourself. You said you love me more than anything, and I think its true. I believe you, I believe that you love me, I believe that you’re sorry- but I also believe that you don’t love yourself. You need to understand who you are, and what that means. You need to find the streghth to show others all of that… 

Aries – *crying*

Trey – Can I give you a hug? I want to be your frien-

Aries – Friend? FUCK YOU TREY!

Trey – No, I-

Aries – How could you call me a friend?

Trey – Because I don’t want to fight with you, or be the reason you look like this. You look tired, and sad… depressed. You look bad Aries. You think I feel good hearing- and now seeing how bad of shape you’re in? I know its because of me- but at the same time that’s not fair. For it to all be on me, you’re a grown man Aries.. you made your choices that shaped how things are right now, and I don’t want to rub ANYTHING in your face because you mean a lot to me. I love you… even after everything.

Aries – Just be with me…. please. I’m begging you. I’ll come out… I’ll tell everyone I’m gay… I don’t care anymore because I cannot live life without you. You’re my soulmate and I love you… you love me.. you just said it.

Trey – …….I….. don’t.

Aries – You don’t?

Trey – I love you as a person……..I’m not in love with you anymore Aries….. I’m sorry.

Aries – …………….

Trey – ………Aries-

Aries – I’m done.

Trey – Wait…

Aries – …….Leave me alone… go be with your boyfriend. I’m done, I’ve never been more done than I am right now. I’m completely done trying with this life. Goodbye.

Trey – Can we talk about this another d-

Aries – Have a nice life in this world.

Paisley – *laughs* Oh Ali I’m the type to get what I want in life. Only losers fail…..

Ali – *Laughs* Very true my darling.

Aries – Fuck this world…. I’m done.

Oh my god…. fuck. Why didn’t I notice someone was in the stall- Why didn’t I notice he was in the restaurant period? I just took his heart out of his chest, and crushed it. Shit, if he was depressed before.. what’s gonna happen now? and to think this night was amazing before this happened. Now I have to go out there.. and tell Dominic what just took place. Its going to ruin the night- NO. I’m not gonna tell him until Byron’s after party. Trey you can do this, go back to your table… channel Meryl Streep. Act like nothing is wrong.. Dominic is amazing, and special.. This is what you want and deserve. Don’t fuck it up, don’t sabotage it.

(POV Kaori)

[Top Pic]

So I’ve since calmed down. Having tea with Vira, and then driving here helped. Tonight I must put away my drama, and be present for my boyfriend. Its really inspiring to see him come so far. He’s really being who he wants to be and I- we all should celebrate that. I gotta say that even though we’re not talking right now I’m a little sad that Frankie didn’t make it. To be all the way honest though, I wouldn’t have came if I were her either. I was a complete bitch the last time we ran into each other. I also miss Jarrah who’s working hard. Trey… well he did text and tell me that he’d be here for the after party. He’s on a date with Dominic, and he does deserve a fucking boyfriend finally I’m just happy Keegan, Jeep, and Vira are here. It means a lot to me.. but I’m sure Byron as well.


Keegan – Digging the look Raven

Raven – Thanks Keegan… I wanted to go all out for Christine’s show- well Byron’s show, but you know what I mean.

Collin – You’re certainly daring with your look. Gotta say I love the confidence.

Raven – Thanks dude.

Keegan – I think Byron and Christine are going to impress everyone.

Collin – How come you didn’t bring a date Keegan?

Keegan – Umm… that’s a long story… I wanted Rhys to come… but It… yeah. I’m happy here with Kay’ though- Oh and everyone else too.


Christine – I heard about… ya know..

Jeep – I don’t want to talk about it. This night is about you, and Byron.

Christine – Sucks though…

Jeep – You look bad ass! I’m digging the hair!

Christine – Thanks.. Jarrah helped me with my look earlier.

Jeep – Yeah she told me. She’s really sorry that she couldn’t be here.

Christine – Next time.

Jeep – Yeah next time.

Christine – Where’s Frankie?

Jeep – She couldn’t be here… which sucks. I love spending time with her…

Christine – I know you do.

Jeep – You really do look amazing though. I bet so many guys are going to want you!

Christine – I feel pretty… for once. So I don’t know.. maybe I’ll snag me a honey after the show

Jeep – I can be your wingman!


Byron – Baby you look soooo sexy

Kaori – Thanks… you’re looking all hot yourself.. maybe we can hookup after the show..

Byron – My number one groupie.

Kaori – Don’t tell my boyfriend…. Its just that I have a thing for musicians *laughs*

Vira – I’m putting so many pictures on my instagram. PARTY!… that’s my new catchphrase… like fuck it PARTY!… This is awesome. I’m getting so many likes too.

Byron – Your friend seems happy to be here.

Kaori – She’s going through a breakup so.. this is good for her.

Maybe I should tell Byron the truth about Vira. I know I can truth him.- Then again I should wait until I tell Vira… if I tell Vira.. god.

Byron – Hey Vira?

Vira – Yeah?

Byron – Get over here.

Kaori – *laughs*

[Bottom Pic]

Byron – Thanks for coming.

Vira – Thanks for having me! I love music.. Do you like all genres? I love everything- except country music.. blegh I’d rather dance to the sound of Katy Perry- and I hate Katy Perry!

Byron – *laughs* That’s awsom-

Vira – Music is so universal you know? It literally is life’s universal language. I saw this video of this guy playing acoustic guitar, and his dog was smiling and bobbing his head. Then he’d stop playing, and the dog would lose his smile and stand still. It was like fresh from a cartoon except it was totally real life- and that is just so precious. So awesome! Animals love music, we humans love music-

Kaori – Vira’s into painting.

Byron – Oh wow.. that’s-

Vira – I love art. I recently had a gallery showing that wasn’t so great- I mean the art part was amazing if I do say so myself- cocky much?- no I just believe in myself. You gotta believe in yourself if you want to do amazing things. That’s what life-

Kaori – GREAT SEGUE into what tonight is all about. YOU Byron.. you BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. Vira’s right.. you’re believing in yourself and you’re making it happen.

Vira – Totally!

Byron – I am.. and you helped me with it. I love you so much Kaori.

Kaori – I love you too babe

Vira – Aww so cute!

Byron – Okay I gotta get downstairs.. Its time to perform.

Kaori – Good luck!

Vira – SLAY!

Its showtime people! time for my man to perform.. he looks so sexy up there. Christine looks good too.

Byron – Thanks for coming everyone…. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME MUSIC!?

Crowd – YEAH!

Kaori – Wooo! Fuck yeah baby!

Byron – My name is Byron Mills, and tonight I’ll be singing with the lovely, and talented Christine… Christine any words?

Christine – Lets kill it tonight!

Byron – You heard her! Lets do this!

{Press Play}

Byron & Christine : *singing*

Darling, you’re mistaken; I don’t like what’s going on
But tell you too much conversation won’t get you off
You said, “Blackie’s dead…Blackie’s dead,” and then run the other way

I don’t want to tell you that you’re not there on my list
And what’s with all that shit you’re saying; No, you’re not interested in this

I’m in love with a girl, sees what you are (what you are)
Tell…tell them you know, tell them your great big poem
Yeah, always feel the pressure from home

Darling, we will visit, you know you don’t feel this way
What’s with all that information, oh, don’t give it away
You said, “Blackie’s dead…Blackie’s dead,” and then run the other way

I’m in love with a girl, sees what you are (what you are)
Tell…tell them you know, tell them you’re great big poem

I’m in love with a girl, sees what you are (what you are)
Tell…tell them you know, tell them your great big poem
Yeah, always feel the pressure from home

I’m in love with a girl, sees what you are (what you are)
Tell…tell them you know, tell them your great big poem

I’m in love with a girl, sees what you are (what you are)
Tell…tell them you know, tell them your great big poem
Yeah, always feel the pressure from home

Darling, you’re forgiven; I don’t like what’s going on

{Let The Song Play or Stop it.. Its up to you before moving onto the next pic}

Ahhh that was fucking great!

Byron – Woo! you guys like that one?

Crowd – Yeah!

Christine – You want to hear another?

Crowd – Woo! Yeah

Kaori – Gimme more baby!

Byron – That’s my girl!


Crowd – Awwww

Byron – If I could take a second to just say baby I love you too..

Crowd – Aww…

Kaori – *smiles*

Byron – I’m gonna miss you so much when I leave for Europe! but I know you’ll be fine. Lets cherish the time we have left together! Cause isn’t that what life is about people?!

Crowd – YEAH! Wooo!

He’s leaving?….. he didn’t…. he never told me…… 

Kaori – …………………………………

Christine – Time for more music mothafucka?


Kaori – ……………………………..

Christine – Hit it Byron!

I need to get out of here… where’s the restroom…

{Press Play}

Byron & Christine : *singing*

When I met you,
I didn’t know what to do. I was tired,
I was hungry,I fight.

Now I’m away,
I write home everyday
And I see you on the TV at night.

You can see that life’s for us to talk about.
You can leave whenever you want out.

You don’t relate to me,
No girl,
You don’t respect me,
No girl,
No girl. Oh yeah.

When I met you,
I didn’t know what to do,
But I noticed that I didn’t really feel.

Now you’re away,
You write home everyday. I don’t beg,
I don’t borrow, I steal.

You don’t think that life’s for us to talk about.
You can leave whenever you want out,
You want out. Well,
You don’t relate to me,
No girl. You don’t respect me,
No girl. (you can leave when ever you want out)

And you don’t relate to me,
No girl. And you don’t respect me,
No girl. (You can leave whenever you want out)
No you don’t relate to me,
No girl. And you don’t respect me,
No girl. No girl. Yeah.

{Let The Song Play or Stop it.. Its up to you before moving onto the next pic}

Kaori – *crying*

Vira – Hey why’d you run off- Kaori?… are you okay? you’re crying….

Kaori – ……

Vira – What happened?

Kaori – He’s still leaving for europe!

Vira – I thought-… I thought you knew?

Kaori – He left G.C.U. and stopped talking about leaving. He kept saying how he feels so much better now and how he can concentrate on his music… I thought the Europe stuff was done with.

Vira – Oh my god… so… you just learned about it with everyone else?

Kaori – …..I’m so… fucking upset.. I’m so fucking tired Vira…

Vira – I’m so sorry…….

Kaori – I need him…

Vira – I know…

Kaori – My life is crumbling… the shit with my family, and now the guy I’m in love with.. a guy I took a chance on that means the world to me.. he’s leaving me when I need him most!

Vira – I’m…. I know I’m not him, but I’m still here for you….

Kaori – *crying* Why did I even bother getting into a relationship?

Vira – Things happen for a reason… you’ve told me yourself that you help inspire the change in him..

Kaori – Yeah and now he’s changed so much where I don’t fit. He’s fucking leaving.

Vira – …………..Listen to me. You’re fucking gorgeous, and smart. You have an amazing internship that can turn into a kickass career. This fucking hurts trust me I know- I’m going through a breakup right now, but don’t you DARE let this define you.. you hear me? you cry and do whatever the fuck you have to do.. but you’ll be fine… you’re going to be okay. With or without him. Okay?

Kaori – Yeah….. I just can’t believe I was that stupid to think once he left school he’d stick around…

*text message alert*

Kaori – What is it… I can’t take anymore bad news…

Vira – …. Who is it from?

Kaori – …..Umm.. Joy Riggs- you don’t know her-

Vira – Oh okay..

Kaori – Oh my god…..

Vira – What is it?

Kaori – ………….Fuck…..

Vira – Kaori?

Kaori – …..A special little girl…. her mom was found dead, and they caught the killer. It was a drug deal gone wrong. Its on the news right now.

Vira – Oh my god.

Kaori – I gotta find Keegan and tell him- He probably got the text but didn’t hear it with the loud music.

Vira – I’m confused..

Kaori – I found a homeless girl, her mom left her with me and never came back. My friend Keegan has lesbian moms-

Vira – Oh wow just like me-

Kaori – Yeah, and they adopted the girl…

Vira – So she’s kinda like Keegan’s little sister, and your… your little friend…

Kaori – Yeah…

Vira – Oh my god…

Kaori – Apparently Zoey- the little girl… is the one who was watching the news in the living room when it popped on the screen… Fuck….

Vira – What are we gonna do? Do we leave and go to Joy Rigg’s place? should we get Keegan? What about the after party?

Kaori – I don’t know….. what to do in what order….

As much as I’m sad, and angry with Byron.. I don’t want to ruin his night. Its not his fault that I was stupid enough to think he was staying.. I guess he figured I knew he was still going the whole time. Keegan’s better, he’s not depressed or doing drugs.. but do I go ruin his good time? same with Byron am I supposed to just up and leave? He’s not going to know what’s going on… Maybe I should just stay.. let Byron perform. Wait like 30 minutes during the after party- Yeah I’ll pull both Keegan and Byron to the side and tell them what’s going on….. Fuck fuck fuck, why is all this bad shit happening?

~End Of Chapter Five Pt 2 | Chapter Five Pt 3 is Next~

Hey Readers, This update was called Supersized Edition because of 2 things. 1 : It introduces Priscilla Kane & Milk Chamber who will be important characters in Season 3. 2: The last two scene’s are mostly double pictures. So yeah.. That’s all lol. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed 🙂



  1. :O uh oh poor Zoey! What a bad way to find out about your mom dying :\. And on top of this Kaori finds out that her first love really is going to Europe :(. I wonder why he didn’t tell her before. So much bad news. But the worst of Kaori’s bad news would have to be that evil witch Paisley getting what she wants. That is so not right!! Vince should fight back instead of giving in! Grrr

    Now for Trey’s side. First things first, I know you like Chace Trey but I still think he’s shady and vulgar XDDDD. Okay moving on. About Owen, I wonder what he’s going to do after that talk with Trey. Is he going to break things off with Scott?? I would have more respect for him if he did. Back to Trey, woohoo he has a boyfriend!!! Unfortunately Aries has to come along and ruin the happy moment. He is such a mess! Somebody needs to come into his life and change him for the better. Kind of like what Byron did for Kaori :).

    I’m also looking forward to learning more about the new characters Priscilla and Milk (had to do a double take when I saw that name :p. Very unique!) . On to the next part!! 😀

    PS. In regards to your last email, I can’t believe you actually met an online person IRL! I do have another good online friend who is also a simmer who has talked about meeting me in person a few times but I’m still worried about him being a serial killer XDDD. We’ve been friends since 2009 but still!

    1. There is NOTHING going right for Kaori… except her job. Its crazy to think about her first meeting Paisley… and thinking about how things turned out.

      Trey… Chace… LOL Chace is so vulgar like you said LOL. Owen.. well.. the next one answers your question. Aries really did ruin the night didn’t he? when I react as a reader and not the writer.. I feel like I want to choke Aries- but at the same time I feel bad for him, and his depression. Hopefully things get better for him before the season is over.

      More Priscilla & Milk in the next one.. Glad you seem to like them. LOL the name Milk came to me.. and Chambers as a last name just made it even more funnier.

      lol the e-mail… yeah.. well thank god in my experience they weren’t a crazy person. Its GOOD that you are very cautious about meeting your friend. I type this as I watch MTV catfish lmao.. you can NEVER be too sure if someone is legit.

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