{BnG Season 2} Chapter Five Part 1 : “The Desolation of Circumstances”

Chapter Five | Pt. 1 “The Desolation of Circumstances”

-POV’s : Jarrah & Jeep

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jarrah)

Shocker, I know. I’m not at work, I’m not hanging out with Orion. I’m not even at my parents house.. Low and behold I’m at my Sorority doing homework. All of the extra time off from work, I’ve actually been able to kinda slay in my classes. I personally don’t like my hours being cut at V-Glam. I really thought after summer I’d be given so much to do. I assume that was the plan, and then Victoria up and left to expand the brand. Which of course put Taylor in charge.. and she brought Brittany… so yeah.. here I am… on campus…..doing homework.

Tyena – It was so much fun, It was the best night I’ve ever had. Frankie’s so pretty, and nice. She’s kinda perfect.

Wow crush much? Though I mean.. come on. Frankie’s pretty gorgeous.

Amina – Awlright gorl… yass.

Tyena – We danced the night away but of course drama happened…

Amina – Oh… with my sister I assume

Tyena – Yeah she cheated on Ivy right in her face.. which caused Ivy to fight the other girl!

Amina – Oh shit… Ivy ain’t no fighter… what the fuck was she doing?

Tyena – She put the girl in a headlock!

Amina – That’s hella funny….

Tyena – Your sister didn’t tell you about what happened?

Amina – Kalia and I are twins but for whatever reason we’re not super close… The only reason I knew she and Ivy broke up is because of her facebook status.

Tyena – Ah okay..

Amina – So you like Frankie eh?

Tyena – Before you say anything.. No.. I don’t like Frankie like that. She’s hot, smart, perfect-

Amina – ….mm hmm, then what’s the problem?

Tyena – She’s someone I can see in my life for a long time as a friend. She’s just better as a friend. I don’t want her to be anything other than a great friend. Friends only you know?

Amina – How can I not considering how many times you said the word “friend”

Jarrah – Tyena?

Tyena – Yeah?

Jarrah – You look cute today.

Tyena – Thanks Jarrah, so do you.

Jarrah – You actually just seem really vibrant lately.

Tyena – I do?

Amina – Cause you came out the closet… that’s probably why.

Tyena – Maybe.

That’s exactly why. When we allow ourselves to strip away all of the fear, and doubt… we allow others to see who we are. In most cases its like really seeing them for the first time. Tyena is shining bright because she’s finally being herself. You’re probably wondering how she came out to everyone. She left us all a note on the chore board the other day. She apologized if she’s been mean and or cranky. She says its because she’s been struggling with who she was, and now she’s happy and proud to be a lesbian… so like.. I think it was a cool way to come out to us. We’re all sisters… nobody is going to judge her, and if they did I would stick up for her.

Jarrah – I love your purple hair Amina..

Amina – Thanks girl!

Tyena – Can you guys believe that the house is full..

Amina – How rare.

Jarrah – Is everyone home?

Tyena – Yep-

Amina – Paisley’s not here

Tyena – Eh…

Jarrah – Ugh… You guys don’t believe that crap do you?

Tyena – No…. but… I also wasn’t there.

Amina – I think she’s full of shit.

Tyena – Its one of those things, as a woman I don’t want to slut-shame her. I don’t want to be like “Liar! he didn’t touch you” So many men get away with that shit because of that.

Jarrah – I need food. I need to fuel up if I want to finish this paper. I’ll be right back.

Tyena wasn’t lying.. everyone is home today.. Oh god Elena.. hopefully she didn’t see me walk by.

Portia – Darell and I are in such a better place. Our love survived all of the negativity. I think you and Collin will be fine Elena.. you have to give it time, and have open communication.

Jojo – Yeah… have you talked to him about it?- actually what’s the problem exactly?

Can I just say that Jojo looks amazing? she’s lost weight but she’s kept her curves. She’s gorgeous.

Elena – I want to meet his mother, and he doesn’t think its a good idea. I feel like that means, that he doesn’t think I’m important.

Jojo – I haven’t met Harrison’s family yet, Its all good. You have to be patient you know?

Portia – Darell and I have met each others parents but we did wait a while..

Elena – See I’m the odd man out!…..

Jojo – Girl you have to relax before you push him away… whenever we talk about Collin you start trippin.

Elena – What do you mean Joanna? I don’t – “trip out”

Portia – Well actually you did snap on me last night when I suggested that maybe he was sleeping, and that’s why he didn’t return your call.

Elena – I don’t remember that Portia.

Portia – Oh….

Jojo – So like are you and Collin even on the same page?

Elena – What?

Jojo – You guys both know what you want in the relationship?

Elena – Eternal love?

Portia – Darell and I have that.

Jojo – ………………………………… Okay……

Awkward….. I refuse to comment on any of their relationships. Not my business, though…………. I did see Darell talking with Rubi at the GCU Diner… so… yeah. Anyway time to fuel up. Should I have a yogurt? Oooh no I’m going to make a salad.

[Top Pic]

I got into the kitchen, expecting to make some food. Instead I was cornered by Maliha- who has an issue with me. We were fine. She then started dating my ex, and then she became a bitch. I really don’t have time for that. This should be interesting though… lets hear what she has to say.

Jarrah – …… So…

Maliha – I don’t dislike you Jarrah.

Jarrah – Are you sure about that?

Maliha – I’m 100%

Well that’s odd considering you’ve been really rude lately.

Jarrah – Why did you start being short with me? rolling your eyes-

Maliha – Well one, Its because Dylan.

Jarrah – …………..What about him?

God I hope he’s not still in love with me- I know that sounds vain, but its just.. I don’t want to be in between anyone’s relationship. What’s done is done, and I’ve moved on.

Maliha – You guys dated, and you obviously meant a lot to him. So its like girl instinct to just be a little protective over their guy. Also It was me just… okay well I feel like I broke girl-code.

Jarrah – Dylan’s a good guy, but I’m not upset that you started dating him.

Maliha – You’re not?

Jarrah – No, I have a really awesome boyfriend, and girl-code is stupid…

Pacts too……….*laughs* That whole Keegan pact was a big mistake. That’s all in the past though..

Maliha – I just thought we had beef….

Jarrah – I have no beef with you.

Maliha – ….I’m sorry for being mean.

Jarrah – Apology accepted.

Maliha – I have enough going on in my life right now. I don’t need to be fighting with my sorority sister.

Jarrah – Is everything okay? do you want to talk about it?

Maliha – My parents are divorcing, and I feel so lost… It sounds stupid, but I just imagined them together forever- I actually don’t want to talk about it, because I’ll think about how my mom is handling it, and it breaks my heart. I don’t want to cry- so umm changing the subject..

One might just think “Boo hoo people separate get over it” but honestly… if my parents divorced it would be really upsetting. So I understand why she’s upset.

Jarrah – How rare is it that all of us girls are actually home at the same time, and not for a house meeting?

Maliha – I know right… Paisley’s at her lawyers office though…

Jarrah – …….Yeah.

Maliha – She and I are close, but…… I don’t know. I feel like something isn’t right. She doesn’t even seem distraught or anything when we’re alone….  Oh well, not my business.

Paisley is a lying oppurtunist… and that’s really all I have to say about that. There is no way Mr. McDonald touched her. We all know she’s a money hungry type girl.. so you do the math.

Jarrah – She’s lying…

Maliha – ……She would hate me for saying this but.. yeah.. I agree- shit what time is it?

Jarrah – Almost noon…

Maliha – I gotta go, I’m late for a spa appointment… then I have classes later.

Jarrah – Okay.. well.. good talk.

Maliha – *smiles* See ya later.

Well good.. She and I have no problems. Maliha is a sweet girl under all of the amazing clothes and hair. I hope she shows it more.

[Bottom Pic]

Spirit – Hey fashionista

Maliha – Hey girl!

Spirit – Where you off to?

Maliha – Spa appointment, then class.

Spirit – Oh okay, cool.

Maliha – You good?

Spirit – Yeah, I’ll talk to you when you get back.

Maliha – Alright.

Spirit – Bye.

Maliha – Ciao.

Jarrah – Hi Spirit.

Spirit – ……………..Hey.

Well okay then…

Jarrah – How was your day?

Spirit – …………..Its fine Jarrah.

Jarrah – You sure? you sound annoyed-

Spirit – Because you keep asking me questions.

Jarrah – *laughs* I’m trying to be social…

Spirit – Well…. no thank you.

Wow… what the hell?

Jarrah – What is your problem with me?

Spirit – Insecure much? I never said I had a problem with you. God.. you and your cousin think you know everything. Newsflash you don’t.

Jarrah – Oh wow thanks for telling me oh wise one-

Spirit – Don’t go there with me, not today Jarrah.

Jarrah – Or any day it seems.

Spirit – Excuse me?

Jarrah – You always have an attitude.

Spirit – That’s funny coming from you. Miss everyone likes me.. If our life was a story you’d be a Mary Sue- type character.

Jarrah – Actually no I wouldn’t. I’ve made a lot of bad choices and I’ve owned up to them. You would know that if you actually took the time to get to know me.

Spirit – Aww did I hurt your feelings?


Jarrah – No you didn’t hurt my feelings- but CLEARLY my cousin hurt yours eh?

Spirit – I don’t care about that small penis nerd.

Jarrah – Don’t talk about him like that! He’s NEVER said a bad word about you. You’re just mad because he wouldn’t get back together with you AFTER you humiliated him at the party.

Spirit – He’s not as innocent as he seems!

Jarrah – Oh….. right…. whatever.

Spirit – Your cousin is an asshole.

Jarrah – He has a name, and its Jonah.

Spirit – He’s dead to me.. and karma is going to hit him soon.

Jarrah – You know what I find funny? You begged me to hook you up with Keegan… and then you moved onto my cousin Jeep. Like do you even know what it is that you want? Or do you just want everything?

Spirit – Its cute how you’re trying to be combative with me… I don’t have time for this. You’re not even on my level to be honest.

Jarrah – When did you become such a bitch? You were so nice before.

Spirit – You don’t know me.

Jarrah – Whose fault is that exactly? I mean I know you don’t take people’s crap but you’ve started drinking your own kool-aid lately. You take this whole head of the sorority thing to the next level, and you start bossing people.

Spirit – Wow… so it all comes out.

Jarrah – I’m not the only one who feels that way…

Spirit – Is that so?

Jarrah – I’m not going to name names.

Spirit – Well… who cares about your opinion? You probably wanna make the girls hate me anyway.

Jarrah – ……………okay.

Spirit – At the end of the day your cousin, Jonah…  is a douchebag just like every other guy I’ve ever met- and YOU? you’re annoying.. so please just shut your mouth.

Jarrah – Don’t tell me to shut my mouth Spirit, I’m not your child…… Oh and facts don’t lie. My cousin never cheated on you. Not once, but you cheated on him….  Obviously the breakup is making you upset, and that’s human.. so just say that. You don’t have to lash out at everyone.

Spirit – If you don’t like how I run things you can make like FATASS Rubi Larter and leave. Otherwise stop speaking.

Jarrah – …………..

Spirit – Right.. like I thought.

Jarrah – I don’t like you.

Spirit – Then leave.

Jarrah – Okay..

Spirit – Okay what?

Jarrah – Okay I’m done…

Spirit – Yeah right..

Jarrah – No I’m serious. I’m done with this. You’re a tyrant and I’m not a child. I’m not dealing with this anymore.

Spirit – And the award for most dramatic goes to. You know, maybe you should become an actress. We both know the fashion thing isn’t going to pan out.

Jarrah – Fuck you Spirit…. oh and I’ve seen “your work” you’re not that good of an actress yourself.

Spirit – Its fine, be mad.. I’ll see you later tonight for the house meeting. You’re not going anywhere so stop acting like you are.

Jarrah – Wow… you REALLY are an entitled brat huh? the one time you don’t get your way you lash out and act like a child. Jonah dodged a bullet with you…

Spirit – Wow…………That hurt.

Jarrah – Usually the truth does…. I’m done.. I really am leaving.

Spirit – Fine… ………I- I don’t care.

I’m sick of it, I’m done. Why would I want to be in a Sorority where its stressful? super hostile environment, thick tension. No thank you. I’m so mad right now…  I need to get out of here.

(POV Jeep)

I see people are already crowding around the radio room. Its great that Keegan does this, its a really good hobby that could grow into something if he wants it to.

Collin – I see why all the girls go crazy for Keegan, he’s one good looking dude.

Penny – Ditto…. if Rhys doesn’t want him I’ll take him.

Myra – My sister will come to her senses….

Miguel – Dude is ripped.. I want to get ripped like that.

Jeep – *laughs* Some things never change.

Collin – What do you mean?

Jeep – Same as high school. Everyone drooling over him…  its still funny, that he’s so modest about it.

Collin – Ah- So are you on your way to talk to-

Jeep – Yeah… doing that now…

Collin – Good luck.

Jeep – Thanks.

He’s a good roommate, and friend. Speaking of friends… I’m sure you’re all wondering how my talk with Frankie went right?…. well….


Jeep – You look really pretty…. did you have fun?

Frankie – Thanks.. and yeah.. I did.

Jeep – …………So……… Umm.. does any of this shock you?

Frankie – Yeah…. I didn’t know you- well.. hmm.. It does shock me, but then I guess when I really think about it-

Jeep – Do you have any feelings for me at all?

Frankie – ………..*smiles* Yeah… umm I do.

Jeep – Good *smiles*

Frankie – But… they’re not like… how do I put this…

Jeep – Oh…….

Frankie – I know how you make me feel. You’re a great guy, and you make me feel safe and warm, Its easy to confuse that for something else.

Jeep – …..I see..

Frankie – I know you’ve been.. umm.. I hate to do this and p-

Jeep – Put me in the friend zone?

Frankie – …..I love you, I’m just-

Jeep – Not in love with me.. got it…

Frankie – I wasn’t going to say that.. its too cliche…..

Jeep – …….

Frankie – Jeep it would be so easy to have feelings for you in a romantic sense… Because you’re that good of a guy… I just..

Jeep – Is it because you’ve never dated a girl?

Frankie – Huh?

Jeep – Cause you’ve dated guys but you’ve never had that experience of a lesbian relationship?

Frankie – No, that would be stupid. Being Bi isn’t about balancing out experience with whatever gender. Even if I never date a girl, and I end up with a guy.. doesn’t mean I’m not bisexual.. so no.. that’s not it.

Jeep – Do you want to be single?

Frankie – I don’t know…. but what I do know is that you mean the world to me.. and I don’t want you mad.

Jeep – I’m not mad..

Frankie – Well how do you feel?

Jeep – Disappointed?… ugly?… stupid?

Frankie – You’re far from ugly… and far from stupid. You took a risk here… nobody can ever say you’re not a brave risk taker. You put your heart out there… more than I can say for myself.

Jeep – ….Maybe I’m just… lonely or something. I’m looking for a relationship between us.. I obviously can’t read signs right.

Frankie – …….

Jeep – Are you going to give it a go with Tyena?

Frankie – No….

Jeep – Ah… why not?

Frankie – *smiles* She’s nice, and cute.. but not for me…

Jeep – I just… I don’t know what’s my problem. I struggle with women…

Frankie – I don’t think you give yourself enough credit.. You had Christine, You dated the head of the Sorority… you’ve done really well… and its not a contest either.

Jeep – Christine blew me off …. Spirit turned into a tyrant. Christine actually was the one who said I should tell you what I was feeling.

Frankie – At least she’s still a friend..

Jeep – Because I could always use more of those right?

Frankie – Its okay that you’re upset.. you’re not made of steel….

Jeep – Yeah… Its embarrassing..

Frankie – You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Jeep – Sorry that I made this so.. weird between us…

Frankie – You didn’t, and don’t apologize anymore… okay? I love you… you’re special to me Jeep…

Jeep – I’m going to go back to my room now… and kill myself.

Frankie – Jeep…

Jeep – I’m not… but yeah…

Frankie – Fuck…..

Jeep – What?

Frankie – I don’t like feeling like I hurt you…

Jeep – Stop it.. you’re a good person- Are you hungry?

Frankie – I could eat something sweet perhaps…

Jeep – Do you want to go get some ice cream? off campus?

Frankie – *smiles* Okay…. sounds good.

Jeep – Maybe Ice cream can become my new fixation…

Frankie – I have a feeling the right girl is right around the corner.

Jeep – Ha.. yeah right… If only I was as hot and confident as someone like Keegan.

Frankie – You’re going to think I’m full of shit for saying this… but I think you and him are both hot. You have a different type of look and I really like who you’ve grown into.

Jeep – ….Well thanks…. and you know what I am not about to sit here and play the victim card. That’s so last year… I get it, and thanks for letting me down gently…

Frankie – …. I-

Jeep – Its nice to know that you do have SOME more than friends feelings for me, and that you find me attractive. I get it though…. I understand.


Yep… that’s what happened. I’ve obviously slept on it and had time to process everything. I feel like I’ve always had this whole want to be loved, or wanted. I don’t know if its because I’m an only child or what, but its how I’ve always been. I’ve always seen my peers, and close friends with someone. I’ve always seen them lusted after and wanted. I’ve never really felt like a strong, attractive guy. Not until Christine, I mean one would assume she just used me to run from her father- but think about how she wanted to be near me, putting herself, AND ME in danger because she didn’t want to go.

Its funny… Her father was put behind bars, and she got to stay here in GloCity, but its like all of the feelings she had for me were suddenly wiped away. It could be because she saw that I moved onto Spirit, but I would have never considered Spirit if she hadn’t told me that we were done. Great segue into my next relationship. Spirit Harrington. Okay so I had heard things about her before we met. I heard she was a bit mean, and a HBIC… I didn’t pay any attention to that. We met, she was really nice… then she found out about Christine and she didn’t like it.

I started growing a little more confident in my own personal style and attitude, and she said it was all because of Christine, and that I was trying to be something I wasn’t. The thing is….  maybe she just couldn’t handle the fact that I wasn’t some nerd drooling and praising her. She probably thought I should have been grateful to be with her or something. Then you add in her insecurities about Christine, throw in some Austin Matthews and you’ve got a mess. Maybe Spirit was always mean… maybe she has her own issues and they’re finally coming out… Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Blah…. I suck with Women… I think that’s a fact- Oh wow.. I see Bryce finally made his move on BingBing.

Bryce – Jonah! Hey!

Jeep – Hey Bryce, Hi BingBing… where’s Rubi?

Usually the two of you are glued to the hip so its always weird seeing you without each other..

Bingbing – Rubi my bestfriend, but I have life without her Jonah.

Jeep – True…

Bingbing – How was your day?

Jeep – Its been…. okay, what about yours?

Bingbing – I been bored. Nothing to do-

Jeep – Hey! you won’t be bored starting next week.

Bingbing – Next week?

Jeep – Remember you said you’d do my uncle’s workout video-

Bingbing – Oh yeah! Bingbing workout superstar!

Jeep – Kalia was supposed to do it but she changed her mind last minute. So I’m glad you said you’d help.

Bingbing – I had forgot about it. Yay Bingbing bored no more!

Good thing Bingbing wants to help out, plus she has a nice body so that works out even better

Bryce – *laughs* …… Can I watch?

Jeep – Sure- wait… are you two officially dating?

Bingbing – He’s my man.

Bryce – Yeah.. we’re together.

Wow everyone is dating….. except me.

Bingbing – Bryce tell me about your movie getting stolen. Laptop too….

Bryce – Did you decide what you’re going to do about that?

Jeep – Lenny Schwartz let me have one of his old laptops so I’m going to see if I can get an extension…

Bryce – You’re not going to redo the movie you did before are you?

Jeep – No.. I had a brilliant idea… and it’ll take less time.. Just have to see if Magdalena will help me out again.. I know she’s busy.

Bingbing – If you’re looking for Professor Preston he’s walking up now

Jeep – *turns around* Hey! Professor Preston!

Professor Preston – Young Jonah Folland, how can I help you?

Jeep – I need to talk to you about the film project.

Professor Preston – Are you ready to turn your’s in already? I’ve already received a few.

Jeep – Can we talk in private?

Professor Preston – ….Sure follow me to my class.

Jeep – I’ll see you guys later.

Bingbing – Bye!

Bryce – Good luck!

Hopefully Professor Preston isn’t going to ice me out… fingers crossed

Professor Preston – So what did you want to talk about?

Jeep – Okay.. so-

Professor Preston – Don’t tell me you’re dropping my class… I see a lot of potential in you.

Jeep – No! no I’m not dropping your class- and wow… thanks for saying that.

I don’t think anyone other than my close friends, and parents have said that I have potential. So its great to hear that from him.

Professor Preston – Oh okay good.. so then how can I help you?

Dear god… please let this go the way I’m hoping. I never use excuses, I don’t ask for much…

Jeep – I’ve never been one to have excuses, and ask to be given special treatment…. but in this case I would REALLY appreciate it if you could just help me out.

Professor Preston – Well that depends on what exactly happened.

Jeep – So… I was working with Kingston at the park with my laptop. We were finishing up the editing process of the assignment. I left the laptop with him, and I went to use the restroom. So like I came back and Kingston- You know.. he’s never focused. He was chasing squirrels… literally. We both came back to where the laptop was and it was gone. The movie was gone, my expensive laptop was gone.

Professor Preston – You didn’t back it up on a external hard drive?

God you would think I would have backed it up pre-edit

Jeep – I was going to back it up as soon as we finished the editing. Also its not just that… I…. I had umm… pictures…. on there… of myself.

Professor Preston – Pictur- OH- oh.. god….

He probably thinks I’m one of those gross guys with dick pics everywhere…

Professor Preston – Wait a second… shouldn’t the files be back up in your cloud?

Jeep – I- okay.. about that. I don’t enable the cloud on my devices, and laptop because I don’t like the idea of all of my information being out there- though I guess with my laptop being stolen its already out there but-

Professor Preston – Ah.. one of those “We’re always being watched by the NSA” types?- So am I…

Jeep – I’m praying that a bum stole it and sold it for money or something… because if those pictures-

Professor Preston – Stay positive Mr. Folland…. Umm.. hmm… okay look.. Don’t tell anyone except your partner Kingston… I’ll give you the next 3 days to get it done…  can you do that?

Jeep – Yes sir…

Professor Preston – I’ll just tell the class I’m swamped with work, or that I’m spending time with my daughters Olivia and Misty…

Jeep – Not that I’m complaining… but why are you so.. willing to help me?

Professor Preston – You remind me of myself… you’re sure of what you want in life, but the outer you… you’re very reserved. Just embrace it, embrace who you are and you’ll be fine.

Jeep – *smiles* Thanks Professor Preston.

Professor Preston – No problem Mr. Folland- Oh by the way I had a question..

Jeep – Okay?

Professor Preston – I’ve heard people call you Jeep. Why do they call you that? Its such a strange nickname..

Jeep – Umm….. Its so normal to me now… but yeah.. its a inside joke between my friends and I.. well not so much a joke on my part. Though I guess now I can laugh about it. Its really embarrassing, and I probably shouldn’t share that with a professor *laughs*

Professor Preston – *laughs* It must involve something sexual- gotcha.. Well I guess you better get going and start pre production on the project?

Jeep – Yes sir, and thanks- I won’t let you down!

Thank you god! That went better than I had hoped! I wish I could get started now, but I have another class to attend. I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Jarrah)

I have since cooled off from my argument with Spirit- and incase you thought I was behaving irrationally, try this on for size : I AM DONE. I meant it when I said it to Spirit and I mean it now. I don’t want to step foot back in that miserable place she calls a sorority.

Orion – Jarrah?- Babe… did you hear me?

Jarrah – Sorry, what did you say?

Orion – I said are you sure you’re doing the right thing.

Jarrah – Yeah… all signs point to get the heck out of there.

Orion – I support it no matter what.

Jarrah – Thanks….

Orion – Aren’t you going to miss the girls?

Jarrah – Umm.. all of them except Paisley, and Spirit.

Orion – Even that nutcase that spazzed out on you?

Jarrah – Elena? yeah I’ll miss her too.

She’s fine when she’s not acting psycho over Collin… Ya know, its probably the hardest part. I love most of those girls at the house… Its not like I’m not going to see them on campus though.

Christine – You really are used to this aren’t you? You’re not even flinching.

Orion – Its been a while, but yeah.. I’m like immune to it… that or you’re doing a really good job.

Jarrah – Christine’s the best according to Jeep.

Christine – He said that?

Jarrah – He said you’re amazing.. something about a artist with a paintbrush and easel… You know how Jeep is.

Christine – He’s great.

Jarrah – He really is.

Orion – Is it weird tracing someone else’s work instead of doing your own?

Christine – Umm.. Its interesting. I touch up a lot of tattoos, so its something I’m used to. Its like walking in someone else’s shoes. I’m tracing over their art… I’m rewriting their history.

Jarrah – That’s a very artistic way to put it…..

Christine – You’re an artist right?

Jarrah – Umm- well I sketch… I wouldn’t say-

Orion – Don’t be modest.. you can draw pretty well.

Jarrah – Its mostly for fashion and stuff though…

Christine – I can tell you were an artist.

I wouldn’t call myself an artist per-say but.. I guess since I sketch I’m somewhat artistic.

Jarrah – I’m.. okay fine I guess- but the guy you’re working on? He’s an amazing artist and sculptor. You should see his work.

Christine – Ever do a gallery showing?

Orion – Not my style per-say… I usually just show my stuff online, and sell it. 70% of the time I donate the money..

Christine – What the fuck? are you rich or something? why not keep the money for yourself?

Orion – I’m well off…… and a lot of people are not as lucky as I am.

Christine – Okay Jarrah… you’ve found a keeper.

Jarrah – *laughs* I know right?

Christine – So I didn’t mean to eavesdrop… but you’re leaving your sorority?

Jarrah – Oh its fine, and yeah…I am…

Christine – Are you going to find a dorm or something?

Jarrah – Well.. I checked earlier.. all the rooms are filled. I can’t really afford to live off campus either so.. back to my parents I suppose.

Christine – That’s rough… I have a couple of friends.. I’ll see if anyone is looking for a roommate?

Jarrah – That’s sweet of you.

Christine – Okay tough guy you’re all set.

Orion – Thanks.

Christine – No problem

Orion – How much do I owe you?

Christine – Nah man its on the house… you guys are friends of Jonah’s so.. yeah… its all good.

Orion – Can I at least put something in the tip jar?

Christine – Be my guest.. but keep it under 50 bucks dude…

Jarrah – *laughs*

He’s so…. perfect to me…. like.. how did I get so lucky?… Ugh this is going to suck… Being without him for a month isn’t going to be fun, but I am not a clinger so… I can do this.

Orion – So babe… I have an Idea….

Jarrah – Okay?

Orion – You’re really leaving the sorority?

Jarrah – Stop asking me that- yes I’m leaving *laughs*

Orion – Well since I’m going to be gone.. why not stay at my place?

That sounds like an amazing idea… but wait-

Jarrah – Umm.. you’re only going to be gone for a month…. what would happen when you got back?

Orion – We’d figure it out.

Jarrah – I can’t….. your place is too big and I… I don’t want to rush anything due to circumstance you know?.. one day maybe we could move in together but-

Orion – You’re probably right… BUT what if Lola came with you? you two could just stay at my place?

Jarrah – Lola’s got her…. thing going on… PLUS she’s still breaking in her new place so….

Orion – …… Okay…

Jarrah – Don’t pout.. I love that you want to help me.

Orion – I just want you comfortable.. What if I got you a small apartment-

Jarrah – ………………………Babe-

Orion – Okay okay fine… booo you’re no fun.

Jarrah – That’s not what you said before we got here

Orion – Well THAT was fun…

Christine – Oooh sluts…

Jarrah & Orion – *laughs*

Orion – I’m going to miss the hell out of you…

Jarrah – O………….Its a month.. its going to go by so fast.

Orion – I know but still…

Christine – Where are you going- I’m so sorry, I’m so nosey *laughs*

Orion – Oh its all good.. I’m going back home- L.A. for a month.. be with family.. my father is biting the bullet soon.

That’s one way to put it I guess… though considering their past I shouldn’t be too surprised at his delivery.

Christine – Ah.. well.. I’m sorry to hear about your soon to be loss…

Orion – It happens…

Jarrah – I’m really proud of you.

Orion – Well… you sorta helped put it in place…

Jarrah – Eh… I won’t do that again, but I’m glad something good came out of it.

Orion – Yeah… things happen for a reason…

Jarrah – They do. I mean just think, if I hadn’t gone with Victoria to L.A. We would have never met..

Orion – That would have sucked…

Jarrah – You probably would have met some other amazing girl.

Orion – I doubt it.

Fate is a funny thing………….if you believe in it.

Jarrah – So what’s the plan when you get out there?

Orion – I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Jarrah – What do you mean?

Orion – Phone calls, text, skype.. I’m going to annoy the crap out of you… so be prepared.

Jarrah – Aww.. you miss me and you’re not even gone yet.. cute.

Orion – … Well what exactly are you going to do? did you need help moving your stuff to your parents place?

Jarrah – No, I have help with that.. I’m doing it later….

Orion – I see….

Jarrah – I know you want me to be at your place but.. its fine, I’m going to be alright. I just don’t want to rush anything between us… okay? still love me?

Orion – Yeah I still love you… god I hate that you’re being all mature and logical… do you know girls would be like *immitating girls* “OMG Hell yeah daddy i’m movin’ in buy me some RED BOTTOM SHOES!”

Jarrah – Those girls are called golddiggers

Orion – I know.. I’m just joking..

Jarrah – I’m going to be alright I promise…

Orion – I hope I’m alright.. dealing with this family crap.. I swear if one uncle or aunt tries to hit me up for money I’m going to snap.

Jarrah – People will be people.. just count to 10 and walk away.. don’t snap on anyone…

Orion – …………Yeah

Jarrah – Promise?

Orion – Yeah… I promise..

Jarrah – Is Eli meeting you at the house after this?

Orion – No, he’s meeting me here.

Jarrah – Oh okay.

Orion – ….Babe?

Jarrah – What?

Orion – Can I just give you the keys? That way you can just check on my place or whatever… like house-sitting without actually… well sitting.

Jarrah – Fine… *smiles*

Orion – You better not meet any guys while I’m gone.

Jarrah – Oh please..

Orion – Remind me again.. its only-

Jarrah – A month.. its only a month…

Orion – Okay…

Eli – I always feel like I’m interrupting you guys

Jarrah – Oh hi Eli.

Eli – Sup Jarrah.

Jarrah – Just saying bye to your brother.

Orion – Mmmmmm I’m gonna miss kissing you.

Eli – Oh my god.. guys come on.. its a month.

Jarrah – Eli do you have a girlfriend?

Eli – I have a wife, Tanisha.

Jarrah – Oh nice.

Eli – She drives me crazy, but its all love.

Orion – I should go…

Jarrah – *sad face* Okay…

Orion – Call you when I land in L.A.

Jarrah – Okay… safe travels, I love you.

Orion – I love you too.

Eli – Awwww….

Orion – Shut up…

Eli – You have a hot girlfriend man…

Orion – I know…. she’s smart too.

Eli – Brains, beauty, and booty..

Orion – Don’t be checkin’ out my girl’s ass

Eli – Just sayin’… Tanisha’s ol’ fatass.. she ain’t got no ass.. or tits. How you gon’ be a fat girl with no ass or tits? She shaped like a spongebob…

Orion – How you gon’ talk about your wife like that.

Eli – I love her, but damn…

Orion – *laughs*

Eli – She’ll meet us at the airport when we land…. don’t worry I’m paying for your ticket too…

Orion – Oh I can pay for myself-

Eli – Let me do this okay?

Orion – Okay fine.. sorry… thanks….. bro.


Christine – I’m not a lesbian… but… what are you doing to get your ass looking like that?

Jarrah – What?

Christine – You have an amazing ass.

Jarrah – Oh- umm.. *laughs* apparently I get it from my dad… that’s what my mom says.

Christine – Are you like in the gym hitting squats or something?

Jarrah – Not really….

Christine – Hey umm.. Are you coming to the show?

Jarrah – What show?- Oooh yeah you’re performing with Byron Mills.

Christine – Yeah… so will you be there?

Jarrah – If I don’t have work yeah.

Christine – Jonah says you’re into fashion… and obviously… you look… great.

Jarrah – Well thank you.

Christine – So do you think.. maybe the day of the show.. you could like- I don’t know.. help me look good?

Jarrah – You’re already pretty Christine, but sure.. I can help you- and if I work.. we can still make it work. Plan it out in advance.

Christine – I hate to sound like a lame, but I don’t think I’ve ever looked in the mirror and said to myself that I look pretty… so it would be nice to feel that way.

Jarrah – *smiles* Every girl should have a moment like that.

Christine – So umm… does Jonah say anything else about me?

Jarrah – A few things.. he clearly thinks highly of you so… yeah. I think you confused him a lot, but these days he’s just happy you’re his friend.

Christine – I see…

Welp… there goes my boyfriend. Gone for a month, I’m sad but you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess. I’m happy some good came out of my meddling. Obviously I’ll never do that again, but yeah. I think sometimes I forget that not everyone’s family is as close as mine. Anyway… I should get going. Meeting Lola in Bridgeport, I’m going with her to her first EDA meeting. That’s Eating Disorders Anonymous. See ya later guys.

(POV Jeep)

So… like a dumbass I showed up to my drama class and it was canceled. I really need to start paying attention… With nothing to do I decided to call in a favor from Frankie… The only way to make sure everything goes back to normal was to just act like nothing changed.

Frankie (on phone) – Hey.

Jeep – Hi….

Frankie – What’s up?

Jeep – How are you?

Frankie – I’m okay.. a little tired.

Jeep – Ah..

Frankie – ………Are you okay?

Jeep – Yeah…..

Frankie – Are you trying to feel me out?

Jeep – I guess so?

Frankie – Jeep nothing has changed okay?… we’re fine.

Jeep – Okay… good.

Frankie – So what are you doing? on your way to another class or something?

Jeep – Actually my class was canceled.. but umm.. I wanted to call you for a specific reason.

Frankie – Hmm?

Jeep – I got the extension.

Frankie – Yay you’re not going to fail now.

Jeep – Only issue is Magdalena said she didn’t want to film again…

Frankie – Why not?

Jeep – She’s busy, and looking for a man…

Frankie – I see… so what are you gonna do?

Jeep – Well… I was hoping you could help me?

Frankie – With what?- The movie? Jeep I’m not an actress if-

Jeep – Its a silent film.. and the role I have in mind is super easy…..

Frankie – Hmm…

Jeep – Come on… step outside your comfort zone….

Frankie – ………..I don’t know.

Jeep – It’ll be fun….. please?… please please please-

Frankie – Okay fine.

Jeep – Yes!

Frankie – So what will I be doing?

Jeep – You’re going to be shifting into a cat and killing someone.

Frankie – Wow….. okay sure. I can do that for you… Who am I killing exactly?

Jeep – That I still have to figure out… I need to get a cat too… hmm.

Frankie – Okay cool… Well Jeepy… I need to get back to work.

Jeep – What does Asshole Scott have you writing today?

Frankie – Well he has me writing about Milk, Almond Milk, and Soymilk. The difference, and the pro’s and con’s of each.

Jeep – Wow…

Frankie – But little does he know I’m actually prepping my other article.. so he can kiss my ass to be honest- Oh here he comes now.. I’ll talk to you later.

Jeep – Bye.

Frankie – Bye.

Well things seem to be fine between us… which is a relief. You know maybe I was getting my lines crossed with her. Yes she’s gorgeous, and I’m a guy so I react to a pretty girl being close with me. I’m obviously a mess.. more than I thought I was initially. I just want to be happy I guess, but I’m looking for it in the WRONG place. Not that Frankie is wrong, she’s great but yeah.. I’m stupid. Time to get out of this empty room.. its creeping me out being in here alone.

Oh wow…. Aries looks bad… You can look at him and see that he’s clearly depressed… You know what, while Aries did me really wrong- and he was a complete jackass. I’m not going to give him a hard time anymore. I’m over it. I should go say hi.. but I don’t want to exactly interrupt their conversation either.. hmm

Rubi – Well do you want to get some yogurt then?

Aries – Whatever you want to do….

Rubi – Well lets do something you want….

Aries – I really don’t want to do anything…

Rubi – Look you seem depressed… and I just want to be helpful…

Aries – ……..

Rubi – Whatever It is… you can tell me.. maybe talking about it will make you feel better?

Aries – I’m fine…….

Rubi – If you were fine you wouldn’t look like you haven’t slept in a month.. you have a serious case of dark eye circles going on.

Aries – ……………I’m fine.

Rubi – Aries… come on.. talk to me…

Aries – What happened with you earlier? I saw that you wrote on your twitter “People are stupid no sense whatsoever- HASHTAG Rubi is not pleased.”

Rubi – Did you listen to the radio show?

Aries – No…. I was laying in bed… I skipped my classes today.

Rubi – Okay well.. Keegan and I were discussing how soon is too soon for sex when people start going out. We had some callers call in, and I was like So what’s POPPIN! WITHCHA SNATCH? and the girl- some ANONYMOUS HO… she was all like “You said sex is like art” and I was like my art can mean anything. So she was like “I think its stupid you’re comparing your vagina to art” And I was like… okay so its my hot pocket, and when I THROW IT ON THE CANVAS.. Its like art okay?.. So then she said “You ain’t no artist” and hung up.. Girl-anonymous BYE. What is it with people? like one second I’m a kunst and suddenly the kunst iz me?

Aries – What’s a Kunst?

Rubi – Its German for Art… I don’t speak German but I can try if ya like OW! Ich schleiban austa be clair, Es kumpent madre monstère, Aus-be aus-can-be flaugen, Begun be üske but-bair

Aries – Why are you speaking German all of a sudden? what does that even mean?

Rubi – I have no idea, I think some of it is made up German…………… by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta…. AKA LADY GAGA…

Aries – …….

Rubi – Roo-bee- Roo-Bee Lah-Tah!

Aries – ….. Is it okay if I just go back to the frathouse and sleep? I don’t want to do anything.

Rubi – No! I want to get you out of this funk!

Wow, Rubi actually seems human here… trying to help Aries feel better. She’s so confusing, sometimes I feel like she’s so stupid, rude, and ugly… but then other times I think she’s somewhat pretty, She’s a different person depending on the day it seems. Guess I should finally say hi, she seems to have stopped talking.

Jeep – Hey guys

Rubi – Oh hay Jonah Folland, Or JoFo… I’m gonna start calling you JoFo.

Oh god please don’t

Aries – …..Hi.

Jeep – I’m stupid… My class was canceled.

Rubi – You’re not stupid, you’re pretty smart to me JoFo

Jeep – Umm.. thanks?

Rubi – You look good today, smell nice too. How’s your movie coming along?

Do I tell her everything or no?

Jeep – …..Its a process, as you know.

Rubi – You’re going to slay the game JoFo

Why is she being so nice to me? Like did she steal my laptop or something? god…

Jeep – So Arie-

Rubi – So I know you’re single now but you shouldn’t worry. A Hot tatted up dude like yourself will find a girlfriend in no time. AND You’re super talented.

Jeep – Wow Rubi….. thanks… that’s so unlike you to compliment me.

Rubi – You’re hot shit JoFo.. and girl would be lucky to be dating you. Even me.

Jeep – Rubi you don’t even find me attractive.. and you’ve always been…. mean.

Rubi – I always thought you were cute though.. even with that big nose on ya face. I also always thought you had vision when it came to film. I was just being a bitch for no good reason.

Jeep – Oh- I had no idea you thought those things of me.

Aries – …….

Rubi – Aries knows that I’m not turnt up 24/7…. I can be nice.

Jeep – I see.

Rubi – If you wanna hook up let me know.

Jeep – What?

Rubi – Like to brainstorm on film ideas.. I’m sure the two of us would make something stellar… you’re…. kind of amazing JoFo.

Aries – ………..

Okay… what the fuck is going on here? I almost feel like she’s flirting with me, which wouldn’t be right considering Aries is right there- unless she know’s he’s not straight… but then if she knew why is she still dating him- unless its because she see’s him depressed- I don’t know.

Jeep – What’s up Aries?

Aries – You’re talking to me now?

Jeep – I’m over it.

Aries – You are?

Jeep – Yes.

Aries – Okay.

Jeep – What’s going on?

Aries – Nothing…. just.. drifting…

Jeep – Christine says you haven’t been around to see Raven and her new bike

Aries – Is that ALL Christine has said?

Jeep – What’s that suppose to mean?

Aries – ………….Nothing- forget I said anything- umm.. truth is I haven’t really been socializing..

Rubi – You’ve been walking around like a damn Zombie! when its Party Central over here HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Aries – …………

Rubi – I thought that would make you laugh….

Aries – I’ve just beeen… I don’t know…. I don’t have any energy.. nor do I care to…

Jeep – Oh…. how come?

Aries – I just kinda like my alone time these days…

Jeep – ……Can I ask you a favor?

Aries – Okay.

Jeep – Can I borrow a black cat from the Animal Shelter- or petshop you work at?

Aries – Umm…

Jeep – Its for my video.. 

Rubi – Shouldn’t you be done by now?

Jeep – *coughs* Final touches

Aries – Okay… yeah sure.

Jeep – ….And you…

Aries – What?

Jeep – I want to borrow you. I want you for a small role…

Aries – I don’t….

Jeep – Come on Aries… we’re friends again.. lets just have some fun together…

Plus I don’t want you sitting in your room depressed.

Aries – …….Who else would be there?

Jeep – Frankie..

Rubi – Aww shit Franny Francesca aka my Roommate yass.. What’s Poppin!

Aries – ……I don’t know.

Jeep – Come on… we can hangout a bit before.. Or if you haven’t caught Captain America The Winter Solider, we can go see it in the morning. I don’t mind seeing it again.

Aries – I haven’t seen it yet…

Rubi – I tried to cheer him up and take him but he just wanted to lay in bed… I fail as a girlfriend…

Aries – No you don’t.. you’re very sweet Rubi, and I appreciate you trying.

Rubi – *smiles*

Jeep – So what do you say Aries?

Rubi – If you don’t go I will… *winks at Jeep*

Aries – Okay…

Jeep – Yeah?

Aries – Okay to both… we can see the movie, and then we’ll go get the black cat and do your movie…

Jeep – *smiles* 

Rubi – Is that Darell riding a bike?

Jeep – What?

Rubi – Nothing- anyway… SO…. are you working out or something?

Jeep – Umm… sorta, but not because I want to be ripped or anything.

Rubi – I can tell….

Jeep – …..I- umm.. good.

Rubi – ………I probably shouldn’t be spreading gossip….. BUT… You know how I work with Aus-TEN as my partner for the film project?

Jeep – Yeah

Aries – He’s a douchebag….

Rubi – That he is girl-

Aries – Don’t call me that!- why are you calling me that?!

Rubi – Sorry!- sorry I didn’t mean it like that.. I’m just so used to being extra… I’m sorry.

Aries – ……………No I’m sorry… shouldn’t have snapped…

Jeep – ………. So what about Austin?

Rubi – Well he’s so cocky and think’s he’s the next big thing when we all know its me and what not. So like he’s been hella mad and pissed off. Calling Spirit, texting Spirit.. and she is ignoring him. He also said he wants to punch you in the face, and I told him leave Jonah’s cute face alone!

Jeep – ….Austin can kiss my ass, I’m not even into Spirit anymore. That’s done, so he can BLAME someone else for not getting what he wants.

Rubi – Drag Ha.

Aries – ……Rubi I’m going to just go sleep…

Rubi – Noooooooo…. can we atleast like.. eat first?

Aries – I don’t have an appetite.

Rubi – ….Fine…

I thought me being cool with him, might have helped cheer him up, but I was wrong. Maybe its all about Trey….

Rubi – I’m going to walk with Aries back to the frat.. see ya later JoFo.

Aries – Bye…..

Jeep – Okay… see you guys later….

*sigh* Maybe I held onto my hate for him for too long. If I had been a friend, and been there for him… maybe he wouldn’t be this depressed. He has nobody to REALLY talk to about what’s bothering him, so that doesn’t help the situation at all… I hope he cheers up soon. I can’t imagine how he’s feeling inside. Trey was the one person he really loved, and could be himself with. Then he messed it up, and now Trey is happy with Dominic. I’m really feeling like I wish Trey had a twin.. one for Aries.. one for Dominic… Blah, Its all too easy to get wrapped up in everyone’s drama… I should grab a bite to eat before my other class starts.. still can’t believe this one was canceled and I still showed up like an idiot. Later guys.

(POV Jarrah)

So apparently, Lola reached out to Victoria Grace, aka my sorta still boss, aka Kaori’s stepmom. She told her everything, and Victoria helped find this really nice- yet secluded EDA meeting. Which is great for Lola, because… you never know who you’re going to run into. Who wants to explain an eating disorder. Speaking of which.. I have a few questions that need answering.

Jarrah – Have you told your cousin Rubi yet? or your mom?

Lola – I told my mom, I haven’t told Rubi.

Jarrah – What does your mom think?

Lola – She’s just happy that I’m taking the necessary steps to get better…

Jarrah – Are you going to tell Rubi?

Lola – I don’t know…. maybe. Truth is she’s been really nice lately, not sure what’s changed. She always wants to spend the night, or come visit me.

Jarrah – Maybe she’s maturing finally…

Lola – Maybe… I know she says that she likes the break from her boyfriend.

Jarrah – Really?

Lola – She says she loves him but… you know she think’s he’s gay.

I forget she said that at the sleepover….

Jarrah – So she likes the break from him because she thinks he’s gay?

Lola – Oh no, she said he’s been super depressed and she’s constantly trying to build him back up, but its hard.. and its stressful.

Jarrah – Oh…

Lola – Do you know him?

Jarrah – Yeah…

Lola – Does he seem gay and or depressed to you?

Jarrah – You never know if anyone is gay these days unless they’re a flamboyant male, or really butch female… so I have no clue.


Lola – True…

Jarrah – As for the depressed part.. I’ve- yeah… that part is true..

Lola – Well I hope everything works out for her and the guy.

Jarrah – Yeah….

Not going to happen unless he comes out, or Trey decides to break it off with Dominic, and be with him….

Lola – Changing the subject a bit.. Victoria’s an angel… she really made me feel okay about… you know..

Jarrah – I’ve always felt like she has a hard shell, but she’s nothing but candy, teddy bears, and rainbow’s inside.

Lola – Its very awkward, and overwhelming being here… so thanks for coming with me.

Jarrah – As long as my schedule allows it, I’ll come as often as you like.

Lola – *smiles* 

Jarrah – So you think this room is going to be filled up?

Lola – I have no idea…

Jarrah – Ooh you think any celebrities will come in?

Lola – I hadn’t thought about that! what if someone amazing comes in.. I’d totally fangirl..

Jarrah – Me too depending on who they are.

Lola – You’re in a good mood for someone who had a fight with a sorority sister…

Jarrah – She’s a bitch, so I don’t feel bad about anything I said.

Lola – So slummin’ it at your parents house?…. how do you feel about that?

Jarrah – Its…. going to suck, but It’ll have to work for now. Orion wanted me to stay at-

Lola – I know, he texted me and asked me to convince you to stay there. He told me where the spare is incase I changed your mind.

Jarrah – Of course he did.

Lola – I get it though. You get comfortable there… he comes back and then what? you’re all of a sudden THAT couple that lives together-

Jarrah – Due to circumstance, and not planning it naturally.

Lola – Yeah…

Jarrah – …….I love my parents but this will take some getting used to.

Lola – You know….. you DO have another option.

Jarrah – Oh I am not apologizing, Spirit would think she-

Lola – No… not that….

Jarrah – What then?

Lola – You can move in with me.

Jarrah – Lola.. that’s sweet but-

Lola – You don’t have a legit reason not to. A- I’m not dating you. B- Its a better alternative than your parents. C- Its closer to your school’s campus.

Jarrah – ……..You make valid points…

Lola – I know…

Jarrah – I….. hmm….

Lola – I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, but you’re like… you’re my bestfriend… and I want to help you.

Jarrah – ……… It would suck living with my parents again after feeling the freedom I’ve had since leaving….

Lola – AND I’m there.. and we can have so much fun.

Jarrah – …..Okay

Lola – Okay?

Jarrah – Yes but under one condition..

Lola – What?

Jarrah – I pay for the room… every month.

Lola – I can’t let you do that, you have school, and you help your parents-

Jarrah – Just… please?

Lola – I’m not letting you pay me anything over 200 bucks Jarrah, and even then I’ll probably just use that for groceries or whatever..

Jarrah – I was thinking 400…

Lola – No.

Jarrah – 300?

Lola – Nope

Jarrah – 250?

Lola – I don’t want you paying at all, but if you must.. the lowest I’ll go is 200…

Jarrah – Fine.. 200 it is…

Lola – Yay, this is going to be awesome.

Jarrah – Thanks Lola… I love you.

Lola – I love you too Jarrah!- Oh looks like more people are coming in. Lets take our seats.

Jarrah – Okay.

Lola – In the back though…

Jarrah – *laughs*

Lola and I meeting was fate. She’s such an amazing person, and I’m so happy she’s in my life. I have a feeling we’ll be friends forever. Life long friends… I can just tell.

I always see this sort of thing in movies, or on tv. Its weird actually being involved. I wonder if Lola is going to speak..

Jarrah – Are you going to speak today?

Lola – I haven’t decided…

Rico – Hi… my name is Rico.. and I have an eating disorder..

Jarrah/Lola/Everyone Else – Hi Rico.

Rico – It all started in middle school…. I was a really fat fucking kid.. and nothing fit me. My mother raised me alone, and we were poor, but making it work. In school… I felt disgusting, and I had bigger boobs than the girls. The other kids would tease me about it, and Its never really left me. I started throwing up the first year of high school, and exercising like crazy.. I did eventually lose the weight but at what cost? I now am a father of triplets and they’re around that age where all they want is snacks. Yesterday I saw a box of brownies, and ate the whole thing before they got home from school. I was disgusted in myself!….. so I… ran to the bathroom.. and I got rid of it…

Lola – Hmm….

Jarrah – ……..

Rico – I need to get myself together, not only for myself but for my family. We have big family dinners with Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and I hide out… I don’t want the temptation of the food. Then I-

*door opens*

Lola – Someone came in late…

Jarrah – How rude…

Lars – Sorry I’m late….

Rico – Its no problem Lars.

Oh my god…..

Jarrah – Lola I know him…

Lola – Oh? is he an ex?

Jarrah – No, but he goes to my school….

Lola – He’s cute..

Jarrah – I guess… god this is awkward..

Lola – Better you than me…

Lars Shaw……. what can I say about him. Jeep hates him because he pressured him to try coke a long time ago, he was also the one supplying Keegan with drugs.. he’s kind of rude, and a douchebag- can’t believe Kaori hooked up with him. He’s just.. I don’t know, to me Lars has always been shady. The whole campus drug dealer is so lame… he comes from a wealthy family. He and Elena are very well off so I don’t know why he’d be selling drugs unless he’s just some bored rich kid trying to seem cool. At the same time I don’t really know him that well so… yeah.

Jarrah – ……

Lars – ……..

Jarrah – ………

Lars – Well hi….

Jarrah – Hi…..

Lars – What-

Jarrah – He called you by name… do you-

Lars – Yeah… I’m a regular here if that’s what you’re about to ask.

Jarrah – ….Hmm

Lars – Awkward huh? running into someone you know… here of all places?

Jarrah – Yeah…….

Lars – …..Don’t tell anyone you saw me here.

Jarrah – I won’t if you don’t….

Lars – Well duh that’s why its anonymous..

Jarrah – Well why ask me not to tell anyone?

Lars – Because girls like to gossip.

Jarrah – Don’t generalize us…not all of us- okay yeah we kinda do like to gossip…

Lars – Exactly…

Jarrah – …… you’re right this is very awkward.

Lars – Don’t eat the cookies…

Jarrah – What?

Lars – They’re hard as rocks, and cheap…

Jarrah – Oh…

Lars – Though I guess I really shouldn’t be telling you not to EAT at a eating disorder meeting..

Jarrah – I don’t have an ED…

Lars – Aww come on you’re way too cute to be in denial… the first step is coming here…

Jarrah – No I’m serious, I’m just tagging along as moral support for my friend.

Lars – Oh?- Oh.. sorry- I didn’t know…

Jarrah – Its okay…

Lars – …..So I guess my secret is out then.

Jarrah – That or you’re some self-loathing douchebag who likes to feel better about himself by watching other people cry about their problems.

Lars – Ding ding ding.

Jarrah – Are you being serious?

Lars – No.

Jarrah – Oh- then sorry.

Lars – Don’t apologize, I’m well aware of my reputation.

Jarrah – …. What’s up with your sister?

Lars – What do you mean?

Jarrah – She’s been acting so weird.. being irrational and then claiming she doesn’t remember.. she told me not to tell you but… you’re her brother so… yeah.

Lars – I won’t say anything… and hmm.. that …..is…. interesting- I’m sure she’s fine.. school stress.

Jarrah – I guess.

Lars – ……So obviously I come to these meetings for a reason.

Jarrah – ….I would hope so.

Lars – My eating disorder has been under control for the past 4 years… I still come to meetings just because its good for me, and also to maybe somehow help other people who aren’t in a good place. Took me a while to get where I am, so I know the struggle

Jarrah – That makes sense.

Lars – People act like men don’t have body image issues, or we don’t have eating disorders… whatevs…

Jarrah – Well I think its cool that you still come to the meetings.

Lars – Totes….

Jarrah – …..

Lars – Sorry I am sarcastic when feeling awkward.

Jarrah – Its okay- we should probably shush and listen to this guy Rico..

Lars – Yeah…. oh and remember.. don’t eat the cookies…

Jarrah – Right.

Weird……….. Lars has- had an eating disorder.. he’s human after all. Lola’s probably annoyed that I keep talking *laughs* I think I should shut up and pay attention. I’m actually kind of dreading leaving this meeting and going back to campus… by the end of tonight everything will seem all too real. What a day… such strange events. I really wish I could go lay with my boyfriend but he’s gone for a month.. blah…  life and its circumstances..

(POV Jeep)

Today started out okay.. then got better considering I didn’t have that one class, and I made up with Aries- Oh and Frankie’s not being weird with me. Then…. this happens. Tell me something. Have you ever walk into a room, and felt like people were just talking crap about you? or staring at you? Well that’s how I feel right now, except I don’t FEEL that way… its ACTUALLY happening…. What the heck.

Darell – Dude… what was up with that pose?

Jeep – What are you talking about Darell?

Darell – I’m like double of what you have. *laughs*

Jeep – Oh no…. fuck…

Magdalena – That is so gross… why you leakin’ nudes?

Bianca – Nice lighting *laughs*

Garrett – Dude… That is NOT okay.

Kalia – Was it cold that day or somethin’ Bro?

Dylan – …… Embarrassing…

Jules – Why must you show your self… to everyone?

Jeep – Wow thanks guys!

Magdalena – You weren’t even that hard in the pic… so maybe you’re bigger than that?

Jeep – …… Just stop.

Darell – Dude don’t be embarrassed though… shit happens.

Jeep – Easy for you to say.. rumor has it you have a elephant trunk

Darell – Oh I do, but I’m just trying to soften the blow.

Jeep – Whatever…

Darell – Why the hell would you leak nudes though?

Jeep – I didn’t! someone stole my laptop and I guess put them out there to fuck with me. Oh and before you ask they were on my computer to adjust the lighting-

Magdalena – Wasn’t trying to Photoshop a inch or two on it? *laughs*

Jeep – If you’ll all excuse me I’ll be headed to my dorm now.

Dylan – Yeah.. its getting late.. no time for dicking around. *laughs*

Darell – Time flies when you’re having a ball *laughs*

Jeep – Very funny guys…

FUCK ME! why did this have to happen…..

Kalia – Homie if I had a dick it would be bigger than yours!

Jeep – Go to hell Kalia!

I need to get out of here…

Jeep – Oh hey-

Dominic – Oh my god… I just saw it….

Jeep – Yeah apparently everyone has…

Dominic – It was sent to my phone.. “GCU Loser Exposed”

Jeep – ……..

Dominic – …..Also… you’re on tumblr….

Jeep – What?

Dominic – Its embarrassing to admit this, but I follow a blog called College Hotties.. and someone posted your pic on there. Silver lining someone thinks you’re a college hottie?

Jeep – ……………………………

Dominic – I’m sorry….

Jeep – For?

Dominic – Whoever did this to you is a asshole. It must suck to have your- your STUFF out there online..

Jeep – I’m sure everyone on campus has seen it…

Dominic – Look coming from a gay guy who has seen penises a lot… you don’t have a bad looking one.. so you shouldn’t feel too bad about it

Jeep – Well.. thanks I guess, but…

Dominic – You look like you want to cry…. are you going to be okay?

Jeep – ……..

Dominic – Dumb question…

Jeep – *phone alert* Probably my friends texting me…. I don’t want to talk to anyone…

Dominic – Do you know who could have done this?

Jeep – *see’s Austin waiting by his door* I have a pretty good Idea…

Dominic – You should get them expelled or something.

Jeep – Its no use….

Dominic – I’m sorry buddy…. I know we don’t know each other super well, but I feel for you… life sucks sometimes, but this will probably end up something that makes you stronger.

Jeep – …………..Can I just skip ahead to that part?

Dominic – I have to run, I’m supposed to be tutoring Dylan Sanders tonight. If you need anything just let me know.

Jeep – Thanks……

Dominic – Alright.. and lock your phone.. make it password protected or something..

It was my laptop but… that’s not a bad idea. *sigh* Nice of Dominic to try and offer up some words of encouragement- but at the end of the day I have naked pictures floating around of my less than impressive unit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I have a small one.. its just not… big… blah… 

Jeep – I’ll see you around..

Dominic – Chin up…. you’re actually kind of sexy in a weird way.

Jeep – ……Thanks… I think.

Fuck.. look at Austin back there smiling, and waiting for me. What a asshole! I’m so sick of his shit!

Here comes the showdown I guess.

Austin – Hey there lil’ dickie.

Jeep – What the hell is wrong with you!

Austin – Hey YOU started this war!.. I just finished it!

Is he delusional or what?!

Jeep – How did I start it! you were mad that I had Spirit and you didn’t! that’s your own insecurity! not mine! I never bothered you Austin!

Austin – Oh boo fricken hoo, are you seriously about to cry?

I could cry yeah but I refuse to let you see it asshole..

Jeep – You’re evil.. you stole my laptop so you could cause me to fail the film project, AND so you could mess with me.

Austin – That’s right I did want you to fail, and then I was curious so I started looking through your files. You certainly watch a lot of porn, and oh my god.. I found your nasty little pictures. It was perfect.

Jeep – Are you that mad that Spirit was with me?

Austin – You thought you were some big shot. I needed to knock you down to size.

Jeep – I don’t bother anyone dude, I don’t understand you people!

Austin – You people?!

Jeep – Fucking bullies man.. what is the fucking point! did your dad like beat the shit of you as a kid or something? Why are you so angry?!

Austin – WATCH IT! Don’t talk about shit you know nothing about- and F.Y.I. No my father didn’t beat me!

Jeep – Then why would you try and ruin someones life?

Austin – Because its fun watching a little piece of shit like you suffer.

Jeep – I don’t even like Spirit anymore, you won.. she kissed you.. she dumped me. Wasn’t that enough?!

Austin – No.. cause she still fucking wants you!

Jeep – That’s my fault how?

Austin – Don’t ask stupid questions

Jeep – Its a legit question!

Austin – Just deal with it Jonah… your dick pics are out there… all over the internet I bet now..

Jeep – Yeah because of you I’m on tumblr…

Austin – *laughs* So fucking funny.. I just wanted to sabotage your chances of winning the film contest… but your dumbass had to have nudes on your laptop… It was perfect.

Jeep – …..I wish I could punch you.. I really want to punch you. Keegan said he’s beat your ass for me but I told him no.. maybe I should reconsider..

Austin – 1. You’d get your ass kicked and I’ll throw you through those glass doors, and 2. Tell Keegan to bring it on. I’m not scared of him.

Jeep – Karma is a bitch.. you’ll get yours

Austin – I probably won’t… Karma doesn’t really work that well in my opinion.

Kaori – ……….Oh hell naw what the fuck is he saying to Jeep…

This is fucking useless.. I should just go in my room and ignore him.. no point in trying to reason with a psycho.

Kaori – HEY!

Great… just what I need.. Kaori sticking up for me, making me feel weak.

Kaori – You did this shit didn’t you Austin?!

Austin – I did… and what Mulan?

Kaori – Fuck is wrong with you dude?!

Austin – Aww having a girl fight your battles Jonah?

Kaori – You’re a fucking asshole. Why you do this shit? why you mad?

Austin – Because your little dick friend here needed to be knocked down a few pegs.

Kaori – Its not even small! Don’t try and dog him out like that, he’s still a better fucking man than you.

Austin – Umm.. Nah

Kaori – Spirit seems to think so… which is why she’s not with you.


Austin – Whatever you say Gail Kim.

Kaori – Excuse me?

Austin – I don’t have time for this shit Rice Noodles.

Kaori – Dude I will punch you in the fucking face!

Austin – Cute…. we got a tough girl!

Kaori – I’m going to tell my boyfriend… Byron will know about this you racist fuck.

Austin – Get out of my face.

Kaori – Make me!

Austin – I don’t hit girls…. but

Kaori – What?! Oh you wanna swing on me?

Austin – BUT I know a girl who’d take you out…

Kaori – Bring it… bring that bitch!

Jeep – Kaori-

Kaori – No Jeep this isn’t right! you never bother anyone. Its not okay that he did this.

I can’t believe she’s sticking up for me. I know we’re friends but… she really has my back

Austin – Blah blah blah… Okay I’m going to go…

Kaori – Yeah you should!

Austin – You two bitches have a nice night.

Kaori – Get the fuck out of here!

Austin – *laughs*

Jeep – Ask yourself something Austin…

Austin – ….

Jeep – Was this right to do.. was it okay to hurt someone who has been nothing but nice to you.

Austin – I don’t care.

Jeep – I think you do though..

Austin – I don’t really. Have a nice night lil dick.

Kaori – You need your ass kicked…

Jeep – Just leave.. you’ve done enough..

Austin – C’est la vie, au revoir… bitches. *smiles*

Yes because telling me “That’s life, goodbye bitches” in French is REALLY what I need to hear right now. Ugh… I tried.. I tried to get to his conscious… I know deep down he feels really shitty about this… but nope.. he won’t admit it..

Austin – …….. hmm… maybe I went too far… but what’s done is done I guess.. I can’t take it back…

Kaori – The fuck is wrong with him

Jeep – I… I didn’t do anything wrong to him Kaori…

Kaori – I’m so sorry…

Jeep – …..

Kaori – I texted you..

Jeep – I didn’t even want to look at my messages…

Kaori – Sometimes people are just evil.. and they do evil shit. You just so happened to cross paths with one.. a fucking sociopath.

Jeep – ……

Kaori – I don’t want you to cry Jeep….

Jeep – Why did you come here?

Kaori – I was in the main office when the pics went live. I rushed right over here.. I want to get you out of here…

Jeep – Whats the point… I’m gonna have to deal with it sooner or later.

Kaori – That doesn’t have to be tonight.

Jeep – ………

Kaori – Listen… I need to get out of town for now… I need a break.

Jeep – I don’t feel like going to Bridgeport tonight.

Kaori – Well.. I’m not going to Bridgeport. I have a driver who is going to take me wherever I want tonight…

Jeep – Okay….

Kaori – With everything happening with my dad… and Byron possibly leaving… I need a breather. So I’m going to pick Zoey up from Keegan’s moms home.. and take her on a ride through Pylea.. and then get some pizza and ice cream.. and then bring her home…. later though… so you’re coming with us.

Jeep – They trust you with her?

Kaori – Kaitlyn, and Joy not only trust me, but they love me…

Jeep – Oh okay..

Kaori – So you’re coming right?

Jeep – I don’t know…

Kaori – I won’t take no for an answer…

Jeep – Okay.. let me grab a jacket…

Kaori – I’ll wait for you.

Well I have officially become that guy. The guy who has naked pictures spread across my school’s campus. The guy who is naked on tumblr, and other social media websites. The guy who gets bullied and picked on because of someone else’s insecurities. This is probably the worst night of my life… I’m almost happy Frankie and I didn’t become more than friends, she would be so embarrassed of me right now. I’m such a fucking loser, now everyone has seen me naked. Maybe I should just have Kaori leave me in Pylea… I hate myself, and I hate my life.

(POV Jarrah)

Yes… I know… and he’s not picking up the phone, or returning my text. Poor guy…. Why does bad things happen to Jeep? He’s so sweet, and he doesn’t really bother anyone… Anyway… Here I am… last night in this Sorority. I called a meeting to let them know I was leaving.. so here goes nothing.

Candice – Yes Mason… no I really don’t. Are you fucking serious? No get your ass here we are helping her move her things… okay bye. *hangs up*

Oh and yeah… Candice and Mason are helping me. Which is VERY sweet of them to do…

Jarrah – Hi girls… So.. I’m here to tell you guys something.. something that.. well its going to suck. I’ve grown so close with you- most of you. I really did feel like most of you were my sisters. So it does suck to stand here and say goodbye

Maliha – What?! Goodbye?

Tyena – What do you mean?

Portia – You’re leaving the Sorority?

Amina – Oh hell nah

Elena – Oh my god.. nooo.

Jojo – What the heck happened? why are you leaving

Paisley – ……….*rolls eyes*

Jarrah – I… like most of you have grown tired of a certain someone’s increasing tyranny. This morning was the last straw when I was verbably attacked, and accused of turning you all against her-

Maliha – Just say Spirit… we all know that’s who you’re talking about…

Paisley – Spirit’s been fine with me so.. yeah.

Elena – This can’t be happening…

Portia – Where are you going to go Jarrah?

Jarrah – My friend’s house.. I’m moving in there.

Jojo – This is such crap.. Spirit is going to end up running us all out…

Tyena – This isn’t something you and her could workout?

Jarrah – No… and this is really hard saying bye to you guys… I really thought about it all day and maybe up until an hour ago I was convincing myself that this was the right choice. It wasn’t until I walked through those doors just now did I know…. this is what I want to do- not that I really had a choice.. Spirit pretty much told me to get over it, or get out. So you know.. I’m not anybody’s child.. I’m not going to be spoken to like that…

Amina – I feel you..

Jarrah – I love you guys.. and you’re all very special to me. I’ve learned so much from each of you. Elena.. I’ve learned to be passionate, about things and people around me.. Maliha, you have upped my fashion game so much with how fierce you are. Jojo I’ve learned that nice doesn’t mean you’re weak. Amina.. I’ve learned that its okay to speak up and stand your ground. Tyena… You’re Wonder Woman.. you remind me that I can multitask, and make it all work. You have amazing work ethic. Portia… you’re such a gentle soft spoken positive optimistic person. Whenever I feel bad I draw from that. I will miss you girls soo much.

All The Girls – Awwww we’ll miss you too.

Portia – Wait you forgot Paisley! what did you learn from her

Jarrah – Oh you’re right.. I’ve learned from her.. that karma is bullshit.. and that even if you’re a scum of the earth, red-headed lying bitch… things can still go your way…

Paisley – I see….

Maliha – ………………….

Jojo & Amina – Ooooh

Portia – Well….

Tyena – Dragged…..

Elena – …..

Paisley – That’s fine.. glad you’re leaving.. you were boring anyway. I could give a fuck about your opinion.

Jarrah – ………………..K. Anyway I Love you girl’s minus.. Paisley. Until next time.. well I’m being dramatic. I’ll see you guys on campus and in class.. and around the city.

Spirit – What’s going on?

Maliha – She’s really leaving.. I hope you’re fucking happy.

Amina – Yeah.. you’ve really crossed the line this time.

Tyena – Wouldn’t be surprised if you helped leak her cousin’s pictures…

Jojo – We were supposed to be sisters…. not dictators…

Portia – I’m really disappointed in you as our leader….

Elena – You broke our home.

Paisley – So.. like I’m going to order a Pizza… any special request?

Spirit – Oh please she’s not really leaving!

Jarrah – I am.. and I have boxes upstairs.. you have a good life Spirit.

Spirit – Fine.. leave.. whatever… I don’t care. Maybe once you’re gone we can all bond again.

Candice – Come on girl, lets pack your shit and get up out this mothafucka..

Jarrah – …Yeah..

That wasn’t as easy as I thought…

God.. did you see Spirit’s smug ass attitude? So glad people are seeing her for what she really is. The thing is people have said “Oh she’s this and she’s that” I tried to see it for my self. She was pretty okay… nice even. Then the rumored bossiness, and tyranny came out. She is one of those girls who when they don’t get their way they become unbearable.. insufferable. Its really ridiculous. Oh and Paisley, yeah maybe I didn’t have to say what I said but whatever.. I wanted to girls to see her too… she’s just shady.

Candice – You okay girl?

Jarrah – I’m fine…

Candice – I was about to deck Paisley…

Jarrah – Glad you didn’t… she’s the type to get beat up and still not learn her lesson.

Candice – That bitch Spirit can’t be serious though. Like Jojo said… she’ll end up running everyone out this bitch.

Jarrah – Yeah…

Candice – Mason should be here in a minute by the way.

Jarrah – Okay……

Candice – So girl… you think Spirit had something to do with your cousin’s nudes leaking? I looked at the pics… he kinda cute.. in a weird way…

Jarrah – …..I’ve always been so close to him, and I’ve seen him bullied in high school. Pushed against lockers, and called all sorts of names. I’ve always stood up for him- then he met Keegan and Keegan became his protector. I bet Keegan is pissed, and to answer your question… I really wouldn’t be shocked if she had something to do with it. She’s a bitter bitch, and I’m glad I won’t be living with her anymore.

Candice – Oh… we got company

Elena – Knock knock…

Jarrah – Hi Elena…

Elena – Can I talk to you?

Jarrah – Sure..

Candice – Should I leave?

Elena – Oh no, you’re fine right where you are.

Jarrah – So how can I help you Elena?

Elena – I just wanted to say…. that I’m sorry for anything I’ve done, or any weirdness…. I know you said I was saying weird things-

Jarrah – You accused me of wanting Collin.

Elena – Which is dumb, I should have never…

Jarrah – *smiles* Its water under the bridge… 

Elena – Good, because I would just DIE if you hated me..

Jarrah – Well good thing I don’t hate you. I still like you very much Elena..

Elena – *smiles*

Jarrah – …… So… are you and Collin okay?

Elena – We’re going to grab a burger and fries in a minute… Lord knows I don’t want to stick around and have pizza with Paisley…

Jarrah – Watch your back around her okay?

Elena – Will do…. So are you going to be okay?

Jarrah – I’ll be fine… I’m actually really excited about what tomorrow will bring me.

Elena – Optimism.

Jarrah – Yeah…

Elena – Well okay, I’ll let you get back to packing..

Jarrah – Elena?

Elena – Yes?

Jarrah – …. Take care of yourself… *smiles*

Elena – I will………

Mason – Hey Hey!

Candice – Hey babe.

Mason – It was a bitch getting upstairs. Two of the girls are crying..

Jarrah – Which one?

Mason – The black one..

Jarrah – Purple hair?

Mason – Nah the one with the poofs on her head.. that stiff one.

Candice – Portia…

Mason – Yeah she and Joanna were crying…

Jarrah – Aww…

Mason – Hey umm… so I just want to say something real quick about your cousin’s situation..

Jarrah – Oh god…

Mason – Its obvious that Austin did it…

Jarrah – Right…

Mason – And I’m obviously friends with him…

Candice – You didn’t have anything to do with it did you?

Mason – Hell naw.. I was a fucking asshole in high school, those days are behind me for the most part. I may be a dick but I don’t do bullying anymore….

Jarrah – Well too bad some people haven’t adopted that way of life.

Mason – Austin’s not a bad dude.. he’s just… he’s mad.. and he’s doing stupid shit you know?

Jarrah – Yeah and my cousin is suffering because of it.

Mason – This will blow over.. its College.. something else is bound to happen… your cousin will be okay.

Jarrah – Thanks Mason….

Candice – That was sweet….

Mason – Just being honest…

Candice – Its a fucked up situation though… who wants their nudes all over campus.. like.. that is NOT a good look… not at all.

Jarrah – …….I feel bad.. once we get to Lola’s I’m going to call him again. Hopefully he picks up.

Mason – So can I start putting boxes in the trunk?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Candice – Lola gave you a key or will she be waiting?

Jarrah – She’ll be waiting.

Mason – Can I do two at a time?… hmm

Candice – Boy do one at a time before you drop something. Jarrah is this lamp Glass?

Jarrah – Yeah

Candice – Well then I’m gonna be walking down the stairs extra slow with this mothafucka.

Jarrah – *laughs*

Mason – How’s it feel?

Jarrah – What?

Mason – This is it.. last time you’ll be in this room.

Candice – Yeah… I mean.. you’re actually leaving. Fresh start at Lola’s…

Jarrah – It feels… good actually.. scary… but good.

A chapter closes….. I’m officially out of here. I had been contemplating it for a while now anyway, but I still can’t believe I’m actually doing it. I’m going from living with like nine girls to one. That in itself will be an easy adjustment because so many personalities, attitudes, menstrual cycles.. vs one. Doesn’t mean I won’t miss most of the girls. I do wonder whats going to happen once I’m gone. Though Maliha, Amina, and Tyena all have strong personalities and will stand up to Spirit. Whatever the case its not my problem anymore. I have my own stuff to deal with, and I won’t complain about it.

Jeep has naked pictures, and a bully. Trey’s dealing with Aries guilt, Kaori.. has Byron, and her dad and who know’s what else. Frankie has her job, and mother. Keegan has this situation with Scott. Who know’s what will come out of these issues, how they will further complicate or get settled. Then there’s always the possibility of us thinking stuff is bad… and then it gets worse… God please don’t let things get worse. I’m not sure if any of us can handle that… I just have this feeling in my stomach that something really bad is going to happen soon….


~End Of Chapter Five Pt | Chapter Five Pt is Next~



  1. :\ I sure hope nothing else bad happens Jarrah. I can’t see how things could possibly get worse!! My poor Jeepster. That would be one of my worst nightmares especially since I’m kind of like Jeep; I stay out of trouble and have a good girl reputation :D. It was really sweet of Kaori to rush to his aid like that and to stand up to that douche bag Austin :). Ugh that guy makes me sick!!! Like it’s not enough that you ruined Jeep’s relationship but you had to go and ruin his life too??? Jerk. On another note it was nice of Jeep to include Aries in his project. Aries is so depressed and looks beat up! Sure he brought it on himself but nobody deserves to be that depressed.

    As for Jarrah’s situation, I really admire her. She has the guts I wish I could have to stand up to people like Spirit and really stand her ground! Goooooo Jarrah!! lol. It’s also cool that she decided to live with Lola instead of moving in with her boyfriend like I expected her to do! It’s great that she helped Lola out and now Lola gets to help her :). See that Austin and Paisley?? Karma does exist so you better watch your backs! LOL!!!!

    One more thing, I didn’t know you were a Potter fan. You just keep getting cooler and cooler :p

    1. Poor Jeep has experienced something that’s HORRIBLE NUDE PICTURES? god… that would be horrible. Kaori is the type where you never can tell just how much you mean to her because she doesn’t show it. She cares a lot about her friends though its obvious whenever something bad happens to them.

      Austin is just… as bad as they come, but like with most bad people SOMETIMES a glimmer of heart shows. As he walked away from Jeep and Kaori he did acknowledge that he went too far.. but of course his ego snapped back into place and he went on his way.

      Now Aries… Well…. Yes its good that Jeep wants to move forward, but its Trey who really is his problems… I won’t say anymore about that subject though… things are going to play out. SO much stuff is about to happen with certain characters… get ready. Cause honey… starting with Chapter 6… get your tissues ready…

      Jarrah’s always been strong, but season 1 Jarrah probably would have put up with Spirit’s shit, just to remain in the sorority with her sisters. Season 2 Jarrah has a lot of confidence, and she was really over it.

      Moving in with her bf would have been relationship suicide, going back home would have been okay at first but then… a mess. Lola’s was the best option to be honest. They’re friendship really means a lot to Lola. For Lola she feels like there is no way to express how much it means.

      LOL.. Karma… Austin, Paisley…. Stay tuned because Paisley is in the next update (Which I’m 2 scenes away from finishing) It should be posted later today, and if not then tomorrow for sure.

      Thanks for reading/commenting. It always makes my day.

      Oh! and Yeah.. Harry Potter is everything. To be honest I’m just a big nerd girl lol… I’m watching Game Of Thrones right now, and I have a comic book open ready to be read. With all of my hobbies I don’t know how I get anything done 😛

      Check back for the update ♥

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