{BnG Season 2} Chapter Four Part 3 : “Happy Go Sucky”

_______________{Conclusion Of Chapter Four}_______________

Chapter Four | Pt. 3 “Happy Go Sucky”

-POV’s : Keegan & Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Keegan)

Today has been a pretty easy going day. No classes! I took my lil sister Zoey to get some breakfast this morning, and once I dropped her back home.. I’ve been free to do whatever. So I worked out a little bit, and now I’m just chillaxing here at the fratpad. I live for days like this. Kaori came by- though I’m not sure why… but.. Its always nice to see her.

Fockky – Slay ha! Slay Ha Javi!

Javier – I’m trying!

Harrison – I’m the ping pong champ in this bitch!

Garrett – You did it babe! you got top score!

Bianca – Holy shit! I did it!

JoJo – *On phone talking to her dad* Honestly I’ve just been eating really healthy and going to the gym with Harrison.. the weight is just melting off. Also he has me lifting some weights- Nooo I’m not going to get buff dad!

Kaori – Wow… Jojo looks great.. she has her thick legs still but she looks good.

Keegan – I know right? her and Harrison are always working out together.

Kaori – I’m so glad Bianca finally found a man.. now if only Magdalena could find one. She’s been talking about she’s going to date a girl if she can’t find a man. I’m like girl you’re either gay or not.. you can’t just choose…

Keegan – *laughing*

Never really thought I’d see Kaori being friends with the likes of Bianca and Magdalena- but why the hell not. Its like she’s almost made them better.. not that anything was wrong with them before, but she for sure made them more… colorful.

Kaori – Who were you talking to when I got here?

Keegan – Trey… he umm- he got the job. You know Tommy Goddard?

Kaori – Yeah he’s one of my dad’s old friends- your dad too right?

Keegan – Yeah. Well he was the client, so Trey’s happy- Oh! and everything with Dominic is fine. They’re moving forward.

Kaori – Good.. bout time… wait- did he say anything about that guy?

Keegan – Owen? the homewrecker?

Kaori – Yeah

Keegan – He said Owen was- and I quote “gay as hell” and that he’s really nice. That he thinks its way more to the story, and he doesn’t want to think bad about him just yet.

Kaori – How do you feel about that?

Conflicted.. but… yeah.

Keegan – I don’t know…. I feel like I know what I saw.. I’m just going to do more detective work.

Kaori – Detective KeeKee.

Keegan – I would love to throw Scott in jail, but then again his slut ass might like that…  can’t believe he’s doing this to my dad- Holy shit… I’m sorry.

Shit, I’m sure my bitching is the last thing she wants to hear.

Kaori – What are you sorry for?

Keegan – You’re obviously going through it right now.

Kaori – Doesn’t mean your shit is insignificant.

Keegan – Still….

Kaori – Well…… yeah..

Keegan – I’m here for you Kay’

Kaori – …Thanks….. I- you know….. I feel like everything is just gone to shit..

Its so rare to hear her say that.. 

Keegan – How so?

Kaori – Well….. Byron is leaving GCU.

Keegan – Where is he transferring to?

Kaori – Nowhere.. he doesn’t want to go to college- which is his prerogative. I just like the idea of he and I seeing each other often.. at school.. not at school.

Keegan – We’ll you’ll see him off campus then.

Kaori – Well….. maybe not.

Keegan – What?

Kaori – He may leave for Europe.

Holy shit

Keegan – What does that even mean?

Kaori – It means that I decided to get a boyfriend, and it didn’t work out.

Keegan – ……I’m sorry.

Kaori – For what? you’re not the one leaving me.

Keegan – Heh, I know.. I just.. it-umm.. it sucks.

Kaori – Yeah, and then of course what Paisley did-

Keegan – Yeah I can’t believe she did that to your dad-

Kaori – To my family!.. its hitting all of us…

Keegan – You know you have my support, and my mom is a judge maybe she can do something-

Kaori – Well I’m trying to see if I can do something… which is why I’m here.

Keegan – Wait what?

Kaori – I wanted to talk to Hammer.

Keegan – Oh and here I thought you came to see me.

Kaori – Sorry…

Keegan – You used to up and surprise me all the time.

Kaori – Yeah back when I was obsessed with you…

Keegan – Are you not attracted to me anymore?

Kaori – Shut up.. you’re hot- but I know we’re just friends now. I’ve moved on- whatever the case.. yeah.. is he here?

Keegan – I thought you guys didn’t really talk-

Kaori – We ran into each other in Bridgeport.. we’re… okay.

Keegan – Oh good.

Kaori – Yeah- maybe he can talk some sense into his girlfriend.. or he know’s something that could help me bury the bitch. 

Keegan – Well no luck there…. Hammer went to grab a burger at the diner…

Kaori – I’ll just go there..

Keegan – I talked to Frankie a few minutes ago.. she’s there…

Kaori – ……………………..Oh…………………..how did she sound? I heard about her mom finding a squatting place here.

Keegan – You could always ask her yourself….

Kaori – ………………

Keegan – I told her about your dad…

Kaori – ….What did she say?

Keegan – *smirk* You could always ask her yourself babe…..

Kaori – I don’t know.. I just….

I’m so sick of it to be honest. They could use each other right now, and yet they won’t talk. I mean I know Frankie has tried and she doesn’t feel like she owe Kaori an apology. I sorta agree that Kaori should be the one saying sorry but she’s so fucking stubborn…

[Door Opens]

Hammer – Home sweet home!

Oh shit Paisley is with him…

Hammer – Kaori…. what-

Kaori – I wanted to talk to you.. but nevermind.. that BITCH is with you!

Hammer – *sigh*

Paisley – Kaori I had hoped you would be mature about this…

Kaori – You fucking lied!

Paisley – Your dad crossed a line!

Hammer – Guys stop this!

Keegan – ……Paisley if you’re lying just … just stop…. before this gets too messy.

Paisley – Of course you’d come to her rescue.. you don’t even know what it feels like to be touched inappropriately..

Hammer – *looks at Keegan*

Keegan – …. Mr. McDonald would never do that!

Hammer – We weren’t there! the only people in that room was Paisley and Mr. McDonald! You don’t know dude.. people sexually harrass or molest- or whatever behind closed doors..

Of course because he was sexually assaulted he’s going to take Paisley’s side… fuck..

Kaori – Are you fucking serious Chad?!

Hammer – I’m just saying.. maybe you don’t know your dad as well-

Kaori – You don’t know that bitch well enough! its been a game every sense I met her! I told her about how my mom and dad met- she used the story to make this scheme happen! A get rich quick scheme! she’s a liar!

Paisley – Your father is a monster you stupid bitch!

Kaori – BITCH! *tries to attack Paisley*

Keegan – NO! *grabs Kaori*

Paisley – *middle finger* Grow up!

Hammer – Get her out of here Keegan! she’s acting crazy! take your girl-

Keegan – Why are you acting like that?!

Hammer – Get your GIRLFRIEND out of here!

Keegan – What are you talking about?!

Hammer – Yeah… you know what I’m talking about.

Keegan – The fuck?

What the fuck is his problem? I thought we were cool… fucking douche.

~*Reminder To Reader : Hammer knows Keegan loves Kaori, and that Aries is gay from Eavesdropping in Chapter Three Pt 3*~

Kaori – Keegan let me go! I want to fuck her up!

Keegan – NO!

I gotta get her out of here before she hurts Paisley

Finally got her out of there…

Kaori – What the fuck Keegan!

Keegan – I can’t let you attack her-

Kaori – WHY NOT! she fucking deserves it! she’s a big talker but she can’t fight! she needs her ass beat for what she did! why aren’t you letting me drag her?!

Keegan – Because you just can’t!

Kaori – I thought you were my friend! what the fuck are you doing? why are you protecting that bitch!? I was going to kill her!

Keegan – That’s exactly why! I’m not going to allow you to hurt that girl

Kaori – Fuck you!

Keegan – Kay’-

Kaori – Don’t “Kay” me!

Keegan – Hey! watch it! I’m trying to help you!

Kaori – You never cared about me! you just wanted to stop the fight so you can look good in Chad’s eyes!

Keegan – I don’t give a fuck about what Hammer thinks! I stopped you because if you hit her-

Kaori – I would break her fucking face!

Keegan – I know you would! stop fucking yelling!

I hate when she fucking gets like this. Its no calming her down! she’s so tiny, but loud and angry! fuck!

Kaori – You’re such a asshole for that! you shouldn’t have pulled me out of there! its none of your fucking business if I hurt her or not! SHE’S A FUCKING BITCH!

Keegan – Kaori! …..shut the fuck up!

Kaori – What?!…………..Excuse me?!

Keegan – SHUT UP!- And listen to what I’m trying to say! I care about you! and I stopped the fight because if you would have touched her it would have fucked things up with your dad even more. You hitting her would seriously make him look bad!

Kaori – …………………………

Keegan – …………..Don’t ever say I don’t care about you again.. you got that?

Kaori – …………….Yeah.

Keegan – You gotta know when not to snap. You don’t think I wanted to punch Scott in the face over the past 3-4 years? I have.. trust me. You just gotta know when to hold back.

Kaori – ……I know. Its fucking hard though.

Keegan – Well its done… at least for today it is. Now go walk it off….

Kaori – ………………………………….*nods yes*

Keegan – Call me if you need-

Kaori – I’m fine…. and…. yeah… I probably shouldn’t try and provoke her.. so… thanks…

Keegan – No problem…

Kaori – I’m sorry for saying you don’t care about me. I know you do…

Keegan – ….Good.

Kaori – …Umm………………bye.

God she can be a handful… thank god I got her to see the light. Attacking Paisley would be exactly what Paisley would want. It would hurt her dad’s case, and… its just not smart. Paisley’s a bitch, and a liar… but she’s smart.. she know’s how to fuck with Kaori.. Thank god I was there..

[cell rings]

Keegan – Hello?

Rhys *on phone* – Hi, Keegan?

Keegan – Yes?

Rhys – I’m calling to remind you we have a study session? you still want me to tutor you right?

Keegan – Yeah, of course…

Rhys – Okay, well I’m at the lab. Meet me there in like an hour? I have some samples that are in need of data collecting, and since the techniques for the compression of process data is developed based on time- I should probably get to it.  Its time sensitive, and Its something I have to get done as soon as possible.

Keegan – Uh- yeah.

Rhys – Also this girl is coming in to talk to Penny and I.. so yeah. After that just.. get your ass here.. 

Keegan – I will…

Rhys – Okay…

Keegan – How are you? minus all the science shit… you good?

Rhys – Umm.. I’m alright- Assuming your sudden curiosity about my well-being is derived from my encounter with one Candice Hernández. I’m simply put?…. moving on. Today is a new day Keegan Bennett.

Keegan – *laughs* Good.

Rhys – Well these samples won’t collect themselves.. so.. gotta go.

Keegan – I’ll see you soon.

Rhys – Bye.

Keegan – Bye *smiles*

Well I got an hour to kill. After that shit with Kaori maybe I should get a beer- Joking.. though honestly I do think I could handle a beer just fine, but I’m really just trying to stay away from alcohol and drugs period. I’m proud of myself.. I’ve done good. Anyway I guess I could always go watch netflix. I think I still have half a movie to finish. Later guys.

(POV Frankie)

So I’m sitting here reading Ivo’s book “Thr33way” And I’m blown away. I mean his attention to the detail of certain characteristics is mind blowing. I can see what he’s picked and pulled from real life. From himself, Micah, and my sister Andi- but I also see what’s new.. and pure fiction. Listen to this part.. it explains when he first met Andi- well Ava. In the book Andi is Ava, he’s Ian, and Micah’s Michael slash Mikey. Anyway listen to this..

“I sat there contemplating the reality of the moment. That I, Ian- a teenage boy was at a princess party. My bratty little sister Kristen got everything she wanted, and I hated how spoiled she was. Finally I had had enough. I got ready to go into my room for some alone time- when SHE walked in the door. There she was.. Ava Monet. Her name was as beautiful as her face was.”

“The wind from the door blew her hair in her face, and she let out a playful giggle. I knew her from school, but didn’t know her like I really wanted to. I should have known she’d be at the party because her little sister Farrah, and my sister Kristen were friends. Maybe it was fate. She was obviously dragged to the party so.. maybe I could make my move. I would certainly be more entertaining than a princess party right?”

“I got up, adjusted my crotch because she made things tight down there. I got ready to say hi when all of a sudden Micheal walked through the door… holding her hand. I was confused… Ava Monet was with Mikey? No way.. he never had that kind of pull… I didn’t get it. He was my bestfriend sure but.. Ava Monet.. she was out of his league.”

I’m Farrah by the way, and Kaori is Kristen… I’m pretty sure Jarrah’s also mentioned as Julie or Juliette or something. Anyway… The books gets really good. Time jumps too.. Its some facts.. and a lot of fiction, and from what I can tell, Ivo didn’t try dragging anyone down. He was inspired by his real life to write this wonderful fiction. I can’t stop reading… Though I probably should put this damn tablet down and rest my wrist.. I forgot to bring my pills with me too.. dammit. I’m almost out too..

Jessica Nash – Ms Mancini?

Frankie – Umm.. yes?- Oh hi Ms Nash.

Jessica Nash – You mind if I sit?

Frankie – No please do.

Maliha – Oh my ex roomie is here.

Spirit – Who? oh Frankie?

Maliha – Yeah… I should say hi, but she seems busy with that professor.

Spirit – Teachers pet….


I remember hating this woman, and now I respect her…. and for that reason I feel like its possible for things, and or people to change. Its never too late I guess. Which you know.. makes me think about Mira. I’m sure if Andi heard me say that she’d want to slap me but oh well.. She and I carry our feelings about our mother differently. At the end of the day I feel like she cares too.. she just won’t admit it- wow I totally got off subject there.

Jessica Nash – How are you?

Frankie – I’m fine- I was actually just reading Ian’s- I mean Ivo’s book…. its…

Jessica  Nash – Phenomenal… right? wait till you get to the part with the candle wax and flowers.

Frankie – Loving what I’ve read thus far..

Jessica Nash – Good, its number 1 on amazon too…  Ivo will have a wonderful career as a writer.

Frankie – If this is just the beginning then I’m almost sure of it.

Jessica Nash – He’s not only a good writer, but he’s really good looking.. which will have all the hot and bothered mom’s buying his books. Young college girls too I’d imagine.

Frankie – I’d even go as far as to say high school hipsters as well.

Jessica Nash – He’s very talented- but you know this.

I do… he’s always been an inspiration of mine….

Frankie – How come you’re here at the GCU diner?

Jessica Nash – Apparently the yogurt is to die for. So I decided to try it.

Wonder if Rubi told her… nothing gets between that girl and her yogurt.

Frankie – Oh okay.

Jessica Nash – Have- nevermind..

Frankie – What?- oh… you were going to ask about Mira..

Jessica Nash – Have you heard from her- your mother?

Frankie – I have not spoken to her…..

Jessica Nash – Oh okay.

Frankie – What about you and your daughter?

Jessica Nash – No, Nikol and I are still not communicating. I think its for the best that we don’t.

Frankie – Ah…

I feel like my issue with my mother, makes her think about her issues with her daughter. Its weird how she almost wants me to give my mother a chance, yet I don’t see her fixing things with her daughter. I could be completely wrong though too. For all I know she could think my relationship with my mom is fascinating and is just curious about everything with no ulterior motive.

Jessica Nash – *clears throat* So…. I’m glad I caught you.

Frankie – Why is that?

Jessica Nash – I was going over some of your papers… and I… I want to talk to you about something important. I can’t do it right now though, I have a class to teach in maybe- ooh 5 minutes.

Frankie – I’m really busy tonight also…

Jessica Nash – So Will you come by my office in Bridgeport? Next week?

Frankie – You’ll be done teaching by then? or are you pulling double duty?

Jessica Nash – This is my last week.. Then I’m back to Jessica Nash, Novelist editor in chief.

Frankie – Well at least you have your publishing house to fall back on.

Jessica Nash – Looking for the next wave of writers while also writing myself- but we got off course.

Frankie – Right- umm.. I guess umm yeah I’ll come to your office next week.

Jessica Nash – We could talk about it tonight but I’m swamped with work…. I still have to get my daily workout in, and then make dinner for Tom and I.

Frankie – Does he cook?

Jessica Nash – He does, but tonight is my night. We try and alternate, so we each get a break.

Frankie – I love that.

Jessica Nash – Men should cook and clean too.. we shouldn’t be the only ones darling.

Frankie – *smiles* So you’ve got classes to teach and then you’re hitting the gym before slaving over a hot stove?…. wonder woman much?

Jessica Nash – I also have some work to do for H.O.O. (pronounced WHO)

Frankie – Who?- what?

Jessica Nash – Sorry.. acronyms.. Haus of Opulence also known as my publishing company

That… is a fucking amazing name.

Frankie – What a awesome name.

Jessica Nash – Right… most people will hear the name and think how pompous, how conceited, and cocky. But the opulence in wealth that I speak of is in the mind. You can be rich… mentally.

Frankie – I agree.

Jessica Nash – Oh and also, I’m not going to the gym, I’m running along the beach. The sand is great for my legs. I usually do it while its still light out but tonight I’ll have to do it when its dark. I should be okay though. They have security on the beach.

Frankie – True.

Jessica Nash – Its so weird…

Frankie – What is?

Jessica Nash – How much you look like your sister Andi.

Frankie – Right.. I forget you know her..

If you guys don’t remember how she and my sister know each other I won’t bother rehashing the story. They don’t like each other- or at least didn’t.. I have no idea where they stand now.

Jessica Nash – Knew her… we both are very different people since then.. at least I assume.

Frankie – Yeah.

Jessica Nash – That’s all in the past- I hate talking about it…. very dark times.

I should change the subject.

Frankie – How do you stay so pretty?

Jessica Nash – Oh- wow.. umm well first of all- Thanks for the compliment. I pretty much do a 30 minute routine every morning and every night. Face cleansers, exfoliation pads.. night mask.. the works… I work out a lot- and I guess the rest is just good genes.

Frankie – Well I hope I’m as lucky.

Jessica Nash – Honey you’re ethnic.. you have nothing to worry about.  What exactly are you mixed with again?

Frankie – Umm, My mother is Italian and black. My dad is Black, and Puerto Rican?- I think… My sister and I are mixed with a lot..

Jessica Nash – Well what’s the saying? Black don’t crack?

Frankie – *laughs*

Jessica Nash – *laughs* I’m late to my own class. I should go.

Frankie – Alright.. thanks for… the talk.

Jessica Nash – No problem, so I’ll see you next week Ms Mancini?

Frankie – Yes.

Jessica Nash – Lets say anywhere between 3 & 6. Just give them your name and they’ll know what to do.

Frankie – Okay.

Ivo – Well well well.. what do we have here?

Jessica Nash – Ivo honey what are you doing here?

Frankie – ….

Oh god… awkward..

Micah said he’s not mad at me anymore.. so I wonder why he has that look on his face. Maybe he’s just tired from the book signing.

Ivo – I needed to talk to you.

Jessica Nash – How did you know I was here?

Ivo – I asked around. Some girl named Rubi said she saw you at the GCU Diner.

Frankie – …….

Jessica Nash – Is everything okay?

Ivo – Yeah, but I need to talk to you about my next book, and also my contract…. nothing bad, just something I noticed.

Jessica Nash – Okay well do you mind sitting in with my class? then we can talk.

Ivo – Sure.

Yeah Ivo… just pretend I’m not standing here.

Jessica Nash – Actually this works out great, I was going to mention you, and your book anyway- Umm.. Aren’t you two going to say hi?

Ivo – ..Hey Frankie.

Frankie – Hey….

Ivo – ….My book’s out.

Frankie – I know.. I got it off itunes already.. Its pretty cool….I like what I’ve read.

Ivo – Oh cool.. yeah we’re 2 days away from finishing the audio book version.

Frankie – Nice…

Ivo – Well you have a good day.. I don’t have a lot of time or whatever…

Frankie – No- its fine.. you’re a busy guy…

I really don’t know how to read him. Either he’s really busy like he said- or… he thought he didn’t hate me anymore, until he seen me.. and now he hates me again.

Ivo – So yes.. Jess I’ll sit in.. but can we hurry up and do this? I have to be in Pylea in a few hours for a book signing. Then I’m rushing back here to be with my dad.

Frankie – Paisley is just…

Ivo – A lying bitch.

Jessica Nash – Frankie I’ll see you soon. Ivo lets go… dammit I didn’t get to eat.

Ivo – I have a granola bar in my pocket, do you want that?

Jessica Nash – You always take care of me! thanks.

Frankie – Bye guys.

Jessica Nash – Ciao darling

Ivo – Take care little Mancini..

“Take Care little Mancini” ??? really Ivo? I see he’s back to treating me Andi’s kid sister again. I guess I deserve that though…

Kalia – That seemed cold.

Frankie – What?

Kalia – Whoever that guy was… he was a lil short with you.

Frankie – Well he sorta has a reason.

Kalia – You fuck him?

Frankie – Kalia please just shut up.

Kalia – I’m trying to be nice..

Frankie – By asking if I’ve had sex with someone.

Kalia – I guess that is a bit rude.. my bad.

Frankie – I need to get out of here, I’m 5 minutes from being late myself.

Kalia – Everything still on for tonight?

Frankie – Talk to your girlfriend.

Kalia – Ivy’s ass been in hella classes today.

Frankie – Well I told her everything last night. I don’t have time to explain it to you, so text her.

Kalia – Oh… okay.

Wow, eavesdropper much? I don’t have time to play games with Kalia though. I gotta jet, because I have plans tonight- and if I want those plans to come to fruition then I need to get everything done that needs to be done before that. Its going to be hard to concentrate on my schedule today when all I really want to do is read Ivo’s book. I’ll get to it though… anyway.. see you guys later.

(POV Keegan) {30 Minutes Later}

So I ended up watching the rest of this movie called “28 Hotel Rooms” and it was crazy. I felt so empty at the end, like what the fuck happened? It was one of those open endings. I sat on my bed trying to come up with what happened next.. then I took a nap. I finally got up and made my way to the student union- wait.. is that Frankie?.. wonder what she’s doing here.

Darell – Rubi seriously.. I shouldn’t be seen around you.

Rubi – You just need to hear me out.

Darell – I’m with Portia dude, I’m not trying to be messy anymore…

Rubi – I just need to know something.

Darell – What?

Rubi – Was it all just a game? did I matter to you?

Darell – C’mon Rubi, I-

Rubi – Was any of the stuff you said to me real?

Darell – …..

Rubi – Or was it just so I’d have sex with you because your girlfriend was dry below.

Darell – ……Rubi I don’t want to talk about this right now…


Miguel – I’m a bit tired too, but its only because I was at Ivy’s editing our film

Myra – That’s right, you’re her partner… wait doesn’t she live in Bridgeport?

Miguel – Yeah- but its fine, my parents live there too. So I went and said hi.

Myra – Aww, cute!

Miguel – The film Ivy and I did is pretty lame to be honest.. I feel like she doesn’t have any vision.. I think she’d be better off writing children’s books. That’s no disrespect to her of course. What about you and Lenny?

Myra – Our film is pretty cool.. its about you attacking yourself.. you know how you stand in the mirror and point out all the bad things about yourself? well basically we give the mirror image a sinister plan to kill you- Its cool.

Miguel – Nice!

Look at Rubi hanging out with Darell… that’s probably not a good idea, but then again.. not my business. Side note, Rubi sure is gaining weight- which nothing is wrong with that, but I wonder if she know’s she’s gaining weight. Maybe she’s happy with the way she looks, and if that’s the case then good for her. Over there we have Myra, who is just so adorable to me. She’s such a nice girl, and she seems really happy with Miguel.

Darell – What I don’t get is why are you asking me this shit right now…

Rubi – I’m just curious.. I have thoughts about things, and instead of wondering I figured I’d ask.

Darell – You’re with Aries.. why do you even care?

Rubi – When we were together I was skinny… Now I’m not.

Darell – Your body is fine, It wasn’t about you being skinny.

Rubi – I’m bigger now, and I love myself… I love my body.

Darell – ………..Okay. Well this is the thing, I have a lot of shit on my plate. I’m with Portia, and this conversation is mad inappropriate.

Rubi – ……………….You’re not happy with her…

Darell – Rubi….

Rubi – Fine


Frankie – Hey sexy.

Keegan – Hey, what are you?-

Frankie – I needed to talk to Penny, and Rhys.

Keegan – Oh about what?

Frankie – I wish I could run it all down for you, but I’m late for work!

Keegan – Okay well be safe.

Frankie – I really shouldn’t even be rushing to work, Scott is such an asshole. He has me writing about the percentage of insect parts allowed in different types of food.. ugh. I hate him.

Keegan – You already know how I feel about him…

Frankie – True.. anyway love ya! gotta go!

Keegan – See ya…. and hey?

Frankie – Yes?

Keegan – Make sure to have some fun… all this work.. take a break.

Frankie – I plan on it… you might wanna check my instagram tomorrow.

Keegan – Oh okay.. look at you…

Frankie – Bye dork!

Always on the run that girl… I hope she has some fun soon. She deserves it.

Miguel – Wonder what Rubi’s talking to Professor Preston about.

Myra – Probably kissing his ass, she think’s that will help her win the competition.

Miguel – Well with her dad, and then Austin’s whole new york internship.. I bet they think they have it in the bag.

Myra – I hate pretentious people like them.


Keegan – So what was Frankie doing?

Rhys – Is she one of your-

Keegan – No… we’re just friends. We lived together as kids… we’ve known each other a long time.

Rhys – Oh okay..

Keegan – Why do you assume every girl is one of my… conquest? I’m not like that.

Rhys – I’m sorry.. you’re right.

Penny – Probably because she finds you to be so attractive. She just assume you have that sort of pull when it comes to women.

Rhys – Pen….

Penny – Sorry.

Rhys – Frankie’s doing an article for The Mothership.

Penny – She wants to interview Rhys, and I. Give us, and some others on campus some spotlight.

Rhys – We’re the Tomorrow People apparently… which I guess if everything goes according to plan, then we will be. I plan on expanding my research to help others post grad.

Penny – Ditto.

Keegan – Oh cool… that’s pretty awesome.

Thank god she’s writing something she wants. If it were up to Scott she’d be writing about the difference between Crepes and Pancakes.

Penny – Keegan what colors do guys find sexy?

Keegan – What?

Penny – I’m going on a date with a guy named T.J. I want to look superior to all of the other women around.

Keegan – Anything works.. just no lime greens, or bright pinks…

Penny – Okay thank you kind sir.

Rhys – Oh look my sister is here.

Myra – Hey Rhys!

Rhys – Hey Myra, Hi Miguel!

They always look so happy together. I hope this works out for Myra. I don’t know the full story with her baby daddy but… yeah.

Keegan – Hey Myra

Myra – Sup Keegan.

Rhys – ….. You two are friendly….

Myra – He’s cool… right? you don’t think he’s cool Rhys?

Rhys – He’s very cool MYRA…..

Myra – I think so RHYS…

Miguel – I’m lost.

Penny – As am I.

Rhys – My sister seems to think Keegan is a good fit for me.

Myra – Just saying.

Miguel – Well why not, he’s a good looking guy-

Penny – Ditto!

Keegan – …..*smiles*

Hilarious… you can tell they really care about each other.

Rhys – *laughs* Well I’m his tutor… and we’re.. friends.

Keegan – We are?

Rhys – Unless you don’t want to be.

Keegan – Nah… we can be friends *smirks*

Myra – Rhys can I talk to you for a second?… alone?

Rhys – Is everything okay?

Myra – Yes, but I need your advice….

Penny – I’m getting a call from my possible male companion. Excuse me.

[Top Pic]

Penny – Hello T.J…. why yes I am…  [trails off]

Miguel – That leaves us.

Keegan – I guess it does.

Miguel – I think you and Rhys would make a good looking couple.

Keegan – *laughs* well.. yeah-

Miguel – Myra told me everything by the way.. the plan… and she told me about Curtis.

Keegan – You don’t mind her having-

Miguel – No… life is short, and shit happens. I’d never judge anyone for anything. Nobody is perfect.

Keegan – Very true.

Miguel – So I say.. go for it with Rhys.

Keegan – I’m trying man… but she’s tough.

Miguel – Myra’s the same way.

Keegan – Myra’s tough but she’s a bit softer than her sister. Myra’s a gentle soul.

Miguel – That’s true- Hey if you and Rhys start dating then we could double date.

Keegan – Yeah that would be cool bro.

Miguel – I was scared you’d say no.

Keegan – Why?

Miguel – We never really talked before.

Keegan – I was going through a bunch of shit to be honest..

Man I was in a fucked up place… but you know what? I’m in a better place now. As for Miguel, I’d have no problem hanging out with him. He seems like a cool dude, why not be open to new friends?


Rhys – So what’s going on?

Myra – I have a confession to make… I don’t need advice… I just need to tell you something that I did.. you may hate me for..

Rhys – What did you do?

Myra – Keegan expressed his attraction to you, and I could tell you were attracted to him too…

Rhys – ……okay.

Myra – I sorta told him to go after you

Rhys – You forced a guy to-

Myra – Oh no.. he was adamant about how it wasn’t a game to him. How he liked you, and he would go after you in a legit way.

Rhys – …..So the tutor thing is BS?

Myra – No.. he really does need help.

Rhys – I see..

Myra – Are you mad?

Rhys – No… you just want me to be happy.. like you are with Miguel I guess.

Myra – Speaking of which.. Keegan know’s that Curtis is mine, and not yours..

Rhys – I figured as much.

Myra – I told Miguel too… and shockingly he didn’t run for the hills.

Rhys – Good.

Myra – I love you Rhys.. you’re my big sister, and I want you happy.

Rhys – *smiles* I appreciate it Myra.. but Keegan and I are just friends.

Myra – Just be open to it being more.. he’s a really good guy.

Rhys – Fine…. *looks at Keegan* Hey are you ready to go?

Keegan – Yep

[Bottom Pic]

Keegan – Everything okay with Myra?

Rhys – Yeah… she just… she worries too much.

Keegan – *laughs*

Rhys – She told me everything by the way… about you, and her.. and also how you know the truth about Curtis.

Keegan – Are you mad?

Rhys – Not at all… I think moments like these you really see outside of yourself. My sister see’s me a certain way, and now I get it. She see’s me as unhappy…

Keegan – Are you?

Rhys – Not really.. I’m just.. I don’t know. Anyway.. are you ready to study buddy?

Keegan – …..Do we have to?

Rhys – Yes… but… I’ll be a team player here. I’m starving.. so lets go to the diner first…. then we can study.

Keegan – Deal.

Welp, dinner then study time… yay… though at least I’m doing all of it with a really hot chick- god she’s so much more than hot though. She’s like a Genius, and a supermodel sexy science chick… she’s just.. she does remind me a little of Mona, but at the same time she’s like nobody I’ve ever met before. I’m rambling- gotta go.. see ya later.

(POV Frankie) [Elsewhere In Bridgeport] {1 hour & 45 minutes later}

[Press Play]

So I killed two birds with one stone. Everyone was saying I needed to go out and have fun, and so here I am. I also decided to gather Tyena, Ivy, and Kalia for a night to celebrate our womanhood.. more importantly to celebrate that fact that we are proud to be LGBTQ members. I’ve never been here, Its called Club Fierce. Its a club for everyone but tonight is La-la-Lesbian Night. I don’t know if you can recognize everyone but I’m dancing with Tyena who’s sporting a new hair color- and somewhere behind me is Kalia in shades dancing with Ivy.. in her favorite accessory.. fishnet stockings *laughs*

Tyena – I didn’t know Ivy could dance!

Frankie – Yeah me neither! but looks like she and Kalia are getting it in!

Tyena – This club is so awesome!

Frankie – I know right! I’ve never been here before.

Tyena – Kalia said she’s been here a few times..

Frankie – Yeah I bet!

Tyena – I can’t believe you blew off work so we could get our hair done!

Frankie – Screw Scott… I just told him my wrist was hurting and he said whatever.. of course still gave me a deadline for the article.

Tyena – Jerk.

Frankie – I know right?- enough about that. Are you having fun?!

Tyena – Yeah this is probably the best night of my life!

Frankie – Confession time

Tyena – Yeah?

Frankie – My feet hurt! wanna sit for a little bit?

Tyena – I thought you’d never ask!

First time clubbing…. now I know to wear comfortable shoes.. screw trying to be sexy..

Frankie – Much better!

Tyena – I agree!

Frankie – You can tell we’re not the clubbing type.. our minds are screaming lets dance, and our feet are screaming no!

Tyena – *laughs* When did you get so funny?

Good question

Frankie – I don’t know.. I’ve never really been funny!

Tyena – You look so pretty in this florescent light- I’m not coming onto you or anything.. I just think you’re one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen.

Frankie – That’s really sweet of you Tyena… you look amazing yourself.

Tyena – This is so surreal.. I was so worried about being gay.. and it was for nothing.. I feel so alive! Thank you for doing this!

Frankie – I just figured it was a long time coming that I had some fun, and that it would also do you some good.

We both needed this night. Its going sooo good! I can’t believe its taken me this long to have some damn fun.

Tyena – Look at all the hot girls in here- well some of them aren’t that cute, but a lot are.

Frankie – Apparently we came on a slow night.. but it seems pretty poppin’ to me- Oh god I said “poppin” Rubi’s impact!

Rubi’s a character that’s for sure… but you gotta give her props for being herself…

Tyena – She does say that a lot… she’s always screaming-

Both – What’s poppin in this mothafucka!

Frankie – *laughs* …she’s something else- hey why isn’t Ivy dancing?

Tyena – Hmm… Hey Ivy?! why aren’t you dancing with Kalia? Feet hurt too?

Ivy – [in the black] I was checking my purse, making sure I didn’t leave my phone at home…. Oh my god…

Frankie – What?

Ivy – That girl.. that girl Kalia is dancing with! that’s that Nina woman she talks to on facebook!

Tyena – Uh oh

Ivy – I’ve had enough…

Frankie – Ivy don’t!

Tyena – …..

Ivy – Hey bitch!

Shit…. here comes trouble..

[Top Pic]

Frankie – God…. do we have to be stereotypical lesbians and fight?

Tyena – I thought you were bi?

Frankie – I am, but you know what I mean..

Tyena – Is she arguing with the girl in the tank top and red plaid skirt?

Frankie – I’m guessing that’s Nina..

Tyena – I bet Kalia likes this.. she’s such a bitch..

Frankie – I try to see the good in people but oh well… guess some are just assholes.

And lets call a spade a spade.. Kalia’s the biggest asshole ever…


Kalia – Ivy what are you doing?

Ivy – Kalia shut up!

Nina – [White Top/Red Skirt] What the fuck is your problem?

Ivy – You are SLUT!

Nina – How? I’m just dancing!

Kalia – Babe-

Ivy – Shut it Kalia! I’m sick of this!

Kalia – You trippin girl… calm down!

Nina – This is THE girlfriend I assume

Ivy – I knew you knew about me! How could you mess around with someone who you know has a girlfriend?!

Nina – Honestly, K-Money didn’t act like she was in a relationship. Plus I really don’t care, I’m not looking for anything long term.

Ivy – Wow.. wow.. so you’re okay with homewrecking?!

Nina – Sweetie.. I can’t wreck a home that was already wrecked… I’m going through some shit, I’m partying.. I’m having fun. Blame your girlfriend not me!

She does have a point there.. though I’m totally #TeamIvy

Kalia – You just gonna sell me out like that Nina?

Nina – Tonight would have been a farewell fuck K-Money. I was done with you after tonight

Kalia – That’s fucked up

Nina – No.. what’s fucked up is you cheating on your girl, and what’s fucked up is this weak bitch trying to get in my face!

Ivy – Weak? I’ll show you weak!

[Bottom Pic]

I cannot believe what I am seeing.. Ivy actually fighting someone…….IN A CLUB!

Nina – Get off of me cunt!

Ivy – I’m weak huh? I’m weak?! why aren’t you fighting me back!

Nina – Because you have enough problems bitch! isn’t your mom in the loony bin?! you’re a co-dependant lezbo with a fucked up life!

Kalia – Nina!


Oh my god…

Tyena – Kalia break it up! don’t just stand there!

Frankie – Oh my god, Ivy stop it!

Nina – Get this bitch off of me, I have a very important job right now and if my face gets messed up I will sue her!

Kalia – Babe-


Frankie – Ivy! stop it right now! think about what your father would say! be a lady!

Ivy – I’m sick of this *crying*

Frankie – Tyena watch my purse.

Tyena – Okay.

Frankie – Ivy come with me.

I can’t believe I’m breaking up a lesbian brawl… at a club on lesbian night.. is this really happening?

[Top Pic]

Ivy – *crying* I have never put my hands on someone like that before Frankie.. what is wrong with me…

Frankie – You snapped.. and you had every right to.

Ivy – Why did she do that? am I ugly or something?

Frankie – No! you’re not ugly! Kalia is a bitch.. a fucking bitch!

Vii – [Red Shirt] Yo… don’t blame yourself for their bitch-ass-ness.. I don’t know you but that chick you’re dating is no good for you.. leave her… as for if you’re ugly or not.. I mean.. 75% of people look like shit when they cry so.. I’m sure this is just one of those un-cute moments

Nikol – [Black Legging/Black Dress] Vii!

Vii – Just keepin’ it one-hunned

Wow.. who asked you?

Frankie – Thanks… Vii or whatever, but I got it from here.

Vii – Suit yourself. … Wow.. Nicky… I can’t believe I let you drag me to a lesbian night club.. I just knew some shit was gonna go down.

Nikol – Lesbians are messy.. the sky is blue.. what else is new.

Vii – Glad I’m straight… Men are like pets… they’re easy to handle for the most part. Women?… super messy, and emotional.. no thanks. Good thing you’re bi.. you can pick and choose who to date depending on your mood.

Nikol – I hate the choice of words you used… I don’t really choose anything..

Vii – You know what I mean babe, stop being so PC.

Ivy – We’re not all messy ya know.. Some of us just want to be loved, and happy.. and do fun things with *crying* Not have someone cheat on you and tell people that your mom is crazy…

Frankie – I can’t believe she told her that-

Nikol – We sorta know the homewrecker… I actually got into a brawl with her a few weeks back…

Vii – I hope you beat her ass…

Nikol – …. She used to be a really nice person believe it or not… I’m sorry you guys are having such a bad night. You seem like nice girls.

Ivy – I try to be.. and then I get shitted on…

Frankie – Thanks for the kind words-

Nikol – Nik.. or Nikol..

Frankie – Oh…….umm okay.. Thanks Nikol.

Oh shit.. she’s bi.. her name is Nikol… I wonder if SHE’S Jessica Nash’s daughter…. she does sorta have her eyes… and nose…

Frankie – Hey.. Nikol?

Nikol – Yeah?

Frankie – Your mom wouldn’t happen to be that novelist Jessica Nash would it?

Vii – *laughing* Oh boy…

Nikol – ……….That’s her.. that’s my mother I guess… How did-

Frankie – I have her books.. she teaches at my school.. well she did.. this is her last week… you sorta look like her…

Nikol – …… Are you Andi’s sister?

Frankie – I am…

Vii – Holy Shit you do look like her…

Frankie – ….Yeah

Nikol – Small world…. I’m sure she’s told you things….

Frankie – I’m aware of things, but you seem nice, and I don’t judge people from their situations with others.. not even with my sister.

Vii – They’re friends again…

Nikol – Andi and I are on speaking terms…

Frankie – Cool.

Wow… wait till I tell Andi about this.. I met Nikol.. hmm.. she doesn’t look like a dog like Rubi says. I wonder if I should tell Jessica that I met her daughter?… hmm probably not.

Vii – *sigh* I can’t wait to go back to Magik City… CCity is so annoying these days

Nikol – Well.. CCity is your home.. or at least it was until you moved to Magik City and won that pageant.

Vii – I just… My sister… she’s… yeah.

Nikol – Vira’s annoying sure.. but your mom needs you.. with the divorce and everything.. and Vira’s bomb of a gallery opening..

Ivy – What are they talking about Frankie? *crying* I wasn’t paying attention I just started replaying the last 10 minutes over in my head.

Frankie – Their home life or something- whatever.. look Ivy.. listen to me.. you-

[Bottom Pic]

Kalia – Ivy?!


Kalia – Ivy baby just-

Frankie – GET OUT!

Kalia – You are NOT about to tell me what to do up in this bitch!

Frankie – Kalia I knocked you the fuck out once and I’ll do it again in this bathroom… you’ve caused enough shit for one night. Get the fuck out of here, go dance with your slut!

Kalia – No! I’m not going anywhere until Ivy tells me to leave..

Frankie – Ivy?

Ivy – …..

Kalia – If you tell me to leave I’ll go.. and you’ll never hear from me again.. but if you give me one more chance.. let me stay and make this right…. please.

Vii – Oooh dump her!

Kalia – Bitch shut up!

Vii – Dude I will drag your man lookin’ ass!

Nikol – Vii shh!

Kalia – Yeah listen to that dog lookin’ friend of yours VEEEEEEEEE

Nikol – Excuse me? Look here She-Roach, I’m trying to save you from getting your ass kicked by my bestfriend… and that pretty girl in the red leather skirt!

*laughs* She- Roach… that’s funny

Kalia – Whatever..

Frankie – Ivy tell her…

Ivy – ……I don’t-

Frankie – Do what’s best for you, but just know you deserve better….

Kalia – Baby?…. come on…

Ivy – Leave.

Kalia – Are you-

Ivy – LEAVE! I’m done with you.. I mean it. This is the end of the road Kalia.. I deserve better…. Now go.

Frankie – *smiles*

Good she made the right choice

Kalia – Fuck you Ivy… and your loony bin ass mamma!

Wow.. that’s out of line!

Frankie – Get the fuck out of here right now!

Kalia – With pleasure.. plenty of bitches in this club who would let me fuck…

Nikol – Yuck…

McKenzie – [Blonde] For a bigger woman you know how to move girl! I mean that with all due respect!

Felicia – [Short hair/Jumpsuit] Oh wow thanks.. I never used to dance before.. I’ve lost weight with the help of my friend Morgan Hill.

Nikol & Vii – *eyeroll*

Why does the name Morgan Hill sound so familiar?

McKenzie – Well hey its working!

Felicia – Thanks [fart noise] *almost falls*

Vii – Did you just fart in my face?!

Felicia – No! it was my shoe! god… relax!

Nikol – …….

Felicia – Oh………Hi Nikol…

Nikol – ……….Yep….

Guessing they know each other…

McKenzie – Hey crying girl… nice job on kicking that girls butt.. but umm bad news.. your girlfriend left with another chick.. some latin girl..

Ivy – I’m single.. I don’t have a girlfriend.. she can do whatever she wants.

McKenzie – Oh okay…


Frankie – Ivy?

Ivy – Yeah?

Frankie – Are you okay?

Ivy – *sniffs* I don’t know… I mean I just embarrassed myself out there.. I’m wearing clown makeup, and its running everywhere.. why did I think this slutty vamp look was a good idea..

Frankie – You’re still pretty to me…

Ivy – …..Why did I have to pick Kalia?

Frankie – Huh?

Ivy – Why didn’t I just stay with you?… you really liked me…

Frankie – …It wasn’t meant to be I guess…

Ivy – I guess you’re right.. I mean it would be really awkward if we were together, and our dads were dating…

Frankie – Right… but I… I love being your friend… and who knows.. we might become sisters if things with our dads go good..

Ivy – True… Where Tyena?

Frankie – Dancing….

Ivy – I know this night was supposed to help her love herself… I… I’m so stupid….

Frankie – Hey what happened happened. Now we have two options here… we can A- Go home… and feel defeated.. and B- Clean ourselves up and dance the night away.. I’m okay with whatever you want.

Ivy – B… I want to dance.. but …. can we get some big dessert after?

Frankie – There’s a diner right down the street.. You, me, and Tyena will get the biggest ice cream sundae… deal?

Ivy – Yes.

Frankie – Fuck Kalia!… say it with me

Ivy & Frankie – FUCK KALIA!

Frankie – Now lets go shake our ass!

Even if she had picked option A I would have made her go dance. Its no point in letting one bad apple spoil the bunch. Kalia will get what’s coming to her in due time. Tonight? we’re going to have fun. I’m sure Tyena is probably so confused right now.. ugh… fucking Kalia… whatever.. Lets not concentrate on that… I’m about to hike up this skirt and drop to the bass. Bye guys!

(POV Keegan)

After eating, and being tutored to the brink of death- finally Rhys agreed we could take a break. Thank god too because I don’t think my brain can take anymore of it.

Keegan – You seem popular tonight.

Rhys – Why do you say that?

Keegan – You keep getting texts.

Rhys – Oh.. Its Myra… She keeps asking my advice about…. something.

Keegan – Oh?

Rhys – Okay… well let me get a guy’s perspective. How long are most willing to wait for a girl to… be.. physical.

Keegan – Are we talking handjobs? or blow-

Rhys – Full on sex, Myra wants to go there with Miguel but she’s worried she’s moving too fast.

The fastest was with Morgan… or Morgan Hill as she goes by now. Remember her? we met at a bar and she was in my bed the next hour. She was drunk, I was drunk.. It was a big mess… I still talk to her though.. we’re both in much happier places these days.

Keegan – Oh… umm well the longest I’ve ever had to wait is 3 weeks…

Rhys – Of course.. cause you look… how you look..

Keegan – A month would be respectable I guess… I mean 2 months would be pushing it..

Rhys – I think a month too.. but then also.. I don’t know..

Keegan – What?

Rhys – Sometimes you just know… you know when you want to go there with with someone.

Keegan – True…

Rhys – Like you..

Keegan – What about me?

Rhys – You knew you wanted to have sex with me when you first saw me.

Wow.. did she really just say that? I mean she didn’t lie but.. yeah

Keegan – I- heh… The thing is-

Rhys – Its a yes or no question… don’t get shy now..

Keegan – Okay sure, but I didn’t- I don’t see you like an object.

Rhys – When I first saw you, and we had that coffee incident..  I didn’t really see you that way. Then when we saw each other at the school that day- when Curtis and Zoey were in trouble… I knew I found you to be cute. I knew you’d be a guy that I would hook up with- but here’s the thing. I’m not hooking up with you Keegan Bennett.

Keegan – Ouch.. my non-existent ego is shattered.

Rhys – This is professional… I’m helping you do better in your classes, and you know… you’re helping me too.

Keegan – How so?

Rhys – I focus on my work because I don’t trust people.. guys.. specifically. A lot of you are liars, and opportunist. I don’t mean to generalize the male population, its just that in my experience…. men suck.

Keegan – Understandable… BUT… how am I helping you?

Rhys – By being nice.. and.. I don’t know, you just seem like someone who’s seen stuff. You don’t come off like a bullshitter. You’re helping me be social again.. with men.

Keegan – Well what exactly made you anti-social?

Rhys – High School…

Keegan – Does it have to do with Candice, and Mason?

The big mystery that is that situation..

Rhys – Yeah.. but I can’t tell you about that…

Keegan – Why not?

Rhys – Well because you haven’t told me anything real.

Keegan – I’ve been genuine-

Rhys – No, I know, but what I mean is.. you haven’t shared anything real… you don’t have to-

Keegan – My step dad is cheating on my dad, and I haven’t told him.

Rhys – What?

Keegan – Yeah I caught them out somewhere..

Rhys – Well why haven’t you told him?

Keegan – When it comes to love, my dad has been through it. I know he loves Scott- my step dad, but… I feel like he’s slummin’ it.

Rhys – Slummin’ it?

Keegan – Yeah.. like settling, I also feel like he doesn’t want to be alone. I know it would hurt him if he knew… and it makes me feel horrible. I’ve become obsessed with gathering information about what Scott is doing… because when and if I have to tell my dad.. I want all the facts you know?

Rhys – Yeah…

Keegan – I wish he and Riley never broke up.. they were perfect for each other.

Seriously.. Riley loved sports, and I had so much fun with him. Sure Mama Joy would try to throw footballs with me but… Riley was the best for guy stuff. My dad- while a man’s man.. he didn’t really care too much for sports..

Rhys – Who’s Riley?

Keegan – My dad’s ex boyfriend.. also Frankie’s dad.. but its a long story..

Rhys – Ah..

Keegan – So yeah.. that’s what I’m dealing with… along with some other shit-

Rhys – You seem like a good son- a good person.

Keegan – I don’t feel like I’ve been one for the past 3 years…

Rhys – You want to be one though, and that alone means you’re a good guy.

Keegan – You don’t have to feel pressured to tell me anything..

Rhys – No I’m… I mean its- you saw what happened with Candice and I that day. So you may as well get an explanation.

Keegan – ……Okay.

Rhys – In Bridgeport… Junior year of high school. Candice had gotten together with Mason.. I was supportive because she and I had been bestfriends since we were like 9. We were the girls who were pretty.. but hard you know? like we didn’t need tasers or pepper spray to defend ourselves. We’d knock anybody out.. that’s how we were.. cause we grew up on the hardcore side of BP.

Keegan – Right.

Rhys – So like Candice was soo in love with Mason, and even though I had that vibe that he was bad.. I didn’t say anything. So as the school year went on I noticed things. He lied about where he was, I saw him flirt with other girls in the hallways.. he bullied other students.-

Keegan – Basically he was a big douchebag.

Rhys – Yeah… and so the last 3 months of Junior year I really wanted Candice to dump him.. she wouldn’t listen.. at all. She was in love with him, and I felt like  girl.. you can do soo much better, he’s the worst!

Keegan – The heart wants what the heart wants…

Rhys – …. Candice brother was bullied by Mason too.. and even that didn’t stop her from ending things. She joked, and said it was their bonding, and that it would toughen him up- he’s gay.. and kind of timid… at least he was. I have no idea how he is now- anyway.. so like this popular guy named Brody Masters… he threw a end of the year party.

Keegan – Okay…

Rhys – Candice begged me to go.. so I went. We got there, danced.. we had fun. Then I went to the bathroom and saw Mason making out with this girl..  I ran and told Candice, who was drunk.. and she was soo mad at me. She said I needed to stop the bullshit because it was getting old. That she couldn’t believe I would try and bring down her high and make her choose between her boyfriend and bestfriend.

Keegan – Hmm..

Rhys – So at that point I was annoyed. I found a bedroom, and I called my sister.. of course Myra was busy.. with Curtis so she didn’t answer. So then Mason came into the room and asked me what the fuck was my problem. He said I was being a bitch, and trying to fill Candice head with nonsense. I told him I knew what I saw, and that he’s an asshole.

Keegan – Then?

Rhys – Well he called me a cunt. So then I punched him in the face. Then I tried to leave but he swung me around and I hit the edge of the bed. He threw me on the bed, and kept telling me that I wanted him.. that I wanted him inside of me, and that’s why I was so adamant on Candice ending things with him.

Keegan – Fuck..

Rhys – I was finally able to knee him in the balls, and like most men.. he went down.. I walked out the room fixing my clothes, and Candice walked up. Mason ran out the door, and started screaming “No means No! I’m with Candice you slut!” and everybody including Candice looked at me like I was the worst person in the world. I looked at Candice and told her what Mason did, and she didn’t believe me. She said this was the big stunt.. the one I needed to attempt so she’d end things with Mason.

Keegan – Bitch…

Rhys – Mason started crying.. saying that he loved Candice, and that he would never do anything to fuck that up. That I tried to touch him in the bathroom, and he said no. That I was on a mission the whole night. I looked at everyone at the party and said DO YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT?! and they just stared at me. So Candice slapped me. I didn’t hit her back.. I told her good luck with him, and that I was done.

Keegan – ……

Rhys – Summer I avoided everyone.. I was a hermit. I took care of Curtis and yeah.. but senior year.. it was..

Keegan – Hard?

Rhys – Try fucking horrible. I was fighting after school all the time because girls would call me a slut, and say all kinds of fucked up stuff. I guess over the summer Mason and Candice really dragged my name through the mud. I was really over it, I refused to even engage. If someone said something… I swung…

Keegan – …..Sucks.

Rhys – Then of course it finally happened.. Candice and I got into the biggest brawl of BP High history.. Lots of punches to the face, hair extension on the ground. End result was neck braces, broken arms.. scratched up faces.. yeah.. it wasn’t pretty. After that I was the one who got in trouble.. I mean both Candice and I were suspended but.. I was to blame for it.

Keegan – Why?

Rhys – Before the fight she called me a whore, and said that I was just a hood girl with a loose… ya know. The fact that she would EVEN say something like that pissed me off beyond belief. So I ran up to her and slammed her face into the locker, then she punched me in the face, and I punched her and- so on. I was the one who attacked first. And all the students were so obsessed with Candice and Mason.. the POPULAR SENIORS. So they sided with them

Keegan – Wow…

Rhys – So yeah.. I hate Candice and Mason…

Keegan – You didn’t do anything wrong.. you know that right?

Rhys – I should have kept my mouth shut.. if Candice wanted to date a loser then it was her fault.. fuck it- wow.. I’m just cursing like a sailor.. 

Keegan – You were just being a friend.

Rhys – Yeah but it ruined the friendship, and put me through hell… shockingly.. they didn’t bother Myra… Which.. is weird now that I think about it. Candice know’s about Curtis.

Keegan – And the dad?

Rhys – Well…. not officially but she had her suspicions.. that is complicated though- and I won’t get into it.

Keegan – Right… well he’s in Jail and-

Rhys – Ri- right..  locked up.

Keegan – Myra does a good job…

Rhys – I’m always going to have her back, and protect her. I’m so happy she found Miguel, he seems so right for her.

Keegan – And what about you?… don’t you want someone right for you?

Rhys – …..I don’t know… I have issues…. that wouldn’t sit well with any guy.

Keegan – Your issues don’t bother me….

Rhys – Why not?

Keegan – Because it makes you human… I see you… the real you. You’re strong, and beautiful, a fighter in more ways than one.. you’re… you’re amazing.

Rhys – ……I’ve totally said too much…  we should study…

Keegan – Don’t…

Rhys – Don’t what?

Keegan – Don’t pull back… just go with it… I know you like me… and I like you too.

Rhys – Heh, I…

Keegan – Kiss me…

Rhys – I don’t think its a good idea……..

Keegan – Thought you were a badass?

Rhys – *smiles*….I am

Keegan – Then?

Rhys – Fuck….

Keegan – What?

Rhys – I told you… I didn’t want to do that.

Keegan – I’m sorry-

Rhys – You didn’t force me to do it Keegan. It was partly my fault.

Keegan – I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable-

Rhys – I know you didn’t… I just… I can’t… I need to focus on other stuff. I can’t do this…

Keegan – What are you so afraid of?

Rhys – I can’t trust you! I don’t- I’ve told you too much.. I… I don’t know why I did any of that

Keegan – Because you can trust me, and somewhere inside of you.. you know that. I’d never fuck you over Rhys…

Rhys – Its hard- I… Keegan I think you need to find a new tutor…

Keegan – Come on, don’t be like this.. we have chemistry. I like you, you like me. What’s the problem?-

Rhys – I’m serious… I need to go… I’m sorry… I can’t I thought I could but.. I can’t

Keegan – Rhys… let me be there for you…

Rhys – I don’t need a knight in shining armor…. I’m my own warrior.. I always have been. I- I.. This is wrong.. I can’t tutor you anymore. I’m sorry.

Great…. dammit.

She got out of here faster than a hooker exiting a car after making a john cum.

Mason – Aww fuck, I missed it.. but I did hear her breaking up with you.

The hell?

Keegan – Where the fuck did you even come from?

Mason – Had to pick up a book for Candice…

Keegan – Why are you even talking to me dude?

God.. his face screams douchey asshole doesn’t it?

America – Hey guys.. I’m really trying to study here.. can you keep it down.. just a little bit? not trying to be a bitch…

Keegan – Sure thing America.

Mason – So why did she dump you? is she moving to the next cock and balls already? She’s a slut you know.. in high school… man.. she wanted me so bad. I was NOT touching her slutty ass.

Keegan – You keep believing your own lies.

Mason – What’s that supposed to me bruh?

Keegan – You know you’re white right? and coming from me that is just….

Mason – I know I’m a white dude yeah.. da fuck?

Keegan – You need to mind your business.

Mason – Or what?

Keegan – Or you and I will have a problem.. and trust me.. I’m more than okay with going to jail.

Mason – ….Oh so you’re a thug.

Keegan – No, I’m just sick of douchebags ruining everything for everyone. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to take a walk.

Mason – Do you bro, I was just trying to tell you about Rhys Whore Kelley.

Keegan – Stop talking to me.

Mason – …..Fine… whatever you say dude.

Ugh… the nerve of him. He got me fucked up if he think’s I won’t beat his ass. Especially after what Rhys told me? people like him need a good ass kicking. Ahh… I can’t be here.. I need to get off campus for a while.. I need a release…. something to make me feel better and calm me down…..

(POV Frankie)

After helping Ivy grabs some clothes from her and Kalia’s apartment, we dropped her off at her dad’s place. She was in better spirits though. We danced, and had fun. Also some girls bought us some drinks. The night wasn’t a total failure… I’d say it was a semi success.

Frankie – You know you didn’t have to walk me to my door right?

Tyena – Well Its the least I could do after such a great night- minus that whole Kalia thing….

Frankie – Kalia’s balrog looking ass needs to be slapped.

Tyena – Balrog?

Frankie – You don’t know who Balrog is?

Tyena – No?

Frankie – Street Fighter? the fighting game?…

Tyena – Which one is he?

Frankie – The black boxer based off Mike Tyson..

Tyena – Ooooh! wow you play street fighter?

Street Fighter was one of Andi and I’s favorite game. Only second to this game called Power Stone.

Frankie – Not much anymore, but my sister and I played a lot…. she was so annoying with Chun-Li…

Tyena – She’s the one with the fans right?

Frankie – That’s Katana, and a Mortal Kombat character… Chun Li is the Chinese girl who kicks fast..

Tyena – Oh yeah! and she does that spinning kick!

Frankie – Yeah her!

Tyena – Aren’t you full of surprises.

Yeah I’ve surprised myself a lot tonight

Frankie – *laughs* I guess so.

Tyena – Thanks for tonight.

Frankie – No problem, we should do it again.

Tyena – Thanks for everything actually.. you.. you’re a really good person.

Frankie – I try to be…

Tyena – I’m not going to try to kiss you by the way.. *laughs*

Frankie – *laughs*

Tyena – I had a lot of fun. Was a night to remember for sure.

Frankie – Same for me. Thanks for making memories.

Tyena – I’m sure we’ll make more in the future!

Frankie – I’ll hold you to that.

Tyena – *Yawn* I’m really tired… umm I guess this is good night.

Frankie – Okay, see ya around.. call me..

Tyena – Will do.

Well… let us pray that Rubi is either gone, or sleeping. I really want to rest, and I don’t want to walk in on Rubi doing anything sexual with Aries.. 


Frankie – Umm…

Jeep – Hey she’s here, I’ll call you back. No no… of course… Yeah I will.

Frankie – ……Hi?

What is he doing in my room?

I hope everything is okay, this can’t be good. He wouldn’t just be here if it weren’t important.

Jeep – Hey!

Frankie – Hey, what are you-

Jeep – Oh Rubi let me in… She’s at a movie with Aries…

Frankie – Is everything okay?

Jeep – Umm.. yeah- yeah…

Frankie – …….Sorry I’m just a little confused.

Jeep – This is weird huh?

Frankie – A little…

Jeep – I came by to talk to you.. Rubi said you’d be back soon, and said I could wait- I- I sat on the floor… I didn’t sit on your bed or anything-

Frankie – Why would that matter? you could have taken a nap on it I wouldn’t care Jeep you know that..

Jeep – I wanted to talk to you, but first… how was your night?

Frankie – Umm… It was good.. minus one thing.

Jeep – What?

Frankie – Kalia cheated on Ivy in her face, and shockingly Ivy attacked the girl.. then had a bathroom breakdown.. and she dumped Kalia.

Jeep – Wow…

Frankie – Tyena and I helped her party the tears away so it was fine…

Jeep – You look really pretty.

Frankie – Thank you.

Jeep – So like… did you meet any girls?

Frankie – I met a few girls…

Jeep – How was Tyena?

Frankie – The plan worked.. she’s happy.. so… 

Jeep – Did she try to kiss you at the door? I swore I heard her voice just now..

Frankie – Actually no, she didn’t.

Jeep – Ah…. So do you think she likes you?

Frankie – I don’t know..

Jeep – Do you like her?

Frankie – Umm.. I don’t know… why? is there someone else I should be liking?

Why is he being so weird…

Jeep – Okay I’m gonna try something here so please just.. just listen… *grabs hands*

Oh wow… alright..

Frankie – Umm… okay..

Jeep – I think you’re the prettiest girl in the world.

Frankie – *smiles*

Jeep – I love spending time with you… and I think about you  a lot when I’m not spending time with you.

Frankie – I-

Jeep – No interruptions please..

Rare…. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him be assertive.

Frankie – Sorry…

Jeep – I didn’t realize it until- well It hit me.. I wanted you happy, and I thought… Tyena might be good for you.

Frankie – You don’t think so anymore?

Jeep – I don’t want you with anyone.

Frankie – Okay….

Jeep – I wanted to tell you this when I saw you at the student union.. but.. Tyena interrupted us.

Frankie – What did you want to tell me?

Jeep – I don’t want you to like Tyena, I don’t want you to like anybody…. but me.

Frankie – ……….

Jeep – I obviously love you, but I think… I’m also falling in love with you. I’m tired of being scared, I want to know if maybe this is something that could work with us..

Frankie – ……

Jeep – *looks at feet and laughs* I finally said it… Christine said I should just tell you…. 

Frankie – So… wait………You?.. so you like me?

Jeep – Yeah…. 

Frankie – I see…..

Jeep – I don’t want to ruin our friendship but I had to tell you. I feel like… I feel like you feel it too, and that you like me back.

Frankie – ……I- ….hmm

Jeep – You’re the happiest when we’re together. We tell each other everything, we fit Frankie.. and I know you know it… Every time we’ve watched a movie together.. I’ve wanted to hold your hand..  I wanted you to rest your head on my lap- that sounds wrong, but you know.. in like a romantic way… not sexual- I’m wow.. I’m nervous, and I’m talking, and saying stupid- Can you please say something?

I ‘m Speechless..

Frankie – *sigh* Umm…

Jeep – Please… just say something….

Nothing was coming out of me.. I didn’t know what to do.. or say.. I felt frozen..

Jeep – Frankie?

Frankie – Sorry… Umm.. okay,… so I- lets talk about this… Sit down..

(POV Keegan)

Nothing like the sound of waves, the sight of stars… and a cigarette to put me at ease. I bet you thought I was about to relapse and go get high huh?.. shame on you, though I guess I really don’t blame you. Man Its been a long fucking day, I’m still debating on if I should call Rhys or not- on second thought I think I’ll give her space. Hmm seems like I’m not the only one who enjoys nighttime at the beach. I think that’s Jessica Nash, and those asian people I have no idea.. but they seem like a couple.. so good for them..

You know… I really like Rhys, and I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s been through a lot of bullshit, and like Myra said… she deserves some happiness. Some fun, reminds me of Frankie a little bit. I feel like if the right girl or guy pulled her to the side, and poured their hearts out to her that she’d probably convince herself that she didn’t deserve it. I think Rhys is the same way…

Ms Swan – Oh gad! Oh gad! There a man afta ha!

Steve Swan – Oh no!

Keegan – What the fuck?!

Why are people such fuckers?

Ms Swan – Oooh it him Stee-phan! It him! hero who save Swan when attack in park months go!

Steven – Please help her young man!

Keegan – Call the cops guys!

Steven – I think there’s a cop here already!

Keegan – Go get him!

Ms Swan – Save day hero! SAVE DAY!


Man – Mmmm what big fat tits you have here

Jessica Nash – Get your hands off of them perv!

Man – You know you like my big hands rubbing them!

Jessica Nash – Is this how you get off? attacking women on the beach?

Man – Oh I love men too.. big fat juicy asses! hanging balls.. I’m drooling at the thought!

Jessica Nash – You sick fuck!

Man – Oh I want to put a cucumber in your asshole, and put a pepsi can in your snatch while you gag on my-

Jessica Nash – HELP!

Keegan – I’m coming!

Man – Oooh hot young guy.. maybe I can stick a baseball bat up him until he screams!

He picked the wrong day to come to the beach. I have so much frustration to work out!

Keegan – You asshole!

Man – Oooh I like it rough daddy! put it in me! I don’t need any lube!

Jessica Nash – Get that sick bastard!

Ms Swan – oooooooooh….

Steven – Oh shit! get him!

Jayson – Hey! hey! I got it from here!

Man – You sitting on me is making me hard!

Keegan – You nasty motherfucker!

Jessica Nash – I wish I could cut off his balls!

Jayson – Hey dude, I got it from here…. 

He’s lucky an actual cop got here.. I would have fucked his shit up

Man – Come on hot stuff lemme suck you clean!

Keegan – Ugh stop talking sicko!

Jessica Nash – He said worst to me!

Keegan – Are you alright?

Jessica Nash – Physically I’m fine, but I’ll probably be scarred for life after hearing what he was saying to me! I’ll never look at cucumbers the same!

Keegan – What the fuck?

Jessica Nash – The sick fuck!

Keegan – People are nuts!

Jessica Nash – Thank you young man..

Keegan – No problem- hey aren’t you a professor at GCU?

Jessica Nash – I’m helping out.. this is my last week..

Jayson – You did good kid- hey.. aren’t you Jarrah’s friend?

Oh look its the cop that Kaori, and Trey were getting wet for.

Keegan – Umm- Oh yeah! I’m Keegan… we met at lunch?

Jayson – That’s right.. wow… cool.

Ms Swan – Kee-gan? KEE-GAN! Dat hiz name! Oooh he so brave! He save me from rapist!

Ah, I knew she looked somewhat familiar…

Jayson – You have a knack for saving people huh?

Keegan – If I’m around sure?

Jayson – Ma’am?

Jessica Nash – Yes?

Jayson – I’m going to need you to come to the station so you can press charges n’ stuff okay?

Jessica Nash – That’s fine.. let me just call my boyfriend.

Steven – We can give you ride to station.

Ms Swan – We witnez.

Jessica Nash – Well.. thank you.

Man – Oooh officer I feel your cock and balls on my ass! rip me in two PLEASE!

Jayson – Shut up!

Jessica Nash – He’s not answering, probably driving home. Come on, lets go ahead and get to the police station. I’ll call him again there.

Ms Swan – Let go, Stee-Phan is good drive

Jayson – I’ll meet you guys there soon. Keegan I need you to come too, but you can ride with me.

Keegan – No problem.

Jayson – Hey?

Keegan – Yeah?

Jayson – You ever thought about police academy?

Keegan – Umm… Its never crossed my mind.. but its not like I really know what I’m doing at school either.. 

Jayson – You’re police material… I’m always looking for guys who I think would fit. You were born to be a cop… I can tell.

Shit… really?

Keegan – Wow.. you think so? *smiles* 

Jayson – Yeah, this is the second time you’ve saved someone…

Keegan – I guess you’re right..

Jayson – That lady said you saved her before…

Keegan – Yeah at a park.

Jayson – Something to think about…. No pressure… If you’re interested in more info just come by the station okay?

Keegan – Okay.. cool… hmm..

You know.. if I’m being honest, earlier when Kaori told me about Byron leaving…. I thought to myself yeah I applaud him for knowing what he wants. I’m happy at G.C.U. but the thing is.. I don’t have any direction. Nobody pressures me about it because of all the shit I went through. Everyone is just happy I’m in college. I have no clue what I really want to do..

Jayson – What a crazy ending to a crazy night.

Keegan – Oh really?

Jayson – Yeah… like an hour ago we found- *looks around* Okay nobody is around.. umm.. we found a dead woman in a dumpster behind the grocery store.

Keegan – What?

Jayson – She looked like a junkie… shockingly she had I.D. on her… I just wonder if there’s anyone out there who will miss Lauren Dawson.

Keegan – *Gasp* 

Oh my god…. that’s Zoey’s birth mother…

Jayson – What?

Keegan – I know her… well not directly but.. I know her daughter.. my mothers adopted her…

Jayson – Oh fuck… I’m sorry- don’t say anything about it yet okay?.. we don’t want to spook the killer..

Keegan – She was murdered? how do you know it wasn’t a overdose?

Jayson – Do you not watch CSI?

Keegan – I watch Bones

Jayson – Blood splatter analyst, and of course forensic scientists on the scene… all signs point to murder- I shouldn’t go into anymore detail.

Keegan – Oh my god.

I- Shit… I don’t even know what to say… Zoey’s mom is dead… she was left in a dumpster like her life didn’t matter… and I’m not even allowed to say anything about it yet. God sometimes I hate this world.. tonight is for sure one of them… why can’t things just be happy? can nobody have a nice life?

~End Of Chapter Four | Chapter Five is Next~



  1. OMG!!! I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with Keegan’s side since that’s where we left off. That’s pretty scary knowing there’s a murderer on the loose :\. But you know I like the sound of Keegan the cop :D. He is certainly brave and doesn’t like to see others getting hurt. Plus he’d look even hotter in a uniform LOL!! Anyway, EWWWWW that perv was so gross!!! Also, Rhys and Keegan belong together. I was like, YES when they kissed but then she backed off. I understand how that is, it can be hard getting too close too people for fear of getting hurt later on. But I guess you have to let down the wall for someone or you’ll miss out.
    I know Kaori wasn’t the star of this one but I really wished she would have smacked that evil Paisley!!! Ok moving on.

    About Frankie, it was good to see her getting out and having a little fun for a change. And her clubbin’ look was hawt! So, I had no idea Jeep would show up like that!! He is really brave to tell Frankie how he feels. I’m scared that she’s going to break his heart >.<. He's so sweet..Frankie if you must do it, do it gently!!

    This part was quite intense but had a lot of funny lines too. My favorite would have to be the "She-Roach" hehehe. Oh one more thing! It's Vii!!!!!!! :D. You're so good at intertwining these stories.

    1. Keegan a cop?… that could work huh? but he’d have to leave GCU…. also how would his friends and family feel about it? such a dangerous profession, might I add. Plus does Keegan even want that for himself?….. 🙂

      Rhys is very hard… she has this shell, and she’s used to taking care of herself. Letting a guy in… even one as cute as Keegan is REALLY SCARY for her… we’ll see how that turns out…

      LOL I think you speak for everyone when you say you wanted Kaori to drag Paisley, its a good thing Keegan didn’t let that happen though… that wouldn’t have been the best thing for Vince’s case.

      I literally had to build that damn club right before I took the pictures. I kept trying to close my eyes and picture the colors and what I wanted.. and that’s what I came up with. I think it turned out great. Frankie looked hot! I loved shaking things up for her, and showing her having fun. Its long overdue!

      She was pretty shocked to see Jeep waiting for her… I have nothing to say about that other than stay tuned….

      Vii! yeah I’m glad you recognized her. Noticed how different she looks? well winning a Miss Magik City Pageant can change a girl. You’ll see more of her, and that when Magik City Book II starts. Also In case you haven’t put it together.. Kaori’s sister Vira is always talking about a sister she doesn’t have a bond with.. that would be Vii.

      I actually put in quite a few cameo’s in that club scene. From Magik City we had Mooi, McKenzie, Ashley, and Vii. Then of course Frankie’s sister Andi lives in CCity which is constantly mentioned. You finally got to see what Jessica Nash’s daughter looks like. Nikol was there.. talking to Frankie! There were 2 more. Kira who’s Frankie’s co-worker, and Raven.. Jeep and Aries friend.

      I’m currently taking pictures for the next update, so its coming 🙂 Sorry for the late reply, and as always thanks for reading and taking time to comment 🙂

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