{BnG Season 2} Chapter Four Part 2 : “Happy Go Sucky”

Chapter Four | Pt. 2 “Happy Go Sucky”

-POV’s : Trey & Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Trey)

Hey lovelies, you caught me on my way to Bridgeport. Looks like I’ll be spending my entire day there. Culinary school, then some social stuff, followed by work related stuff. No not CakeCup. The job that Owen Roberts guy offered me. I get to meet the client tonight. I’m sure its going to be fine, the client sounds professional. So hopefully we meet, we gel… and I accept the job. Honestly the only thing that would probably make me say no is if I sense some homophobia- Though Tyler says that in any business you’ll have to deal with stuff like that to get ahead. Anyway before any of my plans happen.. I’m stopping and having this conversation with Nick.

Nick – Hey you…

Trey – Hi! what are you doing here? on your way to BP?

Nick – ……. *laughing*

Trey – ……..What?

Nick – Nothing… you just.. you made a sex joke without realizing it.

Trey – How? all I said was Bridgeport? well BP for short- Oh god.. *laughing*

Nick – And you know what BP stands for in the LGBT community *laughs*

Trey – I really hate that term….

Nick – *laughing* but umm… yeah.. No I am not on my way to BP considering I’m dating a girl. I am however on my way to Bridgeport.

Trey – Oh cool, so am I.

Nick – What are you going for?

Trey – School, Socializing, and a possible cooking job. You?

Nick – Going with Hope. We’re going to go grocery shopping for her grandma, and visit her. Then probably make dinner and stuff. She’s a nice old lady.. she gets lonely. She and Hope are super close.

Trey – Aww that’s really sweet!

Nick – Yeah.

Trey – Umm wheres Hope? are you meeting her there?

Nick – Nah, she’s coming from work-

Trey – I didn’t schedule her for today. Its her day off-

Nick – Nah not CakeCup- she works at that department store on main street-

Trey – Oh she got the job!

Nick – Yeah.. she wanted to atleast work two jobs. You totally helped her out with CakeCup. Thanks for that.

Trey – No problem! who am I to deny someone a job.

Nick – She should be here any minute, by the way.. we shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Trey – Cool.

Nick – If you’re not in a rush we could all go to BP together.

Trey – Yeah we can do that.

Why not. It’ll give us time to chat- though I guess right now is time to chat too.

Trey – So things with you and Hope seem to be going really good.

Nick – Yeah… I mean… I didn’t expect it… at all.

Trey – *smiles* You’re a great guy… I’m happy someone has finally noticed that.

Nick – Thanks buddy…

Paisley aka Dominic’s sister- was the worst, and then there was myself.. who decided to pick Aries over him. Stupid choice, Nick showed me he was ready to be out and proud, Aries didn’t. Still.. I went with my heart and picked the closeted boy…. and look at me now. Glad Nick and I moved past it though…. back to being friends only. Also Hope is great for him… they both seem really happy.

Trey – Do you still talk to Paisley?

Nick – Umm… sorta. She’s still a bitch, but we say hi when we see each other. Can’t believe I ever dated her to be honest.

Trey – She’s pretty?

For a horse 

Nick – *laughs*

Trey – Hope has grown on me a lot. I had this perception of her… and she’s kinda shattered all the assumptions I’ve ever had about her.

Jarrah has her past issues with her and Dylan…. but Hope seems to have gone from bad girl.. to well.. a good girl.

Nick – Good…. I feel like we as people don’t give each other enough time to change.. and grow.

Trey – Hmm…

Nick – Sometimes… someone has baggage.. and a past. We hear about it, and we want to run the opposite direction you know? Instead of just being like.. damn.. you’ve come far in life.. I applaud you for going through all that.

Trey – You’re talking to me….. you just have no clue.

Nick – What do you mean?

Trey – Well…. I’m seeing… Dominic.

Nick – The cute asian dude?..

Trey – Yeah.

Nick – I saw him at a gay club over the summer.. he can really dance- and dude must hit the gym alot.. he’s big.

Trey – He SO doesn’t seem like the type to go to gay clubs- but that’s actually kind of cute- and oh yeah he’s a gym rat.

Nick – So you’re seeing him? as in dating?

Trey – Yeah.

Nick – Okay, what’s the problem?

Trey – Well… I’ve found out some things about his past…. I won’t go into detail about them.. but they’re heavy…

Nick – Did he tell you these things himself? or did you hear it from other people?

Trey – Well…  Okay let me explain what happened.. We were at dinner.. at my parents house.

Nick – Oh wow… dinner with the folks?

Trey – Yes…. and – god I just realize I can’t really explain it without telling you what it is..

Nick – I see….

Trey – ……. I….. *sigh* I don’t know…

Nick – Trey….. let me ask you this.

Trey – Okay?

Nick – Do you like him?

Trey – I do, but-

Nick – Yes or no.

Trey – Yes…

Nick – Does his past affect you personally? or change anything in some catastrophic way? Is it doomsday?

Trey – …………..No.

Nick – So what’s the problem? We all have gone through things, that have made us who we are today. Dominic seems really fucking smart, I doubt he’s a bad guy.

Trey – I don’t- I know he’s not a bad guy. He’s a really good guy.

Nick – So what’s the problem?

Trey – I just worry that if he and I become one… that I’d have to worry about more skeletons falling out of the closet.

Nick – So you’re worried that he’ll never tell you everything?

Trey – When you say it like that… you make it sounds like I’m asking too much.

Nick – Does he know you and I had sex, and that I had romantic feelings for you?

Trey – No-

Nick – Well….

Trey – He doesn’t really need to know that though.. Its my personal relationship with you.. it doesn’t affect me dating him.

Nick – You don’t need to know every detail about his past either… and I doubt his past really affects you dating him.

Trey – …..Small stuff I agree.. but- You know I guess… I guess you’re right in a way. I mean it doesn’t really affect me… and I should let him feel comfortable to tell me stuff… Cause who know’s.. maybe he would have opened up to me and told me that he was- that- all of his past stuff. He never really got the chance…

Nick – Exactly.

Trey – Thanks for that… *smiles*

Nick – So go… call him.

Trey – I can’t… today’s one of his busy days.

Super busy… I’ll be lucky if I can even get a text.

Nick – Don’t let him get away Trey… stop self-sabotaging your own happiness.

Trey – …I do that… a lot….

Nick – Speaking of the past… and happiness…. ……………Aries.

Ugh.. oh god.. I wish I could just erase Aries from my life.

Trey – What about him *looks around*

Nick – Nobody’s around.. relax *laughs*

Trey – Sorry… I just don’t want to out him…

Nick – Because you still care about him.

Trey – Of course… I’m not a robot.

Nick – What’s wrong with him?

Trey – What do you mean?

Nick – I’ve seen him in class, and on campus… he looks really down. Like upset.

Trey – …He does?

Nick – Yeah.. dude looks depressed.

Trey – Hmm… Well I don’t know. We aren’t exactly friends…

Nick – I see… well hopefully everything is okay with him.

Trey – Yeah…

Who know’s whats wrong with him. Maybe he’s tired of Rubi or something… I know he’s done some bad things, so maybe its finally catching up to him. Regardless of how I feel about him currently, I hope he’ll be okay.

Nick – So… you’re going to talk to Dominic?

Trey – Yes..

Nick – Good… you better.

Trey – Shut up *laughs*

Hope – Babe!

Hope – Sorry I’m late, ran into my friend Raven. She has this really cool motorcycle! she looks so badass.

Nick – Its okay, Trey was here keeping me company.

Hope – Oh Hey bossman!

Trey – Hi Hope *smiles*

Hope – How are you?- You look cute! I love the shirt.

Trey – I’m okay, and thanks, you look cute too.

Hope – Where you off to?

Trey – I’m actually going to Bridgeport.

Hope – Ride with us!

Nick – I asked already *laughs*

Trey – I said yes..

Hope – Good, we can talk about some ideas I have!

Trey – Ideas?

Hope – Cupcake ideas for CakeCup! I watch alot of foodnetwork!

Nick – Wow that’s a tongue twister.

Trey – *laughs*

Hope – Also….. like.. I don’t want to gossip… cause I know she’s your brother’s girlfriend.. but I think America is pregnant or something.

She is… though I don’t think she’s telling everyone yet.

Trey – Oh? I’ll do some investigating.

Nick – Come on guys, lets get going.. we can talk on the train.

Hope – Oh yeah!

Nick – You look so cute baby.

Hope – Really? I just threw this together last minute.

Nick – Looks hot to me.

Hope – You always look hot.

Nick – I try.

Hope – By the way… I was on ebay earlier, and I saw an autographed Kanye West Yeezus album. I put a bid on it!

Nick – Aww babe you didn’t need to do that!

Hope – I know you’re a huge Kanye fan!

Nick – Well… its funny because I actually bought you something…

Hope – You did?!

Nick – …yes.. but I’m not giving it to you yet. I’m waiting until your birthday.

Hope – Nooooo!

Nick – Its two week away… I’m making you dinner, and giving you the gift..

Hope – I can’t wait!

Nick – My mom helped me pick it out.

Hope – Your mom is so fucking cool.. I totally love her. So I’m sure whatever it is… I’m going to love!

Trey – You two are so gross *laughs* – I’m joking.. its adorable.

Hope – I’m sure you’re the same with with whomever you’re dating!

Nick – *smiles* Yeah Trey… you can totally have this too… happiness….. Make the call!

Trey – *laughs* shush!

They’re so fucking cute, its gross. I want that so bad.. I want a boyfriend who will make me happy when I’m sad. I want to hold hands, and go on dates. I want to have adventures with him… and I just realized I want all of that with Dominic.

Hope – Trey do you date either of those two guys who come into CakeCup with you?

Trey – Who? Chace and Lenny?!

Nick – Lenny Wartz!

Trey – Rude!

Hope – *laughs*

Trey – I don’t.. those are my friends…

Nick – That reminds me… That’s who I saw Aries with!

Trey – What?

Nick – When he was sad.. I saw him talking to Chace!

Trey – The hell?

Hope – Is Aries his boyfriend?

Nick & Trey – Aries is Straight.

Hope – Oh okay, you know I don’t go to GCU so I get confused easily.

Nick – Its cute when you’re confused *laughs*

Why the hell was Chace talking to Aries? is he the reason Aries was sad? I hope he didn’t threaten him or anything.. god.. this is ridiculous… ugh. now I’m going to be worried about this all day- no… I need to fucking stop worrying about Aries, and his issues. Chace included.. its not my life.. I’m over here missing out on living life because I’m worried about other people’s… whatever.. Anyway I’ll see you guys later.

(POV Kaori)

Here I am.. in GloCity.. which wasn’t the plan. Originally the plan was to meet Vira in Bridgeport, and see “The Hunger Games : Catching Fire” but apparently she didn’t want to be anywhere near her hometown of CCity. She figured it would be best if she didn’t go to Bridgeport, because she feels like she more than surely would have risked the chance of running into people she knew. I don’t know what happened… but something was really off.


Skye – Tru?

Tru – What?

Skye – Is that Vince’s daughter?

Tru – Where?

Skye – Right there…

Tru – No.. she has blond hair I think.

Skye – Looks like her to me.


Javier – You comfy?

Fockky – Yes Javi, thanks for asking. I can’t wait for the movie to start! I’m so like Katniss!

Bingbing – *rollseyes* 


Kaori – So yeah… nothing is really going on with me other than that. Stupid ass Torrance.. she and Paisley can both burn in hell- What about you huh? You seem super bothered. How did the Gallery opening go?

Vira – Well.. I’m sorta glad you were working, and couldn’t make it. It started off being the best night of my life. I felt like Cinderella… I had my hair done, and my dress… I even had my prince… It was a magical night.. and then.. well the magic stopped, and the fairytale turned into a nightmare.

She always talks in such a dramatic fashion.

Kaori – Well what happen?- I mean you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want.

Vira – Lets just watch the previews… I kinda don’t want to talk about it.

Kaori – Okay……*looks at screen* Oh my god Chris Evans looks hot! I’m not even a comic nerd but I’m so going to see Captain America-

Vira – You know.. you try and be nice.. you invite people.. you put it out there. Then BAM drama. Obviously you know I’m closer with my mom Aimee. The one who can’t have kids… and you know my other mom Leslie.. she and I don’t really… like we have issues. So like she showed up to my Gallery opening.. and things were fine.. until I just blurted out.. why did you take my father away from me?

Well considering it was Aimee, and not Leslie…. you got it all wrong girl..

Kaori – Oh god…

Vira – So like.. Aimee saw us… and like even before I said that, I had a moment with Leslie.. laughing.. Aimee wasn’t too happy about that- which like.. why does it even matter? You brought your new girlfriend to my gallery opening. The divorce is fresh out the oven and you already have a new roast to to eat for dinner. I just- Oh and so wow I got off topic- well sorta.

Oh………..My………….God…. she talks SO much. Jesus fucking christ!

Vira – Long story short.. Leslie and Aimee got into a fight. I got mad and told them to shut up.. I caused a scene because I’m spastic.. then Chris runs after me- but my ex boyfriend Aaron stopped him. They get into an argument and everything goes to shit Kaori.

Kaori – Wow…..

Vira – So I’m crying, and I get this epiphany… I’m like… I love Chris, but I’m not in love with him…. and I feel like he feels the same way. I’m putting him through all of my family drama.. he’s playing daddy to me because nobody else cares. Its fucking pathetic. I go to Japan, get in trouble. He saves me.. and I think we’re like star-crossed lovers.

Kaori – …..

Vira – Bring him back home with me to MESSY CITY- I mean CCity.. and like.. it was a nightmare. So I broke it off with him. Chris and I are no longer together.

Kaori – You’re okay with that?

Vira – Maybe 15 minutes after ending things.. I thought to myself oh my god Vira.. what are you doing? you should stay with him. Then I thought no.. don’t do that.. you made the right choice. Seriously I think to myself I am not that girl.. then I’m like who’s movie are you living in Vira? What do you mean you’re not that girl? The very essence of your individuality relies solely on you being that girl

Kaori – I feel you…

I have no idea what the fuck she meant with that last bit.. like you said you not that girl… and then you’re apparently that girl? yet you didn’t get back with homeboy.. so you’re not that girl? Girl is so confusing.

Vira – Maybe its all for the best.. that or I’ll regret it later.. I don’t know.

Kaori – Not to be rude or anything.. but I feel like you two weren’t really compatible when I met him.

Vira – Cookies crumble, crackers break. Clear skies, and then it rains. That’s just the way it is…

Kaori – I’m sorry you went through all of that.

Vira – And of course I don’t have my sister to lean on.. fucking bitch.. she rather run around with her fugly bestfriend Woofy… ugly bitch.. so lame.. dog.. Woof Dog!

Kaori – *laughs*

Vira – God my mouth is dry.. I’m talking so much… but like I need to get this out. I need to express myself like the air I breathe- Oh and like I TOTALLY think the universe is testing me. Its like here Vira.. these are your obstacles.. fight, claw your way to the top… The prize of greatness, and self love awaits. I know its impossible to think that one can be totally un-phased by bad circumstances but many of those before me have done it-

Skye – Umm Purple hair girl? can you shut up please? I done heard your whole damn story about some Leslie, Aimee, Chris, and a Violin or something. The movie is about to start… You need to be quiet.

Tru – Don’t be rude Skye!

Vira – I’m sorry okay?! calm down old lady.

Skye – OLD LADY?! Girl I will snatch your face off your head!

Tru – Skye stop it!- Girls I’m sorry about her..

Oh my god that’s Jeep, and Harrison’s mothers… clearly they don’t recognize me.. thank god

Vira – Wow.. are the people here in GloCity always this hostile?

Kaori – Not usually…

Vira – *sigh* Its fine.. I rather be here than home, or Bridgeport. I’d for sure run into people I know in either of those places. Besides I get to see your hometown. Its bigger than I thought. Morgan HILL made it seem like GloCity was amazing.. I can officially say I like it here. Thanks for having me Kay’

Kaori – No problem..

Vira – Aww look at that couple down there… *sigh* none of that for me anymore…

Let me change the subject

Kaori – I like your lavender hair.

Vira – Thanks…………Its a wig though. *smiles*

Vira – Are you into wigs? I know a great shop that-

Kaori – Vira…….. sweetie……. movie.

Vira – Right.. sorry one more thing… I’m glad I met you. I’m glad we’re friends. You’re a great listener, and I love you. *smiles*

Kaori – Umm.. I’m glad we’re friends too.. and I luv ya too…

Vira – You said love as L-U-V. Don’t be afraid to love Kaori.. we all need to let go and let the love flow.. first starting with ourselves because-

Kaori – *clears throats*

Vira – I’m doing it again…. I’m gonna zip my lips.

Its not that I don’t love Vira.. I do….Its funny. Its like once I knew she was my sister.. I got this unconditional love for her.

Kaori – Its okay.. you’re a talker.. nothing is wrong with that…

Vira – Except when you’re watching a movie- Oh Katniss… how I wish I had your strength…

Kaori – She’s a pretty strong girl

I feel like Vira doesn’t express herself to alot of people. Maybe its out of fear that they’d see her a certain way or something. She talks A LOT and I really think its because she holds shit back…

Vira – How sad is that? I want some young girls strength, not that I’m old or whatever but yeah, she’s like a teenager right?

Kaori – Katniss was 16 in the first movie, so I assume she’s 17 in this one.

Vira – That’s right.

Kaori – …..Peeta is so adorable for a short dude…

Vira – Isn’t he?

Kaori – I love Gale… then again Liam Hemsworth is just sexy period.

Vira – True… Lenny Kravitz character is hot…

Kaori – Yes… yes he is.

Vira – Hey how is your boyfriend?

Kaori – Oh he’s fine..

Vira – So it was a panic attack?…

Kaori – Yep… or anxiety attack.. I don’t know the difference to be honest.

Vira – Panic is out of the blue, Anxiety attack takes a little more time. From what you told me it sounds like a panic attack.

Kaori – Well then yeah.. Panic attack it is.

Vira – Are you guys having sex yet? did he tell you he loved you back?

Kaori – No, and no. Part of me doesn’t even thinks he remembers that I said it… blah..

Vira – I’m sorry…..

Kaori – Its fine… hey I’m going to run and get a water, did you want one?

Vira – Umm sure, and some sour patch kids.. I love those.

Kaori – I love those too, I’ll grab two boxes.

Vira – Hurry back!

You know… This Byron thing is really bothering me. What if he doesn’t even love me back? Like okay you had a panic attack, that was scary. I get that, but one… why did you have the attack, and two.. why are you acting like you don’t remember me telling you that I was in love with you? The thing is.. I don’t even want to ask him either.. at this point I’m like… maybe I shouldn’t have even said anything.

I needed some air… every time I’m with her, and she talks about her life. I want to help make it better somehow. The fact that I can’t really help her frustrates me. Then she just keeps talking, and talking.. I need this air.

Jordan – Then I blabbed it out…

Vince – I’m sure Trey doesn’t hate you….

Jordan – He says he’s fine.. but I don’t want to be the reason why he doesn’t give the poor guy a chance…

Vince – Hey did Tommy call you?

Jordan – Oh you mean Thomas? or TOM? Cause that’s what his girl Jessica calls him now..

Vince – *laughs* You banged Tommy’s girlfriend… so funny. What was it that we used to call her?

Jordan – RED… because of that hair, and lipstick.. she was so rude on that trip to Mango Island…

The fuck is my dad doing here?

Kaori – Dad?!

Jordan – Is that Kaori?

Vince – Kay’? What are you doing here?

Kaori – I could ask you the same!

Jordan – Hey Kaori.

Kaori – Hi Jordan

Vince – Kaori.. you know I taught you better than that.

Kaori – Hi Mr. Robinson.

Jordan – *laughs*

Vince – So why are you here, and not at school or work?

Kaori – I don’t have any classes today, and I work later. I’m hanging out with my s-friend- Umm Sabrina! we’re watching hunger games.

Get it together Kaori…

Vince – Ah.. So who are you really with? I can tell when you’re lying.


Kaori – Umm

Vince – Is it that boy that you haven’t introduced me to?

Kaori – Yes……. sorry for lying daddy.

Vince – Its okay.. you probably thought if you told me the truth, that I’d run in there and introduce myself to him.

Jordan – *laughs*

Kaori – So what are you guys doing here?

Jordan – Well I’m taking a break from City Hall, and I dragged your father out of his office too. We saw that Ice Cube, Kevin Hart movie.. Ride Along.

Vince – Funniest movie I’ve seen all year.

Jordan – Only movie you’ve seen all year.

Vince – Oh whatever…

Kaori – *laughs*

Vince – Hey honey?

Kaori – Yeah?

Vince – I know you were worried about that Paisley girl…. I just want to tell you she’s doing great, and I haven’t had any problems with her. She’s polite too… so please stop your worrying.. okay? *smiles*

Kaori – I still don’t trust her.. but okay.. for you I’ll shut up about it. If she’s doing a good job then.. I can’t really say anything.

Even though I want to surprise you for lunch and then deck the shit out of her. You guys may wonder why I hate her so much. She betrayed me, and made me feel like I was her friend. Then she talked shit about me, used me. Lied on me.. got me fired after I was really proud of myself for having a job. Then she turned Hammer against me. She manipulated me. So you’re damn right I fucking hate her, and if you don’t understand that then fuck you to be honest. Sorry not Sorry.

Jordan – Kaori you and my son still friends?

L-O-L Trey and I are technically friends but… yeah

Kaori – Umm… Trey and I… we’re… yeah I mean I guess so.

Jordan – Does he seem mad at me?

Kaori – Oh about the Dominic thing?

Jordan – Yeah

Kaori – No…

Jordan – Hmmm

Kaori – He is however on the fence about Dominic.. I think. Time has passed since we last spoke so for all I know they could be fu- Friendly

I almost said fucking.

Jordan – Hmm.. well I hope he gives him a chance, and I didn’t ruin anything.

Vince – You worry too much.

Jordan – Gabrielle says it all the time.

Kaori – Trey’s tough.. he’ll be fine.

Vince – Speaking of family… I got a call from your Aunt Vanessa…

Kaori – Ugh… what did she want?

Vince – Well she told me about what happened at the hospital, with your boyfriend. Then with Frankie, and your fight with her, about Aries and stuff.

Kaori – Wow.. she snitched…

Vince – I assume your boyfriend is alright so I’ll skip to the other stuff….

Kaori – Oh you mean me dragging AUNT VANESSA. She’s so pressed because I won’t call her that. I’m like Vanessa.. please.

Jordan – *laughs*

Vince – Don’t be disrespectful okay Kaori? You don’t have to love Vanessa, but just be respectful about your opinions okay?

Kaori – …………..Yep

Vince – Why are you not giving your cousin a chance?

Kaori – Aries is just… yeah.

Vince – He’s apparently going through something.

So I’ve heard… and the thing about that is….. I feel bad for him, but he needs to grow a pair and realize the shitty mistakes he made. Nobody is to blame for him not being happy… but him. Same goes for why he’s not with Trey, or friends with Jeep. Just because I found out he’s gay doesn’t mean I’m about to rush to his side and hold him as he cries like some after school special. I’ll give Aries a chance when I feel like the time is right, I’m not saying I’m NEVER talking to the guy…

Vince – He’s very depressed Vanessa said.

Kaori – Is he?……

Jordan – Family is important Kaori… that’s what I try to tell my kids…. I’ve talked with Tyler, and told him that he really should reach out to his sister Ivy…

Vince – Briana and Max’s daughter?

Jordan – Yeah.

Vince – Did you know Mira’s in town?

Jordan – Not only did I hear that she’s in town, but she found a house.

Vince – Awkward….

Jordan – Right?

So weird when people talk about Frankie’s mom. Its like she’s this big bad wolf…. though I mean technically she is. She’s the worst. I bet Frankie is pissed that she’s in town.. and it seems permanent…. Frankie’s strong.. I’m sure she’ll be fine- she clearly doesn’t need me… anyway I should say bye and get back tot he movie.

People inside movie : Booooooooooooo!

Jordan – That doesn’t sound good.

Kaori – Crap I’m missing it.

Vince – Well go on and get back to your movie princess.

Kaori – Okay… bye guys

Jordan – Nice seeing you Kaori- oh and don’t forget to wish Trey good luck. He’s meeting with a client about a cooking job tonight.

Kaori – You too Mr. Robinson, and I’ll make sure to text him!

Well that was something-

Vira – Hey!

Shit she came out of nowhere.

Kaori – Oh shit, you scared me.

Vira – So!… you missed parts of the movie, but the  damn thing glitched up, and then turned off. People were boo-ing. They’re about to restart the movie in 5 minutes so I came out to get you.

Kaori – Oh wow… I heard the boo-ing out here.

Vira – Who were those guys you were talking to?

Kaori – Its my dad, and his childhood friend Jordan.

Vira – Oh your dad? crap.. I could have met him.

Kaori – You want to meet my dad?

Vira – Why not?…

Kaori – I guess.

Vira – What does he do? He looks fancy from behind.

Kaori – He’s a photographer.. and he has his own line of cameras. He shoots for celebs, and ad agencies- blah.

Vira – That is SO awesome. I’m actually on a break from all things painting currently. I’m doing photography now! What a coincidence! Maybe you can introduce us!

Kaori – Yeah! maybe…

HELL NO… and how fucking weird is that? she’s doing photography now? Just like my dad- Our dad…

Vira – He sounds like a cool dad…..I obviously don’t have one. I think I just like seeing father daughter relationships. Its a certain bond that I think is cute….

Kaori – Ah….

Vira – *sigh* That’s so pathetic…. God I’m a fucking mess…

Kaori – Why?

Vira – Because I convince myself that I’m strong, and that I’m SO okay with NOT having a dad… but you know… I love my mom… sure. I just think a father daughter relationship is powerful. I never had it, and I never will.. its just.. it makes me sad…

Kaori – …….Vira?

Vira – What?

That was your dad…..

Kaori – Its going to be okay….

Vira – Is it? Is IT KAORI? I don’t have Chris, I’m not talking to either of my parents! My sister is a fucking bitch! LIFE IS NOT OKAY!

Kaori – Don’t fucking yell at me!

Vira – …………………………………..

Kaori – ……………………..

Vira – I’m sorry…. I didn’t- I just lost it…

Kaori – No.. my bad.. I know you didn’t mean it.

Vira – *sigh*

Kaori – Well… atleast we had our first fight as friends….

Vira – I don’t ever want to fight with you. You’ve become someone important in my life.. a true friend.

Kaori – *smiles* Lets go pig out on popcorn and sour patch kids… lets just enjoy the movie and forget about real life for a while?

Vira – Deal *smiles*

*sigh* You know… I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no fucking idea what I’m doing with this Vira situation. On one hand I’m like.. this isn’t fucking fair.. to watch her fall apart, and be upset about things. Especially when I know where her dad is. Then on the other hand its like… maybe I’m supposed to be here. She seems like she doesn’t really have anybody else. I’m sure she has friends but.. yeah…

Ugh I don’t know. I’m really getting tired of this. I’m so close to just fucking telling her the truth- but if I do… then would it do more harm than good? Sooo many people would be hurt. My mom and dad, Victoria, Ivo… Then Vira, her two moms.. maybe even her sister. When it comes to family its like… I try and keep it together- minus Vanessa. Vira’s the missing piece… do I complete the puzzle? or should I just leave well enough alone?

(POV Trey)

Family time with my big brother Tyler! He’s so awesome. I love hanging out with him. After my culinary class, he asked me if I wanted to hangout and kill time before my meeting with Owen Roberts and the client. I figured it wouldn’t make sense to go all the way back to GloCity so why not.

Tyler – Who keeps texting you?

Not Dominic

Trey – Kaori texted me, to say good luck bitch. She’s so weird.. I didn’t even think she remembered I had the meeting tonight. Then Keegan texted me too.

Tyler – Such supportive friends.

Trey – Well as supportive as they are.. I wish we’d all just get back to where we were. We don’t even hangout as a group anymore.

Tyler – Maybe they’re busy.. doesn’t mean they love each other any less?

Who know’s its been such a disconnect with the six of us.

Trey – Maybe- Oh my god stop walking so fast Tyler!

Tyler – Can’t help it, I love speed walking.

Trey – How does America keep up with you?

Tyler – She’s a pretty fast walker too.

Trey – Well practice slowing down.. you’re going to be a dad soon.

Tyler – And you an uncle *smiles*

Cannot believe I’m going to be uncle Trey.. so weird. I’m totally going to spoil the baby though!

Trey – You and her have it all worked out. I’m really happy for you guys.

Tyler – Thanks baby bro…. You just gotta keep fighting. Sooner or later you’ll get what you’ve been fighting for.

Trey – This is going to sound weird…

Tyler – Hmm?

Trey – You getting that new fancy job, and announcing that America is pregnant… I… I felt young. Like I didn’t feel like an adult.

Tyler – Why?

Trey – You’re doing all of these adult things… I just felt like the little brother.

Tyler – You’ll always be the little brother no matter what though.

Trey – I know but… I just want to get my life started.

Tyler – Well let it happen.

Trey – You know I like to control everything.. which is unrealistic.

Tyler – That’s been you since you first started talking.

Very true…

Trey – I guess so.

Tyler – Trey what do you want?

Trey – You have to be more specific.

Tyler – In life…

Trey – I want my own catering business. I want a boyfriend, and I want all of my friends to hangout together like we used to.

Tyler – And what’s stopping you from having those things?

Trey – ……..

I don’t know…

Tyler – I know I’m jungle man.. monkey man.. but I think I’m pretty smart. So I’m going to talk, and I want you to listen.

Dad much?

Trey – Ooooh you sound like dad.

Tyler – *laughs* Do I?- That’s besides the point.

Trey – Okay… I’m all ears.

Tyler – You can have the catering company.. hell you can even have a show on foodnetwork if you wanted. Our family, and friends.. we have alot of connections. Even if you don’t want to go that route, you have it in you to make these things happen all by yourself.

Trey – You make me sound better than I really am Ty…

Tyler – No, you just fail to see your own greatness- and that brings me to the relationship.. boyfriend thing.

Trey – Oh god…

Tyler – Dinner was great, we met Uncle AJ’s boyfriend, and we met your guy… Dominic. Things were pretty good! and sure.. it got messy at the end, but why does that have to be a deal breaker?

Trey – It doesn’t… I’m just- look I’ll tell you like I told Nick. I’m scared that if I give it a go, that I’ll always be afraid to open doors with him. Who know’s what skeletons will fall out! Its like a endless supply of bones..

Tyler – He has that right. He has a right to have a past you know….

Trey – I know….

Tyler – I saw the way he looked at you all night. I saw the way you looked at him too. Don’t fuck it up!

Trey – Dad kinda did that already- Not that I’m really blaming him. Its rare that its a full house with family.

Tyler – He feels so bad about that…. but like you said he was really enjoying himself, and he had too much to drink.

Trey – *sigh*

Tyler – He thinks you’re mad at him.

Trey – I’m not… I mean.. I was- initially. Then I thought about how bad he and mom want to see me with someone. Its like, how can I be mad when my parents are not only accepting of me being gay, but push so hard for my happiness?

Tyler – *smiles* Right.. we all love you. We want you to bring guys home!

Trey – I know….. *frustrated sigh*

Tyler – What’s wrong? What’s got you so frustrated?

Trey – You’re lucky you’re straight.

Tyler – I get hit on by guys all the time. Probably the babyface..

Trey – I just mean… you don’t have to worry about certain things.

Tyler – You’re not ashamed to walk around with a guy…

Trey – I’m not, but I can’t control how THEY feel about things like that. You’re just lucky… You don’t have to deal with downlow fratboys.. though when we were together he wasn’t even a fratboy- god. Then we have Dominic who’s cute, smart… REALLY hit it off with the family. However he’s a walking talking skeleton closet.

Tyler – The fratboy… are you still in love with him?

Trey – No, I’m not still in love with him…… but… I’m also NOT a robot. My feelings don’t just erase that quickly. I still care, and love Aries. I’m just smart enough to know I deserved more. Realizing things like that I can honestly say I’m not in love with him.

Its hard loving someone who doesn’t even love themselves.

Tyler – You know you just said his name right?

Trey – Did I? well whatever we’re in Bridgeport, nobody is here right now anyway. Plus its not like you go to school with me- You better not tell America either. I will find you and choke you.

Tyler – Like you could… We used to wrestle alot, and you’d get so mad and start crying when I’d get you in a headlock *laughs*

Trey – I mean it Tyler! I’ll choke that tree trunk of a neck you have!

Tyler – Relax… I won’t tell America…

Trey – Aries is just…. I hate that I feel bad for him. I need to move on.. and I thought things were going good with Dominic… and then-

Tyler – You find out he was married to a guy with a kid, and his family history isn’t so clean?

Trey – Okay fine.. lets talk about it…. The marriage thing. It makes me wonder if he’s impulsive and doesn’t think before rushing into things. It also makes me feel small. I’m this college guy, and he was married to a MAN, to an adult male. He was playing step-father… what if he still loves him?

Tyler – Simple solution… ask him.

Trey – ….Then the Paisley thing.. like oh my god.. He told me things about his parents, and now I’m so confused… Is he secretive, or a pathological liar?

Tyler – Ask him…. how can you move forward.. and see if he’s the guy for you… without talking to him? You’re asking all the right questions Trey.. you’re just asking the wrong people. You’re asking yourself questions only he can answer, you’re asking me questions only he has the answers to. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Trey – Yes.. obviously… I need to talk to him.

Tyler – You do.

I hate when he’s right… but its true. All of the questions I’m constantly bringing up… they should just be directed at him. He is the one with the answers afterall.. atleast I hope.

Trey – Why does gay relationships have to be so complicated.

Tyler – Its only as complicated as you make it, besides…. you’re a known drama queen.

Trey – Oh shut up!

Female Voice – Trey! Tyler! Hey!

Oh good she’s here

Tyler, and I thought it would be a good idea if we invited Ivy along. Tyler’s my brother, Ivy’s his sister.. why not just all hangout.

Ivy – Sorry I’m late.. Kalia was being so ridiculous…

Tyler – Its okay, I was just giving Trey some advice about relationships.

Ivy – Mind throwing some this way?

Tyler – Well you are my little sister afterall…

Ivy – *smiles*

Trey – You’re not late by the way. Movie doesn’t start for another 30 minutes. Tyler made us come early just incase..

Ivy – Oh good…

Trey – What’s going on with you and my cousin?…

Ivy – Oh yeah… Kalia and Amina are your cousins..

Tyler – By marriage I’m related to the twins, but I don’t really have a relationship with them.

Ivy – Well… I’ve been suspicious about alot of crap lately. As you know she has a small apartment here in Bridgeport, and I live with her.

Trey – Right…

Tyler – What have you been suspicious of?

Ivy – She hides her computer screen when I’m around. She gets text at weird hours of the night- Oh.. and she comes home late sometimes. Plus I’ve seen a name multiple time.. someone named Nina… fucking bitch.. if she is trying to homewreck-

Tyler – She’s wrong, if she knows you’re in a relationship. However.. if this Nina girl has no clue, then its not her fault. Plus at the end of the day… If Kalia is cheating, its on her. She’s deciding to do it… you shouldn’t blame yourself, or other people.

Ivy – I guess I’m just used to always taking the blame for things.

Well I know for a fact that Kalia flirts with other girls on campus. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she was fucking around on Ivy.

Trey – Ivy?

Ivy – Yes?

Trey – Do you know Dominic Phan?

Ivy – Umm….. yes.

Trey – How do you know him?

Ivy – I see him at school….. …..Yeah.

Tyler – …………….

Trey – Okay well I know…

Ivy – You know what?

Trey – I know about he and Paisley…

Ivy – ……………………Oh, Well sorry. I just… He and Paisley really don’t like each other, and its been established that we don’t speak of it… I was just trying to respect their wishes..

Trey – Just trying to protect your cousin.. I get it.

Tyler – Holy fuck balls… Paisley is mom’s- Briana’s niece… so she’s my cousin too… how the hell did I not realize that?

Oh goodness he’s right

Ivy – Because you don’t talk to Paisley- and I don’t blame you. We were close, and now I feel like she’s become this big bitch. She thinks she’s better than everyone.

Trey – Oh god…. wow I’m incest!

Ivy – Wait.. just because you’re with Dominic doesn’t mean you’re in an incestuous relationship Trey.

Tyler – He’s being dramatic again…

[Cellphone Text Alert]

Trey – Wouldn’t it be funny if it were Dominic texting me right now? Like funny in the ironic sense?

Ivy – Is it?

Trey – *looks at phone* Umm… no. Its Frankie.

Tyler – You dated her right?

Ivy – Sorta.. but now our dads are together so… we’re kinda… sisterly.. ish… its an adjustment.

Hey, I just remembered you meet your client tonight. I’m stuck in class, so I couldn’t call. Good luck with everything. I’m sure you’re going to get the job and knock’em dead. Love ya ❤” – Frankie

Aww that’s sweet of her.

Thanks sweetie! I’m nervous but I’m hoping everything goes smoothly. That Owen Roberts guy will be there so.. yeah. You know.. I really hope he’s not fucking Scott. He seems sweet, and nice. Whatever the case.. thanks for wishing me luck. I love you too!” – Trey

[cell rings]

Tyler – Look who’s mr popular!

Ivy – I know.. text, and calls.. wow Trey… can I get your autograph?

Trey – Hello?

Jarrah (on phone) – Hey!

Trey – Hi!

Jarrah – Jeeps here too- say hi Jeep!

Jeep – HEY TREY! Good Luck tonight!

Jarrah – Yeah good luck babe!

Trey – Awww Thanks guys.


Ivy – So…. have you been to see mom?

Tyler – I have… I told her about my new job, and about…. some other news.

Ivy – Well that’s good.

Tyler – What about you?

Ivy – I haven’t seen her in 3 weeks….

Tyler – Why?

Ivy – Last time I went, she was having one of her bad days. She yelled at me… and pretty much said she wished I was aborted. Then she talked bad about my father, and his current relationship.. so… yeah. I just need a break from her, and all the drama.

Tyler – Are you really escaping the drama though? I mean things with Kalia don’t seem that great.

Ivy – Right…. hopefully that will change. Frankie actually has this brilliant idea, so hopefully my week will end on a good note.

Tyler – Stay positive lil sis.

Ivy – *smiles* Thanks Tyler… you’re very… big brother-ish.. and I appreciate it.

Tyler – Anytime. I never want you to feel alone. We have the same mother, we’re siblings.. don’t forget it. If you need anything, just call me.

Ivy – *smiles* Will do.


Trey – Where are you, what are you guys doing?

Jarrah – We’re on campus, waiting for time to pass.

Trey – How’s the laptop working out?

Jarrah – Jeep?.. Trey asked how’s the laptop- *laughs* He said its working fine, a little slower than his previous one, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Trey – I’m just glad Lenny helped him out.

Jarrah – Me too, so what are you doing?

Trey – I went to culinary class and slayed the girls. Now I’m killing time in Bridgeport. Ivy, Tyler, and I are about to watch a movie.

Jarrah – Aww how cute! The three siblings are together. I remember it was weird with Ivy before… Glad things have changed.

Trey – Yeah, same.

Jarrah – Oh my god, Aries just walked by….

Trey – Oh?

Jarrah – God.. he looks terrible… Should I say something?

Trey – I don’t know….

Jarrah – Oh dammit! spilled coke on my lap- Trey I gotta go. Good luck with everything. Love ya.

Trey – Thanks for calling, you and Jeep! love you guys too. *hangs up*

That was sweet of them- well of everyone to call, and text me.


Tyler – Ice cream before the movie?

Ivy – My treat!

Tyler – Nope I insist!

Trey – Don’t bother arguing with him Ivy… when he insist.. you have no chance. Just order something expensive and enjoy.

Ivy – Well in that case I’ll be getting the biggest Banana Split they have.

Tyler – Oh my god I was just thinking that!

Trey – Yeah… I’ll just get some rainbow sherbet or something- and before you guys make a gay joke.. Its because my tummy is already in knots. I don’t need to add dairy on top of that.

Ivy – I couldn’t make a gay joke considering I’m a lesbian *laughs*

Tyler – You’re not bi?

Ivy – Here’s the thing… for the most part I’m a lesbian…… but, I’m not against dating a guy if I meet the right one. I wouldn’t say I’m bi though, I’ll always love women.

Trey – That makes sense.

Well guys I’m going to go get ice cream. Then its movie time, and client time… I’m so nervous about it all, but the thing that’s making me feel better is all of the support from my friends and family. How lucky am I to have that in my life?………………..which makes me think about Dominic, and how his family is nothing like mine. *sigh* I’m going to text him, and see if he wants to talk… if he responds then good. If not then I’ll chalk it up to him being busy, or him being over me…. anyway later guys.

(POV Kaori)

Everyone is off working on the in house competition. Kyle and I are out for blood. I really want to impress Sasha, I mean Mrs. Nirav- wait she’s getting a divorce. So I guess I should call her Ms. Owens now. She’s my boss but I gotta admit, that bitch is a mess.

Kyle – So what about the slogan?

Kaori – I have a few ideas- What are you doing? What the fuck is that supposed to be? Excuse my language.

Kyle – I’m trying to make a package design… 

Kaori – Well….. that looks horrible.

Kyle – Do you want to take a shot at it?

Kaori – At what? drawing? *laughing* You’re making me choke on this soda…

Kyle – You don’t seem like you choke on much.

Kaori – ……………

Kyle – …………………that sounded wrong.

Kaori – It did…..

Kyle – I just mean you always seem up for a challenge.

Kaori – Well I can’t draw… but I can describe what I see in my head…

Kyle – Reminds me of Brie…

Oh look at Mr professional being social

Kaori – Oh look.. you’re mentioning your girlfriend.

Kyle – ……

Kaori – Is she still living in Magik City?

Kyle – Yeah……

Kaori – ……. That must- like.. suck.

Kyle – Yeah sure *clears throat* So what do you see in your head?

Kaori – A doughnut.. oh I want a doughnut 

Kyle – Can you focus?

Kaori – Sorry.. was just trying to lighten the mood. You always get so bothered when talking about Brie.

Kyle – I’m sorry for that.

Kaori – Its okay.

Like dude if your relationship stresses you out.. get the hell out of it.

Kyle – So umm.. what do you see?

Kaori – Well… Okay so its Gum… and fun…  how about-

Kyle – Kaori?

Kaori – Yes?

Kyle – I’m not happy…. there I said it.

Kaori – …….What are you not happy about specifically?

Kyle – I work hard. I had 4 meetings this week. I closed 3 of those deals. I want to work hard, go home and see my girlfriend. I want to hug her, kiss her. I want to make love to her. I can’t do any of that. Am I being selfish?

Kaori – ……….No. You’re not.

Kyle – I mean how long did I think this long distance shit would work?

Kaori – You love her, so you’re willing to lie to yourself. She’s doing the same thing..

Kyle – I went there, and this jackass was there- I don’t even want to talk about my visit there..

Kaori – Couldn’t have gone that bad considering you guys are still together.

Kyle – Why can’t she just come here?

Well.. she would if she loved you. I’m sure she could find a job here in Bridgeport…. but I’m not going to say that

Kaori – Well going by the things you’ve told me…. I’m guessing its because she has a job, and friends there.

Kyle – ……I’m important. She should be with me.. here.

Kaori – How much longer do you think you can deal with it? If things stay the way they are… will you call it quits?

Kyle – …….That’s such a scary question. We’ve been together since… since forever.

Kaori – You should figure out what you want, and then ask yourself is it worth not having it.

Kyle – Its not that easy

Kaori – Can’t be any harder than the reality…

Kyle – Hmm when did you get so smart?

Kaori – Shut up….

Kyle – Thanks.

Kaori – No problem…

Kyle – So wow.. that was unlike me.

Kaori – You had to let it out.

Kyle – What about you? I don’t want to be the only one sharing..

Kaori – What about me? Byron and I are fine… as far as my friendships-

Kyle – Yeah that-

Kaori – What about that?

Kyle – Well… okay.. I was at home… just looking at facebook. I looked at yours….

Kaori – Okay?

Kyle – There was a a few old posts. With that Frankie girl… really pretty, really exotic looking. She was your bestfriend?

Kaori – ………..Yeah.

Kyle – I don’t see post about her anymore, and I went on your instagram page…. no pics of her on there either. Oh and back on facebook why does your status still say its complicated? I thought you and your boyfriend were together.. Oh and who’s Hammer?

I don’t really want to talk about any of this… I need to change the subject.

Kaori – Wow… you internet stalked me.

Kyle – No- I just-

Kaori – How creepy Kyle… I mean I can just see you all shirtless, in your underwear being creepy looking me up.

Kyle – No, its not like that… I’ve just… I had a bestfriend and we stopped talking. It sucks-

Kaori – You have alot of time on your hands *laughs*

Kyle – I was just trying to get to know you..

Kaori – You could always ask me out for coffee or something.

Kyle – We’re both involved.

Kaori – I meant co-worker to co-worker. I get that while we’re here in office that you like to keep things professional- minus the past 10 minutes of course.

Kyle – Right.

Kaori – Maybe I’ll tell you about those things you asked.. another day. We still need to come up with a budget…. also we need to really decide on the angle we’re going to play with the ad.

Kyle – You’re right…. Sorry.

Kaori – You liked those bikini pics I had huh?

Kyle – Stop it… but speaking of which.. I noticed your dad posted on a few of them, and said you need to put more clothes on. He’s protective isn’t he?

Kaori – I’m just annoyed that he even has an instagram account. His pictures with Victoria aren’t exactly super PG.. Yuck.

Kyle – I don’t like you… sexually.

Kaori – Wow.. okay.. well that’s fine Kyle.

Kyle – Sorry that came out wrong. I just mean that I like you alot as a person, and that this won’t turn into an office romance. I love Brie.

Kaori – And I’m with Byron.

Kyle – Good, and with that being said.. maybe we should get coffee one day.

Kaori – Sounds good to me.

Female Voice – Kaori? you have a vistor

How unexpected…

Kyle – Hi Eva, you look pretty.

Eva – Thank you Kyle.

Kaori – Byron, what are you doing here?

Byron – I really needed to speak with you. Eva said it was fine?

Eva – No worries Kaori… Ms. Owens is out with her friend Jessica Nash. You won’t get in trouble.

Kaori – Alright- Oh umm Byron this is Kyle, my co-worker. Kyle this is my- boyfriend… Byron.

Kyle – Nice meeting you. She talks about you a lot.

Byron – Oh really? That’s… sweet. Nice to meet you too Kyle.

Eva – Are you guys working hard on the presentation?

Kaori – Yep!

Eva – We can’t seem to come up with a slogan.

Kyle – That’s another thing we’re still working on.

Kaori – Byron follow me.

Byron – Okay.

Kaori – I’ll be back in a minute Kyle.

Kyle – Take your time.. Eva will keep me company.

Eva – No problem!

Byron – Look at you at work… looking all mature.

Kaori – *laughs* Well.. gotta be professional…

I’m happy to see him, but also my stomach is doing backflips. Why is he here? I hope he’s not here to fuck me in a closet or anything. I want to have sex with him, but not in a closet…

Kaori – So umm.. not that I’m not happy to see you or anything, but… why are you here? What couldn’t wait till I got back on campus?

Byron – …..So I haven’t been able to focus on my practice for the gig….

Kaori – Why not?

Byron – …..Because I’m not being 100% honest with you.

Kaori – Byron, let me just say this. If you’re cheating? I will not only cut your dick off, but I will beat the girl’s ass too… Just a warning.

Byron – Wow… but umm.. no I’m not cheating.

Kaori – Okay so then what is it?

Byron – You told me you loved me.

Yeah fucker.. I did…

Kaori – Did I?

Byron – Yes, after I surprised you with the gift? and we were going to-

Kaori – I’m… I know what happened… and didn’t happen.

Byron – …….I’m here… in Bridgeport, picking up a new guitar….. I kept thinking about that night. I knew I had to come talk to you, before I convinced myself to not.

Kaori – ………………Okay.

Byron – So… You said it, and I didn’t say it back-

Kaori – Its fine or whatever that you don’t love me, I was just caught up in the moment. I don’t really know what love is. So I probably didn’t mean it-

Byron – Don’t do that… You said it, and you meant it. You love me, you’re in love with me.

Kaori – …….But you’re not in love with me.

Byron – I love you too Kaori, you need to know that.

He loves me too….. good.

Kaori – *smiles* Why didn’t you just say it when-

Byron – Because I had a panic attack…. but that’s- that’s why I need to talk to you.

Kaori – Okay well talk.

Byron – You telling me, that you loved me. Me realizing I loved you too. It made me freak out because there’s something I haven’t told you about me.

Kaori – Okay just spit it out, were you like born a girl or something? are you sick? what?

I hope he’s not like terminally ill or anything.

Byron – G.C.U. Isn’t for me anymore. I’m leaving school….

Kaori – …….I sorta knew something was weird.

Byron – But….. I’m not just leaving school…. I’m 80% sure that I’m going to travel… backpack through Europe.. find myself, and my sound.

What the fuck?

Kaori – Could you be more cliche? you’re backpacking through Europe?

Byron – I knew you wouldn’t understand…

Kaori – Its not that I don’t understand I just- Well… what the fuck does this mean for you and me?- and also.. if you love me, how could you even consider leaving?

Byron – I feel it in my gut.. that this is something I need to do. Something that I want to do. You know.. when you grow up living for other people.. it conditions you to never do things for yourself. I’ve lived for my father, and my peers for the longest time. Then I met you, and I knew I wanted to be free to be me.

So what the fuck are you saying Byron? like just fucking spit it out already.. dump me.

Kaori – ……Are you breaking up with me?

Byron – ……..No………. but.. how could it work if I’m in Europe, and you’re here?

Kaori – If you want something bad enough- I could come with you? transfer schools?

Byron – That would be selfish of me to ask that. Plus you’re really thriving here at this ad agency… don’t give up friends, family, and a career for me.

Kaori – ………..

Byron – *sigh* I love you.. and I don’t want to break up, but I also don’t want to be selfish-

Kaori – Stop.

Byron – …..

Kaori – Thanks for being honest.

Byron – ……You deserve that much.

Kaori – Can we talk about this… later?

Byron – Okay….

Kaori – We shouldn’t make any big decisions yet. We don’t know whats in the cards. You could do this show, and be offered a record deal.. you may not have to leave for Europe. You might end up in L.A. both my parents have houses out there.. it could all work out.

Byron – You’re right… we shouldn’t rush to any conclusion. *smiles*

Kaori – If you want to leave G.C.U. I get it.

Byron – Yeah… I’m for sure leaving G.C.U.

Kaori – I have to get back to work….

Byron – Come by my dorm later?

Kaori – As soon as I get off work…

Byron – I love you.

Kaori – …….Okay.. I’ll see you later.

Byron – ……………………………Okay.

Is this happening? like for real?

Kaori – *sigh*

Byron – ……….

I……………. Is the universe testing me? Give me a boyfriend, give me the strength to be open to love. Then just snatch it away? What type of cruel joke is that? I tell him I love him, and he passes out because he know’s he wants to leave? To me that panic attack says “I love this girl but I know in my heart that I’m leaving” I know he’s leaving… I just know he is. Why did I even bother getting into a relationship? I mentioned long distance, but look at Kyle and his girlfriend… that shit doesn’t work. I’m really bugging out right now. I just want to break up… I don’t know why I’m fighting for this… he clearly wants out.. out of G.C.U. Out of GloCity, out of this relationship.

(POV Trey)

God I’m shaking… and him staring at me doesn’t help. He smells so good too… 

Trey – Mr Roberts?

Owen – Call me Owen, I don’t think I’m that much older than you.

Trey – Okay… Owen?

Owen – Yeah?

Trey – Is he a nice guy?

Owen – Oh yeah! he’s the best- why are you nervous or something?

Trey – Yeah….. what if he doesn’t like me? what if he think’s what I’m wearing is too… gay?

Owen – You look fine, you look good.

Trey – Are you sure?

Owen – I’m positive…

Stupid outfit I’m wearing…. fuck I look so damn gay right now…

Trey – Does it look like bra straps?

Owen – No it looks like a tanktop- Trey.. I told you to come as you are. Trust me, he’s going to be casual too.. just relax.

Trey – Okay…

Owen – You’re going to kickass… you don’t have anything to be nervous about. The job is yours.. you just have to meet him, and say yes.

Trey – Okay… okay, I can do this. Thanks….

Owen – No problem.

He seems so nice, I can’t believe he’s having an affair with Scott…. lets see what I can find out… play it cool Trey.

Trey – You’re really… supportive… I can only imagine how lucky your girlfriend must feel

Owen – Girlfriend?………………………………I don’t have a girlfriend.


Trey – Oh?…. sorry I just assumed a good looking guy like you would be in a relationship.

Owen – Who says I’m not? *smiles*


Trey – True….

Owen – Why are you trying to ask me out?


Trey – Umm.. no, I-

Owen – I’m joking…. *laughs* are you always this tense?

So gay…

Trey – Pretty much.

Owen – Relax…. you got this!

Trey – Okay, if you say so.

Owen – Look, when he gets here I’m going to go stand by the elevator. I need to make a call, you won’t be out of my sight. I’m not going to just leave you here.

Trey – Thank god…*heavy breath* Okay! woo! relax Trey! You are the karate kid… wax on wax off.

Owen – That is adorable…. that movie is so old-

Trey – My dad loves the Karate Kid movies… except the Hilary Swank, and Jayden Smith ones… I personally like the Hilary Swank one…

Owen – *smirks* Didn’t take you for an action movie type..

Trey – Because I’m gay?

Owen – Because you come off super gentle, like all you really want is a couch, a romantic comedy, and your favorite blanket.

Trey – I want to say you’re way off.. but.. yeah.

Owen – I bet you’re a huge Anne Hathaway fan.. and probably Meryl Streep too.

Trey – How- Yeah… I am actually…. what kind of movies do you like?

Owen – I like anything… I work a lot so I don’t get to watch movies really often- The last movie I saw…

I know for a fact you saw a movie at a theatre.. that’s where Keegan saw you and Scott..

Trey – Tv? theatre? netflix?

Owen – Last movie in the theatre was “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix? I saw it with- This guy… but umm I actually couldn’t sleep last night, and I turned on netflix. I watched a movie called Weekend?

Trey – The gay movie?

Owen – Yeah… something wrong with that?

Trey – No!- no.. that’s cool.. straight guys and gay movies.. why not?

Owen – People are so quick to label…. but yeah.. I saw Weekend… It was… raw. Really raw, thats the only way I can describe it. Have you seen it?

Trey – Not yet… but I’ll be sure to check it out

Owen – Cool…

Gay movies on netflix, Meryl Streep?…. Gay and gay… so atleast I’m pretty sure he’s gay.. but rule of thumb, probably shouldn’t assume. I should just fucking have the balls to ask him…

Trey – So….

Owen – I could sure go for a drink… one of those apple martini’s.. I know its a girly drink but I like them.

Trey – Are you G-

No.. don’t…. don’t…. that’s rude..

Owen – Am I what?

Trey – Are you good to drive?

Owen – Umm yeah.. oh why because I wanted a drink?- I’m fine.. If I know I’m having a drink I’ll call a cab or something.

Trey – Oh okay..

Owen – That’s cute.. you’re looking out for me- Oh looks like the client is here.

Trey – Oh shit- already?……………okay.

Well its showtime.. here we go!

[Top Pic]

Owen – You’ll be fine. Relax… *wink*

Trey – Okay.

Owen – I’ll be right over there.

Trey – *nods yes*

[Bottom Pic]

Trey – Excuse me?-

Bartender – Yeah?

Trey – Can I have a sprite mixed with cranberry juice?

Bartender – 7up okay?

Trey – Sure.

Owen – Mr. G!

Tom – You know you can call me Tommy, or Tom.

Owen – He’s right over there.. and he’s super nervous… he thinks he’s dressed wrong.

Tom – Oh I don’t care about his clothes, What did you say his name was again?

Owen – Trey Robinson.

Tom – Heh….. I wonder if-

Owen – If what?

Tom – Nothing…

Owen – I have a call to make so.. I’ll be right here.

Tom – Alright.. and thanks for setting this up.

Owen – No problem.. that’s my job to connect business and consumers.

He looks familiar…

Tom – Trey?… Trey Robinson?

Trey – Yes sir- Tommy?

Tom – I knew you were Jordan’s son!

Trey – Oh wow…. wow… I was nervous for no reason at all.

Tom – How are you?- wow you’ve grown!

Trey – I guess I have since the last time you’ve actually seen me.

Tom – You graduate yet?

Trey – No not yet.

Tom – Still there with my daughter then.

Trey – Yeah I see Tyena all the time.

Tom – Good, good…

He’s one of my dad’s old friends.. thank god.

Trey – I wish I would have known the client was you ahead of time. I would be less sweaty.

Tom – You’re fine. I’m coming straight from the construction site.

Trey – Cool, cool..

Tom – So well.. I guess the job is yours if you-

Trey – Yes! yes… I want it.


Owen – Hey…. yeah I’m working….

Scott (On Phone) – So we can’t see each other later?

Owen – Probably not…

Scott – I told Issac I was working late at The Mothership…

Owen – Your step son… he’s sneaky.. we gotta be careful..

Scott – I know, I know… which is why night is so much better.

Owen – I’m sorry… I just, I have a lot of work I need to do before morning. I have a lot of clients…

Scott – This upsets me greatly. I really wanted to see you tonight.

Owen – Look who’s grown attached…

Scott – Make time for me tomorrow okay?

Owen – Okay…

Scott – Promise?

Owen – I promise

Scott – I gotta go.. one of my employees is coming in for a meeting… to explain some stupid article she wants to write…

Owen – Okay well I’ll call you tomorrow.

Scott – Bye.

Owen – Bye.


Tom – Great! So lets talk about what it is…

Trey – Okay, I’m all ears.

Tom – My beautiful girlfriend Jessica Nash. She’s an amazing woman. We bought a place together. I’m the happiest I have ever been. I love her.

Trey – Aww…

Tom – She’s aware of my feelings for her….. What she doesn’t know is that I’m planning on proposing to her.

Trey – Oh my god, that’s so sweet!

Tom – Basically we haven’t had a housewarming party yet. I’m going to invite her close friends, and my close friends- including your father to our place. I need you to cook all of her favorite meals, and before we eat I’ll say grace, and then thank everyone for coming.. then I’ll go into how much she means to me, and how we’ve both have grown as people. I’ll propose to her in front of everyone.

Trey – That…..sounds, perfect. So romantic.

Tom – I’m nervous, but I know she’ll say yes. The other day I saw her looking at a bridal magazine. Its funny because when we first met, she told me she’d never get married.

Trey – You’re not worried that she’ll say no?

Tom – Nope, she hid the magazine as soon as she saw me. I’m pretty sure she’ll say yes.

Trey – Good, good.

Tom – So does this sound like something you’ll be up for?

Trey – Yes, sir. All I need is the time, the place, and the menu.

Tom – We got two weeks to pull this off.

Trey – We can do it!

Tom – Okay, well I’ll be in touch- I’ll probably send Owen instead of me, since I’ll be working- I’m building a new bar in GloCity.

Trey – Wow, that’s awesome.

Tom – Yeah… I’m proud of myself.. got my own construction business.. doing big things. I wasn’t always this good of a person- but the past is the past, and it should stay there. Jessica know’s my shit.. and I know hers… and we’ve accepted each other. We go to church every Sunday also- anyway I’m rambling. I’ll send Owen next week and you guys can talk menu. Is that alright with you?

Trey – Perfect, just have him call me.. most likely we can just meet at my job- other job.

Tom – Hmm?

Trey – Manager of CakeCup

Tom – Oh wow.. I get doughnuts from there for the construction crew- well I send my assistant- but yeah.. I love that place.

Trey – *smiles*

Tom – Well alright you’ll hear from Owen and I soon. Thanks Trey!

Trey – No problem!

I was so excited, and happy. Something went right! It was almost surreal.. after I caught my breath, I went over to Owen, and said thank you. He told me he’d see me soon, and I did the gayest thing ever. I snapped my fingers and said “Yassssss you will”. I don’t know where that came from. Maybe I get extra gay when happy. The night was perfect! and how cute is it that Tom wants to marry Jessica?… I love romance!

I went outside to catch a cab and Rubi was waiting for me. Holy Shit…..

Rubi – Hey.

Trey – Umm.. Rubi, what are you doing here?

Rubi – I’ve been following you all day… I thought you were coming here for him

Trey – What the fuck? why? and who? who did you think I was meeting?

Rubi – Aries

Oh… my god… this is the worst case scenario…

Trey – Why?!

Rubi – Because…. I put things together Trey.

Trey – What kind of excuse for stalking is that?

Rubi – I know Aries is gay, and I know that you and him had something weird going on.

Deny deny deny… deny it all Trey..

Trey – Umm, you’re eating too much Yogurt, and its affecting your brain.

Rubi – Trey…. don’t make me look stupid.

Trey – I don’t know what you’re talking about Rubi, Aries is-

Rubi – He’s gay.

Trey – No-

Rubi – I knew before today.. I was 99.9% certain. Its the way he is with me, and…. yeah. I knew…. but I had to make sure.. so I’ve been following you around… hoping to catch you with him.

Trey – Rubi I need to go-

Rubi – I heard you.. I heard everything you told your brother at the movie theatre.


Trey – What the fuck! you were eavesdropping! that was a private conversation! stuff about my boy- my friend Dominic, family stuff with Tyler, and Ivy.. stuff about- That was fucking private Rubi! How dare you!

Rubi – Don’t you think I deserved to know that Aries was using me? That he’d never look at me how he looks at you?

Trey – ……….

Rubi – …….I knew he was gay.. and I knew something was up with you two…

Trey – So……what? are you going to blackmail me?

Rubi – No, I just wanted to truth….

Trey – …….Are you going to out him? please don’t do that-

Rubi – He’s already fucking depressed….I slept over at the frathouse.. he said your name in his sleep. I woke him up and asked him if he was having a nightmare. I told him he was screaming “Trey!”

Trey – ….

Rubi – He told me he was having a fucking dream about people beating him, and attacking him with lunch trays…

Trey – …..

Rubi – I’m using him too you know… I want Darell to notice me.. to want me like I want him. I love him, and I know its wrong but I do.

Trey – …..So what now?

Rubi – I’m not outing Aries, and I’m not breaking up with him.

Trey – Even though you know the truth?

Rubi – Yeah… He needs me… he needs you too, but that will never happen because he’s too stupid to finally step out of the closet….

Trey – I-

[Cellphone Text Alert]

Trey – ……

Rubi – You can answer your text….

Trey – Are you sure?

Rubi – Its fine…

Oh my god… she knows… this is it.. she fucking knows. Aries is going to lay on a fucking train track and kill himself. She’s the last person who needs this information

Rubi – Is it Aries?

Trey – No… its Dominic…

Rubi – *sigh* You know what’s fucked up?

Trey – What?

Rubi – Even though I’m basically his beard… I love, and care for Aries. I don’t want him to be sad.

Trey – I-

Rubi – You feel the same way I do.

Trey – ….Yeah.

Rubi – But you’re into Dominic….

Trey – ….I like Dominic but- well you heard my conversation earlier…

Rubi – Right… well its fucking conflicting. I want you to save Aries from himself, but at the same time you should be happy with Dominic too.

Trey – …….

Rubi – In a perfect world, I’d be with Darell, and you’d be twins. One for Aries, and one for Dominic.

Trey – How certain are you that his depression stems from… me?

Rubi – I think its you, and oddly enough Jonah.. and he’s so tense around Keegan too.

Trey – Hmm…

Rubi – Why did you stop texting Dominic?

Trey – He just said “hey Trey”, with a question mark. I said “Yes” with a question mark back.. he hasn’t replied.

Rubi – Aries hates my blowjobs.. and if I’m going to continue being his beard.. can you atleast give me pointers?

Trey – Rubi, I’m no professional.

Rubi – My gay brother said only a guy knows how to suck another guy’s dick, because he owns one himself, and know’s what he likes.

Trey – …..Rubi I am not giving you blowjob tips.

Rubi – Did you suck on the balls? lick the shaft and slam dunk the tip in the throat? what did you do when you sucked his dick?

Trey – Rubi lower your voice!

Rubi – …..I don’t want Aries hurting, so I’m just going to go along with it until he’s ready to come out… or atleast until I’m over Darell- Trey stop being a fucking pussy! just text him and tell him you want to meet.. god.

Trey – I’m not….a- what you said.

[Cellphone Text Alert]

Trey – Looks like I don’t have to… he just asked me if I’m free…

Rubi – You are.. go to him.

Trey – Are you going to be okay?

Rubi – Yes…

Hey,Trey?” – Dominic

Yes?” – Trey

Are you free to talk?, I know its late. I was working…” – Dominic

Umm.. yeah I’m free, but I’m in Bridgeport. I’m going to need a minute to get back to GloCity.. is that fine?” – Trey

No! this is perfect. I’m in Bridgeport too. I was tutoring some Bridgeport High School teenagers.” – Dominic

Oh okay well.. yeah that works… where are you? I can meet you there.. I’m right by a cab anyway” – Trey

I’m standing by a subway… but I want you to meet me at 362 Corrigan street… I’ll be at the dock…” – Dominic

Okay… see you soon.” – Trey

Trey – Well.. I guess my day in Bridgeport continues…

Rubi – Good.

Trey – Are you going to be okay?

Rubi – I’m fine, I’m just worried about Aries

Trey – … do you want to share a cab?

Rubi – I should walk.. I’ve been gaining weight like crazy…

Trey – No Rubi.. you’re sharing a cab, and I’m dropping you off at the subway station… I’ll pay.

Rubi – Fine….

Trey – I’m sorry….

Rubi – What for? I was horrible to you in the past.

Trey – That doesn’t mean I was laughing at you about the Aries thing. If anything I thought it was wrong how he was using you.

Rubi – Well I’m not innocent, I’m using him too… I don’t want to talk about this. I want to get back to GloCity.. back on campus and hit up the GCU diner. I want a bacon burger so bad… helps me calm down… and a strawberry milkshake… and onion rings… Do you like Onion rings Trey?

Trey – They’re okay.

Rubi – Mmm I can just smell ’em now… ………………… Trey?

Trey – Yeah?

Rubi – I… don’t tell anyone about this conversation okay?

Trey – I won’t

Rubi – Promise?

Trey – I promise.

Rubi – Not even Chace, or Lenny…

Trey – Not them, or my other friends.. this is our secret.

Rubi – Okay good.

I’m so scared, but so relieved at the same time. She knows, and she seems to really care about Aries. So I doubt she’d do anything to hurt him- atleast I hope she doesn’t. Rubi’s weird.. I don’t know what she’s thinking. She often puts on a show, and becomes this outrageous character. I just hope under all of it is an actual human being with real feelings. My sanity.. and Aries’s life depends on it.

And see here I go worried about other people instead of myself again. I have the opportunity to talk to Dominc.. about everything. I’m taking this, and I’m going to ask as many questions as I need to. I need to know what I’m up against. I need for his answers to my questions to prove that I can take the chance and be with him. This is a make or break conversation… I’m nervous.. more nervous than I was was walking into this bar. Cross your fingers this goes right.. and pray for Aries.. I don’t know if I can trust Rubi. I’ll see you guys in a bit.

(POV Kaori)

So after work…. I walked around Bridgeport before heading back to GCU. I got there and Byron was sleeping…  I woke him up when I knocked on the door. He looked so cute just sleeping. I could tell he had been crying but of course he wants to play the macho role, and pretend he wasn’t. I told him that he shouldn’t be stressed out and freaking out.. whatever is going to happen is what’s going to happen. We were about to get deeper into the conversation but then his mom called. I told him we’d talk later, that I wasn’t going anywhere. ……….

That was until My dad called me and asked that I get to his house as soon as possible. I could tell something was wrong… So I didn’t bother getting dressed, I rushed over there in my pajamas. I got there and to my surprise Victoria was back from L.A. This can’t be good…

Victoria – Those boxes go to Europe on the 1st. Are you an idiot?- Just do what I told you. I don’t have time for this, I have a million things I have to do, get it together and collect yourself. Goodbye.

Kaori – ………

Victoria – *hangs up* Hi Kaori.

Kaori – Hey…

Victoria – Sorry about that. Was taking care of some business. If you ever have your own?… never hire idiots.

Kaori – *laughs* What are you doing back?

Victoria – Well… your father needed me… I took a jet and just got here.

Kaori – So you don’t know what’s going on either?

Victoria – I’m afraid I’m also in the dark.

Kaori – Oh……

Victoria – Last time he did this, he had good news. So maybe its that?

Kaori – I guess…. maybe… Where is he?

Victoria – He’s upstairs… he said he’ll be down shortly.

Kaori – Alright….

Victoria – I need to go call Taylor Carter who’s in charge of the V-Glam office in Bridgeport. I’ll be right back.

Kaori – I’ll go lay on the couch then…

Well… Maybe my dad has a gift for me or something? if its just Victoria and I here… 

Heh… well I stand corrected. Everyone is here… even the predator himself.. Torrance.

Ivo – Hey sis…. you look-

Torrance – Cute PJ’s

Alana – *laughs*

Kaori – Why is she here?

Ivo – We were at dinner when dad called. I wasn’t going to make her wait in the car like a dog.

Torrance – Your dad said It was okay that I came in. He considers me family.

Kaori – Gross, and inaccurate.

Torrance – God, grow up already.

Kaori – Your dreadlocks look beautiful *smiles*

Torrance – So rude….

Alana – How are you miss Kaori?

Kaori – I’m okay… I guess. You?

Alana – Oh I’m fine. I wasn’t doing anything when Vince called. Just eating chocolate, and skyping with Morgan Hill- you remember her right?

Well how could I not remember Morgan Hill.. she enabled Keegan with drugs. She helped you steal a dress from V-Glam. She worked with Jarrah there, and she got fired. Not to mention she brought Vira to that club when you took me there.. thus me… and Vira… meeting…

Kaori – Yep…. big blue eyes, big tits… I remember her.

Ivo – What now?

Torrance – Excuse me?

Ivo – Joking.. you’re all I need babe.

Torrance – I’d hope so considering I rock a C cup

Alana – Kaori, Morgan Hill says you and Vira have been hanging out? I didn’t expect that.

Kaori – Why do you keep saying her name like that? “Morgan Hill” Like.. do you have to say her last name?

Alana – She’s a brand.. its her new niche, anyway.. so you and Vira… friends?

Kaori – We- yeah.. she’s cool… you know I like meeting and talking to different people.

Alana – Since when?

Bitch stop interrogating me…

Kaori – God you’re fat… are you pregnant or something?

Ivo – *laughing*

Torrance – Oh my god, she doesn’t know she’s pregnant?

Ivo – She knows… she’s just being…… Kaori.

Alana – Ha Ha very funny brat. I’m happy to see you too….

Kaori – *smiles* ……. So umm.. I’m guessing nobody know’s anything?

Torrance – We’re all just waiting.

Kaori – ………………..Okay.

Ivo – Well sit down Kay’… lets catch up…

Torrance – So Alana.. what do you do?

Alana – You swear this is the first time we’ve met Torrance.

Torrance – Well when we first met I don’t remember you having a job- No offense of course.

Alana – None taken my dear…. Obviously I’m expecting a child with my boyfriend Sebastian Darwin. Besides that I’m running a business.

Kaori & Ivo – What?!

Bitch since when?

Torrance – Oh?

Alana – I’ve opened up a online shop. I make jewelry, also I have a online blog

Torrance – *trying not to laugh* You write?

Alana – Its a new hobby… I blog, so yes I write-

Ivo & Torrance – Bloggers are not writers

Kaori – Snobs….

Torrance – What do you blog about?

Alana – Its like a day by day thing.. I’m a mother to be… and you know my hopes and fears about being a mom.. stuff like that. I even had a chat function implemented so I can talk to others who are pregnant, or have kids. I’m building a community on my blog.

Heh… well I guess that’s cool?

Kaori – ……………………….. Well you know what Alana? Good for you. You’ve come a long way from sucking old man balls to get money.

Alana – I hate you.

Kaori – I know *smiles*

Torrance – Well that’s cute Alana.. That’s great.

Ivo – Yeah, good for you.

Kaori – I don’t have any news, I’m just kicking ass at GCU now, and at work… I’m an intern but If I work hard enough I’ll be hired.

Torrance – That’s great.

Ivo – Proud of you sis.

Alana – Princess is growing up!

Victoria – *walks in and sits down*

Ivo – I’m doing press for my book. Its coming out next week… so I’m very excited about that. Also I’m working on a follow up. Part of me wants to make this book a series, but I’m not sure.

I can’t wait to read the book to be honest. I mean its loosely based on my brother, jarrah’s brother, and Frankie’s sister… It should be a good read, and I don’t even like books.

Torrance – The book is amazing.

Alana – What do you do Torrance?…. conducting any new social experiments?

Kaori – *laughing* Drag Her…. Drag HA ass Alana!

Torrance – Well I’m not blogging about babies- or interning at ad agencies.. but I’ve taken about four meetings so far for an editing position. One that offers me a book deal too. I have many choices, and regardless of what I do.. I won’t have to rely on a man for his money- no offense-

Alana – None taken-

Torrance – Oh I meant no offense to my boyfriend… he likes to buy me things.

Ivo – And you never like accepting them!

Torrance – I still love you.

Ivo – You better.

Torrance – How could I not daddy…

Ivo – I’m going to fuck the shit out of you when we leave..

Kaori – EW!

Victoria – Oh my!

Ivo – Oh shit Victoria- I didn’t see you-

Victoria – Its okay…. young people are sexual.. I get it…

Torrance – …..Hello Victoria.

Victoria – Hi…………Torrance.

Kaori – Where’s dad?

Victoria – He’s coming down in a sec.

Vince – I’m here….

Wow he looks sad…. what the fuck?

Kaori – Daddy are you okay?

Victoria – What’s going on honey?

Ivo – Dad?

Vince – …….I’ve called you all here… to tell you something. To prepare you, for what is going to happen soon.

Torrance – That’s ominous sounding…

Can she shut the fuck up? like *imitating Torrance* “oh my god this is all so ominous! I’m Torrance and I must say things like OMINOUS!”

Alana – Shut up please….

Thank you Alana

Torrance – You’re lucky you’re pregnant…

Victoria – Both of you need to be quiet and let my husband talk.

Kaori – What’s going on dad, I can’t take all of the cryptic talk.

Vince – You go through life… and you make mistakes. You fall, and you get up. The past stays in the past, and everything is fine. Until it comes back and bites you in the ass. You try to help people… and then you see who they really are….

Victoria – Vincent…. what is going on?

Vince – Kaori… Princess…. you were right, and I should have listened to you.

Ivo – What was she right about?

Vince – ……two hours ago… I was notified that I’m being sued for sexual harassment… by the girl I hired.. Paisley Adams.

My heart dropped to my stomach…

Kaori – NO! That fucking bitch!

Torrance – Are you serious? you’d never do that!

Ivo – Lawyer up dad, teach the bitch a lesson!

Victoria – ………….Why would she do this?

Vince – I don’t know, and umm.. its more complicated that than it seems.

Alana – How so?… I mean you can fight this right dad?

Kaori – Let him talk!

Vince – Well… Some things happened in my past with….

Kaori – Oh my god…. Oh my god! Its because of what happened with-

Victoria – Vanessa and Kokoro…

Torrance – Wait.. his sister, and ex wife? …..Ivo?…. what happened with your mom and aunt?

Ivo – My aunt and my dad didn’t always get along.. and my grandparents left him money.. most of it. She was mad, and she basically blackmail my mother who was going through a tough time… her mom was dying and she couldn’t afford meds so she stole them from the hospital. Aunt Vanessa blackmailed her into sleeping with my dad, seducing him…. and then say he raped her… and then she’d get money.

Torrance – Why the fuck would she do that to her own brother?!

Thanks alot Vanessa…  fucking cunt you ruined out lives!… blackmailing my poor mom.. fuck!

Kaori – And people wonder why I hate her!

Ivo – My mom knew it was wrong, and she told my dad everything… and they fell in love… its weird-

Kaori – Oh my god.. I told Paisley all of that… we were bonding and getting drunk… and she told me about her parents, and I told her how my parents met.

Victoria – So that’s how she got the idea to do this?

Vince – *Frustrated sigh*

Alana – Oh my god.. and because Daddy Vince has been sued in the past… this will seem- wow.. I- the bitch is smart

Kaori – I’m going to kill her.. like I’m killing her! *crying* Why would she do this?!

Victoria – ……

Ivo – Dad?

Vince – Because of the past… this now will get more complicated…. You know if this gets out… this could be bad..  both my business, and Victoria’s business can suffer.. people react too quickly when hearing these things. She’s a young college girl, and I have a past. They will take her side.. I’m fucked.

Kaori – *crying* Get some bail money because I’m going to jail.. I’m going to beat the shit out of her!

Ivo – STOP IT! fighting isn’t going to help anything!

Torrance – Your brother is right-

Kaori – Shut the fuck up dreadlocks!

Alana – ……Wow….. this is too much… 

Victoria – Vince we need to talk upstairs…

Vince – I know.. I know….

Kaori – What are you going to do dad?

Ivo – Yeah… what are your options here?

Victoria – Too many questions guys, He needs a minute.. I’m going to go talk with him upstairs.

Ivo – Kay?

Kaori – *crying*

Ivo – Don’t cry okay?… its gonna be fine..

Kaori – I’m so mad Ivo! *crying*

Alana – I need to get home… but I also want to stay here.

Ivo – You’re pregnant.. you should be relaxing in your own bed Alana.

Torrance – I’ll drive her to Bridgeport and then come back?

Ivo – Yeah.. that works.. or you can just go to your hotel?

Torrance – If you’re sleeping here, I want to be with you.

Kaori – No way I’m leaving.. I’m staying…

Ivo – Then its settled.. Babe, take Alana home, and come back here. Kay’ and I will talk to dad…

Torrance – Okay.

Ivo – Drive safe.

Alana – Thanks for the ride.

Torrance – No problem.

No problem is what I wish we had, but that is not the reality. I warned my dad, I told him that this was a bad idea. He should have listened to me, and never hired that bitch. Now she’s trying to come up off my family? She’s the worst.. she’s the devil.. I thought maybe she could change but she is the worst person I have ever met. I never should have trusted her when we met. She made me believe I was her friend. We were working together… I’m so fucking angry right now I can’t even think straight. Nothing else fucking matters.. Paisley Adams is suing my dad for sexual harassment, and because of Aunt Vanessa?… we’re fucked!

(POV Trey)

The cab ride here I just kept replaying the day in my head. I’m really worried about Rubi.. I don’t want her to destroy lives. Also I’m just really anxious to talk to Dominic about everything too. Shockingly I’m not nervous about that, because at this point… I just want some answers. Ah there he is… just standing there…. that’s not dramatic at all…

Trey – Dominic!

Dominic – Oh hey.

Trey – Sorry I’m late.. cab driver got lost…

Dominic – Its okay, I haven’t been waiting long. I kinda took my time getting here if I’m being honest.

Trey – Oh…

Dominic – You look cute…

Trey – Thanks… and you have facial hair… different… but cute…

Dominic – So should we sit?

Trey – Umm yeah… guess we should talk…

Dominic – Yeah… its about time huh?

Trey – …..Yeah

Well here we go.. lets pray that I get all the answers I need.

Silence….. atleast its a pretty night.

Trey – ………… I like it out here…

Dominic – I usually come here to think…. I really like Bridgeport…

Trey – Its pretty at night..

Dominic – Very busy during the day, but calm.. and pretty like you said at night.

Trey – …..Dom?

Dominic – Yeah?

Trey – I don’t hate you, and I’m not judging you… I’m just confused…. and maybe we rushed into things-

Dominic – So it begins… you’re pushing me away.. which I’m not saying I don’t deserve.

Trey – I-… you’re right… Its my coping mechanism.

Dominic – Look just hear me out, ask your questions… and then decide what you want to do.. deal?

Trey – Deal.

Dominic – So what do you want to know first?

Trey – I guess the paisley thing?…  You told me your mom was a Filipino woman… whom you’ve never met. She dropped you on your fathers doortstep and that was that. That your dad took care of you.

Dominic – Okay so…. Umm… Well.. alright so My dad Christian… he had a wife, and a daughter.

Trey – Liana, and Paisley…

Dominic – Yeah… and he travels… and so he went to new york..

Trey – So it wasn’t the Philippines?

Dominic – No…. umm.. my dad.. well he likes sex. So he…..He met a hooker at a bar. They… did it… my dad returned home to Liana, and Paisley. Nine months later my dad went back to new york for business, and that’s when the woman he slept with- my mother. She told him I was born. My dad didn’t want me, because for him  I was the thing that would ruin his marriage.

Trey – …..

Dominic – So My dad ignored her, and you know.. he went about his business. The day he was packing to leave to go back home. There was a knock on the door. A note, and a baby… aka me. The note basically said she couldn’t give me the life I deserved, and that he should do the right thing. That she never wanted kids, and she was selfish… that she couldn’t keep me.

Trey – Wow…

Dominic – So instead of giving me up to the system… my dad shockingly did the right thing. He took me back home. Liana was pissed… two kids? Liana didn’t sign of to raise someone else’s baby. Liana was so resentful… she hated me..

Trey – Right…

Dominic – But she did… she raised me.. along with my dad- who made more trips to different cities.. probably fucking different women.. this time remembering to wear a condom.

Trey – …

Dominic – When I was 13 Liana had had enough of my dad. She kicked us both out, and we found a place here… in Bridgeport. Nobody knew me here, and I was free to grow up and be okay. Dad was financially fine.. so.. yeah.

Trey – How do you know all of this?

Dominic – Well… I remember my 15th birthday… My dad had just gotten back from new york. He… he never really liked me either I feel- but.. he knew I was his responsibility so… whatever. Umm.. So we’re eating food, and cake.. to celebrate, and all of a sudden I see a woman in the window.

Trey – Your mom?

Dominic – She followed my dad back… she was dirty, and broken…. My dad let her in, so she could clean up.

Trey – Okay….

Dominic – She showered and… God I shouldn’t be telling you this..

Trey – You can stop if you want..

Dominic – No… Its… umm.. *sigh* My dad told me to go to my room. Of course I cracked the door to hear everything. They argued and She asked him to let her stay. He said no, and to get out….. She grabbed the knife I cut my birthday cake with…. and…

Trey – Oh my god

Dominic – Well she killed herself… in front of me, and my dad.

Trey – Dominic….. I’m so sorry.

Dominic – My dad had no choice but to tell me everything.

Trey – ……

Dominic – But umm.. yeah……………That’s my life.

Trey – …..We can stop.. you don’t have to tell me about the marriage thing…

Dominic – No… I want you to know everything…

Trey – But you-

Dominic – ……. I went through life kinda numb. I rarely spoke to my dad, he left me home alone anyway….. So I just started working.. got good grades and stuff. It was my senior year of high school. I was working, and I knew what I wanted to do with my life. So I was working at this coffee place. I’d see this guy, and this girl come in all the time. They made small talk, they were nice.

Trey – JT?

Dominic – Yeah… and his friend… Kate. So like I’d always talk to them, they were older.. already in College or whatever- Long story short… like… maybe a year later I started to notice he’d come in by himself. I asked him where’s Kate but he wouldn’t really respond. I thought he hated me.

Trey – She died?

Dominic – She got cancer, and she wanted a baby. She and JT had the girl… and then like out of nowhere one day she had a ruptured aneurysm. Leaving JT with the kid. So like…. he was crying at the cafe, and he told me everything. We became closer.. and.. you know I was nice with Emma- the baby. We kinda fell for each other… I think because he was hurt he wanted a close bond…

Trey – Which is why he asked you to marry him?

Dominic – I said yes… because I loved him, and also because well..

Trey – You never had a family….

Dominic – Right….

Trey – ……..So then what happened?

Dominic – Well you know.. our age difference, and we… we knew we rushed it….. So we separated.

Trey – You’re still married to him?

Dominic – Oh no, we’re divorced or whatever…… Yeah. Wow.. I’m pathetic…

Trey – …..No you’re a survivor.. you’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. You’ve lived a horrible life.. and you didn’t turn to drugs or anything. You instead decide to go down a career path that would help you understand people.. and why they do the things they do.

Dominic – ….I guess.

Trey – I’m sorry you had such a bad life.

Dominic – Its not your fault…

Trey – I know but still…

Dominic – I just… even talking about this is.. its rough. I’m not the damsel in distress type. I’m hard, I’m muscle, I’m brawn. I’m steel. I don’t let things get to me… I’ve had to be this way cause I’ve always been alone.

Trey – Wait a minute… no. You’re not alone.. come here…

Trey – You have me. I’m not going anywhere.

Dominic – They always say that….

Trey – I’m different….

Dominic – I know you are…

Trey – We can go as slow as you want…

Dominic – I like slow…

Trey – Okay.

Dominic – I don’t want to fall into old patterns…

Trey – Dominic, I really like you. I want to be with you.

Dominic – I really like you too.

Trey – My family loved you…

Dominic – I… they made me smile..

Trey – Can we move forward?

Dominic – If you really want to… yes, I’d like to take a journey with you.

Trey – *smiles* You’re handsome, smart, strong.. how could I not?

Dominic – You sure its not because I just told the saddest of stories?

Trey – No… If I didn’t like you.. I probably would have never came here.

Dominic – ….*smiles*

Trey – No more secrets between us okay?

Dominic – Okay… lets make a pact….

Trey – Alright. From now on… Honesty only.

Dominic – Honesty only.

Trey – ……..You’re amazing…

Dominic – No you are… anybody else would have ran the other way…

Trey – I’m not anyone else…

Dominic – I know… you’re different…

Trey – I am…

Trey – I could lay here with you forever… god that’s so corny…

Dominic – Its corny… but corny is good.

Trey – I think I might love this place…

Dominic – I told you it was great…. great for thinking-

Trey – Great for laying with a great guy.

Dominic – ….Hey… how did your job thing go?

Trey – …..It went perfect… just like right now.

Dominic – So you got the job?

Trey – Yeah… but… something happened after..

Dominic – Oh?

Trey – With Rubi….

Dominic – Aries girlfriend? the one who eats yo-

Trey – Yes her…

Dominic – Well what happened?

Trey – She knows…. she knows everything.

Dominic – She know’s Aries is gay?

Trey – Yeah… …. and she knows he and I were involved.

Dominic – Shit…

Trey – She had been following me around town, and she-

Dominic – …………….what? why’d you stop talking?

Trey – We can talk about this later.

Dominic – You sure?

Trey – Yeah… I’m enjoying my time with you here.

This isn’t about Aries.. Not to minimize his situation, I just feel like this night is about Dominic and I. I don’t want to ruin it by talking about my ex.

Dominic – Okay.. *smiles*

Trey – You may need to show me some other cool places here.

Dominic – Hey you up for an adventure?

Trey – Yeah!

Dominic – I have an early class-

Trey – So do I.

Dominic – But fuck it.

Trey – Yeah fuck it!

Dominic – I want to show you this really cool spot I used to hangout at when I was 16.

Trey – Oooh is it romantic?

Dominic – Oh yeah.. I had my first kiss there…

Trey – With a boy?

Dominic – With a girl… I was trying to convince myself I was straight..

Trey – I’d love to hear that story…

Dominic – Come on.. lets go explore! You wanna?

Trey – I’m with you.

I held back on inner thoughts during his stories. I didn’t want to cloud anything, I just wanted to listen..  I cannot believe his story is so tragic. It makes stupid little things not even matter. Little things people bitch and complain about are so…. insignificant compared to this. He know’s real hurt, real pain. I feel so bad for him, and I just… I want to be there for him. Not even because of sympathy, but because he’s so inspirational. He’s gone through SO much shit and he’s still just a really good guy. A strong, determined guy. With a beautiful soul… I’d be a fool to let him go. I’m tired of being alone, I really like him. I’m going for it this time.

~End Of Chapter Four Pt | Chapter Four Pt is Next~


  1. Awwwwww cuddles with Dominic. That was sweet. Does this mean that Trey has finally found true love?? Dominic has a shady past but it’s not his fault. He was the victim. Trey could be just the right person to help him move on. But OMG Rubi is a stalker :p. That was a little creepy of her to follow him all over town like that lol. Weirdo. But at least she’s not being so evil these days. And now Trey gets to work with Tom! Tom used to be complete scum but has changed so much LOL. Speaking of scum…….

    Paisley is indeed the scum of the earth!! (the predator reference was appropriate!) I would love to see Kaori beat her up for this >:(. Poor Vince. It’s so screwed up that he gives Paisley a break and then she turns around and does this! I hope he can get out of this mess but like he said; it’s not going to be so easy now..he already has a record >_>. But on another note, excellent job on the movie theater :D! I always wished that TS3 had a theater where you could actually see the inside. I also like seeing Kaori and Vira together. I just wish Kaori would tell her that they’re sisters!! I do worry that if she does that, Vira might be upset with her for not telling her after all this time :\.. Oh, that was also quite the bomb Byron dropped on Kaori >.<. In a way I'm on her side with this one. It's really not fair for him to lead her on like that. The first guy she falls in love with wants to leave her. He should have told her earlier on!! I know he's in love too but still! :p

    1. Oooh I’m late replying to this, forgive me doll 🙂

      The Dominic & Trey scene was originally going to be at a different location. I decided last minute to build that place in Bridgeport and do it there because the location MAKES the scene in my opinion. I wanted it to feel intimate yet BIG.. which makes no sense- but what I mean is.. I wanted it to be them alone.. with blue lights and water.. but then the BIG city behind them. Almost metaphorically to say that at the end of the day.. they’re small in this big world.

      Rubi’s a wild card.. its scary dealing with her. She seems to care about Aries, but is she even really trustworthy? She’c capable of stalking.. maybe she should be a private detective instead of a filmmaker lmao.

      When writing this season.. I knew I wanted to use Vince and Kokoro’s story as a callback. I wanted to show the past affecting the present. Even though Vince is a completely different man now, he has no choice but to be reminded of his past. Paisley is THE WORST… Kaori is out for blood.

      Speaking of.. Her and Vira are so cute as sisters… Its crazy how close Vira was to seeing her father for the first time. Though… even if she had met him, she’d have no clue he was her dad.. Poor Thing. Then we have Byron… He’s so disconnected from GCU, and just wants to live his life how he wants. Sadly… his love for Kaori is also a big part of his life… guess we’ll see what happens with that..

      Oh and I’m almost done taking pictures for the last part of chapter 4. Keegan and Frankie’s POV will NOT disappoint… some SHIT goes down… Stay turned- and as always thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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