{BnG Season 2} Chapter Four Part 1 : “Happy Go Sucky”

Chapter Four | Pt. 1 “Happy Go Sucky”

-POV’s : JeepJarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jeep)

Hey guys… so the stars aligned and looks like Collin and I actually got to do some bonding. Which is great, I like Collin a lot. I think its important to at least have some sort of friendship with your roommate. Otherwise it would be awkward as hell- but yeah. We talked about our classes, and I eventually asked him about his girlfriend Elena. She was coming off really annoying and stalkerish at the Sorority party. I was curious how he felt about it. Long story short? He hates it. We ended up changing subjects and switching to the best thing ever besides movies. COMICS.

Jeep – Really? you’re one of those guys?

Collin – Yeah- wait what? one of what?

Jeep – The ones who loves indie movies.

Collin – I like movies period, but I have to say.. indie films.. they do it for me. I really don’t like all of the blockbuster crap- unless its those comic films-

Jeep – Marvel is amazing-

Collin – Eh.. I like DC. Batman, Superman.. Wonder Woman!

Overrated, too powerful, bland.

Jeep – But…. Nolan’s batman movies were okay- just okay, and Man of Steel… kinda crappy. Wonder Woman isn’t even getting her own movie!

Collin – Show’s what you know Marvel fanboy. DC just signed a chick to play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman Vs Batman film, plus she’s signed on for two additional movies. Justice League, and her very own Wonder Woman movie! Ha!

Jeep – *laughs* Oh please! That’s if Batman vs Superman even gets made. They just pushed it back, and apparently Ben Afleck is not very happy on set. Rumor is he’s thinking about leaving the project. So good luck with that- and L-O-L at you even thinking Justice League is going to happen!

Collin – Throwing stones in a glass house are we? Sure Marvel has it together in terms of structure, but lets not act like Ironman 3 wasn’t a big pile of shit. It was horrible!

Jeep – I happen to think it was amazing.

Collin – At least DC is ready to have a female superhero film.

Jeep – I suspect Captain Marvel will get her own film in phase 3 or 4… also Black Widow is pretty much co-headlining the new Captain America movie.

Collin – ……I don’t think we can be friends anymore *laughing*

Jeep – *laughs* Well hey it could be worse… look at those shitty X-Men movies…

Collin – They were alright.. then the third one got stupid.

Jeep – First Class was great though.. then Bryan Singer had to come back.. You know Days of Future Past is going to suck!

Collin – Well.. I wonder if it will lead into the X-force or X-Men Apocalypse films

Jeep – You know it will.. Its a time traveling movie.. it will probably make a lot of sense that the actions from days of future past have a big affect on things, causing the age of apocalypse or something.

Collin – Good ideas.. but Bryan Singer sucks- Hey why are you bashing the X-men movies? they’re part of marvel! thought you were a fanboy!

Jeep – Sure the X-men brand is part of marvel- BUT the rights to the movies is sold to fox.. so I consider them the enemy..

Collin – Do you watch Agents of Shield?… I watched like 4 episodes and it sucks.

Jeep – I’m sure you’re going to call me a fanboy for this- but I’m giving it a chance. Its gotten better, and with Lady Sif making an appearance soon in episode 15- PLUS the news that the accident that Mike was in will turn him into Deathlok… I’m thinking the rest of this season will be stellar.

Collin – Wait wait wait Lady Sif?….from the Thor movies? she’s going to guest star on Shield?.. she’s so hot! you know who she reminds me of?

Jeep – Who?

Collin – Your cousin… Jarrah. She should totally dress up like Lady Sif.

Jeep – Ew….

I will never jerkoff to Lady Sif again. Thanks Collin

Collin – So what brings Lady Sif to the show? because I doubt Thor himself will be there.

Jeep – Apparently she’s on earth hunting down Lorelei- which is a character from the Thor comics.

Collin – I know who Lorelei is, she’s sisters with Amora… who’s kinda kicking ass in that all female X-men comic right now.

You’re probably so lost…  you should probably go google- better yet go read a marvel wikia or something. Its amazing how much comic information I fit in my head.

Jeep – Yeah she, joined the sisterhood- wait you read that?

Collin – Okay fine.. I like some marvel stuff.. happy?

Jeep – You read it because the artist usually draws the girls hot… admit it.

Collin – I plead the fifth… but back up a little. You said Mike’s accident is turning him into Deathlok… which character was Mike?- I only watched 4-

Jeep – Oh- the one from the pilot. The guy who played Gunn on Angel…

Collin – Didn’t watch Angel…


Collin – Ooooooh! him! wow.. hmm maybe I should catch up on the episodes and see what accident he has.. I’m intrigued now.

Jeep – *laughing*

Collin – All this comic talk, made me realize I have a few digital ones I need to read.

Jeep – Like what?

Collin – Daredevil. *gets off bed and moves to the laptop*

Yuck! Daredevil sucks!

Jeep – Blah…. of all the marvel comics you could choose from.. you pick DAREDEVIL?

Collin – Hater….

Jeep – Does your girlfriend read comics?- I’m wondering if Frankie would enjoy them.. she likes reading. I bet she’d enjoy young avengers volume two.

Collin – No…Elena doesn’t read comics….. thank god- and since when were you dating Frankie?

Jeep – What?- no, I’m not dating her….

Collin – But you want to.

Why the heck does everyone keep saying that.

Jeep – We’re just friends- though… she did say something that hurt my feelings the other day.

Collin – Oh?

Jeep – Keegan made fun of us for geeking out over music. He told us to “Just kiss already” and she said “Eww no Keegan”- though she did apologize after, and said she only said it that way because we’re… friends or whatever.

Collin – So if she meant it in a non rude way… why did it hurt your feelings?

Well for one it made me feel ugly.

Jeep – Because… like… if we weren’t friends.. would I even be good enough for a girl like her?

Collin – Sounds to me like you WANT to be good enough for a girl like her.

Jeep – I don’t- Its- we’re friends and I don’t even- we don’t see each other that way.

Collin – Sucks when you like someone, and they don’t feel the same way as you do…

Jeep – I don’t-

Collin – I wasn’t talking about you.

Jeep – You’re with Elena though?

Collin – I am… but I was in love with someone who turned me down before I got with Elena.

Jeep – Ah?

Collin – Yeah.. long story.

Jeep – …….I can take a hint.

Collin – Its not that I don’t want to tell you, its just that Its in the past. I want to keep it there.

Jeep – Understood.

Wonder if its my cousin…

Collin – So… remember how I asked you why you don’t seem broken up over the breakup with Spirit?

Jeep – Yes?

Collin – I think I know why.

Jeep – Why?

Collin – Because of Frankie, she’s been who you’re focused on. You just didn’t realize it.

Jeep – That’s ridiculous, Frankie even helped me figure things out with Spirit.

Collin – Frankie is the perfect girl in your eyes though. You have plenty of things in common with her, you spend so much time with her- AND just now you were trying to get her into comics. When a guy likes a girl, he wants her in on his hobbies… case in point….You’re not upset about losing Spirit because you love Frankie.

He has no clue what he’s talking about. Frankie is perfect sure, but.. yeah- we’re just- its not like that.

Jeep – …………… No.

Collin – Let me ask you something then…

Jeep – Sure.

Collin – You’re cool with not being with Spirit anymore?

Jeep – Yes, she changed. She cheated on me- and embarrassed me at that party. Even if she came in here saying she wanted me back… I just can’t go back there. I’d be dumb.

Collin – Hmm

Jeep – It has nothing to do with Frankie.

Collin – I didn’t even say her name *laughs* clearly you’re thinking about her.

Jeep – Whatever! Frankie and I are friends, and friends only. Friends we shall remain. She’s just great… she’s taught me a lot about myself. The talks we’ve had also helps me with standing up for myself too. I know now that I shouldn’t take people’s crap you know?

Collin – That’s adorable.

Jeep – Shut up.

[knock knock]

Collin – Expecting company?

Jeep – Not that I remember.

Collin – Its open! come in!

Oh great, because this is totally needed in this moment.

Jeep – Spirit…what-

Spirit – We need to talk Jonah.

Jeep – About what?

Spirit – Things- everything.


Elena – As I live and breathe! Collin………..My love!

Collin – …………………………..Hey. What are you doing here?

Elena – Well Spirit said she was coming here to see Jonah, so I figured I’d tag along and see if you were here.

Collin – Elena I told you today is my day off, and I didn’t have any classes. That I-

Elena – Wonderful! we can spend the day together!

Collin – I also said I wanted this day for myself, that I had some reading, and other things I wanted to do.

Elena – Why not spend the day with me though?

Collin – Elena, I spend like 5 days out of the week with you.

Elena – What’s wrong with that?

Collin – Well… honestly, It was great at first, but now I feel like I don’t get any time for myself.

Elena – You don’t like me anymore huh?

Collin – I never said that…. I just don’t understand why you have selective amnesia..

Elena – What’s that supposed to mean?

Collin – Whenever I text you, or see you and tell you that I’m going to be busy- or taking some time to collect myself……you pretend like I never said it. You call, or show up. Its really ridiculous.

Elena – Fine- clearly you don’t want me around-

Collin – I like spending time with you, you just…

Elena – I what?!

Collin – You smother the shit out of me! I need space sometimes!


Didn’t mean to listen to that but goodness.. Elena is nuts…..

Spirit – Well….. good thing we never dealt with that eh?

Jeep – ……….I guess?

Spirit – How are you?

Jeep – What?- I’m fine.

Spirit – I’m sorry about flipping out.

Jeep – Honestly Spir’ I feel like this- hurt me, do whatever to me- But leave my friends out of it. Going to her job-

Spirit – I took her muffins… and i wrote an apology letter. It was so stupid, and I’m sorry… for all of it. Frankie didn’t deserve what I did, and neither did you.

Jeep – …..Do you mean that?

Spirit – Yes.

Jeep – Well……then I accept your apology.

Spirit – Good…. and you know.. I really shouldn’t have believed Austin, I should have come to you.

Jeep – Yeah, you should’ve

Spirit – I believe you, and Frankie. I know nothing happened.

Jeep – Good, I’m glad you know that.

Spirit – I just.. Christine bothered me- I thought for sure you’d leave me for her. Then… Frankie… and-

Jeep – I don’t cheat on people Spirit…

Spirit – I know that- and I- I’m just really stupid..

Jeep – I don’t know about stupid.. You were manipulated by a guy that clearly know’s how to pull your strings….

Spirit – …..I guess so.

Elena – What do you want me to do Collin? miss you less? because I wake up thinking about you. I go to sleep thinking about you. This is what you do when you love someone! I’m in love with you!

Collin – What?

Elena – I love you Collin.

Collin – …….Oh?- umm..

Elena – And I understand if you don’t… I’m obviously.. unlovable-

Collin – I-

Elena – I’m so used to people not loving me Collin.. I push everyone away.. My family thinks I’m-

Collin – No.. I… love you too.. or whatever.

Elena – YOU DO?! *smiles*

Collin – N-Yes…. I do……………….. …………….

Elena – That is so great to hear..

Collin – *sigh*

Elena – Why are you sighing? are you lightheaded because we’ve swept each other off our feet? did you need water?

Collin – ………..Elena I’m sorry.

Elena – For what?

Collin – I’m not in love with you- I don’t know why I said that I was- well I do know why. I felt bad, and- I shouldn’t have said it.

Elena – ……..

Collin – I really like you when you’re not being cra- ………difficult.

Elena – Do you think its possible that we can be on a clean slate? I promise I will give you time to yourself.

Collin – Umm.. okay.. sure- but lets talk outside.. give them their privacy.

Elena – Okay.


Jeep – So………yeah… are you going to apologize for that other thing?

Spirit – What other thing?

Jeep – …… Kissing Austin.

Spirit – Oh… well… I only kissed him because I knew you were walking through the door.

Jeep – So what were you guys doing in there the whole party?

Spirit – He was basically talking about his time in New York, and  also trying to convince me about you and Frankie. When I heard you outside the door, asking where I was- I knew you’d come in my room.. so I grabbed him and kissed him. To upset you…

Jeep – ……Do you like Austin?

Spirit – No… done that already.

Jeep – Hmmm

Spirit – I’m sorry for everything babe, and moving forward we have to trust each other.

Jeep – Yeah, we can work on our friendship.

Glad we’re on the same page

Spirit – Right, friendship is important in a relationship. I’m glad you agree. We should be really good to go now- you know part of me didn’t think you’d want to be with me-

Jeep – Wait… you want to get back together?

Spirit – Yeah- wait you don’t?

No….. I don’t…

Jeep – Umm..

Spirit – I know I was-

Jeep – Spirit…. I think you’re great, and what we had was good- but you cheated on me- you didn’t trust me… and you cheated on me. I can’t be with you anymore.

Spirit – Are you being serious Jonah? because if this is your idea of a joke I-

Jeep – I have to stand my ground. I didn’t deserve that Spir’…. I’m sorry.

Spirit – Wow…  is this because of all of the stuff I said about you being a loser? Because I didn’t mean it.

Jeep – Its part of it, and maybe you didn’t mean it- but you knew it was a insecurity.. you knew how to hurt me.

Spirit – I can’t believe you’re being like this. I made a mistake okay? what do you want me to do? fucking beg you?

Jeep – No, I want us to move past this, and for us to try and be friends.

Spirit – …………………..No.

Why is she acting like this?

Jeep – Spir-

Spirit – Wow….. really?

Jeep – ….I don’t know what else to say Spirit…

Spirit – Fuck you Jonah… I guess its not okay to make a mistake in your eyes

Jeep – YOU CHEATED ON ME! You also didn’t trust me. You embarrassed me, and you called me a loser. So I’m a douchebag because the popular girl wants the loser back, and the loser isn’t going along with it?

Spirit – Fine… its fine.. live your life.. I should have never came here.

Jeep – So because you and I aren’t going to be together, you feel like coming here and apologizing is a waste of time? so does that even mean its sincere?

Spirit – ………Who……… are you?! you’re not even talking like yourself.

Jeep – I guess I do sound different when I stand up for myself huh?.. I don’t want to fight, I want to be your friend. We can-

Spirit – I have enough friends… forget I even came here… okay?

Jeep – I don’t want to forget.. I want us-

Spirit – What you want doesn’t matter! okay?

Jeep – Why are you acting like I’m doing something wrong? I know I’m not crazy, anyone else would do the same thing-

Spirit – But you’re not anyone else.. you’re supposed to be Jonah.. my Jonah.. you’re supposed to forgive and-

Jeep – And you’re suppose to trust, and be faithful to your boyfriend. You’re supposed to NOT talk about my genitals with your ex boyfriend…. you’re supposed to think I’m great… You didn’t do any of those things Spirit. So why were we even together?

Spirit – ……………… …………….I-

[Text Alert]

Spirit – Just answer your text… whatever…

Jeep – Spirit….. can we-

Spirit – Just leave me alone….okay?

Jeep – …………

Jeep – *checks text* Oh my god.. yes!

Spirit – Have some decency.. atleast check your flirty text when I’m gone.

Jeep – Its actually a text saying I have a job interview in 2 weeks.

Spirit – Well good for you… seems like me dumping you just worked out.

Jeep – Maybe it can workout for you too?

Spirit – Excuse me?

Jeep – Maybe you can be alone, and figure out what you really want from a guy…..

Spirit – Now you’re giving me relationship advice? Wow.. you’ve changed… you’re a dick.

Jeep – How?! I haven’t said one disrespectful thing Spir’ how am I- Look its not everyday that a girl tells me she wants to be with me, and I don’t feel the same way. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, maybe I’m a big loser douchebag, who can’t even break up with a girl the correct way- but listen to me when I tell you this. I don’t hate you, and I’m trying to be an adult about this… You hurt me, you cheated… and its over.

Spirit – ………Those pants make you look like a box.

Jeep – That’s okay.. insult my clothes… I don’t care…

Spirit – Have a good life Jeep stupid fucking joke of a nickname…

Jeep – You have a good life too Spirit.

Spirit – You’re a blue eyed devil Jonah Folland.

Jeep – Yeah?….. and what does that make you since you cheated on me?

Spirit – I don’t know… but you know what?…. I’m going to be alright. I don’t need you.

Jeep – I’m glad… I-

Spirit – Goodbye.

Jeep – I’ll see you around.. hopefully…

Spirit – You won’t… we hang with completely different social groups… I’m popular… you’re not.

Jeep – Thanks for the reminder.. I almost forgot.

Spirit – Wow.. … I.. this- asshole.

Wow… she really just made me feel like I did something wrong. I really hate cheaters, and that’s not even half the problem with the situation. I just don’t want to be with someone that feels like they’re dating below them. She’s also changed a lot. I’m just trying to be honest, and stand on my own two feet for once. Its amazing to me that she turned this around like she was innocent, and I was the- “blue eyed devil” as she put it. I think I hate girls….. ugh, now I’m going to go to class upset. Later guys.

(POV Jarrah)

So in a twist of events, our little group actually had time for each other. We grabbed lunch, ate.. and caught up. Sadly Jeep couldn’t be here because he had class. Frankie of course was working- and probably avoiding us to be honest. I think she’s convinced herself that we’re all team Kaori- which couldn’t be further from the truth. I like Frankie, and I think she’s not only gorgeous, but smart as hell also. It sucks that this group is fractured… we need to get it together.

Jarrah – So is anybody else stuffed?

Kaori – Yeah… I didn’t think the sandwich was going to be that big.

Keegan – I only had fries, wasn’t that hungry.

Trey – You guys are all lightweights. I put so much into my mouth-

Kaori – Wow… the choice of words you picked.

Keegan – *laughs*

Jarrah – You walked right into that one babe.

Kaori – I bet you pack a lot of meat in that mouth of yours.

Trey – Childish much.

Kaori – No.. I just love a good joke, because I don’t have a stick up my ass.

Them arguing is so normal as you know… Its like old times! except we’re obviously missing two

Trey – I’m suddenly reminded why I don’t hangout with you.

Kaori – Fabulous- So Jarrah how’s work?


Jarrah – Well… Thanks to my lovely new boss, I have more free time. She cut my hours, I’m sure that racist Brittany is loving this!

Its such crap that I got in trouble for that whole argument. Taylor was seconds too late, from hearing how much of a bitch her friend was.. ugh

Trey – I think I’d push her in front of a moving car if I ever saw her.

Keegan – Way to go dark there Trey *laughs*

Jarrah – What about you Kaori?

Kaori – Kicking ass and taking names for the most part. No complaints.

Trey – …….You stay winning…..

Kaori – Jealous?

Trey – Not at all.. its rather impressive… karma wise… considering how mean you are.

Kaori – …………………………K’

Truth be told, Kaori does always land on her feet. She’s pretty, wealthy, and yeah.. she doesn’t seem to really have any problems.

Keegan – Well I don’t have a job job, but I do get paid for doing the GCU Radio. I usually just give the money back to the school or whatever but yeah. Things with that is going well. Did you guys hear yesterday’s segment on Kinky sex?

Ugh yes I did, and when Rubi started talking about spinning around with it still inside I almost vomited my breakfast.

Trey – Rubi was over sharing. Nobody wanted to hear about her being Rimmed.

Jarrah – I’m really surprised that you guys get away with the subjects that you discuss.

Kaori – Rubi’s nasty. I don’t like her.

Trey – Changing the subject- because I hate Rubi.

Keegan – Yeah tell me about Owen.. can’t believe he’s involved in both of our lives… or should I say Scott’s life. Asshole.

Jarrah – Wait The guy who offered Trey that job is the same guy that you think is having sex with Scott?

Kaori – Awkward.

Trey – Well he’s for sure gay, but he’s also really nice.. so I’m torn. I mean if he really is sitting on Scott’s lap then… yeah- asshole alert. I really hope he’s not a bad guy though. Like I said he’s really nice. I actually meet his client this week. As for my good ol’ bakery job across the street.. Its fine….

Keegan – Is it weird working with Hope?

Kaori – Yeah.. you fucked Nick and he came out cause he was into you… must be awkward.

Jarrah – *laughing* The way you put it….

Trey – Hope is actually nice, she’s changed a lot

Jarrah – Not faking pregnancies anymore I assume…

Was that rude? *laughing*

Keegan – Speaking of Dylan.. is it weird that he’s dating Maliha?

Jarrah – She makes it weird.

Kaori – She’s a bitch, I don’t like her.

Trey – You don’t like a lot of people it seems.

Kaori – Funny that you of all people should point that out. Considering I’m not very fond of you.

Trey – *rolls eyes* Subject change again! Cause I’m a diva!

Kaori -We’re all seeing someone right?- except you Keegan.. no commitment, but you must be smashing some random?

Keegan – No.. I’m…. single.

Jarrah – The right one is out there Keegan.. you never know..

Keegan – Maybe…. I’m not against hearing about you guy’s relationships though. Poor Jeep- Spirit did a number on him.

Jarrah – She’s…. I’m really starting to hate her.

Kaori – I never liked her.

Trey – How surprising…

Kaori – So Trey! how’s that threesome with Anal Wartz and Bug CHACE-er going?- Also are you wearing a bra? I can see the straps

Trey – Its a tank top dumbass, and since you asked so nicely Kay-WHORE-ree… Lenny, Chace, and I do not have sex. Our friendship is going great. How are your friends? pin up wannabe, and dumb dumb?

Kaori – Bianca and Magdalena are great!

Trey – *sarcastically* Oh cool!

Keegan – What’s up with Dominic?

Jarrah – Yeah what’s going on with that? Have you guys… ya know?

Trey – Umm……….. I kinda don’t want to put his business out there.. but I found out something about him. I’m like I shouldn’t say anything, but I also want to get you’re advice.

Kaori – Just spit it out, its not like we’re going to tell anyone.. we’re all friends here.

Trey – ….. Are we Kaori?… like really?

Kaori – I wouldn’t have said it ass-hat if it weren’t true.

I sometimes wonder if Kaori likes arguing with Trey, if that’s her thing with him. Because if it is, I don’t think it works both ways. It may be her way of bonding with him, but I know he hates it.

Trey – I don’t know…. like I feel like I should trust you guys and just talk about it.

Jarrah – Only if you’re comfortable.

Keegan – Nothing leaves this table…

Trey – I know Frankie’s friends with Dominic, I wonder if she knew..

Kaori – Knew what?

Trey – That he was married once… not with a girl obviously.

Keegan – Dominic can sorta pull off straight, so If you would have said he married a chick.. I’d believe it.

Trey – Well it was a guy.. a guy that’s a little bit older than him.

Keegan – That’s crazy.. but not that bad?

Married? that’s really random… though I guess not a deal breaker.. 

Trey – He’s also Paisley Adams half brother… they have the same dad I assume.


Kaori – Wait.. he’s related to lucifer?

Trey – Yes.

Jarrah – I’m so confused as to why he’d keep that a secret

Kaori – Probably because Paisley sucks as a person.

Keegan – Has to be deeper than that…. you don’t have all the cards Trey… Don’t sabotage the possibility to-

Jarrah – How did you find this out exactly?

Keegan – Stop cutting me off Jarrah *laughs*

Jarrah – Sorry *smiles*

Trey – ……………Well.. I invited him to Tyler’s celebration dinner remember?

Jarrah – He told you during dinner?

Trey – Actually my dad who had too much to drink.. he realized why Dominic’s name was familiar, and I guess Paisley’s mom must have told him something.. whatever- its complicated. Long story short.. my dad said too much without thinking.

The last time my boyfriend met my dad….. we broke up. I’m a bit traumatized by that so it’ll be a long time before Orion meets my dad.

Kaori – That is awkward as fuck.. that’s why my dad will get a few rules before he meets Byron…

Keegan – That’s going strong eh?……. ……….

Kaori – Shocked?…. but yeah its going good…. what you expected me to wait for you? *smirk* Its okay I can joke about it..

Keegan – ….Heh… *forced laugh* well good.. you guys seem happy- Oh by the way I like your hair.

Kaori – Umm.. thanks Keegan. *smiles*

Trey – He’s okay right? he told me he was hospitalized for a panic attack.

That’s right… goodness Panic attacks are the worst. I used to have them all the time.

Kaori – You know him?

Trey – Yeah we worked a gig once… Aries parents…. Byron was a server. Funny thing is I totally thought he was KingOfNowhere.

Keegan – I know, who would have thought it would be Aries- SHIT-

Trey – KEEGAN!

Jarrah – Oh my god.

Okay excuse my french when I say HOLY SHIT! Kaori didn’t know about Aries… Though I can kinda see how Keegan slipped up.. poor baby.

Kaori – Aries?………………..ARIES? as in my cousin?! He’s gay?! wait he’s your secret admirer who dumped you and had you crying like a little girl all summer?!

Jarrah & Keegan – ………………….

Kaori – Why are you two so quiet? How did you know Keegan?

Trey – …….Everyone except you knew…

Jarrah – Obviously I knew… Jeep knew too from Aries, Keegan knew from Trey… and Frankie knew-

Trey – Because I told her.

Keegan  – ………….Fuck.

Jarrah – I’m going to assume Frankie would have told you… if you didn’t have the falling out…

Kaori – …………………..Aries and Trey… exploring each others assholes..

Trey – Kaori please- don’t be gross.

Keegan – I am SO sorry Trey… I forgot that Kaori didn’t know-

Trey – Don’t apologize Keegan… I can see how easy it was to make that mistake.

Keegan – I really don’t want to out the dude- I mean he’s an asshole for what he did to you, and Jeep.. but I’d never want to out him. Even though he pisses me off.

Kaori – ……..My cousin likes cock… well ass.. cause clearly you’re not topping anyone Trey.. you’re probably a powerbottom to be honest.

Trey – Sure… I’m the most powerful bottom in the world. *rolls eyes*

I should jump in and change the subject… goodness, this is awkward.

Jarrah – …. SO! Orion and I are on speaking terms again-

Kaori – Hold on…

So much for that

Trey – What do you want to know Kaori?

Kaori – So it wasn’t like… just sex? You guys actually loved each other?

Trey – ……….Yes.

Kaori – Hmmm.. 

Keegan – Maybe you should get to know your cousin better.

Kaori – Aries, and I… we don’t gel.

Jarrah – Sometimes that just happens I guess.

Trey – Yeah but family is family..

Kaori – Whatever….. Vanessa was totally trying to say the same thing when I was at the hospital-

Keegan – Vanessa who?

Jarrah – Her aunt… Aries mom.

Keegan – You were there when Frankie was there?

Kaori – …………Yep.

Keegan – Did you talk?

God I hope so. I think everyone is tired of them not being friends anymore.

Kaori – We sorta had words, but they weren’t pleasant.

Keegan – Stop being a brat Kay’. Frankie’s going through enough right now..

Kaori – Way to take her fucking side.

Keegan – I’m not taking anybody’s side… relax.. I’m just saying I talk to her on the regular.. she could use her friend.

Kaori – Looks like she has enough friends.

Trey – You’re such a basket case Kaori.

Kaori – Just because my cousin had his dick in your ass doesn’t mean you can criticize me like we’re family.

Jarrah – Oh god.

Kaori – Grrrr… This is annoying. Look “Kaori rule of the moment”, don’t butt in my affairs okay? Frankie, Aries.. leave it be.

Trey – Raise your hand if you hate Kaori *Raises hand* ……………Oh am I alone?

Kaori – Choke on a cock Trey.

Trey – You first.

Jarrah – Both of you stop it.. god.

Keegan – Yeah……

Kaori – Sorry! I’m just annoyed that I was the last to know that my cousin smoked dick.

Keegan – *laughing* Wow.

Trey – Don’t say it like that! being gay isn’t all about sex!

Jarrah – ….Was a little harsh…

Kaori – ….You know what!?………………………………..you’re right. I’m sorry Trey.

Trey – ……….What?- did you really just admit you were wrong?

Kaori – I can take it back if you want to be a cunt about it.

Jarrah – Why do we fight so much guys? like.. we used to have so much fun.

Kaori – Jeep, and Frankie aren’t here.. so…. yeah we’re not really THAT group anymore.

Trey – People have lives you know..

Kaori – Do they Trey?………..Do they?….cause I was TOTALLY unaware.

Trey – Fuck you and your sarcasm.

Kaori – Oooh someone grew balls.

Trey – Kiss my ass

Kaori – Aries job not mine- Oh wait he dumped you… *smiles*

Trey – Atleast I’m not with someone who FUCKED a bunch of girls on campus yet won’t fuck their SLUT ASS GIRLFRIEND. You’re a fucking bitch, I don’t know why he dates you.

Keegan – …………………

Jarrah – ……………….

Ouch… Trey actually took it there.

Kaori – Honestly Trey you fight like a white bitch in the valley. I could easily wipe the floor with your weak ass.

Trey – I don’t hit girls but I have no problem slapping you.

Keegan – HEY! that’s enough both of you shut the fuck up already. Acting like kids! I wanna just throw you both in a room and lock the door.

Jarrah – Yeah maybe then you guys can learn to be civil..

Keegan – We got totally off subject-

Kaori – Yeah because you want to be team Frankie… but you always were.. you always favored both Jarrah and Frankie over me. Took me a long time to accept that but whatever.

Keegan – You have no idea what you’re talking about I l- You just.. you don’t know how far off you are. I-umm.. I care for everyone.. equally.

Kaori – Okay.. sure. I’m dropping it.. but only because you’re cute, and your chest hair is doing things to me- joking… ish.

Trey – *rolls eyes*

Jarrah – SO! Trey what are you going to do about Dominic?

Kaori – Cry about it over winter probably. Coming soon to a theater near you. “Trey Sobs 2 : Winter Tears”

Jarrah – Kaori!

Kaori – Sorry *laughing*

Trey – I’ve gotten texts.. hi’s here and there. We haven’t TALKED about it yet though… I’m open to hearing him out though. There’s a kid involved too- NOT HIS but-

Keegan – Everything seems so complicated. Just hear him out and then decide. Sometimes the truth initially hurts but then..  *looks at Kaori* It has a time and a place.

Jarrah – This was a fun lunch……………………

Keegan & Kaori & Trey – *laughing*

Even with the fighting between Kaori and Trey, I have to admit this is sorta fun spending time with the gang.

Trey – Too bad Jeepy and Frankie couldn’t be here….

Keegan – They rather spend time with each other to be honest.

Kaori – What?

Jarrah – What are you talking about?

Trey – Spit it out KeeKee…

Keegan – They’re so weird together. Jeep’s been hanging out with her a lot at my old place. They order food, watch movies. Give each other advice about shit- oh and they have this weird music swap and review thing that they do.

Trey – Really? oh god.. get a room and have sex already

Keegan – Right? wouldn’t be the first time- FUCK!…………..ME!- Again?! What the fuck Keegan?!

Kaori – Wait WHAT? Jeep and Frankie?………………fucked?! what about Spirit?!

Jarrah – Oh my god they did not have sex.. he’s with Spirit.. you know Jeep didn’t cheat-

Trey – Keegan what the hell? I’m so confused! Jeep cheated on Spirit with Frankie?

Keegan – No no.. this was a LONG time ago.. before we got to GCU and oh my god.. somebody slap me.. why did I just blurt that out.. it was a secret.

Trey – So….. wait.. did Jeep lose his virginity to her?

Kaori – OH MY GOD that makes sense Trey!

Trey – It does?

Kaori – Jeep said he lost it to some girl at prom.. we never met the girl!

Okay… I sorta thought they did it…back in high school but I- I don’t know.. weird. I remember hearing my mom and Aunt Tru talking about Frankie being in Jeep’s room one night when she and Uncle Ollie got home- I… yeah.

Male Voice – Hey?… Jarrah?

Jarrah – *turns around* Oh hey you!

Did he get more muscular.. wow.

Jarrah – What are you doing around here?

Jayson – Just looking around… I’m off duty but still…. never know when you might need to save or help someone. I sometimes patrol the beach area at night too.

Jarrah – You love wearing that uniform that much eh?

Jayson – What can I say?… I look damn good in it.

Jarrah – *laughs* Mmm hmm.

Jayson – Why aren’t you at work?

Jarrah – Hours got cut because your sister aka my boss caught me yelling at Brittany aka racist bitch.

Jayson – Brittany isn’t a very nice girl…

Jarrah – Yeah… I know.

Jayson – I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time at work.

Jarrah – Not your fault but thanks.

Jayson – So…… who are your friends?

Kaori – He’s hot….

Trey – I know….

Keegan – You guys are so easy.. cause he’s a man in uniform?

Kaori – Jealous much?

Keegan – ………………..No.

Jarrah – These are my close friends from- well from life.. we’ve known each other forever.

Jayson – Aww..

Jarrah – This is Kaori, Keegan, and Trey.

Kaori & Keegan & Trey – Hi.

Jarrah – Guys this is Jayson. He’s my boss’s brother.

Kaori – Ooooh I remember you. You rescued us during the lockdown.

Jayson – I think I remember you as well. You were blond?

Kaori – Yep.

Trey – Keegan….

Keegan – What?

Trey – You were talking about Jeep.. and Frankie

Kaori – Oh yeah… tell us more.

Keegan – Oh so now you two are on the same page?


Jayson – So how are things Jarrah?

Jarrah – Besides work? things are okay. My boyfriend and I had a fight.. but-

Jayson – Oh you have a boyfriend?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Jayson – Cool.

Jarrah – You seem surprised

Jayson – I….umm… I thought you and Lola..

Jarrah – You thought what?

Jayson – Lesbians… you’re always touching. She’s always hugging and touching on you.

Jarrah – Far as I know.. Lola’s straight, and so am I.

Jayson – Good.. so I have a shot-

Jarrah – Huh?

Jayson – With Lola I mean… not that you aren’t hot.. you have a boyfriend though.

Jarrah – You like Lola?

Jayson – ….She’s gorgeous- but don’t tell her okay? I like to be a man about mine.. I want to ask her out.. when the time is right.

Jarrah – Deal.

This is awesome. Lola could totally use the male attention.


Trey – Stop listening to their conversation and spill the deets.

Kaori – Yeah… so was Frankie the fake prom virginity snatcher or what?

Keegan – Fuck… Jeep is going to kill me…

Kaori – Listen.. I’m not going to say anything about Aries, or this. I do know how to keep secrets.

Trey – Yeah Its fine.. just spit it out already.

Kaori – Yeah tell us *smiles*

Keegan – You guys are horrible… Fine- So remember the summer right before *points to trey* you, Frankie, and Jarrah’s last year of high school? Well I guess mine too but I had those summer classes before I could actually get my diploma but whatever..

Trey – Okay.. so the summer before Frankie, Jarrah, and I’s last year in high school.. go on.

Keegan – We were supposed to hangout remember?  Well Trey, you and Jarrah got stuck doing something. You guys couldn’t make it.

Kaori – Where was you and I?… we’re we together?

Keegan – *smiles* No- umm I was with Mona….

Kaori – Oh….sor-

Keegan – I can say her name without popping a pill Kaori.. its okay.

Kaori – I know.. its just.. a touchy thing- anyway go on.

Keegan – You were in trouble.. stuck with Victoria..

Kaori – Ooooooh… THAT DAY….. Well I guess I should come clean about something. I actually wasn’t in trouble. I lied to you guys. I actually went off to hook up with Ian.

Trey – Ian Alexander?… god he was hot.. I hated him in high school.

Kaori – He was a bit of a dick.. but yeah.. we hooked up.

Keegan – *rolls eyes*………..Ian was a fucking douche.

Kaori – He was sexy

Keegan – ………….yeah- anyway umm.. long story short Jeep and Frankie were alone.. thunder, rain.. Jeeps Nick-toe-phobia

Trey – Nyctophobia

Kaori – Oh his I’m afraid of the dark crap.. Jarrah’s the same way-

Keegan – They fucked the end.

Trey – Why are you so mad?

Keegan – I’m not.

Kaori – Weirdo…

Keegan – I’m not mad for fucks sake!

Kaori – Jesus don’t yell at me.

Keegan – I’m not yelling!

Trey – …………………..I’m so confused at your mood shift just now Keegan.

Keegan – Sorry… I’m just mad at myself for basically outing Aries, and spilling the secrets of Jeep and Frankie.

Kaori – Its okay babe.. nobody is angry…

Keegan – …..

Kaori – *rubs shoulder* Relax grumpy…

Trey – Well I don’t know how long she’s going to talk to Mr Officer but I gotta get to work.

Keegan – I’ll walk with you, I want a cupcake… free of course…

Trey – Only cause you’re cute Keegan.

Kaori – I’m going to wait for Jarrah….

Trey – Alrighty…

Kaori – Later bra straps.

Trey – Bye cum guzzler.

Keegan – …..

Kaori – You’re not gonna say bye?

Keegan – Umm.. yeah sorry- bye.

Kaori – *awkward smile* See ya around buddy.

While talking to Jayson I totally heard everything they were talking about behind me. Goodness…… So I guess I was right about Frankie and Jeep.

Jarrah – Sorry about that.

Kaori – Its okay, you wanted to catch up with the hot cop.

Jarrah – So I have a confession to make. I knew Jeep and Frankie… ya know.

Kaori – How did you know?

Jarrah – Well I didn’t know.. but I had a strong feeling that it happened-

Kaori – Well.. yeah. The cats out the bag.

Jarrah – As is the Aries thing…

Kaori – Yeah my cousin was fucking your bestie… weird.

Jarrah – Sorta.. but not really….

Kaori – Oh no… its fucking weird. Aries parents have been calling him gay for a while, I even asked him once when we were like 13 if he liked guys. He said no, and that he couldn’t stop masturbating to some comic book character. I just thought his parents were nuts- well they are nuts but yeah.

I think its weird how Aries parents pressure him to tell them he’s gay. Its a weird bullying thing in my opinion. They think they’re being supportive but.. it- Its weird.

Jarrah – I think the issue here is that you don’t really know your cousin.

Kaori – Well Aries and I aren’t exactly like you and Jeep.

Jarrah – Are you going to talk to him?

Kaori – No, and not because I’m being a bitch.. I have enough family stuff going on with Vir- ……………..umm

Jarrah – Who’s Vir’?

Kaori – I meant to say venereal diseases aka.. umm… Paisley. Cause I told you she’s working with my dad.

Jarrah – Oh right.

Kaori – Plus Torrance, and my brother.. blah.

Jarrah – I’ll just say this… and then I’ll drop it. Aries could use his cousin…. he always talks about you with Trey and Jeep- well did.. before he dumped them.

Kaori – Eh.. I guess, but I don’t think he and I should change our relationship.. maybe sooner or later but.. yeah.

Jarrah – Hey what are you doing later tonight?

Kaori – Working later on a project at work.

Jarrah – Ah okay.. I was going to invite you to this thing- but yeah.

Kaori – I don’t have much time for things lately… bad enough Byron and I aren’t even… doing it. We were supposed to but then he rather die than have sex with me. I guess all the pressure I’ve put on him finally got to him.. I don’t know. Then I told him I loved him and-

Jarrah – You did?

Kaori – Yeah.. and-

Jarrah – Did he say it back?

Kaori – No! he fucking had a panic attack.

Her even having a boyfriend is a big step. The fact that she told him she loved him and he didn’t say it back? Wow.. I bet she’s really upset about it, but she’s not letting it show. She’s come a long way with her emotions… so weird that she’s in a committed relationship with a guy she actually is in love with. Good for her!

Jarrah – Sorry…

Kaori – Just my luck- I mean at least you and your guy seem okay… he’s not mad anymore about the brother thing?

Jarrah – Umm.. I think he’s still annoyed but.. I don’t know. I’m actually going to his place right now.

Kaori – Ah


Trey – Are you okay Keegan?

Keegan – Yeah I’m fine.. I just.. I got really comfortable with hanging out and I not only outed Aries to Kaori, but told Jeep and Frankie’s secret. I feel like shit.

Trey – Its okay, you slipped up. Its not like anybody died. I’m not mad at you… besides…. maybe it was time Kaori knew. Maybe now she’ll make a fucking effort to talk to Aries.

Keegan – Yeah but still…

Trey – How about I make you a Oreo milkshake, and get you a cupcake?… on the house.

Keegan – Thanks Trey….

Trey – Come on.. be that happy go lucky Keegan again.. I like him.

Keegan – Yeah well I’m more like Happy go sucky right now.


Kaori – Hey?

Jarrah – Hmm?

Kaori – Do you think Jeep and Frankie are in a secret relationship?

Jarrah – No, not at all. I think my cousin likes to keep her company so she doesn’t feel excluded- and truth be told lately I’ve been feeling like I should talk to her more. She probably thinks I hate her.

Kaori – I see…. Well I mean go for it, I’m not asking you to be on anybody’s team.

Jarrah – I know- I just.. I ask myself why did I never really talk to her. Her sister, and my brother dated. Its weird, and so odd considering I have nothing against her. I’d hate for her to feel like… the odd man out.

Kaori – Jeep confessed his love for me this one time… it was so.. awkward.

Jarrah – He told me, he didn’t actually love you though. It was more infatuation if anything he said- He told me he was glad you said no, that it wouldn’t have been right.

Kaori – Well I felt like I was this hot chick, and he was hot for me. Not because we were destined to be together but because I was hot shit basically.

Wow… she sure has a way with words

Kaori – I should get to work.

Jarrah – Okay, well this was fun…

Kaori – I kinda love giving Trey a hard time by the way.. I don’t hate him or anything. He probably thinks I do-

Jarrah – You guys should talk…

Kaori – Har Har.. we’ll see.

Jarrah – Okay well see ya

Kaori – later bitch, have fun having makeup sex with your hung boyfriend.

Jarrah – Oh my god shut up!

Well that was certainly a interesting hangout. Poor Keegan… he probably hates himself right now. He shouldn’t though, it wasn’t like he did it on purpose or maliciously. It just came out, and the Aries thing specifically- like… I’m shocked it didn’t happen sooner. Its not like he’s telling Hammer and the Frathouse though.

[*  Note To Reader : Hammer actually does know, from eavesdropping in Chapter Three Pt 3  *]

I hope he doesn’t beat himself up too much about it. I’m sure Frankie, and Jeep will forgive him too- Though honestly they don’t even have to know. Speaking of them, there is no way they’re into each other. That’s just weird, and I’m so sick of this rule that guys and girls can’t be close friends without feelings getting involved. I’m pretty sure those two are just close friends…. unlike Lola and Jayson… oh my god that is going to be so cute- Anyway I’m blabbing. Gotta jet.. later guys.

(POV Jeep)

So after my class, I got a call from Christine who said I should meet her and Ethan Ethan at the beach. I figured I missed out on hanging with my other friends due to me having a class- that I wasn’t gonna miss another one. Keegan did text me by the way… he told me everything that happened at lunch. At first I was really mad, but then I thought two things. 1: Its in the past, and it doesn’t hurt anyone. 2: Not like Frankie would care anyway… I think.

Then we have the Aries thing.. Well… sure it sucks, but at least it was Kaori, and not the frathouse, or anybody on campus. That would be bad… Also Its not like I’m going to feel any sympathy for Aries.. he’s a asshole.

Ethan Ethan – recycled human waste, would be right?

Jeep – I’m sorry, I didn’t hear anything you just said

Ethan Ethan – Its okay. So do you drink water bottles?

Jeep – Yes?

Ethan Ethan – Plastic bottles are horrible.. and its not good for you to keep drinking from them either. Make the change Jonah.

Jeep – Okay- yeah.. I will.

Ethan Ethan – I got Jules to do it.. she only drinks from glass now.

Jeep – Oh?

Ethan Ethan – Yeah.

Jeep – Umm… are you and Jules….. ya know?

Ethan Ethan – A gentleman never kisses and tells, but what I will tell you is this. We’ve gone places… mind body and soul. That journey is now over, and we will continue to roam… apart.

So basically you guys were doing it, and now you’re not.

Jeep – I see.

Christine – Umm… guys?

Ethan Ethan – What is it Chrissy?

Jeep – What?

Christine – We have company…..

Jeep – Who- Jules, Raven and who is- Aries?

Christine – I swear I didn’t know he’d be here…

Ethan Ethan – Maybe its time you two made up.

Jeep – Ugh.. great.

Like I REALLY want to see Aries stupid face today. Goodness… can he just go away already? leave me the hell alone.

Ethan Ethan – Hello there Jules!

Jules – Were you talking about me to someone?

Ethan Ethan – Sure?

Jules – I felt it.. I felt it in the wind.

Ethan Ethan – Psychic ability.

Jules – I am sorry for… things Ethan….Ethan.

Ethan Ethan – Our journey was over, it is quite alright. Maybe now you can be with him… the one you long for?

Jules – Maybe…. I do miss his energy.

Christine – What a surprise Raven……………………. Aries is here…………………………………..and so is Jonah…………………. What a interesting coincidence.

Raven – *laughs* Horrible actress.

Jeep – What?

Christine – Okay I lied, I knew they were coming..

Oh so this was a set up.. gee thanks guys

Jeep – Umm

Raven – Aries has been hanging out at our place… crying.. and upset about you….and that OTHER person….

Ah… Trey.

Jeep – Okay?

Aries – *sighs*

Raven – Christine and I wanted to help you guys over the hump.

Christine – You guys are friends.. well you were, and we feel like you still can be. So.. yeah.. we arranged this..

Aries – I didn’t know you were going to be here Jeep…

Jeep – …………

Raven – So can you guys go talk?

No, hell no. So, let me get this straight.  He can ditch me, treat me like crap- and then double team me with his fatass girlfriend, and I’m supposed to make an effort to be his friend? I’m a loser according to him, why should I give him the time of day? because he’s been crying? and he’s depressed? NO.

Jeep – I really don’t have anything to say to him.

Raven – He’s fucking depressed Jonah! talk to him! stop being stubborn

Jeep – Raven he didn’t treat you like crap so you should really pipe down!

Christine – *laughing* Whoa… look at you Jonah…

Raven – True- and yeah maybe you’re right Jonah but… god.. have a fucking heart-

Aries – Its fine.. I’ll just go-

Raven – No!.. we’re not leaving until you guys talk!

Christine – Jonah?

Aries – Its fine Jeep you don’t have to..

Raven – Jonah!

Jeep – ………………..Fine! okay! god!

Christine – You’ll talk?

Jeep – Yeah…whatever.

Aries – …..

Raven – Well get to it.

Goodness.. he better be glad Raven and Christine were here. Otherwise I would have walked away so fast. Can’t believe I’m giving him the time of day. He doesn’t deserve it… and if you guys think I’m being mean.. for once in my life.. I don’t care. Aries is a dick. I don’t need friends like him.

Raven – We’ll be right here when you guys are done.

Christine – Try not to kill each other.

Jeep – Come on… lets get this over with.

Aries – Okay…

Jeep – I see you stopped coloring your hair.. wasn’t it orange or something at the party?

Aries – I don’t want to be that guy anymore.

Jeep – Oh how shocking…. what? did Rubi want you to ditch the whole carrot top hair dye phase and go for more of a Channing Tatum look?

Aries – Rubi really loves that Magic Mike movie- wait, do you really care that much about my hair?

Jeep – No, I don’t. I just don’t know what to say.

Aries – Well can I start off?

Is he being serious with that question?

Jeep – Oh were you expecting me to? because from where I’m standing I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

Aries – …… I’ve been really sad lately. I can’t focus in my classes, and I’m… I’m just-

Jeep – You did it to yourself though Aries, I don’t see why you’re playing the victim.

Aries – I am though.. I feel like I’ve been a victim of circumstance.

Delusional…. he’s crazy if he think’s he’s the victim here.

Jeep – Oh so… what you did to Trey, and I- Rubi too.. its all because you’re a victim of your secret gay circumstance.

Aries – I don’t mean it like that. I know what I’ve done, and I’m really sorry. I went to talk to Trey and I got gay bashed, and bullied by Chace and Lenny, Trey didn’t want to hear anything I was saying either. I feel like nobody understands….. I just want to fit in, I just want to be liked.

Jeep – Well you did fit in… with me and Keegan, and you were liked.. by my friends and I. Trey liked you alot.. he loved you.

Aries – You don’t understand.. I wake up everyday and wish that I’d just die…. I hurt Trey and now he’s moved on.

Jeep – What did you expect him to do Aries? Trey deserves someone who ACTUALLY wants him.. and not someone who’s ashamed of him-

Aries – I WAS NEVER ASHAMED OF HIM! ……….I love him!…………I was ashamed of myself if anything!

Jeep – You still are.. which is why you pretend to like Rubi! and treat me like shit at parties. I can’t believe you did that!

Aries – It was dumb, but I had to stand up for Rubi..I felt pressure to-

Jeep – She was in the wrong though!…….. You called me a loser and-

Aries – You never once outed me.

Jeep – Why would I?

Aries – Because of what I did to you and Trey.

Jeep – What do you want Aries? you’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a loser, and we’re not friends.

Aries – I want to be friends with you.. I don’t have any friends.

Jeep – Isn’t that what the fraternity is for?

Aries – They’re not really my friends.. they don’t- They can’t really be my friends… because they don’t even know who I am. They don’t know alot of things about me.

Jeep – Because you won’t tell them!

Aries – I can’t be gay in that frat! I can’t! you don’t get it… and then my stupid parents.. they’re pushing me to come out.. its embarrassing and-

Jeep – Honestly…. I just… I’ve heard it before Aries, and then you’ve stabbed me in the back.

Aries – I’m so sorry…. I’m never going to do that again.

Jeep – I don’t know if I can trust you.

Aries – That’s fair…. god. I’m… I’m a waste of space.

Jeep – I can’t be your friend Aries. I can’t keep being that person that lets others treat him bad. I have to let go of you… and Spirit, and-

Aries – Why did she break up-

Jeep – None of your business Aries! we’re not friends! I’m a loser REMEMBER?!

Aries – ………I’m the loser.

Jeep – Are we done?

Aries – I guess so…..

Ugh.. why do I feel like I’m being mean….

Jeep – Wait.

Aries – …….

Jeep – I don’t think its a good thing for you to be depressed, and crying all the time. Maybe you should… talk to someone.

Aries – I just tried that… and the person I wanted to talk to hates me.

Jeep – I don’t hate you… we just can’t be friends.

Aries – …….

Jeep – You ever thought about calling your cousin?

Aries – Kaori doesn’t like me.. she’d just make up an excuse to call me later, and I’d never hear from her. I know what ignoring someone is Jeep. She doesn’t care about me.

Jeep – ……You never know.

Aries – … Even though you said we can’t be friends…. I still want to say sorry again… because I really am.

Jeep – I accept your apology.

Aries – Just not enough to be my friend.

Jeep – You make it really hard Aries, I want to forget it all and be like, Lets go hangout at the comic shop.. but to me, the word Friend.. it means something. I’m not saying we can never speak again or that later on we won’t be friends.. but right now? I can’t.

Aries – I understand…  I’m going to go.

Jeep – …..Okay…..I-

Aries – Don’t try and make me feel better Jeep.. everything you said was valid. I made my bed and I’m forced to lay in it.

[phone rings]

Jeep – ……Aries… I’m-

Aries – Don’t you dare say sorry…. just… take your call..

Jeep – ……

I have to admit.. the whole thing left me a bit speechless. I didn’t know exactly if how I was feeling was right or wrong. Aries has this way of making you feel bad.. but Its kinda hard for me to just drop all of the negative feelings I feel about our situation, and just be BFF’s again.

Ethan Ethan – Then she ate a goldfish.

Jules – The one in shorts.. he cries.

Ethan Ethan – What?

Jules – Sadness.

Christine – Looks like Aries is wiping his eyes…

Raven – So… it didn’t go too well I assume.

Christine – Yeah… but I mean can you blame Jonah? Aries was really wrong to him.. plus what he did at that party.

Raven – All about circumstances my dear.

Christine – You’ve always been team Aries.

Raven – And you’ve always been team Jonah.

Christine – I just believe in right and wrong…

Raven – I believe in redemption- Oh shit

Christine – What?

Raven – The motorcycle I wanted is ready!

Christine – Can’t believe you actually passed the driving test though.

Raven – Sure did.. now I’m one paycheck away from buying my dream bike.

Christine – Well… I guess that’s cool.

Raven – What do you say?… I give you the first ride?

Christine – Sure…. what are besties for.


Jeep – Hello?

Frankie (on phone) – Hey you.

Jeep – Hi pretty girl

Frankie – L-O-L…. hi… “Pretty boy” *laughing*. Where are you? sounds like wind- are you at the beach?

Jeep – Yeah…

Aries – I ruin everything.. why am I even alive…

Frankie – Why are you there?

Jeep – Missing you

Frankie – Ha-Ha very funny.

Jeep – Are we hanging out tonight at Keegan’s

Frankie – Sadly no, I have a late class… oh my god speaking of which.. this morning on the way to work.. I bumped into Tyena. She rolled her eyes at me.

Jeep – Wow…

Frankie – So what are you really doing on the beach?

Jeep – I got ambushed by Christine, and Raven. They brought Aries, and I here… to talk.

Frankie – And?

Jeep – We talked… and I forgave him- but I just can’t go there with him yet.. the whole friendship thing.

Frankie – Understandable….. Did you tell him about Kaori?

Jeep – How did-

Frankie – That’s actually why I’m calling.

Jeep – ………..

Frankie – Keegan called me and told me… about lunch.

Jeep – Wish we could have been there.. we were the only two missing.

Frankie – …………………….Yeah.

Jeep – So are you mad that they know what happened between us?

Frankie – Umm… Its fine. It was a long time ago, and its not like we’re doing that these days.

Jeep – …..Right.

Frankie – I’m not mad… and I’m not ashamed of you Jeep. Also just an FYI… I really didn’t mean to say “ew” when Keegan said we should kiss.

Jeep – You explained it already, its okay.

Frankie – You’re cute, and nice. Its just… we’re close friends and-

Jeep – So if we weren’t close friends.. would a guy like me even stand a chance?

Frankie – A guy like you?…………..Yeah, hell yeah.. you’re awesome Jeep.

Jeep – …….Hmm.

Frankie – Jeep?

Jeep – Yeah?

Frankie – What are you asking?

Jeep – Nothing?

Frankie – Oh… okay- weird. So umm…….. Oh yeah! so did you tell Aries, that Kaori knows?

Jeep – I wanted to.. as some twisted way for them to bond- but I felt like maybe its something they should do without my help.

Frankie – I agree….. Speaking of bonding and relationships. Spirit-

Jeep – Oh yeah she told me.. she said she got you muffins or something..

Frankie – I gave them to my office… I’m on a diet.

Jeep – Why? you have an amazing body

Frankie – ……………..Thank you…….

Jeep – In a friendly way.. I’m not checking you out.

Frankie – I know…… SO Spirit and you? you guys talked?

Jeep – Yeah… and she wanted-

Frankie – What did you say Dominic?… no I took notes yesterday- yeah you can borrow them. Are you okay?…. you sure?…. alright- No, I don’t have a boyfriend- god no, its just Jeep… No what did you- yeah page 247.- Sorry Jeep.. Dominic was talking to me.

Jeep – Its okay, hey I’ll tell you what happened with Spirit later or tomorrow. I should go.

Frankie – Okay well, I’ll try and make time for you. Call me later, love ya.

Jeep – I love you too….

Aries – Love…..something I’ll never know again………..Fuck everything… I hate life.

Hmm.. why do I feel rejected? I don’t even like Frankie like that. I just feel like the way she said “Oh god no Its Jeep” was like.. yeah he has no chance in hell… what if I did like her though? would that be a bad thing? I mean we have alot in common, and we get along really well. Not that I’m saying I do like her. Whatever.. we’re just friends obviously.

Wonder how much of my conversation Aries heard. I have to be honest, I really want to just go hug Aries and tell him everything is going to be fine, and lets be friends- BUT after what he did.. why should I? That doesn’t mean I’m not accepting his apology. I really hope he can figure everything out, and get in a better place. I need a few days to think about this.. maybe I can just flush it and put it all behind me. What if he does it again though? then I’d be a fool… twice.

(POV Jarrah)

So as you can see… we made up. I got here, and Orion was finishing up some paintings. We sat on the couch, and he just looked at me and smiled. He told me he forgave me, and that lets not even discuss it. We laid down and talked about our day. You know… I’ve never dated a guy like him before. This relationship is so different from ones I had in the past. I really love it though- speaking of which.. I just remembered that I didn’t get to tell him that I loved him. He stormed out of the party remember? No rush.. I’ll tell him when the time is right.

Orion – You smell good.

Jarrah – Thank you.

Orion – I could lay here all day.

Jarrah – I’m really comfortable.

Orion – I’m sorry babe… I stormed out of the party like a little bitch.

Jarrah – No, It was valid…

Orion – I’m not usually a diva like that.

Jarrah – No no… it wasn’t diva-like at all.

Orion – I was really angry…

Jarrah – I know… and I’m sorry. Don’t worry… you’ll NEVER have to worry about me butting into your family stuff again.

Orion – You were just looking out for me…

Jarrah – Well communication is key. I’ll just come to you first- not that there will be a next time…

Orion – …..Family is stressful.

Jarrah – Has Eli contacted you yet?

Orion – ……yes.

Jarrah – Sorry…. I feel odd asking.

Orion – No its okay… umm he called me. Started crying like a weirdo, saying how he’s shocked I picked up the phone.

Jarrah – Oh.

Orion – But yeah lets not talk about that.

Jarrah –  What do you want to talk about?

Orion – I should get up.

Jarrah – Noooooooooo I like laying here with you.

Orion – I smell.

Jarrah – No you don’t- well… you kinda do. You smell like paint… and…. well I can’t make out what the other thing is- Its not bad though. You smell like a man, and I like that… Its turning me on actually.

Orion – You sure its not my penis pressed up against your legs *laughs*

Jarrah – Well that too.

Orion – Well no hanky panky darling. I don’t have time for it today.

Jarrah – Yeah neither do I.

Even though I totally wish I could do him right now…. what?- a girl has needs okay?

Orion – *stretches* What do you have planned?

Jarrah – Remember that thing?

Orion – The rimming thing we did?

Jarrah – Oh god- No O’- The thing I was putting together for Lola.

Orion – Ooh that- yeah you had talked to her cousin about it.

Jarrah – Its happening tonight, and Rubi’s coming.

Orion – Oh so she’s doing it.

Jarrah – Yes, so I obviously need to go shopping.

Orion – Did you need some money?

Jarrah – Nah, I got it- thanks though.

Orion – I spoke with Lola earlier.

Any other girl would be bothered by that, but I’ve never been that type of girl. I love that Lola and Orion are friendly.

Jarrah – Oh cool-

Orion – She called me… telling me to forgive you, and- You know.. Lola’s a really good person.

Jarrah – I think so.

Orion – I think something’s bothering her though. You think she’s feeling pressure about where she is in life?

Well… I have my theories but.. I don’t want to speak anything negative out into the universe.

Jarrah – I don’t know… I mean sure she quit modeling and she’s alone alot of the time- so maybe it does start to affect her a bit. It could just be that though.. loneliness.

Orion – We should find a guy- or girl for her.

Jarrah – Oh my god.. Lola’s not into girls.

Orion – I thought she was bi?

Jarrah – No, she’s straight.

Orion – Huh… weird. Well lets find her a guy?

Jarrah – Well….. she doesn’t need one- she has someone interested already

Orion – Fuckin’ A- that’s awesome.. Lets double date or something-

Jarrah – Well he told me not to tell Lola he’s into her. That he wanted to be a gentleman.. and a man.. and do it himself.. the right way.

Orion – Who’s the guy?

Jarrah – My boss’s brother.. Jayson.

Orion – Oh okay- The cop right?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Orion – So on a completely unrelated note…… I sold 4 paintings today.

Jarrah – Wow really?

Orion – Yeah.. 3 pieces for 2,000 bucks each. Then 1 for 4,000.

Jarrah – You made 10,000 dollars today.. I’m so jealous- but oh my god.. congrats!

Orion – Now… here’s the hard part….

Jarrah – What?

Orion – So I took 5,000 out and split it between the GloCity Elementary school, and High School. I donated it for art and music.

Jarrah – Aww that’s great!

Orion – The other 5,000….. I want to give to your dad for his whole workout video and book business venture.

Jarrah – I can’t let you do that… That’s alot of money.

Orion – But I want to…. Its hard starting up a business venture. He doesn’t need to risk everything he has on this video and book. Let me help.

Jarrah – …….I don’t know…

Orion – You know if you say know.. your dad will just end up getting an anonymous donation…. *smiles*

Jarrah – Money can be so messy… I-

Orion – Its not a loan, its a gift. I care about you… alot. I love you Jarrah.

Jarrah – …..*smiles*

Orion – Okay how about I just do the anonymous donation? would that be better?

Jarrah – ……Yes…. and I’m only saying yes because you would have done it either way.

Orion – *laugh* I’ll do that then.

He’s so loving, and caring. I know he means well.. so I won’t give him a hard time about money. Dad will probably end up thinking it came from Micah, or myself. Then again he might think Grandma did it.. she’s sneaky like that.

Jarrah – He’ll appreciate it… I know I do.

Orion – I’d do anything for you…

Jarrah – Orion?

Orion – Yes?

What better timing than now…

Jarrah – I love you too…. You said it.. and I didn’t say it back but I do.. I love you *smiles*

Orion – Good…. come here.


Orion – I really wish I had time for sex…

Jarrah – *laughs* As do I….

Orion – Maybe we can…..

Jarrah – Quick is not your middle name…..

Orion – Ah…. true… I’m gonna go take a shower really quickly

Jarrah – ……….You know.. if you shower quick enough… maybe we can do…… something. Maybe not sex.. but I have something almost just as good.

Use your imagination *laughs*

Orion – Okay!………..Or… *picks up Jarrah* I can just take you to the shower with me!

Jarrah – Oh my god put me down *laughs*

Orion – *fake pirate accent* Time to go swimming me darlin!

Jarrah – Oh no big bad pirate! please no! I’m a damsel in distress! you bad bad man!

Orion – *fake pirate accent* Imma fin’sen to steal thee treasure!

Jarrah – Oh god! take me captain Knight!

Orion – *laughing*

Jarrah – You’re so silly…

Orion – I think we should role play…. next time though.

Jarrah – Okay *laughs* … go shower.. I’ll be waiting….

Orion – Help yourself to anything in the fridge.

Jarrah – Umm okay.

Orion – I got some of those frozen smoothies you like.

Jarrah – Cool.

He always packs his fridge with the best stuff. I swear I could get fat if I stayed here.

Jarrah – *singing* 

But every song’s like gold teeth, Grey Goose, trippin’ in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room
We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams
But everybody’s like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your time piece
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash
We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair

And we’ll never be royals 
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of lux just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz

Let me be your ruler 
You can call me Queen Bee
And baby I’ll rule
Let me live that fantasy

*stops singing*

God I love that song…. even though the person who sings it is a creepy looking 16 year old.

Lola’s always playing it… currently her favorite song is that new one by Lady Gaga.. Do What U Want. I don’t really like it but to each their own *laughs* You know, I’m excited about tonight. I think Lola will really enjoy ladies night… Its a sleepover, we’re not going club hopping or anything. Just us girls, eating, drinking, and being silly. Maybe we’ll have one of those sisterhood of the traveling pants movie moments.

[Elevator noise]

Jarrah – Babe?





Jarrah – O’?

[Elevator DING]

Jarrah – Orion?!

Orion – Yeah?

Jarrah – Are you done showering?

Orion – Yeah I’m toweling off- Why?

Jarrah – I think someone is coming up the elevator…

Orion – What?!

Should I like grab a knife and channel buffy or something?


Eli – Wow you’re prettier in person!

Jarrah – You must be Eli?

Eli – Yep.. dats me- hey your shirt is riding up.. I can see your… under boob or whatever.

Jarrah – Its on purpose…

Orion – What the fuck are you doing here?

Eli – Didn’t you get my message?

Orion – No, I was painting…

Eli – Did I interrupt something here?

Jarrah – No-

Orion – Yes.

Eli – Should I go?….

Orion – Ye-……no.

Jarrah – You know its cool. I have to get going anyway… I have that thing remember?

Orion – Oh right…

Eli – A real thing or like.. an excuse so my brother and I can talk? I respect it either way doe.

Jarrah – A real thing, I have to shop for ladies night.. my friends and I-

Orion – He doesn’t need to know babe.

Eli – …….I thought you got my text.. so.. yeah sorry.

Orion – Its fine E.

Jarrah – I’m gonna grab my purse, I’ll call you late babe.

Orion – Alright.

Jarrah – Love you.

Orion – Love you too.

Eli – *smiles*

Orion – Have a seat Eli… I need to put on some clothes.

Eli – Alright cool.

Jarrah – Have….fun.

Eli – Was nice meeting you Jarrah… face to face that is.

Jarrah – You too Eli.

I almost don’t want to leave, out of fear that O’ might punch him or something- Then again Orion is pretty good with self control. I need to get going anyway, I have a design class to get to, and then shopping for ladies night. I should probably text Rubi and make sure she’s still coming. I would hate for her to flake on us.. that would hurt Lola. Its like Rubi and Lola have the same issues Kaori and Aries have. Cousins with no relationship- THOUGH… Lola did say she and Rubi were really close growing up so I don’t know. Anyway later guys.

(POV Jeep)

Yes……..I’m at the park editing Kingston, and I’s film project. Yes… I’m wearing new clothes. Kingston and I needed to go through the footage we took for our short scene, and we both decided why not enjoy some fresh air at the same time. As for me changing my clothes well… I was on my way to my dorm to get my laptop, when Rubi comes RUNNING OUT OF NOWHERE with about FOUR containers of frozen yogurt. She runs right into me.. getting yogurt all over me. I was so mad, why does she buy so much? its not like its going anywhere! they never run out!

Kingston – Man… Magdalena looks great!

Jeep – I know! I’m really happy Javier asked her if she’d do this for us.

I needed someone without a ego to do this scene for us. Javier said he could ask his sister, and she said yes. I think it turned out GREAT

Kingston – She may not be the best actress but… considering there’s no speaking in the scene.. it works- oh make sure you change the hue and saturation in the next panel.

Jeep – Right!- You know Kingston.. I think we can win this!

Kingston – I certainly hope so dude! you could really use the pick me up!

Jeep – Huh?

Kingston – Well you were dissed by that try hard at the party.. then by that fat obnoxious girl Porky

Jeep – Who’s

Kingston – That’s what I call Rubi… Porky!

Jeep – *laughs*

Kingston – She looks like a big fat boar pig!

Jeep – Before you started talking about Porky… what we’re-

Kingston – Oh! that I hope we win because it hasn’t been your month! After Try hard Aries, and Porky Muffin Top Rubi attacked you, you also got dumped!

Jeep – ….Right.

Kingston – Shit is brutal dude.. everyone on campus know’s you got dumped by the head of the Sorority.

Jeep – Of course….  The loser who got dumped… but I really don’t even care. I’m going to embrace who I am. So what if I’m not popular or good looking- If I’m a loser so be it. Atleast I’m happy being myself.

Kingston – I personally don’t think you’re a loser- Hey dude did you see Katy Perry perform at the grammys? she was pole dancing.. I wouldn’t mind her dancing on this pole if you know what I mean… she has the biggest titties EVER!

Jeep – …………………………………She’s not my type. I don’t think she’s hot. I’ve never really listened to her music, its too…. mainstream- though Frankie did tell me once that she made music of substance once upon a time.

Kingston – I wish I had a beer right now- Dude I hate squirrels.

Here he goes getting off subject again.

Jeep – Are you seeing anyone Kingston?

Kingston – Nope.. why got someone in mind for me?

Jeep – No, just curious.

Kingston – I think a few girls are hot, but alot of chicks are taken.

Jeep – True.

Kingston – That Frankie chick you obsess over- she’s sexy as fuck.. those long ass legs.

Jeep – She’s really pretty- wait back up.. I don’t obsess over her. We’re friends.

Kingston – Yeah right- she’s probably the reason you’re not even mad at Spirit.. gotcha eyes set on the hot chick with the legs! I see you Jonah!

Jeep – Whatever… and Done! Its all edited- well except the opening.. can you do that really quickly? I have to pee REALLY bad.

Kingston – Yeah sure, actually I wanted to also correct the mistakes you made in the closing credits..  And also watch it again and see if I wanted to edit anything too. Its always better to have two sets of eyes- Dude… how good does Ice cream sound right now?

Jeep – Umm… I’ll be back.. just fix the opening and ending credits. Don’t do any other editing until I get back and we can go over it.

Kingston – Sure thing!

Jeep – Its looking good Kingston.. I think we can win this.

Kingston – Wooo those fuckers don’t stand a chance against us! Did I tell you what I heard Fockky and Spirit talking about? They were arguing over Fairies and Mermaids… I can only imagine the mess they’re going to come up with!

Jeep – Well…. gives us a better chance- so oh well.

Kingston – Hey you think Spirit will go around telling people you have a small dick or something?- not that I’m saying you do. Its just something that chick do when they break up with guys. They know its our achilles’ heel.

Jeep – Well if she wants to do that… then fine. I really don’t care at this point. I feel like she’s a brat sometimes, as long as you’re saying yes to everything she’s good. The second you’re not?.. its all downhill.

Kingston – I have a 8 inch rocket by the way so if a chick ever tries to lie on me.. I’m whipping it OUT!

Jeep – …………………………..umm……………………..cool……………….. a little too much information but good for you Kingston.

Kingston – Hey! can you put in a good word with Frankie for me? I’d love to take her out to dinner… then examine her insides.. with my pole. I’d pound it do hard bro!

Jeep – NO! I’m not hooking you up with her!

Kingston – She’s single though right? I mean I’d be a gentleman and treat her right.. I just also would fuck her really good too- is that a squirrel?- I swore I just saw one.. I really hate-

Jeep – She’s single but no.. no.. sorry.

Kingston – Ah.. cause you want her.

Jeep – No, that’s not it.

Kingston – She’s bisexual right? you think if she dates a guy that she’d bring a girl in? I have this fantasy of hitting a girl from the back while she goes down on another girl-

Jeep – Stop objectifying her!

Kingston – Sorry dude, just… this is how guys talk.. just trying to have a dude moment with you.

Jeep – Its- its fine.. sorry… I just think when talking about her- Girls that we should have respect you know?

Kingston – Okay I know I saw a squirrel that time.

Jeep – I’m gonna pee…. be right back.

Kingston – Alright.. time to edit.

God what’s wrong with me, why did I snap on him like that?…. I mean he was kinda annoying and rude about Frankie. She’s not some whore that’s going to let any guy touch her- or girl for that matter. She’s classy, she has morals. Kingston’s cool, but Frankie is on another level.. they’d never work.. Its for the best that I don’t even try hooking them up. Save him the heartbreak.

Thank god my phone rang after I was finished- and yes… I did wash my hands.

Jeep – Hey Uncle Josh.

Josh (on phone) –  Did I catch you at a bad time?

Jeep – Um- nope. What’s up?

Josh – So first off how are you doing?

Horrible actually.. 

Jeep – Umm I’m alright.

Josh – You can talk to me anytime you want you know that right?

Jeep – Yeah I know- How are things with you?

Josh – Umm they could be worse, so no complaints here.

Jeep – That’s a positive way to look at things.

Josh – My optimism is sometimes just a disguise for delusion young Jonah bear.

Jeep – *laughs*

Josh – So umm.. I’m calling to let you know we can start filming in two weeks, does that work for you?

Jeep – That’s perfect. I’m done with my film project so I’ll be ready to go- Though that girl Kalia.. she dropped out- she doesn’t want to do the video anymore

Josh – Oh?

Jeep – Yeah but no worries.. I have a replacement named Bingbing Swan. So with her, Nick, and Micah.. that leaves one more spot? you said you were putting up an ad-

Josh – I got someone. She’s a writer- she’s going to help me with my diet book too, plus also do the video. She’s Ivo’s girlfriend, Torrance?

Jeep – Oh cool.. well this should all workout perfectly- pun intended.

Josh – *laughs* Well alrighty.. Thanks for all the help Jonah.

Jeep – Its not a problem Uncle Josh.

Josh – Hey Jonah?

Jeep – Yeah?

Josh – This is going to sound random.. but umm.. Jarrah’s boyfriend… is he a nice guy?

Jeep – I saw him once.. and he seems very nice and protective of her.. so-

Josh – Well that’s good.

Jeep – Why do you ask?

Josh – I have yet to meet him.. I’m just being a dad I guess.

Jeep – Well you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure she’s in good hands.

Josh – Good- Oh crap.. Michelle burnt the lasagna again… guess we’re ordering in tonight. I gotta go Jonah! see ya soon.

Jeep – Bye!

Well… now that I’m done with my film project.. I’m ready to help my uncle. Thinking about it- this was the EASIEST film project I think I ever had to do. Kingston and I put our heads together and came up with the scene quickly.. everything just clicked. He may have an issue paying attention but I think he’s a really brilliant thinker. I’m glad I got partnered up with him.

As for my uncles video.. it should be a piece of cake- oh and you’re probably wonder how the hell I got Bingbing to agree to do the workout video. Well lets just say that while she’s Rubi’s bestfriend.. she has a mind of her own. She’s no follower. The way it happened was really just in the moment. Kalia said she couldn’t do it for some bullshit reason- and then Bingbing told me she overhead the conversation and that she could do it if I wanted. So yeah. Anyway I need to get back out there before Kingston adds some weird music to the video or something..

I think I’m about to have a near death experience! OH…………..MY GOD!

Kingston – *out of breath* Hey buddy! did you drain your lizard?!

Jeep – Umm……….Kingston?

Kingston – *out of breath* What? What’s wrong?

Jeep – Do you see anything missing?

Kingston – Umm no?

Jeep – Where’s the laptop? did you take it to the car?

Kingston – Its right th- Oh shit.

Jeep – You left it there unattended?!

Kingston – I saw a squirrel and I wanted to chase it out of here. Then my dad called me.


Kingston – I don’t know! I wasn’t looking- I edited what you told me, and then I saw the squirrel.. so I ran after it and I just came back to see you standin here…

Jeep – That was the ONLY copy of the film Kingston! we’re fucked!

Kingston – ………………………sorry.

Jeep – Not only that… I have pictures on there.. private pictures..

Kingston – Like family stuff?


Kingston – Why are they on your computer?- did you photoshop your dick bigger or something?

Jeep – No! I fixed the lighting on some of them!

Kingston – Some of them?! as in more than one?!

Jeep – FUCK!

Kingston – It can’t have gotten too far-

Jeep – Its not a fricken toddler or animal Kingston! someone obviously stole it!

Kingston – I didn’t see anyone-

Jeep – Because you were too busy chasing squirrels!

Kingston – Hey I got attacked by one when I was 9- I hate them.. I had to scare it off!

Jeep – Only copy of the film- I didn’t back it up yet!- Nude pics, that was my only laptop! its not cheap dude!

Kingston – I’m so sorry!

Jeep – Fuck… What are we going to do?

Kingston – I can ask Professor Preston for a extension next week-

Jeep – No! let me do it.. you’ve done enough dude…

Kingston – I can buy you a new laptop.. I just gotta save up-

Jeep – No… College isn’t cheap.. keep your money. I’ll figure it out…

Kingston – Why don’t you go on your cloud and delete the pics?

Jeep – I didn’t set a cloud up- plus that’s impossible.. they would still exist on the laptop’s harddrive.. God this is just what I need-

Kingston – Hey long as you don’t have a tiny penis you should be okay if people see the pics right?-

Jeep – ITS NOT ABOUT THE PICS- well it is but still. Its about the project and the laptop! I don’t know what the fuck we’re going to do Kingston..

Kingston – Maybe some bum stole it… so they can sell it and get food-


Kingston – Look on the bright side. At least we left your camcorder back at the dorms. Could you imagine losing both?

Jeep – Not helping!

Kingston – ………..My bad.

You’re bad alright! you ran off to chase a fricken squirrel?! now my laptop is gone, the movie is gone, I probably have naked pictures out there. God! I so regret what I said in the bathroom. Working with Kingston will be the end of me! It was a match made in hell. Thanks alot Professor Preston! Who the fuck stole my laptop? Fucking shit- I should have never taken those nude pictures for Spirit… stupid lighting.. I just HAD to go and fix my pics.. What the hell am I gonna do?!

(POV Jarrah)

What’s better than having a little girl time? Having girl time lounging in our pj’s and talking about boys. Everything turned out great! Oh and remember how I thought Lola has an eating disorder? well I guess I was wrong, she ate alot of food tonight- Not more than Rubi though… Rubi can eat…. alot. We watched movies, some Sex and The City. We listened to music and danced.. now we’re winding down. Talking about.. well our lives.

Rubi – Lola…. why you wearing a onesy?

Lola – I get cold easily.

Rubi – I was about to say, you skinny as hell so why you ain’t showing off any skin butchea!

Lola – Rubi thanks for coming by the way… It was a surprise- a shock. I didn’t expect it.

Rubi – Well, Jarrah talked to me about it. I felt all types of bad.. I didn’t know you lived here alone.. I could have been kickin’ it here.. and fuckin’ Aries here- You got a guest room upstairs?

Lola – I do…

Candice – So Lola what’s goin’ on in your world?

Lola – Umm, not a lot currently. I’m hanging out with my mom, and really just… not doing anything. I’m thinking of starting a garden in the back.. I sound so lame huh? I need friends

Rubi – You have us though

Lola – Really?…. I have you Rubi?

Rubi – Our parents our siblings… we’re cousins.. we frenz gorl!

Lola – I had hoped we could reconnect Rubi. That makes me very happy.

Rubi – Its all good in the hood girl!

Candice – So you seeing any dudes? or chick’s Lola?

Lola – I’m not gay- or bi.

Rubi – You never did a girl before? Its something we’ve all done.. Its the college thing to do to be honest.

Lola – You have?

Rubi – Well not yet but if Air-Reez wants to.. then why not.

Lola – I- well… yeah- but to answer your question Candice.. I’m not seeing anyone. One can only hope though..

Jarrah – He could be right around the corner getting up the courage to ask you out.. you never know!

Candice – You a fine ass ex model.. I’m sure some dick will be swinging your way soon.

Rubi – So what’s the tea with you Jarrah? what’s poppin sis?

Jarrah – Well.. work sucks, and…. well my relationship is going pretty fricken great.

Candice – I hate the term “fricken” Just say fuckin’.. please Jarrah.. say fuckin’

Jarrah – *laughs* Okay fine.. my relationship is going pretty FUCKIN’ great- happy Candice?

Candice – Yes.

*laughs* if it were up to Candice I’d be cursing like a sailor on the daily.

Jarrah – I told him I loved him- well he said it and then I said it back.. I’m really happy with him. I feel like he’s this… I don’t know. He’s so manly.

Rubi – How’s the DICK?

Jarrah – Big…

Candice – Cause he’s black

Lola – That’s not true.. I hooked up with a black model once… *shakes head no* I’m sure he was secretly wishing the big penis stereotype was true.. because.. it was small.

Rubi – I love a big dick to be honest. Fill me up inside-

Lola – Oh god.

Rubi – What’s y’all favorite position?

She would ask a question like this…

Candice – That’s easy.. I like to be on top.. lemme ride it.. lemme control it daddy.

Rubi – Oooh yeah girl! See I like reverse cowgirl…. that shit feels good!

Jarrah – Okay don’t laugh…. I like…. Dog-


Jarrah – *laughs* Oh god I’m so embarrassed!

Rubi – What about you Lola.. what gets ya moist!

Lola – I hate that word.. Moist is such a horrible word.

Candice – Answer the question girl!

Lola – Umm.. I like… missionary- and not because I’m some square. I’ve done the ones you guys like.. but.. to me missionary its the best. Its not even about him looking into your eyes. Its about you feeling his breathing pattern, and how perfect he fits in between your thighs.. Its just.. it fits like a glove.

Rubi – The dick?

Jarrah – No, I think she means his body.

Candice – Well that’s cool Lola.. you all about sensual and gentle stuff. Nothin’ wrong with that.

Lola – Well thanks Candice… though……………what girl hasn’t been….fucked hard. *laughs*

Jarrah – Wooo go Lola!

Candice – That’s wassup!

Rubi – Yes bitch…. cause Air-Reez fucks the DOG SHIT outta mah ass!

Lola – What’s his name? Hairez? Yeir-reez?

Candice – Aries.

Rubi – Air-Reez

Jarrah – Not sure why she pronounces it like that but his name is Aries- like Ares god of war?

Lola – Oooh okay.

Jarrah – So Candice what’s up with you? You’ve been busy so we haven’t had time to really talk.

Candice – Well…………….. two things. 1 – Do y’all know who Kalia is?.. she’s a big ass lesbian..

Rubi – I know who she is.. she can’t her eyes of dis fatty.

Jarrah – Yeah.. I’m in a sorority with her twin. What about her?

Candice – That bitch touched my ass, and then when I said what the fuck she gonna sit up there and deny it. I was about to beat her ass.

Lola – Maybe she accidentally grazed you?

Candice – No, I felt fingers..

Rubi – She was trying to finger your ass..

Jarrah – *laughs*

Lola – I don’t have a problem with gays or lesbians….. but yeah don’t touch my ass- or anything for that matter.

Candice – I have a brother who’s gay. So yeah.. acceptance is what’s up.

Rubi – My brother gay too- he loves barebacking his little boyfriend back home in CCity


Jarrah – What was the other thing that happened?

Candice – I had a run in with Rhys

Rubi – Oooh Rhys Kelley? The one who hair be laid for the GODS? I think she rockin’ a Brazilian silky weave.. shit be on point!

Jarrah – Yeah her… they used to be friends in high school-

Candice – We were friends in middle school too. Rhys and I both knew what growing up in the bad part of Bridgeport was like. We’re tough girls, and we didn’t take any shit you know?

Lola – That makes sense that you guys had a bond then.

I still want to know what ruined the bond between them.. Candice never really goes into detail about it

Candice – That ended for certain reasons… but anyway so.. I saw her with your friend Jarrah… Keegan.

Jarrah – Oh?…. okay.

Couldn’t have sworn Keegan said he wasn’t seeing anyone.. weird. Maybe she’s just tutoring him or something…. unless they’re hooking up, and he just didn’t want to tell us.

Rubi – Keegan is mah fren. We do the radio show together-

Lola – I sometimes listen.. really proud of you Rubi.

Rubi – Aww shit respect! thanks girl! Yeah its a gig- but you know I’m the future queen of the cinema.

Lola – Taking after Uncle Gabe.

Rubi – Passing me the throne.

Candice – Girl if you don’t stop interrupting me I’m gonna make your right eye match the bruise on the left

Rubi – Damn like that though fam?

Lola – What happened to your eye?

Candice – She got her ass beat at this party by a nerd.

Rubi – She snuck attacked me!

Candice – Girl whatever- anyway so like I was saying. I ran into my ex bestfriend and we were about to fight. The last time we fought things were brutal so maybe its a good thing that Mason was there to stop it. I do wonder though if Keegan would have tried to break us apart if Mason and him would have gotten into it.

Jarrah – That sucks…. I hate fighting.

Candice – I’m used to fighting, but the thing is… even though Rhys makes me mad. I….. I get this feeling in my stomach when we see each other. It gets worse when we argue. I don’t know… I guess I regret certain things, but what’s done is done. We both did and said things, ain’t no coming back from that shit.

Lola – Its never too late…. maybe time heals all wounds. People spend way too much time lying to themselves about things. Just… live life, and be who you are, be with the one you want to be with. Do the things that make you happy… you know?

Candice – Damn girl you over here taking us to church n’ shit.

Rubi – Are you black?

Candice – What?

Rubi – Are you black?

Candice – My mother is black, and my dad is puerto rican… does that answer your question?

Rubi – Mm hmm.

Jarrah – *laughs* ….. Lola I think what you said is true by the way… life is too short to be lying to yourself. I’ve been kinda wondering some things about my future and I have alot of thinking to do- nothing that I want to discuss right now but.. yeah. Life is… something.

Rubi – Can I take a sec to be honest about some stuff?

Candice – Okay?

Lola – The floor is yours…

Jarrah – Go on Rubi.

Rubi – Okay this stays here right?

Candice – For sure

Jarrah *nods yes*

Lola – Of course.. I don’t go to school with you, and I don’t really talk to people back in CCity.

Rubi – Okay… so obviously I’m with Aries right?

Did she actually say his name right for once?

Rubi – Like I make a huge spectacle about how he’s this and he’s that… but.. I don’t really love him. I actually don’t even like him that much. I think he’s mad cool, and we’re friends and we have this great banter between us- but.. I’m using him to make Darell jealous. I’m in love with Darell and it makes me mad… and sad to see him running around with Portia.

Jarrah – I’d imagine so….

Candice – They’re so wrong for each other…

Lola – So end things with Aries?

Rubi – Darell may seem mean, and like a douche.. but he’s not deep down. With me we had alot of fun, and I know he loves me too. Portia and him are the wrong fit, and It makes me cry sometimes because I love that nigga- and he wasting his time with her. She’s so unsexy, and lame.. ugh.. It frustrates me. And the thing is.. yeah I’m using Aries to make Darell mad but its not working.

Jarrah – Maybe it is working though, but he’s good at hiding it?

Candice – Nigga’s be good at hiding their emotions…

Lola – I’ve had time where I’ve see a guy struggle to hold back.. so maybe Jarrah’s right.

Jarrah – Are you going to break up with Aries?

Rubi – No… because while I’m using him, at the end of the day I love him as a person. I don’t like and love him in a romantic sense, but as a friend.. as a person he’s cool as shit. I also get the feeling that he’s using me too. Like… okay… he always wants me from the back, and I feel like.. *sigh* I could be wrong.. but I feel like he’s gay.

Candice – I always got Try hard from him, not gay.

Jarrah – …….Why do you think that?

Rubi – I don’t know.. Its a vibe. Maybe I’m his decoy to seem straight. I have a gay brother.. I know a butch queen when I see one… so yeah anyway that’s what I needed to get off my chest.. that’s why I’ve gained weight.. and stress eating all the goddamn time. I miss Darell.. and I love him.. I just want him back… I want to be his main girl.

Lola – I’ll be right back.

Jarrah – We should clean up.

Candice – Rubi get up, come with me.

Rubi – ….ummm… okay.

Jarrah – Okay.. I’ll just do it *laughs*

Wow… am I actually shipping Darell and Rubi right now? I do agree that he and Portia should NOT be together but.. wow.

Candice – Rubi if a bitch comes at you, you need to take control. You cannot be talkin’ shit, and then get black eyes. Lemme show you how to drag a bitch.

Rubi – I know how to throw down-

Candice – You know how to get THROWN DOWN…

Rubi – ………

Candice – So if she comes at you like this- swoop around and headlock that bitch- punch her in the face

Rubi – What if its a huge girl running your way.

Candice – First mistake people make when fighting fat people……………they stand there and try to go toe to toe with them. I fought a couple of big bitches.

Rubi – So what do you do?

Candice – Big bitch come running at you like you holding a free cheeseburger sign? step to the right or left.. circle that big ho! Punch her in the neck, back of the head. Kick her in the legs…  DO NOT EVER try to square up.. fat girls are STRONG.. you will end up on the ground.

Rubi – True..

Candice – And even if the fat girl can’t swing.. she has her weight.. you’d be fucked if she gets on top of you… but using my techniques.. if you get her on the ground you get on that bitch and you swing. She’ll be so concerned that a fat ass titty will pop out that she’ll be pulling down her clothes while you deckin that bitch- You know how to throw a decent punch? lemme show you


That’s really cute that Candice would do this for Rubi… Also can I just say that I knew the whole time that Rubi wasn’t as stupid as she made herself out to be. She know’s how to speak, and emote in the right now. She know’s how to explain herself without being extra. Also when it comes to the Darell thing… this is how I feel. Yeah she and him were creeping behind Portia’s back.. but at the end of the day none of us know what Darell and Rubi’s relationship was like when they were alone. Its very possible that they love each other and certain circumstances are preventing them from being together. Oh and Jesus Christ… How on point does she have it when it comes to Aries?… guess she’s not so stupid afterall.

Jarrah – Hey Lola? Can you give me a towel? I need to dry the dishes..

Lola – ……………..

Jarrah – Lola?

Lola – I’m okay… don’t come in.

Jarrah – Are you crying?

Lola – ………..I’m fine.

Jarrah – …..

I’m going in….

Jarrah – Lola!

Lola – *crying* I tried… I tried Jarrah.

Jarrah – Are you-

Lola – …………

Jarrah – How long?

Lola – ……I don’t know… its…

Jarrah – I thought you said that you didn’t do this? I thought you said throwing up was a one time thing?

Lola – I-… I tried to keep up, I tried to eat everything you guys did.. even though I hated it. I had to throw it up.. I had to…

Jarrah – Nothing is wrong with your body why are you doing this?

Lola – Every since I first started modeling.. I’ve done this….  my first casting director told me to do it before every shoot… I didn’t know any better. The other girls did it too… So I… It became a habit.

Jarrah – A habit you can’t break?

Lola – I stopped modeling because I knew it was wrong.. I was burned out but also I didn’t like the way I was changing just to fit in that world.

Jarrah – …….Why didn’t you tell me all of this?

Lola – When you caught me in France.. the look on your face.. I felt so much shame. I thought maybe I could just tell you that it was a one time things, and then I’d leave the modeling world and it would stop.

Jarrah – But you haven’t

Lola – Its become a psychological thing. I eat, and I instantly feel like I have to get rid of it. I can’t stop doing it.. and its ruining my life- 

Jarrah – Hey! you can stop this.. I know you’re strong enough.

Lola – I.. I can’t. not on my own.

Jarrah – Lola look at me.. I’m here for you.

Lola – I know, and I’ve ruined the night. You worked hard to get my cousin here, and bought all that food, and I just… I ruined it.

Jarrah – They’re pre-occupied. They have no idea what’s going on.

Lola – I’m wearing this stupid onesey because I didn’t want to show my body… how pathetic..

Jarrah – You’re beautiful.. you’re far from pathetic.

Lola – What am I going to tell them when they see me crying?

Jarrah – We’re going to clean you up, and then we’re going to go out there and watch another movie. If they ask if you’re okay lets just say its happy tears.. that we’re here at this sleepover.. okay?

Lola – Okay….

Jarrah – ….I love you Lola.

Lola – I love you too… you’re my bestfriend.

Jarrah – *smiles*

Lola – But…

Jarrah – Yes?

Lola – You can’t help me… not alone you can’t…. I need to talk with someone.. someone who-

Jarrah – Like a professional?

Lola – Yeah… I.. wow.. I don’t even know where to start-

Jarrah – We can work on that tomorrow okay? I’ll help you find the right person.

Lola – My mother is going to be so upset

Jarrah – Your mother will be proud of how brave you are to get the help you need.

Lola – I hope so…

Jarrah – Come on, lets clean you up.

So… my initial assumption that she had an eating disorder was correct afterall. God, this sucks… Isn’t it crazy how psychological it can all be? Lola’s the skinniest girl here, she’s gorgeous. Yet she feels the need to binge and purge. She’s been conditioned by the modeling industry and this is who she is now. She’s formed this habit that she can’t seem to break. I won’t fail her.. we’re going to find a way to get her some help. I know she can fight this. For now though.. I need to concentrate on getting her out of here and making sure the rest of the night is okay. Goodnight guys….

(POV Jeep)

*sigh* I had a late class… and It sucked. I had to use my phone to record the lecture. Can’t believe my laptop is gone, and it had my movie on it AND naked pictures. God.. I hope whoever stole it just re-formats it and completely wipes it. Please god.. if you’re listening.. Let the person who stole my laptop erase the entire harddrive. That would be great… Amen.

Miguel – *reading in background*

Javier – *on phone in background*

Lenny – Hey

Jeep – Umm hi- you’re one of Trey’s friends right?

Lenny – I am… 

Jeep – How can I help you?

Lenny – So.. I was wondering.. do you like sushi?

Jeep – Yeah I do.

Lenny – So do I….

Jeep – *laughs* okay

Lenny – Umm.. So like… my boyfriend and I have an open relationship.. we can date other people.

Jeep – Oh- okay well whatever works for you guys. No judgement.

Lenny – Do you want to go out on a date with me?

Jeep – What?

Lenny – Like grab some food, then maybe we can hookup after?

Jeep – Umm.. I’m…. straight.

Lenny – Like 100%?

Jeep – like 1000%

Lenny – Well I just figured you got dumped at the party, and you’re cute. You seem nice too… so.. yeah.

Wow… what a nice compliment.

Jeep – You know Lenny.. that’s really sweet of you. If I were into guy’s I might just say yes.

Lenny – Sucks that you’re not.. I made a fool of myself.

Jeep – No… you made my day.. I’ve had a bad one.

Lenny – Oh?

Jeep – Laptop got stolen..

Lenny – Hang up some flyers?

Jeep – That won’t help.. also I’m sure alot of people on campus have that laptop.

Lenny – Aww… well I actually have an extra laptop I can give you.

Jeep – I couldn’t ask that.

Lenny – You didn’t ask.. I’m offering. You’re a friend of Trey’s so you’re a friend of mine- besides its not some expensive laptop. Its not fancy but it’ll get the job done. Holy shit… did you back up your film class project?

Jeep – Sadly no.. I was going to right after I edited it. It was stupid of me, I usually make multiple backups.

Lenny – Well you have a lot on your mind…

I do have a lot on my mind.. that much is true… where’s Frankie when you need her. She always makes me feel better.

Jeep – Don’t know what the hell I’m going to do about the film..

Lenny – Myra and I just finished ours yesterday- did you know that Myra dates Miguel?

Jeep – Yeah I knew.. they make a cute couple- he’s actually behind you.. reading.

Lenny – He’s cute… though you’re cuter- but anyway yeah… Myra and I we finished our film.. it sucks to be honest.. we’re so gonna lose.

Jeep – Yeah… well Kingston and I are fucked.

Lenny – Stay positive Jonah.. I’m sure it’ll work itself out. Also I’m not taking no for an answer cutie. I’m bringing you my extra laptop tomorrow.. which wing do you live in?

Jeep – My dorm room is on the left wing room number-

Lenny – I’ll actually just have Trey give it to ya.

Jeep – Thanks alot Lenny.

Lenny – No problem hot stuff!- Hey?

Jeep – Yeah?

Lenny – I have lots of friends… what type of girls do you like?

Jeep – Umm… hmm.. well I like all kinds but I guess I really just like girls who are self aware. Girls who are really individuals. Smart girls, who you can talk to about anything. Have fun with..

Lenny – Go on.

Jeep – Little things like eye color, and hair color isn’t important.. she should be able to pull off anything. I think its important that she and I can talk on a deep level you know? for it to be more than boyfriend girlfriend.. we can listen to stupid music and watch stupid movies- Oh my god…

I’m an idiot….. Oh my god.

Lenny – What?

Jeep – I love her.

Lenny – Who?

Jeep – I….

Voice – Lenny! Hey Lenny!

Lenny – Oh shit..I gotta run.. see ya around!

Jeep – See ya- and thanks!

Oh my god… I’m in love with Frankie… why am I the last to know this? everyone has been telling me- I’m… I love her. Maybe that is the reason why I’m not hurt by Spirit… because my heart is with Frankie… She’d never go for it though- no Jonah… you’re a risk taker now… just..  You know what.. the next time I see her I’m going to tell her.. fuck it.

Really god?… I say that and then here she is?- wait.. is that a sign? Could this be a sign that I should tell her and we can work?

Lenny – Work it out miss honey girl Yasss loving the ensemble tonight

Frankie – *laughs* Thanks! I see you’re showing off your legs.. you better work bitch.

Lenny – You know how I do. Slaying the lessors with these thighs honey.

Javier – Hey Lenny!

Lenny – Hey Javi!

Javier – Haven’t seen you in forever

Lenny – How’s your sister doin’? I remember I used to braid her hair!

Javier – She’s doing good.. how are you?

Lenny – Fab! as always…

Frankie – *smiles*

Jeep – Frankie! Hey!

Frankie – Hey you *smiles*

Wow… she looks amazing…. she’s just… beautiful.. she’s perfect.

Frankie – Late class too?

Jeep – Yep…

Frankie – You changed your clothes?

Jeep – You noticed?

Frankie – I saw you earlier on my way to a class.. you were wearing something different…

Jeep – Long story…

Frankie – Hey I ran into your friend Kingston by the way… he’s a big flirt.

Jeep – Oh god…

Frankie – He told me about the laptop.. That really sucks…

Jeep – Yeah and now I have naked pics out there- wait.. did he tell you about that?

Frankie – Actually no, but you just did…

Jeep – How embarrassing… you must think I’m so.. stupid… having naked pictures of me on my laptop

Frankie – No.. I don’t. I think you’re perfect Jeep, and also who doesn’t have naked pictures of themselves on their computer? sometimes the lighting is all wrong and you need to fix it.

She get’s me….

Jeep – *smiles* exactly

Frankie – I don’t have much.. but I can lend you some money to get-

Jeep – Nah I got it covered…

Frankie – Don’t be a brat.. you know I love you.

Jeep – …..I… love you- Too.

Frankie – So let me help?

Jeep – Well Lenny was actually just… well Lenny flirted with me.. asked me out on a date. He said I was cute.. weird huh?

Frankie – You are cute Jeepy!

Jeep – Eh… anyway He has an extra old laptop.. he’s giving it to me.

Frankie – Oh check you out! you got the gays drooling.

Yeah well I wish it were you.

Jeep – One gay…

Frankie – I’m so tired… life sucks. I’ll be glad when I’m done with school.

Jeep – Same.. though you’ll be done before me.

Frankie – Yep…

Jeep – So how’s work?

Frankie – Horrible… I have my own article I’m working on for once, but I’m also still getting ridiculous assignments from Scott. This bastard has me writing about mold and bacteria in hotdog carts.

Asshole.. treating her like that.

Jeep – What the heck?

Frankie – My thoughts exactly.. ugh.. its times like this I wish I had a significant other. Go to them and just lay in their arm. They can bullshit me and tell me that everything is going to be alright.

Hello! I’m right here!

Jeep – You have me….

Frankie – ………I know but.. you know what I mean.. you’re my friend-

Jeep – What do you look for in a guy?

Frankie – Girl or guy it-

Jeep – No.. a guy specifically..

Frankie – Umm… why? are you trying to set me up? because honestly-

Jeep – No….

Frankie – Hmm… Well.. he has to be honest, brave…. nice… He has to be passionate about something. It doesn’t matter what but I’m attracted to individuality and people who are passionate about their hobbies and or jobs… We have to have a friendship, because that’s the foundation of everything… I don’t know.. 

Jeep – Are looks important?

Frankie – Umm I mean it is… but not really- anyone who tells you that looks aren’t important… they’re lying.

Jeep – True.

Frankie – Yeah That’s it.. I guess- my brain is fried…

Enough small talk.. here goes nothing.

Jeep – Frankie?

Frankie – Yes?

Jeep – I wanted to talk to you about something.

Frankie – Okay, you know you can talk to me about anything.

Jeep – You and I’ve been… friends for a very long time.

Frankie – Yeah we have.

Jeep – And I care alot about you.

Frankie – I care about you too Jeep.

Jeep – I feel like… you work really hard… at everything.

Frankie – Sound like my sister…

Jeep – You don’t work very hard on your happiness though.

Frankie – That’s… true… I kinda put myself last.

Jeep – You should be happy.. you should let ……someone.. make you happy.

Frankie – My dad, Keegan, you… everyone is telling me this.

Jeep – I’ve been delusional thinking that I… that… *sigh* Frankie I think-

Voice – Frankie?

Frankie – Did you hear that?

Voice – Frankie… over here!

Frankie – Oh god… Jeep I’ll be right back okay? don’t forget what you wanted to talk about- Oh and by the way thanks for being such a good friend. I really love you for it.

Jeep – Yeah…..

Great…. who the hell- ………………..Oh

[Press Play]


Tyena – Hi…..

Frankie – Hey….

Tyena – I know you hate me…

Frankie – I thought it was you who hated me?

Tyena – I kissed you remember?…

Frankie – Oh so you admit it….

Tyena – Look… I’ve been a bitch, and not only to just you.

Frankie – …..

Tyena – I have so much shit going on with me, and I just…

Frankie – Stress sucks.

Tyena – I’m sorry for everything.

Frankie – ….Do you mean it?

Tyena – Yes… I mean it.

Frankie – Then say no more Tyena. I accept your apology.

Tyena – You’re beautiful.. and… nice.. and I just… look I’m not delusional.. I know I’m gay.

Frankie – ……Okay.

Tyena – I couldn’t accept it.. and I blamed you.

Frankie – Its okay.

Tyena – Its not okay…. you know my dad dates Jessica.. and I was helping her cook… she started talking about her life when she was a little older than I am now. About her friends growing up. She talked about her friend Leslie, and how strong she was with being gay.. how she got alot of her confidence from that. I started crying, and before I knew it Jessica told me without even asking.. she looked at me and said “Its okay to be gay Tyena”

Frankie – Awww..

Tyena – She held me and I cried like a baby for a good 20 minutes.

Frankie – *smiles*

Tyena – I was so quick to think the worse about her.. to hate her.. to hate you! when It was really my own issues being in the way. I don’t know how to do this..

Frankie – Well I’m here for you..

Tyena – I don’t allow myself to have fun or-

Frankie – You know…. I have an idea.. that could help both of us.

Tyena – Okay?

Frankie – Are you okay with being…out?

Tyena – Now?….yes.

Frankie – Are you busy?

Tyena – No.. was going to go back to the sorority and eat some ice cream probably…. catch up on Pretty Little Liars

Both – Emily’s cute

Frankie – *laughs* Okay… do you want company?

Tyena – Umm.. yeah.. but instead of watching tv.. lets get some coffee.. and talk about this idea that you have.

Frankie – *smiles* Okay… I’m just gonna tell Jeep I’ll talk to him later… oh and by the way?… the ponytail works.. you look cute.

Tyena – Thanks.. you… you always look amazing.

Frankie – *smiles*

I heard all of that.. and I’m… wow.. looks like what I wanted for her is happening. I said I had hope she and Tyena would work.. but that was before I realized that what I really wanted was for she and I to be together. She and Tyena look good together and here I am.. the stupid friend. I’m so stupid! I should’ve told her when I had the chance, and instead Tyena is right in position to take her from me. I can barely compete with guys.. how the hell do I compete with Tyena? they have so much in common.. I don’t stand a chance. This fucking sucks… What if she ends up falling for Tyena before I even get to tell her how I feel?

~End Of Chapter Four Pt | Chapter Four Pt is Next~



  1. LOL yes I admit I WAS lost during that beginning segment with Jeep and Collin XD. They get along well though. There is nothing better than being friends with someone who speaks your language :D. Wow Spirit is just so out of line now. She has changed so much and I wanted to smack her for saying that stuff to Jeep. Maybe it was because she was hurt but still. I’m glad he didn’t just take her back. Good for you Jeep! Ugh Kingston is such a flake but it’s funny how he’s obsessed with squirrels lol. I hope they find that laptop or they really are screwed :\. Hehehe I hope Jeeps nude pics don’t get exposed :p. Oh no back off Tyena!!!! Frankie belongs with Jeep!! DX

    Keegan is a blabbermouth XDDD. Oh well at least there are no more secrets! Also on the subject of that lunch, Kaori and Trey are too funny. I like how they bashed each other the entire time but still somehow managed to remain “friends”.

    Orion is such a good guy donating the money he earned. I’m jealous, I wish I had a guy like him :p. As for the girls night, Rubi blew me away! I had no idea she actually had a heart until now. I almost feel sorry for her about the Darell situation. And poor Lola has an eating disorder. The modeling industry is so good at brainwashing people to think they need to be a size 1. I myself am thin but I’m naturally thin no matter how much food I eat XD. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

    One more thing, did you see Lorde’s performance at the Grammy’s? She is kinda weird :p

    1. Nerd Language 🙂 Jeep speaks it well doesn’t he? lol. I thought it was finally time that Jeep and Collin’s schedules allowed for them to have a little bonding session. I totally agree with you about nothing being better than being friends with someone who gets you.. who speaks your language.

      I’m glad you’re able to see that Spirit was hurt, and she pushed buttons because of it. Still she was rude, and out of line. She couldn’t make Jeep do what she wanted so she was angry. Sounds like a child throwing a tantrum. She has changed a bit, but two things to consider. When you first met her in season 1 she had a bit of a tude… then she liked a boy and she got softer… then boy gained confidence, and changed a little.. she got threatened by Christine.. etc. So Spirit’s for sure acting out.

      LOL Kingston is fun to write… sucks for Jeep though.. laptop gone, movie gone.. and now he has nudes out there. WHO TOOK THE LAPTOP?! (You think you know…. but you have no idea lol….) Good thing Lenny was nice enough to lend him his extra/old one.

      Oh Keekee…. you know.. things felt normal again.. he was with his friends and bam he just told all of the secrets! he feels horrible, but thank goodness it was his friends he told. Though unfortunately for him… Hammer knows a few things too… now what Hammer will do with that information?…. time will tell.

      Trey vs Kaori is so much fun to write! They’re both so headstrong with their personalities and they argue so different but at the end of it they both just really want to kill each other- yet somehow… they’re friends.. even if they won’t admit it.

      Orion…………….is……………….So…………………..Perfect lol. So cute, and so nice. Who wouldn’t want a guy like that! Now with his brother Eli in the picture one has to wonder what will happen.

      Rubi has a heart! she’s human ladies and gentleman! Its a conflicting feeling. We know Darell is a bit of a jackass but maybe he and Rubi did have something.. that was just at the wrong time. Rubi can probably benefit from hanging out with Jarrah, Candice, and her cousin Lola… she can probably grow and be less…. insufferable…. maybe… but Rubi isn’t done yet… she has alot more stuff to do… lol…

      Yep… Lola felt the pressure like many men and women in the world. Only difference is she let it get to her in a bad way. The good news is.. its out, Jarrah knows. Lola wants to stop and get help… so fingers crossed.

      Oh and yes.. Lorde is very weird.. I wonder if its who she really is.. or just some shtick crafted by her record label to seem different in a competitive music world….

      Until next time I leave you with this fascinating Lorde gif….

  2. :O Who took the laptop???? Whoever did it, if they’re in the class with him I hope they lose and lose hard :p. And BWAHAHAHAHA at the gif XD. She is quite fascinating indeed!

    Now for the question of the year…….JUST WHO CAUSED THE FIGHT AT THE PILLOW PARTY IN RHOA!! lol

    1. LMFAO…. well…. Kenya didn’t lie exactly.. he did grip her arm mighty tight…. but her standing up and charging at his wife did start alot. It was a huge mess to be honest. I’d say Kenya, Apollo, Christopher, and Brandon were to blame for the brawl…. I think… lol.. god it was a mess. I kinda wanted to see Malorie and Kandi fight though!

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