{BnG Season 2} Chapter Three Part 3 : “Its My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To”

_______________{Conclusion Of Chapter Three}_______________

Chapter Three | Pt. 3 “Its My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To”

-POV’s : Frankie & Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Frankie)

*Yawns* I hate this job. I can’t believe I once thought it would be something great for me. I did that piece on Jessica Nash, and Ivo McDonald, and I just assumed it was going to skyrocket me to the top. Boy I was wrong, so so wrong. What that article really did, was make Scott think I’d be great at writing about gossip, and secrets. No thank you. Guess I shouldn’t complain too much though right? I’m lucky to have a job… Shit I forgot TJ was talking. I should pay attention.

TJ – So then I took a deep breath and looked her right in the eyes. Just like you said!-

Frankie – And then what?

TJ – Then she smiled and said “what? do I have something in my teeth?”

Frankie – So cute, what did you say?

TJ – I told her “Spinich is everywhere” but at least her teeth wasn’t yellow, from all the coffee consumption

Oh my god.

Frankie – Oh?

TJ – She laughed and said “well… okay..”

Frankie – *laughs*

TJ – Then I asked her if she’d like to have a meal with me one day.

Frankie – What did she say?

TJ – She said she would love to, that she hasn’t been asked out by anyone at her school- I worried that I had made a horrible mistake and asked out a high school student-

Frankie – Did you?

TJ – No…. she’s a junior at GCU- just like you!

Frankie – Oh? really? what’s her name? maybe I know her

TJ – Penrose Schwartz!… Penny for short- Oh she has a twin-

Frankie – Brother… named Lenard- well everyone calls him Lenny.

Lenny Schwartz…. Or… Lenny Warts because of a horrible rumor that he was a bit… skanky… which is mean, but also kind of funny.

TJ – So you know them?

Frankie – Well not really. I’ve seen Penny around, and Lenny is friends with a friend of mine.

TJ – Can you put in a good word? Tell Penrose that I’m really nice, and she didn’t make a mistake by saying yes to a meal with me.

Frankie – I think you sold yourself pretty well TJ, I’m proud of you.

TJ – Really? Oh goodness, thanks Frankie- You’re the best!

Frankie – Aww… no you’re the best- thanks for the granola bar by the way.. I didn’t have time for lunch.

TJ – Its no problem. I have a box at my desk for days like that.

Frankie – They sure come in handy- Ow!- dammit..

TJ – What’s wrong? is it your wrist again?

Frankie – …..Yeah.

TJ – You should go get it checked out.

Frankie – Like Scott would let me do that.

TJ – He’s been in a good mood lately, go ask him.

Frankie – Hmm, okay… its worth a try, not like I’m working on anything of substance.

TJ – Another fluff piece?

Frankie – Yeah… about dust……in libraries.

TJ – Oh because people read digitally now?

Frankie – Oh no sweetie… dust…. literally. Clumps of dust in libraries, and how safe it is for the average reader.

TJ – Scott made you write about that?!

Frankie – I kid you not.

TJ – Maybe you shouldn’t have turned down the initial offer…

Frankie – I don’t write smut, and I never will.

TJ – Good! stand your ground! Scott got angry at me because I gave a bad review to this app. Apparently his friend created it, and my review didn’t sit well with him. So I stood my ground…. Oh well. Not like he’s going to fire me. I’d just scream I have Aspergers! and that’s a lawsuit he wouldn’t want.

Frankie – *laughing* I’m going to see if I can take my work home, and just go to the hospital.

TJ – Good luck!

Check out Sebastian’s butt. He always was a tight ass now that I think about it. Obviously I mean that in more ways than one. Crazy to think he and I dated once upon a time, and now we’re just.. friends. I look at him and I remember our relationship, but nothing lingers. He’s grown, and so have I. There is absolutely no attraction left for him. He’s still charming, and attractive, but I just don’t ever see myself going down that road again. Especially since he’s having a baby with Alana- Which…… goodness who gets knocked up on the first date? She totally planned it, in my opinion.

Kira – So I said to him, “don’t you ever touch me like that again.” He looked at me, and said “Oh, you’re one of those!”

Sebastian – One of what?

Kira – Lesbian.

Sebastian – Wow….

Kira – The audacity of him to assume that just because I wasn’t accepting his advances that I MUST be a lesbian.

Sebastian – …..

Kira – I mean obviously I am, but still.

Sebastian – So what did you do?

Kira – I told him I was married to a gorgeous powerful business man, and that he would NEVER have a chance with me. I hated lying but it was the principal, you know?

Sebastian – I totally understand.

Kira – So how’s everything going with the baby?

Sebastian – Currently still inside mother…

Kira – Oh I know that silly- Speaking of the mother… do you plan on marrying her?

Sebastian – Well if it were up to Alana’s mother Victoria, then we would have been married first. I feel like it would be unjust to just marry Alana because she’s pregnant. We obviously didn’t plan this baby, and lets be honest here. It was an accident, but as soon as he or she comes into this world Alana and I will both fall in love with it.. and who know.. maybe each other.

Kira – Awwww… well I must say I do love your optimism. I’m….. thinking about adopting.

Sebastian – A baby?

Kira – Oh god no… something that can walk, talk, and wipe its own ass. I’m very well off, and I feel like I can give back by adopting a child.

Sebastian – That’s really nice Kira.. I think you should look into it.

Kira – Are you going to write a kids book now that you’re having a baby?

Sebastian – I hadn’t thought about it no- but maybe a book documenting my first year as a dad would be a hit?.. hmm.. you gave me an idea- fuck what time is it?- Hey I’m going to go call Alana and see what time she needs me to pick her up.

Kira – Tell her I said hello.

Why is it that Kira is pretty nice to Sebastian, but whenever I try talking to her…. she’s a smug bitch. I mean why is it, that women do that to other women? You want war? why? because I’m wearing cute clothes? because a guy checked me out? why are women so quick to attack each other over the most basic of things? It is a question that will remain without an answer…

As for Sebastian, at least he’s not delusional… and as mean as it is to say… I sure hope he’s protecting himself financially. Does Alana love him? honestly its way too early to tell, is she happy that she will probably be taken care of up until the child is 18?…….. I don’t doubt it. God that’s so rude of me- but Its how I feel. Alana totally planned to get pregnant, and reap the benefits. I need to mind my own business though, and currently my business includes talking to Scott.. aka Asshole Boss.

Scott – You’re such a typical guy. Of course.. no I can make the movie… mmmm hmm. I’m paying- No no my treat… oh please you always look good. Yes- Let me call you back- Yeah the one on main street- nobody’s there around- yeah.. no. Well… hmm.. around 4?… yes. Okay.. see you there. [hangs up]

Hmm.. Maybe Keegan is onto something with the whole cheating thing….. he has seemed alot happier lately… Lets see if I can get something out of him

Frankie – Aww cute, you and Issac still do Movie dates?

Scott – You didn’t knock….. and that wasn’t Issac- You shouldn’t eavesdrop.

Frankie – You told me if the door was cracked I didn’t have to knock, and sorry I didn’t mean to listen in. It just… well.. it reminded me of how happy my father is dating now…

Scott – I see… well… good for your father- Did you finish your article already? I have another one for you to write.. This apple farms is full of bugs-

He cannot be serious.

Frankie – Umm I actually have an idea if you want to hear it.

Scott – …………………….Okay?

Frankie – I was just thinking about why women seem to always fight each other, instead of lifting each other up…. it made me think about the brilliant, powerful women at my school and I think I should profile them. The women of tomorrow. I already have a few in mind… really smart women… girl power.. all that stuff.

Scott – Well………… its not like you’re doing anything else…. so sure…

Thank god… 

Frankie – …..So that’s not exactly why I came to talk to you.

Scott – What’s the problem?

Frankie – Well… a week ago I fell, and hurt my wrist. I thought I was fine, but Its bothering me as I’m working. If its okay with you, can I leave and go to the hospital?

Scott – ……………Take your work with you.

Frankie – Of course.

Scott – Okay, then go.

Frankie – …….Alrighty…

Scott – Ungrateful youth I swear…

Frankie – Huh?

Scott – Shouldn’t you say thank you?

Frankie – Umm, I don’t want to speak out of turn here, but no… I shouldn’t. I mean technically if I’m hurt I have the right to leave. I just thought it was the right thing to do, to come and ask first. If I mess up my wrist, you’d be out of a writer-

Scott – You’re easily replaced…

Frankie – Wow… alright……………….*smiles* Okay, well have a good time at the movies.

Fucking douche… ugh let me grab my things and get out of here.

Oh cool… drama. Wooo, just what every girl wants- Wait what the hell? That’s Spirit… what is she doing here?

Kira – Don’t come in here screaming! This is a place of business okay little girl?!

Spirit – I really don’t care! Where is she?!

Kira – Who?! who are you looking for?!

Spirit – That slut! that homewrecking slut!

Kira – You don’t have to fucking scream!

Spirit – There she is!

Oh yeah… I forgot.. she seems to think Jeep and I are together. She’s out of her mind- no offense to Jeep. This is really embarrassing…

Frankie – …………..What are you doing here Spirit?

Spirit – You know why!

Kira – Frankie this is so unprofessional!

Frankie – I didn’t do this Kira- she showed up here on her own merit.

Kira – You need to take care of your homewrecking ways, when you’re not at work.

Frankie – You don’t even know a 4th of the story so don’t even bother commentating.

Spirit – How dare you-

Frankie – Spirit shut up.

Spirit – Excuse me?

Frankie – You heard correctly. Shut up!

Spirit – You can’t just tell me-

Frankie – Follow me.

Note to self… punch her if she gets out of line…

Kira – I wonder if this will turn into a catfight.

Sebastian – Umm… what did I miss?

Kira – Frankie fucked that girl’s man… and she wants revenge.

TJ – We don’t know all of the facts here…. It could simply be a misunderstanding.

Kira – My money’s on the other girl… she seems scrappy.

Sebastian – Then you obviously don’t know Frankie.. when we dated I on multiple occasions seen her knock girls out. They had it coming though.

TJ – Shhh they’re talking.


Spirit – I’m going to give you one chance to admit it-

Frankie – Or what? you’re not going to hit me… we both know that. *laughs* So…. yeah…

Spirit – You’re a slut…

Frankie – I’m not, but…okay.

Spirit – You think-

Frankie – So here’s what’s going to happen here Spirit. I’m going to give YOU one chance to talk like an adult here.

Spirit – Or what?

Frankie – Oh- then I’ll take you outside and hit you.

Spirit – You’re the one sleeping with my man and-

Frankie – You cheated on Jeep, he’s not your man anymore.

Spirit – He sure as hell isn’t yours!

Frankie – We’re friends only, and that Austin guy? yeah he lied.. he’s been playing this sick game with Jeep this entire time. You’ve just been too blind- and or DICKMATIZED to see it. Jeep hasn’t done ANYTHING wrong.

Spirit – He was seeing you on the side.

Frankie – Technically yes, but not at all how you’re insinuating. Jeep was seeing me on the side of School, hanging with his friends, his relationship with you. He’s a really good FRIEND who saw that I- HIS FRIEND wasn’t doing okay. He went out of his way to make me feel included in things, and to make sure I was okay. He didn’t tell YOU because he knew that the Christine thing bothered you.

Spirit – Whatever.. screw Christine… and clearly he didn’t tell me because he had feelings for you.

Frankie – He didn’t tell you because of how insecure you are. Its your own fault.

Spirit – …………Do you like him? You spend so much time with him.. you must like him…

Frankie – I love Jeep.

Spirit – …….As a friend or as more?

Frankie – ……….A friend. Its more than possible for a guy and girl to spend time together and keep it friendly. We talk about movies, and music, and our problems. I even tried to give him advice about you at one point.

Spirit – I don’t believe you.

Frankie – At this point I really don’t give a shit what you believe.

Spirit – I think you, and him… love each other.

Frankie – Think what you want… but I’m busy, and I have alot of things to do. This conversation is over.

Spirit – I think girls like you belong in hell. Its not okay to sneak around with other people’s boyfriends. Karma is a bitch.

Frankie – Oh I know Karma, I know her well. Maybe you should make up the guest room for her, because she’ll be visiting you soon for what you did to Jeep. The fact that you kissed Austin in front of him, as some means of payback is beyond pathetic. You didn’t even take into account what he had to say.

Spirit – We’ll see….. I’m not done with you.

Frankie – You know where my dorm room is if you really want to pop off Spirit.. these white girl threats are so lame.

Spirit – Do not come at me like that-

Frankie – DON’T COME TO MY JOB ACTING AN ASS. Now Goodbye!

I really hate to get ghetto but this bitch is out of her mind. Coming up to my job, trying to curse me out. Ugh… whatever.. even with my wrist feeling the way it does I still would have hit her. Speaking of wrist let me get to the hospital… oh look we have an audience… that’s fantastic.

(POV Keegan)

Look who stopped by, the one n’ only Jeep. Good timing too considering I wasn’t doing anything *laughs* Obviously you know what we’re talking about. That shady bitch ex girlfriend of his… and that punk bitch aka Austin.

Keegan – You should let me do it.

Jeep – No….

Keegan – Come on.. let me catch him walking out of class and just pop the shit out of him- I’ll wear a mask!

Jeep – *laughing* No.

Keegan – He deserves it though.

Jeep – ……He does, but… just let the chips fall where they may.

Keegan – If you insist….. I really don’t like the dude, its like he thinks he’s inscrutable or something.

Jeep – inscrutable? Is that your dictionary word of the day? because-

Keegan – It is *nods proudly*

I’m so fucking intellectual

Jeep – I don’t even know what it means….

Keegan – Basically like a mystery that can’t be read into.. or like indestructible… incapable of being figured out.

Jeep – Ah.

Keegan – So umm.. what exactly is the plan?

Jeep – For?

Keegan – You have Austin, Spirit, Aries…. How are you going to deal with all of it?

Jeep – Umm…. I don’t know. I also have my film project slash competition. I’m helping my uncle with his workout video- which you should totally help me on..

Keegan – Eh… No thanks. I’m trying to study remember?

Jeep – Yeah right… you’re only in it for the girl

Keegan – We’ll get to me in a minute….

Jeep – Well lets see…. Austin, and Spirit can live happily ever after, I don’t even care.

Keegan – Why aren’t you upset about it? Its kinda weird. My therapist would say you’re masking your emotions-

Jeep – I really don’t know why… I’m perfectly okay with everything though. They can have each other.

Keegan – I still can’t believe she thinks you and Frankie are banging.

Jeep – Right? its really ridiculous.

Keegan – Though…………………

Jeep – What?

Keegan – Well… she did take your virginity…

Which is funny…. I remember at one point I was jealous of that. I’ve always found Frankie to be gorgeous, and the teenager in me had wish we had hooked up. All in the past though

Jeep – That was a long time ago though- Lets stop talking about Spirit, she’s evil..

Keegan – Okay.. so what about Aries?

Jeep – You know what Keegan?……..they can all go fuck themselves.

Keegan – *laughs*

Jeep – Hey where is everyone? Are we the only ones here?

Keegan – Football practice, class, and work…. and yes.. we’re here alone. Wanna sneak and watch porn?

Jeep – *laughs* Remember we raided your dad’s porn, only to realize it was all guy on guy stuff?

Keegan – God don’t remind me.

Jeep – We had much better luck with your mom’s house…. Lots of lesbian stuff.. though they did have some straight porn.. which was funny.

Keegan – *laughs*

Jeep – So…. what’s going on with you? Lets talk about your drama for once…

Keegan – *laughing* Okay..

I have things going on, but not as much as you buddy….

Hammer – *low voice* someone here-

Jeep – So…. about Kaori…

Hammer – ……..

Keegan – Well…. I don’t know Jeep….

Jeep – You’re still in love with her though right?

Keegan – ……Yes, but she’s happy with Byron, and so I’m trying to do the same thing.

Jeep – I still don’t get why you didn’t tell her how you felt when she asked you.

Keegan – Because I was a mess, she didn’t need me when I was like that.

Jeep – But you’re much better now.

Keegan – Right, and so is she… look at how much she’s matured.. she’s in a good place.

Jeep – So you’re over it?

Keegan – I stopped posing as StarGirl on Frankie’s blog haven’t I?

Jeep – True… So is Rhys-

Keegan – I think Rhys is gorgeous, and smart…. I, want to get to know her more.

Rhy’s is someone that I’m trying to get to know. Its not a situation where I’m like Oooh let me fuck Rhys to get over Kaori. No, its me being realistic, and being open to the idea of dating. If we ever end up together, and my feeling for Kaori causes problems, I’d walk away. I’m not going to use someone, and allow them to get hurt. No relationship, is gonna be on some shit where.. we meet.. we fuck, we fall in love etc. Its like people my age forgot about the courting period. Whatever the case I think its important that I put it out there.. my intentions with Rhys.

Jeep – Well good. Atleast you’re not being a selfish bastard, and trying to ruin Kaori’s happiness just so you can be happy.

Keegan – Exactly.

Hammer – ……………….

Jeep – I think I’ll be alone for the rest of my life…

I don’t know why Jeep acts like he’s an ugly dude. He needs to give himself more credit, I actually bet that he’ll be all boo’d up before the fat lady sings.

Keegan – Don’t be dramatic.

Jeep – I mean it, girls are…….. they suck.. well not all of them, but yeah.

Keegan – And guys are any better?

Jeep – I wouldn’t know… maybe I should ask Trey if he has any friends he can hook me up with. I guess I better learn how to give a decent blowjob.

Keegan – *laughing* You’re not serious are you?!

Jeep – No! What the fuck Keegan!

Keegan – Well just checkin’

Jeep – If I were ever gay, I would for sure be a top.. NOTHING is going in my ass!- or my mouth!

Keegan – Tops suck dick too dude. Trey told me Aries sucked him off.

Hammer – ………………..*whispers* the fuck? Aries is gay?

Jeep – Really? Ha! that poser… wait why would Trey even tell you that?

Keegan – Because I joked and asked him if Aries was the type to have the no kissing rule. Alot of closeted dudes are like that. They can plow a asshole but the moment a kiss happens its too gay *laughing*

Jeep – That’s so stupid… also how do you know so much- nevermind.. gay dads. Well whatever… I’d rather do that, than take a penis up the butt.. that has to hurt, I don’t know how they do it!

Keegan – I know right?

Jeep – Enough about gay stuff… I have a question about girls….

Keegan – Okay?

Jeep – Is it normal to….. well… to really like going down on girls?

Keegan – Yeah? Why?

Jeep – I hear alot of guys say they hate it.

Keegan – Some girls don’t clean down there… that’s probably why. The girls that do though… its A-Okay.

Jeep – You know who seems like they would have a really clean vagina?

Keegan – Who?

Jeep – Frankie.

I agree….. 

Keegan – Why are you thinking about Frankie’s vagina Jeep? is there something you’re not telling me?

Jeep – No, I just- Well.. whenever we hangout she always smells so good- so I just assume she must smell good… everywhere- Whatever you’re being weird.

Keegan – Okay Mr pearl diver…

Jeep – So you like doing it too….right?

Keegan – Yeah.. I mean its cool. I like fucking more though. Goodness I haven’t fucked anyone since Jules.

Not that she was bad… she just… yeah.

Jeep – That’s right…. wow…

Keegan – …..At the rate I’m going its going to be a while.

Jeep – Hey do you do rimjobs?

Keegan – *laughing* So you licking girls butts eh?

Jeep – It happened once with Spirit….. And don’t laugh!- answer the question… 

Keegan – Umm.. well its awkward…

Jeep – What is?

Keegan – The answer.

Jeep – How so?

Keegan – Rimjobs are fine or whatever- but umm… the first time I ever gave one… was umm… when…. Jarrah and-

Jeep – Ugh! gross I don’t want to hear about you rimming my cousin!

Keegan – *laughing* Told you it was awkward.

[Cell Rings]

Keegan – Hold on my phone is ringing.

Hammer – *leaves*

Keegan – Hey pretty girl… we were just talking about you.

Frankie {On Phone} – What?

Keegan – Jeep and I.

Jeep – Who’s that?

Keegan – Frankie

Frankie – What?

Keegan – No, I was telling Jeep who it was

Frankie – Oh, tell him I said hey.

Keegan – Yeah yeah, Frankie says hi Jeep.

Jeep – Hi!

Frankie – *Laughs* He’s so loud… Anyway.. why were you punks talking about me?

Keegan – Saying how nice you smell, and how it means that you must t-

Jeep – KEEGAN!

Keegan – That you must THANK god everyday for perfume.

Frankie – …………….you guys are so weird.

Keegan – So whats up?

Frankie – So remember what we talked about? about Scott?

Hmm, she must have some info..

Keegan – Yeah.

Frankie – Well… I walked into his office and he was on the phone with a guy. They’re meeting at the movie theater on main street around 4…

Keegan – How did the conversation sound?

Frankie – Flirty….

Keegan – I see….. Did he have a name?

Frankie – Not once did he refer to him by name, but I’m sure its a male, because Scott called him a typical guy.

Keegan – Hmm……..

Frankie – Keegan do me a favor?

Keegan – Yeah?

Frankie – Don’t let this consume you. I contemplated not even telling you- BUT I don’t like lying…

Keegan – Don’t worry… Its not going to consume me…

Probably a lie, I mean I’m already pretty pissed about it. I AM going to get to the bottom of it. My dad’s feelings are at stake here.

Frankie – ………Okay.

Keegan – Are you driving?

Frankie – Yes?

Keegan – Why aren’t you still at work?

Frankie – I’m on my way to the hospital.

Keegan – The Hospital?! Are you okay?

Jeep – Is she hurt?!

Frankie – Jesus you two… I’m fine… thanks for caring…. 

Keegan – So why are you going? Lady business?

Frankie – No, I hurt my wrist…. its sore, and I’m just going to get it checked out.

Jeep – Is she okay?

Keegan – Yeah its her wrist.

Jeep – Ah..

Frankie – Speaking of getting checked. Jeep’s little girlfriend came by my job… we got into it, and I sent her ass packing. I can’t believe she would ACTUALLY think I’d homewreck. That is not who I am.

Keegan – Wow…

Jeep – What? what is she saying?

Keegan – Spirit is ridiculous..

Jeep – Spirit?

Frankie – I was going to hit her, but I tried to remain classy.. anyway I’ve arrived at my destination… gotta go.

Keegan – Okay.. be safe.

Frankie – Bye.

Keegan – Bye.

Keegan – [hangs up] I need a cigarette

Jeep – What’s going on? why did you guys mention Spirit?

Hey don’t judge me, I’m well aware how bad cigarettes are. At least its not drugs right?

Keegan – Two things happened.

Jeep – Okay?…

Keegan – Do you want a cigarette?

Jeep – Ew no…

Keegan – Judgmental much?

Jeep – You know I hate them, but I totally understand how they help you deal with stress… rather you have a cigarette than other things..

Keegan – Hey is that Portia walking out there?

Jeep – Keegan! focus!

Keegan – Oh.. okay well I can see you’re shitting bricks so lets get the Spirit thing over with first.

Jeep – Okay…..

Keegan – She went to Frankie’s job….

Jeep – She what?!

Keegan – She went to confront her about the homewrecking stuff Austin put in her head…

Jeep – Oh god.. did they fight?

Keegan – Frankie said she wanted to knock her out but didn’t.

Jeep – God… that’s… wow.. I’ve dragged her into my mess.

Keegan – She’s not mad…

Jeep – Well that’s good, but still- I’m really angry about Spirit going there to cause trouble.

Keegan – Frankie’s a big girl, she can handle herself. Relax…. everything is fine.

Jeep – ……. well what was the other thing that happened?

Keegan – Might have caught Scott in the act-

Jeep – With another man?!

Keegan – [sarcastic tone] No Jonah bear.. a woman. Scott’s suddenly invested in snatch.

Jeep – What?!

Keegan – I’m JOKING! of course with another dude!

Jeep – Oh- well what’s going on? how did you-

Keegan – Well Frankie over heard something, and I’m going to go check it out….

Jeep – like right now? because I’ll break off my plans with Christine, and go with you.

Keegan – No, I have a class, and then I’m going.

Jeep – Aww I’ll be in class by then! you need backup!

Keegan – I should be okay… but thanks for wanting to have my back.

Jeep – Always.

Keegan – ….That fucker Scott.. can’t believe he would do this to my dad…

Jeep – Well……maybe you were right to not like him.

Keegan – True… maybe he really is that douchebag that I always thought he was.

Well well well… what do we have here? Scott’s creeping around with some dude. Fucking asshole, I’m so about to bust him. If he think’s he can play my father and I, he’s in for a rude awakening.

(POV Frankie)

I feel like coming here without an appointment sucks. You wait for hours and then finally you see a nurse, and then you wait for another 30 minutes, and blah. Its ridiculous.

Vanessa – Frankie Mancini- Oh! Mira’s and Riley’s daughter. Isn’t your sister Andi a nurse in CCity?

Frankie – ….Yep.

I really hate when you see people who know you through family. They like to play 20 questions, and sometimes its really invasive. The funny thing is she’s my doctor so she’s bound to ask a few invasive questions here and there- but she has no right to- yeah.. 

Vanessa – You’re friends with my niece Kaori right?- Do you know my son? Aries?

No I’m not friends with Kaori anymore.

Frankie – Yeah I know Aries.

Vanessa – How cute…. I’d try and hook you up with him, but my wife and I are counting down the days that he comes out as gay.

Frankie – You know…. if he is gay…. its his acceptance that’s needed first. You really shouldn’t constantly badger him about it.

Vanessa – Has he come out to you or something? Are you guys close?

Frankie – No, and no. As far as I know he’s straight.

Which is a lie

Vanessa – My wife Quinn and I-

Frankie – Isn’t your wife Quinn a nurse too?- well you’re a doctor now, but-

Vanessa – Quinn gave it up years ago. She works at a botanical garden, in Bridgeport.

Frankie – Ah….

Vanessa – We love plants. We watch shows about nature, books- that reminds me, I need to call my nephew Ivo, he’s back in town.

Did….not… know that.

Frankie – …..Oh, cool.

Vanessa – ………….Can I say something?

Frankie – Sure thing Doctor McDonald.

Keeping it formal as a way to let her know, don’t cross any lines, and be professional. Something tells me that it won’t matter though. She seems like the nosy type.

Vanessa – ……..I know things…

Frankie – Such as?

Vanessa – Your mother.. Mira. I’ve had lunch with her a few times this week. She’s back in town, and she doesn’t really have any friends. I think its good that Quinn and I make her feel welcomed.

Frankie – ………….

Really? she thinks its okay to bring this up? And what the hell is Mira doing hanging out with Vanessa and Quinn? They are SO going to turn her into a hippie. Not that I care though. We have no relationship.

Vanessa – I don’t want to overstep any boundaries but..

Frankie – Then don’t.

Vanessa – She’s so proud of you- She reads all of your articles… she’s changed, she’s really different.

Frankie – ……

This is really inappropriate…. clearly I’m not very responsive to what she’s saying so-

Vanessa – I can tell you don’t care to talk about this so-

Frankie – Right, so………………..my results? tiny fracture? what are these pills for?

Vanessa – Its just a sprain. Take 2 of those pills every 4 hours. You should be better in 2 weeks. If not come back.

Frankie – Okay.

Vanessa – One last thing…… consider seeing your mom.

Frankie – Have a good day Dr. McDonald.

Vanessa – Let me walk you out.

Frankie – ………….

Do you really have to?

Oh look Micah’s working the downstairs for once. He’s usually upstairs with the hospitalized kids… What the hell is Kaori doing here?

Micah – June you’re not suppose to use the computer for personal matters. You can get in trouble-

June (blond at computer) – Micah we’re not dating anymore. You don’t have to look out for me.

Micah – I’m just trying to be nice.

June – ……….Okay.

Vanessa – Oh Kaori, you’re still here?

Kaori – Where else would I be?!

Vanessa – You don’t have to yell. Show your Aunt some respect young lady.

Kaori – We were never that close Vanessa so please.

I hope its not her parents… I hope everybody is okay.

Vanessa – What is that ungodly ensemble you have on? Goddess of the sun is that a bra?! where’s your shirt?

Kaori – Don’t worry about it.

Vanessa – …….Well okay. So why are you still here? we’re still running more test on him. You can go back to school- or work.

Kaori – I’m not going anywhere until I know he’s okay.

Who….screw it, I’ll just ask Micah.

Vanessa – He’s going to be fine Kaori…

Frankie – ………..What’s going on Micah?

Micah – Her boyfriend had a panic attack.. his throat was closing up and everything.

Frankie – Oh my god is he okay?

Kaori – What do you care?

Frankie – ………………………….Okay fine, be childish Kaori.

Kaori – Nobody asked you to even care.

Frankie – How cute.

Kaori – *rolls eyes* I don’t have time for this. We’re not friends so why are we talking?

Frankie – Good question.

She’s such a fucking child.

Micah – Umm…….am I missing something?

Kaori – We’re not friend anymore dude.

Micah – Why?- Oh….. nevermind.

Vanessa – Such juvenile drama. Life is too short.

Kaori – ……It has nothing to do with you.

Micah – Can I talk to you for a second?

Frankie – Umm sure….

Kaori – …………*sigh*

Frankie – ………………

Vanessa – Well this is awkward…

I can’t… She talks to me like I’m some stranger bitch on the street. I’m starting to think Andi was right all along about Kaori. Why did I waste so much time being her friend, when she switched up the game over something so stupid..

Micah – …….I can’t believe she’s mad at you….

Frankie – Look at her over there, acting like I don’t matter. That’s not okay.

Micah – ……I’m sorry..

Frankie – Like seriously, that was the moment we should have put this shit behind us. I asked was her boyfriend okay, and she wants to get snappy? I’m 100% done now. I won’t bother anymore.

Micah – I think you should give her a chance to realize that she’s being stupid.

Frankie – If she hasn’t realized it by now- like… really? this Ivo thing is-

Micah – You know Ivo and I talk now, and.. well 1. Gross that you guys did it. and 2. he said-

Frankie – I’m guessing he told you that I used him and all of that-

Micah – Actually when he told me, there was like… zero malice, or anger in his voice. Its like he was glad it happened, because it pushed him back to Torrance.

Frankie – Who?

Micah – His ex… you know the one who did that social experiment on him?

Frankie – I don’t know anything about that.

Micah – Oh… well you must know he had an ex-

Frankie – That fucked him over, yeah…. I just don’t know the details.

Micah – I won’t bother telling them either. If he wants you to know he’ll tell you himself.

Frankie – Fat chance of that happening, I doubt we’ll ever talk again.

Micah – I wouldn’t be so sure….

Frankie – ….I See…

So… Ivo’s back with the Ex from hell, and he’s not mad at me anymore. Why hasn’t he called me then?


Vanessa – She was worried about your boyfriend Kaori..

Kaori – Well you know what? We’re not friends so its none of her concern.

Vanessa – You idolized her at one point. I’m so confused.

Kaori – Stay confused. You really shouldn’t be getting into my business.

Vanessa – She could probably use you right now considering….

Kaori – Considering what Vanessa

Vanessa – You know it really bothers me that you don’t call me Aunt Vanessa.

Kaori – Oh really?….  my heart breaks for you, it really does……. ……..

Vanessa – You’ve always been a little sarcastic brat.. not shocking that nothing has changed- but like I was saying. Frankie’s mother is back in GloCity and she’s not going anywhere. Too bad the poor girl doesn’t have her bestfriend to lean on. Granted Mira has changed and I personally feel like-

Kaori – There you go again.. in other people’s business. Frankie’s never needed me, I was always the loose friend she kept because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

Vanessa – There’s not an ounce of truth in that and you know it.

Kaori – Okay.

Vanessa – …….Why are you not close with my son? you guys are cousins.. he could really use you. I think he has depression or something.

Kaori – Well, Aries and I are two different type of people. We just don’t gel.

Vanessa – You’ve never given him a chance.

Kaori – He’s not my type of dude.

Vanessa – He’s family, but noooo you rather run around with that Alana woman. Trapping men into pregnancies n’ such. She’s not even your family. Step sister doesn’t count.

Kaori – Mind ya business though. Like seriously.. You’re in my business, Frankie’s business, Mira’s business, Aries business.. bitch do you have any of your own? Like seriously… or does your personal life consist of sitting around with Quinn smoking corn husk?

Vanessa – You can’t even smoke corn husk- you know what? you’re in need of a wakeup call… one of these days you’ll get it. Ivo has NEVER disrespected me like you do.

Kaori – Ivo’s a dumbass.

Vanessa – You need to leave.

Kaori – Not leaving until I take Byron with me. So I’m about to get comfortable.

Vanessa – Fine.. 2hours it is.

Kaori – Great.


Even if I hated a family member, I’d never talk to them in such a disrespectful way. I would just turn and walk away from the situation. I get that sometimes you just gotta say something but jesus… she needs anger management if you ask me.

Micah – Has Kaori always hated her aunt?

Frankie – For as long as I can remember yes.

Micah – Vanessa’s cool… she’s just a little preachy about the environment, and all of that.

Frankie – We all have our things, don’t we?

Micah – I hate it when people put the wrong dvd- or bluray in the wrong case. Drives me crazy.

Frankie – I remember…. you hated when Andi did that.

And she did it all the time too *laughs*

Micah – Speaking of your sister.

I knew this was coming

Frankie – Hmm?

Micah – I talk to her alot, and she’s doing really well in CCity. She’s so… funny. I missed that sense of humor she had.

Frankie – She is pretty funny.

Micah – Yeah.. we talk all the time. She invited me there.

Frankie – Oh…. cool.

Micah – Did you know she has a roommate named Frankie?

Yep… she caught him having bareback sex with some guy named Robin. It was apparently during his crazy sex addiction. Which came from some pain he had with the death of his lover who was killed when they were in the army or something. I forget the details.. plus Andi is the worse story teller. For example if a old man was pushed down some stairs, by someone and then was robbed. Her version of the story would be “This old nigga flew down some stairs, and got his money swiped.” Like…. oh my god- she can be so ghetto sometimes its hilarious.

Frankie – Yeah.

Micah – He’s gay- Not that I have anything against the gay community. Andi says you’re bisexual?

Frankie – Did she?…..

Of course Andi told him. She probably told everyone at her apartment complex in CCity- “Yeah my sister she likes girls.. mm hmm”

Micah – Oh I won’t out you or-

Frankie – I’m out, Its nothing to hide.

Micah – I don’t think its anything to be ashamed of. Do you go to gay parades? If you ever want to go, and need someone with you… just call.

Frankie – Thanks Micah…. you’ve always looked out for me.

He’s always been nice.

Micah – Crazy when I look at you… you’re a woman now. Not that little skinny girl anymore.

Frankie – *laughs*

Micah – You and Jarrah… women- Its so weird how you and her were never close. I know you guys hungout with the group but-

Frankie – She had Trey, I had Kay’…..

Micah – And now she has Kay too? She said they’ve been bonding every since the G.C.U. lockdown.

Frankie – Yeah- I mean I think so.

Micah – You’ve been hanging out with Jonah alot.

Frankie – Yeah, he’s great.

Micah – Do you like him?

What the hell?

Frankie – Friends only- and speaking of which…. Micah… I love you dearly. You were always there for my sister and I when we needed. You and Andi took me to fairs, and movies.. just so I would feel loved, and- I care about you.

Micah – Aww

Frankie – Which is why… I need to say this.

Micah – Uh oh?

Frankie – You just got out of a relationship.

Micah – How did-

Frankie – I talk to my sister daily.

Micah – Ah…

Frankie – You just got out of a relationship with June-

Micah – And I have to see her everyday here at work…

Frankie – Micah! stop interrupting! *laughing*

Micah – Sorry *laughing*

Frankie – Again…. you just got out of your relationship, and then you and Andi reconnect. Of course its going to feel like…. romantic. Like the clouds parted and god is sending you a sign that she’s the sunshine, she’s the one.

Micah – Hmm….

Frankie – What you should take into consideration is that- Andi loves you, but she really just wants you as a friend. You’re a connection to the girl she was, her growing up. I don’t want that not to happen for her.

Micah – Because basically…. you think I’ll mess things up by falling for her again?

Frankie – Yes… and please don’t hate me.

Micah – I could never hate you, and maybe you’re right. Andi does mean alot to me, and part of me wondered if we could end up together. I shouldn’t be thinking about that right now. I’m newly single, and she’s not a rebound. Plus like you said.. my friendship means alot to her.

Frankie – *smiles* She didn’t complain or anything… Jeep told me you guys were close again, and she told me, that she invited you out there… and- I’m just looking out for you.

Micah – Thanks for looking out for me… and Andi. When did you get so smart?

Frankie – I’ve always been smart *smirks*

I care for Micah and I don’t want him to get hurt by Andi. Not that I think she’d hurt him on purpose, I just know my sister well. She can be oblivious to things. I’ve seen so many guys basically throw themselves at her, and she just never noticed. Trey’s brother Tyler for example. Before she got with Micah, Tyler really liked her. She never really noticed, It was so obvious! I was a kid and I noticed it!

Micah – Remember I taught you how to ride a bike?

Frankie – How can I forget? you and Andi were puffing away on weed while I ran into a parked car.

Micah – Hey! practice makes perfect.

Frankie – Andi says she doesn’t smoke weed anymore- so she claims

Which I think is a lie. She works at the hospital as the head nurse. Pretty sure it gets stressful. Then again she does love her wine, and cheese- and frozen grapes of course.

Micah – Neither do I- Well…………………………… maybe like once every 2 months or so.. Its never planned… like a threesome.

Frankie – Ew.

Micah – I’m joking.. do I really look like the type? OH! speaking of threesome’s Ivo’s book comes out next week.

Oh god, forgot about that.

Frankie – Yeah Micah.. I’m TOTALLY excited to read a book called “Thr33som3” that’s about you, Ivo, and my sister.

Micah – Loosely based on us. I’ve read a chapter- he sent it to me. Its not exactly what you think. When are you going to write a book? You’ve only been talking about it since you were like five. Nerdy little girl.

Frankie – I don’t know. Ivo, and Sebastian have me beat in that race.

Though its not really a race considering they’re older than me. I’m so competitive, if you can’t tell.

Micah – They have me beat too… good looking guys. Ivo’s with Torrance, and happy. Sebastian is having a baby with Alana…. Oh and Tyler… he has his new job, and a baby on the way.

Frankie – America’s pregnant?………wow.

Good for her, I can’t imagine being pregnant before finishing G.C.U.- Not that I plan on getting pregnant after either.

Micah – Here I am a nurse, single. Then when I’m at home I’m in my boxers in my apartment… eating lucky charms- watching Family guy repeats on TBS.

Frankie – Things turn around.

Micah – I hope so- hey I shouldn’t be telling you this, because you know.. dr. patient confidentiality.

Frankie – Okay?

Micah – Your father came in for a checkup. He’s in GREAT health… his new boyfriend has helped change his eating habits.

Frankie – Oh… you know about Max?

Micah – They came in together. Your dad looks happy, I didn’t think it could happen after…. Issac- but like you said… things turn around *smiles*

So happy for my dad. I mean obviously there was that initial shock of him dating Ivy’s dad- but… yeah. It worked out.

Frankie – I really miss talking with you. We should do it more often, you’re basically my big brother. I love you Micah…. you need to start loving yourself more, you’re pretty awesome.

Micah – The student becomes the teacher… *smiles* I love ya too beanpole… now get back to class- And remember to take those pills.

Frankie – Yeah yeah!

Micah – Try not to hit any parked cars on your bike.

Frankie – Oh I’ve moved up.. I have a car now!

Micah – Holy shit! watch out world!

Frankie – *laughing* Whatever… bye!

Micah – Bye!

My relationship with Micah isn’t what it used to be, mainly because he and Andi have gone their separate ways. I do kinda feel bad that we don’t speak as much anymore. He was not only a good boyfriend to my sister, but he was a protector for the both of us. He’s just an all around good guy. I hope he finds a girl that can really cherish him. He deserves it.- Now let me get back to campus, because if I have to hear Kaori say something else rude I may just slap her. Which is what she needs.. someone to slap sense into her.

(POV Keegan)

So on my way to catch Scott in the act I ran into Frankie’s dad. Its always a little odd since I feel like he, and my dad were meant to be together… Its like a certain sadness I get. Nothing is worse than two people who love each other- NOT being able to be together. Obviously he seems happy with that Max guy but still. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. I always want people to end up where they should end up.

Keegan – Where are you coming from?

Riley – I was watching the game with Jordan- Now I’m about to pick up some groceries. The other day I had a checkup and I’m apparently really healthy. So.. I want to keep it up, by getting some fruits and vegetables

Keegan – That’s great.

Riley – Perfect time to shop. Usually Main street is crowded but never around this time a day.

Which is the perfect time for Scott to cruise for dick.

Keegan – Very true.

Riley – Not to be in your business- but how are you doing?

Keegan – Therapy is working, and I’m.. I’m good. Thanks for asking.. and caring.

Riley – You know I’ll always care.

Keegan – *smiles* So you’re healthy, and happy. How’s work?

Riley – Its alright.. pays the bills.

Keegan – True.

Riley – Of course Andi and Frankie stay worrying about me. Andi’s worse than Frankie is though. She calls alot.

Keegan – Probably because she’s farther away.

Riley – I have a question…

Whenever someone says “I have a question”, I just assume the worst

Keegan – Okay?

Riley – How come you and Frankie never became anything?

Keegan – Umm…. that is complicated…..

Riley – You didn’t feel the same way?

Keegan – I did… but-

Riley – She had the biggest crush on you….

Keegan – I know… I- yeah its complicated…

Riley – I know for a fact that after we moved out of Issac’s that she thought she had a chance with you. She really thought it was going to happen. Not to embarrass her but I’m sure she was in love with you at one point.

Love?….. heh…. I didn’t know it was like that…

Keegan – Really?… hmm… well.. I-

Riley – No pressure.. I was just curious. I think I’m just worried about her happiness. She seems lonely?.. the stuff between you two was a long time ago anyway.. Sorry for bringing it up.

Keegan – Yeah…….it was. Don’t apologize, Its okay. Its a harmless question. *smiles*

Riley – You’re a good looking kid, I’m sure you’re no stranger to girls affection.

Keegan – *smiles* I- yeah.. I mean.. Its not like I break a million hearts for fun *laughs*

Riley – I think all three of the girls had a thing for you. Jarrah, Kaori, and Frankie. I wonder if Trey- Whatever the case- lets change the subject. How’s Issac?

Keegan – He’s….. okay.

Riley – He and Scott seem happy. I always randomly see them walking while I’m driving.

Keegan – Yeah they’re doing good….

Riley – Getting back to Frankie, I need you to do me a favor…

Keegan – Okay?

Riley – She’s young, and she does so much. She’s doing great in school, she works hard… She needs to have fun. I need you, and the others to make sure she has fun. She needs to take risks, and do things while she still can you know?

Keegan – I’m on it.

Riley – Thanks… Well glad to see you’re doing good. Keep up the good work.

Keegan – You too Mr. Fruits and Veggies.

Riley – *laughs* See ya around Keegan.

That was a weird conversation. I love Riley though, he’s always honest and open like that. I think part of me should be honest with myself though. I kinda played with all three of the girls emotions. Not on purpose but… I liked being liked. I knew all three of them lusted after me in different ways. I liked that, I liked feeling like the hot guy that everybody wanted. It was a fucked up coping mechanism. I wanted their attention because I hated myself. Thinking about Frankie specifically… there was alot of weird things I did with her… She was probably so confused. Then I stopped and started dating Mona, and… yeah.

Speaking of Mona. Do you guys remember Amir? her older brother that I saw when visiting her grave months ago? Yeah… well apparently he’s into dudes! I heard he was taking dick at Pylea University after he graduated. Sooooo odd. Totally makes sense though. He used to look at me all weird, I thought it was because he was being protective of Mona but…. maybe he wanted the D. You’re probably wondering how I know this right? I saw Andi on facebook. I decided to say hi, and she sent me a private message asking me did I remember Amir. She told me he lives in CCity.. gave me the whole rundown. Anyway.. enough of that, let me get to why I’m here…. time to catch Scott in the act. 

Right on time…

Keegan – Lets see what you’re up to, you fucking douche…

Owen – Yeah I don’t have anymore work today.

Scott – Good, lets get something to eat before we see the movie.

Owen – Okay cool.

Scott – My treat.

Owen – No no, you always pay.

Scott – Sweetie I got this.

Owen – Okay okay mr. big spender.

Scott – *laughs*

Owen – The motel I’m staying at sucks.

Scott – I can do something about that…. get you a nice hotel to stay at.

Owen – Oh god Scott.. no.

Scott – Why not?

Owen – Because that’s- I like working hard for my own stuff, I’ve been like that since I was younger.

Scott – Parents clearly raised you right. Mine spoiled me- but I do work hard.

Owen – You do…. you turned out well I think.

Scott – Aww well thanks.

Owen – I can’t wait until later… So I can get into your head.

Scott – You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Owen – Not to sound rude but where are your wrinkles? NO OFFENSE!

Scott – Oh are you embarrassed to be seen with an older man? 

Owen – Not at all…. I’ve never done this before so I-

Scott – Botox… I hate wrinkles.

You fuckin’ pedo… fucking this young dude…

Owen – *laughs*

Scott – Hey is your bed at your motel soft?

Owen – Why?

Scott – *laughs* No reason

Owen – See…. you’re just… trouble.. *laughs*

Disgusting…. time to bust him- actually no… lets go in calm, just to see what lie he pulls out of his ass?

Look at the look on his face…. he looks like he just crapped his pants.

Keegan – Hey SCOTT! What’s good?!

Owen – …………

Scott – Keegan!- umm- what are you doing here?

Keegan – Nobody shops around this time… so I wanted to grab a few things from the store-

Owen – Keegan?- is he the one you-

Scott – Yes…..

Keegan – The one that what?

Owen – ……….

Scott – So.. how’s- umm.. how’s school?!

Keegan – Its going great Scott, how’s work!?

Scott – Umm.. good.

Keegan – Scott don’t be rude, introduce me to your friend. Hi I’m Keegan… apparently you know so much about me…. who are you?

Scott – He’s-

Owen – I can speak for myself…

Scott – Don’t-

Owen – My name is Owen Roberts. Scot and I-

Scott – We’re friends!

Owen – Friends?

Uh oh.. Owen doesn’t seem too happy about that title… Wonder does he know Scott’s MARRIED

Scott – Oh! excuse me… old friends! best of friends.

Owen – Heh……yeah…. besties… *rolls eyes*

Keegan – Owen you look young… well older than me but-

Scott – Age doesn’t mean anything Keegan..

Owen – ………It doesn’t…

Keegan – So how did you two meet?

Scott – Well…………………………. its…

Owen – Its a funny story actually. I’m a Consumer Contractor, and Scott here….. he uses me….. alot. Day or night… we make alot of business happen together. Right Scott?

Scott – ……That’s right *gulp*

Keegan – What kind of business?

Scott – Like… dinners, and- you know.. like flowers- that sounds so wrong.. Not like-

Owen – I help introduce his friends and co-workers to the right businesses. Its great networking…

Scott – RIGHT!

Networking his cock right into your old ass huh Scott?! fucker…

Keegan – I see… so what are you guys doing now? On a date? *laughs* just messing with ya.

Owen – We’re seeing a movie-

Scott – Because we have alot of business to take care of so- I thought it would be a nice break.

Keegan – Why not see a movie with my dad?

Owen – …………………………..

Scott – …………………..He’s…………….busy…………..Keegan…………..

Keegan – *smiles* Well! I guess I’ll let you guys get going….. Business is important right?

Owen – ………..Yeah…. I guess.

Scott – Let’s go Owen…

Keegan – BYE!

Owen – Wow….

Scott – I’m sorry for that

Owen – We’re friends now Scott? is that what we are?

Scott – You don’t understand!

Owen – But I do…. I thought you were better than that.

Scott – His father-

Owen – You told me you were handling that situation…

Scott – Its hard to just up and change things

Owen – You expect me to wait around forever?

Scott – I-

Owen – I moved here for you- you’re the one who told me to come. We spent all that time talking online and then you tell people I’m your friend.. that hurts. You’re an asshole.

Scott – I’m sorry!

Owen – I think I’m going to pass on the movie. I should get some work done.. just so I’m ahead of the game.

Scott – Owen…

Owen- I have a business meeting to arrange between a chef, and Mr. Goddard.

Scott – …….I’m sorry if I hurt you.

Owen – This is why I didn’t want to get attached to you. Should have never said yes to your proposal..

Scott – Don’t say that!…. Lets go somewhere and talk… your motel room-

Owen – Hell no!

Trouble in paradise… oops. Maybe next time you won’t cheat. I can’t believe Scott, I’ve seen it with my own eyes- BUT… I’m not going to do anything drastic yet. I’m going to fuck with Scott’s emotions, and see how much he can take until he cracks. I’m not going to be the one telling my dad. Scott is… and I’m going to make sure of it.

(POV Frankie)

Everyone left, and I had planned on leaving but Rubi decided to stop me. As if she doesn’t annoy me enough in my dorm room. What the hell does she even want?

Frankie – Everyone’s leaving Rubi….

Rubi – Everyone already left girlicious!

Frankie – Except for Tyena.

Rubi – Oooh I don’t like her…. She’s a lezz-bin. 

Since when did Tyena come out?

Frankie – What?

Rubi – Well she’s straight, but I feel like she checks out my fatty on deck. Like ugh lezz-bin! NO OFFENSE GORL! I know you’z a be-sexu-walls. But see, you da lipstick lezz-bin type. Tyena look like she wear suits, and smoke cigarz. Cut lumber on da weekend.. I got good gaydar girl!

Except you still think your boyfriend is straight.

Frankie – ………………….Cool- I gotta-

Rubi – How come you’re never in our dorm room?

Because you’re in there, sweating, twerking. Watching TV shows on your laptop being so extra.

Frankie – I’m there all the time…

Rubi – I barely see you, you’re my roommate….. we supposed to be poppin in that mothafucka!

Frankie – I come in, sleep. Wake up, go to class and or work.

Rubi – You don’t study in there, nor do you really socialize with the kid, aka the legend, aka rubi, aka me.

Frankie – Rubi……..you’re you. You’re very extra and I’m not. Instead of fighting with you, or being annoyed- I remove myself from the situation. I study in the library.

Rubi – We talked though, I said sorry about bringin’ yo momz to see you. You said sorry about yellinz at me. We frenz now.

Frankie – Rubi we’re not friends, especially not after the way you and Aries treated Jeep at the party.

Rubi – I was drunk! I BEEN DRANKIN!

Frankie – I doubt that.

Rubi – Why weren’t you at the party?

Frankie – Working. Why are you wearing shades?

Tyena – *rolls eyes*

Rubi – Oh at the party that bitch Fockky sucker punched me when I was talking to my manz Air-reez. I fell into the coffee table, and messed up my beautiful EYE!- My ol’ NASSSSSSSSSSSSSSTY blonde wig flew into the punch bowl. I was so pressed, I was about to DRAG Fockky’s ass. Too bad Air-Reez pulled me off of her!

That’s not how I heard it… but okay.

Frankie – …..Wow.

Rubi – I bet you know how to fight Franny Fran! You got hands like me huh? You knock a bitch out huh?

Frankie – When I need to.

Rubi -Yep yep.- So what’s POPPIN FRANNY?!

Frankie – …..Nothing Rubi, I’m probably gonna go back to our room and work on some stuff I brought home from work.

Rubi – Oh tah-nowight? (tonight) Well me and Air-Reez… we bout to get it in right now. He gonna meet me at the room.

I can’t imagine the sex between them. He must take Viagra or something.

Frankie – You know what, that’s fine. Have sex with your boyfriend. I’ll go to Keegan’s house and finish my work. I don’t mind.

Rubi – Aww shit- good lookin’ out gurl! Air-reez bout to eat dis skittle… its the sweetest in the middle! Shit… all on instagram cake by the pound. Fatty On DECK dot org girl!

Frankie – Awesome.

Jessica Nash – Ms Goddard? a word?

Tyena – *sigh*

Tyena – Yes? Professor Nash?

Jessica Nash – Call me Jessica, nobody’s here.

Tyena – ……………..Okay.

Jessica Nash – Oh my god I have to have these shoes. Morgan Hill post the best stuff on Hillside.

Tyena – Who’s Morgan Hill? is she some kind of pretentious, bitchy, cocky fashion designer who thinks she’s the next Anna Wintour?

Jessica Nash – Not yet *laughing* Give her about 10 years. She’s like a daughter to me. She lives in CCity. She’s fabulous, and the future of Fashion. She has her own blog called Hillside : By Morgan Hill. Check it out when you get a chance. She has an app too-

Tyena – You would swear she was your biological daughter the way you praise her. What DOES your real daughter think about that?

Jessica Nash – I have no relationship with her…. you know this. I don’t hide anything Tyena, I’m honest with your father, and with you.

Tyena – Okay….

Jessica Nash – At the risk of sounding desperate for your acceptance… I just want to say that I don’t wish to argue with you. You know how I feel about your father correct?

Tyena – ………….Yeah… you love him.

Jessica Nash – So can we please start over? Your father is happy and-

Tyena – Fine fine stop guilt tripping me.

Jessica Nash – Great… as you know I won’t be teaching this class much longer. I’ll just be Jessica Nash, the woman dating your father. No longer your professor.

Tyena – I’d like that alot….sorry I’ve been a bitch. I’m going through my own crap so-

Jessica Nash – Its quite alright…. I’ve been through alot too. Sometimes anger is misplaced.

Tyena – So what did you need?- or were we done talking?

Jessica  Nash – Tyena……………… I’m a horrible cook. I want to cook dinner for your father tonight. I was wondering if you’d help me? give us time to… bond?

Tyena – Umm…….

Jessica Nash – I’d understand if-

Tyena – Alright.. I’ll help you.

Jessica  Nash – Really? well good, thank you Tyena.

Tyena – Just text me the time. Until then I’ll be at the sorority studying.

Jessica Nash – Okay, sounds like a plan.


Rubi – You know the fill in professor? Jessica Nash?

Frankie – Yes.

Rubi – She used to be friend with my mom when they were younger. She’s shady as hell, and think’s she knows everything. Also she has a daughter in CCity named Woofy Nikol! she hella ugly.. she look like a dog! She takes selfies on facebook and instagram and she look so stupid!

Frankie – I see..

I know 2 things about Jessica’s daughter. 1- She and Jessica do not talk because Jessica had drunken sex with her boyfriend. 2- Nikol was once close friends with my sister Andi, they were even roommates until they had that falling out. Which has to do with number 1 because my sister caught Jessica and the then boyfriend doing it. Its really twisted and complicated- and I really don’t care to explain it all. I believe you were there when my sister told me all of the details anyway.

Rubi – Yeah and you know how my dad is filming his last movie, before he pass me the throne? Its based off her book. The one about her, my mom, and two other chicks. I’m basically famous back home to be honest.

Frankie – That’s cool Rubi….

Rubi – Well let me get up out dis bitch. Time to service my man Air-Reez. He’s been down lately and I don’t know why. Time to cheer him up with some of this PUSSY!

Frankie – OH! MY GOD!

Rubi – Girl you wild’n stop being a prude! He bout to get this cake! its so moist too.. he so lucky. I’m the supreme!

Ew… she is so… foul!

Rubi – Oh by the way.. its probably none of my biz-nazz but… you gonna forgive yo mama? like…… she said you hate her or whatever.

Frankie – We talked about this already Rubi… whats going on my my mother and I… is my business…

Rubi – Alright alright.. I just felt bad for her.. but chu right… lemme hush!

Rubi – Catch ya later Franny! All this ass walkin’ out the door!

Jessica Nash – …………………

Rubi – Air-Reez bout to fuck the dog shit outta my ass!

Frankie – O…………………………….K

Rubi – Slip n Slide all night Franny Fran!

Jessica Nash – …………….

Rubi – Leavin’ ya’ll SPEECHLESS!

Jessica Nash – Ms Mancini?

Frankie – Yes?

Jessica Nash – Can I talk to you for a moment?

Frankie – Umm.. sure.

Okay, let me start off by saying I do NOT like older women. I’m in no way attracted to Jessica Nash, but I gotta say. She looks really pretty, she’s so poised, and fierce. She gives off a certain vibe. She’s very confident.

Jessica Nash – How are you doing?

Frankie – I guess I’m alright.

Jessica Nash – You still work for Scott at The Mothership?

Frankie – …..Yeah…

Jessica Nash – I haven’t heard from him lately…. spending time with some man named Owen- Umm… Do you like working there?

Frankie – Its a job doing what I love so I guess.

I actually don’t like working there, and Scott sucks, but I won’t tell you that because you’re friends with him

Jessica Nash – You know… after our confrontation, I really disliked you. Then I did some soul searching. I went to church, I admitted who I was and the things I’ve done. I was…. I felt new. It was a fresh start….. I want to thank you for pulling no punches. It woke me up.

Frankie – I was really rude.

Jessica Nash – No, you were bold- and the fact that you didn’t include any of the stuff you found out in the article is a true testament to your integrity. As a writer, and as a human being. Anybody else would have took it and ran. People like to take shortcuts, and dragging the name of Jessica Nash through the mud would have benefited you alot. You’re obviously a woman of principal, and I admire that. You showed me that good people do exist..

That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me…

Frankie – …..Well thank you.

Jessica Nash – I tried following your articles since then, and honestly I’m shocked at the stuff Scott has you writing.

Frankie – All because I wouldn’t write smut…

Jessica Nash – I see.

Frankie – Not to be rude, but what did you want to talk about exactly?

Because so far it seems like we’re just chatting about random stuff.

Jessica Nash – I actually overheard your conversation with Ms Larter.

Frankie – Oh?

Jessica Nash – Rubi…. is spoiled by her parents, and she has no talent as a writer. However she’s just the type of person to make it in the movie industry… that’s the sad part.

Anybody with eyes, and ears can see that Rubi’s parents are to blame for her antics. She was obviously spoiled- but honestly.. what parent doesn’t want to love and spoil their child? Rubi is acting out, and her parents are not around. Not that I’m saying parents can’t spoil from afar. I personally think Rubi is to blame just as much as them, but at the end of the day she has her loving parents and that’s her business.

Frankie – Rubi and I aren’t friends.

What? we’re not…

Jessica Nash – I overheard you talking about your rocky relationship with your mother. Then I remembered that Tom is friends with your father, and mentions things here and there. I don’t presume to know everything, but I’d say I know a little bit about your problems.

Frankie – …………..Sometimes I forget that as much as GloCity is expanding and becoming a bigger town, that it is… at heart a small place.

Jessica Nash – If you don’t mind I want to put things into perspective for you.

Frankie – ……………Okay.

Jessica Nash – Sometimes we need to see our reflections before we see the bad we’ve done. I myself have a rocky- well actually its a none existent relationship with my daughter- You know this…

Frankie – Right.

Jessica Nash – She apparently writes a blog these days. I have no idea where her sudden interest in writing came from but good for her I guess… she never really had any sort of direction so I guess its something.

Frankie – You don’t read her blog?

Jessica Nash – No, I do not. That may sound harsh, but the truth of it is… Nikol isn’t 100% innocent when it comes to our falling out. She’s done things too, and I just feel like our relationship is null in void. I don’t need her reminding me of the person I once was.

Frankie – Right.

Jessica Nash – I’m a new me, a better me. Tom has changed me for the better also. I’m very happy with him.. blessed. I feel like seeing or speaking with Nikol would bring out my bad side. I just want to remain happy, and positive.

Frankie – I can understand that I guess. Why put yourself in a situation where you know you’ll be brought out of yourself.

Jessica  Nash – I don’t want a relationship with my daughter, but I DO hope she’s doing well. I want her to succeed, and be happy- and that’s the extent of it really. But for you, I feel as though you want a relationship with your mother, and she wants one with you. I bet she reads all of your work, and she-

Frankie – She does… someone actually told me that earlier.

Jessica Nash – …..That makes you feel happy… and mad at the same time I bet.

Frankie – It does…..

Jessica Nash – Its not too late for you and your mother. For my daughter and I- I’m afraid it is… but not for you. Go in with your guard up, let her know who’s boss.. but give her a chance. I’m far removed from my emotions about the falling out with my daughter, but I’m also very blessed because I have Tom, and my friends to make me feel good. I’m a whole person yes, but I do have these moments where I reflect on the things I’ve done, and said… My friends, and Tom constantly remind me of the person I am now, and not then.

Frankie – What about your friends in the book?

Jessica Nash – Jamie is…. a director’s wife, and she’s giving people therapy which is just…..hilarious to me. Leslie…. she’s….. going through a divorce, and her daughter Vira is a mess because of it. Spencer is working on a comeback, she was depressed and rather large… She’s lost a significant amount of weight so good for her. She’s probably the only one I care to talk to.

Frankie – I see. Well some friendships aren’t forever.

Jessica – You’re connection with your mother is though. Good or bad.

Frankie – ……..Its just…. she’s evil, and you have no idea the pain she’s caused.

Jessica Nash – We all have our demons….

I want to change the subject..

Frankie – ….. Have you spoke to Ivo?

Jessica Nash – I have, we’re supposed to be meeting up next week. His book is coming out.

Frankie – Ah…

Jessica Nash – Ivo’s such a…. he’s a really good man. I was in such a bad place in New York when we first met. He helped pull me out… I will forever love him for that. Even with all of the shit that followed. Pardon my language.

Frankie – Its fine… you forget we live in a generation where saying the words Fuck, and shit is the normal way of expressing things. As for Ivo, yeah.. he’s a good guy.. he’s always been a good person…

Jessica Nash – He’s currently dating Torrance Baldwin… whom I…. well I know her quite well……

She sounds pleasant

Frankie – ……

Jessica Nash – I thought he’d go for you… but I guess I was wrong.

Frankie – ……Yeah, well maybe he can write his next book about why that didn’t happen.

Jessica Nash – Speaking of books…. I think you’re a brilliant writer Frankie. You’re obviously very smart, so I won’t try and tell you what to do. I just wanted to have a small chat with you because as you know I’m not going to be here for much longer. I’ll be returning to my job in Bridgeport soon.

Frankie – Well…. I appreciate it. You do…. seem different- and I’ve learned alot from your lectures. You’re a good teacher.

Jessica Nash – Thank you, that means alot, I jumped in head first, and… I have to say it was a challenge. I think I slayed it though.

Frankie – Ms Nash?…………..I don’t think its too late for you and your daughter.

Jessica Nash – Well I do…. I just feel like she’s better off-

Woman – Knock Knock!

Sasha – Surprise!

Oh okay…. wow.

Jessica Nash – What is this?!

Sasha – We wanted to come get you, and take you to get some dinner.

Jessica Nash – Aww you guys are the best friends.

Ugh, Kira Watts. I see enough of her at work.

Kira – *looking at cell* I’m starving, especially after the day I had at work. This girl at my job was fighting some other girl.. homewrecking.. It was ridiculous. The girl is actually pretty smart… too bad she likes unavailable men. She’s into chicks too from what I hear. She’s kinda hot, too young for me though. Young lesbians… no thanks. *looks up* Oh shit!- Here I am gossiping, and you’re right in front of me.

She literally.. just outed me, and told all of my business.. wow.

Jessica Nash – Who- wait.. Ms. Mancini?

Sasha – Oh my god! you’re Riley and Mira’s daughter?! you came back?

Frankie – I’m the other one… the younger one.

Sasha – Oooooh.

Kira – You know her?

Sasha – I know her parents… I could tell you-

Wow, really? how rude…

Frankie – Real nice…..

Sasha – Sorry that was rude.

Frankie – Yeah it was…..

Jessica Nash – Frankie you were involved in an altercation at your job?

Frankie – Not that its anybody’s business, but basically I have a male friend who I’ve known forever. We hang out, she’s insecure.. so-

Kira – So she points fingers, gotcha…

Frankie – Also I’m not a lesbian. I’m bisexual

Sasha – Oh?

Kira – That’s what they all say.

Natasha – Oooh…

Frankie – No that’s what pretentious close-minded people say….

Some people are attracted to both genders, get the fuck over it.

Kira – Well-

Natasha – Some college boy just hit on me- he grabbed his genitals and licked his lips.

Jessica Nash – Well you have your tits out Natasha.

Natasha – Oh please… I paid good money for them, may as well show them.

This is like an episode of sex and the city..

Sasha – Lets go eat!

Jessica Nash – I actually can’t… and it sucks… this is such a sweet, lovely surprise.

Kira – Why can’t you go?

Natasha – Yeah…. what’s the problem girl?

Jessica Nash – I decided to cook Tom dinner

Kira – Oh god…… but you’re a horrible cook.

Natasha – Way harsh Kir’

Sasha – Well atleast come out and have a drink with us. Well make sure you’re home to cook.

Jessica Nash – Well you guys did come all this way…. okay sure! lets go have a few drink. Kira you’re the responsible one, don’t let me drink more than two drinks.

Kira – Gotcha.

Natasha – Has college boys always looked so….. manly? jesus… lets get out of here before I put one in my purse.

Sasha – Woo Ladies night! I need this!

Natasha & Kira – *looks at each other*

Frankie – Well….. nice meeting you ladies, I’m going to get going.

That was something…. Jessica wants me to forgive Mira, yet she doesn’t want to renew a relationship with her daughter. I understand that it may be best for her to NOT- BUT…….. if she believes I can fix things, then why doesn’t she practice what she preaches? Anyway.. I’ve had enough of this Sex and The City re-run. Time to go finish the work that I brought home………..from work. I’m so much fun aren’t I?

(POV Keegan)

When I decided to go through with this, I for sure thought we’d have some small talk here and there. She’s cold as ice, and she’s a really strict tutor. I have to find a way to melt her a little bit.

Rhys – In order to find the percentage you need to-

Keegan – So! this student union… its nice eh?…… your always in the science lab, I’m doing radio. I didn’t even know this small library existed.

Rhys – Its small, and I like it better than the other one.

Keegan – Yeah… its intimate…

Rhys – Right…. So can we continue?

No lets talk…

Keegan – We’ve been at it for like an hour… can we take a break?

Rhys – Why? you brought a candy bar, and a bottle of water.. what more could you need?

Keegan – I brought you one too.

Rhys – And I said thank you- now can we-

Keegan – Have you always been this stiff?

Rhys – You think I’m stiff?


Keegan – Tad bit…

Rhys – No… I like to have fun.

Keegan – Really?

Rhys – I see what you’re doing…. its not going to work. Now lets just study….

Yes, and opening- lets ask some questions

Keegan – What’s your favorite movie?

Rhys – I don’t see what that has anything-

Keegan – I bet its something sooo stiff- like… like a whale documentary.

Rhys – *laughs* For your information…. My favorite movie…. is Clueless.

The fuck?

Keegan – I was not expecting that.

Rhys – I bet.

Keegan – What do-

Rhys – Keegan…. focus.

Keegan – I’m tired…..

Rhys – You’re such a baby….

Keegan – *stretching*

Rhys – Where are you going?

Keegan – My legs are cramped…. I need to walk or something.

Rhys – ……………

Keegan – Can we walk and talk? Just for like 15 minutes or so…. I promise I’ll be a brain machine when we get back.

Rhys – …………..

Keegan – Please?

Rhys – I bet that works on girls all the time….

Keegan – Is it working on you?

Rhys – 10 minute break.. then back to our laptops….

Keegan – *smiles* Okay..

Rhys – I’m only doing it because my legs are cramped too…

Keegan – Sure…..

Rhys – ……..Lets just walk around, and get back.

Keegan – Right this way milady

Rhys – You think you’re so cute don’t you?

Keegan – Cute? who said anything about cute?

Rhys – You know what you’re doing….

Keegan – You think I’m cute?

Rhys – No, I think you’re trying to be cute…

Keegan – *laughs* I don’t have to try….

Rhys – ……….Whatevs…

She totally thinks I’m cute.

[Top Pic]

We walked, we talked. It was a good time.

Keegan – And that’s when I wanted to punch Aries right in the face.

Rhys – Why would he do that to your friend Johnny?

Keegan – Jonah

Rhys – Right- sorry.

Keegan – Well Aries is super impressionable… and he has some other issues…..

Rhys – You like sticking up for your friends huh?… that’s cute.

Keegan – There’s that word again…

Rhys – For the record you are cute Keegan, but if you want a good future.. you need to be smart too.

Keegan – I don’t have to worry about that because you’re helping me get there.

Rhys – We’ll see…. I can only lead you to the water… you have to be smart enough to drink.

Keegan – Is that a Nelson Mandela quote?

Rhys – Actually it isn’t.

Keegan – I’m sorry that he died.

Rhys – You say that as if he’s my father or something.

Keegan – Well I know that you followed his work, and really idolized him.

Rhys – Idolize. Don’t use past tense. He’s forever, he’ll live on. He was a visionary, a powerful thinker. He did more than just have ideas about the way things should be, he made stuff happen. He’s forever a important figure in our world.

Keegan – You should have given his eulogy…

Rhys – *laughs*

Keegan – I can’t believe that guy pretended to know sign language at his funeral.. so wrong.

Rhys – How do you know that?- You watched it?

Keegan – I could lie to impress you but… I don’t lie. So no… I didn’t watch it, I did however see it on E! news one night while I was watching The Kardashians- Don’t judge me.

Rhys – I like Khloe… she’s the best Kardashian…

Keegan – I like Kendall…..

Rhys – She’s not even a Kardashain. She’s a Jenner.

Keegan – Same thing… I also like Kim though.. she has a really nice figure.

I wanted to say DAT ASS but that would have came off like a pig..

Rhys – Most of it is fake though.

Keegan – Well it still looks good.

Rhys – I guess.

Keegan – Hater much…and wow I can’t believe you watch the Kardashians…

Rhys – Why because you think I’m stiff?

Keegan – No- well, yes- but also because you’re so smart.

Rhys – I’m not one of those people who think I’m too good to watch reality tv.

Keegan – You dress really nice too…

Rhys – Thank you- you dress like a dude-bro… but you look nice.

Keegan – A Dude bro?

Rhys – Yeah… a dude bro- ugh… that obnoxious girl is over there.

Keegan – Which one?

Rhys – The one in the red jacket… I see she’s not blond anymore…

Keegan – Oh Kaori? you know her?

Rhys – I don’t know her- but we got into a verbal altercation during the lockdown. She’s rude.

Keegan – Kaori’s a bit abrasive, but she’s a good girl.

Apparently Byron was in the hospital but he’s good now.

Rhys – Let me guess… you had sex with her?

Keegan – What?- no…. why do you ask that?

Rhys – I guess that was rude of me.

Keegan – I have you know, I’m more than just my penis.

Rhys – Sorry, for the assumption.

Keegan – I haven’t had sex in months..

Rhys – I call bullshit, but whatever floats your boat dude.


Magdalena – Then what happen girl?

Bianca – Did you slap your aunt?!

Kaori – No, I didn’t… but I wanted to. She was so rude, and out of line.

Bianca – So is Byron okay?

Kaori – He’s in his dorm room resting.

Magdalena – He still gonna perform at that gig? or is it cancelled.

Kaori – No its still on….

Bianca – Why do you think he had a panic attack?

Kaori – I don’t know.

Magdalena – Hey Bianca… you didn’t finish telling us about the party.. you said that fratboy Garrett was chattin’ you up something vicious!

Kaori – Oh good for you Bianca!

[Bottom Pic]

Harrison – I love you.

Jojo – I love you too.


Rhys – Wow.. look at those two..

Keegan – PDA freak you out?

Rhys – Not really…. only when its like… parents.

Keegan – My dad, and his husband are the worst-

When they’re not fighting…

Rhys – You have gay dads?

Keegan – Scott isn’t my father…. but yeah I have gay dads. My dad did some modeling when he was younger- you may know him.. maybe not.

Rhys – I don’t really look at male models so probably not.

Keegan – Well yeah.. not only is my dad gay, but my mother is a lesbian.

Rhys – Wow….

Keegan – They’re best friends, and she had a hard time having kids. So he offered himself, and here I am.

Rhys – That’s really cute.

Keegan – I mean sure I wasn’t made out of a loving relationship but they do love each other, and I-

Rhys – No, you were made out of love. He and she clearly loved each other, in a none sexual way. They made something beautiful

Keegan – You think I’m beautiful eh?

Rhys – Oh god shut up.

Keegan – All jokes aside… I have a unique family, and I couldn’t be happier.

Rhys – I… wow… unexpected…. I just thought….

Keegan – You thought what?

Rhys – Urban straight white boy… I just assumed you were one of those against gay marriage and-

Keegan – Judgmental much?

Rhys – You’re one to talk mr “Are you always this stiff”

Keegan – Guess we’re even then.

Rhys – Did you vote?

Keegan – For what? in the election? or the re-election?

Rhys – Both?

Keegan – I voted for Obama.

Rhys – Why because you wanted to be cool? or because you actually believed in what he was saying?

Keegan – The first time I voted for him, was because I wanted to be apart of change, and a historic moment. My third eye told me that he’d be president. The 2nd time I considered his first term, and if I should give him another vote… in the end I did. I like that he fights for the poor people.

Rhys – Ah… cool.

Keegan – Well I guess we should get back to our laptops?

Rhys – Actually… I could go for some yogurt?

Keegan – Umm… okay.

Rhys – But THEN we return to studying.. okay?

Keegan – Yes.

This is going really good. She’s actually talking to me, instead of that all work, and no play act she was putting up before.

[Top Pic]

Rhys – I hope this one girl isn’t at the yogurt stand… she orders like four at a time.

Keegan – You must be talking about Rubi…

Rhys – That’s her name! she asked me one day if my hair was  a silky brazilian weave.. I’m like excuse me?

Keegan – *laughs*

Rhys – …………..oh great-

Keegan – What?

Mason – Oh look its Rhys!

Candice – *rolls eyes*

Mason – I see you have a new man…. does he have a girlfriend?

Keegan – ……….

Rhys – You can go fuck yourself Mason.

Mason – I’m sure you’d love to watch… but I’m with Candice

Rhys – Good… live happily ever after.

Candice – What?

Rhys – You guys can live happily ever after.

Candice – You can keep walking.

Rhys – Don’t tell me what to do.

Candice – Or what?

Rhys – You know I’m not one for the talking- So you can calm down.

Candice – How about I don’t? You gonna get turnt up?

[Bottom Pic]

Rhys – You’d like it if I did huh?

Candice – Oh so round two?

Rhys – You really should think twice before fighting me again Candice. I put you in a neck brace last time, AND your face looked like Freddy Krugers…

Candice – And I knocked out your tooth and broke your arm.. and what?

Rhys – Whatever… if you’re gonna swing then swing.

Candice – Don’t test me.. do not test me!

Rhys – …………….okay…

Mason – Stop it bae’…. you know you can get kicked out if someone see’s you fighting.

Candice – I want to knock this bitch out so bad.

Rhys – THEN DO IT BITCH! and watch what happens!

Candice – Ooooh be lucky we’re at the student union…I would FUCK you up otherwise!

Mason – Don’t let this slut get you kicked out…

Rhys – ……………..Okay…*turns around*

Keegan – Hey don’t call her a slut!

What the fuck is going on?

Rhys – Keegan I can fight my own battles I don’t need you to do it.

Keegan – I was just trying to help.

Mason – She’s a lost cause bro.

Candice – Yeah, and she’s probably seen more dick than a urinal.

Rhys – Real nice guys…. You both can kiss my ass.

Keegan – We don’t have to get yogurt.. we can stud-

Rhys – This session is over Keegan. We’ll do it again another time.

Keegan – …………Okay.

Mason – Bro you have no idea who she really is… do NOT toss your dick in that.

Candice – She’s a whore… a disloyal ass whore!

Man….. that was intense. Everything was going good, I got her to come out of her shell a little bit. We were even going to get yogurt! then we had to run into these people. What I don’t get is, They both were pretty fun, and chill at the sorority party, yet here.. right now, they came off as asshole bullies. Obviously there’s two sides to every story, but right now its looking like Jarrah may have some shady friends.

(POV Frankie)

Caught me watching The Lucky One *laughs*

Laptop : I won’t let anything happen to you… or your son.

You know, I never saw it for Zac Efron, and then all of a sudden he became a man. He’s so sexy now- and I just realized the blond woman is the same chick from that Netflix show “Orange is the new black” I’ve seen this movie so many times but I’m just now realizing it. I really love this movie… sad ending though. You’re probably wondering why I’m not finishing the work from work- BUT I have you know… it doesn’t take much effort to write a fluff piece. So I’m done for the night. I want to go to my dorm and sleep but Rubi is in there having sex with Aries. So guess I’m sleeping here…

Did alot of thinking about Jessica Nash, and our conversation. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but- She’s kinda…. cool. I really think if her daughter knew the NEW her, that she’d agree with me. Part of me wants to go all detective mode, find the daughter and force them to makeup- but this isn’t that type of movie. I’d never do something that invasive. That’s their personal stuff to deal with… I have my own story.

Seeing Jessica’s friends surprise her like that was somewhat cute. I hope when I’m that age that I’ll have a group of girlfriends. I thought I’d have that with Kaori and Jarrah… and even Trey but things never turn out how you hope. *gets comfortable* Instead… here I am… watching The lucky One…. again, alone. Even my dad has a better social life than I do- and not to sound conceited, but I’m way too cute to be alone.

[footsteps approaching]

Oh Jeep must be here.

Keegan – What is that? porn?

Frankie – No?

Keegan – Sounds like people fucking.

Frankie – They were….. I’m watching the Lucky One.

Keegan – Again?

Frankie – Yep.

Keegan – Better than Serendipity…. You know you’re so transparent… you obviously have a crush on Kate Beckinsale.

Frankie – Duh….. and Zac’s a close second. So where are you coming from? I thought you were Jeep before you walked in the door.

Keegan – Sorry to let you down.

Frankie – Oh, please…

Keegan – I’m coming from the tutor session from hell.

Frankie – Oh right, Rhys Kelley is tutoring you- what went wrong? She didn’t fall for your charm? Most girls do….

Keegan – I’ll tell you later… if you don’t mind me hanging with you.

Frankie – Its your house.

Keegan – Its all of ours… though you and Jeep are the only ones who use it so far.

Frankie – Well if you’re not going to tell me about Rhys, what did you want to talk about?

Keegan – Us?…. you and I.

Frankie – Umm…. okay? I’m confused.

Keegan – Well its something I should have talked to you before about.. but- okay so I saw your dad today while out catching Scott with that guy-

Frankie – His name is Owen… don’t ask how I found that out- and oh my god! you little fucker… I knew you’d follow Scott.

Keegan – I met Owen… but let me back up.. because I ran into your dad…

He proceeded to explain to me in vivid detail about his exchange with my father. I love my dad but he really shouldn’t have told Keegan all of that stuff.

Frankie – Okay… so…. 1. Wow at the Scott situation… and 2. Sorry about my dad unloaded on you. I know he likes to worry about me, but I’m fine.

Keegan – He’s right though.. you should have more fun.

Frankie – I don’t disagree with that sentiment…

Keegan – But umm.. it all brings me to what I want to tell you.

Frankie – Okay.

Keegan – I love you, alot. You’re like special to me.

Frankie – I feel the same way.

Keegan – I sent you so many mixed signals when we were younger. Remember freshman year of high school? I’d knock on your window… and I’d lay in the bed with you because I missed you living with me and my dad?

Frankie – Yes.

Keegan – Do you remember the… tension?

Frankie – Of course.

Keegan – ……You’re probably wondering why nothing ever happened.

Frankie – I mean… it was a long time ago….

Keegan – Yeah but after.. I ended up with Mona. I probably left you confused.

Frankie – You did…

Keegan – There was times I wanted to do things, but… I kept thinking about our dads. That maybe they could end up back together you know? I didn’t want to mess that up by starting something with you. Our dads would have put us first… and I didn’t want that.

Frankie – ……Why did you never tell me this?

Keegan – Umm… I don’t know- but you should know I did like you at one point.

Frankie – That was then… but I’m glad you told me this…. for a while I thought something was wrong with me. Then I just chalked it up to you being a douchebag, and liking the attention.

Keegan – …..I’m glad nothing happened between us.

Frankie – I am too.

Keegan – I’m glad we’re friends…. like.. close friends.

Frankie – *smiles* Me too.

Keegan – So I’m sorry for all of that… confusing crap.

Frankie – Its okay.

Keegan – No its not….

Frankie – Keegan I accept your apology.

Keegan – Good.

Frankie – So Ivo’s back…

Keegan – You gonna talk to him? I mean maybe fixing things with him is like the bridge to fixing things with Kaori.

Frankie – Fuck Kaori… especially how she treated me at the hospital.

Keegan – Whoa! what happened?

Frankie – Its whatever… I’ll tell you after you tell me about your night from hell.

Keegan – Wait one question before I start

Frankie – What?

Keegan – Do you like Ivo?….. because If so, you shouldn’t let Kaori stop you from being happy.

Frankie – I think Ivo’s a good guy, but I have no feelings for him. He’s seeing his ex anyway…

Keegan – Ah…

Frankie – So about the tutor session?

[Noise downstairs]

Keegan – Either we’re being robbed or-

Frankie – Probably Jeep…

Jeep [yelling from downstairs] – Frankie? anyone here?

Jeep – Hey you.

Frankie – Jeepy!


Keegan – Am I missing something here?

Jeep – That was a nice tight hug

Frankie – Shut up.

Keegan – I didn’t get a hug.

Jeep – Don’t worry, this is a “I’m sorry you got dumped, and your ex girlfriend is psycho” hug.

Frankie – I always hug you Jeep.

Jeep – I’m really sorry about Spirit-

Frankie – I got all of your texts. Its okay, its not your fault.

Jeep – I know but still.

Frankie – Hey did you listen to that Jhene Aiko EP I gave you yet?

Jeep – I finished it, and I liked it. Did you like the Childish Gambino album?

Keegan – What the hell are you guys doing?

Frankie – Its our thing KeeKee.. we share music and review it for each other.

Keegan – How cute.

Jeep – Its dorky, but… its something to do.

Keegan – You two should just kiss already

Frankie – Ew god Keegan

Jeep – ………………

Frankie – No! I didn’t mean ew like I wouldn’t kiss you Jeep- I just… we’re friends.. I wouldn’t kiss you.

Jeep – I know- duh- so umm… Frankie?

Frankie – Yes?

Jeep – On my way here… I saw something outside…

Keegan – What did you see?

Frankie – Yeah what is it?

Jeep – Come with me…. and brace yourself..

Frankie – I don’t like the sound of that.

Keegan – I love surprises!- except.. interventions *laughs* Remember I told Scott “Fuck You!” and ran out? Yeah… that is so valid today… Fuck you Scott. *nods yes*

Keegan – I need to clean my car.

Jeep – Its not that dirty, be glad its black.

Keegan – True.

Frankie – I can’t imagine having a white car.

Jeep – So what were you guys up to?

Keegan – We just had a talk…

Jeep – Oh is everything okay?

Frankie – Yeah… just… got some closure on something.

Keegan – I’ll tell you later buddy.

Jeep – Okay.

The talk with Keegan was… good. I needed that- not that it was something that was bugging me currently. Its for sure one of those things I’ve always had in the back of my mind. I didn’t understand what happened.. and how he moved to Mona so fast. Now it makes sense. I think things turned out how they were supposed to though. I’m glad Keegan and I are where we are. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Keegan – I’m hungry guys.

Jeep – by the way, I got all your texts.. can’t believe you were in the middle of a catfight.

Keegan – She got mad at me for sticking up for her too.

Jeep – I wouldn’t take that personally.

Keegan – Yeah… so where are we going?

Jeep – Not far….

Frankie – Why the secrecy Jeep?

Jeep – Its not good, and Its better you just see it, than me tell you…

Keegan – I’m sooooo hungry, all I had was a water bottle and snickers bar.

Frankie – Okay… we’re-

Keegan – Holy shit…..

Jeep – Yeah……. I told you it wasn’t good…

Frankie – *sigh* Are you kidding me?

I want to log the fuck out of life right now.

[Top Pic]

Mira – Thanks so much, yes…. no I’m moving in right now. The movers are helping me. *laughs* Well I gotta start somewhere right Sasha?- Why do you sound drunk? Drinks? I see….

Mover 1 – Where do you want the couch?

Mover 2 – Its heavy as shit

Mira – Umm just place it in the living room doll.

Keegan – I thought the Gilbert’s lived in this house.

Jeep – They moved out a month ago Keegan.

Keegan – Wow….

Frankie – So… I escape Rubi… by coming here to relax… and now….

Jeep – Your mom is living next door….

[Bottom Pic]

Mira – Oh? what- Frankie?- It is you *waves* Hi!

Frankie – …………….

Mira – Hey boys! Is that Keegan? and Jonah?

Jonah – Hey Miss Mancini

Keegan – Sup……

Mira – I didn’t know one of you lived in that house.

Keegan – We didn’t know you were moving into this one.

Mira – Well… I’m trying to start my life…. *looks at Frankie* You look very pretty.

Frankie – ……… Guys I’m going to grab my laptop and go.

Jeep – Do you-

Frankie – I’m fine Jeep…

Keegan – What do-

Frankie – Goodnight guys.

I’m not going to spaz out. What I am going to do is get the fuck out of here. This was my place of seclusion and happiness. She lives next door?! are you shitting me? Could this be any worse? like… the only thing that’s left is she does some sort of Voodoo to get back with my dad. God…. and this is why I don’t bother having any fun. Whats the point? when I’ll just return to my reality that fucking sucks.

~End Of Chapter Three | Chapter Four is Next~



  1. Nooooooo the witch is moving in!! Poor Frankie. Well maybe this will give them a chance to patch things up? Is it me or do Frankie and Jeep have good chemistry. They would make a cute couple <3. Just saying! lol. Now why must Keegan be so hot? It's not fair :'(. Ok sorry got off track there. Scott is just evil. He keeps giving Frankie crappy assignments and he's also cheating on Issac. Not cool! I can't wait until he gets busted. As for the Rhys situation, I was shocked at how she instantly went into fight mode when Candice started on her. Maybe she's not so stiff after all lol. I wonder what that's all about. One more thing, the Kardashians bug me lol. But I do like Reality tv :D. I've been watching the Real Housewives of ATL. I used to watch that one AND the housewives of New Jersey but kind of lost interest in New Jersey. And I'm now about to watch another old episode of the Real World Brooklyn. It was a good season :p. I'll be on the lookout for the next update!!

    1. Mira and Frankie.. what a touchy subject. Its funny how everyone is in their business too. Speaking of which, its been fun weaving the B2M cast in and out of this series. I’m having fun writing Sasha. Also Jessica who you know comes from that special I wrote during B2M at the beach house.

      Frankie and Jeep eh?….hmm… never thought of that…. 🙂 Real talk though, its a bitch when one person feels something and the other doesn’t isn’t it? 🙂

      Keegan is very hot, its a crime that he’s single right now. Scott does indeed suck for what he’s doing to both Frankie, and Issac.. hell Keegan too, considering Keegan has given him a chance.

      Rhys really did get “turnt up” when Candice came at her, and after their last brutal fight.. maybe its best that they stay far away from each other. Mason started that drama, and Candice didn’t help.. they look like the assholes like Keegan said, but when the real story comes out we’ll see what’s what.

      Kardashians are…………. I get why people wouldn’t like them. Kim is/was very superficial and just.. yeah. For me, I didn’t give 2 shits about them as a family. Then I started watching the show, and honestly ignoring the superficial stuff, I gotta say. I really love how they are so protective of each other. The family bond is really cute, plus Khloe can do no wrong. I feel so bad for her because of the stuff that’s going on with Lamar Odom/Her Husband.

      RHOA is everything. I just need someone to drag Kenya though, she’s so annoying. She’s always in everyone’s business, and I really think she’s lying about that boyfriend of her’s lmao.. she’s ridiculous. Also omg Kandi’s mother is crazy!

      You’re awesome Rika, never change 🙂

      New Update is coming soon. I have all the pics done, and I’m actually editing/photoshopping/renaming/uploading/drafting them as I type this- which I should get back to. lol Later!

  2. No….YOU’RE awesome 😀 ! Kenya annoys me too. Especially in the most recent episode….well I won’t say anything in case you haven’t watched it yet. But she really is an instigator. The only time I actually liked her was when she was brave enough to battle the roach in Savannah lol. It made her seem down to earth for a second XDDDD. And Kandi’s mom…I couldn’t stop laughing during that episode when Kandi was trying on dresses lol. She was ready for war! So do you think Todd is really an “opportunist” or is it all in Joyce’s mind? :p

    1. Well 1. Thanks for the consideration, and not spoiling anything- BUT I did see the ep already 😛 Kenya loves instigating EVERYTHING. That Todd situation was none of her damn business lol. Now that I think about it… she instigated Mynique, Chuck, Pheadra, Kandi drama. Then Instigated Porsha moving in next to Nene.. wow.. she is ridiculous. Maybe she’ll get what’s coming to her because those promo’s for the next episode looks intense. I hope Nene Snatches her wig lol.

      You’re right too. that Savannah episode ALMOST made me like her. The roach thing, and when she broke down about mother daughter relationships. Those 2 things made me give her a chance…………………………………and then she went back into being shady the following week LOL. Again…. I think she’s lying about that African man she claims she’s dating.

      Kandi’s mom had me in TEARS when she was about to fight homegirl at the wedding dress shop lmfao. I feel so bad for Kandi.. but then again, she kind of lets her mom get away with things, and she should probably stand up for herself- which I guess she sorta did in a few episodes later.

      Do I think Todd is shady and a opportunist? I want to say no- I WANTED to say mama joyce needs to stop smoking whatever she’s smoking. BUT…………… Cynthia’s friend did say Todd is semi shady and does always find himself in positions that help HIM. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but… I could be wrong. The jury is still out on that one.. maybe mama joyce isn’t crazy lmao.. though the idea of Mama joyce being a nutcase is hilarious.

  3. Yeah this African guy Kenya claims to be seeing is such a big mystery. Nobody’s ever seen him so I wonder if he actually exists too! (Reminds me of Kim’s Big Papa waaay back when. I don’t think I saw him either!). I hope Todd isn’t an opportunist because he does seem like a sweet guy :\. It is weird that Cynthia’s friend brought it up though without talking to Joyce first lol. So there could be some truth to it. I am SO looking forward to the fight next week! Bwahahaha!

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