{BnG Season 2} Chapter Three Part 2 : “Its My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To”

Chapter Three | Pt. 2 “Its My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To”

-POV’s : Kaori & Trey

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Kaori)

Its really fucking amazing what a couple of months can do for a person. I was being fired from the lucky dragon, had drama with Hammer, and Paisley. Then I got into it with Jarrah, and Keegan- You guys know the story… The point I’m trying to make is that look at me today. I’m here working- well interning for an ad agency, something I didn’t know I wanted. Feels like I’ve found my calling because I really like this job so far.

Oh and by the way… I’ve finally fallen in love with my hair. I’m loving it, I feel like Blonde is cute, and sexy- but brunette? Its mature, and powerful.. with a little sexy thrown in there too. Speaking of the term brunette, I’ve always thought it meant brown hair.. turns out its dark hair period- why am I talking about hair colors? God, maybe its because I’m fucking nervous… She called me into her office to quote….”Have a Word”

Sasha – ………Kaori do you like working here?

Kaori – Yes.

Sasha – Do you feel like the work you’re doing is important?

Kaori – Umm… Well I could easily lie and say yes, but I assume you want honesty, so my answer to that question is….. it depends on the product. Not everything we create an ad for is of substance.

Sasha – Hmm…….

Oh god I said something wrong…

Kaori – Mrs. Nirav, I love working here though, and-

Sasha – Relax…. you gave the right answer..

Kaori – Oh…

Sasha – You strike me as a very confidant woman.

Kaori – I’d like to think I am.

Sasha – I love working with strong women, even the women I consider friends are strong women.

Kaori – ………right.

Sasha – Where do you see yourself after college?

Kaori – Well, Mrs. Nirav… I see myself-

Sasha – Please call me Sasha, or Ms Owens.

Ooooh clearly she’s getting that divorce….

Kaori – If I’m being frank-

Sasha – Why stop now.

Kaori – Right… umm, to be honest… I’d like to be sitting where you are. Not exactly right after I graduate GCU, but in due time. I’ve always seen ads, and rolled my eyes at how stupid, and corny they could be. They never captured the true… true… essence of the product they were advertising. Now that I really think about it, this career makes so much sense for me-

Sasha – Go on.

Kaori – I’m just really fucking happy to be doing this work.

Holy shit I said the F word.

Sasha – ….

Kaori – Sorry.. didn’t mean to drop an F bomb.

Sasha – Show’s your passion, its okay…. *sigh*

Kaori – I don’t want to overstep any boundaries, but… are you okay?

Sasha – ……No…. I’m not. Kaori do you have a boyfriend? You seem like the type to have lots of boyfriend-


Kaori – ………..

Sasha – That didn’t come out right, what I mean is, you’re very pretty. I can see guys throwing themselves off buildings for your attention.

Kaori – Yeah, I have a boyfriend.

Sasha – Well… have fun while it last.

Excuse me… what the fuck

Kaori – Umm…

Sasha – Nothing is forever, my dear. You know, back when I was young and hot, I dated this guy named Josh. He was a clueless, comic reading geek… I thought we were forever.

Oooh that’s Jarrah’s dad…. awkward…

Kaori – I know Josh… he’s my friend’s dad..

Sasha – That’s right… duh, you’re Vince, & Koko’s daughter. You know your father had a thing for my mother.


Kaori – …..I did not know that..

Sasha – God rest her soul, my mother liked them young- Anyway back to what I was saying… Josh and I didn’t work out. He’s for sure the one who got away. Then I go on this spiritual journey, because I was a hot confused mess having had the thing with the professor- jesus fucking christ Sasha no wonder you drink- I found a love in India, married….. he’s a rich and powerful man.. we’re ruined we’re over!

Kaori – Why didn’t it workout?

Sasha – I’m a hardworking woman.. I didn’t lay up and have 7 babies. We just also grew apart. I’m alone and fo- Age isn’t important. *clears throat* I need wine. Do you like wine?- God I’m being unprofessional.. where’s a xanax when ya need one! *laughs*

Kaori – Do you-

Sasha – The fucked up thing is that…. My daughter doesn’t know about the divorce.. my son does…. You know my daughter right? Maliha Nirav? She’s in a sorority at G.C.U.

What the fuck is this meeting?

Kaori – Yeah… I know her.

She’s a hatin’ ass bitch who’s mad because Byron didn’t want to date her.

Sasha – I just realized I didn’t say why I called you in here. To make a long story short. You’re just an intern, but Kyle see’s potential, and he did tell me he asked if he could use you for the in house competition. I told him yes, I want you to get your feet wet…. who knows… you may end up working here full time… perhaps.

Kaori – I won’t let you down I promise!

Sasha – Don’t let Kyle down… or yourself.

Kaori – Right.

Sasha – You know….. My one friend Jessica is in love, on cloud nine- shame about her relationship with her daughter- but you didn’t hear that from me. Then Natasha is seeing a new man every weekend… no judgement.. get the D, my other friend Kira… she’s just come out of a relationship but she’s loving the single life. Here I am all kinds of messed up. I left GloCity, and came back and my friends aren’t my friends anymore- your mother included… and I just- I wish my mother was still alive.. she always gave good advice…

Okay, I’m not a judgmental person, but to me Sasha seems like shes a woman broken. Like her life isn’t what she thought it would be, like this divorce is really dragging her.

Woman – Umm you can’t go in there!

Woman – Shut up!

Man – I’m so sorry about this!

Sasha – Maliha- What-

Ali – I’m so sorry mom


Sasha – Honey, I-


Ali – Sister, please stop it-

Maliha – YOU STOP IT! I can’t believe you knew before I did! What the FUCK!

Sasha – ……. Maliha, keep your voice down. Mommy is at work-

Maliha – Fuck Work! my life is over!

Sasha – Sweetie its my marriage that’s over, stop being the center of attention.

This is so awkward.. I mean I came in here and got my meeting, everything was cool, then this family drama happens, and I’m in the middle. Then again before they arrived, Sasha was pouring her wine & xanax heart out to me… goodness…

Kaori – I should go-

Ali – Mother, It slipped out I didn’t mean to-

Sasha – Its okay-

Maliha – Oh so you’re keeping secrets from me now!? You two are really making me mad!

Kaori – Gonna go…….

Sasha – I’ll talk to you later Kaori….

Kaori – Yep…

Maliha – Kaori?! Ugh I forgot you worked here!

Kaori – ….Not even gonna say anything, clearly you’re hurting…. *laughs*

Ali – Well hello there, my name is-

Kaori – I have a boyfriend, have a nice day….. and also we met.. you pulled me off of Paisley when your were getting a handjob at the lucky dragon.

Sasha – Ali!

Maliha – Ugh so gross!- wait my friend Paisley did what to you?!

Kaori – …..Oops…

Ali – I don’t know what she’s talking about…

Let me tell y’all something about Ali… He was Paisley’s best customer. Every time he’d come to get a massage from her, he’d bring her new expensive shoes. He liked when she put them on, and walked on his back. He has a foot fetish and its ugh… I bet Paisley is missing those expensive shoes now, I hear her mom made her stop working at the lucky dragon.

Someone shouldn’t be drinking soda

Kyle – Well…. that sounded pleasant.

Kaori – ……Didn’t it?

Kyle – So Mrs. Nirav is now Ms. Owens.

Kaori – Divorce says yes.

Kyle – Tough break…

Kaori – Yup.

Kyle – So did she fire you?

Kaori – No, actually she was praising me, and asking me why I wanted this job. It all went well until her kids came in there.

Kyle – You say kids, like you aren’t one *smiles*

Kaori – I’m not, I’m an adult…

Kyle – You’re right, you’re right- did you want a soda?

Kaori – I thought you said you were on a diet?

Kyle – Shit, you’re right again. I’ll never get that six pack if I keep drinking soda *laughs*

Kaori – Oh shut your face Kyle, you look fine.

Kyle – I have an okay body, I just want definition.

Kaori – Whatevs…. you fill that suit out pretty well so-

Kyle – Are you checkin’ me out? you know that’s against the rules right? I mean GOSH Kaori… I know you want to just take me into the closet, and take my body but no.. I’m tired of this sexual harassment GOLLY GEE! *laughing*

Kaori – Oh whatever you’re so ridiculous.

Kyle – Humor makes life bearable….

Kaori – That’s the truest shit I’ve heard all day.

Kyle – Can I ask you something?

Kaori – ………………….Sure?

Kyle – Okay… so umm-

Kaori – Is everything okay?

Kyle – Yeah- wait what?

Kaori – Nothing- just whenever someone says “Can I ask you something” I always get this vibe that something must be wrong.

Kyle – Oh- no no.. I’m okay…

Good because I don’t want any drama…

Kaori – Okay so what’s going on?

Kyle – So… you know Eva Collins?

Kaori – The chick who doesn’t know how to use her own laptop?

Kyle – Uh-

Kaori – The chick with the bad haircut.. she wears that purple sweater?

Kyle – Yeah yeah- her.

Kaori – What about her?

Kyle – Well… she likes me.

I’ve noticed the way she looks at him to be honest, its kinda endearing.. like she gets nervous to talk to him or something.

Kaori – Duh….

Kyle – …..and while I have nothing against older women, I’m in a relationship.

Kaori – A long distance one…

Kyle – Right..and I… I love Brie… we have our issues but- getting off topic here. How do I let Eva down without hurting her feelings?

Kaori – Umm… well I don’t know, I mean for me its as easy as me looking at a guy and being like “Pump ya breaks.. I’m in a relationship” obviously you can’t do that *laughs*

Kyle – Well she’s divorced, and she doesn’t have alot of friends. She called me last night saying how she wish she had a closer friendship with her sister in law… then she started talking about work, saying how Natasha, and Sasha are close, that she doesn’t feel like she fits in. Then she randomly asked me out on a date. She said I’m nice, and I listen to her.

Kaori – Doesn’t she know you have a girlfriend?

He’s so secretive about his girlfriend who’s in Magik City. Honestly if it weren’t for the times I’ve seen him skype with her I would think he made her up.

Kyle – Yeah she does, so maybe she was drunk….

Kaori – Just sit her down and be like look, I’m open to a friendship but I’m in a relationship, throw in a couple of compliments and maybe a hug. If she weren’t so old I’d ask her to hangout sometime.

Kyle – You could always ask her to lunch.. I mean she has her daughter, and they’re getting closer, but her daughter also has her own life to live.. I just think she’s lonely.

Kaori – That’s sad.. I wanna go hug her…

Kyle – Yeah… well umm.. thanks.. I’ll take your advice and see what happens.

Kaori – Good luck.

Kyle – Okay so enough of that, you ready to get to work, and kick everyone ass?… our ad idea is going to be so much better than theirs.

Kaori – Yeah I’m ready.. .. I already have so many ideas.

Kyle – Awesome.

Time for me to get to work. I just realized my entire day will be spent here in Bridgeport. I’m gonna swing by one of my dad’s offices and say hi too… anyway.. I’m a working girl now so you’ll have to excuse me while I go shut it down. *laughs* I’m so fucking stupid.. anyway… later bitches.

(POV Trey)

Study session with the girls… always super entertaining, but we get stuff done at the same time. I adore Chace, and Lenny has become pretty cool in my opinion. I have my friends I grew up with, but its nice to immerse myself into a group of gay guys. I need to be around that, and love who I am. I really love hanging out with Chace and Lenny, my only complaint is that they date so I sometimes feel like a third wheel.

Lenny – Can I just say that I hate reading?

Chace – *laughs*

Trey – Its fine when I’m doing it for fun, but when I’m forced to study it sucks. I should have brought my laptop.. reading on an ipad isn’t a good look.

Lenny – My sister loves reading.. I hate it. She’s super fucking smart too.. I’m not.. its funny how different we are, considering we’re twins.

Chace – Well you’re the hot one.

Trey – Yeah because you don’t like girls- not that I’m saying you’re not hot Len’… cause you’re cute.

Lenny – Thank you Trey.

Chace – Speaking of cute… did you hook up with that guy you met on facebook Len’?

Lenny – We’re planning on fucking tonight-

Trey – Wait a minute.. why are you sleeping with someone else Lenny? and why are you so okay with it Chace?

Chace – Neither one of us wanted anything serious, we have an open relationship.

Trey – Oh, I didn’t know that.

Lenny – What works for us, may not work for other people.

Trey – Well that’s cool, no judgement.

I could never be in an open relationship but, I guess its working for them.

Chace – I want to fuck that guy Lars.. he’s cute.

Lenny – The one who sold me the weed?

Chace – Yeah.

Trey – Lars is cute, but straight.

Chace – Aries was “quote” straight too at one point..

Trey – Shhh you never know who’s lurking around.

Lenny – Trey we’re in an empty room.. its just us.

Trey – ….Still.

Chace – So Trey….. what happened after the Sorority party? I thought you were meeting up with Dominic at the GCU Diner?

Lenny – Yeah you didn’t show.

Trey – Dominic had texted me and said he wasn’t feeling good… so I just went with Jarrah to McDonalds and we ate in the parking lot. She was kinda upset about some stuff that happened with her, and her boyfriend.. so I gave her moral support.

Lenny – I hope your friend and her boyfriend are okay, he was sexy as fuck at the party.. like he was dancing and I saw that package in his shorts.. mmm

Chace – Anyway, enough about Jarrah… what the fuck is up with Dominic?

Trey – What do you mean?

Chace – First he’s weird as fuck, and doesn’t wanna come to the party, then he bailed on you after the party…

Trey – He wasn’t feeling good-

Lenny – I have to agree with Chace…. I mean Dominic is so weird.

Trey – No, he’s not.. he said the party wasn’t his scene, and I didn’t want to push it-

Chace – Yeah and then said he was going to meet you at the diner, but then said he wasn’t feeling good.. he’s a bad liar.

Lenny – Yep.

Trey – I know things about him, about his family.. he’s pretty open with me.

Lenny – If Dominic is truly a liar, are you going to be like super pressed?

Trey – Why would I feel pressed Lenny??

Chace – Cause that would make him another Aries- A liar.

Trey – They’re two different people.. and please stop bringing Aries up.

Lenny – ……..

Chace – I’m sorry, I’m being insensitive. I’m just asking about Dominic because you’re my friend, and I don’t want you to be in another messed up situation.

Trey – I appreciate that but I’m fine…

I understand that he wants to protect me but, I really don’t want to talk about Aries right now. Especially not after how he treated Jeep at the party. I couldn’t believe it when Keegan told me about that.

Lenny – I wish I had some yogurt right now.

Chace – Surprised the cafe doesn’t run out of it considering Rubi’s big fat ass is always eating it.

Lenny – She got knocked out by that tall fugly girl.. Foxxy?

Trey – Fockky.. and I felt bad for Rubi, not saying she didn’t deserve it.. she’s a major bitch- what was that?

Chace – Someones coming in-


Aries – Umm… Hey.

Chace – Oh hi, come to join the gay study session? You have to go through the initiation, if you want to join us. we suck penis.. do you?

Lenny – *laughing*

Aries – ……….I’m going to assume Lenny know’s… because you clearly can’t keep your mouth shut Chace, and I know Trey wouldn’t just tell anyone…

Chace – Be glad I didn’t tell my brother (Hammer)….

Aries – *Looks at Trey* Why would you even tell Chace?

Trey – Because I was fucking upset, don’t ask me a dumb question like that Aries…. I can tell who I want to tell. You made my summer suck, you don’t get to censor who I tell what. Besides its not like I’m going around telling the whole campus.

Aries – ….. Sorry….

Chace – Trey’s right… you have some nerve being pissy about him telling me, especially since we took each others virginity at that hippie camp when we were younger.. we have history too.

Aries – Yeah well I wish I could fucking erase it!

Chace – Boo fucking Hoo. We don’t always get what we want. Which include Trey. We’re fucking by the way.. Trey and I.

No the hell where not.

Trey – …Chace……

Aries – I- umm.. that’s-

Trey – We’re not……. we’re not doing that…

Chace – No where not.. but you’d like that huh Aries?… watch us like two lesbians… bouncing our asses on a double dildo for you huh mr straight boy? You wanna cum on us? shoot your load.. drown us in your baby batter? Jizz till the cows come home? bet you’d fucking love it.. in denial fag.

Trey – Chace!… Jesus…

Wow the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes me so uncomfortable sometimes. He’s so dirty! I feel like I need a shower.. goodness..

Lenny – So vulgar… and now I can’t get the image of you and Trey using a double end dildo.

Trey – So uncalled for….

Chace – Whatever… He’s a faggot.. and he needs to accept it. He likes to do boys in the butt.. get over it already.

Aries – You know… its fine for Trey to hate me, but what’s not okay is you guys bashing me. Its bullying, that’s exactly what it is. I have my issues with… things, sure. It doesn’t mean its okay for you guys to make me feel like a worthless piece of shit about it…

Trey – ….

Aries – Its the kind of stuff that makes me want to just kill myself. Gay kids everywhere are bullied by straight kids, and here you guys are- GAY, and bullying me. Its not okay.

Chace – ………. Don’t try and relate to us when you’re to scared to be one of us. You’re a pussy Aries.. a pussy that’s pretending to like pussy.

Aries – Fuck you Chace.

Chace – You did already remember? I mean the only person in this room whom you haven’t stuck your cock in is Lenny.

Trey – …..Chace!-

Chace – Don’t Chace me, Trey! We’ve all had to come out and endure the bullshit from homophobic bitches. He’s over here pretending to be straight, but also wants to bang boys? I don’t fucking think so. He wants to relate and bring up the homosexual fight, but yet he doesn’t want to claim us? get the fuck out of here. He’s a coward!

Aries – ……..

Lenny – What do you even want Aries? can’t you see we’re trying to study?

Aries – I saw you guys come in here, and I wanted to talk to Trey for a minute.

Chace – Nobody’s fucking stopping you.

Lenny – I guess that would be up to Trey…

Aries – Trey can I talk to you outside?………please?

Trey – Why should I? I heard about how you and Rubi treated Jeep…

Lenny – Jeep? is that the hot one who got dumped upstairs?

Chace – I wouldn’t call him hot… but yeah him.

Aries – Spirit broke up with him?- aww man…. that… why?-

Trey – Don’t pretend to care Aries…

Aries – I hurt Jeep, and I’m going to deal with that soon, but this is about- Just talk to me please?

Chace – Access denied-

Trey – I can talk for myself Chace.

Lenny – ….

Trey – You get five minutes Aries.

Aries – That’s all I need- well that sounded wrong-

Chace – Trey and I both had sex with you, god why are you so fucking pathetic.. you care way too much about what people think.

Aries – Everything is about sex to you huh? god…

Chace – Just shut your mouth Aries before I go and out you.

Aries – …… Chace stop doing this, its not right.

Chace – Neither is being in the closet and having sex with girls, when you don’t even like them.

Aries – What did I EVER do to you Chace? I mean what is it? Do you like me or something?-

Chace – Oh please NO! that’s ridiculous!

Lenny – …….. Well… stranger things have happened.

Chace – Lenny shut up.

Aries – Shouldn’t take it out on him, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Chace –  Blow me, you butch queen.

Trey – Chace just stop it, okay?! you made your point.

Chace – Fine whatever, but this is the thing Trey, he wasn’t there this summer when you were crying your eyes out. I was, in MY opinion he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as you but for the simple fact that you’re my friend I’m not gonna say anything else.

Trey – I appreciate you Chace.. I just think we need to stop bashing him…. he’s sorta right. Its wrong, it is bullying.

Chace – …Okay…

Lenny – WELL!.. I need to finish this book so I couldn’t care less about this.

Chace – You’re right Len’ I’m logging the fuck out of this conversation.

Trey – ….Lets get this over with Aries….. five minutes.. that’s all.

Aries – ……okay…

The way Chace feels about all of this, you would think that HE was the one who got his heart stomped on. *sigh* I know it comes from a good place but he needs to scale it back a bit.

Aries – ……………….Nice and sunny out huh?

Trey – ………Sure.

Aries – …….*sigh*

Trey – What do you want Aries?

Aries – I just…. this is so hard…. seeing you.. you’re so beautiful to me, and I-

Trey – Should we go hide in a bathroom somewhere so you can be honest for a change?

Aries – Nobody’s around.. I can be honest right now Trey.

Trey – …..I’m sorry.. that was mean.

Aries – No, you have every right. Your friends are the mean ones. I have a hard enough time dealing with who I am, and what I did to you. Every time I see Chace I just want to jump off a building. He makes me feel like shit. You don’t even do that to me…

Trey – I would never do that to you, and as for my friends… I’m sorry that Chace, and Lenny are so…. blunt.

Aries – How are you doing?

Trey – I’m gay…. really gay, and you?

Stop it Trey… stop being a dick.

Aries – ………I’m not gay.

Trey – You-

Aries – No… I mean in the literal sense. I’m not happy.

Trey – Good.

Aries – So much I’m doing wrong. I hurt you, and how I acted at the party, I swear I let them pressure me into-

Trey – Oh take responsibility for your action. You were the one who decided to be an asshole to Jeep! All he every did was give you a chance, offer you friendship when you had none-

Aries – I know.. and I hate myself for it…. I’m gonna try and talk to him.

Trey – …. What about what you’re doing to Rubi?

Aries – I care alot about her as a person. She’s really sweet when we’re alone. You guys never get to see her be normal… she puts on a show-

Trey – Just like you.

Aries – I love Rubi… but more so as a friend

Trey – So why hold her back? She could be out having an epic romance with someone.. but you’re holding her back.

Aries – You and I had an epic romance..

Trey – ….Whatever…

Aries – Sorry I shouldn’t have said that….

Trey – You’re right, you shouldn’t have.

Aries – …..You don’t think- no.. nevermind.

Trey – What?

Aries – Chace.. he’s so angry with me.. and obviously it could be because of his friendship with you, but.. you don’t think he has feelings for me do you?

Trey – ……..Umm I don’t know- I mean I want to say no, but you just never know what’s true anymore. You turned out to be KingOfNowhere, I didn’t expect that.

Aries – I haven’t heard that name in a while…

Trey – Yeah…. He was pretty great…

Aries – Trey I want you to know something…

Trey – What would that be Aries?

Aries – That I’m sorry, and you have no idea what you mean-

Trey – STOP IT! Its too little too late! This is all so goddamn annoying!

Dominic – Trey?! is that you I hear?

Aries – Fuck-

Trey – Calm down… I’m not gonna out you….

Dominic – Trey?

Oh shit that’s Dominic… which is funny since he knows about Aries…..

Trey – *Whispering* Follow my lead…

Aries – ……..

Trey – Like I said its SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GODDAMN annoying.. I mean you spilled the drink and it messed up my shoes.. stop apologizing about it okay?!

Aries – Umm…. Yeah! I mean I’m sorry I messed them up- whoops! there I go apologizing about it again!

Trey – *Whispering* Now say you have to go

Aries – *Whispering* But we didn’t finish talking.

Trey – *Whispering* I warned you.. five minutes..

Aries – *Whispering* I guess I deserve that….

Trey – Jesus.. I’ll buy new shoes!

Aries – Okay! Cool! I’ll see you around! I gotta go!

And the academy award does NOT go to………….Aries.

Trey – Hi! was that you calling my name?

Dominic – Yeah! What’s up?

Trey – Nothing.. ARIES was just apologizing for the millionth time about spilling yogurt on my shoes yesterday..

Dominic – ……I see… *wink*

Aries – *sighs*

Trey – You look really cute… I love that sweater…

Dominic – Thanks, you look cute too.

Aries – *eyeroll*

Trey – ….How was class?

Dominic – It was okay, This Austin guy was trying to argue that feminism is a step backward for us as human beings. That everyone should fight for everyone’s rights, and women fighting for women’s equality is a horrible idea. I’m not even a woman and I was offended. If it were up to him gays wouldn’t fight for equality either. He’s a douche. Like what gives you the right to speak on feminism? You’re clearly a guy who- don’t get me started… I don’t like him at all.

Trey – You’re all ranty… loves it.

Dominic – *Whispering* So was Aries trying to smooth things over?

Trey – I don’t know what that was, but its whatever- Can I ask you something?

Dominic – Your tone seems inquisitive yet hesitant.. You clearly don’t want to bring this up whatever it is… but you feel pressured to?

Trey – Right..I forgot you want to be a shrink.

Dominic – I loathe the word Shrink…

Trey – I don’t even know why its called that…

Dominic – Its a stupid slang for psychiatrist, and psychology. Back in the old days, you had doctors who would give patients a lobotomy, shock therapy- etcetera. You had these people with their limited way of thinking, assuming that they could perform these ways of mental health.. and “Shrink” the mind… thus fixing it. Its really a terrible term. I mean when have you ever heard the term “shrink” not used in a negative connotation?

Trey – Umm… well- yeah.. you’re right.. its always negative. His penis shrinked, My clothes shrinked in the dryer… He’s crazy he needs to see a shrink… yup.. always sounds negative.

Is it weird that it turns me on when he talks like that? its very in charge, and manly… hmm

Dominic – I’m boring you, subject change- I wanted to talk to you- Oh wait you wanted to ask me something?

Trey – I was just going to ask what your real reason for not coming out to the party, and the diner was… but-

Dominic – ….Oh, well I- I had a fight with someone there… so I didn’t want any drama…*nods yes* No conspiracy there. As for the diner, I just assumed alot of people from the party would be there, and I- I didn’t wanna ruin your night.

Trey – Well that makes sense. Chace and Lenny swore you were hiding things.

Dominic – What supportive friends you have there- also Chace is kind of a jackass, sorry not sorry.

Trey – Chace is… yeah. Anyway what did you want to ask me?

Dominic – I was going to ask if you wanted to go see a movie tonight… I love my alone time, but tonight I’d like your company.

Trey – Aww.. I would but I have this family dinner…

Dominic – Oh…..hmm.. that must be nice- the whole family thing, guess it’ll just be me and some frozen pizza tonight. Its okay though, I’m not baiting you to make you feel guilty or anything. Honestly I-

Trey -Hey! umm- well nevermind… its gonna sound weird..

Dominic – Hmm?

Trey – Crazy idea…

Dominic – Okay?

Trey – You come with me to my family dinner?

Dominic – Uh…… but we’re not dating yet- I said yet.. wow… that’s embarrassing. I’m really transparent, its so obvious that I really like you huh?

Trey – All the more reason you should just say fuck it, and come tonight, I know its not playing it by the rule books but.. you should come, say yes.

Dominic – I’ve never colored inside the lines so why start now. Sure… I’d love to.

Trey – Okay cool…

Dominic – Text me the address? I have to go to the GloCity High School.. I’m filling in for a math teacher… I tutor some high school students- wait you know this.. Umm somehow the principal asked me to fill in for a class because of some emergency with the teacher- I’m boring you again. Just text me the details, and I’ll be there.

Trey – Okay.. See you there.

Dominic – Later cutie.

Trey – Bye *smiles*

This won’t be awkward at all, my family is pretty cool. Everyone should make him feel really comfortable. Just incase I’m going to tell my mother and father he’s coming. This should be pretty fun- but for now time to go study… then I promised Collin & Portia that we’d hangout and discuss our group meal test we have at our culinary school. See ya later!

(POV Kaori)

You ever just have this feeling that its not going to be your day? like that nagging feeling that you’re going to spill something on your clothes, or you’re going to run into people you don’t like. Yeah… that’s today. I woke up this morning on my way to work, and I just knew today wasn’t going to be good. First Sasha is a mess at work, then her fuck’bitch of a daughter decides to barge in there.

Now…….I’m walking in the city, and who do I see?………Hammer. I don’t speak to Hammer, I don’t hangout with Hammer. He just doesn’t exist for me. When I wanted to jump in head first, and try dating him, he opted for bestiality, he decided paisley would make a better stable mate. So Its whatever.. I hope he doesn’t see me, maybe my hair will confuse him, and he’ll assume I’m a stranger.

Hammer (On cell) – No Javier, what the fuck?- Wait why is Aries crying in the bathroom?… whatchu mean you don’t know? well why the hell are you telling me- where’s everyone at? Okay then where’s Harrison and Keegan?- Oh… alright. Well whatever sure, you can borrow a condom. You and Fockky finally about to “Fock” eh? *laughing* yeah yeah.. go get em’ Javi! alright bye. [ends call]

Kaori – …….

Just keep walking, he won’t notice you…

Hammer – Kay’?

Kaori – ……

Fuck me in the ass! he noticed me.

Hammer – Kaori?! that you?

Kaori – …..Hey.

Hammer – Get over here… talk to me.

Kaori – I’m really busy

Hammer – Come on…..

Kaori – …….

Hammer – Wow, the dark hair looks good on you.

Kaori – …..ok.

Hammer – You still hate me?

Kaori – No, I don’t have any feeling towards you.

Hammer – I think I’d like it if you hated me, versus not having any feeling at all.

Kaori – I just feel like you took Paisley’s side, and yeah… she’s a fucking bitch, I don’t know how you date her.

Hammer – Believe it or not, people said the same thing about my feelings for you. “She’s bitchy dude, why do you like her”

Kaori – …..Okay.

Hammer – So umm, your boy fits in really good with the fraternity.

Kaori – Keegan’s a great guy.

Who I’m still not sure where I stand with. He says we’re fine, but he’s still so weird with me though. I think its because of everything that happened, I mean I was a lunatic screaming for him to love me, and then I really went nuts when I found out he stuck his dick in Jarrah. Yeah Keegan probably still hates me… *sigh* Oh well nothing I can do about it now.

Hammer – So what are you doing here?- oh yeah you said work. Are you on your lunchbreak?- how the fuck are you squeezing in classes at GCU?

Kaori – You just asked me like a million questions dude…

Hammer – Its not like we actually get to talk anymore…

Kaori – I’m an intern at Siren Ad Agency. I put in alot of work though, I’m actually involved in an office ad competition.

Hammer – That’s amazing. I’m proud of you.

Kaori – …….Thank you.

Hammer – I could see that for you.. the whole doing ads n’ shit. You always criticized commercials, and stuff like that. It makes sense.

Kaori – *smirks* Well.. I’m a bit of a control freak…..

Hammer – I remember…

Kaori – So…….. what are you doing here?- in the city.

Hammer – I’m…. killing time. Paisley is doing a job interview.

Kaori – …………………………………….Oh.

Hammer – I shouldn’t bring up her name…

Kaori – She’s your girlfriend so….*rolls eyes/plays with hair*

Hammer – Lemme be honest about something…

Kaori – I really don’t have the time-

Hammer – No, you’re going to stop being  a brat and listen to me.

Kaori – ……..

Hammer – ……….

Kaori – ………….. Well what the fuck is it?!

Hammer – I loved you! I wanted to shed my playboy rep, and just be with you. You shut me down, and hurt my feelings. I got with Paisley- she told me you were jerkin’ dicks at the Lucky Dragon and got fired, I didn’t believe that shit. I just pretended I did to get back at you for hurting my feelings, and not wanting me when I wanted you. Then you came over-

Kaori – And tried to be with you… yeah I remember.

Hammer – You only did it because Paisley had me, it was like it was a game. I have alot of trust issues with women… for reasons I won’t say. So you… you really did a number on me. With that being said, I loved you then, and fuck- part of me still loves you now.

Kaori – I’m with Byron… I’m happy.

Hammer – Good… you should be happy… Anyway umm

Kaori – Yeah this is getting weird-

Hammer – I’m gonna just go visit my mom while I’m here in Bridgeport.. Later.

Kaori – Chad- I don’t… I don’t NOT have feelings about you. …… My feeling about you is regret. I’m sorry for our blowup, I’m just stubborn, and its-

Hammer – Say no more… I understand. I’m sorry too, and I wish I could say lets be friends, but… 1. Paisley, and 2. hanging with you, I’d be reminded of how sweet you taste… then I’d just want you… and I can’t do that, I can’t want you…

Kaori – …..Well Chad…. we have our whole lives ahead of us…. who knows what could happen.

Hammer – True..

Weird having an actual conversation with Hammer, but I guess I’m glad it happened.

Vira – HEY! Kaori! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Its Vira!

Hammer – Well I’ll let you talk to your friend.. see you around.

Kaori – ……Bye.

Vira – Kaori! Heyyyyyyyy!

Kaori – Oh hey!

Swore she was just bald.. must be a wig. Oddly enough she pulls it off.

Kaori – Hi Vira.

Vira – Kon’nichiwa!- say Kon’nichiwa Chris.

Chris – Hello.

Kaori – Hi, I’ve heard alot about you.

Chris – All good I hope.

Kaori – Pretty much

Sorta.. I mean its good, and bad.. typical relationship non communication stuff..

Vira – Who was that guy you were talking to? He was cute!

Kaori – An ex… of sorts.

Chris – Vira still talks to her ex…

Vira – I’m only nice to Aaron because we live in the same apartment complex.. would be rude not to say hello.

Kaori – Wait a minute, you two met in Japan. You went back to CCity with her, and you’re dating.. yet you don’t live together?

Chris – Correct……

Kaori – I see….. well no judgement, its just that.. one would assume if you liked each other enough to travel home with her.. that you’d live together-

Vira – (Changing the subject) Wow look at you, you almost look like a business woman.

Kaori – *laughs* I’m trying!… you know this isn’t how I normally dress, I just left work so… yeah.

Vira – Isn’t it cool how we can run into each other here in this big city!

Kaori – Yeah- its really cool- You seem really animated, and happy right now.

Vira – We’re on our way to the art shop.. I love going in there.. Its super kawaii

You know what’s hella funny? Vira ain’t even asian. Yet she speak Japanese like its her first language, its hilarious to be honest. Like girl your mom is hispanic, and your dad.. aka my dad.. is white.

Kaori – So Chris you’re just tagging along?

Chris – She made me, I should be working at the hospital in CCity though…

Vira – But you’re shopping with me

Chris – Cause you would be mad if I didn’t. You know how you are Vira when you don’t get your way… I blame your mother *laughing*

Vira – Sumimasen? (Excuse Me in Japanese) nan te iimashita ka? (What did you say in Japanese)

Chris – Gomen nasai (Sorry in Japanese)

Da fuck they say?

Kaori – Hi, I’m Asian and I don’t speak Japanese.

Chris -Sorry, it is quite rude to speak in another language when the other person doesn’t

Kaori – Its okay.

Chris – You’re Asian hmm?

Kaori – Well Korean and White, but yes.. I’m part Asian.

Vira – Chris and I like to play this game where we see Asian’s and we guess what they are. Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Chinese-

Chris – Actually babe, you like to play that game. I personally find it offensive.

Vira – What?- no you like playing it too.. why are you acting like this?

Chris – Like what?

Vira – All weird.. like Oh Hi I’m Chris I like my coffee black, and my pants ironed. You always do this in front of people.. when alone you’re my loving protector, my boyfriend, and then in front of people you’re like… like a dad, its kinda annoying. Just be my boyfriend, thats all I ask. I don’t expect too much from you babe, I’m a simple girl who just wants to live. I’m like the paint running from the top of the canvas to the bottom. I’m easy going, you know this Chris..

Chris – Okay okay….. I’m- God-

Vira – You’re not god silly *laughing*

Chris – *laughing* I’m sorry Kaori.. this is awkward.

Kaori – I argue with my boyfriend over the stupidest shit, so no.. this isn’t awkward at all.

Vira – Chris, I love you.

Chris – I love you too Vira.

Kaori – Don’t be embarrassed guys, arguing happens.. I argue with my brother all the time too.. and my step sister with her pregnant ass.. but at the end of the day.. we’re close.

Vira – Sisters… ha.

Kaori – What about sisters?

Chris – …………

Vira – Well……………… since you asked. My sister Vanille is coming back home soon, and she’s so.. ridiculous. She’s so urban now, and she’s like on cloud nine because she has a record deal. My family is going through SO much right now, and like she doesn’t even care. She hates me too, for no reason- like why do you hate me Vanille? Why? oh and then her name.. she changed it to Vii (Vee).. like who the hell do you think you are? Like if I got hit by a car would you even care? When I bleed do you bleed? Do you even care at all Vanille do you? She is the type of person who-

Chris – Hey Vira didn’t you say you wanted to ask Kaori something about Hunger Games?

Vira – Oh yeah! Kaori have you seen Catching Fire yet?

Kaori – I’ve been busy, so no.

Vira – Want to meet me here next week and see it together?

Kaori – Yeah, that sounds good….

Vira – Vii would never spend time with me.. ugh… what a waste of a sister.

Kaori – Well you have me…

Vira – What?

Kaori – I just mean, you have me as a friend. I know I’m a little younger than you, but-

Vira – I never think about that, we’re not that far in age so its okay- and Thanks.. nice to know I got you. You’re like the sister I never knew I had.

Little do you know… that’s exactly what I am.

Chris – Not to be a dick, but can we get going? You know how my boss is at the Hospital…

Vira – Andi doesn’t care, she’s friends with us…

Ooooh yeah… Frankie’s sister Andi does work at the hospital in CCity.. makes sense that he works with her.. small world.

Chris – Just because I’m friends with her doesn’t mean I should take advantage of her, and be late. We’re a tight unit at the CCity Hospital.. we work as a team- Also Andi isn’t my boss per say.. she’s just head nurse. I was mainly talking about Dr. Stone.. he’s an asshole.

Vira – Is that the one who wrote you up for dropping a jelly doughnut on the floor? I don’t like him.

Chris – Yes him…

Vira – Okay.. well you know what, I love you, and I don’t want you to get in trouble. We can go to the store tomorrow if that’s better for you.

Chris – No we can make it work today, if we leave now. I want to make you happy.

Vira – You saying that is enough *smiles* Sorry I’m such a brat sometimes.. I’m just… spastic I guess.

Chris – *smiles* A little bit.

Its like they just fell in love all over again and forgot I was here *laughing*

Vira – Okay enough of that! Kaori what are you doing here?

Kaori – Going to visit my dad, he got back from L.A. and I missed him, so I’m gonna go say hi.

Vira – …………………Oh…..

Fuck why did I say that, I know she doesn’t have a dad- well she has a dad- my dad, but she doesn’t know it.. dumb dumb dumb Kaori..

Chris – Hey babe lets get some ice cream before we head back to CCity. I know you like that Ube flavor

Oh my fucking goodness she would like Ube flavored ice cream.. Its basically a popular Filipino flavor. Its a purple yam, and its gross in my opinion.

Vira – Ooooh Ube sounds amazing. Lets do that.

Kaori – I’ll let you guys get going. I’ll skype you later Vira.

Vira – Okay! sayōnara! Yoi ichinichi o (Goodbye! Have a nice day! in Japanese)

Where do I begin… Seeing Hammer was fucking awkward as hell. I’m really surprised he just let me have it like that. He was honest, and open. I want to hate him, but I can’t. I was mean, and childish. My feelings were real, but it was just all wrong. I hate Paisley but he does seem happy with her, so good for them. I’ll be nice to Hammer, but as far as Paisley goes.. if that bitch says anything rude to me, I’m going to smush her in the face, and knock her the fuck out.

Moving on…. Even with all the problems they seems to have, Vira, and Chris seem in love. I can tell he babies her a bit. He does come off as a protective father a bit, but its clearly because he know’s her pain. She’s hurting because her mothers are getting a divorce, her sister doesn’t like her, and she doesn’t have a dad. That’s alot of shit. Add that on with the everyday shit that comes along with life.. and it can be too much. Vira’s very nice… I hope she gets some of her stuff sorted out. Whenever she talks about a lack of family I just wanna kidnap her, and take her home. She has alot of family.. she just doesn’t know it.

Enough rambling.. I need to get going. Later Bitches.

(POV Trey)

For the past hour Portia, Collin, and myself have been coming up with a menu for our project for Culinary School. It was not an easy task. Portia wanted to do down south food. Collin wanted to do Asian cuisine, and I wanted to do Italian. We still haven’t exactly figured it out. We have some time though, beats walking around Bridgeport trying to figure it out. As much as I like Bridgeport, I have to admit.. I love being home… here in good ol’ GloCity.

Amina – What?

Collin – Green Apple.

Amina – Oh *laughs* I thought you said snapple. We don’t have anymore green apple flavor. Did you want something else?

Collin – No Thanks.

Amina – Hey why weren’t you with Elena at the party?

Collin – I went to drop something off at my mom’s house, and on the way back I almost killed a dog, I swerved… popped my tire, rolled into a ditch- It was a mess. On top of that my phone had died.. so I had to crawl out of the car, and ditch.. find a gas station- long story short.. I was in an accident.

Amina – Aww shit.. well glad you’re okay.

Collin – Same can’t be said for my car…. it was a piece of shit bucket, but it was still my car, you know?

Amina – I feel you.


Portia – Isn’t Amina, and Kalia your cousins?

Trey – Yeah… sorta.  My mom, and their mom are cousins.

Portia – Amina’s nice, I don’t have any issues with her at the sorority house. Kalia on the other hand… well I don’t really speak to her.

Trey – I’m not that close with them anymore.

Portia – Anymore?

Trey – Well I remember in elementary, and middle school.. I’d hangout with them. Then we all kinda found ourselves…. and yeah.

Portia – Its funny that you’re gay, and Kalia’s a lesbian. I would assume that would have brought you two closer.

Trey – Eh.. no not really. I say hi to Amina alot. Kalia has attitude problems.

Portia – Is she transgender?

Trey – What?- no.. what the hell?

Portia – She’s always cutting her hair off and dressing like a man.

Trey – She’s what the lesbian community call a Stud. She’s butch… I doubt she wants to actually be a  man.

Portia – Oh okay.

Trey – …………..

Portia – …………..

Trey – Did you have fun at the party?

Portia – Not really, parties aren’t really my thing. I was only for it because it was to bring the sorority back together.

Trey – Did it?

Portia – Well.. truth be told… I feel like Maliha, and Spirit are really bossy together.

Trey – I see.

Portia – Rubi was really irritating…. her boyfriend too.

Trey – Yeah.. well Rubi is pretty much the demon from the Paranormal Activity movies.

Portia – Ooh I don’t watch demonic things.

Trey – …………………………………Of course not.

Collin – They ran out of sour apple.

Portia – Just get another flavor

Collin – I like Sour apple

Portia – You’re such a baby Collin.

Collin – But that’s the best flavor.

Portia – I don’t like sour things… I’m really selective about what goes into my mouth.

Darell’s penis, possibly being one of them… sometimes I wonder what exactly she and Darell does when they’re alone. Can you even imagine them sitting in a room alone? Like she’s reading the bible, and he’s sitting there with a hard-on. I hear he has a huge penis too.. ew why am I thinking about Darell’s penis.. yuck.

Collin – I love days like this.. no class, and just walking around.

Yeah and no stalker girlfriend either… Elena has gotten so weird.

Portia – Oh hello

Owen – Hi.

Collin – ……

Trey – ….

Owen – Hi, you’re Trey Robinson? I think…

Trey – Depends….

Owen – I’d like to talk to you about a cooking job?

Collin – Then that’s Trey Robinson.

Portia – Sure is!

Owen – Mind if we chat?

Trey – Umm.. okay, sure *smiles*

Portia – Hello?- Oh hi Darell. Yes… I would- well why aren’t you coming to church tonight? I don’t understand why that would prevent you from attending. I- You’re making me upset… I- God is good Darell!

Collin – Whoa- Elena, wow- shit- where did you come from?

Elena – I saw you from across the street! *smiles*

Collin – Oh… umm.

Elena – So I was thinking.. we should get you a new car.

Collin – I’ll figure out something…

Elena – Well I have money, so I can-

Collin – No no… no….

Elena – Why not baby?

Collin – I’m going to try and get the one from the accident fixed..

Elena – But its so beat up and cheap looking.

Collin – It has character.

Elena – I still can’t believe that stupid accident kept you from the party.. I missed you.

Collin – Yeah… I got all of your missed calls.

Elena – I don’t even remember calling you that much.

Collin – …..

Elena – So what are we doing today?

Collin – Well… I have to help Byron with something, and then a late clas-

Elena – Then after that are you free to be with me?!

Collin – Umm… I’m already kinda tired…

Elena – Who is she?

Collin – Who?

Elena – Its Jarrah huh?… shes the one….

Collin – What are you talking about?


Trey – So, please don’t take this the wrong way, but how do you know who I am?

Owen – Oh! Duh *laughs* Okay so let me formally introduce myself. I’m Owen Roberts, I’m a Consumer Contractor.

Trey – A What?

Owen – Its a fancy way of calling me a bridge…

Trey – Come again?

Owen – Okay so for example.. if you call me, and say “Hi I need to find someone to hire for my yard work.. someone trustworthy” etc, I will find the perfect business, and or person to connect you to.

Trey – So you have your own company that does this?

Owen – Well I’m one of many associates from my business. So its not my company *smiles*

Owen – So umm..

Trey – Cooking job?

Owen – Sorry I keep looking at your hair.

Trey – Oh?

Owen – Its cute… I like it.

Trey – Umm.. wow.. thanks.. *smiles*

Owen – *smiles* I’m being super unprofessional- I got a business card from one Quinn Elliott?

Aries mother….

Trey – Yeah I worked a dinner for them….

Owen – I interviewed them, and some of the party guest- your brother Tyler included.

Trey – Oh wow- but wait how did you know I was… well.. me?

Owen – Quinn Elliott gave me your business card, it has your face on it.. minus the cool haircut.

Trey – Oh god, I forgot my brother made me business cards. Hopefully nobody on campus see’s them.. as if I need another reason for people to look at me weird.

Owen – Hey just be you.. stand out.. be bold.

Trey – That’s good advice.

Owen – Good… so you attend GCU? how the hell do you have a social life?

Trey – I attend GCU, I squeeze in Culinary school.. AND I’m the manager at CakeCup….

Owen – Wow… aren’t you impressive.

I feel like he’s flirting….. I mean.. he’s really cute.. so.. I’m not mad at it *laughing*

Trey – I don’t know if its because I’m desperate to start my catering career, or if its because you’re cute… but I’m pretty sure I’m going to accept the job- Unless its racist, homophobic people running it.

Owen – *laughs* well first off, thanks for calling me cute.. you’re …not so bad yourself- Umm.. No my client isn’t a racist or homphobe… so I guess that means your in?

Trey – Well do I get to meet the client before I officially say yes?

Owen – I can make that happen…

Trey – Then call me, and set that up.

Owen – Alright.

Trey – Okie dokie…

Owen – Cool.

Trey – …….Okay *laughs*

Owen – Sorry I’m a spaz sometimes… umm I’ll get back to you Trey Robinson.

Trey – It was nice meeting you Owen…

Owen – Roberts… Owen Roberts….. okay.. I’ll be seeing ya.

Trey – Bye.

Wow… okay.. he was sexy… and nice, and had a job opportunity. I think I just grew ovaries and got pregnant just from talking to him. Goodness I must sound thirstier than R.Kelly at a middle school. I have Dominic… I shouldn’t be checking out Owen… though I mean he was clearly checking me out so… yeah… whatevs. I wonder who the client is… can’t wait to meet them. I hope they’re cool, and not a basket case.

Owen – Looks like he’s in… yes sir, well he does want a meeting with you before he- Of course… yeah I completely get that too. Okay.. I’ll set that up for next week.

Elena – So your friends are leaving….

Collin – I’m aware…. but, lets talk about this Jarrah thing-

Elena – What Jarrah thing? I didn’t say anything about her, why are you bringing her up?

Collin – Are you fucking serious?!

Elena – Don’t yell at me Collin! god….

Collin – ……………………….WOW!


Portia – So how did it go?

Trey – It went really well, if after meeting the client I accept the job, do you think you and Collin would help me? I’ll pay you guys.

Portia – For you? sure thing. You’re one of the only people who actually really talk to me.

Trey – I’ll have to ask Collin later… don’t want to interrupt his quality time with Elena..

Portia – They were arguing…

Trey – Hmm.. I wonder why.

Because she’s nuts…. yup.. Jarrah told me how she was acting crazy and wouldn’t let her leave… then blacked out. What the hell is her problem.

 Portia – She may be PMS-ing or something… I get cranky around that time of the month.

Trey – I see.

Portia – Cool motorcycle!

Trey – Its a scooter, and thanks! my old one died out. I had some money and got a new one… now I’m broke again *laughs*

Portia – Well I have to go to church.. Tyena’s going to go with me

And what?.. pray the gay away?

Trey – That’s cool

Portia – She’s going to drive us… I hope she lets me listen to One Direction. I love them.

Trey – I do too.. Liam, and Zayn are so hot.

Portia – I like Louis!

…..He is clearly the gay one…

Trey – Well anyway.. I’ll call you later.

Portia – Be safe driving on that thing Mr. Man.

Trey – Aww.. I will.

Portia – Bye!

Trey – Bye, tell Collin I said bye too.

Portia – Okay.

I don’t know the current state of Portia’s relationship with Darell, but I do know they’re still together. I don’t know if Darell is still cheating or not but.. I really think Portia would be better off either single, or with someone who shares her interest, and views. She’s a sweet girl, I feel bad for her. People do judge her, for the Church stuff, and the Darell shit but… I don’t know. I think I’ve grown to have a soft spot for her.

Anyway, time for me to get to my parents house and help mom cook. I cannot believe I had the balls to invite Dominic over for a family dinner, and shockingly he said yes. I think its going to be pretty fun though. My family is awesome sauce. See you guys there!… Later Kittens

(POV Kaori)

What………..The Fuck? See… I told you.. I had that feeling.. BAD DAY!

Torrance – Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.

Kaori – ………

Torrance – I’m joking- sorta.. I know you assumed after the termination of your brother and I’s previous courtship that you’d never hear from me again. Truth is.. I love your brother, and I’m so happy he decided to give me another chance.

Kaori – *rolls eyes*

Torrance – I’m just messing with you little Kay’- well you’re not so little anymore.

Kaori – …………………….

Ivo – Hey sis!

Kaori – I thought you were waiting to come back next week?

Ivo – Tor’ and I found a flight, and here we are.

Kaori – How perf’

Ivo – Is that sarcasm?

Kaori – Oh lord what gave that away?

Torrance – …….

Kaori – Where’s dad?

Cashmere – He’s in his office finishing up with a client I think.

How the hell does she not know? she’s been his secretary for the longest time. By the way… she’s Darell’s mom. She’s nice to be honest.

Kaori – Ivo if you were surprising dad why didn’t you text me? I could have met you here.

Ivo – Torrance and I were eating breakfast after we got off the plane. I mentioned dad, and she was like lets go surprise him.

Kaori – I see.

Torrance – Well we’re all here now! Together.

Kaori – I just got here, I didn’t come TOGETHER with you.

Torrance – Umm… whatever.

Ivo – Be nice Kaori…

This bitch Torrance is super annoying, and pretentious. She’s the type of bitch who uses big words just to use them. “Conundrum” this, “Quandary” that! Bitch just say you have a fucking issue and or problem- there is no need to be using random ass words just so you look like some brainiac!

Kaori – So…. what’s going on here exactly? Why are you guys back together considering she-

Ivo – What’s in the past is in the past.

Kaori – Like you fucking my ex bestfriend?

Torrance – Aww Kid… you really think he didn’t tell me about that? He tells me everything. *whispers* Including you guys having a sister.

Kaori – Why the fuck would you tell her that?

Ivo – She’s my other half…

Kaori – God I always hated the affect she had on you, she makes you stupid!

Ivo – She makes me whole- and wait.. because of what happened, you’re not friend with Frankie anymore?

Kaori – Its none of your business Ivo.. god. Why couldn’t you come home solo, and we bond like brother and sister.

Torrance – Look kid, I’m not trying to stop you from bonding with your brother. I actually have business here.

Kaori – Oh how wonderful for you.

Torrance – ….. You haven’t changed at all kiddo-

Kaori – If you call me kid one more time.

Torrance – I’ve always called you kid. You’re younger than me, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Its like a term of endearment.

Kaori – Keep it, You know damn well I’m not a fan of yours.

Ivo – Come on sis… stop it….

Kaori – You stop it… you really think its a good idea to be with her?

Torrance – Kid- I mean Kaori… I want you to give me another chance. I don’t want you to hate me.

Kaori – Don’t assume I have any feelings towards you at all.

Torrance – You’re emoting this hateful passion, and I honestly feel like you should just let it all go. Ivo and I love each other, and we’re giving it a second go. Its not uncommon for exes to give it another try.

Kaori – Not after what you did-

Ivo – Kay’! stop it.. don’t bring that up.

Torrance – People change, and people grow. Look at you..

Kaori – What’s that suppose to mean?

Torrance – Well you have a career! you have goals.. you’re not a blonde anymore. You look like a respectable young lady, and I’m proud of you.

Kaori – Ew… stop.

Torrance – What happened between your brother and I was between us. It didn’t happen to you, so stop pretending it did. Live your own life, and stay out of his already. You have this way about you that screams ego maniac.

Kaori – You don’t know me!

Torrance – You can’t control everything, if your brother is happy let him be happy. You need to grow up already, and for the record.. I think its stupid that you stopped talking to your friend because she and Ivo did it. People fuck Kaori.. they fuck…. I’m sure you have.

Kaori – ….I don’t care how old you are… I’ll slap the shit out of you, and pull that nose ring out of your face.

Torrance – You mean this nose ring? the one that inspired you to get yours when we first met? Kaori we’ve both established our dominance, lets not be these type of women. Lets not wage war like society wants us to. I don’t want to fight with you, you’re Ivo’s sister.. you’re family.

Kaori – ………………………………………………….

Ivo – She’s trying here Kay’

Kaori – I…..Don’t……Like her. You were a wreck after her little game she played, social experiment or whatever the fuck she wants to call it. So nope.. sorry we’re not going to be friends.

Torrance – We don’t have to be friends, but I’m not about to argue with you every time I see you. That’s high school bullshit, and I’m a grown woman.

Ivo – Babe-

Torrance – I tried… I’m not going to play games with this little girl. She needs to put her big girl panties on, and grow up already.

Kaori – Looks like I hurt your feelings Tor’…. awwww. Bitch deal with it.

[Vince’s office door opens]


Vince – Thanks for coming in Paisley.

Paisley – Thanks for the interview Mr. McDonald.

Vince – Well I’ll see you first thing in the morning.

Paisley – I can’t believe you gave me the job! I promise I won’t let you down!

Ivo – Hey Kaori?

I’m about to fall on the ground and DIE

Ivo – Hey sis?

Kaori – What?!

Ivo – Is that the Paisley girl who you beat up at the massage place?

Torrance – You fought her Kay’?

Kaori – I sure the fuck did.. that bitch is LUCIFER.

Torrance – And your dad just hired her….

Kaori – Duh.. I have ears and eyes.

Cashmere – Vince, your wife called from L.A. she said to remind you that you two have a skype date at 7.

Vince – Okay.

Paisley – I’ll be on my way now sir.

Vince – See you in the morning.

Paisley – Bright and early!

Torrance – Does your dad know about your dislike for that girl?

Kaori – No he doesn’t…

Torrance – You think it would make a difference?

Kaori – I don’t know…

Ivo – Hey Dad! Surprise!

Vince – Ivo!- Kaori?!- and is that Torrance? well what a nice surprise you all being here. Who put this together-

Torrance – Kaori just got here, it wasn’t planned.

Kaori – ……………..bitch.. I planned all along to come see him today.

Ivo – Guys stop it.

Vince – Look at us matching Princess.

Kaori – Its my work clothes daddy!…

Vince – Well at least you’re covered up for once.

Kaori – Yeah yeah…

Vince – New hair is pretty, but I miss my little blondie, don’t want to be like daddy anymore?

Kaori – Oh my god dad, you’re embarrassing me.

Vince – How are you ms Baldwin

Stupid fucking name.. Torrance Baldwin.. with her stupid fucking face.

Torrance – I’m doing good, clearly not as good as you Mr! Look at you lookin’ all GQ!

Vince – I try… I uh like what you’ve done with your hair.

Kaori – Please..

Vince – You don’t like it?

Ivo – I love it.

Torrance – You don’t like my dreadlocks Kaori?

Kaori – You are aware that you’re white right?… like you’re a white girl………………..with dreadlocks. That’s just…

Vince – I guess everyone has their own personal style.. so Son… you look good.

Ivo – I know I do…

Vince – Oh ever the cocky one..

Ivo – Who you think I learned that from?

Vince – Ah, true *laughing*

Ivo – I talked to mom, and George.. still in Pylea shooting that tv show.

Torrance – Your mother works so hard.

Ivo – I know… good thing she has George with her.

Torrance – I believe-

Kaori – Dad what the fuck was Paisley doing here?

Torrance – Alrighty then..

Vince – Language Kaori… and she was here getting interviewed for a job. I need an assistant, and I’m going to give her a chance.

Kaori – I fought her! I like.. punched her in the face. You can’t hire her.. she’s evil.. the red hair means DEVIL… She’s my enemy

Vince – I’m sorry princess, I promised her mother Liana that I would help her out. Not everyone comes from money.. sometimes it good to help people out, give them a hand. You know how every Christmas eve I’d take you, and Ivo to the hospital to give those kids gifts?… 

Kaori – So basically Paisley is charity.

Vince – Not exactly.. I’m giving the girl a chance.

Kaori – You need to call her and tell her she can’t have the job.

Vince – I love you, but I have it all under control.

Kaori – Ugh she is not trustworthy, that bitch will probably steal equipment and sell it on ebay or something!

Vince – *laughing* What the hell?

Ivo – Wow Kay’… relax…

Torrance – Conspiracy theorist much?

Kaori – Dad do you know what she did at her last job? She was giving men HANDJOBS at the lucky dragon!

Ivo – She was jerking dudes off?!

Torrance – *laughing*

Kaori – She was probably selling ass in those massage rooms!

Torrance – *laughing* Oh god.

Ivo – …Wow

Vince – Didn’t you work there?

Kaori – Yes but I wasn’t doing what she was doing!

Vince – Kaori….. stop it honey.

Kaori – Dad you can’t hire her okay!

Vince – Kaori drop it alright?!…. now lets all go get some food or something.

Kaori – *sigh*

Vince – Did you want to invite Frankie? I haven’t seen her in a while.

Ivo – ….*clears throat*

Kaori – Umm

Torrance – They’re not friends anymore.

Kaori – Oh my god shut the fuck up!

Vince – Kaori!

Kaori – …………………………………

Vince – So Ivo, when is that book coming out?

Ivo – Next week

Great… what a fabulous day. I wanted to surprise my dad, and go have dinner or something, but nooooo this dreadlock rockin’ bitch had to be here. Why the hell is my brother giving her another chance? like pussy game must be too good because that bitch was shady at one point! Then she wants to be all up in my business, and trying to come for me. If she wasn’t my brother’s girlfriend I would have smashed her head into the wall.

Oh and Paisley MR ED Adams.. REALLY? Really bitch? you know who my dad is, you know who I am bitch, you come up in here asking for a job? Bitch better go to burger king or something where she can have it her way.. shady ass bitch.. this is not okay! and now I have to eat food with Torrance?…….I hope she chokes, UGH!

(POV Trey)

When Dominic got here I could tell he was nervous. Then its like all of it disappeared, and he was completely fine. He fit right in, and I’m really happy about that.

Trey – This is the pool I almost drowned in when I was younger.

Dominic – Aww.

Trey – It was so dramatic. I did a cartwheel next to it, and fell in.

Dominic – That’s kinda adorable, minus the drowning part.

Trey – So what did you think of everyone? can’t believe you ate dinner with my family.

Dominic – Well… so far I think everyone is nice. Your mom and dad are friendly. Your brother is just.. awesome.. and kinda hot-

Trey – Hey!

Dominic – I only have eyes for you.

Trey – *laughs* We’re not even dating, and I’m getting jealous.

Dominic – This is the most unorthodox courtship I’ve ever been involved in…. not that its a bad thing.. like I said earlier today.. I’ve always colored outside the lines.. I’ve made some interesting choices thus far in life.

Trey – Same… well sorta.

I’ve always grown up seeing the a to z of how a relationship flourished and what steps were taken to even get to the point of meeting the parents. Of course I just thought I’d grow up and go to a college far away from my family, and be this GAY pioneer and date men here and there and just live my fabulous gay life. That did not happen. I haven’t really ever had a actual boyfriend. One that I could do stuff like this with…. and he’s not even my boyfriend. I think what I’m trying to say is.. who needs rules? just go with what feels right.

Dominic – Anyway umm- your uncle AJ is hilarious!

Trey – Oh my god I know…

Dominic – Its so awesome that he has his own Drag club.

Trey – Yeah.

Dominic – His boyfriend is nice too.

Trey – Courtney is pretty chill I agree.

Dominic – I had no idea your brother dated America. I see her on campus all the time.

Trey – Yeah, they’re like soul mates.

Dominic – Do you believe in soul mates?

Trey – Umm… Yes. I do.

Dominic – *smirks* you’re a very hopeful, and optimistic person. I shouldn’t be surprised that you believe in soul mates. Not that its a bad thing. My ex JT, he was a firm believer in the saying that we all have that one person out there for us. I bet Emma’s going to be the same way.

Trey – Who’s Emma?

Dominic – JT’s daughter?- I told you he had a daughter right?

Uh…. no?

[Top Pic]

Trey – Nope

Dominic – I must have- well yeah.. my ex has a daughter.

Trey – Is he bisexual? older? did he adopt?

Dominic – He’s gay, and yes he’s older than me. Probably the same age as your brother Tyler….

Trey – I see…

 I wonder what’s the story with the kid though, I won’t ask…..

Dominic – I hate talking about exes.. its weird.

Trey – Its okay.. I’m just curious… did you and his daughter have a good relationship?

Dominic – Uh yeah.. she’s a little princess. I call her Sunshine..

Trey – So now that you’re not with JT… do you miss her?

Dominic – Yeah, she was part of my life…

Trey – Wow… that’s… wow… here I am complaining about stupid college downlow guys, and you’ve.. you’ve lived real adult relationships.

Dominic – Relationship.. singular… one. I’ve had my immature shit happen… JT was a different chapter in my life. I hope you’ll be something new, and special for me.

Trey – *smiles* You’re full of surprises.

Gabrielle – Boys?

Trey – Yeah mom?

Dominic – Yes Ma’am?

Gabrielle – AJ is about to sing, join us in the living room.

Dominic – I thought drag queen only lip sync?

Trey – You haven’t met my uncle….

Gabrielle – Yeah… AJ loves to perform.. live singing included…

Dominic – This should be good! this is so cool!

Trey – I’m so used to this *laughs*

Gabrielle – Come on in boys.

Dominic – Trey.. your family is so cool. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Trey – Aww, well thanks!.. I think they’re awesome too.

[Bottom Pic]

Look at my brother, and America… So cute… its almost disgusting.

Tyler – Mmmmmm you smell good babe

America – Tyler stop.. we’re in front of your family… *giggles*

Tyler – So what.. its a celebration.

Trey – Get a room you two! yuck! *laughing*

Tyler – Whatever Trey.. I saw Dominic kiss you outside…

Trey – …..You saw nothing nature man- though with this new look I should probably stop calling you that.

Dominic – How did you dress before Tyler?

Tyler – I was one with nature… I still am, but sometimes to get stuff done.. you have to play by the corporate rules. Thank god Sebastian took me shopping before my interview. I still can’t believe I got the job.

America – And now you can spread the good word about the earths needs!

Tyler – I sure can.. on a grander scale.

My brother landed a job at a Eco friendly environmental establishment. It basically holds retreats, and seminars on all things green. It allows for discussions of alternative products, and ways of doing things versus things that are harmful to the planet.

Dominic – You guys are really cute together.

America – So are you and Trey… He deserves it!

Dominic – Trey’s great… glad he invited me.

Trey – Glad you came.

Gabrielle – Jordan what are you looking for?

Jordan – Another glass.. I dropped my other one.

Gabrielle – Don’t drink too much, don’t want to spoil dessert!

Jordan – I only had a few glasses *laughs*

Gabrielle – *whispers* Trey looks happy.

Jordan – *whispers* Good… maybe he can finally be proud and have a boyfriend- like a long term one…

Gabrielle – *whispers* Fingers crossed.

Tyler – So do you think you’re going to accept the job Trey?

Trey – Depends on what the client is like.

Tyler – Well you know sometimes the clients can be asshole, but you’re suppose to just smile and nod and get the job done. That how you grow your business.

Dominic – That’s true… and once you’re established you can kinda pick and choose jobs.

America – Very true.

Trey – Yeah… I still want to meet the client though… as a safety precaution.

AJ (from living room) – Guys get your asses over here! Its time to hear me slay vocally.

Trey – Get ready for a show Dominic.

Dominic – I’m ready! I love live music.

Time to watch my Uncle slay the gorls.

I love my uncle but why is he dressed like Michael Jackson….

AJ – Play it for me daddy.

Courtney – You got it baby!

[Press Play]

AJ –

At last
My love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song

Oh yeah yeah
At last

The skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clover
The night I looked at you

I found a dream, that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known

Oh yeah yeah
You smiled, you smiled
Oh and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
for you are mine…

At Last

Everyone – *clapping*

Dominic – Woooo! Encore! Wooo! that was amazing!

Trey – That’s my talented uncle AJ! Slaying the drag stage as Adriana Amore, and slaying his family as himself!

Tyler – That was great uncle AJ!

America – You should record an album or something! You should find some up and coming studio and convince them to let you record some stuff!

Gabrielle – An album full of covers!

Jordan – That’s a great idea America!

AJ – Well thank you everyone… I did that on a whim.. No vocal warm up or anything *sniffs* You all are too kind.

Courtney – You slayed babe… I love you! you’re so talented.

AJ – Thank you Court.. I love you too.. looking all handsome in your purple shirt!

Gabrielle – Everyone ready for pie?

Dominic – Pie? theres pie? I love pie!

I told my mom that Dominic loves pie.. he would eat pie over anything.. so she made a pumpkin pie for dessert, just for him.

Gabrielle – Its pumpkin…. *winks*

Dominic – I think I love you Ms Robinson… pumpkin pie is my favorite. I don’t celebrate thanksgiving with anyone.. but I always buy a pumpkin pie and eat the whole thing.

Gabrielle – Why don’t you celebrate?

Dominic – Everyone is busy *smiles*

Gabrielle – Well I will not have that… next year you’re celebrating with us!

Dominic – Aww thanks..

Trey – *smiles*

Jordan – You took my son, now you want my wife? are we going to have to arm wrestle Dominic?!

Dominic – *laughs*

He seems so at home with my family.. Its really cute considering his whole family- or lack of family… I want him to feel this way. Loved and happy! Glad my family can do that for him.

Dessert time, and lots of conversation to be had. Everyone was passing plates of pie, and enjoying each others company.

Jordan – So you want to be a psychiatrist?

Dominic – I’ve always been interested in why people do the things they do. I also find it amazing that by listening, and letting a person use their words.. could be what they need. I think the whole therapy, psychologist thing has a bad wrap.. I think we all go through life with a psychiatrist. Think about it.. we all have that one- or two people we go to with our problems…. they listen.. and we reflect.

AJ – Oooh preach it Dominic!

Courtney – Smart guy we got here.

Trey – *smiles* He’s very smart.. he’s his own little philosopher.

Jordan – I like you Dominic.. you seem very driven.

Yes… he’s totally in with my dad.

America – My mother is a psychiatrist of sorts. She tries to relate to her patients as not a Dr.. but as a listener.

That’s right… Keegan see’s her mother like once a week… She doesn’t know that though.

Gabrielle – America darling?

America – Yes Mrs Robinson?

Gabrielle -…… I know… *wink*

America – Umm.. how-

Gabrielle – *whispering* No drinking at dinner.. I pay attention to things.

Tyler – I can hear you mom…

I think its so cute that he calls her mom. I mean he’s been doing it since forever but still. It shows a certain level of respect. No shade to his birth mother Briana, or his sister Ivy…

Gabrielle – Its time to share the news… don’t you think?

Tyler – I’m glad you feel that way…. Can I have everyone’s attention?

Everyone – …….

Tyler – I want to thank you all for being apart of my celebration dinner. I’m thrilled that I got the job, and I’m really grateful to have such a wonderful family. This is my first time meeting you Courtney, and you Dominic… but you guys already feel like family.. *smiles*

Dominic – Thanks.. I’ve never really.. done this before..

Courtney – Thank you Tyler, I can say you and your family have made me feel at home. I see why AJ cries about missing you guys when he’s away performing.

Tyler – I have an announcement…

America – *smiles*

Tyler – America and I…. we’re having a baby.

America – We’re pregnant!

Oh my god!

Jordan – That’s great! I’m going to be a grandpa already?- but that’s great!

Gabrielle – Oh thank the heavens and stars! I’m so happy!

Dominic – Congrats!

AJ – I can’t wait to spoil the little thing!

Courtney – That’s amazing, congrats you two!

Trey – I’m so happy for you guys!

America – I’m currently in my last semester of G.C.U.- perks of graduating high school early. I’ll be graduating GCU before the baby gets here. I’ll just be pregnant and walking the stage *laughs*

America is so relatable, I sometimes forget she’s older than me, and my friends. I’m jealous that she’s going to be done with school soon.. I want it to be over if I’m being honest.

Tyler – We’re really excited… we’re already looking for a house-

Gabrielle – Well you guys could always-

Jordan – Don’t smother the boy Gabby!

Tyler – *laughing*

Dominic – You guys are a really great family.. random I know.. but its sweet to see.

AJ – Well we try… we’re good people.. we may not all be church going christians but we-

I don’t go to church really so….. yeah. 

Jordan – Oh my god!

Gabrielle – Hmm?

Jordan – I know why you’re so familiar to me Dominic! *spills drink*

Dominic – Umm…?

Jordan – Aren’t you Christian’s son?

Dominic – ……Yes… Christian’s my dad….

Gabrielle – Christian? who- Ooooh Liana’s ex husband!

Color me lost in translation…

Jordan – Liana hasn’t mentioned him in a while.. he’s still traveling the world?

Dominic – …Umm yea…

Jordan – How’s your sister?


Trey – Wait.. you have a sister?

Dominic – Umm.. yeah..

Jordan – She goes to school with you guys.

Trey – Who?

Dominic – Umm……………………..Paisley, Paisley Adams.

Gabrielle – Oh that’s right! you’re Paisley’s half brother! Now I remember you!

Jordan – You were the one who ran off and got married! I remember Liana saying something about that!

Oh my god..

Trey – Married?

Gabrielle – …………….Hon’…..

Jordan – ……I- clearly I’ve had too many drinks…I’m sorry…

AJ & Courtney – ……..

America – …..Oh dear…

Tyler – Umm so what should we name the baby guys? if its a boy? or girl? any suggestions..

Trey – *gets up*

Dominic – *follows him* Trey…

Trey – ………….

Dominic – Trey…. I-

Trey – You were married…..like married married.. what the- A woman?!

Dominic – No… It-

Trey – Your EX? JT?!

Dominic – I can explain-

Trey – Paisley’s your sister? No wonder you didn’t want to go to the party.. it all makes sense now… well not it doesn’t actually.. why-

Dominic – Its more complicated than-

Trey – Why would you hide Paisley being your sister?

Dominic – Half sister- and she- Its.. I-

Trey – Ivy’s your cousin?

Dominic – Technically…

Courtney – You guys okay?

Trey – I’m so confused…

Courtney – I can wait to wash these so you guys can talk.

Trey – No.. I think I should be headed out anyway..

Courtney – You’re leaving?

Trey – I have an early day.. two classes, culinary school, and then work…

Dominic – Can I drive you back to the dorm?

Trey – I’m going to take my scooter…

Dominic – ………okay.

Trey – I should say goodnight to everyone, and grab my stuff.

Dominic – ….I’ll do the same… even though that was awkward… heh.. maybe I shouldn’t have came..

Trey – ….Its getting late…

Courtney – ….You guys should talk…

Trey – Right.. but not in this moment.

Dominic – …..Alright.

Dominic keeps secrets, bails on me at the party. He was someone’s step dad, seems really in love with that ex of his- who was an older guy! Then I find out he’s been lying about having no family around, Yet Paisley and Ivy’s been on campus this whole time?- Oh! and he was married to his ex?? Its too much, I can’t deal with any of it right now. Like I don’t even care to hear any explanations. I had enough for one night. I want to get back to my dorm, shower, and go to sleep. My day tomorrow is hectic as fuck.. and tonight I just want over. SO EMBARRASSING! Damn my dad for drinking too much.. ugh! why did he have to say anything- why did Dominic have to lie?!

(POV Kaori)

I get back to GloCity after dinner with My dad, brother, and scum of the earth- and I go straight to my dormroom. I change clothes and then I get a text to meet Byron at my boathouse. I wonder what he wants.

Byron – Hey there good lookin.

Kaori – Hey ya’self.

Byron – You took a while to get here.

Kaori – Traffic.

Byron – *smiles*

Kaori – Why are you smiling *laughs*

Byron – Cause you look cute….

Kaori – Well thank you… you do too- So why are you standing out here? I gave you a key.

Byron – I like the water.. plus I wanted to see you when you walked up.

Kaori – Oh *smiles*

Byron – How was dinner?

Kaori – It sucked.. mainly because Torrance was there..

Byron – *laughs* Does she really have dreadlocks or was that just your way of saying she has fucked up hair?

Kaori – The bitch actually has dreads….

Byron – I see.

Kaori – How was practice with Christine?

Byron – Good.. we’re getting there. The performance is in two weeks can you believe that?

Kaori – Time flies.

Byron – I’m really excited about it.. but nervous.

Kaori – You’re going to knock it out the park…. Why are we talking outside? 

Byron – Come on.. lets get out of this cold. I have a surprise for you.

Kaori – Okay…

Kaori – What’s the big surprise?

Byron – Come on down…

Kaori – Like I’m on a game show- *gasp*

Byron – *smiles*

Kaori – You did this all by yourself?

Byron – Yes… with some advice from Collin.

Kaori – Oh my fucking goodness! is that-

Byron – That is the bag you wanted yes. You said you didn’t have any business-like bags for work.. and I remember you wanting that one.

Kaori – That’s like a $500 bag babe!

Byron – You’re worth it!

Kaori – Oh my god… you’re so sweet…

Byron – *laughs*

Kaori – I can’t believe you spent that much money on me…

Byron – Well you’re worth every penny.

So this is what THIS feels like. I’ve NEVER experienced this kind of thing before, a boyfriend surprising you with a gift, with candles and- Its so new to me. I like it though.. I feel important, and after the dinner I had with my dad, brother and dredlock cunt.. this is exactly what I needed. I feel so… I don’t know how to describe it..

Kaori – Come here… you deserve a kiss… can’t let all these candles go to waste.

Byron – You really think I put these candles down just for the bag?

Kaori – Yes?

Byron – …..No.

Kaori – Then what- …………………………Oh? really?

Byron – I think its time…

Kaori – Are you sure?

Byron – I am.

Kaori – I was such a bitch about sex, and honestly with how things have gone the past month.. it was probably for the best that we waited. I see that now.

Byron – I was hesitant… after my last time.. I just didn’t want it to be some girl I didn’t care about… so I waited… and it pushed you away.

Kaori – No it didn’t… It was the right thing.. for both of us.

Byron – I’m sorry.

Kaori – No I’m sorry..

The sex thing was…. I so overreacted… and at the end of the day I’m really glad we didn’t do it. Tonight will be extra special because we waited. My feelings have intensified and I- Oh my god….. I-

Byron – You’re special to me, and… you always will be. Even if we’re not-

Kaori – Byron?

Byron – Yeah?

Kaori – ….No guy has ever… done things like this for me before.

Byron – *smiles*

Kaori – I-…..

Byron – You what?

Kaori – I…… I love you…

Byron – What?

Kaori – I’m in love with you.

And there it was………… Those words I never thought I’d say to a guy… a guy that was my boyfriend. Its the most liberating, scariest thing to say. Especially when you’re saying it first. Its true.. I love him.. and he needed to know.

Byron – I- Wow… Umm..

Kaori – Are you okay?

Byron – *trying to swallow/gasping* Oh fuck.. I’m sweating…

Kaori – Should I blow out the candles?

Byron – No- I just.. Woooo… dammit what’s wrong with me- I can’t get a clear breath in.

Does he not love me back?

Kaori – I’m not forcing you to say it back but-

Byron – I- wow it got hot in here?

Kaori – No? same temperature its been since we got down here.

Byron – I’m burning up, and my heart is- *deep breath*

Kaori – Byron are you okay?!

Byron – I don’t- umm.. wow.. *gasping for air*

Kaori – What- what happened- I’m so-

Byron – I need to sit- *falls*

Kaori – Babe!

Byron – I…. think…. I’m… having… a- a- panic attack? *gasp* I can’t breathe.. 

Kaori – Byron… whatever got you upset just let it go.. just try and breathe..

Byron – You- call 911

Kaori – Okay.. oh shit…

Byron – Hurry, i feel like my heart is going to explode

Kaori – Just calm down, try to breathe.

Byron – Call 911 Kaori… please

Kaori – I’m getting my phone now, just stay calm

Byron – My throat.. I – can’t breathe.

What the fuck is going on? I have to hurry and get the paramedics here! what if he dies? I can’t- I just told him I loved him, he can’t die! Oh my god… I knew it! I fucking told you guys I had a bad feeling about today, and look! my boyfriend is having a stroke, or heart attack- fucking panic attack I don’t even know- My god.. shit SHIT! Did I do this? did telling him I love him kill him? …….I don’t think he loves me back…..

~End Of Chapter Three Pt 2 | Chapter Three Pt 3 is Next~



  1. OMG yikes!!! Kaori dropped the love bomb on him and killed poor Byron! Just kidding, I sure hope that’s not true. He’s too sweet and good to Kaori to die now. On another note, I’m almost on Torrance’s side when it comes to how Kaori acted at Vince’s office. It was a little out of line for her to tell him not to hire Paisley (even though Paisley is an annoying Mr. Ed :p ) . But I guess Kaori wouldn’t be Kaori if she didn’t speak her mind! I also wonder just when Vira will find out who Kaori really is…. Now onto Trey, I was surprised that Aries actually made an attempt to talk to him one on one. Maybe he can change after all! But that Chace sure does have a dirty mouth lol. I can’t believe this thing with Dominic. He seemed so perfect and now it turns out that he’s being shady :\. Poor Trey. It is exciting though that he’s going to be an uncle :). And I don’t like pumpkin pie but for some reason it looks really good in those pictures lol. Oh and AJ killed it on the mic!!! :p

    1. You won’t have to wait too long to get your answers about Byron. Even though the next one is Frankie & Keegan…. someone ends up going to the hospital.. and Kaori will be there.

      Torrance vs Kaori ….. Kaori lets her emotions get to her, and she ends up coming off really childish and rude. Kaori’s always been super protective of her family, but she won’t be winning that war anytime soon. Ivo is back with Torrance, and Kaori needs to adjust lmao.

      As for the Vira thing?…………………………… 🙂

      Chace is an ass… he means well but he’s an ass lol. Aries…. like… honestly I want to hate him, but then I just can’t. There’s so much more to come for him this season… things you’ll be shocked about.

      Oh Dominic…. po thang…. things just keep coming out…. and its not done either..

      Pumpkin Pie is everything, and I wish I had some right now lmao. Also KWEEN AJ slayed the gorls!

      More soon!

      Thanks for Reading/Commenting & Happy New Year ❤

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