{BnG Season 2} Chapter Three Part 1 : “Its My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To”

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Chapter Three | Pt. 1 “Its My Party, I Can Cry If I Want To”

-POV’s : Jarrah & Jeep

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jarrah)

Work is… well work. I miss Victoria, she’s such a great mentor in this fashion world. I really got to see new sides of her over the summer. Taylor Carter isn’t a bad replacement boss at all. She gets stuff done. I just feel like she and I will never really bond because of her bitchy bestfriend Britney. I really don’t like her, she’s so racist. Yet she’s glued to Taylor’s hip so.. yeah. Maybe this is how it should be though, maybe instead of trying to befriend the new boss, I should just focus on working and proving myself even more.

Taylor – We’re looking great for the winter. Which reminds me I should call Victoria and see what her plans are. Oh and before I forget, I’ll be headed to CCity in the morning. I’m- well V-Glam will be supplying left over clothing and fabric to the “Four Faced Liars” movie set.

Britney – Ooh that is totally awesome. Do you mind If I tag along?

Taylor – As much as I’d like that, you’ll have no time. I’ll need you in my chair until I get back. I’ll be gone for 4 hours max.

Britney – I’d love to!

Oh that’s wonderful… the racist in power.

Taylor – Are you okay Jarrah? My brother Jayson said you were really broken up when he found you in that Library.

Jarrah – Oh no, I’m fine.

Taylor – You sure? He asks alot… if you’re okay…

Jarrah – That’s sweet of him, but you can tell him okay.

Britney – I can’t believe someone was shooting up your school.

Jarrah – They didn’t shoot up my school… He was on the run, and had a gun.

Britney – Was he black?

Jarrah – No.

Taylor – I’ll be back. I need to skype Victoria and ask which fabrics and clothing I’m taking to CCity.

Jarrah – GG might have already boxed everything. He’s very OCD, and doesn’t like clutter.

Taylor – I see, Well I’ll go ask him first…

Britney – Should we go back to our desks?

Taylor – No stay here, I may need you again. I’ll be back in a flash.

Sometimes things go super smooth like right now. Other times Its tension filled, like.. I can feel when Britney wants to say something rude. Its always best when Taylor’s around. If its just Britney and I… its trouble.

Lets try and be positive.. lets strike up a conversation and see what happens. Maybe I’ll fight her racism, her ignorance… with kindness?

Jarrah – Are your hands dry from those boxes? Mine are. I have some lotion in my purse, I could-

Britney – No my hands are fine…. also why are you all of a sudden concerned with dry skin?? oh its because you date an oily black guy right?

Jarrah – You really need to be slapped… lots of people get dry skin, its not a black person thing.

Britney – Oh its a negro things for sure, speak of which..you guys go see “12 Years a Slave” yet? I read that it won the NY Online Critics awards….. not any Academy awards or anything.. FOR SHAME!

Jarrah – Did a black guy fuck your mom or something? or maybe your dad? because… you seem really angry at African Americans..

Wow that’s something that Orion would say *laughs*

Britney – Excuse me?

Jarrah – Why are you so full of hate? Its like you don’t care if you’re being racist or not.

Britney – I’m not racist, I just know I’m better than them.

Jarrah – And by them you mean African Americans?

Britney – Asians, and Hispanics too. *smiles*

Jarrah – You’re aware that your bestfriend Taylor is half Hispanic right?

Britney – And White… mostly white.. atleast she does a great job of hiding her mexican side.

Jarrah – Wow…. is your brother like this too?

That Austin guy that’s been a thorn in my cousin’s (Jeep) side is Britney’s brother… double the evil!

Britney – Austin doesn’t share my views no… he’s very……………liberal. He voted for Obama.. aka the anti-christ.

Jarrah – Well thank god he has sense..

Britney  – So confrontational…. no need to get ghetto with me Shaniqua!

Jarrah – Shaniqua?

Britney – Because you’re dating a black guy.. you may as well be a Shaniqua.. ghetto black chick.

Jarrah – If Taylor really knew who you were, I doubt she’d be your friend.

Britney – Whatever…  Oh and speaking of Brothers… You’re not getting Jayson..

Jarrah – Excuse me?

Britney – I’ve been after him for a while now, so you can have a seat. He’s mine.

Jarrah – 1… I’m in a relationship… 2. I’m not into Jayson. 3. He’s not yours… he doesn’t even like you like that.

Britney – Fuck you and your monkey boyfriend.

Jarrah – What type of evil are you? seriously.. to hate on people of color.

Britney – Aren’t you like half chink by the way?- I mean asian? your eyes don’t slant.. hmm

Wow.. wow.. just wow! What is this girl’s problem?

Britney – What? you look really angry.

Jarrah – You’re a fucking bitch, I really want to punch you in the face, you’re the definition of a piece of shit-

Taylor – Jarrah!

Jarrah – ………I-

Taylor – We don’t talk like that here at V-Glam.

Jarrah – But she-

Taylor – This isn’t high school, none of that pointing fingers crap. Get it together.

Jarrah – …….

Britney – I’m so sorry Taylor, I simply asked her a question and she went all primal!

Taylor – You know what, Jarrah go back to your desk, Britney can just help me. Clearly you don’t know how to communicate so you can sit this one out.

Jarrah – ……………..Okay.

So angry! That bitch is trying to make me look bad, and its working! Taylor’s so blind to it! like what the hell? If only she had walked in a few seconds earlier she would have saw the monster that Britney really is. Why is it that people like her win? Idiots, full of hate… they stay winning, and getting ahead. What happened to karma?! Because as it is right now.. she’s on the inside, and I’m on the outside.. nothing is fair about that. I miss Victoria.. I hope she comes back soon, then Taylor and her long chin racist bestfriend can go back to the City of Pylea.

What the hell am I suppose to do in here? Its so boring and bright.

Jarrah – Facebook it is…


{Facebook Messaging}

[Kaori -] “Leaving work anytime soon?”

[Jarrah -] “I get off in 30 minutes, I’ll be headed to GloCity then. Why?”

[Kaori -]  “Greenland?”

[Jarrah -] “Yeah I could eat. I’ll meet you there?”

[Kaori -]  “Okay.”

[Jarrah -] “Lol…..”

[Kaori -]  “What?”

[Jarrah -] “This is weird huh? a good weird though”

[Kaori -] “Yeah…. but whatevs, why the fuck not. See you soon, Its on me.. I’m paying. Deal with it.”

[Jarrah -] “Umm.. okay lol. See you there.”

Well guess I’m having lunch with Kaori… I should probably ask her advice on the whole Britney thing. She’s dealt with rude bitchy girls before.. aka Paisley. I- Oh.. someone sent me a message… who the hell is Eli420?

Hi, you don’t know me… but we have someone in common tho. Orion’s my baby brother and I’m assuming your his girlfriend. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I had no other choice ya feel me? but Orion don’t be returnin’ my messages n’ stuff. Basically I need your help… I need to see my brother. We need to see him. Our pop’s is dying, and he needs closure.. its important. I’m not fuckin’ with you or anything. Its a dying man’s wish.. Can you help? a phone number, an address? something? please this is really important.. fuck all the petty family fighting.. we need to have closure for our dad’s sake. Please message me back… This shit is awkward as fuck but I don’t really have a choice but to contact you.

– Ya boy Eli

Oh god……..

(POV Jeep)

How embarrassing.. I’m matching with Aunt Michelle…..  Man Jarrah looks so much like her mom sometimes, and alot like Uncle Josh other times. When I was 15 I’d tell Jarrah she looked like Grandma Janice, and she’d get mad *laughs*

Tru – Oh really? I’ll have to try that. The only tea I buy is Lemon, and Chai.

Michelle – I swore you already bought Earl Grey and hated it.

Janice – Are you sure?

Tru – *laughs* I buy things all the time and forget.

I came here to talk to Uncle Josh, and to my surprise my mom is here.

Jeep – Mom is dad here too?

Tru – Yeah he’s in the attic with your uncle.

Jeep – Oh okay.

Janice – Look at you Jonah… So handsome. You look just like your dad.

Tru – He does.

Michelle – I see alot of Ollie… but I see you in there too Tru.

Tru – Well… we did mix it up and create him.

Jeep – Eww gross mom!

Tru – Oh please Jonah-bear!

Janice – How are you doing?

Jeep – I’m okay grandma.

Janice – That’s wonderful.

Michelle – Doing well in school?

Jeep – I’m doing okay, nothing to write home about *laughs*

Michelle – You got a girlfriend Jonah?

Jeep – Why yes I do Aunt Michelle.

Janice & Tru – Why haven’t I met her?!

Michelle – *laughing*

Jeep – Well… Mom………Grandma… we’re not there yet in our relationship.

Janice – I hope she’s nice.

Jeep – She is.

Tru – She treat you with respect? you treat each other as equals?

Michelle – I can’t speak for the girl, but Jonah has always been a sweetie.. I’m sure everything is going smoothly.

Jeep – Everything is good *laughs* ….

Tru – *smiles*

Jeep – How’s work mom?

Tru – Its okay… kinda stressful..

My mom is a 911 operator…. So you can imagine the type of phone calls she gets. Fun fact… She used to be a secretary for my dad’s Uncle Nathan. He was a Lawyer.. until he retired of course.

Michelle – I couldn’t do it.. I’d freak out.

Janice – Me too, I saw this Halle Berry movie called The Call, and noooooo I would hate for something like that to happen!

Tru – I saw that movie, its not that bad. You get used to it.. when its kids though.. its the worst.

Jeep – May I be excused? kinda on a schedule..

Michelle – Sure

Tru – *laughs* tired of being grilled?

Yes mom.. I am.

Janice – You may.

Jeep – I’d love to stay and talk to all of you, I’m just on a schedule. Love you guys though!

Michelle – Go say hi to your cousin Micah! he’s in the kitchen!

Jeep – Will do.

My family sure is one of a kind… Time to see what Micah’s been up to. I remember Frankie saying he’s been talking to her sister again. That………..is………. interesting.

Stepped inside and Micah was eating………yogurt. Which makes me want to get back to campus to get some. G.C.U. has the BEST yogurt. Its highly addicting, I’ve seen Rubi eating cup after cup. It probably has crack in it.. that’s the only explanation. Goodness.. I can’t stand Rubi, and to think.. Frankie has to live with her! Its a wonder how she hasn’t killed her yet- Whoa.. went dark there Jonah, Scale it back!

Micah – I heard them grilling you out there..

Jonah – *laughs* You know how the women in our family are…

Micah – What brings you here? I feel like I barely see you.

Jeep – Sorry about that…

Micah – I know I’m older than you, but I miss when we’d go sneak and read my dad’s comic collection.

Jeep – I remember those days. They were pretty fun.

Micah – You hit puberty, and got friends, then it was a wrap.

Jeep – Well you and Andi started…. doing things.

Micah – Oh that’s true…. Women are great aren’t they?

Jeep – Yep!

Its true… I was a tag along with Micah at one point. Micah was always sorta.. well not a loner, but he marches to the beat of his own drum. So he didn’t have a shitload of friends. Good thing for me though, I got to hangout with him and be introduced to the comicbook world! Then suddenly he met Frankie’s sister, and soon Ivo.. and yeah. I soon started hanging out with the 5, and-

Micah – Do you have one?

Jeep – Yeah I have a girlfriend. She’s pretty cool.

Micah – That’s great to hear…. Is it serious?

Jeep – Umm.. Its still sorta new?

Micah – Ah… yeah when I was your age I was running Andi out of town by asking her to marry me.

Jeep – …….

Micah – Of course then alot of other shit happened.. that involved my THEN bestfriend Ivo.. but.. yeah.

Jeep – Everything happens for a reason.

Micah – I agree, plus Ivo, Andi and I are all over it. We’ve all moved past it. I talk to both of them these days..

Jeep – Are you seeing anyone?

Micah – Sorta, I had a one night stand with a patient at the hospital. Called her a cab this morning.

Jeep – Wow really?!

Micah – Uh no? I watched the Avengers on Blu-ray and then fell asleep.. Went to work.. now I’m on my lunch break, and I’ll be going back to the hospital once I’m done eating.

Jeep – Well.. one night stands are gross.. so good.

Micah – They CAN be gross… but with the proper preparations they can be somewhat pleasurable.. or so I’ve heard.

Jeep – Nurses…..

Micah – *laughs*

Jeep – So funny how you and Andi are pretty much the same career wise..

Micah – Except she wants to be a doctor and I don’t…. she has much more patience than I do for that sort of thing. I mean I’d love to do more… Maybe go to Africa and help out a village or something.

Jeep – Can I ask you something? Its going to sound rude though…

Micah – Jonah you’re my cousin… you can ask me anything- SPEAKING of which.. how’s your number 2’s?

Jeep – Umm what?- Oh.. umm.. fine? I’m regular if that’s what you mean?

Micah – Good to hear it…. The nurse in me always feel the need to ask people that. Activia works by the way.. incase you do become irregular.

Jeep – Gross…. but noted.

Micah – Hey hey hey.. pooping is important young Jonah Bear…. you don’t want to be constipated… that’s no fun for anyone. I have this one friend at the hospital who is always constipated when she eats cheese.. SHES ALWAYS EATING CHEESE PLATTERS! Then she complains… so I get her a huge cup of coffee and she goes and have herself a bathroom break. She comes out and I just look at her and say.. You really need to take this shit serious Jo-

Jeep – That’s funny, but…… we’re getting off course Micah.

Micah – Oh yeah, you had a question.

Jeep – How…. how the hell did you and Andi work? She’s so scary, and you’re so………..you.

Micah – Umm… We had a balance… Andi may seem scary but she’s not.. trust me. We had alot of soft times together- Jesus.. that sounds as if I’m talking about my penis being in a flaccid state. What I mean by soft times is.. cuddling.. watching a movie.. heart to hearts. Stuff like that…….. Also we both really enjoyed smoking weed, and eating burger king *laughs*

Jeep – I see *laughs*

Micah – She’s really smart, but she never made me feel dumb.

Jeep – Frankie’s the same way.

Micah – You’re dating her sister?? Frankie’s your girlfriend?!

Jeep – No! no no.. just friends. We hang out alot though.

Micah – Oh okay, well that’s cool. Yeah……………. Andi’s great… she’s so fricken cute! Did I tell you we’re talking again? She even extended the invitation for me to visit. She said, her dad, Frankie, and I are like the only people she’d even bother letting come see her. So that makes me feel important.

Jeep – You guys seem to be getting in a good place. Friendship is awesome… not everyone can go there with an ex without it turning into feelings again.

I hope that didn’t sound like I was forcing him to just stay friends.. just being protective I guess?

Micah – Right…. though if those feelings are mutual then maybe its meant to be. All things-

Jeep – Happen for a reason… right.

Micah – You’ve grown up nicely Jonah.. I appreciate this talk. We should do this again- You could come to my apartment and we could have a nerd night or something!

Jeep – That would be cool!

Micah – I just got the newest season of the Big Bang Theory on blu-ray.

Jeep – Nice!

Micah – Well time for me to go back to work. That hospital would fall apart if it weren’t for me……………….Just kidding. I’m pretty much a non factor.

Jeep – You save lives! You’re a factor!

Micah – Thanks! You have a good day!

Jeep – I will.. I have to talk to Uncle Josh, and then I have a party to go to.

Micah – Oh yeah that’s why you’re here! the video… Dad wants me to be in it! I’m like ugh no…

Jeep – You should!

Micah – Is that you’re way of telling me I’m getting fat? Because FYI… I know I’m chubby.. its part of my charm.

Jeep – You look fine Micah..

Micah – Maybe I should do it.. transform my body and what not. I can’t let my old ass dad have a better body than me! What kind of shit is that? *laughs*

Jeep – *laughs*

Welp.. time to go talk with Uncle Josh, and my father.

My dad, and uncle are so close… growing up seeing that always made me wish I had a brother. My parents always said they only wanted one kid and there I was. Forever alone.. left to just play with myself…. NO! Not like that!… well… not all the time.. oh my god I’m shutting up now!

Josh – Oh shut up Ollie, you’re going gray before I am- and I’m older!

Oliver – Oh, so are we going to pretend that you don’t dye your hair Josh?

Josh – Okay fine.. I dye my hair.. Trying to keep up appearances.

Oliver – For whom?

Josh – Michelle, she likes this Tony Stark look I got going on.

Josh does sorta give off a Tony Stark look…

Jeep – Hey Dad!, Hey Uncle Josh!

Oliver – Ah- Oh hey son!

Josh – Jonah, you’re here! good!

Jeep – Would’ve been up here sooner but, I was given the third degree by the women… then I talked to Micah- who says he’s absolutely in for the video!

Well.. sorta.

Josh – Oh good, I wanted him to do it.

Oliver – Are you putting on weight Jonah?

Jeep – Umm, I’m sorta filling out a bit I guess-

Josh – It looks like muscle.

Jeep – Well….. I’ve been going to the gym a little bit. I was always skinny but I noticed I was starting to get a tummy from all the junk food.

Oliver – Well the weight looks good on you son.

Jeep – How’s Microsoft treating you dad?

Oliver – Alright.. had a few issues with the Xbox One launch but we’re okay now.

Josh – I bought a PS4… Michelle can’t stop playing Knack.

Jeep – I want a PS4 so bad but can’t afford one right now- Sorry dad.. I’m not a Xbox fan.

Oliver – Its okay…*laughs* Also… maybe I can get you the PS4? You’re a good son.. I don’t mind. Long as it doesn’t take away from your studies.

Jeep – Really? That would be awesome!

Oliver – Maybe.. *laughs*

Josh – Don’t tease my nephew Ollie… get him a PS4… that way we can play DC Universe together, and Killzone, and-

Oliver – Okay okay okay.. *laughs*

Jeep – *smiles* So umm.. I’m a bit pressed for time, but I just wanted to come by and tell you my ideas.

Josh – Okay let me hear them.

Jeep – First a question.. where did you want to film it?

Josh – Outside.

Jeep – Nope won’t work. We need to find a decent sized room. That way we can control the lighting, you don’t want to have to deal with glare and unpredictable weather.

Oliver – Oh good thinking son.

Josh – Okay.. Issac said he could help me with that.

Jeep – Do you have a name? and a angle? something that would sell? because anyone can make a workout video… but the ones that standout are ones with themes and-

Josh – You know, I was just talking to Sasha about how I should market my videos and nutrition book-

Oliver – Back up Josh… you’re talking to Sasha again?…………………..Does Michelle know?

Josh – She knows…

Oliver – And she’s okay with it? after last week?

Jeep – What happened last week?

Oliver – Sasha called him drunk, reminiscing about old times. Michelle wasn’t too happy about that.

Josh – Ollie! don’t tell him that!

Jeep – I won’t tell anyone.

I thought she was married? Also I go to school with her daughter Maliha… you know? that rich girl in the Sorority with my girlfriend

Josh – I kept telling her to hang up and sleep it off, but clearly something was bothering her- we’re getting so off subject.

Jeep – By the way.. Micah’s in, as I said before, and I talked to some of the people at my school and they’re down to do it. Nick, and Kalia. You need one more female though.

Josh – Hmm… I can find someone.. I’ll post on craigslist or something. Someone from here, Bridgeport or hell even CCity might reply.

Jeep – You can’t pay them….

Josh – Well hopefully they’ll enjoy the workout and free exposure.

Jeep – So about clothing-

Josh – Clothing I have under control.

Michelle (From Downstairs) – Joshua! how do I put netflix on this PS4?! It keeps going to Knack!

Josh – I’ll be right back.

Can I just say that Uncle Josh is awesome? He and Aunt Michelle are so in love, and they play video games… and.. they’re just awesome.

Oliver – And then there were two.

Jeep – So dad… any top secret stuff you’re working on with Microsoft?

Oliver – It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you.

Jeep – You’re no fun.

Oliver – Hey! did you do as I asked? with Harrison?

Jeep – Yeah, we actually hung out over the summer, and we talk alot at school. I’ll see him at the Sorority party tonight too.

Oliver – I thought it was important that you talk to him. You’re close with your cousins Micah, and Jarrah.. so why not create a bond with your cousin from your mom’s side as well.

Jeep – I agree.

Oliver – You know your mom and aunt Skye are fighting again.

As long as I can remember, my mom and aunt have always had two modes. Glued to the Hip happy Twin sisters, and I hate you bitch!…. Its so weird, and funny at the same time.

Jeep – When aren’t they? They sure fight alot for twin sisters…

Oliver – Its very draining.. I come home from work.. tired. All your mother wants to do is talk about the fight with her sister.. Skye this and Skye that. The only way to shut her up is to shove something down her throat.

Jeep – ……………………………………..


Oliver – Food always makes her hush up. So I make it a point to bring food home. Fresh food, none of that fast food business.

Jeep  Other than that… you and mom are okay though right?

Oliver – We’re fine Jonah bear… very much in love..

Jeep – I feel like I know alot of people with mommy or daddy issues.. but then again.. for everyone who has a messed up home life- I know alot of people who have good ones.

Oliver – That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Jeep – Yep.

Oliver – By the way… thanks for helping my brother out… this means alot to him. I know with school, girls, and the social scene you probably don’t have alot of free time and-

Jeep – Its no problem, I love uncle Josh. I think this video, and nutrition book is a great idea.. though he’s not much of a writer.

Oliver – He’s having help with that part.

Jeep – Good!

Oliver – So what are you doing today?

Jeep – Class, and then a sorority party.

Oliver – Oh yeah you did just mention the party. Hmm…….

Jeep – What?

Oliver – Jonah…. I assume you’re having sex…

Jeep – I have, I am.. yea?

Oliver – Are you safe?

Jeep – Of course!

Oliver – We never really had THE talk so-

Jeep – With friends, and the internet.. “the talk” is kinda obsolete.

Oliver – Your mother and I were worried at first… you started masturbating at a young age

Jeep – What?! No I didn’t! and god stop- don’t say that.

Oliver – Jonah you’d lock yourself in the bathroom! for what seemed like hours and then after you came out…….there wouldn’t be any tissue left!

I really wish he wouldn’t talk so loud! So embarrassing! 

Jeep – I was trying to read my comics in peace without you guys interrupting me! tricking you into thinking I was doing number two was the only way to be left alone. You’d want me to build robots, and watch sci-fi movies. Mom would want me to garden, and cook with her.. I just wanted to read my comics!

Oliver – *laughing* Oooooh… that makes sense..

Jeep – And the tissue thing.. well that’s for 2 reasons.. some comics made me cry… and I needed to pretend I was using the toilet so I’d grab a bunch and just flush it..

Oliver – *laughing* Wait till I tell your mom.. this is too funny. We for sure thought you were doing it alot!

Jeep – You guys are so weird, and also… you’re suppose to masturbate dad.. I read it online.. its good for you!

Oliver – *laughing*

Jeep – I hope Uncle Josh comes back quickly.. this is just..

Oliver – Don’t be embarrassed son *laughing*

Jeep – Stop laughing dad!.. Its so mean.

Oliver – Aww guess I’ll have to get that PS4 for you afterall..

Jeep – You know.. that would be a good I’m sorry gift!

Oliver – Not trying to be a nag.. because you’re a good kid-

Jeep – I’m a man… no kid.. but go on.

Oliver – You’re right.. you’re not a kid.. umm- You could probably afford a PS4 and other things if you had a job son…

Jeep – I know I know… I’m just so focused on school, and my girlfriend, and making short flims.. something would suffer if I found a job.

Oliver – Not if its part time? your friends do it?- I’m shutting up… I don’t want to be that type of father.

Jeep – ……Its okay, I get what you’re saying dad…. Maybe I’ll look for one..

Oliver – So.. see any good movies lately?

Jeep – Does Thor 2 count?

Uncle Josh needs to get up here so we can finish this conversation.. I have a class in 30 minutes. I’ll see you guys later at the party!

(POV Jarrah)

Work didn’t get any better, Britney was acting as if she won a triathlon after she came from Taylor’s office. I really can’t stand that girl. I have to figure out a new approach when it comes to her.  Enough about that… If you can’t recognize the girl next to me its Kaori. Yeah she went to the dark side………with her hair that is. It looks cute in my opinion.

Kaori – You must be hungry

Jarrah – Oh sorry I’m such a pig…. plus the salads here are so good.

Kaori – I’m joking with you. I skipped breakfast so I get it.

Jarrah – I love the hair by the way.

Kaori – Thanks.

Jarrah – You look so much more Asian now.

Kaori – Isn’t it funny how we’re both half asian? to me you look more white though.

Jarrah – *laughs* yeah.. Filipino and White.. and you’re?

Kaori – White, and Korean.

Jarrah – Ah, cool.

Kaori – Took me a minute to really like my hair. I was like who is this strange person looking at me in the mirror. Whatever the case it is my natural hair color.

Jarrah – It is?

Kaori – My dad’s a natural blond but, I know you didn’t think my mom was?

Jarrah – Oh.. duh.. So stupid *laughs*

Kaori – I seem to be like her… coloring my hair, I’ll probably have brown sooner or later.. or Red… yeah.. Ugh no nevermind Paisley has red hair- Maybe I’ll try lavender.

Magdalena – Be with you in a second sir.

Kaori – She be complaining about this job its hella funny.

Jarrah – That’s right you’re friends with her.

Kaori – I didn’t say hi because her boss gets mad when she talks to me while working.. it was drama the last time I was here.

Magdalena – Okay, how can I help you?

Owen – Can I get a hot chocolate with a splash of almond milk?- Oh and a slice of carrot cake please.

Magdalena – Alrighty.. what’s your name?

Owen – Owen.. *smiles*

Kaori & Jarrah – He’s cute.

Jarrah – …….

Kaori – Its okay I’m not going to bite your head off because we have a guy in common… we’re past that.

Jarrah – And we both have boyfriends.

Kaori – Right. …………That guy is cute though.

Jarrah – He is.

I’m glad she’s finally putting the whole Keegan thing to rest. She always made me feel like I robbed a children’s shelter on Christmas or something.

*laughing behind them*

Kaori – Ugh that girl from the library is here.

Jarrah – What girl?

Kaori – The one that got all mad because I said the lockdown was a prank?

Jarrah – Oh Rhys?

Kaori – Whatever, I’m trying to keep my attitude in check these days.

Jarrah – I’m actually starting to have an issue with that.. I want to backhand my co-worker.

Kaori – Why?

Jarrah – She’s been racist on more than one occasion- AND… she purposely tries to make me look bad in front of my new boss.

Kaori – So what you’re saying is you miss Victoria?

Jarrah – I do… how’s your relationship with her these days?

Kaori – We’re actually okay.. I guess things change.. look at you and I.

Jarrah – Very true.

Kaori – So… this bitch at work.. the racist. I’m assuming its towards your boyfriend?

Jarrah – How-

Kaori – I saw pics on your instagram.

Jarrah – Ah… well yeah… she’s called him the N word, and Monkey and the stereotypes. OH! She called me a “Shaniqua by association”

Kaori – *laughs* Fucked up…. Look.. I have these older bitches at work.. Natasha O’Neal and Eva Collins… they’re kinda rude.. I just ignore them.

Jarrah – Oh my god.. Eva Collins is Lola’s mom… my model- well ex model friend…

Kaori – Ah… whatever the case.. by doing your job and ignoring them.. it makes them mad. Though racism is a no no…

Jarrah – Yeah… SO how’s Byron?

Kaori – He’s good.. we’re fine… still no sex but… we’re fine…

Jarrah – It’ll happen soon I’m sure.

Kaori – Perhaps.

Jarrah – That reminds me, I should call Orion.. make sure he’s coming tonight.

Kaori – I wish I were cumming.

Jarrah – No not that kind of coming. I invited him to the Sorority party. Will you be there?

Kaori – Umm No because I don’t get along with Paisley, and Maliha.. Spirit is a bitch too, I’m fine with being rejected from the sorority house, but don’t rub it in my face and be a cunt. Paisley… you already know., and Maliha is still pressed because I have Byron and she doesn’t.

Jarrah – Well she has my ex now..

Kaori – Oh that’s right… she’s dating Dylan…. awkward! anyway, I won’t be going to the party.. plus I gotta work

Jarrah – Weren’t you at work when you messaged me on facebook?

Kaori – Yeah

Jarrah – You’re an intern, why do you have to go back tonight?

Kaori – I’m actually working on a team project so.. maybe not an intern for long?

Jarrah – You know your boss Sasha?… she used to date my dad.. So weird.

Kaori – That is weird.. but hey.. considering how my parents met… stranger things have happened.

Jarrah – How did they meet?

Kaori – Short version? Blackmail orchestrated by my aunt Vanessa… then lawsuit and.. yeah..

Jarrah – I’m scared to hear the long version.

Kaori – ….So when you got here you were talking about that facebook message you got… what are you going to do?

Jarrah – I haven’t replied yet… what would you do if it were you and Byron?

Kaori – Um… real talk? I’d probably give the brother the address. I mean its his dad that’s dying you know? like.. he’d probably hate himself if he missed the chance to say goodbye.. you know?

Jarrah – ………….Yeah…. should-

Kaori – Hold on I’m getting a call… Oh! its my dad! be right back.

Jarrah – Okay.

Is that Collin? why is he talking to that Owen guy?….

Jarrah – Hey Collin!

Magdalena – *Mumbling* Ooh I’m sick of dis job.. workin me like I ain’t got no rights, can’t even hit up dat party cause I gotta work. Bianca gon’ have fun without me. Ugh! coffee this, tea that, what the fuck is a skim milk.. people eating salads n shit I love meat.. comin in here with glasses and laptop. What type of hipster- den wanna go shit all over da baf-room cause you letting all da vegetables go to yo ass. You shit like dat when you ain’t have meat in yo system..Vegetable diarrhea. Sick of dis job… Oh look more customer… hippie bitch. *Clears throat & Speaks up* Hi can I help you?

Woman – Sure, can I get a mocha with skim milk? Oh and a salad.. garden salad special.. I don’t eat meat.

Magdalena – ……………………………………………….Okay.

Kaori (On phone with Vince)– Hi daddy… no I’m not at school.. or work. *laughs* I’m eating lunch with Jarrah……… Yes Jarrah, Josh’s daughter… mm hmm. Oh you’re back from L.A.? Did Victoria come with you? Oh…. well when does she get back?……..You’re going to miss her I’m sure. Ivo get’s in- Oh shit really? Why is he waiting to come back next week? Are you serious?! he’s back with HER? SHE’S COMING WITH HIM?! Daddy you know she used him and broke his heart I don’t- I know but- No I’m just saying- Dad I know people change but she’s a bitch- ………..Of course I do but I don’t like her…

Jarrah – Hey you.

Collin – Hi yourself! you look cute.

Jarrah – Thanks, you look cute as well.

Collin – Awwww shucks this old thing? *pretends to flip hair*

Jarrah – You’re such a goofball.

Collin – It keeps me sane.

Jarrah – Why would you be insane? something bothering you?- Oh are you coming to the party?

Collin – Funny you should ask me those two things back to back.

Jarrah – I don’t follow.

Collin – Elena wants me to come to the party of course.

Jarrah – Okay?

Collin – I don’t know………she smothers me.. and she’s starting to get a bit stalkery….

Jarrah – What? like how?

Collin – She waits for me after my classes, and sometimes by my dorm room. Its… I don’t know.. I just like having my time for myself you know?

Jarrah – Yeah…

Collin – You think you could talk-

Jarrah – Collin you know I don’t like to get involved in other peoples relationships…

Collin – You’re right, I should probably just talk to her at the party..

Jarrah – So you’re coming?

Collin – I guess so, I have to drop off something at my mom’s house first, and then I should be there.

Jarrah – You have a car?

Collin – Its a old beat up used bucket… but yes.. its a car.

Jarrah – Gift from mom?

Collin – You know my mother well……. she misses you by the way.

Jarrah – *smiles* I miss her too.

Collin – I miss you……

Jarrah – I know I’ve been busy lately.. but I promise.. we’ll hangout..

Collin – Promise? cause I want to see your pretty face more often.

Is he flirting with me?

Jarrah – I promise dork- Hey you know that guy who walked out when you walked in?

Collin – What about him?

Jarrah – Do you know him? I saw you talk to him. His name is Owen I think.. is he a friend?

Collin – I don’t know him, he asked where the closest gas station was.. Why?

Jarrah – I thought he was cute, not for me… for my friend Frankie.. She could use a good guy…or girl.. whatever.

Collin – Ah. Why are you vibrating?

Jarrah – What?- Oh shut up.. its my phone..

Collin – Take the call, I gotta get my coffee and get to class.

Jarrah – Okay.. nice seeing you.

Collin – Its always nice seeing you Jarrah.. you brighten up my day.. *smiles* see you at the party… save me a dance?

Jarrah – *laughs* Okay.

Weird… He know’s I have a boyfriend, and he dates my sorority sister.. I feel like he’s flirting with me.. I could be wrong though.

Penny – Umm excuse me? I’d greatly appreciate some service here! man who resembles homeless person? hello?…….. Why is he ignoring us brother?

Lenny – Maybe he’s checking for fleas

Penny – That would be an incorrect observation seeing as he’s merely tugging upon his coats sleeves. I believe he’s adjusting his attire.

Lenny – ……………….. You’re doing that thing again?

Penny – What thing?

Lenny – That thing you do.

Penny – You’re implying that I’m conscious of some action you accuse me of, which is preposterous considering I’m unknowing to your accusation.

Lenny – See you’re doing it again!

Penny – Doing what Lenny?

Lenny – Being all weird!

Penny – This is the way I speak dear brother, I’m sorry if it bothers you!

Lenny – I’m glad you’re not coming to the party with me.. you’re socially retarded.

Penny – I’ll be having a fun night with my friend Rhys, we’re going to a dinner and a movie.

Lenny – How Lesbian of you

Penny – We’re both women who like the company of each other. Strictly in a platonic nature, your assumptions are not only preposterous, but also quite offensive to assume two humans of the same gender could not possibly be heterosexual. Simply put my dear brother you’re the gay of the family.

Kaori (On phone with Vince)– Where are you dad?……… Oh tell Issac I said hi… yeah. Of course Keegan and I are still friend what kind of question- Oh.. *laughs* Well true..

Collin – See you later J!

Jarrah (On phone with Spirit)– Bye!- No not you on the phone… Really right now?……..well where Maliha? oh so she gets to skip out on party prep and I have to fill in? ……I’m getting lunch with Kaori… that’s rude, she’s not a slut, She doesn’t even want to come to the party so relax… WHAT?!.. Spirit where am I going to find ribbon and  a piñata? Its a sorority party not someone quinceañera. Yeah its overkill, people just want to socialize, dance and get drunk so- what kind of chips?!……..fine.. I’ll be there soon… yes… NO I’m not buying drinks.. have the frat do that. Bye.

Ugh she’s annoying! how the hell am I on party duty when Maliha is the one who volunteered? Its like she gets special treatment because they’re glued to the hip lately. I swear.. It seems like Spirit just up and ditched Portia.. Its all about Maliha now. Thank goodness Amina is there to help me with all of this. I should call Tyena and see if she can help.. I’m not going to be the only sorority sister help set up the sorority party.. hell no. I’ll see you guys later.

[4 to 5 Hrs Later]

(POV Jeep)

{Press Play}

Oh hey guys! Wow I can barely hear myself speak! The party has started and its a good time so far! Alot of people all over the place, outside, upstairs.. I’m where I need to be, with Keegan and my other friends.


Aries – Sing it babe!

Keegan – When we do our radio show she’s always talking about Lady gaga… its annoying.

Jeep – Well she’s just an annoying person period.

Keegan – She is.. but I like to think somewhere deep down there’s a good person

Jeep – Slim chance!

Amina – Whatchu doin’ Darell? you ain’t about that life!

Darell – I’m bout to out-dance all these mothafuckas in here.

Portia – ………..*sits in chair quietly*

Rubi – *singing* Give me that thing that I love!

Aries – *singing* Turn the Lights on!

Rubi – *singing* Put ya hands up make em’ touch! (touch!)

Aries – *singing* Make it real loud!

Hammer – Check out Aries singing lady gaga!

Amina – Portia, you really not gonna dance?

Portia – Oh I don’t dance.

Darell – Dance battle Harrison?

Harrison – You ain’t want none Darell *dancing*

Tyena – Oh shit, drink overboard!

Keegan – Have you seen Jarrah? I don’t feel right being here and not saying hi *laughs*

Jeep – I talked to her when I first got here. She’s in the front hallway.

Keegan – Ah okay, So where’s your girl?

Jeep – She went upstairs to change for the party.. says she wants to make an entrance

Keegan – Girls….

Jeep – I know right?..speaking of which.. Kaori and Frankie aren’t coming. It bums me out that they’re still not talking. I wanted them both here.

Keegan – Yeah.. again… girls.

Jeep – You, and Kaori have that talk yet?

Keegan – Not gonna happen…

Jeep – Why not?

Keegan – Too many people around to talk about it…

Jeep – Understandable… lets change the subject.

Keegan – Good idea.

I think its funny that Keegan loves Kaori… I for sure feel like with the 6 of us that he’d be the one to date within our group first. Jarrah and Trey don’t count since well.. he’s gay and she was doing him a favor *laughing*

Jeep – So any news on the Scott thing?

Keegan – No, but I’m about to kick my investigation into high gear. I gotta get to the bottom of this shit. What about you and the Austin thing?

Jeep – Well thank god he couldn’t make it to the party. He had work, which is a good thing because that means I don’t have to worry about getting my face punched in.

Keegan – Jeepy… I’d beat his ass for you- but honestly.. we’re gonna have to get you some boxing classes or something.

Jeep – Oh you wanna teach me how to fight?

Keegan – Yeah

Jeep – Okay…sure.. it can’t be that hard.. I’m pretty good at Wiisports boxing.

Keegan – ………………………..Never change dude *laughing*

Jeep – How come you didn’t bring a date?

Keegan – Umm.. cause I’m not dating anyone?

Jeep – When has that stopped you from getting female attention.

Keegan – Oh it doesn’t, today at the G.C.U. Diner this chick wanted me so bad. She gave me her number and told me to come and get it.

Jeep – Are you?

Keegan – No, I got my eyes on someone.. someone who’s not at this party.

Jeep – Ah

Rubi – What’s poppin’ in this mothafucka?!- Oh hay girl! *talking to someone* 

Random Girl – Hi………….. I see they let any and everybody up in here.

Rubi – Yeah I see everyone is here.. its poppin up in this bitch. Even lame ass Jonah is here.

… I’m not lame.. rude..

Jeep – Ugh… stupid ass Rubi.

Amina – Whoa Paisley.. you got dem big ass tits out!

Paisley – Hammer loves them!

Rubi – What you say Jonah?!

Oh here we go… drama time.

Jeep – Nothing Rubi.. go back to doing duets with your boyfriend *laughing*

Rubi – God your laugh is annoying!

Jeep – Rubi… you’re the one singing off key…

Rubi – Why are you even here? who invited you?

Jeep – My girlfriend! you know.. the head of the Sorotiy? Spirit Harrington?..

Rubi – I bet you love getting them perks eh?

Jeep – Rubi please! you’re only here because you’re banging Aries.. you got kicked out this sorority remember? for sleeping with Darell!

Keegan – *laughs*

Kingston – Hey wig girl.. lay off my dude Jonah!

Keegan – Yeah Rubi.. what’s your problem?

Rubi – So y’all wanna gang up on me? okay what’s poppin’ SIS? Who wants to get served first?!

Keegan – Alright.. so one minute you’re cool with me, and now you’re acting like this?

Rubi – Who the fuck want war!?

Hammer – Aww shit

Darell – Fight! Fight!

Aries – What the heck?

Hammer – You gone let him talk to yo girl like that Aries?

Darell – Don’t be a pussy Aries..

Aries – ….

Rubi – Jonah I will drag your lame ass okay? You’re so ugly with your big ass nose! Also what the fuck is that shirt you got on? you look so homo!

Ha… your boyfriend is the one who fits that label not me.

Jeep – Fuck off Rubi… I see your body finally decided to catch up with that fat head of yours.. you’ve sure packed on the pounds!

Rubi – You are such a punk bitch Jonah!

Jeep – You’re a fricken demon Rubi! I swear!

Rubi – Maybe So….. I’ll possess yo ass and then jump off a cliff. I’m comin’ for ya life Jonah! I’m not a friendly ghost like casper!

Ugh.. now I feel like being a dick.. she’s so irritating. I wish she wasn’t invited!

Jeep – Rubi nobody even likes you! they just tolerates your fatass!

Rubi – Ain’t no mountain high enough! Aint no ocean deep enough, Ain’t no desert hot enough to keep me off ya ass bay’beh! Like I will eviscerate you!

Jeep – Whatever… you’re a clown.. that’s what you are-

Rubi – Let me tell you somethin’ up in this PIECE! I am da one n’ only Miss Rubi.. bad ass, future Oscar winning FATTY ON DECK rockin’ bitch! The supreme bitch

Jeep – The supreme? Yeah….. nacho supreme! oh and by the way your ass is flat Rubi! where is this alleged fatty on deck?!

Rubi – You wild’n son! I’m chewin’ you up and spittin you out like a real bitch should. I spin around, dip it low- hit em’ with a leg bop and YOU GOT SERVED! Its the matrix up in this bitch, I’m dodging all yo insults. You can’t fuck with tha kid! You want me to get turnt up? cause lemme tell you somethin’!..  THE TURN UP IS REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!

Jeep – What the fuck are you even sayin’?! You’re such an idiot!

Darell – Dude he’s draggin’ yo girl….

Aries – Fuck…

I don’t even know why I bother arguing with her, its like she’s delusional or something. In one ear and out the other. Her parents must have spoiled her really good because I have never met a more entitled person ever in my life. She’s such a brat!

Rubi – Get his ass Air-Reez!

Keegan – You better not touch him Aries!

Jeep – Its okay Keegan… I knew this would happen.

Keegan – This is so stupid!

Rubi – Yeah be scared now Jonah!

Jeep – I’m not scared of you or Aries RUBI!… and can you stop yelling? that dragon breath of yours isn’t nice!

Aries – Jeep fuck you! don’t talk to my girlfriend like that!

Jeep – Really Aries? Really?!

Aries – You heard me…fricken loser!

Jeep – ……….wow….

Keegan – Fuck him Jeep… don’t hold back.

Jeep – I thought you were better than that, guess not. Fuck you and your fatass girlfriend!

Rubi – Don’t get done up Jonah! fuck around and get stabbed up in this bitch.

Jeep – You’re from CCity not Compton! You’re not even a gangsta!

Rubi – The jealousy prevails! why you mad? Is it cause I gotz me an ol’ NAAAAAAAAAASTY Wig on that serves the gods? or a ol’ NAAAAASTY sweatshirt on that say’s you da one?! Chile go in and let have! You hatin’ ass bitch!

Jeep – Rubi just shut up! its like you never stop talking!

Aries – You talk to me not her! don’t be a punk Jeep! talking loud to girls but won’t step to me?

Jeep – I don’t have to say anything to you Aries, this whole act you’re putting on right now pretty much kills you… and you know it.

Rubi – What?!

Aries – You’re just a pathetic joke Jeep.. even your name is from you being a joke!

Jeep – Its a term of endearment from my friends.. something you never had.. who’s really the loser?!

Aries – You still are… with your lame little movies.. you’re never going to be a star.. a true star like Rubi, do you know who her father is?!

Jeep – Yeah..but does she? I mean she think’s he’s Spielberg, or George Lucas… He’s not!

Rubi – You are so jealous of me! like suck a dick and die slow!

Jeep – I pity you

Aries – Why? you’ll never be better than her you’re a nobody!

Jeep – I rather be a nobody than a nobody pretending to be a somebody… You’re just sad.

Aries – You’re lucky I won’t kick your ass.

Rubi -Cuz mah baby got class!

He also likes ass……MALE ASS

Jeep – Okay…. well keep pretending to be something you’re not. With this act you’ll probably get an academy award before your flop girlfriend does.

Aries – Get the hell out of here!

Keegan – Aries you weak-

Jeep – Its okay Keegan, I want to walk away.. this is ridiculous.

Man.. Aries is such a lame ass. Really? to attack me because I defended myself against his fatass girlfriend? She’s such a joke! and so is he for that matter. He wonders why his own cousin (Kaori) doesn’t even acknowledge him, its because he’s so stupid. Not to mention he’s way too impressionable. Whatever someone say’s he’s down for- and I’m suppose to be the loser? I really want to punch him in the face, but I’m not trying to get my ass kicked at a party.


Chace – Is it just me or does this sorority house look kinda bland? Like where is the color?

Lenny – Umm.. sure I’ll buy some weed

Lars – Okay cool.

Lenny – How did you get into the business of selling drugs?

Lars – Umm.. Long story… it involves someone in my family.. having Prescription medication.. and I sold the extras…

Lenny – Oh… like a sick mom or something?

Lars – ….Not exactly… don’t want to talk about it… lets just say they’re fully functioning and, are able to blend in with friends, family.. and life…. so far.


Aries – Walk away Jeep…

Rubi – Punk ass!

Keegan – Rubi… really? why are you always starting shit with people? you’re really going to have a rude awakening one of these days.

Rubi – I know that’s ya boy and everything, but we enemies.

Keegan – Whatever… you’re ridiculous- And YOU Aries.. You can’t be serious trying to flex on Jeep like that, why?

Rubi – He was defending me!

Keegan – You started it.

Aries – He was talking to her in a rude way and its my duty to defend her.

Keegan – You let Hammer and Darell gas you up, you’re going to end up getting your ass beat. Don’t ever fucking talk to Jeep like that again. I don’t care if he doesn’t want me defending him or not. You better chill the fuck out Aries, I’ve had enough of this act… You said you were going to talk to him, and Trey! this isn’t what I had in mind dude!

Rubi – Trey?

Aries – He attacked Rubi though, and I-

Keegan – Shut up…. Just shut up Aries.

Aries – …………..

Rubi – ………………….. ……………You gonna let him talk to you like that Air-Reez?

Aries – Rubi?…………shut up.

Rubi – Okay daddy.

Keegan’s super loyal… how could I ever doubt him? I worried that him joining the frathouse was the beginning of the end of our friendship. Yeah I was being insecure, but I’m not ashamed to admit that. I think one of my main issues in life, has always been this feeling that I’m not good enough. I need to shake that and gain confidence, I’ve grown a little but not alot. All that aside I’m glad Keegan is putting Aries in his place. Calling me a loser, atleast I’m not pretending to be straight. Good luck with that buddy… eating Rubi’s disgusting meat curtains and all.

{Press Play}

(POV Jarrah)

Oh my god I feel like the party hasn’t even been going on for that long, and I’m already exhausted. Stupid Spirit had me decorating everything. Putting out food and juice, I swear its as if she did nothing… Thank god my friends are arriving. Time to actually have some fun!

Mason – I wonder what’s going on in there? I heard some yelling.

Candice – I heard that fat girl with the wig’s voice.

Its so funny how nobody likes Rubi…

Mason – Ugh she hella stupid lookin’

Jarrah – Rubi likes to cause a scene.. she loves the drama and attention.

Mason – I know someone else who loves drama and attention.

Candice – Who’s not in attendance.

Jarrah – Who are you guys talking about?

Candice – Long story-

Mason – Rhys Kelley

Jarrah – Oooh.. your ex bestfriend…

Candice – Yeah…

Mason – She’s……………………………..a ho.

Candice – Mase’….

Mason – What?… she is.. and you know it.

Candice – What happen, happened, she ain’t here to defend herself so lets not do that talking behind her back shit. You know if I got anything to say I ain’t got NO problem saying it to a mothafucka’s face.

Awkward. Candice and Rhy’s history doesn’t sound pleasant at all. What I will say is… there has to be another side to the story… Though… now that I think about it, I don’t even really know the story. Mason doesn’t seem to like Rhys either… whatever, no point in talking about someone who’s not here. Plus its not my drama, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Mason – I love it when you get all gangsta baby.

Jarrah – I didn’t see you walk in with Candice, did you come with your friend Austin?

Mason – Nah, Austin had to work. I came in late cause I had a class to finish. Now its party time, I’m bout to turn up!

Candice – *singing* Aye! Aye!

Mason – You get turnt up Jarrah? or you one of them turnt down people?

Jarrah – Turn down for what? I’ll be partying once my boyfriend gets here.

Candice – Yass bitch pussy poppin’ on that BBC

Jarrah – What’s BBC?

Mason – Big black Coc-

Jarrah – Oh my god! so vulgar! *laughing*

Candice – Jarrah is that yo chocolate daddy comin’ through the door?

Jarrah – What?

Orion – Hey baby!

Jarrah – O! Hi! So glad you came!

Orion – I said I would *smiles*

Awesome, O’s here, and wow he looks hot!

Mason – I see you and your friend both like men of color

Candice – You ain’t even black!

Mason – I am from the waist down. Its like a elephants trunk in these boxers!

Candice – Oh my god shut up.

Mason – I was joking boo, damn… you know I’m a down ass-

Candice – If you say the N word I’m gonna cut you.

Mason – I was gonna say dude… you know I’m a down ass dude.

Candice – Mmm hmm

Orion – So who are your friends?

Mason – I’m Mason, but you can call me Mase’ this is mah girl, mah bae’ Candice.

Candice – Pleasure to meet you Orion, I’ve heard so much about you.

Mason – Girl what? Pleasure to meet you? Oh all of a sudden you white? where they do that at?!

Candice – Shut up Mason!

Jarrah – *laughing*

Orion – Nice to meet you Candice, I’m Orion- and Hi Mason… you’re a lucky man, Candice is very pretty.

Mason – Shit.. don’t I know it. Aye’ You pop off Orion? like do you get turnt up?

Orion – I mean.. I’m known to shut shit down from time to time.

Jarrah – Really?

Orion – Yeah babe, don’t let the paint fool you.. I’m bout to wear that ass out on the dancefloor.

Mason – And then wear it out at home huh bruh? I feel you.

Candice – Ugh Mason stop.. you so stupid *laughs*

Mason – Aye’ bro… you, me and the girls.. GCU Diner after party?

Orion – I’m down if Jarrah’s down. Assuming she’s not on cleanup duty.

Jarrah – Ugh as if I’d stick around for that…. and sure I’d love to grab a burger.

Candice – Alright its a double date then.

Great way to escape the after party madness that will happen. I’m not trying to clean up anything. Diner it is.. after all the dancing I plan on doing, I’ll have more than earned a burger…..or two.

Jarrah – Aww.. you’re fitting in with them.

Orion – Was there ever any doubt?

Jarrah – No…. well yes.

Orion – Why?

Jarrah – You’re very intellectual, and spiritual in your own little way.

Orion – Ah.. I get it… nah, I know how not to alienate people.

Jarrah – I’m happy you came.

Orion – I’m happy I came too… umm..Hey, after the party, after the diner.. do you wanna spend the night at my place?

Jarrah – Duh.. *smiles*

Orion – Cool… Oh and can I just say you look amazing? I mean wow.. how lucky am I?

Jarrah – Me?! please… I’m going to have every girl in here jealous.. you’re such a hottie.. with your tight shirt on.

Orion – Hey where’s Lola? I thought you invited her?

Jarrah – Last minute dinner with her mother, she didn’t wanna blow her off so….

Orion – Speaking of Lola and Family… did you talk to Rubi?……… about that thing? that’s her name right? Rubi? her cousin?

Jarrah – As soon as she came in with her boyfriend I pulled her aside and asked her.

Orion – What did she say?

Jarrah – That she would think about it.

Orion – That’s better than a no…

Jarrah – Maybe…..

From where I’m standing.. It seems to me like Lola is a bit lonely. She had such a great friendship with her cousin Rubi in their hometown, and now… well it doesn’t exist. So I took it upon myself to talk to Rubi earlier and yeah… I don’t want to talk about it though, because I might jinx it. Moving on..

Jarrah – I hate sounding like a broken record but I’m really glad you’re here.

Orion – Anything for my girl.. plus.. seeing that smile is worth it. I just hope theirs no drunken idiots here. I don’t wanna have to punch anyone.

Jarrah – Drunken fratboys and non fratboys are here.. BUT.. they’re happy drunks.. so no drama.

Orion – Hey so what happened at work? you said earlier that you got into it with the racist bitch again?

He called during my decorating and I was starting to vent to him about my workday.. of course Spirit needed me so that conversation got cut short

Jarrah – She was being racist again, but lets not even bother talking about it. Lets just have fun, lets not let the haters get us down.

Orion – Lets not let the haters get us down? you sound like me *smirks*

Jarrah – Well its good advice *smiles*

JoJo – Then she came back in the sorority house pissed off, I was like, are you okay Tyena? She was suppose to be on that social experiment with your friend Frankie. She was so mad though.

Trey – I see………………..well…. everyone has their issues I guess.

Jarrah – Oh look there’s my bestie! Trey!

Orion – Oh cool I’m finally meeting him.

Look who’s here! Its Trey! looking so cute!

Jarrah – Trey!

Trey – Hi boo!

Jarrah – I love your hair!

Trey – Thanks! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep my fro, or cut it all off.. so I went somewhere in the middle.

Jarrah – I love it!- Oh! Trey this is Orion, my-

Trey – The boyfriend! oh my god I finally get to see you in person. I’ve stared at your pics on facebook so many times- wow that sounded creepy. Lets start over, Hi! I’m Trey nice to meet you! *laughing*

Orion – *laughs* Hi Trey, Its good to meet you too.

Trey – You are very attractive

Orion – Aww thanks

Trey – Jarrah he’s very attractive, good for you!

Jarrah – I know right- Oh babe, this is Joanna aka Jojo.. one of my Sorority sisters.

Orion – Nice to meet you as well Joanna- Jojo? which do-

Jojo – Just call me Jojo *smiles* Nice to meet’cha!

Jarrah – How come you’re just now getting here? did you two come together?

JoJo – Oh no, I was on my way back from the gym, and Spirit called me asking me to buy booze. I’m like why can’t the frat do that?

Jarrah – My thoughts exactly…

Spirit is such a tyrant..

Jojo – So I got some.. its in the car, they can go get it.. shit I’m tired. AND I want to see my boyfriend. Is he here?

Jarrah – I’m pretty sure I saw Harrison dancing.

Trey – Jeep here?

Jarrah – Yeah

Orion – The cousin?

Jarrah – Yep.

Trey – What about the others?

Jarrah – Jeep, and Keegan. You and I… that’s it.

Trey – No Frankie, and Kaori I see…

Jarrah – Work…. by the way.. he- KingOfNowhere is here..

Trey – Fabulous.

Orion – Who?

Jarrah – Its a long-

Trey – My ex boyfriend who’s in the closet…

Orion – Ah…

Jojo – Oh lord.. I wonder who that could be..

Trey – Jojo, I love you… but you’ll have to keep wondering because I’m not going to out him.

Jojo – I understand.

God, I didn’t even think about the fact that Aries and Trey would both be here. Hopefully they stay far away from each other. Must be so weird, and awkward for Trey to see him pretending to be this.. woman loving, loud obnoxious fratboy. Trey know’s the real him… its sad they couldn’t work out. Dominic seems cool though, so I’m crossing my fingers for that.

Jarrah – Chace, and Lenny are here by the way.

Trey – Oh good!

Jarrah – Where’s Dominic?

Trey – He said he wasn’t up for partying tonight, so I didn’t pressure him. I told him that maybe we could grab a bite at the diner after. He said okay.

Jarrah – We’re going there after the party with Candice and Mason.. I guess we’ll see you there!


Mason – Umm what?

Elena – Have you seen him?

Mason – Seen who?

Elena – My boyfriend!

Candice – Who’s your boyfriend honey? we ain’t psychic

Elena – Collin Duvall! White, average height. Really cute, hair to right here *making hand gestures*

Candice – No… I don’t think so.

Mason – Can we go dance babe? or get a drink?

Candice – Yeah lets-

Elena – Its just that… He said he’d be here, and he’s not. Its really stressful when people tell you one thing, and then they do another. Like am I wrong for wanting my boyfriend around? for example the other day-

Candice – Girl! no… I don’t even know you boo! like why are you telling me your whole life story?

I should probably go intervene 

Jarrah – I’ll be right back… gonna go see what’s wrong with Elena.. she’s another Sorority sister.

Orion – Oh okay.

Jojo – I’m gonna go find my boyfriend. Nice meeting you Orion.

Orion – You too.

Trey – Guess its just us boys!

Orion – *laughs*

Time for drama 101…

Jarrah – Everything okay Elena?

Elena – No! Its so NOT okay Jarrah.

Jarrah – What’s wrong?

Elena – Collin hates me!

Jarrah – No he doesn’t

Elena – Did he tell you that?

Jarrah – Well no, not exactly but I know he doesn’t hate you.

Elena – Then why isn’t he here?!

Jarrah – He told me that he had to do something for his mom or something.. I don’t remember the details.

Elena – When did he tell you this? I’ve called and text repeatedly and he hasn’t called or texted back!

Jarrah – Earlier, I saw him at Greenland.

Elena – What? I love Greenland how come he didn’t invite me?

Jarrah – Between classes? or he wanted alone time? we all need that?

Elena – Did he complain about me or something?

Jarrah – Umm.. No…. Look relax.. he’ll be here. Suzy wouldn’t keep him from-

Elena – Who’s Suzy?

Jarrah – His mom-

Elena – You met his mom!? he won’t let me meet her yet!

Jarrah – Well you two haven’t been dating for THAT long.. and he’s old fashion.. meeting his mom is a big step.

Elena – How did you meet her?!

Oooh.. I got drunk, and I woke up at his place the next morning.. and his mom offered me food. BUT I’m not telling you that Elena..

Jarrah – Hanging with Collin one day we ran into her.. pure coincidence.

Have to remind myself to tell that to Collin incase she brings it up.

Elena – This is a disaster! He hates me! I know he does.

Jarrah – You should go get a drink and socialize.. he’ll be here.

Elena – Will you call him for me?… please?

Jarrah – If you promise to go have fun?

Elena – Okay!… just tell me what he says after!

Jarrah – Alrighty!

Elena – Don’t forget!

Jarrah – I won’t.


Trey – So you’re a painter?

Orion – I’m an artist I guess, I like doing things with my hands… I write too.

Trey – That’s awesome, you seem very artistic.

Orion – You’re a chef in training I hear

Trey – That would be correct. I want to have my own catering company.

Orion – Put it out into the universe.. it’ll happen.

Trey – Not a bad idea.

Orion – So Dominic? is he your boyfriend?

Trey – Oh.. no..

Orion – Why not? still waiting on the downlow ex to grow a set of balls?

Trey – What has Jarrah all told you?

Orion – Oh she hasn’t gone into detail about it, I sorta just took a guess…. doesn’t seem like I’m that far off?

Trey – Umm.. Dominic is great… I really like him. I’d like to see where it goes.

Orion – I sense hesitation… word of advice?

Trey – Sure?

Orion – Don’t waste time on those who don’t have time for you. You’re a good looking dude, and you seem chill as hell.

Trey – Wow thanks, that’s really sweet. Now I see why Jarrah likes you so much.

Orion – *laughs* I’m just being honest… gotta live while you can… you know?

Trey – That’s all very true.

Really glad Trey and O are hitting it off. I knew he’d get along with my friends, as for Elena.. she really needs to relax! she’s starting to sound crazy. She’s not the only one with boyfriend problems. I have one big problem sitting in my facebook inbox… still unanswered. Maybe Kaori was right though.. It seems like something I should just do. Because what if I talk to him about it, and he’s so clouded by the past that he doesn’t think about the present?… I don’t know… whatever, its party time. I’ll worry about it later! Its time to dance til’ my body aches!

{Press Play}

(POV Jeep)

Darell – Where the hell did Portia go?

Maliha – I think Aries is such a nerd.. why was he let in the Frat again? I kinda like Javier more than him

Dylan – Hammer’s call.. He’s running the show.

Maliha – Babe.. I feel like such a slut

Dylan – Why?

Maliha – Because of what we just did in the bathroom.

Dylan – It was fun though.

Maliha – I left my panties in there

Dylan – You’re not wearing any right now?

Maliha – I forgot to put them back on *laughing*

Dylan – Oh god, what if someone finds them *laughs*


Javier – I think you’re a rockstar Jonah. I really liked the way you stuck it to Aries.

Fockky – Yeah.. you really took it to him, right in the jugular!

Jeep – Thanks Javier.

Javier – He sucks, he tries too hard, and coming from me, that that’s pretty sad. I think you’re way cooler than him.

Jeep – Really?

Javier – Heck yeah! I mean come on Jeepster you read comics, you shoot mini films. Your personal style is kickass! I wish I were like you.

That’s the first time anyone has ever said anything like that to me. Maybe what’s “cool” is changing.. maybe being uncool is the new cool?

Jeep – Thanks Javier! That really makes me feel good to hear that honestly.

Javier – No problem Jeepster. Now I see why Keegan never stops talking about you.

Jeep – What? really?

Javier – Yeah.. he says you’re going places in life. I believe it!

Fockky – Fock Yeah Joan-ner! You’re A-O-K in my book!

Jeep – You guys are great… thanks. Umm… Javier.. if I were ever cold to you I’m sorry.. I-

Javier – Water under the bridge, its okay. *smiles* We’re friends now right?

Jeep – You know what? we are. *smiles*

Keegan – Awww look at my two little bro’s bonding. I might just shed a tear.

Fockky – Oh god…. Keegan.. you’re like.. so focking hot. Boxers or Briefs? How’s it hanging down there? I bet you got the thunder down under!

Keegan – You wanna see my penis Fockky?

Fockky – Fock YES! show me the magic stick.. MEAT TREAT!

Keegan – I’m joking!

Fockky – So am I!……….. I have Javi’s lunchmeat!


Javier – *sigh*

Fockky – Oh don’t worry Javi… I’m only interested in doing your meatlog! and it is a log!

Keegan – Yeah you’re the cutest little thing Javi, I couldn’t steal your girl even if I tried.. right Fockster?

Fockky – Damn skippy!

Jeep  & Javier- *laughing*

Keegan – Fockky… you’re kinda weird… but awesome.

Fockky – Is that code for Sexy? because I know I’m hawt!…. and if you think I’m smokin’ now.. you should see me in my flannel pajamas.. too hot to handle!


Jojo – *laughing* Really?

Harrison – Yeah… you make me happy.

Jojo – You make me happy too.

Rubi – Awww look at y’all trying to be cute. You found love girl! finally, I remember when I was in the sorority and you’d cry and eat nutella and say you’d be single forever, welp nope! you puttin’ a hurt’n on em’ now girl!

Harrison – ……..Rubi can you go away?

Jojo – Yeah.. I don’t even like you.

Rubi – Oh you still mad from that fight we had?… the one where you used your weight on me up against the fridge? you wild’n girl! let it go!

Jojo – Get away from me Rubi-

Harrison – Seriously get the fuck out of here Rubi, go hangout with Aries, or your girlfriends.

Jojo – What girlfriends? she only ever hangs out with that Bingbing girl.. Rubi is the type to never have female friends because she’s rude and obnoxious.

Rubi – And you the type to never lose weight cause you love food.

Harrison – But didn’t you gain like 30 pounds in the past few months though? I like Jojo’s body.. what’s your point? Also you started all that shit with my cousin Jonah.. that was all you…

Rubi – ……………………………………………………..I’m gonna let y’all do what y’all do cause clearly y’all is jealous of the Kween.. Kween RUBI!


Fockky – Wow.. Rubi is at it again… lard-ass

Jeep & Keegan – *laughing*

Javier – She’s very loud and aggressive, she scares me.

Fockky – Oh please, she’s all mouth… don’t be intimidated by her. She’s so stupid looking.

Rubi – *looking at Fockky* Ugh Yo SLUG lookin’ ass is here?!

Jeep – Here we go again!

Keegan – Rubi get the fuck out of here dude! Aries come get your girl!

Rubi – You always talkin shit Foccky! You need to fall back!

Fockky – I think YOU need to fall the FOCK back Rubi!

Bingbing – Nobody jump Rubi, I jump in if you do.

Javier – Lets just go outside Fockky-

Fockky – No! I’m tired of her being rude to people!

Rubi – You ain’t gonna do nothing about it slug!

Javier – Stop it Rubi, why are you so mean?

Rubi – I’m not mean! I can’t help it that I’m popular!

Jeep – More like attention starved.

Rubi – Shut your face bitch!

Fockky – I feel like you were dropped on your head as a baby

Rubi – I feel like you’re special ed and have a nostril problem

Keegan – Rubi you had a nose job! how can you talk about nostril problems?

Rubi – I had a deviated septum that needed repair!

Jeep – Sure you did…

Fockky – More lies

Bingbing – Rubi don’t tell lies!

Rubi – You want to be me so bad Fockky, you so ugly.. and tall and skinny.. ugh.

Fockky – Your mother should have swallowed that load.. because you’re a waste of space Rubi!

Everyone in the room – Ooooh!

Rubi – Whatever four-eyed bug bitch! You mad cause I have curves and I can snatch ya man?

Javier – Uh… No… I think you’re ugly Rubi…

Rubi – You’re a loser just like Jonah!

Fockky – That’s it! nobody talks to my man like that! Bring it the FOCK on!

Rubi – You ain’t about that life! bitch I will-

Fockky – *attacks Rubi*

Everyone in the room – Ooooh shit!

Jeep – Kick her ass Fockky!

Bingbing – Hit her back Rubi!!!

I don’t have time for this nonsense. Where the hell is Spirit? I feel like she’s mad at me or something….

[Loud thump]

Downstairs Crowd – Ooooh!

Harrison (downstairs) – Rubi……….You got knocked the fuck out!

Aries (downstairs) – Oh my god! get her a towel she’s bleeding! Don’t just stand there!

Rubi (downstairs) – Nah let me the fuck go, I’m gonna stomp that bitch! you got me fucked up son!

Aries (downstairs) – Rubi you’re bleeding stop it! sit right here!

Keegan (downstairs) – I’ll get some ice.. but serves her ass right!

Fockky (downstairs) – Lets go Javi.. I don’t want to be here anymore.

Javier (downstairs)  – I’ll grab our jackets.

Darell (downstairs) – Does Rubi need to go to the hospital? she’s leaking blood!


Tyena – What’s going on down there?

Elena – Is someone fighting?

Jeep – Rubi and Fockky are fighting.. I think Fockky knocked Rubi into the coffee table or something.

Tyena – Ooooh…. is she okay?-

Elena – Hey where’s your roommate?

Jeep – What?

Elena – My boyfriend! Collin… where is he? he’s still not here!

Jeep – Umm.. I don’t know.

Elena – Your cousin said she was going to call him, but I can’t find her.

Jeep – She’s around here with her boyfriend..

Elena – UGH! This is ridiculous.

Tyena – You need to have a drink and relax.

Jeep – …………..Have you tried calling him?

Elena – Calling, texting, Skype! nothing!

Jeep – I’m sure he’s on his way.

Tyena – Is your friend here?

Jeep – Which?

Tyena – Frankie.

Jeep – Nope, I wish.

Tyena – Oh okay.

Oh so now you’re concerned with her? after how you reacted after YOU kissed HER? ridiculous. But you know what? I really do wish she was here. I’ve grown accustom to hanging out with her on the regular. She deserves a good night out… I’d love to show her a good time. She’s always working though. Whoa at what I just said.. I’ve been hanging out with her so much that I’m starting to talk like her… *mimicking himself* “I’ve grown accustom” *laughing.*

Jeep – ………………….Where’s Spirit?

Elena – She’s in her room putting her makeup on. She couldn’t decide on an outfit.

Tyena – All of them are slutty looking anyway but whatever, but I suppose you being a man.. you like that sort of thing right? breast on display?

Jeep – Umm…………………..yeah…….sure thing Tyena…………. ………..I’m going to go talk to her.

Elena – What if she’s not decent?

Tyena – I’m sure they’ve seen each other naked Elena…

Elena – Oh.. that’s true… ahhh I’m gonna go call Collin again… will you help me find Jarrah?

Tyena – No, I’m going downstairs to get a drink.

Elena needs to get a grip. Nobody likes a clingy stalker for a girlfriend. Hopefully Jarrah stays hidden away with her boyfriend. Elena is such a buzzkill. As for Tyena, why is she interested in knowing if Frankie is here or not?. Like Keegan said.. Girls are weird. Speaking of, Its time to see why Spirit think’s making an entrance means being late to her own shindig…


Jeep – Why?

Austin – *smiles*

Spirit – Jonah? I-….

Jeep – Why would you do this? I was good to you.

Spirit – No you weren’t…..

Austin – She know’s the truth…. I told her everything.

Jeep – Told her what?

Spirit – About Frankie.. all the secret dates, you guys going to slut-hill and doing whatever.

Jeep – I didn’t do-

Austin – You told me you secretly date her! AND I saw you on slut-hill with her… kissing her.

Jeep – I didn’t-

Spirit – This is Christine all over again…

Jeep – Why would you do this without even talking to me about it?!

Spirit – You did this! not me!… you think its okay to cheat on me and not expect me to do it back?! You’re such a dumbass!

Jeep – Screw you Spirit, and fuck you Austin.

Austin – Should have never cheated dude!

Jeep – I didn’t cheat!

Spirit – Just leave… leave my party…

Jeep – You turned into such a witch Spirit.. everyone is right about you!

Spirit – Yeah well maybe I should have listened to people when they said I shouldn’t date you. Because you were a loser.

Jeep – You liked me when I was a loser. The moment I got a little confidence you couldn’t handle it

Spirit – I hate the tattoo’s and the new attitude… not the confidence.. now please stop embarrassing yourself and leave my party. Go back to your skank!

Jeep – Frankie’s not a skank.. she’s a great person, and not a bitch like you. I’m not with her but any guy or girl would be lucky to be in that position.

Spirit – Have at it.. we’re done.

Austin – See ya in class Jonah. *evil smile*

Jeep – You two belong together.

I hope they didn’t hear any of that

Chace – Oh my god, we totally heard all of that- well saw it too…

Lenny – Chace…..

Trey – Are you gonna be okay Jeep?- stupid question…

Jeep – Its okay… I’m-

Chace – Embarrassed?

Trey – Chace!

Chace – Let me finish… I was going to say if you’re embarrassed you shouldn’t be. She’s a cunt.. and you’re kinda cute..

Lenny – Yeah you’re cute- whoever you are.

Trey – He’s very handsome right guys

Jeep – I know what you guys are trying to do.. and I appreciate it.. but I.. I just wanna go back to my dorm…

Trey – You want me to come with you? I don’t mind leaving the party-

Lenny – What about that thing with Dominic?

Chace – ……*rolls eyes*

Trey – Rain-check?

Jeep – No, its fine. Go have fun. I’m going to go to sleep.

Trey – Well call me if you need anything.

Jeep – Okay, do me a favor and don’t tell Keegan what happened. I’ll tell him in the morning. I want him to enjoy himself.

He’s doing really good being at a party and not drinking.. I’m really proud of him. Last thing I need is him coming up here and beating the living crap out of Austin… though I would personally love it if he did.

Trey – Okay.

Jeep – Shit.. he’s gonna ask why I’m leaving-

Chace – Actually he wont.. he’s outside by the pool with my brother. So if you wanna sneak out here’s your chance.

Jeep – Jarrah too! dammit

Lenny – Girl in the cheetah pants? She’s on the balcony.. 

Jeep – Oh okay… well thanks.

Trey – Well… go rest… don’t hesitate to call me…

Jeep – Alright.

Trey – I love you Jeepy.

Chace – Awww

Lenny – *smiles*

Jeep – I love you too Trey… thanks for being a good friend.

I’m done, I’m so done with this whole situation. From now on, I’m not dating a girl unless I’ve been her friend for longer than a year. I need to know what type of person I’m dealing with. The way Spirit switched up, and started letting her status go to her head is crazy. I’ve never been more disappointed in someone, than I am with her. We had such a connection, but I guess that wasn’t enough.

Then she just goes and believes Austin’s lies? I mean kudos to him though, mixing in some truth with some lies. That’s a real manipulator right there, he’s mastered his craft. I feel like part of her wanted him. She jumped at the chance!… whatever they’re both horrible people. I’m not going to be upset over this.. tired of crying over girls, tired of being rejected. I’m not going to give either of them the satisfaction, and truth be told? Yeah it does sting a bit but I’m not even sad about it anymore… I don’t know if I’m just delusional or what but I’m fine… I think. Whatever… ugh where’s Frankie when I need her- Oh wait.. work.. as usual.. *sigh* Goodnight guys.

(POV Jarrah)

Finally a quiet moment… This party hasn’t been that fun.. I did get to do some dancing with O, but I’m ready to call it a night… but first.. I need to address the elephant in the room… I don’t know how he’s going to react to this. I hope he-

Orion – There you are.

Jarrah – Oh! Hey.. sorry… was in a deep thought. Did you get lost trying to find the bathroom?

Orion – Yeah, but I found it. Everything is so pink…

Jarrah – Super clean huh?

Orion – Yeah………minus the panties I saw laying on the ground

Jarrah – What?… I cleaned that bathroom- unless someone hooked up in there.

Orion – They were black lace panties? nice from what I saw… not granny panties or anything.

Jarrah – Wow.. have some class ladies

Orion – You wouldn’t hook up in public?

Jarrah – What, are you asking me to?

Orion – What if I said yeah?

Jarrah – I….hmm..

Orion – Just kidding.. sorta

Jarrah – Perv.

Orion – So what you wanna do?… I feel like we’ve been here for like 5 hours..

Jarrah – Close… Its only been like 4.

Orion – Ah

Jarrah – They’re going to pull an all nighter, plus students who didn’t have time off class, are probably going to show up now.

Orion – Well if you want to go party and dance.. we can do that.

Jarrah – I actually need to talk to you about something.

Orion – Uh oh, that sounds serious, you’re not pregnant are you?

Jarrah – No- but if I was would that be a problem?!

Orion – Uh……….yes it would be a problem. We’re young, and you have an amazing future in front of you. It would be a setback for your career.

Jarrah – Oh.. yeah you’re right. I don’t know why I got all defensive about that.

Orion – Too many chick flicks that portrays the woman as a whiny creature, and the guy as someone who runs away from responsibility…. I watch chick flicks too.

Jarrah – Yeah.. that’s probably it.

Orion – So what did you want to talk to me about?

Jarrah – So… earlier today… I got a message on facebook… from your brother… Eli?

Orion – ………………………………………………….okay?

Jarrah – …… He was worried, and upset it seems….

Orion – He along with my father likes to play games like that… its probably nothing but a scheme to-

Jarrah – Your dad is dying…

Orion – ……What?

Jarrah – Eli said he needs closure, and he wants to see you.. with your dad..

Orion – ……No

Jarrah – O, he’s your dad.

Orion – Its a lie… and I won’t fall for it.

Jarrah – I was hoping you didn’t feel that way.

Orion – Why what did you do?

Jarrah – ……….

Orion – Jarrah?….. what did you do?

Jarrah – I sat on it all day, and just now when you were in the bathroom… I…

Orion – You what?

Jarrah – ……I gave him your address?

Orion – Why the fuck would you do that?!

Jarrah – I-

Orion – You’re way out of line!

Portia – *sits in chair quietly*

Jarrah – I was gonna give him your number, but you’d just ignore any calls or texts. Don’t you think its important to have closure and-

Orion – That wasn’t your call to make though!

Jarrah – I asked my friend, and she said something that made sense.. you’d hate yourself if you didn’t get to say goodbye-

Orion – Jarrah…. I don’t have a relationship with them for a reason. You just… God.. why would you do this?

Jarrah – I’m sorry, I thought you’d be okay with it

Orion – Why in the hell would you think that?

Jarrah – Because you’re logical, and caring.. I thought you would see this for what it could be. Closure.

Orion – No, I see this as a mess… a fucking mess!

Jarrah – I’m sorry, it just felt like the right thing to do- I went with my gut instinct O’ and if you hate me-

Orion – Don’t do that, don’t apologize, and then spin it-

Jarrah – I’m not trying to, I genuinely feel horrible.

Orion – Fuck! Why…. why do this? we were having such a great night. Can we not have good nights?

Jarrah – What is that suppose to mean?

Orion – Oh I don’t know..I get arrested one night, the next you’re playing a game a family feud- its too much!

Jarrah – Wait a second- the whole thing with that cop wasn’t my fault.

Orion – That’s not what I said…

Jarrah – I feel like I was wrong… but right too…

Orion – I get why you feel that way, but it was never your choice. I’m gonna go.

Jarrah – Wow… okay.. just leave me here-

Orion – Well what do you expect?! I’m mad! I don’t want to yell at you either?! even though you’re the one who caused my anger, and mood shift.

Jarrah – We could always sit and talk-

Orion – No…. just.. don’t follow me.

Elena – Hi, stranger that I don’t know.. have you seen a guy-

Orion – Not in the mood….

Elena – Alrighty then…….

Jarrah – O! Don’t leave! lets just talk about this!

Orion – Nothing to talk about. Don’t follow me Jarrah.. you know how I don’t like to make a scene.

Jarrah – …..Dammit…

Elena – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Not now Elena..

Elena – Collin never showed up, and he didn’t text me… I think he’s cheating on me-

Jarrah – Elena….. not now.. can’t you see I’m having my own issues?

Elena – But you’re Collin’s close friend, you would know- Please tell me he’s not cheating on me. Why is he ignoring me? why does he act like this-

Jarrah – Because you’re fucking annoying! you constantly stalk his every move! you’re super fucking obsessive and its really fucking annoying! okay?! that’s why.. you smother him, and you wonder why he wants to be left alone. I would do the same thing if I were him. You’re driving me crazy! I’m not even in this relationship! LEAVE ME ALONE!……FUCK!

Elena – ……………………………….

Jarrah – ………….Oh now you’ve ran out of words? God….. go on.. make me the bad guy!

Elena – I get that you’re mad about whatever happened with your boyfriend… but you didn’t have to yell at me.

Jarrah – Maybe I didn’t have to yell but you seriously needed to hear that-

Elena – You still like Collin don’t you! that’s what this is all about.

Jarrah – WHAT?

Elena – Is that why you and your boyfriend are fighting? Is it about Collin?!

Jarrah – You’re insane! You’re nuts!

Elena – Am I too blond for him? What is it? should I look more like you?

Jarrah – I don’t want Collin!

Elena – You do! I can smell it on you! it all makes sense.

Jarrah – Nothing you’re saying makes any sense.. did you forget to take your meds? because honestly you’re creeping me out!.. and if you’re not on any prescription meds maybe you need to be..

Elena – Everything is starting to fit like a puzzle…. You do know I’m a genius right? I got into this school with a 5.0 GPA… I’m not dumb. I know you and Collin have been sneaking around!

Jarrah – We Haven’t! I’m only going to say that one more time!

Elena – Are you the person he’s been talking to late at night?! are you the reason he doesn’t want to fall asleep on the phone with me anymore?

Jarrah – NO! You’re the reason! you and this obsessiveness.. Stop talking to me Elena I swear… right now I’m REALLY not in the mood for this.

Elena – Tell me why you’re doing this to me.. is it because I’m the new girl in the house?

Jarrah – Elena! stop!

Elena – Tell me why!

Jarrah – This is so ridiculous!

Elena – Jarrah stop this!

Jarrah – Get away from me!

Elena – I’m not letting you go-

Jarrah – I will punch you in the face!

Elena – I……………. *stops*

Jarrah – Now move!

Elena – What…. what have I done?

Jarrah – …….

Elena – Jarrah I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s come over me…. what- what just happened?

Jarrah – How do you not know what just happened?

Elena – I-…..I feel light headed….

Jarrah – Maybe you should go to your room, and lay down or something.. get some water or-

Elena – You sound angry…

Jarrah – Where the hell have you been?

Elena – I don’t remember what just happened.

Jarrah – …………. I’m gonna go find your brother.

Elena – NO! no! please don’t!

Jarrah – Why?

Elena – Because Lars is just… he’ll blow this out of proportion… just… can you get me a glass of water?

Jarrah – Fine….

Elena – I don’t know what I did to make you mad but I’m sorry…

Jarrah – ……..I’m sorry too…

Elena – For what?

Jarrah – Umm… it doesn’t matter.. I’ll go get water…

Elena – Thanks for being a friend.

Jarrah – No problem…

Elena – Hey Jarrah?

Jarrah – Yeah?

Elena – Did Collin come to the party? I was thinking maybe I should call him but I don’t want to be a bother?

Jarrah – Umm… You go lay down and I’ll check and see if he’s here… and if he’s not I’ll call… okay?

Elena – Oh okay, sounds like a plan.

What the hell? Its like she just blacked out or something… Its like she wasn’t even here for the argument, and she seems like she doesn’t remember calling and texting Collin all night. Maybe I SHOULD go tell Lars about what’s going on. Wow.. see this is me meddling again.. as if I didn’t get in enough trouble with that. I pretty sure Orion hates me, and wants to breakup now.

This is what I get. I shouldn’t have taken Kaori’s advice- NOT that I’m blaming this on her. Its just that- well.. what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. This is all my fault. I made the judgement call to do what I did, and it backfired. I hope Keegan, Trey, and Jeep aren’t having this bad of a time at this party. Great night ruined by yours truly… way to go Jarrah… Is it too much to ask for one good night?

~End Of Chapter Three Pt 1 | Chapter Three Pt 2 is Next~



  1. Ok first off I like the snow and how it moves around when I move my mouse :p. Now back to the story. First I want to note how funny Magdalena’s rant was about salads lol. Now the party; liked the party music :D. But wow so much drama!! I was wondering who would be next to leave the building! We’ve got Rubi and her rude self attacking Jeep. She’s so annoying! I’m glad Jeep stood up for himself. I like the confident Jeep :D. I was shocked to hear him fighting back! It’s nice knowing that Fockky knocked her out lol. Hopefully she’ll stop being so evil from now on! I’m pretty disappointed in Spirit. Sure Austin is the one spreading lies about Jeep but she didn’t have to believe them. Like Jeep said, she didn’t even give him a chance to defend himself! Maybe she really DID want Austin! I’m also on the fence about Jarrah and Orion. I agree that he should try and patch things up with his dad before he dies. I might be biased though. Not sure if I told you but my dad died last year…it was an accident on the job. Completely unexpected. I did have a good relationship with him though but I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye :\. So anyway, in this case I’ll have to side with Jarrah. Sorry Orion :p. Now….what in the world is up with Elena and the blackout??

    1. Glad the snow isn’t a bother, I quite like it myself 🙂

      Thanks for reading/commenting. I put alot of detail in the story… little things that will hint at things coming up. The party was crazy.. Kaori and Frankie should consider themselves lucky that they couldn’t make it.

      Rubi… is just…. LOL.. horrible person. Aries like Jeep said is way too impressionable.

      Jeep did pretty good standing up for himself, and whatever he didn’t say Keegan made sure to voice. Keegan is really fed up with Aries and honestly he kinda wanted Jeep to out him lmao.

      Poor Jarrah.. having to deal with that racist chick at work, and then can’t even have a good time at the party. Her and Orion are so cute together so hopefully that fight won’t be a deal breaker.

      Elena………..are you okay?……..lol…….

      Sooooo many things are about to happen In the next few chapters.. I cannot wait for you to see them.

      Also, sorry to hear that about your dad. My grandpa died last week, so my mother is a wreck right now. Its all so sad, and mentally draining getting ready for the funeral and all of that. So much family drama too.. I really just want this week to be over.

      Anyway! again thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. Thanks. 😦 sorry to hear that about your grandpa *hugs*. You’re right; it really is mentally exhausting. Sucks that it happened so close to the holidays. I hope things get better for you! But yeah, Aries bugs me almost as much as Rubi does. He went from being romantic and sweet to being just plain stupid lol. I’m starting to wonder if he’ll ever wake up and realize what he’s doing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words… and yeah not only are the holidays here, but my mom’s birthday was Tuesday, his birthday would have been next Monday.. then X-Mas.. then my B day on the 28th. Everyone seems to be coping well though… lots of tears last night at the wake.

      ~Change of Subject~

      One would assume after Keegan talked to him (Aries) at the Frathouse that he’d really check himself but nope… he let his frat brothers, and Rubi really influence his actions. He was once so cute, and innocent but.. shit happens… the real question is… will he get himself out of it before its too late.

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