{BnG Season 2} Chapter Two Part 3 : “Attitude Adjustment”

_______________{Conclusion Of Chapter Two}_______________

Chapter Two | Pt. 3 Attitude Adjustment” 

-POV’s : Keegan & Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Keegan)

So as promised Myra and I got together to talk. She brought along her son Curtis, and I brought Zoey… my little sis. We of course talked about alot of different topics. Including my whereabouts during the G.C.U. Lockdown…

Keegan – ……..So you were in the library with my friends.

Myra – Yeah, my sister, and my boyfriend were there too. Other students were with us.

Keegan – Wait you have a boyfriend?

Myra – Miguel and I made it official.. in the library.

Keegan – Before or after the lockdown?

Myra – Before.

Keegan – That’s great.

Myra – It is… *smiles*

Keegan – That was scary as hell… I’m glad everybody is okay.

Myra – Where were you?

Keegan – I was actually in the main office…

Myra – Whoa

Keegan – I was in the main office with Hammer.. so then we jumped over the desks and hid… and we heard alot of stuff.. we were right in the center of it all.

Myra – Really?

Keegan – Yeah we talked.. and had a… heart to heart?

Myra – Oh you guys have a bromance now?

Keegan – *laughs* A Bromance?

Myra – What did you guys talk about?

Keegan – Personal stuff…

I learned something about Hammer.. that nobody else knows. I’m the ONLY person he’s ever told this. I decided to tell him about Mona…. trust me.. after what he told me, its the least I could share. More on that later….

Myra – Well that makes sense. Bonding time with your fraternity brother.

Keegan – Under horrible circumstances.

Myra – Yeah…

Keegan – It was……..happenstance.

Oh god did I use that right?

Myra – What did you just say? did you use the word happenstance?

Keegan – Word of the day on dictionary dot com. I’m trying to broaden my vocabulary.

Myra – Well good on you. You used it correctly too.

Keegan – Fuck yeaaaaaaaaah

Myra – Nerd.. you’re a nerd..

Keegan – Good.. a sexy nerd.

Myra – You called yourself sexy.. I can’t. *laughing*

Keegan – …..I was scared..

Myra – Of what?- Oh… the lockdown..

Keegan – Yeah… but not scared of dying or anything.. just… scared of not living… does that make any sense?

Myra – Yeah.. those are two different things.. I get it.

Keegan – Cause I mean.. dying is dying.. everyone goes sooner or later- but NOT living? that’s… that would suck.. so much we haven’t done yet you know?

Myra – I kept thinking about Curtis… and how he already doesn’t have a dad… if I were to go.. then…

Keegan – Well good thing none of that happened.

Myra – Rhys was very brave during everything. She was pointing people in good hiding places and calming everyone down. Though she did get into with that cocky Kaori girl…

Keegan – Yeah… I know her… she’s one of my friends…

Myra – You slept with her?

Keegan – No.

Myra – Oh okay..

About that…………….. being in that office.. during the lockdown. I decided I gotta stop wasting time, sulking because I missed my chance with Kaori. She’s living her life, and she’s happy. Why the fuck am I working myself up over her? Do I like her? sure but I gotta move the fuck on. Give my attention to my friends and family. Also Rhys is gorgeous and she could be just what I need- WE could be what each other needs to be honest. I’m going for it.

Keegan – Curtis and Zoey seem to be getting along well.

Myra – Curtis was up early trying to decide on what to wear… I think he has a little crush on her.

Keegan – Aww…

Myra – So happy he doesn’t seem affected by the lack of…. dad.

Keegan – Myra I know you said the dad is out of the picture but what exactly did you mean by that? 

Myra – He’s not with Curtis and I….. he’s not in the picture.. that’s all.

Keegan – So does he even… like does he know about Curtis? I know you guys grew up in Bridgeport so is he still there?

Myra – He’s in jail… and he doesn’t know anything about Curtis- Now can we change the subject?

Keegan – Sorry…

Myra – Its fine.. I get why you’re inquisitive….

Keegan – You, Rhys, and Curtis.. you guys live with your grandpa… wheres your-

Myra – Dad- last time I heard was in Magik City… We don’t talk. Our Mother… well that is a completely different topic. She picked drugs, and alcohol over Rhys and I.

Keegan – Its good that you guys had your grandparents.

Myra – Granny was a fighter but she was taken from us last year.. she was sick. Grandpa is very healthy and he loves us.. so.. yeah.. I guess we are lucky to have some sort of support system. My mother was such a….. she was so draining, and I really lost myself for a while.. which resulted in… Curtis. I’m happy I have him though.. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Keegan – *smiles*

Myra – God why are we talking about this? we’re suppose to be talking about Rhys..

Keegan – Right but just so you know… if you ever wanna talk about anything we can.

Myra – Okay.. cool.

Keegan – So about your sister.. would you say that she’s instantly turned off by anyone who drinks? or that has had pro-

Myra – Oh god no.. Rhys can out drink anybody I know. Her tolerance level is through the roof.. I’ve never seen her drunk. She’s not the type of person to see someone spiral out of control and then put herself in a plastic bubble.

Keegan – Ah

Myra – Why are you like a heavy drinker?

Keegan – No I don’t drink.

Myra – But you smoke weed right? I mean I do sometimes its not that big of a deal

It is for someone like me

Keegan – I have in the past but these days I smoke cigarettes… which is so bad. I need to stop.

Myra – So you’re a good boy… shocking.

Keegan – *laughs* surprise.

Zoey – I need to go to the ladies room.

Curtis – Why not say restroom?

Zoey – Because my room is for ladies.

Curtis – You’re a girl though.

Zoey – Lady In Training!

Curtis – Well I have to pee also.

Zoey – Copy cat!

Keegan – Lets take them to use the restrooms.

Myra – Okay.

Zoey – I’m not sure why we need bathroom security.

Curtis – I hope you’re not coming in with us!

Zoey – Yuck!

Myra – We’re not… we’re just gonna stand outside and wait for you guys

Zoey – …………

Keegan – Its for your safety.. people are crazy… 

Myra – Exactly.

Keegan – How’s school you guys?

Curtis – BORING!

Myra – Why is it boring?

Curtis – Book reports!

Zoey – School is easy.. that’s why its boring to me.

Keegan – Well what would you rather do instead of book reports?

Curtis – Art class!

Zoey – I like science class.

Curtis – Auntie Rhys loves science

Myra – Oh god does she. She really thinks she’ll find the cure to cancer one day.

Curtis – She’s a taxi major

Zoey – What?

Myra – Toxicology honey.

Curtis – I was close.

Zoey – Ah, so she’s into making people healthy and finding cures for the future?

Keegan – Something like that.

Keegan – I’ve seen her around the science lab so Toxicology makes sense..

Myra – She’s not like a stuck up snobby know it all by the way. She’s brilliant but she’s not in the business of making people feel dumb.

Keegan – Well that’s good.

Myra – I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re doing alright at G.C.U.?

Keegan – I’m doing okay.

Myra – But you could do better?

Keegan – Right…

Myra – Perfect…

Keegan – How so?

Myra – Well… my sister tutors for extra money. We don’t turn down money so she’s can’t exactly say no to you if you ask her.

Keegan – Aww man I’m gonna have to actually study?

Myra – Why not? its two birds one stone.. 

Keegan – That’s true I guess…

Myra – So today.. go find her and proposition her with the tutoring thing.

Keegan – Okay.

Myra – Now.. her do’s and don’ts

Keegan – Shoot.

Myra – She hates thugs- well.. to be more specific.. she hates white boy gangsta wannabe’s

Keegan – I’m n-

Myra – Loose the hat Justin Bieber.

Keegan – Ha-Ha very funny…

Myra – Moving on, she doesn’t like guys who interrupt her, or try and make her feel like she should be a stereotypical woman. If she wants to pay for something let her.

Keegan – Alright.

Myra – She loves a guy who smells really good- you do… so.. check that off the list. She hates gossip and drama. She likes for someone to be interested in her field of studies but don’t push it where it comes off as fake.

Keegan – I got you.

Myra – She’s a vegetarian by the way.. so.. yeah. She doesn’t fault anyone for eating meat but its just her personal choice.

Keegan – Okay

Myra – She really likes classical music.. which in my opinion is so boring…. she likes some hip hop. T.I. is her favorite rapper.

Keegan – I like Tip…The “Urban Legend” album is my shit.

Myra – Oh god *laughs* She also loves this band called The Donnas.. do you know who they are?- Nobody knows who they are.. they’re so irrelevant.

Keegan – I don’t know them.. but I do love alot of different music, country, rap,………pop…

Myra – I don’t doubt it, but anyway.. moving on…. what else.. Oh! for whatever reason she quotes Nelson Mandela alot..

Keegan – I know he- actually.. god.. I don’t even know what he’s famous for..

Myra – Jesus Christ Keegan.. read a book…..

Keegan – Do I have to? can’t I just go on Wikipedia or google?

Myra – Sure.. whatever *laughs*

Keegan – Cool… so come on give me more info..

Myra – Umm, she likes when a guy is into trying new things. She doesn’t like pansy boys either… so man up- though you seem pretty straight forward and confident.

Keegan – Cool… I’m gonna be myself with her…. I’ll take those things under consideration though. Its best if I’m just myself at the end of the day.

Myra – Keegan.. I think you’re hot, minus the whole white boy ghetto thing.. and you seem genuine and nice. I know she think’s you’re a looker.. so I want this to work. She needs this.

Keegan – ….I’d love to take her out and see where it goes. I’m all in- oh and while we’re talking about fashion… whats up with the cornrow grandma look you got going on?

Myra – *laughs* screw you! I’m getting my hair done next week!

Keegan – Can’t wait to see this..

Myra – Whatever.. *laughing*

Well…. this will be interesting. Hopefully Rhys doesn’t just dismiss me… brilliant plan for me to get to know her, plus it does help me with my grades. I’m really pumped at the idea of she and I getting to know each other. If she’s even as half as cool as her sister Myra, I think we could really gel together. Time will tell. Off to class, peep ya later.

(POV Frankie)

Hey guys, I survived the lockdown- well technically I wasn’t even on campus when it happened-

Tyena – Did you hear me?

Frankie – Sorry.. was having a conversation with myself…

Tyena – I asked where were you during the lockdown? I was at the sorority house, and it was so scary. Elena kept freaking out.. she’s so over the top.

Frankie – I actually wasn’t on campus, I was on my way here but then I got the G.C.U. alert on my phone. So I went to my dad’s house…

Which was awkward…. because he and Max were there… half dressed. Yuck.

Tyena – Oh, well that’s cool.. you were safe and what not. What about your friends?

Frankie – We’ve all text and got updates.. everyone was okay.

Tyena – Great.

Frankie – So umm.. ready?

Tyena – Yeah… I mean it sucks that we have to do this now-

Frankie – Its the only time that really works with my schedule

Tyena – Mine as well…

Incase you forgot I have that date with Tyena that I had to do. Originally I was going to gay it up and make her as uncomfortable as possible but honestly.. I’m tired. I don’t feel like playing games. Lets just eat and call it a day. I’m not putting any effort into this “DATE”

Frankie – Well we should get this over with eh?

Tyena – No rush…

Frankie – You know Dominic, Rubi, and Keegan will want the progress report-

Tyena – Whatever…

Frankie – True..

Tyena – After the week I had I just want this to go smoothly.. I need some fun. I got into a fight with my dad over the Jessica Nash thing. They’re finding a place together! so embarrassing.

Frankie – Well… if it makes you feel any better… the day you saw your dad and Jessica Nash together.. I also got a surprise.

Tyena – What?

Frankie – My father is seeing my ex- lover’s dad…. and she was there too. One big happy family.

Tyena – Holy shit…

Frankie – We have alot in common it seems.

Tyena – Yeah.. wow.. that’s awkward.

Frankie – Then a close friend of mine told me that I’m lonely.. and I do nothing but school, and work. That he wants me to be with someone and happy..

Tyena – I see..

Frankie – As if its that easy to meet someone.. plus I- nevermind.. anyway do you know where you want to eat? I was thinking GreenLand? I want to get a salad and I-

Frankie – Umm… what-

Tyena – I don’t know why I did that.

Frankie – ….Tyena its okay…

Tyena – Excuse me?

Frankie – When you first realize it… it hits you in the face but nothing’s wrong with being-

Tyena – I’m not gay! I’m not a fucking lesbo! okay?

Frankie – I’m not labeling you I’m just saying you-

Tyena – I’m not gay! I’m not into you! I’m not gonna be your girlfriend and hold hands. Get over it.. fuck this date! Be lonely I’m not gonna rescue you.

Frankie – Hold the fuck up bitch! I’m not even into you… and now you’re mad because you’re gay? girl get the fuck out of here with that. I’m NOT putting up with your attitude… fuck the date? fuck you… go seek help.. it gets better sweetie.

Tyena – Whatever.. fucking dyke..

Frankie – Wow….  that’s fine Tyena…

Tyena – You’re not forcing this lesbian shit on me.

Frankie – You kissed me!

Tyena – Oh please you’ve wanted me for the longest time.

Frankie – I don’t like bitchy girls who project their insecurities upon others because they can’t deal with life.

Tyena – Go fuck yourself.

Frankie – Maybe you should consider fucking YOURSELF because you seem really uptight.

Tyena – *rolls eyes* Good one. *walks away*

Well well well what do you know.. Tyena’s gay.. or bi or whatever the hell. Of course she can’t deal with it so she goes right on the defense. Why the hell are you yelling at me when YOU kissed me. Fucking psycho’s…. girls are crazy.. not that boys are any better. Guess I’ll just grab my bag and go to the library or something.. I’ll eat later. Hopefully Rubi’s not in our room..

Wow just wow!

Rubi – I can fit it all in my mouth Air-Reez!

Aries – Oh my god! ouch your teeth!

Frankie – ……………..

I really didn’t need to see this today.. I’m so disgusted. Aries is a gay man.. why is he trying so hard to be straight- ha… well I guess him and Tyena have that in common. I bet Tyena is going to spread rumors that I tried to do her or something. Honestly if she does that, and I have people laughing or coming up to me asking stupid question. … I’m gonna wait till I see her off campus.. then snuff the hell out of her. Right to the face. She better not fucking spread rumors about me. I’m so sick of this shit..

Aries – Rubi your teeth

Rubi – I’m doing my vacuum technique!

Look at Aries… eyes closed.. don’t even see me. Rubi’s so focused on what she’s doing too. They don’t even know I’m here.. let me get the heck out of here before this becomes more awkward than it already is.

[Top Pic]

Oh…. one shock after another….

Jarrah – Do they want you to talk to the counselor about what happened?

Kaori – Yeah.. but they didn’t say it was mandatory… if anyone feels like they’re upset or traumatized by the lockdown they can go in. Like I said its not mandatory, but its recommended.

Jarrah – I’m not gonna bother.

Kaori – Weird considering your freak out…

Jarrah – Well I’m fine now.

Kaori – …. Same.

Jarrah – Frankie?! Hi!

Kaori – ………….

Frankie – Hello…

Jarrah – be right back Kaori.

Kaori – Yep.. I got a text anyway.

[Bottom Pic]

Jarrah – Crazy what happened huh?

Is she talking about Tyena or the Lockdown?

Frankie – Yeah…. you never think it’ll be your school you know?

Jarrah – It was really terrifying..

Frankie – You were in the library right? with Kaori

Jarrah – Yeah.. and that was a…. interesting experience.

Kaori – *laughing* Stupid… why would he text me this video..

Frankie – Well its good that everybody made it out okay.

Jarrah – Glad you’re safe.

Frankie – Thanks Jarrah.. I’m glad you’re okay as well.

Jarrah – The whole situation made me really think about friendships.. life is short……………………you know.

Frankie – It is…. and while I appreciate what you’re hinting at…. Its… I don’t know.. it is what it is.

Jarrah – Can’t blame me for trying.

Frankie – *smirks* Of course not.

Jarrah – I don’t want to overstep any boundaries….. I saw Tyena a second ago and I said hi, she snapped at me so.. yeah.. people are unpredictable.

Frankie – Trust me.. it probably has nothing to do with you. Everyone’s going through alot of crap.. not that they should take it out on others.

Jarrah – I wonder if its the whole thing about her dad and her teacher. That woman you interviewed.

Frankie – Jessica Nash, and yeah its probably about that.

I’m not gonna out her… even though she’s a complete bitch.

Jarrah – I can’t believe she’s not gonna say hi- I know Its none of my business but for crying out loud.. I was there when it happened.. its not that big of an issue where you guys can’t move past it-

Frankie – It is what it is….

Jarrah – Well… I just wanted to say hi, and see how you were.. why the six of us don’t get together anymore confuses me but… yeah.

Frankie – Thanks for checking on me. I’ll be seeing you.

Jarrah – Okay *smiles* I should probably get going.. she’s giving me a ride to work.

Frankie – *smiles* be safe.

Awkward as shit….  I really want to slap Kaori, she stood there and didn’t say anything. That’s fine, I really should be used to her childish ways. I’m not about beg to be anyones friend. If she really wants to throw the friendship away that’s fine. I don’t know if she’s trying to make me jealous with Jarrah or not but good for them for finally being able to talk and not fight. Like my shirt says though… bitch don’t kill my vibe. I’m really over any and all types of bullshit.

[Text Alert]

“Hey… what are you doing? I’m free right now and could use a study buddy? please say you’re free.. I need some advice and I’d like to hangout” – Trey

“Hey U, actually I was about to go to the library to study.. so this works perfectly” – Frankie

“Can we go to the student cafe instead? if you don’t mind” – Trey

“Yeah that’s fine.. under one condition” – Frankie

“Hmm?” – Trey

“Can we grab some food first? I’m hungry and my “date” with Tyena didn’t exactly happen. She’s a fucking nutcase by the way” – Frankie

“Oooh Girl… what happened?- no just tell me  later. I’m almost at the dorms, so meet you outside?” – Trey

“Okay… I’ll drive, cause I assume you’re on your scooter?” – Frankie

“lol…. naturally” – Trey

“See U in a few” – Frankie

Well when one door closes a window opens. I’ve been wanting to spend more time with Trey, so the opportunity presented itself at the right time. Can I just say what a cluster fuck my day to day has become. As I stand here retracing my steps to my current location I’m left a bit puzzled. I take full responsibility for certain things but oh my god… I’ve become a hermit… Jeep was right.. I need to do things that make me happy… I shouldn’t stick to a routine…. but its really all I know…

(POV Keegan)

[Top Pic]

After class I had some time to burn so I decided to just hangout at the frathouse. I try and bond with the guys whenever I can, I think its important that we all get along. With that being said I think I’m good with everyone, though Aries sorta walks on eggshells around me. Obviously because he know’s I know the truth about him.. he’s such a pussy… I swear..

Hammer – Yeah I’ve seen that Rhys girl around.. she’s pretty cute, though she seems real defensive. Got that strong black woman lioness thing going on-

Keegan – *laugh*

Hammer – I think that shit is hot…

Keegan – Things with Paisley going alright?

Hammer – She and I are perfect dude.. no complaints.

Keegan – That’s good.

Hammer – So when are you gonna make the move on this girl? I mean look at you.. you a good lookin’ dude so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Keegan – I’m gonna try and catch her after my next class.

Hammer – Nice.

Keegan – Crazy week huh?

Hammer – Yep…..

Keegan – Especially the lockdown..

[Bottom Pic]

Hammer – …… I guess now you and I are like… bonded forever or something.

Keegan – I guess.. I mean we trust each other… especially after what we told each other…

Hammer – Umm… Yeah…

Keegan – Here’s the thing… You can trust me, I won’t ever tell anyone.. and I hope I can trust you.

Hammer – Of course you can trust me.. dude If I say anything.. you could easily tell people what I told you.

So….  when in the main office thinking we were about to die. We both just talked about alot of shit. I ended up sharing the whole Mona thing with him. I left out the hookup with Jarrah though. I told him about the drugs and alcohol and about Morgan Hill- The girl who I hooked up with. Redhead that worked with Jarrah. So he told me… that he lives a lie.

He likes to tell everyone.. that the first time he had sex was when he was 13, with some chick from high school. That they did it on a hammock. That’s not true, he actually was… how do I put this? sexually assaulted? The real story goes… he was 14 and babysitting. The mother who was in her 40’s came home early and asked for his help in the bedroom… long story short she got him in bed and tied him up and stuff. He says after it was over he thought.. how cool you know? this older woman took my virginity. Now when he thinks about it, he remembers telling her no, and that he didn’t wanna do it. It was awkward and it still kind affects how he views sex as a whole.

Keegan – I’d never do that though.

Hammer – ……Its weird.. I know if I told anybody else… that they would think I was being… a pussy or loser, as if to say guys can’t be raped or whatever… cause that’s what it was at the end of the day..

Keegan – No I agree.. that’s exactly what it was…

Hammer – I don’t know… I just remember not wanting to do it at first, then she told me to “Man Up” and  “Don’t worry boys are supposed to do this”..

Keegan – Yeah….

Hammer – Then the.. “I’m showing you my thanks, how much I care about you”……. “Be a man and just do it” … all this while her drunk husband was at work…

Keegan – And so you did… not really realizing how it would affect you later in life. 

Hammer – It…. yeah.. I see things differently than I probably would have if it had never happened.

Keegan – Makes sense..

Hammer – Feels good to tell someone or whatever.

Keegan – Glad I could help.

Hammer – Enough of that… moving on. So what are you gonna do if this Rhys chick turns you down?

Keegan – Umm I don’t think she will…

Hammer – And they say I’m cocky….

Keegan – No no what I mean is.. she kinda needs the money.

Hammer – Oooh okay… makes sense. Well good luck.

Keegan – Pshh.. I don’t need luck.. look at me.

Hammer – Cocky son of a bitch *laugh*

Keegan – Nah I’m joking…

Hammer – Where’s Javier? I haven’t seen him.

Keegan – He had a dentist appointment plus some early classes.. He was gone before I woke up.

Hammer – Hey did he ever fuck Fockky?

Keegan – Oh about that.. no they didn’t… she just gave him a handjob.

Hammer – *laughs* I see.

Keegan – They’re…………… interesting.

Hammer – They are… but I mean if they like each other I guess that’s cool.

Keegan – True

Hammer – I think my brother thinks you’re hot or something

Keegan – Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I kinda assumed Chace checks me out.

Hammer – He’s always asking about you. Which is funny to me.. he could easily ask Trey anything he wants about you. They’re like glued to the hip

Keegan – Trey’s very likeable.. doesn’t shock me that they get along.

Hammer – Are they fucking?

Keegan – I doubt it…

Hammer – Wait nevermind.. I forgot about Lenny..

Aries – Hey Guys!

Ugh…. really dude?

Hammer – What’s up Aries.

Aries – Nothing much..

Hammer – Where are you coming from?

Aries – Rubi’s room

Hammer – You dirty fucker you.

Aries – Well you know how it is Hammer.. I’m just trying to keep up with you.

Keegan – You’re just a stud aren’t ya Aries?

Aries – ….Umm… Yeah I guess so?

Hammer – I should actually be getting out of here… gonna go pick up Paisley. We’re going to see Thor

Aries – That’s awesome! I saw it already.. I was shocked when-

Hammer – Dude… spoilers!

Aries – Oh right.

Keegan – Well I guess I’ll go nap before class…

Aries – Actually can I talk to you?

Keegan – You’re not talking to me are you?

Aries – ….Yeah.

Keegan – …………okay.

Hammer – Alrighty

Keegan – Have fun Hammer.

Hammer – Yeah I can’t wait to see the movie bro.

Aries – Dude you look like you would make a great Thor! you got the body and face for it!

Hammer – The body? you checking me out Aries? you gay or something bro?

Aries – No- I just umm I was just saying that you-

Hammer – I’m fucking with you.. and yeah Paisley said I look like Thor a little

Keegan – I got shit to do Aries so are we gonna talk or what? or did you wanna stand here and admire Thor’s body some more?

Aries – Ha ha.. not funny.

Keegan – I don’t know Hammer… first Kaori.. then Aries.. that family has the hots for you.

Hammer – Holy shit you are Kaori’s cousin huh?

Aries – …..Yeah but we don’t really talk.

Hammer – I see. Well anyway I’m out.. have a good talk or whatever fags.

Keegan – *laughs*

Aries – Yeah whatever.. you’re the fag…..bro *awkward laughing*

Keegan – Can we get this over with Aries?

Aries – Umm.. okay.. lets talk in the study room?

Keegan – Whatever….

You may think I’m being a dick to him, but honestly I don’t care. Aries to me is someone who is way too comfortable with not standing out. He needs to stop this bullshit, and you’re damn right I’m mad about how he did Jeep and Trey… fuck him for that.

[Top Pic]

Keegan – What do you want Aries?

Aries – I’m tired of walking around being afraid of you…

Keegan – Wow….

Aries – So if you’re gonna hit me.. do it. Just don’t out me.

Keegan – Get the fuck over yourself dude. I don’t care if your eating pussy or suckin’ dick.

Aries – But I-

Keegan – You’re a douchebag… you ditched Jeep, and what you did to Trey wasn’t cool either.

Aries – I broke it off to protect him.

Keegan – You may think that but… you led him on. You went after him online.. made him fall for you. Then you made your grand appearance and you gave him hope. You know Trey’s sensitive, you gave him hope that it would work. Then you made him believe that you dumping him was the best thing for him. You’re a coward and a asshole.

Aries – Its not….. I’m really remorseful for how things-

Keegan – Blah blah blah I didn’t fuck you Aries, Trey did. You shouldn’t be talking to me. You should talk to him….

Aries – He won’t wanna talk though…

Keegan – Well gee I wonder why…..

Aries – How does one talk to someone who doesn’t want it to happen?

Keegan – Happenstance.

Fuck yeah… the word of the day strikes again.

Aries – …. Thanks…

Keegan – Don’t thank me dude….. I don’t even like you.

Aries – Wow… that’s honest..

Keegan – Yeah you should try it sometime…. and while you’re at it.. stop being a pussy and tell Jeep the truth about why you really stopped talking to him.

Aries – And what truth is that?

Keegan – That you think he’s a loser and doesn’t compare to your new popular fraternity brothers.

Aries – That’s not-

Keegan – Bullshit.. you know that’s what people see him as. They see him as that punk hipster loser who dates the Sorority girl. He’s way more than that, but sadly that’s his reputation… and that doesn’t mix with your new found popularity.

[Bottom Pic]

Aries – I don’t think he’s a loser… but… yeah…. he’s not popular and doesn’t fit with my new friends and I never meant to make him feel-

Keegan – Dude he became your friend when you didn’t really have any!

Aries – I’m so… you’re right. You’re completely right. I’m a horrible person.

Keegan – And what you’re doing to Rubi is fucked up. She think’s you’re straight. You’re using her.

Aries – I never thought she’d want to date.. Its such a distater.. I don’t even like her..

Keegan – Cause you don’t like girls.

Aries – She spent forever giving me a BJ earlier.. it was the worse… I have to close my eyes and think of a guy and I-

Keegan – Man the fuck up and get over it. You made your bed now fucking lay in it. Don’t complain to me about a problem that shouldn’t even exist.

Aries – I feel like you want to beat my ass or something.

Keegan – I mean.. I do think you need to be punched in the face for your actions but… I’m not gonna do it.

Aries – I’m sorry… I’m a complete mess…

Keegan – Cool story bro.

Aries – I’m gonna talk to everyone…

Keegan – Even Rubi?

Aries – …….

Keegan – Didn’t think so…

Aries – Its not as easy as you think.. some things its better to keep to yourself.

Keegan – I’m not saying you can’t keep secrets to protect yourself, but your secrets are hurting other people.

Aries – ….. I’m gonna talk to Jeep… and Trey.

Keegan – Okay… cool.. Don’t really care though.

Aries – ………

Keegan – I’m not being a dick to you because I hate you. I’m being a dick because you disappoint me, and you hurt my friends. Okay?

Aries – I understand…. I won’t take it to heart…

Its not in my nature to be outright rude to people. I’m hard on Aries because I want him to just do better, BE better. I know he has it in him. He’s hurt people I care about and he needs to know that’s not cool. Anyway enough of that, I gotta get to class and then hopefully I will be able to find Rhys… See ya later.

(POV Frankie)

So Trey and I grabbed a salad at Greenland and decided to do some studying at one of the student cafe’s here on campus. Trey’s such a sweetie… sometimes I forget just how sensitive he can be. Its adorable to be honest. I mean its refreshing because these days everyone wants to be a hard-ass…

Trey – I can’t believe Tyena acted like that…

I told Trey all about Tyena… he’s a close friend who know’s how to keep a secret so I don’t see any problem with it. Plus he’s gay so.. yeah.

Frankie – Right? I mean first off I’m not even into her.

Trey – Harsh

Frankie – but true…

Trey – What don’t you like about her? besides her winning personality *laughing*

Frankie – I don’t like bossy girls. I think she’s cute though.. too bad about the personality.

Trey – Yeaaaaaaaaaaah

Frankie – So about Dominic…. he can’t shut up about you…

Trey – Really?

Frankie – You kissed him.. I’m so proud of you.

Trey – He told you that?

Frankie – He told me everything.. we’re pretty cool so- I hope that’s-

Trey – No no its fine… just… kinda awesome that he’s talking about it..

Frankie – He likes you alot.

Trey – He’s super cool Frankie.. I think he’s a real legit person.

Frankie – Plus he’s emotionally available. He’s out also…. oh my god speaking of which

Trey – Oh god.. what?

Frankie – I walked into my room and saw Rubi blowing Aries…

Trey – Ridiculous.. the lengths he’ll go to fit in. Getting blown by the human bowling ball.

Frankie – She’s the worst roommate ever by the way.

Trey – I can imagine…

Frankie – Oh! I almost forgot… you said earlier via text that you needed advice?

Trey – Well…  wow this actually fits right into the conversation. I….. I’m not completely over him, but I really like Dom… so should I move forward with it? or wait till I’m over… HIM.

Frankie – Um well what exactly are you not over? How it ended…. because the closure was foggy? or him period? like you would be with him if you could. Because those are two separate things

Trey – Well I-

Frankie – Dammit hold that thought. I left my book in my car. Be right back.

Trey – Okay.

[Top Pic]

Kalia – …………..

Ivy – Frankie…. hey….

Frankie – …………..Hi.

Ivy – Could I grab you for a second?

Frankie – …….Why?

Kalia – ……..I’m gonna just go on the computer babe.

Ivy – Alright…

Frankie – *rolls eyes*

Kalia – ………..

[Bottom Pic]

This is fabulous… what the hell does she want? actually nevermind.. I’m sure this has to do with our dads and us all becoming a family blah blah..

Ivy – How are you?

Frankie – I’m great.

Ivy – Umm.. I wanted to have a quick chat with you about some stuff..

Frankie – ….. fine.

Ivy – Lets start with us… I’m sorry. For what I did, I’m truly sorry. I never meant to hurt you….. I just want you to know that.

Frankie – Did you ever really like me?

Ivy – Did you?

Frankie – What?

Ivy – Did you like me or was I-

Frankie – I liked you alot Ivy, I came out, I did PDA… I was affectionate with you. We had alot in common.. and I thought the pacing in our courtship was fine. Then you cheated and did what you did. So yes.. to answer your question… I liked you.

Ivy – …….I liked you too…. but part of me was using you to make Kalia jealous.. which was wrong. My heart belonged with her at the end of the day and you should have never been thrown in the middle of that. I’m very sorry for the part I played in it. It was my doing.. and Kalia played her part by manipulating you…

Frankie – I thought she was being honest when she opened up to me about her sister and… whatever the case what’s done is done..

Ivy – I need your forgiveness though.

Frankie – You have it Ivy, I just want the drama to be over.

Ivy – Done and done.

Frankie – So what was the other thing?

Ivy – Our dads really like each other.. and I personally find it to be really cute.

Frankie – All I’ve ever wanted was my dad to be happy.

Ivy – Same..

Both – Because my mother-

Ivy – Wow… 

Frankie – Right… we have that in common too.. Our dads giving up their happiness for our mothers…

Ivy – ….Yeah.

Frankie – I’m not protesting their relationship Ivy, If they’re happy they’re happy.

Ivy – My dad thinks you don’t like him.

Frankie – I don’t know him…..

Ivy – Would you like to get to know him?

Frankie – Its going to happen one way or another since he and my dad are together.

Ivy – True…

Frankie – Tell your dad I don’t dislike him and I’m open to us all talking and getting to know each other.

Ivy – Perfect.

Frankie – …

Ivy – So… umm meet any cute girls?

Frankie – I accepted your apology Ivy.. lets take it one step at a time..

Ivy – You’re right.. sorry.

I’m kinda glad this is over and done with. I don’t want to hate Ivy forever, and we’re going to see alot of each other because of our dads. I’m glad she finally just flat out told me that I was a bookmark in the book of Kalia. That I was just a placeholder until Kalia realized she wanted Ivy back. I thought I was insecure and paranoid, and not to sound conceited but those two things I’m never. Life goes on.. she’s with Kalia.. that book is closed for she and I. Now for the next book… who know’s what will happen to me…………or who.

Trey – Hey Ivy.

Ivy – Hi Trey.

Trey – How are you?

Ivy – I’m in a much better place.

I’m going to assume Trey noticed the tension in the room, and is trying to mellow things out. Thank god, because I had no idea what the hell else to say to Ivy.

Trey – So Tyler tells me you two have been spending time together?

Ivy – Yeah… its weird.. he’s my brother and I’m really just now getting to really know who he is.

Trey – Ty’s great..

Ivy – He got that job by the way.

Trey – Yeah we’re celebrating next week at my parents house.

Ivy – How sweet.

Trey – How’s your dad?

Ivy – Did Frankie tell you-

Frankie – He knows… I told him earlier.

Ivy – Ah okay. Well Trey.. Riley is making my dad very happy to be honest. Its the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

Trey – That’s amazing to hear… we’re all just looking for that special someone.

Ivy – Are you with Chace?

Trey – Oh no…. I’m actually sorta seeing this guy.. Dominic?

Ivy – Him? oh….

Trey – Why did you say it like that?

Ivy – Umm.. no reason.

Frankie – Do you know him or something?

Ivy – Umm no.

Okay what the fuck Ivy…

Rubi – FRANNY FRANCESCA! HAY GORL! It’s the one and only ROO-BEE up in dis thang! what’s good girl what’s poppin!

Frankie – ……………………..

Trey – Holy shit…

Ivy – What?

Frankie – No.

Trey – You can’t be serious Rubi!

Rubi – What?

Ivy – I’m lost- wait is that-

Frankie – Oh my god… what the fuck?!

Mira – I’m sorry to just pop up on you Frankie I-

Rubi – I was walking and your MOM was on campus asking for you, so I was like yeah chile I know FRANNY! I asked why y’all wasn’t talking and she said you didn’t want to see her. You wild’n Franny.. Stop being mean to yo momma! Y’all look alike. Also why are you such a terrible daughter?

Trey – Rubi shut up!

Ivy – Awkward… really awkward..

Frankie – I can’t believe you- Rubi you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

Rubi – Well I feel like y’all should be a family..

Frankie – Rubi mind your own fucking business you’re complete out of line.

Ivy – I’m going to go…

Trey – Wow Rubi.. wow…

This could NOT be happening at a worse time..

[Top Pic]

Kalia – How’s the talk go?

Ivy – It went well until her mother just showed up- Kalia who’s Facebook page is that? Who’s Nina?

Kalia – Ivy why are you snooping?

Ivy – I’m not.. its right on the screen. God.. 

Kalia – She’s a friend Ivy… okay? A Friend…

Ivy – …………


Trey – Rubi you are such a bitch.. why would you bring her here?!

Rubi – Girl get out of my face before I slap you into next year.

Trey – I wish you would touch me Rubi

Rubi – Oh so you hit women now?

Trey – Fuck you! fat bitch!

Rubi – I’m thick! and my man AIR-REEZ loves my curves!


Rubi – What the fuck does that even mean? Are you jealous? god why are the gays so jealous of me?

Trey – Ugh you’re so delusional.. its like the more delusional you get the more weight you gain!

Rubi – I’m a thick’emz okay? this ass here keep em’ on DECK!


Mira – …… Frankie.. sweetie… I-

Frankie – Why?… why are you hear? you left on a train remember? the great escape by Mira Mancini….

Mira – I was completely different then.. I was messed up.. I’m much better now. I’ve been seeing a therapist…

Frankie – Good for you.. 

Mira – I want to get right with you.. with you and Andi.

Frankie – You had your chance… Andi and I were there with dad… you had every opportunity to speak your peace.

Mira – I was scared.. I didn’t want Andi to-

Frankie – If Andi, Dad or even Me.. if any of us yelled at you… don’t you think you fucking deserved it? Instead you ran like a coward!

Mira – Andi sweetie-


Mira – I’m sorry for every-

Frankie – Stop embarrassing me! this is my school! How dare you show up here unannounced again! You have no idea how hard the past few months have been for me! I DONT NEED THIS SHIT!

Mira – I want to be in your life- you and Andi’s.. and I’m-

Frankie – Fuck you…

Mira – …………………. I’m moving here.. permanently.. I found a place here in GloCity.. I’m not going anywhere. I’m tired of-

Frankie – YOU’RE TIRED?……..I’m tired of caring about you!.. I’m tired of wishing you were around to be proud of me, and tuck me in at night. I’m tired of wishing that you read my book reports, and cared to come to my school plays or sports activities. I’m tired of wishing I had a mom.. because *voice breaking* YOU WEREN’T THERE!

Mira – …

Frankie – I never had a mom! I never grew up with a mother! you have no idea what that was like. Dad and Andi did the best they could but I still needed my mom… I wasn’t normal and I- I’m a tidy mess. That’s what I am.. I’m a tidy mess. Thank you Mira.. thanks for that.

Mira – Frankie-

Frankie – Don’t fucking touch me!… and I don’t care if you live here.. I’ll never talk to you.

Mira – ……….

[Bottom Pic]

Rubi – You alright?

Mira – No…. but-

Rubi – I’m sorry about all of this.. I didn’t know about-

Mira – I’m sorry I caused a rift between you and my daughter..

Rubi – Well Franny never liked me much anyway.. she always has an attitude.

Mira – Hmmm

Rubi – Did you need a ride home or somethin?

Mira – No I’ll find my way…


Trey – Honey….. I’m so sorry that happened.

Frankie – In front of everyone too.. I’m so… embarrassed and sad..

Trey – I can’t believe Rubi didn’t think to call or text.. why would she bring her here?

Frankie – ……I don’t know, and I don’t care.. I feel like I’m about to explode.. I need to get out of here. *hands Trey a key* take my laptop and bag back to my dorm?

Trey – Whatever you need babe…

Frankie – Thanks..

Trey – Drive safe okay? just call if you need anything.

Frankie – Okay.

Trey – I love you.

Frankie – Thanks Trey….

I’m in utter disbelief.. she shows up with clean clothes and her hair done and she thinks I’m going to forgive her? Why now? what changed? and she’s living here now?! Wait till I tell Andi… Why the hell is she back now! now of all times! My dad is finally happy… this isn’t what his new relationship needs, he doesn’t need Mira interfering in it… I… I can’t even deal with this right now. I need to get out of here. I’m so embarrassed…

(POV Keegan)

Went to class, was boring as hell, and I walked around campus afterwards. I kinda reflected on my conversation with Aries and man… I kinda dragged him. Not that he doesn’t deserve it because he does. Excluding Trey, and Jeep for a little bit.. lets talk about his “girlfriend” Rubi. She….. she’s a handful. She’s rude, and cocky, somewhat delusional…. however.

Take the time to think about her and Darell. They crept around and Darell pretty much told her he loved her and was going to leave Portia. He used her, and Aries is doing the same thing.. using her, and for what? To fit in? who cares if he’s gay.. The frat wouldn’t give two shits about who he fucks. Rubi’s my co-host on our radio show, she’s Frankie’s roommate, and she’s a thorn in Jeeps ass… but she still doesn’t deserve to be used like that.. wasting time being someone’s beard unknowingly instead of possibly being with someone who’d actually like her. Its ridiculous.

Anyway… Here I am.. at the G.C.U. Science lab… hopefully I can get her to tutor me… if not.. I’m SOL- that’s shit outta luck people.

Rhys – November 18th, 2013. 5:25pm. Project failure. Growth on tissue sample dies, only to return approximately 12 minutes post treatment. New Idea…reminder, take cell sample post attempt…compare pre and post samples for conclusion.

She’s looking pretty hot in that jumpsuit *laughs*

Keegan – Hi? umm.. Rhys?

Rhys – Umm Hi?

Keegan – I’m-

Rhys – Keegan, yeah.. my son goes to school with your sister?

I see she’s still keeping that lie up…

Keegan – Right.. Where are your gloves n’ stuff?

Rhys – I’m not actually touching anything currently.. but when the time comes I have my gloves, and protective goggles.

Keegan – Cool… that’s awesome

Rhys – Umm.. so can I help you?- Wait you aren’t here for the brainwave test right? I thought it was a girl-

Keegan – No no, I’m here for another reason.

Rhys – Ah… well Keegan.. I think you’re good looking, but I’m not interested in any dates… I have alot of-

Keegan – That’s great Rhys but I’m actually here because I saw your ad on the GCU notice board. You tutor right?

Rhys – Oh- umm yeah- sorry.. my apologies, wow I must have just come off really bitchy and full of myself.

Keegan – Well to be fair I did ask you out at the school..

Rhys – Accurate…

Keegan – So… are you free to tutor me?

I know she is.. she’s not tutoring anyone currently according to Myra..

Rhys – I think I’m all full schedule wise…

Why is she lying?

Keegan – Seriously? I really need this… I- Its hard to ask for help and I’m going out on a limb here to better my grades..

Rhys – ………………Hmm….

Keegan – Please?

Rhys – I don’t know… can you be serious? this isn’t some joke right?- can I even trust that you can focus?

Keegan – I’m serious, and yes I can focus… come on… help me out… *smiles*

Rhys – *sniffs* Nice cologne…

Keegan – Oh- umm.. thanks.

Rhys – I love scents.. Its really nerdy but- Off subject.. umm-

??? – Hey Rhys- Who’s this?

[Top Pic]

Rhys – Hi Penny.. umm this is… Keegan.

Penny – Hi Keegan, I’m Penny Schwartz.

Keegan – Hi.

Penny – You really shouldn’t be in here… we have work to do.

Keegan – I’m just here to talk-

Penny – Rhys tell your boyfriend you’ll see him later

Rhys – He’s not my boyfriend. He’s….. someone I’m considering tutoring.

Penny – Are you a fratboy?

Keegan – Yeah? how-

Penny – I assumed so… you have a great physique.

Keegan – Uh- thanks?

Penny – We have alot of work to do Rhys… I’m going to go change… can you finish this up?

Rhys – Yeah.. sure thing Pen.

[Bottom Pic]

Penny – You should tutor him. With those looks he can’t be too bright. You can’t possibly have looks and intelligence… unless you’re a woman of course.. because we’re totally better than men for the most part.

Keegan – ….

Rhys – …… Keegan turn around.

Keegan – Why?

Rhys – Because… just turn your back to me.


Keegan – *turns around* now what?

Rhys – I don’t want to look at you when deciding if I should help you.

Keegan – How would that-

Rhys – I don’t make choices based off how cute the person bringing me the proposition is.

She keeps mentioning that I’m attractive.. 

Keegan – ……..Okay. Well I’d like to introduce you to my back.. he’s not that much of a straight forward person. Kind of a spineless bastard if you ask me.

Rhys – *laughs* Stop it Rhys.. don’t laugh at his jokes.

Keegan – *smirks* You’re not checking out my butt are you?

Rhys – Turn around..

Keegan – Did you decide if you’re gonna help me? I’m trying to be a man about this and ask for help when its needed.. I’m not going to be some pansy.. and just fail because I’m too proud to ask for help.

Rhys – I’ve decided…

Keegan – Okay?

Rhys – Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Keegan – Ummm

Rhys – That’s a Nelson Mandela quote Keegan…

Keegan – Who?

Rhys – Are you-

Keegan – Kidding!… He’s a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative, multiracial election.

Rhys – Wow… okay.. so you’re not dumb.

Keegan – No… but I still need help…

Rhys – …..Against my better judgement… I’m going to tutor you.

Keegan – Yes!

Rhys – I better not regret this.

Keegan – I promise I’ll satisfy you- God… that just came out all sorts of wrong.

Rhys – ….

Keegan – I’ll be on my best behavior. Scouts honor.

Rhys – Why does it not shock me that you were a boy scout?

Keegan – My dad, and his then boyfriend Riley signed me up, and they even chaperoned some of our excursions

Rhys – Excursions… not a word I’d assume you would use…

Keegan – Well what can I say.. I’m full of surprises.

Rhys – Well alright.. Call me or- I’ll call you actually.. we can set this up properly.. not while I’m here working in the lab.

Keegan – Thanks….

Rhys – No problem… Do me a favor?

Keegan – Yes?

Rhys – Take my ad off the board… I can only do one person at a time- Wow.. that-

Keegan – I gotcha…

Rhys – Okay now get out of here Fratboy..

Keegan – I’ll be waiting for your call Queen of the Lab.

[Top Pic]

Jules – I knew I felt your energy.

Keegan – Umm hi Jules.

Jules – What are you doing here?

Keegan – Getting a tutor

Jules – The pretty black girl?

Keegan – Umm.. yeah

Jules – Hmm..

Keegan – What?

Jules – You fancy her?

Keegan – What- do I fancy her- No! its not like that.

Jules – Okay.

Keegan – How’s everything by the way?

Jules – I see the therapist you recommended. She’s different, I like different.

Keegan – Good.. you guys talk about stuff? like you know.. deep emotional things?

Jules – We um- we spoke about my sexual experience with you. You were deep within my body, and the feeling was phenomenal. Earth shattering orgasm- I can tell her anything. Dr. Patient confidentiality.

Keegan – Umm………………………………………………..okay.

Jules – You should know that I am no longer longing for you, or your perfect organ between your legs. I am simply willing to be friends, and have friendship.. we connect energies.

Keegan – Oh-K- umm.. yep sure.

Jules – I understand you’ve decided to survive the lockdown of GCU

Keegan – If you want to put it that way sure.

Jules – I am happy you are unharmed.

Keegan – I’m happy you’re unharmed too?

[Bottom Pic]

Penny – How did your sample go?

Rhys – Project failure number 4.

Penny – It grows back.

Rhys – Right.

Penny – Topic change- The cute guy… are you having sex with him?

Rhys – I don’t even know him Pen’

Penny – He’s very fit. You should study him… inch by inch.

Rhys – Why are you so sexual?

Penny – I’ll be the first to admit it…. I’m a horny nerd.

Rhys – Your lady parts go crazy when you see a cute guy.

Penny – I’m very aware that its my brain that initially starts my arousal. There are a lot of sensory inputs to the parts of the brain involved in sexual motivation. Nerd speak aside.. I’m smart, and intimidating to men……………………………..and I have no knowledge on how to approach one for dates.. and sex. Forever alone I guess.

Rhys – Well you have me…

Penny – Fantastic……

Rhys – Rude.

Penny – So do you think he’s attractive?

Rhys – …….Sure…… I find him aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Penny – You’d be a fool not to- Ah the girl who volunteered to let us read her brain waves has arrived.

Rhys – Oh good.

Penny – You know what… why don’t you leave early?

Rhy – What?

Penny – I know you, and your sister were having dinner with your grandpa tonight.. and your son Curtis.

Rhys – True, but I can’t let you take all the workload…

Penny – I insist.

Rhys – Are you sure?

Penny – Yes.

Super stoked that Rhys decided to tutor me… I have a feeling this is all going to workout perfectly. Time to get out of here. I’m supposed to meet up with my dad, and Scott for movie night at their house. Its so odd, but I actually kinda like Scott now… yeah.. still weird admitting that.. Whatever the case.. later guys.

(POV Frankie)

How is it… that I could be surrounded by so many people, have their love… but still feel like something is missing. Redundant question, why did I bother asking it, when I know the answer. I think for the longest time I’ve tried to trick myself into believing that I was whole- when infact there’s always been a hole in me. Perhaps to shield my father and sister from any guilt they might feel if I seemed unhappy…………….So I’ve convinced them and myself that I was happy.

That’s not to say that they didn’t do the best they could…. heh.. Andi was smart to leave when she did. She’s way more sensitive than me to be honest. Only difference is she’s better at hiding it. I really wonder what she’s going to say when I tell her about tonight.. she’ll probably want to come here and punch my mother- Mira. Why the hell did she need to come back now? I’m trying to get my shit together, my dad is happy… Andi’s doing good in CCity. Why did the big bad monster have to rear its ugly head. I’m so stressed out and tired of all of this drama. Why is it always raining for me when everyone else gets to enjoy sunshine..

Maybe its karma for what happened between Ivo and I. Maybe its punishment for not just letting Kaori get her way… am I being stubborn? because I really think I’m right when it comes to her. She always gets her way, but its not fair.. we both should apologize and put it in the past. Only problem is she thinks she did nothing wrong. I’m very honest, and fair.. if It was all my fault I’d be inclined to agree with her point of view but no.. that’s not the case.

Truth be told seeing her.. I miss my bestfriend. We’d always go to each other when we had a tough time with something personal.. who do I really have for that- that isn’t my dad? I don’t want him worrying about me.. he has a new relationship and he’s happy finally. I have friends, but sometimes you don’t want to cry on their shoulder- that’s not even who I am as a person. I’m usually the type to fall scrape my knee, clean it wrap it up and keep moving forward. Speaking of which I fell when I ran to my car.. so there’s that.

Jeep – Frankie?

Frankie – *crying*

Jeep – Frankie…. You didn’t meet me at Keegan’s house… so I called Trey and asked him were you guys still studying. He told me what happened.

Frankie – How did you know I was here?

Jeep – Spirit said she saw you driving up here.

Frankie – How does she know

Jeep – She said she can see the cars going up here from the sorority house’s balcony.

Frankie – Jeep you should leave… I don’t want to drag you down.

Jeep – Tough chance of me leaving..

Frankie – …….. If your girlfriend can see the cars… won’t she be mad about you being here with me?

Jeep – No, she know’s we’re friends.

Frankie – …. I’m pathetic.. I’m crying on SlutHill.. that’s not what this place is for.

Jeep – This hill can be used for anything.. crying.. sex, whatever.

Frankie – …… I’m sorry I didn’t return your calls or text.

Jeep – When Trey told me what happened, I understood why.

Frankie – *grabbing wrist* I’m drained..

Jeep – What’s wrong with your wrist?

Frankie – I ran to the parking lot at the student cafe and fell. I hurt my wrist but its not broken.

Jeep – Ah….

Frankie – ….. You’re lucky Jeep…

Jeep – How so?

Frankie – You’re mom and dad are great.

Jeep – They are… but you have a awesome father.

Frankie – That’s true… but… I didn’t have a mom.

Jeep – And you still turned out great. You’re smart, beautiful.. and driven. You’re better than alot of people Frankie, and I don’t mean that in a conceited way.

Frankie – Growing up.. I’d have all of these events, and things to do at school. I’d see everyone with their moms.. and of course I was alone. Andi would show up late with Micah- not her fault.. she had alot to deal with. It was embarrassing… and the teachers, and other mom’s knew what was going on. Poor girls with no mom. Andi didn’t take kindly to those looks either.

Jeep – Well she’s always scared the shit out of me.

Frankie – She’d bark back at them with a “what the fuck are you staring at?” They knew not to cross her.. even though she was less than half their age. We’d get home and she’d be so proud of herself that she- as she would put it “Had those old bitches shook”…. At the end of the day she and my dad made sure I felt love… but I didn’t know what having a mom meant.

Jeep – I understand.

Frankie – She always would show up, and I’d get my hopes up… stupid little girl. I’d ask Andi.. “You think mom will come to school and see my science project?” Andi… never the bullshitter would tell me “No, stop thinking shit like that. She’s not ever going to be there for us, the sooner you realize it the better.” I still of course held out hope everytime. Birthdays were the worse because I convinced myself that she’d surprise me.

Jeep – And she never did?

Frankie – No… it would always me My dad and Andi when the clock struck 12.. with a candle and a cheap cupcake from the corner store. I still appreciated it though.

Jeep – Get out of the car.

Frankie – Why?

Jeep – You need to stretch.. mind body and soul.

Frankie – What the hell?

Jeep – Its something that Keegan told me when I was with him talking about the Austin bullshit.

Frankie – Right.. still a douche.

Jeep – Come on..

Frankie – Fine..

Jeep – Feel better?

Frankie – No my wrist is sore.

Jeep – I want to ask you something…

Frankie – Okay

Jeep – What are you so sad about when it comes to her?

Frankie – …….

Jeep – Are you conflicted or-

Frankie – No… I know what it is that bothers me…

Jeep – What is it?

Frankie – I hate her… and I hate that I hate her, because that means I still care.. and I want her in my life for some odd reason. Its the most fucked up thing ever. I shouldn’t give a shit about her.

Jeep – But you do.

Frankie – I always wonder where she is, what she’s doing. If she even thinks about me…. then I get hopeful that she’ll do this 180 and become a great person. Then of course she show’s up and I’m almost instantly disgusted at the sight of her face…. she’s the reason why so much is wrong. She represents so much pain.. so.. yeah.. I hate her…

Jeep – But you also don’t want to hate her.. which makes you hate you?

Frankie – Right.. because I’m that stupid little girl still holding out hope. Except now its.. I wonder if she reads my blog and is proud of how smart I am? god.. screw her.. why do I care…

Jeep – I’m proud of you. I read all of your blog entries.. Your dad does too. Everyone knows you’re smart and going places.

Frankie – …..

Jeep – You may not have you mom, but you have a shitload of other people who care.

Frankie – …..I know.

Jeep – You know what you need to do?

Frankie – What?

Jeep – You need to talk to her… she’s not going anywhere… Trey said she lives here now?

Frankie – Yeah…fuck.. what if she runs into my dad and Max…

Jeep – Your dad’s a big boy.. he’ll be fine. You need to worry about you…. for once.

Frankie – She ruins everything.

Jeep – Don’t let her.

Frankie – …. I’m torn… I want to have a sit down and ask a million questions.. but what if I don’t like the answers. Then the other part of me wants to completely shun her out of my life and make her suffer for never being there.

Jeep – I get it…

Frankie – …. I’m sorry.. this so wasn’t the night you had planned.

Jeep – Its okay.

Frankie – I’m going to go back to my dorm now… and aplogize to Rubi.. Trey and I kinda yelled at her. While she should have called or texted me first instead of just showing up… at the end of the day she doesn’t know the history… I still don’t like Rubi though.. but she’s not too much to blame for this.

Jeep – Can I give you a hug?

Frankie – Ew, really Jeep?

Jeep – What?

Frankie – I mean do we hug?

Jeep – I don’t know.. but why not?

Frankie – … I adore you, so don’t take that the wrong way.

Jeep – No I get it *laughs* …. I kinda smell like pickles too.. not my finest hour. Was with Bryce and he was eating one… gross. I hate pickles.

Frankie – You can hug me Jeep.. its fine. *hugs*

Jeep – *hugs* Does this make us BFF’s now? *laughs*

Austin (Hiding out of sight) – ……….Heh… you sneaky little cheater Jonah… 

Frankie – Shut up….. *smirks* We should stop hugging now before anyone see’s it and get the wrong idea. Because you know.. a guy and girl can’t be close without sex involved apparently.

Jeep – Well we did…… but I get what you mean.

Frankie – I’m going to go ice my wrist… thanks for talking to me.

Jeep – No problem… umm.. can you give me a ride down the hill?

Frankie – Sure.. can’t believe you walked up here… Ooh on the way down I can tell you about Tyena…

Jeep – I bumped into her earlier.. she was real moody..

Frankie – Well there’s a reason for that….

I’m upset, and thinking about my mom, but…. I’m really happy I have friends like Trey and Jeep- actually all of them..  I really just need to check myself and calm down. get myself in order. It is not everyday that I’m out of sorts. This feeling is new to me, and its not something I like. With that being said… this talk with Jeep has helped a little bit, but obviously it didn’t cure all. I’ll have to do some soul searching to even consider what I should do next… I need to be alone and a good night of sleep. This is me signing off… goodnight guys.

(POV Keegan)

[30 minutes after the previous scene]

Issac – Is everything okay? first Jonah calls and then you called Frankie..

Keegan – Everything is… well….Mira’s back…

Issac – Why is that woman always coming back here fucking with her family?

Keegan – Jeep was with Frankie consoling her, then I wanted to call and check on her.

Issac – She’s super strong.

Keegan – Yeah…

Issac – If you want to be with your friends you-

Keegan – No they’re okay… I’m where I need to be.

Issac – Alright… so umm how did you like dinner? Scott’s trying to be a vegetarian so he wanted to cook-

Keegan – That’s hilarious… what a coincidence… but umm.. wow it was pretty good to be honest.

Issac – Yeah you ate alot of it too.

Keegan – I thought it was regular lasagna…

Issac – Nope… no meat.

Keegan – Heh… well it was good. I didn’t even know Scott cooked.

Issac – He’s been watching alot of food network.

Keegan – I see…

Issac – Why did you think it was a coincidence?

Keegan – This girl I’m interested in.. she’s a vegetarian..

Issac – You should get the recipe from Scott, and cook it for her.. impress her.

Keegan – We’re not there yet but that’s not a bad idea

Issac – Good, see I’m not useless *laughs*

Keegan – What?

Issac – The thought of having a son scared me. I thought.. well how the fuck will we relate.. of course everyone reminded me that just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m not a male. I worried that I couldn’t give you advice about girls and stuff like that.

Keegan – *laughs* I see

Issac – Hey I ran into Jarrah earlier

Keegan – Oh?

Issac – Yeah.. she told me all about where she was during the lockdown.

Keegan – She was with Kaori

Issac – How come you never got with her?

Keegan – Who?

Issac – Jarrah… she’s very pretty.

Keegan – Umm.. well… we sorta “got together” …. but it was a one time thing.

Issac – Oh my god…. that’s fucking hilarious…

Keegan – What? why?

Issac – The universe was going to make it happen one way or another.

Keegan – What?

Issac – I had a crush on Josh.. it was so stupid…. I really thought maybe he’d one morning wake up and realize he liked guys and we’d live happily ever after

Keegan – *laughing* That’s…………….wow…

Issac – So.. yeah.. so funny you and her- Wait a minute.. I was there

Keegan – No you weren’t!

Issac – Not for the sex, I was there when it became public knowledge that you and Jarrah-

Keegan – Oh shit you were… during that……….intervention.

Issac – ….Yeah.

Keegan – That was fun.

Issac – *laughs*

Keegan – Lets go watch the movie.

I feel like I’ve come so far since that intervention.. god.. I was a fucking mess that day….. I can’t believe it happened. I’m glad it did though….

Issac – Oh come the fuck on.

Keegan – Where’s Kobe?

Issac – He’s not playing this game..

Keegan – Its odd that you like basketball.

Issac – I blame Jordan… he would watch it all the time, and now I like it. Also why is it odd? because I’m gay? or-

Keegan – No, because you seem more like a Tennis guy.

Issac – I like tennis too.

Keegan – I feel like the NBA is trying their hardest to make Lebron James the face of the organization

Issac – I agree.

Keegan – ….. Hey dad?

Issac – Yeah?

Keegan – You’re a good father….. I love you.

Issac – *smiles* …… thanks.

Keegan – I’m doing alot better in life and you’re partly to blame for that. Thanks for not giving up on me.

Issac – I’d never give up on you. Also take some credit for yourself. You’ve come along way… you did that.. you made progress.

Keegan – True… Hey where’s Scott? he can’t still be in the bathroom?

Issac – No he went outside to take a business call.

Keegan – Ah.. …..How are things with you and him? I know you were saying the work schedules make things hard..

Issac – I leave for work, and he comes home from work. Its hard.. and we’ve been too tired to…………………be affectionate…

Keegan – But things are okay though right?

Issac – Yeah.

Keegan – Good.

Issac – I want to watch the rest of these highlights. Go outside and get Scott so we can watch the movie…

Keegan – What movie is it again?

Issac – Something called Melancholia .. Scott picked it.

Keegan – I’ll go get him.

Issac – Alright.

God… Scott’s always working so hard. Its crazy… I really hated him for the longest time. Now that I’ve gotten to know him better.. I really respect him. He works really hard. He makes my dad really happy too. Its so crazy to think that my parents have lives. Both of my mothers, My dad……….even Scott. They have their complicated lives to deal with day in and day out.

I think its important that us… the “kids” -though we’re not kids anymore, I think we should all take a second and realize that about our parents. They work hard so we don’t have to. Ugh… and to think that I put my family through so much… all they wanted was for me to be healthy and happy. I know Mona’s up there in heaven and laughing at me right now. I always teased her about the epiphanies she’d have.. and here I am having one. Mona… I know you’re probably watching me right now.. just know that I’m on the right path now.. and I’m not 100% happy but I’m getting there. I miss and love you everyday…

Keegan – ….Hmm.. should I go interrupt him?… nah what if its important… I’ll just wait..

Scott – No….. yeah I’m just watching a movie with Issac and Keegan- well not yet.. I’m outside in the backyard by the pool talking to you.

Keegan – Well that sounds casual….

Scott – I do… … Its very awkward sneaking around- No no you can’t destroy my relationship, its been an adjustment that’s for sure.

Keegan – Umm…..

Scott – I really like spending time with you, and I cherish it. You make me smile.

Keegan – The fuck?

Scott – I can’t wait to see you again. I had alot of fun, but I always have fun with you. Did I mention how handsome you are? yeah yeah.. of course… Yeah.

Oh my god…. Scott’s cheating on my dad. What the fuck is wrong with him? why is he doing this to my dad? I trusted Scott and I warmed up to him. Now he wants to cheat on us? and I say us because that’s what it feels like. Fuck… my dad is going to be so crushed by this.. do I even tell him?…. no I can’t jump the gun.. I need more evidence. Maybe I can have Frankie help me.. she works for Scott.. she has to have seen or heard something.

Man… maybe I shouldn’t drag her into this, she’s going through enough with her mom… but it would be great to have an inside man give me the info I need. Fuck it I’m going to ask her. If roles were reverse I’d gladly help her. This is important for my dad. He better not be cheating… I’ll beat his ass if he is… doesn’t look good though. Ugh this is going to be so awkward watching this movie… Fuck.

~End Of Chapter Two | Chapter Three is Next~


  1. :O Scott better not be cheating on my Issac!! It did sound that way though. I can only hope that it’s a misunderstanding :\. Rhys is definitely pretty. And smart too :D. I wonder if Keegan can keep up with her being a fratboy and all lol. Okay I should give Keegan more credit than that. He’s wise in his own way. I’m also glad that Keegan didn’t go easy on Aries. He’s being incredibly stupid and immature. He was so wrong for what he did to Trey and he needs to apologize! (And come out of the closet and stop pretending! What an awkward BJ….. lol!!!) Ok I’m trying to forget about that. Moving on! Now Frankie is having a rough time. First she gets smooched and then cussed out shortly after by the same girl! I didn’t see that coming. Tyena’s got serious issues. She’s obviously bi or something though or else she wouldn’t have kissed Frankie like that in the first place. And now Mira is back. Too late!! She should have came earlier when their family was going to meet and talk about all their issues. Ugh. It would be nice if she and Frankie could repair their relationship and be the way a mother and daughter should be. But I don’t know. She doesn’t NEED a mother. Not a loser one at least. She has her dad and her friends just like Jeep told her.

    1. Scott’s personality gets alot of spotlight soon. So we’ll see what lengths Keegan goes to get proof of his cheating.

      I Love Rhys… she’s so cute, and she’s a unique character to write that’s for sure. Will she and Keegan go there? you’ll have to wait and see lol….

      Aries is like you said.. stupid and immature, let us pray that he gets hit with some sense sooner or later. With plans to talk to both Trey and Jeep… one has to wonder how they’ll react. Also with no plans to break it off with Rubi.. just how far will he go to make their relationship seem legit. LOL @ the BJ from hell.

      Tyena………………..is……….. bi or gay….. and she was such a bitch for yelling at Frankie, and attacking her. However… no worries.. she’s not Aries…..her story.. her acceptance will play out completely different. Wait till you see where she is by the end of the season lol.

      Mira Mira Mira……………LUCIFER…. she sure has great timing…………. Won’t say too much but Mira isn’t done. Not by a longshot. Good thing Frankie has friends like Trey, Jeep, Keegan. Jarrah’s cool too but they aren’t that close. Kaori………. well……..she’s stubborn so…

      Anyway thanks for reading and commenting. I’m gonna take a short break, no update(s) until after thanksgiving 🙂

      Happy Holidays! ❤

  2. OMG so much is coming up!! :O there’s no time for turkey! lol. Just kidding. There’s always time for turkey (and mac n cheese, dressing, sweet potato pie, etc, etc, 😀 ) . Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    1. Everything you listed is exactly what I’ll be having LMAO…. Yasssss time to get fat. Oh btw a update on the story.. So I said I’m taking a break over the Thanksgiving Holiday.. well I MAY take a little long (MAY NOT) I ran into a problem with my game. The town I use (Starlight Shores) sucks.. and it bloats the save file.

      Every so often I can’t save (Error 12) and have to do a “save as” as a replacement. Apparently its going to keep happening. So one solution is to just make a new town period. Plus I know that starlight shores pretty much sucks and lags. So this is probably a good idea to just go ahead and switch towns, and move everything.

      Only issue is it takes so long. But I’m gonna get it done. I’m starting right now actually.. so, yeah. It shouldn’t be that bad considering I have my lots saved, and I’m a pretty organized person. Anyway wish my luck! ❤

    1. Thanks ^_^

      I actually ended up getting everything saved to the bin, and I have probably 60% of things placed in the new town.. which a modified sunset valley lol. So far so good. I should be done moving everything today. Then of course me being a control freak.. I’m going to clean up the town.

      Get rid of tourist, delete households that aren’t mine (probably should have used total annihilation before importing my families) delete some of these fucking trees because they’re EVERYWHERE. Then add in a couple of buildings and or make some new ones.

      Good thing all I have to watch tonight is The Walking Dead, and Total Divas…. Oh and The Real Housewives of Atlanta lmfao…

      Anyway! I’m just happy I’m speeding by the process.. music in the background helps!

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