{BnG Season 2} Chapter Two Part 2 : “Attitude Adjustment”

Chapter Two | Pt. 2 “Attitude Adjustment”

-POV’s : Trey & Kaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Trey)

Being the new Manager of Cakecup I have so much more responsibility. Our staff needed an overhaul and of course I was in charge of hiring new people. So here I am.. showing my new workers the ropes. I like the sound of that.. makes me feel like I’m the boss. I guess that’s sorta the case though, the only person I answer to is the Owner. To be completely honest I didn’t think I’d ever be manager- but when I think about how long I’ve worked here.. I guess it makes sense. I’ve been working for Cakecup since I started my last year of high school. Long time people!

Garrett – So… that computer.. makes orders? Is it like a supercomputer or something?

Trey – What?

Garrett – How does it know what the customers want?

Trey – Garrett.. no. You control the computer…

Garrett – But you said “This computer takes the orders”

Trey – It does- No that’s not what I mean.. It- You use the computer to- Oh my god…. have you never worked retail?

Garrett – Nope!

Trey – Its really simple.. the computer show’s everything we have to sell. You just add quantity and- You know what I mean by the quantity right?

Garrett – Umm…..

Oh for fucks sake…

Garrett – Oh! like how many?!

Trey – Yes…

Garrett – Fuck yeah.

How the hell did he get into G.C.U.??

Hope – *laughing*

Garrett – She’s always on the phone with her boyfriend dude….

Trey – Is that so?… I’ll talk to her.

Garrett – Hey is America single?

Trey – No she dates my brother.

Garrett – Does your brother go to G.C.U.?

Trey – No he’s older

Garrett – Oh. So you only gave her the job because she and your brother are doing it?

Trey – No, I think America’s a people person.

Garrett – Yeah she wants me to join Sunny Vibrations… her hippie club..

Trey – Are you?

Garrett – Maybe! I’m already the new guy at the frathouse… I’m the last to join. So why not be one with Sunny Vibrations? doesn’t that sound like a vibrator that’s powered by the sun? Like superman? he’s powered by the sun… So its like a super sunny vibration vibrator.

Trey – …………..Umm

Garrett – Thanks for hiring me by the way! I’m clumsy and not too bright.. but thanks for giving me a chance! I think its great you’re gay!

Trey – Umm… you just mashed two different things together.

Garrett – I know! I’m happy I work here, and I have nothing against the gays. More ladies for me!

Trey – Well I’m glad to have you part of the team.. as for the gay thing.. thanks I guess?

Garrett – Cool! Oh and if anyone gives you any crap about liking penis just let me know.. I’ll kick their ass!

Trey – Thanks Garrett that’s nice of you.

Garrett – No problem broski!

Hope – {On cell with her boyfriend Nick} Oh my god Nick… no Trey’s hella cool.. yeah. No he’s not being bossy…. of course not..

Trey – You’re on register, I’ll be right back. Gonna talk to Hope about the phonecalls.

Garrett – Okay boss!

Hmm.. Garrett is really cool, and nice. I’m actually glad I hired him. He’s a little clueless but he’s eager to learn so.. I’m sure with some work he could be a valuable employee….

Garrett – Welcome to cupcake- I mean Cake-Cup! man.. that’s gonna take some work! I’m Garrett! how can I help you fine people! Hey you guys go to G.C.U. huh?! Hi I’m Garrett! Can I have your order?- Well not have it.. its yours to keep of course- You want some cupcakes?!

Mason – Wow…. dude.. lay off the drugs.

Garrett – I’m high on life.

Mason – Candice?

Candice – Are you fucking serious.. one of my classes got pushed back an hour.. I have so much I need to do today.

Mason – Babe?

Candice – What?

Mason – What do you want?

Candice – I don’t know.. they got waffles?

Garrett – Actually we do serve waffle.. only for breakfast though.

Mason – Well…………..Its morning………….so….. yeah she’ll have two?

Candice – Just one, and some 2% milk.

Garrett – Is that all?

Mason – Give me a bear claw… and a coffee.. black- 2 sugars

Garrett – ….. okay..

Mason – You want anything Jarrah?

Jarrah – No I’m okay, I had breakfast at the sorority before I left.

Garrett – Hay!

Jarrah – Hi?

Garrett – You’re a sorority sister… I’m a fraternity brother… wanna go on a date?

Jarrah – Aww.. that’s sweet, but I have a boyfriend.. sorry.

Garrett – It was worth a shot!

Mason – How much is it dude?

Garrett – Umm… well the computer is blank..

Candice – Did you forget to turn it on?

Garrett – Oh yeah!

Mason – ………………………………..the fuck?

Jarrah – *laugh*


Hope – Whats up?

Trey – We need to talk about the phone situation…

Hope – I’m sorry I-

Trey – I can’t give you special treatment.. so with that being said Hope-

Hope – I’ll grab my things….

Trey – What?

Hope – I get it… I screwed up… I have nobody to blame for getting fired..

Trey – Wait no! I’m not firing you.

Hope – You’re not?

Trey – No I was just gonna say…… keep the calls to important ones only.. like emergencies and stuff.. you get breaks so you can always check your messages then.

Hope – You’re right.

Trey – Why does Nick keep calling anyway?

Hope – He has the flu, he’s bored in his dorm.

Trey – Oh yeah he was coughing the other day.. I didn’t think anything of it.

Hope – Yeah I’m just making sure he’s eating and relaxing..

Trey – You really care about him huh?

Hope – I do… he changed my life… but you know how amazing Nick is.. you dated him

Trey – We didn’t date-

Hope – Well you guys had sex, and you could have dated.

Trey – You said that so casually.. it doesn’t bother you that Nick is bi?

Hope – No.. besides as a woman I can get away with doing another girl.. I’m not even into girls, but If I wanted to do it.. I could. So Nick is wired to feel attraction for male and females.. its fine. Long as he’s not cheating what’s the big deal?

Trey – I had you all wrong.. I thought you were just… a ….. crazy bitch. Sorry.

Hope – Its okay.. Jarrah wasn’t that wrong… I’ve changed alot though… life does that to you. Speaking of Jarrah.. isn’t that her over there? looking all edgy?

Trey – Oh she’s here.. I should go say hi.

Hope – I’m keeping my distance…

Trey – Heh… well do me a favor and like.. talk to Garrett… he’s clueless.. see if he needs help with anything.

Hope – Okay.

She’s really changed… Nick has been a really good influence on her. I mean I had this perception of her because of everything she did to Jarrah, but she’s not like that anymore it seems. Nick’s a great guy, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m glad he and Hope are together. Now……. I should go say hi to Jarrah… she and I haven’t been talking as much as we usually do so.. it might be some awkwardness. I do want to get an update on her boyfriend though… Can’t believe he got arrested. She wrote about the situation on her facebook… racism is disgusting.

Trey – Hey there!

Jarrah – Hey Manager.

Trey – How’s everything? I saw your facebook post about what happened with you and your boyfriend. I tried to call but-

Jarrah – Sorry about that, I was talking with my dad, and everyone kept calling.. then I had to go pick Orion up.

Trey – How did he get out?

Jarrah – Lola paid his bail, and he gave her the money back this morning. He’s at home now..

Trey – Oh… Lola… wow.. that’s cool. She’s really a close friend I’d assume.. super nice of her to do that.

Jarrah – Yeah… I was really shaken up from the incident.. I can’t believe that happened. Dad said that’s something that never would have happened back in the day.

Trey – Yeah but GloCity has changed alot since our parents were our age. The city is bigger now… and that means alot of new people.. and with that comes ignorance…

Jarrah – I guess that’s true.

Trey – But you’re alright though?

Jarrah – Yeah.. I’m okay….

Trey – Good. So… who’s your friends? I mean I know of Candice but who’s the guy?

Jarrah – Mason…  he’s Candice’s boyfriend.

Trey – Oh.. so all three of you hangout?

Jarrah – He sorta tags along with us sometimes. He has his own friends though.. I think he’s really cool with that new film snob that’s giving Jeep a hardtime.

Trey – Austin?

Jarrah – Yeah…

Trey – I see.

Jarrah – You know just because I’m in a sorority, and I’m friends with Lola, and Candice… that doesn’t mean you and I are on the outs.

Trey – No it just means you have more people to spread your time to + work and school.. oh and your boyfriend. I’m not mad about it though.. the 6 of us were going to kinda grow apart sooner or later.

Jarrah – While I agree that we can’t be delusional and think we’re  going to be glued to the hip for eternity- I think we can all make time for each other.

Trey – We don’t even get together anymore… the 6 of us would do that… weekly.. every two weeks whatever.. but not anymore.

Jarrah – I blame Kaori for that… she hates you, and I… now she hates Frankie. Oh and she’s never really been super cool with Jeep…. and then Keegan, she got all mad when you know.. he and I- so yeah she’s the one who’s to blame. …………………. Well not her entirely.. we all played our parts but I feel like as soon as we put a band-aid on out group.. she rips it off with some drama.

Trey – I kinda agree.. she’s always been bitchy… but yeah.. I don’t know… Things are very different…

Jarrah – True… So umm.. how’s Chace? did he tell you about our talk?

Trey – He hasn’t told me about it no…

Jarrah – I was with Jeep’s Aunt Skye-

Trey – Technically isn’t she your aunt too?

Jarrah – Don’t even get me started on how confusing that  is….

Trey – *laugh*  Anyway why were you with Skye?

Jarrah – She does real estate remember?

Trey – Oh yeah.

Jarrah – She was showing Lola and I some places..

Trey – You guys are moving in-

Jarrah – Oh no.. she’s just looking for a nice place.. she found one- but anyway we’re getting off-topic..

Trey – Right.. Chace called.

Jarrah – Yeah and he was talking to someone named Lenny in the background.

Trey – That’s his boyfriend… whom I’ve only just met last week.. its so odd…

Jarrah – Well………… Chace called with an attitude of course.. but made it seem like it was all me. He insulted me, and my choice of phone. All while getting a BJ by Lenny and then his butthole licked apparently. I was disgusted.

Trey – *laugh* How did-

Jarrah – He was moaning, and telling Lenny he liked it while talking to me.

Trey – Ew…. I’m sorry about that.

Jarrah – It wasn’t your fault…  but I just want to say this about Chace.. I’m done trying to be nice to him. Please don’t have him call me again.

Trey – Yeah I’m over it.. you two just aren’t going to get along..

Jarrah – ….Anyway switching gears a bit.. I talked to Collin and he told me about you blowing up on Darell and Portia.

Trey – Its in the past.. I forgive Portia because she’s delusional but… Darell can kiss my ass…

Jarrah – Just be careful.. he’s not someone you want to make upset.. I don’t want you to get hurt.

Trey – Collin has my back, and also fuck Darell I’m not gonna let him bully me so I can accept his apology..

Jarrah – Portia  was praying about it the other night.. so weird.. she wants you two to become BFF’s!…….So speaking of… shall we address the elephant in the room?

Trey – Hmm?

Jarrah – Hope Valentine?

Trey – Oh…

Jarrah – I did not see that coming.. she works here now… and she dates Nick Hicks…

Trey – How do you know all of this?

Jarrah – Well besides her being behind you, Dylan messaged me on facebook and was like “Hey did you know Hope works with Trey? and she’s dating Nick?”

Trey – I didn’t even know you and Dylan were talking after he made that French Whore comment..

Jarrah – We’re not talking… so the message was odd for multiple reasons…

Trey – ……Hope’s not a bad person.. she’s changed… I know what she did to you and Dylan-

Jarrah – No I get it.. people do change and I’m glad you’re helping her out. Everyone needs a job, and money… I’m okay with you hiring her.. I’m sure it was a favor to Nick so.. Oh my god I have to get out of here… I have work and then the rest of my night I’m studying at the G.C.U. Library.. you should come by if you’re free.

Trey – I can’t…. I have……………………. a date.

Jarrah – REALLY? who?!

Trey – Dominic Phan?

Jarrah – Ooooh him- wow he’s cute! good for you…

Trey – I’m nervous but I’m sure it’ll be fine.. I think.

Jarrah – Where are you guys going?

Trey – He wants me to have dinner at his place on the water.

Jarrah – What? why doesn’t he live on campus? is he like a big spender?

Trey – I don’t know the answer to any of those things… but I do feel like he’s hiding something major.

Jarrah – No! no self sabotaging.. you go on that date and you have fun.

Trey – Yeah… true.

Jarrah – I’ll be at the library incase you do have time to stop by.. long night of studying is ahead…

Trey – Okay… well if I have time I’ll stop by.

Jarrah – Nice talking with you.. and wow your hair is…

Trey – Yeah… I need a haircut.. Chace loves it like this though.

Jarrah – ……………………..I’m sure. Anyway talk to you later, have fun tonight.

Trey – Okay… bye!

Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be… it was actually a pleasant talk. Key things I took away from it was. 1. She’s not going to let racism break her and Orion up. 2. She has new friends but doesn’t want to ditch her old friends. 3. She still hates Kaori as much as I do. 4. Lola seem’s needy…. 5. She wants to kill Chace. 6. She’s over the drama with Hope.

Jarrah – Are you guys eating here?

Mason – Yeah.

Candice – Why you finna dip?

Jarrah – I gotta get to Bridgeport…

Mason – Oh yeah you work at V-Glam.. doin’ big things..

Candice – You corny… anyway well… call me later?

Jarrah – Yeah for sure- though I’ll be studying all night. You can come study too if-

Mason – No no no.. we’re fuckin’ tonight.

Jarrah – Well excuse me!

Candice – I cut myself when shaving down there so… we haven’t gotten’ it in for a minute…

Jarrah – Well alrighty then.. *laugh*

Mason – You and the gay guy are friends?

Candice – Mase!

Mason – My bad! I don’t know his name..

Candice – Doesn’t mean you label him the gay guy.

Mason – You right babe…

Jarrah – Yeah we’re childhood friends.. bestfriends but we’ve both been so busy…

Candice – Looks like you’re fixing it though… which is cool… 

Jarrah – Yeah yeah I know.. don’t end up like you and Rhys…

Mason – Ha………….Not touching that one..

Jarrah – Anyway.. bye guys.

Mason – Bye.

Candice – Bye girl.


America – Trey? are these burnt?

Trey – No they’re perfect… go ahead and plate them.. then just put butter on the side.

America – Okay!

Trey – You did good America!

America – Thanks!

Trey – Have you heard from my brother?

America – I talked to him on my break. He’s doing the job interview now..

Trey – Tell me he cleaned up.. can’t go in there looking like a hippie who’s been living in a tree for thousands of years.

America – Tyler know’s how to look the part… he sent me a picture.. he’s prepared.

Trey – Good.

My brother has this big job interview.. its a big opportunity for him to take his ideas about the environment and do something with them on a bigger scale. Hopefully the interview goes well and he gets the job. Him and America are so cute together.. I sometimes look at them and I think 2 things. 1- Do they ever fight? they always seem so happy. Then 2- Soulmates really do exist.. those two complete each other.

Speaking of dating… I’m so not ready for this date with Dominic.. what if he’s some big psychology majoring douchebag who judges everything and everyone? What if we have dinner and end up hating each other? What if we like each other? am I even ready for that? too many questions.. guess I’ll find out later.. please i beg you god.. don’t let tonight be a disaster. Later guys.

(POV Kaori)

I feel like my class schedule is fucking me in my ass without lube. Like seriously.. with these classes back to back, plus work? how the hell am I suppose to have a social life. I guess this is what its like when you actually have a major. It is what it is though.. can’t wait to be done with college. Funny thing is.. people like to give me shit for being rich, and having a trust fund. Yet……..they don’t give me any kind of credit for actually going to college. I didn’t have to.. I could have took my money and moved somewhere and did whatever I want. Its okay though, people are just bitter in general.. everyone likes to talk shit. Such sad lives they must live.

Byron – *laughing loudly* You’re still a hacky sack geek after all this time?!

Collin – You know it!

Seeing Byron and Collin reconnect is pretty cool. I’d imagine for both of them it gets awkward having not spoken in such a long time- but they seem to be making the most of it. I think with enough time they can be bro’s again. I should go say hi.

What the fuck?

Kaori – Are you dead?

Jules – We’re all dead.

Kaori – Why are you on the ground? aren’t you scared of bugs?

Jules – I’m connecting with earth on a deeper level.

Kaori – The bugs are biting you on a deeper level… you’re so weird dude.

Jules – Aren’t you one of Keegan’s friends?

Kaori – Yeah.. why?

Jules – He’s a gentle soul.

Kaori – Keegan’s cool.. though we’re kinda in a weird place.

Jules – Keegan has good energy.

Kaori – Umm………………………………Yeah?

Jules – You… your name?

Kaori – Kaori.. or Kay’ for short.

Jules – Kay’……. We shall meet again today.

Kaori – Well… we go to the same school………………and live in the same dorm building. I’m pretty sure we will.

Jules – You shall see…………. we will meet again.. Au clair de la lune

Kaori – I don’t speak french…You’re fucking weird. Like first you come to G.C.U. then bang Keegan.. then cut off all your hair…………now you’re goth and loony. What the fuck?

Jules – Judging me won’t get you far.. I am what I am… you are who you are. Leave me to my connection with mother earth.

Kaori – Have at it weirdo.

Jules – Remember… We shall meet again. Au clair de la lune!- Au clair de la lune!

She……….Is so fucking odd isn’t she? Like she’s the type of bitch who’d eat you if you were stranded together. I just know it. I would ask what the hell Keegan saw in her but she was cute before… now she’s a mess.

Kaori – Hey Byron!

Collin – Ladies! and Gentlemen! I present you! King and Queen of G.C.U.! *laughs*

Kaori – Hi Collin.

Collin – Milady *bows*

Kaori – Why are you such a nerd?

Collin – Can’t help it! History Major here!

Kaori – How cute.. you’re a history major and your girlfriend is a Anthropology major right?

Collin – Yeah… Elena can be a bigger nerd than I am sometimes.

Byron – If you’re studying history why do you go to Culinary school?

Collin – I love cooking, and its a good backup plan.

Byron – True.

Kaori – So… what are you guys doing?

Collin – We both have an hour until our next class so we’re just talking.

Byron – Just bullshitting around.

Kaori – I see.

Collin – Where are you off to?

Kaori – One of my marketing classes.

Byron – Boring!

Kaori – But necessary.

Byron – Very true.

Kaori – Hey Collin? how’s the roommate thing going with Jeep?

Collin – Jonah’s cool. Though we don’t see much of each other. Our schedules prevent alot of bonding. I don’t even see alot of Jarrah to be honest.

Kaori – Ah.

Byron – We see alot of each other though.

Collin – Crazy how much that worked out.

Kaori – Its meant to be that you guys reconnect I guess.

Collin – Perhaps!- I’m going to go see why that chick is laying on the ground.. I’ll leave you two to talk.

Kaori – *smiles* 

Collin – Hay Gurl Why you dead Gurl?

Jules – Why are you acting so black?

Collin – I’m joking around.. and f.y.i. Its not acting black.. its acting urban and using slang. Don’t subject an entire PEOPLE by stereotype.

Jules – True…. My apologies

Collin – Its okay.. you meant no harm…

Jules – Correct.

Collin – Why are you on the ground.

Jules – I’m one with the earth.

Collin – I can dig that.

Jules – Where’s your clingy girlfriend?

Collin – Excuse me?


Kaori – So things seem to be hella chill with Collin now?

Byron – Yeah Its working out pretty good.

Kaori – That’s cool.

Byron – You look so cute…

Kaori – I know..

Byron – I like you with your hair pushed back.. it shows off your face.

Kaori – *smirks* What is it with all the compliments?

Byron – I know I screwed up…. so-

Kaori – We’re past that, we both apologized and it is what it is.

Byron – I know but.. I don’t want anymore miscommunication between us. From now on lets just be honest.. even if it makes us vulnerable okay?- I won’t take no for an answer by the way…

Kaori – I’m used to getting my way, and being the boss.

Byron – Not with me… *smirks*

Its so odd not being the… the dominate one. Usually I get what I want, and with a bat of my eyes, or hair flip- or hell even some girly whining whatever I desire is mine. With Byron.. he’s so strong in his personality and for once I’m not the boss, and he doesn’t always let me get my way. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing?… still an adjustment though. Make no mistake about it I’m still a bad bitch.

Kaori – So Jules is a basket case.

Byron – She’s… different.

Kaori – Speaking of girls.. how’s your little groupie doing?

Byron – Who?

Kaori – Christine.

Byron – Kay’…..

Kaori – I know I know.. I’m just fuckin’ with you… I wrote her a message on facebook saying I’m sorry so its all good..

Byron – You did?.. that was really mature of you.

Kaori – Well I’m a lady.. so…

Byron – *laugh*

Kaori – Hey you took french in high school right?

Byron – Yeah

Kaori – What does “Au clair de la lune” mean?

Byron – Eh-… umm… Au clair de la lune?… Moonlight- Oh It means By the light of the moon.

Kaori – What the fuck?

Byron – What?

Kaori – Something Jules kept saying to me.

Byron – Ah

Kaori – Anyway I’m already five minutes late to class so I’m gonna go.. have a good day..

Byron – I’ll text you after practice.

Kaori – When exactly is your show?

Byron – We’re trying to work that out.. I got the gig but no date yet? I’ll let you know though.. since you’re my number one fan and all.

Kaori – Yeah yeah.. bye boo.

Byron – Bye twerk queen.

I really need to learn to speak another language. My mother speaks Korean, My dad speaks French, and Spanish. Byron know’s some French. I think Frankie know’s some Spanish.. hell she may know French too.. overachiever much? Oh! and my sister Vira.. she speaks Japanese. Speaking of which.. I haven’t talked to her today… She’s been busy with her art  school- well its not a school.. she gives painting lessons or whatever. Which is so odd to me because she still looks my age..

Byron – Jules is it comfortable down there?

Jules – Earth’s comfort is like the clouds.

Collin – Jules what does your boyfriend think about you making love to earth?

Jules – I am detached… I don’t know where my lover is in this world.

Byron – I see..

Collin – How’d everything go with Kaori?

Byron – It went good… she’s not mad anymore so.. yeah.

Collin – Good.

Byron – What’s up with you and Elena?

Collin – I rather not say in front of our earthy friend here.

Byron – That bad eh?

Collin – Well.. not really… she’s just…  *whispers* clingy as hell.. I feel like I can’t breathe. Calling like 8 times a day. *stops whispering* Yeah.. so that’s that…

Byron – Wow…

Collin – I should have asked Kaori’s opinion…

Byron – She would have just told you to say something about it *laughs*

Something I’ve noticed about Byron.. he seems more and more disinterested in school. Maybe its because he’s more focused on his music but I don’t know. Anyway I need to get my ass to class. Next time you guys see me I’ll probably be at work… Hmm I need to do some studying tonight too. Part of me wants to just bullshit around and watch a movie on netflix.. but I know I should probably just go to my classes, work, and then hit the library…. ugh.. my poor social life!

(POV Trey)

Lately I’ve been on a health kick and I’ve been working out alot. The thing is… I get bored easily. So running on a treadmill or whatever isn’t something I want to keep doing. Which is why I like swimming! Its fun, and a great way to get in exercise- besides…. who doesn’t want a swimmer’s bod?

Chace – Your hair will be like a flotation device.

Trey – Shut your face…. I want to cut my hair but I don’t know… Its going to get cold soon so.. yeah. It keeps me warm!

Chace – Its also adorable on you!

Lenny – Oh.

Chace – Lenny shut it… Trey and I are friends only.

Lenny – I didn’t say anything.

Trey – No worries Lenny… I don’t like Chace like that.

Chace – And I don’t like you like that either Trey.

Trey – Yup

Lenny – Okay okay sheesh.

Okay so… Lenny and Chace…. last week Chace and I were going to sleep, and we were just randomly talking about what we had to do in the morning. I told him I had a busy day and then he said “I have a few classes and then hanging out with my boyfriend Lenny” I was so confused because its like Lenny came out of nowhere. I didn’t even know Chace was the boyfriend type.

Chace – Don’t be acting jealous Lenny, that shit is not cute.

Lenny – Blah blah blah.

Chace – So fluff-head… you said you talked to Jarrah at Cakecup?

Trey – Right!… It went well I think.

Chace – Did she mention me?

Trey – Oh yeah….. You and Lenny..

Chace – Its not like it was planned.

Trey – She just wants you guys to stay away from each other. She says its less drama that way.

Chace – We go to the same fucking school so good luck with that happening.. but you know what.. whatever. Its fine.. she’s such a diva.

Trey – So are you….

Lenny – Ain’t that the truth.

Chace – Whatever.. are we swimming or what?

Trey – Don’t get mad bitch its true.. you can be a diva.

Chace – Fine its true… but umm.. can we swim now?

Trey – Lenny why aren’t you swimming?

Lenny – I don’t know how- and also I’m fine with watching the view.

This is the thing. Chace is very opinionated, and passionate. He’d never hurt me, and he’s always gonna have my back. Jarrah’s someone that I’ve known and loved for the longest time. She feels like Chace is overstepping his boundaries. Chace feels like he’s important and won’t be denied. Its just a mess. I’m just happy they’re not the same gender, because who knows if it would come to blows. They really seem to hate each other.

Chace – WAAAAAATAHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m a Water Ninja!

Trey – Oh my god stop it!

Chace – Lighten up.

Trey – Bitch.. I wear contacts and glasses. I have sensitive eyes.

Chace – Aww I’m sorry boobear!

Trey – Its okay..

Lenny – So… Trey…..

Trey – Yes Lenny?

Lenny – What kind of music do you like?

Trey – I like a little bit of everything. I use to stan for Rihanna but lately I feel like she’s doing to much.

Lenny – Rihanna’s cool… I love Christina Aguilera.. even though she’s a flop. Floptina….

Trey – She has some good songs.

Chace – But Britney has always slayed her! Britney is everything.. you betta work bitch!

Lenny – Yasssss

Trey – That’s my favorite song to workout to at the gym.

Lenny – That’s where I met Chace

Trey – At the gym?

Chace – Yeah he was there with his stiff-stuck up ass sister.

Lenny – Penny is not stuck up.. she’s just brainy.

Trey – You have a sister named Penny?

Lenny – We’re twins, and our names rhyme.. why is that so weird?

Chace – Its not.. its just funny.

Wow…. Lenny & Penny.. Clearly their parents had zero imagination when it came to names. 

Trey – Lenny & Penny… Its cute I guess.

Lenny – Well we may be twins but we’re so different.

Chace – You’re a flaming queen, and she’s a no social life having brainiac.

Trey – Harsh!

Chace – So are you hanging out with Jarrah soon?

Trey – Thought we were changing the subject?

Chace – I’m just curious.

Trey – She’s actually studying all night.. she said I could come by and study with her.

Chace – Noooooooo you’re coming out to the gay club with Lenny and I

Trey – I’m actually not doing either…

Lenny – Why not?

Trey – I’m going on a date with Dominic…

Lenny – Dominic Phan? The asian guy?

Trey – Don’t say it like that.. we’re more than just our ethnicities.

Chace – Ugh you’re going out with DE-monic?

Trey – Did you just call him Demonic?

Lenny – Ohh cause his name is DOM-Minic.. so De-Monic- I totes get it *laugh*

Trey – What’s wrong with Dominic?

Chace – Well he’s a know it all, and he’s very judgmental. He thinks that just because he’s a psychology major that he can read people. Its just rude and annoying.

Lenny – Chace and Dominic had a run in at the student union yesterday.

Trey – Oh..

Chace – But look… Go on the date and have fun. Form your own opinions, I’m not about to ruin your date..

Trey – Thanks.

Chace – No problem. After Aries you deserve some kind of action

Trey – Chace!

Lenny – Oh its okay, Chace told me.. I won’t tell anybody…

Oh my fucking goodness why would he tell Lenny!? 

Trey – What the fuck Chace?

Chace – Sorry! he won’t tell anyone though! he’s like you.. against outing people.. Me personally if the person in question is a dick-face then I think they deserve to be outed.

Lenny – I don’t… its up to them when they come out.. not you.

Trey – Right.

I pray to madonna that Chace is right, and that Lenny will keep his mouth shut. I really don’t want Aries to be outed. He did what he did to me and it is what it is, but I won’t have a part in outing him. That’s just wrong.

??? – Hey Trey!

??? – …………….Oh shit.

What the hell?

Darell – Hey Trey!!!

This cannot be happening again! what does he think the third time a charm?

Lenny – Trey… someone is trying to get your attention.

Trey – I’m aware.

Darell – You’re gonna just ignore me?

What good would that do?

Aries – ……….

Trey – Fine….. What do you want?

Darell – Nothing.. I’m just saying hi.

Trey – Why bother?

Darell – Aries and I were upstairs, chillin in the seats.. smoking some weed before class.

Chace – Did you say smoking each other’s dicks?

He know’s damn well he didn’t say anything about penises… so funny..  I think I love Chace *laughs*

Darell – Nah dude chill with the gay shit bro.

Chace – Oh whatever… Also don’t tell me to chill Darell… I’ll have my brother kick you out the fraternity.

Darell – It doesn’t work like that homeboy.

Trey – So you said hi, you can go now.

Aries – …..

Lenny – Well this is entertaining..

Of Course Aries is super silent… Wow.. he looks really good though minus that stupid hair color.

Darell – So what you been up to? you hungout with Portia today?

Trey – No I haven’t… also stop fucking talking to me..

Darell – Why are you making shit so difficult?

Trey – Fuck you Darell…

I really want to punch Darell.. but I’m pretty sure I’d get my ass kicked… however.. causing him to bleed with one punch would be so worth the ass beating I’d get after..

Chace – So… Aries… how have you been old pal?!

Darell – You know him Aries?

Aries – Umm.. sorta… I mean He’s Hammer’s brother so-

Chace – Sorta?! our parents made us go to a hippie camp when we were younger.

Aries – We didn’t really hangout though.

Chace – No…. we just… fucked around every now and then.

Darell – Fucked around? what the fuck?

Chace – No like steal marshmallows, annoy the camp counselors.. right Aries?

Aries – Yeah..

Darell – Oh shit I thought you were saying y’all fucked or something.

Aries – Ha! I’m straight Darell… not really into digging in other guy’s asses.

Trey – …………

Chace – So macho! of you Aries. I hear its super fun.. anal sex n all of that.

Lenny – *laughing*

Aries – Cool….

Darell – So umm Trey?

Trey – What?

Darell – Portia tells me you like Rihanna.. I can get you a hook up on-

Trey – I don’t want shit from you.

Aries – Trey… can’t you see he’s trying to make up for the bad stuff he did?

Trey – Aries…………………………..Don’t.

Aries – …………………..

Chace – Aries can I bum a fag?

Aries – Excuse me?!

Chace – You know? borrow a cigarette. You smoke right?

Aries – No I don’t smoke cancer sticks!

Chace – Oh… my apologies. Wow your arms look big.. working out?

Darell – Clearly he likes you Aries…

Aries – Too bad I’m taken.. and NOT INTO GUYS

Trey – Wow…

Aries – Not that I’m against gays.. I have gay moms.

Chace – I hope you don’t mind a little PDA then..

Oh god.. I hope he doesn’t try to kiss him…

Chace – Come here Lenny

Lenny – Oooh babe!

Aries – ……………………………………………….

Trey – Get a room Chace.

Chace – I’m sure they won’t mind watching.

Darell – Yeah…………..no thanks. Anyway… Trey?

Trey – Why?! Why are you stalking me?!

Darell – I’m not… Aries and I were here first! I’m just trying to have a conversation with you bro.

Trey – I’m not your bro!

Darell – You come at me like I’m the enemy. I’m not the enemy kid! All of that shit is in the past.

Trey – For you maybe!

Chace – Oh yeah baby…

Lenny – Mmmmm

Aries – ………….Maybe you guys should breathe.

Chace – Ha!

Lenny – I so wanna go down on you right now.

Chace – Who me? or Aries?

Lenny – You!

Aries – ………………………..

Darell – You think maybe you and me could talk? just the two of us? nobody around?

Trey – No.

Darell – I really have some shit I need to get off my chest, and I know something I can confide in you.. that would make us even… even steven.

Trey – No.

Darell – Dude I’m trying here.

Trey – NO! I don’t care! Guys I’m getting my clothes and leaving.

Lenny – Wait for us!

Chace – Aww fun’s over?

Chace – Why so red in the face Aries? see something you like?

Aries – I’m not red, and no thanks!

Chace – Whatever… I know you hate to see me go.. but you love to watch these CAKES leave!

Darell – Ugh… fag…

Chace – Shut the fuck up Darell.. you probably wanna go balls deep in Trey.. is that why you wanna be alone?

Lenny – *laughing*

Trey – Chace stop it!

Darell – Be glad you’re Hammer’s lil brother.. because otherwise…

Chace – What would you do?………..Beat my ass? would you beat my ass Darell? oh please Darell……beat… my ass. I bet you want to.

Trey – Dammit Chace STOP!

Chace – Fine!… jesus… I was just having some fun.

Lenny – I thought it was funny.

Trey – I don’t want to play any games with them… I want to leave.

Chace – Fine… sorry… we can go…

Darell – This ain’t over Trey…. I know how to fix this…

Lenny – Why won’t you just forgive him?

Trey – Assuming Chace told you everything.. if you were me would you forgive him?

Lenny – Chace told me everything.. and yes.. I’d forgive him and move on. Life is too short to hold grudges.

Trey – Well good thing you’re you, and not me.

Lenny – No need to spaz out.

Trey – Lenny….. you don’t know me that well.. so please shut up.

Lenny – Or what? you’re not gonna pop off!

Trey – Chace get your boyfriend before I drown him.

Lenny – Fuck you chia pet!

Chace – Guys stop it! Lenny apologize right now!

Lenny – …………Fine…… I’m sorry….

Chace – Trey?

Trey – ………Okay.. I’m sorry too…

Lenny – I really am though………..Can we still be friends?

Trey – *sigh* ……Okay *smiles*

Chace – Awww… Lets have a threesome now!

Trey – Ew no!

Lenny – I know Chace and I are versatile but are you Trey?

Trey – I’ve never topped before..

Chace – He’s just a bottom.

Trey – *laugh* shut up.

Aries – Darell?

Darell – What?

Aries – What is it that you were going to tell Trey?

Darell – None of your fucking business.

Aries – ….I was just asking.. I was curious.

Darell – Yeah I bet you’re curious.. curious enough to butt fuck Chace.

Aries – I’m 100% straight! Rubi loves my cock okay?!

Darell – I don’t doubt that.. I used to fuck around with Rubi.. she’s a real ball juggler!

Aries – Don’t say that about my girlfriend…

Darell – She loves dick though…

Aries – Dude!

Well… I’m glad to be getting out of here. I swear Darell is annoying as fuck, why won’t he just leave me the hell alone? Who cares about his stupid secret he wants to share with me. “It’ll make things between us even”. What the hell does that even mean? Though…………………. if I’m being honest, I’m a bit curious what it could be. Knowing him its probably something stupid like “Hey Trey I’m cheating on Portia again!” Which would be the worse kept secret ever. I mean I have no clue who he’s cheating with but it has to be someone. There is no way he’s changed his ways.

Oh.. and obviously it goes without saying that seeing Aries was hard for me. I see him on campus and I just… It sucks. I hate him, but I still care for him at the same time. I hope this doesn’t come off as me being an idiot, but I do feel like I judge him a little too harshly, and so does Keegan, and Jeep. I’m not talking about what he did to Jeep, that’s different.  What he did to me was technically the best thing for both of us. He broke up with me so I wouldn’t get hurt, and so he wouldn’t have to force himself out the closet. He tried to go for the softest blow..

Ugh.. enough I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m done with it, he made his choice. I have classes and then my date with a very nice guy….at his house…. what’s the worse than could happen?… probably shouldn’t have even put that question out into the universe…

(POV Kaori)

Work was work.. boring lame ass online research about what people are into these days. Guess what I had to research today? Old people…. yeah…. imagine how much fun that was. Ugh. I did get to help Kyle with something though so that was the highlight of my work day. Right now everyone is taking a break in the workroom. Since I’m an intern my day is about over, they have many more hours ahead of them though.

Kaori – What are you watching?

Kyle – The news?

Kaori – Oh… what’s bad for us now? Breathing?

Kyle – Ha.. I know right? I remember watching one week where they said Orange juice was good for you.. the next week they were talking about the bad side of too much consumption of it. Its how they control us.. how they scare us..

Kaori – I guess…

Kyle – They’re talking about some guy who the cops are looking for.

Kaori – What did he do?

Kyle – Umm… Kill someone apparently.. Oh and he was last seen here in Bridgeport.. so be careful going home.

Kaori – I don’t live in Bridgeport remember?

Kyle – Oh yeah.. my bad..

Kaori – Well anyway… See ya-

Kyle – You did really good today by the way. If you weren’t here to help me I’d be behind on my work. So thanks.

Kaori – No problem… I’m really good at math- Don’t you dare make a Asian joke.

Kyle – I wasn’t *laughs*

Kaori – Well the intern has left the building.. I get to go back to my school now.. you poor saps gotta work.

Kyle – Next week you won’t get to leave so early…

Kaori – And why is that?

Kyle – I talked to Sasha- I mean Mrs Nirav… or is it Ms. Owens now? You’ve heard the rumors right?

Kaori – About the divorce?

Kyle – Yeah.

Kaori – Yup….

Kyle – Got off topic for a minute… So I talked to Sasha, and you know how we have that in house competition coming up?

Kaori – The one that I’m not involved with.

Kyle – I asked her if I could choose you as my partner.

Kaori – What?! Why?

Kyle – I was listening to this Kanye West interview and he was saying how in alot of industries its the young new people paying their dues who have great ideas- but never get to share them because of their positions… I think he’s right.. I think you could be good for this place.. I want you as my partner…

Kaori – Do I have a choice?

Kyle – Of course… but if you want to make moves and get put on… then you should probably do it.

Kaori – … Hmm… Okay sure.

Kyle – Good… We’ll talk next week. Have a good weekend.

Kaori – You too.

Wow…. That’s fucking awesome… He wants me to help him with the competition- Oh I should probably explain what exactly it is. So basically everyone grabs a partner.. 2-3 people. Sasha gives them- well us… She gives us a product, and we all have to brainstorm a way to advertise it. I’m not sure what the winner gets but hopefully they go with the winning idea or something.. I don’t know.. its all new for me. I’m excited though! I can’t wait to tell Frankie-

Kaori – Fuck.

Kyle – What? Don’t tell me you’re changing your mind?

Kaori – No.. I umm.. I was just talking in my head about being excited.. and I thought about how I couldn’t wait to tell a friend…

Kyle – What’s the problem with that?

Kaori – We’re not exactly speaking….

Kyle – Oh…. well start speaking?

Kaori – Not that easy…. anyway.. I’m gonna go.. see you next week.

Kyle – Alright.. drive safe.

Can’t believe I thought that… Frankie and I are obviously not speaking so what the fuck.. get it together Kaori..

Ivy – Sorry to just stop by..

Max – Its okay, everything okay?

Ivy – Umm… Yes and no.

Max – Well what is it?

Ivy – Okay well… You know how I live with Kalia?

Max – Yeah?

Ivy – I clean alot.. and I was cleaning while she was in the shower… I didn’t wanna snoop but I did.

Max – Ivy….

Ivy – I saw her phone.. so I checked her messages… She was talking to some girl named Nina..

Max – Maybe its not what you think…

Ivy – Well the issue is.. do I bring it up or not? Because If I don’t, its gonna eat me up…. if I do bring it up.. I may not like the answer and also I’ll have to explain why I was reading her text messages.

Max – I say don’t bring it up, and ignore it for right now… if you get more proof of her cheating then bring it up.

Ivy – What would you do if you looked through Riley’s phone?

What? Riley?… as in Frankie’s dad?

Max – Umm I wouldn’t go through his phone if I’m being honest.

Ivy – Thanks for making me feel bad… lets change the subject… How’s everything going with Riley?

Max – Good… we actually saw a movie last night……….in public.. so..

Ivy – Good.

Max – You think Frankie will warm up to me?…. she doesn’t seem to like me dating her dad.

Holy Shit….

Ivy – Her issue isn’t with you.. its with me… I’m gonna talk to her…

Max – Okay.. *smiles* I love you Ivy.

Ivy – I love you too dad.

Okay stop the fucking press.. Frankie’s ex girlfriend’s DAD is dating her DAD? Max and Riley? like who in the hell is shipping that? together their name would be Rax, or even worse.. MILEY! Wow.. I’m sure Frankie is going through the motions right now. How awkward for her- but then again.. Karma’s a bitch I guess. After what she did to My brother and I.. it is what it is…

I can’t stand Ivy or whatever but seeing her with her dad makes me miss my family. Mom is still in Pylea, Dad gets back from L.A. next week- Wait! Ivo comes in from New York next week.. Awesome.. I get to see them both hopefully. That leaves Alana and Vira. Alana… is pregnant.. which is just………….. what the fuck. Like how do you go on a date with a guy, fuck him that night and get pregnant. You can’t tell me that wasn’t the plan. She’s so money hungry- And Vira, I explained that she’s been too busy to talk to me. I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing with that situations.. I really wanna be like BITCH LOOK AT OUR EYES! WE’RE RELATED… but then again it would cause so much shit if I did… 

*sigh* Time for the long drive back to GCU… see you guys in a sec.

{30 Minutes later}

Finally back in GloCity…. more importantly I made it back to my dorm. Oh shit.. I need to go study. Ugh.. I should skip it… No no Kaori.. just go fuckin’ study you lazy bitch. I’m not going in there in my work clothes though… good thing I have my other clothes in the backseat. Speaking of…… you guys like my new car? I told you I was buying a new one.. my other one kept stalling. I’m not about that life, out with the old in with the new.

Time to change my clothes in the car… I haven’t done that since the days of hooking up with Chad- well Hammer as you know him as. Anyway… close your eyes pervs… I gotta take this shit off. Thank god I didn’t wear stocking to work.. those are a bitch to take off. Then again I never wear them… *laughs*

Finally in the library… Oh shit Jarrah’s lame ass is right there… ugh. Oh fuck Jules is here too.. that weird bitch better not saying anything to me…

Jarrah – *speaking to herself* Oh great she’s here….

Jules – Where are the witchcraft books?

Miguel – Hey guys… is it just me or is Jules weird?

Myra – Its not just you… she’s weird.

Rhys – Who?

Myra – The girl by the books

Rhys – Oh her… I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to her… I did see her talking to a tree once though..

Miguel – She creeps me out.

Myra – Its not like she’s a witch or anything..

Rhys – Are you guys dating? like officially?

Miguel – I’m not looking to see anyone else other than her.

Myra – *blushes* Well… I guess.. I mean.. we never flatout said-

Miguel – I’m good to be exclusive if you are.

Myra – I am *smiles*

Miguel – Then its settled.. we’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

Rhys – Awww how cute.

Well this is great.. I didn’t think that many people would be here by the time I got here.

Jarrah – ………………I should say hi or something.. don’t want to be rude… Hey Kaori

Kaori – Umm…………………………………………..hi?

{Lights go out}

Fockky – What the FOCK is going on!

Jarrah – I do not like the dark.. …. someone turn the lights on.

Kaori – It might be the fraternity playing games again.. they did this once before.

Jules – And so it begins…. Au clair de la lune.

Kingston – Hey stop it with that voodoo stuff

Jules – It was bound to happen… we’re all going to die.

Kaori – Everybody calm down its a fuckin’ prank.

Jarrah – Oh my god.. someone turn the lights back on!

Kaori – God.. you’re just like your cousin.. why are you guys so scared of the dark?

Jarrah – Kaori I don’t need your sarcasm..

Kaori – Good because It was an legit question.

Myra – I can’t see a thing.

Miguel – Don’t worry… everything’s gonna be okay.

Fockky – I don’t want to die! I haven’t read the last Battle Of The Atom yet!

Kaori – Oh my god.. for fucks sake shut the fuck up.. nobody is gonna die! its a joke! a prank!

Rhys – You need to have a seat… yelling at people isn’t gonna calm them down. Also I don’t think its a prank.. I can see outside and the whole campus has gone black.

Kaori – As if the frat couldn’t do that.

Rhys – I’m not about to argue with a self proclaimed twerk queen.

Kaori – You’re basic as fuck… so zip it.

Rhys – I’m not the one sweetheart… don’t get done up in this library.

Kaori – Jump if you feelin’ froggy bitch.

Rhys – *walks towards Kaori*

Myra – Rhys no! stop… just ignore her.

Rhys – …… I hate loud mouth girls like that Myra.. she hella reminds me of Candice I swear…

Myra – Just ignore her.

Kaori – I’m gonna go outside-

Loud Speaker : Students and Staff of G.C.U. We are on Campus Lockdown.. stay where you are and out of sight.. repeat.. We are on campus lockdown. This is not a drill..

Kaori – Guess I was wrong…

Jarrah – Oh my god.. I can’t deal with this.. I can’t breathe..

Kaori – Calm the fuck down…

Jarrah – Shut up Kaori! just shut the fuck up!

Kaori – Girl if you don’t stop yelling at me.

All a bitch wanted to do was study for once.. see I knew I should have skipped going to the library tonight… Fuck… now we’re all on lockdown who know’s what the fuck is going on. And this bitch Jarrah over hear about to have a panic attack.. girl… get it together, its not like some man is gonna come in here and slice us all up- Oh my god… oh my fucking god..

Kaori – Guys I know what happened!

Rhys – Here she goes….

Kaori – *rolls eyes* At work I was in the break room and on the news some guy killed someone in Bridgeport… What if he’s here?

Jarrah – Kaori! stop it!

Fockky – Jarrah if you don’t stop yelling we’re all gonna get killed.

Rhys – Everyone just hide okay? I’m sure campus security will be here…

Myra – Everyone turn off your phones

Kingston – How will people be able to contact us?

Myra – We don’t need any noises bringing attention to the building.. 

Rhys – My sister’s right.. just turn them off for now guys..

Great… this is just fucking great…

(POV Trey)

Beautiful night for a date huh?…. too bad I’m a nervous wreck…. I don’t know… its still an odd thing for me to be on an actual date. Take a minute to consider how pathetic my dating life has been. Really think about it. I have not been on real dates in quite some time. Not even in high school. I did have that date with Aries but that doesn’t count because he’s closeted…

Trey – This is a really nice view Dominic.

Dominic – Its calming.. it relaxes me. Especially when I’m stressed.

Trey – You seem so easy going, I can’t imagine what a stressed you looks like.

Dominic – Hopefully you’ll never have to see that.

Trey – This really is calming…

Dominic – Good… that means my plan worked.

Trey – What plan?

Dominic – I wanted you to feel at ease… and relaxed. First dates aren’t always easy.

Trey – Oh… well yeah.. your plan worked.

God… he has huge arms.. and look at his upper chest.. I wonder how much he works out- god I sound like a thirsty ass bitch. Real talk though.. I haven’t gotten laid in quite some time. NOT that I’m saying I’ll hook up with him.. oh my god shut up Trey why am I even thinking these things?- Why am I talking to myself so much..

Dominic – How’d the conversation go?

Trey – With whom?

Dominic – With yourself? you look like you were in your head.

Trey – Oh… *smiles* I do that alot… I like to sometimes keep my thoughts to myself…

Dominic – So you’re an introverted person… hmm

Trey – I’m guessing that makes you an extrovert then?

Dominic – I like to consider myself a ambivert-

Trey – Okay don’t judge me, but I didn’t know a third existed… does it mean that you’re- I don’t know.. a mix of both extrovert and introvert?

Dominic – Ding ding ding.

Trey – Oh okay! yeah that makes sense.

Dominic – Alot of people are….

Trey – Maybe I am too.. I can be loud and wild at times…

Dominic – Good.

Trey – Hey that’s Kaori’s boat over there.

Dominic – I see her and her friends twerking alot on it. I’m doing school work and I hear music.. so of course I’m curious. I see them just dancing away… It looks-

Trey – They’re having fun I guess.

Dominic – That’s what I was about to say.. It looks like alot of fun.

Trey – *smiles*

Dominic – *smiles* So are the nerves all gone?

Trey – I think so *smiles*

Dominic – Lets go eat.

Part of me almost didn’t come. I was going to call him and ask if we could reschedule it… with no real intention on ever really going through with it. Then I thought about it, and told myself.. Trey… you need to put yourself out there and have a little fun. I feel like people come into your life for certain reasons. Also I was oddly drawn to Dominic’s personality.. he’s very confident… I like that in guys… I’m rambling.. I should shut up and go in and eat *laughs*

Trey – This Salad is actually not bad… I thought you said you didn’t cook?

Dominic – You’re being nice… Salad isn’t cooking *laughs*

Trey – Okay fine.. I know you got this salad from GreenLand

They make the best salad to be honest.. my mom loves going there when she’s on her health kick.

Dominic – Frankie told me you love cooking… I didn’t want to make something awful. Buying a salad seemed like a safe bet.

Trey – Good call.. though a date isn’t really all about the food anyway.

Dominic – Right.

Trey – How do you afford this place?

Dominic – Umm… My father..

Trey – Oh?

Dominic – He travels.. sends me money.. we have a decent relationship for the most part. Though I do feel like he think’s money is a substitute for all of the crap we went through. I rather not get into that though.

Trey – I understand.

Dominic – So what about you huh? What idiot broke your heart?

Trey – Its that obvious?

Dominic – Yeah… not that I’m prying.. if you don’t want to talk about it.. we don’t have to.

Trey – I’d love to talk about it.. I just can’t because.. well.. that would mean outing him.

Dominic – I see… ah… closeted guy… yeah been there done that…. Its rough.

Trey – I’m moving past it though… this helps…

Dominic – Good… I also am moving past a breakup.

To quote that bald UK singer… Everybody’s hurting it seems… Though he doesn’t seem that broken up about it. Which really begs the question.. why the hell am I letting Aries stand in my way of happiness? or fun for that matter?

Trey – Oh really?

Dominic – Yeah….

Trey – Was he a douche or something?

Dominic – Actually no… It was a mutual breakup.. J.T.’s a good guy.. we just wanted different things. Plus I have school… and work.

Trey – Where do you work?

Dominic – I tutor high school students. So… yeah.. fun.

Trey – I bet.

Dominic – Especially the jocks… like they get all curious asking me if I’m gay.. then ask a million questions. Like…. what kind of question is “So um… bro.. you like anal?”

Trey – Those curious jocks aren’t fooling anyone… they’ll end up either coming out or-

Dominic – Stay in the closet forever…

Trey – Yep…

Dominic – Umm.. So umm.. Is it just me… or does Katy Perry’s new album sound like a Christian Pop Album?

He must have sensed that the closet talk made me think of Aries… atleast he’s considerate to change the subject

Trey – Oh my god- pun not intended- but yes! me and my friend like to call it Katherine Hudson’s Sunday Sermons.. because there is something SO christian about those songs.. especially tracks 8-16

Dominic – I’m a big Katy fan.. don’t judge me.

Trey – I like her too somewhat.

Both – I hate Gaga

Both – *laughing*

Dominic – I love music.. which would explain why I love musicals… even my favorite movies are musicals

Trey – Oh my god how amazing was Les Misérables?!

Dominic – It was phenomenal! Though Amanda Seyfried’s voice needed work… all those head notes she was doing. Anne Hathaway was perfect though.

Trey – Anne was great… and I agree Amanda needed some work-

Dominic – coincidentally enough Amanda was one of the stars of my favorite musical film of all time.

Trey – Which? if you say-

Dominic – Mamma Mia!

Trey – Ahhhhh I love Mamma Mia! I have the soundtrack on my ipod!

Dominic – Fucking shit- really? I need it badly.. I never got around to buying it, I usually just watch the movie over and over again.

Trey – And you call yourself a fan!

Dominic – Well maybe…. we can listen to it together one day.

Trey – That would be fun….

Dominic – That’s not moving too fast is it? I know I’m not very conventional… our first date is at my place…

Trey – Maybe not conventional is a good thing. I’m tired of predictable guys….

Dominic – *smiles* I’m glad you decided to come.

Trey – Me too.

Dominic – Hey you wanna-

{Both Cell’s beep}

That’s not odd at all..

Dominic – This is strange right? a text at the same time?

Trey – Very…

Dominic – Its from the school?

Trey – Yeah mine too…

“Dear Students and Staff, G.C.U. is on Lockdown. If you’re on campus please try and stay out of sight. If you’re not on campus stay where you are. We have called the authorities, and campus security is doing its best to get things in order. We repeat.. stay where you are, and do not panic. This is not a drill.”

Trey – What the fuck?- Maybe its a prank or something.

Dominic – Maybe… but I’m gonna google this.

Trey – I’ll look on twitter…

Dominic – The only thing I see is something about Bridgeport..

Trey – Twitter is actually not giving me any- Oh wait here…

Dominic – Whats it say?

Trey – Spirit Harrington just posted on twitter that a guy killed someone in Bridgeport, and he has made his way to GloCity.. So everyone is scared.

Dominic – I just searched G.C.U. Lockdown and someone said he was spotted on campus around the library. God I hope everyone is okay…

Oh my god… ohhhh my god! no!

Trey – Oh my god!

Dominic – What?

Trey – Jarrah! she’s studying tonight!

Dominic – Who’s Jarrah?

Trey – She’s my friend.. someone who I consider a sister.. Oh my god…

Dominic – I’m sure she’s okay.

Trey – What if she’s not? *starts to cry* What if she dies and I we never fix our friendship?!

Dominic – I’m sure she’s somewhere safe, she couldn’t have been in that library by herself.. I’m sure she’s okay.. she’s thinking about you too.

Trey – I’m never gonna forgive myself if something happens to her!

Dominic – Trey… just breathe… just-

Trey – I’m so stupid! I was mad at her because she picked her job over me! I’m so selfish!

Dominic – You can’t go into the future constantly worrying about the past okay? move forward.. you guys will be fine.

Trey – I was so bitter, crying over stupid boys.. Aries wasn’t worth it!- I-…

Dominic – ……………Umm……

Trey – I- …….

Dominic – So….. okay He has a name….

Trey – I can’t believe I just blurted that out….

Dominic – Lets forget about it okay?

Trey – You can’t say-

Dominic – I know.. I won’t..  Lets just pretend like you didn’t even say it..

Trey – Dominic what if the guy goes in the library?………. *crying*

Dominic – Trey if you put negative thoughts out into the universe then that’s what you’ll get.

Trey – I can’t I don’t know what I’ll do- I.. what about my other friends? where-

Dominic – Trey! Trey! listen to me… everything is going to be okay. Nothing is going to happen to anyone.

Trey – How do you know that?

Dominic – Because I just do…

Trey – You don’t know that 100%…. you don’t

Dominic – I know in my heart…. that this will be fine.

Trey – Why did this have to happen tonight?

Dominic – It could have happened any night… that’s the way the world is Trey… we don’t control everything… but what we are in control of is this… we can’t think bad stuff… get that out of your head right now…

Trey – Its hard…

Dominic – I understand that.. but you’re here with me… we’re safe… I’m sure the GCPD (Glo-City-Police-Department) Are on it… okay?

Trey – I’m a mess….

Dominic – Go clean yourself up in the bathroom.. and call your parents to let them know you’re here, and not on campus… I’m gonna call mine…

Trey – Okay…. *sniffles*

Dominic – *smiles* Positive thoughts.. everything’s gonna be okay… alright?

Trey – *nods yes* okay…

I’m so worried… because nothing ever goes right for me… I just hope Dominic is right and that everything is going to be okay. I have no idea where everyone I care about is. The only persons whereabouts I’m privy to are Jarrahs.. and its giving me major anxiety…. I’m going to go wash my face and call my parents… I’m sure they’re worried sick… especially if this is all over the news.

(POV Kaori)

This is some scary shit.. I’ve never been through anything like this….. And look who made their way over here with Jarrah and I… stupid ass Jules. She’s the type of bitch in the horror movies that conjure up evil and then warn us we’re all gonna die.. she’s so fucking stupid…

Kaori – ……

Jarrah – ……..

Jules – I warned you… I told you we’d meet again.

Kaori – Shut the hell up Jules..

Jarrah – What is she talking about?

Kaori – She thinks she predicted this.

Jarrah – If you knew this was going to happen why the hell would you come to the library? why wouldn’t you warn people?

Jules – Have you ever wanted to stare death in the face?

Jarrah – You-

Kaori – Shut the fuck up Jules.

Rhys – Fockky go… go hide.. get out of the open.

Fockky – I don’t know where to go.

Rhys – Go over there *points*

Fockky.. you dumbass why are you in the open… have these bitches never seen horror movies before?

Miguel – No progress guys… I texted my roommate Nick.. he says he’s in his dorm room.. nothing is happening.

Rhys – Turn off your phone Miguel.. what the hell?

Miguel – Its on silent.

Rhys – The light you idiot..

Miguel – Oh right..

Jarrah – He’s gonna get us killed, he’s going to get us killed *hyperventilating* I don’t want to die.. I’m too young to die.. I-

Jules – Babies die all the time-

Kaori – Will you shut your fucking mouth Jules?

Jarrah – *crying* My friends.. my brother.. my parents…. What if we all die tonight and our parents never see us grow to our full potential?…

…..If I died today would my parents be proud of me?……………………. I don’t know…. that’s kinda of a tough question, and the fact that I’m unsure of the answer means that I should be better for them…. I’m trying though…- fuck Jarrah has me thinking negatively..

God… Jarrah is freaking the fuck out… drama queen much? She and Jeep really are related…

Jarrah – ……..Do you think the guy is in the dorms? god.. I don’t know where everyone is…. what if he’s in the dorm? or the sorority or frathouse?

Kaori – We’re-

Jarrah – I’m so fucking scared Kaori… I’m so scared.. I don’t know how to breathe right now.. I hate the dark… it reminds me of when I used to have nightmares about finding my grandpa-

Kaori – Look…. calm down.. okay? its going to be fine.. nobody’s getting hurt. The campus is on lockdown and I’m sure the police department is looking for this guy…

Jarrah – *crying* There’s so much in life that I still want to do..

Kaori – And you’ll be able to do it… 

Jarrah – How are you so positive?

Kaori – Call it blind optimism… 

Jarrah – ……….

Jules – This is the beginning of the end… this is where it happens…. we are the next american tragedy.

Kaori – One more word out of you and I’m beating your ass.

Jules – Doesn’t matter we’re all dead anyway, I’ve seen the movies.. I know not all of us make it out alive..

Jarrah – She’s right Kaori.. something is going to happen… and-

Kaori – Stop thinking about that… lets just… talk about something else?

Jarrah – You don’t even like me- why are you trying to help me?

Kaori – Its not like you like me either.

Jules – We never like ourselves.

Jarrah – You’ve been so mean to me.. for the longest time-

Kaori – Fine fuck you… don’t talk to me…

Jarrah – ……….*sigh* where is campus security… god.. I can’t do this any longer….

Kaori – I tried to help you and you want to throw the past in my face.. whatever I hope you have a panic attack.. see if I care.

Jarrah – Thanks for wishing bad on me.. that’s great Kaori… I think the problem is you can’t accept that you cannot play Dr Jekyll – Mr Hyde with people.. it makes you untrustworthy…

Kaori – ……Whatever..


Kaori – Everyone get down.

Jarrah – Oh my god oh my god.. was that a gunshot?!

Kaori – Shhhh

Jarrah – *crying* I’m so scared… I-

Kaori – Just….. shh….

Kaori – ………………..

Jarrah – ……………

Jules – Should we worry because its been so long? what if the guy has a bomb?

Kaori – I’m going to slap the shit out of you when we get out of here.. you see this girl is scared of the dark, and she’s basically having a panic attack. You wanna sit there and talk about negative shit?

Jules – …………….

Kaori – ………I’m…

Jarrah – What?

Kaori – ………………….I’m scared now… its been a long time…

Jarrah – ……….

Kaori – *sigh*

Jarrah – ……….

Kaori – ………………

Jarrah – ………………..

Kaori – …………………………

Jarrah – …….Hey?

Kaori – What?

Jarrah – I’m sorry….

Kaori – For what?

Jarrah – For what I said a few minutes ago… you were trying to comfort me-

Kaori – Don’t apologize… you’re right.. I’m a complete bitch…. Its fine.

Jarrah – I don’t think that’s you 100% of the time though…

Kaori – Its not..

Jarrah – ….If we die tonight-

Kaori – Jarrah seriously if-

Jarrah – Hear me out…. if we die tonight.. I just want you to know that I don’t hate you. I think you’re pretty, and really smart when you want to show it. I’m jealous of your confidence… I wish I had it. I love your sense of style… I-

Kaori – Stop….

Jarrah – I just think its important that you know that… I wish we could erase everything and try and be friends… we never gave it a real chance…

Kaori – …..Would you even want to be my friend though? people have this perception of me.. that I’m a spoiled rich bitch… who doesn’t care about responsibility..

Jarrah – If that was the case you would have taken your trust fund and left GloCity.. you wouldn’t have gone to college.. you deserve credit for that.

Kaori – ….Thanks….

Jarrah – …..

Kaori – I know you get alot of flack for nepotism and the job at V-Glam.. but the way Victoria talks about you… its like she see’s her younger hungry self in you…. I think you’re going to be important to the business.. I think its great that you work hard for what you want. You always knew what you wanted too… which isn’t shocking.. you have mad fashion knowledge.

Jarrah – Thanks.. Can I say something that you may not want to talk about?

Kaori – ……Okay.

Jarrah – I’m sorry about Keegan.

Kaori – You know what….

Jarrah – I needed to say it.

Kaori – He never belonged to us..

Jules – ……He’s an enigma…

What the fuck bitch?

Jarrah – I know you have Byron… but do you still care for Keegan?

Of course…. I’m still in love with him.. he’s perfect… even with all of his flaws. The thing is I’m not for him… and that’s fine. I really like Byron, and that’s all that matters

Kaori – Do you?

Jarrah – ……Yeah…. but I don’t think it’ll ever go away. Its not in a romantic way though anymore.. What about you?

Kaori – I’m not in love with him or anything.. he’s cute as fuck but… yeah.. whatevs..

Jarrah – Keegan’s special… but he’s not the one… I finally realized it…

Kaori – You’re in love with your new boyfriend?

Jarrah – Yeah… I haven’t told him yet though…

Kaori – Ah… well.. yeah.. I agree about Keegan by the way.

Jarrah – That’s probably for the best..we all can move on.. well Frankie-

Kaori – I have no idea how she feels about Keegan these days… we obviously aren’t talking..

Jarrah – Right…..

Kaori – …………..

Jarrah – I just realized I’m not scared anymore… you were right.. talking helped…

Kaori – No problem..

Jarrah – Kaori?

Kaori – Hmm?

Jarrah – ……I want to at least try…

Kaori – Try what?

Jarrah – Maybe a friendship between us….. that’s if you want… you could say no…

Kaori – …….Umm… alright… yeah.. stranger things have happened.

Jarrah – I just have one condition…

Kaori – Okay?

Jarrah – We can’t talk about Frankie… because I don’t want this to be about her in any way..

Kaori – Yeah, that’s fine.. I’m not going to your BFF to make her mad.. I know you have Trey..

Jarrah – That’s a different-

{Door Opens}

Jarrah – Did you hear-

Kaori – shhhhhh

I’m not a religious person but… screw it… God if you’re listening… please don’t let anything happen to us.. I promise if we make it out of here I’ll change.. I’ll try and be better.. please… god…

Cop – GCPD! everyone okay?

Oh thank you… thank you god…

Jarrah – Jayson?

Jayson – I forgot you go here.

Kaori – You know him?

Jarrah – He’s my bosses’ brother..

Kaori – Oh.

Jarrah – *crying* I’m so happy to see you… I was so scared..

God… she’s really going for that academy award with those tears.

Jarrah – Where’s campus security?

Jayson – They’re out there.. but the GloCity Police Department is also here…

Fockky – Jesus Fockky Christ… I thought we were going to get shot up like in the hood.

Kingston – What the hell?

Jules – We live another day.

Miguel – I’m so glad that’s over with…- wait it is over with right?

Myra – Good question

Rhys – What’s going on Officer?

Jayson – Well… we have the guy… but I can’t let you guys go.. we have a team sweeping the campus to make sure we don’t find any guns or bombs or just.. anything dangerous.

Kaori – So it was the guy who was on the run from Bridgeport?

Jayson – Yeah… him.

Kaori – Oh okay….

Jayson – So is everyone okay?

Fockky – Fock Yeah now that you’re here…. you look hawt in that uniform officer.

Jayson – Umm… thanks?

Jules – So…. I guess we’re alive… unless this is all a dream.. am I dreaming?

Rhys – ……… Wow… 

Jarrah – Thanks… for calming me down. Could you imagine if I would have had a hardcore panic attack and had to be rushed out of here? in the middle of all of this?

Kaori – Its fine.. and look.. you get to be everything you want to be… so you can slay the fashion game now or whatever.

Jarrah – You can too… you can be whoever you want.

Kaori – …..I guess that’s true.

Miguel – What is your sister talking to that cop about?

Myra – I don’t know

Rhys – Hey.. umm.. So how long till we get out of here?

Jayson – Umm.. anywhere from 30 minutes to an hr.. I’ll check and see..

Rhys – Hmm…. okay..

Jayson – Why?

Rhys – I need to- *whispers* …. there’s a child involve… I.. umm.. we need to get in contact with-

Jayson – Ooooh okay..

Rhys – That’s not something everyone needs to know..

Jayson – Gotcha… well I’ll let you know when you can leave… until then you can call home?

Rhys – Yeah… but I’d rather be there.. but I understand.

Jules – I will never forget you corner of death… your energy will haunt me forever.

Kingston – I called my mama!

Fockky – Mama’s boy.. 

Kaori – If you don’t want to… you know.. I know we were emotional and talking because we thought-

Jarrah – No… I still want to try… if you do….

Kaori – ….. Its gonna be so weird.. I’ve said some foul shit about you…

Jarrah – So have I….

Kaori – Alright… we can attempt, and if we don’t have much in common at least we tried..

Jarrah – Exactly..

Well that was more “near death experience” that I ever needed. It opened my eyes to alot of stuff though….. Like I still love Keegan….. BUT….. Byron was on my mind too. I really want to give it a chance, and not fight over stupid stuff… I just want him to make more of an effort.. he’s so focused on his music that I come second. Hmm… also I thought about Frankie.. but I just… I feel like its always me, I’m always the one saying sorry. I don’t feel like I did anything wrong, and as stubborn as that sounds I have to stick to my guns. This was a fucked up situation but oddly enough it brought Jarrah and I to a weird place…. a place where we could maybe be friends?…………..That’s fucking odd…. whatever the case I just want to get out of here and go find my boyfriend… sex or no sex I just want to lay with him tonight.

(POV Trey)

He probably thinks I have diarrhea or something. I feel like this is the worse date ever….

Trey – Sorry… must be the mix of my nerves and all the water I was drinking.

Dominic – You don’t have to apologize for going to the bathroom *laughs*

Trey – So… Washing dishes?

Dominic – Did you get the text?

Trey – What text? I left my phone on the counter

Dominic – They caught the guy-

Trey – Oh thank goodness!

Dominic – They still want people to stay where they are so they can sweep the place for guns and bombs and other shit.. people are getting evacuated soon.

Trey – Thanks good news… wow….

Dominic – Told you things were gonna be fine.

Trey – You did…

Dominic – So umm… you can’t go back to your dorm… do you have somewhere to sleep? I could take the couch and you can take my bed if-

Trey – Oh that’s sweet…  but umm… I kinda want to spend the night with my parents..

Dominic – That makes sense…

Trey – You call your mom and dad?

Dominic – I texted my dad… which was good enough. As for my mother…………She’s not in the picture…. but I’m fine being here by myself. I’m used to it, I have pretty good conversations with myself to be honest *laughs* Just kidding.. I don’t talk to myself.

Wow… i wonder how often he’s by himself.

Trey – I…. I could stay?

Dominic – No I think you had it right the first time.. better to go be with your folks.

Trey – You sure?

Dominic – Yeah… besides I like my alone time. I don’t mind being left alone with my thoughts. I know some people hate that.

Trey – I hate being in a room alone. I get in my head way too much.

Dominic – Yeah I’ve been in my head so much that it doesn’t phase me.

Trey – So you know yourself pretty well?

Dominic – I’d like to think so.

Trey – I wish I was like that.

Dominic – Its overrated.

Trey – *smiles* Maybe.. maybe not.

Dominic – Let me walk you out?

Trey – Okay… *smiles*

Dominic – Its really pretty out.. considering such an ugly night.

Trey – Yeah it is…

Dominic – Its always pretty clear during the night..

Trey – Can I ask you something?

Dominic – You want to ask me something about my parentals…

Trey – Yeah…

Dominic – ….Okay ask away.

Trey – You said your mom’s not in the picture…

Dominic – My mother is wherever she wants to be… Which is not with me obviously… I was never a priority of hers so.. yeah.

Trey – Your dad? I know he pays for this place-

Dominic – Yeah well.. Money’s a substitute for fatherly love..

Trey – He’s not distant because you’re gay right?

Dominic – No he know’s I’m gay, and that never bothered him- and before you ask.. My mother doesn’t know I’m gay.

Trey – What? but that would mean either you never told her or…

Dominic – Or….I’ve never met her…..

Trey – Wait what?

Dominic – I never met her… she left me on my fathers doorstep when I was a baby….

Trey – What kind of person-

Dominic – A Filipino woman who didn’t want a baby? I don’t know…

Ah he’s Filipino.. I knew it.. didn’t want to look like an ass though

Trey – Are your parents both from the Philippines?

Dominic – Its very complicated…… but No. Umm…My mother is- but my father isn’t. My dad’s not even Asian…

Trey – What is he?

Dominic – White…

Trey – Ah so you’re mixed, that’s cool.

Dominic – Yeah… Anyway I decided to study psychology because I grew up desperately trying to understand people and why they do the things they do…

Trey – That makes sense.

Dominic – It does doesn’t it *smiles*

Trey – So do you have any siblings?

Dominic – Umm, nope. Its just me myself and I.

I can’t imagine my mom not wanting me… the thought of that makes me so sad… Dominic is a great person and his mother is really missing out…. His dad too. I wonder if Frankie knows about his lack of relationship with his mom. Would make sense if she did.. It would be something for them to bond over..

Trey – …… I had a good time by the way… before everything happened.

Dominic – Me too… we were really starting to lose the nerves… It sucks that it got messed up.

Trey – I’m sorry I freaked out.

Dominic – It was understandable…. Its not your fault.

Trey – I….. I wanna do it again.

Dominic – Really? I thought for sure you’d-

Trey – When someone show’s you who they are in dire situations… that’s who they really are….

Dominic – What’s the verdict then?

Trey – You were brave.. and comforting..

Dominic – Did I make you forget all about…. him?

Trey – Yeah.. you did.

Dominic – By the way….. don’t worry about that… I won’t tell anyone.. I was outed at school so… I know its no picnic..

Trey – Thanks….. I can’t believe I did that…

Dominic – You were hysterical.. sometimes things happen… Its okay.

Trey – I really like your positivity… Its something I’m lacking.. And I don’t even mean just in bad situations. I step out my dormroom wondering what can go wrong today..

Dominic – I think you’ve never really had a guy make you feel happy and safe…

Trey – I haven’t

Dominic – Not saying I’m the guy.. I mean I’d like to be but… I think it would do you some good.

Trey – I think so too.

I trust him… I don’t know why, but I really feel like I can trust him. Truth be told I didn’t think of Aries once… Dominic’s really nice, and he seems to have layers to him… I want to know more about him.

Dominic – I’m not so upset about things not going so good.. that’s life.. shit happens.. but I had this whole thing planned for ending the night.

Trey – Oh?

Dominic – We were going to have desert under the moon.. and I was gonna kiss you.

Trey – Oh…

Dominic – Yeah…. sucks *laughs*

Trey – ….. The moon’s still out….. *smiles*

Dominic – You’re right.. it is… *smirks*

Oh fuck it.. go for it Trey…


Trey – …….

Dominic – …….

Trey – That was….

Dominic – It was?

Trey – Good?.

Dominic – Good?

Trey – Really good….*smiles*

Dominic – You ain’t so bad ya self… *smiles*

I can’t believe I kissed him first… wow… that’s so not like me..

Dominic – This is gonna sound… really weird..

Trey – Hmm?

Dominic – I feel like we have a connection..

Trey – Like Silas and Amara?

Dominic – See… that’s my point… I know who you’re talking about…

Trey – You watch the Vampire Diaries?

Dominic – I do…

Trey – …… *smiles*

Dominic – Do you think its weird that I really like you already?

Trey – Well you did say you’re unconventional..

Dominic – Yeah… I did huh?

Trey – I feel it too… the connection…

Dominic – I’m not saying we should be boyfriends right away but… I won’t see other guys if you wont?

Trey – Yeah… I can do that… see where this goes.

Dominic – *sigh of relief* Good.. its what I want.. and I think its what you want?

Trey – Very much… something about you… it makes me want to break all my rules…

Dominic – That was so cheesy…. but I like it.

Trey – I’m a very cheesy gay sweetie

Dominic – I’m okay with that…

Trey – *smiles*

Dominic – Umm I should let you go.. didn’t realize I was still holding onto you.

Trey – I didn’t mind…

Dominic – So umm.. call me whenever…

Trey – I’ll call you tomorrow…

Dominic – Okay.

Trey – Goodnight

Dominic – Goodnight *playful laughs*

Trey – Bye *smiles*

Dominic – Bye… 

Wow… that date turned around quickly… It was horrible at first.. then it got good.. then bad… and hysterical.. then mellow… then good… and finally great… it ended better than I could have ever hoped for. I really like him. God I feel like such a lesbian. Lesbians are the ones who fall quick. If me and Dominic were women we’d be living together with a cat by now. All jokes aside.. all my friends are safe, my date night was a sorta success… and I really want to see more of him…. Maybe positivity is what I need.. I deserve something good. I’m really… hopeful…. which is odd. Hopefully I won’t sabotage my own happiness.. I always do….

~End Of Chapter Two Pt 2 | Chapter Two Pt 3 is Next~



  1. You know, this might be one of my most favorite parts ever! I was literally nervous when the school went on lockdown because there was a killer on campus!! That type of thing has been happening way too often these days in the real world. I’m so glad that nobody got hurt though! And the whole thing might actually be good because now Trey realizes how valuable his friendship is with Jarrah and also Kaori and Jarrah might make an attempt to be friends! GASP! Can’t wait to see how that works out. Let’s see what else. Jules is such a hilarious little goth. I saw her lying on the ground and was like what?? lol. It’s funny how much she bugs Kaori :p. Also the smooch between Dominic and Trey was so sweet and romantic <3. Could Dominic be the one to replace Aries??

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this part. When writing this season I thought about tv show’s I’ve watched and decided I wanted to do a school lockdown situation to further push specific storylines I had in mind. So it ended up working perfectly. As for nobody getting hurt.. you’re right… but who know’s what may happen at the end of the season…. O_O *cue dramatic music*

      Trey, Kaori, and Jarrah all had epiphanies, about themselves, and friendships. Of course Kaori showed alot of growth in this POV, but she wouldn’t be her if she still didn’t pull back at times, and show her stubbornness (especially when it came to Frankie)

      Jeep, Keegan, and Frankie’s whereabouts during the lockdown? you’ll find out in the next update starring Keegan & Frankie.. Lots of things go down in the next one…. lots…… *cue dramatic music again*

      Trey….. like to self sabotage.. but good for him for finally allowing himself to experience someone/something new with Dominic. As for Dominic.. he’s a very interesting guy… and umm… not to rain on anybody’s parade but he has one more secret…. Who know’s if it will be a deal breaker or not for Trey in the coming weeks. Obviously I know the answer lol… but yeah.. I liked that scene/kiss between them, it was like you said.. very sweet and romantic.

      So much to look forward to.. I have many surprises in store. Also on a unrelated note.. I gotta say… I spend alot of time taking pictures for my updates but this one was super easy to do. Keegan & Frankie’s are next and its not too bad to do. However next chapter starts after them and its time for that SORORITY PARTY…. good thing I’ve gotten practice in with a lot full of sims thanks to Magik City’s pageant haha…

      Anyway.. As usual thanks for reading and commenting! Look for the conclusion of chapter two either this weekend or the start of next week 😛

  2. OMG you better not hurt any of my babies LOL. I sound like Annie Wilkes in the movie Misery :p. Anyway I can’t wait to see what’s next!! Also, I wish you luck with that party scene. Sometimes I’ll have brilliant ideas for a chapter and then I think about what it’ll take to get the pics for it. Soon after I reconsider the idea 😀

    1. LOL Misery! Speaking of Kathy Bates, have you been watching American Horror Story : Coven? Its sooo good this season. Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Jessica Lang, Emma Roberts are all slaying me. If you’re not watching it you should check it out.

      Oh and thoughts on Legend of Korra? That hr long episode about the first Avatar was great, and so was this past weeks episode.

      As far as the story (BNG) goes though… maybe this will prepare you for what’s to come… Something will impact everyone…. and change everything…. O_O

  3. You know my sister just mentioned American Horror Story to me the other day. She said I need to watch it lol. Now that I have two recommendations maybe I’ll give it a whirl :D. And that hour long episode of Korra about the first Avatar was so epic I almost cried :D.

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