{BnG Season 2} Chapter Two Part 1 : “Attitude Adjustment”

Chapter Two | Pt. “Attitude Adjustment”

-POV’s : JeepJarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jeep)

The only thing more awkward than having an un-handled situation with your girlfriend, is having a class with her with the looming problem sitting seats away from you. Today in Film Class I can feel the tension. Look at Austin sitting over there with his smug face. I really can’t stand him…

Spirit – Jonah?

Jeep – Yeah?

Spirit – What’s wrong?

Jeep – Nothing..

Spirit – Oh my god.. its the Austin thing right?

Jeep – …..

Spirit – Ugh- Hey Austin?

Austin – Yeah?

Spirit – Are you busy later?

Austin – No?- well I have late classes but after that no.

Spirit – You, me, and Jonah are going to hangout at GC Plaza tonight and talk. I won’t take no for an answer.

Austin – Fine. *rolls eyes* If we must…but it’ll be late late…

Spirit – No worries.. I have a late class too so we can meet late. *looks at Jeep* Are you happy now?

Jeep – …..I wasn’t pressing the issue Spir’ he’s just annoying.

Spirit – Well I want to be done with it.. I don’t need the drama. I have to worry about planning this party next week.

Jeep – Ah…

Totally forgot about her sorority party. I bet the guest list is huge, I’m sure the fraternity will be there so that’s cool. I’ll get to hangout with Keegan, Its going to be nerve-wrecking to see him around all that alcohol. That’s not me saying he’s weak.. I’m just worried about my friend…. naturally… but then again Harrison doesn’t drink anymore and he and Keegan are cool so maybe it won’t be so bad. He’ll have a sober buddy there.

{Note to reader : Donnie Preston is Zoey’s teacher Olivia Preston’s Dad} 

My professor used to write and direct movies.. apparently he up and quit once he saw that the magic was lost. He didn’t like what Hollywood was and he lost his passion once he saw behind the curtain. He often warns us to make sure we see things full circle. He wants us to know its not all fun and games. He doesn’t try and push us from our dreams though. He likes to say that his choice to walk away and teach is something that worked out for him. Its not everyone’s destiny.

Donnie – Okay so where was I-

Rubi – You were about to say what film we watching today.

Fockky (to Ivy) – Oh my Fock she’s so annoying…

Ivy – *laughs* 

Rubi – I can hear you, you slug lookin’ jerry-curl rockin’ ho.

Fockky – Oh give it a rest chubster. You smell like fish.. Finding nemo!

Bingbing – Rubi work on her fitness Fockky.. you mad?

Fockky – Why would I be? I have the body of a goddess Bingbing! Fock you mean?!

Austin – Can you both just shut up? I’m here for a class not some grumpy cat fight.

Kingston (Greenish Tank)*laugh* Rubi fatass does look like grumpy cat.

Spirit – And this is the reason she was kicked out of the Sorority..

Rubi – All of y’all iz some haters.. don’t be begging for no job when I’m the hottest thing in hollywood.

Donnie – Alright alright everyone calm down.

Lenny (White Shirt) – What film are we watching today Professor Preston?

Donnie – We’re actually not watching a film today.. Today we start the new assignment. I want you all to create a short film scene.. but there’s a catch. I’ll go more into detail once we’ve paired you guys up.

Rubi – Me and Bingbing tag team what’s good!

Donnie – Not so fast Ms. Larter… You guys usually go for your friends.. this time I’m picking the partners. You may find yourself asking “well gee professor how did you decide on the pairings” well truth be told it was a mix of 3 things. 1. Who I thought would work well together. 2. I love creating a chemical reaction.. its the mad scientist in me.. I want to see what happens when you add two different people together, with two different styles and visions.. and then 3. some pairings are well………………..random..

Oh god.. I hope I don’t get Fockky, or Rubi.. I’d be so mad if that happened…. or Austin Jesus effing Christ if I got Austin I think I’d just die.. like right here in this chair.

Donnie – Okay… Spirit and Fockky.

Spirit – Are you serious?

Fockky – Oh please we’re going to fock this project right in the bum!

Better her get Fockky than me *laugh*

Donnie – Rubi and……………Austin.. you guys are big shots so prove it. Rubi you like to talk about some legacy you’re taking from your father’s indie career, and Austin you’re a big shot intern from JJ Abrams.. lets see what you both can do.

Austin – ………………….Great…

Rubi – I mean WE DA BEST so its bout to be poppin’..

Donnie – Ivy and Miguel, Myra and Lenny

Hmm that leaves Me, Bryce, Bingbing, and Kingston.

Donnie – Jonah and……….. Kingston

Umm…….well.. I would have liked to be paired with Bryce but atleast its not Bingbing…

Donnie – So that leaves my last pair Bingbing and Bryce.

That’s pretty cool considering Bryce has a crush on Bingbing…

Donnie – Make your way to your new partners.. change tables or whatever you need to do.

Rubi – I’m about to  SLAY! So lemme just break it down for you Az-tin

Austin – Why are you saying my name like that? Are you slow or somethin’? My name is Austin, not Az-Tin not Auz-teen, not Aztec.. Austin.. okay?

Rubi – Well no need to be rude about it damn..

Austin – You’re always rude Rubi

Rubi – You haven’t been here long enough to know that.

Austin – Its not hard to tell to be honest.

Rubi – Well My father is Gabe-

Austin – I know who your father is, and honestly he’s semi big in the indie scene- but he’s not some A list director.. so stop embarrassing yourself.

Rubi – I don’t know who you think you’re talking to ASS-TEN but you need to check your diva before I WRECK your diva.

Austin – Cute attempt at being intimidating based off your father’s career. This is all I’m gonna say about this.. I’m taking lead here. Follow or fail.. simple as that.

Rubi – We’ll see … cause I have so many ideas.

Austin – Do you talk just to talk? How do you have so many ideas when he hasn’t even told us what the project is in detail?

Rubi – I see all

Austin – Well aren’t you holy…

Rubi – Maybe so… I am Jesus.

Austin – ……………………..You’re an idiot.

Rubi – Idiot an you’re.

Austin – What the hell you just repeated what I said but backwards.

Rubi – Backwards but said I what repeated just you hell the what?

Austin – Stop that!

Rubi – That stop! I can do this all day!


Jeep – …………..

Kingston – I’m gonna guess I wasn’t your first choice.

Jeep – I think we all wanted our friends- but I’m sure we can work well as a team

Kingston – That girl you were sitting next you.. you’re her dude right?

Jeep – Umm yeah she’s my girlfriend.

Kingston – No offense but how the fuck did you pull that off? she’s head of the Sorority.

Jeep – This may surprise you but she approached me.

Kingston – That’s dope…

Jeep – Yeah she’s great.

Kingston – So is it true that there’s a big party going down at the Sorority house next week?

Jeep – Yep

Kingston – You think it would be okay if I came? can you get me on the list.

Jeep – I don’t think there is a list.. but even if it were, aren’t you coming with the Fraternity? I saw you pledging…

Kingston – I didn’t get in.. the other dude got in.. that dumbass dude… Garrett Donahue 

Yeah Hammer added one last guy to the house. I thought it was Kingston but I guess I was mistaken 

Jeep – I’ll check and see if there’s a list and if so I’ll add you to it.

Kingston – Thanks dude.. must be great being popular.

Jeep – I’m not really popular to be honest.

Kingston – Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

Kingston Cambell… he seems cool.. I know he has a reputation for not having the best focus and he jokes around alot, but he’s not a bad guy. I’m not sure but I think he has ADD- I’m not joking either I’m being serious.

Donnie – Now that you’re all settled in with your new bestfriends lets talk about this project… Its October.. lets do something scary.

Fuck yeah

Donnie – But here’s the twist.. It has rules.. rules you may not like…

Rubi – Well whats the rules Pro-Fezzor?! You killin the kid with all this suspense!

Donnie – Okay so 3 rules. 1 Must be in black and white. 2- I don’t want a movie.. or a short film. I want A Scene people.. 1 scene. It has to be a DEATH Scene. and 3. NO dialogue… lets see how creative some of you are without using words. Lets tell the story through the images. Which should be challenging especially for those of you who like to talk alot.. *looks at Rubi*

Austin – This is going to be the easiest thing.. I have a couple of ideas.

Donnie – But does your partner agree.. because you and your partner have to agree 100% on the project.. this is also about working together…. I don’t recall seeing an “I” n “Team”

Rubi – You hear that Az-tin? We gotta work as a TEAM Homie..

Kingston – Jonah do you have any ideas?

Jeep – Umm… two.. but I think its important to let them simmer. I don’t want to jump the gun you know?

Kingston – Random question but are you rich?

Jeep – Not really? I’m okay I guess- well my parents are comfortable.. why?

Kingston – I was just curious cause you look like one of those film school rich hipster dudes.- what does your dad do?

Jeep – He had his own software company. Videogames or whatever but now he works for Microsoft. They bought his company so he works with them.

Kingston – You think he could hook me up with an Xbox One?!

Jeep – Umm no? besides I think you should get a PS4- Wait, dude we’re supposed to be talking about the scene we’re gonna do.. how did we start talking about videogames?

Kingston – I have no idea…

Jeep – Do you have any ideas?

Kingston – Can we show boobs?

Jeep – I don’t know about nudity….

Kingston – Professor Preston!

Donnie – Yes Mr. Cambell?

Kingston – Can we show boobs?

Donnie – Umm.. nudity is okay but no nipples or genitalia.

Kingston – Awesome

Donnie – By the way I forgot to mention… the winning pair of this little competition will go with me to a Hollywood movie set. I’ll be visiting The set of The Avengers: Age of Ulton at the end of this term. So…trust me, you want to win this. The experience will be amazing and who know’s what kind of networking you can do while there.

Oh my god how am I gonna get this dude to focus I want on that set! I’m a huge comic book nerd this is perfect for me!

(POV Jarrah)

As I normally do, I decided to visit my folks. My Grandma Janice was there, and so was my brother Micah.

Janice – Where’s your clothes Jar-Jar?

Jarrah – These are my clothes nanna *laugh*

Janice – Well you look like you’re about to strip or something.

Jarrah – Its the style these days.

Janice – Well you still look pretty.

Jarrah – Thank’s nanna- Hey Micah.. you look slim!

Micah – Eh.. not really.. I’ve been eating alot lately..

Janice – Back in the day whenever we’d get dumped we’d just tell ourselves if we wanna get over the person we have to get under someone else!

Micah – Grandma! nobody wants to hear about your loose days in your youth.

Jarrah – Oh my god *laugh*

Janice – This was before I met ya grandpa Ben by the way. God rest his soul..

Jarrah – Micah you and June broke up?

Micah – Yeah she wanted to end things because apparently I didn’t excite her anymore…. and then of course a week later I saw her out with another guy eating hotdogs with him at OUR hotdog stand…

Jarrah – I’m sorry Mic’- her loss! you’ll find a nice girl.

Micah – I’ve been talking to Andi by the way-

Jarrah – What?!

Micah – Yeah we skype sometimes. We’re past all the stuff that went down years ago.. we’re working on a friendship and… yeah. She even said I can come visit whenever I want so.. I don’t know maybe I will.

Jarrah – Don’t get your hopes up though Mic’

Micah – What is that supposed to mean?

Jarrah – I just know how you’ve always felt about Andi..

Micah – Blah blah.. I’m not stupid Jarrah…

Jarrah – Just lookin’ out for you.. I’m gonna go say hi to mom and dad.

Janice – Stop being mean to your sister Micah…

Micah – I’m not being mean.. I just don’t like her assuming I’d go from one relationship to the other.

Janice – If you did you’d be like your dad before he realized Michelle was it.

Okay so Micah and June broke up, and he’s all sad. Then he’s talking to his ex Andi- you know?… Frankie’s sister? You know all about that.. the thing with Andi, Micah, and Ivo. This could be a disaster…. but then again maybe Andi and Micah are in a different place and are both able to be adults and be friends.. I don’t know.. He did propose to her and blah blah you guys know the story.

Michelle – I like your outfit hun’

Jarrah – Thanks mom. *looks around*

Michelle – Are you looking for dad?

Jarrah – Yeah, is he outside?

Michelle – Yeah he’s on the phone I think.

Liana (blue pants) – You just gonna walk by me and not say hi miss thang?

Jarrah – Hi Liana…

Michelle – Paisley tells me y’all in the same sorority.

Jarrah – Yep!

Liana and My mom have been friends forever… so its cool to see its still going strong.

Michelle – So what were you saying about your daughter again?

Liana – Oh!.. I’m making her quit that lucky dragon shit.. I heard a rumor that girls are giving happy endings.. I’m not here for that shit.. so now she’s looking for a job..

Michelle – Well I sold my bar.. but if I hadn’t I would have hired her.

Liana – Its so rough these days…

Michelle – Tell me about it…

Paisley’s actually one of the girls giving the handjobs from what I hear….

Josh – *laugh* So you don’t think its a bad idea?

Issac {On Phone} – Not at all Josh.. I say go for it.. It makes perfect sense if you ask me.

Josh – Well good thing I DID ask you. So how are you doing? How are things with Keegan?

Issac – Things are fairly good shockingly.. and Keegan is doing great. He and Scott are even getting along.

Josh – Can I ask you something personal?

Issac – Dude… of course.. what the fuck?

Josh – Do you and Scott still do sex?

Issac – Yes….. well.. usually.. but these past few weeks we’ve both been busy and tired.

Josh – Well when you guys do do it, do you roleplay? because Chelle’ and I did last night.. she pretended to be Pepper Potts and I was Tony Stark. It was great.. I’m thinking I should go buy one of those ironman helmets.

Issac – *laughs* Why not…

Ew…. didn’t need to hear that

Josh – Changing the subject.. how’s the agency?

Issac – Gabby and I signed a few new models.. things are good.

Josh – That’s great! Jordan told me that he and Gabrielle are going to take a romantic trip sometime this year.. He asked if we all should go.

Issac – Where?

Josh – The Cabin we all used to go to yearly..

Issac – Well our kids are grown so maybe it would be fun.. Joy and Kaitlyn would love it I’m sure. Those two act like teenagers in love still.

Josh – I wonder if Vince and Victoria will wanna go

Issac – I talk to Kokoro alot.. We could ask her and her boyfriend George if they want to come along. Oh and Tommy and Jessica

Josh – That would be awkward…

Issac – Why?

Josh – Remember our trip to mango island? the girls? Well 1. Jessica is friends with Leslie and after everything that went down with him and her and the baby… PLUS Jessica had sex with Jordan on the kitchen counters… and floor.. remember?

Issac – Oh that would be pretty awkward for Jordan, Gabrielle… *laughs* Hey I gotta run, call you later. If you need help with anything.. money, or like lights or a building- whatever you need just ask.

Josh – Alrighty..See ya!

Its so weird to think that our parents had a life before we existed. Like they had friends trials and tribulations.. trips with friends, fights.. heartbreaks . I wonder what it was all like for them. I know dad did tell me that Tommy wasn’t always the Christian man he is today… weird..

Josh – Hey you.

Jarrah – Hi dad…

Josh – What’s wrong?

Jarrah – How do you know somethings wrong?

Josh – I can tell.. what did you want to talk about?

Jarrah – I came by to see how everyone is.. Micah does not appear to be taking his breakup with June that well..

Josh – Yeah…

Jarrah – Umm.. dad?

Josh – Yes?

Jarrah – So…. I’m dating a guy… and-

Josh – You’re too young to get married.

Jarrah – Oh god no- no… umm he’s black.

Josh – That’s not shocking….

Jarrah – Not funny..

Josh – *laugh* Your first boyfriend was black…  In elementary school or middle school.. can’t remember.

Jarrah – So… we’ve been dealing with dirty looks and racism… and.. I don’t know how to handle it…

Josh – Well Gabrielle and I dated..

Jarrah – Which is so odd considering Trey and I dated…. before he came out obviously.

Josh – We didn’t get too many racist comments thrown our way but we did get side-eyed sometimes. Same thing with your mother and I since she’s Asian.

Jarrah – I see

Josh – Simply put?… screw everyone else and just be happy.

Jarrah – He see’s racism so differently than I do.. its really…. hard to talk about it.

Josh – I’m not saying ignore it but I’m not saying start a huge discussion about it either you know?….

Jarrah – Yeah….

Josh – What’s his name?

Jarrah – Orion

Josh – That’s a cool name… when can I meet him?

Jarrah – Not anytime soon daddy… especially considering the last time I brought a guy over here we ended up breaking up.

Josh – Oh right.. how is ole’ Dylan?

Jarrah – He’s dating my sorority sister Mahlia.

Josh – Sasha’s daughter?

Jarrah – Yeah… anyway enough about me.. what’s going on with you?

Josh – Well.. I sold the gym..

Jarrah – Oh no……

Josh – It sucks….

Jarrah – I’m sorry dad….

Josh – It was either go broke or sell it and be comfortable for a while…

Jarrah – We gotta do what we gotta do…

Josh – Right.

Jarrah – So what now?

Josh – Well.. I have a idea… I ran it passed Issac.. and he likes it. Wanna hear?

Jarrah – Of course!

Josh – So I’m writing a health book.. well trying.. you know I’m horrible at stuff like that.

Jarrah – *laughs*

Josh – I’m also……planning a workout video.

Jarrah – Oh my god that’s a great idea!

Josh – I love working out and I think we should all do it, and be healthy… so that’s why I’m writing the diet, health book to go along with a workout video.

Jarrah – It sounds like a plan!

Josh – You think Jonah would wanna help his uncle out?

Jarrah – For sure.. I’m sure he’d love to..

Josh – I’ll call him when I get a chance and see how he feels about it.

Jarrah – I’m glad you’re doing this.. it should be fun! Jeep and I could find some kids on campus if you need extra’s doing the exercises.

Josh – That would be great.

Jarrah – I’m so excited!

Home sweet home… nothing like visiting my family to gain perspective. What dad said about racism and “haters” is true.. I shouldn’t let it get to me. Also I get what he means about a happy medium when it comes to talking about it with Orion. I have to understand that it will always feel different for him vs me because well.. I’m not African American. There’s a certain level of sensitivity that I need to present when talking about it with him. Its forever going to be a touchy subject because as much as we like to believe things are different now.. racism is alive and well sadly.

Far as dad’s idea goes about the workout video, I think its grand. My grandpa Ben always said go big or go home. Dad doing the workout video health book combo is a great idea and it helps him continue doing what he loves but without the stress of the gym. I hope everything goes as planned and its a big success. He deserves it. Anyway I should get back to campus.. art class time. Later guys- Oh and praise god.. I don’t have work today!

(POV Jeep)

After film class I decided to just skip the rest of my classes today.. I didn’t feel like going- And before you say anything I’ve done it before… I don’t really fall behind or anything. Anyway yeah I decided to hang out with Christine and Raven. I like to know what’s going on in their lives. I’m so caught up in school, its easy to forget that they don’t go there and have their own lives.

Jeep – I’m sure Kaori didn’t mean any of that.. she’s a tough cookie but I think she was just mad about something personal with Byron.

Christine – Well still.. it pissed me off. Then of course your girlfriend is a complete bitch too- no offense.

Jeep – None taken.. lets change the subject.

Raven – Lets talk about that movie you’re doing.. want me to do the horror makeup? I’m totally down for that.

Christine – That’s a great idea!

Jeep – That could actually work!- though I’d have to run it past my non focused partner. Kingston is a cool guy but.. I want him to be focused on the task at hand.

Raven – And what exactly is the task at hand Jonah? is it making a great scene or is it getting on that  Avengers movie set?

Jeep – Both! you can’t have one without the other. Enough about me though.. what’s going on with you guys?

Christine – Well I was offered a spot in the Tattoo artist convention… but I’m going to pass.. I mean can you imagine the fuckers who will be there? tattooed up beer gut having cocky tattoo artist who think their work is gods gift to earth.. no thank you. I’m just gonna keep doing my job and keep background singing for Byron…. as far as anything else goes I’m good.

Jeep – You don’t have any guys you’re interested in?

Christine – Umm…………………nope. Not at the moment.

Jeep – What about you Raven?

Raven – Well I’m working like three jobs.. KFC, that clothing store, and sometimes I work at “Woofy’s” which is a Animal Shelter..

That’s the same one Aries works at…..

Raven – I’m trying to save up money for my dream gift.. I plan on treating myself and getting it soon.

Christine – Oh lord..

Raven – Hush it Chrissy

Jeep – I’m lost

Raven – A Motorcycle

Jeep – Oh?

Christine – First of all you’re way clumsy… you don’t need to buy a motorcycle. Save your money for something else.

Raven – Its my money I can do what I want.. as long as I’m putting in my share for the bills and rent.. I’m free to splurge on a bike.

Christine – You’re impossible Raven.

Raven – I know! lets see what else is going on.. I’m not dating anyone… though I did hook up recently… someone licked my kitty and you can bet the fucker purrrrrrr’d all night.

Jeep – You’re straight right Raven?

Raven – Yes………………………………………ish. While I don’t like to call myself Gay Straight or Bi… I like to leave the door open. I’ve dating guys and girls so its no big deal.

Jeep – I have a gorgeous friend who’s a bi girl.. I should hook you guys up.

Raven – I’m not looking for anything serious.. I know I’m the cat’s meow and everything but all I wanna do is have fun at the moment. Which is why I’m getting that motorcycle

Christine – You don’t even have a license for that.

Raven – I have a drivers license though.

Jeep – Yeah but if you’re serious about riding a bike, you’re going to need a motorcycle’s endorsement on your drivers license. To do that, you need to pass a written test AND a driving test on the motorcycle just like you would do with a car…

Raven – No problem.

??? – R to that A to the.. What’s up Raven?!

The nerve of him to show up….

Raven – Hey Aries!

Aries – Are you all ready to go?

Raven – Yeah

Jeep – ………………….

Aries – …………………. Hi guys.

Christine – ………….Hey.

Jeep – …………………….

Raven – Lets go.. I’ll see you guys later okay?

Christine – Don’t bring any pets home tonight

Raven – Christine.. you were much more fun when you were on the run from your psycho dad.

Christine – *laughing* You have such a way with words Raven…

Jeep – ……………

His stupid fricken face! why is he here?!

Raven – That was awkward huh?

Aries – Yep…

Raven – Why didn’t you talk to him?

Aries – I said hi and he ignored me.

Raven – Well considering………

Aries – I know I know… God I’m so messed up… I don’t talk to him anymore, I don’t talk to Trey.. and even though its unrelated.. I don’t talk to my cousin Kaori at all.. we’ve never been close its so weird…

Raven – I see…. well lets go smoke some weed before we get to work.. we just passed out drug test and another one isn’t for another month…

Aries – Okay sure…. I need to feel something other than what I’m feeling.

Raven – Not to rain on that parade or anything but sooner or later you and him will have to talk..

Aries – I know….

Raven – You’re the asshole in this situation… nobody is Team Aries.

Aries – You are….

Raven – That’s because I know the good guy you are…

Aries – Thanks Raven.. you always have my back. We should go look at motorcycles before work instead of smoking weed.

Raven – Fuck yeah! I almost have enough to buy the one I want too!

Ethan Ethan – Hey guys! I’ve awoken from me slumber!

Jeep – Ethan is so weird.. why does he sleep in a tent? you guys have more than enough room in your place for him.

Christine – Its his choice…. Jules sleeps in there with him when she comes over.

Jeep – Is she having sex with him?!

Christine – Who knows.. they could be sexing it up brokeback mountain style in that tent- OR they could be talking about art and witchcraft… they’re both nuts..

Jeep – Why the hell didn’t you tell me Raven and Aries were still friends? I didn’t know she worked at Woofy’s

Christine – Wow that was an abrupt subject change. but to answer your question… Its because I didn’t want to upset you. Plus I didn’t want you to make Raven feel like she had to pick between you two.

Jeep – I wouldn’t want her picking.

Christine – Raven likes you, but lets be real here… you took to me, and she took to Aries. You and I have our friendship, past complications and what have you. The same goes for Aries and Raven.. they have their friendship and everything that goes with it.

Jeep – I guess you’re right…

Christine – BUT…………………….he’s kind of a pussy for ditching you as soon as he got into that frathouse.. then the whole gay thing-

Jeep – You know about-

Christine – Raven and I are like sisters.. she told me about Aries and your friend Trent.

Jeep – Trey

Christine – Yeah him…

Jeep – What do you think I should do about it?- My situation not Trey’s.. that’s his battle not mine.

Christine – What do you want to do?

Jeep – Punch him……….I’m really mad. I thought he was my friend….

Christine – Punch him then…

Jeep – But………………………..what if he kicks my ass? he lifts weights… he’s bigger than me.

Christine – It takes a real man to admit that someone else would beat their ass… but umm.. well don’t punch him.

Jeep – I should talk to him but.. yeah. Its like why do I have to talk to him?! HE should be the one pulling me to the side explaining himself…

Christine – I agree.. but… I don’t know.. maybe he know’s he’s wrong and its hard for him to talk.

Jeep – Screw that…

Christine – *laugh*

Jeep – I’m gonna go read some comics before I hang out with a friend.

Christine – Cool.. I gotta get back to work… Some fatass chick is coming in and she wants a huge rose on her back…………..and since she’s large.. this tattoo is going to take all night.

Jeep – *laugh* Why am I laughing? that’s mean……………..*laughing*

Christine – Well I’m only being a bitch because this woman is a pain in my ass… she’s a real rude customer.. 

Jeep – Well its good that you’re still professional

Christine – Of course.

I’m gonna let Christine get to work. I’m going back to my dorm room to read some new comics I bought. I wonder if my roommate Collin is there. Oddly enough we don’t talk as much as I’d like to. Our schedules are all over the place. He’s a nice dude though. Anyway! comics and then hanging out with a friend. Later guys!

(POV Jarrah)

Hey guys, so….. Lola couldn’t find a place in Bridgeport. I called my.. well what the heck do I even call her. Okay you guys know Jeep.. his mom has a twin sister named Skye- She’s Harrison’s mom by the way. Jeep’s mom, Tru is my aunt by marriage but I’m not sure what that makes her twin sister. I guess I could call her my aunt also?… I think- Whatever the case. She does real estate. I called her and asked if she had any places she could show Lola and I.

Skye – So you said you wanted something small, for one to two people. I personally don’t understand that considering you’re a model but to each their own. My son Harrison does always remind me… everything in moderation.

So I probably shouldn’t even ATTEMPT at going into detail about this.. but Harrison is Skye’s 2nd kid. Her first son she had young.. his name is Connor. Connor is now a doctor in Pylea.. history repeated itself. He has a daughter who he had young with his highschool sweetheart. That daughter is Jules. You know.. Keegan’s weird friend? yeah… wow I hope you understood that because now my head hurts.

Skye – You had some time to look around.. I’ll give you some time to decide if you want it or not.

Lola – Okay…

Lola – Hmm

Jarrah – What do you think?

Lola – Well its a great location.. I did want a quiet neighborhood- which is why a place in Bridgeport wasn’t a good idea.

Jarrah – Two bedroom for guest.. and if you buy it you can fix it up however you like.

Lola – That’s true.. and I can have my mother over

Jarrah – And your cousin Rubi………..

Lola – Umm.. I text her and asked her did she want to see a movie and catch up. She said no, that she’s on a mission to become the next big thing in cinema. I’m like okay fine.. And to think we were close in high school. She’s such a fraud.. you know everything she says is a lie right? she was a nerd back home.. just like I was.

Jarrah – Well you’re not alone.. I’m here!

Lola – Yes you are, and I’m thankful for that- I hope you don’t think I’m like leaning on you though?

Jarrah – No.. we’re friends!

Lola – I can take care of myself

Jarrah – I’m aware

Sorta.. I mean who know’s if you’re lying and you really do have a eating disorder… just in case I’m going to keep my eyes on you…

Lola – I don’t know what my plans for the future are.. so perhaps I should get this place. If I’m here for a few months or the long haul it doesn’t matter.

Jarrah – If you like it.. go for it.

Lola – I could have girls night too! You, and maybe that Candice girl? she was really fun and nice. Not like my fuckin’ cousin Rubi cares enough that I’m in town.

Jarrah – Candice and I would love a girls night. That sounds like so much fun actually.

Lola – Where is Candice?

Jarrah – She wasn’t in art class. I texted her to see if she’s sick or something but turns out she skipped to hangout with her boyfriend Mason.

Lola – She has a boyfriend? that’s cool.. wow.. I haven’t had one of those in a while. All the working I’ve done I haven’t had time.

Jarrah – Well you’re gorgeous so its only a matter of time.

Lola – I sound like such a spaz… I’m trying to settle back into a normal life. The modeling-well the fashion industry has thrown me off my game. I forget how normal people do things *laugh*

Jarrah – You’d walk up to a guy and do a model pose and be like.. you me date?

Lola – Exactly! I’m really just a shy nerd Jarrah I swear.. whenever I’d model I’d go into L.C. mode.. that’s my alter ego.. she’s confident and fierce.. unlike me.. I’m just regular Lola Collins *laughs*

Jarrah – Lola Collins is a cool girl.. so she won’t have a problem getting a man.

Lola – What’s that buzzing noise?

Jarrah – I’m getting a text.

Lola – Well take care of that.. I’m gonna go talk to Mrs. Patterson.

Hey babe, just wanted to let you know that we’re still on for 2night.. gonna go home and shower and then pick you up from your sorority.” – Orion

Okay sounds good 🙂” – Jarrah

Yay I get to spend time with O tonight. That makes me happy….

Skye – So you’ve come to a decision?

Lola – I believe so..

Skye – Are you putting in an offer?

Lola – No…

Skye – Huh?

Lola – I don’t want to do all of that… lets skip all of that.. I have more than enough money to just buy the place. I’ll even throw in an extra 10k. 

Skye – Oh- umm wow…

Lola – How does that sound?

Skye – It sounds like I’ll have the keys ready for you tomorrow morning..

Awesome, looks like she’s going to get the place.- okay first a text now a call. wonder who it is calling from a block number..

Lola – Is there anything I need to know about this place? I’m buying it regardless but still…

Skye – Umm.. well.. I personally don’t believe in ghost but apparently someone died here. Like maybe.. umm.. 20 years ago.

Lola – What’s the story?

Skye – Are you being serious?

Lola – Yes

Skye – Well rumor has it that  20 years ago a man killed himself in the bathroom.

Lola – Holy Shit

Skye – And people say this place is haunted- You still wanna buy it though right?!

Lola – Yeah!- I don’t believe in ghost but when I was younger, my cousin and her boyfriend and I.. we’d go into empty scary looking places and play with those Ouija boards? the ones that contact the dead?

Skye – Umm…. I see.

Lola – Once my cousin Rubi claimed she spoke to a dead person.. she’s so dramatic though.. a notorious liar too.

Skye – Well aren’t you weird…. no offense.

Lola – I doubt anyone died here… but whatever the case I want this place.

Skye – Its yours!


Jarrah – Hello? who’s this?

Chace – Hello? are you there?!

Jarrah – HELLO!?

Chace – Your phone is hella busted.. get a iphone already.

Jarrah – No thanks I like the phone I have… who the hell is this?

Chace – Its Chace.

Jarrah – Okay? well what do you want?

Chace – Check the attitude

Jarrah – You called me.. so if you don’t like it you can hang up.

Chace – You really need to relax.

Jarrah – Don’t tell me what to do Chace.

The audacity of him to call me with such a pissy attitude.

Chace – Lenny less talk about that movie project and more sucking please.. I have class in 20 minutes.

Ew what the hell?

Jarrah – Excuse me? are you calling me while you’re getting fellatio?

Chace – Fellatio? are you being serious- Its called a blowjob.. I’m getting my dick sucked by my boyfriend LENNY..

Jarrah – Way too much information. What do you want Chace?

Chace – Well I was trying to call and tell you sorry for our little spat.. but goodness you’re being cunty again I see.

Jarrah – I’m the cunty one?… okay.. sure.

Chace – For Trey’s sake I told him I’d call you and have a discussion.

Jarrah – …………………. Okay.

Chace – So I just think- Oh my god I love it when you lick my balls!

Jarrah – CHACE!

Chace – Sorry sorry- yeah lick my asshole Lenny.. mmmhmm

Jarrah – This is so gross…

Chace – Okay I need to go but I don’t want to be fighting okay? because Trey is my bestfriend and I don’t want him upset.

Jarrah – Well I’m not arguing with you because I don’t want to upset my bestfriend either.

Chace – Oh who?

Jarrah – You know I’m talking about Trey.

Chace – How exactly are you his bestfriend? you were in France. Not to mention when you got back you left again.. I was here for him all summer.

Jarrah – I see what you’re trying to do Chace, and I’m not falling for it.

Chace – I just don’t want him hurt…

Jarrah – I can see that you care about Trey and want to protect him but know this… I was here before you, and I’ll be here when you’re long gone.

Chace – Bitch please.

Jarrah – I really dislike you Chace, don’t call my phone anymore.

Chace – I called so we could have a truce.

Jarrah – But instead you insult me out the gate and decide to get a blowjob and your butt licked. You’re disrespectful, and rude. Goodbye. *hangs up*

I…. cannot believe that phonecall. Who calls someone in the middle of a sexual act with their significant other? I really thought Chace was a nicer version of his brother Hammer but honestly I think Hammer might be the nicer one.. MAYBE!……….. I’m all for a truce for Trey’s sake but Chace is just…………. I could slap him. He’s such a douchebag.

(POV Jeep)

Jeep – The pizzaman was such a douchebag. I gave him a 3 dollar tip and he asked me “Is that all?”

Frankie – Was it someone we go to school with?

Jeep – No he was old looking.

Frankie – *laughing*

Jeep – What are you doing?

Frankie – Finishing up this stupid article

Jeep – Scott still has you writing random stuff?

Frankie – Oh yeah.. this one is about the new kid park opening up next weekend. Guess who had to go ride teacups today?

Jeep – That sounds fun

Frankie – I would assume that was sarcasm but… you probably would have had fun in those giant teacups and cupcakes.

Jeep – You know it!

Frankie – By the way.. what did you think of the album?

Jeep – What album? Oh! Umm.. well I usually don’t listen to stuff like that but I have to admit.. I kinda liked it. Who would have thought I’d listen to a She & Him album and actually like it.

Frankie – *laughs*

Jeep – What about the album I told you to listen to?

Frankie – Oh Operator Please? You know what Jeepy?…. I actually really loved the album.

Jeep – Success all around!

Frankie – Yeah this time.. because our last swaps didn’t go too well. I really hated that Fall Out Boy Album you made me listen to.

Jeep – Taylor Swift wasn’t any better….

Frankie – Whatever.. Taylor Swifts music is perfection.

Jeep – Do you have the next swap in mind? Because I want you to listen to this really cool band called 2amClub

Frankie – Umm Not yet.. I’ve been so busy with work and stuff… but I promise next week I’ll have one for you.

Jeep – Okay I’ll hold off on 2amClub until then. We should eat… before it gets cold.

Frankie – Okay.. should I turn the movie on?..

Jeep – Umm not yet, lets eat a little and talk.

Frankie – Okie Dokie Jeepy.

So weekly Frankie and I hangout. She’s been giving me advice about friends, and my relationship with Spirit. She’s a great person to talk to because she just.. she’s very mature. Plus we’ve been knowing each other forever. Its super easy to just ask her something and expect the truth.. and nothing but the truth. Incase you’re wondering why we hangout at Keegan’s old place.. well he decided to keep it, and give the rest of us a key incase we need a getaway.. So technically its all of our place now.

Frankie – Oh my god this pizza is perfect. Its sooo good. I haven’t eaten today… so this hits the spot.

Jeep – Why didn’t you eat?

Frankie – Work….. and I just didn’t have time.

Jeep – How was work today?

Frankie – Well it was a bit annoying…

Jeep – Why?

Frankie – Ones assumption of shared enthusiasm is probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

Jeep – What do you mean?

Frankie – Kira Watts write the new gossip section. Turns out she broke the websites server because of all the traffic her page was getting. So she was going around the office screaming “I broke the server!” and then she said it to me and I said “I’m sure it will be back up soon, our tech people are pretty resourceful”

Jeep – Then what did she say?

Frankie – She rolled her eyes and said “Wow…. jealous much?”

Jeep – What a witch!

Frankie – You can say bitch… because that’s what she is….

Jeep – Well you’ll show her… I just know it.

Frankie – Your optimism is adorable.

Jeep – Everything about me is adorable Frankie.

Frankie – Wow.. that’s something I’ve never seen.. a cocky Jonah Folland.

Jeep – I was joking of course *laugh*

Frankie – Oh shut your face Jonah Bear…

Jeep – Its okay I know I’m not that much of a looker.

Frankie – Are you kidding me? We did have sex….. I obviously think you’re cute.

Jeep – Well thanks.

Frankie – That’s what friends are for.

Jeep – What taking ones virginity? on a spider-man sleeping bag?

Frankie – *laugh* no, making each other feel good about self diagnosed short comings.

Jeep – *smirks* I remember that day clearly.. I was so freaked out when all the lights went off.

Frankie – Well your Nyctophobia went into beast mode.

Jeep – How is it that I have a phobia that I not only can’t pronounce but I can’t spell it either.

Frankie – *laughs* How do you get girls? What the hell is your secret to it? you’re such a spaz.

Jeep – Its my secret weapon… I’m not really a nerd or a spaz.. I pretend to be…

Frankie – Oh okay… brilliant 

Jeep – I’m so full of it..

Frankie – Obviously.. I’ve seen your tumblr page… you’re as geekish as they come- and whats up with all the boobs?

Jeep – I appreciate nudity..

Frankie – Huge boobs..

Jeep – Guys like that- oh and lesbians.. or bi girls.. like you.

Frankie – I don’t care for huge boobs.. or big penises for that matter.. I accept what a person has to offer… You can’t choose how you look- but you can choose to be a good person.

Jeep – That’s true..

Frankie – I see so many try-hards on campus… its kinda ridiculous. The biggest try-hard is currently my roommate.

Jeep – Rubi…. yeah… ugh… I thought we had a breakthrough and I was learning about her and getting to know the human behind the persona.. but nope. She’s a rude witch again.

Frankie – Well try rooming with her. She’s loud, and nosey.. and Aries comes over and they makeout. The whole time I’m thinking.. You’re gay dude.. stop it.

Jeep – Fuck Aries,.

Frankie – ….. yeah.. what you told me earlier was messed up…

Jeep – Yep…  So changing the subject a bit how did the date go with Tyena? I heard you guys on the radio-

Frankie – We haven’t went yet… we’re going next week.. she keeps postponing it.

Jeep – Oh okay cool… Do you think she’s cute?

Frankie – Why do you hangout with me?

Jeep – What?

Frankie – Why do we do this?… every week. It was your idea,…… and at first I was confused but I figured it beats hanging out in my dorm room with Rubi.

Jeep – Are you saying I’m a consolation prize?

Frankie – No I have fun hanging out with you dork...

Jeep – Good.

Frankie – But I want to know why you decided to do it.

Jeep – Well… You give good advice..

Frankie – You could have used my blog for that…

Jeep – I guess I could have but…

Frankie – Be honest with me… please..

Jeep – Okay so.. I felt like you were being left out. After what happened with Kaori… you weren’t really hanging out with anyone.

Frankie – …….Not on purpose.

Jeep – Also you’re such a good person. You’re killing it at school, you work hard.. and you’re always visiting your dad.

Frankie – I’m a loser, with no friends. All work no play.. I get it.

Jeep – I thought this would be cool.. we’re good friends right so why not?

Frankie – That’s true… I mean I did think…. maybe I was a replacement for Keegan and Aries.

Jeep – No… you’re you. They’re them. Keegan’s making an effort to hangout more, and Aries.. well like I said before.. fuck him.

Frankie – So I’m not a consolation prize…

Jeep – “No…. I have fun hanging out with you dork..”

Frankie – Okay.. cool.. I was just curious.

Jeep – So… Ivy and her dad… and your dad…

Frankie – Lets not talk about that. My dad’s happiness is what matters so I’m gonna try to just go with it.

Jeep – Okay we can change the subject….

Frankie – Where did that box of coke come from? was it always on the counter?

Jeep – Umm.. I think so?

Frankie – *sigh* …………………………………………..Do you ever just…….

Jeep – Hmm?

Frankie – Do you ever get scared that you’re building up this path to this career… and its all gonna fizzle out? Like you’ll wake up one morning and say.. no this is all wrong. Its not what I wanna do.

Jeep – Are you doubting yourself?

Frankie – Its The Mothership

Jeep – Scott’s doubting your passion for journalism?

Frankie – No, but working there… Its draining me of my passion. Its not fun… it feels like work- and Work is supposed to feel like work but-

Jeep – If its something you love… its supposed to feel fun.

Frankie – Right.

Jeep – Don’t doubt yourself… you’re so passionate about writing, and if you lose yourself then we’re all doomed.

Frankie – You’re probably right.

Jeep – Can I say something?

Frankie – The floor yours

Jeep – To me…… you seem lonely.

Frankie – Umm….. I’m not I guess..

Jeep – ……..

Frankie – Maybe a little bit.

Jeep – If you and Kaori-

Frankie – I’m having a good time, lets not talk about her…

Jeep – Sorry.

Frankie – ……So did you need any advice..

Jeep – Do YOU need any advice?

Frankie – What? *laughs*

Jeep – Welcome to LOL therapy.. I am Dr. Jonah… what’s plaguing you?

Frankie – Okay Dr. Jonah Bear… How does one find inspiration in hell.

Jeep – You use your emotions to build a batcave and then you fight crime. It worked for Bruce Wayne.. I mean batman.. shhh don’t tell anyone I told you his secret identity.

Frankie – Nerd.

Jeep – Every Day…. Lets watch the movie?

Frankie – Alright…

Jeep – I’m sure you won’t squeeze my hand like Spirit did.

Frankie – You and Spirit saw this together?

Jeep – Yeah she was SO excited she was like “Oh my god Jonah we have to see Evil Dead”.. so we went to see it and she pretty much broke my hand- well I’m being dramatic but yeah…

Frankie – I don’t care for gore but since I picked the last movie its only fair.

Jeep – Yeah…  I actually really enjoyed Serendipity 

Frankie – Kate Beckinsale is the best.

Jeep – She’s pretty hot.

Frankie – Hell yeah she is.

Jeep – Don’t worry you’ll find a nice girl…

Frankie – I wasn’t worried but thanks for saying that.

Jeep – No problemo!

Frankie – Speaking of girls.. Spirit.. your girlfriend… aren’t you meeting her later?

Jeep – Yeah but she had a late class so… I feel so conflicted about it. I want to talk about the Austin thing and get it over with- BUT I kinda don’t.. I hate confrontations.

Frankie – Its…. I don’t know. I’m sure the three of you can talk it out… based off past experience though.. Kalia did play me to get Ivy back. Atleast if Austin’s being a dick its right to your face.

Jeep – I guess… yeah… I don’t know.. we’ll see later…

Frankie – Will we have enough time to watch the movie, or did you need to leave soon?

Jeep – We’ll have more than enough time to watch the movie.

Frankie – Oh okay.. I’m going to go use the bathroom, I’ll be right back.

Jeep – You want a cock?

Frankie – What the hell did you just say?!

Jeep – Coke! Coke! sorry!

Frankie – *laugh* Sure… I’ll take a COKE… wow Jeep.. clearly you need some alone time with Spirit.

Jeep – I really do..

Frankie – I saw some Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer.. pour my coke over that.

Jeep – That’s a brilliant idea! two coke floats coming right up!

Frankie – Perfect!

She’s seriously an amazing person. I feel like everything she says is so thought provoking. Truth be told though… I do feel like she’s lonely. She does school, she works, and she’s ALWAYS there for her dad. When does she do anything for herself? She got the car but even that she’s working to pay Issac back for. I want her to find a nice person to be with. I’m crossing my fingers that Tyena is gay or whatever and they fall for each other. I’m happy with Spirit, so she should be happy with someone.

God…. speaking of which, I’m really nervous about later. Spirit and I are meeting with Austin later to talk about those comments he made to me. Now it can go two different ways. He could have been joking and we can be friends from here on out. OR he could serious and like.. beat me up or something.. I don’t know. Ahhh why is shit always so complicated?

(POV Jarrah)

O and I had the best meal ever… We checked out this place called Kastle.. Castle with a K. It was delicious. I’m for sure recommending it to everyone. I love pasta. It was a very romantic date. O know’s how to make a girl feel special. We did have a few hiccups with the waiter but other than that… a good night overall.

Orion – Did you have fun?

Jarrah – I did- Did you like the food?

Orion – Yeah, but not more than you did.. once I said I was stuffed you killed my plate.

Jarrah – Oh god don’t say that.. I’m embarrassed.

Orion – I love a girl who can eat. I hate girls who pretend they don’t eat big portions.. then when alone they’re eating everything in the fridge.. I hate girls like that.

Jarrah – Oh well have no fear.. I… eat *laughs*

Orion – I guess you’ll wanna come here again.

Jarrah – Yes.

Orion – I don’t know though…

Jarrah – Are you upset about the waiter?

Orion – When he showed us to our seats he gave me dirty looks.. and then told me no smoking in here. I don’t even smoke. Then he kept saying how expensive everything was- as if to say.. oh hey its a black guy… let me scare his broke ass away. He was just racist

Jarrah – Maybe he was just rude and not racist… some people are dickbags.

Orion – Oh trust me.. I know racism when I see it.

Jarrah – …….I-

Orion – The thing is.. when we- non white people point out situations we come off like the angry minority.

Jarrah – I don’t feel that way-

Orion – I know, I’m not saying you….. but to others.. we come off as paranoid and angry. They try to convince us that what we’re feeling isn’t valid. Its like a mind game.

Jarrah – Yeah…

Orion – The shit gets old… I’m black.. I have piercings and tattoos too. Maybe its my outer exterior that accumulates some sort of racist goggles for people who don’t look like me. I may look intimidating but I’m just a normal guy.

Jarrah – My dad said screw those people…

Orion – You talked about it with your dad?

Jarrah – My dad had a black girlfriend, my mom is asian… so he know’s all about the dirty looks and stuff like that. He told me to ignore them.

Orion – Hmm… you talked to your dad about it.. heh

Jarrah – Is that bad?

Orion – Opposite…. I think its cute.. and your dad seem’s like a cool guy…

Jarrah – I think so!.. you’ll meet him… sooner or later.

Orion – I’m sorry I come off so passionate about this stuff.. I just hate that we live in 2013 and this racist shit still happens.

Jarrah – I don’t think of it as a big deal.. I try and ignore it.

Orion – Ignoring it means they’re justified to keep at it.. you need to CHECK them sometimes.. but then you’re the angry black guy… big fucking monster ready to pounce.

Jarrah – You a monster?.. ha

Orion – Yeah I can be a monster *makes monster sounds* GRRRRRRR AGRH!!!

Jarrah – Oh no! big monster please stop it!

Cop – Is there a problem here?

Jarrah – What the hell?

Orion – No, we’re good here.

Cop – I was asking the lady…

Orion – Of course…

Cop – Are you back talking me boy?

Orion – F-

Jarrah – We’re okay… we had food and we’re going home now.

Cop – Is he harassing you?

Jarrah – No.. he’s my boyfriend.

Orion – Is there a reason why you’re interrogating us?

Cop – Is there a reason why you’re so paranoid?

Jarrah – Officer we’re perfectly fine, we’re going to be on our way now..

Cop – Are you sure he’s not hurting you ma’am?

Orion – Are you fucking serious?!

Cop – Don’t take that tone with me 50cent!

Orion – What?!

Jarrah – Why did you call him 50Cent?

Orion – Cause he’s a racist fuck boy that’s why!

Cop – Oh you want to get ghetto and hostile I see…

Orion – Am I free to go?

Cop – Excuse me?

Orion – Oh I know my rights.. Am I free to go?

Cop – What the-

Orion – The law states that I get to ask if I’m free to go. If you say yes then I’m walking away. If you don’t answer then I get to KEEP asking until I get an answer. If you say No.. then I’m being detained.

Cop – ……..

Orion – Now if I am being detained that means you should have a reasonable suspicious that I have, or will commit a crime. It can’t be based on RACIAL profiling. So I’ll ask you again officer…. am I free to go?

Jarrah – O …. I’m getting scared… lets just go to the car

Orion – He has to answer the question Jarrah because if we turn and walk he can shoot us.

Jarrah – Officer are we free to go

Cop – You think you’re a smartass… 

Orion – Am I free to go!?

Cop – NO! I have a REASONABLE SUSPICION that you’re going to hit this woman.

Jarrah – He’d never.

Orion – Fuck you! you’re a racist and you’re racial profiling me! Are you upset that I’m with a white woman?! does that make you mad?!

Cop – That’s it! get on the ground now!

Orion – I didn’t do anything wrong so no I’m not getting on the ground!

Cop – Yes the hell you are!

Oh my god

Orion – This is wrong! you’re wrongly accusing me of something you made up in your head!

Cop – Shut the fuck up nig-

Jarrah – Oh my god! Don’t you call him that!

Orion – Get the fuck off of me! I didn’t do anything wrong!

Cop – You just couldn’t shut your mouth huh donkey kong.. you had to go rambling about the law as if you’re smart enough to even read a book!

Orion – This is such bullshit!

Jarrah – Don’t say anything else O! please!

Cop – Running around.. taking our women!

Orion – You slave owners back in the day were sleeping with black women all the time! so don’t even make this about that!

Jarrah – O’ please stop talking!

Orion – I can’t Jarrah! he’s a dick and he think’s he’s validated for this shit!

Cop – You should listen to your girlfriend monkey boy!

Orion – This is what I was talking about Jarrah!

Jarrah – Get off of him! He didn’t do anything wrong!

Cop – You shut the fuck up right now or I’ll throw you to the ground and then you’ll really have something to scream about!

Orion – You’re threatening to rape her!?

Jarrah – I’ll tell the authorities what happened you’re not going to get away with this!

Cop – Ma’am I’m simply saying if you interfere with this arrest, that I’ll have to handcuff you to the ground. Now back the fuck up!

Jarrah – I’m so sorry Orion…

Orion – Don’t say sorry… you didn’t do anything wrong…

Jarrah – Neither did you….

Cop – Yeah yeah…

Orion – Jarrah I’m calling you the minute I get my phonecall. If you don’t hear from me tonight.. that means this fucker took me somewhere and shot me.. then of course he’ll claim self defense…

Cop – Oh you just think you know everything don’t you? shut up and sit your ass in that backseat.. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve been in the back of a cop car.. your people just love it back there.

Jarrah – *crying*

Orion – Don’t cry…. I’m gonna be okay…

Jarrah – What do I do? How do I get you out? how do I get home?

Orion – Go inside and tell them what happened.. everything that happened. Get my car towed and I’ll pay you back… call a friend or family member to pick you up… call your dad..

Jarrah – Okay…

Cop – How sweet…. How the hell do you even afford a nice restaurant like this on food stamps? that’s what your people do right? food stamps? government assistance? get off your ass and get a job.. lazy B.E.T. watching slackers.

Orion – You couldn’t be more wrong but you keep spewing your ignorance..

Cop – Well your black ass is going to jail so… yea.

Orion – What happened huh? did some black guy fuck your wife? did she leave you for a black guy or something? or was it your daughter? did she ride a fat black cock?!

Cop – I should beat the shit out of you….

Orion – If I weren’t cuffed you’d get your ass kicked.. you’re not that tough without your badge and gun!

Jarrah – O just stop… 

Orion – It doesn’t matter… I’m fucked either way. If I’m silent then I’m suspicious and have something to hide. If I talk then I’m defying the man!

Cop – Lets get you downtown… jail awaits criminal!

I can’t believe this happened. that cop attacked us for no reason… and Orion was already upset about the way the waiter in the restaurant was treating him. We were laughing about him being a monster and then the asshole cop just assumed things… I cannot believe this.. I’m- I don’t know what to do.. should I call Lola to bail him out? And his car is just over there.. *crying* This isn’t how I saw tonight going…What if something happens to him on the way to jail? What if they keep arguing and the cop gets fed up and kills him? He’ll be gone and he’ll never meet my family and friends……. I’ll never be able to tell him that I’m in love with him. Fuck what do I do…… Calm down Jarrah just do what he said.. go in the restaurant.. call your dad..

(POV Jeep)

Well the movie lasted longer than I thought. Frankie got her things and headed back to her dormroom with that monster known as Rubi. I grabbed my things and headed here. It was time to get this over with…

Spirit – What took you so long? I called and called but you never answered..

Jeep – I think I left my phone at Keegan’s old place.

Spirit – Why were you there? he doesn’t even live there anymore.

Jeep – I was watching a movie… I wanted to finish it before-

Austin – So you make us wait?

Jeep – I’m only like 5 minutes late….

Spirit – Whatever.. you’re forgiven.. So.. lets do this because I’m really drained.. and I want to get home and sleep. I still have that damn party to plan for next week too. Oh and to top it all off.. I’m working with Snot-Rocket Fockky McKay on a film project.. yay…

Austin – I got shit to do also.. and by the way I’d take Fockky over Rubi anyday as a partner..

Spirit – Rubi is really annoying so… but umm.. Jonah tell him why where here..

Austin – I know why we’re here…

Jeep – What you said to me when we met was really rude and messed up. I told Spirit about it and she insisted that you were joking and you like making people feel uncomfortable.. So what is it? were you being rude or were you joking?

Spirit – This is such a waste of time babe.. he was clearly joking. Right Aus’?

Austin – My apologies Jonah… I have a off sense of humor and its true.. I really do like making people feel uncomfortable.

Jeep – Why?

Austin – In this situation… I was new to the club and I wanted to not feel…. like.. well I just didn’t want to be the only uncomfortable one.

Jeep – Well why pick on me?

Austin – Because I knew you dated Spirit… It was the easiest thing to do.. and It was wrong.

Jeep – ……. hmm

Spirit – See! I told you…

Austin – I’m sorry Jonah..  It won’t happen again. Maybe we can even be friends? can we start over?

Jeep – … Wait..

Spirit – Oh god…

Jeep – So you don’t want Spirit back?

Austin – No. She’s happy with you… and I have my eye set on another girl.

Spirit – Who?

Austin – Not saying… its premature.. I need to see if she’s into me.

Spirit – Ah.

Austin – But umm.. we’re good Jonah… right?

Jeep – ……. Okay sure we’re fine. We can start over.

Austin – Cool.

Spirit – Well that’s all settled. My Ex and my Current no longer fighting. I was right all along but I guess it was important for you to see it for your own eyes Jonah.

Jeep – Thanks…

Spirit – No problem *smiles* I really have to use the ladies room, I’ll be right back.

Austin – We’ll be here…

Wow this night is going way better than I thought it would. Turns out Spirit was right and Austin was joking.

Spirit – Try not to kill each other.

Austin – *laugh* we’re friends now.

Jeep – So um….

Austin – I want to say it again… I’m really sorry…. do you accept my apology?

Jeep – Yeah- I do. Thanks for apologizing..

Austin – I made a friend by the way so I don’t have to feel awkward.

Jeep – Oh who? I might know them.

Austin – Mason O’Brien?

Jeep – I don’t know him..

Austin – He’s a cool guy.. 

Jeep – Cool! Hey lets sit down and wait for Spir’ no point in just standing here.

Austin – Good idea.

Jeep – See.. this isn’t so hard.. us being friendly.

Spirit – *smiles* 

Austin – ……………

Jeep – ……………………. Feels like I ran out of things to talk about….. Oh! I know..

Austin – …………..

Jeep – How are things going with Rubi?

Austin – ………………….Rubi’s a cunt.

Jeep – Didn’t take you long to find that out….

Austin – What movie were you watching before you came here?

Jeep – Evil Dead remake.

Austin – By yourself?

Jeep – No with my friend Frankie.

Austin – Does he go to G.C.U.?

Jeep – Its a girl.

Austin – Oh?

Jeep – Yeah we had pizza and we watched the movie.

Austin – Oh?…..okay… so it was a date?

Jeep – No.. we do it every week.

Austin – You and her fuck every week? and Spirit doesn’t know?- wait.. Frankie.. Frankie… Is that the Pocahontas looking chick with the long legs? The real pretty smart chick?

Jeep – Yeah her.

Austin – Wow… she’s cute…. So you’re dating her behind Spirits back.. hmm

Jeep – No where just friends…

Austin – Oooh okay.. gotcha… *laughing*

Jeep – What’s so funny?

Austin seems pretty chill to be honest.. I’m so glad the drama is over and done with.

Austin – You are…

Jeep – How so?

Austin – Because you’re such a pussy…

Jeep – What?

Austin – You snitched to your girlfriend dude.. you ran and told her everything I said like a little bitch.

Jeep – Wait.. what the heck?

I should have known better… ugh….

Austin – That was all an act back there.. I don’t give two shit about you Jonah. You’re such a punk bitch, I can’t believe you went crying to her about what I said. You’re such a weak ass loser.

Jeep – I don’t understand why you’re such a dick. I didn’t do anything wrong to you.

Austin – Are you gonna cry?

Jeep – No I’m not gonna fucking cry.. 

Austin – So you have balls now?

Jeep – This is ridiculous…

Austin – Cry baby ass.. waaaah waaaah. Shut up..

Jeep – You’re not gonna bully me Austin.

Austin – I am.. and I will.. but lets get one thing straight here. That girl.. who just walked her sexy ass to the ladies room?… she’s mine. I’m going to get her back. She’s the head of the fucking sorority.. you don’t  deserve to be running around with her.

Jeep – ……..

Austin – She tells me you love comic books.. you should just lock yourself in your room and jerk-off to wonder-woman or something. You have a huge nose, and apparently your penis is kinda thin… you’re pretty fucking ugly too…

Jeep – How does it feel to be so mean?

Austin – Don’t play the victim.. makes you look weaker than you already are. Just give it up… I’m better than you in every way. You won’t win this… I’m smarter, faster…. You have no chance against me.. I always get what I want.. so run along and try and tell Spirit about this conversation.

This is great… just fucking great… I should have known better. I’m over this.. I’m done.

Jeep – ……. 

Austin – Where you going bro? I thought we were bonding!

Jeep – I’m leaving.

Austin – You know… if you tell Spirit about this I’ll just deny it.. then I’ll turn it on you and say you’re interrogating me. Then she’ll leave you.. and I’ll get what I want.

Jeep – I’m not telling her shit.

Austin – Oh really? What are you gonna do big nose?

Jeep – If you want war… then its war.. you’re not getting my girlfriend… and I think its pathetic that you’re even playing these high school games.

Austin – Keep tellin’ yourself that. I can’t wait till you fuck up and Spirit runs back to me. I’m gonna put my 8 inch cock right in her to make her feel better. You can take your pencil somewhere else..

Jeep – ……

Austin – Yeah she told me my cock is bigger than yours… we talk often… Its kinda funny how she doesn’t care about discussing those things.

Jeep – You probably asked her if you’re bigger than me.. its not uncommon for pathetic exes to ask if they have a bigger one than the new boyfriend so whatever… I don’t care.

Austin – You should fuck with your nose.. its probably bigger than your dick.

Jeep – And you should kiss my ass. I just realized something.. you’re not going to touch me.. so keep on with the insults… and see what’s coming your way.

Austin – Wow! look at you!…. You may want to hold back on the threats.. How do you think Spirit will feel if I tell her about your little dates with your friend?

Jeep – You’re not getting my girlfriend end of story.

Austin – No… not the end… Its the beginning of the story.. It ends with you crying and alone.

Jeep – We’ll see.

Austin – Oh and to add insult to injury.. after I get Spirit back.. I’m going to win the scene competition, and go to that movie set. I know you want it so bad.. but you can’t have it.

Jeep – Fuck you, and goodnight.

Austin – Bye Friend! see you at school!

I’m so sick of this shit… I’m really tired of people being rude to me. I don’t mess with anyone and I’m a nice guy. Why is it that I’m always getting attacked. Spirit will of course think I’m being over the top, and its true.. he’d turn it around on me. He’s betting that I’ll tell her about this so he can make me see crazy.. Not gonna happen. I have to come up with a plan to make him look like the crazy one. He’s not getting my girlfriend and he’s NOT beating me in the scene challenge. Grrrr I’m pretty sure of all my friends I’m having the worse night. I need to call go get my phone from Keegan’s place.. can’t believe I left it there. Hope I didn’t miss any important calls.. WORST NIGHT EVER!

~End Of Chapter Two Pt | Chapter Two Pt is Next~



  1. Yikes! Both Jeep AND Jarrah had the worst night ever!! And to think I actually believed Austin was sorry there for a second. I’m gullible lol. It doesn’t get any lower than that. Jeep is such a great guy and I’m glad he’s sticking up for himself. I hope Austin doesn’t screw things up for him and Spirit. I also hope that his movie scene wins! *crosses fingers* Now Jarrah’s situation with Orion is pretty bad. That cop was incredibly racist!! I wanted to slap him!! I’m black and I’m always the first to say I ignore racism (not that I’ve ever encountered it first hand). But if I met a cop like that I’d make an exception :D. He better not hurt Orion either! He’s innocent!! Oh, this place that Lola is buying. She is quite bold to live there lol!!! I don’t exactly believe in ghosts but that’s still creepy :p. And how disgusting is Chace??? I will admit that I laughed at how grossed out Jarrah was lol. She had a right to be! Also, I think Jeep’s pizza nights with Frankie are cute ^_^….You know what else is cute and always has been? Josh! lol

    1. Jeep had a bad night but he really doesnt know how it compares to his poor cousin. Austin is a dickbag… wait till you see what happens with THAT in the coming chapters.

      As for Jarrah… like I said in a previous comment to you.. racism has just been crazy this year… and It inspired alot of whats going on with Jarrah and Orion.. though.. that storyline is more than racism.. something else is going to take place… soon. I actually did some research about being stopped/questioned by a cop and what laws and rules a person has so I’m glad that came into play with the whole detainment question.

      Lola… She IS a brave one eh? I don’t believe in ghost but…. if I knew someone died somewhere I just couldn’t live there lol.. I’d be freaked out. So that should tell you something about Lola’s determination to settle back into life post modeling. She really wants to be normal and if a ghostly house is it.. then its it.

      LMFAO… Chace… okay so I was laughing my ass off writing that scene.. I know some pretty outrageous people irl who inspired that scene….. when I say outrageous…. I mean it. Chace is so fun to write because you have different point of views when you see him. Its obvious he loves and adores Trey and wants to protect him, but from Jarrah’s POV he’s just a catty diva with attitude problems.

      Josh…………..Josh looks like Tony Stark to me lol.. so I went for the whole role-playing bit haha. and you’re right.. Josh has always been super cute!

      By the way… I always thought you were Asian.. I have NO idea why lol. So to find out you’re African American that’s a surprise and its cool 😀 Don’t now if you can tell through my ItzBee icon but I’m black as well ^_^ You probably know that already though if you got curious and checked out my twitter page from the Itzbee homepage.

      So! I wanted to save this for last… You said that pizza night with Frankie was cute.. and it was. I had a blast writing the dialogue between them.. I wanted a certain fluidity to be seen because in real life people don’t talk like robots.. it comes off genuine. With that being said..

      I ran into a issue with that scene.. lmfao.. remember how Frankie mentioned the coke box on the counter? well it has a story… So when I was taking pictures for this update my dumbass accidentally left pose player on the counter. I didn’t realize until it was too late. So me being me… I decided to google a box of soda…(COKE) and then photoshop over pose player.. lmfao here’s the before and after :


      So funny…. Anyway thanks for reading/commenting. Stay turned… something big happens in the next one…. 😀

  2. LOL!!! Maybe it’s my nickname that comes off as Asian. Full name is actually Marika :D. And OMG you’re right, Josh really does look like Tony Stark XDDDD. Now about the Coke, I don’t know whether to think that’s crazy or genius :D. I probably would have moaned and groaned about it and went back in game to get pose player out of there and retake the pic lol. Your idea was a lot more clever and I’m sure it saved time! Looking forward to the next part!! ^_^

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