{BnG Season 2} Chapter One Part 3 : “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”

_______________{Conclusion Of Chapter One}_______________

Chapter One | Pt. 3 “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir” 

-POV’s : Frankie & Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Frankie)

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a week to come to an end. Ever since I got put on full-time here at The Mothership, I feel like I’m over-worked. That’s not to say its a challenge I don’t accept. Truth be told I need this right now, I need work, and school. It keeps my mind off things. You guys know exactly the things I’m speaking of. Lets go in order of actual events.

So… I started a relationship with my then roommate Ivy, She cheated on me and got back with her ex girlfriend- who’s face met my fist. I’m not proud of that but my father taught both my sister and I to be aggressive. My dad had us doing Boxing, Martial Art classes, various sport activities- the list goes on. So In short……..I’m not the one. Its true that I may possess a certain demure about myself but don’t for one second think that you won’t get checked.

Moving on…….. Lets talk about the McDonalds eh?… Ivo… I hooked up with him, and then instantly regretted it. I’ll be completely honest, being rejected by Ivy prompted my actions full throttle. I wanted to feel like someone liked me, and I knew Ivo had feelings for me and I took advantage of that. His reaction was a valid one, and I don’t fault him for pretty much hating me. He’s probably somewhere in New York burning a picture of me and stabbing a voodoo doll.. I really wanna talk to him but he ignores me so.. yeah.

Now… Kaori… That little bitch- and it pains me to say such a thing.. She and I had that falling out because of what happened with her brother. Then she proceeded to talk about how the women in my family use sex as a substitution for emotion. Called my sister a whore, my mother a stripper whore, and said I was just like them. So yeah I clapped back and said she’s full of shit and she’s hooked up with half the campus- because at that point I didn’t care. So as you can tell we’re still not talking.

Sebastian – Are you almost done with the piece about Eve’s Fine dining?

Frankie – Yep… though I really don’t get why Scott has me writing about a new restaurant.. that’s not my gig.

Sebastian – You refused to write about-

Frankie – Smut, and drama…

Sebastian – Right.. and now he has you doing random shit… here’s some advice.. make up your own work.. then take it to him and try to get put on.

Frankie – I’ll consider it.

Alana – Baby!

Oh god….

Alana – Are you ready?

Sebastian – I am.

So.. incase you’re blind.. you can see that Alana is pregnant. Turns out she got knocked up the first night they hooked up…………………………… which would be the first night they went on a date. I’m not even gonna entertain the thought of judging Sebastian for that. I do think perhaps they should have used protection but whatever.. that baby could be a future president or the person who finds the cure to cancer for all I know. They do seem happy so I guess that’s all that matters. It is odd to see my ex boyfriend expecting a baby though. God Alana looks like her mom (Victoria)

A few things I want to address.. Sebastian and I are really in a good place. We’re friends now, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s writing a book too…. which is funny considering Ivo’s book should be coming out in the next week or so. You know? that book he was writing that’s loosely based on him, my sister (Andi) and Jarrah’s brother Micah. Sebastian’s a little jealous because he feels like he’s a much better writer than Ivo but it is what it is..

The other thing I wanted to say was this…. I miss Kaori, but I refuse to let her continuously be a little brat. We both said things, and while she was the absolute worst- Its not about that. Two adults- two friends shake hands and apologize… hug it out and move on and grow from it. She says she’s done NOTHING wrong. I can’t deal with the immaturity so I’m wiping my hands clean.

Alana – Okay so first we have our checkup at the doctor..

Sebastian – Then, I need to go to the apple store-

Alana – Okay okay- Oh Hi Frankie.

Frankie – Oh hi.. wow look at you..

Alana – Oh I know! well I’d love to stay and chat but we gotta get going.

Frankie – Safe travels. Bye guys

Sebastian – Bye!

I wonder what Kaori think’s about her sister (stepsister) being pregnant.

Speaking of Kaori… Just an F.Y.I. – I don’t have any problems with anyone except her. Jarrah and I will say hello when we see each other, and keep it moving. That’s how it’s always been and just because I’m not here for Kaori anymore doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to be like “Oh hay Jarrah Gurl Letz do lunch!” But yeah.. umm Keegan is a doll, and Trey and I are good. Jeep is the one who’s been the most surprising. We’ve been hanging out every other week. He usually needs my advice about something so why not. Plus I do consider him a good friend… truth be told though, I feel like his substitution for Aries and Keegan.. but oh well.

TJ – Hey Frankie?

Frankie – Yes?

TJ – That woman Scott’s talking to… is she Kira Watts?

Frankie – I think so.

She’s also the woman I saw at Cakecup when Dominic and I were talking to Trey…. Isn’t it interesting how those things work?

TJ – So she’s going to be working here?

Frankie – Yeah I think so.. I’m not sure.

TJ – Any grape soda’s in there?

Frankie – I think so.

TJ – Are you and my sister doing that radio thing today?

Frankie – Yeah, after work I go straight to campus to do it.

TJ – Hey Peggle rematch from yesterday?

Frankie – You really wanna lose again?

TJ – I will not lose!

I play this game with him almost 3 times a day.. not that I mind. Its pretty fun to play, and it keeps us both amused. TJ has this obsession with the game, but its really probably just part of his nature to keep a routine because of his medical situation. Also you may or may not know this, but TJ- aka Tommy Jr. Is the older brother of Tyena Goddard (The Sorority girl). They have different mom’s but they’re very close. Its really cute.


Scott – I’m so happy to have you on board.

Kira – I needed a change… Pylea was no longer for me.

Scott – I hear that.

Kira – The opportunity presented itself and well… here I am.

Scott – Thank god.- Oh let me introduce you to some of the people who work here.

Kira – Okay.

Scott – The girl was an intern but not anymore, she attends GCU. The guy.. well he’s really good at his job, but incase he says anything odd just know he doesn’t mean it. He has no empathy, sympathy or anything like that. He has no filter.

Kira – Umm

Scott – Oh he has Aspergers… but that didn’t and doesn’t matter to me. Like I said he does his job well.

Frankie – Ha!

TJ – No no no.. I had that round. Okay best of three!

Frankie – Fine, but then I gotta finish the article and get back to school.

Funfact about TJ aka Tommy Jr. My new roommate Rubi Larter made him think she liked him. Used him by dating him for a week to write a paper about Asperger syndrome. Which is disgusting of her. As if anyone needed another reason to dislike her. Yes TJ has Aspergers but he’s sweet, and very good at his job, not to mention a really good guy. Speaking of Rubi thank goodness I don’t need to go to my dorm anytime soon.. she’s so annoying- Oh shit that’s right she co-host the radio show with Keegan… Its like I can’t escape her.

Scott – Hey there!

Frankie – ….


Scott – Frankie, TJ.. this is Kira Watts. She’s going to be working here. Writing the gossip and entertainment section.


TJ – Oh my.. you- you’re wearing snake on your boobs. Your dress looks like a reptile.

Scott – *clears throat*

Kira – *Looks at Scott knowingly* Oh? Well yeah… it does look like snakeskin doesn’t it? *smiles*

Frankie – Nice to meet you.

Kira – Wow you’re gorgeous! I’d ask you out if we weren’t both working here- I know that’s against the rules.

Frankie – Oh- umm.. thanks.. you’re pretty too- So welcome to the team.

Ew… I don’t like older women…………..unless its Kate Beckinsale… I’d make an exception for her.

TJ – You’re not wearing a bra?- My name is Tommy Jr by the way- My dad’s name is Tommy. You can call me TJ. I write about new technology and stuff.

Kira – Nice to meet you TJ- Frankie what is it that you write about?

Frankie – I wrote-

Scott – Well after her interview and followup article on Jessica Nash and her protege. I really liked her interviewing skills and her ability to get down to the truth. I wanted her to do the Gossip and Entertainment, but she refused…. She assumed I wanted her to be mean and write smut… So that’s where you come in-

Kira – Oh I don’t mind writing smut, or calling people out.

Scott – You do it oh so well Kira! *laugh*

Kira – So what do you write now Frankie?

Frankie – I’m focused on-

Scott – She writes random articles, whatever I give her.. we haven’t figured out her niche just yet

I can talk for myself Scott… you ass.

Frankie – I have an advice column that I’m doing, and whatever other assignments that come my way.

Kira – Oh Scott an advice column is a great idea!

Scott – I know-

Frankie – Actually Its something I’ve been doing since I was a freshman at G.C.U. I just decided to integrate it into my blog here at work.

Kira – Nice..

Scott – Let me show you your desk Kira.

Kira – Okay perfect, nice meeting you two.

Frankie – Likewise….

TJ – Frankie?

Frankie – Yeah TJ?

TJ – I have a boner and I must excuse myself.

Frankie – Umm.. cool beans.

Let me go finish this article on that new restaurant.. I swear.. I really think I’m losing myself here. I love writing but I don’t know if this place is for me- However I need the money. I’m not wealthy at all. I really need this job, so I shouldn’t complain. Maybe I’ll just do what Sebastian suggested and take my ideas to Scott. What’s the worse that could happen? Anyway.. I’ll see you guys in a bit. Ciao for now.

(POV Keegan)

Months ago if someone would have told me that I’d be a fratboy in control of his demons I would have laughed in their face. I’d obviously be eating my words now though right? I mean its kinda fucking crazy when you think about where I was and where I am. I’m not going to give you a history lesson on my fucked up past because well one – I don’t like to dwell, and two – You should already know about it unless you’re one of those people who don’t pay attention.

These days I’m doing good. I have this fraternity which feels like a brotherhood. My therapy went from weekly to every other week which is a good sign, and as far as my substance abuse issues? well I have them under control. I have moments where I’d love to take a shot or two but for the most part I’m okay. One day at a time my dad says. Everyone’s been super supportive. I’m good with everyone, except Kaori- Well I shouldn’t say “except Kaori” That’s… wrong.

Thing is she’s.. well Its awkward because I like her.. I’m in love with her… but she’s happy. So… yeah whatevs.

Keegan – What are you doing Javi?

Javier – I’m pulling my bed back down.

Keegan – Why?

Javier – Fockky’s coming over.


Keegan – Oh.. okay.

Javier – I hope you don’t mind.

Keegan – Nah its cool dude.. she’s your girlfriend or whatever.

Javier – You’re the best roommate big brother!

Keegan – You’re not that bad yourself lil bro.

Javier – Fockky wants to hangout in my room, she said she doesn’t feel like playing beer pong and all of that.

Keegan – Ah that’s cool.

Javier – I’m sure you’ve always had good luck with the ladies..

Keegan – Eh.. you win some, you lose some.

Mona was a win.. then a loss… It does still pain me to think of her, but I’m taking my therapy seriously and using the tool to over-come the negative thoughts. Mona would want me to be happy, and to only think about the good times. She’s alway going to be missed, and I’ll always have a place for her in my heart but…I can’t hurt myself by not letting her go. I often feel like if I forgive myself and move on that I’ll forget her.. and that’s just the wrong way of thinking.

Javier – So yeah.. we’re going to just hangout in here, she wanted to make sure we had the room to ourselves

Keegan – I won’t be here all day so have fun.. just you know… stay off my bed.

Javier – We’re going to be on my bed most of the time.

Keegan – So are you guys gonna fuck or something?

Javier – What?!

Keegan – Well a girl wants to hangout exclusively in your bedroom… alone. I think she wants to bang.

Javier – Wha- What?- No! no I don’t wanna do that yet.

Keegan – *laughing*

Javier – Its not funny! what if I accidentally put it in her butt or something!

Keegan – *laughing* Honestly she seem’s like the type to be into that

Javier – I don’t even know what I’m doing!

Keegan – All jokes aside just make sure you use a condom.. and if you don’t have any- grab some from my dresser.

Javier – I- …..How do I go down on girls?!

Keegan – You should ask Harrison.. apparently he loves doing that.

Javier – What if the condom doesn’t fit? 

Keegan – Why wouldn’t it?

Javier – I don’t know.. what if I’m too big? or too small?!

Keegan – Umm.. dude.. I’m sure you’re fine.

Javier – I’ve never done anything what if I’m horrible!

Keegan – Not trying to put you on the spot here or anything but I hear you jerking off sometimes when I’m trying to sleep.. I’m sure you’ll do just fine bro.

Javier – I don’t do that!

Keegan – Ah still in that awkward phase where you think you should be ashamed of it *laugh*

He reminds me of Jeep sometimes- which makes me realize how much Jeep has grown since I first met him. Speaking of which.. Jeep seems to think I’m replacing him. I’m not, I’m just trying to make an effort to bond with my new roommates. Once that’s fine then of course I’ll have more than enough time for him. He’s my bestfriend, I just wish he’d have a little more faith in our friendship, and more confidence in himself. Nobody can replace him, he needs to know that. Just because Aries dissed him doesn’t mean I will.

Dylan (Green Shirt) – Keegan!

Keegan – Yep?

Dylan – Glad you’re up, I wanted your opinion on something.

Darell (Red Pants) – More like he wants you to side with him on our argument.

Dylan – Okay fine.. I want to know who’s side you’re on.

Keegan – Okay?

Hammer (Light Blue Jeans/Blonde) – You guys are giving Keegan the best blowjob of his life *imitating Dylan* “Oh my god Keegan! Keegan I’m SO glad you’re awake! lemme lick your balls!” Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Aries (Green Hair)*rolls eyes*

Harrison (Red Shirt/Black Shorts) – GOT YOU!

Aries – Fuck I wasn’t paying attention!

Dylan – Shut up Hammer!

Hammer – Whatchu gonna do next? finger his ass? Hey Dylan do you swallow? *laugh* I should let my brother (Chace) know.. maybe y’all can fuck or somethin’ *laugh*

Dylan – Shut your mouth Hammer.. atleast I don’t scream like a little girl when I cum! I hear you everytime Paisley is in your room! *imitating Hammer* “Ooooh eeeeeeee SHIT! AHHH I’m CUMMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”

Hammer – *laughing* Fuck you Dylan *laugh*

Darell – *laugh*

Keegan – So what’s the debate?

Darell – I said Beyonce is the sexiest bitch right now.

Dylan – I don’t agree.. she looks like she smells… I think Rihanna is sexier!

Keegan – Out of the two… I’d say…. Rihanna.

Darell – She ain’t got no tits or ass though.. and she be lookin’ stupid. I’d beat the breaks off Beyonce though.. that bitch sexy…

Dylan – Rihanna is sexy without trying!

Darell – You have horrible taste

Dylan – Whatever.. My girlfriend is hotter than yours! Mahlia is so much sexier than Portia.

Darell – Man… Portia ain’t shit.. boring ass.. I need to find a new side piece

Hammer – Yeah because that worked out so well with Rubi… Sorry Aries, I know you date her now.

Aries – Its fine…..

Hammer – Hey where’s Javier?

Keegan – Getting the room ready.. Fockky’s coming over… to bang I think.. I don’t know.

Harrison – I’m sick of seeing her.. at the comic shop, on campus, here at the house.. ahhhh!

Hammer – By the way.. you have a girl here.. she’s in the kitchen.

Keegan – Umm… okay?

Everybody is cool… Hammer kinda picks on the others but I guess that’s just how its always been.. its all in fun. Harrison’s dope- He’s Jeep’s cousin incase you guys don’t know. Darell isn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe he just kisses my ass because he know’s I’d punch him in the face for what he did to Trey. Dylan…. Dylan’s harmless.. It is awkward though considering we had sex with the same girl…. Jarrah. Now… Aries…. I don’t know man…. I feel like homeboy is so lost. Like he completely cut off Jeep, and then he dumped Trey. Now he’s pretending he’s straight and dating Rubi, and act’s like he’s one of the cool guys. Its kinda ridiculous..

Darell – So you fucked Mahlia yet?

Dylan – …….Yeah.

Darell – You’re the second dude from this fraternity that pounded her.

Dylan – Second? What?!

Darell – No not me dude… Byron fucked Mahlia before he left the house remember?

Dylan – Oh… yeah. That reminds me- Hey Keegan?!

Keegan – Yeah?

Dylan – You’re doing the show today?

Keegan – Yeah I’m going there in a few

Dylan – Can we pick up Mahlia and we all go?

Keegan – Sure

*laughing* Awkward again since Mahlia was trying her hardest to get with me at one point. I’ll never forget that date. Talkin’ about poppin’ bottles and giving haters the keys or whatever she was saying *laughing* hella funny…

Darell – I’m gonna tag along alright Keegan?

Keegan – Yeah just be ready to go in a few.

Hammer – Keegan is like the new attraction and you guys can’t get enough. 

Keegan – It doesn’t bother me, I think they’re just being friendly.

Hammer – It’ll be less intense in the coming weeks I’m sure.

I think Hammer is threatened by me, and I’m not sure why. Nor do I really care right now. Anyway, time to see who’s waiting for me in the kitchen.. I have a pretty good Idea who it might be..

I was right…

Keegan – Jules? everything okay?

Jules – I needed to see you.

Keegan – What’s wrong?

Jules – I needed your energy.. I needed your vibe.

Keegan – You gonna tell me what’s bothering you?

Jules – I was at work….

Keegan – The tattoo shop?

Jules – I just felt a rush of coldness.. it was death.

Keegan – What?

Jules – Power winds pushed through the doors- a customer came in and with it came… death.

Keegan – ………What do you mean?

Jules – I just felt negative energy.. I needed you.

This is frustrating.. she and I hooked up and I was open to seeing where it went. She shut me down and said she had issues and we should just be friends, I said okay. The problem is… she sometimes comes and tells me she needs my energy whatever that means.

Keegan – What can I do?

Jules – Tell me that things get better?

Keegan – They do.. I’m living proof of that.

Jules – I’m so messed up…. my life has been a mess ever since my senior year in high school.. that’s when the depression started.

Keegan – I know… I know the feeling.

Jules – You’re good to talk to..

Keegan – Jules I hope I don’t offend you.. but maybe you should talk to someone.. someone professionally.

Jules – Been there….

Keegan – Sometimes you just gotta find the right person… I’m going to give my therapist your number.. okay?

Jules – Okay…

Keegan – Are you going to be okay?

Jules – I have your energy now.. I can move swiftly through time.

Keegan – Alright… I gotta go to the student union.. did you need a ride somewhere?

Jules – No… I’m going to go back to work.

Keegan – Okay.. call if you need anything.

Jules – Black holes and shimmers of light. You shine bright Keegan.

Keegan – Umm.. you can too.

See.. told you she’s gotten weird… she was so blonde and happy before…. Fuck I better get out of here before I’m late.. I don’t wanna hear Rubi’s mouth.

(POV Frankie) {30minutes later}

So Keegan and Rubi had approached the three of us to come in and do hot-topics on their G.C.U. Radio show. I agreed to do it, but seriously Rubi is so annoying. It was great seeing Keegan though. Also while on the topic of KeeKee… He’s still very attractive, and I love him dearly.. but I think I’m finally over the crush. I think once I found out that he slept with Jarrah, and then didn’t really have romantic feelings for me that I was okay with moving on. Who know’s what the future holds though…

Rubi – Whats good What’s good What’s good! Its ya girl Rubi doin’ this radio thang man… slayin’ the lessors n’ what not! Aye’! Aye’! *dancing* Lets get turnt up!

Keegan – *laughing* And I be ya boy Keegan givin’ you what you want on the daily…. I can’t help it baby I aim to please.

Rubi – We are The voices of this generation! Y’all know I live for the applause.. putcha hands up make em touch!

Keegan – On the show today we have three very opinionated students.

Rubi – Well if you count myself that’s four. We’re all writers.. so of course we have alot to say!

Keegan – I usually don’t

Rubi – That’s okay you just sit there and look pretty!

Keegan – *laugh* Alright.

Rubi – Welcome to the show.. we have My roommate Franny Francesca on the left-

Frankie – Its actually none of those Rubi.. My name is just Frankie.

Rubi – Girl you wild’n Say hi to the people girl!

Frankie – What’s up G.C.U.!…

Keegan – In the middle we have pretty boy Dominic.

Dominic – Hello everyone.

Rubi – On the right we have my EX sorority sister Tyena, what’s poppin sis

Tyena – …. Hey guys, shout-out to my sorority, you guys rock.

Keegan – Yeah lets shout out all the sexy ladies out there.

Rubi – Aww thank you Keegan! I know I’m a bad bitch.

See what I mean? she’s so extra

Keegan – So we have these three here to talk about hot topics.. and we’ll be taking some caller questions. Lets get it going-

Rubi – Real quick lemme give a shout-out to my Dad Gabe ESPINOZA who’s back home in CCity filming his final film. Passing me the torch! I’m going to make some dope ass movies dad.. don’t worry. Shout out to my homegirl, my bitch Bingbing whaddup hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe- and last but not least a shout out to my booski Air-Reez (Aries) I’ll see you later daddy yasss. La la la la la la la la la la la la Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuubi lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve

Keegan – My people know I l got love for them so I won’t give a long shout out… but umm lets get this shit poppin’.. What’s good guys?

Tyena – I’m doing fine Keegan thanks for asking.. had a bunch of classes and the day is NOT over yet… but I’m happy to be here.

Keegan – Thanks for taking time out to come through.. all of you actually.

Dominic – No problem.. I listen everyday so its pretty cool to actually be apart of the show for once. As far as how I’m doing.. I’m alright.. the way I see things is.. they could always be worse.

Frankie – *Smiles* True…

Rubi – So what’s poppin’ with chu Franny?

Everytime she calls me Franny I wanna punch her….

Frankie – I’m okay, I had work and yeah- Oh hi dad! I know you’re listening. I’ll be over there for dinner later, love you.

Rubi – Aww you’s a daddy’s girl? yeah me too.. spoiled rotten- TURN UP!

Why is she gettin’ so hyped up?

Rubi – Oooh shit! *farts* Chilli Cheese Fries ain’t no joke.

Keegan – Can you NOT fart Rubi? fuck…

Rubi – Oh please my farts are cute Air-Reez loves my farts he think its cute.

I highly doubt that. But then again he’s gay pretending to be straight so whatever you do is probably oh so cute!… ugh.

Keegan – So lets hop right into it? you guys good with that?

Frankie – Yeah

Dominic – Cool

Tyena – *nods yes*

Rubi – So we throw a topic out there and then we talk about it.. lets try not to talk over each other though.

Keegan – Our three topics for the day are….. Miley Cyrus, Sexuality and-

Rubi – PDA!… public display of affection. We gon’ get up in these topics like a virgin in a snatch!

Tyena – Ew.

Dominic – ………..

Frankie – Oh my god…

Keegan – I’m the boss so I pick the first topic… Lets talk about….. eh fuck it lets talk about Miley Cyrus first…. So.. we’ve all seen it.. her antics the things she’s been doing.. what’s you guys take on it? Because personally… I think she’s a young girl going through that “this is me” phase.. I think she’ll grow out of it. Also there is NOTHING sexy about her.. yuck.

Rubi – I think Miley’s doin’ her thang bitch is turnt up! and that little thing she keeps doin’ with her tongue is cute I be doin’ that too.

Dominic – Ugh.. Miley Virus…

Frankie – *laugh* That’s a good one.

Dominic – I mean its true.. she’s a virus.. she’s infecting the minds of all these young girls and its gross. She’s running around talking about doing Molly and cocaine, like aren’t you Hannah Montanna on a ranch somewhere with Billy Ray’s ass? get it together.. and she needs to brush that nasty ass tongue. I don’t like her.. she’s ridiculous.

Frankie – She’s offensive.. and honestly the cultrual appropriation is ignorant. The worst thing about it is, she’s getting all this attention. She doesn’t think anything she’s doing is wrong. She has someone in her ear cheering her on, when somebody needs to sit her ass down and explain to her whats wrong with the picture. At the same time I get it.. she’s trying to scrub the Disney image from our minds and show she’s a badass but no.. I really don’t see it for Miley… I do like her two songs though. Wrecking Ball is a good pop song.

Tyena – As a woman I don’t want to knock another woman’s hustle down.. but lets keep it real. Miley Cyrus is manufactured

Dominic – Alot of artist are though.

Tyena – Yeah but a month or so before her first single came out she was punk rock.. then all of a sudden she’s white rihanna? Its gross. Also since Frankie mentioned Wrecking Ball lets talk about that video. She’s naked the entire video-

Dominic – Well there’s a theme to it..

Frankie – Its about vulnerability but at the same time its obvious that she’s trying to shock people and get them talking.

Dominic – Britney, Madonna, Gaga they’ve all been naked.. its-

Tyena – Why though? what’s with the constant sexualized images that these singers are putting out there? Why is that what these young girls need to see?

Rubi – Sex sells

Keegan – Its always sold.. and men are in on it too..

Tyena – Robin Thicke is the worst offender with his rape song Blurred Lines-

Rubi – Yass that is my shit c’mon! *sings* I know you want it… i know you want it!

Tyena – Educate yourself Rubi.. listen to those lyrics.. they’re disgusting..

Keegan – The song is fun and controversial..

Dominic – …….I like the song, I don’t take it too seriously. I doubt guys are playing it in a van, snatching up women and screaming BLURRED LINES! RAPE TIME!

Tyena – That’s not the point

Frankie – Some of the lyrics are subjective but lets be honest here.. there are far worse songs. Like songs glorifying molly.

Keegan – To the listeners that don’t know what molly is- its a form of ecstasy

Rubi – Popped a molly I’m sweatin’ WOO! – That’s a song guys I don’t pop molly’s.

Tyena – This is all I have to finish saying about Miley Cyrus, she going to be really embarrassed in a few years. She looked nasty at the VMA’s and she’s just offensive. End of story.

Dominic – According to you.

Tyena – What?

Dominic – Your opinions aren’t facts though. For all you know Miley could still be getting’ turnt up pregnant by Lil’ Wayne in five years.

Tyena – No.. I’m pretty sure this is all an act-

Frankie – Right but what Dom’ is saying is that even if it is an act.. its a successful one. So who’s to say she’d abandon it? she may take it even further in the future. Its a strong possibility, and you’re being way too closed minded about it-

Rubi – I think being naked is amazing, I’m naked all the time.

Keegan – This is a heated topic.. but lets move on to the next okay guys? Rubi what should we talk about next? PDA or Sexuality?

Rubi – Lets go ahead and go with PDA… and while we’re at it.. how do you feel about PDA Keegan?

Keegan – Umm I’m fine with it.. I’m the type that would grab your waist and kiss you right in front of everyone.. if that’s what I’m feelin’ then I go for it.

Rubi – See I be trying to get Air-Reez (Aries) To do that but he so classy in public its kinda annoying- he still my boo though.

Dominic – Well as a gay man.. PDA is tricky. Sadly the world we live in doesn’t fully accept people of the LGBTQ community and so sometimes even the most confident gays- and or Lesbians can feel a little self concious about kissing or hugging in public. For me personally I don’t give a fuck.. like Keegan if I feel like doing that then I will, nobody puts baby in the corner. I refuse to be censored.. its my life.

Frankie – Yeah well.. I haven’t officially said this.. but yeah I’m bisexual and like Dom’ said it can be tricky. As for with guys… Its okay sometimes… other times it can feel like- how do I put this.. it can feel like he owns you? or he’s just doing it to prove something. I really love it when its random, and it feels real. Like two people in a moment, but don’t get all macho and grab my ass and slob on my face.. you may find yourself single with that shit.

Tyena – I don’t really like PDA… It feels like an objectification to me. Oh I’m your woman and you own me. No.. we can hold hands and I may even kiss you on your cheek but don’t be disrespectful. It pisses me off when I see girls on campus let guys do that to them…

Dominic – Its not your body though.. you should let them worry about themselves…

Tyena – They don’t really know any better though.. they think oh this is how I keep a man.

Frankie – I don’t think so, I don’t agree with that

Tyena – Its my opinion so I don’t think it matters

Frankie – Actually it does matter considering this is a debate about the topic at hand- I know I’m not supposed to cut you off but I can’t have you spew ignorance.

Tyena – Excuse me?

Frankie – You’re making a case against couples and their bodies that have nothing to do with you. You’re telling them its wrong to be affectionate. Its not..

Tyena – Okay, well that’s my opinion

Dominic – You must be single?

Tyena – I don’t need a man to make me feel whole.

Frankie – I’m single but I’m not rah rah anti men. I may even listen to blurred lines at the gym. It doesn’t mean that I’m pro-rape.. like come on.

Tyena – That’s fine if you wanna workout to rape lyrics. You clearly have an issue with my opinion

Frankie – No I just hate when people disguise facts as opinions. Nothing any of us have said today is a fact. Its all just a matter of opinion…

Rubi – Oooh Drag Her!

Keegan – We got alot of strong personalities in the room today people.

Tyena – Its fine I’m okay with being the odd man out.. they can team-

Dominic – I’m not teaming with anyone.. if Frankie said something I didn’t agree with I’d say something.. stop playing the victim.

Tyena – Nobody’s playing the victim but you know what? you can stay mad Dominic I don’t really care- moving on what’s the next topic?

Dominic – *rolls eyes* Girl bye.

Rubi – Its gettin’ heated in this bitch!

Keegan – Yeah lets move on, and talk sexuality

Tyena – This should be interesting since of the three I’m straight. Oh and for the record I have no problem with Dominic or Frankie.. we do this all the time in class.. we’re all strong personalities and sometimes things get hot.

Dominic – Its how things usually are… no beef.

Frankie – Yeah… It is what it is, any malice in my voice is probably just me being passionate about my opinion. Just wanted to make that clear.

I don’t dislike Tyena, I just sometimes hate how she delivers her opinion. Its always like… more of her opinion of something being a fact, and I’m not here for that. *laughing* clearly neither is Dom’

Keegan – Well I’m glad its one big happy family

Rubi – Yeah we a family here..

What is she talkin’ about?

Rubi – By the way sexuality is vague, so what we’re talking about mostly is the fluidity of  it all. I mean I kiss girls so I’m like whatever, and my brothers back home are gay so.. yeah.

Keegan – So… I’m straight- BUT… its funny. I’m surrounded by LGBTQ members. So I have two sets of parents. My mom and her wife, then we have my dad and his husband. I have gay and lesbian parents. Then I have friends who are gay, bi, lesbian. So… I think sexuality is a very complex thing… and something thats very- how to word this.. umm

Rubi – Like its not something random. its like everyone know’s someone who’s gay or lesbian.

Keegan – Yeah its a everyday everywhere type of thing.

Dominic – I’m obviously gay- but I find women attractive.. I’d never do one though. I do remember a time where I did think about sex with a woman.. its funny. I will say this though.. to those fake bisexual girls.. you’re disgusting. Kissing on other girls to entice men. Its funny because of the stigma associated with gay and bi men.. there is no way two guys would be like “Lets kiss so those girls will notice us” …..its ridiculous

Frankie – *laugh* Well I’m bi so what is fluidity if not a bisexual. I’m just naturally attracted to both genders, and I do have days where one is more attractive to me than others but its not in a way where I completely block one out. Sexuality is 100% fluid and can change over time- but I will say this.. a person isn’t going to be something they never were. I’m not saying you can go from Oh I’m straight to.. wow I want a penis in my- you get the point.

Tyena – *laughing* Yeah

Frankie – What I’m saying is.. a girl.. or guy.. who realizes they like the same sex… it didn’t come out of nowhere.. it had to always have been there.

Tyena – I agree… to me its so easy. nobody should be ashamed of it…. Sexuality is no big deal in my opinion.

Dominic – Oh really?

Tyena – Yeah… its simple, and not something I see as a challenge.

Dominic – So you think you could make it as a lesbian or bisexual?

Tyena – Without a problem.

Dominic – I’d love to test that theory…

Tyena – Okay?

Dominic – I think you and Frankie should go out on a date

Frankie – What?!

Dominic – She thinks its so easy dating a girl and being gay..

Frankie – Why drag me into it.

Tyena – Okay fine I’ll go out on a date with her.

Frankie – …………..

Dominic – Please Frankie??

Frankie – …. Fine.. why the hell not?

Keegan – Interesting.

Rubi – Oooh you guys have to keep us up to date on this!

Keegan – Hey guys we’ll be right back. Enjoy a word from our sponsor while we take a quick break.

Rubi – Get those caller questions ready guys. Be back in a flash!

Keegan – Take 5 guys… go stretch your legs.

Dominic – You’re friends with Trey right?

Keegan – Yeah

Dominic – Can I talk to you for a second?

Keegan – Sure

Tyena – Frankie join me outside for a sec

Frankie – Okay.

This should be interesting.. I hope I don’t have to check her…

Dylan – What you wanna do after this?

Mahlia – Lets go get some food…

Dylan – Alright. Burgers and Fries is it-

Mahlia – No you’re taking me to that expensive new restaurant Eve’s


Lars – Darell… dude… Rubi is right there.

Darell – Fuck her…

Lars – Why you mad though?

Darell – Is your sister still seeing Collin? she got some big ass titties

Lars – Whoa dude WHOA! Aren’t you a born again christian or something?

Darell – When Portia’s around.. and also when I need my karma to be intact.

Lars – Fake ass…

Darell – Aye lemme buy some weed?

Lars – Not in here dude!


Bingbing – The show is amazing you are so epic Rubi!

Rubi – Yeah I’m trying to keep them bitches in check. You know I can debate with the rest of em’

Bingbing – Yes!

Rubi – So what you doin’ tonight?

Bingbing – Watch itunes festival.. I love live music.

Rubi – Oh that’s cool.. yeah me and Air-Reez is gonna do 69..  My roommate Frankie isn’t gonna be there so we about to get it poppin’ Kween Rubi be wetter than the ocean and Air-Reez is about to drown girl.

Bingbing – He needs a life jacket!


Tyena – So….

Frankie – Look we can just pretend we went out we don’t-

Tyena – I’m not gay.

Frankie – Exciting news there.

Tyena – I’m not, and I’m not bisexual either.

Frankie – That’s great for you.

Tyena – But I don’t back down from challenges. So we’re going to go out as if I were bisexual.

Frankie – Fine..

Tyena – …..Also I wanna apologize if I said anything offensive.

Frankie – Its fine..

Tyena – I’ve just been going through some stuff so maybe I was a little bitchy today.

Frankie – I understand.

Tyena – You ever just feel like… why me?

Frankie – Of course.. I think we’ve all been there.

Tyena – Some crap going on with my dad… I’m not sure what it is but he’s being so secretive. Its wigging me out.

Frankie – I see…

Tyena – Anyway- umm your girlfriend won’t mind us- Oh wait you said you were single

Frankie – Yep single as the last egg in the carton. I was seeing someone but yeah… she cheated.

Tyena – Someone on campus? was it Ivy?

Frankie – How-

Tyena – That would explain why she moved off campus and got a place with Kalia… they were broken up at first.

Frankie – Yeah it was her.

Tyena – Her loss, you’re a chill chick.

Frankie – Thank you Tyena..

Tyena – Next week we can go on out date or whatever.

Frankie – That actually works for me because this week I’m really busy.

Tyena – Okay cool.

I’m not trying to get with her or anything. I’m just doing this for Dominic.. also on the date I’m going to prove a point that its not all rainbow’s and equality.. this should be fun..

(POV Keegan)

So after my radio show wrapped up, I remembered that I had told my mom that I’d pick up Zoey from school.  I had no idea that she was being held after school. What the hell has she done now?

Keegan – What did she do Ms Preston?

Olivia (Ms Preston) – Well.. She and her classmate Curtis got into a fight-

Keegan – Like a fist fight?

Olivia – Well it was more of a shouting match. Zoey was about to hit him with some stick she had in her backpack?

Keegan – That damn royal stick? I told Kaori she shouldn’t have bought her that.

Olivia – She shouldn’t have that at school…

Keegan – I’m she snuck it in her bag.. I’ll make sure it never happens again.

Olivia – Thank you…

Zoey – He’s mean! he pulled my hair

Curtis – You’re the mean one Zoey! You said girls are smarter than boys!

Zoey – We are! we get paid less when we grow up! Its so stupid!

Curtis – What are you even talking about?!

Zoey – Equal rights for everyone RAH! RAH! RAH! No Sleep till Equality! Rah Rah Rah!

Curtis – What?!

Olivia – Yeah….. she says things like that alot

Curtis – Ms. Preston she’s not making any sense!

Zoey – Who run’s the world?! GIRLS! Not stinky boys.. except you Keegan you’re okay.

Keegan – Zoey please sit down *laugh*

I don’t know how to defuse the situation… maybe she’ll hear me out if I talk about Zoey’s transition into our lives..

Rhys – *walks in* Curtis why weren’t you outside?

Curtis – I’m in trouble

Rhys – Really? what the-

Zoey – I am the savior! I’m Katniss Everdeen! bow to my presence

Rhys – Alrighty then… I don’t have time for this….

Keegan – Look.. I’ll talk to her, this won’t happen again-

Olivia – I’m well aware of things… I know about her mother, and the way she came into you’re life. She’s adjusting and probably just acting out.

Keegan – Right! so can you take it easy on her?

Olivia – Well I want to- but the principal is-

Keegan – Please…. please just this one last time. I promise you.. it will never happen again.

Olivia – I already took care of it… but I’m just- I have to be cautious because she brought a weapon to school- and I know she’s not going to harm other children but-

Keegan – I know I know, its just the rules.

Rhys – Ms Preston what’s going on?

Oh… who is this? she got a nice little body on her… She kinda looks familiar.

Rhys – Why is Curtis being kept after school?

Olivia – He and Zoey got into a fight, and they both needed to be punished…

Rhys – What the hell.. 

Olivia – Curtis doesn’t normally get into fights.

Rhys – I’m aware.. goodness.. what was the cause of the fight?

Olivia – Boys vs Girls type of debate….

Rhys – Oh..

Keegan – I promise it won’t happen again. I’m gonna talk to her.. I’m Keegan by the way *smirks*

Rhys – I know who you are.

Keegan – What?

Rhys – I’ve seen you on campus.

Keegan – Ah- Ooooh no wonder you look familiar- wait I’ve seen you in the student union right? in the science room?

Rhys – Yes.

Keegan – Your name is… wait let me try and remember…

Rhys – …………..

Keegan – Ryan? something close?

Rhys – Its Rhys.. (Reese)

Keegan – Don’t you have a sister- she’s younger than you right?

Rhys – I do, her name is Myra- not to be rude or anything I gotta get going.. 

Keegan – Okay… well we’re leaving too let us walk you out?

Rhys – Umm… sure?

Olivia – Curtis wasn’t exactly innocent Rhys, but he was the lessor of the two…. just you know.. talk to him about how boys and girls are equal?

Rhys – I will..

Keegan – Don’t worry Ms Preston… I’ll handle Zoey..

Zoey – Parentals are so useless.. We can handle this ourselves right Curtis?

Curtis – Um I guess?

Zoey – I purpose a truce!

Curtis – Umm… okay?

Zoey – We are equal beings. This tiff between us is officially over? Deal?

Curtis – Okay *smiles*

Rhys – Come on Curtis…

Keegan – Lets go Zoey.

I don’t know if its because she’s gorgeous, or if its because I’ve always been attracted to black girls but.. I’m just gonna go for it… I need to move on from Kaori.

Keegan – Hey Rhys?

Rhys – Yes?

Keegan – We should go out… without the kids.. just you and me.

Rhys – Umm.. I’d love to-

Keegan – Alright cool-

Rhys – I’d love to BUT………… with school.. and raising Curtis I don’t have alot of time.

Keegan – Oh……………….wait he’s yours?

Rhys – Yes… deal breaker huh? that’s fine I don’t have time anyway- so nice meeting you- like officially.

Keegan – How did we meet before? I know I’ve met you and heard your name before I just can’t-

Rhys – I bumped into you at school and knocked your coffee out of your hand.

Keegan – Oh that.. yeah those sneakers are ruined- not that its a big deal-

Rhys – Well alright… see you around campus.. gotta take my son to his grandpa’s

Keegan – Maybe we can rain check that date?

Rhys – *laugh* Maybe global warming will reverse itself… Maybe isn’t a word I like to use.

Keegan – Okie Dokie then… and by the way I don’t have a problem with you having a son.. Its cool.

Rhys – I’m very busy…

Keegan – Cool, Well say bye to Curtis, Zoey

Zoey – Bye Curtis.

Curtis – Bye

Rhys – Lets get home Curt.

Curtis – Can we go to mcdonalds?

Rhys – After you were bad at school do you really think I’d reward you with mcdonalds?

Zoey – Well that was an epic fail.

Keegan – What?

Zoey – You didn’t get the girl.

Keegan – Yet….

Zoey – Why do you have so much confidence?

Keegan – Why don’t you act like a kid?

Zoey – Oh you mean dumb? should i eat glue and play kickball during recess?

Keegan – Yeah you should- wait.. minus the eating glue part.

Zoey – I hate kickball.. I sit under the tree and read books.

Keegan – Well… that’s not so bad actually. Though maybe you should try to be a little more social?

Zoey – I don’t like my classmates.. they call me nerd.

Keegan – Here’s some advice… its a compliment. Those cool kids will be lame later in college… Its the nerds who become popular.. they end up ruling the world… and you are a princess afterall zoey *smiles*

Zoey – *smiles*

Keegan – Speaking of which… that staff that Kaori bought you-

Zoey – I rule my kingdom with it-

Keegan – You can’t bring it to school anymore- and you have to start behaving. They will kick you out..

Zoey – ……..Fine.

Keegan – I know you’ve been adjusting-

Zoey – Since my mom abandoned me? please.. I’m glad she’s gone.. she was mean, and she’d leave me behind a dumpster while she did weird things with strange guys.

Keegan – Zoey I’m happy you’re in my family.. you’re my little sister now, I’ll always protect you.

Zoey – Well I like having you as a big brother, as for the protecting.. soon I’ll be protecting you. Once I learn how to shoot a bow and arrow!

Keegan – Lets go watch a movie and get some ice-cream

Zoey – Shouldn’t you be punishing me? you’re like the worse parental ever.

Keegan – Good.. I’m the fun big brother… not the mean parent.

Zoey – By the way that woman lied.. she’s not as busy as she says…

Keegan – I kinda picked up on that..

Zoey – …… Why do people lie?

Keegan – Sometimes its easier than telling the truth. That may not make much sense-

Zoey – No…. it makes sense…

Keegan – Lets go home… do you know what movie you wanna watch?

Zoey – I want to watch Les Misérables

Keegan – Is it boring?

Zoey – No.. its a musical and I really wanna watch it… Joy and Kaitlyn won’t let me…. because it has death in it.

Keegan – A musical with death? what the fu- hell?….Eh screw it… we can watch it.. just don’t tell them *laugh*

You guys are probably wondering why I’d let her watch a movie that my parents clearly don’t want her watching… well the way I see it is, she’s going to see and hear bad things everywhere she goes. Its just a movie- and she’s pretty smart its not like she wants to watch it for the dead bodies. Atleast I hope not.. whatever the case I just want to be a little more loose because her life has sucked for a while. What’s one movie gonna hurt?…Anyway! time to go watch “Lay-Mizza-rahbbles” or however the fuck you pronounce it. See you guys later.

(POV Frankie)

So I’m not sure how I forgot to mention this but… Jessica Nash is currently teaching my writing class. My original professor took a leave of absence due to some family emergency so Jessica Nash was brought in to teach. Which is just my luck considering the history between us. This is the same woman who had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend. Gross, and then it gets so twisted because her daughter turns out to be the ex roommate of my sister Andi- which then Jessica and the guy blackmails- Okay okay you guys should know the story… Simply put, its really awkward having her as a replacement professor.

Jessica – So many of you probably feel like why am I here? “I know all there is to know about this stuff. I’m going to be a great writer” – but what you arrogant kids don’t understand is that there is SO many things you don’t know…..So with that being said let me list the 5 things that I think you should know.

Frankie – ………….

I’ll be honest, I don’t think she’s a bad sub-professor… she just sometimes come off way too cocky.. even the best writers don’t know everything.

Jessica – 1. NOT everything is changing. Most aspects of publishing are in the midst of transition — the form and format of books, the way books are sold, the way books are marketed, the way readers discover books. What isn’t changing is the need for authors to continue writing the best books they can. People are still reading, so the pipeline still needs to be fed, regardless of what the pipeline looks like. Keep writing!

Hmm… good advice…

Jessica – 2. You’ve got to pay attention to your influences. You need to be able to make informed, wise decisions about your publishing career, so you have the responsibility to surround yourself with varied perspectives and points of view. Strive to get a balanced mix of opinions so you’re prepared to make the best choices. Anything you read on the Internet or hear from a friend could be dead-on, or dead-wrong, or anything in between. Be discerning, and be wary of exposing yourself to only a single kind of influence.

Jessica – 3. “Nobody knows anything.” This is a phrase coined decades ago by famous screenwriter William Goldman, capturing the idea that we can’t predict the future. When a studio plunks down millions of dollars to make a movie, or an author writes and publishes a book, there is no guarantee that it will sell. This has always been true, and it will always be true. When trying to produce bestselling books, we can write the book that calls us; we can look to the past and see what has previously been successful; we can pay attention to what’s going on in our culture; we can examine politics, the economy and the news; and we can trust our instincts.

When we have created a product in which we believe, then we can do our best to advertise, publicize and market it to the target audience. Even with all of that, there are no guarantees. Some books will be bestsellers and some will languish. Some authors will be able to make a living from their writing and some won’t. You can learn from the experiences of successful authors, but you can’t necessarily replicate their success. Your path is your own, it probably won’t be fair and often won’t seem to make sense, but it’s all yours.

Sometimes I feel like most of this class is just her speaking. Not that I’m saying I mind. She obviously know’s what she’s talking about considering where she is in her literary career.

Jessica – So that brings me to number 4…

Jessica – 4. There’s NO single correct way to approach your writing career. From self-publishing to traditional to everything in between, you have choices when it comes to publishing. There are some very loud voices out there on the Internet trying to convince you that their way is best. But these are personal and individualized decisions, and what works for someone else isn’t necessarily what will work for you. There’s not a “right” way, there’s only your way, which you might only find through experimentation and risk. My journey wasn’t paved by anyone’s dictatorship of how one should approach this career…  You have to-

Oh crap I forgot to respond to STARGIRL’s  new question on my advice column.. seriously whoever she is.. she really needs my advice apparently… “Dear Star girl.. I think you should- 

??? – Jess?

What the hell? who’s that guy?

Jessica – Well excuse me class, I’ll get to the last point in a minute.

??? – Sorry to interrupt your class.

I don’t know what this guy next to me is wearing but it sure smells nice. Probably some hair gel.. he looks high maintenance.. Also I find it funny that nobody is actually paying attention.. everyone is on the internet… I’m recording this lecture via my laptop’s camera but I also want to do a little online shopping.. god that sounds so bad.


Austin – What are the newest movie releases?…

Chace – mmmm look at his body.. hot. I gotta show this to Trey

Spirit – So much to do, so little time… Gotta plan this party for the sorority.. and also Jonah and I need to talk with Austin.. who’s sitting over there… *sigh* You know what screw that I’m postponing the party by one week.. I need a breather.


Jessica – Oh Tom’ (Tommy Goddard) these are beautiful

Tommy – I was on my way from my dentist appointment when I got the sudden urge to bring you flowers.

Jessica- Well that is so sweet of you Tom.

Tyena – DAD! What the hell?

Jessica – Oh shit.

Tommy – Oh- I didn’t know you were in this specific class at this time sweetheart.

She said shit… in class.. I don’t know why but I find that funny..

Tyena – What the hell? you’re dating my teacher?

Tommy – Well I guess the cats out of the bag?

Jessica – ……

What an unforeseen event- Ooh cute shoes.. love this blog.. Its called “Hillside : Bye MORGAN HILL.”. its always keeping me up on the latest trends. Not that I consider myself that much into fashion but what girl doesn’t wanna look cute?- that’s so irrelevant considering the Broadway production that is taking place before my very eyes. Awkward… Tyena’s dad is dating Jessica Nash. I knew he looked familiar.. I’m pretty sure he’s one of my dad’s friends. He might be the pyromaniac… not sure.

Tommy – I had a really good time with you last night.

Jessica – Well aren’t you sweet…. I also had a good time.. I feel like before I knew it the bottle of wine was gone.

Tommy – We have great conversation.. I really adore my time with you.

Jessica – Have you always been this sweet?

No… If he’s the guy I think he is.. He burned down a house or something.. I think he’s a reformed christian now… people change though so whatever. Maybe he’s a really nice guy now. Do I think Jessica is capable of change? I don’t know.. she’s like Satan’s spawn

Jessica – *smells flowers* These are so fresh… *laugh* this is a little embarrassing in front of my class- but you know what.. its okay. This is a sweet gesture Tom.

Tommy – Would you like to have dinner tonight?

Jessica – I would love to.

Tyena – I cannot believe this.. DAD! You wanna explain yourself?

Jessica – Please don’t be mad at your father Tyena… I asked him to keep this from you until the time was right.

Tyena – Oh and in the middle of class in front of everyone is the right time?!

*laugh* Is it wrong to laugh? I mean.. I guess it is.. bad Frankie… Karma’s so gonna get me for that one…

Jessica – Tom I’ll call you later. I have to finish this lecture. Tyena if you need you can step out and speak with your father-

Tyena – Yeah that was going to happen either way.

Tommy – Don’t be mad sweetie….

Tyena – I’m not mad I’m just… I don’t know..

Tommy – Lets speak outside.

Poor girl.. I’ll share my notes with her so she doesn’t miss anything. *laugh* Satan’s her new step mom.. okay okay stop laughing Frankie.

Jessica – Okay class, the show’s over.. back to what I was saying.. What number what I on?-

Fockky – I believe you were on number five professor Nash

Jessica – Okay.. last but not least 5. You must participate in promoting your work. Whether you self-publish, go traditional or whichever path you choose, you’ll need to take an active role in publicizing your books or you’ll have a hard time selling any. This is a new reality that is not going away. You cannot get away from it. The truth is simple: There is art, and there is commerce. If you wish to mix the two, you MUST take part in the “commerce” aspect.- Lets go on to talk about structure.. alot of you seem to get a high from character development but- *trails off*

I should probably pay attention. I’ll see you guys later at my dad’s house. I honestly can’t wait.. I’m so hungry. I hope he makes spaghetti. Ciao for now.

(POV Keegan)

Zoey and I watched that LONG boring Lay-Mizz movie and it was… well actually it wasn’t that bad… sad how- actually nevermind.. Don’t wanna spoil the movie for ya incase you wanna see it. It was kinda long and boring but I didn’t hate it. Also I think my mom’s were overreacting. It wasn’t too bad for kids honestly.. minus the late night prostitute stuff- They didn’t show any skin.. *laugh* all in all it was a good time with her. I had her do her homework after the movie, and she was in bed by the time my parent’s got in. I’m such a good big brother.

Jeep – I don’t know….

Keegan – Where are you?

Jeep – Sitting outside at the movie theater waiting for Spirit.. she said she’d be here.. she’s taking forever… are you at home?- well the Frathouse?

Keegan – Yeah I’m outside on the steps.

Jeep – Aries there?… I kinda wanna smack him across the face.. can’t believe he just dropped me like an ass at the club.

Keegan – *laugh* thats a funny analogy- but umm.. Aries isn’t in there.. he’s in Frankie and Rubi’s room trying to figure out where to stick his dick. I wouldn’t be surprised if he convinces Rubi to let him fuck her in the ass.

Jeep – Ugh Keegan! I don’t wanna think about Rubi getting plowed in the butt…. yuck.

Keegan – So umm.. about that dude you were talking about. What do you believe?… you think this Austin guy is really a douche? or do you think he’s just playing around?

Jeep – I think he’s a douche…..

Keegan – Even if he was just playing around.. its still kinda douchey..

Jeep – Super Douchey

Keegan – Dude’s a major douche…

Jeep – Why do we keep saying Douche?

Keegan – I don’t know?

Jeep – So umm.. about what you told me about Kaori…

Keegan – ….Yeah?

Jeep – I’m not mad… I had a stupid crush on her because she was pretty.. it was never gonna workout- but you… you have a shot.

Keegan – Well she’s with Byron..

Yeah.. shocker- I told Jeep about the Kaori thing… I kinda felt like I could talk to him about it.. and turns out I was right.

Jeep – Yeah.. Byron’s nice but you’re way cooler.

Keegan – You’re only saying that because you’re my bestfriend.

Jeep – That’s half true- Oh Spirit’s here.. I gotta run.

Keegan – Have fun on date night JEEPSTER!

Jeep – Oh god don’t call me that.. I can just hear Javier’s annoying voice saying it…

Keegan – He’s not that bad.

Jeep – You’re right.. I shouldn’t be so mean.. anyway I gotta go. Love ya bro!

Keegan – Love ya too Jeppy.

Ah I love that kid… could never replace him. What to do now… should I skype with someone else? Oh I know…

Keegan – Lets see…. TheMothership dot com….. Frankie’s section….. ah.. 

Username… StarGirl password w-t-f-am-I-do-ing………shocker number 2.. I’m Stargirl.. Lets see if she answered my quest- ah.. she did.

“Dear Stargirl, I think you should really be proud of yourself for being a big person and not ruining someone’s relationship. Its really hard when you’re in love with someone and they also happens to be a friend- but even harder when they’re dating someone else. You said in a couple of other messages that you’ve had a hard year.. well pat on the back for making it through that. You seem like a wonderful girl and as cliche as it is.. there are plenty of fish in the sea. –

Yeah but what if I don’t want any other fish in the sea.. what if I caught my moby dick? only to find out it belongs to someone else?

-I know you’re probably thinking “What if he’s the guy for me? he could very well be the love of your life but guess what? Things happen when they do. Its the journey there that’s interesting. You have your life and he has his.. like your name says you’re a star shining bright. a year from now- maybe months.. he may dump the girl he’s with or it may not workout and theres your chance to strike.. until then keep it up being the great girl that you are, and don’t be sad.. life is about living and learning. Keep me posted!” – Frankie

I’m going to write her again.. I’m sure she’s sick of me by now *laugh*

Dearest Frankie thank you so much for your help girlfriend.. I’m losing my mind over this situation. He is so pretty and I really wanna be with him. I just… I don’t want to ruin his life because he seems to be growing as a person with his girlfriend. I tried talking to a… guy today but he blew me off.. Its rough in these streets girl. I know the right thing to do is to move on and live my life but its hard. I just need a sign to tell me moving on is right…” – Sincerely STARGIRL

*Laughing* Hey! I had to make it look like I was a chick okay? *laughing* That was hilarious to write… but all jokes aside.. Frankie gives good advice… she’s such a smart beautiful girl.. sucks that all of that shit went down with Ivy, Kalia.. then more shit with Kaori and her brother Ivo. I hope she catches a break soon..

??? – Hey? Keegan?

Keegan – umm.. yeah?

Keegan – Can I help you?

Myra – Oh wow she was right…you’re buff..

Keegan – Yeeeeeeeeaah *smirks*..but umm…. wassup?

That was kinda douchebag like… shit there’s that word again. Note to Keegan.. do not say Douche again tonight.

Myra – You talked to my sister today at the Elementary school?

Keegan – Rhys right?

Myra – Yep…

Keegan – Yeah we talked.. though she kinda blew me off.. that doesn’t happen often- I know that sounds douch– cocky.. I know that sounds cocky but.. I’m being honest.

Myra – I see…

Keegan – Is she okay? did she send you here to like.. smooth things over? Its okay she didn’t hurt my feelings. Tell her i’m okay, she wasn’t rude or anything. I can take a hint.

Myra – No that’s not why I’m here.

Keegan – Alright?

Myra – I talked to Curtis and he told me what she said-

Keegan – That she’s busy being a mom and with school-

Myra – Curtis isn’t her son.. he’s mine.

Whoa.. younger sister is the one who had teen pregnancy..

Myra – And nobody know’s that Keegan so please don’t say anything. I really like this guy on campus named Miguel and I don’t want to just spring it on him that I have a son you know?

Keegan – I completely understand…. umm.. why tell me though?

Myra – Because my sister needs a push. She likes to use her nephew.. my son.. as a way to push guys away. She hasn’t been the same since all the high school drama in Bridgeport.

Keegan – So you and her grew up in Bridgeport, and both came to G.C.U. for school.

Myra – Sorta.. we- along with our grandpa moved here permanently.. along with my son Curtis.

Keegan – Where’s Curtis dad?

Myra – …..Umm…

Keegan – You don’t have to tell me.. I get it…

Myra – I know Rhys liked you.. she kept talking about you at my grandpa’s house.

Keegan – Really?

Myra – Yeah… so I’m gonna need you to get off your ass and help my sister move on from the past. Because of the crap in Bridgeport and her ex bestfriend Candice.. she just really doesn’t trust men.. 

Keegan – I see..

Myra – So will you help?

Keegan – ……..I mean yeah but what am I supposed to do if she-

Myra – Oh she wants you.. she just… she’s in denial…

Keegan – Okay.. well I think she’s cute, and I’d love to take her out.. how do we do this?

Myra – I’ll be in touch… keep your phone, and laptop on you at all times.

Why do I feel like I’m doing spy espionage 

Keegan – When’s the first mission?

Myra – Again……..I’ll be in touch.

Keegan – Cool…

Myra – Also.. I think its a good idea that Zoey and Curtis have a playdate..

Keegan – Umm. that’s fine with me.

Myra – Okay.. have a good night fratboy.

Keegan – You too.. spy-girl?

Myra – This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. muhhahahahahaha – Sorry.. I always wanted to say that.

Keegan – ye-YEAH! yeah to THAT!-

What the fuck was that Keegan you big nerd

Hmm… Maybe this was the sign I was asking for. Maybe by helping Myra… I’m helping Rhys. Then by helping Rhys.. I’m helping myself get over Kaori. Which in a way is helping Kaori go on the right path with Byron. I think this is what needs to happen… I do have questions though. What happened between Rhys and Candice.. and where’s Myra’s son’s father?. I obviously won’t be getting any of those answers tonight so I should just grab my laptop and go do some homework. – eh who am I foolin’ I’m about to go watch some porn and get off. Goodnight guys.

(POV Frankie)

Like my ride? It was a gift.. a gift from three people technically. Keegan’s dad (Issac)– my sorta stepdad at one point- he was proud of me and my article at the mothership. So he wanted me to have this old car of his- he’s a collector. I respectfully declined because.. I don’t know.. I don’t like to be handed thing? So then he said well how can we work this out? I told him that I could pay him for it? and he said fine. So I had 300.. My sister Andi sent me 500, and My dad added in another 300. And so I gave it to Issac and he gave me the car. I’m gonna get him another grand soon. Shouldn’t be too hard since I work at the Mothership and I’m not an intern anymore.

Harrison – Where the fuck is this bus yo? got me standin out here lookin’ like I’m sellin ass..

Kaori – So then I was like bitch you look like a turtle.. and Byron was all like “Don’t yell at her Kay’ she did nothing wrong”

Magdalena & Bianca – Oh god

Kaori – Yeah… I’m just.. I don’t know.. we’re suppose to talk tonight so.. *see’s Frankie & looks sad* 

Bianca – You okay?

Magdalena – Yeah everything’s gonna workout…

Kaori – I’m fine….

Oh wow.. there’s Kaori.. she probably didn’t even see me.. *sigh* Oh well… I can’t dwell on that.. she refuses to apologize so it is what it is. Normally I’d just be like fine I’m sorry but that’s not fair to me.. and honestly its not fair to her in the longrun if I let her get away with everything.. I dunno.. as they say.. life goes on….

Time to see my dad… I hate to sound like a broke record but I really hope he made Spaghetti. It was like my favorite thing as a kid.. even without the meat.. sauce and noodles. My sister Andi HATED it.. she’d always have her then boyfriend Micah (Jarrah’s brother) sneak in the window and give her a big mac. I wasn’t jealous.. more spaghetti for me I thought. Also I guess I could give you a heads up about papabear.

He’s doing really good.. he’s been really upbeat and happy. I know deep down he still misses Issac, but… for the most part he’s dealing with it. I come over often and we play cards, and watch movies. He’s hanging out with Jordan (Trey’s dad) and the guys and things are good. Life is getting better for my dad… He even got a promotion at work. Anyway enough talking.. I need some food in my tummy.

Frankie – Hey Dad! I’m here!

Riley – Just a second.. washing my hands.

Frankie – ……………………

You can’t be serious…

Riley – I made Spaghetti… I know its your fav.. but I got garlic bread and some of that sparkling water you and your sister like..

Frankie – Umm.. Dad can you stop washing your hands and explain what I’m looking at?

Because I’m about to have a heart attack..

Riley – Do I have to?

Frankie – Umm.. yes!

Riley – Fine….

Riley – So…. Umm… I-

Max Johnson – What your father is trying to tell you is………..we’ve been seeing each other…

Ivy – ….Hi Frankie..You umm.. you look pretty

Frankie – ………………

Ivy – …. awkward huh?

Frankie – Dad… what do you mean seeing each other? like as in dating?

Riley – Yeah…..

Frankie – ………….

Max – ……. Oh…..kay…. should we leave?

Riley – No.. Frankie’s not rude like that.. RIGHT Frankie?

Frankie – My apologies Max… its just that… well… I have a history with your LOVELY daughter.

Max-  Really?

Riley – Oh shit….

Frankie – Yeah we sorta dated and then she cheated on me.. and then I had to like.. punch her girlfriend-

Riley – What the fuck Frankie!?

Frankie – Its a long story…

Ivy – Yeah and when you tell it, I sound like the bad guy.

Frankie – You ARE the bad guy…

Ivy – ……Can’t we just be civil? for our parents? they like each other…

Frankie – Its not just that… Its- wow… you guys don’t see the other issue here?

Ivy – No?- Oh……

Max – What?

Ivy – Mom (Briana)…… and Riley..

Riley – Frankie… other room.. a word.

Frankie – Yep…..

Riley – Can’t believe you’re being so mean, I never raised you to be like that. Tough yeah but mean? what’s gotten into you?

Frankie – I’m sorry.. I see Ivy and suddenly I’m filled with rage…

Riley – Look….. if its a problem I can-

Frankie – No.. no.. you like him, and it doesn’t bother me..

Riley – Then why the dramatics?

Frankie – Well dad.. 1.. Ivy… I hate her. And 2.. You were dating his ex wife when you were younger.. she’s like mentally unstable.. what do you think will happen if she finds out you- her ex boyfriend and Max- her ex husband are.. together?

Riley – I know… that is a big issue.. Max and I even considered not talking because of it- but then we were like fuck that.. we’ve put our happiness aside for alot through the years. Him with Briana (Ivy’s mom) and me with Mira..

Frankie – How long have you two-

Riley – A month….. or two…. we’ve been able to keep it quiet- well Ivy found out and she promised not to say anything.

Frankie – I’m the last to know….. So Andi doesn’t know?

Riley – No.. but I’m sure you’ll tell her… and I don’t mind.

Frankie – ……..I won’t stand in the way of your happiness… If I need to – As Trey would say “Put on my Meryl Streep and give the best performance of my life” then I will. I can go out there and smile.

Riley – Are you sure? you’re happiness is important.

Frankie – I won’t hit Ivy if that’s what you’re afraid of.

Riley – Okay good- I was a little worried about that… wonder if Tommy’s secret will go over as bad as this one.

Frankie – Oh his daughter saw him come into class and give Jessica flowers if that’s what you’re talking about.

Riley – Holy fuck balls… so she knows he’s with Jessica…

Frankie – Yep…

Riley – I see… well he’s happy with her so-

Frankie – I’m gonna apologize to them.. and we can go on with dinner. I want you to be happy… so… yeah.

Riley – Spaghetti.. you’re fav *smiles*

Frankie – …….. *smiles* I am hungry….

Riley – That-a-girl.

Frankie – Fine lets do this…

Riley – Okay.. after you…

Jesus.. effing.. Christ… See.. this is what I get for laughing at Tyena… I knew karma would bite me in the ass. This is all so wrong for so many reasons. Max is Briana’s ex husband. Ivy is their daughter. Briana has a son (Tyler) by Jordan aka Trey’s dad. Briana dated my dad a while ago… and now Max- her ex husband and father of her daughter.. is with my dad.. her ex boyfriend. Oh my god… I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

I cannot wait to get back to my dorm-room and skype with my sister.. she’s going to flip- but then again maybe she won’t.. she just want dad to be happy.. and.. well he is. You know what I can’t be selfish. All the stuff my dad has sacrificed for my sister and I.. he deserves this happiness. I’m not gonna rain on his parade.. even if I do wanna smack Ivy. My dad has done enough for me.. this time his happiness comes first. On with the show… goodnight guys… xoxo

~End Of Chapter One | Chapter Two is Next~


  1. *_* KEEGAN IS HAWT. Now that we got that out of the way lol. He seems to be doing great! He’s all mellow, being a good big brother to his hilarious new little sister Zoey. It was funny to me for some reason when he asked her why she doesn’t act like a kid :D. And OMG Keegan is StarGirl! I wasn’t expecting that one. I think Frankie is right. As much as I would love to see Keegan and Kaori together the fact is that she’s with someone else. So he should do the same and move on :(. Maybe it’ll work out with Rhys! Now as for Frankie, hehehe gotta love that karma! Now she’s in an awkward situation too with her dad! Max Johnson of all people. wow. Should be interesting! Kaori and Frankie really could use each other right about now but you know how that goes :p. One last thing, how do YOU feel about Miley Cyrus? 😀

    1. Well 1. Yes.. Keegan is hot lol. 2.Thanks for commenting and reading 🙂 and 3. Miley Cyrus.. hmm.. well honestly I do feel she’s appropriating a culture that is not hers. Its sometimes cringe worthy and offensive. I wonder if she’s aware of it all really. At the same time…. I enjoy the new music. We Can’t Stop & Wrecking Ball are both decent songs (Wrecking Ball is better)

      I really do wonder how long she’ll keep this current gimmick.. It will probably depend on how successful it is in the comin weeks (Her album is out next week) I try to separate the music from the people sometimes, and with Miley I’m doing just that. As long as I don’t have to see her sticking out that “Dehydrated in need of a brushing” Tongue of hers then I’m happy to listen to her new songs and sing along.

      I’ve been a Britney fan since 1998 so seeing an artist shock people, and show skin isn’t anything new to me lol. What do YOU think about Miley Cyrus?

  2. Well I kind of feel like it was a matter of time with Miley. It seems like all squeaky clean teen/child stars have to go through that “Look at me I’m a bad @$$!!!!” phase lol. It is a bit distasteful and disappointing to think that these kids feel they have something to prove but at the same time they’re getting the attention they want. The question is indeed how long will the phase last! Some grow out of it and some don’t (*cough cough Lindsay Lohan*). I don’t know, Linday might be recovering these days. I hope so; haven’t heard much about her lately.

    1. Saw Lindsay’s Oprah interview and I really just… I’m pulling for her.. but you never know.. addiction is tricky. Also I agree about kids feeling like they need to prove something and seek attention. I’ve see so many comments on youtube saying “OMG I wanna be like her minus the hair” “She’s so iconic” lol

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