{BnG Season 2} Chapter One Part 2 : “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”

Chapter One | Pt. 2 “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”

-POV’s : Kaori & Trey

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN) that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Kaori)

What a life……….. I’m in such a good place these days. I swear months ago I was ready to just snap and punch somebody. Now? Things are good…  Its fuckin’ crazy how things were versus then. For example.. I worked at a massage shop- parlor.. whatever. Got fired for allegedly jerkin’ off men- That was all Paisley by the way. Now I’m working as an intern at Siren Ad Agency. I also had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but I really like my job for the most part… Its challenging but.. I like it. The co-workers? that’s a completely different subject.

I didn’t want a boyfriend unless I could have Keegan.. now I’m happy in a committed relationship with Byron. My sexy musician, who stole my heart *laugh* So weird that I actually did it, and got myself into a relationship. As far as Keegan goes I.. I don’t know.. he’s still sexy as hell- especially now that he’s a fratboy. Its a perfect fit for him if I do say so myself. He’s so weird though.. its like he doesn’t like hanging out with me one on one anymore. Probably from when all that shit went down with his drugs and Jarrah.. I don’t know though.. whatever.

Then of course we have the elephant in the room.. My friendship with Frankie.. yeah well that was until she fucked and broke my brother’s heart.. then got mad at me for not being okay with it. The worst part about it is she decided to call me a slut, and say that I fucked half the campus. Like she know’s that hurts, one because its not true, and two because it came from her. One might argue “Well Kaori you did call her mom a whore, stripper and then compare her to her” but whatever.. she’s called her mom worse things herself so why would me saying that bother her.

Bianca – *dancing* You think the people in those houses can see me twerkin’?

Magdalena – I doubt it!

Kaori – You call that twerkin’? You’re like worse than Miley Cyrus.. with her wack ass.. You need to have an ass to twerk girl!

Bianca – Whatever.. you know you like this ass!

Kaori – Oooh this is my song! turn that up!

Kaori – Yasss ugh this shit goes so hard.. I fuckin’ love this song! Turn up! Turn Up!

Bianca – Rihanna is everything!

Magdalena – Oooh y’all gettin’ turnt up, Lemme get up in this thang!

So yeah… Bianca (the one in polka dots) is my roommate.. y’all remember her.. she liked to think she was latin? well now she’s into this pin-up girl life. She and I got real cool once I actually started taking my classes seriously. Then her somewhat annoying bestfriend Magdalena (the one in the stripes) somehow became my friend too.. so the three of us be kickin’ it like we playing soccer everyday all day. I have my new job, new relationship, and new friends.. I’m feelin’ myself to no ends to be quite honest. Life is good.

Bianca – So I hate being single… like.. its lame as hell.

Magdalena – Oh girl I know.. I hate it too.. Kay’ you’re so lucky you have Byron

Kaori – He’s lucky he has me *laugh*… nah just kidding.. he’s dope..

Bianca – Yeah I need a man..

Magdalena – Ditto girl! Cause me and Miguel ain’t poppin no more.. which is fine.. he’s tired anyway and I was sick of anal

Kaori – Ew.

Bianca – Goodness you and Miguel would freak me out with the whole “we love anal” thing..

Kaori – I’ll be right back.

Magdalena – Lemme show you how to break it down Bianca

Bianca – Like you can out-dance me!

Magdalena – I did at my quinceañera!

Bianca – I wasn’t trying to show you up at your own party!

Magdalena – Okay fine.. you’re on.. Lets do this.

Bianca – Dance battle on a boat!

Kaori – Don’t fall you two.. I’m going to grab some water

I swear.. they’re loony but truth be told I’ve grown to like that about them.

Do you guys like my boathouse? Dad got it for me as a gift. He was proud that I picked a major, and I have a new job that I really seem passionate about. My Major is Communications and Advertising. I’ve decided that even if shit doesn’t work out at Siren Ad Agency that its what I wanna pursue. So I do feel good about that… finally finding a purpose and a calling I guess. 

I’ve always loved who I was, but it did suck watching everyone else be passionate about something. They knew who they were and there I was just kinda stuck. I think I’ve always done a good job of hiding that insecurity though… whatever. Speaking of friends I’ve covered Keegan and Frankie… lets see, Oh Trey and I do not talk.. I don’t know what it is about him, maybe if he and Jarrah weren’t super close me and him would have had a chance. Obviously I’m not talking to Jarrah.. fucked Keegan and kept it on the low. She’s so ugh, and now she has a new boyfriend, she thinks she’s the shit…

I think that’s everybody…. because I- Oh wait.. Jeep.. hmm well I have nothing against him, he’s adorable like a little brother type, I could never fuck him, I feel like if he needs something all he has to do is call, and I hope that works both ways.

TV : *Chainsaw revving up*

Kaori – What the fuck, I thought I turned the tv off.

I think Jeep is like one of the only people who I know enjoy horror movies as much as I do, I’ll tell you someone who hates them… Alana…. Even though she and I are not sisters by blood.. we have alot of things in common, I assumed horror would be one of them but nope. She has her own issue right now so we’re not really hanging out as much. Speaking of family, things are decent with Victoria and myself, my dad is with her in L.A. currently. Ivo.. my poor brother ran back to New York to finish his book, I think it gets released soon.

Computer – *Skype Chime*

Yes bitches I’m on a mac, with window’s 7 installed. I hate the Mac OS, and I’ve always liked using Windows. So you’re damn right I had someone installed bootcamp and put Windows on here, deal with it Mac and PC snobs.

Kaori – Sup’ Vira

Vira – Hi… what are you doing?

Kaori – Nothing.

Vira – Are you on the boat? I see boobs, you must be in a bikini.

Kaori – Yeah I’m hanging out before work.

Vira – That’s cool…  I have a class to teach later so I’m not doing much.

So… Vira- incase you don’t remember.. is my sister. She doesn’t know that though… and neither does Ivo…. I’m the only one who knows. I asked Alana to ask Morgan for Vira’s skype info and we’ve been talking every since. I told her that I thought she was cool, and different, and that it didn’t hurt to know people in different cities. She agreed and so yeah. I don’t really know what my end game is with Vira.. she’s my older sister and I don’t know what that even means.. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll tell her.. if ever… right now I’m just enjoying getting to know her I guess.

Kaori – Oh right, your paint class.. how’s that going?

Vira – It makes me feel old.. I’m not that much older than you.. I think 3 years older I’m not sure- whatever the case age isn’t important. What I’m trying to say is.. teaching a class is foreign to me, but I’ll get use to it sooner or later.

Kaori – Yeah you will…. So umm…

Vira – I gotta be honest Kaori…

Kaori – Hmm?

Vira – I thought you were gay… I mean you tracked me down just to get to know me-

Kaori – Oh hell no-

Oh shit her mom’s  are lesbians

Vira – I-

Kaori – I have nothing against lesbians, they’re pretty strong, and awesome people

Vira – Yeah… they are….

Kaori – I just thought you were dope, your whole swag.

Vira – Well thanks. I think you’re pretty cool too. Did I tell you my parents are like… fighting and probably divorcing?

Kaori – No…. that sucks.. I went through this little hissy fit when my mom and dad divorced… It sucks.

Vira – Yeah.. you know what I’m gonna change the subject- Like my new hair? can’t believe I cut it this low..

Kaori – Yeah you pull it off, show’s your face more.

Which also shows me how much you look like Ivo, and Myself… Its the eyes man…

Vira – Morgan of course hates it… but you know what.. she’s a complete bitch now. She think’s shes a god in this city… I kinda hate her, and to think we were once bestfriends.

Kaori – How is ol’ Redhead doing?

Morgan’s that bitch that was enabling Keegan remember? she worked at V-Glam and got fired?

Vira – Oh god.. okay so since her ex boss is your step mom you know she got fired and all about the drugs and blah blah.. well you would expect her to come back to CCity with her tail tucked between her legs but nope.. she’s like a fucking cat. Always lands on her feet.

Kaori – How so?

Vira – She landed a job at RDW- which is a online blog, its super popular. Anyway she has her own fashion column and she plans on expanding it..

Kaori – Wow… cat indeed.

Vira – I hate to cut our conversation short but my boyfriend Chris is here. We’re gonna watch some tv and eat before I gotta teach that class.

Kaori – Okay.. have fun.

Vira – Sayōnara

Kaori – Sigh-a-Nora

Lmao.. probably didn’t say that as smoothly as she did considering she lived in Japan for a while.. Oh well.. I gotta go back up there and hangout a little bit before work.. I better take off this red lip.. probably too much for work.. and what the fuck am I gonna do with my hair?… atleast I have my outfit all picked out..

{If The music hasn’t stopped by now feel free to stop it.}

(POV Trey)

Trey – You were in the bathroom for a long time.

Chace – There was a twink in there who gave me a blowjob.

Trey – Skanky..

Chace – I’m obviously joking… soo Did you call Jarrah?

Trey – Yeah but she was in class so she said she’d call me back.

Chace – I really don’t wanna fight with her Trey… I don’t really have time for the petty shit you know? I swear yesterday I was just telling her you said hi like you asked me to.. then she wanted to be a bitch.

Trey – I think she was just upset that I didn’t just call her- I don’t know maybe in her mind it felt like an insult coming from you since I’m with you more?

Chace – Well…………we’re roommates now so what does she fuckin’ expect?

Trey – …..Fighting is unnecessary…

Chace – I guess… but seriously I’m not the one. Also her friend Candice needs to be slapped, shes such a bitch.

Trey – I don’t really know Candice to be honest

Well hello there, long time no see.. you don’t call you don’t write… Just kidding.. What can I say… its been an interesting couple of months- four to be exact…. When it comes to friendships I’m fine with everyone per-say. Keegan, Jeep, Frankie.. we’re all good. Jarrah and I.. well I’ll get into that later… am I missing anyone? Oh.. Kaori.. yeah.. irrelevant. I don’t waste my time hanging around ignorant trust fund babies. No thanks.. she’s always had a bad attitude, and in the four months that we’ve been gone nothing has changed.

Moving on..  You last saw me boo-hoo-ing over Aries dumping me and joining the frathouse. Well.. lets update that situation. Homeboy hasn’t said one word to me, and his KingOfNowhere username?………deactivated. I feel like a fucking fool, i’m over it though.. its fine. He’s dating Rubi’s sloppy ass now, which is just……………. ……….. gross.

Chace – Trey?

Trey – What?

Chace – I wuv you.

Trey – *laugh* shut up.

Chace – I’m just saying.. Aries is a asshole…

Trey – Its so odd that you said his name out of nowhere.

Chace – You just had that look… that look that said “Aries is a douchebag”

Trey – I can’t believe we both had sex with him..

Chace – *laugh* Me first.

Trey – Yeah because you were a little whore at  hippie camp.

Chace – Can’t believe that fucker is in the frathouse… with your friend, and my brother.

Trey – Welp…

Chace – Oh! by the way I ran into Keegan the other day.. Jesus fucking Christ he’s hot…. Nice ass too.. not sure If I wanna top or bottom.

Trey – Oh my goodness..  *rolls eyes /laughs* I feel like you’re talking about my brother, I can’t sexualize Keegan.

Chace – Oh please, I’m sure you think my brother is hot.. don’t be all goody goody.

Trey – …. Hammer’s hot sure…

Chace – Great idea just popped in my head…We should go on Keegan’s radio show and out Aries as the gay that he really is.. that would be fucking hilarious.

Trey – It would be wrong Chace..

Chace – I know but still… he deserves it, and dating that chubby obnoxious bitch Rubi aggravates me for some reason. She’s always at the frathouse talkin’ about “Lets turn up y’all” like no bitch………..turn the fuck down. When you said she was obnoxious I thought maybe she wasn’t that bad but oh my god… she’s literally the worst.

Trey – Rubi’s a pain in the ass. Honestly her parents must have spoiled the hell out of her growing up. She has this god complex, and no shade to her dad but she swears he’s George Lucas, or Steven Spielberg. He’s not.. he has his little awards and fame but he’s not even super poppin though.

Chace – Well she’s Aries problem now.

Trey – I hate that they’re dating. Its just wrong on so many levels. It also annoys me because of my history with her, and Darell…

Chace – That’s right…. ugh.. do you think Aries is fucking Rubi? like he’s gay.. can he even get it up for her?

Trey – I don’t care to know..

Chace – Sometimes I feel like you’re not over him.

Trey – Sometimes I feel like you think you’re a psychic.

Chace – Don’t be a poop-head.

Trey – *smiles*

Chace – Speaking of head……. I really just love your hair.. its so cute.

Trey – I hate when you touch it… so stay back!

Chace – Its so fluffy though! and I know you hate when I pet it, that’s why I do it- HEY!

Trey – What?

Chace – You hung up the picture already

Trey – Oh- yeah.. I figured what better place than in the middle of our beds?

Chace – It’s perfect.

We went to the movies this morning.. gotta love those matinee prices. Chace had a brilliant idea that we go in the photo booth… I think the pictures came out pretty good. So umm.. incase you’re wondering where Bryce went… yes he was my roommate before but once Aries joined the frathouse, Lars needed a new roommate.. so Chace took his place, but Chace begged Bryce to let him switch with him. So Bryce talked to me about it and asked if I wanted Chace as a roommate and I said yes. So he said okay, and now he rooms with Lars.

Trey – I’ll be right back.

Chace – Oh okay.

Trey – I need an energy drink before I head to Bridgeport.

Chace – Do you like your culinary school?

Trey – I like it alot actually.

Its really fun.. Portia and Jarrah’s friend Collin are a blast to cook with..

Chace – Bring me back a drink, anything from the machine is fine.

Trey – K’

FYI… Chace is a little much sometimes but his heart is in the right place- atleast when it comes to me it is. I was an emotional mess all summer and he really was there for me. He didn’t force men, clubbing, and alcohol on me. We mostly just talked and watched old Meryl Streep movies. That and some Britney, Gaga, and Xtina concert dvd’s. I really don’t know why he and Jarrah are at war with each other.. I think its stupid.. but whatever.. As long as he and her don’t take the fighting to the next level, and as long as he doesn’t out Aries we’ll be fine.

I just knew I was going to have me a delicious energy drink… crazy how things don’t work out…

Trey – You fucking piece of shit machine…. you were working fine earlier!

Nick – You’re like the third person today who’s gotten got by that thing.

Trey – What? *turns around* Oh Hi Nick.. I didn’t see you there.

Nick – I saw you when you skipped in.

Trey – How embarrassing… I was only skipping because nobody’s around.

Nick – *laugh* *gets up from floor* I’m on the floor so you probably didn’t see me over the couch.

Trey – Or I’m blind, and need new glasses.

Nick – So… You and Chace huh?

Trey – What?

Nick – I was coming in from work and I walked past your dorm door and heard moaning and-

Trey – Oh god.. I hope people don’t think we’re having sex.

Nick – …..Are you not?

Trey – No…

Nick – I know what you sound like.. we did-

Trey – Right but I was being tickled

Nick – *laugh* Oh get the fuck out of here, you’re really gonna play that card?

Trey – No seriously.. if Chace and I were doing it, I’d tell you.. we wrestle and tickle each other.. we’re friends only..

Nick – I see..

Trey – I’ve said it before but… I wanna say it again. I’m sorry for what happened between us.

Nick – Nothing happened though.

Trey – Exactly

Nick – I get why you didn’t just get with me… It wouldn’t have been right.

Trey – You would have been second best in that situation and that wouldn’t have been right…. You deserved more.

Nick – Thank you…. and its all good, I still got love for you.

Trey – You better.

When Aries dumped me.. getting with Nick- even though I knew he really liked me would have been wrong. In that situation, at that time.. I would have been settling for second best. Is Nick second best as a person? No.. he came out… Aries slammed the closet door shut. Nick is a bigger and better person. You may ask yourself well Trey why not be with Nick now… well I don’t think the timing is right. Also I think he has a boyfriend. All I really want right now is for him to be happy, and for us to be friends again. I seem to be getting that too, so I’m good.

Nick – So enough about the past.. how are you doing right now? seeing anyone?

Trey – Umm nope.. single as can be. I guess I’m alright..

Nick – You and Jarrah okay? I see her in art class all the time and-

Trey – Jarrah and I are getting there.. I think.

I know I said I’d touch on it later, but I kinda just don’t want to talk about it. This is what it boils down to.. I’m a little upset that she abandoned me.. and I know it wasn’t intentional but… It really hurts… I don’t hate her but yeah.. 

Nick – She’s always talking to Candice.. who’s sexy as hell.

Trey – Candice is pretty, I don’t really know her though- but umm.. what about you? how’s that boyfriend of yours?

Nick – Oh the guy from B.P.U. (Bridgeport University)?.. Yeah our story is a short one… Saw me on facebook and we ended up meeting up and fucking.. then we dated and he cheated on me. So I’m done with that.

Trey – That sucks-

Nick – It was a month ago.

Trey – Oh- wow I’m completely out of the loop.

Nick – Eh, you’ve been busy.

Trey – True.

Nick – I’m in a relationship now though!

Trey – Oh?

Nick – Yeah I met her when shopping in Bridgeport with Miguel. She was looking for a job- HEY!

Trey – Yeah?

Nick – Jojo quit working at CakeCup right?

Trey – Yeah she got hired at Eve’s Fine Dining…

This really nice restaurant that was built over the summer.

Nick – Can you hook my girl up with a job?

Trey – I’m the manager now so I don’t see why not… just send her by later tonight before we close. I actually have to get going, or I’ll be late for Culinary class.  I’m sure you know how unreliable the trains are into Bridgeport are sometimes.

Nick – Its all good. I got a paper to finish writing, then I have class for the rest of the damn night. Eh… we’ll talk soon. And thanks for helping!

Trey no problem!

Well I’m gonna go to my room, grab my things and get going. See you guys later- holy shit… I just realized I didn’t ask him his girlfriends name…

(POV Kaori)

Oh my fucking goodness.. this has been the day from hell. My car stalled.. I’m gonna have to go buy a new one as soon as possible. Oh then I got the wrong order at starbucks, I don’t like soy milk.. taste like shit… I’m so annoyed.  Also I’m supposed to be doing research about people my age and blah blah. I easily could have sat Sasha- excuse me.. Mrs. Nirav. *rolls eyes* I could have sat down with her and explained what people liked but noooooooooooooooo she wants me to come sit at my desk and look at the internet all day.

I’m supposed to be doing that but somehow I ended up on my tumblr dashboard looking at random shit. Lana Del Rey has a nice swag.. I need to incorporate that into my personal style somehow. I love her dark hair too.. I wonder what I’d look like brunette… I should find a expensive wig and see.. hmm. Yeah I’m totally gonna get a wig and see if I like the color.

Kyle – Alright I’m ready to do this.

Kaori – ……………

Oh so he’s talking to himself again I see….

Kaori – Its so dusty in this office.. ugh *dust shoulder off*

Kyle – Why are you still in here?

Kaori – Is there a reason I shouldn’t be?

Kyle – Have you notice that everyone is gone?

Oh shit he’s right.

Kaori – Umm.. I didn’t even notice.

Kyle – I’ll tell Mrs. Nirav I had you helping me…

Kaori – ….Thanks..

Kyle – Less time on tumblr and more time paying attention next time kid..

Kaori – I was actually on tumblr because alot of people my age- and younger use it.. its the easiest way to gather information about them… us.

Lies, but its kinda true..

Kyle – ………..Right. Why aren’t you wearing stockings with that skirt?

Kaori – Should I?

Kyle – It looks more professional if you do.. you look.. nevermind.

Kaori – …….Umm.. How was your trip to Magik City? How’s Brandi?

He’s been a little grumpy since he’s gotten back from seeing his girlfriend.

Kyle – Her name is Brie.. and the trip was.. you know what kid lets not do that.

Kaori – I hate when you call me kid, I’m a sophomore in college, I’m a young adult.. so don’t call me kid.

Kyle – Its aggravating to alot of us that work our asses off here. We’re qualified for this job, and you.. you got it handed to you because you’re her friend’s kid. That’s why people have a problem with you. You think you’re an intern but you know damn well Sasha will give you the job.

Kaori – ………..I deserve to be respected.. I don’t know why everyone feels the need to be so rude.

Kyle – Respect is earned.. work for it. You’re probably one of those kids who’s daddy’s little princess.. I’m sure you have everything you want in life- and I’m not knocking that. All I’m saying is.. work hard for once and see how it feels kid. Earn the respect of others.. instead of sitting on the computer without stockings wasting time on tumblr while everyone else in in a meeting.

Kaori – But I-

Kyle – I’m not trying to be mean.. I’m the only one who talks to you really.. I’m just trying to be honest. Now grab your laptop and lets get to the meeting- and next time wear stockings.. I’m surprised Sasha hasn’t said anything about it…

Wow… what a dick…..

Kaori – …….I do wanna work hard you know…. I know I have nay-sayers… All I need is a chance Kyle….

Kyle – ……………………………..I’m sorry… you’re right.. everyone needs a chance. I don’t take back what I said because its true, but I guess I could have said it without sounding so…

Kaori – Dickish..

Kyle – Yeah… dickish… Anyway lets go.

I so just felt cold air go up my skirt.. man Kyle is right.. should have worn stockings… Bridgeport weather is weird…

Kyle – So this is my plan for Siren Ad Agency for 2013.. I say go big or go home… keep in mind that analysts are saying *trails off*

Once inside the meeting I decided to take responsibility for my lateness, but Kyle convinced Sasha that it was his fault. I guess I should introduce you guys to my co-workers. The woman in the middle is Mrs. Sasha Nirav aka the boss. She’s friends with my dad. She’s also the mother of that sorority girl Mahlia. She’s married to some Indian guy but apparently a divorce is happening on the low. The guy giving the kickass presentation? you know him.. that’s Kyle.

The bald Asian guy to MY left is Stephen Swan.. now I didn’t know this when I accepted the job but.. Stephen is the husband of Ms Swan.. the lady I worked for at The Lucky Dragon. They have a daughter who’s a freshman at G.C.U…. you may have seen her hanging around Rubi Larter.. her name is Bingbing. Speaking of G.C.U. The guy across from me in the blue button up. That’s Max Johnson.. Ivy’s dad. You guys know Ivy right? The bitch who cheated on Frankie with her ex bullfrog girlfriend Kalia?… yep.

Then we have the Bitch… aka Natasha O’Neal… She’s the one with her tits all out in black. Like seriously this is an ad agency not the corner… I cannot stand that bitch. She’s always giving me dirty looks too. Last but not least in the purple serving up some major bitch face is Eva Collins. She’s… well she’s not that bad usually.. she’s a little forgetful sometimes, and she’s not tech savvy…. Oh and her daughter is that model.. Lola Collins. The one Jarrah went to France with.

Kyle – As far as music goes… dubstep is OUT.. its not cool anymore right Kaori- Ms. McDonald?

Kaori – Right.. nobody really cares about it besides the people who liked it before it went mainstream.

Kyle – Color is in… bright color! upbeat things, and things with a message. People these days like to figure things out.. they like to interpret things themselves. Its like going to see a therapist and looking at- umm what are those cards called…. 

Max Johnson – Ink Blot Test…

Kyle – Exactly.. People wanna feel smart.. if they feel smart or aware.. then its easy sailing with whatevers being sold and or advertised.

Sasha – I see…. well I’m open to color… and smart ads.. what is everyone else’s opinion?

Natasha – I have a clear understanding of what Mr. Miller (Kyle) is trying to say…………However… what he fails to realize is that as a company we specialize in giving the product maker what they desire. A happy puzzle with bright colors isn’t going to fit everything we come across.. for example.. what if we’re advertising adult diapers?… old people aren’t happy about wearing diapers-

Max Johnson – Wow.. way to go dark Natasha..

Natasha – It was an example.. what do you think about it?

Max Johnson – I think Kyles right about how audience want to be challenged and I think you’re right about the approach and everyone being different. When I was younger I worked with Kaori’s dad doing photography I realized how even though the set up was the same.. every client was unique.. nobody wants the same thing.

Kyle – I don’t believe I said everyone should be the same.. I’m not sure where that came from.

Did he have to bring up my dad.. how embarrassing.. oh hey everyone Kaori’s a child.. fuck…

Sasha – Oh wow.. the memories Max.. I remember you, Karl, and Richie working for Vince… anyway….Stephen? your thoughts?

Stephen – I think Kyle’s a genius.. also my daughter is big on music… hip hop and urban making a huge comeback.. also we should add dancing to advertisement.

Eva – How do I update this laptop? it says I have a windows update.. what does that mean?

Stephen – I help you after meeting Eva.

Eva – Okay thanks. Oh and by the way I agree with everything Natasha said.

Kaori – Can I say something?

Natasha – …………*annoyed sigh*

Kaori – Mrs. Nirav you spoke of memories.. and I remembered something I saw online- and actually hear all the time on campus. People love the feeling of nostalgia. That feeling of remembering something awesome, a commercial, a song, a movie.. a moment.. so I think touching on that in commercials, ads, and billboards would be dope- I mean good.

Sasha – I see…… hmm

Kyle – She’s right… the most effective commercials are those that make you remember things. Good things…

Sasha – I’m getting a call.. everyone take 5.

That didn’t go so bad. I mean… I’m not entirely sure the others liked me speaking but whatever.. Natasha clearly needs dick in her life- and oh my god speaking of dick- I can’t believe I’m at work thinking about penis- but umm.. do you know that Byron and I still haven’t done it.. like what the fuck its so annoying. We’ve been dating since before break and we still haven’t done it. We’ve done EVERYTHING else.. and I do mean everything- except anal.. I don’t do that. I’m tired of waiting.. I want to have sex… its driving me insane.

Max Johnson – Oh for sure…

Stephen – How’s your ex-wife doing?

Max Johnson – She’s doing better.. taking all of her meds..

Stephen – Great to hear!

Max Johnson – How’s Mrs. Swan?

Stephen – She’s very happy. She opened new Lucky Dragon here in Bridgeport.

Yeah… and I’m sure bitches is jerking dicks in there too. The one I worked at in GloCity is still open by the way. Suzy is running it, though I’m sure Lamisha and Paisley are giving her hell… nasty whores.. jerking off men for extra tips. Getting fired from there was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Sasha – Oh that’s great Mahlia… yes… Oh……………………………………………….. you spoke with your father?……………………………..I see- well no.. but we’ll talk about it when we do lunch tomorrow okay? Yes yes your brother Ali will be there too.. *laugh* well who really know’s with Ali…

Mahlia is so pressed that 1. I’m dating Byron, and 2. I work for her mother.. like girl give it a fucking rest.. you’re running around with Jarrah’s leftovers- no shade to Dylan.. and also you don’t know shit about Siren Ad Agency.. you’re a flop.. so find a stadium… and have several seats. Also she’s sooo cool with Paisley.. but what she doesn’t know is that Paisley be getting Louboitin shoes from her brother Ali. He apparently loves when she puts them on and walks on him. She of course is jerking him off too. All at the lucky dragon behind closed doors, so fucking gross. He was the one who pulled me off Paisley when I beat her ass by the way.. she’s lucky he was there.

Kyle – Why you always going against me Natasha? You’re always doing that shit.. 

Natasha – Don’t take it personal. I think you have good ideas, and I like your 2013 plan. I’m just not sold on you being Sasha’s golden boy.

Eva – My daughter just took a break from modeling.. I wonder if she’d be interested in doing a commercial or ad…

Kyle – Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of her taking a break?

Eva – Oh that’s true…

Natasha – So big guy you didn’t tell us about the trip to Magik City..

Eva – Oh yeah! how was the girlfriend?

Kyle – I rather not talk about it right now..

Eva – Uh oh… well is she still your girlfriend?

Kyle – she and I-

Natasha – Whoa Eva.. thirsty much? you clearly want to bang Kyle..

Eva – I do not!

Kyle – What’s wrong with me Eva?

Eva – Nothing, you’re very charming, smart, and good looking.. I’m just older than you..

Natasha – Still keeping the bed warm with those 50 shades of grey books Eva?

Kyle – Oh god.. *laugh*

Eva – What’s a divorced woman to do Natasha. I don’t go out on weekends and have drinks and one night stands.

Natasha – Excuse me? that’s not what I do.

Kyle – Ladies ladies.. lets keep it civil.

Right now I feel alone… I feel like a kid.. these people are adults, and I’m just sitting here……… I can’t go up and talk to any of them. Except maybe Kyle but he’s busy. I’ll just continue researching until Sasha gets off the phone. I’ll be glad when this meeting is over. I wish I could show you guys around, this building is fucking sick. It has a gym and everything.. maybe next time. *sigh* I can’t wait for work to be over.. Byron and I planned a special night tonight. Movies, food, sleepover on my boat. I think tonight may finally be the night we.. you know.. Keeping that happy thought in my head should make this work day go by fast. Anyway peace- Ooh I got a new follower on tumblr!

(POV Trey)

I have SO much fun cooking, and learning little techniques that I had no clue about. When I’m here it doesn’t even feel like a class.

Portia – Oh my god… so yummy…..

Collin – Pie’s ready.

Trey – Thanks Mr. Porter for doing this for us.

Mr. Porter – No problem Trey.. I know you three are from GloCity, and I think its great you guys want to fit my class into your schedule. Doing this and G.C.U. can’t be that easy. I know you kids need your social lives- well I probably shouldn’t call you kids.. you’re older than that.

Our teacher Mr Porter is so cool. He sometimes will open his schedule and take Portia, Collin, and myself in. He says he doesn’t mind and that its relaxing to just have a three student class for once. Its more intimate.

Collin – How’s this Mr. Porter?

Mr. Porter – It looks and smells good.. but we gotta see how it taste.

I enjoy cooking with Collin, and Portia. I have issues with both of them, but none deal breaking. With Collin I feel like he likes to police things? He will ask me like a hundred times what my plans are after class, and insist that I hangout with Jarrah. Now here’s the thing… I look for holes in my schedule to see if I can hangout with her, but her job has become alot more demanding of her lately, and now I’m doing G.C.U. AND Culinary school. I like Collin but his questions about Jarrah and I do get kinda annoying sometimes. His hearts for sure in the right place though…

Portia… well… lets just say she’s become one of those preachy types. She really started going to church and while I don’t knock anybody’s religion Its not something that’s for me. As a gay man I don’t really know where I fit in the church, and the church has yet to tell me.. so I just don’t bother. Do I believe In god?.. I do… but I don’t think he’s as sinister and scary as the bible makes him out to be. My god is loving and understanding- but yeah.. Portia and her preaching is unbearable at times, and I wanna tell her to shut up, but I’m not that guy…………………yet.

Portia – Should we grab some food before we head back to GloCity?

Trey – Are you serious?

Portia – What?

Collin – Portia you ate alot of that chocolate.. how are you even hungry right now?

Portia – Look… I crave chocolate when i’m on my-

Collin – Nuff said..

Trey – What? oh… she’s on her period.

Collin – Ugh! don’t say it Trey.

Portia – Its a natural thing Collin.. every woman goes through it… even your girlfriend Elena.

Trey – *laugh* Why are you so grossed out by a menstrual cycle?

Collin – I just am… its so… how do I say this without it sounding so vulgar?

Trey – I’m fine with vulgarity.

Portia – I’m not.

Of course you aren’t…

Collin – I have sex there…. with my *points down* and sometimes I use my *points at mouth* down there too… Its so gross to think about blood leaking out of it every month.. oh my god I’m going to throw up..

Trey – I’ve never seen anyone so freaked out by a period. I remember in 8th grade.. Kaori got her Period, and she was a horror movie mess.. Jeep saw it and thought it was so cool… he’s such an odd ball I swear. Kaori was screaming at him to run and get Frankie from the lunch room.. It was hilarious.

Portia – Jeep?………….Oh you mean Jonah? Spirit’s boyfriend?

Trey – Yeah.

Collin – Jonah is super cool.. I couldn’t ask for a better roommate in the dorms. I can’t believe he thought the blood was cool. I would have fainted.. I really don’t like blood.. at all.

Trey – The more you know…. I mean its natural for a woman but I guess I can see why it would creep you out.

Portia – Speaking of natural.. do you guys like my hair? I decided to stop putting chemicals in it. Using heat and other things to straighten it. I wanted to go natural.. and this is the end result.

Collin – It looks umm- Pretty.

Trey – You look great Portia. I’m kinda doing the natural poof too.. though I still use hair grease sometimes..

Portia – I use this African oil! all natural and organic!- Darell!

Collin – Huh?

Trey – What?

Collin – That’s her boyfriend right?

Trey – Yes.. and suddenly I’m having deja vu.

Collin – Why?

Trey – Long story… but they ambushed me before, trying to make him and I friends after-

Collin – Oooooh I remember now.. Jarrah told me about it.

Trey – So you get why I hate him.

Collin – Oh yeah.. totally.

Portia – What are you doing here sugarbear?

Darell – I figured I’d surprise you.. plus I wanted to talk to Trey.

Portia – Oh?

Collin – Did you hear that?

Trey – Yep… 

Portia – What for?

Darell – I don’t know.. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping.. I need his forgiveness.

Portia – If its forgiveness you seek, then LET GO AND LET GOD!

Collin – This should be interesting..

Trey – Lets leave

Collin – Without her?

Trey – He’s here, I’m sure she’s staying. Lets get out of here before he starts talking to me.

Darell – Hey Trey!

Trey – Fuck.

Collin – ………..

Portia – You can do it babe!

Trey – Yes Darell?

Darell – Listen…. I was a huge dick…. everything from messing around with Rubi, to the things I did to you. I’m really sorry.

Trey – Mm hmm.. 

Darell – See I’m gonna need more than that… I need your forgiveness

Trey – Well you’re not getting it, and quite as its kept I don’t give a fuck about what you need. You’re an asshole and a bully- you don’t get to want and or need ANYTHING from me.

Darell – You shouldn’t hang onto hate bro

Trey – I’m not your bro.

Portia – Trey… you need to let go of it-

Trey – You’re not the one who was physically assaulted, pinned up against a wall and told that you’d be dead in a ditch. Oh and called Fag and Faggot multiple times. I’ve gone alot of my life being gay bullied and I didn’t think I had to deal with it in college. So color me surprised when he attacked me. Honestly Portia.. please just shut your face.. you’re making me really mad right now. Just because you forgive him for everything doesn’t mean the rest of the world does.

Collin – ………………..

Darell – I get that you’re upset but don’t talk to her like that-

Portia – No… Its okay… see him lashing out means he wants it all to be over with. He’s pushing out the hate… 

Trey – I’m sorry if that came off rude Portia but you weren’t me.. you didn’t deal with it. Bullying brings back such bad memories for me..

Portia – That breaks my heart… the past and the present. You need to let go of all of it, God doesn’t want you hurting Trey!

Darell – I’m gonna make this right dude.. if its the last thing I do.

Trey – Why? why are you all of a sudden trying to be a good guy?

Darell – ….. I don’t know… there’s a new energy in the frathouse and after talking with Keegan about life.. I don’t wanna be that guy…

Trey – ……. Sorry not sorry.. I’m not forgiving you. You think because you talk to god on Sundays that all of a sudden what you did can be forgiven with a quick apology? So Monday through Saturday you’re a bag of dicks.. but god is good on Sunday? and you want my forgiveness?…………….. NO! Fuck off Darell. Collin can we leave?

Collin – Yeah, ready when you are. Portia are you-

Portia – Darell and I are going to go for a walk… I had hope you guys would join us-

Darell – I don’t care Trey.. I’m going to make it right dude..

Trey – That’s wonderful Darell……………………………………… But no thank you.

Portia – You forgave Harrison…

Trey – Harrison didn’t do nearly as much as Darell did, and Harrison was truly broken up about it. I’ve know him for a long time.. its different.

Collin – He’s Jonah’s cousin right?

Trey – Yeah…

Darell – I promise.. we’re going to work this out Trey.

Trey – Mm hmm.. lets go Collin.

Portia – …………….I’m going to pray for you Trey.

Bitch bye with that…….

Trey – Portia……….I swear…. like.. don’t even go there. *walks away*

He’s out of his fucking mind. if he think I’ll give him forgiveness so he can sleep at night. Fuck him and his sleeping schedule.. shouldn’t be a shitty person then maybe you wouldn’t have to deal with situations like this.

Collin – Are you okay?

Trey – Yes.

Collin – For real?

Trey – No I’m not okay.. I have a very bad history with being bullied and beat up because I’m gay.. I hate Darell…. I’ve never hated anyone more than I hate him Collin. I see him and suddenly I feel like its high school again.. being punched and bullied.

Collin – I understand.

Trey – Do you think I was rude to Portia?

Collin – No…. sometimes you gotta get how you feel out there. Also she kinda needs to back off… its between you and Darell and her preaching is kinda annoying.

Trey – …..

Collin – Speaking of which, I want to apologize for something.

Trey – What for?

Collin – Its not right for me to be in between you and Jarrah’s fight or whatever’s going on. I shouldn’t constantly ask you when you can hangout with her. Its rude and Its wrong to put you on the spot like that. Just know that I also do it with her.. I ask when she can too.. I know how much you mean to her, and I guess I’d hate to see you guys go years without being friends like Byron and I.

Trey – I accept your apology, and I get it.. it was nothing but good intentions. You and I are good

Collin – That makes me happy…. I’ve never had a gay friend… you’re really cool and nice.

Trey – *laugh* Happy to be your first?

Oh god.. Collin is adorable.. why are straight guys so cute. Him saying he never had a gay friend before was the cutest thing ever.. he looks like a puppy haha.

Collin – I was a little shocked at how you stood up for yourself. I’ve never seen you mad before.

Trey – I usually don’t use that much profanity, but! enough about me.. I want to know some things about you.

Collin – Alright.

Trey – How are things with Elena, how are you liking G.C.U. and what’s going on with Byron now that you guys both attend the same school?

Collin – Elena’s great… though… well.. nevermind.

Trey – No you can say it.

Collin – She smothers me a little bit?

Trey – *smiles* I see.

Collin – Other than that she’s perfect. I don’t so much like her brother though.

Trey – Lars isn’t well liked by alot of people… truth be told he’s not THAT bad though…. minus his other activities..

Supplying the campus with drugs…..

Collin – I love G.C.U…. though some of the classes are a little hard.. I’m doing okay- oh and Byron and I talked. We’re not bestfriend like we were in high school BUT… we’re trying to rebuild that bond. Its so funny.. I remember him being a jock but not because he wanted to. It was all for his dad. I see him at school and he looks like… well like who he’s supposed to be. I’m happy for him.

Trey – *smiles* Good… I’m happy for him too.. both of you.

Collin – I’m glad I got to know you.

Trey – That’s one good thing that came out of Jarrah’s busy summer.

Collin – Silver linings.

Time to go home- well back to my dorm room. I have work in about an hour or so. I can take a quick nap. Not enough hours in the day.. I swear.

(POV Kaori)

So after work I put my normal clothes back on with traces of the red lips- cause I’m a sexy bitch. I decide to go see my boyfriend and I see this bitch with him.

Byron – And that’s when you’d come in and- with the *sings ooooooooooooooo*

Christine – Hold it and you’ll change the cord matching the note.

Byron – *singing* Right now the time of your life- da da da blah blah

Christine – Ah okay.

Kaori – Hey boyfriend.

Byron – Kay’? Hey! what are you doing here? I thought you’d be at work?

Kaori – Nope, all done for today.

Byron – Can I have a kiss? you look so cute.

Kaori – Of course *kisses Byron*

Kaori – So what’s going on here?

Byron – Turns out she can sing.

Christine – Somewhat.

Kaori – I see.

Byron – So I asked her to be a backup singer for a few of my gigs.

Kaori – And how did you two meet?

Christine – We’re both always in here…

Byron – She saw me practicing and she started singing one of my song. Which is pretty cool.

Christine – The melody kinda sticks with you after a while.

Byron – That’s when I realized she had a good voice

Christine – An alright voice

Byron – Oh please.. you sound good.

Kaori – ………….I see.. well umm what time are you coming by?

Byron – What?

Kaori – You said you’d spend the night on the boat with me.

Byron – How come you sleep there more often than your dorm room?

Kaori – I like it there, and also I’m soaking up the rest of the good weather before it gets all rainy. Why is that a problem or something? Also you didn’t answer my question.

Byron – Umm.. okay I forgot….

Kaori – …. We planned this two nights ago.. I was going to order food, and expose you to some great horror movies..

Byron – I know, but see the owner here said he’d let me put on a show.. I need to practice and Christine has tonight off from the tattoo shop so-

Kaori – Oh okay, so hangout with her.. I see you Byron.

Byron – Stop it.. and she has a name

Kaori – I know what her name is.. she’s Jeep’s friend.. I know all about her and her issues

Christine – Excuse me bitch?

Kaori – Sweetie don’t even start because you’ll be on the ground before you can even lift a finger.

Byron – Hey! stop it! stop being a brat Kaori! what the fuck is your problem?

Kaori – Ugh… whatever..

He cannot be serious?… again? I’m so sick of this shit……..

{Still Inside}

Kaori – I’m out.. have fun with her.

Byron – Wait!

Christine – Out of consideration for you dude.. I swear I could have punched her…. I don’t know why these girls are so insecure when I’m around..

Byron – I’ll be right back.

Christine – Handle your business.. I’ll be here..

{Once Outside}

I needed out.. because I felt like hitting something or someone.. I knew I had to remove myself from the situation. The thing was I wasn’t even threatened by Christine.. Its way deeper than that. Also she would wanna shut her turtle face. She has way too much hair to be talking crap. Handful of hair in my left hand and my right fist to her face. I’m so annoyed!

Byron – Kaori wait!

Kaori – Go back inside with her… I obviously don’t matter!

Byron – Don’t be like that… just wait!

Kaori – WHAT?!

Byron – Why are you yelling at me dude!

Kaori – What do you want? don’t you have practice with smurfette in there?

Byron – Why are you being so rude.. that girl didn’t do anything to you.. and you know it.

Kaori – Fine, I probably shouldn’t have been mean to her but for fucks sake Byron.. are you scared to have sex with me or something? what the fuck is it.. are you gay?

Byron – No I’m not fucking gay Kaori… why the hell would you think that.

Kaori – …………..Do you even like me?

Byron – Of course I do. That’s why I’m with you.

Kaori – Then why is it that everytime I want you to come to my boathouse for a sleepover you find a way out of it?

Byron – This time I can’t help it.. other times… fine.. its true… I do try and get out of it-

Kaori – Why!?

Byron – I haven’t… *sigh*

Kaori – What?

Byron – I haven’t had sex with alot of girls.. and I don’t know if I’d be good enough-

Kaori – Why because I’m a slut who’s seen more cock than a urinal? are you kidding me?

Byron – I didn’t say that. I just want to be perfect for you.. and also I’m scared that if we go all the way that… that its what the relationship will become. We’ve bonded and learned alot because of the fact we don’t have sex. I don’t want anything to change.

Kaori – ….Do you even want to?.. like ever?

Byron – ….Of course…

Kaori – Why do you think I want it so bad.. I’m curious.

Byron – Kay’…. c’mon…

Kaori – Answer the question.

Byron – I don’t know.. maybe because its something you’re- I don’t know.. you’re a college girl and its what college kids do? I can’t believe you think I don’t want to do it.. you underestimate how I feel….

Kaori – …Wow….. You know Byron.. have you ever stopped to think that- oh I don’t know.. I’m close to you in every other way and I just want to be intimate with my boyfriend to feel that bond too? That perhaps contrary to popular belief that I’m not wanting to fuck just to fuck? That I care about you and I’ve never done the boyfriend thing before? All I wanted was to feel close. It wasn’t about genitals to genitals.. but then again I’m not suppose to feel anything like that because of my reputation huh?

Byron – You never-

Kaori – I think its you who underestimate my feelings dude…. Thanks for letting me know that, to you I’m still that girl… Thanks…

Byron – That’s not-

Kaori – Have a good practice…

Byron – Are you really gonna leave like this? we’re not going to fix it?

Kaori – I just wanna be alone….

Byron – …..You know I didn’t mean it like that.

Kaori – I don’t know what I know…

Byron – If I call you later are you going to pick up? be honest…. because if you’re mad and want to not talk to me while you cool off I get it..

Kaori – Do whatever you think is best Byron.

Byron – I’m going to call you…

Kaori – …………..whatever you feel is best dude.

Byron – *sigh*

My feelings were hurt, and I’ve never really explained myself like that before. It all just came out of me and I felt super vulnerable. I don’t like how that felt… I need some time alone, I don’t wanna be bothered. The only person I’d talk to in a time like this is Frankie and we’re not talking at all right now so.. yeah.. whatever. I’m over it, gonna just go for a walk.. if I get hit by a car and die oh well.. who the fuck cares. 

(POV Trey)

Hey guys… *yawns* I made it back to my dorm and took a power nap before having to come in and work. It kinda sucks being the manager, I have to close shop and ugh.. I always feel like I’m going to get mugged.

Trey – Welcome to CakeCup, how can I help you?

Kira – Just a minute.

Trey – Take your time… by the way we have a special today.. buy two of our items of the day and get 1 free.

Kira – What’s the item of the day?

Trey – Chocolate cupcake with Coffee flavored frosting and white chocolate shavings.

Kira – Hmm.. that doesn’t sound half bad. I’ll ask my friend.

Trey – Are you buying for a party?

Kira – Well sorta- but not really. My friend Taylor Carter, and I want to go see our other friend Olivia who’s a school teacher here in GloCity. I figured while she’s grading papers we can go say hi and bring her something sweet to eat.

Trey – Olivia Preston?

Kira – That’s her?

Trey – I took some cookies to her class last week. I know a little girl who’s one of her students.

Kira – That’s really sweet.

We all try and be nice to Zoey… I figured I could surprise her and take cookies to her class.. she liked them. She’s a sweet kid, sucks her mom abandoned her.

Kira – Ah Taylor texted back. Okay give me 4 of the special item cupcakes.. which means I get two free right?

Trey – Right.

Kira – Okay that will work. Also give me a banana bread slice, and a small vanilla almond milk. Its all to go.

Trey – I actually have cupcakes that just came out of the oven in a second if you don’t mind waiting a little bit?

Kira – That’s fine, no rush. Taylor’s stuck in traffic anyway. Bridgeport is a bitch. I’m glad I work here in GloCity.

Trey – Okay have a seat over there- or wherever you feel comfortable… I’ll be with you shortly.

Gonna go check on my other customers…

Frankie, and her friend had stopped by for a snack.

Trey – Hey.. everything good?

Frankie – Yep.

Trey – Are you sure you don’t want anything else?

Frankie – I’m fine Trey *laughs*

Trey – Alright…

Frankie – How are you doing?

Trey – I’m okay, a little tired.

Frankie – How’s… the other thing..

Trey – if you’re talking about HIM……..I’m good. I’ve gotten over it.

Frankie – Good.

Trey – What about you?……….you had an eventful couple of months before break… Ivy…. Ivo… the Kaori thing…

Frankie – Umm… I’m okay. I got over it.

Trey – *smiles* You know I hate Kaori… but are you two really not gonna talk?

Frankie – This is the thing. She thinks she did nothing wrong, and doesn’t want to apologize. She says I’m the one who should be saying sorry. So at that point I’m like no.. you’re a fucking brat and I’m not doing this… I’ve always let her get away with things. Then she brought my sister, and mom into it? I could have slapped her.

Trey – Sucks….

Frankie – By the way… I was thinking about you the other day.

Trey – Oh?

Frankie – I was talking to my dad on the phone and he said he and your dad hungout. I thought to myself.. I wonder how Trey’s doing.

Trey – Aww.. well I know we’ve never been BFF’s but.. I’m open to talking more.

Frankie – Me too.

Dominic – *ahem*

Frankie – Oh my god where’s my manners.. Trey this is Dominic.. he’s in a few of my classes. Dominic this is Trey.. one of my oldest friends.. a friend I should probably spend more time with.

Dominic – Hi.

Trey – Hi.

Dominic – So.. are you the manager? your body language screams that you run a tight ship.

Frankie – That didn’t sound dirty at all.

Dominic – Hey you, hush.. just answer those questions on your column *laugh*

Frankie – *laugh* Stargirl is really sending alot of questions.. she seems to like my advice whoever she is.

I don’t know if you remember but Frankie had a previous blog where she answered anonymous questions, and gave advice too. She’s integrated it with her Blog at her job. Also she got hired by the mothership.. she’s no longer an intern.

Trey – Frankie has a filthy mind…

Dominic – I’m starting to notice… So umm.. are you gay?

Trey – You’re the body language expert…

Dominic – ….True…

Trey – What exactly are you studying at G.C.U.?

Dominic – Psychology, Journalism.. other stuff.

Trey – How come I’ve never seen you on campus?

Dominic – Oh I don’t live on campus for certain reasons. I have a little place by the water…… you should come by one day.

Frankie – *laugh* …….So smooth….

Trey – *laugh* heh… Umm.. That’s really sweet… but I’m just not in the right place to go out with someone. I’m sure you’re a really good guy.. I just.. I can’t

Frankie – Aww…..

Dominic – Its okay..

Trey – You guys have a good night.

Dominic – You know Trey?

Trey – Yeah?

Dominic – Its a shame that you work around all these treats… yet you don’t treat yourself. I think we’d have fun.. it doesn’t have to be anything its not. I’m not a crazy guy, I have my own money, I’m good with my parents, and I’m not in the closet. You should give me a chance… and if not me.. let other people in. Some guy could surprise you.

I guess he’s kinda right… its not like I’m agreeing to get married to the guy. Plus he’s really cute…

Trey – Okay…. fine… we can hangout.

Frankie – Really?

Dominic – Yea?

Trey – Yes… I’ll hangout with you.. Are you going to be here a while?

Dominic – Yeah.. with Ms Mancini over here.

Trey – I’ll give you my number when I finish helping out that customer behind me.

Dominic – Okay cool. *smiles*

Trey – *smiles*

Frankie – Aww… that was so cute.

Dominic – I kinda knew he wanted to say yes… I just had to get it out of him. You know I’m good at reading people.

Frankie – I think you’d be good for him. His last thing was…. yeah.

Dominic – That bad eh?

Frankie – Its not my story to tell.. I’m sure he’ll tell you if things go well on your little date.

Dominic – Perhaps……..Frankie… he’s really cute.

Trey – *smiles*

He thinks I’m cute… Wait till I tell Chace about this….. And Jarrah too. They’re going to be happy for me. I’m happy for me… why am I so happy? I’m such a dork sometimes I swear… Goodness what am I going to wear… I guess it depends on what we do. I wonder if he lives close to Kaori.. he said he lives on the water..

??? – Hey… my boyfriend told me to come by and talk to you about a job?

Trey – You?!

Hope – Do we know each other?

Trey – You’re Hope Valentine right?

Hope – ………………Yes?.. so we do know each other?

Its that girl.. the one Jarrah and Dylan had issues with… the one who pretended she was pregnant.. oh my goodness

Trey – Not really.. but you and Jarrah had that whole thing with Dylan…

Hope – You must be Jarrah’s bestfriend.. Trent?

Trey – Trey.

Hope – Ah okay.. wow small world.

I love what she’s done with her hair…

Trey – You date Nick now?

Hope – I do… he’s been good for me.. after all the crap I pulled months ago..

Trey – I see..

Hope – I understand if you don’t wanna hire me based on what you know.

Trey – I can’t brush you away based on your history with Jarrah…

Hope – Really? because I really need this job.. I’ll scrub floors or whatever.

Trey – …. I do need people… I probably shouldn’t do this without seeing your resume, or seeing you in action- but Nick’s a good friend. Can you start tomorrow? You’ll be on dishes duty until I can train you on how to use the register. Is that okay?

Hope – That’s great… I’m so thankful.. Nick was right about you.

Trey – What did he say?

Hope – He said you were a really genuine person. It shows.

Trey – *smiles* Be here in the morning..

Hope – Bright and early boss!

I feel so weird.. I mean I’m already in this situation with Chace vs Jarrah, now I’m hiring her nemesis? what is she going to think? I hope she doesn’t think I’m betraying her or anything because I’d never. I’m just trying to help the girl out.. she obviously needs money… I need employees so.. its a win win… I hope. Grrrrr see something great happens with Dominic, and then something odd happens with something else.. I HOPE I didn’t make a mistake hiring her… How’s that for a pun.

(POV Kaori)

After taking a walk, I decided I wanted to go see Zoey, see how she’s doing. I went to Kaitlyn & Joy’s and shockingly Keegan and Hercules (dog) were there.

Joy – How ya doin’ bay’beh

Kaori – I’m okay Ms. Riggs.

Joy – Now you know you can call me Joy… witcha’ skinny self.. you need to eat girl! get some curves on that body yasss

Kaitlyn – Hi Kaori.

Kaori – Hi Ms. Good

Kaitlyn – Oh so formal.. please call me Kaitlyn sweetheart.

Joy – How’s everything? how’s the new job?

Kaori – Umm.. Its a work in progress. I mean Its kinda hard… people kinda hate me there because they feel I don’t belong.

Joy – Well that’s a damn shame, those people oughta give ya a chance sweetpea! Do I need to come up there and set them straight?

Kaori – *smiles/laughs* Noo but thanks.

Joy – Cause you know I will.

Kaitlyn – You just keep proving yourself Kaori.. soon the work will pay off.

Kaori – That’s true… I hope.

Why isn’t Keegan saying anything?

Joy – Keegan is so into that damn show.. I can’t watch UFC MMA stuff.. too much blood girl!

How did she know I was looking at him *laugh*

Kaitlyn – Kaori how’s the boyfriend you were telling me about?

Kaori – Umm… we’re doing okay.

Kaitlyn – Good to hear it.

Joy – *whispers* I wish KeeKee would find him a nice girl.. nothing slutty you know? like that Morgan girl with the big blue eyes and tits up to here… damn jezabel… mm hmm.

Kaori – *laughs*

Keegan – What are you guys laughing at?

Joy – Oh hush KeeKee *laughs*

Kaori – Where’s Zoey?

Joy – She’s in her room.

Kaori – Ah okay, I wanted to say hi.

Joy and Kaitlyn are some of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Growing up I didn’t dislike lesbians, but I had only really seen those stereotypical butch manish types. So Joy and Kaitlyn being in my life helped me learn things, they’re no different from anyone else. The same goes for Keegan’s dad’s Issac and Scott. He has a pretty cool family, they’re super supportive, and loving. Its a perfect place for Zoey to grow up, I’m glad they took her in.

Oh look he finally wants to talk. Jesus… he’s hot, like seriously he’s one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. NOT that I’d cheat on Byron, I’m just admiring the view. Doesn’t really matter though dude flatout told me I’m not his type.. I was really upset by that for a while… part of me still is. I’ve never really been rejected before so… yeah..

Kaori – Hey you… love the hair, you look like your dad with the darker do.

Keegan – Hi… and um- thanks.. I was tired of dying it blonde over and over.

Kaori – Well I went blonder… as you can see.

Keegan – Yeah.. looks good.

Kaori – So what’s up with you?

Keegan – Hmm?

Kaori – Like what’s going on in your life dumbass. Congrats on the success of the G.C.U. Radio show.. sucks you’re paired with Rubi Larter though..

He has a radio show that he does with Rubi on campus called “The Voices Of This Generation” Its pretty dope..

Keegan – Thanks.. people seem to like what Rubi and I are doing. And to answer your question about whats up with me…. I’m getting along with everyone at the frathouse, and I’m doing pretty well in my classes.

Kaori – What’s up with that Jules girl that you were sorta with during summer?

Keegan – What about her?

Kaori – Are you dating? did you date? did you guys bang or something?

Keegan – ….. I don’t think I should-

Kaori – Oh my god Keegan don’t be such a p-u-s-s-y

Joy – We’re all adults here bay’beh.. we can spell.

Kaitlyn – *laughs*

Keegan – We hooked up and then she told me that she didn’t wanna date because she has personal issues to workout. I didn’t see her for 3 weeks, and when she finally resurfaced she colored her hair black and went all goth.. We’re still friends but not like before. She’s a little odd….

Kaori – Ah… we’ll you’re a fratboy now.. I’m sure girls are just clawing to get you.

Keegan – Yep…

Kaori – You’re so weird…

Kaitlyn – Keegan are you okay? do you want some water? some food?

Joy – I can make one of dem milkshakes you loved as a kid bay’beh!

Keegan – I’m okay, I’m getting food soon. *laughs*

He’s been so fucking strange.. like sometimes I think its me, maybe he hates me deep down after all the drama… but then I gotta remember he’s been going to therapy. Maybe his macho loud persona was really just him hiding all the pain. Now that the pain is gone he’s more mellow?

Kaori – I hope you don’t mind me asking-

Keegan – You’ve always said whats come to mind, so don’t stop now.

Kaori – How’s therapy?

Keegan – Its really good actually.

Kaori – Good… I’m happy you’re healthy.

Kaitlyn – If only he’d eat his vegetables!

Joy – Well you know at his age its all about the coffee, and pizza!

Keegan – Hey hey hey I’ve seen you two with plenty of junk food. Actually In the fridge I see alot of junk food.

Kaitlyn – Its for Zoey.. only when she’s been a good girl though.

Joy – Well.. it is for zoey but I love a snickers bar…

Kaori – “I Shaved My Balls For This?” What a shirt dude… now all I can think about is your balls being shaved,

Keegan – Hammer, and the guys got this shirt for me as a gift.

Kaori – *laughing* that’s cool… So what’s going on with the clique? Our clique.. not the fraternity

Keegan – I don’t know…. You and Frankie aren’t talking…. Trey and Jarrah are having a weird vibe-

Kaori – You and Jeep aren’t exactly hanging out either though.

Keegan – I’m actually going to get pizza with him… waiting for him to call and tell me he’s out of his night class.

Kaori – Oh! that’s cool..

Keegan – You and Frankie need to fix whatever bullshit you guys have going on.

Kaori – You should probably change the subject..

Keegan – Suit yourself…

Kaori – What is it with guys always thinking they know what’s best for a woman.

Keegan – Well clearly you’re talking about someone other than me. What did your boyfriend do?

Kaori – …. You know jeep’s ugly friend? the one who dad is in-

Keegan – Christine.

Kaori – So she apparently sings, and she’s at a late practice with Byron right now, when he was supposed to sleepover on my boat.

Kaitlyn – Zoey loves going on that boat.

Joy – Its all she ever talks about.

Keegan – Its more than that though huh? its not really about Christine..

Kaori – Right.. its about intimacy.. but whatever..

Keegan – ………I see…

Kaori – Why are you looking so sad dude? its my relationship not yours *laugh* All this empathy.. therapy has turned you into a softy.

Keegan – Perhaps…I’m gonna get some water..

Kaori – Nice talking to ya….

Keegan – You too…

Kaori – We should get the gang back together…

Keegan – For sure…

Something about the way he said “For Sure” seemed so.. disconnected. This is the thing, while the group clearly has internal problems… I do like when everyone is together. It feels like old times. We always promised we wouldn’t be that cliche group of friends who after high school loss interest in each other. Maybe we were fooling ourselves into thinking we could be the exception to the rule. Maybe its finally happening.. we’re all just moving on, that’s kinda sad…

Kaori – I’m gonna go say hi to Zoey.

Keegan – She might be sleep… she read me the hunger games book, and got into bed.

Kaori – Aren’t you supposed to read HER bedtime stories?

Keegan – Right but Zoey wanted to read me something about a cat-nips and pika.

Joy – Its Katniss and Peeta hon’

Kaitlyn – Oh I love the hunger games.

Joy – Me too!

Kaitlyn & Joy – Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor

My sister- god that sounds weird saying. My sister Vira loves the Hunger Games.. she’s probably sent me a link to the movie trailer a good 5 times already. I like the movie too, I’ve just never read the books… I’m not really a book reader.. its so boring.. no pictures.. lame.

Joy – I love you Kait!

Kaitlyn – I love you too Joy.

Keegan – How I’m not the dorkiess person ever surprises me.

Joy – Well ya handsome and girls are sluts that’s why.

Kaitlyn – I’m sure you have some dork in you. When you were younger you loved watching spongebob.. you even had a little plush toy. Not to mention you loved Dora The Explorer.

Joy – Sittin in front of the television scream “Si Dora!”

Keegan – Oh god.

Kaori – *laugh* cute

Kaitlyn – Oh KeeKee?

Keegan – Yeah Mom?

Kaitlyn – Don’t forget to pick up Zoey from school tomorrow okay? Joy and I will both be tied up until 6.. so you’ll have to take her.

Joy – We’re not imposing are we?

Keegan – No its fine. I’ll pick her up and we can watch a movie or something here. Just leave the key under the plant like always.

Time to go say hi to the brat.

Aww….. she’s sleep. I guess I came too late. She’s adorable… she reminds me of myself at her age, headstrong and independent. Always trying to prove she can take care of herself, when she’s just a kid. Its funny how when you’re that age all you wanna do is be a grown up. Then when you’re a grown up, you don’t really want it anymore. I think it may be a good fucking idea to force her to be a kid for as long as she can.

I’m a young woman.. but I don’t feel like a woman to be honest. I don’t feel like a little girl either, I’m somewhere in-between. I’m finding myself and I’m learning things. I don’t ever express myself emotionally so when I blew up on Byron earlier that surprised me. I’m also just gonna go ahead and admit something. I miss Frankie, there I said it. However.. she won’t apologize so I can’t bother with it. You may think that’s stubborn of me but I really don’t give a fuck.

*sigh* I should go grab a burger and go back to my dorm, no point in sleeping on the boat alone tonight. I’m sure Magdalena and Bianca are in the dorm hanging out. Magdalena isn’t even our roommate but she’s always in there. I don’t really mind it so much though. I have other things on the mind. Like work tomorrow… its a real pain in the ass when people doubt you, but I guess if you prove them wrong they can’t really say anything. That’s what I plan on doing not only at work, but in general.. proving people wrong. With that being said.. goodnight world… and may the odds be ever in your favor.

~End Of Chapter One Pt 2 | Chapter One Pt 3 is Next~


  1. “serving up some major bitch face” lol!!! You have such a way with words lol. Anyway Kaori is so pretty. I love everybody’s makeovers <3. She's changed a lot; has more friends now AND a boyfriend! But she still has that tendency to go off on people! Christine is such a troublemaker without even trying! I was surprised when Kyle walked in, I was like, "Wait a minute, I recognize that handsome guy!" From the talk he had with Kaori it doesn't sound like things went over to well with him and Brie :\. He was a little out of line talking about Kaori's outfit but at the same time I guess he was right. Plus he was probably just upset with whatever happened with Brie and was taking it out on Kaori. I also hope that Kaori and Byron will work things out. He's good for her; opposites attract as they say! Now I can't forget about the adorable Trey and his adorable new date Dominic :p. It'll be fun to see what happens with them. As for the Darrell thing, I can't blame him for being upset. Darrell is trying to move way too fast asking for forgiveness. He threatened Trey!! I don't care how religious you are. Something like that takes time to get over!! Can't wait for what's next and to find out how Keegan's life has changed! 🙂

    1. Lol… sometimes my personality comes out in these stories. That “serving up major bitch face” is so me.. something I usually say about people all the time haha. I’m glad to hear you liked everyones makeovers. Chapter Two will bring new looks as well (I really like Jarrah’s next chapter)

      Kaori Kaori Kaori… She’s like pocket size… pretty, and has opportunities- but like you said, she still had that tendency to go off on people.. she should learn the breathe and count to 10 method. I’d say she’s trying though.. Season One Kaori would have attacked Christine LMAO.

      Christine seems to always just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. One has to wonder though, Spirit doesn’t trust her around Jeep. Kaori doesn’t like her around Byron. Are they just jealous insecure women? or… do they have good reason for it? Time will tell…

      Kyle…. Well he’s back from his impromptu trip to Magik City.. when we last saw him, he was at the door while Brie and Chet had just kissed. Brie knew it was wrong and wanted to move past it.. but then Kyle showed up. What exactly happened?….. When Magik City returns you’ll see what happened during that trip and alot more…. but back to BnG now…

      Kyle for sure was taking out some things on Kaori, but at the same time he was speaking the truth about her. He definitely could have delivered it in a better way. We’ll see how that friendship grows… or doesn’t grown in the coming updates. As for the other co-workers.. Kaori for sure feels alienated so.. that sucks.

      Byron and Kaori are still a new couple for the most part.. Byron’s worries about it turning into a sexual relationship is valid, and he has a point. Shockingly Kaori has a point too.. The problem is.. they’re both screaming and shouting and failing to hear each other. Hopefully it will be resolved………………….Perhaps… *evil laugh*

      Trey is………….so…………adorbs. Darell is pushy and Portia is… well the thing about Portia is she’s clearly coming from a good place with it, but it comes off way too much way too soon. Trey’s still shook up by his high school life and even if he wasn’t.. what Darell did to him was completely messed up. So like you said he has every right to feel the way he does.

      And just when Trey get’s hit on by Dominic… he has something else happen. Hope Valentine…. lets HOPE giving her the job wasn’t a mistake.

      Also.. Frankie’s advice column on her blog… Just who is STARGIRL? and what exactly is she asking Frankie?…. don’t worry.. you won’t have to wait long for that answer.

      The conclusion to Chapter One is coming up next :

      Keegan is a Fratboy.. how has his life changed?

      Frankie got cheated on, got into a fight, had sex with Ivo, and lost her bestfriend.. what now?

      Find out in the next update.


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