{BnG Season 2} Chapter One Part 1 : “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”

}—Welcome Back To The Season Two Premiere of BoysNGirls….. Enjoy The Show—{

Chapter One | Pt. 1 “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”

-POV’s : Jarrah & Jeep

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

| WARNING | =This Story Contains Explicit Language & Adult Situations= | WARNING |

(POV Jarrah)

Oh my god, I feel like we haven’t spoke in forever. When you last saw me I was headed to France… Well that was then and this is now. France was amazing and I caught my life there. Working with Victoria was such a great learning experience for me, and I’m so happy I decided to go. I had a blast especially with LC- Lola Collin’s who you guys met. She’s one of the models, she’s so cool.

So… I believe its been what? 4 months? I left for France when Finals were taking place. I came back a month later. I didn’t have alot of time off from school because I took summer courses to catch up.  Once that was done, and I was all caught up, Victoria asked me if I’d like to go to L.A. With her and Lola. It was work related and I decided that since I really enjoyed traveling that I would go. Especially since I had just got back from france, and then worked my ass off to catch up.

Once back School was back in full swing. Some people would argue that my summer break really wasn’t a break- but I had the best summer ever.. I even brought home a souvenir.

Jarrah – Don’t go down there…

Orion – I’m inspired babe… I gotta

Jarrah – I wanna go again…

Orion – We just did twice *laugh* and we already put our clothes back on.

Jarrah – Okay fine- you’re right.. you’re inspired.. go do your thing *smiles*

Orion – *smirks* Well.. feel free to hangout.. eat food or whatever. You know my place is your place.

Meet Orion… My boyfriend. He’s so fricken cute.. like a tattooed teddy bear. You’re probably wondering how we met right? Well… After 2 weeks in L.A. Victoria told Lola and I that we could head back to GloCity. She decided she needed to stay in L.A. and do more business. So Lola and I were at the airport and our flight got delayed. That’s when I met Orion.. he was on the same flight.

Said he was coming to GloCity because he needed something new in his life. We connected right away, he was like a breath of fresh air. Orion is pretty well off financially by the way, when he was 15 he was involved in an accident and was rewarded money so his family wouldn’t sue. Of course the judge decided to put the money away until he turned 18 so his family wouldn’t spend it.. long story short.. Money + Family does not mix and he wants nothing to do with them at the moment.

Orion – Are you trying him again?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Orion – *Smiles* Well alright I’ll be downstairs.

Jarrah – *smiles* okay.

Cellphone : Hey you’ve reached Trey… leave a message. *BEEEEEEEP*

Jarrah – Hey Trey its me………Jarrah….. again… umm I was just calling to say hi, and see what you were up to.. but yeah.. you’re busy… well alright.. call me back when you get a chance… I love you…. bye.

Voicemail… again.. come on Trey what the hell… how long are you going to be mad at me? The thing is I’m not sure what his deal is… all I know is that he’s been arm and arm with Hammer’s brother…….Chace. They’re like glued to the hip and part of me is jealous. My friendships with the 5 (Trey, Jeep, Kaori, Frankie, Keegan) is all over the place. Jeep’s my cousin so of course we talk regularly. Keegan too.. we’re fine.

Then we have Frankie and Kaori.. like… no shade but no thank you. Frankie’s smart, nice and beautiful- however, she and I never hungout one on one before so it would feel phony doing it now. Kaori’s just a huge bitch and I don’t have time for it… that girl is just evil. Especially how she attacked Frankie and I in that library.. ugh. From what I hear they’re still not talking either.

Trey… yeah I’ve explained that…………..sorta… anyway…

Jarrah – Oh shit- windows everywhere, put some clothes on girl….

What time is it…. eh.. I should get back to the Sorority… O is gonna be in the lab for a while anyway… lemme get dressed and head out.

Jarrah – Babe, I’m go-

Orion – Did he pick up?

Jarrah – Voicemail again- but its fine…

Orion – Don’t say its fine when it hurts… don’t mask your emotions… let them out.

Jarrah – ….It does bring a few different feelings to mind… I feel pissed off, I’m sad, I’m mad…but I’m gonna get over it.

Orion – Didn’t you and him date at one point?

Jarrah – Yeah.. when he was struggling with his sexuality…

Orion – Bestfriends right?

Jarrah – ….That’s supposed to be the case.

Orion – Then it’ll work itself out- Why are you dressed?

Jarrah – Oh! I was going to get back to campus, I forgot my sorority is having a meeting today… Spirit would be mad if I were late.

Orion – She sounds like a tyrant.

Jarrah – Few months ago I would have called you crazy for saying that but now………she’s really become this queen bee type..

Orion – Lemme get dressed and I’ll drop you off.

Jarrah – No no you’re inspired, you work on your art.. I’ll have Elena come pick me up.. she’s one of my Sorority sisters.

Orion – No…. I wanna spend all the time with you that I can.. I’m taking you… end of story babe.

Jarrah – Fine.. *smiles*

Jarrah – Your car’s dirty.

Orion – Is it? eh… I’ll wash it when I get home.

Jarrah – What are you doing the rest of the night besides painting?

Orion – I have a few poems in mind…

Jarrah – What else?

Orion – I’ll probably be wishing you were here.. I know you work late tonight though so its all good.

Jarrah – *Smirks* I love how you always want me around…

Orion – I love my alone time, but you just… you’re just my full deck of cards..

Jarrah – *laugh* Oh yeah?

Orion – Yeah baby… My queen of hearts.

Jarrah – Dork….

Orion – I won’t deny it. So umm… what’s the meeting for at your sorority?

Jarrah – I have no idea.. Spirit calls it a state of emergency.. which is so dramatic in my opinion.

Orion – I see.. well lets get you home then shall we..

Jarrah – No lets just run away together *laugh*

Orion – I wish… but I’d never take you away from your friends and family…

Jarrah – Why?

Orion – I know how important they all are to you.

Jarrah – ….True…

Orion – Speaking of your friends.. You’re now a Sophomore at G.C.U. right?

Jarrah – Yeah after busting my ass to catch up.

Orion – What about your friends? the ones you call “The 6”

Jarrah – Well.. Frankie, Trey, and myself.. we’re now Juniors.. One more year of G.C.U. to go- Though I don’t know who’s getting their PHD or Masters.. but yeah technically after this year the three of us just have one more year. Keegan, Jeep, and Kaori are now Sophomores.

Orion – Ah….

Jarrah – Yep.. Keegan should technically be a junior but he had alot of crap happen to him so he took a year off.

Orion – Shit happens… everything happens for a reason you know?

Jarrah – Yep *smiles*

He get’s me.. and I get him. Do you guys believe at love at first sight?……. Orion fits me like a glove….. I’m not used to this but at the same time I’m really in love with what we are.

(POV Jeep)

Holy shit, hey guys! Its been a while hasn’t it? I’m sure I look really different to you… I’m blonde now… and all tatted up like a gangster…. just kidding about the gangster part. For the most part I’m still a film, comic nerd. I’ve been told that I look like a douchebag now.. I don’t care.. My insides are what matters. I’m not gonna start being a hipster wannabe with a bad attitude… at least I hope not.

4 freaking months? What have I been up to?… hmm I’ve have a really chill four months. I took my finals, and then it was break time. I spent alot of time with my parents, and my girlfriend of course. Spirit and I are still together. Christine and I?……..Just friends. She’s a great friend at that, she did my tattoos. She and Raven have been fun to hangout with. Also remember Bryce? the guy who worked with Rubi Later and I? he had a crush on her?- yeah him.. he and I have grown close too.

Bryce – Will it hurt?

Christine – Oh my god, don’t you have a tattoo already on your right forearm?

Bryce – Yeah but I was drunk and got it a long time ago with my dad.

Christine – Simply put? it will hurt… especially where you want it.

Jeep – I thought you were 100% sure you wanted to do this Bryce?

Bryce – I was.. but I hate pain!

Christine – He can’t be serious Jonah….

Bryce – Jonah’s tattoos look cool… but I don’t know..

Christine – Look dude… I have one more appointment before I’m done for the day.. so please make your mind up.

Bryce – Hmm…

Jeep – I’ll be back I’m going to the comic shop.

Christine – Alright….. Hey Jonah?

Jeep – Yeah?

Christine – Is Spirit still…. ya know?

Jeep – I’m working on it…

Christine – I see……. welp.. oh well.

My girlfriend Spirit doesn’t really like that I hangout here so much. I personally just love this plaza, it has everything.. a comic shop, an arcade- and of course Christine works here.. I don’t really know what Spirit’s problem is with Christine… Its kinda annoying to be honest. I feel like Spirit has changed a little bit, but I guess so have I. That’s not to say we’ve outgrown each other..

Ethan Ethan – Raven are you wearing a wolf’s head…………….on your head?

Raven – Why yes I am.. its to shield me from all those pubes on your face. You really need to shave.

Jules – *laugh* I haven’t been friends with you all for that long.. but the banter between you two is entertaining.

Jeep – I’ll be back guys.

Ethan Ethan – Okay.

Raven – Sure thing bud.

Jules – …………

It might look like I’ve made new friends but not really. Raven and I have been friends since the day I met Christine- you guys already know this. Ethan Ethan… he’s their roommate… I’m not really that close with him. Jules, you may know through Keegan.. though she looks a little different these days. She had long blonde hair last term but she decided to cut it all off and go a bit goth. Somehow she met Christine, and Raven and started working here at the tattoo shop.

As far as my 5 friends go… well. Kaori, and Trey I talk to whenever I see them. Jarrah I talk to all the time, though she’s been a busy girl this summer. Frankie and I have actually talked alot too because well.. she’s not really talking to anyone because of the crap that went down with Kaori. I mean she’s talking to Keegan.. but not hanging out you know? I make it a point to let her know she’s still one of us.

That brings me to Keegan, my bestfriend.. well atleast I think we’re still bestfriends. I really thought this summer we’d hangout alot but boy was I wrong. He spent alot of time bonding with his new little sister Zoey.. you know?- that poor girl who was abandoned and Kaori found in the park? well yeah Keegan’s mom’s adopted her.

Keegan also spent some time with his dad Issac, and Scot too. Things seem to be better with that whole situation. Therapy is helping him still, and of course he has the fraternity house.. I’ve hung out with Keegan three times in the past 4 months.. isn’t that just sad? I feel like I don’t really fit into his life anymore, but I won’t jump the gun.. people get busy and end up having their own lives to live I guess. I really miss him though. Hopefully things will change!

My cousin Harrison works here by the way. I don’t know how much you guys remember about my family but Harrison’s mom and my mom are twin sisters. I’ve actually hungout with Harrison this summer more than I have Keegan.. that really bums me out… not that I’m saying getting to bond with my cousin wasn’t fun though.

Harrison – Sup Jonah.

Jeep – Hey.. Do you have X-Men Battle Of The Atom #1?

Harrison – I just sold the last two copies to Javier and his weird ass girlfriend Fockky.

Javier – Here? like right now?

Fockky – Yes. Kiss me Javi (Ha-Vee… short for Javier), feel the passion of the FOCK

Jeep – Oh……..Great…

Harrison – Why don’t you just get your comics digital?

Jeep – I like owning them… pass them down to my future children.

Harrison – Ah…

Jeep – How long have those two been in here?

Harrison – For a fucking hour. I see enough of Javier at the frathouse, and to have to see him at work with Fockky’s ass? You can’t be serious.. she has the most annoying stuffy nosed voice I’ve ever heard. You should have heard her before you came in *immitating fockky’s voice* “Oh Javi I can’t wait to sink my teeth into battle of the atom gonna be so epic yeah.. I wanna know who lady Xorn is oh my fock!” of course she spits when she talks..

Jeep – Fockky’s…. well… she’s unique I guess.

Harrison – Stop being so PC.. she’s loony as hell bro…

Jeep – *laugh*

Harrison – I shouldn’t complain though… Javier is Keegan’s roommate at the fratpad so… I’m sure he’s sick of Fockky too.

Jeep – Ah…

Harrison – Man Keegan is hella cool bro, he and I ate mad pizza the other night and watched one of those real housewives shows. No alcohol needed. Its awesome how he doesn’t do drugs or drink. I’m following suit man… focusing on school n shit.

Jeep – Keegan’s great…

Harrison – How’s your girl? I still can’t believe you pulled Spirit Harrington.. look atchu pimp.

Jeep – Spirit’s good… *smiles* I still don’t know why she likes me.. she’s so… popular.

Harrison – Yeah.. Jojo said she’s been a little bit of a boss lately.. you must ain’t hittin’ that right. You gotta fuck your girl good Jonah bear.. so she’s not so cranky all the time.

Jeep – I do! I do…. hit… that right or whatever.

Harrison – Alright alright no need to get all defensive *laugh*

Jeep – Whatever…. are you hittin’ Jojo right?

Harrison – She’s a big girl.. but I still pick her up and take her to pound town.. I handle’s mine.

Jeep – *laugh*

Javier – Hey! Jeepster!

Oh great….

Jeep – Hey there……Javier…

Javier – How are you?

Jeep – I’m doing good…

Javier – That’s awesome Jeepster!

Jeep – Can you stop calling me Jeepster?

Javier – You’re so funny! So! what comics are you in here to buy? Keegan told me you love comics- I love comics too, they’re totally rad..

Fockky – You’re fock’n right they are *sniffs* Hey Joan-ner..

Did she just call me Joan?

Jeep – Hi Fockky…- Umm I came in to buy….

Lemme not say anything about X-Men Battle of the Atom.. they may never stop talking….

Jeep – I came in to get Infinity.. I wanna see what Thanos has in store for the Avenger.

Fockky – *mouth breathing sound* I love The Avenger.. The movies too.. Robert Downey Jr. Is a great fock’n Ironman don’tcha think?

Jeep – For sure.

Javier – Are you all caught up on X-men stuff?


Jeep – I’m not sure…

Javier – Catch up and read battle of the atom.. we bought the last two copies just now.. gonna read them together before her movie club.

Fockky – You have Wolverine & The X-men, Uncanny X-men Vol 3, X-Men Vol 4, before you can read Battle Of The Atom… You read those Joan-ner?

Jeep – I think- umm……I have to get back to my friends at the tattoo shop..

Javier – Your tats are so righteous dude.. I think they’re totally fock’n cool. My sister Magdalena hates tattoos… we’re so different.

Fockky – Yeah she’s hefty *mouth breathing*

Oh that’s right.. Javier’s sister Magdalena is Bestfriends with Bryce’s sister Bianca… they both hangout with Kaori these days..

Jeep – I’m going to get yogurt or something.. see you guys later.

Fockky – I’ll be seeing you Joan-ner.. we have official movie club business in about an hour.. don’t be late bucko!

Jeep – I’ll be there Fockky…

Javier – Keegan loves movies.. I should get him to join your club Fockky

Fockky – You’re not even in it Javi..  You’re a freshman at G.C.U. you should join more clubs.. I’m a sophomore and I’m in like three already.. including the cosplay club.. I dress up like pop culture icons and things like vampires and fairies.. Its of epic fock’n proportion

Javier – I’d join if Keegan did.. he’s so fricken cool! he’s like my big bro

Jeep – ………………See you guys later

Javier – Bye Jeepster! come by the fratpad more often! Keegan and I would love to hangout!

Fockky – See you soon Joan-ner!

Harrison – See you later cuz’

Jeep – By Harrison…

Fockky – So… I think I forgot to buy something Harry.

Harrison – Don’t be callin’ me harry yo.

Fockky – Jesus fock’n christ no need to get hostile.. put those fangs away true blood.

Javier – You’re so funny fockky!

Fockky – I know… *mouth breathing*

Harrison – What did you forget to buy?

Fockky – Batwoman… she’s a lesbian!

Harrison – That’s cool………………….is that why you read it?

Fockky – Oh no I prefer meat logs. I’m not into girls Harry.

Harrison – I bet you two look real goofy when you fuck.

Fockky – Ha! We haven’t done that yet nosy boy! We’re totally gonna get to sex though! I’m gonna be a nymphomaniac!

Javier – *gulp*

Harrison – *laughing* Y’all goofy as hell…. hey are you wearing a wig?

I’ve heard enough.. I need to get out of here… Yogurt and then movie club… just what I need.. more Fockky.. but hey atleast Javier won’t be there rubbing Keegan in my face. See you guys later.

(POV Jarrah)

Orion – ……Home sweet home..

Jarrah – Ugh…..

Orion – What? I thought you got along with your sorority sisters?

Jarrah – The dynamic is different now. Paisley and Elena changed everything. I hate to admit it but I wish Rubi would have stayed.

Orion – She’s the one who fucked someone’s boyfriend right?

Jarrah – Yes…. the one walking with the redhead.. she goes to church and is all preachy now. Its annoying. The redhead she’s with.. that’s Paisley.. she’s kinda a bitch. And the other girl by the door? That’s Mahlia… She’s dating my ex boyfriend Dylan and its so awkward.

Orion – Ah I see… Well you just say the word and we can drive into the sunset.

Jarrah – As much as I’d like that… Its not a reality.

Orion – Alright.. I’ll see you in the morning?

Jarrah – Yep

Orion – Okay *kiss* have fun.

Jarrah – Yeah yeah.. call you later.

Elena – Jarrah!

Jarrah – Oh hey Elena…

Elena – You never called

Jarrah – O dropped me off.

Elena – Oh okay I thought you wanted me to pick you up.

Jarrah – Initially that was the plan- sorry for not calling.

Elena – Its okay.. I wanted to talk to you.

Jarrah – Okay?

Elena – I want to get Collin a gift for our 1 month anniversary.

Jarrah – Oh? umm..

Yeah…. Mahlia’s dating my ex boyfriend Dylan.. and Elena.. is dating my… sorta ex? my friend Collin. Its all so awkward. Mahlia has been acting all rude, and Elena comes to me for everything involving Collin as if I’m some sort of Collin know it all. While I’m happy that I convinced Collin to attend G.C.U. I’m not happy about being in the middle of him and Elena’s relationship.

Elena – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Sorry.. was trying to think of something.. umm..

Elena – You know him so well.. it has to be perfect.

Jarrah – Elena?.. I think you should get him something from the heart.. If I tell you something then its not as personable as it could and should be..

Elena – I guess you’re right… hmm..

Jarrah – *smiles* He’ll love whatever you get him.. he’s pretty simple you know?

Elena – True.. well alright lets go have our meeting shall we.

Jarrah – We shall..

Spirit – Hello ladies…. I’m glad to see everyone made it on time.

Well you kinda did say if we didn’t we’d be in a heap of trouble…

Jojo [Pink] – What is this meeting about?

Portia [Blue Plaid] – Are we all in trouble or something?

Tyena [Dark Blue jacket] – I don’t think so Portia..

Elena – Hmm…

Jarrah – …..

Spirit – I called you all here for a meeting because we have things to discuss.

Spirit – There are some things I don’t like that are currently going on here.

Portia [blue plaid] – Uh oh….

Tyena [dark blue jacket] – *smiles* relax portia… this isn’t like the last time.. I doubt any of us are sleeping with Darell behind your back.

Mahlia [blue + white stripes] – Why are you looking at me like that Jarrah?

Jarrah – I’m not even looking at you, I was actually looking at Paisley’s hair…get over yourself Mahlia.. you used to be cool but now you’re… yeah…

Paisley [red hair] – Something wrong with my hair girl?

Jarrah – No, I love the cut and color that’s all.

Paisley – Thanks boo!

Amina [light blue jeans] – ANYWAY on with the meeting already.. some of us have class…

Spirit – Amina i’m very well aware of everyone’s schedule.. and I’m actually glad you decided to speak because it brings me to my first topic of discussion.

Amina – ………….Okay

Spirit – Ladies… I know we all have boyfriends and or close guy friends that we hook up with…… however this is not a brothel. This is our home… so lets cut down on the hooking up in here okay?

Paisley [red head] – Are you saying no boys allowed? because if so…

Spirit – No that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying late nights sneaking boys in when everyone is sleep.. its… well its not-

Amina [light blue jeans] – But you did that with Jarrah’s cousin Jonah.. you snuck him in and I saw him walking to the bathroom.. naked.. I saw his dick. Its skinny… long.. but skinny.

I so didn’t need to hear that.. gross..

Spirit – That was uncalled for-

Amina – No what’s uncalled for is this new queen bee tyrant act you’ve got going on.. like what the fuck Spirit.. you used to be nice. If me speaking my mind and or the truth is going to get me kicked out of this Sorority then so be it… cause I joined a sorority.. not a dictatorship.

Spirit – I’m sorry you feel that way Amina, but discussion of my boyfriend- and Jarrah’s cousin’s penis size in front of everyone is not classy. If you have a problem with the way things are, you know where the door is- Hooking up and quality time is fine, but this is not a brothel girls.. end of story and moving on.

Amina – *rolls eyes*

Seriously.. Amina is right though.. Spirit is being so ridiculous and bossing people around.. its really annoying.

Elena – *whispers* Was she always like this?

Jarrah – Umm.. nope.. she’s changed..

Spirit – What was that Jarrah?…

Jarrah – I said you changed. Elena asked me has things always been this way..

Actually she didn’t but I’m not going to throw her under the bus..

Jarrah – And I said no.. she’s changed.

Spirit – I see… so like.. change is a bad thing?

Jarrah – I never said that I just think you-

Spirit – Look at you.. you changed.. your clothes, and your demeanor..

Jarrah – My fashion sense may have evolved but I’m still the same Jarrah I’ve always been

Jojo [pink shirt] – Yeah Jarrah’s pretty much still Jarrah.. with edgier fashion.

Jarrah – Thanks Jojo

Spirit – Look I have no problem with people calling me out on things but I’m trying to make this Sorority better.. this isn’t a zoo.. we have rules guys.. if that makes me the bad guy then so be it. I don’t want this to be a brothel, I want people to clean up after themselves when their names are on the chore wheel.

Jarrah – I agree with some of that.. but we don’t have our own dorm rooms.. this is all of our house.. we should be able to bring someone home… I get not having them here every night but-

Spirit – That’s the point i’m trying to make if you guys just listen to what I’m saying and stop making it seem like I’m a demon from hell. Okay look.. lets stop all of this fighting crap.. I have an idea.. lets plan a party? I can be fun guys… how about that?

I don’t have a good feeling about this…

Jarrah – …..A party could be good for everyone.. but before we get there, we should just continue the meeting.. get all the negative stuff out there and then focus on the positivity of the party..

Spirit – Deal… Okay so lets voice our concerns.. everyone gets a chance to speak.

(POV Jeep)

So… Bryce didn’t get a tattoo after all… and after we grabbed some yogurt we headed straight to Movie Club.. Fockky’s the president of it by the way. Going left from right I’ll try to inform you on who’s in the room. Starting on the left we have Miss FOCK surpreme.. Fockky McKay. The we have Myra Kelley, then obnoxious Rubi Larter- you know? the girl who did it to Portia’s boyfriend Darell?…

lets see then we have Bingbing Swan.. Rubi’s right hand, her partner in crime.. her number one fan. You guys may know her mom. Kaori worked for her at the massage parlor. Ms. Swan? She’s also the lady Keegan saved from getting raped in the park that one time. Yeah she’s Bingbing’s mom… anyway moving on.. last but not least we have Miguel Reyes, who’s a pretty cool guy.

I have no idea who that blonde guy in the black shirt is though….. what the hell.. why is everyone acting like he’s a celebrity?

Bryce – Who’s that guy?

Jeep – I have no idea

Bryce – Is he a celebrity?

Jeep – Dude I don’t know.

Rubi – So is it true that you interned for J.J. Abrams in new york?!

??? – That would be true….. Its on a secret project.. I obviously can’t say anything about it.

Rubi – My dad-

??? – Your dad is Gabe Espinoza.. I know.

Rubi – Oh I see my reputation precedes me.

??? – Not really.. I’m talking about your dad’s rep for the most part. Isn’t he retiring after this last movie he’s doing?

Rubi – Yeah… leaving me the throne.. you know I’m gonna be the queen of the cinema!

??? – Wow….

Myra – Why did you leave NYC?

??? – My sister got a job in Bridgeport working for V-Glam. So I figured I’d transfer to G.C.U.

Miguel – Is J.J. Abram’s cool?

??? – I think he’s a pretty cool guy.

Bingbing – You have favorite song?!

??? – I have several.. too many to name….

Fockky – *mouth breathing* So happy you joined the movie club, I’m fockky.. the president.

Rubi – She may be the president but I have alot of film knowledge.

Fockky – Oh here we go…

Bingbing – Rubi is queen of cinema.. she know’s alot about movies!

Myra – *rolls eyes*

Byrce – Man.. Rubi is annoying.. can’t believe I had a crush on her…

Jeep – I know right?….

Bryce – Bingbing on the other hand… she’s really adorable.

Jeep – Oh goodness…

Fockky – What the fock, you guys are late.

Bryce – Its my fault.. yogurt made my tummy hurt

Jeep – Who’s that guy?

Fockky – That’s Austin Matthews, he moved from New York to here- well Bridgeport.

Bryce – Yeah yeah texting.

Fockky – Who are you sexting Bryce?

Bryce – I’m texting my mom weirdo..

Fockky – I bet.. is mom code for random slut monkey? *laugh* random slut monkey.. I crack myself up.

Jeep – Why is everyone acting like he’s god?

Fockky – He worked with J.J. Abrams.. king of lens flare. Rubi’s up his ass.. I bet she cheats on Aries and sleeps with him in a week.

Bryce – ……

Yeah well.. considering Aries is gay and not really into women at all…. that doesn’t seem so far fetched. Speaking of Aries.. I really thought we had a friendship. He totally stopped hanging out with me once he got into the frathouse. What a douchebag. Not only that.. but seriously what he did to Trey was wrong, and now he’s dating Rubi. Now don’t get me wrong.. Rubi’s annoying as hell but its still not right for Aries to pretend he’s straight and string her along.

Bingbing – Do you like mainstream movies? I saw The Smurfs 2 with Rubi.

Rubi – Bingbing! Shh!- What she meant to say was.. we like to watch a variety of films….. I’m so indie to be honest.

Austin – That’s great….. I don’t really care too much for mainstream crap.

Myra – Must have been hard being an intern for J.J. Abrams then?

Austin – Not really, sometimes you have to do things that you wouldn’t normally do to get a foot in the door, you know?

Bingbing – Rubi says she’d suck penis to direct a marvel movie!

Rubi – Bingbing! for fucks sake!

Miguel – *laughing* *snorts*

Myra – *looks at Miguel & smiles*

Miguel – *smiles back*

Austin – Rubi what’s your favorite film of all time?

Rubi – Well i’m so into art.. its so hard to decide.

Myra – Mine is Invasion of the body snatchers.

Miguel – I love the Matrix films. They were revolutionary, and its what got me into films.

Bingbing – Hmm.. I have a favorite. Bingbing love… Jaws. I love sharks!

Rubi – Well like I said I’m a fan of alot..

Austin – If you had to pick one?

Rubi – Hmm.. Pulp Fiction.. or Scarface.

Austin – Eh… that’s cool.

Rubi – Well what’s your favorite?

Austin – Of all time?… If I’m going for what came to mind first… probably The Shawshank Redemption.

Rubi – I’ve seen it so many times..

Austin – I bet- Ah two more people have joined us?

Rubi – Oh.. Loser Jonah, and lame ass Bryce.

Austin – Aren’t you a bucket of sunshine.

Rubi – He’s not all of that guys…. he’s stuck up.

Bingbing – Yeah Rubi right. He stuck up… no I kinda like him to be honest.

Myra – I think he’s cool.

Fockky – Me too Myra…

Myra – Umm.. Do you think Miguel likes me?

Fockky – I don’t know.. you should ask him out.. slob on his knob.

Bingbing – Oh shit.. she’s talking about a blowjob. Three Six Mafia.

Rubi – Shut up guys… I’m trying to hear what Austin’s talking to Jonah about.

Fockky – Joan-ner is tacky.. but nice.


Austin – Hi Jonah.

Jeep – Hi… Austin?

Austin – I’m glad to see more guys are in this club.

Jeep – Yeah… Bryce and I are a little late.

Austin – What’s up with the curly hair chick? she has nasal issues or something?

Jeep – Fockky’s always congested.

Miguel – Should I ask Myra out? she smiles at me alot…

Bryce – I say go for it..

Rubi – So like my dad is retiring and I’m going to take over the throne.. I’m gonna slay so fucking hard with my movies. Vampires and shit that goes boom.. its like twilight meet Michael bay and M. Night Shyamalan I’m hella dope.. my vision is fucking epic and spectacular.. I’m queen Rubi.

Bingbing – She has such a great vision.. I’m going to do the soundtrack.. I love music.. I love movies. Rubi is amazing guys, she’s my bff, ya dig?

Myra – Do you agree with everything Rubi says?

Fockky – *sniffs/mouth breathing* Yeah.. seriously Bingbing.. its like Rubi is vampire bill.. Billith… and she glamoured you to be her slave.. True Blood man.. awesome.

Myra – This season wasn’t so bad.. next season is gonna be its last.

Fockky – No fock’n way!

Rubi – Whatever.. True Blood sucks ass…

Fockky – You’re one hefty bitch.

Myra – …..

Rubi – Bitch I will knock you the fuck out you slug looking ass nerd.. always congested n’ shit.. go blow your nose!

Fockky – After you blow portia’s boyfriend again chub-ster.


Austin – I got to know everyone a little bit.. tell me about yourself?

Jeep – Well I’ve loved films since I was like 5… my grandpa Ben and I would always watch old movies together- and lets see-

Austin – No tell me something real. Something non film related…. what do you like doing? do you have anyone special in your life?

Jeep – Umm… Oh!.. well I have a girlfriend…

Austin – *laugh*

Jeep – What’s so funny?

Austin – I’ll stop fucking with you…

Jeep – What do you mean?

Austin – I know you have a girlfriend…..

Jeep – How so? did someone tell you?

Austin – I know because your girlfriend is my girlfriend.

Jeep – What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Austin – Well my ex… Spirit Harrington is my high school sweetheart.. only reason we’re not together right now is because I moved to New York….

Jeep – …………..Okay?

Austin – I’m back now.. so… you know.

Jeep – No… I don’t know.

Austin – Well… I’m going to get her back.. you can date Fockky or something. I bet she give really gross blowjobs though.. all that mucus in her mouth.. Slimey.. you seem like the type to like that.. take it how you can get it eh loser?

Jeep – What the fuck is your problem? I’ve done nothing to you? why are you attacking me?

Austin – Oh dude.. don’t cry like a little bitch. I’m not attacking you… this is just a warning.. you’ll know if I ever attacked you. *smiles*

Jeep – I…. what the hell?

Austin – It was nice meeting you Jonah! Hey guys who want’s pizza? Its on me!

This fucker… how dare him threaten me…. like what the hell did I ever do to him? Some people just love being douchebags I guess. I’m not gonna let him intimidate me. The old Jonah would have.. but not the new me.. nope.. He’s not getting spirit.

(POV Jarrah)

One of my favorite classes is my art class.. Art inspires fashion and vice-versa, and I’m not too bad at sketching might I add.

Candice – Hey white girl.

Jarrah – Oh my god.. shut up Candice.

Candice – *laugh* How was the meeting?

Jarrah – Horrible.. but like its whatever.. just glad its over.

Candice – See I couldn’t be in that sorority.. I’d be done popped a bitch right in the face.

Jarrah – Short fuse much? sometimes its better to just walk away… not that I’m saying I haven’t been in a fight before.

Candice – Speaking of fights-

This is Candice Hernández .. I met her first day back at G.C.U. She transferred over from Bridgeport University. She loves art, but not really into fashion. She’s really nice.. sometimes abrasive but that’s just because of her life in the city. She grew up in a really rough part of Bridgeport, yet still managed to get straight A’s in high school.

Candice – Girl…. are you listening?

Jarrah – Sorry…

Candice – Its cool, anyway so.. speaking of fights I ran into her earlier..

Jarrah – Who? oh… Rhys? (pronounced Reese)

Candice – Yep…. fucking awkward…

Jarrah – I’d imagine…

Candice – And this is why you need to talk to your friend Trey.. cause you don’t want y’all friendship ending up like Rhys and I’s did.

Jarrah – Well you guys had that whole-

Candice – Your enemy just walked in…

Jarrah – Who? *turns around*

Chace Hamm… You guys met him months ago when I did. He’s Hammer’s younger brother? Trey’s new BFF I guess… Yeah he’s annoying as hell now. I thought he was nice but he had the audacity to tell me OVER THE PHONE that I couldn’t come back to town at the end of summer and demand time with Trey.. that I couldn’t be a bestfriend in France or L.A. Like get over yourself.. He think’s Trey belongs to him…

Candice – He’s gonna sit right next to you girl… its the last seat available .

Jarrah – Ugh…

Candice – He got a smirk on his face too.. is it just me or does his eyes always look glossed over? like he be poppin’ molly before each class.

Jarrah – I don’t like him.. he’s really irritating..

Candice – Get your hood boyfriend to kick his ass.

Jarrah – O’s not even that hood to be honest.. he’s kinda punk.. with a little hood in him…. He’s more about solving problems with talking instead of using his fist.

Candice – I’d slap Chace ass up real good if he ever popped off with me.

Jarrah – Well good to know you have my back and we’re friends.

Candice – Well white girl.. I think you’re dope… plus you were the first bitch to talk to me when I came here. So you ain’t never gettin’ rid of me.

Jarrah – I know you said you and Rhys came to blows…. I wouldn’t wanna fight you.. you’re intimidating *laugh*

Candice – Rhys is a pretty girl.. doesn’t mean she can’t scrap though..

Teacher – Artist take your seats.

Jarrah – Good luck on today’s assignment.

Candice – Thanks white girl. You too.

Ms. White – Hello class! today we have an exciting assignment. It will test your skill that’s for sure. We will not be painting today, today is a sketching exercise.

Chace – Trey says hi Jarrah…

Jarrah – …………..

Chace – No need to be rude… I’m just relaying his message.

Jarrah – That’s fine Chace but Trey know’s my number….

Chace – When I was on my way here, he was leaving for Culinary class in Bridgeport.. so… he told me to tell you hi. Its not my fault you traveled and flaked on plans to hangout with him a month before School started. You picked L.A. over him… good thing I was there.. you knew he was hurt after what Aries did-

Jarrah – First of all you need to really keep your voice down.. the Aries thing is a secret.. don’t out him. Second of all my friendship with Trey isn’t really any of your business. Third and certainly not least.. stop talking to me.

Chace – You’re such a bitch… I guess you’re just sooo cool and gangsta now that you date a black guy.

I really don’t know what he’s getting at but when I like guys its not about color for me. My first boyfriend.. in 1st grade was black. I crushed on black guys in middle school, and hello.. I dated Trey in high school.. so he needs to just keep his mouth shut.. I really cannot stand him. Who knew Hammer would be the more tolerable brother.?

Ms. White – Any question?

Jarrah – Wait.. Candice.. what are we doing today?

Candice – How the fuck didn’t you hear?

Jarrah – Stupid Chace was talking…

Candice – Oh.. we’re doing a life drawing..

Jarrah – With like fruit or something?

Candice – She didn’t say.

Lola Collins – Hi everyone my name is Lola Collin’s I’ll be your model today.

Ms. White – Lola’s actually a model.. she was in France and L.A. this summer.

Jarrah – What the hell.

Candice – Isn’t that the girl you traveled with?

Jarrah – Yep.

Lola – Hi Jarrah.

Jarrah – Hi *laugh*

Lola – Surprise.

Ms. White – Lets begin!

Lola – Undress?

Ms. White – Whenever you’re comfortable.

Candice – Is it weird drawing your friend naked?

Jarrah – No.. we lived together in France, and she was always naked at show’s.. the models have no privacy when changing really.

Candice – I take it she didn’t tell you she was going to do this?

Jarrah – Nope

Candice – That’s funny… Oh btw when I saw Rhys earlier she was with her sister Myra.

Jarrah – Did you say anything?

Candice – No… and neither did Rhys. Though Myra rolled her eyes… ol’ dork ass bitch.. I should have punched her. She may look like a nice dork but she has this whole stuck up thing about her.. and considering the fact that she- well never mind.. I’m not the type to be putting people’s business out there.

Jarrah – So when you and Rhys were friends.. were you cool with Myra?

Candice – Gorl.. No.

Jarrah – I see.

Candice – You know its a damn shame I can’t get her breast right.. I have huge ones.. why can’t I draw them perfectly.

Jarrah – I think that’s the point.. boobs aren’t perfect.. the shape or symmetry is always off..

Candice – True.. gorl my stomach is growling.. wanna get a burger after this?

Jarrah – Umm sure. We should see if Lola wants to come too.

Candice – Models eat?

Jarrah – Umm… yep.

Well.. that’s a touchy subject to be honest.. but I’ll explain that later. Anyway I have to draw my naked friend and not totally fail. See you guys later.

(POV Jeep)

I already had dinner plans with Spirit, but even if I didn’t- I definitely wanted to talk to her about Austin. Sometimes I forget how small this town is, I just realized Myra and Miguel were here.. guess they’re on a date. Good for them.

Spirit – Long day…. I’m so tired..

Jeep – How did the meeting go?

Spirit – Just like I told you it would.. they thought I was being a tyrant and blah blah.. they’re starting to get on my nerves. Your cousin included- no offense.

Jeep – Jarrah’s her own person, so none taken.

Spirit – I told them we could throw a party… to lighten the tension in the house.. so we’re going to plan that. You’re invited of course since you’re my boyfriend.

Jeep – *smiles* Speaking of boyfriends-

Spirit – How was your day? Portia told me she saw you with Christine earlier.. she was by GC Plaza.

Jeep – I wasn’t JUST with Christine..

Spirit – She said she was smoking a cigarette and you were talking with her outside the tattoo shop.

Jeep – I took Bryce to get tattoo’s…

Spirit – Oh god.. so he could look like you?

Jeep – It was his idea.. I wasn’t forcing anything on him. I love how I look, I like my tattoo’s.. my look may not be for everyone though….

Spirit – I’m sure Christine likes your look too.

Jeep – Are we seriously talking about this again?

Fockky – This sushi is so fock’n good Javi.. have some.

Javier – I’ve never had Sushi before.. its not cooked right?

Fockky – No.. its closer to the sea.. Its like eating nature… Loves it. A+

Javier – Looks gross…. besides.. I feel like I’m eating Ariel.. and I can’t eat the little mermaid.. that’s just wrong. I’ll just eat some rice.

Spirit – Hello? earth to Jonah..

Is she stalking me.. what the heck.. and ugh he’s here too…

Jeep – Sorry.. I just realized I’m being stalked.

Spirit – What?

Jeep – I’ve seen Fockky like three times today.. Its like I can’t escape her.

Spirit – Whatever… anyway what do you mean are we seriously talking about this again?

Jeep – Your problem with Christine.. its really annoying..

Spirit – Annoying?

Jeep – Sorry…. but … its kinda true.

Spirit – Wow…. I’m annoying.. interesting.

Jeep – I didn’t say you were annoying.. I just- I don’t wanna fight over Christine, she and I are strictly friends.

Spirit – I see..

She’s become such a brat about Christine.. its like.. you have your actor friends and you have sorority duties. I have my friends too.. what’s the big deal. I don’t even like Christine like that…

Jeep – What about Austin huh?

Spirit – What?

Jeep – Austin Matthews, your high school sweetheart…

Spirit – What the hell?

Jeep – He’s here.. he attends G.C.U. now.. and he was in my movie club threatening me.

Spirit – Oh my god grow a pair of balls already. I doubt he was trying to intimidate you.. you’re so timid and paranoid.. you even think Keegan hates you.

Jeep – Thanks Spirit.. throwing my feelings and insecurities out there like they don’t matter… thanks for that.

Spirit – I’m not but I’m just saying..

Jeep – Did you know he was transferring here?

Spirit – No…….well yes….

Jeep – You still talk to him?

Spirit – Occasionally..

Jeep – He told me to get a blowjob from Fockky, because he’s taking you back.

Spirit – *laugh* …. Yeah right… he was probably just messing with you, he has a good sense of humor.

Jeep – Umm No he was being serious.

Spirit – Not everyone is shady like Christine.. she’s the one trying to woo you. She’s turning you into her perfect little rocker boy.. look at you..

Jeep – The tattoo’s were my idea for the last time. Also I’ve always dressed like this..

Spirit – You’ve dressed alternative but not like this.. you look like a loser skateboarder hipster college kid.

Jeep – ….Sometimes the things you say hurt my feelings.

Spirit – You hanging out with Christine and her gang of freakshow’s instead of me hurts mine. She’s always around I’m sick of her.

Jeep – She’s not always around!

Christine – Oh hey Jonah! didn’t know you were here.

Spirit – You were saying?

……………….Well she couldn’t have walked up at a worse time…

Jeep – Coincidence.- Hey guys.. enjoyed your food?

Christine – Yeah it was great.. good quality but not too expensive. Thanks for the recommendation.

Spirit – *rolls eyes*

Raven – I’m sooo full dude… ready to go home and sleep this food coma off.

Jules – ………I just wanna get back to my dorm room… I feel like I’ve been out all day.

Jeep – *smiles*

Christine – Hey Spirit.

Spirit – …………………………………………………..Hi.

Christine – ……………………………..Okay… well anyway I saw you so I said hi.. have a good dinner guys. See you later.

Raven – Bye guys…

Jules – ………..

Spirit – Good riddance…

Jeep – Spir!

Christine – *laugh* You’re a joke Spirit..

Spirit – No rat face you’re the joke.

Christine – Out of respect for Jonah.. I’m going to walk away from the situation…

Spirit – Toodles…

Oh my god.. I can’t believe that just happened..

Spirit – The length of her extensions bother me.. who needs hair that long?

Jeep – Spir…. come on.. you were kinda rude there…

Spirit – Whatever.. I’m sick of her

Jeep – She’s not the problem, Austin is. You need to talk to him about what he said to me today.

Spirit – No… I don’t. He was joking. He likes to do that, he gets off on making people uncomfortable.

Jeep – …………..Fine whatever.. I’m tired of fighting..

Spirit – Well we were fine until Christine decided to stay around like a stray dog..

Jeep – …. What has gotten into you? you were such a nice girl… and you liked Christine.

Spirit – I’m still nice Jonah, and as far as Christine goes? I liked her when she wasn’t really a threat, her father is in prison now, and she walks around GloCity like she’s the shit. Oooh I’m so punk rock and my bestfriend is a voodoo witch!

Jeep – Raven’s not a witch!

Spirit – Whatever… I’m just sick of them, they’ve changed you…

Jeep – Maybe I’m not the one who changed though……

Spirit – …………………………….So because I have an opinion now I’m a bitch.

Jeep – …………..I didn’t say that.

Spirit – I have to use the ladies room.

Jeep – Wait….

Jeep – *hugs spirit*

Spirit – What’s this for?

Jeep – I love you… and I’m going to make better use of my time.. I want us not to fight.

Fockky – Man I’ve got more gas than a BP oil spill! Fock’n fish!

Javier – …………..

Spirit – ……… I love you too Jonah, and maybe I’ve been a little cranky lately… I’m sorry… look I’ll talk to Austin if that makes you feel better.

Jeep – Would I sound like a controlling boyfriend if I wanted to be there when it happened?

Spirit – Controlling?.. no… paranoid a little but.. sure.. all three of us can talk and then you’ll see he was joking.

Jeep – Okay cool… Maybe you, Christine and I can talk too?

Spirit – …….Maybe… one thing at a time.

Myra – That’s so cute…

Miguel – Yeah Jonah and Spirit are good together.. opposites attract.

Javier – We should get milkshakes.

Fockky – Do you want me to have diarrhea?!

Javier – Shhh!

Spirit – Did Fockky just say she has diarrhea? what the hell? people are eating.. she’s so weird..

Jeep – …. Lets go for a walk in the park.. its night and pretty out.

Spirit – Are you trying to be romantic?

Jeep – I am….

Spirit – Okay.. Lemme go freshen up and we can go.

Jeep – Alrighty *smiles*

I need to find a way.. to fix her and Christine. Then get to the bottom of the Austin thing too. Also I want to make sure Spirit still know’s I’m me.. I’m still the same Jonah Jeep Folland she fell for.. God relationships are hard. Anyway.. I’m signing off.. Goodnight folks.

(POV Jarrah)

After drawing Lola naked, Candice and I asked her to lunch.. she agreed. We talked about alot of random stuff before I realized I needed to get to work. Lola came with me because she needed to look for an apartment in the city.

Jarrah – I still can’t believe you did that in my art class.

Lola – Why not.. besides.. I was bored.

Jarrah – I’m confused.. why aren’t you back in new york?

Lola – Remember our incident in France?

Jarrah – Which- 

Lola – THE incident..

Jarrah – Oh…. that… What about it?

When I was in France with Lola.. she and I had went out to dinner with some other models. We ate alot and the next day when we were doing fitting for the runway show.. I saw her in the bathroom… you know.. now I didn’t wanna rush to her being anorexic or bulimic but.. it scared me. We sat and talked about it for a while and she never did it again.. she said it was the first time she ever did it.. and I believed her. 

Lola – When I told you… I never did it before.. I wasn’t lying. I don’t have a problem.. but…. it did scare me. I thought oh my god Lola.. you’re falling victim to the pressure to succeed in this business… who are you? This isn’t you..

Jarrah – Right.

Lola – Having you there with me.. in my moment of weakness helped me really see things clearly. If you hadn’t been in France who’s to say I wouldn’t have thought it was okay, and just what model’s do to stay thin? You may have saved me from something horrible…

Jarrah – …*smiles*

Lola – No girl should do that, or have to feel like something is wrong with their bodies.. anyway.. umm.. I’m taking a break from modeling. I’m pretty secure financially and I really need to take some time off.

Jarrah – I see

Lola – to see if this is really what I wanna do with the rest of my life, or if I wanna stop completely and go on a different journey you know? Sometimes what you think you want, isn’t exactly what you want once you get it.

Jarrah – You love modeling.

Lola – I do.. I love taking pictures, walking the runway BUT.. certain things I hate.. so yeah.

Jarrah – Well you have my support 100%

Lola – Good because you’ll be seeing alot of me.

Jarrah – What are you all gonna do with all of your time off?

Lola – Well My mother works at Siren Ad Agency-

Jarrah – The one that just opened a month ago?

Lola – Yeah.. Sasha Nirav’s agency. My mom works there.

Jarrah – I got to school with her daughter Mahlia.. also this girl named Kaori is interning there.. 

Lola – Nice…..

Jarrah – That’s cool that your mom works there.

Lola – She and I have this odd relationship. We get along, but during the divorce I think she was hurt that I wanted to be with my dad more than her. I’m more of a daddy’s girl.. anyway while taking time off I’ll probably bond with her.. and just.. relax.

Jarrah – Sounds like a plan.

Lola – For now anyway… oh my god so how’s my cousin Rubi?

Jarrah – Its still so odd that you two are related.. she’s so…

Lola – Rubi is rubi *laugh*

Jarrah – She’s fine.. she got kicked out the Sorority and now she’s roommates with this girl I know. She has a boyfriend

Who’s secretly gay.

Lola – Hmm.. well that’s cool.. Maybe I should call her and have lunch or something.. we are family after all.. 

Jarrah – You should… oh my god.. Ugh New boss is here..

That’s Taylor Carter (redhead).. Victoria stayed in L.A. and she brought Taylor over from the Pylea building  to be in charge here.. for how long I don’t know. She brought her bestfriend Britney too. Britney has the most annoying valley girl voice ever.. its like that Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton voice. There is no way she really talks like that.

Lola – That cop is hot

Jarrah – That’s her brother Jayson.

Lola – Ooh La La arrest me officer. Who’s the chin girl?

Jarrah – Taylor’s bff, and a massive bitch.. her name is Britney Matthews.. 


Taylor – Thanks for lunch dear brother but I must get back to work. So much to do, but so little time.

Jayson – No problem..

Britney – Yeah thanks for the food Jay.

Jayson – You guys have a good night.

Lola – I should get going.. I’m looking for a place to rent while here in Bridgeport. If all else fails maybe I’ll get a place in GloCity.. its cheap there right? not that I can’t afford places here but… sometimes the city rips you off, and just because you can afford something doesn’t always mean you should.

Jarrah – I agree.

Lola – By the way.. I see L.A. inspired you..

Jarrah – Big time.. the fashion there is edgy and laid back.. I love it.. I loved it so much that I brought it home.

Lola – You also brought Orion home *laugh*

Jarrah – I know right… I’m so glad you pushed me to talk to him.

Lola – Love at first sight! O’s adorable. Hope you don’t mind that we text, he’s a good friend.

Jarrah – Oh god no, I’m not the jealous type, plus you met him when I did. Oh and by the way the L word hasn’t come up yet.

Lola – I bet it will soon…

Jarrah – You know people are going to give me shit and think I’m dressing like this because of him…

Lola – Screw them.. the girls who say something are clearly jealous, and the guys.. well screw them.. weirdo’s worried about a woman’s vagina and clothes she wears.. like seriously..

Taylor – Umm.. Visiting hours are over, Jarrah you have work to do. I need that research on my desk in 15. Lola you quit modeling so.. you should like… you know.. go?

Jayson – Be nice sis….

Britney – *laugh*

Lola – I was actually on my way out…

Jarrah – I’ll call you.

Lola – Have a good night babe.

Jarrah – You too.

Taylor isn’t a nice person in my opinion. She’s so bossy. That along with her OCD is really…. irritating. Then we have Britney who thinks that just because she’s BFF with Taylor that she can do whatever she wants. Whatever.. what time is it?- I should try Trey one more time before I get busy with work… hopefully he picks up.. if he doesn’t it wouldn’t shock me.

Trey – Hey

Jarrah – Oh my god you picked up?

Trey – Yeah.. I’m so tired… I just got back from Bridgeport…

Jarrah – I just arrived at Bridgeport..

Trey – V-Glam or hanging out with your bff Lola?

Why did he say it like that? its almost like he think’s I’ve replaced him..

Jarrah – I saw Lola earlier.. she actually showed up in my art class. Nude modeling..

Trey – Wow…

Jarrah – How was culinary class?

Trey – Fun… Your friend Collin and I actually talk and he’s nice.

Jarrah – Thanks for hooking that up by the way… when I was gone he said you took care of him.

Trey – I just showed him around and introduced him to Portia.. she’s the one who got him in the school.

Jarrah – I know that we were supposed to spend the last month of summer together and I know I wasn’t there when you needed me.. and I’m sorry.

Trey – You had work.. 

Jarrah – Are you-

Trey – I’m naked and about to take a shower in the dorms. Nobody is in here so… I picked a great time. I’m gonna shower before anyone comes in…

Jarrah – Oh….. I probably shouldn’t keep you.. heh.. I actually have work due in 15 minutes so..

Trey – Nice hearing from you..

Jarrah – Hearing from me… you make it sound like we’re miles away..

Trey – Well its been a minute

Jarrah – I guess that’s true..

Trey – …….Have a goodnight, and don’t work too hard… also I don’t hate you.. just saying.

Jarrah – Okay.. get some rest.. Love you…

Trey – ……….. You too. Bye.

Jarrah – Bye…..

That was off… ugh I hate that he makes me feel like I’m this unreachable old friend… *sigh* no time for that.. I gotta get this fashion research done before Taylor has my ass.

I kinda hope Lola doesn’t find a place here in Bridgeport.. that way she can live in GloCity, and we can be close. I think the whole incident in France scared her, and its only natural that she takes a step back and contemplate what she’s doing with her career and personal life.

Jarrah – ……….

Britney – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Yes?

Britney – You go to G.C.U. right?

Jarrah – I do.

Britney – My baby brother just transferred there.

Jarrah – Oh okay…

Britney – His name is Austin…

Jarrah – Cool, its a great school.

Britney – ……….I’m aware.

Jarrah – So….. umm…

Britney – Why do you dress like that?

Jarrah – Like what?

Britney – Black.

Jarrah – That’s really offensive.. not all black people dress urban..

Britney – I saw you kiss a black guy the other day before you walked in the building. Was that your boyfriend?

Jarrah – Why are you referring to him as black guy? Why is the color of his skin important?

Britney – I’m just saying.. I could never date a black guy..

Jarrah – Racist much?

Britney – I’m not racist bitch.

Jarrah – Oh with the name calling.. classy

Britney – You’re gonna get all ghetto on me since you date a black guy huh?

Jarrah – I’m not gonna entertain you.. and your monkey antics.

Britney – Monkey?… ha.. funny since you’re the one dating the ape..

Jarrah – I can’t believe you just said that.. do you know how rude and offensive that is? You must be one of those proud racist!

Britney – Oh cry me a river, everything isn’t about race… god..

Jarrah – Get the fuck away from my desk Britney…

Britney – Gladly.. make sure you put your assignment on Tay-Tay’s desk pronto.

Jarrah – *rolls eyes*  Make sure you get your chin shaved down.

Big chin racist bitch… ugh…  I really wanted to hit her… I feel like Kaori… but no I keep my anger in check.. can’t go around letting the racist win. I swear.. I’d rather have Morgan back working here.. or even Victoria’s daughter Alana… Britney is such a bitch.. and racist at that.. If Orion heard what she said.. he’d be so mad… Dammit now the computer wants to lock up? I only have 10 minutes to finish this.. I’ll see you guys later…. I kinda hate my job right now.

~End Of Chapter One Pt 1 | Chapter One Pt 2 is Next~


  1. Wooohoooo! It’s back!! And wow, there are so many jerks!! Jarrah has great self control not to slap Britney after all the stuff she said about her and her boyfriend -_-. I happen to like Jarrah’s urban look; it’s cute! Now Austin, he’s really handsome so I should have known he would be a jerk. That’s how it always works in life :D. I hope Spirit isn’t still in love with him. But she can’t be the way she’s so jealous of Christine and Jeep’s relationship :\. On the other hand, Spirit has changed a lot though….Oh I knew I forgot another jerk; Chace! How irritating lol. He is so obsessed with Trey!!! I hope Trey and Jarrah can mend their friendship. Especially since then Jarrah will be able to rub it in Chace’s face :p. We’re off to a great start. Can’t wait for more! 😀

    1. I really don’t know what’s going on with the world today (well its been going since before I was born) but this year mainly alot of racist stuff has been happening. I guess it sorta inspired the whole Britney thing lol.. so we’ll see where that goes as the story progress. Jarrah and Jeep’s looks are awesome if I do say so myself, so I’m glad you like Jarrah’s look.

      Is Austin an asshole? or is Spirit right and he’s just joking? LOL…. As far as Chace goes… at this moment he’s kinda an ass but I will go on record and say he’s just defending himself………sorta.. I mean he’s aware of the buttons he’s pushing though lmao..

      Thanks for commenting/reading… SO So SO much to come.. Kaori X Trey are next followed by Frankie X Keegan 🙂

      Friendly remind that Korra’s book 2 premiere is tomorrow (or today depending on what time you see this comment)

  2. Hola! I’m so glad Korra is back! I think the focus on the rebel spirits is an interesting idea. What did you think of the first episode? 😀

    1. Omg.. where do I even start? okay..

      Korra herself is so………….. LOL… like she’s such a terrible girlfriend to Mako- but then again maybe its because of the whole teenage homrnal girl coming of age + the responsibility of being the avatar. I’m sure we’ll see her mature throughout the season. I’m really interested in seeing her master the elements.

      Her Uncle who’s name I can’t remember… I don’t trust him, but thank goodness he’s around to take down those angry spirits. He needs to hurry and teach Korra how to do that lol. Also maybe he can tell her not to be so hard on her dad.. though currently he himself has a distaste for his brother so I dunno

      Mako – He’s a cop now and that’s actually pretty cool. It did make me miss Toph’s daughter Lin Beifong? I think that’s her name… I’m glad her losing her bending/metal bending wasn’t permanent. I hope we see more of her soon.

      Bolin is so funny and I laughed at every scene he was in. Especially with Korra’s cousins (the creepy twins) I really like he and Asami’s friendship.. I don’t care if its wrong I kinda ship them as a couple LOL. Speaking of Asami I really love her and hope she can fix things with her family’s business. I also was kinda upset that we didn’t get to see her confront Korra about the Mako thing.. Maybe later.

      Love love loved seeing Aang & Katara’s family together… speaking of which I wonder what’s going on with Tenzin’s daughter? She saw those statues and clearly she can’t even sleep. Something is for sure happening with the little one and I’m intrigued.

      The whole spirit world storyline is fantastic and I’m so excited to see more.. too bad I gotta get through the week to see what happens next, but this week shouldn’t be too bad.. Britney (Spears) is finally releasing her new music and I couldn’t be more excited LOL.

      I think that’s all about Korra.. I think.. if not I’ll probably add another reply if i missed something 😛

      What was your favorite part(s) of the episode?

  3. 😀 There were a lot of funny parts in this one. Especially with Aang and Katara’s family! Tenzin and Bumi’s relationship is hilarious. I like the twins too. About Beifong, Mako did mention her in this episode but she didn’t show up :(. Hopefully she’ll be back. I don’t trust Korra’s uncle either lol. He seems a little too willing to help and is hard on Korra’s father because of what happened years ago. But who knows? Maybe he really does have good intentions :D. And YES!! My brother and I (we watch Avatar together) were both trying to figure out what’s up with Tenzin’s daughter. Something happened when she was in the room with those statues but they never explained what it was!

    1. Tenzin and Bumi are funny together, the sister too who’s name I can’t remember. I’m really excited to see things progress with Tenzin’s daughter. Also its cute that you watch Korra with your brother! family bonding is never lame 😛

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