Magik City : Book I -FINALE- “About That Pageant Life”

Well Hello there…………… I………..ahem……….. We are Oracle, and we’ve supplied you with quite the commentary during the past few weeks. However.. It is a bit hard to do during the Miss Magik City Pageant.. So…. we’ll be missing in action…. However look for our closing comment. Don’t miss us too much… With everything that’s about to go on.. I doubt you’ll even notice we’re gone. Who doesn’t love a good trainwreck?…. and with that being said………On with the show… 

{Before The Pageant}

Brie – What’s it looking like out there?

Cayden – People are starting to take their seats.

Brie – Oh good.

Cayden – I see Kitty & Calvin… I don’t see Lucas, Taro, or your boyfriend Chet

Brie – I’m sure they’re on the way. Taro and Lucas said they’d be here…

Cayden – Chet say anything to you?

Brie – He said he’d make it if he could but had something he had to take care of… Oh and he’s not my boyfriend. I have a-

Cayden – Yeah yeah Kyle in Bridgeport.. he’s fucking cute….

Brie – How do you know?

Cayden – I looked at your facebook page… which led me to his. He’s sexy…

Brie – He is isn’t he…. *smiles*

Cayden – But…………..So is Chet.

Brie – …………..Chet’s…. handsome…

Cayden – ………… Do you think Taro’s coming?

Brie – Its cute that you’re worried about him showing up. He likes you.. he’ll be here.

Cayden – I hope so…. Lucas too.. I mean he’s annoying as fuck sometimes but I like him.

Brie – Everyone will be here by the time the show starts- speaking of.. we need to go check on Vii… she’s getting her hair done as we speak.

Cayden – Okay lets go.

Ashley – You break up with me last night and you show up here….with this fat fucking pig?!

Mia – Hey that’s not nice Ashley!

Ashley – I should punch you both in the face!

Ashton – I like Mia… and sure it was wrong that I had been seeing her behind your back but… you’ve turned into such a bitch since we moved here! I- you’re not even you anymore. So because of it we grew apart!

Ashley – Or you just became a chubby chaser since we moved here!


Cayden – Umm… what’s this all about?… did you know about-

Brie – Yeah… I found out a few days ago… Mia’s dating Ashton

Cayden – Say what now?

Brie – Yep.

Cayden – He was cheating on Ashley?

Brie – Looks that way…

Cayden – So Miss Mia isn’t so innocent afterall….

Brie – She did a bad thing, but….. It.. it makes sense when you hear the full story.

Cayden – I see.. well yasss Mia.. get that dick girl.

Brie – *laugh*

Ashton – I’m going to be honest, I loved you.. but you ruined it.. you messed everything up.

Ashley – So you go and fuck this fat tub of lard?

Ashton – Actually we’ve never even had sex! The most we’ve done was kiss-

Mia – And he’s felt terrible about that! he wanted to end things before anything else happened and I did feel bad Ashley. I think you-

Ashley – Who cares what you thinks hippo?!

Mia – …………Calling me fat won’t get Ashton back.

Ashley – Whatever… you’re disgustingly overweight. You’re a fatass bitch Mia..

Mia – ………..

Ashton – Stop it! she may not be as skinny as you but she’s twice the woman you are Ashley!

Ashley – She’s tripple the woman I am.. she’s quite large!

Mia – …………..


Brie – I wish Mia would stand up for herself more.

Cayden – Wanna go over there?

Brie – My older sister always told me that you can’t fight other people’s battles. Its what they do in situations, that determine how they grow as people.. I love Mia but she made her bed with Ashton.. she has to be a big girl and grow from the situation.

Cayden – That’s true.

Ashley – Just so you know.. I plan on making both of your lives a living hell.

Mia – I don’t care Ashley….

Ashton – Do whatever it is that you need to.. but don ‘t forget.. I know your secrets Ashley.. you fuck me over, and I’ll fuck you over twice as hard!

Ashley – You were never that good in bed Ashton so please.

Ashton – Nobody was talking about actual fucking Ashley, but if you really wanna go there… I could always dig up that video….

Mia – Yeah… he told me about that… what happened in Pylea.. the threesome video at the hotel.. when you were doing cocaine!

Ashley – FUCK YOU!


Cayden – Oooh girl she was doing coke girl.. oh hell naw…

Brie – …………Wow…..


Ashton – Think before you do anything stupid.

Mia – ………

Ashley – Its fine Ashton.. because I know you’re dirt too… you’re bisexual…

Ashton – So are you…

Mia – You are?……..

Ashton – ……………..umm… yeah but-

Ashley – Guess she didn’t know that eh?…… and so what if I’M Bisexual.. girls get away with it……. Its sexy.. bisexual guys are gross… and gay.

Ashton – That’s………………… that’s a fucked up way of thinking but its true.. that’s how people feel.

Cayden – Well I think its fucked up

Brie – Yeah.. If its okay for a girl to be bi.. why is it any different for a guy?

Ashley – Nobody asked you ebony and ivory!

Brie – Excuse me? what does our skin color have to do with anything you psycho racist!

Ashley – I’m not racist I’ve been with different ethnicities before so pump your breaks kermmit the frog

Ashton – Guys don’t bother arguing with her.. she’s a lost cause.

Ashley – I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m done! I have a pageant to win! *walks away*

Cayden – Are you okay?

Ashton – Yeah… and thanks for what you said…

Cayden – No problem…. but umm… why did you hide your sexuality?

Ashton – Ashley thought it was a good idea to come here as a straight couple.. we’re both bi but we’re not like… sluts, swingers-

Cayden – I know.. bisexual doesn’t mean you’re trying to fuck everything that walks. I never understood that whole thing anyway.. its like is every woman trying to fuck every man she see’s? is ever man trying to fuck every woman he see’s… Its stupid.

Ashton – Exactly… Ashley had it in her mind that we’d come here and be perfect, then she started hanging out with McKenzie and Lena and she just changed…. she became a fraud.

Cayden – Well look…. since you’re totally going to be kicked out of the popular crew… you’re welcome to hangout with my gang of misfits. If you want.

Ashton – I appreciate that Cayden.

Cayden – No problem! Also Vote for Vii!

Ashton – I plan on it!

Cayden – No like… I’m serious, even if she goes on that stage and vomits all over the place-

Ashton – Umm

Cayden – Or sharts and shits on herself during her speech…. Vote for Vii… she needs this…

Ashton – *laugh* She has my vote no matter what.

Cayden – Good! *laughs*


Brie – …… Mimi… 

Mia – I’m okay Brie….. I’m glad its over…

Brie – She’s rude… don’t let anything she said about your weight affect you okay?

Mia – Its hard not to… I feel fat and disgusting…

Brie – That’s exactly what she wants… screw her!

Mia – …………..

Brie – Ashton likes you for you.. you have him…

Mia – ………..Yeah…. though I didn’t know about his sexuality…

Brie – Its not really a big deal… people’s sexuality these days aren’t black and white.. he accepted you for you, now except him for him.

Mia – You’re right… you’re completely right.

Brie – Now grab your man, and go outside and find us some seats! the show will be starting in 15minutes.

Mia – Okay *smiles* Good Luck!

Brie – Thanks!

Mia – I love you Brie.. you’re my bestfriend.

Brie – I love you too Mimi.

Taro – Are you sure its okay?

Chet – Yeah.. you seemed bothered by that text you just got. Go handle whatever it is that you have to do.

Taro – Alright….

Chet – Take the car… I’ll find my way home.

Taro – Okay…

Chet – ………………..Ahem….. So….

Frost –  I know I know… you were expecting HIM, and not me.

Chet – HE called me.. so why am I sitting here talking with you Frost?

Frost – HE had to step away…. I’m his right hand man… so you deal with me today.

Chet – ……………..Its funny how he forces me to come here and then doesn’t even meet with me.

Frost – ………………He’s a busy man………HE is The Mayor Afterall……..He has to support his baby girl today

Chet – What the point? McKenzie always wins the stupid pageant anyway…

Frost – McKenzie’s mother Ginger is there of course, So she wanted her Dad there too… but enough about Mayor Winterhaven….

Chet – Right because we should be talking about me….

Frost – Right.

Chet – So what was this meeting exactly for?

Frost – How have you been Chet?

Chet – What’s this meeting for?

Frost – How are you doing?

Chet – I’m fucking great…………Now…………..Why am I here?

Frost – We have a job for you.

Chet – No.

Frost – You don’t have a choice.

Chet – The hell I don’t. I’m done with that shit, I did my time.. I’m not doing this anymore…

Frost – Actually you are.

Chet – You can’t make me.

Frost – While I’d love to put two in your skull and throw you out of this window… I can’t

Chet – I’d love to see you try..

Frost – I’m done with the bullshit. You’re doing it.

Chet – Fuck you, and no I’m not.

Frost – You’re doing it or Lena and Brie get’s involved……….

Chet – …………………

Frost – Oh wow… no snappy comeback. That’s something new.

Chet – ………….What is the job?

Frost – *Smiles* So!……………. Do you know who Wayne Clark is?

Chet – ………..Yes.

Frost – He’s coming to Magik City to do some business… on the other side though. The farm side….

Chet – Okay

Frost – He has…… things that Winterhaven wants.

Chet – Like what?

Frost – Currently I’m not at liberty to say.

Chet – Okay…

Frost – So basically you’ll get those things.

Chet – …………….

Frost – You’ll know more when we decide to strike.. he and his family are not in town yet.

Chet – …………………….

Frost – So… yeah..

Chet – What stops you and Winterhaven from using Lena, Brie or even Taro against me in the future? I do this last job, and then what? what happens when you guys need another job done?

Frost – You have Winterhaven’s word. This last job and you’ll never hear from us again.

Chet – …..

Frost – You know his word is everything…

Chet – Fine… I’m out of here.

Frost – Well….. not yet….

Chet – What?

Frost – Before you go…..

Chet – You.

Frost – Meet your new partner….. Mooi

Chet – I’ve met her………. She’s been following me around…..

Frost – Winterhaven’s orders.

Mooi – Loved those lemon bars you recommended.

Chet – ……………………

Mooi – Don’t be so glum about it Chet….

Chet – So you’re one of them…

Mooi – Don’t you mean one of us?

Chet – ……………

Mooi – It was just my job jackass, no need to look at me like you wanna kill me-

Frost – She’s trained quite well so I’d love to see you try…

Mooi – This is a partnership.. Winterhaven wants things done.. you and I are going to do them.. got it?

Chet – …………When this is over I never wanna see your face again.

Mooi – You think you’re the only thing I’m working on? I have alot to do here in Magik City, and putting up with your bullshit is not one of them. Now shut your mouth and come with me… I have things to show you.

Chet – You shut your fucking mouth, don’t talk to me like that.

Mooi – ………….Are we really gonna do this?

Chet – What do you have to show me?!

Mooi – Locations………… Winterhaven’s Orders…

Chet – When will this day be done?

Mooi – Later… but for now you’re mine.

Frost – Have a good day at school kids *laugh*

{The Start Of The Pageant}

Mila – Welcome back to the Ms Magik City Pageant! I’m your host! Mila Cox Anderson. We just eliminated 4 contestants and we are down to our final four! Are you guys ready to see what’s next?!

Crowd : *screams*

Mila – Lets kick things off the swimsuit competition! First up we have Lena Darwin serving up Jungle Cat realness, you better werk those spots LD! Animalistic! all eyes on her!

Crowd : *Screams & Claps*

Lena – You can look but don’t touch boys!

Mila – Up next we have our reigning MMC pageant winner.. Miss McKenzie Winterhaven. She is serving you California Girl in the sun realness and her legs are wearing the runway OUT! Dressed in all white with signature “I Am Everything” Shades! The girls can’t take you Miss Winterhaven!

Crowd : Woooo! *screams & claps*

McKenzie – I Live for the applause *poses*

Mila – Next we have Vi- Oh wow I hardly recognized her! We have the little songbird Vii Santiago. She’s giving you bondage swim-meet realness. Complete with matching diamond studded headband. Swim.. then S&M anyone? She’s serving and you’re eating it up! Work it Vii!


Brie – Go VII!!!!! WOOOOOO!

Crowd : *Clapping & Screaming* 

Vii – *smiles*

Mila – Last but certainly not least we have Ashley Edwards strutting to the stage dripping in Poison Ivy Swimwear Couture. She’s beautiful yet deadly with those green eyes and red hair! Look at that model walk she’s giving to you all… she wants this!

Ashley – Eat it bitches I….Am… Slaying!

Crowd : *Clapping & Screaming* 

Mila – Our Top Four ladies and gentlemen! Lets go to our celebrity judges for their opinions. The Sanchez Sisters!

Crowd : *Screaming and Clapping*

Mila – Going left to right can I get each of your opinions on what we’ve seen so far ladies?

Petra (<Left) – Oh my god the girls are looking so good, I wish I had those type of bodies! you’re all winners in my opinion!

Penelope (Middle) – You guys are simply stunning, such beautiful girls and so different from one another.. I’m blown…. away.

Pia (Right>) – You guys have alot of confidence strutting around like that.. I’d totally have to wear a cover up

Penelope – You? I’m the pregnant one!

Mila – You’re still gorgeous Penelope! do we know what you’re having?

Penelope – Its a girl…

Mila – Awww isn’t that cute! Alright! Its time for the girls to show us their talents!

Mila – First up we have Ashley giving us some………. Real Talk Comedy? Alright! Make us laugh Ashley!

{Press Play}

Ashley – How’s everyone doing?!

Crowd : *Screams/Applause*

Ashley – So Look at me… I’m giving you multiple personalities aren’t I? That’s the point! I’m more than one thing. I’m a model, I’m a friend, I’m a book reader hence the glasses.. and I am…………….a funny girl! yes that’s right! Cayden Blake isn’t the only comedian in Magik City! Are you guys ready for some jokes?!

Cayden – *Rolls Eyes*

Crowd : *Screaming/Clapping*

Ashley – So… when I was modeling.. I lived in this apartment of maybe 6-7 models.. We NEVER had toilet paper.. but not for the reasons you think. These bitches were eating it to stay thin!

Crowd – *laughing*

Ashley – One has to wonder.. do they even need to wipe their ass with all that tissue coming out of it?!

Crowd – *laughing*

Ashley – We’re all adults here so things are going to get a little dirty! Here we go! So! guys.. this one’s for you!…… What does your dick say.. to your balls when its about to get laid? Give up? It says “You guys hang around here while I go inside!”

Crowd – *laughing*

Ashley – Ladies…… What do we and dogs have in common… and here’s a hint.. its not doggystyle!…. Give up?!  We both like 10 inch bones! Sorry guys size do matter!

Crowd – *laughing*

Ashley – Lets get a little biblical up in here!…….. Why did Adam eat the apple?……hmm?………. Well its because Eve wouldn’t let him eat her cherry!

Crowd – *laughing*

Ashley – Okay! one more! Did you guys hear about the guy who died of a viagra overdose?……………Yeah………..they had no choice but to have an open casket… It just wouldn’t close!

Crowd – *laughing*

Ashley – Alright! That’s all folks! Thank you!

Mila – Give it up for Ashley! wow she really is a funny girl! Up next we have Lena with some dancing? Oh performance art? Okay.. well the stage is your’s Lena!

{Press Play}

Lena – *Does Choreography routine*

Mila – Give it up one more time for Lena Darwin bringing us some class to the stage! Woo! She’s a great dancer!. Very flexible and how hot was that little black and pink number she had on! Okay Now we have Vii Santiago performing an original song she wrote called Royals. Take it away Vii!

{Press Play}

Vii –

I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I’m not proud of my address, in the torn up town
No post code envy

But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room
We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillac in our dreams
But everybody’s like crystal, maybach, diamonds on your time piece
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash
We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair
And we’ll never be royals (royals)
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of lux just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler (ruler), you can call me queen bee
And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule
Let me live that fantasy

My friends and I we’ve cracked the code
We count our dollars on the train to the party
And everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this
We didn’t come from money

But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom
Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room
We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillac in our dreams
But everybody’s like crystal, maybach, diamonds on your time piece
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash
We don’t care we aren’t caught up in your love affair
And we’ll never be royals (royals)
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of lux just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler (ruler), you can call me queen bee,
And baby I’ll rule I’ll rule I’ll rule I’ll rule.
Let me live that fantasy

Ooh ooh oh
We’re bigger than we ever dreamed (oooh)
And I’m in love with being queen
Ooh ooh oh, life is game without a care (oooh)
We aren’t caught up in your love affair
And we’ll never be royals (royals)
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of lux just ain’t for us
We crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler (ruler), you can call me Queen Bee
And baby I’ll rule I’ll rule I’ll rule I’ll rule
Let me live that fantasy

Crowd : *applause/screams*

Vii – Thank you!

Mila – Give it up one more time for Vii! That was a great song! I may need to speak with you after the pageant!- Moving on! Finally we have McKenzie Winterhaven giving us a little Magic… which only seems right.. who knew she was a magician?!

{Press Play}

McKenzie – I am the girl who can’t burn! I am the fire… the heart… and so are you…. we ARE Magik City!

Ayane – How iz she do that Kilo? She no burn?

Kilo – I have no idea but its fucking cool..

Cayden – This bitch is levitating and burning alive and shit.. so over the top.. of course she’d do magic…

Bobby Darwin – Wow.. this is fantastic!

Ginger – Isn’t my daughter amazing?

Bobby Darwin – She’s giving my Lena a run for her money!

Penelope – Oh my god.. that is amazing I am blown………away.

Petra – Holy shit

Pia – ………..This is entertaining…

Mila – What a talented bunch we have in our top four! Give it up for them you guys!

Crowd – *Screaming/Applauding* 

Mila – Petra What was your favorite talent?

Petra (Right>) – I have to say it was probably Ashley’s Jokes.. I’m a goofy girl myself so I appreciate the jokes I almost peed my pants!

Mila – What about you Penelope?

Penelope (Middle) – I don’t know.. Its a toss up between Lena’s beautiful dance, and Vii’s vocal performance… I am…..blown away

Mila – Your thought’s Pia?

Pia (<Left) – Oh hands down the girl who wouldn’t burn. McKenzie is amazing.. that was showstopping! She set herself on fire and her makeup and hair are perfectly fine.. talk about YOLO-ing…

Mila – Mayor Winterhaven… without being biased.. because obviously your daughter McKenzie is not only our reigning Miss Magik City but also… she’s your daughter You and your wife must be very proud of her I’d imagine.

Mayor Winterhaven – Ginger and I are very proud to call McKenzie our daughter but I’ll stop there because I’m biased in wanting her to win again this year *laughing*

Mila – What do you think of this years show?

Mayor Winterhaven – Oh its phenomenal.. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else but where I am

Mila – In your big comfy seat!

Mayor Winterhaven – It is quite comfy!

Mila – *laugh* Thank you Mayor Winterhaven! Give it up for the Mayor of Magik City guys!

Crowd – *Cheering*

Mila – Okay its time for the Speeches… each girl will answer 3 questions supplied by our beautiful guest judges The Sanchez Sisters. You guys ready?! Here we go!

Mila – First up… the songbird… Vii Santiago…

Pia (Right>) – Hello

Vii – Hi *smiles*

Pia (Right>) – First Question …… Why did you decide to do this pageant?

Vii – Originally.. I thought it would help my music.. to become known… but as I rehearsed all yesterday.. I realized what this really was. I’ve never felt beautiful, and I just honestly wanted desperately to know what that felt like… I think deep down I knew doing this pageant would help me. I just didn’t know how much… for the first time in a long time I feel pretty,

Petra (<Left) – By winning this Pageant.. you’ll be the it girl of Magik City.. someone for others to envy and or look up to. Why would you be a good representative for Magik City?

Vii – I think I’m a good representative because… well I’m every girl.. I want the young girls of Magik City to know that I’m you, and you’re me. We can do anything if we put our minds to it and not give up. A Month ago I never saw myself up here.. and look at me now. It doesn’t matter if you’re punk rock, a ballet dancer, fat, skinny, tall, short.. Be you and be happy… If I win… I won’t change who I am.. I’ll still be Vii… and that’s an important lesson for people of all ages and gender.

Penelope (Middle) – What would winning this pageant mean to you personally?

Vii – I’d feel- goodness.. the thought of me actually winning is quite overwhelming… I’d honestly cry, I’d feel like I did something I thought was impossible. In all honesty I’d probably call my mom and cry with her on the phone. For me to win.. is for every person who think’s they’re nothing to win.. It wouldn’t be just for me.. but for all of us outcast! It would be for all of us!

Mila – Thank you Vii, Put your hands together for Vii Santiago guys!

Crowd : *Screaming/Clapping*

Mila – Next we have the firecracker Miss Ashley Edwards.

Pia (Right>) – Hi! So…… Why did you decide to do this pageant?

Ashley – Initially I did it because my bestfriend’s Lena, and McKenzie were doing it.  Then I heard that.. no outsider has ever won this pageant. That lit a fire under my ass. I’m originally from- well I lived in Pylea for a long time.. I’m here now, I love Magik City and I would love to represent you all.. I’m one of you.. It doesn’t matter if I wasn’t born here.

Petra (<Left) – By winning this Pageant.. you’ll be the it girl of Magik City.. someone for others to envy and or look up to. Why would you be a good representative for Magik City?

Ashley – I’m not going to play the outcast card. I feel I’m pretty, and I’m smart… People say you can’t be both.. Like I said during my comedy routine.. I’m alot of different things, talk about an every girl.. I’ve been through it all, and seen it all and I’m still here. I’m a survivor so I believe that’s a perfect way to represent Magik City.. survive it all with your chin up.

Penelope (Middle) – What would winning this pageant mean to you personally?

Ashley – Talk about groundbreaking! I’d be the first to win that wasn’t born in Magik City.. That’s a title I’d hold close to my heart.. Its changing the way things work.. its progress. I’d be filed with so much pride… It would be a victory for all of the girls who feel they couldn’t ever enter and have a chance of winning just because they weren’t born here. Also if I’m being honest.. my boyfriend just dumped me.. so this would be a good how ya like me now!

Mila – Thank you Ashley, Put your hands together for Ashley Edwards guys!

Crowd : *Screaming/Clapping*

Mila – Next our Reigning champion…. the lovely McKenzie Winterhaven

Pia (<Left) – Hi beautiful!  ready for the first question?..Alright!…. Why did you decide to do this pageant?

McKenzie – I may be last year’s winner.. but its such a humbling experience. Of course I wanted to come back and defend my title, but also to just do it all again and see all of your beautiful faces in the crowd.. this pageant is more than what some may call superficial. It brings us all together.. we’re all so different and every time this year we get together as one big loving community. That’s what I love so much about this competition… this city.. It almost brings a tear to my eye.

Petra (Right>) – By winning this Pageant.. you’ll be the it girl of Magik City.. someone for others to envy and or look up to. Why would you be a good representative for Magik City?

McKenzie – Sure I was born here.. and I’ve won before.. but simply put? If you want something bad enough.. you earn it. I’ve earned the things I’ve wanted and I work hard for them. I think I can represent truth, and hard work. I’m not every girl because every girl is different. I’m just McKenzie, and In my opinion that’s enough. Work hard and achieve the things you want.. that’s what I can represent.. Its the Magik City way! My father… The Mayor… He’s always taught me that god only helps those who help themselves. So I help myself everyday.. I push myself to become the best person I can be. *smiles*

Penelope (Middle) – What would winning this pageant mean to you personally?

McKenzie – Last year I said it would mean everything…. after my sister died it was what held me together. For those of you who don’t know.. my sister Katherine was involved in a car accident last year and it left my family and I shattered. The pageant gave me something to do… something to think about. This year.. while I’m still representing my sister and I… It also means something else to me. Winning this pageant again would mean that… that hard work really does pay off…. *tearing up* I love all of my competitors but I want this so badly.. my drive is there.. I have the passion.. I AM………………….Miss Magik City. Thank you. *wipes tear away*

Mila – Thank you McKenzie, Put your hands together for McKenzie Winterhaven guys! I’m sure her sister is watching from above and is very proud!

Crowd : *Screaming/Clapping*

Mila – Finally, last but not least… Miss Lena Darwin

Lena – How do I follow that?

Pia (<Left) – I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Love the dress by the way.. ahem.. question number one…… Why did you decide to do this pageant?

Lena – I actually planned on sitting this one out… but I changed my mind because I felt like the possibility of me actually winning this year would bring joy to my family. As you can see.. only my father showed up. My mother, and my two siblings opted for fun in the sun on a beach. Its not really a secret that my family has been going through some things and so I figured.. well maybe I could be the glue that holds it together…. It may be a lame answer but its the honest truth.

Petra (Right>) – By winning this Pageant.. you’ll be the it girl of Magik City.. someone for others to envy and or look up to. Why would you be a good representative for Magik City?

Lena – I don’t want to be anyone’s role model per-say but I do feel like I know alot of girls just like me…. also I want to be someone for my sister Lana to look up to.. I don’t have a big grand speech about representing every person in town… I’m a very simple person to be honest. I do feel like a change is coming and I’d love to be apart of that… Change is always good and it allows for others who don’t normally shine… to shine bright.

Penelope (Middle) – What would winning this pageant mean to you personally?

Lena – I feel like I have the eye of the tiger, the fire. I’m a champion. That’s how I feel about myself, and winning would confirm that. I just wanna feel special, that’s what every girl wants. Truth be told I’d be okay with not winning also.. losing doesn’t mean you’re a loser, and that’s a valuable lesson to everyone…. Thank You.

Mila – Thank you Lena, Put your hands together for Lena Darwin guys! she’s honest and I can appreciate that!

Crowd : *Screaming/Clapping*

Mila – Ladies… any final words? I know the crowd just voted with the devices under their chairs… you three have also locked in your votes.

Pia (<Left) – What a night ladies.. may the best woman win…

Petra (Right>) – Congrats to you guys for getting this far… there are no losers tonight

Penelope (Middle) – I’m so proud to be here with you ladies. You’re all so beautiful and you’re talent, has blown me away… like seriously.. 

Mila – I agree… so much talent today.. Mayor Winterhaven anything to add?

Mayor Winterhaven – I’m speechless.. this pageant has been the best one yet.

Mila – With that being said… Lets See who will move forward to the final two…  Ladies, Mr Winterhaven….. if you’ll join me on stage to announce our winner.

Mayor Winterhaven – With pleasure!

Sanchez Sisters – *gets up and walks to stage*

Mila – Coming in Fourth place…… Ashley Edwards!……………….. Coming in Third…. Lena Darwin!… which leaves us with our top two…  Will McKenzie Take it another year.. or will history be made with Vii?…… Take it away Mayor Winterhaven

Ashley – This is such bullshit

Lena – Whatever.. I’m so over this pageant shit….

Mayor Winterhaven – Thank you all for coming out and supporting these women in the pageant. Our community is wonderful, and I can honestly say this is the best city I’ve ever been to. Obviously I’m biased. Good luck ladies! May the best win……. 

Mila – Here it is folks…  the time has come………For the winner to be announced!

Mayor Winterhaven – Your 2013…. Miss Magik City winner is………..

{Play Song}

Mayor Winterhaven – VII SANTIAGO! which mean’s McKenzie…. you’re the runner up this year! Congrats Vii!



Mayor Winterhaven – Its okay darling!

Ashley – …………..Well it was someone who wasn’t born here…..

Lena – Yeah but it wasn’t you dumbass…

McKenzie – *crying*

Mila – Congratulations Vii Santiago You are MISS MAGIK CITY 2013!

Pia – You earned it girl

Petra – Good for her!

Penelope – I am so… blown away! like seriously!

Vii – Oh my god! I can’t believe this!

McKenzie – This is such bullshit daddy!

Ashley – It really is

Lena – Who voted for her ugh!

Mayor Winterhaven – Its okay sweetheart!

Petra – I’m so hungry

Pia – Oh stop it Pet’ Pen’ is the one who’s pregnant.. she should be hungry

Penelope – I’m starving actually…


Mila – Its you’re night Vii.. you’ve earned this and made history.. soak it all up!

Vii – I’m truly touched that everyone voted for me… I can’t- I can’t believe this…


Ashley – Why did they vote for her?!

Lena – I’m so sorry McKenzie

McKenzie – No you’re not.. part of me feels like you’re happy I lost!

Lena – Are you serious?!

Ashley – Guys lets not fight each other Vii’s the enemy!

Mayor Winterhaven – You’ll get her next year McKenzie! Don’t cry sweetie!

McKenzie – Don’t cry? Are you fucking serious?! I lost to that fugly bitch! Move out of my way! *runs off stage*

Ashley – McKenzie!

Lena – Oh here we go!

Mayor Winterhaven – Pumpkin come back here!


Mila – Vii Make your speech…. this is your moment!

Vii – I can’t believe this… this is surreal I feel like I’m dreaming! Thank you guys so much.. especially my team.. Cayden, Brie,….. even you Kitty Boxx.. Thank you guys so much! WE DID IT! I’m Miss Magik City 2013! *crying*

Mila – That concludes the pageant for this year folks. Please help yourself to the after party and refreshments! Goodnight!

{20 Minutes Later}

Well hello there… I’m back… what an amazing show that was…… I can’t believe Vii won.. McKenzie must feel horrible! also truth be told I do feel like Lena was a little happy to see McKenzie fall off her throne… catty bitches… you can’t trust anyone these days now can you!

Vii – Where is she… she ran this way…

Vii – There she is,….. I should talk to her.. we shouldn’t have to be enemies..

McKenzie – I’m so upset

??? – I know… i know

Vii – Who is she talking to? I can’t see anything its too dark…

Mooi – Fuck Vii, and fuck Taro…. he was supposed to help…

McKenzie – I’m so fucking mad Mooi!

Mooi – I can tell…

McKenzie – I’ll have my revenge on Vii… and Taro too….

Mooi – *smiles*

Mooi – You look so pretty….

McKenzie – Thanks babe….

Mooi – Can I have a kiss?

McKenzie – Yes.. and then you need to get out of here..

Mooi – Okay…

McKenzie – I love you..

Mooi – I love you too


Vii – She’s gay? Oh my god……

Welp………….I certainly didn’t see that coming… so… McKenzie’s mystery man.. her “Mr Elite  is actually a woman.. a woman who works for her dad’s shady business. What I wonder is.. does McKenzie know Mooi’s connection to her father or not? What the hell is going on here? One thing’s for sure… Vii know’s McKenzie’s little secret…….

{3 Hours Later}

Chet – Sorry to just pop up on your porch like that….

Brie – Its okay….

Chet – I’m sorry I missed the pageant… I’m glad Vii won..

Brie – Cayden recorded the whole thing so I’ll get you a copy..

Chet – Where’s Mia? and Ashton?

Brie – They went on an official date…

Chet – Oh nice!

Brie – Yeah I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m not even thirsty…

Chet – …..

Chet – Did you guys have fun?

Brie – We did, and after the pageant we all partied… Cayden was a little sad.. Lucas and Taro didn’t show up

Chet – Taro wasn’t there? what the hell?

Brie – I don’t know…

Chet – I REALLY wanted to be there to support you…

Brie – That’s nice of you..

Chet – I figured since I couldn’t say congratulations at the pageant I’d just stop by.. hope you didn’t mind.

Brie – No silly… I don’t mind at all…. I appreciate it alot actually.. I would have been alone anyway..

Chet – You have me…

Brie – *smiles* Good……

Brie – ……. You are very handsome Chet…

Chet – You’re beautiful…

Brie – What are you doing?

Chet – I don’t know… I just wanna be close…

Brie – Please…. don-

Chet – I can’t help it…

Brie – *Kisses Chet*

Chet – *Kisses Brie*

Brie – Oh my god…..

Chet – I’m sorry!

Brie – It’s not your fault its both of us.. what am I doing?!

Chet – I like you alot, and I-

Brie – I know.. I know… I just-

Chet – I’m not trying to break up your happy love life

Brie – Its not that happy.. I lie to myself…. I hate the long distance… I-

Chet – …..I feel bad..

Brie – So do I….


Brie – I gotta get that.

Brie – Kyle?!

Kyle – Surprise babe… *smiles* I missed you soo much…

Threeway? I mean Brie’s pretty much a whore now right? Chet’s in the living room, Kyle’s at the door… what will she do?

Cayden – Hello?

Taro – Oh good you answered…

Cayden – What do you want?

Taro – I’m sorry… I know you’re mad… something- something came up.

Cayden – Like what Taro? I needed you there! I wanted you there

Taro – I- I can’t say-

Cayden – Whatever.. you’re such a flake… I can’t believe I put my trust into you.. I really liked you.

Taro – Give me a chance to make this up…

Cayden – I’m not ending things, I’m just pissed off okay? I’m outside my apartment and I’m tired.. I’m going to sleep…

Taro – Can we talk in the morning?

Cayden – Goodbye Taro

Taro – Cayden!

Cayden – Maybe! I’f i’m not still mad….

Taro – …… Okay… well goodnight, and congrats on the win…

Cayden – MM hmm.. bye. *hangs up*

Cayden – Oh look… there you are…..

Lucas – ……………………

Cayden – Wait what’s wrong?

Lucas – I’m sorry I wasn’t at the pageant!

Cayden – What happened? why weren’t you there?

Lucas – I was on my way out the door and something happened…

Lucas – *crying*

Cayden – Did you get some test results back or something?

Lucas – No…..

Cayden – Well then what happened?

Lucas – I…..

Cayden – Lucas you’re my roommate and my friend… you can trust me..

Lucas – I don’t want you to look at me differently…

Cayden – I promise I won’t….

Lucas – Promise?

Cayden – I promise Lucas.. now tell me what happened.

Lucas – I was on my way out the door when Taro knocked on it… he came in here demanding to know details about Vii’s show… then I didn’t tell him and he hit me.. and he… he raped me Cayden… Taro raped me *crying*

Cayden – ……………………..

Deceit, Pageants, New friends, New Foes, Lesbians, Cheating, and now Rape? …………………Oh boy… looks like us Oracles will have our hands full. Goodnight my lovelies… until next time! I’ll be watching you!

This Concludes Book I of Magik City… 🙂

Thanks for reading Magik City Book I.  I really enjoyed writing it and Book II is planned. It will start AFTER the conclusion of BoysNGirls Season Two.. Here’s the new logo by the way. BoysNGirls Season Two… sooner than you think!

– ItzBee



  1. Sorry I’m late again. I was actually on vacation last week in Florida! Anyway, back to the point: WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!! YAY VIIIIIIIIII!! I’m happy for her. She deserved it over all those other catty girls :D. And what a beautiful pageant! I can tell you put a lot of work into it, the talents, everyone’s answers, Vii’s song! (which was amazing!). I can only imagine how long it took you to do all this. It came out great though. But wow there’s so many loose ends to tie up now! Chet’s being forced back into shady business, Mooi’s McKenzie’s shady girlfriend, and then Kyle pops up right when Chet and Brie are getting close!! And let’s not forget that Taro really IS a rapist?? :O Need more now lol. Oh, and I LOL’d at “She’s giving you bondage swim-meet realness” :D. Great finale!!

    1. Aww no need to apologize 😛 I hope you had a good vacation! got some nice rest and relaxation 🙂

      omg yeah I had to build that damn pageant lot lol. Then decorate it, and then give all the girls their looks etc. The 1 thing that I thought would be hard was getting all those sims on 1 lot at once. I thought for sure my game would lag, and or crash but nope.. it actually ran really smoothly.

      Yes ma’am… lots of interesting things to come with Magik City Book II. Vii is now Miss Magik City and perhaps her career is about to take off. Chet is involved in shady business again.. and its all because of The Mayor who is quite ruthless when the public isn’t looking. Lots of connections. McKenzie’s father/The Mayor is the big bad. Mooi works for him, but dates his daughter secretly.. I’ll confirm that The Mayor/Boss does not know about this relationship.

      Then we have Brie who… well she got herself in a bit of a pickle! And her HOT boyfriend Kyle showed up. (You’ll see alot of Kyle in BoysNGirls Season 2 btw) Last but certainly not least… Cayden, and Lucas’s bombshell. Taro forced himself on him… Hmm…. lol. What will Cayden do? Its going to be fun finding out.

      Book II of Magik City will continue the storylines of Book I however I’m thinking of doing it from a different perspective. Like in Book I the main’s were Brie, Chet, Cayden, and Vii. So In Book II I’m thinking maybe.. Mia, Taro, McKenzie, and Kilo. Maybe.. I haven’t 100% decided. I could end up just sticking with the first 4.. anyway enough about that.

      And yay finally we’re here on BoysNGirls season 2. I hope you like the logo 😀 I’ve actually finished pictures for the first part. The pairing are different and so is the order. Its now Jarrah & Jeep, then Kaori & Trey, then Frankie & Keegan (with the boys and girls alternating lead)

      What else… oh the first chapter is called “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir” lol thanks for reading/commenting. And check back for the start of BoysNGirls. Probably next week 🙂

  2. Yep, got lots of rest and ate too much food! Feel like I gained 10 pounds on this trip :p. Anyway, :O Your game didn’t lag with all those sims??? I refuse to believe it!! lol. But yeah, I’ll be looking forward to Book 2 of Magik City. I think it’s a good idea to do it from a different perspective. It’s always interesting seeing a story from a different character’s point of view! Plus I like Mia and would like to hear more about her and her love triangle lol. OMG OMG BoysNGirls is back next week!!!! *dances around the room*

    1. Lol I’m sure you still are fabulous with those almost 10 pounds 😛 btw Legend Of Korra season 2 is returning this week! I didn’t even realize it until I checked my cable guide.

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