Magik City {Book One} Pt. 4 “Now Get This Work”

{Book One}

Pt. 4

“Now Get This Work”

Hello my people! I’m so glad you’re back, and have decided to join me on yet another reading of………….Magicians Gone Mad! *laugh* but no in all seriousness… something tells me that things are about to get really interesting….. Lets start off with Chet… shall we?

Bobby – This is such a surprise.

Chet – Yeah…  you weren’t expecting to see me huh?

Bobby – Nope, our next meeting isn’t until another week from now.

Chet – I was in the neighborhood. Wanted to see how you were doing.

Bobby – I’m doing okay. How about you?

Chet – I met a girl…

Bobby – Really? That’s good!

Chet – Yeah she’s really cute… funny too.

Bobby – Does she know about… your past?

Chet – No… Also we’re not together…

Bobby – Oh why not?

Chet – She has a boyfriend… a long distance boyfriend.. in Bridgeport…

Bobby – I see…

Chet  – It just sucks because we have alot of chemistry and I know if he wasn’t in the picture that we’d be great for each other.

Bobby – When I met my wife she was dating Brian Lincoln.

Chet – Who?

Bobby – You don’t know him, he was the big jock on campus when I was in high school.

Chet – So you and your wife were high school sweethearts.

Bobby – Yeah… after she dated Brian Lincoln- goodness I hated him, anyway.. after she dated him and they broke up…. I made my move.

Chet – And you’ve been together ever since?…………so what you’re saying is.. its possible Brie and I.. we can be together?

Bobby – Yep…

Chet – Hmm…

Bobby – Me and Heather became one. We were super happy, and soon we had Lena- who’s a grown woman now *laugh* Makes me feel old. Then my two youngest Lana and Lance. A Full house…. All those kids.. An adult, a pre-teen, and a little boy…. I have no energy.

Chet – How’s the family doing?

Bobby – The wife is… distant….. Lena’s fine, she’s been running around getting ready for the MMC Pageant. Lana is becoming a teenage girl so… she’s driving me crazy trying to be like Lena. Then Lance.. he’s a fun little boy.. not a care in the world.

Chet – I couldn’t imagine having three kids..

Bobby – Technically two since Lena is about your age.

Chet – Oh… true.

Bobby – Still.. Its… hard….. ………… ……….. Can I be honest with you about something?

Chet – Sure Bobby…

Bobby – My wife hasn’t touched me in almost a year.

Chet – For fucks sakes…. that’s a long time.

Bobby – ….I….. I dealt with it for a while… then I met this… person online… she was nice to me…

Chet – I see…..

Bobby – Her name was Lisa.. Lisa Chang.. nice Asian woman….

Chet – Oh.. okay.

Bobby – Okay fine!

Chet – What?

Bobby – It was a tranny Chet………. a goddamn tranny…. I cheated on my wife with a tranny.

Lisa Chang is more like a dollar store cross dresser but.. whatever floats your boat Bobby

Chet – …………..No judgement.

Bobby – You’re a tranny chaser too?

Chet – Oh hell no, but I’m not judging you.

Bobby – I’m not gay Chet… I just… She was feminine and nice..

Chet – ……I get it… your wife isn’t showing affection and… things happened..

Bobby – I’m not gonna see Lisa again..

Chet – Good.

Bobby – I’m gonna go get a Coffee….

Chet – You don’t want a soda?

Bobby – Too much sugar.. I’m trying to quit them… I only keep the machine in here for when you stop by. I’ll be right back. If you don’t mind I’d like to talk about my homelife? I don’t really get to express these things.

Chet – Sure no problem.. I’ll just have a seat.. and wait for you.

Bobby – Thanks.

Chet – No problem.

Oh look everybody.. its Lena! How awkward is it that she and Chet are both in her dad’s office at the same time?

Lena – ………….What are you doing here?

Chet – I just wanted to check on your dad.. see how he was..

Lena – What? you guys friends now? please…

Chet – What do you want?

Lena – Who said I was here for you?

Chet – ……..Okay?

Lena – I’m on my way to meet McKenzie and Ashley at the gym.. today we hit the gym hard for the pageant.

Chet – That’s great.

Lena – …………..I …. I also wanted to check on my dad.

Chet – So you… you know?

Lena – About him and my mom not having sex or showing any affection?……………..yes. Why would he tell you?

Chet – Maybe he see’s me as a son?

Lena – He has a son..

Chet – You know what I mean.

Its sooooo obvious that Lena is madly in love with Chet. I think he cares alot for her too to be honest.

Staring contest much?

Lena – ………………………

Chet – ………………………..

Lena – I hate you.

Chet – No… you don’t. You love me…. and that’s the problem.

Lena – Who is that a problem for Chet? You or me?

Chet – For you… because while I care for you.. I don’t love you. I’m not into you…. I don’t want to be romantically involved with you.

Lena – Fuck you.

Chet – …………….Fine.. 

Lena – Fuck you Chet….  You don’t love me? I call bullshit.. and now you’re running around with some new girl? … a nameless girl…

Chet – Its none of your business who she is.

Brie’s his little secret……………and that’s how he’s gon’ keep it……… *laugh*

Lena – ….. You….. you’re doing this on purpose to hurt me.

She’s quite dramatic….

Chet – I’m not doing anything on purpose… I’m moving on, you need to do the same.

Lena – You know how often my dad ask if I know you?

Chet – It makes sense that he’s ask.. we’re the same age in the same city…

Lena – I always tell him “I’ve seen him around.. don’t really know him” I wonder what would happen to your little friendship if I told him the truth about you and I?

Chet – Don’t be stupid.. you do that and all of your secrets come out too… you wanna give the ol’ man a heart attack? You’re such a heartless bitch..

Lena – You made me this way…

Chet – Don’t blame me for your bad choices Lena…

Lena – I’m not going to say anything about us.. not because of you, but because my father is going through enough.

Chet – …………….

Lena – You really have no clue about how I feel do you?

Chet – I don’t really care.

Lena – There was a time when you did.

Chet – …………The past is the past.

Lena – You don’t get it! I can’t sleep.. I can’t eat… Its all because of you.

Chet – I guess you’ll be fitting into your dress and costumes just fine then huh? I really don’t care about any of this Lena. Now.. can we just not talk?- Oh second thought I’m going to leave. Tell your dad that I had a work emergency.

Lena – ………..Whatever.. *wipes tear from face* Do whatever you want.

She has it so bad for Chet….. It almost makes me feel sorry for her………. What’s wrong with me? I’m not supposed to have a heart…

Cayden – I have a heart Taro.. I couldn’t just ignore the text…

Taro – Well… it interupted the morning date I had planned for us… So excuse me if I’m pissed.

Cayden – Lucas is my roommate.. I can’t just not help him when in need.

Taro – He get’s himself into this shit, and you have to be the one to bail him out. Who get’s held captive at a motel?!

Cayden – Shhh! 

Taro – Ugh… I hate Lucas.. I had a whole morning planned for us…

Cayden – I’m sorry…..

Taro – Eh- its not your fault….

Cayden – Hey who have you been texting since we got here?

Taro – Chet… work stuff.

Cayden – Oh okay….. ugh where the hell are you Lucas?

So your roommate is being kidnapped at a motel, and you broke off breakfast plans with your not boyfriend? What a great morning you’re having Mr. Cayden Blake.



McKenzie : What’s the latest loverboy?

Taro : While driving he told me that Vii decided to do the pageant afterall…

McKenzie : I see… hmm.. anything else?

Taro : He, and Kitty Boxx dyed her hair last night.. she’s brunette now.

McKenzie : Does it look cute?

Taro : How the fuck would I know? I don’t even like girls…

McKenzie : Yeah but you’re like.. a gay guy.. your gay and asian.. you’re Gaysian.. lol 🙂

Taro : I’m not even into fashion you stupid bitch!

McKenzie : That wasn’t nice…. what If I started calling you “Rapist Taro”

Taro : ………..Sorry.

McKenzie – Its okay…. I have to get to the gym… let me know of any new developments.

Taro – ….Fine.



Wow…. Mckenzie isn’t joking around is she?… she usually get’s what she wants so I don’t know why this should come as a surprise to you. She’s kinda spoiled…

Taro – So… umm… do you have anything really.. umm.. planned?

Cayden – For what? my day?

Taro – Umm, no.. with Vii?

Cayden – Oh… yeah. Brie, and Kitty Boxx are helping me with her later tonight.. taking pictures. Brie’s that photographer girl.. we met when we both picked up our cars remember?

Taro – Oh…. her. Cool…. Any specific look you guys are going for?

Cayden – Its so odd that you’re all of a sudden interested in the MMC Pageant.

Taro – Its something you care about so I’m just taking interest.

Cayden – That’s kinda cute….

Or sneaky… Taro’s a better actor than I thought. Perhaps he should venture into a career of investigator. Excuse me for a minute people… I have something I need to take care of. Ciao for Now.

Cayden – I could be jumping the gun here, but… I’d like to think that this between you and I… it isn’t just… it’s not a game.

Taro – Its not.. I really like you Cayden.

Cayden – Good.. I really like you too- and I’m sorry that our plans got ruined. I just didn’t want Lucas to get hurt.. raped.. murdered?

Taro – Raped? He agreed to meet a complete stranger- excuse me.. WHITE MAN in a motel.. they were having sex regardless..  The only rape that would have happened would have been role playing.

Cayden – Rape is a serious thing Taro… you shouldn’t joke about that.

Taro – You’re right… my bad.

Cayden – I just wanted to be a good person, a good roommate and help my friend in need-

Taro – Oh here we go

Cayden – Excuse me? what’s THAT supposed to mean?

Taro – No! Here we go because its time for the dramatics.. Lucas is running out of the room.. barefoot at that..

Cayden – Oh?- *turns around* Lucas!- I mean Lisa! over here!

Lucas/Lisa – Shhhh!

Cayden – Are you okay? What happened?

Lucas/Lisa – Oh my god girl…

Cayden – ….

Taro – *rolls eyes*

Lucas/Lisa – So… I met him on craigslist.. and he was really sweet with a big cock.

Cayden – ………….ok.

Taro – Disgusting…

Lucas/Lisa – Why the hell are you even here? obsessed with me much? I’d never fuck you

Taro – Oh please.. If I wanted you I could have you… trust me.

Lucas/Lisa – No thank you, I’m here for the white menz only.

Cayden – What exactly happened Lucas?

Lucas/Lisa – So anyway I left last night when you were with Vii.. and I got here. He wasn’t here yet so I laid on the bed- being all sexy and submissive you know?

Cayden – ………..

Lucas/Lisa – So then he comes in with Tequila and Orange Juice. He was drinking and trying to convince himself to fuck me- get some of this pussy.

Taro – YUCK!

Cayden – …………..

Lucas/Lisa – So then he was drunk… was aggressive. Kept pulling my wig, and calling me faggot.. didn’t wanna let me leave.. but was hesitant with having sex. Then finally we ended up in the shower.. he put a condom on, but I convinced him to take it off.

Taro – …………

Cayden – Why wouldn’t he let you leave?

Lucas/Lisa – Well we did it in the shower, on the bed.. and he told me not to go anywhere and kept standing by the door.. I’ve never been more scared and turned on in my life.

Taro – ………..Sick.

Lucas/Lisa – He fell asleep-

Taro – Why the hell didn’t you leave then?

Lucas/Lisa – Cause he was so cute, and innocent when he was sleeping…

Cayden – What the fuck?

Taro – You’re a stupid bitch.. you know that?

Lucas/Lisa – Why are you always hatin’ on me? I think you want me! that’s the only explanation

Taro – Fuck you! you ruined our morning!

Lucas/Lisa – Can you please shut him up Cayden before he wakes up my kidnapper?

Cayden – Everyone just shut up and stop yelling.

Lucas/Lisa – Why is he always so mean and aggressive to me Cayden? I haven’t done anything to him.

Taro – You were rude as fuck when we first met… when you were with Bobby.

Lucas/Lisa – Oh whatever.

Taro – And you’re really racist against Asian’s

Lucas/Lisa – Oh whatever Just because I love White men doesn’t mean anything. As far as Asian Women go.. they all need to be shipped off to an island.. they think they rule the world and white men just LOVE them! SLAM SLAMS!

Taro – Yet you become an asian woman to have sex with white men

Lucas/Lisa – I can’t let them win

Taro – Mind…. equals… blown.

Cayden – Stop it guys!

Taro – Fine…. whatever…

Cayden – He’s upset because we had a morning planned.. well he had it planned. It was a morning date…

Lucas/Lisa – And I ruined it?

Cayden – I thought you were in danger so we rushed here…

Lucas/Lisa – Oh….

Taro – His ass wasn’t even in danger.. who watches their kidnapper sleep? What an idiot!

Lucas/Lisa – I could have died Taro! I would have been chopped up in a garbage bag if I attempted to leave

Taro – Oh please you said it yourself that he was cute and innocent so you stayed and watched him sleep like an idiot.

Lucas/Lisa – Girl please… hatin’ ass bitch.

Taro/Lisa – Can we leave?

Cayden – Yeah let’s get out of here…

Lucas/Lisa – SHOTGUN!

Taro – ………….

Cayden – Should we stop at McDonalds? I’m really hungry

Taro – Sure.. My treat… though technically we would have already ate if we didn’t have to save mr. tranny in distress here…

Lucas/Lisa – I’m gonna ignore that…. and yes Cayden I’d love some McDonalds.

Cayden – Well Taro said he’d treat us… so…..

Lucas/Lisa – Oh…. guess I’m not eating then-

Taro – I’m not rude… I said I was paying.. just don’t order hella shit…

Lucas/Lisa – I’m starving though

Taro – Didn’t get your fill of Semen and Stranger White Dick?

Lucas/Lisa – For your information I swallowed alot… that doesn’t mean I’m not hungry.

Cayden – Guys stop it.. stop fucking fighting like little kids…. 

Lucas/Lisa – ………….

Taro – This is gonna be a long drive home.

Oh look……….girls. At the gym. It must be hard to be a woman, with that being said Ayane is pretty cute. I see Vii has new hair, must be for the pageant- oh and Mooi is here.

Vii – They’re offering a new yoga class upstairs.

Mooi – ………………

Ayane – Oh I love yoga.

Vii – I don’t…. I’m not very flexible.

Mooi – ……………

Ayane – Maybe you learn flexibility?

Vii – Not in this lifetime.

Mooi – Weren’t you blonde?

Vii – Excuse me?

Mooi – I see you at the coffee shop.. you were blonde right?

Vii – Oh- yeah…

Ayane – She color it with Boxx Kitten, and Cayden.

*laugh* Did she just say Boxx Kitten? Too funny!

Vii – Kitty Boxx.. not boxx kitten..

Mooi – Why did you change your hair? if you don’t mind me asking.

Vii – Just because I thought that I-

Ayane – It for Miz Magik City pageant

Mooi – Oh that’s cool.. well I like it.

Vii – Thanks?………… and sheesh Ayane… you keep cutting me off

Ayane – Sorry Vii, I just very excite for you new look.

Vii – Enough about me… how’s things going with your whole record deal thing?

Ayane – I didn’t think you want to talk about such thing.

Vii – ………

Ayane – I figure you a little upset that it me and not you.. I don’t want you to hate me. You are my friend Vii.

Vii – I don’t hate you Ayane…. and sure I’m a little jealous but-

Ayane – Kilo and I officially a Duo…. we haven’t come up with a name yet…

Vii – I guess Mila Cox liked what she saw in Kilo.

Ayane – Yes, very much so.

Vii – Well I’m happy for you both… guess I better start looking for new roommates..

Ayane – Oh! No. We live with you. We are roommate. You don’t need replace us *smiles*

Vii – *smiles*

Ayane – You pretty, and talent. You are going to make it in music Vii. I just know it.

You know….Ayane seems really nice. She and Vii could possibly have a really strong friendship if they let it happen. Vii’s very standoffish so far… so good luck with that.

Vii – Thanks Ayane.. that means alot.


Vii – What the hell?

Ayane – Is Gym full?

Look who it is.. its 3P… Popular Pretty People. Working out for the pageant I’d imagine. They all have great bodies to be honest, man I feel like a perv.

Vii – Not exactly …….

Lena – What makes you think I can’t win this year?

McKenzie – Because I’m going to win… 

Ashley – Hey guys I’m a contender as well… okay?

McKenzie – You’re Pylean…. So… good luck with that.

Ashley – That’s rude

Lena – She’s right.. I’ve never seen a Pylean win the MMC Pageant.

Ashley – This town is racist.

McKenzie – Your stupid is showing Ashley.

Ashley – What?

McKenzie – Its not racism for fucks sakes….. Its just…. well I don’t know what it is.

Lena – What McKenzie’s trying to say is… Its called The Miss Magik City Pageant.. why would someone not born in Magik City win?

Ashley – So…. that Vii chick, and I….. we have zero chance?

McKenzie – You’ll probably come in third or something… mainly because you’re friends with Lena and I.

Ashley – Wonderful…………….

Lena – *laugh*

What Lena and McKenzie said is true… Its never happened before so good luck to Ashley, Vii, and whomever else who’s trying to win. If you’re not Magik City born… prepare for one of those participation ribbons.

McKenzie – Speaking of Vii……… turns out she’s doing the pageant afterall.. and she’s brunette now.

Lena – Excuse that bitch? I’m Brunette!

Ashley – Glad I’m a redhead.

McKenzie – Yeah………………a bottle Redhead.

Ashley – You can be such a bitch McKenzie.

McKenzie – I love you too Ash.

Lena – How do you know she’s brunette? and-

Ashley – When did you find out she’s doing it? 

McKenzie – I have a source…………..a spy.

Ashley – Who?


McKenzie – I’m not telling! A girl is a valuable as her secrets my dear.

That would make you the rarest diamond of them all wouldn’t McKenzie?

Lena – Why would she even join the pageant in the first place? She’s so fucking ugly.

Ashley – *laugh* That’s so mean… but true.. she looks like a roach.

McKenzie – Guys stop being so harsh!………..Lets not compare her to roaches… They don’t deserve that.

Lena & Ashley – *laughing*

Girls can be so vicious…

Ayane – Oh yes. I love muffin from cafe.

Mooi – I’m always there. This cute guy recommended the lemon bars.. they were delicious

Ayane – Oh I must try lemon bar. Next time I go.

Mooi – Yeah that shit was good.

Ayane – Do you like music?

Mooi – I love music.. I feel like in another life I had my own band.

Ayane – What would you name it?

Mooi – I don’t know?………..Mooi and the Cheetahs?

Ayane – Why Chettah

Mooi – I usually wear animal prints.. and Cheetah’s are my favorite animals.. they’re so fast and agile

Ayane – Cool. I have music.. you interested?

Mooi – Sure.

Ayane – Okay I will send you music. Can I haves email?

Mooi – Umm.. sure its

Ayane – Ok, I hook you up.


McKenzie – I can’t wait for the pageant.. my dress is gorgeous.

Lena – Is Mr. Elite coming?

Ashley – Yeah we can finally meet your big spender.

McKenzie – Who know’s ladies.. he’s a very important man so…. perhaps.

Lena – I have a good feeling about the pageant this year.. I think I have this in the bag.

McKenzie – Always the runner up never the winner darling.

Ashley – You know what? I’m going to do my best… It may be time for a Pylean to win the MMC Pageant.

McKenzie – Love the positive attitude Ash, but its not gonna happen.

Lena – So….. Are we going to sabotage Vii?

McKenzie – I haven’t decided yet.

Ashley – What’s the point of having the spy if not to use what he or she says?

McKenzie – Well It just lets us plan accordingly.. plus…. I may be a bitch but I do like to win by playing fair.

Lena – Its not really fair if you know everything she’s doing.. and planning around it.

McKenzie – ………………Oh shut up Lena.

Lena – Just saying.

Ashley – So we’re not ruining Vii?… like.. how boring.

McKenzie – The bitch is ugly, and socially retarded…. she’ll hang herself. Lets just take what we know and plan around it..

Lena – Lets go upstairs for yoga

McKenzie – Umm… okay sure..

Ashley – Okay lets.


Vii – Ayane my stomach hurts..

Ayane – Period time?

Vii – Umm.. no must have been that vegan breakfast sandwich I had earlier.. I need to go home

Ayane – No workout?

Vii – No.. can we please just go home?

Ayane – You must really be pain. You cry? you look like cry?

Mooi – …………..I have some meds if its your period.

Vii – Thanks, but I rather just get home.

Ayane – Okay let go.

Man….. Vii’s letting those girls intimidate her.. that sucks. I hate seeing people get bullied…… get it together cabbage patch. You got a pageant to win… or lose.

Brie – Ugh come on Kyle.. why aren’t you answering my text….

I don’t know.. maybe because he’s cheating on you with some chick in Bridgeport? I mean do you really think this long distance thing can…………….go the distance? Lets be serious for a minute…. one of you will cheat. I just wonder if it will be him with a woman in Bridgeport, or you…. with Chet.

Mia -Knock Knock

Brie – Oh hey Mia, come on in.

Mia – My room looks a mess compared to yours.

Brie – *laughs*

Mia – No wonder Molly likes it in here. She looks really comfortable on your bed.

Brie – I think she likes me.

Mia – What are you doing?

Brie – Getting ignored by Kyle.. he’s not answering my texts… so now I’m looking at random videos on youtube…

Mia – Other than that are you busy?

Brie – Not for another 20minutes.

Mia – Oh yeah you’re going to help Cayden.

Brie – Yeah, but what’s up? did you wanna talk or something?

Mia – Yes.

Brie – Alright grab a seat- well.. bed *laugh*

Brie – So….. what did you wanna talk about?

Mia – Umm… I have a secret… and I’ve been keeping it for a while.

Brie – Okay…..

Mia – Its become increasingly harder to hide since your arrival.

Brie – ……….Hmmm

Mia – But at the same time… I do feel like I’m… I wanna tell someone and you’re the ONLY person I could tell.

Brie – You can tell me whenever you’re comfortable.. it doesn’t have to be today.

Mia – I’m ready now………………if you’re ready to listen.

Brie – Okay *smiles*

Mia – So…. I’m seeing someone…

Brie – …………okay….

Mia – Its not a girl if that’s what you’re thinking.

Brie – I wasn’t thinking that.

Mia – Everyone thinks I’m a lesbian.

Brie – Why?

Mia – I have no idea. They think I’m a cat lady who’s a lesbian…

Brie – People are mean.

Mia – Yeah well…  *sigh* I don’t…. I don’t want you to look at me differently, and I-

Brie – Mia… if we’re being honest… I………..I already know what you’re about to tell me.

Mia – That’s impossible-

Brie – Don’t say anything till I’m done okay? 

Mia – Umm.. okay?

Brie – The day when you got that phone call I knew something was up.. so I hid by the stairs and listened to your conversation. You were talking to someone inviting them over. The next morning I pretended to go to Wonder-Mart but really parked the car down the street. I snuck back here and looked through the window.. I saw you… and …. him. I got caught too.. Vii saw me and asked was I a peeping tom before I explained that I lived here.

Mia – ……………………………She didn’t see anything did she?

Brie – No…

Mia – …………

Brie – I told her we had a bet, and she assumed it was about you eating ice cream.. diets or something.. so I panicked and went with it.

Mia – She think’s I’m a fatass?-

Brie – Sorry! I just went with it.. I didn’t know what else to say or do and she was looking at me.. with those judgey eyes!……..I’m sorry I was eavesdropping…

Mia – …………..Its okay… as long as you promise to never do it again.

Brie – I promise. I felt horrible afterwards.

Mia – Apology accepted.

Brie – You know what- replaying it in my head again I may have been the one who suggested it was Ice Cream-

Mia – Its okay Brie *laugh*

Brie – Are you sure?

Mia – Yes…. I love Ice Cream *laugh*

Brie – Okay….*smiles*…………So umm… he has a girlfriend.

Mia – He’s breaking up with her tonight.

Brie – Well good…

Mia – I felt like a homewrecker

Brie – It seems like a complicated situation.

Mia – Yeah.. I mean he wanted to leave her anyway and we couldn’t wait. It was like I was Olivia Pope, and he was Fitzgerald Grant.

Brie – Who?

Mia – You don’t watch Scandal?

Brie – No? should I be watching Scandal?

Mia – Yes Brie……….Yes… you should.

Brie – Okay maybe later? when I get back?

Mia – Yay.. I’ll make some popcorn balls! with nutella drizzle! nom nom nom- God I’m so fat!

Brie – Oh whatever you’re fine. Besides Ashton seems to like it. *smiles*….. I’m glad you told me.

Mia – Even though you already knew….. *laugh*

Brie – I should get going to Cayden’s.

Mia – Okay.

Brie – Do you wanna come?

Mia – I’d love to but I’m giving Molly a bath, and then doing some laundry. Then I’ll make those popcorn balls with nutella drizzle- Oooh! I’ll also add a caramel drizzle.

Brie – Sounds tasty!

Mia – ……Wanna start hitting the gym together?

Brie – Umm sure I’d love to.

Mia – We’ll talk more about it later.. anyway drive safe. I love you!

Brie – Love you too Mia.

Sorry for the step away… None of the oracles were available for commentary.. but.. I’m here now. Cute little moment between Brie and Mia huh? She sure loves food… no wonder she’s so fat. Anyway.. Looks like Brie made her way to Cayden’s place- Oh my.. Vii’s all dressed up… interesting.

Kitty Boxx – Then Stebbie J got attacked by Joseline and Mimi was laughing her ass off and I’m like you weak bitch!

Cayden – Oh my god I need to see that!

Brie – Hey guys sorry I’m late.. it was a car accident on the way here.. someone ran into a street light.

Kitty Boxx – What’s good girl!

Cayden – Hey Brie *smiles*

Kitty Boxx – So anyway Cayden.. what you think about Kirk being turnt up at the lake with Benzino no neck ass?

Cayden – Girl Bye! Benzino shaped like a coca cola can!

Brie – *looks at Vii* I’m lost.

Vii – They’re in the zone…

Brie – What are they talking about?

Vii – Something called a VH1 Love and Hip Hop?

Brie – Oh! Mia watches that.

Vii – Oh….

Kitty Boxx – The reunion is tonight and I hope Joseline beat’s Mimi’s stupid lookin’ ass

Cayden – Mimi is a wack bitch to be honest.. she still on the stebbie j bus and she know’s it.

Kitty Boxx – You know Basketball Wives is returning soon right?

Cayden – I hope its full of drama I don’t want no happy hugfest type shit…


Brie – You look gorgeous!

Vii – Thank’s peeping tom.

Brie – Hey!

Vii – Just kidding…. How’s the ice cream bet going? Mia give in yet?

Brie – Umm no.. she’s actually planning on hitting the gym soon. Asked me if I wanted to join. You should come with us.

Vii – You think I’m fat?

Brie – No no I’m just trying to be your friend and-

Vii – I’m joking.

Brie – Oh okay… 

Vii – Sure I’d love to go to the gym with you guys.

Brie – I’ll let her know. Love the dress by the way…

Vii – Yeah.. Its not really something I’d pick out but I actually like it. Cayden says it will go good with the photo’s- you bring your camera?

Brie – Its over there…

Vii – Cool…

Cute how all Brie wants to do is make friends…. awwwwwwwww isn’t she SO adorable. VOMIT.


Kitty Boxx – You think she looks okay?

Cayden – She’s a little stiff and uncomfortable but.. I think its just nerves… she’ll be okay.

Kitty Boxx – She looked like a scary doll before we fixed her makeup.

Cayden – She’s actually kinda cute under all of that dark makeup.

Kitty Boxx – I agree! You gonna hit that?

Cayden – Bitch I’m gay! what the fuck?

Kitty Boxx – Oh yeah girl! I forgot!


Vii – I need to tell you something……………… You can’t tell anyone including Cayden…… can’t even tell Mia.

Brie – Okay?……..I promise it stays between you and I.

Vii – I was at the gym earlier and overheard McKenzie, Lena, and Ashley talking about me. McKenzie said she has a spy that is telling her about all my pageant ideas…

Brie – What? That’s crazy.

Vii – I think its her……….

Brie – Who?

Vii – Kitty Boxx……… She likes to talk alot…. I know its her.

You’re an idiot Vii………Its not her, its Cayden’s boyfriend you dumbfuck.

Brie – Oh my god… why would she help those mean girls?

Vii – Because she’s a desperate wannabe.

Brie – Hmm….

Cayden – You girls ready?!

Vii – Yep!

Brie – Let me grab my camera!

Is it just me or does Brie look like a snapping turtle here? I mean she sorta looks like Kermitt The Frog…

Kitty Boxx –  *raps* Cay’ I ain’t worried bout nothin’ Brie I ain’t worried bout nothin’ Vii I ain’t worried bout nothin’ *dances*

Brie – *laugh*

Cayden – Girl did you smoke crack on your way here?

Brie – Oh my god you do drugs Kitty?

Cayden – I was joking Brie

Brie – Oh! I’m sorry Kitty!

Kitty Boxx – Its all good.. I’m super turnt up!

Vii – ……….

Cayden – A little less tight in the face Vii….

Vii – I’m not a model

Brie – Do you watch tv?

Vii – Of course

Brie – Copy what those Victoria Secret girls do… except less slutty.

She can barely be appealing to the eye, and you want her to copy victoria secret commercials? Really Brie?

Brie – Perfect!

Kitty Boxx – TURN UP!

Cayden – Kitty you’re so extra right now.

Kitty Boxx – That’s How I Be Errr Day All Day!

Cayden – Obviously

Brie – Yes Vii Yes! Tilt your body right just a lit- yes! 

Kitty Boxx – So what’s the plan for the pageant? like what colors is she wearing? is she gonna sing?

Vii – Wow you want to know ALL the details huh Kitty?

Kitty Boxx – Yep! Leggo!

Brie – Lego’s? why are we talking about Lego’s?

Cayden – No.. not Lego’s… Leggo’! which is like saying Let’s Go.. in slang.

Brie – Ooooh! Duh!

Vii – Why do you need to know everything Kitty?

Kitty Boxx  – I’ve always been a curious kat! I’m just trying to be one of the team you know what I meanz?!

Cayden – Why are you grilling her Vii? She’s helping up.. she did your makeup!

The funny thing is.. Kitty Boxx may be extra and loud.. but she’s one of the nicest people here in Magik City.. she’s loyal too. Vii’s barking up the wrong tree…

Brie – I think Vii’s just nervous.. RIGHT VII?

Vii – ………….Right! *smiles* Sorry Kitty…

Brie – *nods at Vii*

Kitty Boxx – Its gravy baby! So are you going to sing?

Vii – …………..If you must know I wrote a song last night specifically for the pageant

Brie – Awesome!

Kitty Boxx – Turn Up!

Brie – Why do you keep-

Cayden – It mean’s Hype.. like get excited, get hype.. 

Brie – I seriously need to learn the slang. I’m such Fail

Cayden – No you’re anything by a failure. These pictures are going to look great! I’m going to post it on my facebook!

For Vii’s sake I sure hope this little glam team works out. I mean she’s not an ugly girl.. she actually looks alot better than I initially thought. As for if I think she stands a chance in the pageant?………………..No. I don’t. I’m not going to try and stop her though. Maybe its good that she’s putting herself out there… maybe.

{1Hr Later}

Taro – You don’t have cable?!

Chet – No…. do you want cable? I’ll call them in the morning to hook it up.

Taro – If I’m going to be living here I’m going to need NBA TV.. I need the sports package!

Chet – How long are you going to be here again? not that I mind.

Taro – The pipe flooded everything in my apartment so… for a few months?

Chet – Ah, okay.

Taro – Thanks again…. you didn’t have to let me stay with you.

Chet – You know you’re my bestfriend… Its all good. I’ll get cable tomorrow.

Taro – Good!

Chet – Wow!

Taro – What?

Chet – I’m on Cayden’s facebook page

Taro – You’re friends with him on facebook?

Chet – Yeah.

Taro – Cool

Chet – Look at what he just posted!

Taro – *reading the screen* “Miss Magik City 2013… “The Everygirl” Vii Santiago”

Chet – She looks great huh? Brie took the picture it says.. she’s so talented.

Taro – You’re so into her…

Chet – Whatever- dude its awesome what Cayden is doing. Helping Vii like this.. its great huh?

Wow that’s a really nice picture… also I like the idea of her being an Everygirl. Sounds familiar though.. I’m pretty sure that’s something that Carter City is doing these days.. whatever the case… it works for Vii since she’s born and raised in CCity. Who knew her tits were so big?

Taro – Yep- mmm hmm.. 

Chet – I’m going to leave a comment. : “She looks great… she has my vote Cayden.. also Brie did great with the picture…”

Taro – I need to make a phone call…

Time to call McKenzie? or Cayden?…. poor little spy

Chet – Cool…

*cell rings*

Chet – Did you just call me?

Taro – No idiot.. I’m calling someone else..

Chet – Oh- then who’s calling me? *checks caller I.D.* I’m gonna take this outside

Taro – Alright…

Chet – What?

HIM – That’s not a proper greeting Chet.

Chet – Why are you calling me?

HIM – How are you?

Chet – Well………………..Not in Jail.

HIM – Well obviously.

Chet – ……… What do you want?



Taro – Hey… I- I didn’t know they were doing the photoshoot thing..

McKenzie – Whatever.. you need to get it together Taro before everyone finds out your little secret.

Taro – I promise I’ll get more info.. I’ll go over there right now and-

McKenzie – You’re so much fail you know that?

Taro – …….. Cayden didn’t tell me about the photoshoot.. or about Brie and Kitty Boxx helping.

McKenzie – I believe you.. you sound desperate..

Taro – …………….Do you want me to go to Cayden’s?

McKenzie – Yes.. go over there and stay with him.

Taro – ……….Fine… but… you should know something. I really like Cayden, and I’m not using him for anything. I want to be with h-

McKenzie – I don’t give a shit.  Gotta go. Bye! *hangs up*

Taro – ………..fucking bitch.

HIM – Are you there Chester?

Chet – Don’t call me that…..

HIM – Do you know why I’m calling?

Chet – No.

HIM – I want a meeting.

Chet – Not gonna happen.

HIM – I want to talk to you.. you don’t have to bring Lena or Taro- well you can bring Taro if you want.

Chet – No.

HIM – That new girl you like…. Brie Anderson? She’s pretty.

Chet – Leave her out of this!

HIM – I will… she won’t be involved… if you agree to a meeting.- Though………….I’m not really asking. I’m telling you that we have a meeting.

Chet – I don’t wanna-

HIM – I’ll see you tomorrow.. not like you really wanna be at that pageant anyway…

Chet – …………..

HIM – You don’t really have a choice, besides what’s the harm in seeing me?……

Chet – …………

HIM – Fine don’t say anything. Just get your ass here tomorrow.*laugh* … Bye Chester.

Chet – …………………….Bye.

Sorry for remaining silent during that little exchange. I’m a little speechless… I don’t really know what to say. The Pageant is tomorrow, Taro’s doing McKenzie’s dirty work. Mia’s with Ashley’s boyfriend, Chet has to meet with someone who sounds scary….. Tomorrow is going to be… explosive. Kisses, Goodnight bitches.

<<<<<To Be Concluded>>>>>

{~*Book One Finale Up Next*~}


  1. Noooooooo it can’t be over already!! Oh well it’ll be exciting to see what happens in the next part. It’s finally pageant time!! DUN DUN DUN. I hope Vii wins; it’ll give her some confidence. Also none of those other b words deserve it :p. McKenzie is the worst, taking advantage of Taro like that. I’m sure Cayden wouldn’t be too happy if he found out. Now the question is, who was Chet talking to???

    1. Yep! Part Five|Finale is next…….. I went all out for the pageant! The pictures came out way better than I thought they would. I love it, and cannot wait for you to see it!. Sooooooo Many surprises! I’m excited to post it!

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