Magik City {Book One} Pt. 3 “You Still Mad About That Girl?”

{Book One}

Pt. 3

“You Still Mad About That Girl?”

Good morning  people. I’m glad you could join me for my voyeur-riffic ways. I mean I am the Oracle after all… This is what I do. Speaking of doing.. things with Cayden and Taro have certainly escalated quickly…..

Cayden – *yawn* Oh my god….

Taro – What time is it?

Cayden – 9 somethin’

Taro – Is your head pounding as much as mine?

Cayden – Probably worse.. I had more to drink than you.

Taro – True… Fuck….

Cayden – What? do you regret last night?

Taro – What is there to regret?

Cayden – Well we’re in our underwear… so… clearly…

Obviously…1+1 usually equals 2.

Taro – So?… things got a little wild.. its all good.

Cayden – No.. that we.. you know.. had sex.

Taro – *wipes face & laughs* Oh… trust me Cayden.. if we had sex I’d remember …

Cayden – Are you saying we didn’t?

Taro – Are you saying you remember us having sex?

Cayden – Well.. no but I just assumed since we had alot to drink and we’re in our underwear….

Taro – You really don’t remember much do you? You would swear someone drugged you.

Cayden – Funny… And no.. I remember drinking.. laying on the bed and we were talking and making out.. then.. it all went blank.

Taro – We talked about our hopes and dreams. You fell asleep. I took your shorts off, put you in the blanket. I figured I’d stay so I did the same thing for myself. Which is why we’re in our undies…

Cayden – And the reason my ass hurts?

Taro – *laughing* You kept smacking it and saying it was fat.

Cayden – That sounds like me..

Taro – You were so funny last night..

Cayden – Well that makes sense.. better than you drugging me.

Taro – Ha ha.. not funny.

Cayden – I know you’d never.. you don’t have to.. I think its obvious that I’m into you.

Taro – *smiles* I’m into you too…

Oh I bet you are. You’re probably a little upset that you weren’t physically in him. *laugh*

Cayden – Do you want some food? I can’t really cook. I’m good at Salad and Scrambled eggs…. so take your pick.

Taro – I don’t think we should be eating anything like that considering the hangover…

Cayden – True.. I’ll have a fruit smoothie or something.. want one?

Taro – I wish I could stay but I can’t.

Cayden – Why?

Taro – Gotta work.

Cayden – Oh okay.. well don’t worry about sneaking out.. I don’t care if Lucas see’s you. He’s a slut anyway.. so I don’t care if this looks like a walk of shame.

Taro – Even though we didn’t have sex.

Cayden – Right.

Taro – Well that’s great but last night when we were drinking, Lucas- I mean Lisa Chang left for a date remember?

Cayden – Wow.. last night really is fuzzy.

Taro – You should take it easy today.

Cayden – Yeah I think I’m gonna just stay home and relax.

Taro – I’ll call you later.

Cayden – Okay…. Actually let me walk you down.

Taro – In your underwear?

Cayden – Eh who cares.. *laugh*

Taro – Alright.. well walk me down…

Cayden – While I don’t need my pants.. you need yours silly..

Taro – Oh right. I think my hat and gloves are in the living room.

Cayden – Already leaving your shit all over my place eh?

Taro – *laugh*

Isn’t this sweet.. we’re witnessing a love blossom before our very eyes.

Ginger – …………

Taro – Well thanks for walking me down.. though technically its more like riding me down since we took the elevator.

Cayden – No problem.

Taro – I had fun with you…

Cayden – I had fun with you… Sorry I fell asleep…

Taro – Its okay.. it was kinda cute….

Cayden – Can we do this again?

Taro – Get drunk and fall asleep together? Yeah.. hell yeah.

Cayden – Good….

Taro – Just let me know whenever you want me..

Cayden – Okay… deal.. as long as you let me know when you want me.. I can come over your place too..

Taro – *smiles*

Ginger – …………

Cayden – Ugh my landlord Ginger is behind you.. probably judging us with her racist eyes..

Taro – *laugh* She’ll probably tell McKenzie she saw us.. then McKenzie will tell everyone we’re homosexual sluts.

Cayden – I keep forgetting Ginger’s her mom.. both snooty bitches.. makes sense.

Taro – Well…let me get out of here.

Cayden – Don’t work too hard..

Taro – I won’t… Call you later.

Cayden – Bye.

Ten bucks says he never calls again *laugh*

Cayden – ……………

Ginger – ……………

Cayden – Hello Mrs. Winterhaven

Ginger – Mr. Blake.

Cayden – Having a good morning?

Ginger – Its as well as it could be.

Cayden – …..

Ginger – I’m clearly not having as good of a morning as you.

Cayden – I didn’t-

Ginger – Don’t wear your panties in the lobby Mr. Blake.

Cayden – Briefs okay.. not panties.

Ginger – Whatever.

Cayden – We can’t all wear fur coats in the summer.

Ginger – Jealousy is not very becoming of you… work on that. Also Rent is due next week.

Cayden – ……………..

Ginger – How’s that new roommate of your’s working out? He’s asian right? You seem to like Asian…

Cayden – Okay yes Lucas is Asian.. he’s fine. Taro is Asian too.. he’s fine. I have two different relationships with them.. one is friends, one is a little more.

Ginger – Obviously.

Speaking of being obvious. who is Brie fooling?… well I guess Mia. She told Mia that she had the meeting with the Boxx family for the job at Wonder-Mart today. Yet… she’s hiding on the side of the house. Guess she really wants to know who’s bumping uglies with Mia eh?….. I Know who it is. I actually found out yesterday… I won’t spoil it.. Its better if you see for yourself.

Brie – You got this Brie. She think’s you’re at Wonder-Mart… your car is parked down the street. Ninja skills?…………Check. Now who are you hiding Mia? who’s the mystery guy… I need to know.. why am I being so nosy? Sheesh Brie… who are you? a detective now?

Mia – Are you comfortable?

??? – Aren’t you hospitable

Mia – Anything for my babe.

Brie – Awww….. That’s nice.

Mia – Ashton?

Ashton – Yes?

Mia – I feel bad…

Ashton – I’m breaking up with Ashley tonight. Don’t feel bad…. she pushed me away to be honest. It made me lonely.. I’m glad too. I ended up on that chatroom and…

Mia – And we…. happened…. *smiles*

Ashton – I think you’re an amazing woman.

Mia – Not many guys have said things like that to me…

Ashton – Oh whatever…

Mia – I’m serious. I’ve always been fat and… geeky.

Ashton – I like you for you. I’ve dated every type of girl….. you’re a breath of fresh air.

Mia – Ah.. so you know once you go fat you never go back right? *laugh*

Ashton – You’re silly. Come here…

Mia – *smiles*


Brie – Ashton?….. hmm.. well I’m new so I have no idea who that is.. but interesting.

Brie – Oh shit.

Vii – Hey!

Brie – Umm.. Yeah?

Vii – You over there! what are you doing?!

Brie – Keep your voice down!

Someone just got caught. *laugh* Anyway…. I’m off to work people. I know you didn’t expect me to sit around narrating this whole thing did you? I’ll be around for the juicy stuff though. Until then.. peace love and happiness…

Vii – What the hell are you doing? are you some kind of peeping tom?

Brie – What?

Vii – A Voyeur!

Brie – What? no.

Vii – Why are you looking into that house?!

Brie – Shhh! stop it! keep your voice down please.

Vii – No I will not keep my voice down I’m calling the-

Brie – I live there- here… this is my house.

Vii – No… this is Mia and Molly the cat’s home….

Brie – I’m her roommate. I’m Brie…

Vii – Oh right.. Kilo did say Mia’s old friend was moving in..

Brie – That would be me.

Vii – I’m Vii….

Brie – Nice to meet you Vii.

Vii – So if that’s your place.. why were you snooping around?

Brie – Its a long story….

Vii – …………….

Brie – Umm.. I have a bet with Mia.. wanted to see if she’d-

Vii – What’s the bet if you don’t mind me asking?

Brie – Umm… its… Ice cream.

Vii – She’s on a diet or something?

Brie – Yes. Now I need to get out of here before she see’s me.

Vii – Gotcha…. well nice meeting you.. even though it was under odd circumstances.

Brie – *talking really fast* nice meeting you too, gotta run.

Vii – What a weird girl…. like who does that? Whatever the case.. should I go home or grab coffee first?… and here I am talking to myself again.

I feel like this girl is so weird. Something isn’t right about her. You thought I was at work?…………………….Oh…. ha. That wasn’t me going to work.. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m not the only Oracle….. *laugh* you have no idea really… its quite hilarious when I think about it.. 

Chet – How was your night?

Taro – ….It was fun.

Chet – You didn’t get yourself into any shit did you?

Taro – Chet….

Chet – You behaved?

Taro – What are you my dad?

Chet – Just looking out for you man… I have been ever since I found you-

Taro – Stealing food from Wonder-Mart.. yeah… lets not go down memory lane. I don’t wanna be reminded of my homeless days…

Chet – You and I need to be reminded of bad times.. so we stay on a straight paths.

Taro – …..I had an innocent night with Cayden.

Chet – The gay guy?

Taro – Yes……

Chet – You’re gay? Why haven’t you told me?!

Taro – Very funny.. you just wanna bring up that incident when we were living together.

Chet – You mean you and the gay porn? *laugh*

Taro – Dude shut up…

Chet – *laugh* You were so red!

Taro – Anyone would be red being caught

Chet – In all seriousness though… I’m glad you and Cayden had a good night. Did he put out?

Taro – ………….no. We didn’t have sex. We just talked.

Chet – Ah

Taro – Speaking of talking……… have you and Lena talked since she popped up at your place the other night?

Chet – No, and I’m not planning on talking with her. She’s so fake.. look at her.

Taro – If her friends only knew who she really was….


McKenzie – So I have everything ready for the pageant. How is everything coming along for you guys?

Ashley – I have a few ideas. Things are starting to fall in order. Only thing is Ashton. He’s being so weird. He claims that I’ve changed since becoming friends with you guys. Can you believe that shit?

McKenzie – You need to get your man on a leash. If you’ve changed, its for the better.

Ashley – He needs to get it together and stop it with the attitude.

McKenzie – What about you Lena… how are things?

Lena – ………….

Ashley – Hello?! LENA!

Lena – What?

McKenzie – Nevermind. Goodness you can’t even be bothered to pay attention to your friends?

Ashley – Ridiculous.

Lena – I have personal issues.

McKenzie – Like your period?

Ashley – *laughing* That would explain alot…

Mooi – ……………

Chet – ….. What?

Taro – I’m just looking at her, and then you… its so funny that you two-

Chet – You know how she is when she isn’t with them…

Taro – Do you still love her?

Chet – ……No.

Taro – Yeah.. alright big guy…

Chet – It doesn’t matter. I’ve moved on…

Taro – Oh yeah.. with little miss Brie. Did you tell her you like her yet?

Chet – No.

Taro – What?

Mooi – ……….

Chet – She has a boyfriend.

Taro – Here?

Chet – Nope.. Bridgeport…

Taro – Long Distance? pfft… you win.

Chet – I don’t wanna be a homewrecker…

Taro – Speaking of which.. did I tell you I saw Bobby Darwin with his pants down?

Chet – What?!

Taro – *Whispers* Cayden’s roommate is a tranny and Bobby was fucking her at Cayden’s place.

Chet – *laugh* Are you serious?!

Taro – It was hella funny… don’t say anything about it though.

Chet – I won’t….. So Lena’s dad… Magik City Church’s Pastor…. My Parole Officer… he’s a tranny chaser… *laugh*

Mooi – ……….

McKenzie – Guys.. you see that guy over there?

Lena – Chet?

Ashley – …..

McKenzie – No the other one… Taro.

Lena – What about him?

Ashley – Are you doing him?

McKenzie – Ew… no. I prefer someone with class and status. You guys know I’m seeing-

Lena – Mr. Elite.

McKenzie – Right.

Ashley – When are we going to know his real name? I’m sick of calling him Mr. Elite.

McKenzie – In due time.

Lena – Will we be meeting him?

McKenzie – Perhaps.

Ashley – What is he like?-

McKenzie – Before we talk about Mr. Elite. I wanted to tell you guys what my mother told me. She said she saw that Taro guy coming out of the elevator with that youtube guy Cayden Blake. Cayden was in his underwear. How slutty!

Ashley – They did anal.

Lena – Well they sure as hell didn’t do vaginal Ashley…

McKenzie – Gay guys are such whores.

Ashley – ….

Lena – That’s kinda rude….

McKenzie – Whatever.


Taro – I feel like they’re looking at me. Are they looking at me?

Chet – Yep…

Taro – Fuck those bitches…

Chet – My thoughts exactly. I’m gonna go get a muffin, want anything?

Taro – Eh, get me a water. I’m a little thirsty.

Chet – Sucking dick usually does that to the mouth I hear.

Taro – Ha Ha very funny.

McKenzie – Taro?

Taro – Can I help you?

McKenzie – I just want you to know I love the gays.

Taro – Cool………………………………………………………….Can I help you?

McKenzie – Well I want your vote for Miss Magik City. So I just thought you should know I think you homosexuals are amazing. I love you guys.

Taro – That’s great McKenzie……………….

McKenzie – So you’re dating Cayden?

Taro – What?


Ashley – What’s your problem Lena? You’ve been so weird.

Lena – I’m just going through some stuff.. it seems like…. I just feel like I’m fine and then IT pops up and I’m upset again.

Ashley – What is it? Is it a guy?

Lena – ……

Ashley – What guy?

Lena – Its- Its not a guy…. It’s my family stuff…

Ashley – Oh…. is everything okay?

Lena – …..Don’t wanna talk about him right now.

Ashley – Him?!

Lena – Oh! umm.. my- my dad… yeah.

Ashley – Oh.

Lena – So…. you and Ashton….

Ashley – Yeah……

Lena – I’m sorry for McKenzie’s comments by the way…

Ashley – What comment?

Lena – The homophobic stuff.

Ashley – ……

Lena – I know you and your boyfriend are both bisexual.

Ashley – Shhh!

Lena – Nobody heard me.

Ashley – I told you that in confidence…

Lena – We all have secrets Ash…..

Ashley – …..Yeah… clearly you have to lie about your family to protect yours.

Lena – How did you know?

Ashley – I come from Pylea… I know when something is shady and someone is lying…

Lena – ….I-

Ashley – I’m sure you’ll tell me when you’re comfortable.

Lena – *smiles*


Chet – Can I get a chocolate chip muffin, and a water bottle.

Knox – For here or to go?

Chet – Here.

Mooi – ………………

Knox – You know… you’re always here…. do you wanna order anything?

Mooi – I’m waiting for someone, but sure.. you got lemon bars?

Knox – One lemon bar coming up.

Chet – Those are pretty good..

Mooi – Are they?

Chet – Yep…

Mooi – Well thank you, I’ll take your word on it. I’m Mooi by the way.

Chet – I’m Chet.


Taro – I’m not dating Cayden no.. but what does it even matter?

McKenzie – Well I wanted to know if that Vii girl is actually going to do the pageant. He said on youtube that he’s sponsoring her and I-

Taro – Honestly I have no idea.. and even If I did I wouldn’t tell you.

McKenzie – Wow.. why so hostile? I come in peace.

Taro – ………

McKenzie – You know who my father is right?

Taro – Mayor Winterhaven.

McKenzie – Right… so you should be nice to me.

Taro – Are you threatening me?

McKenzie – I mean…. I know about what you did when you were 14… before you came here….

Taro – I didn’t rape that girl….

McKenzie – So you claimed.

Taro – How did you even find-

McKenzie – I know people, who know people…. who know’s people.

Taro – …..

McKenzie – So.. what’s Cayden up to?

Taro – I didn’t rape anyone.. and I know I ran from my hometown and it looks guilty but I never-

McKenzie – I don’t care. Answer the question. What’s your boyfriend up to?

Taro – As far as I know… Vii hasn’t signed up…. and Cayden says he’s giving up at this point.

McKenzie – I’m going to give you my phone number.. you let me know everything okay? *smiles*

Taro – ……..

McKenzie – Unless you want your rapey past out for everyone to know… and judge you for. I mean we all know you’re the homeless homosexual who was caught stealing at wonder-mart… so…. you want rape on top of that?

Taro – ………………….Fine. I’ll tell you everything when I find out everything.

McKenzie – Good boy.

Well that was quite interesting. McKenzie is blackmailing Taro….. Lena’s lying about Chet, Ashley know’s something is up with Ashton…  I love this town.. My little Magicians have such fascinating lives.  By the way I knew all about Taro running away from town… but I didn’t know it was because of an alleged rape. Interesting. Maybe Cayden was drugged last night *laugh* okay

Kilo – Where are you going?

Vii – Was gonna go get a wheat grass smoothie at the cafe across the street.

Kilo – No……

Vii – ………………

Kilo – Come on.. Ayane needs our support…

Vii – She has her record deal why does she need us?

Kilo – Don’t be like that…

Vii – …………..

Kilo – Her new manager Mila Cox is up there.. she needs us.

Kilo – Come up there with me…. please?

Vii – …..*sigh* Why do we need to watch her sing for her manager?

Kilo – Cause she get’s shy..

Vii – With those lyrics?… yeah right.

Kilo – Lets support our friend and roommate. Mila Cox is hot by the way… Ayane got her a sexy manager.

Vii – …………………… Cool.

Kilo – Come on babe… come up there with me…

Vii – I-

Kilo – For me?… I mean damn you got me in my underwear begging you…

Vii – *smiles & laughs* For you.. I’ll do it..

Oh Vii… you reek of desperation. I’m sure you’d do more than that for him… incase you guys need me to spell it out. A-N-A-L. *laugh*

Kilo – Sing Ayane… sing.

Mila Cox – You already have the deal sweetie. I just want to hear something.. go on.. blow me away.. 

Vii – …………..

Ayane – Do you want rap or sing?

Mila – You do both so you choose…

Ayane – Hmm…

Kilo – Do the one about molly…

Vii – …………

Ayane – *deep breath* Okay.. I write this yesterday… it.. explicit language.

Mila Cox – Okay…

Ayane : *starts rapping*

“Cruisin wid mah gurlz, sip sippin on dat juice.

Haterz to da left so you know I chuck the deuce.

All my pretty girls in the club gettin’ jolly

Face full of sweat cause we always poppin molly

Molly…… where the fuck is molly?

Bathroom legs up sex game hobby.

Cruisin wid mah gurlz all day all night

Shuttin’ shit down we about dat life.

Ooooh I’m about dat life

I said Ooooh I’m about dat life

Pop pop pop we be poppin dat molly

Bathroom legs up sex game hobby”

Vii – Wow.. that was so……. stu-

Mila Cox – Amazing. Wow you’re like a perfect package. You’re gorgeous, you can model. You can rap and sing. That song was so gangsta and urban.. You’ve blown me away

Ayane – I so nervous at first.

Kilo – You’re badass Ayane!

Ayane – You badass Kilo. He sings and raps too Mila Cox.

Mila Cox – Really? do you wanna perform something?

Kilo – Eh… this is about Ayane.. I don’t wanna-

Ayane – Go! don’t be silly! perform!

Vii – *smiles*

Kilo – Alright.. sure..

Kilo – My shit is more spiritual you know? I come from a hard life so..

Vii – Stop texting me people.. I’m busy.. fucking hometown… always full of drama.. glad I got the fuck out of there..

Mila – Oh okay well show me what you got.

Kilo – Alright… *starts singing/rapping*

“Life is a treadmill gotta catch mah breath

Tragedies left and right and I wonder what’s next

Girl say she love me, but she never fuck me

Out with my boys and she say she never trust me

Talk a good game, and I spit that shit

All I really want is a simple bitch

not a simple bitch, but a simple bitch.

No fights, love life, man its simple bitch.


Oooh All I want is a good life.

but oooh all I got is a shit life.

Slut girls, fake friends

tell me where it all ends…

Slut girls, fake friends

tell me where it all ends..”

Mila Cox – You’re very honest… and you rap with conviction. I love how smooth your singing voice is too.

Kilo – Thank you ma’am… *looks at Vii* She sings!

Mila Cox – Oh? wait.. all of you are artist? Nice! Do you want to sing something or rap something umm-

Ayane – Her name Vii. Like the letter.

Vii – I don’t know….I’m not very… hip.. or urban.

Ayane – It okay I sure Mila like slow boring earth stuff.

Vii – Gee thanks Ayane…

Ayane – I love you music. When you sing about wind and water. I sorry If I offend.

Kilo – Go on.. sing Vii… everyone else performed.

Vii – Fine… Umm I don’t rap.. so It will just be me… singing.

Mila Cox – Okay sounds good.

Ayane – Oh my god guys. The Sanchez Sisters are going to judge the Miss Magik City Pageant! This is huge! it amazing!

Mila Cox – I represent them.. this is a good thing for them to do. Be one of the people.

Vii – They’re reality trash. So superficial.. Penelope is just whoring out her baby bump. Who cares if she’s pregnant! There are REAL WORLD issues and everyone just ignores them and watches that stupid show.. its not even reality.. its so obvious that its scripted!

Mila Cox – ……………

Kilo – ………

Ayane – …………….

Vii – ….Umm… sorry… You probably don’t wanna hear me sing now that I’ve disrespected your clients huh?

Mila  Cox – You seem like you’re very opinionated. So I’m curious if all that fire translates into some actual talent. So go.. sing.

Vii – Fine.. I will. *starts singing*

“Its gettin’ crazy all around these parts…

It seems that no one really has a heart

I feel alone when I am by myself

I know my social life is on the shelf

But I know you don’t know who I am

And you know that I’m some kind of fan

So lets drive into the night life we’re young

and maybe some good thing will come.. (of this)

Its gettin’ crazy all around these parts…

It seems that no one really has a heart

I want you now and boy its killing me

The truth is that you’re never seeing me.. (invisible)


Mila Cox – Who is that about?

Vii – Someone special.

Mila Cox – Hmm.. Well you have a good strong voice, but your content won’t sale in today’s market. Its all about being Ratchet. Ayane can I speak to you?

Vii – ……..

Mila Cox – You’re a star… you really are. I also really like Kilo…. Part of me see you two as a duo… but the other part feels like I should get him a sepearte deal. He’s magic, you both are really special.

Ayane – What about Vii?

Mila – She needs to work on her image a little more…. and keep that attitude in check.

Ayane – Oooh Okay. Well.. I like solo.. but I would love to do music with Kilo if he want? You talk to him?

Mila – I’ll schedule a sit down with him… I see a vision.. you and Kilo could be a huge duo…


Kilo – You okay?

Vii – Welp I fucked that up….

Kilo – No… your song was good…

Vii – Wasn’t good enough apparently…

Kilo – You have alot of-

Vii – I should have never came up here… 

Kilo – Come on Vii.. don’t be like that…

Vii – I shouldn’t have…. and I attacked her clients the Sanchez Sisters… ugh…

Kilo – I don’t think that was the problem.. you just don’t-

Vii – I don’t what?

Kilo – You don’t come off likable.. you’re kinda mean and judgmental too.. your image is everything and I think you should-

Vii – I gotta get out…. I’ll be back later.

Kilo – ……..Alright…. just… go blow off some steam.. everything will be better later.. 

Vii – Mmm hmm

Poor “V”…. perhaps she shouldn’t have been a “B”.. get it? In all honesty her song wasn’t that bad. It did make me wanna take a nap though. Interesting that Mila Cox see’s Ayane and Kilo as a duo… I wonder if she could get Ayane’s label to agree with her. Vii’s left out in the cold again…

Kitty Boxx – Is this all? We have a sale on frosted flakes by the way if you like cerealz.

Ginger – This will be all.

Kitty Boxx – Finally this chicken replied to me.. chile…

Ginger – ………*ahem*

Kitty Boxx (Female|Red shirt) – You having a pity party or something? why all this fat comfort food?

Ginger – You do know I’m the mayor’s wife right?

Kitty Boxx – Oh excuse me girl! Pizza, Ice Cream, and Bottled Water is the way to go! its all on sale too! Getcha life!


Calvin Boxx (Male|Red shirt) – My sister is something else… How long have you been waiting?

Brie – Not long.

Calvin – Its nice to meet you Brie Anderson.

Brie – You too Calvin.

Calvin Boxx – So you know Cayden?

Brie – Yeah he told me to come down and talk with you guys.

Calvin – My sister know’s nothing.. I’m the guy to talk to *laugh*

Brie – *smiles* 

Ginger – Are you texting someone instead of ringing up my purchases?

Kitty Boxx – Oh sorry girl… I’m trying to holla at this chick who said she’d do me a lacefront of human hair.

Ginger – I didn’t understand a thing you said.

Kitty Boxx – Yeah girl I got these braids so my hair will grow in.. This shit is tight as hell though. Feel like its breaking off. I’ll fuck around and have a hairline like Lebron James

Ginger – Who?

Kitty Boxx – King James? Two time NBA Champ… 2 times finals MVP, 4 times NBA MVP 9 time all-star…  Lebron James of the Miami Heat! I know Kobe mad… Dwight Howard’s lazy ass.. can’t even make his free throws… I’m glad he’s gone from the Lakers! stupid ass… all them baby mama’s!

Ginger – Can you just ring up my food please.

Kitty Boxx – Yeah just one second.. this chick wanna charge me 500 dollars for a lacefront.. is she for real? I remember when she was broke and had no teeth.. now she wanna be all shady and charge out the ass for a lacefront wig girl?!

Ginger – …………..

Kitty Boxx – I’mma get it though.. I wanna look cute at the pageant.. getcha life!

Ginger – …… Great…I’m in a hurry so….

Kitty Boxx – Oh okay ma’am.. I’m sorry. I apologize and what not for the delay. I’m here now.. ………………….YOU WANT A FREE PIZZA?

Ginger – ……………*sigh*

Kitty Boxx – Versace,  Versace, Versace,  Versace, Versace! You know that song? I only like Drakes part.. you like hip hop? I love Busta Ryhmes BOOM SHAKALAKAH! Look at me now, look at me now eh….. I’m gettin pape-pah. Getcha Life!


Calvin Boxx – Why do you like taking pictures?

Brie – Its a feeling I get. I think its amazing to be able to capture a flower in its beginning stages as it grows, a child laughing… because its moments… frozen moments that live forever. Sounds corny but-

Calvin Boxx – No no.. I love your answer… Let me show you the space..

Brie – Alrighty

Wow.. Kitty Boxx is even more obnoxious than I remember… 

Calvin Boxx – This would be your main office…. 

Brie – What’s in these boxes?

Calvin Boxx – Sign’s and promo for the store.

Brie – Oh okay.

Calvin Boxx – The photoroom is a mess but I’ll have it cleaned in a week or so. So when you come in we can start setting-

Brie – I’m sorry… did I get the job?

Calvin Boxx – Oh! yeah! you do. I was already gonna give you the job. I googled you, and saw some of your work. Called some of the references you had on your gallery’s website. Welcome to Wonder-Mart Brie Anderson!

Brie – Oh my god.. thank you Mr. Boxx!

Calvin Boxx – Just call me Calvin.

Brie – I should head home to celebrate

Calvin Boxx – Make sure you tell Mia and Molly The Cat I said hello.

Brie – Will do!

Well good for Brie…….. good for her……. See I’m nice sometimes! Is that Chet? Ha….. it sure is…

Brie – Oh hi

Chet – Hey you.

Brie – Cool bike.. didn’t know you had a motorcycle.

Chet – *laugh* She’s one of my babies.

Brie – I like the shirt.

Chet – Uh- thanks.. its old…

Brie – Doing some shopping?

Chet – Yeah gotta get some frosted flakes…. they’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Brie – *laugh* They’re on sale.. so you should know that.

Chet – So you came out without bags? didn’t have what you wanted?

Brie – I actually had a job interview.

Chet – For Wonder-Mart?

Brie – They’re re-opening the photography section.

Chet – Oh that’s cool.. you shoot?

Brie – Huh?

Chet – You take pictures?

Brie – Yes… Its my main career of sorts…

Chet – I hope you get the job.. I could put in a good word-

Brie – I got it!

Chet – Oh… sorry didn’t wanna be pushy I was just offering help-

Brie – Nooo I got IT… I got the job. *smiles*

Chet – *smiles* Oh! good! Umm congrats!

Brie – Thanks.

Chet – Wanna… umm.. celebrate? Bowl of Frosted Flakes?

Brie – That’s nice of you but… it would be….

Chet – Oh yeah… the boyfriend.

Brie – I’m… I like you, we’re friends right? buddies?

Chet – Yeah! for sure! we can be buddies.

Brie – Okay.. well I’ll see you around buddy! gotta go home and talk with Mia.

Chet – Okay.. drive safe Brie..

Brie – I will… *smiles*

What a Whore.. and he’s totally a home wrecker. J-F-C have these people no shame?!

Cayden – I didn’t expect this….. 

Vii – We need to talk.

Cayden – ……okay…

Vii – Can we sit down?

Cayden – Sure.. have you eaten?

Vii – Not yet.

Cayden – Want some salad?

Vii – Sure….

Cayden – Okay lets sit down.

This is unexpected… 

Cayden – So……. she hated your song? but loved theirs?

Vii – Pretty much… ugh I’m such a loser.

Cayden – No you’re not…

Vii – How am I supposed to be someone that my sister looks up to when I pretty much suck at life. I moved away from my hometown to find myself.. be a bartender, sing at bars.. I don’t wanna be lady gaga.. I just wanna sing and make people happy.

Cayden – …. Do you think that maybe you attacking the Sanchez sisters is what caused-

Vii – Probably.. but also my song was completely different than Kilo and Ayane’s. They both rap and sing. Kilo is like Urban Hippie life… Ayane is KPop meets Hip Hop and everything in-between….

Cayden – …..You’re you though, there has to be a market for you.

Vii – I suck…

Cayden – So if you don’t mind me asking.. why are you here?

Vii – Because I want your help… I’ll do the stupid pageant.. if it will help people see me differently… maybe it will help with my career in music. I not only need a physical makeover.. but I need an attitude adjustment as well.. can you do that?

Cayden – I can try.

Vii – Hey where’s your roommate?

Cayden – In his room…doing lord know’s what. Sometimes he show’s his asshole on webcams for men.

Vii – Gross..

Cayden – Long as he does it in his room I don’t care.

Vii – True

Cayden – How’s the salad?

Vii – Its good…. and no wonder you’re so fit. You eat salad all the time.

Cayden – I eat salad all the time cause I can’t cook girl!

Vii – I can’t cook either…. I can’t do alot of things… I lost a baby once.

Cayden – Like at a park?

Vii – No.. like miscarriage

Cayden – I’m sorry to hear that.. you’re my age.. you’re young how did-

Vii – Right out of high school…

Cayden – What happen with the baby’s father?

Vii – Eh… long story. We kinda didn’t talk because he abandoned me when it happened.

Cayden – What a pussy.

Vii – I felt that way for a long time.. that he was a coward.. or pussy as you say. We reconciled before I left.. he’s a good guy who made mistakes.. I forgive him.

Cayden – Well that’s good.

Vii – So.. how are we gonna do this?

Cayden – Me, and Brie, and some others will help you.

Vii – Brie?… brie- BRIE? Mia’s roommate?

Cayden – Yeah- you met her?

Vii – Heh… earlier… she’s a bit of a loon.

Cayden – Aren’t we all.

Vii – I guess so.

Vii – Why would all these people wanna help me?

Cayden – We’re sick of certain bitches thinking they run everything. Thinking they’re better than everyone.

Vii – Oh umm Hi?

Cayden – What?

Lucas – Hey girl!

Cayden – Oh hey luc- Lisa….

Vii – Are you Lucas’s sister?

Cayden – *chokes on salad*

Lucas – Yes.. I am Lisa Chang… Lucas is my brother.

Cayden – ………………….

Vii – Oh okay..

Lucas – You’re a lesbian?

Vii – Excuse me?

Lucas – Nevermind.

Cayden – Don’t be rude Lucas

Lucas – Its Lisa Chang!

Cayden – Whatevs girl.

Vii – Wait.. oh shit you ARE Lucas… you’re trans?

Cayden – For white penis he is.

Vii – Why white?

Lucas – Because I love white men and slam slam’s don’t deserve to get them… So fuck them.

Vii – ………………………okay.

Lucas – We’ll I’m out.

Cayden – Okay.. have fun..

Lucas – Don’t wait up for me. I’m going out on a date.

Vii – At 10pm?

Cayden – Don’t even ask.

Lucas – Yes Girl.

Cayden – Use a condom..

Lucas – Ugh I never use them with straight men.

Cayden – Where did you meet this one?

Lucas – Criagslist. We’re meeting at a motel 6

Cayden – Well be safe.

Lucas – I will!

Vii – Have………………

Lucas – Oh you know it girl! I’m about to get me some white men!

Well Lucas- I mean Lisa Chang sure is something… what a slut bucket. She’s- He’s irrelevant though. What I’m more interested in is seeing what happens now. Vii is on board with the pageant.. Also keep in mind that Taro is working for McKenzie now due to the blackmail about his alleged rape activities. Oh this is sooo juicy.. Until next time. Goodnight my lovelies.

<<<<<To Be Continued>>>>>


  1. Sorry my reply is so late; it’s been a busy week. But the good news is that I now get to read 2 new Magik City’s back to back :D. I don’t know how Cayden can stand living with Lucas/Lisa lol. So Vii’s going to get a makeover! It’ll be interesting to see such a hardcore girl all glammed up :p. It was pretty mean of Mila to drool over Ayane and Kilo just because they’re rappers and shoot down poor Vii. I guess that’s show biz lol. Did you come up with those lyrics?? Maybe YOU should be a rapper/singer :D. On another note, I can’t wait until Mia gets busted lol. It’s bold of her to be making out with a guy who’s technically dating someone else. She’s a nice girl and all but she needs to stay out of it until Ashton’s REALLY broken up! I’ll start on the next part tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

    1. Better late than never! Glad to see you’re okay. I’m happy you enjoyed part 3! Part 4 is even better lmao. I have a reply for after you read that one too.

      As far as my lyrics go.. yeah i make up all my own stuff lol.. I write poetry/songs sometimes so that comes in handy. Thanks for the compliment. In my mind I’m Mariah Carey when I sing so watch out! (LOL… I’m not that great though.. I can hold a decent tune)

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