Magik City {Book One} Pt. 2 “Living For My Gig”

{Book One}

Pt. 2

“Living For My Gig”

Good morning P’s and V’s…. Welcome back to my little melting pot known as Magik City. You know… I was doing some thinking during one of my hobbies, and I said to myself. “Self…. If people from Pylea are called Pyleans. shouldn’t Magik City have a name for its people? How about… Magicians?” Cute  as fuck right?… I thought so. By the way since I don’t have an official name.. you guys can call me “Oracle” because I see all…. Anyway! moving on.

Vii – *Yawn*

I see cabbage patch doll has awaken. From her Cabbage patch slumber. What the hell is she sleeping in? Not sexy at all.

Her roommates are at the gym… how do I know this? I see all. *laugh* I bet you’re wondering just who the hell I could be. Hell I could be that mail lady outside the window. I could be any anyone. I could be everyone… Lets not get caught up on the little details…. it may hurt that brain of yours

Vii – Is this yogurt supposed to be so sour? I think its gone bad..

Or it could just be the fact that you didn’t brush your teeth

Vii – Can’t believe those two went to the gym without me. I bet Ayane’s all over Kilo….

Well… she looks better than you, its not really a competition honey.

Vii – Whatever… I’ll just make him lunch or something later… Ugh this yogurt is gross. Done… Lets go look at the internet before work.. yeah.

Or you could shower and brush your teeth?

Vii – *searches Cayden Blake* Ah found it.. he has a new video. I can’t believe I’ve become a fan. I mean he was really nice to me at the cafe…

He probably felt sorry for you…. Let me stop being so mean. I’m sure Vii has some good things about her. Her body is pretty nice right? She has a good singing voice, very Christina Aguilera… See I’m not completely mean……

Cayden/Computer : {Opening Voice Montage of Cayden} Girl Please! – Breath smelled like shit okay?! – If I die today let my porn be hidden well – That bitch grew balls honey – I’ll tell it like it is! – Girl its the daily tea! {Music playing} Sip it slow bitches – Oh Yes Gawd!

Vii – Wow that intro is obnoxious… This video is so tiny, let me make it full screen- why the hell am I talking to myself..

Loony much?

Cayden/Computer : What’s good bitches? Its like 8am! Good morning to you- though who know’s when you’re watching this video- whatever the case, Hi, hello.. Hola sup ho’s? what it do bitches?! Yassss.

Its currently like 10am or something… And to think he recorded this around 8. Who has that much sass, and energy that early?

Vii – He’s really cute.. why are all the cute guys gay? gay or complete dicks…

Cayden/Computer : Soo Lemme just hop on this bitch real quick and spill some tea for ya’ll before I go pick up my car from the repair shop- Cause girl y’all remember when my shit fell apart on the freeway? yeah Its finally fixed- Child Boom!- So anyway.. My new Roommate L moved in this morning. That’s all good. No drama, he’s out looking for work. Said he’d be out all day so… yeah.. that’s fine because I won’t be home either.

Vii – Much like my roommates

Cayden/Computer : But that’s not what I came on here to talk about. So I needed to rant about what the fuck happened when I just did laundry. Girl… It was a mess. I almost died bitch! I was 6 mothafucking feet under girl! So here at my apartment we have a wash room. Nobody uses it really- and I usually go to a wash house- laundry mat but obviously.. no car to carry all my shit- and what I look like? The bag lady? No ma’am. Shit I need a man to carry shit for me.. then he could carry me if you feel what I’m saying to ya- Oh yes Gawd!

Vii – *laugh* He’s so funny.. Kilo was right…

Cayden/Computer : So anyway.. There I was in the wash room. I open that washing machine and a bunch of spiders were in there. GORL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was done with life. R.I.P. Cayden Blake okay miss honey? I ran my ass out of there so fast you would have swore the KKK was after my black ass!. So I told Miss Ginger– Whom I’m not gonna give too much shade to, because she’s my landlord! *clears throat* I told her about the spiders and she said maybe they came with my clothes. …. …. …. …. ….. Now sis… I think I would have known if I had a large amount of fucking spiders in my laundry bag.. gorl child- No- what the fuck? girl bye! maybe you got spiders in that dusty ass fur coat you always wearing!.. The bitch tried it girl.. she tried it. Like what the fuck? Why would I bring a family of spiders to the washroom party? Noooooo da fuck is wrong with this bitch- chile…

Vii – *laughing hysterically*

Cayden/Computer : But yeah.. so obviously I didn’t wash my clothes today.. will have to do it tomorrow. Yeah girl…that’s the story.. I need to get my ass outside to the bus stop so I can go pick up my car- I should just walk because one.. a bitch needs the exercise… can’t afford the gym- and two I hate bus people. That’s right BUS PEOPLE. This one time on the bus this bitch was poppin’ shit- aka starting drama- and I was about to knock her ass into next millennium okay? Wearing a crusty ass wig, how you gonna wear a neon pink wig WITH a aquamarine dress? bitch where they do that at?!….. Wooo! girl that’s a story for another time.

Vii – *laughing hysterically*

Cayden/Computer : Anyway.. yasss I’m getting my car today… hopefully that cute guy is working there today.. I know he be checkin’ for me, all this ass I got. Its a fatty daddy. *snaps fingers* GET INTO IT. Yasss anyway that’s all for now y’all- Oh! before I go.. so I wanna give a shoutout to Vii! HAY GIRL! Vii is this chick I met at the cafe the other day and we’re doing the Miss Magik City Pageant– I say that like I’m bout to be wearing a dress or some shit. What I mean is I’m sponsoring her.. making sure she wins this shit.. so I hope all my viewers and supporters support her too. Send me some suggestions! okay Ciao bye bitches. You’ve just been served the daily tea. Don’t forget to blow! & sip it slow *blows kiss* I’m Out!

Vii – WHAT?! Why did he do that! he know’s everyone watches his videos! Oh shit! I never agreed to that! I’m gonna kick his ass!

*Laugh* She’s right.. Cayden’s videos are popular here.. everyone probably already saw this… Good luck with the MMC Pageant Vii… you’re gonna need it sweetie.

Another day, another satisfied customer right?…. that’s if they could get their computers working.

Chet – I’m going out to eat something. I’m starving.

Taro – Alright man.

Chet – Get Cayden his car, sign papers….you know the drill.

Taro – Yep.

Chet – Alrighty. Cayden you’re in good hands.

Cayden – I bet…

Taro – …..*cocky smile*

Chet – Okay I’ll be back in a bit.

Taro – Take your time.

The Asian guy is Taro… he’s Chet’s bestfriend and they work together… obviously.

Cayden – Is this gonna take long?

Taro – Yeah… the computers were down so-

Cayden – That’s fine.. take your time… slow is better.

Taro – Nobody likes quick right?

Cayden – ….*laughs* depends on the activity….

Brie – Oh!- hi…

Chet – ….. *smiles* Hi….

Brie – I was shocked that my car was ready so quick.

Chet – I worked on it all night.

Brie – Oh wow… well thank you.

Chet – You’re welcome… *smiles*

Brie – So.. do I just go-

Chet – Go have a seat and Taro will take care of you.

Brie – Oh? you’re not-

Chet – Off to lunch- unless you-

Brie – No I’m sure Tero has it under control

Chet – Tar-row

Brie – What did I say?

Chet – Tear-Row?

Brie – *laughs* sorry

Chet – Its okay.. umm I should go..

Brie – Have a good day…

Chet – You too…

Ha…. They should just makeout already jesus christ… she’s pretty hot… I wouldn’t be against it.


Cayden – So how much money am I shelling out today?

Taro – Its only a grand.. actually not even.. 900 bucks is all you’re paying.

Cayden – REALLY?

Taro – Yeah….

Cayden – ….Okay.. so far its a great day..

Taro – It could be even better…

Cayden – How so?

Taro – You could let me take you out to lunch?

Cayden – What?

Taro – I saw your video this morning.. assuming its me and not Chet that you were talking about I-

Cayden – It was you….

Taro – Good.. so can I take you out?

Cayden – You’re gay?

Taro – Yeah… I am.

Cayden – Cool….

Taro – So can we hang?

Cayden – Yes..

Weird how shy and stuff Cayden is right now. He’s usually a man of many words…. How about that!

Taro – Hi

Brie – Hi I’m Brie Anderson-

Taro – Oh umm, what car-

Chet – Yellow Bug.

Taro – Ah okay..

Brie – *laugh* yellow bug… alrighty then

Taro – Shouldn’t you be gone by now *laugh*

Chet – I’m going I’m going!

Brie – ….

Taro – Just have a seat right there, I’ll be with you in a second.

Brie – Okay.

Taro – I’m going to try and do this as quick as possible- we had computer problems last night.

Brie – Okay.

Cayden – …..Its all good.

Brie – …….

Cayden – Hey

Brie – Hi- You look familiar?

Cayden – Youtube?

Brie – Yes! you’re the daily tea guy.

Cayden – You watch?

Brie – Not really- no offense.

Cayden – None taken.

Brie – I’m new here, so that’s why..

Cayden – Where do you stay?

Brie – With Mia-

Cayden – With Mia Jones and Molly The Cat?

Brie – Yup

Cayden – I’ve seen her around.. nice girl to be honest.

Brie – Yeah we were college roommates.

Cayden – Ah okay.

Brie – So, what do you do?

Cayden – Currently nothing… I’m trying to take this youtube stuff to the next level.. I have some money though.. My mom owns a hair salon in Bridgeport.. 

Brie – Oh cool! yeah my boyfriend Kyle lives there-

Cayden – Come again?

Brie – My boyfriend-

Cayden – Oh no.. I heard you. I just can’t fathom the thought of not having my boyfriend live in the same city as me…

Brie – We make it work..

Cayden – I would have never expected you to have a boyfriend.

Brie – Umm… why?

Cayden – You and Chet….

Brie – Who- Oh the guy who was walking out?

Cayden – Yes.. its obvious…

Brie – I just met him the other night…

Cayden – I hope your boyfriend is hot… cause I don’t know how you’re going to stay faithful.

Brie – Its fairly easy…. And what about you huh? where’s your boyfriend?

Cayden – I don’t have one…

Brie – I see…

Cayden – So what do you like…do?

Brie – I’m an out of work photographer…. So.. yeah.. Mia said there were jobs here so as soon as I get my car I can work on that.

Cayden – I should give you my friend’s phone number..

Brie – Why?

Cayden – She works at “Wonder-Mart

Brie – What?

Cayden – Its a grocery store.. but they have a photo section that hasn’t been used in a while. My friend Kitty Boxx, her Brother Calvin Boxx own the store. Kitty told me that she was thinking about opening up the photography section of the store.

Brie – That would be great! then I could still do my freelance stuff on the side!

Cayden – I’ll give you her number before we leave…..under one condition.

Brie – What is that?

Cayden – Say you’ll be my photographer for the MMC Pageant.

Brie – The what?

Cayden – Oh honey you really are new. Okay so every year we have a Miss Magik-

Brie – Oh! never mind. I’m up on it. Mia talks about it.

Cayden – Good. So you’ll do it?

Brie – I thought only girls-

Cayden – Well duh… I forget you don’t watch my videos. I’m sponsoring this girl… I want her to win.. so I want to put together a team of support. I promise it won’t take up too much of your time I-

Brie – No, its okay.. I’m down to meet new people.. plus I owe you for the whole Wonder-Mart thing.

Cayden – Perfect. Its a deal!

Say what you will about Cayden Blake.. but he sure know’s how to network and get what he wants. Looks like the Miss Magik City Pageant will be quite interesting this year. What I find funny is that Vii has this team and she’s not even on board yet.. *laugh*

Speaking of Vii, she’s clearly not amused to be at work…

Vii – I understand what you’re saying Tiger.. I do.. but I don’t think we should be serving alcohol until after 5…

Tiger – We would get way more business if we sold it at all hours, some people like to have a drink at all times a day, mornings too-

Vii – I like to call those people alcoholics.

Tiger – You seem like a party pooper

Vii – A what? who even uses “Party Pooper” anymore?

Tiger – Do you even know how to have fun?

Vii – Actually yes I do.. I just don’t see getting drunk in the morning as fun. I like a beer at the end of my day like anyone else-

Tiger – That’s something you probably shouldn’t say during the pageant..

Vii – I told you I’m not doing that stupid pageant…

Tiger – Why not?

Vii – I don’t see why I have to have a reason per-say…

Tiger – I think if you’re honest with yourself it would help…

Vii – I’ve been through alot in my life, I really don’t want to do this pageant crap….

Tiger – I think you’re scared…

Vii – Scared of what exactly?

Tiger – To be beautiful…

Vii – That makes no sense…

Tiger – I think you’re pretty… I think you’re a beautiful girl. I just think you’re afraid to let everyone else see it.

Vii – That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…

Tiger – No.. I think its the truth…

Vii – Oh and you know all about the truth huh?

Tiger – I do…

Vii – Alrighty…

Tiger – I like you…

Vii – What?

Tiger – Nothing….

Vii – You like me?

Tiger – Like as a person…

Vii – Ah

Tiger – …I think you should show everyone the cool you… the none defensive you.

Vii – I don’t think I’m defensive at all I-

Male Voice – Excuse me?

Ashley – (On Cell) Okay McKenzie I gotta go.. Yes.. oh and don’t forget to tell Lena about my grand idea.. okay.. kisses. Ciao! *hangs up*

Ashton – Jesus.. always talking to McKenzie.. or Lena… Can we have some time for us?

Jealous much? Sure she may always be on the phone but why is he being so controlling in public. That’s not a relationship if you ask me.

Ashley – Stop being so… blah…

Ashton – …..Yeah.. alright… sure *rolls eyes*

Tiger – You can take this one… prove me wrong with what we were talking about.

Vii –  Anyway… Yes how can I help you *Big Sarcastic Smile*

Ashley – Oooh did someone forget to brush this morning?

Ashton – Hi I’m Ashton, and this is my- my-

Ashley – Your girlfriend.. Ashley. What the fuck Ashton?

Ashton – I was getting there….

Ashley – Sorry babe- Oh my god.. I just realized. Its you.. that homeless girl from the cafe

Ashton – What?

Tiger – Vii you’re homeless?!

Vii – No I’m not homeless… she’s just being rude.

Ashton – That was mean Ash…

Ashley – ……

Tiger – So do you guys get confused when your friends scream “Hey Ash!” ??

Ashley – …..Cute- but no.

Tiger – You guys are Pyleans right?

Ashton – I really despise that whole Pylean thing. Its just another way to put people in groups, and separate us.

Vii – Says the guy who’s with the in-crowd.

Ashton – ……. We’re not all-

Ashley – Can we skate or no?

Vii – Sure, 25 dollars for the both of you. Skates are to your right.

Ashton – Thanks….

Vii – ……No problem, enjoy your time.

Ashton – Come on.. Spin…

Ashley – Okay I’m trying… stupid skates.

Ashton – *laugh* You never really wanna do anything fun.. so I was surprised you agreed to-

Ashley – So I have a list of things I need you to do for me

Ashton – Why?

Ashley – The Miss Magik City Pageant.

Ashton – You’re seriously considering entering that vanity contest?

Ashley – Why aren’t you making an effort to fit in? This is NOT Pylea.. this is Magik City. If you want to go home then go home, be with your cousin and all those people we BOTH decided to leave.

Ashton – Magik City is my home now.. Pylea wasn’t good for either one of us, but ever since we moved here, and you started hanging out with McKenzie and Lena.. You’ve turned into such a bitch.

Ashley – Are you seriously calling me a bitch?

Ashton – That’s not what I said, I said you’ve been acting like a bitch because of your new friends.

Ashley – How dare you….

Vii – Oh cool… Kilo and Ayane are home.. they got me some food…

Tiger – …….

Vii – Kilo is so thoughtful…

Tiger – Shouldn’t it be Kilo AND Ayane who are “thoughtful”?

Vii – Oh… well sure, yeah her too.

Tiger – You have it so bad for that roommate of yours.

Vii – I do not!

Tiger – …..

Vii – Oh got a text from my mom…

Tiger – Oh that’s nice, I don’t really talk to mine.

Vii – How come?

Tiger – She was a bit crazy….

Vii – Like mentally ill crazy?

Tiger – Exactly

Vii – Sorry to hear that.

Tiger – …I don’t usually tell people that

Vii – What makes me so special? *incoming text chime*

Tiger – …… Umm… I-

Vii – *reading cellphone* WHAT?! AYANE GOT SIGNED?! 

Tiger – She what?! she got a record deal?!

Vii – Are you fucking kidding me?! How did she get signed to a deal before me?! Listen to this

Tiger – Okay..

Vii – *reading text from Kilo*

“Holy Shit Vii, Ayane just got signed! She got a talent manager too named Mila Cox!. Get home we have to celebrate! This is fucking nuts!!!!” – Kilo

Tiger – Oh wow!

Vii – …………

Aww.. Cat got your tongue Vii?…. Ayane’s talented in her own way.. why are you such a hater? No need to come off so annoying… Perhaps  you’re just not self aware.

Kyle – I’m aware…. Its just kinda annoying you know?

Brie – Yeah but she’s college age right? a freshman? She’s getting her feet wet in the business.

Kyle – She technically shouldn’t even be here. I’m gonna assume my boss know’s her dad or something. That’s probably how she got the job.

Brie – What’s her name? is she pretty?

Kyle – Oh stop it babe…

Brie – No I’m not asking because I’m jealous.. I’m asking because you’re forced to work with her, and I’m just curious.

Kyle – Her name is Kaori or something..

Brie – Oh cool.. minus the annoying factor..

Kyle – She’s so sure of herself too.. Its kinda annoying.

Brie – Well let her be, you remember how we were as college freshmen?

Kyle – *laugh* Oh yeah…. how could I forget.. such cool kids with our ramen noodles for dinner. The college struggle was oh so real.

Brie – *laugh* I miss you… I wanna be held by you.. I wanna kiss you.

Kyle – This job is new, but as soon as I’m able to.. I’m coming to visit you babe… I’m sick of masturbating *laugh*

Brie – I can’t wait.

Kyle – How are things there? Meet any cool people?

Brie – Yeah… I’ve met some interesting characters I’d say.

Kyle – Oh? how so?

Brie – Youtube Cayden Blake.. then get back to me.

Kyle – I will.


Female Voice : Mr. Miller?

Kyle – Call me Kyle…

Female Voice : Fine. Kyle?…..

Kyle – Yes?

Female Voice – Sasha says meeting in 5….

Kyle – Okay….


Kyle – I gotta go babe.

Brie – Was that Kaori?

Kyle – Yep…..

Brie – She sounds nice.

Kyle – Yeah yeah..

Mia – *screams* Worst Day Ever!

Kyle – Is that Mia?

Brie – Yeah

Kyle – Hey Mimi!

Mia – Hey Ky….

Kyle – Oh shit, I left my papers in the car. I gotta go babe!.. Skype session tonight before bed?

Brie – You bet! Love you.

Kyle – Love you more! Bye!

-{Ends Call}-

Mia – Is he being overworked already by that new boss of his?

Brie – Seems that way… they’re just getting started though so maybe things are hectic.

Mia – I can tell you miss him.

Brie – Long Distance relationship for ya… I know this is just for now.. we have a plan *smiles*

Mia – That’s awesome…. *walks away*

Brie – Enough about me… what’s eating you?

Mia – Great choice of words as I destroy this ice cream.

Brie – What happened at work?

Mia – I don’t want it to spoil the good news you said you had earlier.

Brie – It can wait

Mia – No, when I got that text it made me happy.. tell me.

Brie – I met Cayden

Mia – He’s nice huh?

Brie – He really is.

Mia – What did you guys talk about?

Brie – His friends owns Wonder-Mart, and-

Mia – Kitty Boxx! yeah! she wants to expand the photograph section! Wow why didn’t I think of that? that would be such a good fit for you!

Brie – Everyone seems to know everyone here *laugh*

Mia – Yep!

Brie – I owed him a favor so…. I’m going to help him with some pageant…

Mia – You’re entering?!

Brie – Oh no! I’m taking pictures and helping with- well he didn’t say…

Mia – Nice!

Brie – Waiting for someone to call?

Mia – Umm.. no not really *smiles* Besides.. who calls me? I’m kinda socially retarded- I shouldn’t use that word.. bad Mia.

Brie – What happened at work?

Mia – Its not just work, Its just been a bad day in general. I got a parking ticket, speeding ticket. The old man at work pooped everywhere. I seriously want to turn into a Lannister and declare war on today. It just sucked.

Brie – Lannister?

Mia – Game Of Thrones reference.. nevermind.

If you’re confused, Mia works as a in home nurse for old people. Such a glamorous job. I mean I couldn’t imagine being a babysitter for old folks. Old people creep me out as it is. Also in case you were wondering why I’ve been so silent its because I had to go to work. I have other jobs than just being an oracle *laugh* I’m back now though, and I’m shocked. Brie’s guy is actually quite the looker. That GQ motherfucker better be careful not to lose Brie…

Brie – I’m sorry you had such a bad-

{{Cell Rings}}

Mia – I have to take this upstairs

Brie – I don’t mind you answering it

Mia – No I- Umm.. yeah… Its my mom…

Brie – Oh okay.. take it.

Mia – Alright

Brie – Wait I thought you said your mom was on a vacation and not-

Mia – I meant my dad.

Brie – ……..Hmm.. Well alrighty.

Liar Liar pants on fire…

Brie – *whispers* What are you hiding…

Mia – Hey you…. yes.. bad day indeed. Can I see you?- Well I’m off work tomorrow?- Come by in the morning… yeah my roommate will be gone looking for work. Okay.. I love you too, can’t wait to see that cute face of yours….

Brie – ……….

Mia – No.. Oh bring breakfast… yeah.. No, I just told you.. I promise nobody will be here, nobody will know we’re hanging out… wear a hat *laugh* better yet sneak through the back- yep.. Anyway I’m going to go now before my roommate comes up here. Bye love.

Well…. isn’t this interesting….. Who are you talking to Mia Jones?? Hmm Well back to work I go… I’ll be back later.

Taro – Nice building.

Cayden – Thanks..

Taro – Rent expensive?

Cayden – Yes.. which is why I just got-

Taro – The roommate, yeah.. dunno why I asked that. I watch your videos.

Cayden – Aren’t you quite the fan.

Taro – ….*smirk*

Cayden – Let me just grab my jacket, and ATM card and we can get going.

Taro – I told you I would pay for lunch.

Cayden – I know, but we’re getting to know each other. This isn’t a date, whenever we do go on a date though?……….. feel free to pay *laugh*

Taro – I’ll take that under consideration.

Cayden – Alright just give me a second.

Taro – Want me to wait out here?

Cayden – Oh no, come on in. My roommate is gone all day looking for work.

Taro – You were saying?

Cayden – Excuse Me?!…………………………Who the fuck are you?

Taro – Isn’t she your roommate?

Cayden – My roommate is a guy, I dunno who this slut is!

Taro – Oh snap


Taro – Maybe its your roommates friend?

Cayden – Dressed like that in MY living room though?

Taro – I guess?

Cayden – Who the hell- WAIT…..You have got to be shitting me! Lucas?!

Taro – I’m officially lost. This is a dude?

Lucas – Cayden! I- Umm

Cayden – Why are you dressed up like this?

Lucas – Its not Lucas, my name is Lisa.. Lisa Chang.. I’m an Asian woman!

Taro – *laugh*

Bobby – Umm…

Cayden – So are you a tranny or something?

Lucas – I just wanted to entertain a man.

Cayden – You couldn’t do this in your room?

Lucas – I-

Cayden – Girl I’m gay so obviously I don’t care about you being a tranny!

Lucas – I only become Lisa Chang for White men.

Taro – White men only? are you some sort of self-hating asian?

Lucas – Don’t be offended just because you’re an asian man…. I only like white guys.. deal with it.

Taro – Wow….. you’re fucking nuts.

Lucas – Can you just pretend this never happened? I need to get laid! The universe is always fucking it up for me!

Cayden – How does the universe stop you from getting laid?!

Bobby – …………….

Lucas – Oh… you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Cayden – So did you lie when you said you were going to be out looking for work?

Lucas – ……………..yes- but only because I had this hookup planned! I’ll find work really soon, money isn’t a problem right now.

Cayden – …Wow.. what the hell….

Lucas – Are you mad?

Cayden – Not really.. but this shit is funny…. like… you’re not a tranny or cross-dresser but you do this for men?

Taro – Correction… White Men

Lucas – Hatin’ ass bitch! You mad cause you can’t get the Lisa Chang Experience

Taro – No thanks.. I’m not interested in any STD’s

Lucas – I’m CLEAN! Bobby know’s it!

Taro – Bobby?

Bobby – *cringes*

Taro – That’s where I know you from!

Bobby – What?

Cayden – You know him?

Taro – He’s Chet’s parole officer! His name is Bobby Darwin!

Bobby – Look! you can’t tell anyone this! I have a wife, I have kids!

Cayden – Yet you’re trickin’ on craigslist for some tranny lovin’?

Lucas – Actually we met on asian shemale personals okay?

Cayden – *laughing* I can’t! I can’t at this shit.. this is too much! This is the gag *laughing* Oh my god I can’t breathe.. shit’s too funny!

Bobby – You have to promise not to say anything!

Taro – I don’t care how you get your rocks off, but damn dude.. why mess with this busted ass tranny when you have a wife and kids at home?

Bobby – I-

Lucas – You are obsessed with me!

Taro – You wish Lily Wong

Lucas – Its LISA CHANG!

Cayden – *laughing* I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried!

Lucas – You can’t put this on youtube!

Cayden – The hell I can’t!

Bobby – You’ll ruin me! You can’t do this! My Wife, my Daughter’s my Son!

Taro – Oh well…

Cayden – I’ll change the name… Your name is now… Shawn.

Lucas – What about my name?!

Cayden – Oh please, you’ll love the attention!

Taro – I’m starving…

Cayden – Surprised you didn’t lose your appetite.

{{Knocking on the Door}}

Chet – Really? wanna wake me up? Taro if you locked yourself out of your apartment again I swear to god I’ll murder you.

{{Knocking on the Door}}

Chet – I’m coming!- Fuck! Can’t even get any sleep around here….

Female Voice – Chet are you home? Can I come in?

Chet – ……….Wow.. really?

Chet – *Yawning* What do you want? I told you not to bother me.

Lena – No.. you said not to call you again…. you didn’t say anything about seeing you.

Chet – Why are you here?.. did anyone see you?

Lena – Nobody saw me.. its dark.. really dark.

Chet – Again.. Why are you here?

Lena – I miss you…. and I feel horrible about leaving you to take all the blame for the crime. I know you did it because you loved me. My Mother and Father would have freaked if I would have been thrown into jail- hell they didn’t even know about you-

Chet – Nobody really did.. You’d dress up in those ridiculous dresses, with your high heels… all prissy with McKenzie and that Pylean chick-

Lena – Ashley-

Chet – Whatever her name is.. it doesn’t matter.

Lena – Its just my public persona…

Chet – Yeah.. and then in the dark.. you’d dress like this, do bad shit with me.. love me, kiss me…. fuck me. I was never good enough for you.

Lena – That’s not true baby… *tries to touch his face*

Chet – *pushes her hands away* Don’t touch me…

Lena – Why are you being like this?

Chet – You talk about me taking the fall… I didn’t really have a choice when you ran and left me there!

Lena – I-….. I know I fucked up Chet but I-

Chet – But you what?!

Lena – You know my parents have a reputation. I could never have surrendered and gotten caught with you. My mother does real estate, my father-

Chet – Your father is Magik City’s pastor… not to mention my fucking parole officer! 

Lena – I know, I know but how was I supposed to know he’d be assigned to you?

Chet – Bobby‘s a nice guy… he see’s me as his son.. you know how fucked up this is? I was with you! His daughter is my accomplice-

Lena – One of your accomplices, and yes I know how complicated this all is. The thing is our reputations are-

Chet – Everything’s about reputations in this town.. there’s a big fucking world outside of this place….

Lena – Then leave…. We like it here… we like the simplicity of a small town, with its stupid pageants. It may be juvenile and dumb to people outside of Magik City- It may even seem like we never left high school. But its much better than all the shit that goes on elsewhere..

Chet – You say that… yet you still felt the need to put yourself in danger and hookup with me.

Lena – What’s wrong with having an outlet?

Chet – That’s all I ever was to you!

Lena – Don’t say that. Yeah I ran… but you had every opportunity to tell the cops who your partners were… and you didn’t… You took the blame for me… and Taro. Yet you’re still friends with him, and you hate me? Its so messed up.. they think you had one partner.. you had two..

Chet – Taro is like a brother. I convinced him to help me.. It was my fault and he didn’t deserve to get caught. He even offered to turn himself in. You never did!

Lena – ….Bro’s before ho’s huh?… I get it… I was always just your throw away

Chet – You got it all backwards…. so delusional… I had to force Taro to run, I turned around and you were already gone… of course I was mad!

Lena – Look…I miss you so much.. everyday I’m sad… I just want-

Chet – What do you want?! Huh Lena?… because we can’t be together.. I’m not doing this lurking in the shadows shit..

Lena – I still love you.. and I know you still love me….

Chet – ….I… 

Lena – We used to have the best nights together… do you remember?

Chet – ……

Lena – You’d work all day.. come inside all greased up. I’d be waiting on the bed in one of your shirts… The ones that didn’t fit so-

Chet – They would always hang off your shoulder…

Lena – Showing lots, but not too much…. 

Chet – Heh…

Lena – You’d pick me up and we’d shower together… I’d pour you a drink….

Chet – *sigh*

Lena – We’d watch movies….. I’d fall asleep in your arms baby. You remember all of that right?

Chet – …….. I do.

Lena – Nothing has to change.. we can be like that….

Chet – I don’t-

Lena – Don’t you miss my hands?…… massaging your back after a hard day?…..

Chet – ….Sometimes..

Lena – Don’t you miss my soft skin?

Chet – …..

Lena – Don’t you miss these lips? that would kiss, lick and suck-

Chet – *Kisses Lena*

Lena – Mmmmmm….

Chet – *pushes her off* NO!

Lena – What’s the matter baby?

Chet – You need to leave!

Lena – I know you still love me, I know you still want me… that kiss told me everything…

Chet – ……..

Lena – Exactly…. like there would be anyone else-

Chet – I- Yeah… there is actually.

Lena – What?

Chet – I like someone… I’ve been with her… for months.. you just never knew…

Lena – Are you fucking kidding me right now Chet?

Chet – Get out… and never come back.

Lena – You’re pathetic…. you’ll never amount to anything. You and your stupid fucking repair shop! You don’t even have a home! you live upstairs above your business loser!

Chet – Its fine that you feel that way.. but I don’t care… you should go. Before I get angry.

Lena – What are you gonna do? Hit me?…..

Chet – Nope…

Lena – What’s the bitch’s name?

Chet – It doesn’t matter! Get the fuck out of here!

Lena – Fuck you Chet… I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.. breaking my heart like this.. fuck you.

Chet – Yeah well fuck you too Lena… leave.. that’s what you’re good at. Run away little girl…

What an interesting turn of events… Lena… and Taro are- well were the ones helping Chet. Lena was also having sex with Chet. I don’t blame Chet for doing it either. Lena’s kinda sexy.. I wouldn’t mind taking her to pound town myself. From what I’m seeing, I don’t think Chet is fully over her. Which makes his little connection with Brie Anderson much more complicating. Obviously that’s who he was thinking of when he lied to Lena about that fake relationship he’s been in… right? What a long day… I need some shut eye. Peace Love and Happiness my Magicians. Until Next time… Goodnight….

<<<<<To Be Continued>>>>>



  1. Wow Lena has a lot of nerve to try seducing Chet after he went to jail for her! I’m glad he finally kicked her out :D. LOL at Lisa Chang! He/she is soooo nutz. I was cracking up right along with Cayden :p. Now this whole business with Mia….she is being very sneaky. Does she have a boyfriend??? Ooooooo I want the next one! 😀

    1. I know I’ve said this before but… LMAO….. Lucas Ocampo/Lisa Chang is based off someone I know in real life. Its hilarious writing about him/her because its all true. Good thing my friend thinks its funny and not offensive.

      Lena, Chet…… They sure look good together but like you said.. she’s out of her mind to think things could be okay after all of that. Oh and about Mia… you’re about to find out in the next update!. This is what’s next :

      ~ Magik City {Book One} Pt. 3 “You Still Mad About That Girl?”

      ~ Magik City {Book One} Pt. 4 “Now Get This Work”

      ~ Magik City {Book One} Pt. 5 {S1 Finale} “About That Pageant Life”

      You’re probably wondering why Magik City is so short. It was always meant to be that way. A Mini Series, so that I could take a short break from BnG every season. I like Magik City being short and sweet. BoysNGirls will be returning shortly after the Magik City Finale… and trust me.. season two is going to be just as good.. if not BETTER.

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