Magik City {Book One} Pt. 1 “Lemme Introduce Myself”

{Book One}

Pt. 1

“Lemme Introduce Myself”

I Spy with my little eye, a newbie making her way to my world of Magik…. good thing I already know all there is to know about one “Brie Anderson”… I won’t tell all just yet, what fun would that be? …………. Who am I? Oh… well of course you’d want to know that. I’ll never tell, what mystery would be left if I shared my identity? *laugh* enough about me. Lets talk about Brie..

Brie’s on her way to Magik City from her home town of Jefferson, Texas – How adorable huh? Small town girl making her way to- well now that I think about it. Magik City isn’t all that big either. I mean its split into two sections believe it or not. You have Magik Town… and then you have Magik City.

I know what you’re thinking, what an odd name right? A quick FYI, No fairies, werewolves, vampires or any sort of magic here, if that’s what you were expecting then go read a book. The magic here in Magik City is something else entirely. Its the people, the emotion. Its the charm… you’ll see.

Brie – Is this the right area?….. *looks around*

GPS : Turn Right

Brie – Ah, guess so?

Soon Brie arrived at her destination, a cute little house with flowers and stuff.

Mia – Oh my goodness!

Brie – Mia!

Mia – I can’t believe you’re actually here!

Brie – I know! neither can I!

Mia – Did you have a hard time finding the place?

Brie – I did, but then used my GPS thank goodness.

Mia – Well come on in!

Brie – My bags?-

Mia – We’ll get them in a little bit. You’ve been driving, you need to relax *smiles*

Brie – Okay

Mia – Welcome home!

Brie and Mia attended college together at Bridgeport University. They were roommates then, and looks like history is repeating itself. Mia was fun.. fat.. but fun. I know that sounds harsh but you were totally thinking it too. Mia does in-home care for old people. She makes pretty good money, doing other odd jobs around town too. Brie’s a out of work photographer.

In case you’re wondering why Brie moved here. She had a huge blowup that resulted into a falling out with her big sister Marie, and their controlling father. So she felt the need to make a change, and now she’s here. We’ll see how long it takes her to run back to daddy- I mean hopefully she can prove people wrong. So yeah.. she’s out to prove that she can make it as a photographer, without daddy’s support.

She does have some support in the form of her Boyfriend Kyle, but here’s the kicker.. he didn’t come here with her. He’s back at home- no not in Texas.. In Bridgeport. Long distance relationship…. ha! Good luck with that little Texas girl!

Brie – Hey, is that a coffee shop behind me?

Mia – Yep!

Brie – Hmm… if all else fails I could always try and get a job there.

Mia – I know the barista… so I could arrange that- however… You’re going to become Magik City’s very own “Big Time” Photographer. I just know it!

Brie – Fingers crossed…. I should probably start looking for work-

Mia – Nonsense! give yourself a week or two before you turn into wonder woman.

Brie – If Kyle heard you say that… You know he’s all about hard work.

Mia – How is ole’ Kyle? Its crazy that you two are still together.

Brie – My college sweetheart turned out to be.. something more.

Mia – How is he? I know you said he got laid off and-

Brie – Well he actually met  this woman at the gym who’s extending her Ad agency. She’s opening up an office in Bridgeport, and gathering up new employees. He’s going to be working for her officially so I’m happy for him.

Mia – Ah… so no chance of him coming to join us here?

Brie – No.. but his career is important and we’ve been making the long distance thing work for quite some time now. Its all going to lead up to us getting married and having like three kids *laugh*

Mia – Well I’m glad you guys have it all planned out.

Brie – What about you? Any guys?

Mia – Oh please… I’m… nobody likes me like that.

Brie – Don’t say that.

Mia – I’m a Comic reading, Game of Thrones watching overweight nerd. Plus I’m not exactly Penelope Sanchez..

Brie – You shouldn’t hold yourself up to impossible standards. Besides Penelope Sanchez and those other Sanchez Sisters probably have plastic surgery.

The Sanchez Sisters.. They’re reality tv stars. Three sisters ; Penelope, Petra, and Patricia. They’re superficial and rich, and america loves them for whatever reason. Truth be told so do I. I watch their show whenever its on tv. So yes.. Mia’s correct, she is no Penelope… she’s not even the slightly fat one Petra.. goodness I’m such a bitch.

Mia – Here’s the living room!

Brie – Why’d you change the subject?

Mia – Do you like it? its small but cute right?

Brie – You’re not unlovable Mia.

Mia – You’re my friend, of course you feel that way. Its fine though… I’m content with being alone with all my geeky interest.

Brie – *sigh*

Mia – So…. what do you think of me and Molly’s {The Cat} home?- well its now your home too of course *smiles*

Brie – I love it *smiles*

Mia – You do?!

Brie – I do!

Mia – Good!- Oh I ordered your bed and stuff yesterday. It should be getting here in the morning. So until then you can either sleep with me and Molly, or on the couch. Whatever you’re more comfortable with.

Brie – Sounds like a plan.

Mia – So are you excited? or nervous? you’re like the new girl in town.

Brie – A little bit of both if I’m being honest.

Mia – Did your Dad and Marie say goodbye before you left?

Brie – My father wouldn’t speak to me…. and my sister.. she’s… yeah.. so annoying.

Mia – Well look on the-

Computer : I AM THE MOTHER OF DRAGON’S I AM Daenerys Targaryen!

Brie – What is that?

Mia – Oh… forgot I was streaming the latest episode of Game of Thrones on my computer….

Brie – Oh.

Mia – I love Daenerys… she’s my favorite character. I also love Margery and her fierce Grandmother!

Brie – Sounds interesting-

Mia – Oh it is! I have books! The show is based off books! Yeah… I’m glad I read all the current books too, otherwise I would have been so upset having seen what happened to-

Brie – My car was making weird sounds on the way here.

Mia – Oh! I know a guy!

Brie – Do you?

Mia – Yeah! he can fix your car if something’s wrong.

Brie – Okay… sure lets go see him?

Mia – Later! lets talk and have some cheddar popcorn!

Brie – Oh that sounds sooooo good. I haven’t had it since college.

Mia – Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I wish I could say the same. Obviously I eat alot. Miss Fatass pretty much!

Brie – Stop it! you’re beautiful!

Mia – *laugh* Sure I am!

*Loud Guitar riff*

Brie – What was that?

Mia – Oh you’ll get used to it. Its our neighbors…

Brie – Oh?

Vii – When the cold creeps in, and it feel like hell, Its a contrast that the devil know’s oh so well-

People Upstairs – *Loud Laughing*

Vii – Oh come on… I purposely came in the bathroom for the acoustics!

Vii pronounced “Vee”, comes from a small hick town- well.. its not a hick town but whatever. She comes from a little place called C-City. She has dreams of making it big as a singer. You’re probably wondering what kind of name is Vii, well my sources tell me her real name is Vanille {pronounced Vuh-Kneal} Santiago. I guess she wanted to be edgy or something and changed it to Vii.

All I really know about her thus far is that she left C-City for Pylea… and somehow ended up here in Magik City. I have my eye on her… 

Vii – He grabs me, he grabs me- but I slipped a-way. He had me, he had me- but I went and strayed. Why are we so mad? shattered broken glass…

People Upstairs – *loud laughing*

Vii – REALLY people?!  Okay I’ve had it! *goes upstairs*

Poor thing can’t even work on a new terrible song without her roommates interrupting….. Is it just me or does she look like a cat had sex with a cabbage patch doll? She so weird looking.. *laugh*

Computer/Cayden Blake : So then this bitch had the AUDACITY to just look at me like I’m stupid! Gorl please! Oh and catch this! His breath was offensive as fuck! Have you been chewing on Asshole, and moldy cheese?! topped off with a Salami martini?! BLIND DATE FROM HELL! And I don’t care if he’s watching this video either. He better be glad I didn’t say his name here on youtube..  Gorl please!- I’m still mad… cause gorl don’t come for me unless I send for you okay?! Don’t nobody got time for that madness boo!

Computer/Cayden Blake : Oh! and lemme back up a little bit! Here’s the gag honey! This butch queen ask me.. “Umm… do you smell shit?” I was like… Oh no he didn’t. So you picked me up in a car that had a wet seat. Then asked ME for gas money- THEN Your breath smelled like fucking feces and you ask me if I SMELL SHIT?! GURRRRRRRRL! Oh and then asked me to pay for dinner. Gorl bye! never again! Don’t be going on no blind dates okay? that’s the moral of the mothafuckin’ story!

Kilo {Pink Pants} – Oh shit, he’s fucking hilarious!

Ayane – I think he so funny!

Vii – This is why you guys were laughing?

Kilo – Yeah! Cayden is comic gold!

Ayane – You don’t watch “Daily Tea With Cayden Blake” ?

Vii – No…. is this a Magik City thing?

Ayane – I keep forget you’re new….

Kilo – He updates a new video every week. You should start watching them Vii.

Vii – He’s obnoxious…

Kilo – I think its funny.

Ayane – I do too!

Vii – Maybe….

Kilo – You’ll like them once you start to watch.

Vii, Kilo, and Ayane all lived together because they have music in common. All three of them wanted to pursue it professionally. Ayane, and Kilo met Vii online and they struck up a friendship and invited her to move in. Totally sketchy if you ask me, like what if they had been serial killers? This Vii chick sure is stupid..

Ayane – We thought you sleeping.

Vii – How did you guys not hear the guitar or my singing?

Kilo – Probably too busy laughing at the video.

Ayane – Now that you awake can I talk to you for a minute?

Vii – Sure.

Ayane – So… I had idea for new song. I run it past you- because you really good with lyric and stuff yes?.

Vii – Okay, lay it on me.

Ayane – *clears throat* “Ooooh I’m gangsta………………….Ooooh…………..I’m gangsta………… Driving with the top down, cruising on the low! Cause ooooooh I’m gangsta.. *starts hitting random high notes* Oooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH yeah eh eh eh eh yeah yeah! WOOOOOOOOOOO!” *stops singing* Then I’d hit them with my flow!

Vii – Your what?

Ayane – My rap! It go like this : “Ayane comin’ atcha, Asian Cleopatra! Cause you don’t really want it with the queen. Hoe envious skin turnin’ green.”

Vii – ………………….

Ayane – So what you think? *smiles*

Vii – Umm… well for the type of music you’re trying to make… umm.. I guess- well you know you’re trying that mainstream appeal.. so Its … its good.

Ayane – Yeah? cause I was thinking for bridge I could be like. “Snatching Yo man, I be snatching yo maaaaaaaaaaaan. Cause Ooooooh I’m gangsta.” *nods & Smiles*

Vii – Oh- umm yeah! yeah that’s so catchy

Ayane – What your favorite part?!

Vii – Oh? umm…. hmm.. its so many to choose from.. umm. The Oooh I’m gangsta part?

Ayane – That my fav part too! Yeah! Thanks! I had to run it by you!

Vii – So… how come you’re up here watching that guy on youtube instead of working on your dance moves?

Ayane – Oh snaps! I knew I was forget something!

Its a shame that Vii lies to this poor girl. She’s terrible at singing, her lyrics suck.. but atleast she’s pretty right? Thinking about it, she’ll probably make it based on that alone.

Ayane – You’re such cool girl Vii. You must had lot of friends growing up!

Considering Ayane hasn’t known English for that long.. its pretty impressive how she manages to put together these songs.

Vii – Umm.. the average amount I guess.

Ayane – You like dance? Want to come to dance class with me in hour?- I probably eat before I go-

Vii – I don’t dance…..

Kilo – Hey pretty girls…

Vii & Ayane – Yes?

Kilo – I’m going to go get some grub… I can bring you guys something back? won’t take that long.

Vii – Oh sure! I’m really hungry actually.

Ayane – Me too! thank so much Kilo!

Vii – Yeah you’re the best!

Kilo – *smiles* Awww… No you guys are the best!

Kinda pathetic how Vii and Ayane lose their minds over Kilo. I mean for crying outloud he’s your roommate you vultures!

Kilo – Ayane, Strawberry-Banana Smoothie, and a Chicken Sandwich?

Ayane – Perfect!

Kilo – Vii? Blueberry muffin, Hot Chai Tea… and a garden salad?

Vii – *smiles* Yes…. that’s exactly what I want.

Kilo – Okay I’ll be back before you’ll even know I’m gone.

Vii – Drive safe!

Ayane – Yeah… come back to us in one piece!

Vii & Ayane – *swoon*

Desperate much? 

Kilo – When I get back I want to play my new song for you guys okay?

Vii – Okay!

Ayane – I’m sure it amaze!

I feel like vomiting…

Cayden – Here comes the elevator… ugh I feel like vomiting. Please don’t be creepy.. please be normal…

Elevator : DING!

So you guys have already somewhat met miss Cayden Blake. He considers himself a youtube blogger, I personally see it as him being a complainer. Whatever the case, he put an ad on craigslist looking for a new roommate. Someone apparently answered it. This should be interesting.

??? – Hi! are you Cayden?

Cayden – Yes I am!

??? – You never know with craigslist.

Cayden – True… well come on in! check out the place….

Lucas – I’m Lucas, you can call me L if you want.

Cayden – Okay. You can call me Cay, CB, Blake, whatever.

Lucas – Okay cool.

Cayden – So tell me a little about yourself Lucas.

Lucas – Okay well…I lived in Bridgeport growing up, then I went to college in GloCity

Cayden – Ah my original plans were GCU, but I ended up here.

Lucas – Yeah….. I left G.C.U. because of- well I had another engagement.

Cayden – Such as?

Lucas – Well… I met an older guy…

Cayden – Oh… so you met a sugar daddy?

Lucas – Yeah he was trying to make me become his houseboy or whatever. I liked him so I figured why the fuck not.

Cayden – I see, well we all make mistakes. I post mine on youtube.

Lucas – Wait a minute…. You’re the Daily Tea guy? Oh my god you are! I watch your videos all the time!

Cayden – Oh word?… that’s cute! well thank you!

Cayden – So….. what do you do?

Lucas – Well…. I’m actually not working right now- I know that sounds odd since I’m here trying to be your roommate and everything.

Cayden – No tea no Shade but that does sound odd.

Lucas – I have atleast 4 months of Rent money.. so that’s not an issue. Plus I’ll find work here asap.

Cayden – Its all good girl…

Lucas – Is the job market here in Magik City ridiculous?

Cayden – Ridiculous?

Lucas – Like.. Anti Asian?

Cayden – Umm…. no?

Lucas – Cause people be hating on Asians I swear.

Cayden – Well not here….

Lucas – Any slam slams here?

Cayden – Umm.. I don’t even know what that means.

Lucas – Nevermind… They’re everywhere!

Cayden – ……………………………………Okay.

Lucas – …….

Cayden – So umm this is the living room SLASH kitchen.

Lucas – Very nice!

Cayden – Lemme show you the balcony and everything.

Lucas – Okay – Oh my god there’s your flag that you have behind you when you do your videos!

Cayden – Oh my black Fist Flag? yasssss gorl!

Lucas – This place is so nice- Oooh you’re watching Mean Girls!

Cayden – I live for that movie. Its the gag.

Lucas – The gag?

Cayden – Like its the KiKi.. the cackle… the ha ha.. the gag gorl.

Lucas – Ooooh Like its funny..

Cayden – Mmm hmm.

Lucas – Lindsay Lohan was great… now she’s insufferable.

Cayden – Her and Amanda Bynes need help, need to get it together like Miss Godney did.

Lucas – Godney?

Cayden – Britney?… Spears??? The Queen of Pop music?

Lucas – Ooooh.. Well I’m more of a Christina Aguilera fan.

Cayden – Oh we can’t be roommates then….

Lucas – What-

Cayden – I’m joking!

Lucas – Do you like Lady Gaga?

Cayden – Girl who? I don’t know her.. who the fuck is that?

Lucas – *laugh* She’s a singer who-

Cayden – Oh no, I’m aware of her existence.. I’m just throwing shade.. I don’t like her *laugh*

Lucas – This is such a nice view!

Cayden – It is.. and this is why I need a roommate cause I can’t afford this place alone anymore.

Lucas – How were you doing it before?

Cayden – My mother was helping me, but I don’t want her help anymore.

Lucas – You guys are fighting?

Cayden – No ma’am.. I just want her to be able to keep the coinz that she makes.

Lucas – Do you get paid from youtube?

Cayden – Yeah I’m a youtube partner or whatever. I get paid to let ad’s run on my videos. However that is not enough money you feel me?

Lucas – Mmm hmm.

Cayden – So yeah girl…

Lucas – Do you have a boyfriend? or girlfriend?

Cayden – Girlfriend?! You’ve seen my videos! do I act like I wanna be smothering in a lady biscuit?!

Lucas – I didn’t wanna make any assumptions.

Cayden – I’m not dating anyone currently. What about you?

Lucas – Nope…

Cayden – I see, well anyway you seem like cool people, and whatnot.

Lucas – You seem nice and everything too.

Cayden – I would say this went well. You’re welcomed to move in as soon as you want.

Lucas – Really?!

Cayden – Yes Ma’am.

Lucas – Thanks Cayden! I’ll move my stuff in tomorrow!

Cayden – Sounds like a plan.

Wow…. two queen’s living together. Wonder what’s gonna happen. Cayden is obviously a firecracker. This Lucas Ocampo guy is a mystery even to me. I can’t wait to find out his dirt!

Hide your valuables. There’s a criminal on the loose! *laugh* I crack myself up sometimes. This hot guy in the black shirt is Chet.. Chet Nash- No relation to that shitty author Jessica Nash. Chet’s hot…. but he’s not to be trusted. He has a criminal record…. I guess you can call it an accessory to his bad boy looks. All I know is that he took the fall for a crime last year here in Magik City.

The crime?………..Well, he was stealing cars, and other items from rich people. He had a partner… but… for whatever reason he got all the blame. He went to jail but then got out. He’s now on probation, and has to check in with this bozo Mr Darwin.

Chet – ……….

Bobby – How are you?

Chet – I’m fine… things would be alot better if I didn’t have to be checked on like a child.

Bobby – We’ve been over this.

Chet – Yeah… yeah…I know. I’m lucky I’m not in Jail. Trust me I get it.

Bobby – How’s work?

Chet – Its going good.

Bobby – How’s the company you’ve been keeping?

Chet – I’ve actually been keeping to myself Bobby.

Bobby – I see.

Chet – What?

Bobby – Nothing…

Chet – You said “I see” in this tone….

Bobby – I don’t think you should push people away.

Chet – I’m not pushing anyone away. I just know how some of the people here operate… fake people, with smug personalities. Not to mention they like to pass judgement.

I’d love to say he’s just a bitter douchebag… but I’d be lying if I did…..

Bobby – I’m not that way… and I’m sure other’s aren’t so bad either.

Chet – That’s great Bobby. So can we get on with this? I’m clean on all drugs- not that I was ever doing them to begin with-

Bobby – We still have to check…

Chet – Right- so I’m clean… I’m not in any trouble, and work is going smoothly.

Bobby – Speaking of work….

Chet – What about it?

Bobby – One might find it odd that you’d keep doing what you do… considering.

Chet – I don’t give a crap about what ONE might find odd. Honestly its what I love to do. Its all legit and I’m staying out of trouble. I don’t race cars anymore, I don’t steal them. I’ve learned from my young and foolish mistakes.

Bobby – ….I’m just making conversation and seeing if you’re alright.

Chet – …….I’m sorry.

Bobby – ……..So have you met any pretty girls?

Chet – Nope…. I mean they’re around but… I don’t really- Yeah…

Bobby – I won’t pry….

Chet – How’s your family?

Bobby – Everything is good, thanks for asking *smiles*

Chet – *smiles* Just making conversation.

Bobby – I don’t judge you based on your past. I honestly feel like you’re a good guy. I think you’ve learned your lesson and you’re making the best of things. I commend you on that Chet. I’m proud of you.

Chet – Don’t get all emotional Bobby *laugh*

Bobby – Can’t help it, we’ve been doing this for like a year so… you’ve grown on me.

Chet – ……….As have you.

Bobby – Well everything seems to be fine. You can go on about your day.

Chet – Thanks… umm.. have a good evening.

Bobby – You too Chet.

I have sources… and from what I’ve gathered, Chet isn’t too fond of father figures. It could be because he never really respected any sort of rules, or because he never knew who his father was. I’m going to go with the latter, because it totally would explain why he’s so weird with Bobby Darwin. Clearly Bobby see’s Chet as a son, that’s obvious. However Che’s inability to open up could stem from the fact that he doesn’t know how to respond to such a figure.

That’s just my two cents. Oh and speaking of inside information. That partner of his? yeah… I still have no clue who he is. Clearly they must have been close for Chet to take all the blame for the crimes committed right?

{Cell Rings}

Chet – ………….Why?

??? – Why what?

Chet – Why are you calling me?

??? – Because….. I’m just making sure you’re okay.

Chet – You’re the second person to say that to me today, and you know what? I believe him more than I believe you.

??? – I understand that you hate me, but you have to know that I did all I-

Chet – You should save it. Save it for someone who actually cares to listen to you.

??? – You took the blame for everything and I’m forever in your debt…. how can I make this right?

Chet – You can stop calling me.

??? – That’s not fair.


??? – …………..

Chet – Did you fucking hear me?

??? – …………….Please-

Chet – I’m warning you…. don’t ever call me again. You’re dead to me…. you got that?

??? – ….I got it. *hangs up*

Chet – *sigh*

Hmm… The plot thickens….

Vii – Hi-

Knox – Oh hi….wow..

Vii – What?

Knox – You’re pretty.

Vii – Really?- oh.. well thanks.

Knox – Sorry- what can I do for you?

Vii – Umm do you have anymore cranberry muffins?

Knox – Actually It should be done any minutes now. Some are in the oven as we speak.

Vii – I’ll take one of those.

Knox – Okay, well if you have a seat, I’ll call you up when its done. *smiles*

Vii – Thanks….*reads nametag* Knox.

Knox – No problem…….

Vii – Call me Vii.

Knox – No problem Vii.


Lena {Teal & Yellow} – Wow they really let anyone in here don’t they?

Ashley – {Red Hair} – You think this is bad, back in Pylea you ran the chance of having dinner with a loser all the time.

McKenzie {Blonde} – Ashley, I forget you’re a Pylean…. you and your boyfriend.

Lena – What is with her hair?

Ashley – That whole dip-dye style is so lame…

McKenzie – We should say hi…..

“Pylean” No.. that’s not an actual word and or name. However.. since Pylea is close to Magik City. Some people refer to the ones that move here as “Pyleans”

Girl In Background|Mooi – Where is she?

Knox – What the heck is that weird girl doing by the window.

Cayden – Hell if I know. Cute pants though.

Knox – *laugh* Hey Cayden.

Cayden – Hey yourself.

Knock – Nice vintage batman tee.

Cayden – Oh, gorl I got this from a vintage shop.

Knox – Didn’t know you were a fan.

Cayden – I actually prefer X-men… but yeah. As far as batman goes… I think the whole homoerotic shit between him and Robin is hilarious… SLASH hot.

Knox – *laugh*

Cayden – Have you seen my newest video?

Knox – Yeah, sucks about the blind date…

Cayden – Tell me about it.

Knox – Oh! what can I do for you? you know what you wanna order?

Cayden – *looking at menu* Damn.. did y’all add a bunch of new shit?

Knox – Yep.

Cayden – Hmm… Give me a green tea, and one of those Cranberry muffins.

Knox – Okay. Umm can you wait over there with the girl that was in front of you? she also ordered a muffin. I’m about to take them out the oven.

Cayden – Okay, no rush.

Knox – Oh I forgot to ask!

Cayden – Yes?

Knox – How did the roommate search go? Mia and I were laughing because we can just imagine you ranting about him on youtube.

Cayden – Well he seems cool. He moves in tomorrow. So hopefully I won’t have any issues.

Knox – Cool! I’ll be right back!

Cayden – Take your time.


McKenzie – Are you lost?

Vii – Excuse me?

Ashley – *laughing*

Lena – What homeless person did you steal your clothes from? you smell horrible.

Ashley – Why are you here?

Vii – To do whatever I want to do?

Lena – Wow… attitude much?

Vii – Kiss my ass.

McKenzie – I have you know that I am the mayor’s daughter and I’m pretty much the queen.

Vii – Some people never leave high school.

McKenzie – Sweetheart you look atrocious.

Ashley – Your clothes and makeup is all wrong.

Lena – And like…. again…….you look like you smell.

Vii – That’s fine… I’m not here for your validation.

McKenzie – That’s probably good because you’d never get it.

Ashley – *laughs*

Lena – So are you like… a dyke or something?

Vii – Excuse me?! Look Its three against one… but that doesn’t mean I won’t defend myself.

Ashley – Its not about to get physical.. so relax!

Lena – Yeah… don’t do any voodoo on us.. you look like a witch!

McKenzie – I’m sorry.. but you never answered the question.. are you like………..a lesbian?

Vii – Goodbye… *walks away*

Ashley – So are you guys entering Miss Magik City?

McKenzie – Ashley… duh. I’m the reigning queen… 

Ashley – Oh yeah.. duh.

Lena – I don’t know… maybe.

McKenzie – Oh don’t feel threatened cause you were runner up last year.

Lena – Its tradition, my dad would freak if I didn’t participate…

Ashley – Dontcha just love small towns?

McKenzie – Do I detect a hint of sarcasm Ashley?

Lena – Yeah.. did Pylea not have events like this?

Ashley – It was a little sarcasm, and yeah… Pylea didn’t do stuff like that….

McKenzie – You should enter.

Ashley – Maybe.

The tired annual Miss Magik City contest. McKenzie usually wins so its really no point in anyone else even entering. Do I enter? well… who know? That’s besides the point though. I do think McKenzie and company need their asses handed to them….. all in due time.


Vii – ……………….

Cayden – Don’t let those bitches get to you.

Vii – It’s whatever I- You’re that guy?

Cayden – ………..what guy?

Vii – The one that complains- I mean rants about things on youtube. Cameron Black?

Cayden – Cayden Blake.. and yeah that’s Me….

Vii – …..Cool.

Cayden – ………….. So mind if I sit? because Knox is taking forever with these damn cranberry muffins.

Vii – No, please sit.

I always find it interesting when strangers meet…..

Cayden – So you’re a musician?

Vii – How’d you guess?

Cayden – The try hard clothes… no offense.

Vii – …I guess my rags are sorta try-hard….

Cayden – I mean you’re working it miss honey but still…

Vii – …..

Cayden – I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing bum-fuck couture or not. You have a cute face.

Vii – Oh? wow.. thanks.. I’m not looking to date right now though.

Cayden – Honey…………..I’m Gay…. what the fuck?

Vii – I- you have a very handsome face, you never know if-

Cayden – I see… well thanks for the compliment.

Vii – Ditto.

Cayden – Where the fuck is Knox with my Green Tea?

Vii – *Laugh* ……So can I ask you something? 

Cayden – Okay.

Vii – How much of the stuff you rant about is true?

Cayden – 100%

Vii – You can’t be that angry all the time.

Cayden – When the shit happens I’m calm and collected, but when I’m sharing it on youtube I’m reflecting and angry so.. yeah.

Vii – That makes sense.

Cayden – Why aren’t you doing your music on youtube?

Vii – I never thought about it.

Cayden – Maybe you should.

Vii – Why? so those bitches can laugh at me?

Cayden – Why don’t you enter the Miss Magik City contest? Get all dolled up and perform an original song?- Fuck! that’s a great idea! stick it to those snotty nosed bitches!

Vii – Oh hell no…

Cayden – ….It could be fun… I’d totally help you…

Vii – ……………Hmm… I don’t know….

Cayden – I don’t bite! Are you scared or something?

Vii – I’m never scared…

Brie – Oh my goodness you scared me!

Chet – Little ol’ me?

Brie – You look like the guys on Teen Wolf.

Chet – What?

Brie – Nevermind…

Chet – Can I help you?

Brie – I’m looking for the owner?

Chet – You found him…. I’m Chet… Chet Nash… owner of Nash Repairs.

Brie – Oh…

Chet – ….yep

Brie – How old are you?

Chet – Old enough to have my own business?

Brie – That must have sounded insulting. My apologies.

Chet – Its okay…

Brie – Umm….

Chet – So… how can I help you?

Brie – Oh! right.. Well.. I’m new to town, and on my way here.. my car was making really weird noises.

Chet – I see…

Brie – …..

Chet – You okay?

Brie – Yeah- its just… you’re really striking.

Chet – Striking?

Brie – Yeah…. Striking?

Chet – What’s your name?

Brie – Brie….

Chet – Is that short for anything?

Brie – No. Just Brie…

Chet – My name’s Chet.

Brie – You said that already… *laugh*

Chet – Did I?- sorry…

Brie – Its okay…

Chet – So Brie….. why did you come here alone?

Brie – Why not?

Chet – Dressed like that… someone could-

Brie – I have a can of mace

Chet – Oh… Well alright.. show me the car?

Chet – …………..

Brie – This is her.

Chet – How do you know its not a he?

Brie – I don’t- I just, well I liked-

Chet – I’m joking.

Brie – Oh….

Chet – Hmm.. well this is a old car…

Brie – I like it though. Its small.. and cute.

Chet – Ah so you bought a car that resembles yourself.

Brie – What?

Chet – Nothing…

Brie – Oh!… you were flirting?

Chet – Was I?

Brie – My mistake…

Chet – So explain to me exactly what the car was doing….

Brie – In like.. detail?

Chet – Yeah.

Brie – Well it was fine before I was on the freeway.. then it started making these sounds when I hit the breaks. Like screeching.

Chet – Okay… what else?

Brie – It felt sluggish when I went up hill?

Chet – …..Alright.

Brie – It could just be my imagination but… it seems like its been eating up more gas lately?

Chet – Okay *laughs*

Brie – What?

Chet – Nothing…

Brie – I don’t really talk car… sorry.

Chet – No…. its quite alright….

Brie – *smiles*

Chet – *smiles* SO! umm… how did you find this place?

Brie – My roommate Mia…

Chet – Mia Jones? with the cat Molly?

Brie – Yeah.

Chet – She’s cool.. I like her energy.

Brie – That’s good.. I think she’s pretty cool too.

Chet – So umm.. Yeah I’ll take a look at it…

Brie – Thanks!

Chet – How are you getting home? you’re not walking are you?!

Brie – Oh no! Mia is on her way from work to pick me up.

Chet – You wanna wait inside?

Brie – I think I’ll be okay out here.

Chet – It can be dangerous around these parts…

Brie – No offense… but you’re a stranger…

Chet – I’m good enough for you to leave your car with me…

Brie – … I don’t think my boyfriend would be okay with this..

Chet – Boyfriend? where is he?

Brie – In Bridgeport working for an Ad Agency…

Chet – Just come on in, I’m not gonna turn into a werewolf or anything.

Brie – You totally look like those teen wolf guys.

Chet – I still have no idea what that means…

Brie – It is kinda cold out here… and dark.. why the heck is it so dark in this town?

Chet – Lots of hills and tall buildings? I don’t know…

Brie – Well… I guess I could come in…

Chet – You got your mace incase I transform into a monster.

Brie – Wow that’s comforting…

Chet – *laugh* Are you always this paranoid?

Brie – Are you always this sarcastic?

Chet – Umm.. yeah *laugh*

Brie – …… *smiles* Fine I’ll come in. Do you have coffee?

Chet – I do….

Brie – Okay cool… I’ll take a cup.

Chet – *laugh* Alright.

Isn’t that cute…. yeah I totally don’t see the long distance relationship working out. Whatever Kyle looks like I doubt he can match up against Chet’s brooding mysterious persona. As I said in the beginning… Good luck with that. Until next time my darlings. Goodnight from Magik City… *muah*

<<<<<To Be Continued>>>>>



  1. Very intriguing! I think this story’s off to a good start. Lots of interesting characters. I’m still amazed at how you come up with such complex characters all the time :D. Brie is cute. I don’t know who the narrator is yet but I disagree with them! I’m going to say that she will remain faithful to her long distance boyfriend no matter how hot Chet is!! XD . It’s a little creepy that he’s been in jail though :\. Hopefully he’s left that life behind. Cayden is a funny character. I like how he’s a youtube star :D. That’s certainly a trend these days lol. Not that I watch any of those vloggers on youtube! Not me! >_> <_< . Also, this is probably a silly thing to point out but I like how the Mean Girls movie progressed throughout his scene with Lucas. Nice attention to detail! What else, the coffee shop girls were extremely rude and Mia seems extremely nice! It would be great if she could find a guy. Of course I'm going to root for the nerdy girl to find her prince charming!! :D. Looking forward to more!!

    1. Rika.. you’re the best 🙂

      Thanks for reading/and commenting. I’m glad you’re intrigued and think things are off to a good start. My mind is filled with so many ideas for stories and character development. I don’t have a clue where my creativity comes from. I have a huge imagination so maybe that helps.

      Brie… is adorbs. Chet is sexy… We’ll see what happens. I bet you wonder what her boyfriend (Kyle) looks like 😛

      Vii probably should show those snobby girls a thing or two.. but who knows. Cayden wants her to but I guess we’ll wait and see.

      Cayden is hilarious. I love writing for him, and doing the whole youtube blogger thing. I’m guilty.. I watch a few.. Kingsleyyy, Tyler Oakley, Jacksgap, Jenna Marbles LOL.. I watch alot. So like you said its so popular these days.. I thought it would be a good fit for Cayden. Also I wanted to make him very different from Trey from BoysNGirls. Both are black and gay but sooooooooooooooo different. LOL

      Did you notice/recognize his roommate? Lucas Ocampo? he was Jeep’s old college roommate.. the crossdressing Lisa Chang lmao

      Lets see what else…

      Oh Mia! I love writing for her because she’s pretty much me and my friends. Nerds! comic book reading game of thrones watching sci-fi loving nerds. I think at the end of the day the nerds and geeks are the cool people.. I’m proud to be part of that group! Mia’s great and as far s her love life goes………………..*evil laughs*

      So yeah The next part is coming.. Animal Crossing just came out for 3DS and its a distraction lol. If you have a 3DS you should check it out. That about does it. Thanks for the support!

      P.S. Mean Girls is everything. Best movie ever ♥

  2. OMG I don’t have a 3DS but I was such an Animal Crossing junkie when it was on the GameCube XDDD. I loved that game to bits <3. And wow you're right! That really IS Jeep's old roommate lol! I love how you intertwine these stories :D. It's always fun seeing familiar faces. I must know what happens with Mia's love life!! Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! lol

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