BoysNGirls : Chapter Seven | {Season One Finale} Pt. 2 “Girls ♀”

Chapter Seven | {SEASON ONE FINALE} Pt. 2 Girls ♀

-POV’s : Jarrah | Kaori | Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jarrah)

Hey guys- I’m over here! in front of Jojo!- can you see me? Anyway.. today we learn who’s gotten into the Sorority. That’s what this shindig is for. We threw this party for the new girl- and Spirit is about to announce exactly who that might be… Paisley Adams or Elena Shaw. Personally I’d rather have Elena in. She seems low drama, and also… Paisley is shady from what I heard. Ultimately its up to Spirit though… so I guess we’ll see.

Spirit – Hello ladies! The day has finally come for us to gain a new sister. I stand before you with two candidates, Paisley Adams, and Elena Shaw. You’re all probably wondering “where’s the third girl” Well Jules– The third girl. Has decided that this isn’t the place for her. I feel like its a mistake to judge us based on the stereotype that girls are catty and can’t get along- but its her loss. Hopefully she’ll find where she belongs here at G.C.U.

Tyena [DarkBlue Jeans White Shirt] – Jojo?

Joanna [Yellow+White] – What?

Tyena – Who do you think is getting in?

Joanna – Elena… I like Paisley but I feel like Spirit may think she’s too wild.

Tyena – I hope it is Elena, because Paisley rubs me the wrong way. Portia said she heard her laughing on the phone calling me “Tyena The Hyena” Excuse that bitch? My laugh isn’t even that annoying.

It kinda is… but I love you girl!

Joanna – Awww… oh and by the way I love the new haircut.

Tyena – Thanks.. wanted to do something different.

Amina [White+Red] – I don’t care who gets in.. I’m just ready to eat.

Guess I’m not the only one who wants Elena in.

Spirit – I was happy with our group, and then for certain reasons a sister had to leave us. Its a new day, and what happened, happened. Initially I was going to pick between Elena, Paisley, and Jules. Obviously Jules isn’t with us so that leaves Paisley and Elena. Girls do you have anything to say before I make my final decision?

Elena – I’d like to say-

Paisley – This is such an honor to even be considered for the spot. I come from a very humble home, and I work hard for what I have. Unlike that Jules girl- I don’t and won’t assume the worse. Just because this is a sisterhood doesn’t mean its going to be full of catfights and drama. I think we could prove that women can get along without jealousy and bickering. I………… I hope I get in, and If I don’t.. I won’t hate any of you *Smiles*

Fake much?

Spirit – Elena?

Elena – Well.. … what I was trying to say before Paisley got excited – *clears throat* Is that Paisley and I are very different, and I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. I’d love to get in because all my life I’ve been searching for that group of girls I could grow with, laugh with. Trust….. A group of girls I could call sisters. I don’t want in this Sorority for perks. I want in because I feel I belong in…. I want to make life long friends. That’s all… thanks.

Paisley – …………

Spirit – With that being said.. I’ve come to a decision.

Paisley – ………..

Elena – …………..

Spirit – The girl that has… wowed me. The girl who belongs here. ………………..america’s next top model is….. *laugh* Sorry.. I’ve always wanted to say that.

Everyone – *laugh*

Spirit – Okay.. The girl who’s in…. is………….. Screw it.. Both of you are in!

Elena – Oh my god! I’m in?! Oh thanks so much Spirit! you won’t regret this!

Paisley – Yes bitches! New Sorority Girl in this bitch!

How’s that for a twist. I guess it makes sense though considering Jules dropped out…

Spirit – Everyone officially welcome our new sisters! Paisley Adams and Elena Shaw!

Everyone – *Talking*

Mahlia [BabyBlue] – Love the red hair girl!

Paisley – Thanks sista! Aren’t you like the golden girl around here? The princess?- and I say that positively.

Mahlia – Yeah I’m known to pop a few bottles n’ what not.

Paisley – Yes bitch we HAVE to party!

Amina [Red+White] – Ya’ll ain’t partying without me gorl!

Mahlia – That’s whats good!


Elena – Don’t trip down these stairs Elena… that would be so embarrassing. Go make friends.

Joanna – Jarrah….

Jarrah – Hmm?

Joanna – I didn’t know she was adding two new girls.

Jarrah – Well Spirit is full of surprises.

Joanna – Why didn’t you tell me?

Jarrah – How was I supposed to know?

Joanna – You’re Jonah’s cousin.. Spirit dates him?

Jarrah – They don’t tell me everything Jojo *laugh*

Joanna – So…. Trey… he’s not doing well…

Jarrah – Yeah..

Joanna – He told me what happen

Jarrah – He did?

Joanna – He didn’t OUT the guy but… I know most of it. I’m taking him to get ice-cream later…

Jarrah – Good.. he could use some Jojo time *smiles*

My poor baby Trey… all depressed… and to make things worse he has a bunch of classes today.

After all the hugs and congratulating the new girls. We all sat down for a meal and conversation.

Joanna – That’s right.. your brother is Lars Shaw…

Elena – Yeah… he’s a bit… whatever. I just try and keep my distance from his extra activities….

Paisley – Oh your brother is the dude who sells drugs… Interesting.

Elena – ………….That has nothing to do with me so….

Paisley – So if that’s his dirty little secret… what’s yours?

Elena – Wouldn’t you like to know?….

Joanna – You two have beef already?

Elena – I don’t have a problem with Paisley, but I won’t be disrespected either..

Paisley – Calm your tits… okay?

Joanna – This should be interesting.

Paisley – I consider myself a nice girl.

Elena – …….I see, well I’m a pretty fair person…. but if you get on my bad side……….yeah.

Paisley – Oh word? what a threat.

Elena – Try me *smiles*

Joanna – How ARE those cookies Elena?

Elena – Divine..

Yeah…. I totally heard all of that… Looks like the two new girls already hate each other. Why do I suddenly wish Rubi never got kicked out *laugh*

Meanwhile at the other table…

Mahlia – So thoughts on the new girls?

Tyena – I feel like I’m gonna end up getting into it with Paisley.

Amina – You are so paranoid… like.. about everything.

Tyena – Whatever Amina.. I know you ate my muffin…

Amina – First off I’m on a diet so… yeah I didn’t eat that muffin- BUT if it makes you feel better I’ll give Jojo some money so she can bring one home from work.

Mahlia – You’re so full of it Amina.. *laugh*

Amina – Why you say that? *laugh*

Mahlia – If you didn’t eat it… why are you quick to replace it.

Tyena – Cause her hungry ass is guilty *laugh*

Amina – ………………………Anyway. As for the new girls. I think they’re both dope. Hopefully I don’t have to slap either one of them.

Mahlia – I like them to be honest.

Amina – So…. Mahlia… Byron is dating Kaori… How that makes you feel?

Mahlia – Whatever… she’s a ho… so…… yeah.

Tyena – Whoa… harsh…. though she does have that reputation. Oh well.. guess Byron likes them loose.

That’s not fair….. why do women do that to one another? Its totally okay if a guy hooks up on the regular but when a woman does it.. she’s a slut. Besides Kaori doesn’t even really hook up with guys like that. She just always said she doesn’t give a crap about the double standard and if she wants to kiss a boy she will.

Elena – So your ex boyfriend came out of the closet…. how-

Paisley – You think I care?

Joanna – Paisley you dated Nick?

Paisley  – Yes…. and he’s gay now.

Joanna – He’s not gay, he’s bi…

Paisley – Whatever..

Elena – Clearly its a touchy subject.

Paisley – …….*rolls eyes* If a dude likes guys he’s gay. Bi guys are a lie…


Oh look… another double standard… us girls can fool around with each other and its cute… normal even. A guy experiments and he’s gay.. wow.

Portia – Your top is low cut Jarrah….

Jarrah – Well… Portia.. we’re girls… we have boobs.

Portia – I guess so- Oh! have you heard from Trey? I was wondering if you could tell him I’m sorry. He seems to be ignoring my calls.

Jarrah – He’s actually not ignoring you.

Portia – Its because I ambushed him with Darell…

Jarrah – He told me all about that, and while not pleased- trust me. He’s not upset by it. He’s dealing with some stuff.

Portia – Is he okay?

Jarrah – He will be… its personal.

Aries……sucks. I know realistically the world isn’t rainbow’s and unicorn- but… I don’t know… I just thought he would have fought for the relationship.. one that he started. I think that’s the worse part. He initiated contact….only to break his heart. Trey’s not feeling that great, and I honestly don’t blame him.

Portia – Spirit?

Spirit – Huh?

Portia – You’re quiet.

Jarrah – Yeah… you are.. everything okay? Did something happen with my cousin?

Spirit – Oh no… everything is good. Everything went great with Christine.

I know… he told me. Finally the whole mugging makes sense now..

Portia – Who’s Christine?

Spirit – Long story…. she’s just someone that’s going to be around for a while…..

Jarrah – …..So Portia…. things with Darell okay?

Portia – Oh yeah.. things are great. Except for the fact that Rubi is flaunting Aries in his face.

Spirit – Trying to make him jealous?

Portia – Yeah… but Darell told me Rubi was slutty… and he’s glad he found the error in his ways.

I’m sure that’s what he SAID…………but what he was THINKING was probably completely different. Also I’m really happy neither of them mentioned Dylan… that chapter is closed- and I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.

Spirit – ……..I’m going to get something to drink. Would either of you like anything?

Portia – Water is fine.

Jarrah – Cherry Coke?

Spirit – I think I saw Pepsi…

Jarrah – That’s fine.

Portia – Soda is SO bad Jarrah!

Jarrah – I know… but a girl needs a cock every now and then.

Portia – *Gasp*

Spirit – *Eyes widen*

Jarrah – What?

Portia – You said… you said-

Spirit – You didn’t say coke….. you said………….cock.

Jarrah – Oh my god.. I’m so embarrassed! I meant Coke! as in Cola!

Portia – Oh my…

Spirit – *laugh* I’ll be right back.

Jarrah – Can’t believe I said that *laugh*

That was- wow.. I can’t believe that came out of my mouth- and of course Portia is now looking at me, like I’m some sexual deviant… great. Anyway see you guys later.

(POV Kaori) | (A Few Hours Later)

So I spent the day with my boyfriend…  yeah I’m still not used to saying that. Regardless… a bitch had fun. We went to grab a bite to eat and then we came to see that Evil Dead movie- You know I live for scary shit. Jeep said it was good, so I figured I’d go check it out. Speaking of the boys… Jeep’s mugging mystery is now solved. I hope that Christine chick is worth it. Trey apparently got dumped by KingOfNowhere… sucks for him- and also because I never found out who it was.

Oh and in a twist, Keegan joins the fraternity. I guess that’s cool… I mean he’s totally the type of guy who would fit. He has the looks.. the great body.. the popularity… umm. Yeah.. good for him. Hopefully he’ll find whatever it is he’s looking for. I obviously wasn’t it- so I moved on.. and Byron makes me happy. I want to do everything with him.. like all the time…

Byron – Oh shit… babe!

Kaori – What?

Byron – Check this out *show’s her his phone*

Kaori – *Reading Outloud* “Byron, my dude! you’ve got the spot. Friday 9pm.” What?! that’s amazing- wait what spot?

Byron – Open Mic night…

Kaori – You never told me you-

Byron – Didn’t wanna jinx it.

Kaori – Well congrats!

Byron – Will you come?

Kaori – Come the fuck on dude…. consider me your first groupie *laugh*

Byron – *Smiles*

Kaori – How come the text said you “got the spot” If its open mic? I thought anyone in the audience could just-

Byron – Well- yeah its called open mic night but they usually make you sign up in advance to get a timeslot.

Kaori – Ah… that’s fuckin’ dope dude.. I’m happy for you.

Byron – Thanks…. I’m nervous…

Kaori – You’re gonna slay.. don’t worry. Also… just imagine me naked if you start to freakout.

Byron – I’m always imagining you naked!

Mahlia – Oh hell no….

Paisley – What?

Mahlia – I hooked up with that guy, I wanted to date him. Then he tells me it wasn’t anything but a hookup and he just wanted to be friends. Now he’s dating HER.

Paisley – Who?

Mahlia – Kaori.

Paisley – That’s Kaori he’s kissing? didn’t recognize her without her tits or ass out.

Mahlia – True tea.. what’s with her trying to dress all cutesy.

Paisley – I have my own history with her…

Mahlia – She always seems to get what she wants…

Paisley – Well.. she’s a bitch- whatever though… that’s why I stole her man.

Mahlia – That’s right.. you date Hammer!

Paisley – The dick is too bomb.

Mahlia – Yasss bitch..

Paisley – Don’t trip…. she’s a slut anyway.

Mahlia – She just annoys me.. she’s walking around with my man.


Byron – You are the cutest thing.. you know that?

Kaori – Yeah… I’m aware *laugh*

Byron – *Kisses Kaori*

Maybe Keegan rejecting me was for the best. I mean look at how shit has turned out for me. I’m actually going to class, I have a kickass boyfriend. I don’t really have any drama either. Maybe I was so mean, and passive aggressive because I was upset at the world. I was mad because I wanted a boy who I couldn’t have. Then he rejected me and I stopped living for a what if……. Hmm… whatever the case. I’m a pretty happy camper- ugh I just said happy camper. That’s some lame shit Jarrah would say.

Oh look who’s here….. The princess and her pony. Didn’t know these two were friends…

Mahlia – Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Kaori – …………..Sup.

Byron – Hello…

Paisley – How’s it hangin’

Byron – …………Excuse me?

Paisley – Must be small.

Byron – The fuck?

Kaori – ……What’s good Mahlia?

Mahlia – Oh nothing… I was just taking one of two of our new girls out to see a movie.

Byron – Spirit let both you and Elena Shaw in?

Paisley – That’s right. *Looks at Kaori* I’m a Sorority Sister…


Bitch please…. want a carrot?

Paisley – Didn’t you want to get in? but was rejected?

Kaori – …….I believe so. Your point being?

Paisley – *Smiles* No need for jealousy.

Kaori – Paisley… why the fuck would I be jealous of you?

Paisley – Hammer says hi!

Kaori – Baby girl.. I’m not thinking about Chad. You can have him feed you carrots and show you off at the stable all year long for all I care.

Best in show!……..Horse Bitch.

Mahlia – Those horse jokes aren’t even that funny.

Kaori – Aww.. can’t keep up?

Mahlia – Anyway….. So are you two like- officially boyfriend and girlfriend?

Byron – Yep.

Kaori – We are…. and?

Paisley – …………….

Mahlia – Wow that’s so cool… I mean.. you found a guy who’s comfortable enough to date you consider you’ve slept with the whole campus.

Kaori – …..Is that all? Because 1. I didn’t and 2. The slut jokes are as old as your rich girl persona.

Mahlia – I am rich though… so your point is?

Kaori – My point is I don’t give a fuck about anything you have to say.

Mahlia – Ooooh okay.

Kaori – Also I never had beef with you. You mad cause I’m with Byron? He didn’t want you! That’s not my fault- and if you wanna start shit with me.. go ahead.. I’ll give you one punch.. and then you’ll be picking your teeth up off the ground.

Mahlia – The whole hostile ass kicking thing isn’t that cute- This isn’t The bad girls club! Its college.

Kaori – Well… who says you can’t get your ass kicked in college? Just ask your horse-like friend over here..

Paisley – Bitch you didn’t do shit! I had heels on!

Kaori – So did I! and I still beat your ass!

Byron – Umm…Girls… stop…. this is a public place-

Paisley – If you wanna scrap right now we can! nothing but space and mothafuckin’ opportunity.

Kaori – Yeah! opportunity for you to get your ass laid the fuck out! Cause we both know you ain’t about that life Paisley Seabiscuit Adams!

Mahlia – You’re so tired…. like all of this rah rah I’ll beat your ass crap. Its really lame. Good luck with her Byron…. You’ll end up in alot bar fight because of this one.

Paisley – A Damn shame.. could have had a lady… instead you got the tramp.

Kaori – And Hammer ended up with a Horse. *smiling*

Byron – Babe lets go.

Kaori – Fine… BUT………..before I go. Mahlia?

Mahlia – *rolls eyes*………………Mmm hmm?

Kaori – Tell your mom I’ll be calling her about that job! *smiles*

Mahlia – Come again? What?………..What job?!

Paisley – Ooooh……………

Byron – Catfights.

Kaori – I wanted to punch her in the face, actually I wanted to punch both of them.

Byron – It was ridiculous…

Kaori – Paisley always mad. Like bitch why the long face? AND Mahlia is clearly upset because you guys hooked up and didn’t get married.

Byron – Let me explain something. After we hooked up.. we talked about it. I said that I’d rather just be friends, that hooking up was a bad idea. She completely agreed with me, and I asked her was she sure. I asked because I didn’t want any drama or anything from her.

Kaori – Well obviously she lied.

Byron – Would you mind if I talked to her? Not that I need your permission but-

Kaori – No I get what you’re trying to say. I guess its fine.. smooth things out with her. If she keeps throwing verbal jabs at me though…. I’m gonna Mayweather her face. So make sure you tell her that.

Byron – You’re cute when angry….

Kaori – I’m cute all the time.

Byron – So that job… I’m gonna assume you’re taking it?

Kaori – Yep.

Byron – To make Mahlia mad?… or to-

Kaori – To get the experience and see if its a possible career choice for me……………………and to make Mahlia mad.

Byron – *laugh* Good- well not the petty girl fight stuff, but good for the career aspect of it all.

You know… why do girls always want to try it with me? Is it because I’m short? do they think they can take me? Like what is the problem? Paisley is just a hater, Mahlia I had no problem with until this Byron thing. So I see how this is going to be. Me vs Mahlia and Paisley. That’s fine.. me fighting one of them isn’t fair anyway… guess the only way for them to even attempt to win is to partner up. I’ll be damned if I let Mahlia and Her Little Pony try and bully me. Game on.

Byron – You still going out tonight?

Kaori – Yep… also I’m suppose to meet up with Frankie and Jarrah.

Byron – That should be fun.

Yeah…………fun….. I guess Frankie being there helps though. Sometimes I really dislike Jarrah…. whatever the case. I’ll see those bitches tonight.

(POV Frankie)

I was so happy and high on life. In this moment I was wonder woman and I had just saved my amazonian sisters from harm! I felt great and I wanted Ivy to share it with me.

Ivy – You’re happy?!

Frankie – Very!

Ivy – What happened?

My article on Jessica Nash and Ivo McDonald just went live. I went straight to my dorm to celebrate with Ivy!… 

Frankie – Lets celebrate, my article about Ivo and Jessica went live tonight! Scott also told me to keep up the good work and I could be looking at a permanant position at The Mothership.

Ivy – That’s amazing.

Frankie – I want to celebrate with you! so want to get food or-

Ivy – Wait wait…

I guess she didn’t wanna celebrate?.. she was being weird and honestly I didn’t know why. I’ve opened up so much to allow her heart, and my heart to be one, but… as you can see.. something is off.

Frankie – ….. Okay? What’s the problem? did you not brush your teeth or something?

Ivy – No-

Frankie – Then? *laugh* don’t play hard to get. You wanted me all this time and now you got me silly-

Ivy – I cheated on you!

Part of me pretended that she didn’t just say that. The other part of me heard her loud and clear.

Frankie – What?

Ivy – I cheat-

Frankie – I heard you the first time…

Ivy – I’m sorry I-

Frankie – What the fuck Ivy?!

Ivy – The night Kalia and I went looking for my mother…

Frankie – The night you came in at 3am and said nothing happened between you two…

Ivy – ….Kalia and I…. we

Frankie – You had sex with her?

Ivy – I’m so sorry…. It happened because-

Frankie – What’s your excuse huh Ivy? Was I not gay enough for you? Was I not out enough for you? Why would you do this?

Ivy – She was there and helping me. I realized I… I realized that I never stopped loving her. That she was always there for me.. and she never stopped.

Frankie – …..

Ivy – She’s changed, and we both are-

Frankie – Oh fuck off! She hasn’t changed! Why the hell did you do this?!-

Ivy – I didn’t want to lie!

Frankie – You and Kalia deserve each other you know that?

Ivy – I just got scared of you and I. I started to think about this being your college experiment.. and how you probably would end up with a guy in a month-

Frankie – And who put that in your head huh? Was it was Kalia. She’s said the same thing to me-

Ivy – No…. I did it myself…. bi girls are just-

Frankie – Bi girls are what? What is with lesbians and their distaste for bi people. Its so ridiculous! Ugh! Fine.. whatever screw this! I don’t want to see your face… I’m moving out.

Ivy – Actually… I…… I was going to tell you everything tonight and I just assumed this would happen. I’m moving in Kalia’s dormroom…

Frankie – That’s great for you Ivy.

Ivy – I didn’t want to hurt you.

Frankie – But you did… and Its funny that you and Kalia thought the bi girl would be the one hurting feelings….

Ivy – I want to try and be friends someday… I know it will take time but-

Frankie – You and I will never be friends-

Ivy – Please don’t say that!

Frankie – You are the worse person I’ve ever met. You’re no better than Kalia.

Ivy – I’m so sorry!

Frankie – When she hurts you, or does something to push you away again. Do not contact me. I’m done.

Ivy – I didn’t want it to end like this… *crying*

Frankie – Well it did…

Ivy – You don’t know how terrible I feel.

Frankie – Just make sure you’re gone before I get back.

Ivy – …………..

Frankie – Have a nice Non Bi 100% LESBIAN life.

She cheated on me out of fear? is she fucking serious? No she cheated on me because she’s a weak bitch. Excuse my language but I’m really mad right now. She’s weak.. Kalia has always controlled her, and that’s what she’s used to. Its what she wants. That’s fine…. I’m over it. After the life I’ve had I’m not the crying type…. Ivy can drown in Kalia’s muscle bound snatch for all I care.

Speak of the devil

Kalia – Hey! I heard yelling.. is everything okay?

Frankie – …………..

Kalia – What?

Frankie – Are you proud of yourself?

Kalia – ……………..She must have told you….*laugh* Guess the jig is up! Thanks for the makeover homie!

Frankie – You still look like a man… your worst fear came true.. you look like Serena Williams….. Homie.

Kalia – Awww somebody feelings got hurt…

Frankie – Why did you do it?

Kalia – Because she and I belong together.

Frankie – I actually thought we were friends Kalia. You opened up to me about your self-esteem, and your sister.

Kalia – ………

Frankie – Use your fucking words.. and answer me! Why did you play me?!

Kalia – 1. Trust No Bitch… and 2. Because I could…

Frankie – Because you could?

Kalia – Yep.

Frankie – Who the hell do you think you are?!

Kalia – You shouldn’t raise your voice at me.. I’d knock you the fuck out.

Frankie – Is that so?

Kalia – Yeah… I would. Besides you’re way too pretty to get beat up.

Frankie – …….

Kalia – What….. no comeback? no I’m going to use kung-fu on you?

Frankie – …….

Kalia – Your dad taught you how to defend yourself… how cute. Too bad he’s lonely and your mother fucked him over. Ivy told me all about that.. sad life you lived. I say pack it up buddy… just drop out of school and go strip like mommy.

Frankie – Oh Kalia I wish you didn’t just say that…

Kalia – Get off of me!

Frankie – FUCK YOU! *Punches Kalia in her face*

Kalia – Bitch!

Frankie – Do something!! You’re all talk!

Kalia – Get off of me! Get the fuck off!

Frankie – *Punches Kalia again* You wanna bring my personal life into this?!

Kalia – Stop it! Get-

Frankie – What am I doing? I’m stooping to your level. *gets up*

Kalia – *coughing on the ground*

Frankie – You’re a weak bitch Kalia…. you’re all talk… and Ivy can go to hell for telling you all of my personal business!

Kalia – You attacked me when I wasn’t looking!

Frankie – I’d stay on the ground if I were you- better yet.. catch your breath and go help your girlfriend pack. I better not see either one of you when I get back to my room. I mean it. You two belong together.

Kalia – *coughing* You * coughing* can *coughing* suck my *coughing* DICK!

Frankie – Have Ivy do it…… And stay clear of me Kalia. Or else I’m kicking your ass every time I see you.

Kalia – I’ll sue you bitch!… that’s why your mama’s still a stripper!

I shouldn’t have put my hands on her…. but she deserved it. She played me, and that wasn’t right. All for some twisted agenda to win Ivy back. This is a lesson learned, I won’t fall for this again. I’m way too nice, always trying to help people. I’m so pissed off right now- and my hand hurts… I need to get out of here.. I wish my sister was here… I could sure use a talk.

(POV Jarrah)

Hey guys, just came back from dinner with the girls- not all of us went though. It was just Portia, Elena, and myself. We had some food- I’ve had too much today, and then we talked about current events… like Keegan becoming a fratboy. Tyena and Elena were saying how they weren’t shocked, and how he should have been a fraternity brother since day one. I personally think its fine, however the drinking and partying, and whatever else they do… I don’t know if its a good environment for him- Ouch.. did something bite me?

Dylan – Hey beautiful.

What the heck?

Jarrah – Dylan?

Dylan – In the flesh!

Jarrah – What are you doing here?

Dylan – I just got some burgers with the guys…. and was thinking about you.

Jarrah – Oh….

Dylan – Jarrah?………………….you love me right?

Jarrah – Of course… that doesn’t just go away

Dylan – I love you too.

Jarrah – I know you do Dylan but-

Dylan – The last time we talked. You said we couldn’t be together for a few reasons…

Jarrah – Right…..

Dylan – You said you wanted to see growth.. and maturity…. right?

Jarrah – …..Okay.

Dylan – You wanted me to know what I wanted… what I really wanted.

Jarrah – Dylan…… why are you-

Dylan – I love you!

Jarrah – Oh………………..My…………….God.

Dylan – This is me being mature, this is me wanting to grow old with you! I know what and who I want. I want you Jarrah… for the rest of my life!

Jarrah – …………..

Dylan – Make me the happiest man on campus- no! make me the happiest man on earth!

Jarrah – I…..

Dylan – Jarrah Folland…. will you marry me?

Jarrah – …………….

What do I say? What do I really wanna say?….. ugh…. dammit… Say yes….. No…. no…

Dylan – *Smiles* What do you say ladybug??

Jarrah – I want to say yes… but…. I can’t Dylan..

Dylan – Yes you can.. you can say yes and we could be happy.

Jarrah – …….I want to…

Dylan – Then do it.

Jarrah – …….I can’t….

Dylan – WHY

Jarrah – I can’t marry you Dylan!

Dylan – *Gets up*

Jarrah – …………I’m sorry….

Dylan – No you’re not…..

Jarrah – I really am… I just can’t… its not-

Dylan – You’re always saying its not time for things. Everything can’t be perfect Jarrah!

Jarrah – Dylan you cheated on me twice!………….with the same person!

Dylan – It was a huge mistake! I’m trying to right my wrongs!

Jarrah – That doesn’t mean proposing to me! Especially when you know how I feel.

Dylan – You don’t care about how I feel.. just because I play football and I’m in a frathouse doesn’t mean I don’t feel feelings! I FEEL FEELINGS TOO JARRAH!

Jarrah – …….I told you we needed time apart… we needed to grow and find out what we wanted in life. You know I’m going to France!

Dylan – Whatever…. You… you’re soo perfect, and happy without me. I understand.

Jarrah – You have no idea what’s going on in my life.

Dylan – You and that Collin guy!

Jarrah – I told you we’re just friends!

Dylan – Oh well excuse me.. clearly you want to be single so you can spread your pussy around to those French guys like some whore!

Jarrah – *Slaps Dylan*

Dylan – *Gets Slapped*

Jarrah – Don’t ever talk to me like that again Dylan!

Dylan – I’m sorry I’m just mad!

Jarrah – So because I said no… that makes me a slut for French guys?!

Dylan – I’m sorry!

Jarrah – How dare you?!

Dylan – I’m so sorry Jarrah I shouldn’t have said that!

Jarrah – I’m glad I’m leaving… so I don’t have to see you… after what you just said to me I can’t even look at you!

Dylan – …………..

Jarrah – Everything was fine… and you ruined it… we are never EVER getting back together… EVER.

Dylan – ……….I’m-

Jarrah – Keep your apology.

Dylan – …….

Jarrah – Get out.

Dylan – Jarrah I-

Jarrah – GET OUT!

Dylan – I am so sorry….

Jarrah – ………..

Dylan – I know you’re not a slut… I don’t know why I said that…

Jarrah – ………….Just please go….

Dylan – I’m so upset that I just ruined everything….

Jarrah – Well deal with it Dylan.. you’re a big boy.

Dylan – I’m dumb…. I’m stupid! I shouldn’t have attacked you.. this all went wrong…

Jarrah – Can you please just leave…… I don’t want to talk to you.

Dylan – ….

Jarrah – You made me feel like I was being the villain in this situation.. Like I was doing something wrong…. I don’t appreciate that.

Dylan – …

Jarrah – Go.

Dylan – …Alright….. and.. I’m sorry…

Jarrah – ……………

I can’t believe he said that to me.. I can’t believe this all happened. He comes in.. and asks me to marry him?! after we just talked the other day about us? Why would he do that!? Then I try and be honest with him, and he tells me I’m a whore who wants to be single for French men? Dylan- No man has ever disrespected me like that before- and for it to be Dylan of all people just really breaks my heart…….. I’m heartbroken, I’m speechless….

(POV Kaori)

So my stepsister Alana had asked me to go out with her yesterday, and I told her sure. I feel like we have a unique relationship. We sorta can’t stand each other but at the same time we love each other. I guess that’s how it is when people grow up in the same household. She’s just like any other sibling I guess. Anyway we got some grub and she wanted to check out her friend’s nightclub. This bitch know’s everyone with money and businesses I swear. Everything was going fine… until someone I didn’t like- and wanted to punch walked in.

Kaori – You can’t be serious….

Alana – ……………….

Kaori – So… basically I’m gonna have to kick her ass in your friend’s club?

Alana – Oh my god relax! have some class!

Kaori – Why is she here!

Alana – I invited her.

It was Morgan… Morgan Hill. That bitch that hungout with Alana, also the bitch that enabled Keegan while abusing prescription pills. This chick  also got fired from Victoria’s V-Glam empire and then since she ruined lives, she decided to go back home to whatever hick town she came from. I wanted to knock her the fuck out. What kind of person enables another when they know the person had a drug problem?- and who the fuck was that- that she brought with her?

Kaori – Why the fuck would you invite her when you were hanging out with me?

Alana – Well she missed the city.. so she wanted to come say hi, and she brought her bestfriend from home… Vira.

Kaori – ………….Okay but if I punch her-

Alana – You’re not gonna punch Morgan. You’re going to be a lady… besides Morgan know’s she was wrong for enabling your beloved Keegan. She only did it because she was in love with him. All you bitches seem to fall for that boy- I’ll never understand it.

Kaori – I don’t expect you to understand since you like old men who are on their deathbed with a checkbook in one hand.

Alana – You are so cunty right now. Its not cute.

Kaori – I see you didn’t deny it.

Alana – FYI I’m dating Sebastian now.. he’s my age and delicious. His cock taste like candy.

Kaori – 1. His cock probably taste like a pair of Louboutin Heels and Money to you. 2. I can’t believe he dated Frankie and now you.

What the hell is he thinking. He’s Jarrah’s cousin.. ms goody two shoes I’m so LOGICAL. Guess it doesn’t run in the family. I’d think he’d have better sense than to date Alana.

Alana – Oh yeah he did date Frankie.. ha! Oh well.. he’s mine now.

Kaori – Anyway… I’m sure Morgan does feel bad but still… what a bitch move on her part.

Alana – Look… for me. Don’t start anything. Morgan is- was very sheltered by her mom. Its not like she know’s alot about hot guys, drugs and nightclubs…

Kaori – Ugh.. whatever.. and her friend looks like a unicorn vomited on her. What the fuck is she wearing?


Morgan – Oh god.. that Kaori girl is here….

Vira – What’s the issue with her again?

Morgan – She doesn’t like me because when we first met she was being a bitch, and I didn’t like her attitude so I said something about it. Also she’s one of Keegan’s close friends.

Vira – Keegan is the guy you’re obsessed with right? the one you did those drugs with?

Morgan – I don’t like when you put it that way. Keegan is the guy who I think is amazing…. and we made some mistakes.

Vira – Ah… So this Kaori girl.. is she Alana’s friend?

Morgan – Stepsister.

Vira – Anything I should know about either of them?

Morgan – Well don’t cut off Kaori.. she will stab you, and Alana.. umm.. don’t mention anything about golddiggers…

Vira – Oh now I remember Alana.. she was the girl on your facebook page with the big hard tits.

Morgan – Don’t say anything bad about her boobs… these girls are hardcore they are NOT from our town…

Vira – Whatever… CCity isn’t some hick town with a bunch of losers…Don’t make it seem like we’re lame.

Morgan – I didn’t say that Vira.. please don’t start acting like that…

Vira – Sorry.. still mad about my sister moving to Pylea… Everyone moves away…

Morgan – I know you miss her but you’re both adults… these things happen. Now chin up.. lets go be social…

Vira – Well atleast that Kaori chick is under dressed just like I am. You and Alana are perfectly dressed for this place…

Morgan – True…

Morgan – Alana!

Alana – Hey bitch! How’s your fat mom!?

Morgan – She’s okay! she’s starting to get serious about her weight… I think.

Alana – Well that’s why you went home to help. That and you messed up alot of things here!

Morgan – *Sarcastic Tone* Oh how I missed your honesty…

Alana – You love it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch!

Alana’s voice is irritating…

Vira – ……..

Kaori – ………..

Vira – Looks like we didn’t get the memo… We’re both under dressed.

Kaori – Alana told me we were grabbing food and talking.. I didn’t know we were coming here.

Vira – Neither did I. Morgan said Coffee….

Kaori – Oh well.. it is what it is….

Vira – Cute boots. I saw some girls in Japan wearing them.

Kaori – You went to Japan?

Vira – Yeah.. I came back home- to CCity around the same time Morgan did.. so it was perfect. I didn’t come back empty handed either. I came back with a boyfriend named Chris. Chris is everything.

Kaori – That’s cool.

Vira – You have a boyfriend?

Kaori – I do… his name is Byron.

Vira – Nice!

Alana – Lets have a seat!

Morgan – Alrighty.

Lets get this lame shit over with.

Alana – Nice Pink hair… *laughs*

Vira – Umm thanks?

Alana – Your outfit though….. are you like a hipster or something?

Vira – I’m an artist… I paint.

Morgan – She’s a great painter.

Alana – How precious.

Vira – Does your tits hurt?

Morgan – VIRA!

Alana – No my tits feel great.. thanks for asking.. did you forget yours back at home?

Kaori – *laugh*

Oooh the shade….

Vira – I’m not flat though… In Japan its not about huge boobs! its about style.

Morgan – So…. yeah…..

Alana – Let me stop being a bitch.

Vira – …………

Kaori – So Morgan…………..

Morgan – …. I know you hate me… but I-

Kaori – I was just gonna ask how have you been since moving back home.

Morgan – Umm.. I’ve been okay. Just helping my mother out…. That and watching the Hunger Games with this one *Points To Vira*

Vira – *Quotes the Movie* May the odds be ever in your favor!

Alana – What is that? some Twilight shit?

Kaori – The Hunger Games is NOTHING like Twilight.. it has a deep story… its well acted too.

Alana – Oh whatever.

Vira – I love the movie. I love Elizabeth Banks character.

Kaori – Effie Trinket… with her odd fashion.

Vira – Oh I love it! She’s fierce! Her style is the type of stuff I saw in Japan!

If she mentions Japan one more time……….She is SUCH a weebo!

Morgan – Keegan’s joining the frathouse at G.C.U.?

Bitch that was random.. why is Keegan always on your brain!?

Kaori – How do you know that?

Morgan – Skype?

Kaori – I see.. Well yeah he’s joining a fraternity..

Morgan – That’s great.. I know he’ll love it.. he’s very social.

Kaori – You don’t have to tell me that.. I know him very well I know he’s social.. the fuck?

Morgan – I’m sorry for everything by the way.

Kaori – …………..

For Alana…. do not sock her in the face.

Morgan – I really am.

Kaori – Its…… it happened…

Alana – ….. So Vira… tell us about yourself. I know Morgan’s story.. Drug use, fired from V-Glam, Fat mom, nerd brother… what’s your tale?

Morgan – ………

Vira – Well.. I have a sister named Vanille… we have lesbian moms. I don’t know who my dad is… I went to Japan… came back with Chris.

Morgan – She obsesses over her boyfriend…

Vira – Shut up- you obsess over that Keegan guy.

Kaori – *Rolls eyes*

Vira – Anyway… Yeah… My sister met her dad a while ago which didn’t go so well.. so I never got to meet mine. Our mothers cut ties with him… to “Protect” me. Which I think is bullshit…

Oh my god….

Kaori – Oh… so.. what’s your parents names?

Morgan – That’s an odd question.

Vira – Yeah..

Kaori – Its just a personable question.

Alana – What the fuck?

Vira – Umm Not sure why you’re asking that but I guess I’ll answer….. Leslie and Aimee are their names. What’s yours?

Kaori – Vince… Vince and Kokoro…

Vira – Ah! I knew you were half Asian!

Morgan – Just because you been in Japan doesn’t mean you have an Asian Radar! Vira!

Alana – Anyway… enough of this weird shit. Lets get some drinks.

Kaori – Actually… Umm.. I need to go.

Vira – Awww why?

Morgan – Is it because of me? I’m-

Kaori – No bitch its not cause of you.

Alana – Kay’…. come on.. that was rude as fuck.

Kaori – I got some studying to do…

And I’m supposed to meet up with Jarrah and Frankie… Oh and I just met my fucking sister… Awkward as fuck… she has not a single clue.

Alana – I’m staying…

Morgan – So am I.. which means you have no choice Vira since I drove…

Kaori – Well I’m out.. 

Alana – You’re alright with the train?

Kaori – Yeah I’m fine… Goodnight.

Vira – It was nice to meet you…

Kaori – ….You too…

Sis. ………………..Wow I need to get the fuck out of sight… This is crazy! Vira’s my sister! I feel like I’m going to be sick… Like what the fuck? I feel like I can’t tell anyone.. I can’t tell Ivo because he’d force me to have them meet… ugh…. what the fuckity fuck….

(POV Frankie)

Frankie – *waking up*

Oh my goodness… What the hell did I do…

Ivo – …….. *snoring*

Frankie – Ivo…….

Ivo – ……………

Frankie – IVO!

Ivo – What?- huh?

Frankie – Wake up!

Oh fuck….

Ivo – How’d we get on the bed? We were in the kitchen… then the floor…

Frankie – ………Ummm

Ivo – Oh that’s right… we made it to the bed… and fell asleep I assume..

Frankie – Ivo….

Ivo – Do you want something to eat? I can make a mean grilled cheese. Mom has all kinds of shit in the-

Frankie – Oh shit that’s right.. this is your mom’s-

Ivo – This is the guest room.. don’t worry…

Frankie – …………Fuck…

Ivo – Why are you freaking out?

Frankie – Because…..

Ivo – I’m ending things with Jessica…. So its fine. You and I-

Frankie – There is no………… and I……

Ivo – What?

Frankie – This was a huge mistake!

Ivo – Why is it a mistake?

Frankie – Because I- we shouldn’t have done what we-

Ivo – We shouldn’t have had sex?! is that what you’re saying?

Frankie – I- you shouldn’t leave Jessica for me.. because I’m not-

Ivo – Aaaaaah! Fucking women man! Always playing games!

Frankie – *Rubs his back* Wait don’t be upset I-

Ivo – You rang the doorbell… and you kissed me!

Frankie – I know but I-

Ivo – Then we took off our clothes and fucked on the kitchen floor!

Frankie – Ivo listen to me-

Ivo – What the fuck kind of game are you playing? *Buries face in hands/palms*

Frankie – Are- are you crying?-

Ivo – No I’m not fucking crying! I’m frustrated! Why did we have sex?! Huh?

Frankie – …. My girlfriend just cheated on me.. and I got into a physical altercation with the other girl… I was mad.. and felt like I was.. unwanted or-

Ivo – And so you came to me?! knowing that I liked you!- You’re GAY?!

Frankie – I’m not gay I… Its- fuck…

I’m such a bitch…

Ivo – Get out… You got what you came for.. You got your love and affection.. now get the fuck out.

Frankie – Wait.. Ivo-

Ivo – Fuck you.

Frankie – …………….

Ivo – You’re just like your fucking sister you know that?

Frankie – I understand why you’re mad, and if you just-

Ivo – Using me… she used me to break up with Micah, you used me because you were feeling like shit because you got cheated on!

Frankie – Its not that I don’t like you! I just-

Ivo – Why are women always using me?! What the fuck did I do to deserve that Frankie?!

Frankie – You didn’t you- Its all bad timing Ivo and I-

Ivo – FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! You hear me? Fuck you! Fuck you and your fucking sister!

Frankie – Don’t take this out on Andi!.. I did this-

Ivo – Yeah and she did it first…. Get the fuck out of my house Frankie…

Frankie – Stop it.. just- lets talk.

Ivo – I’m done talking.. get your shit.. and leave. NOW!

Ivo – *Slams Door Shut*

Frankie – *Flinches from door slamming*

Ivo – *Yelling from kitchen* Get dressed and get the fuck out Frankie! I’m not kidding!

Frankie – ………….Shit…

I- Dammit… I shouldn’t have done this. He’s so mad…. like he’s really angry at me. I know he’s probably gonna tell my sister too… She’s going to be so mad at me also. I shouldn’t have even come here. I don’t know why I did either- I was just upset and wanted to feel wanted. I wasn’t intentionally playing with his emotions…. but truth be told I wasn’t really considering them either. Goodness I’m such a bitch for this… I never claimed to be perfect but I don’t do things like this….

Ivy cheating on me, and me fighting with Kalia had nothing to do with Ivo. I should have left him out of this. Now I’ve hurt him, and he thinks that I used him. I mean I did- but I didn’t realize it in the moment. I acted on impulse and when it was over I was snapped back into reality… This is NOT me.. this isn’t how I behave… He has every reason to hate me right now too.. Fuck…. I need to put my clothes on and leave before he throws me out- Oh shit.. I have to meet up with Kay’ and Jarrah.. that’s not awkward at all. Hey Kaori.. I just had sex with your brother….. yeah….Not telling her….. Shit… shit shit shit!

(Narrator  ItzBee) | (An Hour Later)

The girls had finally met up. Kaori and Jarrah seemed like they had been there a while, waiting for Frankie to show up.

Jarrah – Hey.

Kaori – Finally! where were you?

Frankie – I….. was walking..

Kaori – Did you forget that we were meeting up?

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Frankie – I’m alright….

Kaori – Are you sure?

Frankie – Yeah…. umm how was your night with Alana?

Kaori – Umm…. It was interesting.

Frankie – How was your night Jarrah? I heard about Paisley and Elena getting in…

Jarrah – It was fine but what happened after dinner tonight… that’s a completely different story.

Frankie – Are you okay?

Jarrah – Lets get the big thing out of the way first… is that okay?

Kaori – Its whatever, I really DON’T wanna talk about that… but I understand why we need to.

Frankie – …Okay… the floor is yours Jarrah.

Finally it was time to talk about the one thing that nobody wanted to talk about. Keegan and The Pact…

Jarrah – Do you guys remember why we made the pact?

Kaori – So we wouldn’t date Keegan, and so we wouldn’t hate each other.

Jarrah – No… I mean more specifically..

Frankie – So we’d remain close… The three of us.

Jarrah – Right…

Kaori – You broke the pact though.

Jarrah – …………I did… but… you didn’t know that until recently- and guess what?

Frankie – ……….

Jarrah – We didn’t remain close. For whatever reason you and I just…

Kaori – ………….I don’t fucking hate you dude.. don’t be dramatic..

Jarrah – …..I feel like you do alot of the time…

Kaori – Well….. I’m…………………… I’m sorry if you do. That’s not how I feel.

Jarrah – Truth is I’m jealous of you in certain ways.

Kaori – Naturally…

Frankie – Kaori….

Kaori – I’m jealous of you too… okay? there I said it.

Frankie – You both have things about yourselves that makes the other wish they had…. Its normal..

Jarrah – I’m so sorry I broke the pact.

Frankie – …..

Kaori – …… You know what?… Its water under the bridge.

Frankie – Really?

Kaori – I have Byron, and life is…. life is funny… and short.. and interesting. Too many things to have on my plate to include this stupid pact. So whichever one of you it is.. I don’t care anymore.. date him.

Frankie – I agree…. we’re too old for this.. whoever he likes he should be free to date them. He’s been through enough.. he should be able to be with who he loves.

Jarrah – ….Do you guys want to know how it happened?

Frankie – NO

Kaori – Ugh spare the details.

Jarrah – ….. Okay….

Frankie – I’m over it…

Kaori – Me too….

Jarrah – Okay.. but I have a question.

Kaori – What?

Frankie – Ask away..

Jarrah How do you guys feel about him? Because no matter what goes on in my life I’m still drawn to him..

Kaori – He doesn’t love me… but… I mean I guess part of me still cares for him. It will never go away fully.

Frankie – I do love him… and I’d be lying if I said I don’t care if its me or not. However I’m not in the position to be with him so..Yeah Lets change the subject?

Jarrah – ……………Umm… Dylan proposed to me?

Kaori – You said yes right?

Frankie – When did this happen?

Jarrah – A few hours ago…

Kaori – I don’t see a ring…

Jarrah – I told him no… and then he called me a whore who just wants to be single so I could have French……….penis.

Frankie – Dylan? Dylan Stanford said that?

Jarrah – Yeah….

Frankie – I’m sorry…..

Kaori – I…..umm..

Kaori was conflicted.. she felt like maybe she should keep the Vira thing to herself… so instead she told the girls..

Kaori – My night was alright… I grabbed food with Alana in Bridgeport.. we went to her friends bar- and Morgan was there..

Jarrah – How is she?

Kaori – I wanted to punch her….. but umm.. she’s doing fine I guess.

Frankie – The three of you just hungout?

Kaori – ……………..Yup.

Jarrah – What about you Frankie?

Frankie – The reason I was late is because I…. Okay so… My article went live on The Mothership’s website-

Kaori – We know.

Jarrah – We read it while waiting for you. It was great.

Kaori – Congrats bitch.

Frankie – Thanks… umm.. So I wanted to celebrate and *Fades off*

Frankie told the girls about Ivy cheating and her fight with Kalia

Jarrah – I can’t believe she cheated on you…. I mean I didn’t really know you two were serious.. but still.

Frankie – Yeah…

Kaori – I don’t see a scratch on you.. I’m guessing you beat Kalia’s ass?

Frankie – Yeah….I wanted to break her arm… but I just didn’t feel right beating her up.. i hate violence…

Jarrah – So what else happened after you fought her?

Frankie – I left and umm… went… somewhere.. but I just got back and I went to my dormroom and guess who was there?

Jarrah – Ivy?

Kaori – Kalia? she wanted round two?

Frankie – Rubi Fucking Later.

Jarrah – What?!

Kaori – Ugh… Fat Pussy was there?

Jarrah – *laugh* Why are you calling her that?

Frankie – *laughs*

Kaori – Darell tweeted it…. he said Rubi had a wide vagina…

Jarrah – *laugh* That’s mean… that’s not nice…

Kaori – You’re laughing though.

Frankie – Darell’s a douche… 

Jarrah – Why was Rubi in your room?

Frankie – Because Ivy moved out, and Rubi was on the waiting list for a new room…. so guess who’s rooming with Rubi!……….me! *sarcastic tone* Yay….

Kaori – Dude… that blows… you have to deal with her shit now?

Frankie – Well Ivy’s with Kalia.. they share a room now so… not like I can pick my roommate…

Jarrah – Sheesh….

Kaori – Moment of truth?

Ironic since she’s not telling them the truth about her night out with Alana.

Jarrah – Okay?

Frankie – Sure?

Kaori – I’m glad we talked… and this should happen more.. the three of us. I wouldn’t exactly hate having a friendship with you Jarrah…

Frankie – Awww…

Jarrah – Well thank you Kaori, and I feel the same. You know what from this moment on we should always just be honest with each other… okay?

Kaori – *looks away* Umm.. yeah!

Conflicted again.. Kaori still chose not to let the cat out of the bag about Vira… aka her sister. Frankie on the other hand…

Frankie – Umm….. Okay… then I need to say something.

Jarrah – Uh oh?

Frankie – Something to Kaori…

Kaori – What?

Frankie – After the Ivy-Kalia incident.. and before seeing Rubi in my dormroom… I…

Kaori – Where were you?

Jarrah – …………….

Frankie – I was upset and hurt… and I wanted to feel… wanted. I knew that I wanted to be with someone that had expressed their… affection for me?

Kaori – Okay? were you with Keegan or something?

Jarrah – Did he tell you its you?

Frankie – I had sex with your brother..

Jarrah – MICAH?!

Frankie – No…. 

Kaori – WHAT?! You and Ivo?!

Frankie – Then I told him it was a mistake and he was so mad and said I played with his emotions. He told me to get out and-

Kaori – Why would you do that?! I have to go! I need to get out of here before I spazz out!

Frankie – Kaori… wait!

Kaori – Why the fuck would you FUCK my brother?

Jarrah – …………..

Frankie – I was feeling low and I-

Kaori – You could have called me! or someone… you didn’t have to go throw your pussy on my brother and hurt him! 

Frankie – I know… I just-

Kaori – I can’t believe you would do something like that… you used him just like you sister did! What the fuck?!

Frankie – I wanted to be honest and I-

Kaori – You wanted to tell me before he did because you feel guilty! ugh I’m so mad at you right now.. what is with the women in your family!

Frankie – Hey don’t fucking go there Kaori! Hate me for the Ivo thing but don’t drag my family into this! You and yours aren’t perfect!

Kaori – Yeah but we don’t use our pussies in substitute for our emotions! Your mom stripped, Andi used her’s against Jarrah’s brother.. and now you… WOW

Frankie – That’s fucked up for you to say that… you don’t use your vagina to substitute your emotions Kaori? REALLY? is that why you fucked half the campus?!

Kaori – Fuck you!

Frankie – Fuck you too! You’re being a judgmental bitch!

Kaori – I’ll be that… atleast I’m not a brother fucking bitch!

Jarrah – Guys don’t-


Jarrah – ………………Okay I’m just trying to help!

Frankie – Kaori why are we fighting? we just said we needed to bond and stick together-

Kaori – That was before you fucked my brother. You have no idea what his ex girlfriend did to him. He has a history with women using him!

Jarrah – It was your brother, not your boyfriend… i don’t understand why you can’t understand Frankie’s-

Kaori – You wouldn’t understand… you pact breaking ho. I’m out…

Frankie – …………*sigh*

Jarrah – So much for being friends….

Frankie – …………….This is such bullshit…

Jarrah – I’ve never seen you two fight… I feel so.. weird… like watching two parents fight..

Frankie – I bet you’re glad you’re going to France…

Jarrah – …………….Yeah… but we promised Keegan to meet at the beach tomorrow… so… 

Frankie – Great… I forgot all about that….

The girls went separate ways… but They all kept their words and met at the beach the next day… Keegan wanted everyone together to celebrate friendship. Also to give Jarrah a nice memory before heading off to France.

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The New/2nd Season of “Crazy Beautiful Life” starts :

CBL|Book Two : Bloody Winter


  1. TOO GOOD as always :D. Wow, so much drama! This one definitely took a turn. The bad girl Kaori is now the (somewhat) sweet girlfriend of Byron and the good girl Frankie is kicking butt and hooking up with Ivo!! lol. Kaori has a right to be upset with her but at the same time Frankie just got her heart broken. Women with broken hearts are unpredictable :D. Still, poor Ivo didn’t deserve to be used either. It’s so complicated :\. While I’m feeling sorry for men I better add Dylan to the list. That was a bold move to propose :O. Too bad Jarrah didn’t accept. In a way I’m glad she didn’t. The guy cheated on her twice; it’s smart not to jump into marriage with him! Now I need to move on to the beach time video and will leave another comment after I watch it. I had no idea you did movies too :p. I’m sure it’s good just like all your other work 🙂

    1. Yay Glad you enjoyed! There is so much to look forward to in Season Two.. you have NO idea the things I have planned for these characters and some of the recurring characters. Oh and as for the video. Since I did my finale as Boys and then Girls I decided a quick video was the perfect way to kinda close everything. 🙂

      Thanks for reading/commenting.. and supporting the blog ♥

  2. Glad to see there were no fist fights on the beach :D. The video was well done. I wonder if Jarrah really will meet a hot French guy XD. So looking forward to next season!! ❤

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