BoysNGirls : Chapter Seven | {Season One Finale} Pt. 1 “Boys ♂”

Chapter Seven | {SEASON ONE FINALE} Pt. 1 Boys

-POV’s : Jeep | Trey | Keegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jeep)

Spirit and I had an amazing day together. We went to the movies and saw that kick ass Evil Dead remake. It was so cute, she squeezed my hand so tight on really scary parts. We had a blast and the movie was phenomenal! Its what horror should be Anyway… as you can see by my nipples.. after the movie Spirit shockingly invited me back to the Sorority House. I figured we’d end up eating some ice cream and talk more about the movie but… we didn’t. She told me how much she likes me, and that she was ready for the next step. 

I asked her a few times if she was sure.. and she said she was positive. She started to take off her clothes, and then she kissed me. I stopped her and told her that before we did anything.. I wanted her to officially be my girlfriend. She said yes, and so… we… had sex *laughs* I had sex with Spirit Harrington- Spirit Harrington is my girlfriend. How the hell did I get so lucky?

Jeep – … *smiles* Was it okay?

Spirit – It was more than okay… It was amazing Jonah *blushes*

Jeep – You’re amazing Spirit… You’re perfect.

Spirit – I don’t know about all of that… but thanks for saying it.

Jeep – I’ve always wanted a girl who was beautiful, smart, kickass… and shared my love for cinema. I just had no idea that she’d also be a popular Sorority girl.. That’s just a plus.

Spirit – You know what this means right?

Jeep – What?

Spirit – It means that you’re dating the most powerful girl at G.C.U. *laugh*

Jeep – Oh yeah? and what does that make me?

Spirit – My……………boytoy?

Jeep – *laugh* position accepted!

Spirit – *laugh* shhhhhhh everyone is sleeping.

Jeep – Oh they are? why does everyone sleep so early? its only what? 10?

Spirit – Most of the girls have morning classes.. that or jobs.

Jeep – Oh okay.

I was really scared that maybe she would regret this, that she would feel like she moved to fast… but then she said-

Spirit – This is what I wanted, and I hope I didn’t pressure you into it… I hope you don’t think I moved too fast.

Jeep – I’m just glad its what we BOTH wanted.

Spirit – Emotions aside… This is college.. sex happens. I’m just happy it was with you.

Jeep – Yeah.. me of all people.. still funny.

Spirit – What can I say? I’m a girl who know’s what she wants. *smiles*

Jeep – That you are.

Spirit – You’re so cute all naked.. come here


Jeep – You’re so warm…

Spirit – I don’t want to sound like a nympho or whatever but… do you want to do it again?

Jeep – Uh really?

Spirit – I have alot of energy and I- Its okay if you don’t… if you’re tired- NOT saying you don’t have endurance- oh my god.. shut up Spirit..

Jeep – Babe…. we can do it again.. just get your cute butt back into bed and wait for me. I have to pee really bad.

Spirit – Okay… its right down the hall. Go quickly

Jeep – Okay..

I decided not to put on any clothes since everyone was sleep. It was just down the hall anyway.

Yeah……..probably should have put on some boxers or something…

Amina – This cannot be happening.

Jeep – Umm… I- umm

Amina – Dude I can see your junk.

Jeep – I-

Amina – Look.. I know you can smell the blueberry on me- so here’s the deal. You don’t tell anyone you know I ate Tyena’s blueberry muffin, and I won’t tell anyone I saw you coming out of Spirit’s room naked. Deal?

Jeep – Deal.

Amina – …..You and Spirit eh?……….Nice!

Jeep – …..Yeah….

Amina – Did you beat the pussy up though?

Jeep – Um!

Amina – I’m messing with you…

Jeep – ……….

Amina – Can I ask your advice about something? I mean you’re a dude so… yeah.

Jeep – Umm.. sure?

Amina – Okay so.. what does it mean when a guy says he’ll call you later… but then you see him on facebook a few hours later talking about how bored he is, and someone should call him. Cause I feel like that’s fucked up and clearly he just didn’t wanna talk to me.

Jeep – Maybe he wanted some guy time?

Amina – Hmmm… well okay… Oh! well what about when a guy says-

Jeep – I’m naked here… can I just go to the bathroom?

Amina – Oh my bad.. go’head and pee or whatever.. unless its a number 2.. don’t be taking no dumps in our bathroom homie.

Jeep – I just have to pee.

Amina – Okay… go.

Amina – Goodnight….

Jeep – *runs*

Amina – Nice balls.

Jeep – ………….

Amina – Damn.. I ate Tyena’s blueberry muffin… I’mma blame it on Rubi- Oh wait that bitch got kicked out *laugh* hmm.. Maybe I’ll say Jojo ate it. Heh.. my cousin [Trey] sure has some odd friends.

Jeep – Ah- cold floor- cold floor!- wow its pink in here

*laughing to himself* I can’t believe that happened. Usually I’d be so freaked out that a girl saw my junk- but I almost don’t care. Am I growing more confidant? Wow.. that’s weird. I swear everything that happened tonight is stuff that I’d listen to Keegan tell me about himself. I can’t believe this is my life now, its fricken awesome. Everything is going pretty good. The movie with Rubi, and Bryce is being edited- but looks great.

My friends are all doing well, Keegan is doing GREAT might I add- and I have a girlfriend.. a perfect girlfriend. The only thing that I wish would change is probably Christine’s whole ordeal. I wish she could stop running, and just enjoy life here in GloCity…. Something has to happen where that could become a possibility- man I should hurry up and pee, and get back to Spirit before any of the sorority girls come in here- or worse….. My cousin Jarrah! Could you imagine how awkward that would be? I saw her boob once when we were jumping on a trampoline a few years ago and man that was awkward!

Anyway… See you guys later.. I’m going to have sex with my GIRLFRIEND… again. I’m so awesome!

(POV Trey)

I had just got off work… and trust me it was hell. I dropped a fucking cake and had to make it all over again- oh and its coming out of my paycheck. Anyway… I get back to my dorm and see Magdalena showing her little brother the boys dorm- one has to assume that he’s attending G.C.U. next term.

Magdalena – This area is for boys to relax and be social… incase you don’t feel like going to parties, or social events.

Javier – Ah… cool… I can’t wait to come here… I just hope I’m not viewed as a skinny loser.

Magdalena – We’ll you’re here all weekend so just hang around campus- you have a I.D. since you’re coming here next term. Hangout and be social.. 

Javier – You’re not going to hangout with me?

Magdalena – No little brother, I’m going to be hanging with Bianca my BFF… you have to learn to fend for yourself.

Javier – Can I hangout with Miguel?

Magdalena – I told you he and I broke up!

Javier – Cause you won’t do anal sex?

Magdalena – What?!

Javier – I saw you write it on your twitter.

Magdalena – You have a twitter?! Oh god!


Nick – Hey!

Trey – Oh hi

Nick – What’s up? eavesdropping on Maggie and her Lil bro?

Trey – Sorta.. she’s making the poor thing find his own friends.

Nick – He’ll be okay- So umm… I wanted to talk to you about that text you sent me.

Trey – I know it was the coward thing to do but-

Nick – No I get it… You wanted to let me down easy.

Trey – I feel bad… You came out and-

Nick – Oh coming out was fucking awesome. I’d do it all over again if I could.

Trey – Really?

Nick – Yeah I’m getting all these text, and calls- not to mention my facebook and twitter has been blowing up. People think I’m so brave and awesome *laugh*

Trey – Looks who’s getting even more popular.

Nick – Paisley called me.

I’m pretty sure by now you guys know that Paisley is his ex girlfriend…

Trey – Oh shit.. what did she say?

Nick – She said and I quote “So… you take things up the ass now? or are you putting it up dudes butts?”

Trey – What a bitch.

Nick – That’s not what she’s a bitch for… She had a fucking abortion… when we were together. That’s why she stole the money from me- which led to us breaking up in the first place.

Trey – Wow… are you-

Nick – It was for the best, I’m happy I’m not forced to be with her, but still.. she’s a fucking bitch for not telling me.

Trey – Why did she decide to tell you now?

Nick – She said- and I quote again “Some bitch I’m beefing with has dirt on me and that I wanted you to hear it straight from the horses mouth”

Great choice of words since she looks like a horse

Trey – Can’t believe you ever dated her…

Nick – She was one of the only girls that could take all of IT and not complain- well.. until you and I hooked up *wink*

Trey – Oh- shut up!…

Nick – So umm.. about that Text… Look.. if things don’t workout.. you know where I am…. and I’m not mad at you. We’re always gonna be close. That’s not to say that I’m not secretly hoping you end up with me haha.. but yeah.. you know I’m in your corner.. I’m not mad about the text okay?

Trey – *Smiles* Noted.

Nick – Anyway I gotta go.. I got an early class.. text ya in the morning.

Trey – Nite’ *smiles*

So…………….. The “Text” Nick is talking about is the one I sent him earlier. It said :

“Nick….. I love you, your friendship means so much to me. I know we both have other emotions involved in this, and trust me under any other circumstances I’d be with you. The only problem is, I’m not the type of person to jump from one relationship to another at the first sight of trouble. I went all in with “Him” (Cause I don’t know who may read your text LoL) My heart is with him, and I’m going to stand by him and see what happens. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you- because I do. You’re a great guy. Please don’t hate me.. and I know.. I’m lame for sending a text and not telling you to your face. I’m sorry. Anyway have a good morning. xoxo “ – Trey

I sent him that this morning, because I realized that even though I had feeling for Nick, that I didn’t want to break up with Aries. That would mean throwing months of a connection down the drain. I wasn’t ready to let go of him. I was prepared now to fight for him. I wanted to be supportive because everyone needs a support system. If he wanted to be in the fraternity, then I was going to stand by him. Hopefully it all goes well… I love him, he loves me. Love conquers all.

After I finished talking to Nick, I was headed to my room to grab my stuff so I could take a quick shower before bed. That’s when I saw him waiting for me. It made me smile from ear to ear.

Aries – Hey there.

Trey – *Smiles* I was just thinking about you.

Aries – Oh really?

Trey – Yeah… all good thoughts though *smiles*

Aries – Good *smiles* Can we talk?

Trey – We’re finally going to talk about our fight?

Aries – Yes, and Nick’s coming out…. The spectacle.. the event.

Trey – Ah…. you’ve heard about that.

Aries – Yeah well its hard not to. Its the talk of the campus.

Trey – Lets go talk in my room.

Aries – Your roommate not in?

Trey – Nope… its just us.

Bryce is at some poetry reading. Which is cool I guess. Gives me time to be alone in the room.

Aries – Oh okay, cool.

This is exactly what should have happened yesterday. Simple talking between two adults.. not all the yelling and stuff. I was so stupid…

 We Got In The room and we talked.

Aries – Let me just start this off by saying that….. I’m sorry.

Trey – I’m sorry too.

Aries – You made good points.

Trey – But so did you.

Aries – We just… we weren’t communicating the best we could.

Trey – Most of it was my fault….. I was just scared.

Aries – I know you were.

Trey – Truth be told I still am scared..

Aries – …..Too bad we don’t have Nick’s brave attributes….

Trey – This isn’t about him…. He doesn’t matter… This right here is about you… and I. Us.

Aries – Like I said before… I saw his Facebook post about… being bi- coming out or whatever.

Trey – Okay?

Aries – Do you like- love him or something?

Trey – I do, but that’s way more complicated that it seems. We’ve been friends for a while so I obviously love him like a friend.

Aries – No romantic feelings?

Trey – I’d be lying if I said those didn’t exist…

Aries – ……I see

Trey – He and I talked a few min-

Aries – I saw you guys talking.

Trey – We’re just friends. He know’s my heart belongs with you.

Aries – *sigh*….I’m glad you have feelings for him…. Makes this a little easier…

Trey – What the fuck? why?- and makes what easier?

Aries – Because at the end of the day… I think its best if you just be with him.

Trey – What?!

Aries – I’m going into this new chapter, and I was thinking alot about what you said. You’re right.. it would be hell and you wouldn’t fit. I don’t want to do that to you.

Trey – Aries what the hell are you talking about? I was obviously just scared-

Aries – You deserve better… you deserve someone who can hold your hand in public, and I’m not ready for all of that.

Trey – Are you breaking up with me?

Aries – I’m setting you free Trey.. I love you but I…. I can’t make you suffer..

Trey – ……..You knew the whole time that you were ending things didn’t you? waiting for me at my door.. these were your intentions.. to hurt me? to dump me?

Aries – No I don’t want to hurt you I just- while I’m finding myself I’m not going to risk you losing yourself. I’m not going to do that….

Trey – Coward….

Aries – That’s fine… call me whatever name you have to call me so that you can hate me. That will make it easier to move on.

Trey – You’re a coward!! you won’t even fight for us!

Aries – I can’t be gay right now…. and I can’t let you waste time on me….. I knew when you told me about the conversation about me possibly getting in that this was the end…

Trey – I said that……….and you made me feel crazy… Do you even fucking care? did you ever love me at all?!

Aries – I do… and I did… and I’m trying really hard right now not to cry… I love you but I have to let you go. I’m sorry….

Trey – If this is about Nick coming out- if it put pressure on you- you don’t have to- I love- *breathing hard* I love you.. we can make this work and I-

Aries – JUST STOP! I’m breaking up with you!

Trey – WHY! You love me! I know you do!

Aries – That’s why!… that’s exactly why… and you deserve better!

Trey – Let me decide that!

Aries – I can’t do that…. I have to go…

Trey – Please don’t leave me Aries…. please don’t… I just want to be loved by you, I love you so much and you’re breaking my heart… *crying*

Aries – I’m so sorry….. *voice shakes/cracks* I-… you….. I….. bye…..

Trey – *crying*

I can’t deal with even thinking right now.. I have nothing to say.. I’m so heart broken.. I don’t want to live right now… *crying*

(POV Keegan)

So after my late class I had a session with M- Mandy…. Even though I didn’t feel like going, I went anyway. I was fucking tired from the day and honestly I just felt like going home and going to sleep. Obviously Mandy had other plans. We talked about my day, and temptation. We also talked about my friends.. and my lovelife…

Amanda – So now that we’ve talked about Morgan.. that brings me to the pact. The one that the three girls made about you.

Keegan – Oh.. yeah that.

Amanda – How do you feel about it?

Keegan – Flattered and a bit… wrongly accused.

Amanda – Wrongly accused? How so?

Keegan – The pact made me feel like if I was joking with one, or tickling- playing with or whatever- that I was doing something wrong.

Amanda – Understandable…..

Keegan – It would make me feel like if I hugged one.. that I was breaking them apart. Or causing drama.. and at the end of the day I just wanted to hug my friends. Cause that what they are…

Amanda – Are they?

Keegan – What do you mean?

Amanda – Are all three of them your friends?

Keegan – Yeah…

Amanda – I see….

Keegan – We’re very close, I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

Amanda – Am I saying anything? I just asked a simple question. You would classify each of them as just your………..friend?

Keegan – Yeah..

Amanda – You don’t like one more than the other two?

Keegan – I do……

Amanda – Earlier you said Kaori and you had a falling out, because of the three she wasn’t the one you love. That you guys talked and everything is okay now. So that leaves the other two. Jarrah, and Frankie.

Keegan – ……Okay.

Amanda – Let me ask you something… have you ever admitted.. outloud… who she is?

Keegan – No. Not outloud. I’ve gone over it in my head…

Amanda – ….Hmm… Who is she? Who is the girl that you love? Jarrah?……or Frankie?

Keegan – Neither…. Its Kaori. I’m in love with Kaori…

Amanda – Interesting, but you told her-

Keegan – I pushed her away because I was so not right when she confronted me about loving her, or the others. I knew I couldn’t just say “Kaori its you.. That I love… be with me”

Amanda – Why not?

Keegan – Because of the stupid pact, because I was in a bad place in my life.. because it wasn’t right…

Amanda – The pact is broken, and done with. You’re in a better place in your life. You said she and you have the most in common.. so I ask you.. why have you not told this girl how you really feel?

Keegan – ……I don’t know?

Amanda – *smiles* Something to think about. Holding onto emotions when you don’t have to isn’t good for anyone. Especially a recovering addict.. you know?

She’s right…. why haven’t I told her?….. if there was anytime to say something its now….. I-

Amanda – How do you think your father-

Keegan – I have to go…. I have to tell her…

Amanda – Okay? Well……… You do what you need to do, you know I’m here.

Keegan – Thank’s Mandy…

Amanda – Good luck.

I didn’t even use my car… I ran to the library… I saw her tweet that she was studying and I just.. I had to get there.. I had to tell her how I felt. She and I have so much in common, she makes me feel like I matter, I make her feel like she matters too. We fit like a glove, and I don’t give a shit if anyone doesn’t think so. I’m right for her, and she’s right for me. My only issue is.. Jarrah and Frankie. When they find out, I just hope they understand. I hope they don’t hate me for it. You’re probably really confused right now but really.. as amazing as Frankie, and Jarrah are. As much chemistry as I have with them. Really.. stop and think about Kaori, and then think about me. Tell me it doesn’t make sense…… ………. ….I’m waiting……. ………. ……….. exactly.  Anyway… Enough talking.. *deep breath* Time to tell her.


Kaori – So now that we’re like.. officially dating are you gonna take me out on dates and shit?

Byron – You know it…. you’re all mine now.

I was too late…. I pushed her away and she found him….. another guy…. fuck… no! go take her Keegan.. NO… no… that’s not right…. Let me get the fuck out of here before she see’s me standing here.


Lars – Oh hey man!

Keegan – …………..Hey.

Oh look.. its the dude I buy my drugs from- well that I did…. he’s also the weirdo who asked for a blowjob in exchange for them. He’s just a scumbag…

Lars – Long time no see

Keegan – Yep.

Lars – Found another dealer?

Keegan – Yeah… her name’s M. She gives me what I need.

Lars – That’s fucked up… I thought I was your boy.

Keegan – It is what it is dude.

Lars – So you look like you’re in need. You look upset, wanna buy some pills?

Keegan – …………I- umm…………..

Lars – I’ll sell them half off, just cause you’re my favorite…. and I want to win you back from this M person..

Keegan – ….Hmm

Lars – Ah! you’re interested….

Keegan – Lars…

Lars – Yeah?

Keegan – Why do you sell drugs? I know your family’s wealthy as fuck.. so why do you even sell?

Lars – …..I don’t know.. I- It makes me sorta popular I guess? The rush? the danger?

Keegan – I see…

Lars – So you buying or what?

Keegan – ….No thank you.

Lars – What?

Keegan – I don’t do drugs anymore.

Lars – Oh come the fuck on dude!

Keegan – I don’t need that shit anymore. Now get out of my face before I knock you the fuck out.

Lars – Okay! okay! I got it… for fucks sake bro.. no need to get hostile, sheesh.

I walked, and walked, and walked some more. Then I ended up on SlutHill… aka where people go to makeout and fuck each other in the night. Obviously I wasn’t fucking anyone right now. I just wanted some alone time. I lit up a cigarette and I just looked out into the city… Good ol’ GloCity….. I looked up at the stars and man I felt small. I stood there in the wind, in the cold, thinking about what just happened.

I knew I loved Kaori.. and that I wanted her with me, but I also saw how happy she looked with that guy, maybe he’s the good influence on her lately. She’s been going to class, studying alot more too. I wasn’t going to wreck that. Maybe because I fucking pushed her away, she decided to get over me. She decided to move on, and make herself better.

I was angry… but here’s the thing though…. I think its fine. I don’t need to focus on a girl right now I guess. I can just keep seeing Mandy, and work on me. This is a fresh start for me in so many ways. I need to take Mandy’s advice and celebrate the small victories. For example, a month ago I would have bought pills from Lars. I would have taken them and hated myself for it. Would still be lying to everyone about my health. 

Not Today…. Today I’m honest… and for the first time in a long time. I don’t need drugs to make me physically, and emotionally numb. I like to feel, and experience emotions. Even if they suck… because at least by feeling these things…. I feel alive, and I haven’t felt alive in a long time.

…….Man… this cliff is steep. Could easily kill myself with one jump. Hmm Goodnight Folks- no I’m not jumping off of this cliff. I’m going home, and snuggling up with my dog and going to sleep…… Nite’

(POV Jeep) | (The Next Morning)

Good morning guys. Spirit and I were on our way to go get breakfast when I got a call from the police station. They asked that I come down immediately. So obviously it being the police and all, I didn’t argue. I just told Spirit I had to do it, but she told me she’d come with me. What a nice girlfriend she is, breakfast plans abruptly ended, and now we’re at the police station…. she didn’t even complain once.

Jeep – Thanks for coming with me.

Spirit – No problem silly…besides after last night…. today is all about pleasing you *winks*

Jeep – *smiles*

I learned something last night. Something sexual… I’m really good at going down on girls! 

Cop – Mr Folland, I’ll be with you in a second. As you can see nobody’s here but me. We had an emergency a few blocks over so-

Jeep – Its okay.

Cop – Thanks for your patience.

Spirit – Mr Folland…

Jeep – Yeah?

Spirit – That’s hot.

Jeep – If you say so *laugh*

Spirit – You look so cute in that shirt.

Jeep – Thanks, you look hot in your little preppy ensemble.

Spirit – You just used the word ensemble… that’s adorable.

Jeep – I blame my cousin.

Spirit – Jarrah’s fashion lingo does tend to rub off on the house to be honest.

Jeep – *laugh*

Spirit – I never did ask how you felt about her leaving for a month or however long the trip is.

Jeep – I’m going to miss her, but I’m also really happy and excited for her. How are you girls going to feel?

Spirit – We’ll miss her, but she’s not gone yet. We still have to have our party for the new girl.

Jeep – Oh cool

Spirit – I’d invite you but… official Sorority business…

Jeep – Its okay.. I’m not the clingy type anyway.

Spirit – *Smiles*

Cop – Okay Mr Jonah Folland?

Jeep – That’s me.

Cop – Come with me please.

Jeep – Alrighty.

Oh shit…

Cop – Is this the guy who attacked you?

Jeep – How did you guys find-

Cop – Is this the guy?

Jeep – Yeah.. that’s him… umm-

Cop – Don’t worry.. he can’t see us.

Jeep – If you don’t mind me asking.. how did you find him?

Cop – He got desperate. He robbed a store near by….

Jeep – Oh….

Cop – Karl Bonar is a wanted man.

Jeep – What for?

Cop – Besides attacking you, he also mugged a Kris Harris the other day. At gunpoint and took his car. The fat dude Kris was crying and pissed his pants at his Salon.

Jeep – Oh crap.

Cop – He also has unpaid parking tickets. Its a shame that he’s turned into such a bad guy… after what happened with his wife all those years ago. I read his file… Tragic how she died..

Yeah… you mean his wife that he pushed down the stairs and killed…

Jeep – …… I guess people can still surprise you in this day and age.

Cop – I saw the pictures of your face, you’re lucky you healed up nicely. This asshole attacked you for no reason I’m assuming.

Jeep – Umm.. I don’t even know him so-

I chose my words carefully. I didn’t want to lie, but I also didn’t want to tell the cop about Christine… So saying I didn’t know him was the truth.. and a way to not go into detail I guess.

Cop – Nuff said… This is a good day.. one more sicko off the streets. Alright you can go back to your girlfriend… she’s very pretty by the way.. *thumbs up*

Jeep – Yeah.. I can’t believe she’s mine.

Cop – You tappin’ that?

Wow.. unprofessional much?

Jeep – I don’t kiss and tell.

Cop – That’s cool.. remain a gentleman.

Oh wow… Christine and Raven are here….. What’s going on…

Spirit – So you’re really going to do it?

Christine – Its time… I can’t keep living my life like this.

Raven – Its very brave of you Christine.

Spirit – ……Are you doing this for you… or for everyone else’s safety?

Christine – I guess that’s a fair question.

Raven – ……*Smiles at Jeep*

Jeep – *Smiles at Raven*

Christine – I’m doing it for everyone.. people I know, strangers like that Kris guy, and most of all… for my mother. He needs to be put away for what he did.

Spirit – You have my support.. even though we don’t know each other well.. you have my support.

Christine – Thanks.

Wow….. Spirit is something isn’t she? You’d expect for her to keep her distance considering she know’s me and Christine’s history. Instead she offers her support. What an amazing girl.

Raven – Jonah’s here.

Spirit – *Smiles*

Christine – ….*Smiles*

Jeep – Hi.

Christine – Hey there Flash.

Jeep – What are you doing here?

Christine – Raven called me and told me he attacked someone else…

Jeep – Some hair stylist…

Christine – I knew it was time I did what was right.

Jeep – You’re going to finally tell the cops everything?

Christine – Yeah…. and I mean everything. Including how he attacked you. So I’m sorry if it puts you in-

Jeep – Considering the hell you’ve been going through.. I’ll consider it my duty to help you put him away.

Christine – I’m so sorry you’re involved in all of this…

Jeep – Hey don’t be sorry. Things happen for a reason, and what if you and I never met? Who’s to say that we’d be here right now… about to put your father behind bars?

Christine – That’s true…

Jeep – So please don’t apologize…

Christine – I hate that he touched you.

Jeep – You make it seem like he molested me or something.

Christine – You know what I meant dork…

Jeep – Everything is going to be fine..

Christine – It will be… even if I have to fight him in court.. I will. I want my life.. i don’t want to run.

Jeep – You’ll have it.

Christine – Will you help me? will you be with me through everything?

Jeep – I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be by your side.

Christine – Promise?

Jeep – Pinky Swear. *smile*

Cop – I’m not trying to eavesdrop but.. dude said he doesn’t want a lawyer.. he’s being super stupid in this situation.. I’m pretty sure he’ll be going to jail soon. That’s just my two cents anyway…

Jeep – I don’t want to say this prematurely but you’re free!

Christine – I am! and its all thanks to you!…. I’m so happy that I met you Jonah Folland… you changed my life… you are the most amazing boy in this entire world.

Jeep – Awww

Christine – *Hugs Jeep*

Spirit – ……………. ……

Raven – He’s with you?

Spirit – Huh?

Raven – Are you and him together?

Spirit – Oh… yeah.. he’s my boyfriend.

Raven – …..Hmmm… I see.

Spirit – Why do you say it like that?

Raven – Well ask yourself something… if he and Christine were together before you guys were, and the only thing that stopped them was this whole thing with her dad… what happens now that she’s free of all of that? Do you think those feelings just go away?

Spirit – ……………….. ……………..

Raven – Sorry.. it wasn’t my place to say that…

Spirit – …..Its fine…

Raven – Its not.. I have a big mouth.

Christine – I’m going to get my job back at the tattoo shop here in GloCity.. and I’m giving you a free tattoo.. anything you want.

Jeep – Even if its sleeves?

Christine – Yes.. even sleeves.. you’d look hot, and badass with sleeves.

Jeep – That’s what I want.

Christine – You know it will take like a month or so for me to finish them right?

Jeep – Long as its free I can’t complain.

Christine – Dude………….I love you. Like you’re so… you’re everything. You… you changed everything for me. I will never be able to repay you.

Jeep – You don’t have to repay me, and I love you too Christine… you deserve happiness just like everyone else.

Christine – I’m never leaving GloCity.. I’m going to be around for a long time… you and I… our friendship is just beginning.

Jeep – Awesome!

Spirit – ……………

Raven – Oooh Girl…..

You know, even though I’m wearing  a shirt with The Flash logo on it.. I feel more like Superman. I’ve never had anyone look at me the way Christine is looking at me right now. As if I just saved a village from a flood or something. As if I just found the cure to Cancer and AIDS. She told me that I matter, that I saved her… that I changed everything. That makes me feel larger than life.

Now that she has her life.. time will only tell what she’s going to do with it. All I know is I’m going to be there to help her adjust along the way. Today couldn’t have been a better day. Everything is perfect… and I’m getting tattoo’s! I’m going to look so fricken’ sick! Perfect past few days.. score one for Jonah Bear!… aka me! Yeah!

(POV Trey)

Jarrah’s at work, and everyone else is busy with class or something. So its just me…. Initially I thought to myself.. just go back to your room after class is over, but then my stomach started to growl in class and I knew i needed to get something to eat. I decided to go to the diner. Fun Fact… This diner existed way before I was born. It was- IS my parents favorite place to grab a burger and a shake. GloCity saw many renovations over the years, and when it came time for this place… they just upgraded it pretty much.

Anyway…. Yeah.. I needed to not just sit in my room and mope around. I’m still very hurt…. I feel like crying, I almost cried in class today because my professor used a metaphor about Ares the God of War. Too close to home.. Same name different spelling. See.. I could cry right now… 

Hammer – Bro thanks for lunch

Chace – Mmm Hmm

Hammer – I gotta meet the guys at the student cafe.

Chace – That’s fine.. go ahead.. I’m texting a friend.

Hammer – A friend or someone you fuck?

Chace – Wouldn’t you like to know Chad.

Hammer – Actually I wouldn’t!

Chace – Then why’d you ask?

Hammer – Oh shut up!

Chace – *laugh*

Oh goody…

Hammer – Oh hey dude… you okay?

Trey – ……..I’m fine..

Hammer – You don’t look fine… 

Trey – ………

Hammer – You’re that gay guy right? Jarrah’s friend?

Trey – ………

Hammer – The one involved with that Rubi, Portia, Darell shit?

Trey – ……That’s over with.

Hammer – My brother’s gay… maybe you and him should talk. Anyway I gotta go!

Why does he think that just because two guys are gay that they should “Talk” Hmm? stupid fratboy… ugh I’m so annoyed…

Chace – HEY!

Trey – Oh my god you scared me.

Chace – Sorry…. I saw my brother talking to you..

Trey – ….. I didn’t know Hammer had a brother.

Chace – Well he does… and I’m just hanging out on campus with my trusty campus pass because-

Trey – You’re attending G.C.U. Next term?

Chace – Yeah I’m transferring from Pylea University to GloCity University.

Trey – Why? I hear Pylea University is like the super Social, super rich school…

Chace – Right but… lets just say I don’t like that city much… bunch of shit goes on behind closed doors and yeah. Too bad it was too late to transfer me, otherwise I wouldn’t have to wait till next term.

Trey – Its not too far off..

Chace – True… 

Trey – How can I help you?

Chace – How can I help YOU *wink*

Trey – What do you mean?

Chace – I saw you standing over here looking all hopeless… 

Trey – Are you gay? or did Hammer just say that?

Chace – Oh no… I’m a Fag.

Trey – Don’t say that…

Chace – Why not? Women took back the word Bitch and made it theirs. African American’s took the N word and made it theirs… Why can’t we THE GAYS take the word Faggot, and make it ours? Besides it doesn’t even mean gay.

Trey – Sure it means cigarette but still.. that’s not what its known for.

Chace – Right, but I’m not gonna allow straight people to take that word and use it against us. I’m gonna own it.

Trey – I guess I understand what you mean.

Chace – So Jarrah is your friend? I heard Chad ask you-

Trey – You know her?

Chace – Ish….. I was at the frathouse when she decided to say her dramatic goodbye to that stumpy muscle boy Donnie-

Trey – Dylan.

Chace – My bad… yeah him.

Trey – I see.

Chace – She’s hot.

Trey – She’s gorgeous yeah.

Chace – I’d do her if I were into girls.

Trey – …..

Chace – So… as you can see my brother left me to hangout with those idiots he call fraternity brothers. Mind if I hangout with you?

Trey – I don’t care… better than being alone and crying..

Chace – Yeah….. why are you looking like you wanna cry right now exactly? Do you have like.. allergies or something?

Trey – I don’t have allergies…. 

Chace – Do you usually wear glasses or something? and your contacts are bothering you?

Trey – I am wearing contacts actually- but umm.. no that’s not it.

Chace – Do you just not wanna talk about it?

Trey – ……

Chace – That’s cool… you don’t know me from a fly on the wall so-

Trey – I got dumped… this guy is in the closet and he said he couldn’t do it anymore… and It tore me apart…  

Chace – Brutal….

Trey – I must look weak to you, but he told me he loved me… and I loved him and-

Chace – Why don’t you just get with that Nick guy that everyone is talking about? The one that came out on facebook and professed his love for boy butts *laugh*

Trey – Actually I’m the guy he was talking about in his post.

Chace – So you were the guy he got his curiosity out with.. nice.. he’s pretty hot.

Trey – We’re actually really close friends and.. yeah that’s complicated.

Chace – Okay.. then go fuck him.

Trey – No… I’m just… I’m way too-

Chace – Look.. the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. I actually just had a run in with one of my ex’s- well not exes.. we didn’t date.

Trey – A hookup?

Chace – I was 13… I wouldn’t call it a hookup.

Trey – Huh?

Chace – When I was 13 my Mom and dad were having marital problems. He was into all this hippie shit, and she- well she’s Dirty Debra.. famous gossip columnist so…

Wow Dirty Debra is his mom? She’s a megastar in Pylea… 

Trey – Famous mother.. cool.

Chace – Or not… but anyway. So my mom and dad couldn’t decide on summer plans. Mom wanted a Hawaiian adventure, Dad wanted grass and barefoot dancing. So Mom asked us- Hammer and I what we wanted. Hammer decided he wanted to go with mom because secretly he wanted to see all the girls in bikinis. I decided that because I was gay, and in the closet… that I’d go with dad and just hang with the hippies.

Trey – I see.

Chace – So to make a long story short.. This other boy was there with his lesbian parents. Kept talking about how they think he’s gay and its embarrassing. We bonded over the being in the closet thing… and we fucked. Yeah my first time was with a Hippie boy In some bushes…. without a condom *laugh*

Oh….. My….. Goodness

Trey – His name wouldn’t happen to be….

Chace – Aaron?

Trey – Oh…

Chace – Noooo? It was Aries?.. his name is Aries. Yeah.

Trey – Oh my fucking godzilla..

Chace – What?

Trey – He’s the guy who just dumped me.

Chace – So that fag is still in the closet?

Trey – …..

Chace – Sorry.

Trey – He dumped me because he’s joining the frat-

Chace – That’s why I had a run in with him!

Trey – What?

Chace – He was at the frathouse when Hammer and I left. He was hanging out with some stupid girl.. some chick that kept talking about her amazing writing skills and vision. She kept calling herself the voice of this generation.

Trey – Rubi Larter?!

Chace – YES! HER!- oh my god.. like the bitch has a big ass head… figuratively and literally.

Trey – I can’t believe you had sex with my boyfriend.

Chace – Ex… he dumped you babe…

Trey – ……..

Chace – Sorry…. that was harsh… I’m just saying.. you have to accept it..

Trey – I do…

Chace – Lets go get you a burger….

Trey – What I really wanna do is drink…

Chace – Fine… Lets get you a burger AND fries.. and then lets hit up a bar.

Trey – Okay.

Chace – You’re pretty cute by the way.

Trey – Ummm thanks.. You’re pretty good looking as well- but obviously that run’s in the family.

Chace – Don’t take that as me hitting on you by the way.

Trey – I didn’t.

Chace – I don’t wanna date anyone, and I just tell it like it is. If I think someone is cute, I’ll just say it. Plus you’re feeling down.. a compliment might help.

Trey – *smiles* I get what you mean…… So…. is Aries actually officially in the Frathouse?

Chace – Yep.

Trey – I see….

Chace – …….

Trey – When you said he was hanging out with Rubi…. what do you mean exactly?

Chace – Well she came in the frat to get some things from that douchebag dude… DeAndre-

Trey – Darell…

Chace – Sorry.. not good with names yet. Yeah …. Darell. She had left some things with him, and the guys felt bad and was like “Fuck those ho’s at the sorority Rubi, you’re cool with us” and all this other shit.

Trey – I see

Chace – So then Harrison was all like “Ey Rubi… you know Aries? he’s our newest fraternity brother… and he’s single…” and So Rubi was like “Yeah I know him, we worked together on a mini film.. “

Trey – Yeah.. she casted him as her husband in this film project she had to do with a friend of mine.

Chace – Well… Rubi and him were all laughing and flirting so… I guess that fag isn’t coming out of the closet anytime soon….

Trey – ………………..Of all people… Rubi?

Chace – It is what it is…. later in life he’ll regret it all.

Trey – I can use that drink asap…

Chace – Right but you don’t want to drink on an empty stomach… trust me.. been there.

Trey – Why do I get this feeling that you’re a wild one?

Chace – Cause I am. Chad- Hammer isn’t the only one in the family that can party.  *wink* Hey!….. how exactly did you know the guy I lost my virginity to was Aries?

Trey – He told me the same story.. only difference is.. he claims it was just a kiss… no sex.

Chace – Ah… ha! lying bitch… Hope he didn’t tell you he was a virgin before he got all up in that ass of yours.

Trey – He never claimed to be a virgin no.

Okay so lets recap here. The story Aries told me about hippie camp is the same story Chace told me.. except Chace says he lost his virginity. I cannot believe that we were with the same guy. Like what the fuck? And Now Aries is in the frathouse and pretending to be straight? He’s fucking around with Rubi? RUBI LARTER of all people?! she’ll probably be too stupid to realize the sex will be awkward… seeing as he doesn’t like girls and all. Ugh I’m so mad.. I’m ready to get drunk… I’m happy I met this guy Chace. While I don’t like Hammer… atleast his brother seems to be cool. So far…………..

(POV Keegan)

I just had the most boring time in class.. Oh and I fell asleep…. As far as how I’m doing after last night. I’m doing fine, Kaori’s with dude, and she’s happy. I’m not even gonna attempt to fuck that up for her. I’m… I’m fine. I guess- Whatever.. Anyway… after class I decided to just walk around. I do enjoy this time to myself but lately I’ve been a bit- I don’t wanna say lonely, but I dunno.. I just want people around. I ended up going to the student cafe.. its usually filled with people being social so yeah.. why not talk to new people.

Javier – These computers here are so awesome. I think I’ll love it here at G.C.U.

Keegan – ……You?

Jules – Oh… Cigarette boy…

Keegan – Gonna yell at me again?

Jules – Umm Nope…

Keegan – Awww what happen to the mean girl I met at the spa-salon?

Jules – She was having a bad day…

Keegan – Oh so you’re a softy?

Jules – No…. I’ll still punch you in the throat.

Keegan – There she is!

Jules – …….. Please just shut up.

Keegan – Eh……Sorry… won’t bother you.

Jules – No.. no its not-

Keegan – I can take a hint dude. Peace!

 Rubi – So like I went home for family photos and my brother had a nervous breakdown and shit.. oh lame ass. I had to be Dr Phil for his ass. He’s totally on suicide watch. I talked him down from a ledge.. 

Aries – Wow.. you saved his life

Rubi – Yeah… Its what I do…


Keegan – We don’t have to talk.

Jules – Wait!…. I’m sorry for being a bitch.

Keegan – …..

Jules – I was in here watching the tv.. and then these fucking fratboys came in and pissed me off.

Keegan – You got something against fraternities?

Jules – Only the douchey ones.

Keegan – Aren’t you trying to get into that sorority?

Jules – Actually… not anymore. I decided to drop out of the race.

Keegan – Why?

Jules – Dude.. what the fuck… come on. Look at me.

Keegan – I see a hot edgy chick.

Jules – You think I’m hot?- whatever umm… but yeah…

Ha…. she’s feelin’ me.

Aries – I have big dreams…

Rubi – Well obviously so do I.. I’m so going to be the next big thing! Fuck that Sorority. Its all about the #Rebirth of Rubi Later.

Aries – Well you’re pretty hot… so… yeah.

Rubi – I never looked at you like this before.. but now that you’re in the frathouse.. I see the real you.. The hot sexy.. you… 

Aries – When we did that movie together I had fun.

Rubi – Mmm hmm.. so did I… so you gonna make a move? I ain’t got no time for no looky loo boo.


Jules – I forgot what the fuck I was saying.

Keegan – Its okay baby… this happens when girls talk to me.

Jules – Oh whatever! Anyway… umm… Oh! The Sorority-

Keegan – Yeah… you dropped out of the race. Why?

Jules – Cause.. I feel like I was only trying to get in for my mom.

Keegan – You don’t seem like the sisterhood of the traveling pants type to be honest.. so I get it.

Jules – You’ve seen that movie?…. what a girl you are.

Keegan – I have lesbian moms… they love those movies.

Jules – Oh that’s cool.

Keegan – I also have Gay dads.

Jules – You have a very interesting family.

Keegan – You have no idea… I have a new sister too. My Mom’s are adopting this little girl- Her mom abandoned her… so-

Jules – Wow… So are you like a bad boy with a soft spot for family or something?

Keegan – What makes you think I’m a bad boy?

Jules – I don’t know… the muscles.. the good looks.. blah.

Keegan – *laugh*

Jules – Don’t even laugh. You’re probably super cocky.

Keegan – With the year I’ve had… I can’t afford to be cocky.

Jules – What could you possibly have gone through? I know you’re that Model’s son.. you probably lived a rich life… and I don’t mean rich as in wealthy.. I just- yeah..

Keegan – …. Umm..

Jules – Its okay if you don’t want to go into it… Umm.. I get that. I actually started to cut myself when all of this stuff happened back at home.

Keegan – Anything to do with that teacher, and his mother?

Jules – It was the thought of leaving high school. My mother pressuring me to be perfect, My favorite teacher Mr. Greene leaving because the murder of his mom. I felt like I didn’t control shit.. Like I couldn’t do anything. So I started cutting.

Keegan – Wow..

Jules – I don’t do it anymore..  I got help or whatever…

Keegan – And you just go around telling people? you’re not embarrassed?

Jules – Why the FUCK should I be? Alot of people do alot of fucked up shit behind closed doors.

Keegan – That’s true.

Jules – But yeah….


Aries – You want me to kiss you?

Rubi – You like girls right silly?

Aries – Of course!

Rubi – Then show these guys how much of a ladies man you are.. show em’ you got game! Kiss Da Kween! KWEEN RUBI

Aries – Alright! *Kisses Rubi*


Keegan – Umm..

Jules – Yeah.. I guess we should change the subject-

Keegan – My girlfriend and I were in an accident senior year of high school. She died… I blamed myself for it because I was driving,  while upset and drunk.

Jules – ….

Keegan – I injured my arm… started abusing prescription pills… then I started buying them from a dealer.. to feel numb to everything. I’m now seeing a therapist twice a week, and everything is okay… so far.

Jules – Wow..

Keegan – Yeah and that’s putting it all lightly without going into detail…

Jules – Hmm…

Keegan – I get it if you don’t wanna talk to me. I’m kinda crazy *laugh*

Jules – You’re not crazy.. you’re honest, and brave. I respect that.

{Loud Laughing From Fratboys}

Jules – …. I’m surprised you’re not one of them.

Keegan – Why?

Jules – You seem very social.. and thinking about it.. If I were you.. I’d totally join. You could pretty much run the house.

Keegan – Hmmm…

Heh….. That’s… true….

Jules – Hey do you want to get some Yogurt?

Keegan – Umm sure? but……. you just gave me an idea- well a solution to my problem… I’ll be right back.

Jules – Okay weirdo…

Thinking about it… I do want to be more social. Now that I’m doing better…. I think I should be more apart of things. Jules is right… I’d fit right in… and It could be fun.. right? Also If I throw myself out there.. who’s to say that I won’t stumble upon some sort of direction? Yeah… this is a fucking great idea. I’m pretty sure with my rep, Hammer would just let me join without a problem.

Rubi – I’m a wild girl Aries… Yet a strong independent woman…

Aries – Ooooh…….Lucky Me.

Ha…. Dude… sad… You know you wish there was a P where her V is. Trey can do so much better… He texted me this morning while I was in class telling me about what happened with Him and Aries… some bullshit if you ask me. You put yourself out there for those you love. Aries is a pussy.. and now he’s going to be deep in one. Which is something he doesn’t even like. Whatever not my business.

Dylan – Yeah I don’t really know.. what do you think?

Darell – If that’s what you think is best. I’m not giving out no relationship advice.. Portia’s fucking annoying with this church shit.

Dylan – Yeah… well.. yeah I don’t know what to say about that. You kinda fucked yourself with the Rubi situation.

Darell – I know man…

Dylan – How do you feel about Rubi and the new guy?

Darell – Aries can have her… she ain’t nothing but a clingy slut anyway..

Dylan – That’s mean bro *laugh*

Darell the douche.. when I get in.. I’m  gonna put him in his place. Dylan… he’s harmless… for Jarrah’s sake I won’t kick his ass for cheating on her.

Harrison – What about that skinny dude? he’s sitting over there all alone. I heard he’s Maggie’s [Magdalena] little brother.

Hammer – I mean.. I guess we can make it more well rounded and let some losers in…

Harrison – We already let Aries in. We may as well let that guy over there in… turn him into a man.. plus we can haze him a little bit.

Hammer – We DO need more people… hmm.. I’ll think about it.

Keegan – Hey Hammer…. Let me talk to you for a little bit.

Lets see how this goes………

(Narrator  ItzBee) | (A Few Hours Later)

After Keegan finished talking to Hammer, and getting Yogurt with Jules. He called Jeep, and Trey… he wanted to hangout with his guys because its something they haven’t done in a while. Only problem was… Keegan forgot to pay his electric bill, and Trey………………….was drunk.

Jeep – I can’t believe you forgot to pay your electric bill.

Keegan – I know.. I thought I had to pay it next week.

Jeep – Why don’t you have it automatically paid with your credit card?

Keegan – Umm you know I’m paranoid about shit like that.

Jeep – True.


Jeep – What the hell?

Keegan – Trey? why- How the hell did you get here if you’re drunk?!

Jeep – You didn’t drive your scooter did you?!

Trey – RELAX.. Chace brought me home.. he’s my new fag!

Jeep – Umm…

Keegan – What?

Trey – Imma tay-ken-na word back!

Jeep – Wow he’s out of it…

Keegan – Come here…

Keegan – Is this about Aries?

Trey – Of course it is.. I’m so stupid thinking alcohol could help….

Jeep – I feel so bad…. on one hand Aries is my friend, but on the other… he hurt you.. and you’re like a brother to me…

Keegan – I hate that you’re hurting Trey… is there anything I could do to help?

Trey – No…

Jeep – Trey….

Trey – I just mean, nevermind. I’m being a bitch. You guys are already helping by just being here- why are the lights off?

Jeep – Keegan forgot to pay the bill…

Trey – Why didn’t he just use his card-

Keegan – That’s what Jeep said but-

Trey – Oh nevermind you’re all paranoid….

Jeep – Wanna hear some good news?

Trey – Sure….

Jeep – Remember I mentioned a chick named Christine a while back?… well she- *Fades off*

Jonah told Keegan, and Trey everything about Christine, including why he was attacked and how Karl is now in custody. They all made sense of it, and were happy for him and Christine. Jonah also shared with them the good news about he and Spirit.

Keegan – So that’s why you were attacked.. hmm. Now it all makes sense.

Trey – I’m over here upset about Aries and your poor friend has been through so much….

Jeep – Doesn’t make what happened with you and Aries any less important.

Keegan – So high five for the Spirit thing. She’s hot, way to go Jonah Bear!

Trey – Yeah… someone should be happy in a relationship.

Jeep – You’ll be okay Trey.

Keegan – Yeah.. Aries was one guy of many… You have Nick, and that Chace guy

Trey  – ……………………..I don’t know…

After that the boys moved to the living room to get more comfortable.

Once relaxed and in the living room. The guys talked more.

Keegan – …….I don’t want you to feel bad because of what I’m about to tell you- BUT………………..I also don’t want you finding out from someone else, or walking in on it… so…

Jeep – What happened Keegan?

Keegan – Umm…

Trey – Tell me… I promise not to spazz out…. This candle light is sorta calming anyway…

Keegan – I saw Aries and Rubi making out at the student cafe.

Trey – I knew they were flirting.. but wow.. Kissing?!…That freshman 15 gaining fat bitch.

Jeep – *laugh*

Keegan – Yeah…

Trey – Why the hell is she dating a gay guy? she’s so stupid!

Jeep – She technically doesn’t know he prefers men…. also lets not bash Rubi… while she’s been a bitch.. I really feel like she’s misunderstood. I think she has alot of acceptance issues….

Trey – Jeep… babe… I love you.. but Fuck Rubi….. with her nosejob having ass.

Keegan – I thought something was different about her face.

Jeep – What were you even doing at the Student Cafe?

Keegan – That’s what I wanted to tell you guys…. I went there cause I was bored. I saw this chick Jules.. we started talking and something she said made me realize that I wanted to be in the fraternity.

Jeep – Oh great…………..

Trey – Not you too!

Keegan – Hey hey let me explain.

Trey – What is there to explain? You want to be a fratboy..

Jeep – Yeah… which is soooooo great.

Keegan – I understand why it annoys Trey, but why are you mad Jeep?

Jeep – I’m not mad.. I’m just.. I don’t know. I feel like its already hard enough hanging out with you.. being the person you are. I feel like adding Fratboy onto that…. that-

Keegan – You’re scared I won’t have time for you?- Dude you’re my bestfriend… I’m always gonna have time for you. Also lighten up… you date Spirit..

Jeep – I guess that’s true… You know I just… I hate change…

Keegan – I get it buddy… but don’t worry…

Trey – I’m sorry for reacting so ridiculously… You didn’t even say if they let you in or not.

Jeep – Oh come on.. they let Aries in.. there is NO way they said no to Keegan.

Keegan – Actually Hammer said no… so I decided to make my own Fraternity.

Trey – HE SAID NO?!

Jeep – REALLY?!

Keegan – No I’m just kidding he let me! I’m going to be a fratboy…

Trey – So what happens with this house?

Jeep – Yeah.. don’t get rid of it… I love it here.

Keegan – Well I was thinking.. since you guys- including the girls. Like having this place as a anti stress- anti school hangout. I figured I’d just keep it… for all of us. Our little secret playhouse. Also sex… like if anyone needs a place to have sex.. they can use here..

Jeep – Or a nice date.

Keegan – That too obviously.

Trey – Hmm… I guess that’s cool. Not that I’ll have much use for it.

Jeep – You don’t know that.

Trey – Trust me.. I do.

Jeep – You’re going to be fine in a few days Trey.. you just wait and see.

Trey – Hopefully…..

Keegan – I haven’t told the girl yet… but I plan on telling them soon… I have this idea.. the six of us should go to the beach and hangout.. just us.. nobody else.

Jeep – I love that Idea!

Trey – I could use my friends so I think its a great idea.

Keegan – I’m gonna go text them.

Jeep – That’s a good boy Hercules!- Hey! what are you gonna do about your dog?

Keegan – Hammer said I can bring him.

Jeep – Cool!

Keegan – Fuck…

Trey – What’s wrong?

Keegan – I have one bar of battery… I better make this text fast.

Keegan sent out a text to the girls… hoping that everyone could clear their schedules so they could all hangout together. For him.. he was high, high on life and excited about new adventures. Jeep played with Hercules.. he was okay.. deep down he did worry about Keegan being in that frathouse though. He just didn’t think it was a good time to bring it up. There was no point in bringing him down while he felt high. Trey on the other hand.. while down for the hangout… he was distant. He didn’t want to be the debbie downer but he was still hurting. The alcohol was wearing off and the pain was returning. He loved Aries and couldn’t believe that all of this was happening. With everything currently going on.. What was next for the guys?… and what about the Girls?

~{End Of Chapter Seven Pt One}~

Up Next The Conclusion to the First Season of BoysNGirls :

Chapter Seven | {SEASON ONE FINALE} Pt. 2 Girls ♀

-POV’s : Jarrah | Kaori | Frankie

+ Something a Little Special….. 



  1. I don’t know where to begin XD. Keegan likes Kaori???I guess it does make sense when you stop and think about it. It just sucks that she’s in love with someone else just when he’s ready to tell her. It always seems to work that way in life lol. And Trey is now feeling similar disappointment :\. I’m really starting to dislike Aries. I had hope that he would be brave enough to come out and date Trey openly but he’s too chicken and worried about his image!! Blah. Poor Trey. I’m also a little concerned about Keegan joining the Frat house. What if he starts using again? I know he turned down Lars (which was funny by the way :D) but peer pressure is hard to deal with. One more thing, I’m so happy Christine is free ^_^. And that cop was hilarious 😀

    1. I’m so glad you brought that up…. Fraternity.. drinking… peer pressure. How exactly will he handle that. 🙂

      I love Aries, so it sucks having to write him in his current direction.. but I felt it was realistic and necessary. I know a bunch of guys who refuse to come out, so lets just say I have some persona experience with that lol. Trey could always go back to Nick… couldn’t he? lol…guess we’ll have to see. Just because the girls finale is next doesn’t mean the guys won’t be seen or touched on 😛

      As always thanks for reading|commenting. The Girls Finale is coming up next ♥

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