BoysNGirls : Chapter Six | Pt. 3 “Knowledge Is Power”

Chapter Six | Pt. 3 “Knowledge Is Power”

-POV’s : Jarrah & Trey

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jarrah)

This job is so amazing. All it took was patience, now look at me… I’m working with a model. I guess what they say is true.. you can’t have it all. My career is going places, but my lovelife?……..Awkward and dramatic. Incase you’re wondering about Collin… he’s sorta been ignoring my calls- which… I guess I understand- no.. screw that.. he should be a big boy… I adore him and want to be his friend. However me not feeling the way he feels about us, has put us in a awkward situation. Hence him ignoring my calls.

Lola – Jarrah?

Jarrah – Sorry…

Lola – Everything okay?

Jarrah – Yeah.. I was just lost in a thought.

Lola – About a boy?

Jarrah – *laugh & changes subject* These shorts look amazing on you. I’m sending these pictures to Victoria now.

Lola – Thanks… though I guess all the applause should go to GG over here. He designed them.

GG – Sweetie.. you’re wearing them and making them SNAP CRACKLE and POP!…. clothes would be nothing without a pretty model to show them off.

Lola – Awww you’re sweet.

Jarrah – *smiles* He is.

Lola – Its a shame he’s not coming on the trip.

Jarrah – You’re not going?

GG – Oh no… I’ll be staying here, running things. Besides.. I wouldn’t dare go out of the country.. my son might blow up a dumpster.

Lola – What? I thought you were-

Jarrah – You have a son?

GG – Yes, his name is Ethan… Ethan Ethan… I thought it would be cute for his first name to also be his last name.

Lola – What’s your full name?

GG – Anthony Ethan– Victoria and some of my other friends made up the name GG a long time ago… when we were wild and young… reasons I’d rather not say *laugh*

Jarrah – Were you married- Are you-

GG – Sweetheart I’m a homosexual.

Lola – Did a friend carry your baby?

GG – Yes, but she-…….. its a very touchy subject.. she died during childbirth… so…

Jarrah & Lola – I’m sorry.

GG – Its quite alright… Theirs a plan for everyone I suppose- SO! I’ll be here with Alana….. where will you be Jarrah? did you make up your mind yet?

Lola – Yeah…. are you coming with us to France?

Jarrah – I haven’t decided yet…

Lola – I hope you come with. I get along with you well- my cousin must like you alot.. you’re easy going. Heh, can’t believe she’s in a sorority… How is she doing?

Well she slept with a sorority sister’s boyfriend and then verbally assaulted us all which resulted in her being voted out of the house… so yeah… obviously can’t say that-

Jarrah – Umm.. Rubi’s fine… she’s being Rubi..

Lola – Of course *laugh*

*loud arguing*

GG – Who is Alana fighting with now?…….of course she’d act out since Victoria is in Bridgeport getting things ready for this trip…

Lola – Wow… so unprofessional.

Jarrah – I know that voice… I’ll be back guys.

Alana – You stupid fuck! I told you to bring Rye bread!

Collin – Umm no you didn’t…. That was not in your order.

Alana – I’m not finished talking! You will stand there and listen to me like the servant you are.

Wow…. someone has a god complex.

Collin – You can take your god complex and shove it up your ass lady.

My thoughts exactly

Alana – How dare you! You will no longer get V-Glam’s money.

Collin – Aren’t you new?

Alana – I’ll be running this place in no time!

Sure you will Alana… sure you will.

Collin – Look.. if you want Rye, I’ll go get it, but I’m going to need money… its not free princess.

Alana – You are SO below me, working your little delivery job…. I deserve respect.

Collin – Says who? who the hell are you to talk to me like that?

Alana – I’m Alana Grace….  and you are?

Collin – Not getting paid enough to listen to your bullshit. Nice to meet you.

Alana – Oh wow you’re witty.. heh… my boyfriend could buy up your little shop and I’ll own it. Don’t force my hand.

What is cousin Sebastian thinking dating Alana.. he could do so much better.. not to mention she’s probably going to drain his bank account.

Collin – Its not my business, I just work there. Now I’m done with this crap….

Alana – We’re done when I say we’re done!

Oh my goodness I just realized she grabbed that dress from the dressroom. That’s not even on sale yet! she shouldn’t be wearing it.. Its in the new collection Victoria plans on showing off in France…

Jarrah – Is everything okay here?

Alana – No its not.. this idiot got my order wrong.

Collin – You got your own order wrong your highness.

Jarrah – Can-

Alana – Don’t look at me like that dickface!

Collin – Dickface? you can’t be serious with that insult…

Jarrah – Can we all just calm down?

Collin – ………….

Alana – I want Rye bread!

Collin – Well then pay!

Alana – No! It should be on the house since you fucked up my order.

Collin – You know what… fuck you!

Alana – Excuse me?

Collin – You heard me lady.. FUCK YOU….. take your uppity ass down to the grocery store and get your own fucking rye bread.

Alana – Oh your boss will hear about this.

Collin – That’s fine.. I’m quitting anyway!

Jarrah – What? but you need-

Alana – Get out!

Collin – Gladly!

Jarrah – Wait! can we talk?

Collin – ….Yeah….

Alana – Fucker forgot my Rye bread.. … stupid ass *eats*

Jarrah – Why are you quitting your job?

Collin – Well one, my boss is a dick.

Jarrah – …..and two?

Collin – My mom got a promotion. She’s going to be taking over for Ms Swan… Big paycheck.

Jarrah – Oh.. that’s-

Collin – Mom is forcing me to focus on school.. so I’ll be attending G.C.U. next term

Jarrah – That’s great!

Collin – …..Yeah…

Jarrah – Are we okay? you and I?

Collin – I- You know what…. we’re fine…

Jarrah – Doesn’t seem like it…

Collin – I’m sorry.. I’m being a child about it-

Jarrah – I’m- I feel like I did something wrong?

Collin – No… you didn’t

Jarrah – Did I lead you on?

Collin – No… I just really liked you based off.. well everything you stand for.

Jarrah – I think you’re a great guy. I’m just really in no place to date

Collin – I understand…. and I shouldn’t take that personal.

Jarrah – Right, because its not like you’re un-dateable or anything.

Collin – You sure?

Jarrah – Watch… when you get to G.C.U. The girls are going to be lining up.

Collin – *laugh* Yeah right…

Alana – I think I did forget to order the rye… My bad… Its not on the receipt 

Collin – *rolls eyes* Anyway I just feel like things are about to get better for my mother and I.

Jarrah – I’m glad.

Collin – I realized it all started happening when you came into my life. So I’m really happy we’re friends. I accept that, and if its never gonna be more than that…. well… atleast I’ll have your friendship.

Jarrah – *Smiles* 

Collin – So…. again.. sorry for being a dick.

Jarrah – Its okay…

Collin – Good.

Jarrah – I just like that you were honest about how you felt.

Alana – This is like an episode of 90210 or some shit. *eating* Mmm CARBS! I MISS YOU!

Collin – Since we’re friends… and we’re being honest.

Jarrah – Okay?

Collin – I hate the blonde. You’re so pretty but.. I loved your dark hair… its more you.

Alana – If you color your hair black I’m changing mine.. I cannot have people thinking we’re the same person.

Why does she keep butting into this conversation?

Jarrah – Its funny you should say that, one of the girls that I had the falling out with… she asked me out today- well not like that but-

Collin – I get it *laugh*

Jarrah – She wanted to get her hair colored back to the way it was, and I figured I’d do the same.. it will give us time to talk.

Collin – Ooooooh this is about the pact- that Keegan guy right?

Alana – Keegan?….. Morgan probably missing him back home these days..

Jarrah – Yeah….. its about all of that stuff..

Collin – Cool.

Jarrah – So I still haven’t decided on the whole trip thing.

Collin – Don’t force it…. you’ll know when you know.

Jarrah – Perhaps.

Collin – Well umm, I’m going to take my mother lunch, and then hit the gym- your dad’s gym, give it some business….

Jarrah – Awww that’s sweet of you.. you don’t have to do that.

Collin – I know, but I need a new gym. Also I just figure I could take my money there.

Jarrah – *smiles* 

Collin – Well I’ll text you later?

Jarrah – I’ll call you after my girls day out.

Collin – Okay…. have a good one.

Jarrah – You too… and tell Suzy I said hello.

Collin – Will do, you know my mother loves you.

Jarrah – *laugh* She’s a doll.

Alana – What? no kiss goodbye? You guys are lame…

Jarrah – Alana!

Well that was pleasant. Collin and I seem to be on the right path again. I really adore him, he’s someone I want in my life. I am sorry that I can’t be what he wants me to be to him, but I’m grateful that he know’s how much the friendship matters. *sigh* I’m so ready for some R&R with Frankie today. I wonder how the conversation is going to go. I hope smoothly, but you never know- Wow Alana is really attacking that food… its like she hasn’t ate all day. *laugh* I should get back to work, I’m sure GG, and Lola are wondering where I am.

(POV Trey)

So Portia made good on her word to take me out. We had lunch at this fabulous restaurant that Frankie told me was a must try while here in Bridgeport- wow that was one hell of a sentence *laugh* Anyway.. After we had lunch, Portia took me to her culinary school. I even talked with the admissions office about fitting me in. Everything is awesome, and to be honest this is probably the first time in days that I haven’t stressed about Aries…. Which is good right? or bad? I should always think of my man right? Oh shit.. so much for not stressing over him..

Portia – Did you like it?

Trey – I loved everything, thanks for bringing me here.

Portia – Aww no problem, we’re friends now… I’m always gonna help you out.

Trey – Really?

Portia – Sorry was that too soon?- I just… I figured we could be friends.. if you want.

Trey – No- no.. its fine. I could always use more friends. I’m down with it.

Portia – Cool… by the way, you look very handsome today.

Trey – Aww thanks, you look cute as well. Your hair is laid for the gods.

Portia – Really?

Trey – Yes GAWD! Its all shiny and healthy looking.

Portia – Thanks.. it was a tangled mess yesterday *laugh*

Trey – So how are you guys adjusting to Rubi leaving?

Portia – Well I voted to keep her in.. give her another chance but….

Trey – Yeah…

Portia – We’re adjusting well…. Spirit is still trying to decide on the girl who will replace Rubi…

Trey – Ah.. yeah Jarrah said something about that-

Unknown Man – Hey Guys!

Where the fuck did he come from? Oh hell no!

Darell – Hey beautiful.

Portia – Hi handsome.

Darell – Am I too early? I was trying to be on time.

Trey – On time?

Portia – I wanted you two to talk.

Bitch are you cray cray?

Trey – No.

Darell – Babe I told you he’d say no…

Trey – Are you kidding me? of course I’d say no!

Portia – Trey its important to forgive and forget.

Trey – Ummm not today it isn’t boo.

Darell – I was scared Trey… I overreacted and attacked you………..I’m sorry……….I really do apologize.

Trey – I will never forgive you Darell so………..yeah… please stop talking to me.

Portia – Trey he’s trying to right his wrongs. Just talk to him!

Did this bitch fall and hit her head? I’m not talkin’ to this nigga- excuse my language.. I need to stop using the N word.. just because I’m black doesn’t mean its okay.. I need to check myself.

Trey – I’m good mama… I’m not trying to talk to someone who told me I’d be beat, and thrown into a ditch. No ma’am.

Portia – Why not let go of all of the negativity?

Darell – I’m a changed man…

Trey – Yeah………….I bet.

Portia – You really don’t want to end this? Start new?

Trey – Not with him no. He was ruthless.

Portia – He know’s the error in his ways now.

Trey – Oh does he?

Darell – I do… I go to church now with Portia. I’m a changed man… a humbled man…

Oh my goodness… and I bet she believes this shit. I saw him out last night looking at girls with the football team. Like come the fuck on Portia…

Portia – He’s changed Trey! he’s trying to be a better person… for me, and for himself!

Trey – Well that’s great but I’m not-

Darell – Dude I’m sorry! I once was lost! but now I’m found!

Trey – Those are “Amazing Grace” lyrics church boy

Portia – I’m giving him a second chance Trey. Its clear that Rubi used her sexual prowess to seduce him into the whole cheating arrangement.

Darell – She knew I was saving myself for Portia… She knew if she touched me- that as a man… with hormones that I’d give in.. I am ashamed of myself.

Portia – Its okay Darell… I forgive you.

This chick is stupid…………

Darell – Look Trey I don’t care that you’re a fag-

Trey – Excuse me?!

Darell – I mean a gay homosexual.

Trey – Gay homosexual? really?

Darell – Homo?

Trey – Stop talking!

Darell – You need to let go and let god.

Portia – Praise Jesus… amen..

Trey – What in the actual fuck did you just say to me?

Portia – Darell has started going to church with me. Our pastor told us to “Let go, and Let God” which means stop holding on to negativity stop letting it guide you. Let it all go and let god SHOW YOU THE WAY!! – WOO! Amen..

Trey – ………………………

Darell – I am a man of the church!

Portia – Mmm hmm! Yess! Praise Him!- The man above mmm hmm!

Trey – Okay………….well………..umm…

What the hell do I even say? Portia going to church? yeah I can see that. Darell? please……..that will last until he finds an excuse not to go anymore. He’s only on good behavior because his ass got caught slipping into the Honey Pot also known as Rubi’s Vagina.

Darell – I’ve been so wrong…… into temptation…

Trey – So you’re one with the lord now………..

Darell – You can be too….don’t know if they are cool with homo’s though.

Portia – Anyone is welcomed! You should come to church with us Trey!- and Babe stop saying “Homo” Its not nice

Trey – I think I’m busy that day……….

Portia – I didn’t give a day yet silly!

Trey – Oh…….well…….I’m allergic.

Portia – Huh?

Trey – No thanks.

Darell – It makes you better man….

Is that why you were still same ole’ Darell last night? yeah okay buddy……keep going for that academy award.

Portia – Darell was never the bad boy.. Its that frathouse.. it changes you!

Darell – Yeah………man………….It…………..Does…………*looks to the side and rolls eyes*

I totally just saw that douchebag

Portia – Darell was influenced by his fraternity brothers…

Darell – And poor Aries is next… he’ll be-

Trey – What?!- Jeep- I mean Jonah’s friend…. Aries…. what does he have to do with the fraternity?

Portia – What happened to Aries?

Darell – He was at the frathouse when I left……pretty sure Hammer is finally gonna let him join. We need more people anyway.. So Aries is just one of many I’m sure. Gonna be a full house.

Trey – Wha- umm… so.. You guys are adding guys to the frathouse…………and Aries………………is one of them?

Darell – I’m not sure? I think so though……. he’s always wanted in so I’m about 70% sure he’s getting his wish….

Portia – Oh no… he’s the nice boy with the freckles right? he’s going to be brainwashed!

Trey – ………….. My stomach hurts… I’m going to go back to my dormroom.

Darell – Oh so we don’t have to get ice cream?

Portia – Noooooo Trey! I had planned for us three to talk and get ice cream!

Trey – Thanks for the day Portia. I’ll call you later..

Portia – Do you want us to ride the train with you?

Trey – I’m okay… I wanna be alone.

Darell – *mumbles* Good.. fag

Portia – Huh?

Darell – I said Aww too bad..

Portia – Still want to get ice cream?

Darell – Do we have to? I promised the guys I’d- I’d help them with their studies- cause, well you know they’re dumb.

Portia – You don’t want to spend time with me?

Darell – No- no I do

Portia – …….I didn’t tell my mom about what happened.. I don’t want her or my dad to look at you differently.

Darell – Good good….

Portia – My mom is looking forward to you joining the family… and business.

Darell – I guess we should get that Ice cream eh?

Portia – Yay!

I cannot believe Portia thought it was okay to bring that asshole here to talk to me. I will NEVER be his friend. I will never talk to him again… and if Portia can’t deal with that then she and I can’t be friends.

Darell – I’ll just tell the guys something came up.

Portia – Or you can tell them you hung out with your girlfriend?

Darell – …They’ll give me shit for that

Portia – They’re just jealous.

Darell – Yeah.. I doubt that.. the girls they see.. they do everything.

Portia – Well we’re different.. we don’t have sexual relations.

Darell – Can a brotha get a blowjob atleast?

Portia – …………..

Darell – ……….Nevermind…

Portia – When you start working for my mother you can’t talk like that..

I wonder if she holds the job over his head… not that I care. I’m so upset right now.. like why didn’t Aries call me and tell me? I mean Darell isn’t sure but still- oh my god.. here I was thinking I found the one that changed my life, and I feel like this is the beginning of the end. I’m just so annoyed, why does he want to hangout with those stupid fratboys? He could easily find other friends.. who would accept him for who he is… This taxi ride is not going to be fun.. I have to keep myself from calling him… I need to talk to him though… fuck it.. I’m gonna go see him.

(POV Jarrah)

After talking to Collin… something was bothering me. I knew I needed to talk to Dylan… and I also knew that I had to tell him about what Hope told me in that bathroom. I think its important that he knows. Wow Its weird being here.. feel like its been a while. I kinda miss it, but then again I don’t. I remember when Dylan and I first started seeing each other.. the guys gave him such a hardtime *laugh* “You taking nerd girl upstairs for a nightcap Dylan?” “Are you two gonna get married” “Are you going to become Mrs Dylan, Jarrah?” *laugh* So stupid…

Harrison – Just go slow… Ride it slow.

Joanna – Are you sure I won’t fall off?

Harrison – You’ll be fine Jojo

Joanna – Im sacred.. no I don’t wanna make a fool out of myself..

Harrison – Just let loose.. have some fun.. ride my bull.. we can go out to dinner if you do it..

Joanna – You’d really wanna take me out?……….in public?

Harrison – Why not? You’re cute.

Joanna – *Blushing* Umm.. Okay.. okay lets do this…

Harrison – On three!

Aww that’s so cute… I know Jojo always thought Harrison was attractive… seem’s like he likes her too. Good for them.

Hammer – Hey four eyes.. whats up?

Jarrah – Hi to you too Hammer.

Hammer – I can’t joke with you anymore because you’re not with Dylan anymore?

Jarrah – No, feel free to joke.. not like this is the first time you’ve called me four eyes *laugh*

Paisley – This is THE Jarrah?

Jarrah – Umm.. hi?

Paisley – I’m Paisley…  Ivy’s cousin?

Jarrah – I think I’ve seen you around before…

Paisley – The red hair is new so, I don’t blame you for not recognizing me.

Jarrah – Ah… Wait… didn’t you work with Kaori?

Hammer – …………..

Paisley – Yeah until she was fired for giving handjobs.

Chace – What? Handjobs?

Hammer – What would you know about that bro?

Chace – Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I don’t get or give Handjobs CHAD.

Paisley – I’ve only known you for one day and I like you already Chace.

Hammer – He only gets away with it because he’s my brother..

I wasn’t aware Chad- I mean Hammer had a brother.

Jarrah – Nice to meet you Chace

Chace – You too, and wow you’re beautiful.

Jarrah – Aww thanks.

Hammer – How can we help you Jarrah?

Jarrah – Looking for Dylan…

Chace – The hot sweaty one?

Hammer – He’s in the workout room.

Paisley – He was singing while doing chin-ups… he’s an oddball..

Jarrah – Thanks… Nice meeting you Chace, and Paisley.

Paisley – Fo’ sho.

You ever go into a situation, planning word for word what you’re going to say? Then you get there you feel completely blank? I mean I know how I want to approach the situation but just seeing him.. in his element- I just… Its harder than I thought. Dylan is a very simple guy, and that’s what I love about him….- What am I saying he cheated on me with Hope… twice- ugh.. get it together Jarrah.

Dylan – *singing/rapping* “Started from the bottom now mah whole team fuckin’ here”

I like that song… but then again Drake just makes cool music period… can’t believe Jimmy from Degrassi is a big time rapper now- focus Jarrah…

Jarrah – Hey! Dylan?

Dylan – Huh?

Dylan – Jarrah! Hey!

Jarrah – Hello…..

Dylan – This is unexpected. Its a good unexpected though.

Jarrah – Didn’t mean to interrupt your workout.

Dylan – Its okay ladybug.

Jarrah – Umm.. so… how are you doing? Hows………Hope?

Why did I ask him that…

Dylan – She’s okay…..

Jarrah – Um, how do I say this?-

Dylan – Its weird seeing you fluffterd.

Jarrah – Flustered.

Dylan – Yeah that!

Jarrah – Its not that I’m flustered- well maybe a little- umm… I just don’t want to have to tell you this…

Dylan – Tell me what? What’s it about?

Jarrah – Hope….

Dylan – Oh…

Jarrah – The thing is.. I’m not sure…. but I feel like I should share my suspicions with you.

Dylan – Okay

Jarrah – So… you remember when I ran into you at the Sushi House?

Dylan – With your new boyfriend who needs a haircut?… yeah.. I remember.

Jarrah – He’s not my boyfriend.. we’re just friends.

Dylan – You’re friends with his mom too?

Jarrah – …Yeah.

Dylan – I see… Well yeah anyway I remember the day.

Jarrah – I got into an argument with Hope in the bathroom.

Dylan – She told me…..

Jarrah – Well… I remember you telling me that you are getting married.

Dylan – Because she’s pregnant…. and its the right thing to do.

Jarrah – You don’t love her?

Dylan – ……I’ll always love her but… I don’t know…. I’m not in love with her or whatever..

Jarrah – Then that makes what I have to say even more important.

Dylan – Well spit it out pretty girl.

Jarrah – I think she’s lying about being pregnant.

Dylan – What?

Jarrah – In that bathroom she said to me- and I quote! “You have no idea the things I have to say and do to keep him”

Dylan – …..but-

Jarrah – I don’t know if she’s pregnant, but I think you should know that she does and says things…………just to keep you around. Even after all of the crap we’ve been through, I feel I owe you this… to atleast be honest and warn you.

Dylan – Hmm…

Jarrah – Have you been to the doctor with her?

Dylan – She never wants me to go…..

Jarrah – ….Doesn’t that seem odd?

Dylan – Yeah…. it does…. and she gets all weird when I rub her belly…

Jarrah – …….

Dylan – Why would she lie?- whats the point?

Jarrah – To keep you.

Dylan – I mean what the fuck was she going to do? wear a pillow under her shirt?… I’m really pissed off right now.

Jarrah – You should talk to her- because like I said I don’t know for sure….

Dylan – I’m pissed off Jarrah…

Jarrah – I understand…

Dylan – …….

Jarrah – I just wanted to tell you. Because at the end of the day I want you to have a good future, even if I’m not in it with you.

Dylan – You should be though….

Jarrah – What?

Dylan – I still love you.. I’m always thinking about you…

Jarrah – …Dylan……

Dylan – I’m only with Hope because- well.. I-

Jarrah – This isn’t about you and I… this is about you and her… you two should talk. Also I’d appreciate it if you leave me out- actually it doesn’t matter.. I don’t really care if she has a problem with me telling you what she said.

Dylan – Do you love me?

Jarrah – …..Is the sky blue?

Dylan – Umm.. *thinks* Oh! yeah its blue- like a sky blue..

Jarrah – That was a rhetorical question

Dylan – What?

Jarrah – I didn’t need an answer…

Dylan – Oh… so.. you do love me then?

Jarrah – Sure… but we’ve done this song and dance before, and honestly… I can’t do it anymore.. not until we both just.. grow.. I need to see actual growth from us.. mature decisions that reflect what we want and need in our lives…

Dylan – Okay… well atleast I know theirs hope for us.

Jarrah – …..You never know…. I gotta go…

Dylan – Do you want to grab some food?!

Jarrah – I have plans to hangout with Frankie..

Dylan – Oh…

Jarrah – Take care of yourself.

Dylan – You too Ladybug

Harrison – So your first time was on a hammock? How hilarious is that!

Hammer – It was great!

Joanna – Funny considering your nickname is Hammer…

Paisley – Maybe we should start calling you Hammock *laugh* So what about you Little Hammer..

Chace – Please do NOT call me that… umm.. My first time was with this guy at this camp. It was awkward…

Joanna – You never been with a girl?

Chace – Uh NO…. no thank you- no offense. You women are beautiful but I’m not a fan of that monster between your legs.

Paisley – Are you a top or bottom?

Hammer – Do we really have to talk about this? UGH! I don’t care to know if my baby bro gets plowed in his poop-shoot or whatever.

Chace – I’m versatile… Whatever I’m feeling in the moment I go with it.

Dylan – Umm.. guys? wanna order some pizza?

Chace – Oh that pretty girl is leaving. Bye Pretty girl who’s name I can’t remember!

Jarrah – Bye everyone.

Joanna – See you at home Jarrah!

Jarrah – *smiles*

Paisley – Pizza sounds good!

Hammer – I’m buying… Its on me.

Joanna – Get a meatlover’s Pizza!

Paisley – Yes! That’s exactly what I want. See JoJo.. we get along good.. Hopefully Spirit will pick me to replace that Rubi girl.

Joanna – Maybe! Its between you, and two other girls I believe.

I left things open… because truth be told we never know what this life has planned for us. I love Dylan but if I were to get back with him, I’d feel like he’d just cheat on me again…  He need to get rid of Hope once and for all, do some soul searching and decide what he wants. While that’s happening I need to just focus on myself for now. Boys- Men have been too big of a distraction for me lately. Anyway enough talking.. gotta meet up with Frankie.. That’s a bridge that need repairing… so I’m off to do that. Later gator.

(POV Trey)

So on my way to see Aries I ran into Elena Shaw- aka Lars’s sister…. she’s pretty much a genius- actually she’s perfect. If theirs one girl on campus that could rival Spirit Harrington’s perfection its Elena Shaw. Smart, and beautiful and well.. very nice.

Elena – Hi- ummmm Trey?- that’s your name right?

Trey – That’s me.

Elena – Have you seen my bro- Oh! there you are.

Lars – I was in the bathroom.. stop hounding him.

Elena – I wasn’t hounding him. I just- whatever… Are you ready to go?

Lars – Yeah lets get this over with.

Trey – Where are you guys going?

Lars – Lunch with our parents.. to catch up.

Elena – Funtimes……

Lars – Why are you here Trey? did you need something?

Trey – Umm I was looking for Aries- I had to pick up something he’s letting Jeep borrow.

Lars – Jeep?- Oh Jonah…

Elena – What a nice friend you are.

Trey – I guess so.

Elena – This is why I hope I get into the Sorority. I want to make friends that I can count on.

Trey – Oh are you trying to get that open spot?

Elena – Yeah… Its between me, and two other girls apparently.

Trey – Well good luck.

Elena – Thank you.

Lars – Lets get going Elena, Umm Trey, Aries is in the room so feel free to just go in there.

Trey – Okay have a good…lunch.

Elena – Thanks!

That was a calming conversation… I guess the calm before the storm.. I really need to talk with Aries about what Portia and Darell told me.

Trey – ………………………………. What………..The FUCK…… on your head?

Aries – Hi to you too babe.

Trey – Did Hammer make you do this?

Aries – It was a dare.. him and the other guys were talking to me about joining the frat, and then they dared me to do this.

Trey – …………

Aries – I think it looks cool.

Trey – You look like Hammer Jr.

Aries – Did you come here just to yell at me? and tell me that my haircut looks stupid?

Trey – I came here because I’m frustrated.

Aries – Why are you frustrated?

Trey – Because I went out with Portia today-

Aries – Oh yeah how was the school?

Trey – It was fine- but I don’t wanna talk about that.

Aries – ….Okay.

Trey – Portia- well Darell pretty much said you’re getting in the Fraternity, and I just want to know… are you going to accept if approached officially?

Aries – Why wouldn’t I?

Trey – …………Because you wouldn’t be allowed to be you!

Aries – I wouldn’t be allowed to be me? or I wouldn’t be allowed to be who you want me to be?

Trey – That’s not fair

Aries – Neither is this whole argument…

Trey – I’m worried about what happens with us if you join them.

Aries – Trey…. you knew what you were getting yourself into when you agreed to date me…

Trey – I knew you weren’t coming out anytime soon, but I didn’t think that meant going deeper back in the closet just for some stupid brotherhood-fraternity. A Stupid straight fratboy life.

Aries – Hey! That’s not okay! What if I called things you wanted “stupid”? Lets be adults here…

Trey – …… I just don’t know where I fit in all of this…

Aries – You fit just fine.. like you have been since we made it official.

Trey – Sneaking around….

Aries – Is it that? or is it that you don’t approve of Hammer and the guys? Because of what happen with Darell and-

Trey – No! Its not- I don’t judge any-

Aries – You’re judging everything in this moment.

Trey – Because I love you and I just know that being with them isn’t the best thing for us… maybe its great for you, but for US……….Its not.

Aries – But why is it up to you to decide what’s best for US… US means you and I… two people.. not one… not just you.

Trey – …….That’s fair but…. in my gut.. I know that you joining that frathouse is you losing who you are, and what makes you special. I’m not even talking about you being gay either…

Aries – ………I think It would be good for me to have my own group of friends. I love Jeep, and the rest of you.. but I want my own group of friends too… I think I’ll be happy being in the frathouse.

Trey – …………..

Aries – Don’t look so sad babe… its gonna be okay….

Trey – Its not…. this is how it starts…. the end of our relationship… all of this so you can feel some sort of brotherly love that you’ve been looking for….

Aries – Why are you talking like we’re over and done with?

Trey – Because that’s where its headed….

Aries – Says who?! I love you… and I want to be with you.. but like…. I can’t come out… not right now… its not the right time in my life.

Trey – So I’m basically just going to be your dirty little secret for the remainder of your college years………….

Aries – No! I- I just like things the way they are.. you and I… when we’re alone…

Trey – It was all too good to be true…

Aries – Stop it…. I’m the one who initiated things between us-

Trey – Yeah when you were just that little screen name KingOfNowhere, but now We’re together and you’re Aries… and soon you’ll be Straight Fratboy Aries..

Aries – ……I’m not straight, I’m gay.

Trey – You’re straight when you’re not with me Aries.

Aries – …………You’re draining me, you’re making me out to be a bad guy and I’m not okay with that. I’m not you! I’m not going to just come out and shout to everyone that I’m gay.

Trey – Is that what you think I am? some Fag that shoves his sexuality down people’s throats?

Aries – I’d never use the F word- and also no.. that’s not what I meant. You took that out of context!

Trey – …………..This is the end… this is how we break up…. I just know it.

Aries – I feel like you’re pushing me out the closet, I feel like I’m being given an ultimatum and I’m annoyed… You can’t just- When we talk about my sexuality and the whole frathouse thing.. you talk AT me… not TO me. You never understand my side of things. Its all Armageddon, fire and brimstone. How exactly is that fair? What do you want from me?

Trey – Nevermind.. forget I said anything… I’ll just deal with things as they happen…

Aries – Wait- I’m sorry I didn’t-

Trey – No its fine.. just do what makes you happy. You’re right, who am I to tell you not to join up with them. That’s not fair, its your life.

Aries – Don’t say it like that.

Trey – No just stop feeling bad, you didn’t do anything. I’m insecure and-

Aries – Me joining the fraternity doesn’t mean things will change, for all you know they may get better- Besides I haven’t even officially been asked to join yet…

Trey – I hope you get in.

Aries – You don’t but I appreciate you saying that.

Trey – I’m going to my room…

Aries – Don’t you have class?

Trey – I’m just gonna skip it.

Aries – Why don’t you just stay here with me then? Lars is out with-

Trey – I kinda wanna be alone…

Aries – …………..Fine….. can you atleast call me later?

Trey – Sure….

Aries – I love you…

Trey – ………….Mmm hmm…

Aries – *sigh*

Maybe I- No…. I know I was wrong with the way I came in there- but I also know that part of me is right. The thing that upsets me is that he thinks I’m trying to push him out of the closet. That’s not what I’m trying to do. I feel like sooner or later he’ll be more comfortable and tell the people that matter, then soon it will just be a thing of well this is who I am.

Him being in that fucking fraternity will make everything backwards. No progression just regression, and honestly I can’t do that. I can be supportive while you find the courage to come out but I can’t go back hiding in a closet with you. Just look at how impressionable he is already, that stupid hair cut, and awful color! They say jump and he says how high, and off what. I hate his stupid haircut!

Ugh I’m so stressed out- oh and that’s another thing.. I saw that I was making him angry and I just decided fuck it.. I’ll just play the stupid card. I’ll just nod and smile, and let him make the biggest mistake of his life. I know I’m not perfect, and I could totally be wrong about this.. but mark my words… When and if he gets in… its going to be the worst thing for him…

(POV Jarrah)

So Frankie and I got our hair colored and just talked about current events. She never once brought up the Keegan thing, and when I did.. she told me she rather talk about it with all three of us. The three of us being Her, Kaori, and myself. I guess that’s fine.. I owe both of them an explanation so.. yeah. Anyway I actually had a fun time just hanging with Frankie.. we never really do that because of Kaori to be honest.

Keegan – Hey pretty ladies.

Frankie – What are you doing here?

Jarrah – Yeah, here to get your tips frosted KeeKee?

Keegan – No, I’m actually here just to see how you guys are doing. I had a free hour before class and figured I’d come say hi.

Frankie – Aww how thoughtful.

Keegan – Kaori told me where you two were… saw her when she was on her way to class.. books and laptop and everything. When did she start going to class?

Frankie – She’s trying it.. *laugh* 

Jarrah – Are you and her on speaking terms again?

Keegan – Yes… we talked about that morning and everything is okay. You know I couldn’t have Kay’ mad at me. She’s too adorable for that nonsense.

Frankie – Did your mom’s take Zoe in?

Jarrah – Yeah Frankie was telling me about the little girl.

Keegan – Well seeing as Joy is a Judge.. she has ways to get things done. She and Mom are filing papers to adopt Zoe next week.

Jarrah – That’s amazing.

Frankie – Big brother KeeKee

Keegan – Apparently… but if she starts asking me about girly shit I’m taking her to you guys.

Jarrah – *laugh*

Frankie – So where’s Jeep?

Keegan – I just finished having lunch with him. Making sure he know’s I’m alright and that I’m seeing Mandy or whatever. So he’s good…

Jarrah – Good.. I’m glad.. you know he loves you.

Keegan – I know… and I love him too.. and all of you guys.

Kris Harris/Stylist – Oh its time for your cut honey.

Frankie – Oh okay.

Kris Harris – I swear looking at you three is like seeing your parents.

Keegan – You know our parental’s?

Kris Harris – Oh yes, Your dad is Issac, and you *looks at Frankie* your dad is Riley.

Jarrah – Oh cool

Kris Harris – You’re Josh’s babygirl.. You have his eyes.

Frankie – Were you friends with our dads or-

Kris Harris – Oh I dated your parents- well not Josh. I hooked up with Riley in high school, and I actually dated Issac.

Keegan – Oh…. cool- anyway Frankie I-

Kris Harris – Yeah those were the days… then those two set me up to catch me cheating.. blah blah.. I forgive them though. Wow I remember my times with them.. I was much skinnier then! So how is Issac and Riley?! They still fit, and in shape with rock hard bodies? I never see them….

Frankie – I think you said it was time to cut my hair?

Kris Harris – Oh yes! of course! Right this way.

Jarrah – Thank you Frankie..

Frankie – *laugh* I thought he’d never shut up. I’m gonna go get my haircut and you can tell me whatever you wanted after I’m done Keegan.

Keegan – Oh it wasn’t super important… It was just that I heard from Scott that your article on Jessica Nash is as he says “Impeccable!” So I wanted to say congrats, you talented beauty queen you.

Frankie – Aww thanks KeeKee.

He seems in good spirits, and honestly this is like one of the first times he’s mentioned Scott without looking like he wanted to punch something. Yay progress.

Jarrah – How are you coping with things?

Keegan – Cigarettes help…

Jarrah – I’m sure they do. I mean if you can’t do “other things” then a cigarette can help calm you or whatever.. Not that I like smoking.. you know I don’t like cigarettes at all but yeah..

Keegan – Mmm hmm

Jarrah – I don’t think you can smoke in here by the way.

Keegan – I didn’t see a sign.

Jarrah – True…. So how are things with “M”

Keegan – Who?

Jarrah – Mandy. I just figured I’d say M to be discreet.

Keegan – Oh cool.. yeah lets call her “M”. Umm.. things are… okay. I’m still a smartass…

Jarrah – Of course.

Keegan – She pretty good at getting me to say things that turn into questions. Questions she never had to ask… that I end up asking myself- its tricky. She’s a pretty effective therapist- or as she call it “Listener”

Jarrah – Her method sounds nice.

Keegan – You think I’m a loser for seeing a shrink?

Jarrah – Quite the opposite. I think you’re brave and honest.

Keegan – Sometimes I feel like a lame-ass for having to see her, but I understand why its necessary.

Jarrah – You seem better… like back to your old self almost.

Keegan – Old self? Oh shit.. maybe I should put on my baggy clothes and backwards hats again… you want hip hop KeeKee back in full effect Yo?

Jarrah – *laugh* So stupid..

Keegan – Lemme ask you something….

Jarrah – Hmm?

Keegan – Why do girls change their hair colors so much? I mean you and Frankie just switched colors pretty much.

Jarrah – Well she’s also cutting half of her hair off- and guys do it too.. Look at Jeep.. a different hair color every week.

Keegan – He uses that spray on dye- but I see your point.

Jarrah – Trey was blonde too remember?

Keegan – Ah.. very true.

Jarrah – You and Kaori don’t really change much.

Keegan – What can I say? I’m perfect the way I am sista gurl *snaps fingers*

Jarrah – Don’t get sassy KeeKee! *snaps fingers*

Jules – Dude you cannot smoke in here.

Keegan – Says who?

Jules – Says me Jackass….

Keegan – Hey! name calling… not nice!

Jules – Look Keegan I know you get away with things because of your looks but put the fucking cigarette out please.

Keegan – I don’t get- wait you know me?

Jules – I don’t know you.. but you sorta know my family? also I do go to G.C.U…..

Keegan – What’s your name?

Jules – ………….Jules…

The name and Face is so familiar to me..

Jarrah – Jules… Jules… Wait.. are you Harrison’s half brother’s daughter?

Jules – I am.. my father is old as dirt.

Jarrah – What is his name again-

Jules – Connor…

Keegan – So are you sorta related to Jeep?

Jules – Umm who?

Keegan – Jonah..

Jules – Oh Harrison’s cousin.. umm Sorta but not really.. I mean he’s my dad’s cousin? I dunno… It gets confusing. As far as I’m concerned I’m just related to Harrison. He’s my Uncle- but for people here at G.C.U. I’m going to just say he’s my cousin… so I don’t have to explain shit. Everything gets too confusing.

It is confusing because technically she and I would be related by marriage I think..

Keegan – I’ve never seen you around campus.

Jules – Maybe I’m not looking to be seen?- I usually just mind my business.. something I’ve learned to do since coming from Pylea. That town is just… Drama. My teacher Mr Greene’s mother was killed by a psycho stalker girlfriend in our classroom.

Jarrah – Oh my goodness…

Keegan – Fuck…..

Jules – Yeah it happened a year ago.. I think- Anyway put the cigarette out douchebag…

Keegan – *laugh* Alright….. yes ma’am.

Jules – Thank you.

Now I know why she looks so familiar. She’s one of the three girls trying to fill Rubi’s spot at the Sorority House…

Jules – Tell your boyfriend to get some manners…

Jarrah – He is NOT my boyfriend!.. we’re just friends.

Keegan – Take that miss know it all.

Jules – Yeah yeah… I’m going back to the front desk, you can continue your conversation.

Keegan – So why did you say it like that?

Jarrah – Say what?

Keegan – *high pitch imitating Jarrah* “He’s not my boyfriend!”

Jarrah – Oh… I don’t know..

Keegan – Lets get this out of the way…. because I feel like it still bothers you… We had sex Jarrah.. I was inside of you.

Jarrah – I know…. and don’t say it like that- oh my goodness…

Keegan – It happened… and I’m not gonna cheapen it either. I was off, and you comforted me. It was what it was…. so stop beating yourself up over it… and tensing up when we’re alone.

Jarrah – I don’t tense up when we’re alone..

Keegan – You do.. you clinch your jaw, and your asshole probably. *laugh* 

Jarrah – Shut up! *laugh*

Keegan – I’m not into Anal.. you don’t have to clinch your asshole baby.. Its all good *laugh*

Jarrah – You are the worse….. but I love that your sense of humor is back… Like I said… the old Keegan is making his return.

Keegan – Some old… some new……*smiles*

Jarrah – Good….

Keegan – So lets go do it in a closet or something

Jarrah – Keegan!

Keegan – I’m joking! trying to make light of the sitch

Jarrah – Did you just say sitch?

Keegan – I did…. don’t be so weird…

Jarrah – I guess its just awkward…

Keegan – Why?

Jarrah – I’ll always love you, and be drawn to you….

Keegan – ……I see. Well I think you’re awesome as well.

Jarrah – …..Good.

Keegan – The sex meant something to us… it wasn’t a emotionless cheap tacky thing.. I don’t ever want you to feel like that. Okay? So lets let it go and move on and stop clinching our buttholes.

Jarrah – You’re right…. though letting go is hard.. I mean.. I’m still not over Dylan.. do you think that’s stupid?

Keegan – No… I get it…. sometimes you can’t have the one you want for certain reasons

Jarrah – I mean people didn’t think Dylan was-

Keegan – I mean Dylan’s cool.. I- You guys were a good couple…

Jarrah – …Yeah…

Keegan – Did you decide to go on that trip?

Jarrah – Wow that was random.. umm.. I haven’t decided yet…

Keegan – Ah…

Jarrah – Hey- well I mean I probably shouldn’t ask this but-

Keegan – Ask away.. M has me being all honest and open..

Jarrah – Kaori said it was me or Frankie… that you loved romantically… umm.. wh-

Keegan – She just assumed that because it wasn’t her that it had to be one of you….

Jarrah – Really? or are you lying?

Keegan – Umm okay that was a lie..

I knew it.

Jarrah – So… its one of us that you wanna like…. date?

Keegan – ……..Maybe… but like I said… its not gonna happen.

Jarrah – Oh- well.. maybe its for the best.

Keegan – Ditto.

Jarrah – ……

Keegan – I’m gonna run.. I have a class to attend… I’ll call you later. Tell Frankie I said bye.

Jarrah – Oh.. okay.. well have a nice night..

Keegan – Will do.

Its so weird how he has the ability to make me all… hot. I mean I’m not gonna deny it, he’s so… sexy. By the way when I say he made me hot I mean that I’m really flustered and feeling warm….not like aroused or- whatever moving on. I’m so happy he’s doing better and showing signs of being the old Keegan. You know… If he does want to be with either Frankie or myself.. I do wonder what would happen if he made it known. How Frankie would feel, how I would feel- or everyone in our group of 6…. Why am I even thinking about that.. whatever.. time to go get a facial. I wonder if Frankie is done getting her hair cut. *sigh* Its hot in here, I need water.

(POV Trey) (15 Minutes after the previous Scene)

I took a nap…. I needed it. It calmed me down and I had some time to think…. I still think I’m right, I just think I handled it wrong. Whenever I’m conflicted with something I call Jarrah. She had things to tell me as well. We talked about Collin, Alana.. the trip to France. Her and Frankie’s hangout, and KeeKee stopping by. I then told her about my day which included Portia, Darell the Holy Man, and my blowup with Aries.

Jarrah (on phone) – Don’t stress out okay? sometimes emotions get the best of you, and things just come out. Its not how you intended on having the conversation but… its what happened. You guys now know how each other really feel.. now its time to go forward.. you know?

Trey – Yeah but… he’s going to get in, and its going to be… bad.

Jarrah – Dylan wasn’t super influenced by the guys.

Trey – Dylan was in the Frat before you started dating though.

Jarrah – That’s true

Trey – So what are your plans after hanging out with Frankie?

Jarrah – She’s finishing up her cut now, and after that she has to go to class- a night class.. which sucks. I’m going to go see my family.. have dinner and talk.

Trey – Aww that’s good. I know they’ll be happy to have you.

Jarrah – The morale is pretty low… I know mom didn’t wanna do it but she had to shutdown the bar and sell it to that lady… It was the right thing to do financially.

Trey – Yeah…

Jarrah – And the gym isn’t doing too good either… It just sucks. Its why I work so hard.. I want my parents to relax… I want to support them.

Trey – You’re such an inspiration…

Jarrah – Thank Trey…


Trey – I have to go.. someone is at my door.

Jarrah – Maybe its Aries…

Trey – Oh you’re probably right.. okay! talk to you later! love ya!

Jarrah – Love you too! bye!

– Call Ends –


Trey – Coming!

Hopefully we can make up and just deal with things as they happen…

Trey – Oh….

Nick – Were you expecting someone else?

Trey – Umm.. Hi- wait you’re talking to me again? I thought you were giving me the silent treatment…

Nick – I noticed you weren’t in class… and I got worried because you never miss a class. I realized by getting worried about you that if something were yo happen to you- and I never got to fix things that I’d be really angry at myself.

Trey – Aww…

Nick – I’m sorry I was a jerk.

Trey – Its okay.

Nick – No its not… I was mean.

Trey – True…

Nick – So are you sick? is everything okay?

Trey – I’m not sick… but-

Nick – You look very bothered.. what’s going on?

Trey – I don’t think I should talk about it…

Nick – Is it about your boyfriend? KingOfNowhere hmm?

Trey – Yeah….

Nick – …..I see…

Trey – See… yeah.. we shouldn’t talk about it.

I don’t know why Nick gets all bent out of shape about it. Its not like he’s even gay. Also he can date anyone he wants.. he is “Big Dick Nick Hicks” afterall…

Nick – ……Its… yeah. Anyway where’s your roommate?

Trey – I think Bryce is at the student cafe.. not sure.. why?

Nick – Just wondering why you’re alone..

Trey – It happens sometimes..

Nick – I know you hate being alone though

Trey – I do… but umm.. anyway.. I see you went back to your natural hair color…

Nick – You and I went blonde together remember? we were high remember?

Yeah so I smoked a little weed.. sue me… *laugh*

Trey – Yeah… we ate that whole box of donuts and got high… and then I said I wanted to go blonde like Rihanna…

Nick – And I said I’d do it with you.

Trey – *laugh*

Nick – You changed yours back.. so I figured I’d change mine back too…

Trey – How loyal of you.

Nick has always been a good friend to me. I want to do silly, and random stuff with him again… I miss that.

Trey – I want old times like that back.

Nick – I’m not going anywhere… so we can have that.. back when you would tell me anything.

Trey – You make me feel guilty for not confiding in you about what’s bothering me…

Nick – I just feel like you always can…

Trey – Fine….

Nick – You’re going to tell me what’s bothering you?

Trey – Yes…

Nick – Okay.

Trey – My boyfriend… is in the closet.

Nick – No shit.

Trey – And he’s great… but I do sometimes feel selfish. I want him to be out and proud.

Nick – You’re not forcing him out, you just want someone to hold your hand or be able to walk around in public with.

Trey – Exactly.

Nick – Go on.

Trey – So he did something.. he may have a new group of friends soon, and if so…. then.. I won’t fit in his life. He won’t be the guy he is, and never would be. Like almost going deeper into the closet…

Nick – I see…

Trey – So we had a fight about it.. and yeah…

Nick – Why won’t he just come out?

Trey – Its not that simple… he’s always wanted to fit in..

Nick – The guy sounds lame

Trey – He’s not

Nick – Kind of a pussy if you ask me

Trey – Stop it!

Nick – I mean if he loves you.. then he’d come out. He’s a coward…

Trey – Aries isn’t a cow- …………………………oh shit… fuck…

Nick – Aries?- Ha……. 

Trey – Oh my godzilla….

Nick – Aries is KingOfNowhere?- He’s your boyfriend?

Trey – ………Nick… you can’t tell-

Nick – Wow it all makes sense now.

Trey – Nick you have to promise me that-

Nick – I don’t talk to Aries.. so its not a big deal.., also I won’t tell a soul.. I know that would hurt you- and that’s the last thing I wanna do.

I cannot fucking believe I just blurted that out! I just outed Aries! What the fuck!? See people this is why you don’t have conversations after a nap..

Trey – I’m such a fuck up- why did I say his name.

Nick – You can trust me…

Trey – ….*sigh*

Nick – So he wants in the Fraternity eh?

Trey – …….

Nick – Heh… This all sucks…

Trey – He hasn’t called or text me….

Nick – Has he been on facebook?

Trey – Good question.. lets see.

Trey – Hmm…. he hasn’t been on- I got messages- oh and a friend request but nothing from him…

Nick – I haven’t checked mine in a few days… I’m curious if I have any messages…

Trey – Ugh… this sucks.. like this day sucks so much…

Nick – No… Aries suck…

Trey – Stop bashing him!

Nick – I’m just saying… he should be man enough to admit what he wants, and who he is.

Trey – Its not that easy!

Nick – …..Actually it is…

Trey – Really?

Nick – You and I had sex… I was curious…

Trey – Would you say you’re bi-curious?

Nick – Umm… no. Not anymore.

Trey – Why not?

Nick – I can’t be curious about something I actually did. I did the deed, I know how I feel about the experience.

Trey – How do you feel?

Nick – Umm… It was good.

Trey – I see…

Nick – Its easy to be honest.

Trey – You’re not exactly shouting it to the world that you were bi-curious.

Nick – Am I not?

Trey – What?

Nick – Check my facebook page….

Trey – Did you just update?

Nick – Just now… go on… real it outloud.

Trey – *Reading Nick’s Facebook Post Outloud*

Nick – *laugh* Go on… read it..

“So…… In college you learn alot about yourself right? That’s the plan atleast. I realize that I did learn something, but not in my classroom. I learned that I was bi curious.. but I’m not anymore. I hooked up with a guy recently and I’d say I went from straight… to bi curious… to bisexual. Yeah.. Nick Hicks.. is officially equal opportunity .. Wow… its not so hard to be honest. If someone has a problem with this.. including any of my family member.. you can eat a dick. Cause this is me… being honest, and being who I am.” – Nick Hicks

Trey – You just… You just came out on facebook?!

Nick – I told you its not that hard…

Trey – Aren’t you worried about-

Nick – I’m not worried about anything…. It is what it is…

Trey – …………

Nick – Look…. I did it to prove a point, but to also tell you that you deserve more than some broom closet romance. I like you… more than a friend. You should break up with Aries… and be with me.. Out in the open.. officially as boyfriends.

Trey – …….

Nick – I’m a fucking awesome friend… Imagine me.. as a boyfriend. I mean come on.. It would be awesome.

Trey – ………..

I was speechless… 

Nick – Why be with a KingOfNowhere when you can just be with a King. Cause that’s what I am.. I’m a King of my own domain.

Trey – I don’t know what-

Nick – Just think about it, I’m not asking for an answer today…- Oh shit.. Lots of messages in my inbox… Ha! all positive…

Trey – Look at the replies to your post *reads them*

“Congrats man! That was brave of you to come out!” – Lars

“Aww… you’re one of a kind Nick, I’m gonna support your coming out!” – Tyena

“That’s awesome that you’re honest. Live your life dude! We need more people like you around” – Byron

“Changes nothing, you’re still a kickass dude. Bro’s for life” – Miguel

“Bisexual? Whaaaaaa? that’s cray… but also very cool. I respect your honesty. You brave mothafucka you” Mahlia

Wow…. all this support…. Its… nice….

Nick – Hey I’m gonna go grab some yogurt, want any?

Trey – No thanks.

Nick – Alright… and umm… think about my proposal… I’m down to date… I think it would be dope.. you and I being a thing or whatever.

Trey – …*smiles* Heh… Okay… 

Nick – I’ll talk to you later.. after my yogurt I’m gonna sleep.

Trey – Goodnight Nick.

Nick – Goodnight You.

So many things are going through my head right now. Aries and I are fighting, and I accidentally told Nick about him being KingOfNowhere. Oh and Speaking of Nick, he just outed himself in what was the most awesomest- bravest way I’ve ever seen in my life. And he wants to date me… I mean I’m not worried about the friendship being messed up. Nick would probably make a kick ass boyfriend… I just.. My head hurts. Like what to do? I know Aries must have either seen that facebook post- or atleast heard someone on campus talking about it by now.

The thing is.. if I’m being honest with myself, I do find myself attracted to Nick, and not just in a sexual way. I would totally date him. Then we have Aries, who I have this amazing connection with. A connection that’s hidden from the world… I love him, and he’s someone special to me. But at this time in my life do I want to go in the closet with him? and have lonely nights? Do I work things out with Aries, and face this Fraternity stuff, or do I be with Nick?…… I’m so confused…..

(POV Jarrah)

So after Dinner with my parents, and Micah- along with his girlfriend June. We all just hungout in the backyard and talked a bit. I could tell everyone had things on their minds though. So I tried to lighten to mood with random questions.

Jarrah – All the dishes are washed and put away.

Josh – Oh you didn’t have to do that.

Jarrah – Wanted to give mom a break….. so umm… My friend Collin said he joined the gym today.

Josh – He did- wait he’s the shaggy haired blonde guy right?

Jarrah – That’s him.

Josh – Yeah he came in today. He was actually 1 of 5 new members. I don’t know what’s happening… I swear the gym is doomed and then out of nowhere stuff like this happens.

Jarrah – Well that’s amazing!

Micah – Luck is on your side….. too bad its not helping everyone..

Josh – What’s wrong son?

June – He lost a patient today…

Micah – …..

Josh – I’m so sorry Micah…

Micah – She was a sweet old woman who we had been taking care of for the past month.

Jarrah – I’m sorry Mikey…

Micah – I know its natural but It just really made me sad.

June – Yeah… one of the teacher at the school fell down the stairs today so….. Its been a terrible day.

Jarrah – Oh you landed that job at GloCity Elementary School.

June – Yeah… The staff is lazy as hell though.

Jarrah – That sucks, you probably have extra work to do because of their laziness.

Micah – That’s how it is at the hospital too. Which is why I’m still in my scrubs… I gotta go back in 30 minutes or so.

Josh – I feel like we all need a vacation.

Micah – Aren’t you and mom going on one?

Josh – Its not really a vacation…

Jarrah – Where are you going?

Josh – Vince, and Victoria are renewing their vows.. on some island.

June – Must be nice to pick an island and fly there. Sometimes I hate rich people.

Josh – *laugh* Vince is nice though, one of my bestfriends.

Micah – I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. Maybe Mom can take her mind off losing the bar…

Jarrah – I’ll be right back.

Family is forever… My parents are so important to me.. I just want them happy. Micah is my protector, my older brother who I’d do anything for. June… she’s new to the family but she fits in already, I’m happy to have her. I think during these times its important that family is there for one another… which is why I think I should start visiting home more..

June – Jarrah is so pretty.

Josh – I feel old.

Micah – We grew up dad… deal with it *laugh*

Josh – Its weird.. I remember you being a chubby teenager, and Jarrah being my little girl.

Micah – Well I’m a Chubby adult now, and she’s your Big Girl

Josh – *laugh*

I decided to talk to mom… she was sitting by herself. I knew she had things on her mind. Im guessing it probably had alot to do with having to sell the bar.

Jarrah – Whatcha doin’ over here by yourself mom?

Michelle – Oh nothing.. just enjoying the warmth from the fire.

Jarrah – Mind if I sit with you?

Michelle – Of course not.

Jarrah – Okay *smiles*

Michelle – How are things?

Jarrah – Umm… they’re okay.

Michelle – I see.

Jarrah – You look pretty mom.

Michelle – Aww thanks… I look old though….

Jarrah – Still pretty.

Michelle – *smiles* Speaking of good looks…. are you doing okay after the whole thing with Dylan?

Jarrah – I’m getting there.

Michelle – Was kinda awkward… we met him, and you two broke up that same day- well night.

Jarrah – Tell me about it.

Michelle – …..I dated his father… random I know.. but Its funny how things workout.

Jarrah – You dated Dylan’d dad?

Michelle – Yeah… Kane Stanford…..

Jarrah – Hmm… that’s funny.

Michelle – Yeah It was… yeah. I ended up with the right guy though.

Jarrah – *laugh*

Michelle – Are you seeing anyone new?

Jarrah – No.

Michelle – That Collin guy seems nice. I heard about the whole Gym thing.

Jarrah – He’s a great friend.

Michelle – Sometimes friendships turn into more if you let it…. maybe somewhere down the line you two will try it.

Jarrah – Maybe…

Michelle – How are your friends? How’s my darling Trey?

Jarrah – Everyone is working through things.. but healthy and alive and well. Trey specifically is having a rough night.. boyfriend issues.

Michelle – Him and Vanessa’ son….Aries?

Jarrah – How did you-

Michelle – A few weeks ago I was driving home, I saw Aries and Trey going into his house. I just assumed it was something romantic. Mainly because Vanessa and I had talked days before that and I knew she and Quinn were leaving for a week.

Jarrah – Ha….. well yeah… but its a secret.. so-

Michelle – I figured as much.

That’s funny, and also not funny. I should tell Trey to be real careful, never know who might see him and Aries. Though I guess right now isn’t the time considering everything he’s going through at the moment.

Michelle – I hear Keegan is doing well. I was talking to Kaitlyn earlier and she said he’s in great spirits.

Jarrah – Yeah he’s showing signs of his former happier self.

Michelle – Glad he’s okay.

Jarrah – Are you?

Michelle – What?

Jarrah – Are you okay?

Michelle – I’m fine Jarrah.

Jarrah – No you’re not….. don’t lie mom….

Michelle – I’m upset but… gotta keep moving forward…

Jarrah – You know its okay for you to be upset right? to just… let things out.

Michelle – I tend to not be able to let things go…

Jarrah – Ah.. so that’s where I get that from.

Michelle – You are my daughter.

Jarrah – ….Do you want to talk about it?

Michelle – About what?- The bar?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Michelle – Umm… no not really. I wouldn’t really know how to put it into words to be honest.

Jarrah – I see…

Michelle – That bar was my baby.. it was my business

Jarrah – I understand.

Michelle – Its too late to start new.. I’m getting old..

Jarrah – Its never too late.

Michelle – I love your optimism…

Jarrah – *smiles*

Michelle – You get it from your dad.

Jarrah – How come you or dad didn’t ask cousin Sebastian to help save the bar?

Michelle – You know we like to do things ourselves.

Jarrah – True… but you know he would have helped. He and dad are close.

Michelle – True….. *sigh*

Jarrah – What?

Michelle – Feel like a failure..

Jarrah – Mom… you’re not.. stuff just happens. Its a different economy, different generation of people.. It-

Michelle – Yeah I know.. but It just sucks. I never wanted to put all the work on Josh.

Jarrah – Dad will be okay, over the years he’s shown alot of resourcefulness. Plus you have Micah and I.

Michelle – Yeah but I never wanted to depend on you kids….

Jarrah – You and dad took care of us. Raised and loved us. Taking care of you guys is the least we could do. Its our turn.

Michelle – Yeah but money is tight for everyone.

Jarrah – Maybe not… I have this job opportunity.. the paycheck is big. I just haven’t decided to take it yet…

Michelle – What’s stopping you?

Jarrah – My studies… my friends.. I’d have to leave G.C.U. for a month. School is very important to me. If I take this opportunity with Victoria in France, I’ll fall behind.

Michelle – Well G.C.U. isn’t going anywhere. I say this as your mother who wants you to get your dream job and career. Go to France for the experience. Don’t even worry about the paycheck and help us.. this is about expanding your knowledge in the field you want to be part of.

Jarrah – …… I guess..

Michelle – Its one month… that’s it.

Jarrah – Yeah…

Michelle – I’ll be right back, gonna see if they’re ready for dessert.

Jarrah – Okay.

Mom is right… its one month.. not one year. School will be there… I’ll have to catch up but school will be there. This is what I want for myself, for my life, my career… for my family. Even though she made it about me, I’m making it about my love ones. I’d love to have a career where I could just buy my parents a house, and they could retire. Only way to get there is to work hard. So That’s that I plan on doing. This is my time… and I’m going to make the most of it.

Jarrah – Hello?

Victoria (On Phone) – Victoria Grace.

Jarrah – Hi, Its Jarrah?

Victoria – Oh Hi.

Jarrah – You told me to call you when I decided on the France thing.

Victoria – I did. Did you come to a decision?

Jarrah – Mmm hmm.

Victoria – And what might that be?

Jarrah – I’m in.

Victoria – Fabulous!

Jarrah – I think it would be great for many different reasons.

Victoria – As do I…. as do I. Also I can finally tell L.C. That you’re coming. She kept trying to get me to convince you to join us.

Jarrah – L.C.?

Victoria – Lola Collin? The-

Jarrah – Oh Lola, duh… well she’s nice.. she and I will probably have a blast- NOT that its all play.. I plan on being very professional and working hard.

Victoria – Well.. its not all work.. we let our hair down and we do have some fun..

Jarrah – That’s good to know.

Victoria – Well alrighty I’m excited!

Jarrah – So am I.

Excited.. and nervous.

Victoria – I’ll see you at work tomorrow, and we’ll discuss more of what your role will be on the trip.

Jarrah – Okay.

Victoria – Have a goodnight dear!

Jarrah – You too!

Victoria – Ciao!

Jarrah – Goodnight.

I’m….. going………….to France. To work on a fashion show. Yeah… pinch me… because I must be dreaming.

~*End of Chapter Six*~


  Okay so *NEWSFLASH* Originally I was going to post DESTINY which is a special ( Its pretty much Jeep,Rubi, Bryce’s mini movie in story form) I thought it would be cute, and something extra to do before The Season Finale(s) of BoysNGirls However I have now decided to NOT post it because its a distraction from the main story. I will be posting it at a later date though. Probably before Season Two starts. This way I can focus on the AMAZING season finale (2 parts) because I’m super excited to post those :)

So Officially up next is BoysNGirls Season Finale Part One Yay STAY TUNED!!!  



  1. Hurray for another great segment of my favorite story :D. Darrel is so saved……..NOT lol. He’s not fooling anybody with that act. I hope Portia wakes up and realizes she needs to move on. I feel sad for Trey and the way things turned out because the man of his dreams, the mysterious Aries is finally his but now he has to hide it from everybody. It was a really ugly fight they had! I kinda like Nick so maybe he should take a chance with him? Ewww I can’t believe Kris showed up in this one XD. That little playa. Actually now he’s a big playa I guess lol. I do like Jules though. She seems really cool and I hope to see more of her. I hope she makes it in the house! Lastly, Jarrah is right to get all hot around Keegan because he’s so darn cool lol. They need to hook up again :p. Don’t tell Kaori I said that 😀

    1. Thanks so much for always supporting my stories and page/blog.

      Also I must say it makes me smile a little that you remember Kris lol. He’s shady but he left a lasting impression haha. Darell is ridiculous and as much as I love to hate him… writing someone that evil is fun to write. Portia needs to get her shit together lol…. though like Trey said.. maybe she isn’t as innocent as she seems. It would appear that she does hold the job with her mother over Darell’s head. A little bit a manipulation on her part perhaps.

      Aries + Trey = ???
      Nick + Trey = ???

      Who’s it gonna be? ………You’ll find out.. actually.. in the Finale(s) you find out ALOT of things including which girl is the object of Keegan’s Affection.. Frankie… or Jarrah? Speaking of girls…. Jules…….. Its Jules vs Paisley vs Elena…… one of them will get Rubi’s spot.. but find solace in this… all 3 of them are important in Season Two of BnG.. so not getting in the Sorority doesn’t mean anything. You will see LOTS of Jules, Paisley, and Elena… 🙂

      I actually introduced a few characters that are going to be showing up in season two alot more. Jules, Elena, Chace… plus theirs more that I havent shown… but I won’t speak too much on that because Season One Isn’t over with yet… We still have DESTINY the Special which is the little movie Jeep,Rubi, and Bryce worked on. THEN we have the 2 part finale.

      Anyway thanks again for the support!…Oh and yes……..Keegan………….Is………………Hot. LOL

    2. So in my original reply i said that DESTINY was coming before The Season Finale(s) Changed my mind. I posted above (after this update ended) as to why 🙂 If you don’t feel like scrolling up to read why I’ll just add it here :

      ” ♥ Okay so *NEWSFLASH* Originally I was going to post DESTINY which is a special ( Its pretty much Jeep,Rubi, Bryce’s mini movie in story form) I thought it would be cute, and something extra to do before The Season Finale(s) of BoysNGirls However I have now decided to NOT post it because its a distraction from the main story. I will be posting it at a later date though. Probably before Season Two starts. This way I can focus on the AMAZING season finale (2 parts) because I’m super excited to post those
      So Officially up next is BoysNGirls Season Finale Part One Yay STAY TUNED!!! ♥ “

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