BoysNGirls : Chapter Six | Pt. 2 “Knowledge Is Power”

Chapter Six | Pt. 2 “Knowledge Is Power”

-POV’s : Keegan & Jeep

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Keegan)

My handlers are currently protecting the president of the united states…. All jokes aside I do feel like an infant lately. My parents constantly watching over me, its annoying as fuck. Finally I snapped and told them that they’re driving me crazy. So we agreed… I can have some time alone. I’m not going to do drugs, or drink. I’m fine.. see? I’m just sitting here chillaxing with Hercules aka best dog in the world.

Incase you’re wondering what I’ve been up to all day.. well lets see. I woke up, had breakfast. Played with Hercules for a while. Watched a couple of episode of Californication that I had on my DVR. Jerked off  twice and then finally had lunch. Now I’m just sitting here….. doing absolutely nothing. This is just… Fuck this fucking sucks. I mean part of the deal was that they gave me space today, but I couldn’t leave the house unless it was for class…. I have no classes today so…. yeah…

So umm.. Something I wanted to comment on. Jeep got attacked, and ended up int he hospital. Of course nobody told me until yesterday. I get why they didn’t say anything though. They assumed I had enough to deal with…. I would have went to that dorm and knocked on every door until I got some answers on this bag of dicks that attacked my bestfriend… and I know-


Keegan – Ah thank godzilla.. a visitor..  I was going to go insane.

Keegan – Kaori……. Hi…… How are you?

Kaori – I’m okay- I’m actually better than okay but-

Keegan – What- what brings you here? Did my parents send you to check on me?

Kaori – No- no.. 

Awkward… I haven’t exactly had a talk with everyone about when I attacked them. Its almost like they’re giving me a free pass because I’m…. well because I was on stuff. I don’t think that’s fair to anyone. I do actually want to tell everyone how I feel… how sorry I am. Hmm…. She looks at me differently now. I mean there could be plenty of reasons for that but.. yeah…

Keegan – I’m sorry for everything Kay’

Kaori – ………………..I know.

Keegan – I saw on facebook that you and your parents made up.

Kaori – We did.. everything is better.

Keegan – Good.

Kaori – So umm..

Keegan – Yeah?

Kaori – I came here because I thought one of your mom’s would be here…

Keegan – They decided to give me space.. though part of the deal is that I can’t leave the house-

Kaori – Oh… okay…. dammit.

Keegan – Could I help in any way?

Kaori – Remember a like a year ago… your moms wanted to adopt a girl?

Keegan – They didn’t want a baby though.. They wanted-

Kaori – Like a toddler or kid or-

Keegan – Right… why are you pregnant or something? *laugh*

Kaori – ………………….

Keegan – Sorry…. stupid joke… *clears throat* Yeah.. they did… why do you ask?

Kaori – Last night I was at the park.. just thinking about things. I- Long story short, this woman was being a real cuntbag to her daughter. I walked over and talked to them. The girl was dirty and starving. The mother ran off- after I gave her money for food. She left the little girl with me. I waited in that park for three hours. She never came back-

Keegan – She left her daughter with you, and never came back? What the fuck?

Kaori – Right… so I didn’t know what else to do. The little girl didn’t want to go into the foster care system, and I- Well I took her home to my Dad and Victoria.

Keegan – Are you going to- wow… umm… so no police involvement I’d assume…

Kaori – Yeah… I don’t know what to do.. 

Keegan – I’ll have my parents call you…

Kaori – Thanks… I just figured if your mom’s could adopt her then this could be fixed. I feel so bad for the little thing. Though its kinda funny… she’s very tough. She doesn’t seem to be rattled at all about it. Its like she’s happy her mother left her.

Keegan – I see

Kaori – Her mother was clearly a druggy- addict- Umm… Sorry… I-

Keegan – Its okay…. I’m not an addict….

Kaori – ….

Keegan – I’m doing way better. See? *Smiles*

Kaori – ………Okay.

Wow… tough crowd… why is she being so… ugh.

Keegan – Do you hate me or something?

Kaori – What?

Keegan – You’re being weird… and looking at me differently… and I know I-

Kaori – Not everything is about you, and you’re damn right I’m looking at you differently… I spent way too much time being in love with you, only to realize you were playing hide the pickle with someone else. So I’m done, I’m not in love with you anymore. 

Keegan – So you see me as a friend now.

Kaori – ………If that.

Keegan – Are you fucking serious?

Kaori – …………

Keegan – I fucked up, but don’t come in here acting like you can just dismiss years of friendship.

Kaori – Were we even friends though? How do I know that it wasn’t just my infatuation, and love for you that kept me around?

Keegan – Really? Are you shitting me? We had alot of things between us. We have the most in common out of our group. I’ve come to you for advice and vice versa. I can’t believe you’re being such a-

Kaori – Such a what?

Keegan – Bitch. You’re being a bitch.

Kaori – Maybe I am…  So fucking what? as if you don’t deserve it!

Keegan – Is it because I was a dick to everyone and haven’t really apologized to you all like I want to?

Kaori – It-

Keegan – Or is it because you found out that Its not you…. is that why you’re being so mean?

Kaori – …………..I don’t really care anymore. I just- I just needed your mom’s help. That’s all.

Keegan – You know what Kaori? I’m not gonna have you in here being a bitch to me. If you don’t want to be my friend anymore just fucking say that. You can’t treat me like you do those other guys, I’m not playing into that bullshit. I’m fucking sorry for everything, I wasn’t in my right mind. Do we have to hug and play videogames like nothing happened? No! That’s not realistic, but atleast look me in the eyes and accept my willingness to apologize!

Kaori – You’re being so fucking dramatic! Goodness… like stop acting like a little bitch.

Keegan – .Heh……Alright…….Fine…. I’m done.. Just… just go..

Kaori – Why did you have to take it there?! I wasn’t even trying to fight….

Keegan – Cause you’re being a bitch! Like what is it? do you care about me anymore or what? Just because I can’t be your boyfriend… I can’t be anything to you? is that what you’re saying?

Kaori – NO!… I………….Of course I do, of course I care. I just- ugh, I so don’t want to get into this shit right now. You don’t get to talk to me like that! You’re the lying asshole. You’re the one who fucked up! not me! You get the punishment..

Keegan – YES… I KNOW! I deserve to be punished.. but let me ask you something. Are you punishing me for the bad shit I did and said, or are you punishing me because I don’t love you the way you love me? because if its the latter… that’s fucked up…. and you know it.

Kaori – ………Get over yourself.

Keegan – ……..I’ll take that retort… and raise you this one…… I do love you Kaori… You’re a good friend to me… I don’t want to fight with you, like you’re some person who doesn’t mean shit to me.

Kaori – ……….

Keegan – Fine, don’t say anything… You’re stubborn.. I’m not gonna waste my breath.

Kaori – Have a good day or whatever the fuck.

Keegan – Yeah… thanks for stopping by…..*rolls eyes*

Kaori – ……………*sigh*

Keegan – Even though you’re treating me like shit.. I’m still gonna call my parents and let them know the situation…

Kaori – …………

Keegan – Bye.

Kaori – ….Bye *sigh*

Fucking shit… What the fuck just happened? I know I deserve to be slapped, or even cursed out- but she really just hates me now?. Its not fair, its like she hates me because I told her that I don’t love her the way she loves me….. I need to work off this aggression. I’m so pissed off. She can be so stubborn and- well I’m the same way! so we just butt heads and it goes nowhere. Its fucking stressful.. I need to calm down. I’d call Jeep but he doesn’t seem to be answering his fucking phone.Yeah…… I should probably go do some cardio or something before I punch a wall. What a lovely fucking day… wouldn’t you say?

(POV Jeep)

Excuse me guys… I’m trying to pay attention to Aries…

Aries – You understand what I’m saying right?

Jeep – Yeah… I’m sorry… I thought things would be fine now…

Aries – Yeah I did too.. but he- I feel like I can’t give him what he wants… Like I’m not enough since its all still a secret.

Jeep – I know Trey and he-

Aries – Shit- Rubi’s here…

Rubi – …… nerds….

Okay… Sorry about that. Aries was keeping me company while I waited for Rubi and Bryce to get here. We’re going to look at the film and see if we want to edit anything or re-shoot something. Poor Aries… he seems to think he’s not enough for Trey. That maybe Trey deserves someone who’s brave enough to come out of the closet. I think things take time, and that this is all new for him. Its not like he can become a gay icon over night- Gay Icon? no… I don’t think that’s what I was going for. Ummm well I can’t find the words but you know what I mean… I hope.

Aries – I’ll call you later-

Jeep – I’ll call you… I can’t seem to find my phone… which sucks.

Aries – Where did you have it last?

Jeep – I don’t know…

Aries – Well alright.. have fun working with her…

Jeep – Ha Ha Very funny…

Aries – Gonna get to work.

Jeep – Work? since when?

Aries – Yeah….I work at a dog shelter now? I thought I told you?

Jeep – Nope, but that’s cool!

Aries – Yeah I love animals! Anyway Talk to you later dude.

Jeep – Alrighty… have fun at work!

Aries – What am I gonna do…. hmm Can’t think about this now..

As you know.. the last time Rubi and I had words it wasn’t pretty… I was pretty mean to her.. not saying she didn’t deserve it. I guess I’m past it now though. Jarrah told me about everything that happened at the sorority house, and I feel bad. Weird right? She sleeps with Portia’s boyfriend, and I feel bad for her…

Jeep – …….. Are you okay?

Rubi – Why do you even care?

Jeep – I know I said some harsh things, but- Well to be honest, you’ve always been mean to me Rubi. I just got tired of your crap.

Rubi – Okay.. whatever.. you had your moment in the sun. Cool.

Jeep – Why are you being so tough? I’m sitting here trying to be a… a friend.

Rubi – You? and me? Friends?………………………….what the fuck… no… that’s just weird.

Jeep – We’re not so different…

Rubi – You’re my rival.. we’re always in competition… I think I’m better, you think you’re better. That’s how this works.

Jeep – Says who?

Rubi – It just makes sense that way.

Jeep – You’re better at certain things, and I’m better at certain things. We could actually help each other…

Rubi – Whatever.. you think I’m spoiled, you think I’m bad at it…

Jeep – I was angry… you’re not bad at it… you’re very spoiled though- but I feel like you know this…

Rubi – I am spoiled.. I’m the baby, I’m the girl… of course my dad treats me a certain way.

Jeep – You have brothers right?

Rubi – Yeah they’re twins.. one I love, the other I hate. He treats me like shit…. because his ex girlfriend had a miscarriage and then he left her. He has his issues…  I think he’s jealous that I’m here thriving at G.C.U. and he’s stuck at home dealing with his problems…

Jeep – Your other brother is supportive of your career choices?

Rubi – Yeah.. he’s the nice twin..

Jeep – … Why do you want to be a director?

Rubi – I want to be a director, producer, and writer. I want to oversee everything. Its my passion! Its not even because my dad is Gabe Espinoza. His movies, are his movies. I want to make my own…. and I know I can.

Jeep – See… we have that in common.. we both want to write, produce, and direct in one way or another. We have different inspirations but.. at the end of the day its what we love right?

Rubi – Sure.

Jeep – So why do we have to fight? isn’t their enough drama in our lives?

Rubi – I guess…. I mean I heard you got your ass kicked by some guy. I can’t believe you got mugged in your own dormroom.

Jeep – He caught me off guard… and he was huge… like a freakin’ sumo.

Rubi – …….Your nose seems to be healing.

Jeep – Yeah…. Speaking of shitting situations…

Rubi – Right.. your cousin is Jarrah… so you know-

Jeep – Have they voted yet?

Rubi – ……

Jeep – Sorry… Its none of my business I guess….

Rubi – ……

Jeep – Sorry I asked….

Rubi – Fuck it.. … The vote was 3 to 4….

Jeep – ……So you-

Rubi – I’m kicked out of the Sorority House……

Jeep – Jarrah said she was trying to get people to keep-

Rubi – Well it didn’t work… Spirit, Portia, and Jarrah voted to give me another chance. Tyena, Joanna, Amina, and Mahlia all voted to kick me out and replace me with a new girl.

Wow… Portia actually wanted to keep her? that’s big of her…

Jeep – I’m-

Rubi – I don’t need your pity!

Jeep – I-

Rubi – Sorry………. Its just.. why is it that I’m getting the shit end of the stick here?!

Jeep – I’m sorry Rubi…. I-

Rubi – *crying* Those bitches never liked me! even before all of this happened! of course Mahlia and Tyena would agree to get rid of me with Amina. Then Joanna and I got into a fist fight so.. that’s obvious. Its not fair!

Jeep – ……..Yeah….. I just thought you’d get a 2nd chance…

Rubi – Darell and Portia are still together. She took him back, he never loved me like he said he did!……………… Portia and Him are together like nothing happened, and I’m the one kicked out on my ass. What am I gonna do?!

Jeep – You’re gonna have to move into the dorms….

Rubi – I hate those dorms!

Jeep – …….

Rubi – Now I’m going to have to lie to my parents, and brothers. Say I left the Sorority so that they don’t think I’m a loser. This is the worse thing that could have ever happened to me!

Jeep – Its not!

Rubi – It is! *crying* I loved Darell, he said we’d be together forever…

Jeep – He was just being a dick!

Rubi – But I loved him….. *crying*

Jeep – …..

Rubi – I never felt pretty until he told me I was…

Jeep – I know what its like to hate yourself… trust me I do-

Rubi – You have no idea how I feel. I never had sisters… and the sisters I thought I had just voted me out the house.

Jeep – …Think of it this way.. Its a new start for you! you will get into the dorm, get a new roommate! maybe meet your new bestfriend. Hell you may even meet an amazing guy.

Rubi – Its great that you want to think optimisticly, but I have to deal with reality, and the reality of it all is that I have to move my shit from the Sorority to a Hotel until I get my dorm room assigned to me.

I didn’t really know what to say… On one hand I felt like she was a victim, but then on the other hand I felt like she deserved all of this. She should have never been so mean to the girls, she should have never been with Darell behind Portia’s back. This was all so dramatic and messy, I’m glad I’m not involved in any of it.

Jeep – Lets just work on the movie, take it all one day at a time…

Rubi – Thank you for being nice, even though I’ve been a major cunt to you. I’m not feeling good… I’m going to go to my hotel room and sleep. You can edit the movie without me.

Jeep – Are you sure?

Rubi – Yeah.. I don’t even care anymore. Besides… seeing Spirit in it will just make me sad…

Jeep – Alright… well do you want a hug or-

Rubi – Don’t push it Jonah……………

Jeep – I’m sorry…

Rubi – I’m going to be fine.. I’m not gonna let these hatin’ ass bitches stop my shine… the next time you see me… I’ll be running this shit.

Whatever that means.

Jeep – Cool….

Rubi – This is the beginning of my REBIRTH!

Sure Rubi is talking like she’s Jean Grey rising from the phoenix ashes, but when you think about something she said earlier, its true. Portia took Darell back, and in a sense he’s lost nothing. He still has the frathouse, and his friends. He still has Portia, and he still will end up with that job Portia’s mom promised him. Portia lost a roommate…. but that’s all. Rubi lost the guy she loved, her sisterhood, her place to stay, and the respect of her peers. This all feels so messed up, and trust me….. Me of all people.. I have my feelings about Rubi, but she doesn’t deserve this. I guess she better make the most of this fresh start….

Bryce – Sorry I’m late!

Rubi – ………..

Bryce – Are you okay Rubi?

Rubi – I’m fine.. just… talk to Jonah…

Bryce – ………Where are you going?

Rubi – Talk to Jonah………

Jeep – Where were you?

Bryce – Didn’t you get my text? My sister and I were having lunch with our Mom.

Funfact : Bryce’s sister is Bianca… Kaori’s roommate. In case you guys didn’t know.. I mean how could you not, they look so much alike…

Jeep – I lost my phone, so no I didn’t get your text- or anyone’s text for that matter….

Bryce – Sorry.. our mom surprised us.

Jeep – Its okay. Did you have a good time?

Bryce – Oh yeah.. mom wanted to set Bianca up with some waiter, and I read some of my poetry to mom. Overall I’d say it was a good time.

Jeep – Cool *smiles* Well Rubi’s not feeling well so its going to be you and I watching the movie, and making edits.

Bryce – Umm.. okay… is she going to be alright?

Jeep – Yeah… she’ll be okay.

At least I hope so…

(POV Keegan)

Keegan – 501 – 502 – 503 –

Just kidding… I’ve only done 200 something of these. I feel like I’ve been working out all afternoon. The good thing is.. My body looks sick, the bad news? well it didn’t distract me from my fight with Kaori from earlier. I really feel like I’ve been so focused on not doing any drugs, and not drinking any alcohol that I haven’t spoken to Frankie, Jarrah, Trey, Jeep, and Kaori like I REALLY want to. 

I want to give them all a real honest conversation. I want them to know that its not okay what I said to them, and that I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any of it, I just felt attacked- and I know what you’re thinking. “Keegan you sound like a broken record” Well you try fucking over your friends, and then having them give you a free pass on it. It doesn’t feel good. Ugh… everyone is so busy with their lives… and I’m stuck here. I need to get my shit together a-sap.

Keegan – *Breathing Heavy* That workout was intense… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I feel like I need a nice shower, and then massage. Wonder if my parents would let me go to the lucky dragon. Probably a good thing that Kaori doesn’t work there anymore… those bitches were shady anyway. Giving handjobs and shit… so gross. Can you imagine how many dicks those girls hands have seen? I mean its fucking gross when you think about it. 

I should probably stop talking about this stuff.. I’m horny as hell. Where’s Morgan when you need her…. All jokes aside, she was a really cool girl. We’ve been keeping in touch too. Talking on facebook, and stuff. She seems to be adjusting well to being back home she says. I hope one day we meet again, if not anything else she’ll always be a friend of mine.

Keegan – *stretches* This floor is pretty fucking clean… hmm Though this shit under the fishtank- What the fuck?

Keegan – Fuck……Pills………. I must have missed these when I was throwing everything out.

Flush them down the toilet Keegan…..

Keegan – ……….

You don’t need these, you’re fine. You’ve been doing great.

Keegan – Not many left in here….

I should take one.. it will be like my last goodbye to them. You forgot these on purpose.. so you could have an emergency pill- No! no… I need to flush them…. fuck…

Keegan – Hmm…

If I take one, then flush the rest… that’s a win win- wait no what the fuck am I talking about? Fuck…

Keegan – One wouldn’t hurt anything.. I’d feel less stressed… and my arm-

Really Keegan? you know damn well your arm is fine… stop convincing yourself that you need them… Oh man… fuck.. I thought I- I need to call my dad…

I called my dad’s cellphone but he didn’t pick up… so I was forced to call his office..

Woman – Bennett|Hall Modeling Agency, how can I direct your call?

Keegan – Hi can I speak with Mr Bennett?

Woman (On Phone) – Umm he’s in a meeting right now who’s-

Keegan – Its his son Keegan- its an emergency.. please- just get my dad… please.

Woman – Umm.. okay hold on.

Hang up the phone and just take a pill Keegan.. you’ll feel better.

Keegan – SHUT UP!

Woman – Excuse me?

Keegan – Not you- I’m sorry!

Woman – I’m connecting you to your father, Just a second.

Keegan – Alright….. fuck….

Issac  (On Phone) – Keegan?……….Are you okay?

Keegan – I was fine dad, and I went upstairs to workout-

Issac – Is it your arm? did you break or hurt something?

Keegan – No no, I was working out, and I laid down on the floor. Under the fishtank was a bottle of pills. I thought we cleaned up everything.. how did we miss that?

Issac – I don’t know, I thought we got everything out the house-

Keegan – I wanna take one dad…. I thought I was okay, but I’m not… I need help…

Issac – Don’t take any pills Keegan you’re better than that!

Keegan – I really want to dad! I’m such a fuck up! whats wrong with me? why am I like this?

Issac – You go downstairs and leave those pills up there, don’t touch them please!

Keegan – Can you-

Issac – I can leave- but by the time I get there- I- I’ll send someone.. just don’t touch them… okay?

Keegan – I’ll try..

Issac – Promise me?

Keegan – ……..

Issac – KEEGAN?!

Keegan – I can’t dad… I can’t promise you…

Issac – Oh fuck.. umm just stay strong, someone will be there!

Keegan – Okay…

Issac – Son I love you…. okay? You have so many people that love you…

Keegan – …I’ve messed up my friendships…

Issac – No…. you haven’t.. everyone still cares about you… now go downstairs and be strong.

Keegan – Okay… *Hangs Up*

Keegan – Shit shit shit shit shit…. fuck…. fuck fuck! DAMMIT!

Nobody expects you to be clean Keegan.. just take the pills…

Keegan – Shut up…

You will feel better…. everyone hates you anyway… they expect you to relapse…

Keegan – Shut up shut up shut the FUCK up!

Oh my god… I thought I was fine, I thought I could could handle this…. I can’t- I can’t do this.. I’m gonna end up taking one- or two.. I can’t I can’t be up here.. I- *breathing heavy*

Keegan – Don’t have a panic attack… calm down… You were fine.. you saw the bottle and you- uh… umm.. you don’t need it… you don’t need it.. I don’t need it… I don’t need to take them…

Oh fuck please somebody get here! I feel like I’m going to do something wrong.. I need someone here… I’m not okay… I thought I was… I’m not… Fuck I hope someone gets here quick….. I can’t be alone with them..

(POV Jeep)

After going over the film with Bryce, we went to get food. Then I took my butt to class. Now I’m in here………… looking for my phone. Still can’t find it.

Jeep – GOD! HELP ME! Give me a sign! where is my phone?!

Female Voice – Knock Knock?

Jeep – Come in!

Spirit – Hi

Jeep – Hey! I was just thinking about you.

Spirit – You were?

Jeep – Yeah- Wow! I love the new haircut! Looks awesome!

Spirit – Thank’s Jonah….

Jeep – Excuse me for being all sweaty… its hot in here, and I’ve been looking for my phone for the past 20 minutes.

Spirit – Its okay.. boys are sweaty sometimes.. Its no big deal.

Jeep – Bryce and I went over the film today, it turned out great. We’re going to have a showing for our friends, you can come and invite whomever you want obviously.

Spirit – Cool, sounds like a plan.

Jeep – Speaking of which…. Rubi said she was voted out?

Spirit – She was… and I could have easily said “No she Stays” but the thing about that is…. Its a sisterhood. I have to go with what the girls want. I think Jarrah was right, that Rubi deserves another chance…. but I guess her second chance will be a fresh start in the dorms…

Jeep – True…

Spirit – Yeah… So I’m currently looking at 3 possible replacements- Official Sorority Business…. but that’s not what I’m here to talk about

Jeep – What’s up?

Spirit – I wanted to talk to you about something.

Jeep – Okay. Sure, whatever you want to talk about- you know I’m all ears……….and nose… I have a big nose…

Spirit – Your nose is fine Jonah.

Jeep – If you say so.

Spirit – It is.. its what makes you, you.

Jeep – Well this bandage is bringing attention to it.. so yeah.. that’s great.

Spirit – Speaking of bandage..

Jeep – Yeah? what is it peeling off? dammit-

Spirit – Jonah.. shut up.. I’m trying to talk to you…

Jeep – Sorry.. I’ve been told I can talk too much sometimes – You look pretty today by the way.

Spirit – Thanks… you look… as cute as ever….

Jeep – Awww shucks.. I bet you tell that to all the girls!.

Spirit – *laugh* You know it..

Jeep – *laugh* Hey how would I look with tattoos? I want to get like sleeves over the break.. you think it would hurt?

Spirit – I don’t know… but I think you’d look cool…

Jeep – Yeah… I’m definitely going to get tattoo’s…

Spirit – Maybe I’ll get one too.. I always wanted one… where only someone special could see…

Jeep – Oh?

Spirit – You’ve made us get off subject.

Jeep – What was the subject?- Oh you said something about my bandage?

Spirit – I was getting to that..

Jeep – Okay.. lips are sealed.. The floor is yours.

Spirit – Before we started to get closer… I asked Jarrah to put in a good word with Keegan for me.

Of course… 

Jeep – Okay, cool.. did you want me to help?

Because I’d obviously never stand a chance with a girl like you. I’m pretty stoked that we’re friends though.

Spirit – I don’t like Keegan.. and It took me getting to know you to realize that.

Jeep – But Keegan’s so awesome!

Spirit – Jonah… stop talking *laugh*

Jeep – Sorry *laugh*

Spirit – I got to know you, and realized that Keegan’s not the kinda guy- Look… Do you remember when I stayed with you at the hospital?

Jeep – Yeah… you were kinda weird that night to be honest…

Spirit – I was weird because… You called me your friend.

Jeep – You are my friend.

Spirit – I don’t want to be your friend…

Jeep – Why not?!

Spirit – Why are you so oblivious to this?

Jeep – To what?

Spirit – To the fact that I like you… alot.. more than friends type like.

Jeep – You?

Spirit – Yes?

Jeep – You like ME?!

Spirit – YES JONAH… why is that so hard to believe?

Jeep – I- umm… I just thought you wanted to be my friend..

Spirit – I want to be your friend.. and more…

Jeep – I just assumed a girl that liked what I liked, and talked to me like I was a normal cool guy couldn’t possibly want anything more than a friendship- Hell I was even confused about that.

Spirit – I think you’re awesome.. I can’t really put it into words…

Jeep – I don’t understand why you like me

Spirit – Do you like me?

Jeep – Yeah.. I like you alot.

Spirit – More than friends?

Jeep – Of course… I just didn’t know you felt- Oooooooh so that’s why you were annoyed with me at the hospital. You thought I was putting you in the friendzone!

Spirit – ….. Yes, and I-

Jeep – Hmmm so that’s what that feels like. Man all these years for being put in the friendzone I never-

Spirit – Shut up Jonah.


Why was I so blind to this? Wow…. all this time, she liked me. I mean obviously I like her too, but I didn’t have a clue that a girl like her would find me appealing in that way. I just got it out of my mind right when we first started talking. I told myself, not a chance in hell. Just be friendly and keep it simple so you don’t get rejected. Remember how things went with Kaori, then how things went with Christine.. so.. I just didn’t even fathom the thought of this being a possibility. Clearly I was wrong. This is freakin’ awesome! Yay Me!

As for what she said about Keegan. Wow… did a girl just pick Me over Him? Like that’s never happened before… This is clearly the twilight zone. That or Spirit is just insane- No no I should give myself more credit… I can be pretty awesome. Lets take a look at the scoreboard. Keegan : 50+… or whatever.. I don’t know.. and Jonahbear aka me! : 1. I’m on the board baby! Awesome day to say the least… now If only I could find my phone..

(POV Keegan)

Obviously I’m important to this story so I’m not dead…………… but………….. I want to be….. I’ve been making mistakes all of my life. I’m stick of it.. I’m sick of being the sad fucker that everyone has in their lives.

Hercules : WOOF!

Trey – The pills…. oh my god…

Frankie – Keegan?

Trey – Is he-

Frankie – Keegan!

Trey – Oh my god Frankie is he dead?!

Frankie – Stop saying that!

Keegan – I’m not dead………

Frankie – How many pills did you take?

Keegan – *Confused* Where- wheres my dad?

Trey – Keegan… what happened?

Keegan – Why- umm.. where- *coughing*

I don’t remember the last 15 minutes…

Frankie – How many did you take?!

Keegan – I don’t-

Trey – Lets get him off the floor.

Frankie – Help me pick him up…. he’s heavy- and sweaty.

Trey – Okay.. umm alright…

Frankie – Trey! get it together!

Trey – Sorry I’m just freaked out!

Frankie – He’s going to be okay, just help me.

Keegan – Just leave me here…

Trey – No! we’re not just leaving you!

Frankie – Stop being a fucking baby- and get up! Get up right now Keegan!

Finally I got up, and moved to the chair…. after Frankie threaten to punch me a few times…

Frankie – ….. Did you take any pills?

Keegan – ………..

Trey – We can’t help if we don’t know what happened!

Keegan – You should have left me laying there…

Frankie – Keegan I’m only gonna ask one more time… what-

Keegan – I came downstairs…. but I brought the pills with me. I thought I was gonna take them. Then I started feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was having a heart attack  I guess it was a panic- or anxiety attack?

Trey – Okay….. so you didn’t take anything?

Keegan – No.. but I wanted to- I still want to…

Frankie – How- you were on the floor so you-

Keegan – I passed out.

Trey – Can panic attacks even cause blackouts?

Frankie – I read an article a while ago that lead researchers to believe that anxiety, and or panic attacks can cause some people to lose consciousness.

Trey – So you really didn’t take any?

Keegan – Stop asking me that Trey. I didn’t……

Trey – I…. I just-

Frankie – The bottle was open… So I guess its a valid question.

Keegan – You’re right… Sorry Trey- Sorry to both of you…

Frankie – …… Its okay.

Keegan – I opened it.. but I didn’t take any. I sat down on the floor and that’s when I passed out I guess.

Trey – You know we love you right? That’s why-

Keegan – I know I know… I love and appreciate you guys more than you know….

Frankie – Trey and I were having lunch, and your dad called us to see if we could get here fast enough. Kaori is on her way…

Trey – Jarrah too.

Keegan – ……..I’m so embarrassed. I’ve just been such a fuck up lately.

Trey – Its okay, you-

Keegan – Its not okay! I just wish you guys would yell at me, or make it harder!

Frankie – You only want that because you don’t forgive yourself. We’re not gonna beat up on you when you’re already down.

Trey – Yeah.. we’ll punch you when you’re on top of the world…

Keegan – Promise?

Trey – Pinky Swear.

Frankie – We can only help you… if you’re honest…. what do you want Keegan?

Keegan – I want help.

It was the first time I ever admitted that to myself and really meant it. I knew that I had to stop pretending to be the invincible guy everyone thought I was.

Scott – …………

Trey – Come here…..

Keegan – *Hugs Trey*

Trey – I love you Keegan… I need you to get better.

Frankie – *smiles*

Keegan – I’m sorry, I’m crying, and all sweaty…

Trey – Its fine, you’re actually not that sweaty..

Frankie – …..We’re going to get you healthy Keegan. You’ll be okay… I know it. Everyone is here to support you…

Trey – You have so many friends, and-

Scott – You have me too….

Frankie – Scott?

Scott – You were on your lunch break, when Issac called me.

Frankie – Oh, okay.

Trey – ………..

Keegan – …… Scott….. what are you-

Scott – Listen… whether you like it or not… I’m not going anywhere and I’m gonna wanna protect you, and make sure you’re okay. I know you hate me… but I love you, and I consider you my son….

Keegan – *Hugs Scott*

Scott – *surprised* Um- Oh?

Keegan – I’m….. I’m sorry Scott. I’ve been such a dick to you…

Scott – Its okay Keegan… Its okay…

Keegan – Its not….

Scott – I know why you hate me…. but we can work passed it.

Keegan – I don’t hate you….

Frankie – …………*Watches Keegan & Scott*

Trey – Don’t worry Frankie… he’s going to be okay.

Frankie – I know… I just…. seeing him and Scott hug… its-

Trey – Weird…

Frankie – That, and the fact that they are putting everything aside for something real.. like it makes me think about Mira…

Trey – Your mother is the one missing out Frankie.. it has nothing to do with you.

Frankie – Its stupid… but yeah.. Anyway.. This is not about me..

Trey – Where’s Kaori?

Frankie – I don’t know.. her and Jarrah should have been here by now.

Scott – Your father and I have been talking.. he think’s he knows a way to help you that doesn’t require rehab or anything… Are you open to that?

Keegan – …………………Yeah….

I don’t really have much to say right now…. sorry… I’m just out of it.

(POV Jeep)

After we kissed….. we kissed more. Then I realized I still needed to find my phone. So she decided to help me look.

Spirit – Hey?

Jeep – Hmm?

Spirit – Something I wanted to ask you…

Jeep – Okay?

Spirit – Remember that day at the hospital? the blue hair girl was there?

Jeep – Yeah?… Raven’s her name.

Spirit – Did you guys ever find her friend? you said her friend was missing.

Nope.. Christine is still missing…

Jeep – No…. we didn’t…

Spirit – It seemed… I don’t know.. It was weird… Just know that you can tell me anything.. I trust you, and I hope you trust me..

Jeep – I do…

Spirit – Good.

I need to change the subject…

Jeep – This chest is so heavy!

Spirit – What’s in it? nude magazines?

Jeep – Nope

Spirit – Yeah- what am I talking about. Everyone uses the internet.. tumblr porn is all the rave.

Jeep – How would you know?

Spirit – Umm I don’t.. I- I just heard the girls talking about it.

Jeep – Yeah right…

Spirit – Okay fine.. I do have a tumblr page… and I do… look at things…

Jeep – *laugh*

Spirit – *laugh* Oh whatever.. you’re here in this room without a roommate for now.. I’m sure your computer see’s alot of naked women..

Jeep – Maybe…

Spirit – Mmm hmmm… Oh! I found it!

Jeep – What?

Spirit – Found your phone! Its on silent?

Jeep – What the hell no wonder I didn’t hear it ring or anything. I swore I looked over there.

Spirit – Its kinda wet- ah… soda can.. you should probably clean this up before you get bugs…. Oh someone’s calling you- Kaori’s Calling, here.

Jeep – Okay thanks.

Jeep – Hello?

Kaori – Where the fuck have you been?

Jarrah – ………….

Jeep – Well hi to you too Kaori…

Jarrah – Hey Jonah!

Jeep – Hi Jarrah!- wait why are you two together?

Kaori – Keegan had an episode… I feel partly to blame….

Jarrah – Its not your fault Kaori…. He’s just depressed.

Jeep – You two are talking again?- and what? is Keegan okay?

Jarrah – He’s fine Jonah.

Kaori – Everything is gonna be okay. Jarrah and I are here with him.

Jeep – Where’s Trey and Frankie?

Kaori – They were at his house but both of them had to get back to work. So Jarrah and I are with Keegan. Scott too….

Jeep – Where are you guys?

Jarrah – What did he say?

Kaori – He asked where we are…

Jarrah – Oh…

Kaori – We’re at a therapist office.

Jeep – Should I meet you guys there?

Kaori – How about you just come pick him up later and you stay with him?

Jarrah – He could use his bestfriend.

Jeep – Okay.. just tell me when to come.

Kaori – Perv

Jarrah – …………what?

Kaori – Just fucking with him.

Jeep – Just text me…

Kaori – Will you answer this time?

Jeep – I lost my phone.. sorry.. I have it now-

Kaori – Obviously…

Jeep – Hey?

Kaori – What?

Jeep – Why do you feel to blame?

Kaori – Long story

Jarrah – ………Everything’s going to be okay Jonah… I’ll text you when he’s ready..

Jeep – Okay….

Why do these things keep happening? and of course once again I’m not there for my friend. I lose my phone and he goes through something traumatic. I must seriously be the worlds worst friend.

Spirit – Are you okay?

Jeep – I will be.


Jeep – Christine…..

Christine – Hi…….

Spirit – ………..

Jeep – What are you-

Christine – Raven told me what happened… that my- That you were attacked by….him…

Jeep – ………How did she track you down?

Christine – She didn’t.. I just came back.

Jeep – Where the hell were you?

Christine – You know I can’t tell you that….

Spirit – ……..*clears throat*

Jeep – Oh! Spirit this is Christine, Christine this is Spirit.

Christine – …………..Hey…

Spirit – ……Hi….

Christine – I can leave…. I-

Jeep – No… I think its time we talked…

Christine – In front of her?

Jeep – Its fine.. she’s not going to-

Christine – I guess it doesn’t matter…. You should finally know…

Jeep – *Looks at Spirit* Do you mind?

Spirit – No.. I’ll just be over there… take your time….

Christine – Nice Jonah…. she’s pretty… way prettier than me…

Spirit – …………

Jeep – Umm.. lets-

Spirit – I’m gonna be over there if you need me……………………… ……………..

Awkward……… Two girls In my room… I’ve kissed both.. had sexual relations with one…. very awkward…

Spirit – ……………Pink hair… they both got pink hair… she’s so cool.. how do I compete with that…. *sigh*

Christine – ………..Pink…

Jeep – Yeah… That’s funny..

Christine – Yeah…..

Jeep – How are you?

Christine – I’m as good as one could be in this situation…

Jeep – …..I want to know about your journey- but….. I have to ask-

Christine – I know… you wanna know why my dad attacked you…. and what- why I’m running…

Jeep – Right….

Christine – …..I shouldn’t be telling you any of this, but I got involved with you and…

Spirit – Hmm… involved

Jeep – I deserve to know… I was in the hospital because of your father…

Christine – Fine…. When I was 15….. My mom.. and dad got into one of their fights. This wasn’t anything new, I was used to it…. It was over ice cream… Because it was my birthday and my father came home from work… without the ice cream. I told mom to just let it go… but she was really angry that he couldn’t even bring ice cream home for the cake.

Jeep – …….

Christine – So.. she told him she was going to take me and leave.. that she had enough of his temper… he hit her, and I tried to stop the fight. I had to get stitches on the back of my head because he threw me into the table where all the silverware was… knifes included. Anyway.. long story short… mom went to check on me and he grabbed her arm and swung her against the fridge.

Spirit – ………….

Christine – So she kicked him… down there. She ran upstairs and was packing a suitcase, and my father ran up the stairs and thats when it happened… shoving, and then she fell down the stairs…

Jeep – Oh my god…

Christine – I just sat there…. quiet… He told me.. if I ever said a word that he’d kill me… If I ever tried to leave I’d end up like her. I was mute… for a year. I had to see a therapist and everything. I didn’t start talking again until they threaten to put me in a mental ward.

Jeep – So… how did he get away-

Christine – Because I was scared, and mute…. I just nodded and agreed with what he told the police..heh… the police.. what a joke- umm.. anyway he told them that she was intoxicated and fell down the stairs…

Jeep – The bruises on her body though, and yours?

Christine – Oh it gets worse… The cop was his friend… who also beats his wife.. great little life I lived in Bridgeport huh?

Jeep – …… When did you get out?

Christine – After I graduated high school I had had enough. And That’s when Raven helped me. I stayed with her, and her parents….. and then My dad beat up her dad and I knew I couldn’t get anyone involved because their safety was important.

Spirit – ……………………………..

Jeep – …….So you’re constantly on the run… from him.

Christine – I come back here because of Raven. I love her..We have this saying.. Finders Keepers. We found each other… and kept each other safe, we kept each other in our hearts. She was my protector and I was hers… The definition of a bestfriend…

Jeep – I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad life…

Christine – Its not your fault.. Its not Raven’s fault.. its nobody’s fault. Also don’t apologize for anything.. you’re the one who was beat up because of me…

Jeep – I- I- Its not like I blame you…

Christine- Raven said the cops were here looking for clues and all kinds of crap… while you were all busted up in the hospital.. I’m so sorry Jonah..

Jeep – ….. Its okay…. How can I help?

Christine – By staying away from me… Its why after our night together that I knew I had to let you go. I’m trouble…

Spirit – …………

Jeep – So you’re gonna keep running? what kind of life is that?

Christine – Unless my father goes away or dies… I have to leave.. and stay gone. But I can’t leave without Raven….

Jeep – ……

Christine – I have to go…

Jeep – Wait-

Christine – No… Its already stupid of me to be here in the first place. I don’t want anyone else getting hurt because of me. My father is controlling, and dangerous.

Jeep – There has to be a way to fix this….

Christine – I don’t see that happening….

Jeep – You don’t deserve this…

Christine – Maybe I do…. People have all these thoughts about me… maybe they’re right. I’m just some punk kid from the trailer park. I got stuck with the fucked up life… Its all I’ve ever known.

Jeep – Maybe we can-

Christine – No… don’t try and help me…

Spirit – I shouldn’t say anything… but…. I… Well I don’t know you but… you don’t deserve this…. Maybe its possible that we could-

Christine – Thanks but…. just live life…. you two just… be happy…

Spirit – ………. He killed your mom.. that’s not okay.

Christine – This is the thing… I heard shoving…. and I turned the corner and saw my mother falling down the stairs. I don’t know for a fact that he pushed her, but I believe he did… so you see why its hard to-

Spirit – He sounded guilty when he threatened you… I-

Christine – Right… but maybe he was scared I’d blame him? He’s a piece of shit woman beater, but is he a murderer?

Spirit – Yeah.. I guess you’re right…

Jeep – In your heart… do you think your mom fell… or do you think he pushed her?

Christine – I think he did it….

Jeep – ……….Then tell the police!

Christine – You know… you’re a great guy Jonah… you’re one of a kind. I’m happy that I met you… I’m happy we shared that moment….

Jeep – Please don’t go.

Christine – I have to….. please don’t hate me….

Jeep – I don’t… I won’t… I promise.

Spirit – Can we atleast drive you somewhere?

Christine – I’ll be alright… I’m used to all of this… I’ll find my way.

Jeep – …..I’m going to miss you.

Christine – I think about you all the time Jonah… so the feeling is mutual…. *sigh* You’re one of the good ones….I love you Jeep. I’ll always remember our night.. our perfect night.

Spirit – ………..*looks away*

Jeep – ….That’s the first time you’ve ever called me that *smiles*

Christine – Stay safe….. *smiles*

You never know how bad someone has it…. I cannot believe what Christine just told us…. Its not fair. She likes it here in GloCity and she has her friends here. She has to leave and stay away.. all because of a monster. This breaks my heart…. I hate this world, and the people in it. Why are people so evil? why do some people have it so hard and others have it so easy? I feel so useless and- I just want people like Christine and Keegan to be okay…. I can’t do anything to help them.. the people who matter.

(POV Keegan)

Well……………..I’m Here… My dad and Scott’s idea to help me was to see this chick… some chick my dad has known all his life. I’m sure that’s awkward. Could you imagine that conversation? “Hi Amanda My son is a fuck up, can you help him?” It must suck… makes it seem like he failed me. He didn’t…. this is all on me. Now I’m sitting here.. with this chick just staring at me… like.. why hasn’t she said anything?

Amanda – ……………………

Keegan – …………………..

Amanda – …………….

Keegan – …………………

Amanda – So…. do you want to say anything?

Keegan – Umm……….I’m Keegan?…………………….and I’m a drug addict?

Amanda – *smiles* This isn’t AA…..

Keegan – Well I’ve never done this shit before…. Therapy and whatnot always freaked me out..

Amanda – I don’t like to call myself a therapist. I like to call myself The Listener….

Keegan – So you just listen? You don’t speak… you just sit there and judge?

Amanda – You have alot of anger…. towards who? Me? You just met me today….

Keegan – Sorry…..

Amanda – Let me tell you what I tell the others…. I’m not a therapist- I mean technically I am. However I traveled the world and seen alot of shit. Trust me….. Fucked up people exist everywhere. What I’ve come to realize is that most people just need someone to listen.. who won’t judge. Who have zero connection to their “Real Life”

Keegan – Do you have kids Mrs- …..

Amanda – Mrs Butler- but just call me Mandy.

Keegan – Do you have kids Mandy?

Amanda – Yeah.. I have a daughter- whose a bit of a free spirit. Her name is America… she goes to school with you.

Keegan – The Hippie Girl?

Amanda – *laugh* That’s her… Don’t worry.. I don’t discuss work with her… I actually see one of her friends, and she has no idea.

Its funny.. America looks like the killer from those Scream movies.. She looks just like that fucking mask.. creepy ass chick..She’s nice though

Keegan – Are you a hippie too?

Amanda – No… These clothes I got on a trip to Africa… I just like the look.

Keegan – How wordly….

Amanda – Why are you here?

Keegan – I thought my dad explained that to you?

Amanda – Right.. but he explained it in his words… now I’m asking you.

Keegan – I guess I need help….

Amanda – You guess?

Keegan – Alright I need help….

Amanda – Why?

Keegan – I’m depressed……

Amanda – Go on…

Keegan – …………………… Because I killed her…

Amanda – You killed who?

Keegan – Mona….

Amanda – You think you killed her?

Keegan – With recklessness yeah… I should have died, she should still be living…

Amanda – That wasn’t in the cards babe… you have to move forward. You know she would want that right? Live for the both of you.

Keegan – …….

Amanda – So how do you usually manage your depression?

Keegan – I self medicate… and It numbs everything…..

Amanda – That last for a few hours and then how do you feel?

Keegan – Just like I never took anything.

Amanda – I see….

Keegan – Can you stop saying that?

Amanda – ….. So let me ask you something.

Keegan – Go ahead…

Amanda – You are clearly fit.. and good looking. You take care of your skin.. you’re buff, and you have muscles…

Keegan – Okay….

Amanda – So you work on your outer…

Keegan – Your point?

Amanda – You should treat your inside like you treat your outside. Think of your mental health like your abs… you want them both to be perfect.

Keegan – ………..I guess that makes sense…

Amanda – Lets get comfortable.. come with me.

Keegan – So…. I’m supposed to just lay down and like cry for you?

Amanda – Is that what you wanna do?

Keegan – I dislike your office… Its fucking ugly and everything blends together..

Amanda – Does that make you feel better? saying things on your mind?

Keegan – Actually it does… I hold alot of stuff back.

Amanda -Why?

Keegan – Because I don’t wanna come off dickish.. or hurt anyone’s feelings.

Amanda – You have alot of friends huh?

Keegan – I guess so.

Amanda – What do they think of all of this?

Keegan – They want me to be happy, and healthy.

Amanda – Do you agree with that?

Keegan – Of course….

Amanda – …….Are you angry at yourself?

Keegan – Yes….

Amanda – What would make it all better? realistic or not?

Keegan – If Mona was alive.

Amanda – …….Okay… realistically what would make you happy?

Keegan – To not do this on a weekly basis?

Amanda – Nobody is keeping you here.. the door is right there…

Keegan – …………

Amanda – I think you’re afraid of  letting this happen.

Keegan – I’m not really afraid of anything.

Amanda – …….Is that true?

Keegan – I just feel like if this works- Which it won’t….. that I’m going to be fine, and I’ll forget about her.

Amanda – You associate pain with her memory… Its how you keep her alive.

Keegan – No- well…………………yeah, that… actually makes sense.

Amanda – I’m glad that makes sense to you.

Keegan – …………..I see her…

Amanda – Who?

Keegan – Mona… I see her sometimes.

Amanda – What does she say?

Keegan – I’m not an idiot.. I know ghost aren’t real… its just my guilt manifesting itself…

Amanda – …….Is she nice to you?

Keegan – She ask me why I hurt myself.. she wants me happy.

Amanda – Then if you know she’s not real… what does-

Keegan – I guess this means that I’m the one who want those things for myself..

Amanda – *smiles* Right…

Keegan – How long has it been? I feel like I’ve been sitting here for like an hour.

Amanda – Its only been a little over 20 minutes.

Keegan – Wow…. well I may as well lay back then….

Amanda – Tell me five things you love about yourself.

Keegan – ………Do I really have to do this? Its not like I don’t love myself.

Amanda – If you loved yourself you wouldn’t be hurting yourself…

Keegan – …………. Fine.

Amanda – Okay.. five things you love about yourself.

Keegan – I love my hair… my body…. I love my sense of humor.. its kinda dry humor but I like it. I love my ability to see good in people.

Amanda – That’s only four

Keegan – That’s all I got.

Amanda – Do you have any hobbies?

Keegan – I played football in high school.. then I quit because I wanted to beat the shit out of my teammates

Amanda – Why?

Keegan – Men can be assholes… I don’t do good with that alpha male shit…

I like the bond guys can have, but the ones who want to test each other for dominance annoy the fuck out of me

Amanda – What do you like doing now?

Keegan – I have no idea.. I don’t do much….

Amanda – We need to get you some hobbies.. staying busy helps you relax and not bully yourself.

Keegan – So are you gonna sign me up for after school activities? Mrs Butler?

Amanda – Yes….

Keegan – ……..Since I don’t have a job that’s fine.

Amanda – I have an idea about the job thing… if you’re interested.

Keegan – Whatever’s clever…

Amanda – Do you want to do this? this thing here?

Keegan – Therapy?…………………………Sure…

Amanda – Okay.. I’ll put you in my schedule… Twice a week?

Keegan – Yolo……

Hello… I’m Keegan Bennett and I see a Therapist… I swear I think I’m living one big nightmare. This shit is embarrassing. I can’t wait for Jeep to get here, so I can stop looking at this woman’s tits… I’m hungry as hell too… haven’t eaten since lunch. Ugh… fuck my life for the 100th time.

~*End of Chapter Six Pt 2 | Pt 3 is Next*~


  1. Yay Keegan’s getting help! I was so nervous for him earlier. I thought sure he was going to give in and take those pills DX. I’m glad he managed to stay strong (somewhat). And now we know what Christine is running away from. That poor girl :(. She can’t just keeping running away forever. Somebody needs to stop her dad and throw him behind bars for life!! 😀

    1. All the awesome characters from Boys2Men are resurfacing. First Sasha, and now Mandy. I thought it was important that we still see familiar faces.. and you’ll be seeing more. Keegan made the right call not taking pills and agreeing to see Mandy.

      Christine finally told Jeep (and Spirit) but that wasn’t the only thing she told him… she told him that she loved him. …………………….. O_O

      Stay tuned… The rest of the season looks like this :

      BoysNGirls : Chapter Six | Pt. 3 “Knowledge Is Power” : Jarrah & Trey

      BoysNGirls Present: “Destiny” : A Short Film by Jeep, Rubi & Bryce

      BoysNGirls : Chapter Seven | Season One Finale Pt 1 “Boys”

      BoysNGirls : Chapter Seven | Season One Finale Pt 2 “Girls”

      And Then The wait for season two will begin..well actually Crazy Beautiful Life Season Two starts, and then when that’s over.. BoysNGirls Season Two.

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