BoysNGirls : Chapter Six | Pt. 1 “Knowledge Is Power”

Chapter Six | Pt. 1 “Knowledge Is Power”

-POV’s : KaoriFrankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Kaori) 

Its funny….. I’ve Always fought against this feeling. This feeling of introspection- Yeah I know.. a big word…. Reading Frankie’s articles are doing wonderful things for my vocabulary- anyway… I’ve always fought against self-analyzing myself, and why it is that I avoid relationships, and the feeling I’m feeling right now. But when I’m with him.. I can’t help it.

I was so quick to throw all my beliefs away and date Hammer- but it wasn’t real. I wanted to have him because I thought I could, that and Paisley didn’t deserve him. It feels like just yesterday to be honest. I went to the Frathouse and made a fool of myself, but I’ve put it behind me so yesterday is where it will stay.

Kaori – *Stares at Byron*

Byron – *Keeps Playing*

I don’t know how this happened, but I am dumbfoundedly- yes I made up a word. I am dumbfoundedly infatuated with Byron, and it intensifies when he picks up this damn guitar. I could watch his fingers glide the strings all day. I close my eyes and listen to him, its like sex- no… its like an orgasm for my ears. I’m not myself when I’m around him…. I’m… better, and that my friends is a hard pill to swallow for somebody like me.

Its hard for me, because I never thought I could feel this way about another guy- other than Keegan. I never saw myself dating anyone… except him. Then to have him just tell me that he didn’t like me like I liked him- well that hurt. Obviously then I thought well… there goes that, I’ll never be in a relationship. Then before I knew it, I was hanging out and enjoying time with Byron… and then… I started to like him more than a friend. I guess once I let Keegan go…. I opened myself up to-… well… this.. this thing with Byron.. whatever it is.

Byron – *Talking While Still playing* So Hammer and I had a fight earlier…

Kaori – Over what?- Me?

Byron – No.. over the last slice of pizza- of course it was about you… *laugh*

Kaori – He needs to get over it.

Byron – He has Paisley, I don’t understand why its such a big deal.

Kaori – Bro Code.

Byron – Right, but the way he’d high five us all, and make it seem like you two weren’t- I just.. I don’t care. You can’t help who you fall for…

Kaori – You fell for me? *smiles*

Byron – …..Sorta *smiles*

Kaori – Oh really? Sorta?

Byron – You’re kinda wonderful….

Kaori – ….So are you… *bites lips*

Byron – I feel happiest when I’m hanging out with you.

Kaori – That makes two of us.

Byron – *Smiles and Keeps Playing*

Kaori – You sing too right?

Byron – I do… but… you make me nervous- I can’t sing in front of you

Kaori – Why?

Byron – Because I like you so much… Its pressure to sound good.

Kaori – Because you want to impress me….

Byron – Right…

Kaori – Because you like me….

Byron – That’s right….

Kaori – Good….

Byron – *smiles* *keeps playing guitar*

See…. I’m… so into him, and I can’t even help it. Its bothering me.. messing with my head. Its not a bad thing either its just scary I guess… Do I like…. want to be his girlfriend or something? because I’m just… I really should relax…. I’m freaking out because this is new for me. Unlike Keegan…. I can actually have Byron… Its new territory .. for me atleast….. I’m a big girl though…. I can handle this…

Byron – *ends song* (Let song end before reading on)

Byron – Well hello there.

Kaori – Hi….

Byron – ……..

Kaori – You and that guitar turns me on… its fucking hot.

Byron – Good to know *smiles*

Kaori – Kiss me…

Byron – No, not like this…

Kaori – What do you mean?

Byron – If I kiss you like this.. we’ll have sex.

Kaori – No we won’t…

Byron – ……..

Kaori – Okay fine.. we will but-

Byron – I don’t want to.

Kaori – Why not?

Byron – Because I want it to be special… like… committed…. I really like you, and I want to take it slow.

Kaori – You’re not saving yourself till marriage are you?

Byron – No…. not at all. I just… I’d rather do that-

Kaori – Have sex.

Byron – Yes.. that.. I’d rather do THAT when you’re my girlfriend.

Kaori – When?

Byron – You know you like me… why fight it?

Kaori – Says a boy who doesn’t wanna kiss me.

Byron – I don’t wanna kiss you like this…..

Kaori – Well how do you want to kiss me then?

Byron – Like this…..

Kaori – ……*smiles* Okay.

Byron – Its more intimate, and less- “Put it in my hole!”

Kaori – Is that what you think I was saying?

Byron – With your body language yes… *laugh*

Kaori – I can’t help it… I think you’re….

Byron – Sexy?

Kaori – Charming…..

Byron – Even better….

Kaori – You… confuse me.

Byron – Why is that princess?

Heh…. my dad calls me that…

Kaori – Because…. I feel like… This- this feels right with you-

Byron – And it scares you… I- I can tell.

Kaori – I don’t want to be messed with- or fucked over. I’m a strong chick, but I-

Byron – I’ll never hurt you.

Kaori – You say that but-

Byron – Kaori McDonald…… I Byron Mills…… Will never hurt you. I promise.

Kaori – Don’t make promises you can’t keep….

Byron – I can keep this one.

Kaori – *smiles & laughs* Oh Byron……

Byron – What?

Kaori – What are you doing to me *shakes head no & laugh*

Byron – I’m not doing anything but kissing you.

Kaori – And its alot… but a “good” alot though.

Byron – Good.

I feel like ever since that day we went swimming with our clothes on that I’ve seen him in a different light. I find myself thinking about him when I go to bed- NOT LIKE THAT! Mind out the gutter perv, but yeah. I find myself thinking of him when I close my eyes, and when I open them. What does that even mean?

Byron – So I talked to my mother.

Kaori – How’d that go?

Byron – Well you know how I told you that if my dad found out about-

Kaori – About you leaving the frathouse and being your own person blah blah.

Byron – Thank you for that.

Kaori – Just didn’t want you sounding like a broken record.

Byron – Be glad you’re fucking cute….

Kaori – …. *smiles*

Byron – So yeah.. if he knew everything that happened, that he’d cut me off and I’d have to find a job and all of that stuff?

Kaori – Right.

Byron – Well…. I told my mom everything.

Kaori – How’d she take it?

Byron – I hate to say this but, my mother has always been scared of my father. She’s the nod and smile type if you know what I mean.

Kaori – He doesn’t………………..hit her does he?

Byron – No- he doesn’t have to. He control her and she’s always just let him.

Kaori – I see.

Byron – I let him control me too, which is how I lost my bestfriend Collin a long time ago. So odd… I saw his mom Suzy when I got that massage from you… I’m sure she told him she saw me- Fuck, got way off subject.

Kaori – You really did.

Byron – Right…so anyway, my mother has money, money of her own. That she’s always hidden in an account. She told me I’m going to be taken care of and to just be myself and focus on my music.

Kaori – That’s fucking great. You don’t have to stress so much now.

Byron – I’ll still stress, dad can’t find out that mom is helping me… he’d be pissed.

Kaori – It will all workout…

Byron – You sound like Collin. He was always the positive type. The type that would ask you if you wanted ice cream after a breakup- or a car wreck.

Kaori – You and him… you guys were bestfriend I assume.

Byron – Yeah we went to Pylea High together- wait.. I’m surprised Suzy hasn’t-

Kaori – Suzy didn’t talk about Collin that much. She was- is always so professional.

Byron – She’s a sweet woman.

Kaori – I agree.

Byron – Fuck… you’re so pretty.

Kaori – You can’t say things like that and not expect me to wanna blow you.

I’m aware that the things I say are just…. provocative but I say what’s on my mind.. who cares.

Byron – Don’t say it like that.

Kaori – Like what?

Byron – Like.. I don’t know.. the whole “I wanna fuck you” and “I wanna let you go balls deep” and “Let me deep throat your cock” That stuff sounds so vulgar and less intimate.

Kaori – Should I passionately say something like “Oh my god Byron, I want to make love to your throbbing member. I want it in my love spot!”

Byron – That’s so…..50 shades of grey.

Kaori – You read that?!

Byron – …………..No

Kaori – Liar!…. what? do you want to audition to be in the movie or something?

Byron – No….

Kaori – I’m not sure they’d want a biracial Christian Grey anyway…, you know how racist Hollywood can be.

Byron – Who said I was biracial??

Kaori – I- I- umm.. you just-

Byron – I’m joking. I’m Black and White….

Kaori – I knew it.

Byron – *laugh*

Kaori – You have the cutest laugh… ugh…

Byron – Why thank you…

Kaori – Yet you want to be a prude

Byron – I’m not a prude, and fuck… I’ll admit it turns me on to hear you say that stuff, but…. You’re so… pretty. You’re pretty, and sexy, and beautiful. Your words should reflect that.

Kaori – I get it….. ugh.. see even when you say stuff like that.. It makes me wet..

Byron – …. *laugh*

Kaori – Okay okay sorry- what do you want to talk about?

Byron – Lets get to know each other better….. with our clothes on.

Kaori – You want to dry hump?

Byron – Kay-

Kaori – Joking!

Not really…. its like the more he says no, and doesn’t let me have it. The more I want it…. He drives me crazy

Byron – What’s your favorite Ice cream flavor?

Kaori – How is this important?

Byron – These are the things that make you, you.

Kaori – Chocolate Chip Mint. Yours?

Byron – Cookie Dough. Your turn, ask me something.

Kaori – ….Fine. Favorite movie of all time?

Byron – Finding Nemo.

Kaori – What the fuck?

Byron – They’re making a sequel too… *smiles*

Kaori – Cool…

Byron – Its cute… I really liked it. That and Coraline. I like animated films.. I’m weird.

Kaori – Well.. I live for the horror genre so I loved House of 1000 corpses, and the original texas chainsaw massacre. Fuck all of those sequels and remakes.

Byron – *smiles* Favorite musician.

Kaori – Band, and its No Doubt. Yours?

Byron – Lenny Kravitz, Prince, John Mayer- I like alot of shit.

Kaori – How old were you when you first started masturbating? *laugh* is this off limits?

Byron – *laugh* I was 13… I was so ashamed. Obviously I’m older now and realize that everyone does it.

Kaori – I was 15- Umm lets see…. Fuck Marry Kill… the girls in the Sorority House

Byron – Who are the three?

Kaori – Mahlia, Tyena, and…………… Joanna.

Byron – Well… I’ve already fucked one of them…

Kaori – What?!

Byron – It was a quick hook up. We realized after that we are better off as friends.

Kaori – Who?

Byron – ……….Mahlia.

Kaori – That’s cool, I can’t be mad considering…

Byron – So obviously I’d fuck Mahlia, Marry….. eh I’d Marry JoJo. Then I’d Kill Tyena. She’s so… boring- Are you sure it doesn’t bother you that I did Mahlia?

Kaori – I’m positive… I mean its kinda stupid that you fucked her and not me-

Byron – Its because I actually really like you. With her we kinda just ended up doing it.

Kaori – So what you’re saying is you’re not fucking me, because you really like me.

Byron – Right. Mahlia and I are better off as friends. We know that now. Hell it was kinda your fault why we hooked up in the first place.

Kaori – How so?

Byron – It was after your massage…

Kaori – Oooooh. Nuff said. Damn.. am I that good?

Byron – Yeah… you gave me wood.

Kaori – I have that affect on men.

Byron – *laugh* Oh shit is it 1 already?

Kaori – It is? oh fuck I’m late for class. Grab my laptop off the desk and walk me to class

Byron – Please?

Kaori – ……………………. Would you please walk me to class Byron?

Byron – Yes princess.

Well this is great…. I’m going to class… horny as hell. This must be what it feels like for married men when their wives say they’re not in the mood. Later bitches.

(POV Frankie)

Well after battling with Kalia and the animal on her head she called hair- we finally decided on a hair style and color. Now we’re shopping for clothes and she hates it. At first I was skeptical about Kalia, and then things changed. I figured I may as well help her, and do a good deed. Also Ivy would be happy too since Kalia and her are friends. I thought I was gonna have to punch her, but turns out.. I actually like her. She’s nice.

Kalia – I hate this!

Raven – Is it too small? we got a big shipment of those shirts in this morning. I can check for a bigger size.

Kalia – Its not that.

Frankie – Is it too-

Kalia – I look like my mom in this outfit!

Raven – To be honest you do look hella uncomfortable.

Wow… thanks sales lady… like she really needs her self-esteem lowered right now.

Frankie – Okay maybe it is a bit too mature.

Raven – What is this outfit for? what’s the occasion?

Kalia – Operation Dyke no more.

Raven – Umm..

Frankie – Excuse her language.. she’s just- we’re doing a makeover.

Raven – Ah, I see.

Kalia – Can you leave us be? we got it from here lady.

Frankie – Kalia!

Raven – Its fine, its my lunch break anyway. I don’t wanna put up with this shit if I don’t have to. *walks away*

Kalia – I’m taking this off *goes into dressing room.*

Frankie – There’s one other outfit I put together… Try that on…. its more your speed- yet feminine.

Kalia – Alright.

Frankie – And… Kalia?

Kalia – Yes?

Frankie – You didn’t have to be mean to the blue haired girl.

Kalia – She was annoying…

Frankie – She works here.. she was just trying to help.

Kalia – Sorry…. you’re right. Its just that…. nevermind.

Frankie – No, you can tell me.

Kalia – I feel like a big dykie loser.

Frankie – You’re not! and stop saying the D word. It sounds offensive.

Kalia – …… Thank you… thanks for taking time out of your day to help me. I appreciate it.

Frankie – You’re very welcomed Kalia.. You’ve been nice, you’ve turned into someone that I actually like talking to.

Kalia – Likewise Frankie.- Oh shit.. I love this vest!

Frankie – Oh good! let me see it!

Kalia – Let me put pants on first….

Frankie – Oh yeah- sorry *laugh*

Kalia – Trying to see me in my underwear eh Frankie?

Frankie – NO! I was-

Kalia – I’m joking! lighten up! *laugh* You’re way too pretty to be so uptight.

Frankie – I’m not uptight I just- yeah.. *laugh*

I guess things are going good with Kalia and I… we’re even throwing jokes around. Never thought I’d ever be here doing this with her. Its crazy how things change. I actually like her as a person. Here I was thinking she was trying to get in between Ivy and I, but she was really just insecure.. she needed a friend. I hope we can be friends… It might be hard for her since I’m starting this thing with Ivy but- 

Frankie – Ivy?

Ivy – *crying*

Frankie – What’s wrong?!

Ivy – My mom… she- she- *crying*

Frankie – What happened? Is she okay?

Ivy – *crying* I’m so sick of this! Why is this my life?! Why can’t my mother be normal!

Frankie – Sweetie tell me what happened… I can’t help if you don’t

Ivy – I’m so sorry to just bother you, Kaori told me you were here and I-

Kalia – IVY?!

Ivy – Kalia!

Kalia – I’m Here!

Frankie – ……..

Kalia – What happened?

Ivy – She did it again Kalia.. she assaulted a guard and escaped from the facility *crying*

Frankie – Briana is missing?- and what do you mean again?

Ivy – She-

Kalia – Ivy we don’t have time to talk.

Frankie – I’m sorry…

Kalia – This has happened four times. This is something Ivy and I have been through alot….. Its very depressing, and mentally draining.

Ivy – ……

Frankie – How can I help?

Ivy – You can-

Kalia – Honestly you’d just slow us down…..

Frankie – Excuse me?

Kalia – You’re already taking time from your busy schedule to help me with this makeover.

Ivy – Its true… I shouldn’t expect you to drop everything.

Frankie – I don’t mind…

Kalia – Didn’t you have a work thing?

Frankie – Yes but-

Ivy – Frankie…. Just… go to work, let Kalia help me. Its okay…

Frankie – But I want to help you…

Ivy – I know, and I’m really appreciative of that…. but Kalia and I have done this so many times.. it takes all day.

Kalia – Maybe even all night….. *smirks*


Ivy – I’ll be okay….

Frankie – If you need anything you call… anything okay?

Ivy – *smiles* Of course.

Kalia – Okay we need to call your aunt Liana, and Jordan, and Tyler.

Ivy – My dad is the one who told me so… 

Kalia – We need to check that park in Bridgeport- oh and that motel we found her in last year.

Ivy – Oh yeah.. good idea.

Kalia – Don’t worry Ivy, we’ll find your mom. I’m here for you….

Ivy – Thanks Kalia.

Frankie – ………..

Ivy – Frankie, go kick ass at work, go interview Jessica Nash and write a great article. I’ll see you back at the dorm later okay?

Frankie – ……….Okay.

Kalia – Lets go Ivy, the sooner we leave the better chance we have at finding her.

Ivy – I’m just so upset… and hungry.. I haven’t eaten anything.. and I-

Kalia – We’ll grab a burger on the way to Bridgeport.

Ivy – Okay.

Frankie – ….Be safe…

Kalia – She will be, she’ll be with me.

Frankie – ………….

Ivy – I’ll be okay Frankie. Thanks for being here for me.

Frankie – Always.

Kalia – I’ll take good care of Ivy Frankie……………….. You shouldn’t worry.

What the hell is going on? Why do I feel pushed out? I know all about Ivy’s mother, why can’t I help? I bet Kalia is just loving this. That stupid grin on her face. Is she playing me? Like am I stupid, and Kalia has been playing me this entire time? Why am I starting not to trust her again?

(POV Kaori)

Byron walked me to class, and I did the whole learning thing. I actually paid attention and- well yeah. So after class Victoria called me and reminded me of our little conversation. With everything happening lately I had totally forgot…. but I knew… I knew it was time. So I gave myself a peptalk. I called my mother, and asked her to meet me at Dad’s house. I text my brother and father too, and soon we all met up.

Vince – Princess…. I’m so sorry…. Its all I can really say. I’m really sorry…

Ivo – ….. I’m- Kay…. I didn’t say anything because I always felt like you had this hope that mom and dad would-

Kaori – Stop.

Kokoro – ……

Kaori – I was pissed off….. I was so fucking mad when I found out about George. What made it worse is that everyone knew about him except me.

Kokoro – Its all my fault.. I asked for everyone to-

Kaori – Mom its okay…

Kokoro – What?

Ivo – Wait.. you’re not mad anymore?

Vince – ……..Umm

Kaori – ……I’m not mad anymore.

Ivo – Why not?

Vince – I don’t think the why is important

Kokoro – …..

Kaori – I went swimming with my clothes on.

Ivo – What the hell does that mean?

Kokoro – You did what exactly?

Kaori – This guy… Byron… he told me to just let things go..  next thing I know we’re in the water… with our clothes on.

Vince – Who is this boy?!

Kokoro – Calm down Vince….. I don’t think its like that.

Ivo – Hmmm

Kaori – I was upset from a few different reasons, He saw that I needed a clean slate…. I thought it was a dumb idea to get into the water but,  I felt so much better when I let go and just did it. It was like I was washing off all of the negativity.

Kokoro – This is what pushed you to bring us together sweetheart?

Kaori – Umm no….. *sigh* You know..  She told me not to tell you guys this, but I do think its important that you guys see the heart she has underneath all that “Bitch” persona she walks around with.

Vince – Who?- Victoria?

Kaori – She came to my dorm…

Ivo – What?

Kokoro – She did what?

Kaori – Its okay… we didn’t have a shouting match… It was actually a normal conversation.

Ivo – Color me surprised.

Kokoro – Me too…

Vince – She got you to come here?

Kaori – No, nobody can make me do anything I don’t already want to do. However…..  she made alot of sense. I can tell she loves you dad- and knowing that she loves you that much, and Mom has George… I’m okay.

Kokoro – *smiles*

Ivo – Well…. does this mean this drama is over?

Kaori – ……..Yes- under one condition.

Vince – What is it?

Kaori – We’re honest with each other… no matter what.

Kokoro – Okay.

Vince – Works for me Princess.

Ivo – Umm… okay…….

Obviously my brother won’t tell everyone that he’s banging Jessica Nash… but.. whatevs. The main point is that everyone is on the same page.

Vince – Umm…..

Ivo – What is it?

Vince – I guess if we’re being honest…. about things… There is something Koko and I haven’t told you guys-

Kokoro – Vince…. NO!

Vince – We agreed to be honest Koko…. 

Ivo – What the fuck?

Kaori – What’s going on?

Kokoro – We can’t… we’re under contracts.. we signed that paper.

Kaori – What are you guys talking about?!

Vince – We technically can’t talk about this, but…… I don’t want anymore secrets to come out….

Kokoro – Are you sure about this Vince?

Vince – Yes…

Ivo – …..Okay?

Vince – Long time ago I went on a trip to Mango Island with the guys. I met a group of women, and this one woman in particular.. she and I became friends.

Kaori – What woman?

Vince – Her name is Leslie… last name not important.

Kaori – How is it not important?

Ivo – Let dad talk…

Kaori – ……

Vince – Anyway… After you were born Ivo… I got a call from her.. and she had decided that she was going to have a baby… even though she was single. She knew she wanted to be a mother. I told her that she was strong.. and could do it.

Kokoro – She went to a sperm bank and was artificially inseminated…. Everything worked out… somewhat- I mean she had her first daughter and she was happy.

Vince – Then she got married to her girlfriend, and they wanted another child. Except that… they were very picky and shaken up by the controversy with the first baby.

Ivo – What happened?

Kokoro – The first baby’s father was actually a man Leslie knew… and he wasn’t a good man.

Vince – Right so you can see why she’d be scared to have tried it again.

Kaori – Umm… Are you saying-

Ivo – You gave some woman your sperm?

Kokoro – …… Leslie was a dear friend..

Kaori – What do you mean was?

Vince – Its-

Ivo – Kay and I have never met this woman!

Vince – It was important that I helped her, Koko and I knew it was the right thing to do.

Kaori – So I- we have a sibling?

Ivo – Male or female?… This is just fucking nuts….

Kokoro – Its a girl- well woman now… 

Kaori – She’s older than me?

Kokoro – Yes…

Kaori – …I see…. *gets up*

Ivo – …………. Can we meet her?

Vince – No……. no… I’m sorry..

Kokoro – That can never happen..

Ivo – What do you mean no?!

Kaori – I need air….

Kokoro – Sweetheart?

Ivo – ….. Why can’t we meet our sister?

Vince – Because I’ve never met her.

Kaori – ……………

Kokoro – The deal was… that we don’t have contact… and if we ever did.. Vince would be her “Uncle” or “Godfather”

Vince – That was the plan… until Leslie and her wife Aimee cut all ties….

Ivo – Ungrateful bitches!

Kokoro – No… I mean we thought like that at first.. and then-

Vince – Then she sent me an e-mail. She thanked me… and told me to stop sending money. She told me that I was very special to her and Aimee for helping bring a beautiful baby girl into the world.. that I helped complete their family.

Kokoro – But the time had come for us to go separate ways.

Kaori – …….

Vince – She was right… the longer we stayed in contact… the more I’d want her in my life.

Kokoro – And that wasn’t an option.. we signed a contract saying Leslie and Aimee had full custody and control over the baby.

Vince – We were bitter, and angry for some time… but it all made sense and worked out. She………… where she belongs. With her mom’s Leslie and Aimee.

Ivo – So we’ll never be able to meet our sister is what your saying?

Kaori – ………….

Kokoro – I knew this was a bad idea to tell them…

Vince – They needed honesty…. They’re mature adults.. they can handle it…

Ivo – Kay?…………. are you-

What kind of shit is this?………I…. God this is so much information to take in. Don’t spaz the fuck out Kaori… be mature about this. Understand it from every side… 

Vince – Princess?

Kaori – Guys………………………..I’m………………..I’m fine with it……. You guys helped out some lesbians… its fine.

Kokoro – You’re not upset?

Kaori – Upset wouldn’t be the word.. I’m just… Its not everyday you hear something like this. I’m not upset though….

Vince – Are you sure?

Ivo – I’m a little pissed…. how come your not?

Kaori – Because… I have you Ivo, I have mom, and dad… and then we have Alana and Victoria. Family is family… shit happens. Our sister is out there living her adult life, and she has her family…. Everyone is happy… right?

Kokoro – *smiles*

Vince – Yes…. now that you’re back to talking to everyone… I can say we’re very happy.

Ivo – ………..You know what?………. You’re right Kay’… I guess…..

Kaori – I know I am….

Kokoro – I don’t know who this new boy is.. but I’m loving the influence he’s having on you.

Vince – ……………….We should meet this boy.

Ivo – Is he your boyfriend?

Kaori – He’s my Friendboy. We’re not like that…………..yet.

Vince – YET?

Kaori – Don’t worry daddy… he’s a perfect gentleman.

He didn’t even want to fuck me………… *laugh*

Kokoro – Is he respectful??

Kaori – He likes hugging.. and holding hands.

Ivo – ……..I see. Dad?

Vince – Yes?

Ivo – I’m going to assume Victoria knows about this?

Vince – She does….

Kokoro – Alana doesn’t and it will stay that way.

Ivo – Okay.

Kaori – I’m not telling that cunt anything…

Kokoro – …………..Not very nice Kaori.. but true.. she’s not very….

Kaori – Just say it mom.. Alana’s a cunt.

Kokoro – …………She’s….  she’s… yeah.. *laugh*

Ivo – She’s a handful…

Vince – She has alot of anger…. everyone matures differently I guess.

Kaori – Its just… I’m so done with petty things…  I feel like I have growing to do, and so does everyone else….

Vince – You’re such a smart, mature young woman…..

Kaori – *smile*

Ivo – Awwww

Vince – Kodak moment!

Kaori – Mom I’m sorry I’ve been so distant and weird. 

Kokoro – Its okay… now that everything is out. We can go back to being close.

Kaori – I want that… Lets do it.

Vince – I just noticed your dress Koko.. why are you dressed up?

Kokoro – George and I are headed to Pylea for a movie role.

Ivo – Yeah, I’ll be staying at mom and George’s house until they get back.

Kokoro – Remember to-

Ivo – I have the plants under control mom…

Vince – Oh those damn plants…

Kokoro – You know I love my plants Vince….

Kaori – I love you mom.

Kokoro – I love you too Kay’.

Vince – *smiles* No more secrets okay guys? we’re a united family…

Ivo – ……Yeah.

Kaori – Mom can I meet George when you guys get back?

Kokoro – He’d love that.

Kaori – *smiles*

Poor brother of mine… keeping it from everyone that he’s balls deep in his boss’s snatch. I don’t blame him though. Some secrets you just have to keep to yourself. As for everything here… The whole George thing… I admit. I was over it weeks ago. I’m just a stubborn bitch who likes to hold onto things. I knew it was time to just let it go. The other bombshell though…

Like… wtf…. I have a sister. I wonder if she looks anything like me. I guess it doesn’t matter though. I’ll never meet her, and truth be told I don’t really want to. There is absolutely no point in doing so. She has her life, and Ivo and I have ours. Wherever she is.. I hope shes happy. Those lesbians should be on their knees thanking my father for what he did for them. It was very selfless of him. I’m pretty sure it pains him to have a child in the world that he’s not able to take care of…. that can’t be an easy feeling.

(POV Frankie)

I had a lunch, question combination with Jessica Nash. I had a million more things to ask her, so she insisted that we go to her favorite spot in GloCity. To my surprise it was empty…  Which I did not understand.

Frankie – Where is everyone?

Jessica – My dear… when you make friends like I do, you can call in favors.

Frankie – You know the owner?

Jessica – Yes, My dear friend Keith. He owns many businesses. He can afford to since his husband is a doctor In C-City. Truth be told though, Keith did everything on his own. His husband’s money just sweetens the lifestyle he now lives. He and I didn’t always get along, but after I helped him with the adoption of his daughter, he and I bonded. I’m the godmother of his adopted daughter Mari. She’s as cute as a button. She and My daughter are around the same age but nothing alike.

Why does that name sound familiar? Mari…. hmm…

Frankie – I see.

Jessica – She works hard, and has a very happy personality, unlike my dull daughter Nikol.

Frankie – ….. Does Mari and Nikol get along?

Jessica – Umm.. I’m not really sure these days. Besides Mari is a nurse, I doubt she has time to be hanging around waiting for conversation with my daughter.

Oh my god that’s why the name Mari sounds so familiar she’s the nurse that my sister works with *laugh*

Frankie – Ah…

Jessica – Right this way, we can continue the conversation in here.

Frankie – Its really cool of your friend Keith to let you hangout here.

Jessica – I needed alone time, he didn’t mind. Besides this place doesn’t open until 9pm usually. You live here in GloCity, you’ve really never been here before?

Frankie – Never…

Goodness this is so hard for me… I went and had a meal with this woman, yet.. I know her secrets. Lets list all the crap I know about her shall we?

– She’s pretty much lonely, and is in a way forcing Ivo to have sexual relations with her.

– From the sound of her life in NYC she needs to step away from the booze.

– She betrayed her friends and wrote a nasty book about them.

– She slept with Nikol’s- her daughter’s boyfriend. Then tried to pin it on my sister- well she did pin it on her….

What am I missing….  Oh I don’t know… hell that’s alot already. She seems to really dislike her daughter by the way. Which sucks. This woman is seriously the devil. Like what reasons could she possibly have for being this malicious? Its not like she had a terrible upbringing or anything. I’ve read about her life, her father left her with her grandmother. Her grandmother took good care of her. Its not like she was stuck with some random foster care man who raped or beat her. 

I know I went dark just now but I’m just saying. This woman has no reason for the things she’s done to people.

Jessica – Ready?

Frankie – Oh sorry.. was in a thought.

We sat down, and talked more about what she hopes to accomplish in the next 5 years with her writing. All of her answers seemed so self serving, which is okay in some aspects because who doesn’t want to work hard to further their happiness. That would be find if I weren’t speaking to Lucifer…

Frankie – You’re currently in C-City working on the movie adaptation of the book The Four Face Liars right?

Jessica – Yes, its in very early stages… still casting.

Frankie – That’s amazing.. how does it feel to have your book turned into a movie?

Jessica – Its fantastic. The feeling is amazing.

Frankie – I hope to accomplish such a thing-

Jessica – You’re very young, and you’ve made it this far with your career. That’s admirable.

Frankie – …… Thank you. I do work hard and I-

Jessica – Don’t get cocky…. you’re really just starting off. Don’t think just because you work for Scott that you have two feet to stand on.

Frankie – ……….

Jessica – Toughen up. You’ll hear alot worse than what I just said in this industry.

Frankie – You’re the queen of harsh reality aren’t you?

Jessica – Excuse me?

Frankie – I mean the things you’ve done.. in your past… to the people you…………

Jessica – I beg your pardon? What are you talking about?

Frankie – *smiles* The book about your friends. What else would I be talking about Ms Nash?

If she wants to be a bitch, then I’ll play mind games.

Jessica – Oh…. That. Well…. yes harsh realities exist for a reason. No point in lying to yourself pretending that everything is okay.

Frankie – That is so true, you know just the other day I told my aunt –

Who doesn’t really exist *laugh*

Frankie – That you have to stop living a lie.. you have no friends and you’re miserable. Its time to be honest. Her reply was that lies keep her young.

Jessica – Well-

Frankie – Speaking of which you look really good. *smiles*

Jessica – ……….. Well…. sure- honesty is the best policy I just well me personally I- Umm.. Well I live my life how I live it… Its always best to just be honest and open-

Frankie – It really is… best to come clean before your secrets are exposed by someone else is how I feel….. because your truth versus someone exposing your truth is two different things……………you know what I mean?

Jessica – ………..Knowledge is power my dear.

Frankie – Mmmm Isn’t it? I feel really powerful right now, with all the things I know about you.

Jessica – Okay what is this!?

Frankie – I don’t know what you’re talking about Ms Nash. I’ve learned alot about you from the interview is all I mean.

*laugh* I guess she’s starting to crack…

Jessica – I don’t appreciate your games young lady.

Frankie – I don’t know what’s getting you all agitated.

Jessica – …………

Frankie – Should I call Ivo?

Jessica – Why would you need to call him?!

Frankie – He calms you down. I’ve seen him do it before. You two seem very close.

Jessica – What are you insinuating?

Frankie – Am I being suggestive? My apologies…. I’m just trying to understand what exactly set you off.

Jessica – I know what you’re doing. I won’t play by those games. You’re some college girl who know’s nothing. You need to grow up.

Frankie – Should I be like you?

Jessica – You could only hope.

Frankie – *laugh* Really?

Jessica – You know I’ve done my research on you… Your mother was- heh… probably still is a stripper right?

Frankie – I’m not sure what she is these days.

Jessica – Makes sense that you think you’re big shit these days.

Frankie – Does it? See….. What I think is happening is that you’re going senile.

Jessica – In my old age I’m more than you can hope to become dear.

Frankie – Don’t flatter yourself, 20 pounds of makeup and a bad boob job doesn’t make you a knockout. It just makes you look pathetic.

Jessica – Jealousy is a bitch isn’t it?

Frankie – I wouldn’t know, but you seem to be? People have no idea who and what you really are….

Jessica – If you try and make me look bad in your article I’ll end your career before it even begins.

Frankie – Wow… threats. You’re good at those huh? Is that what you told Annie? I mean……………….. Andi. Because You said your daughter had a roomie named Annie, when we both know her name is Andi.

Jessica – WHAT?!

Frankie – You know Andi right? my sister.

Jessica – I don’t know any Andi’s!

Frankie – Ms Nash… come on…. you do.

Jessica – No! I don’t!

Okay… Done… I’ve had enough

Frankie – Okay first of all, don’t raise your voice at me like I’m your child. I don’t have a mother, and don’t need you trying to fill that spot.

Jessica – Oh that explains alot… that’s why you’re a cunt. You’re motherless.

Frankie – Oh.. you would wanna not speak that way to me.

Jessica – And what not? hmm? What are you going to do little girl?

Frankie – Well if we were on the street I’d probably smack some sense into you- seeing as how I’m interviewing you… I’ll remain professional.

Jessica – I would strike you where you stood if you ever tried to lay a hand on me.

Frankie – With those old bones? Sure- Its cute that you think you’re such a badass though. A real badass has nothing to prove. You come off way abrasive with this huge chip on your shoulder. Why? What has life done to you?

Jessica – Little girl… if you want to play games-

Frankie – Actually no… I’m done playing games. So let me break it down for you. My sister is Andi Moss, and she told me EVERYTHING. I know you slept with your daughter’s boyfriend, and put the blame on her. Oh and I also know you’re sleeping with Ivo… which is just gross.

I won’t put Ivo on blast and say why he’s sleeping with her, but yeah… gross.

Jessica – You think you know everything don’t you?

Frankie – What else is their to know? You- You’re a fraud. You betrayed your daughter… you treat her like shit- and I’m tired of mothers treating their daughters like shit. I don’t know Nikol but I want to hug her because I know the betrayal of a mother.

Jessica – I won’t be admitting to such things..

Frankie – Don’t worry.. I stopped my interview a long time ago… Because the more I listened to you spew your bullshit, the more I wanted to vomit in my mouth. You need to admit to your mistakes, and admit the truth.

Jessica – I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Frankie – Sure you do. You fucked Elliott, that’s his name right? Nikols ex?

Jessica – Lets say I did… you can’t prove it.

Frankie – Admit it…

Jessica – No.

Frankie – Cause you’re a coward… and if you admit such a thing.. you’d be defeated, fall into despair and die.

Jessica – Heh…

Frankie – Here I thought the big bad Jessica Nash wasn’t afraid of anything. I must be scaring you…

Jessica – Fine! I fucked Elliott! and I’m currently having the best sex of my life with my protege Ivo. You still can’t prove it! and If you write it in your article I swear-

Frankie – I’d never write such a thing. I don’t write smut, and I never will. You have alot of stuff you need to workout. Maybe you should see that therapist friend of yours.

Jessica – Oh you bitch.

Frankie – I’m not the one who slept with my daughter’s boyfriend….

Jessica – …….. Not a nice way to talk to your idol..

Frankie – By the way… On the record… I look forward to your new book Ms Nash!. Off the record.. You’re a cunt, and you could never be my idol.

Jessica – You won’t get away with talking to me like this! I’ll make you pay!

Frankie – ………..That concludes our interview. Have a nice life Jessica.

Jessica – You think you can break me?! You can’t! I’m Jessica FUCKING Nash!

Frankie – Right…. but tell me something…………….Who are you when you’re alone?

Jessica – ………You’re going to be so sorry.

Frankie – The only thing I’m sorry for is every having you as one of my influences, And for your daughter… it must be a real bitch to have a mother like you. I pray for you, because the day she finds out the monster you really are, is the day that you will truly be humbled.

Jessica – …………We’ll see about that.

I really wanted to hold it all in, but its not right that she did that to my sister, to her own daughter! And to think.. Ivo is trying to be there for this broken woman, he’s putting himself in a corner because he’s scared she’d kill his career or worse…….kill herself. Its a messed up situation, and she needed to be called out. She think’s she’s a god, that she can walk on water, and we’re all living in her world. Newsflash Jessica… you’re fucked up just like the rest of us, only in your case you have no reason to be.

(POV Kaori)

What a day what a day. I’m still not over the sister thing…. its crazy right? but I think for me to be angry about it would be wrong…. Angry or not though, I feel like this is going to bother me for a while. Sooner or later I’ll get over it though.

Hope – I’m starving!

Dylan – Sorry JoJo… she’s trying to pick what she wants. She’s having cravings…


Joanna – You’re pregnant?

Hope – …………

Ha! that bitch is pregnant? Stupid Dylan.. totally downgraded from Jarrah- who I’m still mad at… can’t believe she fucked Keegan. It was a long time ago but still….. but you know what? I think I’d be more mad if I had a shot with Keegan, which clearly I don’t. So I’m sorta over it…. Jarrah filled her bowl with Keegan’s banana.. Oh fucking well….

Dylan – Which ones are made fresh?

Joanna – Trey just made those right there before he left for class…

Hope – I want two of those!

Dylan – Give me two of those over there and for me I’ll take a chocolate cupcake.

Joanna – For here or to go?

Dylan – *looks at Hope*

Hope – For here.

Ah, I just missed Trey it seems. Its pretty cool that he works here. I swear…. I don’t know why I have such an issue with him. Maybe its because – actually I got nothing. I’m just a bitch to him… I could be friends with him I guess….. I don’t know. Another thought for another day I guess. Fuck this Donut is warm still, I cannot wait to eat it..

Kaori – Mmmm Chocolate….

??? – Oh sorry didn’t see you there.

Kaori – Its fine.

??? – Is it crowded in there?

Kaori – Nope, not at all.

??? – Are those fresh? Oh my god my nutritionist is going to kill me…

Kaori – Yeah they’re fresh out the oven.

??? – Okay, thanks- Cool pants by the way.

Kaori – Thank! My bestfriend bought them for me a month ago. She said she saw them and they just screamed “Kay”

??? – Aww how nice. You’re name is Kay? or is that short for something?

Kaori – Its short for Kaori.

??? – I don’t know why that name is vaguely family to me.

Kaori – And you are?

??? – I’m Sasha Nirav.

Kaori – Why do you have a Indian last name? You look white.

Sasha – I’m married to an Indian man. Do you happen to go to G.C.U.?

Kaori – I do.

Sasha – My daughter goes there, her name is Mahlia.

Kaori – That’s your daughter?! Ah… cool. Yeah I know of her, can’t say we’ve really spoken alot.

Sasha – You’re not in the sorority are you?

Kaori – Nope.

Sasha – I see… So what are you studying?

Kaori – Life… I haven’t picked a major yet so… umm.. what do you do? I mean you’re filthy rich from marrying that Indian prince or whatever so-

Sasha – I have my own advertising agency. Yeah.. you’ve probably seen alot of the stuff I’ve had a hand in on tv..

Kaori – What’s something you’ve done?

Fuck I murdered that donut.. she must think I’m a greedy bitch… I should go back in and get another one…

Sasha – Umm…. lets see…. Oh! You know that commercial for that new headphones? those- umm what are they called-

Kaori – Masterbeation Which is such an obnoxious and not even clever name…

Sasha – Hey I just advertise, I don’t create or name the products… but yes.. that commercial.. with the dog and-

Kaori – The ridiculousness dubstep.. Yeah I fucking hate that commercial.

Sasha – You didn’t like that one? I thought people your age loved Dubstep?

Kaori – It was cool.. but then Britney Spears, Rihanna, and a shitload of others started doing it and.. just.. no. It got too mainstream.

Sasha – I see

Kaori – AND The whole dog and cat thing.. just.. stupid- no offense.

Sasha – None taken… heh.. maybe I should have my street team hang around G.C.U. so I could be more current… If you don’t mind me asking… what would you have done for the product?

Kaori – Umm………….. well for one.. if you’re going to name a product something that sounds like masturbation.. you may as well just go all out with the advertising.  Music wise I probably would have went with some indie rock, or something old like Guns and Roses. People my age love to pretend that they love that shit. Fucking hipsters…. Then I would have maybe had a split screen… a man and a woman.. both walking to their bedrooms. Seemingly reaching for something.. make it real sexual

Sasha – I see… go on.

Kaori – So the man reaches for tissue or something.. and the woman goes into her “naughty drawer” The guy ends up using the tissue to clean his headphones, and the woman pulls out batteries for her headphones. Then have some overly sexual female voice say “Everyone does it…. Masterbeation.. the music never felt so good…”

Sasha – …………

Kaori – ……..I mean.. maybe its too dirty but-

Sasha – No… I actually really like it… Hmm…

Kaori – What?

Sasha – I’ve been back for maybe a month, and I plan on staying for….. unforeseen reasons.

Kaori – …..

Sasha – I plan on living here. I just opened a new office….. You should come by.

Kaori – I’m not a lesbian, and I’m not into cougars so….

Sasha – *laugh* Oh my goodness… No… I’m offering you an internship.

Kaori – What?

Sasha – I like your energy, I like your ideas. Come intern at my agency, and we’ll see if you can handle it. Then maybe…. I’ll offer you a job.

Kaori – ……..Me? working at an advertising agency? That’s rich… that’s- My dad would just laugh…

Sasha – What about you? what do you want?

Kaori – …..

Sasha – This may sound invasive but… what are your parents names?

Kaori – Why?

Sasha – Because I’m thinking I know them.. you look like… them… Is it Vince and Kokoro?

Kaori – Yeah? You know my parents?

Sasha – Knew them… when I left for India years ago.. I found myself, and a husband. I was back and forth between there and here for my mother, and I lost touch with everyone. I should give them a ring.. especially since I’ll be staying here permanently.

Kaori – I see…

Sasha – I can tell you’re not sure if this is something you’re cut out for, but believe me… you are. So here.. take my card. Think it over, and then decide.

Kaori – ……Okay…

Sasha – You’re so apprehensive.. that’s adorable.

Kaori – I just don’t know if this is something for me.

Sasha – I was you once… I went through alot of crap to get where I am today… Trust me.. you never know what you’re capable of until you put yourself out there.

Kaori – I guess that’s sorta true…. I don’t know..

Sasha – Well no pressure.

Kaori – *smiles* I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible I guess…

Sasha – No.. just take your time. I’m still working out the kinks in the new building so… don’t worry, I’m not asking you to start in the morning… It will be a few weeks or so.. maybe a month. I just want you there. You can really make something of yourself, you seem very bright.

Kaori – *smiles* Thanks……. and I’ll think it over…

Sasha – Cool! Oh and don’t tell your parents.. I want to contact them on my own time.

Kaori – I understand.

Sasha – Its nice that they’re still together…

Kaori – They’re divorced actually.

Sasha – Oh………….guess nobody’s marriage is lasting these days…….

Kaori – Have a nice evening Sasha.

Sasha – You too Kaori.

What the hell? I go out for a donut and some older lady with killer legs might I add- offers me a job? Well moreso an internship. This is so out of left field . Like I really know how to market and advertise anything. Though……… now that I think about it. Frankie has always said that I’m good at convincing people of things. That I could- and I quote “Sell a bible to an atheist” Then also… I had alot of ideas about expanding the Lucky Dragon when I worked there…….. Oh my god… Did I just find some sort of direction in life?

(POV Frankie)

I decided to go talk to Ivo after everything that had happened with Jessica. Apparently he’s staying in GloCity for now and not with Jessica. House sitting for his mother. I guess that’s cool.. but all that aside I really needed to talk to him.

Frankie – Ivo? Are you here? Its Frankie?…….

Ivo – Down here!

Frankie – Where is here exactly?

Ivo – In the hottub.

Frankie – Umm… okay.

Ivo – Just come down the stairs and make a right… can’t miss me.

My sister told me to stay away from Ivo.. I don’t know why. She keeps in contact with him via text and e-mail so why is it bad for me to be friends with him? besides he’s a fellow writer… and he’s Kay’s older brother.. he can’t be that bad.

Ivo – Hey

Frankie –  Hi I- *turns around* Oh my god!

Ivo – What?

Frankie – I just saw- Oh my god!

Ivo – What’s wrong?

Frankie – I just saw your- your…

Ivo – Penis? Cock? Dick? Pecker? Snake?

Frankie – What the hell Ivo.. that was way more than I wanted to see of you.

Ivo – Don’t worry I have a towel on now.

Frankie – You should have warned me.

Ivo – My apologies my fair lady.

Frankie – ……

Ivo – So what’s up?

Frankie – You apparently!

Ivo – Wow… you must have really caught a glimpse to notice that eh?

Frankie – Shut up Ivo.. god you’re such a… such a-

Ivo – Man? *laugh*

Frankie – Are you sure you have a towel on now? I don’t want to turn around and see you swinging about.

Ivo – I promise.

Ivo – I went to the gym today after talking to Kay and My Parents.

Frankie – Yeah… she called me.. she said it went well.

Ivo – I know she told you…

Frankie – Know she told me………..what exactly?

Ivo – You two are bestfriends.. I know she told you. She can trust you.

Frankie – About…. her

Ivo – Yes… about… her

Frankie – Kaori seems fine about it…… but… how are you?

Ivo – I’m indifferent….

Frankie – You know you can’t try and find her right?

Ivo – I know… I’m gonna let it go.. but-

Frankie – Its still fresh so.. I get it….. We can talk about it if you want.

Ivo – That’s sweet of you… but I beat up a punching bag at Josh’s Gym.. so I’m okay…. body sore but eh..

Frankie – That explains the hottub….

Ivo – That and I like being naked.

Frankie – You just had to throw that in there huh? and the conversation was going so well.

Ivo – I do it because I know it bothers you… plus you know… I kinda do this thing where I throw jokes in when I’m uncomfortable with shit…. shit that I just bury cause I don’t feel like dealing with.

Frankie – Well its a good thing you’re quasi funny…

Ivo – Oh you should have seen me when my ex cheated on me. I was a regular comedian.

Frankie – …..

Ivo – Anyway you came to talk about something. What’s up?

Frankie – Have-

Ivo – And don’t say me.. cause the swelling has gone down- Sorry.. that was the last joke.. I swear.

Frankie – Have you heard from Jessica?

Ivo – Yeah- well sorta…. I actually texted her and told her I was housesitting for my mom and expected her to throw a tantrum about me not being by her side- but she didn’t, instead she gave me a simple “That’s fine, I have to be in C-City for the movie anyway.” Usually her text messages are like paragraphs. I assumed she was mad about something…

Frankie – She didn’t say anything about the interview?

Ivo – Shit, that was today?

Frankie – It was… and I sorta…. put her in her place.

Ivo – What? why?

I told Ivo about everything that was said… and I waited for him to tell me I was wrong… but…

Frankie – So…. was I wrong?

Ivo – No.

Frankie – What?

Ivo – You’re very passionate about things, you know right and wrong.

 Frankie – I know but.. even though she was being a bitch, I still feel bad….

Ivo – That’s what makes you you.

Frankie – How do you feel about it?

Ivo – I feel like after today little things don’t matter. I got my family… Jessica doesn’t matter. I’m so sick and tired of saving her.. she needs a therapist or her friends… That may sound harsh but… I’m always writing, and then with her. I want to live my life, and not be her babysitter you know?

Frankie – Yeah… I guess I never really thought about your sanity being at risk…

Frankie – How come you don’t seem surprised about what she did to her daughter?

Ivo – Because I’m not. She told me her daughter had a roommate named Annie who slept with her boyfriend.

Frankie – Andi didn’t tell you….

Ivo – No…. but you just did.

Frankie – …….

Ivo – I won’t say anything to your sister… I trust you, you trust me. Right?

Frankie – ……Right.

Ivo – Jessica needed to hear those things… It is what it is… I’m sick of being her sex toy… her emotional support. Especially when A: I don’t like her like that and B: She’s been dishonest about alot of things.

Frankie – ……I feel sorry for her.

Ivo – Don’t…. I assumed something was off- that she was suppressing feelings about a past event in her life. Guess she’s always liked younger guys eh?

Frankie – I guess so….

Ivo – Jokes….

Frankie – …yeah…. Like what could possibly have made her be this evil?

Ivo – Nothing… she’s told me that while her and her Grandma weren’t close.. that her life wasn’t so bad. That occasionally she thought about her parents but it was nothing too harsh. Lets just face facts. Some people are just bad news.

Frankie – Maybe she’ll finally let you go now?

Ivo – ……. Maybe

Frankie – You could be free! you can date whoever you want and-

Ivo – Do you want me to be free?

Frankie – Of course!

Ivo – For me?….. or… for you?

Frankie – What?

Ivo – Can we just be honest here?

Frankie – About what exactly?

Ivo – Nevermind…

Frankie – …… What do you want me to say Ivo?

Ivo – That there’s chemistry here. You know it, I know it.

Frankie – ……….

Ivo – I just thought- I thought that once you knew the truth and your sister and I, that you wouldn’t look at me with disgust anymore.

Frankie – I don’t think of you that way…

Ivo – How do you think of me?

Frankie – …….

Ivo – Are you scared to be honest about your feelings for me?

Frankie – Oh so now I’m in denial Dr McDonald?

Ivo – Well I mean how else do you explain the manifestation of this disallowance here?

Frankie – ……*sigh* Its getting really late… and I need to- I have class early… so… I’ll call you..

Ivo – …….Aright.

Frankie – Just… make sure Jessica doesn’t feel alone. I don’t know why but… I always want to believe people aren’t that screwed up.

Ivo – ……Maybe we all are though.

Frankie – Maybe…

Ivo – Goodnight…

Frankie – Nite’

Frankie – What a stressful day….

Ivo – *Thinking* ……. You know… I’m lonely… and I shouldn’t try and force anything here.. so I’m sorry. Clearly the hottub has boiled my manners. Its making me crazy.

Frankie – Its…… okay.

Ivo – You’re probably with someone right now anyway…

Frankie – …..Yes.

Ivo – Of course…

Frankie – The next time I come over.. please be dressed Ivo… 

Ivo – You’re coming back?

Frankie – We can’t be friends?

Ivo – ……We can. I’m just-

Frankie – FYI… there is chemistry here… That’s some piece of mind.. so that you know you’re not crazy.

Ivo – …..*Smile* Thanks for that.

Frankie – …. Okay.. I’m going to go before this gets even more awkward.

Ivo – Yeah… Goodnight again.

Frankie – Goodnight Ivo.

Ivo – Wait!…. 

Frankie – Yes?

Ivo – I just want to put it out there…… I like you… alot- but I’ll respect your relationship or whatever, and I appreciate you wanting to be my friend.

Frankie – Good to know….

Ivo – Okay… for the third and last time… Nite’

Frankie – Bye…. and umm… try relaxing… its been a long day….

This is the thing…. Ivo is charming as hell, but something about him scares me, which also attracts me to him at the same time. Maybe this is what Andi meant by stay away from him. Also… something I didn’t consider… his feelings in all of this. He’s stuck being Jessica’s 911 call. He has to put aside his life to make sure she stays sane. He deserves a life, and I- Its just messed up. Jessica messes up everyone’s life.

She’s a tyrant, and she really needs help. The things she’s done, and the things she’s currently doing. They’re not right, and the fact that she doesn’t see this is troubling. Is she really just a bad person? because at this point I have nothing, no reason for any of it. You hear about these people but you never really think you’ll meet one….. I hope her daughter is a strong girl because with a mother like her… she makes Mira look like mom of the year- well maybe not but.. you know what I’m saying

By the way… Ivy still hasn’t called me or text me….. Kalia either… I guess they’re still together…. I’m not the jealous type but honestly I don’t trust Kalia anymore. I feel played. Either I’m overreacting or she’s trying to get Ivy back. This is what happens when you’re nice to people. They try and fuck you over… everytime. Ugh I need some sleep. Hopefully when I get back to the campus Ivy is home…

(POV Kaori)

So….. I went to see a movie… alone. I’ve never done that before. I did it because I realized that sometimes its okay to be alone. I’m usually the type to always want people around. Being alone to me means listing every single thing I hate about myself- but lets get one thing understood. I think I’m fucking awesome, I know I’m a sexy bitch too. I just… I have alot of insecurities when it comes to where I am in life, and who I aspire to be….

??? – You just ruin everything!

??? – Stop it!

Can those people shut the fuck up? I’m trying to have some inner thoughts here… anyway. I think maybe I’ll take Sasha’s offer… the more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe I should just throw myself out there. I can test the waters and if it doesn’t workout.. I’ll just be a groupie for Byron…. *laugh* Speaking of which. He’s text me a few times today.. just to say he’s thinking of me. Its weird… but little stuff like that makes me feel good.

??? – All you had to do was run!

??? – That’s stealing!

Okay seriously… could they be any louder? …….Where was I- Oh yeah.. Byron. Yeah… I really like him, and I’ve already explained earlier how new, and scary this is for me. Maybe its what I need though…. Goodness…. I really like him…. and I-

??? – I should slap you!

??? – Stop it mommy!

Okay… that’s not good…

Kaori – Is everything okay?

Zoe – She wants to hurt me because I wouldn’t steal!

Lauren – You little piece of shit!

Kaori – Hey! don’t talk to your daughter that way!

What is with people today?

Lauren – We almost had dinner!

Zoe – I was scared!

Kaori – Why are you making your daughter steal?

Lauren – We were kicked out of our place!

Kaori – I’m sorry…

Lauren – Save your pity!

Kaori – …….I’m just trying to help.

Zoe – …….

Lauren – Life is fucking hard okay? my ex boyfriend is a piece of shit!

Zoe – He was mean…

Lauren – You were disrespectful!

Zoe – I just wanted help with my homework.

Kaori – ……..

Lauren – We have no food! no money! This shit is not okay! I’m sick of it!.

Zoe – But you blame me for it all mommy…

Lauren – You’re ungrateful and you mess everything up for me!

Zoe – ………..

Lauren – Before I had you I was beautiful! my life was good! you ruined everything!

Kaori – Hey stop that! You’re the adult here, don’t blame your shortcomings on her!

Lauren – We’re starving!

Kaori – Hold on… I still have something leftover from earlier.

Lauren – Give it to her…. I just need 20 bucks….

Kaori – …… okay.. fine. *hands her 20 dollars*

Lauren – ……Thanks…… I’m Lauren by the way.

Kaori – I’ll be right back…. I have something for your daughter.

Kaori – *comes back* Here.. you can have this muffin..

Zoe – Thank you.

Kaori – Where did your mom go?

Zoe – She said she was going to buy us food…..

Kaori – Oh….

Zoe – She’s probably going to buy drugs….

Kaori – What?

Zoe – She does crack rocks.

Kaori – How do you know what that is?

Zoe – Because I’ve seen her and men do it…

Kaori – That’s terrible.

Zoe – …….

I can’t believe I just gave that bitch money to go get high…. 

Zoe – I’m Zoe… what’s your name?

Kaori – I’m Kaori… but everyone calls me Kay

Zoe – *smiles* Thanks for the muffin. I haven’t had food in a few days.

Kaori – *smiles* You’re welcomed Zoe.. If I gave you more money… do you think you could hide it from your mother? maybe keep it for when you’re hungry again?

Zoe – No… she’s hit me…

Kaori – ……. Do you have any relatives?

Zoe – My mom says everyone is dead to her. Whatever that means.

Kaori – Hmm….

15 minutes later

Kaori – So… do you like school?

Zoe – Yeah… but I haven’t been in a few weeks…

Kaori – I’m so sorry that things aren’t so good right now…

Zoe – Are you a model Kaori?

Kaori – No….

Zoe – You look like girls in the pictures my mom’s boyfriend looks at. The naked ones….

Kaori – Umm….

Zoe – Your pants are sparkly

Kaori – You like them?

Zoe – They’re pretty. Is it glitter?

Kaori – I’m not sure what they’re made of..

Zoe – I hope I look like you when I’m older

Kaori – Awww

Zoe – Do you have boyfriends?

Kaori – No… well I like a certain guy but…

Zoe – He likes you too?

Kaori – Yes…

Zoe – Gonna get married?

Kaori – *laugh* You ask alot of questions

Zoe – I never talk to anyone other than my mommy…

Kaori – … So should we wait here for her to come back?

Zoe – I don’t think she’s coming back…..

Kaori – …….Umm…

Zoe – Please don’t take me to foster care

Kaori – How do you know about that?

Zoe – Mommy would threaten to take me there when she was angry after crack rock.

Kaori – …… Umm…

What the fuck do I do? What if I take her somewhere and then the crazy mother comes back and accuse me of kidnapping?…. Should I go to the police? No…. they’d put her in the foster care system. What should I do…. fuck fuck fuck. I’ll call my mom- oh wait she left with George- I guess I’ll call Dad and Victoria. This little girl seems to have been through alot. I’m sure she could use a warm meal and bed… I just hope I’m doing the right thing….

~*End of Chapter Six Pt 1 | Pt 2 is Next*~


  1. w00000t! Another good one! Poor little Zoe; her mom sounds like a real loser. I wonder what Kaori’s going to do. If it were me I’d take the kid and keep her far away from Lauren :D. On another note, I loved the opening scene with Kaori and Byron <3. They have great chemistry. He's a lot more subdued while Kaori is a firecracker XD. As they say, opposites attract! And Kalia makes me nervous. I don't like how she jumped in to comfort Ivy. That's Frankie's woman; back off!!! I'm looking forward to the next one!

    1. Took a week off lol.. but now I’m back 🙂

      Yeah… what will happen to little Zoe? well you won’t have to wait to find out.. you actually find out in Keegan|Jeep’s POV (Which is the one I’m writing now)

      I’m glad you loved the opening scene, I loved it too! I love seeing Byron and Kaori together.. they’re so different but its cute.. sorta a tug-of-war type situation but cute…

      Kalia is just…. lol… very disrespectful….

      Stay Tuned! Thanks for commenting/reading ♥

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