BoysNGirls : Chapter Five | Pt. 3 “Access Denied”

Chapter Five | Pt. 3 “Access Denied”

-POV’s : Trey & Jarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Trey)

Just look at her….. so angelic.. and beautiful. That’s my friend, a loyal friend who dated me until I was ready to come out of the closet, who has always had my back. I’ve realized that me being mad at her is- well was so petty. Its time I fixed things with my boo, and just let things be. As far as I’m concerned its over and done with. Keegan took Jarrah to pound town and its ancient history. The six of us are very different, and we all have unique relationships with one another. It is what it is.

Trey – Jarrah?

Jarrah – ??? Yes?- Oh Trey! Hi!

Jarrah – I’m so sorry for everything Trey…

Trey – Don’t bother, its water under the bridge. I guess I was just angry that you didn’t trust me enough to tell me.

Jarrah – I-

Trey- BUT………….. when I think about how I reacted…. I can see why you were scared to tell me.

Jarrah – I still should have- it actually should have never happened.

Trey – True.. but we can’t control who we’re in love with.

Jarrah – …..I don’t- Well… Keegan fills a spot-

Trey – Your vagina.

Jarrah – Shut up!… no.. *laugh* I’ll always love him.. he just- I don’t know- I’m just not- Its very complicated because I’m still hurting over the Dylan thing.

Trey – You loved Dyl Pickle.. its a no brainer that you’re going to be upset.

Nobody ever really saw Jarrah and Dylan working- but they did.. they proved alot of people wrong. It does suck that things ended the way they did. I personally loved those two together. They were so wrong on paper but they made alot of sense when you saw them together…. Every moment I ever saw between them was romantic. She even picked his nose… now that’s love.

Totes irrelevant to the topic at hand, but I just realized Ivy was over there. She and I have such a strange relationship. I guess we’re sorta related in a weird way- but not really. She’s Tyler’s half sister- they have the same mother. Briana- who can’t seem to get her shit together. Tyler and Ivy never really had that sibling bond. Sometimes I feel guilty about that. Tyler is my half brother and we share not only a dad, but a special bond. We’re super close- and I feel like I’ve in a way taken that from Ivy… *sigh* That’s a conversation for another time I guess… back to Jar-Jar..

Jarrah – You know me.. I tend to just bottle things up, and then explode later.

Trey – Right, which is why I think its good that you admit that you’re hurt still.

Jarrah – I’m hurt by alot of things right now. Home, personal-

Trey – What’s going on at home?- wait.. did things not get better since the last time we spoke?

Jarrah – Umm no.. they didn’t. Mom’s bar closed down.

Trey – I’m sorry….

Jarrah – Turns out… Micah really came home to help out. All this time I thought it was because he just missed it here- but it makes sense that he’d come home.. and help.

Trey – Yeah.

Jarrah – I’m working hard too.. trying to pay for school, and help at home…. Anyway.. next subject.

Trey – I’m sorry you’ve been so alone.

Jarrah – I actually haven’t

Trey – Oh?

Jarrah – Remember the guy Collin I told you about?

Trey – Yes

Jarrah – Well he and I have been hanging out alot. We’re really good friends.

Trey – Does he know that?

Jarrah – What do you mean?

Trey – Does he know its only a friendship and nothing more?

Jarrah – Umm- I think so.

Trey – You never know

Jarrah – Oh… I know what you’re getting at- speaking of which.. did you notice Nick was here?

Trey – I saw him on my way in.

Jarrah – I saw him talking to some girl on the phone.. sounds like they’re going to hookup later.

Trey – Whatever… he’s not talking to me.

Jarrah – Why? because you won’t give him the golden ticket anymore?

Trey – That and because I’m with King of- well.. Aries.

Jarrah – I think you guys are so cute- It was funny seeing you two at the hospital..

Trey – Its hard….

Jarrah – You guys will get through the awkwardness. The relationship is new, you know? Also you have the tendency to self sabotage babe… lets not do that…

Trey – True… You’re right….

Jarrah – And to back track a little bit- I only see Collin as a friend. Nothing more, but just incase he doesn’t see it that way.. I’ll make sure to bring it up the next time we hang out.

Trey – How come you haven’t introduced us to him?

Jarrah – Oh that was the plan.. and then everything happened with Keegan… and yeah.

Trey – Noted.

Jarrah – So what’s new with you?… anything you-

Trey – Well I’ve just been happy with *whispers* Aries.. that’s about it….

Jarrah – I see… well I’m happy to hear that.

Goodness Trey… just tell her….

Trey – There………is something else…. something I been wanting to tell you.

Jarrah – What?

Trey – So….  like 3-4 weeks ago.. I was walking to my dorm room.. and I saw Rubi

Jarrah – Why was she on the boys side?

Trey – I caught her with Darell..

Jarrah – He-

Trey – You can’t say anything.

Jarrah – I already knew about her and Darell.. Kaori told Keegan and I that she saw them sneaking somewhere… 

Trey – Don’t tell Portia! I can get hurt.

Jarrah – What do you mean get hurt?

Trey – Harrison and Darell… they attacked me.

Jarrah – What?

Trey – Well Harrison just told me he’d beat me up- but Darell choked me against the wall and said I’d end up in a ditch somewhere if anyone found out.

Jarrah – That is such crap! I want to do something- I want to talk to Harrison- I know he’s not a bad guy… he-

Trey – Harrison called me earlier.. he wanted to tell Jeep about everything, and to make amends with me. That’s when he found Jeep on the floor…

Jarrah – You talked to him on the phone?

Trey – Well he called but I sent him straight to voicemail.. I don’t want to talk to him to be honest…

Jarrah – Oh… that makes sense.

Trey – Yeah….

Jarrah – You must not feel very safe on campus which sucks… I-

Trey – Nick knows.. he sorta protected me against them last week…

Jarrah – I’m sorry boo…

Trey – Its okay-

Jarrah – No… its not okay. You didn’t leave High School for more bullying in college. That’s not okay Trey.

Trey – I know- but what can I do? If I throw a punch.. I’ll get knocked the fuck out. Then what?…

Jarrah – I know I know… 

Trey – Oh shit what time is it?

Jarrah – Its 12:40

Trey – Shit.. I gotta go. Meeting with my counselor

Jarrah – Okay… I should get going too. I don’t want to be late for work.


Trey – Love you.

Jarrah – Love you too babe. 

Well I’m happy that went well. Also It felt good to tell her about Darell and Rubi… now If I do end up dead atleast she’ll know who’s to blame.

Nick – *laugh* What the fuck at this chapter…

Ugh…. I hate this. He’s right over there acting like nothing has happened, like we were never friends. When in fact we were close friends. We went to see Kanye West in concert, we dyed out hair blonde together- though I’ve since changed back to my natural color- and we….  fuck.. sex really fucks things up. We should have never hooked up. I just want my friend back…


{“Hey cutie… Can you come over to my parents house later like in the next 2 hrs or so? I got a class so that should give you time” – Aries}

Aww…. So cute! let me text him back.

{“Yeah I can come over… I just have something to take care of and I’ll meet you there in about 1hr and 30?” – Trey}

{“Okay works for me…. we’re…..going to have…. fun… if you want… lol.. yeah.. see you then” – Aries}

{“LoL…. I see… well alright… we can. See you soon.”}

So I guess I’m getting taken to pound town later…. hmm… Cool. *laugh* Anyway… time to walk out of here all awkward… See you guys later.

(POV Jarrah)

So after talking to Trey, I grabbed a cup of coffee and go to work…. to see Alana…. Yeah I’m a little confused as well.

Alana – Why the fuck are you looking at me?

Jarrah – I’m sorry- I’m just confused as to why you’re sitting in Morgan’s old desk.

Alana – Well she got fired remember?….. and because of us getting caught stealing that dress.. I’m forced to work here until My mother finds a replacement.

Jarrah – Oh…

Alana – Why do you say Oh like that?

Jarrah – Like what?

Alana – With subtext

Jarrah – I just didn’t think you’d wanna-

Alana – What part of “forced to work here” don’t you understand? Either I work here, or my mother presses charges.

Jarrah – Oh… okay. Sorry I bothered you.

Alana – Mmm hmm…

Jarrah – ……… *eyeroll*

Alana – Roll your eyes at me again and I’ll slap the shit out of you. I am not Morgan sweetheart.

Jarrah – *sigh* I won’t be bullied at work. So if you want to try and slap me Alana?, prepare to get backhanded right in that face of yours… Oh and have a good day.

Alana – Oh so the nerd bites back.

Jarrah – I’m not going to do this with you everyday.. I’ll just stay out of your way… 

Alana – Good… Your face is annoying.

Like I really wanna work in an hostile environment. I’d rather have Morgan sniffing cocaine at her desk than have to deal with Alana. She’s always been a bitch, and nothing has changed obviously. Oh and not that I’m saying Morgan does coke.. I’m just saying.. I’d rather have to deal with something like that, than Alana being here acting like the big bad wolf.

[Ring Ring Ring] 

Alana – *answers phone* V-Glam how the FUCK may I help you?- Oh… Hi Morgan. Yeah… you failed to tell me how annoying Jarrah can be. Oh by the way… you left a unicorn sticker in your desk… Its so stupid looking. Yes yes I’ll be there to help you pack.. can’t believe you’re going back home to your fat mom- I mean I guess its cool because you can help her walk and stuff. *smiles*

Oh my god… see… look how she answered the phone. So rude, and I’m not annoying! She’s the annoying bitchy one. I don’t get how Morgan and her are friends. Also I really want to slap my cousin Sebastian. He totally downgraded. He went from Frankie to Alana. Sure Alana has huge double D boobs but… Frankie was better in every way if you ask me- atleast her boobs are real.

Alana – Look Morgan.. all jokes aside.. I will miss you… You were my little project. I mean sure you annoyed me but like.. You were this little sheltered girl that I wanted to expose to new things. I just hope you’re not staying home for too long. I know it takes time though.

Hmm.. well looks like she boob monster is human after all.

Alana – You do have that obese whale Shamu to train though so it might take a while- Oh my god don’t get offended.. you know your mom is fat.

Spoke too soon…. Let me get to the meeting. I feel so apart of things nowadays. Victoria really seems to like me and my work ethic.

So in the meeting was Victoria of course, Joined by (to my right, your left) Lola Collin, Alec Masters, and Sobe Winters. Three models represented by Bennett|Hall Modeling Agency Which is obviously the company founded- and run by Trey’s mom, and Keegan’s dad. And of course we have GG, who is Victoria’s right hand man.

Sobe – GG, I love what I’ve seen in the new collection. Its amazing.

GG – Why thank you Sobe. I just love collaborating with Ms Grace and coming up with new pieces.

Jarrah – Your 2pm is now 3:50. She’s running late.

Victoria – Okay thanks Jarrah.

Alec – Wait.. you’re not a model?

Jarrah – Who?! Me?!

Alec – Yeah.

Jarrah – No no no.. I’m a behind the scenes kinda girl. I’m Victoria’s receptionist- slash assistant- slash coffee grabber- slash whatever else she needs *laugh*

Lola – Hmm, well you’re stunning.

Jarrah – Oh thanks- wow… coming from a model that’s… wow.. thanks *turns red*

Victoria – Jarrah don’t sell yourself short. You’re very important to me, and for my vision for the future of this company.

Wow…. did she really just say that.

Jarrah – *smiles*

Alec – So I assume working here you have no time for a…. boyfriend?

Jarrah – Umm..

Sobe – Lay off Alec, you run through more women that tampons.

Alec – My reputation isn’t all true Sobe.

Lola – Oh god here they go.

Jarrah – I squeeze everything in.. I had a boyfriend, I go to school-

GG – Jarrah goes to G.C.U.

Lola – You attend G.C.U.??

Jarrah – Yep.

Lola – Ha….

Jarrah – What?

Lola – Oh its just that… I have a cousin that goes there….

Jarrah – Oh cool. What’s his-her name?

Lola – Rubi Larter.

Jarrah – Really?

Lola – I’m a bit on the pale side, but yes.. Rubi’s father is my uncle…

Jarrah – Nice.

Lola – Do you two get along?

Jarrah – We actually live in the same Sorority House

Lola – Rubi?……in a Sorority House? Hmm….

Jarrah – Why do you seem so surprised? She said she was popular back home so-

Lola – Popular?….. Oh… okay. Sure she was *laugh*

That’s just further proof about how fraudulent Rubi is… I knew it

Jarrah – Hmm..

Lola – I’m not trying to be mean but Rubi is just… well if you live with her, then I’ll assume you’re aware of her… fallacies.

Jarrah – I’m aware…

Lola – She’s a sweet girl… somewhere deep in there is a sweet girl. Its just… well leave it to Rubi.. she was the first person to walk on the moon. She likes to be bigger than she is. We all like to.. I was a geek in High School, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go around and pump myself up like I was always this confident model. Truth be told I still have insecurities. I’m still that geek.. I’m just confident about it now.

Jarrah – I get it. I think that with Rubi, she came here and wanted to create a new persona for herself… instead of a fresh start… she sorta started retconing her life, and making it seem like she’s all these things she’s not.

Lola – Maybe she just needs a friend.

Yeah… slim chance of that happening….

Jarrah – Maybe.

Lola – Enough about her, Are you coming to France?

Jarrah – What?

Sobe – Are you coming GG?

GG – Oh no.. I’ll be here running things while Victoria is away.

Jarrah – France?

Alec – You’re coming right?

Lola – You didn’t tell her?

Victoria – That’s what I wanted to talk to you about Jarrah. I want you to come with us. I’m doing a fashion show, and I think it would be a good opportunity for you to come along with us, and learn more. Network and what not….

Jarrah – Is Alana coming?

Victoria – Hell no…. but I really want you there…

Jarrah – Umm…

Alec – How can you say no? I’ll be there.

Lola – Oh shut up Alec.. not everyone wants your penis.

Alec – You did…

Lola – That was one time.. and It wasn’t that great.

Alec – Lies… You were screaming loudly.

Lola – Pig….

Alec – You like it.

Lola – Anyway…. so Are you coming Jarrah?

Jarrah – Umm.. I want to but… that would mean I’d have to leave school for a month or so right?

Victoria – Correct, but! don’t decide now. Let me know next week…. we’re setting everything up currently, and if you decide you want to stay and focus on your studies then that’s fine too. But make no mistake about it, this is a fabulous opportunity.

Jarrah – Hmm…Yeah it is actually…. 

I guess its true.. this would be so big for my career. At the same time I do worry about putting it before my studies. I always think its important that I have a backup plan, and school is helping with that. Do I throw away a month of school and do this? or what? I mean my goal is to design anyway right? wouldn’t this be a step closer to showing Victoria my sketches, and Ideas? But school is also important to me… and then.. leaving my friends for a month.. that’s kinda scary… I don’t know what to do..

(POV Trey)

So…. That happened…. and it was amazing….. a 10 out of 10.

Aries – Oh cool, Hammer just text me and asked if I wanted to hangout. Weird…. maybe he finally thinks I’m cool.

Trey – Nice!

Aries – What a great day.

Trey – Yeah… i mean Big man on campus wants to hangout with you. That’s pretty fucking cool.

Aries – No, not that…. this. With you… It wasn’t just us having sex for the first time. Its what I’ve dreamed about.. Its what I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m happy we did it. Happy my folks are gone for the week… Happy I get this time with you.

Trey – *smile* I’m happy we have this time to ourselves too.

Aries – Wanna go again?

Trey – Maybe after we get some food in our bodies.

Aries – Maybe you’re right.. I’m a bit hungry.

Trey – Where did your parents go again?

Aries – To one of their hippie conventions- getaways- or whatever.

Trey – *laugh*

Aries – I’m glad I’m old enough to say no thanks, that and I have school so…

Trey – Ways out of it.

Aries – Exactly.

Trey – *smiles*

To be honest… I’m REALLY happy about this…. While its obvious that this is a good hiding spot.. its also showing me that he goes the extra mile to make sure we have romance, and sweet times together.

Aries – I’m gonna go downstairs and see what we have in the fridge.

Trey – You’re gonna cook?!

Aries – Umm… why do you want to?- of course you do.. its your thing.

Trey – I’ll be down in a little bit..

Aries – Okay.

35 minutes later

Totes fell asleep…

Aries – Finally you join me.

Trey – Sorry… didn’t know I’d fall asleep….

Aries – Its okay.. I found some ice cream..

Trey – *looks down* I- umm.. why didn’t you put any clothes on?

Aries – Nobody’s home?

Trey – Noted… wait what the fuck?

Aries – What?

Trey – Your pubes…. where are they?!

Aries – I came upstairs to check on you.. saw you sleeping so I just… got bored… isn’t the shave-smooth look in?

Trey – Eh.. I like it *laugh*

Aries – You found my mom’s robe.

Trey – This isn’t yours?

Aries – I’m not a fan of clothes babe.

Trey – Oh.. well Vanessa has nice taste-

Aries – Wrong mom, its Quinn’s

Trey – Oh.. well same thing. Nice robe….

Aries – Naked under there?

Trey – Yes….. I thought it was your robe… *laugh*

Aries – We should do it on the stairs. Wanna do it on the stairs?

Trey – ….Maybe- What did you find to eat?

Aries – Sausage…..*wink*

Trey – Oh my god Aries- I’m serious.. I’m hungry.

Oh my god.. his body…. like… he is everything honey… the messiah!…. focus focus.. you’re hungry.. not horny… well a little bit horny… 

Aries – Okay okay.. we’ll get some food…

Trey – What did you find? I just want to put something in my mouth.

Bad choice of words.

Aries – Umm…. Well… nuts?

Trey – Aries!

Aries – Oh no- not my balls……….I found nuts.. a bag of nuts in the fridge.

Trey – That’s all!?

Aries – And some Soymilk….

Trey – …. Dammit… we’ll have to go to the store- well.. one of us.

Since we can’t exactly be seen together…

Aries – We can just order a pizza?

Trey – Oh duh… that works for me.

Aries – You didn’t eat today?

Trey – No… I had an early class, then i went to talk to Jarrah, then went to meet with my counselor-

Aries – Why?

Trey – Why what?

Aries – Why did you go talk to your counselor?

Trey – Umm…. well… I talked to him about leaving G.C.U. and going to culinary school

Aries – Leaving?

Trey – That would make things easier for you wouldn’t it?

Aries – What?

Trey – That came out wrong… I just mean- I don’t know what I mean…..

Aries – I think I get it…. so wait… you’re leaving?

Trey – No.

Aries – Oh okay?

Trey – He told me not to, that it was a bad idea.

Aries – I agree….

Trey – He said that another student- Portia Davenport… she does both. Culinary School and G.C.U.

Aries – Oh and don’t forget the Sorority.

Trey – Exactly.

Aries – If she can do it so can you.

Trey – I know.. but…. yeah… I don’t know.. I haven’t really decided anything….

Aries – Why? scared of leaving me?

Trey – No…. yeah?… I don’t know…. I just- I’m used to my routines. The bakery, class… home, my friends.

Aries – Yeah but if changing your routine means starting your career as someone’s personal chef- or having a catering company, then don’t you think its worth it?

Trey – …..I guess you’re right.

Aries – Look….. just…. do whatever is right for you, and your future okay?

Trey – Wait- but I-

Aries – It will all work out. I’m going to be there with you no matter what.

Trey – Will you though?

Aries – What do you mean?

Trey – Hammer….The frat… you-

Aries – What about him?

Trey – Well he’s calling you, and wanting to hangout….

God I can slap myself.. I’m being such a dumbass.. like insecure much? Get it together Trey

Aries – Oh…..about that. So I called Hammer back to see what he’d wanna do, and turns out he didn’t really want to hangout-hangout.

Trey – Well what did he want?

Aries – Okay so.. Hammer and Byron were on good terms, but now I think Hammer is pissed at him.

Trey – Why?

Aries – Byron hasn’t officially left the frathouse yet, but he’s been acting strange. Hammer think’s he’s seeing my cousin.

Trey – Byron and Kaori?- I can ask him.. Byron and I are friends.

Aries – Well… you don’t have to do that. When I called Hammer- while you were power-napping. He told me he saw Miguel who told him that Byron and Kaori were hugging.

Trey – So… hugging doesn’t mean anything.

Aries – You and I both know Kaori doesn’t hug- or do mushy stuff with boys.

Trey – Oooooh true…

Aries – So yeah.. Hammer has his answer…. doesn’t need to “hangout” with me now…

Trey – I’m sorry…..

Aries – Its okay… I’ve been trying to get into that fraternity for a while. They don’t want a loser like me… Its obvious.

Trey – You’re not a loser… look at you… all of you. I mean wow.

Aries – I’m aware that I’m pretty much physical perfection but socially I can be a bit awkward- not to mention the science stuff, and environmental law talk. It doesn’t exactly go over smoothly with the rah rah lets drink beer and bang women group.

Trey – Why do you-

Aries – I just want that brotherhood… you wouldn’t understand.

Trey – Why because I’m gay and feminine??

Aries – That’s not what I mean- look.. can we just talk about this another time? This is our romantic time together, lets not ruin it with other stuff. Is that okay?

Trey – ….

Aries – Pretty please?…. with me on top?…………..of you? *laugh*

Trey – Okay… *smiles* Sorry I’m overreacting..

Aries – Its okay.

Trey – …..So how about that food?

Aries – Right!

Trey – Sooner you fill me up… the sooner you can………..fill me up *laugh*

Aries – Guess I better order that pizza then!

I’m such a girl…. stressed out about what if’s and here I am ready to spoil my meal with ice cream. Aries is great but what if he gets accepted into the frathouse. I surely won’t fit into his life then. I feel like if I decided to go to G.C.U. part-time and do culinary school.. that I’d make time for him, and my friends. It would be hard, but I would make it happen. Obviously this would all be easier if he were out. That way I could sit on his lap, or hug him and hangout with my friends.. all at once.

Life is clearly not that simple. If I ever meet any guys who are interested in dating a closeted guy.. I’ll let my cautionary tale persuade them to double think that decision. I obviously really like Aries, but this is proving harder than I thought. Its not just about him not coming out, its so much more than that….. ugh what’s wrong with me? Jarrah always told me I do this. When things are going good I sabotage it. Breathe and shut the fuck up Trey… He likes you.. you like him. Live in the now.

Aries – Trey?

Trey – Oh sorry- yeah?

Aries – Chicken and Pineapple okay?

Trey – Yep..

Aries – Red or White sauce?

Trey – Red.

Aries – Okay *smiles*

Trey – Aries?

Aries – Yes?

Trey – I really appreciate you…. I appreciate how you find ways for us to have moments like today. Just thought I’d let you know that.

Aries – *smiles* The stars aligned. Everything works out for us Trey. You just gotta believe it, and it will happen.

He’s right… believe it… and it will happen.

(POV Jarrah)

So… I get a text from Spirit saying it was an emergency sorority meeting. That sent a chill down my spine. Its been a crazy day. Class, Trey, work, class, and now here. I wonder what the hell happened. I already got so much on my mind.

Spirit – Thank you guys for coming.

Mahlia – No problem.

Amina – …….

Tyena – I was in the middle of a good book, but it can wait.

Rubi – ….Heh.

Joanna – I wasn’t doing anything so yeah…

Jarrah – Is everything okay?

Portia – Yeah… your text said urgent

Rubi – Why am I sitting alone- what the fuck?

Joanna – It just worked out that way…

Rubi – I see.

My stomach is in knots.. this doesn’t feel right… 

Spirit – First things first. I’ve invested in a tag maker. This way nobody can say that they didn’t see anyone’s name written on any specific item in the fridge.

Amina – Oh my god seriously? It was one time!

Jarrah – Yeah- I was angry but its okay.

Amina – Goodness.. I was drunk! I didn’t mean to eat Jarrah’s pasta.

Spirit – This will bring less arguments.. everyone will be assigned a labeler, and a specific color.

Tyena – You’ve actually ate my food before Amina so…. I think this is needed.

Amina – ……………..okay.

Spirit – Secondly.. a few of you have been slacking on the chores.. mainly you Joanna, and you too Mahlia.

Joanna – Sorry its work, and class.. I’ve been slacking.. I’ll take the workboard today to make up for it.

Jarrah – I’ll help Jojo with it- if it makes the house cleaner..

Joanna – Thanks Jarrah

Jarrah – *smiles*

Mahlia – Well I hate cleaning the pool.. can’t we just get some guy to do that for us? Some shirtless guy?

Spirit – No. *laugh*

Rubi – This is all? you said urgent so-

Spirit – That brings me to the third and most important part of this meeting.

Rubi – Oh good its almost over.. *stands up* I have a paper to-

Spirit – YOU! You’re the third thing that we need to discuss.

Rubi – Excuse me?!

Spirit – Rubi…. You’ve fought with everyone… you’re a pain in everyone’s butt.

Rubi – Umm.. I am not to blame for all of the drama.

Spirit – How do you explain the fight between you and Joanna? because everyone said you started it.

Rubi – I didn’t start that fight! the bitch wanted to square up so I squared up! I swung on that bitch!

Joanna – You swung first but I finished it!

Rubi – I will deflate you- you fat ass air balloon!

Joanna – Rubi don’t get knocked out again.. you are NOT about that life!

Spirit – Enough!

Well…. this is exciting to watch…

Portia – Rubi I’ve tried talking to you-

Rubi – I don’t like you, you don’t need to speak to me.. go talk to a plant.

Portia – …………..

Jarrah – That’s really rude and offensive Rubi!

Rubi – Jarrah… please okay? you know what’s offensive? you waking up at 5am putting your glasses on looking like a blind bat out of hell with your hair all fucked up!

Jarrah – I can’t see without them!

Rubi – So what is this? pick on Rubi day?! Cause I’m not here for that!

Spirit – I know… You’re too busy being here for Darell!

Portia – *gasp*

Joanna – O-Snap.

Jarrah – *mouth drop*

Rubi – Girl.. please… I don’t want Darell.. I’m with his bestfriend Harrison.

Portia – What are you talking about Spirit?

Spirit – I’m so sorry Portia… the woman Darell has been cheating on you with is Rubi…

Rubi – That is NOT fucking true!

Spirit – *clears throat and proceeds to act* It is true………..Harrison……..he…………*sigh* He came to me, and told me everything. He was emotionally drained from the betrayal… he wanted a clear conscious and thus it led to you being exposed Rubi. I know the truth.. don’t lie anymore.

Rubi – That fucker! Trey must have gotten to him!

Amina – What does my cousin have to do with this?

Rubi – That little bitch!

Tyena – This is some bullshit… I always knew she was shady. How do you do that to your Sorority sister?

Mahlia – Let alone roommate..

Tyena – She doesn’t care about anything or anyone but herself clearly..

Rubi – Oh go fuck a book Tyena.. boring ass bitch with your retarded brother! I only dated him so I could write a paper about Asperger Syndrome!!

Tyena – Don’t talk about TJ like that you bitch!

Amina – Rubi you need to chill with that retarded shit. We don’t use that word in here.

Rubi – Raccoon please.. instead of being in my business, why don’t you just go get white girl wasted, and suck some white cock like you always do!

Amina – Spirit I will knock her the fuck out…And so the fuck what if I like white men!?-

Mahlia – Why attack everyone Rubi? like grow up already.

Rubi – Grow up?! me?! Mahlia you think you’re sort of barbie. Bitch you ain’t no barbie! your daddy is in INDIA! he don’t give a shit bout chu ho!

Mahlia – My father loves me.. you’re just a pathetic fraudulent little girl. You lie about everything!

Spirit – You’re a very sad girl Rubi…

Rubi – Spirit… you can’t act your way out of a wet paper bag.. so.. lets not be delayed here. I’m more talented then all of you!

Spirit – I can’t act huh?………….well I just made up all of that about Harrison coming to me and needing a clear conscious. *smiles*

Mahlia – And the academy award goes to

Tyena & Amina – Spirit Harrington

Rubi – Fine! its true! I’m fucking Darell! he and I are in love! he’s going to leave you Portia and-

Portia – How dare you! *SLAP*

Rubi – *Get’s Slapped*

Portia – You were my roommate!

Jarrah – Guys I have something else to add..

Tyena – What could be worse than this?

Jarrah – Trey knew…

Amina – Say what now?

Mahlia – Trey knew about Rubi and Darell?

Jarrah – Yes… he caught them, and Darell and Ha-…….. Darell and Rubi threaten to hurt him physically if he told anyone.

Harrison deserves another chance.. I don’t want to throw him under the bus…

Joanna – They were going to hurt Trey?!

Portia – What?

Jarrah – Trey told me everything today.. I didn’t want to be the one to say anything.. I’m sorry Spirit- I’m sorry Portia.

Spirit – Trey’s life was in danger.. its understandable.

Rubi – *runs*

Oh My god….

Rubi – *crying* I’m so sorry… he said he loved me

Jarrah – Rubi… just.. just apologize and try-

Spirit – As head of the Sorority… I think I speak for all of my sisters when I say… You are not welcomed here anymore. Am I right girls?

Joanna – Yep

Jarrah – Uh-

Portia – Jarrah… she betrayed us.. she-

Jarrah – I- yeah… yeah she should go…

Ugh I hate being put in this position…

Tyena – You never really fit in here anyway Rubi… so good riddance.

Amina – Deuces cunt.

Mahlia – We’re a sisterhood.. and you’ve proven that you don’t want to be part of it. Its time you go.

Spirit – I liked you Rubi, I thought you had alot of potential to grow with us. I thought you were just trying to find your way. Never did I ever think you would do something like this, and to one of us…. I hate to say this but you have a week to pack your things, and find a place to go…. You’re officially kicked out of this Sorority.

Portia – Good! I trusted her! I can’t believe she’d do this to me! *crying*

Jarrah – I’m sorry guys, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say this…..

Spirit – No its okay Jarrah, everyone should be heard.

Jarrah – I think we should all sleep on this and take a vote.. to give her a second chance, or kick her out. Everyone deserves a second chance- but its understandable if you guys vote her out. I just think we should sleep on it before making any decisions. I know I may sound-

Joanna – Actually… I agree with Jarrah…even though I hate Rubi…

Tyena – ………….well…

Amina – She can go for all I care to be honest.

Mahlia – Me too… I want her gone.

Spirit – Okay… I actually agree with you Jarrah… we’ll vote.. but not tomorrow. You will get a week Rubi.. then we decide if we should give you a 2nd chance or not.

Rubi – *crying* Thank you… thank you so much…

Spirit – Don’t thank me.. thank Jarrah…

Rubi – …..Jarrah… thank you.. I- I’m sorry I hurt you all… *crying* He told me he loved me.. no guy has ever said- *crying* It doesn’t matter… 

If I’m being honest-… while Rubi knew what she was doing was wrong.. It has to be said that there was a little bit of manipulation on Darell’s part. Clearly he told Rubi that he loved her, and that he was leaving Portia… Its really messed up to take advantage of someone.. Rubi is not as tough as she claims to be… and clearly he saw that, and took advantage of her…

Amina – Whatever Rubi.. don’t take our kindness for weakness. Also if my cousin Trey gets hurt I swear to god I will have you arrested- you and Darell… My father is a cop- don’t test me.

Portia – I have nothing to say.. I want to switch rooms…

Spirit – We’ll figure that out later… for now you can sleep with me in my room Portia.

Portia – Thank you Spirit.

Rubi – I’m going to leave for a few hours…..

Tyena – Good.. you shouldn’t be here after everything you’ve done and said to us.

Mahlia – You should stay gone all night actually…

This was all too much… I needed to go out for air.. I needed to walk. I knew Rubi was evil, and deserved everything she got- but I hate seeing people ganged up on. Rubi is a terrible person, but she deserves a second chance. Under all of her cockiness lies a insecure girl I think… I don’t think voting her out would be the best thing for her. Hopefully I can persuade the girls into voting to keep her in the house… ugh. Too much drama… I have to get out of this house.

(POV Trey)

15 minutes after The Rubi Showdown

Incase you guys are wondering, no Aries and I didn’t fight again. We had great pizza, and great conversation……………..and great sex too. Then I got a call from the bakery and my boss asked me if I could fill in for someone who called in sick. I figured I could always use the money so why not. School isn’t cheap- and to be honest I love shopping for clothes. Oh and I want one of those ipads. Anyway.. Aries understood and said to come back to the house when I was done with work. Thats the plan, I only came back to the dorm to get my nametag, and keys, since I’m closing the bakery tonight.

After work I’ll come back here, grab some clothes, and drive my scooter back to Aries. Man…. its funny… Frankie, Kaori, and Keegan don’t know about Aries. Jeep and Jarrah are the only ones… I wish I could tell them all…. I want them to know I’m happy, that KingOfNowhere is real.. and I’m super into him. Blah.. *cell rings* Who’s calling me now…. it better not be work, I told them bitches to give me 20 minutes.

Ivy – *stares @ Trey*

Frankie – Oh my god… Ivy? did you see that?

Ivy – Huh? no what happened?

Frankie – The fratboys, they just pants Bryce… poor thing.. why are they picking on him.

Ivy – Its what fratboys do? I don’t know… I’ve never understood men.

Frankie – Oh my goodness you can see his penis.

Ivy – What penis? it looks like a wild mushroom from where I’m standing.

Frankie – Mean!…

Ivy – Sorry…

Frankie – What’s wrong?

Ivy – *looks @ Trey with sadness* ………..nothing- SO!… about we get some food and have a study session?

Frankie – Can’t.. have to grab my laptop out the room, and get to work. I have alot to look over before my interview with Jessica Nash.

Ivy – Oh yeah.. that’s right…

Frankie – Is that Trey?

Ivy – I think so… did you want to go say hi?

Frankie – Looks like he’s busy, on the phone.

Ivy – Ah…

So turns out it was Jarrah… telling me about everything that just went down with everyone’s favorite spoiled fraudulent brat Rubi Larter.. 

Jarrah – *On Phone* So yeah… just be careful okay? Your cousin Amina took up for you.. said her dad would arrest Rubi and Darell if anything happened to you…

Trey – Amina said that? wow.. not really that close to her- her or Kalia for that matter..

Jarrah – Well maybe you should bond with them more. Your mother, and their mother (Eboni) were really close…

Trey – Maybe…

Jarrah – It was horrible Trey… I felt bad for Rubi.. is that stupid?

Trey – You wouldn’t be you, if you didn’t feel bad. Its all good.

Jarrah – I know she was horrible to you, but you should have seen her.. I just-

Trey – I understand.. i don’t want anyone to feel ganged up on.. so I get what you’re saying. I think Rubi just.. I don’t know..

Jarrah – Yeah… you should have seen Portia.. she’s still crying.. I walked out the door to breathe.. came back a couple of minutes ago and she’s still crying.

Trey – Has she called Darell yet?

Jarrah – No…

Trey – Where’s Rubi?

Jarrah – She’s staying at a hotel tonight…

Trey – Probably for the best.

Jarrah – Oh.. Collin is calling. Stay safe okay? I’ll check in with you later. Love you.

Trey – Love you too! bye. *hangs up*

Well I guess that cat is out of the bag…. atleast I don’t have to fear for my life anymore I guess. Darell is stupid- but not that stupid. I doubt he wants any trouble with the law. *turns around* Frankie?- and with Ivy…………. oh god.. time for awkwardness..

I mean I could have easily just walked away and went to work but it didn’t feel right NOT to say hi- or.. something. Oh and Guess this is another cat that’s out of the bag eh?

Ivy – You’re so fricken pretty Frankie

Frankie – Yeah?

Ivy – Yes… but you know this huh?

Frankie – A little bit *laugh* I think I’m pretty pretty.. yeah- but so are you..

Ivy – Aww…


Frankie – Sorry…

Ivy – Why?

Frankie – I didn’t know if that was okay? are you okay with PDA?

Ivy – I am now.. *smiles*

Trey – Hello ladies!

Frankie – Trey! hi! I saw you earlier but didn’t want to interrupt the phone call…

Trey – Oh its okay, it was Jarrah..

Frankie – ………..Cool……

Trey – Whom you’ve still not made up with I take it…

Frankie – Eh…

Ivy – ………H- Hi Trey.

Trey – Hi Ivy.. you look cute

Ivy – Thanks, so do you, love the bowtie- I-I saw you earlier.. at the cafe by the way…..

Trey – Oh yeah… I did see you there…

Ivy – Yeah…. you and Jarrah..

Trey – Yeah we were making up.. we had a fight.

Frankie – ….

Trey – So… whats up with you guys?

Frankie – Grabbing my laptop and headed to work.

Trey – Want a ride on my scooter?

Ivy – Is that safe?

Trey – Yeah, I drive Jarrah around on it all the time. I have two helmets.

Frankie – Its okay..

Trey – No I’m actually headed that way. I can drop you off at work, and get to the bakery in time.

Frankie – Umm sure.. that’s really nice of you. I’ll just get my carrying case for my laptop and we can be on our way.

Trey – Okay.

Ivy – Well………..I’ll get out of your way Trey…

Trey – You’re not in my way Ivy….

Ivy – I- umm………sorry.

Trey – Its okay… its not like this hasn’t always been awkward right?

Ivy – Right….

Trey – We should talk more…

Ivy – I would like that actually…

Trey – So would I.

Frankie – *smiles*

Ivy – Frankie, just talk to Trey, I’ll run and get your laptop and bring it down.

Frankie – Are you sure?

Ivy – Of course silly!

Frankie – Thanks!

Ivy – *smiles*

Trey – I kinda wanted to talk to you anyway…

Frankie – I actually wanted to talk to you too…

Trey – About?

Frankie – *looks @ Ivy*

Trey – Oh…

Frankie – Yeah….. but *whispers* wait till she’s gone…

Trey – Okay… Oh so.. Jeep’s doing great.

Frankie – Yeah I know, I checked on him this morning. He was sleeping good and kept telling me how much he loved the lobster mac & cheese

Trey – *laugh* That’s our Jonah…

Frankie – He’s so cute.

Trey – He’s adorable… but you know… the whole thing is so weird.

Frankie – I find it quite peculiar myself…. he was the only one attacked..

Trey – Yeah, and other students have nice stuff too… so why not rob them too?

Frankie – Yeah I don’t know.. luckily the campus has beefed up its security..

Trey – I’m sure his mother calling and yelling at them had something to do with that.

Frankie – She loves him.. she’s a very protective mother.. always there for him …………… ………….. *looks away* Your mom is like that too huh?

Trey – Aren’t they all?

Frankie – I wouldn’t know….

Trey – I’m sorry.. that was a dumb thing to say considering…

Frankie – Its okay, I’ve sorta made my peace with how things turned out between my mother and I……..

Trey – Your sister was here…. how did that go?

Frankie – It went as well as it could have. We were supposed to meet up with our mother and hash things out but……..

Trey – She skipped town again or something?

Frankie – Ding Ding Ding… Hashtag #AccessDenied.. Guess we’ll have to get answers, or closure later… if ever.

Trey – You turned out great without her you know?

Frankie – Thank you Trey.. that means alot. I thank my father- and Andi.. she may have left me but she did teach me alot before she dipped out so..

Trey – Did you just say “dipped out” ?? *laugh* Look at you being all ghetto.. loves it.

Frankie – Oh god I did say dipped out. Andi says that all the time…

Trey – How is miss Andi?

Frankie – Good.. she’s in a good place. She likes C-City, and said I could come visit her if I wanted. I think she and I are past what happened. Which is great, I just want a relationship with my big sister again.. and hopefully that will happen.

Trey – Aww…. well I’m sure it will happen. Oh! did you tell her about *nods Ivy’s direction*

Frankie – No, and speaking of which… she’s finally made it up the stairs…. I have two questions for you about that whole thing..

Trey – Okay?

Frankie – Well one question, and one… favor?

Trey – Okay ask away.

Frankie – You don’t get fraud-lesbian from me do you?

Trey – Oh… you mean do I think you’re a LUG?

Frankie – What?

Trey – LUG- Lesbian until graduation. Though in your case you’d be asking if I think you’re a BUG.

Frankie – A Bug?- oh… bisexual……..until graduation?

Trey – Yes

Frankie – Oh.. see I don’t even know the terms.

Trey – I’ve always sorta saw you as the type to date other girls.. so.. No.. I don’t see you as a BUG…

Frankie – Good…. because I don’t want to be that stereotype. I like Ivy, and yeah… I just don’t want people assuming that its a phase or-

Trey – *smiles* You guys are cute together, fuck the haters.

Frankie – Good…

Trey – So what else did you want to ask?

Frankie – Well.. I just wanted to add onto what you said earlier.. about talking to her more. She told me about her and Tyler’s relationship- or lack of one.. so.. I really want you to maybe help her with that?

Trey – I will… I have a plan for that anyway.. so It will be taken care of.. atleast I hope.

Frankie – So enough about me.. Did you ever find out who KingOfNowhere was?

Trey – Yes…….*smiles*

Frankie – Are you seeing said person?

Trey – I am seeing him…. we just had sex for the first time actually…

Frankie – Oooooooooooooooh… was it big?

Trey – *laugh* I won’t kiss and tell- girl is was huge!

Frankie – Nice!… So who is it?

Trey – He’s not out.. so-

Frankie – Its cool, Keep his secret. I totally understand- So what did you wanna talk about?.. you said you had something to discuss as well.

Trey – Jarrah….

Frankie – ……Of course. Look… this is the thing.. I’m hurt by what she did, but I-….. Its so hard to just sweep it under the rug, and you know if I take one look at her with those adorable big green eyes that I’ll cave… I-

Trey – Can you please just talk to her? about everything? I know Keegan drives you girls crazy.. but just.. I don’t know.. I feel like the pact was stupid.. and that you guys need to fix all this crap…

Frankie – …………………….Fine. I’ll talk to her. I can’t promise that Kaori will- though lately she’s been kinda willing to change more… Also I kinda hate how the girls are at the center of the drama. Like.. Keegan has a penis.. he’s to blame just as much.

Trey – True… but… we’re all being nicer to him about it because-

Frankie – Yeah I know….I know…but yeah I’ll talk to Jarrah… I’ll try and get Kaori t do the same, but she-

Trey – Oh!- tell me something……….is Kaori dating Byron?

Frankie – Umm… I don’t think so.. I know they “hangout” alot…

Trey – Air Quotes… so by hangout do you mean fuck each other?

Frankie – I have no idea… by the way.. you know who I thought KingOfNowhere would turn out to be?

Trey – Who?

Frankie – This is gonna sound stupid but… Aries. I mean he’s adorable, and kinda just put himself into our group. Getting closer to all the guys. It would make so much sense for him to do that to get close to you or something… I always kinda got this gay vibe from him too.

Trey – Aries?! What? noooooooo

Frankie – Yeah I know.. Its just his whole Frat quest…….Its like he wants to bang all the guys. I dunno.. see this is why I’m not a detective… I watch way too much tv.. I swear.

Trey – *laugh* Gorl….. you crazy.

Frankie – I know… Aries gay?… yeah right. He’s a cutie though.. I’ve always thought he was cute.

Trey – Eh yeah.. I never really noticed…

Oh my god.. she’s good… she knew it was Aries- well thought it was Aries… Fuck, that’s annoying. This wouldn’t be so nerve wrecking if Aries wasn’t in the closet. Speaking of that can I just say that I totally spazzed out earlier? Like I went stuper dumb- which is a phrase I’m totally making happen. Anyway… I totally just- well I almost ruined the day with Aries.. I need to learn to relax.

Its something I’ve noticed Frankie is very good with. “control” She has this ability to go through life and not really raise her voice- or get all… discombobulated. Its great that she likes Ivy, that she’s worried about the stigma that comes with dating your first girl in college. I can tell she’s trying, and trying to be open to the new experience. She’s a doll.. the girl is beyond flawless if you ask me…. Anyway…. here comes Ivy with the laptop and bag. Gotta drop Frankie off at work, and get my ass to that bakery so I can serve up some cakes, donuts and more baked goods. Which shouldn’t be a problem since I’ve been serving cake all day if you know what I meanz.. Gorl Yassss 

(POV Jarrah)

So Collin asked me if I wanted to grab some dinner and just hangout… I needed to get out of the house so I said sure. I had no idea that by “Grab Dinner and Hangout” that he meant “Cook a romantic dinner for me”….. This sucks…. I appreciate it.. but I’m not in a place to date right now…. I thought he knew that… I thought he knew I just wanted friendship. Guess Trey was right… dammit..

Collin – Surprise

Jarrah – Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Its so dark in here

Really Jarrah? “Wow”??

Collin – That’s what the candles are for.. Vanilla scented.. your fave.. I pay attention *laugh*

Jarrah – Yeah…. I can see that *smile*

So…. he makes me dinner, and he’s being sweet…. how exactly am I to break his heart? This is one of those moments where I wish I were Kaori.. she’s so used to telling guys no…. it seems easy for her.

Collin – Come in, sit… I hope you like what I have to offer… Couldn’t afford much, but I know you like salmon so…. *smiles*

Jarrah – Anything is fine *smiles* Its the thought that counts.

Jarrah – Mmmm

Collin – Is it good?

Jarrah – Yes- You and my bestfriend Trey.. both great cooks….

Collin – I’d love to meet him- and all of your friends…

Jarrah – I’d like that…. I think all my friends should be in one place you know? instead of you here, them there… all friends.. one place *smiles*

Oh god, I’ve turned into THAT girl… the one who tries to hint at the friendzone and ends up looking like a…. well bitch.

Collin – Cool.

Jarrah – ….So where’s your mom?

Collin – Working late, ever since Kaori got fired-

Jarrah – She got fired? why?

Collin – My mom says that these two girls- well one is like 30.. but this girl named Paisley, and her 30 year old friend Lamisha. They lied to the boss and said that Kaori was giving…. happy ending. Plus Kaori beat up Paisley one day.. so..

Jarrah – That’s really messed up. Kaori is alot of things, but she’d never jer- do THAT.

Collin – Yeah.. Mom said its no way… that she suspects that Paisley and Lamisha are the ones doing that actually.

Jarrah – Poor Kaori..

Wow did I really just say that?….. I guess its true though… nobody likes being wrongly accused…

Collin – Anyway… *deep breath* I wanted to talk to you about something..

Jarrah – *changing the subject* Are these Suzy’s roses? So pretty.

Collin – No, actually I got them for you…

Jarrah – Oh?

Collin – Its why I made you dinner, its why I wanted to hangout. I wanted to talk to you about… stuff. *deep breath* Why am I so nervous…

Jarrah – ……

Collin – Okay so here goes.. So ever since meeting you… I’ve felt like a million bucks. I don’t have alot.. but you make me feel like the sky is the limit.

Jarrah – Okay…

Collin – You-… you deserve someone to treat you good. You really do… and I… I want to be that guy. I wanna be that guy that treats you like the queen that you are. You’ve helped me decide on alot of things, and because of you… I’m going to go to G.C.U. I want to return the favor. I want to build you up, like you’ve built me up…. I-… I love you.

Jarrah – …..Umm

Collin – ………I want to be with you… as your boyfriend…

Jarrah – ……

Collin – *covers mouth* Oh my god….

Jarrah – I-

Collin – You don’t feel the same way…..

Jarrah – Collin… I just-

Collin – Oh my god.. I’m an idiot…

Jarrah – I’ve been through alot…. especially with… guys. I-

Collin – You dated your closeted bestfriend.. you pined after that Keegan guy when you could never have him, and then Dylan broke you. Its like you don’t want a good guy, or the real thing.

Jarrah – Its not that…. I’ve been trying to be strong, and hold it in…. but I can’t. I love Dylan… I’m in pieces…. I’m shattered. I’m really sad that we’re not together…

Collin – …..

Jarrah – ………

Collin – …….*sigh*

Jarrah – Say something?………….please?…anything?

Collin – I feel like if I say how I feel……..Its not gonna come out right.

Jarrah – This whole conversation is pure honesty… so just say how you feel…

Collin – That’s the thing.. I just did. I opened up to a girl… who doesn’t see me that way. That hurts Jarrah- and its not anybody’s fault… 

Jarrah – I’m sorry…..

Collin – …..being honest-

Jarrah – Yes?

Collin – Do you find me attractive?

Jarrah – Yes… I do.

Collin – Do you think we have things in common?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Collin – If Dylan didn’t exist…. would I have a chance?

Jarrah – I-

Collin – All I want is a chance… I could really be- we could really be good for each other.

Jarrah – I wish I could say yes, yes you’d have a chance if there was no Dylan- but I- I don’t know that.

Collin – …….Heh…. I see…. 

Jarrah – Collin I- My friend asked me earlier if you knew I just wanted friendship and I said yes- but I guess-

Collin – I read into things…. I’ve never been friends with a girl- not like this. I just thought you liked me.

Jarrah – I do like you…

Collin – Just not like I like you…. Was it because I said I love you? was it too serious?

Jarrah – No…..yes…. I don’t know- its a yes and a no. Mainly because I’m conflicted about my own feelings…. School, home, work, friendships to mend…. Its too much sometimes and I’m not in a place to just-

Collin – So you’re- Okay.. nevermind..

Jarrah – No, what were you going to say?

Collin – Its nothing- doesn’t matter.

Jarrah – Don’t be like that Collin…

Collin – I’m gonna clean up the kitchen…

Jarrah – *deep sigh* …….

Jarrah – Oh my god…. dammit…

Collin – *Mumbling to himself* I love you- what kind of idiot… ugh.. I’m so embarrassed… This is so embarrassing.

Jarrah – ……..

Collin – I was a fool to think a girl like that would like me…

I hate that he thinks that… he’s a great guy.. I- what am I supposed to do? lie? I’m still hung up on Dylan. I’m not the type of person who breaks up with one lover, and gets with the next right away… that’s a pattern I just won’t do.

Collin – And what a stupid question… if Dylan wasn’t in the picture… you’d still have to deal with Keegan. You stand no chance against that guy… I don’t know what the fuck he looks like but he must be perfection the way girls fall over him… ugh- stop Collin stop this pity party….

Am I messed up? do I have an issue when it comes to men?….. I’m so conflicted with my emotions right now. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt Collin. I love him, and he’s a great person… as cliche as it sounds I just know he’s going to make someone happy someday…

Collin – Get out there and be normal.. don’t make her feel weird…. *sigh**clears throat* Hey! Jarrah?

Jarrah – Yeah?

Collin – I made cake… want Ice cream with it? Its really gooooood

Jarrah – ………………..Yeah! that sounds great…

*sigh* Oh goodness its even worse when he’s so nice, and is trying to act like I didn’t just stomp all over his feelings….

Collin – Alright, do me a favor and turn the tv on in the living room. I got your favorite movie ready to go. The Devil Wears Prada right?

Jarrah – You’ve never seen it before?

Collin – Nope.. I figured we’d watch it and you can show me what’s so great about it.

Jarrah – ………..Deal.

What the hell… He had this night perfectly planned. Dinner, confessing his feelings… dessert, movie… he really went all out… and I just ruined everything. I feel horrible.

(POV Trey)

So work was annoying. I dropped freshly made donuts out the oven right on the fucking floor. Then this bitch that works with me just stood there with a dumb look on his face. Like help me pick up the shit!……ugh. That’s so coming out of my paycheck. I was so happy to get out of there. Now I can grab some clothes and get back to Aries… Its going to be awesome spending the night together. The fact that I’ll get to wake up in his arms- What the fuck?

Trey – Portia?

Portia – Oh hi…. can we talk?

Trey – Umm… sure.

What the hell….. 

So I let her in… assuming she was here to talk about Rubi and Darell. Like I really wanna deal with drama right now…

Trey – How long were you standing there?

Portia – I knocked a few times. I just assumed you, or your roommate Bryce was home…

Trey – Ah…

Portia – Sorry to just popup out of the blue…

Trey – Its not really “the blue” considering…. but ummm-

Portia – First off I want to apologize for Darell… I’m so sorry he put you through that. I’m sure Jarrah told you about what took place earlier with one Rubi Later… It was a very depressing, and eye opening experience for all parties involved.

Trey – You shouldn’t be apologizing for Darell…

Portia – ….I feel like I should..

Trey – But you shouldn’t.. you did nothing wrong Portia….

Portia – I feel really bad about the stuff he, and Rubi did, and said to you. I know Harrison was involved obviously….. but I just talked to him.. at the student cafe. He told me everything. He’s very remorseful for his part in it.

Trey – ….

Portia – He said he tried calling you earlier, but you didn’t answer. So he left you a message and also wrote you on facebook?

Trey – I got his message on my phone, but I haven’t been on Facebook. I’ve been busy.. 

Portia – Well… I think you should forgive everyone.. I think its best that everyone is forgiven sooner or later.

Is she fucking serious? Granted I shouldn’t be throwing shade her way, its just that she’s annoying me because she’s acting as if she’s to blame for Darell’s doucheiness

Trey – You’re going to stay with him huh?

Portia – Why do you say it like that? he made a mistake… I just….

Trey – ……..

Portia – Jarrah said everyone deserves a second chance and I think Darell is included…

Trey – He’s never gonna be the guy you want him to be… he’s using you. He wants to work with your mom’s company. You think the cheating is bad now? just wait until you guys are post grad….

Portia – I understand why you feel that way Trey, but I think given the chance he will mature, and change for the better.

Trey – I don’t… but its your life….

Portia – If I get burned.. it will be my own fault….

Trey – I don’t have a say in your personal affairs so… whatever you choose is… what you choose.

Portia – I’m well aware of my reputation.. the stupid girl who’s boyfriend doesn’t care about her…. I know what you guys think and say about me.

Trey – …….

Portia – Its okay… Its only gonna get worse after this incident. The girls at the sorority all have good hearts but…. well they have big mouths. Mahlia was already on the phone telling someone about the drama, and Amina was on Facebook talking about how she would cut off his penis if it was her boyfriend. Tyena’s probably writing a blogpost about it as we speak….

Trey – I wish I could say I feel bad- but I don’t. You know deep down that he’s not a good guy.

Portia – That’s to be debated… right now he’s not, but what if one day he is?

Trey – What if?…. but what if you spend all this time with him, waiting for him to turn into this butterfly? and in the end you’re stuck with a caterpillar?

Portia – …..Then…. then I-

Trey – Life will be wasted… and you stayed in that situation because you didn’t think you could find another guy…. that you went through so much just to get him, and maybe the future with him isn’t really a possibility, that he wouldn’t grow.. or even worse.. might outgrow you…..- Umm…sorry.

Portia – Are we still talking about Darell and I?

Trey – Umm… can we change the subject?

Oh my goodness.. I didn’t mean to say all of that…. I don’t know where that came from.

Portia – Sure… I actually wanted to talk to you about something else…

Trey – Something other than what happened today…

Portia – Yes.

Trey – Okay..

Portia – I spoke with our counselor… he wanted me to have a talk with you about things.

Trey – He told you about-

Portia – Without going into detail he told me you’re aspirations for the future… 

Trey – I was surprised to find out that you attend culinary school.. I always assumed you were going to work with your mother.

Portia – My mother doesn’t know I’m doing Culinary school… she’d flip.

Trey – You don’t want to follow in her footsteps?

Portia – I want my own business, my own restaurant….. Its my goal… G.C.U. supplies the behind the scenes knowledge.. business and such. Also I want a backup plan.

Trey – I see.

Portia – So if I can do it.. you can.

Trey – I don’t even know where to start

Portia – Good.. that’s why I’m going to help you. Next week if you’re not busy… we’re going to go into the city of Bridgeport, and I’m going to show you around my culinary school. Maybe get some lunch, and talk more.

Trey – Okay *smiles* That sounds good.

Portia – I had hoped you’d say that.

Trey – Portia…… I’m sorry for the stuff I said before.. I shouldn’t be judging anyone…. so I apologize if I came off as a bitch..

Portia – Its okay, its understandable….Anyway.. I should go… I have an early class.

Trey – Okay….

Portia – Goodnight.

Trey – Portia?

Portia – Yes?

Trey – Just… remember one thing. You don’t have to settle… you’re beautiful, and smart… you can find someone you could have a future with. Without all the drama and doubts.

Portia – Thanks, and…. umm.. You too Trey. You seem to be having doubt about your situation… maybe you should talk to him about it.. whoever he is.

Trey – I-

Portia – I won’t get in your business… but just- you give good advice.. so listen to it sometimes too.

Trey – Yeah… you’re right.

Portia – Goodnight Trey…

Trey – Goodnight Portia.

Wow… where do I even begin?…………I- I don’t think its a good idea for her to stay with Darell. He’ll just hurt her again- but who am I to judge? clearly I have some of my own issues. I guess I’ve been too blissfully distracted by finally finding Aries, that I haven’t really been honest with myself. He’s comfortable where he is in life… It does sometimes make me have doubts about us. I guess its going to be a long ride to his place. I mean I feel like all of the things I’m thinking are valid, I want love- but not with so much complication involved. Am I being realistic and logical? or am I self sabotaging?

~*End of Chapter Five|Chapter Six is Next*~


  1. Ugh Alana needs to be slapped pronto. But Jarrah sure did land a big opportunity! I hope she says yes! School is important but this could open so many doors for her :D. Hmmm Rubi…I don’t know if I would forgive her. One of the lowest things a person could do is cheat and it’s even worse that she did this behind her sorority sister’s back! It’ll be interesting to hear their decision. And I feel so bad for Collin. He seems like a nice guy but Jarrah shot him down DX, He made a good point that girls have a tendency to go for guys who are jerks. I don’t know why we do that, it’s not on purpose!! XD. Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Alana is just………….. plain evil, and to think.. Sebastian is seeing her. Jarrah is right.. Major downgrade from a girl like Frankie to a girl like Alana. As for Rubi… well… LoL… we’ll see if she’s voted in or out soon. Collin is so fricken cute, and nice. It pained me to take those pictures knowing what I had to write lol. Girls (and guys… because I know some sexy douchebags that I’d.. lol…..) tend to go after the guys they can’t have or that aren’t the best for them lol. Hell even Trey is having some doubt about Aries, and so far he’s a good guy…

      Kaori & Frankie’s POV is next… Its a good one! can’t wait to post it. Stay tuned 😛

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