BoysNGirls : Chapter Five | Pt. 2 “Access Denied”

Chapter Five | Pt. 2 “Access Denied”

-POV’s : JeepKeegan

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jeep)

Miguel – So I was like Whoa whoa whoa! I don’t do that!

Bryce – She tried to give you a handjob?

Miguel – Yeah but Kaori stopped it and told me who to go to for a legit massage.

Bryce – Kaori is so hot…. instant boner…

Miguel – …………………

Bryce – ……………….

Miguel – But yeah…. The Lucky Dragon is shady as fuck…

Bryce – I bet

Miguel – I should go get my costume on….

Bryce – Its in the locker room waiting- though Spirit is in there changing.

Miguel – Oh okay.

Another day…. Won’t complain though. So much stuff has been going on lately that I feel like I have no grasp on things. Jarrah vs everyone, Keegan and drugs. Kaori getting fired, Trey and Aries…. Andi coming back… I’m sure I’m missing things but I- I don’t know. Then here I am, working on my film project with everyone. I haven’t had any personal drama besides Christine up and leaving- so I’m thankful for that.

Though I do hate to see everyone I care about in turmoil. To think that maybe I-

Rubi – HELLO!

Jeep – What?!

Rubi – You aren’t focused Jonah!

Jeep – ………………Piss off.

Rubi – How dare you get an attitude with me JONAH?!

Jeep – Who are you?! you’re just a student at GCU that I HAVE to work with.

Rubi – My father’s connections are totally helping make our movie the best, show some respect.

Jeep – Blah blah… Not in the mood Rubi.

Rubi – Oh my god look who has BALLS all of a sudden!

Jeep – Rubi…. just leave me alone okay? I’m having a bad day-week…..

Rubi – Who cares emo boy?!… fricken loser… always complaining about how hard life is….

That’s it…

Jeep – Why don’t you go die in a fire you annoying blowfish!

Rubi – EXCUSE ME?!

Jeep – You heard me!

Rubi – Jonah I will knock you the fuck out!

Jeep – Oh shut up Rubi! You’re always talking about what you’re gonna do! How about you actually do it for a change?!

Rubi – I’ll have someone beat you up! I’m from the hood!

Jeep – No you’re not! I saw your facebook page! Someone named Rodney was posting on it… I went to his page out of curiosity and he’s your brother… with pictures of you, him, and some other guy growing up. You’ve lived a very wealthy life! You’re such a fraud!

Rubi – You nosy ass bitch! Stay off my facebook page!

Jeep – Make it private!

Rubi – Maybe I should! Stalker ass!

Jeep – Please… nobody wants to stalk you!

Rubi – I got a man!

Jeep – Yeah! I know… you’re so unreliable!

Rubi – What are you talking about?!

Jeep – Last night ring a bell?! You were suppose to do script revisions with Bryce and I- but you said you had a last minute thing with Harrison!

Spirit – (in background) Hmmm….

Rubi – …………..Oh well.. maybe if someone actually liked your lame ass you’d understand.

Jeep – ………..I dislike you… alot. You’re so fake… I don’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

Rubi – I don’t really give a shit about what you think Jonah.

Jeep – That’s fine with me… lets just get this project done and never speak again.

Rubi – Excuse me?! who are you to try and dismiss me?! I’m Rubi Larter!

Miguel – Should we break that up?

Bryce – No…. don’t want to get in the middle of it.

Miguel – Surprised considering your crushy crush on Rubi.

Bryce – Ex crush… she likes guys like Harrison… huge turn off…. I thought she was a woman of substance.

Jeep – You heard me!

Rubi – Fuck you!

Jeep – FUCK YOU!

Spirit – Is everything okay?

Rubi – This loser is pissed off because I have a life, and he doesn’t

Jeep – Yeah a made up life!

Rubi – You see Harrison and I and you’re jealous.

Jeep – Vomit……….

Rubi – You’re just mad… because you’re ugly. Big nose, big ears, gross sweaty-smelly looking… lame ass insecure ass nigga!

Spirit & Jeep – *mouth drops*

Rubi – What?! I’m part black!

Spirit – You said you were Italian?

Jeep – Lies Everywhere!

Rubi – Lawd the haters are everywhere!…Relax people… I didn’t even say it with the E-R at the end okay?

Jeep – Still… that word is wrong

Spirit – Ditto

Rubi – Oh please!

She is seriously such a waste of space, she is the worst person I’ve ever met in my life!

Spirit – This is stupid…

Rubi – Jonah’s stupid with his stupid clothes, and guy-liner… poser ass… you think you’re punk rock?!

Jeep – What?! you’re not even making sense! and lets not talk about poser.. you’re wearing a bandage on your nose. You got a fricken nosejob!

Rubi – It was an emergency! I fell down the stairs!

Spirit – …………..

Jeep – Sure you did… Rubi Fraudulent Larter.

Spirit – Stop yelling at each other guys because-

Rubi – Spirit you don’t understand.. Jonah has had it out for me since day one. He’s so jealous that he’d never go anywhere in the film world, and that I’m well on my way.

Spirit – Rubi you-

Jeep – Really?! You’re never going ANYWHERE in the industry! You have ZERO vision and skill. You’re just a stupid talenteless little girl who’s daddy is too afraid to say no. You’re, the cliche..You suck at this and nobody wants to break it to you. If you ever did make it- it would would be pure nepotism, and you know it!

Spirit – …….ouch…

Rubi – ………… *walks away*

Bryce – I love tacos…. they are SO good.

Miguel – Cool…………Why are you telling me this? *cell rings*

Bryce – Oh this scene looks nice… time to get my JJ Abrams on and add LENS FLARE! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Miguel – Magdalena stop calling me… we’re done okay? and I know it was you and Bianca trying to catfish me on facebook. Not gonna work. Goodbye

Bryce – Man… I want tacos.

Miguel – ……. Stop! just stop it! don’t call me again.

Spirit – I’ve never seen her do that before..

Jeep – Do what?

Spirit – Say nothing. She just walked away…..

Jeep – Should I apologize?

Spirit -You really are Jarrah’s cousin.

Jeep – Why do you say that?

Spirit – Last night she came home from work and was tired. So she went in the fridge to get the rest of the pasta- which she did write her name on. Amina ate it *laugh* She told her that she didn’t appreciate it and it was rude… but then she asked me if she should apologize for yelling at Amina.. its so funny…

Jeep – Sounds like her.

Spirit – Don’t bother with Rubi… she’s shady, and you actually just gave me something I needed to put her in a corner. While I don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle, I think its time to improvise…. I am an actress after all.

Jeep – What exactly did she do that you’re trying to prove?

Spirit – …… I can’t say yet.

Jeep  – That’s fair…

Spirit – I will tell you though, just not now…. Lets just say that she wasn’t with Harrison last night because Harrison was in a late class. I saw him there myself…

Jeep – Heh… she’s always lying.

Spirit – …..Yep.

Jeep – *smiles* Oh well… *scratches head* do you like my hair?

Spirit – …..You’re so cute…..

Jeep – You’re like the only person to ever really-

Spirit – Hey I have a question about your friend…

Jeep – Which?

Spirit – Frankie.

Jeep – Hmm?

Spirit – Is she umm…

Jeep – Yeah?

Spirit – Is she gay?

Jeep – I don’t know.. I mean- well why do you ask?

Spirit – Well I saw her and Ivy holding hands… and Ivy kissed her on the cheek.

Jeep – Well I guess its not a secret anymore-

Spirit – So they’re together?

Jeep – I guess so, but she likes guys… she’s done it with guys so…

With me… I’m lucky, she’s gorgeous….. I mean this flawless creature took my virginity… I feel special

Spirit – Well that’s cool, she’s hot… I say go for it. Score one for Ivy eh?

Jeep – Yep!

Spirit – I really want someone like Frankie in the sorority. She’s smart, and nice.

Jeep – She’s pretty well rounded as far as women go- but so are you.

Spirit – Aww… thanks.

Jeep – Very smart, very pretty.. even in your alien wig, and lipstick.

Spirit – Rubi said her dad’s friend will be here soon to paint me for the day…

Jeep – I bet you’re sick of it by now.

Spirit – When I go home and shower, I scrub for hours.. my skin is super smooth after though… I lay on my bed and just roll…

Hot…………… fricken hot………

Jeep – Cool… I do that too- I mean.. well not like a girl..

Spirit – *laugh* You’re so funny Jonah.

Jeep – I know *laugh*

Its a shame I have to deal with Rubi’s crap today of all days. Its Mona’s birthday and I just hope Keegan is okay….

(POV Keegan)

So after- well.. you all know what happened. Umm.. heh. ……The day of the ambush- I mean “intervention” I was not using. I was actually in my right mind. After everything that happened…. I ran out to clear my head and I ended up in Bridgeport at that bar. I had one drink- that turned into 1 too many, and the rest is history.

Can’t believe I outed Frankie, and pretty much attacked everyone else. Yet they all… they want me to get better. I’m grateful to have them in my life. Today is going to be hard because Its Mona’s birthday. I just- Instead of spending it with my friends I rather just be alone- well not alone alone… since that’s not a possibility since I’m being babysat. But umm.. I texted everyone and told them I’m okay, and I want to spend the day alone. They understood.

Joy – I’ll be right back.

Keegan – You trust me enough to leave me alone?

Joy – Of course… besides I’m just going to the store down the street. You’re out of milk and- well I made a list.

Keegan – Its okay I don’t really eat that much.

Joy – I can’t have my baby starving!

Keegan – …..Alrighty.

Joy – Your mom would be here but she had an important account to handle.

Keegan – You’re my mom too Joy, so Its okay…

Joy – *smiles* Well I love hearing you say that. You know I couldn’t have kids so… you mean alot to me.

Keegan – Even though I constantly disappoint you? Have you using your connections to clean up the messes I’ve made.

Joy – I wasn’t so perfect when I was younger, you live and you learn.

Keegan – Maybe you should have left me in jail…

Joy – You don’t mean that.

Keegan – I don’t but I just feel like…. I need to be punished.

Joy – You do enough of that, you’re always beating up on yourself boy. Stop it…

Keegan – I just suck at life-

Joy – What did I just say young man?

Keegan – *smirk* Yes ma’am….

Joy – Now I’ll be back, do you want anything specific from the store?

Keegan – Maybe a Hershey bar?…

Joy – Okay. Oh and feed Hercules…

Keegan – I will….. Hey is dad still coming by?

Joy – Which one honey?

Keegan – Like I’d ever call Scott “dad”

Joy – Scott loves you……but I won’t get into that. Yes Issac will be here in a bit, because I have work.

Keegan – I hate this babysitting thing-

Joy – Keegan, you-

Keegan – But I understand why its necessary..

Joy – *smiles* I’ll be back sweetie.

Keegan – Okay.

Finally she left, Morgan has been waiting outside forever.

Morgan – I thought she’d never leave.

Keegan – Sorry you couldn’t just knock on the door.

Morgan – Everyone hates me… they think I drugged your life up or whatever.

Keegan – You didn’t. I was messed up before you.

Morgan – Yeah but I didn’t help make things any better.

Keegan – ….I told them not to blame you.

Morgan – Thanks for that.

Keegan – …..I’m sorry we didn’t meet at a better time…. that you met me while I’m like…. this.

Morgan – Its okay… I knew we’d never work.

Keegan – Why is that?

Morgan – You still love her.

Keegan – ……

Her could be Mona………..or……………

Morgan – Its okay. Its no surprise- I understand it. Part of me still loves this guy at home who did me wrong… Jude...

Keegan – Jude? heh… you liked a guy named Jude?

Morgan – Shut up….

Keegan – Jude….

Morgan – Not funny… I should hate him…he’s a douche

Keegan – Like me.

Morgan – You’re not a douchebag… you’re just-

Keegan – I’m just messed up.

Morgan – You’re going to be okay…. You have family- and friends. Me on the other hand…

Keegan – What? you’re in control of things, and you-

Morgan – I’m done with drugs and alcohol… but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Keegan – Then what?

Morgan – I got fired.

Keegan – Why?- Did Jarrah-

Morgan – No. It wasn’t because of her……….I- Umm…. I did alot of things I wasn’t supposed to. I hung out with Alana Grace, and I- Yeah. Don’t blame Jarrah, she’s a good person, who even tried to get my job back for me.

Keegan – ……

Morgan – Yeah….

Keegan – So what now?

Morgan – Umm… Well… I go home.

Keegan – Like home home? C-City home?

Morgan – Yeah…. besides.. Its my brother’s time to live his life. He’s been stuck living with our mother for a while. He and his girlfriend are finding a place, and I figure Mom could use the company.

Keegan – I see.

Morgan – Don’t worry… you haven’t seen the last of me Keegan Bennett. I’m going home for a while to regroup. I’ll be back….

Keegan – I hope so.

Morgan – You can count on it.

Keegan – You’re mom will be happy to have you.

Morgan – Deep down I know going home is for the best.

Keegan – Will you tell her the truth? why you’re there?

Morgan – I don’t know yet…. haven’t figured that part out.

Keegan – Can we stay in touch?

Morgan – I’d love that.

Keegan – You have a facebook?

Morgan – I don’t- but I’ll make one… just for you.

Keegan – *smiles* I find it funny that you don’t have one. I assumed you did.

Morgan – I don’t like the idea of people knowing everything about me.

Keegan – I get it…. you can make it private you know.

Morgan – You’ll have to help me with that then… *smile*

Keegan – For sure.

Morgan – Come here.


Keegan – I’ll miss you.

Morgan – *crying*

Keegan – Don’t cry… I’m not that great….

Morgan – *crying*  How did I fall for a big dope like you..

Keegan – Heh..

Morgan – *laughing|crying* bad choice of words.

Keegan – *laugh* I understand what you meant.

Morgan – Keegan… I want you to get better, show your personality. Fall in love again… just-

Keegan – I’ll try.

Morgan – No… you have to promise.

Keegan – …. Okay. Next time we see each other, I promise that I’ll… I’ll be amazing.

Morgan – Good. I hope its the same for me too.

Keegan – You’ll be thriving.. I just know it.

Morgan – I’m so sorry for enabling you.

Keegan – Its okay, I don’t blame you for anything. Its behind us now.

Morgan – Good idea… look to the future.

Keegan – *smile*

Morgan – I should get going.

Keegan – ……. Yeah my mom will be back anytime now.

Morgan – I got alot of packing to do. I leave in two days.

Keegan – …..

Morgan – Little sheltered girl.. gobbled up by the big world outside of C-City…

Keegan – Don’t change Morgan…… you’re a good girl.

Morgan – And you’re a good boy…..You may not think so but he’s in there.

Keegan – Heh *smirk*

Keegan – You be good…. You’re stronger than you know.

Morgan – Hmmm… The way I look at it is… life is cold, and sometimes.. you just don’t have the right wardrobe for it.

Keegan – Heh…. that’s true…..

Morgan – *smiles*…………….. Goodbye Keegan.

Keegan – …………..Bye.





Keegan – Hey Morgan?

Morgan – Yes?

Keegan – I take that goodbye back.

Morgan – What? why?

Keegan – I rather say….. until next time.

Morgan – *smile* I like that better…. Until next time Keegan Bennett.

Keegan – *smile*

And just like that…. Morgan Diana Hill………..was gone.

I think its good that she’s going home. Like she said…. she can regroup, and its obvious that her mother needs her in some capacity. I don’t doubt that I’ll see her again, and when I do… things will be better….. for the both of us. Morgan and I have closure for what took place between us, which makes me feel like I really need to fix things with my friends.

Jarrah especially.. I really pushed her in front of the bus didn’t I? and Frankie… she…. I’m sure she hates me. I really just need to talk to all of my friends. I know that Jeep probably thinks- You know… I should just call him right now. Yeah, I think I’m going to do that. I saw on his twitter that he’s done with the movie project for the day. That kid is going to make it big… He’s going to show the world real shit one day. I’ll be there.. screaming “That’s my bestfriend!” Sounds corny.. but I really believe it…. I really do.

(POV Jeep)

Excuse me guys, finishing up a call with Keegan.

Keegan on phone – Glad to hear that things went well.

Jeep – Yeah the football team really helped us out big time.

Keegan – Well I don’t want to take up anymore time. I have to go… Dad just arrived… going to walk mom to her car.

Jeep – Okay. I’m glad you called.

Keegan – I thought I crossed and line and-

Jeep – You felt attacked, so you attacked. It wasn’t right but I understand it dude.

Keegan – I love you Jonah.

Jeep – I know… and I love you too. Bestfriends forever.

Keegan – Yep

Jeep – Like Batman and Robin- minus the gay stuff- though lately I think I’ve been looking pretty bang-able.

Keegan – *laugh* Those two aren’t fooling anyone- and whoa look at you! confidence! I’m liking it bro!

Jeep – I say what the hell… someone has to think I’m cool.. so I’ll just do it myself *laugh*

Keegan – I think you’re pretty dope- Hold on mom!- Jeep i gotta-

Jeep – Oh okay go do you, glad you called. Also Nice to know you’re having a good day. Mona would be happy.

Keegan – Yeah…. she would. Well alright, I’ll call if I need anything.

Jeep – You won’t…. you’re going to be fine, spending time with your dad.

Keegan – Hopefully… anyway later dude.

Jeep – Bye. *hangs up*

What to do now…. I don’t have any classes scheduled for the day…. I guess I could shower, and then look at the footage from today. Maybe watch some porn with no distractions since I have this big room all to myself- speaking of which- I’m getting a replacement roommate in a few weeks apparently. Byron Mills… I guess he left the frathouse for whatever reason.


Alrighty…. guess I’m having company?

So much for not having any drama in my life.

??? – Where is she?!


Jeep – Ah *falls to the ground*

??? – Where is Christine?!

Jeep – I don’t-




??? – You’re a lying sack of shit! She was here!

Jeep – I don’t………….know…………..where-

??? – Don’t protect her! do you want to die?!

Jeep – Please! I don’t know where-

??? – *punches Jeep* Fucker tell me where she ran off to this time!

Jeep – I- *loses consciousness*

??? – Fuck…. 

15minutes later

Harrison – Hey Jonah I wanted to talk about Trey- ………..Jonah?! Oh fuck what’s- Oh fuck- fuck!

I don’t really remember this part……

Harrison – Bro! bro! get up!- what the fuck?!

Harrison – Wake up Jonah!

Jeep – Huh?- where-

Harrison – I got you

Jeep – Who is-

Harrison – Its your cousin! Harrison! Just stay awake buddy… I’m taking you to the hospital.

Jeep – I got attacked

Harrison – By who?!

Jeep – I- I don’t know…

Harrison – Lets just get you to the hospital, save your strength.

Jeep – Keegan….

Harrison – Want me to call him?

Jeep – No… don’t tell….. don’t tell Keegan…

Harrison – Umm… can I- umm.. Just umm.. hang in there.

This part I sorta remember….  off to the hospital I went. I got my ass kicked, and I don’t even know why… Reflecting on this moment, I have to say.. I took those punches like a man. I’ve always sorta had this fear of what a closed fist to my face would feel like. I blacked out… but I took it like a man- Thank god for Harrison eh? Though our mother’s are twin sisters which makes us cousins- we’ve never been super close. Maybe that will change

(POV Keegan)


~*High School : Middle of Sophomore Year*~

Mona – ……. Douchebag much…..

Keegan – Is this everyone?

Mona – Yep….

Keegan – So I guess we’re the two who got stuck with after school detention?

Mona – Gee what gave that away?

Keegan – *laugh* Alrighty then….

Mona – ……

Keegan – You’re the girl who transferred from Bridgeport High right? Monica or something?

Mona – Its Mona…. and yes.. that would be me.

Keegan – I’m Kee-

Mona – I know who you are….. its hard not to “mr popularity”

Keegan – Don’t judge a book by its cover… I could easily assume things about you since you’re a cheerleader…

Mona – Touche

Keegan – …………..hmmm

Mona – What?

Keegan – Nothing at all.

Mona – So what did you do to get after school detention?

Keegan – I got into a fight…

Mona – I take it you won, because I don’t see a scratch on you.

Keegan – Of course.

Mona – Do you make a habit of just beating up other boys?

Keegan – My bestfriend Jonah was being bullied…. So I punched the guy. See how he liked being embarrassed.

Mona – Jonah Folland is your bestfriend? I mean I saw you guys walking together- I just figured he was your tutor or something.

Keegan – No… he’s my bestfriend.

Mona – Wow…. that’s cool.

Keegan – I know people think he’s a loser but-

Mona – Actually no, I’ve talked to him before. We were waiting for the bus one morning together. He was reading a comic… Batgirl. I love Batgirl.

Keegan – Want me to hook you guys up?

Mona – No. He’s a nice guy but he’s not my type. Besides Amir would freak.

Keegan – Oh….. I get it.

Mona – I don’t think you do, but its nice watching you try and figure it out.

Keegan – So….. does this Amir guy go here too?

Mona – Its funny how you know the pretty girls….

Keegan – Welp sweetheart I’m not really into guys.

Mona – Yes… Amir goes here. He transferred too.

Keegan – So he just follow’s you? Talk about dedication

Mona – That’s usually how it works.

Keegan – I see…….. So umm why are you in detention?

Mona – My history teacher told the class that Charles Darwin was born in 1808, and I corrected her and told her she was a year off. That he was born in 1809. Then she went on to say all of these really wrong things about him, and his religious beliefs. She got off track of the topic and went on preaching the good word of atheism. I believe in god, however Its not my job to force that down people’s throats.

Keegan – I see

Mona – People can believe what they want to believe. The fact that people having different belief systems somehow creates division and juvenile contentions is fucking stupid in my opinion. Which is what I said. We have a Muslim girl in our class… you can’t just go attacking people’s religions… just because they don’t believe what you do. She should be fired if you ask me.

Keegan – Passionate and pretty.

Mona – Heh….. So what are you like into hip hop or something? I’ve notice your style-

Keegan – Been checkin’ me out?

Mona – No.

Keegan – Heh, okay.

Mona – *smile* ………Maybe a little bit… You know you’re cute…

Keegan – I know…

Mona – The cocky thing works for you.

Keegan – I’m usually not this cocky, but the fact that your body language has been screaming that you want to straddle me… Its given me an edge.

Mona – Ha…. You read body language?

Keegan – No but you just confirmed it.

Mona – Does this usually work on girls? You must fuck alot of them…

Keegan – No.. I don’t get around actually.

Mona – What about Jarrah Folland? She’s not your girlfriend? Or Kaori McDonald? Or the really tall pretty one.. Frankie Mancini…

Keegan – Those three, along with Jonah, and Trey are my gang of misfits.

Mona – Oh…. Wow… that’s awesome. Like your own little breakfast club.

Keegan – How long have you and Amir been dating?

Mona – *laugh* Ew.

Keegan – What?

Mona – Amir is my brother Keegan… not my lover. That would be strange.

Keegan – Oh.. OH?

Mona – Told you, you didn’t get it.

Keegan – You set it up to seem like you had a boyfriend.

Mona – I did didn’t I? Wanted to see what you would do. How’d you take that…

Keegan – You should let me take you out… so you can see how I would… take that

Mona – Oh Kee Kee…. My daddy says I shouldn’t date bad boys.

Keegan – Did you just call me KeeKee? what the fuck that is weird.. don’t ever say that again.. I don’t want that to stick. My friends hear you say that and they will use it… forever.

Mona – *laugh*

Keegan – And what makes you think I’m a bad boy?

Mona – Cause you’re in detention… after school.

Keegan – So does that mean you’re a bad girl? Since you are too?

Mona – Ah… touche.

Keegan – My mommy told me not to date bad girls.

Mona – Since when do teenagers listen to their parents?

Keegan – Lets go get some pizza after this.

Mona – Negative… Today is my birthday… yeah I know.. after school detention on my birthday.

Keegan – Happy Birthday….

Mona – *smiles* Thank you. And obviously the reason I can’t go out with you tonight is because I’m doing the cake and ice cream thing with the fam. But tomorrow we can definitely go out.

Keegan – Its a date.

Mona – I must warn you.. boys tend to fall in love with me after one date.

Keegan – Ha… is that so?

Mona – Mmm hmm *smiles*

Keegan – I’d like to test that theory.

Mona – Amir is going to be mad… he’s like my protector…

Keegan – Older brother….

Mona – Yep… any siblings for you?

Keegan – No… my home life is a bit complex…

Mona – I see.

Heh…. I was so…. in my own little world back then. My goodness I was obsessed with hiphop and dressing like a rapper.. so funny when I think about it. Yet she still liked me. She was receptive to all of my jokes. My charm was effective. She was wrong about one thing though. She said Guy fall in love with her after one date. I actually fell for her right there in detention. I wish you guys knew her like I did. She got along with my friends so well too. She was a great person.

Issac – Keegan? did you hear me calling you?

Keegan – No, sorry dad….

Issac – What’s wrong?

Keegan – Nothing.. I was just thinking about the first time Mona and I met.

Issac – Ah…. Its nice to have good memories.

Keegan – It is….

Issac – ……

Keegan – …….

Issac – So-

Keegan – Are you still in love with Riley?

Issac – What?

Keegan – I’m thinking about how people are pulled apart by circumstances….

Issac – Umm… I’ll always love Riley…. 

Keegan – Scott doesn’t fill that spot?

Issac – Scott has his own spot in my heart.

Keegan – I see…

Issac – ….. hmm

Keegan – I was just curious….. not like we talk that much for me to know these things…

Issac – Keegan…. I’m sorry if I’ve let you down.

Keegan – You? what- No… no you didn’t. None of my problems, are because of you- or how I grew up.

Issac – Its a parent thing.. we blame ourselves… always. You’ll know one day what I’m talking about.

Keegan – I don’t want kids.

Issac – That is so funny.. you really are my son. I didn’t want kids either… Then I changed my mind.

Keegan – Well thank you for that. If you hadn’t I wouldn’t be here.

Issac – You know I want us to be close. Really close.

Keegan – I…. I don’t have a problem with that dad.. I just-

Issac – Your grandfather and I… we hated each other.

Keegan-  Bullshit.. you guys had the best relationship when I was younger.

Issac – Right but before that.. It was fucked up.

Keegan – I can’t imagine grandpa peter being evil… god rest his soul.

Issac – He was evil, I was stubborn, and guarded… It didn’t work. Then stuff happened and It worked.

Keegan – I see.

Issac – Today is a day of celebration. Remembering Mona, so I don’t want to make it about us. However.. I think we should talk more about our relationship at another time. Is that okay with you?

Keegan – Yeah.

Issac – … Alrighty.

Its weird how he didn’t bring up my drug use or anything… 

Keegan – So I-

Issac – Want to go out for dinner? Just you and I? Because Joy bought a bunch of healthy shit. She’s been on a health kick lately and-

Keegan – Yeah… I want something bad for me like a greasy double cheese burger or something.

Issac – Alright. Lets go.

Keegan – Wait…. Dad?

Issac – Yeah?

Keegan – Can we stop to see Mona first?

Issac – Umm yes, but we better hurry because its supposed to rain tonight.

Keegan – I’ll take my umbrella just incase.

Issac – I’m sure I have Scott’s umbrella in my car so I’m good.

Keegan – ……………………………

Issac – *laugh* You and Scott.. I swear….

Keegan – Yeah… lets not ruin the day.

Issac – *laughing*

I’d like to actually bond with my dad I guess. He’s a cool dude to be honest, and I feel like we could be bestfriends… I don’t know. Its just hard to get to that type of relationship when I have so many issues, and not to mention my issues with Scott. Anyway…I’ll see you guys a little later…

(POV Jeep)

So while I’m thankful that Harrison took me to the hospital, I didn’t really want to alarm anyone. Obviously I had no choice in the matter because everyone was here. Well except Keegan, and Frankie.

Oliver – Son are you sure you’re okay?

Jeep – Yeah…

Tru – You didn’t get a good look at the guy?

Jeep – No mom… I didn’t.

Harrison – I was coming to talk to you and saw you on the floor bleeding.

Jeep – What were you coming to talk to me about?

Trey – ……………

Harrison – …………. Its not important.. I’ll take care of it.

Trey – …………….

Aries – Did he take anything?

Jeep – Nope…

Trey – I’m just glad you’re okay jeepy.

Jeep – Thanks Trey.

Kaori – Was it someone on campus? or was it a complete stranger?

Jeep – I don’t know.

Lies…. I know he didn’t go to G.C.U……He was too old looking! balding even!

Jarrah – Dylan called me.. he saw Harrison carrying you out. He said the guy was heavy set and wearing all black.

Kaori – Why would someone mug you Jeep?

Jeep – I don’t know.. maybe this person knew I had a nice camera and laptop and wanted it?

Trey – True…

Jarrah – …… Hmm…

Jeep – I didn’t want you guys to be alarmed… I’m okay

Jarrah – Its no way we wouldn’t show up.

Kaori – Yeah.. the only reason Frankie isn’t here is because she’s on the train to bridgeport right now. Some assignment Scott wanted her to do.

Aries – And Keegan?

Harrison – He told me not to tell him.

Oliver – I can’t believe this happened… They need better security at G.C.U.

Tru – I’m going to talk to the school about this!

Harrison – Aunt Tru I don’t think this is something that happens often-

Trey – It doesn’t happen at all…

Jeep – Can I have a moment alone with my friends?

Oliver – Come on honey, lets go get coffee.

Tru – Oh alright..

Kaori – Aww… you don’t want to leave him.

Tru – He’s my little Jonah bear.

Kaori – Jonah bear… that’s adorable.

Oliver – Don’t smother him dear.

Tru – I’m coming.

Harrison – I have to get going too, I have class. I’ll be back though okay Jonah?

Jeep – Okay.

Trey – You want anything to drink Jeep?

Aries – Any food?

Jeep – No I’m okay.

*Cellphone Ring*

Kaori – *answers phone* Hello? Oh hey… wait what? Oh that sucks… Mm hmm

Aries – Do you think Rubi did this?

Trey – It was a guy.

Aries – No I mean… Jeep said that him and Rubi had a fight earlier and she said she would get someone to hurt him.

Trey – Rubi is alot of things, but I don’t think she’d do this. I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt Jeep…

Aries – Its so weird…

Jarrah – Can I hug you? I didn’t want to crowd you before.

Jeep – Sure *laugh*– ow… hurts to laugh

Jarrah – *smiles*

Jeep – Are you okay? You’re in here with Kaori and Trey…

Jarrah – I’m fine… Its not about our issues.. Its about you right now.

Jeep – You added extensions…

Jarrah – Yes.. you like?

Jeep – Yeah looks nice.

Kaori – No… yeah hold on…

Kaori – You’re on speaker.

Frankie on cellphone speaker – Jeep?

Jeep – I’m here.

Frankie – Are you okay babe?

Jeep – I am, thanks for asking.

Frankie – I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, I’m stuck on the train right now. Scott has me in Bridgeport researching this restaurant.

Jeep – Sounds good to me free food right?

Frankie – Yeah, I’m writing about the it places to eat in Bridgeport. I’ll bring you some lobster mac n cheese okay?

Jeep – Aww thanks

Frankie – I love you, feel better.

Jeep – I will, love you too Frankie.

Kaori – I’ll come pick you up okay? I don’t want you catching the train back. Not to mention its raining… which is rare here in GloCity.

Frankie – Okay thank’s kay’

Jeep – Everyone’s here by the way. Say hi

Frankie – Hi everyone? Who’s all there?

Jarrah – Jarrah

Trey – Trey

Aries – Aries

Frankie – Hi guys. Take care of Jeep!- Hey where’s Keegan?

Jeep – I asked Harrison, and everyone to not involve Keegan. Its Mona’s birthday and he needs today to be chill.

Frankie – I agree.. We can tell him later.

Jeep – Yeah.

Frankie – I wish I were with you guys… *whispers* This guy next to me smells like pee

Aries – *laugh*

Frankie – Okay I gotta go.. I love you guys.. including you too Aries. Bye

Aries – Awww

Kaori – Okay just text me when you’re ready to be picked up.

Jarrah & Trey – Bye!

Frankie – I will. Thank’s kay’. ciao.

Seriously.. I have the best friends ever… and Frankie- I mean… how can you not love her? I’m stoked.. I’m getting lobster mac n cheese.

Jarrah – Jeep…. I have to ask.

Jeep – Yeah?

Jarrah – Are you being honest? like are you sure you don’t know-

Jeep – I understand you asking that… but I’m telling the truth. I don’t know why I was attacked.

Well… I do but… yeah.

Trey – Are they letting you out tonight?

Aries – Yeah.. Trey and I can take you to see a movie or something.

Kaori – “Trey and I” What are you two dating now?

Aries – No?! What the fuck Kaori.. I’m friends with everyone.. I just meant us guys could hangout. I’m not gay seesh..

Kaori – I was joking for fucks sake.

Jarrah – Everyone is on edge… lets not fight.

Kaori – ……….Whatever.

Trey – …….

Jeep – I have to stay overnight… I’m scared of hospitals!

Jarrah – Awww…

Its great that everyone seems to be cordial. Maybe my accident brought them back together- who am I kidding.. that’s wishful thinking. Oh and L-O-L at Trey and Aries… they really need to work on the acting skills. You know, It must be so awkward for Jarrah to be in here with Trey, and Kaori. She and Trey talked about Keegan, but they still aren’t like… 100%. Then obviously Kaori still hates her so…. Oh the drama.

Incase you’re wondering why I’m lying to everyone… Its because A: I don’t want everyone involved, and B: I don’t even really know what the hell Christine’s mixed up in. I just think for now I should keep my mouth closed… Grrrrrrrrrr I fricken hate hospitals. How am I going to survive the night? Usually I’d call Keegan to keep me company but Like I told the others.. he needs to be left alone today.

Fuck my life….. I got beat up…. how awesome.

(POV Keegan)

So I make my way to see Mona and sure enough it was raining, which sucks. I walk to find her tombstone and I run into someone standing by it. I’m going to assume its her brother. Amir and I were never close. He always saw me as a bad influence on Mona. It wasn’t so much that he wanted to protect her studies either, he just didn’t want her with the “popular douchebag”

That title was unwarranted if you ask me. I may have seemed like the popular douchebag on campus but that’s not who I was. Five minutes with me, and my friend and anyone could see how wrong they were. I didn’t really care though, people thought all kinds of things about one another. It was high school… label’s flew around like rumors of wild sex and drugs did….

What I know about Amir is this…. after Mona’s death.. he left Pylea University, and moved to C-City. He got a 9-5 job, and now attends 4C- which is short for C-City Community College. Some would say he made a foolish choice leaving Pylea University, but I’m sure he had his reasons. So yeah.. he lives in C-City and we don’t speak.. which should come as no surprise considering we never really did before.

Keegan – Amir?

Amir – ….. Keegan?

Keegan – Hey…..

Amir – ….. Hi.

Amir – ……. You look….. older.

Keegan – ….So do you.

Amir – What I mean is you look mature.

Keegan – Umm.. thanks I think.

Amir – ……You’re out here pretty late.

Keegan – The same could be said about you.

Amir – I couldn’t get out of work, and I had some classes. I figured it would probably be better to just come at night anyway… not have to run into anyone I know- no offense.

Keegan – None taken.

Amir – How are you?

Keegan – ……Better.

Amir – That’s good….

Keegan – …..How’s life?

Amir – Eh…. What can I say…. It is what it is.

Keegan – Yeah…

Amir – I mean I have a decent life. I live in CarterCity, and I have a good job, and I like my school… so..

Keegan – That’s good.

Amir – Less pressure than Pylea University for sure….

Keegan – I’d imagine.

Amir – You go to G.C.U.?

Keegan – I do.

Amir – Good…. Mona was going to go there- but… Its okay. She’s in a better place now you know?

Keegan – Yeah.

Amir – You know, I’ll be frank with you. As her older brother I could easily blame you for everything.

Keegan – Why won’t you?

Amir – Mona wouldn’t want that- and to be honest I don’t want that. I don’t want you to go through life like that…

Keegan – ……

Amir – Mona loved you… It took me a while to accept that, but eventually I did…. and ultimately I was okay with it. You never treated her badly, so… I- yeah.

Keegan – …. How’s your parents? They still want me dead?

Amir – No.. they’ve let it go actually. They were here this morning apparently. That what my father said in his daily e-mail- who uses e-mail anymore? he needs to learn how to send text messages.

Keegan – *smirks*

Keegan – Earlier I thought about the day we first met…

Amir – Oh?… hmm.. funny. I remember that day.

Keegan – Huh?

Amir – She came home, and we did the birthday thing. She called one of her friends- can’t really remember which one- one of the cheerleaders. Anyway I heard her talking about you. How she wanted to get to know you, and how she’d punch you in the throat if you tried anything.

Keegan – *laugh* That’s Mona…

Amir – I don’t know why I ever thought she needed protection. She could take care of herself.

Keegan – True.

Amir – …. Lots of good memories with her.

Keegan – Same… One of my favorite memories is our 1st valentines day. I told her I was taking her to dinner. I picked her up and she was dressed ready to go to a ball. I’m wearing baggy jeans and a tupac t-shirt. Her reaction was priceless. She was annoyed the whole ride to my place, I told her I was always changing.. and she smiled. That’s when she said “Even though I hate the way you dress… I don’t think it matters. Because I’m falling in love with you. I…. love you Keegan” Her hair brushed across her cheek and she was a bit red in the face. That was the first time she had said it… that she loved me.

Amir – *smiles* I see the hip hop phase is gone..

Keegan – Ha….

Amir – I think my favorite memory of Mona is probably when I was maybe 13… I did something bad.. like spanking bad. So Dad went to get the belt to spank me with it and here comes Mona who jumps on me and hugs me and screams “Not my big brother! you have to go through me!” She was protecting me haha… so cute.

Keegan – *smile*

Amir – I hope she’s happy wherever she is…

Keegan – I think she is…

Amir – She probably wants us to be happy…. Its hard though. I had my cry on the way here…

Keegan – I cried this morning heh…

Amir – ……..

Keegan – …….

Amir – Happy Birthday little sis.

Keegan – …….

Amir – Happy Birthday Mona…

Amir and I talked some more, and I realized my dad was still waiting in the car. We said our goodbye’s and He said he’d like to keep in touch with me. That shocked me but it made me feel good. Knowing that he, and his parents let go of the hate they had for me… I felt this weight lifted. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

Issac – I was about to come get you, I didn’t know if you were okay.

Keegan – Oh sorry, I lost track of time. I was talking to Amir.

Issac – Amir?- Oh Mona’s big brother?

Keegan – Yeah.

Issac – How’d that go?

Keegan – ………….*smile* Good actually.

Issac – I’m glad.

Keegan – Looks like you were right about the rain.

Issac – Looks like it.

Keegan – I’m glad I came.

Issac – Good. You seem… tranquil.

Keegan – I am…

Issac – Heh- look at this gay ass umbrella Scott left in my car. Its terrible, I’m getting wet still.

Keegan – *laugh*

Issac – Well… where too?

Keegan – Instead of going out…. do you think we could just go pick up some food and ice cream? go back to my house and watch some bad tv?

Issac – You sure?

Keegan – As long as I’m hanging out with you I’m good- if that’s okay with you.

Issac – Of course its okay. Sounds like a plan- besides I didn’t want to have to play the “I was a model card- so get me a table now!” card *laugh*

Keegan – You never do that.

Issac – I know……….. I always wanted to- but Scott has so many connections.. we usually get the best table,wine, and food.

Keegan – …….. That’s…. cool. *smiles*

Issac – Alright lets get out of this rain.

Keegan – Okay… lets go.

I don’t think I’ve had this kind of day in a long time. I feel like I’m floating- but in a good way. I’m going to stop rambling though. I’m going to go hangout with my father which is odd… but you know what? I really want to make an effort with him… so here goes….. wish me luck.

(POV Jeep)

So… yeah I’m stuck here in the hospital like I thought. Sucks…. atleast my cousin Micah works here now. He can check on me, and make sure none of the ghost of the dead people who died here- because I totally believe in ghost okay!…. They exist!

Micah – Hi-

Raven – They said I could talk to him?

Micah – Yeah- go ahead…

Jeep – Raven?

Raven – Hey.

Jeep – Micah can you give us some privacy?

Raven – …….

Micah – No problem

Raven – He calls you Micah? and not nurse?

Micah – I’m his cousin.

Raven – Oh okay.

You know…. I have a shitload of relative here in GloCity. I have Jarrah, Micah,  from uncle Josh. Then I have Harrison from Aunt Skye, oh and how can I forget Connor.. Aunt Skye’s first son, Harrison’s older brother- well half brother. Man it gets confusing. Oh wait I forgot someone else. Sebastian- he’s my cousin too from my uncle Nathan. I have no idea how that works though since Nathan is My dad, and uncle Josh’s Uncle… wow.. headache…  Just forget the detail.. those people are my cousins. 

My cousin Connor lives in Pylea and has a daughter too.. so that’s- see.. confusing. Blah I should stop trying to explain this, I’m confusing myself.

Raven – …..So…. That happened.

This should be good.

Jeep – Yes Raven… this did happen.

Raven – You look terrible.

Jeep – I’m aware of that….

Raven – …… Are you okay?

Jeep – Where is Christine?

Raven – Do you REALLY think its a good idea that I tell you that?

Jeep – ……Maybe not.

Raven – I’m so sorry this happened to you.

Jeep – Who was that guy? and how do you even know?

Raven – ……It…

Jeep – Spit it out Raven… I got my ass kicked. Look at me! I deserve to know….

Raven – It was Christine’s dad…. Karl.

Jeep – …………

Raven – He left me a message on my phone. Screaming that he’ll find Christine, and that he beat up her little emo boyfriend.

Jeep – ………

Raven – I’m sorry.

Jeep – Why is she hiding from him?

Raven – I cannot tell you that… I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I should go…

Jeep – ….This is not fair….

Raven – You should have never said hi to us at that skate park… I’m so sorry she dragged you into this.

Jeep – Raven!

Raven – Bye Jonah.

Spirit – Oh my god….

Jeep – Spirit?

Spirit – Oh my god…. *crying*

Jeep – Its okay- I’m okay… I promise. Please don’t cry.

Spirit – I came as soon as I could. I was in Pylea… having dinner with my family.

Jeep – Its okay….. I’m fine.

Spirit – You don’t look fine…

Jeep – *crying* I’m okay I promise…

Spirit – You don’t have to be tough for me… Its okay to be upset. I talked to Harrison.. he told me what happened…. I’m so sorry.

Jeep – ……

Spirit – That girl that just left… is she to blame? does she have something to do with this?

Jeep – No- not at all.. she’s a friend… her friend is missing so she asked if I saw her to call her….

Spirit – Oh okay….

Jeep – Its really late, shouldn’t you be studying or sleeping?

Spirit – It can wait…. Harrison told me you hate hospitals. Your cousin Micah said I could stay with you tonight… if you want.

Jeep – *smiles* Okay.

Spirit – You know…. I was really upset that something happened to you. I-….. I really care about you.

Jeep – I- ….. I didn’t know-

Spirit – Jonah I lik-

Jeep – I’ve never had a female friend like you before…. I mean I have Frankie and Kaori- but its different with you.

Spirit – Friend-oh um…. yeah *smiles* That’s what I’m here for.

Jeep – …. Will you watch a movie with me?

Spirit – Anything you want.

Jeep – Oooh… The Craft is on.

Spirit – I- Okay.. yeah.

Jeep – You okay?

Spirit – Mmm hmm. I’m fine.

Jeep – You have enough room? These hospital beds are small.

Spirit – I’m good.

Jeep – Wish we had some snacks.

Spirit – Want me to run to the vending machine?

Jeep – Eh… nah….

Spirit – Okay.

Jeep – Don’t really know why I have to stay overnight..

Spirit – Doctor’s orders….

Jeep – *sigh* I hate hospitals.

Spirit – I know.

Jeep – Glad you’re here though.

Spirit – *smiles*

What a fricken day. And I swear even with Raven coming here tonight.. I’m just as confused as ever. I’m going to try and not think about it though. Just hangout with Spirit…. she’s super cool to stay with me tonight. I sent all my friends and family home because I knew they’d wanna stay. I just couldn’t say no to Spirit though. She’s turning into a really good friend. I never in a million years thought that would be possible. She’s someone I’m glad to have in my life. Someone I’m glad to call my friend. We have so much in common, and I can just be myself with her. I don’t have to worry about awkwardness or the pressure to be perfect. Its easy with her. Anyway.. Movie time! Goodnight.

~*End of Chapter Five Pt 2 | Pt 3 is Next*~


  1. Spirit and Jeep need to hook up XD. Okay now that I got that off my chest, this part was pretty shocking! Poor Jeep :(. I wonder why Christine’s dad attacked him like that. Also, I enjoyed the flashback of Keegan and Mona. She seemed like a really sweet girl but with edge! It’s easy to see why he liked her so much. RIP Mona :(. Oh, and Keegan looked so hawt in that closeup lol. Just like daddy :D. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

    1. Jeep is so obvious to things….. lol. Hopefully that will change, but maybe the last thing he’s thinking about is a girl. Especially after getting beat up.

      I love love love Mona.. it sucks that she’s gone. We did get to meet Amir for a moment who’s a cutie lol. Keegan and his Dad are more alike than they think. Both are so hot too haha.

      More 2 Come ❤

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