BoysNGirls : Chapter Five | Pt. 1 “Access Denied”

Chapter Five | Pt. 1 “Access Denied”

-POV’s : FrankieKaori

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Frankie)

So…. last night- After our non-talk with Jarrah. My sister Andi showed up. I really should make my twitter page private. *sigh* Anyway… She wanted to say “Hello” and that she was going to be staying with dad while she was here. I asked her why she decided to show up, and she tells me “You know why” Ugh…. Its so weird seeing her. Anyway she said hi to Kaori and left- but not before making plans with me today. She’s coming over in a few minutes… So not ready for that.

Kaori – Frankie?

Frankie – Sorry… was lost in my thoughts.

Kaori – Thinking about Ivy??

Frankie – Shut up! *laugh*

Kaori – That’s not why I wanted to talk though-

Frankie – You wanted to talk? I just assumed you wanted to give me a pep talk before I get in the boxing ring with big sis.

Kaori – You can handle Andi- well… sorta.

Frankie – …..

Kaori – Do you think I’m too harsh on Jarrah?

Frankie – Umm…. sometimes.

Kaori – She boils my blood dude- but…. sometimes I’m a complete bitch to her- and Trey.

Frankie – I agree…

Kaori – I want to not be so mean I guess…. Ugh. I’m no good at this being nice stuff.

Frankie – Yes you are, you’re great with me.

Kaori – That’s cause I love you.

Frankie – I love you too Kay’ but I do think you need to work on your anger issues babe.

Kaori – I know….. So you’re bisexual?

Frankie – ……..I don’t know what I am label wise. I guess though. I’m attracted to women sure. I didn’t want to tell you….

Kaori – Why?

Frankie – I just thought you’d look at me weird.

Kaori – I’d never…

Frankie – I know… What was I thinking.

Kaori – So I know we’re like not talking to Jar-head Jarrah but like.. about that…

Frankie – Hmmm?

Kaori – If it had been you…. would you would have came clean?

Frankie – What?- like if I broke the pact?

Kaori – Yeah.

Frankie – Umm… I don’t know…. I honestly don’t think I would have.

Kaori – *sigh of relief* Oh thank goodness because I was thinking I was a horrible person for thinking the same thing. I just don’t think I’d say anything if it was in the past. Which is why now I do believe I’m too hard on bug eyes Jarrah.

Frankie – *rubs neck* Yeah…. I mean its- I don’t know. Truth be told the pact was stupid.

Kaori – Atleast I know now… Its not me who he may love. Its either you, or Jarrah.

Frankie – My money is on Jarrah. He slept with her.

Kaori – If its you….. I’d be okay with you dating him.

Frankie – …….I don’t know.. its not something I want to think about…. *rubs neck*

Kaori – What’s wrong with your neck?

Frankie – When the lady at the salon was washing my hair I swear it was so uncomfortable.

Kaori – Come here- I AM a trained massage therapist you know..

Frankie – Some old lady that’s been working there forever showed you the basics.. I don’t think that qualifies you as some trained specialist babe.

Kaori – *laugh* Just get over here.

She and I have been bestfriends for so long. Ever since my dad took me to her birthday party when we were younger. We were- ARE so different, but I believe that’s the beauty in it all. We sorta complete each other oddly enough.

Frankie – Ow- right there.. yeah.

Kaori – Feel good?

Frankie – Mmm hmm.

Kaori – So… do you remember when we first met? Your dad brought you to my 12th birthday party…

Frankie – Yeah, I do….

Kaori – What did you think of me?

Frankie – I thought you were stuck up for an 12 year old.

Kaori – Hmm… Kinda was…

Frankie – What did you think of me?

Kaori – That you were stuck up- I mean who brings a book to a birthday party?

Frankie – It was really engaging.

Kaori – Who would have thought we’d be bestfriends..

Frankie – *smiles* things happen. I’m glad it did too.

Kaori – I love your hair.

Frankie – Thanks. I’m glad I took a risk and colored it. I like it too. Yours is super cute too, you know I like dirty blonde on you.

Kaori – Speaking of which…

Frankie – Here we go…

Kaori – So you really never been into me?

Frankie – You sound jealous.. do you want me to be into you?

Kaori – No.. we’re friends- plus I’m straight. I’m just curious.

Frankie – I thought you looked really pretty at prom… like I kinda wished you were my date. That’s the closest to feelings I ever had about you.

Kaori – I did look fucking hot at prom though.

Frankie – You’re so conceited. Turn off!

Kaori – *laugh* Can I ask you something?

Frankie – Hmm?

Kaori – What is it for you… about Keegan?

Frankie – I don’t know… he’s like- Its really hard to describe what it is.

Kaori – He makes me feel safe, and smart. Like I matter.

Frankie – Yeah that too, but its…. Its hard to explain- can we stop talking about him?

Kaori – Yes.. cause there was something I wanted to get off my chest anyway.

Frankie – Okay.

Kaori – Lately I’ve been feeling like I hold you back, like you’re way too smart to be my friend. You can have smarter friends, and cooler people to have conversations with. I feel like sometimes we talk on the phone like I’m a dumbass.

Frankie – Why?

Kaori – Cause sometimes I have nothing to say. Especially when you talk about things happening in the world…

Frankie – I have alot of friends, for many different reasons. You’re my all around friend- even if you don’t say anything, I know I can talk to you about whatever’s on my mind. Kaori you are full of life. You have to just allow yourself to shine. You’re potential is immeasurable.

Kaori – I don’t know what that means but its really sweet. *smiles*

Frankie – Do you like working at the Lucky Dragon? honestly?

Kaori – Aside from wanting to punch that horse face bitch Paisley in her mouth everyday- I don’t actually hate it. At first I did- then I started to think about how I could make the place better. Advertisement here- and there. How the spa can open up a whole new world of clientele. I think I’d like to be manager…

Frankie – Awww! That’s so awesome… I want it for you- if you want it for you.

Kaori – I do.

Frankie – Good.

Kaori – So speaking of work.. how’s it going?

Frankie – I interview your brother today- well tonight. In Bridgeport.

Kaori – Cool…. still haven’t made up with him and the fam yet.

Frankie – You will.

Kaori – Maybe.

Frankie – What are you doing today? What’s your day looking like?

Kaori – Work… then hanging out with a guy…

Frankie – Hanging out with a guy?

Kaori – Yeah… we’re just friends..

Frankie – Friends?

Kaori – Yeah, he’s a guy I’ve know for a minute…

Frankie – Do you like this guy?

Kaori – ….I don’t know. I’m – I don’t know Frankie. We’ll see.

Frankie – Name?

Kaori – Its-


Frankie – Saved by the door. *screams* Its open!

Andi – Oh hi Kaori…

Kaori – ….sup.

Andi – Nothing much…. just want to steal my little sister away from ya.

Kaori – Its fine.. I have to get to work anyway.

Andi – You have a job?

Kaori-  Yeah.

Andi – Nice… that’s great. Frankie you inspired this one eh?

Frankie – Kaori inspires me to be honest

Andi – Cute.

Kaori – So what do you do? Are you a nurse yet?

Andi – Yeah… I pretty much run the hospital in C-City. I have this annoying girl named Mari who works under me. She reminds me of you Frankie when you were 8.. just buzzing around following me everywhere.

Frankie – Looks like you have a fan…

Andi – She’s annoying.

Frankie – Don’t be so pessimistic…

Andi – Don’t be a smart ass.

Frankie – Don’t think you can run me! you haven’t been around YOU LEFT REMEMBER?!

Andi – …………. Frankie….

Frankie – ……I’m sorry….

Andi – No I’m sorry….

Kaori – Well… on that note.. I’m going to give you guys space…..

Frankie – Love you.

Kaori – You too boo.

Andi – You guys are so gay- speaking of which.. Itty Bitty.. honey….those shorts, and those shoes.

Frankie – What’s wrong with them?

Andi – I get the ensemble you were going for- but its all wrong. You look like a lesbian.

Frankie – …..No…………… I don’t…………. Do I?

Andi – I’m not saying you’re gay… I have no issue with that- hell my roommate is a flaming barebacking queen- who was in the army-

Frankie – You have a roommate where you live?

Andi – Yes…but that’s yeah- not why I’m here.

Frankie – …..Why are you here?

That was kinda mean, but come on…. she just shows up and think’s I’m going to be waiting with open arms. That is quite the appearance of absurdity- that or arrogance. She’s my sister though, and as much as I’m hurt by her.. its hard to be face to face and mad at her. My mother is a completely different story though…. that trainwreck…

Andi – I miss you….. you’re my “itty bitty”– well not so much now… you have tits, and you’re tall… but… you’ll always be my itty bitty sister.

Frankie – Why now?

Andi – After what dad told me about mom coming here.. I just realized I didn’t want to be like her- though now that I think about it.. in retrospect I popped up unannounced much like she did- dumb Andi…

Frankie – …….

Andi – Your hair looks so cute. I love your top too- see… I’m not nitpicking *laugh* I just hate the shorts, and shoes.

Frankie – … What do you want from me?

Andi – For you to stop being mad at me?

Frankie – ….

Andi – I left, and it was the best thing for me. It wasn’t the best thing for you, and dad- but… I can’t take it back now. You have to understand something, I was your big sister- and your mother. I was dad’s daughter- and his partner in a way. He told me all the sad stuff, I tucked him in after a night of emotional drinking. I was there, I was around. I selfishly… left. Because I needed to get out- I needed to get away from Micah as well…

Frankie – …..*nods* I understand…. I just thought you didn’t love us anymore.

Andi – Really? why do you think I call you so much? even though you never answer.

Frankie – I guess that’s true…

Andi – So anyway I don’t want to talk about all of that stuff right now. We have tonight for that.

Frankie – Dad knew you were coming, and didn’t tell me huh?

Andi – Didn’t wanna get in the middle.

Frankie – …..Sounds like him.

Andi – Yeah…… but umm. How about you show me around campus? and we get something to eat. We can talk about none dramatic things…. again.. that’s for tonight.

Frankie – You keep saying that. What does that even mean?

Andi – I issued an open invitation to our dear ol’ mom. You, Me, Dad, and her. All in one room…. The truth shall set you free.

Frankie – Did she agree to it?

Andi – She did. She’ll be there. So get your boxing gloves on itty bitty. Its boxing time.

Frankie – Now I see why you don’t want to talk about this crap now.. save all the energy for later.

Andi – Exactly……… so lets go…show me around.

Frankie – Let me put a skirt and boots on first…

Andi – Great Idea….

Frankie – So you have a gay roommate….

Andi – Yeah… he’s cool. He’s kinda slutty though, but I think he’s that way because he’s upset or something. I don’t know… Why do you ask?

Frankie – Just curious.

Andi – I live in an apartment complex in C-City… I have a gay roommate.. I shower every day, I love Oatmeal… are we done?

Frankie – You should lighten up…

Andi – That’s what Frankie says… so annoying.

Frankie – What? I AM Frankie you freakshow.

Andi – No not you… My roommate.. his name is Frankie.

Frankie – Heh…. awkward

Andi – Yeah.. that took me for a loop.. I never get used to calling him that… He’s a sweetheart though. I genuinely care about him- just not some of his choices.

Frankie – I see…. So do you have a boyfriend?

Andi – Can you hurry up and get dressed so we can go?

Frankie – Sorry… I have a million questions..

Andi – I’m sure itty bitty.. I’m sure.

Like I just said… I have a million questions for her, but I doubt I’ll get every answer I’m out for. My sister likes her secrets. Have I mentioned how weird this is that she’s back home? And oh my god….. here comes the showdown with my mother. I almost feel bad for her, she’s walking into a cage with a savage beast- Oh well.. what goes around comes around…. My sister can be very intimidating… I doubt even my mother wants to say the wrong thing tonight.

(POV Kaori)

~*15 Minutes After leaving Frankie*~

What I told Frankie is true, the impossible happened. I see a future here, I see myself being manager, and then owning the place. I actually want to work hard and do it… which feels nice, and different… but a good different. Fuck… Frankie never yells… seeing her yell at Andi was so… weird. I do NOT want to be in the middle of that. Speaking of Frankie, I’m hella happy that I told her how I felt. She made me feel better about shit you know?- and I admit… she’s right about Jarrah… maybe I’m a bitch to her… I’ll try and work on that I guess… Oh Suzy works today-

Kaori – Hey Suz

Suzy – Hi……

Kaori – What’s wrong?

Suzy – I tried Kaori… I really tried….

Kaori – What are you talking about?

Suzy – Go into the powder room.. Ms Swan is waiting for you.

Kaori – Okay…..

Guess I’ll go see what I’m in trouble for… I bet Paisley and Lamisha bitch asses are to blame… Ugly ass bitches…

Paisley – So I need your advice girl… you got a client right now?

Lamisha – Yeah but he can wait.. this is first time here anyway… what’s good girl?

Paisley – So my BOYFRIEND….. HAMMER, he wants to buy me something nice, but I’m trying to play it cute. He told me whatever I wanted… he wants to spoil me. So do you think I should tell him what I want? or-

Lamisha – Girl lemme tell you. So my dude at the house, it was our anniversary… and he was gonna buy me a lame gift as usual, so I left my laptop opened with a necklace on it…… you know….. just so happen i left it opened… in the open.. for him to see it.

Paisley – And he got it for you?

Lamisha – Nah girl that fool is cheap, he took my ass to red lobster.

Fat bitch…. bet you loved the-

Lamisha – Loved them cheddar biscuits girl!

Ha… I knew it… 

Paisley – Yeah.. well I don’t know.. maybe I should do what you did… his mother sends him money all the time…

Lamisha – Jackpot!

I knew Paisley was a golddigger… Anyway not my business… Hammer made his choice. Goodluck going broke on this bitch.

Ms Swan – Kay-or-dee…. Herro. Come en.

Kaori – You wanted to see me?

Ms Swan – iid come tew my ah-ten-chun. That I let you go.

Kaori – What?

Ms Swan – I see vid-dee-o Of you attack miss payz-lee.

Kaori – That-

Ms Swan – Lamb-eee-sha and Payz-Lee say you jerka-tha-dick.

Kaori – Excuse me?

Ms Swan – Jerka Tha Dick!

Kaori – Paisley and Lamisha are the ones doing that! Not me!

Ms Swan – Wee haf zee-row tol-lah-rinse no hit rule here.

Kaori – But I-

Ms Swan – Eye am sowee Kay-or-dee. Ms Swan haf tu say eet. You fiyahd

Kaori – …….. This is such bullshit.

Ms Swan – Wunt rekka-men-day-shun? Eye write! Yes? *nods yes*

Kaori – You know…. you’re an idiot! Those bitches are going to run you out of business. Those whores are jerking off men in here! Not me!

Ms Swan – Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Miz Payz-lee say you say dat.

Kaori – Fuck y- *breathes* Thanks for the opportunity. Goodbye.

I can’t believe this shit, this is such bullshit! I want to beat somebody’s ass right now!- Work on your anger Kaori.. work on it…. *breathes*

Miguel – Umm.. hi… I’ve been waiting for my massage for-

Lamisha – Calm down…

Miguel – Wow you’re rude..

Lamisha – What kinda massage you lookin for?

Miguel – Excuse me?! Hey lady I just want to relax before I go rehearse for my movie role

Lamisha – Oooh you some kinda star?

Miguel – No, its a college, mini film project I-

Lamisha – Oh nevermind.. lame.

Kaori – Hey Miguel?

Miguel – Kaori?!- whoa… you know my name?

Kaori – Of course I do…. anyway I-

Miguel – You work here?

Kaori – I did… but not anymore.

Lamisha – She got fired

Kaori – I got fired because 1. I beat that horse bitch ass *points to paisley* and 2. Because that horse and the fat bitch you’re getting a massage from lied on me and said I was jerking men off.

Miguel – Happy endings?!

Kaori – I’d never. Those two were- ARE doing it. So if you want cum hands on your body have fun.

Miguel – Oh hell no..

Lamisha – I don’t do that boo!

Kaori – Yes you do… don’t lie you fat whale.

Lamisha – Bitch please.

Kaori – Do you want me to slap you?

Lamisha – Gone with the bullshit Kaori, ain’t nobody trying to beef with you.

Kaori – ……

Miguel – I think I’ll just go elsewhere…

Kaori – Good choice- but I recommend Suzy, she’s legit, and doesn’t do any of that nasty stuff. She’s sweet and will listen to you. You should tip her well too because she works hard.

Miguel – Is Suzy the blonde?

Kaori – Yes

Miguel – Okay thanks Kaori.

Kaori – No problem.

Lamisha – You crossing the line now girl! taking money out of my pocket!

Kaori – I’m sure you’ll make up for it with those motel dates you do.

Lamisha – What- I don’t do that shit!

Kaori – Tell it to someone who cares!

Paisley – Bye bye cunt.

Kaori – I already beat your ass once…. so you may wanna stop while your ahead mr ed.

Paisley – Say what you want, but I got you fired, and took your man. You lose, so fuck you.

Kaori – No bitch you lose.. because all you got is this place, and the dicks you jerk. Have fun with that.

Paisley – I will…. bye Kaori! It was nice knowing you- well not really.

Kaori – I’m not malicious…. but I think I should tell Nick why you stole that money from him.

Paisley – That’s taking things too far!

Kaori – He deserves to know that you got an abortion…. *smiles*

Paisley – Don’t!

Kaori – Bye bye cunt.

I’m not really gonna tell him, Its not my business. Watching her squirm is funny though. *sigh* what am I gonna do now….. all my plans down the drain. This is great.

(POV Frankie)

So my sister sat in a class with me, and had some of the best frozen yogurt G.C.U. is known for. After that I showed her around and we grabbed a salad. She didn’t bring up any personal stuff… so weird. I guess she really wants to save it all for later.

Andi – You weren’t kidding when you said the frozen yogurt here was to die for.

Frankie – Yeah… everyone likes it.

Andi – This is a really great school Frankie.

Frankie – I love it here.

Andi – I’m glad…. I’m proud of you.

Frankie – You don’t have to say that… I’m-

Andi – No…. I’m really proud of you, and so is dad. He talks about you all the time.

Frankie – …..all the time?

Andi – Well the times I call him…

Frankie – ….Hmm

Andi – You’re the star of this family. You’re going to reach your goals… I just know it.

Frankie – Thank you Andi… that means alot….

Andi – Dad told me you work for Issac’s new beau…. is that awkward?

Frankie – No- well sometimes….

Andi – Dad will never be over Issac…

Frankie – I know.

Andi – …………..*sigh* He was most happiest with him.

Frankie – Yeah…

Andi – Then everything happened- umm enough of that… So I’m going to go home and nap. Then shower and change.

Frankie – Why?

Andi – Going out with some old friends.

Frankie – Oh okay..

Andi – Then tonight… you know…

Frankie – I know.. gotta battle mom…

Andi – No… Nashville comes on. You watch that right?

Frankie – Oh… wait you watch it too?

Andi – Of course!- but yeah besides that.. we gotta battle the she-demon.

Frankie – Glad that’s later…..

Andi – What do you have planned today?

Frankie – I have to do this thing for Ivy-

Andi – Who?

Frankie – My f- she’s- My roommate.

Andi – Kay’ isn’t your roomie?

Frankie – No.

Andi – Ah…. do you have a boyfriend? did I ask that already?

Frankie – I don’t.

Andi – What else you doing?

Frankie – I have work.. an assignment in Bridgeport….

Andi – Ooooh fancy.

Frankie – Yeah….

I didn’t think it was wise to tell her that I was interviewing Ivo.. especially since she cheated on her boyfriend Micah- blah blah you know the story by now. I’ll just tell her later…. Maybe. Not that it should be a secret I guess… I don’t know… whatever.

Andi – Did you hear me?

Frankie – No.

Andi – I said why are you not with Keegan.

Frankie – Cause we’re just friends.

Andi – I see…

Frankie – What?

Andi – I just know things… like those sleepovers…

Frankie – Oh my god..

Andi – You still run to the bathroom when he turns you on?

Frankie – Goodbye Andi!

Andi – Bye Itty Bitty. See you tonight.

Frankie – Yeah yeah….

Time to get this over with…

Bryce – Greeting Frankie.

Frankie – Hi Bryce…

America – Hey Frankie!

Frankie – Hi *smiles*

Lars – Wassup Legs? *winks*

Frankie – ………….Hey Lars…..

Why the hell is America hanging with Lars?…… Oh nevermind.. It makes sense… those pot brownies don’t make themselves.

Kalia – …………….

Frankie – ……………..

Ugh…. Ivy you owe me…

Kalia – You showed…

Frankie – ………Yep…. I’m here.

America – So Lars…. I’m treating you to lunch today because I want to buy some special grass to make some brownies with. Its for my club…. by special grass you know what I mean right?

Lars – Of course America… of course…

Kalia – I didn’t think you’d make it.

Frankie – I keep my word.

Kalia – You must really like Ivy.

Frankie – I do.

Kalia – Who was the girl you were with? she looks like your twin.

Frankie – My older sister.

Kalia – Cool-

Frankie – Can we just work on your econ paper?

Kalia – ….. before we do that… I need to say something.

Frankie – ………….okay.

Kalia – I’m sorry for how I acted.

Frankie – …….Are you really?

Kalia – Yes, very sorry. I was being a bitch.

Frankie – …..

Kalia – Do you accept my apology?

Frankie – …. Yes.

Kalia – Good because honestly I’ve been feeling like shit.

Frankie – …..Why?

Kalia – I just-… nevermind. Someone like you wouldn’t understand.

Frankie – Amuse me.

Kalia – You’re drop dead beautiful. I’m a troll.

Frankie – No you’re not.

Kalia – My sister is 10 times better looking than me. I don’t fit in anywhere. I’m ugly…. and I hate it. I never feel pretty, I feel so out of place.

Frankie – You don’t have to feel that way.

Kalia – … Men don’t find me attractive Frankie.

Frankie – Aren’t you strictly for the ladies?

Kalia – That’s not the point. I feel…. nevermind.. this is stupid.

Frankie – No! its not… everyone should feel good in their own skin.

Kalia – That’s easy for you to say Pocahontas

Frankie – ……

You know.. I loved Pocahontas- the Disney movie. I always pretended to be her singing colors of the wind. Keegan would be my ideal John Smith… *laugh* I was such a dreamer. Kaori’s favorite Disney movie is Beauty and The Beast. I’m not here for that animated bestiality to be honest… Belle is sick.

Frankie – Hammer!

Kalia – Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing?

Hammer – What’s up- whoa.. digging the hair.. brings out your eyes.

Frankie – Thanks…. Umm so Do you find Kalia to be pretty?

Hammer – She’s alright if I’m being honest…

Frankie – What would you change?

Hammer – Isn’t she gay?

Kalia – …………….

Frankie – Just answer the question.

Hammer – I hate her hair…. I look at her and think of Troy Polamalu (click)

Frankie – Who?

Kalia – He’s a football player that plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hammer – Yeah… Him.

Kalia – …………….

Hammer – You’re just not very…. girly. Your sister and you are twins but its hard to-

Kalia – Amina wears too much makeup! she looks like a raccoon!

Hammer – Well…. If I were a chick.. I’d rather be a raccoon than look like Troy Polamalu. No offense… just being honest.

Frankie – Thanks for being honest Hammer.

Hammer – I just think new clothes and hair would be better.. Its not even so much about the makeup I guess.

Kalia – This is so embarrassing…

Hammer – Its all good Kalia.. I don’t judge you. I do think you can look a million times better if you tried though.

Kalia – Gee… thanks bro.

Frankie – He’s just being honest. Honesty is what we need.

Hammer – Cool… anyway I gotta get to class.

Frankie – Thanks Hammer.

Hammer – No problem.

I got some coffee and I thought about Kalia… Maybe I could use this to my advantage. I could help this girl out, and also write a paper on it for The Mothership. It could help other girls out too who feel like they don’t fit in. The thing is though, I don’t like Kalia. It was times like this where I hated that I was so nice. This girl was in need of help.. who was I to say no? I knew what I had to do… *deep breath* I… Frankie Mancini Moss had to do the right thing. I had to give her a makeover…

Kalia – Earth to Frankie?

Frankie – I want to help you.

Kalia – What?

Frankie – With the economics class of course- but …. the makeover thing too.

Kalia – For real?!

Frankie – Yeah.

Kalia – Why?… why are you being so nice?

Frankie – Because under all the bench pressing, and foul attitude… I think you could possibly be a good person.

Kalia – …..That’s…. really big of you. Thank you

Frankie – How come you didn’t just ask Jarrah? she’s in the sorority with your sister.

Kalia – Because I didn’t want Amina to know… Its embarrassing. She doesn’t like bonding with me because the way I look.

Frankie – I don’t think that’s why….

Kalia – Maybe its not… but its how I feel.

Frankie – Assumptions my dear…. they’re not good.

Kalia – Yeah…..

Frankie – You should probably get a cup of coffee… we have alot of work to do.

Kalia – Econ stuff or Makeover?

Frankie – Econ… I need to make a game plan first before we tackle the makeover. I have some ideas though…

Kalia – I don’t want to look like a man in a dress… I’m not trying to be anyone’s Serena Williams (Click)

Frankie – Gotcha….

(POV Kaori)

I’ve known Byron since I’ve known Hammer, never really talked with him much. Then he showed up at The Lucky Dragon and we’ve kinda been texting, and talking ever since. He’s a cool guy. Something about him is so different from most guys I’ve met. He’s very laid back and determined but… just… I don’t know. Trying to think of a word to describe him, but nothing comes to mind. I wish I had Frankie big word brain right now.

Kaori – …. Look at the new clothes… new you… I like it.

Byron – Yeah… wanted my outside to match my inside. I decided to quit football and focus on my music.

Kaori – What about your dad?

Byron – He’ll be mad.. probably cut me off. I’ll find a job if I need to. I can’t let him hold money over my head…. I have to live, and be me you know?

Kaori – Yeah.

Byron – I umm…. I left the frathouse.

Kaori – What?!

Byron – Yeah… Its not the place for me anymore, and turns out theirs a room open in the dorms. I just have to wait a week or two before moving in or something. Its with your friend. Jonah.

Kaori – Oh cool- he snores by the way.

Byron – That’s fine… I lived with a bunch of guys.. 1 snoring dude isn’t so bad.

Kaori – Its cool that you stopped being a pussy and found yourself.

Byron – I guess- if that’s how you want to put it. I’m just happy…. Things are good. I’m not leaving G.C.U. I’m just changing some of my classes. I get to work on the things I really like.

Kaori – Yeah….. you seem to have direction.

Byron – Hey what’s wrong? You seem distracted.

Kaori – …..Life just sucks.

Byron – It does sometimes…. but you gotta take what you got and make the most of it

Kaori – …….Today was a disaster

Byron – How so?

Kaori – ….I got fired from my job today.

Byron – The job you hated?

Kaori – I didn’t hate it- and I even saw a future there.. as manager and eventually the owner… I had all these grand ideas- It was so stupid of me to think I could actually have a plan, and stick with it…..

Byron – Dude….. no it wasn’t. You set a goal for yourself- its not your fault that you got fired- unless it is? Why did you get the axe?

Kaori – Two of my co-workers.. Lamisha and Paisley; are jerking men off, and making extra tips from it. I called one out, and it got physical. She and I cannot stand each other, and after I beat her ass this bitch really hates me. So I go into work today…. and my nice co worker… Suzy-

Byron – …..Yeah…. I know her… She has a son named Collin.. long story. Go on..

Kaori – So I go into the dressing room, and this old non english speaking bitch fires me. Saying that she has zero tolerance for fighting, and that I’m jerking off men! WHICH I NEVER DID!

Byron – That’s messed up.

Kaori – It pisses me off that Paisley got me fired…

Byron – I’m sorry…

Kaori – I’m just so sick of this shit, nothing seems to go my way, and I don’t want everything to either- I’m not THAT girl..

Byron – *laughs*

Kaori – What?

Byron – Who’s movie are you living in? “I’m not that girl” It just sounds so… dramatic.

Kaori – Screw you Byron…

Byron – No I get what you’re saying. Its just- well have you tried a less dramatic approach?

Kaori – What do you mean?

Byron – Shit happens… all the time. Unfortunately we don’t have time machines. We can’t go back and change anything. So take what happened, learn something from it- and move on. You have to- besides new beginnings can be fun.

Kaori – ………..I guess you’re right. Thank’s pastor Byron for your knowledge… Are you baptizing me next?

Byron – Funny…. though….

Kaori – Oh my god, are you a Jesus freak?- Dammit… I knew you were too perfect.

Byron – What? No I don’t even- wait….. you think I’m perfect?

Kaori – That slipped, I didn’t mean-

Byron – Yes you did…. *smiles*

Kaori – ……Whatever- anyway what were you saying before?

Byron – Come with me….

Kaori – I’m not getting in that water Byron…

Byron – Its just clothes… they can dry… trust me.. come on. Be free!

Byron – Come on!

Kaori – *whiny girly voice* Byron its cold!

Byron – So is life- Get your cute butt in here!

Kaori – ….I’m not wearing panties grrrrrrrrrr!

Byron – Who’s fault is that *laugh*

Kaori – You so owe me….

Byron – Stop being a girl…

Kaori – I am a girl!

Byron – But I know you’re a badass.. this should be easy for you.

Kaori – Ugh….

Byron – Less talking… more swimming…

Kaori – Okay okay…..

Why am I doing this?………….I mean he’s cute… so… *laugh*

Kaori – …… The water feels kinda nice actually…

Byron – The sun is right above us…. the sand is warm…

Kaori – Have you done this before or something?

Byron – No….  Today is a first.

Kaori – Okay so now I’m here…. now what Guru?

Byron – Well Kaori McDonald…. this is your baptism… The world is yours.

Kaori – What do I do?…. what do I say?

Byron – I have no idea….. No rules… just… shout out some stuff.. let all the hate go!

Kaori – Umm… okay…..

Byron – *smiles* You look cute all wet…

Kaori – *smirks*

Byron – Go ahead…

Kaori – Universe…. If you’re listening… if you care. I’m sorry for everything…. I blame myself for everything, I’m terrible to people. I’m mad at Jarrah because she’s better than me in every way… I’m jealous and I treat her like shit for it. I’m sorry…..

Byron – Keep going…

Kaori – I feel stupid…

Byron – You’re just talking to the universe… she’s listening.. Keep going..

Kaori – *sigh* I hate to admit this universe, but my family was right not to tell me anything about George.  I blamed myself for the divorce…. I still do. I think I have issues… alot of them. I want to change and let it all go…. please just help me.. help me find a path….

Byron – ….*smiles*

Kaori – …….. I’ve done alot of things wrong. I want to do right. I want to find myself… My friends all know who they are… but I don’t and it makes me feel bad… I secretly feel inferior to people who have their shit together. Even the bitch rolling pretzels at the pretzel shop today… she looked happy. I guess if I’m asking for one thing Universe.. its that I can have a fresh start.. I’m gonna do better… I promise..

Byron – That was good…

Kaori – ….I feel embarrassed…

Byron – You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Kaori – Do you have anything you want to tell the universe?

Byron – Just that I’m glad I’m here with you right now.

Kaori – …..*smiles*

Excuse me if I don’t have much to say in my head right now… I kinda just poured my soul to the universe….

Byron – So how do you feel?

Kaori – …..Better actually.

Byron – Good.

Kaori – …… Are you a hippie?

Byron – What?- nooooooooo

Kaori – Just wondering.

Byron – I guess I can see why you’d ask that…

Kaori – Yeah….

Byron – I always saw you… with Hammer, and I thought you were cute- but today… I see you… and I think you’re beautiful. Its like I’m seeing you for the first time- and I like it. I like what- and who I’m seeing.

Kaori – You don’t think I’m pathetic?

Byron – After all of that…. I think you’re enchanting…

Kaori – Like a Disney princess….

Byron – Exactly…. *smiles*

Kaori – What are you?…. My prince?

Byron – I’m the scraggly homely guy you fall in love with at the end of the movie.

Kaori – Oh really?

Byron – Yeah… screw the prince.. he’s entitled and has everything… The homely guy has substance.. substance over money anyday

Kaori – You’re not homely… You’re actually really cute… Scraggly though… I agree with that one…

Byron – *laugh*

Kaori – Come on.. lets go dry off…

Byron – How?

Kaori – Walk around the beach.. the sun is shinning.. we’ll be okay.

Byron – Okay…

What an unexpected day… It went from Good, to bad, to great. I honestly feel like I just washed away all my blame, all my shame. I do mean it when I say I want to be better. That doesn’t mean I won’t stumble on my way there. I’m still a bad bitch… can’t change over night…

(POV Frankie)

~*After 8PM Somewhere In Bridgeport*~

Frankie – I am in heels you know…

Ivo – I know… Come on…

Frankie – *walks up stairs*

Ivo – Surprise!

Frankie – Oh my god… Its beautiful up here….

Ivo – You like?

Frankie – I love it- but why? why did you bring me here?

Ivo – After dinner I figured you’d want to walk it off… you kinda ate alot.

Frankie – Wha- No… I didn’t.

Ivo – You did- and Its nothing to be embarrassed about. Besides… when you’d be over hanging with Kay’…. you’d eat alot then. It was funny…

Frankie – ….Whatever *laughs*

Ivo – Seems like so long ago.. you and Kay are women now.. when did that happen.

Frankie – It just does….

Ivo – So anymore questions? I figured we could continue here….

So here’s what you missed. Apparently I ate like a homeless man- but besides that. I learned about what drives him to write, and what his book is really about. Turns out I did jump the gun a bit. Its not about the other two characters… its about one; Him….. Basically 2 guys 1 girl.. the guys are bestfriends. The girl dates one guy, cheats on him with the other. Very familiar blah blah. So.. the bestfriend who does the cheating.. is then blasted by the whole town… and its about dealing and moving on. Coming of age and learning that even in truths lies hide.

We talked alot of his book, and his future plans as an author… Their were still plenty of things I needed to know though…

Frankie – I know what drives you to write from a literary aspect- but as a person… a wealthy white male in america… what sets you apart? Why write when you could do anything you want.

Ivo – I like how you ask questions. No filter… no bullshit. Its true… I could sit on my ass and my dad would take care of me- I could easily work for him and take pictures for a living. That…. right there. Pictures. You know what the saying is about pictures right?

Frankie – There worth a thousand words.

Ivo – Right….. So instead of that.. why can’t words be worth a thousand pictures?

Frankie – *smiling*

Ivo – What?

Frankie – I don’t know…. I just really like that.

Ivo – Good… cause its true. So many children are playing with ipads, and using spellcheck on computers to type papers. Penmanship is terrible, spelling is terrible. The imagination is gone. I’m not saying those things are bad but they take away alot of- Hmm…

Frankie – The fundamentals….

Ivo – Exactly… I read at a school in NYC and all the students looked sluggish and lethargic. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I asked everyone why they hated reading so much, and they said its boring. No pictures…. It broke my heart Frankie. Where’s the imagination in this kids? I told them to try graphic novels.

Frankie – Good idea..

Ivo – But even then… like I read all The Chronicle of Narnia books as a kid, and the movies existed in my head before they did on the big screen. Same thing with Harry Potter. I saw everything.. just from words.

Frankie – The sad thing is… The adults around them are way too lenient, they indulge the children with the things they like because they feel apathetic about teaching as a whole.

Ivo – There was this little boy.. big glasses, kept falling off his face. Reminded me of myself… Though these days I opt for contacts- anyway.. He was the only one who cared about reading. He told me he wants to write stories. I smiled…. I hope he does..

Frankie – *smiles*

Ivo – Where’s your recorder?

Frankie – You have it remember? Its in your pocket.. its on.. recording everything…

Ivo – Okay…

Frankie – What’s that over there?

Ivo – Its a dome….. full of butterflies and trees.

Frankie – Are we allowed in there?

Ivo – No…. but I know a guy…

Frankie – *smiles*

Frankie – Oh my god… so cute.

Ivo – I know Andi’s back in town… and I feel like I should tell you something…

Frankie – Okay…

Ivo – I didn’t sleep with your sister.

Frankie – What?

Ivo – It looks like I did.. because her dress was up, and my pants were unzipped. She was on top of me and-

Frankie – Why did you say you did then?

Ivo – Your sister… wanted out. She needed to make Micah hate her, so he’d let her go. She knew she couldn’t marry him because she was A : Too young and B: She didn’t want to stay here. Sure they both had the medical thing in common but they wanted different things. She used me…. she came to me with sympathy and cried and then tried to have sex with me as a way to push Micah away.

Frankie – Why didn’t you push her off?

Ivo – Oh I tried… but I was also attracted to her- I stopped before anything happened though. That’s when my stepmom Victoria caught us… and Micah was right behind her. Andi got what she wanted.. she wanted out.

Frankie – ………..

Ivo – I understand why she did it- but it was wrong to use me…. It did help push me though. I loved Micah.. no way I would have wanted to move to NYC without him. So I had a reason to go too. Andi always thinks she know’s whats best.. but let me tell you something.

Frankie – I don’t think I should be hearing this…

Ivo – You have to listen to me… Andi is super damaged…. She see’s a therapist… and she tries to hold it all together…

Frankie – How do you know she see’s a therapist?

Ivo – Andi emails me once a week……

Frankie – Oh….

Ivo – She’s a sweet girl… but I never really was into her…..

Frankie – I see…

Ivo – Your sister is strong, and she is amazing.. we all have our problems.

Frankie – I know she hides alot… she says she doesn’t care about our mother but…. I think she does…

Ivo – ……She does… Don’t repeat any of this to her okay? I know that’s asking alot but I care about her… and You… and I don’t want to cause-

Frankie – I understand

I guess there was always a part of me that felt like something about that situation was off. I don’t see why Ivo would lie to me so I do believe him. Andi’s my sister but I totally could see why she’d lie. She was always searching for a way out of GloCity….

Ivo – I’m not proud of things….

Frankie – You’re honest though….

Ivo – ….To a fault sometimes.

Frankie – Umm…. So Jessica Nash…. your mentor….

Ivo – ………….Yes? what about her?

Frankie – I have to ask this…so turn off the recorder.. this is off the record.

Ivo – Okay….

Scott wants me to write smut…. Not gonna happen. I want to know this for myself… Not for an article…

Frankie – …….Are you sleeping with her?

Ivo – Ooooh god….

Frankie – …….Are you?

Ivo – …….Sorta….

Frankie – Ivo…. what the hell?

Ivo – Let me tell you why first….

Frankie – As if any reason is justification. Unless you’re in love with her.

That would explain why he didn’t want my sister…. he had a cougar fetish.

Ivo – Okay so I was in NYC one night.. at a club, just dancing… I noticed this red-head. She was drunk, and stumbling. These guys were going to take advantage of her- so I stopped it. I called a cab and went with her to her hotel just so nothing happened to her. She went on a drunken ramble about her life and her 3 childhood friends. Her daughter, and some other stuff.

Frankie – Okay..

Ivo – So Through her rambling.. I learned that she was partying with these young men… sleeping with them to feel good about herself. She has no friends in NYC… none. She’s doing all of this stuff to suppress something.. something that happened in her hometown.

Frankie – Okay….

Ivo – So she tracked me down one day.. no clue how… money equals alot in NYC.. probably paid to find me. Anyway… We begin a friendship and the writing thing natural clicked. She started to have feelings for me, and I had just broken up with this girl who…. cheated on me. So I… She and I did it… once, then she got attached… like really attached. I knew I had this book deal with her, and I didn’t want her to be alone… and I-

Frankie – You couldn’t walk away…..

Ivo – Yeah….

Frankie – So you’re stuck.

Ivo – Yeah…. exactly.. I want out.

Frankie – Like Andi….

Ivo – Poetry in motion

Frankie – Or a living breathing nightmare.

Ivo – ……I don’t know…. I feel if I say no… my career will go down the drain.

Frankie – You really think she’d do that?

Ivo – Yes…. so after my first book.. I’m out….. She can do whatever she wants… I’ll have my book- that I know will be a success out there.

Frankie – Wow….

Ivo – Can we sit down?

Frankie – …. Yeah…. we probably should

Ivo – Want my jacket?

Frankie – No I’m okay….

Ivo – I’m just trying to be a gentleman…

Frankie – I know… thanks though…

Ivo – Cool date huh?


Ivo – …….. Oops.. my bad. Sorta is though…

Frankie – NO…. its not.

Ivo – I’m shutting up now *laugh*

Frankie – Not funny….

Ivo – You swear I’m like…. all wrong or something.

Frankie – It would be… weird- Lets change the subject.. I’m seeing someone anyway…

Ivo – I’m not into you anyway.. I’m just joking around…

Frankie – Noted.

Ivo – Lets go get some Ice cream..

Frankie – Okay.. sure….. I have a few more questions anyway..

Ivo – Oh no…

Frankie – No no these are on the record questions… fun stuff.. word association..

Ivo – Okay.. cool.

I learned alot tonight… for my interview, and for myself. And just to think… the night isn’t over yet… I have to battle my mother in a few hours….

(POV Kaori)

The Universe is really testing me. Seriously…. my roommate is Bianca.. NOT Magdalena- So why is this bitch always in my room!

Magdalena – Oooh tell him you like Anal

Bianca – Oh my gawd gurl stopppp- lemme type…

These two idiots…. What the hell are they doing..

Magdalena – Oh tell him you love Green Day… he loves that band.

Bianca – Do you want to type? cause you keep-

Magdalena – No girl! he’s gonna know its me.

Kaori – What are you guys doing?

Bianca – I created a fake facebook profile.

Kaori – Why?

Bianca – To chat with Miguel…

Magdalena – He broke up with me, and I want to teach him a lesson.

Kaori – You bitches are Catfishing him?!

Magdalena – He’ll realize he shoulda never left me

Bianca – He’s asking me what school I go to…

Magdalena – Say Carter City University…

Bianca – Oh okay…

Magdalena – Did you tell him you love Anal?

Kaori – What is it with you and Anal?

Magdalena – I don’t know…. why you lookin at me weird?

Kaori – …. Cause you are. I can’t believe you guys are doing that to Miguel.. You guys are the devil..

[Knock Knock]

Speaking of which….

Kaori – ………….

Victoria – Well its obvious that you’re not going to say hello, so hello Kaori.

Kaori – ……What do you want Victoria?- Is my dad okay?!

Victoria – He’s fine….. well no he’s not.. which is why I’m here.

Kaori – ….. What?!

Victoria – Is their somewhere secluded we could speak?

Kaori – …. Not in my room..

Victoria – Well obviously… you have company…

Kaori – Come with me….

What the fuck does she want?…. she’s evil as hell, and now she shows up here?

Victoria – ….Aren’t you cold in those shorts?

Kaori – No…

Victoria – Moving on…

Kaori – Yeah…. what do you want?

Victoria – I know you and I have always been at war…

Kaori – …….

Victoria – I don’t hate you.

Kaori – Hmmm..

Victoria – I’ve always felt like you hated me though. From the first day I met you.

Kaori – Because you replaced my mother.

Victoria – I didn’t though… I could never replace Kokoro…. but thats not why I’m here. I don’t care about our relationship. I’ve accepted the fact that we have our little fights.

Kaori – …Same.

Victoria – I’m here because…. I care about your father, he’s the love of my life. You may not understand it but-

Kaori – No… I get it.

Victoria – He’s broken, sad… all over you, and what took place.

Kaori – Because I’m…. upset at everyone.

Victoria – I know I’m a failure as a mother, but that’s my life. That’s not Vince’s life…. he doesn’t need to feel like a failure over one mistake. You know what I’m saying?

Kaori – Yeah….

Victoria – Your mother, and father are just…. hurt, by everything. You need to stop this crap and make up with them. So everything is okay…. Besides V-Glam I don’t have much that I care about. Vince is my world, and when he’s upset I cannot function. So I’m asking you… to please talk to him, and your mother- Ivo too. I had breakfast with him and he’s misses you.

Kaori – …You came all this way to ask me this.

Victoria – I think it would do everyone some good….

Kaori – ….. I think….

Victoria – That I should go fuck myself? yeah yeah but-

Kaori – No… I think you’re right. I’m done being angry…

Victoria – So you’re agreeing to meet with them?

Kaori – Yeah… under one condition

Victoria – Oh god… yes?

Kaori – You and I can start over too….

Victoria – ……………………..

Kaori – Unless you hate me…

Victoria – No… I’d very much like to start over with you..

Kaori – I’ll stop being a bitch if you do *smile*

Victoria – Deal… Hmm this turned out better than I thought.. what? did you find jesus or something?

Kaori – Lets just say I got baptized by the universe…

Victoria – Interesting.. Maybe I should do that…

Kaori – ……. Maybe I’ll take you one day…

Victoria – Sounds like a plan.

Kaori – …… I like your hair.

Victoria – I like yours.. you look 15 again… adorable, and innocent.. well not innocent but-

Kaori – Daddy always thought so.

Victoria – That’s because I never told daddy about you making out with boys…

Kaori – …… You know its not too late for Alana… you can-

Victoria – That’s a bridge I don’t want to cross right now.

Kaori – I get it.

Victoria – Well go study or something.. I need to get back to the office…

Kaori – Okay… Thanks for….. stopping by.

Victoria – I didn’t expect this outcome but I’m glad I came. You have a goodnight………….princess.

Kaori – *smirk* Okay…

Wow… Byron was right…. new starts are good….. I actually handled that like an adult. Its true I’ve been holding this grudge for a while.. I should just let it go- especially since they were right to not tell me anything… I’m going to go call my dad…. set up a meeting… Then hopefully I can get some sleep. I’m actually gonna go to class in the morning.

(POV Frankie)

Riley – *hold up phone*

Mira On Speakerphone – I decided I’m not coming!

Frankie – …………..

Andi – You know why you’re not coming?! Because you’re a bitch! a FUCKING BITCH! You can’t face your problems dead on!

Mira – Andi I’m your mother don’t talk to me like-

Andi – You are NOT my mother.. You had a chance to come here and set things right-

Mira – No… I was going to be yelled at by you all. Frankie thinks she’s high and mighty-

Frankie – Umm Frankie is right here.. and can hear you. I don’t think I’m high and mighty… I just want nothing to do with you. I hate you…

Mira – You children are so ungrateful

Riley – What have you done for them Mira?! What the fuck are you talking about?!

Mira – Its fine… Whatever…

Andi – This is bullshit… You’re a coward.. a coward ass bitch!

Mira – Didn’t you run away? doesn’t that make you the coward?!

Andi – I came back and faced my demons… you didn’t so no.. we have nothing in common you old ass stripper bitch!

Mira – You’re upset…. because You probably got all glam’d up to prove a point. That you didn’t need mommy. You’re mad because you didn’t get to show off Andi. You’re still a little girl holding a grudge! You all are. Frankie you… You think you’re smart… nobody cares about your books. Andi… grow up, and Riley you’re a gay man pretending to be bisexual! Bisexual men doesn’t exist! *train noise*

Frankie – Is that a train?!

Andi – Of course it is… she’s leaving again… Instead of facing us… she’s skipping town!

Mira – Access Denied Andi.. better luck next time….

Andi – This was your last chance with me Mira.. You’re dead to me.

Frankie – …….

Riley – *Takes Mira off speaker* You’ve done enough to them… is this really what- Mira..- You fucking bitch! Hello?! YOU RUINED MY LIFE! I FUCKING HATE YOU!

Frankie – ………………..

Andi – ……I’m done Frankie..

Frankie – …..I never really started… so.. I agree.

Andi – If I hear you’ve talked to her.. I think I’d slap you.

Frankie – I just said I was done with her too Andi.. goodness..

Andi – Hate her so much.

Frankie – She’s done so many horrible things….

Riley – *Hangs Up* Girls I’ll be back… I’m not gonna let her ruin our night. We have Pie… we need ice cream.

Andi – I’m watching my weight.

Riley – Dammit you’re gonna eat Ice Cream and Pie

Andi – Yes Daddy…

Frankie – *laugh*

Riley – I’ll be back.

Dad left and My sister and I sat down….

Frankie – …. Thanks for the necklace by the way..

Andi – You’re wearing it… aww.

Frankie – Wore it to work….

Andi – *smiles*

Frankie – So… lets talk…

Andi – What do you want to know?

Frankie – Why did you cheat on Micah?

Andi – ……..Because If I didn’t make him hate me…. I knew he’d never move on….

Frankie – Why Ivo?

Andi – It would hurt the most…

Frankie – That’s it?

Andi – Theirs nothing more to the story really…

Frankie – ……Ivo just willingly-

Andi – Okay…  This stays here…

Frankie – Alright.

Andi – We didn’t get to the sex part… He didn’t want to.. I was just straddling him and-

Frankie – Thanks for telling me the truth… because I already know the story.

Andi – The only way you would know the story is if you and Ivo- ………………Where were you tonight again?

Frankie – Interviewing……Ivo….

Andi – Heh…………. Dressed like that?

Frankie – He said to dress up…

Andi – So you’re interviewing him about his book?

Frankie – Yeah- wait how much do you know?

Andi – I know about the book… and I know he works with Jessica Nash.. Whom I hate… and I have history with.

Frankie – What?

Andi – So I live in C-City….. I had a really close friend who was my roommate. Her name was Nikol- but everyone called her Nik. So anyway.. her mother is Jessica Nash. They have a fucked up relationship.

Frankie – Guess you guys bonded over that..

Andi – One day… I came home from working at the hospital and Jessica was fucking Nik’s boyfriend on the couch.

Frankie – Oh my god.

Andi – Yeah Nik was away on a trip in Brazil.. peace core retreat or something- anyway… Jessica and Elliot.. decided to threaten me. Say they would blackmail me and tell Nikol lies about me if I said anything. I didn’t give a fuck.. I was gonna slap her dusty ass. Anyway… Nikol came home earlier than expected.. They told her I seduced Elliot into sex with me.

Frankie – What did Nik say?

Andi – She gave me the benefit of the doubt- but….. I told her I did it.

Frankie – Wait why?!

Andi – The reason she came home earlier than expected is because her dad had a stroke. He’s her bestfriend and if he died… she would have nobody. She would need her mother…. I knew that more than anyone. So I just… I told her I slept with Elliott. We stopped being friends and she moved out.

Frankie – Wow….

So that’s what Jessica is hiding.. she slept with her daughter’s boyfriend, and she can’t deal with it….. she feels horrible I’m sure… Wow…

Andi – Do you think it was stupid that I took the blame?

Frankie – No.

Andi – …..Its okay… Nik lives in the same complex as me.. Its awkward but I feel like she lives her new life, and I have mine. I’m happy… Life is okay.

Frankie – Are you really happy?

Andi – What is happy really?

Frankie – ……Yeah.

Andi – So… Ivo…. you into him still?

Frankie – Gross.

Andi – Just checking… You should stay far away from him.

Frankie – Why?

Andi – He’s very charming… and uses the women that he dates as a muse… Its not-

Frankie – No worries, I’m not into him.

Andi – Good.

Frankie – I’m thirsty…

Andi – I’ll have what you’re having.

Andi – I really missed you itty bitty…

Frankie – I’m glad you’re here.

Andi – I was going to stay this whole week but… they really need me at work. So I leave in the morning.

Frankie – Why do they need you so badly?

Andi – Riverview hospital is shutting down and we’re getting all of the patients. Its going to be hell.

Frankie – Oh…. well I’ll miss you.

Andi – Good…but… I’ll be back.. maybe you can even visit me at the Lotus.

Frankie – The what?

Andi – The complex I live in, its called The Lotus.

Frankie – Sounds fancy!

Andi – Hardly!…..

Frankie – …… Life is something..

Andi – It is… its what we make it though…. we’ll be okay.. You’re well on your way, and I’m……….I’m content with my life. I just wish we could help Dad be happy somehow.

Frankie – I think you visiting more would be a start.

Andi – Noted….

Frankie – Okay what to drink…

Andi – Some Alcohol please.

Frankie – Didn’t you have enough with your friends tonight?

Andi – I didn’t drink.. wanted to be alert when slaying the dragon… but she never showed…

Frankie – Yeah… Oh and dad’s an ex alkie remember?…. no alcohol in the house. Want some Orange Juice?

Andi – That will do…

There is seriously no way I could explicate today’s events….

We have Kaori… whom I’m glad she confessed how she was feeling about or friendship, also her new found confidence with her job. Then Kalia who…. I feel bad for yet.. Kinda like? which is weird. Then Ivo…. which I don’t feel the need to go into that. I will make this clear… I do not like him like that. I like that he’s a writer and I like how he expresses himself. That’s it. I’m with Ivy.

Moving on…. Then we have my sister.. who just told me what she told me. What’s a girl to do with all this information? Should I extract revenge for my sister? Should I out Jessica Nash for the liar that she is? What kind of writer am I?…. and to think I still have my solo interview with her next week.. excuse my french but what the fuck?

~*End of Chapter Five Pt 1 | Pt 2 is Next*~


  1. I just love all the detail you put into this :D. So Kaori is making a change? Good for her! I just hope it will last XD. I’m thinking it will as long as she remembers Byron’s words of wisdom. He’s a really nice guy :). Frankie and Andi have a right to be pissed off at Mira. She had a chance to patch things up but instead she bailed! She’s so lame!! Ugh! Can’t wait for the next one!! ❤

    1. I really love the next one!! can’t wait to post it. Keegan and Jeep always have a specific dynamic when it comes to drama. Well…. this time… Maybe its Jeep’s turn… dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn! lol Stay tuned! ♥

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