BoysNGirls : Chapter Four | Pt. 3 “Tick…Tick…Boom”

Chapter Four | Pt. 3 “Tick…Tick…Boom”

-POV’s : Jarrah & Trey

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Jarrah)

You know that cliche saying? The one that goes “Surrounded by so many people, but still so lonely” ? Well yeah.. on paper it makes no sense, but its something the people who say it, feel. I never understood it… until right now. I’m home with all my sorority sisters- minus JoJo/JoAnna who’s working the late shift at the bakery. Anyway… Behind me I have Portia, and Tyena… talking about boys-

Tyena – I do think a few guys are cute, but nobody is really looking for anything serious.. Its college. Everyone’s looking to get laid, and get the hell out of this place in four years- or however many they have left.

Portia – Maybe… but Darell isn’t like that. We’re waiting till marriage to do the whole intercourse thing. We just focus on our studies currently.

Tyena – Yeah but….. Darell is-…….nevermind…

Portia – He’s not cheating.. that’s just a stupid rumor.

Hmm.. Well Portia he is cheating.. and he’s cheating with the girl to my left.. Rubi. Who’s in conversation with Amina.

Rubi – So I had a doctors appointment, and turns out I have to get my nose done.

Amina – Girl what?

Rubi – I need Rhinoplastic

Amina – You mean Rhinoplasty?

Rubi – Yeah. Because I cannot breathe correctly and Its interfering with my day to day

Amina – And this has nothing to do with that dude Nick saying you have a huge nose in class right?

Rubi – Girl no!

Amina – Oh okay…

Rubi – I fell down the stairs too…

Amina – Which is it gorl?

Honestly… Rubi to me seems like she craves attention. Maybe wherever she was back home, she didn’t get it. I wouldn’t be surprised if her whole home life was completely different than here. Which would mean her persona here… is a complete lie. As for what she just said- I’m sure she wants a nosejob for more superficial reasons. I really hope she gets caught for what she’s doing with Darell. Both of them are terrible people to do this to Portia.

Mahlia – Oh my god mommy! You didn’t! I cannot believe you- Its so expensive, thank you! Ahhhhhhhhh I have another new car! Tell daddy thanks!- No I haven’t really talked to my brother [Ali] Only time he seems to come to GloCity is when he goes to that Spa- Massage Parlor- I will mommy. Ahhhh I’m so happy!!

And to my right is miss Mahlia. So sweet… her birthday was yesterday and she’s been getting like a million calls. She seems very popular, she’s gotta alot of gifts thus far too. She told me she was going to return some of them, or give them to friends. Mahlia is a very sweet and generous girl- Jeep walked Spirit home? Guess they’ve bonded more since she’s been working with him…. I need to talk to him

Seeing Jeep obviously brings me back to the point I was trying to make earlier. I’m surrounded by my sorority sisters, my co-workers, and my peers. Yet I feel lonely because My group of friends are not happy, we’re not really talking. I’m partly to blame, but I won’t put ALL the blame on myself because that’s not fair-nor logical. I just want to fix everything.

Spirit – So now that you’ve had some time to think about it… did your opinion change?

Jeep – Eh……. Fine.

Spirit – You hate being wrong *laugh* That’s so cute!

Jeep – No no, you’re right.. Its a good movie-  but next time we’re watching Jaws!

Spirit – There is nothing scary about it though!

Jeep – It is!

Spirit – Can we save Jaws for another time?- besides, I saw that other movie on your laptop… umm.. encounters of-

Jeep – Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Spirit – Yes! Lets watch that, you’re always saying how good it is..

Jeep – I still can’t believe you haven’t seen it

Spirit – Says the person who hasn’t seen Trainspotting. Ewan McGregor is amazing in it.

Jeep – You’re only saying that because you think he’s good-looking.

Spirit – ……….He’s not hot in that movie, but I see your point. However.. once you see the movie you’ll think its amazing.

Jeep – Mmm hmm.. we’ll see. Hey did you see the trailer for the new Evil Dead?

Spirit – I did, and I couldn’t believe that was Jane Levy.. wow.. she really transformed!

Jeep – It looks awesome!

Spirit – All that gore! We should see it together….if you want

Jeep – Yeah!… hell yeah!

I knew Spirit liked movies, but I never really knew how much. Its awesome when you can connect with someone on another level. Its like those two are speaking their own special language. My cousin is by no means an ugly guy. He just lacks alot of confidence, and sometimes the hair is a bit out there. When you really think about it though, it shows how much of a badass he really is. It takes guts to run around with Blue, or Neon Lime hair.

I waited patiently for them to finish talking. Said hi to Spirit and then approached Jeep. Obviously I knew about what had happened with Keegan, but I didn’t know what the result was….

Spirit – Girls! why is it so dark in here? I can’t see…. I feel like I’m walking into a Scream Movie.

Jarrah – You two seem friendly.

Jeep – Spirit is one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met. She’s mega popular, shy, and loves movies- but isn’t stuck up. Like…. what factory was she made in you know?

Jarrah – Guess one should never judge a book by its cover.

Jeep – Right!- So………………………………..

Jarrah – What?

Jeep – Go ahead… ask.

Jarrah – ….*gets flustered* You know me well Jonah…

Jeep – Of course.. I’m your cousin!

Jarrah – How is he?…. is the guy suing him?

Jeep – Scott bailed Keegan out, and Joy knew the police officer, and helped smooth things over.

Jarrah – Ah… hmm.. and the guy he assaulted?

Jeep – Oh!… He dropped the charges.

Jarrah – Why?!

Jeep – Joy… *laugh*…. she met and spoke with the guy, and explained Keegan’s current state. Turns out the guy’s brother is going through something similar. He was sympathetic and dropped the charges.

Jarrah – That Joy Riggs. She has a way with words.

Which is why I guess she’s a Judge. She really is a guardian angel for Keegan. Under any other circumstances, I’d feel like Keegan needed to pay and learn for his mistakes. This situation is different though. Its not like Keegan is a bad guy, or purposely wants to wreck havoc. He’s really messed up emotionally… while he’s having a hard time asking for help, the last thing he needs is legal trouble.

Jeep – So he’s…. okay. Home and clean for now. The thing is he doesn’t really want to see anyone. Kaitlyn is babysitting him sorta…

Jarrah – He hates being treated like a kid.

Jeep – Well… he has no choice. I feel so stupid.. like I was so wrapped up in my own stuff, that I didn’t hear him screaming for help.

Jarrah – None of us did…

Jeep – But I’m his bestfriend.

Jarrah – Its okay… the worse has already happened.

Jeep – You sure about that? I don’t feel like its over.

Jarrah – Think positive.

Jeep – ….. Hey how come you didn’t just go see him at the Jail?

Jarrah – I didn’t wanna run into the girls..

Jeep – Oh… well that makes sense.

Jarrah – Specifically Frankie. She’s smart, and logical. I really hate that I made her look at me in the way she did. As for Kaori, I don’t care…. If she raises one hand at me.. I’m sorry Jonah.. I think I’ll snap. I don’t like fighting, but I refuse to let that little girl physically hurt me. At Keegan’s house I was 2 seconds away from punching her.

Jeep – We just need to keep you two away from each other.

Jarrah – I agree…. though at this point everyone hates me.

Jeep – I don’t, and neither does Trey.

Jarrah – I don’t know… from now on I’m just gonna be honest about everything.

Jeep – You don’t lie though.

Jarrah – I know.. but after all of this…

Jeep – Since we’re being honest……..

Jarrah – Yes?

Jeep – I miss your dark hair.

Jarrah – I kinda do, but I like the blonde. I just wish I hadn’t cut it…..didn’t want to disappoint Victoria. She told me to take a risk and-

Jeep – You’ve changed your style… took a risk. I think your hair is your hair. I think Victoria would appreciate you standing up to her.

Jarrah – Its funny.. I was actually considering coloring it a little darker blonde- but not dirty blonde.. and adding extensions. Maybe Bangs?

Jeep – Do it.

Jarrah – I wonder what Trey would say…. he’s my go to for advice…

Jeep – You should call him.

Jarrah – Eh….

Jeep – Call him now…

Jarrah – Maybe you’re right.

Jeep – Jarrah.. its important to rebuild. Its what every good movie does when things turn to shit in the plot twist.

Jarrah – Yeah but that’s the movies… not real life sadly

Jeep – Some of the best movies, are based on real life.

Jarrah – Jeep…………thank you for that. You’re always optimistic. I love that about you.

Jeep – Good… now if only we can get Keegan optimistic…..

Jarrah – Hmm… Trey’s not picking up.

Jeep – Just keep trying…

Jarrah – He’s probably not- Oh… Hi..

Jarrah – I know you-

Trey [On Phone] – Hold on.

Jarrah – …………Okay….

Guess I called at a bad time….

Trey – Hello?

Jarrah – Yeah… I’m here.

Trey – Sorry about that.

Jarrah – Bad time?

(POV Trey)

Trey – No, not really- well sorta…

Jarrah [On Phone] – I’m sorry… I know you’re probably still- well you don’t really wanna talk but-

Trey – I do want to talk…. Its just bad timing.

Jarrah – Oh- Sorry.. I should have text or-

Trey – No no.. Its fine.. I’m just.. on an actual date with King of-  Aries… I still haven’t gotten used to calling him Aries and not King of- anyway! I’ll call you when I’m done or something.

Jarrah – Okay….. umm… You don’t have to feel guilty for hating me right now. I understand.

Trey – …. I don’t hate you.

Jarrah – Well its really late I should probably get some rest anyway. I have an early class- If you don’t mind me asking… why are you on such a late date?- unless its… sex?

Trey – No… Its because we can’t exactly walk into a movie theater holding hands…

Jarrah – Oh- yeah.. sorry. I forgot he came out to you, not the world. It takes time…. you weren’t an over night success… and look at you now.

Trey – ….Yeah.

Jarrah – Well have fun… Goodnight.

Trey – Bye.

Ugh Its so hard to stay mad at her. I love her so much, but I just cannot at her thinking it was okay to keep such a secret. Then again, I have to ask myself. Am I more upset because she kept the secret from everyone? or am I upset because she kept it from me. Whatever the case, I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now. As much as I love Keegan and all of my friends, I feel like I don’t do enough for myself. Always helping others but never time for my own happiness.

Which is why tonight is a dream come true. Aries asked me out, and obviously I said yes. He put together this whole starlight picnic thing. Its very cute, and well thought out. He and I have talked about things but I’m still a little unclear about somethings. I guess now is as good as ever to ask.

Aries – Everything okay?

Trey – Yeah.

Aries – Keegan doing okay?

Trey – Yeah, but remember… as far as he’s concerned… you know nothing.

Aries – Right.

Trey – I was very upset… was so happy you were there to help me.

Aries – That’s what boyfriends do.

Trey – What?

Aries – …..That’s what boy-

Trey – No, I heard you. I was just making sure. I wasn’t exactly clear on our…. status.

Aries – You don’t want to be mine?

Trey – I do…. I just didn’t know if you-

Aries – Oh I want to be yours for sure.

*sigh* He’s so cute…

Trey – So…. You said that the reason you didn’t want to come out is because circumstances. What were they?

Aries – Its going to sound stupid…

Trey – I’m all ears

Aries -Well… My mothers are gay. My biological dad…. is gay. I didn’t want to be the- Well you know how conservatives, anti gay folks all say “Raised by gay’s.. turn out gay”

Trey – Yeah.. which is stupid.

Aries – Yeah… that’s one of the reasons. Plus my mom’s they kept insisting that I was gay. I’d be home for a week, and they’d grab the photo album. Point to me as a child and say “You were so cute! We always thought you’d be gay… look at your pose there”

Trey – *laugh*

Aries – I even remember this one time. I was 13. We went to some hippie retreat for parents and kids. I was playing with this boy, and we went into the woods and he kissed me. I knew I liked it- but obviously didn’t want to admit it. Anyway…. I make my way back to the camp, and i overhear my mothers telling another parent “Oh Aries is such a lovely boy… he’s going to have lots of boyfriends” It was soooo embarrassing.

Trey – So you tried to prove them wrong.

Aries – I just knew the kind of friends, and acceptance that I wanted, wouldn’t be possible if I were the gay kid.

Trey – You’ve been trying to get into the Frathouse for a while. Why is that so important?

Aries – Brotherhood. I grew up alone. Ivo was older… and boring. Kaori was- well you know her… So its not like I was close with my cousins.

Trey – Yeah..

Aries – I’d like to feel close to some guys- in a none sexual way. In a comradeship type- This sounds so stupid. Makes me seem needy.. I’m shutting up.

Trey – Its okay.

Aries – What about you?……………………and Nick.

Trey – Nick and I are just friends.

Aries – He’s the one you hooked up with right?

Trey – …….

Aries – Its okay…

Trey – It just… happened.. It didn’t mean anything actually.

Aries – Are you sure?

Trey – Yes… I wouldn’t lie to you.

Aries – We just officially became boyfriends so….. lets be honest okay?

Trey – I’m attracted to Nick, in the same way you’re attracted to that one guy from One Direction.

Aries – I just think he has a nice butt…

Trey – Right.. attraction is attraction. I have no emotional feelings towards Nick.

Aries – Okay… sorry if I sound insecure.

Trey – You don’t.

Aries – Am I putting you in an unfair position?

Trey – No.. I like this position.. easier to kiss you…

Aries – No I mean… with the whole… keeping this a secret thing.

Trey – No… I’m just glad you’re real.

Aries – *laughs*

Trey – I thought you were Byron at first. Then Nick, then ugh… your roommate Lars.

Aries – That’s funny.

Trey – Byron is just a nice friendly guy. Lars, is so not.. ugh.. and Nick.. he’s- Well I don’t know what he is to be honest.

Aries – Bisexual?

Trey – He was curious. I don’t know what he is now. Which sucks.. I feel like he was my straight friend and now he’s not exactly straight-

Aries – No offense Trey, but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. So what if he’s bi, and not straight. You have Jeep, Keegan… and other straight guys from your classes that you’re friends with. You have plenty of straight guy friends.

Trey – You know what, you’re actually right. I was thinking “okay so I guess he’s not my straight friend after all, and really liked that dynamic”– but you just opened my eyes. Keegan and Jeep are two of my closest friends. Especially Keegan, and he’s straight as can be- not saying Jeep is gay or anything.

Aries – *smiles*

Trey – ……You’re awesome.

Aries – So are you…. and your soft lips.

Trey – Its funny how comfortable we seem with each other.

Aries – I know…. Its good though.

Trey – Yeah.. like thinking about all the stuff we talked-

Aries – Trey….

Trey – Yes?

Aries – I’m trying to be romantic…. and kiss you… under the stars. *laugh*

Trey – And I keep talking… *laugh* sorry…

We madeout…. alot. Then we got up from our picnic, and decided to watch the stars.

Aries – ….. Its not to cold up here for you is it? We can get in my truck if you want.

Trey – And miss all these stars? No thanks.

Aries – Looking at how beautiful it is… its funny how far away these stars actually are huh?

Trey – Yeah…. it is *looks around* Makes me feel small.

Aries – Me too…. I mean we are really small when you think about it.

Trey – Aries… you’re very goofy, and funny. You’re smart too.

Aries – Uh…. thanks?

Trey – What are you studying exactly?

Aries – Environmental Law. Air Quality n’ such. Clean tech, energy waste.. It can get complicated.

Trey – Oh… wow.

Aries – Its one of my many ideas…. I love drawing. I’d love to draw comics to be honest. I don’t know… going with the flow I guess- I really like space too.. but it kinda freaks me out.. the whole unknown thing. Space… and the deep dark ocean.

Trey – I can understand why….. *stares at Aries arms*

Aries – What’s wrong?

Trey – Oh nothing… was just noticing how muscular you are.

Aries – Pure boredom. That and I wanted to fit in with the guys in the frathouse.

Trey – Hmm.. Looks good.

Aries – You should see me naked…. Oh yeah…… *winks*

Trey – Not modest at all are we?

Aries – Nope.. I don’t really like clothes.

Trey – Well…. that’s good…

Okay this may sound like a slutty thing to say but I totally wanna suck his dick right here right now under the stars *laugh* I’m not though! I’m not a whore! *laugh*

Aries – We should get back to the campus.

Trey – Well… not campus exactly…

Aries – Oh right.. The diner. *sigh* I don’t want this night to end.

Trey – Yeah me neither… I wish you could spend the night with me, but Bryce is always in the room.

Aries – Its okay… no rush…. *smiles*

Trey – Oh no! not like that! I didn’t mean sex- I- umm- Oh.. I-

Aries – You’re turning purple…

Trey – I’m embarrassed.

Aries – I know what you mean *laugh*

Aries dropped me off at the diner, where I drove my scooter home- well back to my dorm room. It does kinda suck that we had to sneak in separately  I wish he could have walked me to my door, and kissed me goodnight. All in due time I guess…. Goodnight guys.

(POV Jarrah)

~*Next Morning|Day*~

I had class early, and after it ended I was ready to go throw my head into the pillow for the rest of the day. Of course Collin wouldn’t allow that. He decided since his mom had the day off, that the three of us should go have some lunch and vent about things. I didn’t want to say no, so I was a big girl and went along with it.

Collin – I can’t believe I actually like sushi… heh.

Suzy – You never liked trying new things Collin…

Jarrah – When he told me he never had sushi, I knew I had to take him.

Suzy – I once dated a beautiful Korean man… He’s take me to get Sushi all the time.

Collin – ………

Suzy – Don’t roll your eyes Collin. I was your age once.

Collin – *laugh*….. I’m sure. So umm Mom….

Suzy – Yeah?

Collin – I was thinking about G.C.U.

Suzy – Really?

Collin – Jarrah works, and goes to class.. I think I could do it too.. what do you think?

Suzy – I think its a great idea Collin. I’d support it 100%

Collin – *smiles* Its just an idea right now.. so we’ll see. So! anyway… what to talk about? How’s work Jarrah?

Jarrah – Its going good actually. I feel like I’m gaining respect from Victoria, and I don’t know… hard work pays off. I’m proud of myself. What about you guys?

Collin – Eh… annoying. This new dishwasher is lazy as hell. Makes my job harder when the plates and stuff aren’t clean.

Jarrah – I’d imagine…

Suzy – I’ve been a little stressed out. This one girl named Paisley is doing some stuff she shouldn’t do at the job. I have no proof though. She and her friend Lamisha are just bad people. Lamisha is like 30 something, and running around acting like a child with Paisley. The girl I actually thought would be Drama is really sweet. Her name is Kaori.

Heh……. while I don’t doubt that Kaori is sweet, she’s for sure one of those sweet candies with the sour filling.

Jarrah – I sorta know her.

Suzy – Oh good. You two good friends?

Collin – ….No…. and we should change the subject.

Jarrah – *mouths the words thanks to Collin*

I told Collin about what happened- well sorta. Enough for him to understand that I was in the wrong- but that Kaori’s a bitch- Oh my god that slipped out. I- well I do think she’s quite abrasive and over the top… so I guess part of me does think she’s a bitch. I just hate saying things like that. She’s very confrontational… I do think if Frankie hadn’t been around she would have tried to hit me…

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not scared of Kaori. I just don’t see the point in getting all ridiculous and hitting each other. However… if she ever touched me… then I’d have to slap her…. blah.. now I’m annoyed again. She just really pushes my buttons and brings out all of these emotions in me. It took everything in me not to yell back at her when we were all at Keegan’s. Did she have a reason to hate me? sure… Frankie did, Trey did. They handled it like adults though.

Jarrah – Excuse me guys, I need to freshen up a bit.

Collin – Why can’t women just say they need to pee?

Suzy – Collin!

Collin – *laugh*

Jarrah – Dork….. And also if we say that.. it might gross the guy out.

Suzy – I agree Jarrah.

Collin – I’m fine with it. When girls say freshen up I just think about powdering vagina’s

Suzy – Collin!

Collin & Jarrah – *laugh*

He’s so funny… glad we met, and became friends. That’s all we are by the way, though I do get the distinct feeling that his mother wants us to be more…

Of course I’m having a decent time… trying to put my troubles in the back of my mind… and then SHE appears.

Jarrah – Can I help you?

Hope – You know… a new haircut isn’t going to win Dylan back. The blonde thing is a bit desperate too….

Jarrah – Of course you’d think it had something to do with you, and or Dylan. You have no life Hope.

Hope – I can sense that you’re having  a hardtime.

Jarrah – I don’t really have time for this.

Hope – He’s………………… over you. Back with me now.

Jarrah – I’m happy for you.

Hope – You’re not, but… I’m happy for me. He knew I was better than you.

Jarrah – ……….. You’re not better, you’re different- and if he belongs with you.. then fine. You won, but see… the fact that you feel the need to play these high school games tell me something.

Hope – And what does it tell you oh wise one?

Jarrah – That you have doubts. If you were really happy with him, and everything was fine. You’d feel some sort of remorse for how it ended. You would be mature enough to take responsibility for playing a part in it.

Hope – Blah blah…

Jarrah – My thoughts exactly.

Hope – I went to workout at your dad’s gym… kinda empty. You guys going broke?

Jarrah – Have a nice life Hope.

Hope – You’re sad and lonely and pathetic…. Alone…. just.. lame. Nobody really likes you. You think you’re gonna have some great career with fashion? Your mother’s bar went under… and what will happen when your daddy’s business crumbles? You’re not going to have nothing. What then hmm? No dead grandpa to find to fix your money problems this time… Dylan told me about your traumatic experience!

Jarrah – I don’t know what we’d do…., but atleast my father won’t become a drug dealer, and my mother won’t turn to getting into warm cars on cold nights to pay the bills.

Hope – ……………………..

Why did I say that……

Jarrah – ……..I’m so sorry.. I shouldn’t have said that… I- I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have stooped to your level with such- Oh my god… Hope I-

Hope – Fuck You.

Jarrah – ….Fine.. that’s fine.. we’re never gonna be friends just………….just stay away from me.

Hope – I hope you get hit by a bus and die you goody-two-shoes bitch.

Jarrah – I shouldn’t have said what I said but you’re so mean to me. I’ve never done a thing to you!

Hope – Girls like you piss me off! I work hard for everything I want.

Jarrah – You don’t even know me Hope. You have these preconceived notions about me. I’ve been on your side when you had no idea about it. When your father got locked up, I told Dylan to check on you. I’m not some prissy, stuck up mary sue– type of girl.

Hope – You got handed your job. You have no fashion sense… your clothes are shit, and you suck as a person. So don’t try and play guardian angel with me!

Jarrah – You don’t know me! and you know what? I’m done! I’m always holding my tongue. You rude girls just think you can say anything you want to me. Screw you! okay? with your cheap ass walmart dress. You clearly have something wrong with you. You have Dylan, so why pester me about it you insecure little girl!

Hope – Because he still loves you!

Jarrah – ………..He does?

Hope – Don’t act so surprised!

Jarrah – ……. Goodbye Hope.

Hope – Go to hell Jarrah, you have no idea the things I have to say and do to keep him.

Jarrah – I don’t really care Hope…..

I’m so over this…. Its the nice people who get walked on. From now on I’m not letting anyone talk to me like that. I’m tired of the verbal abuse. The things I’ve done, and haven’t done does not warrant these type of actions. I shouldn’t have said what I said about Hope’s parents but she deserved it… and the messed up thing about all of it is I feel terrible! I’m going to hate myself for days to come for saying those things. That’s just the type of person I am. Could this day get any worse?- Dammit.. I should not have asked that…


Dylan – ………………………….Hi.

Jarrah – ………

Dylan – I know you hate me.. but-

Jarrah – I don’t hate you Dylan. Its my own fault….

Dylan – Don’t blame yourself for my shortcoming.

Jarrah – I just had a chat with your girlfriend.

Dylan – ….Fiance.

Jarrah – …………………..Oh…..

Dylan – I had no choice.. she said she was pregnant, and you know I never wanted a baby without being married first.

Jarrah – We all have choices Dylan.

Dylan – You- I- Jarrah.. look… you know I’m not great with words.

Jarrah – You’re an action kind of guy… yeah trust me I know. Your actions are the reason why this fell apart. You could have been my everything Dylan.. and you… *catches breath* I have to go…. congratulations on the engagement.

Dylan – What are you smiling about?

Hope – Oh nothing….. I just like seeing her upset. I cannot stand her. She thinks she’s better than everyone.

Dylan – No she doesn’t! that’s your insecurities… She’s a very smart, driven girl…

Hope – Oh look at you using big words….Whatever…. can we not fight in front of her, and her new ugly boyfriend.

Dylan – That guy is her boyfriend?

Hope – …………….. Yes.

Dylan – How do you know?

Hope – ……………. She told me she was on a date with her new boyfriend, and his Mother. That she was over you and I could have you. I tried to be nice to her and talk to her in there but then she attacked my mother, and father’s bad decisions.

Dylan – What… why would she- she moved on already?

Hope – They’re in love she said… She’s a bitch Dylan..

Dylan – …………………….


Collin – Are you okay?

Jarrah – Yes- No….. ugh I will be.

Collin – Was that Dylan?

Jarrah – Yeah…….

Suzy – I’m lost.

Jarrah – Ran into my ex who cheated on me twice with his ex. Now they’re engaged because she’s pregnant?

Suzy – Oh my goodness…

Jarrah – I’d like it very much if we could pay the bill and get out of here.

Collin – We already paid.

Jarrah – I- I told you guy’s my treat.

Suzy – Yeah but we wanted to pay. You’re a sweet girl, we can’t help it.

Jarrah – …..*half smile* Thanks…

Suzy – Do you want to get some ice cream?

Collin – Mom she’s not a kid that just fell off a bike *laugh*

Jarrah – Ice cream would actually be good right now.

Collin – Well alrighty then.

Suzy – Come on guys.

Jarrah – My treat….

Suzy – Fine *smiles*

Have I ever told you guys that I don’t like when people feel sorry for me? Well yeah, I don’t. I understand the want to sympathize for a friends situation but I’ve just never liked the whole “Poor Jarrah” thing. I’m fine, and if I’m not… I will be sooner or later. For whatever reason people seem to think I’m stuck up. Or that I don’t work hard. Its really irritating. It always makes me feel like I have something to prove, but then I think “To whom”? I shouldn’t have to prove anything to anybody but myself. I want this day to be over and done with. Ice Cream, Nap… and then work…. Hope its smooth sailing from here on out.

(POV Trey)

So… I’m walking my fabulous ass from class, and I run into some douchebags. Good ol’ Darell and Harrison, thankfully their bitch wasn’t with them…. you guys know who I’m talking about right?………Rubi… ugh. Usually I’d feel scared but I’m really happy with Aries right now and its giving me some confidence. Which is great I guess.

Darell – What’s up fag….

And to think… Aries wants to be cool with these guys- be their FratBro… ugh. Bet he’d change his tune if he knew how they treated me..

Trey – …………..

Darell – You don’t like that name?

Trey – What do you want Darell?

Darell – You haven’t been running your mouth have you?

Trey – No….

Darell – No…. sir

Trey – I’m not calling you sir.

Darell – Look who has balls all of a sudden- and here I was thinking you had a pussy in those shorts.

Harrison – *laugh*

Trey – So are you going to stalk me to make sure I don’t say anything? Because I already told you I wasn’t

Darell – You better not…. I know some guy’s who’ll do a number on your ass if you do.

Harrison – Stop dude… it was funny the first time but… just let it go.

Darell – What if he says something? fucking up my future with Portia’s mom’s company?!

Trey – I won’t! so leave me the fuck alone!

Darell – You wanna talk to me like that again?? I’ll knock you the fuck out!

Trey – ……………….Just please, leave me alone.

Harrison – Uh… dude

Darell – I bet you love getting fucked don’t you.

Trey – What the hell does that have to do with anything?!

Darell – You nasty fuck, you.

Trey – I’m not the one fucking Rubi.

Darell – WHAT?!

Nick – HEY!

He was about to punch me… I felt it.

Harrison – Sup’ Nick.

Nick – Hey Harrison.

Darell – ……………….

Nick – What’s good Darell?

Darell – None of your business bro.

Nick – There a problem?

Darell – Nah…. Harrison and I were on our way to class….

Nick – Cool…. I guess you guys should get going then eh?

Trey – *smiles*

Trey – Thank you for that.

Nick – And to think, you didn’t wanna tell me what was going on.

Trey – Didn’t want to get you involved.

Nick – We’re friends, I don’t mind protecting you. Surprised that bitch Rubi wasn’t with them. You think she sucks them both off at the same time?

Trey – Ew, don’t even want to think about it.

Nick – So umm, what you got planned today?

Trey – Nothing for the next hour. I’m going to visit my family later though. Why?

Nick – I could use your company.

Trey – Really? *laugh*

Nick – I’ve been hard for the past 20 minutes and figures since all the girls I know are either in class- or on their period that we could.. you know.

Trey – Umm…

Nick – What?- is this weird? I thought we were keeping each other company until either of us found-

Trey – Yeah… well… that’s the thing….

Nick – Heh……. You found out who KingOfNowhere is huh?

Trey – Yes…..

Nick – Who is it?

Trey – I can’t tell you.

Nick – Aww come on. You trust me don’t you?

Trey – I do but this isn’t just my secret. Its his too……

Nick – So what you’re telling me is…. he’s still in the closet.

Trey – Yeah…

Nick – So basically nothing changed.

Trey – What do you mean?

Nick – You’re still hiding.

Trey – Alot has changed, I see him… we kiss. We go on dates- well one- but alot has changed already.

Nick – Yeah but you still can’t go hangout with him in public. You can’t hold his hand, or kiss him when people are around. You’re still sneaking around, and I bet after dates he doesn’t even walk you to your door for a goodnight. What kind of relationship is that though?

Trey – What the hell Nick?! Are you like…

Nick – What?

Trey – I don’t know.. you’re acting all jealous… I-

Nick – Fuck you dude- why would I be jealous?! I’m not even- nevermind.

Trey – What? You’re not into me like that?

Nick – Its not that… I just- like.. fuck. This got way complicated.

Trey – I appreciate our friendship. I don’t want it to be weird.

Nick – Well too late. We probably shouldn’t have fucked.

Trey – ….. Nick.. Can we-

Nick – Gotta go…….

Trey – Are you mad?

Nick – Nope……………………………………………..not at all.

Trey – *sigh* ugh…. what a mess

Nick – Does KingOfNowhere know about Darell?

Trey – No.

Nick – How will he protect you then?

Trey – ……I- umm…

Nick – Yeah…. that’s what I thought Trey. I’ll see you around.

Trey – Nick come on! stop being like that.

Nick – I’m good dude… I’ll talk to you later.

Trey – Don’t say you’re good, and still be mad…

Nick – I said I’m fine.

Trey – If you say so….

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what a mess! I mean Nick’s great, but I have such a connection with Aries. Nick was there when he wasn’t and protects me. Aries is someone that I see myself with for a long time if not forever. Aries isn’t a fighter, but that doesn’t mean I want him to be either. Why am I even comparing the two? I’m with Aries, and Nick is my straight- curious- bi friend? If he even wants to be my friend anymore. Fuck!…. And the thing is, I know he’s jealous.. but he’d never admit it. Dammit what am I gonna do? I don’t want to lose him as a friend.

(POV Jarrah)

Ignore her, ignore her….

Morgan – Jarrah…..

Jarrah – …………

Morgan – Jarrah?!

Jarrah – What?

Morgan – Deep into your work?

Jarrah – Sure- What can I do for you Morgan?

Morgan – I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me. I figure since we work together that maybe I should get to know you better. *smiles*

Jarrah – No.

Morgan – Excuse me?

Jarrah – I said no.

Morgan – Why? What did I do? If its about our argument weeks ago I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t myself.

Jarrah – Can you stop talking to me please?

Morgan – What?- No! not until you give me a good reason for acting like such a bitch. I’ve done nothing to you.

Jarrah – I asked you nicely. Go back to your desk, and leave me alone.

Morgan – Jarrah I don’t know why you’re being so mean, but seriously… people are right about you. You are so stuck up.

Jarrah – By people do you mean Alana? Because you have no friends.

Morgan – Whoa whoa-

Jarrah – Is that why you want to do lunch? Alana too busy with my cousin Sebastian? Yeah I know about that…. I saw a picture of them on his facebook page. Vomit.

Morgan – You don’t even know her- and you don’t know me!

Jarrah – I know you very well.

Morgan – You think you do…. but you don’t….

Jarrah – I know that you do drugs and get drunk with boys.

Morgan – Who told you- I- I don’t do THAT. Okay?

Jarrah – Do you know Keegan?

Morgan – …….Umm.. No.

Jarrah – Stop lying.

Morgan – I’m going to go. Not going to stand here and listen to this crap.

Jarrah – Be a grown up! and Answer me!

Morgan – Yes I know him!

Jarrah – Do you know about Mona? The accident?

Morgan – …………..Yeah….. I-

Jarrah – And you still abused drugs with him?! knowing he was not well?! Why would you do that?!

Morgan – I needed- He was there… I-

Jarrah – You have no idea what you’ve enabled! He’s sick Morgan!

Morgan – I haven’t talked to him in days!-

Jarrah – He was arrested, and- It doesn’t even matter!

Morgan – I was lost, and he gave me a way to ignore everything.

Jarrah – But you knew he had a problem, and you didn’t care. You were selfish! you wanted to forget your problems, but didn’t consider his!

Morgan – I was trying to help him! he didn’t want to be alone, but you and your friends didn’t understand him so I-

Jarrah – Did drugs and got drunk with him?! That’s your idea of helping?!

Morgan – Your idea of having sex with him wasn’t any better Jarrah! He told me about that!

Jarrah – What we did… was wrong for certain reasons, but you can’t compare the two things. You basically took a alcoholic to a bar, and served him shots. That’s irresponsible of you!

Morgan – I don’t have a problem, he does, and I tried to suggest a therapist but-


Morgan – Stop yelling!

Jarrah – You can do all the drugs you want with Alana! but not with Keegan. If you think I’m being crazy… just wait till you meet his REAL friends. You’re not his friend Morgan! You’re an enabler!

Morgan – I Care about him!

Jarrah – So why didn’t you tell someone that he was hurting? that he needed help? I knew he’d hate me but when I heard you and Alana in that bathroom-

Morgan – That’s how you know…. You were there… hiding in one of the stalls.

Jarrah – Yeah…. I heard everything.

Victoria – ………………….And So have I.

Morgan – *gasp*

Jarrah – Oh god….

Victoria – No not God…. Its just me….. and I do NOT like what I’ve heard…

Oh my goodness I didn’t realize she was standing there…… crap… I’m so going to get fired…

Victoria – You both are being really unprofessional right now. I can hear you in my office!

Jarrah – I’m so sorry.

Morgan – It won’t happen again Mrs. Grace.

Victoria – Morgan you’re doing drugs with Keegan Bennett? & My Daughter?

Morgan – I-

Victoria – If you can pass a drug test right now, you’ll keep your job. Otherwise I’d advise you to pack your desk, and quit. That way you don’t have it on your job history that you got fired for drug use. I’m trying to be nice today…..

Morgan – ………….*heavy breathing*

Victoria – So what will it be? Prove Jarrah wrong, and pass the test or-

Morgan – I…. I quit. *crying*

Jarrah – ………….Victoria she-

Victoria – Jarrah… quiet. Go wait in my office so I can deal with you!

Jarrah – Yes ma’am…

Morgan – I’m sorry that I let you down Victoria *crying*

Victoria – Sweetheart… you let yourself down. Now pack your things and leave my building before I have security escort you out.

There’s that feeling again. I feel bad for Morgan….. I hate my emotions sometimes….

Victoria – Oh Jarrah……. what am I going to do with you?

Jarrah – I’m sorry… I’ll have my desk cleared-

Victoria – I’m not firing you.

Jarrah – I feel horrible, I caused her to get fired-

Victoria – Why should you feel bad? She was doing drugs, and enabling Keegan. I know all about that by the way. Issac, and Vince are friends you know.

Jarrah – Is there anyway Morgan can keep her job? maybe just get demoted or something? I know she loves this job and people make mistakes and-

Victoria – Jarrah honey….. No. She’s done here. Besides I saw her on the security camera with my daughter. She distracted a security guard while Alana stole a dress. I needed a reason to get rid of Morgan.

Jarrah – I’m sorry for what I said about Alana-

Victoria – Don’t be, Alana is……………she’s her own poison.

Jarrah – I’m so upset, and stressed out. Everyone hates me, and I’m just lost!

Victoria – Join the club. I thought I was a heartless bitch, but seeing my husband in shambles over his daughter is making me remorseful. Kaori means the world to him, and I just… somehow I wish I could help. He’s not himself….

Jarrah – I-

Victoria – Shouldn’t be sharing that with you, my apologies. That doesn’t leave this room.

Jarrah – Yes ma’am

Victoria – You know….. I was once you. I was too nice, people said I was a mary-sue type of woman. They thought I was stuck up. Then I got tired of it, and I showed them the bitch they wanted to see. I now have my own company while they’re reading about me on the internet. So screw them Jarrah- you hear me?

Jarrah – …..

Victoria – I wanted to ask you something, but it can wait now. This isn’t the right moment to discuss such things. I want you to take the rest of the day off, and fix- or atleast attempt to fix things with your friends. That’s an order.

Jarrah – *wipes face* *nods yes* Okay

Victoria – I think you’re a wonderful girl, and I’d trade Alana for you any day as terrible as that sounds- Anyway… get out of here… go fix things.

I don’t know why she was being so nice to me. I always thought she hated me. She was right though, I needed to make amends. Even if Frankie and Kaori never want to talk to me again, I need to atleast try and express how much I’m sorry.

(POV Trey)

Yay my parents are home! I’ve missed them so much. Tyler’s here too… of course he’s raiding the refrigerator. Have I mentioned how much he likes to eat?

Tyler – Mom!? any passion fruit jam?

Gabrielle – Yes Honey.

Tyler – You’re the best!

Jordan – Look at you… seems like you got taller…

Trey – Nah… you just got shorter dad *laugh* How was the trip?

Jordan – It was good. I loved being able to relax.

Gabrielle – And eat.

Jordan – I didn’t eat that much did I?

Gabrielle – Oh honey…. yeah…

Jordan – *laugh* What have you been up to?

Trey – Just studies and-

Gabrielle – Boys?

Jordan – Yeah… meet anyone?

Trey – Umm… sorta- yeah.

Jordan – He a gentleman?

Trey – *thinks about Aries & Nick* Umm… yes.

Gabrielle – Good… can we meet him?

Jordan – Promise I won’t scare him.

Trey – Maybe one day soon….

Gabrielle – Okay.. sounds good.

Jordan – I’m gonna go talk with Ty, be right back.

Trey – Okay, I’ll be here all night

Gabrielle – You’re staying in your old room tonight?

Trey – Yeah

Gabrielle – Ooooh! I’m excited!

Trey – Popcorn + Marshmallows + Chocolate.

Gabrielle – And “Death Becomes Her” ??? I have it on Blu-Ray!

Trey – Yes!

Gabrielle – I have some wine too! oooh I’m so happy you’re home!

Trey – Aww.. I love you mommy.

Gabrielle – *smiles* I love you too darling!

Jordan – So I got your e-mail about that park that is being shutdown. I liked your ideas, and I think I could talk to some people I have connections with to see it through.

Tyler – *eating*

Jordan – I’ll wait till you’re done stuffing your face…….

I bet Aries, and Tyler would get along…. hmm Thinking about it I’d love to introduce him to them. He’d fit in for sure!

AJ – I thought I heard my Classy, Sassy Nephew down here!

Trey – Oh my god! Uncle AJ!

AJ – Hey Girl!

Trey – What are you doing here?! why aren’t you performing at your club?

AJ – I needed a vacay. I knew my brother, and Gabby were at the airport so I picked them up.

Trey – Were you here the whole time?

AJ – Yeah… was upstairs power-napping.

Trey – They didn’t tell me.

AJ – Told them not to, wanted to surprise you! Lets sit…. I want to catch up!

Oh my god, I love my uncle AJ so much! he’s soooo awesome. When he performs as Adriana Amore he slay’s the gorls too! Ugh bitch is fabulous. She is everything!

Jordan – Yeah I talked to Issac… you two have models to meet with soon huh?

Gabrielle – Yeah we’re meeting with some of the ones we discovered a while ago to see how the’re doing. Then sending them to Victoria for this trip and- blah blah long story.

Tyler – Mom can you make some mac & cheese?

Gabrielle – I don’t even know if we have any of the ingredients-

Tyler – You do, I checked *smiles*

Gabrielle – For you Tyler, I’ll make Mac & Cheese *smiles*

Jordan – That does sound good.

Gabrielle – You boys eat alot.

Tyler – I’m very fit though, Dad should come workout with me and America.

Gabrielle – How is she doing?

Tyler – Good actually!


Trey – How’s everything at the club?!

AJ – Going great, though a week ago I had two drag queens fighting. I tell you.. These two are kiki-ing one minute and then the next they’re fighting. Not to mention all the Kai Kai I heard they do. I’m not down for the Kai Kai… If I’m going to have sex its going to be with a man, not a drag queen hunty.

Trey – Sounds exciting!

AJ – Its great… better when the show is happening. All the behind the scenes shit is taxing darling.

Trey – Are you still seeing Javier?

AJ – Oh noooooo we broke up some time ago. I’m seeing Rodrigo now!

Trey – Another Latin guy?

AJ – You know I love them. *laugh* So!……. tell me what’s the tea. What’s going on in your life.

Trey – Well I’m doing good at G.C.U. ummm… I have a boyfriend *smiles*

AJ – Oooooooh! Is he cute?!

Trey – Very….

AJ – Yassss get it miss bitch.

Trey – Ummm lets see-

AJ – How’s my favorite person in the world besides you doing? Miss Jarrah- Love her…

Trey – Jarrah is ………Jarrah’s good. Yeah.

AJ – You two still BFF?

Trey – Mmm hmm. I still adore her.

AJ – I remember I flew you guys out to L.A. to see my show. You guys were so cute, and young. How’s she doing with the fashion thing?

Trey – Kicking ass actually.

AJ – Good!… and your cooking? did you start your business yet? Tyler told me about the job you did for those nutjobs Vanessa & Quinn. Congrats on that by the way.

Trey – I haven’t really started my business yet.

AJ – Why not?

Trey – School, and…. stuff.

AJ – Can I ask you something?

Trey – Yeah- of course.

AJ – Something that always plagued my mind.

Trey – Okay…

AJ – Why did you go to G.C.U. and not culinary school?

Trey – Ummm

AJ – It would have been a better fit. Its something you love, and you’re working towards the cooking thing too.

Trey – Umm… I guess because after everything that happened with Keegan, and Mona. Plus coming out and everything- I felt like I didn’t want to be separated from my group of friends. We needed to be closer than ever, plus I was shocked that I got into G.C.U. with my average grades. I took it as a sign. I’m studying business there, so its good I guess….

AJ – I see.

Trey – Sounds stupid….. I know.

AJ – No.. I understand babe. Just don’t forget to put yourself first sometimes too okay? It took me forever to become this fabulous. I was a frail scared little thing. Now I’m slaying Le Gorls. Oh-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? Mmmm Hmmm.

Its true.. I don’t consider myself enough.. So I guess that’s something to think about.

AJ – So Hunty Cunty tell me about this boyfriend of yours

Trey – Well he’s muscular AND smart!

AJ – Oooh good combination- though personally I like em’ dumb.

Trey – He’s very sweet….

AJ – What’s his name?

Trey – Umm… He’s not out yet.

AJ – He’s in the closet- Ooooh is this that QueenOfSomewhere character?

Trey – KING of Nowhere… and yes…

AJ – Well what’s his name gorl… you swear I’d tell someone. I’m rarely here.

Trey – ………Aries.

AJ – Oooooh Vanessa and Quinn’s son? Gorl…. the plot thicken’s miss bitch Yasss. Well are you okay with him being closeted? That’s hard to deal with.. In college I was fucking a guy who would send me text messages in code n shit. The dick was good honey but NOT that good hunty Oh-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Trey – You are something else Uncle AJ….

AJ – I’m an N’SHE… Next Step In Human Evolution darling. I’m on 10 right now.. so used to being all turned up at the club….

Trey – *laugh*………….. and to answer your question… I don’t mind it. He’ll come out when he’s ready….. *looks down*

AJ – Long as you’re happy.

Trey – …..I am *smiles*

I was so excited about KingOfNowhere being real, that I didn’t think about what happens next. Aries wants to be in the frathouse, he wants to be cool, and hang with the guys. He’s already said that he didn’t think he could do all of that and be gay. So does this mean he’s never coming out? Part of me thinks if he gets rejected from the frat that he’d just come out- but what if they finally accept him in.? Where do I fit into that equation?

(POV Jarrah)

So…. a little birdie told me that Frankie & Kaori were at the library on campus- and by little birdie I mean Twitter. I saw Frankie tweet :

[“At Campus Library Studying with my girlfriend Kaori #YeahBitch #SmartPeopleTurnMeOn #LoL #ImStupid ] – @FrankieBeckinsaleXoXo

I figured I’d just go there and try to mend fences. Problem was I really didn’t want to get into a fight with Kaori. I know she has things going on in her life, and that makes me want to be there for her- even though she wouldn’t allow it. She hates me… Whatever the case.. here goes nothing.

Kaori – So…. wheres your girlfriend… *laugh*

Frankie – Shut up *laugh*

Kaori – She won’t get jealous of that tweet?

Frankie – Oh my god I hate you… of course not dork… and we’re not girlfriends..

Kaori – What are you then Frankie hmmm?

Frankie – I don’t want to talk about that here.

Nick – Hot…..

Kaori – Nick is checking you out.

Frankie – Who?

Kaori – Doesn’t matter.. *whispers* he likes cock.. well not cock but like.. he fucked Trey shhhhh

Frankie – Oh my god he did? Ha… Nobody’s straight..

Kaori – I am!

Frankie – Sorta…

Kaori – Sorta? No… I’m 100% that one time doesn’t count. But umm… Yeah… So?………… you ever have any lesbian dreams about me? Hmmm?

Frankie – Oh yeah Kay’ like this one where we were trapped in a basement and I was just licking your A-cups MMMM

Kaori – Bitch! You love my A-cup titties.

Frankie – Don’t say titties in the library… I should tweet that *laugh*

Kaori – Are we still getting our hair done in the morning?

Frankie – Yeah- are you skipping class?

Kaori – For sure.

Frankie – What are you doing with your hair?

Kaori – Dirty blonde hun-neh. Its a nice change up.

Frankie – Yeah I think you’re cute with darker blonde

Kaori – Bitch I’m always cute. You finally gonna go to the darkside?

Frankie – Yep… Black it is.

I so don’t want to interrupt their BFF time….

Frankie – Oh my goodness I just erased two whole paragraphs. I’m pissed.

Kaori – Don’t you have file recovery or some shit?

Frankie – I never saved it.

Jarrah – Umm… Frankie?………Kaori?

Kaori – Ugh……….get the fuck out Jarrah.

Frankie – Kaori………

Kaori – She’s annoying….

*sigh* And so it starts

Frankie – What do you need Jarrah?

Jarrah – I just wanted to talk.

Kaori – Too bad we’re studying

Frankie – You are not studying- you’re reading my article about tourist sights in Glo-City.

Kaori – Its a good article though- oh my fucks- speaking of articles aren’t you interviewing my brother tomorrow?

Frankie – Yep

Kaori – We still on the outs obvi…  blah..

Jarrah – I just wanna say-

Kaori – Nobody cares Jarrah….

Frankie – …… This really isn’t a good time to be honest. I don’t feel like dealing with it.

Kaori – So be gone pact breaker!

Jarrah – No… I have to say this..

Frankie – …………

Kaori – I should slap you… beat yo ass with a book or something.

Jarrah – You know what Fuck you Kaori.

Frankie – *mouth drops*

Kaori – What?

Jarrah – I’m sorry for what I did, and I would go into detail but clearly you guys don’t want to talk. So fine… I’m over it. Hate me forever. Frankie from the bottom of my heart I do sincerely apologize. You’re someone that I really adore, and I hurt you. So I’m sorry.

Frankie – ……

Jarrah – Its okay- you don’t have to respond….

Frankie – Talk later….. not here, not now…

Jarrah – Okay…

Kaori – Ugh she’s so pathetic…..

Jarrah – ……….

Kaori – I should have punched her for saying what she said.

Frankie – I’m glad you didn’t…

Jarrah – I’ll leave you to your studies.

Frankie – Mmm hmm…. thanks for stopping by.

Kaori – *mocking Frankie* “Thanks for stopping by” That was bitchy….*laugh*

Frankie – No hooker I really meant it. Its not easy walking into the lion’s den. She knows we’re upset with her.

Kaori – Oh I’m more than upset with her…

Frankie – No shit.

Kaori – I’m gonna tweet…..something….

[“Jarrah is a stupid bitch #HerHeadIsLarge #BugLookinBitch #IHateHer #ComeAtMeBro lol” ] – @KaoriGlory

Frankie – What did you tweet?

Kaori – Just go look *laugh*

I’ve had enough of her, she and I will never be friends. Ugh I bet if she wasn’t here Frankie would have heard me out. As far as I’m concerned Kaori is dead to me. I’m not going to keep extending my hand only for her to bite it off. No thank you. Stressful day, I need a cup of tea and my pillow….. and my Trey… I miss him. He still hasn’t called me, but I know its because his family is back or whatever… that or he still hates me.

Andi – Oh excuse me- wait Jarrah Folland?

Jarrah – Andi?

Andi – Hi? wow look at you. I never took you as a risk taker. Love the look.

Jarrah – How- umm.. thanks.

Andi – My sister here?

Jarrah – Umm…

Andi – Come on… just tell me…

Jarrah – You should check her twitter…

Andi – I did- I just wanted to see if you’d tell me. Hmm Loyal.

Jarrah – Not exactly…

Andi – Kaori still keeping you two from being the bestfriends you’re meant to be?

Jarrah – I- Its complicated.

Andi – Life usually is… So where is my skinny little sister? on the right or left?

Jarrah – Left…

Andi – Thanks… by the way I just ran into your brother… with his new girlfriend. April.

Jarrah – Her name is June.

Andi – Oh.. I knew it was a month. She seems nice. Glad he’s doing okay.

Jarrah – You guys spoke?

Andi – Yeah Jarrah… duhh.. people speak.

Jarrah – K………. Well I gotta go.

Andi – Okay… It was nice seeing you.

Jarrah – Likewise

Even though you cheated on my brother, and left your father and sister alone. Like why is she even back? She’s the reason for alot of broken hearts here…. I hope Frankie is ready for this visit.. So did not see this coming. The return of Andi Moss… I just hope she stays out of everyone’s business.. can’t say I’m a huge fan of hers. She’s nice sometimes but she’s kind of a know it all. Eh… not my concern I guess. I’ve had the worse week ever… I hope it gets better soon… Ciao Guys.

~*End of Chapter Four|Chapter Five is Next*~


  1. Woooohoooooooooooo! Another good one! There was a lot of tension this time. I could feel Jarrah just getting more and more angry as time went on and then boom!! Just like the name of this chapter XD. I’m glad she stood up for herself against Morgan and especially Kaori. Kaori has issues but she is so incredibly cold towards Jarrah! I also hope that Nick doesn’t mess things up with Trey and Aries. I never would have guessed that he’d get feelings for Trey! And now Andi is here to shake things up even more!! Ahhhhhhh! I just love your stories ^_^. Oh, and AJ is just too darn fabulous 😀

    1. LoL AJ is everything. He SLAYS The gorls. Your comments always put a smile on my face 🙂

      Stay tuned! Just wait until you see the next one…………..

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