BoysNGirls : Chapter Four | Pt. 2 “Tick…Tick…Boom”

Chapter Four | Pt. 2 “Tick…Tick…Boom”

-POV’s : Keegan & Jeep

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Keegan)

Hey guys… No… I’m not high. I actually haven’t done any drugs today. However I did quit my job at the gym. I lied and told Josh that I wanted to focus on my studies. Plus honestly… as much as I like Josh, I feel like he always sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. He’s always telling me to talk to my dad. I don’t hate my dad, we just have nothing in common. Another thing is the constant pressure to find myself, that annoys me. Then there’s Scott, who I’m not a fan of…. 

Anyway all that aside… Morgan actually helped me with the decision to quit my job. She told me “You’re young. Go do something that you wanna do” So that brings me to where I am now. Do you guys remember that guy Bruce? the one that told me he had like a fight club? well yeah… I called him and he told me where to meet him… so I’m here.

I know what you’re probably thinking. This is some self-destructive irrational decision. You may not believe me when I say this, but its not. I’ve actually taken into consideration what Bruce told me about his life. How he uses this as a way to stay sober, how he was an addict before. Channeling everything into a fight to let stress out is actually somewhat appealing. God know’s I don’t like authority, and I could never be a football player. Could you imagine that? I’d probably beat the shit out of my coach if he yelled at me.

Ha… If I were a football player, I wonder how my friends would react. Speaking of which… they’ve all been acting so weird. I told myself I was going to remain sober this week and next week. Mona’s birthday is next week by the way. I don’t want to disappoint her more than I already have. I’ll remember her, have a good laugh-cry combination and try not to do any drugs. Its the least I can do… yeah. 

I guess its because her birthday.. it has to be. Everyone is being weird around me… I don’t blame Kaori though… God that was rough. I don’t even want to think about it right now to be honest…. I just-

Bruce – You showed!

Keegan – Hey man…. Yeah.. I’m here…

Bruce – I didn’t think you’d show up… Its pretty late.

Keegan – I’m a night owl…

Bruce – That’s cool… so am I.

Keegan – Nice place.

Bruce – You should see it when its full.

Keegan – So people watch the fights?

Bruce – Yeah… the energy is great. Its not dirty, or violent either.

Keegan – So everyone fights, shakes hands at the end and that’s it?

Bruce – Right…. everyone gets paid too- but not alot.

Keegan – Its okay.. I’d do it for free.

Bruce – Really? why?

Keegan – I umm.. I have alot of stress…

Bruce – Ah… hmm.

Keegan – …Do I have to wear a skimpy outfit when I fight though?

Bruce – Not if you don’t want to. This isn’t WWE…. you can fight however you’re comfortable. Alot of the guys like to pretend its UFC… so they go all out with the shorts and whatnot. So if you’re shy about your-

Keegan – I have no problem showing my body, I just don’t see the point.

Bruce – That’s fair.

Keegan – So you fight too right?

Bruce – Right.

Keegan – Are you going to be my first fight?

Bruce – You actually wanna participate?

Keegan – Yeah.

Bruce – Why?

Keegan – What do you mean why? You tried to get me to do this and now you’re questioning it?

Bruce – No…. I’m making sure you want to do this for the right reasons. If its just to hit people then you can’t be here. So what’s your thing? what’s causing you stress?

Keegan – Do I really need to get into that?

Bruce – You don’t have to tell me your secrets, but I need to know what you’re fighting against.

Keegan – ……Can we do that another time?

Bruce – Yeah, sure man. Ball’s in your court. When you feel like opening up… we can.

Keegan – ………Right…… I should go. I have class… then I need to sleep.

Bruce – I forget you go to G.C.U. My girlfriend Amina goes there.

Keegan – That’s cool…

Bruce – You got a girl?

Keegan – No… I have a friend… Morgan. I don’t see her that way though. I do have feelings for someone… It just can’t happen though.

Bruce – That’s tough.

Keegan – That’s life. Anyway I’ll be in touch.

Bruce – Okay, thanks for showing an interest. I guess we’ll talk soon?

Keegan – Yep.

I really don’t want to get into the things that cause me grief. Its not the right time, especially since I have to drive, I have a class. It would be too easy to get emotional and end up calling Morgan for some drug enabling fun. I rather just have a none “I hate Keegan” day… I’ll see you guys in the morning… Its a new day. New days equal fresh starts as far as I’m concerned 

(POV Jeep)

Life is great…. I totally just had sex by the way.. isn’t that awesome? This big dorm room left just for Christine and I. Like I said.. life is great. Well actually let me not get too ahead of myself…. I don’t want things to go south. Oh speaking of things going good. You guys remember that girl? Spirit? well she and I are friends now. Its great, and I’m really blown away by her friendliness.

I’d for sure expect her to have issues hanging out with me, but she doesn’t. Its like she doesn’t realize she’s this popular Sorority girl. Maybe she does realize it though. Maybe she just doesn’t care. Which is fucking awesome. She wants to hangout more so we’ll see. Hopefully Christine will be okay with that.

Jeep – *sneeze*

Christine – *waking up* …… Did I fall asleep?

Jeep – Ha! that’s awesome…. I miss that show.. All the dolls would ask that-

Christine – What the hell are you talking about?

Jeep – That show.. Dollhouse. With Eliza Dushku. She’s a agent that- Ah.. nevermind. Its hard to explain.

I wonder if Spirit watched that show… I have to bring it up the next time we talk..

Christine – Have you been pretending to be sleep this whole time?

Jeep – Yeah… only because my mind was racing…

Christine – What about?

Jeep – My movie project

Christine – ……and the sex?

Jeep – That too… *laugh*

Christine – You’re so transparent.

Jeep – ….Maybe.

Jeep – Do you want me to get up? do you have to tinkle or something?

Christine – No… I just wanted to touch you…. you’re so warm

Jeep – *smiles*

Christine – I’m glad we finally did this….

Jeep – It happened at the right time.

Christine – Yeah……

Jeep – What is it?

Christine – Is there anyone you liked before I came into your life?

Jeep – Doesn’t matter.

Christine – Can you please answer the question dork?

Jeep – Umm… there was someone but I got over her quickly.

Christine – Because of me?

Jeep – Because she didn’t like me, and I realized I needed to move on. Then I met you… so yeah.. because of you.

Christine – Hmm…

Jeep – What?

Christine – I don’t think- umm.. how do I say this?

Jeep – You just say it?

Christine – ……

Jeep – Do you regret having sex with me or something?

Christine – Jonah…..

Jeep – Do you?

Christine – No.. Its what I wanted…

Jeep – Wanted? that’s past tense. Does that mean you don’t want to ever have sex with me again?

So much for things finally being good. And here I thought every dog has its day. Ugh…

Christine – Listen… Jonah…. I’m-

Jeep – You’re leaving again aren’t you?!

Christine – I have to…. I can’t risk ……..finding me here would be… umm-

Jeep – Who are you running from?

Christine – …..I don’t want to drag you into this.

Jeep – I can handle it.

Christine – I don’t think you can.

Jeep – …………Why won’t you let me help you?

Christine – You already have. More than you know.

Jeep – So… you just have sex with me and then leave?

Christine – It felt right to-….. I mean… maybe I shouldn’t have?

Jeep – Why?!

Christine – Because you’re already attached to me….

Jeep – Why is that a bad thing? Are you like a jewel thief or something? prostitute? what?

Christine – No.. I- did you say prostitute?

Jeep – I’m just saying you’re so… secretive.

Christine – I’m neither of those things….. well maybe secretive.

I don’t understand this girl.. she leads me on and now she’s leaving. What the heck? She’s clearly running from something or someone. Its so confusing….

Jeep – When will you be back?

Christine – I don’t know….

Jeep – Why are you being so cold? Do you even like me?

Christine – Of course I do Jonah! I had sex with you. I trust you enough to stay with you…. which is foolish.

Jeep – Why? why is it foolish?

Christine – I don’t want to get into that…. I don’t….

Jeep – Does Raven know things?….. does anyone know anything about you?

Christine – Raven knows…. stuff… she’s my bestfriend. She know’s alot. Doesn’t mean she’s going to tell you though. She knows its not something she should be talking about.

Jeep – Are you a post-op tranny? because if you are that’s okay… I- umm .. I mean- umm… You LOOK like a woman.. you FEEL like a woman and I-

Christine – JONAH! what the fuck?

Jeep – I’m just saying I’ll accept you… no matter what.

Christine – I’m not a tranny. I’m 100% woman….. Nice to know you’d date a transgender person though

Jeep – I wouldn’t! not knowingly atleast!

Christine – ………….Why did you ask that about Raven by the way?

Jeep – Ask what?

Christine – If she knew things about me.

Jeep – Because I’d hope you’d have someone to confide in. Can’t walk around with all these secrets…. Its-

Christine – Lonely.

Jeep – …..yeah…… and I’m used to the lonely thing.. it doesn’t feel good….

Christine – ….I like you alot, which is why I can’t be with you.

Jeep – This is so melodramatic. I hate this…

Christine – What do you mean?

Jeep – This whole “I can’t be with you because I wanna be with you” speech

Christine – …….You’re an amazing guy, and trust me…. people will notice it.

Jeep – I don’t understand why you have to leave. You can’t just stay here?

Christine – I’ve stayed long enough. I don’t want to risk getting you in any trouble.

Jeep – I don’t have a roommate anymore, its fine..

Christine – You said it yourself that girls are not permitted to live with guys- which is why there’s a boy’s and girl’s dorm.

Jeep – Right but nobody-

Christine – I have to go….

Jeep – This fucking sucks Christine…

Christine – We’ll meet again if we’re supposed to….

Jeep – So you don’t want me to wait for you?

Christine – I want you to date and find someone to be with. Just… try and forget about me.

Jeep – That’s not fair….

Christine – I already broke a rule.. I wasn’t supposed to get attached to you.

She’s attached to me?…..*smiles* That’s…. awesome…

Jeep – *smiles*

Christine – Stop smiling… you already knew that…

Jeep – No I didn’t… but I do now.

Christine – Promise me that you won’t sulk… and that you won’t mope around. You’ll be open to things.

Jeep – ……..fine…..

Christine – *smiles* Like I said… we’ll meet again Jonah “Jeep” Folland.

Jeep – We better Christine Marie Bonar.

Christine – *laugh* Don’t ever say my last name again.. I hate it. Sounds like boner.

Jeep – *smiles* It kinda does.

Christine – I should get ready to go.. I rather leave while its dark….

Jeep – …..*sigh* Okay.

You know… usually I’d throw a tantrum.. but after looking like a immature dumbass when Kaori said she didn’t like me… I’ve learned the error in my ways. Like Christine said.. if she and I supposed to be together.. then we will. It sucks and I’m heartbroken, but I’m going to smile and let things be. Funny thing is, while I’m feeling that way. I still find myself worried about whatever it is that Christine is going through…. she’s so mysterious.

(POV Keegan)

I woke up and had the urge to pop a pill, but then I went against it. Instead I decided to go see Kaori at her job. She had no idea I was coming by either, hopefully she won’t be mad. I- That whole situation was so hard to be in. Rejection isn’t something anyone likes. Especially someone like Kay’ who’s always gotten everything she’s wanted. People will say she’s immature, and spoiled but that’s not exactly her fault. What people fail to realize is this; there’s a reason for everything. An action that sets off a reaction… so stop judging everyone.

Suzy (On phone) – Yes.. Paisley is available for that time. Yes sir.

Paisley – Oh my god Lamisha.. that’s the dude Keegan that Kaori wants so badly.

Lamisha – The dude you said doesn’t like her?

Paisley – Mmm hmm

Lamisha – He hella cute…

Paisley – I know right…

Lamisha – So Kaori all heartbroken and shit?

Paisley – Oh I’m sure of it.. he doesn’t want her ho ass. Sloppy ass bitch.

Lamisha – *laugh*

Ms Swan – Ooooooo Kee-gen. Yoo hear to saf miz swan? You care bout swan *giggles*

Keegan – Not exactly- but how are you?

Ms Swan – Thank tu yoo. I healthy. You save swan frum bad mahn. Thank yoo!

Keegan – You’re welcome.

Ms Swan – So Massage on mee?

Keegan – Umm… I-

Ms Swan – Oh! how bout Paisley? Men say she have nice hand!

Keegan – I’m actually just here to see Kaori? just to talk?

Ms Swan – Oh? Ohhhh-Kaaaay… Well I get her! *Screams* Kay-or-dee! KAY-OR-DEE!!!!!!!! Man Fren Kee-gen HERE!

Lamisha – I wonder why he here…

Paisley – Who cares….

Lamisha – Oh here she comes…

Paisley – Ugh I can’t stand her.. I was about to beat her ass… then that dude had to break it up.

Lamisha – Yeah girl I saw you ready to beat that ass girl… you was about to snatch that bitch.

Paisley – Sure was.

Girls… I swear… they’re so catty. And for the stupidest reasons. You never see guys go at each other because they’re good looking. Girls will fight another girl over something stupid. Guys fight but.. we get over it quickly. Girls become mortal enemies ‘n shit. Its kind of ridiculous. That’s not to say that some girls don’t deserve it. Paisley seems like a raging bitch. Also Guys have faults too… I’m in no way saying we’re better. We’re just less catty in my personal opinion.

*laugh* Its cute seeing her at work….. She’s such a pretty girl isn’t she?

Keegan – Hey!

Kaori – Oh…… Hey.

Ms Swan – He come see yoo.

Keegan – *smirk* ….Hi?

Ms Swan – He wan talk.

Kaori – ……. About what?

Keegan – About the other night… what happen between us..

Lamisha – Then my dishwasher broke. Oh and that fool tried to hit me.. I was-

Paisley – Girl shut up, I’m trying to listen.. I think they fucked or something.

Lamisha – Who fucked?!

Paisley – I’m gonna slap you.

Suzy (on phone) – No sir.. I just filled up Paisley’s day. She can’t- well you should make an appointment. Goodness why is she so popular- ………..Hmm.

Lamisha – ………

Kaori – …… nosy bitches.

Keegan – Anyway… umm.. so can we talk?

Kaori – I’m working.

Ms Swan – Oooooh It okay wit mee. Go talk.

Kaori – Fine.. Come on.

Keegan – ….Okay.

Goodness she’s not making this easy. She probably hates me.. fuck.

Keegan – …. Its bright in here.

Kaori – …..Not always.

Keegan – So….

Kaori – You wanna know how I’m doing right?

Keegan – ….Yeah

Kaori – And if I hate you.

Keegan – ….Yeah. Do you?

Kaori – No dumbass… I can’t hate you.

Keegan – I’m sorry…. I really am-

Kaori – What are you even apologizing for? Because in reality you’re saying sorry just to say it. What exactly are you sorry for?

Keegan – For…. well.. because I-

Kaori – Rejecting me? Is that it?

Keegan – I didn’t reject you per-say but-

Kaori – Don’t sugarcoat it please.. like be a man.

Keegan – Fine.. You should have never put me, or yourself in that position. What if it would have ruined our friendship?

Kaori – First of all Keegan….

And here it comes… time for her to blow up on me.. great….

Keegan – Wait I-

Kaori – CAN I FINISH? Damn!

Keegan – ….. Fine… Go on.

Kaori – ….. First of all…. You’re right.

Keegan – What?

Kaori – You’re right. I was in a bad place. I needed validation from someone who…. means the world to me.

Keegan – You mean the world to me too Kay’

Kaori – Yeah… but not in the same context….

Keegan – Obviously… It happened, can’t take it back.

Kaori – I was never there to fuck you, or try to get you to be my boyfriend or whatever. The pact is in place, and as stupid as it is. I respect it, and I’d never break it.

Keegan – *smile*

Kaori – I should have let it go, held my tongue… kept my big mouth closed. I just wanted someone to make me feel special.

Keegan – ……You ARE special…

Kaori – You know you’re the only one I let all my walls down for right? Like not even Frankie see’s me super vulnerable.

Keegan – Why?

Kaori – Because I love you stupid…. And its okay that you don’t love me the same way. I’ve learned more about myself in the past week, than I have in my entire life. I’m a fucking bitch. I’m spoiled, and entitled.

Keegan – You’re not a bitch.

Kaori – I am.. you can say it.

Keegan – Okay… sometimes- but never to me…

Kaori – …Of course not. *bites lip* BUT we both know why…

Keegan – I hate all of the tension.. and the pact.. its so… stupid.. it causes alot of-

Kaori – Blame yourself for being so cute… but all jokes aside just… Can it not be her?

Keegan – Her?

Kaori – Jarrah.

Keegan – Why do you hate her so much? I think given the chance you guys could be friends.

Kaori – She annoys me.. and I don’t know why. I just feel like she’s not as good as she claims. Like she’s hiding some big secret.

Keegan – I’m not saying its Jarrah or Frankie

Kaori – Well its not me, so obviously its one of them- but I get it… Saying who it is at this point is just… whatever. I just don’t want it to be HER.

Keegan – Lets talk about something else.

Kaori – Like?

Keegan – Family.

Kaori – Okay… Your dad.

Keegan – I don’t hate him, he just makes me… mad. We don’t get each other I guess. I dislike Scott though. Your turn…

Kaori – Eh…. I love my family. I’m just mad at them for treating me like a dumbass.

Keegan – Fix it….

Kaori – I will… sooner or later.. I don’t know.

Keegan – Good…

Kaori – Are you okay though? Like.. Mona’s birthday is coming pretty soon and-

Keegan – I’ll be good, thanks for asking though.

*buzzing noise*

Keegan – What’s that?

Kaori – My phone… I’ll ignore it

Keegan – Nah just answer it.  gotta get to class anyway.

Which is true people… I don’t lie all the time…

Kaori – I’ll call you later.

Keegan – Okay… have a nice day.

Kaori – *answers* What do you want?

Jarrah (On Phone) – Are you alone? I need to talk to you about Keegan.. I talked to Frankie, Jeep, and Trey already so I’m calling you now.

Kaori – He just left… he seemed fine.. what’s the problem?

Jarrah – Can You meet me at the diner by your job?

Kaori – ….Ugh..

Jarrah – I know you dislike me but this isn’t about us.. just meet me there okay?

Kaori – Fine

Jarrah – And don’t say anything to Keegan.

Kaori – Okay…

Keegan – *smiles*

Kaori – *smiles*

She clearly seems annoyed by that phone call. Its probably her family trying to fix things. By the way I don’t hate my dad. He just stresses me the fuck out. I need to find myself and my direction obviously. Hell he didn’t find his early in his life so its like lay off. However… He’s a parent, and I’m sure he went through alot of shit growing up. He doesn’t want me to go through the same stuff. I know he’s not doing things to piss me off on purpose…. whatever the case.. I’m late for class………….again *laugh*

(POV Jeep)

I’m so stressed out…….. I’m so stressed out… 

Aries – Are you okay? you’re being weird.

Jeep – No… I’m not okay…

Keegan is popping pills with some druggy girl at Jarrah’s job… and Christine… she left… Ugh this day will not get any better either… I have to talk to Keegan about all of this crap. He’s going to be so angry and defensive.

Aries – What’s wrong?

Jeep – …………Christine left.

Aries – Oh… what the hell?

Jeep – She’s so confusing.

Aries – Well… I know I haven’t been around the pass few days but I’m here now.

Jeep – Thanks- and yeah.. where the heck have you been? With Raven?

Aries – ………No.

Jeep – Well then where?

Aries – *whispers* ….Trey.

Jeep – Why?- wait what? Trey?

Aries – Yeah…

Jeep – Why would you- whoa! are you KingOfNowhere?

Aries – SHHH!

Jeep – That’s awesome!- wait.. what about Raven? are you like… bisexual or something?

Aries – No…. I’m… gay….. but- Its still a secret.

Jeep – What are you going to tell Raven? She’s very fond of you.

Aries – She knows, she’s sorta been helping me keep up the illusion that I was a ladies man.

Jeep – So… when did you know?

Aries – Umm.. 1st grade…. I kinda just felt different.

Jeep – Wow…. so- Wow…..

Aries – Can we still be friends?

Jeep – Dude! of course! nothing has changed!

Aries – Not that I’m not happy about your reaction but…. why are you so calm about it?

Jeep – I don’t know?…. I guess I grew up always knowing and understanding that people are different. I celebrate things like that. Its no point in me making a big deal about it. I still…… ya. Yeah.. I still love ya buddy.

Aries – I’ve never really had friends… like friends friends.

Jeep – Well now you do.

Aries – Originally I got in good with you guys… so I could get closer to Trey, but I realized that you’re cool. That we could be friends.

Jeep – Did you worry that I wasn’t going to be okay with the gay thing?

Aries – Yeah…

Jeep – That’s stupid though, Trey is a close friend so….

Aries – Yeah but- well… true. I don’t know why I was thinking like that. I’m….. dude I’m semi freaking out.

Jeep – Why?

Aries – Because… People know…

Jeep – Who all knows?

Aries – Well you, Raven. Trey of course, and I’m sure he told your cousin.

Jeep – Jarrah will keep it a secret, no worries. Raven is obviously a friend, and I’m no snitch.

Aries – Good… cause snitches get stitches *laugh*

Jeep – *laugh* Are you saying you can kick my ass?

Aries – I have no idea… I do wonder who’d win a fight between us.

Jeep – I don’t know… I can’t fight…

Aries – Neither can I. Don’t let my muscles fool you.

Jeep – Yeah you were pretty scared of Nick that day…

Aries – Not scared of him. I just don’t like him.

Jeep – Why?- Oh nevermind.. duh.

Aries – I just don’t like him around…

Jeep – He’s straight.

Aries – Sure he is….

Jeep – You have nothing to worry about. Trey has been in love with you before he even knew you were you. You know?

Aries – Yeah… Well I should get going… I told my parents I’d help them with the garden if my class got canceled… so blah.

Jeep – Have fun… I actually have some stuff I need to take care of too

And by stuff I mean Keegan… *sigh*

On my way out I ran into Spirit. Its nice to see her, she’s always so chipper… and pretty.

Jeep – Hey!

Spirit – Jonah! as I live and breathe *laugh*

Jeep – In the flesh *cheesy smile*

Spirit – You’re such a dork.

Jeep – I knooooooooow.

Spirit – Its cute though.

Jeep – You say “cute” alot.

Spirit – I don’t….well… I notice I only say it when talking to you.

Jeep – Oh? really?

Spirit – *laughs* Anyway… I’m glad I ran into you.

Jeep – Why is that princess?

Spirit – …. *smiles* My dad calls me that…

Jeep – *smiles*

Spirit – I wanted to talk to you about the project. I heard Rubi say something about last minute edits…. she says she was with you last night.

Jeep – I haven’t talked with Rubi in days….

Spirit – Ha… I knew it.

Jeep – What’s good Nancy Drew?

Spirit – I can’t tell you yet *smiles*

Jeep – So are you nervous about the movie?

Spirit – No… I know my lines and everything.

Jeep – I’m so happy that you’re easy to work with.

Spirit – Thanks.. you’re easy to work wi- well you’re just a delightful person in general.

Jeep – I’ve never been called delightful.

Spirit – First time for everything. I guess… Speaking of timing… I was wondering if-

Jeep – Time! oh my god.. I have to go!

Spirit – Oh……. okay… *letdown* We can just talk.. whenever…

Jeep – Sorry…

Spirit – Its okay you’re a busy guy…

Jeep – Not usually.. today I’m just doing something important for a friend…

Spirit – You’re so loyal. That’s so cute- there’s that word again.

Jeep – *laugh* We’ll get together soon. Maybe a movie night?

Spirit – I’d love that!- I mean.. sure… just let me know.

Jeep – Okay… Now I gotta rush out of here. See Ya!

Spirit – Good luck.

I’m gonna need luck!

(POV Keegan)

So…. I come home, and I see my parents. This doesn’t look good….. I won’t jump the gun though. This could be about anything- Heh… Joy and Scott are here too…

Keegan – ………….Dad.

Issac – Hey Keegan.

Keegan – Hi.

Kaitlyn – Hey sunshine… sorry to just drop by like this…

Keegan – What’s the special occasion? You two decide to be straight and be together or something?

Issac – Its actually more serious than jokey.

Keegan – Okay…

Issac – Just come on in…

Yes… invite me into my own home. Knew I shouldn’t have given him a spare key…

Keegan – You look good old man.

Issac – Heh…. I guess I look alright.

Kaitlyn – You look very healthy Keegan. Which is good.

Keegan – I guess so Mom.

Issac – How are you?

Keegan – You stopped by to ask me that dad?

Issac – Well you don’t really come to the house.

Keegan – Its not like I hate you pops… don’t be so melodramatic 

Issac – Then you hate Scott?

Keegan – …………………..I don’t hate him…………………


Issac – Hmm…

Kaitlyn – *clears throat*

Keegan – So why are you guys here?

Issac – Well….. umm…

Kaitlyn – We’re worried about you.

Keegan – WHY?

Issac – Because you’re drinking, and abusing prescription pills

Kaitlyn – ……

Keegan – Bullshit…. I’m not doing.. that. Where did you even hear that ridiculous shit?

Kaitlyn – Keegan.. we just want to help.

Issac – Its one thing to lie to us… but your friends too?

Keegan – You can call them.. They know me… I’m not doing any of that!

Issac – I don’t have to call them….. they’re already here..

Scott – Everyone loves you Keegan….

Joy – We all want you happy and healthy.

Kaitlyn – Please stop hurting yourself.

Issac – We’re not the enemy……

Keegan – So what the fuck?! is this a intervention or something? You all have some nerve!

Jeep – Keegan…. why didn’t you just talk to me?

Trey – Or any of us? I knew something was wrong… I-

Kaori – You can easily put things back in order Keegan… Like you told me about my situation with my family. Things can be fixed.

Frankie – …….I don’t know what to say. I’m really angry at you for not talking to any of us about this. Why choose drugs, and-

Keegan – Frankie… when exactly was I suppose to talk to any of you?! You need to get off your high horse.. you’re busy having a lesbian affair with Ivy… and Kaori she-

Kaori – What?!

Frankie – KEEGAN!

Trey – ……………..

Jarrah – *jaw drop*

Keegan – What about you Jarrah? Hmm? You’re quiet as fuck!

Jarrah – I understand the need to lash out…

Kaori – Of course she’s quiet.. she doesn’t want you hating her. She’s the one who told everyone. She heard that strawberry blonde cunt (Morgan) tell Alana all about the sex and drugs you guys have been doing.

Trey – Kaori, shut up!

Kaori – You shut up, you loose bottom bitch, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?

Trey – I know you’re not calling anyone loose…. and you know what slut? you’re the bitch. I’m sick of you thinking you’re some badass. I wish you would come at me I don’t care anymore I’ll slap the hell out of you!

Kaori – Please! I’ll-

Jeep – Stop it! this isn’t about us! this is about Keegan!

Frankie – ……….

Keegan – Kaori don’t act so above it..  you have plenty of issues too.

Kaori – Kiss my ass Keegan.. don’t you dare attack me!

Keegan – So you told everyone huh Jarrah?

Jarrah – I didn’t know what to do!

Keegan – You like telling on people huh? Why don’t you tell them about the time we fucked.

Frankie – Excuse me?

Kaori – WHAT?!

Trey & Jeep – ………………………..

Trey – Keegan.. stop… please..

Jeep – …….man…

Keegan – You knew Jeep so stop acting oblivious!

Trey – You’re attacking us because you’re in defense mode! We’re supposed to be together to help you, but instead you’re tearing everyone apart!

Keegan – You guys ambushed ME!

Jeep – What were we supposed to do?! and Who the hell is Morgan?!

Frankie – This is so stupid… so…. ridiculous…

Keegan – Guess I’m not so cool after all eh Frankie?

Frankie – Don’t fucking have that tone with me Keegan. I’m not going to put up with your crap because you’re a fucking druggy who can’t admit it to himself.

Keegan – Coming from a closeted lesbian…

Frankie – You and I both know I’m not a lesbian. I suggest you stop talking before you lose me forever.

Keegan – I already have! You guys are here telling me I’m doing drugs!

Trey – Well prove us wrong!

Jeep – Your actions pretty much confirms everything Keegan.. let us help you.

Keegan – Like you all are SOOOO perfect. Trey you’re probably fucking Nick, and you have that internet guy!

Frankie – Don’t attack him!

Trey – Its fine…

Keegan – Jeep – You’re constantly going after women who don’t want you. Then cry about it… instead of finding someone right for you.

Jeep – That’s low….

Trey – Are you fucking high right now? because I don’t even know you.

Kaori – HA! I knew you were hiding something!

Jarrah – Kaori… listen to me.. I-

Kaori – You’re a fucking BITCH!

Jarrah – He was emotional and vulnerable I-

Kaori – What? SAVED HIM? With your Magical VAG!? BITCH PLEASE!

Frankie – ………I want to leave…

Jeep – Frankie we gotta help him.

Frankie – Not when he just destroyed everything… he doesn’t care.

Keegan – I do care! I haven’t done any drinking, or pill popping today and yet- I’m!- I’m PISSED! I’m frustrated! I’m embarrassed! I can’t.. I can’t do this…

Jeep – I failed as a bestfriend.. I failed.. this is my fault!

Frankie – Its not Jonah… don’t blame yourself.

Kaori – I should slap the shit out of you!

Jarrah – Kaori this isn’t about some stupid pact right now! its about Keegan’s health!

Frankie – Its also about the pact Jarrah.. you know… the one you broke because you couldn’t keep your legs closed.

Jarrah – I’m SORRY okay… but it happened and I-

Kaori – You don’t give a fuck that it happened. You had his penis in your tight little perfect NO MISTAKE MAKING Puss-

Trey – Stop this shit! right now! *starting to cry* He’s leaving! and you’re all too hung up on some stupid shit to care or notice!

Jeep – I blame myself… I-

Kaori – Shut up Jeep… you knew all about your cousin boning Keegan.. this whole time!

Frankie – …..


Joy – Keegan! baby don’t run from your problems let us help!

Kaitlyn – Go after him Issac!

Scott – Keegan don’t do this to your parents! You come back here right now!

Keegan – Fuck you Scott, nobody asked you to join this family in the first place!

Issac – Keegan! You stop right now! Don’t you walk out of that fucking door!

Jarrah – I’m not talking to her while she’s screaming.

Kaori – Of course not.. miss goody two shoes! Perfect Jarrah makes a mistake and can’t own up to it! I was vulnerable and had a huge argument with Keegan the other night. I came here for validation.. turns out he doesn’t love me! its one of you! and now we know who!

Frankie – …………….

Jarrah – Frankie….. I’m so sorry… I didn’t want it to come out this way…. I-

Frankie – Stop it Jarrah because honestly I doubt you would have told us. You broke the pact, your word means nothing apparently. Now stop talking to me about it. We need to find Keegan…

Jarrah – ….

Jeep – How the heck did this happen?

Trey – Keegan’s smart.. he turned all the attention onto Jarrah… he knew Kaori would go ape-shit.. and cause a big fight.

Frankie – Yeah.. and then he’d run out…

Jarrah – What should we do?

Kaori – You should die.

Jeep – Kaori!

Kaori – …..

Jarrah – ……… Frankie?

Frankie – ….. Lets see what his parents have to say.

Looking back at this moment, I realize I was completely in the wrong. I felt so embarrassed, and betrayed by everyone. They were all there to help me, but of course having everyone come at you at once is NOT a good feeling. I took that feeling of me against the world and I justified my actions of attacking my friends. I’m a fucking asshole… I’m screwed up, and I know it. I shouldn’t have outed Frankie, or Jarrah. I also shouldn’t have attacked Jeep, Trey, or Kaori. I had no excuses for what I had done, none of it. So I had to run, I had to get away… and that’s what I did. I left them with the mess… that I created.

(POV Jeep) 15 minutes later

I was just involved in hurricane Keegan. Wow. I feel so stupid and useless. Why the hell didn’t I notice this? If I would have caught on sooner to what was happening I could have stopped it- and again! Who the hell is Morgan?! This is just crazy. Keegan ran off and his parents are out looking for him. Now its just us five… broken. Frackin’ hell… this was a disaster.

Kaori – Oh look.. a Bitch is holding a bitch.

Jarrah – First off the dog is a boy.. so he’s not a bitch. That would be a female dog. Secondly what else do you want me to say? I made a huge mistake and I’m owning up to it. You’re not gonna talk to me that way Kaori..

Kaori – Or what? Just because you cut your hair and shit.. you think you’re a badass? I’ll mop the floor with you honey.

Jarrah – Do whatever it is that you feel you must, I’m not going to entertain it…

Frankie – Kaori shut up… please?

Kaori – ….fine…

Trey – You girls have your own drama… but right now lets focus on Keegan.

Kaori – Okay can I just say that I don’t believe him, he says he wasn’t high but come on… is that the Keegan we all know and love?

Jarrah – …..No

Trey – I agree…

Jeep – You’ve been so quiet Frankie.. are you okay?

Frankie – I’ll be okay Jonah, the important thing is we find Keegan.

Jeep – Yeah

Kaori – Whats the point in looking for him? especially after he was a dick to everyone?

Trey – He’s clearly high. Plus that doesn’t mean we should just abandon him.

Frankie – Come on Kay’ lets go look for him.

Jeep – Alone?

Kaori – We’re fine by ourselves.

Frankie – We’ll call if we find anything.

Trey – Okay…..

I think Frankie not only wanted to help look for Keegan, but also to minimize the tension as well. Probably a good idea keeping Kaori away from my cousin. About that… Yes I knew about Jarrah and Keegan. I found out on accident. Keegan’s my bestfriend so I knew to just keep it a secret. How did I find out exactly? Well Keegan and I were playing video games and he asked me a hypothetical question about if he did one of the girls. I joked and asked if he did my cousin, and he fumbled his words with an awkward no. I knew right away what had happened.

He was really broken up over it. He didn’t want to divide the girls or cause any tension. Blah…… its a messy situation and now its all out in the open. This has been the worse day ever- well not the worse… that would be when Mona died, but this day is bad…. really bad.

Frankie’s butt looks amazing in her jeans- focus Jonah! its not the time to check out buns.

Trey – Stuff always seems to happen with our group… Like were we all so busy that we couldn’t hear our friend calling out for help?

Jarrah – There were signs… we were too stupid, or like you said.. wrapped up in our own world to notice.

Jeep – Trey?

Trey – Yeah?

Jeep – Remember guy’s day? Keegan was weird, wearing shades, and complaining about a headache n’ stuff…

Trey – Right…. we should have put two and two together..

Jarrah – He failed a drug test at the gym.

Trey – What?

Jeep – He did? When?

Jarrah – Weeks ago, but his excuse was that his arm was killing him and he only took one. That he didn’t wanna alarm anyone.

Trey – And you’re just now saying something?

Jarrah – You would have done the same thing Trey. My father and I had a talk with him, and everything seemed fine.

Jeep – Didn’t he just quit his job?

Trey – He did?!

Jeep – Was I the only one he text with that?

Jarrah – Yeah…. I should probably tell my dad what’s going on…

Jarrah – Trey?

Trey – What?

Jarrah – Its gonna be okay. We’ll find him.

Trey – That’s not why I’m… Like… Why did you break the pact?

Oh God…

Jarrah – Can we talk about it later?

Trey – Eh.. whatever… I’m not even super close with Frankie and Kaori, but its the principal of the matter….

Jarrah – We can talk about it after we know Keegan is okay.. is that alright?

Trey – ………Okay.

Jeep – Anyone else feel like crap right now?

Trey – …. I do.

Jarrah – ………..No point in me answering that question.. its obvious.

Trey – Do you even feel bad though? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Jarrah – Trey! are you seriously mad at me? It happened a LONG time ago… It was wrong and I know that- but I’d expect my bestfriend to give me some sort of- well just not look at me like I’m the scum of the earth.

Trey – I just hate how you kept it to yourself..

Jeep – Guys… come on… stop it.

Jarrah – I will go into detail-

Trey – Later, yeah whatever. I got you. Look I’m going to get on my scooter, go see Aries and we can take his car to look for Keegan.

Jarrah – I don’t think we should be telling people…

Jeep – No… Aries is cool. He trusted me with… The KingOfNowhere thing today.

Trey – He told you? *smiles* good.

Jarrah – Okay if you think it will help.

Trey – I’ll call you guys if we find him.

Jeep – You okay?

Jarrah – He’s so mad at me…..

Jeep – Yeah….

Jarrah – ……Everyone’s so mad at me.

Jeep – I’m not mad at you.

Jarrah – You’re my cousin… of course you’re not… I do appreciate your support though. You’ve always been there for me Jonah…

Jeep – Family sticks together.

Jarrah – I’m not oblivious as to why everyone hates me right now.

Jeep – Trey doesn’t hate you, and I honestly don’t think Frankie does either. Kaori though………..

Jarrah – You know what.. honestly- and excuse my language, but fuck her. She’s had it out for me since day one. I’m not going to baby her, or coddle her insecurities. I’m wrong, I messed up and I shouldn’t have done that with Keegan, but she’s made alot of mistakes- we all have. So I’m not going to be apart of her witch hunt.

Jeep – It took me a while, but I don’t like her like that anymore. She’s not my type I guess? I was so infatuated with her, and it was stupid. I’m glad she turned me down.

Jarrah – I still feel like somewhere in there is a great person. Obviously it has to be, otherwise Frankie wouldn’t put up with her.

Jeep – I agree.

Jarrah – I don’t wanna talk about her though. We should go look for Keegan.

Jeep – You’re gonna hate me…

Jarrah – Why?

Jeep – Because.. you need to stay here with Hercules.

Jarrah – Why do I have to stay here with the dog?

Jeep – Incase he comes back

Jarrah – Why can’t you stay?

Jeep – Because I’m going to check out all our secret hideouts. Places he and I would go to hang, and talk. Nobody knows about them.

Jarrah – Alright…

Jeep – Go inside its getting dark, and cold.

Jarrah – …. Alright- but look.. if he comes back. I’m calling you, and I’m leaving. I don’t wanna talk to him right now.

Jeep – Understood.

Jarrah – …..*sigh*

Jeep – It will be okay.

Jarrah – Honestly I’m feeling terrible Jeep, but the way Kaori attacked me also makes me feel another way.

Jeep – Hmm?

Jarrah – Like… I don’t care about things as much? I’m sick of it… I never once tried to be miss perfect. Everyone seems to think so though. So now I’m like eff it. You know?

Jeep – Good girl gone bad?

Jarrah – No… Normal girl gone indifferent.

Jeep – You don’t need anyone’s validation.

Jarrah – At the end of the day Jonah, I’m not trying to make this about me. I’m in the center of the controversy when we need to be worried about of friend’s well-being.

Jeep – I agree.

Jarrah – Alright.. get going.. call if you hear, or see something.

Jeep – Okay…. I luv you.

Jarrah – *smirks* Love you too Jonah Bear.

Talk about a draining day. I feel like the life force has been sucked out of me. Like I’ve been touched by Rogue and I’m all dead inside. I need to regain my strength and find Keegan before something bad happens. He can’t have gone too far…

(POV Keegan)

Somewhere in Bridgeport…..

So you know like… when people push you to the edge? THAT’S where I am now… I was angry and pissed off… so I went to Bridgeport and had some drinks… I really shouldn’t have done that……….. boy do I regret it.

Random Guy – You okay?

Bartender – I’m okay just a little annoyed at that guy over there. I had to cut him off.


Bruce (on phone) – Keegan?

Keegan – Hey Mowhawk man!

Bruce – Umm.. you okay?

Keegan – Eye Wunna fight………….tonight… maket happinz captinz… *drunk laugh*

Bruce – I can’t. You haven’t trained or… well we haven’t had that discussion yet.

Keegan – Lez talken more swingin pussy boy.

Bruce – Alright.. you’re drunk. Look.. go home! get some sleep!

Keegan – You go home! don’t tellin’ me whatdda doo! okay mohawkie? Hawkeye you dear?… hellooo?

Bruce – I’m hanging up.

Keegan – Fug you! okay fuckah yooooooooooooooooooo you hear me? You too gud frum me tu fyigt hmm? I’ll ROCK YOU! I’ll knock-a you da fug OWT! You hear me? hmm- I’m getting a drink now.

Keegan – *clapping* Wooooo clapping it upppppppppppppppppppppp I want another shot bar-keep.

Bartender – No! you’re cut off, now leave before I call the Police.

Keegan – Umm not scared… you gib me drink fatboy!

Bartender – Hey! Shut your mouth!

Keegan – F-A-T- BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *clapping/singing* Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat.. now make that mothafucka hammer time *dancing* go stupid… go stupid.. go stupid. BOING BOING BOING!

Random Guy – Sir I think you need to go home and sleep it off.

Keegan – Nobody axe you preppy pantz okay?

Random Guy – Wow your parents must be so proud- Bartender can I have-

Keegan – Fuck you!

Random Guy – SECURITY!

Micah – Oh my god.. is that Keegan?!

June – Who?- someone you know is here?

Police – Hey!

Random Guy – Get this creep off of me!

Fuck my life…

Keegan – Talk shit………..get hit…….

Random Guy – I’ll sue your ass!

Police – Sir.. you’re gonna have to come with me.

Keegan – Not until I get anutha drinky drink!

Police – Yeah.. that’s NOT gonna happen.

Bartender – GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

Random Guy – I’m suing you for assault!

Micah – Dammit.. I should call someone…

June – Who? your dad?

Micah – No… hmm… eh I’ll just call Jarrah, she’ll know what to do.

Police – You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense. Do you understand your rights sir?


June – Oh my god he’s getting arrested Micah…

Micah – Shit….

Random Guy – You ruined my pants! My $400 pants!

Keegan – Fuck you and your dumb pants…..

Police – Sir, I think its best that you stay quiet

Keegan – Whatever! you gonna plant drug on meeeeeee I watch cops! I know you people! racial profile……………ling and stuff.

Police – What? 

Everything was a mistake…. This was my wake up call……….What happens now?

~*End of Chapter Four Pt 2 | Pt 3 is Next*~


  1. >.< wow, that intervention backfired! All the secrets are out in the open! It's so exciting!! Lol. It was a little messed up of Keegan to out Frankie, and Jarrah, and….basically everyone XD. I get it though, he was backed into a corner so of course he'd lash out. Now he's getting locked up!! I wonder if any of his friends would actually bail him out after all the fighting he caused….Also, this Christine girl is so mysterious! What is up with her??? Great job as always. Can't wait for more! 😀

    1. Yeah…….nothing went as smoothly as everyone had hoped. Things are bad…….. and well… things are just getting started. Jarrah & Trey are next to close out Chapter 4. What’s a person to do when they have what they want? Is it really what they want? Hmmmmmmmm? lol. Stay tuned And Thanks for always supporting the blog ♥

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