BoysNGirls : Chapter Four | Pt. 1 “Tick…Tick…Boom”

Chapter Four | Pt. 1 “Tick…Tick…Boom”

-POV’s : Kaori & Frankie

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

(POV Kaori)

So I know you’re probably judging me thinking… “Why go see Hammer? You didn’t want him before! blah blah blah” Well FYI… I liked Hammer.. I was even thinking about dating him. Sure he’s second choice but whatever. Dylan was second choice for Jarrah and that worked out well- for a while atleast. Also Frankie dated Sebastian, and she’s now… well she’s single I think. Hmm.. anyway.. Just because us girls like Keegan doesn’t mean we can’t function in other relationships. 

Which sounds weird for me because I don’t do relationships. I don’t really know what made me see Hammer like that, I guess- Well okay.. I guess I’ll admit the truth. I’m not delusional or oblivious to why I am the way I am. My mom and dad breaking up had alot to do with me not seeing relationships as a working idea. Also add in the fact that I couldn’t just be with the guy I really wanted to be with… I just… I gave up.

I was- I am content with casual sex, which is fun. No strings attached and what not. However… I do see the errors in my ways, and I didn’t need to pay a therapist to figure that out. Do I like Hammer?… Yes… Do I like Keegan?… fuck yes… The difference is this; I can actually have Hammer, Keegan? nope. *notices Darell* Heh.. I see Darell is playing house with Portia. If only she knew the truth about him and Rubi. That’s not my place though.. Oh well.

Darell – Damn.

Portia – What?

Darell – Her outfit

Portia – She leaves little to the imagination.

Darell – *annoyed* You leave everything to the imagination.

Portia – Isn’t that sexier?

Darell – No.

Portia – ……. Is that what you like? how she dresses? 

Darell – I only like you baby.

Portia – *smiles*


Hammer – Hey Kay…. what’s up?

Kaori – Can I talk to you for a minute?

Hammer – About what?

Kaori – Really Chad?

Hammer – Well I guess since you showed up looking sexy I may as well see what you want *smile*

Kaori – Ha….When am I not sexy?

Hammer – Its funny how you come in… like this is your house *laugh*

I walk up in this bitch like I own the ho to be honest.

Kaori – So where are we going to talk? Your room?

Hammer – No, lets go in the kitchen.

The fuck?

Kaori – Did you want to make a sandwich or something?

Hammer – No? Why?

Kaori – Because we’re in the kitchen.

Hammer – I just didn’t wanna talk in my room.

Kaori – Why not?

Hammer – You know why.

Kaori – Because you want to fuck me? *smiles*

Hammer – Yeah…

Kaori – That’s fine…

Hammer – No its not.

Kaori – Why not?

Hammer – ……….Kay…… You-

Kaori – Whats the problem? Why are you acting like I’m a bottle of vodka and you’re a alcoholic who swore off drinking?

Hammer – Because I’m seeing someone.

Kaori – Who? Paisley?

Hammer – Yeah…

Kaori – Why are you into her? She’s not even cute.

Hammer – I think she is.

Kaori – But like.. she looks like a horse.

Hammer – I don’t think she does.

Kaori – Fine! if you break up with her I’ll date you! is that what it’ll take?

Hammer – Bro……………………..No. *shakes head* no.

Kaori – What do you mean no?

Hammer – I mean no- I’m not making that mistake again dude…

Kaori – So…. i’m a mistake?

Hammer – No… but if I let myself want you again… I-

Kaori – Just dump Paisley…. I’m.. ready… I can be what you want whatever…

Hammer – I can’t… I’m- I’m trying to move on.

Kaori – What? This is so stupid! just dump the dumb horse and-

Hammer – Kaori …. I’ve liked you forever!, I figured I’d just go along with your stupid “I don’t do relationships” rule until you finally grew up.

Kaori – Like you’re so mature Hammer, you and your fratboy pranks. I-

Hammer – That’s mindless fun, its what guys do. We prank each other. You on the other hand… you-

Kaori – What?! huh? What about me? hmm? since you know me so well!

Hammer – You’re still a little girl who’s used to getting attention. You didn’t want to date me until you found out Paisley and I were seeing each other. She told me everything.

Kaori – What?!

Hammer – How you told her I was a dumb fratboy who you can’t have conversations with. That you never saw yourself with someone like me.. that I was a.. heh.. a “Walking Cock”


Hammer – ………………..

Kaori – Fine! I did say the part about you being a dumb fratboy- but I didn’t mean it in a bad way.

Hammer – I’m not dumb Kaori… I’m doing great here at G.C.U. I know what I wanna do with my life and-

Kaori – Is that a low blow? Because I don’t know what I want for myself? really Hammer?

Hammer – I’m not trying to be mean dude! I just don’t think its okay that you want me now… Its not fair…

Kaori – You don’t even know Paisley.. she’s shady!

Hammer – No she isn’t bro…

Kaori – Stop calling me bro!- and yes she is shady.. the bitch stole money from Nick so she could get an abortion.

Hammer – I already know. She told me everything. You’re not telling me anything new. All you’re doing is making yourself look like a child throwing a tantrum.

Kaori – ………How dare you Hammer.. how dare you even come at me like that? I’ve listened to you crying and bitch about how your mother DIRTY DEBRA was never really around for you, and how all she does is throw money your way. How your dad is some redneck in a trailer . So for you to make it seem like I’m some bitch who doesn’t care about other’s feelings is pretty fucked up.

Hammer – I didn’t say that, all I said-

Kaori – I know I’m not perfect, I know I have things to work on. You really have no business calling me a child. You think Paisley is this honest girl, who is sorry for her sins. She’s not! she’s a bitch!.. she knew I’d tell you.. that’s the only reason you know.

Hammer – Can you go?

Kaori – Yeah… I can. You don’t have to worry about me ever coming back either.

Hammer – Well I guess you know how it feels to be rejected now huh? I waited for you bro.. I couldn’t wait forever.

Kaori – I don’t care Hammer… I’m done.

Hammer – You do care.. and the fact that you’ll convince yourself otherwise is why I couldn’t date you anyway. I don’t know what I was thinking dude…

Kaori – …Have a nice life…………Bro

Its fine…. if Hammer wants to fuck a horse then who am I to question it. I’m not mad or upset at all. I’m over it.. I’m fucking over it. Fuck him and fuck her too. I don’t understand why he’d pick her over me. Just because I didn’t give him everything he wanted when he wanted it. Its not fair… but its fine. Whatever…. I hope they have a great life together. I don’t know what I was thinking anyway, he’s so not my type, and clearly I’m not his. I only walk on two legs instead of four like that horseface cunt Paisley Adams! GOD I HATE HER!

Hammer – What did I miss?

Darell – You missed it… Portia was asking Harrison what’s his favorite thing to eat.

Hammer – What did he say?

Portia – He’s gross!

Harrison – I said pussy!

Hammer – Ha!

Darell – You should have seen Portia’s face…. *laughing hysterical*

Portia – Is that what you and Rubi do all the time Harrison?

Darell – ………..

Harrison – No?- YEAH! i mean.. we don’t do it all the time.. but I bang her out 24/7 YEAH! Always going to pound town on that shit!

Portia – You’re a pig…

Stupid bitch Portia.. believing that shit. Harrison is covering for Darell… Rubi is fuckin’ you man ho…. stupid ass wack bitch. Ugh I hate dumb girls… I hate everybody right now to be honest. Especially my family! My stupid brother Ivo called me today and I rejected his calls. Over it! nobody gets me.. everyone wants to think I’m one way when I’m not. Nobody cares how I feel!

(POV Frankie)

Nobody knows how I’m feeling in this moment. I’m interviewing two people who have inspired me in different ways. First up is Kaori’s older brother Ivo, you guys already know his story by now, but what you don’t know is… I had this infatuation with him and his writing. He was older, and was on the road to doing exactly what I wanted to do. I always felt like we had a connection, but it was all wiped away. Gone because of the scandal that took place between him, my sister, and Micah (Jarrah’s older brother) I can’t look at Ivo without thinking of Andi…

Then we have Jessica Nash…. Originally she inspired me because I thought her first book sucked. I found it in Issac’s house when I was younger and decided to read it. I read it and I initially had this distaste for her lack of inspiration. I felt as if she relied on petty jabs, and small town gossip to drive the sales and interest in the book. That was the main allure to the book. It was catty, messy, and dare I say… frivolous. I knew I could bring something better to the world of reading. THEN all of that changed when she released her second or third book- I can’t remember. Anyway it was called “Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds”

There she was.. proving me wrong.. writing with conviction and malice. The book took my breath away, and after the last line I knew she was someone who had talent. So that brings me to how I’m feeling in this moment.. in this chair… you can understand why doing this is so- for lack of better words : “Nerve Wrecking” I wanted to show him that I was grown up, and serious. I wanted to show her.. that I’m not some naive little girl. I guess I wanted to show myself that I was ready for this…

Jessica – This is going to sound weird but you look so familiar.

Frankie – I do?

Jessica – Yes….but umm.. people look alike all the time I guess. *clears throat*

Ivo – Nice recorder…

Jessica – Yes… it is actually. You buy it yourself? or does it belong to the mothership?

Frankie – Thank you, I actually received it as a gift from my bestfriend Kaori..

Jessica – How sweet.. wait isn’t that your sister’s name Ivo?

Ivo – …..Yeah they’re bestfriend.. remember I told you?

Jessica – Ah yes…

Frankie – …..*Awkward smile*

Jessica – Wow.. you are stunning.

Frankie – Thank you, you’re gorgeous- I hope I look as beautiful as you when I become your age- sorry that sounded wrong-

Jessica – ………….Its quite alright.

Ivo – So…

Frankie – Right! So Ms Nash… its been quite sometime since you released your first book. Obviously by now everyone knows that the four women you wrote about were actually you, and your friends. After all of this time.. do you still speak with these ladies?

Jessica – Oh my… umm. Well yes it has been a long time since then huh? I don’t really speak to the girls- well women. We’ve all moved on in life, gone separate ways. Life is a journey, and you never know where it will take you. For example, I’ve written 4 books. I thought I was done, not because of the dilatory that kept presenting itself but more so because I felt as if I had nothing else to write about. Now look at us… we’re here. Talking about past present and future.

Frankie – If you don’t mind me asking, do you feel as though the book is to blame for the going of “separate ways”

Jessica – No, but then again… I can’t say that with certainty. You never know if someone is harboring feelings.

Frankie – Your friend, well ex friend.. Jamie Larter.. She went on to become a therapist and wrote a best selling novel herself. Do you feel like you inspired her?

Jamie’s daughter actually goes to my school… her name is Rubi.. she’s so annoying, and arrogant.

Jessica – Jamie was clueless about who and what she wanted to be. I do think my abrasive manner when it came to my career helped push her into hers.

Frankie – Have you read her book? “Hourglass”

Jessica – I have.

Frankie – What did you think?

Jessica – It was very…humdrum. It felt like someone speaking just to hear themselves speak. It was imperfect, and charming at best. I don’t think she’s written anymore books since then…I think she’s still giving out advice for money or something.

Frankie – The other two women.. do you know where they are now?

Jessica – I know one is having a weight problem brought on by low self-esteem… and the other is miserable with her current marriage. I’m back.. Obviously I’ll reach out to these women and try to help them as best as I can. I almost feel like as soon as I left C-City for NYC that everything went to shit. My life got better and everyone back home suffered. I feel a little guilty sometimes for chasing my dreams. I’m left with the feeling of emptiness when I think of home. Those women envy me for becoming what I set out to be all my life. I think if they stepped outside of their boxes then they’d understand. I pray for them.

Frankie – O……….kay.

Is she serious? why is she so arrogant and sarcastic? 

Frankie – So moving on to the present!

Jessica – Yes…. I’m loving life currently.

Frankie – You’re life is changing. You’ve made the move from NYC to here in Bridgeport. You have a new book called “Rebirth : The Truth about Women” and you have mr Ivo McDonald here whom you’ve taken on as your protege. He has a book coming out as well called?

Ivo – My upcoming debut is called “Thr33” (Three)

Jessica – Very provocative title. I’m currently in love with the pages I’ve read.

Frankie – Ms Nash, what is your book about, and then I’ll ask you the same thing Ivo- I mean Mr McDonald.

That’s so weird calling him that.

Jessica – “Rebirth : The Truth about Women” is a story very close to my heart. Its about finding yourself all over again after 50. How men see you, how other women see you, and most of all.. how you see yourself. The parties just begun, and I’m telling you.. you’ll want to read this… Young Women your age will appreciate it, along with the 50 plus.

Frankie – Is this story more like “The Four Faced Liars” or… “Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds”? The latter is my favorite of yours by the way.

Jessica – Well thank you, it was about my family, and how I grew up without my mother, and father for that matter. It didn’t catch on like my first book but I’m still very proud of it.- but to answer your question, I’d say my new novel is a mix of both. The story has gossip and cattiness in it, but also there’s heart. Women don’t change with age, infact I almost feel as though they become more vicious in all senses of the word.

Frankie – I did some research, and you have a daughter? that’s umm- well Ivo’s age right?

Jessica – …I do.

Frankie – How does she feel about all of your success.

Jessica – She couldn’t care less, she’s out saving trees, and contemplating her sexuality. She’s never been proud or interested in my work, which is okay. I’ve done what I’ve done for myself and her. I followed my dream so I would be heard, and so she could live a comfortable life. I barely know anything about her, and she likes to keep it that way. I still love her very much *dramatic pause* wow.. sorry didn’t mean to *dramatic sigh* ………..ramble on. I know she loves me, she just has a funny way of showing it.

Frankie – So Ivo- sorry Mr-

Ivo – Call me Ivo Frankie… I know you’re professional but you and I know each other *smile*

Frankie – Right…umm.. so your book.. What is it about?

Ivo – Well the premise is basically about three young adults. Two guys, one girl…. its not about sex, but it is at the same time. A guy sleeps with his bestfriend’s girlfriend. That’s where the story starts.

Frankie – ………………..

Ivo – Yeah…. Its based on a true story.

Frankie – I see….. 

Ivo – You look bothered… that same look Andi used to give…

Frankie – I’m nothing like my sister.

Jessica – You have a sister named Andi?

Frankie – Yeah?

Ivo – Didn’t your daughter Nik- umm Nikol have a roommate named Andi?

Jessica – ……………. it was Annie*smiles*… her roommate name was Annie

Wow… I can’t believe he’s using my sister for inspiration.

*cell rings*

Jessica – Excuse me for a minute. *steps outside*

Jessica on Phone – Nikol… I’m busy right now okay? Just stop it.. just stop, you- excuse me? I send you money! I make sure you have a good life!- GWEN? who cares about her! that money I sent you when you were living with Gwen and your dad was NOT for her!… of course she doesn’t have money she was a waitress! they don’t have pensions! Your father downgraded when he married her!

I can’t understand a single word she’s saying but I can tell she’s angry.. 

Ivo – You’ve…. grown…. alot. You look like your sister.. but you have your own type of beauty… hmm.

Frankie – ……Thanks?

Ivo – You’re really pretty.. but I guess that runs in the family.

Frankie – Speaking of which………..What the hell Ivo?! You’re writing a novel based on the events with my sister?!

Ivo – ….Its not what you think.

Frankie – Does she know about Andi? and what happened?

Ivo – Who Jessica? No.. actually. We don’t really talk about our past…

Frankie – That’s weird.

Ivo – Its not like we’re dating.

Frankie – Whatever the case.. how could you write about that?

Ivo – Don’t be mad.

Frankie – Why would you use Micah, and Andi as inspiration? What if they read this interview, or your book for that matter?

Ivo – Its something real, that everyone can relate to. Also don’t get so agitated. I’m not using names, nor am I basing it completely on what really happened between us three. You have to understand something… nobody really knows what happened. Just Andi and I…. Micah somewhat knows but… well.. yeah.

Frankie – ……He was your bestfriend…

Ivo – He was…

Frankie – I don’t understand you. Why did my sister do what she did?… I-

Ivo – I- have you spoken to her?

Frankie – No.

Ivo – Let her in… you were always someone she-

Frankie – Stop… don’t give me advice on my sister Ivo, when you betrayed yours.

Ivo – I’ve tried calling her.. she keeps ignoring me. I love Kay, she’s just so… stubborn…. she’s so immature, and you know I’m telling the truth. Every other word out of her mouth is profanity. She’ll never get anywhere with her anger issues.

Frankie – She’s hurt, she has her problems, but she’ll never overcome them when people keep throwing in her face. I don’t care if she ignores you a thousand more times. You keep calling and maybe she’ll pick up.

Ivo – Like you?…..because I assume you’re speaking from experience. You’re not talking to Andi huh?

Frankie – …………….Are you going to blast My sister in your book?

Ivo – Fine don’t answer my question, and no, you know me. You really think I’d do that? hmm? look me in the eye.. in my baby blues….

Frankie – I don’t think you’ll write a vengeful-hateful  book.. I just think-

Ivo – Good, because I wouldn’t wanna hurt anyone.. especially you. I know you looked up to me once upon a time.

Frankie – ….

Ivo – You were always asking me to read things you wrote… it was cute.

Frankie – Ivo… I just-

Ivo – Are you seeing anyone?

Frankie – What?- why?

Ivo – So I can take you to dinner.

Frankie – Excuse me?

Ivo – You said earlier that this is one of three sit downs. Once with us both, then one with her, and one with me separately.

Frankie – Right, but I-

Ivo – You don’t get out, you don’t have fun.

Frankie – How do you know?

Ivo – Because… I just do. Now agree to dinner… we can eat, catch up… and you can do your solo interview with me.

Jessica – …………………Dinner? You’re taking her to Dinner?

What’s her problem? its not like I’m into Ivo.. that would be absurd. I mean I can see why my sister felt an attraction to him… he’s very masculine and sure of himself but- No. There is no reason for Jessica to act like I want to jump his bones

Ivo – Yeah… she has to interview us separately remember?

Jessica – Well can she do that here?

Ivo – I think it would be a good idea if you and her have a day, and then she and I have a day. Away from this loft…..

Frankie – …………

Jessica – …….If that’s what you think is best Ivo.

Frankie – I haven’t agreed to those terms yet I-

Ivo – Don’t be a brat.

Frankie – *fake smile* …..fine.. we can do the stupid dinner, but you’re paying hotshot.

Ivo – No problem.

Jessica – I feel left out. *pouts*

Frankie – Where’s the ladies room?

Jessica – Straight ahead to the left.

Frankie – Thank you.

Ivo – Don’t leave.. we still have more to talk about..

Frankie – I know.. just going to freshen up.

Jessica – Take your time honey.

Frankie – When I return, I’m going to be asking about your inspirations.

Ivo – Easy….

Ivo – Jess… you… c’mon.. stop pouting.

Jessica – But I want dinner too.. *pout*

Ivo – We can have dinner tonight, I’m not doing my solo interview with her until next week.

Jessica – Where you taking her?

Ivo – I don’t know yet….

Jessica – *pout* Think she’s pretty?

Ivo – Jess….

Jessica – What? I’m just asking.

Something is off….. I’m getting this strange vibe between those two. I feel as if I’m intruding on something… like they’re romantically involved or something?…. That would be so wrong.. she’s up there in age!- No.. she’s probably just protective of him…. eh.. whatever the case. I’m going to freshen up and then finish today’s assignment. See you later. Oh by the way… something I wanted to address earlier, My clothing choice for the day. Scott told me I was way too stiff and formal, to show some skin, and dress how I would with my friends. That its not the “old days” you can be a writer and dress casual. So… that inspired my clothing for the day.

(POV Kaori)

My morning sucked, but I went on with my day. I went to class, had some food. Now I’m at work. I really regret going to see Hammer, its like Paisley knew I’d go see him. She’s like a step ahead of me, and I don’t like it. It was so awkward and stupid of me to go see him. Clearly I wasn’t thinking. Maybe I’m just not the type of person that’s capable of love.. 

Suzy – Well my son Collin is seeing some girl- well not seeing her. She’s so pretty, I want them to date.

Lamisha – Well why won’t they?

Suzy – Collin says she just got out of a relationship, and that she needs a friend.

Lamisha – Well Collin has always been a respectful boy.

Heh….. Respectful boys… I don’t know what’s wrong with me.. why am I not wired that way? To fall for the nice respectful type. Jeep for example.. I’m more than aware of how long he’s liked me. He’s sweet, but I’m not attracted to him. He’s not ugly, but he’s too.. nice… and for some reason I don’t want nice… blah.. fuck my life.

Lamisha – So when can I go on break? cause I need to call the high school.. DeAndre done got suspended for bringing weed to school girl… Just like his trifling ass daddy. Girl I’m depressed okay?

Suzy – I’m sorry to hear that. Umm when does Ms Swan usually let you out? I’m new at this being in charge stuff.

Lamisha – Where is she anyway?

Suzy – Well remember she got attacked at the park? she wanted to take a few days off.

*hears talking* What the fuck?

Paisley From inside room – Wow you came alot… 

Unidentified man – You’re so good with handing men… best massage ever. I’ll leave the tip at the front desk

Paisley – No! just… hand it to me now.. because I don’t want those bitches to be mad.

Unidentified man – Oh okay, hand me my pants.

Oh my god! this bitch is jerkin’ dicks in there!

Lamisha – Hey Ammmmmmmm-berrrrrrrrrrr (Amber) I’m just calling because my son DeAndre got suspended for having weed at- Yes.. Yes girl.

Ali – Had a great time. Paisley has magic hands.

Suzy – Well I’m glad you’ve enjoyed yourself at The Lucky Dragon.

Ali – I very much did.

Kaori – *laughing*

Paisley – What’s so funny bitch?

Kaori – You… you’re funny.

Paisley – Oh am I?

Kaori – You’re pathetic.. jerking off men for money, you’re like a prostitute. *laugh*

Paisley – Atleast I’m getting paid. You give it away for free.

Kaori – You have no clue what you’re talking about. You’s a ugly ass bitch by the way.. like.. why the long face? I mean clearly you were in there having fun… HORSING around and what not *laugh*

Paisley – Talk about my looks all you want. Hammer loves it… he called me and left me a message.. I know you went over there.. and he didn’t want you. Awww rejected little girl. Mad at the world because you can’t get what you want.

Kaori – Nothing you can say means anything. You jack off men for money. Probably suck them off too. Do you swallow Paisley?

Paisley – I don’t do-

Kaori – Nope.. you don’t swallow.. because if you did you probably wouldn’t have gotten knocked up by Nick.. and then kill the baby… hmm Should have swallowed that load instead of taking a direct deposit dontcha think? *smiles*

Paisley – *swings at Kaori*

Kaori – *leans back to avoid hit but gets hit anyway*

Paisley – Fucking bitch!

Kaori – Oh hell no!

Suzy – Hmm.. the system is down.. do you mind paying in cash?

Ali – No I don’t mind at all.

Lamisha On Phone – Yeah girl.. he stole the weed out of my box. I be stressed out and need a release when I get off work.

Lamisha – Ooooh girl lemme call you back! These bitches are scrappin up in here!

Kaori – You messed with the wrong bitch!

Paisley – Get this bitch off me Lamisha before I fuck her up!

Lamisha – Girl I’m not about to get between y’all I am on the phone with my son’s school!

Ali – Okay! Break it up you two!

Kaori – Bitch was talkin mad shit! bumping her gums!

Paisley – Ho I slapped the shit out of you!

Kaori – You mostly missed! I got hit by the tip of your fingers! big whoop! You on the ground!

Lamisha – Let me help you up girl

Paisley – I don’t need your fucking help now Lamisha. Get the fuck away from me!

Lamisha – I’m just trying to help!

Paisley – No! get away from me.. and you can forget about me helping you with your electric bill this month!

Lamisha – ……………..Oh you wanna get personal.. that’s cool.

Suzy – You guys stop this madness! STOP IT! Ms. Swan left me in charge! I won’t have this happening on my watch! How did this even start?

Kaori – I caught her giving handjobs to customers! she probably finger bangs the female clients too!

Suzy – What?! Paisley are you doing that?!

Paisley – NO!

Ali – I can tell you, nothing like that happened in the room.

Kaori – You’re lying because you still want to come in and get milked you sick freak!

Lamisha – We don’t do that here Kaori… *looks at Paisley*

Paisley – *nods at Lamisha*

Kaori – You probably do it too Lamisha! you have like 20 kids! you need all the money you can get!

Lamisha – Girl please…

Suzy – Get it together guys… This never happened okay! get back to work. Paisley you have two clients on the way. Kaori you have 4… Lamisha go on break and take care of things with your son. I’m tired of the fighting!

UGH! I’m so mad.. I was about to beat her ass… then the jerk-eee had to save the jerk-er! I can’t believe this horse lookin bitch is jerking off men to make extra cash on the side……………….and people think I’m the slut?! 

(POV Frankie)

After finishing up phase one of the interview. I had a class, and then I went to my dorm room. Ivy had food ready for us, and we ate and talked about our day.

Ivy – So was Jessica Nash everything you thought she’d be?

Frankie – No… but you know what they say… never meet your heroes, idols, etc.

Ivy – Yeah… I met Beyonce once at a concert.

Frankie – Oh that’s pretty cool.

Ivy – Well she was kinda…. I don’t know. I just thought she’d be a certain kind of way but she was so……..dumb… and she didn’t seem genuine. I had a great time that night though. It was Paisley, her mom Liana, Me, and my mom Briana. Girls night..

Frankie – *laugh* That’s awesome…. By the way… speaking of Paisley… Has she always been so… manipulative?

Ivy – Oh.. you’re talking about her vs Kaori…. that situation is so messy.. she told me she was going to slap her.

Frankie – Not a good idea.. Kay’s scrappy.

Ivy – So is Paisley… its like two alpha females butting heads.

Frankie – Yeah..

Ivy – We should stay out of it… if it gets physical we should make sure to have them talk it out.

Frankie – I agree…. So enough about that…. Umm.. thanks for the food.

Ivy – No problem… *giggles* you’re so cute.

Frankie – *smiles* So are you.

Ivy – I thought I’d surprise you. I know you’ve worked hard today.

Frankie – *Smirks* looking out for me…

Ivy – Of course.

Frankie – I know I haven’t exactly DTR’d but I-

Ivy – DTR?

Frankie – Defined The Relationship.

Ivy – Oh… well I don’t care. Besides it gives us a chance to not rush into things. You’ve never really done this before.

Frankie – Exactly.

Ivy – Though I umm… I do sometimes wonder if its okay to cuddle.

Frankie – It is *smiles*

Ivy – …..Too much?

Frankie – ….no *smiles*

Its so weird.. I do feel like I’m having some secret love affair. I haven’t told anyone except keegan about this Ivy thing, and even he doesn’t know that we’re sorta seeing each other. I’m still trying to figure it out, so the last thing I need is others adding commentary. Speaking of Ivy.. this is nice… We haven’t kissed since our almost-somewhat kiss that one time. I just wanted it to be perfect… I feel like this is it. This is the perfect moment.

Ivy – You are seriously.. just.. freaking gorgeous

Frankie – …Ivy?

Ivy – Yes?

Frankie – Gonna keep talking?…. or are you gonna kiss me?

Ivy – *smiles*

[Door burst open]

Wow.. perfect timing Kalia….

Ivy – Kalia, what’s wrong?

Kalia – I’m so depressed Ivy! I need you!

Ivy – I’m here… what’s wrong?

Frankie – …………….

Kalia – Everything is going to shit!

Frankie – …………..

Ivy – What’s going on?

Kalia – Oh god… did I interrupt something? I’m so sorry! I’m a mess!

Frankie – You know what… I just realized I left something at work. I’ll be back… you help her out Ivy….

Ivy – Okay… umm sorry.

Frankie – …………….Its fine.

Kalia – Amina is the worse twin sister ever, she hates me… I’m not doing good in my classes.. I’m a mess Ivy!

Ivy – Its okay Kalia… just tell me what happened exactly.

She deserves an Oscar.. she’s all “I benchpress twice my weight UNH!” now she’s a delicate flower? please… I don’t buy it. 

Kalia – You know that curious girl I was talking to?

Ivy – Yeah… the one that goes to Carter City University?

Kalia – Yeah… she played me Ivy… you can’t trust bi-curious chicks.. they play with your emotions and end up leaving you for a man.

Ivy – I’m so sorry,

Frankie – Wow……

Ivy – Isn’t that terrible Frankie?

Frankie – Mmm hmm.. 

Kalia – Then my economics class is kicking my ass.

Ivy – Frankie has that class! maybe she can help!

Oh hell no.. why would I help her?!

Kalia – Frankie doesn’t like me….

Frankie – I’ll……….help…. 

Ivy – Great!

Frankie – Umm.. I’ll be back in a bit.

What the hell just happen. Is Kalia purposely playing games or is she really upset and need help? What a weird situation I’ve found myself in, but then again… I seem to stay in weird situations. My question is… is Kalia being genuine? or is she full of it? My money’s on full of it. She verbally attacked me that night, and now she’s acting like it never happened. Hmmm

(POV Kaori)

So obviously I took a walk after I tipped that horse over. I really think this day couldn’t get any worse. I’m so exhausted and just fucking tired of everything.

Morgan – You didn’t tell anyone about what I told you right?

Alana – No Morgan.. and I’m not gonna say anything… I don’t really give a shit to be honest.

Morgan – Good… because I think I like him….

Alana – Oh?

Morgan – Yeah maybe I can-

Alana – What? Save him? because you need to save yourself first sweetheart.

Morgan – I don’t have a problem.

Alana – Sure you don’t.

Morgan – Whatever.. next subject. Is that the dress you stole?

Alana – Borrowed. Yes it is.

Morgan – Are you seeing the guy with the money tonight?

Alana – Yep. His name is Sebastian.

Morgan – Sounds rich…

Alana – Oh he is. His father was a lawyer, and left him all the money- Oh my god… Kaori?

Morgan – Why are you calling me by your step-sister’s name?

Alana – She’s behind you.

Morgan – What?

Alana – Hey Kay! Over here brat!…. Hello! Kaori!!!

Who’s calling my- Oh- wait what… Alana?…

Alana – Well what do we have here?… my annoying little step-sister.

Kaori – Don’t start with me Alana, I just beat a bitch up at work.

Alana – Well excuse me….

Kaori – Not a good day.

Alana – Things aren’t going your way at G.C.U.

Morgan – I went there!.. I was the leader of the sorority house *smiles*

Kaori – ……………………………….

Morgan – *looks away*

Kaori – What are you doing in GloCity?

Alana – Hanging out… gonna go see a man… my future beau.

Morgan – …..

Kaori – Cool….

Bet he’s old as fuck, with lots of money. I really don’t understand her sucking on wrinkled dicks and balls. Nasty cunt *smiles*

Alana – Why are you smiling?

Kaori – Oh… no reason…

Morgan – I’ve heard so much about you Kaori.. nice to put a face to the….stuff I heard.

Kaori – Mmmm hmm. Well okay. Cool. Whatevs.

Morgan – ….Alrighty.

Like bitch you’s irrelevant. Lets not speak when not spoken to.

Alana – So who’s ass did you beat? I don’t see a scratch on you…

Kaori – This bitch name Paisley.. she’s hella ugly.

Morgan – ……

Alana – Why y’all fought?

Kaori – I caught her giving sexual favors at work, and it reflects bad on all of us.

Morgan – Eww..

Kaori – Tell me about it.

Alana – That’s fucking gross……

Morgan – People do anything these days.

Who the fuck is this bitch?

Kaori – Who is this? *points to Morgan*

Alana – She works for my mother. She also works with Jarrah.

Kaori – Oh.. okay.

Morgan – Oh you know Jarrah?

Kaori – Yeah….

Alana – Yeah Jarrah, and Kaori have this gang of friends.. Jonah, Trey, Frankie…. Keegan

Morgan – …………………..Cool.

Kaori – So… Besides meeting some new rich guy. Are you in town to see your mother?

Alana – No. You already know how I feel about her…. she’s such a bitch.

Kaori – Yeah…

Alana – You know all about hating moms though now huh?

Kaori – I don’t hate My mother… she just pisses me off. The thing is… I actually feel-

Morgan – My mom makes me mad too, I swear she has no sort of self-esteem. She calls me way too much to check on me.

Kaori – Well she cares….

Morgan – She and my father divorced, now she wants to annoy the hell out of me.

Kaori – Maybe you shouldn’t complain? maybe you should just be there for her? ever try that? instead of writing her off because she’s going through a hard time?

Morgan – You don’t really know my situation! From what I know about you. You’re a spoiled girl who-

Kaori – Look bitch…. YOU don’t know me. You just know what Alana told you. Alana and I have our own unique relationship. We hate each other for the most part.

Alana – True..

Kaori – But we respect each other. So she can say I’m bratty, I’ll say she’s bitchy… but that’s OUR relationship.

Morgan – I wasn’t being rude, I just-

Kaori – Just… please… stop talking.

Morgan – Little girl please… I’ve seen your type before… sex-kitten insecure daddy’s girl. Get over yourself. You need anger management classes.

Alana – No Morgan.. just stop… not a good idea.

Kaori – *rolls eyes* Alana shut this bitch up before I slap her.

Morgan – I’m done.. I don’t have to take this bullcrap.

Alana – Lets get going-

Kaori – Y’all can stay here for all I care.. I’m leaving.

Morgan – ………….

Alana – Well have fun…doing whatever it is that you’re gonna do brat.

Kaori – Bye bitch *smiles*

Seriously…. this Morgan chick wants to judge someone. That’s how bitches get slapped. I know I’m angry lately but… I feel like I have alot of things going on. I don’t need anger management…. do I?- No.. I don’t.. why the hell am I even questioning that. I will seriously drag Morgan down this street if she says one more word. I better not see her anywhere else either. If she even such as roll her eyes at me I’m fuckin’ her up on site.

Alana – That was fun…

Morgan – She’s a bitch…

Alana – You might not wanna say that so loud.

Morgan – I’m not afraid of her.

Alana – You’re a sheltered girl from C-City.. have you ever even been in a fight?

Morgan – Once.. with this girl named Nikol. We were playing with our barbies, I decided she should look nice for Ken. So Nikol took the barbie, some scissors and said “Barbie shouldn’t have to live up to social norms!” She cut my barbie’s hair off and took a brown sharpie and colored her hair. I was so ticked off. Like what was her deal? She then took some of Ken’s shorts and made Barbie wear it.

Alana – So you went crazy?

Morgan – I was 10… of course I went crazy

Alana – Did you punch her?

Morgan – I threw barbie’s car at her, and then she jumped on me and we started fighting.. our mothers separated us.

Alana – Why did she make Barbie look like a dyke? was she gay or something?

Morgan – I don’t know.. I heard she’s like a hippie or something. I know for a fact her abrasive mother Jessica isn’t too happy about that.

Alana – So as a teenager or adult you never been in a fist fight?

Morgan – No! I’m more of the lets talk it out type. I’ve always been girly.. hence the fashion thing. So I don’t really use my fist.

Alana – *laugh* I see.


What a stupid story.. fighting over a barbie? lame. Anyway… I’m so… lonely, and I hate to even admit it. Jeep’s busy, Frankie is at work, and Jarrah & Trey? No thanks. So I guess I’ll call and see what Keegan is up to. He always makes me feel alot better.

Keegan on Phone – Hello?

Kaori – Hey KeeKee

Keegan – What’s up Kay?

Kaori – What are you doing right now?

Keegan – I just got home from a late class. Took Hercules out for a walk, cause I had to pick up some… stuff from the umm, store. What about you? How was your day?

Kaori – I’ve had the day from hell.

Keegan – Wanna talk about it?

Kaori – …… Okay.. your place?

Keegan – Of course dork.

Kaori – I’ll see you soon babe.

Keegan – Alright… bye.

Kaori – *laugh* Bye.

*sigh* He’s so amazing… I feel better already. I realize something… me pushing to be with Hammer was just a way to be content and not think about Keegan… Probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway… Paisley can have him… I’m over it. Blah blah… I hate that fucking horse bitch.

(POV Frankie)

Frankie – Ooh! Typo.

Sebastian – Where?

Frankie – You spelled conspicuous wrong.

Sebastian – Oh… heh… weird. Must be this new keyboard. I’ve been making alot of typos lately on this thing.

Frankie – I haven’t gotten used to it yet either. The other day I spelled palpable wrong. How easy is it to spell palpable?

Sebastian – Obviously not easy for you *laugh*

Frankie – Laugh it up… I can spell palpable. P-A-L-P-A-B-L-E

Sebastian – You get a gold star.

Frankie – Shut up…

Sebastian – Tell me what you think of this line.

Frankie – Okay.

Sebastian – “Visible was the idea that he himself had come to the realization that he was in fact difficult. His cantankerous ways mixed with his lack of respect for others was what drove the moving force known as controversy in his life. Yet still… he smiled with gratification, knowing that because he was who he was; that everything would be done the way he wanted it.”

Frankie – Umm… Why not substitute the word cantankerous with irascible. Because clearly.. he’s being characterized by the very nature of his own arrogance. He’s obviously someone who like to be provoked.. there’s an indulgence there. He likes to- well in layman’s terms… he likes to be a dick. He’s happy with the outcome.

Sebastian – Hmm… “Irascible” Okay…

Frankie – *smiles*

Sebastian – Thanks.

Frankie – No problem.

Sebastian – So why are you here anyway? not that I mind… I’m glad we’re on a road to friendship.

Frankie – I left my laptop here. Which was great because it allowed me to get out of my dorm….. I umm.. needed fresh air.

Sebastian – Cool.

Frankie – Well I’ll leave you to it. You clearly have alot to write.

Sebastian – Deadline is at 2am. I actually have a date tonight so I plan on taking my work home.

Frankie – Ah…

Sebastian – I got my suit ready, limo… going to be a good date.

Frankie – Big spender. Daddy is rolling in his grave right now.

Sebastian – Gonna give me shit for being elaborate? *laugh*

Frankie – No…. Its your life. You can do whatever you want with your money. I was just joking around.

Sebastian – You never liked that kind of stuff when we were together. You were a “cheesesteak and beer” kinda girl

Frankie – I still am. I never liked you for your money. It was your brain buddy. That and other things.

Sebastian – *laugh* groovy

Frankie – You’re a nerd…*laugh* Catch ya later.

Sebastian – See ya *smirk*

I don’t know if I’ve ever really gone into detail about the nature of Sebastian and I’s relationship when we dated. He was this older guy, he’s my sister’s age- umm.. He’s very smart, and just wise. He had this ability to make me feel like a little girl, like I was stupid- but in a good way, where I wanted to learn more. He also made me feel smart if that makes any sense. He was a writer, and I wanted to be a writer. I’m just attracted to people who know how to use words…. but yeah. Anyway, I’m over him cheating. We can try the friend thing now.

I figured I’d stop in and see Scott. Tell him about the plans for the rest of the interviews.

Scott – Ivo asked you out to dinner?

Frankie – Yeah?…. what’s the big deal?

Scott – Jessica looked annoyed you said?

Frankie – Mmm hmmm.

Scott – Frankie dear?

Frankie – Yes Scott?

Scott – I think your initial assumption is right. Maybe there’s more to the teacher student relationship.

Frankie – I did have that thought, but I figured this wasn’t some fluff piece-gossipy trash type interview. I didn’t-

Scott – Go to the dinner.

Frankie – Okay?

Scott – Do everything we planned before, but….

Frankie – You’re scaring me…

Scott – How would you like to write 2 articles?

Frankie – I’d love to?

Scott – 2nd assignment. Uncover the truth behind there relationship. Find out if they’re have sex, and what’s really going on.

Frankie – I don’t-

Scott – We write serious stuff here, but… stuff like this? You can’t pass up you know? I’m not trying to turn you into gossip girl.

Frankie – ……

Scott – I want the truth. Clearly something is being hidden. Find out exactly what. Okay?

Frankie – Yes sir.

Scott – Are you sure you can handle this?

Frankie – Yes.

Scott – I hope so because Sebastian has told me that you’re smart, and determined. He says you can do anything you put your mind to.

That was nice of him.

Frankie – Yeah I got it. I can do this *smiles*

Scott – Alright. I’ll see you soon…. have a good night.

Frankie – You too.

Scott’s a great guy, but… what exactly is he asking me to do? I feel like I’m writing something less significant, and more calumny. Which is not to say the accusation of sex games is out of the question. I do admit.. there’s something off about them, maybe my hunch was right. Could they be intimate? She’s very odd,  also she seemed so weird about her daughter. Her past remains a mystery to Ivo as well..hmm. My question is… what does me exposing all of it mean? What’s the purpose? and am I becoming that kind of writer?

Scott (talking to webcam) – Dammit Issac… You just got back from a trip, I wanted to cook us dinner tonight. The first thing you do is go have a beer with Josh?

Issac (via Skype) – I’m sorry, I promised Josh I’d meet up with him. He’s a little upset because the gym isn’t doing so good lately. He’s my bestfriend.. he needs me.

Scott – Its fine.

Issac – Don’t say that, and then still be upset when I get home.

Scott – No its fine… I’ll just put in some extra hours at work. Grab a burger on the way home.

Issac – ….I love you. You know that right?

Scott – Yes…..- wait where are you exactly? what’s that behind you? it looks like a tree.

Issac – I’m at Tyler’s house. I told him I would donate to his cause.

Scott – Jordan’s son?

Issac – Yeah.

Scott – Why does he have a tree in his living room?

Issac – ……*laugh* I don’t know? I guess its like a plant… except its not? its a big tree… whatever the case. I’m about to go meet Josh so I won’t be here long.

Scott – ….Well alright… have fun with Josh

Issac – Don’t be jealous…

Scott – I’m not… I just miss you babe…

Issac – I miss you too.. I’ll be home right after a few beers.

Scott – ……Okay, I’m being a baby. I get it, you guys have been bff’s forever. Its all good babe. Just get your butt home right after.

Issac – I will.

I didn’t mean to overhear that…. So weird hearing them say they love each other. Especially when I know how much my dad still love Issac. Eh… not my place nor my business. Blah… semi dramatic day… glad its almost over.

Time for me to go home and get some rest-

Sebastian – You look gorgeous.

??? – Thanks

Well I guess he’s date’s arrived. Love the outfit…. She kinda looks like a slut from behind though- why am I being judgmental? That’s so not me.

Sebastian – Oh there’s Frankie.

??? – She’s here?

Sebastian – Behind you.

This girl knows me? Does this mean Sebastian talks about me to her? if so… why?

What the hell? Its Jarrah?

Jarrah – Hey!

Frankie – JARRAH?!

Jarrah – Hi….

Frankie – What- wow.. look at you… You look awesome.

Jarrah – Thanks.. My boss said she couldn’t take me serious with my former look. She told me to be bold and take a risk… or not show up to work. So here I am.

Frankie – Did she like it?

Jarrah – Actually she did… I’m still getting used to the feeling of not having my hair flow over my shoulders.

Frankie – I love your hair.

Jarrah – Thank you. You look cute today!

Frankie – Thanks…. so what brings you here? came to visit your cousin?

Jarrah – No seeing Sebastian was just extra I guess. I actually came to talk to you.

Frankie – Is everything okay?

Jarrah – ….no.

Frankie – …………………did something happen?

Jarrah – I have to tell you something about Keegan that I should have told you already…

Frankie – …………..

Jarrah – I don’t know how to say it…. umm… I umm..

Frankie – You have me nervous.

Jarrah – I sa- he’s- *looks around* You know what? can we not do this in here?

Frankie – Nobody’s in the coffee room. Lets talk there.

Jarrah – Okay…..

Oh god…. What is it that she has to tell me? So much for the dramatic day being over…

(POV Kaori)

How cute is he?… I just want to be with him so bad. He’s the one thing I can never have… all because of some stupid pact. I feel like he’s the only person who truly gets me.


Kaori – ….*smirks*

Keegan – So this all started because she was helping a guy rub one out at work?

Kaori – …..It didn’t exactly start there.

Keegan – Oh right- you mentioned that she was bad mouthing you…

Kaori – ……I feel so alone Keegan.

Keegan – You’re a strong girl… you’ll be okay. You have me… you have Frankie… You have all of us Kay’… you know?

Kaori – ……I……

Keegan – What is it?

Fuck… I don’t want to cry…. 

Kaori – *crying* I’m a terrible person… I have anger issues.

Keegan – You’re not terrible

Kaori – I’m so unhappy.. I’m always lashing out at others because I’m depressed. I feel like Frankie is so smart, and I’m holding her back. She could have much better friends. I just hate everything about myself.

Keegan – Stop it.

Kaori – …I’ve messed up so much in my life…. including this…

Keegan – What?

Kaori – The stupid pact.. I should have never agreed to it…

Keegan – Kaori….

Kaori – I fucking love you… I want to be with you Keegan…

Keegan – ….Kay’ you-

Kaori – Cut the crap Keegan… You know us three girls like you.. you have to like one of us.. just admit it!

Keegan – …… I- Umm…. listen… you-

Kaori – *crying* Is it me?…… do you love me like I love you? because its really the only thing in this world that would make me feel better.

Keegan – Umm… I-

Kaori – Tell me you love me…*crying* Tell me you do because Paisley can’t be right.. someone has to love me..

Keegan – Fuck Paisley! she doesn’t know you….

Kaori – ….*crying* Do you love me?

Keegan – I do love you…..just… not- not like you love me… I’m sorry.

Kaori – …….

Keegan – Don’t look like that.. I’m sorry.. I- Umm I -fuck…

Kaori – *crying* So its Jarrah then right? because she’s all driven and innocent….. or Frankie? because she’s brilliant, and everything I’m not?

Keegan – It doesn’t matter who.

Kaori – It does to me!

Keegan – You’re putting me in a terrible position… I fucking love the hell out of you. Don’t do this… I don’t want this to change our friendship-

Kaori -WHO IS IT!

Keegan – …… Kaori …… please! stop okay?

Kaori – *crying* Its fine…. of course you don’t love me. I have no direction, and you probably think I’m incapable of love and a real relationship. I’m such a fucking fuck up! I can’t do anything right! I hate myself!

Keegan – I fuckin hate myself too! I have no direction either! You’re not the only one.. I destroy myself all the time! I- I- can’t…. I- This is-…. Kaori… You’re my friend for a reason.. we have so much in common.. so much that-

Kaori – *crying* You say that but you don’t even see me as someone you could love…. that makes me feel empty! I should have never agreed to that fucking pact!

Keegan – ……I don’t know what to say…. I’m sorry… I’m messed up I’m not going to be with anyone right now…

Kaori – * crying*…..I can make you feel better, you can help me.. we can just help each other. I don’t understand. Am I not pretty enough?

Keegan – Nothing’s wrong with you…. nothing.

Kaori – What am I supposed to do Keegan? My life is falling apart. It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

Keegan – I’m the last person you should ask for advice. I’m screwed up.

Kaori – No you’re not.

Keegan – Yes I am…

Kaori – You’re pushing me away….. What does Jarrah or Frankie have that I don’t?

Keegan – Its not about them.

Kaori – *crying* I’m so confused and embarrassed right now… oh my god what was I thinking coming here, and crying… and fucking asking you that… Oh my god… why did I do this?

Keegan – There are things you don’t know about me.. how can you love me?

Kaori – I know everything that matters. I know you’re passionate. I know you have a scar on your inner thigh from falling off a yacht while vacationing with your dad in Maui. I know you secretly love rap music. I know you make me feel like I’m important. That I matter. I know that you’re still blaming yourself for Mona… I know everything.

Keegan – ………

Kaori – But I guess I know nothing in the end…. because If I knew you like I thought I did.. I would be in your arms right now. Instead of standing here feeling useless!

Keegan – I’m flawed.. I’m so messed up Kay-




Keegan – You don’t understand…. I’m-

Kaori – No I get it… I understand. You don’t see me that way. I guess now I know…. This is how I treated Jonah… and now you’re doing it to me. Its just the way things are. I have to go.

Keegan – Where are you going?

Kaori – Doesn’t matter……… I just want to be alone. I’m used to it, everyone is moving on… I’m stuck! I’m STUCK!

Keegan – Just stay…If you really knew how- why I- just… don’t leave Kaori.. stay here.

Kaori – No! It hurts too much…. I have to go.

I just laid my heart out for him, and its been stomped on. Why am I not good enough?  I’m done! I’m so done! I don’t have anymore inner thoughts right now. I’m DONE!… I’ll just be alone!… Everyone’s leaving me behind….. Fuck it all! FUCK EVERYTHING! 

~*End of Chapter Four Pt 1 | Pt 2 is Next*~


  1. You know, Kaori and Keegan are a lot alike. They both have serious issues and could possibly help each other out! I just want to give Kaori a big hug after that last scene :(. Also, Kaori may have been out of line at her job but that whole fight with Paisley was hilarious XD. That girl is nasty!! lol. I like how she calls her a horse :p. Oh speaking of annoying girls, I almost forgot about Kalia! She just had to barge in right when Frankie was getting close with Ivy -_-. Darn lol. Looking forward to the next part!! ❤

    1. Kaori and Keegan are very similar… its funny. She pretty much know’s it too which is another thing that draws her to him. Kaori is one of the girls who never hears “no” Granted she had a bad day.. she needs to grow up a little bit and finally tack responsibility for some of her actions lol. The last scene I did feel bad for her though… who likes rejection?

      LOL………Kalia………..worse timing ever…. expect more from Miss Kalia… lol stay tuned..

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