BoysNGirls : Chapter Three | Pt. 3 “Je ne sais quoi”

Chapter Three | Pt. 3 “Je ne sais quoi”

-POV’s : Trey & Jarrah

~*POV = Point Of View. When you see a name in (GREEN)that person is narrating that scene.*~

~Disclaimer : This story features mature language… Just a warning.~

Child Boom! Its been one hell of a week miss hunti cunti. I’ve been shaking in my knickers with anticipation for this day. I’m someone’s personal chef… My food for a party full of people. Any excitement that I may have is quickly killed by the manifestation of the possibility of disaster girl…. seriously. Though! I shouldn’t even think like that. I mean this is something I’ve wanted. I wanted to do this, and now I can see if I’m cut out for it or not.

If I’m not then…. there goes my direction for life. That’s a scary ass thought. I know If I need support I’ll have my friends. Oh my god speaking of which.. Girllllllllllll Miss Jarrah done goofed. I can’t believe she got drunk and slept at some man’s house. NOT that I’m judging.. I did have unprotected sex with Nick. By the way my test results came back and I’m clean! yess bitch… clean bill of health. Nick is awesome… too bad he can’t be here today to root me on. He did send me a cute text that said “knock em dead” though… which I appreciate

Speaking of text… I did hear from KingOfNowhere this morning. He told me that he “appreciates me waiting for him, and he hopes that I have a good day” Which was….. cool I guess. I dunno I guess I’m sorta tired of waiting for him. Saying that makes me feel like an asshole though, because I know how hard it is to come out the closet.

Man – HEY! Wait up!

Who the hell?

Byron – Dude! You walk fast! Where did you park?

Trey – Oh hi… Byron right?

Bryon – Yeah..and you’re Trey?

Trey – You know my name?…

Byron – Yeah, Dylan dated your friend Jarrah and-….well yeah… I know your name.

Trey – I parked on the corner of the hill.

Byron – Where’s all of your equipment?

Trey – My assistant brought all my stuff because she drives a truck.. I ride a scooter.

Byron – Look at you being all professional.

Trey – Hardly… So umm.. are you a guest? because if so… you’re early as hell.

Byron – No I’m yours

Trey – What?

Byron – I’m yours to do whatever with. I’m your server, so you can boss me around.

Trey – Oh..

Byron – Darell and Harrison from the fraternity house were laughing at me for doing this job, but I have to.. I need spending money. Strict father who says If I want something I have to find a way to get it.

Trey – That’s neither good or bad advice.

Byron – True…. Darell says his parents are the same way.

Trey – Umm Cool..

Byron – Sorry.. I talk alot.

Its not that cutie… its the fact that you’re bringing Darell and Harrison up in the conversation. Those guys are evil, every time I’m alone I look over my shoulder. I pray to Madonna that nobody finds out about Rubi slobbing on Darell’s knob. Rubi is nasty as fuck honey… like I bet she was getting skull bashed in that bathroom. Giiiiirrrrrrrrllll Child………..Boom. I can’t with her.

Trey – ……….Its okay. I talk alot too girl- I mean.. dude… Sorry I call everyone girl.

Byron – Its fine….

Trey – ………….

Byron – Well I hope everything goes smoothly. I know you want to be a chef and-

Trey – Wait.. how do you know that?

Byron – I umm.. I added Kaori to facebook and I saw your profile and I looked at it- I looked at a few of her friends pages.

Trey – Ah… Cool.

Vanessa – Come on Quinn, they’re here.

Quinn – Hold on.. my feet still hurts from the sun praising this morning.

Byron – Here they come..

Trey – Who- oh…

What the fuck do these bitches have on. Serving up dumpster cult bohemian chic realness to be honest.

Vanessa – You’ve grown up alot Trey!

Trey – You know me?

Vanessa – Yes, I was sorta friends with your father Jordan.

Trey – Oh!… that’s cool. You’re Kaori’s aunt right?

Vanessa – ………….Yeah. You know our son Aries?

Trey – Yes, I know him.

Vanessa – He’s a good boy.. just… disconnected from the earth.

Why?….. he wears sandals.. so… yeah what else does he need to do?… dirt?

Quinn – And You are?

Byron – I’m Byron… one of the servers you hired.

Quinn – Oh yes! I remember you now… Your aura is very telling. It dances with earth’s music. You will find your destiny soon, and your true love awaits.

Byron – ……….That’s great?

These bitches are loony………… All jokes aside though, I do not remember Vanessa at all. Guess I was really young last time I’ve seen her.

Vanessa – How are your parents?

Trey – Still on vacation. I’m going to visit them as soon as they’re back. I think next week.

Vanessa – That’s good.

Quinn – So Trey….

Trey – Yes?

Quinn – Is that short for anything?


Trey – Nope.. Just Trey.

My full name is Treyvon Mason Robinson. My middle name is the same name that my godfather has. He’s a cool guy. My mom used to date him a LONG time ago when she lived in Pylea. Innie-Hew… I hate the name Treyvon.. so I only answer to Trey.

Byron – I thought your name would be short for Tramaine or something.

Vanessa – I would have guessed the same thing.

Trey – Nope.. just Trey.

Quinn – Well enough talking. You guys come on it and get acquainted with the kitchen

Vanessa – Your assistant Joanna is already inside with your things Trey.

Trey – Oh cool…. Umm is my brother here?

Quinn – Tyler and his date America will be here later. I’m really happy he recommended you Trey.

Byron – Your brother recommended you for the job? That’s pretty awesome.

Trey – My brother and I are close.

Vanessa – Half brother right? isn’t Briana his mother?

Trey – ……….Technically yes half siblings but that doesn’t really matter….

Quinn – Right. Love is Love!

I’ll see you guys in a bit. Time for me to slay the gorls with my cooking miss bitch. Ciao!

(POV Jarrah)

Collin and I have been hanging out ever since my drunken sleepover episode. I’m still really embarrassed by that, but thankfully Collin and his Mother aren’t the judgmental type. He still thinks its funny that I freaked out that morning… It is kinda funny now that I look back on it…

Collin – Enjoying that Ice Cream?

Jarrah – Mmm Hmm! I love Strawberry Ice Cream.. Its my fav. Thanks for buying it.

Collin – No problem…

Jarrah – Why didn’t you get any?

Collin – Lactose intolerance…

Jarrah – Oh! Sorry.. must be really insensitive of me to eat this in front of you.

Collin – No Its okay.

Jarrah – I can’t imagine a childhood without ice cream. When I was like 5… My grandpa Ben would always take me out on Sundays to get Ice Cream. He was the best.

Collin – I’m not a big fan of sweet stuff anyway so its never really bothered me.

Jarrah – My Grandpa loved sweet stuff.. especially Grandma’s pie… She’s still trying to teach me how to cook.

Collin – Your gramps….Is he still alive?

Jarrah – No…

Collin – How’d he-

Jarrah – Stroke….I actually found him on the kitchen floor when I was really young.

Collin – That’s terrible. I’m sorry to hear that…

Jarrah – Its okay………………So your mom… she works at that massage parlor?…. right?

Collin – I know what you’re thinking… no.. its not like that.. she’s not giving handjobs- happy endings.

Jarrah – What? no! I wasn’t thinking that. I was just- Your mom isn’t old…. so I-

Collin – Oh!… that. Well she had me pretty young…. She’s like my bestfriend. Everything I do is for her to be honest.

Jarrah – That’s really sweet… reminds me of the better times with my ex.

Collin – *laugh* So…….you seem relaxed… warming up to me finally?

Jarrah – That’s because I know you’re not a crazy person…

Collin – What did you expect? me trying to kiss you and stuff?

Jarrah – Not saying I’m a hot girl or anything but… sorta.. yeah I expected you to be trying to.. get in my pants?

Collin – I don’t get that welcoming vibe from you- and also.. I believe that a guy and a girl can be friends without any romantic feelings.

Jarrah – I agree…. but…. you’re not gay right?

Collin – Nope.

Jarrah – The only reason I ask is because my bestfriend Trey could really use a nice guy in his life…

Collin – He’s gay?

Jarrah – Yeah.

Collin – That’s cool… I had a friend in high school who was gay. He was too scared to come out though. He told me… after trying to kiss me.

Jarrah – Awkward..

Collin – Very… but I thought about it, and I reacted in the nicest way I could. I told him I’m into girls, but I’d always be his friend no matter what.

Jarrah – Aww… that’s sweet.

Collin – I guess so.. I just don’t see the big deal about… things like that. Though I guess since I’m not gay, I don’t know the hardships like they do.

Jarrah – Dylan has always been pro-gay.. its funny considering his meathead mentality… heh..

Speaking of Dylan… I’ve spoke with him… I did apologize for being abrasive in our argument. I told him that the fact remains that he lied to me, and this is the second time he’s been with Hope behind my back. I just think us taking time apart is a good thing. Its not really a break either.. we’re done. Maybe later we can talk but not anytime soon. It also has nothing to do with Collin, we’re just friends…. incase you were thinking that…


Collin – You got quiet….

Jarrah – Just thinking about things.

Collin – Your ex?……..Dylan?

Jarrah – Sorta.. but not in a nostalgic way. Just about how.. I’m okay with us being apart. I’m thriving at my job, and I’m doing well at school.

Collin – Seems like the breakup was the push you needed?

Jarrah – What do you mean?

Collin – When you were drunk you kept saying how you needed a push.

Jarrah – I still don’t remember much.. I mean I know you sorta explained what happened but-

Collin – You wanted to drink and vent, and that’s what you did…. It was pretty hopeless too. I’d try and give advice and you’d keep saying something about someone named Kaori…. something about she may have the right idea about men…

Jarrah – Oh goodness… eh…

Collin – Who’s Kaori?

Jarrah – She’s in my group of friends…………..and I believe she works with your mother.

According to Trey, Kaori works at the lucky dragon… Kaori’s a sexy girl.. I’m sure she’s bringing in lots of male clients.

Collin – Hmm.. maybe she’s the new girl my mother was talking about training.

Jarrah – Probably.

Collin – Want to sit here?

Jarrah – Yes.

Collin – ….. So tell me more about this Kaori.. she seems like someone you sorta like? I mean I’m sensing some tension there too.. so I’m kinda confused. You said you guys are friends right?

Jarrah – Six of us hangout… not all of us are close. She’s one of the ones I’m not close with.

Collin – Why?

Jarrah – Its not my doing…. I’d like a friendship with her but she just… she hates me for whatever reason. She has her nice days but she always ends up still not being very fond of me. *laugh* I’m used to it by now.

Collin – Maybe she’s not fond of you because she’s jealous? Maybe you have something she wants? perhaps you’re everything she wishes she could be… ever think about that?

Jarrah – Yeah right.. Kaori is a very confident, sexy girl. I wish I could be half as sexy as she is. She wakes up and she turns it on…. I don’t have a sexy bone in my body-

Collin – Well-

Jarrah – Before you say anything…. I’m not one of those girls who fish for compliments. I look in the mirror and I love things about my mind body and soul. I just don’t have what Kaori has… she owns a certain sex appeal.

Collin – You ever tell her this?

Jarrah – No, because we aren’t friends. Plus I feel like she’d say “Oh my god Jarrah.. you’re so full of crap Jarrah.. like you know you’re quasi sexy like oh my god.. shut the fuck up Jarrah” Or something like that.

Collin – *laughing*

Jarrah – What?

Collin – She sounds…. I don’t know.. *laugh* she sounds hilarious.

Jarrah – She can be. You know another thing I’d never admit to her?

Collin – Hmm?

Jarrah – I like her style… I rarely show my belly… she does all the time..

Collin – You’re showing it now.

Jarrah – I said I rarely…

Collin – I feel like theirs this girl inside of you… that you keep hidden… she has a wild side but you just won’t let her out.

Jarrah – Perhaps…

Collin – So… Your parents are great, you have a loving grandma. You study business and fashion, and you have a job at V-Glam. You just broke up with your boyfriend, and you’re in love with a guy named Kevin. Does that cover it?

Jarrah – Yep- wait what?!

Collin – Oh that’s the other thing you kept talking about when you were hammered…. some guy named Kevin..

Jarrah – Kevin? I don’t know a- You mean Keegan?

Collin – YES! that’s the name.. my bad.. Yeah Keegan…

Jarrah – I’m not in love with him. He’s a friend… who once upon a time-

Collin – You and two other girls made a pact about not dating.. yeah I remember- Hey? is Kaori one of the girls you made the pact with?

Jarrah – Yes….

Collin – Whats the other girl’s name?

Jarrah – Frankie.

Collin – With a boy name I hope she’s pretty..

Jarrah – She’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen. Her look is very simple, but so exotic and pretty. You would probably love her.

Collin – So this Keegan guy must be a looker… seems very……..perfect. All the girls like him *laugh*

Jarrah – Nobody’s perfect- and lets change the subject. I don’t like him like that anymore.

Collin – So would you be mad if one of the other girls broke the pact?

Jarrah – Collin…

Well considering I broke the pact.. and feel terrible about it, It would be ridiculous of me to be mad at Frankie or Kaori for doing the same thing. You know… I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  I wouldn’t take it back, because what happened happened  BUT I still feel like I shouldn’t have done it.. but what’s done is done….

Collin – *laugh* Alright alright… but its okay if you have feelings for the guy, stuff like that doesn’t just go away.

Jarrah – Maybe…

Collin – Moving on… umm.. you seem to have a good mix of friends. I don’t have many here- well I had one… His family sorta put an end to it after high school. He went to G.C.U. and I didn’t really ever talk to him again.

Jarrah – I go there! what’s his name?

Collin – Oh… I shouldn’t-

Jarrah – Where’s the trust?

Collin – Well….. okay…Byron Mills

Jarrah – Really? Hmmmm

Collin – What?

Jarrah – He’s kinda an obnoxious football player….

Collin – Doubt it…

Jarrah – Oh no… he lives in the frathouse with my ex boyfriend.

Collin – Your ex is a fratboy? *laugh*

Jarrah – And why is that so funny Collin? Hmm?

Collin – You seem more like… I- I don’t know.. Fratboy type seems too rough for you?

Jarrah – One would think….

Collin – So Byron’s father won… hmm..

Jarrah – What do you mean?

Collin – His father was a Jock.. a Fratboy at Pylea University. He always wanted Byron to be just like him…. wouldn’t let Byron do the things he really wanted. No way he could be who he really was. His dad would flip. Byron is not the-

Jarrah – What?

Collin – I’ve said alot already Its not- All I’m saying is.. we were bestfriends, and his dad got in the way. Byron’s family is rich.. I don’t know who my dad is, and my mother and I are pretty poor. So… guess I wasn’t good enough.

Jarrah – Why would Byron-

Collin – I don’t blame him… I know why he did it…

Jarrah – ……So how come you don’t go to G.C.U. or GloCity’s community college?

Collin – I didn’t have the best grades, and couldn’t afford G.C.U.

Jarrah – Oh… well I understand…. Most of my money goes home, and to alot of other things.

Collin – As for community college, I’d feel selfish. I’d rather have my nine to five, and bring home money for my mother and I.

Jarrah – That’s admirable… but you know its never too late…

Collin – Trying to change me already?

Jarrah – What?

Collin – I’m joking…. um.. my ex girlfriend always tried to change the person I was, so.. now I just joke about it.

Jarrah – What was her name?

Collin – Oh you wouldn’t know her. She lives in Pylea…

Jarrah – Oh okay.

Collin – Yeah…. Byron and I went to high school there….

Jarrah – You miss him huh?

Collin – Sometimes.. he was my bestfriend- tell me more about yours though… Trey?

Jarrah – Trey’s amazing… today he’s working as someone personal chef for a party. He’s super nervous I bet.

Collin seems like a great guy, almost too great. What I mean by that is…. I’m sensing that he usually puts others first, and sometimes when you do that.. you miss out on your own life. I bet he has a million things he wants to do… but probably feels like he cant giving the circumstances with his mom, and homelife. Maybe I can help him somehow.. like he’s helping me… he’s a great listener.. and will probably become a really good friend of mine. Which is great, because one can never have too many friends.

(POV Trey)

So far so good. Though nothing’s really happened, just some early preparations taking place. I’m getting less and less nervous as the time goes by. Which is a good thing, not to say that I don’t work well under pressure. I can handle pressure, I’d rather not though. I’d rather be worry free and have fun while taking care of business you know what I meanz??

Joanna – I’m going to run to the store really quickly. Was there anything that you needed?

Trey – Umm… Paprika, and maybe some Iceberg lettuce. Oh! and two more can’s of corn.. Cause hunti.. I didn’t realize how big the pan was.

Joanna – Okay-

Trey – Let me get the money-

Joanna – No! I got it girl! *laugh*

Trey – You sure?

Joanna – Yeah.

Trey – Okay… Thanks girl…

Joanna – No problem hotstuff!

Byron – *laugh*

Joanna – Byron did you need anything from the store?

Byron – Maybe just a soda… these people don’t seem to drink soda here.

Joanna – Any specific brand or flavor?

Byron – Dr. Pepper, or a 7up.

Joanna – Okay.. and don’t pull out any money.. I got it.

Byron – Yes Ma’am

Joanna – Okay well you two cuties try not to burn the place down while I’m gone

Trey – Gorl bye… you’s an assistant!

Joanna – Bitch! *laugh*

Trey – Drive safe!

Joanna – I will.

I love her.. she’s one of the sweetest girls I know. Like honestly if I were into women, I’d date her. She always jokes and ask me if I’m sure I’m not bisexual *laugh* All because of this one time I slept in her bed with her, and I had a hard-on. I’m like gorl I was havin sex dreams about Channing Tatum!Magic Mike was everything, and more by the way.- anyway.. She’s so silly… If I were ever into girls.. She’s be the first person I tell. I don’t know why she has such low self-esteem. She’s really pretty right? I mean so what if she’s not stick-thin. She works her curves in my opinion-You know what let me get a straight man’s opinion.

Byron – Crap…

Trey – What?

Byron – Should have asked her to bring me back a pack of Reese’s… I have a sweet tooth. Need some chocolate…

Trey – *laugh* So.. umm Byron.. Can I ask you something?

Byron – Sure brown sugar.

Trey – *laugh* Umm… So.. as a straight guy, are you into…. like.. how do I say this? umm..

Byron – Are you trying to hook me up with Joanna? because I think she’s nice, and pretty but….

Trey – What?… she’s not skinny enough?

Byron – No its not that. I’m interested in someone else.

Trey – But if you weren’t?

Byron – I don’t care how skinny or fat someone is, as long as I find something attractive about them….

Trey – Cool.. because Joanna has the worse self-esteem… I don’t get it, she’s gorgeous.

Byron – People have things they hate about themselves… others never understand.

Trey – What do you hate about yourself?

Byron – My nose…

Trey – Your nose is fine.. you’re like a ten out of ten.. so lets not be delayed…

Byron – Well thank you Trey, but I hate my nose *laugh*

Trey – Take a compliment *laugh*

*Voices from outside*

Trey – I guess people are arriving?

Byron – Isn’t it too early?

Trey – True….

Oh look its Charlies Angels. Lars is totally Cameron Diaz.. he’s rocking that hair miss bitch. Aries is Lucy Liu, by default because this tacky chick is for sure goofy looking.. very Drew Barrymore. I’m such a bitch.. I’m just joking though… *laugh*

Aries – Oh hey guys! wow look at you looking ready to go!

Lars – Smells good in here… you the chef? *points at Trey*

Trey – Yes…

Lars – Good job man…

Trey – Thanks….

Byron – Hey Aries… whats up?

Aries – *looks at Raven* I’m doing great

Raven – I decided to……………………..come. *wink*

Byron – Are you his girlfriend?

Raven – We haven’t exactly discussed what we are, but………we’re so going to-

Aries – Raven…. Sheesh!

Raven – Sorry.. he gets sooo bashful.

Lars – I’m Aries roomie at school, so I decided to come and help out.

Trey – Like as a server?

Lars – Ding Ding Ding Buttercup.. I’m your guy.

Trey – Well cool, the more the merrier.

Byron – ………..

Funny how Byron doesn’t seem so fond of Lars……… I mean I know Lars can be a bit of a douchebag, but I’m not gonna judge him so quickly. I thought Byron was a meathead-jock… turns out he’s not. Maybe there’s Good in Lars? or maybe I’m way too optimistic about people. My mother always taught me to see the good in people. That even the most evil people I’d meet has a glimmer of good left.

Aries – So cool to have you here bro! I mean having you in my home is an honor!

Trey – ……….

Byron – Thanks dude….. Its all good… I’m just like you.. a regular joe.

Aries – No you’re not! You’re a star football player! You’re in the Frathouse! You’re super popular!

Byron – ……I am.. but- yeah.. I am.. *laugh*

Aries – Well I’ll see you guys later, gonna take Raven to my room *smiles*

Trey – Wrap it up!

Raven – *shouting from afar* We will!

Lars – We? what you have a dick too Raven?

Raven – No dumbass… ugh, Aries your roommate is annoying.

Aries – Lars! chill… please?

Lars – Alright..

Aries – Well if you guys need anything.. booze, candy? anything.. just knock on my door.

Byron – *yawn* Okie Dokie…

Trey – Will do.

Aries – Oh! by the way Trey! I talked to Nick earlier and he said he might stop by later- though I probably shouldn’t have said that because it may have been a surprise? Sorry? I have such a big mouth..

Trey – Its okay, and thanks for letting me know.. and umm where exactly did you see him?

Aries – I was on my way to class and bumped into him going to work.

Lars – Hey where can I change into my servers outfit?

Trey – Umm…

Byron – Through the door, to the right.

Lars – Thanks bro!

Hmm… Nick may stop by hmm? How sweet of him.

After the kitchen had cleared, I noticed Byron looked bothered…

Trey – Hey what’s wrong?

Byron – I can’t stand Lars…. *mocking him* “ding ding ding buttercup” He’s so obnoxious.. not to mention a sleezeball with his drugs…

Trey – Why do you think he sells drugs? is it a money thing?

Byron – No he’s well off, he’s just a punk rich kid with nothing better to do. Its the very stigma I try to fight.

Trey – You’re……………… rich?

Byron – ………..yeah.. but… my father rather I work hard for things, which I don’t have a- next subject.. don’t wanna talk about my dad.

Trey – Okies… umm So what did you think of Raven and Aries? Cute couple eh?

Byron – She seems kinda slutty?

Trey – Oh come on……. Aries tries so hard to impress you fratboys and-

Byron – I know I know, but the thing is.. he’s better off not being in the fraternity.

Trey – Why is that?

Byron – Someone like him would get swallowed whole. He’s a good guy, and everything that makes him who he is would vanish if he became one of us.

Trey – I don’t get that with you… you seem like a great person.

Byron – I’m not exactly who I wanna be… Anyway! happy times bro! You umm.. seemed happy that Nick might stop by? Who’s Nick?

Trey – He’s my close friend. He’s straight, so its not like that…

Byron – Oh good.

Trey – Good?

Byron – Well good because no hiding a relationship with a straight guy

Trey – Oh.. well… umm.. yeah.

Sorta. Nick is sexy, Tall.. lean.. great body.. really BIG……….sense of humor- bet you though I was gonna say something else huh? I mean come on.. Kaori and others call him big dick Nick.. that part is obvious. All jokes aside though, I really like Nick, and I don’t know whats going on between us. He seems like a friend but- sometimes I feel like he likes me more than a friend?. Its so confusing, and with KingOfNowhere still in the picture, I don’t know how I feel about anything.

Byron – So what about…. your secret admirer?

Trey – How do you know about that?

Byron – ……….Jarrah? she told Dylan..when they were…………dating.

Trey – Oh… well that’s whatever… He’s still not being brave.. Its kinda-

Byron – You should give him time.. it may be worth the wait…

Trey – Maybe. I love our conversations…. I just want to be face to face.

Byron – I understand.

Enough talking. Guest will be arriving soon…. I need to continue cooking…. JoJo should be on her way back any minute now. See you guys later! Ciao!

(POV Jarrah)

After hanging out with Collin all morning. I went to class, and then decided to come home and rest before I had to go to work tonight. Some of the girls were home, so I decided to see what was up with everyone. I think its important to build that sisterhood. I’d obviously love to have it with Kaori and Frankie but.. well Kaori doesn’t like me, and whenever I try to take Frankie out, Kaori wants to go too. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if she wasn’t so rude. Whatever the case… I’m not going to stoop to her level and be mean too. Its not my style..

Mahlia – Hey girl…

Jarrah – Hey.

Amina – What’s up?

Jarrah – Nothing much.

Amina – We’re just sitting here talking about how Keegan saved some woman from getting raped at the park.

Jarrah – He did?

Amina – I didn’t tell you?

Jarrah – No?!

Amina – Yeah my boy……..friend Bruce and I were hanging out at the park, when this dude attacked this woman, and Keegan saw it and went HAM!

Mahlia – Like a boss.

Jarrah – What’s Ham?

Mahlia – Hard as a Mothafucka.

Jarrah – Oh okay.. wow I’m so lame for not knowing that *laugh*

Mahlia – Yeah Keegan is like perfect.. I messed that one up.. which is fine, I got my eye on Byron from the frathouse. Something about him is so sexy, and those intense eyes. He really knows how to talk to a woman.

Amina – Get it bitch!

Portia – *in background | on the phone* Darell! we were supposed to have dinner tonight! why- yes babe but I-… no I’m not trying to be selfish.. you know I love you. Yes I want you to be happy. That’s not what I said, I just wanna spend time with you. You’re always with Harrison… fine… Alright.. bye… yeah I love you too.. bye. *hangs up* ugh.. douchebag!

Mahlia – If I had a dollar for every time she was fighting with Darell I’d be-

Amina – Bitch if you say rich….

Mahlia – What? *laugh*

Amina – You’re already rich ho!

Mahlia – True!

Jarrah – ….. Its none of my business, but I feel like Portia’s a pretty girl. She can do better.

Amina – True, but she loves that nig-

Mahlia – Amina!

Amina – Sorry! I know you hate the N-Word..

Jarrah – …..That word always sounds so negative..

Amina – I was gonna say G-A... not E-R…

Mahlia – Still.. I hate that word… both spellings. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you SHOULD use the word, you know what I mean?

Amina – You’re right.. I shouldn’t use it- oh my fucks what is with this cup? does it have a hole in it?

Mahlia – Spirit said not to use that one remember? she bought brand news ones- Oh! speaking of which Jarrah.. Spirit wanted to talk to you!

Jarrah – Why?

Mahlia – I don’t know boo… you have to go find out.

Jarrah – Is she here?

Amina – She’s somewhere upstairs.

Jarrah – Alright….. I’ll see you guys later. Gonna talk to her, and then nap before work.

Amina – Bye!

Mahlia – See ya…

Truth be told I was waiting for this. She’s either going to threaten to make my life hell here, or kick me out of the Sorority house. I really should have came through with the Keegan stuff. I love it here, I don’t want to have to live in the dorms. I hope she takes it easy on me- what if she hits me? do I hit back?- of course I hit back.. what the heck Jarrah… *sighs* here goes nothing..

Jarrah – Hi Spirit…..

Spirit – Oh.. you’ve arrived. Please join me.

Jarrah – Is everything okay?

Spirit – I want to talk to you about the Keegan thing.

darn darn darn…..

Spirit – So your friend Keegan… You didn’t-

Jarrah – Before you say anything… I love being in this sorority, and I apologize. I should have worked harder to get Keegan to notice you and-

Spirit – That’s not-

Jarrah – Please don’t make my life hell, please don’t kick me out!

Spirit – Jarrah!

Jarrah – ……………………………yes?

Spirit – I’d never do either of those things.

Jarrah – Oh….

Spirit – Why would you think such a thing?

Jarrah – Sometimes you’re- umm

Spirit – Be honest.

Jarrah – Mean.

Spirit – I’m only mean when it comes to getting stuff done. As far as the Keegan thing, I’m over it. I like someone new.

Jarrah – Who?

Spirit – Someone I didn’t even know existed until yesterday. He’s funny, and charming.. and driven. He’s unique and I-

Jarrah – Who’s the guy silly? *laugh*

Spirit – Your cousin.

Jarrah – Sebastian?!

Spirit – No- wait Professor Wonzy’s TA is your cousin?

Jarrah – First cousin twice removed or something like that..

Spirit – Oh- well no.. not him.

Jarrah – JEEP?!

Spirit – Yea… Jonah. I like Jonah.

Jarrah – Really?

Spirit – Don’t look so surprised.

Jarrah – I- he doesn’t seem like your type…

Spirit – That’s why I like him. Sure your friend Keegan is hot, but Jonah has this individuality about him that I find charming- sexy even.

Jarrah – When did you talk to him?

Spirit – I’m in his short film. We talked about movies, and I didn’t want it to end to be honest. He’s amazing. I could talk to him all night!

Jarrah – That’s adorable!… Jeep is a sweetie pie, I’m happy you like him. How can I help? did you want me to talk-

Spirit – No- no, I just wanted to ask if he was single.

Jarrah – As far as I know he’s single. He was talking to someone before but she sorta left or something.

Spirit – So you’re unclear on his status.

Jarrah – Yeah… but I think he’s single..

Spirit – I’ll just ask him I guess… He makes me nervous.

Jarrah – Jeep makes you nervous?

Spirit – Yeah…

What do you know.. Spirit likes my cousin… that’s so cute.. I think they’re so… different and It might work. I hope she goes for it, Jeep would be so happy to know that she’s into him I think. I’m pretty sure he’s not seeing anyone, Its Jeep after all. If he had a girlfriend he’d be shouting it to the moon. Plus his Facebook status says single…

Jarrah – Spirit I think I love you.

Spirit – *laugh* What? why?

Jarrah – Seeing this side of you is adorable.

Spirit – I’m not the tyrant everyone makes me out to be. I’m quite shy.

Jarrah – I’m noticing.

Spirit – Well thanks for helping… and……umm.. Well If you ever wanna talk about the Dylan thing.. we can. I can be there for you.

Jarrah – I thought you and Portia were besties? I wouldn’t wanna intrude..

Spirit – We are, but…. I don’t like how Darell walks all over her, and we got into a fight about it. Now I’m going to prove I’m right.. that he’s cheating on her.

Oh crap…

Jarrah – So you believe the rumors?

Well.. Keegan, Kaori, Trey and I all know the truth.. that He’s having sexual relations with Rubi… Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t be shocked if Frankie knew too. Jeep is probably out of the loop though.

Spirit – Can I trust you?

Jarrah – Of course.

Spirit – I think its Rubi.. I’m not sure, but that’s another reason I’m doing the short film. To confirm my suspicions. She’s always with Harrison, and Harrison is always with Darell. It would be a perfect way to cheat and not get caught you know?….

Jarrah – Maybe…. but come ON its Rubi.. Darell would never pick her.. IF he’s even cheating… Maybe he’s doing sex with like.. prostitutes?

I hate lying… but I must keep Trey safe..

Spirit – I could be wrong… but if its her… Ooooh if its her… she’s in for a rude awakening.

Jarrah – I gotta go call my BFF and check in on him, and then nap before work.

Spirit – Since when do you work nights?

Jarrah – Since I “wowed” Victoria the last time. Now I’m a night regular. I’m actually doing really good. I get to sit in on a meeting with her and take notes tonight.

Spirit – That’s awesome. I’m proud of you.

Jarrah – Thanks!

Spirit – Well I’ll talk to you later.

Jarrah – Good luck with my cousin.

Spirit – Thanks.

Trey told me about the Harrison, Rubi, Darell thing. If Spirit somehow find out, Darell and company will beat up Trey… I’m so stressed.. I don’t know what to do. Spirit is hot on Rubi’s tails, and I’m worried about Trey…. Dammit…

1Hr After Jarrah’s conversation with Spirit

(POV Trey)

I had my phone off all day.. I didn’t even realize it. The party was a success and was finally dying down. I decided to check and see if I had any messages. I had hoped I had a text from KingOfNowhere, or Nick… but I didn’t…………. I did however have a message from Jarrah.

Phone : First unheard message – “Hey Trey its Jarrah.. oh my goodness I’m freaking out. Spirit has Rubi on her radar.. she knows Trey, she thinks Rubi is the one cheating with Darell. I called you as soon as I found out but your phone was off. Just be careful boobear. I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you. Don’t panic either, we’ll work something out. I think spirit is trustworthy and on our side. Oh! and she likes Jeep!- Oh crap I’m late for work.. Call you later, hope you killed it at your party today. Love ya… and Don’t panic! bye.”

………….Fuck. Oh my god, what am I gonna do if this all blows up? I don’t have time to even  panic because My brother and his girlfriend are walking up to speak with me. Here I thought the day was perfect, why me?…. why did I have to see that ugly bitch walking out of that bathroom with that guilty look on her face? Now my life is in danger, and Its not like- maybe Keegan will let me hide out there.. ugh this sucks! this fucking sucks.. I’m so sick of being bullied…

America – Moon shines bright Trey!

Trey – Hi America girl! You lookin’ cute!!

Girl I sound fake as fuck, but whatever.. One: I cannot let them know I’m upset, and two : I don’t speak hippie.. I’ve heard it all today miss bitch… that my skin is kissed by the sun, that the soil has given back in the form of my cooking- weird shit to be honest. My brother and his friends are so odd.. Kudos to them for being different, and having their own vibe though.

America – The food was magnificent. Everyone raved about the beet salad. I for one loved the corn casserole. It was delightful! it was if I was having the sun in my mouth.

Trey – I’m glad you enjoyed it

Tyler – Hey little brother. Sorry I didn’t speak with you earlier. We were all busy chanting and giving thanks to the Moon and the Sun.

Trey – Its okay.

America – I was just telling Trey how much I loved the Corn Casserole!

Tyler – It was amazing. I really loved the portabello sandwiches. 

America – Tyler ate alot.

Tyler – I did… 

Trey – I studied alot before I cooked, so I knew what vegetarian foods to make today.

Tyler – You’ve always been naturally good at cooking.

Trey – Thanks.

America – Tyler told me how you would always make him Chicken noodle soup from scratch when he had the sniffles.

Trey – *smiles* That’s what brothers are for.

Tyler – Best brother ever.

*chanting in the background*

Guess the parties not over…

America – Everyone asked for your business card.

Trey – Oh no! I don’t have any! I-

Tyler – Don’t worry baby bro, I made some for you yesterday. I had a feeling you’d kick butt today.

Trey – Thanks Ty…*smiles*

Tyler – No problem.

America – You were awesome tonight. You should think about joining my club at G.C.U.

Gorl bye, no thank you.. I’m not about to eat grass and shit flowers miss hunti cunti..

Trey – Oh umm.. well I don’t know.. I have so much going on-

Tyler – H’es a busy boy.

America – True!.. no pressure.

Trey – Ty, Mom and Dad should be home next week, are you going to visit?

Tyler – Yes… of course. I’m happy they’re coming home. I miss them.

America – I thought Gabrielle wasn’t your mother?

Tyler – She’s not.. My mother’s name is Briana, but my MOM’s name is Gabrielle. She’s been there for me, and raised me.

America – Ah okay. How sweet!

Trey – I’ll get to see you at mom and dad’s.. that’s great.

*beep beep*

Tyler – Is that your cellular device?

Trey – Yeah.. I have a text message..

America – I love you lots Tyler.

Tyler – I love you too Miss America.


Ew…………well no…….That’s kinda cute. Glad my brother is in love.

Trey – Stupid phone… why aren’t you showing- Oh there we go. Lets see…. new message… from- KingOfNowhere… hmm

KingOfNowhere – I’m here… and I’m tired of waiting. Lets do this face to face… Meet me in the upstairs bathroom.

Oh my fucks… is this happening? Why am I so nervous?…. Is he someone who came to the party? has he been here all day? or did he just get here? *sigh* I’m scared…

(POV Jarrah)

So.. I got to take notes while Victoria had a meeting. It was awesome, then what took place after.. wasn’t so awesome. It was a one on one with Victoria. Asking me everything from my inspirations in Fashion, to where I see myself in this industry in 10 years. Then.. she ripped me a new one. She told me that she see’s through my image, my good girl crap. She told me to take a chance with my look… not to come back to work, looking like a desperate wannabe. That then she could take me seriously.

It hurt my feelings, but.. she’s right. I play it safe alot.. especially with my look. Its time I be bold.

Voice – Lets go to the bathroom Morgan.

Morgan – Okay!

Oh crap!

So my suspicions were correct. Morgan is being turned into a bad girl by Victoria’s daughter- ew what the hell does she have on?

Morgan – Thanks for letting me borrow this outfit.

Alana – Well when you vomited all over your other outfit- AND my couch.. I couldn’t let you come to work looking a hotmess.

Morgan – I’m so sorry about that…

Alana – Its fine… as far as the clothes go.. you’re welcome bitch. Seriously after we partied last time and you came here with that grey plus hearts dress I was like oh hell no let me help this poor child.

Morgan – It wasn’t that bad.

Alana – You had black socks up to your thighs, and brown shoes…….

Morgan – Okay maybe I had an off day…

Alana – Be glad I’m here.

Morgan – So why did you come to work with me anyway?

Alana – Well that old fuck that I was dating.. he’s having heart problems. He’s SO not going to leave me anything. Everything will go to his fat ugly daughter.

Morgan – How old is she?

Alana – Like 13.. she’s fat… poor thing.

Morgan – My mother is fat too.. she eats her feelings.

Alana – How tragic. Anyway!…So I have my eye set on this other guy. He’s actually my age.. and rich. His father left him everything.

Morgan – That still doesn’t explain-

Alana – If you shut up I can finish….

Rude much? and how disgusting is it what Alana just uses men like that?

Alana – I’m here to play nice with my mother, and then get a free dress from the designer closet.

Morgan – Security won’t let you….

Alana – Ha! yeah they will. I’ll put my hands on my hips, and tell them “My mother won’t be happy about this! I’m calling her this instant. She has meetings all night!”

Morgan – And that will work?

Alana – I’ve done this before.

Morgan – Cool.

Alana – You know.. that outfit looks better on you than me. You have more ass.

Morgan – Oh.. umm.. thanks.

Morgan – You know who’s curvy?

Alana – Your fat mother?

Morgan – Well besides her.. and stop saying that… she’s still my mother even though we don’t agree on things.

Alana – True..

Morgan – Jarrah has a really nice body. Really pretty face too.

Alana – She does.

Aww that’s sweet of her.. maybe we can-

Morgan – Too bad she has a stick in her ass.

Alana – Oh I know.. that bitch swears she’s perfect.

Morgan – Oh my god.. this one time a fashion editor came in to talk to your mom, and Jarrah was all like “Oh I’m JARRAH! I can MODEL TOO!” I was like bitch please.

Alana – Reeks of desperation. Mousy bitch..

Actually Morgan.. that was you.. you were the one talking to that lady.. I was at my desk listening to Justin Bieber- don’t judge me. His music is cute. Ugh can’t believe she’d lie on me…

Alana – So bitch… You arrived at my place already high… what was the deal?

Morgan – Party favors before I went out with you.

Alana – Who’s getting your sheltered ass pills and booze?

Morgan – Besides you?.. this guy I know…. we sorta hangout.. have sex.. get high and drink. Fall asleep and then… not talk?

Alana – What’s his name?

Morgan – Oh he’s really secretive.. he said not to tell anyone.

Alana – So?! fuck him.. tell me.

Morgan – I don’t think I-

Alana – If you want to keep hanging out with me.. you have to trust me.

Morgan – Fine.. but this stays between you and I.

Alana – Of course.

Morgan – His name is Keegan.. I met him at a bar-

Alana – Keegan Bennett?

Morgan – Yeah how-

Alana – Oh this is too good. I knew that fucker was off. I remember my stepsister being so gaga over him. I mean he’s pretty hot so-

Morgan – You can’t say anything!

Alana – Oh I’m not. I like watching people self destruct. I couldn’t care less about him. Just bring me some pills next time.

Morgan – He’s so weird… always crying about killing his ex girlfriend-

Alana – I know all about that… blah blah.

Morgan – I- yeah… I just use him for a good time.

Oh my god………

Alana – Anyway lets get going. I need to get that dress, so I can impress this guy. And you need to get to work before My mother bitches you out.

They left, and all I was left with was the feeling of betrayal… I- Keegan’s fell off again… I-… Oh my god.. I don’t even know what to do right now.. Do I tell everyone? Do I call his parents?….. Why didn’t we see it before- Oh my god… that’s why he failed the drug test at work.. he lied to my dad… he lied to me?…..

(POV Trey)

I made it upstairs… and…. it was Lars… Lars was waiting at the bathroom door for me… I-…. Lars is KingOfNowhere

Trey – Lars…… Hi….

Lars – Dude! do you know where Byron is?

Trey – No?

Lars – He owes… he said he didn’t think Aries would fuck Raven, and I said he would. I heard the bed moving.

Trey – Why are you up here?

Lars – Had to pee, but the door is locked…. I thought someone was in there but I guess not?

Trey – Oh thank god..

Lars – What?

Trey – Nothing *laugh*

I know I said I try to see good in everyone, and that maybe Lars wasn’t all bad- but girl please This nigga’s a drug dealer!- excuse my french! 

Lars – I’ll try the toilet downstairs again.. someone was in it earlier.. I have to piss so bad!

Trey – *knocks on bathroom door* Its Trey…. Lars left, its only me up here now. So if you’re really in there…

*door unlocks | footsteps*

Trey – I’m coming in… in 5…… 4……3…….2….. I’m coming in now.

*heavy breathing* 

Trey – Are you behind that… thing?

Person – *taps floor*

Trey – Is that a yes?.. tap once for yes, twice for no…

Wait that was a dumb question..

Person – *taps once*

Trey – Are you KingOfNowhere?

Person – *taps once*

Trey – Are you a girl?

Person – *taps twice*

Trey – Okay good.. because I had this weird thought that- nevermind… Anyway.. did you just get here?

Person – *taps twice*

Trey – … Hmm… well you can come out…. if you’re ready… because I’m ready…

I really am… I’m so scared, and excited at the same time.




Trey – …………Aries?

Aries – Surprise……

Trey – I- but- I asked if you just got here?

Aries – You meant the bathroom right?

Trey – No.. the house..

Aries – Oh- sorry…

Trey – I- what about… Raven?

Aries – Raven’s my friend. She know’s….. she just protects me.

Trey – So.. you’re KingOfNowhere?

Aries – I am… I’ve liked you… for a long time.

Trey – I-

Aries – Disappointed?

Trey – No. Not at all.. I’m… happy… I’ve always found you adorable…

Aries – I don’t know what to do now… I’m nervous.

Trey – Me too… I feel like I just met you all over again.

Aries – I was more confidant online..

Trey – Me too.

Aries – So you’re okay with me being… him?

Trey – *smiles* Yes

Aries – I know that day I said alot of things..

Trey – You mean guys day?

Aries – Yeah… but I promise I’ll explain everything.

Trey – Okay… That’s fine *smiles* I can’t stop smiling…

Aries – Me neither…

Trey – I thought you were Nick.. then Byron.. then Lars… I-

Aries – Yeah.. Nick.. that whole thing..

Trey – Yeah…. he doesn’t matter though… I’m happy you’ve revealed yourself to me Aries..

Aries – Can I- Screw it… Less talking… more doing…

Trey – I-


Aries – I’ve been wanting to do that… for the longest time.

It was the most perfect first kiss I’ve ever had. It was like doves were singing in the room… Just Me.. and My King.. together at last. I’m so confused but so happy at the same time. I don’t know what comes next for us, but I’m excited to find out. He’s real.. he’s not a cruel joke… KingOfNowhere is real.. He’s Aries… and he really likes me for me. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been…. I just wonder how people will react to it being him. He’s really close with my group of friends. BFF’s with Jeep, and Kaori’s cousin… I wonder if they will accept him- us?…. Though it doesn’t matter… its us against the world if that’s what it comes to…. *smiles* KingOfNowhere is Aries guys!… what?

~*End of Chapter Three|Chapter Four is Next*~


  1. GASP! It’s Aries!! I didn’t see that coming. Awwwwww they look good together though and that kiss was hawt :D. Now I want to go back and read all the scenes with Aries and look for clues lol. And now…Jarrah knows about Keegan :O. I can’t believe Morgan blabbed, she needs to stand up for herself, be her own person, and kick Alana to the curb. Alana is a bad influence. And now Spirit is onto Darrell about the cheating scandal! *girly squeal* So anxious for the next part!!

    1. Nobody saw it coming which is what I wanted lmao.. I was setting up red herrings left and right to confuse people *evil laugh* Ooooooh the drama is coming! The next part is so juicy and good. Will probably take a second to post though because while I do have the pictures done. I like to have other parts also done in advance. So expect the start of Chapter Four around/inbetween Thursday-Sunday. After that updates should be faster (iHope)

      As always thanks for commenting/reading. 🙂

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